Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1867 Page 1
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m THE EVENING STAR * ^ ^ J ^ i <>??????^IZTbm m? *? "YrxsasHsr- /arr ^ ^ i ?v i.. - ... sss~=s ^ ftMiif wrnrr *?'* ~~-riT fnj 1111 Ifrfff. M H^V >%/ >A A/ A/ A/ | rv%/^kAf lilion hi pirijr wdli ud p&rUJot in.M. w. *~. walla on. ft* IT fr\lT\\ jl I >T | Tha8TABia.arY.dh7 t*a y I I | II I I I II I A ( I V+JEZtlflL ahacnbara la tt. City aad DUtrict at TaS Ai JB B iy/^A >M. ? m./m.y >M/ ? reaoluuoa waa rejected IJoaacilraaoiouoa u> Cm?n>wm. Ooptea at the coaamr.wttt I '^r 4 pay the claims of R A lt'?n and u? "STSTSTXT^STiZIL on. ZJ v-/ irtZo"??z?i?rrsxzrzrz PaiC* ?0* MAXLikq ? Thiol mcmtts, OM In ion He m ?ol# at Society, aakiac u?e qm ( Doiimr and F\fty C*nU; six month*, Thr** B?l- . the Dew market bail to bold a fair for the mu imrt; cue year, Five Dollari. No pap?ra ara ? ; ??? eflt of a proposed home tor a**d aa? indent ml from tt? oOu lonrer than paid tar. ? female* referred to the ataadiac committee T?wEEu.Y&TAR-p-.?M??.rrM.7 yoi. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. APRIL 5. 1867. N~? 4?3D2? I p'hvaiciana to th. poor to fatm per annn'ro from morumi? Om DaUmr mmd a Haifa rev. ' Jacaarr I, 1?7, vu laid over tor o?* week PAWNBROKERS yyr Ab-su's CESTRAL LOAV omtl, B?. 4?0 10th atrect. one door btlov P*u. IN. Ttiaweli knowa Offlea B?kM ><K LIBK&Ab ADVUICIfl jCWA On ''Old and Miliar WtlchM Q Q CioCbin*. Farnltore, and Meret.andlaa of avary d?crlpiion. t'MneTery dajrtexcept Sunday) from 8 a. n. to a. m. H. B.?Bn?1n?aaatrictlr confidential. faSS-tf JfC LI<< BUSED BTTniHOUTT 4 / JB BCbHsTiNK s LOAH O?TIOE,47O ki 47A lSth lirftt, 3d >loor aoutb of Peoa. MOfiKV loaned oa time to anlt customer*. on Real Rotate. Gold and Silver Watchaa, Plamonda Jewelry, til*ar Flat*. Plooa. raruitar?. Me chaaieal Tools. Ladle*' and Oentlenan'a Waariar Apparel of all d??crl?tloBa. kUtfa' B. BPEN8TISE. TH-b OLD ESTABLISHED kibm o# 8. GOLDSTEIN * CO.. LICBBSED PAWNBKOKKBS, 34 TOOK AMD A SALT STREET W18T, ?r PfnnilvinlttTnn*, Offer tb* htgient cuk tdvtacM oi all kinds of HerchandUa, to ?tif amount and for B?y Uia?4MirKl,?t r*awDtklrriM. JL1 lntfr?t on lurre loan greatly reduced |p V SmIbh strictly enoAdrotitl. #w4? bought for ca?h and told Bt yrlTBte sat*. fe Illy DENTISTRY. IV?- LEWIE'S DEMTAL A98HCIATIOM, Mo. sibU tfEMM'A AVE , Between 12th BBd LSth ?treet?. MtrBctfd without pain by adantnatering i P*?** *r LeughJng Gae. LXwll hu recently purchased tb? be*t,7?JK3 laemicai ApHrtto* iu the coantry (or-*""* Mfeta* dot* km every day. Improved YaI mlar Inhaler The A?*ociation l? now prepared to ttekr Teeth on Gold, BUre- >a 1 Rubber it Mew York Philadelphia and -nou prices. All per m wishing denta' v.-rS done can have '.*u<*tr*p aa mi the aboie uan?d ctti?a. All work u.?? in Ik* Deateet and oeet manner, aad warranteu to gtve latiafactioa. Peraona will do wall to ca'l Mil examiue oar work. deM-tf X * B T l. 'LOOMM.M.p.. >k? livntor and Pateatee of ? KIIIKAI) PLATA TKCTH, attanda personally aty^ kla oSceln ttive city. Many peraone culnf wear tbeae teetb who oaanot wear other*, Md no peraoo can wear other* who eanaot wear ttMMa Peraona eallla* at my offloe can be acoomrardaUd with any etyTe aad price of Teeth they may da- > die, but to thaaa who are particular.aad with the paraat, c lea oeet. ?troa*e?t and iao?t perfect dentare that art oan proenre. the M1HCKAL TI1TH wiU haaaore folly warraated. Hooibj ia thta olty ?No 3.f? Pa an'a awoane. between 9th and Ittfe ita Alao, tOT Arch atxeat, Philadelphia. ocWIy DrDw'AV k T I XiXVCUll j\U, pONfIDBSTIAL.-Tosii| m?n wh? have inV> jured the inset vee ry certain secret habits, which nnflt them for bniineti, {pleasure, or the dottee of married life, aieo. middle a*e<J at**, old Ben, who, from the follies of youth, or other Mum. Ifl a debility in advene*) of their year*, before placing themselves under the treatnect of y one, sbouId first read "The Secret Friend." Married Udiee will laarn something of importance bp peroeiag "The Secret Friend." Sent to any ad rase, tn a settled envelope, on receipt of it ecnta. Address Dr. CHAB A BTUABT * OO . Berton. ? ?? mo ?iy A 4L BBDWNjT * J- 8M1TM?i * BBOWHI A SMITHEBS, WAbHlNOTOM. D. 0 , attvrn?y8am> counsellors at law, A-ND 8OL10ITOK8 FOB THE, BUBBAU BBriUBBH. KHKKDMKS. AND ABANDONED LANDS Office No. 476 Seventh rfreet,opposite the Post Office. te 2-'y if?cCMT 8ATBD by osiQc u. b jbw. ij U EL1?.S pure unadulterated Premium New fork City SOAP. Frexni utn FAMILY SOAP, rraniiaai ri>afln>L rvAr. And No 1BIOWS SOAP. For mi* cheap for e*?ti Ordors through the Poet Office will t>? promptly attended to U.R.JBWILIi. Soap aod Uan<lle M Aanf*ctarer, No. #nd vJ G *t moTtli. bet. ?th aud Sth, it lHw 'I HI HOST EXCITING A*& INTERESTING 1 BOUh or THft L? \ Y O E.V. L. V. BAkEK'S HISTOKY OF THE SF.t fi?T SEK VICE. AGENTS WANTED in every Ht> .town, county a?d sli'? of tietnloD l*ct; tin tor thu work Thle hl>Mry ?u ai,n mi ?