Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1867 Page 3
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k THE EVENING STArT LOCAL NEWS. AMrFKMENTS. Ac.. TO NIGHT. W Ar.L'n K ew < 'riXA Ho?;?c ? First n gfet of t:ie Imperial .1 apanese troupe of acrobat*. gy'Unasta, Ac. Th* northern papers characterize he.r performance# aa wonderful. General Grant and the Pestmaster General will be present. Natiowai Thiatip. ? Lirtv T?on in "Kecilwc?r.h and ? Brother Bob and Me." M?K TSf; f>F THE WHITE VOTIRK OP TH1 K-cr h War??On Saturday evening, a meeting of the wnito voters of the Fourth w ard wm held at the C?urt room. City Hall, which ws- quite largely attended The meet, an was called to order by Capt. WW. Moore. *nd was organ.zed by selection of I?r. J. B. Biake m cbalrman. and Mr R. S. Davis as >~cretary. Dr. Blake on assuming th? dnties of the thair, urged tbe Importance of every white yoter registering a? a duty and a privilege. Mr J. p Crowley offered a resolution tor the appointment ot an executive committee of fi ?e pe-socs to take charge of the ward, with power to block it out. appoint sub-committees. *nd make all arrangements which will tend the registration ol every white voter. The resolution was adopted, and the following appointed as the commi'tee- Josepa k H Bradley. Owen Tboin, E M Cbapin, J no. f D'?'by and Charles Bradley. T he Chair stated that some citizens had had a consti Itation with one 0f the judges aud they contended that another opportunity tiould be given to those who bad tailed to agister to come up. They were answered tiat tbe whl?e? had shown tnat they were cb-'mate, and that it wa? not proposed to repec the lists j*t additional names. It wvtated that so long as a disposition to register was -howr tbnt the judges would remain in "?s:cr. It was urged that some were ent of ae ciiy when the registry was In progress in 3e othe- wards, and it wa> stated that if primf va-s gi?*-n. the names ot such would be received Mr. Joseph H. Bradley being present, was ailed upon, and gave hi's views of the law. ating. ia the course of his remarks, that it tie judges have retused to reopen in any ot ae wards, some person who had not been *gis*?red should bring the matter betore the court by a petition tor a mandamus on ttie udges. He urged that it was the duty of very white man to register and vote, and he '.plained that no one need be afraid by registering cf placing themselves on the list from which the juror* names are taken with those > ' colored men, for the law expressly says 1 hat jurors shall be^fr**' m?i/# tiT-yatfi't. It d;,es not follow btvause a man lias the franrii e that be can be a jnror. The meeting adjourned, leaving tbe arrangement c "he bands of the committee. # ? a . al A? ipkjit.? About 1 o'clock Saturn ty afternoon an old man named Walter W ! orre?fer residing in Cmontowu. I). C., was -Dot ai d killed by Thos S Webster The k roner's inq?est developed the following facts A Iheje ea?ed was sitting iu tbeshopoccupied by W Wm.O Brien, sbvemaker. Thos S Webster ame in to get his son s boots, and while a sisTof Mr O'Brien w?- looking for them her -a. a child of abontthre-' years of age, went Webber holding op un old broken pistol, which tbe children had bees baudling for a oc-iderable time. Not Knowing tnat it wu? sded Webeter took a percussion cap from his pocket and tltted it upon the tube ot tb?? pistol, v nch he placed on his knee, and struck the < ap wi?h a shoemaker's hammer. Tbe pistol as exploded and a oall entered tbe breast of <iecea??d between the first and second ribs, and tttking a horizontal direction severed tu?? or '.and most likelv lodged behind *ie igr scapular, causing death in a few mina--*, The ury retnra*?d a verdict of accidental -booting. .Deceased wa* very poor He ?a-aa iri-timan by birtn, abont ?i3 vears of age snd bad t>eeu living in this country about i vrUT>I o> "IBMATIOH? ? Yes'erday, theR.ght Kev. 1 rcbbishop Spaulding. of Baltimore, administered the ute of continuation to several hundred candidates in tne Catholic c hurdle- of -iia c.ty, each of which were crowded to overflowing, and hundreds were unable to sain admission. He commenced at St. Matthew's ? iurrb at 6a.m, where there were 110 candidates. 11 > or Jt) colored.) and was assisted by Kev. L?r CI. White, the pastor. At ? o clock I 0 were confirmed at the Church of the 1m^sacula.e Conception, the pastor, Rev. Father * McCarty. assisting At St. Patrick's, at 1 1 a. 2to were coutirmed. a few of whom v e-? colored, Rev J A- Walter, the pastor, j-Ji-Uag. At I o'clock, at St Aloysius, 5.rj vere confirmed. Rev. Fathers Wiget, stoneL ?-ree- Koccoford and Hitzelberger assisting. W This morning the Arcbbisbop confirmed over at the Trinity Cbnrch in (ieorgetowu. The *-ntire cumber confirmed, including those con. f rmed yesterday wee* at St. Peter's and St { ommic'a. ia aoont l 50V. (iiIASr? R. A. Chai'Tek or Tint Masos? of "H? Dihtrict ok Colu mbia.?On Satnrday a c.oenuon of the Royal Arch Chapters of the Uistric; was held, for -h? purpose of forming a Royal Arch Cbapter of the Uistrict? the iTrand Chapter of Maryland and the District naving vo'ed to separate. The .constitution of 4b- tirand Chapter of New Yoik was adopted, with slight alterations necessary to make it conform to this iunsdlc'ion, and the following cffker- oJ the Grand Cbapter were elected -r E t liolmcad, O H P , of Washington. No i . I, (}. Stephen*, G. I> H. P. Columbia. No. 1"? C. W Hancock, G. k.. Mount Vernon, No. A', t B Barref. G. S , Potomae, No aChaui.cey smitti. G. T., Colnmbia. No. 