Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. local news. AMUSEMENTS, fee., TO NIGHT. Wall's Nbw or?ka hor:*a ?Second night ot the Imperla1 Japanese troop* ol acrobats, luggle-s, and gymnasts. wbo drew lucb M mtr.ense house last nig tit. Their performances are truly wonderful, and cone should :ail to see them. Natiohal Thiatib.-Lady Don in "Kenilworth" this evening for the Inst an*. ?wo la Brother Bob and Me.'Or?D Kill*s* Hall ?First night of the Arabian Nights Kntertainment. or Loitering* on hnchanted Ground.''comprising fifty magnificent tableaux, illustrating the postry at.d splendor of the Last. kurd of Tradi ?a special meeting of the Boird of Trade was held last evening at their room*. No ? Market Space, for tne purpose of making arrangements to distribute the money recently collected for tberelief of the suffering poor in" the South The Vice President t Mr. >amnel Bacon; occupied the chs.r. After the obi'C of the meeting had been stated b\ the t'hair Mr. Y. B. Mohnn. chairman of ae committer to solicit contributions, reported hat T * had been collected and deposited in hank. The correspondence between the committee Spalding Jc Kapley, giving: their theater tor a enertt ?-?n Monday evening next, w ?a read. Also a proposition from Mr. J. P erscn. en~th street. offering to give Ave per eat of hi.- ~roes receipts from sales from Wednesday until Saturday to be devoted to the bje t* Also, i letter from Mr.ITbos. Ca*stday, ? I* street, proposing to recite "Shamus Bnet. on Monday evening, and auother :rom Mr. Abner S. Brady, volunteering his services for the entertainment nt the tneater. The offei 9 of Messrs < assiday and Brady w re referred to Sueasr*. Spalding St Kapley, managers of the theater. Mr Mitchell movd that the proposition of Mr Pierson be accepted. mr Hall was opposed to accepting the same. 1t was a specie# of advertising that he did not hmk hould be recognized by the Boardl of t ade :twa.-ver\ probable that Mr. Pier?ca ? nty wanted to get his uamein the papers, and have every body run to his store, where ae would chrirge enough to make up the 5 per cent If m* p wanted to advertise, iet him pay -he printer, and doit legitimately Kr Mobiin stated that Mr. Pier son had also . eontributed some money. Mr. Mitchell thougut Mr. Piersoti's luteu- I tious might be rood Mr Geo W Cochrane wasoppo-ed to such business If the Board ot Trade should recogsn/e 'his thine, hundreds ot men in Washington woulu offer to give a per ceutage ol their sales a- a mode of advertising. He thought there was nothing legitimate in it. and hoped the committee would have no power to accept it he moved that the propo-ition be laid on the table. which motion was adopted Mr. h. b Sweeny offered a resolution aotbori/wg the committee to confer with the > saaittCM from the various churches | through* at the city, ?nd the committee of the ' Corn L\changeot Georgetown, a~ toihetxm method of distributing the amount* collected, aud authorizing the commute* to act as they If M :ii:nkim Mr. Clagett said there were cas-'s iu'on ot persons wbo had come here from the South with the hope of finding syne employmeia. but being nna'oie tu do so, were -uflericg very mnch. and he moved thai ^'AiO t :be money colle 'ed b? placed in the hands ot a committee of ladies for the relief ot those in tb;? cry. Mr Mitchell ?aid there were many ca*es of great -uffering along 'he borders of Virginia, trem Ale aiulna to l.eesbnrg?case* where dI-1 pen-jus aud children slep? on straw had nothing to eaJ more than once in two or three .lays tie had received a letter from the Lad.e s n'heru Heliet Society, of Georgetown, N-kiug that n portion of the money collected h-* gt\en to them f?r distribution. Mr Mohur. thought the Georgetown Etchange bad appointed tneir own committee and collected tunds in that city, and it was be?r tbr.r th? two Boards act separately. Mr V;ill??id"',i ii had been tolieoted in the bnrche1-. and ne hoped the money would til i>e put together and sent South. Those wbo were in this city or Georgetown suffering vo "d he taken care ot by private charity. Mr svmosy spoke of several cases of exreme want now iu th* city?one lady with er tin hand and three children had came to . e city bi t the husband could get nothing to 1o and had to return to the South. His wife and -hree children wre now fed by a colored woman Mr Wall though* a subscription list conld be <>pejed inrnedsately and enongh money oliect?*l from the members to relieve those Mr \ b McGnire said there were ea*es in ne city which needed relief a? much as any n 'be Sontb He had seven applications yeserdav for a portion of the money collected, and he thought e\ery dollar oil: conld be distributed here in Washington and not give to one undeserving person Another fund t ould be created for tne relief of case, in the city The money was collected to be sent to tno^e in the Soub, and he hoped if a portion was to be Mstrtbntad in the cl*y it would be taken out of the hands of the committee, a- it would he impossible to make <-j -0 go very far among those w no needed relief in the city mr >ioussa moved to lay the resolution? on Ms, and otlere.i as a substitute a resolution authorizing the committee to act as they should deem best. Mr. Thorn said the committee had already received several letter* asking for relief. The substitute offered by Mr Sious?a was -e et:*d. aud the original resolution offered by Mr Sweeny adopted On motion of Mr. Siou*sa. a vote of thanks v?e-e tendered to the committee, Mr W R Snow said if there were cases of destitution now in this city, be honed funds wo Id be immediately subscribed for 'heir relief. Mr. Claget* san! there were cas?? of real destitution bere, and he hoped tb* members of the Board of Trade would contribute, and moved the appointn en* ot a omraittee of three to re< eive voluntary contributions for the relief of destitute Southerners now iu Washington. The resolution wa> agrees to. and Messrs. Y> H. t lagett, Wm Wall and H Polkinhorn were appointed 'he <??.