Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1867 Page 1
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(items P>kr. V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. APRIL 8. 1867. N*. 4.391. W* THE EVENING STAR~ PUBLISHED DAILY, i BUN DAY BXCBFTBB) AT THE 8TAR BUILDING, SofcAtM*: tomcr ft**'* tNMK mnd 11U sfrut, w ? T * ' WAtLLACHThe STi.K is served by toe etrrttn to their ibii-r.btr! In tfca City ud District at T?* ran mow. Copies at the counter,wit* cr withom wrappers. Two CawTt each. I*bica ton. Ma:l;ho -Ttr?? months. On* SMmt and Fifty Centt; all month#, Tkrtt B*ttart; cr.6 year, Are Doiiart. No paper# arc eikt from the otflae longer than paid for. The WEEKLY* JaTAK?published on Friday Bcnung? Ow Dollar and a 17*4/ a Fur. ~ CLOTH1NO, *?. J,1 J. BKIBEBGEB, So or to H. F Lcvion A Cc.,)^?fc .UUtri/JA T TAILOR, W Ee'roiollUo ll tfl, >it( Brown j,) at 6-tf So 3ki PmD av^nce. Washington. J AVIS T >v ALKBU, h ?N S MIKClU AND TA1L0B. ' "* 8(i?i;k Street, 4M SfM Odd Fellew*> Ha l, B?f? !??? to inform h1sfcrm?r pttroti ud the general piMic. that be is aln.oat aally re teiving additions to hia to* bee<.tiful^flB ik:kofUxid? *duW 10 11 men and youtb s wcab. WW Met miiit te *een to be appreciate*). Nooe bat the most *killful artut* are employed, aa?l perfect aaticfactloa FuaraBteed. both wltb reffa'd to f VLt JdATBBIAL, AMD WORK MAN SB VP. Aiwaye jb baud a complete assorta.ent of FURNISHING GOODS Gi*e me a cell before purchasing a;} |f LOTH I N O . T' W^T 300 all v oel Casstmere Fasts ... |8 nO ay >0 all wool Cas'irctre Pai t? 3 *? .00 Boy*1 Jacket*, all wool .3 08 /" 40 Boys Pants, all werl 100 HQ Bey Suite, ail wool ..._. 4 90 ay !00 Bey* 8nitx. all wool 8 Ofl ay itC Boy* Salts. all wool COO UJT M Boys' Cass'.mere Suit? 7 i? y iOC Beys' Oassnaere Suit*, choice 8 00 y iUO Boy*' Suite. extra fine ? 9 80 ?y iwO Boy*' Buit* eitra tin*- 10 00 a/" IN Bv y*"8ui fa. fite French UMilmert .. 11 ?8 y Nl?;? Baits,extra " ... 13 00 ay ftt Boy* 6a.I*. English CaiSimere 18 00 y 100 Men * Soils, ssoerted f 10 00 1m. Men * Butts, matched ib 00 y iwO Men'* Butts, all wool 18 wo ay .*0 M< BuUe, toe Bnglisb. 20 Do L ?y M*> Men's Bn;ts, ex. floe Eagllih a no W \(K Met * Suit*, flee French 24 00 W Hn Mtc *8uto, ex. t ee French .. 30 Oh y Tm goods are all new ar.d fresh ir.ade cp in it* itjles for Spring and Bummer of 1M7. J. B. SMITH A CO., Creat Central Clothing Hoase, af 4 '.m 460 7tb street, epp. Pem Office. DRY GOOD?, /^BKAT BAB6A1BS IN DBY GOODS W* hav-D received a splendid awtrtment ef OODB. which wt will cell a* low a* can he boagbt :n t hi - mark-st. c?n?intiuK la Ure-- Uood*. White < ?<?)*. CaMianere*. Motion*. Mattl?f, Oilcloth, A< & *jlerdid a^acrtmtnt of far** -1*, e?-ry cheap rrt-och m*de Wbalebone Cor*ete, % I 1 t-a r 5-4 Illeacb?d Outton, 10-4. ?i2e a yard; xiiDgban*. tOc , Callcee* tropa 12 to lie.; Toweling very heai Lirht e'ored Kid Gleve*. ?! :*) ?a*r. B!cacbcd'Cottoo. ? and 25 ctn *eet. yard wide. HBNNAOE * LI TTCRLL, ap 4 eo3t* corner -Vth ?t aad Pa aye SILLiflO OFF A T C O 8T H?TiD5,t*t received ?#r new aart-vell selected Cock ot MILLINKRY GOODfi, i.AC Bt?. '-^eal *Bd imitation.) EMBBOIl> ChlltS, DKCdB TRIMMINGS, BUTTONS. Ac . Mr , \ And ba??lrip, r.nupe tedlr, to nio^ sy the 1st of M^y , we shall *<-U o^ir BHT1B13TOCK. FBOM THIS DASS. AT COST CALL AND SK< I UK GREAT BARGAINS, E LCN/.BEIK. A CO., 41. 'tarket Spac?-, uuder the Afeiiae House. SBb IS-131 * DANCING. pMOFsTiT W A H. t ARB lb DANCING ACADBMT, JM P?ni^j a aveune, bet. 6th and 7t> *ti . M Opposite Metropolitan He^l. New Classe* forming every eyenlog. Those dalii 114 OBr ?'***ec should -avail themeeires of this opportunity. P*?-p#rai2ons *111 be made In thla.cuerter for esrtnoaal Bay Ball. Ior C'tcsoiar* can be had at J. F. Bill*' and W a Mgcorott A Go 's Music Btoree. ' T^* Hall oan be rented for Soirees, tc. _ ? . a?i Honrs of Tttttitm . ?!?e, aud Master*, Tpesday and rwtcrtlay afternoim*, from 3 to 5 o'clock. Gentlemen * Classes, Tnewlay and Friday ereslcg*. fram 8 to 1U ? clock. Tot further Information,apply duriag the hoara ef tnitlon. or addree* a note to tbe Academy. Qaarter e*eimencing with the Brit lee* >n . jal MiUIiU'l FASHIUS(ABLB~DANCINQ ACADEMY.AT Ji MABINI a ASSEMBLY BOOMS, M E, between pth and ICth *treet*. Tff lMt^u^rtir of thi??eaaon, prep?r? tcry to tbo tday Ball will coinmence 04: Satur ay, March 2. Claoses fer the Germai *;e now dm*. I h B ? Private tnatructloB given to *nlttiieconvealenee of ?*,? pa pit aeis SAVED by nsing C. B.JBWi)U BLL S pure u nail a Iterated Premium New York City bOAP, Premloai FAMILY SOAP, Premloci FLANNEL SOAP, And No 1 BBOWN SOAP. u ch?ap for ta?h Orders through the Poet Office will be p omptl) attended to ~ J ? Jm 0. B. JEWELL, Oandle Msaafacturer, No. iOO and O *t. aorth, tet. 4th and 5th. ja ll-Cm 'I'UE MOST B.XOITING AN H INTEREST IMG , Blil'K OF THE DAY. O?>. L. V. BAKER'S HlSTOHY Ot THE 8W,AN'TE D in every city .town, county *^e TJnlou t?cauvi**tor thi* work, ' ' tory ?u annoanct-d on* yeat ago, bnt y. jyjv*1* aitfyf Of the Government to anptree* It^lta pubiic?tl>n wa* delayed. It wtli now e B.r'tiOoiI1^ nr*1 V- nn*b;idged. Bn.ler the , of K?kes It eonf?lu* a full snloffcia, ezpoae ?,f the intricate machination* ofttese. ret eneml.