Newspaper of Evening Star, April 6, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 6, 1867 Page 1
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f m J H H^ W ^Ar^HT ^BT ^?BJ ^H jj ^i ???^? ? f ??? "~" ??^-*? _ . _ i i i VS. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. APRIL 6. 1867. N2. 4,393. the evening star ruiusaro daily, (nmon noimw AT THE STAB BUILDING, f-vutMmttt comer ft**'* ammm m4 utk rthrt. wallach. Tft# BTA* > Mmd by u? etmirs to ?elr nktcnten In tAe City ud Dtatriot at Tan Omm mm wm. OoptM at tha cooatir.tnui or ^itboot wrappera, Two Owro MO. Pnicn fo* Majxibo?TArae mentis, OM i>*Uar and FS/ty Ctnit; Hi moatha, IVm BW*?r'? one **, An DolUurt. Jfo papers in eent from :be oOm longer iktn pawl for. The W EEKLY STAR?poMulud on Friday gorcim- On* Dollar mmd a BtXJ a Tt?r. CIOTHINGTa* ~ P 1 HB1BBB8EB. ?Bf-eaeor to H. K If'Tfl * Co. MERCHANT TAILOR, \f# M?troKi'i?n Hotel, fate Brown a,) ? tl lo 1M Mn WicniDfter,. I Mill 1* WALKBb. MISS MBBOBB AND TAILOB. *4 Seventh Street, 4?4 Hear Odd Fellewe' Hall. Be.-e ?eaee to inform blif(ra?r Mtrooi isl tb?> central lu'-lic tbtl k? ii ilmtit dul; r? b. LMoB? lo *' ,#w b??Olifo|^B? atoca of Ooodi 10 HL MBN AND TOOTH'S WICAB. fV ? ** he aeen to he appreciated. . JJ Ji ? 1 akillful aril*:* are empli y?d aatiafactioa i-aarai<teed. both with 10 STYLE. MATBBIAL. AND W0RKMAN9B1P Alwaja on band a com|l?tf aittrtaMt of pcbnishinq quods OI?? wa call before p.ircnaalcg ap 1' LOTH IMG." SOt all wool Caeetnure Yeate ?9 ? v" NO all wool Caa-iaaere Paata. 3 #0 200 Bor?' Jacketa, all wool . 9 00 "" * Bore Pants, all weol J uc 150 Bo?a' Bulte, all wool 4 00 97" 900 Boya Bnita, all wool 9 00 HO Bora B-itta, all w??| . I 00 *" 16 Bore' Caaaimere Sulta 7 00 100 Bora' Caaaimere Saita, choica f 00 >00 Bora' Bail-, aatra tin* 9 00 100 Bori'Suite extra fiae?. 10 00 110 Bora' B ila.iiDt frtach Gaealmere . 11 "0 ^ M Beje ' 8oiu, extra " ?_ 19 00 M Boya Saita, Bn?;liah Caaaimere.. it 00 100 Hen'a Suite, aeeerted f 10 cO 100 Maa a Saita, matched 10 00 100 Men'a Suite, all wool law ( V :00 Men'a Buite, fine Bngliah 90 00 10^ Men'a Bnita, a*, fine Eagliah. ......... -q oo 8^ 100 Maa a Snita, fine Franch 29 00 W" Mea'e Buitx, a*. Dtr Preach 90 oe *" Tha gooda are all sew and freah made up i? vac atjlaa for Spring and Bnmmer of lsd7. J. H. SMITH A CO., Great Central Clothing Hoaae, *B *"lm 4*? ?tb atreet. app. Paat Office DRY GOODHTicT" ^BBAT BABGAIHS IN DBY GOODS We have jnat received a splendid aaaortment af OODB. which we will tell u low aa can be bought i? t5i" ?,arkiet- C9D?l??n? la Dr?f. r.?t^p, wt?it?> Goode. Caa*io.?r?-e. Notlone. Matting, Oilcloth, ?e. A aplendid a??ortm?nt of Parna la. T?>ry cheap, French Bicta Wbalehune Oorseta, Si 2". ! 'i Jk 4 Bleacbod Gotten, r< ; ill 4, 1.2a ayarduinghama. 20c ; Calicoea from 12 to 2nc.; Toweli n* fry chaap Licht celored Si<l Glove*. 51..0 pair Bleached Cotton. 90 and 25 cU lM??t.'rard wide Il*a?AO? 4 LITTHLL, _ap * ao3t corner !0th at. and Pa. are. orr a tco s t^ atocVo?*rec#iT9<1 {'?r BeW ^ we? aelected MILLINKBT ooods, LACBS,i real and imitation.) XMBBOir>KBIJC9. DRIBS TKIMMINOS, BUTTONS. Ac , Ac , Asd ta Tit 1;. oB-jpi*. tedlv. to move l>y tha 1st of May , we stall Bell our KBT1RK STOOB, TBOM THIS DATB, AT COST CALL AND SBCCBK GBCAT BARGAINS, B LBS/. BXHG A CO., 4* Market Spac- . under the ATenu- Hou^e mh 2e lm* dancingT jpBors. j. w7 a h. p. uiir DANCING ACADKMT. ja PoBajylvaaia atenae. bet. sth and 7th eta.. JK Op po alt a Metropolitan Hotel F'*"** 'ofJalageverr evening Thooa d* "??|J lil'i U ' lor 4S??*"b~. ws.:Vo,i: ?? ? ' " Hall caa be rented for Solreaa, Ac. For H?*l' 2l fStaMStaJESTfr'Sl 4s iSjVcSKijf ~iw ?" Waarter coBmeacIng with the firat laeaoa. ja 9 m D"?"a 8 AHSMMBLT BOOMS. A Th. hatwaoii1 9th and loth streeu, t/T? t^.K!iD?rt*o lh" aaoa, prepara- QBi ^av M?r^? V>im* commence ou Satnrtpen 2 far the Geriuaj are now v.nieBn? oM^tV?^irnCllOB *'Ten ,0 ,oU tn^?50 MLL^rl J&lfg&S*''* ? PrenilnmNew York City BOAP Premium FAMILY SOAP, Premium FL^NNBL SOAP, And No 1 BBOWN SOAP. p V n*fit,f!?fr? for **,n Ordere throneh tha rat-. Office will be promptly attended to a,%*? *DJn^I' M ?aHfacturerJ No K^00 and u,t north, bet. *th and t:h. ja 11 ^Hu ' I HB MOBT BXOITIXO AVH I NTBBKSTf VG . rv , BOOK or THI1)4Y. ' l- ?fAVrS*wJvTPJeY 01 THE a( htu ? . JiJS ' SEK * 1* K. and MatJ^Mht^l t '? 9vrrr elly *?wb, coaatr Tni. lUMor, c?nr*aa for thla work twiDir ?o ,iTT-.?* *uao,,nr * one year ago. bnt t- 11 it? ?hB' ^ Government t enpiLni' ?ablicaa?n wa? delayed. It will now ? p-Tw'loD ^ rf V ???kr/dH th" flPHM w Baker ar- *11 ^tteeteJ by thI* ii ti ?Othorl*y it wiil cunUlu tt^ iirBf, t f ef ,ll', Aiaaaeication con andrriMecrhae ?f UU Kr#al' PhOM ITS I Nt'BI'TION. IN TBI H 4 L'NT4 OF VILLAINY lo THB liLkiAL PLACE OF COOTH. >ork aleo'tn*!! l*>rU ^^?ore the poblic. The which <he nefariona ayatetn br ?-KS.*V *"*"" " " "U levelmtiwn. *D<1 *here are aom? atrange Piernber? nf -.1 *',* of departmente, i-hii^^hiv; p" . ,R dey of M?r W ^ re*d' 'or oa tha let _ ? ?None bat fhoeo thorocghly eonvaraant ?ith the tne:ne*e. andwilb gef>d referencl Lt ?i character and reapoaalbillt) a*ed apply. mh)| la pOBl ABLB BTBAM BNQIMEB, Coaiblalng the maxlantn of efficleDcr.darabllltT, and ecoaomr, with the ail at mam of welgnt *ad price. They are widelr and favorably known, mere tban 800 being la a?e. All warranted aatU> factory, or ae eale. Deecriptlve circalara aent on application. Addree* , . ^ J. O. HOADLBT A OO.. fe * eoln Lawrence, Maae. BOOTS ANP IHQi: j fy ibw J_T 011. ^ b^taleaTeteiafomblafrieaR rt-icWi'p KSSS'.'