Newspaper of Evening Star, April 6, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 6, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. official. UW9 OF THK UNITED STATES* ?!'? >(I ki the *?csnd Stulntl the Thifty.ninth C?D|Kii. [PrBtic?No. 4?.] A? \c~r lo restore Lieutenant. Joseph P. Fyffe ' ft bis grade in active service of the navy. Be >; t 'Iacted 6y :V AVn?k and House of RtpWmt?(tKi ?/ (Ac Cm I'd Mates of Amrrira m Ce-?yrcjj arjrwu>i/.f. That tbe President of the United Sikt^K be *u thori/ed to nominate, and wiib the adTicr and consent of the Senate to appc.nt, Lieutenant JOK^k P Fyffe to the arti?# u*t ?f the navy, aart to restore him :o ihe raan to which he or.ay be entitled :nereon. Approfd. February ?2. lei*. ? jPrnLic?No. 4.1 j A*? Act fning *-b?* compen-ation forth" bailiff ?no criers of the courts of the District of t'olombia Bt 'ir, d bj f-tcnnd Ncu*t'/ Rep?'. <i'a.'i<f '%? f Stut'' of Anuri a .-i I' w" '11 That the baikff- and criers, wt? are required by the marshal or court* of the District of Columbia to attend upon ttie d.s:r?ct, circuit, or criminal courtofsaid District, haii be paid by said marshal three dollar? and tlfiy cents per day for ea b day's attendance, riuFtrad of two dollars, at now provided oy law. > commencing with the flrs: or January, eighteen bnndred and slity-mi. Approved, ?bruary *J2, l-?V7. ? [Public- No. 4? i As A.< t to ?utbon/e tbe construction of a subMerged tubular bridge acro-s the Mississippi river at the city of Saint Lom?. Be \t eia-.t'd by the Senate and U use <f R>p. ?f a.,Lfs of tht United State* of A<Hr rira in *Vitrrtss assembled, That thn Mississippi Sabmerged Tubular Bridge l)oap*ny,'' a cor poration organized under the I iw< ot the State f Missouri, b?, and the same is hereby, empewered to construct, maintain, and operate a submerged iron tubular bridge across the Mississippi river, between the city of Saint Loms. in tbe State of Missouri, and tbe city of Last Saint Louis, in the State of Illinois, subject to all the conditions contained in said act f incorporation and not inconsistent with the provisions ?l this act And In cas?- of any titration arising from any obstruction, or alleged obstruction, to the free navigation of said waters tbe cause may be tried before the district court of the United States of any Btate in which any portion ot said obstruction er bridge touches. Sac. 2. jlaii be it furthtr enacted. That any bridge built under the provisions of this act shall be tnbular in construction, and sunk below the bed ol said river so tbat tbe top ot said structure shall be below the bed of th- channel of the Mississippi river, and so that the same shall in no wise interfere with or obstruct navigation when completed, or prevent a safe and expeditious transit for all classes of -vessels upon said river during construction Sbc. 3. And be it further enacted. That any bridge erected under the provisions of this act shall be a lawful structure, and shall be recognised and known as a post route, upou which Is? no higher charge shall be made for the transmission over the same of the mails, the troops, the munitions of war of the United States, than The rate per mile which the railroad companies t< rminattng at either end receive for such services. Sbc. 4. And b< it farther etaeted, That no exclusive right or privilege shall ever be granted to any of the steam railroads now concentrating at Saint Louis or Last Saint Louis by the said bridge company to use tbe same, but it shall be equally open to all, under such regulations and at such charges as may be fixed, not to exceed those now charged by the Wiggins Ferry Company. Approved, February ?>, lH^T. (Public?No 4i.J An Act granting lanas to the State of Oregon to aid in the construction of a military wagon road from Dalles City, on the Columbia river, to Fort Boise, on the Snake river. Be it ena^ ted by the Senate and I/nut> <>r Retire, ten ativts r,f the L'nx'ed .States of Amenta in Congress assembled, That there "be. and hereby is granted to the Stale of Oregon, to aid in the construction of a military wagon road lrom Dalles City, on the Columbia river, bv wav of Camp Wauon, Canon City, and Mormon or Humboldt Basin, to a point on Snake river opposite Fort Boise, in Idaho Territory, alternate sections of public lands, designated bv odd numbers, to the extent of three sections fn width on each side of said road Pr., !ded That the lands hereby granted shall he exclusively applied to the construction of said road and to no other purpose and ?hall be disposed of only a^ the work progresses t ?d jrmdedfx.ther, That nnv and all lauds heretofore reserved to the I nited States, or other wise appropriated by act of Congress or other competent authority, be, and the same are hereby, reserved from the operation of this act. except so far as it may be necessary to locate the route of said road through the same in which case the right of wav to the width of one hundred feet is granted And iroriii,d JnrtK-r. Tba- the grant hereby made shall not ?race any mineral lands of the United Sbc. 2. And he it further enacted. That the land= hereby granted to 'Bid state *nall disposed of by the legislature thereof for the purpose aforesaid and for no other, and the said road shall be and remain a public High way tor tbe use of 'he government of thf United States, free from toil.- or other charges upon the transportation of any property. trooi>~ or mails of tb?* United state*. ' Sbc. i. And br ,t further enn-t*d. That said road shall be constructed with t>uch width gradation, and bridges as to permit ol it? regj nlar use aa a wagou road, and in such other special manner as tbe State *f OreguC mav prescribe. * 3 \ S*c\ 4. And b* it furt\er enac ed. That the State of Oregon is authorized to locat- and um in the construction of said r^ad an additional amount of public lands, not previously reserved to the I nited States r.or otherwise dis posed of. and not exceeding -en xmie? ,n tance trem it, equal to the amount re-erv^d from the operation of this act m the first s.-c tion of the same, to be selected in alternate odd sections as provided iu section first of iBis act. SBC. .V .1it f?rth:r That lands hereby granted to said State snail be disposed of only in the following manner, tbat is to sav when the governor oT 'aid State shall certifv to the Secretary of the Interior that ten contn . nous miles of said roaa are completed, then -i quantity ?f the land herebv gran ed. not to exceed thirty section -, may b* sold, and so on from time to tim?* until said road shall be completed. and if said road is not completed with in hve years, no luriber sales shall b* made and tbe lands remaining unsold shall revert to tbe United States. A AnJ l< lt fuTtf"r 'I. That the I nited States *nrv-.