# oft Ue Union . tartllng devetopmecte and thrilling adven,kw fanioii" experiences of VOL OHK AND VlDory. The marvelous oarratlvee of General Baker are all attested by the aathorl?y It will contain the ?xly official history of the Assassination eon sptracy. A full history of thl* great, startling ?t?c terrible crime fmum itu IMCBPTIftN, iii TBI HACBTS Of V1LL\INY TO the HLRIaL ? PLACE OF HOOTH. been placed ^ef?re the public. The kf,i. e*po??4 ti?e aefarion* system by J!,?i f <,*n'l.?l par-Ions were and are *o readIS In Wa?hmgton ?.T,r.n,*r^. "/ th' National Capital are thor and there are some atrange j -f?acet Bibit h??d* of department*. i ri.nn^*.hS.?n,T#- P^flon brokers, and L i tingu.#be<J military char%ctT? ' *?>g numbers, and all other if;J?"?.".,^K.lrkuuu?" daVj'May* W,U ^ r**47 for 0e?very oa the 1st N B - N?ne bat those thoroughly conversant with the buaMieee. and with go-^t refere0re as to character and responsibility, need apply, mhlj ln? pOftlAtlM steam BNGIHEB, CoBhtnlng tbe maximum of efficiency,durability, aad aooa< n>y, with tbe minimum of weight *ad price. They ace widely aod favorably known, mora than t>00 haisg in u*e. All warraatod satlsfactory, or a* ?al*. Deacriptlve circular* *aat on """ioBMDW,. ., fe s eoMu Lawrence. Mass. BOOT# AND bhobs fH M b w 7t O B . The aodertl4B?d beg* leave ta lafora his Msmi and the public generally that be has opeaed tba bbw CHEAP STOBB.Ho. dOS 7th *treot,oader Odd Fellows' Hall, whara be has oa banc a general assortment of Ladies' sod Goatlemeo's, Boy % Miasas aad Cbi'drea a BOOTS ABB SHOM. Aemea.oer tkm na be*, iOU 1 ta street, aaier 0?o Feiiowa' Mali Tba New Obeap Store, for***^*,l#r^BBOBOB B. WILSOB. Jambs GOILD, AmJst to sad Swadkiu >Wnasss?*. Old Faraitare B*t*lr*d, BeaaSi ii' 7 GREAT SALE ct ENGRAVINGS, AID <ft 7X? ; IEST1TCTB ADD O&PEAN frtSS o? ee* tCLI 1?S9 AFB 8A1L0BS, A.*D A PBVSERTAT10H WUL IB AT WA6HINOTON, D. O., ON SATIBDAI, MAT UA, 1M7. ITke luetltntloo fc r whoftr kereet this ftcterprlae is conducted was founded for tbe purpose of grataltonsly educating the soes cf deceased Bcldlsra and 8? amen of tbe United States. Rew pupils will be reciv^d after April 4, cpoc complying with requirements. Tbe purchaser of each 2ngravicc for me dollar will be given a oertlflrale entitling tbe bolder to a bare Id tb? award of prevents. LIST OF" PBEBBNT9 1 Troye'a great eguer.rian portrait ?f General Scott ic tbe ladiea' aiairway of the Oapit?l - ?? ~...92SJM>i 1 J? 10,000 in gold 13,00 1 Greenback, U. 8 6,000 1 Greenback. B 8 2.00U 5 $1 Oft" C. 8. Bond* a ouo 10 f.W " S.Q0" ?0 $100 " Greeftlacks 5,1)0" 100 ?M " " e.iu It*1 *25 ' ' iMM 1,000 lft " " 10.000 2JOTO J5 " *' 10 *0 16.t4*>?l " 10,000 2 Building Lotsac Eleventh Avenne, New Fork city, free of eMcnmbrance 8,13s 1 Bet Diamond Barries. joO 1 Diamond Pin .. y>t 1 Bteluway I'I?m ljUJX) 4 Chlckerlng Pianos, 9t".00eecb 2 Mason A Hami^'a Parlor Organs, $1,000 aaah? . 7,000 10 Sewing Machine?. -5100each ],i*o 100 Family Sewlnp Machines, 97s each .... 7jswi 20 Gents' Gold Watches. ?2u0 each 4,00^ 2Dl.adies' ' 5 ISO each 2,fi?o 20 Gents's Gold Guard Chains, . loo ea< h . 2,000 90 Ladies' ' " S lfrj each.. 2,000 25 Silver-plated Te? Seta. ?75 each 1^70 1 Geata Saddle and Equipments, $1"0 io > 1 Ladies ... _ jjo 1 Brewster's Bngcy &j0 8 Sets of Harness, .$t0 each gv (00 Subscriptions Weekly Tribune, 92 eacu 1,')00 M0 " " Herald, $2 1,000 600 " Harper' Monthly, ?3 l,5rti NO M Atlantic Monthly, 9j 1,5.1 tOO " Ratio Dal Freemason, .94 " 2,00<t 1 Painting, David Play ing the Harp before Ban! 1,500 1 Painting, Undine and Ariadne 1,'U0 1,im) Handaome Engravings, fi each s,#w ?150 000 HOW TO OBTAIN ENGBAVINOS. Orders may be sent to ua enclosing the non^y, from one dollar to twenty-five dollara, in a registered latter or by post office order, at onr risk. Those wishing Engravings sent must enclose ten cents in stamp* to cover expenses. Lar^e amennU should te sent in drafts or by expreas. PBICB LIST : Fer 91 00 abandaome Engraving. For 2.00 " " of larger cIms. For 3.00 ** ? For l.N For 1-00 * Fer COO " .. For lft.00 a aplendid AB.e ican Chrou.o. For % .00 " German or Krench Chromo. ' 1 ] By buying werka of art in large quantities we are enabled to give partiea purthaatng from us tbe sainr kind of eogravinga that are aold in any tore, for the same price, and, 11. addition, we 1 will give a certificate which entitles the holder to an interest In the award of premiums for each ] dollar luveated in the purchaae. I Address all orders and communications to 1 KENNEDY k GO., , 39S fence avsuas, Washington, D. O., ] Lack Bex 41. 