Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. BRIIttT l?r?li .*1, l?7S. LOCAL NEW8. * A n? n^raemI?i, 4 r., T?i-ui?Iit. * A ? Agnes Kthel in * A ifi* ?-** TK-a''r Ciw' ,i?.? A rariety entertainment Of iIum, Ac. < ondroied I.**""!*. Tl-Hf * ?.? hiit one w of ?ra?!l pox reported Ki (i<\. that from Potomac City. Mi'Uw. I'ii kson. 01* thto cite, w? recently I it?>c'?l with a Urge Maltese cross by his in Philjidelphia. The governor has ap?>oinTcd S. K Bon 1 * rio pnblic, and reappointed John Bv'.ey a jwi-> e of the peace. An insane man named Wm. Con l'ii wa? con ifvril to the piverrniifTit insane vette> 4+\ ty Office t ' onnell. " ilr. -lames E. Anlervn. of the government l ntitmg t ftice. ha# received an appointment iia th< New Otkanj cnstom-hou*e. The ea-t wan of Crare M. K. church, corner ? fSand'?h streets northwest, which re cently bkwi Jown. has been rebuilt. A number ot' prominent t-n?i?erance m?n of U# (ity act atTemp'e of Honor hall, corner +f Pen'n?T|vania avt nue and t , street. last night. UP1' perfected the organization of an a? wuti?n to 1* known a* the \V.i*hin{tou Tem perance ? onnm rcml .AM>oeiatto*i. T1 ? tollow ing representatives of the Indiana t? | iib'ican club have been designate d to reprc sei.r tl? club at the grand union hall on the 25th in?t._ Reception cvuittM?Gen. W. II. If. Terrell. .1. M. I>nfour, J. .1. Hawkiii*. Fl w cob.ii> t;? ??- W. II. tioddard, George F. White, ar?l .let* H. Barrett. We ha^e ja-commonication in relation to the sel col-boy who stole * !?; trorn h's teacher in tile ?th di-trl- *. from the neighbors Ot' the lady who bad ? ared for b'tn. in which they say that "his ?mth?rdeserted him when he was but a few awi.thsold. since which time he has be* n car. d tor by a family without children. The lady whr>ta he call-* nv-fle r has. inde.-d, given him a n*;tber".? |.?ve and care. and ? udeavored to rear hif. n a | rop r manner. II?' was nev>?r allowed To rm< at nr?, or <|<> >?? be ideated. Hi"mother i? a Mi*. ? . the wife ot a clerk in one of the ?'? )>artmt nts, who. in reality. Is less than a mo ther in leeling for her own child, while the t?d<>| t? d n>oTber gritves deeply orer the fault ?t the child she lia* loved so well." The National Laher Craarll. *?"ri?.N AS 7l? THK EltiHT-llorR ST8TKX, ETi . Tke national labor council held a meeting last evening. and J. F. Whit more, of Winn ?Im>p No. 3, kixl Thomas I <*?i, .Joseph Ann and, f I'obberson. Millard Sophon. Win. Plowman aiil B. F. oiiphant. from Bricklayers' Union, No. 1. were admitted as delegates. t A I 1 Ft' K> 1 A VIBW*. A coimr intention ?as received from tUe O-ik 1.41m. .'"'r ?*.?*!I. CaJiioMi :i. r>'??lii tiww* :i <kin-it'g the action ot tke national coun ril ?n the coolie ?in?*stioti. ami indorsing Sea* tor Pool a' a true friend to the cause of labor, declaring th?-ir conmienee in General Grant as a to. in tr ?-nd ot progress, and expressing tke belief tl.:i* he will faithfully execute just laws tfeMgBfd to lid the country ot coolie labor and MiMairi the eight hour law. Vr .lolin A. Mavis r?*|K rte?l from the cjiu Biirt. e on t!i?- subject the .Irait of an ar>l>KK-- TO THK WOBKIS6BKS OF TlllCOt'-V | TUT, wL> J: wrts adoj t. ?|. The address calls atten- [ to the,--ity of eiv ju ration with the , katHXial unit n. It a~u? tlie laboring m-n to n- | ???Tihrr that "iiV>? prompt action is taken. tUe rvmbincd in tin, iwe of capita!, th" importation at labor, laud monoi?j|ie>- a:>-l o.lier Vaoinn ?. m< - #1. To Ire" labor in iv a?^i!iic ?u li (TVVif; pro|*>rt'o is that they will be o to ???tciT th-?ir *alration from IHe 'i -ntal e jOu.tiuu t ica eireamsfauees will i ? la. f o~t'. Mr l:?d-t' :i?* ??^'e;e?l a resolution endorsing ! aii article ?oi >i>.>i>, \ Hon. .Iidin M ?g-ure.-a'?l 1 if. nc- i ^ XI:. M. to give h:s views on the pah- j k- laial" i ? 1 n t! i * nor tiEc^xiztTiox*. ? '??!. iiw? I.. Fi?k. ot Montana, secretarr of j the ?.'ir -...?1 n ? utiw committee, submitted i tor ?!??? mton,iat .??; ot th?- COUlv il a report of | thr actH.n of' i!ie cowmiitee. Tlie rejnirt wa- : iinNiTM'il f \ , ?*:n. >?i. \. W I'uill otferetl resolutions, which ? writ-.Mlopr> <1. that the system of organization ! e-taf. -!i?| ! \ the D4ti?Ml rxh'D'iK commit- I t< e ? .t iccur-laK'-c with toe views of t"ie na- | tieaal c?wncl'; that the supreme authority ls j trrtld in a national convention, when In *w? Mon. and at other times in tlie executive com mitter; that the national convention shall be | romi-osed of two delegates at large for earh Mate, "lie dt-ic^ate for each congressional die- I triet. two liele^- it'-s from eaeh territory. ar.,l ' the -tme frniii The liif'rietof Ool'imbia; that ite na: ?.ual e?i?neil sb ill continue for the fiur pose of consi.??|t eomm<.nie:ition between the working councils ai.d for mutual information rr*|iertiiig tin \iew?, wants and general con dition of wotkingmcn in the various localities respectively throughout tke entire country. KlfcHT H?>< K Law IN Till. 1MSTBJCT OF ? OU V Bia. Mr. KoV'iimiii call* <1 attention to the fa?t that tl e right ho-ir law, |m-sed bv the old corp>ra t ?>ii ol Washil^'tnH, tlot lieing ob--erveil by the eitv ?uTlioritie?. a> thev h?l in.-reas'sl tlie Wiitking day to tea hours and redu *ed the H? mo<ed that a committee of five he s?ppi inted To ilrait rei?otufi'jn> to present to toiveri. r ? i-'ke ao?l the mromiii^ His'ricT 1 l?laTi.rt'. a-kirg the en'.?reemeiit of tint eight b?'iir law t>v the council*; adoi.t <1, anil Mi ssrs. |? Kobinson. Williams, Sin-t'i. ai?l Morgii: were appointed The pmMrut. by a vote of tlie eo'incfl. was a*l le,| .*?? sator P?s?!. clmirmari of the nationa* co-ii miUee. nklreKeil tke nnon. as a's.> .Judge kveri.-. ?i Montana. Col. i>yer,of Iowa, and Col. FisJt ot' Montana. Mr t'hampion pr> ?eni?sl ? formal p-1 tioti to l?e laid before the l>istrict legi-laTure, asking Ikat the law ot tkis l?i.<rict l?e aatendeil sons to ir.jmre tiiai iit all contracts entered into by the bi^.i'ii ot i o'nmbia or oftieial agents thereof, or bv The l?i?r?l of public works. It dial I be i|i< t>ncMv sj^e't. dtl.*t eight hours shall be l ^ il tlax's w?rL. Tlie petiiimi wasa^ccptcd, and the rour.eii adjourned o ? lb*- l.iiiaiK i|*niio?i ? el? brntiou (na. i X rnliuu. A meefiii^ ol tlie del, ijates electe?l from s:v ei-ii "I tli* b gi?Jatne ?liNtru*t? to tlie emancipa to.i. celihrat ieu < in vent ion met !a*t ?igiit it I Mill l ei. llall to make arrangement* for the grain, eelebrationof the <Tm^ncipatioa a iui *? r-arv in tb# Pth of April n^xt. The meet ng was called to order by R. W. 'I ksnpku*. wko Mati d its objects, it.-orge \\*. 2?ui:tb ?a- . bos? n M-cri tary. A committee ot oi?e iroiu e.icb conncil div ,'t was a;*i <? I'Trd on credential*, and thev wr'i ?Irew with the pa|>ers. and during tkeir absen :e l?r. J. I? N'. Bow en addreose?i the meeting. THE I l?T or l>KLSnATK*. S?m ii ifi- i the coiuniitte? rettirnol and re ?portcv th? following representatives entitled to sea?- : Is* district. A. ,1. Williams, .1. T. Set e, and -1. W. Ilarvex: "'lh. S. Kobinson. A. l?iv. 2U>' b. F. '.rsnt, Mb..I ?.;..Ia< kson. K A. tir iv, and .lonf-p!: Ileut. Tth. Win. Beckett. 