Newspaper of Evening Star, April 6, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 6, 1867 Page 2
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4 THE EVENING STAR. The Until Citcnltlioi ii the District W. D. WALL4CH, K4tt*r mm* Pr*rH?Ur. WASHINGTON UlTTf: SAT1RDAY APRIL 6, IW, I VR1ADIXO MATTRB 0? *V?*Y PAGK BMM Ul TSIDI FOR I?Ta**?TinU TUB' Gkaphic and other matter THE KETl'KN OF RE \SON. Mo better evidence ot the recent hopeful change id the political attitude of tbe people ; of tbe South, resulting from tbe firmness of Congress in dealing witb the question of re. construction has been brought to our notice tban tbe guarded comments of tbe press in tbat section on tbe Connecticut election. There is no "jubilation," Ard they do not 6eem to see the coming "reaction" promised by some of meif conservative contemporaries in the North, bn: bare evidently I come to the wise concln.-ion that their 1 iuture tat* rests with themselves alone. | ud?? does not depend on the gain or loss | of one ?r two I>emocratic Representatives in Congress. The Richmond papers are unusually reticent on the subject. The Whip says it j Is - because they have forgotten how to crow over election results." Bnt there is something more in it than this. They at last begin to re. ! alize that sell-interest is the ruling motive with their Northern sympathizers, and hare determined no longer to sacrifice the good of their section for the donbtful prospective advantages of an alliance with tne anti-He pub- 1 lican pariy of the North. The case is aptly stated by the Charlottesville (Virginia) Chrun. , i >, which says- * Neither the Democratic party, nor President J obnson, nor the Supreme Court is coinc to be of aiiv service tn th? J^-nth."' It sensibly advises the people in that section not. as usual, to tly off the hf?lve { abont tbe Connecticut election, nor to fait back &gain m hope opoa tbe Democratic party, laying "The Northern Democracy h irr *?/ for u* is peace: they h<rrr none in >r<rr. Their "a&ject is to male*- party capital; and tbe South Is merely a b;tll tbat is struck by tbe bats of tbe contending parties Hut tbe very moment Ben Wood k. Co ebow their beads plainly and ran up boldly tbe Itemocrattc Hag, and call oa tbe Sou h to stand by 'here is <x unit, that very moment will th* Sortk be a unit against tbe South and all tbe Democratic tbamplcns. It is hatred and fear of tbe Democratic party (whose-trengtb waa in tbe South) that has maae tbe Northern people so *aarp and so extreme with the South. It is this hatred and fear which has kepi tbe sore running since the war. There will be no peace Jor tk< I Sfv'h i*ti> thr VtHOcreitic yarty meireh't ojf th' JUM t>f b^'tl*.'1 DISPOSAL OF ITBLIC LAND. iuo wiaBiistwyrr 01 tue Ufaersl JLind Office hm received returns showing an aggregate disposal of le,C J* acres of the public lands during tbe month ot March- at the following local ellices : Tallahassee. Florida. acres, under the homestead act of J one -.Mst, IS6., which confines the entries to 9) acres each; East Saginaw. Michigan. fi,1P2 acres: Ironton, Missouri, 1,7K> acre*; lotiia. Michigan, 1,661 acres. At the last three named offices nearly all tbe land disposed of was taken for actnil settlement and cultivation. Since tbe opening of tbe office at Tallahassee, Florida, thirteen hundred and eighty-five farms have been added to tbe productive force of the State. THK WHITE HOUSE. The usual crowd of visitors were in atten. dance to-day, and a large number had inter. I views with tbe President, among whom were several Senators and Representatives Attorney General Stanberry and Postmaster General Randall had an Interview with tbe Prescent this afteranon. LAND PATENT.". Tbe Commissioner of tbe General Office has. during tbe past two weeks, transmitted for de livery to the patentees 1 .*23 patents tor laud sold for cash, and located with Military Bounty land warrant* and Agricultural College -crip The patents were fur entries made at ! BoonT.lle. Mo., lies Glomes, Iowa, baa Olaire, ! Wis . Kast S&giraw and Ionia,Mch ,St. Beter ard Du Suetb. Minn. NATIONAL BANK CURRENCY l>urlng the week ending to-day tbere has J been issued from the Treasury Depar:ment I *jT..">00 in national bank currency, making the total amount issued np to data ? t02,:]&,-266. , 1'roru this is to be deducted tne currency returned, including worn-out notes, amount- I ing to ?'J.*V7,5?^. leaviug in actual circulation at -his date f RACTIONAL CURRENCY. I>unng the week ending to-day there has been received at the Treasury Department from tbe printers svi?9,jO<> m fractional cnr rsncy. During tbe Mtm? period there has bwn : :or?ard?-d to national banks ??>.>,7">?.92 iu currency. ?16,W 0 to I's to I* uit*d States depository at Baltimore, and ?I5<MK> iu l't and 2's to the Affiant Treasurer at New York DISBURSEMENTS Durine the past week tnere has been disbined from the Trea.-ury Department thetol- ! lowing sums ol money: War Department, 1 3^77; Navy Department, Interior, Total, <1,->4V'5?> SECURITIES HELD, Tne securities held by the Treasurer ol the I nlted States in trust for National Banks re. i ported to-day. are as follows: For circulating ' notes, *34ti,610.960; as security for the deposits of public moneys, 38?8U,93t>. Total, ?170,491.**. DESIGNATED DEPOSITORY. The Omaha National Bank, at unabi, Nebraska. has been designated as a depository ?/ public moaey. the securities necessary for tbe ; fsnrostiEi Deen deposited witb tbe Treasurer of tbe United States. FRACTIONAL currency DESTROYED. Daring ibe week ending to-day tbere has been redeemed and destroyed at tb?? Treasury I'epartment -33-.MO in fractional currency. coirrtlsid ahd Kb-iectcd?Tbe Senate in Executive session has confirmed ibe nomination of Alexander Asbotb. of Mississippi, Mmister Resident to the Republic of Uraguay, and rejected tbe nominations of ex-Senator Neamith, of Oregon, as Minister to Austria, and ilea. Sol. Meredith as Surveyor (ieu-ral of Moniano Territory. It is said a motion baa been entered to reconsider tbe rote by wbicb Lore 11 U. Rousseau wa* confirmed as brigadier general. i'zath o w tlx - Skm ator Evanr.