Newspaper of Evening Star, April 6, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 6, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. AMF8KMKNT8, Mc., TO-NIGHT. V iu't Niw UUBA Horng.?Ivi5: night of be obarmiDK vocalist and scuv<>?. l>*dy Dou. who will appear a? ye "Karl o! Leicester," in the splendid bnrleequn of Kenil worth, or ye t^uesoe, ye Earl, and ye Ma.denn?;'* alee as "Peggy Orwn." in which character she will ?ing three beautiful ballads. r?ATroiiAL Thiatir?Farewell Diftht of Miss R.tcbel JotiDiCD, who will appear iu Luc.etia Borgia" and "The Honeymfbu." SAT! is Af.FAHY?.1 tintrS i.f ' L *i ?f I f ?Warden Brown, who l?fi here on Wednesday rooming with a batch of ten prisoners, for Albany, arrived home last evening, having deliveted hie prisoners to Oen. Pilnbnry. at the Albany penirentiary. Included in the batch were Asa William Lee, 'he treasurv bond robber: Win. Conned, Wm Davis. James Parks, and Wni. I'ovston. bnrgJars, who bad been convicted ol larceny, and other hardened prisoners This batch is reckoned as the hardest set of convicts ever committed from this District Indeed, on the way npat Jersey City one of the party was < aucbt :n the act (be having one hand free) of elievmg a ge-itlemau of his watch, and in passing through the depot bere one ot them >eeing the t fflcer who arrested bim. attempted to pick np a stone with which to strike htm I-p*' did not hive mn. h to say ou toe journey. On bis arrival at Albany he was identified a- baling before the war absconded from an establishment there with the sura of Some of them acknowleged having committed various offenses before, among others of relieving a rebel paymaster at New Orleans of *." Confederate money, and also another paymaster nt Petersburg of SW.Onfl. A! key was lonnd in the lining of Coniiell's vest on his way up, and Royston staled iliat had it not been for big irons being put on him when he was at court ne would have made bis escape trom the room. Sol. Merman, who w as con\ ic'ed and sentenced on bntoue ol the *ix indictments which had been pending Hgainst him. entertained his fellow prisoners ->n his way up with accountsof bis exploits a? ? member ot Oilmore's cavalry, near Crvstal Spring--, during the war. During the jouruey ?he par'y seemed to be in the be*t of spirit*. It i- - ated that Lee will be placed at a clerk's desk T ?i KrsiiERte?.?The Alexandria J ?, ,?l frays ;?The fishing e-easou usually begins at be close of March or beginning of April, at which time the gangs of seme-haulers are gathered at the shores, and continnes until about theflrstof May. when theriverresounds with the ec-ugs of the men retnrning from the lar.dic, - which bave cut-out," or closed business Tbe amount of llsh catigbt is still con siderable. but it compares very unfavorably with the amount caught manvvears ago. lii i-"-iamong the memorials presented to UieOeueral Assemblies of Maryland and Virgima.askmg tor legislative interference to protect the I t -b from total destruction, is one containing a >*aten?entot tbe decrease in tbe catch ot herring and -bad within the previous ten yeirs. Ihe estimated decrease ranged from -,' i to M) per cent , the least decrease being at White Point Landing, and the greatest at Upper < loose Bay Even at that period. th?re were forty landings in active operation trom the Long Bridge, on the \ irrlna side, six mtles above Alexandria, to Wbltr Point. Eight miles below there were seventeen seines operating, on the Maryland shore, trom (riesboro*, tonr miles above, to Walnnt Landing. sixty miles below, twenty-three. The landings, the raked beach alone, had a rental value of - tfi.ttwO for the reason. Tbej- employed tM'12 nen, 134 bmses and vessels on the river, besides the large nnmber employed in handling and curing the lisk at the fish wharf. The average at. h of shad fo~ the three years endng with |-5tf, was I.It :i,r>i?i, while the number ot herring caught annually, averaged l?.9fti,l>ui>. DlhTBTrr SfPREMK COPRT IB OESHI:AL 1 kkm?TLis morning, 111 tbe SupremeOonrt n general term, the section under the head of dnues of magistrates, on page 157 of the Revised Code of Laws, prepared in ie57 bv Messrs. Ould and Cross, were adopted by the Court. The Court affirmed the decision of Judge Wylie in the case of Greenbury Watkins agt. Soiaokam. and dismissed the appeal 1 his case, it will be recollected, came before -Fudge Wyhe on a writ of habeas corpus, the !>etitioner claiming two colored children bound to him by the Orphans' Court of Montgomery county, Md who had got into the possession of the respondent, and which weie returned to 'be petitioners?Messrs. Bradley and Kradley I appearing for petitioner, and Messrs. Browne w-id Members for tbe respondent. Chief Justice Cartter and Judge Fisher held that the hildren had been improperly returned totneir naster. and tbe latter also held that the Maryland apprentice law being in conflict with tue civil rights bill, should be treated as null and void Joages Wylie and Olin neld that the i hildrsn had been properly before the court; that it was not for tbe court to iuquire into the manner of the binding, and that the court had discretional* power. which it chose to use. Mr C. S. Whitman, of California, was, on motion of W. D Davidge, Esq . admitted to 'be bar of the conrt. Ts?e Potomac Fiuhuies ?The las advices trom the landings on tb? Potomac ate more encouraging than was anticipated. The dealer largely engaged in the business were quite heerful this morning, baviu? received intelligence that notwithstanding the very unfavorable opening of the season, with freshets n the river and the prevalence of s'rong gales from the northwest, there is now a fair prospect of profitable draughts ef shad and herring. All the landings of any value will be worked this season. Among the most prom .nen: managers are Carpenter, Dornev A Taylor. at the Freestone Point landings: Gibson A Knight, at Red House, Stoney Point, High I'oint. White House and Hooe's landings: Mr. t'aunce. at Moxley's Point Beasley A Tnoma*. Fitzbngh's landings: J B. Faunce. at Stick landing. Unite a nnmber ot managers trom Alexandria are working other prominent landgs. 1 he returns from the landings are im? roving already, and the goods results are evident in the reduction of market prices for ti-h. which will be duly appreciated by the pnblic. Hask Ham ?This afternoon, the National B. B Club will have a gameofbase Gallon he grounds south of ?h? Preaiden "s Man-ion The strongest players in 'be club will be represented, and a tine display of our American game may be expected. We understand that seat- will be erected a' an early moment, and r.a: their opening game will then take place. 