Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1873 Page 1
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?. ! * - ? THE EVENING STAR. Fikllikd lallf) 6?b4?f? ciccpt?4, AT TUE STAR BUILDING.% cor. lick St., m imm mi snrcrirn ciirmr. * m. MJWF*MMr*r, *r~i4S. TBI HI5IN? STAR to iwwd by eurlm to iMr wbtr1??r? Tl.i Cuti m win,? Fo*tt Fon 0?ST? ru MniTH. Oofic* It tM counter Two Cb*T9 MTh. By mail? tbr? bosUu, %IM, m ?c>tU, #3 00, mm rw, ?S. ~ I TH* WIKKLT STA*-Pnt>lM)M rrMiy-fl ?? I|mt. Vlmariably lq Advance, in bolt cMM.ud lon^r thM paid for. I i of far?Mi?d o? aT?tic*tJr?. ? ?? ? ? ? V?i. 41?N?. 6.239. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, MARCH II), 1873. TWO CENTS. LADIES' GOODS. ^TAKTING DEPOT, bl7 Seventh SiKEir, Vtfl-tr 1*"'"'. Office. M ISS McCOR.MICK, _ >?. Prmnsylrmti* Arr**' (*? Stmiril, ?a In rfrftft of a Hr* ifrtir-iit of IMPORTED ?OODH,f?r? ii*?Oi'.in;,o( N?* Y^rk. S*^. R?lr>a Bonn* formerly At VIA Utb at M AUtS?s'nO r V E A C T ES. FART*. CON VYa TIUN'S ET ROBES DX BAL. BOXES XT LINGERIE. Ft.OWERf, FEATHERS. LACKS, Ac. The Ladie* of Wa^lungnn aw! vicinity are re ?WKrfn'ly tavited to call and nlM good* before ivt buiii; rlwwlyrt. IU-1t The largest stock and cheapest W>OI)8 IN THE CJTT. T?r en e*t?n*ive ard Stoefc of sarfvi FANCY 60?DS, at M?rh?t Priro? call at the NEW YORK BIZAAR, 441 Svvitxth Strk?t. N*aR X. M>m iy YOl ?ffl k BRHRRIO. ? LENZBERG k CO., Sellirr rw* entire atork of MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, at anil below coat. 707 Market Space, Janlft ?*, between 7th led gtb atreela uorthwwt. |MPfRTER OF Hl'MAN HAIB. GRAND bargains AT MADAME ESTREI'I, CIO tkk srrett, stttmd ti?T from U strut. B> member the name and nnrr.ber Cheap Cnrla, ?vhrtim, CkinnM, Braid*, Puff?, TriuettM, of tk? laiwt atr!.*. Call and aee oar hi atock before pnr i ?i?ewh? r?. decM-tr a?f A DIE!*'" Li FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL In the t' ft article in tb? world for doing op Lines or Maalln. It impnrta a beautiful flose to the fabric. Wet aiuL by all urocera. bcrnham k CO., Maanfactnrer*, 160 Wmt Lombard atreet, )w141t Baltimore, Maryland. BANKERS. Jr. BRUDHEID, ? B K U K E R No. *139 Tem,a ave., on? i, Waahingi n,D. C. Sp?' i..l attention gi\eu t<> n?vee4**nt ?e<-uritie?. Invite* rttt. to *> curitt** uitv o",-re.| at prion w liK-h will |n>> !?? ??? U |wr am-tints and ?f l'-nirth ? f t in i* t< ? <? 'lit truest r?. Saf>- reliable. proiit al>l?- and pr-iupt. making them iu every respect FIKST < LA8? SECURITIES. K'-t>r? by p-rm.-Kion t<> Lewi* J'hnaon A Co., *whmtii'n D. Kelly, X*|.? Caehier Nat ional Mrlrnii'litaii Btnk. \* a?hingt, n, D. C.: Hon. J W. Brwili'.ul. S?cond Controller, Waahing i? u P C . XiiwardClark, K*<j., An hitect U.S. Cap itol^W whn<lin, I> C. iiiHrl? -3m '1 HA NATIONAL BANK OF THX REPUBLIC * iCoim r,>f 7*h and D ?treeta,) OPEN FROM 10 A.M. TOJ P. M. d~-l"Jy CHAS bradley.O^bler. /'tKMAI AMERICAN SAYINGS BANK, "I N<?. 41* SKve^iH Street, Oppostu Hot Post-(j&f ikpartmmt. Bank heart: 1 a. m. to 4 p. m. Saturdays open un til 8 p. in., t' receive delist only. lnt<re?t paid on drp>?ita. C< ll-ctiuM made and exchange fmtwIH. JOHN HITE. PrM?i<i-Tit, A. EBERLY. Y. Pr?at, W. F. MATHNGLY.bec ,C tK. PRkNTIS3.C*ib'r ?K?H> *|"HE SEt OND NATIONAL BANK, > STCEET, BttiT'i* Sixth and ScctMh Octets. (Mlertioua made and Exchange furnished on all potata oOB tf D L. EATON, Caabier. 1. autlM. 6R.1. ADR:A) ?. root. Late Col'r lLteruai Bey., Buffalo, N. Y Banking house of MILIEU k ROOT, 1410 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (Oppuaite WUlwdV Hotel,) W ASH1NUTOH.D. 0. 8U per cent. Inter??t allowed on bnaineaaaccoonta. JEi4ta per cent, tbterevt allowed on depuait of one laonth or more. Collertlona made everywhere. aaJI TBE r?EEDNAJI'? SAY I NOB AMD 1 TKIST COMPANY. Baakl&| Honae, No. 1J07 Pennsylvania avenae, ? ?ppoelte the Treaanry, PATS six PBB CXNT INTEREST, lm'Ttst (A{ FirU 0/ A'acA Mimik. PATS rol'B PER CENT, on btatueaa accoanta frma date of depuait. Ji'wj C'?rtiAca?ej of l)*rotu bearing ? aad 4 per cent. intere-t, available anywhere. 1AI BBAKCH OFFICXS in all large towna aad citiea at the 6?<Uh and Soath west. Bnmk Amt.<J a. m. to 4 p. m. Open Wedueeday aad Saturday niiclito front Ui to t c'cWI, to receive dfpniti only. Call at the Bank or 1 for a copy of the Charter and By-lawa. jU-ly J A* COOKE A CO., PUT AND SELL foreign EXCHANGE and 1BBCB CIBCl'LAB LETTERS OF CREDIT for Traveler*, ttrmtlabU ut mtty part uf tu world. Our Drafta on JAY COOEB^McCULLOCH A CO,, ara Cashed la any aart^?P2>6LAJro, ImKLA*B and Ocori iw,/r? ?r cJUrtt. asayUl WABMINOTOM CITT SAVINGS BANK, YY OwarTM stnot aad Ltmuuut* mmth PATS 0 PXB CXNT. 1BTXBXST ON DEPOSIT. Interest commencea Area date of depoelta. Depuaita caa be made and drawn at will. ?nl-tf J. A. BUFF. Treaaarer. ? A R I. Y STRING WEAR JUST received, Jl !?T RECE1YEO, JlhT RECEIVED, For early spring, FOR EARLY SPRING, FOR EARLY spring, MIDDLING WEIGHT MIDDLING ? EIGHT 1DDL1NU WEIGHT DRESS AND business SriT , DBESS AND BUSINESS SUITS, DRESS AND business SUITS, LlGBT CASS1MEKE PANTS, LIGHT CASS1MERE PANT?, LIGHT CAbSlMEBK PANTS, AT rSUAL LOW PBICXS AT USUAL LOW PBICE-S AT USUAL LOW PBICXS A. STRAUSS, A. STRAl'SS, A. STRAUSS, lOll PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. lOll PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ? Oil PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Third Door Beat of Utb Street Third Door Feat of 11th Street Third Door K?at of 11th Street. pOWXBFUL OPERA GLASSES. COMBINATION SPXCTACLBO.' GBANlTB WORK whichau^iareiaMby arcbi tecta, ballder* or coatrartora. at the lawiat aaarkei rata*. We h?v*^ca paaaaua iffoumo. H? 1MT MTO'l" 4' SPECIAL NOTICES. The present itftrt ??<? ba* th^ ughly t*at'?d the virtus of Xn. Jones C?'\ijrh Mi\tur*??h<n?acds of bcMle* having be^n -?? J with certain (access. Its trial bai l^*n most th^r >ugh. A mere col! or Cuugh or tbo m>wt sggra \ At+<l ? a*** it has "ur?l with p?|u?1 success. It ia not objectionable totbe taete, and can therefore b? readily need for hildr?-n and persons who object to nauseating niitarw, particularly aa it* doses are ?m.ill and every due* contains the gsrm of an ulti mate cure. It* value- In advanced ess"* or th >se verging oa con-umption must o tb-' ;'.nrt<,r<*tim.?t<sJ. M-my su-h it h<ui tntn-lv curtsV, ? vm of *c kiu?M;pd consumption. While it does aotcur*, it greatly relieves, And a number of tbM unfvr tuuaf-n now use it for the great relief it afford* them. For a Cold. Cough, Influenza, Bronchitis, Hoarse s n#?a, or any affection <.f the throat or lungs yon can ue* nothing more reliable. Prices?large sir*. ?!; ?H#K)cti. For sale oily by ABTHURNaTTANS, Druggist, iul2-tr C< rstr 21 and D strata noiliiw<e>t. CtatlM. LEA A PERKINS'WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE Buyers *r? cautioned to avoid the numerous Coun terfeits and Imitation* offered for ?ale. JOHM DUNCAN'S SONS, New *ork, octli-2awly Agents for the United States. A Ctrl. A Clergyman. while rwidlif In Boot* America, aa missionary, discovered ?aaww4 simple racsedy for the care of Mervoos Weakaee*. Barty Decay, Disease of the Criaary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorders brought on by hanefal and vicious habita. great numbers have Wan fund by thia noble remedy. Prompted by a deeir? to beneSt the afflicted and nnfertnnate, I will aeDd the nclfe for preparing and uamg thla medicine, in a aiaied aofMOKi to any ona who needa it, ?m of Oaff?. Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, Bible House, msrJJ ly New fork City. AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S SEW OPERA HOUSE. JOHN T. FORD Proprietor and Mant-g'-r. THE GBEAT SOCIETY *TAR, MIM AGXES ETHEL, ill appear TO-NIGHT in her original succe**, TBOt* FBOl*, a- acted b> her nearly an entire sea.-on m New York city. FRIDAY, BENEFIT OF MISS AGNES ETHEL. SATUBDAY, AT il O'CLOCK, GRAND AGNES ETHEL MATINEE. Miss Ethel'* engagement is positively limited to Six Nights and a Matinee. Seat* can now be secured for any ey-ning drrlng the -leek at the office of the Opera Hon^e. I il:> ALL'S SLVI OPERA HOUSE. JOHN T. FORD, Pnyjfctw and Manager. GRAND ENGLISH OPERA. w ME"K^BG"LiN:::::r::i:i Manasiii? Uirec,or~ E. GRABE Tres* ir<T. GEOKGK W. CoLBY Biisiuoss M.umg r. *IX SIGHTS AND M ATI NEK, COMMENCING MONDAY, MARCH 44. MISS RoSE RERSEE. MISS EMMA HOWSON, MRS. ZELDA SEGU1V, MISS MONICA NEW51 YN, MR BR03KH0rSE BOWLER, MR. EUGENE CLARKE. MK., . H. CHATTERSON, MR. EDWARD 8EGU1N, MB. GUSTAVU8 HALL, MB JOHN E. CLARK. Mr T. BATTLKM \N, Mr. W WHITE, Mi,s PHILLIPS, Mrs MASSEN. Mr. NICHOLS. FULL CIIOBUS AND ORCHESTRA. 9. BEHRENS ....Mutical Dire- t ?r. OPENING NIGBT, MONDAY: LltlA Dl LAMMERUOoA. Change f Op/'ra every nit hi. S,-ale of Pric~?-?Admi-idxn, 75 cent*. Be?cr?>- I ?eaie: Hult ony rjrcle. e>l,Orclie?tr:?. #1 50. Sale of eeot? will comnv-ix e at Ellia' niQftii atore, mikI at Opern Houne, Thor-*lay. March a*. nilg 5t" WASHINGTON THEATER COlHtVE. (Eleventh street, south Pennsylvania avenue.) THE BEST YET1 THE GREATEST ENTER TAIMMENT IN AMKttlCA. Re.?l our list ot attraction* attentively. Firat. we have <-?K*K?-<i Mr. DANIEL D. N ASH, who coue? to ue litar:ild into a world-wide popularity. Ala?. Mr. FRED. LEVANTINE, wlu ia a Mymiiaat of tame, and perform* bis beautiful and graceful art with the crystal pyramid*, alone worth the price of admission. The charaUng- 'Oaeen of Serio^.mic Vo ..r-w. . POLLY calintd" isalmi retaiae.1, POLLY DALY, who witl appewr in new and beautiful vocal gems. Mi** ( LARA MOORE, the champion lightning Cliang Artist, al*? exhibit" a repertoire of new and daan ing b?vi Itie*. Mm*. ALEXANDER BLANDOW 8KI the "MaHre de Ballit" and dl>tingiri*hed male Dancer, with his greatly augmented Ballet Troupe, will produce several new and beautiful sensational Ballets, intr?-locing the fanx d and dn*hing Hun garian Dancen, the KIBALFY SISTERS. The pleaaiug Soubrette and Actresp, Miss JESSIE BOW AKD, will appear; ae also the favorite Washington Song and Dance men. theCOLLYER BBoTHBBb? D?ti and Eddie. Thru we hate the popolar eccen trk Irish Cornelian and Yo<mli*t, Pat Bo<Hiey;the great Banjourt, Di> k Parker; tl*e great Ethiopian Krfonner, ott" BiiiUank; the Yersatile Actor. Ja< lOglaae. and B. Jean Buckley,the nniversal favor ite. These, with Harry Be?-se, Huston Brother-, and our entire mammoth novelty Troupe, will H|>|tear in a great and rare nwlangw of Aw.frelif, mirth and music. Th, (-veniut entertainment* to coaclud" with the rollicking Farce of the IRISH TUTOR, embracing the entire strength of the Com pany Friday. March 21, Grand Complimentary Benefit t? Mis* Clara Moore. Matinees WEDNESDAY and 8ATPBDAY. mi: QtB^Wo.j "ifCS" "* 'tsr2s>,brOT,twa'.s~,,> Choice Oil Paiattngs, Engravings,Chromo*. Be. Also, largest stock Paper Hangings. Wtudow shades- Picture*, frame*. Picture Uorda Mi las "?^rSSkWAs*!:u ^ Dutrict i remember Maine and Number. Jel ly" |\IOTICB?That E.S JUSTH. ?1? Dareet, be IN tween <th and 7th streets northwest, sells cos ttnimrtt SECOND HAND CLOTHING a I^s* than half th* cost of ready -made new onea. SILK DBESSES a specialty. fe!3 1y OLD GOLD, SILYBB, BRASS, COPPBB, Etc., \J bought at fair prices for a Hew York boose. Household Fnmitcre bought and sold. Rotes by mail pomptly attsnded to by AUGENSTEIN, 1498 Pennsytranla avenn* al-ly? BALLS, Ac. (jjRAND I MIOM BALL or m k STATES ASSOCIATIONS, MARCH SI*, 19? i, INAUGURATION HALL. Ti< keH, *1- for sale at the ptincioal W'tels, at the music stores of Wetzerott and Ellis, aud at the lM?>kstores of B. B. Mohau * Co., Philp \ So|oa*obs. Kervaud A Towers, and M 'rriM>ns, ami by th* member* of the Managing Committee. ails at A. M. CLAPP, Tr-asur-r. G RAND CHARITY IALL. THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL lor the Benefit of THE CHILDBEN'S HOSPITAL will be given, under th<- auspice* of the Director* of that inMlMittou. In MASONIC TEMPLE, on the evening of Tl'EsDA Y. the lath of April next. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and lady, $S 00 each. ml7-tf [(jhron. B- p. A Snnday paper- eopv.) LECTURES. CURRENCY LEGISLATURE -LECTURE V/ by WALLACB P GROOM, President New York Merthantile Journal Company, at MASON TBMPLE,SATUBDAY, arch SS, W7J, at 0 p. m. mVSt' York Mer< hautile Journal Company, at MASONIC TBMPLB, SATl'F Public are Invited. |NTEBESTING LECTURE. At the request of tlie National Labor Cowicil, Captain RAMI EL ADAMS ha? coaseuted to deliver a Lecture at Odd Fellow's HaU, WEDNESDAY EVENING. March W 1373, at 8 oxloek p. m. SL BJElT -Bi? Explorations In and wsst of the B'Cky Mountain* and the Mine* of Precious Metals, Valleys, Aactent Cities, *c. of the vast territory drained bv the great Colorado Biver of the West. These are important matters to the Mechanics, Painters, Merchants, and Stateassen of the entire uatioii.wh > now have an opportunity to I tear of the met haust ible resources of tnis central ami remark - ahle conn try. fr< m one who has ?<eenfive years in that section. Adssissu-n. SS cents. nil; Jt* ALL ON JAMES P. BRIEN. X hortirml Plumber ?ai (rat htttr, to have j our Plumbing. Gas Fitting, ami Sevrei-age promptly attended to oa reasonable terms. No #M L -wi-aia avenn*, near 4th street, north side. R ?:d. n. e. g'iO SJ street, northeast. mil I^IME: LIME! LIMB! B> ?'.?.< d imrnt LIME at #1 per barrel,delivered in all paru of th* city. , THOMAS PAHEY.ltthstre*, a*ar La. avenae, northwest. gCALE IN BOILEBS__ I will R-mov* and Prevent SCALE In SB J St' Butlers, or make no charge. Attrsse, LOBD, U 117 4a* tltlfhia, fg. EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Internal RsvsacE.?The receipt* from this I source to-day were f321.1s?