Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR I orvicuL, LAWS or TEE TOITKB 8TATM, tt Ue I*c*a4 SruUn ei U? Tkir* [Prauo? Wo. ei.) A* Act makiag tppropnttMit for the legislative, executive, tufl judicial exprafft of :he for th* yetr ending '** thirtieth f Jane, f.(bu?n ttiartduil ud for other purposes. J)l t.' tnaeUd fry Stiate and Soutt ef K'p~ **!*i:*tives of the L'mUd Stat** 0/ America in frugret* atxmtUd, That the following sum* ee. and the nmi> are hereby, appropriated, on: of any money 1a the treasury, aot otherwise appropriated. for the uojecii hereinafter expressed, for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth ef Jane, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, aa?eiy: LEGISLATIVE. F?r ccnipeneaticn and mileage ef ?fcaters, four hundred and fourteen taeusand dollars. t or compensation of the officers, clerics, mes eager*, and otaers receiving an annual salary -?. jie service of the >ena:?. viz Secretary of the senate, fonr thousand three hundred and twenty dollars: officer charged with disbursements of the Senate, five hundred and seven ty. slx dollars: ch.ei clerk, three tbocs&nd dollars, principal clerk and principal executive clerk in -*e offl ce of the Secretary of tne Senate, at two tUcusand five hundred and ninety-two dollars each, eight clerks m office of the Secretary of -he Seaate, at 'wo thousand two hundred and twenty dollars each; keeper 01 the stationery, two thousand one hundred and two dollars and forty ceo; two messenger*, at one thousand two handred and ninety-six dollars each: one page, at seven hundred and twenty dollars: Sergcant-at-arma and Doorkeeper, two thousand four handred dollars; Assistant Doorkeeper. two thousand and forty dollars, Poetmaster 'jo the Senate, two thousand one handred dollars; Assistant Postmaster and mail-carrier, ene tbousaad seven hundred and tweaty-eight dollars two mail boys, atone thccsaad two hundred dollars each; superintendent of tbe document room, one thousand hundred dollars; two assistants in document room, at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars each; superintendent of tbe folding room, one thousand eight hundred dollars; three messengers, acting as assistant doorkeepers, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each, seventeen messengers, at one thousand four hundred and forty dollars each; clerk or secretary to tbe President cf the Senate, two thousand one hundred and two dollars and forty cents, clerk to the Committee on Finance. *wo thousand two hundred and twenty dollars; clerk to the Committee oa Claims, two thousand two hundred and twenty dollars clerk to the Committee on Printing Records, two thousand two hundred and twenty dol.are. superintendent in charge ot the furnaces, ene thousand four hundred and forty dollars ass.siant in charge of furnaces, eight hundred aad sixty-four dollars; laborer in charge ef private passages, eight hundred and sixty-four dollars; two laborers, at eight hundred and sixty-four dollars each: chapla n to the Seaate, nine hundred dollars- one special policeman. eight hundred and sixty-four dollars; making ninety-eight thousand seven hundred aad fonr dollars and eighty cents. For contingent expend of tbe Senate, vizFor stationery, tweaty-0ve thousand doljhrs. For newspapers, five thousand dollars. tjor Congressional Globe, thirty-five thousand flvf hundred and thirty-two dollars For reporting and printing the proceedings ^n the Daily Globe lor the trst session of 'he fortieth Congress, twenry-one thousand two hundred and fiffy dollars l or tbe usual additional ccmpensation to tbe reporters of the Senate for the Congressional Oleoe for reporting the proceedings of the Senate for the first session of the fortieth Congress, e:ght ixndred dollars each, four thousand dollars. Far ene complete set of the Congressional Globe and Appendix for each senator in tbe fortieth Congress who has not already received them Pr'irid'<i, r. Tbat any senator who has already, as a member of the House of Representatives, received a portion cf a set of tbe Congressional Globe shall only be entitled to receive, as such senator, the add.tional vert a mes required to complete one full set. nine thousand three hundred and seventyhve dollars. For paying the publishers of the Congressicnal Globe aad Appendix, according to the number of copies taken, one cent tor^very five pages exceeding three thousand, including thladexes and laws of the United States, fiiteeu thousand dollar*. For clerks to eommittees, pages, horses, and carryalls, fifty-five thousand seven hundred and fitty dollars. For Capitol police, twenty-five thousand fl\e hnndred dollars. For expenses of heating and ventilating ap. j aratus, tweny-five thousand dollars For miscellaneous items, thirty thousand dollars. For compensation and mileage of members ef tbe House of Representedve? and delegates from Territories, one million one hundred thousand dollars. For compensation 0/ the officers, clerks, messengers. and others reteivlnp an annual ealary in the service ot the House ot Representatives, viz Clerk of the House of Representatives, four thousand three hundred and twenty dollars chief clerk and one assistant clerk, two thousand five hundred and ninety-two dollars each, five thousand one hundred eighty-tour dollars: twelve as-wtant clerka, (including the librarian,) at two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars each, twenty-five thousand nine hundred and tw enty dollars; onechiel messenger and messenger to the Speaker, at five dollaxs and seventy.five cents per day each, four thoasaud two hundred and four dollars and eigb'y cenls, for three messengers, at one thousand four handred and forty dollar* each, four thousand three hundred and twenty dollars; one engineer, eighteen hundred dollars :hr?se assistant engineers, at one thouaand four bundred and forty dollars each, four thousand three hundred ar.d twenty dollars: six firemen, at two dollars and for*y cents each per day, five thousand two handred and fifty-six dollars: for clerk to Committee of Ways and Means, two thousand five hundred and ninety-two dollars. clerk to Committee on Appropriations, two thousand fixe hnndred and ninetytwo dollars, clerk to Committee on Public I.ands, two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars, clerk to Commute* on Claims, two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars Sergeant-at-Arms, two thousand five hundred a?d ninety-two dollars, clerk to the Sereeantat-Arms, two thousand one hundred ann sixty dollars messenger to the Sergeaut-at-Arms one thousand four hundred and forty dollars 1 "?orkeeper. two thousand fixe hundred and ninety-<wd