Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1867 Page 3
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? THE EVENING START LOCAL NEWS. AMUSEMENTS. Me., TO NIGBT. * W ALL'S N iw tirm Hnr?_tvnefli Of the 4>i:iiiii( vocalist and aarea??L*dj Don. vuo , ? ill appear as ye "fcarl ol Leicester." in the pSenmd burlesque ot KenUw?rUi: or ye Unrene ye Karl, and ye Maidenne," al??a* "P?WT Clrten." in which character ?he will '"n ^ wroumui uaiisof. n atiovil tSUTIB -Mil) Racket Johnson and Mr H Macanler in "Leah. Ue For.-ai?I? and ?Tb? I*ove Chase.".. a? \tji W abd RarrnLirair C'lf* ?The re*. Tila: weekly meeting of iba Sixth Ward Republic *n Association wu held last evaaing at ? 'dd Fellows' Hall. Navy Yard: the president, Mm Dixon. t?q . in tbe cbair, and N. w. {-.vans secretary The hall was crowded, here being present at least colored and 1||) ? bite persons. The following-named persons were elected ?? members of tbe association ?Andrew Ambtisb. Richard Adams, Henry Larman, Alfred < arry. fcmnnuel Holmes. Daniel Roll, Thomas Kuw. ,'oIjij Brown. James Jones, Wm Wood. Thorns Kedm. John McVat'e, Henry C. >mith, I'hilip Wells, Robert Smith, Nathan nrswr. itrorr ?> wowney, v\ imam .Allies. vr A . Nicholson, Robert Berry. Thomas Jacob Lnsky The Chair appointed a* a hn?iri??? committee L ot tae a-sociation Mw?n. K C. Griffin. N W. k t \st\ Smuh Pratt, Jtich I Shiner and Unas. V," King. Kir.ance Committee?Jos. S. Martin, Charles l)y*on and Robert Hamilton I'be resolutions adopted at tbe Seventh W ird association, relative to tbe d'scbartje of ? colored man by th? Potomac Ferry Com. I >ny. and recommending tbat oaid company ? > not patronized by the colored persona, were : ?> eivfd from tbe secretary of that association ind adot>?ed After addressee by air. P H. Rhinebardt, V. sior JJor??, Col. Iianiels, Oeore* Hatton. ?!f<i Ma-or J. t llonghty, tbe association adlOurned. AKKfcT OK THS 11TB .-T1. KKT COLORBi> iiAI.L <vt kk* ?Since the nieht cf the riot at th?? ball . v<?n bT the colored weonle at the hall nn nth .- r-er north of Pennsylvania avenue, where j ?TKer Steele. ol the Secend Ward, was badly j grounded, a full account of which v. as pubished m the Star at tbe time, the police have ?>?>rn on tbe lookout lor the principals in tbe *?tair. Several parties have b?en arrested and properly disposed of. hut tbe principals man* iged to elude fbem nutil yesterday -when I >etives Kelly and Bijcley got upon the trail of B II Sorrel, the leaderin the riot, and Joe Deau. v bo trom the evidence so far obtained appears M the principal in kirmng and beatinr officer s-eeie alter he was knocked down Detective Biglev aires ted l?ean yes'erdiy afternoon in the vicinity of The Hal'fmore d?pot, and Detective Keiiy'went to Baltimore and arrested Sorrel. .-tud brought him to this C'ty yesterday morning They are both confined in the cells police headquarters, and will have a hear; ; m soon as the witnesses can be obtained, k l< IS >rre| exhibits the same reckless spirit for ^ hiefc tie is noted, and Joe Dean is as little if mu.c wll-rnUPUCd" 111*11 OIJ Cni j'er. Tbcv bat<- ou sympathy froin the re.-i e<- table colored resident.- of the city. Sorrel u.d fjean have been in the penitentiary for larceny, and figure in the gallery of portraits r police headqnarteis. SAtior Kial Kstat* asp Stch'Ks.?The A.exasdrVt Grz<tt. says the sale of real estate *i'J atocks, in front of the Mayor's Office, re>rerdav. was not well attended, "nor was tUe ldmg by any means spirited. Two adjoini lots on the west -Ode of St. Asaph street, -*weer. Gibbon and Wilkes, on each of which v :t- a frame dwelling, were sold to Wm. Coi.11.. for -T75 and * ;>5, respectively. The trick dwelling and lot, theresidence of the late inn's Vansan", on Pitt street, was sold to C W Wat:les for >3.5wi. Twenty shares of Heir -'ered Alexandria Corporation Stock were (' Mi Ouire at 42 per shrire. OM bucdred and s.xfy-thiee ?bares of Registered A lexandria Corporation Stack were sold to J. B iMmgerHeld, at V*'4 per share. Fifteen hundred, dollars of Alexandria. Corporation ^kke, uw tni ??and of which was in a coopon bond, were sold to J 4J. McOaire for 43tf. Tvontr-etghi shares of Alexandria Water Compsny StocK wore sold to J. B. IiainKert-ld. tor 45)4 P<>r *hare. Three one thousand dollar Maua?sas <?ap Railroad Bonds, with interest due for six years, were sold to J.C. McGuire. at 03. Tai Fi?h Whar*?Tb? Corporation fish w barf .it tbe foot of *tb street, und?-r tbe supTictefcdence ol Mr. (iwynne Harris, for the ieg,?es. l8 being put in order for the reception ot fish from below, but up to this time bat a aaaiJ qi anttry has arrived, the fisheries generL ally n?t having commenced operations ? Among others who are working tbe fisheries bfiow this season are Messrs. Gibson, Thomas. B??asiey. and Cunningham, of Baltimore, Cawood. of Alexandria, aud Skid more, of this city. The arrivals ye?t*rdav wereafew ban dred ?b3<l. which were sold at to $30 per hurdred. and a few thousand herring sold at > 14^ to *15 per thousand. The fishermen are expecting quite a prosperous season. KnnniRv.-Last Wednesday. Mrs. Berry. ISo 311 <i str*et, sent for detectives Uoom**s and Miller, and informed them that her boarder-t had t>eeu l?Mni; their clothing recently, and .suspicion rested upon Lieut. W D. Simuns, aiia* Smith, profe??tng to be a lieatenan of ;ne ">tb cavalry. They arrested him. and he roule-sed the larceny of clothing belonginr to Lieut J Schonossky. lT. 5 infantry, and Maor Fred'k Kelly, late paymaster u. S. army, a- 143 '?tu street." The detectives recovered tne property from various pawn offices, and Simon* vras committed to iail for court by Justice Waiter. MLWor Kbat. Estat*.?Y esterday Messrs. > . . r. .. ?. .1 nimuia oviu :iie lOIIOWIIir real es- j fa e ?A -valuable bouse and lot on 6th street, inetweeu K street and New York avenue. Lot in Callan s subdivision of Square 451, having-JO fe?t frost by 100 in depth, for ?4.i70 to | Mr. J. I) Holmes. Lots iy and 13, in subdn- j vis.on of south of Square 4W, fronting on 7th street west, between 1 and K streets south, to JjhnH Hird, at 10 cenU p?r foot. A tbreet-'ory hritk house on lith street west. b*twe?n ? street and Ohio 4venne, being Lot No. 1, in Square j;4. to John B Ward, tor *3,3iio. Brckk Jail?The Alexandria G<u*tt* My* A negro man named Lemon, committed to i*il at>out 'wo months ago, for stealing iron from toe buildintr, of lite known as the Slave Pen, and to be tried at the next term of the Quarterly Court, escaped from that prison last night, before ten o clock, by breaking tbrough 'tie ceilir.g of the room in wbich he was con: - i He reached the roof ?f the building tbrough the trap door androm it jumped totho (op ot the kitchen, and from Thence to the ground He is still at large, and his track has LiO* LtW?n Mit/>AVAriuf Ba< o> am) Riis?. and bog and hominy, divide tbe honor* south of Mason and iMxon'i line, while pork and beans reign supreme awn Last but these homely combiuatiens of iLimal and Vfiretable food are gradually passing away, and becoming only household words, before tbe triumphs of modern cookery. Still tbe lovers of tbese old fashioned dishes, or j those whose palates demand something more highly (-pedal and delicate, can alike be accommodated at H immacc'e restaurant T;i* Rioi'TEt ?Yesterday the Board of Keguter.