1 Qe t inb intends visiting the West during the omioir season, starting on the evening of the l< of .1 uly, playing in Cincinnati. Louisville Ky., Indianapolis. St. Louis. Chicago, meeting 'he Detroit club at that place,toplay bem a game. Prom tnence to Buffalo and Rochester. N , where they will play their last i.ame. and retnrn home by way of Sew York. ? Hini.LABv ASi' Rokbkbv. ? Abeu' two o'clock this morning, tlie dwelling of Mr inliaii A. fay. No tW Pennsylvania avenue, as entered by burglars and rohhed of clotbing. Ac . to tlie value of $135. i ifficer flatus, < t tbe I irst Ward, saw two men comiug Trora 'he house, and pursued them towards Georgetown By a lucky throw of his baton he man'ifd :o bring ore to the ground and secured :iim. The prisoner wa? turned over to dele". : \ e-Ciartoe si.ti M? l>e\itt 'hi-inornuig He ?fave his name as J>>sepb Duncan, aud was held for a bearing. His p?>rtrait was taken foe n* poll, e gallery, and a full description of hu person registered. Thi Japahksb ABEC"Mmo The Japanese I roupe ot Atblete>. whiclt have drawn ? row ded houses at Sau Francisco, Pililadel; at*, and this week at baltimore, will appear *' Wall - I ipers House ou Monday eveniug i next in their truly woudertul feats of agility. I o-x erity and strengtb. Tbeir performances are said o he bar.'ly le-- extraordinary than the music of tb.-ir orchestra. We have not space to reier at lenrtb to tbe strange reau of s 'roupe as Teia'ed m the Northern papers, i'tif have ro flonht our reader* will ?ee for them-elves this unique exhibition. ? Br b'.l a its ?AtK u: 4 -_ o'clock this morning Sergeai.t \ ernon aud ??rfl ers Wbitemore aud \?wens. of the Seventh Ward, saw a ligbt in the store of Mr ^ ate? ou C'h s'reet and Virginia avenu", and went to what it was for, nut before they g"t to the store the ligh' was put out 1 be officers ascertained that the ere bad teen broken open. The money ?trawer was lying on tbe floor and the papers we-e scattered around. There was but little it anything taken The thieves ruade a hasty e - it tbiouyb the back door. V * -.1 h, AiB asp w at eh are all tributary to !l >oimack's lanler, giving up their treasures t rnea- s game and fi-b to the bands of bis ex[? euced cooks, who jirepare and serve th?ra tie most :ipprove<1 style while pure wines ril liquors can be on'auied at his bar. Sai x or At tbe meeting of the 1 'trst National Building Association last uigbt. ie tb pay night. *?7 shares ?old at an average of 1' t per cent. ? P<> ki Hiv.nT*.?The police made arrests vesierday la ibe District. Tney were ^ principally o' minor importance, and the fines V ijuv nrted to >-!.'> rM. ? 'Ins ' Arabian Ni?MTn." to he eabiKned i h:.y . sgr.ifl.^ent tabtesux at Odd hellow^' Hail ca Tuesday eYemng ae.\.i, are ^a^erly loosed forward to I Onru Habkit, To-dar. Mcrt. Mit rut*. KrnK.^1???* T ^' MattOIX, Obopa, *5C? ,^?2; v C-: P?r** tmh, l# eta, 1 B,^^' hlun?< nacnt, ****.: alioed, 1*a20r '< ??u>uldere, 15c.BatUr.40a I pr : 1-50a#8; Turkiea, 26*25i. lb.; 2s??" ' A. pair,75c a*l. EcK*> toa, A^oi. ^rM,?Uorn. cab, 40c. Applea,pk, SOafl Applet, dried, 75c. Lx-eka, bb . 5c. Spinnach. K4'''. 2?c Tumpa, )iic. pk. I?eacbe*, , ? k , ??r Qrt> !5 cts. Beans, butler, 90c , k 1*' dried cherriea, qt., 50c. Bad! l*&es- per bunch., 0a4e. Bw j, per pk., 1(?c 1 Ontoaa, 50c.; Okra. Ti*c.; Parsnips. 2Ja25c Peas, quart, 10c Oarrota, bunch, 5 cents f ieh?Rck. Krare each. fla?; small, bunch ??* Perch, 5o rents; Herring, per bunch '... c?U, Shad, per pair. SO cent* to si >5 Bye, pei bushel. ? Corn Meal, per bash . tl.xoatl.25 Sb'p-ufr, Traffic. Brown* tuff, w?c : *'c- Corn. ?helled. *1 <joa*1 05. in ear /r iv?0**7" ??at*'bh "oaf,"c- Hay, cwt , *2 ; Jo. Straw, $1 5Cal.75. Ueiery. pr hunch 10c I Kn.ut. per quart. He. Cabbage; per he.vt. ialuc i Hominy, qnart, 10 cents, lettuce, lalO cents Potatoes, 1*c. per peck Sweet Potatoes 75 cts 1 Small Birds, per doz . tl.26; Small Ducks. iv " 'Mackl, t?4. Red Kecks ! ? "V, P|l,r- Cranberries. 20c. Pumpkins, 10 to 50c.each Prairie hens SI pair. A small lot of country slaughtered hogs *old a Qe soaies? for per 100 pounds. > < 'R l URTiia;: Iikakinu.?Yesterday afteTuoon, Bill Sorrel and Joe Dean*. wdo were arrested by Detec tives Kelly and Blgley for be; 1D* ?.?"ce: ' "* ?* a riot and the beating or oltikm of the 2d Ward, at the colored ball on 1 ttb street, on the morning of the ^>ih , rc~- had a Preliminary hearing before .'n-tlce Tucker, m the Detective's office. at police headquarters Sorrel gave bail in -l.Vi tor a hearing on Monday next at 'J o'clock a rn. Dears was committed in default of oail L?t night Ou? Hill, another of -fee partv cbruged. was arrested by l?etecUve Bigley, and "IS m?rnin* was committed to ;aii in default of bail lor a hearing by the same Justice. Ml si al?Lovers ot music in our city will be -lad to lean that we are to be favored with a grand concert at Met/erott Hall on Monday evening. <jth instant, by the popular prima donna. Madam Parepa Kosa, and the reno'wned tenor. Sicnor Rrignoii. Their former concerts here wore immensely successful. That Parepa and Carl Kosa are hardly yet out of their 'loreymoou will make the affair all the more interesting They will be assisted bv Signor I erranti. the great buffo, and Signor Kortura < ir, Kosa will perform some ot his fine-t selections tor the violin. It will be neCes,ary to-eenre seats 111 good time, as there will be qu.te a rush. !>"" Hanoi or Ma Leohar H -v< k Or. Thursday a telegram w;is received by Mr. Crit.ei.den. counsel tor the Government, instrnctnig him to release Mr Leonard Hnyck on nominal bail., and thereupon his bail wa* reduced from .?*?i<ui00 to -?| 000. This being furnished, be was forthwith discharged. Only last Thursday, upon the artidavitefH.O. Hurlburt, Comptroller of the Cnrrency. Mr J. R. Stewart and Mr I,. H nyck were arrested under a charge of ernh-z/lfTnent and seeking to defraud the Government: On Tuesday the order of arrest wavacated as to Stewart, who was teleased ? V I . < ?,. ? -inl. noT Kichauks ?We learn that the Sheriff ha.- ret fixed a lett-r from Mr Dav. of Bainmore county, with whom the negro r.O'v in iail here on suspicion of being one ot thI'' !etl murderers, lived previous to and at the time ol bis arrest, stating that the negro had been continuously sn hi-employ irom the 14th of .lure to the 15th < f September ?f last year 1 his corroborates tbe negro's statement, clearlv proving him the wrong man. and he will be immediately released v lM>iS /' /; Temperance Mketinc.?There vjli be a public meeting of the Washington Temperance Society at Temperance Hall ?o-morrov Sun. dnyj evening. MARRIED. k^90i?