15; Georg* C. Wbiting. G Sec , Columbia. No. ij; Mdiiam Middieion, G. C. H . Washington No. liS. The Cask of Sir Kvi<*hi James Wbl-h ? /' >- Ci-ryv*.?Nicholas and .lobn Oorseecb, nrrested on suspicion or being concerned in tne disappearance of Sir knight James Welch, t Washington city, on the night of the t?otb of N ovpmber last, and who were a week since committed to jail to await the action of the *rand jury of tbe Criminal Court, were on Saturday brought out under a writ of habeas t'orpas. isaned by Judge Peter W. Cram, ol tbe Court of Appeal*, for a hearing at tbe fcfhce of Wilis A Smith, of counsel for detsn-e. 1 n consequence of the absence of the State's a orney. who was detained by his duties iu ne Criminal Court, the hearing was postponed nntil Wednesday next. A few days ago be grand ;nry had several witnesses before it. but has not yet made anv presentment ? RoltimoT' Sun TiariKAXti Mkei i.mvs -Yesterday, a second temperance meeting, under the auspices < : the Washington Temperance Society, was tiHdat the jail, where Mr. John 8. Hollingsn-ad presided, and addresses were delivered by Mr \\ G. Finney and Dr. Joseph Walsh, f r which, nine of the inmates signed tbe { edge. During tbe meeting, one of the prisoners Charles Howard, banded a letter to Mr. Holl.ngstiead, expressive of the good efiect of the previous meeting, and asking that they nay be continued. At nightsthe same societv ti^ld a public meeting at Temperance Hali, whica was well attended, and addresses were made b\ Hon. Mr. Pantz. of O. Mr. Armstrong, P G AA p ot New York, F M. Clarke, of Wiss i K Hairis. Mr. Drew and Dr Wnlab, and a recitation by Master Walsh. m ? The JAVANX^K?The performaiic?s ot the Japanese troupe of athletes at San Fraucisco, ^nd more recently at Philadelphia and Baltimore, have given a large portion of our people ar excellent opportnnity ot observing not their wonderful feats of agility, dexterity ~ind strength, but also the manners and cus:as ot the most curious race of people oa the *arth. Some of their feats are said to be of tbe mos- startling character. They appear at w all s Opera House to-night, and the rnsh to -ethem will be great. There are twenty-four performers, three of whom are females, brought from Japan by Professor Kisley, and -re on their way to tbe pans Exposition. i jS'** 1, ! Satnrday afternoon Vr ? odl H ( uui.mgti&m. late tui-emao, &nd O. Bun. ham. late arsistant foreman ot the composing room of the Government Printing office. wtre ea?h tbe recipieut uf handsome , resea'-from the yp<.s. tbe first receiving a liandejme golu curouometer lever hunting, taee watch aud the latter a beautiful silver tobacco boa. inlaid with gold, both -oiiablv ascribed The presentation took place in the ? o in posing room, aud was made on the part of h* doners by Mr R. W Claxton. each of the "ecif lents responding in appropriate terms A Qt'irr Sabsath -Yw^day the police eported an even dozen of arrest*. In two precincts there w ere no arrests, in four one each, n another two, and another six The (tfernes were all of tritting character, and the tmes amounted to SK IM. ? ?l'ERrECTio* I* coeKlsr, is nearly apt oacUeo. if not a tained. at Hammack's re?. tiataat white his me tts. game, lish aud liquors are the beet the market affords. 1 >tgkestia Jutt rt;**. ? Rev. Dr. Fuller. t liaiiimore, will lecture at CaJyary Baptist < hurch to-morrow evening. Subject t roakii.g abont tne Good Old Times. Tux AitAiiiAM Niohts -Thi> exhibition coomeaces te-morrow eyenmg at Odd Fellows' Hall It is spoken of in high terms of praise by the prees P Pot K g Hii-oa-ts forSatt rdav ?Tbelien>aim? of police reported arrests on Sat urday, aud tbe fine.* amounted to f!*5. Ta? HlBlrt PaRAM -Thil BftfrnOOO tbe p?r?ee and inspection of ?** Washington ?' tv Fire I>ep?rtaieuM? taking place, apd tie tp -?*ance ef tb* Depmrneur is ftigaly co?? P undated. The Board of Fira Cemm^sioaft* 0 <i? jvd mi* parade several wwki ac?.>Rnd extended an idvi tattoo to the Government I>ep&rtment, bat the invitation vu declined, because officers of the War Iteparttaeut, andtr whose orders the department are subject, objected. The pioreeaion was formed in front of tbe City Hall. a*. 2 o'clock this afteraooo. ? d-r >h> marebalebip of Mr. John H. Seaaford. Chief Engineer of the City Department. in the following orderHealda Washington Braes H^nd. Ambulance of No. 1 atea;ner, 111 which were seated the Commissioners?Messrs. C I. Cintield, J.TAJ.illarkand.T.W Thompson: No. 1 Company, W. W Goddard foreman withapparolnssConsieUngofat?*mf"<uid ho?e carnage No. '2 Company, John F. ISaddoz. foreman, with apparatus; No.3 Cotnpaby. Ja*. Lowe, foreman, with apparatus; Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1. John T. Chauneey for*mio, with iruck and boo# carriage. The engine companies each were composed of IS men. (one of whom carried a handsome flag,) and tbe Hook and Ladder 20 men. The men were all in toll aniform?black bats, red shirts, black overcoats and black pants, with red belt, and th? apparatus was in tbe finest possible condition. The procession, after forming, passed down street to tbe avenue, and thence to Soth street passing in front of the Presidential TIansion) to 1 street, to 15th, to F, to 7th, aad to Louisiana avenue, where there is in progress a trial of the apparatus. with an exhibition of working tbe ladders ? .? Heaths of Well Kd>wk Citi kns.?On Snturday morning, Mr. Andrew Small, a well-known citizen of this city, died at his on L street north. Mr. Small was a Scot by birth, but bad