-tl cat year *go. bat cviBK to tb?e;;'irpr- i t liie Government t ?cp Crm it. lie pubiic*r) >n detaved It will o?w 0 leaned, iLBalt?rr?l md nuabrfdged. ander the <n Gen Bahek It eontaln* a fed ant official of the Intricate machf uatloue of the e^ret of the GdIou for etertltnc d<*velopro?iit? and thrilling adrentnree lot* .J; .-c 11 p ? - the famon e*perfence? of rol'l'Ul AMD TIDOCQ. The marvelon* nnrrativea ?f General Baker nre all ?ttoete4 by the hjgbret official nthori,y It will contain the only official hietory of the A??Meination con piracy A fell h!?tory of thia*t, Urtllng and terriMe?ri?ae_ _ _ fuuai its i MII'TIUH, in ins UAUHTH Or VILLaJMY TO THI BlklAL PLACE OF BOOTH. Dm never yet l,a?n placed Wefora the public. The work also tally tz po?e* the netarions ?yst~m by which Preatdei n-ai parlous were and are so readilp obtained Id Wa?h;ufton The morals of the National Capita! are tlvor- 1 orebli ventilated and there are aomr atranga i?-?*l*ti*ns cou'-em.n* he id* of department*, B'lmbfi ol Cuo*r?-?. female pardon brokers, and diatingniahert military charact?*ra Forciscnlara, eauv&snug i.nml.T". and alt other tnfo'matioa. ?(! tr-? "L. 0 BAKER. Past Office *> * Mo. WO, Philadelphia, Pa '' Tin work will t? ready for delivery on ths lat day of Kay N B - None bat thoas thoroughly Conversant with :> business. atd with good reference aa to character and reaponsR>ility, need Apply. mhl3 lm j^|ACKEBEL A?D OOprtoH. 10 090 ponnda large HHOMMCOOriSH. #J tarrel-No 1 SaCKB?EL ^ _ , Jnat- etalvedaaj for??toJtMr wkarf. at ths fcwt ?lfe*?snU? a*.. 8. P BROWN A BOM. Commission Merchants, Mo. 46* KSnShst .Wet. EaiJ T. PAAND MKW YOKK MILL1- A MKT L^m In A O. OA8TON h?? n?t r.tarn?4 Iiooi N<-? i'erW v ith % Urg? ?o4 ?l*g?Bt ?{yi M*urtiuN.: of Dn?t Kr*orri, BntdUb. A9L#rtc?i>8ir>? Bonnet* * << Ha<i for Ib4im and cM*dr?n; vr\*t?l, Anih?r. Pearl. bikI Btriw Orc?*?nU Also. K^neral ??Wti?;?nt ?? fio? f resell Flnw. ri B< tuel Bud Hal i'miDA* In tr??? Iitltl. Kl'b til. Silk*. Orate*, Tulle# iM*l U?u. Ac. Particular tion siren to all ctdera. K . Lk? 4 4 <M?tb atreel. DB*r f ?UB?jrlT%nt% Oil*. lull 13 5lU C'BAMB HSviiY OF MEN AMD BOTH, * AT TUB 6KKAT 'VBKTKAL CLOTHING HOCSl, So 4b0 Tiu ?tre*t. ?ppo?ite Poet Ofhc* BC8INBH8 SOlTg 0f ! 1 OevrrltUoM. DKI8H SUITS k reduced price# BOY9' PriTfc of all de?MTl?tlon?. BOTS' Sl'lTS at *11 pricea. Kcw aoiBCLOTHIHQ. OINTS' CLOTH lfcG Hi r?4orrd prfeaa Mew la to*. r.o>? to lay in SP?ifl(i CLOTH .CO. a* ? ofl?r ap?ci*l intlacentaota for t** next at rtf dui. *? j feMlTfl 8, 4*.o 7th Btkckt, cjj>o?it? Poat Offica. mUi lm OP I A R OS. IS Bacon * Etfrn PI*DO, for #!B. On Au tre* Mctfn. for $m>. KfM Ooe aimuat uaw 7 octa*? Urga ronud*' *' k cc*uo? iioarJiiikti * Gray Piano. $27.'. { V For ?.*1^ op?B aaav uruta. / th? wtrirnonii of 1 . " _w o MBT^XUuTT M CO Boltifra* *>f St?uw?r * >o?'a Plao??. a ad Ma?oaA Hmatfa Oat>a?: Quwi, f* 14-if SOOTS g> biM?E3. w TT obi, I^H rCTltMtMS b?f? U*v* to tafora hi* fnT^I (Mi r?4l?WHtll, wLere be ha? on b*uc] rsl IMtoMBt of badlM' OnttMMn'l, &<>/' Ml MM lad OLiMr.n ' BOOTS ilD KHUIt. iMintW Ubm iisMr, iOJ Tin .treat, andar Odd F?Uo*a' 4t*tt TM Mm Cb*t| Mors, forB W1W> Bl CO"PEB A L&TTMBB. Aacttoa*?r?, Boo tb??-*t corner of Prim, itioui and jiih at. a ?.w ?.. .i..? dbi VA HB aacr VZactiTu cmtrifteftHtlM Afeo 10 mail Brt* u4 rnot H0D8?S I FABN,bM**^i VMMiiftPtkiKl AlritnlHt I 1 Imji* Frame HO I'll, wltb tot l?QfM( maw*> AacU. fOlOIID TOT BOOKi, trxm Mi; frMtk y J ?+<>* , 4ir** from P?r1a; I*fco?UrM' lf?Yilrr T*lf?; lu?. Urg?ly iilaatr?U<l, tmA '?=aS.??m tlILOl I pin-ilU V k wiUm w?. Mx u r -, . 1 CLOTHING, Ao. **?I?OTHIH O." W 3W All wo* I Caaalmera TNti fl 00 Uf S<0 all wool Oaa?im?ra PanU 3 M aw Boys' Jackrta, all waol 3 00 MIT ?0 Boya' Panta. all waol I 00 *" 160 Boya' Bulla, all wool 4 00 97" S00 Bora' Pott*, all wool S Ofl 1(0 Boya* Butta, all wool ? 00 V M Boya' Oaaaimera Bnlta 7 00 100 Boya'Caaaimara Baits, choice 8 00 100 Boya' Suits, axtra fina ... i> 00 MJT loo Boy?* Baits extra fine . 10 00 100 Boys' 8 lits.fine French Ue?simere... 11 "6 ?y 60Be>s Baits,extra ? ? -.12 00 60 Boys Sam, English Caisiosere 16 00 mr 100 Men's Salts, nsaerted ?$10 00 %r 100 Mu i Baits, matched IS 00 ioo Men's Suits, mil wool 18 00 V 100 lien's Suits, fins Kaglish 90 00 %J~ Urn Men's Baits, ex . fine English :a ?0 %J~ 104 Men s Salts, fins French 25 00 10n Men's Baits, ex. fane French ? 30 0m ST" The goods are nil new and fresh made np in i the stf len for Sarins end 8nmmr nf im*7 UBV ao, inimu minx lOD.; niBBOII) KR1E8. DRKS8 TRIMMINOS, BUTTONS. Ac , Ac., Anil ba*lnK. unnjn tsdly, to move by the 1st ol May , we ttball sell our XBT1BZ STOCK, FROM THIS DAT*, AT COST CALL AMD SECURE GREAT BABOAIITS, 1 LEN/.BEUQ A CO , 4 *> M arket Space, ander the Avenae House. nib tS-im' WOOD AND COAL. ^ Oi LI C O A L ' 1 Beat W HIT* ASH at 98, by the ton. All il/.ei, to tint easterners. Sawed and Split OAK WOOD, 910 per cord. .. I'iBE .. Lose Oak. 99 per cord. A ton of Coal sold bj m* alwar< welch* 1.340 lbs. JOHN B. LORD. J. H. SMITH * GO., Great Central Clothing Hoase? f 4 lm <?0 7th ?tre*t, app. P?at Office Y1IBCHANT TAILORING. 