- A telagraphic di?patch received here tbia forenoon* uom a ?o? of Hon. George trans, io Portland, He., atatea that bla father died tbero laat n ght. Tbe iieceaaed represented bis State igbteen jearn in tba Honsa of KepreaantaUTes. andatx years in tbe I'nited States Senate, with credit to bimaelf and State Ha was a man of dlatfngaiabed ability, especially in financial matter*. Txa Otn Capitol ?Tbe arrangements for tbe sale of tbia biatoric building were completed tbu morning. Tba price abont #3V>,(*0. it was pnrcbaaed for tbe Maw York Hotel Company, wbo intend to ereet a large and tplendid botel on tba site. Iktioal Rn*ri-The receipts from tbia source te-day were *314,3.'>I17, making tba total amount for tbe waek ending to-day and the total since the beginning of the present Ducal year. >-?M9.S?i, IA3.?1. Thbeb \* as a ibin Senate to-day, many ot the ?rmbera being ao??nt from tbs cny. li ?eema pratty certain mat theaesslou will con* iidm tHroaib ell Mst week. K/">'ruB J. gfcllliofftoB, Odeon Building, we nave Tk? Gala*y tar April 15, (concluding the third TOlatne.) and T*' Btaclc fitted 0/ th' Prai. ia highly teaaoned ssnaauoa story. ?y-Wsdnsaday. ike 10U tastaat, u tba day cb which Lbe ^bbbtion of caUlag b Coaetitu. t tooai CoBveaUoa ta Mary land, la to be aeC )B*d. P?p.?owal ?Senator Oameron ha* rone to Harrtsburg, but ia expected back early nest w?ek. I GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. wa*hiitoto?, April G, ie?7. Jay Oooke & Co furnish the following quotations of Government securities: Buying StUina (7. 8. Uoapon, 1SB1 i,,o w U. 8. Fire Twenties, ia?e jjg U. S Five Twenties. IBfli 107w Jgg U. S. Fi*e Twenties. l<r\ 10HS U.S Five TwentieOanJcJhc I(i7j4 U. S. Ten Forties 9?v pjj. r. S. Seven Thirties A?* '06% II V Tk.MU. t__. - V. juu?,laIalIU3| Hk>% u. 8. beren Thirties. July 106* 105\ WBW TOES FIRPT BOARD 0ALBS Coupon* 109 1(1.40 6 9* 5.??, 1?*W 109\ T Wf., August.... lO". S.tfi'e, 1*04 HCjfc 7.00 s, Jane li&fc .Vfi's. IDS ?.3u's, July 3JW*, Jn A Jjr,'?.lU7% ttold 13-'* . * . riNANHAL. Lewis Johnson & Co . quote Stocks and Bonds la home and foreignmarketaa* follows: Niw York. April 6 ?1st Board?U. S. 1^1 Coupon 6's, 1 >9. do.. 5-VO's, U. S. Vs 10-40 s. Coupons. 'H. Mo. Stale 6*s. WW; Canton Co.,41 %: Onmbert'd Goal (Jo prerd.HO^; Quicksilver Mluing Oo. 31 % , New York Central R R . Kr>e Hallway, 55\: Hudson River R. R., 136k, : Reading K K . Icl*. Michigan Central K.H ; Mu tngan Southern and N.Indiana R. R.7i\, do. guaranteed. Illinois Or irai it.n., n*\: Cleveland and Pittsburg KR , 74; Cbiraco and ISortnwes'ern K. K . S-'t do. preferred. H, Cleveland and Toledo K K. H9: Cmchro and Rock island R. R.,^7;; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne, and Chicago K R , Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, "i>Xi Pacific Mail, 12?\: Gold. !pm, 13* \ T it Krs?A*-A?r*Bioaif Triatt -A dispatch to the Secretary of War, from Gen HallPCk. rlflfpri K?n Vrin^ia^A An*ii ? ?VW| upiu 1IU, omjs ? ' I learn Jrom a gentleman who has recently visited many parts of i.'ussian America that its value is greater than ha* been eupposed. The rejection or the treaty would cause great dissati?l?ctlon on this (Out, especially in California.' noartennaster General Meigs also writes to the fiw-cretary of State that be can concei\e of no greater boou to tie Pacific State?, and >p?*fiUs of the \ alue of the fisheries and timber as equal to that of Nor w ay He says 'As a lover ol my country, anxious for the rrowtb and prosperity, strength and virtue of the nation. 1 should value Russian America, its fisheries and mines, beyond the hot plains of Mexico or the fertile plantations 01 Ouba." Commodore John Kodgers, commandant at the navy yard at Bo?ton, writes in favor of the acquisition, urging its importance to the navy He eays the "fisheries and timber may be \erjr ml 11 It hi* rh? tlmhor ? .......v . trw- ..vumuj eu iu a CUfl&l so bare as that of tbe Pacific," and that the price would be a bagatelle considering the facts that a few bouses in Broadway would amount to as much, an?l that the >alue of the ground in New York proposed tor the post < flic? is ?etimated by some parties at five millions of dollar*. Cba*. Fosdick Fletcher, of Philadelphia, thinks "we shall want all the fieh that can be caught there t? feed our rapidly increasing population."' OlSERiL S< H0F1KI.DP ORI'KR ON 1\K .ISTKATioK ? (leneral Schofield ha- issued an order providing for registration In Virginia. There is to be one registering officer tor each magisterial district in the counties, and one (or each ward in the cities. The qualifications are: Having been an othcer in the United States army, or being & loyal citi/en ef the conntv In "which he acts. or ot some other county in the state. He must have a high rh*r?fl?r *n<i ?" '?* ?- - - lui ?o pueoIUIC U?VP IQP confidence of his fellow-citizens. He shall not be a candidate lor auy office. One officer of tbe army or bureau in to register in earh t entity. The city appointments of all officers ?re to be made by General ScbottHd. 011 rec. ommendation by an examiuing board of army officers. ft/*Tbe act of Congress vesting tbe appoint. meiit ol Marshal of ibe Supreme Court of tbe 1 nited States in mat body does not interfere Willi ibe marsb&lsbip of tbe District of Columbia Mr (Joodmg continuing to bold that office. |Y"^=?CULl MBIA lYPOGUAPHlUAL BOUlLL3 ITY-A Stated Meeting will be l.ald THIS ( Bainrday ) BVKK1NO, at TH o clock, io tbe tiouaci. Chancer, Cit> iiall.