Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1873 Page 1
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fbe fmm PK V?> 4I-N?. 6.241. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, MARCH 21. 1878. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. nk!i?he4 Dally, S?4iy? ciceptetf, AT TEE STAR BUILDINGS, I'fSMjhaala ii'iae, eor. lltta St., HI ITFI1C 8TAK WISF1FII CITOH |k m. Cirf/UM.V.V, PriW4?tl. THB EVKNIXti STAR :a (erred by carrier* to tnalr *abcrlber* a T<-' u Cent* rim wisi.ot Fo&tt Foto C?*T* FK* *?>*th. Copie* at tSo coo at -x Two Cb*ts eaib. B, mai-lhraa mouth*, tl-M. BU month*. ? 3.tW, one yew, ? J. TBI WEEKLY STAR?Tooitthed Friday-*i J. ? year. 'r " ? in tilth no paper tent kug* r loan paid for. > of *dTert:?ia< fcrniaVd on rppltratL'>n. LADIES' GOODS. M. W illiavs fisst spi;;s<; or?SiN<;, MuNDAY Max N 24tti. n il It KT AMTING DEFOT, t?I7 Seti ._ SiRK?rr, Ifctn tr Crp^?"' Paf??!? Office. vtki f<n m Mir* M< C? KMKK, A?. 9VA P A -mut (up Sb I* >o receipt ?f ? fine awwini'ot f impouteb <?OOt S. trun M.-* G'-.ln*Y,of S"? York. K-< - i*? r>a Hi in- K- ui n? at 7 14 Mil at.J * aebmgtcr BAUTKS NOUVEAUTF.S. PARIS. OONFF.<*TIONS EX ROBES DE BAL BOBLS IT LINGERIE FLOWERS. FEATHERS, LACES, Ac. TV? La^ie* i>f Wwhmd' U and Ticfauty are re apartfally inrltnl |o call ?i.ii tian.iue g >"d? b-firt yarckanincfbrvbtra. fl3Iy TBK LA E'it-T MH'K A NnTuE.VPEST goods in the citt. Far an an.! S-le?-t Sr?-?-k of uaeful F A N C V GO?DS, at Lowest Mitrkrt Pr?-.n call attke HEW TORK BAZA \ K. 441 gfV^XTH Sl?\-T. NfAR E. YOl \f? * BEHHEKO. E. LENZVCRtt fc CO., Bell-ne out enttr.- at<<"k rf ? 1LL1NLRT asp FANCY GOODS, at anU below c< ?. 7U7 Market 8?*f, ?uK dm between 7th anj rh *tre*ta nortbweet. 1 ? PORTER OF HLMAN HAIR. GRAND BARGAINS AT MADAME ESTHER'S, ? IS 13:4 strtct, utoMtl dew from U wm. iter the nam* and niut.b- r. Cheap Curia Switch' ?, Ch:?ii ne, Bra.'d*. Puff*. Friz*ette*, of the laluec ety!**. Call acd net oar new stock befor? pur ebamin* ??!?**i?ere. decJJ-tr a*| AJ51ES'" La FKENCB STAR' B ENAMEL le th<- twet article in t?.?- ?..rM for iloiun up Linen ai Mrutlu It nncnrta a Uracttful give* to the fabric For aaie li all Grocer?. BL K5i Hi.M * CO , Mannfactnrew, IbO W ?t L'-mbard street, )nal4 ly Baltimore. Mary lit,.<1. BANKERS. J*. BRuBME ad, ? B K ?? K E R , Nw. S39 p -una ave., i.s A. Washington. D. C. Spe, lal attenti n ci>t-n t.. iav-'lui'nt ^??-uriti?-^. In? it?** attr:>tl?lt t-> i? ? ariti**? c >* off 'iv! it pncr* ?htrh? II 1" f ? li r-r cut. it: aiuoants an-!-t travelh i f time t<>?uit in* r-t .i*liah|<>ti? al?l?- .imI ertinpt. w?kin?r tlieiu !ii ever) rt'^w-ct FIIIST ? LA.? SE? I KITIKS. K f'-ri t>> r rw:-?ion to L' v. i- J lin?'>n A Co., 1- i M - - K ? E-|.. t'aeho-i X?ti<-t<al M tr< fw|uan Bank. Un-liitiCtoii, D C., Hon J ^1 Uixalr td. s <? .'i.I C<?ll*r, W??hiuir t'-n. !? ? . E'lwaril Ciark. E?j., Architect U. 8 Cap it? l. M .-l. ::zton. I> C. ni;?rl7 3ni 'I BS NATIONAL BANK or THE republic 1 (C 'iric lof 7th ami D *tr??eta,l OPEN FROM lO A M TO 3 P M 4*rl7 ly < HAS P.RAf>f.ET. Ca."h'T. C'ERMA* A.>1EHKAN SAVINGS BANK. I No. 41S S*VtSTH S.'BKET, Orrv* it* lute '#i Vt par'.men:. Ba&k hcttrs: 9 a. in. to 4 p m. Saturday* op?-n Rh 111 8 p. m , to receive deposit* on!*. lnteo?t paid on d> pt?jt?. Collrcti-ma ni.vle aud ?xchanie fiininhil. JOHN HIT*. Pr^i.l-nt. A KBERLT. V. Pr.-'t, ?. F.MaTTLNGLY^mc .C 1. Plir.NTlSS.C.i-U'r *?Hy BE IEI V5D NATIONAL B \5IK, ? F STREET. b<:w.?n Sixth ax ! S-ctH'fi Strut*. Collective made and Exchange fumiihedon all pomta. oca tf _ P. L. EATON,Caahi^r. 1. H. SvtfViBB. ?ir\. APRTA-1 I. ROOT, Late C"I*T Internal Re\ ., Buffalo, N Y Banking house of ?4|UIER * HOOT, 141b PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB, tOppmu WillaM # H'<tel,> NV ASU1NGT0N. D 0. Bia per cent. Intercut allowed on bniineoaaccount*. EMCt t p?r cent ict*-rr?t allowed on depoait of south or more. Colle<.*tionk nuulr enrywber-. auJt 'IMK FKCeITmAVS SAVIWS AND 1 TR1 ?T ?U>IPA^Y. Balking House, No. I??7 P.-nuiijIvanla n*-(i ie, opp^ei'e the Treasury, PATS SIX PER CENT INTEREST, ht'rrtrt Bfttmt the h'tnt ?) Each Na't. PAIS EOL'B PER CENT, on buaiueaa aL'Coanta fr joi dale i.f depooit. ixnu Ccrrv,*f?v.? */ Otf .'tt beat ug4 and 4 per ext. intereat, a> ailabie ail) where. ?AP branch OFf ICES in all large town* and cities of I be S?uth and Sonthweat. H"*k M*r<. ( ?. m. to 4 p. <M. Open Wednewtay ar.d Satnrday nirhta frotnCS to 1 ?'clock, to r<?eeiTrdepn?itaoiily. Call at the B?nlior awd fur ncopy of the Charter and By-law*, jld ly JAY lOUkE A (O., 'I BUT AND 8KLL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and A&SLE C1BCULAB LETTERS OF CREDIT lux TraTelrrt. arw/tUu ta aay pmrt of ikt world. Our D<afta on JAY COOKE. MrCCLLOCB k CO,, LONDON, ?reCaahed In any part of EiiteLAXV, Ikkla^d and Wrwn.MTtv.frt* W rJumrgt. nia is WASHINGTON CITY SAYING* BANE, f 'eratr Ilk unit amd Imouum ?r?*M, PATS ? PEB CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT, latere*' commence* fr m date of depoaita. Depoaita can be made and drawn at wili. ajlt'tf i. A. BUFF. Treasurer. ? A K L Y b T K 1 N (i WEAK /rsT BECFIVI D, J I'ST RECEIVED, J CST RECE1YLD, FOR EAR1.Y SPRING. FOR EtKLY SPRlNii. FOR EARLY SPRING. IIDDLING weight HI LLING Yk EIGHT 1DDL1NG WEIGHT DRESS AND BI'SINKSS SUIT , DRESS AND BUSINESS SUITS, DRESS AND BUSINESS SUIT , EIGHT CASSIMERE PANTS, LIGHT CASSIMERE PANTS, LICIT CASSIMERE PANTS, AT USUIL LOW PRICRS AT USUAL LOW PRICES AT L'SUAL LOW PRICKS A. STM Al SS, A. STKAl ft*, A. STRAIN*. 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENlE. 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl K. 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA AVERLR. Third D<>or Raat ol lltti Street Third Door Eaat <>f lllb Street Tuird D?or Raat of Utb Street. j.,o?ta.i TO^iiggQ niuiK The CAPB ANN GRANITE COMPART,I eatablUhed an Agency in tbia city, are pre pa fare tab, at tbe ?h.rteet notice, nB kinc* of ?BAB ITE WORK which mar he required by ferta. ballder* or catattw*. at tbe loaraat ? We haee ceiratantly ?? hand n Inn* CO., ^tepta,^^2^1'ajJ woffa'' "T Mth*|.fc>* orfiliAX*, MiiriTim Ai Bo. 1BBT Pw?n?i STECIAL NOTICES. TW prwal wtw has ther,v.<;hly te?fd rh? vtrfii"^ of Mra. Jones' Ccngh Mi\uu-?thoweamls erf bottles having bven n?ed with nna.o n* ce*s. It* trial has b**vu imwt tru.ronth. A mere cold or cough or th'3 most aggra vate,leases It bas cored with e^ual success. It is r >l <.>!?*?<?? ion aWe totho and ca? tbewvfore be rffciil iuHT r children and person* who fk,Kt to n.