Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1867 Page 2
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? t rr -~ fff"11* : ' 'I THE EVENING STAR The lirgeil Cixtilittoi it Ibc District W. P. WALUCH, lAMrtal PMfriMM. WASHINGTON CITY : THIftSDAY APRIL 4, 1961, WB1ADIKQ MATT1B OW *Y*BY PAQ>. bxx orrsiDi ros ihtxbxstxao til?- { GRAPHIC AND OTHBR MATTER. TF1E RECENT ELECTIONS That the Democratic part/ebon Id exalt in I tHr ietalt of tfce Connecticut election was bat natural. considering that Itspblltlall trlaffiph* ih the Northern States, eyen to such an extant, ' have been few and fhr between for several ' Vrtu5 put: *v?e VI J?vwrr wibr Uinimj malt of lu agency in bringing on the rebellion. and its opposition to a vigorous prosecn* tioc of Um war tor the maintenance of the L nic-J Bui those who profess to look npon tbat election as a manifestation of the begin. Bisg of a treat reaction is Northern political .entim-nt, are eitUer insincere or sadly mta. M. t*ech a reaction must he confined to Connecticut. as we eee no Indications of its work* irge In Rhode Island, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa aAd Mitoour., la all which Siatee the recent lectioas have shown either an increase of I/nlon strength, or at least no failing off. Bnl the premise* from which a reaction even in Conneeticut is argued are insufficient. The change of votes since last year is comparatively insignificant, and was effected, It is well known, to a great extent, by local issues. It it well tbat these facte should be pondered toy the people ot the Sooth before they make ?p tberr mma- cm the strength of this small fcbow of opposition to the Union party, to *e- j cede from the advanced ground they have taken, ia the work ot reconstruction under the j recent aots of Congr^ee, and thus add another to ihe political mistake* which have brongbt desolation and rnia npon tbetn. Another fact they should learn if. that the iraUvl the Democrats in 'he Northern States hold very different views from tht same clase in the Sonth In fact, the daily expressions ot opinion against the coantry and tta institutions on tne part of many of the raak and file of the unreconstructed In the Sonth (the readers are too prudent to aaj all they th.nk > would, it' heard by j anti-Kepublicana at the North, jastas certainly fore* .noet of them into the Union party as did the Bring on Fort Snmter. ouu auumei vdiur i? toe iaci mat many Democrats are only striving for ofllce, and the Southern people wobM be very foolish at ; such m crisis as tb? present to sacrifice tbe best interests of their section, ia order to help their Northern sympathiser* to place and power. True patriots in the South will be willing even to deprive themselves ot all participation in the Government if they can there, by aooner brief their States into the t'nion, and promote their material prosperity. They will thus establish their right to take a part in the direction of public affairs when the propea time arrives. . Tllfc rUBLIC I>KBT. Tbe statement of the Public Debt of tbe Vnited States on the 1st of April, l-fir; Ih'ht B'aring Coin Int'rtnl. 5 per cent bonds 919s,tp!,.-va> oo ' t? per cent, bonds of it*;? and 15,4 " ,V4i . 6 per cent, bonds, laSl o> ' per cent, r.-ao bonds Oti I xiatj pei*?iuu 1'.Vj4?,IM0 00 f Total >o l> M Brariffl Currency Intertit. t> j?er wot. bonds "*hi,W-'.ooo w> :,-T?*?r compound interest notes..! )>.??? Jag 00 ;;-\ear T-jO notes yj,:no, 00 Total ???y3t.g-*u,T-0 oo j Matured debt not presented tor l?*m??t ?tS,a25,65? 31 V-Ul bearing no Interest. V.S notes.. ...*375,417,249 00 lracUonal currency '?>.*17,4M % < Gold certificates of deposit b>.50a?KN) ou 1 Total *41?.2>25,343 96 > Total debt ?2,?63,7t3v'i74 IS j Amount m Treasury ~coin ?IU5,'J56,477 25> ** " currency. 34.3JS.826 52 Total ?llO.JSo^Q3 74 Amount of debt, less cub in treasury ..**?^425.070 44 it will be seen by comparing the above witto the (ratement for Marcb 1, that during the month of March the debt bearing coin interest ha- increased S34,j^M0U; the debt bearing currency interest has decreased *?,748,100r matured debt not presented for payment has decreased *1,751,090.75: aud debt bearing no interest decreased 3?,901,1H.36; making de. create or total debt during the month 01. The amount of coin In tb? Treasury during the same period has decreased *1 an v.