Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Tkt Until Cittulttioi in the Biitriel W . D. WALLACH, EdlUr aid Pr?jrl?Ur. - ? WASHINGTON CITY MO?AY AP1IL % 1W. | 97" READING MATTER 05 1TIRT PAG*. BE* OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TILE ; GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. THE TREATY WITH RI'S^I K It i? believed that the Senate Committee on > oreicn helation* hare reported naauimoa^Iy j in itivor of the treaty for the acquisition of Hu^eian America: and there seems no doubt ! sow tbat the treaty will be confirmed by the SSaaatf. GETTING THEM BIGHT. Tne conf jundin* ot cause and effect in the papular mind fometimn lead* to grave error*. tbeolortcal, social, political and scientific. | There are but few of our reidera. probably. j who bave not read the famous illustration of this fact in tbe English anecdote ef the villagers who ascribed tbe formation ot Oeodwin j which obstructed their harbor to the braiding of Tenterden steeple, whereas the steeple u*ed as a lichNhonse was erected to ! warn mariners of the existence of the bar. In the same way it ts asserted that the causeway of the I .one Bridge effects tbe formation of flats in the Potomac, wben the truth is, thecanse. war was made because tbe flats were already : there, and forced the builders of toe bridge to adopt that style ?f construction. We might mul'iply illustrations in all departments of philosophical and scientific research, bnt in- I tend to confine ourselves in this article to tbe ! examination of a few political fallacies. Thn0. tbe Sonth went to war ostensibly beranee of the encroachments of the Preesoil party of the North, when the fact i?, thar party never would have attained it? power In tbe country if it bad not been for tbe aggressive character of thead*ocau?> of buvnn slavery, who were insatiable in their demand* and who. although in a larre mi. , nonfy. wire determined to rule or rain. After tne war commenced tbey charged that it j prowc?ted on tba part ol the North only with the object of emancipating the slaves, when the fac* is that arms were taken up by Northern men only to defend the I'nion against it* as. ; Mutants, and the change of policy which made it virtually a war for the abolition of huimn slavery wm forced upon the defenders of the Inion by the fierceness and persistence of the South, making it evident that o permanent peace would ever be secnred until the peculiar institution wbub brought about the rebellion should bt- wiped out. lu tbesame way it is no* argued by the opponents of reconstruction a. ; Th?>oiith that the policy of the Union party has beet: changed since the suppression of the rebellion, otherwise the excluded Sta'es wonld long sirce have beeu represented. In this caee also, there is a confounding of cause and , effect When armed resistance to the Qo\ern mrnt ceased, there was a wide spread and grown* spirit of conciliation ana compro- j raise throughout the loyal North. Hat it was found altera wbilt* that the rebellion bad uo, | terminated. It baa only assumed a new | pha??. 1 be military leader* of tbe South were idolized by tbeir followers, and wben representatives were to be cbo?en, none but j tb* most ultra secessionists -tood tbe ghost of j a chance on election day. Southern I'nion 1 men were oetracized, Northern Union men perseented. and tbe negroes found themselves not raucb better off tban wben they were chattel* Hence Union men wer* forced to ; take more advanced ground, and to demand previous to the admission of the Southern suco guarantee?- as would remedy the evils we bare mentioned. It is well that the truth should be told sometimes at tbe South in relation to tbese matters, and Senator Wilson s speerb at Petersburg, Virginia, a few days since, is a step in tbe < right direction Temperate in tone but firm and decided, there was no concealment of tbe | troth, unpalateabie as it might be to som? who beard it. It was just such an aU.tress a? will tlo good in that section, li- declared tbe late war wat unavoidable, and the North and S?oulb were both responsible tor it. both were alike gitlty?thf <-?*? 6* iny k*mi*shir'r4. but tbe coatee*, was ended, and be did not wish to reproach tbe men of tbe Sontb for tbe manner 1 u wu?t n iney tough: they had met th>? North cd *ix hundred and twenty-fivc battle-fields, and had fought with heroic valor H# ?airt al?o that m spite of the d?rolations of war, the people of the North entertained no senti- ! men: of hostility or desire to degrade the hamblest man of the South?iuat they neither wanted the live*, blood, nor lands of the {southern people?that they fought for the liberty of the lowly, and desired to liftmen np. and not to poll them down. He thought the whites ot the South w-re too intolerant in Their political view, and referred to the toleration which Is extended to religions differences, and said it should be the same in regard to politics He went on to ftay that the intention of Congress bad been to settle the controversy on a l*rmanent and solid basis, where it woald rest forever. and, advising the adoption of the ((. aautntiooal amendment, and explaining its pioJtioas. he said be trusted that the disabll ities it inflicted upon certain clashes would disappear in a tew month* undei the power ot Congress to repeal by a t wo-tbirds rote. H? dia not want to see any individual, however be bad acted. di?lrauchi?ed, humiliated or degraded intelligence wa? comiug up lrom all part* that tbe people will accept the reconstruction bill, and b? believed tbat by the 4th ot March neat tbe ten excluded States will be represented in Congress. The speech was well rr.