Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1867 Page 2
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, the evening star. I lie lirgrst Cirtnlitioi ij thf DiiUiel t WALLACH, Edltsr kid PrtprUUr. I WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY APRIL 1 ?, 1W7. J ^"READING MATTER OJf EVERY PAQ1. ' I 8KR OUTBID* PoR INTERESTING TRLB ' GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTKR \ M\RVI. \N1? I < Maryland votes to-day upon 'be question J whether or not to hold a State Convention tJ the end of repealing tfce features of ber Consn- i tution ol l?-W. adop-ed by loyal rotes id order to guard against tbe ytrnicious influence of thepoitionof ber people openly or secretly affiliating with tbe rebellion. Delegates to tbe I i proposed Convention are nlro to be voted for to act in case the majority of the votes cast are in iavcr of the measure. This is, of course 1 tne weik ef ihe State s recent Leg. j|ature,' which v, a? iaigely in strong sympathy with ihe re be. 1 ion. To make sure of their work they enlrancbised not only all the avowed reb- ' els a: hetirt ? ho bail not courage, to ri?k their carcass with arms in their hand?, but also , etery M:?ry lander who left the State, too* up arm- a^ain-t the I'uion aud participated in the ' slaughter of its defenders. Ac. The votes 04 j the?e two classes, added to those of the State s weak-kneed Unionists who lack brain and nerve necessary to enable them to live opto nei'la.i, requirements ol the times, will doubt- j e-s show an apparent majority for the ! -cheme. m view of the fact that a larg* majority of Maryland's white staunch ' moaisis wash their bands ol the whole thing because it is palpably unlawmi1T called, ^and, therefor*. revolutionary,) and I will rot tore while the colored Unionists are ! one and all deprived of tbe right to vote on ' the question. 1-ew outside of Maryland will be toond who do not hold that her loy%l black* arefarbe'ter entitled to the right to vote in incl. a case, than her open and active su> -a: home s>mpathizers with the rebellion; to say nothing o: her returned rebel soldiers, who bv he by. art- :o he placed in all the office* ol the ! Mate s new militia, if the propoaed changes in us constitution be Consummated. If submitted : :o a vote, even o! the whites of the Sta*e 011I v w" tl* proposed new constitution wili be rejec-ed as tbe influences that will surely prevail in the convention will be mare thor. ongbly retroactive and more devoLedly at. tabbed to the dead carcase of slaverv, than an y -O he lound at this late day ,n any other Stare of tb- I nion. Kentucky not excepted. They w',1 ^r deavor to make provision lor the future r?*> men* 01 ail losses of slaves in that State by tax&'ien of the labor of its people in tim* to Come and they will insist upon reinjects* in'o the >tate s organic law every provision of ler 'Orme r cons titutionsdiscrunlnat'Bg against her laboring whites in favor of ber smal, class of late slaveholders and their dependeaf, and aho every provision that wa< de- I "ljned to keep t,er colored population in nrter ' ai:d in the enjoyment of no more 1 nuhts at d privileges of citizenship than tbe dogs and cattle. There are numerous reasons why tb.s iniquitous and uniun effort .0 re-enslave both white and black labor m Maryland?for it is neither more nor le?s? cannot succeed Among them standi f.rth prominently the fact that the actum of 'he I legislature providing for the convention is 1 giarugly revolutionary: waile tbeconclusi^ ' of tbe convention will deny to the State s col. ored cruens their right of entire political and ' legal co-equality. |.0r these two good and ; sufficient causes these condnsions will be 1, nomin.ously set aside by Congress when -he ! time arrive, for that body to pronounce on the character of the instrument this retroac ive : 1 convention may work ont. Maryland prop- 1 erty-helder*. tax-payers and bnsiness men are ! to be the ultimate only lowers by this insane 1 attempt to tie ihe State for a quarter of a century U? the cause of secession and the late re- ' ' bellwn. and to keep her und*r the control of , her late slavebolding class, who to-day are bv no means a, competent to advatce her perma 1 nent inieiests as are her black population, who are evincing energy, industry, and a dispe. , < fition to improve in every desirable way, that ' should put to shame those who having former I ly owned them by the grace of God, now 1 seek, through this proposed convention, to 1 keep slavery in all things bat in ' tame. 1 1 GENE R A L IIO&A C E C A pros . ereral Horace Capron, who was yesterday ' 1 dominated to the Senate is Commissioner of ,B..t.Ure'Wan "min<,nt and P^rlotic citi- ' /en of Illinois. He war- formerly a resident of Mary land,but removed to Illinois about twelve years ago. General Capron has been enraged ' in agricultural pursuits for iwenty-nveyea- 1 and is a practical as well a- a sc.enulc firmed Soon after the commencement of the slave- ! 1 holder , rebellion, he raised and led to rh- held 1 the u-h leg.m.ntot Illinois cavalry, lathe 1 campaign before Knoxville, Tennessee, he was assigned to the coram aud of a brigade, aud ' , -erved with distinction under Generals Burn* Scholleld, and Stoneman until the close < 01 the war He had his three sons with him in ! ihe aimy. one of whom was killed. Genervl Capron tuts contributed largely to the agncul- ! *,t#,,unr,?of ^^couotry.andhi- writings ' < a the r, ,n Fnrmt r, the //orlitulf.ralisZ 1 be :a<> >' . and other ' magazines of a similar character have at tracted general attention, and won for their ' < author considerable celebrity among farmers and horucultnrists < NAVAL NEWS. Secretary Welles this morning received a 1 dispatch from Captain William Reynolds, of < the steamer Lackawanna, dated Honolulu, 1 fh- ,aTy ann<>nnclng the safe arrival of 1 the ? earner t.i Honolulu, after a passara ,f ( Sfw a7l0w?li" f,?m Va'P!ira'S0 Officers and 1 s4p.on d^Vr?" ^lUlVur\lrUr ? aATrll ^pnl ?' ??uounc-in7ya,; I ! arrival at that eort on the Ith Instant *? ? woo Id leave for Mobile on the loth i ? DISPOSAL Of PI ELIC LAND. I 1 he Commissioner of the General Land ON ' IKe has received returns showing an ag-re. j gate disposal of 10.