Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. O F F 1 C 1 4 L. " LAWS OF THK UN ITS D 8TAT18, ft,,ed < ?fce **?*ty-aiatb lfa|Ku. fPr*Lio_No. 40.j Af r the law of the District of liVrtm ^10 judicial prorrartinfa B* it enu-ted t y ?nd J7o?i# / ?< ?r()ii{<UiMt ?/ the United Sta.tri of America in 1 imj^reji assembled, Tlkt no appeal shall be al t>wed from a judgment of a jaatice of tbe peace, u a leas the appellant, with sufficient surety or seretie*.approved by the luatice, enter >cto &n undertaking to aatiafy and pay all intervening damn^re and coets arising on tbe appeal. Sac 2. And be it further enacted, Tbat wben acb undertaking baa been entered into, tbe jaatice shall immediately file tbe original papers. including a copy of bis decket entries in the oflce of the clerk of the supreme court of tbe Diatrict of Columbia, and tberenpon as 'win a* :be appellant shall have made the de poait for coaia required by law, or obtained *ea?e from one of tbe justices, or from the court, to proaecute his appeal without a deposit, the clerk aball docket the cause, and ahail iseue a anmmona for tbe appellee to appear at ihe next trial term of the court, and thereafter the cause .hall be proceeded with in The manner prescribed by the act of March one. eigh.een hundred and twenty-three, entitled -Ar. act ,o extend tbe jurisdiction of justices of the peace in the recovery of deb'.a in the Dutriclof ""J?1 tbal the PP*ll?U?t net d not file a petition as directed by said act. S?c. J. And be it further enacted. That If tbe appellant fails to proaecute h.a appeal, the aupeiiee may. upon making tbe aforesaid depoa.t fcr costs, have th?- cause docketed, and move for affirmanceof the justice's judgment tr be may have a trial of the cause upon its' inert* r .s*;-4- &' it further enacted, That there ehall be no supersedeas or stay of execution of the judgments of tbe supreme court of the I)i?. trict of Columbia, otherwise than by injunction. or upon proceedings in error to tbe Supreme Court of the United States. S*c. 5. Andb* it further enacted. That mutual aebta between the parties to an action, or between the teatator or intestate of both parties cr either party, may be setoff against each other by plea in bar, whether tbe said debts be of tbe same or a different nature: and if either debt arose by reason of a penalty, the p"a'tDm Mt off 8ba11 be stated in the And le ,t further enact, d, That the pleaol set-off may be "That the plaintiff, at the commencement of the suit, was, and still indebted tothe defendant in fhesnm of dollars, for , as appears by the particnUrs of the said deb , hereunto annexed and he is willing tbat the same may be setoff against the plaintiff s demand * And upon the trial ef an issue upon said plea, ludenient shall be for the balance found due, wh"h? to the plaintiff or defendant, with coats Mn tual judgments recovered in said in 'aid lonrtmay be set off against each other, on m, tion of either party; and the court shall award execution for the bulance fonnd due against the party chare?nble therewith SBC. 7. Jnd be it further enacted. That publication may oe substituted tcr personal service of process upon any defendant who cannot be found, in suits for paitir;on. divorce, by attact.ment. for tbe lcreclosure ol mortgage*and deeds of trust, and for the enforcement of me. chanics liens and all other liens against real or personal propel ty. and in all actiona at law ,!y ,Wb,,'h haTe for th*ir immediate object the enforcement or establishment of any lawfn. right, claim or demand to or against Ml7^rhP<>n'0nal Pr?P*Tty Within the juris. tien of tb* court. s A,>ti t,e il enacted. That no order for the substitution of publication for ETr & lU ^ ma^ 1,11 a summons tor the defendant sfiall have been issued and returned -not to N? found." And when in I the toriipmblicatl0n 8baU ^ made'" "hall be in .be following or equivalent form i?-.i?r ??"F 01 lb" l*??r?ct of Columbia, the day of , 18 A B., plaintiff,!* ?' 1>., defendant. \ No.-. On motion of the plaintiff, by Mr w his attorney, it is ordered that the defendant cause bis appearance te be entered herein on ? ^','0r\t nrst ru,,i dajr occurring forty days after this day: otherwise the canse win be pro ce*d-d with as in case of default. P - A*d be ir further em9ctej That all sales duly mad? in :ases in which publication hi'?l*dJ0T Personal ^rvice'ofp^^ shall be good and valid, and shall vest anv i purchaser with a perlect title J s*c-it fi rther uarte.t. That tne 1 proceeding to enforce any lien shall be by b?U ? petittoa in equity, and tbe decree. he?I(ifs a'' ?rhertL^ thh tbll,f Up?M W,UCh M'" 1,en ? satisfaction of tbe plaintiff ? I fh^^ * ,be d*fw>dant, shall adjudge ! Ih . / PJ recover his d-mand airain-t ! tS^f"?a.Tt,'awd ^ ,,av" j ?cuons agamst'lfo^un ^corlToranon Pdi'.nJ , business m the iMstrict of Columbia, all pro' . **sa may be served on tbe agent of sucb coreu. I ration or person COMductin/ita C.nmS said, or in case be is absent and cannot be "aT,mvr a r?VT tbPre?f at Xti" pfll1!. k p c' of bemueee in tbe district, and snvb service shall be effectual to bring tbe corporation before tbe conrt. * i Sec 12. And b it f ertker en,l<:>. r. That the ! and exercised as of common i right by every laudlord. ofseixtng. by his own auihori.y. the personal cbattela o: his tenant for rent arr^ar. is hereby abolished and ^ stead of it. tbe landlord shall bare a ta. u'li^n upon such of the tenant's personal charte'" K^e Pr*mnes, are aubje.,1 toexecur,oa lor debt, t commence with the tenancy and continue lor three ninths alter the rem U due aLd until the tern.ina-ion of any action tor Vn^r?111!brctlfht wirhir. saia three months And this lien may be enforced? ?J attachment. to be lsrur-d upon affidavit i bat'L; ^ntisdueand unpaid: Sr ifiot due tba the dei^ndant i" about ro remove or s-ll all or some ofaaid chattels: or, " 2 By judgment tgainst the tenant and exe TT' l'x irU on Mt,d ^attels or any"; : th*m. in whosoeur hnuds they may be fJU"nd 3. By action against an*-purchaser /.f said chattels, w itb notice of the lien,in which, acuon the pla.ntirt may have judgment fot f n i\ lDl ,he purchased bv the de. Uamage's BOt ^ ?nt arrear and Sec. 13. Audi* ( fur'her >na.f*4. That tbe declaration in r-p|e, ,n shall be in thJ folLiw ,orm "Tbe plaintiff sues the de.endant for . w longfuiiy taking and detaini?if,) unjustly de ainin* his, said nlaintift ? roods^and chattels, tow,,: (des^.bi'them, of Se ,Aa,t tlr P'^-^olaims tLat !, *I fror th' and d?