1?. Bo on urn. ami tnfin Bransou; loth. J. A. Jenifer, .lanes Madison and Tbomai Mines llth, B. W fompkin*. .1. I.. Bowen. and Win. Becker; 1-tl tieorge II Smith. I? Shepherd, imi Win .lobnson; ltth. I!. Clark. B. F. Dabney, and <;?jo. V?". Brown, ntk. W. H. Kdinbor v.tgh. .loin W Freeman, aisl C. Briscoe, l?;th. S >l WiHiaius, .iakt?i l^onaid, ami .folia I>e stiiekis; rth. Tin*. ?'ommodore. B Tyler, mil ?,!. fostin: l-^th. Geo. Brooks, Isaac .Johnson, aie' Henx-u I>av.s; :i?t. .1. M Sh:n?-r. Walter MfrKtb-toi . anal \N H. Brown: ?i|, Jteepk i..-e, Peter y.v*: y, ami Uichard Cole. UBOABL/.ATIuB. Aii-r Two ballots Ilr. B?wen wis <1ecl ired elr? le>l proa d? nt. Here?'ommeneed asguabbie a'-out the other oftcers, some dozen motion* awl . ouiitrr-moUou* being mane, and after an hour siwi.l in taising ? poiafsof ortfer," ??on ? I ot^o' privileges," Ac., it was decided to leave t?.c lit hiiiiitiiuis lu a commrtt-e ol seven, s bo were appointetl and they retired to rousult. A comnt.tte* .?n reso!iits>n? was ai*o ai>i>ointeJ. The i-onuoittee on r>ermsn-nt organiaati-m r. ?ortr?; tur vwe presidents. William B?ckm, Al.iei 1 ??v. 1 bum as .letlerson Commo>iorc. .!? ?ej k J?eS!.ieltb> and T.J. Settle: secretary, t.. W Snub awti treasurer. Wrn. Beeket. Tl e*e noaiinatsm* were contiriaed hy th?- me *t ing. 1 be el?<Hon of chief mt'sk.ti was then proceeded with, and resulted in tke unanimous cl.ti ee of >kAn Jtn?ui J?ha?m. Tu? t hsir ?? )ointeii Mt s?n. Willi.,m B ?k.-tt ami .1. A. nlfer a commtttee to inform Mr. tohnson of hb> eUction. A*ljouxm:d. St SAB Wbibbt basBBT?Bk?Tkis m-wuing warrants were u?u?d from tae Poiies Court for the arieM or Aailiew Moore, ICdw ud M ireh. i h irtcs ThampMia , John Rune, it Sami- r-m. ?M -John <?ikos on a ch irge tlixt on the ! ?tk iant. they dW ali^eut theai<rTies iroia the srfcr. Busar Wr tb, bow iring at tke foot oi th? s?., I< r ngre lhaa forty eight hours, ami are now deserter*, said jirve*' being duly enlisteo -??? Bon. T1m* intoematfc-w was >aotn tobt Wm. II. Mount, the em N u- Tl??; warrants w*re lasted in Gis hai d> ot Lieut. G sslord - t?<ti emi. who arr<-?ted jiii the parties, ami th?* will )-e Irc-ugbt before JjdgeSnell for a bearing to-morrow. 0 The UtiMur I.iyt on Cass?Yesterdar m *be criminal Court, .ladge Mac Arthur, the < a*e of P. H. Heller, chargeii with selling Ibpior will-??t lionise, wm <x>nc|uded. dudge MacA. sai?i it the jury hatiend that the IU|BOr was e- I>: iii a n tuie-'iip eaae to evade the law. thev si i v'.; t?<t Mr, HHVr guiltv.bat if sold iu fr-1 t>ith,a? a mestWine. they shoukl acquit m. A verdict of nut guilty was found. ? ? Kin Dowb IB tbb Stbkbt??Aliooi if .... ? ast night, Mr. Tbamaa Jack v. while , . corner of ?tk uU H streets north ? ? eived a blow en tke head from a billy i tin cat ih of some nnkant person, which i .! Ilia to tfce gronnd. officers Crook an. I ;ii < , v-r | i- ke?l him up aod conveyed hiia u> j..< , m otii, ii itreet. 1h4 Railroad .?I V ?| IMI rif>TO-WAT. The hhii'uI renirfnttoii of the pw'?! r*il rr.iSil t.ckrT and pnssengcT agents* association ui< t te-day, .?t noun. at VS J!?nl s hall, nnd ?l*nt the iir?t halt' lx>ur iu **?? * closed ooors. and it is that In that time ^ int? in the C'Brtitut^on were d;-. r-sed. Mr. E. A. Fowl, of the Atlantic and railroad. prnld-d. with Mr. Samuel l'ewetl. ot the ?'bicago. B?rliii([U)i) and Quini'y mlicvl. *? -ecr?tarv. The executive mnmit t. I tli?d lor credentials. and. alter examining those present* d, reported the following LI"T OF PKPE?!AT??: r. V Follet. H L. V. AT. H.; Ellin Clark, North Fa.: (Ml. Brown, H- K. and T.; F. K. Mjriw. fa. Co.; C. K. Lord. I. C. & L.; H. Star ring, Chicago A Iowa; E. St. John, C. R. A P.; .1. A. Kingsbury, M. & Pitts.. A. White, * Mil.; C. G. Hancock. Phil. A Readier A. V. II C*rii#ittfr, M. in>l H.; P. S. Powell. S. & I. S. E.; W. H. Johnson, I. U. Cln.; C. C Hunt ley, N. W. Stage Co.; W. C. Townsend, T. P. A W.: 8. E. Catcv,*. O. I. A G. N. Mi<?. Central and M. A T.: B. Shattue. A. AO. W.: E. A. Ford, A. A P.: E. S. Young. X. Ccn.; John Vi Brown. I. B. A W.; .1 F. Netberland, Che*. A Oliio; F. A. Brown. B. C. A F. It- K.; Georu'1 A. Dodmond. P. W. A B.: .J. N. Abbott, Erie; W. It. Allen, I.. L. A J. M.: Thomas Badger, K. A" tin-ton: H. E. C. '^ortillt, I.. L. A r. S.; R.T. Bryde?.??.A M.jC.J.Itm, B.C.B.Jfe M.; ii. ii. Sanborn, X. Poe. E. A. Parker, H. A St. .To: W. Fdgar, Gt. Western: H. P. Baldwin, Central K. R.of >i. J.t A. Pope. V\ . A W. W. i\A A.; I>. M. Bo\d. jr.. Penna. K. R.; J. 1>. ? 1 ?nfor. C. A Alton It. It.; E. R. Honey, C. C. .* Augn-ta; .las. Tenuier. L. A C.; Th<>-. 1-. Kimball. C. P.; W. I.. I ion lev, N. C. A Sf. Louis; .1. W. Cary. L. S. A >1. S.;J.A. Rob ert-. Georgia; \V. H. King. I.. A N. A C.:K. I? l?. W. Marin, S. A N. R. R. JAs.Lieb. Hmover Branch. J. C. Lopez, M. A C. R. R.: Chas. II. Fove, Portland A Ogdeti-l.urg; A. C. l>awo-. K.'C. A St. Jo A ? B.; W. B. iisvenport, St. I.. A S C. R. R.: Clia*. O. Wood. Cairo A V>n ccnnes. W. A. Thrall, C. A N W.: T. Penile .1, R. R. I. A St. L.: .1. M. Broadi*. O. A. A M.; Geo. I.awrence, V. A M. R. K ; Robt. Lillie, F. TV*. .1. A Sag;naw; C. I?. Wbitcoinb, Mich. I Central; 8.F. Pier-on.C. C.C. A I.:-I. H. P. i ! rx. Min. A L. R-; I- M. <">e. B. A O.; A. E. Towzaler. A. T. A S.F., K. S. Brydon, Keokuk I A han-as City R. R. The chair stated that those whose credential were iH>t presented could not be admitted as full m* ml ?em, nnder the nresent constitution. He remarked that 47 had their credentials, and 11 others had not. He bad the a?uranee of m>me of the latter, at least, that their creden tials would be forthcoming. After some discussion, Mr. Carpenter oflTere?l a re<*dntion .Klmittintt those without creden tials to s?-at> as honorary member*; adopted. Kt.KCTIOS or OFFK ERS. The convention proceedetl to elect officers, and Mr. E. R. I>or?ey, ofthe Charlotte, Col iu? !>ia and Augusta toikI. was electe?l president, aid lirieily returned his thanks. Other officers were then" elected, as follows: Vice presidein, Thomas L. Kinulall, U. P. R. R.J secreta-v, Samuel Powell, Chicago. Burlinsr?on and yuin cv R. R-; execntiye committee, >V. L Darnley, Jong term;) Ellis Clark, (intermediate terui:) \V. A. Thrall, (short term.) It was drci?le?l that the next annual conven tion ot the association should be hekl in the Ciiy of Chicago. A nc? ? was then taken until 5 o'clock. This session promise-to be the iu>>st im;?ori - ant vet held, as a new constitution will l.e adopt(-<1. nnder which it i? proposed that bere aft?r representatives shall he clothetl with lull power by the ruanagement of their respective roads, to bind tliem to any arrangements they ma\ make. Lively Meeting In the Tcntli I?lstri? t. KI.KI TI?S OF OFFICKKS 1SV THE RKrt'BLlCAN 11.11. A meetingof the republican club of the Tenth district was heM at German hall last night, and was called to order by Mr. J. A. Jenifer, the presi-lent. tame* Mtkdison led in prayer, im ploring God to be with them on the ??ilcmn oc casion. The chair >tab d that tlie object was to elect officers, and he Loin-d in tha* business they world use ?i:s?.r< lion. The district hail been behind the others, and they had found some difficulty hi getting a candidate tor the leg Ma ture at' the la-t election?prominent parti. having dtdined to allow tlie use of their names !,y "thi. >u ?:i>ki- THiitVE* ? that vr:t> wiia' some called us- but they found a voun? man < Mr. Matthew Trimble) who allow- d the n-e of hi- name, and tliey h id elected hiiil. Mr. .l.