- cloced their labors in the Third Ward, at the Uity Hall, recording the aames < ? ;'i persons as voters? 210 whites and 73 < oiored making tbe total in tbe ward 1,4*21? 7-J3 wbitcai.d T(f colored It is apparent from Qese tigures tbat fully one-third of tbe white t *er? have not registered. Tbe total number roistered tbus tar in tbe three ward* is 6,1*5? vjT whites and 3.5TS colored. The re*Miration of the Fourth Ward will commence on Monday afternoon. Hetty Laicuius.?Yesterday, Jm liick'. colored. ?si arretted by officer Kearney, of the I seventh ant, for the larceny of a rim from A lirookf Jn?tice Hoswell commitutd blm to f?il tor court Jacob Liiube. jeweler, was arretted by the nine officer for purchasing the j-:o1*d ring, and tfc<- justice held bim to bail lor contt. Henry I?iesberirer was arrested by the stmt officer for stealin* a shirt from Henry (latikey. Justice Handy b*ld him to bail for court. i?t?b?*ttiso Luti as.?Ker. Byron Sun- j clerlaud. 1>. I>. is ad^rtiaed to lecture this evening under the auspices of the Young ?iri r i uns'inu nouvmuuD, iu apt I#r. tjlll-tte's Cbnrcb. 13th street. near O. Hl? theme will be "Pane." l>r. Sunderland it an eloquent speaker. and those who attend this evening vi ill no doubt be pleased. Tut akihiin Viohth." as presented In fifty splendid tableaux, will be brought out in magnificent iljle at Odd Kellowa' llnll on Tuesday evening next. QrUK Woik ? John F. fcllis, the pinno and music man. mcved last nigbt feu euura stock, shelving. coantars,from bla old tor* to 3H> Pennsylvania avenue, two doora Mat ot former number. SSLUXO IjIVJCOB I'BLKOUD -Kobt J*DM waa ariaated yesterday l?y officer Beattle, of ibe Second Ward. forMlliac liquor unlicenaed. Justice Morsall fined bim f*>m - f > ?i? Moo?t Vnumow ?See announcement *Uewfeer? ot lb* commencement of the regular irip* of the steamer to Mount Veraau. ] rBWDTTUT or TBI PoMltiO, (OC3 I tJcaoot t?Tlua body. compote* of minister* aad etdera fiom til" flaw Y'orlt aveaae. Capitol H ilk TUj alTept, *nd Kort* Cbarcbee. *f ibtt city. Brld?e etreet. Georgetown; Granite ('buret, Moa'tomery county, Md.: Atom* crli. Pnncf WtllUa. and KaUs Olortkw, Va . Brt at tbe last named chore*, on Tonday aream*. The retina* moderator, Rar. Mr Van Doran, opened the session by preaching an appropriate sermon, after wtaicb tbe body >ritanized by tbe aetoctloirot Rev. O. M. McCampball. ?f Alexandria, aa moderator, and Mr W L. Waller, of tbia citr, aa temporary clerlr?tbe stated dark being Rev. W. W. I'ftinrvbeli. rtf -ii> W?dneeday morning, tb* Presbytery proceeded to elect delegates to tbe General Assembly which nie?u? next month m Cincinnati, with the following reault:?Rev. Dr. P. I>. Gnrley, of the New York avenue Gburcb, and Elder John C Williamson, ol the Noitb Cborch. as principals, and Rev. John Cheater, of the Capitol HiU Church, and Elder Robert Bell, of Alexandria, as alternated The sessions were con tinned antil yesterday morning, and were of a verv harmonton* and pleasant character, being largely attended by tbe people of me village and surrounding country, who hospitably entertained the memhers. "The reports of the churches showed considerable increase of membership, and increased liberality on tbe part of the people. T ;i* JrK?Ei.*CTU>n?Tbeground is already being broken tor the June election, and the campaign will probably open lively in the course of a few weeks The Republican nominating convention will meet in May. It is understood that the names of the following persons will be presented to the Con. vention for the nominations on the General Ticket?Mr. Vm. Dixon, of the6th Ward, the present Collector: Mr A.G. Hall, id Ward, ami F. A. Bos we 11, 7th Ward, for Collector. If iu*? ivru i.i iri 1UI1 l(J rfCflTS IDC nomination 11 U proposed to name tbem before the Convention for the Kezistership. For the Surveyorship Mr. C. H Bli?s. ot the .id Ward, and Mr. P II. Donegan. of the 4th Ward. The Democrats have called a nominating Convention to assemble at Temperfcnce Hall to-night. and it is stated that the following names will be heforethetn for the nominations: Mr N K Douglass, the present register;. Wm. Morgan, tax clerk, and Capt W. W Moore for the nomination for Collector; Ed. C. Echlotl' and U H Anderson for the Hegistership, ami Wm. Forsyth for the Snrveyorship. ' T.ib Kkasc ipatiow Cblbbkatiow?The colored citizens of this city are making great preparations tor the celebration ot the Pith of tfcis month as the anniversary ot the emancipation of the slaves in the District of Columbia Invitations have been extended to colored societies in Alexandria, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York to be present and join in ihe procession proposed to be held on that day. Among other "organization* that have signified their intention to be present are the Colored Zouaves of Baltimore and the National Soldiers and Sailors' T'nion League (colored . All the societies and organizations of colored men in this city will join in the procession, Thirh Ward Kepviilican Ulfiv?A meeting of the 3rd ward Kepubliuan Club was held last evening at Wisewell Barracks. 7th and I> streets. and was largely attended. Mr. A. G Hall < white) in the chair, and Mr. John Thomas Johnson (colored) secretary. The meeting was very largely attended by the colcred votera. Thsre were about fifteen white persons present. After about titty new members had handed in their name*., the Ciub was addieseed by Col Pierce, of California, and Mr. Rnfus Waffln, ot Louisiana. Nkki'BD Improvements? General Michler. the officer detailed by General Humphreys. ot the Engineer Bureau, to perform th?