resided here for a Ion* series of years, and had amassed quite a tortune. He leaves property estimated at about a quarter of n million, and it is said tbat in bis will he leaves the bulk of it to benevoleot and religions associations. He was a member ot Beacon Lodge snd Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows, who will attend bis faneral th's afternoon. Mr. Samuel Stinemetz. who for several years past has carried on the bat and shoe business on ?th street, near the avenue, died ar his reeidence on E street near 4th, yesterday morning. His fnneral will take place tomorrow afternoon, and will be attended by Columbia Lodge. I. O O. F., of which he has tor many years been a memfcer. On Friday last. Col. Wm. K Bradford, formerly of Kentucky, died at his residence on Nfw Jersey avenue. The deceased was formerly a clerk in the Pater, t Office, and bad previc-usly served as an officer in tbe Mexican war, but of lateyear? bud been acting as a conveyancer, and for a short time as magis. trafe. He will be recollected by our citizens as the captain of the volunteer company, known as tne Walker Sharpshooters. o Formation of Grarh R. A. Chapter,? I At the meeting in Baltimore on tbe Wth and 27tb ult., tbe Grand R A. Chapter of Maryland and the District of Colombia voted :o eep?rate*by a nearly unanimous vote. In accordance with this action, the convention of ail the R A. Chapters in the District of Co- I lumbiu wet m tbis city, at Masnnic Hall, on Saturday evening, and formed a <4rand Ohap- I .erforthe District of Columbia, similar to that originally formed iu IML The constitution of the Grand Chapter ot New York was adopted. with only tbe slight alterations necessary to I make u conform to this juried icUoa. Tbe tcU | lowmg officers of the Grand Chap'?: were I elected at II p m J. E * . Holniead, G. H. P., 1 of Washington, No. 16: L G Stephens, G. IV 1 H. P.. Columbia. No. |5; C W Hancock, G. I h . Mount Vernon, No -.Mi E. 14. Barrett. G. S., 1 P< 'omac. So Chauneey Smith. G. T. Co- I Inntbia, No. 15: Geo. C. Whiting, G. Sec.. Co- I lambfh, i Wm. Middletou, G. t' H.. I Washington. No. 16. - The Potomac Fisheries?There is a de- I Cifted improvement in the arrivals of tisb at I the fifth wharf, foot of 7ib street, indicating a j good season. Yesterday, ri.ouo shad arrived I and .tMiWi herring, stia 1 sold at from ~ll) to ?12 I per bundr-d. ai d herrings at trom ?10 to ?ll I per thousand. The prices, it will be iwn. are quite low for tbis early period of the season. UdconlryBea and others vfeo wish to lay I in a supply will doubtess be on band to im- ] prove the opportunity. The arrivals this I morning are more numerous, and boats are generally fully lAdeu This morning cutting and cleaning was commenced, and several county teams were being loaded at the wharf. 1 Cbimi?'al Corrt, JiiJf f'uK-r.?In tbe case of tbe T'nited States agt. Wm. E. Clea>er I charged with the murder of the girl Mary F. I Reeves. Mr. Norris presented tbe affidavit of Cleaver, setting forth tbe necessity for mm to obtain ?e%eral witnesses, to obtain whom be' hr.d u?ed dn? diligence, and whose testimony will he relevant to the case; and upon tbat I atfida\ it Mr. Norns moved for a postponement. | Alter a lengthy discussion by General Car- I rington, IUstnet Attorney, for the prosecution, I and Mr. Norri* for {the defense, the court I granted a postponement for one week, and adjourned. * Real Estate Sale* ?Messrs. J. T. Cald- I well ft Co have disposed of the following- I described property ? Lot W,sqnare207: $0x140, ! a* 60 cents per square foot, to Cbas. B. Fisher, 1 E-q-frame honseon Wh street, between Penn. I sylvan a avenue and M street, to Mr. John 1>. | Webb, for'500: five lotu iu square 1.854, at 7 j cents per square fool, to Wm. Baker: a farm of ' HI acies. located in Prince George'a county, I Md . to B. H. Williams, Esq , at $10 per acre: I a farm of fcOacres, in Fairfax connty, Vi? to C. B. Wilson. Esq., atf?5 per acre; a farm of j I.(Dm acres, in Charles county. Mil., to William B. Johnson, for S3o,m*>. ? N->T a Cakdidatr?We understand that tbe friends of Mr E. C Eckloff have u?ed his Lame in connection wiih the nomination for 1 the Regisfersbip withou* his conseat, and | that he is uot a candi late for any office. In connection with this office, the German Radi- ! cal Club on Saturday evening adopted a resolution recommending to the delegates to the I Republican Convention to nominate one of | their nuiiiber for the position of Register. PoeTPOKEt??The case of Sorrell, Deans and ] Hill, the colored ball rioters, who were arres ed by detectives Kelly and Bigley for parti ipaMBg in the beating and wounding of of- I fleer Steele, which was set for a hearing at I | police headquarters this morning, at f? o'clock. I wa< postponed until to-morrow afternoon at I i :i o'clock. [ ParsosAi..?Wm. M. Everta. Charles O'Con- | ner, Thurlow Weed, .lames Thompson, W. W Webb, W LieVivo, of N. Y : K S Wilson, Chicago, and L H. M. Sweat, o! Maine, are at I Wiliard's Hon W A Hariing, N. Y , is at the Ebbitt House. Drowhbi> ? This morning, officer Boyle, of i the Tentb Precinct, found in tbe nveK near the 7th street wharf, the body of a colored man. and word was ?eut to the Coroner to held an inquest. As yet none have identified the body, but from tbe clothing deceased ap- | pears to have been a soldier. I SAt.a ov BFtLt>iH?*s ?This morning, the buildings at tbe Government wood yard on tbe Island, were sold, under the direction of Major James Gleasou, tbe largeu (two-story) building, for ?1?