Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. BY a. NOT En. Largest Circulation ii the District Beading Matter on Every Page. WASHINGTON CITY: IKIPiT... larfh 21, 1*7*. J?l k BMlMM. It i* confidently expected in government cir cthat the new peace commission recently organized 10 treat with Capt. Jack, the Modoc )ni orrigible. will be a Me to negotiate a peace without further bloodshed on either side. Some ?i the first commissioners seem* to be afraid to go within negotiating distance of Capt. Jack atxt his t <1 lowers*, and employed "Mrs. Wittles' and -Modoc sal"?two females, it L? to be pre aumed.of eminent diplomatic ability?to rep resent them in the lava bed*. Their negotia tion* were a failure, and Capt. Jack announced that be would hold m more peace pow wow> w th a omen. some have maliciously suggested because the women had longer and aharper i? ngnes than tlie braves, and that conseqneatly t'e latter had no ?Uow in a wordy contest with t' rn. The new commission. it u believed, will I- more successful, and Gen. Canby. who has ? fit charge ot the whole matter, has been in k uctcd by Gen. Sherman, at the request of the S; retaryof the Interior, to exercise as mach I '? nee and forbearance with the savage* a> l ? - -ble in order to give the commissioners > opportunity to treat with them. Gen. ,v .an is of the opinion that there b no i < of special haste in the matter of the settle i .. oi the Modoc troubles. Tueir submission * a question of time?of a few week* at the trooi's no* mrn?ii?ill?? *?.- i-? ?? ?ir ? ?vw ?* CXitLB A I he troo|>s now surrounding the lava beds uo additional expense, and should any ?t l>e made to precipitate matters at pres ? r troop* must of necessity lose heavily. * ?ards turther loss of life as unjustified by it - < r<-i instances. and torce will not be used v * 14s demonstrated that gentler m-*at* are ? avail. The General says he regards Cap ? Jack as he would a rattle-snake in a hole. ?" .? holed the question arises shall he be ?v >ed out or dipwued out, or shall patience I- tercised until he is foro; 1 to come oat of I. - "?n accord, one coarse would be attended * n danger and the other would not. He ra j^-?*s the greatest confidence In the judgment ft General Canby. and aayaif he again assault* *he savages in the lava l^ds it will be because ?" attempts to induce Captain Jack to surren ?vr ba^ proved futile. ? -???? - i . The government has receive,! no intelligence oi any kind in reference to a projected expe dition against Mexico in the southwest, bat should any such attempt be mule, it may be r<>: wtently stated that the ruited States will *o!jt it by force of arms if aecewary. A de ?cat regard for our treaty obligations with a 3 .ghboriag state, with which we are at peace. > oald naturally impel such a course, and be s am, it is understood that the government feels in duty hound to encourage the new president of Mexico, who, thus far. ha* evinced a com Bicailalk desire to establish and maintain a good governmeat in his distracted country. It J? said that this exi-edition was proposed be cause ? !i? Mexican cattle stealing outrages ?> n the an border; but it Is not easy to see Itow .f the western bonndaryline of Texas Vtn led to embrace Mexican territory, the ev < - mplained of would be remedied. ^ here is j-robably no foundation for the rumor tn motion On the first page will be found an article upon tie manufacturing advantage* of the District, from an Intelligent source. Home of the figures showing the extent of manufacturing opera tions now carried on here will surprise those fete Mil Mt looked into the A District Wovrr??neat llalUing. In the Deficiency bill which became a law March was the ioi>wng appropriation: ? For the purchase l<v the Called States oi" the interest oi tae District ?f <>?liimbia in the pres ? i t City Jiall building in Washington, now i -ed sol? l* for Government purpose?, such sum ?-may te determined by three impartial ap praisers to be selected by the Secretary of the 11 terior. not exceeding* seventy-five thousand ?i< liar*. the -am'* t<? be applied by said District ?>? It for the er ction ol a suitable building tor th? I>istr rt office*. ami the governor ami board ?t public works are authorized, if they deem it ?<iii*ai-le furtkat pur|?*e. to m ike arran^e ii.en Is to secure sufficient land fronting on Tei iisvlvania and \a? asiana ? uues. between ?th and :?th streets." I t?der this act the Secreiaiy of the Interior has appoli ted Hor. Montgomery I?. I^eegett. ? >n.missioncr of P,?tent?, (Jeorge S. Gideon. ?''?! A. A l!o?raer. appraisers, to report to htm v'letber or not the District"* int'-rest in the I resent Cit- Hal! building is worth If t! ey rcj<ort favorably that sum will be imme <1 atelv paid to the District authorities. The ^ resent ?'ity Halt buiHtnghas l?een constructed n atnlv bv the city of Washington, with one ap I 'opriaftcn made by the I'nltetl States, and ac eordmi; to the memorial of the Governor and Foard of Public Works to Congress by reason i-t which the appropriation was made, the Dis trict had ex per. Jed upon the property, ' s ?S|.C9. The appraisers cannot well value the IHstrict's interest in the buildings uj>on t'..eir full transfer to the l'nite.1 States at less t^an (IW/HH, ai.'l might with propriety Talue them at 9150,000, or al>out the amount of the IHstrict's expenditure thereon, but the appr*> I nation is limited toa?.Vf**i. Asbyt>e*ct of Congress tlie *"".000 is only to be applied for the erection of a new District g'-ternment building, the Governor aad Board ot Public Works have made arrangements with tl'C Washington Market Company, by which t'f.* com pan v has surrendered to the lMstrict the front land on Penv\ Ivania and Louisiana nvenues, between Tth ami :nh streets, and the r< ntal which Is due from the Market Company to the District for the support of the poor, has 1-ern equitably api?ortioned between the Dis ti ct and the rom|?n\ . according to the valua tion of the land a- heretofore fixed by the Dis trict arprals. rs for purjoses of taxation. The arrangement been finally con sum mated, t' e District has taken jiossession of the prop erty. the wvrk of excavating for laving the foundation ha? been commenced, and before i.?:xt ?'liter, our citizens may expect to see. *ell-advanced. a Distriet government building in every way worthv of the capital. It is the intention of the District author ities to provide lor all tke District office* in this buildinz. and a so to construct a large hall, such a? is iudia I ensably nece?ar> in thi- city. Tl.c libera! action of Congress in making the a;; rvi riation for the purchase of the City Hall 1 ..Ming, and the prompt action of the Gover j, r and P>< ard of P 'blie Work- in securing the I ei cits of the apj ropr ation. and taking ?tep* to ercct a public District building ii|>on the i. ad available ami tligiMe