1 he nnderaigned having enured into copartnership. and laid in an extet si ve an J carefully i| 'tock ef CLOTHS, 0 AiS&I MK VK8TING8, and Gentleraena' FT KNISU 1% 1BO GOODS, are prepared to ma^e np for Win their cnatomera neat Mtinr a?>i fa*kio*>ibU ? nuita of elothinf, at their new establishment, No. 320 t street, two door* weat of the National Theater. Persona deal rise neat fitting and fanhion able Clothing.ob moderate terma. should not fall to give us a call before purchaaln? elsewhere. GKO T. KKKN. B.W . GILBERT. Formerly of AOV 9th at . ltercharot Tailor*, anh 5-lm* No 3?0 E at. bet. 13th *nd nth. PRY fiOODP. &c. J^ILLlKt' OFF AT COST. Having jnit received oar new and well selected a took ot M1LI.1NEBY GOODS, ! ss lr Corner ??.b and ? e treet*. ^Olb! OViL!l AT QBBATLT BSDOCBD PB1CB8 Groes too* of lb* . delivered la an* part of the city. Cbeatant White 4th. 87. btofe. If g and Furnace White Aah, $8.00. Hfd A?h. *8 U. Lehigh. #. Onk and Pine Wood ooMtactly on hand. Ordere received at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Be Tenth street B. P BBOWH A BOB, jaW-tf 4*3 *tb iitreet. between K and F. DANCING. nBOrS. i. W. A H. P. K.BB1B' X DANC1H0 ACAD1MT, M' Pennaylvanla avenue, tet. 6th and 7th ata.. Jj^k Opposite Metropolitan Hotel Hi Hew Claaeee forming <-verjr evening. Thoae deairing to enter oar elaaaea ahould avail them aelvee of thla opportunity. Preparations will be aaada In thla quarter for onr animal May Ball. Clreulara can be had at J. V. 1111a' and W, Q. Metaerott A Oo.*a Mn?lc Steree. The Hall cas be rented for Solreee, 4c. Hay* *nri Hourt ef 1Stiti#n : For Lad lea, Miaeea and Maatera, Taeaday and Saturday aftornoona, from S to 5 o'clock. Aentlemen eOlaseee, Taeeday and Friday eveniegs. from 8 to lu o'clock. For farther Information,apply dnrlaf the hoar* f tuition, or addreea a note to tbe Academy. Quarter commencing with the flrat leaaen. J 8 jy] AB1B 1 "FABHIOHABLH DANOINQ | MABIMVAS^YMU'LV BOOM8, Sk I, bttwe?u 9th and ldth itreeta. The iMt 'i>i?rt*r of Uii? ?ta?on. prep?rfc W| torj to i!>o Mi) Bull, will coiitneuce ou Bator<i?i, hlaicb 2. Claste* fer the Oermk'J are now ONI. N A ?Private t attraction Riven to milt trie convenience of the pupil Hli JAMBBO. McttUlKK A 00., ^9^ ffCSKlTUSS WAK? BOOMS. Having rellomiiahed the Auction anil Commission 1-oein'vRi, and coa verted oar ext?n?ive wareloomi, at the corner of 10th and D traoti.into a first olaM HOISB FIB5ISHINO ESTABLISHMENT, we are n<.w prepared tofnrnlati evary variety of j BOCSE AND urriOK FCBNITUB1, at the moat moderate rataa. Our atoek comprlaes ' PABLOB SETS. In K. pi and Hair Cloth, CABVEDand PLAIN OILED WALNUTCHAMBIB 8BTB. COTTAGE 8BTS. SINGLE BUBEAU8 AND WA8H8TAND0, BLABOBATBLT C'ABVKD BEBSTBADS. CHAIBB Of ALL VABIETIEB, EXTENSION TABLES, UAIB MATTBBSSBS and EBATHEB PILLOWS. OrriCB DESK* and WBIT1NQ TABLES. CANTON MATT1BO, Ac , Ac. W? bare also ror ?? the celebrated TUCKZft BPKIVO BID. which /or comfort, durability and ctaoaynaaa la anrlraUed. Alao.tha TCCUft M ANOFAOTUBIHO COMPANY BBOKZB CLOCKS, BMotiMU<Nl(B and flciak. and at r?ry rtuOLftfcl? Bit Ml. JAB. 0. McODIBB t 00., " ?fc Il ia ?f??r of Bli wl P itwrtt. pottABU BTKAH BKOIVBB, 0 onblBiif tk? uilaam of tfldraffi dnrabllitr?, and coBomr, wttfc tb? of wolf lit u< trteo. Tter at* widely aad favorably kaova. a>ora tkan?00 boia?la?aa. AU warraatad aatfafcctory. or ao aala. iMertitlv* alrcalar* aaaB as *^.c.oo.. ^rmuo ow?t?i?o_ k Havfaf r?o?l??4??r ?*? ? ?-?. ,?? ?*a offax e*bd*5fsbooat6 au> match ?cl*i i, .' ! " ? ntrsm * cow i bumOf |WI1 *< ! . :if' j rrtm ' ? * ^cr?5> r *f J* i list op letters, rkmaini.VW IN thk WASHINGTON < ITY TOST OFFICE, Friday, April 5, 1**67. irFFIflAI-LV PUBLISHED IN TUB PAPER HAVING THK LARGldT CIRCULATION ] VT? dbltlD tnj of these letters the applicant n ni-t <all f?>r " Ad terri?e?i Le*e lb* data ol the liat. and pay our cam far hu*?r lilng It not calhd for witbia one moma they will be tent to tbe Lend Letter Office. + LADIES' LIST. A>tit?n IIM'i MrtFialier Jvhn MraMar?hall Mrs AM o l u'? PliraFaninherMar nallorris K P Alexander Llda Fori est Lizcfe DM.Keuney Aaie Mrc Gt irnea A H Mia Mrg Afila Rez'h Mra UHea Virginia MoKee R*bt or Anderson Alar 'nttiaen Jama * Mra Jan Mra autUani Mart: t ???? flattie R Mck'?