-mcs Madison was elected secretary '"M. The club then proceeded to the election of permanent officers; and Matthew Trimble a is chosen for president, and Mr. ?). A. .Jenifer vi- e president. Major Lacey a.-ke<l if these officers were to serve l?t R1SO TI1F "COS-1 MIX'S TEA!!?" Ail affiimntive aiiswer was given, and Lacey continued, saying that he did not think anyone should elected who had aided the democrats. Mr. James Madison was uoiuiuated for see 'J tary, and Major Lacey said that he could not vote for him, as he bad acted with the demo crat-. Madi-oii denied that he had ever vor -d on the democratic side. Lacey charged th it Madi-oii ropportol l.e Barnes. Madison said that those who knew him knew him to be a re publican. and that the >oung man (Lacey; HAD TO RE ORAOOID OCT TO THE F??LL-. Ijteev reiterated his charge, saving that son bad decliiied to vote for Trimble on tlie ^loimd that it would injure him in his position oi cook. Madison was elected, awl, on moti >o of Mr. McCau. the election was madu ?'vic torious." Patrk-k Curtain and Jowpli II. l?avids>? w^re nominated lor treasurer, but each declined lit fa\or of the Othi r. l>avldsOB was elected. A yoicf--WboTl go on Iiavldson's bond ??Re?ldy'" Welch will." Jenifer ?'-I'll go a thousand on it." The following were then elected :?losetdi Hudson. I?r. A. Thomas, and J. A. Jenifer, delegates to the general committee. .lor->-,>b l>avidsou, Charles Hurdle, John Barker, Richard Weeding. Addison ltanket, Jaint* Lacey. and Samuel Huntresn, lu mbers oi tiu executive committee. T. lllnes. J. A. Jenifer, and .lame* Madison,delegates to the emancipa tion celebration convention. The chair.?"iKjn't let any one out until tlie ball is paid tor." Voices "Yes, w e want sreAR." At this j?-int nianv started to leave, but the I.hi i\ -liM>rke< j.. r kepi them back. Mr. Burke ottered a resolution requesting the delegate (Mr. Trimble) to wait on tlie board of public works and ask that thev hurry up the contract.>r en I.; .. ?treet, from E street to Ohio avenue, aoopfid. \tt>. ikimuli was ixTKimrrin and aceeple?i t'-e office of president as all ao II lioiial honor, ainl would do what he could to make the organisation the banner one of the l?i>trict. He w as glad that they had called Ids attention to the work on l;f, street; he would see the l>oard in reference to the matter. A voice, - See about D street. too."l In the legis lature lie proponed to act iiidejierid-iU, in the in t? rest- of the poor men. He favored a bill simi lar to the ?.ray bill, and he believed that every meuilxT oi the legislature would vote for s'li h a bill, and it would pass within the first week ?f the session. l?r. A. Thomas then addressed the meeting. ? * GeiMi to Ban is a Ti rtuTi *?Ah ine briated green horn from Prince George county, Md.. iiTBi<<d Cooper, took lodgings last night in a large turtle tub in front of Xuldleton's res taurant. on 'ith street, thinking it wa< his lutle best. He might have drowned had he not beoii pulled out by a policeman and tak en to the ceu ti a! gnard-honse, where he was laid to rest ou a -oft plank. He said he got In tke tub to kc??p t' tailing out ot bed, or being blown ont, as it was a very windy night, but that the "bugs" were so bad he couldn't sleep. Cooper was evi dently so obfuscated that he mistook the savage snapping'of the crowded turtles for the trea. h nipping of his accustomed sleep disturb ers, the festive bed-bug. A Kt t.E wum u Dos't Work Both Wavs? A JUair k it llortr, but a Ihrtf is ???' n Mart.? In the criiuinal court < Judge Mac Arthur) vest-*r dav alter noon, the case of James O'llagan, charged with fast driving?appeal from the police court?wan called. The information charged him with having driven a certain mare faster than the law allows, and the pr>x>f showed that be was driving a horse. Mr. Har rington moved to quash, on the ground of a variance. Mr. N. H. Miller, for the govern ment. argued that a borne wan a mare: but the Court did uot see it in that light, and said that, although a mare could be called n horse, a ho rue was not a mare, and gave judgment for the de fendant. The Bixmi-Dankwoith SaooTixe Cam The grand jury of the preneut term of the Criminal Court, who were discharged for the uin? a few days since, failed to And a true bill against Frank Benuer, who was committed to init some weeks since to await the result of the injuries to MlnnDmikworth, whom,It it charged, be shot at her mother'n residence, in South Washington. Miss Dank worth did nHiPpeu an a witness before the grand jury, and it was not known nt the time they were in seosion that she was able to appear. She has, however, nearly entirely recovered. It in believed, how ever, that she is adverse to appearing against Rentier, who remains In jail, and Ts in bad health. Unless he procures ball in the mean time he will remain in jail for the action of the next grand jury. l>tncHAito?n bt thk Boauo or Prime Works ? The board of public wsrknto-dav dis charged about one-half its working force of e erks, superintendents and laltorers, to take elect on the 31st instaut. This action is reeder. d necessary in order to reduce the cur rent ex newes to a standard commensurate with the work of finishing up the Improvements already coinmcncod. ^ Ai ask a PtAHosD* and Colorado sapphires set in g* *hi. Frcnch gilt and English jet jewelry in elegant designs, received at Prigg's jewerlv store, Penury!vani* avenue, new street, t Mtely Kcrimmaxf ia a r?nn.Ro?in. hi- a uwvkr * vt? hi. h. wtt.t **. .About 11 n'f lnrlt tMny. ju?t Ixl'ore th>' inai l oiirt rontntd, Mf>m% A. B. William* nii?l X. H. Miller ha*i ?ome unpl'^mit wortl* in the court-room about a (took ??? Miller'? who:h Williams had in bis hand. Miller asked Wil liam- to pat bis book down, and William* promptly complied, saying, "Take yo*ir ?t ??I I old book." MMler retorted with *n "indelicate but expressive invitation to William*, which the latter instantly complied with <0 far as hi* boot would m m, dcfilr aalmidd^nlr projecting the cali-*ktn against Mr. M.'i u- thir anatomy. The contesting parties immediately grappled, awl In les* time than it takes to write it, were both t usee Mug on the enrl of the large table in front of the clerk's desk, and ink was being freely spilt, but of blood not a drop. There were a large iiumlier of members of the bar and j-olicemen present, but most of them supposed it to be a friendly sparring match, until tho?c who were nearer? among tliem Mr. O. S. B. Wall?found out that the contestants were in dead earnest, and tried to serrate them. There upon there was a general rush made upon the combatants, and in a few minutes they were dragged away from each other, and order once more reigned in the halls of justice. ? Bcildixg 1'kkmits The following build ing permits fcav? been issued by the Inspector 01' Buildings since our last report: J. L. Lyne, two-story brick forstore and dwe'l tag. comer of M 11 roe and Boall streets, G *?rge town; John Lynn, two story brick dwelling t.? >rtl side of H, between 1st and North Capitol streets noithcast; (' F. Kublemaiin, two-stor> frane dwelling. norrh-atit corner of sth and B streets n. rtli. ? J are- Gannn, two st-irf frame Store an I dwelling, t'urner of V w H*mpHb:re aT'Dii' an i ?i -1 rtnit; P.l. V. Carter, foar two atoff hrt dwell!uea. ?