<>: kitchen, **20: and several small buildings iu a lot. $16. 0>NHtt**n kv the S|\4TI -The Senate ot Saturday confirmed the nominations of S. I P Brown, member of tbe Levy Court, in tbis city, and Jobii T. C. Clarke a9 justice *f the peace MiaRiio! MAHONKT GKRMAN On the 7th of Septem ! ber. l!?>. by the Bet. Mr H.aiilton. J W. MA HhNBT to Mias TIBtilBIA GKBSIAN, both of t tbia city. * DIED. STINEVET/. Rabbatb moralog, April 7th, SAMLJCL 3T1WBM4T/. iatbe4l-t year of bia as*. Tbefuneial will tak place oa Tosadar. at S o dork, from Ms 'at- residence. No. 479 Katreet, n.-ar ?th utrfti. Ilia frl?ada and acquaintance* are invited to attend * THOMA Oa the 8th >a?t?nt, of dlseaas of the brain, CHABLBt) THOMA. in tbe 19th > ear of his I age. lilt fua- ral will tak' plec*- from the residence i of Mr John Buppert'a farm, near 7th atreet, a n il beroB'l the nrat tollgate. oa W odaeaday next, at a o'clock a m His frienda aad relatlrea are respectfully Invited te attend. * ABBOTT. Oa tbe 7th laotant, after a long and ptintul illnese. Mi?a 0ABAH B. ABBOTT, in the 1Mb year ef her age I eareat alster, tbou ba?t left aa, *' ttif lo?? mis) daepl* feel; Bnt 1)i Ood tbat b^th b?reft us. He can all oar aerrowaheai. TetagaU ?e bops to aieet thee, beu the day of life a (lad; T? en la h<a*io wfth jey to greet thee, Ni fcere ao farewell tear f ahed Her funeral will take alaee from the resilience of ber member. Be. 454 M -treat, between l.'th and Uth atreeta. en Tueaday, the?th 1 net., at3 o'clock e JOBBBON. On tun lay aeealac 7th instant, after a abort illne^. r KBDBK1CK JOHNSON, clerk la the Bargooa O'aerata OfiOoe, late ot ttlca. New Tork Kuaeral aervlc a will take plvce at hi* late re^ Idencr. M^a. Bianrhard'a. No 4?? Mb street, tomqrrow (Tueeday I moraiag, at 10 o'clock. * BOTD Oa the ?th laataat. of ceuaaptloa* IBOIB1A P. BWTD ia tbe 19th yiar of ber age,eonaort ef the late Oeerge B Boyd. May the reat In peace tBaltlaere Bun pleeae *epy | orrr items. *? democrat* Wand i htl?? friday >'?** *?r the First u?? i - jlts?*' >tei r<>? will *4/ biomit^j"on? wtthoatmr oobmoi or tip pi ooattoa. *n<i i fcop^ |t wuf ^ w|tmfmirap ___ ^ wumir fletihaa ,?$&&*****???thasft cm be mad* thaa n ricmiu^ ?a, ?rmmu i^oced^rieei " l>??ral c.othing House, *> Seventh street, opposite the Poet Office. i ? +~ ^esszrp"'***'* koc wood Setts kmd.bjrl s",te Hot tons, a pinh ami Bine .' etta.Stlvwr Plated 2?*'1 ??* nsws*?? 5?!^i2 ? prtf*? ?b? l*>llar jewelry Store. ?' '?*?>flvanla iv?n ue, near 4* qt. 4 jttst rioxitio at hat's, corner 7th and e streets a \ er > large stoclc of Maoand Boy's tt/?,b s^f^,a-c' ga',z" merino Underskirt*, j. ' u?2fl fiis whifk tbev are selling at y j ,07r_ pr"*? The beet piper nertTh msu"'"""' ** B'rI ?*.h^wln0, aboit tbi old timb*. ? None .^? a. ^ tup lecture on the above r?j^t?. deurprwl br tke k?t Ur. Fuller, or Baltimore, to-morrow (Tuesday) even,hr; y*; Cilvary Baptist uu.rch ytt, "r. i one ot the most aietiuguisbed orators of the a|fe. those dollar suit*, re?vl\k lh,.1 dominie, at the Great <v,itral l*mt ('ifbcf^?ube' ^ 7ul 8tr<*?'' oppos.t*- tht Ciiiuibtbtoke u*8TBBa._Har vey a. Co. in?hi. ??/ ?vkm* avebue. between 9th and i. r ?r ; wcetrinr to day a fresh sup. ply of the fain mis Cherrystone oysters the* are superior to all other oysters in fiavsr an j latnese. which they are serving in every style igi 8nj?ts to order go to Franc's, j?? .th atrer* between l> and k; also, Oente' r urrnshiug CJoods, at prices, tuat defy competition: Qray's. Byron's and Imitation i,inen Collars, rents per box. s^arf and lies In endless >ariety. g.j Thosk who i'kkkkr having their garments made to order, will find a kirge assortment ot cloths, cassimeres and vegtingi, in sample*, at low figures, at Henning's on* Price Clothing more, on the corner of Seventh stree- and Maryland avenue. HritDEin Stilts at twenty dollars just received. Call and look at them at the(treat Central Clothing H3use, 4t*u *th street, oppo. site tbe Post omce. " geon cottoh Sot ks, 15, yo, and '25 cents per pair, good Merino Shirts and Drawers %> cesuaach; good Summer Cndershiru,75 cents ?t i-ranc s Popular oeata Furnishing 4^4 7thstreet, between ]? antl k. Also, rood w nue Shirts at *1.75, *r>. and *1.50. j t |?t rbobivbb thl? morning one hnndred m. re of those tine tvfctnty-live dollar soils at the Great Central Clothing House, a> 7th street, opposite the Post Office. ^.jwst, .k?r*lv*i>-three" hundred Boys' hr uri !)rink from ten to fifteen lionte 1>er snlt, at ul* gr^atue?tral cloihiiig 4<i0 7th street, opposite Post t ifflce. . ,^rr?,: y1 ab' pektilent e and intemperance i * ^ *rr*?lt,'9r destruction of hul mainly because a Cold is too often tonsidereda very ordinary, trifling affair, just as well left tugoas it , arne, aua hence ?1. tematically until a simple, curable affection rlc?,1v ,llto a """ous and generally fatal Pulmonary disease. The more prudent aware that a violent Cough or col.f ,nonl,i never be trifled with, but on the contrary taken care of from Its incipicuey. promptly !?f?^k*?k lr jh3rne Expectorant, a curatne which has i-ustmned iu reputation for ov er thirty years at- a remedy al ways efH. a c iou?. and-lire to exert a most ben-ricial in. fluence oa all the Bronchial and Pulmoii.ury organs. Sold bv all Ornggirts. " t or cmtblaing and Frosted Feet Whu*'? Embrocation is a specific. Price ?i per bottle ?*ua "?s *?' -? wants. \v ^nt*dr4 iec??"l ha?4 stlail table In ia bath ?q.rpo*#*' ,f*?ss?*to igbtfest la leBgth. Address 'Mean Tsb.e,' f8t4ir oiBc% ! \v dbuo clkbk, who can cono wcil r. cornno ndsd adiiv it W If f>Av.w a dtu, ^.oorneriotkawlyvt,* w m*t\" \v a^,tbl'~a girt,) about l^ ?r 15 y<-ar? of age ?? 