<IdeiiBuaaa ?iim ??ry unnonkiiatari a iir? AtdrrtoB Blir.a ttrova Oath A in r*Mt MahouDlMr* Brooks Laura VGrant 8arh A Mra JcCutcbioa BC tfrat.d S d Mra Garrett Caroline Mra Brown Job Mra Mra 2 McClairWinnl* brent Jane Mra Qtvena Jobn V McGrawAnnieM Brown H'iMrrc Mra McLean arah Brown Louie* PGrifinc Bant Norri* Sarah Brif(a JneLMrSUraugor L(#l< NalleyBar AMra Bruit Lille) K M rs H>e/. f Mrs Bell Mary Bilbert Julia A OaklaodMHMrs Bland Miiry Mr* 01>ernKe*i?Mrs Halii lamb Gordon Helen O'Ooooor Mrs Brown Mary (iilberiR^a'aMraPannlacton <H* brawn KadaHrigrahaia Mabel Power Li/aeMrs Brown M aMri Uipson Mary Pratter Julia Brown Mary B nQriffln Mary Pulley Bllen Bruce Ma n Mra Griffith Mclyina Porter Marc* Black Mary A GordonMaryGT Porter Llnm Mra Barvs P?gf>; Hall ()*o * Mra 1'attersonBoMrs Barker J<>?ep'e by.If Gee M Mra Parker B B Mra Billing Emily Htnea llizaMra uueen A Burnett Bli/a L Hunt Amanda J Boaa M*ry Mra Bnckly Km (Mrt Mra Boaa M Bidwfc||0>DMr?HcymeIli*bMr?|iaed Jnlia uerton Mtrniy HallBu?anan?ra|toe ui/./.l* Bradford Ague* Hyland Ju Hn Bhode* .lennl* M Mr* Howard C?te Beam L B Mr* Brawn K'tM riKcHt?k<ti> Fannleiteed Marl* J 2 Unmet El h Mr* A Mr* Biv?r* Barber Kllen <c)Itarri? Cba* Mri BubiacoaJ'eMr? HartletChiAMiaHarltn Emily BoadeaEli AMr* I!h k with BoptiiaUotan Ellen Bobin*ouBar'h(c A Mrs Howard Emma BobiniunSarMr* ItrhiD M Mr* M<]iiir?* MalMr* Brlnkman Bo*a HollUHarr'tllMSmith Marv Mrs llmcock EliU Swan MariL Mrs Bailey Martha Mr* Swan Melia.l Mri Bontwell Ko*a Huntr Eliza Blend Mollle Bennett Wm H Hammond Mary SuiithBamlBMrM Mr? __ Harvey B Mr* Stell Harriet HaMwia Mary Harris Mary E sbawHeo'taMr* MctJook Mra HyrrsMr) EMr* Bmlth Kri?nci?W Bradford 1>r Mralrvia* Alic* Hmith Mary Mra Halor Marv A John* A Mr* Snoot Anna Mr* Rontell M L June* Ana SMra gt Jobn A<ieiMra riutlrr Mi** JoaeaMary Aid Sweeny Bliza Ba?w*rth8 bMr* A Mr* Sanford E S Mr* Foyer Jnliana .loaes Villi* Snlli van Julia Clark M l Mr* 2 Jobn?onC)arMrageybold L/.DMrs Carl Fanny Mr* JiiiarpherMMr* Sandrey FA role Susan Mr* J acksoi M arMr*Say era Mr* Cobb 8'h F Mr* Jacobs Helen E Bteven*Jo*ephln (Mark Matilda'c(Jack aanLydlaA Southard Mar . K Camp K'l Mra J etlrie* ElirMr* Sheler Mra Cabel Idw Mr* Jtrl M O A t*kMmore Mary Ohildrti Lizzie John?on (*orMregoloraoDNelly-2 C?111 >> Al'dMraiJarkaou U?r>I Solft-r H Ma4 Cri*l? J'fMn S!ik Shepherd Sarah t>a>edy L'e Mr-Kerr Luc'a Mra A Mrs CrockerT I' MraKnapr Alice Sklngatan Mary Cn-hlr* Mary AKioe Harriet Savey Sarah C??*a?ay Panl'eK ill^eo 8ii?le Trail Kate K M Mr* Kennedy Mad & Taylor Bettie Coleman A Mr* ktnii kIILhu >1 mTlsdale Lottie L Coolman Men'a KellerBarthMriTbornlmrf h W Dean Julia Kallnakl Ma4 Mr* VentBupan Le?- JayMre Tvter Martha PodUKlizbthMrsLink SaraAMra Taylor Gen Mrs Peaen Celp^r Lee A M Talbot Sarah lie Richmond Lee 8 P Mra T?ner Bo?e Kli/a Lre Ausie Mn Thome* Sarah Dor?n> Klien MraL,ewlaIie'la>1r? Townsead W F DaYta tha A Key LaMontbouMra Mr* Mra L.ecy Bellle YollaonKateMra Davie Join Mra Line-MollteE3 Welch temily Ptnnieen MHMraLondon Snaan Wiz Hatile Dexttr Kmily > Laltey Mary White B T Mra Dounie Mary J LeckroaTbo* Q Wllaon Emily Mra Mra Weatcott Lucie Davit M L Mra LudintftonN Mrs k Mra bonovan Mary Lewie KateMra Willlame Blirh Mra Moore O* n Mra WioUriH'taUri l avt-y Roee MooreBbeuMre Walton Annie Dlvira Mrllia M kTifOiliA Hri Wuoil >>r.l M a Po*. j ZalseyMrsMooreCb'SMrs nra PaTisMarlahMraManrlca Helea Williams O Mrs Douglass Barak .Vou?irr?t H O Washington Ma Itt Xorri?8MrMr? r? Mri Peering Ll/.sla >1 irtilleionKli/a Williard MilMra H Mra Mri ? Wyrlck Mr* k'l? Mai7 K Martin Bwrab J WilliamsonMarKdBonkton Katt-MnriowMr.IMrs g?r?-t Mrs Kh??oriiSsrl'B Macdox Mutt la wkltntn Bnth in try Bowling Mason M Washington BeM rr Mi'chsll Bkllli ana Mrs Sibils Harriet Montgomry Mgt Wt Hams Bos Mrs ki'snbeiss B )?l Mooaey Mary \\ ashln^ton M y f arr Jrnt ie B Mnrray Mary Ylngllog DCMrs Fox Ac* Mrs Mttcbail Maria Zimmerman WK hfB-li Eliza A Maboney Mis Mra Mra MnhoneyMartha ^ liKNTLEMEN'S LJST. AI)*d Ckaa Abben Jas M M Anuer*on Bolo'n a I'eu H P Alcorn J L Arnctt Wa L A ndtraon John lairJacoh Allnott Wm D Ailt-n Janes M M Appleton Jos Agera Wm lisiiDxtt A lb?rt I!?*l|ow? A liork-BenS'in M M Bradley Ale* B el 1 y Brown K Bates Alex Bsnson Henry Beuaon B B Harwell A Hosworth U P ABarliy B H Bicl*<l Ai'gwt Brenner H> bit Brown Boi.ert H?mI r>' CiiA Bracker Jas C Boweu B K Br< wo B G Brenner JaaH Barr 8 ami Bertram! B H Bryan Jane* BtddleBaml Brent CO Bennett J V Borden H P ktii Carter Bradieh J t> Blake Tb<>? 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And ntunlxtakaMe Bncceii of the Gl rlotn Bis torlssl Burle?<jue of | KBNILWOttTH: Or. Te Qoeene, Ye Karl, and Te Maldenne. \fbich will be repeated THIS EVININO, APRIL 3, With a Nf? Comedietta entitled PEOQT OBEBHH 1V?