Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1867 Page 2
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. > > THE EVENINGSTAR The Urgeil Cittalalioi ii ike DiiUitt W . D. W4LL.ACH, Klitar mm4 rrtyrlttn. WASHINGTON CITT : FRIDAY ..APRIL 5, 1MT? WRIADISQ MATTIR 0* RTRRT PAOR. ! BEE OUTRIDE FOR INTRRRaTIMO TRLRGRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. j Tbu department of the <fi?vernment has accomplished a great d?a> of good, and lilt? all other u.-eful institutions has encountered a coaeiderable amount of oppoeition. The pre*, mt pfflcient Commissioner. Isaac Newton. has come in for a fair share of the abuse to which all our public men are subject, and there is i r.ow a uereiatent effort betnr marie t/? kam tnm removed from bis position. It is not denied thkt be is honest, capable and faithful in the discharge of his duties, while it is admit* j ted that the department under his management is really doing a great deal towards promoting our agricultural interests, not only by the dissemination of useful information as to improved methods ot cultivation, bnt by the distribution of rare seeds, plants, Jce. And here no doubt is where the tronble originates, ^thorough and impartial is this distribution that many speculators in seeds And their bnsiness on tne wane, and attack the department which interferes with their Monopoly These men. and others who cannot use the Depai'ment to serve th.-ir own ends, start the cry, not that the present chief is dishonest or unfaithful, but that ne la illiterate; and exaggerated reports of his grave errors of syntax and prosody are freely circulated. If snch stories are trne, tfcen it mast be admitted, con. | siderinr tiie work of th# tvn,rfm.r,? ,s.? ? >? - - r ! 4 *onj mission er has certain I j surrounded bim. *elf witb "fllcient co-laborers. HuU M a (en. eral thin*, they are not true. Mr. Newton Is aa intelligent and practical man. with a thoroagh knowledge of farming. It is not nece*{.srv that be should be an '-Admirable Uricbton" in order to tell wbat mannres are suitable tor certain soils, or to gather and collate valuable statistical information in reference to the ra**le plague or the bog cbolera: nor would bis ability to read Tirgil's Qeoruics in the *riziual preve bis fitness to give an intelligent rpin:on as to the advantages or disadvantages ot s-eam-plows, patent reapers, and other im. proved appliances of agriculture. Readers of he early history of this country know that In former years we have bad men in higher positions than that occupied by Mr. Newton< who. in -pite of defective orthography, proved themselves to be In every way worthy of th* rust confided to tbem, and made better offi* cer? perhaps than the r more intelligent and refined but le*s honest and practical competitors would have done. Miaaii.HPPI DEMKSTHE RIGHT OF SECKS 5?lOX. Wonders will never c?sase We now find the authors and conductors of the seces?ion movement, when it will serve their tarn, boldly taking ground against the doctrine they 'ought four years to maintain. The mo?t re:resbitg exhibition of this sort tb&* has com? to our notice recestly, is contained in the bill of complaint ol the Stateof Mississippi a*ains: the military reconstruction acts, application to file which was made tn tbe Sapreme Court of :he I nited States to-day. It is denied therein 'bat it was em possible for the people or tbe State, in its corporate capacity, to dissolve its connection with the I nited States. in view of tbe surrender of cer. tain rights, and the gnaraatee of the rights and privileges of a State; that any attempt so to do is a nullity, which 1 the State has formally conceded; and, farther^ that she cannot be expelled; nor is there any power to ?ubject her to pains, peaaltie*, and ai*aniiitiea aodrr the Coastitation and any disabilities imposed on citizens, except after jury trial, are contrary to the Constitution. | This is cool, bat not bait so as'oanding as the admission by the complainant, tbat is, the , State of Mississippi, "that oy the wrongful acts o( part ot her citizens, and the neglect of tk* { t'ed'-rat authorities to yrotret the loyal," her gov- ' ernment became disorganized; but this is cor- j retted by the people. APPLICATIONS PO* PARDON Ataong the applications for pardon now on IIle with Major F. U. Stitt, parden clerk, in the Attoraey Gensrai's office, are 97 from exU. S Navy officers. The aaval service seems to have been the favorite with the F. F. V.'s no less than 52 out of tbe 97 being from VirI guua. Of the others e are from Sooth Caro. Una, 6 from North Carolina, 6 from Georgia, ft from Marylaad, 4 from Mississippi, 4 from Alabama. 3 from Louisiana, 3 from the Dis- , met of Colombia, 1 from Texas. 