1 I SPECIAL BOT1CB. To the military organ! latiaa influeuclng the largest sala of engravings will be prssented a handsome Bagimental Staadard. Parties purchasing Engravings will please *d I visa tba agents te which regiment, Be., they da- 1 Irs <0 credit tkelr pare baas. , Tkaaa deslriag act aft a?a*tg will ay?ly for lafomaM mVolm j I .lir r ,1 f|> oB an Va I AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avenne, near Wlllarda' Hotel. SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT. FOB BIX NIGHTS OSLY, with tbe Charmln; a ad Vlvacloue LADY DON, wbO will ap* a' 34WNDAT EVENING. APBIL8.18-7. ia th> Glorious Historical Hutlesiue of KINILWOITB; YE QCEBN. YE EARlTaND YK MATDBSNl. Pi evioue to the Burh . the firi-t tim?' here, ? fare* written expT?-a?ly for Lady l>on entitled RROTHKR BOB AND MB FANNY H F. ARTLIGHT LADY DON I In whlrh character she will s.iig, "Through the Wotd" a ad lb* " Hannted Ohaae.") WALL'S !HEW OPERA HOl'SE. MONDAY IVIN1.NU APBIL ?, 1P67, FIB^T APPEARANCE IMPERIAL JAPARBSB TBOUPM, JeiI arrived fiora California The flrat Itptoear Artistes ner remitted to IctTi.liyan TliOMAi* MAGU1BK AND PBOFE8SOB B1SLEY, MANAOBoB. Tbe Tioup* it composed of over twenty of ike moat extraordinary performers, male and female. ACB<>B AT8, TOP 8P1NNBBS. POETRY OF MOTION, BUTTER* LYING. Ac. Ar d tie Dalinia Favorite, the greatest performer Id the world, HAMAI KABI HAD AK ITOHI, Aad bit teeut?fal and most wonderful son, ALL BIGHT Their nerformancea of over 8IXT\ BEPRE BENTATIONBat _ MAGU1BB 0 OP BRA BOISE, San Tr.taclaeo, and THE ACADEMY OF MU8IO, Philadelphia. were uuanlmeualy pronounced TUB WON DEB OF THE WOBLD The stay at the Troupe in this city will be bnt for a abort period?every evening tbla week iu'1 ON WEDNESDAY AND SiTUBDAY AFTF.B NOONS ap?-?f METZEROTT HALL. PAR BP A. BBIGBOLI. FOB ONE NIGHT ONLY. Tbe Manager begs to inform the clti/ena cf Washington that tbe highly successful I'ritna litDDa, Madame BUPllBOSYNE *>ABEPa ROSA,and the great Tanor Blguor BItlGNOLI, will give One Grand Concert on MONDAY E\ EN IN G, APBIL 14, When th e following Artlcta will appear: Madame E. PABEPA ROSA Manor BRlGNOLl. Bignor FKBRANTl. Signer rOBTBNA.anl OABL RO-A Muaical Director and Accompanyi?t, Sicnor NICOLAO. Admiaalon Sl .'O. Reaerved Sea*a, fru cents extra The sale of seats will omixence on Thursday at 9 a. m., at Met/.erott'a Music Store ap 6 td ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY, commencing TUESDAY EVENING, APBIL M, OPEN EVERY NIGHT AF1EB UNTIL FARTHER NOTICE, AND ON WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS AT 3 O'CLOCK. THE GREAT EUROPEAN SENSATION, the ARABIAN KNIGHTS ENTERTAINMENT ; i (IK, LOITERING6 ON ENCHANTED GBOUND. As a< t forth iu that Wonderful Production entitled the ''Arabian Nights," and embodying, with vivid ?nd atriking crandeur, thoae great creations of tbe imagination which have CHARMID THE WOBLD IOB 3?o VEAUS, COM PR ISI FIFTY 8PLBND1D TABLEAUX, Which f?r Lofty Grandeur aud Etherial Beaut lurpacH ail that ha a yet be> a produced by man or witnessed b> mortal eye. will now be exhibited iu tbia city for tLe tlrat time, m exhibited iu tbe city of London, at St .lani<e Hall, for 3H0 conseiutive nlgbta, to the largest assemblages ever gat' ered within that renowned reaort of the English Metropolis, and as exhibited In the prin cipat Continental citiea. wher^. during a two years' tonr ot unexampled success, it waa viaited by nearly all the (ROWNKD HEADS OF EUBOPE, With their Ro> al Families, w ho, together with the entire Pr??d. Clergy, and Nobility, have united with tbe people everywhere In pronouncing it THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WORK OK MODERN TIMES. ADMISSION ONLY TWENTY FIVE CENTS Reaerved Beat* ftO Centa Admission to Matinee (all parts of the Hall i Ut Cents Children do 15 Cc-nta Doors open In tbe evening at7'4 o'clock, exhibition commence at ? o'clock Hoora op> n to matinee at 2 o'clock; commence at 3 o'clock. The sa'e of reserved aeata will commence at John F Ellis' Music Store. No. .<Ot? I'enimy Ivania avenue. TUE8DAY MORNING, and every day thereafter while the exhibition remain* The magnificent organ naod at the exhibition la trom the maDufacto'v of 8 D. and H W. Smith. Boston, Maaa . kindly loaned by Mr EMs, who Is the sole agent for this city for tne sale of those superior instruments Secure your seat* during the day and avoid the crowd about the ticket offlceat night A. at l'UKLANn, Manager pro tem. ANDERSON A CO , Proprietors CUA BLES OLDS, Agent ap 5 It 1867 GRAND EXCURSION 1 H()7 to thi PARIS EXPOSITION. The new and first claaa ocean going iron Steam HAVANA. I 00n tone bnrthen. STEPHEN WHITMAN. Com mander. will make an EXCURSION from New York to Havre and back, Bailing irom Pier 4b, North Biver, on i WEDNESDAY, April 17th. at 12 o'clock m , ] * Taking passengers for Tarla, London and Bremen. i Beturnmg, will aall from Havre on June 5th. glv- . ng paaaengera holding Excursion Tlcketa about Hx weeks in Europe. I This magnificent Btenmahlp la divided into * water tiKht campartinenta, aud haa baeu newly | tarnished and elegantly fitted up expreaaly lor ^ tbia voyage. a The HAVANA will only carry flrat claaa paa- , lengera. An experienced Bnrgeen on board. ^ tUT A full Band of Afa.uc u>ill be <ittach*d t* . 'hip. Price of paaaage, la cnrrancy, to Havre flM knd ? 