< uili -iJe of y street, Isjtwe en StIi stre<-: and New Jersey avenue n rthw<>*?t; Alexander rucl.av. two-story bri< k dwelling, west side 10 Ii ?lrtef. between N and Ustre-ts northwest; L. M ? ? ley, two-*-ory brick for a cortune room, west -ido t' 10th street, between F and F "treet-' n r.liwest; C. B Chinch, six frame ?tid three bri<'k 4w-dibits, wit I. French rm f ?. w ??-t side of ll'h street, befwe. K si.(I F wmthwuf; George F. Giiliek. brick s: ib>, two stories Jiwl arranged (oraatore.northwest corner ?f 1st and <3 streets south?-HM?: John Cmnolly, tw trsine dwelling', two storie-, w > -t side 21st str^wt. betwe?-u L and M streets northwest; John C. F tv, two stvi v brick duelling, Fr>'i ch roof,east shle I ? ' ?treet, b<tw?<*n F and G streets north west, al-i , a three--f< ry brick dwelling. southeast corner id G .<nd ISeh -treets northwest; John T. Jidt, two frame dwellings, two stories high, touthsidcL street, Wetween 19th and 30th street northwest; Thon.a.- C< gan, an additional brick story Indwelling in r ar of northwest corner of 3fli and II streets northwest; B. J. Flemiug, for Governor Wssbbnrne, a brick and stone dwelling, two stories high, with French roof .northeast corner ISth and K streets northw.'?t: 15. T Humphrey, a two story 10 u k dw idling, ea-t side of 8th street. between P and ? J streets north v. <-st; Thomas M< Connick, two oce liory fiames,fi_r wheelwright and blacksmith shop-, vvest side of jj.1 street, b"tw?en C and I)?treet? ?ontli ? ast; J no. H Knock a two-stor\ brick back dwelling, *?est niile ot -tree', bet wvii Virginia avenue mi l Kstr?. i sonthwi-wt; A. 11. Lowry.a two story hrick ('welling, northwi st < <>riier Vermont avenue and k ?tr?-et northw<-?t. with Mansard roof; Q?o. Ri?fhtt?r. 1 one ntory frame,north ?id" of H, between il an l id northeast; Marcart Rl'j, a two-story fram*' northeast corner 30th an 1 L streets northwest; C. J4. Haiin>biire,?wo two-stury Irani*- dwslling'.'somli Kid ? 3d. between Potomac and High stre?'fs, Georgetown: 'A elwter A Biother, a two-story brick dwelHng, M-iitlt side {j stieet, betw-. ii X w J r-e y aren't ? tind Jth street nortbweKt; M. Green, a tw > st->r brick dwelling.south side of all< > betw?n l.l-li a d 14'b streets and I. and Massachusetts avenue north west; George J. Qockler, a two storv bri-k ba!, Ii- it's, nor?hea-t corner of s;h and M street* north wist; Richard G. Manss, a two-story frame dwelling, ?re?t side6th -treef. between K and S streets north ?vest. A. C. Whitney, a two -tory brick dwelling and store, north siileC street,between sih and y h itreets s-ntheaJehu \V Mnrphy, a two storv lram' dwelling, vonth sije ?? street, hefweea I2'h mid 131 h southeast; J. K. Y.?t, a one - story fra: 11 ? feed store. northe?Mt corner 41 and II str"ei? north east; Win Whelan, a two-storvframe grocery ?tor<-, ea*t side 9th street, between l> and E s?re-rs *outti <ast: Daniel S. licit*, a two-st?rv bir k store uii i'w elling, son'h sub- Penn? ivania avena>-, 1 ft arid 3d streets southeast; B F. Gilbert, a foor ?torv brick back dwelling t? lintel, wirli Fc n 1 I oof. s.iith K street, let wen !r;h and ltrli northwest: Chario- \\ . King, a tw?-stor? br k cwellinc. ? a?t sid" 12 h, between K and F-Ire * northwest: al'o. atwi ?tory framedw-lliug,?? itl. <ast corner of llthand f* streets ?ontli<?ast a!-i i. ? two dory brick dwelling, us' nidi' (th street. !>?? tween \ ST.d B street;! iMintheast; Wit 0 -' *tad'. Itiitne hack dwellmt. nortbwe-t corner of (' aim 4 h ?treefsnortlie 1 -1 ? A. P Fat'on, a twos' ?ry fra'n-, > st - e Hth, betwi ;i Boundary and T strt liortliwest. ? TnK SriKi. Mark Game.?eolored mm, named Win. Kobert Hopkins, just arrived her ? from Baltimore comity, was done out of irood and lnwfnl greenbacks, to-dny, bv ia<M?tis of the spiel mark game, by one AsUury Ltn? dale, another colored man. Hopkins, after getting the imitation gold dollars, applied to a shop to buy a piece ol tol?a -co, and discovered the sell, and immediately reiwrted the facts t > l-olice lieadiiuarters. ? Travbi.rrh who desire such good* :?s will stand the hard usage of the baggage 111 tt, should boy trunks, traveling hags, shawl strai". front the large stoek and varied assortment to be found at the ?/i/ IS'1 piar1 i' fi! itwrt'tfacfi' ?/ of dames S. Tophain & Co.. I2i ith street, n?".t to f't!d Fellows' Hall. the contra. * I IN I IT < 01 BT, CnrlU'.?T i' . ili? ? as ?.! Bai ties agr. the corp >rati >11? action for lam ^g-s xistained b) falling into an excavation on K strei-f snutheast?was concluded lij a \.-rdi t 1 r plaintilf; damages ??s j ;<si ' KIMINM, I'M KT, Ji'/? .VirtrHnf.-Iii this ? ? tin to-.lav , K" liarii Snnth v*arrai^n -o.cliarj .1 with selling lienor witiiont a license. T'ii- ?a? 11 ipp ?1 from the poll,-. Court, ?here tin' fine v< 1 iinposetl of .?? i|, addii i"n to the cost of Iicens ?. which i* ^I'll Th -jury r-tnriieda .ei.lict .f gn lr . Mr. Ilart in?tou sfavt notic<- f mov in^ fi.r an art? si of MldgDient. I'sher A" I,arocijne. ??nt' charge, also an tpp-ul was on trial when our r"port clo^.sl. POLICE troCRT, Jmtti S?,U.-T -dav. rati k Turner. |? t it larceny ..f |>air of Ix-ots; thirt > U . - in jail. John Janey. i?~anlt and batten "? P i|v Pearl; tad co?t or thirtv da<> in jail. J iiii I am y a and bait' fy >i, Ti. ms J Bnrues; A *1 atid ' Sfs ot sixtv i!a ? in jail t'liarles II Bt > in, ? ?? 1 hatgid with using profatc and ind nt' i'i gusse. His C'un?'l. Mt. Birrett. -rat. f to tiie Cv'ttrt that hi- client hid voluntarily come i?. 1 the ennrt beli* tins that there wer. charges acsinit hint, that no warrant or >11111111..n- hail I. en I. n -erved nponbini.and he, ( Barr-tt,! as his .|, lial advi-'-d him to i > home and get his nioaev .??mi l? prepari ' to pai his fine in ca?> In- was fined th it 011 his leaving tin ? ??111 Officer Biordon had -tepj. si up and put hfti under iirr? st without a warrant .nid under his piotest. The ofli er ? III had a warrant issued on inf.irmat ion fr ?m the t'le-k ?f the conrt. but had giveu it to another ..flieer o -erve:that it ws? not then in bis p .*j,ia i n was i??t?ed. Th" court ruled th u tin- ?rr> Dot strictly legal. and ga\e thepi Uon.-r thrrh i <v of pleading as the ease stO'id.or hi- libe.,> tn until the servinw of the warrant. aod then ansvv r irj;. H- ch ? the l,.:ter ennr- anj aftei lie I ft Defective M< I?? i itt st'pped np and took into ust'slr a few feet froui the of Mit-cnrf ii-n? ? 011 a charge of highwav robbery . and to ik him to police h' sdi|nart.>rs. Bri an lias been l, f .r. ; j mri fie.|ii< ntli . ? ?? . ? ? ? THRBaXKoP K\UUMi FoCi.KKS ? Mil > . I ald, arrested in New York yesterday, tUc forger of the Bank of Knglattd notes. s?vs *li ;?? has been a gross mistake. He protests hi- i'i noeence ami shows a very cool trout. It is it >w stated that 1*10.000 111 gold were found in Me Donald's trunk. M0,<nni worth of dbimoftJs .ml .1 large supply of watches, jewelrv. A. -. T'te I ntfed Ntatei bonds he obtained from the It ink of Kngland aggregated *'.'