-ejved- ana its ?pirit ne' objected to. a!though a Richmond paper thinks It was '-more ?.and:d than considerate." ILLS Ess Oi MR 8TKYKX8. lion Tbaddens Stevens ha* been confined to his bed since Wednesday las', fronj genera) i prostration and an affection of toe heart. Ireat solicitude is expressed as to his coudi tion by bie large circle of triends, and nam- ! >?r* have celled to see nun, bat be bav not h*#e able to see them. Secretary Seward wa-> among those wba called yesterday. We are happy to ?ay that M- Stevens rested easier ! yesterday, aud is to-day co&aidered much h?tur. COMMISSION ER OE AGRICULTURE. ll is thought tbat tbe Hrf?ulfDl will send *o tbe Senate the name of Colonel Capron. of Illinois. formerly of Maryland, to be t'omini-moner ot Agricnltnre, in the place of Hon. laMAC Newton, the pr?.-*?t incumbent, t'olc Lei Capron, lor many years, baa been an atenMTe farmer in Illinois, and commanded a regiment from that State throogh the rebellion. a Batch of nominations were *ent in to the Senate to-day, bat none of specif importance. The nominations for Minister to Austria and Commissioner of Agriculture were not sent in to-day as expected. Among wvor ui|rU {VI (Ur AU9WISU UII99IUI BTO UPI1 J<o?ecraue and Hon Henry J. Raymond. For lb* fommissionersbip, Cot. Gapron, of Illinois. formerly of Maryland, is considered to stand in* best chance. The np.iat Uuirotsu laud cars, involt icf from ten to fitteen millions of dollars, and affecting titles of land in San Francisco and ' Uewhere. is np before tbe Supreme Court to- j day. Among the di?tinrnisbed counsel engaged upon tbe case are Okas O'Connor. Wm. M fcvarta, Caleb Curbing and J od(? Black. Fatbst- to bk Imi'BB.?For tbe weekendid( on ToMdajr, tbe l#tt? msrAnt, ?t> paUfnw will be leaned from tb? Patent Office. Dunne i tne paat ?Hk aboat 55? M>P"c*Uom and 7 ' cainu have been AM. Sbbato* Scmkbb baa aot etarted for Ka. yep*, aa t*le*rapbed from bere. aad we learn bat fee a ** noi propoae gome tbere ???????? eOTERNMKNT ?E< I RIT1E* Wamiiiotor, April S, 1987. J17 Cook* 6 Co. furnish the fol loir tag qa|. tAtlons of Government secnritiM: Buying Belli* a V. S. Conpon, 19il 108% mi ('. S. Kit* Twenties, lot ^ 109 v v. 5? mt? iwrotni. ISM ltn v. MB V- x. Twenties. 1965 W7\ u. s. FiT? Twentles.JanltJ'y.'tt.lU'T 10?# U. S. Ten Forties 17\ T*. 8. Seven Thirty*, Angus:....I05li i?6% U. S. S^tph Thirties, June...... 105% 105* U S fc*T?c Thirties, July 105* 105* KKW YORK FIRST BOARD SALES COCpODB 109 10.4416 {W 5.'i0 ?. 1868 109\ ;.W?, August.... 11H> 5-tW's, 1^84 1?C 5^ T.3US, Jnue 105*. i.-iO's, 1-6* lu& >.3o's. July HISS ?.*?>. Jn AJj/flS.lO?^ Gold I5i\ ? FINANCIAL. I^wn Johnson ft Co , quote Stocks and Bonds ia home and foreign marketa as follows: New York. April ?>.?1st Board?U. S. 18?1 Conpou 6's, 109; do.. 5-iflfs, 109V l>. 5. 5 s 10-40 s, Coupons, 99 Mo. Stata 6's, 106: Canton Co.,41 ? Cumberl dCoal Co preTd, 3o; Quicksilver fcimng Co. 31; Mew York Central K K.. lWlj,, tr'P Rtulwfty, K\. Hudson Rivsr K. K., 136; Reading R. R , loi ?t, Michigan Central R. R , Michigan Southern and K. Indiana R. R , T(ir,, do. guaranteed, ?; Illinois (Antral R. R , 114 Cleveland and Pittsburg R R., ' \ Chicago and Northwestern R. R? &l\. do. preferred. #2 Cleveland and Toledo K R . 119,"^: Chicago and Rock Island R R.. ^ V, Pit>sburg, Fort Wayne, and Chicago R. R, tf-.'V Olio and Mississippi Certificates, *2>; Pacific Mail, 120V Losbos, April ??Noon.?Codsole, !#IK; Erie, 57 Bond*. *4^. ? - ______ TilF NKW8FR0M El'ROPE?THE WAR PANIC Gold has goue up over three per eent. today in New York over a report received from fcarope to-day per cable of threatened war b-tween France and Prwssia. In Europe the excitemeut in the clock mai*et teems to have grown to a panic. As the last reports from New York this alternoon indicate a decline in gold, it is presumable tbat (he cause for the panic has oeen ascertained to be of doubtful reliability. We believe that our Government is n?t advised of any existing complication* between France and Prussia of so aericn? a nature as these indicated by the cable news from Kurepe. I>oubtle*s the "b^ars" bave been at work to depress the market upon .^maii caufre. Dlr>P09AL of PI" BMC LANDS. The Commissioner of the (leneral Land Office has received returns showing an aggrefate disposal t>f 10 3-if* acres of the public lands during; the month of 3fXarch last at the following local offices?Nebraska City. Nebraska. *>,"<=7 acres; Tajler's Kail s. Minnesota, 3,337 acres. The greater portion of the Irinrt was tak*n uuder the homestead law for actual settlement and cultivation, and the remaiadsr sold for cash and located with Agricultural College scrip and Military warrants. VAdvices from Hayti contain ttoe information that President Getliard. before Heeing to .Jamaica. hnJ ?<?nt in hie -- ??