* <?. >.4 ?? ? -? - vo'-iou* ?uu air amvuuk ui currency af. * :ea?ed 64l.T^, leaving total amount of debt lean cask in the Treasury April 1st* SC.33.vri Yi lees than on March 1st. This is a ve; y RraUiying exhibit, bat at the same rata, H vo'sKl take neaily seven years to reduce the debt beipw S2.00U,?)0,U o, ana about twenty, nine yea re to cancel it. TELLOW FKYHJt OX THE JAMESTOWN. From a letter received by an officer in the Nary .Department from the surgeon of the i;. S steamer Jamestown, dated Panama, March 21,1-09, we take the following facta Twenty-three cases of yellow fever had occorred. fifteen of which had terminated fatally. two bad been discharged to duty, one sent home, and five on the siek list at that time, two of whom were in a dangerous condition. The surgeon ?aye yellow fever it prevailing i in Panama, though it is at temp ted to conceal i the fact. There u no fever at Aipm wall, nor on the vessels in the bay. We bad rain abont every fourth day tor the first twenty day* of this month, tha temperature being at 6 a. m. 76 I dec. 8 mtn.; meridian, SI def. 9 min.; 6 p. m., fci det- ? mln , mif otrht, 79 dec. 7 mm. Very s-hortly after my arrival I advised I.ieut^nant Commander McI>oacal that the fever was epidemic, and there was no hope of its dlsap- 1 p*araoc? in thi* locality while material re* mained for it to work npon, and recommended the depart are of the ship at tfcerearlteet possible moment for a cold climate. Tne ship was ordered North on the 14th of March." S?XD$ TOE TUK^rTBKBai STATUS. Con cress havinc appropriated ?jtumo to purchase aeeds to be diatribated throaghout tM SooilnnSWM, Hob. Isaac Newton, Com* miamoner ot Agriculture. ta now making preparation to diatribute tbem, and darmgtthe preseat month a large portion will bo tor* -warded to farmer* and planters in ibe South If Is ihe.deeire of Mr. Newton that tho farinera shall receive the swUt aa aooa a a poaaitk, in order that they may bo immediately mH FKOM THKST1AMER HTRO*. iMapaichee have been received at the Navy Lfc-partflaem. from 1-ieot. Commander H. ta- I ben. Jr. of tho U. 8. steamer Huron, dated PoTto Graade. Cape Verde Inland*. March vd. !~?T. announcing the arrival of the Mnron at the port after a peseage of tweaty-eix daya from New York Officer* and crew well. \ err rongh waattar was experienced daring ilie t>a?-ace ('omma?*r E. anennpM he 1 Ml #uid ft-a-ve tor fimtfr Jtutmot U? 6th of Mareft. .. I^FruB J% SbJHi?m>n, Odeoa BaUdlu* w? bare a copy of that excellent agricultural horticultural and bouaofeoM jaonnl. tM Ammou? 4#nnWt?r^n< for iUrik. Shllltairtan koeps eoaatant supply of tb# J<rric*1htr. #NM * ?? *' ' i P ?*? ar.-?Kobort B. Toomba, of Oeorfla. tm?ral, hu'jttit' arrived in >.w OtlrM>? IWP Jlavaa^^i, exp*c*d eUortly Wi-ti'PKton. auj It T? ViorngT ftrd to tbu porcba** of Raaalaa America wilj b? c???ttora? tbu Masioa I CONGRESSIONAL. Thobadat. April 4 Sb*atb?Tbe Jonrnal or yesterday biriag rtwl . Mr. Mortoa offered a reeolatiei proridiac tbat tea thousand copies ot the Anbr Rwiswr for l W be printed for tbe use of the Soaats. He submitted tbis propositi** bee an so tbe number heretofore printed wae not eqnat to tbe demand of tbe regular army, and f.?r tbe further reason be thought volunteer officers now oat of eerriee oagnt tob- R<ipptie<l. Mr. AsUMBTtatd that ant nil* k> ik? rnlt of the Senate bat by law see* resolutions bar* to be referred to the Committee oa Printing. it was to referred. Mr. Salisbury offered a resolution that hereno Chaplain shall be elected or appointed Ohiectious being made <ho resolution lies over. The Senate, on motion of Mr. Snmner, went into an ExecntivwMvioa. ??- > ?i.. GOVBRNMKRT SECVRITIE9. WASHi*OTOir, April 4,1*7. Jay Oeofco & Oo. furnish the following quotations of Government securities: _ ' Buying. Selling r S. rs Ooopom, 1081.. 108W tJ. 8. Five Twenties, 1002 109 u- jo9* U. 8. FIto Twenties. 18G4.. It7>i |(H U. S. fit* Twanuas, UM6 10? \ 108 \ U. 5- Five TwenUes,JanAJ'7.'65.1o? 107* V. S. Ten Forties U. 8. SeTBn ThtrtWs, August.... 105* l??V V. S. Sbvto TbirtWa. Jane 10$ * 105* U_8. S?ST?n Thirties. Jaly 106* 106* WBW VOBI TIR8T BOARD 6AXB8. Coupon? 10-1, 10.40's ?7\ 5.80't, 1(K>S f-Wt, August.... 106 S.2t)'s. ISM 107S June 10$\ mo-s, w?c> 108 >.3o*b, July 105^ SMU'b, J*.AJy,'<8.107M Gold 133\ ? . FINANCIAL. I?ewi8 Johnson A Co, quote Stocks and Bonds in home and foreignmarkets aa follows: Nbw You. April V?1st Board?U. 8. l?wi Coupon l*eT,; do., *-*>'s,10M?; (T. 8 S's 10-40 s, Coupons, K\\ 7-30'a, ; Canton Co., U?,; Cumberland Coal Co. prefd* HI; Quick, silver Mining Co. 31*; Mew York Ornlra? K R? H"2*. trie Railway. 65',; Hudson RiTer ? K.. 11-.- II II iin- ? *<r'. av. i?.t iui , ?uuugaa uruiimi K K., 1J7;* Michigan Southern and N. Indiana R. R-. do. guaranteed, ?; Illinois (teatral UK* Ui.v Cleveland and Plttsbnrg K.K , 7C?Jf; Chicago aad Nortuvw^ro R R., ?)K; do. preferred, ?1 ; Cleveland and Toledo R K 117 (Jbicaeo and Rock island R. R., &#*: Pittsburg, Fort Wayne. and Chicago R. R , 91",-: Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, ?f, pacific Mail. Gold, i p.m, 133 V THE r;T* \RTERM ASTER'8 DEPARTMENT IN THIS CITY. The following officers of high rank in the Quartermaster's Department are stationed in this citj at present: Quartermaster General?Brevet Major Gen. H. C. Meigs, Quartermaster General's office. Co loo el and Assistant Quartermaster General? Breve: Major Gen. D. H. Rocker, acting quartermaster general. Colonel United State? Army? Retired?Brevet Rri* (??r. rhu Thnm?t < 1??pi? General's office. Lieutenant Colonels and Deputy Quartermaster General??Brevet Brig.Gen. M. S. Sillier. Quartermaster General's office; Brevet Brig Gen. J O. McFerran. post quartermaster: Brevet Bri? Gen C. H Tompkins, depot quartermaster Brevet Brig Gen J. A. Ekin, chief of first di\ istou, Quartermaster (General's office. I'PPOvU. 