o|>en space in the ? ity. .? to be highl) eomm<-nde<i, Ihr l.rsson <?f the l>sy. tiovernor Dix has sternly held to his pur|>Ose t" make murder odious by the impartial execu t.on of the law njon a criminal justly con I'rmnrtl to die. but for whose exemption from t nni-hroent a most extraordinary array of in I'ttenre had l>een brought to bear. I5y the exe cution of Foster man> a murderous hand will 1-e stayed, at least w >tlun the jurisdiction of the jrand old mm who executes justice without re gard to pt rsoiis. The would-l?e murderer will hi 'itate. when he sees assured and ilisgracetul death before tun as the penalty ot his deed. Gov. Dix weakly yielded to the imm use j ?e*sure for commutation in Foster's case, the fxtal prec-.dent would not only have embar- , lassed him in the future execution of the law, j but would have doubtless caused a hideous amount of bloodsheed. Kvery murderer would bave relied uj>vu bringing a sufficient amount of maudiin sentiuientalisiu. legal ^nibbling, or tlenominational, social, or army intt tence to bear to save his neck from the gal lons. The ruffianly crew everywhere?or at least within the boundaries of the Empire atate? are mm Hoi in words that they now know bave a meaning, that "Every man who strikes a murderous blow at the life of his fellow be made to feel his own is in certain peril.*' What is ueeded to stay the prevailing Znnrder mania is the prompt, certain and im partial execution of the sentence upon all con victed murderers. There is no doubt that the lailure to hang Potter at the time his murderous it?xt was committed gave encouragement for bkif a do/en other murders since. KIh UmIIII* C?in f Ike faMH Major J. M. SchofleUt. who vest to the Sandwich Island* for the benefit of hi* health a few month*since,and not on apolitical mi ?ion. a* ha* been stated, has written several inter* ?tin( letter* to fleyieral 8herm?a recently, In oue of which he **y? that be bH alme-t entirely reeovtred from the throat affection from which he suffered. and that he intemied to rtturn to San Franctaco about the JHh or 29th ot the preeent month. Paring hi* stay in the Sandwich li^and* he vi.?ited all the point* of interext, and crnim-d about considerably on the American war vessels stationed in the vicinity. He write# General Shermtn that he will b$ accompanied to San Francisco by Lunalillo, the new!) elected King of the Sundwich Isltnds, who proposca to maVe a tour of the United State*, in order to Icarr. more about the Amer ican people, for whom he proteges great friendship. It ie ?L-o suggested that one object of his vi*u is to study au-i more tally understand the American theory ot government, that he may incorporate such reforms a* he may think judicious in hi* own government. The r?al purpose of his vi*it, however, is btlicveil t?j be to bring hia royal prestige to bear to secure a favorable commercial treaty with the Uni-ed State* by which the tariff on *-igar shall be reduced, to the adraut^^e ot the ? :jtr interest* of his kingdom. fy-3?I O.O. F.?COLUMBIA LOMMI.>o. if - A Special Meeting will be held TlIIS(Fri da) ) EVENING, >t 7fa o'clock, to make arrang<< o.'ut* for the funeral ot Brother Johi PtiVtlL B A. H. STOCftHAN, N. U _ r^?I)IVILOPlH? CIRCLE AT 4I? ttt?i w??r n-xi ib?- Unitarian Cbuich. on Flil 1>AY and SATl'KOAY. tb? 21s>. and Zid, al t p in A't:; i-?.'>n?4 tit, 90. ?nt-, Lady. S? "its. rati a* M>-A E CUTTER.M D.M-duui. n-^?NK? YORK REPUBLICAN ASSOC1A U-eX TII>N?A special nesting .if thin Aaeocia ti m will oe held at Gierke's II.Ut, N>. 179 PtHiu sylvania avenue,on 8ATURDAT EVENING, th* 29d Instant, at 7:30 o'clock, for th* pnrposs of effort in* Bfr?M?r) arrangement* to nuk" the "'Qriud Union B?l to tc- li'lii on ths eveni ntr tit the?xh infant. a success. The Inauguration Committee i* re^ue-tel l j m ?et same evening and piiice, at 7 o\ lock. A full attendance is desired. ALON7.0 BELL, Prssi l?n'.. IA3 E. SPRAGL'E. R c S? lt_ A?ON I''A Ri-sutned < onus atton of LA \i^y FAYKTTE R A. C HA PTE*. No. 5, will I*- held SATURDAY EVENING, March 7 o'clock All R A Masons in good standing are fra temally invited. Br ord?r ot the Chapter. JOHN KDW1N MASON. ro2P-3t IChron.* Rep.) Secreiar/. NOTICE TO PRODUCE DKALLKS. p.-ranna selling pr.ytnce in th ? Northern M*rV?t Btt>t procure theit Licen-?*? at the R gi*t*r's oth-e, *' the Territorial Building. on 4S -?tree?, between P< cueylt ama aveuae and C street northwest, on t i before the Nt of April. 1S73 P>T?ona selling fish ? ill be -ub.'-ct to th-saine reg ulators. All licenses roust b?' (.hown lo the M ?rW?t M liter w hen railed for by him By ord-'r of the Cotntni??ioner? . n SU td S M JKARLAN, M M ?'ter._ rr"3?? THE LATE EXCITEMENT WITH r ?ard to the W A8HINGTON ? ITY SAVINGS 15A NK h?*init stit>*ided. I r?-?j?-crfully request tho iftnru ot <>tir di-pot>:t?>rs to their tiaunl bnsine?are> Istions with n*. their interest account will be con turned without change. n 17 1m J. A RUFF, Treasurer. ? SPECIAL NOTICE.?THR NATIONAL w CAPITAL REAL ESTATE A8-*OClA 'l'TON.?In arcordancs with th? Constitution, the B"?rd of I'irectors haa authoriced the sale of such ?l-are? ot (Ituck aa are on baud, fixing the premium a! ?5 per ihaxc, its real \alue. The purchase price, at the optinti of the purchaser, may be patd /form, i-t by pa.vfr* itcubff dnri nntil li'jnidatetl. The lat ter condition affords an excellent opportunity for parrie* to porrhase share*, who otherwi** ??ald be tinable, at the same time realitini benefits identical ? ith all the stockholders. This associ-ttion ha* been in ?nccesaful operation for a aeri'?d of two years, Snares can be obtained of the St-er?t?ry. CEO. COWIE, PresMent PHIL. H. WELCH.8?eretary jSI tf I?" I. M. C. A., . Corner Ninth and J) streets. FREE READING Rt>OM?CIRCULATING LI BRAKY. 12MIU *ol? Bnbwriptiuli. *1 per >e?r LR< TI RES TO CHRISTIAN WORKERS Wed m?ia> and Fridav etening? at 5'? o'clock. Dxily PRAYER MEETINGS at lJ15.g.?nd9p m LITERARY SOCIETY fUturdav e?enit.?.at 7S o'clock. SABBATH AFTEKN'?ON SERVICES in Lincoln Hall at Xks o'clock; at Theater Cotnitue at 7S oVIock. mi NOTICE TO TAX-PAYERS. _ .j* Assessor" of the several Legislative Districts having completed the assessment of real property for the tiecal year ending junejmh, 1S74, the B'>ard of Appeals will meet at the office of the Superintendent of Aaeewnients and Ta*es, No. 330 *>i street .near the corner of Louisiana avenue, on the 3d DAT uf F*? araet. 1S7S, at ltf o'clock m., to hirar auy appeals that may be made from the valuations of said as All appeals most be made in writing, and sworn to before an officer competent to administer oaths. The Board will be in session each day (Sunday ex ceptedifrom 11 o'clock a. m. nntil S o'clock p. m., and on WKDNK8DAT8 and bATL'KDATS ftomi o'clock nntil t o'clock p. m. H A. HALL. Wl. WALL. 6E0. A. BOHRER, RILEY A. SHINN, *. J. MIDDLETON. Ja., fel-tf Members of the Board of Appeals. WASHINGTON. D. C . Makoj 19, 1H3, Rikim-i No. 330 IS SrBKtT Nokthvtk^t. In compliance with section 34, act approved Au gust 23>1. 