Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1867 Page 4
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TIIE EVENING STAR. F F ?C1AL LAWS or TBI tSITED STATE8, fi?t4 it the Sfftid lr?i?a tf tl* Tkir> i ty-Blstk Uagieu. [Fr?Lio? Ko. Pl.J A? Act making appropriations for tho l?et?latiTf. executive, and odicial fip'W" of tfee f?r ik> u? M^inf tha thirtiath of J a or, eighteen handred an<T sixty-eight, aad far otter purposes. (/rotn yesterd+y't Ewminf Star.] CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE i TEKA6I K? DEPARTMENT. ? In the eUce of the Secretary of the Trfa- i mry: For ccpyiag, labor, binding, sealing ships' I registers, translating 1 oreign languages, &dtrt.i af. aad extra cler* hire for preparing | and collecting information to be laid before Congress, ard tor miscellaneous items, ten thousand dollars. I For compensation of additional clerks who i say be employed b* the Secretary according to theexigencie* of the public service. and ad- 1 diUonal compensation for extra labor of clerks < iA fc:s office, live thousand dollars. For janitors for the Treasury Department, fifteen thousand dollars. In the office of the First Comptroller: For furniture. public documents. j*tate and Territorial statutes, and miscellaneous items, ene thousand dollars. in '.he othce of the second Comptroller: For contingent expenses o: the office, one thousand dollars. la the office of the First Auditor: For stationery, office furniture, and miscellaneous items, one thousaad live handred dollars. In the office of the Second Auditor : For stationery, office furniture, and miscellaneous items, including two newspapers, to he filed and preserved for the use of the office, twenty-five thousand dollars. Ia the office of the Fourth Auditor: For contingent expense* of the office, three thousaad dollara. la the office of the Fifth Auditor: For stationery, postage, furniture, and miseeilaaeous expenses, ia which are included two daily newspapers, two thousand dollars. la the office of the Aaditor for the Font Office Department: For contingent expenses of the office, ten UisBMBd dollars. 1b tbe efficeof ib? Treasnrer: Kor contingent expanses of tbe o:hce, seven ibeucand dollars. 1b lb# office of tbe Register For miscellaneous items, including office furniture, six tboneand dollars. Office of tbe Solicitor of tbe Treasurer For blank books, binding, stationery, labor, Bad miscellaneous items, and for statutes and report*, and lor care of library, four tbousaad l?o hundred dollars. Office of tbe Commissioner of Customs: For stationer j, miscellaneous items, and offtce furniture, fitting up flies, and safe for de? y*eaiBK official bonds. flye thousand dollars. L.tgbt. House Board, Tlr For miscel laaeous exp#n?es and postage, one thousand five hundred dollars Office of the Comptroller of tbe Currency: For coatingent expenses of tbe office, five IB on sand dollars Office of the Commissioner of Internal HereI I'nr nBrtfnniitiini.'maiu l?hn? as items, and outer contingent expenses, fifty thousand dollars. BUREAU OF STATISTICS. For contingent expenses, eamely. laborers, ice furniture, carpets, fitting up flies, and miscellaneous items, four thousand dollars. For the collection of statisties of mines and uainga, fifteen thousand dollars. For stationery for the Treasury Department ana the several bureaus, one hundred thousand dollars J^OR THE GENERAL Pl'EPOSESOF THE SOUTHEAST EXECUTIVE BUILDING, INCLUDING THE EXTENSION. For compensation of twelTe watchmen and eleven laborers of the southeast executive building, sixteen thousand five hundred and ixty dollars. \ For contingent expenses of said building, viz: for fuel, light, labor, and miscellaneous items, one hundred thousand dollars. For rent of buildings for the accommodation of clerks who cannot be acc?mmodated , in mt 1 rruory Dnuam|, iwo thousand dol- * lars DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. j For compensation of tbe Secretary of the c lnterier. Assistant Secretary, thief cleric and tbe clerks, messenger, assistant messengers, c watchman. and laborers in bis sfTice, forty. c eight thousand seven hundred dollars. . For compensation of tbe Commissioner of tbe Qeneral Land Office, chief clerk, recorder, draughtsman, assistant draughtsmen, clerks, naessengera, assistant messengers, packers, watchmen, and laborers In hisofflce,one bun- r dred and seventy-eight thousand two hun> dred dollars For compensation of additional clerks in the Oeneral Land Office, under the act of third j March, one thousand eight hundred and fiftylive, granting bounty land, and for laborers employed therein, fifty-eight thousand six hundred and forty dollars Pr<.rni'd, That the 7 Secretary of the Interior, at bit discretion, skill be. and be is hereby, authorized