175. according to elie of atate rooin Ta Havre and return, ?2*> and #J?o. according to lixe of atate-room. i For farther particulars and paaaage apply to the Agenta, MBRBAY, FBRBI8 A 00., , 63 Sonth street, New York. Or to M?0. T. BABBY, tbe Mercbanta' Union Expreaa C'ompaay, 406 Peuusylvania avenae, Waahington. mh 9 SUt pkAlNTT DISHES; BeeetpUOollected by Lady { -'.HarriettSt. Olalr. The Ohriatiaa Hymnal; edited by Bev. Frank Bewail. Piokwiok Papara; i Diamond BdiUon. Haadland on tbe Aotion ot ' Medicine; New Bdltion Murray?a Emotional Waordera af theNervee. Tha Story ot a Btamacb. Braithwaite a Bene* far February. De Bow't ( Beview for February. > TBABCK TAYLOR. J SPECIAL NOTICES. FREE TO BVEBYBODY ALarges pp Circular, giving inf. rmet: n of tee greatest importaice to the young of both him * 'i* how the homely tray becesne bevati loved * *e?plsed respected, and the forsaken .^P f 0*5* '***' or gentlem%n ahould fail to eend "f'' Addreaa,aud receive a copy poet a.iid,t?y returamail Address P O. Cr?w?r, 31, epSDAWeolv Troy. S T. THT DESTINY. MADAME E F Ti)0K>TuB. the greet Eng lien Astrologist, Clairvoyant and PsyebometriSia,l;.Th.?,hM aatoniabed the s ientitic clttn-i of ?>e Old World, h?? now located herseifat Hudson. i. Madame Thornton posaeasee ?nch wonder ful powers o? second ?l^ht an to enable her to Im "knowledge of th? grentoat Importance to the Ingle or married of either aex. while In a state of trance, ate delineates the very features of the person yon are to marry, and by the aid of an instrument of intense power, known as the Paychomotrope, guaranteea to prodncea lifelike picture of the tatnre besbend or wife of the applicant, together with date of mrrrlege, poaitfon in life, leading traiU of sharaster. Ac. This lanohnmbne. as thonsands of testimonials can assert She will send when deaired a certified certificate, or written guarantee, that the picture is what it purports to be. Bv enclosing a ?mell lock of hair, and statin? place of hi rth. age. diapoaitloa and caasplexton. and enclosing fifty cents and atamp-d envelope addressed to yo .rself, you will receive the picture and desired information bv return mail. All communications aecred<y confidential. Addreas in confidence, MADAME E F THOBNTO?. P O. Bo* 333, Hndeou, N. Y ap 3 DtWcslf ?"BOTH CH RONIC AND INFLAMMATORY RHEUMATISM are being daily cured by METUALFB'S CKEAT BHBHMATIO BIMEDY Bold by all Drnggiata. ap 2 eo2w 8. . FORD. Agent. REMEDIAL INSTITOTB FOB SPECIAL CABB8. Is 14 Bond (treet. Hew York. /"Full information, with the kifkdU wtimemi ah, alao, a Book on Special Dttai'S, in a <sa>td tnrr.ovr, ssntfre*. l/i'i rurt and ."nd for (kern, ??<? ?o* will not rtfru 11; lor, as advertising phy tcians are generally tmpojforj, without references ne stranger ahauId be trusted. Enclose a stamp for postsge and direct to BB. LAWBENCE. No 14 Bend street. New York no IS DAVTly BEOBBT DISEASES. Samaritan's Ui rr is the meat certain, ante and eflectual remedy?Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cures In two to lour dsys, and recent cases In twenty fonr hours. No mineral, no

balsam, no mercury Only ten pilla to be taken It la the soldier a hope, and a friend te those who do mal *Vi *? packages, fl.feBawarttan'sBoot a*p Hid Jncv-A poeltlve and permanent eure fer Bpyhills. Bcrofala. Clcere, g^rjTV 8J?tt Iett.?r,i 4c- Pric? tlUHf bottle. tk)'4 -b_,_?- 0- FonT See advertisement nr I 8TB O L O G Y~ THE WORLD ASTONISHED at ths wonmrfcl rk vkl at.oss MADE BY THB QKEAT A8TBOLOG1ST, MADAME H. A PRURIGO. Bbs reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. She restores to happiness those who, fr ru doleftl event*, catastrophes, crosses in love, lo?s of rem tioTit and friends, loss of uiuney, Xc , have become despwndent. She bring! together those lens *e pit rated , gives information concerning abseat friends or lovers, restor e lost or stolen property, tells you the buiiutrs you are beat qualified te pursue and in what you will be inos' successful. ceases speedy Qiarrlag'-s and tells yon tba very day yon will Hiarry. gi?e? you the name, likeness and characteristics of tne person. 8he reada y..ur ve_ry thoughta, and by her almost anpernatural Sowers unveils the dark and hidden myateries of aefuture. From the atars we see In the hrma ment?-the malefic stars that overcame or predom inate m t he contigaration?from the aapecta and nositionaof the planets and the fixed starainthe heavena at the tiiu*- of llrth, ahe deducea tie future deetiny or man Kail not to conault tie ? r* a test Astrologist on earth. It coets you i.ut a rlfie. and yon may never aeain have so favorable ?n opportunity. Oonsultatiea fee, with likeness and ail desired information, 01 Parties living at a distance can consult the Madame by mail with e<(ual safety and eatisfaction t? themael v-a. as if in peraon. A full and explicit chart, written out with all inqulrlea answered and likeness iu "? r<,c- 'p* of price above men i?