1 from New York, and 1 from Nova Scotia. Major Stitt is kept busily employed in having tbe list of p&rdeaed ones prepared for tbe Hons* or Representatives, called for by tbeir resolution some . time since. A large number of applications . tor pardon of criminals are also on tile in tbe office. A KMT ORDERS. Brevet Brigadier Geaeral M D. Hardin, Major I'M Infantry, leave for one year from J one 1. witb permission to go beyond sea. Captata G. B LftulTer, A. CI- M . granted five day*' delay in reportiag to tbe Commanding Officer and Cb ?ef Uuartermaster l>*partment ot Missouri. Brevet Maior s?. C. Greene, Jltn Infantry, ordered to report to General Pope. Brevet Major General G. W.Getty, Colonel 77tb Inlaatry, ordered to report to General Nberman. Brevet Major General A. Pleasan iu?. major zu t^sTiirj, iMTK inrtner extended six mou'.bs. Brevet Litac. Colonel F. W. 1 Scbsorte. Jd Cavalry, ordered to jota bis cornpan jr at Fert Laramie. Captain V. Van Ant. v?erp. Military Storekeeper Q. M. D., assigned tudatjr at San Antonio. Tex a*. Rl&EIPTS FROM CUSTOMS 1 be receipts Irom easterns at the pons below cimed Irom March -.rid to wtb, inclusive. were as follows ?New York, 2^00,9^.33; Pbiladelpbta. STI.97ti.4l; Baltimore. *n?,767 ?l. New Orleans. (Marcb 16 to 2:$d,) t?so37.7-; San Francisco, (February M tOMb,) S1IU.41S.74; I total. THE WHITE HOUSE To day being Cabinet day, no visitors were 1 admitted at :be Executive Mansion. All tbe members of tbe Cabinet were present, bat tbe session was a very short oae. A few members and Senators bad interviews wltb tbs President this morning. Q.u1ti a. batcb of nominauoM were scat m to the Senate to-day by the President, bn dob* of specinl importance. It was expected tbat a new nomination for tbe Commissionership of Agriculture, in place of Kennedy rejected, woo Id be sent in to-day. bat we believe nan* wai received. There serms to be no doabt tbat a nomination will be aent in witbin a day or two. Tbere are no less tban t welve candidate* In tbe Held. Tm Whklt Stab ta now on onr counter, lor sale, and in wrappers, ready for tbe mails, (on tain inc. am one macb otber reading matter, " Donald M'Grl* and bis Indigo, a tale of old Aberdeen." the arrest of Leoaard Huyclt aad J P Stewart in New York: the recent elections. adjournment ef Congress, extra session of tbe vuts. proceedings of Kepablicna meeting during tne week: Useful items of domestic #( onomj Humorous SketcDea, srun Uobms. tie. Military, Naval, Departmental, and I#ocal ISews Afrirnlmral ana Hooekeepmc 5li?c#l. Unjr and tbf> latest Telegraphic DUpatctoes i rem all quarter*. It ! tTATBS Utat the President yesterday nominated Hoa. Jiaei W. Neemttfe, late I Democratic Senator in Conrrees from Oregoa to be Kesideat Minister at the Aaetrtan Co art Thi Sihati, in executive session, yesterday cob Armed Use aomi nation of Angnstna W. Bradford as Surveyor of Castoms at BaltiBlSff, Md - v VT&e Bepablicans of Kboda Island have ' madoan extraordinary gain of over 3,000 on tfcdtr laat majority. Snifsi Wiuov has retarded from Tir,' ^iaia sack gratified by IU Tiait. He was very Tdially room rod on nil aides APPLICATION FOR AN INJUNCTION ^ AGAINST TUK MILITARY ACTS. Aa application wu made to*day to Sto an important bill ef complaint vitl the St. preme C'-ourt ot tbe United Statee oa tbe part of Miaeisaippl against Andrew Job*, eon. Preatceot ef tbe tinted State*, bad General E. O. 0. Ord. December 10, 1817, Miraitaippi waa admitted as a State na<t*r irrevocable" and "unalterable" compact*. Of which it ia claimed, the court abould enforce the performance, it ia averred tbat Miesiaslppi ia, and baa ever beeu, a State, witn con tit ii tion republican in form, And properly fidministered. that abr acknowledges the Constitution a* tbe f upr?m? lax, nud claims ber right ?o appeal to this court. It it denied that it was ever possible for tbe people or State, in it* corporate capacity, to dissolve us connection with tbe T'uited States, in view of tne surrender of certain rights, and tbe guarantee of tbe rights and privileges of a State; tbat any attempt eo to do is a nullity, whicb tbe State baa formerly conceded; and lurtber, tbat sbecannat be expelled, nor is tbere any power to subject ber to pain*, penalties, and disabilities uuder the Constitution; eatf any disabilities imposed on citis*ns, exeept %f-er jury trial, are contrary to the Constitution. The State admits "that by the wrongful acts of part of ber citizen*, and the neglret of thf FfHrral tmfharitiet to protect the /ny'i/," her government became disorganized, but this is corrected by tbe people, who bavereorganized a government, republican in form, which baa secured her recognition as a State by Congress. tbe Executive, and as It is believe 1, by this court. Even if there were irregatari tips in the** acts, they have been cared by the swvereigu act of the people in voluntary as??mblage The State snowed her good faith ia the election of Senators and Representatives, which have been excluded from Congress, though her people are compelled tc#pay tares; and tne remaining twenty.six State* have paesed an acr, which is the special object of i complaint, with a "npplement, both being annexed to the bill. These two acts annihilate the State, subordinate