- duties heretofore pertaining to the Cirami-sioner of I'nblic Buildings, ha- commenced romakest>me repairs which were much needed. T?> <i:ty workmen commenced the work ot repairing the fencing around the Smitheoni-tn of the ?vcnn? will be repaired. a? also a number of* bordering on the avenue, and many of the ilag-stone crossings. Tili. Tiiikk?John Wilson, colored, entered the store of Johanna Fitzgerald. Hates' alley, between Hh and ?th streets north, and stole about .15 in money from the drawer. Mrs. Fit/gerald pursued him to the corner of 7th and K streets, where her basbttnd joined in the <. base and captured him. The money wis taken from the lininrof his pants. Justice Walter sent him to jail for court. Hastardy ?Yesterday. Matthew sto veil. a physician, was arre?te<l upon a warrant issued by Justice Miller, on the oath of Mary Martin, colored, charging him with being 'he fa (her of an illegitimate child born of her body. I'pon appearing before the justice and answering to the charge, he was required to give security for the support, or the child. Committkd fok Cocrt?Christian Myer. who was arested yesterday for keening a bawdy bonse, failed to give the bail required, and ran off from the officer in wh?se custody he was: but the officer succeeded in arresting him. and he was taken to the Central Ourd< house lor commitment to jail lor court by Justice Morse 11. + Lisoe UEEniiu.?A Herring 1&$ inches long. 12 ^ inches round the oody, aud * thick tnrougb the back, and weighing J\ pouud*, caught yes erday at Fowke a landing. and was srnt to this city this morning witb & lot of < tb?*r tisb. is said, by old fishermen, ever caught on the Po1 toaac.?Alexandria (Jaxe'tt ' (Jkim 1 * al Cot kt, Judge Fiihtr?Thi? morning. & uumherul recognizances in minor cakes wre forfeited In the case of John A Lynch and Alfred Snowden. indicted for larceny, a nollr j ro<. was entered. Kate Ford, convicted of keeping a bawdyhouse, was sentenced to pay a tine of 91. pEPflOHAL.?freneral Btche, I'. S A . and H?n, Jno, A. Kassou. ot Iowa, are at the Lbhe'! House Hon E. ri Darell of New Orleans. La Hon. .Ino. Tucker Pa.: Hon. Jno. Sberman. of Ohio. J. S. Sanfjrd. E?q . N Y : Hon J. P. Stockton, N J . are at Willard's CBiLOBEH'a Carriage-, of the most beautiful style-, purchased at Ruppert's, r>5? ?tb street. a tract attention on the atreet today. Nothing equal to them in style and con\cni?i)i? ha* ever been seen in Washington before. Saj k or M"k?t ?At the 31at monthly meetmc Ian night of the Excelsior Building Amociation, jsM00 ws? sold at 40 ? 1'olh e Reports?The lieutenants of polio reported yesterday 46 arrests in the District. The fines amounted to 9111.If DIED. ACTON On tha 4th Inst , of coniui> ptlen, JOHN KOBEKT, sou of Blljah and Kll/abeth> the 33d iear of hia agIII fureral will take pl?cafrot? Christ Church, Nary yard, on 8atnrd*y er^-alng at t o'clock p in. The trlkTidsnd aeqaai'tancas of tb fatally are iMpectfnliy luvitad to attand I Baltlmor- Bun please copy.] INST. ^On the ith ]n-tant^ of tjrphnld fa?n_ iiK Uia RtlC! IUVII IUU*H? III - I AIHBK1NI LB BY. Friend* ?u1 acma'ntances are respectfully in\it? <1 to attoid her funeral, from her late retid?nce. A.V-J 7tb street eut. at9 a. in.. Saturday, tth instant. B1BMD On the it h 1 net . at 6 o'deck a m , BABAH C.. wife of Jui.u J llyroes, in herZitb >eir. ller fnner il will take place from No. ?, Mais iv cue, betweel .d aa t 3d street*. 8uada> after i oon, ?t three o'clock. * ^btbolooy. TBI WOBLD AST0NI8HKD at tii wusimrct ievilatiom MAUI BY TMI GBBAT AUTBOLOUiST, MADAME H. A PERRIGO. fk* rrrnli aecrcta no aortal eterknew. She restore* to happilesa thone who, fr?m doleful e\?dtf. cataatropbo*, croseoa in love, loss of reia tiona and friends, loes of nionoy, Ac , hive become de*p< ndent. ?be brhifff togithor those len< ?rpa rated-, gi vta information concerting abaeat frienda urIoT<r?, reatore* lo?t or stolen property, tells rou the bun tens you ire beat qualified to pursue and in what yon will bo most ancceaaful. caases speedy mirrliges and tells you the Tory day yon will wirry yon the ume, likeiess ind . baracteristica of the peraon. Bho raada yonr Tery thoughts, and by nor almost rapornituril Dii?ir>n>?ll>t?><l>rk twl hidden mviUrm iif the future, from the ?Uri we aee in the nrma rni?the malefic atari that overcome or predominate i? t he configuration ? from the ai??ct? and aoaitiuniof the planeta and the fixed atari la the hraTcBi at the tim of birth, ah< deduce! the f<itnr* deailny of man Kail not to comalt the grvattat A-trol .ii.t vn earth. It eoata yon bat a trit'e. and yon mar never ifraii have ao favorable an opportanity. Coniultation fee, with likeneaa aii4 all d?alred information, #1 Partial liviag at a dlatance can c<-n?nlt the Madame by mail ?lth a<?nal aafet> and aatUfaction ta thamaalvea. < a? ti ia perawa. a lull aud explicit chart, written out with all ikQulrtea anawercd and llheneia In cloaad.eeet by mall on reci-lat of nrlca ahovr man ti. ntd The itrtcteit aecreiy will ba maintained, and all corr*epoad?nce retarnad ar daatroyed. Keferaoce* or the hlabeet order fnrniahei thoaa deairinjt them WHta plainly tha daj af the month and >aar la which yon w?ra bars, lacloalog a lock of hair. A*dre*e fTi*i o*o>?i'?rorv\.?* aptidor 1 Iff Cant 01 tar?Tha Km*-filled with POBB HATAN A T?BAOCO,and warranted never been. , amok ad. Maaufaotaredealaly far ?j >a.i/,W? MlR?olff2?alil 15 ft' aa4 6th itreet. ?^_ OITT ITEMS. * -0 Jkwclkv ?OrmuBfBUl Bo* Wood Setts, Blue Cluster Seta, Fink Uusujr Setts. Cam^u SeUa. auo new style Hattono. SilT?r Plated Spoons* Forks, C a pa, (Jo. 11 Bells, recoired to is Mora ID*, at Print's One Dollar Jewelry Store. Mo. 438 Pennsylvania aveaue, near 4jf treat. ? Iy VOC WISH to flndtbA flnutiBil hMt atn<>k oi Mm ud liov's uiatnioy and Famishing Good* 10 ibis city, call at Bar's, corner 7th aad K nr?ct?. The N>it paper collars at iS and :mi cents a box. at Bit's, cr>rner 7th and K streets. Hknhivu it geiting up quite a number of Gentlemen's miu of Jtdward Harris' famous cassimeres He sells all goods by then proper satDM, end no false representations in regard to, are allowed la his establishment on the cor ner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. . W* (.'opt from the Intelligencer of Wednesday: The Fl?