-. ii\ered to b.m; *-r il they are 'loigu^j tha? h* 'XXS22& affiJ:ivit'9wcr"10 and^"V.Mie'pUmt!ff "l-'Vnt'Mpd"lo'rTroy"? posse??!<,n of the chattel* proposed to b^ r'Sr.on g ttU at rib-din the tiecli??' hTfcat '*id cl,a;t?'1* *?re not subject to sn.h seunr-or detention, and were not^aken tn^.n, y,Wnt 01 re'"^'n And heabaH at ' I?r." ' ^ ,nto an undHr-alcing wi'b I "rfoJi^S1bT fbP Clerk' 10 abld^ by and {rf, "m *-e Judrnmt of thecourt in the pr^m ha i rn ii?11.. plead and summons, but arid c*hattela ?uec for ?J tlw '<?* ecute tbe action 'or the \ alre^/'the11147 VTOt* damages for detent:o. or he mavVJ'nel^ writ in.i rder to get oemeesinn renew the chattels them'e|VesP^Mhe *?** ,nd that he baa taken JUeiaion o7 tn.V^arn h"' chattela sued lor, but that the d^f/.d^V,."1! to be touud. tbe *oart may order tb%^ thl. rffendant appear lo by *om* flxVd ,1 *" and if this order the plain till ,taii ca, * ^ to be given by publication in wKw, I ?.f tbe INetnct at leaat thr^ times tb.which shall be ft least tw.-nty dava bef )T*thl day fixed for the defendants appWa^^*^! If tbedefendan* fail to appear, the conrt mav Te?yS " CW ot detnaU a^r P-raonall #l^*c. 15 Ami be it further emu ted. That if k *PP#ar? he may piead not gailt%-, k'eh ?a?e ail special mauers of defence ^iSlJ'1"" *ria**c*' or may plead S. 8ec. Ifi A d he ,t further enacted. That I whether tbe defendant plead, and the ,a*ue P^a7s"he'id,hH 1" 1000,1 a*a,P8t b>m. or hi* j P-Vafc'r,'^ ??demurrer, or he make deill LuZ^l?'ryic' or aft#r publica. I ta^d iTr ni damafe. shall be ascer?^InedT ,rjr,Df "bere one t . or by ajary or inqaeat. where there m Mlnie of fact: and those damages Ih^ii I! the tell value of tbegooda ,T^g?d bT defendant, including, m ersry CaL, i*t i!ll sustained by tbe plaintiff by rison Af the i.if dismiss, or fall to p?eec.i? Zmuah tL jodgmeat stall be. tbat the good#, if dell/eJUi ?o the plamtir. be returned to tbe defends? witb damages, or on failure, tbat the cai.1 recover ag a. nst.the plaintiff and hie a are" ty tli ?IM|N kr klB imti It tUjiry tryiag tfc? I??; or, wMm tbe plaintiff dismisses #r to.lis soproeMltelia "siKftifi te CU/u?a?l<+*clt4, Tl*t If tie defendant has eloigned tbe things sued for, the court may instruct tie jury, if tley ftnd for tie plaintifi, to assess such damages as may com- i pel the defendant to retmrn tie tlings: and tie ' Judgment shall be tlat the plaintiff recover against the defendant tie value of tie goods aa fonnd, to be discharged by tbe return of the ' things, with damages for detention, which (he jury shall also assess. Snc. 19. And be it further enacted, Tlat where a suit is brought upon an open account, verified by tbe plaintiff's or his agent's affidavit, tlat tie amount claimed ly tie plaintiff is justly payable by the defendant to tbe plaintiff, and the defendant fails to defend the suit, the plaintiff may have judgment final by default for said amount, with interest from the day specified in the declaration, without an inquiry of damages. If the affidavit be made before an officer, of whose authority to administer oaths the court cannot take notice, his authority must be verified by the certificate under official seal, if bo have one, of the officer having authority to give sncl certificate. Sic. 20. .4ncZ be it further enacted, That where money is payable by two or more parsons jointlv or severally, as by jotnt obligors, con vfDauton, matters, drawers, or lndorsers, one action may De sustained and judgment recovered against all, or any of said parties, by whom the money is payable, at the opinion of the plaintiff. But an action against oue or some of tbe parties by whom the money is payable may, while tbe litigation therein con- I tinnes, be pleaded in bar of another action againsi another or others of said parties. Snc. 21. And be it further enacted, That in case of tbe sale of things, real or personal, under a decree in equity, the decree confirming the sale shall divest the right, title, or interest sold out of the former owner, party to the suit, and vest it in tb0 purchaser, without any conveyance by tbe officer or agent or the court conducting the sale. And of this transfer of title the decree shall be notice to all the world, when a copy thereof shall be registered among the land records of the District. Nevertheless, the court may order its officer or agent afore- I said to make a conveyance, if that mode be deemed preferable, in particular cases. SH'. 22. And be it further enacted, That if the | declaration state a cause of action of which the ! court has jurisdiction, but the verdict finds the ' meney payable by tbe defendant to the plaintiff to be less than the loweet sum of which the court has jurisdiction, the plaintiff stall have i judgment for the amount found due to bim from tbe defendant, but without costs. Snc. 23 And be it further enacted, That all ' laws and parts of laws in conflict with these j provisions are repealed. Approved, February 22, 1^67. [Public?No. 41.J Aw At t providing for the punishment of certain crimes therein named in the District of Columbia, and tor other purposes lit it enacted by the Senate and Hr^tse of Rep. re tentative* tf the I'niud States of America in Conartts a**embUd, That if any person shall teal any money or other personal goods or chattels, the property of another, of the vnlue of thirty-five dollars or upward, the person so offending shall be deemed guilty of larceny, and, npon conviction thereof, shall be imprisoned in tine penitentiary, and kept at hard labor not more than three years, nor less than one year. Snc. 2. And be. it further enacted, That, if any person shall steal, or maliciously