to use any portion of raid appropriation for piecework, or by the daj. week, month, or year, at sncb rate or rates as he may deem just and fair, not exceeding a salary of twelve ban- , dretf dollars per annum: And further, Tba: sncb work shall be given only to persons in indigent circumstances, and to the so'diers and to the widows of soldiers who served in the Union army daring the late rebellion, and to be done only by the employee in person. For compensation of the Commissioner of In* tfian Affairs, chief clerk, and the clerks, messenger. assistant messenger, watchmen, and , laborer ia bis offlce, thirty-two thousand six hundred dollars. r or compensation oi the Commissioner of Petitions, chief clerk, and tbe clerks, messenrers. assistant mMMnKrri, watchmen, and laborers in bis office, two bnndred and six* teen thousand nice hundred and twenty dollars For additional clerks in tbe Pension Office, ' forty-one thousand dollars: Provni'.d, That tbe Secretary of tbe luterior. at bis discretion, aball be, and is hereby, authorized to use any portion of said appropriation for piece work, 1 or by tbe day, we*k. month, or year, at sncb * rate or rates as he may deem just and fair, not exceediBK a salary of twelve hundred dollars 1 per annum. CONTINGENT EXPENSES - DEPART- ! MENT OF THE INTERIOR <>01 ee of the Secretary of th? 1 nwrmr For stationery, furniture, and other continlirsciMAnd for book* and maps for the library, V?n thousand dollars. For casual repairs ot the Patent Office building, including the laying of a pavement oa the old wine, twenty thousand dollars. For expanses of packing and distributing con- I gretsional journals and documents, in pursnante of tbf provisions contained in the joint < resolution of (Congress approved t wnty-eighth January, eighteen hundred and fiftT-?*T?*n, 1 and act fifth February, eighteen hundred and < UftT-nioe. six thousand dollars. i For fuel and lights for the Patent Office bn tiding, lnclnding the salaries of engineer and assistant engineer of the famace* and repairs of the beating apparatus, eighteen thousand dollars. j Office of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs: , For blank took*, binding, stationery, and miacellan^>as items, includicg twoof tbedaily city new paper*. 10 be Hied. bound, and pre ?. ?u >Vi iof ua* ui ;ue oince, live tbousaud j dollars. of the Commissioner of Pensions: tor stationery, engraving. and retouching plates tor bounty land warrant*, printing and binding the same, office furniture, and repairing the same, and miscellaneous items. including two daily newspapers, to be tiled, bound. and preserve* for the use of the office, and for detection and investigation of fraad, twenty-two thousand dollars Office o! the Commissioner ot Public KulldJaga: For compensation Jof the Commissioner of Pabllc Buildings, and tbe clerk and messenger in bis office, lour thoasand seven hundred dollars For alatloaery. blank books, plans, draw,nga. and other contingent expenses ot his office. five hundred dollars. bvkvkyobs general and their CLERKS. For compensation of the sorveyor rpneral of ' 1m?n? and the clerks la his office, eight tbouuml three bnadred dollars. For compensation of the surveyor general of the Territories of Dakota and Montana, and the fUrti la his office, six thousand three hundred dollars For coaipensauoa of the surveyor general of Kaasas, sad the clerks la his office seven thousand dollars. For cMnpeasation of the surveyor general of leva sad Nebraska, declared a snrveving district by the act of Oongreas eatitled ? Aa aet to rtBOT* the office of surveyor general of , the States of Iowa and wimm - - MBtfe, WrtfMf," approved Jaly twenty- < e>c*i eighteen hundred and alxty.afx, which < u fx*4 it two tboniud dollars par annana, < u< tta elarka ia fan office, wvaa thoaaaad i Far oc?p?aatloa of tfca aaraovar gaaaral of 1 i*a Tamiara* af Colorado aad Utnh, aad the | darks la fctaaMcOieaaaa tfcoaaaad dallara. ^ Far aaaapaaaattoa af iftaaarrayor gaaaral of New Maxica aad Ariaoaa, t*rae thooaaad dot- < lara. I Far wfllw af tfca aaraaycr gsaeral af i Caiiiaraia aad tfcactartoia ftisoffiM, taartaea , far niwitiH of tfca aaraayar gaaeralof j | [dale Territory aad tD? clerk* is fell office. Of* UtoMUd dollars For coipnutioi of tkc isrvijor central of Nevada, aad M clerk* 1b kia office, wnn tbonsaod dollar*. For compensation of tbe s*rreYor reaeral of Oreroa, aad tie clerks In Hie office,six tboa and Ave kaadred dollars. For compensation ot tbe surveyor general of Washington Territory, and tke clerk* in kie cOVce. fonr tkousaad six hundred and nine For compensation of recorder of laad titles m Missouri, At* hundred dollars. KLNTOF SURVEYORS GLNERALS' OFFICE. For rent of surveyor general's office in <Jreron. fuel, books, stationery, and otber natental expenses, lncladiag pay of messenger, fifteen hundred dollars. Kor rent of sur\ eyor general's office of California, fuel, books, stationery, and other incidental expenses, including pay ol messenger. five thousand dollars. For office rent for the surveyor general of Washington Territory, fuel, books, stationery. inH A*ha* i n nl<lnn I ? ?