&kxcb Sr* iwo Machtm seems to ns to possess more good qualities tban any other now belora the public. It has the reversible feed, by wbich tbe work runs either backward or forward It nsesthe same size thread on botb sides. Tbe stitch is alike on both sides Tbe machinery is so.simpl* tbata child can rnn It. and yet it make? tbe lock o** nrdinary Wheeler &. Wilson stitch,tbe double lock, tbe knot, and the double knot. Dorsev Beck. No 10 Market Space, between Eighth and Ninth streets, ever Hoce's Dry Goods Store, IS the apeilt parties rinainntr fnrthar I.S.flnq. tion will c&li for sample of work and circular. Letter of CSeneral Lre (' Hcrrninj the Southern Orphan*' Association of Baltimore. MrE. .1. F. M*ars, Trrafurtr- Southern Orphan I itfociatinh, Itfiltiiwrt Hif: 1 nave tbe pleasnre of transmitting to you $.377 5<? presented by tbe citizens ot Virginia j ('ity, Montana Territory, wiio, becoming ap- I prised of tbe intention of areeting an asylum tor the orphans ot "Confederate dead," "have generously sent tbiei amount to aid ih its erec- I tion. through Mr. Ellipger, ot your city Wishing the ladies of yonr association every success in their benevolent enterprise, 1 am, with great respect, your obedient servant, K. E. L.BB 1,*xii?<?TON. Va, March -27, 1HJ7. It will be seen by the notice In the Star of to-day, that William Henry Heart, Esq , of Richmond, Va , has oeen appointed agent for tne Southern Orphan Association of Baltimore, above referred to; sad that bis office is at Hnsn. Lake k Uo.'l, 37ii Pennsylvania avenue, east of the Metropolitan Hotel. It is a noble enterprise, and we trnst will elicit the sympathy ol the benevolent and humane. 6 Oi'TK I an ?Specks, Eye and Opera Glasses, one half lower than any other optictau. a? I. Alexander's. 240 Pennsylvania aveuue. 2 1 k*i.l better pold watches, gold jewelry, pilver spoons, gold ?pecks and ail kinds of jewelry?only good gold for -each low prices. It will save you just one half to buy of I.Alexander, 24o*Pennsylvania avenue. a HoriVKKKi'BRH are respeetftillv invited to call and examine ray stock of fresh 'Groceries belore purchasing their monthly supplies. 1>. Ii liKI.L, 5 corner 11th and K streets. UriCK sales and ?mall Profits!!!?Good White Shirts #1.50. f"2 and ?*2 50, at Franc's Oect s Furnishing Stor*. 4!?4 7th street, between 1> aud E; also shirts made to order, lm 1 ?? ?? Orat'p Collars. 25 cents per box; Ooldsmi'h Collars, 23 c*snts per box; Imitation Ijtnen Collars. S5 cents per box. aud all other roods cheap in proportion at franc's dents' Furiilabing Store. 4^t?tb street, between 1? and L streets. iin For Chilblain* and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price 1*1 per bottle. For sale at 4*>4 Pennsylvania avenue, between ijiand 6th street*. P?nwiRP can be had tn any quautities at the Star office counter WANTS. I'WO YOUNG LAD1XS W AHTED to learu the Dims Making, it ^70 VermoBt itddu?, bet. ii ? i I nts ap t it" 1; amt r tit . ,. mui.u . ti mm/ * "V vita uu iu ov W ?" UlU|lt ? 3?'? Btroet, between 13tn ana 13H- up t ai re |t? VV'AHTKD-A middle aged WOMAN t> cook, ?" vftrh. anil iron, alto, a CH A KB IBM AI L>. Apply at No. 41 A H afreet between gtb and 9ih iirwti. It* ll'ANTID-IIya reepeetabla girl, a 81TUA"" TlONaaOooker to do honaewerk lnaprl vate family Good reference* given. Inquire at No 6 3'J H at., bet wen ad and Id eta. ap a it* WAN TIB? By a competent yon dp woman.who can gi v# beat reference!, a SITUATION m ch?n,borma?d and aeametroee. FRaae address a atte to F. 0., btar offica. ap 5 3t W ANTID? By a reapeclabl- young girl,aSlT" * U AT I ON t<> c >ok or to do ganeral boa?ewor* In a email family Goad referencea given. Apply 'jij M t , tat. 19tb ani 30th ata.. s.utb aid?. It* YV ANTKD- SKAMLSTillMln a private ram ?* ily. One who uadeiatanda machtn* work, and can bring good reconimeadetiona, will find a comfortable home and liberal wage*, by applying at No ?4>> K atrcet. between <th and 7th atreeta apt \\ ANTED? *m?li HOU8K, farntahed or on '' furnished,or lower part of a honae. with food jar?l, not nore than twenty minntea' wal* rom WiHard'a Hotel Bent*mon?rste. Country location pef erred. Apply to T B. C., New York Herald Office,14th street. lt? WANTED ? A fuTni -bed UODM, with plain boitid, iu a small private family, lor lady ttnd child; ueat of Treasury north ol P. in > lv?nl* atenne preferred Addr-ssL. W..statitg term* and location, Georgetown Ortioe. ap 6 3t* WANTED An intelligent BOT, frota tw.lre to tiftean ears of H?e, in a P.itaat Agency Office, to lanrn Draughting. Mnat write n gool h*H.i and ba of resectable parentage Salary v 11 k nominal for several mouths. Will then be iLcreifled aa he a>lvanc*a in prollclen< y. Addre*? Box 9w3 City 1' -1 Office. 117 iTsflp?8* LADIES, ta work on CLOAKS " Hen* but good taania need apply, at LANS DCBO Jt BBO. ap 4 It WANTBD?By a respectable lady, a SITUATION a* koua?k?-ap*r. or will aaka ktrxaif generally useful A go d fewer. Addraea Mra bAKAU, City Post Ollce, Washington. a?4 K* W ANTBD-By a laipaotalOe girl, a 8IT0ATJON ax nr?t cla>a cook In a boardingbouM or restaurant. Address Box No. 9'*, Star Office. ap 4 2t^ %V A NTBD?To hire a pair of good FA KM ' ' HOBsBB for two weaka or longer. Apply to O W W A LTON . ottice of Treasury Extension, < timer 01 retina avenue ana iDin si. ay 4 ? WANTED?Immediately.four unmarried COL OKBD HIN acc nitoaied tu farm work. THUS. J. HILLIB. ip 4 St* 443 5th lit., near La avenge. WAMT*l>?ToTeutThy May let. a HOOSI, <?r part of A Iioush, containing four room, far ntsb-a ot unfurnished Address Hous> keeper, Mo bl Wsr Department^ apj -t>t* ABEt*PEOTABLE YOUNG GIRL ("peak* Germm and English i wishes a BlTUATlUM as a chambermaid, or to atteni store. First-rate rMereose glvan if repaired. Address M K..8tar ofllce. WANTED?A food IrLh or Oirji^o WOMAN, to do the washing tor 2 In family, md cook for 8, sew. and make herself generally useful. Good rsfereac- required Apply at the corner of Mar>laud avenue and ISth at. ap t St* WASTED?Two COAT HANDS, to work by tbejon rBeymen's bill of prices. Nwne but tho best nee<l app>y. J T. WALKER, Me rchantTailor and Gent's F lrnisb- r. 4 94 7th streat. a? t 3t near Odd fellows'Hall. W ANTEI>?To purchase. a comfortable BB10K " DWELLING. thr*e stories, containing ten Or mere ronmi: modem imiirA**mAB?a an/lW. tlou central Oaah will be paid. Addrru N. L.. Ht*r Office, until llth, atating term* Title perfect ap 4 It* WAN TED?Immediately, to rent or parchaae, acommodloai BB81DKNCE, with oeceeM?ry con>enience? ; ft am mil and fertile VAKM. in flood fencing Hud garden gronnda. neftr the city, n abealtby neighborhood. Addreaa "T.,"c?re CoiuBBiaaioner Indian Affaire, Interior Department, Washington. ftp t it WANTBD-WANTBD-MEN for the United State- Army, at 461 O atreet, u ar Baltimore Ballroftd l)epot, ap.Vlm \(7AHTID-8f tbe ltth of April, ft amall fOB" BISMBD 110USB. or three VCKBI4HBD BOOMS for a family of two. oentrftll] located. Uoatf reference given If required Addreaa B. W. M . Star Office. N. B.?Oea farnlah kitchen, ftp 2 Jt* WANTEB?By ft amall family, without cbilt v dm, (faoiallJ9t)0lll. In >iood order, for ...otivu vi uBiiirttjauvu. cootodiodi 10 cats. ao (IrtM. HtatiDf price ud locality. Box 7*3, #*rtii>gt?o,&? 