and feloniously destroy any bank bill, promissory note or notes, bill of exchange, order, receipt, warrant. dra:t, check, or bond given for the paymeut of money, or receipt acknowledging the receipt of money or other property, or any government bonds or other securities, or stamps, United Slates treasury notes, or any public stocks,of tbe value of thlr ty-flve dollars or upward, knowing the same to be sncb. any snch person shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be imprisoned in the penitentiary, and kept at hard labor not more'than three years, nor less than one year. Snc. 3. And t,e it further enacted. That if any person shall receive or buy any goods, or chattels. or bank bill or bills, or promissory note or botes, bill of exchange, order, receipt, draft, warrant, check, or bond, given for the payment of money, or any government bond. United States treasury note or notes, or other securities, or government stamps, or "Hooks of the value of thirty.five dollars or upwards, whi.'b have been s'oien, knowing the same to be sjolen. with intent to defraud the owners thereof, every person so offending shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be imprisoned in the penitentiary, and kept at hard labor, not more than three [years, j nor less than one year. Sec 4 .!??'/'- it further eaac>d, That it any person shall steal any money, or other goods and chattels of any kind whatever, of less value than thirty-five dollars, the property of another.or shall steal or maliciously destroyany bank hill, promissory note, bill of exchange, order, warrant, draft, check, or bond, or any accountable receipt for mortey, given for the payment or acknowledgement of any sum under thirty-five dollars, or any I'nited States treasury note or government stamps of less value than ihirty-five dollars, the property of another, or shall receive or buy the same, knowing'he same to be stolen, for the purpose of defrauding the owner thereof, every such pet-on Moffending, on conviction thereof. shall make restitution to the party injured in two fold the value of the property stolen or destroyed, and be fined in any sum not exceeding two hundred dollar*, or shall be imprisoned in the jail of said District for any t me not exceeding six months, or both at the discretion of the court. 5. And be it further enacted, Thatifany clerk, or servant of any private person, or any copartnership, (except persons within the the .sge of sixteen year*,) or any officer, agent, clerk, or servant of any incorporated company. shall embezzle or convert to bis own use 'or fraudulently take, make way with, or secrete with intent embezzle or fraudulently con vert to his own use. without the assent of hie matter or employers, any money, goods, rights of action, government bonds. United States treasury notes, or government stamps, or other valuable security or effects whatever, belonging to any other person, which shall tome into hie possession, or under his care by virtue of said employment or otfice, be shall, upon couviction, be punished in the manner prescribed by law for feloniously stealing property of the value of the article or propeity so embezzled, taken, or secreted, or of the \ alue ol any ruin of money payable or due upon any right in action so embezzled. Shv 6. -I/- be , i'u, 'rier nacted. That every embezzlement of any evidence of debt, negotiable by delivery only, and actually executed ty the master or" employer of any such clerk, agen*, officer ot servant, but not delivered or i-sued as a valid instrument, shall be deemed an otlence within the meaning of tbe last preceding section Se< 7. And '? v further reacted, That everv person wlio shall nay. or in any way receive any money, goods, rights in action, government nonds. United States treasury notes, or other \alnnble security or effecu whatever, or government stamps, knowing the same to have been embezzled, taken, or secreted, contrary to the provialons of the two last sections, shall, u; on con viction. be punished in the same manner and to the same extent as therein prescribed up"n a conviction of a servant, clerk, or agent lor such embezzlement. Sec - Ami rther i That if any carrier or other person, to whom any goods, money, right in ac'ion, or any valuable personal pi?. perry or effects, shall have been deI livered to be transported or carried, for hire, | or any person employed in such transporta| tion or carrying, shall, without tbe absent of hi- employer, take, embezzle, or convert to h:s own use. sncb woods, money, right in action, property or effects, or auy part of them, and before delivery of such article at the pi ?ce or to the person entitled to receive them, he shall, uocn conviction, be punished in the manner prescribed by law for feloniously stealing propeity of tbe value of the article so takeu, embezzled, converted or secreted. Sb> . D And br it f urther 'n<ict'd. That all persoi.s sentenced to imprisonment in the jail of said District may be employed at such labor, and under rucb regulations as may be prescribed by the supreme conrt of said District, and the proceeds thereof applied to defray the expenses of the trial and conviction of any such person. Mci. 10. A"d I? f further enacted. That it sbfill be the duty ol the supreme court of said District to make such rules tor the government and discipline of the prisoners confined ' il said jail as shall be deemed necessary for the health, security, and the protection mt said prisoners from cruel treatment by any person in charge thereof. Sec ll. And be further >-tt'irf,d. That on the trial el any person charged with a crime, the punishment whereof may be confinement in tbe penitentiary or District j iil, the defendant shall be entitled to tour peremptory challenses ol lurors. Sec 12. And lit it f?r'her tnacted. That in all criminal trials the said supreme court, or the judge trying the case, may allow such number of witnesses on behalf of the defendant as may appear necessary, and tbe fee* thereof, with the costs ot service to be paid in the same manner as government witnesms are now paid. Sec IX And be it further enacted. That all laws of said District inconsistent with thepro? visions or this act be, and tbe same are hereby, repealed: aad tlat this act shall take effect from and alter its passage. Approved, February 93. 