~H0r?HT(i!i ?n tbe 'd inat., br tb? b.ev Dr < r-iter. FKAN0I9 WOOD of New DCr "OOOetOM.of Wa.hla^ton, 1, c- !?e? tork tapirs ele ts^ copy | DIEU. in?t., 1 m littl* 80 taara boy juftt arriveiin linietodie 1 BOH KHT I onl? k"? of K r and Virginia .1 Banter, agJd a year*, 7 Riosthiandt] diyi. lobby's lovinic blaa ?y?a are eloa^d fadaath. Horth Carol!tut Mrclnia. Oeorna aarl Ohio pa peri please co?v | wmiarMiv )th Instant, of roa?uroptl?B. iii.T-T. f/LA?k ',tnithe 23th ft >'i? ?? Mia frien Is and relative* are invit*d to attend mh?ndr?t??T !rMld#BC#?2 between 1 3 clock c^?t, on 3un4a> iuoiaim? at C0HMLIL8 At Kliicott City. Md.. 01 Tnss 1 ' 1*7. of Inflammation of the brain MAK,1TTA DUWOaN only ?atb> aadVda"'. " * U" 14 BllbiHV OntheSth Init at7 % i> oi ?rt?a long aDd aevere illnsi.. MABO T 8UBBUY be loy?wJwi#e of Patrick bheetay. The IrW iirt? sad ?c<iua>i.UDce? of tb fataily ar? moat reapectfnlly invited to attend her tun^ral on buaday half p*et.<p m " ".on _in.^'**eadrla, on the laornli. * of the *.?5,A;?LSW1* UI'ABK.only -a ?>t Ben arllj aal Hattie Vngitt. is the 9th year st hia age. * ^STBOLOO Til I WORLD ASTON ISH KD AI THR VVOaiiKHUT REVELAT "N? MAD* BY TBI Q hit A T AST BO LOG 18T, MADAME H. A. PEKHl'rfj. Bb? reveals serrete no mortal ever knew. She reetorea to happiaeea those who, fr<>nj doleful events, caiaatropbes, crt-xses in love, losa of reia none and friends, l..g? of money, Vc . have become despondent. She brinirs together these lenp sepa rate.i. vlvta information ronceralntr abaeat friends or Iov*rs. n ator a lo?t or stolen property, telle you tbr butinexe you are beat jiiallhed t? pursue ?Dd in what foa will b? moit Hnccosnful, apeedy marrlatce and telln yon tbo very day yen will B.arry. ni*e? yon the name, likenea* and raracteristica ot the person. 8ke reade your very thoughts, and by ber almoet anperuatnral pu?ers nil veils tne dark and hidden myeteriea of tbefutare. Krom the stars we see in the tirmaa.eut?-the malehc stars that overcome or predominate m the contie oration?from the aspects an.I positions of the planets and the tixed stars In the heaveaa at the tim- of birth, ah- deduce* the future destiny of man I ail not to consult the greatest A.trolcgint on earth. It coats yo< bat a trt, e aLd yon may never auain ha? e so favorable an opportunity. Consultation fee, with likeBesa and all dfaired information, fl Parties livise at a dlctance can consult the Madame by mail w 11b e 0al -atetj and satislaction to themaelves as it in person A full and explicit chart, u rltten <'it with all ia juirlea answered and likeness itclo?ed. *ent b> mall n rec. Ipt ol price atove n.entii tied. T!,e strlie-t g-.r mjw il <, rnal talnel and al correi<ron lence returned or leatroy d He-erence, 0f the highest order furnished those d. girlujj them Write plainly the day of ?to month ana yii?r in which yon were bora, inclosing a lock of hair Addre-* MADAME II A I'BBBIGO. ?pS D.iW ,eul > P.O. I*rawi<r . B ilaio. N. Y. DBPABTMBBT OF TBI 1NTBB10B, ~ PBS-105 OrricR, July 18th, 19M. a T? AfL IT MAY COBCKBN Jntf/?CVal?.nrh*Vwng b#,*n under the act o! ?' m relssneof the following deacriL-d Land Warrant*, which are alleged to nave thlf Jt?tl "J*?',1'?""1 "Notice la hereby given 2iTr,^* r following the description of tach Zui 1^1 c?/' or warrant of like tenor rel?*ned, if no valid objection ahuuld then appear JOB. B. BABBITT, Oomml**loner. Nc 4l,i.for l->? acres, issued under the act of Ketrnary ii. ]3?7 in the nam* of Samuel llodson, alC ^r*n,ei' December 4. April JJ, 13?;7. 1. 326. tor y acres, issued nnler the a< t of septemb, r 1n5? in th name of Lanadon C. Johuson and was granted M ir -h 5, it?i5. April 20, f?r S*1 acre*, issued under the act of March 3. lifts, m the name of Langdon C. John,0Noft9i Al>r?.i I l*->' Auril 30. li?T M?r,h ; iiior ^trM' issued under the act of March J. 1-Jfl# in the name of Mary, wido? of AerUiO.MKT granted Mays, i-,58. No 96.13i. for 120 acree. Issued nnder the art of ? ?" th? i.ame of PMIyPea-l wid, w of theater p^^se and wa. granted July 13, lSfij M ay 4 lob7. No .13 %fl. for l?.i acres, Issned under the act of Match 3d. 186 in the names of the minor children 1 d Jacob Lasher, deceased, and \s as granted Julv ! -May 4.1*57 u,f No 67.fie... for 160 acree, isiued und?r the act of Kebruar> 11th. 1947, in the name of Martin Boae and wa* k-rauUd Ma> lL'th. ImV Mayll.l^;; * No forlO acre*.i"8ued n nder 11 < act o , M.r'hsd. 1-S6. in the name of Alvia Kllia. and wa<* trrant'd Aptll 15.18/.7. May 11, 1<S47. Nt* lU.i.31 for iM' acre*, issued nnder the act o March 3. t^Sft. in the name of Lewi* Lambert, ani , v a* granted October 30. 18S6. May 2S. 1*>7. No J7 K~9 for 120 acres, issued nnder the act of Siarrli s, 1,",55. in the name of Nirholas Pritchett ami ?aa granted November 1J. 1M48 May 15.1S67 No <#5.' lor lit) acre* is*ued under tne a?t ot Mat'h S. ia the name of M try 8 . wldew of j Tai Hryarly. ,*xid * an granted September 27, ii?h. I Jane a i~>7. N 16 lor !?>(? acre*, iaaued nn ler tne act of .epteinber i**j in tlenvmexf 8atinel D Cow. den and waa granted March 16th 186*. June 22, \ B'^OKB ? Annual of Scientific Discovery ? 11 .v Munseu a Complete Pboeographer, U ell* Kvery Man lila f?wn Lawyer, new -ditiou ' ? snu hi* Men i vol: me lire- k's New Book c. Flov*er? Be e Deu* B?>a;a on tbe Life of ^ *ua Minet Whlttlers Tent on the Bea-h. Men o:rs a: d Cerresponden^e of Madame Becanier lmba<| FBANCK TAVLOB. T*1 OHOeSB'S POPDLAB HEW BBANDOf I I O Cent Clear?The Boae?ni ed with PCBB HAVANA TOItAOCO.and warra.tei never be?a aa. ?ed. Maa factur?iaolaly ?ur r, v. . ?-WM OKOSHK. Pa. ?.. bet. Metropolitan Betel [ and fith street. t 'ABU -M183 M B WIL!*OH bag* ieWta \ h?r Id cuetomer* ho 1 th? publle general > tne. *he laa r? paced >-#r D en Maklnn B*iat I h'neat at 4*0 l:'.U atrasi bstw*?a B and W streeta aah l* iot j CITY ITEMS. on Tsmpla&s Harmoay I>odge, n?. 10. i.o.ot . will bein-Utitted tbu evening(s*?uroay >, at 7 o'clock, at Union Hall. No. 1-1 9th street If >oc wish to bare a floe ?uit male, and get a shirt, tto, ac . to correspond, go to Bar's, cornef -th and e street*. The tv?at piper collars at 25 and -m cents a box., at Bar's. corner ?th and LttretU Jkwklev?Ornamental Ito* Wood Setts, Plain Hog Wood s.