^?5. A heavy rKXnscKK is being brought to bear i upon the President to hare Mr. Hartley, A*?irt ant Secretary of the Treasury,removed, and : Commissioner Douglass put In his place. Gov. EdwakdM. McCoob having dcelinel a renosaination as governor of Colorado, th j | President to-day sent to the Senate the aouti nation of Samuel H. Fiber' for that portion. Mtss Akkes Ethel again appeared in the society drama-'Agnes" at Wall's Opera Rouse last night, and confirmed the favorable Im pression made on her first appearance. To night she will appear in "Frou Frou." Reskijiatios o? Minister Lowe.?Th? res ignation of Frederick T. Lowe, Uaited State* mlnl?ter to China, has reached the Department of State. It is said that his successor will be ap pointed from the Pacific roast. Conscience money to the amenmtof ffifl was received at the Treasury to-day. Of this sum ?o?) came from a Baltimorean on account of under valuation of taxable property, and S10 from a New Yorker. Thb ScrTBKRX Claims Conmssv)* bad under examination yesterday the claims of Wm. A. Taylor, of Fairfax county, Ya., for over 9*,0))0, and Samuel Smith, (colored,) of Alex andria, lor about Sf-OO. Mr. Mori, the Japanese Minister to the United States for several years past, lelt Wash ington yesterday for .Japan, his successor hav ing been appointed. En rutte he will visit the principal capitals of Europe. KcKLrx Pardoned.?The President yester j day pardoned Sherrod Childeri aud William i Montgomery, of South Carolina, who were ; -erving out a terra of imprisonment at Albany, : N. Y., on account of alleged complicity iu kii fclux outragis. A Mono the commissioners appointed yester day to the Vienna exposition wan Mr. Richard K. Evans, of Washington, a well-known jour nalist, and who also has acquired no little repu tation in legal practice in the Federal courts, making patent law a specialty. His experience in mechanics in this legal specialty gives par ticular fitness to his apttointmeut. Naval Orders.?Capt. Cbas. H. Baldwin is ordered to command the naval rendezvous, San Francisco, Cal.; Lieuts. George P. Wilkins and Louis V. Housel to the receiving ship Vermont, at New York: Assistant Surgeon E. Z. Derr to tlie naval academy, and Assistant Surgeon E. K. W. Carson to the Mare Island naval hos pital. As the derate* is the Senate have been prolonged to such an extent it seems to be the impression that the session will be protracted until the latter part of next week. A number of Senators who are anxious to get home art making arrangements to pair with some of those who will remain so as to leave here this week. Reported Insults to the Wife op Sen ator I.ooan?A telegram from Salt Lake city yesterday says;?" The wife of Senator Logan was at Provo to-day, arranging tor the removal of the remains of her lather, Capt. Cunning ham. when a number of men gathered around the house, vociferously thanking God for the death of the old captain, ami in other ways conducting themselves in a most shameful man ner." COMMISSIONER l>oi OLASS EXONERATED The sub-committee on claims of the House of Representative*, to which was referred the in vestigation of the charges in the New York Sun. of March 16, 1*72, against Commissioner Doug loss, of the Internal Revenue department, 111 connection with the defalcation ot his clerk, .Julius Degmeir, while Mr. Douglass was col ?ector of internal revenue for the 19tli district of Pennsylvania, presented a report, in tb closing hours of the session, which says that the allegations against Mr. Douglass are in no re spect sustained in the slightest degree, aud are entirely without foundation in fact; and that there Is nothing tending to the conclusion that Mr. Douglass is not a high-minded, faithful and honorable pnblic officer. Senatb Confirmations The Senate con firmed the following nominations yesterday: John Goforth, assistant attorney general, vice Wm. McMichaol, resigned, to take ert'ect April 3> l'?\itl Naggie, chief justice supreme court, Idaho Territory; J. P. Kidder, chief justice su preme court, Dakota Territory; A. P. K. Saf tord, governor Arizona Territory; Coles Bash ford, secretary of Arizona Territory; Frank Hall, secretary Colorado Territory; Wm. G. Rich, secretary New Mexico, vice Amey, re moved; Wm. Michael, United States attorney for the eastern district of Pennsylvania; dames P. Lane, United States attorney for Iowa, Chas. Dillingham, naval officer, New Orleans; Alexander Sliarp, U. S. marshal for the District of (Columbia; B. A. Boseman, postmaster, < haileston, 8. C.; -John G. Clark, postmaster, Savannah, Ga.; and a number of other pout master*. collectors of revenue and customs, registers of the land office, Ac. Thb Caldwell Case.?In the Senate yes terday, after our report closed, Mr. Tliurinan said not only was Mr. Caldwell now on trial, but every member of this Senate was on trial as to whether hr would give an impartial judg ment on the matter before the Senate. He (Mr. Thurman) had read the evidence in this ca?e ve?y carefully, ami In it was found the most damning proot of corruption. There was the proof that more than enough members of the legislature had been bribed to make up the ma jority of Mr. Caldwell. If a Senator could not be turned out ?or bribery in a case where the proof was such as this, then the Senate might as well give up all its power over the acts of its members. The proof was convincing that this gentleman bought his way into the Senate, and the question is, whether the seats in this Senate are to 1>e made merchandise of. Pending dis cussion the Senate went into executive session, and then adjourned. Reorganization op Internal Revente Districts?Twelve internal reveuue district* in various parts of the country were reorgan ized by the President and Commissioner Doug lass yesterday by the promotion of the assessors thereof to be"collectors, in all bat one district, in which both officers were removed and new appointments made. The changes are as fol lows: Amos T. First, assistant assessor, to be collector of the )tli California; R. H. Whiting, assessor, to be collector of the QUi Illinois; D. P. Johnson, assessor, to be colrcctor 2d Ken tucky; F. 8. Hill, assessor, to be collector of the 4th Kentucky; Hiram Ruggles, assessor, to be collector of the 4th Maine; R. M. Proud, asses sor, to be collector of the 3d Maryland: J. L. Murphy, assessor, to be collector of the 3d New Jersey; Hiram E. Stolley, assessor of the 1st North Carolina, Wm. R. Sanp, assistant asses sor, to be collector of the lath obio; O. B. Gib son, new appointment, to be collector for the district of Oregon; H. 0. Hunt, assessor, to he collector of the 4th Texas, and H. Harnden, as sessor, to be collector of the 2d Wisconsin. The Xkw Assistant Sbcbbtaby op the T bbABr bt?Ex-Senator Sawyer, of South Car olina, the new Assistant Secretary of the Treas ury, was born in Boston, Mass., Dee. IS, 1822, and graduated at Harvard in 1M4. He was subsequently emvtoyad as a teacher in Massa chusetts, au in Iffi accepted an Invitation to become principal of the state normal school for girls in Charleston. S. C., where he remained until September, 1804, when Us loyalty ren dered him so obnoxious that ha was given a passport for himself and his family to Port Roval, then in the possession of the federal forces. In May, 1*6.1, he was appointed collec tor of internal revenue for the second district of South Carolina, the first civil appointment made in the state alter the rebellion. He was elected a member or the state constitutional convention; was elected to the Senate of the United States the Itith of July, 1868, and took Ms seat Jul) 22,1868. In the Senate he served on a number of Important committees. Twenty seven Senators, representing twenty-seven states, Including Messrs. Patterson and Roh ert.