.'Mo^rrJSK JS Odd Feliewa' Hall/where M hie on S. 1 "*ortnaealof Ladiae- anO Peat lea, nl, BopM Miaaee and CblMren ? _ i _ BOOTS ABO SHOBft. ^e aber tAe aaaber, io* Tth atreet, laler ' i i* '?e?# *t - Ar VVI #f|f ?REAT SAIK ew TZTS GRAYING8, m Aiv *? DE8T1T TB AND CBPHAM BOMB v m fcOLI'lBBB A SB 8A1LOB8, iit ^ FBBPKBTATION WILL CB ?'VBB at Washington, d.o.. ON s>ATCBDAI, MAY 23, 1*67, The Institution for whoH bsneflt this snterpris* 1b conducted was founded forth* purpose of gratuitously educating the sons of deceased Soldiers ud B*am*n of the 6alt?d StatN. New pupils will bo received after April 4, open complying with requirements. The purchaser of each Engraving for one dollar will be given a certificate entitling tb- holder to a bare ia the award of present*. L18T Or PBB8BBT8. 1 Troye'* treat *.?ue*trlan portrait ?f General Scott in the ladiea' atairway of the Oapl ...... 925,000 1 9l?t000 ia gold ? 13,000 1 Qreenbxck, D. 8.. -. - 6.000 1 Greenback. U 8 ? ~ - 2.(00 5 91.Wo U. 8. Bond* - 6 000 10 9'flO " * 000 to) *100 " Greenback* 8,000 100 *80 " " - #,00 luo *25 " ' - IJOt l.uoofio " *' 10,000 2j0C0 96 " " ~ 10 iiflO 16.C00 91 " " 16,000 2 Building Lotion Eleventh Avenne, New York city, free of encumbrance 1,1SS 1 Bet Diamond Barrm-*. suO 1 Diamond Pia ...?... HM I 1 8tein?ay Piano.. 1,000 4 Cliickering Piano, 9 4)0 each 1,400 2 Manon A Hamlin's Parlor Organ*, 91,000 each? . 2,000 10 Bowing Machine*. 9100 each l,o?o 100 family Sewing Machine*, 976 each .... 7&*> -0 Gents' Gold Watches. 9?J0 each 4,00n 20 l adies " * 9 130 each.? 2,600 20 Genta's Gold Gnard Chain*, 9100 each. 2.000 20 Ladle*' " 91*0 each. 2,000 25 Silver-plated Tea Sets. 975 each 1,870 1 Grata'Saddle and B^ui pmeute, 9l?0 10' 1 L?ii?s " " 180 1 Brewster's Bugcy ........ ?00 8 8eta of Harix-si. 5^0 each Ato C0V Subscription* Weekly Trlbnne, 92 each 1,000 jflO " " Herald, $2 " 1.U00 too " Harper'* Monthly, 9.1 " l?V*i 10" " Atlantic Monti ly, $3 " 1J80 CUV " National Freemason, 94 " 2,000 1 Painting. David Playing the Harp before Banl ? 1^500 1 Painting, Undine and Ariadne 1,00 ljOOO Handsome Engravings, $6 each ?~ &,?? 9180 000 HOW TO OBTA1B INGBAVINGS. Order* may be sent to ua enclot n? the money, from one dollar to twentp-flv* dollars, in a registered latter or by post offlce order, at our risk. Thos* wishing Engraving* *ent most saci*ee ten cents in stamps to cov*r expenses. Lares ameuuts should be sent is drafts or byexpr***. > r E1CB LIST : For 91 00 abaadscme Itgraving. For 2.00 " " of larger class. For 3.00 " ** For 4.00 *4 i ? ? For 8 00 * " " F?r f OO * " For 10-00 a splendid American Chroinn. For 2>'.00 " German or Kreach Ohromo. By buyine werfes of art In largfquantitles we are enabled to give parties pnrchaaing from us the same kind el engravings that are sold in any store, for tb* same pries; aad, ia addition, we will give a certificate which sutitlee the holder to an interest in tke award of premiums for each dollar invested in the purchase. Address all orders and communications to KBBNBDT A CO.. 394 Peana av*na*, Washington, D. O., Lock Bex 41. J W. V 1 . ** . bpbcial boticb. To th* military orgaafiatl? inln?ting Ik* largset sal* of aagravlng* win b* pr*e*nted a handsome Begtmeatal Btaadard. Parti** p*wMlg Bag*avl*g? will ?1*?N ad Ti**tk* *B*?? to which rsdsMsi, Ao.,U*rd*?tr* I* credit tAIr pmrctaA*. Tko^MdrtM *+ M?li*tll.WlFfor IfttraaO**. -AllIf ft .t.flSt j *??/it?TT4<?itM MB Au dm SPECIAL NOTICES. BETBB W18BTO-DAY -Tlemadnceetoaecloct cviiti or cola, however sli?i.t. Co?io?pll?n may t*l)ew, and though Dr. WISTAR'S Or WILD CHBBRY bu fre^usatly cared tUle much dituitd for th? primary 4Ii*mm ?< tbe tbrnat, lungs and cheat, it always cure* where othrr riMditi f?H. ap > W BHEUMAT1SM, N BORA LOT A, and NIBVOrs HBAD&CHKA cn ;?d by ? f?? doeos ?f METCALFE 8 GREAT BHEUMATIO REIt BDT. 8. O. FORD apl'olw Aflnt. ITS BFFBCT 18 M1BACULOU8. HALL'S VEGBTABLB BIOILIAI BAIB BBNIVEB, It la a perfect and wonderful article. Oureebalilnaee. Makee hair grow. Abetter dressing tbaa aoy "oil" or *'pomatnin ' Softens braeb, dry .and wiry balr Into Beautiful Silken Treeeee. Bat, ab??? ail, tbe treat wonder ! tbe rapidity with which It reetoree uray hair to its orioi.ial out. The whlteat aw) worst looking hair reeaaaee tte toothful beanty by Its nae. It doae not dye the air.but etrikea at the root and flllait with new lif# Mil color!off matter. The first application will do good ; yon will tee the natural color returning every day, and BBFOBB TOO KNOW IT. tho old. gray, discolored appearance of the balr will be gone, giving place to lustrous, shialng, aad beautlfni leek". Ask for Hall's Rlcllian Hair Benewer ; ao other article Is at all like It in effect. _ See that each battle baa our ort 'ate Government Stamp ever tbe top of the bottle. All olktrt art imitation*, _ B P. HALL ft 00 , Nashua. N. H., Proprietors. For sale by all draggista. 