* ? ?.vo^ua.iuii as rre>1- i dent A new President will shortly b? elected. Istfbnal Kkvbnlk?Tbe receipts from ihl? source to-day were 8-' :7,^lb .">5 l'r*THI8 IHSTTKllAN? K IX Till COAL Hii.ION?t^rH-Trri Or' to tjwl' fhe f(n Tbe sbenll of Luzerne county. I'a, telecrabbed on Saturday to tbe (Governor that a riot existed in Hazleton and Foster townships in that county- tbat bis authority wis exhausted without succes- that an armed and ur^aui^ed lorce was neces>xry: and tbat &e wished uu order calling oat ('apt. blli* s company of Wyoming veterans. Soon after Uapt fillis telejciuphed that the ?herifl bad or tered htm out to quell the riot, and auked for further orders. The (iorernor subsequently telegraphed to prominent citizens of Luzerne covnty who advised him as to the e.vtct coud;tian of atrairs, and tbeii sent an order to bills ordering h m i? hold his cummin v in re*riin<.<.? for fnrtber order*. but id no event to move wrhout an order from turn It is unofficially understood that tbe cou?? ot the riot is a strike tor bibber unites, the majority attemptirg to prevent tbe minority from working. Ellis's company is composed of war-worn ve erans. ATITKCOHTIXTIliS IK TEKWKc!IEE. Tbe Conservative Union county convention, held tn Chattanooga. Tenn., Saturday night, to ?flect delegates to th?- state con ven'ion. withour distinction of race or color, consisted of about flvebnndred colored aud three hundred white persons. The officers ot tbe meeting were all original I nion men. and tbe speaker* were of tbe same class. Tbe meeting addres-ed by William Fletcher, & lealinc colored citi/en. He said if h? was fit to vote b? ?? tit to sit in tb? jnry-box, and bold office. He bad be^u told thai tb?Conservattves .ver* fco*iile to the colored man. hut ><? 'iad learned to-night bad net him to thinking 1 He vr?- going to nai|?Myi and vote for bira- J ? If The Kadicala say they are gom* to carrv ' nil tb>- Suites, so they would not miss bim. Tb* speecli was gree-ed wi*b applause. Tbe i resolution - favor a return to tb" Constitution, oppose Governor Hrowulow favor a more liberal school law, and an economical administration of tbe government. iTtr*1 ? ? r-OEAHD LODUB -Th? r*go- < Jo( l?r |uart>-TlT meeting Will be bald on 1 $BD*B?I'A? IYU1I9 19th initaot, at a i o'clock. ( sp >4 3t| >'. H. 8WBET.Gr 8?v nfif"! O-O. r iO Llof Members are r?<iae*'?d to attend a special mtetlng TMlSiMonday > 8 o'clock, to make arrangements for the faneral of drotlter Kami :wl 8t:*?mei^. Fun' ral t.? m >rro?r ?Tmi I Ua? I afternoon. JOHN A. HODLDII, it &m. dee. YPATTENTION. BEPCBLI0AN8 -There (3 will be a regular meeting of tk- BEPifb lTOAN ASV20I aTION ?f th Ik 0.. at "Wexl- ' ward * Hall " 1) atreet. h?t???n m?? TtfcSDA* BVBBI N tt .April 9~T/o7c\<Z)i ' i"U, 1 a?3 1t A Q HALL, Bec^ 1 rr=jr-' ho lbs o? practice bbwobb jus i LL3 TICBS or TUB PBAHB IN I THIS DISTRICT As re jU'rtf' by thetecond section of the act of f Cot entitled Aa set to regulate vrar**?<1- \ Us* before Juail. e? of th- Peace in the District of CfilamMa and f<>rotb?r part* s*s "approved reb- , ru*r? 22, 1467. the Court estaUikLes the follow- ; RTLIB OF I'B&CTICE: i 1 *??ry J net ice of the P~ace ball ke?p Id abotiD'i ; bevk a .locket, in which tie eball enter? 1. The name of the plaiottd au?l defendant; i The <?bje< t of the ictioa or proceeding, m<1 if j a mm of mcaey be claimed, the amount of the domsad | I ! 3 The date of ttie lunmoni, and the time of tte retura. if a writ of attachment be Issued, a statement of the fact; 4. Tbo lime when the parties, or either of tliem. appear, or ttefr nonappearance, if default be ; made; f. A trie: statement ef the natnre ef the plain tiffV ? ?'< * """ ?' *" u .?off , 6 Tba demand of a trial by jnry-wkea the "be* nr ?4Vh? m b' Wh0? ord?r? for Icrn o/th. nrr* for trial,.?d re th# jorori wbo fttpetr aa4 trt the vltDMlli tvori, and at who* r*ju??t; "' *"u * if3**.!** T*'dlct ?f tbe mry. and ?h?n fclwl: if tb? jnrr dlMCTM ?ad ire dtecherfed. the fact ' of each diBMr> eiu?Dt aod dterharM' , -h?J^rr,jind,??rn^ f*nder,!i- Kci'ryiM the tine i *md rtoi]?r*d knd tb? cwt?; u.d tl.e mod* i tLJLf ?r?i. *hoP1 delivered, the renewttle i ,r?t- Jr- ? <* whek Bade, I Tfc# ffrcl of m iifftl, if ibv, htfinc btin J made *ud ellowi-d, and the ti?e wbe?; ( >* "UifieUM of tb? judfrn?nt r>r any mosey i ?! 'OD* *htD, and to Hktm. u<| by W uOOD " 13 Any ?nc i othar entriee as may be material. A tme K J MKIUS Clark J ?M U__K>ron .latel. A ?? ] ' (T!T* I. O O. Tb? Ci>B*tttM to make arUo for the TbinkfilviBf itrTloM ??a ? *a^?iVi5r,,irV!1 bo,d.* on TDB81>A* ATIHINO, Mb infant, at So clock A tall attendance ie eteeutial. aa it J MV?< BNTBAL BUILDIBCJ A8SOOIATIOH - ! i HB A monthly meeting ?f the UtNTKAL ' , BUILDING ABiOCIATlOB . for tha reception of ] 4 h.viII te held 1 n the Council Chamber, oa TUESDAY EYKNIBO. th<> 9tb inetant, at 7 o'clock .t W W. MOOBE. Secretary. < lYs^SPK* 1AL MBBT1NO Of TUB BOABD LLg or tbadb. A meetl n* of the Board of Trade will be held at . tbelr room- MOBDAlf. April *, at 7H o'clock, tor J the itrpcM of ci>uid?rlM the beet way to littribute thf mtney collected for the suffering poor ' In tbe Southern states. Oltl/ena deelring to sab * acribe can d<> eo by lea^lsr their naroea with W. H Glagett, at the Boa'd of Trade room*. A foil meet tag of tho membere ta desired. ap >>t _ N BABDO. Secretary. BB018TEY NOTICE ? Botice le hereby I Jlj given to all qualified rotara la thoFODBTH aiBD that the Jadgie of Election appointed to remitter voters under tho act of Congress apJpro\ed Tebrasry ft. 1867. sat1tl?