-on, of his own state, joined voluntarily In ; the recommendation fur his appointment to his ! present position. , The Senate, in executive session yesterday afternoon, unanimously confirmed the nomina tion of Mr. Sawyer in accordance with the usual custom to confirm one who has just been a member of the Senate w ithout going through the formality of referring the nomination to a committee. " He will ptol ably be sworn in tu mor row. Trb Baltimore Ano:*r\i*\Ti Tim morniug. two delegations of Baltimoreaus wait,a upon rrv*iacn% Grant to urge the re tention of Mr. John L. CktpaMn in the position or Naval C?esr. The delegations embrace.! a arte number of promiuent citirens ot Bilti more. A m.nest the* were Messrs. Rob't Tur ner. Samuel Dent*. Kelso. Abbott. Whitr.dre Brcoks, Hooper, Tyler, King, Doirell, McAl i-ttr, Coax, Taylor and Cole. In sxewta to the frequent inquiries aa to the health of Mr. James Brooks, we regret to say that he is still confined to his room in Washing ton, receiving no \isitors, and attended only bv his tatmily, nurse and physician, the last of whom has forbidden nay attempt, even if possi ble, to leave his bed. He seems to fail in strength daily, under the effects of the malaria brought with him from the East Indies more than a year since?Jf. Y. Utk inet. TUX SOt-THKRR CM??r?-TAKKRS TO BE PAID. At every session of Congress since the close of the war the effort has been made to secure authority for the payment of the census-takers ot UtfO in the southern states. The effort finally succeeded in the last days ot' the Utt session and. a ctrcnlar is being sent from the Censu* iD?f?8ted. setting forth that ? Comrwia, by an actappsoved M*reh*d. ?^?Vwn?a?nor!sed the payment, without proof of loyalty, of claims for compensation on aei?unt of services at the census of 1*60," and giviti* instructions concerning the preparation 01 claims by the claimants or their heirs. The Credit Mobilier B.oks The Attor ney (ieneral has written to Oakes Ames, re questing the books of the credit mobilier com pany for the use of the department of justice 1 gUlt by the United States ."i? . cretl^ niobiller company. It seenn that Mr. Amw promised the books to the Attor tlf D? ? Hi'1 in<#take they were shipped T .,^y Ju<1?e Wilson, of the Wifron special committee, at the close of the investiga tion, and Mr. Ham, treasurer of the credit mo bilier, has turned them over to the trustees of the company. The Attorney General is now waiting for a reply from Mr. Ames. Tke Prebideht is doubtless delighted at the prospect of soon taking a brief respite from his official labors, which, ever since the beginning ot the session of Congress in December last have been unusually onerous. There is no !? *JSL?? V? number of visitors who throng the White Hou.e daily. and will not probably be ant 1 the Senate adjourns. Resides seeing several delegations to-day, the President *avv interviews to Vice President Wilson, Senators Chandler. Mitchell, Ferry, ( Mich.,) Boutwell, and Lewis, Governor Cooke.-lay Coolce. es-i. Ph'ladelphla, Judge J. H. Kives and W..T.' n Ji'?? irginia, and a number of others who calicdto pay theirrispect*. ??Capital vs. Capitol."?Considerable ex citement was caused among the clerks in the different departments this morning by the report that they were to receive Jo per cent extra compensation on account of a tvW graphical error in one of the appropriation bills passed by Congress at its last session. The sM)ry went that one of the appropriation bills coii.ains a provision for the payment of 2u per cent, extra compensation ?' to employes at the T..?pit?.1, (meaning "Capitol, ') and that the > irst < onfrollcr ba?T decided all employes of tJi? government at Washington entitled." Iin.uin in official quarters, however, tailed to establish the truth or the story, which was doubtless set afloat by some nag. Commissioners totheVikn xa Exposition. The President Las appointed a number of prac tical artisans, scieatific men, and honorary commissioners to attend the Vienna Exposition this summer: the appointment* bcinif made under authority of the act of Congress, approved February 1-f, The practical artisans ap pointed are N. M. Lowe, Mass.; Chas. Davis foh'n r?v * MeiS*'f?,a?? K" B" Lines, l>. c.: John R. N urnsee, Md.; Louis J. Hintou, N. \ I.)man Budges, 111.; George A. Stanberrv. Ohio; and the scientific men_E. N. Horsford, Mai-s., ,J. Lawrence Smith, Ky.; Lewis M Kutlierforil ,X. V ? Peter Collier, Vt.; R. 1\ rhiin?U>n,N. j.; L.J. Boeck, Va.; John A. Wanler. Ohio. Among the honorary commif sioiitrs are i'bonias Nast, (the artist.) of N. J. ?x-Senator McDonald. Ark.; George W. Smailev and J. Russell \oung. at large; Richard K. i; !>- Cutt*- Daviu Edes, Joseph Enthofter, Arthur H. Brown, D. (J., and James M. ( avanagli, Montana. XomiisaTIOXB BY thk President Th" President sent the following nominations to th< Senate to-day: John H. Bailey, collector of customs, Ports mouth, N. H.; Samuel H. Ellwrt, of Colorado to be governor of Colorado, vice McCook, re rHri,v' of public monevs at Carson City, Nevada; Eugene Gillespie consul at San Jose and Cape St. Lucas; Cyriui . hcoflekl. U. S. attorney for Kansas; A. D Thomas, i?nsion agent at Little Rock. Ark. r Jjx 'Hi' Revtnut?R. M. Proud, 3d district Maryland, Henry Harnden, 2d Wiscon sin, H. C. Hunt, 4th Texas; O. B. Gibron, ft>r cir??,IL, 1 , ^ Kentucky; Wm. R. * Sli,ley. 1st North Caro ? * ? tfolinfton, 2d K^ntuokv 11 u tonlia11*'5th ,l,ino,!"' Aujoa L- Frost,' 4th Cali X'pu'rr* LandOm<ft-C. T. Stearns, Mobile, X ' ?? Fe''er?> Duluth, Minn.; Jno. P. Owens Taylor's Falls, Minn. Rfctirtrt I'ubli(lJli.,uy*?C. L. Cass, at Jack son. Miss.; E. W. Little, Santa Fe. New Mexico is L^wiston, I)uluth) Alinn.i Uhiiics C Bradin, Litchfield, Minn. ^ t. c"nector ? cu"?m> <* ?? How Civil Srbvicr Worm is thk TreTs vry DKPARTXRMT.