>u*r aunc mixtures, pt.rticu!a: ly a* its d'>eee are ?it*'] atiU every dose contain* th ? germ of ho ulti mate cure. lt'? value in ad'anct-d cases or th s? \ ergrng r*\ coti>un>pTTon moat not be under^ Mntiy ear M it h<w rMirrlj cured, even cases of ac knowledged coneuiapti- n. While it d'"** aotcure, it Kra.itly Teltevcs, a?d a large nmulv-r '>f tb<?s? unfor tunates now nee it f. ,r I he great relief ?t affords them. For a Cold. Cough, Influenza, Brouchtti-, Hoarse neve, or an> affection of tl.? throat or lungs you can iir" nothing more reliable. Pi ice*?lariro ?if>. *1, "mall. 30 cl*. For nale onlv by ARTHUR SaTTASS, Dnwjriat, BlJ-tr Corner 11 and D streets northwest. A Card. A Clergyman, while residing in Booth Amaria. ?a missionary, discovered a safe and simple remedy lor ttv? cure of Nervous Weakwss, Early Decay, Disease of the Urinary and Seminal Organ*, and the wbole train of disorders brought on by baneful and ricions babits. Great nnmb?m have MM cured by ibis noble remedy. Prompted by a dsairs to benefit :br alKicted ajxl unfortunate, I will send the recipe for preparing and ox wig this medicine, in a sealsd savalope. to any one who needs it. Free of Qkargt, Adarasa, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, Bible Eonw, marg ly New fort City. AMUSEMENTS. WALL S XIW OPERA MOUSE. ?? JOHN T. FORD?. Proprietor and MitnaX'T THE GREAT SOCIETY STAR, MISS AGNES ETHEL, V ill appear TO-NIGHT iu her original ancces?. FROU FROU, *? acted by her nearly an entire season in Sew Yorli city. FRIDAY, BENEFIT OF MISS AGNES ETHEL SATURDAY, AT * O'CLOCK, GRAND AGNES ETHEL MATINEE. M's* Ethel'* engagement is positively limited to Six Nignts ano a Matinee. Seats can now be si-cimd for any evening duri ag the v> at the off!, e of the Opera House. Hit ALL'S SLW OPERA HOUSE. J<?HN T. FORD Proprietor ami Manager. GRAND ENGLISH OPERA. \V M*\V^*SEGU IN.?"!!!^ ( -M imaging Direct??*(.. E. oKARE TreMur'r GEOROE W . CoLCV Business Mauag -r. SIX NIGHTS \KD MVTINEE, COMMENCING MONDAY, M AR? II MISS ROSE 11 L R> K L. MISS KM MA HOWSON. MRS 7.ELDA SKOUIV MISS MONICA NEWM VN. 1! R BROOK HOUSE BOWLEK. MR EUGENE CLARKE, *IR., . H. CHATTERSON, MR. EDM ARD SFGI IS, MR. CI 8TAVUS II ALL, >IR JOHN E. CLA RK M T. BARTLEMAS, Mr. W. WHITE, >1 - PUILliII'S. Mi* MASSES. Mr. NI-'IIOLS. KI LL "'HORl'S AND ORCHESTRA. ?*. BEIIREXS Musical Direcfjr OPENING NI' UT. MONDAY; LIMA Dl LAMtlLIOlOOK. <'han>?- > f Op"ia every night. S? ;i!e of Pric?>:-AifflU?ii>n. "5 ceutK. R servo,I -? at? Balcony Circle, %I; Orcheatra, 41.SV Sale oi aeats will commence at Ellis' mnaie store, me I ?i Opera Honee. Thnr?l?v. March 3t?. mi; 5?* WASHINGTON THEATER lOMIQl'E. (Eleventh street, south Pennsylvania avenue.) THE BEST YET' THE GREATKST ENTER TAIN MEXT IN AMERICA. R- a-l our list of attractions attentively. First, we ha^e engaged Mr. DANIEL D. NASH, who cotue? to nehearald into a world-wide popularity. Also. Mr. FRED LE^ ANT1SE. wb * is a g>mua<t of laim . prrt^rm- his beautiful and graceful ai t with the erjstal p> r?n.. 1.-. alone worth the price of *'lio ?i?!Pn. The chat mliig' yiie?*n of 9erio-comu Vo . ali-ie"" i?also retaineii. POLLY DALY, who will appear in new ami beMtiful vocal genu. Mis> ('LARA MooRK. the champion lightning Cham; Artist. al?o exhii>it? a repertoire ot new ao-l dasli M .n? ALEXANDER BLANDoW SKI the "Maitre de Ballet''and distlngui-!ied mule Dancer, with his greatly augmented Ballet Troupe, will produce several n?w and beautiful sensational Ballets, introducing the fane d and dashing Hun zarian Dancers, the KIRALFY SISTERS. Ttio ?>Iea>ing Soiibrette and Actress, Miss JESSIE HOW ARD, v? ill ap|>ear; as al*o tl?e favorite Wanliim;t<-ii Song and D?n<-c men, the COLL YER BROTHER^ ? Dan and E<Ulie. Then w ba>e the popular ecs eii tric Iri-h Comedian ami Vocalist, Pat Rodney, the ureat Banjoist, Dick Parker; the gr?at Eihii pian B-rt'.rmer, Otn> Burbaiik, the Versatile Actor. Ja-. oiiKiass. and R. JeMn Bucklex .the universal favor ite These, wiih Harry Reese. Huston Bn>ther-. aui i ur entire mammoth novelty Troupe, will appear in a great and rare melaa^e of fun, frolic, mirth and music. Tlte evening entertainment< to conclude wi'h the r dli? kin* Fare#, of the IRISH TI'TOR. enibracing the entire strength of the Com pany Friday, March 21. Grand Complimentary Reiieftt" Mi?? Clara M'?ore. Matinees WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, mi: 5tn8o I On Ethibitiaa INkwNo. ??? S mn* Sal* I t:t4 T? 8t'* '7th St mr . ma ? S. 3lo. 43^ bttHf-n D aud E Hcht (Soota al-oTA CMd FHlofi '? Hall. Choice Oil Paintiu?h, Kti*raving?, Chron^ Ac. Al?i lU#R Pap*T Haii^nir?v Wind-?w ihm&tm. Pictures, Fram**. Picture Gord# and Tim 1MH5A-&/4? ,*'t* Piea?f remember Name and Nnml-er. jel-Ir* NOTICE-That E. S Jl'STH ?|H Dstr^-t. be tween sth aud 71b streets northwest, cus. oaimade SECOND HAND CLOTHING ?t less than half tbe cost of re -made iy? ones. _8ILK DRESSES a?pwial:> feI3-ly r|LD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER, Etc], bonght at fair prices for a New York bouse. Booaebold Furniture bought and sold. Note* by mail iroaiptly attended to by AUGIEBTSOT, 1409 Psnnsy Ivaaia arenne jS-lf* BALLS, Ac. ^ RAND I NIOM BALL OF THE QtrtBLH.II STATES ASSOCIATIONS, M \RCB 1-*, IMS, AT ISAltfURATIOS HALL. Ti. katr. -S2. f< ' sale at the puuc.p.ii h let-, at Hie munc stores of M>trwott and Eflts. and at the book'tore* of R B. Mohuu A Co., Plnlp x Sadouion*. Kervand A Towers, and M >rri->us. an J by the memtierk of the Managing C ?min'ttee. n 19 Jt A. M_Cf.APP, Tre?.?rer. ^J,RANJ> IIIAHP.4fci.. THE SECOSD ANNUAL BALL lor tile BeneRl of THE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL vi !l be given, niuler tb" atispict- o| the Directors of that institution. In MAStiXIC TE)IPLE.?n the eiening of TUESDAY, the ISth of April next. Th Wets, admitting a fceiiileman aud U l> , *?' "0 ?ach. [Cbron. R p. A Suudav papers cop*.] LECTURES. *?/ TRRF.NCY LEGISLATION'' - LXCTU RE v jor 1 _ ; . : York Menautile Journal Comuanv. at MASONIC MALL ACE P. GKOOM. President N ? TEMPLE. SATURDAY, March XS. 1*3, at * p m. Pnblic are invited. ?K-Jt* C'ALL OS JAMES F BRIEN. s Prmiitrm' P ttftibtr mi Oat PtiUr, to have your Plumbing. Ga* Fitting, and Sewer*g? MoMptly altendtd to oo reasonable tern). So. 6VV Louisiana avenu*, uear <tb street, north side. Reniilirsi f, atl* M strict. aorthea?t. mlt poWERFCL OPERA 9LASSES. COMBIMATIOM SPECTACLBS H. H. HEMPLER, OPTICIAN, 4H Psaaa aviais, aorwar 4H i Saaatea Bmtllu Pabbla SpaeUelaa laaM-ly L 1MB! LIME! LIME! B>?l w<v<d brrnt LIME at #1 per barrel,delivered n all parts ?t tb?* eifv. THOMAS FAMEY hghatreet. tclt la.* near La. avetm^, nfrthw .-st. UCALE IK BOILERS^ 1 will Renxjve and Prevent SCALE in any Steal Boil?r?, or make im charr* Addjwss, LORD, fel.i: tm * dHphU. fa. JUB CHlkESB TEA M0B0 Has removed to 613 D straat. Between Kb sj.<! 7:h, north ?' le. TEAScheayer than ??r. No rent to pay. frtlt 9m L. BKKJAMIB. Pr prieta*. parity au4 bwUthy_ae?toe. F * aaia by ~ EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Internal Uivenie The receipts from this source to-Way were ?2M,44?i72. Govirnoi; Cooke Las gone to New York for a few days. General Hawlet, Representative from Con necticut, drew only the amount of pay allowed hint u> Congressman under the old law. declin ing to recclve the increase. There T8 a i?th??n?. disposition among Sen ators to-day to close up business and adjourn iime dte to-morrow evening, but the probabili ties are that they will not be able to do so. At thk White House.?Senators Mitchell, l.ewis, Alcorn, Merriuion and Buckingham, and Col. ?Johu S. Mosby had interviews with the President to-day. The Commissioner ?