^A full attendance Is de mil poro-aii 01 ii'i-hakl Uatok, the Tenerabl Ti?Mu(?r, will be pr> ntod to the Society. It* E MacMI'BBAY. *-t. ftec. rr*F-?VoTli;B-The membere of the OOMOOELL3 L>1 A Bra riguMUd to attend a meeting ob bl mDa?, April 7tn MSB. at. If M. liABBBUEQH, Preaideat nfy? I. O O F?The C<>mmittM to maka ar LL3 raagaaeata for the TnankegiviBg aervioa* ontbe 36th inatani, will hold ? mMltiioi TQMDAI ETBNI3iG. 9th I netant, at 9 o clock. A tall attendance i? oe?atial. ap I St |ry=?BEV. J W.OHABLTON will Breach r9. LL3 V )at Eaet Wuhn>?taa Methoiiet ProUs tantChurch, corn r Jth atreet aaat aa-l Virginia arauue, To Me>BBO W < Sunday? MOBBINU, at 11 o'clock, and ut 7S o'clock p. m. The public are invited to attend It rr^=>THBl?MBmBs or st. johbb obb LL5 MAM LITHKKAN OBUBCH.on ?X stare hereby requested to attand diTiaa aurvioaua TO nuMRlIU A--" *? ? . r af.n l ?u r?nor J. H Vo>shi.RB, of Batttaiora, will de the mtnUterial eervlca It* (r^^oamMAa zioNa <jongbeoation115 k?T PMtor VKT will *iM?h*tth?T?mpmancaBail every BAHBaTII, it 11 ?clock a. m .to the above only recently formed CMirin tioa Oar German citl/eoe are reepoctfaUy Invited to attend. It* rre?ON TO MOBB0W (Sunday) MOBBING* LL? at 10', o clock Man, B?v FATBEB HA rTlRB, Pieaidant Georgetown College, will da' liver a sermon la Trinity Church, Georgetown, in ?id of the improvement* 1b the Old Trinity Chnrcb. It* rv^?PBOSI'BCT 1JILL CEMETEBY. Tar tin deairlog to pnrehaaa Lota or Single Bitea of Ground in Proof ct Bill Cematery should cation ? BOH WIBBBING, Htn "treat, betwen 1> ai d B.orO. FB1C8, 7th etreat. between New J ork avenge and L ?tre<t >y t Mt* ffl CENTRAL BUILDING ASSOCIATION LL5 A monthly meeting of tha CENTBAL BUILDING ASSOCIATION . for tha reception of duea, will be held In tha Council Chamber, on TUESDAY EVENING, the nth - * o'clock. 1 1tw.m00bb. Secretary. fVm=?TBMPEBANCB MBBTING?The WABHUJJ 1NQTON TIMPkBiMOK BOOIBTY will hoid ita regular public meetlef at T*oip?r?nc* Hall- ob B etreet, TO MOBBOW < tfuadayi BYEMING, at 7% o'clock. Bhort. tolling and eloquent MltrMiM will be delivered by inrtl prerninrnt atee of the Temperance cause The public are invited to attend JOHN 8. H0LLIHQ8HB&D. It* President NV aeblDgtoa Ten. Society. fyHsp- ATTfcHTlOH. KIBBMBH ! - You are LL3 her bv at P W&LLiCU H OOICON HALL, I'enuiiylvaBia avenue, corner 4't treet, wbeie you will rind a rer\ fine aieortmetit of GAUNTLETS. aelltng oil below coat 91 per pair' .' I per pair The very article to complete your dreea at the graad parade. ap & tt nr#^8pbcial mbbting of thb tfoabd LL? or tbadb a meeting of t he Board of Trade will be held at tl.elr rooBe MONDAY. April 8. at 7* e'clook. lor tbe purpcae of considering the beet way to distribute the menev rallwiarf Ia? tk? .nir?.i? - - ? In the Boathern State*. Ulti/.?aa desiring to tab crlbe can 4o 10 by IfMlit their names with W. H. Oiagett. at the Board of Trade room*. full moetlac of the nrmb?ri 1* detlred. ay St K. 8AEPO. Secretary Y*F?BBQ18TRY NWT10E - Metice la hereby 15 (Iveu to all qualified voter* In theFOU BTH * AID that the Jodf< * of Bl'-ction appointed to register voters soder the ?-t of Ooncree* apft roved February A. IBO.eiHtlfd "An act to aimab Illegal votlax In the Diatrict of Colombia, ami for other purpoeee," will be In *eMlon,atthe ( omnioa Council Chamber, OUr Hall, on HOBDAT, TUESDAY and WIDNKSDAY, April 8th, 9th and iOth, from I to 7 o'clock 9. m , ami on TfltlBBDAY. April 11th, from 4 to 8 o'clock p. m. lor the parpoa* of recei vlag a ad reoordlif their oam<*. apa tf 8. V. 10T1I, Secretary. rr^>PDBLIC MMTIMO.-The WHTTBOITI 113 ZZKS of the TOUBTH WAF.D are in ited to attend a public meeting at U.? City Hall ob BATCBDAY EVBHIHO next. a. half Mat I *evtin -ciock. 10 sncti mewurti uwrbt dMBAd DKMn to Mean ft foil re*i?try of tb? jot^r- of tbft ward. Citizen# of tho different Wftrda are cordially Invited to M ?roMBt. t|3 4t* Xf 0T,0M??iSVJ[?g?,"~T" *? Wit** iMiTiii'iOryici, i Cut Hui, WisHiHtttM, D C , J to o r? ?r ot'jeri w* o n m' Wt^Po to * *?*???&& tst'xcr&jauga U,t tho wator rent for i??i. tui KDMty vblch larolTn tlta tn *sM(. !sBg?g *% II V vabvaoamjv w VIIIUK, i yiift it krrtby Hrm, that the Uc*om1'Ku?4 U> owner* of Wacoiia, Carta. and Br&ra will ?: aire on tk? fl rat Moadar in iiM Liot-naw nmit bo ronowod, ta cMaltlwS with law, at tbia office *ithla trndayaatorthattline . ,* BAliOlL I. DOC LA8B, tfl dta?1g . Beftetar. I #1 ITABI.IIIID 111 l7~^ ... ft. riMVlOB, #71 Piin. atbkvs, coaxal in itiin, ^ Oafitoj. Bull, at u?r I TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. i FROM EUROPE TO-DAY. (By Cable to tb? Assoc. ated pr?M.) IjOIMv. April I?Noon.?Coiioli for money. 91. Erie". 37*, Illinois Ontr&l. 7~\\ U. t>. flrA.iwontite K*a>kpo*t, April ??V S r, m.'b, 7*. Paris, April 6?United ^ttt? Fui'-tirritips, open at 54 V LivanroOL. April 6?Noon.?The Cotton mnrkri i? dull and inactive atd prices have turtner declined vd The sales to-dty will not exceed 7,00u bales, Middling Uplands, l%Xa . Orleauc. 13d. Breadnnffs ? Tto# rnnrket is firm, Flour, SSs f?d for Western Canal. Waeat 13s ?d loi Ailwaukie red, and California white. Corn 11#. per quarter for mixed Western; Barley 4s 7d. perot) pounds Oats 3*- Id per *3 l!>s. The Provision market is quiet. Pork, 77s 6d . lleef, I2r~ Cd , Bteou. %f>s Rd. Lard, lr?s . Cheese, 6t*s The prodace market ia generally unchanged, Spirits Turpentine, 37e. Tavtww Anvil it iviii'un, nfiu w?