-or s-neral for the district ot <?r-f, n 'ball can -e said land* so granted to ee surveyed at the e:,rliest practicable period after <nud State Phall haxe ena. ted tbe n^ces sary legislation r0 carry this act into effect Approved. February ij, 1^7. fPl BLIC No. 4H.1 AHArTtoameud the twenty.first section of an act entitled -An act further t? pre%*nt mtjggiingnud for other purposes."approved July eighieentb. e|gh:#?en hundred and six- ! ty-six. I Be it enact'd by the* and //mine of Rer rr ' ' . ' f A trim m C..Hgreit a'tembied. 1 hs t section tw. niy-oue of an ?' Au a?.: ty ?,r*VWl*smuggling and j for other purposes, approved J nlv eighteenth Kw and ""Bty -si*. be amended by adding to said scction rweniy-one the folibTi'iD,*.Pr.?T":* "l'n That this section shall not apply. 01 be held to apply, to anv rnrth" ri"a.l,'winK whole or ill part is within or upon foreign waters " A?-r .. . That anv Foreign Kallroad Com pin v or corporation, whose road enters the Unned States by means of 1 Ferry or Tugb<iat m^v own such boat, and it shall be sub>c: 'uTSo other or diflerent restriction, or regiiitions^n sucb ernpl. vment, than If owned by a citizen of the 1 nited States M ' nu/es Approved. February v!5, W?7. iPVBiic?No 47.] An Act to amend section twelve, chanter ' two hundred and ninety.nine, of the laws ol the first session of the thirty.ninth Con gress. H it mat 'td &y th< Senate ond /louse of Hevr,. <,f th' L'Hil'.d Stal'j / A m'rt. ,1 ?i't i asj'mblrd. Tkat the last clause of section twelve, of chapter two hundred and nmety-uine, of the laws of first session thirty- j ninth Congress, approved July twenty.eighth, ! eighteen hundred ana sixty-six, is herebv amended by repealing all after and including the words until otherwise provided by law." *0 as to place the jadge ad vce ites thereby au- ! ihonzed to be retained in service upon the same footing in respect to tenure of office and i ?tberwi?e as other othoers of the armr of the t'Bited States. Approved, Febrnarv %rt. imr. rPt iLic?No 4^.] A? Act lo amend an act granting tbe right of wly w!*'> miUlmrV >*wrve at Fort Urntiot, Michigan Be it enacted by thr Senate and Bout* of Repretentative* tj th* ljuled StaUs of America in Cmmet* attembltd. Thp? the act entitled ?An act granting the riaJTl of way over, and depot grounds npon, the military reserve of Fort <>rau?t, in the State of Michigan," passed February the eigbtb, eighteen bandr?d and flfty-nlne. be, and the same is hereby, amended by inserting in the last proviso, after the word wood," tbe word* "or flro-proor," so that the aajB* shall read, "Uat ail bu4dings U) b? arec to tp' n ?a ? INirntMl Shall n?l wood or flsproot" Approved, February 25, im. {Public? Sc. 4#.) An A?t to change csrta.n collection districts id M-iryiand and Virginia. Be iC acted fry the Senate and House ?f Htprefntatxret cf iKe United State t tf America in cVr?frett asiembltd, That the districts of Oxford and Vmdd?, in the Suite of Maryland, be. and the -sme are hereby abolished, aad the office ot Collector of both said districts i* hereby discontinued. ?*c. 2. And be itfwriher enacted, That thedisi trict ol Oxford, in raid State, "hall be annexed , to the district of Baltimore; and all tnat part of the district of Vienna, in said State, borcermg on the i?acia-t and all the water* which tlow into the -ea or bays on the east side of eaid district of Vienna, be, aad the <aran are hereby, annexed to tJie district of CherryStone, m the State of Virginia, and that all the residne of said district of Vienna, be, and the came is hereby, made a new district, to be called the Eastern district, and that the collector of said Eastern district shall receive an aanaal -alary of twelve hundred dollars, and sbaii reside a: Crisfleld, which shall be the pe-t of Er try for ?a?d new district. S?c. 3. And b*. iifur:her enacted. That the oflicesof surveyor at Snow Hill.andof deputy collector at Annamassett and Deal's Island, be, and the sam** are hereby discontinued. S*f. . And be it further enacted. That all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed Approved, February 25, lfl??7. {Public?No. i An A-.t relative to collection districts in North Carolina H- i' r c .' ?' th* Xenatt and of Rrpr> ' a v'i f th' Lnifd States of America in C? i<7r c e-nt. <!, That from and alter the first Cay ot October, Anno Domini eighteen hundred and siaty-six, there shall be in the State of North Carolina four collection districts, to wit one, to becalled the distrietof Alfcen.&sie. which shall include Albemarle, CnrTitnck, and Croatan sounds, and all the waters, shores, harbors, rivers, creeks, bays, and inlets adjacent to and flowing into the said rounds, together with that part of Tamllco sound north of and including Loggerhead inlet, and all waters and shores appertaining thereto. And the port of entry for said district shall be at Plymouth. Auother to be called the district of Pamlico, which shall include Pamlico sound, and all the waters, shores harbors, rivers, creeks, bays, and inlet" adjacent to and flowing into said sound, exclusive of the district of Albemarle, and Including the south line of Neuse river to the northern entrance of Core sound and the port of entry for said district ot Pamlico shall be at Newbern Another to be called the district of Beaulort, which shall include all the waters, shores, harbors, creeks, hays, and inlets south of the district ot Pamlico and north of and including New river and inlet; and the port of entry for said district of Beaufort shall We at Beaufort. And another to he called the district ot Wilmington, which shall include all waters shores, harbors, creeks, bays, and inlets st nth of the district ot Beaufort to the southern boundary of the said State; and the port ot entry for said district ol Wilmington shall be at Wilmington. And the collector of each of said districts shall reside at the port of entry thereof, and shall be appointed by the President by and with the advice and conewit of the Senate, and receive a salary at the rate ot one thousand dollars per annum in addition to the fees of the office: Provided, That such compensation shall in no case exceed the >un ot twenty-five hundred dollars per annum in the aggregate. Szc.2. And be i{further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treasury, should it at any time hereafter seem to him necessary, may change the port of entry in the district of Beaufort from Beaufort to Morehead citv: and that all acts and parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act be, and the same are hereby repealed. Approved, February 25, 1SC7. [Public?No. 51.] Ax A? T to amend the act entitled',An act further to provide for the safety of the lives ol passengers on board of vessels propellea j in whwie or ..fin part by steam, to regulate j the salaries of steamboat inspectors, and lor other purposes, approved July twenI ty-tive. eighteen hundred and sixty-six ! He it en<ft-<t by the Senate and House of Rejire; /'ntatives of the United State* of America in Cot-frets assembled, That sectiou iiine of the act entitled "An act to amend the act entitled 'An act further to provide for the safety of the lives of passengers on board of vessels pro! peljed in whole or in part by steam, to regulate the salaries oi steamboat inspectors, and | for other purposes.'" approved July twentyfive. eighteen hundred and sixty-si\, be. aud the same is hereby, amended so as to read as i follows S*c. And I* it further enacted. That all vessels navigating the fc.