>mmitiee. Mr. Met/.erott said there were a aumb"r of persons who d;d not like to go to the theater. He there|or? oil. red ihe use of his hall for a mmmi the proceed.* to be devoted to the reliel of the Buttering poor of 'he Son'd. Tbe offer of Mr. M was accepted, and a vote of hanks tendered. The thanks ot the Itoirr! were also tendered to Me-srs. Spalding A Kapley tor the use of neir theater, aud to the editors and reporters for the tai'hful reports pnbusbed I he i'ee to solicit subscriptions were ai-o au'bcrized to secure singers tor the concert. ol motion of Mr. 1'lagett. the subscription list for th? relief of destitute poor from tbe South now in Washington, was epened* olfhans uorrtwxtfy r rrth ?k\a Saturday. the will of Thomas Mason, deceased, was fully proven The will of Samuel j. <?rime-, deceased, was tiled, fully proven,admitted to probate and record, and letters testamentary i-sued to Henrietta Grimes: bond, ft.i" j. Tbe will of Anton Bauer, deceased, was tiled and partially proven. Ko>anna Stuer was appointed guardian to Madelma c Smith, orphan of John a. Smith: bond NU .la eb Vogwl was appointed guardian to his minor children- bend. ?>t*i. Tbe first aud final aeconct of Charles W and W Bcteler, administrators, w a., of Charles W. Boteier. sr.. deceased, aud balance in distribution account to the heirs of tbe per-onal e?tate of said decreased were approved aud passed. this morning, the will *f thejla e Andrew Small was nled and fully proven After directing tbat his remains shall be interred in the burial place on his tarm. near Darnestown, >lary land, and a monument to cost from I t? *1.i is to to erected over his grave, he be| i ue ?' he, bis tarm of m acres, with stock. hou?e and furniture, and in money, to bis nephew John Small, and legacies of f 1,000 each to a number of bis nephews and grand j nephews and iieices. and *J"i,000 to the Melville and liarnesiown Prevbvterian church The will ii dated August 2<i, 1-shj, and nominate.-hi* friends S Humphrey J A Buff, and J B Monroe execstors Bt tLPtwo AiATH<jiti.?At the Capitol Hill Building Association, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 3d street east, on Thursday night. * ;.(*?> were sold a- an average of 54 per " Ht.. thus satisfying io share* At the Mechanics Building Association No. German Hall, Saturday night, 1.5 shares w-re sold at an average of <3 percent Tnis wne the tirat regular meeting of the associau>a a p: ba'ast Pakt> -Last evening a very 4laa-aut par y was given by the Anon <4u*rii>fe I'lub. ai Stosh and Kessel s, 7th and O Meets, which was attended by the members and tneir lady friends, and dancing, singing, ai d recitations were in order to a late hoar. 1 be Arums are a*ont making arrangements ter a grand May festival. < i ran AKDCoiirsRTABLi KooMt. tastefully arranged tables, meals cooked to perfection and served promptly, fresh and carefully selected meats, tlsb, and vegetables, and pure w foreisn and native wines and liquors, all con\ dnce to increase the popularity of Uammack's r restaurant. All kp'ht at Wall ? Opera Houea. 1?T?*?TI?0 MCETIMO OF TBI Sr M DAY >f HOOLl mcs?Tht QuetHnn of rteor o Schools f ,' rjK'ttioru~TU9 regular monthly meetuig of the Monday School Union of this city, was held last evening in the Seventh street Presb> teriaa Church. (Island,) A. K Browne, t>q., presiomg. Mr R I) Fox, correspondIn^ secretary of th? Trior, was elected a?cre.aty j o e?i , the recording secretary being ab.The meeting was opened by staging. tinder the lead, rsbip of Mr. Parks, of the New York rresbyterian Church The school* of the city were generally represented. Those from the Island were out in large fore*. Mr. O. C. Wight, from the committee appointed to make arrangements for the annuil celebration of the Sunday schools of the city, reported taat the second Monday in May bad b?*?*Ti determined on as the day. The schools would meet and form in Laftiyette Square, and proceed down Pennsylvania avenne to 4 > street, where they would be divided in o six divisions, each division marching to some church in tbe central portion of the city On motion, the report of the committee was unanimously adopted. The Chairman then aunonnced the subject for discussion for the evening?'-What is the best -ystem of lessons for youth and adults to secure study and thought The discussion of this question wa* participated in by Messrs McLellan, Johnson Wight aud others On motion, the disenssion of this question wa? continued to the nex* meeting. Major Ketchum inquired whether the colored schools would be invited to participate in the celebration Mr Johnson stated that they had a Union of their own and could have their own celebration. After remarks lrom others on this matter Mr. McLellan mad* the point of order that by aruleofthe Union the meet iug should adjouru at j o'clock; which was sustained After singing and prayer the Union adjourned to meet next month at.the New Yoik a>enue Presbyterian Church. Thk ftrevkh'fl Inspection ?Yesterday af ternoou, as ihe firemen's procession wh* passing in tront of the President's, a delegation of Baltimore firemen, composed of A*si"ta?t Engineer Shaw. Mr Lindslsy, foreman of No 'truck Mr Ives, foreman 01 No. 5 engine; and Messrs Hoffman. Jones, and Sturdy, of No were received into the procession