--- * *w * - . arai lukiuruMii nycttMS, iWO IHVUMSU lollars. For office rent ef the surveyor general of Kanju. fuel, books, stationery, and or.b<?r in:idrntal expenses, two thousand dollars. *or office rent of the surveyor general of Iowa and Nebraska, fuel, books, stationery, ind other incidental expenses- two thousand iollars. t or rent of snrveyor general's office in the rerritories of Dakota and Montana, fnel, aooks, stationery, and other Incidental ex> penees. one thousand one hundred dollars. For rent of office for the surveyor general of Jolorado and Utah Territories, fuel, books, stationery, and other incidental expenses, two thousand dollars. For rent of office of the surveyor general of [dabo, two thousand dollars. For rent of office for snr?*?nr ?f Nevada, two thousand dollars. For defraying the expenses of the Supreme Hourt and district courts of the United Suttee, ,nclndiag the District ef Colombia, and also tor tnrors and witnesses, in aid of fnnds arising from tines, penalties, and forfeitures, in :be fiscal year ending Jnne thirtieth, eighteen Hundred and sixty-eight, and previous years, md likewise for defraying the expenses of imts in which the United State* are conjerned, including legal assistance to the At. orney General, and other special and extraor* linary expenditures in cases in the Supreme Jour*, ef the United States in which the L'mted States are concerned, and of proseou10ns for offences committed against the Untted States, and for the safe keeping ot prisonets, ?ne million three hundred thousand dollars. WAR DEPARTMENT. For compensation of the Secretary of War, Assistant Secretary of War, chiel clerk, and ,ne clerks, mes'-encer, assistant messengers, ind laborer in hie oftice. sixty-one thousand hree bnndred and eighty dollars. For compensation ef tbe clerks and messengers in tbe office of tbe Adjutant General, two Hundred and sixteen thousand seven hundred lollars. For compensation of the clerks, messengers, iseistant messengers, and laborers, in tbe Dfficeof tbe (Quartermaster General, three hunIred and ninety-nine thousand three hundred and sixty dollars. For compensation of the chief clerk, clerks, messengers, assistant messengers, and laborers m the office of the Paymaster General, two hundred and nine thousand two hundred dollar*. For compensation of the clerks, messenger, and laborers in tfee office of the Commiasary uiijr-iuur looai&na iour nandred ind forty dollars. For compensation of the clerks, messenger, lad laborer in the office ol the Surgeoa Central, forty-three thoasand eight hundred and forty dollars. For compensation of the clerks, messengers, ind laborers in tha office of the Chief Engineer, :wenty -eight thousand eight handred and eighty dollars. For compensation of the clerks and messenger n the office of the Colonel ot Ordnance, sixty honsand and forty dollars. For additional compensation to employees In be offices of the Secretary of War, Adjutant general. Quartermaster General, Paymaster leneral. Commissary General, Surgeon Gen>ral, Chief Engineer, and Chief of Ordnance, inder provisions of act of July twenty.third, 'igbteen hundred and slxty>slx, six thousand lx hnndred and fort* rinii*r? For compensation of two clerk* of class two n the Simal Office, two thousand eight hnnIred dollars For compensation of one clerk of class fonr n the office of Inspector of Military Academy, me thousand eight hundred dollars For compensation of the clerks in the office if Military Justice, seven thousand two hunI red dollars. CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE WAR DEPARTMENT. Office of the Secretary of War: For blank books, stationery, labor, books, naps, extra clerk hire, and miscellaneous temp, twenty thousand dollars Office of the Adjutant General. For blank books, stationery, binding, and aiscellaneous items, twenty-fire thousand lollars. Office of the Quartermaster General r For blank books, stationery, binding, and aiscellaneous items, thirty-flre thousand dolars. Office of the Paymaster General: For blank books, stationery, binding, and niscellaneons items, ten thousand dollars. < ifflce of the Commissary General: For blank books, stationery and binding, nrlnrtinr rent r?f rvffi/** lourteen thousand dollars. Office of the Chief Engineer For blank books, stationery, binding, and miscellaneous items, three thousand Ave hunIred dollars. Office of the Surgeon General: For blank