0> PUBLIC LANDS. The Commissioner of the General Land Office baa received returns from the local offices at Meuasia. Wisconsin, showing an aggregate disposal ol 4,u&i acres o 1 the public lands dunog the month ot Marcb last. Tbe greater portion ol the laud was located witb Agricultural College crip, and the remainder sold tui c&ch and taken for actual settlement and cultivation under the homestead law. I*<TXB>ai. Rbvkmi'b ?The receipts from nia scnrc# to-day wero M56.2T-2.6t rrP"riJE TWELFTH LBOTIBB be row tbe JJ5 Ttong Mena Christian Aeaoclatioa will n?TeliT*rel br Ber. RTROS SUNDERLAND, D. Dr GILLETTE'S CH TBCII, ISth street, b?t*Ma G nd H. FRIDAY BVEHIlfG, April t, 1>??7, commencing at * o'clock. Ticket* FlFTT CENTS. apS it* fYB="PUBLIC MEETING ?The WHITE CITI U3 '/IN8 of tbe FOIRTU WARD tr? laTlwd to attesd i loktte mMtinv at the 01 tr Ball ob SATURDAY KVBEING next. at half past ?eTen 'dock, to take *0011 meaenraa aimafb* deemed ne esaar* to secure a full realatry of tbe *ot r- ef tbe Ward. Cltlzeaa of taa diderent War-le ara cordially Invited to be present. ap3-4t? fre=*ll*OBANICS* BCILD1BG ASBOOIAIJiS TIOH, Bo. 3 ?All membera and those wishing to jola this a^wly organized German Building Association. (which will bo conducted with the prluclplee now ao Suoeeeafullr carried out in tbe last Wasbiagton.SaTlags Fond and the pr lout Mechanics' B il ilna Association.) re?pectiuilj invited te ?tt<-u<rthe Mxt first general monthly meeting. THCBSDAT NHXT. April tb? 4th, st 7Vi o'clock p m. The flrst monthly Miawti will be r?c?iT?d end O'lutnntlom r?Uj (or distribution. 8ecu re your shares before yon have to mi Utn premium thereon CASPAR OFEMSTBIV President. GBOBGB WT LLNBB,Trewurer lACijPK/, JOPVKHAL Secretary. i|i St' rre-CAPITOL HILL BUILDING AB80CIALIS TIOM?The fourth monthly meeting of tbls Association will be held over Doo ley's Drag Store, corner Penna. eve end 3d street east, on THUBftDAY MIGHT, et 8 o'clock. A premium will be charged open all ?toek taken after that date. W. T JOHHSOH. ap 2 Secret*ryt (VS=>BSG1&TBB'B OFFIO*. Us? ApeiC 1. IMf. 1 A y^Tict, is f ?r??,Jhat the Licenses issued i<> owner* or wuoiia, carta, and Br ay a will enpin on the flr?t Monday In A aril, tod UuU aai4 LtocMa n?ua? be rertewad, in comatlnrice with law, at thia oflic* within ten day* after that time 8AM0BL E, DOUGLASS, HdtatiQ ; m^giwur. fifi HOTIC* TO ALL WHO VSI TBI #0 liJs _ TOUAC WATBB *?* BnGisTnAK'a Orrin. ) Cut Hall, wa>hi.m.ton, V. u., S 0r otVr* ^^'Saa'aJf'potoby them y* "HT ??ttll?d that, nnlen they hare paid lMt ,h# water rent for 11J? u i i-7 . thay ?e now Minqnmt and |'?Vle w*tirf V"11 ? '* ? their prem i?ea- Thia penalty, which tnTol*?-a also an adrtlt^aalcaat of twodollar*. will be enfarr**!. with. uQtmiDer none*. an til who, wlthln oai nionth 'rep IMi date. a hall not hive paid water rent lu fall to Jannery 1, is*. BAKDOLPB OOYLB, ink 21 tola [Intel-J. W?t?r S?|litru IIM1 B ITABL1IIID 1 ? ?. M McPBBBSON * riEOUbOK, T1 PBNH. iVIKCIi COR.NI1 1ST MK1BT, Oamtol Bill. PbTtldant Preacrlytiona accurately oemyoand d. Tk? Bifkt Bell *rom?U7 tunrtd. ee l?-tf from flALB-A vary atylleh BAT POBY, *fr toes kaada kigh, aeven yeara old, warrested aeend: keea uted aa a aaddla korae. TLj Price )IM. Iaqnlre at Ball road BabU,^"* comer 17th at and Maw York are. a?I M* IP YOB WAHT TO GBT XHB OBBUIBB article ef ear of the PATBNT HBD1C1BB9. re U F X . DO0LBY'!! T>rnr and Verflriae Store. c*wr iwt M ftrMt u< P?nn. avenue, "?' ?>? Iw'y FWEH?VLLE\/EOWJ 8BOVELB^PICEa."ka* BPADBS. ? bieta I wlR Mil M u7X<??i?i?f ?P 4-St* CtriH Nk atrJetand caaal . q*?ABY W?f?i ?IgTiiiTttM. ?fImportation of dee PBBBOH O&W&BY rtc<4Ti4 tt OHBI8TTAR IUP>m1 PBBT B, ftaa 7 TB BTBB BT C A*WA?18 GA1114AU ,?ABBIiy^ e^ts;v jSES^?:%4'? BOKT H. 6BAH&B, Boo#itory, 374 >?trw>. Mt. 9th and tth, M 4 If 8he?. 477 9th .treat. near B. Pilll KIP 0MT1 BBFOT. Ml OBBBTOIBIBBf, 4LBXAVUBB1, Fall ra??lr on hand. FrlM-LadiM',*:), OmUwii'i, #9 8#. JOT. J. >AT * CO., ,m pmuayltabl* hntl. "J,1"'_ n. "**" **"??. U At P1AXV)N?. tft" mMm*i W. T10MPS0N. / TELKQRAEfrHC NEWS. rRMBvWlTO.DAT. {By 0*M*to th? AMoctaied Frew ] IJOIKOW. April I?froea.?Ooosoif, ?l: Kriee, 3lUhoto Onfill, 79*: U. fe. flTe.twwi- < ,U'*75. PaiKIITMT Inril m. 1I-I.