dollars, fjrst assistant doorkeeper, j two thousand five hundred and iiinetv-two Collars; Poe'master. two thousand dve'hun- j dred and ninety-two dollars first assistant j I otun.teier. two thousand and eighty-eight dollars five messengers, at one thousand seven handred and twenty-eight dollars each: two mail boys, at one thousand and eighty dollars ea^h, chaplain of the House, atue huudred dollars; stenographers, four thousand three hundred ana e,gnty dollars: superintendent 1 cf folding room, two thousand one handred aud sixty dollars superintendent and a*?isrant cf .he document room, at five dollars and seventy-six cents per dav each, four thousaud two hundred and five dollars aud eighty cen's: cloven messengers. five at eighteen huudred dollars aad six at fourteen bundred and forty dcliars twelve me-srngers the session, at the rate of fourteen huudred and fortv dollars per annum, eleven thousand five hun red ^nd twenty dollars I or captain ot Capitol poliee. two thousand and eighty-eight dollars; lieutenant, eighteen hundred dollars, twenty-nine policemen, each a one thousand five hundred and eighty-four collars per annum, and one watchmau at eieven hundred aad firty-two dollars. twentyEve thousand four hundred and eigbty.eig'bt t.oiiar*. making on* bundred and firty-five .thousand two hundred and forty-nine dollars ot the House of Representatives, viz: t or cartage, three thousaud eight hundred dollars For clerks to committees and temporary clerks ef the Houseof Representatives, thlrtyJot.r thousand dollars. ' For twenty-four copies of the Congressional Globe and Appendix foi each member and delegate of the fortieth Congress, and one bandred copies of the same for the House library thirty Ave thousand five bundred and ninetytwo dollars, or so much thereof as mu be accessary. For paying the publishers of the Congre?s.onal < ilobe and Appendix, according to the 1 umber of copies taken, one cent for every five pages exceeding three thousand, including the indexes and laws of the I nited States, fifteen '.boasand dollars. Fog one complete set of the Congressional <?lotesnd Appendix for each representative m tbe fortieth Congress, aad each delegate, who has not received the same heretofore, thirty-seven tbousaad flye hundred dollars; 1 rortd'd. That nerice is hereby glvea that at the close of the fortieth Congress the United Statrs will terminate * he purchase of one com phs set of the Congressional Globe aad Appeud.z Icr each senatCr. representative, and delegare, provided for by the act approved Jnly fourth, eiga*een hundred and sixty-four. For foldis* documents, including materials, forty- two thousaud dollars. For fuel aad lights, mcladmg plumbing, g?e fitting, repairs, aad materials, fifteen the csand dollars. Fcr furniture, repairs, and racking boxes for members, forty thousand dollar* Fox hemes, carriages, and saddle horses, tea thousand two hundred and thirty dollars. * ... i For Uker*rt, tw*lv* tfcctiMi *l|lt lu4rM and maety-tbree dollar*. For MUbtioikl lust) coMftutttcB to Loili mjMltri, t* charge ef Hnn water-closeta, eae huadred dollars, and fer defieieacy dae aim for the earreBt fiscal year. ot? hundred dollar*. t or aiacauaaaoaa it#**, fifty, throe thousaad is hundred and fifty dollar*. For Mwipaftrt, twelve theasaad five I?b< dred dollars. For paces and temporary mail bays, siitMB ihoasaad two haadred dollar*. Far reportiag aad publishing proceed tags ?* the Daily Globe, tweety-elght thousand dollars. For staUoaary, ihoasaad dollars. For the venal additional eoapeasauea to ta? reporters of the Honse tor the Congressional Q lobe for reportiag the proeeediags of the House. eight bnndred dollar* each, four tbousaad eight bnndred dollars. PUBLIC PRINTING. For compensation of tbe SuperiBtendent of the Public Printing. and tbe clerk* and messengers in bis office, eleven thousand five hundred and seventeen dollar*. For contingent expenses of his office, viz: For s*atlonery. postage, advertising, faraltare, travelling expenses, Horses and wagoas. and miscellaaeou" items, two thousand dollars. For tbe public printing, fonr baadred and forty, three thousand eight hcadred and sixty do H are. For paper for the public printing, seven bondreo and sixty.'flve tbonsand nine hundred aud seventy-two dollars. For tbe public binding, three bnadred and fifty-one tboBsaad three hundred and sixtysix dollars. For mapping in cases depending in tbe Supreme Court of :he I'nited States, three thousand dollars. For lithographing and engraving for the Senate and House of Representatives, seventyfive thousand dollars. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. For compensatioa of librarian, five aasistaat librarians, messenger, and laborer*, thirteen thousand six hundred and eighty dollar*. For twenty per centum additioaal on the above, hundred and thirty-six dollar*. For contingent expenses of said library, two thousand dollars. For parchaae of booka for said Library, eight inonsand dollar* For purchase of law book* foi said library* two thouaand dollars. For botanic garden, grading, draining, piocuring manure, tools, fuel, ana repair*, and purchasing trees and shrubs, under tbedirec- I lion of the Library Committee of Congress, ; three thousand three hundred dollars. For pay of superintendent and assistants, and assistants in botanic garden and greenhouse*, undeT direction of the Library Committee of Congress, six thousand one hundred and forty-five dollar* and eigbty cents For twenty per centum additional allowance on pay of tbe above, twelve hundred and twenty-nine dollars and sixteen cents. For purcbaaing files of tbe leading periodicals and newspapers for said library, oae thousand five hundred dollar*. COURT OF CLAIMS. For salaries of five judges of tbe Court of Claims, the solicitor, assistant solicitor, deputy solicitor, chief clerk and assistant clerk, bailiff aud messenger thereof, thirty.Seven thousand three hundred dollars. For stationery, books, fuel, labor, and other contingent and miscellaneous expenses, three thousand dollars. For compensation of attorneys te attend to taking testimony, witnesses, and commissioners. two thousand dollar*, For payment of judgment* which may be rendered by tbe court in favor of claimants, ten hundred thousand dollars. EXECUTIVE. For compensation of tbe President of tbe United States, twenty-five thousand dollars. For compensation of secretary to sign patents for public lands, one thousand five hundred dollars. For compensation to the private secretary, assistant secretary, short-band writer, clerk of pardons, three clerks of fonrth class, steward, and messenger of the President of the I'nited States, eighteen thousand