8'at* r#* ?*rni*n iraterrea. at 4 70 8ch it. w 81tpatios as cf.?r~o7~t?_do ^n ril noii0"w<>rk with a (i. rm^n /??!<?? inquire at mr, kbmm*k'8.?14 7th tt \y'aht*d-a competent woman as cook and 4tia 1 a^fv'it ft1*0' * Hav? yard >??? * of tha OomiLtBdant, * - ?n:t W antjtd.?Wa will give the t hum r? s*7 a. a t a. KlOhl'ol Want to b0bb0w-s909 for on7 or two years, tar which i will p.,y 12 p. r ?e ,t ini i secure on good Improved r?al atute a<idre?a b?^m5""' utb atreat, nearpvtreet u mploym1nt rOB all-w.ntH 1] arks f i?r?*?ra, Field Hand*. DiningBoom' ber%abts. Cooks, Chaubarmaids laborer*, a,-, Baal *?tate and bmbloymaut a??it, ?,?. ?21?tjerrfca. w * ?j,eaacolve*d bo v from 1? ?14 i atreetBorth^' ' h" ^rataiid. ^tug^.t W ahutm.d"t"?'ftonk m abomi. oo BoiTap i n mmonry- ap,>,' ? pssn. avenu . i \v an tbi)?a good lABil h and^ Oernian BtreetTbetween " hbnky \v am id to buy--a small housi" ht? (m? 'st' ,oc*tlob Addreaa k. 0., gtnr offid VV sib all iron tir6 ?roof HA Fir m iwimti"*4 ' aa """"?"? "? central part of the city Address for tkrea'dava, w a. r.. Ho. w La. avenue. ap$:?* w antbo-a white man servant .. aapl^at'vo l'aa0 pest cf ' ' ranoea remi'red 1mb atraeta* ?*enue, b.-tween 17tb and wantbd?Three dbe8smakkbs n7 y 349 hth street, between h and i nta None t^ft'per^seekneed '?*!/ wage, kon ffi w fdbn?ti?rt8?sf to11rent Alae.'to buf 'li^hlttbaof famlliea decllaiog han./ vxsxlu.l'1 * ,tod new a^e l? np l- wblls a co p 6 1bi Corner la. ay. and >.ta at w *?1 fppt'nr '?"ne w .mun.who \v ^fitk.p~~ am8trb89 In a prirate ram *' "j- one who underatatida machine jffk PiSPSl .p fi it*" '"cation, georgetown po.^offi?!; w ahvlwi8tforhiwojj?lta?t\ koo<i ^akm to 0 wuwalton ^cr^tr^u^bxten^!!,7 corner of Pena a avenue and 19th .? a?75t* w antbo?To rent, by May lat a Riinar oont Bo >1 War Department ment, Waahlagtoa. an*,rb. Interior Depart mora Bail road Depot' near BaUlvv^?ryfectable'ool^nagp wo>xm t Ho 4 7 i, corner *&9pl' w antbd-a ODTTEBand boofflttill in _ j h.HANLBlg. three day,. box Bo. tt?ur osst bou Agent for BlBOBB?8 bbwiho ha oh ibb rubsrrsajjd 7th and 13tB straeu, ^t fsfth^ eat Moderate Bast af milrv. r *haa 1 at. draw f b '3???e* ?,^?r Ad # t i ?\ t?4 ? / -a i* . '? > i * . i . ^ . * *; _.; ? >, FOB 8AL< AND KENT, issSHaffir Fi?CR B**t-Larce avtidiTte* * ?<* **vcw tofl BIG* r?MM. ITlU?lMf? haU, lltt *.. Bear Pa. are. Apply si Ifta ap Hf f?OH BBBT-A pleftsftnt lo?Mti BOO?l>n< A tainiuj all N??, oa Utk at . below M?* Torkava. Apply ?-xl4??t _b? <At"^ UOB SALB-bBAttS ltd nxtuiUM for a I butch?r?hop aa<t merkai. a?l ?a plot*, luaulie at fi? 7 ?J, Potomac Hoase.fott I6th "/ ?>?** A# * it"

poll KIHT-HuPttl No 31 o F etreet.atrti, I Kw#?d 1 ILh M< Uth streets w<"?t. contaiuiDtflJiv laquira-a theptautisrs. ay S 21* F'OB KBBT, LEASB OB bALB-A rich UAl I'EN LOT, beautiful io. ?l.>L.piirB?r l>th aaj 9 streets, a n sis 1777BBer BtateDepartmea'. ow?? ft re hteb.clojefsMe. Apply for tame 3f5oth strte* u??t. apt At' q ffOB BBBT?Ob tha let day of May, ft eaita of kOOMS, Including kitchen. sutUt>U for l><Hse keeping ? ^*irV-tilrea<>? partly 'aritlshe 1 it (""H"1 <? In ib re M? Sila Ctb eirsft II ard N Hps 3t" I'j'EE COTTAGE" Twa Br thrs- eligible BW<?MH, *>. or ?if?ene I'*ard, <:B3 s?cn rd at 'h< rsw'y baft "OBlter*" ?n Htn H anrl I "tiwtt, First War.1 Oars and CbBribf i contauiotit. ap* tf L-OB BALB-Ttt* liooD * (IL, ?T >Ol. ?nd I H\llKK?n( at] ota established M at and J Provisx-ii Store. sowdo'oc b good ca?h baeiaa-** , F r part cti!ara I p to: re at the B'.ora, Bo. #04 "'h I ?tr et east, Nav> Yard ap i r L'OS SALI- A fin- t?Ol>A A PA B ATU8. con r ?l?tli H of a * Tf superior (iAB-rator and two l-t-gallon Fountains.(p >roalainltn-d >Wt lib* Bold cheap. *M U. DAW. ap 8 St* Oor 10th bbi L ata I?OB RENT?Fraaaa DWBLLIBG HOUSE. >03 r L atreat, Vstween 9th Bad lOth -treus c >n tsinisg eight roems R?rt $35 per month to | a<1>ai>'0. P?aar>alon lith April. Inquire at 20t i nth "treat, bet. re J a m oi Can ?>e seen by applying on the premis-s. 1 , p - tf * JAB _JL BHEDP L OB 8ALB?<Onl) fioncaah r?<intr?d, and Si" r p?-r month until paid >? Several two ?tor? HOI t<K8. on Bomth aide L atreat. Island, near ?th Al*f live room HUUfK. or. ?th atn'^t, between Hand I. STARK A (JO., N B. com-r N T. ara. and 1Mb at at 8 1m* Plant's Btillding. Beams 1 2 ftnd 13 % ERT PLEABABT BoOHH FOB BEBT-At ? dOtf N a?r<M*t.n?Br^th inamtn or <rtn?lr. or f ur ACABTMENT9 Bdmtrably a lapted to houaakaoping also. < ne RA8BUEST, suitable for bu otlire. Tbe buaic has just beeu pat It. thorough repair, with PotomBC hb>I apruia v.iter. g*a throuKhont. bath rooni, Ac. Locution within a few a tape of street care. Bp8>t*. L^iiB RENT?lift If oj STOBE 305 Penn'a ?ra, r bet. 'th ami loth ata , aoath aide- ap6-n* RINT?A snite of well luraish- d BOOMS on Prun a avenue, adjoining tbe Kirk wood House. iBMtJireon tbB j>reml?es. Bp 0 6t* ' ''O LET - A completely FORNI^HF-O HOI SE 1 It rooms; ?ae, water. ?ii-i bath room. D L WELLS * '10 . ap 6-it Ornet Louisiana BVenna and 6th st. F'OB BALB-The OOOD WILL, MXTIBKH ?nd FI RN1TCRB ufaCigsr Store llonsaBud Store f"r r-nt. Apply <37 13th street, between FandO. ap6-St^_ F,OR SaLE? Partof LOT 1. 8<iuare 186, no^th east c-rner of l' ?b and Msts. In mlre of Mias | WA1S<?B,Bt Mrs. Kelley's, No. 34**,earner of M and 13th sta ap6-tt h'OB BATi-Tha hlO'.'K and FIXTUBES of the ?1 i ettaHishel Reitanraut No 32k 7th street TiOTth Il"tis?- for rent Apply oa tbe pr'mlses. to JOHN ABl'EESKB. ap <? .It* F'Oh SALE?