-J cj. - ??! -r* " ??vmwu oiaws DOB (IS, 77*7^ Pabis, April t-Noon .?United States bond*. WV LivrarooL. April 4?Noon ?The Uottou market is very dnll and prices tend dovaward. Sales to-day not likely f> excee.i :,0>> bale- Middling Uplan Is, declined to lifcd. and Middling Orleans, 13y, BrradstnfTs m trket is quiet* Corn nomewbat firmer and slight,ly advanced, WUeat Ms. .Id. foi Dumber use red. and He fid. for (talitornia white; Klonr, 2fes. s?d., for Western; i'orn. 4U0.91 ; Barley 4a. ?d , Oats 3s. 4d. The Provision market is centrally unchanged. Lard tmwBTcr ba? advanced 3d. since tlie last report. Porlc, 77s. 6d. The produce market is dull and articles are generally unchanged in price. Spirits Tnrpentine.37s.rjd. Iron 34s.; Asaes, 33s. od. |||A..arcaai1 Cla . <? LiivKkpuol. April 4-i p. ? ?SIM* thf noon report the cotton has declined i, d ; Middling I'plaude, li\d. other articles are unchanged. Break in the Levee a be re New Orleans. New Uklianh, April 4 ?The Moreago leTee at Concordia Parish, opposite Natchez, has given away, and the disaster cannot be repaired before the water talis. The opper parishes will be inundated. The engineer at the crevasse belo-ar Bs'on Kong* reports that he cannot get men to work as be has no money to pay them. Indian Atrocities. QAtvWTOS, April 3.?The news IroraOamp \erde states that the Indian bpoilations continue ftls rumored that twelve families have been massacred, but it is not substantial FirePhiladelphia. April 4.?Alarm Are, caused bv burning of two cars petroleum, catching tr while crossing the iron bridge of Penn rjn "iiiwu uici hit cm'nuyik111, on way io(Jr*enwic& Point. Loss about $6,kqo. Fast Day. BOjTCK, April t.?To-day is observed as a. day of fasting in this Mat*. All bosine&e. is suspended. Colored Troops to the Plain*. Kansao City, April 4.?On Tuesday several car loads of colored troops went out on the" Pacific railroad for service on the plains. St. Lsais Election. St. Loci*. April 4 ?The entire Radical ticket, excepting two Oonneilmen, were elect, ed. OBF B1BBK VtQBS. It BKFBirBBATOBB. Just received.a large assortment at I B. H.A H i CBKOOBT'S. 321 Pennaylvarnta avenue, ap4 1w near 7th street. pHlLDHU:8 OABBlAQKS auk *muo ur nuTiUHS, We would Invite ttu attention of our friends and patrona to the Inapectlaa of Mi* Mm*, with tbeaaitriBe* thit our Mock thla mnon la more com^l*t*, and our prleea lower, than at u> previous We would alao call attentloa to our atock of STAPLK GOODS. Such aa Magic Buffllnga. Oaah'Bpla'n Coventry FrilliM. Lao* Mao FriMlo**. Worated aad Alpaca fikfrt BraKa, Spool Oottoua, all namhera; end nuaaorou* other articiee. which wo are Belli ae at pri ? * tbat defy competition. We bay Bloat of oar good* from importer* and manufacturers, an?J can 11 aa cheap aa the cheepeet. Call and examine for yourselves / DAVIS t GAITHKB, ay 4 St 30 Market Syace. LOTH I HO.1' QT Mall wool Caealmere Taata ft 00 m* oi* mm wooi smmh rant* .. 3 0" y 200 Boys' Jacketa, ill wool.? - 3 00 :?0 Bojb' Pants, all weol ?.. 3 00 y SCO Boji Suite.*11 Wool i 4 00 V 300 Boya' Suite, *11 wool I to lur MS Boye Suite, all wool C 00 KJ" W Boys' Oaeslmere Snlta..^. 7 00 ST" 1U0 Boys'Guaai mars Suits, choice?.? 8 00 1ST MS Boys'Suits, extra fin* 9 00 ST* 100 Bora' Buita axtrs fyu...?. ? 10 00 K/MMBoya' Suite. flaaJTreMbPassimer*... 11 00 SST M Boys' Suite,extra ? 13 00 ST" N Boys'Suite, Sngiish Catsimere U 00 ?/ 100 Men'a Suite, aaaerted ~ .$10 00 ST* 100 Meu'a Suite, matched - it 09 S7* 100 Men's Bolts, all w?ol._. ia M JW Men's Suits, fine Bullish 30 00 ST" l?i Men'a Buita, ax. Una Baalish mm 8Sf 10# Men'a Suite, 0b* French.. 25 00 %J- 100 Men'a Buiu, ax. Sae French - SO M fff The good* nre nil nev and (r*ah made u? in tkt atjlea for 8?rlng and Bnmmer of 1S*7. J. H. SMITH A CO., Great Central Clothing Hons", at 4 lm 460 7thatreet, ep?. Peat Office. BPOY8 AHD 0IBL8 8BLBCT SCHOOL nt 480 D L atreet. between Itth and 13th. ay -VSt* QBABGKS AMD LB HONS. J oat received, from Auction. . 900 boxea OBAHQK8, Onntl 00, 100 do. LBMOH8, a? 8 St 0th atreet. IHAVB BBCBITBD a flue aa**rtmeat of Frenoh and Dome* tie BONBTBTB. LBW1B BA.AB, 88 Market Space. T7HQLI8H AMD OBBMAM BEAD TBIMM1MO Xi can be had at ~ sa'aerhetBloco. F'?B95BSKJI?BSW5*ttS i? "3,^ fow.. ?H??. M^HILLIHKBY.-MBB. BOCK WOOD hM removed to Do. 434 lftth atree t,< Plent'a^flB BnUdinf.) where, in addition to her aanel^D tock of SEASONABLE MILLINE&Y^K MT b? found ? well selected ?uortm*nt of ST A?Tem4 FANCY POOPS. mh?lB? NKW BOOEB.-Annuel of Sdentlfie Mmotcit for 1867. Miomd 'a Complete Phoao*raptor, Weill' lTer? Ku HU Own ?ew>er. new edition, lfoebf ana hia Men, 1 volume. Breck'a Mew Book of Flowere.Mcce Dona. l??yi on the Life of Jaoaa ttUriat. Whlttier a Tent on the Beech. Sir1" r?b?rrw,rEiNc!'ftTtsr W?*terB*Il"b*r free <8 to fitful m^o qiiDtT f' <Tlkrlor * 9ft ? low v by w M Q k Indian* wane and lat atrort, fca i?r BriM>w? Mid 0.1. Bond boot. fch 14 1m tOt flit It., tut Piu ive, FEK4H jum-ib 1 ipsnpiBi U lip I For ^ V/ CHlLl'BCN B CABKIAGB8. CHILDBtltS CARBIAQBS. Tfr7 aaortment of CHTLDK UN'S CAR}. lAlwF.S. of the latest atria and fineat flnlafa jmat rejseiTed at 0. BO fPBBT'd. 7ih itreet. for ulut prlcna mach lower than they can be obtained eliowhere. ap4fo pOOklKO BT0VB8. COOKING STOVBfl.a Thoae in v ant of a good article win aleaaa call and ?ee the ABBITBB OAS B. H A H I. GBKOOBY'd. 3 31 Pennayvanla avenue. _ *? <1* near 7th atreot. I AHU fllIliliLCi Kill OUVDB IH IV1BT VABIITY. Havtn* jutrftCAivtd fr??k ?n?pllp? of all kinds tof ln ?"r lln*. * couplet* MiortVt IDS AND SABBOW BIBB0N8, riSX t BKBC1J riiOWBB<* i.n.I,.