1171, the Board of Appeal* will Continue in *e?si<>u at their rooms snd at the hours designated. EVERY DAT, except Sundays, for thirty day*from Ibis date, after which no appeal from the general a-.- sanient for the hscal year 1573-1474 can be re ceived. Bv order of the Board of Af>P**al*. mirlO tin E F M FAEHT7. S cretsrr. THE SHIELD OF HEALTH I>. bility opens th-^door to disease. N ?r is this all. Wben the door has been '>p~ned tad the terrible in truder has> sical pr>istrat<on renders its progress to the citadel of life comparatively eaay. Therefore bw Is? doaf, and if p<?sihle keep it bsrred. or, if the enemy h?* alrea-ly secured a foot hold . rslly the strength of the s) stem and sssist na ture to drive out the foe of health and life. The means of doing this is within every one's reach. Brace up the phy*i<|U9 with H ?*tetter*s Stomach Bitters when there are elemeuts >n the air you breathe or the water yon drink that are morbid and unwholesome. This is bar ring the door. Epidemics aud endemics will assail in vain the living fortress that i? thu- protected It may ' langh a siege to scorn." But if this precautionary measure has been neglected the se di of disease can be ejected by the same potent vegetable agent that wiuld.if taken earlier, have prevented their ob taining aa entrance into the system. The stimula ing, invigorating, regulating aud purifying proprie ties of thi* vital elixir|rend*r it a most formidable antagonist of all debilitating disorders. The rapid ity and certainty with which it vanquishes fever and agne, rheumatism, billious colic, indigestion and nervous complaints, is due in no small degree to the strength it impai ts to the muscular fibre, the nerves and the ni' tnbrsnes w hich line the stomach and the Is we Is. It may l>e safely said that a courss of the it'ers c<mmeii ed now a ill be a sure protectioB apainst m -st ot the i^mplaiut* incident to the trasoB. mlT- -t W fr^s NILBCIN'I NEW DRUG STORE. Pi^>*iLvastA Avsn. I, Depot for 8>da and Mineral Water*. feli-ly ? mother . strength moral ca atle! This st?e of weakn<Mis and dsbtlit/ U more fatal to her than a severe spell of sickness, for in that caee she will receive the proper care, aa in the ether she wiU linger months after ssontha. not thinking worth whito to see a physician about it. aatU nature, exhausted, givea oat, and she la carried to the grave, when a little precaution In proper time would have spared her life. To to etro^w, to ewe, nothing can compare srtth the LONG-LIFE BIT TERS of Dr. L. ^BERTRAM. They are a safe ead aod*STcomplaints neculU render It effrctunl in coughs, e?>lds, bweekW ?ad catarrhal affections, Ac. .H. h the most accepcable remedy for children or tnfanta, and can he given with Impunity; while for m ufsurtonal gsutjiuasn, erthoee w bo anuer from Um_of ^ ?eKT3!aaws: Qreduataat Ohlo.OoM^set Tit New Tori dcat> Uiik>t Tf.xtrrtUy, and the suspension of the Bull's head Hank cti *t?4 All unsettl-d feeling, but M> paste. There naa a great pressure, bowevr*. to wll stocks. Govitrmt nt bonds ?ere dutl and f.rm In both S< w York and I,ondnn, with little or co bueineee doing. The stock market w?if weak and at lime* excited. ?????-?? Jay Cook* & Go. furniah Um following!* 4mr. Bwt'l. Sftrt. Stuff. V ? .<**. 18SL M'? 1?S I WijDWf.S-M'l i-S0'a,l?*2. 15\ 1? . I H?VJ?*Jy,WJi>1i us ih?U-?>juAjy,wj* * . 6 _16', V ! W #1! IP. IK Maw Yobb?Fibst Boast .ir; ? *>??. m..... to *?'?, ma.... ....... u m.. ir; ? JP'sJan. A Jly,1> , *-??*! an. A J It. ?7 _M , *-?,?,Jan.Ajiy,MB. M?* 10 IU I lit7 American Gold."." is}J Currency 1^, ? ew Five* _ jj BaLTiMOIB, March 11.?Virginia I'v, coupons, old. S'.'. do. couvuiuUled,JA.'; W'-?t \ irgiuia's, 14, North C?r. linn ?*s. oM, 31* bid to-day. Baltimobb, M'ir<-h2l ?Oott..n doll and nominal? low middlings, I7\<>*H. Flour?iiuiet and unchanged. Wheal?more active; b-Ut-r feelin*; while choice, ?2 flr<&.*2.IO, fair to primp do , $ 1 chdc-* svuber, Oft, cwwl to prime red, #1 mw*#l.?; crumonto fair do., tfl.MCAfl 8V; r?d we-teru, 9' (r?l SO; rid w-stern. ft i !**<?> I 30. Corn?steady ai d firm; whit" southern, ?l?'f, yellow ?ou'h?rn. fle^'B; Billed western, 6". Ojc?-taiet, southern, ?<-'avi, Br*?njuiet and on chtogHd. H A*?nnrhanu-d. Pro* i'i >n*?<i<ii>'l v. I nncliauvd. % eatern butter??tich*iig"d. Wiiisky, S?H. Nr.w YoBi.MarrhSl ?Flotirmiet. Wheat luiet. Corn dull. Nbw York, March ?1.?fHncks and Gold ???*.!?. I5*i. Money steady. l-.1Ct?l 1? p<-r cent. Exchange, lo"B, 8; ?h< rt, S\. Government* dull Paris,March 21 ?Specie in the b?rk of Kran~? has ae? d :oOJa?) fTancs during th- past w>*ek. 15 ntr-a 66 franca. 6? cp?lini*. Lojuon . March XI, II ..^ a. m.?Cousels opened at 9T*i(?Vi\ fi r more) :KT? for account. It >i<-ir of ivtv ? i.', M-,;of !>??, <W.'i;10 WV. 3*. S-wr ?>.!,. Erie 51V,. THE WEATHEB, WAS Dbpartmbkt, OJfiet Chitf Sign*! Ofieer, > Waphibotoh.I). G., March 21,1873.11 a. m. J RTHONH POBTHK PAST T*BJ?TT-rOBB HOCTB" ? The areas of low barometer that were Thnrvda> ever the l-jwer lait-r. and North Carolina | ka?e Biortd north-aatwari) r?--pecti*ely down th? !?t. Lawrence valley aid to th?- coa?t of Maine. J Ftftth to h!?h uoithoiist winJ^, w<th rain and unow, I lave pre* ail-d over the middle and eu?t?rn Mates, t tint arc now very followed by w?*ter!y \ ? iiidi ar>d rl<ari?K wi-ath-r. with decMedlr lower iup>-iaturo. Wm?' rh wiihI-and rlt-ar w??nther are p-'rt<d fiom lh" aotith Atlantic atat"*, and with < ?artl> cloud? weather I'romthe Ohio valley t'loiid i .ti d er.ow rortitme .jn r the regtOB Ut|M? Laka Mlr!iiean and V.mi nt.and thel>arooi< ter h<? fallen luriiie the nirhtover the *amedi?tr1ct, v itli atatiou vry ti taiperature. The higlieat pre?*nre continue^, alth clear and very cold weather hi Minne-. ?!?. PKoBvBiLiTiK*.?The arena of |<>w |iar?nu-ter move during the reM of Fridiy alowly northoaat ward. A northeasterly atomiccDtloar vrer Nova Scotia and >?. w Bm nawirk. Iticreivaing westerly wind*, witn < k ndv weather, prevail #wr the Biiddl" and eastern > tat* a and the lake reeioft, with anow lu th<> latter. VvT the ?< uthern portion of the middle atatea partly ?loudly and ch ar wt-ruh'-r by Friday evrening. w ith i Uir.g larf.m-t. r and wi-terl) wind-. Kor the ?out h HiiRrit* rie'iig baroluett r, waaterly windh. partly < londy and cool weather. Kor the Ohio v alley and tipper lak'-a ri?ing barom<-'er, n?rthwe?t wiialit and (ewrallv cl'-ar weather. Cautioiihry signal* con ibite at Norfolk. Halt.mere, l':?pe . New York, !(i-* Haven. N> w Loodou. Wi??U' ib-le. It hii .i, n<l Portbtnd, M and will bo displayed at the lake ttationa ? i ? and aft* r April l?t. BKODUKAD a CO., 1 itoi r ftrn-t. I ny and aetl. for caah, at the lowest ir:?rK?*t prir?*? ? 