0 apl-?t* WAVTID?A reepectabl' COLORED VOIil to < ook, ?nk and Iron Apply Immediately tt lu. 4T5, cuitir 1) tud U it* ?yl t( U' AIT ID?A B1TUAT14H M couhmu and irooMaM by a vell-txvarlencaa ooachman. Apply at B?. 891 Q atrast, batwMn Utk and 1Mb, for fiyadaya. ap 151' Pa arcane ak ? O/AMTID?A COTTBB and ROOT HTTBBta " a Mora. Ma*4y amptoyaaat 0Itm Apply ". ? " " " *? rnaiss! S&OOOJ&ttS&HMUKS&B i sssrwwjf fetic buainew aau Apply to OH IB. B WAJULA0H. Atloraay, 41 Louisiana aremua. ooraer 6th au?*t. ap i-dt* m - " -FOB BALK Alftf MKT F^iSxlIsStftf liraoBtk. m* tfcT* I8H*1> HO erai TO VKftj JT r?m, * . ?#g dmt, * * ?? POI KBNT?Qafarniahftd, l*r?? ^ARLOB* ^ ** ? ? IljHtnMflttNy. Inqttir* 337 3d ftre?t. corntr ? ?t north. ?>jt' Fob KBNT-BBlGk MOOSB?f?nr NMau< kltabea lot adjoi n IBC o*r a or l.'bb Beetle* tar. aidL at., bet. 17th and lTtb. Flrat Wanl. la.)air# at ?S o'clock |k . oafrmJ?. afS-jt* " F'Ol IIKT-Two orthrea ??r?raliM mbou*

ni< attna BOOHS, tb oxrel lant eon* 1 Mo?, *mH . i able tor koiiNkMtlM. Ayflr u 4lt K. ?lrm, BboT* imhat., or %9$ run. ?t? ROOMS TO iBHT-FuraUhed or Baftrafghat. b ar the deaartmeau. Oar? ?*u the daer Penn'a aieoae.Ho. 150, between 17th bbA Itth atreeta. >|> lr FOB BALB?Three ad oialtig BBIOK HO0SB8, of aix rooaaa each. Oily ft^wo Bach: Butt oa*h. balance to eait A?>? ** T.D. ttTOCKBBIDOR A OO., H. E. coraer 7tB and FetroeU. a| 5 3t* FOB KBHT-A BBIOK HOUdB, contafitla* eight room aad etara, aituated oa 7lh atraet weat, Between 8 and T atr?eta north. Bant (3S pormeath.ln advance Inquire at Bo 3)1 4th atreet weat. a? s-St* <>B B&liE? A LOT, front in? 29fe?t on * atreat botween Horth Uapttol and lat "ta we?t, rnnmi>|t back vT3 f??t, with a front on Vterce at 01 4?f>-et Kor particulars Inquire of GEOBQB HeCLBLLANP, at the Globe Office. ap 5't FI^BOB SA l.B?At private sale, LOTS land Mb 8?jnare 1 991, alt Dated at the corner of Georgia iTetB* ard lTt>? street , near OoBgr??tf?*nl Oa? etery. Aleo, LOTS S and 10. adjoining tbe ?M Bastt rn Branch bridge, on the other aide, Wood lace for a market cardan fnr further ??riim. Ur? apply to Hri. LITTLB at Mr John htth n, . u 11 street, ncrth side, jast Acrosa the Little Bridge. F'OB BBNT-A Urge Mtd <le?tr?bU DWBLLIBO HOD8B in QtO'itttvn on very mod ?nit? term*. Apply on the preuiitoM, No '19 ]'ro?r?tt street. Georgetown. ap 4 2t* LMiB 8ALE-A lot ef BOU8BHOLD MJRVI I TUBE, cheap for caah. M?it be sold within three <1ay*. at United Hall, Uth gtreet, between ! a ?vsane and B street ipi t * THE MOCK AND riXTDBBS of a aniall Oro- I eery Store for ?*le Applr Immediately and fet a bargain, aa the nergin hai to leave the city, n.iuire at Mr.TIKNI'S Bookstore,on 7th it., near Massachusetts avenne ap4 iw* FOB HALE?Tue LEASE. FUBN1TUBE ud FIXTOBBSof the I iarendon H tel. Penn'a avenue, corner 6th atreet This Is one of the finest hotels in the city, and will be sold at a bargain if applied fur soon ap4 -if A T. O. 1WPQI |7"OB BKNT-Twe HOUSES in the Philadelphia I How. Ilth atr at ea-t. These houses have all mod. ru conveniences Will be rented now to ftn>d tenaeta for f4'0 Per annnn Inquire of the Agent, 303 J?tre<'t, between Uth and lath a> 4 6t* /OK SALE-Konr H018K8 in the Philadelphia I B??. llth itr^t ?Mt Thn* Iioi?m art ??i| ?itu?t ed for a ?ntrim?r residence. havin? all mod i:. v? i tic*-- hot and cold water. bath and sa?, and will be void on rea?Gn*Me term* THOS. M PLOWMAN. Ag?Bt, ?p t 6t* 303 f street. ' 'l^O LET ?A veil fttrniahed HOVbE. of ten 1 rooms or foraitnra and letie tor *al*. Healthy, pleasant location, within two a<iuares of the Capitol; largo rar?l and (table, water in 5 ar>l and huuae, and bath room. Possession within ten daya or two weeks Rent low. No. :i-27 North It *trr-*t. Capital Hill ap ? St* OB SALE OR KEMTA TWO STORY HOCBE, Situated on Hat street weat. between O and P strtet*, having a lot of liofeetx I7uf>et, making it very desirable for a gardener, dairyman, or t ntcber. Will be aold or rented on re**on-ible term*. Possession civen immediately. for particular* tn<mlr? of ISAAC HW.K/BKBQ. i > 1 north O atraet, between 4H and ?th street* Washington. ap 4 lw ROoMb KiiR KENT-Corner 1st and O street*. .Call at 1' MONAGH ASM. ap 1 if FOR 8ALB?The STOCK and FIXTURE of a retail Grocery Store. Store for rent. Fine epo rtunlty to start is business Possession gtT? n immediately. Injuireat 404 7th atreet, betw en u a- a a apStt* l^ERNIBHBD II0U8E FOE BBHf-Pleasantl> I ?itoat. 'l, with eleven r upnu. ??wr. mi l g%* Inquire "f 0 B. BA K KB, Star office tp l-Iw F""OH mWT-Lnrge FFBNISHBM BOOMS, from $12 to ft |? per m nth Boarding at *5 per week, at N< 6th atrt-et, between 0 and Louisiana avenue apllm* r|vO TIHHBBS-For (He. the TOOTs, 8TOCK , 1 *i'., per'aining to a Tinner a establishment. Inquire at Tip Shop. K at , below auth. mujo-ot* R BlHT-B?TeraI *na FHBNI8HBD 1.1 BOOMS to rent at moderate terma. anltable ijor siuwlf gentlemen or famllr, with first-clan* Table hoard. Also, >w ootaide Table Hoarders can b accommodated. Apply corner of 6th and D gneeU, Mo. 4TT . mh TO St* L"OB SALB?The large BBICK HuTIL fn a Kockvllle, Md., kaown aa ' Thompson a Borkviile Hotsl,' with extensive grounds Ac attached For further information apply u? COOP1R A LATIMBB. An ts ?ih "eo2w LM)K SALB?A two-stor* RRIPk" norsa .... r the nnrlhc??t boniid arjr of il,e city , 4 rooms and hall* with largo lot of ground enclosed Prico $3,<0U Inquire 347 3d St. mhM tf ^*0. W. MITUHKLL, THOS. A. M1T0BLL. MITCH ILL * SON, HEAL ESTATE BBOKBB8, IIav? ronotantly on hand a large number of 1IOUS13 AND BUILDING LOTS In the moat deairable localities Pricea from $1 ono to $30,'>fl0 Building Lota frea two centa to 9.5 per equate foot. A number of eBtire 8-inaree of gronsil at each flgurea that any enterpriaiag