19-dftweolm.r REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB 8PB0IAL OA8B8. Ha. 14 Bond street. Hew Tort. 7*Full information, with the kitkest tuUm* nials: also* a Book oaSptdal D is lists, tn a <sa/td envelope, seat free. tOT Bt tun and send for tAem, and you will not rmrn it; far. as advertising physicians are generally impostors, without referenre* no stranger shenld be trusted. Bncloee a stamp for postage aad direct to BB. LAWBBNCB, No. 14 Bond street. New Tark no IS-DftWly BBOBBT DI8BABB8. Samaritan's Gift ia the meet oertaln. safe and effectual rankedy? Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever disco Tared. Onrea In two to four days, and | recent caaee la twenty-four hours. No mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only tan pilla to be takea. It la the soldier*! hope, and a friend ta thoee who do ^et want to be exposed. Mala packagea, #1; female, |3. Samaritan's Boot and Hxrb J men? A positive and permanent euro far Bpyhllls. 8c ro fa la, Dicers, Borea, Spots. Tetters, Ac. Price $1 M per bottle. Bold by 8. 0. Ford. 8ea advertlaement. my I AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avenoe, near Wlllards' Hotel. Farewell night of tbe popular youag American actress. M1BB BAOHEL JOHNSON THIS (Saturday) EVENING, April 6, The performance will coameix^ with LliOBETIA BORGIA. Lucretia Borgia Miss Kacbel Johnson Oeuarro Mr B. Mncauley To conclude with Tobin'a romed. in? acts, entiled HON BY MOON. Julians Mita Bachel Johnson Duke Ar?nr.? __..Mr. B. Macanley On Hcndav evening next. the charming Oeracdienae aim Vocalist, MISS JULIA DALY, will appear aa " Our Kemale American Cousin." |as played l>y her with great success throughout England and America. MET/EROTT HALL. PABBPA. ~ BBIONOLI. FOB ONB N IOI1T ONLY. The Manager begs to Inform the cltlrene of Washington that tbe highly successful I'rima Denna. Madame BUPHBOSYNB PABBPa ROSA, aad tlie great Tenor. Blgnor BRIGNOLI. will give One Oraad Oonoert on MONDAY BVENINO, APB1L 13, When the following Artists will appear Madame B. PABBPA BOBA, bignor BBIONOLI. Signor FKBBANTI. Bignor rOB'lTNA. an-1 OABL ROSA Musical Director and Accompany 1st, Si_nor NICOLAO. Admission Jl..'0; Beserved Beats, 50 cento extra Th* ?ale of aeats will ' eminence on Thursday at 9 a. m . at Metzerott's Music Btore ap s td W ALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. BVBBY NIGHT ! COMMENCING MONDAY, APRIL ?. B18LEY ft MAODIBE 8 1 MPBRIAL JAPANESE TR<?UPB IMPEB1AL JAPANESE TROUPE. 1S1PBM1AL J A PAN EBB TROUPE (.BEAT WONDERS OF AblATIC INGENUITY. WON 1'EKB OF ASIATIC INGENUITY. WONDERS OF ASIATIC INGENUITY. GRAND MATINEE ON WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. WEDNESDAY AND SATLRDAY. | WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY | Tbe overwhelming success which has'attended i tltl- Troupe, is sufficient guarantee of th-?ir unequalled excellence ADMISSION I Orchestra ....?_ ....Si 00 | Drees Circle 7ft Pargu'tt* mj Galleries.? , , 26 ap'-jt* ODD FELLOWS' HALL. kor a short time only, COMMKNClye TUESDAY BVENIBG, APBIL 9, OPBN EVERY NIGHT AFTEB UNTIL FURTHER NOTIOB, AND ON WEDNBBDAY AND 8ATUBDAY AFTERNOONS AT 3 O'CLOCK THE GREAT EUBOPBAN BENSAT10X, THE ARABIAN BNIGHTS ENTBRTA1NMENT ; OK, LOITBBIBGB ON ENCHANTED GBOUND. Aa a?t forth In that Wonderful Production entitled tbe "Arabian Nlgbta,' and embodying, with vivid and atriging grsndeur, those great craatiousof the Imagination which have CHARMED THE WORLD FOB -J00 YBABS. OOMPRISIRO FIFTY 8PLENDI1* TABLEA1 X, Which for Lofty Grandeur and Etbarlal Beaat surpaeo all that has yet 1-e-a produced by man or witne?aad b> mortal eya. will now be exhibited in this city for the first time, as exhibited in the city of London, at St James Hall, for XtsO consecutive nlgbta. to the larg>-st assemblages ever gathered within that renowned resort of tho English Metropolis, and as exhibited in the principal Continental cities, where, during a two years'' tour of nneiam pled success, it was visited by nearly all the CROWBED BEAD8 OF BUBOPE, With their Royal Families, wboitogeth^r with the entire Preaa, Clergy, aad Nobility, have united wltli tba people everywhere in pronouncing It TBB MOST BBAUT1FUL WOBK. OF MODEBN TIMES. ADM1SS10B ONLY TWBBTY FIVE OBKTB. Reserved Beats 60 Cente Admission to Matinaa (all parts of the Hall) - - #4 Cants Children do ...? 14 C uts Doors opaa la the evening at7*4 o'clock; exhibition commence at l.'4 o'cloak Doora oa? n to matlaao at 3 o'clock; commence at S o'clock. Tha aale of raaarvad aeata will commence at John F. Rills' Maaic Store. No. 300 Peansylva la avenue. TOBSOAV MOBBING, aad every day thereafter whllatha exhlbltloa remains ThO agpilooat orgaa naad at tha exhlbltloa Bills, whs la tha eel a agaatfor IMa city far tho aloof tboae snpotior laatramoata. 'V V , ' ; J * Beeave your aoats darlag tho day aad a> old tho crowd obeot thotteBateecoatiUtiu . ?? c , '* *n-'t:,! ?- 1 I * ? tm *" * i 1 j>ti . ro*e- i *. } A tirw il #U f 1 TELESRANI. *?. Tbe whole number of the Canadian volunteer forced which were lecentiy ordered to bold themselves in resainese bave b?en placed 1 uuder martial law. Tbe d ff>rent corps in tbe Toronto district bav? k^n placed under command o! Major General Stisted. The >legrapn I staticn at farther Point u now open for me I season. The reported Indian mauacre at Fort Bo- I ford Is not ciedited at St. Louis. Letters bave I bees received from fort Snlly, of a later dare I tban tbat upon wbl.