_ NATIONAL THEATRE. Ptuiylittii arena*, near VUltrti' Hotel. B'-nefit and lait appearance bnt ona of Mies RACHEL JuIINSON THIS (Friday" EVBNIHQ. April a. LlAH .TflE FOB&AKEM. Deborah,the Jawlfh Maiden MUa Rachel Jehnaon Jot. ph _ - ...Mr B. Macanley I To conclude with Sheridan Knowlea Comedy, in three acta entitled l THH LOVE CHASE. Ormtanse ... MUa Bach I Jolmaon Wildrake Mr B M*canly To morrow night, last appeerance of Mlaa JOHHMON. LI OBET1A BOROIA and THE HONBTMOON ODD FELLOWS' HALL. fob a tfBOBT TIME ONLT, coMMBXciae TUESDAY ETBBIMG, APBIL 9, OPEN EMBT NIGHT AFTEB UNTIL fubihbb notice, and on WEDNCSDAY AND SATlBDAY AFTEBNOONS AT 3 O'CLOCK. tbb GBEAT EUBOP1AN SENSATION, TRI ABAHIAN KNIGHTS KNTEBTA1NMENT ; OK, L01TEBING8 ON EHCHAKTID OBOUND Ab ? t forth In that Wonderful Production entitled the "Aribiu Nibble,' tad em bodying, with t!t14 and atrifcing graudenr, tLoae great craatlon# of tha Imagination which have CHiiMin tni ?" ? ~ ?? - ? .. VBU1/ FUS iuu Il&m toMrintxs FIFTT SPLENDID TABLEAUX, Which for Lofty Grandeur iDd Etliirltl Beant mrpaos all that hH? yet be- n prednce I by man or witnessed by mortal eya. will now be exhibited in thia ctty for the first tine. M %>blbit*d in the city of London, at ft Jam*-* Hall, far 3'sflcontecutive nighta. to the larg' ?t assemblage*aver gathered within that renowned retort of the KDgliah Metropolis, and as e.vhibitec in the prin cipa! Continental citiea, where, daring a two y enrs' tour ot unexampled incceaa, it waa visited by nearly nil the CROWNKD HEADS OF ECROFE, With their Royal Families, *ho, toteih r with the entire Press, Ct?rny, and Mobility, have united with the people <ver> where in pronouncing it THE MOST BXAUTIFCL WORK OF MODERN TIMES. ADMISSION ONLT TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Heserted Baat*^.^... AO Oenta ' a umaa u i" i an part* of the /T" Li I* 11 ~ H Centa Children do? 14 O-nta Dooraopen 1b evening et7'? ?'flock; exhibition commence ?? i1^ o'clock Dooito?< n to matinee it 2 o'clock; commence at S o'clock. The e*te of referred eeat* will commence at day thereafter while the exhibition remain* The magnificent organ need at the exhibition la liom the manufactory of 8 D. and H W. Smith. Boston, Mate . kindly (owned by Mr. Klilf, who la the aole agent for thia city for tne ?le of Uioaeanterior inatramenia. Feoore your witi daring the day and ivoM the crowd about the ticket oflfca at migki A. M DOtiLAHD. "iz Itilii *??r, wt can please all. batfc la quality and yrlca, and arc 4*tarataad, at lrtuterer e t to praduca tu Wect work, lacaa the moat eleaml fatten., and ?AM f ClkliAYMMSSmJSSS oero In thl. or a*y other city. '"" wtoa Otlf riDltAtUn ft* tk* Aklf PrftftfirtAl Ml nbeh I hart Ian red ladles that a* lajarioos ooa?eelttoua are uesd. a?d shield* Iheai from trntiu <Mi vorktntMhuliar thou who Dny ? few blocks yd nwlata Umifiw atamaer*. lUariu. I ^}V^9SS:;nSl X'ii >L>! Br"* ?sr?-"lasfcRsrJrr u-i :? > C? *C?T .W l 117 ' TELEGRAMS, kc. The St. Lonis Ptnocra: tu a special dispatch from Topeka, Kansas, saying ??A large convention of tboee la favor of impartial suffrage is in session in tbis city. Lucy Stone and Dr lilackvrell, and delegates from different part* of tbe country, are In attendance. An association bas been" formed far tbe purpose of canvassing the Siate thoroughly, and distribaticg documents Tbeebject is to carrr 'be'Female Suffrage as well as tbe 'Nerro Suffrage clause in tbe coming election. Tbe officers ere Governor Crawford, president Lieutenant Uovervor Oreen vice-president; Jndge N Wood, corresponding secretary, aed an executive committee of fourteen, including sucb names asCbariee Robinson, J. P. Root. J. W Abbott. Colonel Moonlight, all of tbe members of tbe Supreme Court, and other leading men of tbe State. Tbe Arkansas State Union convention was in session all day Wednesday. A platform, with resolutions, was adopted of an ultra Radical character, appro via* the congressional plan of reconstruction and readmissiou to tbe Union. Keaolntioaa condemning tbe President, opposing confiscation, and recommending a conciliatory course toward rebels were tabled. An explosion occurred in tbe UlOTer Hill ooai pits in Chesterfield county, Virginia, < Wednesday, and iwenty-flre white aad fifty colored miners were killed. Tbe pits are burning and tbeebafte bare been closed to ex tingnisb tbe fire Tweuty of the bodies cannot be found. Tbe belligerent forces in Mexico, aa taken ; from Mexican papers, (official and others.) i are as follows Republican. 69.7(10: tbe 1 m perial army consists"of 15,000 men.and more or ( less ot 10.1M) National Guards ia tbe cities now i m tbeir power. Tbe Republican convention fceld at Sing Sing, N Y.. Wednesday, appointed a? dele. 1 ?ates to tbe State convention Horace Greelev, James W Hnsted, and Stephen 11 Johnson. George W. Randolph, formerly Conteaerate Secretary of War, died m Richmond Wednes. day. EUROPEAN SEWS. | Lownos, April 4? Evening.?The aanual budget was presented to Parliament to-day. Tbe excee? of receipts orer the expenditures for tbe last year and tba balance remaining , in tbe Exchequer is officially stated at two , and a balf million ponnds. It Is estimajed tbat tbe income for tbe present year will exceed sixty-nine million ponnds. and tbe estimated expenditure* ars sixty-eigbl million ponnds. It is proposed by tbe Government to retain