^n -it wlfl be maintained, and all correspondence returned er destroyed. References of the higheet order furnished those desiring them. Write plainly the day ef the month and year in which yoa were bem. Inclosing a lock of hair A<ldre?s MADAME II A PEBRIQO. apS-DA W.eoly P.O. Drawer 393. Bnffalo. N T. JAME80 MiGClBE A 00., " FUBNITI BE WABE BOOMS. Having relinquished the Auction and Commlaaion bnainesa, and converted our extensive waretooma, at the corner of lUth and D at re eta, into a first clasa HOCB* FLRHI8HINO ESTABLISHMENT, we are now prepared to lurnlah every variety of HOUSE AN* OFFICE FUBNITIBE, at the ?oat moderate ratea. Onr atock comprises r A BLOB SETS, In Be pa and Hair Cloth, CABVEDand PLAIN OILBD WALNUTOHAM BEB SETS, COTTAGE BETS. SINGLE BUBEAC8 AND WASH STANDS, ELABOBATELT CARVED BEDSTEADS, CHAIB8 OF ALL VABIET1ES, EXTENSION TABLES, HAIB MATTRESSES and FEATHER PIL LOWS, OFF1CK DESKS and WBITING TABLES, CANTON MATTING, Ac . Ac. We have also for sale the celebrated TUCK EB SPRING BED, which for comfort, durability and cheapness la unrivalled. Alao, the TUCKER MANUFACTURING COMPANY BRONZE CLOCKS, Beautiful In design and finish, and at very reasonable prises. JAS. C. Mr GUIBB A CO , nihil lm earner of 10th and D streets. | j BOO B 1 8 . HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New York avenue and 15tn street, (Bntrnnce en New York avenue,) Dealers in fine FAMILY GBOCEBIES TEAS ! WINES, IMPOBTBD LUXUBIE8, Ac. Ar.'t : would respectfully notify their friends and the* 1 public tfcat they have jnst opened their New Grorery Stote, where can be obtained any article nan slly kept in a firat claas Grocery. Without at- ^ tempting to enumerate onr large, fresh and well- \ (elected atock, we eordially Invite the publio to " Ramlneonr store and atock, believing we shall 4 aot fail to fiva entire satisfaction to all who may !avar tie with their patronage. We call espeeiai attention to onr assortment of t rEAS and COFFEES, which have been elected t rlth great care for purity. Dealere will find a ' Sne asacrtmsnt to aeiect from, and onr prices to mil. Goada delivered promptly la any part of the city jan t-An BY COOPBB A LATIMBB, Auctloneera. \ Southwest corner of Penn. avenue and 11th at. AT PBIVATE BALM. t ,A_nn?iber of firat class PB1VATI BB8I- * 7EHCES, In central localitiea a AUo M small Brick and Frame H0U8BS 1 * ABM, between Waehlugton and Alaxandrla 1 large Frame HOU8B, with lot 14) feet auuare. v * ^r.. tk#r particulars apply of mhlS-lm OOOPEB A LATIMBB. Aneta. I gTHHWAY'S PIANOS. ] ssisuwis^- d"ub'HnH For the last tea yean Stelaway'a Plaaoe have, t m all oceaaloas, received the fret premium over > Ul new York, Boeton,Phlladelphia,a^ Baltimore C nakers. whenever and wherever they have oome n competition. At the Worlds Fair la London, ( Iteiawav A Bona received the Indorsement lef t 5SS1"1" & faSt-tf 19- tie hu avp?ne, Sole Agents. n TEl,r.( K VMS. ?C. A tenons s-.abbing affray took plate last evening in au oyster saloon a; No. 7 >5 Urmdw*Ji N. Y. About niai"o' 'lo k a man named Ri>b?rt Jonnson entered the saloon and himself at a taMe wftfrc two or t >r?i> gentle, men were partaklnp of snpper. Mr Herber: requested Jjhnson to sit at another tab!*, wfereupon Johnson 'oma<*HMd abusing him. and finally drew a fcnife and plunged it ;ut? h s left side Herbert defended h;m-elf wdh a club, -ntting Johnson severely about the head The police arreted John*.^n ?ao w?tak?n to a hospital Herbert lies ,n a critical ccndition at bis residence A shooting affray occurred at Albany. N Y., last e>ening, which, it 1* imeiy, will prove fatal. Two young men ntm-d Huttr:- and M Laupblin. while walking together, were accosted by a named Ellis, appears, bad some misunderstanding wirh Huttrie Approaching, be said to Bnttne. -1 am going to shoot jrou," whereupon the latter ran off, and felt just as Ellis Ored The shat missed its aim. when Ellis, turning, tired Lis second shot a: McLaughlin, who had not moved The ball penetrated on.* of his lanes, and it Is reported that he cannot recover El. lis is under arre?v In tne .Arkansas State f'nion Convention Saturday a committee was appointed to confer with General Ord on the selection of localities in the various counties for registering voier? and voting A resolution wa' passed asking Congress to remove the cotton tax. and a copy of the same is to be ten* toe very Congressman A committee was also appointed to visit Washington to further the object. The cou Ttntion then adjourned m<- du At a recent meeting in Eondon the Liberal members of Parliament resolved to offer a determined opposition to the ref.