eigbt hundred dollars. For contingent expenses of the Executive office, including stationery thereof, five thousand dollars. DEPARTMENT OF STATE. For compensation of the Secretary of State aud Assistant Secretary of State. Second Assistant Secretary of S'ate, examiner of claims, cbief clerk, superintendent of statistics, clerks, messengers, assistant messenger, and laborers in bis office, sixty-five thousand eight hundred and eigbty dollars FOR THE INCIDENTAL AND CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE. For publishing the laws in pamphlet form and in newspapers of tne States and TerrltorVs. and in the city of Washington, twenty-five thousand dollars For proot-reading. and packing the laws and documents for tbe various legations aud consulates, including boxes and transportation of the same, four tbousaud dollars. For stationery, blank books, furniture, fixtures, and repairs, five thousand dollars. For miscellaneous ttem&.two thousand five bnndred dollars. For copper-plate printing, books, and maps, five thousand dollars. For extra elerk hire and copying, fifteen thousand dollars. FOR THE GENERAL PURPOSES OF THE BUILDING OCCUPIED BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT. F"t rent of said building, fitteen thousand dollars. For alterations and improvements of the building and for means of protection against i*s destruction by fire, fitteen thousand dollars. For compensation of four watchmen and two laborers of the northeast executive building. four thousand three hundred aud twenty dollars For contingent expenses of saul building, viz: for fuel, lights, repairs, and miscellaneous expenses, ten thousand dollars TREASURY DEPARTMENT. For compensation of the Secretary of the Treasary, two Assistant Secretary* of the lreasurv chief clerk, supervising architect and assistant architect, clerks, messengers, assistant messenger, and laborers, one hundred . and eighteen thousand nine hundred aud twenty dollars. For compensation of the First Comptroller, chief clerk, and tbe clerks, messengers, and laborers in bis office, forty-eight thousand tbree hundred aud torty dollars. tor compensation of the Seoad Comptroller, chiet clerk, aud the clerks, messenger, assistant messenger, and laborers m his office, cue him tired and thirty-seven thousand aud e>gbty dollars. For compensation of the First Auditor, chief clerk, and the clerks, messenger, assistant messenger. and laborer in bis office, sixtv uiou.-iuM three hundred and sixty dollars. For compensation of the Second Auditor, chief clerk, aud the clerks, messenger, as?istan* messengers, and laborers m his office, five hundred aud twenty-oue thousand eight bunared and forty dollars. For compensation of the Third Auditor, chief clerK. aud the clerks, messenger, assis- , tant messengers, and laborers in his office, i tbree hundred and eighty-nine thousand aud ! eighty dollars For com pen ?at i cm. of the Fourth Auditor, tL.ef clerk, aud th- clerks, messenger, assistant messenger, and laborer in his office, one bun'red and ten thousand nine hundred aud sixty dollars For coir.pen-atkin of the Fifth Auditor, chief clerk, and the clerks, meeseuger, aud laborer in j bis office, forty-nine thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars. For compensation ot the Auditor of the I Treasury for the Post Office Department, chief clerk, and 'he clerks, messenger, assistant messenger, aud the laborers iu his office, one hundred aud ninety-tbre* thrre thousaud cue hundred and sixty dollars. For compensation ot the Treasurer of tbe I uited States. Assistant Treasurer, cashier, :.s*i?tant cashier, chiefs of division, bookkeepers. tellers, assistant tellers, chief clerk, j and the clerks, messengers, assistant m*ss?ng *!?, and lab*.rers in bis office, one hundred aud eighty-eittbt thousand eight hundred and eigtrv dollais. For| compensation of the Register of the Treasury, Assistant Register, chief clerk ai (i tbe clerks, messengers, assistant messenger. and 'aborere in his office, ninety-one thousand five hundred aud twenty dollars tor compensation of the Solicitor of the Treasury, Assistant Solicitor, chief clerk, and I the clerks, laborer, nnd messenger in his office, twenty-two thousand one hundred dol, 1"* For compensation of the Commissioner of j Customs, chief clerk, and tbe clerks, messen| gers, and labarer in his office, forty tbonsand ti nr hundred and twenty dollar*. i For ccmpensation of th* chief clerb. clerks, it esseuger, and laborer of tbe Light-hoase Board, nine thousand five hundred and twenty dollars For compensation of tbe Comptroller of the Currency, Deputy Comptroller, clerks, messengers. and laborers, on* hundred and twenty thousand dollars " For paper, special die*, and printing of circulating notes, and expenses necessarily incurred (including express charges) in proi nrmg 'be same, in tbe office of the Comptroler of tbe Currency, two hundred thousand dollars. For salaries of Commissioner, Deputy Commissi* ners, Solicitor, heads of division*, nnd clerks of Internal Revenue office, three hundred and forty.nine tbonsand four baudred and fifty dollar*. lor rent, dies, paper, aad so forth, for camps aad incidental expenses, including the cost of subscription*, of such ismk*n of ccpies off ths Internal lUmu records and customs joiratlt as ths Secretary of Um Tr?*?iry wy deem nscoesary to sapply Um re tcbba efflcee, two hundred and Afly thousud dollora For salarias and expenses of collectors, uteesore, assistant iHtHon, revenue agenta, .nepectors. and superintendent of exports aad drawback, together wit* tbe expense of carrying 'a?o affect the various provisions of tie several acts proyidlag Internal Revenue, excepting items ctberwise estimated for, six millicn dellars: /Varied, That no aaaeaoor or collector shall bo entitled to say portion of tbe salary pertaining to tbe office unless sncb assessor shall have been confirmed by the Sonata, except in caaaa af commissions to nil vacaaciee wbicb nay hara happened by death or resignation daring the recese of tbe Senate. [TO an cohttwcbb.) RAILROADS. PBBNBYLYA2UA BO OTB ifcj67 TO TBI*0BTHW??SSSJ!SBSI1' . ? 8PBIB? BCHBDCLB *l^t?rf*rcfc Uth, W67'tt,uni ?lu rnn as Washln?ton?. y Ma.m. [Baltimore .uiop.m. j TBI Aliii'T doCBLI Tl&OK iODT{'a> with BLBGANT BOBBBBY. Palice SuXsram * 7 ?nd might Oars. with modern impiWmeuts and earing from four to twelve boars In Urns orer any other route. Two hundred mi 1m eaved m Western aaa Oentral New York. 10 Two Daily Trains to tha West. 11 * North RfiSfc'uSSS b' th,f ronte from Baltimore bars pipoTa! ?S "KfiifiUS. ' D"10? Tickets by this ronte can be 9 root red at the ofSS&TSVM ' nsylvanla arenne, t^*,??tl*nal Hotel, where reUable iaformatioa will be (Iran at all ttmee. Passengers procuring tlcheta at tbla office eaa 5rYor^ ttsbu!?