1W7. AMBB10AB GOLD, rroo&l and BOIDI, bought on commission at the lee Tork tsi ether Stock Boards. Quotations regularly reLlfll JOEMBOn * OO.. Bankers. 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"*> * mai* packages, ?^.a,,a*ita",8boot and Hbbb j vicbs?a positive e&bst&'w scrofnla, ufcers' sldby io pi5* ? ??*'bottle! ___l?lziil^lglg^ advertisement bt bailroads. pbmnbylyahia bout! 1867 to thb mobthwbbt.booth, amd boothou sad ?fter mbul? 8chbd0l1. to?zz**&\frcb uth- 1867, trains will rcn as wartlngtoo 7 * .?.! baltimore u jqa. ar y other ronte. two ttrid m'lj.0 2^?^' western aaa central mew york. to two dally trains to tho west. i&mbka ? bce^ cornsr'ith j*?0!* ?*? ?'ocared at the ofe-sr iff m.rthaa ' arnold, ticket afent, northemt corner 6th ttre#t*b<i f?ona. av . trains hai?m. w. ya*h,!,8t0!?? j*n- <t 18*7. le^eba^w*/obk'w'tho,lt change of ears. :?j? i. 7 sunday) at 7:i5 a. m. and pmi * smw yobk, ohaagtag cars at phllmdeli:? j.tnd*117 (**? ?* 8??day) at u:l?a.fli aad i philadblphia. m .nd 4d?,.rnd'x8r5)'!,,?n<,,y'4t . . ? on sunday. ? only k ?ad philadelphia at ?:? p d^eptng cars for mew y*rk on 0:30 p. m train ?^r-nfh t!ckletl! to philadelphia, mow york, ot .? a ?be had ft* *h# station oftlce at all hours sfjktr^^v t* v ,mt th* n*w office i?* the bankers and brokers telegraph line, 349 l'enn. aveuue, k*tweea oth and 7th streets. fevta^!??ori? ohio bailroad advertisement for scb?dnle between waahlnctea. baltimore anaapolls, and ths west. u?,wb' ""mora, i' ^ *mt*p ?f traosportatloa. kw% ^^js^ssaf's1 t,ck,'t apent ?- boohts,ageat, washington. oaltimobb ahd ohio bailboad, ** washimotoji, jan. , 19?7. fllwtwi ?o?v^t.svototc'l,v,hd.vsr are bow raa ao follews. tik 1 f a .. rvh baltimobb ii^tv ? tj.**?*?* banday, at 7:?n, 7:4j, and 11.14 a.m. and jkw.abd 4 30. and 8 oop. ia all way stations. i SSSSffl-i'*"8uBd*7'M 700 ^ #0* way ftatioh^uth o* ahhapolft p lmst* %t ,:u *?d ';u" * aad * >."0" and ( b ' , ? fob annapolis. t?wt' *v ^ ? ,m.i and 4:90 p. m mo tralne to or from annapolis on sunday oh bcndav. fob balt1mobb. leave at luim and iw and BOO p. m. Way stations/ ' rafiv n 'ss.41^:*uaud8 wp. *r 1 eate dfn^ll pabi8 of thb wkst b:w ? m ?*c*pt sanday, at 7:45 a.m., and stahcnwiff ffm!01lm only, connecting at bmaj parke?4ir. aj ?*?umore to wheellug tj?k "t?? *<> tm? west can be had at for mew york. philadelphia, and boston, sec advortlsenieut of "tlirongh line ' do"m'n' i' w master of traapportatioa ?, .. {" b- o i-^' ?*naral ticket ageut. oc 80 tf gbo. s. roomtz. agent waanlngton i8f)7 oband bxoubbioh 1867 to thb pabib ixposition. tbt aew and flrst class ocean going iron steamsill p h a y a m a . j.080 tons burthen, btbpiiem whitman. oom matider, will make aa bxodbsiom from new york to havre and back, sailing from pier 46 horth biver, on ' wbdbbsda y.april 17th, at 11 o'clock m., takiag pasmbgers for paris, london and bremen beturnlnp, will sal i from havr. on luuefth^i?' tui moilmt steuashlp to divided into water tight cempartmeats, and has teennswlr th '"mottr rftud *'?issaj ?s the havana will only carry first claas mi. ngors. an experienced bargeeu on board. t/tOr A full Band of Mutic vUl be attac/ud to tk price of pa wage, la carroncr. to havra aim and si's, accvrdlag to size of state room to havre aud r.tnra, b2?? and fjk., according to size of state-rooa. " tki?agf*a?rr ,*rmc?ur, >u,1? mil; to mhbbat. pbbb1b * co., 69 booth street, mew tort. or to moo, y. babby, the merchants' nni?? &s"-" "* JaSSK th '"i'j'jss" ' all* gardmt. wtk.!,*. bau. twrs*1*^ | - <lta? ?i . u AUCTION kai.WH |gr THoe. dowlub^iki,; ?*!? * .? OHABC11T SALB ?V VALDARLl IM ??WSSStt WffiK I' UiS'STTS.^Ki' of Febraary A. D . tm,Voanae ? m! nOi'l 7, Pell t?. Dow line ft. al.. the uadeiiii'nSwm ? c?0?- ? the hlgheat b&der7en TBUBnDAY, the 11th day of April A. D. 1*7 *> 4 o clock p. m.. At th0 ironiiei* >Arfn of* Lat in Bolmeed'? Addl tfoajjiid fart?f Lot mS" )81? Bull 0 Addition to b^orcetown the unn fronUng ob Bridge etreet. K twMn Mo.&iV^ "J 8r?n atreeta. Bad facia* theead of Rb?,7 vaaia aveaao m exleaded into GeorKetowa 'Old ia thno parcela via* The three atory Brick Bouee, with the lot, which la to feet front by 1?0 feet deep. BBd the 1 twoSlSSJ&ATli&KS!1* WMt of'&e hrfck hou.?. aaBi" * r??**ctlvely attached to the A&d OB FE .PAT, the 12th dav of Aaril A II 18?7, at the aremiiea. at 5 o'clock a i.iiii aeil the eLbdiviaion fota ktown aatota^'S* liii 0,'Mb Sweeny *b wbdirlMoa of"oU fau.m Ho an. In the city of Washington Lot 5 I^iVi k2 sold in three separate pa'cfle ea?h hiSii*! frOBt Of 22 feet 5 iaohes OB Id street^reat soath C and aonth D street!. and a deEth nVLhSit 105 feet to an alley in the rear, and Lot"C*'ia three separate parcels, each havW a w,* ?e it feet 4 iBcbea on -outh C et??* between M .Sa m atreeta weet, by a depth ef "bolit itTfeet 1 .vA1iAh,'i',?\a,'rap*rt' ' 'e^.bi^. aid'iSerrM property. pe^ oll, de#lr,B* ?o inveet ia each TVrme ef sale, aa preacrlbed by the decree On# third cash; the reaidae in two e jaal payments ?.t Is BBd twelve moBthe. with iatereet from the day of aale, or, at the option of H>? parchaaer the ssi'jss'te.r."' b" ?"s The ttt'ea are perfect, F. W. JONBS, >_ CBABLKB M. MATTBBW8. {Troateee. mh 30 lOtkda TBQ8. BOWLING. Anct BY COOPBB A: LATIMCB. Aactloneera, ~