'ail and examine their ntork. niartl 3in rO> KL V I'OLK A DOT^U)(>DS, frosi lr. ceuU J up, to FOl'LAUD Sll.nS ?t ftlJiO, at BBOD1IKAP A < I hbodiikad A co s, tn?r?1 ?tt> I 'iOA F atrect. C'LFOABT BLACK S>ILK. front > 1 .Si'ir-and a J i full line of all kind-of 81*KIN0 hml SLMMKI! t OOrSjua! received ;vt BK'?PHFAI> t i O S. mnrtl !m l^wa F atr-et. rPHE NEW NATIONAL MABKBT. FTIKSII, SALT and bMOKF.O MFATS, of all kitidrandot the he?t ijitalitv, turni-h?-<l ^ II th< I rat etv le:ala< ,<?AM K.POI'LTKY , f BI'lTf. and > KOKTAB1.K8. .n th. ir -??Beor..< an l> pro-nre<l at tlii- Market. ii atai ly Kt>BT HYATT 41 ? llth at ?!fe JOSEPH J. MAY'S r.MilS KID OLOYB DEPOT, , 93H Pa. A vs., bet. ?th asd IWih 8ra. Full at- ik of RI.ACK and 3IEDICM COLORS. LYONS BI.ACK 81I.KS in all cradea. mil T I \V. U H1 fTll T W E L L ?? ? 8ucce*aor to CABBOl.L A WIBBLOW PHIKTMAK HK Ava Dkalkb Mkb'a Ft bnmii> ,?. 40?? 9th Htreet. Hat inrr Mr. Wintdow'a ratt.-nia and m>>a? ore-, and control of hia manntiM luring fai ill i i lee, hia ?ld < i:-l iu?r? >m racouiiio tided to teav?th?ir order w ith me. m 21 lin IBMNU INSTITUTE FOB HEALIMU, ? N?. '10 iiltT STKKfT, Oi'TloolLia* thr Po/omar. Treatment:?Bailiinc of dillt-rent Linda, warm and teb;d packa, warm and ro]d compter -, thorough ri;bbie* of atiff Hiid ?w ollen joint-, and all contri tion of lb* akin. Contraction of the joint* dinapp-ar I'? oar treatment. The hloo d and hair nvtito new iite, tbi? flyateni ??* vigor. Sciatic, Inflammatory alal Chronic Rh imi tti-in yield readil?. The liuiha ? nd hand* receive th?-ir natural nreneth, the p* tient di?corerlns a chance for the better in a frw daya. Dilapidated and wr>k cotia itntiann reinvlg < rai??d. DeafiK'*a hy warmfomentationa, warm air air introduced into th* ?*ar. a<iwerfnl mai;n*ti?m and maniaalation and delicate force pump-, extracting all auLatancea itil<-rpoaiiur hearing. M^licine, wli>o adininiatered, in homeopathic and aclectic form*. It'-autiful room", nic?l? furniab'-d and airy parlor*. Spacious gr<inn>!s. with villa, walka, aetteen and toiintaina Boreal ion-:?Bhling in carriage row*. fli-hina. crc<|U''t. and innocent plura, hiatori < al. M-ientifio and moral b'?dia, daily and weekly pap. ra. All writing mat<-rial. postage stamps, at regular price* Table tirst-claM. cooking aoper eieed by edncate^l ladies, New England etj le. T?rm? reasonable, by week or month For further par ticulars inqnir* at the Inatitnte. W. H. IBVINO, M P., 430 21st street. N B.?The use of tobacco and profanity discour aved.and pvraoua of oiM leaniy bahita will not be recei v ed. m21 -tit * T'HIs ? TO OlYI NOTICE, That the siibacrlber 1 ha* obtained front the Supreme Court ol the Dis trict of Columbia, holding a Special Term, letters t.-st smentary on the personal estate of MA BY MILES,late of Washington connty, D. C.,deceased. All persona having claims against the sail deceased are herebv warned to exhibit the same, witn the vouchers tbrraot. to the subscriber, on or b?forn I th" 3P h day ot March next: they may otherwt'te by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate Given nnter my hand, this 2uthda? of March, MM. m21f3t* JAMES H MONTOOMEBY. Ev r ? T N IT ED STATES PATENT OFFICE. I.J Washingt<i.<?. D. C.. March l.Htli. 1873. On the petition of SAMUEL F. GOLD, of Engle wo< d, N. J.. BraTing for the extension of a patent granted to him on the 21af da? of June. 1459. ami re issued on thegfh dav of February.lS7t, for an improvement in Apparatus tor Heatiug Buildings by Steam. It is ordered that the testimony In the case be rinsed on the 20th da? of May next:that thetime for filing arguments and the Examiner's report be limited to th>- jsth da? of Ms? next, and that said petition be heard on the ill da? of June next An? person may oppose this extension. mfl-tJl M P. LEGGETT, Commissioner. tS TltiTstfBEM K t OtBT OF f UK D1STBICT OF COLUMBIA. Tht Slit ilon qt March, 1373. Wit.LiAS T. Dt vall and Joseph L. S:ji m-, trading a- Duvall t Simuis, Plaintiffs, ex. W. Or.Drx t<n.Bs and Bolms Mathkwson, trading as the Washington Pavim; Block treating Company, Defendants. No. I0,M9 at law . On motion of the plaintiffs, by Mr. J. II. Holds worth Gordon, their attorney,It is ordered that the defendants,#. Oirbn Gilt* and Bollins Matthew son, cause their appearance to be entered herein on or bef"re the flrst rule-da? occnrring fort? days after this day; otherwise the cause will he procueded with as in case of default By the Court: D. K. CABTTKB.Chi'.f Justice, Ac. True copr.?Test: R.J. MEIGS, fTerk, Ac. ^By J. J. CAMP, Asa't Clerk. mil f.3t GAR RDF* AND FLOWER A SEEDS, FRL IT TREES, kc,-C J 0 H N B A U L Bespectfull? calls the attention of the public to his extensive assortment of GABDBN and FLOWEB SEEDS, which are this season of tlx- finest quality. FLOWEB SBBDS, embracing all the novelties from England and the Continent. The FBC1T TBEESare vigorous and well grown, consisting of Feara (standard and dwarf), Plum, Cherry,Apricot, Nectarine, Ac. Delaware, Concord and all the other celebrated CRAPES. STBAWBKRBIES, BASPBEBBIK8. BI.ACBBEBBIES, CUBBANTS, GOOSKBEB B1ES, Ac. SHADE TREES. EYKBGBKBNS, BOSES, DAHLIAS. PHLOXES. YEKBENAS, GEBA NIl'MS, aad othe^r beddin^plants, with everything a?avMU|Msif uiiki vtiiuiui "?U rfTTJ pertaining to the Nuna-ry BusinMs, all at moderate ?ricee. . JOHN SAUL, Sal 7th street, bi!7 ?w* Opposite P. 8. Patent Offlce. Ol'R CUSTOM DEPARTMENT. WE IKYITE AM INSPECTION OF OUB CH01CB SELECTION ?v WOOLENS FOB QZMTLBMKX"S EABLY 6PBING WBAB. Ol'k FACILITIES FOR GlVlXlf A PbR FtCT FIT A?U FIRST-CLASS WORKHAS bHIP ARE UnSVRPASSEV. FASHIONABLE TAILOBS, nil tr Cobtbk or Tt? &ks D Sts. WANTS. ^ U'ANTED-A VliltK OIRL to wash dish- ?t M 1 404 n street porthweat It* WANTED?A COACH PAINTER Apply to A.4. WILLIAM!* MariUndaveau-,between 7?!? iW g.'h streeta, southweat. M \1'AHKD-B)[ a Tenth fifteen ?**r* of ***? vl SITUATION <n ? Maw. <*ood nfctwt given. Apply at Bo. ?8? H*hW- northwe?t. |> WABTKI)?To rent, ft FVRNI8BRD UOVHU till full. 8t?te par'icnlara and pric?. Direct PANB? MILLRR.Bo? 9f?,?tly. _ WANTED-Inmerflatelv-A flr*t-rlft-? fl*R ?? DEE KR f??raYirgiaia farm. Apply to WM. SMITH, 314 9tbstr*et. *11** I .Cloud llr-t Bene STOREROOM mM St' YVANTED- For ft ?eiit1<?wan and wife, BOARD f V ftud one or two UNEVENIAH EI> ROOMS on fl'tl or n?f?id fbx?r. Ref. reuce*. given. Ad*fr--?? PERMANENT, StMoffice. mil** 'ANTED?To rent, HOCHE, with ?evet> or oiti? WANTED-At ttw?8t.Cloo?1 cla?* LATNDRE8SE*. BOT and one DISHWASHER. w room ?, located betwe*?i*tb and irkund P-nna. bp and N ats Inquiro at RICE'S Df? I'ho'o .If Oallery,l5M7 and !??? Fa. are mil ** w . ?HTD< <r?p>" WANTIil'-A SITUATION as pi?r?l servant vv vr ct.aiub-ruiaid by ? M| ?"ttl>l? white girl. Addreaa 1019 1.1 street north' ??'. between K and L streets. mSl-St* %VA*"TFI>-|lv a your.* n ... ..i ?*p?rienre ? ? ? SITt ATION ?* b*r-te??.l?c in a. m ti?