*11 ?M 10 8lMpiB| 0ftra for B1 W j! ARNOLD, Ticket Agent, Northeast corner 4th streetaad Penna. ar.. __ _ _____ _ _ Waahington, D. 0. p- *?' TJjggfflHgjjUftg T_._._ WasHiMOTOH, Jan.?, 1887. nJftSRRJSffi"*""4 H#w Tork | FOB BBW YOBB, without chaaee of oara. daily (axcept Sunday) at 7:44 a. m. and phla YOBB.chaaglag ear* at Philadel> Leave dally <except Sunday) at 11:1# a. m. and tf JO p. m. . BOB PHILADKLPHIA. * *? i?S!,y <**ceptBnaday)at 7:?6 and 11:16 a. Leave far Bow York and Philadelphia at I N p. only. Sleeplag ears tor Bew Torh on C JO p. a. train daily. Through tickets to Philadelphia, Bow York, 01 Boston, can be bad at the Station Offise at all hoars In tbe day. as well as at the new office H the Bankers and Brokers Telegraph Line, 349 Penn. arenne, hatweea ?th and 7lh atreets. See Baltimore aad Ohio Ball road advert!aeiaeut for schedule between Washington, Baltimore, Anna poll*, and tbe West J, L. WILSON, Master of Transportation. L. H. GQLB. General Ticket Agent. _ GBO. B. KOONTZ, Agent, Waahington. oc 90'tf UALTIMOBB ABD OHIO BAILBOAD. *-? Wash me Ton, Jan. I.1H7, Smmmwmmm are now run aa follows, ri*: FOB BALTIMOBB. ?*|J,W dally. except Bnnday, at T.ift, r:4i, and 11:14 a. m., and XiOD.and 4:80. and 8 00 p. m. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS. .ftssW:-;*-" 8"du' FOB VI AY STATIONS SOUTH OF ABNAPOLM J UNOTIOB. p ^*T# ,:U *** 7 00 * - * 1:00 4.M ^ _ FOB ANNAPOLIS. y " ? ?<* < ? 9. m. Bo trains to or from Annapoila on Snnday. UN BtbDAT. FOB BALTIBIOBB. Leave at 7:41 a. m.. and > 00 an1 8 00 p. m. FOB WAY STATIONS. Lear eat 7:46 a m., and S:W and 8 00 p. m. FOB ALL PABTS OF THB WBST. . b**y* daUy, except Sanday, at 7:46 a. m.. aad 9 in. Oa Snndax at 8 00p.m. only.connecting at Belay Station with trains from Baltimore to Wheeling. Pitrkerebarg. he THBOUQH TIOKBTh to the West can be bad at tbe Waahington Station Ticket Office at all boars In tbe aay, aa well aa at the aew office of tbe Banken and Brokers' Telegraph Line, 349 Pann. arenne, between 6th aaa 7tn etreeta. Por New York. Philadelphia, and Boston, see advertisement of "Through Line." J. L. WILSON. Master of Transportation L. M. COLB, General Ticket Agent. oclStf QBO. 8. KOOBTZ. Agent Waeblnjton DENTISTRY. DB. LKWIX'B UIHTAL ASSOCIATION. No. U60 PfcNN'A A VIC , Between 11th aad 13th etreeta. Teeth extracted without pain by admtnaterlng Mlw?tu?x>de *r laughing Gaa. mm 1 ri!Ln f 1 V r*centl> pnrchaeed the be?t4aJ5SS A??*rktD" ia the coantry for^' S^!?J*er> day; Improved Val? JL" Tbe Aeeociauon Is now prepared h on Gold, Sllva- *u3 Bubber at New JrSi. . B<1 ^*>e*?n price#. All peraons wishing denta> v^rXdone ean bare Itaarheap J!-^boT5"MB,#<1 cltiee. All work done in .1 ^**4 manner, aad warranted to I*? " tlafaction. Persons will do well to call scj examine onr work. de U tf SB T . " . . M. LOOH1B, M. P.. iVJVSfe J** Patentee of tka MINBBAL ??anda per tonally at^a^ >111 office in thta city. Many persona eanA|EB theee teeth who caanet wear others,^^^"^ and^no person oan wear others who oannet wear ea,H?f ' "7 office oan be aooomaodaSrtce or Teeth tbey mav desire, but to thesa who are particular.aad with the paiast, claaoaat. strongest and most perfect denfwrt that art oan procure, tbe MINBBAL TBBTH wlli be more fully warraited. Booms in this elty-No. 339 Psnn'a aveane. berBaKb'.y " WOOD AND COAL. ^OALI COAL'.! Best WHITB ASH at 38, by tbe ton. All sizes, to stfit customers. bawed and Split OAK WOOD, *10 per cord. .. .. .. ,,|HK ^9' .. * Long Oak. #9 p?-r cord. A ton of Coal sold by ms always welgha 1.2*> lbs JOHN B. LOBIs, fe 18 ly Corner ?th aud G streets. ^OAtl C 0 A L 11 AT GRKATLT BIDUOKD PRICKS Grose tone of v,2?0 lbs , delivered In any part of the city Chestnut White Ash. 9? btove. Kg* aud Furnace White Ash, 93.0'. Ked Ash. 98 26. Lehigh, BP. Onk and Pine Wood eoastantly on hand. Ord?-ra racaired ?t our Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh strest 8. P BROWN B SON, JaiB tf 463 9t^ mrest, between E and F. V AT K3T PA BIS ' P A SHIONB OF H A IB Li DBKbSINQ. B. ALLIOT, HtEITCH HAlh DRESSER, 3'44 B street, between 15th and Uth sts. Mr. Alllot, from Parts, Hair-Dresser, of the celebrated Bethel, with whom be arrived lu this oountry. has now been established for tne last eight yeara la Washington and Newport, enoyiag tba patronage of tberorpj diplomatique, and oftbehlgheet society. He has tha honor to announce that be haa this aeaaon imported the lateat faehions of halr draaaing, and alse pomades, and everything that beliniga to the dreeaing of nalr at vsry reasoaalle prtsae. fa 7 6m* AT PL'BLIO BALB THXOCGH B. M. HALL'S BBAL KSTATK BXCHABGB. Corner 7th street aad La. avenue. Will be aald at auction, on tbe premlaes. on tha 17th ef April, 1867,at f o'clock p. m.. by virtue ef a dsed of trust executed b> Frederick Voigt, to John Gee. Stock, (to secure Andrew Thetrer.) upon a one story frame house, situated on tha west part of lot ten, (10) In sanare Bo. 41. Waahingtoa city, subject te a lease for tbe term of Hvs years, said trust duly recorded In liber B.M H , Bo. 8, felloe S88 aad 369, chattel records for Washington county. Terms cash. mh lg-eolm 'PHIS IS TO GIYB NOTICK, That the sahecrl1 ber hae obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington County, In the District of Columbia, letters or administration on the peraonal estate 01 Thaddeus Merrice. late of Washington City, D. O.. deceased. All persons having claims against the said decsaeed are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 19th day of March next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said eetate. Given under my haad this Uth day of Mareh. *jmhll-lawtw* MABCBLLUS MOBBIOB. pMILIP THB SBOOBD; by Oharis. Gararre. A Joseph the Second and his Court; by Mahl* bach. Braithweite*B Betroapect for Jaauary Gardening for Profit; a Gaide to the Market aad Family Garden. Bwi abu rn -a Lane Yen?5r T^o Cw>n"AWitiX\l&uB'' mouxiMj. ??ti .u?araifiss.,' AUCTION SALES. Iff t?. iwrnioaa. a?.; mnjin^T knkfs^ewjrttsq5s5lf lk Dlilrid of ColMbli. M004d an iki MM <Uv of /'bn.rri.p . iPtWoISi Ho.*!. 'X* ^*'k? M '* *' OO^tMlMd Will f 11 ?1 iiMleuctttn. to tke klghesib (Adar ??