-.yx (bays,] inlets, nvers, harbors, ai.d other watersot the United States, except vessels subject to the jurisdiction of a ion ign power and engaged in foreign j trade, and not owned in whole or in part by ; a citizen of the United States, shall be subject i I to the navigation laws of the 1'nited States and all vessels propelled in whole or in part 1 by steam, and navigating as aforesaid, shall al*o be subject to all ruiee and regulations consistent therewith, established for the govI ernmen; of steam vessels in passing, as provided in the twenty-ninth section of au act re; lating to steam vessels, approved the thirtieiu day of August, eighteen bundled and tittytwo. And every sea-going stsam vessel now subject or hereby made subject to the navigation laws of the United States, aud to the rules and regulations aforesaid, -hall, when under way, except upon the high seas, be under the control and direction of pilots licensed by the nspectors of steam Tessels. vessels of other countries and public vessels of the United Satesonly exeep'ed I'rovided, however. That 1 nothing in this act, or in the act of which it is ' amendatory, shall be construed to annul or at- i ted any regulation established by the existing law of any Statu requiring vessels entering or leaving a port in such Stato to takea pilotduly licenced or authorized by the laws of such Stite, or of a State situate upon the waters of tbe same port. Approved, February 25. 1-^iT. [Public?No. V-i.J A>" Ac r declaring Clinton bridge, across the Mississippi river, at Clinton, in the State of Iowa, a po-t route. H' i' rrtai t'il ' y tKe Senate anil ll'-Ufr It- ,./ < #?/.'a'ire* of the Vint'd Statrt of Ain-n ,\ m Cong a - 'tiit .lrd. That the bridge across the Mississippi river erected by the Albany Bridge Company, and the Chicago. Iowa and .Nebraska Kailroad Company, under the authority of the Stat* ft j of Iowa and Illinois, between the towi ? ol Clinton, Iowa, and Albany. Illinois, shall be a lawful structure, and shall berecognii>d aud known as a post route, upon which al-o no higher charge shall be nu^de for the tran?mission over the same of the mails, the troops, and the munitions ol war of the United >ta'rs, than the rate per mile paid for their transportation over the railroads or public highways leading to the said bridge St< . Ami t,r it further rnact'd. That the draw of said bridge shall be opened promptlv upon leasouabie signal lor the pa-sage of boats v.tK ?e construction shall not be such as to ot tluii pas-age under the permanent spans ot said bridge, except when tranio ai e passing o\ er the same but iu no case shall unnecessary delay occur m opening the said draw dunug or alter the passage of trams. >k? v Ai< I be it further enacted. That in c*??e ol any lifig.v:on hereafter arising from any ! alleged oDi>tru? tioii to the Jr>e navigation of said nver. thetan-emay be tried helore thecir- I cun court of the I'mteo Stntes of aiiv State in v. hich any portion of said obstruction or bridge i to*' hes. >K- 4 Ami',' it furth- r marled, That the r;ght t.> alter, or amend this act so as to prevent or lemo^e ail material obstructions to the navigation ot saia river by the construction of said briiige. i-i nereby expressly reserved Approved, February'.'T, i-i ~. [Puhi i< ? No. 70 j An Act to declaie valid and conclusive certain proclamations of the President, and acts done ii. pursuance thereof, or of his orders, in ths suppression of the late rebellion against the United Sta'ekif it ewnrtrd ''?/ '*? Srmtt* and !! ? *' of R'p. v t'ntn ti < '. ij th' tinted Stair* of Amrrien in t'i-i-yi'!- <> . > 1,1 />/ (', That all acts, proclamauen's and orders of the President of trie I ntted States, or acta done by bis authority or approval after the fourth of March, anno Domini eighteen hundred and sixty-one, ai.<l brtore the iirs* day of Jnly, anno Domini eighteen hundred and sixty-six, respecting martial law military trials by courts.martial or military commissions, or the arrest, imprisonment and trial of persons charged with participation in the iate rebellion against the United Stales, or as aiders or abettors thereof, cr a? fcutlty of any disloyal practice in aid thereof, oi ot any violation of the laws or usages ot war, or of affording aid and comtort to rebel., against tbe authority of the United States and all proceedings and acts done or had by courts - martial or military commissions, t?r arrests aud imprisonments made in the premises by any ner son by the authority ot the ord?rs or procla matioEs of the President, made as aforesaid or in aid thereof, are hereby approved in all resptcts, legalized and made valid, to the same extent and with the same effect as if said orders and proclamations bad been Issued and made, aud said arrests, imprisonments, proceedings and acts hnd been don* under the previous express authority and direction of the Congresa of the United States, and ia pursuance of a law thereof previously enacted ' and expressly authorizing and directing tbe ameto be done And no eivil court ot tbo p mted States, or ot any State, or of me Diatric j ! of VllinkMt or of ti]> Dm*triet or Territory of its i mtsd States, shall have or take jurisdiction of. or to any Btisr reverse any of tbe prorffdm(> bad or acts dose as aforesaid, nor snal any person M Mid to answer in any of raid court* for any act done or* oaaiirtd to be dene id pursuance or in aid of anv of said proclamations or orders. or by authority or w>tt the approval of the President within the period aforesaid, and respecting aay of tbe matters aforesaid; and all offlars and otb^r persons in the sertioe of tbe United States, or wk? acted in aid thereof, acting in the premises shall be held prima facie to hav*b<**-n i authorized by tbe President: and all act* and ; parte of acta heretofore passed. inconsistent with the provisions of this net, are hereby re* peaked Approved. March 2, 1HJ7. The Result ( Superstitious Credulity- A Man Chopseff hit Neictibor's Head with aa Aie (From tbe Detroit Poet, -20th.] Another of tho^e startling and horrible events which periodically agitate tbe community, occoired yesterday In the vicinity of the ciuiet village of Swan Creek. on the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana railroad Itsee-ns that a boy in tbe Tillage has been and is credited with the powers of second sight, or a species of prophetic vision, which has given hun ?onsiderabls notoriety.