-?t-clnaa h( UM. No object! u to lea. iuil W.mhrif ji?n. ?Mk' G tm^n. I ftddro*> HAK RY P 8ANG STON", Star of*<-e. ni21-fr* VVAMK.I' -II. Uh- p*i lr?i T.0trap Halleck. vv Nnaili, ?n active PARTNER, wi'h ? cft-b capitft! ff fr?m tbr>-e to litn thou?aud dollars,of g od bnsinens qualifications, stf-ady habit* and of undoubted int>?riii, N?nr iiflifH need ftl?rl>. R* fer-.-nce* txrhuicM. Bu?><r? established in liffO AiHr**? ??> tbnif. tn21 ."H W'ANTKD?In ft luge m-rcftutilo hou-e, ft vv CLEKK, with capacity f<>r arcounts. Hiut be accurate arti write vtll. Applicants will Mate ae? and particulars B" aptilVatkna c in-ider.-d nnlta- en preyed in tbe h?naw ritine ?nd pbrftw oli ey C'f t> eftpplicant-, a-."'?iri9?nj?d with r?*for?*nc?. A idr. Poat Offic- Bo* 3ttH. mJI St VVANTF.D-lnj?Mli?tHv-A c?h! MILI.INKR. >? Apply at Mr? M. ('-ALLAN*. 1107 t ??. I #-t??"?**?? llili ftn<0I^ib. \%' ARTKl>?A 5~or t-rootii HOI'SE. c^titrftlljr le ?? c?t?-d, or pftrt of a Hon***; r?nt n"t to nrwd auk ti'n. Ad4rw*"C.B.A..''Pn?t-oftiC?. wW-3i \i"ANTEl>?To wirfh>?? (t.-od p*>ii?fj BlT8I ?? NEbtf. Cfiitr?Ilv aiiufttpd. or will pure ha*- ?n intercut io mim. " BI.'SIN Kt*S," Star oilier. m4' M ^J^ANTKT>?Immediately?A WHITE NURSE. ? ? Th?* br?t of i*f?-ri-ncp? r^nirt-d; good wagft ci??-n. Applr bftwr?-n tli^ h- ur* of 10 and II a ni. at 018 Scott Pine*. l>et I i?nd K nts. ir.>? 3t* It'ANTEI??A C'ltl.OhEl? OIRL, for graer.tI ?? r.rk. to g<t to Philad- lpbia; on* who < an conn v?*-U r<t >n.:?ci;d -U A? pl> 7JiilTlh?tr<*t. N?v> Yard. niJij Jl* W ANT EP?Imnii-diateli -An ARTISTTn"HAIR WORK: oiif WIG MAKER, and two AP PREKTH I>EMoN?;EOT S Hair Stor*. ?*0t> Mi.Uct Spiici^ nig) 3t* 17 ANTEI>?To r? nt a rinall HOl'SE.or four uu ? fiirnit-h*-*! Rt>0MS, l?*tw??"n Sd and l"th rt<. and P?-nn. ar*. and N ?t., tw?rilii?e?it. Addr.-<w,?itli l> ration and tiTnw,,,S. 8'?r ?flir*. \f>ANTEI?-100 work on 8. M. E. R-, *? n??r Brand) win*. Princ* 0'">rK(?,# co., Md. Appli *t00r> to lloLT ROCKl?8 A" CO., tmO St' f^iit'rii 8^M. R. R ,<tli ?t.,r.or. Pa. ?v?. II'ANTEl??By ? rr?p?>ot?l'Ii- WhiteOirl, a 8ITI* ?? ATION m> Chambermaid, and i* willing to

make hrrwlf g"n?-rallv w?< ful. R?-f.-r?nr.* (itrn. A ppl> ItfH b*t. 1ft ami Mat*.,in rear of, It' % VANTEI??A eon.fHrnl WHITE WOMAN, to ?? c?xik, waali and iron for a ?n*ll faintly. R* f?-r?nc?? rM|uir?-d. Apply at 1340 N?*w York av*., nt ar Mtli htr*ft. bct*et-n 9 and 11 o'cloi'k. iiiJU-St" U7AKTID To RENT?A thi??- Mory BRICK " IIOI>K.?itb all intxlf-rn improvement*,?itti ittt^l iH-ivifii pKun*yl\ :Uiift avenne and llth to |7th -;ri et? northwe-t. W 11,1.1 AM TYLER, luSO-M Real Estate Broker, Tl* 16th wtreet. \V A BTED?To aeilTtsTiow donlde MATTRESS *? ES at ?3 each, huiI r.% n<-w tionide BED "TEAIiSat !J4ehrh. AI?o, DAY t'LERK wanted nt Trcinout Hour-e, corner '.d street and Indiana at - i,ue. _[n.3' **_[ V. P HILL. U'ASTED?A Widow yt-ara of a?n, ol good personal appearanep andco<>d ednration, in d no en ;m hranre, i? d ?inus of obtaining tin. H'titit n of noi'HKKEKPER fur an 'Iderl) gentle man cf n>ean? and retinenient Addr?-ta for one 11. D M Cit) Poat-office. ii!30-3t* \%7 AN TEH?Ar e\p?-rlt nc*-d and r.-?p->u-iMe <!A y ? TE R E U: lag ni re at 13'J9 V street, ml" 3t * 11TANTEI>?A WOMAN to cook and axaiat at ?? washing; lil>eral piij to a corxl band; alao a <;ll:L to care f r children aiid do housework 21% I street, between Sd and .'id. mlO-St* Wf ANTED?A ..? ni Mt-d LAl>V antravfliiff m YY panion to a faTnily. to go to Europe in M?> n?st; none need appl* witnout fir-t cln*? rerommen ?l?lioii?. Apply at half-p:v?l 10a.*ui., No. 7 Arling ton Hense. j Rep] ml9 St_ \%/ ANTEO ? Iiuii.edU|e|> ? A fir-t cla.ta l?AR it DENER and KAIIMER. to take charge of a -mall place twe tnib? alo??- (teorzetiiwn; health> place:fair wage* riren. Apply at the store of J.C. VV If WALL A CO., 31? 7th < ul9_to.1t R W CARTER WANTED?One second ..tory FRONT BOOM, w ith communicating bed room,, with board in the boiiite. Addresa, atatin^ teniw, " Exan.iDer," Room 513, Patent Office. nilMt* 1*'ANTED?A PARTY To "d iiyer ?TgalIona (if yy milk at Lanr. I cellar, ct>rner of 6th and C -treet, Wasbiligtoti. D. 0. in IK 6t* D. B. CAMPBELL, Propriet<?r. %v ANTEll?An etierK tie f ut SG MAN d-ir. ? y' to learn the dry gootia or clothing biiaiuew. R>c(4nnietitlationH it -od. Wage-, uo oujevt. Ad drtw"luer|y,"thi> ofHcp. n.I5-gw* \V' ANTED?ORDERS for all dewrintiouaof hne yy aew trig W ill be received ill the Wbet-ler and Wilaon Hewing Machine office. No. 461 Pennsylva nia avenue. liil5 lit* YVANTED TO SELL?My stock of GROCERIES yy and PROVISIONS and Store Fixture*: doing a good business. Rea?onh for helling, change of buai neas. Apply corm r Hth and L ata. northwest. diI2At ANTED?A OIRLTTo nursed Apply at HIS E street northwest. mil tf WANTED-A WET Nl'BSE. Apply at BO? L ?treet northwest, between Kb and 9th atreeta. mJ-Ui* w \A/ ANTKI>?Immediately?Families or peraona in " need of first claaa SERVANTS of every descrip tion, male and female, to call and tret supplied at once. Servant* also can get good home* and beat of w ?gee by ftpplving ftt the Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOLISKO.BCTLKB.MT llth atree?.ti?*r E. fx Id VJL* ANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOR y> SEW1NO MACHINE haa its tuedU ttlf ?et t a>: the moat perfect shuttle in use, resting In ? cradle; needle bar and worka of rteel. Agency. 449 Pennsylvania avenue. Alao, Branch of Mine. Dem orest'? Pattern Emporium. attg*i ly T. W. gPICEE, Agent. WANTED?Everybody in favor of thoroughly cleaned Carpets, almoat aa bright aa new. to send order* to L. RICE, at the Steam Carpet Beating Worka, Maine avenue, bet. iH and <th Hi. aprU-ly LOST AND FOUND. 10ST?On Friday morning, near 7th atreet, a j POCKET BOOK, containing bills, a check, a p"?t office order, and other v aluablea The finder ? ill recei\ea suitable reward on retnrniug it to lOtt C street aoutheaat. It* 0!>T? From nij chain, a LOCKET, containing picture* of mother and child. The finder will pleaa* return to the Osllt-r^MlJ H>rk?t 8^iic?. it? J. ORville Join fOST?On March 17th, at the corner of 8th and D J atreeta northwest, a plain, heavy SOLD RI NO, with initial* of S. S. to E. L. iu the inside. Liberal reward will be paid if left at No. 71411 atreet north w eat. mll-2t LOST?A DIARY, boaud iu red,silt edged, with the name of Samuel Taseart thereon. Fivedol Urs reward will be given bv JOHNSON, KLAC< KE A CO., corner 7th and F streeta. mX)-St* iTiTTKEW A RD.-Lost, a pair of GOLD SPlC vlw TACLES. reward if left at No. HH Penna. avenue, southeast, i.a) Jt * WM.H HUEST1S. IOST-Laat evening, a RUSSIA LEATHER j FAN. Fivedollars reward will be paid by de livering the same to the office of the Capital Pub llaliing Co., D street. m?