-The cirU service exam ining board of th? Treasury department, con sisting of Messrs. J. H. SavilU. E. O. Graves and S. I. Kimball, have just maile their report advisoiy board. After reviewing the operations of the examining board at consider able length, the report say?. in reference to competitive examinations:?" Notwithstandinir unauthorized and biased rei>orts of the failure of the system in this regard, the board has no hesitation in saving that, on the whole, it has secured a much higher order of capacitv than has lately entered the department, and has been sufficiently successful to prove its ntilitv and justify its continuance." The examining board further say that another good rwult is tlie entire cessation of office-seeking; that the examinations have had an excellent incidental effect rpon both those wishing to enter tho de partment and aspirants for promotion, by in citing them to study and self-improvement. In conclusion, the board say, referring to the in adequacy of salaries in respect to the occupants of responsible iKisltlons in the department- ? '? ^ ere justice done tn this respect, there would be no reason why the public service shonld not offtr a career for the most honorable ambition, ??? ft?ni Prlvat? l?urTOits voung men of I vocation."68 ULs to ad?I>t ltM* life-long "Goiso to Fiout it Oct os that Li**."? Three more BaRltnore delegations visited the Prescient this morning in refereuee to the col lectors hip of that port. Two delegations, num bering about thirty persons, and headed re spectively by Fran* Gardner. president of the German republican central club, of Baltimore, and Major white, had an interview with the President in behalf of Collector Tnomas. One of the members of the delegation said to the President. -'Sir, we Intend to follow the exam ple of von set ns during the war; we intend to keep hammering away on the fortifications until the enemy surrenders!" The ether delegation, headed bjr Mr. James McCurley, and number ing ten persons, bad a brief interview with the President in be naif of Washington Booth fur collector. The President gave the visiting del egations no intimation of his intentions in the matter. This afternoon four other delegations, num bering ever one hundred persons, and all in favor of Booth for collector, came down bom Baltimore, and, proceeding to the White Hease. had i brief interview with the President. One delegation numbering about forty, and repre senting the merchants and bnstnem men gener ally of Baltimore, was headed by Samuel J. So per; another, representing the ex-Union sol diers, was headed ny Major r. Y. White; a col ored <telcgation was headed by John C. Fortie: and the other, representing the merchaati and lawyers, was beaded by Joseph M. Cashing. Messrs. So per, W. H. Norr is, Jos. M. Cashing. McGill, and Marcus Dennlson addressed the President,and assured him that there had been misrepresentation used to secure the retention of Collector Thomas. They urged that the bu siness interests of Baltimore demand the ap I^ointment of Booth, and Dr. Wm. I. Xerns stated that had not the people of Maryland he fore the election believed there would he n change in the coilectoeahlp the state weald have given the liberal ticket M,M0 majority. The President said he wonM determine ae to hie ac tion to-day, and would probably send In a nom ination to:morrow. Four of the delegations three in favor of Thomas and one for Booth? called on Secretary Richardson this morning, %?t tut Sccictary gave thcrn no satisfaction. Thw LoriflAM QrcsTiox The efforts of the McKaory party, of Louisiana, by their eir cal?t letter to governor* to create a sympathy and bring a pressure to bear ou the President to convene an extra session of Congress to settle the difficulties in that state, will tail, as Hie President has already notified several leading Cliticians of Louisiana that it is not his purpose interfere anv further in state, beyond the preservation of order and good government. and that when Congress con venes in December next it will devolve u|?on that body to provide a mode01 settlement of the tiitticalties. Tub hoiiiwation of Mk. Casey to be col lector of the port of New Orleans caused some debate in the executive session* of the Senate, and is likely to lead 'tk? ou,y Senator from . f ra;U,e * vig..mns ti-ht 'm' ?!** hM *? notified both the Pre*i !r' His reason* are that while n!7^iPerJ?0I,any *?rw?ble to him, |??Mt , 'he collector and his irtends are lniiaica' to the interests of the Senator and rh* her* la terals of the republican SrtJ h.^aT?." wb? the^al&T rfife*"nect himse,f wnat the Senator designate* "the ring "or e *** republican party in the ?**i*e<Mr.We*> would have no obfectioii to the connruianon; out as Mr. ? iiev hiS i.?,f Mgnifled his Intention of leaving that t'aoiioti the 0) position is made. The democrat* aud liberal republicans intend to bring before the Senate the report made by the Congressional V* Loui,,Unm' of which Mr 2255J .Wf* chairman, an<i upon which the 1 resident demanded Mr. Casey s resignation. Treatxkst or the Naval Cadets ow Is AVMBatioh DAV-R.p.rt ./ the Ifofeal t/'"ctcr-?The tollowing is the report of Medical Inspector Lansdale, of the Naval Academr who was directed to make a careful examin't haJi re'*rf *hether the cadet midshipmen had been subjected to any unneoewwrv expo sure, or had suffered from any neglect'in the provisions made for their comtort on the occa March- v 10 Washington, on the 4th of "By order of" the superintendent no cadet ?I*nv*i**h of March was on the ?ick list, or wtto had been recently severelv ludiM?iso?l was permitted to go to Washington. aIi who went were provided with an abundaut hot bet ore leaving: were conveyed ou an ^ Jt .one c*r ol *oich was provided with an abundant supply of various substantial pro visions for two days' subsistence: were each ca?S!ft^n?7^t#PJrehMe * dinner, in case of accidental separation; each wore by ex th, ^ dwul,le their umiH1 thick ?,i ler tlothing; also overcoats until the m irch com menced, and after itconcluded. An ample sup per was readyfor Uiem on their retain, a,id they were in bed at 12 o clock of the 4th. On tiu morningot the 5th when the usual '????]< *,** *ouiid??l, a large numbtr presented themselves as candidates for the sick list all being weary and loot sore from a long march IK>" I,,aT* ni< n' Instead or the ela?tio turf of their usual parade ground. Sixfv-seven were placcd ou the sick list: (10 from sore eves from dust, which were read:Iy relieved hv simple / fi i?,*11*' - tn'ux co,|tiL?ion; 1 from frost bite Oflight); 1 from ordinary cold; and itromboiK 1 here were no serious a flections; no real ca^s ? ? f .Y;*8 resu'te?1 the fatigue aud evpo 're'? th* weather, a result, in tie opinio^'ot the m pector, remarkable, an-l testifying to the high physical condition of the cadets, and t? ! *'rani?f ment* made for their corn lort a nil piotection. ? -???? ? ? FATMAPTrn HonotN Bkokee?.?United oM. r 4Cf obeyed the order ot the Attorney General, and entered a nr."' I*n*rq*i in the case of Pol IiAm us and .lack MbinHnZ Pay"**?er Hoige for iS BH ^ *300,"00 of government money. Mr. Bliss says that he aiwl ex-U. S. District At torney Davis talked the matter over; and that erii hl^e Utt*,r1thou?ht the AttorneyGen had iio authority to order the entry of >u,!lt l'rotf 'lutf in the various districts of the United