-<i "Aaact to puaab llleesl voting in the District of Columbia, ani fo* other parposos.*;'will be In session,at the t ( otunoi ''miiidl Chamber. City Halt, on HOB- ' DAT, T0B8DAT and WSDNBtpAY. April 8th, 9th and loth, from S to 1 o'clock p. m , aad oa TBTBSDAT. April 11th, from 4 to 8 o'clock p. m for tbe yarpoae of racei tIu* aad rooorSlag < Ofey1' v inru 1 nrSF?BXG18T?'S OFFICII. c ftotirr it k'r<by grrrn, that the Licensee'Imb *4 ( tr o*n?r? of W*fnr,i, Carta, and Bra/a will eg aire on the Bniillondar t A prll. an/that ..W Lic-neee moet be renend, la eomallaoce with 1 law, at thi* office vt?hta*fn>layaan?ir that time . ... .. BAM01L K. DOl?H8J\ apl-dtaplO B?tf?ter. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. 131 rOBTAM MCO^ K?RO^K. A WAR PAN I (J DISTRUST IN FINANCIAL. 01 KOl.ES. FALL IN STOCKS AND U. S. BONDS. MO\ EMENTS OF ENOLISH SHIPS OF WAR. 9 {Special to tbe Evening Star Jt Lonwi, April 3?Noon.-Oon*ols, Eiie:T7; Illinois Uentrsl , V- S. 5.'2J'* 74 % Eivmrooi,. April**?Noon ?Uot'on Is easier and lower; Middling Uplands, 1i\; OrleansP.d Breadstuff's quiet; Wheat 13^ r,d.; Flour 3^-. Od. Corn 41a. 3d , Barley 4*. 61; Oat# a*. 4d.; Peas 4>a. Provisions unchanged. Produce unchanged. T AM (WiM A nfil fi .? ?? ~ TW. --- uuni-VK, opiM o -> l?S Wlinj or distrust in financial and political circles baa io(r?ai'Ml 10 a war panic. Tb^government has sent several ships of war to Cadiz, bpain, to enforce the Briti.-h arising cut of the question of the seizure ot the Tornado. <41 kKNHTuvn. April p m ?The steamship Africa, ('apt. Anderson, from Boston, on the 07th March, arrived here to-day. Liverpool. April ??2 p. m ?The steamship Malta, ('apt. McMickau, trom New York, on '.'7th March, arrived here yesterday. SOCTHAMPTO*. April fc?2 P. M.?The*u*amfchip Union, trora New York, on the ti-uti March, arrived here to day, en route for liremen. liwmir. april??2 p. u. s. 5-20's have advanced *d. since opening; Consols have declined J,d.,- Illinois Central shares hare de tnucu ^u. Litkkpool, April 8?8 v. w ?Cotton is heavy and bad declined since opening Middling Uplane? are now qnoted at 12'(a Ifrd. From Krw lork. THL FAJH1U IN THK HONEY MARKET + WAR BETWEEN FRANCE AND PRVSSIA. OK EAT DECLINE IN 5.20 a. [Special to thenar | Nf.w York, April S.?Qold la extremely active. owing to the news from Lnrope. Hold opened at 133;,, and is now quoted at 135)i. There are rumors on the street ot a wsr between France and Prnssia. and a great dtcline in U.S 5-20's on the other side. Fr?m tbr Wrtl?The Floods?Indian Hostilities. San Francipco, April C?Late advices from Arizona Territory state that great damage bud been done by the floods. Arizona city was inundated and several heaves were washed away. 1 he Apache Indian* had attacked the men In charge of the Mowry mine and Killed one and wounded several. Osi-ar Buckalew, nephew of U. S. Senator Itnckalew. of Fennsylvania, Is severely wounded. Five Indians were killed and a numv>er wounded The savages were all well armed with guns and rifles. Release ?f a Fenian. Toronto. April * ?One of the Fenian convicts named Connor has been released lroiu prison at Kli g-'on. Connor is a Canadian, and it is end that nis release is owinr te a petition from a nnrot?er ot >ITWI living in the neigh uuiuuuu 01 nis Dome. Bank Statement. New Yobk, April 9.?Decreate in Joans, deposit*. *4,615,OUU: legal leader*, *1 Increase iu specie, ?105.000. \| 188 A F. DliYfcDAL* will open TUKSDaY. i'l 9th of April, Bprlu* end Biiiia*r Mlii-^i LINKRY 4 J Market street. Oeorg*tovii.(H Mode* received monthly. ep??r JOSEPH 8 E1D GLOYCS, a superior article, at 91 V per pair. LIMBM HAN DK BBGBBIF8, very cheap WM. B BILK* h BBO , Bo 3*> Oentral Btorea, between 7th end 8th atreete, aps iM oppoalte Oeater Market. MLOIAMO. *BUMa?T~TaTLOB. corner ef Kb and I) etreeta, oeelrea to re- j> tumbi? thanks for tke liberal patronage teMowed u poo hi an dnrln* peat a?i-ona. ?n<1 U ?t the aame time invitee bia frlenda to Tiait nw kia ?tore and la?p?*c? hU new end choice ee- mmmm l" tion of good*, which he haa jaat parchaaed for the Spring and bummer Trade, nr. B. 1IABDUB . hi* e?e?rtate. couiinuee toglre hla onateat *"?i>tlon to th* '..!? and general appearance <>f ?. ... u.> w*a ii??*jo mo ?9l?iiii|QiueDU XO0 Mil irr.ri and ino4*rmt? cW*r?t? t? our motto. ?? Sm* m CABIhlT FOBttlTLBE REDUCED PRICES' The HH>>Mr1ker, h i*Idk ? *?rjr large and hen"! K>me a-ortm*Dt of CABINBT KCBNITCB1 on hand which h? wi-he. to *edi;oe, will offer Ma t ok at BHKAll.Y KF.DK ED PUICES FOK CAS11 He will not bo nndereold, taking work HHiiililp and <ju Ulty into consideration. Uefy :oii> petition ' Call nt one* nnd get bargain* JOHN Q WILLBON. ap-lw lint.) Soutbeaetcorner 5Kb nnd Dat*. DA HLlAH.liLA OlOLDfl, TBBCH. SBBUFa, Vine*. B?*<?, 9<*da, Fern? and Ivy for bee kets for aal' bj A f MOBBIB.Jb., np6 Jt* ">7:t L etfeet, near 7tk. VOCNO AMBBIC4N 1'BBIODIOAL BBQAK STOBB. "THB BOSB1' Beat to cent Olgar In Wash BKion. Tim CACTUS"? Molt papular id rent Cigar In W?tbiDgton IDOENE GOIL ' FOUD A BBtl , New VotkkTe., I>e t. l?th and 1th stf. ap1 3t"_ j C1LR HATS FOB TH1 SPBIMG. Go and tet the ><eit of the latent Spring Style i ?ILK HAT. tor 40 50 only, and the Broad ?