-h tbe story is ba*ed, I wbicfi reportn all well ana makes no mention cf the disaster. Geaeral Sherman has no I advices of tbe massacre, and disbelieve the report. | Jas. Beau ford. alias "Peppery Joe,"a well- J known expert In tbe burglary line, was ar- 1 r?sted Thursday In Jersey City, charged with I being concerned In tbe robbery of ?l?i,000 1 from tbe Brooklyn navy-yard, abont two I years since. Tbe arrest was made by some I I'nIUd States detectives, who at once started I for Washington with tbelr prisoner. ! Tbe newspapers in California unanimously I favor tbe Kussian-Amencan treaty, and say the extensive Pacific coast line demands tbat we sbonld be placed in tbe most advantageous position, with reference to Eastern commerce, I while tbe political value s sbarply empba- I sued by the British confederation scheme j There have been several heavy commercial I failures in Memphis, Tenn , lately, and others were apprehended; but in most eases the difficulties bave been adjusted to the satisfaction of all parties, and goods which had been seized under the Influence of the momentary panic I have been released. j Thoca?e of Murray A Co, of New York, I against Mclntyre A C? , lottery managers, of I Augusta, (la., was argued Thursday m the j United States Court at Savannah. Tbe court I granted an injunction against Mclntyre A I Co , stopping the draft ol lotteries in the State. Idaho advices to March *2t> detail more Indian evtrages on the Snake and Boise rivers. I There is hardly stock enough left to work the | larmH. Tbe Indians attacked Ower Station, I and killed a driver and two passengers. The other two escaped on horses The soap factory of Ayers A Co., and the I warehouse of Marshall A Doyle, tn the north- 1 em suburbs of Nashville, Tenn., were burned Wednesday night, together with tbelr contents. I Tbe loss is with *C,WK) insurance. The N. Y. Wo rid says Carl Schar* will be a candidate for Congress from tbe'id congres- I sional district el Missouri when he goes out to assume the editorship of tbe Westliche Post. I Tbe United States District Court of Kansas I has granted an injunction against the collec- j ton of taxes on lands belonging to the Union Pacilic railroad in that State The San Francisco Timrt*ays it is reported I that ii new line of steamers to New York via Panama will shortly be pat on. A named King was robbed of -0?,(i00 at tbe Ohio and Mississippi railroad depot in Ciocinati Thursday. Another crevasse is reported at Dnckport. J in Madison parish, Louisiana LOCAL'NEWS. mertisi. OF thk DK*<K katk association.? I A l(i i in tl haul the Loar.t it n<t f i-hen?To \omi- I ii?te. vf not to XoHnnat'?C'afit Geary niyi I L'mt' with the Coruttrvatires?Col. Florence I *ay< Darn the Conaerratiri * '?Ask us to strike I donn thr Democratic Banner??.V??, Sir '? I Shall the Democracy Kn wkli to th Conserva- I tiff -?Nut l,i/ no Mnins.'?i h'' Colonel Chisel- I S-'i hi/ a Colored f/rator?Thr "City I Halt King''?Dies tin ft of Capt. Robinson upon thr ?Huzzaed Roost'' ?D mutt be Claimed I Out?So toys Capt. G' acy?So say th'y all ? I Capt. Geary proposes a Sandwich Nomination. I Democratic Bread and Cemserrafive Ham?A I Dispute?Charge* of "Setliny Out"?The I ' 'hergee Repelled? Xot for Sale '?\o. Sir '? I Don't know a hat you'r< Talking About, You I Doi^t '?*'ol. F/ori nee Launches the. Ark of I

Democracy?Help for Drowning Sinners, but I no Offices?? Let 'em di ip ^awhile on thr Back I Seat ' Pursuant to call, the National Democratic Association held a meeting last evening at I Temperance Hall, for the purpose of taking into consideration the proper course to be udop.ed in regard to the ensuing election Tbers were present Judge Mason, Colonel Florence, Captain William deary. Judge I Clayton, Major E. B. Robinson. W M. Wal- 1 lington. F. A. Aiken. William Flynn. Esq.. Councilman Mead, Alexander Dodge, Edward liammersly, Owen Thorn. J. P. Crowley and abont forty ol the lesser lights of the demo- I cratic party. A few minutes past eight o clock the meet- I ing was called to order by the President. Hon. I Charles Masoc, who took a seat at the presl- I d' nt s table, on the highest platform, with Mr. I W M. Wallington, tbe secretary, by his side: I immediately in front, at a long desk, oil tbe next platform, a la House of Representatives, were tbe reporters of tbe Star, CUcomcle. and /ntelligrnctr. There being nothing to occupy I tbe attention of tbe meeting at first. Colonel Florence remarked, "the reporters looked like a band, and they might be something of a brass band. (The bright lights were in the center." I /apparently referring to two fearfully redheaded reporters present ) Mr. J. P.Crowley arose and offered a retoluticn providing tbat a committee of five be appointed to present to the meeting suitable I candidates for tbe positions of Collector. Sur- I veyor and Register, to be voted for at tbe j June election. Mr. Aiken said, after full consultation with tbe Democrat* oi the city. It was thought bt-si J to make the nominations at an early day Men should be presented whose records were per- I fectly clear and consistent as Democrats. Capt. Geary thought a resolution of this importance should attract more attention. The I great conservative party of tbe city wished to I be consulted in this matter. He was not an I original Jacob of tbe l?emocratic party, but had been an bumble worker in tbe ranks for a number of years, which *e was proud of. He thought th *re %va? a question of more Import- I ance tban making nominations, and tbat was i to see tbat all white voters were registered. It w as the dnty of all Democrats to sound tbe alarm. Appoint a committee to go into the I highways and bv-ways, arouse the people, and sef that the nlute voters were arrested, j As for h:ins?