States, he himself concluded that that official was \cstcd with such authority by the act cre IZ'tm. I,tl,i4rtmcnt Jsstice.?A'* J . T,i W m. Fostm'o Davh Dkaw im, m a Close Deputy Sheriffs Cummins and KeilU were on gUi'r,i V.Ver Forter yesterday. The Iri^nVr w aml?then8,,,"1m "'"'ughout the .lax and then remained in the corridor but a few momenta each time. He was vi*iteil bv the sheritt. i nder Sl.erirt Stevens, and Mrs ;'r; "ls J?ee bore a tranquil expression and M^t hfs"? '7' m)m"wh^ saddened that has been tamiliar to prison visitors tor months. It to Bald that Foster still believes the frktTr W,H in^rI?sewithluscleme,,Cv.bM &!',; CX"r^ 1 ^ Cady Stanton to Pres'dent Grant was read him to use his executive influence in behalf of twenty million disfranchised women who arc taxed without representation. The J^Hr..WM March 11. Another letter wa? read trom Judge Kingman, of Wyoming terri tory, denying statements relative to the de cisions ot female justices, and stating that a large majority ol the i>eople of that territory were favorable to female suffrage. SrFrr.SEn Iw.trRY to Otstkk Beos?W, are ln,?rB?e^ that there is a probability that the oyster beds in this section have suflefed ? nous injury by the influx of fresh water from the sources of the rivers, caused by the rec^m i? ?l2?r2^ ? are '"'d that the fresh water ' 'he Potomac river reached as tar as it? mouth last week, and as for as Newport News i?d!e^1^me8? This is a serious thing, if market. WmS'4' ett<V "^he , ,5 tnut the apprehension of damage yWMriff*? v^ T^'SSt evening, and when in uildriTer an unkniwu man moved from the crowd of p^engerT on ?!' ,he ***** ?Bd Plnng^ into the w" 'mmedlatelylost In the it zzizs u;:i Vr fS,',^^ M "" ..Sf0c?l* DEHAvnr or a PirnHTtn _ Katie Gordon, daughter of A. P. Gordon of Oakland, Calitornia, who accused her father oi incest confessed in court y?Wrday thai she make^th^'^h* POnsl?lr*?y with one Robinson to Sle [atter ?h?*1,l?Tt ?'ur.?>we of shielding iThk i! . 7, --. heeu criminally intimate Gordo? WM released from custody w j*"?? irtrsz use of intoxicatiug drinks, la recorded in our tocai soluans. Robert WilliamH voun^C? ^TrnsisnltS J?baco?,,wt' who't Jd ^nc^^. ^,r?k8' l>fl" 'ad hto ex ffn ^of un<unutu TB<VT1ltE BETWEES Irish AND fTittAX Thf Wsh laborers latelv employed ?? the boulevards in New York determined en the Iua^? ^horeni, who repiaceo them at lew wages. Festenlav m. im. number of the Irishmen marched to whence thel^^l?.VPeI?T0^ki,,*; but "?* police drove to-day on ^rtuulwa^ W'U be troubl?J Coloud CaiLDcn is New ?f erskt , *">? Trenton, K. J., March lTth. savs ? ml^n^Siu^!? ey,enln*' the educatfon com Smi^P^r*4 ? memorial relative to the admission of colored persons to the statennr mal school that no legislation is noedi^ t? secure them the enjoyment of that right. *S.JKS">?,T^S;b ss5?sr?25 Jss,?JS .rT^,.ss^^^,ss=.AeK TwKiy TMk Ctmta^-Tki' wmMi.... s? arfcz&Tss BMTtTTTIOK BT A llrar.M ?a"~ %f,f T? If X:Jwhtt *" hanged by a mob near MonYrr?T~ California, made a will giving 91,000 to XirliAi' ?on, the husband of his *ictim. MchS?n iS* EXECUTIVE SESSION OF THE SENATE WiDiM&iT, March 19. Mr. Wright asked to take up hi? resolution looking to the adoption of the previous question in the Senate. ami to provide a modification of the regulations for conducting bu?iner?. Mr. Thurman objected to taking up su. h an important resolution as this at this time. It proposed an entire change in the manner ot conducting the business ul the Senate. Mr. Wright said ft was well known that mi'-li valuable time was constantly wasted in the Hen ate in struggles to get up 'particular basiw and in irrelevant discussion. Mr. Sherman said with him it was a convic t.oa that sooner or later the Senate must alter its rule*, that something nii>t be done to limit discussion and facilitate business. Of course nothing could be done at this session, but thi* subject should be referred to the committee or rules that they might report on it at the next session. Mr. Bayard opposed any restriction upon de bate in the Senate, lie a it* opposed to aay method which would put the gag n oj-eratioi in thi? Wiv. Mr. Carpenter concurred in the view s of Mr Bayard. ai>d (aid he ?hottM never give his vote to fizuit debate in this Senate. Mr. Th?irn>?u tke moment liar 1rii4lc should adopt the previous question, irom that time tlie power and infl ieaee of tlie Senate would begin to decline. The Senate a as like the court*, it conld transact the most busincs* with the fewest and simplest rules. The mor< Senators trust each other, the more thev are thrown on their individual responsibility, and the more expeditiously and agreeably the pub Mc business will be transacted. Mr. Wright said if this debate had satisfied him of anything. It was as to the propriety oi referring this subject to the committee on i nlea. Hie motion was simply to take up the resolu tion, and in the vervface of ther'iles a long discussion had ensued on the merits of the ;nat ter proposed to be taken up. Mr. Mewart doubted whether the rn'os could be so amended as to supplvthe desired remedy, but he favored the inquiry'belng made. The motion to take up the resolution was not agreed to?ayes 23. noes *. Mr. Antbony called up his resolution direct ing the Commissioner of .Agriculture to tram mit his last annual report to the Senate. Adopted. The Vice President then laid before the Senate the report aforesaid; and on motion of Mr. Anthony it was referred to the committee on agriculture and ordered to be nriuted. Mr. West asked to take up his resolution authorizing the committee on the levees of the Mississippi to sit during the rccess, with a view to an inquiry into the propriety of the national government assuming the careand maintenance of the same. Mr. Ferry (Conn ) raised the point of order that the resolution was in the nature of legisla tion and could uot be entertained. Tlie Vice President ?u.siaiucd the point of oider. The unfinished business, being the rewvVitloti declaring the seat oi Alexander CaJdwcll, of Kansas, vacant, whs then taken up. Mr. Conkling being entitled to tlie Coor, sai I 11? free institution* were to remain iiiis.illied then all interference with the freedom ?l elec tions must lie -tamped out. Stuffing ballet boxes, employing rejK-aters. falsifying counts, fbrginp returns, polluting elections in flu* legis lature aisl elseahcre with bribery or other appliances?all these must be (Hit down by the -trong band. If the committee had proved that any of these things had l??en done in the case at* bar. then the blow should fall, crush whom it may. inure sinned agaiu?t than though he be. no individual considers tions should arrest the stroke. But the Senate must Veep within the law. If th? law is exceeded, then Senators themselves be come usurpers ami ministers of wrong. If the law Is transceuded, they be? ome not the de fenders but the enemies of order and public virtue. ' _ The Syneuse