-^1 acre* of the public he mont'h'Jf*'Missouri, office, during he month of March last. 5,1*1 acres were 1 ?ken tor actual set'lement and cultivation .nder the Homestead law, and the remainder ' S&5S 1 ? Tracy, for som? three years I associate Mitor of the Rfyut.tican, has dis- 1 solved bia connection with that paper, aud . has gone to Boston to rake an editorship on a paper m .hat city. Mr. Tracy is an accom- I pushed journalist and a genial, warm-hearted gentleman. II* has the hearty good wishes of i the members of me Washington prew, one and all, for his fntnre success, AsfJITAXT SKtHKTAKY^HANTLEB -Hoa W Chandler. Assistant Secretary of the Treaeary. Is at.U confined 10 nu house by sickness, and will not be able to attend to the duties of his office for several days ' P AOAIV?The question ireconsideration 1 on the nomiaation of Gen Rotseao for a bri*. adiershlp m the regular army, in place of Hose< ran.?. was np for consideration 1a (he Nena'e to-day, in executive session. * rom > rench A Richardson, (late Hudson Tavler's.) we have received the V?rfA Krrier for Marcht a good nnmber. KT Alexandria, \'a, is to hava a corn ex change. 9^11 is said tha- Gov. Peirpoiat will be nam mated ?y his friends for nextOovernor ?f Virl ' ?? "fond anntvffmrv of ihe ??trender of tbe R.bel army uade^G^n 1 I ee. It was celebrated at various^laeM .?? ,- ' Werth by appropriate patiioqc oWrrancw t tar General Sheridan has annulled an eUr ! held in on* of the Louisiana partakM in violation ol hi> general order. MTERNMKNT IICVRITIKS. j VVA9B1VOTOH, April 10,1997. I Jay Cook* Jt Oo furnish the following qooations of Government securities Buyif%0. Selling P. 8- S I Oolpsii 1991 lfOV ['. S Fit* Twenties, lt*2 ..ICSk 1WK 1 [*. S. Five Twenties. 166* ?.ltrr^ 10$ . I' S. Five Twenties, ltM>5 107V io8tf L'. S Five Twenties, J an A. J 'y,*85 it 7 107l l\ S. Ten Forties 97^ 9g|j 1 I'. S Seven Thirties, Angnet....Ki5k '< * < I . S. Seven Thirties, June R>5< 105\ 1 l'. S Seven Thirties. July 105^ 105* HEW YOKI FIRPT BOARD 0ALB8. Uonpons loo's ?T\ ' 5."JO's, H6*2 1IW\ 7.10's, A ugnst.... lOti S.JO's. 13M 107* TJO'a, June 105* 5.'!0's, 1-MW 107% (.3?*s, July 1(15* i.tiu'a, Ja *Jy,'65.1iC\ Gold l]*s financial. Lewis Johnson k. Oo, quote Stocks and Bonds in home and foreign markets as follows: New York. April 10.?1st Board?1'. S. Iftnt Coupon 0's, ?, do, 5-yO's, ?, U. S. 5 s 10-40 s, Coupon*. ?; Mo State 6's, ? Canton 00 , ? Cumberland Coal Co prerd,*?; Quicksilver Mining Co ?, New York Central R R , W, trie Railway. 51*4: Hndaou River R. R., ?; Reading R. R. !?*; Michigan Oen'.raJ R. K , ?. M Ickipin Southern and N Indiana I R R , 67*. do. guaranteed, ?; Illinois (Antral R. R., ?; Cleveland and Pittsburg R. R , l? Chicago i?*d Nortnwestern R R., 3t: do. preferred. 58*,. Cleveland and Toledo R. R . ?: Chicago and Rock Inland R R.. 86^; Pittebnrg, Fort Wayne, and Chicago R. R . U Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, ?; Pacific Mail, 121. Gold, *2 3??p. m . 1*?\. ? < ?? . T1IE RUSSIAN TREATY. Tl.e treaty with Russia lor the transfer to ;be I nited States of the Russian possessions in Northwestern America was ratified by the S??ra?e ve'terday only two votes dissenting The only objection of seemiug force yet urged against the treaty lb that based on the statement tuat this territory is incumbered by varionscharter." to foreign trading companies. So far as tbe mere fact Is concerned it is true, but the term- of tbe treaty make special provision tor these existing franchise?. Rnssia fltst offered tbe territory for $r,000,o00, subject to the claims of these companies Thu our Government declined to accede to. The Russian Government finally ottered to assume these claims itself if additional were added t? the purchase money, which was agreed to. and we received the territory free from all incumbrance by virtue of the charters, franchises and privilege-, granted to British. Ruisianand American trading companies by the Russian Government. This account* for the precise sum named as the purchase money, viz *7,. sjuuum. l b.* Ruesian Government will be officiary informed el the fact of its ratification without delay ISMSP.tSITIOS OF TJIK PRKdIDKNT. The President has Veen < uiie indisp >-ed, we regret to >ay, for several days paet. strfferifag irom a severe colc*. with pain in the bark and ?;de. lie was in his oJfice to-day. but no visitors were admitted. L>r. Morris, the attending physician requires him to be kept as juiet aa possible, in otder to give him opportunity to recuperate. His Illness seems to proceed from an affection of the liver, from which he has suffered severely heretofore It is nor donb ed that a few days' quiet and relaxation from the ht<ras?men:s of oificial busuiees will restore him to health. < t fcIA AND 1 UK 3UPKK.ME 0<>URT. It has t?een Mated hat Governor Jenkins, of Georgia, wonld to-day ask to file a bill m tie Snpreme Court of the I nited States, in behalf of tfcf.' S-a'e. fo: an injunction against the execution of the provisions of the Mihtaiy reconstruction act. Tkil is a mistake as the bill 1 annot be pre?ented until next motion day? Friday. It h a? expected to-day that *he President would send in tbe nomma ions of John Hiesrand *o be naval officer, and Dr McCiintoek surveyor at Philadelphia. Naval Ori bcs. ? Paymaster Wm.Q. Marcy has been ordered to duty at the Mare Island > ard as Inspector in charge of Provisions and Clothing. Cos1IRMI9?Major Allison, of New Jersey, was confirmed to-day as Paymaster V. S. A iMTEitHAt Rh esh.?The receipt* from this source to-day were MA\l.yilliav.?The Austrian Minister, ou tb?- 5th u.staut.announced to Mr.Seward that ' he had been instructed to ask the good offices of tLe I Litc.l State.; Government in securing ?afe treatment to Ma\imillian and his followin 1 ase they fell In'o tne hands of the Lib- ' rale at 1 .