-rm bill introduced by the Government. Thev propose to bring the subject to a test vote' a- soon a* possible, and confidently expect to carry a majority of Parliament against the bill, in which event the members of the Derby ministry will tender their resignations to the queen in the case of Nicholas Carr, convicted of manMaugher at Wilmington, N. C., and sentenced to be branded, an order was received from General Sickles prohibiting the brand, ing, on the ground that it came within the law of Congress aga.nst maiming. The judgment of the court was then amended, and trie t.ris oner sentenced to he fine 1 two thousand dollars and imprisoned for twel\ e months. The leading bankers and capitalists of San Francisco have purchased the steamships ldabc, Moitana. and < iregoman, for the purpose ot placicg a line in opposition to the steamers for New York, via Panama It is understood that the vessels already make the connection on the Atlantic side. General Scott, commissioner of the Freedmen s Bureau in South Carolina, has issued a circular letter to the freedmen. deprecating the violeut assertion of their supposed right* and urging them to have recourse to the ceurts lor the redress of wrongs. This letter refers to the recent distnrbances. The constables arrested at South Hadley Mass., Saturday night, a clerical confidence man, who has done an extensive business in that vicinity for s?>eral weeks, among the ministers and religious societies, under the names Cools. Barns, and Chambers. An enthusiastic meeting was held at San * rancieco Saturday night to aid the destru'e people of the Southern States. Governor Eowe presided, and over ten thousand dollars was subscribed. Philip Tompertt.? Independent Iiemocrat was re-elected mayor of Eouisville, Keutucltv' Saturday by 2,0tP majority. The lolal vote polled is about f'.iitl. A younig and highly esteemed lady named Nathana Parrish committed suicide at Fox Lake, V. isconsin, Saturday, by throwing hersell into a cistern. Additional evidence that the reported mas. sacre at i-ort Buford is unfounded. ha? be,.u received here. The suffrage resolution pss-eu ibeobio legislature, extends suffrage to all male citizens except rebels, deserters, and skedaddlers. 1 he American bark Elizabeth Is reported to to'rmKOne atbore ,n the *Wtlc during a severe There is a general distrust in political and financial matters all over Europe^ From Mexico. Hrownsville datw to the 3<l mst. witb advi ces from Monterey to the -27th or M .rch from . altiiio to the -4th, and from Sau Luis to tne 2i,th, have been received. There are no new features of tne sieg" at queretaro The Republicans are not d<spo*ed to assault it There is hope of its capture by the starvation ot the besieged party. A well-known merchantfrom /Cacatecas says the laMt news from (Jueretaro is on the 12th of March. The Imperialists attempted to sally out: but were driven in. having fifteen killed. Porflrio Ihaz is in Gundalupe, within a leaguo of the city of Mexico i Kn a Palacias is in Tacubaya, and many other chiefs an about the City of Mexico, having in all about twenty thousand men. The reported capture of the Heights La Campana and the lorttflcations La Cruz Is contradicted PoisosiD.?Miss Ella Bosworth. of Phar?alia. Chenango County, N. T. while at her coaein's house on Tuesday of last week, accidentally drank some evanuretof potassium thinking it was wine. She lived bnt twenty minutes, so virulent was the poison. It appears tha* Mr. Bosworth was formerly a d tguerrean artist, and kept some of his "chemicals, one of the bottles of which he had iu?t emptied into a tnmbler, and f was this that Miss Bosworth had drank, thinking It was wine. She was bnt seventeen y? arsoi age Close of the Ligroa Hkaiiik..s ik Boston The hearings before the Boston Joint Special Committee of the Legislature, on the subject of a liquor liceuse law are closed. Petitioners aud remonstrants occupied some thirty d:tvs in presenting their evidence and arguments i It is stated that both the Senate and House have been canvassed, and that there is a majority in both branches in favor of prohibition and against license. Wisconsin.?The Wisconsin Senate h?s concurred in the Assembly E.ght Hour bill, which is amended s? as to amount to nothing but a 1 title It simply provides that - hours shall be the limit for a day's work where no , ontract is made, and that women and children "hall not be compelled to work over eigh* hours. The assembly adopted a resolution io submit the amendment to the Constitution to extend suffrage to women. BrLf. Ht n ?Gen. Joseph E. Job iston in a late letter upon the sub|ect of the first battle of Bull Hun, says the victory there was regarded by the Confederate troops as having decided i the question of Southern independence, and fnded the war. and thousands of them left the ' army and went home The Union array, he says, "wab less disorganized by deteat than the Confederate army by its triumph." t&~ After twenty.five years of married life J. Plaistrldge aud wile, of Cornish, N?sw Hampshire, were divorced in September, ou , petition of the woman, who commenced service as a hired maid for one of ner neighbors. , I'he husband at once began paving her his adIresses as in yonnger days, and a short time ince the two were again united for a fresh tart. The 1?come Tax?The Commissioner of In- * ernal Revenue has decided that compulsory issessments for grading, ipaving, flagging, ewerage, ete.. imposed by munieipal corporaions and actually paid by the taxpayer withn the year for which income tax i- payable nay be deducted from income. ttr An Agriculturist advises all gardeners ind orchard attendants to begin now to exermfnate the caterpillars. The little twigs 4 ind ends of limbs oa which are placed the >elts of caterpillar eggs shonld be cut off and < >ffectuai destroyed by burning. These little Kg bells can easily be seen. V A lady residing on Bleecher street, Al- , any, had a narrow escape from being stran- , ;led, on Friday, by a huge worm that made its way up into her throat. The neighbors were ailed In, when thev succeeded in removing 1 he obstruction and saving her life. The an* 1 ortnnale woman suffered terribly. ?????? s WThs indications are that nearly all the lsheries along the Rappahannock river will a >e occupied this season. e M*Mr. Colfax Is the only man except Henry 'lay who has been nonored with three slec> ^ ions to the Speakership. 