- The most ancient females has sought bia aid, and the avaricious have conferred with him concerning matters i of momentary consideration. It is said that he is in possession of a ^oae, through the mampnlatiou 01 muicb he can see wonderful j things and open the concerns of tbe past, pres| em, and future witb as much facility as tbe j ! mo"t mysterious-mimled could imagine. His i ' powers of seersbip have been doubled, bur , notwithstanding this many have flocked to , his father's house to test his visionary mode of I revelation. j From this blind confidence a most horribie incident baa occurred, resulting in the death of i a bard working and probably innocent man. ! It sterns that a man named Kelson lost an axe, I aud suspected a neighbor named Watkins of j stealing it. It being sugar time Kelson needed the services of the blade, and proceeded with I rather wrathful feelings to Watkins' shanty for the purpose of getting tbe implement. Tbe peculation was indignantly denied, but so well satisfied was Kelson that Watkins bad tbe axe in bis possession that he openly accused him of it. A personal encounter ensued, during which Kelson received the worst of it. After ; this be went to the boy alluded to, and was , told bv him, after consultation with the stone, that Watkins bad stolen the axe. Satisfied that it was trne. he returned and renewed the quarrel. What passed between them Is not known, but that a most fearful encounter took place cannot be doubted, as Watkins" shanty is besmeared with blood. His doorway is bespat. tered with blood aud other horrible evidences of a desperate fight are apparent from appear. ances. How the circumstances of tbe affair first became known are not apparent, neither can a { history of the deadly fight be read i.ntil the lrqnest takes place, bnt that It was a terrible one cannot be doubted. Kelson was first dis. covered lying about five yards from the shanty, witb bis bead literally cut in pieces, and a ghastly wound on bis right breast, sufficient . of itself to have caused death. A more horrible or sickening sight than the j body of tbe wounded man presented would be ; impossible to conceive His sknll was battered in, and a gaping wound on the left su.e of the bead of the measure of the axe exhibit, ed how fearful a blow had been given. Watkin*. after the occurrence, left tbe place, and it is reported gave himself to the authorities at Monroe. Five Mkn lit m; bi Hob Law.?The Cincinnati Commercial publishes an account of the hanging, by a mob at Brownstown. Ind , of two men, named Tally and Brooks. They were in jail, charged with the murder and robbery of an old lady several months ago.but a report having pot abroad tbat they were not to b? tried, a crowd of from -.'tiv to :?mi men surrounded the jail, took out the prisoners, and bung them to a tree. Brooks made a partial confession, implicating Tally and a man named Faston, who is still in jail. Tally pro. tested his innocence, and dleirl in a cool, collected manner, selecting the tree on which he preferred to be banged The mob threatened to hang Easton if he is not speedily tried. Two colored men named Mackey, and anoI ther known as \ an. were hung by a inob in Bourbon county, Kansas, last week. They had been (.onflned in jail cbarged with the murder of Mr. Hayford last fall, but one of the Mackeys escaped Some officers attempted to rearrest him. w hen b? shot and mortally wounded one of them. A posse of citizens subsej quently effected the arrest, and immediately bung the prisoner to a tree. The rnob then 1 took the other two from the jail and bung them. ?V In Boston now-a-days habitual drinkers club together, bay tbeir liquor at wholesale. hire a room, and drink ad libitum, each being: supposed to get bis joint share, and therefore ready to participate in the expenses y l.fforts are being madebv ^e>eral trentlemen in Berkly county, West Virgin!*, to organize a joint stock company for tbe purpose of manufacturing sorghum syrup*. They propose erecting a steam mill for th?* purpose of grinding tbe cane. DENTISTRY. Dr. lewie-b dental association, No. UbO fKNN'A AVE , Between 12th and 13th streets. Teeth extracted without pain by admlnaterlnc i Oxyde er Laughing Gas. Dr.^vf^ nvf.. recently purchased the beatUB| Chemical Apparatus in the country for*"111 01 i f pure gas ever} day; also, an improved Valvular Inhaler. The Association is now prepared to make Teeth on Gold. SIIve-%u2 Rubber at Sew ork. Phrladelpbla and (Vision prices. All persons wishing dent?> VorSdone can have It aacheap aa in the above-named cltiea. All work done iu the neatest and nest manner, and warrant*! to give satisfaction. Persona wlU do wall to call and examine our work. deM-tf V T B~. 1 . . M. LOOMn.M.D., ~T^e Inventor and Patentee of the llIlKili PLATS TEETH, attends personally hla office In thia city. Many peraons canftflBP wear these teeth who cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who cannot wear three. Perecna calling at my offloe oan be accommodated with any style and price or Teeth they may deslra, bnt to these who are particular, and wish tha purest, cleanest, strongest and most perfect denture that art can procure, the MIHBBAL TIITH win be more fullv warranted. Booms In this elty?No 33* Penn'a aveana, be YSSX&fii wtk 'u A"?'90T Arc^UTivet' WOOD AXI)C0AL~ ? 0 A L : Co AL!I Beet WHITB ASH at $8, by the ton. All sizes, to suit customers. Sawed and Split OAK WOOD, *10 per c>rd. PINK ?9 Long Oak. p.-r curd. A ton of Coal aoid by uie always weighs 2.24" lbs. JOHN B. LORD, fe 28 ly Corner ilh and O streets. ^OAli' CO ALU AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES Qrr>s? tons of 2,24U lbs , delivered in an> part of the city. Cheotuut White Ash. 97. Stove, tge and Furnace White Ash, 93.0'. Red Ash. 98.2i. Lehigh. 99. Oak ar.d Pine Wood eonstantly on hand. Orders received it our Office; or at the Waarf, foot of Seventh street , 8. P BROWN ft SON. jaJR-tf 46? 9tli street, between E and E. 1867 GRAND EXCURSION isr>7 TO THI PARIS EXPOSITION. The new and first-class o<san going Iron Steam*k>P HAVANA, 2,00(1 tona burthen, STEPHEN WHITMAN. Com mander, will make an EXCURSION (rem New i York to Havre and back, salliug from Pier 4b, North Biver, on W EDM BSD AT. April 17 th. at 12 o'clock tn , Taking paseengers for Parla, London and Bremen. Beturmug, will aail from Havre on June Stb, giving passengers holding Bxcursion Tickets about ix weeks in Burope. Thla magnificent Steamship la divided Into water tigh^Mmpartmenta, and has teeu newly 1 furnished and elegantly fitted up expressly for thiavoyage. The HAVANA will only carry first-class passengers. An experienced Burgeon on board ttJ- A full Band aj Music will be attached to th ' tkip. Price of passage, la cnrrency. to Havr* flM < and 917ft, according to sire of state room To Havre and return, and $&*>, according to site of state-room. I Tor farther particulars and passage apply to . the Agents. I MVBBAY, FBBB1S ft OO.. j 8 Booth street. Hew York. Or to Meo. Y. BABBY, the Merchants' Union I t'-K*"* Company, 4?l Pennsylvania aienae, a weabington. mhiatft AUCTION gAMBL y TH06. ZH)WUJfli Aitl., i. CHANCBBY BALI OF ?ALDARLI IH PBOVKD AMD OlIIMPiOVII) PBu'HTY IN OCUBUKTOWN AND WASHINGTON .kB,?Tlry#.of.