> uer*-taro. Mr Seward telegraphed I to tbe luted States Minister to Mex co, Mr Campbell to send a messenger to Presiden' Juarez, conveying a request that all possible leniemy be extended towards the expected | prisoner*, and placed a copy of his instructions iu tae bands of Minister Romero, who prom:*ed *0 inform President Juarez of the ] wi.-nes of the Government. At a brief session ! t the Cabinet yesterday the matter was furrher considered. It was not deemed proper to lo anything other than reiterate the request that Juarez shall take proper steps to prevent nnv improper treatment of the Kuopeior should tie fall into the bamls of the Liberal army. ( RESULT OK tmk ConKKR<INCI Bbtwkkh "'ES Sit ,t.K- ASli TIIK <iO\ K It > 1 > RS ? A Con- ' teren*e between tieu Sickles, Gov ?>rr, and ! [?ov. Wortb. has arranged preliminar y details ! jf reoigani^ation in North and South Carolina. and has resulted as follow.* The details af registration will be immediately prepared by direction cf Gen. Sickle#, and pat into operation a? bcon as persons can be found to act , in tbe capacity qualified under tbe ?re\ is.oi. j of the supplemental bill. No elections formu. iiicif al or State othcers will be held in either , of the States until the conventions shall have idi-pfed rte new < onstitutions. No civil officer vull be removed who fa.thfullydischarges his duty. Whenever vacancies occur by reason of expiration ol tenure of office, death, resignation, or otherwise, they will be tilled by ap- , pointments to be made by tbe Governors of 1 ihese States, if the officers are of the chara^ er elected b> the General Assemblies, unless special reason to tbe contrary should arise, or by < the commanding general if they are of the Llass elected by popular suffrage. Personal.?Hon. .las. Kelly, J. w. Warren, , R. F. Wa'son. W. Murray and Rob't Murray, af New York, are at the tbbltt House. Rev. 1 li. J. Fox. L> L?., and W. F. Martin, of New York, and Gov. Cummings, of Colorado, are ' it Wi I lard's. O O r ?WASHINGTON L'JDOB, Ne. * -are rs-inested to attend a >? rial meeting TO MOBRO W < Thurs-lsy 1 at IS m., I to uttead tbe funeral i>f Brother Jons P. Ha>iMACK. j. p. MCKBAB, R B*c. 8ec. I V?=- WASUINOTOM RtLATlSQ OLBB.-8ub?crlP'i;'"J>c^ks for the s?l? of th* new stock of the WA5BIBBTUM SRaTlBO 4JL0B are now ?s?n at the rooms of Mssa.? LAUBTT A 8WBB- 1 BB? . sp lo 2w , W1Bp? PAIBTBR8 ATTRBTION IAS an-l Etjtm Hours, that's it.'?A ueeMne of tbeTalnters fcnion will be held ?t German Halt. db TBUB8DAY BTENTNG. April Htk at igbt me?tiaf oa MOHDAT, th? l?th Inst, at 'o'clock m m , la the acbool-reom ef the Oh nreh, B street, between 7th and 1th ' _a??-?* JOBN J. McOOLLPM.Bec'y. rr&??OCBTH WABI> MRBTIBG.?A meeting J J? of the Democratic and UoaservaUve voters Jrftbe FOCBTB w&K0 mlu b"h eldAt tUe Oitr ?WBBMBSpBT BVBMIBO. Iithinrt ,at 1 Vo clock. A fail attendance is re<ja?*ted, aa bee/ected*0 Boiulaatlug Convention will By order Committee. tp 9 Vb="A MASS MRETIBO OV TUB DBMO* J^.J^RATp and t'oaservative Glti "ns .f the !Tw?n?t5n?^?vi * Potomac Hall ?, ID!lI?DAY K\ EHIIQ, Adrift 10. to al*ct r ^ ?JtL l'eavsntloa to nominate caaeldatee fer the oflice of Collector Register and Mirvsyar of tblseity. ?e*ieier, Come eae . Conie ail: All o?om<I to BadlralUi.i. La?-afl CBMBITTRB JTIUB - Betioe Is hereby ^ I Bed vatws la theFGUBTH JSiSKjUt; mlFg S5"jass?? a roved rebraary 6.1M7, eatlU^l ??aim?t fab megal votlag la t\ie Dlatriot of i^l^JKS' an<1 for e?her pnrvoeee." wfll be in ?? < otnjaoa ? oanotl Chamber. Aty H?ll oI'mwA DAY. TUESDAY aad WBOBRinar AmJtUl tth and ivth. freca | to T o'clock ^t m ' TIIUBSDAT. April IMfc.fre* ? Se S o?c?2* ? 5Lb'Jk.99"0"Qt M tf S. V B0TR8. Keer.tar. RXQifiTiE-R oriiou. ? ymirt is hrrtbji |tt?, that the Ucensea*??l4 to owners of Wafonfl, Carts, and Brsra will ? rre ea the tratlloaday la April, an/that stfd Iceases most be renewed, fa eeaMlaae* wTTa afl SfgftO Register, .uj.b19 J \J ed [I Special Telegrams to the Star. FItOM EUROPE TO-DAY. [Fy Cable to th# Associated Presa.] LO*i?ok. April 10? Noon.?Consols. 90^: En.?. 3;#: Illinois Central 77%, U. 8. FivaLwentlet, 73*. Liverpool, April 10? Noon ? Cotton la jniet Mid nn> hanged Sale? 8,000 bales; MidJlii g Cplanfa, I^^d . Crleane. li^d IJr-adttnlVs market buoyant and active. Corn a1? *ai ced ?js. Kl.ntCs I'.nr ey. 4s., ()&t?. >d Pens. 45a; Poik, l : Heer. l?ja ; ll&cjn, 12s., Uhwsp, 6< ? , Dard. 19s ; Scotch pi* iron. Sis. Gd , Tallow, Ms. QOesnstoww, April 10-.! p. m ?The steamer City of Washington, from New York on the it.tb. has air ved. Ia?mom?erry. April 10?? r. m ?Th?ste\mshi| {ftloi avian,from New \ ork on the SO'.h, has arrived. Lokdon. April 10?p. * ?Consols, !>jw. American securities remain unchanged. I^ivkrpool, April 10-2 p *. ?Breadstuff's are Arm and holders are as?ingl3s, for corn. Tn* cotton maruft continue* heavy, and some failures are reported. Other articles remain without change. Trial of a Marine Officer. ' Philadelphia, April 10?The trial of Mijor Thi mas Field, ol the Marine Corps, wits concluded yesterday, aft-r a month's investigation The accused read bis own defence on Sa urday. It was mainly confined to the pertonal abuse ol bis officers. Lieutenant French, of the Marines, Judge Advocate, made ;i Sleeping rejoinder on Saturday. The effort to prove a conspiracy filled, and the ca->e wis submi'ted to the Court without colla'eral iSfUt->. The sentence will be announced bv the Navy Department The Election in Haltimore To-day. Kaltimork, April lo?The election for a St.ite constitutional convention and the question of running street passenger cars on Sunday in this city is progressing quietly and earnestly. The retMilt on both questions 1* doubtml in the city, and a large vote will be polled Admirable order prevails. The Election in Albany. Albany. N. Y., April 10?The charter election, yesterday, resulted in the election of the Democratic city ticket by from sixteen to seventeen hundred majority. New York Broker Arrested for Forgery. ISew Vobk, April Jo?Thomas Sterling a broker, was arrested by the U.S. detectives oil 'he charge of forgery. The Plasterer's Strike in Philadelphia Philadelphia, April M>.?The Plasterers are still on a strike lor higher wages, and iutend to bold out. rp5=?I O. O P -OBAN I) LODQ1 -Th7r"^. ,i?r quarterly meeting will be heldV, W*?MB8l>AY IVIHKU. is?th inateot. at J ? lap8 St| Pa. bWKKI. Or 8e. . nr~p-TBKA80BY DBPAKTMMN i\ l#?3 (Jjfic? Oj ( itftipfrollirT of ih'g *.'