-a ray -tyl' HAT, ?... Gall at \K A. DITTRICH. ^ Hat Maoafactor*. ap6St 4 2A 7th utrect, h*-tweea 4 aad II. < THK R?ST~AKD B1CHEBT aiteortnient of HOHMT and TRIMMING BIBRUN k?ep? LBW18 BAAB, 38 Market Spac SI 25 KID GLOVES. 91.84 1 KID Gi>OVI8 of mj own importation, aad a pi udld mailt?, at 51^ba'aB'B 311 Market Space. I 1ST BBCEIYED. BHALCLUNY COLLARS J troia 7?c., <7c., 41, 41 10 42 M apter*. LEWlriBAAB, Market ftpnee. ULKA0H1NC. DYEING AID BEPAIBING D STKAW HATS knd BUNN IT9 cm ba d?d? ?t LEWIS BAAB S 32 Market Space. 1'HE LATEST STYLB OF MABSEIL TBIM mimg bu LEWIS BAAB. apjl Jt' 32 Market Space _ RI. WOOD. HOUSE ABO SIGN PAINTBS. . Bo. 319 B atraet, between Itth and lStta ata. Jralsinf, Glailtiff, Ac., executed with neatneaa tod dtapatch. All work warranted to pleaee. apfi-Ct* [yiW OBOP MAPLE STBPP. A an parlor urtMe, Jo at received and for aale by THE N<?BTHEB PBODCOE CO., IP 5 31* Peana. ave , bet. lOhaadllth ata. I |/0K MOUNT V JCBNON * I ? The Steamer for Mount Vernoo.^^M^^H4t ' ??? ( the Wharf foot of 7th afreet it jo o'clock BVBBV THCB8DAY *ni 0ATCTB 1 DAY MUBNINQ. Fare, $irn for the rennd trin. WM. D. OOLT ?? 6t 1? resident Potomac Terry Oo. ' CA"'AB"- CABB1&OB8. J We have on hnnd the Inrgeat stock of, jma0. I JiBRlAOl!) ev> r offered in thia it>,OfitPSM' iiwud e-cond hand, Hnatneaa W?| >na, Ac , nil of Intent atytna and finleh, which ? iffer to buyers nt irrent bargains. to rndncn <tnck . B<-pal ring done nt renaonnhla rntee. l?c*J. M. TOUNU. JR. A BBO., . ... 4***a?na>lTMrt?;^nBe,aid 1 n?6 3t* 47 ?th atreet. 1) BFB101BATOB8. It BE FBI FBBATOBB < J oat received, n large nanortment at i B. H. A H 1 CBIOOkT*8, > 3?1 Pennaylvnrnla?v*ane. np41w ?*nr 7tb street. f 'HILDBEN'P OA BRUGES L CHILDBBN'B CABBIAGE8 ( uBibvuH B uAHiiAeee. i ""fl'UMO. BOM-l**"#, HI, 1 ! 381 fcnBsrvauU HUM, ?4 1w n#?r 7th?trMt. r CdNGRE^lONALi HOVDir, April#. ' ?MiT?-IIr William* offered the follow- t mr r**ol?tioa ? Ffwfvrf, Tba' tb# Pre?id*a< of th- s#aat#, ? at fl\0 o'clock p. m. on Wednesday neat, ad- ? ionra ?bo vrrwnt fniiob of th? smua ? Mr. Sumner objected to the consideration of a tbe r**olutioii at tbe present time. <j Mr. Antbony moved that the vacancy on the Committer on 1'rlntinf, (o casioned by 'b? | reath ot Mr. Middle,) be filled by the Chair. t, TbU vw agreed to, and Mr. Johnson was ap. 1 pointed to fill tbe vacancy. ( On motion ot Mr. Willey, it was reaolved t thai the Secretary of War requeated to com- J municate to tbe Senate copies ot ail deeds, a rentejancea and other evidences of title by a which tbe United State* have claim to any j t Ittnda, tenement*, water privilege* or ether ] property at or near Harper'a Ferry, in the t State of Waat Virginia, wbat parts thereof, if < any, have been sold or transferred, and the i purposes of sncb sale or transfer, and whether i there be anv re sarin ?rh? ?h? ??n I - ?? ? ?* r-> ? p?l ?' | 1 said lards, tenement*, water privileges or other ' ] property remaining unsold and undisposed of i-bail not now be sold. I j Tbe Senate, on motion ot Mr. Ramsey, went ( Into executive session. i : I J)BY OOOLB Dili QOUDS .t We havo eu hand on* of tha tare-at ut b-?at } ???. ru<1 clock of al' kinOa of DBY GOODS ( tide "f Ne? York. One of th -liroi la now la Mew I York, and we ?r? daily Id receipt ot Mew qo\j4* t W r a'-ll all got da at the iowaat ra?h prloat. i WM. B KI LEY A BR<>., I Ho. 36 Cautml Stores, bet. 7th *nd gthata., I a; 8-ot Opposite Centre Mark-t | y 1) A BIB XX108ITI0B-PE1MIUM PIOK LED ! ? I OVUTBBS ?Tha nnd-Thianad re-^^ . spec ttoilj li form* the public that ha^^ft

I.D.* parking hi* PREMIUM PIO V\l|f s Kl.KD OY8TBB- tor the PARIS EXPOMTK'll The* are tha I!neat erar f offered to tba poMic. Persona wishing to avail t tiiemseivts of efttiD* thaa?> Oysters wi'l tal It r prn'ieat t^ rallsnrt -apply themselves Thtjr are t wirrsawHi 10 *?*p in h pf?rre?Cl IT&C6 dariO? th? entire snn tuer f>.-thin* nuk"" ?o fiae a lunch for families To be had at Old Fort Deflanc*, Ho. 2*1. corner Eleventh and C strt>?t? | s Hp ' I TUB OKIQINAL HABVET'S^ ? fl,HI8 IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the sqbscri- 1 ( 1 tier has obtained frem the Orphans' Court of " Washington Oonnty, in the District of Columbia, letteri testamentary on the persoual estate of k SamaslO'imes. late of Washington city. D. C., k deceased. Ail persons having claims agnnut the f said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the ! r same, with tho Touchers thereef. to the sqbicriMr, C on or before ths 6th day of April next', they , may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of u>e said estate QiTen under Bf hand this 6th day of April, tar HBSBllTTAbOBlMBS. a>8-lawSw* Administratrix. ! 0 i | L'AKTEBLY BEPOET Of THE CONDITION . W, OF Til 5 FlBST NATIONAL BANK, or WASHINGTON D. O . On'.he tr.'imitit ?/ the first .V(i*/?y i' Apri\ 1- 7. ! ? ASSETS Loam aecnred by Ot?T?rn?ent b<ode, ' q fto $353,917 61 | Baikiuf k ? ?, furniture, fixture?, j and other real eotate 7I.1SJ 2,i ! Ourrentexpaaae* 1J -? ** a Dne from and hankere 12 149 U. 8. l>onda with TreaHarbr Uifte<i , I Male* JWJW M V 8 and other bonds oa band JU S50 Oj Uaeh on hand f Hpecie ....? Ml Is Pranil! m? H.y7i?34 | ?3.143 2?5ji1 k LIABILITII8 * Oatit.ll ?... $3iOjnO?nO * Circulation 42-.Ml <?i " Due dapoaltora on demand 1,"M-*18 81 Due national l>anka 4O.8SI CO l>n? .lay Cooke k Ce *>t 317 72 1 & irrlna ..... 