#n>- npright 6'1'KAH K'rlLRK. six f?*et 1 inclies fclgh 2 fe? t <i lucb * diameter, ?>! I tubes Price SI'**, inluiracorner Stb str?. t and Mew York BTenn*. bp # ?t* I/OR KALE?A new and complete E?ty PAB LOB OB'>AN, with fouratip? and tr-nolo Can br ?een at parsonage Foundry M . K Ohnrch. til to G street ap <i Jt* I^OB BENT Sraall FRBMB HOUBB. oM'oor rooms, on F st., corner 2.4. at 910 put month, in ad\B' < ?. Apply next <l<>?r No. 104 F street, ap 6--t* t"OB BENT-A tbrefc-story UBICK UuDSi, with back building, on east aide ot 21at str t. between <? and H supplied with gaa Bad Potomac water Immediate po?se?xlon Apply un the premiss-. No. 37 to 21st st . next to cor. O. a< ,tt* L'OB RENT OB~I\4I7E-A fiSiM RRiCK s l>WF LL1NO. oi nin>- ro una, and batB ro< ta. in ph-a^avt location, within ten minutes walk of ttau L'eparttnents; gas ftnd water, in inire 1 r A. b., Star OthcB ap? iw L'OR RENT?Urfnrnished. a latere PARLOR, r Possession given Immediately Inquire 337 3d street corner F #t north ap 6 3f L'OH RENT?BB1GK HOUSE, four rooms and 1 r kitofcea. lot adjoining corner < onnectlrat av ard L at., be*. 17th and lath. First War?i. Inqutra at 5H o'clock p m. on premises ap ft-.lf F'OB RENT?Two orthree nnfurnished commnnicattng BOOHS, in excellent condition, aalt able for hona?k?eplng^ Apply at 402 K street, ab've loth st., or 293 Penc ave. ap.l-3t* ROOMS TO RENT?Furnished or unfurnished, a ar the departmsnta. Oar< paaa the doar P</nn'B aveaae.No. ISO, between 17tb and Htb streets apt 3t* k.'OB SALE-Thrc adjoining BB1CK HODSBB, r of six rooms each. Only $i,k<>0 each: f 0??b. balance to suit Apply to V. D sToCii.RBIDGK. &. CO.. N. E. corner 7th and F streets. apjjt* F'OB BENT-A HBIUK HOUSE, containini eight rooais aad sf?re, situated on 7th street wait, between 8 aDd T streets north. Bent $2S per meath. in advance. Inquire at No 251 7th street west ap 5-3t* Fr'OBSALK?A L'?T,fronting 29 feet ob M (treat north.betweenNortli Oapttol and 1st its west, rnanirig back ^73 faet. with a front ou Pleree *t. or 4'?f( et For particulars Inquire of GBOBQE Mc? CLELLAND, at tbe Globe Office. ap6-3t L'OB 8 A i E?At private-ala, LOTS land 2,1b F Square l 091. situated at th- corner of '^eorai* < vsibb and 17th street, near Oongressioaal Cemetery. Also, LOTS 9 and 10. adjoining the old Baatern Brunch bridge, on ths otner side Good plaeo for a market gar .en For farther particalar-t apply to Mrs. L1TTLB at Mr. J<>hn Patch s, en H street, ncrth aide, ju-t across tbe Little Bridge. _ ap a ::t* rpHE STOCK AND FIXTOBBS of b small Gro1 cary St?re tor sale Apply Immediately and get a bargain, aa the person has to leave the city. 11. quire at llr.TiMNY'S Rooks tors, on 7th St., Boar Massachusetts a\<-nue ap4 lw* I 1,'OB BENT?Twe HBUBES in the PbilaoeTphTa I Bow. llth str> at ea?t. Thas*- bouses base all mod' rn conveniences Will l><- rented now to good tenauts tor 94*H) Bar annam Inquira of the Ag^nt. 305 F street, between 11th and 12th ap 4 8f I/OR SALE-Four HOUSES in the Philadelphia I Bow. 11th stre't east Thise Uootes ara well sitnatedfora summer residence, bavina all moddern conveoiences, hot and cold water, bath and as. and ? 111 be sold on reasonable terms. THOS. It PLOWMAN. Agent, ap 1 Ct* 305 F street. J,'OB SALE OB BENTA TWO STOBY HOUBE. Sitnated on list street west, betweeu O and P itret-tM, iiaving a lot of llu fest x 170 feet, making it very desirable far a gardener, dairyman, or butcber. Will be sold or rentad on rsasonable ter ns. Possession given immediately. Fer Barticulars inquire of ISAAC HEB/BEBB, ?5l north C street, between 4>t and 4th streets. Washj ingtoa ap4 lw FfOii BFWT L.irge F1 BNlSIIBU BOOMS, from Aiito .^ls per m nth Boarding at $S Ierue' k, at N . 4*5 6tU street, betweeu C and iouisiana a* ?> t? ay 1 Im* f'OB 8 A LB-The" large B KICK. HOTEL in Bockville, Md , known as "Thompson's Bockville Hotel,' with extensive grounds. Ac., attached For further Information apply to COOPBB A LAT1MBB. Aucts. mh if eo2w f.'OB 8ALE A tuo story BBICK H^M'SE n-'ir tbe northeast bound aryM tbe city. 4 rooms and balls with largo lot of ground enclosed Prlc%3,i00 iBiuire 347 ad st. tnh? tf ^ J BO. W. MITCHELL. THOS A MITCBLL. M1TOHBLL A BOB, BBAL ESTATE BBOKBB8, Have constantly on hand a large number of 1IOUSBB AND BU1LDIBG LOTS In tha moat desirable localities. Prices from ?1 uoo to fso.ono Building Lots from two cents to 9^ per square foot. A number of eatire 8<inarBa of gronnd at such figures that any enterprising man commanding the maana might purthase.subdivide and sell them in small lots during tbe apBroaching spring at a profit of M to 70 ?er coat. With an axperienca of Ift years In this cur in tbe aboTB business.ileint tbe first tirst astablisbed here,lira confidently assert that aar faciitiies for a ready sate ar qu>ck be excelled. As an lllastratioB of the rapid increase la property. w^' sold a fsw years back square of gronnd corner 14th and Bounday far $8,600?will command to day *40 UX); Jo.OOUfeeton 7th street for 97 will bring to dsv %W,o-?; sold in 1954 twentf-four lota for 52.50t?