(Late clerks with Jamee 0. JtcGnlre A Oo 1 Boathweet coraer Pennsylvania avenae and ilw. etreet, "Star Office BaUding" 1,lb T?^TB?VBOS,A81AB?5c LOr BltSTADBAMT iWtiSr"* * wm ?? By virtue of a chattel mortgage, dnlv execute and recorded ia Liber B. M H . No / e?d 3.19, ope of the Chattel Beeorde of W?h ^t? Couaty.D 0.. I will expoee for aale ea th? >n>m isee, at Pablic AbcMob, on Wnwaan*V loth day of April. 1K7, at lO oVlock. m .ii' eingulerlythe Fixtaree and ApparteaaBcee con taiued in lloaee Bo. 4OA 7th etreet weet. between B aad I etreet north, aamlag? oaiweea ;\w?. Bar Ooantera, with Fixtaree <>?al Olit Frame Looking Giaeeea Two Wain at Set tee a,covered In Green Bep ? ainat Ixteaeion Biaiag aud other Tahl? Bedateede. Bnreaua, Bedding aahatanee. Cane aod Wood Sent Ohaira recantera and Tntnblera. Engravings Cooking aad Bar Boom Stove. A LSOa Lot.Champagne aad German Wiaea with an aaaort meat of Libera aad Oigara One nie.liiim-alze Bvan iVataon Iron Safe. Terniri caah. L GASSKNHBIHKB, Truatee ap 4 ?t QWOPBB A LATImIb"Aacta! J^T OBKBH I WILLIAMS, Aactloneera. On J?SilnawAI!P L?T AT ADOTIOB a 11 v* th* l?h inetaBt. April, I ahali k. 1 clock p a?., in froBt of the premlaea by virtue of a deed of treat, to the aobacriber' bearlBgdatethe 12th day ef Wbraary, ^I8?6.aad' recorded in Lib. r B M B.. Ho 18, foiioij?7 <ae of tbe laad records lor Waabiagtea conatv' Diatrict of Columbia, the following named nroa' D ^'v.^XV,6'^ ,B thec,t? ?' Waahingtoai I>. C., viz .Part of a<iuar? aorth of auaare ilnmbered eicht hundred and fifty three, (853 ) i.e. IP?1"8 j eame at the aonthe.-tat coraer ef iuare, and ranoiue thence wtit. on south ^! filS*. ei5h!7 1 g?? *t'?nce north aixty twoTfi-) feet| aiz (a) Incbea, tbODCe eaat eigl.ty (8?) feet ^ 'J^'T-tWO 1 ?>f) feet Six f<'iBCheoJU) provement* begm*,n?- together with the i? Teruia made known at aale. All roaveyanein* and revenue etami-s at coat of purcha-er Si 5 will be rej ill red paid down when the proper tv with tl.t'f theJ)?ch"?r honW fail to comply with the term? ib five days aftkr aak the trustee reeerTeathe nKht to reaell the by ad vertialDgeuch reaale tbr^e tianea ia . Star JOHN M. HAHHOr^calll^ sd OBBBNA WILLlAMfr^lC 11^ NA6LI A CO., Aactloneera MJ Balearoom Ho. Peaa. aveane. Between 9th aad 10th eta. . 'J?'1' A 00- will give their peraoaal attention to the aale of Beal Berate and Itonaehoid Faral?[!? A'*?? to ?t atocka of Orooeriea Wiaea, Li.joora, and Uerchaadtae of every def!n 1*?V Carriages. B araees, Ac. Uberai caah advaacee made ob coaalgameata. a GOVERNMENT SALES! QD1LDIHOS AT CAKr KBiBTriiTDC. DKPOTQrARTBK>i?>T*R s Office, / Wash 1 not<'H, D. C , Aaril 4 is? H> order of the Vnartermaater Oene ral th? f?i Iowa* BUILDINGS at Camp Kra*?7, ^ BaMern liranch will be sold at Public Anrti n en WBDHBSDA Y. April M, nnder the aaaTrvwS <A Lieut- Baat Idw'.ri Baoter Uth U S lSflnVr, act ng asaiataBt (iBartermaeter U 8. A.-aal. t.! commence at 11 eclccka m ? to wit to ) Irame Bail>iiair, >4 feet bp ri9 feet. J ?r.? S "d *** b' '*?t. 1 Kitchen and Mess Bouoe. 245. f?*et bv IS" feet 1 Stable.? feet b> Midfeet. 7 J?-leet. 1 V, heel wriaht'a tthop 1SV feet by 25 f.-et 1 Blacktaiith'e Bbop, ihH /eet l.y ? feet 1 Wagon Shed, is", t>et l,y 71>? fa>-t Fulidiiiga will be aold singly Tecine t'a*h, ia Gnrernment funda. 1 I1?! "ited 8t5,ei r?Un'iuleaeh the care of th*-ae baiidlnga upon day of aale. O H TOMFKIB8, Br**et Brigadier General. ap 4 et Depot <jaarter?aater. A CCTIOH SALBOFGOViBHMiHTBun^. __ IMifl. Htadiuarter* Department of Waskitutom I m i 2fe< C*'*f (J**rterma,iteT,S u.,? . eeaaiaaju*, 2). c.% April i. is?7 ( tn^i '?L1 * ?ohlic auction, oa tae premiees AJPrv JDEB, Bl,aa^f^DytJrrtnia?aveaBee*1IetweeB>l8th f.?*5?thiiS"f.BBSVS!SJ0'tw#,torle, aloii^ bMALL BUILDINGS, varieua Jim en BuihUagewlU b aold alBglp, aad purchasers da^eftoffdiuof .-I*"0'* ?rop#rt>' Teraie: Cash, in G01 erniuent fnuda. Bfiijor and Q M , U B A^. Ch^Q^ M Depart?- lit or WaehiBKtod C^OVKBHMKNT Bt'ILDIHGg AT oTTiTvT 1 LB6CBNT CAMP AT ACrriof *?A" ia 1 tj<juart*rm?>ttr'* OJlre. Otpot of WmthitutOn I Tha Wa*tonwi?n, Q C., A poll J. 1887. '{ ?*'M"Bga composing Cam* Convakeeceat. situated between the Loag Bri lire MOIDAT1' SfT," a\\h" ,0Jd ?? >nbl?'- Auctiou on w.Jfd'it.Mg;: mi Bui. to rcore,t> bnlId"'?* COIJ,,8t of J- barracka, ahiBkle ro?)f0ftlC r" QUBrt*'r* ai14 oth*r buildiaga, ahlaglc 22iaildinga, felt roof; J orticee. ofticera' .juartetayheda, atalde?. workatope, ?t..reh.Mi?ee. eiuka and fence, c<.marislng 104 buildiBga ia all. Building* will be aold alnsly. and sale will |.? c?'tj. inne?f from dar to day till all are dlapoaed of lfcrnia caah. in Goverament faada " 1 t..TmiJSSl.S'iw "Z'.""*" "" ""j ??' "< Brt. n'.i.foJiP.'Dw "'M jfiALtXiK. ( httfQuf tarwMMtar Wrnikmtmm t ' > 1 IFa*At??fton, J), c.. March 30, 1887 'j 1 Liu w ".'uariermaat. r <>?On< ral 'the I huudmua known aa the Conatrn. tion ?5orrI. m !S!S iKSSSSS'.V.iiSKA"*' a Portable Buil .lug 10 by l li.w^g6pT{e ,0ld *l thu "?? t*?o fol- I f.o feet 1-inch Lead Pipe. !( feet 1 inch Iron Pipe. 160 !e#t 1 inch Iron P?re li0t? et 1 Vinch Iron Pipe. 1 BraeaBtop (.ocka 3 Cooking Baa^ea, incomplete. 1 8t' am Boiler 6 iachea by l foot 10 lachee I Terma-Caah, la Government faada ?H?r . C B. TOMPIIH8, mh.3 lot GeB.ABd Depot gaartermaater. ' ^BMOBY FOB SALB. j Chtif Quarttrmmtter't O+te. Depot of Wushinttca ? .. . H[aj*?Mi?a, D. C . Marco w. |M7 'f py order of the Quartermaster Geaeral. the GovtAraiory on G street, between Twenty firat 1 Twenty aecond. will be eold at paldlc anetloa auder Vkt eaporrlsion of (*aptala Jaoies Pat na qoob *0n w**>?*81>aY; April 10, at 12 0^ T?>la bulMlBR le tonfa* t l?F 45 feet, ahiagle roof Tormacash, fa Governmeet funds. b..... *""* cdZftK'SRSK, IFUBBAD OF OBDBAHcX Wxamxr, to*QiTT^arohu"^. | BALK OF OLD AID 0H8BBVI0BABLB AS 1 There .J.^BM MF OBDHAHOB ^' " w.luiTfiTii1 60 oW * F*|hlle aactloa, to the ."gra Sa-a irrf; ssiai tweatv tve hof^T?.i?WkUeSr 3noSfcl **!??** ^ori? CirriiMf, ni #tbor itmrL TheartMee will be wMl?lata. lor*>Cae half oaehTia Goverameat faada tm -av? , , PRUfOSALS. puui orrios. Btta liriiiiiTAriTii, Dim* iTtni. H!.Wsra?i *? ?