Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. CBOftBT H. ROTER Mltor. Largest Circnlation in the District WASHINGTON CITY: f?%Tl Kit % Y Marrh 23. 1*TJ. What It Amount* To. Mncb hw Iwn m?| with reference to the **? creat* of the pay of Congressmen, mn?l it has kefs that, in view of tit fact that members rnnst refund mil age already drawn or two year* past, receiving in lieu thereof actual traveling espens a, the total amount paid will not materially exceed thai p ?id former rmptf i A simple calculation based on the official record* of the Treasury Department, throw a little light on the subject. In the KKli Congress there were se venty Senator* and two hundred and forty-four Representatives. There were paid or. account of the mileage of {senator* .or that Congrea* th"?:im of ?4JBS.CA; xu't on account of U'-prcnenUtitf*, ?JuT,i50, Making an ag; rugate mileage for lK>th Hon**, 4?."? ?'iO. The pay of the Senator* and Kei? rc?eiit ?tjve? ? r.11 in all ? for that Conjrot* (two years*) at *",W> jkt year, was UdMAWi abiding the mil* age (?."*>,<43.VM>) and we have a grand total of 9),IK,4<Mn. Now the 4Sd (I'tijrcw ronfiftiil of *crenty-fo?r Senator* and two hundred and fifty-fire Keprc rnritatives and U?l>*gaUj>, but for the s.iVe of craiptiihM let us suppose the t->tal number to I c three hundred and fourteen, the ?an-- a* the 4< th Coagresa. The | ay of this number of Sen at' r? and Representatives for two year*, at ?T/o^tach p-r year, would be *1,71(1^)10", and supposing the ni mbers received the same aii'ouiit of m.lcagc as the -M>ih Congress, (*-*??. 4-V*4,) that ran would l?e swelled to *-?.<W6, 4^>.U.; or 91,570,1MB m?re than the total amount received by the members of the loth Congress on account of salary and mileage. To the Vital 1 ay t!" m-mbrrs of the 42d l*ongr<v?s, however, ould be added the allowance for the actual ? velirg e*i>enses of members for the two ear*. Liberally estimating these expenses to :..ourt to a-liC/OB. and adding that sura to .rm>,4N&.6a, wt have a grand total of ? ?fl; or tl.TiO,M more than the pay anl mileage combined of the b>th Congre.s*. Vc have added the mileage of members of the VJd Cor.gTess because it was actually drawn tron? time to time from the Treasury. Now, on account of several extra j-osions of the I2d Con ?rfi?, the mileage paid it* members wu con s.derably in excess of the sum paid members of the 40th Congress. Sup;>ose, to make a liberal estimate, it is twice that sum, or in round num bers. that the amount refunded on account of niil(i^'<? is ??"-O.Win, we still have $1,170,000 in eren.-e- over the <um paid for salaries antl mile age to ii? mbers of the 40th Congress, and these I ?urrs approximate pretty close-ty the amount rrqnirol t-? pay members of the IJd Congress in exc^sof the ?\j n.'es, on account of salaries and mileage, of the loth Congress. A ca^e was dee dedin Brooklynon Wednesday which is calculiited to make life insurance ronipani- s a l.ttle more strict In their medical t rs. instead ofitljing upon the state r^ents ??t applicants far policies a-? to their i t\-leal condition. In the ea*?j in qne3tion a Jnrv p\t a v id. t for >i.0"Ki, with interest, the lull an mint c'a.m d by the e?t it? <>t Victor I 'i ary from the l.ondon. Liverpool,and Glol?e Insurance Cempany The d> feve was that the d? c aved eoiiceal- d from the company at th? t T.ic the is>:;e of the policy the fact of his I aving been attacked a short time before witli t ii:j oiary paralysis. ?? ' ? Hie Baltimore iwriea-.-, in commenting upon the execution of I ester, wy?: ?? Foster Las received his punishment. We tr'.st that a!l ihe nU:ir ruflkiuuf kb clav will t.ike r:2 from bL unhappy late. It might be aell a'.?o i.-r the *gr> ?t criminal iawvei to II lilllirhf il tiy tkr lull* and nt;iiili anf ex* jri.--:? n ul public opinion which th.. di*cn?io:i tf thi> ha* brought oat. as to the crafty artsii- ' o\?.I to nmrderers from puni.-di nioit. M> n who slander the innocent, and stip prr?*> tl < itutli in their < tlor?- to cheat t'ie gal lows. ate begianlr-g to be regard-'d a* p'iblle eneatw *. almost as dangerous as the criminals wbcm :h* v MM." W itlenm, of the l.ouisville Courier-J- imii, n.ust have** hole in his head, in the place where the* bump of veneration oujjht to be. This U the irreverent way in ?ho:h he speaks of the collective wisdom of Kentucky iu legislature assembled : " Ua\ inp wii'i^l patiently nntil the Kentucky legisialtire had wast- d three m inth* of its t;me in irivolitr. we felt it to be our dutr to stig matize it.' elaborately and with proof, as an incompetent. Uzy an?