*lf he had no aspiration, he would 1 deposit b:s vote for a Democrat and nobody ! else. (Applause ] We should consult properly, invite the people to come ln'o our meet- I ing We find tbe Democrats and Conservati\es carried the Connecticut election, and for God's ^ake let us get the Conservatives of 1 Washington city to unite with us. Col. Tom Florence said .?He that is not with j us (a against us. He agreed with Capt. I to tb*? propriety of proper and due caution, I but did not agree with him that we should consult any one who did not cheose to affiliate and mintrle with tbe association. He was a conservative man. Tbe Democratic party occupied a censervative position, but what kind i of conserv a ism was thai which now governed the muyu'ipal authorities of Washington city .' [Brings fiet down on settee.] Conversafi>m that does not recognize the newspapers of the Democratic party to communicate with the pe? pie. [Brings fist down on table.] He was sic* and tired of tbe word conservatism. [Brings fist down on window sill.] He was a Democrat?almost a copperhead?but did not care for that. He recollected the history of < the werld too well to care what he was called. 1 All that was necessary was for him to be satisfied that he was right. Tbe Democrats and Conservatives had carried Connecticut. Yes, God be praised, but the reason was tbat the Conservatives of Connecticut sustained the 1 < banner held np by tbe Democratic party. He cared as much tor the biack man a* any one, but denied that he was tbe political and social equal of the white man. The best friends the i darkies had were Democrats, notwithstanding the Major bad said at the Sixth Ward meeting tbat he would hang them ail np. [Referring to speech of Major Morse before Sixth Ward Ward Club ] Let him commence to bang,and he will find be has a d?d hard job to do. Oar souls are in armor, and eager for tbat fray. Then there is a negro fellow. fBeferriag to Geo. W. Hatton.} Let him come and try it. Why, oae of these negro fellows now making speechea at their meettaga came to my bonse once and borrowed mrse dollars, called me "yenr honor,"aad told me tbe Demo, crate were the bast friend* tbe negro syer had. [Great laughtse.] Tbe pnaeiplea of t*e Democratic faith were sobrlght and pare, they being bound to pitmti the Constitutional Union (I don't mean the newspaper,) that all Aseld unite in rescuing ear conntry from destruction. Ash ns te strike down 0?r banner because a fsw Conserrauvsa hraat to eoms here 1 let them atay away, it *i)l b? on their own heads, * wee not willing that the Democrat she*M be made the tools of <*hservatUee, meet of whom jsfSFtjur q c j 19*% * * - m 1 * B ***** I were id tbe City Hall ring, and what did the' care for democracy' [Chasseyd op to tabl" and brought rtet down with a tremendous him 1 nifi od? the o:fcr r day. be said "I am a Democrat, * 1 said "Are you '" Then you have a d ?d bad way cfsbowmg it?" Tbote who were so ?ensitive about affiliating and associating with the Democratic party have do: much spirit sf democracy in them Capt. Geary did not recollect that he and ever said anything in favor of baviug the democratic party knuckle to the conservatives. Mr. Florence.?I did not refer to the gentleman*, I was speaking of a general priuciple Capt. Geary said a laree portion of our few low-clti^ens would like to assoc.ate with n?. The meeting was not large enough. The invitation should be extended, the doors thrown open, and it would be found tne room would not bold all. Mr Aiken rend a local notice, calling attention to the meeting, to show that the rail w is addressed to conservatives as well as Democrats. Capt. Oeary aaid there was onlv one line addressea to the conservatives. We want a large meeting. Men should be selected from each ward to call meetings in their wards next week, and select delegates to a convention to make the nominations. Mr. Thorn ?Are you in favor of two ticket* opposed to radicalism * Cspt G ?No. sir. Mr. Thorn?Then we mu3t make nominations very soon Capt. G. said be had no sympathy with this City Hall ring. As bis friend, Capt E. II. Robinson bad said. It was a d d bu/xards roost," and he wonld like to see it cleared out. [A voice, Good for Bull!"] He tCapt. G.) hoped there would be ward meetings to elect delegates to a convention. Mr. A. Dodge.?Make a (notion to that effect. Judge Clayton was opposed to the resolution of Mr. Crowley, and thought the meeting was too small Swampoodle had not been aroused yet. Mr. Aiken.?When will we have a larger one? Judge C.?If the gentleman will let me make a side remark, 1 will say he has not been much