maa commanding the mean a might pnrehaae. subdi?Me and sell them in small lota during the approaching spring at a profit of 69 to 70 p"r coat. With an experience of 19 yeara in thia city in the boots bn>iD?H,iD?iDiF iMsmnrn established here,) we confidently assert that ?nr facilities for a ready sale ar <ju?ck purchasecannot be excelled. As an illustration of tb<* rapid inoraaae in property. w<- aold a faw years back square of ground corner luu and Bounday for $8,aoo? will com niand to day 9?0 OuO; SU.UUOfeet on 7tb street for $7t?0? will brine to day 3 aold In 1&4 twenty four loU for JJlyWi-will bring to-day SIS.OuO. * ith pleasure will wa refer to tbe purchasers The same opportunities now exist as then. We bare numerous Investments which will pay equally as well. Especially do we ctll the at t>ntionof those desiring to inre-t iu or dispose of, first class Heal Bttate Paper. Many have funda 1b U. B. o.curliles. Baying 7 per cent., vblch, if invested In good Seal E-tate Notes, would pay them from 10 to 14 per cent. Pt-noB' ile-irons of eitliar bu; lng or selling Baal Sstate. ot first cl?*s Beal Batata Notes, will consult their intereat by calling on M1T0HBLL A BON, Baal Estate Brokers, Southeast corner Peon'a ?ve. and llth st. P 8 ?We place no property on onr books at exarkitant prices, but to persons really desirous to sell wa afford every facility ahg eo3t MITCHELL k 8?E. L^OB BENT-A three story BBIOK HOUSE, r containing elf ht rooms and attic,on 4th st . near Payette. Also. nesrly new superior PIANO f- r s.tle. Inquire 94 Payetta street, Oaorga town, D. C. mh Z1 tw* nBK OF THE MOST VALUABLI AND Dl 1' 81BABLK BUILDING LOTS in the city for sale. It Is situated en the north side of K stre-t, Deer ISth between Senator Shermen s and the Mexican Minister'a, fronting on Franklin Sjnare. bald lot la it feet by 137. running back to a 30 foot alley, and Improved by two atory brick stable, fe 26 if 8 P. BBOWN, 46ft 9th street weet. L"IST I. ALL19T, mENCH HAIR DRESSER, Si<4 M street. between ISth and 14th ata. Mr. AJllot, from Paria, Hair-Dresser, of the celebrated Barbel, with whom he arrived In thla oountry, bee now been established fer tne laat eight years la Washington and Newport, enorlai the patronage of tne corps diplomatique, and ofthe hlgheet society. He has the honor to announce that he has thla aeaaon Imported the laieet fashions of hair draining, and alee pomades, and everything that belenga to tha rtreaalng of naif at very reaaoaaLle prices. laT to* AT POBLIO SALK THROUGH B * HALL'S RIAL KSTATE BXCHANOl, Corner 7th atreet and La. arenne. Will be sold at auction, on the premleee, on the of April, 1867. at 6 o'clock p. a., by virtue of a deed of trust executed b? Fniiariek Toifit, to jonu ueo. (Stock, (to iKiri Andrew Tkelrer.) upon a one story frame hoow, sitaated on the WNt part of lot ton, (10U? man Ho. 41, WaahlDiton city . abject u a leaee for the term of five rear;, a,dtr?"4"J? recorded la liber B.lf. H .Mo. t, fello# 588 and MS. chattel records for Waahiaftoa county. Torma cask. mh M-oolm J?0MI D1BTILL1BT The yabllc ! hereby nottted that I am ready aew to supply the trade and lorer* ef a good artiolo with pure coaaarstilled BY* WHISKBT Tbe bomenade Whiskey is warranted all rye, aad Wmbllm* WC&llf'i'ifiADM.Proprietor f^yBBMATjn^oDE^ Q L Shft-mmk#P_ Tb? tboTt isitriu braid tf FLOUK, In bbta. and ? pound iioki,coiuUuttj on fc?d,. ond for aa|?ky ? (> WATBM. CommlMton Mercbont, ^TEBLnitt BILLS for Ml* It inma to nit yor IWMrt iurbt frlct *?M Ik >MBMflU """"xsarsss.. In Ikt miUK stylo. aUU-la* ^"*r p?. .. AUCTION 8AJiflB. ST 0*0WM. VALKU * OO . Aftetlon.#*. BSM. iFUS Atf? WJlOONS AT A.C0. ffU TO MOKBOW.( %***?> at ? . . ? ??r lot ft HrHI (Mr the mil. :^i-?^3rrooX."*i UT 0o5>?lTk LAYTMiK! A^lio.Ur*, P _ el*r*? ?1U Ju ? MaQoir* M Oft.fl goimwi'i coraer i>?n. avaaiie aad llth atroe^ 1 ? <>? FA MILT CAftBIAOK AT AnOTiOir SOn BATUKDAY HOWlMii. April at*. at It >aock, ta fro*tof?ar nvcttcu r??o/n waohaliaail ODif' ur I'?t Fatal)) (arria*?. ?t?fc uat-mt for drtvar in flM order. ermacaak. OOOPKB ft LftTIMKt. Aactioaaora iii iaqli ft oo., au< tu*mn D Salauava, 293 Piaai|l<ania irtiat. On 8ATUBDAT A aril *th. at 10 ? clock. ?o will aall. <a fmat of oar Batoarooa. th? at?ck of a mrrtbant girtac n? buainiaa. cooalatini of a lare Tarttlf of? Inoa. Liqaora. fM*ara. Plrkla*. Oaaaed Oooda Toaa, Ooff^a. Boa a Pal to Floor BacVata llMkati, Ac . Ac A LOO. Barrola Toaat Oataui caaka CktrrT U'iaa \ caaka Fort wiaa Tn?lhlir with ntbur . Sala Without raaarre T*rm?r*?h. It MAGLR A CO . A?ot< BY GRIKN * WILLIAMS. Aik*1??mt* No. ??>, corner 7th aod D atraata PARLOR A*D CBAMBRR rURNlTL'RK, BRCBSRLa CABl'KTS. MATTlhO. lu ., Af AUCTION Ou 8 ATI'KB AY. the 0th 10 o'clock., ?t our anatioa moa a? HuitMnH- QTMB K' P Pirlor Bait* frmh *i*t? lMt?l Mirror Black W?lntt Book WI?t-Bot ftod Hu-Tr*? Black Walnut BadaWd. Marbla toy Kurttt' Waahataud Wardroba and Ctaatra, all to match Pain t?4 Oott?f? Bata and Tr>ll?t W?r? Binaaala, Ingrain and ath"r Oaraat* Five ?f th* baat qaalltr WbK? Matting And a (rood aaaortm*-bt of Kuruitura, Ac . ahick wa d> en uBiiecaHtrr ti enum^rata. Tcrmacaah. ORIKN A WILLIAMS. It Ancttnn*ar?. B~ I W. L. WALL * OO. Aactlaaaara! Btaraa 31 ? ami 31T, auuth coruar Pa. nr. TIN NIB 'S TOOLS, ?ABTIHOB, ORATES, Ac . AT ACTION. On SATURDAY MtilMNO. April fi. w* will Mil it onr iit'iua r ?m?. ?ltlM??ir?:3r? for Mb? The en tire Tool*, Ac., ?f a Titirr, couipr.aiBc nil the Tool*. Ac.. neceaaary for a Tinner Tltiker'a Tools, Oaattnt*. &tove Oratea a id Brick*, with <v>-r> thing Decaaarf. Ac. ALM>. I# Hair atd Shuck Mattre?*es lOuozen new Can* seat CKair* 10 doy.eii V> d aeat Chair* 50 roll* 4. ft and 6 marter White and L*ee Ourtalna. Fixtures, A< . < beck Matting leather lteda Bolster*- and Pillows Marble top Table* Bursana.Ac., Together ?lth many other articles In the Form I tote line, all of which will be aold ?itnoot reaarvv. up 3 W . la WALL A OO . Anota. By M R WALSH A CO., Auctioneers * 2"."> Penna avenne, corner 10th at. EXCELLENT ICUN ITPKE, CARPETS. BEDDibit Ac.. AT li'RLin AUCTION Hn SATURDAY MO UN I NO. Aprfr?tb.' at 1) o'- lock w ? 'I' 1 n front of oar auction 1001114, the Kuruitnn-and H.naehoM Brfa? ta of a family l, *vic* tba cliy. rlr.: Oii? *?ry ?Mt ntt furniture Our K ewi.od Frame tfpnnit bounce H* CotUae B?