the civil to the military power, set a precedent for a military despot, ism which makes naught ell the safeguards of liberty, and divides the Sooth into military districts, where the will of a soldier is the law. Complainant avers and charges, toat the execu ion of said acts, by enforcing them in the manner therein provided, will causs and produce immediate and irreparable mischief in the States to which it applies, a? mast be manliest to the Court, ia this that they are lepugnant to the Federal Constitution, and violate the spirit, the purpose, and Ul9 obiect of the compacts between Georgia, Virginia, and the I nited States, it will deprive the >tates of every attribute of State authority, and practically annihilate them as States, bv converting them into subordinate dependent cies: It will the whole system ol internal or domestic affair?, it will annul their legislation, and subvert their whole judicial system, inasmuch as it declares the S'ate governmeut illegal; it may annul all coatracts and titles to property trade with reference to existing law*: it will deprive the people of their most sacred rights?their exemption from arrests exceptor, warrant founded on affidavit, the right of the Intervention of a grand jury, and their right of trial by jury?and establish arbitrary and despotic military powers on the ruin* ot their constitutional"rights It will produce a train of irreparable mischiefs that may not be corrected for vears. as the (,'onrt will readily perceive, and thev can only be prevented by a very speedy application of the restraining powera of this court. But, above all. these acts, if maintained, establish a precedent by which Congress, composed of a ma- I tority of Statee, may, at pleasure, exclude any State, or any number of States, frum the > American I nion. The bill further alleges that many legal : ,uestioiis will arise Milder these acts, which must be declared unconstitutional, |e;tdiug to inuumerable suits and incalcnhle mischief as weii a* s? total disorganization and state of anarchy. It declares tbia Is done in good taitb, and I not from factiousness. but in the belief that these acts are not obiigatc>ry unless deiltfed valid by the court. Hat it so declared. they will be cheerfully obeyed: and as there is no ; redress for a State, except through this court, it is prayed that "said Andrew Johnson, and bis officers and agent*, appointed for that purpose, and especially General t. O. C. OrJ. above named, be perpetually enjoined and restrained from executing said acts, and that powers of injunction acd subpena be issued direc ted to the parties aforesaid, with any other relief that the court may deem proper." It is signed by the counsel for complainant, W.L, Sharkey and K. J. Walker. Messrs Walker and Sharkey appeared in the Supreme Conrt this morning, and Judge Sharkey rose to file the bill. Attorney (general Staoherry. who appeared for the Executive and the military commander*, said the general practice was to ask leave to tile the bill. The bill was against the United States, and he wished to appear at the earliest moment to object to it. Mr. Sharkey remarked that the question was on* of great magnitude and delicacr, as It asked the Court to pronounce upon the constitutionality of congressional legislation. Chief Justice Chase said that the only motion ?bat eonld be made was for leave to tile tne diii, ua tout no argument could be beard until next motion day, a week from to-day. Mr. Sbarkey then filed the motion for tea re to file the bill. COUNTERFEITER.* ARKKSTKD thus mach1mbkt captl'eid. The officers of the secret mi vice division of tbe Treasury Department, who are constantly on tha alert, succeeded in arresting eight notorious counterfeiters and capturing a large ameuni of machinery, plates, counterfeit notes, Ac., in New York city, on Monday last. A magnificent lathe, used for making the plates which was imported from England at a coet of 9I9.0UU, together with a number of counterfeit platee, and over ona hundred tnoaeand dollars in counterfeit money, consisting of fractional currency, %i, fill), Sftt. and *5U notes, were secured. Tbey also secured a 1) press used for prtattag the notas, and arrested fwrty.thrae membera of tha gang In the northern part of New York This is a nortion of tbe notorious Simm's cant, and tbe connterieits produced by them are said to be very good, and caanot easily be distinguished from the gen nine notes. The lathe which was captured Is a splendid piece of machinery, there being none others like It In this country except those used atthe Treasury Department. Tbo.