? !? ?.v u March ai. l-s?r. Motle^ Is hereby glvea td the holder* ol the clrJf .**?" r,,r8t Nation*! Banfcof lllfi? *aae.. that such notes will be aid m lawfol meney of tb'1 United < upon presenta tion of the sanie at the Treasurv ef the Rnit< 1 .. B UCLBl'KI) p>n u-^ 4t Comptroller t>f tli# Currency. flf?=*TttKABUBY DKPAKTMBNT. Jo Ojfi't uj Com f Till :rt <1/ the i'urr_ . , Washington. Marek 16, ?a 7. Ketfre is tiereky -iven to tb ho!d?r* ?t the tlr?? " e Teniie*e>e Mttional Bink of Mrmph a. Tenn . that such note* will be paid States upon presentation of the tam< at the Trea?arr of the United n . H EH01BUBD, ^ i/ w4t Comptroller of tl.o Uurr?ocy? |rg=-?TBKABCBY DBPABTMBMT." IK.3 Oj#ce ijComptrollt ?./tht Currency. ? . . "asms-ton, March 21, ldt)7 Hotire Is herebv sMta to the hrl).-rs ef the cir Itid LV % of. /Th' ,"J"t ???<>? > Bank . f Medina N Y.. that ench note? wiII be nald iu y ?f ,h* bt?1^ "Pon Ptasenu tat,?' tL? "me lb# T HuJri Rn'ted mh 27-w4t Oomptrollerdf fhe Ourre" QJ-* BTABL18HBD 1st], ... McPHKBSOH d FKBOUHON, ' 11 Penh, avenue, corner 1st street, ? . . Capitol H ll. Dealers In PUB? DBUOS, KDIOIHK8 and 0H1MI0AL8 PASVUMBBY, rAHOY OOOM? ? IM8TBUMBMT8, Ac , *c J Vl5^ ,*??nrately eomponndMight Ball promptly anavared. m 11 tr I'WO WHOLB 80UAB18, Worth part of city, BBACTirULLT LOOATKD, , Ofl *asy TBBMS, and at a it axcain 1 1 8W0ABI OS VTH ST.: BA8Y TKBM8 _ B. M. HALL 8 .. Wll Xfltftte Ixchioge, _ap 10 St 7 1 La. ave., cor of 7tb at ( ^PBBINO OF PABI8 OOOOS^ vfl1, ,.t2ck??fJ>JLIL18 GOODS, co mart sing MAN AT8- *"LOw BB8..K AH8, JBT ai d AHBIK N ICR LACKS, aad BBLT< PBBfUMCBT. TBIMM11I08. WALKING PRK88B8, 4o., has Ueen templeted br the laat arrival* H WILLIAM. .. , _ 3a* Penna. aveaoe. _apJ9 1w | Intel , Bep , a Chron.) Carriages of the he?t and moat faeh enable kina alwaya on baud. Alao.SST~-d&? lecond hand Bng^lea, Bockawaja, Jeaay Liu is. tc % Ac. Particular attention paid to Repairing. _ _ BOB T H. (i BAH AM. ? Be^oaltorr, .<74 D afreet, near 8th, }P Sh^Pt 47 7 8th itreet, near P. fkrriCB KXTBN8ION C 8 CAPITOL, Wash:\?Ti'N, Apiil !), 18o7. Ten cents per load \>ill ?.? given for earth duprsit'd at tbc- groord* aonth of the Capitol, aud n the terracea < f the bailrlng. Tickets will be liven on the delivery ot ke dirt, whish will be >ald forw he a preianted in numter not leaa than >ne hundred. By ar ier af the Secretary of the Interior kdwabd clabr. ap 10 lw Architect B. 8. Capital Kxtenslon. I B. LAMBDIN " >' w AB?'HITBCT ABO BD1LDBB, CfBce, Na. 540 Se*enth atraet. ap9 lm* M. B cor. Louisiana avenue. OABABOL8 ?Attention is invited to our large 1 and beautiful assortment of PABA^OLS, iuat recaivad. j. w. SBLBY A CO., 3^3 Penu. avenue HOB8KS FOB SA LB.?J u?t recei vad at Howard a Stables, a lot of fine HOBsKS fr >m the aeaUrn part of Maryland, autong tnem two tine italnons. ap :i-2t* 11MK AND BAND ?To contractors and build* * era?1 two bbla. of go J LIMB, 1 'WO loads of town river SAND For sale by B C BAOM, ap 9 lm 7th at. south, bet K and T, Island. JCST BBCBIVB1) FBOM THB NBW YOBK AUCTION8 Msn*!"?' '-ontract MATTING of k\\ wi Jthf, plain and cbe ?ia?rpd * 'fr*e ,o1 of Sampaon'e OIL OLOYH8, which ara being offered verv low for cash at J W. 8BLBY A CO '8. ? Pennsylvania avenue. Between 6th and 7 th sta. DOOKBOM ABCHITBCTLBB -Sloan'. WomhT. I staa.l ArchlUcfur , 6,1 Sloan's Oenstr.ictIve Arch Uctufa, ft sfaan'* (Hty and Subarhan Archit< ctnre, $ia Yaox'e Yilia* and Cottagf. engravinga, fS Scott on Oithlc Archltteture, ^eTtHrJ!?lf Mm?lC ;>LoQdon ^J 75 81 lie way'a Book of Modfrn Car?< ntry Sloan' ('tr. J**? raff's 81 ^rBnl' der% n? a *1 ^'?*s on Public' A House for tha8ubnrb*a Londoa. M-t .10 Y'llage and Farm Cottages A* WotZi\ZZii'i Country Homes, ?1.50. * '** Woo4w? a FBABCK TAYLOB^ jyjKBOHABTS BBW ODT8IDB 8TBAM8HIP L ace New York for Wa.fnnrton, Alezamd, 1* and u evrKCtofm. TJw* f^Mt:afTr JOH2 ??SOH wl ll leava Hew York for tha abuve porta oa 8AT?BDAY .April 11, at 4 1. in., frem Pier 39, KastBlvar. Ball ?anctnalflfiSSHB frotn^S aninel liacon ien'liottha card" The Staaoar K. C. KBIGHT ia d>>/.h?.<? freight in Georgetown. Consignee* wlll ??nd fn? thalr goods. Persons wi.hlng to ae'd fr??ht to Maw Ycrk will aand it ta tha 'tiSmn on w<SL? day and Tharsday morning 00 We?n"" *P9 4t J- W. THOMPSOV. ' Y> BFBIOBBATOBS. ~ befbifkbatorr Just racalTad,a large aaaortmant at u?8* B. H. A H. 1 GBKOOBY'S 3ai P^nnailvarnla avanue. ->1>4 lw naar 7th atraet. fHILDBBN'S OABBIAOB8 V/ CH1LDBBN CABRIAQKB CH1LDBBB B OABBIABBB. 1UI rt**iii4 u o. ICffllll, aiV Tth .f . |)BY OOODB ! PBY QOODBTI V'fivzf&Sgggut. *0. 36 Oantral BUtm, bat. 7tkUd Mhata *??gt PfWto o^trrfi:?u CONGRESSIONAL. WlDKMlAY, April 10. SawAT*.?On motion of Mr. Hnmner. it was resolTt d that the President of the United States be requested to communicate to the Senate, if, in his opinion, aot incompatible with tha public interests, a copy of any recent correspondence which m*y hare taken place npoa the subject ot prisoners of war taken by belligerents in tbe Mexican Republic. The Chair laid before ihe Sonat? * communication, inclosing tbe report of the Washington Savings Hank, as required by law to b* annually reported to Congress. Mr. Williaws called up bis resolution prov dingforan adiourntaent ot tbeSeaate -me Ji> at five o'clock to-day. Wr. Sumner said anxious as Senators w^re toadjonrn, they must all see that there was until,i.-b^d business first to be transacted. He cotild only allude to but not describe it. Mr. Williams replied he was not parttenlar as to time, but thought that some day and hour ought to be fixed, as Senators were i dropping oft, one by one, and they would soon j be without a quornm. If a time were now fixed Senators would accommodate themi selves to it and remain Mr. iretinghuysen suggested the resolution be informally laid over, and to this Mr. Williams assented.