|s.tio<>. He w*- i.e fore t ommissioner Osborne ve?terdav altertion and commlttetl lor a bearing ne\t Ttissih . Noves, the alleged confederate of the parti** w ho committed the forgeries, was up before t if court in Ixin<(011 yesterday for examination. The witncK-es for the bank gave their tc-ti tuotiy, ami the ease was adjourned, the it being remanded lo Newgate. ThkCi rak Insi-roent* W vkini. I'i*.? Ad vices have been received at the Naw Dep i t ment to th? effect that the change t >m monarchy to a republic in Spain tia- caused 1 delay in the tram>(>ortotion of troojM, and w jr supplies to Cuba. The insurgents have tai ?n advantage of this state of auairs aipl lee u? more aggressive titan ever. Large rein lor. v ments were expecte?l bv the Spanish authori ties in Cuba, but not wo.e than .ss? treali tr<mp .beiagonly part of the promised number) iv re landed last week in the island. This h is en couraged the insurgents to undertake a m ire active^wai fare than hitherto; hence the imi> o - taut engagements that have lately taken pi tee in the ea.-tern department of Cuba. LandSaies ir la it* do y Cotstv, Va i.isi week, Mr. M. W. Carpenter purchased of ?; ir lev Keeder a nice little farm of 140 acres, u: the Unison neighlMirliood. for or *71.13 |s r acre. Who will aay that the lands of l^ondon are not appreciated by those who know thmr \alue? On Monday last. Messrs. N'oland. Harrison and Foster, ebmiiiiMionera in tbosaitof Smith va. Smith, sold at public sale a tract of tm acre* of land belonging to tbe estate of the !;ue Hugh Smith, and lying near Mount Gilead. tor *2B per acre, dooephu* Carr and horman Chan ce tier purchasers?SHrmr, lf?ft. Arrkmtok a Tirmixia tlcuGR Hon Samuel Staples, judge of tbe county court of Patrick ounty, Virginia, was arrested ouSaturd w. upon m ?barge preferred against him by a color ? d man, of violating some provision of the kti klux act. The accused Is au elder brother of the Hod. Waller R. Staples, one ot the judge* of tbe snpreme court of appeals, anil the latter gentleman, after receiving the intelligence of his brothi r's trouble ttok the firnt'train for Daw vil't to l.e preaeut at the investigation, whioli, it is 1'nstimed. will take place before the Ciiitrd "states comluissiouer raaiient in tliat town. WA man committed auickle in Trov, N. V. recently, by plunging bis head through au dr hole fr. the ice 011 the canal, ami maintained I that poaitton until he was dead. 1 syThc performance of the "Gramle l>ii ! cbesse" at Guayaquil. Kcuador, was broug'at to i nn abrupt close bv the mavor. who declared it to 1m> liangerous to tlac morals of the coalman it v. I fcyThat Yale profeasor evinced a keen > know ledge of human nature when he said to a student, "if you muttt play card* don't mark the backs." ?yTbe %ill?ge of Wot Held, Wis., has l?een so Afflicted by small pox dining the past two inovi>? that the stores, schools, and churches have all been closed, ami the local papers ap peared in iuvtuning for the dead. GEORGETOWN. A Farhkr Dirakpuibtkd n Lovk Hoo>. Hieselit?Mr. t'hark-s Itenshaw. a well-to-ilo tanner, a bachelor about4A vear* old, who re - y*? ?n Montgomery county. Md.. oa the old J-rnlerick road, about six nnles northwest 01" ir P1*?*' committed suicide yesterday bv hanging birx.-elf Ik an out-building. It is re imrted that he wat engage! to be married to a, voung ladv of that neighborhood, a Mi<w OS'it. tew days since he receired a note ----- - ?'.7 ??????? mhw ?<- iciniruainKe trom her stating that she hid changed her mind that at the time he had h s wedding suit ready and other preparations made for the wedding, which was to take place this month; and that the noti. e *0 affected him that he has

been 111 a desponding state of mind ever since receiving it; but nothing was known of his pur SiTw^r wa* fo,,IKS oangtM bv the neck in his barn fhaterai beam. He bad tied the Lu^-Vl .*-h '""-over the beam ?,,d around JUS neck and jumped trom a barrel. "RA,i Trai>e?The receipts of grain to-dav were 2 busheh. wheat by the eanallW? r . W aters, consigned to (Jeorge Wat >rs. Thi? gram was not offered on 'Change at the clode of our rejK)rt; no sales were offered. . Kivkr News?The steamer (i. H. Stont ar rived to-day from Philadelphia with a miscel laneous cargo; and the steamer John Gibson cleared lor New Yora with 3QQ bushels of tiour. ALEXANDRIA. 1 me Machixs Shop of the O. A A. K \il UOAD IJE8TROYBD HT Fl RE? About half pa-t eight o clock last night tire was discovered in the machine shop of die Orange and Alexandria dJI'Vl company, corner of Gibbon and I atrick streets, in Alexandria. The alarm was at once given, and in a short time all the engine companies were on the spot, but owing to the great difficulty experienced in obtaining water, ine names made rapid headway, and soon the entire structu e was a mass of flames. Finally water was secured, and the firemen went man fully to work. The tlaines spread southward and destroyed the paint shop, (built of wood,) of the company and a large amount of lumber which was piled in the vicinity. All the cars of the company which were on the tracks and in the deiait were saved. It was proposed at one ? tl?.e Washington tire department should be called upon for assistance, but th ? isolated position of the M>o|>s. and the certainty 1 ii.ey destroyed before aid coal.'l frV^^rerae,,tt'1 V'c ca,K The e>tim.tic<i , L, f20.!*00". A "ouiber ot mechanics em ployed in the shops are thronu out of work It 18 ".VP?^ Jhat V1? com nan v will at one rebuild the shops. It was reported that the flie originated from a watchmnn going into theoi ESS .'"aVM'o.a'hlc- """? bi* cITT ITEMS. Wea'^h, Economy insured by u*in ? Powdfr- Elegant Light KoU Biscufts, Jtc., prepared in ten minutes. Try ' ? ? wim CHrnny Hals am?The memory of r?r rinm11 e?,l>*,n?e<* ?n ttoe hearts of tbousai.N wl om Ills Holsmm 0/ Wild I'K'rry has cur,-.I ?f coughs, co.(Is, consumption, or some other toriu ot pulmonary disease. It is now over forty X?*? si.n,ce this preparation was brought hefot> sUntPlfincrtTi,^ttl,e dt ma,,d lor cm. r For Bbokchial, Asthmatic and Pulmonary Complaints. Brachial Troche m hi - fest remarkable curative properties. L-o ; -T,7i?5 J2S2." h"T,a^the pleasant f'l 1?7 com,nE on- Hn'i With it th " tiaxtling and dri vmg season, the public ^loni.i rimember and patronize the old-onUbli^h. d ? Xruuk a,1<' inanufactoi v 01 .i.otrs s Tor ham \ (;<?., 423 ;th >ti, 1 next t? Odd Fellows' Hall. Their sto/w of ?! 1 R;,u,s- Straps. Harness ,Ve ^1 pricts ^ ;^K)rU'*' tUe city, aik.f i to Mi*' 0,T hair blo-s.,,niiig H lif'riWei'r,y'I More <-sp?eiallv won. i'?l this fill'ictnni. anil it is ev-ii h irreatcr .1 - toimity to tbcin than t \ yerV Hair Vi - ?r r. i".,v. s ? aiid restor. - i;? it ,ir -ometimes, h?t its original color alwa 1 v. e-iiVW !?? BAVi; H.koam light Hix-nits. Ifdl BuckwkeMi l ake- r, 1 li??,Ac.. v,tl[ shoohl use I?oole> s v.-avr Powder. A.-k vo ir grocer for it. 1( i?:i pure Haking Poader. 1, A ciep.avxax writing to a friend says, ?'?.>!? vo>age to I urope in illd. tinitelv|M,tiM. I have diseovi ret) the Mountain of heahV on 1 ' s!de ot the Atlantic. Three bottles of Pernvi n *?>rii|? have r. w ned me from th^ fangs Ete .n??M .Ui?k fS"*?'