125,w ?w Ft*'.it and lots 41JK -r M.mjos ?3 I, ffm 8 HnatiTigt ji. cashier f the Fir*t P. National Bank of Waahlngton. D C , do eol><nniy 11 i wear tl,at tb>- tbove at itement ia tru*. to tbe t*?t cf m> knowledge and belief. 11 (kiRiied,* VM.I. HL NTIBOT0N. Ga*Uer f| Lhvtrtrt of C lutri',i? County ot Washing' n Sworn and aubacrlbed before ?e thle 5th dav of a Ann) ! *" <- ' " 'v 8 '""'SVo ALLAN, Notary Public. VOlNoTiERIOA PERIODICAL AND 01 * OAR STORE AII the popular WEEK LIES fti.d MAOA/INES. P Orir'i genuine PAPER ''0LLAB8 ? ECOENE QUILr??BD X BRO . ftp 6 3t* New York at , b> t 10th and lltb at*. EBB ft bevebidgb Have now in atoreafnll atock, for the gprina trade of V"gA CHINA. GLASS, AND CROCKERY. VW To which they invite the attention of HOUSBKEEPEB8, in1 All other POtchftMir; ___ PLATED *ABl and OLTLEBT of the lest clftra B audaowe DINNER SKT8 Jn?t recoived. ap?> ?t* _ODD FELLOWS H ALL,7tl. at 'J'O BUILDERS, MASONS. Ac. PropoB?la will ha receivad for fnrnUhinc all la- ai bor fti>d material required for tlia alteration* of Chriat Cborcb. Georgetown, D G., until 13o clock no<.n of the 17tb inat Bids muat be for e*~h ktnd of work.f Oarptrater inj Brick Laying, Painting, 4c..?aeparately. 1 The plana and Hpeelflcfttlona can be eean aft r Monday, tb<- t>th inatant, at the offic- of Ohnrlea M. Matthew*. Eai., Attornay-at Law, 5l Cougr aa ??raet, Georgetown. D. 0 . opposite the Poar Oflire. wbera the arrhlter ta will ba in attendance tw?->? '?*? ~u....a . iu? inn luauiut. 10 gi ve in- t( formation deeired r, Rev W. W. WILLIAMS, ? J. D. KCBTZ. Ji W. ? BOOG5, #I J. B DAVIDSON. 0| CHA8 M MATTHEWS, ci ap 5 dtTh OoaaitU a( l\EPABTMBNT OF TBI 1NTBB10B, I) UNITED STATES PATENT 0FFICE% ? WASHivjTe*, March 1?. 1W7. J On the petition of BlUli&BD A. TIL'.HM AN, ef Philadelphia. Pa., praying for tneexteaalen of a patent granted to him October a 151;. ant dated 'annary 9 1864, for an improvement in Precess for Purifying Fatty Bodies, for seven years from the / expiration of aald patent, which take* placa en \ the<ubday of J an nary, 1868 : It I* ordered that the aald petition be heard at in the Patent Office en MONDAY, the 17th day of hi June nest, at 12 o'clock an ; and all poraona io are notified to appear and show cause, if any th-y lc have, why aald petition ought not to be granted m Persona opposiogtb* extension are reqnlrea to file in tbe Patent Office their objection!, ipecially pi let forth <n writing, at least twenty daya before ,i the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party, to be need at the aald hearing, meat be rl uk>n and transmitted in accordance with the rule* I of the office, which will b* furnished on appllca- J tion. 81 Depositions and othar papers, railed upon aa te?rim"ny, must be filed lntna offiee luxury daya ^efore the day of bearing; tbe argnmenta, if any, within ten daya after filing the testimony. ' Ordered, alee, that Uua notice t>e anbliahed in the Rryublimn and the /HnHntenrer, Washington, D , 0., and in tbe I'siiyrw. Phllidelphit. I'* "? " week for three sncceesive weeks;'the 'first of Mid ! poblicatiens te be at lea*I sixty days previous to ! T u TI1AKH. Commissioner of Patents. P. 8?Bditore of the above papers will flea** _ copr, and i?od their bill* to the Patent Office, w with a paper containing this notioo. ap 6-law3w r F'O K SALE?A very itjllib BAY PONT, Ofteen handa high, seven years old. war - fry 1 * I ranted senud, been used aa a saddle home. " ?>1* Price %1SU. Injulre at Bailroad Stable,T corner 17th ?t and Hew Torfc aye. an 3t WU I 8 & & S ARI) T MU8TA0HB8' Foredto grow npon the smootest face in from Bi three to live weeks by nsinx Dr. BBYIOHB'8 A B1BTAUHATKUB OAPILLAIBB, the most won lertul discovery in iuolern science. acting upoa M tha Beard and Bairln an almost miraculous mau ner It ha* been need by the elite of Paris and London with the moat flattering sncaess. Names i >1 all purchaser* will be registered, and if entire atiaf action ta not given in every inatance, the 1 money will be cheerfully refunded Prioeby mail, ? tested and ?o?tpaid, fl. Descripti vs clrcalars and testimonials mailed tree. Address HBBQBB, SBl'TTS A 00.. 0)iemiets, No. ilM Blver street, l Troy. Mew York. Sole agents for the Uulted A. States. ap 3-d?*eoly UBVBBAL BPLBNDID PA BLOB OBGANB E 15 with Patent Organ Swell, and one with^aw^^ a novable Pedal Bass, (very convenient foraBaBHI B irsan practice at home.) will MI * vv i POtltTIvai.V ri ani.n "?? . vvw an waxv m ir?Mritoi7 to rtknIMlBf Store. _ m Alto, u new And second It and PI AB08 at redaood OBOBCfcB L. WILD * BBO , Bi m 13 2m Ho. 491 lith itn^tboft h iw *' CBOMIN'B BA8B BALL BMPOBIUM. M (iole agent of Bora man's celebrated Mew York Base liall Bin solium.) keep constantly on band a |i a rge and well selected sUck, or furnished to or ler. Bas Balls, Bats. Baits. Pri/e Bats, Prl/.e B. Its, Bases,Shoes, 0pi kee. Gaps. Shirts, Croquet, Cricket. Martelle. Score Books, Score Sheets, , Fool Flat*. Prise Ball", and Kaboe's celebrated J, Indian Clabe, by tb? wholesale and retail. Base ] Ball,Cricket. Oro met, and Martelle01 ubs sbouId tend for onr price list. Liberal discount made to Li letters and clnba Illustrated and desoriptive Miric* list sent ?n application. A ' B A 0BUI1N, 338 Pa HOTIOB-Will erganlTeJ Ba~e Ball and Cricket 81 Slobs, jnnio* and senior, please furnish m<- with to ?list of their officers. address of s<-cr<tar), and eli ocatlon of playgTaond t ap?