Mr. Anthony, from the Committee on Printing, reported in favor of printing two thousand copies ol the next Army Register, for 1-67. Mr. Morton off-red an amendment to stibsti. tut*- ten thousand cjp>es. The War Liepirtmen\ he said, printed only enough copies for the regular army He desired thit tberesbould be a sufficient number of copies to supply volnntter officers, who felt a deep interest in their former associates in arms. Mr Co!e proposed five thousand copies. Mr. Antbosy said the war being over, it was thcucht t wo thousand copies were sufficient I>urmg the war no army register was publisted at all, because the Secretary of War thought it was not well to do so, for the t ea. son that officers on the re?>el elde might leant from it mtieh useful intormation. In reply to Mr. Conkling, said two thousand copies would cost fiOO. . The amend men is of Mr. Morton and Mr. Cole were severally rejected. On motior. of Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, one was agreed to, providing for the printing of three thousand copies of the Army Re^Uter of 1-67, and in that form the resolution was passed. Mr. Johnson presented the credentials of Matbias E. Mnaley, Senator elect of North Carolina: which were laid on the table. Mr Thayer afTered a resolution, which was referred to the Committee on Printing?that there be printed for the use of the Sena's tive thousand copies of the report on the banks and levees of the M'ssirsippi river. On motion of Mr. H?we, the Senate went into executive session. JOB' 101:: ICi!!! As it Is oar desire and Intentloa to furnish to the citizens of Washington this necesaary article at the lowe?t possible price, wo bsg the xssiataric of tb snbiic w suable na to do so by cheerfully (-onipl) in.; with th? following rules, which are indispensable. !.i^" nb'DiJ than 103 poandsdaily will t? o?-?l?ed to pay for the same iu tickets, to be had of the drivers or at tbectntral offiae. cor '<>' ittband W streets nerth, which ars to be laid for on delivery. J. Drivers will not leave any ice without a strict s?tn?liaacs with this rule T T FOWLtR Superintendent <>f the Washington and Gei'rge towm ice Com rawy. aplO-tf I l^T UF PROPOSALS or A MISUKLLA *' ntous character received at the office of the V'lsi^ermaster General for the week ending April 2>rk< o^rs from 2.^ 0-W to .*? ,<?? Patent He-k Fastenings for Bubr^r 81,eJUJ TV'*' Including Parent Blgfit and Machinery tor Manufacturing Wuigley, ells A I angaa, Alexandria, V* , j"" topurcbaae Buil'la* en Goiernment Ceal W harf at that place, at $75. B. Bladen. Alexandiia, Va., offers to purchase 'i cords Oak Wood at $3, and 2d cerds Pias Wwoi at per cord. Geo. Ore\ellnt> Alexandria, Va . offers to purchass 115 cords Tins Wood at 91.75 per eord. an 1 40 cords Oak Wood at *2 7s per cord. ' J? TBI8 18 TOIGIY1 NOTICE, That toe saoscii ber has obtained from the Orphans'Court of W aahineton Coant>, la the District of Colombia letters testamentary on ths persoaal estats of Thomas Donoho, late of Washington city, b C deceased All persons having claims ag .in-t the said dec eased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with tbe vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 2eth day of March next; they nay otherwise by law be excluded from all benett of the said estate. Given under my band this26th day 0f March, 13J7. ap lu lawSw* ^ 1' eeat'r. ffiHW Zrric. l?eat?r* 2onof W1 LLI AMW?llVif^Port Chester, PI. T.. praying for the extension of a *rmnt?d to him tbe 28th day ef December, 1S62, for an improved method of Heeding Screw "?ts, *c" for seven years from the explJitw 5f? * 4116 28111 day of December, 1866, this application having been anthorired b* act of Congress It Is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 24th day of June next, at 12 o'clock M.. and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, ifany tney have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension ur? required to file In the Patent Office their objectioaa, specially set a>rth in writing, at Isaet twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either parry to be used at the said hearing mnst bs taken aad transmitted In accordance with the rules of tbe office, which will be famished en applicatiea. Depositions and otner papers relied upon as teatlmony must be filed in the offloe twenty d*yt before the day of hearing: the arguments, if an? within ten Hays after filing the teetisaeViy ' Ordered also, that tbis notice be published in the Republican and the National Intelligencer. Wa?h i'tuton, D. C , and la the Tlm.-s. New York, N. Y., once a week for three snocessive weeks: tne first of said publications to be at least sixty days previous te the day of hearing ? t. O. thiakib, D _ _... _ Commissioner of Patents. P. Mltorg of the above papers wHl please eopy. and send their billato the^Pa tent Office, with containing this notice. ap 10-iawSw \| A. F. DliYbDALI will open TUESDAY. ^'h of April. Bering aad Bummer MIL 5li5 Marget street, Georgetown. Modesj^ecelTed monthly. ap i 6t* 5^ IOSKPH B K ID GLOYK8, a saperior artici^Tat 91 per pair. LINEN 11ANDKKBCHBIFS, very cheap. WM. R RILBY A BBO , No 3t> Central Stores, between 7th and 8th streets, opposite Center Market. flV CABIBtBT KUBNITUBB J9\ REDUCED PRICES' The snl scriher, having a very large an 1 han i. some a-i?ortmentof CABINBT KUBNITUBB on hsnd whtch h> wishes to r^uce, will ofler Ida at BHEaJLY REDLt'ED PRICES FOR CASH Us will not be undersold, taking work tnanship and uu;t!ity into considerationT Defr competition ! Call at once and get bargains , , o JUHN y WILLSOM ap->lw (Int.) southeasteorner9th and Dsts R^WOOD. UO08* ABD 8ION PAINTB8, Fo. 319 B street, between 12th and 18th sts B,A aDi?' 4ci x?cut^ with nsatness ap 5 ??