Traced). BKCTAL Mt'Kl'KK ??F A ?.1RI. AND UE.U A UkAP.Lt DEATH Of THE AHSAMI!I. It was briefly mentioned in yesterday's Star that at Syracuse, N. Y. on Monday al ter noon a man by tue name of Albert Keeler. aged twenty one year-. killed a girl named Ida Spencer, aged fourteen years: that keeler was a nephew ot Miss Spencer's father, is aCanadian.aud had l*een visiting with Mr. Spender about three weeks. lAter dispatches state that Mrs. Spen cer went to Oswego Monday and left her daugh ter alone in the house with two old ladies, one of whom was sick and the other deaf. Keeler went Into the kitchcn, where Ida was at work, and taking a short iron bar used for breakitie open boxes he struck her on the head. She fell to the floor, when he repeatedly struck her on the head, beating her brains out. She lived about twenty minutes. Keeler then left the bout* by the tack door, and ran down to ward - the Central Hailroad depot. A f reight train had just started for the east. Keeler attempted to jump on the hind eud oi the caboose for the purpose of escaping out of the town, when miss ing nis hold he fell back upon the track. His head struck the rail; his n jcV was brukea. and hegwas killed instant I v. The motive which prompted Keeler to kill Miss Spencer is not kaowu. It Is said that he might have made im proper advances to her which she repelled and that he killed her. fearing she woatd divulge his attempt. It is also said that KeeVr was heir to Home property whioli. with Mi? Spencer out of the way, lie msght have secured. The murder creates intense excitement aisl so does the sudden retributive justice which overtook the murderer. They were expecting to go t ? Kansas with a colony shortly. FOROERIRSOV RAILWAY SHARKS SUiO.OO0 ..f tkt Sham Slock I'llrrtd?<>*f Haiti. >17,1(11. Considerable excitement was 111 a*itested an 'Change yesterday in relation to the disco veiy made on Saturday last that forged certificate ? Of the stock at the Toledo* Wabash and Western railway had been placet upon the market. During the early hours of tlie dav it was said that the amount obtained on the forged certifi cates would reach *35,000. It appears that rM dle, Austin il Co., brokers, of 11 Broad street, kapt an account in the Continental bank. * ?ne member of the firm belonged to the board of brokers. Their credit was good, and in the course of business the hrm deposited what pur ported to be about **JO,COO or Toledo, Wabash and Western stock in the bank as collateral. On Saturday afternoon Mr. Timpsou. cashier of the Continental benk. learned that Oddie A. Austin had overdrawn their acconnt betwsen aisxoo and ai7,000. A m< ssenger was sent to their office to iul'orm them of the fact, and re turned with the news that Mr. Austin could not be found, and that Mr. Oldie had been absent several days on a fishing excarsion. An exam ination of "the stock certificates was made int. mediately, and revealed that the form* were counterfeits and the signatures forgeries. Wual purported to be 100 shares of Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago stock had aba beeu pa?>-d by Oddie & Austin, but it is not dehmtelv known whether they are fraudulent. It t* known that the Coniifental bank will not lose more than ?17,000. and that ho member of the stock exchange will sutler any loss. Atiout UN ?hares of the forged stock have been traced. There is but little doubt that the original schemers intended to flood the market with this and other forged stock, but were detected in their first large operation. Several firms on street were victimised, but the amounts lost are comparatively small.?.V. I*. Jour.?f Com.. I*;;. D*mtrcnoir of Property rt R v ilroad 8trixkrs.?The strike of the engine drivers on the St. Ixmiis. Kansas City and Northern rail way continues. Trains were stopped at dirteraat points yesterday, and the strikers seem deter mined to suspend the operations ot the road. A rated police from St. Louis are at various places along the line, but are not strong enough to prevent the mob from at least partially car rying oat their desigas. The military have net yet been ordered oat. Same trains moved from Moberly yesterday under gasud of the police, aad comparative order prevails at that point. A train from St Louis on Monday night rw into a pile of ties placed on the track on the St IrtMhiaf the engine and tender ?ahadv. Yesterday morning a m ~A'.Tu ? ? few miles from **?**"! ? 8t. Charts# last night. The 92 Jl? for thTI^Ta^PcTny^U^T o?1 thi SSSHB ? "i ?? Enmu 'riUnw" rimonii other strange items/ la .me axpaaets %r an Kris re ffckh rsffirmera are nsaaily supposed to pay or Out of thsis owa pedmts. These arsealUd "lasidsntali" twthe trtll rhargad to the poar stockholders oi Eli*, and they are heteredsTw * Re-arrested. ? George W. William*, the poet office forger, who escaped from custody some weeks ago, was re arreted In Boston yes terday. TELEGRAM TO THX 8TAJL Tkh An?ra?Ml PhiMtclm. AfiM>ClATEI* PKh?* RFP*MT". ? e ?* Sr? V?rk SalM. F^tFTrtvr* nr*rt!iTiirn Viw Tan, M?rfl || ftmsi ,? . nrcin-nent cn.ptoj' * ftt" the Cr>e Laic Seen s||*pctvbd W'Ull ?*? r* ? >?*<f >f'(TT1 ?? m of IkMt MUM'v'tWI *41i Ui? l?l Mrl Muuf. . ?rut. t IB: T miP ?.BANT ha# bwr M^ui\ U> Jut) ?u Vjru. ? staff, at Chicago. TRt STAB?l*<? *rr?*T. It to 1WW thought all the wwuadrd perwe ill Ihu I iUi-street stabbing a gray ft til itvoi.r. a bticIdb Knr*MK 1* mwitk. Three .Hfleren! pernor* aft. mpbiJ ?nifW Newark. Np* J??fr \r?*rrr1?v FII en l.w, a school te*cb-r. twi rttti ki Wf totrt .lofi" N< wt?c, jiMr<I U? Itm >* tiotLcd, n I U .Jlnn-i *?Ttn. uMklr to *ive |< '?>tutiv with hi* Wile Tin wuinan wii'. die, and the iu<'n ?tll rt>?v?t TBS. P.OIT ?rtiw* Two trw. l>-<1r vers. na?ne.i Win M>4 John Gtilea. ?ttvVi'4 a third, mmm Urimo Wk?* '' l': V-H"?t ? ;h * . *i : i in?-. Ifil ler. in I'.t ? last . ^k:,?.lh ft ai pounding L s.i iiaily tJl jell). The ti had l?s drtnkt* i 9$jm I disp A ?? .l??> MftU W |!f **?r? T'T. A ?|?ecial dispatch trotu St. Albeit*. Vt . ??<< tllftt A llCHriM ? A.t COIIUM- IK*J lithTdai in -ki? suit nfiiiirt Uii'iru'tm kikt ttianag* r? ..c :ii,< Vermont Central nil Ciaait ntlrmtf*. ?kl 'i had h**n WBinHiifH ?T?tn-t then bv ti. bondholder* of tlu- roed*. en cktrpi alleging ?Jif misappropriation ol THIKI * ERK niOITUli orrBKS or B. * l?# te dav. atnotmtin { to M TO,!**, at fr..iu I' ? to II4-HH The government bought ?1.s*io I at IU-S to HJ-H. TDK KBiE IBVBSTl?ATIOB. Et-Spftlifr Henry Stu th ui<l NUilto* llal'* ?it? beto-e the Friir tnvc?tig.iting commit*' >? at Alltanv this iiio-ntng. hut nothing fnwrttllt ueft tlicitcil >oUi (f tlr?niouitiwfntr'l the testimony given )e?ter?l?> b> Attui v Genera". Bunt. Fi hi lUirapf' ? I .?P#TOM AftD HI* ? ORIIAUI ?? l Mtrcb in?Mr. iil?U(ui^ aW I. i r?b? ?u t col1**guC* ?*'TC 111 t'OU^UKlllvu ???