books, stationery, binding, and niscellaneons items, inclnding rent of office, fifteen thousand dollars. Office of ths Cbtef of Ordnance: For blank books, stationery, binding, and niscellaneons items, five thousand dollar*. Office of Military Justice: For blank book is stationery, binding, and miscellaneous items, one thousand two hunIred dollars. FOR THLOENLKAL PURPOSES OF THE NORTHWEST EXECUTIVE BUILDING. rur compensation or superintendent, four watchmen, and two laborer* of th? northwest pxecutive building, three thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. For labor, fuel, light, and miscellaneous Items, twenty thousand dollars. For additional compensation to subordinate employees, nnder provisions of act of July twenty third, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, seven hundred and twenty dollars. FOR THE GENERAL PURPOSES OF THE BUILDING CORNER OF F AND SEVENTEE[N]TH STREETS. For compensation of superintendent, four watchmen, and two laborers for said building, three thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. For fnel. compensation of firemen, and mis teiiiineous item*, ten thousand dollars. Kor additional compensation to subordinate employees, nnder provisions of act of July i wenty-third, eighteen hundred and sixty-six. icTru hundred and twenty dollars. KOR THE GENERAL PURPOSES Of" THE HI1LD1NG CORNER OF F AND FIFTEENTH STREETS. For superintendent, watchmen, rent, fuel, lights, and miscellaneous Items, fifteen thousand dollars. NAVY DEPARTMENT. For compensation of the Secretary of the Navy, Assistant Secretary ot the Navy, SoIipitnr ?bH W1 a -* ?*" " ....... ? ? uujc aufucaia UtDfMl, chief clerk, and the clerks, messenger, assistant messenger. and laborer* in bis office, flf.yeight thousand eight hundred dollar*. For compensation of the Cnu-f of tbe Bureau of Yards and Dock*, tbe clril engineer, chief clerk, messenger, laborers, and the following i lerks and draughtsmen, which are hereafter authorized, viz: One clerk of class fonr, two clerk* of class three, one clerk of class two, one clerk of class one, and one draughtsman, at a salary of eighteen hundred dollars per tinuuin, sixteen thousand six hundred and lorty dollar*. For compensation of the Chief of the Burean of Equipment and Becruiung, chief clerir, and tbe elerks, messenger, and laborer in hi< office, fourteen thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars. For compensation of the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, chiel clerk, and the messenger, and laborer id bis office, tan thousand two bundred and twenty dollars. For compensation of tbe Chief of tbe Bureau of Ordnance, and chief clerk, clerks. draughtsman, wbose salary is hereby established at righteeahundred rtollars per annum, messenger, ana laborers tu bia oflce aixteea thousand tlx hundred and twenty dollars. For compensation of tbe Chief of the Bareau 3f Construction aad Repair, chief clerk, and ibe clerks, drnusbtamaa, whoee salary is hereby established at eighteen hundred dollars per un?, meieenger, and laborer In his offlce, eighteen thoaaand two hundred aad twenty Dollar*. Fur compensation of the Chief af the Bareau 3i Steam Engineering, chief clerk, aad tbe slerka, draughtsman, whoae salary la hereby established at eighteen hundred dollars per mnnm, meaeenger. and laborer la at. twolro Utoaaud two kiadrad and twentv loilara: ud of on ctofc of cUm two, which * kcmr uthoriad, om thoaeaad tour h?*. trod dollar*. For ooaspoaaatioa 01 tfeoGhfel od tho Binaa yf PrtTWoMUdOotlinf, chlof clerk, aad ho oiorkf, mmmmm, u4 laborer, tw^mtr-two HooMBd on? ha ad rod aad twenty dollars. For coapoaaatloa of taoChi*fof tho Bnraaa I vi M*di?iao aad Sorgtry. aaelataat, aad tho itfkit ammir, aad laborer ia hia oAcc, ??????? eleven thousand four bisdrtd and twenty doll art. INCIDENTAL AND CONTINGENT EXPENSKS OF THE NAVY DEPARTKENT. Office of the Secretary of the Navy . For stationery, labor, newspapers, periodicals, and miscellaneous items, Are thousand dollars. Bureau ef Yards and Docks: For stationery, books, plans, drawing*, and incidental labor, one thousand eigh: haadred dollars. Boreas of Equipment and Becrmltlog: For stationery, books, and miscellaneous item?, Rven annareo ana nuj dollars. Korean of Navigation: For stationary, blank books, binding, and miscellaneous items, two thousand fonr hundred dollars. Bureau of Ordnance: For stationery and miscellaneous items, including three hundred dollars fer photographer. one thousand three hundred dollars. Bureau of Construction and Repair: For stationery and miscellaneous Items,one thousand dollars. Bureau of Steam Engineering: For blank books, binding, stationery, and miscellaneous items, two thousand Ave hundred dollars. Bureau of Provisions and Clothing: For