-e who were arrested are held tor a hearing In New York, and the captured machinery, with the notee. plates, &c., were brought to the Treasury Department. ConriBMBD.?The appointment of General Roeseau as brigadier General in the regular army, in place of Rosecrans. resigned, was confirmed to-day by tbe Senate. There was a protracted controversy in the Senate, it is understood, over the nominatien. Interna!. Revenue ?The receipts from iqis pource uj-aaj were 17. ITS ATTBMTIOM, KlKlilf I ? Yen art IL3 b*rrb> notified to o*ll at P WAbbAOH'8 OUKOM IIALL. P*DDi>lTMi? utnM, corner 4S street, wb?i eyou will bud a very floe awortmeot of QAUNTLBT8t eelling off below coat St par M>'l $1 per pair! Tha very article to aomplata your dree* at tha grand parade. Mjjt fJJ-SPlCIAL MIBTIN^OF THB BOA*? A meetlnr of tho Board of Trade wfll bo held at tbetr rooms II ON DAT, April , at 7H o'elook. lor tb? porpeee of eonaiderla* tha boat way to dl?tribnta tha money collected for the coffering poor lathe Boat her a State*. Oltixenadeatrtnf toanbaer?be can d<> io by lenviac their namea with W. II. Claaett. at tho Boaid of Trade room*. A foF meetl an of tha member* la deeired. np .'.-St rn. SAB DO. Secretary. Ytr-BBOISTRY R9TI0B ? Hotioe le hereby 19 given to all qualified voter* in tberOUBTH wSID that the Jndgeaof Bloctionappointed to ?wwri inoer id? ici OV UOfiCmi M* "in act to vanswrfftBSV wramssiaJng;. ?oK?ffe!.,u%XrM?-<;.caiV " tr ???i rBrFO"* aad reoonjing . V. VOTM. B?cr?tfcrr. wst eS&i de?t?e4 io Nnn falT r??5 tryof'the V?j>w'c/tdUUy l?TSS^tot> ranted mobO , bMl ua?d m fcoiM. FrtMflM iDqilr# it JUllro* SubU.^OS oonm tTtk > ?4 U?w Tti >?>. .pph-1* jjgBHMnflK C?"T "OTimr ?Kn(liUi(urk*t. M(JV CONGRESSIONAL. Friday, April S. Skkat* ?Mr. t?le presented the petition of number* of tbe veteran rfwrr* corps of (JHiforn>a; which wu referred to the UommiUM on Military Affairs Tb?y ?ay they received .mere pi tance to pay their way back from New Mexico to California, after having; beta aucreesfully encaged against the Navajoee, Arspaboea and Cotnanrbes. They only ask to bo pot upon a footing with other troops as to transportation. Mr. Fowler offered a resolution that the Se-. reanr-at-Arms of the Senate be, and be ts hereby, direced to retain the number of measengers. page* and laborer* now employed durinrtbererees Kpf?rred to the Commute*nn I ConUnrpnt Kxpeise*. Mr. Ko?e offered a resolntion, which wa? ' afreed to, calling on the Secretary of the !?? rter to inform tti? Sena e whethsr L?wn V. Hoty, late LV>mmi??if)HPr' ot Indian Affairs, is now employed in that Department, it eo. what are bis riutiet, compensanen, and by wboui appointed. rfrr Sumner submitted tbe following resotu. tion. wbich be said be would call up to-mor. row: NnolrfH. Tbat Mr. SanUbury, a Senator from Dataware, having appeared repeatedly on tbe floor ot tbe Senate in a condition of in toxication, is hereby expelled from tbe S?nau*. On motion of Mr. Sberman. tbe Senate went into executive session. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Wa-BHIHOTOW, April 5, 1"67. Jay Cooke & (Jo furnish tbe following quotations of Government securities: Buying. Setting l?. B. #|s Coapoa, 1881.. 106* n,9* l . a r ire 1WIDUW, ..10!)J| 10tf* U.S. Fit* Twentm. 1864........ 107* 108 U S. Five Twenties, 18*5 107* loft* U. S. Five Twenties, Jan&J'y,'65.U7 HC % U. S. Ten Forties 97* 98* U. S. Seven Thirties, August.... 105* Mtf* U. S. Seven Thirties, Jnue 105* 105* U. S. Seven Thirties, Jnljr 105* 105* yav tork f 1 uet board ralbs. Coupons 1(9 10.40's 97\ 5.20's, 1862 1(9* 7.30s, August.... 106 5V0's, 1864 107K 7.30's, Jane U?X 5 'JO'i, 1965 107 \ , .30's, J uly 105* 5.W)'s, Jn.AJy.'65.107H Gold 133H financial. Lewis Johnson & Co., qaote Stocks and Bonds ia borne and foreign market* ae follows: Naw York. April 5.?1st Hoard ?New York Central. l<0)f: Erie. rifiV Reading, ?: Blicbignn Southern, 71. Cleveland and Pittsburg. 7ti : Chkmro and Uock Island. 9o'(.Chicago and Northwestern, 34*: do. preferred, f> >yt: Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, OQfc: Pacific Mail, 120*. u j- wood. huche abu 8ION paimtm It,. Ho. 319 K street, between 12th and 13th >ti. Graining. Slating, Ac . executed with neatness end dispatch. All work warranted to please. J^'BW CBOP MAPLE 8TBCP. A nperior article, juet received and for aale by TBI KOBTH1B PBODUGK CO., ap 5 3t* Peana. are , bet. 10b aullltli ati. pOB MOUNT VIBNOW ! ! The Steamer for Mount VeriooM|4^BA leave^ the Wharf foot 7U> at in o'clock BVKBV THDB8DAY and BATHSLAY MOBM1NO Fare, & i Or th# r?n?d trip. VM. D. OOLT. ay 6 6t President Potomao Perry Co (' ABBIAGEB. (JABB1AQEH. CABRI AGES. We have or. band the largest "took tf.MABj CARRIAGES e??T offered in this "ity, VjfSUjKt new and e^cond bund. Bnstnese Wi| w ? ? , Ac , all of latest sty lee and finish, which we ?fl? r to bnyers ai great bargains, to redace stock. Bepairlng done at re?<oaa1>l? rates. J. M YoL'NU. JB A BBO., 403 Penaaylvania a venne. and ap !i St* 478 Kth ?tr?ot J AH KB T. WALK IB, ( KIN 8 MKRCIK AND TA1L0B. 4*4 Seventh Street, 494 j Hear Odd Fellawe' Hall, < Beita leave to infora hiefcrn?r aatrona and tbe general public. that ha ia almoat daily re a. ' reiving addltiona to hia new beantlfal^HI atock of Ooodn adaated to MA j MBN BHD TOOTH'S W?AB, Vlf which muet be awn to be appreotated. " None tot the moat aklllful a|tf?t? are employed, and perfect aatiafactlon guaranteed, both with < BtVLS.IIATMBIAL, BHD WORKMANSHIP. 