in Democratic meetings during the last four years, or be would have seen larger ones. Mr Wellington?He's got you there. Aiken. Judge Clayton wanted a Democratic ticket nominated in each ward, with no side issues, and success would attend them. Side issues had caused splits in the party, and their opponents bad thus gained the day, but if they wonld stand united it was the only party that could put down radicalism. Hundreds of Democrats did not knew this meeting was called to-nigbt. Let a convention make the nominations, and if they nominate Tom Florence, 1 will vote for him. [Laughter.] Captain Geary ottered the following as a substitute for Mr. Crowley's resolution: so/serf, That the Democrats and Conservative voters of the various wards of the city are hereby requested to assemble in their different wards on Thursday evening next, the llth instant, for tbe purpose of electing five delegates from each ward, to assemble in convention ou the 15th inst, to nominate candidates for the offices of Collector, Register, and Surveyor, to be voted for at tbe ensuing election Mr. Thorn said tbat resolution was offered io have the association take part of tbe City Hall clique in onr ticket. The geutlemau Capt. G ) told me to-nigbt be was in favor of tbe present Keglster as collector. Capt. Geary said Sara Douglass was a personal friend and he did not consider riim allied to tbe City Hail clique. If Mr. Douglas* was on the ticket with a Democrat at tbe head. and a Democrat at the foot, be would support bim. A Voice?"If tbe friends of Douglass get him on the ticket, and tbe frieuds of Forsyth get bim on, then we will have the same old clique. " Judge Clayton wanted it distinctly understood tbat tbe Democratic pirty w?s in tbe field, and be was in favor of the ?ubsti.nt# of Capt. Geary. Col Florence said be liked tbe spirit of the resolution, but did not like tbe reference made to any gentleman as to tbe position he occupies in what is called tbe City Hall ring Capt. Geary?1 have not advocated any gentleman who holds office in the City Hall ring to receive tbe nomination. Judge Clayton?Mr. President, I have the floor Tbe Chair?1 tbink you are getting mixed up Col Florence said if Mr Douglass or any oneelse should be nominated it was the duty of all Democrats to support htm All wbodesire to achieve victory over wrong. We should be imbued with a spirit of Constitutional liberty, tbat is. the position for brave men and men of pluca to occupy and that was tbe position of the Democratic party. Capt. Geary amended his resolution providing for tbe ward meetings on Wednesday, instead of Tbur-day evening, and the meeting of the convention on Thursday evening. Mr. Thorn offered the following knotr-rd Tbat. in tbe opinion of this meeting, no one be nominated for said positions except those who fully and freely place themselves on the Democratic platform. A young man with bulbous forehead rose to object. "This convention should not bind tbat convention." he said. A Voice.??Oh. you're a volunteer to wash tbe hose!" Col. Florence said, as this great Democratic ark was floating over the great waters, after vears of deluge, he trnsted that no one would be allowed todrown. "While the lamp holds out to burn, the vilest sianer may return " He woald not throw any fellow overboard He wonld take them in, but put them on bac k seats on probation A Voice.?Mr. President, I some nere tonight to join tbe association. I therefore move the previous question fLaughter 1 The substitute offered by Captain fleary was adopted. Capt. Geary moved o lay themonor. olMr Tborn on tbe table Mr. Thorn?Well, if we are to sellout, go ahead. Col. Florence ?We are not going to sell out. We bare not paid the auctioneer's license. The resolution of Mr. Thorn was adopted. Capt. Gearv said tbe mau who accused htm of wanting to sell out knew not what he uttered. Mr. Thorn.?i did not say the gentleman would sell out. but 1 sav we will be sold out, and I don't care whether the geutlemau likes it or not! TbeCbair appointed as tbe committee under Captain Geary's resolution, tbe followingnamed gentlemen First Ward?James McGrar. Samuel T. Drnry, Wm. Fletcher; Second Ward?John F. Ennis, John Joyce, Alexander Rutherford Third Waid?w. M. Wallingford. F. A. Aiken. E. F Queen Fourth Ward?John H. Goddard, Oweu Thorn, Geo. G. Dubaut; Fifth Ward?Tnompson Van Riewitk. Dennis Callaghan, Patrick Hickey: Sixth Ward?FrauorMcNerbaney, T. A Tolson. F. N. Ober; Seventh Ward ? Edward Huramersley, John Tboma*. John Adjourned. mkt1ko ow tbi slvinth ward repent!- i ianClOK? A l iraisM Oecfttionist t haryrt O'jatnft Jotrph Williomt, of f 'r- rt- - i rickthvrp?IU Dodge/ the Qu-rtion. t>ut hu iJUt Own* Up?h' Admitt I'otu.g for tUf A.V. ....?