**, ?? ?i 4>rtl, A.U II#. fer IM|ti| i|? rraturMttftkt Bee*e ?f Bore*>atetlve? of the Vnlted fltetea la accordance with the term*of tltuiuW reacluMm. tke mtnrut t? be kept ohd dirtui the estlre year. txc*pt Sanday*. DWABP McPHEBBON. Clerk. FliRriif 17 1M7 OHtrM. Tkit lb* irlTtltft ?t kM?tn? the Beetaurant of Ikt Boom akall k? det> rmlaed aa lol- I low* : Propoeala therefor shall be received by the Clark ef th* Hmm up to soon of March 12.1M7. and bleaaially tbfreafter as4 shall ba oiened by him, in lha preeence af tvo witness**. u4 b? by him warded to the moat raltable peraen. having alao reference to tka ameuat of moaey offered far the privilege, aad tba capacity aftka bidder for tha business. Ascompauyiag Ika propoaeia muat be tha aame of oaa or sore pereon* who ara willing to become sureties In tha aim of an* tk< nsar.d dolara for tha faitkfal performance of the duties of said keeper; ud eosseealoa of tba premise* *na; I ka given by tha Clark to aaid bidder ope n kia eie cutiag a bond la tha asm of oaa thoaaaad dollar*, enMcieatauretiee, for tha proper discharge of kla duties. aad for tha careful use of tba troperty of the Government entreated to him. Such p?,J##20n ' h'1 ba at all tlmee nadar the control of t ka Hoaaa Aad the amount af money thus bid and accepted akall be paid to tba aald Clark one i J.4".0; tka irat Monday of Decaaibar next after tba date af tke bead. and tke raaldna ilx month* thereafter, and. as received. a nail be. by aaid ' Clerk, paid to tha Treasurer of the National Soldier* and Hal lore" Orphan Homa fcr tha beaellt of paid Intltntlan. ap J id i pBOPOBALB ^OHCATTL. FOE INDIAN DlrARTMEMT OF THE IjfTM OE.i wprt K>?*'\WA!1 b*r'e*lTSd ?P * *ke 15th day of ! May, iM7. at the office of H B. Daptnan, Sup* rin teodent of Indian Affaire far tha Northern Barer intendency, at Omaha Cit/, Nebrwka. for tha <CUt?VW"b* Wly 0 th* Stock ' 300 bead of Milk Cava for the Winaet ego In- ' dinna. oceupilcg a reservation In Nebraaka 300 bead of Milk Cows for the Bantee Sioux In raearratloB at the month of the Niobrara.Nebraaka 300 kead of Milk Cowafor the faacton Sioux In dlana, oc. upy mi a reservation in Dakota 100 head of Milk Cewa for the Omaha Indiana, I occupying a reservation ia Nebraaka. 90 head of young American Bulla. 34 bead of Beef Catt'e, (steer*. > Tke Cows muat ba of faod quality, American breed, not leaa tkan tkraa aor more than eeven Taara old^ Cowa with youn* calve*, or cawa with calf, will I a preferred. Dry cowa will not be re j ceived The Bulla muat be not lee* than three ' yearaold, and the Beef Cattle nat laaa than four yeara old. Bnparlntandeat Danmaa will have the right to ' redact any or all the blda; alao. the right to reject any or all the cattle if ka deem* that the cattle delivered are not of the required character Superintandeat Danmaa will be authorized ta receive the aaid cattle aad to give vouckera to the partieadelivering the cattla, to be paid at the < office of tha Oeaimieeioner of Indiana Affaire iu I Waahiagton city. The time of tke delivery of tha eattle will be determined by Superintendent Denman.wbo will alao have the power ta change the place of delivery, with the oonaeat of the contractor. <Jood and sufficient b< nda will ba required for the faithful fulfillment of thacoatract. Blda will not I* received for a leaa number than I the total number of c?w* and bulla called for j separate propoaala, bewever. will ba terai v?d fjr the baef cattle. O. II. BROWN INQ. mhSO Secretary. | ] NlTBD fTATKS NAVAL STATION, U League Ihlaxd, March 22.1867. By ardar of the Navy Department, from the Bureau of C< natructlon and Kepalr*. ?ealed propotaU far the removing or wre kin.- and recovering ' the property In the C B. 8. -Hew Ironaid^a.'" wifl ! be received at thla office until 1 p in. of the 18th ' of April, 1817, when they will be opened The i propoaitiea for wrecking waat atate the prnpor i tioa of the proceed a of the aalea which l? tj be , paid to the aalvoro, alao the time within which ' the work la to be completed, with the underatan 1ing that In lieu of bond* aad ether security f.r ; the falfilLmant ef the agreement, the property re- I covered If to be placed in the handa of the ttovernment. ta ba aold from time to time, a* may be > deemed advaataireona, the proceada re!uaining in the handa of the Government until the wbele of the wrack la removed, and the work rampleted to It- *ati?fa<-tiftB. In eaae of falllnc to nroeecate the work with eatiafactery diligence, or t? complete It in dne lima the department reeervaa the rtfht to annul the agreement, and the propertr recovered will be forfeited to the Government ! For the purchaae. a* ahe lie?, the proposition mnat state the tlmefwlthln whl>-h the wr -ck will be entirely removed. The money to be paid at onc<-. and tailing to have h-r removad in time, the veeeel will be forfeited to the Government; ! the right will be reaerved to reject all of the of- i fera: and no azreement for wre. kine will be award, d until the appara'ne of th bild. r haa be n examined and report d aa auffi l' nt for th pr.rpoee Information can ! obtained at thia office of the amount of weight of Iron-plating, marhinerv. Woll. ra, and other articl-* In thla ?nip Keapectfullr. Ac., O S 0LIS40N. nib 25 mwfW Commandawt Naval Station. PBOI'OHALB FUK MAIL BTEAmVhTp 8lk VICB BKTWBBH THE TNItBD STATES AND THB HAWAIIAN ISLAMD8. Post Office Department, t Washisotox. March 19, 1*.7.\ In accordance with the provision* of tti? act of ton?reea. approved March 2.1<W7, which ia In t ie worda and tiguraa following, viz ; An A( t to authorize the eatabliahment of o~ean mail steam.Inp service katween the Uaited bt ttes and the Hawaiian lalaude b* i: tnvied by the nit<f Hou r, af Ketnt $t*iaitce* nf th* l'nitt4 States of America \? cv?. ir?v a.'Xmt/'d.That tbf Poatmaster Geaeral be, and he i? hereby. authorized to n- ite r ro; sal. t j fiubllC advertia* me lit far the period of aixty .*.A>a, n one ar more newspaper* publiahed ta the cities af Waehin*t"D New York. Beaton, and San Krauciscq. re-pec tlvely. for m.ill ?? amsiii p service between the port t.f ^an rraticisco. In the Tnit 4 tita'as. at.ii the port of Honolulu in the Hawaiian Islatida. by means of a montMr line of ttrt>t class Auieticaa ?ea goin* sieamshi p*. to be of not le^a than one thousand tons, government meaanre ment.each, and of sufficieat number to p. rforrn twelve round trip* p?r annum between said porta and to comract with the lowest responsible bid ler for aaid service, for a tartn of not more than ten years, to begin from the day the firet eteamship of tt.e -aid line -!,all depart from the port of San Fran'loco w ith the mailsfor the Hawaiian i*l?ndPr,? That no Md shall be conatdered which shall amoui t to more than seventy n?e tiionaai d dollars for the twelve roucd trip- per annum, a-r unless the sain* be from a dtt/en or citizen* of the I'aited States, and accompanied b> au offer of LOod and snffici. nt ai:retiea also cltirens of the United Motes,> lor the laithful performance of ?u< h centract An>l prort<t?