1 Alwaya on hand a comitate aaaartment of rDBNISHINQ GOODS Olva ?e a call before purchaalDi ay 5 tf t RUT U10BBAT0BS. BKFBIFKB AT0B8. Joat received, a large aaeortmeot at ( B. H A H. 1 GBCOOBT'S. 341 PeauarIvarnia avenue. ap 4 1 w t.ear 7th atre?t. C^HILDBBN'S OAhHIAOKS 1 / CHILD BCN 8 CABKIAOB8. i CHILDKMN 8 CAKBIAQSS J a **ry large assortment of CHILDREN'S ? CA H KIAOES. ol tb? latest a*? le end fiu?*?t fiulsh * jut received it C. IC PPIRT'i. 433 7ih street, ? for wit it price lunch lowtr than they can be J (Ltained elsewhere. mp 4 iw J COOKIBG BTOVKB. _ ; COOK1NO 8TOVM.B ' Tboae in w ant of a go?d article wljl ?leaae call Jj and *?-e the ABBITSb GAB M. B ft H. I. GBKOOBY'd. 331 Pennsyvanla avtont, ' ap4 1v> DMr rikitmt. 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SPADES, which I mil M|| at a redur"?riSi. p4-tt* COra*r >9tb',tr0*t'inif rankl 1 V. H TTSr.1T M. <in ??t ??2w 489 7th street -~r * FLOUR, MAI,, HAT; ? lOWII BTORK. tJ U? OQftlitr HtebMM. _ ^ _ ' ,1 *? ??.co.

.k? -hJSSSXZSIST&JKL. . amsasESgp ( h 1? IS (Mltk M? out Fni tn * (jWHD RA^IIWDI ' oiiwui ^5^^ewkUy iloV^ilV? ,r j?rd*r" h* ? th*''' ^ ??? J. f.TlOlPiON, 0 "?F wwTELEGRAPHIC NEWS. x FROM ItMK Tt.OAT. [By UftM? to Ul? Associated ffm.1 LoaoHDmr, April 5?If !! ?The steamship North Averlcu, Uapt. Kerr, from Port* land on the fid ultimo, haa arrivftd. JyOHOOJi. April 5?Moon.?Oonsols 91: LrtW. V: Illinois Otntral, 73*; U. S.5 7.i VKeamkfort, April S?Noon.?lT. 5. bonds, 77*. Paris. April 5?Noon?U. S. binds, The weekly returns or the Bank of England show a decrease in bullion of one nundred and eighteen thousand pounds. J>ivbrpcol, April 5?Noon.?'The brokers' circular report* the sale* ot cotton for the week at 6u,(MM) bale*, of which lXOoObale* were for specu lator* nn? exporter*. Tbe total stock in port ? 686,(00 bales, 01 which 370,000 bale* ?r- American. Tbe market to-day la doll and inactive. Tbe tale* will probably reach 7,000 bale*. Middling Upland*, 12fc; Orleans, 13.; Breadstuff* quiet and all article* are unchanged. Provision* and produce quotations are totally unchanged. Losdow, April 5?2 r w ?The market for U.S. 5 t? ' i* firmer since nooa report, and prices ad> anced Livkbpool, April 5? > r. ?r The cottan market is tomevnat easier. Tbe breadstuff's market is firmer and prices ; tend upward Corn and Wheat advanced ad. I each. ______________ important from meiico. Verairuz Besieged by the Liberals?Max* imilian in a Tight Place. New York, April s.?The special eorrespondent of the Herald at Havana gives the following derived from paaseagera from Vera Or u*: VeiaOruzis besieged by tbe Liberals who hnve made bnt Imle progress for want of uravy artillery. The town is defended by i l,(>00 imperialists and fifty.six pieces of artillery. The Liberals aumber &6110 men and are awaiting the arrival oI six heavy pieces of artillery to compel the town to surrender. Msximlllar bus 10,(00 men in Q,uere:aro bnt lacks money and provisions and is deprived of all kind of resources and continues to be besieged by Uens. Escobede and Corona, wnose forces nnmber Ud.OUU men It is also reported that Kscobedo had taken 1 up a position in Oiayo where he was attacked i b\ tbr forces of Oen. Mejia and completely routed. Tnis it appears enabled the Imperialists to reoccupy San Lois Potosi. Tampico is said to have been abandoned by the Liberal#, wbo received peremptory ordert> to march Immediately for the interior, and en- | trust the keeping of the town to the police , force. General Galvez was reported to have ar- 1 rived with a force of Oti msn at I'eubla, and , Porfiro I>iaz not finding an attaek convenient nad fallen back on Huamantla. sending a portion of bis forces to the interior. 'lbe latest aecounts state Galvez had arrived in Orizaba, and according to private letters from the latter city it was expected that com- ! muuicuMon would soon be reopened between i tue capital and \ era Cruz. Mnrdu of Gen. Bailey. IjKAveswobth. KanSan, April 5.?Ex-Brig. , General Joe. Bailey, Sheriff of \ ernon couu- | ty, Mo, was brutally murdered while dis- : c-'barfing the duties of his office, by two brothers, Lewi? H. and Perry Fixity, on the i '26th ult. Gen. Bailey will be remembered as the gallant officer whose ingenuity extricated Commodore Porter's fleet from its perilous situation at the time of the disastrous Banks' expedition up Red river in 1*64. The affair canned Intense excitement in the border counties. The citizens have subscribed *M,nui reward lor the apprehension of the murderers. Exteasire Bobbery. CikciknaTI. O.. April 5.?A man named King whj- robbed of f3*,(;0u at the Ohio and Mississippi railroad dopot yeoterday. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. NIC* VOK THB sinir_i>niT. NBLLAS. Al?o, fi*Mt O&ANGBS'PB&BBd, rrom Dauiel St. Aaaant. and Laser Fl(i. a^d VaKilt* lea Cream, at WALLACE'S. ftft High at , Srargetown. B. 0 ap 6-St* [^BW SPBIHG GOODS. J. HBBBT WIL80B has rocelrfxl his supply >( GOODS for SvrlDl Wear, romprlaing erery ty le and variety adapt ad to the season All order* promptly a ad faithfully executed. Good Oooda, good work, aad well fitting ?arnenta guaranteed la all oases. A general supply of gantleinea'a FDBHIBHINO 100DS always on haad. Georgetown,D. O., Berth aide Bridge atreet, >p S *w next door east from Beak ofConisaeroe. [ <HIAPKB THAI BVEB.-Just received ~at b MILLEB'B. 101 Brifcs strast, Georgetown, ) 0 ,a large stock of Spring and summer Ooods, rub racial choice Drraa Gooaa In tbe la teat noreltea. Also, n,0*l yarda Calicoes at 12)6, IS, HP*. 70 ents Bleached aad Unbleached Busline, 10,1??, 6. 18, SU cents; superior Shirting, IS ceata; houee:eeplog Gooda.Olotha. (Jaeetmerae and Drllliaga, ikirtaTParaeola.Shawle. Gloves, Coraeta. Boelery md Botlona. Oar Good* bare been parckaeed for aahaineetbereceatdecllae, aad great bargains nay be expected by all who mar favor aa with a *mh ??.! ? I*/*. H WHBATLKYB PEKMIDM w*M W .ssffiisa \i isryn&ismsssfi % letroyelitaa laetltnte. 1307; rebuilt 1M, end la >ow by far the large* t and moat oomplete eetablahnient of th? kind In this Metloi of country. Dy elnc and Scouring of all klnda done In tfao beat banner. Trulyttaakful for |Mt favors, the anoacHber olici ta tie continued cnatom of the commvuitr Gooda receir*d and returned br exnreea with the >ta>oet eromptneea and deapatch. Poat Office eddreaa. Lock Box Ho. 90. Office cloeee dally at enaeet except Saturday, rben It le cloeed at >K ?. m. fe 16-8m BLAOK BILK 8 fMom a vctiox. Juat received frai Auction A LABOK STOCK if very auperlor black gros grain silks, rhich we are eeltlng r? ry UUtl BKJLUW TUB KSUUIiAK PKIUBS. Alio, 'LAIN BILKS in Grcea, Bine, Parfle, Lilac, ir<>wn. Tan, Aatar, Gray, and other colors, at U 76, 53, and #2.2* Mr yard. JOS. a. MAT A 00., 309 PiMiylTMli amit, ap 4 It if Wtwwi Wh HdMftiii. ^ CALVBBT rOBP, DBUOQ1ST AND CHBMI8T. >o. 390 Pennirlranla aveaaa, Keaya oonitantly hand a frash ravply Of FOBS DBOGS AMD ?1HB OHBMiOALS. ALSO, larga Mock of til ??t*lar PATBHT mbdicibkb, ogathar with BBGLIBH ABB FBBHCH HA IB, TOOTH AMD HAIL BBU8HBS. AHD POMADKB, 0OAPB AHD PBBVUHBBT. rbleh 1 offer at a email advance above coat. Bole AfMtfor the tale of''Samaritan a Gift,' Blokrine," Metcalfe' Bkenutic Compound nd Trleaoate, the groat Batlieb remedy. mh?-eo6t ^ ABBIAOBS! _ OABBIAOB81 ^ OA BB1 ABBS'. .M. On band, a large number of new aiduRKR: econd-band faabionabie Bxteneion topJuLz-KL lockawaya. Bagglee, Jeanr Linda, Ac., So. *TSSTh. giuii. i .XT"*"' XMirij&i,. j? "" r* b"?i- (j|, nnToiiint, JJilXAIOSIY, rinimiymkMi. Pric*-l?4iM'.?9i a?UMM>1, *8.96. J0?. J. MAT A CO., i?S riBMfltttU tnaii, ** MWWi I POW E1AOTI HOW BC4PTI 10* HI4DTI NOV KI4DT! KOV lltDYl VOV BI4DI! PB1CV SIX CENTS. It eontalna the coam?nc?a?nt of at lnt?u?ly iicitiii TOST or BOtJTHBBB LIFB. entitled BTHBLBBBT. TBI WABDKBBB; BTHBLBBBT. TUB WAMtfBgBB. BTHBLBBBT, TUB WAMDMIi KTHBLHBBT. TUB WftNUBBtR. KTBBLdBBT. TUB WABDBBBB. Ok. TBB B PI BIT WlfB. tbb bpikit wira. TUB BP1BIT WlfB THB 8P1 BIT WIFB. TBI 8 PI BIT WlfB. Thie cbvmlii Ul? te fr?? tkt pickle pen of Bi>m jlku Misti *a. whose lung retiflente tBour the Southern People bee enable*: bin to depict with accuracy the eocial pbntei peculiar to tint pnrt of the country. BTUBLBBBT, THB WlKDBBBB. BTHBLKBbT THB WBBDBBBB; BTUBLbBBT TBB WA.MDBBBB OB. THK BP I KIT WIFK, THI >PIEIT Wirif, TUB SPIKIT WIFK, la commerced is Ho. 22 of THK NEW TtiKK WKKKLT, THK HKWTOKK WKKKLT, THK HKW TOKK H BIK L V, which 1? bow ready. ?i for a*le by new- d<-aler?, PRU I BIX OKHT8 PKK OOPT. PRICK SIX CKHT8 FKK OOPT. PJKICK SIX CKHTB PKK COPT. "Kthatbert the Wanderer: or.Tbe Spirit Wife" f? full of the uoet daring and tkrilUn* tncid?*nte, all of which Are *0 vividly brought before the reader'a Imagination that It la fra?oeeiMe to yetna* theatory withoutfrncytng that you ar? an actual wttueaa of tha exciting acenaa deecrlbed. TBI HKW TOKK WIIkLY TIIK HKW TOKK WKKKLT THK HKW TOKK WKKKLY alto contal na tha atory of THK WATKK WOLF; OB. THE DKMOH OT THK BERMUDAS. THE IIW YORK WIIILT, TUB NEW YORK WEEKLY, THE N?W YORK WEEKLY. now ready, and for aale by all news cent*, al?o contain* A Ch train* Romance by Margaret Blount, en- ! titled THE HUE OF R&LFOTTR HALL. THE HEIR OF BU'OrK HALL. THE HE1B OF BALrOCR HaLL. B<-aid<a the above attractions THE NKW YORK WEEKLY THE NEW YORK WEEKLY THB NEW YORK WEEKLY containa the fcllewinc Sketches et Adventure ?a 1 Heroism Saved by a Slave Tbe Disinherited Forsrlven at La?t, Daughter Getting My Prl??. My Brother Tip, Iinoting Beara, A M-ritad r?t?