*1 wu.? mr iiiiricE ire generally unchanged; Oloverseed, Linseed. Scotch pig Iron, 528 Sorer** of the Haytien Revolution Bovrow. April 6 ?A private letter received m this city, diited Port au Prince, March 11, confirms the report of the overthrow ot tbe Government of Hayti. Two attempts were made by tbe revolutionary party, the first on tbe vr.'d of February, at tbe capital, wbieh tailed af'er tbe leaoei a of the insurgents. Prospero and bis f-on, bad been killed, and a seccond. a few day* after at St Marie, wbich was successtal. President Oeffrara finding that pnblic feeling was strong against him sent in his resignation, and on the lrith ot Marcb embarked with his family on a French man-of-war for Jamaica A new President of Hayti mti^t be elected A 'Defaulter. MrDflO>. IV. Y . April 9.?Joseph Hasbrooktbo defaulting cashier of tbe First National Back, was taken from jail laatevenlnr on a requisition irom the I'nited States Marshal, and conveyed to INew York, where be will have an early trial before the United States Court. Dead. Portlawp, Mk . April 0?The Hou. (ieorge Evans-, of Portland, formerly Senator from Maine. and for many years chairman of the f*enate Committee of "Commerce, dle<J ihis morning. aged seventy years Fire. Eaicobt, JVIe . April 6 ?A Are broke out la*t evening on Whalen's wharf, and all the buildings were consumed. |\AI1LIA8, GLADIOLUS, TBEEti, SBBUltS, F Ylnat, Boai-s, baeda. Fern? and I?r fur baa ketstoraal by A P MOBB1S. 'u., a?6 St* 573 L atreet, near 7th VOUBfl AMEBIOAN PEBIODlOAlTSE0AE 1 STOBS "THE BOBE"-Bast l?c>*nt Oigar in Washington. "TBI CAUTU8"?Moat popular 14 rent Oiftar in Washington. ECOENROCIL FOBb A BBO . Kaw \orkave., let. llth aud 11th str *?# 3t? SILK HAT8 FOK THE BI'BINU fin mr.A > ? I ?? #??.??-? ? i ?. .?w k ... i u" minii opi 1IIK siy.e HILK HAT, tor l$r> SO only, and the broad r-m """tj'*HAT.o-"-D1TTEICBt H B?t Manufactory . ay 8 St* 4aft 7th etr??t, betweea U aid II. TBK BIBT AND BICBK8T *?ortin~nt yf UOhMI and TBIMMIMtt BIBHOM keep* LB WIS K A A K, 3i2 Market Spac $1 2 > KID OLOTIS $1.U4 KID QLOVB8 of snr own Importation, all i vl ndid mallty, at $1 siipfr p?r,c LEW 1 3 BAABD, 3'4 Mar .et Spa- ? Jl bT BIOK1VBD. BBAL OLUNT COL LA B.3 from 7tc , i7c . 91, SI tO M aple LEW 13 BAAB. 34 Market Space. UMAriMIM: nviinn ? "? * airaittiHU D 8TIIA W HAT8?ud BONN BTS can be d*.n? at LEWTS BAABH 34 Market Bptca 'l'HB LATEST 8TYLB OF MAB3EIL TBIM1 MlNObu LEWIS BAAB. *1 6 if 3if Market Bp.tce RI WOOD. HOC6B AND SIGN PAINTBE. No. 310 B atrMt, I twesa lJth and lStfe at*. Graining. Glaring, Ac., uted with i.aatnea* and diapatcb. All work w arranted to pleatta. *|Mt* J^BW CBOP MAPLE 8YBCP. A t?ip?rior article./a at recalr d and for ?*;- by THB NOBTHBB i'BODUCE CO.. ftp 5 St* Pewnt. ?T?.t tat. 10b >?< 11th <t?. |/ OB MOUNT VEBNON ! ! The t>t*?mer for Mount VtnogCjj^M^ leftvft- tli* Wharf foot of 7tl> at lOo clock BVEBV T11DBBDAT and 8ATGB DAY MOBN1NO. Fare, (trip ? w* rrwiygai rotomio * ?rry uo. CABBIAGlb CABBIAGB87 CABBIAGKS. We h?Tp on band the largest stock of- ma. OABBIAOBS r vflered in tliie'-itr, new and s-cob-1 h nd, Ituslneee Wag W"W1 obs, Ac , ell or latest strlee and finish, whloh we efljr to buy era at are at barf ains. to redace stock Bep ailing done at reasonable rate*. J. m. YOUNG, Jr.* BBO., 403 Penns\ Irani a a and a?8St* 47? 6th street. |> BFBIOBBATOBS *v _ ... BEFBIFKBAT0B8. Just received.a large assortment at 1. H.A H I CBIOOBT'S, 3tfl Pennsylvania avenue, _*P < lw near 7th street. S^HILPBBN'8 OABBIAGB8 V CH1LDBEN B CA1BIARIR CHlLDKkNti C'AKBIAGEB. A very large assortment of CITII.DHKWS CA li H I Alt KS. of tbe latest itr l? and nneat flnieh jnat r< coi\ed at C. BOf PBBT'B. 498 7th etreet, for tale at price mach lower than they can be obtained elaewbere ap 4 S? COOK IN O BTOV KB" COOKING STOTW. Tboae in v ant of a good article wl'I pleaae call and >e? the ABBITBB GAB B. H k H.I. GBBSOBl'S. 3*21 I'ennay Tenia avenue, ip 4 1* near 7th afreet. RON I K B BAfcB BALL BMI'OBIUM. x Sole agent of Horaman'a celebrated New York I'.eee 11*11 lsiorliim,! keep constantly on band ? arge and well ?elerte<l aUck, or furnlabed to order. Baa* Bella. Bate. Belte. Prize Bat*. 1'rl/e B Ite. Baaee.tsboea, spi ken.Oape. Bhlrta. Oroqa-t, Martelle. Score Booka, Score Bheeta, Fool Fltit.Prlu BalU, and Kehoe'a celebrated Ihdian Clubs,by the wholesale au.l retail. Baee Ball, Cricket. Croquet, and HartelleOlubt* ahould tend for our price list. Liberal discount made to dealera and cluba Illustrated and descriptive pnce list sent ?d application. *. A. OBOMIM, 23* Pa. _MOTICM?Will ergaulxed Ba-e Ball and Cricket - w.. ? nlor. please fnrnlsh me with fj JL their ofticera. address of eert tary, ami location of play pronn<l *- ap4-lm jtahct a n dm il li mkb yqo od 8 m bvbby yabikty. Jl *} ,uWi' a of ill kinds n.entof ?Ur ' ?mbr*clB? complete aeeortvilDB AMD NABROW BIBBON8. FIHB ?BBMCH 7LOWBB8. In all the latest shapes. B0*H* T8 D H ATS, KMBBOIDBBII8, LACKS. bdglb fbi nobs. In White. Black and Auib^*fancy 1Ji2u?K|2 BOTTOMS la every Tari. tr, With"afnUaaaLrt " * . alli kinds or motioms. We wonld invite th?- attention of our trlenda and MM.?:?? ? -?. ----- ??jvu ib nor* com plat*, and onr prises lower, than at uj prsTioua tlBt. W* would alto call^tteatioa to onr'steck of BTArLX UOOD8. Bach aa Magic Boffllyi. Cuh'i pl?iu Coventry Frilling, Lace Kdge rVillinga. Wanted and 4" paca Bkirt Braids, Spool Cottons, all nambera; and ntimeron* Mher ar tic I as, which we ars selling at pri< sa that defy competition. We hay most of onr goods from importers and manufacturers, and ran esll as cheap as the cheapest. Call aad examine for 70?rselvst DAY18 * OAITHKB, ap4 3t 80 Market rfpace. FL00,-"S^tJw?. Llaganore. J. H. Qambrlll. Araby, Oolden Hill. OrreeTitle, aad other choice Winter WaiiT, V AIIII.T svvsi ri.nn?a * ? - 1.00? lopb'll FAHILTMIU, (Tutor * K-lfijBiLID IliT.STAW, tn. " V .. kca h 14 m fl06 ?th >t.. Mit wwu rniL AViniii congressionalt t SiTcRDiT, April a. .SKWATB ? Mr Anthony, trom tlM Committee OB Prtnting, reported a reaoladon providinc (bat one tboo*an?l copit-s of the report of the Commissioner of Agriculture, heretofore ordered. be transferred to ihstoMosr, to mist demands for that document. The raaolntloivwas apreed to. The committee did not thialc it adTisableto recommend the printing ot additional copies Mr. Chaedler said th# Senate had hitherto 1 been indulger t as tc the readme of newspaper articles, and hs hoped that a like litvrnli'v a?Kt. !/4 Ka It- ?- ?v. ??> ?.? Fjiiimurc^wiiutu nun. normivmriiirrti ci??k, which vras read, an nccoani. Which appeared in a Philadelphia paper, of a serenade, on Thursday night, to Jobn W. Franer, recently