* Kxtkact is Tor sal7 at wholesale ' y < has. & 1 fso Penii-vlvania aveuu " a n?l l?y Uriig^ists every where. * t,w.i*.ii * f,.?,.r'f ZWr.*" *rRe "i'l'^^'ate the ?-? tulne^ol binger s Sewing Machine. 1.-. S"r!TD tkkt being indispensable to health *1^ thonsands of por^,?. Com<> from t-u ?-M lls,t.I,r- w,litP- t??e well-kil l, u C Liropodiirt, No. ?35 15rh street, otax^ito 'kie IreaMiry, lor rpiipf from corns, bad nails A and advice a- *? '?'? -boes. '' kT^?-Aa?,Nal "hT*k, corner of New \ork avenue and 1.1th street. pav? ?; . t ^ar ou deposits for each calender month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. SatunUys, 'j to I an.! 6 '? ^ *t3,Htl? Gibb"? Skwim Machike. The Wlebrateil Bazaar Patterns. Agencv at Cii Baiiiu s hoopskirt and corset factory, Uh -tr-et Intelligencer Building. J' 10,? -tTh***0**te1b8 ?nd Barometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler. near 4^ street. ? . 1.ike's Perils i\ Missoiri a Missouri clergyman states that recently l.e war .-a! upon by a man to attend the funeral ot l is child; that the ?ext .lav ,l,is n,an was throv n troin his hors<- and kili.d; that the nextdav ; ie widow came and a-ked him to preach the fuiier el sermon tor her husband and child, and that ^ ^ 9 >\??XT PavHiB Ills Ti ?.MI;ST'>\K. -'I h" 111?t III. onsiderate man of the Jav live,, in Sevu,.. ,, I"d-, contrary to his expectations. He i recently he was about to die,' and otdered , ton^tone. When it was nearly com^'^l l.e l.anVvaM I U"| ^MaiMlTag'arou","! W"U<; ^ 'J'Hlt KAP1DIT* Aji^mi WITH WHICH ?re r#?moTtn! mini the foot reli. v^i if r I Bulioiih, Bh'I Nail*, Ac , At 1)R WlllTf k Ip /D or mouths, and no danl.t ,_7.ri,h ?1 c? : I W? | tj Coiilt* OCC*u<i? >ii a 11 v witi, J" *- "^118 tlonal Visit t? the Cliiiiip'Ki'iat andiMsawetf^L *C"1' ? fs-ir |>IIE.SS SHIRTS. siiiiiTMArjMii:,i8. PAT,?NT u,>, blk vokb OH IKT8. rea I) -ma.le, for %\6.W ?ijtT8Aii!i\ES ,PATSNT ? CBI.B VOKB MIIKTH, made to order, at ?ljj, f jj, ,jr I.<?kH(lOb, HI FTV ft TAYLVR. *H3 PK.NNSYLVAMA AVKXi K. LAD 1 EX UNDERGARMENTS. LAVl? COTTOM SKIKT* m ? o42T**b*" LADIICS ?OTT?>M UHKMISCS at | JtZtST LAD,M t-'OTTO* DRAWEES at Ti JJ* do,en LADIES MIGHT DKES8B8 at <1. $ AT U>(K??OD, HI t'TV ft TAILHK I, _f? tr ?u:t PFKN'SYLVANIA A VEN UE. 0 T 1 0 E . * ANDREW A JOTCR la ?onaya and settle all ?e AM W ??Uto ?arjUuHl (cBfeirnrt H. P. ibnrrH. CLOOlXi; rROCIUMVfi*. The Maryland ewtrKH'* of the MftlwlKt Protestant church clo*-ed its labors in Baltimore yesterday. During the day's i^ion the rrwlnt'oi re quiring the treasurer ot the mi^-ion.iry society to withhold the requisite mints from those mis sions which refuse to deposit with the mKsii n axy society a deed of tru?t of or other valuable security for their church propertv, came up a untinisfied business. I?r. .1. T. M array off- red a substitute, which, a>t< r a lengthy di?'uv>ion. wan adopted: "TliatalDx'iK tiriitriivot thf fund be required to give approved security for the moneys contributed, bv some h'gsl ohHgtttom. aud iii default of such security they shall be debairrd from anv belt r'.t of the mission&nr fund. That this rule, without exception, shal! be operative immediately." On motion of l?.r. S. B. Snutherland, Rev*. ,T I . Strauphn and Iltnry ltruner were elected to 11<1< rs' ordtr?. The report of the committee on mintions was then read and adopted, iteui bv item. Amoi.^ the items were the following: That Ninthstreet. Washington, be rontinmd as a mission, with an appropriation of'SJOOithat Carroll mission be discontinued; that the Potomac niisx.on be granted an appToptiation of fjdO; North Caro lina avenue rnUsion. Washington. g;iOO: All Sainb mission. #!(*?; Alexandria mission, $;w>. The report recommends the formation of juven ile mission societies. After the usual resolution" of thanks and other closing business had been disposed of, the pres ident of the ooriterence, I>r. I). Evans Reese, ascendta the pulpit, and after making a few feeling rem iks. read slowly and in aciear voice, the following of Arro?STMrxTa: P Evans Re,-?ie, D. P., presid.'ut. Satum*.? East B ?Itii!???!-?-, J. T. Marrav. p. p W.nt Baltim >re, L.W Bates, D. P., T M. Cormi< &, ? iij.. mum. ra?-v aMiKtant; Smth Baltimore, K. S. R ; Hri'Rtl a jijt. .1 P. Wilson; Washington ?irwt, P. A Shermer, M. P.;8tarr church. 8. B. Souther land. P. P.; Leringtoa street, F. Swent/.* II, H T J Tit. ii aud A. Richard*. nfrrnwran ami-taut Lyin tiling, Va., p. L Gi* 'illi'M; Hnrfilk. Va , .1 M. Holme*; G?orgetown, P. C.,T. P. Valiant. Win. C. Lipscomb sufe-rnninerary .is-istant; Laur, P?l., J W. Charfeton, M"Utgomery, Ala., I I' Jone-; Westminster H P. Hammond Salem. Phil adelphia, K. Whinna; l'>rst Methodist Pr?t>-?ta?t church, iVushingtiia, P. C., J. P. Wlls ??. CumbT land. to tel supplied; On'crville. K. T Graham Eaeton, B F B-nt 'ii; First M'thdist churi h. Pitt-burg, IV.. lo?n.-d J. .1. Murrst, P. P. Ofifti.*.?Anne Arnndel, J. W Gray, .1 G Sulli van; B'-lair J. Boberta, A. P. Mt-lvin, Balrinaore, J. it Nichol?, T H. Mnllineaux; Bedford. J Thompson, W J P. Lncss; Car dine, .1. Cla\; Cambridge, to be supplied; Ca. il. Wtu. T Pumni. J. M Yingllng; Chesapeake, W M. Sfrajer; C.>n e n!.W C. Ames: P >reh?*ter, C T foefcal, T O. Crouse; Frederick. S. T. F rs-iii.on. G. F. Faring; Fink-burg, A. P. Pick, and one to be supplied. Il'v srj. ?>. p Edni<>h?ton. J B Butler, aud A Poker. sup, i imiiic-rai y asnistaiit, .I'-fleraon. Fre.ler ick city and L< wistown.C. H. Littleton, M R. Gra ham; Leip?ic. J. M . Klderdice, Kent K S? ntt, M ? ris, K L. Lewis: Kennecyi ille, A. A Hatrymaii l.ila*rt\, I.R Miiiwr. M:lton, J II. E1N ??'. T. A. Moore, *ui~-rritini?rat\ assistant; Pipe Creek. H. C. Cnshing; pMnniuk'. W.J. N- p' r S.-mer *t. .1 L.Mil!-. 8tc??rtstown P.WBdes, 8. R Trmdway; Su-iii* huima. J. Shre ve. 8**af<>r>l. 1 . M Tli 'ii-p-'on, A S. Kver?ole <?n riinnierary a> sisthiit, TallM.t, 8. E'iaar Br?-d. I'lii^n, A.T.Mel vin: M arwirk. 8 A. Hublitsell: <^?ie.-n Aung's, F. T Tiijig. P X Gilbert: 8iu>w IIill, K. T. Littl< , Mi vtuso. J . T. Lspel: Whalry\ ill*, W. U. H kIiii ?. atiilone to !.?? snpplii il Wicomico. J . L. 8tr*uKlin . Ileath^ llle. C. O. MeP in; Campbell,to b? ?nppTi JHisstou .?Alexandria. J.L. K;lc<>re. P.P., G. Valiant; Ch,'|4a' k. W. A Cr 'ti?e; N'ntli ?'r->-t, Washington, K. J. priukhonao; J?-?ark.K J . P. Wilson. M P Potomac, A.M" Math"r: A , J.T. \dl> ins; 8t. Michael's, J. Earle Xal'Tj8"*se W. 1>. Litsiupr; Sanisb>ir\. .1. P. Kin/cr: H*rp>-r ? Forr> . 1I.E. Mi*kiuan<>i.. P^'aiw-o J. E. T Ew-!1; Willinui^rort and B-rk- lei . W F Llvlng?ton; K*nf 1-land. II. Bun., r, Peach B-ft ni. W. J. Floyd; Tlampden and Whif Gr.'iii d?. W H. Lane- Korth CmvIIu Avnat Misai n, Waaiunatoa,to t. plied; Otter. Vs.. t>. I.? -upi :."d; Conference >1 -- monary, A. W el?-ter, P P I'rm ipal of the We* em Maryland Coll-ge. .I T Ward; Vi. Pri?>. ip:?', .1 K Ni'-li"l. C II. (j ^ent. P. I. slit WiN.ti. l aii.-d i<<th"lt e.i i t ?t .?? e-. J. e. Parbv; S i p rsi nat's. .1 ht. Eld. r<lic?. J. \ F .d si.P I Swell. Th'>nia< L'-e. II J Pa> , K M Br?aa,J.W, Evirett. After an impressive prayer 'ki.I b.'.