* work warranted to please. pOB MOUNT YBBNOMTI The Stesmer for Mount Vernon.^^^^^Mll leave- the Wharf foot of 7th street, at 10 o'clock BVBBT THUB8DAY and BATUBDAY MOBNINO. Fare, #1 to ror the rennd trip. WM. D. COLT. a?? 6t President Potomae Terry Co. Young abkbioa pbbiodical and ciOAB 8torb. All the popular WBBKLIBBaad MAOAZINB8. Gray's genuine PAPBB COLLARS m?DGBNB OOILrOBD 4 BBO , ? ?'3t New York av., b> t. 18th aad 11th sts. 'j O BUILDERS, MABOBS. Be. Proposals will be reeMved for faralshiae all la'or ??>e alterations of Bids mnst be for sack kiad of workwOaraentsrlag. Brick Laying, Paiatlng, Ao..)separately. The plans and spieoificatioas can be seen after Monday, the 8th instant, at the office of Charles M. Matthsws. Bar, Attorney at Law, ft| Congress street, Georgetown, D. 0 . opposite tbe Post Office, where the arc hit ecu will bs In attendance during Thnrsday, tbe 11th instant, to give any information desired Bev. W. W. WILLIAMS. J.D. BCBTZ. W. B. BOGGS, J. B DAVIDSON. ap 8 dtTh qgA>' ' ATT(^>mn?tteo. fj*00*' "^^fn'stobb. Llaganore. J.H. Gambrill. Araby, Golden Hill. Oereavillf, and other choice Winter WHBAt! wn. ZisJsSr. l*.OO^BusbelVCftfflrLT MBAL, (Taylor A W. M. GAbT * CO., w M Indiana avenue aad 1st street. mh 23 near Baltimore a?d O. BTBoadDepot. IJBITSD VTATB8 BONDS 999 Penan, avenue. pOOKIBG ST6YEB. v/ cooking stoves. *>"w * "ear 7U street. . 55?'_? if * ' gj ? HUisaae?m??b ths | f.iH mm. Affairs ta Ortrcruwa. Abticifatbd Impro?iu*t ? W( are glad K> hew that our MMow <i km, T A. N?*arm>r. Eeq.. deeifaa to 11M ng two tore* npou thealta Of th* frame auildiug? on Bridge ?tr?e? sow occapta4 By htm. Hbliwiols.? arcbbiahop NpauMingon Moaday morning ?anfirmed about*.*) persoas at Trinity Catholic church in tbia city, and the same day confirmed SO stndeats at (}e>>rgei??b College. Ot the whole number coaflrmed, about *0 hara formerly been connected with other denominations. Thb Albnam>bia Cafal -The alide of the embankment of the Alexandria Canal ha.- been repaired aad the water let in. Since yester* ( dav fifteen boats, all loaded with coal, passed i ovei the Aqueduct. The filliag of the canal canted a wry low Mate of water here, math 1 to the disgust and inconvenience of millers ano manufacturers who depend upon the 1 canal here for'heir watar power The turn- J lit ot ibe water Into the Aqueduct* cuts them I off from a fall eunply. Mirchavth' 1.xchaik*r?The offer, ngs at the Merchants' Kxchange this meruing were ' 4.7M* bushels wbite corn, MO > bushels yellow corn; -.MM) bushels red wheat. 4(H) barrels family floor; 900 barrels extra; .WO barrels cat extra. 17> barisf? super; 100 barrels fine. Sales? )l ;0? bushels whit* corn. $1.14, l.oOu bushels i yellow corn, SI.15: bushels red wheat, <1 40. No transactions in tlonr. and prices rule with yesterday's quotations The gram market Is excited, and higher price* may be anticipa'ed. 1 Thk Cakai.?Arrived ? The Ueo. Wolei, i with limestone to the kiln*; J. M W iters.tlour, 1 gram, and potatoes, to Geo. Waters, and twoi ty seven boa's with coal, consigned aa follows To F C^uiftev, jftjo tons, American Uo , j 1,112.7 tons; J. C. Huston, 107 tons; Hampshire ; & I' 'more Oo . 435 II tons. Outral Co . t,. : 1tons F rom this it will be perceived that tbe coal fleet is arriving J>epar'ed The J. M Waters, salt and sundries to Williamsport, p.nd six'een b ats light. Thk Kish Whakf.?There was a tolerable supply of shad and berriua at the wharf toflay, and sold readily at *17 per I0u for shad, and --7 to <lii per for herring This supply i? principally from the near landings. We hear iltat ibe dippers are deru ing a very good business at the Kails, catching fair lots of fisn Which sell rapidly Port or Okokuktowit ?Entered Steamer Valley City. Tom It n. master, from New York: schooner Mary Lliza. Harris, master, from Italtimore, with merchandise. Cleared Schooners K C. Stannard. Hubbard, master, for Norfolk: Mary Lliza, Harris, master, for Vienna. <; bobobrowy~tnv krmis. |)lJ-BOLUTION Or CO PA KTN KB8HI p" The Copartnership heretofore "ilitiu between ti e undersigned under the stvle er v a N l>K BW K HK KN A WILL-*, In t Ids day dissol ved t mutual consent JOSEPH 1!. W LL3 h is witharawii fiom the ronce.n, he bavin* sold all his th^ 8*na. to ics B YABDBB WKBKEN, who will p*y all d Ms of the :rm an 1 I collect all outstanding claims due ths same. JiS B VABIiIBWKBKM, JOSEPH B WKLLS ; Georgetown, 1?. O., April tith, 1M7. The undersigned will continue th? Furniture P..i(i?n??8 ?t it,, old stand of VANDEBWEE KEN a WELLS, No. 10- High street, au I m<*-t ! respectfully s llrlt. a < of the liberal patronage extended to th. late tirm. ,Af."s B WBMWjr, N BW SPB1MU GOODS. ?? J. HEN KV W IL80H bn recMved his supply of GOODS for Siring Wear, comprising every ! stjle and variety adapted to the season ? All orders promptly and luthfully executed. Oood Goods, good work, and well-fitting gar! ments guaranteed in all caset. A general supply of geutlemea t GOODS always on habd. Georgetown, D. C., North side Hndg street, apS 2w next door east from Bank of Commerce. t 'HEAPEB THAH EVEK?Jnst received at * 51ILLKB 3 101 Hn lie street, Georgetown, 1>. C , a large stock of Spring and Summer Gooda. embracing choice Dr-cs <J..o4t in the latest novel ties. Also, 8,0 0 yards Calicoes at Li*. 15. la".. to cents; Blea. lied and Unbleache<l Hnilins, 10, la* 16. is 2U cents, superior Shirting, IS cents; housekeeping Goods. Oloths, Ca*->i mere* and DrlLingi. j'lf* ' ' so's. Shawls, Glove*. Corsets. Hosiery and Notions. Onr Goods bave been purchased for caeli *ince the recent decline, and great barcaina ca*iy ^ b' fevor us with a mh K-l?* BBN ' AMIN MILLEB WB U ?WHEATLBy S PBEMTum BTIAM ' DYKIHG AND CLBAMS1NO ?, ESTABLISHMENT, OfUce, No 49 Jefferson St., Georgetown.D. O. Rtab.lihed In 1111; premium awar led by the Metropolitan Institute. 