-lm on 'STOBI. FAMILY Ml SXTRA fLOOKS All frAai u Western BiIras, fre* $8 to <18 su, as to auantl j and .jnalitr purchased * MSUmUiXa^' i . a >? ^,?5aayav.ggjg^ F jjinDniniraN ? TBSABUBT MOTM, X tcmgkt.Mldftsf *ck*n??d o? f&rorftfcU Um, M Law IB JOHNfOM* OO, B taker*, f?7-? NSFnu. tTiiM. j Affair* la Gftriftiva. Mibcbarts' Ekchani -TDc cffenoo be fcxitianfe to day weie ?. VXi biibhnU ot el tow core. MO bushels 0f red wheat, 100 >ush?l? white wheat. and ??u bushels of floa1 Tanous frade*. The sale* w?re *X? busttls red wheat at 93.30 per bushels, 3.5M> babble yellow corn on private term*. Itw barrels mi extra floor at $1325 Price# were Arm nd bo th&nf* amce our quotations of Ssturla7 Arint TOE IiAR' INT ?On the ltitb M\r.-h a?t the honse of Mary A O.t*om, on H-all treet. was entered by thieves &ad abwut ?.:.i rorth of clothiac waa alolen Tbf mirnir.c >flicer Burreil arrested Alfred Snow don for be larceny of h shawl, the property of Mary L<?ib?on By the direction of Lieut i*?ev it the time of ?t?e robbery, a search was raadf i* a certain jnnk ahop. and a larre |porfion of ho rood* e olen were recovered by OScen* j ^axeoo and Sebaman, but the thiet could not { >e caught Tbis moraine Soowden went to ! ioldstein'R pawn btoop, 01 Bridge nrfft, I ptbere bo bad pawoi-A the ehawl and * ? dentifled by Mr. Qolas'eia. who notified tbr tficer and had Snowdcn arrestea Justice Huckev h*ld him to bail for court The Aqckw ct Tbo repairs to the i* thought, be completed ' o morrow and 'he water turned in A large iwmbe: of boats with carg?e? of coal have >een v?aiti?c for several day?, anrt m ill prob ibly leave for Alexandria to morrow . 1*<iRT Ot Q?or."FT<'WK Knt?*red?Steamer i>nnet<ec. WiNot. roaster, from Bal'iraor* Jiear^d?Steamer Norfolk, Varme mazier, f?i Vew York, a; tor. K. O Niaiinarrt, Hubbard ntster, for Alexandria, ateamer kenafb??c for Baltimore. Ar.ctv <? ok Gua s ?This mornmf. the ai.-'!1. ai Ironsides, with flour and grain, from IVn liimsport, to <*??o Wat?re an1 B I*arhy ind Sally Billmjrer, from Shepherdstown.with u MILLKB'8. 10| Bri lae street. Georgetown, * C.,l large stock of nud Bummer Oooda. tnbracintr choice Dress O cxis In the latest n Tel les. Also. ->.0 0 yards Callfes at II*, 15, eu;?. Blea ..ed and Cnbl*-acbe4 Mailiu*. 10, is ,, 5.1a 20 cents auperlor Shirting. 1:. cents; u o-e eeplng Good vOlotha, Canst mere* and Drillings, kirts, Parasols. Shawls. Gloves,CtrMti. Boalory nd Noti- ns Our ??ood? have been pur< haaed for tisli since the recent dacliae, and great bargains ?) be expected by all *ho may favor us with a all mh:<5-lm* BBM.IAM1H MILLER kl/U B WUBATLIY > PKKMIL'M CjTBAU ?> DYEING AND < LB&NSINQ ESTABLISH M EST, Office, No 44 Jefferaon at Georgetown ,D. C. Istabllebed in 1831: premium awarded ty the letropclitan Institnta. 1467, rebuilt la?6, and ta ow b> tar the largaat and moat complete -stab ahnient of the kind in this aectlon of country Dyeing and Beaming of all klnda dene in tha beat tanner. Trnlj thankful for past favora.the annacrlher ollcita the continued custom of the community > Go. m1* received and retnrnedby expreaa with the | tasost promptnesa and deapatch Post Office a^dreaa. Lock Box Mo. *0 Office cKaead tlly at auaaet except Saturday, _ rben It ia loeed at 8% P m fe 16 6m il) > NINTH 8TBEKT, 505 k'OCB DOOK8 NOKTH Of D STBBBT, (SeaWn Ball Building > 'HAMPAGNB' I'll AMPAQNK : Having obtained of th? principal oha:i peg jportcre of K?? lork aUrger lierdant th*n ever ?r?tofore given. I am prepared to rotier the foi wing braada at a lower rata than )teretofore?old i this market, viz . Ohaa Hideeicr at $24 i uarte id #25 pint*; Julee Mumni <i Okainpasn>-at 923 larta and $U pinta. Tfa" Cbaa Oantter'e Chaaitgne.of my ooa vineyard, 1 will (till offer at $22 jar?e and $U plate C OAUTIIB. ap 2 ly Importer, 252 Penn'a a\<-oae. I p H B HT1 BOOKS. tndlM in Bngluh; or GMmpiiee ?f the Inner Life of our Language, Br M. Scheie De ere. LL I>., Profee? r of Modern Language* in the rnivereity of Virginia $2 iu lements of Politcal Bconmny By Arthur Latham Perry. Second edition?revieed 91 fo ivo Gentnries of the Bo~llab Language and Literature. Volume 0? COO of th?- Tanclinltz Collection with a Preface. By the IU ron \ on Tauchnitz rce Deu* Eenaya oa the Ll(' and Doctrine of Jum Obriet. with < ontrovertial Mote* oa * Brce Homo " 91 A" "i*b Geo. Sheridan Tn Lee'i Laet Campaign. By aStaffOfflcor 91. aith t'liwin Ordeal. By Oeorgiaa M. Cratk. *1 it Bvtngta' Beaad the Olrkle.' By Potroloam V, Haifey. 91 'O. he Jonrnal of Manrloo De Onerea. with an B? ay by Matthow Arnold, and a Memoir by Bainte Bruf' ldit~d by O.I Trevatten, translated by Bdward Thorntoa Piaher. 9i u be Hugnenot Oalloy f?la\e Translated from the French ?f Jean Marteith. f 180 rbll Second Loto By Jnlia Cavaoagh 91. nnual ol Scientific Diaoovery for 18M aad i?o7 92. >dame Recamler's Memoirs f For sale at PBILP ft SOLOMONS' Metropolitan Bookstore. ftp J tt*o 333 Pa a*., bat. 9th And 10th et*. HAVE KECBIVBD a fine Rseertment of French and Domestic BONNETS. LEWIS BAAB, 3'.! Market Space. ENGLISH ABD GEBMAB HBAD TBIMM1BQ a can be had at LIWIB BAal 8, 32 Market Space. ^LOWEBS ABD BOBBBT FBAMBS -The 1 richest assortment af VLOWBBS aad BoBIT VBAMB8 can be found at mh 11 tf LEW 18 BAAB'S. IILLIBEBT. -MBS. BOCK WOOD haa removed to Mo. 434 15th stree t,< Plant's^flA ltldinf.l whore, in addition to her usual ^^9 ?ck of SEASONABLE MILI.IMERY.