^ndelleer- I by l>r. .I.J, >li(rr:iy. the eont'erence oljourte 1 to meet in fi'-ort;i'town uii the accond Wednes day in March. K4. Georgetown Advertisements. riuiK BUSH Ih U\ K It^lltK AiCl'Mt'UTVP 1 work all ready for A l.very; th'1 nna voHl.'iblo d'day in the de!i?i-r? ( rk li iit# Hie fall, owniK to thu ii.ij- ' !?:v ..t war..^ ?killed workitien in sntP. ? nt uun.L.- r?. Truly thankful for pa?i fa%.>r?. ht> i:.jr at pr -???'.? % toll cotps of first-c!h?ii artisans, with mm fac 'iry to r. e.-t promptly all demands. 1 respectful,) a-dkt* a C<>litmu?ucc of the same. ?. II. WHEATLEV'S PREMIUM STEAM UYE1SG A\U SCO IK 1AU ESTABLISHM EXT, jai!7 49 Jefferson street, Georirstown, P. C COAL AND WOOD. 'J' O (OA L DEALERS. We h!?vp nererat hundred tons of HITE ASH AND HEN BY cLAi SB AMOK IN COAL. FI RSA' E.KGG AND STOVE SIZES, at tlu f?s>t of Sixih *treet west, wtiicki we will aell to the trade at wholesale pricts. Applj to us in person orljj mail. T EDW. CLARK fc CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealer* in Lumber, W'? J aud CoaKf.- t of Fuiinh ?tr.*el ea?t. fl7 tf HOTELS. Howard iioiat. r?r??. <un sftetant i. act. , Ha.'hiHitoH, U- C., E. WOOLS, Pruy'i, lia> ju-t ii(t. i-?sne ? series of el-gant impt . ??? inebtk. having 1'eii thoroii^lity reu*vate,i and r tnrnislied tbrcn<hnut, uiakiii/ it at present one of Ui> most desirable Hotel- in W;?*hingt 'n. E. D H ?:u<J, late proprietor, retains :?n interest in the Hotel, where he will be pleased to see his >11 friends and former patrons, promising thetufiist cln?s accommodation* at id. times. Tenus, ^2 per day. TabK> B >?rd, $3? p* r uioutb. mil I n U h'lOM HuTElT, Gkor.o7t^WN, D. 0. ~ V. SHINN. Proprietor. This Hotel has been newly retitted and famlflbad. Itiublains ail the m<^?rn improvements? mt and cold l.aths, bells, aud gas. P is conveniently l > -ale.|, bemr situated on the line ?,t the Washington slid Gei'rgerown City Passenger railroad, the cart d which, trom the railroad and steamboat dep-'t-, pass the door every two or three niiaur??. The eu. sts ot this h use can reach any ot the pnMic nilaings of the national capital or any place of smusement, Jtc,. by a pleasant ride of afewnnnnte* Persons doing bnam-ss along the line of Vie canal snd on ttie wharves will find tt to their advauta*. ti< ?op at this bouse d??fl i, | JY80N 8 HO?lT~ Ko. 7VK G STUEKT, jefi ?f Bktwkkn 7tM^AM/ 8th Strect rJ,iiK IMPJtKIAL I10TKL, JAME8 8YKE8, Prarrxttm. , Frontinc Pknmstlvama Avbhvb. Btiwttn Uii om 1 ink ttTert*, WasbiMTOX, D. 0. Thankful to the public for generous patronage ib 'he past, the Proprietor asks his oid friends ai.d patroiit to test the accommodations of his pre.-:it establishment, which he promises shall be found at least e^ual to tbe b*st in Waahington. jang-tf [B?p., Chrnn.l HB BBTAKT HOU8K, L'xaitd on rorutr Ui4 srrstf and N. T. scami. Alter ths 1st of December, |?t. Peruianeut aiil Tiansieut B'arders will Ana this house uus of t ie aiust desirably and mc?t conveniently located h .usss in the city. The romu are.neatly furnished, well lighted and ventilated, and provided aitb all modern home ?c eommodatioDS. Tbe charges are low, but the wants and the com fort of all guests will be carefully provided for. The proprietor, Z. RICH AKOb, has determined tc prcride a good caterer. no?l>-.?'i' p C. W1LLARP, IBBITT BOP8B, WASHINGTON. D. O. Spring Opening. OUR OVERCOAT DEPARTMENT. A FINE LINK or EKOLISH KEB8EY OVERCOATS, ENGLISH HELTON OVERCOATS, BLUE TRICOT OVERCOATS, BLUE, BROWN, OLIVE, DAHLIA AND BLACK OVERCOATS, ALL GRADB8 AND FBICE8, AT Oo"" Tf am D Strict-. C'cwii. i?6 om/; worth of" ?0Vi Ve4 in ? ?- Pennsyh ania avenue to 4flT r~n-i? gy ?>. iXf s?n?x tr?k. IS BOOKS. STATIONERY, Ae. j^OOKS FOR TBI LKKTIS SEASON. nrlp>t'<i Holi Lent. Bv Bi-h?p IIiiMtaitxii. P tatrkv V G<>M?n Traoitry A R ?*ry for L> n(: !>?.?*<*v n?I R i ll- f t \ris'isc OaMtHncMf for R-tired Hoar*, lu ChrtM; or th. B*!i< \er ? l'u. >u wuh ki? L->. 1. Bv A J n. Pursuit of HoIIbn) P> G ulturn Thoughts ot: Per?on?' R? Ugton. B> O^nl^ru. VM BaLLaSTYNE. nisi II 4*"? 7th |>E POSTKD.-SANTV iiTiiMIScjbT U y. I' apb> . China' ? . p. ju'ali i> fcivl Ch?r i t- r. it* Future. Statistic*. Finance, H ntito Emigra-its Travelers, Mm< ral ictions. 1 neat vol , ISO Engraving* and Mtpa. SToCKMAN .? SdV.fnr *h a?1 I sts. ew'Books: sew book*: AT BHILLIMCTOM'B BOOKSTORE. Corner is street and P-ua?\l>n.i? t<mm An Ope Qs<?tn*. By Jun^ P' lilli kulfrt FaiouMT. B> ttoorge M?ioii*J Ch-ar Edition. P?wi"ii In Tmt-th. Bv AnnK Th.vniaa. I'tii* and Kir*e? By Farjeon. Man?Wu?an. Br Alexandra Dumas. The Mysterious Guest. B) Mi?Ehi? Pari?. Lad) Sweotapple. By the awth >r of an It.eiitf'il Ltfe. Servant Girl of the Period. What Mr. a:ul Mn llnnfyd'* kvmwl at B 'wwk'vpint. A Two-told Life. Fr >ni th" G-rman of V>a Holleru The Young Ladies' Juurnal, launioly pan.raiu* Jt Fs>.hl 11. The Popular Scfence Monthly, Bo. 10. aii tbe back on hand. Barriers Bur.ied Avar. Bv Be*. Edward P R-?e. B vrhsni^. By Bebecra Kui- r Sprlng-r. Tril>nne. H'taM at><1 World A'tnxi-ac-, for W1 A I Arc stock of BLANK BOOK*. PAW HOOKS and MKMOR \ MM M BOOKS. SoTE PAPkK LETTER PAI'KR.and PLAYING CARDS. at tn. Tory lowest prim. Hd-tt l< HARD B. SiOHT* k ? 07, R' BOOESELLEKS A N V STATION EKS, 1VU PENNSYLVANIA AY EM CM. Bare jiiat receiv-d Ibe BRITISH ALMANAC AN D COM P AN ION. for IKS. KOTAL KALENDAB. for 1-C3. WBITAKER'S ALMANACK, f-r 1?73 BRITISH A>:M\ LIST, for 1STJ. BRITISH NAVY LIST, for UTS f.N tr O T I CI. OPENING OF A NEW STATIONER! STORB AMD BLANK BOOK MANUFACTORY. First class c-at fair prtcea, f >r caah. LI1 H0GRAPHING. ENGRAVING, PRINTING AND BINDING DONE TO ORDER. Th? public are invuad t- call and examine ->nr oca ?tock. BEN. r. FRENCH, Under National Metropolitan Bank, and Dt il door to Jay Cook* B Oo.V a? H tf Washington. D O. LIVERY STABLER JB OLCOTT A SON, . BOARDING, LIVEKY d SALE STABLES 411> 81 ti street, tot. D and E, aitd Chain Alley, b between 13th and 14th. Office, Willard*. B ?t carriages furmahed. Special care paid to tb< boarding ?f horatw. d? 211v LLISON NA1LOR, Ja., LIVF.RY AND HIRING STABLES STYLISH CARRIAGES and COACHMEN. 4wji ly 1XM E at root north v~?t ARLINGTON STABLES.?B. CBUIT. JR G STREET, Bftwim 11th *in 1*?t?. ^Cfirrjafea by day ur night, and for wdding^or ^ar C"?ONtfRESS STABLES, ~ Bin STR* ET, Bitwicv D a<?t> B. H'<raoa and Bii?ri?f for Hire. ai?d m frvab aurF'T of to<<i Hot to* for aal? ororv ??<?* jySI ly RICHARD VANT. Pmprl* * \V*ASII. NAILOR S STABLES 13M E ST. VY CARRIAGES of tb< lat.*t atyioa conM.'UiUy on band mid f ir hire by the day or m'>nth. Paitioti, at^dinr*. aud r^cptiotm furui?hed ?:lt th>- moft c> mfurtable and ol?-c.?nt CarriiMC<?. Particular attention to b?'ardiuc Hor???. and H rn? alvray* for nalo atid ovrhanr*. dwls :f PIANOS, &e. 'I'lNING AND _KEPA]RING, r?'LlSHlNG frtW AND VAHNiSHlN<t 1I VN< > AM). ALL MrSICAL 1M8TRCMENTS. Ai ??) ? r? < <1V ?a Hio Bioat I ait.. I ill .t' i ? i 11 Mil ? y G. L. H 1LD A DK0 .4 J0 Uth r.r.-ot ???t.n > i.ortl?Kt corner of Peanaylvaiila avoouo, mrm taoiity yoan well known a? practical Piano ate! Mutual IitotriiBK'tit Makor* Doaior* in Piau ? a:.?I Mnairal ItrntrrinrDtt ft< ii>rallr. nil?i tr :U8TAV KL'HM. FKACT1QAL ,PIANO MA i i USTAY KUHN, PKACTHJLL PiA* 'I Uth. TUMiCR ANU HhHAlKkh fy> fiAAOi A*VOkUA >S OUotar. cenei at EARR S Joaeiry S'.orr, bdW Pa.' avo., and at NAIRN 'S Drag Store, corner fth ?tro?t and kvrune. f 11 Sri UCHOHACKkB A CO. ti PIANOS. ?9 PHILADELPHIA GREAT REDCCyToN IN PRICKS. Tbasc lMtniB:?nta, which, on aeroant of tbolr ?