blank booics, stationery, and miscellaneous items, one thousand tire hundred dol lars. Bureau of Medicine and Surgery: For blank books, stationery, and miscellaneous items, eight hundred dollars. FOR THE OENERAL. PURPOSES OF THE SOUTHWEST EXECUTIVE BUILDINd. For compensation of nine watchman and two laborers of tbe southwest executive building, seven thousand six hundred and thirtytwo dollars. For contingent expenses of said building, la: For labor, fnel, lights, and miscellaneous items, seven thousand Ave hundred dollars. [To bk cojmstrxn.l AUCTION SALES. IJI TH08. DOWLIHQ. Auct.; Georgetown. OHANCBBY 8ALB OW VALCABLB IM PUOVKD ABD DRIMPBOVID PBOPBBTY IB GSOBGBTOWN ABD WAbHIBGTON. By virtue ef ? decree of the Baprem- Ooart ef the District of Columbia, pssssd on the 6th (lev of February A. 1> , ls?7, in Gaase Ho. 604, Docket 7, Fell ts. Dowllng't. al.. the undersigned will < 11 at public taction, te the highest bidder, oa TBUBBDAY, the lltb day of April A. D.. 1987. et 4 o'clock p. m.. it the premises, parte of Let Bo. 9.1b Holland's Addition; end pert of Lot No. 181, Beall's Addition to Georgetown. the same froBtlBg ob Bridge street, between Montgomery ad Green streets, end feeing the end of Pennsylvania evenne es extended into Georgetown. Th- property will be eold la three parcels, viz: The three stery Brick House, with the lot, which lew feet front by ISO feet deey: aad the 3 twostory Frame Bouses, weet of the brick kouse, separately, with lots respectively attached to the ine. And ob FBIDAY, thellthdayof April, A. D. 1M7, at the premises, at 3 o'clock p. as.. we will sell the subdivision lots known as Lots "B" and "O,'" in Sweeny'e snbdlvislon of lot 4, fn square Bo 0t, la the city of Washington. Lot B will be sold in tkreo separate parcels, each having a front of S3 feet 3 lnche- ob Sd etreet weet. between eoatb O and sooth D streets, and a depth of abont Ktt feet to an alley In the rear; and Lof'C'in >u..w ?? f ??, ii?tiuk ironi. 01 1/ (wt 4 Incbea on *outta C atreet, between 24 and M atreeta wn?, by i <?ptk of about il4 feet t IncbM. All tba above property la daeirable. aid dtatmi the attention of ftnoii desiring to inTeat in ancb property. Terme of Bale, u prescribed by the decree : One third caah; theraafdne in two e^nal rajmeote at atx and twelve Bontha. with interest from the day of aela; or, at tba option of tbe pnrebaaer, tbe wbole pnrchaae money may be paid in ceab preaently after tbe aale. Tbe titlea are perfect. CHABLBsK'MATTHBWB. |Tn,9tM# mb aoiotada THQ8. DOWLINO. A net. DT OOOPBR A liATIMBR, Anctioneera, D (Lateclerka wltb J O McGnire A Co.,) Booth w?atcorneref i'enn'a avenae and 11 that.. Star Office Building. TBU8TBBTS BALA. LBAPBBOLD AND VALBABLB WHABF PlortKTT nor nr ini?n htd??w rn? \VHABr~lTBKLF, 00iL*8bALisr*c.t AT AUCTION. Coder nd by Tlrtae of ft dwd of trust, bearing date on the 10th day of November, A. D. 1864, ana recorded tn Liber B. M. H., No. S, folio* 314 at nil.. I will veil, at public auction, to the highest bidder and bidders, en THURSDAY, the Uth day of April, A. 1,1867. at lOo'clock a. m.. at the Coal Yard lately oocapied by O. W. Palmer, ei mate at raear the Intersection of Indiana avenue aad lit gtreet weat, la the city of Washington, one Bay Mare, Oart and Harness; one Blaca Horse, Oar t

and Harneaa; on* Straw Cutter aad Stable Toola; one Bngay ard Harneaa: ene Iron Safe; Office Furniture Peeks, Pigeon Hole*, Stove, Crowbars, Axea. Paw*. Coal Screens. Shevels. Signa, Scale*, (one iet of Fairbanks' Scale*;) one Goal Office; all Plank and Lumber In the place; <>ne Stable, Lime Honae, Wood Shed, Timber and Gates. a Lao. At S o'clock p. m., on the same day, on the ytsatoes, the Wharf knawn aa " Palmer's Wharf," altuate at the feot of 10th street weet, la aaid elty of Washington, together with three (S)Goal Tuba, Block aad Fall, Office Furniture. Stove, eleven (111 Coal Barrewa, one aet Fairbanks' Scales, one Goal Screen, Bakee and Shovels. Also, ^ The interest of oae Orson W. Palmer of, ia_. and to ue unexpired i?M?noia or saia Wharr Frop rtraltiiUM tba foot of said 10th atreet.ln the city of Waahiagton, voder and by Tirtso of * leaae heretofore ei*cst*d by William A. Bradley and William A. Bradley, J r., ia favor of aald O. W. Palmar. Tama of tale : Caah. A. TII08. BB&DLKT. Truatee. ah? aoAd> COOPBB A LAT1MBB, Aaata. DT OOUPM A LAT1MBB, Auctionaera, D (Lata cierka with Jaa. O. McGwire A Co.,) Boothweat corner Penn'a avenue aadllth at ,Star Ofiioe Building. CBANCBBT BALK OF YALUABLK BlAL B8TATB. By Tlrtae of a decree of the Supreme Coart of the Biatrict of Columbia, in chaacary caoaa Mo. (SO. the anderaigaed, troateaa. will proceed toaell the following deacribed roal eatata at the timae aad placee and upon tba terna hereinafter aet forth , to wit: On MO^DAT, tba 39d day of April, A. D. 1867, v viw n y ui. vu iur prvxu IBVf ? WW W1II BOX I l*ota numbered 18. 