-?t cac REWARD?Loet, on the 15th instant, in the Center Market, two BOOKS?one Acconnt Book and a Pocket Book. The above reward will be *iven and no Muotinnii asked, if returned toCH BIS I IAN W1DMEYER, 18 Center Market. m!7f LOST?On the let of March, on E atreet, between Wth and Id atreeta northwest, a BCBY RINO. with two pearl*. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. 2d street nortkweet. ni7 LOST?At the National Theftter, January Sth.aa ONYX EARRINO.?The finder will ba suitably rewarded by leaving lit at Star office. JMf LOST?On the Wth, between 4H and SU and 7th and L streeta, ? pair of EYE GLASSES, gold frame. A liberal reward will paid if returned to 4T? 0 atreet northweat. da 1 BOARDING. BO A RDIN G? Four newly furnished ROOMS, with I BOARD, if desired, at 309 M street southerna Capitol Hill; pleaaant rtMiina for summer. nill-M* BOARDING?141R 1 atreet northwest?several handaonie and newly furnished ROOMB, en suite or single. Bath rooms nnd aU conveniences. Wflh itlout Board. nig 4C or w f^IBST GLASS BOARD BY THR WEEK OB I* MONTH; alao,desirable ROOMS for rent, hand comely furnished; very low to permanent tenant* during the spring and summer,with or without U ard. Rooms on K'cnw! and third ?oof*, witb board, at fiofNo. fl? 13th street.bjtwejm R and F street?, near WIHard's and lnipt ??al Motels. alUr' avenue and Slat atreet. niyl-lr r Ro. U4T 7lkativft?r*l; lirp i |ar;Mr"<i?.*Ji?r?n4 |M Appb HAllI>s. 34)0 Pi tn?)l\am* nvriivf. " FOB RKWT AWP PA LB. f'OK KKWT?Furnish,d and unf.imi.?H-d at 634 I street r?nL?n?1, Hwwu Stta u4 7th, ?itk Kctkfrar.t C-ll ImmMtstely if yo* want to Wcnr* |M>d roi ra fur IW labinrr mil*' 170* inrT-TkilkwTiton lRlcf norsK. r Mo. 1*41 71 h street west; large *t irei""?i, rel atCHABI.PS mtltt t>OBSALB?A 6-r.xni FKAMK HOI SB. *-11 r locat d.T ea?v I'm* Small <-??h p*>c.~at. lnquiraof RICHARD 8 SMITH 43* *b street i.?rtkwr?l m2 -4t* Iffif SAl E-Thre-flue sgCAKKS, on- of JS.'W. one of 98, 00. him) ?ne of **MO' f ft. Cheap and ?n tfnn'. r<-Tt Mwf?n ? ??.t l<> a m GIO. B COBCBN, 64)3 9th *treet northwwrt m21 <C |^OB BEKT?Three tarr FL RN1SH liP R?H>M8 * for genllemer. without Board. Itrft-ri'ticM n chai c-d. Appb 4TA Y street. between AS and 6th I: r?i i? southwest. mil il * FM'R BKKT-Vff) iKnifJi' S-reoui BRICK HOl'dR. nc' *omr* fmn car*,rwo fruipar ket. modern conveniences; (9. THOS. E. W AG GAM AM 419 7th street. m21 3t F'OR KKRT-GixkI BOOSM-U..1 TABLK BOARH intkal tie* hotur, N<v 618 H atreet, near 7th. only on? ?qti*r* fr tn Patent Oftirf, rKcnth taken h> a Northern lady. Comie and try for ?onr at! jar* KKST-Cn (i U h tad I4'h, a Tory desirable HOUSE. with m?l?ni impr?e* n "?t?,tc any one that wili buy $&W worth <?f Kur nitnre A splendid chance for commencing house keeping. Apply at the Star offlct. mtl 3t* I/OR RENT ?At No. 40<l Wt ?trr-t ?unlh'aat. ( r ilwrablc R(?() HfnrtUlird i- miiMi- fur httn1 ke.-pieg; water in the kitchen; coal :i ud aoodi>>oti Hrjtiiiiirg kitchen; watercloset aid bath-room, ch?et? and (r?h in every iwa. mil 6t* I^OR SALK-A fine3*t-^ BRI<*K HOUSE, Wo. 1 W4 Massachusetts ?l'liif, between 5th and lO'h streets northwest. Possession *n*n bt of AprM Apply at tbacorner rtnrf, or of GK(i T. LA\G LKY A SON. Wo <1 and Coal dealers, 7th rirwt, !??? l?fB 0 and P streets. mtl 3t* L'ltR SALE-Oti Cnpitol Hill, a e-'nteel .Vet <ry, I and basetm-ni BRICK HOUSE,?onta.ain.: nine r>-om-,he*id -a bath aid store room It h*^ c.->M and hot wnt r.and water-el,?et?; heated ? v La trobe and Empire beating range. It i* u-ail. t..*u . iu th< rough order, in a very health* and agr -. sble m lirlibot hood. a?' I will l?e Bold very l^w en e?.i fern:- A pply l? the o?u< r on the preuiie-v. KflJ A street eoti*b? a*t. m?l -St * I5oiT RBWT-rnf?rnli>hiT BOOMS f?r~ rent l?th *tr?-et, l>etween I stree* and N-wV tk avenue norttiwest. mid 3;" l^OB RI'.NT?A wnaM HOl'Bf,<three roo.ui7?7n I Massachusetts a?eiit:e alley, tut r ut. Inquire at < A BO 8. ?1 4 i'tiBU) Hnna avenue, 1. -eti ^>th mr>d lotti street*. 1<,C?RSALE?I.OT I, i" Kinare I7?; I<A?T si. in Square 63u. LOTS 10, 11.1- in Sju?r. 63.'., TABT I OT 4. ft^jnare 725. TllO^. E WAWa MAN.-IV 7th street. ui?> St I^OR BKNT-Tan EL'RNISIIED BOOMS. f .r * lii'ti-k'fpirie or otli?-r?l**; autiable ft>r two ludioa, or (jeut' and wife; locality exriflrnt; water. fra? and bath. Tenu?, ? Hp?-r m'-ntb Itwnire at Star .?Rice. i..Sn-J * F'OlfSALE-SMALL EAKM-A pla?-e four iutl - nortbea t from tbi? city. contMimtiK Z! acr -a, about one-fourth in hoavy timlx-r. T!.e improTe irenta connlat of a Dout le Fnim- H"n>?, ta g otd? r, with all the neoeaaary outbuildtUK>. inclndiix an ic?-b"?* . full of it Flit - of ifood pnr<* aat?r, and ^ veial hundnsl fmit tre<> of tfc?- b?-?t ?arietir< W ill bo Mild ou t-aay t? rni?, and city pr p rt< tak n in part f-xrbaii|5''. Price and term* tnude known i-a npplieat: uto KICHARO B MOHl'M A 0<? . InS'-M I 0 1 .i P ? ? - : >nin <-:n;e L^OR SALE?A amall HOI'sE. neat the fca?t>-rn I Maiket. 7 I Moith A'arolina a\emte; flea r Ktttd< n front and rear; auitable tot saloon pitrp ??<??. Inquire on premi?-? aft< r 7 p ni ml9-tft* I^OR I.ENT?A twx-atory COTTAGE 7 r ?iu?, laree yard, on Vthatr-et, No. l^ai. near B ?tin ttarv; rent in advance. Apply next do. r. or 4ill llthktnmtmirthwM. (rui!>.ttl A BEST. K^OR RBMT?STOBB and DWELLING. illT r 7th?tre-'t. Inquire at ihe Rhoe-tore "f GOODWIN A v 19-.?t * 7 I 3 11 li atr?-et northu .-?t. I^OR BBBT?OrriOB BOOHS, ?W l, 'ii<i?n> WWI, Mtt d or to P'.lir Hv"l'inin>T? A|< ply iu the building to SAM L C. Ml LLS. Justice of the peace. ml*> a* IVOR SALE ?A Miiai. I ARM of :>< acr?-i.,xitoattd on the 7ili atitet r< M nig *iiery c i.ut>, MJ.. 4 mile* fioiti 11??- District line; will aell cbea? \rplv to w. II. KEAKDEN, No. 1?13 SUh a^re.-t nortbwoat. nil?o! * POR SALE?BARM ot so <? re? about IS miba I fiomf-rry lai iiing i?> Alexandria, Va.. on Le> bur?f pike, 6 nitli H from C-uter Markfi: brick h til rooms), barn~. etc..fine frnti, and *>-ll water<-<l mil fun i d, Pi ice, $7,800. Addroaa " J AS. H c Star office, nils U* F^OR SALE?A tn>t-< laei", tiiree-atory PKiSS BRICK. No. 717 II i-treet nortliwci>t, r .ntain ilif 9 room*, cellar, bath room, water cl ??