>? OrdiHtmcr?H* it Charged itnth B'tmyiva o L'yiium to the Rrl-rl*?Mr. <n*i Utt her. Peyton Br oven?JTW tkrt firoum, bu' I ftiother I East evening, a meeting of the Radical Club of The Seventh Ward was held at Wesley Zion Church, on D etrset south, near ->4; Mr t-. A. i Bos well in the chair, and Dr. Wm Boyd secretary. Tbe church waa well filled, aad a large number of colored females were present. At the door of the church two persons were | engaged in giving away copies of the t rm i L'oder. | The names of the followinr persona were . received, and they were elected to member, ship ?Fisher Carroll, colored: J. M. Hal', colored; Aaron Thompson, colored: W. C. Bnmburger. white; M. T. Parker, white: Lm Edmund*, colored; Allen Jackaou, colored; Rev. W. H. Lee, colored; Henry Vernon, white; Tbomaa Commodore, colored; and 1 William Harris, colored. < The following were announced as the committee to represent tbe ward tn ths Central i Association t F. A. Boa well, (whits) H. O. 1 Johnson, (colored) Rev. W. J. Walker, (colored) Arthur Parnell, (colored) and C. S. , Bates, (white). , Dr. Boyd offered n series of resolutions here- , tofore adopted, with an additional resolution, declaring that no nan who has endorsed kMy Policy** and haa not endorsed tbe loyal Congress or haa with be la the per centum to tha , colored school fund nan sxpoct or shall hare any nomination to office. JKo wonld simply refer to ths fact that oae man tad reosntly dons much to somtnate himself Mr u. Bates offered as a subs tit sis Its reso- 1 at tta OsMtral Associatioa at I Cbeir last ?Haft tat anbsoqaon'ly with4 - W ' V;* ft w I drew them, u<t ib? resoluttoae ?f D' I J< were adopts. Mr Joseph William*, of Frederi >Vm. , rfsuktd that be kid a p4i*tvi bring before tbe meeting. and proo?ed?d *o reed icm?' !?-tters to prove hi* loval'v. ? ? * marked taat h? had iearnee ratber clandestinely that a inarge of disloyalty bad t~+ri brought ag aiast him, aad ki?o t?tt fe<> ea<i reported to tbe rebel authorities a Union m?i. who was impntoB?d by them Ha ?i?k*d u< pror ounce these reports at slanders, and the au-bor of ibra a cooanmmate blacken ari Mr. J. H Crane a?ked wbai ?u alt this talk a bo tit ? Wbo wa.* tbe man ? Mr. William* an*wered that be dir. n?r. know. and did not wiab to know each a man Mr. C'raaa remarked that be understood tha; William* voted for the ordinance of fvwiot, Mr William* did not answer tbe qa~noa. but -wiu ti'd off to assail the and to m%it* a warm endorsement of tie J>-n r?r and its uitor, r?(cmn?ndm( it to support, and pitcbe>* Into Mr Dison for not giving it the tai adrer. U;emer.t. Mr Crane here ro?f to a paint of order that the fentleman was roui| into another iob^c". other thsn the one be had the fon?#: or the mating to ?pi ak on, and acaia a tated that h* understood that be , W illitiin*) bad voted fcr tbe secession ordinance Mr W illiama b*in( ,ornered, finally after ?*me hesitation, admitted tbat be did vote for tbe secec-loa ordinance, and be proceeded to make a -hurtling explanation He said tbat when tbat ordinance wa* before tbe people be was in tbe militia but wa* detailed in a bap, and when he went to the poll*, in answer to the question as to bow he would to?. ka aaid tbat 1 vote tor tbe rigbt of tbe peopla to revolution ize when oppressed,' aad be prasnmed his vote wss recorded in favor of tbe ordinance. If be bad voted sgatnst it ba would have been placed in the service immediately, and he did vote as s tated to save btmeelf from being put in tbe confederate amy (Cries af "Ob . Oh !** "A fine t'mou man '"] Mr 4? N Hate* remarked tbat Williama aad made tbe a**ertian tbat Klvans. Hall, and otber* were conniving to cbeat tbe colored people in regard to tbe election. Mr. Williams.?I pronounce tbat a falsehood. Mr Hates continued by repeating tbe assertion. statin* tbat tbe remark was made by Mr William* on bis way from tbe Mnrdor Hay mee-ing, to tbe Chair. (Mr lluewell., Mr Hepburn, and others. Mr William* denied tbat ba bad made sncb an assertion, and stated that reepec;ng Mr. Flvans as higb as be did, be conid not make such an assertion m reference to bim. Mr Hate* remarked tbat ba wonld not any anything more oa tbla subject, bat w*ald reter to another A short time ago ba called on a gentleman from Fredericksburg, and oa Mentioning tbe r.ime of Mr. Williama tbe gentleman told bim not to mention 11 again, as be wa* tbe man who reported one JobaOorrey for a*king a slave if be wonld like to be tree, causing his arrest and imprisonment by tbe rebels. X.*x Newton Brown was bis informant, and he also stated that Williams belonged to tbe rebel church He thought if Mr. Williams could not date his republicanism further back than be bad, tbat be abould aot make sucb a sweeping denunciation of a gentleman of tbe character of Mr. Brown Rev.W J. Walker (colored) raised tbe point tbat personalities were ont of order. The Chair tuled a* tbe challenge had been made it could be answered. Mr. J T . Cost in (colored i suggested that a few week * siuce a resolution had been adopted tbat ail sucb Mibtecu should be referred to tbe executive committee. The Cbair remarked tbat be wonld permit; no more discussion on tbe subject, and it wonld be leferred (ten Gerhardt was introduced, and addressed the club, and was followed by P. H. Rhinehart, of the L'nd'r. The latter, in referring to what bad been previously said, remarked tbat if tbe Brown spoken of was tbo ssme who a few year* since was sta.ioned at Wesley Chapel, be was cot a friend of tbe rights of man Mr Bate*?"He is not the maa; 1 spoke of Newton Hrowu, and yon are speiaking of Peyton Brown." Mr. K continued, that in lPd-J he took a notice to Wesley Chapel, announcing tbat Dr. John S. Rock, a colored man. of Boston, intended to deliver a lecture, and tbie