-. The Faithim li?y. The Captive* B*ca??, with Doestlek'a Letters. Love Skatchea, Nar ratives of Heroic Exploits. the Grimier Paver*, liorder Sketches. Items of Interest,riitnut P*r*.' graphs. In feet, everything that is calculated to ' make THE NI? YORK VIIKLY Till NSW YORK WEEKLY THK NEW YORK WEEKLY THE BERT STORY AND SKETCH PAPER BEST 8TOBY AND SKETCH PAPER BEST STORY ABD8KBTOH PAPBE IN THE WOELD. THE MEW YORK WEEKLY THE NEW YORK WEEKLY THE NEW YORK WEEKLY THE NEW YOEK WEEKLY THB NEW YORK WBKKLY containing the oenlog part of ETBELBEBT. THB WANDKEER ; ETHELBBET. THE WANDEEKR. ETUKLBEET. THB WANDERER. OK, THB SPIRIT WIPE, THB 8P1 BIT WIFB. THB SP1BIT WIPE. IS BUW KB A LI I ABU VOB BALK BT ALL NEWS AOI1TS, p 4 ft* AT 6 CBNT8 PEE COPT. 505 BIBTH 8TBEET, 505 rOUB D0UR8 NORTH or D 8TBBBT, <S??t?D Hall Bnildmc.) WALL PAPEB8, WIBDOW 8HADB8. 8HADB HOLLANDS. CAB TON MATTIBO. TABLB ABD FLOOB OILCLOTH, OILT COBNICB8, OVAL AND SQUABB PICTURE FRAMES. PICTURE COED ABD TA88EL8. Ac.. Ac. A Aba Maortmrat of tti* abor* Good* Id (tore. an* for a?U CHEAP FOB OA8H. KIDWBLL A HENDERSON, ah >8 .tin tOi Wh atra??t. |?XCEL8IOB' BXCBLSIOBi: CHASTE LLAB*8 HAIB EXTERMINATOR '? rOH BKHOYINQ 80PBBFL00US HAIB. To tha ladies especially. thi? invaluable depilatory rttoMirti ft??lf ae being aa Imoit IndUlenelbla article to female beauty, is easily aaplM,tfoM net barn or iajnre the skta, bat acta directly on the roots It is vtrraat 'l ta remove j njparflaoas bair from low foraheada, or from any otaar part of the body .completely .totally and radically extirpating the tame, leuvia* the skin soft, smooth aad aatarai This is the only article used by tba French, and is tbaoaly raal effaataal d'-pilatory in existence. Price 7Scants per package, sent aoat paid, to any address, oa reoaipt of an order, by BIMIK. 8HOTT8 ft 00 .Chemists, S?4 Hirer street. Troy , Y. ap.< PAW'-oly ^JHAMPAGNB1 CHAMPAGNE: Batlni obtained of the principal Champagne importers of lew lork a larger liscdtant then aver heretofore given, I am prepared to,offer the fol- 1 lowing brands at a lower rate thaa tmretoforeeold in this market, vie : Ohaa. H?-ldselorat $14 marts and #26 plats; Jules Mumm's Champagne at fa quarts and #34 pints The Ctaas Oautlar 's Champagne,of my oaa vineyard, 1 will still offer at #s 'uarts and #S3 plats CQAOTIBB, ap 9-ly Importer, 8*8 Pena a aveaaa. P0Y8 ADD Q1BL8 8BLBOT SCHOOL at 4&0 D L street, betweea isth aad 19th. ap V3t* QBABOB8 AMD LB BON8 Just roreivad. from Auction, 900 boxes OBAN?B8, O aad 00, 1W UU, UHnVBD, Wlioleaale and Ratail, At J. PEARSON'S, *> t-at atk arMi. I H AVI BICBIVID a fin? aaaertmant of Francb aad DoMMtic BONNETS. L1WM B1AE.H Market Space. E"?S??i?2 0,"iU*tiD,JfiV11,Q . Ai> Bwt?> Buca. FL?S55,JSSJWB^a?,af iJi BT FBAMBB can ba found at mb II tf LBW1B BIAS'S. \f ILLIBKBY. - MRS. ROC It WOOD haa raItock of SEASONABLE MIZlT\ER Y,^W may ba found a wall aalactad aanortmnot at STiPLEimA FANCY GOODS. akM la' RIB OH W0V1B WHA^RBONR OOB8IT3 MABAKB PRIM OB'S, 38 MABBBT BPACB. Tba aour lafondnd tf not a* raaraanatad. Alao a fall naaoruaaat of M1LLIBBRT aad FANCY GOODS, of tb? lataat importation. ntBln' i U 1 4 B t II 1UIVII. OOLDBB. FLAXii AID IUKU A vmj,T %tlf9UAMCSSXlkfllrT oV h Wtt OorMr 4S itmt OrmTtfl. 1 i L PERSONAL. vutiai Md rwinfUlw bu?iu?M. Will 4n V?4I W ?*M ?t tb? Mm?>k totnr*. Jill. Iavni Mtlw4 Hik u? IVHliUlltt' tflM* DIKSDIIL M1D1M EKftD will t*? r tallitf Mr fhtNi ?t4Murrltt4 i?mm, KT?W?)> md MM mtm, UUm*. ?? * _ MM UUMtl IBTII9. Chiruinii ?u T*M Mtdtmm. will _*!* Un r*>4in#i. l??iudlac Part, rnwitiiTritin.ithwoCet.i'iO, r?E kMnftWltlll B.tMtUl) B. M? w* $10,000 810.000 P?tnl? onlf ?iner??h r*i?lrei-eev*r?l eesll HOD816 M< ??rt? ol litem blAlt* A CO.. H I.Mrstr I. T.tTt . " 1 ______ jn?M?iitwi|.r*Hi it ('INTLIMM DSSIBOCBOr H4TIN0 the r * * Uo*t?. r?at? and Tnii 8cour*4 ?o4 ftept t?4, **ff to Mgw * '<** " n#w wo?14 o* w?l| to ritlllttc ?( B MAUkl DIH Scour; ?t ?B4 B. lwliM I>*fot, 4 7 7 luth itrMl, t h? door* tkot* ' M> 1 * Ajrn OET A OIICIII IMPORTED 'MIKlfl C18AK fot III ttnti, Froa r ii. riVLir * cu.. ?? *? * 4*? ;u> ?tr?t, mr M. &I 50 ?.V?.L5KNC" AID hoHEEDTb *1 wkt^ot". .A1'8, .S?.A*Pi_*?d -?X> to or4?r, tta* l atwt --P ?RI5TB *** COMB ft, vtrrui ijif. ? Jm80 " _** * Wirt Cot or* il?*4 with hj "EMS*' S A ,tt11 WditBtai ot Him-ViH/.yg?> A.I?, th* ?M (taU, H V ij H A W ,b* W,d mt CM AH LBS L^rfWl J? 2SLl. 1i?4 ?'~tor?. 41 bits. amu all kuds or .k .?f.T Ul' >? 3?*S lb afreet. bM 1 ?nd K ata. 19 oola* 8TAMPIMO. WirrtaM ful colon WIH waabiawl boll. Dob* byo Jrenrh com?o?iti?B. 'kj c which baa b??n larcbtMd it a hif h ?rto* Satoa iiNiM of broldiac Larfloa an> iDrftod to coll. nt a aaaalo, to! try " *"* *biu or colored Cnderaklrta B? <wmto. A^ro?i, Ac., Stamped io iaauaUoa of briidluc.iB f**tcoiort. ? * ABEAST*? HOT TO W ABB OUT Or tot aovt&c to ladioo havta* clotfeoa for oh*droa to ntkr ?y. Ho braid, no aewin*. bat tho pattern printed In tho coodo tadellhle htrtpaUot can he attni b?-d to the bottom* ot Lad 10*'Skirt* homo m t boy are low w..rn la How Tort,I r?o4r t am rod. aat tor sale ot Inoa than half tbo uaooi coat of braid. Birda, nodallloia. Figure* aalmala of aa> pattern torn pod Ooodo aa roar* aoatod or tbo mo tier retornod ?h It tf 4 39 ?th atreot. om* t/pitaa mSMoo. UKIViL AID rOIIKib WBIATUB, BOO QUITS, CROSSES. AICB9IS. 8TA B^. Ao , ETCmo**1! form: Imaortod FLOWERS. "al* FLOW 1kb. and braiding. Al?o. 1m*08S,HaIK DRESSES tor BalU. br - ? KUIVTK Ml au. tl> 11 ID II., b*twwi O >ixl H. oc i $ra * J OHM D CLARK. tTTOKHBY AID COOSBBLLOB AT LAW AID HOTABT PUBLIC, Bo. Ml Htbitrwt ?Ht. <? 