-t-.h"t and cold Hater, tiniehol tbroueh. ut in tliele-<1 nxti ner. heuted b> furiiarH and Latrobe; Lot tKK to alb-T. KOI Esi: A MIDDLKTON, 6t t>13 ir.tb atre>-t. I^OR RENT- El'RNISHED ROOMS a btr. . I'j.rlor Itirni-sli d a* a B ?, and tun | . ? ant rooms,back ?n?l front, on g-. ond atorv. in ?n t-li?ibl>-loctited DwellliiK oil I i.tre? t. near 9tb; w".ll lie rental on r> aaonable term- to g- ntb-meu oub ? Address '-A. J.," National B< publutinaffit e. ni)9 tf | Rep. | Ffi'R SALE. CHEAP?A fine pre-? brick Irntt HOI'SK, with atone ti iiumiticr-. containing 1<i riMtns and bath room, hot and c .Id water, .o.latu ranxip. Latrobea, gae and ga? fixture*, marble nan tela. etc; Price. $6.3(JU to RICH \RD ICnTHWELL, No. S(4 f'h atr. ? t nor h'-a t. f^ie house may lie aeen by calling at the Grocery -iiro corner of O and 11th atreeta northweat. n.ll l?i* VOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?Thr<-? ofI he n.?t r desirable LOTS ou Meridiau Hill. ContaimiK 22^W -nuare feet, on the highest ground and tieia to property handaomely improved. Pri<? very l?w, and term* moat eaav; a rare rhanrv for a good iu * entB-ent or a Iwautifu' home. A. h. BABBEB A CO., All 7tlt atreet, nilS-fit Opposite Poat officA. L^OR SALE?A very desirable two-atory BRItK r HOCSE. containing 8 rooma and cellar, wkh front and back yards, on 8th atreet, near M. Pr|-e only B44W,on the following very easy termn ||w in ia?ti, (lJtiO in 4,8 and 12 months,and the biUtj - in A years, monthly payments. Call earlv and aerife this bargain. A. L. BARBEB A CO.. 611 7th at . mln fit Opposite Post-oflBfc. " ."'OR 8ALE OR BENT?A large three atoty BBICK HOCSE, with back building; good cd lar and large >ard. with a desirable Grocery St?re attached. Apply at Bo. 301 13th at. >oulh. mlM* (?B 8A LE OR RENT?A new two story BRI(JK HOC8E, six rooms; situated on 3d street, neir Fayette. Bent $28 per month. Inquire of J. |. COl.LiNS, No.US Beall atreet. ml8-lw F FOB BENT?On the 1st of April, HOUSE Nt. 613 Loulaiann avenue, oppi?ite the beatili House. In perfect order; with all modern improvt inents. Rent $80 per month iu advance. Apply ?i the premises. mKI* 1/OB RENT?Healta,comfort and happiness? Mr I BRICK (three atories and baaement > IIOUSl; modern plan-; a gem; brick stable in the rear. Il qnira of GEO. BCRN8.604 9th street norft *ift. ml8-<>t* f~]*OR BENT-A three story BRICK HOCSE, ST. 1WI9 K street northwest, 7 rooms, besides hatt room, pantry, cellar and kitchen, with large ya(l; gaa and water in house. For further particulars fa. quire on premises. ntI8 8t* ^OR RENT?Far the spring and summer monti*. furnished and unfurnished ROOMS; large aid pleasant; location delightful; hot and cold watlr Rent moderate; No. 911 16th street, between I fed K north west. mlS4f l.M>R 8ALB-T wo six room FRAME HOUSEiTn r 2tth street, near M northwest; only one s<iuire from streetcars; lots 17Sx97; slate mantles; gas 4x1 w#ter; front porch and terraces; street pared fed iighud. Price only $34)00. Term- vey eas^. A. L. BARBER A CO., ItilS 6t 611 7th street, opposite Post Offi' 4 1~VOB SALE OR EXCHANOB-A small FA^I in Missouri, near Louinaoa City, Pikecounb. Also two pieces of unimproved PROPERTY iuaAd place. A. L. BARBER A CO.. ml7 6t 311 7th street, opp. Post Ortic* i'OR SALE.?About 1?4*W square feet GROl (one lot,) in northwestern part of city, very low. and terms very easy. A large part chase money can lie four years, at 8 per cent. A. L. BARBER A CO., ni!7 8t ail 7'.h strwet.opp. Post Ofli I^OR SALE?Two two-atory pressed brick ft HOUSES, on S street, between 14th and northwest. Bach has seven rooms, hall, bay dow. bathroom, water closet, sink, marble manL gas in all rooms; sewer complete; iron fence. Pri only $4,400 aud $4,900. Termseasv. A. L. BABBEB A CO., ml7-6t 611 7th street, opp. Post Offic4 ? F .''OR PALE?One of the most desirable Kunits sd HOUSES in the city of Washington, complet in every particular; location, twa minutes walk ft a tlie Capitol: now occupied by a United States 8 n ator; wili be sold with or without the furnitife. One-half cash; balanoe on long time, at 6 per cent! One haudsome two-story BRICK COTTAGE o 8 street, between 14th and lMh streets nortbwiit. Price $4.(JU0, part cash, balance in monthly pfa merits. Four two-story FBAME HOU8E8 on Rhfde T'land avenne, between 8th and 7th streets not!* .i*,-erImoK?T. Real Estate and Insurance Brokeri ml7 8t 631 F atreet. under Id Mat'I BsrJ F^OR RENT?Two floors nice BOOMS over burn's new drug store; Ifo. 1489 Pennsylvti avenne. mlVfn F^OB SALE?At a itargaln?A comfortable t?on HOCSE. pressed brick front, with ? conveniences, large lot, Ac. Apply on tbe ~ 1*09 16th street. aboTe M. l^OR BBMT-A FOUR BOOM BBICK MO * om bmlf square from tbe Uth t . b; Inquire 8M La. ia *T F Desk Boom In buildIwg Ms. $11 ply to A.?. HALBT, Board of Trade ] PIB BALE?SevcMl nsatlyfinisfaed FB, CWTTAGBS, ft\e rooms, bay windows, on n.<nt aveirue; pries BIAOO? $380 sash, balati nra- msls ssas mn-eofw* Opposite Treasiiy. F?K 60N\lEORPg\tOWN HEIGHTS. The HOUSE and PBBM hgtMstnst,oB by Jodpe t ro??ia tetha T ZM."C?brlrt mm. b ?va horses, sad smpls ma Beat $1488 par anawm. The L 1116 Penns) It an la avewne. aTp rr5^p' itiuam, wWh >, aflae STABLE for nat. fQfe FOB RKNT AKI> SAf.K. |/"k RKNT?k<'"Kg.with ? aekaeetf art-tine. coraer H?k anU lm' L'OE MU-Tkw Ivai pci???<1 Rrirk ?Tt ?\ MOrSMo. ^nhii^rff M*?r? M.k a -d tMl> n nli?M>. hr,,. *?'** rtonea %t<i attic. mMainiu* rif.v ro-?, nach.and al? *armit lot Mjo r ng M il br , 14 chrap ortofWh r.f * thr put p.-* of Mlliu 'ip Ml MM. &Z****f prior ?V?K>**rh. Thrlm inmtarnt #o? offrr-din thUeJtr. taxra, and title mdi^n'%bit*. Appi* to L P. CLUK. . ... . P*p??ba*?fm* (*? ?rr. Blltw K". I<m nt? ?< rnn>- >. W , I^OR SALE ?N "> *** C rtrwot n.Mthwrot, "Piv. ?bk*v' M> tr. politan CbarrH. J >T?*KT FKU K, b?~. 1u.1t, attic, and ?-?> k b-Mldn*. I* r.Kiy moi?ri cvtunif?,w, g.,^ t^rj. k r*bt . T- raw liheraal. f c, l?-?t r, BK1< K HIS N , ?*? I ?r~1 rotMaintn* four r<*.?n? 1 *}? . kit. hrn. cellar. l?m: hr.../? wi-b water tl.r.t. Ik-1 and fvld watar in ctuuaber*. h**tr? in Porl. r, and cooking r?a*? in kn.-ln Thi J ? i? ? L'T^u "J ^ d,"?- *? a * f*ot pa> <"d alt??. tui'im Dw.'ri alK< carriage hare J w TH(i*p?v>,lvtUM U 17th aireet UN ? York ""*? f. MMf l^OR RENT-SeT*ral aaall It KICK HOUSES id ? *im i?L ??? _J^nt #U l-r rr nth Apr!? Lib ium Bnate Br >k*r, tl? FOR SALE. J T A l? l.l> Et> AT HUHAIItV' \HL? " ...a ran Itoijinw, aiatched. ai*>. oae r? ?? *ii'1 Haru?*?? H T*r. mli-.ti* F1IS Wfr* ?> ,**uf r|.:u> aout:d WAT and HARNES* W .ft * 'lold'rt,. .p.^Tflk l? ''N S \l.E--H?r.ib-.m,. p * Kl.ui: SJ T. rT~? ItM lMTkl. o"n\T? - ' XK,'K1> KIT< HEN hH t IMTH, tTO> E>. AC , ? UJJ , i?'itli?? M, at |M 1?at>- -al*-, for ? a?U. Aj ,.i> t ,r it.r . I to 5 o ..U ? k |>. m || * l/OK CALK- An IKON ~7<i km M .J **** ???. <nii.ll r Miaai. bonr f< r K< Litlt mm, 1,j.,,3 v . 1 ? ra 1,t ?-1 |> i: , ii? .. u:. , r ti - ? - 5J"."4" *'"">?? biU hiiia,-. mT>' h ?? no I a.f | i,?kl?, ' *ls"- CiUi * ?" ??;u t: ?u.,., ti"ttli?-a?t. ^^1 j,. KW.!!^L!frA pa-r orl- ,.u it:.! I 1 dllAKKv ?t rrr*<tl> at 1 ?tx >.. . old.g. od tnovrr.,*^.! ?r"ften..J.nd v.M w.rrai.l trt JiST'Ji?*!irS "f akn<?n x ix>HLiK<; r?TD?r ?tb ard 1? ttr?rt?. IWhar l>M|(i .*? ? J ' ullt V v *P A?N l> rt'B tsALfc nl It u ?? "Allhl h hi?h|f, Bridr- xr-t, <i. ritf <v t ?n No lt?,2ib<al of Koituchl Mul U'?. 'i/f A I* , a* l,??d H'.rxi Troei ri, iQS T,'n\mTT9 tb,JU """* ?"1 '?r, ' u'JiI ******* F^ABVr.i-?"*"7 H(?RS* .CARMAOK. art ""hfirtf ALLl3oi*KV/l.t?K'^!ir *?1^0 HSil E?t. aonha IN0.IiS* T? CUKTBACTOKfc.-^L^fc. p. t, 1 ; Cootrart >r? toot* e? rry d?orin- i .n i , kalfat B'?tou pricMbt L B 8TBNIIIikV 1010 P?. m\f ., ><{.nt tui 8 4. Muiixki, trill Ira* fHill J*m?RTH ?