-. B????a?a4t6, XMBBOIDBBIK8. LAOB8. BUGLB FBINOBS. IaWblte. Black and A*b?"fe?cJ BDTTOH8 In every rari. tj, with a full *s?ori nent if Attain la ?wntMfa. Mbachayt*' Exobawsb, April l.-Tkt otferiaga at Uk? Mercbaau' -Exchaag* thit ?aorn* ing ware:?l.T*?o bashel* oau, 3.000/WmMU corn, 3W? bnatiels red wheat. l.soo.buabal* tail I feed, V?0 boubelit meal. l.fgo barrel* rtbar *anoui ffradea, and 7*> boxM herring Sates? too barrel* cut extra, ?1S 90; 10# barrel* canal ibojuj. wnimu rye lour. S7 7&5 300 i buthels red wbMt, 3.MM3S4; 500 basfceu short*. 30 ( nts; 90o bushels brown stolT, 45 cents; 500 bu<hels yellow corn, (damp.) tl.CI; 600 bushels do. 91.07 A prime lot of yellow corn, old and dry, held SI.Hi. Market firm, with indications of an advance in prices. Thi Canal.?Arrived?Tta?* Vandervot,

with 110i)tons coal to America* Company. The xaiMp are ?n workmf conation and most of tbem in lull opera' ion. The lack of mate* rial Is the principal .drawback at the pmsit time, and caases stoppages which are to be regretted. Few boats with produce have arrived recently. Tbe only arrivals Uus morane were the Red Eve, from Hedeca, with email lot* of wbeat and cora; M1U Boy, Irdh ' Berlin, corn to Geoi*e Waters; Snouffer, ^ith , wheat and corn to J. G. Waters. Two boats, from Wllllsmsnort with tionr ??/? ?? ?- 1 expected to-morrow. ? j ;, ' GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. BPBINQ GOOD*. J. HBNBY WILSOH ha* rto!lTed his supply of GOOP8 for Spring W#?r, comprising *rerj style nod TirWy adapts to the mmoq All OTdert pronsptl: U4 fsithfutly executed. Good Ooode, food work. and well fitting ear )?IiURO?r?BtMdla *11 OM?l. A general apply gpatlemes e rDfllUlBlko GOODB always on kand. Georgetown, D. 0., North aide Bridge street, op | M nextloor eaat front Bank of Oorm? roe. JAMCS a>BBaULTir Ladies' and Qhsti.imh'i bHb FA8HIOBABLK BOOT AND SHOE * Wk 1AKII, Mo. 100 High itFNt, Georgetown, D. 0. All work made at the Establishment warranted to be of the very beat quality. A perfect fit guarantied In every case, mh W6t" C'M lAI'KKTH AB BVEB-Just receive* at / MILLIE'S 101 ErHgestreet, Georgetown, li e ,? large stock of Bprflig nl Bummer Gooda, embracing choice Dress Goods in tbe latest novelties. Also, 8,<H) yards Calicoes at 12H[, IS, 18V 2D rente; Blearbed and Unbleached Muslim. 10, Iff, IS. is 20 cents, superior Shirting, fs cents; hsneekeeping Goods, Oloths. Gasstmerea and Drillings, Skirts, Parasols, Shawls, Gloves,Coraeta. Hosiery and Notltne, Onr Gooda bav* been parch Med for cash since the recent decline, and great bargaina be expected b> all who may favor ua with a Cnihi6-lai? BEET A M1NMILLBB W" ESTABLISHMENT. OSce, Bo. 4? Jefferson at , Georgetown,D. G. Established In XSSI; prtint am awarded by the Metropolitan Institute. 1867; rebuilt 1M, and la now by far the largest and moat complete <-etabllsbment of the kind In this aectlen of country Dyeing and Scouring of all kinds dene in the beat manner. Truly thankful for past favors, the auoscrlber solid ta the continued custom ?f ?h? Good# received Md returned by ex pre* with the atno?t promptneaa and despatch Poet Office addreaa, Lock Box No. 90. Office closes dally at annaet except Saturday, when It laclosedat8>4 p. tn fe l6-6aa ^ BEAT BABGA1H8 IN D B YG00D8 We have jnat received a iplendtd aanortment ef 001)8, which we will cell at low as can be bought In tbi- market. cenalatlng In Dran? Uoxla, White Gooda, Ca???mer?e. Rotiona. Matting. Oilcloth, Ac. A ylendil a'lortiaent of Paraaila, very cheap. French made Whalebone Garnets, 91 1". pair: 6 4 Bleached Oottoc, v<.; 10 4. tila a yard; umgbanaa. 90c.; nlic*ea trom 12 to Wo.; Toweling tery cheap Light ralored Kid Qlerae. 91.50 pair. Bleaebed Oottan. SO nnd tk ota . beat, yard wide. B1MAA6S A LUTTBKIiL, ap 4 eoJt* former :0th at. nnd Pa. nve. BOK IS'a BAftt BALL BM I'OAIUM. /(Sole agantof Horaman'a celebrated New York Kaae lull Hm aorium, > kaep constantly ou hand a large and well aelaoted atvek. or farnlibed to oru. iu. n.11. n.t. ?-i.- >-<._ ? . .. . ? \1 ? oT' riu? nm, rn/0 BU^Baiea.flboea, Spikes. Oaaa.Shirte.Oroqa 4, Cricket. Martelle. Score Books, Scora Sheet*, feul Fteb PrlMBalU, and Kehoe'i celebrated tbr whtlinl* and r?till. But Ball, Cricket. Cro (net, and MartelleClubs abould n?d for our price liat. Liberal discount m?de to dealers and club a Illustrated and descriptive price list Mat ?d applicatioa. * M. A. OBOMIM, 83S Pa. are. SOTIOB?Will organized Ba?a Ball and Cricket Slnba. junior aaS aemior, please fnrnleb me with aliator tbeir ofticera. addraaa of aear^tarr, and location of playground ? ?p 4 ]B Blaok silks F&OM A UCTIOS. J tut received frofla Auctioa A LABOB STOCK of very aoperior BLACK GROS GRAIN SILKS, which we tr< mIUii wry COH BBLOW TBB BKQl'LAB PBIGS8. Also, PLAIN BILKS in Qrsen, Bin#, Purple, Lilac, Brown, Tu.Anbn, Oriy,ud other colon, st 91 7>, fJ.snd f2 tt per yard. JOS. J. MAT * 00., 309 Pnuylruii avenue, *? 