*? honr* jntofdlr. Nothing ha- transpired >r' a* to the remit of 'heir deliberations. TMI Tt>BTO Bit o BV ABeTT ATMW nil 1 . M aI'Iiid, Mm' I !?.?I he P-.rUi Kico aho i tioii hill * ar again nmUr cuiu>ulUtii>u tit the national assemblj TfMfnlar An amendment tillered by Sever lluir. providing th%t the abo Ution of slatei v on the I?1?ijJ shall he gitt.lua'. ? it rejected. BATTLE UTTI? AND IKiUH mi l/Wton, March 1* _ * serious riot between h ii^lifl rum aii.I lit~luii< it orrurrod in Woim hauii'tiiB, a loft ii wl Stftlturdchire, Iftflr* trxm I<iriuititiliani. yertcrUftjr. At lf*?! Jwl |<erwon? ftt're i'tigftg< <f m the conflict. Firearm* aiMlkni\ea were (Ve?'lT bw4. thi?mti nti ca?r? oi tatnl injiirv have yet Iteen re|n?rte*l. At la?i accouiiUi troiu the U?ft ?i order hitd been rr?tan , aud it ft ft* believed there mould lit Imi rc|*l. tlon of the rioting i?Ft r A?rt>. Tbe three men arre?t?-d In fork re?ter.lav om *iif.|.ic??.n of U'iii|:tki' iNtrlir. ?Ih> comutitu.1 thefViad* on ttie Hank >?f Kn^laud. vert r? keamd trvti m*tod\ tli!> iuotumik. no evidcn ? e?inne?-ting them ft 1th the forgeries likviu^t. en |-rcdnced. t< mm u?in? ill# Raak. rniLADKI I'HI A. Mirrfi til I it Ike ft lianiei Scull the Kni?tiifinii bank. t >i the rr.'?Ti ri <?f f ?i.i?? In jf"?ern?nenr hoii-ls ??toleii f rom a lx>x itefHwdtrd for ?at'e k. -|.nv. fthen the bunk wa? r<>l>b. -I in Kl, the jur\ th morniiiK. alter lieing out tftu.l.ij- n i > <-4 a verdict for tbe |>laintirt_ Inaaripalimi Oktrrtiaaahlr |? ti?.< Fftrtft. .ileaaa. Xrw V<>RR. March I ?A ?.|>eeiBt <l'? .atdi lrt? Kct Wr?t Mm Advice* at th4? pout via HavBii;t Mate that there ia aertciB* trouble in Pfrto Kiett. It mii*1 nee*-*?ftftly have ie<> rewee to the i mancipation ol th?' ?ia\e*. Krle Ii BttPTov, March If.?ludce .shiph-v. ot tlifl United htilwctrcnit court, ha* r*f"n??l u> ^jr . i the injunction a>k<-tl by the Kric railroad to le Vraiti tb< tru^feci-ol the litwton. Ilartfoid an I Krte railroad, under the K'irdell m.trtja^e, ironi lorcclot.ngand forming a new eorpor* tiou. ? ?? ? The Jer*4?y ?^(lUalBTr lilllft Ike " iBBia Kallraa4 l*rwj ?f haaia kallroMl l*rwj<-< i Tunnx, Maid- In.- In the Hoiiw 111 ndttee on eorj<oratioii? rejuirted aivmrlf fk? l*<-nnayl\anm railroad |>roteet iiananil bv the Striate. The House BKreetf to the re|>ort to . ?* vou- of 3^ to >>, Ibuit eflictually Willing it. HIIM by ibe (an. Shamorit*, Pa., Mareh l?.?<*eeege Im'II, b brttkt mar on the Northern t ?iu?l railioad, wb? found thi?- nntriiiiig nt-ai Ree<1 ? Station, on the traek.wi'h hi* head and one !? ^ aevt-red from the l> It in i>u|>|i(iwil that he fell Iron a cobI train. ith ?r Ihe mire ?f Hu. ReieH* JakRMft. BAI TfHOBR. March IB.?Mary M . tl?e ft fe ??t Hon. Keterd) -l<diiiM>ii, die?i litis um? ii h(, tn the 7<?tli year ol hor wf She ?a? a dBugliter of Governor ltobert Bowie,of Marxian.!. ? ? ? The LbM NiwMwrl Rri Mry St. I a?i th, March 1-In iIk- niourance hri bt-rv inxektigatioii at -?efl<-rit<?ii cttjr. the o>hb niltfre# icjtort that Frank Hlcko^, tin- lol.byi?t, did att< ni|-t to lwil?e Mr. Burger, one of tv ? nit iiii'tisol the home. ? ? MlaiMer Orr Reeeited ha the ? Mr. St. Pktkusis: i:<-. March !!?.?Hon. Jaiuo. I . (+tt. the newTr-aMMttnU-d luiniKter Ironi n?.i I'l-iletl State* to va* received by 'Ik Cut to-day, and |.rc*entrd hi* credent.alt. <1?ll Klghla la* \ew Al rasy. Marclt l.t?A bill ft a* |.vn<.l iii tltd luN-mbly to-dar K>^mg vvlornl lN""| le tin ~iaw ~ public convenience* jum! right* eujoyetl Uv t!m whites. ? i Fire. ffKCIKKATI, March W?A hre nf ?"< ntr? viUe,<'tiio, ye*teiday .i< *tro\td lite |>r Meifftl (?art of tbe town, including iiinrri., ultoia. and dwelling*. The lot* i* < *timated at sU,<W. Xatctbtille. March ll? The jury is the CB*e ot Hobnmn Streets for killing IItie*. h?\o rendered a verdict of guilty ol B^BinJaugLtci. A i rax v. March In?The g????ioi ha* ar* nouiiced to lB<|Bir1e?i to-dar that he ?ee* ig tnuou for interleruig in the ca*e of Fo*ter. "What 1 imhct m Cbimixal* in Briwj nm 1 0 T<>.?Aie iile Bitd |uo(Kity iu thi* city any longer tteenre'.' To read ttie daily reftor'a M juwbuIi anUn?bl.erv ti. |.u le atreet* and in p'tvate borne*, one ?ouUl we had got* buck to the baihBrou* age*. The Htxie of affair* which maVe* |>'?*sibke the tooting ot b car load of i>a>?enger* in a |?ul?li?- afreet ii amaxitig. Ttie chapter ol iu< 'r*f>olitau mn.o ?Inch we print to-day t* d.-eouraging ftlien ?<: consider that scintu-ie lta? doue much and H doing mere to <ietect . rime and protect pro|< erty. Here is Wall *tre?>t lloudml with fraudu lent railroad Iwitd- Hi(k?tr robber* attack a *1 reef ear Af though they were iai tatiiig th? exploits of 1'ick Tnrpiu on H<mn?'oft Henth; and heai r theft* iu \ ariou* * aea Bre re|>orted. so tBr ft* oar oft n citv i* cotit*erne<l. wnnething must be done for the protection of na\ larer*, or every man mu*t go into the street* |?r- juir. l to .lefeii.1 liini*^lt* Bgftin*t violent a^tault A'. 1". fiifcaw. 1"'A. Sfitator BBOwxt.ov.-TUe Ltnchtontg 1> gini^n >a\*: "A- annouitcetl bv Megiaph. Seii aior W in G. Bro? nlow i>a^il through thiaci*^ Sunday iuomiug on the 4 i>< route ta| hi* home in Kiioxvilie, Tenn. To *ee hi mi one wouid wonder sltaf keep- him al;ve. Thin, pale and emaciated, ai d shaking with pnlav, tbe |toor old i>alt? rer, depri ved ot Motion, wai 1-orne from the Orange to the Tennessee tm.ii by tbe a**ietance of three gentlemen. bimI ?? caret nlly arsleti as though he were a wounded aokiier linrnt from the Kanagninarr conflict. Be wa* cleanly chared, att ir.-.l in a black anit, and ? ore a white "loach hat drawn over hi* fore head. Be ia, to all outward nppeBrance, a hu man wreck, ami it is mure than i>roi>ahie that be ha* made his last visit to the Senate cham ber. Bit It wonMn't he **fe. notwithstanding, to bet on Brownlow's dying within any given time."' Ai l Qtibt at thk Uava Bkkb.??retything is quiet at the Mt*ioc lava bed*. The militmy are b?Biting the action of the new peace com rni-stoner*, and the tndicBttons fa?or the belief that the 11idibm will cobsc out for another talk. 11 they tail to do so. tho traor To bb Habwbu - Tbe Uorernor of Ket*leek? has dee lined to pardou Thssaa* Smith, oenriot ed of the murder ot -Ieee|.h Bretieo. on the Mth of Mar, I DTI. and be h?? been sentenced to hanged en the >tb in*t. The n?BiAL bailboad bill as amended by the eommUtee e as takea up ia the New Jer aev Senate \ e? tor day aial paaeed le B third rc'adi^: without Material cha^e. ALetAvnnB Dm a*. Bis, i* reported ?e be bIbms* ier?eealed hy Bishop I>npanioup te as* his pen in behalf ot religion and morality. A>r>THEB Ibdiait w-ab U threatened. This time it h the Vahiasaa, of Washington Terri tory. who object to go en a i Geobob Fbabc uCTbaix has I . and Judge Dalv Willi K him to an aeyfnm. V Boston has the herse dheane. W9 OiniiBood cemctery has permt nent residents. WC W. Hurley, republican. wa? elocted mavor ol Galvrnton, Texas, on Monday. ^A California uiwn boast* of raMni rhicLeiis which are blacL -all the a a; 'UrougU,"

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