*tts, Bine Cluster Sett*. Pin?, Cluster s?tta. Buttons, Silver Plated Spoons, Fork?. Cops. Call Bells, received this rooming. at Pngg'sOne i?oll?r Jewelry Store. No. 4j8 pennsylvania avenue, near 4* street. It r? as r*tk8kbttno 'act to machinists, plasterers, bricklayers, painters and others, 'hat a large assortment of overalls, jumpers and similar roods (.an be found at Henning'e One Price Clothing Store, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. Owe More Chavce ?For a few days more. great bargains in Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods Kngravings.and Religious articles.may be had at Brophy's Bookstore, 314 F street, near Eleventh mr b. must dispose of his whole stcck in a lew days, as he is called a way from the city. urrmktt's standard tlatokv) extracts and Toilet Preparations have received more just commendations from high authority, than any others goods of their kind made m *.h:s couutry H I- Lett's Stiidcrrd Pvp-irohon Cocoaine?A compound of cocoa-nut oil. Ac.. for the liair Florimel?a delightful perfume for the handerchief. KallUton?a cosmetic tor removing treckles, tan. sunburn, &c. (oriental Tooth-wash?An elixir for preserving and beautifying the teeth and gums. Burnett's Cologne Water?Unrivalled in richnr-as and delicacy ot perfume. Jonas Whltoomb's remedy ?For asthma. ro?e cold, hay t*ver, A c. Burnett s Standard Flavoring Extracts?For cooking purposes. * express ks^tackam, corner of ?th street and New York avenue Families supplied with oysters A line bar for ?ale, oak top. Dambl Cox. After War, pestilence and intemperance. Colds leads to the greatest destruction of human lile. mainly because a Cold is too often considered a very ordinary, trilling affair, just a- well left togoas it came, and hence systematically nntil a simple, curable affection. i- cor verted into a -erious aad generally fatal Pulmonary disease. The more prudent, i aware that a violent Cough or Cold should never be trifled with, but on the contrary taken care of from its inc;picney- promptly make use of I?r. 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Pbnkiba ean be had in any qiantmea at the Star office counter wajnts. \l/ANTHl>?To employ several m1n. Apply " at the Star Office ?P c tt Two q00ddbe5sma k. eb> wanted at No. 241 1 street, nesr 19th. ap ?' 2t* Wanted?a oiean colored boy.from 1< to yearsold, who understands waiting, at 414 i street north. ap6-2t* Wa ktkd-t wo i j btonf"m abon8. ? Babble Masonry . Apply at Vib9 i'ean. avenue, a; t 2t \% amtbd-a good i arm hand; Sirmia >? pr far red ln;nlr-of hbnby lac. 17ui street, between l und m. ap 6-3t* W a ntbd lBMiUlATILi - a t) bess m a kir at ho m Ho. 9. Washington Building, No one but a good baud ne?d apply: It* anted t? buy-a small house, in a good location. Address e. o , Star office, ap * 3t* W amtbd-a small iron fire proof safe, <ond hind address box 559. Washington Post office ap 8- it' wanted?a giul for general honsewor it, a vv -,'Ood washer and iraner City reference reinirea. White girl preferr< d. Apply at 431 b itroet. 24 door. from .th. Fancy Btara. lt*_ \\j antblt?By a clerk In tbe War Department. h * room, with board,in private fain mile n rtb of the Department. Address j . n. o., btar office. bjb \? anteu-a small boom, witb u-?ot cellar, ft with convenience for selling batter, la * central pert of the city. Address lor three data, u a. f Mo. La. avenue. ap< St* 1%/antbd-a white man servant. as v? waiWr. Tbe best of references required. Apply at No 159 Ps. an nae, between 17th aad lstb streets. ap g St* W"anted -Three 1> uk?ft3l a k kk3. at ?o. :<59 itth street, between h and i sts. Mone but competent hands need ;<pply. w?gea from .fs to 87 per week. _ Wanted-housks to rent. Aiae, to buy kijbm1tdbe of famlli's declining Men-a keeping, and a g >od fabm ef 1u0 aerea, near Washington. d l. wells a co , apclm Corner La. ar nnd (ith st. i vv ANTKDTo buy a hoosk of about aTx 1 * ? ro^ms, located within ttfteen m^nntea walk r>f tba Treasury; not to coat more than ?3.000. Any one wto has such a house to oTer at a bar* i gaia will please address o a .Starofflco. lt*_ r|<uu VODNO ladies wamtedto learn the 1 Drens Makitig, at !i70 Vermont a>enne,bet. h atid 1 sts *p 6 2t* | \a, antbd By a r^ -pectai le girl, a site/f? TlONaa Cooker to do housework in a prl 1 vate.'amily. (lood references given. Ininlre at , No b^'j h St.. between 2d and 3d ets. ap a b* l \V7 ANTED By a coii4patent youni? w- man.who 1 f emu ^reference*, a 81TUaTIOH ?* j ciia . bernmid and sea i strens. Pl> awe address a note to v o.,btaroffice: ap :tt_ j %1 AMTKD-SEAMSTRESS in .? p'l>ato lam *v iiy, one wbo understands nxcliine work, and can bring good r?coi> niendati^ns. will find ? comfi rtable home and libera! wages, by apply- | in -at No 445 b street, betweeu 6th and7th streets ap 6 Wanted"? a lurni hed boom, with plain board, in a small private family. for lady and child; west of Tr as ry at.d Borih o* p au s) Ivania a* nu? preferred. Ad dr> ss l. w , atat irg terms and location, Ge>rgetown Post Office, ap 5 3t* W'iTliTBD An Intelligont bov. twlve ! 10 "dteau j ears of ace, in a p iteat Agency Office, to iearn Dr..u?liiug. Mnst write a goo 1 i hund and be of re"pectable parentage Salary w ill be nominal for sever al months. v* ill 41i?n be 1 ;i,cres>,ad as he a i vaneee in pr ticleu'y. Address boi *?o;{ City pi >tOihce. ap5 2t* ' Wamtbd?By >? respectable lady, a situa- i ' tiom a? housekeeper, or will make h rseif | i generally nseftil a go d sewer. Address Mrs. j ea kau, City Post ofllt e. w ?slnngtoB. ?p4 it* ! \1' anted?To' m re a pair of good farm 1 vv bobbes for two weeks or longer Apply < toO w walton . office o? Treasury Extensian, < orner of Penn'a aienue and 16th st. apt ?t* it' a n t 1- d in .mediately. lo:;r unnamed col- i 1 vv obbli men accustomed to farm work. tho*. j. millbb. ,p 4 st 445 mh st., near La means. Wante1'?to rei-t, by May 1st. a uouse, ?>r part of a house containing f >ur rooms, fur | niah d or unfurnished. Address Ilous. keeper, b :n No bl Wer Department. np 4-v>t* , ' \1* anted-a good Irl-h or O rroan woman, tv to do the washing tor 2 in tamilv. and co >k for 6. sew, and make herself generally tmeful. Good tefere&o recjulred. Apply at the corner of m;ir}land aveune and 12th st. ap 4-St * i ' vv anted?two ooat hands, to work by vv the jou tntyinen s bill of prires. None but , th' bewt need appiy . j t. walk kb, I | Me ichaut Tailor and Gent's Furnish, r. 4947th street, ( jt near Odd Kellow*'Hall._ vv/ antkd~lT71nediateiy . to rent or purchase, vv * commodious residence, with necea a r y n eniencea . a small and fertile w a bm. iu i goo<l fsn n ;iu i garden grounds, near th? city. j in a healtbv neigbborheod. Address "t-care ( c< miskioner Indian Affairs, Interior Depart- , ment, Washington. ap i 4t \ Wantbd-wamtid-mbm for the United ; h*tate- a rni>, at 461 c atieet, mar Baltimore Railroad Depot. ap3^1m Wanted-By a small famib . without ,hil dren. a small HoUBE. In crood order, furnished or unfurnished, convenient to cars. Adit* ss. ?tating price and locality, Box ? 5.>, Wash- . ington, V V api-?t* ( w anted- a respectable colored womab vv tor?ok. weak and Iran Apply immediately at mo 4 7 i, corner d and 2d ?ts s|1 u Wantbd-a cdtt eb and boot fittbb tn j a ?tore. Steady employment given Apply ' ?t No. 479 mh st , bet. Penn avenue and d at j ii. bableih. < an a/in to ?5,ooojwill bb invested In a mereantlle or manafaeturlng ti slaaaa. with an established house. waat<a? a ( vartnsr with t at of capital by an ener- < getir t. sirisaa man Applt ti'cbas b wallaun At oraey. t 'i Lo-jisiana aven e. corner i 6'.b atr et ap 1 4t' |l . ~'' ain M hi TOggALK Afltt BEST H 0,1311 Pui'k ?!, Mttkui 11 w>?a..wmn4i.teltL MI *' MIT-i NtU of woti f?r?i*b<xt ftOOMI S * '" * ? **???. tt* Iltk'Ml