19.10. SI, 33. S3, and S4. In g??are nninberM S3, situate partly on north ? atreot. and nartly on 34th atreet west. On TUBBDAT. the 23d day of April, A. D 18?7.etS', o'clock y. m., on the press! sea. Lot DinbtiM 3, Id Square numbered AM, situate an aouthC itrnt. between South Capitol street and Delaware avenue. Lot No. If. in said Square No. 696. sitoata on South Capitol street, near 0 atreet aoutb; Noe 4 and i, in said Square Mrf. aitaate on Delaware avenue, near south G atreet; Lot So 6. in Fqnare No. 637, situate on Dalawara avanua, between aonth C and D atreeta. On WKDNISDAY, the Sttb day of April, A. D 18<>7. at XH o'clock, on the premieee, Lot No. 11, in Square Ho. 640, aituate on Delaware avenue, near aonth C str?et; Lot No. 18. in Square east of Bqmare No. 642, aitnate on Virgiaia avenne, near Oanal atreet: Lot No 24. in Sqnara aonth of Square No. 643. aitaate on B street aonth, be tween i. atreet ? eat and let street weat, end Lot No. 38. in caid 8<tuare south of Square 643. aitn ate on the corner of it atreet veat and H atreet aonth. On THCUD&T.thetMh day of April. A. D., 18*7. at 4*? Oil oc h p. m .at Cooper A Latimer's auction rootn. the following described Lots, to wit: Lot No. 4, in Square No 6*1 ou the 00 me r of sonth V street an<l First strset west; Lot 4, square Has. on Mafxachuaetts avenue, near North Capitol Ktreet; Lots Hoe 1 aad S, in Square No. l.iwi, situate on O atreet south, near Twelfth street east. Lot Mo 9. in Square Nt> 1,118.on the corner of north C street ud Nineteenth street cut Lota Bot 7,8 and 9 in B<mar>- No. 1.1S3, situate o* Twenty-tint street east and B street nortb; also. Lets Nos. ?. ft nnd ?, in Bqnare No. 1,'32. sit; n?te on Twenty-first street east, near north B street. The terns of sale, as prescribed by the decree, ar?- as follows : One-third of purchase money f > be cash, aad the balance in three, tlx. nine and twelve months freni day of tale, with Interest, ami the payment of the re?idne thereof to be secured by approved bonds or nutee, with security and a reserved lieu; or the purcbaxe money can be paid in cat h on the day of sale, or on the ratification thereof by the conrt. If the terms of aale are not compiled with by the purchaser or purchasers within five days after the purchase, the trustees reserve the right to resell,at at the riok and cost ?f the defaulting purchaser or inrrhAAiri. afUr nn* ' " s*?safMi5rt?*;~ W*. JOB* MILLEB. \ Trneteee. COOFBB * LATIMBB. ah tg eo3wAde Auctioneers. BY 0?BXI ft WILLIAMS, Anetteneen. Mo. ftito, eoutheMt corner 7th and D ?U. TALCABLB BUILD1BQ LOTS f BOHTIBKi ON MA6BA0BCMB1TB AVBHIB, BETWEEN FIB8T AMD 8EOOBD STBEB^d BAST, AT On THURSDAY, the Utk Iwt , at ? o'clock 9. m.. we ahall Mil, on the fremleee. Lot He *. fn Suture No. 733. havlngM feet front on Maeeaonnlette nvenae. rennlmJM foot through te D itreet, making building lott fronting on eerb street with u> >V >U> pirwuin. *T?rrn?: Om-third balance In >lx and twelve n,oathi. for ?ot*i boarfa* inWre.t, ?n l Mourtd by adeod of trutt on ta? pr?mi???. All coavoy aocloK and r?T?H<- tani|* at the co?t of tb? pur - ^wr.'lrrtrfLaw BT*R"^Sfe^^Wrsn 1M. mnw OD0MOaX>AT. tho 15th taataat, at 6 o'clock ? B? wo shall Mil, on P*rt of I?o? Bo. f 0 CITY PROPERTY TO BE SOLD FOR TAXES. COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, Citt Hall, Aran. 2, 1*67. CcBsnciBi on WEDNESDAY, the 26th day of Jvic aext, the follow ids U?t of Property will bo sold by Public Auction, at tho City Holl, (Aldermen's Chamber,) is tho City of Washington, O C., to satisfy tbe Corporation of Mid city for Taxes doe thereon, u stated, oBtoaa the aaid Taxes bo preTioBsly paid to tho Collector, with each ex pen tee and fee* as may have accrued at the time of payment. Sale to commenoo at 10 o'clock A. M., and to be continued from day to day till completed. Tbb?s Casb. TIT f i r T i ma nvvnu TV AJjI^&AA VIAV/H| V WMC W. 5 3s a J- ? % i V^rs du.. |j|-f ? TO WHOM ASSESSED . < S ? i o ? j -?U.-a 6 6 ie?5. ie66. fgf-? fc ? I H jH f c.i c.| t a 9 e. 4 if par: of 1, % 3 Ame?, A. J 15 U> 15 oo 15 00 ftBd 5 B^ginumg on Eigb'.h stre*: west, at the son:fo west corner of lotnumber three. rnnniaff mence mi witn in? south line of said lot, one bundrrdfeft, thence sooth two feet ten inclee, thence east one hundred feet, thence north twenty-four feet, tbence west two hundred feet, thence south twenty-one feet two ;ncbes to tbe beginning A 15.. Allen, A. O. and U. Wll 13C (Tt^ c. -25 62 son. Sewer tax on lnt from Sept. 16, l?6fl, gh3.!tg First instalment of water tax 95.5? 