conflrtned Assessor of Internal l>venue of the First District of Pennsylvania Mi. Frazier, in bis speech, sa.d, among other things, a number of his radical friends bud invited bim into their fold, bat this be declined. He did not consider himself tinder any obligation to the Senate, as be was appointed to till a vacancy occasioned by tbe death of bis predecessor! lie would do his j duty as an eiticer. Politically he was still a I conservative, in favor of Jobnsou, Oram, Farrago t, Sherman, and the Supreme Court, in opposition to Sumner, Stevens, and Iiutler. i T-lft wrfis AvAinNt t h? rnrli/>#l would trample the Constitution under foot, obliterating State after State, demoralizing trade and flnanct, and he was for cons'itn. tional law and civil liber y, with all meir beniKn influences and substantial blessings. (Mr. Sumner did not call ap, as expected, bib resolution for the expulsion ot Mr. Saulsbury i The Senate went into executive sessJon ? ?? .. Esom?h Kkfokm ? At a meeting of the ; I.iberal party, in I,ondon, on March 21at, it ! wa* decided that they would not oppose the second reading of the Ministerial Reform bill, but that it the government did nut abandon , the " vote," they would make the que*, ticn ot the House going into committee on the i bill the test. The second reading is te V>e j moved on April 8th, and the Chancellor of the Kxchpnnpr Will th?in m?irm hln aniuwh eating the motion, and will, do doubt. an- ! nounce (h? (ovfrnmi>*t decision as to the { "quat vote." The motion togointo commftee . will be made shortly afterwards, so that we , will probably learn the fate of the Ministry and its Refoim bill by the close of next ween A OtJRiorB Piux*BDi?iO.?Some days since a Mrs Harrison, of this city, vu robbed o( a t:ne dre-= and some other articles of clwtbing Yesterday afternoon she was walking up the street, and observed a woman walking in front of her with her dre?s on. She went np to the woman, and questioned her concerning the dress she had on. The woman was very much flurried, and Mrs Harmon turned to rail a policeman She quietly loosed the skirt of the dress, let it tall upon the pavement and flew up the street In her underskirt She made her escape.?Ri< h n mi Dim. paic\. Fork.?'The total number ol bogs packed at fill prominent points In the West daring the season just past, amount# to nearly two and one-half millions There is an increase oyer lastjearof more than seven hundred thousand. Cincinnati has ceased to be the greatest pork market of the country, that honor now tielongn.g to Chicago, which this year packed nogs against 4 2,GIU packed at Cincinnati Illinois stands first as a State in this business, (>hio next. Indiana third, aod Missouri fourth The quality oi the pork packed this jear is said to t>e unusually good. Thk C'holki'.a ?The authorities of St. Louie, as well as those of New \ ork, are already tnkitig precautions against the cholera, a* it is tenred that epidemic may again visit th?se places this summer. The police have received instructions to Inspect all private residences, with a view to the improvement of their sanitary condition. The city Is to he thoroughly cleaned, and vigorous measure* adopted for the preservation ol health. C. & O. L'anai..?Though tbe canal is in navigable condition throu ghoat its entire iengtb. but a small joanttty ot coal bas been shipped. Only ore or two companies are doing anything. Tbe hitch. we understand, i>- hetwt-en the companies and the boatmen with respect to freight, tbe boatmen asking Oo per tan. while the companies are indisposed to pay over ?! <J5.?' iiiHljfrtand MUy>i. WA prize light took place between Frank Drew and Johnny Bernard, opposite St. Jos. epb, Mo., on Saturday last. Drew was declared the victor alter one hundred and sixtyfive round-. *y-Au eminent statistican savs "Of tbetwentj-nine thousand four hundred and eight voung ladies who fainted last year, only seventeen bad the misfortune to fall on tbe floor.'' %jrA distinguished l.ondon surgeon has taken tbe lecture-room to re-assure tbe ladies in regard to the "cbignon fallacy." He says tbe ''organisms" are neither entozoa nor epi /oa. hut nnl* *rtnjn? Th.= n'?~? - * UI vvaitx UJitnes it all right. and we breathe freer GTThv Confederate bondholders, in London. we see. are still keeping 'heir "claims"' before the public, and at pablic meetings are ciilinc uti the<io% ernmen: to do something for th? m in the way ot recognition. /"Thf Lynchburg Virginian contains a let. ter irora the agent of the Virginia Immigration Society in London, in which he state;, a considerable number of immigrants have left that country for Virginia, ana may shortly be expected. Y<>UNG AM 8xoijDIOAL AND 01* All tb? papular W BEKLlB8a?d MAGAZINES. Gray ? genuine PAPEB COLLARS EL'GBNB GUILVHRD A BEO , p 6 .it* New Yerk sr., b -t. 11th aad Irth ?t?. Have not in store atoll stock, for th* sprine trade of ISf) CHINA. QLAbB, AND CBOCKBBY, C W To which they invite the attention of HOUSBKBBPBBS, ant all other purchase ra. PLATBD W ABB end Of TLEBT of tbe l.e*t data HandaorueDiNNBBSETS Just received. apt>-?t* ODD FBLLOWS'H ALL,7th at._ f|'0 BC1LDBBB, MASONS. *c. Proposals will be receiv^J for faraiihiaz all labor and material r eg n I red for the alterationa of Cbriat Church, Georgetown, D C., until 13o'clock noon of tbe 17th inat Bida muat be for each kind of work, (Carpenterins Brick Laying, Painting, Ac. laeparately. Thu plana and ipsciflcmtton* oan ha seen afti-r Monday, the Stb loataat, at tbe uffioe of Obarlea M. Matthew*. B?i., Attorney at Law, 51 Cougreaa atraet, Georgetown. D. C . opposite tbe Poat Office, where tha archlterta vill ha la attendance anrmK Thnraday, the 11th instant. to give any information desired Bav. W. W. WILLIAMS, .1. D. K UBTZ, W. B. BOGUS, J. B DATIDSON. CHAB M. MATTHEWS, ap5 dtTh OomntitUr. 