4 Itlf between tth and 10th st?r-. frHmr&flii ffijprsai On tte nettttpm oi^MJ^/AiilW^^IO, of Hew Yerk, N T., praying for the extension of n CUnt granted to Bios Anguat 50th, 1861, fer nn iproveiuent in Bteaa Boilers, for seven years from the ex pi rati en of sai<l patent, which takes hflffl nil th? '<Alh Maw aI A ? -?? - It < srdered that tb? said petition be beard at the Pateat Ofllce on Monday, the 13th day ?( August next, at IS o'clock M.; and all persons are notified to appear and afcow came, If any tbey have, why said petition oo|ht not to m granted. Persona opposing the extenaion are n?ilrt4 to lie In the Patent OSes their ebjectiona. specially eet forth in writ!a|U at least twenty daya before the day of bearing; all testimony died by either party to be need at the aaid hearing must be taken ana transmitted in accordance with tke rnlea of the office. which will bsfurniehsd on applloatioa. . Depositions and other pSpsra relied npon at teatlmoM muit b? filed In the (Ace ttctmy daya before the day of hearing; the argnmoata, if any, within ttn aayaaftsr lllng the tea tmony. Ordered, alao, that thia aotlce be published la the Republican and ths Intelligencer. Washington, D. O., and In ths Tiasa. New tork, M. T , ones awssk fsr three auoceaalvs wsska; ths flrat of aaid publicatlona ts be at lsaat alzty daya proT O. TH1AKH, Osmmtasloner of Pateata. P. 8.?Kditora of ths above papers will plsas* copy, sad sand their bills to ths Patsat OSes with a paper containing thia notlcs. ap <- -lawSw Q1IAT BARGAINS IN CLOTUINGl nice lunioBUie srJMBU SUITS from f? a?, Mtn'a PANTB from |1JI if, Bon' PABT8 M low M $1 26, Fin* Black Frock ml Book CLOTH C9AT8, Black DOBBKIN PABTB, rerj low, BpriM OVBBOOATB mt *t.W, WII1TB 8BIBTBattl.?, CALICO 8H1BT8 it 75 oaato. HICKORY BH1BT8 at M cenU, PAPBB COLL AM at 15 caaU a box, Aad a largo aaaarUMat of DBAWBB8, C3DBB BHIBT?,HBOK T1BB, BOCKS, Ac., at L. BOSBBBBBG'S, y KBW YOBK CLOTH IB <1 8T0BB, | i ? > IIU ?[? (, BIIWMB V MM I III, m 89 6t* Waihlngton, p. 0. 50 5 bibtb btxi1t, 505 foub doobfl nobth of d 8tii1t, (Beaton bftll Boildln*.) WALL PAPSES.' W IBDOW BBADBS. bhapb Hollands, *?. c ah ton matt1bo, . tablb abd tloob oil cloth, GILT OOBBICBBi OVAL 4AD8QUABB P10TURI PBAMB8. PICtOBB 00BD ABD TABSpW. Ac., AO. A file Maortment of th*ftbOT? Oooda In store. u? tor Ml? OHBAP FOB C ABB. KIDWBLL A B1BD1ESOH, ah M im MmfcOwM. S9?w?np h ??t 0?mr itmi M hiAifi. ? r Wx J??r Vt V . i - " ' > ? V II. ' 1 ?S5? TJIMBS ifSfcy, S8?!K: BlADT TO-MOBBO#<Ft1d?ri M0B8III >, PKICK SIX 0MMT8 II Oont&im th? c9Bin?nc?n?at Of M iat*nMlf | uitili BTOBT OF SOtTUBH LIFB. ntlU-4 BTHBLPEBT, TBI WAHDEBBB: BTHELBBBT. TUB WABDBKBB ITHILMKT, THf WAHDBIBK. ETHBLREBT. THE WINUBBII. KTHBLBBB1 TUB WABBEllBB. Oi. TBB BP1B1T WIEB THB aPIKIT W1FB. THE 8PIB1T WIEB TBB MP I BIT Win. Tat lllklT viva " " Thia charming Uli ia fr?n the graphic pen of Biavari. Misti >5. whoa* lone rNldmt tmaai the Boutliern People hM enabled him to do^tct with Kcaracj the eoctal |liM*a peculiar to that part of the co- ntry. TTHBLBBBT. TH1 WARDIUK; > TUILUlUT THI W&IU1MI, JblllSLUUS. Tftl VAIMMft; Ok. THK IPIIIT Win, THI bFIBIT win:. THE "MBIT WIFE, ia CDtnmeneed ia No. 22 et THB NBW TOBK WBBKLT, ?HB NBW TOBK.JWBKK.LT, HI NBW TOBK HBIKLY. which will be ready to morrow (Friday * mor*in* rftira six obktb per oopt. prick six cents per ooi*y. PRICR BIX CRHTS PRE COPT. " Ethelbart tke W*t<4?V?r; er.Tha Spirit Wire" la fall of the uoat daring and thrilling Incident*, II of which are so idly brought before the tender's imagination that it ii im*o??iMe to petuae theater? without fancying that you arc an actaal witucaa of the exciting acenea deacribel. tbs hrw york weekly TUB NIW YORK WRRRXY TH* irlw YORK WERKLY alao contalna tlia at -ry ot oa, THE PRMON OF Till BERMUDAS. THE NRW TORK WIIKLT, the new york weekly. THK MW YOBK WIBK LY , ready to morrow (Wriday) Moraine. ?I># A ChnrniBK R mance by Margaret Rloont, entitled Till HEIR Of BAXrOITB HALL. THE HEIR Of B4L?0fTR HALL. THB HUB or BALroUB HaLL. Beaidea the abate attractions THE RBV TORK WEEKLY THE NEW YORB WEEKLY THB HBW YOBB WEEKLY contain* Doeatick't Lettera Lot# Bketchaa. Mar rativaa of Heroic Exploit*. the Grinder Patera, I'.order Sketrbea- 1 tenia of Intereat.Pleatant Para.' faet.eTerythiog that ia calculated to ate THE HEW TORK WEEKLY THB MBW YORK WBEKLY THB HBW YOBK WBEKLY TUX BEST STORY AND PKETOH PAfTB BHT STORY AMT) ^KET<2B PAPER BKBT B1UKI BBDBBITUH I'APIK IK TBB WOBLP. Til* NEW YORK WEEKLY THK NKW YORK WEEKLY THE NIW TOKK WEEKLY THE NEW YORK WIIKLT TBI NEW YORK WEEKLY eostaifciag the o*niog part of ETBELBBBT. TBI WANPEEEE; ETBELBEET. TBI WAMDERRE; ETBELBBBT, TBB WAADEBBB: OK, TIM EPIBIT WirB. TBB 8P1EIT W1EB, TUB 8PIBIT WIPE, will be for aala TO MOBBOW (FBIDAY) BOBBING, BY ALL BBWI AQBBTS, AT CBNTE PBB COPT. a? < ?