7*The people of Charleetom are Indulging n a ripe and luscious strawberries. * Facia for Ibr Pf?plf. If i? r, terrible 'binj; to flndoor?*lT?? ?M od Tbit c*.i only Iw p'~ e ? I i f adbi rMc* to !b? duty ol ?t?m| i?imr'J>ia( m jounft *i:>l rtp-r year* It i- as'-< ? *mg 'O v? an amouu: a mr\U arii . iw. (r?bl mm wilit*?ll in ibo courw ot ii.ni1?a sum ample o provide for all the u^r>ti>'and temporal tw?* of old a?e, be mgh of our lif# iu 'Ittifh nom.\a an ?oik. TheC.n .unati Ti alludes to a disciple of r?r f rank ltn, wto "bowi how individual iuvr?'in?u:. may be accomplished by not aegie?uac ">he dav ot ?mali things The young -bouli a r aonce, lay by somethiug in view of :h- approach of oid ace. iuU parents should jc.u upon them to beg id asystem of economy hd.ik tuonfc This if the way the writer referred :,3 ftcw? sow a sixpence may be converted luto a fortune He give* amble showing that i\ <*enu saved l>?-r day would yield, a: 0 per cent, compound in teres , in titty years, 6.% cents a dav, *5 -CO i l *he *ame tini*. - v cents a day. s^.^t, I! cenn-, ?iFftK.; 131|, at*,, *sK"?iii y, cemsatlay would (five fl?r.3uu; (I.HVfllli.iti. and ?1 3? saved per day would j leld ^ 4.S.t?i in ntty year*. So that if a yotm* man ai Jl year* of age would save vr ^ cents every Cay. or )iiat ?im per year, he would a: 71 jear i of age be worth V.8. *- , when in*' a-, the Urns he mutt "cloaeout" lor tbia world be would possess a competency. At 61 years of ace be would bave ?us,tf<>, and at 51 yearn of a*' he would bave enough to auppoitbin iu an old nab * simplicity the t>ai ance o his daya. These facts arv cer'ainly worth considering 1 here are many wboconld not save ? by book or cr?.*>fc'' more tbau ?.so a year, a id 'bey mast bave the best of luck to do that The nalance ot mankiud migh ?afew ot thetr, wye <1 .17 per day, or <ttuu per year thus realizir g * f*5uu at fifty-one yeara of age 77.UOU ut nuy.ose. and f i?.(Oit at aeventyJ cue year a of age. but ibe larger portion of the remainder, who are on the other aide ot the circle, ;onld not save more than .5 ^ cent* a day. or t'Jo a year, giving him at fl:ty-one years if age Sl.SH). at sixty one, and at seventy. $.v8ui? which would be a great deal better ban nothing. A Kimbdy roa Monvoniaii.?Tbe Kepablican party at Its birth threatened to get rid of those t win relics of barbarism, "elarery an * polygamy." Jty the aword, at a coat of thou sands of lives and raiilioua of dollars, slavery is got e.?but polygamy remajna. Now a remedy is proposed by a Texas Kepnblicac. and here It is from Flake's Bulletin ' Ot course the immoral practice of tbe Jlormm Bluebeards are a great scandal tojonr civilization, but so is the debauchery of all our large c tie* and towns. We do not know tha* the quasi marriage* of Salt Lake city are auv more disgraceful than the open and notoriooa concutmage which prevails in other places, and I'Sf"!, even in official circles, wrhout execra'lon We have before expressed our opinio i of the proper me-hod to get rid of this disgrace. Open I tah toOennle dayligit. and the h^atbemsh religion will fade away I^t fi <id-looking and robust youug men go there sparking, and no woman worth ahack^*woold be con'eut with a vnUar traction of an old dried.up saint. We verily o*lieVe. from all we can learn, that an aglier or more ha efnl set of women than the spiritual wives of the Mormon Kldera cannot be found I uie\? travellers lie?and we know they never do? these ladies select their ba<-banda on -he principle that half a loaf is better than no bread. They cannot g< m the old Mav>a a husband apiece, to they go to f 'tah and take a fraction I^t in the Oentile lovers, and they will solve the polygamy question m a j:ffy. Old Uringham s honse wr*uld be a Mecca for rparkers, and every nook and corner would be full of amorous raaain?-t. looking for conren lal calico Kuild the Pacific Kailroad and let the Oentiles in?tbia u the only eolation to the Utah qneation." Foisowors I'iinn?A woman living on Kouston street attempted to lommit suic de on Tneadar 'ast by swallowing a paint known as Paris pr?*en A death occurred In Rrooklyu last week from the use, accidental or otherwise. of the same substance. Many of tbs greens used by the painter are composed ot prepr rations of copper or arsenic, and are extremely poisonous Some other colors are also equally dangercus. and the same objec'ion that exists Jto the careless and unrestricted sale of poisons in a drug store, will apply to the sale of tbe>e dangerous paints. The Board ol Health should take these matters up, and institute proper regulations for the public satety. 