TBC MDAT, Ife? nth day of Aprila. dtmbj * i'i n .'' Bi; *' 1^* irtaliti, parte of jut h0 BtlMM'i iddlntij ud iirt of Lot lo' ill. BhH'i Addition to beorgetowa. the uBf fronting oa Bridge atreet, between Montgomery aad ttreea atrnu. ud ridif the end of FeaSnt MZTl&'tZXZ&fcJESUt'Si Aid ob FBIVATi the ltth dor of Anril A n 1?7. at the premlsee, ot "o'clwk a. . we Wiii ell the subdivision Iota it a owa en Lota 'B" oad 0, ib Sweeay ^ anbdivieioa of leti u..,,,,: S? 1^< '"J ?f Washington. Lot B will be old la three separate porcele " each he^? front of 29 feet 5 inche* oa Sd street weet M?f?n :? x? " r*.&? fftsr?,/??:?. tev.'0.;' ? feet 4 Inches on south C street, between 3d and Id streeUweet by a depth of about IS* feet l"ke!f All the above property le desirable. oaddoeer^ee property detlrlag to invest in anch | Tems of aale, u prescribed by the decree One. i third cash; the residae ia twoeqnal payments ot I lx *?d.? *!* ontha. with Interest from the dor | of Bole, or, ot the option of the aarchoeer the r.?iv,v,esr?T,?"' "'"mis i>.m iris* The tlt'ee are perfect. F. W. JONES, /. CB ABLKB M. MATTHEWS, {Trustees. ?b SO lOtAda THUS. POWLINO. Aoct |*T COOP MB A LATIMEB, Auctioneers ~ P? <*? *? clarka with Jae.d McGuire A Oo ,) P. W. corner Peca avenue end nth atreot fltar Office Bnlldlag. "u,,rw' ?<w v??P.??l4,LE?I,,rBOV*D PROPEBTY OPT?0N 'BANELIH SliDAEi at AUO On WEDNESDAY ne*t. April 10. ot S o'clock on the nreaile?9. we will tell Lot SO oad eastern |8' 'n 8?uare 2M. the same fronting 'M'P'T two f*et one inch ob I street with S fejpth of l?4 foet. rnnning bock to a thirty foot I w wi property la located ia one of tbo most | bealtky and desirable portiona of the city. *ad a/too* * # chance to parties in aoarch of building Tama : One third cash; balance in aix oad twelve months, with intereet, secured by o deed of trust on the prsmises All conveyancing end stampo at purchaser'* coat. apS d Ads COWPIB A LATIMEB. Ai.cts. R* * WILLIAMS, Anctlonoera. MJ Mo. tub, southeast comer 7th and Data. VALUABLE BUILDIH0"L0T8 FEONTINC ON MA^AUHCfiETTB AYEHIE,BETWEEN ADnSoff ? 8BCo1,I> 8TEEET8 BAST, AT Oa THUESDAY.thellth lust., at 6 o'clock p. {? w*x?kall aeli, en the premiere. Lot Ho 2, in Square No. 733. having** f^-t front on Massachusettsiavenue. running ISO foet through to D street waking building lots frontingoa each street with?at any woate ground to the purchasers ?l2Ik ',rdf k?l?nce in si* and twelve ?v ! Jii* TV***. lnt*re,t ?nd secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Ail convey anclng andrevenu- stamps at the cost of the purchaser. $!4 down on the day of Kale ?P? d GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. JJ* BBEBb A WILLIAMS, Anctioaoora. n? A?-Un8?wA1!P L?T AT AUCTION On MubDaT, the ISth matant. April. I ahall aell, at Co clock p a, in front of the premises by virtue of a deed of trust, to the subscriber' bearing date thr l?h day of February, |^ ?j recorded in Liber B M H.. Bo 18 foX?i77 r.eof tbe laBd recrtrd* lor Washington coaat?' District of Uolumbla. the following named proa' erty. lying and being In the city oTWashinitoS P L*rti,f aqnare aorth of a<juar? nnrHlered eicht hundred and ifty-three, (iJ53 ) ginning for the same at the southe.iet coraer of d a<juare, andruaaing thence west, oa south M flirt ' J8' ' "i* t' ence north siitj two (621 feetf slxfdlinchea, tbonce east eighty (Sei foet thenceaouthsixty-twoefi feet eiffSilnVhee U)' Tonne made known at aale. All conveyaneina and revenue atamps at coat of purcha-er wUI be required paid down wEen the proper ty -?.h .h . the^uJch"?r houid fail to com?|' with the term* in five day* after aate the trustee reaerveatlie right to reeell tho trT.if.T vertlsing such resale threo times m Kf*WJ.r. _ Bt?r. JOHN M. HANSON^rVjilr C ap ld OHEEN A WILLIAMS. lifts III NAOLB A GO., AncUoaoora. ~ 8alo?room Ho. 1W4 Penn.avonno, Between SKh and 10th ata. HA8LE A ?0- will give their portonal attention Vi of#BVJ ??d llouaehold rurnii^0' ?'o' Orooeries, Wvnee, Liauora, acd Mercbaadiae of every do aeription. Horses. OarrUge*, H arneas. Ac. Liberal cask advancea made on consignmeata. _Eegnlar Sales at our salesroom overr TnKH f.A.iv fBCBSDAY, and 8ATDEDA?, n*?o fa?Ttf HAOLEAbo, ___^_Auctioneer?. "pawnbrokers A L 8 H ' 8 cextral loax office. Ha. 4t?8 10th (treet, one door below Ponn. ava. Tbia well-known Office makes L1BEBAL ADVANCED /V\ rin?h?im 0L?di,?<;0,d Bnd Sl'v?r Watchoa.O Q doecrtptfon^ or re' aDtl olTve?? gi mBmi'd*7(exc,,t Sunday) from 8 a. m. to - B~Bnglnfaaatrlctly confidential, fe j$-tf 47s*- LICBH8KD BY AGTHOEITY dVr *,? BJuBBST^E 8 LOAN OFKlOE,4 / 5 r?lr?*.rv^ ,tre^t' M ?,oor of Penn. ave. a MONEY loaned oa time to ault customers on ? Silver Watchoe. Diamonds Jewelry, fctlver PUte, Piamos. FurniUrT. Mi-' chanical loois. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Wearlne Apparel of all descriptlona. ?h S Sni* B. BUBNSTINE. TBB OLD ESTABLISHED F1EM OF , ? OOLDBTEIH A CO . _ LICENSED I'AWNBKOKEES 34 FOUB AND-A HALF bTEIET ^'EST, nir?, tk. k.n#u*r Pennaylvanla avenue, c**k ad?ancea on all klnda of ercliandlsa, to any amount and for any A time desired, at reasonable rateo. /W| Interest on large anai* greatly roducod B A Bnslneaa strictly confidential. US !yWI1' C**'> *nd *? private sale. person au MK8.CUETI8 IBVINO, Clatrveyant and Tui AI'dtum. will give life readings, including Fraaantand Future, at her office, 4*JO, twrtn aide of Pa. av., between aad 5th streota. Offloo konr^from^ to Jja^m. and d to 9 p. m. ap 4 im* pOKflDISTIAL.-foiiDi men who havo In^ inrod themsalvea by certain aecret kabiu, which unfit them for bnainsss, pleasure, or the dutlosof marrted life; alao. middle aged aad old ??"i roP. .t,h* falliea of youth, or other htfl, i"* ! * debility in advance of their yeara. lacing themselves under the treatment of ft?/?,"'should flrat read "Tho Sooret Friend." IliTrita ladies will learn something of import*ace j J *?ruaing "The Secret Friend." Sent to any ad?nJ anveloae. on recaipt of 2S oonte. Address Dr.CHAB. A. STUABT A 00.. Boston. BMi ^ ao My DEPARTMENT or THE INTEEIOE^ UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, n_ th. M,IM w Aaaiaoroa. March 15,1*57 On the petition of Ei?ML'N Ml NS0N.?f Utica, } } lr,',Dg for the extension of a patent granted to him the i?th day of Jnly. l&i, iS? a?7?. proven.ent in Eye- for Mill gton. i Tor Seven J'J" f|'?na the expiration of a&ld patent, which takes plaoo on the lath day ot J uly, \6S7 : thi f1,1J?