wott?. I?ialrop?Uo priabH. n>m* tfOB BBNT-New HODS* Mi rMi. wltfc i..***; ? * "trnt, 1HI j#ti. A?|lr lil^K |g?| and ?(!, , it* T9 I"IT-leo??Utilr VPHMlMikO tlttta* 'T"!: '" "'S' r'-Wi-SToo. ap 5 4t Corner LouIiImi ifdMt \ad 6th at, wiiai. Fixfrmfcs JL **f of aOIg*r ftore Uoum u< Ktora f*r rent. A?ply ?3T l.*h atreet. b?t?Mi FandO. _ (???' tpOB SALB-Partof LOT 7, 8guire lf?, ao^. "J?11"4 " 'ninlre of Miaa S^l8, ?l,m Mr#- KeU?F'?, No. 3l?,i*rMr .,t Bir.dUtbits ap6it' Fro* PALI?The bTO?K and FIXTUBW^f lh*?U Mttkllihti Bestanrant Bo 3417th atreet north. Houae for vent A))lro? the **' ?!*? to JOHN AKPBW, a?*3t? F?* BALB~B^ orlfht STEAM BOILBB, ?r a filL-* it. ??k^S ' * 6 lathN ttHNMr, and H?tJ I'ft l** *?t5**WB*f ftUatreet ana new York avenue. ap<-?t? | c??pUt? Eaty PAB* n?? w'tt (o?r (ton and tremolo. ?" S.treit b. ro5,,ck. K0B UBT-&noU FBAHB HOUSE, of fear m. ruviiis, i,u i" ?i., corner ai ??u ??r Mienth m iMjvonce. Apply next door No. 104 F it root, *P 6-St" P^lf..K.1 n?? A t hr ee-atory ]BBICK HoUsi, E with J!*ck Uildiu. oil est ol -lat atr -it, between O and B. aupplled with gin ia l Potomac water Immediate possession Apply en th* promt m? k. Ho. 3Hflit at . next to cor. G. a Sit * FOB 5fNT OR 8ALI-A furait hedBBlOK KLLING, of ni ne roMna, and hath roota. in pleasant location, within tea minute* wo k of the Departments; gat and w?t*r. Inmlre for A. B . Star Othce apt-lw FOR SALE? MONTB SANO next Georgetown College wnoili, 21 acre* go.d I tod. salu >rioua, dolicioua trnlt and w-.ter.wood Uu<i atone.jn?'ry, gooi imrrovemena, Sl.uOOoo a ion* credit, Nino acres will be sold aspirate or in lots, on credit. Thii-isafini opportunity to buy a country real dence within thirty minutes' walk ef the cars Apply tu Morara HLANPON A CO.. oorthwea' corner Bridge aud Congrea* afreet*. Georgetown* 0- It F'OB BBN'T?'Cnfnrniehed. a lar^*~PARLOB. Possession eiven immediately. Inquire 337 3d afreet. corner F st north ap 6 .'it* I^OK RENT?BRICK BOUSE, fonr room* and I kitchen, lot adjoining comer < onnecti' ut a* acd L at , bet. 17th and 18th. Flrat Ward Inquire at 5*t o'clock p. m. on premise* op s-at * I^'OB KENT?T?o <>r three unfurnished communiratin* BOOMS, in excellent condition, Bait able tor housekeeping Apply at 402 K ?treet, ab ae loth nt.,or-393 Penn.aTe. apR-.'it* U00M8 TO RE^NT?Furnished or ttnfnrniahed, n< ar tlie departnienta. < ars p?aa the do*r P^nn a avenue Mo. 1 AO, bet\.?en 17th and 18th gtrceta. apSSt* F'OB S A IjE?Tbre" ad olnin? BBH'K ll^U^EB. of ?ix reotBN each. Onljr #l,fi?o each: ??'>0 ca?h. bnlai.ce to anit A*ply to V.D HTOCKBB1DOK A GO K. E. corner 7th and F street*, ap i at* L'OK BBNT-A BBICK ^HoFsK. conUiniuff 1 eight room* aad atore, aituated on 7th atreet west, between M and T atreeta north. Bt-ut >2S per month in advance. Inquire at No 2A1 7th atreet weat ap.'. st" tP 'B HAL.K -A L<?T.frontii>^ 2:1 teet on M street north,between North Capitol hu 1 iat *ts west, rnnning back :73 feet, witta a f-ont on I'lerce st <>t 4<f -et For pat titulars inquire of GEOB'JE McCLELLANP, at the Qlobe Office, ap 6 3t L'OB hAl E-At private-alu, LOTS I aud till a B jcare 1 091. aitnated at the coruer of eorjta .veine a:.d 17th-treat, near Con_-re?ai. ujI C-m etery Alao, LoTS y and 10. adjoining tbt old Eastern Branch bridge, on the other side Q >od place for a market Kar,ten Kor further particnlar? ;?ppl) to Mrs. LITTLE at Mr. J?hn Pntch ?, c>n II atreet, ncrth aide, jun acrosa the Little Bridge. ap& Jt* I^OB BALE?A lot of BoUSBBOLD 1 CBNITUBE, cheap for cash. Must be sold within three day*. Ht Lnite.i Hall. Utii atr?<et, between Pa avenue and E atreet. ap 4 :tt* rl'HE blOCK A N D FTxTCBEs of a amall OroM eery Store for sale Apply Immediately aud set a bargain aa the peia >n ha- to leave the city Inquire at Mr.TINNI'S Bookatore, on 7th st . hear Massachusetts avenue ap4 ]w* FvOR S A LE?Ti7? LE A?E. FCBBITUBE "and MXTUBESof the ( laretidon H< tel. Penn a avenre. corner atreet This i? one of the tioott hotela in the city, ?Bd will be sold at a bargain If applied f.-.r aoon. ap4 :(t* A. T. C. DODGE. L'OB BBNT?Two HOUSES in th? Phnad. lphTa a Bow. litb str<ot east. The*, houses have all mod'T'i couvenieuces Will be rentel now to gn< 4 tenants tor 84'0 per annual Inquira of the Agent. 30ft F ?tre t, between 11th and 12th ap t 6t* L'OH Sil.K-Fonr HOl'SES in the Philadelphia i I Bow. 11th atre< t eaat Tn>ae homes ore well | situated for a aumm?r residenre. bavins all m?ddern conveniencea, hot and cold water, bath and gas, .?nd will be sold on reasonable terms. THOS M PLOWMAN. Ag?ut, ?P 3Qft F .treat, f|^0 LET?A well furnlabed HOI SE. of ten E rooms, or furnitnre and leme for Bale. Healthy, pleasaat location, wlthiu two a'tuarea of the Oapltol: large vard and stable, water in yard and boute, and bath root i. Poaeeaaion with in tondaya or two weeks Kent low. N.>. :t-J1 North B etr at. Capital Hill ap 4 3t* pOB SALE OB BENT? A TWO 8TOBT HOCBE, Sitnated on Jlat atreet weat, between O and P atreet*, having a lot of llu feet x I7tifaet, making it very deairahle for a gardener, dairyman, or butcher. Will be sold or rented ou raaaomble torina, Poaseaaion given immediately. For particnlara ingntre of ISAAC BKB/BSB9. ?.?1 north C atreet, between 4!s and 4th atreeta. Wash- I 'nttOB; ap 4 l w F'OB SALE?The STOCK aud FI.xTl BBS ?f a retail Qrocerj Store Store for rent. Fine apportunity to atart inbuaineas Posaesaion given i immediately. Inquire at 404 7th atreet. betw-en : ' Oar.dB. ap3 it* j L^UBNISHBD HOUSE FOB BEST?Vieanantly i M. aituat-d, with eleven r.--nia water and xas Inquire ?C B. BAK KB. Star offioe ty l lw i I^OB BEBT?Large FUBN1SHB1> BOOMS, ! E from $12 to A16 per m nth Boarding at ?6 Eerweek, at N". 4'?ft 6th atreet, between O and loulaiana av enue apllm' 1 F^CK SAL*-The large BBICK H OTKL In i Bockvtlle, Md , known aa "Th.