1? ly BOARDING?" l^CmilBHKD FROKT BOOM , (oacoad BorrJ with Buard, lu vary iIimidi loctlitr. on btfc tr?.i A|(lr ?t 43? Tth itrwt. bM*Mn ( and B . ap 4 Iw* A-QBSTLEBalAlft) HIBWfFCcan bo ac eonn?4?t?4 with a FROHT BOOM an4 (*o4 board ib * private fiatlr vbtrr th?r? tr? ao children Apply at <76 H ttreot. itarint ap ? lw L'ORiBKST-Afront BBD BOOH, at 40b H at , r lx?t. lltli a:-d 13th, with or wtthmit BOABD. ap 3 if FUBNIBnBD BOOMS FOR BKIT with or vltboat HOABD at Add law Jar??*? a? .on* Mock oocth of Capitol. *; 3 eoH* f'BONT PABLOB TO IBBT. with HOARD tor two. at Soil par month. Back Parlor for two, *ilb Board, at |W. Apply at .190 B atroot, near loth it ap 1 <t* BOABDINO ?A IT' atleataa and hia ?ifa. or two finfl* jeatlf-aica, can obtala a nl??aant front BOOM with BOABD in * private fo il) trotn the Berth. IigulrtfttHo. 7 0 Latreet, M?mb IB and 24th. mh ? L^OB HINT?Two well faraiehed PA BLOBS, oa r the li?t floor, with or without BOARD Apply 393 K (.. bet. Vth aa<l lth. felt TABLB BOABD at Bo. ??? loth KrMl,t few door* lorth of the mnii. Twm * per wtt do M B LOST AND FOUND. LOST?Oi.'- chll FDBOAPE. per and wtute, on Itb ?tr ?t. A itlabti reward will bgiven II returned to *23 lo-llana even* a, bet 91 and 4H eta,, Kladacaburg road. ap S St* IOST?On the vening of the 2d mat., a Jet -J Sle-ie BUTTON with a r^ld bor !er eat with t)?e pearl* Bappeeed to be loat on Pann*>Irante aveone. between ftth and ltd efre-ta. A ?oI table reward w||| ba paid If returned to Iter Office. ap IB LOST-At the Rational Theater, or betweea there and Wlllsrd'e. laat evening. a BBAOB LET. ?arkad *?. A. F. to B. B . Birthday Oift. 1*66The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the aaaa at Wlllard'a Hctel. ta a tf K B B 8 A.KI MQSTAOUBS f or. ed to grow upon the an.ooteet face ia fre<n three to five we?*i by aaiag Dr BITIOII'4 BftBTAUBATBDBOAPILLAIBB. the Moat wen lenui oi*co*ery la luotorn KlrM?, ?cttDca?oi tbe Board and Uurin on oltnoet Iraculowaaouuer It hf I^B DMd b) the lite of Part* and London with the moat Oittorlti enccea*. Nun -i of all pnrclaaen will bo rogietered. wad if oatiro atiofaction li not clvea ii ?t?rj iniUaet, tbe intHi will bochearTally refunded Price by Mil. abated and yoetpaid, f 1. D*ecnptt *e drcalara and teatlnmnlaw mailed tree Addraaa HBEQBB, BBUTTS A 00.. Cham lata. No **? Biveratreot. Troy, Haw York. Sola acaau for the United Statea. apS-dAwolr J^HOW THIS T# TOCB LADY FRIENDS Good qoalit) or Ho. 4 BIBBON. of aUakM^t. at $ 1 a piece,(It yard piece#. ? Tbe targoat and moat carafallv aoIoetoAatoc* oC EAMOT AID M1LLINBBT GOODS. OF THI LATEST STYLES. SHAPES** SHADES, AT ASTOMSHISGLY LOW PRICES. At I. L. BL0GT*S, 439 7th etra. t. between O and H all. mV it* I on* motr* north of PtlMt OSoi. MUB. KMK1CH. (widow of the late Patar Ba rich, i t>en to inform b-r ftthat abo hu VcMl ' BB OPBHBt> THB BBSTAUBABT. EXI 3i? Pennsylvania areaae, aeen* of tha late are.) YS hare ahe inteudi kMtoi hand the bMt qaali tW of WIBB8. L1W10K8. and CIGARS, alao, ?ll the Dalicaciae of the Bmwi. Oapt. Hark Binwtue it m charge, and will be happy toMt hie fnrada mh 2f la J-JATS rOB THB BPB1MQ WBAB. The Broad war st* la SILK BATS. rm ToiBfMul fllLK HAT. IA New and beaotifal ehap*-a H ATS aad CAPB*^ for jounc men and boys, in Felt and Cloth. B H. 8TIHKMBTZ, Batter, 334 PeiuvUtDiiaTtnu, nih y I? ?ear oorier Ht> atraat. aOfe r???L? ^ Tbe largest aid bast collection nf estra choice BOSKS, comprising Sea 8- ntad Bourbaaa, Bolaette. Bengal, l'araetnal, Hybrid, Mow, Monthly Mom and CltmblM B.iaae Alao, the boat Climbing Plants. Ornamental 8hrabs eel Plants. Fruit Treee he , Be. Plant*. Be., paokad with great car* aad a-nt to mmy part or tba conn try. Plants, Be . warranto* trae to name aad af ftrst qaality. A J ABD1B. Florist, tub 3D 1b' 18th aad M eta , First Ward. NOTICB ?Uas HARRIS B CO 8 NBOTBBIO SOAP for waahlag Olothas. as it has baea aroToa by actual teat that an* pwand is equal to two an? one hall pounds of brwo so* a, wd f nar ante?-d not to injur r tbe flno?t fabric. Try ft and be convinced tvM br all Orocen Sola A*anta far the Mstrict of Colnmbia. OLA KK A PEAK BOH. Agents and P<neralCom ml?Ion Merchants, No. 394 Panne av . u? stairs mh K im 486 " rlnuit 486 riVB OIL PAIMT1MM. " Sktk*v?M? at the Court of Qoeea IHuMh recirine Macbeth." Immaculate Coaaoyttoa Daata and Beatrice: Cbarit\. Getskslll Moon tains, with other choice works of art, on exhibition aod aala "nhH-lf Ho d?* fthsf.bat DefdV AimiB AMOltMIH OF Mil' AMD CHILDREN CLOTH HQ, both ?Uin aa< (mbt?Uetr4 PMLLII' * ALLACII mb ?H Comer 4H street and Paaa. ww'i 7 AHTSD?! - LADIM8 to kaevtfeat at SaffifE??1s3?e Chijr Covert, Planoa. and. In ahart.ararr variety ErtlM M M W?7 ?? ? >!/ ! ? ?< ?? r?ach IbchlBt Mtd i rrkctMal It?m, nt J" PKB WIDTH. ^St!imKS21k^m '"" 4 lUa?* j> i> rf*e**T-*' riiioK TATi^g*