On the procession arriving at the intersection of Louisiana avenue and 7th street the engines took their stations at the reservoir, (ropes being stretched around them the Mayor, fire commissioners, several members of the Councils, and the Baltimore visiters being in the space with the firemen, and at a given signal the fires were simultaneously lighted In five minutes from the time of lighting No 2 blew her whistle, and in six minutes ?he was at work I he others got to work in about nine minutes The water wa< forced through about l5o feet of bese. the plpeman being in Lhiisiana avenue, and throwing towards the Oily Hall The wa'er was thrown horizontally over am feet, and perpendicularly the streams were about equal The friend-* or each company claimed the palm, but as there was no actual measurement it would be unfair to discriminate During thetrial several sections of hose were burst The exhibition was viewed by ?n immense throng of spectators, and was regarded as very satisfactory. Owing to the lateness of the hour at which the trial oi the 1 steamers wa-concluded, there w as no exercise with the ladders by the Hook and Ladder Company, as had been arranged. The t isheriks.?37,14-?! herring were sold at the fish wharf this morning at from to per lino, and 11',.>73 shad at lrom to >>14 p-r thousand, principally caught in gill net*. Subsequently vessels came up heavily loaded with sntid and herring from (}ib?on'a luiduii, the first products of the large seines, thus fairly inaugurating the fishing season. This morning there were few boars at the wharf, but quite a fleet from the lower landings wre in sight, and a plentiful supply will be landed this afternoon and to-Uigli'. Teams fiumtkn country are coming in very elowlv for their supplies, doubtless owing to the farmers being ba< kward in their work The wharf is under tt.e superintendence ol Mr. Ocryna Harris for the lessees, who. it will be recollected, has managed the wharf lor many seasons. . Thk K*< i8trv.?Yesterday afternoon the registration Midges commenced their work in the Fourth Ward and recorded the names of 3\5 wnites&nd 270 colored. There was quite a crowd in attendance during toe hours the registry was in progress and there but tew challenges. The follow,rig acting in he capacity of challengers?Wm. O'Neill, Wm. Hardy. Tbos J Frazier. and Samnel Tan ford. It will be seen by these numbers that the waite people of this ward are registering more ex tensively than in other wards. ? HowAT.t* UwrvBRSiTr.?Last evening, at the meeting of the Board < : Directors of Howard University (an institution chartered by tne last Congress for the education of colored yonng men ) they determined on purchasing the farm of Mr John A. Smith, comprising lio acres situated on the east sideof SeventhBtr??t jnst above the Park, at ^1,<i 0 per acre, it Is proposed to sell a number of building sites to priva'e parties, and retain enough ground for all purposes of the University. Dead ?A large portion of the people of Washington will be deeply pained to leant that John D. Hammack, the well-known restaurant keeper. died ?' his residence in this ci'y this afternoon. Few men had warmer and more devoted friends, and none deserved them more than he for, through life, he carried his hear', in his hand Saies of Real Kstate.?Messrs Green A Williams, auctioneers, di-posed of the following designated property yesterday ?Three story and attic brick building, on K. between Kighth and Ninth streets west, to Abner Stephen"on for -ti 32-i. l^ot No. f,6 in subdivision square r,2-, purchased by John B Franklin for . Criminal C'hkt, Jwty ?This morning. Beverly Mortimer, charged with the larcejryof wearing apparel from James Calvert, w is found not guilty. Drnry for defense. t'htrle* Hopkins,' colored, indicted for an assault and battery with intent to kill David K. Hudsor, colored, was tried. J ury out. IV?talt ATION.?At the last meeting of Home Di\i-ion. No. 15. Sons of Temperance, the following lady officers were installed for 'he presehf q'darter Mls? Kate Oainor, 1st; M'ss Kate <'unstable. Jd; Miss Florrie Pope, :td; Mrs. Li/zie S. Pope, Lady Conductor. Mrs. A F Moulden. Lady Sentinel Ikkntihed.?The body of the man found drowned, as sta'ed in the S'o,- yes'erday, was identified as that of Charles Norris, who left his home -.'6th February to catch drift wood in the river, and fell overboard. The body was very far decomposed, and an inquest was u nuece?sary. ? Matinee.?There will be a matinee of the ' Arabian Nights" at Odd Fellows" Hall tomorrow aiteruoon. An excellent opportunity for families and children to see this splendid exhibition. Polk f. Retorts.?The pol^ reported 4:j arrests yesterday, most of them for violations of laws of the corporations in the District The tines amounted to $82.6$. f^ILK HATS FOU THK SPRING. " O? *D.d. th? JU* latest Spring Style 8ILK II AT . lor SO only, and tht Brokd-ra wa> style HAT, $5. Call at fl A. 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H. |)A\V M Drng Store, corn r 10th and L. t ts. t) 3 st VV ^ N T *I)?A <31BL, at.on 114 ?r 15 jearaof age Ta i',?DurBe (*erm*D preterred, at 47o?th st iiP O il VVABT*I>-A SITUATION a< c<ek or to do ?? general housework witn a Q. rmaD family Iri'iulre at Mrs KUMMKB a, 4 14 7th at apTjt* VV^fnT5?