-will bring to-day 916.000. With pleasure will we rsfer to the purchasers. The same opportunities now axlst as then, we have numerous investments which will pay equally aa well. Bapaclally do we call the at tentlon or thosa desiring to Invest In or dispose of. first class Beat B*tate Paper. Many kava funds la C. 8. securities. ?ajlna_7 par coat., which, if Invested lb good Beat Bstftta hot as, woald pay them from 10 to 14 per cent. Person- desirous ofeitbsr bating or eelllag Baal Estate, oi first cists seal Estate Notes, will consult their interest by calling on 1TOHBLL ft BOB. Baal Estate Broken, Southeast corasr Psan'a av*. and Uth st. P 8 ? We placa no proparty on oar books at exorbitant prices, but to persons reaHy daaitoas to sell ws a fiord arsry facility mhtl koih MITCHELL ft ?t. l^Q* BBNT?A thres story BBIffB t'titiK, r centainivg eight rooms aad attU.on 4th u . near Fayette. Also, a asarly ne# superior PIANOfrrs&le. Inquire 94 FayetM at/set Goorge towa.DC. ?mh ?ltwT ale. It Is sltaated en tha aorth aida ef K etraet, onVrankli nt'iisrV Said lot Is 24 feat by 19, rnaaing back to a to foot all?9 and Improved by a two storr brick stable. leM tf S. P. BBOBH, 4** pihstreet west ,1 y . . ATJVTIQ* SAJUBT B* " ?-i?wi?*oo, 1MM, WT rwMtUoi* MM**. *w>TBi?a vvFnseiiro bsodi A* IUMt ** 1,4 r? ?.. . ftttt Bom- (4wV?* ?Iff! '*"'? "?? Of CTlSr** ,ar*U*"? g- W'.B.UM A 00.. Auots U* sioLrroo rirn^^v w*,UJ ?ko>MUriM?i. i? (??,*, ulr,, *" L'rl"? * *'!? B?t| Odo-en Fsbc* Soap " Wl'tf*"* *'U ABl OWl'4 ^eots .?4 I barrels Tomato 0ata; a la box as PF?w|ttia ;0 n-kuN <ira?a aad Blark T?u ? barrel* Oroiirf OofTae iMUfftflsssssss- ' *" tdoran Hearth Broo-ws Scrubbing Brushes. rionr Ai 2S demijohn* 0(4 m e and Bears-,, Wkiehlee 10 do Holing] li'B ? do Old T!rso1| <2 do Bb*rr> Wn? leasee Hock and otb?r Wipes ' <iuorter ca?k-vet> se perl t~ Hke--y W 'as. Ac _ iL4", :4 do/.en Otub?ii 1 Platform Scale Rero!vsrs Work Bois*, Bi k'li Ai 4 a Jot of 8 jnlri*Terms rub ? liiiLI 4 Off . tun. IJY COOPBB * LtTIMKK. AicUMM,, ? ..f^ta clerk* with J as 0 Kr^nre ft 0e?> DOtttDwMl corner of P*di lyivion art *l4 lltu treet.btar Ofhct BcWli&? 'I^E FBAMB HftV?B8 AT AUCTION OnfllDAK AtTIBIQuK n?xt. April W, at 6 soc.ocfcp.m ,on u?pr?aik s.G tret t north, between Md and 24th street, r. t, c ppjslte Mr Y letcher s,w? will ?fil fi? *i 1 F r?i?? ti<ju *? obtaining ? room each. AU?. i th* rear of th* same, one laree Frame Redding Till perfect Terms Oue-i alf cue, balance mail and twelve mont- a. aocareJ by a ma. 4 of trust cpon tbe prop erty. t out- yanc:u ai d r??#n? unr< at ear < OOPB11 * LA11MBB. at I jad- Aartlon?*eri B* 4 WILLIAH8, AgrtloBMrt No. ?2b. corner rth and 1? etree*s A?^(i?^JWS.^TS>*lr *&4MB HO. BE AND ?T{LK.MST WE8T. UK r W BK.N H AND I 8TBEKTS SOl'IH. ON TUB 18LABD, at auction ? FBIDAY. the nth icst*ut. *t 6'4 o'clock r 01 w? hall Mil, oa the p-m^e.., Lot No. 14 la Square No. 41M. bavins ufnat front bv lu feat de?a to a fiua tw?nt > foot ailejr. with tn?. )ro?ro?aai? it' contiaiiDg of a Rood two ?tvr> Wt*ma tfouu m a KOtMl location aud aaUhbarhaod. to wtuaii we aak tba attaDti.)n of peraont wuniag to ?Hrcba?r a pri^at-ra?1dettre?B that location. 1 arm* On?' bait ca*b, balarxe <m ai* and aiaht mvntba, for ootai boarog intereit. an ? -ecur.J bvada?-dof truat on tba pr?mia&>< All couve* ?nc ng And ra>euu?, atamp* at tba coal of tba aur cbarer ??) d?wu an the .la> of aale ?P^3 X'A 11 OB EBN A WILLIAMS A an.. GHIBN A H ILLIA 318. Auctioneers, Oo, ? Jb, corner orrth and B (treat*. TWO 8T0BT FBAMiT HOrsiC AND LOT Having i Stor# room all fitt<*d an wft?. bhelr* tag, Oa*. and Bow W in lows, at Aurtl .o Oo^lDAV, tbeuta .a.uut, ? ? , we iKall sell, ?.nth?- preanne*. frontliig on l.tri atrwt neat. n; ai Maryland a?,nu . $1% I.iand , the Lot, h?Tlnc l'i faat front bj ?? faet jy, .nsha. | 1 oep, with a go'Kl aid? c< naJatt-,* a r ol I welling house and Store At>r one wf?MrVta tnrchaaa ? small residence and vl? w 1 1 do well to at' ' od tba lata. Title indisputabla Tertns One tkird cash; l.alanco In C 11 ?nd li month..for note, tearing in erast. and aa ur.ifc a da^d or tr.iat on the ?rH?ls?. All r jure*an, Ini an-l revenu. tamps at the . oat of tbr pur haaer (M down oa tb? <ia; cf ?!*. 'naoor. ^?9d OUKBN a WILLIAMS. A net. |>1 QHBBB 4 WILLI A Mb. Anctionner* *-* 8 B. c?m*r of Ttb and D *ta TWO VALrABLK BOTLDINO LOTS front jm; on vibginia avbblb bbt> ^TH AMU 10TU 8TS " t*V OS th2 ISLAND. AT PCHLK AUOTlO* THI On FKIDAT, the Uth ln? ''o'clock b m we ahull ?all, on the praoil*e?. Lot nnmter%' hMihga fcat front bf Sa feet deep, to a "ay, coBtalHlB; 2.C40 s.iare foot, ?oro or laU riS^ot.N.?. * < taet frc at by y, 4eaa Vo a? ?.-ot alley, oontalnln. ;.?S- . iu%r? faot^m.'.J? or lesa, 4r? ^jnara 3-?J Thla proparf,'0^er, Inducement* to pera^n. wishing to rtrchwe 1 f jod l oildlng sit* Tula .ndupetat. ' a Terms On half ra?h alaaca it> three ?Bi ? months.for netea bearing iatereat.aal t-O'jred bi a deed of trnst on the premise# All coa va)ancin? and revenue itampi at tke cost of tbe -nrV*" . " Or if the whal-of the p?i :.aae a^t . ?S h. cash, six par coat will be allow* 1 ?n t&a <le^rr?" payments $* down on the day of sale apS-d C KB F.N A WILLIAMS AarU. BT OBi?"i-.t W?B. Anetionaera Ne. aib. southeast corner 7th and bits, SMALL FABM FOB^ALE AT PCHLIC ACC?n MOJtDAT, the Igth Tnat .at e o'clo< k n <vVo ^ *?T A notion Booms ole?en seres ?I-*?d, with a cood six room Brick Moasa 0"?1 all oacaaoory out bmldlnxs harin* ?' chard with all kin Is of Fruits, fne Bt . " o* Wa' t.r ttrouAB tha land, well adapted fo? a Marxlt Garden, situated on the old Btadena' arv foi.T a) out .onr miles fr m tha city and tw . h yards from Pe.n s nun.,. i? th. Hs7t t,or. ar.'1 Ohio railroad aad adjoi?i?g the far tas o', Jr aw ford and Clemeons Aay one wisbln t s?? T. rms One third caah. balance in on- and twn jaars for notes bearing interest aad s?car?4 br a dMd of trust on the premises. Alt cenT.ya. '.5 .n,lr:T*nue st ik# eostaf tha purchaser $100?