^-?cr,A,'f Court ef the District of Columbia. ru?M on the 3th la* of February A. D , 1W7, in Cause No tW4. Doket 7. Fell v* Dowllng t. al . th? -mdersigned will I 'ri' L^Jbli? ocl'on. Irt tbe highest bidder. on i TH 0 BSD AY , tb<* litb day of April A P , 1*7 at I 40 cl<*k p. m at the premie**, parts of Let Mo | 9. lo Ho)???d Ad.iltioa .and part of Lot No I 101, real! ? Addition to Oeorgetowo the sam.> frontier ob Bridge street. between Montgomery an4 Green streets. and facing the end of P?iiBiylvania avenue a* extended Into Georgetown Tb>-preperty will he-old 1b three pure . vl? The three clary Brick House, with the lot. which 1*20 feet front by 120 feet deep; and the 1 t?oI itorjr Frame Houses, weat ot the brirk ho,.**. I tepaiauiy, with lota reep-cti vely attached to the i um>\ Acd on FRIDAY, the 12th day of April A D IW, at the premises, at 5 o'clock p m w.? will ell the subdivision loU known aa Lota "H ' aa-i ' C, ? b B w?*e. c y ' subdivision of lot*. Inn ;are

N '."J1"1 Cltjr of w-"hlD?ton. Lot U will be sold In thr^e ?ep?rat?> parcel., each having a front of 22 feet 5 Inches on 11 ?treet west, bet ween south O and south I> streete, and a depth of about 1"6 feet to an alley in the re?r aBd Lot "C" in three separate parcel*, each harlot a front of 17 feet 4 Inches rn -outh C street, between 2d an) 3d streets west, by a depth of about l3? feet 6 Inches All the alx *.- property is desirable. Bed deserves the att? ntion of persons desiring to invest in such property. T<rms ef sale, is prescribed by th* decree One third cash, the residne in t wo e iaal payment* at six and twelve m. nths with int. r. st from the day of sale; or, at the option of the purchaser. the whole pnrcnase mosey may be paid in caab pre* ently after the sale. Tb?* tit'es are perfect. K. W. JOMH, l_ CHA BLEB M. MATTHEW. B. ( Trustee#, mb 30 iOtads THOB DOWLING. Aact. BY OOOPEB A LAT1MEB. Aoetioneers. ~ < Late clerks with J 0 McQuire A Go , > Southwest corner Penney iTanla avenue and 11th treet,Star Office linildiBg. TRUSTERS' BALE. nj virtue of a deed of trust, bear ng date th>- 19th "7 ef May, 1866, dnly recorded in Liber B. M H., No.17. folios 227, et s?*?i.. one of the Land R>- ,rd? for W a*hlngton Connty. District of Ooinmbia, the undersigned. Trustees, will. on MONDAY, tbe Sth day of April, 1867, at S'. o'clock p m.. In front of the premises ofTer for sale, at public auction tbe east half of Lot nnmbered five, (4 iinS<iuare nnmbered eighty four. 184.) together with tbe tin provetneuts thereon, which con-istof a small frame dwelling. Tbe property tronts on New York avenue. between 2l?t and 2Cd street* west, near the Observatory. Term* ot sal# One half cash, balance in six months. t? be secured by deed of trust <>n the property. Conveyancing and at cost of pur chaser. If tbe terms are a t complied with in eight days. theTrustees reserve the right to resell at the rlak and cost of the defaulting purchaser' by giving five day*' notice of such resale. T. M. HANBO*. I _ . EI'GEN OABlisi.N Truateee. COOPER A LATIMER, Au. ts uh IB 15 2S 30,.Vap6AH 11 BY OOOPBB A LAT1MBH, Auctioneers, < Late clerk* with Jas O McQuire A Go.,) Bontbwest earner Penn'a avenue and lltb st .Btar Oflice Building. CHANCERY BALE OF VALUABLE BBAL n w , BSTATB. ,k ?i . i .# .a^ecres of the Supreme Conrt of R.istrlcit of Columbia. in chancery cause No >0 tbe un lersirned. trustees. will proceed to sell the following described real . state at the times and places and upon tha term* hereinafter s?-t forth, to wit: On MOB[DAY, the 224 day of April, A D I.V7. at 4 o clock p ni..on the we will sell bote numbered 18. 19,10, 11, 22. 23, and 24. in Square numbered ;:t, situate partly on nribK ? 2?th street w-st. Ob TLESDaY,the 23d day of April, A D 1867, at 3 o clock p rn., on the premises. Lot numbered 2. in Square nur ib*red uV, situate ?n aouth C street, between South Capitol street and Balavare avenue; Lot No 19. in said 8<iuareNo. 63b, Mtnate on South Capitol *tr*? t, near C street south, No?. 4 and S, in said Square Ai>;, sitnate o Delaware avenue, near aoutb C stre.-t. Lot Ho^<iuare No. 637,situate n Delaware avenue, between south C and 1> streets. On WEDNESDAY, the 2<tk day of Arril. A D 1867. at -1># o clock t n the premises. Lot No. II, in S(|nire Ho. 61O, situate on Delaware avenue, near sonth C striet; Lot No 18, In Square east of B'juara No.R4i', situate on Virginia avenue, uear I Can..I street: Lot No 24, in Square south ..f Bu'iare No. >43, aitqate on H street tween S street v est snd 1st street west and Lot No 2?. in f-aid S ,uan sontn of 8.j?are ?43 sits ate on tbe corner of street west and H stre-t south. On THUBBDAY. the; day or April. A D , 1S67. at 4-? o .lock p.m.. at Ooeper A Latimer* auction room, thf follewlBg described Lot*, to it : Lot No. t, in S-iuare No. 6< l on tliecorner of south i) *tr-et an 1 F'irst street west. Lot ?, square r.-y,, on Mae?a< busett* a>enilw. near North Capitol street. Lots Nos 1 and 2, in B<iuare No l,i<*l, situate on O *treet south, near Twelfth str. et east Lot No 9. in Bquare No. 1,118, on the corner of north C street and Nineteenth atreet east Lots Hos .,8 and 9. in 8-iuar-No 1,133, sitnate oa Twenty-first street east and B street north; also. Lots Nos 4. S ;.nd ... in Square No i.ijj. situate on Twenty first stre. t east, n*ar north B streat. The terms of sale, as prescribed by the decree, ar.'as follow* One thirl[of put chase money t. |.e cai*ti, and the halanrt- in three, six. nin< and twelve months frem day of fate, with Interest and he payment of tbe residue thereof to be secure-l by approv. d bonds or n .tes. with security and a reserved lien ; or the purchase moBey can be paid incaih ontb. day or sale, or on the ratification thereof by the court If the terms ot sale are not complied with by the purchaser or parch ^ers within five days after the purchase, the tru-tees reserve tt.e rikht to resell at at tbe ri?k and cost of the defaulting purcbavar or purchaser I, after one we. k s notic<Convrj ancmg and atanis* at cost of parchaser's WALTEB 8 COX. I _ , y* M 10HN MILLEB. s "rnstoe*. COOPEB 4 LATIMER, mh 28 eoSwldi ^ Auptioneer* BY 0??0PEK A LATIMF.B7Am;tioneers Late clerks with J O M Guir A Co ,) BonthwcBt. corner of I'enn'a avenue and 11th st . Star Oflice Building ' tbcstb'Fb BALE. LBA6EHOLI> AND YALtABLE WBABF PBOPKBTY FOOT 01 10TH STREET, THE UHABr ITSELF. COAL SOALEB, A '., AT AUCT ION. Onder aad by virtue of a deed of trust. I.earlntr date on tfce 10th day ot Noveml er, A D 11^;. and recorded In Liber B. M. H., No. 3, folio* Sit et se<i.. 1 wilt sell, at public ar.ction, to the highest blddei and bidders, en THl'RSDAY, the 11 tb day of April, A B lt<67. at in o'clock a m .at the Goal Yard lately occupied by O V. Palmer,situat.