^<t?ada and Hattreaa?a fan* and Wood bent CUairt a l Bocker* Two terj t ne Krjlt?h three ply all wool Garpeta Three v<-r> fine Entrlia h ingrain all wool Oarpats Kedroom Carpets.Loekinr ? aaaes I'lain aed Dreaa Ruieant aad W?ahatan la \* ardrwbea Toilet l>re*?ing Htaad, Ac Kitchen EaquislW-a. a luge aamrtaaaat Table Ca?tora. Delf Olass. At. With other articles of furniture and bomaekeapIbr articles not enumerated Aian. 1 Top Boggy a <1 Hari e?a It U K WALSH a CO , Aueta. BY COOPEB A LATIMEB An<-tl..noern < t?nte clerks with J?a. O HcOuiro lUo ,1 8. W. corner Pena *T*na<- and Uth atreat. Star Office Building VALUABLE UNIMPBtn EI> PBOPEBTY OPPO>lTE FEANKLIM 8'jC ABE AT ALO TION Ui MIUHIFUAI next. April 10. At 3 O'rlrtck. on the premie*-*. w< will fit Let Jo ?nd ea-Wn part of L?t It, in Square 250. the Mine fronting aeventy two l> ?t wt inch cm I with a depth ?f 144 feet, running buck to a thirty foot AlUf. Thle property la loctttd li on* of th* moat healthy end dt*lret.|?- pertione of the city, mad olf?*ra a fine chance to parti-* in search of building si tea Terma : One third caalj, balaace in aix and twelve B'DtKa, witb interest. a*-cnred l.y a de?d of truet on tbe premte-a All conveyanctBK and utampe at purcbe?er'- coat. ap S <14 da COOPER A L&T1MBR. A net*. DI OCXXH A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. 13 H?. d-Jti, eontha^at corner 7th and D ate. VALUABLE RUILDIMG LOTS FBONTIN' ON Mi^AOUlBllTS AVEMl'E. BITWIBK riRST AMD BltuBD STREETS BAST, AT AUCTION Ob THURSDAY, the 11th Inat., ?t 6 o clock ?. n .. we ahaM eeli, n the premis -s. Lot He 2, in 8-jnare No. 733. having*# feet fronton Maaoacbnaetra aveone rnnBin# IV) feet through te D atreet. making I nildtng lota fronti ng on earn etree- any watte groaud to tbe parehaeer* Terms: One- third caah. balance IB nix and twelTe months, for notea bearing interest, enl aecured by a deed of trnat on tbe pretuie-g All coBTejr ancing and reveau stamp* at tbe coat of the purchaser. S.'Adewn on the day of tela ap a d '.BEEN A WILLIAM!. And*. SPY C0OPEB A LATIMKB. Anctioneera, D (Lata clerk* with Jaa. C. McOuire 4 Co..) Bontnweet corner of Pennsylvauia eve and lltb street, Bur office Bnildin*. AC0T105 BALK OK PIAKOS. MKLODKON5, STOOLS AMD COVBB*. VIOLINS, FLL'TBS, M6SI0 HOOKS, FINK FBKNCH PLATK MIBROB. OIL PAINTINGS. 81DK OB WALL CASKS. WAGON, Be.. ?c. On MONDAY MOBN1MG. April l"o clock, at tba store of Jobn P. Bllie. Ka<.. No iVnns>lvanie avenue. n--ar lOtti street, ? shall sell? 12 second hand Pianos 6 MeloJ -ons ? Mcond band Piano Covers and Stool- I t splendid Glass Show Gates 3 lar**' Mirror* i oil Palatine* Lot Kngravings and Frames 1 Watcb, 1 Olock BLot of old Masi< and Music Book*, assortod Lot second band Violins Guitars Flatee, Drums Accordeons Bktjui. Bcvi. Horn*. Bnfles Ai-.d other Mnsical Instrument*. Water Coolers. Staves 1 Wa*on, Ptano Boxes And u let of etber articles too numerous to oto tien Terms casta. COOPKK A LATIMKB, Auct*. N. B ?Mr Kllis devlres to ?tate that the above Pianos and Melo<leon- and article* alluded to are second-band Instrument- accept ml in aart par for new lnstrnat>iu. The Pianoa will protablr ran*e in value from fifteen to one hundred end riftj !oi lara each. ay 4 St COOPKB A LATIMKB. Ab B UT OSKIN * WILLIAMS. Auctioneers D Mo S.K. cor. 7th and D streets. 1XCKLLMT HOUJKHOLD Ft'BNITUBK AT awi iwx* Ob THURSDAY, tbe lltb inataat. at 10 a'clack a. m , we *hall *11, at Houn Mo. i'ii. corner of K ?trt?t north and Secena atreet wmt the following article*, *fz Haircloth Parlor Suite. conatetinu of Teta a T?t? tk'fas. Oaatar and Side Ob aire Handsome French ilat* Pier Qla-e.'oth Marbb' Blab an<l B racket R.-d I'lueli Caator and (sotht* Cbaira Walnut Badeteade. Waabatanda, aid Draaaiug Bn ream Mahogany Badatead and Marble ton Wa*haUnd i..vod Feather Bad. Pillowa.nnd I o Inter a Hair. Buak. and other Mattraaaaa Blanket". Oomf. ru, QnilM, Bad S?ra*da, Sheata, and Caaea Walnut Card Tablea and Window Shade* Ootta^e Bedataada and Painted Wardrobea Nearly new Ingrain and Bruae*laCar?ate Htnir, Hall, and other Ollclotba Two handeome Parlor Obandeliara Parler. < haaaber, and Cooking Stovaa Dining Crockery, Olaaawara. and l'lat<*d ware Oak Bstenaion Table and DiningOhalra Crumb Olotha, Toilet Bet*! *n l Clock A food lot K itcben BeqnladM. Tinucuh. OBI1M * WILLIAMS, ?p3d a . ti 'tj?T? G ' o ? HALL A PLABTT, PL AST'S BCILDIBO. Corner Hew Tork itum tod IK a itnat, < Bntraac* m Mew Tork itmo*,) DMlWflDllB* FAMILY OBOCBBIKB. TBAS, WlHBfl, IMPOBTBD LCXCBIB8, Ac., Ac., wo?M re??eetfellr aotlfy their frtenda mat the public that tbej h?w jut opeMd their Me? Sro#apv Hlnm vHatb abb h? nktaln^ -? ally ke?t In a first class droeery. Without att?B?tlB| to wtMrtli oar Urge, trash a&4 wall lsctsd stosk, ws sorfilally tsrlte ths??bHe to szaatas oar stars aad stock, bsllerlog wa shall not fall to dva aattra satlsfectioa to all who auv tavor as with thslr patronag* Wa call asyssial attsntion to oar assortment of TKABaad 00FF11S, which havahaaa iltstid with (rsat cantor parity. Psalm will tofi a fins asaortaaaat to sstoat (na, aad oar irhss to satt. L Qoods datiTsrad pnmwBf ? *v part sC ths sltr. bstwoss/tftSJ 9th strssto. \ AUCTION 8ALBST~ 1 " (iWIIMK?iMnm/>tri? ? ?.J TKU AFTMKirOQN jjTg TV-MO**Q*. QT e*III WBMIM, |WWI?| D ! mitt Tiku4 OiM WIMftWrt&raUNICTI iiuTioa On rilDAT. tk? ?th mat . *t 6 o>br* r , wft bailMll*atk??r?cai?M. L*tlo tf liM? ? Ho ?* dftftP rCfiBibC bftfk tO ft ?-fftftt ftli?f . feftkl?? it ft hftDd*ni* tcitdltg Tftrn t Ot? tfctri cftfth ; >.ftlft?fft ? w t %mA ?)? k <**-1 ( ir??t lb* K**Im . ad raven tia tamaa at tka rut of U? ymkim $ ? down va lit da/ ol aa'a Ml <1 OEZIK * WILLIAM A..?a_ Bv OKKIR * WILLIAMS, lattwiMn. H >. ?rt.wr?ro(U ao4 VMnwn l0t at ths oobn bb 0? * ITMITWCT1I u4 is iimt > ?(. om tha laiand, at A Aetn a 0? FBIPAT, tk? fth initaat at $ o'clock r ? all wH. on tfco f < ?! #?, hot T?. la S.uar*. MS. harta* V 1*M fr*wt ky Tl f?t 4m?, maklog It a b*a<iUtui cornar lot T tm Ooa third ??ah, ba'aar# la ?. it. ? <! M montM, for not ? ba >tiu mtaraat aa4 rod by * dw 1 of trust oo th?- 9BHMC Ail oaT?F?ucibi and itaxnpa at tkocoatoT tha ptirckao?r Jfri (too* ci th* <!? ?i -ala, a? 4 UBKBB A WILLIAMS. A acta Bt OOOr*E a latimbb. anct^aaor. ~" t lata dark* ?itb Ju G. Mrutilra a <j* ,? b<iatbwaat corker ol r?tir>'a ana an 1 11th at Mar Offloa BmilAlof. KJ?l,*-TAVlrrTJr' MITCSE AT AroTIOK OA SA1VBDAT MOBH1VO. April t. a. ?? o'clock, la front <4 onr AvHna Bxttnt w? wtU aoaortmont of Foraitura. cotaari ia?Wlack Wilnt Bo<l?toad? ?arl>U t?a KoM?tod Oantec Tablaa *?) ?t<J Bochiaa Chair* ('?? ?wt ?tkJ other Oktln H%?r cloth K?