>mpaon' ' Bo< kville llotkl, with extenaive grounds. Ac., i sttached Fur further inforuiatiou apply tu 1 I QOPIRA LAT1MBB, AucU mh *7 oo2w i FM1B SALE- A tw o story BBICK HUl BE near J the northeast bound ary of the city: 4 rooms ?nd balls with large lot of ground enclo?"d Price 53,100 In<iuire347 ad at. tuh25 tf F^OB BENT?A three atory BBICK BOUSIe. ' containing eight rooms and attic,on 4th st . near Kay-tte Alao. a nearly new auperlor PIANOf-ratile, Inquire 94 Fayette street George town, 1). O. mh 21 2w* r |NK OF THE MOST VALUABLE AND DE t f 81BABLK BUILDING LOTS iu the city ior tale, it Is situated en the north aide of K atre-t, near 13th between Senator Sherman s and the i Nexirau Mimater a, fronting on Franklin Square i<aid lot i-i it feet by 137, running back to a to foot 1 ?lley. and Improved by a two atory brick stable I fe2o-tf 8 P. BBO^N, 4t?4 9th atreet weat. ^BOOBBIBS. , HALL A PLANT. , PLANT'S BUILDING, , Corner New York avenn* and lMn atreet, < (Entranceen New York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY GBOCEBIES, TEAS, WINES, IMPOBTED LUXURIES, Ac., 4c., ( aould ret-peclfally notify their friend* and the 1 public that they have jnat opened their New Gro 1 ery Store, where can be obtained any article nan < lly k< pt in a firat clasa Grocery. Without at:empting to ensmerate onr large, freah and welllelectel at<>ck, we cordially invite the public to 1 xauineour store and atock. believing we ahall not tail to give entire aatiafaction to ail who may , 'avor ua with their patronage. ^#c*" eapeatai attention to our aaaortme.nt of ^ Tf.AS and COi FEES, which have been elected with itc.t i are for purity. Dealera will find a Bne aaaortmaot to select from, and onr pricea to rait. Gooda delivered promptly In any part of the city, jan 9 3m 1 BY COOPEB A LATIMBB, Aurtioneera7 Southw< at corner of Penn. avenue and 11th at. I AT PBIvTTE SALB. O , ?-!^I5ter of flr?t rl?SB PBIVATE BBSlDKflChD, in central localities Al#o 10 *mall Brlrk and Frame H0USK9 1 F A BM, bet a eon W'a8hlii|ct?)n and Alexandria I larce Frame HOI SE, with lot 120 feet aqnare. I II or further particulara apply of ' mh 19-lm COOPEB A LATIMER. Aucta. J-JOME DISTILLBBY. ^ The public la hereby notified that I am ready iew to anpply the trade aud levers of a good ar:iole with pure copper atilled RYE WH1SKBY t I he home made WhUkey ia warranted all rye, and o will be aold wholeaale only. * aih 5 lm* t HAS. A. KBA1 SB, Proprietor EVBBMAYFXOUB. 2 Manufactured by D L Shoemaker. The above auperlor brand of FLOUB. In bide. J tnd 49 pound sacka, constantly on'hand, and for tale by GEO WATBBS, Commisaion Merchant, No Sl!? Uifeh at. and Canal, mh 13 7m [IntelAChrou] Georgetown, D O STERLING BILLS for Ml* ! ? to lalt pur CT cbaaera. _ , SOlA^ea' mftrk*t price paid for AMBBICAN ^ LB WIS JOHNSON A 00 , Bankers. J fe 7 tf 393 Penna. avenue 1 14 1 NATIONAL-LADBDETT C>T| C fc-t Pear a av , between lab and 13th itii.4 I a All work doae by hand Goods called for aud da- f lvered at ibe shorteet notice Branch Acting done c a the neat eat atyla. akll-lm' ? n t , ? -v ;? *' - -T* ' . APOTTON 8AUB. k* * fu< b 00..^?cBoaoora. Herae and Carriage B*iur, M Lanialana ?tmo? alb or uibu, oiiu&au, harness. vrk A*rU ?u- " " S^l\ii? tt* ?'*" nnraber Ti Sfca L?iitl ^"iJorVB.nw,I a fall deecrl,uon at Ml*j WHWtyr *boat FOBTT HORSES k 'ill? Slit?10* <* N??*na? MwU h**! Bat* ^ *j^Jk*W?M.C,krrtM??? Wagooe. u<l or hoi Two new Jenny Lin J Wagoes, bnllt in this city. New and Mmb4 hand Hmumi, tad Dee, ferriages Ac .at private sale "?* SntSfJiM 44,1 Taeedaya. aed Cnrriaiten and Bir?Mi?l?iri on private itl?. _*?_ W.L. WALL A Op. Anota. 11T W. L. WALL (t oo., Auctieaeer*. * * _ .. Htorri 3li ud j|). south corner Pen:i. eaauae and ?th -treet. ALB Or (tBOCBBIsTT WHISK.>. DBOOMS. UiAM, SUUAB8. Ac., * . ?t ifllSfei1* April " commencing t 10o clock.we Will?a. at car fteie Rooms. ,n assortment of t.recery anlctbe- ertK 1m.anota mS*^1 J?hit*lLd Tfllov 0Q44TI Whisky, ca-ka Brand/ . 10 dc7?n Hroonifi 8U.000 S?f;?r? of dlf?r?rt brands 10 care* ClinnifkiiDt H> g Butter B x*a Pepper B.tcka and barrel- Coffee I" cases Jockey Club Bitter* Ko.\e-? Star. h. Soap ? cases pnre Holland Gin ? "00 Cigars With other articles In the Gr.^cery lii e ro rolls ?,6. and 6 garter Bad *nt W hite Mattin* Lot of Furniture. Ac. Hair and Shuck Mattresee*. Terms cash. No pestponement. M W. L. WALL t CO.. Aucta._ UT COOPEB A LATIMlCB. Auctionee a, ? . La clerka with Jai C Mctiulr* A C ?.? Southwest c?rner Ivnn. avenue and 11 tit street. Star Otti e Bnildmg TB08TEK8 PALE Of VALUABLE 1MPBO>Bl> PROPEBTT OB SIXTEENTH fctr*< t Weat. bet ween S and T afreets North. at Auction. By vlrtneof a deed of trust,hearing date the JOth day ol June, l*>f>. and recorded in Lit er N O. T.. l*o 88, foiloa 420 to 422 we will sell on the t>r.-m teea.en WlDWIhDAT A KTE BNoON, May 1st. < 1??7, at ti o'clock p.m. all th> piece* er parcel# ol land known and described a* lota numbered I) 1 ami 14. and parts of lota numbered le and 11, in square No. In , improved by a comfortable Fram Cottage containing abont five reoms. The ?bo\e described real estate is nicely enclosed with a board fence seven feet high and under cultiva 1 Ion. Termaof sale : ?h>4 half cash. < $ioo at time of file,) balani e in 6 and 12 niouths. aecnred by deed ol trust upon the premises. c.nve) anclng and stamps .it cost ol purchaser. WM B WOODWARD. CHABLBS KKAULBY. Trustees KxceUUr Hnlldlna Aseoriatien OOOI'KB A LATIMKB ap 6-eoads " auctioneer* BT COOPER A L4T1MBB, AnettoneeraT " (late clerks with Jas C. Mcirtiire A Co.,) Boutbweal corker ot Peun a avenue an i lita st. tttar Oftce Bnildibf. EXTENSIVE AND PEBBMPTOBY SALE BT CATALOGUE Of KIB??T CLASS ELECTRO SI L V BB PLATED WABK. IVOBT AND PBABL HANDLE TARLE CUTLERY AT AI OTION. Direct from th? well known House of Jos Deakm A Sons, M?nufacturera by Bo>al Authority. Spiing Street Works Suelteid, Ea? land. On TUESDAY MORNING, Aptll 9. at 10 a m.. and eTenine ?t 7S P- ni , we w il sell, at our balcaroom. actinic* and beautifnl aa-ortm?nt of li rat-claes Plated Ware and Cutlery in the new ^st design*, consisting of Entree Dishei.tionp ~ure> na. T'a an-i Conee !ieralr><?io six pieces. Breskla"t abd DfnDer Caaters. < ;4ke Harkeu Syrup Pitcken, Card Be ei vers, Bo met Hold* era, Ac, A i??, Ivory Balance handle Dinger an I Te* Knlv a B.of and ? ir.e farxer*. St-eU. Ac . Ei?h Oar' sera and Plattd Dera? rt Knivcim Mshu.itoy sod Morocco fuse*. Table. Dessert an I Tca-poons ai d < rks in Plain. Headed, and King's Psttern Cataloai.e-now leady andean be bad at onr < Auction Room. Term? ca*h. COOPER A LATIMEB. Ancta ap 6 ( Herald. S'inday Chron A Int ] 1 BY COOPER A LAlTkl KR. Aoi tlunet-r*. ( Latecleik* with James 0. McOalre A Oo .) Soutliwt-t coraer Pennsyl\&nia avf>nne andlith atreet, "Star Office Building." 