- at eraser the intersection of Indiana avenue and 1st -.treet west, In tbe city .-f Washington, ene ?'av Mare. Cart and iiarness: on? Bla. k Hor*f,Gart and Harn<--s;one Straw Cutter aBd Stable Toole <>ne HBtgj and Harness; en. Iron Safe: Office 1 urnlmre. Desks, Pigeon tiol?s, Sto\e, Crowbars, Axes, Saws, Coal Scr eens. Bhov<-le. Bigns. Scales, (one set ef Fairbanks Scal?s one O. al < iflice: all Plank and Lumber In tbe place ..i.e >:able, LimeHouse. Wood Shed, Tin.ber aud Gatf*. Also, At 2 o'clock p. eb., on th?* sam*- da-, on the premises the Wharf known as ' I'almer's Wharf.'" situate at tbe feet of loth street west, Ib said city of Washington, together with thr. ? (3>Coal Tubs Block aBd Kail, Office Furniture *to*e, eleven (111 Coal Barraws, one set FalrbauBs" Scales, one Coal bcreeu. Bakes and Shovel> Also. The interest of one Orson W. Palmer of, in and to the un> *pir?-d leasehold of said Wharf Prop erty situile at the foot-of said 10th street, in the city of Washington, under and by virtue of a lease heretofore executed by llliam A. liradlt-y awd Wiliism A. Biadle> , J r , in fa\or of said O W. Palmer. Tetms of sale : < ash. A TIIOS. BBADLEY. TriTSf-^ mh 2 eoA<N VOOPBB A LATIMER Auets. BY NAOLE A CO., Auctioneers. Salesroom No. WtA Petin. avenue, Ijt'.w.cb Jth aud 10th sts. BAGLE A CO- will give their neraonal attention to tbe sale of Beat Estate and lionet bold Furniture. Also, to the sales of stocks of Groct-rtes. Wines, Liquor*, ar.d Merchandise of ever7 descriptiou. Horses. Carriages. Harness. Ac Liberal cash advances made on toimiguuieBts. Begnlar 8al??s at our salesroom avery TUESDAY, TH0BSDAY. and BATrBDAY, at 1U i ocieck. NAGLEACO. I Auctioneers. J PAWNBROKERS yy ALSH 'S ~ | CE\THAL LO IX OFFICE, Ha. 4^0 10th street, one door below Pans, ava. This well-known Office makes a LIBEBAL ADVAH0MS IMX On Diamonds, Gold and Sliver Watches u B Clothing. Furniture, and Merchandise of eveiy description. Open every day (except Bunday>from 8 a. m. to 6a. m. a. B.?Business strictly confidential. fe23-tf 47 r_ LIOIN8KD BY ADi'HOBlTY | ? r 4 *>B BCBHST1HB 8 LOAN OFFICE,4 i & a l'4 13th atreet, 31 door soutD of Penn. are. i MONEl loaned oa time to suit customers, on Beal Estate. Gold aad Silver Watchas, biamouds Jewelry, Silver Plate, Pi iftos, Karniture. Me rhanicnl Tools. Ladies' and Gentlemen'* Wearing Apparel of all desci iptlon*. mih6 9m* B. BDBNSTINl. ! THB OLD BhTaBLIbUBD F1BM of ! S, GOLDSTEIN A CO., ? . licbhsed i awhbbokebs. 34 FOGB AND-A HALF ^TttBEl' WEST, rw_ .. near Pennsylvania aveaua, i LMTar tbe higaest cask advances on ail klndaof Merchandise, to any amount and for any i tlnia desired, at reasonable rate*. Intereet on large sun< greatly raducad. B fl ' Business strictly confidential. ( Goods bonght for cash and sold at private gale. ' fe 21-1 y | HI FT A NOB. LFNE Bacon A Baven Piano, for Blit. One ABdrew Stein, for #60. kJU One almost new 7-octave larga round'11 IT 1 1 :omer Board man A Gray Piano. $276. j For sale npen sasy terms, at tha wararooms ef 1 ... _W. ?. MBTZBBOTT A CO. Bole Agents if Stein way A Sob's Planes, and lawa A lanllnl Cabinst Organs. fe 14-tf ggs1 GOVERNMENT SALES. BUILDINGS AT CAMP KEAC9B AT ADOTIOM ditotq^aitiuh^'tih1* O-Ftcn, / W ilRlx iTcil. D C .April* 1H 7 \ By order of the Quartermaster 4?i?rtl the followiag BD1LUIN6B it Ctnp Urease. on it" l^trro Branch will be ?o'd et Pritlia Aucti >a ?q m SPM I?DA T, April 10. under the -operTi?i >a ot Lieut'neBt Edw?rd Liu?t?r l.'fh D " infantry, act Dg assistant luarterBiestT U 8. A ? sal to commence ?t II clrck a n? ?to wit : 1 Krimr BoUdin^.34 feet by ? fe?t ) Grain and Hsy House. by M?S feet 1 Kitchen b?1 Mm* House, 2*S f*et by feet 1 Stable. 19 feet hy 2AV-, feet. 1 Wheelwright s Shop 13', feet by 23 f et. 1 Blacksmith*! Shop, 1-S feet by n feet. I ? MOn 8bed. feet ty 71S f?'t. Buliduk? will be told -ieely Term* Ct?k. ll GemDO'Dt fundi. Th* United States relinquishes the cere of til- w bmi?Ungs uponday of mto. T0MFRlJH Brevet Brigadier General, ap <-St Depot Qo*rterm?ter Auction saleor ooveunmist BUILD INGS Miadruarter* of tVi'kinrte*, ) Ck'tf (Juantrm<i':tT,% Wcukmtm. & C.. April 9. 18?7 \ Will be told at public auction, > n toe prenusee, under tbe direction of Brevet Colonel .la^ie* Gles?cn. A. Q. M. Vein . on MONDAY. Ajri' t>, st 12 ovlock noon tee follow ids Inscribed bo d ines. situated n Virginia av?n*i?, between i??fi *n t 9tn streets, near Maryland neno Island in tf ie city OMC F R A M K BUtLBlBO. twe stories, 51x7. fe?t. with kitchen attached t kl ALL. BUILDINGS, various dimrn Ion* BuildtBir* will b- sold singly, and purchaser* will he required to remove property within Ave day* from date of sale. Term*: Catb, in Government fa M 1 LUDINGTON. M..jOr and Q. M . C 8 A.. Chief Q. M, ap 1 st Departm'nt ->f Wash a t a i / ^OVKBNMENT" BUILDINGS AT OoSVA LE8CENT CAMP AT AUCTION. (^if/Quartfrrnn'ter's OjU'f. l^put of Wn-HmttonA iVaik'ntton. D C., April 1.18b.. \ Tbe Governm nt Building* compiling Camp Convalescent. situate*] between tbe Long Bri ' aud Aleiandria, will be acid at public an-non < n , MONDAY. 16th April, ander the soperviaio . of I Lienteaant Edward Hunter. 12th U B Infantry, Acting Assistant Quartermaster 8?le to uo.-u j mence at 12 m These building- censlst of 32 barrack*, ihtn -le 1 roof 20 officers quarters and other buildings, *hlngt roof. 22 boildinga, felt roof; 2 offices, officer;' ijaartera. 'heda.atatle*. worktbopa, *, aiuka. and fenc^. Comprising 1 ? building* in all. Ballding* will be aold *incly. aBd **le will be continued trom dav to day till all are disposed of. Terms ca*h. in Government funds The United States relinquishes ttv- enr^ of th- sv buildings upon day of -ale C.B tomtkin8. apj-llt Bvt. Brig, Gen., Depot H. M. ("10VIBH?IENT BU1LDING8 AT A LEX AM1 DBIA AT AUCTION, < Knf (irws'tir'i O^ct.Urpoi of Wa'tiar'ow,f Wtokititton. D C., M.rch id. IU6;. < Bv order of the vo irterirast- r i-ril, the liuildin.'a known aa th?* Con*tructD>u Corps Bar racks. ?t Alexandria. Virginia, will be sold at public auction, on THUfctlDAY. April 11. und-r tb- supervision of Lieutenant B lwnrl Hunter. ltth Unit-d States tnfattry, AMini: A-sietant tiu.irtermastar. United btates Army 8al?< to commence at 12 o'clock noon. These Barracks comprii" thirt-en Imlldin?*. ranpm from 9 to 21 !eet in ?ldtb fr?m 10 t.> n f. et in length Alao. a Cortabl.- Buil Ing P by 1.* fe- t Alter which thefollowinc at Battery Bod^ r*. Two Hull liLga and M Bend -s. There will nls- b- soi l nt the satn tituo tbe following ?tp<?Ktfeet 1 inch Lead Pipe. 36 feet 2 inch Iron Pipe 150 feet 1-inch Iron Pine 15<ifee? 1 Vlnch Iron Pipe 8 Bra** Stop cocks .'{Cooking Bung's, incomplete. 1 8t' am BoiL r 5 inches t y 1 foot JO In.