>r Internal Revknte has issued iustructious to eollectors concerning the procurement and issue of special tax stamps, under the new law of Congress, which goes into ef.'ect after April .toth next. Miss Acnes Etuei. has a benefit at Wall's 0]>era House this evening, on which occasion she will again appear in the interesting drama of ??Agnes." in which she appears to much greater auvantage than in ??Kroa Frou." She deserves a full house. Clerical Chang**.?Messrs. A. P. Knight, F. W. Archibald, and T. J. Davis have been transferred from the Second Auditor's Office to that of the Sixth Auditor. Messrs. Joseph K. Hayden, Henry J. Kimball, and Albert H. Wal eott have been appointed messengers in the Second Auditor's office. A Lettrr was received at the Treasury De partment this morning from a member of Con gress from New York, enclosing #4,7<X) in gov ernment bonds, which were purchased with the increase of salary authorized at the last session. The member turned the bonds ovr to the gov ernment with the spccial request that his name should not be mentioned. A B<>?rs Correspondent.?Alack F. Big editor of the New Orleans Tim *. states that he has no acquaintance with .Joseph H. Wheat ley, whose name is inserted in the Con gressional Directory h? the correspondent of the fiHi't, and that no persons but Mr. Charles A. PilsUury has any authority to represent the Timet as its Washington correspondent. The statement in a morning paper of this city that the Attorney tieneral has decided that "the starting i>oiut of the L'nion Pacific railroad is in Iowa, and that the bridge is therefore an essential part of the road, whose revenues be long to th<* common fund," is incorrect. Tke Attorney General has the subject before him, but as yet has made no decision. \aval Order*.?Captain Homer C. Blake is ordered to duty In New York In connection with recruiting. The following oiticers have been detached : Commodore .lohii Irwiu from the l?? ?gue Island naval station and ordered to command the receiving ship Sabine, Por*? uioutb, N. H., en the -Hh Lustuuti Cwuinawler S.L. Br.ese from ;he command of the Sabine aid otdervd to the comniThd of tin* receiving ship Potomac, Philadelphia, April I. Order, i tvoktd: The order of Commander H. L. Law to command the receiving shin Potomac, ami h( is ordered to duty at the Pliila lelphia naval a*\luiu; the order of Commander A. W. Weaver to the naval asylum, Philadelphia, and he is pUccd on waiting order*. Senate Confirmations.?The Senate, in eMeutive session, yesteiday confirmed a uum bei of nominations, among them the follow ing:? .I. \V. Pnker. Adolphus llall, Daniel Smth. Win. Stli knev, J. W. Thompson. .Joshua Kiev ami S. M Golden to be meintK'rs of th Cuiiicil of the legislative Assembly of tii l?i>trlct of Columbia; Thomas A. Sponce, ot Mu> land, to l>e assistant attornev general foi tl*- Po>t Office department; J, 1?. Welmter. as-istant U. S. treasurer at Chicago; .J. Henry K\es. collector of internal revenue for the 5th dMrict of Virginia; U.S. I.ewis, !?th Virginia; ftivid H. Smith, :;<1 Virginia; Itobert M. Proud, H Maryland. and a large nuiutier of others Washington Booth. collector of customs at Ihltimorc. Md.; Adam K. King, naval oliieer. hi It, more. Md.; Chief Kngineer W. \V. Wood t< be chief of the bureau of .?leaui engineering, >a vy departnit lit; W. O. Bigclow, postmaster a Annai-olis. Md.; Samuel H. Klbert,governor <i i olorado; .loseph G. Palmer, clilet justice ?flprtme court of New Mexico: .Jacob S. Bore Itan, associate justice supreme court of I'tali; I. A. Thomas, associate justice supreme coitrr 0 Wyoming; H. 8. .Johnson, associate justice ?ipreine court of New Mexico; Eugene Gilles pe. consul at Kan .lose and Ca|>e St. Lucas; t?.o. A. Thompson, consul at Stettin. The New Pension Itaori.ATioii*.? An act ?i tlie last Congress, approved March ud, to rc vse, consolidate ami amend the laws relating t> pensions generally, enlarges and liberalize* tie former acts, re.iiacting nearly all former (lovisions and extending provisions. Amon* ue rew provision* are the following: All |?er +ns who have lost a leg aJnive the knee, and ae so di>auhd thereby that they cannot use au Ktif.cial limb, shall lie rated in the second class aid receive *24 per mouth: all persons who lave lost the hearing ot both ears to rcceive *13 l?r month. Section 5 provides that the rate of ?b per month may l?e proportionately- divided f?- any degree of disability established for vtiich the second section makes no provision; tie old law provides for no rate between w ?ud 9*. In the organization of the |<etision bureau isportant changes are made. The new law jiovides for the appointment by the President a a Deputy < ommimioiier " of Pensions, drh a salarv of ?* per annum. The dl'cb ucjr of tlie bureau is increased by tho povisioii for the appointment of a duly ijuali t)d surgeon as medical reieree with a salary of per annum, whosluill have charge ff ex amination and rerision of reports of ?'?vin^ln n j hirg* oils and such other professional matters say be referred to him t>v the commissioner, lie Secretary ot the lliteuvr in? appoint.-! as elch luvUkal rsleree Dr. T. B. Hood, lie is a|? authorized to ap|M>int su 'h qualified sur gtons. not exceeding four, as may be require*!. wfco shall be borne upon the rolls as clerks of tfc> fourth class, and to take the place of clerks "fea^r in the service, ^iU?. & Salary Of irb i?er Mtiiium. These have not yet been ap tdnted. The new law adds two years to the I in i tat ion nnder which pension claims may es ttdlshetl. The fees for medical examinations ?d certificates have lx>cn increased to two dri lls; exceptiiijc -ii case of the l>oard of examiners meh memtier being entitled to receive onlv one 9llar. shaki- Coi.Logt T Between Me<**;:s. Cone Uko and Schcbx.?In the Senate yesterday, ater our ici-ott closed, Mr. Coukling concluded lit s|iecch in defence of Mr. Caldwell. Mr. s4iurz rose to a personal question in relation Man allusion in Mr. Conkling's remarks, which hi considered a reflection on him (Schurzl. as Mng charged with receiving g'JOO for each *ech he delivered during the last canvass, denied that be had received a cent for such *evices, but, in raplvto questions by Mr. Conk 1%, willingly admitted that he had accepted, itomer campaigns, sufficient amounts of mo Mr to reimburse him for his expenses. A bitter ctitroversv ensued, and Mr. Scaurs asked Mr. Onhling it he (Mr. Schurz) should eose In hre and repeat a rumor that was widespread, tht a Senator had received a fee of *K> n*o Mm a railroad companv to look after its inter eis, and if the allusion was made in such a way alto indicate the Senator (torn New York, wukl he not consider it pertinent to raise the qfrstien of decency and propriety? dr. Conk ling?l would authorise the Sena rt to say to the man who made sneh a state mnt that be was a liar; and I would further aihorise tbe Senator to inform the a^an that I > personallv responsible for what T said. Ir. Schur*.?'Then, adopting the language of tl Senator from New York, I authorise him to i- to the man from whom he obtained his ia irmntion that ha Is a lisr, and that I am per *ielv resi>onsible for what I say. iMr.'Coiikling.?Ikk-s the Senator authorise tr to say that in past campaigns he never re vived specific sum* for hi* services? JMr. Schnrs I authorize the Senator to say tat the man lies who charges me with receiv feg *200 for every speech I deli vered during the Itt campaign. a?r. Conk ling rose again, bnt Mr. Schur % Ue HI to gtve wax. awl reiterated his denial. Conk ling tlleu said that he meant no of ia his *r*t remarks, to which Mr. Schnrs ?plied somewhat sharply. Tbe quarrel WM ten renewed, and ended in both members fe tmlng their hostile positions. The Senate then ?