<i furrhtr. That be'ore the Mcc>j>tan< e of thasaid steams!.ipa b> th* P.?t ma-ter General for the aaid aerviee rhey shall be subject to inspection aadsurV' y l y an experienced naval constructor, ta be detailed *ir that purpo-a I by the Secrettrv ef the N:?vy. whose repott sh.tll be IT: id.- to th. Pxstmas'er Gei.eral Sec . 2. Anil bt it funk'r *n"rte l That aor contract which tke Pi>atm*-ter General may execute UL<ier tbe authority of thl* act sUall g<t Into 1-ct on or before the mat cay of January eighteen hau died and *ixty and *ha)l. In addition t,< the usual *tjpulatl0u(i of ocean mall eteaioahip coj tract*, provide that the Government of the Cut d States shall be entitled to have transported free of expense on each and every steamer, a mail agent to take charge of and arram e the mai I matter, to suitable accKiiii1 sdntion* for that ?iurpose shall b- a-rigi:ed . tba< inc%*. of failure, rem any cats*, to p.-rforni any ef the nmntlily vcy *ge* stipulated for iu tbls contract, a pro rat? deduction may be made trom the compensation ?n ac'ount of *ucb omitted Voyage or vo, agtie; thit suitable fines and tensities ma be deleys and irreg Urines In the performance ?r the service: au I ti^t the Postmaster <ieaerai shall have tbe power at In tima to d lermine the contract In case of it* le-iu^: underlet oi a?.si ,ual to any other party Approved March 2.1**7? PBOPOBALS Will la received at .he Pu*t U.lice Department Iu tbe cit> of Waablugton, until .< o'cio E p. ui.of H BDNB>DA?. tbe loth day ef J uly, ids7, f> r convey lug the mails ot the Cniied State*, by m.:*o f a monthly line of fiist . laaa An.erican a a ??.. ag I steam-hip*, to be of not.ees than one thouaanT | tons, Government n ea*ure?u<-nt. each, and of mtticient number to parfotu twelve round trips per tiibUMi, between the Port of Ban Franc aco. iu che United State*, and the port . f Uonu'ol ,in tbe Hawaiian Islands, for a contract term of not more than ten year*, ta begin fri ta the dav h. tint I ?t. anisbip of the said liuosball leave tbe p> rt of Ban Francisco with the mail* for tte Hawaii u ! Island* Bach bid should t ime the time proposed to l>e I oven pied In perferming the paeeage ea h way be! twaen Sen I raacisco KDd U?n?lula, and a ached: nle of est lint: dn>s, stating the pr.'poe.i laysaad h. urs of de^arti re from and arrival at ?;ich B n, should also accampanv each bid. sucl schedule however, to be saejeet to the approval of the Poetmaster General, and to alteration br his order, trom tiuio t? time. .* the lnietetts of the postal *ervlce may r< <iaire Tha *ieani*hlp? offered for the *ervica must be American - teams hipe of tbe tlrat cla** in all re pects, and before acceptance will b* suhiect to Inspection and *urv*y by an experienced naval | constructor, to be details for purp.^e by the Secretaiy of the Navy. Propoaiua must ccnfurm in all particular* to tbe I provisions and reuairements of the aforesaid a> t, approved March t. l-??r and must I* properly ! guaranteed, with satlffertory testimonial*, that I the bidder or bidder* and their guarantor* are Ui*n of protert) and abundantly aide to mak-good I thtlr tender and guarantee The bidder'- name and residence, and the name ?f aa? h uieiuberof the firm when a co-npany offers, should be dietlnctlx stated la the proposal*; if aa incorporated company, a copy of the charter of Incorporation must al-o be as next d to the bid Proposals si.ould l>e sent, seated under the acdieuof'Tke Postmaa'er General, Wash i ington.D. C ," tuperscribed "Fi'Hiic.vPu'.." Wi'h the word* "Mail Proposals foreign Mails" writ'en on the face *f tbe addre-s; and they should be denpatched in time to be received at thla De partineat on or l eforethe 10th day of .'uly 13(7 which will l>e the last day for receiving proposals under thl* advertisement ALKX W. BANDALL. mk20-w9t Postmaster Oeneral. gTlUfWAT* PIANOS We have receivedla new aeeortBMat ef n PlANOFOteTBS from the factory, cen-__^^^. mating af Or aad, B?nare, and dpii(bt|BBHfe Po? tbe hat ten yeara Stela way Ptaao* have, P. ^ irui^i!i If premium over all new I oft. Boeton, Phi led el ah! a. aad Baltimore xiv . gyiAftfa. r~ ~ f n il i Srw- "jaaffaabx'' BANfcEBS. QITII TU1II TUANBT lOTU AT TMift^o^^i?l^oBr0?o?k 1*C? or OEOBOBTOWB. D latent) Ktftbn* fttaii for Hot**. Ck?tki( Drmfti Bond*. Deed*. M>rtra*M. aad other l?t*J dacaaMBta (or tale at Otnrtai'itrttM Bh 7 1m JO HAHMBB. OMhier JAT COOKS * crT lAimii Mwwl mm. wr??\U TS wm. Rtyu< Ml ktrmt Mrkil ratM. aad ! ? oaataatty on baaB, a fall nppiy of au OOTlftlllHT BOVN, 8BTMN THIBTIB8. ABD OOMPOUHB 1BTBBBIT BOTBS Order* tm 8TOCBB. BOBDS, Ba , nMM.Hi Oolloctlona Bade on *11 MWiMi VolsM. Ml-tf __ Firtl latioial Buk of Wukiigtu. B.D COOKB. (of JayOoake BOo.,1 Pr**1?eat. WB. 8. BCBTIMOTOB. OmUM OOVBBBMBBT DBPOBITOB* A1?D F1BANC1AL AOBMT Of THB IBITBB 8TATE8. 18(4 nrrMi, erf otut U? IVitrnt Government S*nr1t|M with Tr?ucr?r DklltA BtatM mroys million dollars^ We bay aad Mil all claaaee of uofernment ticl'rltiesnl correal BtrkMratM. furnish rich a sob mmd CMfauma cm all the principal cit1rs op the i'mtid states. Wo parchMe Government Voocbew ob tha most pa tor able terms, ud giro carefal UK yromft attentloa to accounts ?/ business men mu firms. and to Bay otbor boat mm eat mated to aa BULL INFOBMATIOB la regard to OOVBBBIBIBBT LOABS at all Ubm rbeerfnlly fornlrhed W*. B. HCBT1B0T0B. Oa abler. WMkla|t?>i March 8, IMI. bB tf ^??M^MM? STEAflBOAT LINES. PUTuMAC TftANSPCBTATlOB LIB B FOB * . BALT1MOBK Makiag freight connection at AUCIA CBBBK. Witt. BICHMUBD. FBIDK KICKS BURO AMD POTOMAC BAlLBOAD.