^A competent WOMAN aacook Md dTJ-? A *Ohsmbernialdand Laun v., tp y at the of ,he Commandant, ?p a 2c VV A^TED ?We will give the hi he.t wages ** l0', fi'*K00d BBICK-MAKBn?T. Apply nlT Ij "-St? A. A T A. Bi6UAF:Ds VVANT *? ?O*?OW-tS0? for oae or two ?SjTI10h 1 wl" P'"1*12 Percent., aud ecure on good Imrroved real estate. Addresa ft*"'1 atreet, near P atreet Ij^MPLOYMlNT FOB ALL?Wanted Clerks ' Porters, brivera, Held Hasd* Dmiu? B .oin Bervaata, Cooks. Chaa:barmaids Laborers. A Beal Bstate and employment Ageut. s?. "ooo. No 16, Plant's Baildiag, p8 3t _l3tn sa l N Y ave.ue. %V AMTBD-A goo-1 KABM BAWD; German tr^aLt^0' "*N11Y L?I"'.,, W T.? BU*~A ainsll UUUBK ^n a apHSr* location. Addr-aa E O .Bti"fflce VV ANTBD?A small iron tire proof 8 ATE. ton Po'.Teffice"tnJ } AdaftM tjX -5!?- T9**6h:iD*VV \ZW n.Va t/er00]?; central part of the city. Add re.. fJrthrei'day.* " i* *** avenne. aptfst* WANTBD?A white MAN 8CBVANT as Applv^at^o p?"1 of referencea re mired. l*h atreeu vt-nne, between 17th aud VV W FRrThrr M & k I BS7 at~No 369 isth street, between 11 aod I eta None to t7? rweek/U*d" D*?<1 'pp,f Wil?*? ftj"" ' ,,D "witTr.Tor*r lln CoracrLa ar *Dd6?mt W ^iBrT*,^ -k? M8TRB"i; ? P^rau fam i -TT vne who uuderirandi machine work reco.ome.^tlona. wlli find acoafortibls honia md llbtral wa<e. i.? >.|t * ">? b.?, WVoRfftaVrbt?e * V' of~?ood FAB1 too W w"LTUN offlcT^Tr?Mur^Brten.l!ur cornerofPenn'a avenue and lath ^ a p l ?t? WAN TKD-Immediately, to rsat^r onrrhtM a commodiona BB8ID ENric Hi p,arcI,*,?? "*!^.r.on' enl*ncee; a small and fertile Ira EsTTn fath.JKL08 IS'1 A"rde* fonada. uea?tie*ity 4 T nelghborheod Addre,, "j * rl?2 Sgwaas^fAfrair'- iattr,orr;nTt w *7.T.E.Dr"? ?. r.iS'TUT.VoV U <'?". n. ., B.KIV\ ANTED?A CUTTIK.Lit I'O'lT TITTSIt in s^?v.rarrfn-r.v.U':?".r' ' H HANLKIN. sgssjM BjU Adeatfor IINOBB S 8BWINO MAOBIHB W Voifsi J5?a .?BMT-A rcBBiiSib ' FOB HAT.W AND KENT POm BKNt-TfcrM BVOMtt.l?f htomkN|[||, parti) (iruili?4, U43 T??Ht Due. /-ii rfM> TIHBEBS-Foroal" the TOOLS. BTOOK, 1 .1- Ac., ??rt?luii| W k tiuw'a nuMllkaw* Inquire i< Tie Shop. K at , b*l?? Mth ap t-lw* PIBKCNT HOCB* in the coaatry. e?rtiio Rlsdeae*-arg mad, ii bnlikr l?c??i<?a: f^ur i'en from Vwliutoa. Apply to Mr. MOUILk, 336 Oitr?rl.M.!th?n<l ,th. a?M?* | f'UlKIBHIP EOCtl YOU BBNT-Ooatatn i ng 11 roow, with water mmI |m( aod ii4? l?t. in * |leu?ut locality. Inquire of C. H B&KIB BUr Oftlr? *P 9 st*Q Now m tocb oh*nob-foj< aA'n* GOOD WILL aad FIXT0BB8 ?C a M-?et *ad Provi?ion 8tn-?. with fix:4 dry collar G.xxl reMoui given f >r selling out. Inquire at the Star office Good pltce for hotter boilnew np 9 St* f^OR BKNT-BBIOK HOU^TcoataJaing eight rooT; a, ??n L utreet north. bet#*?-? Vth and 10th, wt'tr 1 n the ysrd; r?nt 0t5par unnth. In quite of JOHN MUBPHY, corner of L an 1 10th streets. np 9 It* |,'OR B*NT OB rROTKBTY FOE 8ALE-A I i <c> STOKE and ROOM In resr St >re ha* OoU' ter Drawera, nbelvtng Fin*, 4c.. fit for my llui oT biiilrnti Inquire at J W. MdBJILii II e*<ot :111d Oil Store, between fith and 7th. . afV-M* f'OR H*LT?rwit? V.? ??ld atwrivmte sate 1 V Eli INO HOU8E.GBOUBRY.ani F BSD STORK with a dry Cv'l*r otider the vh de ho a a< ?J stand lor whol??ale or leiail bon'ow Aip>) on the p rent nee. southeast corner of sth and M streetv ap9St* House Ann sTOBi fob bintoe a alb.

If not sold v 111 be rented af ijiji per ni>a'h. Goo4 sta> d tor Provision* and Orno?rl*< If pro" perly conducted Improving neighborhood Posstaeion given flr*t of Hay. Corner lOth at, "tot and O street north. (- AHI HA LB ?A deelmMe LOT. NtMMl v V.t'Wff.'t.alcnrntr of Vermont arena-. i:-tih end O ?>tr? ets. fronting on the Circle. improved by ft snotII House. Unless previously di it ?end of at prirat" sale it will l>e Bold on THUBSU^Y, litb ln*r . nt 6 o'clock p. m on the pre-nlae?. to* 1 ilder for cach. Titl- perf*?t Title papers and stamps at expeaae of purchaser CLAGETT * SWEKNY. sip 9 t Beal Batata Amenta and An t?. F^OB RENT?Two fnrnl-hed c m muni atin? ROOMS. ?nitable for housekeeping. Apply at iOO Ziti s-treet, be'wen H ao<l 1 sts. ap8 F^OR HKKT?Large HOUSE and Store below and nine rooms. with a large hall. No 49'? Jlth st . near Pa. aye. Apply at 492 ap *-St* F'OH RENT?A pleasant locate*! HOUSE, containing six ra?itna, on 1'Jth at , helow New York ave Appl) a-xtdoor ap S St* I." OR SALE-LEASE and FIXTURES f >r a 1 lutcbernhop and vegetable market, all com j l?'te Inquire at Ho. 1 9*. Potomac Hohw, foot ?t oth -t? InUtd ap 8 St* i-'OB RKNT-HOFSBRo 310 P atraet aerth, r b. twf.n 11th and 12th atr*eta weat, containin. il ro?uia and cellar. Inqnlraon the premU^a. a p s 2t^ Li^OH BENT. LKAsK OR SALI-A rich OAtt r i-KN LOT, beantlfui location, corn-r lith and S f tre? ta. a iuaie 177, near State D partm-nf. o*i r hf( acre. hlsh, clcae fence. Apply f??r terms :tiia 9tU Htreer weat. ap H St* POR RBNT? On the la; day of May, a aaite of V hOOMS, lnclndina kitchen, aulta'le f- r hrnaekeeping nnfarniahed or partl> fornishe^ if ?^o?lrat le Imnire No. tf*43 6th atreet. '-etw^en M and N. ?J> 8 3t* I/OR SALE?Th* GOOD WILL, ST >OK, and I Fl XI UHKS <?f an old e?tabliah*d M-at tud Pr< ylsion rttoie. no* doing a good oa?h b"Bin*?? F. r partK ntara Ir-inire at the btore, No. H04 7th -tr?-et eaat. Navy Yard ?PS ?* l/OR SALK- A f5n< :SOI>A APARATUS. con r airtln* of a > < ry anp^rior Gen< r itor anl two I- gallon Foojttalna, i porcelain lin 1 iWillbeaold h<*2hi>. w M u? DAW ? ap 8 3t* Cor. 10th an 1 L at?_ 1/i'R HKNT^FrTnTeTWELLING H0DSB.403 I L -treat, between Ptb atid Idth ^t^ t?t8, ontainiDK ? iK't ro' mi Rent -'iSo i>er month in advaiH < Poaae-aion 15th April. Inquire *t *20^ Uth ntreet, lift.,re a m or alter 4 p. ui Can be . j ib, 5/OR SALE?i Onh ?100ca?h required, ?nd S10 p? r month i ntii raid ^Several two utory UOl bKS. on a.>utb aide L street. Island, near <;th Also live room HOUSK. on 6-b street, betv.ee11 H and I STARR A OO., N E. corner N Y. ave. aud IStli at ap8 1m* Plant> Bnildi ig. Ro-nis 1 2 and 13. \ *RY PLEASANT ROO?