1VWSBF& WasHIMSTvu. March 16. lUtJ. On the petition of K1UHABD A.TIL^HMAH, t Philadelphia. Pa.. praying for tne extension of patsnt nuM to him October 3.1861, antedated Jm?rn, ISM. for an improvement In Process for PnrifjUf Fatty Bodies, for serea roars from the expiration of said patent, which take* place on the?tbday of Jaanatr.lSB: It te ordered that the said petition be hoard at the Patent Ofloe on MONDAY, the 17th day of June next, at IS o'clock m ; and all persons are aotited to appear and show oanse, if any the/ have, why said petition one ht not to ho era a tod. Persons o_pposln? tno extension are rsqnirea to Sis in tho PatentOffioe their objections, spocially set forth In writlnjr, at least twenty days before the day of honrinc; all testimony Med by either party, to be used at the said hearing, mnst be taken ?nd transmitted to accordance with tho soles oi ui wn, waicfc will twhniiM on tnllothob. Deposit tons snd ottasr pasers, rsllsd npoa m testimony, Mast be filed In tbs o flies twenty days ^efore tbs day of hearing; tbs argnmsnts, If any, within ten days after filing tbs tsstlaony. Ordered, also, tbst this notice De nubllshs* la tbs Republican nnd tbs Inielltrenter. Washington, D. 0.. nnd In tbs Universe, Phlladslphia, I's. ,onos a week for thres soocsmIts wssks; tbs Arst of mid nbllcntlsns to bo st loost sixty days yrsvion* to _ _ Commissioner of Patents. co'pif i3t"ss&^esn sn??ttr. with n papsr containing this notlcs. a? MssH FW>B SALE?A vsry stylish BAT POHY, fifteen hands high, sotsd years old; war - cv rantsd sound, bssn usod as n saddis borss. jJTMi Pries f ISO. Inquire at Ballrond Dtabls.^Z^. oornsr 17th st and Maw York are. a?? St? ?m T h i fl k > MUSTAUH1S: Forced to crow upon the ainooteat face fa from rsL^'i^v-si-a^Ks ?* ner It hfc. bee* Mod by the elite of hrii ud London with the moet flatter! nf euoeeM. Henmi of ?U MrehMon will ho ro?lrt5redroiS If mszmsw&g BBUTTi * 00.. Ohemtete. ?ur? BOia ifliu ror th* UulUA Kff?r?SrTTlo\fhLnUd^ to^ AT 00,T' Attun Ir aMriMtvt. TnS MttKiT-Tk* market* pm^utfd a fffjr fur app?arance thl*?oruing. The roads improving nn<W U?e rale* and tae warmth at the afforded the country dealer* in opportanitT of preMntlaf their produce at the mar ket place.,, and the licensed dealer*, with ?bei iukI werfi) , offered aa excellent upply iu thalr vartou* department* The price* are a* reaeanaole as ta the best markets ot ?h? i>i-. tnct. The fl?h market ww well supplied with ; bunch flab, tbad and herrinp. aud toe prices am coming down to reavjnable ra'e* to the profit, of the d'*al?rs ai.d the er&Ullc&Uon of tl.eir patron*. Shad were celling at 75 c?nu to i?I pei pair Herring !j to M peal* per butch. l ux m kit< it ant*' hxt haV<>9-?The atfen. daiu-r thi* morning wA? up to the average, hut U?a wOeting* w?t? meagre. tto ttvur ??< ?ilrr?l at Hi*- table*, bat price* have advanced mi cent* per bhl upon grade*. Choice f?mily ik held a' r prime eitra. *l<>; cut ex - I tra, ?13 r?HB?H. ?uperi? $12.M. Holders firm No wheat ottered. Ked would bnug $'iJO to -i .w, nuu vi h1fv.tii ictr<~ m, nicuiemarit-' Com ? Hi quoted at Iti? to loo per biiKbel, oats 75 cenie. The meagrre offerings vrerf bectaw of the lailure of boat* to arrive betore the hour for biiMiif.'?. which have aub4equently arrived with flour and grain Thk A:kam>ri\ Cabai..? Several boat6 bound tor Alexandria have been tied up near tbe Aqueduct, being unable to p?t down Tbe i''a-ou is said fo be because of a slide of tbe embankment near tbe Four-mile Han. Tbe slide not more tbau one hundred fee;, and can be repaired in a sbort time To Biili?kr8?Attention is called to the ad veriisement in to-day's Stmr of the Mlilai Committee of Christ Church In this city for pro)<o<al? lor remodeling tbe church Ti j: Ca>al?Armed?The Mill Boy, corn, to Hartley A Bro : J M Forbes, wood, to mirk?'; Mary, light Imparted?The .I.M Kerb**. metcUandise. to Berlin Mary, do, to Little Falls Dam. Mill Boy, talu Ac . to Berlin. Coat J-hipmem-*?The shipments of coal continue to b* comparatively hebt Thi? week they foot up as follows ?Borden Cj . "J55 tons: Cumberland Co , 00i> tons. Con*olid&uon wharves, 6#;1 tons: Ray's docks, tons. Fort ok QiOR.,p.y?ws ?Cleared?Steamer Norfolk, Vance ma^er. for New York with merchandize. GEORGETOVVX ADVEU'MTS. fcSOMKTHING NICE FOR TBI MCK-PBU C* NSLLAb Alio, OKA NGfI KI S CS. from Daniel St Asnant. and l.?? ?r Flgp. a .d V| rlllt lce(':??ui, at WALLACB'b. iA Hifh , tittrttioVD.P O ?r' ' ?W SPRING GOOD^T J. HINKT WILSON ha* recMre 1 hU supply o! GOODS for Spring Wear, compri?io? ??very t>le ami variety adapted to thf ic??on AH orders prompt! and faithfully executed. Oof d Goods. Rood work. and well fitting gmr menta eoaranfee 1 in all case*. A genera! auppljr of gentlemen s FURNISHING GOODS always on bfthd. n*nro*?f> ? n n North tide Bridge street, ?p S 2* next door entt from Bank of Cviumerce. CBKAPKR TBAB BVKB-Jolt re ?it?4 at MILLER'S lot Bridge *treet, Georgetown, 1> C . a large of Spring and Hammer Good*. embracing cholceifre** G<>od* Id the latest n >vei tie*. Al?o, k,0 ? yard* Oettco** at 12s, 15, rents. B:ea i ed aud Uubl'-acheJ Mn*lin?. 10, 12., IS. 18, .0 rent* *nperlcr Shirting, 1.1 cent*; h n-e keeping Good*,Cloth*. CtwmerM and l>r1|;ln?