*?"on bo heard at tne Patent Uffico en Monday, tho 1st day of titiZ* HI1'' *' " o'clock m.; aad all persons areaotified to appear and show cause if any thew havo why aaid petition ought not to be g rue ted. ?rp??ing the extension are required to Jet fortain wrtfV uffi5*ithe1r b-i*ct'ona specially aet fortkIn writing, at least twenty days before the d.yof heart.,testimony Bled by either party to ba used at the said hoaring must be taken an! t^sn'ailtt?d In accordance with tbo ralea of tlx office, which will bo farnishedon aitl^atZa Depositions aad other papers relied upon aa testimony must be filed in tneoMoe <u??a/ydays before the day of hearing; the argnmente. If oay, within un days after fillag the teetimony l"at this aotico be pnbiiebed la the Intolligeneer and the Bepnbliean, Washington. D. 0., aad In tbo Herald. Utica Haw Jofk. once a week for throe ancceaelve weeks; the first of said publications to be at least sixty dare provloaa to the day of hearing ' T. O. THEAKEE, w w^i. .v Commissioner of Patonta. * Be S<liton of thd aboTa aapart will BiaaM . .. .. Wash i no ton, March 13 lac On the petition of GILES F. FILLET, ef 8t. Louie, Missouri, praying for tne extension of a aateat granted toTiiii too ltth day of June l?3. for an improveaent la Ooeking Stovea. for aeven years from tbo expiraUon of eaid patent, wnich takae plaoo on the lot n day of J une. u*7 T waion U ia ordered that the aaid petition bo heard at the Patent Oftco on Monday, the 17th day of May aext. at IS o'clock M.i and all asiMai m notified to appear and ehoweaaee.lfaay tney novo why said petition ought not to be granted. ^ Persons opposing tke extensi?u are reoBlred to file In the Patent Office their objoctloaa, eaectally set forth in wrtting, at leeot twenty daysbeforo the day of hearing; all tosttmony filed by either party to be need at tke said bearing mast be taken aad transmitted in accordance witk the rules of the ofloo, which will be nraiahod on apptfoatiea Depositions and otner paper* relies upoa ae tea.' tlniony must be tied la the offloo twenty days before the day of hearing: the arguments. If aav withla teadaye afUr filing the teetimony Ordered alao. thai tbla notice ha pabUahed la tha BeaabUaaa and tho Motional Intelligeacer Waab. fiws < e^asjgyfflsl i aopy. aad eend thair bille lo theYSSat Ollca'witk a ?ayor ooa'alnlag this nottoe. ^*klTiaw?w of Oolg Pa,,; :?sracrs\,Y" 'KaigTasssr* GOVERNMENT SALES. OU.PHM A* CAMP KBA1BS AT AUOTIOB. d*potqt?*bt?n?a??tbb,iorvie?? ( liflRMTd, D O., Afrll ?.,'W I it htr of the QiuttfMiUr G*aeral tl? followlag BUILDINGS at lamp KrtuM, oa (k? llftira Branch will b* Mid at Pablio Autlo> en WBDBB8D A Y.April 19, nader the supervisee ef Lleuteaant Bdward H?i?r. ltth 0 8 infantry, ici ng ualatut antrtTBMt'r D. 8. A.?Mle to commeace at II a clock a m -to wit: 1 Frama BatIdlag, ** feat by t>? feat. ] flrtlt U< BuBubw, br fMt. 1 Kitchen aid Meu Bocae, 14?* feet try ite feat. I Stable.? feet by *ss* feet. 1 Wheelwright* ihop. MS feet fey 21 feet. 1 Blacksmith * Shot. IS* feet by t% feet. 1 Wagon Shed. ?S feet by 71* feet. Bulldinga will be eold siagly Terma Cash. ia Government funde. The CsiUd Btatee rellBqnlefee* the care of theee buildlsga upon day of ^ TOMpR1HS Brevet General, ap 4-<t Depot Quartermaster r^OVBBBMKIfT BBILDIBQB if OOflVA *Y LBBCBNT OAMP AT ACCTIGB OknfQuarterwu^t4*'t Q#c?. Depot ?f lfa)twr>M. O O.. April 1.19*7. < The Oorerani'Dt Bulldinga eem?a*lng Camp Oonvaleeceat. situated between the Loag Bridge ai>d Alexandria. will be gold at public auction on MOBDAY. llth April, nader :he uperviaioi. of Lientsnaat Edward Burner, llthC Infantry, Acting A !(tatit Quartermaster Bale to eom menee at U m Theee buildings oenaist of 32 barrack*, sblnple roof 20 ofiicara quarters and other building*. *hJccl?> r<fl bulldinga, felt roof; 2 office*. officer*'gwertera. *heda, atetlee, workshops, stcrehenses, sitka. and fence, comprising 1(M buildings ia all. Building* will be aold singly. aad *ale will be eoBtlBuedfrom day today till all are dlapoaed of. Tern* caeh. in Government funds. The United Ptates relinquishes the care of th se bulldinga upon day of sale O B TOMPKINB, apt-lit Bvt^Brig. Gen.^ Depot Q. M. C~?VBBBMENT BCILDING9 AT ALEX ANY DBIA AT AUOTION. ( Au/Oaartgrmajisr'*OilC4,U*r? ?/ W+>ki+fU>n,l IfaitmiMa, D. C. M.-.rch N. 1857. j Bv order of the Qnartermaat-r General, tbe buildinge known aa the Conatructiou Corps Bar raeke. at Alexaadrie. Vlrgiale. will b? aold at public aactioa. on THUBciDA Y. April 11. ander the auperviaion of Lieutenant Biward Uunter, llth United State* Infantry. Aotin/ Asaiataat Qnartetmaater, Tatted btatee Army Sale to commence at 12 o'clock nooa. Tbeaa Barracka comprta*- thirt-en building*. raagiBg from 9 to 21 feet la width t>y tram 10 to (2 feat In length Aiao. a Tortable Building 10 by 12 fe< t After which the following at Bettery Bodgar*. Two Buildit,gs and 51 Bench* e. There will alae b< aolu at the a an. time the following pipe 60 feet 1 inch Lead Pipe. M feet 2 Inch iron Pip* 140 feet 1 inch Iron Pipe ISO fret IVIaoh Iron Pipe fl Brae* atop cock* 3 Cooking B&n.-ea. incomplete. 1 9t< air. Boil?r 6 iBChe* by 1 foot 10 Inches. Trrm??Caeh.ln Governmant fnnda C. H. TOMPBIN3, Brig Gea and D- pot v?erterma*t<-r ah M-lOt ^BMOBY IOB SALB. Ckiif QuaritnrMftif t Ofre. Depot of Weuktntton.l WaskiMion, D C . Marcti 29. 18S7 { By order of the (jaarternia*t> r Geaeral, the Got rmeot Armory on G street, between Twent\ firat and Twenty aacond. will be aold at paldlc auction tinder the supervision of Captain .'ama* Pa.> tie, A. y. M , ob WBDMBSDAT, April 10, at 12 e el k noon Tbla building ia 20"fe"t bp 45 feet, ahinple roof. TermacBeh. Ib GoTemtneat fund*. CBABLB8 B TOMPKINS. Bvt. Brig. Bea . Depaty 0. M Gen , Aetiag Chief Qnartermaater, mh 29 lit Be pot of Waahingtoa IICK1AU or OBDBANCB. d s*tt diraitmht, WAaiiiSGTO.t On*, March 15, is?7. BALE OF OLD ABD~CN8EBV10EABLB AB TICLB8 ?r OBDNANCB. There will be aold at public auctloa. to the hlgheet blddera. at noon, THCB8DAY,the llth day of April, 1967, at the OSce of the Inspector of Ordcaace. SaTy-yard. Philadelphia, PeunayUa bib, a lot ef old aad unserviceable article* ef Ordnance, embracing Shot and Shell, about *a*en hnadred (700) Oarbiae*. (breach loader*.) about twenty-five handred <2.5001 'Musket*, ritfed and amooth 1 or-. Sub Carriagea, aad other a to re*. Th*- artlclee will be aold ia lota. Terms : On- half caah, in Government fanda, to be deposited on the conclusion of the aale abd the Mtnalader within ten daya afterward, during which time the articlea must be removed frorn the yard, otherwlae they will revert to tbe Government. B. A WISE. mh 18 23t Chief of Bnrean PRUPOSALS. / 'bEKK 8 OFFICB. horei Bepkeskntativf*, BraTis, : WiiH^c.Tns, April 1, 1M7 Sealed Propoaala will b? received at thl' efflce GDtil 12 o'clock M of TCB8DAY. the 9th day of April, A D 1867. for Keeping tu- r--a*anrant afthe B?n*>- of Berr?B' ntativee oi the United Htate* In accordance with tb< term-of the annexed rea ution the re*taur?nt to be kept op?n during the entire year, except Sanlay* BDWAKD M'-PH KBSON, Clerk. riBuratY 27.18g7 Or<!era!, That the privilege ?f keepi-ig the Ke? taurantof the Iloase sLall be det. rmine-i aa lol- | lows : Propoaala therefor *h*llbe receiv?