tne present tax on malt and to impose a low duty on. tbe receipt* Iron marine iasur> ancea, and also terminable annuities. KldHlM If Anril 1 ?Tk? ? -- dered their resignations to tbe k.ingjand a new ministry will be formed. Wkm i nn Amioimknti -Memphis seems to be desirous of rivalling Chicago in tbe number of its murders, -booting affrays rrim ront., etc. Here is one of the latest from tbe Rnll'tnt of tbe 24 tb. At an early hour yesterday morning, the residents of the quiet little snbnrb of Cbeli-ea were distorted from tbeir propriety by a rumor that a murder bad been committed in tbeir midst. Tbe report created the greatest excitement, and various versionsot tbe tragedy were current, but after a time tbe true version came out, and it was to tae effect that about seven o'clock in the morning, a man nam??d S. H Dameron bad been shot by bis stepfather, L. D. Hood. In tbe HuUetin of yesterday morrTing it wa* reported tbat tbe parties in question bad bad a difficulty on tbe previous day, and that the case would come up tor a bearing before Justice Creigbton ou Mendav. Of course there was a girl in tb? case, aud she was of the colored persuasion. Sbe is stated to bave been under the "protection" of l?ameron, wbo had separated from his wife. The nart i**a liv**rt in *u r . _ .mm ?wjviuiuk uvuere, auu lUf colored cirl insisted on taking water oot ot Mr. Hood's cistern, waich enraged that gentieman not a little, and be ordered ber to leave the yard. I>ameron came out at tbe time, pulled a pistol from bis pocket and threatened to shoot Hood, bur did not carrv hi* threat Into execution. V* hen be left tbe yard Hood nailed some boards over tbe cistern, and yesterday morning batneron procured a hatchet and weut to knock tbem off. Wbile be vu engaged at tbis work Hood cane oat armed with a pistol, and sbot bim in the groin. Tbe wound is a leartul one, and it is doubtful if be will recover. Wai.IR ik New York?a Letter from New Ycrk tays Tbe lirst of May promise* to b?uebered in with a general demand for bigber wages on tbe pait of tbe laboring classes. Tli? Laborers' laion Benevolent Societies haveresolved in tavor of striking for *3 per day on and afer that date. The bosses are to be "immediately notified of the fact. In cases wh?re senou? obiections are offered on the part of the employers, it would appear. *3 is to be insis> ted upon. Efforts are also making to make tbe affair aniforin by bringing Into it other | labor organizations. Though business of all kinds continues dull, and but few new build> | it.f - are going np. thus renderinr emnlovment for brick-layers, masons, carpenters, painter*. And other mechanics exceedingly scarce, the steadily advancing rente, with tbe high prices of all the necessaries of life, seem to almost force these efforts to obtain higher wares in order to live: yet, as things look a? present, the chances tor obtaining the advance, it must be acknowledged, are far irom encouraging. Skhator Wilfon at pgtkasarkg ? Senator Wilson, of Massachnsetu, addressed a numerous assemblage in front of .larrett's Hotel at Petersburg, Ya, last night. The colored element largely predominated and were enthusiastic in their manifestations of approval and applause. He spoke upwards of one hour, proclaiming himself a iladical end entirely committed to Radical principles. He pronounced slavery to have h^u the cause of the late war, and s<Ud ueither the North nor South were guitless in the conllict. He said tbe negro now was as much a citizen ot the United States as the President, and entitled to all the privileges ot tbe white man, and oarbt to exercise the right of franchise as a tree man. He disclaimed all intentions on tbe part of (Congress and the North, to degrade and bumiliNtp th?? *Cnnth SririDB or a \or?c I.aI'Y.? Ab*ut U l o'clock ou Saturday night Coroner (Ire entree held an Inquest ou the body of a young lady named Mary Patteraou, about t!l years ol age. living at No 2.6 Mulberry street. The evidence before the jury was to the effect mat the ihe young lady had been for *ome days very much depressed in mind, and at 5 o'clock on Saturday evening took about half aa ounce of arsenic. Shortly afterwards she was taken with cramps, when Drs. Butler and Horn were summoned. A powerful erratic wu administered, but without avail. She lingered uptil 11 O'clock, when ahe died. Tbe jury rendered a verditt of death from arson le, taicen by ber own bands.?Bnlt. Sun 7* Lawrence Har . wbo murdered a little child, four years of age. near Warsaw, Indiana, ou the S4tb of February last, was arrested at the roidenc* of hi* sister in Independence, Ohio, on Ftlday. The boy had been taken by blm from the poor-bouse, but in three weeka disappeared. Hart told bis mother, who inquired lor it, that it had been given away to a man residing in Ohio, but she being dUaatlsfied caused aearek to he made, which resnltMt in i?? ? , .?u m.iUKled. in nil old writ. The testimony before the Coroner >bow> ihat the tortures to which it wn* eabjected during the short time a wtt? in H&rt's power were hrutnl and cruel in tbe extrtme. VTbe Springfield Republican nyt & email i piece of mneele, mheu troTO one of the limb* of tbe young lady who waa eappoeed to have died of trif hina aplraUa. wu put under a mieroecope of moderate power, and the minute worm* were eeen In it beyond all question. 