1 T|ga,.f.BR,.ivA?5;r"f' ; AltD* BOETl** " """ L'" " By virtue of a chattel acrtgaije. duly ex <-nte4. i and recorded ta Liber B. M H , No 2, folloe :J8 snd .t*. on<- of the Chattel Records of Washinctoa County, D C I will expose for sal*- -n 'he pre i- | lses at Pablic An tion, on WEDNB8DAT, the Htb day of April. 18 7. at Modock k m all and the Fiitarf-ii iod appart?dance? cod talned In Ilonse Bo 4"5 7th atreet weat, betaeen H *nd I street north, narain*? , T?o Waloat-top Bar Conntera. with Fixtures i JJtsI Ol It Frame Look in r Olasaon Two Walnnt Settees, covered In Oreen B*p Walnnt Extension Dining and other Table* B cst adi, Bare iua. Be iding Wasiistanda Cane and W ood Be <t Chairs Decanter- ?nd Tumblers. Engravings Coeking and Bar Room Stove Als<?. Lot Champagne and Geiman W'in-s W tth an aaaortm- at of LI mors and Cigars t ? Also, < One me'lium sl/e Evan A Watson Iron Safe. L O AS8ENHBIMER. Trnat? e. ap 4 6t COOPEB A LATIMKB. Aocts. JJI OBEBS A WILLIAMS, Ancttoneera. ? HODSB and lot at auction 1 On MuNDAY, the loth instant. April. I shall 1 jell, at 6 o'clock p ai , in front of the pr -n.lsee, b? virtue of a ;eed of trnat. to the anbscnb r. i hearing late tb?- litli day of February, 1^*5. ani recorded in Lib r R M H.. No is. folios 177. ae of the laad record - t >r Waahia^ten conuty, District of Columbia, the following named prop jrty. Ijing and being in th* citv or Washington, D.C .viz Part of aquare aortn of ajgirH usm bared elaht hundred and fifty-three, (MS 1 i.?. , Kinning for the same ai the -outks at corner ef , ai i square, and runoinr thence west, on M . street eighty (tin ieet. thence north ?lxt> two ?>21 ieet| six 61 Inches, thauce >-ast eig .ty iSOi l<?et. . Ihence aoHth ?1.\tjtwo?'l feet six (6 Inches, to Ibe plac^ ol beginmnf, together w!C the itn provementTer=j ? mad>* koown at sale All onveyancing | kn l revenue at ?mf s %t cost of purcha er. ? 1 *) I Will be reiuirrd patd down when the property fi is s dd If the purchaser sh uhi fail to comply with the terms in hve day- af*r a%A> the trustee serves the right to reaeli the proaJnj by ad- ^ rertlslDg su< h r sile thr<*e times in Bw 3'?r JOHN M IIAN.-ONJr.Jir "P 1 GREEN A W ILLlAftdr. Aucte. vL JAMESC. Ml GCIBE A CO., ' rUBNITl RB WARB BOOMS. ti Having rellnqniahed the Auction and Commlslion hnsin-sa, and con vert'd our extsnsive wareooma, at the corner of 10th and D streets, into " i ; rat cla^s HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, I ?e are now prepared to furnisn e\ery variety of > house an* office fubnituub, ?t the moat moderate rates Onr stock comprises CARLOII SETS. In B< pa and Hair Cloth, S ARVED and PLAIN OILED WALBUTCHAM- n BER SETS, COTTAGE SETS, J JINGLE BUREAUS AND WASHSTANDS, * KLABOBATELT < ARYED BEBSTEADS. HAIRS OF ALL \AR1ET1ES, I EXTENSION TABLES, g 3AIB MATTRESBES and FEATHER PILLOWS, J Jf FKE DESKS and WRITING TABLES, ;AHTON MATTING, 4c , Ac. We have also for sale the celebrated ( TUCKER SPRING BED, rhich for conifott, durability and cheapness is s inrivalled. Also, the ^ ruuker MANUFACTURING COMPANY * BRONZE CLUCKS, V r beautiful In deaign and finish and at very reaa- N tnbif prleea. ^ JAB. C. M< OU IBB A CO., r nib 11-lm cerner of 10th an I D atreets. ^ r AT EST PABIS FASHIONS OF HAIR ** Li DRESSING. ^ B. ALLIOT, tHKNCH HAIR DRESSKR, 3U? B atreet. between 13th and lath ata. Mr. Alllot, from Paria, Hair-Dreaaer. of tha ^ elebrated Ra< bel, with whom be arrived In thla ^ ountry. baa now been eatablished f?r tne laal ? lght yeara in Waahlugton and Newport, an- r )?ing tbe patronage of the corps dip/omittine, and ' f the highest aociety. He has tha honor to aa- C ounce that be haa thla aeaaon imported the lateat aahioua of hair dressing, and el a. pomades, and ?! very thing that belongs to tbadraaaing ol hair kl ,t very reaaoaal le prleea. laT tm* ? A T PUBL10 SALB HI r*. miorcH s? B. M. HALL'S w REALESTATK EXCHABOB, Corner 7th street and La avenue. Will be said at auction, on tbe premises. on the ? 7th of April. 1367. at o'clock p m. by virtue of * 1 dead of trust executed by I redarii k Toli;t, to *] ohn Gee. Stock, tto eacnra Andrew Theirer.) ? 1 poo a one atar> frame house, situated on (be weat lart of lot ten,< lOlln euuare Bo. 41. Wasnington lt>. snbject te a leaae for the term of five years, [ aid trwst duly recorded in lib>rR M H , Ho 2. 1 eltoe S88 and 3A>, chattel records for Weshingtoa ? ounty ^ E Terms cask. mh U eolm ft ? I .. auction sales. I#*k<T Antttfm So r? ,er fam-t/i f *C j |JTC*OFB* * LAT1IC1 Aacueaeer, ~ 0 (LaUcaprk* wtCt Jaa. 0 MrQntre a ha , boc' VMt forwfof PeBasyivaaia ?n ar.4 lit* street. ?t*r OWae BallAiaa A COTTON SALS or PIANOS. MILOOIOk^ STOOU AbD OOrBBK VlOLtfcs FuCTBs. BMC BftOBB, ri BB fHN"B PLATE*7 A BOB OIL PAIBTIBOB. BIDS OB WALL CASBS. MAOON, Be . AC ^ Oa BOB DAT IUBMINO. April 9 at 1* ?elect at tt.eataie of .i?tiaF. Be v.. M* 3*? r?i ) l(M>? I'fi.of r?ar 10th *treet, w* she.. **C1 Use* jnd hand rtar.a* Malodeoos B e?oea 1 ml fifcT.j Covers Mid 8toal* O ut Pbl>W ( MM 1 lift Mirror* *> t'l 1 Patnttrv** J*?* Bngia>!t>*s an? Irub.i 1 ?rcf, iviorv mi HiiOc n*okt. Mwrtol ?* l>*M VltllM Oiiltri bMiuu ArcMdooai dmjm. R??i. Hath K'.glra Water Cool r?. Stf *?,, 1 "MfiB. Piano Be e* tiw? * 01 *,h*r to* BBinar??* to an*e T*nii cttk. COOPBB A LAT1HKB. Bar*. ""? - "r?. *"? ^Mlra* to t-UU that the ttovt Plane* and Melodeon- and articl-s Blinded ta tr? harii trr?f r #^f n. w I net run en ts Tli" l'*eo"* will ?releblv r?V* in tklut (rc?i iiltwn to ton ho*4r<-f and t tti '04 l?ri Mcli. ?p 4 t cooper A LATIMBB, AvM. THOS DOW LlliO, Aict.i Oeorgetowa SCBOOL PT BM 1 Tt> RE 4T ACCTIOB I'' Mo !' " Bridge *t'?.-t, ct. r (ran del'* backntor*, k lot of in boc I FarDlttii.touti'lti ? Deeks I Stove* IS^BwckN, 1 eight day Clock 3 dft?fn ( Kbjri Lot of Coal and Ooke Ac P?-A TH(<B HOW LINO kmc* bY OBKIB A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer* ~ No. 3'jb, ccrner 7th Mid D itrrttt. V?Mo PBOPBBT\ FRONT i?nV? * STREET KOBTIJ BUM K K M AT A0? TION KI*TU 6TKBBT? WEST. Obi MOBDAT. the *rh instant. at 6oY|o k p. . ?e*b.,l| a?|l, 01 the (rmuM, Lot ho it t).jntr? i>? 40;. with the rmproT' ttK nt?. conststln? of f'ir?!i.*,or a"d Ktt,c Brick Mon*e ? itA a sood back ' uildltig u nt ib ai1 'hirt* n rooms, baring lid? nnd ' aek ?t|. y?, ri.* lug .ta le*irabl* r *o? *l2*iJ?!?2' ,S,bT ?f p' ,h* >ul'lici?t HMr thr Sort em M*i Vet ted ;th atreet e?n . m?h r*l?nce in fx, twalr*. *'*Dt?Bp month*. f<.r note* bearlnr ntereot ?tid -W iired by * dre i of trn?t on the P' # .i5onT->'nr'L* re*en?**t*ain? ntthacMC Of the purchaaer <;KIBKA WILLIAMS. AncU. M*' BAC1LB A CO., AHction*er?. 1J B?!.