-he*. T rmi- Caah, in GoTernmcnt foods P. II. T<?MPKINS, Brig Gen and D pot vunrterm*?t> r mh V lOt B>10B Y IOB SALI Chitf (suart*rmm.'ttr'f Ofrt. D'Potof Witrkmrton.t Washington. D C . March ? |/i67 < lty order of the Qu?rterina?t* r Ueneri*l. the Gov- i rment A rmor y on G street, between Twent tir*t and T?enty aecond. will be aold ?t ; n lie auction under tbe supervision of (Captain 'nuie- P?. n?, A Q . >1 , on WEDNKBDAt, April 10. at 12 o'cl'k noon Tbl* loilldlne is 2f? fe t I r ? ' fe> t. shingle roof Terms cash. In Government fund*. CHABLE8 H TOMPKINS. Dvt. Brig. 0< a . Deputy g. M Gen , Atttng Cbtet Qoarterniaster, m!. 29 lit Depot of Waab'ngt..a BUK*AL' Or OKDNANUE. N*VV DFPARTMf NT, t Wa*hi*c,to?i, Harch is, | BALK OK OLD AN D~UNSE B\ ICE AI LE AH TICLES **r ORDNANCE There will be sold at public auction, to th? highest Mddars. at n<x n, THUB^DAY.the 11th day of April. ]9rj7. at tbe -ffice of the Inspector of OrdnaBie, Navy-yard. Philadelphia. Pennsylv^ ma. a lot of old and unserviceable articles of Ordnance, enibrai Ing >hot and Shell, about raven hundred . 7?<0 Carbine"-, i biee h leader*.) about twenty-five hundred ? Mi:?kets. ritled and sn-ooth t or-, O b Carriages, an-, other stores. The articles will be " Id in lots. Terms One half cash, in Government funds, to be deposited on the concision of the sale and the remainder within ten days atterward. during w hicb time the artb les must >-e removed from the yard, otherwise they will revert to the Govern- t uieut H. A WISE. mh IS ?3t Chief of Bureau PROPOSALS. t 'tkKK'S Ol KICE, v HoCeK BKPKESK*TAT TVs, U*!t*r> itttu, Waniix^rof. April 1.1**7. Sealed Prop sals will be racei v?d at thl* vthce until 12 o'clock M of TUESDAY. theSth da> ot ' April, A l> 1">6< for seeping ?n r- sfauran: at the I HoU-e of Hepr?e rtailve- ol the U'^ised ttates In accordanf# with th' term-c.f the annexed resoiu- : tior> the restaurant to be kept < p??n during the eLtire y- ar. xrept Sandays EDWABD M. PUKB80N. Clerk KKBR JUIY *7.1*7. Ordere i. That the pr vilege v.f keeping the Be-- I tauraiitof the House shall be det> rmmt i a* : l- i lows: Proposals therefor sh:>il be receiv by the Clerk : of the House up to noon of March l.. l>>67. and bi I ennially tb?reafter. and shall be "ianed by him. in ' the preseni e of tw aitnesse*. ami te ty him awarded to the most suitable person, aviok- als reference to the nmanut f mon- y offered for the privilege, and the capa- ity of the h,dd?r for the 'uslnest. Aecoupan>iug the propot>al* must be the name ot one or laor- peraocs who are willing to beccm'- sureties iu the sum of ene th uaand dollars for the faithful performnm e <>f tbe cnt.cs of said keep* t ; an : po-s-ssion ot 'tie premis-s shall be g' van by tbe Cierk to raid bidder upc.n his exe cnting a bond in tbe si;m of one tli '.sand aollars, a itb sufficient sureties, for the proper discbarge of his duties, and tor the careful use of the prop? rty of the Government entrusted to him. Such possession shall be at all time* under th*- control of the Bouse And tbe a.mount of money thus bid and accepted sh <11 I" p <idto the said ClerV" one- I half "n the first Monday <>f D-<eml>er next aft-r ! the date of tLe bond, and tb- re?idt:e six month* ' therealter, and, a!< received, shall be. bt said ' Clerk, paid to tbe Tr? a- r- r of the Natl nal b-tdiers and >ailors'Orphan Home f?.r the henebt of I said Institution ap S rd Proposals kob cattle ^ou indian beevice D^AHIMESI Ol THE I\TIE OR./ I March 37.1*7 \ | i Pr< po-al- w illl e received up U- the l.'.th day f ; May. Ifn7, at the office of H I! Deuman, 8np rin ! teifient of Indian Afairsfer the N> rthern Super lUten'lency, at Omaha City. Nebraska, for ti e ' ri'li eij at Omaha City if the followtB- St >-k I t'.ittie to wit ;iOObe.doi Milk C^w* for th^ Winncl.a?o Iu ; i It. i.?. occut yi:.g a ro-ervation in Nebraska 300 head of Mi Ik Cow - for ;he fc.utee . iouv In | diat s.occurylog a reser\atiou at th- month i ot the Niobrara Nebraska 300 head < t iillK Cow* tor the Y .nctot. 8ionx In 1 dlans. cc- upvit.g a reservation in Dakota 100 liead of Mi'kCew* for the o- aha Indians, occupying ; re?ervatlon in Nebraska. JO | . a<l of jonng American Bulls. 3ft bead of Beet Catt'i . < steers.? The Cow must be ?'f gcod quality American bt-ed. Ui t les-4 than three iior n ore tli*'j se ven )e*rs old Oow* with your. - calv<-?. r ?w? ?lf^. call, will be pre li rred. Pryco^ swtil nut be re i ceived The Bulls t:itltt be not le'-s t ar. three | > ears old, and the Beef Cattle i,*t less thau tour y. ars old. Bnperlntanient Denntau wui h^rs the right to reject any or all tb? bid*; also, tbe ric! t to reje t anv or all the cattle if he deems f at the cattle I leli vered are not of th re juired chara tsr i Superintend- ut Dt-man will Le &utb> ri-ed t? 1 receive the sa.d cattle and to clve v ouchers to the ( parties deli veriijg tbe caMls. tri be p*id a* the I office of the Commissioner of Indians Aftairs .u i Washington city. I Tbetine of the leli very o* the cattle will be .?>- 1 te'aiiBedb) buperintendeu: Dei mi.n.who wiilaiso 1 have the power to chaaee the place of delivery, witfc the consent of the contractor. Cood and sufficient bmds will be required for tbe fatthiul fnl 1'iment of the contract. Bids will not I e receive . tor a ies- number thau ' the total nutuber ot w* aud bulls called for I ^parate proposal*. h?we*er. will ^e ei so?jl for the beef catt.e. O. II. BBOWN1N?. . tut 30 Wec?eta.ry "PERSONAL. , MBB. CUETI8 IBY1NO, Cla"~o),ant a si T?? i Werftvm.wlll give lite readiugs. lnclndlug t Past, Presentnnd Fnture, atheroflice.dyO, nertn ide of Pa. nv., between ?S nnd 6th streets. Office i kours from 9 to2a. m. emti toPp. as. bp 4-lm" I CONFIDEHTIAL ??ouag men who haye Injured themselve* oy certain secret habits, which unfit them for business, pleasure, or tbe tuttes of married life. aleo. middle aged and old Ben, who. from the follies ol y. utb. or other Muses, feel a debility in advanoe of their pears. i before placing tbemeelvse under the treatment of u?y o?e. should first read "The 8eoret Friend.'' Harried ladles will learn something wt taportaooe t>r perusing "The Secret Frlenl." Bent to any ad trees, In a sealed envelope an receipt cf tt cents. Address Dr. OHA0. A BTUAET A OO . Boston, gswi. no ?ly DBILIP THE SECOND; by Chariss Gavarrs. E Joseph the Second and tils Court, by Mukl- , >ach. Braitbwaits's Retrospect for January hardening for Profit; a Onlde to the Market an l 1 ramity Garden. Swinburn's Lans Veneris. Two * Earring as; n novel by Mia Huloch The Advea ureeof a'Oriffia; illustrated. TB* Btatesmaa s 1 fear Book for Imt, London. ? fal V1ANCK TA LOB. I HOLD PBBB?A fine aeaortmaat of ?old Peas. * liir,crsi.r - "SuioTiViS.T^ bankers. SBVBN-TH IRTY TREASURY BOTES, of any ?xchaugsd for NEW ri*K TW kMTY HOND8, AT TBI NATIONAL BANK OF flOMMtHCI OF GEORGETOWN. D O Internal koTfuu? y.taiH for Notes. Check*. Drafts Bonds, I?*eds M rt .ar^a. an-i >tber l? \J documents for at Govern :u-n* mb 7 lm J a UiVUIK. OwbiM J AT (OOkt k CO., BABBEBS, ft'imuA mn<. crwtii !