-nt Into executive session, aad at Ms clM Ml* JuxncU. Til* CABINET *EET1S?> tO-day WAS Attended by all the nitmbcm. Nob.siuessof .inportancc was transacted. O'Brien's OoMMtTTATios Pafer?.?By di rection of the President, the Attorney (loner i! to-day ordered the commutation papers to be mad" out in the case of Charles H. O'Brien, conde mned to he hanged for the murder of Samuel II. Cunningham, in Georgetown, last summer, Most or The* Rnmixo the M hjv Messrs. I'pwn and Monroe, of Ohio, who were members of the Forty-second Congress, refuse to take the back bounty voted by Congress. Itr.C.C. Ksty has presented the bounty re ceived by him a? member of the last <"origre* from the seventh Massachusetts district' to the state normal school at Framiiighain. to be held by the principal as a fund lor the aid of tUo pu. pils of that institution. Pkrsonai Fourth Auditor Tabor has re turned from New York, where he went ou basi ne.v connected with the settlemdht of naval ac count*. ??? Walt Whitman walked to his office in the Treasury Department yesterday .but i? not yet snfldently recovered to resumenis dities. "? Assistant Secretary Sawyer, of the Treas ury Department, has' not gone to Boston, as was stated in one of the morning paper* of this city, but is still in Washington. Mr. Sum ner was in the Senate a short time to-dav?hN tirst appearance for several days?but he looked very feeble. Nominations by the President.?The President sent the loHowing nominations to the Senate to-day: James E. MiUtead collector of customs at Vorktown, Va., and David Bushy collector of customs for the district of Oregon. Public /.and (Hhcer*?Joseph Fox, receiver at Grand Island, Neb.; James R. Laflerry,receiver at Dardanelle, Ark.; Geo.W. Burchard,receiver at Independence, Kan.; W. W. Martin, register at Independence, Kan.; S. L. Tibbetts. register at Tallahassee, Fla.; James A. Siiriglev, register at Dardanelle, Ark. Postmaster*?Wm. C. McQowan, Ellicott City, Md.; W. M Ward, Pctbody. Mass.; B. T. Sim mons, Johnstown, N. V .; Wai. H. Martin,Ches ter, Pa.: Wm. H. Dickey, kittaniiing, Pa.; Benj. F. Kmlgh. Pittstor, Pa.; Henrv IT Shaw. Tarborough, >*. C.; Amasa Morse, Petaluma, Cal.; J. Glass MePiieeters, Bloomiugton, Ind.; Nicholas Filbeek, Terre Haute, Ind.; John S. Miller, l.afayette. 111.; .Jerome H. Fee, Adrian. Mich.; Perry llawe*. Sedalia, Mo,; Harrison H. I pdegrove, Van Wert,Ohio; Jacob Stoiigh. Bellefontaine, Ohio; G<x>. F. Dick, Blooming ton, 111. Affairs in Puincu Gkor?;k's Coitety, Md.? Dtstruilire Fires.?<>? the 14thin-tant tin stables, carriage and corn-house on the farm of the late Wm.F. Berry were destroyed bv tire, and two tine hortuw. two buggies, and Otlii r valiiabtes were eomuiuel. A large gray mare, valued at Sl.oon. was also burnt up; snpi>osed to be the work of an iuceudiary. On the same night a tenement house on the farm of B. F. 1'uvall, near this place, was burned down. Whilst burning brush on the faint ot' Mr. Klliott. in Spalding's district, the tire got be yond control and spread a considerable distance, destroying wood and fencing to a large amount. It. took the direction of SuiUand, and for a time some oi'the tenant houaes on Mr. Suit's farm were in danger. .Sales of ICrpi E*liU?On the J 1th instant, Messrs. C. C. Magruder, jr., and Joseph K. Koberts, jr., aolda iiortion ot the real estate of the late (Albtll )i. jJvfiy. TUe Jlome place, eoidaining 13 acres, was purchased ALi. Benj. Padgett, at *30.ft2u cents per acre. A lot of 11 acres of "Fife Enlarged" was sold to Mr. Samuel Godfrey for yli per acre. Another lot ot the same tract, containing between seven and eight acres, sold to Mr. W. II. Yermillion, for #21 jo per acre. A part of the "Concord l.ot," containing 9 acres, was sold to Mr. John T. Mullikin. for per acre. On Saturday. C. C. Magruder, et*i.. as trustee, sold the farm of the late Jesse Talburtt, on which Mis< Caro line Taiburtt now resides. The Home place, containing about acres, was purchased by Mr. J. Alfred Osborti. at *2.V."W |M-r acre. The remaining j>ort ion. know n as ??Joyce's Fortune,"' contacting al>oiit iw? at res. was sold to Mr. Charles T. Wood, for *^..50 per acre.?Marl' itazette. 'I hk Baltimore axd Ohio Railroad ? The Baltimore and ?>hio road, or, strictly speaking, the Chicago, Pittsburg and Baltimore road, is approaching its western terminus with great rapidity. The organization in Illinois is now complete, and as soon as the line is con structed in Indiana its continuation in Illinois will l>e proceeded with. The route through Ohio and Indiana has not only been determined by actual survey, but the grading and track laying have l?eei~i prosecuted with the vigor ard success characteristic of the great eor|>or at ion which originated the enterprise. The Indian ians npou the route of the new road are looking with interest for a decision as to the precise point at which the shops and other works of the tfr.-t section east of Chicago shall be located. It lias been given out that Syracuse, Kosciusko county, a promising little place half-way be tween' Warsaw and Goshen, will be the favored s|K?t. It neenis to be pretty definitely settled ttiat the Baltimore and ??hio will enter'the city l>y the llliuois Central track Chicago Pott. Shocking Mvrder ix Chicago?A vj * if itJi 1.1 ft lil'etl> it'Je ri'litifj liii Sl"r< tk' art.? A -?hocking murder was committed in Cliicagt Tuesda;. morning, in a saloon at the corner of

Halstead street and Canal Park avenue, whcif a dance was being held. Altout ?> o'clock a. m.. tive >oimg roughs, whose ages range from six teen to nineteen years, entered the saloon, and while standing at the bar one of them nam^-d Tansey grossly insulted a young German girl who stood near, whercui>on lier lover, A" rt Gaetz. took the fellow by the shoulders ? el pushed him out of the door. Jusl as they got outside the young ruttiau nlahbcd Gaetz iii the neck. The wounded man staggered back into the saloon, and fell to the rioor and expired without uttering a word. The roughs tied, but were all subsequently captured, with the unfor tunate exception of the murderer, who is still at large. One of his companions who was cap tured was found to have received a severe eat on the head at the hands of Tansey, who struck him hy mistake. A Thrifty Detective?Detective Biota lias been arrested at Philadelphia, charged with tracking imiwsitioii for several mvathsps-t on the people o7 tw" "!rV. JnlTifig made t rom to Vjm a week collecting money ostensibly In the In-half of the "dlltrwM peo ple ot Switzerland" upon a forged certificate of the Swiss benevolent society. He admitted having playeil the same game in New York, and said he thought it as good a way to supi>ort his family as any other. Alleged Forgers Aum^rtD. ? Samuel ?loseph Philipson, ehar^tu >*jth being a heavy forger in MftDCbcSteT, England, of drafts to the &tt6untof ?l.'