*iounu p? n\,,het ?th u<l litth *U. PBAP LBTTPK UPriCB saik l.o-o pwrufrr ot,.,, r*-e. whi. h h*v? MC ma Itted in the (irti Letter Offlc* f?r *e?< rtl >e?r*. <empri??ne ever* ?uA Ctrl*. iich Pearl T< rtol^e ^tiell Bnasel, Papier Mncbe,>f|?H, Ac., clnborntnly nUntnd ul fibuhed. ? At ?o. JB*T,"ty o18 iver.^i Dagtierreotj pe PUtM. P.ra*? Mat*. Af By order of tha l'o*t Offi-e T>. partnenf. Sale to coin rue ore on >ATOBDAT April ? a' 1-' o clock, at our A action U >nia. *?5 Pat,atrI vania attine, ana IVKbT TUB^DAT, TH C BRPAY. and 8ATL'BI?AT tberaafter at mi tiaa anj place until the wboU *t ck i* diR^oaad of. ft P ?A catwlofne I* now belli# ?rap?r?Kl ot n.|sre||an??" ? article* w bleb bare accuniulate t Id the l>e*d Letter t?fl:< e. ?in?-* the |%*t -ale ) *111 ba *old at i.n aarlr dar. P->?t Ofti * D> pprtm?nt Aarll. 1967 _ap S (Ohroo.J KAOLC A 00 , Anrta. OLE EN A MILLIAM8, Aocti n*er* F1BST CLA.S8 KL'ILl>IM. LOT. PBONTINB Of VKBMONT AVKBLB. B*t L afreet* north, at Public Aacti n On M ID\K r?D A Y th 10th in ^t , at B r'clock p ... *e slia'l . on t'.e premieea. Lot So 46, m T'joar? bo. JI*. bavlnc ^*1eet frant by 110 foe' a tin-- alley iBiproTed by a tao atery Prauie Hok?? Vf? rail the atte tiuu of bi yera to tbi* aale. aa the location I- * o?1. and t tug * fint claa? lot. wbicb tnak-e it tci y devtral ie T-rni*. One ihtrdcash; balance n air.twelT* and s! te> B motitl *. tor u te* beariDg iatera?t, tad *ecure.l by deed of trnat on tbe prentiaea All conveyancing and reverma atainp* at tbe coat of tbe purchaser. Mdw do?n >n the day of a?l* _?P ? _ UBfcEK B WILLIAMS Aorta BY COOPBB A LATIMBB. Aactfo;,eer. I Late clerk* with Jae C. M. Quire A 0 v,? Boo thai eat corner of Pm.b'? are and street fctar Ottice building. SALK op Till LADI'BBS BAR"*. HWi|G", AND OTIIBb Al'PAbATtS OP r.uAi t 8 OTMBA81LM. Mo. -s/ LOCIfclABA iV|. fit a By ?irtna of a chattel BirttMe duly executed ?n?l recorded in Lli er B. M. H . Ne 2. foiioi 4 A tad iti,' ne of the chattel Bee >rj? far Va* hm# to a L- unty. 1) 0 , 1 ill eipo?e for ?aie, oti tbe preBii?.OB rBIDAY thelftb 'ar 'i ^pIj ' 1,1 2_c,,>c* all and amrvlar ;beladdera. bar*, awia**. dnn.b bell*, elab* and *11 ti e other Api^ratns used for cvniKift(?tic dot* Ibd ID ^O'itiOQ At U-T-ftdja Oy liiDUlQB, Looiiiaut ?T-n ; , in W%#hi:iArto? cltf. HI. %nd KM. *tt eu ?i.t A?d alio all ?a. pipe satb tnl e. wa?h bowl* nblae. chair* and otltar arnimre and flxtnr * beie eine to and in aalA 3> niaaniutn. Terms caah LA^ BBBCB 'j. BOOOH. Tia*teCOOPEB A LaIIMEB; An u The <;ymna*i am win he op-n till Thursdar. the lth in.tant w.ea it will ba cloaad to make ar anee: enta tor tbe Mle ap 3-dta COOPBB A LATIM BB. Auota. bY COOPBR A L ATI ME B, A? ttoa-er?. ~ i Lat - clerk* with J O McOnire A Oa ,t >cutb*e*t oiaer of f eauay leauia aeenne ani ilth street, btar OSoa Buiidiag. _ "OOP attabotioh On TP EbDAY ne?t, April 9, at II o'clock rn . at hefo<>tof Ilth street, ue ?|!1 aell. at Pal llr Aaciop the aloop Paahion. tackle and apparel In new dA complete "rder A dep..?it of j lftt will be ra-jtmed at the time of ale. T*'rnia ca?b. apS it rOQPFBA LATIMBB. An to KY t OOPBb A LATlMBb AuVti neerLnte clerks with J **. C M.<. ire A Oe . I. W rner Pe a oe n? and lltb street. Htar Othca Mullilag 'AJL0A?L* L-H'MPMoVKia PKOPEBTY OPTDjN 'KAMBLIB 8WCABB AT ALU _On WBDN BtDAY ne*t. April II. at 8 o'clock n the | reniis' 4 w. ?U| ,,.|f Let ?Bd ea-tern lart of L t 19. in Square 2iU. tbe ?an,e frontio? evnty two t. et one inch on 1 straet. wltb *Py> f H* run nine b^ck to a thirty foot Thl* property i* lo aled la one of tbe nioot ealth) aLd de?iral le portione of the dty. ?ad itea* * 8D'' c1,,dc<'t0 * <u March of biul llric Term* . Oue th:rd ca^b, balaace in at and welve in nth* with interest, eeenred l y a de. d ..f mat on the premi*--a All con*eyan< tag and .tatup* at purcb?>" r'- coat apftdAda COOPBB A LATIMBB. A eta I>Y GBBBN A WI LLI A MS, Aactleoaera. LP ?o aoutiieast corner 7th and D sta. AH ABLE LUILD1SOLOTS PBONTIN ON u ' 6E1TS &\KM I, !>K1 WKKN i^TABD SBCUMD STbBBTtf BAST AT OnTHl bSfeA V. the ilth ln?t., at 6 a clock p ii.. we thai) eeli. on tbe pre is * Lot Me i. In kjuare No 7.U. ha\ii.g A feet front on Ma**acb?ietts avenue rntinins IM feet throuf ii te D etreet, akinii bcildibg lcta fronting oc e> h atree with* at any wa-te groand to the parchaaers Terms One third cask balance In *U aodtwalra nontbii. for note* bearing interest, au i eacured j a deed of trnkt on the premi*. Ail con*er cing and revenn eta- p- at the c?at of tbe ,ur. baaer. .f :0 down on the dav ot ^al. P? d <bK KN A WILLI A Mf. Auct* LPV OBEBN A WILLIAMS, ^nrtt, L* Mo rf Jb S E, cor. 7tb >nd It streatt tXCBLLBNT HOl silioLD Fl BNITCRK AT A10T10K On THCBSDAY, tbe Ilth instaat. at 10 oVla?.k m . we ?l,all a< ll. at Mouse So. caraer af . etraet north and Sec-^Bd atreet we*t the follow>g arlirb a, rfr u laircloth Parlor Solte, con*l*tiBi' ot Tete a TeU 8' ft-. Caster and hide Chair* [and-OL.e French n'ate Pie: Ola *, ith Marl,;. DiAt ana (.racket U d l'lnsh C'tetor Bed '^othle Chair* k m Id tit r.edste t4?, UiiditiDli, nod DreMiog laboKBBy bedstead and Marble t p W aohstand A-od Feather bed. Pillow*, and Idolater* [tur. liiifk. and ether Mattresses HaLket?. Comf<>rt*, Qoilta, bad Spreads. Sheets, ?nd C??es t'aliiut ?'ard Tab ? and Window Shades ettase Bedsteads and Painted Wardrobes early n< wla?rain and Brussels Carpets tair. Hall, aud otber Oilcloths wo batidsome Parlor Ohandeliers arler. < baniber.end OooktntStores 'iaingCrockery, Glass* are. and I'lat d ware >ak Bs!?nslon Table and DiniukObairs ide Board. Bore Matting and Refrigerator rutub Clot lie. Toilet Set* and Clock . rood let Kitchen Be.jni*itee. Termscash. GBBBN A WILLIAMfl ap3 d A j tlonaars ^TBIN HAY'S PIAMOB. We have just received a new aasortmeat of II lANOfOUTES from the factorr, on ?as. sting of Grand, B^aars, and OaiigbtRCaHH abiBet Piaaoe. r * lllin For the last tea years Su-taway's Pianos ba?e. ] all occasion*, re< ejred tbe first preminm o?er 1 new York, Boston, Philadelphia, aad Sal tins ore akeis. whenever and wherever they have coma i competition At the World's Pair la Loadoa, iemway A Pons received the Indoraemant |ef i perlority of their Pianos ever all makeraaf the ?tic\. ? w ? MBT/bbott A CO . te 29 tf Ho. 319 PeBB aveaua. Bole AgaaU. I MBBIOAM GdM?TiTOOB? aad BOMM. b bought on aoramissloB at the Baw York aad hsr Stock Board* Qaotatloas regularly rail vad. . LBWI8 J0HH80M A CO . Baakers, fal-tf 99H Peaaa avenaa. ^MBBOIDBBT OP ALL BINDS W0BKBB ^ ob reasoaatda terms. B??r? kind of Fan:y orV tansbt at very low price*, hr Madam UTCBBACB.atB Bopp O. between ?tb au? h streets fttl-.a