-i FOB RENT-At SOS H street, rear ^th. la suite or singly, or fwur Ar*A RTM KNT^ mlmirably adapted to housekeeping: also, one BASEMENT, suitable for an otfke. The hou?? has j i?t been put in thorough repair, with Fotcmac and spring w iter. g*a throughout, bath room, Ac. Location within a few au-ps of street < ars a ? ^3t* FOB RENT?Half o; STORE 305 Penn'a are., bet i*th uud iotti >ts sonth aide np 8-tt* tj^OR BENT?A suite of well turni'h- d ROOMS on P?nn'a avenue, adjoining the Rirkwood Bouse I? jUireon th? premtsea. np 6 At* I^O LET -A completely PUBN ISHED HOl.'SE 14 rooms; gas, water, and bath room. D. L. WELLS A CO . ap 6 4t Corner Louisiana avenue and 6th at. roB S A LB?Tbe_GOOD WILL, UXTLBKS r aad FL'RN ITU BB of a Cigar Store Hoaseand Store for rent. Apply 43T l3tU street, between F ind G. ?>Ht* FOR SaLB- Part of LOT 7, Square 1W, north east c-rn< r of l?;*h ?nd Msts. In julre of Miss WATSON, at Mrs. KelUy's, No. 34**, corner or MaudlMhsts npt-?t* P*OB SALE-The bTOOK and FIXTUBK8 of the old ettakllshed Restaurant No 3'il 7th street north Bouse for rent Apply oa the pf mlsci., to JOHN ABI'EESEB.* 1jM)B SALB-?ne npriglit STEAM BOILBR. r six feet S Inches kigb 3 feet rt inches diameter, Price $ I'M Inquire corner Sth atreet and New York avenue. ap 8 St* l/"OR SALE?A uew and complete Esty PAR LOR OR'iAN, with fonratops and tremola Can be teen at parsonage Foundry M. E- Church, 'it? G street. ap t>JU*_ FOB RENT?Small FRAME HOUSE, of four rooms, on F st., corner S.'d, at !}iit per month, | in advance. Apply next d.*r, No. 104 F atreet. ap 6-at* FOB RENT?A three-story BRICK HOCSB, with back building, on east cde of 21at atreet, between G and H supplied with gaa and Potomac water Immediate posseesion Apply on the premises. No. 37b list st , next to cor. G. a4 St* L'OR BENT OB *ALE-A'furnished BBICK r L?WK LLING. of nine rooms, and bath room. In pleasant location, within ten minutea' walk of the Departments; gas and water. Inqair* for A. B . Star Ofoce^ ap ?-lw 'PHI STOCK AND F1XTDBES of a small Gro1 eery Store for sale Apply Immediately aud fet a bargain aa the pertan has to leave the city. nquire at Mr. TINNI'S ll?okstore, oil 7th St., bear Massachusetts avenue. ap4-lw* l/OB RENT?Two HOUSES in the Philadelphia I Bow. lltk str> et east. The?* houses havn all modem conveniences Will be rented now to good tenant* for ?0 aer annum Inquire of the Agent 30.1 F street, between Uth and 12t'i ap 4 6t* f^OR SALE ? Four HOUSES in the Philadelphia B?w. Uth stre* t east Th'-se hoo-es are well kitnated for a acmmer residence, having all mod- j deru conveniences, hot and cold water, bath and aat. aud will be aold on reasonable term* THOS. M PLOWMAN. Agent, ap 4 6t* 30* F street. ^OB SALE OR REST? A TWO STORY HOUBE, Situated on list atreet weat. between O and P streets, having a lot of 110 feet x 170feet, making it very desirable for a gardener, dairyman, or butcher. Will be aold or rentad oa r?aaon?ble terina. Possession given immediately. For partunlara inquire of ISAAC HLB/.BEBQ. '451 north 0 atreet, between 4% and 6th streets Washington aptlw F"OR BEBT-L irge FURNISIIBO BOOMS, from $12 to per m <nth. Boarding at 96 ter week, at No. 4H3 6th atreet, between 0 and louiaiana avenue ap 1 lm* f"OB SALE?The large BBICK. HOTEL In Rockvill*, Md., known as "Thompson'a Bockvlile Botsl,' with exteneive grounds Ac., attached Fur further Information apply to COOPER A LATIMBR. AucU mh V eoiw t'OR SALE? A two story BRICK HOl'SE near the northeast bound ary of the city: 4 rooma and balla with large lot of groand enclosed. Price 93.(00 Inquire .T47 3d at. mhS* tf F-OB RENT-A three atory BBI0K HOUSE, centaining elpht rooma and attic,on 4th st . near Fayette. Also, a nearly new auperlor PIANOf~rsale. Inquire 94 Fayette atreet Georgetown,J>JU. mh 21 ?w* ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE AND DB B1BABLE BUILDING LOTS lathe city for aale. It Is situated eu the north side of K atraet, near ISth between Senator Shermaa'a and the Mexican Mlniater'a. fronting on Franklin Square. Said lot is 2S feet by 1ST, ruuaing hack to a 30 foot all*? and improved by a two atory brick stable, fe 26-tf 8 P. BBOJV N 46# 9th atreet west. ^ CALVEBT FOBD, DRLGG18T AND CHEMIST, Ho. 390 PennaylTMia avenue, Keeps'constantly ea hand a fraah aupply of PUBE DRUGS AHD FlNB CHEMICALS. ALSO. a large atock of all popular PATENT MBDICINES, together with NQIiIBH AND FBBNCH HAIB, TOOTH AND NAIL BBUBHBb, AND POMADBS, SOAPS AHD PBBFDMB1T, which 1 offer at a small advance abeve eoat. Sole AgMtfor the aale of SaiMxttan'a Gift,' Bloktine." Metcalfe*a Bheamatic CempMnd aad Tries mare, the great BagUah rMMdy. nib 26 ecifit . . ' . . mi iMn iSTi. AUCTION SALB& Br8UM TOMtM, IWlMW. MOUSE. OONTAINISG THIH KOtlMil. OM GROUND RBNT. AT AUCTION On VlONkli>A 1, the 10th iwUat.ti I o'clo.k y. m., w? >|?ii *011, au ths prsmiees, wlthort serve, for oaeh It OBIFK A WILLIAM*. Anrts BY QRFBN A Aucti"ssrrs. So. southeast corn'-r 7c? id4 U strestsBLA^K "ALWrT PARLOR Rt'ITB AND CHAMPIB FURMITURK AT AUCTION. O* FBIf1*!,!!!* ixli iHtknl it ) 'etofi . u , we shall Mil. at* If , i'??. on ?t'! <nr?*>t wtrt Land M street* aoith, ths foUowiag ?l t11 1 < S Black W?l>nt Sofas. Chairs, and Rockers Marble toy Center Table and Rlaca Wain't W na'uot Black Walnut Chamber Suite, ail ogapl?t? CotUfa mti and Hair, Hn?k. and other M ttTB-eee B'" > !' Ingram and oth-rCarpets Table Orocfcer? ttlau*ar? and Kitckn tt-i"! alba Terms i ash ay 9 d GREBN A WILLIAMS. Aurte. BI W. L WALL A OO , Ai; tl >aeere Original Horaa ai d Carriage Bataar, ??? Louiaiaaa avenue. 0ALB Or HORSES. 