>? ?? ?, fctiyecd Ml a teurrent market rat?e. acd h?f onsta-.tly on hand. a fall sr.pply of all OOVBBNMBBT BON UN, -EYEN THIRTIES. AND OOMPOUNB * INTBRBtT NOTB3 Wnifm t?r STOCKfl. BONOJ, *e , *i*cv.?d ei.J Co lectio; r ina<ie oa all acce?iibie ^loti Nl'tf Fifit Nulional b*b* of Waituntion. H.D. COOKE. (of Jay Cook* A Co.,I PreeldesV, V> M. 8. HINTISGTOM. iwU?r GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY X*T> FIB ANO IA L AOBNT Of TUB UBITBD STATF.8, 11:( (TK..1U1 m TV Dam Government Securities wi;h Treasurer I lim States 9TONB MILLION DOLLARS ^? Webuy and ee!l all claeees of UOTEkXM&Nl LECURITlESmX current market rates FURNISH EXCHANGE *ni ma/tt cm ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TH B UXITED STATES. y> e purchase Gcverrment Vouchers oa tte MOST FA VORAFI E TERMS, end El** cvtfll at? prompt attention to ACCOUNTS 9/ BUSINESS MEN *?4 FIRMS, and to any other boa! neee sntrusted to us. FULL INFORMATION Id regard to GOVBBMMliT LOANS at all times cheerfully forvlitiad WM HDBTINOTOB. Cashier. Wa?hlnEt?D. March ao. 1MI m 11 tf steamboat lines. Potomac transportation line foe _ ^ ^ baltimorf. xlekin* fralsht ontfciloi, at AU ( I A CHEEK WJtb RICH MoBD. FREDl KICK8 ^0^^ BLKO AND POTOMA* l>Mi.m?n The steamer B\PRESS, Cart A. C.S?*Mb vi iCi M* BBNNBBBO, Capt. John B. 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Baltimore at 6am ?n the following B.jrnlnKa 6 " le ?, tf" * lar" ncnlc roffine atate roo?a. IjiouBonD^MD^KBB^aa ino Va TJ TRAVELLERS OOIBO SOUTH. TH ICB DAILY, (Smiday p. m excepted,| The aafrkaat and moet direct ronta to Blehmoei. Ya .and the Honth. Tie the Potomae B<aaa teamere from 7th Strict W Waahlnirton. to Atioia Creek Blchmoud, Frederickebtirc and Potomac Railroad Bickmotid, Va.connectlr* there with trainee* theBlchmond and Peterebarir and Blchmond and PanTilie Rail road a. for Peterebar*. Weldon. Wllmiarioa Baleifrb, Oreenaboro', e?aliabary. Charlotte end Chester. 8. O Steamers Key port and O TanderMIt leave tb Street Wharf dally <8nr<day ev- nlng excepted' aft a.^a m and fi "irt p m. and arrive in Richmond aft I . Cp m and ? is a a. THROUGH TO RICHMOND IV SBYBB HOURS* fifty Mi lee Shorter and ]* Honra Quicker tUa any "ther Rente. Ba aare and cet Through Tickets via Aacla Oreek and Frederlcksbcra, to Rtohinr>nd, at tba Oompany a Office, corner af Penna. aveaae and 6th atreet, or on board of the boata. Prgftgt checked thronyh. Omnibtuaaa anc Bagxace Wagoaa will be in readlneasto oonvey p<u?aenger? and .bagcase between depots in Richmond. Passengers by this line paaa by daylight Moonf Vernon, and may have an cp? >rtnn1ty of vleitin* several battle-Celda near Bradertckaharg by etosplng at that point Breakfast aud sap on board of Stsamsn. GEO MATTINOLY Snpt.. Wa?hln*toa, D C. G. B MATTINOLY. Ticket Afent, Waehingtoa, _ O^*. HABBY. wwral PtsManr Age' ^ICIBI DI8BA8B8. umiritan'1 flipt! SAMARITAN'S BIFTi THE MOST CERTAIN REMBDY EVEB U8BD. "Yes, A Poa-T vi Crxx,"for gOXOttumtA, OLEIC T. STRICTL'MMS. OontUns no Mineral, ao Balsam, no Mercnry Only Ttn PiUt u> bt Tumtm 10 Efta a (Vrf. They are eatlrely vegetable, having no stnoii nor aay anpieastknt laste. aad will not in aoi way inrare t'ne stomach er buweii of the must delicate Cores lk from two to fonr days, and recent caaaa In "twenty lonr hours " Prepared by a gradoa'a rftbe f niveraity of Pennsylvania, eneof the bum eminent Doctors and Chetuuta of the present Ear; m? tspew*. mo inm' mv ihamn Let those who havedeapaired of getting caret,og sstjss* Sent by mail in a plain envelope Price?Male aackasee.JII. Female, fl. BLOODt BLOOD! I BLOODIII pciRoKULA, ULCBRi). SORES. 8P0TB tetter^- scales, boils. svpuiLif" TSi OR VENEREAL DISEASES, Ac ' * SAMARITAN\S MOOT AND HERU JUICD Is offered the anbllcaa a aoaitlve care BY THILIS OR UNLRkAL DISEASES, tba SAMARITAN S BOOT AND I1EBB JIICB Is a most potent, eertain and effectual remedy ever preecritx-d; it reachee aud eradieates everv particle of the venereal poison, ao that the corele thoroagb and permanent. Take, then.of this purifying remedj and be healed, and do not transmit it to yonr [oe'.erlty that for whicn ySa may re pant in aftm* ,e*X1' DO B?T DESPAIBi although von may t>e pr<?oi;ncoa incurable. fA M ARITAN S ROOT AND HERB J rfOBS will remove every vestige ef Impnritlee from tba vstem. as well as all the bad eflecta of >W arv * EM ALES : fltEALItsiT^ In many aPectloua with whlcn uameers of r< maics-after the ROOT ANDUERB JLTCES1n.1t Uapril) adapted, in I Icerated Uteres, in Lencor! rh?ea. In bearing down. ailing of the Womb. d?tility. aud for all oomp.ainta incident to the ? Bent by express Price <l.??arbotUa SAMARITAN 9 WASH la, in eaaes of Syphilis, need in oonnacticx with tta Boot and Herb Jalaea. Full directions. Price V centa. The efficacy of theee remedies is alike aeknewlksttf ra^'iiumm tb*' " WBM TH. ?J?VD??,TH' """ "Posv MoeriTAL, Foat hAkum. Baiaxtora. Md., Fab. SO. 1M4 ?"I have xreat aatlslacilwn iD ItatinE that 1 ha\e used The Samaritan Remedies' tor Veneral Eisaases in Its moat oustomary forms that I have tued them with jnd*mant, dlscrauon and properly, and, have found them respond to mv nnttcipations promptly and effeotualiy. Kaowmx their eoaapoeltlon. I have the fnUest oonldenoe in thetr aMaac;, aaE as far as my aaeefthem exteada. I ragsamend themsUotc 17. ' "ALKRED 0. BOWERS "Akrtxtant Surgeon. Hh H. Y Yols ' BaU hy . 0. FORD, oemar 11 tb aftraet and Peua* IN TUB 0BPHAN8 OOUBT. THIS 9TH DAY OF MARCH. A. D. i*M>7 I yon report of eai?<e made by J B. Adam#, rnaruian, Ac., it is by the Court, this Pfh day f March. A. D ls.,7 OrJtr> I, Ti<at the sai4 eaU ao reported be ratified and canfirmed. unleea cause to the contrary beahowp on or before the9th day of April next; and it isTnrther ordered that the said taie to Hsreklah Ontchell be ratified, aad the teims of tbe aale in the former decree be ao far Bod.bed aa that the aaid Gntchell par oa- tboulaad dollars in cash and give a deed of trust hearing interest, on the grope ty purchased for the I alaixe of the aurchase money, to wit fire hundred dollars, said deed of trust. t<> remaia for oaa k ear; P omit I that a copy of this ordar ?w- published in the Bvenina Star once a week for threa n.k.Mfor. ~i4?b ?FiJ. , pcK0(LL Judtre of the OrphanK' Ooart. A trie copy. TMt;_JJLg # O'BBIBBB. mh ll-wjw Begister of Wills. ri>HI8 18 TO GIVB NOTICE That tbe eabeerl1 ber has o. tained from the Oraha?' Court of ITashinSton County, in the District of Columbia. letters testamentary oa the persona) eetate at Barcaret MaekeiJlateaT Waahiagtoa city. D. 0 , leceaeed All persons having cSalms against tba laid deceassd. are hereby warned to exhibit the tame, with the vouchers thereof, to the eabecriber, >n er before the liU day of February next; they aay otherwlee by law ba exoluded trmm aU benefit rfo'j^sn"asdsa ay baadBhta 19th Aay a? February, ^ WM. OBUPB, ahlHaajW Baeaatorw