-!00. was arrested yesterdav la Brooklyn. He will be sent back Saturday io the steamer Baltic. Daniel D. Wright, alias Philip Stanley, has l>een arrested in New York, on the charge of being implicated in the issue of bogns certificates of the Wabash and Fort Wavne railroad. The srsFEWsiox ofthe Bull's HeadBavk In New York created considerable excitem nt in business circles in that city yesterday after noon. Willetfs, the cashier, admitted that the defalcation had occurred in the clerical depart ment, which made it absolutely necessary to snsj>eud pavment. He thought the depositors would not sult'ei to any great extent, but that the stockholders would be heavy losers. It is ffrobable that the loss will be #206,000. COSDEMXISG THE COK<iRE*SIOX AL IECEEVSE of Salarim?The New York state senate yes terday adopted a resolution oondsmniag the in crease of Congressional salaries. A resolution was introduced in the New -ler sey bouse yesterday condemning the action of the Congressmen of the state lor voting to in crease their salaries. The houseadoptedareso lution sustaining the administration of President Grant. . ? A Horse Coated with Brinm Pitch About * p. m., yesterday a horse and truck he longing to Kdwin Ferris of 133 Washington stree t, standing in front of W West street, close to a sc-anldron of pitch, was ran into by a horse snd wsgon. The horse attached to the truck was thrown sgainst the pitch kettle, which cap sized. The horse was covered with pitch, and was soon bnrnsd to death?IT. T. <un, V&tk. EkdoftbeRaileoadBtkike rEKtssofRi. The strike on the St. I a* is, Kansas City and Northern railroad is practically ended. About ?ortv ?triYersand persons engaged in shstiuet trgtbe road and destroying property ami inter fering with the trains are in Jail at different points, and will he prosecuted to the exteattef the law. . MrnrvitiH) FOR ier Mowet?'The bodrof Alsry Jlastcl, aged was found yester.lav uorning lvii g in the front yard of her residence In New Orlei na It is supposed she was ear dtred for ?'*?! money. < , , Fx-Jrisw P.awuolph et New Jentev, f.irin erhr s m< mMref Congress, ditdia Jerssy City jestcrvla) alter a long iilucss. WASH N?TON AS A MAHtUTACTURSIC POINT. FACTS ASD HI V?EKTIOIi?l. Editor Star.?111 handling tdttncc sheets of the census report on manufactures to comment upon stubborn fact* and exploded theories, re sulting from t ommissioner Walker's labor*, I could not r?*sist the idea that the people of the couutiy, and even the resident* of thi? tract from the importance of Washington In a material respect, because they are not in po*. session of some plain facts that I will vou. General Walker, in his report. develops'th<' astounding fact that New York city is the great est manufacturing city in the United S:*te-. That honor has universally beeu accredited to Philadelphia, and I believe that in a few yeai> Philadelphia will be far ahead of New York in manutactariiig imitortance, because she pw srsses peculiar advantage* of spare torriror) ami convenient material!*, while New York, b ? low Kind's bridge, ha* not rnnch room tLa manufactories will tind it profitable to occupy, on account of its value for other purpose*. New York will do her heavy uiatiufacturiugout 01 town in thts future, because land is cheap on Long island and in New .Jersey. Ami while Philadelphia will present a statistical m,v* over New \ork of manufactured product*. the latter city will no doubt own or control four times a* much manufacture* as Philadelphia will produce, and will be, practically, the store house and sales-room, as she is to-day, oi all east coast manufacturing points, from the tan neries of Aroostook to the cotton mills of <Geor gia. New York wlH never strain a point to l?< called the great manufacturing city. The citi zens who note the numerous factories near their up-town residences alreadv begin to sav, "d?n those steam whistles." But, 1 was going to toll you of Washington. The District of Columbia, we usually say, has no manufacturing indus tries. The fact Is, THE DISTRICT OF COUURIA XASCEACTlREs MORE THAW AMY OXK OK fVl'ITUU EN TIKK STATES AND TERRITORIES. .Arkansas, with her lumber and o*h^r indus tries; Florida, with her lumber mills, fruit packing establishments, "Havana cigar" fac tories; Mississippi, with her machine shop* of Yicksburg and .lackson, her flour mills, and her lumber fr<?m the Gulf level; Nebraska, with her Omaha; Utah, with her Brigliam Young and his indu.?triou*|hive? none of these states and territories, strange as it may seem, approach the District of Columbia in manufxc tuiing importance. Even South Carolina, with her beds of phosphate on tide water shores, her textile mills in the interior, aud her varied in dustries scatter* d over the state, manufacturer, less than w'irtii a year more thin this Di.-trict. It is true, that white Pennsylvania excels in iron manufacture. Massachusetts in boots and shot's, Michigan in lumlier, Connec ticut in plated ware, Y'ermont in scales and t>al ances, Texas in beef-pac king, and North Caro lina in tar and turpentine, this District e\c N :n no particular branch of industry, the aggre gation ot industries gives it the status *hn in the accompanying table, which 1 hive com piled from the census report: Annual Product <?/ /? I ??'ry Dist. of Col.*!','Jt'.173 Monta* *2.494,511 Arizona 1M.4K! Ncbra-: ;. ">.7?,512 Arkansas... 4,<i.*ViJijSew Mr\, ? l,f Colorado.... 2,so2.""Jo'< ?regon tS.8T7,3.S7 Dakato 17s..>70 I rah Florida 4,<>5,40. UV;. :.;: J y. J SSl.OjJ Idaho 1.047,fcM Wyoin-.i? 7<i5,42? Mississippi.. H,13i,i>l This table does uot include statistics of min ing and quarrying. It is a I act thai <"'NLY THREE CTTIEr sontli of you, I.ouisville. Richmond, and New Orleans, manufacture as largely as does the city of Washington. The population of th< District is: Washington, lrtt?.l!it?; Georgetown 11.3M: remainder of the District^ 11,117; total 121,702. As the coal trade of Georgetown is not counted in the aggregate it is fair to presume that Washington industries amount to ?7,00n.oo<> worth a year. This beats Nashville, Memphis. Mobile, Montgomery, Atlanta, Augusta, Co lumbia, Charleston.'Savannah, and all south ern cities except Richmond, Wheeling, Louis ville, aud New Orleans, and the last named city, the metro|iolis of the south, produces onlv ^K.':is0.2t8 ? vear. This exhibit should not be considered discouraging to the cities of the south. Thef never could succeed in manufac tures with slave labor. They have thrown that clinker aside in fact as In name, and have buried its remembrance in a new ambition which h is swept the south like a whirlwind. That am bition is the possession of manufactures as an element of wealth, their wines sella* fast * they can make them, and towns in the south that a few years ago, even liefore the war, were shabby in