1 In ferm aad mouon they tallied closely with tbe engraving and description of tnchlao* given ia the medical beolte, aad there it Uule doubt that they were actually trichla*. %T A law has reoeatly takes effect la Xle onrl, maklag It a miedemaaaor, pantahable by floe and imprisonment, for amaa to aban- 1 on i?* win or ealitre* nadrr twtlrt mn * ?r to Mc?et or ratfnao wwIMIb sod provide for i*?m. a # iy; wt<rioiiu >(rwi?don WM- i ^jX^grpooC || Fyoatt^of ^ ^WT^^'Valaf or cfcort?* U * i letttttyo* PMW lu?; wmao? I | ^MLM* ** k4,< *' * ' r* ; council reaoiauon. airvcuoi ?? .-jurvwyor u? mmk?- i?undln|i ir tbe cat recently Bidf in tbe channel of tbe Potomac river. aad r-por: tbe rood it ion of tbe ??' pa?wd (j.m*cil resolution for ityii( aad mhikIIdi 'he water tcunf over ibe new bridr** acroaa :be canal at Waablngton and Je?rr?on nxeeta, wm reterred to the Recorder la ordar tbat be may rotianlt wit* the Cbeaapeak* aad Ohio Canal Company la reference to paving for tbe work. Tbe memorial of I? M I.'fbtfoot and oher?. praying tbe repair of tbe new-cat ro\d, *m la*d over Council resolution, granting A Rodier tbe aae of tbe wbarf at tbe foot of Higb ?treet for dm af bia terry acroaa tbe Potomac ri ver. (oar oaly communication witb Virginia below tbe Cb-un Hridga,) waa paaaed Adjourned Commit OoraciL ?The Board wan called to order by the i'reaidenl, I?r C H Cragin. who preaenud Mayor Welch commumr&tirtna transmitting the account* ( P J Oollieoa and K E Tabott for repamnc itrwt lamp*, and a com munt cat ion from p. Rardrtw atl*atinc the taitikliil performance of work don* by Mr Taibou. vhicb were referred. Mr Pickr*ll, fiom the claim* cobdiiim, reported back tbe claim ol Wm ^ h?lu fc Co , with a resolution for IU payment. Mr Oabancb, from the barber aadekaan*! committee, reported a r*?o Intion fraotiaf lb* a** of High *tre*t wbarf to Anthony Kodier tor the e*tabii?bment of a ferry Mr Plckrell, from tbe water commute#, reported a resolution for the repair of pump on the corner of 4th and Market street*. wkich. witb an ordinance increaaiBf tti**alarie*of the physician* for the poor, were adopted Mr. Shoemaker itreaented ih? nftiimn <*f zen* relative to the new-cut road from 7th street to Drover's R?*si; referred. Mr. Shoemairer, from tb# street* committee, reports an ordiiiktcf for tb<- iiB}>roTfinfBt of i part of Marnet *?., and an ordinance levying a farther tarn on proper'y owner* on the upper partaf Con;rfi? *t Which were laid ovr under the rale Also. asked to he. and was di*cbarr?d from further consideration of a communication of the street Commissioner relative to arches. Kc, and a memorial relative to the Lower Kali* road. Mr Shoemaker moved to instruct the ttreeu committee to report a bill providinr for paving a pari of High Mreet, which elicited come discussion. and ae\era! amendment* were offered but Mr Clabaugh offered a aubEtitnte instructing the *treete committee to inquire into the propriety ef paring and gravelICS the part of the street referred to. and report the cost of each kind of work, with their opinion of the practicability and expedienoy oi musing tot improvement, wbfn tb? amendments v.ere withdrawn, and tbe substru'e ww adopted. Mr. Kobrer presented tbe Mils of the judges of election tor room reat at th* late iptcul election. referred Mr Shoemaker moved the appointment of a select commute* to inquire into the obstruction of streets, embankments, unaatborzed buildings. -V.C., wbicb was agreed to. and tbe Fret-ideal named the members of tbe *treete committee. Tbe Board adjourned Tub Chamtei ?1b tbe debate in tbe Board of Aldermen littfvcmnj.ou tbe resoluuoa ter souadiog tbe cbannei and reporting its oudi tion. it was stated tbat tbe object waa to refuta tbe publif-bed statements That tbe Georgetown cbannei bad b?en tilled up and tbe *wasb cbaut.el. on tbe Wasbingtou aide of tbe river, deepened by tbe ice fieshet. Tbe survey, it is claimed. w?uId develop tbe facts tbat tbe def tb of water in tbe Georgetown cbaanei is not reduced, and tbat tbe -wa>b cbaaael mar be sounded witb a yard stick, and Is sot navigable by a yawl bout Mbbchakt*' Exchahob -Tbe offerings to um wrir ii(di, compsmui'lT, DO ID of flOUT and frtin, and the silf* In proport>oa Small lots extra sold for fl4.2Sa9l44ft per barrel cat rztn*, ^I3??l3 St. No wheat offered The receipt* of flour and grain are alow and Usht. :boa*b several cargoes are expected hourly The subscriptions for the relief of the South amounted vo about l.'jwi bushel* com. Thi Caj>al?Arrived?BoateCatoctin. midriet to maiket. Maryland, wheat and cora to B. Talbtrf J. .Innuson No S, wheat and earn to market, fa-ociin. iroa: Morrison, fraiu and pouuues. Wandering Boy corn and wood: Ked Eye No. I, wheat and corn to market. Neptune. 