496 part 20...... Arnold, Ann E 5 20 5 co 5 90 First installment of wa WI MIA Being the south sixteen feet nine inches front of s&id lot by the depth thereof. part2 Ditto "(' ?o First installment of water tax 70c Beginning at a point in the east line of said lot, forty-five feet nine inches north of O street south, thence north sixteen leet, thence west twenty-flTe feet,thence swnth sixteen feet, thence east twenty-five feet to the beginning 51? west half 5.. Abercrombie, A. R 3 (* 3(^5 First Installment water tax S3.ot> f4l parttl andlm Addison, Anthony 4 04 4 04 s so J*78 west half 1.. Ditto 1 46 \ 43 37) sub. P and lm Anderson, Charles H. .. b 5? ? 61 ?>3 ga 7? Tax for constructing sewer on int. from Aug. 10, 1666 ?**.91 t First installment water tax #3 79 . 317 11 Asbnry African Uhnrch ?56 9 35 First installment water tax W56 part 12 Ditto 2 69 First installment water tax f2.?o Being the north twentytwo feet front of said lot by tbe depth thereof 13C 1 and im Alexander, Oolnmbns toil ? <4 156519 a Ditto 7 64 7 64 i Ditto 7 02 7 02 lf?:j part snb. a.. Ditto *1 55 l?3|*nb. a and lm Ditto 15 &4 Paying tax on int from Feb. 13, 1^64 115.94 snb.3 and im Ditto 15 ?4 Paving tax oa int. from Feb 13,1961 ?15>4 part snb. Ditto g 47 Being the east tonr feet alx inches front of said lot by the depth thereof If* ntrt ink 1ft TMtto ? " - and im. Being the sooth thirty five feet front of said lot by the depth thereof 170 13 Ditto 13 73 t3 73 First installment water tax f 13.73 250 parte 24 * 25 _ IMtto 2 33 2 33 First installment water tax S3.33 Beginning on the line of Thirteenth street, at the distance ef twenty feet sonth of the northeast corner of said square, and rnnning thence sonth thirteen feet ten inches, thence west, ninety.six feet, thence north thirteen feet ten Inches, and thence east. ninety-six feet to the nlare of bee Innin*. 254 " 346 *?? H tli 910 42 Paving tax on int. fiom Oct. 23, 1HJ6 #275.67 Sewer tax on int. from March 39. l-fifi. .f26C.7V JHi part S Ditto o 21 q 21 Firat Installment water tax #4*1 Beginning at a point on New YorM aye. fourteen feet fonr inches westward)? from the northeast corner of the lot, and ronntnc thence westward ly fourteen feet foar inches frdnt on saidavnne at d of equal width front and rear. 341 part 3 and im Ditto ?, ? 00 First installment water 30 w 99 tax #3.47 rteing we west twenty three feet four Inches front of said lot by the depth thereof. 046 3 Ditto . First installment water 8 '* b '* tlx SS"4 49u west half 19 Ditto ? .. and im. First installment water * ?? 12? tax 95.12 Repairing pavement. July 12, 1?65 939.79 454 part 13 Ditto Repairing pavement 151 Dec. 2, 18?4 922.**Sewer tax on int. from Nov. 30, 18M.... 9129-39 Being the north twenty feet front of said let by the depth thereof. 367 east half Ditto a sub. E & lm. Paving alley tax, on int. 110 ^ from May 21,1866 $33.74 A 25 Ditto Sewer tax on tnt. from ^ Sep. 17,1806 9*3 ?> . 7?F? I Ditto I Paving tax on int. from 7 ^ 7 SS 10 ..h i~ ^P- I. 99 7v.> 12 and im.... Ditto........ First installment water 2,10 w *23 7fi 1 3 UDitu>.!.^.*j;;;;.vf4.f? _ First installment water 30 53 57 72" 14 ?7.1{J Ditto First installment water ****** ^ 58 OP ,? *** 1 5 Ditto ^ Firat insuilment water 31 63 :J? part lb * im mM vim,?? 26 64 w K 1'tMX Being tbe rut twentytwo feet front of said lo' by tbe deptb thereof... sou37 and int.... Ditto 9 71 ? 71 545 ?nb 33 k. im.. Ditto 11 6? tl ?? snb.63 &im.. Ditto 7 6i 7 64 917 enb. ? Adams, O. B 5 33 5 33 First installment water tax S5.33 99611 Armstrong, David 1 16 1 16 *3 92 Ditto 1 36 1 36 108014 Ditto 4 75 4 75 Ditto 4 75 1 75 1 6 Ditto 5 61 i 61 1 7 Ditto 5 61 5 61 1 8 Ditto 4 00 4 Ut 10231 " ~ in 4 ew p Ditto s 71 2 71 11 Ditto 4 I <7 4 07 18 l??tO 4 69 4 297 parts 11* IS, Alton, Edward S 17 04 10 74 38 74*1* w 13, aad Im. First installment water tax....* ?2 9t> Beginning on tM Una of Thirteenth street sev en'y feat north, from tne sooth west corner of said square, and Tannine thence with Thirteenth street north thirty feet, thence east fifty. six feet three inchss, thence sonth ooe handled Met, thence west two feet, thenoe north seventy feet, thenoe weet fifty-tour feet to 353 ***11 a 9* a ? ftntlaitiaUMit wttur Mm 1Mb* th? IftMn fcw ftoat of ??ui lot fcy 1 4 .. Beta it* dnch tfc*roof ?# 4?3 I Ditto 49 10 3TWO W I *+"**? *x om tat. from i Jmntitt.isM ?@o.ia | I 3 ~ ill e ?TO WHOM ASSESSkJ). . - i 5 ^ ? *o o \ ?f?*S o o I ISW ??*? oo *52 Z. Z. | j H H I 6-1 t I. I C, Paving tax on int. from Jnly 6, If** t'l Heine lot nrnnbnr on* of i E 8 AlleB'a a?i?ai*ieioa of lou bamber two and three ofC H WUtberr?r*? anbdl*te??i of origin*) lot Bomber two i ib tqure eontb of 4^ Snrreyor'a office, Liber B, folio 118. 370"4 Abbott. I lizabBtb 1 SO 5? M 39 ; Flnt installment water tax Wt?> 533 south ball 25 Ditto 3*5 First installment water tax ?3-v*> ? 