ap|tearance, present to the glare of the sun nurtured foliage, in gardens that adorn the white-washed fences ami nainted houses of honest toilers under the paid lal>or system. About the year 1**; .lolui Harrison" com menced to make oil of vitriol in Philadelphia on a small scale, and from his small beginning steadilv grew the fact of to-dav that in the citv ot Philadelphia is made nearfv one-half ot all the drugs and chemicals made in the United States. So in Georgia, the cotton and woolen mills are growiug side bv side, and the manu factures no longer fear eom|>etitiou from the north and east. They compete with southern factors, a cheerful sign. Washington lias shared the disadvantages that slaves biought. Tie District of Columbia has, according to the census, 1?72 IKnrSTRIAI. ESTABLISHMENT*, using ."4 steaiu engiucs, w ith an aggregate of horse-power, 1-1 water wheels with I,lno horse power, employing 4,C*.r> hands, who receive as wages *2,<?07.?ii*i a year, and the annual |?nwtit<-t is. as before stated, *9,-J?2,17.1. No doubt t!ii? bas considerably increased since the census ? i taken. From these industries 1 will select on v two, to show the kind of manufacturing t'uat brings the surest wea'th of valuable laborer* w ho are the solid foundation of a desirable com munitv. These are the nine tlourmillsofGeor/e town. and the twenty-six carriage and wag>n factories of the District. No Washingtoniau need go to Brewster, in New York, to get tliu best carriage in the country. He can g-t it made right h?re, is Brewster ev^r?? aud as cheap as th*y make them in New York or Philadelphia. No Washingtonian need go to the Genessee valley for Hour, heeanget as gosl. it not better, in Georgetown. These manufac tures are 1-ou^d to grow here. So with saddlery ?nd harness. 1 he United States exports harness to hurope, principally from Philadelphia, because Americans m*ke the best In the worM, but your harness makers do as good work as they do in Philadelphia. Reasoning from tli -so snceei?es alene. does it not shjw that the m re acquisition of manufactures is uot the thi i because they may be temjiorary. STABDABD !KDI RTItlES are the only industries upon which a citv's manufacturing success is built. The standards may be best flour, best brick, best carriages, bt st varn or muslin, or even th$ poor quality standard. AugusU, Georgia, makes ordinary muslin, a standard article of the quality, and cant make It fast CuoQgh for the demand. The water powet above Georgetown is vast, and the climate is suitable. If steam is wanted, Cum berland coal averages about ?3.65 In George town, when it sells for #4.30 per ton in Balti more. There's any quantity of good truck s-jil all around here for vegetable supplies. If three mills were started on cotton yarn or cloth of any standard qualities, there is no reason why j nr whole water power would not be taken up in a few years. When such Industries take a st.irt, they are usually, to greater or less extent, ' ice John Harrison's oil et vitriol experiment. T? mill-owners finally get so much work that t'.i** begin to put en airs, and a smaller concern c ? -n mtnees on the next lot. By and by people ?lie cover that there Is plenty of room and p- Hit for mora mills, and before thsv realiz it customers come (ha other cities to <.:ve all as large orders as they can 11. It was exactly so at Columbus, Ga. ir.Ysii *e started the Phornix Woolen mills there, an. .e was afraid ssmthaiy osse would start one. 1 o. Now he has a big firm, an o<Bce in New Y <, has competitors using the same water po r, and is hewing capitalists to start the same :<1 of mills an around him, because he refuse M, WVMUC ?? refuse- . r ders every day. The sure aooempaniment of these mills are consumers for the termer. _ v oer ?nd butcher to Used; machine shops, * u >u factories, wooden-box and jute-bag facun . a, and mechanics, who, msr? than any ether els a, are i>ermanent residents, buy for cash, uad when they go isave bo debts behind them At present, cotton psesri us on the way to New Hampshire and Maine, is made into nu- a there, passes through the Jobbers'hands to t'?a Washington dealer, pays several handlings, freights and cartage, tsd we, poor dupes, M all the bills. If we lacked advantages it wo ikl he diflhrert. But we have every one you f in name except labor, whieh will follow eir r prise, and I am sure the Washington des'sr <ur n uuingmn oes'sr would rather sell us home-made muslin of same quality made here, for the sasse pt.itit. at less price,'than take the trouble and eipc ie of get ting it fiom New Y'ork. Ihnvs resided here tea \sars, we I seen 'he habits of your popnlation change from inditi r ence to commendable energy, ami your *lo;> 'lis of mud traiMiftisnted into prettier and is *t paved streets than any city in the country con boast; your b r.h'.ing* drop their dust of - sad put on the cleanly gsrb of ynath. Thee tv that was hedged in by * -ingle line of railway can now offer It* pa?*enger* twl tr-tphts the choice of bitterly competing route*. 1 have with.t two year- .isited nearly every manufac turing city anl town in thi* country and Ctiu da, for h vestimation of their %'urre*. condition ind pro*pe< t-. and found that sniae of the greatest of them ?prnag into active life and great prosperity under di-ad? aniagrs which, viewed alongside your advantage*, would have been declared .mpo**ibi!itic*. Washington, a* a manufacturing point, doe* present many ad \ antage* that are nowhere excelled. C. EXECUTIVE SESSION OF THE SENATE Friday, March 21. Mr. ^hcrman ottered a resolution authorizing the 1 irni-bing of two bound copies ot the Con gressional Record tor this umliiu to each Sena tor. Referral to the c< mm it toe on printing. srb'ir faymrxth. Mr. Fenton oittted the following which he a*ked l>e pr. tiled and laid aver: K'solrrd, That the committee on finance be directed to iminire what iu< as'ire* can be adop ted by the Kuverunicut, which *h*ll give to the country a currency convertible iuto gold at the option ot tlie holder, thus areurutg greater stability in the exchanges ot trade, the work of proitnctioii and investment. an<iin the compel, -atiou ot labor, and to report by bill or other wise at the next session. Mr. Wright a>k?d the Senate to take up the rRuruMniaoMricanoi or rut si-lb* submitted by him yesterday. **? Mr. Morton suggested that it be uot taken up until the Caldwell case wa* disposed of. Mr. Sherman reiterated h? previous opimor., that it wa* e-acntial, If business was to be facil itated, that there should lie mine change in the rule*; and naid. further, that during all of the last session nothing whatever was done to pro mote the material interest-ol the couuti y, 1k* voiai the passage of the appropriation hill*. Hut the whole nnancial interests were neglect ed. The |>cop!e of I?uisiana were subjected to an irregular government, and Congress had be? n unable to dispose of the btll to rcmedv this, because of the unnecessary consumption ot much va'uable time iu discussing matter-oi comparative unimimrtancc. Th.- w?