- i by the Clark of tbe Houee up to noon of March VJ. 1467. aad hi etibially thereafter, and *ball be oiaaed by him, in the preeen> e of tw>< witnesses, and be t y him awarded to tbe moat cnltable person, having aia j reference to the amount f money offered for ttie fri vilege, and the capa ity of tLe h:d4*r for the iiilnes*. Aecompaoing tbe proposal* must be tl e tame of one or more peraon* who are willing to becom< inretlae in the snm of ene th uaand dollar* for the faithful terformance of tbedatie* of aaid keeper; an<l po-* *aion o! the preuna-a ahall br given by the Clerk to -aid bidl*-r up n hi* exe cuticg a bond in the * ;m of one thuaaand dollar*, with anfficient auretiea, for th" proper discharge of hi* dutie*. and for the careful use of the i rop?rty of the GoTernmeat entrastad to him. Such po*ae**ion ahaii be at all time* under th- contr >1 of i be Bouse Aad the amount of money thus bid and accepted shall l>c paid to the aaid ClerV onehMlf on the flrst Monday of Deceuibar next aftrr the date of the bond , and th- residue *lx months ttereatter. and. as received, shall be. by aail C erk. paid to the Trta*ur-r of the Mati nal Soldiera and Saiiora' Orphan Home f?.r the l>eneflt of aaid Inatitation. _ ap 5 id |>B0P08ALS F0B,^^,v'kJ^L,t F0B IBD1AN DtraRTMKST OF THK lNT*?:OR,f March 17. ls?>7 \ Pr< posats will be received np tu the lita da> of May. ifc67, at the office of H. B Detiman, Snp-riu tel. lent of Indian Afaira fer the Northern Super inteadency, at Omaha City, Nebraska, for tbe delivery at Omaha Olty of tbe folljeiag Stock Cattle, te wit : 300 head of Milk Cewa for th>- Winnebago In dine* ocenpyicg a rverv.tii?n lu Netra-ka 300 head ot Milk Cowr for the 8>nteeSiouv In diana, occupying a reservation at th- mouth ottbe Niobrara Nebraska 300 bead of Milk Cow* for the Yancton Sioux In dlana. occupying a reservation in Dakota 100 head of Milk Caw* for the Umahs Indian*. occupying a reservation in Neoraaka. 80 h^ad of young American Bull*. 3# head of Beef Catt'e,(?t*era ) The Cows muat be of good quality, American breed, not Ira* than three nor n.ore thau *-v?-n yeara old Cows with youuit calv-s, oreews wlt?i calf, will be preferred. ?ryco*iwlil not be rr ceived The Bulla tt-nat be not let* tl aa thr. >eara old, and the Ueef Cattle net lesa than tour yt-ara old. . . . Superintendent Deuman will have the right to reiect any or ail th<" bid?; alao. the right to reje t any or all the cattle it he deetus that the cattle delivered art- not of th> re-juired chare- Ur Superintendsut Denman will be authorir'-d te teceive the aai l cattle and to give \ on h>-rs to the partiea delivering the cattle. t?? b?- paid at the ( See of tbe Commissioner of Indian* Atfaire iu Washiagton city. . , Tbe tin-e of the deli very of thec^ttle will be !etermiHed b> Superintendent Denman who will alao bave the power te cbauge t)ie place ?I delivery, with the conaent of tbe contractor. Gov-d and ufticieut benda will be re^miredfor the fwithtul fulfillment of the contract. Btd* will not 1-e received for a i*a? number than the total number of c?w? and bull* call?d for Separate propoaala, hewejer, will berejeived for the l>eef cattle. O. H. BKOWN1HG. mh 50 Secretary " N1TED STATES NAVAL STATP-N. Luaera I?La*i>. March 22.1*.. Bv erder of the Navy Department, from the Bare an of Construction end Itepairs. sealed proposal* fwr the removing er wre kin* and recovering the property in the U. S B "H'? Iroa*ld?e. will be received at thia office nnUl 1 p. m. oi tne leih cf April, 1867, when they will be opened Trie rropo?iti*B for wrecking noat atate ?hf propor ion of the proceed* of the aalee winch U t be pnid to the ealvora, alao the time within which tbe work la to he completed, with the naderetanding that in lien ef bond* and ether aecnrity tor the fulfillment ef the agreement, the property recovered il to be placed In the haada of tbe Government to be sold from time to time, a- may be deemed advantageous, the proceed* remaining In the hand* ef the Government until the whele of the wreck I* removed, and tbe work cwaapieted to it? aatistartion. In eaee of falling to nraeecnte the work with satiafactery diligence, or te complete Ittn dne ?lme. the department rea^rvee the right to annal the agreement, and the property recovered will l>e forfeited to the Government Por tbe purcktMe. as ?he lies, the proposition muat atate the timelwithln which the wr-ck will be entirely removed. The money to be paid at once; and tailing to have her removed in tiane, the ve*sel will be forfeited to tne Government: the right will be reserved to reject all of the effere; aad ao agreement for wrecking will be awarded nntil the apparatna of th. feldd-r haa be' n examined and report-'d a* aaffl I nt for the pnraoee Information can b<> obtained at this oMceof the amount ef weight of Iron-plating, machiner*. boil?-ra,aad other articleetn thteahip. Beepectfnlly. Ac., mh 26 nivflt Commandant Naval Btatioa. 7Z PIABOB. UNB Bbcob A Bavea P|?bo. for fui. One Andrew Stela, for ?. .Mil One almeet new 7-ocUve large ronnd'Tl %T1 corner Uoardmaa A Grey Piaao. #274. Bole Agenta of BUinway A Son'a Piauoe, aad Hmoi A Hamlla a Oabiaet Organa. fa U tf d^OLOBBD TOT BOOBS, from Leadoa; Preach Ks Juvenile Boeka, direct from Parte; Labovleree' Bew Pairy Tale ; Baop, largely iUaa?rated, aad any otbera, j?tt received. Sit ' PBANCS TATLOB_ /^BOlOB NCTBTiAISI B8. P1G8,OO BBANT8, BPICBB-Ac.,Ac .to*mlttk1* particular een* ? | BANKERS. i RBVBBTHIBTT TIIA8CBT MOT KB, D sf ui wrtN1tiek?u?4 for H1W mi TVlNTfRONDI, AT THB RATIONAL PARK OF OOMIIBBCB oroiuii.iTowi.D e Infernal Reveaae Plan pa for Netee. Cherke, Draft*,Deeds, 11. rt|?|M. ?B>1 itber lf.kj documents for sale at Government -iw rr.h 7 la J G HAM M IK Oeshler J A* tOOKK k C?T, BAIKB1I, A'haU ttrtti, offt'ili Buyand Ml leurrent mark at rates. sad few* ousts a uy on hand,a fall n?l> of aU 60VIISHIBT BONDS. 6RVEN-THIBTIBS, AND OOMPOCBB 1NTBBBST HOT EH Orders (sr STOCKS. BONDS, Ac . uttiUi and Oallactiooa made oa ail aceeeelble points. se 1-tf Firil Natioul B?nk of Wuhii?toi. U.D COOBB. (Of Jay Cook* * Co.,J Presided V> M. 8. HCNTINGTOH. Ceehler. GOVBBBMXHT DBPOSITOBT AMD FINANCIAL AGIST OF TUB CB1TBD STATBB. l?tk ttrttt, orfitut U< TV?