1 hose paints tbat may be used to destroy life should l?e sold only on the order of some responsible person At present any ibtld can get possession of these deadiy poiscns, aad make such us? of them as it p.eases. It wcold be well for parents and others to remember that many pain's, especially the greens, are amoug the moat dangerous and fatal of poiaons.?X. I*. >i/*. Small t-'AKM* awd Far it?A. New York tanner makes the following auggeationa in regard to small farms In irany case* wher? large tarir.s are divided, there is no orchard The enterpriaing beginner may do well oy raising small iruite ? hil? his orchard is crowing A neighbor la making more ont of the !>.>olittle raspberries, by sellmgifruits and plant*? both grown on the same laud?from a tew acres, then moat men make on one hundred acres by common tarming Tfaeso and other small fruits may be jrowu between the r.>w? ot apple trees in a young orchard Th?? grower ot small fruits mav also do better bv growing atrarberries, raspberries and blackberries. so as to haye a succession all through the season: thus requiring leas help at any oito time, while the businesa can be better managed aad controlled K^MIss Selir.a Filer, of Beck's Station. Hamil-m Covnty. Indiana, was bitten on toe flnper by a rab d dog some two months ago. Fast week symptams of hydrophobia appeared, and the disease was rapidly approaching the crista, when one of tne doctor* in attendance deie:mined to try bromide or potassium, lately recommended by a Furopean physician Continuing ibis reinejy until nearly two ounces had been given, the horrible symptoms began to abate on Monday, and last accounts it was hoped she m ght recover. Table Kock Ktii.l in Fxinteki e ? Some weeks Siace an account of the blowing up of Table Kock by the (Canadian authorities was published, the object b*-mg t<i preven1 an\ accidents from future talis of rock. A bole was drilled and a charpe of powder placed in n, but it seerrs the usual packing was otnr'sl or wrongly arranged The natsral conaequen*-* is, tbat. though the powder burned very pre'tily. Table Kock still standa unharmed. \ tew pie. es i were de'ached and fell ft#" Mr. B M. Brown, eighty.four years old and a resident of liayton. Ohio, for the ia-t thirty years, is undergoing the process of voluntary starvation. He and his family assort tbat he has taken no food since the > (> of February. He feels no paiu from bis lone fatt. aud a.-'erts that he has no appetite He is reduced to a skeleton, expect* death, and is satisfied with the expectation, but beiie^o* a* "guardian angels" have, by some spiritual essence, protracted his life Sale or Fahi>8 in iioki hestm. The farm ol the late Flijah B. Stevens. u^r I.a-t New Market, containing between Mv? and six bundre.i acre*, has t<een sold,one.halt iw Thor M Meredith, and the o'her hull tj Mrs. Mary F. I?ean and Mr*. Marraret J Hurley, for -n I o 1 be farm near Oamt>ridi;? known tbe - Bowdle Fsnii," conuammg ouo hundred Mid thirty-five and a quarter acres, has been purchi?ed bv A. W <>ullett. ot Wheeling. Weet Virginia, for "M.SOi?C'aml/rn/y H' ral4. M i war KII Laoik Hkkk ?Tbe Milwaukee Seatinel -aya tbat during the five months ending the hrstof t ebruary. N,;, there were sold by the various brewers m that city iw?uivi-ight thousand eight hundred md -ij-v barrels ot laper beer and ale I bis amount doe* not include more than one halt wbat ba*b*eo manufactured during tbat time. Some id tbe-xteot of this business may be formed Irom these figures. T he ram Merrimac was blown up with torpedoes according to the plan lately pub lisbed. Mr It A. I 'ndertown, the wrecker of be remain* ot the Merrimac, applied tbe torpedoes which bad been prepared tor'he parpose. and the great body of iron armor wan brown out of it* bed in the river and torn in inrdreds of fragments. The explosion was lietinetly seen by person* in Portsmouth Pehnptlyakia Tax Faw.?The legislature ?f Pennsylvania ba* pa*s?d an act abolishing be State tax on personal property, and sobatiinting therefor a levy of appor'ioned upon tbe different conntie* of tbe State ae:ording to population. mf~A man in Fnrland has been mulcted in Mid.Urn damagea for aodocUoa ^"Infanticide 1* greatly on the increase In Ireat Britain. 7-Tbey have been enjoying strawberries in ?an Franciaco for a month /"In Cincinnati they discharge etreet car :onducU.r* who do not call out :he name* of b* *treets. ttf A fine of each wu recently lapmed ipon *everal church laugheraand wlu*i>erers n Day County. Indiana. / The hod carriers of New Jer*ey are on a trike for three dollar* per day. ^"The latest Yankee invention is a wooden ole for shoe*, trom which areat reanlta are zpectsd. yJeff LMteia's plantation, with that of his rother joe. has been sold to a former slave mt eff. a for tour hundred thousand dollar* ou sn year*' lease, aad the oolored maa, it is sal# rul B-aas t^h.y lAoassuU dollars this yoai '