* the onK parliamentary body in the world where there war not Mime limitation u|*>u debate. and he hoped that the Senate would adont some fair rule, placing it iu tlie power of two-third- of the Senate to limit debate at any time, anil con fine Senators to the subject uiattci under dis cbssion. Mr. Scott said it was obvious no action could he had on tin- milter at tuis ae-Mou. On motion oi Mr. Wii^ht. the further consid eration ot the whole subject wa- then p>**tMned until the tir-t Monilny of 1 tecciu Iter uext. OPFKIAL REPORT* i>r THE ?KXATS HERATi??. Mr. Anthony *Hid, in accordance with the a i thoritv entrusted to them, the committee on printing had entered into contract with Mr l>enuis Murphy, the chief of the re|*irtorial -taft in the Senate, to continue the reporting of the debate*, lie then submitted a revolution designating Uenni- Murph v as the offi cial re- 1 I>crU:r of ti e Senate, and allowing to him an I hi* stall at this session the rate of glA? i?-r thousand em?. prititer's measure, with JO i?.-r cent, additional. He also said the committee had given Instructions to the Cangresdouai : printer to print the same number of the I ti L*r<f w Oi the ('? n i-n?t t. at ' the past -essimi, and that the I: , :,e d -trio uted a- the GW?* was di*tribnted. THF CAL1IWCLL CAKK. The resolution declaring vacant the seat of .tl exatxlcr Caldwell,of K an?a-,w ax then taken ui>. Mr. Ferry (Conn.) otl'ered aii aiuemlmeiu in the nature of a substitute, as follows : 'I, That Alexander * aid well he. and he is hereby, cx)?lled from Ilia seat in the Sen ate of the I'nited State*. Mr. Frelinghuygeti argued again-t the rem* lutiou ot tlie committee, holding that there was no tenable ground on which it could be nnhebl He maintained that the offence ehsrg-d upi.n Mr. Caldwell was uot a crime, because it had never been so constituted, and that, therefore, there w as no power renting anywhere to puai?4i' him for it. He. (Mr. F..'> however, considered it a very di-reputabb- act. Whether in his opin ion it was fuch an act a? called for expulsion would be shown when he was called on to vote! Mr. Howe held that there was no foundation whatever hir the resolution of the committ^-. for to him the evidence was overwhelming that Mr. Caldwell wa* duly And legally e!eot?.l As to the Question of expulsion, he wornd meet that when it came up. Mr. Morrill (Maine) said among the things which were apparent wa? the p ?'niueiit fact, uot ilehated, mit dented, hut cone.di>d on all hand-, deprecated, condemned. <h?i oiiiic<m1 l>v all, that in the state of Kan*** in the vear 1*71. ujKin the oi-casion of the election trf a Seuato:. there were scenes which were di*re[>utable to the |?eople of that state ind to the country hi large, and the consequences ot which affect the public welfare, and on this hinge and turn the freat fundamental principles ??f government, f we would live ami not p>ri.-h. we n?.i -ee that no such scene* as thi* are reenaeted iu any of the other state-! The Senate had been under the shadow of th: great fiolitieal enormity lor tbe*e niaurffaw it has l>eenso characteri/e?l on all side- "and t?i the honor and dignity of the Senate it can Ihj said that duritig this whole debate there ha* lieen no exhibition vt parti/an.- iip on either side. It there aat mi misstatement of fa? t-. what took place iu Kansas was a grotesque ?ar ? asui on the election of a Senator. He did not regard that the i]ue-tion of *tate rights or of *tate sovereignty entered into the ?Vetermina tion ot the question; he maintained that it wa* preeminently within the iuri?dk tion of the Senate to inonire into an election for Senator, and it would be a -*d day tor it when such was not the case. In M|| ?Jie centuries that curne down to us there was no principle hotter d. fine.1 than the r*>wer to umuire into the conduct ot elections, and if an election was obtained by brilierv, it was at on< e vitiated. The man who ca-t a vote wt? not a man. he wa* a ehattel. ami his vote wa? vohl. In to the argnm-nt that there wa no constitutional jmwer to inquire into the m ? tivesol member* ot the legiHtature. he said the motives had nothing to do with it. it was the UCW Ihf WM? to ho inquire* into. It the tact* were pro\?^ Uii; the man did not receive a ma jority of the free, Cr%,,tiWd. unpurchased votes, then the election was void. We should vote for the resolution of the committed because be be lieved it was a wholesome, and not a ilanffero'is excrcise of iiower; he should vote for it. tiecau-e he believed it was a duty devolving apoa the Senate. If the Senate cannot correct tntsevil there is no other power in the land that ran do it. In his judgment it was a clear and tin. doubted i?ower of the Senate, and be had tn^ie up his mind to do his duty, disagreeable thou 'h it may be. ? 4-^4*-. ? Exd or the Rriti?h CAstyrr i'mmn an kovhceu i.\ Paritamrvt.?In the Briti-h Parliament last uight Mr. Gladstone announced that the present cabinet would remain inotl-e, but he took particular care to impress upon all that they would have persisted in their resigna tions had not the opposition peremptorily re fused to attenipt to form a government. 'Dis raeli and the Earl of Richmond, on the part of the opposition, confirmed thisstatemcnt, basing their refusal on the ground of the imnossibilit v ot forming a policy on which to go before the country and Parliament. So the criai-isever for the present at least. T?i* Two EtRnraaa UariRt tcs atVari a*ck. ? The French government has mails plaint to that oT Spain of atrocities certain of its citi tpanish minister, while expressing regret at the outrages, adds that most ot the oBcaffors were equipped in Fraaoe, whence they oenttnned to draw their supplies; that ausshei* of the Cartlsts wore French onit orms. and manv Frenchmen of rank were serving with th ' He concludes with an assurance tW his ? OTument is using every postfbis means to stop the excesses. formal complaint to that of Sp committed by Carltst* upon c seas. The Spanish minister. < Cox xacTicrT etnas is made sf car bona t/- or r. citric acid, tron filings, a id with pr*d? tff isatiast a beven ge free from is ? KlUttt- /??ids. who was ?truck with a bar oT iron by Perrj, wbff SS|5is?*2f2sa ztes!. Journal that spring i? gnce mere here. ???? TELEGRAMS TO TKX STAB Tkks AncmMt1! Dl?|??lck?i, ASSOCIaTi-D I'Rksn REPORT*. THE GALLOWS. ME#tTtO.IS 70.DJI*. FOSTER HANGED ! LIST HCUM OF THE CM-MOOft BWWUCft ho* hi: ?irr hi* rAru Ni.w Y?r*. Mar*h *1?IV apparatea rtr v i*?l f?t Fo-ter iohm?i? of upriglr >?e*ai* hating iron pulley wheel* to which ar. attached a kMi) weight. Tht* weight l? *u? l*?W about w\ fni trtna the cmni?1 ik? at, K'c.h-M'".;" *^?*2; ?*? ^ k ?t the movr-mei Aboat *i\ hnmlred !"*r?nii? hare received p. mt?*?n to witm-?* tke rwatum The art-lira tH>n lot tft? kt*f? of Mlmmwon. h??w?**?*r n>n ?! nearly *i\ thou***! Ahout rtivw' fcu??i i IHHict* aiv U> bf M* h?ihmI about Uir TomW im'M'tTr miIi r. Nine murder. r* Lave been j it to t -at: . the gallon* to he ti??d tor r??tcr. I ?rlv *k *vfi? iiVkx'k tit?? MAnuiif ??.*. bundrtd people h*.| awmt.Mvl m fron o city prhm *i>\iot*Iy mra:tn |[ tin* mi i *ltni F<*<rr,thf Rinrdrm of Avcrv P ?? nam. woukt hf M it the acaftold. and v. on. i* ?m\ ot Ummt *hn waited a? |.?