* DBPABTBBBT OF TBB IHTBBIOB, nwioB Owes, July ltth, lfllt. . TO ALL WBOH IT BAT OOBOBBN. _ A??Uc?tio? having boon made under the aet of JlULftt, 1860, for the relaeaeof the following de orTVed Land Warrant*, which an alleged touere baea loot or deetrared.?Botlca ta hereby rivea lM(ittli?l?UfolloirlB| the deacrtatlan ofaach t naw otrttiMt* or warrant of like tenor will bo relaaned, ITno valid objection ebonId ttM JOfl. H. BAIHITT, OoMilMlonor. No. 86.726, for 160 acraa, leaned nnder the act of March M, IttS, in the name of John Wood, and vm granted February m, 1857. April 6, 1987. No. *8 ISO. for 16u acre*, leaned under the act of March Sd, 18S8,ln the nana of Sarah Wood, widow of Robert Wood, and was granted February 1867. April 6,1867. No. 41,496. for 168acree, tamed under the act of Tebruary 11, 1847, in the nam* of Samuel Hodaon, and waa granted December 4, 1848. April JO, 1867. No. 67,196, fordOacree. iaaued nnler the act of September, 1360. In the name of Lancdon O. Johnaon. and waa granted Mar.b S, 1866. April 20, 1867. No 27,831, for 9ft acre*, iaaued under the act of March S, 18*6, .is the name of Langdon C. Johnaoa. and waa granted April 1,1^;. April 20. i*>7. No. 72.231. for 120 acree. iaaued nnder the act of March 3, 1866. la tha name of Mary, widow of Thomaa Bowling, and waa granted May 9, 13M. April 10,1867. * No.96.U6, for ISO acraa, Iaaued tnder the act of March 1,1866, In tba name of Felly Foaee, widow of Cheater Peaae, and waa granted Jnl/18, 1860. M?r4.1867. No. 93 96S,for 180 acrea, laaned nnder tha act of Maroh 3d, IK. in tha naaiea of the minor children " la?Ah f^aka* ?i - ?. WWV.W lira MM grillkOU rfUl/ 23. 180U ? May 4,1817. Bo. t7.6?6,forl60 Acres. lstusd und?r the set ( February 11th, 1847, in the nine of Martin Bote, nod was granted May 1Kb. 1849. May 11, 1867. Bo. 82,168, for 160 acres, issued under the net o March ad. ISM, in the awe of AItIb Bllis, sad was granted April 18, 18i7. Mar 11.1*7. Bo. 10,681. for 80 acras, Issued nnder ths act o March S, 18*6, in the name of Lewis Lambert, and was (ranted October 30.1856. May 26,1887. Bo 17 .889. for ISO acres, issued under the act Of March $, 1866, in ths name of Bicbolas Pritchett and was granted November 12.1861 May 25,1867 Bo. 96.088, for 120 acras, Issued under the aat of March 3,18tt, In the nam* of Mary B.. wide w of Tate Brfarty, and was granted September 27,1868. J one a ls?7. Bo. IS <61, for 1M acres, issued under the act of September, 1860. in the name sf Samuel D Oowden, and was granted March 96th, 18*2. June 22, 1*7. rp H ? W BOO K 8 . Studies in Bnglish; or Qlimpsas af the Inner Vife of our Language. By M. Scheie Da ere, LL D.. Professorof Modern Languages in ths University of Virginia. ao Elsmejsta_of ^Political ^Economy. By Arthur U?wwi r?i 17. wcuim nuioS?riTIIN Fi*a Oantnrtea of tbe Bntrllah Langaafe and Literature. Yolnme 0< COC of the Tancfaults Collection with o Preface. Br th? Baron Von Tanchaita $lji. cm Dane?Baaaya on the Life and Doctrine of 'KlISSS .Uttj}-"?"4*1 ? ? wl?Vt3'<SiSS* ?t* 4**'' * **' ?' *alO? OnvlB'sOrdakl. Br4?*r|lH M. Cratk. ' wtaMn' Baud the Olrkle." By Patrolanin . aaby. |1N. , The Journal of Manrlca Da Oaaraa, with an Beaay by Matthew Arnold. and a Maaaolr by Batata Benve IdltM by O B Trevatlen, tranalated by XdwardThornton Fiaher. 8\ 2* The Hoananat Oaljay 8la\a. TrauMarad Craw _ tbe French *f Jean Mart?ith. % i to. Br hi l'a Second Love. By Jnlia Cavanagh ||. Anonal of BclenUlc DiMovary for 1986 and 1817. Madame Bacanler 'a Mamolra. #2. For Mia at PHILP * SOLOMONS' Matronolltan Baokitan if S-3teo 333 Pft. ?V.,Vk;?lh and loth eta. ^HAHnoii: CH&MPAOMB: BitIu obtained o* the yrtnciMt Ohnmpftfne ImportaraofHa? lorkftUr? erdlac^atthan ajar heretofore given, I wn >"??red to .offer the following brands ?t lower r?U t ljpntofore aold U thia mark at, vi* : Chaa HaldaaWfat |M Qunrte . .^araaT lfBSSOH WOYM VBUINII OOBSBTft MAtAU PmUOM. M lilUt BPAOB. KBTttt ?? rasa ! ilrllilEsKr PMtSOTA.LT ^ 1 DBMOtf&l. -UA?A?US? ??l fMUMtk* * cat la of bar fri??4fl MtN IUr|lM< unit, ?h om< m IIUM *?? i.*_ iSKlSi^ AM MTBVn ? ? 14. M> mljpp, ImMM ar if^stt&vissswr- ?H kMrittMlUlk ?,MAti(| Hi ia $ 10.000 * *?" SI0.000 _ _ _ _ * ro.. K. a. rors?r H. T. in. m4 1MB it., ????? HmI' ft 1 0(1 "A W?CH??MD WbDIII. vkt v'""' ?err*4 is Hi i?t* ??r, ?>U mi ti> ???.T*T*W ? * >? ?!* ULtEl A<xr? iTi,o..oitrfirt o??. Min* ('IHtlJUI l>B0iaOD?l?r BAVlMtt llwr " * Onti, fiau MM! <fmi|Nin4 ut BiH)r?4 ? ? ?. wo?U ? w*4l kr r?lltn? at H mciinnBa u ? ?_? m7 MiriM Depoti 477 :<*b (trMt. ft few Sera Oom r?U.UMM. ' !_ OBB0OMAL-T BOLBTBB, form**If I f?rutl. Lriltt A Vo? c*Mr?tW OI?1o w4 MHIttrr Tkilert wonld !> (1*4 to *?