0AKBIAGE3, HARNESS, Ac , A On THURSDAY MORNING. Ai>r-1 llth. at 10 e'cl'k. ?e will tbe Bazaar. a number ot Saddle, Carriage and W ork Hersee. a fall deecriytioo > sale,) compn-iug about? FuBTY HORSES Al NO, A I area ool lection of New and Second hand Fat fl**. KrcAa ways, Carriages, Wa*cai, aad other eblclH Two aaw Jenny Llnd Wagons, built la thla city. AL->. New and Second band Harness. Saddles,Carriages, Ac., at private sale. Regular sales dare, Tueedays. Thursdays. and Saturday a Otrnaiea aud Harness al ware on private a?le ^ J* WALL a OO. A acta. BV COOPER A LAT1MKK. Auctioneer*. ( Late clerka with J O. HcGutre A Co ,) Southwest oiter of P?-nria> Ivarua avenue au I llth street, star Oftce BuiMiug. GROCERIES. WINE8~~LlQrORS CM \TERS. AND SHELVING. Ac , AT I'UBLIC AU' T ION On rilDAY nest. April I2tb. at l? o'clock, at Mora northwest c- rnar 6tli and D streets,? apltol Hill, we shall eel I an sa?ortaent of G.cerls,, Lijuwre As . comprising in pert [ Cheats Green and Black Tea* ' Burnt and Green Coffees Bi#wiSn?ar?, i Sperm and AdamaunneCand'es Soags and Starch. Floor Buckets, Bregma, aud Bru-hes 1 Lot aeeorted Liquor* au i Win a Togtther with the usual aaaortmaot of ar.iiss k pt in a *irst claaa grocery store. A i Qom tere, Shelvln. and Fixtures. Sters for r- nt Ttrma ca-h. ap 9 St COOPER i LATIMER. An ts BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers No. ocrnar 7th and D str-ets. VALUABLYIMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY . F BUNTING >N MTU STREET WAST NEAR OHIO AlENUE. AT AUCTION On TUESDAY, the 16th instant. at 8 o'clock p. m. westiail sel1, on the premises, pirtofLorHo 3 in Square No Z '.awfii tuilt two-eturr and attu I tame U?iia?. bavini a ba? from, aii I run Ring back to a go"d allej . being the ra*i>i#nc>- ?f the late GrnftoB Powell, dacased Aieo, two handaome B tiding Lota adjoining tiaviog ab'<nt .11 foet front, runnini; ha k a iroo l depth Tina property ?ftere great indncenunte to por chtaere. aa it ia vet) central, and tta etreei ha* i net be?u raved with bluo etonn; alto, a _'".>d cewer rnnninir through the e'roet. Terms: One third < aah. tala-jce in six, twelve, and eighteen monthe, for n"te? be irint; intureet, aud secured by ad? e<1 of tract on the p'-niac* All conreyandug and revenue at th?- cat of the purchaser down on the day of aale. ap GUEBN A W ILLiAMS. Aucta. BY"COOPER A LATIMER. Auctioneer*, i Late clerks wltli J. C McG iire a Co ,1 Southwest corner Penusy I van i a a. enu* aud street, Star Office Buiidi ng. THREE NEW FTR?TCLASS PBE9B P.BICK KK?'MT DWELLING- ON NINTH >THBKT WEST. BETWEEN O AKD P STS. NORTH, AT ATCTIMN Ou WEDS ESI.AY AFTEUNOON. A ril 17 ?t 5), o'clock, on the preuil?ea. we will .ell th .ee three new aud very destratle Pre-s Krick Front Dwellings on tue weat ?;de o N;uth st . beta-eon O and P streets north? tbree story front and twestery b?? k bnlldtnge?containing hall. uiu? ro' ina.bMth room, and closets Qas tbrouehoat each House, and water In kitchen and bathrooms The at>ovo property is in th? mo*t healthy part of the city aud where teal eatate Is rapidly id prorlrg Ternis One-half caab . balance In one, two and tl.iee years, with Intereat, secured br deed of trnst upon the pr^niieea All conveyaa< ing and revanae stamps at cos* of purchaser One hundred dell are raptured uponeacb honte at time of sale. ?P'-d ids COOPER A LATIMBU, Ancta. BY W.Ii. WALL A CO., Anctianeera. Stores 311 and 317. South corner Penn. avenne and 9th -treet. BALE OF <.RO< ERIB"sTwHi8Ky, BROOM8 BEGARS. SUGARS, Ar., Ac On THURSDAY MORN 1NG. April II. commencing at lOo clock, w will sell. ?t our Sale- Rooms au assortment of orecerj an.l other articles, such I ?s? Barreia White and Yellow Sngars Barr> le Wbiaky, casks Brandy 101 dozen Broouie ftti ()0n SeKMPs of different brands in cttaee Champagne K< g Butter S?cks and barrels Coflee Vi cases Jockey Club Bitters Boxaa Star h Boap 26 cases pare Holland Giu fn isOCigars Nest B ickete Tube, and Baskets With other articles in the Grocery line N> rolls 4,6. au'l 6 i larter Bel .?& White Mattine With a large 1 >; of Furniture, Ac. Hair aadSnnck Ma'tre-ee? Nureaos. Tables. Chairs Hofss. Feather Beds, Bolsters Carpets. Matting W 1th a variet of other articl s in tbe fnrnitnre line. Terms cash. No postponement. ap 9 W. L. WALL t CO.. Ancts y ERY VALUABLE BARM. NEAR THE ITY. AT PUBLIC APCTION ON W EDNE8DA Y, THE 1ST DAY OF MAY. AT 11 O'CLOCK A. M., We shall sell, oa the prei. i?es. all that FARM known on the map of 1%0 as the ABBRC ROMBIE FARM, Comrrieing (89 ighty-nine acres of land.sit iated in WasbiB ton coti 'ty, about < ae mile trou th Bladenst'iiru T 'll-Gate, and a .olni-.g the lau4s of Dr. P?ltner. General Hickey, and W W Corcoran. This plkce is improved l-y a NKW BRICK HOU9R. With Frave Back-I uiMiug. Corn hoaee. 8Uughter hoaae. Poultry house, and all necesaary out hui'dicga Strawberries. Grapes, aad other fraltin at>ntdan TLia Farm is wall adapted to aad I* now worked as a Market Garden. Hot beds and vegetab -a already well started auu flourishing Soil ie light warm, and highly enriched, and ie cla med to be tbe very I est lor e.irly as well as general garden pnrpo?es. The above offers tbe bast opportanity for investment now in the ma-ket. Suited to Butcher, Dairyman, or Gardener W ill be sold altogether, or divided toauitp ir chasers on the day of sale. A plat of thie place, with full partKulare, an be eeen br applying to 7 V U 8TOCKBEIDGI A CO . Northeast corner of rth and F streets, sp 9 td GREEN A WILLIA MS. Anrts ||y GBBBN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. D No. ?'J9, corner of 7th and 9 streets. TWO 8TOBY FBAME HOUSE AND LOT, Having a Store rocm all fitted up with bhelv lag, Uaa. ?nd Bow Windows, at Auction. On FRIDAY, the lJtn ia-tant, at 6 o'clock y m , we shall aeil, on the