^SHfc Theateamer BXTHSSS, Cart A, Nlckla. aad -teamer h E N N EHBC. t'apt John B. ?tlion, leave Washington from Sixth etr*?t what! ev.-ry W EDNESUAY and ? a. m.. for BaltiBure, and canal war landing* OK BalUaaora every Tf B8DAY and FBIL>AT,?p ni For farther information applr to . _ J. B P. BV AH A FRO., 1?-tf Wo. 34i P?na?ylvaaia ???. S^AVIB W1LBON SMALL for the eastern shore. WILSON SMALL. ?APT B. T. LB04ABD, bow in all reepect* one of tbe ate?arh?et.^^^B^K^h moat comfortabla and eiegant^Bafl^Aa ateamera plyitg ob Cheeapeake Bar, will maaa h*r roateoaBAlCBDAl. M*rchll ?be leave! oppoeita Bo ?T0 Litbt *treet wharf. iJ'TT rd aiT#rJ .TU*eDf *. /HrRSDAT? and oATiaPA Y. at9 ? m.,for FASTft\ gocblkm)li.s.oxtitrd f'lora'sfoivp **?ll?c1l8 wparp-cambhttk\e.hvghlftli zhahf' cabin creek. mf.". W/JAAlloyd's laSt ding. Betnrtiag from THB BA8TEBN 8BOBE, aha ? IT1. /'aBdjpf at 1 p. m, Cambridge at 4 IL BMton Point at 8 a m , erery Moadar. WedaeadBF and Priday. touch In* at all lat?ne* dlat# landlnaa. ac t raarhlnf Baltimore at ft a a. od th* following m<>rniiui fe^Hf" * nnait^r of fine alata rooaa. R,OB"0"D^WoBW?SSa~~"I>"7? Tw TBAYBLLBIkS OOIBO BOOTH. TWICB DAILT, (Bandar p. m excepted.) The qatckeat aad Boat dtract route to Blateaad. a , and tke honth. Tla the potoaaae . reamera from 7th Btrvet Wharf WMhlngton. to A<inia Creek aod^B^^K Blchmond, Fraderlcka^'nra and Potomac Ballroad. to Blck motid, Va,conaectln|t there wtth tralna ok the Blchmond and Petarebnr* and Blcbmond and Dasrilla Ball road?, for Peterabara. Weldoa, VllBlBgioo Balelcb, Oreeasboro'. Ballabary. Charlotte *ot Cheater. 8. O Bteaai?ra Kerport aad C TaadarMIt leave rtb Street Wharf dally (Sopday evt-alng as<eptod) at -" a. m and 6 s> p. m. and arrtra la Blokaoad at ! ??. m aad : 4.1 a m. THBOCQD TO BICUMOBD IB 8BTBB BOOBS* Fifty Mi lea Shorter and !)? Iionra golcker Uta Bay Other Bocta. Ba aura aad get Through Tick eta via Aaala Graek and Fredarlckatorg, to Btahmond, at tha OoBDpaav'a Office, corner af Peoaa aeeaae aad l.h atreet, or oa board of thehoata. Baggage abaekad throagh OmalboaaM aad Baggaga WagoM wlU ba la raadiaeMto oonvey paaMugeia and, baa (age batweea depote la Blchmond. PMaengera by thia line paM by daylight Moaat Vernon, and ma; have an opaortnatty of rlalttnc aereral battle field* aear Fraderlckakarg by Mopping at that point Breakfaet and *np oa board of Steanaera OBO HATTINOLT.Bnpt.. Waohlutoa, B O. O. B. ATTIBOLT, Ticket iaaat, WMblagtoa. ' C.V BABMT, apl-ly Baaeral Paaeeaaer Agent. ^BC BIT PI8MASB8. AMABITaN'8 BlfTl samaritan's 9 ipti i TBB MOST CBRTA1B BBMBBT BTBB U8BB. "Tm, A Poetr:** Oraa," for voporruira, vlakt, strictures, ?Sg. Contalna no Mlaeral, ao Balaam, bo Maroary. Only Ten ptllt to b* 7H??a (? Efert a Curt. The* are aatlrely eegetaoie baring bo *m?U a or aa> suj.taaut aete. aad will act ta aar way lamre thr itoiuacl ?r bowel* of Ute moat delicata. Ciiee la from two to four day a, and raceat cmm 1D- tveuty lonr honra Prepared by agradaata ot the t' uiTeraitr of Fanaaylraala. eaeof tbe Boat eminent Doctor* aad < heoilito of the preMat day; mo uMm. no trombit. m rktnu wkattrn. Let tboee who hare despaired of getting cared, or StS'ti'S* Krf" SeBt by mail In a plain eavelopo. Prtoe?Male pwckagM, fl. Faaaie. 81. bloodi bloodn blood!ft pOHoFCLA. ULCBB8. BOBBS, SPOTS. Till BU?. SC ALES, BOILS, SYPHILIS OB VENBBBA\. DISEASES, Ac * ba*ar1tay * bck>t and usb* juicb la offered tbe Battle mb aoalUve care eiPBlLiS t'B VEMuiAL DISEAhEB, tha SAUABlTAN'b BOOT AND liKBB JUICE I* a meat potent. eertaiu aad effectaal remedy ever preecrlbed . It react ee aud eradicate* eeerr particle of the venereal that the carele thoroncb and permanent. Take, then, of tkla patlfrtug remedy and be healed, and do not traaaailt It to roar poaterlky that fw whlaa yCn may repeat la after DO H?T DFSPAIBf I Alt?ioti|rb 708 it ay oe proaoancM lacareM* t bAMAHlIAb 6 BOOT AND HlttB JlirOBB wil; rem?>Te every vestige ef tmparitlea from tha mteuii M wellM all the bad effect* of Mer-nry | kkllALBB t ?EMALB9:i in many affe<UODB with whlcn nnmeera of Faaialra fuller the BOOT AND 11 EBB JUICES moat ran rib adapted, la Ulcerated Ctera*. la L*?ncor. rb' a In bearln. down Falling af the WoWb X LliUy, and for ad complamta tualdeat to the mm |Nt bl axpraB Price $1m par botUa. BAJBABITAN"8 WASH u, ta eaaea af 8:-*hilia, a aad ta ooaaeottoa with tha aadHerb Jula? Fall d.recttan*. Prtoe IfcoonB. The efUcacy o! the*e remadle* la alike arknewled^Ml V) |L^Jclana and patleata They are aaed WHAT THB ?a8 Po** HofriVAL, Fori Maa*uaLL, BalUaaora, d., Fab. SO. 181a.?"1 have areat aatialacu?a in atatlag that I bava aaad 'The Bern*titan Beoiedlea' for Taneral dl*aa>M la Itc Boat oaatomary forma; that 1 bar* aaad tbea with jndfBaat, dlacreciea, and properly, aad, have foand taem raapoud to my Mtttdaatkoaa aroBftly and effeotnall>. kaowiag tbakr aoBpoaltt >b. I bava the fallMt oouftdenoe m their eBtacr. aad m far M By bm of tUaa axteada. IWSS? >***i,t^tlfkBP 0. BOWBB8. "AaatMaat Bargeoa. Hh B V. Tola ' aMByB.0. VOBD.aaraarlltbMraataad PenaIB THB OBPBANS'OOUBT, THIS WTH DAV OF MA1U U. A D. 1-teT. Cpon report ot Mlee nade by J H Adas*, Snariliait, A- .. It la by the Court, thl* Wb day ?>f larcn A. D 1' 7 Ordtu l. T at tbe aald aal- ao reported be rat fied aad canfirBed, ualee* cause to tbe contrary baaliowa on or before tbettb day of April next: aal it ta fn-tbar ordarad that tae aatd aale to Hereklih Oatchell be ratiftad, aad the 1MB* of the atUe la tae leraar decree baaofar BodiSed m that the aaid Ontchril pay aa?- thou aaad dollar* in cMb and give a deed" of troet bear lnc latere.t, ob th? property pa rob aaad, for tbe balarc>- of tae anrcbMO Beaey, to wit flvakaadred dollar*. Mid daea af traat. ta reaaia for oae iear; Pror.d*,' thatacepya* tbla ardar be aabllabad in tbe Evenlug Star oaca a week for thiaa waaka balore .aid ?tb A|rjiJ. ? p0B0BLL J odea af the Orphan*' Ooart. A traa eapy. ^ ^ _ CTBBIBBB, n?B 11 w3w Begietar of Wllla. ra>B18 IB TO B1TB BOTtOB. Taattbe aabaarfHSa" ^SSSrE^-agaferiL Paid dacMMd, with th# faocn^ri tiifiym, 10 ? fiMcntwr. a*? >* < >? Br: *4 BhBlBrt*' Bxacatar. I