Mr. Brown?Peyton Brown, a* he had been informed?refused to read it from his pulpit. He would ndvise tbe colored men to nominate their friends for office?their tried friends? and be would not object to their nominating men of their own color?John F. Cook, for instance. lor whom be would vote in preference to IIk k Wailach. Mr O S Baker and others also addressed tbe meeting. IROM KlROPK Lou do it. April 5 ?The budget was laid before the House of (Vmmons last nigtt by Mr. lusraeli. It gives general satisfaction, aad la well received by 'be pree* and Parliament. All hope:- for tbe safety of l>r. Livingatone have been abandoned Kate adviceeifrom Cape of Good Hope confirm beyond doubt the report of bis death lu ni in, April 5?Kvenmg ?Tbe desperate rebel who wis recently taken prisoner la tbe flgbt near this city, and gave his name a* MeClure, proves on'examination to be Celonel McL?#ei. a prominent Fenian agitator, farmer!y an cttUer in the T'nited State* nervine. Beri i?". April 5 ?The North German Parliament will ndtourn on tbe 15tb tns'aak Tbe PrntMan Government is about to raise a loan of 3u tbalers Tin Niw Yokk WoBkiMuMi*.?On Tuesday night tbe cigar makers of New York held a/meeting At this meeting tbe president announced that business wa* very dull, and It wa* rot the intention of tbe cigar makers to ask any increase of wages, as the eigar *rade would not at present admit of any snch step It wa* determined to adnere to preeeat wages, bowever, and several members were expelled for working at less rates than tbose established by the Society The Plasterers Society also held a meeting on Tuesday nigbt. This Society has a fund ef nearly ?4,UU0 on band, and last month it gave *>l,?<uoto the plasterers of this city to aid them while out strike, Tbe plasterers discussed tbe eight-hour system, and also a proposal to increase wages from94.50 to S5 a day. With regard to demanding the lacrease now. tbe Society voted?yeas IK. nays 1( ~. and a two-tbirds vote being neoeaeary to carry it. the motion was lost. Tbe brass founders of New York formed a trade society on Tuesday night. Tbe carpenters of New York are -till on a strike for *4 a day, and ? employer* have acceded to tbe demand. A number of employers still refuse it. however. Ax lncii?i?T or All Fools' Oat.?Tbe following story is related to us by an eye-witnest: On tbe first instant a plain old farmer while taking a stroll around the market dropped his plethoric pocket-book on Seventeen Lb street, and the wai! was soon surrounded by a crowd of rnn-Iovmg urchins, watching eagerly for some one to pick it np. Sundry passersby stopped te appropriate the treasure, bat were deterred by *he uproarious laughter of the boys and 'he shouts of ' April Foal" which irvariably greeted them After some time, theold gentleman discovering his loss,returned in search of bis treasure, and to hie faflnit# surprise discovered it lying on tbe pavemen-, surrounded by the group aforesaid. L*?-i Iv gtasping it. uudisturbed by the laughter waicb grated him. be opened it. and counting over a goodly pile of greenbacks, pronounced it "all light." and declaring tbat be bad ne idea tbe people in Richmond were so honest, went ea Lis way rejoicing, leaving tbe urchins to cast wondering glances at tacb ether and *ideavorirg to discover where tbe laugb came in.?Enqtiirrr Llviroe SKiziftas m Bostos.?A large w holesale and retail liquor store in Boston wa* visited on Tuesday by the State constabulary. and tbe entire stock of goods, a large por-ion of which was wines, was seixed. No small portion of the stock in trade was in original packages.' There was considerable excitement ir. an lies led by tbe bystanders while the seizure was being made, and tbe officers engaged in the work were greeted with booting*. and other uncomplimentary demous'rations. and at one ume it was leared tbat a riot would be tbe consequence. Tbe stock washy tar tbe largest tbat has as yet been seized at sny place, and was worth from tlti,0U0 to ?ts.ofc. b^F.igbt brick school houses, to coet?.T7<i.<H<0, ire about to be built in Chicago. yA reverend in Hamlin, Ohia, was fined for cemmming an assault and battery on hie wife at tbe breakfast table oa a Sunday morning. NTTne Assembly of Wiacoaain has rejected, bv a vote of ft to 48. the bill making adultery the only ground of divorce. i^Tbe Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle estimates tbe number of the disfranchised classes in that State at ?,77t. tar Joseph R Hawley, wbo was tbe republican candidate for GoTeruor at tbe recent Connecticut election, isanativeof North Carol ina. ^Seventy-fire new bulldlnra. twenty of them saw mills, baye been batlt lb Pensacola, Florida, since tbe war. VThe house carpeators of (few York bare itrnck for lonr dollars par day, aad a great many of tae bosses baye acceded to tfceir terms. MTThe property known as tbe Geld Ridge farm, in Prince William coaaty, Virginia, iras disposed of tbe otber day, to ft. A. Wbeelock, for *<S3,MMt, or 9100 per acre. 7*The people of Ttsas Bear tbe Rio Qraade torder are utterly iadifftoreat ah eat me workings ot tbe Military ReoonetrueOoa Mil, protewing really as macb allegiaaoe to Hexiaa is they do to tbe I Jailed mates, aad takiag decidedly more iaiereet ia bar affairs. .It IP