% Krlority over all otbt-ra, hatu in afow come tb? moat popular hero, aa woll aa al over tbe conntry,can t* Lad now lor tba tol-HIlYt lowing low pricoa bol ARE PIANOS from fSTSto ??7B. UPRIGHT PIANOS from *?wto f7?. GKAND PIANOS Ironi f sffb to f Ivttfi. Peraoua a bo wiah to save trooi BUM to #MB In put chaaing tbe ,i -t: -m.-i-r out, are invitod b cal and ? onipare for tb<maolvea Pnuioa for r<-ut. Piano* exchanged. Tnuing and R<'pairingproporly attsndac to. CARL RICHTER. Ag-tt, dlC-tr 93d P-nnwlvaaia a?er-?a 1LLIAM KKABB * CO., Baltimore, MakTLavn, GRAND, Syl ARE AND UPRIGHT PIAMOB. Th??o itMtnunrma have bw a U fore tba ptblic fw forty y< arb, and upon their rxct-Iieuce alon a'l ?.!??<! an on purebred pre-eminenc wbk h protionncea ttv-m nn?qaalle4 for their tone, touch, workmanship and durability. They have been awarded sixty tfve gold and titTer nedaii al different fair* over other compatitura. All of tholt SQUARE PIANOS have their mw and improved Overvtrtinc S* ale and Acraffo. William McCaramonli PIANOS and PIANOS ate ORGANS fruoi firioaa aell-knwi. fact, rioa f<r *al? and rent, at REICH EN BACH'S, daclll tr Piano Warer >otn*. 443 1 It b atraat aHftropoiUan Hollar Store. ? alone^^^^ IT:fIire||MBMB ftMrlllin Tlie attetiton of the pnhi:. U respectively ralle<t to the folioaiiig very cheap and doairable go."la, ju?t received ? Ladu* Skirta ti!< k<-l. ni-ele of punio nin^lni. an<l Vrllnesid $1. LadioaChemiao, UHtyle?. at Al ea. h. Ladiei Dr?w< t>. trimm -d v* itli emhroidery.r ifflinc . ortn< k?^l, heat niuelin. well made,aud tn all 1 th-aiiabie ?t\ lea. La. I ioa" Gown. *4 i, iigih. SI. Excellent Aprotic at 2S aud 50 cents. Linen Ch*-iuis<-. plain. ?1. 3Wil.U' ii Crystal Goblets, at ?1 p. r d??ron. lUUdox.'ii T*'ilet S.ap. large ph-cer, 4 for 25 cent" bph nilid Bubht-r Drewiug C otiifx.. tt contc. 15 at} lei. BaiM.-anx for the bait at !u cents and $1. Largo aseortiueut of LADIES' AND GENT S KID GLOVES, in w bite and color*. t'. 50do?*n La.liea Mlk S< arfs. ail colors, SO cents. A lull as**?rtn.eiit ?.t tboae d.^irahle aoli.1 walutt Book Racks, Hat Backs Towel Back*, p.?i?: Racks. Side ami comer Brackets. Ac. Beautiful Oya) I in. Walnut Frames, 8x10, with giant and hack complete, go coats. 3UU really guou Chiobioa, in oiled Walnut Fram-*". at 91 each. A no?. lot of tboac haudsoaie LACE TIDIES, 4.3. 2 and I for $1. Prohahly th>-pnttiost amortment of Wallets jrou overseen at 23teu:*,tucents,and #1, worth to look Verr go.*l, all steel Sciseors, at 2S and SO cent*, p.a ket Knive- ami Rar.or* in large variety, at H cents. M cents, and ? 1 each. Hand Mirrors, at "4cent* at>d II. Our nsual aaaortviottt of Ladie?r Ge nt's, and Chil dren's Hose. S pair for ?1. Besides a uuhjIht of other new articles, all good, pratt) and cheap. S. 8ILVEHBKRO, METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE. SIB SEVENTH BTBBBT. ?10-tr near Pennsylvania avaaaa. poi THB LK1CESTERSH1R1 TABLE SAUCE, TBB TBBT BEST ftACCB ABB "?If BAN IB ABT PABT OB TBB W0BI.B. BOB VAMIL F VSR. WBTB ..I ? , ? OiitTi. ?ALB PINTS. M UB?. BOB BALM MT ALL 9ROCMRM. N ItBBLI, THE ONLY NICHOLS, AT IBM SEVENTH BTBBBT. kite Mm who Mil. BOilBBT, BABCT 00008. At ?- -- B0TI0BB, Be.,Be., wgjj GROT FUR. I.VNAKKt tiiV VI htlcMlf *n 1 R?i?ll r.r?f?n, I ill 3 Stria** S-v* ?*?? * ? TP \? ' TEA*' TEAA* ^Japan Tea. t ??:, a %r; *<t? *- -e?. ? it':rfn?4?r T*?. ?! j ? f -*l ?rtirl? f>r f' Oiefre C-inp. w.W l-a, If 1 >5: *-r? b??' . * ?.? Imperial T<'?. . TS , f I; %er? l?n<-?t. f 1 Jr C .<1 B'trk Ti.'hi*- II. g W- ki>r alao i?' ol <S? k*-?! la tb? Atao, a:. eltra Eugltali Br -tVtaet T->? rLori, Ac. B?;>, T>otw? '? ?ml oth?r t:?' '? Flnnr.tli at io?eo? k,*ih|i jr?-n. TV" P??aa4a 1. *rd fir a|. G"kien *? rn*. per ration Ttr; o?r beet f I TT p-'i.ixl- Sew p?!w. I I S N-? Pr?iM* f 1, t< *~ U!f bn?b<-l for |:1 FRANPT. BIN. Ac. Prre F?eacfc B' . p?r U.ttl California " ?? .... r ,rr n Gin *? ... .? r-Hoa acd * l??, per ?*.-tl-?. W i, ?k > . * > ? ) ? ?r? . ! ?? Saert *.??** t.? 5; p.* cvi! >n. f i "? . I ?? . I ?> ' v ? . I. It'll AH E k f' * tr 1 t?13 ?trfi N W . m >M< N p KIC X LIST o? QEOCKKlKH 41 BLPIIVMO VtllM ft t? ?. AUGARS. |IISTM^?IH|[KBRA!II>P 44 A" (ClarlH?dI. Jt lb. U? K r*e?.~,| . I.a!I. TS tbe. for Car r.,atM .7)* lb*. r.<? I .r 1 I M Light Priwti(iM*rlT~?iilUI...C\ ibe. for : ? G> od Br> ?? li J It* for 1 ? FLO rTfi. _I*ir?? rery hieti grade | E*tra-a *? ??! Tamil) ) Family?choice | Pur.lly-tl* WJ tvd | Fan.:!)- Wtkb ? beat ? al low* f J it ?act, S u ?atk, I M **l, I to ?ark, I 7t SUXDMES. Pron?e-ch<1??. j It*, for a I Eufllvb Corraiita ? J Iba.for I w ? J? rbm f ,r Jmi W tiiw.iw ? O'^eri Cor?. < ran* t r I ? ? ran* I f 1 M Call at ? nc*. a* *r ear.t. t rmmMw tbr a! parai.deu Ua prior* f A all) dr-m. ie loi^, f 0. BLPHOWO VOlftGk ft lu., bhOl&AS, n tocnop. i m \??osir rrsirLt. I *TH all r ?T tr W H . B A I O ft , . TW M AkKETHPiCK, H ? tu'jsarttin fur rOEF-lGS ANl? LoMHSTIc rBriTI", AXI? r.AKt'T thic.'f Sil ?? DAVANA AftP VALKW? IA OKA<")t. thf. riNrtiT no!* and kaihi? FXTKA LAIUiK M ALA?.A <;RAPr? CAL1F''RXI A Pr.ABS. FRKNl H PKl'XCfl. IOI* PM.KKI.S KKI.RCTKH Arri.K IV bAKKKLS < R\NBCRRIKtf. 1 \ . tt4 ? ASCV OltOCEftlES. Plrcat oM BKAKDT. Imported and I ? ? rt 'a W INKS, hi M aud tf IK, Moed PBRN<H ( K N DIF9, 40 cruit r- r boquo. Imported CUNkL.< ? " 'airi**?T k'tl' V* U 44 FIU'lTi8. jurt Larc^ ?t n k uf btaplk ttBOCKRII lowest pnrrm. TEAS! TtJLsl I at the tfrf -J! ?T (31 Air rewtrlM a tar*, aepply of rnnartlit likKKN an<*. P.I.A< K TRA.aock aa la rare.t uBeraA in tblac<.>?ntr> . an.I at m<4enue prima 1 have a fair awl paiM?bl? BkEAKfAJiT TCA at ? cviita per pwund. It if p?re K ?. Bi'Rt'UKLli. orM 13.14 W atr-et. fi?ar IM itt U >iae REAL ESTATE AGENTS. AL LAlil LU A CO. ? Hu) and bcil K- a! E-tate. All 8? > f-*;h ?i , f5T "f.IJi (fht., R r ) ?i>p P -?t lift e B. Bc??UI, REAL ESTATE AOEWT ABDBUOkCR. jai,) 3n. olftc-: !:???. F l>TRi:KT AC8TIK r. Bkou w. Curuti N ? . avenue an<l M?h atreei, Waahiu|toii. P C . WHOlltSA!.* Pt?U( t* LUMPEB. LIME. CEMENT, PAND, Ac . ?c , M tmiiEk BILLS rot tu <>rd> r .?!? ab trt ti'tir. BLFE 8Tt?KE f?r Bnildinr. laMdui /? c .'4 Paitti* purpuaea dolnorvd In any pat i ul u? l'ta trirt, KKAL ESTATE bowM and aold and a. ? -i Mi r?Mit<-d. T?? tbia bratrt-l. of tike boat new I ?rllli. re after *Me ui) perautial attention, aud will l?e at uiy "?loedAily from 10 a. ?>. cotil ? p. ?>. marl tf THE TRADES. AWMIM08 ANP DBOOBATIOH8.-AM N.hUB fc t atorna. citjr aud conntrr . -1>* lal ?!!? nil i. k .?? t< 1>? in u c Haila for B ? and Partiea, PLAVib. HOUSE and WAUuK CUVBU. for aalc or rvut.bjr JOBM 0 BIM2AK, Manofa'-tnr-r. 113 Market Sm>?. de<-J tr IM*wn 7th at.d 8rb U ft I ^UkTrUCt, TKilTt. ~ M O COPELAKD, MS LontclMia ftveiiue,'itiedooc e?Ml 7th ?? i -wt AVSIKOfi for Stc??a.(% an.)C< Jbt) ',<a rarktrkt in atjrle and tamab. FLAGS and TKNTs foraale arid reut. booms 1>EC<?BATEP. All Canvaaa arttrje* made t> order DANCING clothh ae? tr_ J B. TIRTOft, CAKPEXTkK, SVILDXA. aw COBTBACTOE Ordera for Borne rarpetiterlnc, Jobtotna. or tract or *? Work apeedil) alt I'Wdad U>. 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