572 anb. A AaderaoB. Elicabetb Bad 3 7C 3 7# otbera First iB-tallmeat water tax ?0 T? 346 part 6 and lm Adams. Georg* 60 31 *5 35 133 77 F rat matallmeat water tax ?s oi | Heine tbe Booth twenty. eight feei front of said lot by the depth thereof 3*3 part 34 Ditto 2 94 4 (A Heine the east six feet three inches front by the depth of said lot. , First installment water tax fl.? S3 and im ... Dlt'o 40 4? 44 ?? First installment water tax f.5 "2f Ditto 13 4? 16 <0 First installment water ' tax 9S.H 553J and im.... Adams, (George F. and 16 06 I?r0 7S180 7S Rosanna. Paving tax on int. from Aug. 10, 1*M5... !?.?(?> 616 sub 34 Anderson, Hndley ' f If 494 part 6 and lm Acton, Henry 1 U fc W 17 11 17 11 Beginning at a point MTenl* ftwt trnm the southwest corner of Sixth street west and south E street, being son tb west corner or Mid square, and running tbence east with the line of E street serenteen feet, then c* north j ninety feet Ave inches. tbence west seventeen feet, tbence sooth nine' ty feet five inches to E street, the place of be ginning. 431 west half 12 Allen, Hannah * 37 io First installment water ta* #1 37 . , 457 part 5 JWtto................... 1 -2, r mi iBiuiiDicni wtwr tax f? 52 Beginning on the line of D street north nineteen feet eleven and one half Inches east from tbe southwest corner ot said lot live, and running thence east nineteen feet eleven and one balf Inches,fronting on ' D street north.and with that front at right angles with D street by the depth of the lot. A ,, 297 P?ru 14 and A?ceni*($, Henry " ? 11 K 11 23 15aadim. Tu fr^'paving alley on lahMttlffrom Jnne is. i?M I f ll.<3 K4g)nmng thirteen feet flee and one half In | cbm from the north cast corner of Thirteenth street west and a certain alley seventeen feet nine inch** wide, tbence with said alley fifty-four feet three inches, tbence j alone Hae of lot fifteen north thirteen feet Ave and one half inches. thence west fifty-four feet three inches to Thirteenth st't, thence south thirteen reet Are and one half incbea to 126 ?ob 11 Aulrck?Jlohnnfi' 3 22 3 First installment water tax S3 24 251 ? Adamt, John U , 10 3* 20 M First installment water tax 810 36 16.,.. Ditto 10 2?= Fir*t installment waier I tax llu> 167 part 2 and 24 a men, James 5 14 5 14 $14 First installment water tax #5H beginning at the northeast corner of said lot number twenty-four. running thence south twenty-seren feet six laches, thence west one hundred and sis feet nine inches, tnenoe north twenty seven six inches, thence east one hundred feet nine inches, to the beginning. 461 sub 2 ef orlg- Angus. James W ?1 61 201 (1 lnal O Sewer tax on interest i from Dec IP, 1965 First installment water _ ? tax *336 625 sub 13 Angus. Job W ? 2b 4 71-16 47 i OX 1-'K> *X-7? i will,.. 1MM * *? jsnb 14 aim.. Ditto ?3 86' 70 ;*44? 34 / Tax 1663 #3tt.W . ,, . . Tax 1664 70.*> ?ub 15* lm.. Ditto . 51 11 59 52 177 97 Tax I??3 9 4 . fm Tax 5?.5i 8Bb 16 Ditto T5? fc 31 ? ? Tax 1^63 *5 is h ,, Tax 1*?4 814 8Ub 1 Ditto 6 67 7 33 66 Tax 1NO #4 35 snh 1ft Ta* l!?61 7 ?"? 800 16 Ditto 5 86 6 54 ?2 93 Tax isttj ?a.m> nwnnrto Tax 1-64 6 54 uwpart Adams, James, in trust 5 46 5 48 First installment water J" 95 46 Beginning on Maryland avenue twenty-three feet live inches we*t. wardly from the north east oorner of said lot, and thence runntac westwardly along ?ud avenue tw?nty-thr?? teet tire inches, tbence southwest wardly *t right angles with said ^ [ a vena# to tbe sou'bem boundary of said lot, thence eaatwardly twenty-three feet five inches, thence northwestwardly to beginning. 516 13and im.... Adams, Joseph, and F i 6 45 861 PWts 3 and 4 Adams, James A 3 51* 3 it 3 59 First installment water tax M 59 Beginning on south I< street thirty-six feet from the routawest corner of said lot number three, thence dor nut north on* hundred and two feet ui Inches te an alley, thence east twenty feet, thence oath onebandred and two feet Mx inches to the beginning. 516 part origi- Adam*, J, aad John 39 2C 39 29 nal l p. ingle. First installment water tax S39 # Beginning on Q street one hundred aad twen 2-four feet west from e ontbeaat corner of the square, rnaning thence west fifty two feet and one-half inch. thence aorth two bandred feet, thence east one hundred aad seeenty.alx feet and one half inch to Feurtb street, ibeaoe west one hundred *??< < ??'? oar fwt, tfecac* south on* handml ltd tfem 197*01th hfclf IS P"""" ! , ,o ? !0 First Installment water 455 HrttUd 3. a5?.'fctttto "I? ... 3 41 3 ?i First lutillBHt water ?* *Ml Bc(tiali| on uw Una of F itnet north oat Ivadrad and tftraa ft#t WHt from tha south. as tarn oorasr of Mid sqsar*. tfceaos wsst aloar said atraat tick (MB fM fbraa IiitW m t?9mm north ?M h?a' fr* bm tirwy nt A Ink tvnty.htn and I tfl ?BO>h?lf inChM, thNM 1 M*t ton mm In laj ehM, ttOM aoath fOO?TU|UBP Ilf SUFPJ4JttIfT-HQ. l, g. | Ml #.J