**%?v Dip*'tmmti. GiT?n?MB( Securities with Trearr.rer United glatn WrONE MILLION DOLLARS W e boy andeell all r leases of GOVERNMENT LECL RlTlES%t entrant market rataa. SURN1SH EXCHANGE mmi mak* Cbiit9%o%? en ALL THE FBINC1FAL CITIES Of THE UNITED STATES. We parchass Government Voccbers oa U>* most favorable terms, and givscareiai ace attention to ACCOUNTS BUSINESS MEN nnd FIRMS, and to any other fcnalneaa entrusted to oa. PULL INFORMATION In regard to GOVBBS1 MBNT LOANS at all tlmee cheerfully furaished WM S H0NT1NGT0B, Caehler We*hingt?n. BLarch ?, isa m n tf steamboat links." POTOMAC TRANSI'ORTATloN LINB POB Baltimore Making frel*:.t uuuh:io:. ai Ay I : A CHEEK fjth RICHMOND. FREpKRlCks ^0^^ BURG AND POTOMA< U A ILL' AD -ffHI1 The steamer BXIRSkS, Cart A. Nlckle. ar.4 *teaii>*r H EN N E HEC, Cap; John H "fleas, leave Washington from Sisth street wharf #T,nV EDNEbMAY and SATURDAY, at ~ m ' w Haltim* r*. and usual wmy landfn#? on rMSS/iV^ W'da'P * Por farther Information apply to ? J. B HiVAH * FRO, mh IS-tf No. 34 3 Pennsylvania eve. WTLAMEL WILSON ^H ALL ? FOh THl EASTERN SHORE. . NOT1CB.?Tha Stea mar WIL^MN SMALL. OAPT B T. LEONARD, lovts all reepecls one of tba ataanche?t^ moat cumfortebls and elegant^B*Mfc teamen plying on Cheeapeake Hay, will reeume h-r route on nil CRDAT. March Li. She leaves L#r..f*'r ?PPoelte No 170 Light street wharf. f?TP rd iV*rJaTC*eDAT- JHCHSDAY. and BATl BPAT, at 9 i m , for EASTfjX /vi/vT i#OrBLFM1 LLS.OXrbRD CLQK A'SPOIN 7* wpj** CAMBRllUi F. HVOHWiln % vririr^ ?>A?!Zr&EEKKl MEDFORD S WfjAhr.jkMi LLOYD'S LANDING. Returning: from THE EASTERN SHORE, she leave* Llo>d a Landing at 1 p. m , Cambridge at ? Baaton P<4nt at ? a m , every Mosdey, Wednesday and Friday,touching at all latermeMd r?^fh,nE Baltimore at ? a m. on the followlti* mi rcinc* fe tf" * '*r*? number of fine state rooat. R?""0"%l82g,SS2Ka* ?? T(S TRAVELLERS OolNQ BOOTH T^ICB DAlLTa(Sanday p. m azocptadj Tba qalckeat aad most dtract rente to Elolmoed. a . and tbe Booth, via the Potomae _ Reamer* from 7th Street Wharf._^*A^^J^ Waahlnctoq, to A?n!a Creek B!c^?ond, Predanckabarf and Potomac Railroad. ?.c\,nondv Ta. connecting thera wlthtralna oa the Biehm^nd and Petarebarg and Richmond and Danville Ral'roadi. for Peterebnrc. Weldon. Wilplngton Balelgh, Oreenaboro'. Sa !?b?r?. Charlottaand CheeUr.S O Steamers Keyport and O Paodarbllt leave rtk Street Wharf dally (Sot-day er?tlnf excepted at -Z^a m and 6 . ? p m. and arrive la Riduaoad a( 1 ? p. m and 142a a. THROCGH TO RICHMOND IN SEVEN HOUBS> Fifty Ml lea Shorter aad l* Hours y nicker (has any Otker Route. Be tore aad get Through Tickets via Agula Creek and Predarlcksbcrg, to Richmond, at tha Oompany s Office, corner at Penna. aveane and Itb street, or on board of the boats. Baggage check at through. Omnltusaaa aad Baggage Wageaa will be la raadlneasto convey paaaengen and .baggaga batwaen depots ia Richmond. Passengers by this line paa by dayllgkt Mount Vernon, and may have an opportunity of vlsltlnc several battle fields near Predarlckaburg by Mopping at that point Breakfast and sap on board of Stiiam. GBO MATTINGLT.Sfipt.. Wa?hltatoa.'B O. G. B. MATT1NGLT, Ticket Afent, Waahfngtou. _ C'Ji RANEY ap Hy General Paaaenger Ageot ^ICBBT D18EASBS. lAHARITuX'l AlfT! SA MA RI TAN"8 GIFT* THE MOST OBRTA1N REMBDT EVER USBD. 'Tee, A Po*<t:vi Or*?," fe* gONOKBUOtA, tiLLKT. MTBICTUBB8, Contains no Mineral, ao Balsam, no Mercmry. OaiV Tea PtUr to b* Thktn to kftct a Cwrt. They are entirely vegetatrte. having dv smell aov any anpleaaant taste, aatl will not in aay way Injur'e tbe stomach er bowel* of the moet delicate. Curee la from twe to four days, and recent caaaa In "treaty fonr bourt " Prepared by agradnaM of the Cniversity of PeaasyUanla. ene of the moat eminent Doctors aad Chemists of the preeeat day; ao ?rro<?*?. no :r<mblt. no r kanH ukmtTrr. Let thoae who havedeepairedof getung Sent by Bail In a plain envelope, rrloe?Mate packages, #1 Psaaoe, f|. BLOODt BLOODfl BLOOD HI fOBOFCLA, ULCBBB. BORES, SPOTS, TEITRHS. SCALES, BOILS. STPHltlS. OR VENEREA^ DISEASES, Ac. * gAUARlTA>T8 BOOT ASD BKtbB JUIOB Is offered the public as a positive cure SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, tha SAMA HIT AN *8 BOOT AND HERB JUICE Ca moat potest. rertaiL and effectual remedy ever preeenbed. it reaches and eradicates every particle cf the venereal poison, so that tbe cure is thorocgh and penuanent. Take, then,of this porlfrlLg remedy and be healed, and do r ot transmit it to your posterity that for vhlea ?Cu aay sepant la afar " "* DO NOT DESPAIR I Although you may oe prouvcucoe incurable, SAMARITAN 5 ROOT AND H EBB JCl'oMS will remeve every vestige ef Imporitiee from tha CT.tem M ?*>l M all the bad effacu of Mer nry " kemalrb^ females !l in maul afiectloaa with vhlcn nnmeers of Fa. ?i?es^ufie* the ROOT AND HERB JUlOBSao* happily adapted, la Cloeratad Dterua. In Leacovrbura, II bearing down. Palling of the Womb, da. blllty, end tor all oomplainta incident to the a* wmihT exprea. Price $\.? par botUe W SAMARITAN'S WASH ^la asses ef By phi lie, used luooaaeoUoa with tta ?t aad Herb Juloee. Full directions. Price tf cents Tbe efficacy of these remedies Is alike arknewjarfgttl tj gh^iclaM^ad patieate They are aae4 WHAT TBB BUBO EONS BAT OF THB SAHAB WHAT saw 1TAN 'S REMEDIBS "Poev Boerival, rotr Mal-hall, BaiUaore, d , Feb.?, 1*4 ?"1 have great saUsfacU?a la jtaUag that 1 have aaad 'The Bamantaa Remedlea* for Veneral dlseaeee In Its aoet customar> foram; that 1 have Used them with jndgaeat, dlacreaea. pad properly, aad, have found taam raepond to luy fcittolpatloas promptly and effectually Kauwiaa their aoapoattlon, I have the follMt oonldeoce la their eSoacy, aad aa fa ea ay aaof thaa ezteada, * m^itfkBD O. BOW BBS. "AirtsUnt Surgeon, tth B. 1. foil. ' BhMkpB. 0. FOBD. oeraar 11th etraet aad Penngylvaada avaaaa, WasklngOon, HBNRT OOOB. Nsistfoi'D i ^ IB THB OBPHANS'OOUBT, THIS yTH DAT OF MARCH. A D. 1-6 7 I'pon report of sales aade by J B Adam*. guaidiaB, Ac., it ia by the Oourt, this ?rb day f March A. D lv>7 OrUtrtJ, That the taU ealf eo reported be ratified aad con firmed, uale?e cease to the contrary beehowa on or before the 9th day of April next, and it Is furthar ordered that the said sale to Heiekiah Gutcheil be ratified, and the terms of the eale In the ferasar decree he ao far modified aa that tbe said Gatcbell par ea- thouaaad dollare in caeh and give a deed of treat bearing interest, on the property pcrchaaed for tha balance of tne purchase money. to wit five haadred dollars, said dad af trast t remaia for osa year; Pror,<Ud thatacopyof thie ordar b.'aubhsbed in the Bvening Star oacs a weak for thraa weeks before said Kh A^rU. y pUECKLL> Jodce of the Orphans' Oourt. A true copy. Tm( ;_jas b CVBBIBNB. mh H-wtw Begister of Wills. ri>iiB IS TO GIVB NOTICB, That the eabeertI ber haa ojtalned ftoa Ue Orphans' Court of Washington the District of Oalaabla. Utters testamentary oa tha peraoaal aetata o* Marcaret Maekeljlate af Waahlagtoa city. D. O , aeceaaed. All persona having clatas against tha aaid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit tha name with the vouchere thereof, to the subscriber, ahlfi-iawSw* Bxssatof. (