< wn on thoday of eala F"rc?aser CBBBM * W1LLAMS. Auru BT 8kf^k4 .mihLliL.m^ ABotto^iT" ? mJ Mo. a.b. southeast corner ;tb and D eta. > ALOBLE IMTBO\ID l'BOPKBTT FROWT i*n "TBBKT NORTH, BBTWBBM TI0N ,WT" 8T"*T? WEsr, AT ACO On MONDAY, the 15th instant, ai < o'clock a ? ibAll tall.on th. pre .lse?, part of Lot No i. In S juare No. S7->. ? ith tb^lmsroTemears Vnf si sting of a Two story aud Baaencnt Biir* Hoiae running ba< k to a fine pared aUe> being Hon?; *"?,^64?,0 Hh,< ^ call the attention of buyeras the prupertj is lu a cettral location T'-rma . One-half ?aah. balan. in ai v an I twii.. montbs, for not's be irinir i nterast an laH i r J? 1 J adeoi of trn.t on th. p> emlsee AllTon^s^i?!. and revenue stamps at th.Toet ef the ?nr<-i.-C n' $ Mi down on the day ol -ale "'apurchas r _0BBBN 4 WILLIAMS. Aurt. BT A^?rILL.,^.A,,8 A"??oneers. Mo. 4 ib, southeast cor. 7th and D sts BXBCl TOB'S SALE OF A Two ithd* FBAME HO08E AM) LOT AT AO?TITim On TBl'BSI>AY. the 1s.tMt .tV^cTock ,IJ tljp premiaea. the aonth halt of Lot No 6. inSmareSe 87l?, haTin a*.feat ,'r*el "oat. between B and V atreots Ji"ii^' 1 (mprovamenta. c n.istmg ef a well built tw. atory Frame Hou.e, baioogio t^ ?r 1st? Tbi. Doaoho?. deceAteJ Torma ? ? third caah, balan a'in six twelve "ighteon and tuaaty tour montha.'f. r not^s hoar ' a'rf ??--*' an a do^ of trust on tbe T .? A*'c<>ntrancing and revenue stamps ol iaio0 ? purchaser. ?so down or. tbe day And immediately after the a*la of the Hoo?e I ahall sell a S'nall lot f Household Furniture iTud toT<" ' for CMfc' > *?*"' A P hcKINN 4. Bxac itor an s 11 it 15 17 ?BBBM A WILLIAM^, apSIl. 13.15,17 Anotteueers Bf COOP KB 4 LATIMBB, Auctioneer _ ?t?.lLVec,#rki 7Uk J" 4 Co I ovuthwe-1 corner i enn avenue and Uth street. Star OB10 Bnllding. TB08TEF8' SALE "oV VALUABLE 1M. PBOYBO PBOPBBTT OM IXTEENTfl ^?-. We.t. between S and T street?"" at By vlrtnaof j^iood of truat, bearing date tha Suth day of Jnoa, ltt6A, and recorded in Li er N C T WO. &8? f^>liO? 4?0 tO 421. W6 Will sell on th? nr m' is??, on WIDN1SDAT APTIBNOOM Mar l? >*[ ? ^o'clock p.m .all th? pTecoa ;r p/we ; of J??d k??wn and described as lots numbered13 and 14. and Parts of lots numbered l* and I] In ajunra Mo. 177, improved by a comfortable Frarn Cottage containing about live rooms. The .bo\e described real ostate U nicely ancloo*d wtth S bMrd fence seven feet high, and under cJltiva Terms of salo : Bne half caah. <?100 at ti'i.eof of'trnat^ffon*t? 8*"d U montk* oecured by deed oftruatupon the premises Conveyancing aud stamps at coat ol purchassr. WM B WOODWARD. _ , ? CflABLES BBADLBY. Trustees Kxcelslar Building Aaaociation a.a OOOPEB A IATIMEB * ? 6-eo44s Auction** DT COOPIB A LATIM~EB. Auctioneers .. t# cle,k* with Jaioes <3. McGnlre A Oo > Bonthwoat c, rner PennsyOama avenne and litti street, "Mar Ofcoo Bnlldlng." Utt T ? I; bib *i ri > nVaV r? 1 'or %ui 8 r i r aI'f^T By virtue of a chattel mortgairo. dnlv nod recorded in Liber B. M fl . No ? rlu^Hls a?d 338. one of the Chattel Be cords of al2?s!<^ . County. D C I will fi^ss f^r ?if ?fWngton lain, at P?bllc An ?!^Tn WEDBBS" loth day of April. 18?7. at lo o'clock ? ? ?n' singularlv the Fixtures and Ab^bJL?- 1 fcnd X. ? Wmlpat B?tte?ff, covered In QrMn iub ."tos,*,0,4 t*"Cooking nnd Bar Boom Stove ? y m, W?l'Champagne and Wines w ith an AMortaaat of Ltqnora nnd CUar. Ono m0Ji;.?-gl70 Bono AWateon Iron Safe Tern.scash. L GABBENHBIMBB, Trootee ? C?OPEB A LATIMEk Aw^ta. J1 1 BILBOB hogs leavrto rrl,1?f? f *** cuatomers and tha public can r^'/.tbat aha has ro opanod bar D ees Mnklno UthstJMt betwe?n B an{ I Ak li'lB' ' J ' , *1 AUCTION 8AC&S. A St tt f gv'h y<T J 7aJ ? -4 fTMHi/QOn AMJ> rpi. irOKKOW bt r ta,w~.i^^a5rsa^r*???? ? _ TMtTUl' I4LI . T ?f rMe of | |o?| or irwt. haariac 4*1* ^ tV t r r*ror*M ffW! *5? , lr ,*Uo* w, * ?.. m? ?r u? Lui ir?ni rfaSff^KHB Oo??t7. Butnrt tr 0?4eaab?a, ta? it **? * . *?M en MMM?AV,?aa !f ^ tlAl* ?- <*-? * *>? ? ?L5^??' 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Lot he 4J in T .nar* No. SIS, batia^ 2* feet froat bf lie fBat We call the attention of buyare to tbia aal' aa the locatloa 1; *, od, and U inf a ftr.t clTa. wblcb niakca It *or? deal rat le . j 'T1,. ?H third caeh; balance in at a, t?alv? and <-igtite?*a mouth*, for n<>taa beartar f itorwt aud tecum) by deed of traat oa the aremlaaa* All ceaveyaaclDd and reveuus a lama* at tba mm of tie purchaaer. Aide do an oa tbedaj .f aUe *1 i UBfcEN A WILLIAltt. A^?_ iSKSTe. . BALK OF TH 1 LADT^IBB I^ARS SU'imtt SfmhaJ.W "aSI^ K?E I?OClelABA AVE. B) ttrtoaof a chattel martjraae *-? Bad recorded in Lll ar B M fc Ma ? S???! aad 427, cat of the (.battel Record'* for Wa^iMto? C-nntj. I> o? i ?1,1 aaaoJTKVaui* ulaSSSr Public Auctua on TBIDAT* the of April. iwk at 10 o'clock a?al! and ^Od lLth Btrtc-ta uaol Aud alao afl' nmZXT bath tn! . wash bowl., tablaa ehaJ? s~.-v.ia Terma caab L4HBIIC1 O. BO(iA8 Traat COOPEB A LlTlMEB%Tt raaga ?nta fai thaiiir 1 b* eto*d??^ke arB?3-dta OOOPEB a LATIMIB. A cta A WILLIAMS. Aactt< naara -* lo. S.I. c?r. .U aad Ditrtati B-MELLEBT U0r?EH0LD ri RMTTBE AT ^ toa llthK|a?taat. at 10 o'clock ? ? ?? "bBUa-ll, at Moaaa Mo fttf?,c?raarBf ? "IS "~".J """ " f~tew i *? u"mS*.i3'S'rS.:?* "* a??u B- d Plaah < ?tor Bad Cuthf. Cbairn Walnut Badataada, Waatiataada. and Draa. r,. Bcraaaa ?^BaaTo? -5J*4 BBrbla-toa WaaketaaB ?.ood F. att>ar Bed. Plllowa. and Molatrra Bair. 11 nak, aad other Mattraaaaa qb"u WalnatCardYaklee aad Window bkaoe. < ottape BMiateada aad Ward^b* Nearly new lagraln aad Braaatl. ri-isi'^swc :zK^T esa?^ss?fii^sivary.82rrc^,?/;;i"|sssr.u, sg""1 tasy* "jsssa. ej/kaw.u?rl"ik^"k.-ny?