premises, fronting on llth street weet. n<-ar Maryland avenue, on the Island, tbe Let, having 16 feet front by 99 feet 1US lucbeoeep, with a go >d side ulley, consisting of a good Dwelling house and Store Anyone wiehing to pnrcbaae a small residence and business place will do well to at'end the sale. Title indisputable. Terms : One third CMh; balance in 6. IB. aad IS months, for note* bearing interest, and se ured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and revenue stamas at the coat of the pnrchaner. Sao down on the day of sate. ap<d GREEN A WILLIAMB. Aucts. UI GREBN A WILLIAMB, Auctioneers. HOUSB AND LOT AT AUCTION On Monday, the l?th instant. April. I shall sell, atfo'clock p m , in front of the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, to tbe subscriber, bearing date tbe 12th day of February, 1*46. aa i recorded in Lib'r R M H.. Ho IB, folios 177, one of tbe land records tor Waahiagtea coaaty. District of Columbia, the following named property lying and being in the city or Waahiugton, D.C.vic: Part of pqnare north of square numbered eight hundred aud Bfty-three, <863 i t>eginuiug for the same at the southeast corner ef said square, and ruaaing thence weet, on south M street eighty < SB) ieet. thence north sixty-two (tali feetf six Inches, theuc- east eighty <Rd> f??t. thence sosth sixtv-two<6S) feet six f?I Inches, to tbe place of beginning, together with the improvements Terms made known at sals. All coavsyan^ng and revenue stamps at c>stof purchaser. 4 l'<0 will be ratiulred paid down when tha property Is sold If tha pnrchaser should tail to comply with the terms fa five days after saie the trastee reserves the right to resell ths propettf by sdvertlslng sack tesale three times in Rvaalng Btar . JOHN M. HANHOlTTrsnll ap 3 d GRBBN A WILLIAMS. Aucts BY MA?LBS OO., AaeWsaassrs. Salesroom Is. B9t Pess. a ease, Bstwsea 9th and 10* sm. ssription,Horsas. Oarriages, Baraess. Ac AUCTION SALES. \Ff .AacSlnO SiUi if* ft*tr'k r*f I 1UI* AFTKHtiOOK AMU TO-it OK U<> w HI COOPEB A LATtllBE.~Aee?l,M.YL~ l> (late clerks with Ju C McGuire 4%. j Bouthweai corner of rm?'? tT*n?? M4 nth ? 0tu Oflloe Builltf. EXTEN8IVB AMD PBBBMITOB1 BALK BT CATALOGUE ??F *1B?T CLAB* ILIi1 TK>I HLV1E PLATED Will. IVcftf A?l? PBABL HANDLE TABLI CUTLF.BY AT AUCTION Blr?r| from lk? w*ll known Hoti* of Joe Dtakin A Son#. Maaafactnrero bj U??a. Autb. rltf, Spring Street Work*. Sheffield, Ba> laad. On TUESDAY MOBBING. Aprl 9 it \ a m . and everitg at 7)4 p. ra , ? ?'!. >!,.? o?i lMl<?ro?a icMc* Md k?witllul M?ort?'?t of firot (Imi Pl?it<) Wtr* ana Cititi y c thr rat design*. (!'H>i?t:a| of KitrM D.aiie-.Bo- ? TorfM. T aani UoWee Services ia ili ?ikn. Breakfast *ed Dinaer Castors. Oake Ba-k?*? 8> rap Pltf here Otrd B*cil*?n, BoiilM Hold ro. A1 , . _ Ai.?o. Ivory Balance band'.* ln-,ti >r aad Toa Kel* >o, Beei and Oioi# t'trt?r?. 8t?s.s, Ac , fiik Oar ''r? aud P'at< d l>e*a?rt Knii?e :b Mahrcas) and Morocco f*sea, Table I>t ae erf an ' Te-ejooaa at d orks t? Plain. I'esd*d a Ml K nr Patt-ra Oat?lo?u?H)* ready ti?dc?n be b?l ?( our Auctioii Book Tertu? caeh coot'SK A LATIMBB Anc?? ap s 1 Hera!<l S< ia> ( ; ., a lot | BT W. B. H* Is A ( ?' aurtioaears. Hu. JOJ P?Bua.ivai!iar?Bii* CLOTHING AND FURNI8H I BO GOOD* AT ALCTIOB THIS l.VRKISIO at 7 ?" Iwck. ? ?kti: toll at tbe t OI gr>-?? Cb'hin* Ball. No 4 14 Pa aw and corner t>th atfeet, a |iu>ral ea?r>rtaieBt ol Men and Hays' Clotbl.g, Vusniahiag Goad*. Hosieries, Uata. A<- , Ac ?? *_ W. B. LEWIS A CO . Aucta B* COOPER ALATIMIB, Au.tloueer,, (Lata clerks wttli Jama* ?). McGolie A Oo buthw<rt c< raer Peunaiivan a atfnta tm lita atraet,'t> tar O&ce Hull 1104 '' T?!'R!V..".?"?% L8 r.\.T JS.'.'A SWVa'.TJMr"" By tirtua of a chattel mortgage. dull existed and ncorded in Liber R M H , No 2, felloe \t aad ii?. em ol the Chattel Ktcorda ..f VI aahia toe Oouaty.D C I will eipoee for s?t *g ike ir?ru iaes. at P?bHr Aa< ttou, on WEONBPPAV tha lotb day of April. 11*. at M ?Vlork a m all attd alartilarl) tba Mvtnraa aod A ?i>?rt^oaaraa . a* taltifd ?!i 11 o?fi Bo 4US ,:h atraat vaat, t?r ?aaa H atid I atrt>?t rwlh.ataUi? T^o Wklant-top Kar Voanlara. wltb Kiatar^a Oval (Jilt Praair Looking Two H ?1iibI Sottm.rnTrrad In Groan B*p Walntit Bxtan?ioi Pining and othar n tfat' ada, Hufi .n;?. B** d)D( u a?> -tan^a ( aaa and W ood 8? t Obaira Pa<-kutar* ?td Ttimbl?*r? Ciiirartufa CoakiDe anil liar Boom Btora . ? Ai-e?>. Lot Chnrrpacn* and Ua'man W iu?a " ilk an aaaortiB' at of LI mora and Girara ?_ ,, _ Also, Kvar A Wataoa Irou 8aft? Tarn ca-h L O AShRN UBI H tk. Trnat^a. _ap 4 M COOPBB A LATIMkB, AikU BT MAISLI A <-(>., Aartlonwr* halt a ro. ma -.'9A Pa ar..b?4 Mb a&t 19th ata PBAP LETTKBTjrriCB SALE. < (> 0 Datnn-rn-oij Oaaaa. w hi li kavr aoc iTn lated in tba f*ea . Lette r Oftica for aav -ral ;e?ro. . "ii prislnc a*arv Taria>r and atria, ancb aa Ivarl T"rtol*?- J?iiaM. Bnaa*1. PaplcMarl\ >-lT< t, ac., tlaboratalf paintad aad tiiiialiad. A '.ai >. A la'tc.iiuMltr o' 8 lvrf-4 DacnarraotTpa piataa, Br?-> Mata. Ac By order of tha I*oat Offic* P>>partmrat. S?!a to commence onSATHBPAT. April at i; o cl??