< I n nr Obaha Walaat TiMm Otlclottia. C?rp*t?. ud Mtttiti Plated Ice Pltcb?rt udCHlon Plated T?at?et,*ix piece* 1 tarn- P'irirh Ho* I 1 Itrctcill frame >' P Blrrer 1 Murl.fe top Bar < oanter *?dlh?l*iai Gooklac and Heating *c Ai?o. . . I rerr fine 8i Wer tnoanUd Freach c-M- Show case |>, htl* B 1 Butter T eruw eaeb. ar 4 *t I'OOPIR I LiTIMIt Aar'v Bf NAGLB k CO.7 A nctlonaer* 8al>*rooms A Pa ar.,b?t 9th aal I"th ?ta MiP LBTTKB~urriCB HhLK < (v 9 I)knD*rr> uiy m which ha*? aacitnaUtcd in the Heal Letter Office for aaveral >rara. < ?*it pristu? ?*?r? rtrltif ana Myl*. icb m fVail. T"rtol-<* fc>t>ell. Bniiit . P?T*e< NacLt, Yilvet, Ac.. elaborately panted and finished. At ? >. A l?f*? Mi?' ?1tT 018 l*?r <i Dun?nMtrp? Plates, Bnw M?u. Ac Py order of Uie I'oet Offi e TV^trtiNil. Sal* to conmtKc <> &ATORDAY April ?. at 12 o clock, kt our Auction Rooms. "29i Pu?.t|. vania iutuf, *na IYK HT TUBSDAT, THE U PAY, and BATCRUAT thereafter, at eam? time ant p'are tin til tbe whoU et ck is disposal of N B ?A catalog** * toe t>*ln? ?r*p .ra.1 jf ml?rellane?iis articles which have artirtalat* I In tb< l ead better Ofti<-?. < sinra tbe last *aie i T'ie? *111 be aold at *h early <lar. Dne notice wU, be Rt v*n Pout OfiuC DfpprtnieAt April. 1567 up S tObrnn.l 8AOLI A OO . A'-.^te. BY W L WALL A CU.. Auctioneers Original Horse and Carriage Bazaar, La a*.. betweea 9th and liKt eta PA IK or HORSES CARRIAGES. HARNESS. Ac , A. On BAT1RHAT MoHNIIO. April (. at 1? O CI " K wr will irn, ii m? di ur, noir.'xr >r and Work BorsM, i a fall 4?acrlptioii at a?le.' cowprlalaa? ABOUT BINTT H?'BSrp. Many tood Work. (Jaldia. and Iitraaaa Horaoa. &LM. F'ftt^n ?ood Farm Oora*a, from P?aa?>'lra da. Lot MulAlso, A Ur??> co'l*ctloa of Hf w aad Secondhand B?(*)<> Ro'H?iji, Carriage*. Wafjna, isl other Vi'htflw, Two n?.w .fenii) LiD-i Wuou. bnflt in tbi? eltr. IS new T p and No Toy Rnggte* A Loo. K'-w and Heond band Harn-ea, SaUlM OarrlijM 4r . at private aele B?^vUr itli-idaji, Ttwad.iya, Thoradaja. end Batard*;i. < erria?*a and alare* a cm vrlvate ?al?. ap 3 W. L WALL * CO.. At* BY W B LB WIS ft CO , A?ctl<.a*era. 307 P-a:iajlv?nU Anuaa.| BXTBNSIVB P a W' N H ROK EB>' S A LB O* CLOTH1NO. FINB WATCHBB. DIAMOHDB. A, TO MOBBOW . , Saturday J at lOoVlook. ?tonf Btere. we ebal! eell, by order of Pawut?ri>ke*e. about? ;m lot* of L ad' <-e Bilk, Marian. *cl other Prt tfM. Bt>*w|? Gloafca. Hark*. Boder Glitbiiut, Kiiibrmderl-e. en J lot of men and Baye' Cloth id* . a l~ > , Several fine G M W'atcb-a, I'latc ltd Enrrla^m. Cluster Bin** fe: Ac. ap 1-entt W B Lit Wig A CO.. AtcU. BV w. L. W all a (JO , Aucti- aeere, Oritlitl Horee tnd Carriage Bautr, 9S* Louisiana avenue. OS* VIBY BLBQANT CBBAM COLOBBU OOLT ON BATT ED AT MOBMINQ. ?th April, at II O'clock, ?e Will eell at onr Baraar, the at>o?e de ecnbe'. Hor?e, warraated oouud fnir >?ara aid Tbe Celt can be teen at Belleher A Prw?0'a italli art W. L. WALL A OO. Aacta OrricB or pi blio hi ildibob, GBOIBLS AND WOBBB, Capitol <*f thf. Umiku State*. Merck 3u. i&>7. AUCTION SALB OF (iaBPBTB, kre.. fbom THS BVBCOTITB MANSION Will be -old at vnMic aurtioa at tbe Bacttan Kdoat lit W 1. W.I I a IU r.?... and P?an'?i??..on )>4TUBi)iV. April*. 1S<7. tha following article*. Tic . 79 yarda Carpeting 1 Mnttt room Bxtenelon Table 1 large Ollt Picture Frinr 1 Wu4rob* 1 Marble toy Ontr- Table 1 Mahoeanr BedeteM 3 Hair Pillow* P*t<h?r Pillow* 2 Fttbtr Bolotera 1 Fentber Bod 1 Stove nnl Pip* Lot of Old M*'ttng Lot of Carpet >crapa i|t Ttm BTQKBKB * WILLIAMS, Anettoneare No. iu*>. corner 7th nod D atreata. VALUABLE IMPROVED PBOPBRXV FROST IBO Oh K HTKEBT NORTH B?T?IKI KIGHTH AMD N1BTH 8TBBBT? WB8T, AT A0<TION. On HOBDAY, the sth inetant. nt Co'clo k p. weehall eeli, oti tin- premi*ee, Lot Bo. t. in S^nnro No aO'i. with ibe imoroveiD- nta. conaletJug ot thre* aud .atic Brick Houee wi to a good l ack buildlDs containing In nM thirteen r osi. having aide and teak tUafa, making it a dmiiral la piece of property, beint oppntrtl' tha public apace near tbe Northern Market and 7thatreot care TVrni*: On* third cnah. balance in elx, twdia. and eighteen month*, for noUa bearing lniaraat. ?Bd "fr rt-'i I v 1 de?d of trut OB th* yrcaiaM. All conveyMiclDg ?nl riTWU IUXH tl th* ou?t of tho anrcliBMr. i?l GBBBN A WILLIAMS. Aneta. THOB. POWL1BQ. Aoet.; Ooorgotowa. school rr&MiTnsB at aoctiwh. On MONDAY MOBMIM0. April I. 1*7. I will II at Mo. 1 U*> Bide.- ?tre<*t. over I'rudil i Bookilor*. i lot of School Farnltin. cusriiiii* of? * Deiki. 2 Stove* IS Bench**, 1 fight dmf Clock S do/en CLkir* Lot r>f Coal aad Cok?. Ac. ?_?-? TBOS. POWLIIH?. A?ct. |^T OBBBN A WILLIAMS. AuotloMora. riBST CLASS BVILuThG LOT. FBOMTINO. On VBBMOKT AY KM LB. Botweoa K ma4 L lr?fU north. ?* Public Ami! a On M BL'N KjJDAT tb< 10th in?t., ?t 6 __olock m 111., ? ID! i l?ni . os \ , e pr>3 HM. Ml HO U, id T<jaare Vo li?. bavin* 2k f*<-t frost by lit faat a fin- aller lB|n?ed by t two atory Frame Hoim. We call the attei ticn of buyers to tbta aai<>, aa tbe location ts (<>od, and being a first claaa lot. which makes It tott desirable terms One third cash, talaaeetn six, twelve and '-tghteea months, for n<<tes bearing iatoraat. and secured b? deed of tmst oa the pi?iniaaa All conveyancing and revenue atarngs at the ooat of the purchaser ^|i* 4o? a on tba dar of eale. ap 4 GBEXN * WILLIARB. Aficis UT OOOPIB i LAT1MIK. Aactionaers D (Lata clorka with Jaa C. McOaiaa * Oo.,? Booth neat corner ef Pean'aava and llta atreet, fetar Office Building. BALK OF THB LA?FeB8 BAB*. RWIKM. AMD WTH Kk APPABATPB Of BBAUJ* OTMBABIL'M. Bo. ** LOOIblABA AVIIQB. Byvirtaeof a chattel Mortgage duly execs ted and recorded in Liber B. M B . Be J. lalloi and 4271 one of tb?- tob attel Beeordafar Washington Omat?. D O . 1 far aala. oa ?a nawlsaa. at Public Auction, oa FBIDAY. tbe 12th dar of anrtl. Isgr Kt 10 o'clock a a til aii rikdlu tliO IMdera. all th. other ? fj MtM. and IB ?Oait>** ti LouiiiiDA WMhin^Ot *'f? Z5\nC lUM .tr. eU -.- t A?4 Jtutk ti!? vtih bowli.ublii, wwri im ftliir iiutlnnMOrttrH Ml*n?tac to ?a? in Ml? c j^winoi ?. BOQBt, TrmtwOOOPBK* La TIM BE. A?cU Tb? OraaMlra wilt ? open till T%ura??r. U* lltb v?ratt viil t? oioMtftoMk* trKgMimvlfl Ifc# lil* \7l-Oi OOOFKB * 1? ATI MBS.A?*? ESiSTx troot, Star Otto* Bolivia*. OmTiVImKPSm*".J* tttf fool of 11th itroot. ?* ?il] Boll, a* Im U?b tBo?too? FmSTw. tackle Mi'n wmw ml AfnbltU ofiAr 7E?J.TJf f * willn**"* mjff Sin OtOPIl ft UTIBU. 4Mk