-<, j Skirt*, Parn*cl*. Phawl*. Glove*. Coreets. li j*i?ry and Notion* Onr Good* tiave teen pnrrha?e<] f<?r ranh sioc* the recent decline, and great bargain* ' may be expected b> ail ?b may favor u* with a call mh^-lm* BBB1AMIM MILLER WM. II WllKATHY > I'UEMll'V STBAB DYKING AND CLEANSING ESTABLISHMENT. Office, No 49 Jefteraon *t.. Georgetown.D. O. Bhtabiinbed In IfaJl. pretniooi awarded t>y the Metropolitan Institute 1SS7; rebuilt 1^4. and 1* now bt tar the Ursut ??.?? >? * ?*-1 llshment af the kind Id th'ia lectio* of country Dyeing and Seen ring of all Mods dene In the beat roan oar Truly tha&kfnl for put favora. the anoaciihar aolicita the ci.tiuoed custom of the romn.unity Goods received and returned by expreaa with tha utmost promptness and despatch Poat Office *ddresa, Lock Box No *>0 Office cluaea dally at sunaet except 8*tnrday, When It la closed at 8S P ra. fe 16 6m I 505 NINTH 8TBEKT, 505 ! FODB DOuHS NOKTH Of D STBBBT, (Beaten Hall Building > WALL PAPEB8. WINDOW 8HADBS. SHAD* HOLLANDS. CANTON MATTING, TABLB AND FLOOB OILCLOTH, GILT COBN1CB8, OVAL AND 8QCABB PIOTDBB FBAMB8. P1CTIBB OOBD AND TA88BL8, Ac . 4c. A fine assortment of theatre Goods iu store, an* for rale CHEAP FOB CASH. KIIItt tLL A H ENDEflSON mh 28 3m ilMU street. j?XCEU310B BXCKL810B1 ! J GHASTELLAB'S HAIB BXTBBMINATOB !! FOB BKMUYINO SUPBBFLCOUS HAIB. To tbe ladlea especially, this invaluable depilatory nc.nimend* itself aa being an tlmoit ludi?pensible article to hnnie beanty. la eaeil> applied, does not barn or injur* tbe akin, bat acta directly un tbe roots. It it warranto! to remove unpertluou* hair from low forabeada, or from any other tart of the body .completely .totally and radically extirpating the aame, leaving tbe akin soft, amooth and nataral. Thia ia tna only article used by tba French,and i? tba only real e*lectu*l depilatory in existence. Price 73cant* per package, aeat peat paid, to any addr> ss, on recai pt of an order, by liKBQEB. SHOTT8 * CO .Chemists, Blvaratreet. Troy,H. ?. ap ( DA W oly ^'Hampagmb: champagne Having obtained of the principal Champagne importers of Me? lork a larger lUctant than ever heretofore given. I am prepared to oiler the fol lowing brania at a lower rate than l|?r?tofore sold In thia market, viz : Chaa. Heidaeicrat $24 marts and ?25 pint*. Jules Mumm'a Ohainpa*n?at 824 quarta and 924 pinta Tbe Chaa Qautier * Champagne, of my own vineyard, I will still offer at 922 uuarta and ?23 pints C QAUT1EB, ap2 ly Importer, 232 Penn a avcnne. 1H avb bbobivbd a flu* assortment of French and p. me?tic BONN ITS. LBW18 BAAB. 33 Market Space. English and gebmab bbad tbimmiho can be bad at LBW16 BA &b 8, 32 Market Space. FLOWF.BS AND BON1BT KBAMES -The richest aaxortsnent et FLOWKBS and BONBBT FBAMBB can bo found at tub 1J tf LBWI8 BAAB 8. M1LL1NRBT. - MBS. BUCK.WOOD baa remova! to No. 434 16th etree t, I'lant'a^gB Building,) where, la addition tober Stock of SK-1.SOiV.4BLl!: milliner Y,5^ may be fonad a well selected assortment of 5T.4p i. k and fa xcy g oods. roh*l lm^ BfBBBOli WOVBB WHALBBONK OOBSETS r fl AO. AT MABAMB PBINOB'B. J'J MABKBT 8PACB. Tbe money refunded If not aa rapreaented Also, a full aaaortment of MILLIBBBT and FANCY GOODS, of tbe lataat Importation, mhttlm* U A O T in aubdbb. ooldbn. klaxbh abd bilkbb CUBL8 Produced bo the ns? of Prof ? BBBUX' FBISBB LB OHBVBOX. On? application warranted Ither hx Into wit; ringlets, or b?*Ty mtniT? eorU. Bm been and by the fashionables of Pacta an<l London with tb? most erattfytnc result# Doss bo injury to tba hair. Price by mail, ?eal*4 and postpaid, it. Deecriptive Circulars mailed free AdTrsasBBBGBB, SHUTT* AGO.,Cbsm lata, la. 484 Blver atraat, Troy, Bew York, s*ls agents for the Ut'ltad States. at 3 dAweoly IP YOU WAHf TO OBT THB OBWIBE article af ant of th? PATENT MBDICINB9, |ot?r X. DOOLBT'S Drue and Medicine Store, corner eaat 3d atraat and Pans, a?anue. Casttol Hill. . Mitf. PaNABT B1BD8 ! CAN ABY B1BDS ! V OABABY BIBB81 A large importation of fine PBBNOH GAB ABY B1BD8 just rscelrsd at OHBldTIAN BUP-jps* PBBT'S, A*a 7TH BTBBBT The* ara thef? flneat singers and nao*t attractive Birds ?Ter'*o tiered in this market. M?Iw C1MU"8; 0A??r??. On baad, a larae no saber of new and?*?g? second hand fashionable Bxteamoa topSSc^*= Bockaways, Baffles. JenayLlnde, Ac., Ac. QIAHAa Beaosftorv. 3T4 Bstreet. het.Sth and ?th. ap l it' " *" Bh>?, 4TT 8th ?tr?t, nor P. J 0'il'lP Vi QB4PM, ? ""'i.VtJSfl&L. ,B0?. F%?Vu????owV tSafitffi&i&a bBW 5GK I ,.U ?p4tt* Coraw Kfc itrwt w4 ****'. r^'wrnar'' M*oi Hall, hM4t OfllKiXltmlMlllu'ltf*. i f " * T<:~ f ; i ? > . t - I,*? a . - \ . ' PERSONAL pXUeitL -k)M,n ?. O 8?! B * B t? fcf, k?i>kf UM 0?*m hif? arrKM PImm l*'? ? < or**rr* *wl| , IB ?r4*t thai |OI B>f get !<> V ? * J T WAill*, ... Marrtr lit 4t*l ?tfc atretf. r-n_?> m?..i WWUOW Vllfe MCMi Utl nf'U?M || I,p P}1 Ui w1 * ? k^'N -MiM ?itt t 1 r??iut ( fi?? ban?r?l t? * nau'tatf oolUn. will ?C aaJl to fall at iha K?t>roi4.rf >"?rrr Morr. 3**r. brtW-ft I'tb Ld .lVfc ltrV-u ' / IW'cb 6 aad p oi. S-3t* |)lHSONAL. -HidA M Kllll nlII r*o m? tit* * oil* of imt fritnda at 4*0 M?rn*L? it,ly. k?t* ten is and oth ?tr< *t?, I?l?t>d. ?p ? jt $ 10.000 Tvii" ?I0.000 onljr 0 1'iruh r*)nirM~??v rat ?*tl| HOOSI8 ?l< LOTH tn di"?iaut Mrti of taactlf s*T A Kit ft CO., N.B coracr H.T. avr ?ud imi k Pltflkt'a Bvildiaf. r?ooi il. C^KNTLAM KB LBS! B(?U? OF H A V I N ii t*.<M r Oft*!*. fast- and Vhi? tkouad and Bepaw?4, - a* to >rM" M r ?d ?> now. woo Id do well bp < xlltiig m\ B. MAukl l)tk S Acovn?? abd Uaeiriutf Drpol, 477 l"th etreet. a diK>r? tbof* Pt-nti avenue. Ml ! ' c- I *a rub ruNCM AID IIOMI ii4Da O J"' rOKfKTr w*rr?M?"<l ?baleboii AIm on hmiJ ?n-l m-de to order, llie I%? ! J of HOur t>k!KT4 *a4 I oKsB N. vtmM A MtollWHMi Hoop Skirt ' j*fri Nm| ?lUi M Lium Butt1i**,a? f. A full aeeortMeatut ^ ? ? abd iblldrt* C r??-(- Alii, th? old ?tyle. w 1 tli 0te?l ltoard*. will ? aold at CH AlilBr HAI'H'b Ho r Bklrt and Coraat H?nui?ctt>rr, 49 Laaitlar.a n*eaoe. l?et 6th *ud 7tb ?U t*fcirt? altered ao4 r-prntred ap I In' ^ o?t riti.T haT"7ami all kibu> oir *>7 H aT# cleaned .colored ant trtnimod i?? tl M CCHMhUHAM'SCbeaptlatMure.Ho i?t?S 71b atre< t, bet I and K mb 19 eola* | HIMOBTAWTTOT H K LAl'l BH.