^W if b? found a well selected assortment of STil.F.mmA FANCYQOODS. nah ti in' i'BBBOH WOVEB WHALEBONE OOBSETS 1 50, AT ABA MB PEIBOE'B. ?? MABKBT SPACE. , The money refunded If not aa repreeented 11 to a full aaeortasent of MILLIBEIIY and 1 kBOT GOODS, of the lateet importation, nh * lm* ? B A U T in LJBDBB. OOLDBB. rLAXBB ABD IILKBB CUBLS k>tk. 0,J "0"n* 1 ' tlLi"c^iviO\"oVe aaalicatlen warranted 1 earl tbe moat atratgbt aad atubborn hair of ' ther ??x into waey riaglett or heavy maaalre < rl> Bh baea ?n4 by the fashionable* of Paris i?l London with the Mat ?rattf!TteK rasa Its ?ae so injury to the hair. Price by mail, sealed i P TOU WAIT TO QMT THB OHUIM1 j rner aaat 3d street and Peaa. aveaae, Gaaitoi 111. a>4>w' . | aalt-IB I WALL PAPEE8. WINDOW SHADES. SLIADE HOLLANDS. CANTON MATTING. TABLE AND Fbova Uil< CLOTH. (JILT COENICE8, OVAL AND B'jl'ABE PICTURE FBAME8. PICTURE COED AED TASSELS, Ac., Ac. A fiB?- MflortmeDt of Gooda In store. d? for wle CHEAP FOB CASH. KIDWELL A HENDER80N, rah 23 1m 503 9th ?tre<-t. E XCELS JOE EXCELBIOE CH A ST* IX A R'S haik bxtbbmisatob ; rOR BEMOVINQ 8CPBBFLU0CS HUB To the ladies especially, this invaluable depila>ry r. commend* itself as being almost tndis nusible article to female t-eaoty. Is easily apnea, iJo?-s not Worn cr In.ore tbe skin, but a te irecily on the roots. It Is warranted te remove ipertluon* bair from low foreheads, or from ?.nj Lher part of the body .completely,totally and radiilly titirpating tbe same, leaving tbe skin soft, nooth and natnral This is tlis only article ltd by the French, and is the only raal efiectaal pilatory in existence. Price 75cents per pack;e, sent post paid, to any addreea, oa reoaipt of i order, bv I'.BBOKB. SHOTTfe 1 CO., Chemists, il"S4 Blver street. Troy, N Y. ap Ds W- oty lour, wneai. tna corn, to Oeorge Waters, irnved at High street landing Akticipatin.-'Tie s-teanw E C knight, rom New York, will arrive at Ale.xmdrla bis evening, aud at the High street whart tonorrow, with a heavy rat^ellar.eou* catgo or merchant* of the IHstrict CaKaL ? Arrived? Five boats with coal. or.s to the American Co . and two to Hampbire ana Haltimore Co with il6 torn. JEOttGETOWN ADV Kll MTS. soiinni hioi rot thisk k i<bc ~ ML LAS Alto.-wset ORAV.K- I'lilSKl roai Uaiiiel St Asiant. and Lit er >.d \ i III* Ice< 're* *t WALLAUI tf. *>"< High -t , irtrtttoKD P 0 spftSt* yiw 8PE1MG GOODS .1. HINHT WIL80H ha- rtwlftd hlomrply I (.OOl'b for t-prlcg Wear, comprising rjerj t) In and ??rlety adapted to th' ?eafc : All order* prompt! and feithfully executed, Ow.-d Good*, food work, and well httiu.- #ar lent# guaranteed in all cmci, A general eupply of gentlemen a FURNISHING IOOD8 alw aya on hand. Georgetow n, D. 0., North side Bride etreet, p S 2? next door eaat from BtaW ot Commerce. ^HKATKBTHAB IYKK -Jn>t . PERSONAL. T9 BNTSBPBtSlBO UPtll -UliH vltfe ' !? kn4n< U i tk??Mal WMtmc a r*w??arattva bi>.aa?a WlII 4.^ w?ll WctllM l>i* Bm ?rp<ir'T btora, 3'i'i V. kvtntt l*tk u< Ilik atr**)*, U M'cl<?k ? . M* 2t? piliWIAL - illP&a ftllDvtll mi** Ik* ft cal.a of h#r fnaod* MOO Maryland ataaaa. Nt??n 4K Ui 6th itrttli, l?laod. ?? 4 St' $ 10.000 ^ i2" ft 10.000 Vor oalr #If< cMh ra*?lrad?aar*r?l mm *11 HOCdBU Mi LOTS, m d ilaran ?art< of ttaollr >T&R* ft CO.. V. M contrR. T .?f> iillitiil., PlMlT* Baildiaf. r??a ll. (' KN TLftM KM UEftlKOUBOr H4V1N0 U?r (iMIl, r*?t- and ?> > tkOU'td and B*?fti>-e4. KHtOM^trMcod ? new. Would da wall fee calling at B MAOfcl'UftB b Scoa riat and Ba r ? ^ rr'?? ? r ?u nrrrit tirw ?wi? rem. iTHni. 4# J ! ' W I */| rOB rilNCB AID HOMI BAD! C'i ?" COK8KTB. V?rriin(*d whiMUo' Also on hand ?n?1 rr>%d* to ordor, th* lat*?t HtiUi of BOoP Mk. lBTt* CO it HI TS Vtrrai ;drtfl1ornoi?li. Hoop Mtrt ('oTfri IIb?4 Ith UBU BcSlni.Mf:. A (nil Uh>ita?Dt ^L*<L ' fcl'dren'a Oora?>t* A t*a. tfaa old aifl*. will I* toM at OUilLBj) BAL M e Mo- P Skirt *n 1 Oon#t aanfactorr. 4* M?UlM? IVfliif, bet 6U hd4 71b HU Hkiru ali"r?>d an4 r-p?lrei j ;-1' I V^ATSLT^0!" L4,'I "" -!? DILI BL1 ^ ^ r* Arr*?lu: roloi* Will D<jdi t) * French cooiH*iti ?t. L**?rt * bM t*?n ?urch??*4 *1 * fciffc *>*' flpanaa of Brald'ag ..*_r* *>?"?< ? oil Mtiuitli.tidiry It. LkIIm while ot caUreTUsdrraklru 8*1 ZSH? A'r,UV 1 IB laitktlOB of braiding in f%?? col?>m. ? V ABBAN1E0 BOT TO U ASH OTT . Or??t ravine to lad;*? tiaviac ct iDm forcHBdran to Bikt ay Mo brtl4( ? ?rwla|; Bat tlx pattern piloted In the c -oda ludrllbl* Miipa that caa be attached to tba fcottoma or L%dfa?' flklrt* (?ame m tbey *re bo* worn In H*? Yorker***? tt?m(*u ?1>4 for nl* *t 1<-m lb?ii b*jf lb? u??*i c<??t of braid Birdi. andaHtca*. Ft*. r?* Ml mala of ? PBtWr tarr>r?4 Wood* u raprc *cte<3 or tbe mooer retarded V M pbivcb, mh 17 tf 4 39 9th opp >ait? P?t?*t Offlo* BHIDAL ARD n NIUAL VA KB \ Tlitt, HO VlCBT8.CKO**B8 AMOHHK9 RTIM *e , LfKvrvwl la aat- ral form . lmpor'*<i KL'1* mu) HAlft flow IKS And BKAIPINQ ilto, 1? Bertod MOSS. HaIK DKBM4BS tor Ball*, br Mr* FBIB8. 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