| vtit.ddc I Mil the ?!ig iiiwt ohnii.f of g*iu>t> miwlon within th. precinct*. P>??rKH'a u*T Not RM. rwt1 r awokr at , o'clivh an* |*a/liv.l, p? of coffee, hut ate aMhing. Hr war vet * umI hU Mrt itfth aM-ni> Jum l'a>lii?r I attend. .1 by the Ibir. I?r. Tvng Mr. Kchimnaiaker, .ftiatdala ot Sing s *?" engaged in <h>vot' .nal ? ? ock*ck. At II minute* pa?< >? nVhiok Ud "rt. fcMpl?orUd t > the Ami*. Faatei ? unfalteringly ... _ tiu: ?cirMin. lit* lace had a hectic tluah. When li. tn ueath til.' araSdW )uv |?r. Tvng. ?> i V.t" t*a.| the Utr , ? ""i *.?d* *ere read, law Itrv. I?i T\ ng Ih'?ohgilt ?;.m| to Olien t merry upon tbia tbv arrttut. the * i hu*li d and impreM*i\e m the ektrem .-? , 1 dood I* Ik alb the *. affobi. Ilia boa doanat-d hi* left head -hading hi*e\. Kev. I>r. School*makrr *b<> .W hand* v ter, ami **i.i --tiod . iay 4<-ai TH* LAKT **? K. KXK. A t "cv.'Mi-i ii - |.ai>t tutu- tbc i. , ?lraan aixl tkt- IhmIj umr info th?> air "J d? nin?^l n?an (raxron.-vliptiatrniffflp alifht a* Ui ht almost InipiiNMtfMr i ?a? an akreiict- ol ib? u-ual mow m< i I : "jiualdlliu. Ibnc ?a> ? flight colitia Vr *,tJ * batflv p?a?M4il>k' Jf thf mimIa. Afl? r IIrt m*ntr liody luw?r?a| alnuit a'iw> ln< ti?? wniutr tb< r? Hfu-i H>M*ot a DM l arthor Tat \* an nut<'? ;itUT tb.- i-,it jn <>ii .i taej?ul* cuM.t t?. i^at. Foati r bati.lnsi all atthont a ?"truffle. It rvtjont .frtna, reading ot the m niif tb^t h>- wa* rwMIr t li'f . ^,4r,*1> *W? ?? *?????*?- Th*',.?>vai. , , m>Uc? <1 thi;., tml K? v Mr. Ki'hoonmas.T i | bnt J out Kh?K.k l.aadaattb F.?tt-r a.h!1, .;rT!\T . <;oH ?'1' - >'<>1. n'v?r\*nd. wti Ow fatal lK>lt waadraaa Wing to haii^ a Uttlc o\?rta. t,?i m iiuttftii.- |M>.| ! ik^ m into thf < ortin an.; ,-o,i*,.vr?l mi.. I She dead-hot'??' Of tin- T..tu! <-, trhea?-? it will >? taken to-?.ay to tfir re#i<h'itrc of F<wbT'? w .do* The intrmicat ?dl pfobablv take place on Mot. >ia> next. At twenty minui.-l^ton-|tto . lock a c.owd or ilei nty ?benlto aa?l oth.m ot ona bundled -V#. w,", '"?'l adm-?i..n t.. the cifotUuii, !v in.i?le tlieir exit Irniu the Nfue. a hope ,,r ununuTi..* to thc la*t ttoVkkT. ANwt tlire*-1 nmli-ed <|r. i?t.ih wore> at router * execution. 1 h.- <!..<. u.^l m ;ti rriai | to have a ln?|<e of <*?iuni it ?t ton .in t.? Tin- I.-t BM*mettt. Nearly ?!l ti?. afteru.ioii nai^ra - n I e*ir?? r the event. ntf b.?t>t <>i l mi: i > a a*. Sin'iJ \ alt el loMtriiat.1 |... n eut,i..??u (he aeKtonot Hr 1 yngV.' called at th. Twan-a VS requeued tbat the bo?ly be allowed to r. ?aalti Mil Lite to Ihe ailernnon, ab.-ti it ?||| M removed to the rend.-1ice of hi? ? ite Koae at the uniwrtunate iuhi.-* IrMu.lh have calle., to aee the body Mm*e the eveeatlati. He is Huif t?i a room in the Toinh* iu the in. h rtakei '? b*>K. watting to be rem. ved. MeEI.Ht\C1 H Tbe latl ol lk? HmIm * tie Naiderer. BoaTOx, Mar.b 21?laa*e? M. Kihauev. a. mnr.lered hifi a ife M>m<- ?i< month* rv piated hh> crime ot* the f?*??ld at the s.!n..:k jail thi> m.iruitii:. He ?u hati?e.l at twel.e aimuto j.a.*; Ilo cio^k. <ud m taeaty ???? life a a? )>ro*onaced extiuet. Th re aer.- alto <t font ht:tidri.l t>ix>etator> |.re*eiit. ami a'l pre **r \ ei' reK|MTttnl ailen.'e atH| dr-cnrtim 'bat a a* a'rnvwt (Mtinltil during the execution ot the law. The condemni ,1 man made no remark" uimii Ute Nraffold. btit before ieaviag hit. oolt he n dulged :ti reli^iott? devotioiik in r.imi>ki.\ with Her. Mr. I'lTiant. ht? apintaal adviaer. and patb< r t ook. Uie eh .|.lain ot the jail. H?to<>k hi* la?l leave ot htr lather, ami ia-i uight vgimd a aill bequeathing all Iti* pfOtocit. (am, n ui.rtio to hi* only child, lie walk. I Hrmly to the *C(M.I and behaved aith extiaor diuatv lort.tude. ? - *?? V*ri XatPK the IAIM BE or TMK HILL!! IttAl. HA\K Rnie*iilr?k! Marel' ;i The oM.-era ot yu>i Bull ^ H.-a.i hank aaiy they are uualde to 1. . abo mutilated the liookaot aa to thed^-faulr r? Noofli. ial Mateak.111 w.ll now I* made hut.! a no -ft ii.g of the m*m k holder* i? In Id iin l.r the .lirecttoii ol lb? .-onrt. whi.-b will ap|M>int ^t. examiner. Ihe bank aa> the favorite pt*e.- of tle|msit for butcher^ ami hover*. Manx ?> al-o kept aecontith in t. The!-- , la?w ? ir be xrioaaly ineonvemetiee.1. Vev-ial had giai it urdei> u|wu liteir deiH^th im the oauk. wh<. h they are uow ;t liable to meet. _.. A B.IALT?T M a. k ^??k mcttAk .-a. .. 1 ''e^Meaan^tp Merrimark. which arrived trj-ia Kraztl yesterday, brought S,? Kugf alitn n. who wet* member* ol Uie pativ ot hiw ?rho left KiiKlaml tor that couuuy iti November la.-t uiwfr tlifi noitt flatt(tiii| ^rum l rum ? h*t pretf ml.d to be the D>?Lilian Colonisation s Cietv. The abole party auRepct heavilv, a? they were victim* ot .b eeption. Maav .li^d .< starvation. and other* are unable to leave i..r the aart of mean*. THK TM KKt> !*V*?T|. ATt*B .'<iy*tTTtl met here tliic morn n?. but immediateiv alter a<ijourneu till to-mort.m ou ac.ount of itrevioua engagement of Uie committeeV ruuinal. It .? nnderstood that Twee.IV counsel will ar?.i? asamst the|K>aerot the Senate to litrwin itc 1 weed * conduct, be not ba\ tng taken bi? ?. ?t in that body. iiAif?.?Ai? ram o> f;rk. The Erie railroad pa?*?'n^.t .l.-^a at -ler?er u now on tire, and will be ettlii i? - "troyed. COVISO .\FTKK THI KtkK ..r IMILANPr ?R. l R. Ia>mh?W, March 21 ? The ?Ceamah:|. Orlta, rnbtch nailed from Li rer|?o! tor New \ ork on the 13th inMant. carried out lnapector W>i*, ol the Loudoa police I'oroa. He ha* with bim estiaJition | a|?er* to aei are the return to !'ng IdikI of tieorge McDaaahl. who wa? arre*ttd at New Vork ve?ter.tav oa the charge ofbe.tif oim ot the Bank of Kaglaad forger*. Ul|iarrekaa4 LwcfUlr. I.ra ra. I?el.. March ?1?The lurk .fen* l.o# aeti iron I.omlon. t..i l'hila.lel|diia. ? nt a?hore at ladiaa Kiver Inlet vaateeday. Tha captaia? wife and daughtei. the Am aai second mate*, and two aeamen were drx>?nmt in attempting to laml. The vfwwl in oa the not them point et the inlet, and U fall of water. ?f Ike I r.f Otjr. dntit(T t'lTT. N. ?*., March 21.?The F.rto railroad |aiaeager depot and ferrv Woaae will be totally deetreyed by ire. The Iretght baaae i* now tuppcaed to be on Are. The loaa cauoot a* yet be eatimated, bnt will be vtrj h avy. The cauae ol the tre U unknown. fl?ilWWi. March M ?ft! if. Hr. ta.air'* wait paper manafactorr, Meat door ta Blaach ard'a book atore, which waa parUaliy bar sod iaat night, alao aaflered about kMM&: damage by a-ater la the upper atoriea; fully bkaarrd. RaTtJScMc'jSirT5t-ofS?nA e| Marrh the Apache* mardereu Aagoataa Swaia and .lame* Mcltoaald, near Wick?here. Art Their HMvaSl?The ? * Haft eke, MS gr<1 *-y ir* thin Mlh immred. BorerwSnT?!*., MarchB2L^Aa?thcr *m>w ana coaamet..- I here veaterdav alt. mwa with a ateoag wind which lacratol to * boavp northeaat gale, mud coatiaaad tkraag* the n.ght. gFAhotia ktaml.HO. Cm*,ko b?Mi arat to jad f*t thirty day* tor thicvm* miliaaliky VA daaghur of hdwaad k m* Ne? Hxitaib. Cna., waa deprived o. tkr i?a* 1 ?perch I.) abioa irojiaatakaliua Wordag rvenlng. the other, aad vhat to a divorce

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