1867; rebuilt IM, aal Is now by far the largest and most complete -stab- < llsbmeat ef the kind In this s?rt1on of country I Dyeing and Scenring of all kinds dene In ths beet mftD D#r. 7.r?1'.tJ,"kfn,for favora, the snosciibsr solid ts the continued custom of the community Goods received and returned by exprees with tiM utmost promptness aad despatch. Post Office addresa. Lock Box No *?0 Oflke oloees dally at annset except Saturday, when It Is closed at 8S a. m. fe 16 <5m YY EBB A BE VEiilDGE Have now in storeafnll itock, for the spring trade of ?mtf\ CHINA. GLASS, AND CBOCKEBY, To ? blch they invite the attention of HOCSBKEKPEBS. and all othcrpnrchasers. PLATED WABB andOtTLEBT of the lest clM* "and,, 5li?RI5?**8KT8 Just received, sp <5 61 ODD rBLLOW8 HALL. 7th at. >00 NIBTH STREET, 505 FOCB DOOBS NORTH OF D STBBBT. : Beaten Hall Building.) WALL PAPEB8, 1 WINDOW SHADES. SHADE HOLLAND8, CAHTON MATTING, TABLB AND FLOOB OILCLOTH, I GILT COBN1CBS, OVAL AND SQUABS PICTURE FBAMB8. PICTURE COBD AND TASSELS. Ac., Xc. j A fine assortment of theahove Goods In store. ' and for sAi* CHEAP FOB CASH. RID WELL A HENDERSON, ruli 28 Ini 5OA 9th street. RON IN 8 RASB BALL BMI'O&IL'M Sol*' agent of Horsman acelebratel Mew York Bate Ball Bmeorlum.i keep constantly en haud a < ?rge nnd w. II ssie. ted st-ck. or famished to or- I ler. Ba? Balls. Bats. Belts. PrI/e Bats, 1'rl.e B- Its. B^ises,Shoea.apikes.Caps. Shirts.Croon t. Cricket. Martelle. Score Books, Score Sheeta. Foul Flags. Prize Ball-, and Kehoe'* celebrated Indian i.lubs, by tb- wholesale au I retail. Base ] Ball, Cricket. Croquet, and Mart?l|?Clui>-< should ' reLd for oar price list. Liberal discount mtde to 1 dealers and clnbs Illustrated aid descriptive 1 price list sent on application. ' B. A. CRON IN. >3* Pa. ave. j NOTIOB-WiH organized Ba e Ball and Cricket W'pbs. junior and senior, please fnrnlsb me vlth a llat of their officers, address of a<*cr Ury, an l location of play-ground y Hp t-lm ^'HAMPAGNB! CHAMPAOMB^ Having obtained of the pHnclpal Uhatnpaans Importers of New lork a larger discount than ever I heretofore given, I am prepared to after the fol- ( lowlng brands at a lower rale than lasretoforesold 1 In this market, viz Chaa Heidseictfat fu marta 1 anil Qib pints; Jules Mumm's Champaane at 92S I marta and $24 pints The Chat Ga ltler s Cham- ( pagne.ofmy own vineyard, I will still offer at Au i 4uarts and 9SS pints C GAUTIBB, P 2 17 Importer, Qi% Pena n avenue. I HAVB BBCBIYBD a fine assortment of Trench aad Domestic BONNBTS. LBWIB BAAB, 18 Market Spaee, ENGLISH AND GEBMAH BEAD TBIMMIBG i can be had at LBWIS BAaB 8, 1 Market Spaee. IT LOW EBB AMD BONMBT PBAMES -The ^TriArM^8^VofnnVa?tWBEa mhlJ tf LEWIS BAABV. CBT1BAL 8PLBNDID PABLOB OBGAX8 5^ with Patent Organ Swell, in iillli movable Pedal Bass, (very convenient forlBBBi organ practice at home. > will II11T1 POSITIVELY BB SOLD AT COST, preparatory to rebuilding Store. Also. 1J new and second hand PIANOS at rednoed i prices. OSOBQiB L. vAd A BBO , m IS an Ho. 4tT nth street, above Pa. ave. 1 (\f 1LLINEBY. - MB87~b6cR WOOD has reivl moved to No. 434 Uth atree t^ Plant's^ga Balldina,) where, la addition to her usual^^p tock o? SEASONABLE MILLIXERY,5* may be fonad a well selected assortment of 5T4- J PLE and FANCY GOODS. mh? lm? } BENCH WOVBM WHALEBONE 00B8KTS I B1 SO, AT i MABAMB PBINCB 8, 29 MAREBT EPACB. ? The money refunded if aot as reereeeated. Also, a tail assortment of MlLLIMBBY aad ' FANCY COOD8, of the latest Importation. ' mh M-lm* 1 sails# i *?$ 3 to ih? :?Bbi"*lr.toonVwi"dM to ?T?ji *H? 0?lSfggrat?T??to vsffcjs.r* OB ftawyfraaia aiaai, : j i PERSONAL. t WIW MISS lAll ? late wiu b 2\mt9y*+\ Uthaireet, ?Hii? cwllat IT* n ***HL lal aad. |f A*\P?W LADY. who k? a ft rat rlui ttuoriw, *k?l e?t, CATS F ABTV a.4 T.f . w/ atlemea aad yoathe Terms roe* alle m*M4rac?, 491 W Mrnl. mr lwfiU4 eveaee. lata ad U* ii o.floo Toi?i, | PortVOtMk r*4i>ir?4-i*v?r?lra?j| B0U8M tU LOTS, in dlffereet M'li ?f lltuir _ _ ST ABB B Co., I I.eofMrl T.Mii ?a4IMki< , *|| f Pi??i' Buildiag, r It ^INTIJIill VlSUOUHOr HiTIMO tl.e.r *1 omu, Past* aad vmi. Sroered mi iumnf mM to *r?Mt M rocl ??_MW. would 4i wall kf rxlilog ?t B.MAKftUDKftS St??rli| ?i4 t? palrib* Depot, 47 7 lift* llrMl, a lf? 4own Pean avenue. ?)) |B* & Tn FOI FRENCH ABD IKlME MADE V ' wU CORSETS vtrriiUii *kil*bu?. Ale*. on baud and oj*4? to order, the i?t*o< sty loo or HOOP SKIRTS aa* OORABfS w err eat e<l to fit or bo sale Hoop Mitt Curort Ilti4 wtUi limi lnlHj||>tt |1. A tall <>l M * w ?k4 ? hlidren'a ti?rMl< All*, tk? old () lo. wUU Steel 1oerd , will b* Bold At dbAKLII BAl'M o Hoop Skirt ltd Coreet uultctori, 4 t Uutlim mill, bit. 4th ib4 7th ?U Hiru altered an* repaired ; tm1H POET A MT TO THE LA01BM ?1BDBLI6 LB 8TAMP1HG Wirruwd fMt roto.? Will weeh awl boll. Dob* by a French ct mpo?i'i-u. the recel ft of which bn too- purchased it i h'|k price Be>ee eipenee of breldieg LidlM ire Invited to rkll got a earn pie, ??1 try 2I. Ladlee' white or coltrtl Underekirta Uei lorels, Apr ns Ac., Mt* p?l .u im t?i. , ef raiding,Ib fut c dor* HiBKABTED ROT TO W i?B OUT. J Great aavibg to lade* havia* clothes forehH- ( dree to Bake ap. N?> braid, no ? ?iof bat tha pattern piloted Iu tha *<?ode indelible. Mnu that caa be attached to tae bottoina ot Laflie*' Mirla, (ma aa the? are bow wore la Now York,! r?a.1y itemt*d. aa4 for aala at leaa than half the nauei coot of braid. Birda, mtdellioaa. Figures, eat tuals of aa> pattern stamped. Oaoda aa rapra oaLed or tba maae; rotarnod , ? WM. FBIBCB. mh 12-tf 4 39 9th atroot. cppooito Pateat OH >* FBI DAL ADD PCHEEALWRBATMB, BO D g 0BT*. CROSS EH. A BOH RS. ST A AS. Ac arc*erved In natural form : Imported FLOWBRS. hair flowers, and BRAIUING. Aleo.lm ported MOSS. hair dresses lor Ball*, hp Hra. fbibs liaa removed to Ba. 4*i*> llthet . between Q and H . oc J ?ta * JOHB V CLARA. ATTORNEY AID f'Ot" M SRLLOR AT LAW AMD lOTikf I ' R I. Ho. fttlft lltb street weat. da 14 1 r BOAKDINO. M PI RE HODTBT4 56 PBNNiTl LTAN TA i avenue, ..eeue tbia day tw eat> m td1lti<>?