-k, at our A net! 011 U jih. Pana<rl vacia avauue, and KVKHV TCBSPAF, TBI Rt( l'Ak. and hATL' B1>AY tberanfter at aa'ne iia? Md r'ace until tbe whole a lock ia ditpoae Vof. N B ?A catal?cne i? now boiui prap.ired if ml*cellane<"i? arMc!aa v hlch have accumulated In the Llaad Letter Oftica, (since th* la?t -ale I They will be sold ?t an early day. Due notice will b? *iTeu Poat OS * Depprtment April 1*1:7 ap3 ;Ohr.n_.j_ N AOLE A CO. Aocta |^Y OKIES A WILLIAMS. Aueu noera FIBST CLASS BUILDING LOT. FBONTINO Oa \IBMOMT AVFBl'B. Between K and L atreeta nor'b. at P'iblic Aacti n On BD\EsDA Y . th*- 10th in et., at S o'clock f in., we aha I aell. rn th* premia~a. Lot No 44. in Tqnare No. Ji?. having J feet front br 1 it feat deep, to a fi?e alia) , improve ! bj a two alary Frame Hoaae We call the atte tion of buyera to thia aal , aa tbe l ocation la K<>od. and being a flrat claailot. which mak?a it vary deatra'de Terma: One third caah, t alaccain ait.twalaa and ' iglite' b montha. for n tea baanug interaat. ana ae> ura-. by dead of traat on tbe preimaaa All c?n*eyanc)n( and raretiaa stamp- At tha coat of t!.e purchMer. tWI4o?a <>b t!ie day of a ?la. ap 1 UBlkKN A WILLIAW8. Aocta BY COOPER A LATIMBB. Auti u?.. ( Late clarka with J u. O. M Guira tUu.i 8. \S corner Pena :ira!ine and 11th atr et. Star OHice Bull >Iba VALUABLE UNIMPBOYED PROPEBTY OP> POMTB FBaN KLIN B JL AKI AT AUO On WBPNEFDAY Boxt. Arril 10. at B o*ci ick on the praniaea will #. if Lat 20 and aaatern part or Lot 19. lu Square ISO, the aame frontln* aevt aty two f-et ana inch oa I atraet. with a 144 ,**t" runn,,,? back to a thirty loot TbU BroMTtr is tocatod in ona of tha moat healthy and dealral le p.. of tlia city tad aft'eV * fin* chfcnc'to ?*rt1," Jn aaarch of buildln? Tenaa: One third caah; balance ia aix ?a4 twelve caoBkha, with intereat. a-cur?d by a deed ,,f truat ca the pretnie> a All con<eyaactag and statu pa at yurcba>erV coat. COOPBB A LATIMEB.A eta BY GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers Bo i'Jti b.E. cor. 7th ?ad D atreeta \CBLLENT HOUSEHOLD F' BNiTl'BE AT _ AUCTION Oa TBUBSDAY. tbe llth inataat. at 10 o'clock A- ,B * shall a?-11, at Houae No. S'Ji, ooraer of L atraet north and Sacoad street weat the following articles, vi/ Haircloth Parlor Suite. conaiatian of Teta a Tata Bofas, Caster and <ide Chairs Handapuie French n'ata Piar Ola-s.vith Marble Slat> and Brackst B-d 1'luan C tstor and <iothie Chairs \N a In nt I'.edate tda , Waahataads. and Drosaiug Bareous Mahogany Bedstead and Marble top Watfcataad * wood Peat^er Bed. Piliowa.and I'-olatcrs Hair. Hti?k. and other Mattreasea Blanket-. Comforts, Vuilts Bad Spreads, Bh?sts. und Cases Walnut Card Tables and Window Sbadea Cottage B-.lateada atid Paiuted Wardrobes Nearly n^-w Is grain and Brnasels Carpets Stair. BaL.and other OIlcL tha Two liotidaome Parlor Chandeliers Parler.' haaiber, and Cookin^S' res PiaincCrockery, Oloaawara. and I'lat- d ware Oa& Bxtension TaMe and DlninaOhaira Side Boar.;, Bope Mattlag. and Refrigerator Crumb Olo'hs. Toilet 8et?. an 1 CI >ck A good lot K itcbeu Be juisitea. Terms cast.. GBEEN A WILLIAMS. ap 3-0 An'-ttonee-a BY COOPtB A LATiMEB. Aucttoneera (Late clerks with J as C. McOuire A Co..) South weat corner of Petn'a ave and llth street. Star Office Building. SALE OF TUB LADDERS. BARS, HWIBGH, AND OTHEtt APPABATC8 Of BKAUY d OTMNA81UM. Mo. LOUlblASA AVEBy virtue of a cb ittel mortgage duly exfcnted and recorded in LU ar B. >! B . No 2. folioa ?? aad 427, utf of the ohattel Bacorda far Wa?hi ngtoa Couaty. D O., 1 will ezpoaa tor aale, 01. the Public Auct.oa ob FBIDAY. tbe 12th day of April, lsd7. at lo o'clocA a aa .all and aingBlar tbe ladders. bara.swlBga. dun b bells, club* and all the other apparatna uaert for gimnaatic purposeo. and in position at Brady's Oytnnaaiuaa, ?a Louisiana aventie, la Waahin^ton eltf, bet war a 9th and 11 tb atreeta ?a>l. Andaisiall gas pipe, bath tabo , wash bowla. tables, ehalra aad other furniture and ivtur- a belengiag to aad in eald OyaBBoolum. Terms caab LAWBBBCB G. B<n;os. Trasta COOPER A LATIMEE, Awf The gymnasium will b* open till Thursday tha lltb instant waeait will bo closed to make ar range enta for tbe His ap 3-dts COOPEB A LATIMEB. A acta BY OBEEH A WILLIAMS. Aoctloaoers. Ho. 42b 8 E. corner of 7th aad D ate. TWO VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FEONTl?'i ON VIRGINIA AVEBLE, UTWKIf 9TM AND 10TH BT8 W EsV ON THE IBLABD AT PUBLIC AUCTION Ubv Hill,A.I?b inaiaat.ot ?io clock p m , we shall sell on tke premises Lot number Ik, having IS taot troat by tM feet doep. to a >? feet alley. coataiiilBg 2.M0 aqnare feet, more or leee, aud Lot No It, bavtag 2 feet froat by is dee*. to a SO feot alley, contaiaiag o<juare feet, more or lesa.iD *<juare Ne. SSS. This property offers inducements to pereoaa to purchase a good building site. Title ladiapntahle Terms On' half rash . laiaace in three aad oix months, for natrs bearing latereet. aad aeoured by a deed of troat on tke preaiaee All oonvoyaactag aad reveane atamps at the cost c>f the ourchaser Oi If tbe wbole c tbe aarc'iaas aioaey Is paid la caab. six psr cent will be allowed an the deferro * aavmeats BBi down oa the day of oals. ap 8-d OBBBN A WILLIAMS. Aacte. Eft BBBBB A W1LL1AMB. Absbsssi. " D B?. 4*6. aoutkeaatcoraer 7tA aad Dote. SMALL FABM FOB^ALE AT PUBLIC AUCOn MO.XDaY, the l?ib last .at ? oVlock p m. wesballssll at our Auction Booais, oleveaaan* of good Land, with a good etx roosa Brick Boaae and all aoceeaary out batldinAs, ha viae aa orchard with all kinds of Fruits Tono Strea * olVaJartkrough ths land, well adaa-ed'forTUkSk Garden.oituated on tbe old BladeBSbar* road at oat tour aillaa from bo city aad two huldr^l yards trom Poaaa t?tatieC a. tbe HaMitwaAaad Ohio railroad ?id i4.?itl&| the 1%rmm of Hinrc Crawlord aad Cienaoas Aay one wishing to so* the areaieoa before tbe da> or sale caa da ae hv oa?Wa? on Mr Crawt."' who llTsTtfiffJl who will show tkeai with pleasure A tao ckaaca for aa iB vestment Tetaaa One third cash, balaaoo ia e^aad two i'*!* (f* bo too hoar lag taiarsst aad oooaral ky a deod of trast oa tke pr*missa All rsoTaisa la? aBilsTTfM* atamaa at ths coot of Itke pmicksasr two oown OB t bo day *4 sole ?" ?"TF ft ""r^T ti-T