<r nrTi K!?TATt Sup J.YrXX. IS WFrEBIKTHKCTIoWsoV "ffl'i mo" RKASOMABLB ti, . 5. TOCLKaBITAK kxtatk. Irty *?ou?b!?- ltrm?, :he follow .ug pz^p llol >E r.ij K T-irk av^nc?. t'?tw ?u ?-h nr. ! I Ml. *tr?- -t> aortli*. it, t? ,ng N 4 11 thr 7.,, r, *? ] J \r*~?T f-ri. k f, ?j,h brown ?*b, I *a"er baiL rouai. (aa and 'i*w I'Tk ?T-nr.?. fh I. Mr?-?-u ii>>t1k*rht; tw? ?: u i u, ? m . " ' a?iHw'" m* *nu r kitcii-j." ' " j 1. l' ; *"rk ?T?""?r northw 5t. tbr?* ?t r; . Cotitammg 1 umim ! Jt* Vork a\ Borth?r?sit two at r. v!" jil k baw-f.-Bt siui Munrrx r lit h?"i 7 r in- i 1 4 4 . H ?ireti n rthiM-t b~t* 4th *u 1 v | ;h,5S2"I?.K?\V V"" 0i '? ?T' fc>.^^tau..^ - I V.H.-U15, all Dl(H2i*ru COU^etileLCes. i On, ?n* BuHdlnir LOT.^'ath at. t. I ?* v *> S strtftr ti'-rrline-t. ' H it. tin.. Building LOTS. o. (tov 1" ?rk av nr- I C'jrn.T lit 4tl. ntr. >t bortiiwint Two bar Buiklinc LOT8, oti K<-a Y^rk-i. ? . Ix tHHti <tk atrfitli ?tntl* konbwMt 1 r ilkLv! pArtiwiilarn. uppi) to K t * IIITE t f.l GESK < Akl SI. i ?<s? .U M r * VTHKULT. | _ Li__ Anlimw of J?? O v?!?f I , IIKllk CI.AI lUU SALk. ~ , , 1' A*?l>- fc< | | .,7 tf DOIXJ* A PARS RU LE J'7 tf ??ai E ?trrf MEDICAL, <feo. ?trrrt. %rtr ' tduo' ?' A'l - am k. i ?,/' 1Jotitttal. am! frott yrot t? 'it >. I 1 ' *'U ?ttbvut j t ? r?tK-^f B1 Mid p,.i? Thf.Jt '?#r l?jr Em i.<J K?r. Lun^ and ^Zu*??F'*u 4l3l*h '<"??"? P un \|KB.A.K.f I TTCB.M D.. ?? At Almti"'e"r ^Torr- BoPtOf, t A) *?1' P?tl?|ltlU,,? ITf air, (WBtL mdf I _< *iiM*rr? cun-d attl^ut tbr kaifr ' ?u Airi%CCM ?7TH?l'T INTERNAL Hll ICINE.?A bottle of SATISFACTIOV will f 'iVl VIAfllS^7'?" So,d ?" Ml *!,i^avri0IJefiBr b> cornM*>? ?v/f^ 1 I <15 1UI \V Irrrcularit) , and Sorrou* IMlll fVlADAMB WILBOnT ? (^A81MIKCIDMTALTO,LADIBa II trratad ia W?c,?fu"J c AOTlt 5M* I f< D? LEOK, | COKSVLT1NQ PH YS1C1A3, ' The oldeat eatabMtbad Specialist ia tba cttf. Ko. ?I1 14th ttreat, atore H. Hovra: U to ? and 1 to ?, My ? jr*-?r PKMALB DIBKA8K8 trratad, aad 1 caaaa takru. Ittiacribr caar aua en au^hrii*aa'w^ir'ba Sj ?hia>*PS^?^,*0'*** Worth Uth atraet, PbtiaM Ir* MOKKT RETURNED IE w. - b?WM. elixir AC? A CIMKL, w" irLBriLa a ?traet. whara ta^laomala can h, ttuTi,1! PERSONAL. it* krtisu okv oo ( Pitiful DRESS GOODS in the a*w V , ^^EScScsBsas^v??^. uuod? m.M, OME PRICE t JUST DEAXLNa l?o ALL. mi* M i*3>?Z! aZSOu '??? "vs? piLIRl LUNCH MILK BTSCUIT, I he choice^, mont d> lkat* ?, ... . . tracker ia tlu Uiutid S(at?a. ' ' GIVI THEM ^ TRIAL. Especially adapted for LUKC1, TEA TABLK^^md THE USE OP IK Far .ale b, Grocer* & Trade auppli^tr TYLEBA BEOS. ?U 1? .anfactarem, B*!tiaiore. M?. WELLING OPB 1 4- CA14- BBLL1BG OPP ! AT COSTt TO D1SSOLTB PARTE BRSH1P the aatirw stock HRW TOBE BAEAB. pO* Biljj AW PABTIBB. 1IB CLOm, ? 1 TO |1J? PEE PAIS. WALL, BOBUTBOB A 00 Ml B08IMEW CHA KCE3L *1?. ma ? - .^fl a * H,? f*' .tu-iM f - ApH' I ??" K .fr-M , F i?*.^L*/' HK*P-A ..?.iri .T?' i<ftiH'K -A \ * 1**^ I' mii'??, rii r.-nt a., ? o.Tn IT 1r,T m: '? ' ,k" ?? *' .U ,H * r *""P ??> *1 ??.li ?ir-? n rt ?,?( biaj r '1.U *-* E**MVll\KT~^W^?t? to. > ? Mti doiBK ? g -<1 an 1 ,-Ti ????*. f ?r a llm, <fpi> >t it. mS v ? B ? _ ? ?" "W -M sSf^u H^int Ktsrt F 'ham/ VrhMTfii mrlvT' ???*; ??rh.'.l'IL'f ?T**? ? ?? ??~ T> rt? !.*?, a rarr , f. , ' * L " ???" rr> at lie pr.ui ???,>?? | Ttli .ft -?'? -tk *?*' m!?'tf* ?? iibwt"? kMtt, an< i 4 p m J ? a* botLe- hum* ..... 'C4? ??*?."* ? ??.. Ki> t,oi ?mJ r ? *" *"r>, ?*?***? ? o. ?v? Uli wrM. I|^*IU l B. <r M| *.?'???ALE-A ha..;? -? HOI ?E oa I A iw* V 1 ^.]<- ((in -V . r i ?i J;;.". 1"' ????*"? - - ? HOI cr h yy* ^^ .?a--. :. i. , ? lriiii-li-il oi i?>.fnt ,i A t (?TT Ai? T. in W h* ,. *.fj*" mu*U II ...... i, *? . ?? i. ^ !??>? ??-?.??. Turn. Li>T? inkatw- **4 ?,(1,. ,* R,, st. m,'4 I,.* ??)???? .?>?<! ai.1 i uttiipt ??? ??.!, oi 4tW?-wgt railK^a l%inil4- ti >? tl,. . i*? f..r ,|. .? Uwa.Y" a. J"P 1 "* f U" fTr ?*, i *'I"*1 k.II.i )(??( , r w?w?? r?x ^i.i ? , |m F,wV,'.Kl> '' * ' ri- > 'Tr>.ft Ai'r: J* ' N ?(,J hV,*T Im I' PhinV' iV, * "? ?||. KI kinu 'I'l:' I I .1 j?r<l?l' t'F u a till cJ?iK.UT?" rHl ?Tfr> HKPVr SSri'A^SS ? '? 11 ? I. 1 PAljk > ! i Hb\S BTThm f . ? j timtnraa ?ji,j?. T tJ> p \ ' nrrJ 1Z ' * 1>tR? III M "T "rthi , m a?.*t ii ? .n ?r.( HJESJ* ?? 1 r;l' >* ? t cr I' m Oil'* nl'lll> I 'li A ? ' 1 * i._ | , " ' *?' *'* ' < ( ??>?.>? ?. :"- h i'i !u" v'"" ii. H III w ILL. at I' . ,.| i n ri,?n ti a 1 ??r> Uud at t ii. aii I ||il ,?r ...? ? at . h i*. - -!?.! .1 . (??. MM- t., o. >1-.?(..? U, ..n. , | ,.. ,. |. ? 4,. To LU*h ON KI.AL l 'T\Tli, in >rr.s or i it or?. woo. 6 1 *t?Q |4,?N. AM> ( I ???. KILBkCKK X t. \TT \. -T " * * ?4 ISth atd i; itr~4a. J.' B >AI.K Mil: wamiin<;t< n l? - , TWO #1 VVlil' H rm IT FAKM^ IWOteOrmVNrfirii; tcel!-nt trm* irm. o.<l *?**? in l, ai ',? uu-tii?l^: Ui. l? ulrMtt* tUftrri**. ALtO. BlILIiINi, LOT.- IS Till: I ITT Iw ".? Ko. ir. L >? N . ? > ~ ii-li?.| K i; l . I a -1 j N4?tHfr h" *4. L *t S I I ?* ju 4* 2 r. :: ?? ? ? *.^11 . ;2 '* 12 mi 1 it '? 71 ? 4 - ^ :: ^A^<r.r7,,-r^ r::z\. 2 z** frli-| n ^11 linn 5' ?"??? -1 .><?? *oo? u;i hk,{ k"k 4 ; * I I I?R Li k\ k I ?< \ *uv kvtki,:kK, ~u"' ?" v II t - _ ' a ' * KMNl, \ ? |a| >||| . ? \ , I f ? l ' *c * 1 1,#' Hoiui? nirr aiij ? ? ifUtmkiiig lu.tnrt.-, abon l. |ir,.t t park wU, ?,7 =- fi ? "? !.:,"r ^. 11. n |?. ph.i 'r,!","rti i , l. *r Haiti (1 Wl'TV**11 ' ' PH l a * M. M , ' .v-?Av- \ \ * II\N< fc ?Havii c ni.-t ?.th th- ?.*,( , nl : ?? ?t -ur .tor^, ?lk an4-*> V* 7th ar. i .iup. i! ,i f,,r ft... v j*ni ;!r i ,.ilr ^ hj- otn?.id?- ?tt. i..iHi,.. tu ,n..t .-Jr 2t<m-k t?r^ K!'l/v V'U'n l,V ,UK,iK-* . / I. * NP.iIJh ?rri^.liitnaiint ,,, (t.. , K^>r'ikt V,B " - Ula .... F iHPBBBp iL all parttnf (ht- city. BrrnflL au I h'V?*rLK.l,U rOECITV I'KuP I kETJ. a '?? at. r. HOl<K ??h tt' k "-?it. and a la., a r..riiK LOT arvd a F A KM Tjfc. ZZnft-'L* u lilvSr *"or?^irr S3TiI?AI2"if" "."J ~~'.?S taT?;iT3S Jo *, JT,>prt > ^ ??*? " r fisgyr* ????*'^"tT/i?t?.?M fo. a. u i . '' "* a buardinc ?? ?? u ,i ra,4d Iu^uire at ?r^nwi?^ ffaoury, Pi-nua) Itania a<?nT^ fr F PROFESSIONAL. I> MARVr. kTAIKMi!!, 1834 ElXTETiy-TH saXKtT ||E J. H. DEL&\ 4E. ^?t ' ' .f>' * ' ' J at*w?4. Q?c?. ?o<k? -Mo ?, burui;^;, | 4. * ***** mil In r' I IUMU.E1I., . ? I'tKTIST. 'ai *" Eila ? wi lick Ml t?b?i. "Ci-EPH AVEJ JeaiIeV l*"? ?? J?. <?*; lt7?a(rMl, Ltlf avfaue, -tod 1334 W aUMt. brtaem l*L ?ad lAtk ?a. }? t?fj ^ ??? ?tojR :ui?4 oa typa-writiux uacloa*. furiaauad L ?? ???? ? Maonacrtu c?.?r , JOHH'i. U AN NaT k ?& v ?"(,Mn-4T UW, <Kter ? ^SffSy w EM1TM ft WIMkATT, LUMBER. LUMBER flAEbWOCDr A SPECULTT. BILLS CTT TO OEBEE )'????* Q?m? Tth t?lN,aoiinw KU*h?ls$$rS3rrsr^?sr 4 *vcfce in imi w>Ikl lx^aa Inli I^uya^aaaa'-^s55 i^ttuSS^'VoTaa w*~^< ^']^i < 1 1 EoMk ' ^^SSLJUMI |^E VOBEUIV PKCTOEAL 8TRCP, ret COCOH8 AK1> GOLDS ?m-uPLV Bt ALL <i|ltl'**

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