1 (>4 ? coal to J. O Heiston. M. K Baxter, 116 4 tons coal to Ontral Co : Ben Williams, lt'9.14 tons American Do.. Departed?Catootin, merchandise to Harper's Kerry; O T Siioulter. sundries to Nolan '* Kerry: Neptune, snndnes to Sbepberdstown: J. Johnson No.ti, salt .Ac., to Nolans Ferry; Ked Eye No. I, merchandise to Eift-lock 34: Morrison, do. to Lift-lock sfci. acd three boat* light Pokt ok 0??irsitiiwn --Entered ?St?amf r Express. Nivkle ma-ter. from Baltimor# Thcma* E. CabiM. Noma master, from do scbis R.O Stonnard, Hubbard master, trans Norfolk fa Pickering. matter, from Boston, with merchandize. Cleared?Steamer r.xpr^s. isickie mas'er. for Halumore ThkKivee?There appears to b>* hut little doirg upon tbe river to-day. There are a tew vessels in the harbor, several of them receiving coal, others discbarring and receivinr car ?oe* at tbe lower wharves Tbe bar and river craft are scarce. her Stemach. From the Anamosa (Iowa) Eureka j The wile of Mr Parker, who recently purchased an inw-rest in tbe Anamoea Stone C^uarry, bat been n<ade cocuizai.tof the t?rrible truth that she has within bar s omach a living snake or lizard. For tbe past Ave years she bas suffered almost evt*rything possible far human being, and was supposed to he graduallv dying from consumption. Som?- two weeks since a (ierman physician from Lisbon, County, being in town, was requested to make an >\ammatiou iau> her caae tos?*e if sny remedy could t>a devised to relieve h#r intense sufferings. Tbe pbysician visitod her and bevame a1 on. e *a'isfi#d 'hm ih?r? ?? * living animal vuLin bar nomacb Oi Thursday last tbe starvation process *w begua and continued for five days. little or no noart-bmeut being takan. liunng this time th? amma1 repeatedly moved upward and into the tnroat. producing terrible and almost tatal strangulation. aad naiin^ U neowtry to administer salt to drive it downward At fuck time* ibe lover part of rbe throai wonld be press-ed ont w.vrd iu a mo<t perceptible and reveiling manner. On Monday liut ifce attempt war irride to d18lodge the loathsome crea'ur* ly placing a pan of b^aie* milk near rbe patieut'i moD'b and permuting her to iahale the team. A poultice of onion* and garlic wag applied to tbe Mom>ub. but. through mtsnndeistanding, tbe onions were cooked and ifceir strength thereby mostly destroyed. Tbe experiment however was tried, but tba animal moved up only a short dittance a green slime being smitted from tbe month. Tbe pa'ient is greatly prostrated by b*r ab?nneuoe and terrible sn'ffeiing, bnt another effort will soon be made to relieve ber, altbongb It seems almost certain tbar tbe animal, whatever it is, ha? grown so large as to make its egreas tbrougb the throat impossible. We understand that tbe patient believes ber tormentei to be a snake! Tba case is attracting rreat interest find any r?w development* willbe caret ally noted for tbe benefit of our readers. How TO HaVI MSAI.T fOTATOM ?It ls * v? ry common thin? in the ?princ to find frong. watery potatoe* on the table, utile** rare bae been take* to eelect and prr?rv? them A poor potato u tbe poorest article ** t? od tbat ran be bad, and a* toon as they begin to epront they begin to (row poor and watery, tbe bettar part of the root going to tho rapport of tbe sproau. hence, to havemeiilT. nice potatoes It is necesrarr to keep Una from pxbanvtirf themselves tn this way. An exchange gives tbe following method of preventing tbe potato** from sproating. which wo uupe win ae tried and approved Take too*. Found potatoaa ud place tb*a la a lakor burrN, and poor boiling water ot? them, lett Lf them rrmaiB m iL? waur Haul Um fy?c are tcalded to they will act apront. dry the potatoe* thoroughly in the ana, aid pit them iwty la a box or barrel in a cool dry place rtla will (rtre food oiealy potato** all the time?<;rry* ??? '/urn Tflryrapk. HTKtve thooaaad an art oat of work la Ptttafcargb VTbe tax p?r capita Ja Boa too is *31, la N?*w York. M; in Philadelphia, til. VTbe aatioaal daaiocrauc ooavaauon ~? U MA J, feu been postponed to ^ of Jaly. IT8*T(i?l jn?Kof?fe?T*?ppwd in Heta. >bu Oonac tba Iwt ff? tan- iM fetwlMM [number of cbildraa. ttr Tbe r*?owaeae of llaMtaa li?Ira LDd tbe Taint if U? far trad* ooaklM to a?kt I a fur eoaawy. 9TK Uaioatet, L?ua Dtxoa. ataadtax to II* ova door ia Kaaaall eoaaty, Va-, waa bra* it lajt Friday by two aeoaadrala aad laacaau y killad. Ht leave# a ?Ma* aad mghi abulias. VA number of ?tad-bnrw< Oaettaatt rosea batra oriuiwi a Wa?t<l>ti wifty ortb*>irova mi. Tba object lata trocar* apktfvm at a reaaoaabl* rat* tot sacb a* ra worthy. ' ? l?M ,1 -.4 c /