-INDBLI BLB Bn.'irmu v?arr?nie-1 ru| colo.* Win n %* h attd bol!. Don* l>j t French romto<iti*t. the receipt of which hu been ptirchaa - i at it Inch price t>*\e? fipei-eof fciaidm* La*1ie* are Invited to rail grrt a ample. ?d 1 try It. Ladle*? white or colored L'Bderektrta Bal njorala, Afr. ua. Ac., bt*iuped in mutation o( braiding, id f?t color* vakkasud bot to wa8b oct. Great earing to la-l.e* hariae clothe* for children to mak>- np. Mo braid, no ?< aiog. bat tha pattern printed id the e ode indelible t-tni?* that can ! ? attached to the Bottom* oJ Lad:??'sklrta, i eaa.e mm tbe? are now worn Id New Yort,? real? otamraJ. ?oi tor tie at ! -* than hair the u.nal cost of braid. Bird*, medelltoae. Figure* aot Dial* of aa> pett-ru etaupad Oooda aa lepra aeated or the money retimed WM PRINCE, > 12-tf 4 39 9th atreat. oppoaita Patent Office. BRIDAL AMD FLBKBAL WKIiTUH. BO gCETJ*.CB08SB?. AMCHHBSMAU8 Ac . pr-eer-*wl in natural form . Impend FLOW&R<J. hair f l-O V* ghS, ai.d bralwnc. Alaa.laported MOM, Ha IB DBBS8E0 for Ball*. br Mrn. I bibs Ilea removed to Bo. llthet., MtVMI O BIU1 H i M a ?. j vm JOIJN D "OLAKK. ATTOKNtY" AB~D~qOUlfBELLOR AT LAW AMD NOTARY PUBLIC, No i'Ji lltb ?tr??t wit d? 14 lr BOARDING. HOARMNO and at il?~I *tr??t ^ Ttiun moderate. ip 6 ? t'CHMBHEI) rKONT ROO*1, <a*c?n<1 atory~.? ? lib board. Id t very p;ea?*nt locality - <> 6tk etrt-t Apply at 43? 7th etreet. between G Nil) . i 4 I * AGENTLKM aNaSI> IIIB WIr K~can t? ac c< iim Ca'M with a FuONT ROOM and good board in i pruat* ! only where tbere nre ko ibl dreu A ppl > at 5i ? *> U street near l -t ti ap 4 aL'ROMT PARLOk TO KHIiT. rih ISO A UD r mr two. at ?? par tuoutb. Back F?rl >r for two, with Boara, nt $50. Apply at :t"0 E etraet, near IVtb ?t ap 1 Ct* BOARDING ? A g ntlxntn nod hia utfn.ortwo tingle ntli n)?-B, can obtaia a pl?atiant front B*><lM ? :h B?'ARI> in a nrn?t? f?r ii. <r .<> ?. North In mire *t Ho. ? o Letr-et, bttwi lid ?nd 24th. nitt to l/UIt RENT?Two ?f|l (irDi?bi4 the gret floor. with or * ltbout BOAKD Ayply 393 F. ?t., bet. Vth aD<l 1th. fe IS Table roabd >i Ho. **< mb ?tr?m,? tew doora north of tba a?eaoe. T?? ? m r. nth. de UW LOST AMD FOUND. LOST-Oi.. child'* FCBGAPE Kf*y and whit*. on 6tb ?tr*t. A -sllkble reward will I*given |j return d to 23 lnii?na treu ?, bet id and <S iti? Hltdmburf road. hp 6 St* 108T? At the ittlonil ThMtw, or a ttero an l Wtliard ?. I act ermine. h BRACELET marked "W A f to B B , Birthday Otfl. Ivis " The tinder will ba literally rewarded bp leaving the -acne at Wlllard'e Hrtal. fe it tf Clt'AB C/t'TT INUB for Areping m?tb? oat o' OLOTUINO. CABPEtB. Ac Itr aale baap at 4*9 7th etre. t. g ap: o2m" F H FI ft LEY A CO I \1 KB KMR1CH. (widow of the Ute F*t?r la ' . rleh,i ben to iniorm h r friend* A - . A that hbe baa lAAfl OPM*D THB UBTACK&IT.ltSi u W"*"- "oeo* 01 tt.? Ute n re "i w here she latend* heap nu hand the bMt uaalto* W1MB8. LIQUORS, and CIQAR8 a eo all the Deliraciee of the beaaoa. Oapt. Hakky Bkowmsg m id charge, and wl't be happy to Me hit fn? B<la n.h ? 1m UAT8 FOB THB aPBlBft WKaJt. The Broadwa ?tjle BILK HATS. rm }.< ouk Man a SILK HAT. 1 New aD'i beautiful (bipoi H ATS and CAP for fOQLs uieu and boy*, in Kelt and Cloth B U ST1NEMBT/.. . Hatter, 5134 PenaeylTanta averine, nm ? im near oorn-r 13th at raet. ?& '0"-k'- " iSs liie largeM and best coll* tlon of *<trachoif? BOPIS. comprnlnf Sea S< nted Boarbeaa. WoUette. Bengal. Perpetual, Urbrfd, Mow Monthly Maea. an 1 Climbing Boeea Ale? the beet Climbing Plaota, Ornamental SUrabe aa 1 IManU. Fruit Tree*. Aa . Ac. Platta. Ac., packed with L-reat cara and irot to any part of the co^n try. Platita, Ac . warranted true to name aad of nr? joaiity. A. J AKDla. Flortst, nih 3P lju* ISth md ?u , rirat Ward. 8KVKHTH BT&liT FINE OIL FAIHTIHQ8. "8h*kn**r? fttrheOoart of Qoni Elizabeth r?citin? Mucbeth." Imm?rul?te C ncvptioa, DtoU and Bntrirr; I'btiiti . Citikiill MosBttlot, ?ith othAPfihAirA vorka nf ?rt r.n athihi ti?vn ^.,.4?.1 ?t MAKKEITBB 8, nb 30-St* No. 4 ?6 7th ?t.? bet. D aad NOTlCB -lee H ARKI8 * COfiNEOT B BIO t BOAP for washing Clothes, m it hnt been proT-n by actual t>-?t that ?&r p*aii la equal to two and <>ne half pnocls of brown cuBy, ana iaar ante* 4 not to iBjnr?- the tina?t fabric. Try ft and b?- convinced Bold by all Ororen Sole Amu for tbe district of Columbia. CLARK k PBAB BON Agents MUd O- neral CSotnalsaioB Merchant*, No P?nna *v . up ?<airs mk> 36 ]ia AS r P K B! iA ?8 OBTME HT Of ^ OT 8 'A K D (HILHKKN B CLOTHING, both pUla and tiubroider -d. PHILIP v> ALL AC II. _ Odaoa Hall, mli 29 6t Corner 4S street and P*bb. avsnue pABIS AND ?WbbT?OBK MIU.I. - Mr? A O. OA8TOM haajaat returned ttom It* York with o large u< *leriat<lr neoortnoatoffinerroocb. Bncltah. ??d^* * and Het. for Indies ud ' 7?1, Amb*p? P??rl. and btrow Or? Jf?^4 ?. A,*?' n jeoernl assortment of fine French Flowers. fioaul nod Hot Frnaes lu Md'tedLMM. ",bboMl ???* . 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In abort, every variety of Pattwu aa they ara daily leaned We have a French Machine and a Practical Stamper aaS have reduced the price to _ riVB 0BBT8 r*B WIDTH. We rr.kke and at amp my pattern broaght aa. Braids. 811k and Working Oettoa vary low. de 1? tf CBiBB BALLY OF KIN ABB BOT8 ~~ VB IT TMI GREAT CIBTTBALOLOTBIHG HOU8B. Mo. 460 7th tr?*t.oiK(>t< Poet OAm. BUSIBBBS SUITS ofTl I deerrlptiona. DBBSS SUITS ?t reduced prices. BOYS' Sl'ITB of ill description!. BOYS' SUITS at all pricss. Bew at) of BOYB' CLOTHIBG. QBKTS' CLOTH IMG ?t reduced prices. Bew la roar tlae to lay is SPBlBG ULOTH IMG, as ve offer special ladaceiusats for the aext thirty days, at SMITB'8, 460 7TH Stkzxt. opposite Post Qflca. to las