> rooma. newly furbished. Very desirable > u fortable room with board, for t?o piri?Di a l per month. Transient Bui don A- par day ap 10-3t* F-OBNISIIBI' boom and BOARB^for ad> a unite at Ha. l lth it. wait ap t> ** PLKASANT ROOMS. WITH OR W1THOIT r BOARO. at CROTOM PLETMHEB, oroer Baw Jeriay aveauo nud South A ate.. Oaplt ( ?>'? ap < 'f UOABPIBO AT THE OOTTAOB -Twa or MJ Hire.- eligible BWOMS witl. or oltliont B .ar 1. an l^aecQrad at the raalf bailt * ottago ' an J*th atreet. batwapn H and 1 atrreU. FlritWarl Care and rharrhea cent enlent. ap H-tf W^ABDlMt* ?A trantlenian od la wtfla, or tw > k 8*titletnea can obtaio a pl<-aaant Froat BOOM k>u iHn.nd flour.) with BOA BD in a pit v.?te lamllp. at ' per m oth Tat 1? It ,ard. A is ror w n'h Apply ^71 Mew Y rk aveuae near aor aer <>f IJth at. apB.Tt* ROABDIMO and R< -OMs at i K otree. A-P Te.-ma moderate ap < M FDBMISHED FBOMT ROOM, (aacond it ry wllh Board, fti a tery pleae>tnt locality, ob ?th n' it <37 fth atreet, batwaen and H. ap 4 1? A OBKthKMAl AMD WIS WIFE an ba a^ A coaim.>dat?d with a KuONT ROOM ob4 *ool board in .? private faaily where there are aa c hil dr??a. Apply at <7fc H ?tr4et. oear ISth ap 4 ]? D0ABD1M0 ? A (r^atl-mae end ht? wife oFtw i * P' aaaut fruit BCOM with BOARD fn a pn*?u fauilly fron> th<? Berth. Ia^olro at Bo. 70 Lairret, betwe-n rvd and 24th. a,h lu L'OR KENT?Tw< well farni?h*-d PARLuRa. oa a the ftiat floor, with or u ithout BOARD AaPi J' 393 K it., bet. ,'th aa 11 th. fa 1] T door* north ot the aranae forma ?tt par gg!*: do l? & LOST AND F00ND7 hb OWHIR ok a bbown and whitb dr>' COM , with- at ken,, which hat f.>r a loaa tiaio past been carefully aeaurad within the * *?* of aqaare 756, ta grare at nlirht. greatiy ro thelnjary of flower gard^a. Ac., will cuar aud preve property, and pay coita and daaag?a ap lo 3t WH c. Carroll AM OWNRR WANTED FOB A SOW WITH F10S, which ewe to ibt premlae- The owaor will prove property, pay chargoe. and tak her away. laaulre at ibe reetanraat earner I lth and O aireeta, Island. ap 9 A I OST?Oa the 4th lDatant.oa the atreet, or In j 1 i.tb*Sfr h^tweea the Mavy-Yard and Motr?- ' Eolltan Hotel, a lad) a CHAIN PIN. <old. The oder will be auitabl) rewarded by Iravuig the awBie at Ho. 46SI K atreet eoath, between 5th ?o l 9th atreeti eaat. ap > st? UP ea Id April, l-*7. a horaed r-d * COW aad CALF. The owner ta rei'ieated to <~om* forward, prove property , pay chargea. and take her away . W alkib Wa*hta?toB *t . ( eorcetowD, opposite Do all i fonadry, natr t>.? ^ nal. ap 8 3.* I OST?At the Matloaal Theater, or k*iva>a Mj there and Wlllard 'a. laat evening, a BB A'B LET. marked "M. A F to B. B , Birthday Gift. iy? " Tha find r will be lil erally rewarded by leaving the same at Wlllard a Hctel. fe tl tf MRB. EMBICH. (widow of the late Peter Rni rich,) ben to iaiorm h-r frteadi A - - A that ahe baa InftA RE OPBBED THB EH ST A nil WT Ml 3?? Penn-ylvama avaaae. taceae oi trie late tire W here aba iatenda keep on band tha beet aaall tle? ot W1HBS. LIQCOks, and CIGlWiS alao, all the Delicaciea of the Saaooa. * Capt. hakky Btovv\ it )a charge, aad wl l be happy toaae til fn.ala. mh ?> laa ATS FOB THE SPB1H0 WEAR. The Broadwav atyla SILK HATS. rm Yoang Mini SILK HAT 1 New and beautiful abape* H ATS and C APb'^ tor youLg Uiea aud boy*, id Felt and Cloth. _ B H. stink met/., Hatter, 1134 Peaaat Ivania avenue, Blh 3" ln? aear ooraer iStb street. Ibe largett and beat colle< tlonof oitra^oT? ROSES, comprialog Sea S< uted Bourbeaa Molaette, Bengal, l' Hybrid, Moee Monthly Meaa. and CllmblnA Roaea. Alao th- I beat Climbing Plants. Ornaaiental Shrubs aa 1 Planta, Fruit Treei. Ae , Ac. Plaata. Ac., peeked with great care and a nt to any part of the coantry. Plaata, Ac , warranted tra? to name aad of 5rit qvality. A J ARD1H, Flortat. mh ? Im* I8th and M sts . First Ward. NOTIC1 -Uae HARRIS A CO 8 NEOTEBIO SOAP for waahiag Clothes, as It h>? boea proven by actual test that one poand laeauai to two and oae half poaada of brown a >ap, and gaar mteeAaot to ia>ar- the tiaeat fal ric. Try It and tie convinced. Bold by all Orocrra Sole A genu 'or the District of Colambta. CLARK A PBAB iON A cents and G neral Commlaalon Merchants No Penna av , up atalra. mh M ia A8UPEBB ABSORTMBBT OF BOYS' ABD CHILDREN 8 CLOTH 1 HQ. both ?laim and (Dibraldered. PHILIP WALLACH, od#ob h a!i mh tut Coraer Oj atreet aad Peaa. aveau'e. WAHTED?10.000 LAD IBS to know that at the New B tarn ping Rooaa, 430 Pth atreet, oppaadte Patent Offleo. they caa flad the beat eelected leeortaent of Patterns ever offered hare for Cloaka, Oapaa, Aproaa. Joeeya, Watata, Takes, Banda, Wrapaera, Slippers. Pincuahloaa, aad Iattiala. Alao, daatcna lor Pillow Caeee, Ottomans, Dhair Covers, Pianoe. and. In ahort, every variety ?f Patteraa aa they are dally lsaued We have a French Machine and a Practieai Stamper, aad have reduced the price to _ riVH GBBTS PER WIDTH. We make aad atamp any pattara broacht aa. BraMa, Silk aad Working Oettoa vary low. do lltf PRABB BALLY OF MEN AID BOYS. u at tha BEAT CBBTBAL CLOTHING HOOtl. Ho. 460 7th atreet, oppoaita Poet OUce. BUSINESS SUITS of~alI doacrtptiona. DRESS SUITS at reduced pricee. BOYS' SUITS of all deacrlptloAi. BOYS' SUITS at all pricee. Hew atyleo of HOTS'OIaOTHIBe. GBNTS* CLOTHING at radaoed pricee. Baw ia your time to lay in BPBIBG ?LOTH IHO, aa we offer ppaolal ladacementa for tha neat thirty days, at BBUTHt. 4AA YTH Ste??T, oppoaita Poet Qflco. ABf pRBIB RHP bbw_JfOBK BILL! *" A O. 0A8T0B has iaat r< taraed 19 ^ Bew York with a large aad olo?eat keaortmeatof fiae Preach, Bncllsh. aad American Straw Boaaou aad Hats for tadiee aad (hllarea; hiatal. Amber. Pearl, aad Straw Orlaaienta. Aiao, a aoneral aaeortment of flae Preach Plowed*. Boanet aad Hat Framai la tTAAlwIety. Bibbeaa, Silks, Orapoa, Tallee PArtlenlar attention given to aH orders. boom, 446 lth atreet. aear Penaaylvaala avemeJ mh la ia PIT AC REBEL ABB OODPIBB. ?BHf Bo. AM Hlaihet. bet BaSdl"' g^aei eaat 3d atreet ud Peaa. aveaae, Capitoi

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