* ofthet ?vrl4 rtMvatd bono* it J. f. WmwI T?ilortnf and bouae, 4*4 7th ? , ab*?? UMFellova UelV eft? JUT*!* JTOR ifiKQft Aio HOIB K4N | - I .*J\J COBBRYe, wtrtuM whnet>oo? I At?o on hand o* U erder. th? latoet m atilw. of BOUf >k1KT8 mAOOBSBTS. ?wt*t m Mtoltor ?omU Hoep Bhirt CeTera llteA wtab * Uaw BulTia|.?t#t. AluU UMrtMDt ?( ( < 1 ?> Mid kblldrft'i OcrafU A tea, the old itfto. f with Bt-el 1 i*?rda. will be cold at OUARLStf * BAUM'b Uo p Bfclrt eni t'oreet LeaiaUi.t ireane, bet 4th ae4 "th ?U Bhtrte eli*rwl and repaired. ap 1 la* AQKiriCKBT CIBOUUATINtt IriBBABT 1 Cooereaa bavlftt teiied te epee a Ltbrtrr far I Wa*hlf?ton lti 1 w?U trT it. l r ? ? i aa tbonvand stibarrlbera I ? ' ?k w o U> bacome sabsartbars to ?o?a at ono* BUty tb^usai.d book* ob haad _ iiru? H1MTEE, > a |Dt WO* ttOTT riLT HiT8. ilD ALL &1AD8 OT 0 H aTB cleaned,colored and trlruaind OUlBmOftAMTjcbeaattat Store. Ma ?4?\ 7tb rtttH, bat T and K Bts aiu ? ! * 1 M POST ANT TOTBB LAMKI.-I BDBLI BL? 1 blAMPiHQ Warraasad ful col?,. Will ?ukw4MI. > ? by a Pnaet toan?itn?a tbe racol pi ?f which baa baen pnnrhaa*d at a htgb price. Ham*xmho(brtMiai Ladlaa are I an tod to call, nt a saaple. a ad trr It. Ladlea' white or calarad Uaderstlrts Sal morala, Aprons. Ac., Btampad la Imitation af braiding. In faet Ml or*. WABEAMTBD HOT TO WASH OUT. Oroat saving to ladiae havtag rlnfbaa for rh? dran to ask* ap. Ho braM, ao aawlag bat the I pattern printed to tba goada twdottble.rtrtpatbat i caa ba attache! to the bottom* of Ladlaa' ttklrta. 1 iimm u id?t an won II Imt Torft.trttti at am pad. aa* tor ul? at Iw tku half tb? uii. coat af braid. Bird*. madallioM. Flfuraa. Ml 1 Mil of M> pattra atampad Qooda as rapr* anted or tba money ratarnad. J WM. PIIICI. ! afc It-tf 43t W> treat. oppoalta fatmt OW? n UB1DAL ABD rUHBKAL H KBATH8, BO 4 DgCBTS.OBOS8BB.ABOBeB8.flT4B8.Ba.. I reserved in aatural form, Imaoriad rLOWBBfl. A HAIB FLUWKlU.and BEAIUIhO. AiM.Ua 1 Ported B0S8, HA IB DBB88B8 tor BalU. By | Hra.FBlBS. IlaaremOTed to Bo. 48? llthat.. f batweaaO aad H. o? ? ?aa* J OHM D. OIjABK. ATTOKHBT BHD COOB 8BLL0B AT LAV ABD N9TABT PUBUIO. Bo. 8B8 1Kb atraat waat. ?aH If BOARDING. F*UBK1SHBD TBONT"BOOM . (aaroad atory. with ii?rd. la a *?rf a aaaant locality, aa ilk tre i Apply at 43? Tth atraat, betveea (1 and B. ayfla* a OBNT^LBaB and his wire caa~ta~a with a mOKT BOOM and g?4 board id .1 private family ?bare titer*are ao cbd ^?*"B AmVh 8T6H ttrwl >e>rl?a ep4fwL'OKjBtNT?A front BCD BOOH, at 4 0* H ef . * bt-t. mti% a 13th, with or althent BOABD. ap 3 St F'UBBI8IIBD Reeas ABD~OOO0 BOABD cau beobtained at b7 is Mew Jeraey areaae. immediately op poet t- Bueacll Broa. ap 2 St* CBVBBAL BlCBLI FUBB18HBD BOOMS OvUbgoodBOABD.or TABLB BOABI* withe*? BOOMS.caD be obtained at 392 Hew York areaae. between 12th and 13th atreeta ap i at* K^BOBT PABLOB TO BEBT. wtth BOABB ? f*r two, at f? per montb. Back Parlor for two' r?Llh *?anl> * Apply at S??0 i itreet near iota at. ^ j jt* OOABDIHO -A r ntleaaaa aad hia wife, er two ?M?li pi?aaaat front ?"0" w'l? "OABDin a Private la.ulir lroea tbe . ..^oiiwx ? unrreii HIIHI M sod 24th. oik M FOB BUT?Two well liruiM PABbOU.oi the 1 rat floor, with or mbnt BOiBB i|?l7 393 K St., bet. Vth a?d 1"U. fe U T^BBLB BOABD ti Bo. ??4 ml etreM, I few 1 doore Mrtk of Mm intM T?i? #BB Mr LOST AND FOUND" f OST?Bar]/ this uottiic, uon the street, e L Gold WATC11 attached to iTlxk cbaim, cei tleniM ImntlDg ?at< h. Sal table reward w?U he tivwtfdellrercdtt Mn. TaYLOBB. 34 street. betweaaC sad ereaae, 411, or MtkettarOiee, with Mr. BABBB a?4 tf V 08T?On the 'Teniae of the 2d iftst.. a let p Sleeve BUTTON with a void bor lar aet witk t* pearls gapposod to b*> lost on PumtItmU avenne, IwtvMO ?th and 1M streets. A aaltabls reward will bo paid tf rot*mod to Bur Office, at .V? r|0O LOST?A brown SBTTBB DOG, had oa a nJ chain collar, with owner a mm* am. Who 'or will return hi pi to 460 11th a tract will bo snltablr ra wardod. ?? ?' M. A. TAPflM. | 08T?On tho 2d laiuot, botwooa S ia4 4 lj O'clock p m., on H otreot. t-etwaeo ltth u4 6th at roots, a S'jCIBBBL FCB COLLAB. Tho tindar will bollberally rewarded by IwTtaflttt Ho. *99 Una avonuo, between 4th had 6th ata. ?H?* CAMB TO MT PBBH18BS. on 7th street wast, ooar tho first toll note, s BLACK HOBSK. abont vaars old. The ownor c*a have hi a br f OUT?At tho Bstlonal Thostor. or txiwaia Li thereani Wll lard's, last oronlai, a BBAOB LBT. marked MW. A. F. to B. B , Birthday Gift. 1865 " Tho finder will bo It i.or all r rewarded br leaving tho iido at Wlllard's Hctsl. 1s SI tf ^HOWTHIS TO YOCB l.ADT FRIENDS, Good quilt} of Ho. 4 RIBBON, of *11 (ImAm, at fl a place, (IS yard piocM-) Tbe largMt and moat carafnll - Mlacttd stack af FAKGY AID MILLIHBBT GOODS. OF TH* LATEST STYLES, SHAPES ml SHADES. at ASTOXIbHISGLY LOW PRICES. AT I. L. KLOUTt. 439 *tk straet. batwaaa O and H ?t>. IMf (qui ignare >ortfc ?f Prtwt Oftt?. rBITUnmi BUUHB8S wm of Tnaat. 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