(reekles? body of political dcadfceata." In Virginia heretofore, the man who owned H'.OOO werth of real or pe rsonal proj>erty might bo!d it against his creditor*, while the clerk or mechanic who had nothing but bis salary was to have that garnisheed for debt. The inequality of the law in this regard has now been corrected, the legislature having just passed a bill exempting from seizure for debt, by garni-hee or otherwise, a salary of *30 a moiith of a laboring or other person. The Springfield Jtej ullirj*, tn quoting some remarks by Tub Star upon the reported com mutation of the sentence of O'Brien, inadvert ently puts its quotation marks in the wrong place, and credits us with saying what was said by somebody else. ?? ? ? ? - It is not the questi'-n ?hether capital punish- I mei.t is. or is not the most effective penalty for the shedding of blood. While the law is on the statute hooks it should be enforced inflexibly, and impartially. In view of the probability that the Jury will find Tom Wright guilty of the murder of the peddler Kogerski. it will be well for the com muters to find out, right away, what Sunday school he attended. r^SinBmilil MKTHODIST PKoT ANT <_ HI R? II. tsiw.-.-u C an I K *t-.? > S-tb?tb at 11 a m and 7', p. Iu , l>/ It-v. ' W M I' l. la:\uli1l All inMT d lt? r3?MV.UIO. M D I? . .f Mdwau ! k'-e, *i<? ?ill pr-.. ti in .S.-C nd B<pti-l 1 -'i;ch.(>a\j la.J.< TO XUKKUW, at 11 .j'cl.-'k : ?i. ii* i'Kk.Al HINti AT i.oKMi'H* t CHAP 1 EL, ?? rner ? f 4*? an i L *treet* ->>utb?r "<t, li> Xi'Kki'U ,(s?sbl-? h.)at II a. m. ami7S p di , j lo ii.'i ? ufr i>aat >r. liev. J. Dikv M > I AX It* ir3?fu r-LOU MB1A LoI>UK,\> 10 - UrY N-biWh w re'ine.tid to tu? et TO M'JR kuV ?i;i. la> ? A KTEKNOOS. at 1 o'clock, to at m r?l ! Brub rJ.iai ? Dcvall. I- J. A. Mol'I.I'liN, K 9 OL1 MlJlA TV PotiK vViilC\L inion. j lir/ N IOI ? An AJj 'iru*--t M-tmx will l>e ii"l|l llll> kVIM5li, at I'uluiuloa Law 1 /. Jtk ? r?M, ssar K. Sew consiituu ? nirSupf- r tiral r n?id-rM.<>n. It H P\TTr.K?*?X. R.S-. ant Tor. gec>. l Ii> KIlT ASlTTAlLItl \ VIVA.NTS. i T..> r- * dl I e an iiitereMiii?( MI ^lt'AL'''iS ? liT,i m^aziied ? :h ''T.d.T.*u\ Ti?ants,? at !>.? Ci.^i . f ii N m B.?r?i*t Ci. ;? , t -'wen K si-l >. n 141*1 <r-rt, on M ??N l? \ V KVRJIlNil, M>r< ii 24, at 7'* o cAn*'k, f t 11. ben--ftt 'f th * ft b- .1. nil' 9 N? ?T 11 I- ?T:-?-r? will 1^* a iii---'tii i >4 th? K1 PI Mil A* II Ritr T!1 R 16th 1>?S Tkl- T. MOSI-AT kVKKIKii Jith insttnt. at ! Tern1 r H ?? N'? J* s>?SW. t iw^rn C ani D ?tr -eta at ?* Vl>ekfhaip A full atl'i:lauc^ is re- j iinnlnl, *- be-iti?aa ?.f i-iip ?riaii?-. will transpire, i P,T r.lei .t >*MI KL If * ILLlAll*. rr*.Ki~at. !? * | K' pj JOsEPH f ti SX.Chairman K<. C m. p N ' r I ? K - I r- a lit r- % iiMvlist i f lb* ! U,-i? OHIO VOTE** Kt l'l BLU AN I JII'iJI ?t S v'ei<a THM (-a If.av. March 8. 1S73 I i KA KM NO. at M <ru>i * llall. E <r?-i, brtw ,-n s b ?t.<l f?:li -t.? .f r I i.e p ii |? ??? jf . lortiu* ..Ul--i*r* for I the enau n.- f-ai a J th 'transaction of uther iui i -rtant iu-itts? AMOS r MEI>RORl>. Vic* LQCW T. MITt HELL. Se r- iary. If (^oKaMi si PPkK-A UHANl' slPPEU L?^witl l~ *!?? a b] PETEK <?ODKM bODUK N 1374,0. I" O.of V f., at ODI> FELLOWS' i \i l. urh street, b. tw--eo C and 1) northwest. IM RSDAT EVR^INO M-rek <7. The aeaitxT* of th-Order and a i?ener??n- mMw .'*r l iiailjr in* it~?1 to partw iprte in an sveains ? i i.j<?? ne-iif No sains will l?? spared lo Slake tki Ihrtiniat -.c:?l . ntertaif.?--ii? e^er ?lv -n Hi ??#? n (r '?re*ti bdf* lavlted. Bras* ana f'l.i.g bands bate Men sn^a*rd 'or tlH-'occa si.-a. w? 7i 2?.g okam? fe?pbkaxcb k*llt IN THE MK6T WA*I* TIkf* * ill U* ? ?? th* -titoK Ti \ the s?tb instaat at 7 3t? j'clisrk.* PuWn T?a??-r mm. r a?e?-i ir? nnd?r the a<-.<yices ?.?I Bxcilnior Tent, Nw. ?b 1. O. <f BrLahrtea. and Bar of H 'p L d*r. N" V 'i. I O C. T . at Uaion Chapel *. I. ? hurt h. >th er-H Th- nieeutK aill be a<Mres?ed 1 . Ike lei J T LIt.IITEB.Bev H W BE AO, Kev HAMl RL SUANuH.mrf J L. KIDWELL, The pntdic ar? cordially invited tube prw "UflJt*"'1" THE COMM1TTE1 AH?Sl?'.? A B-?bsi?-1 ?' ?nvoeat!oB ?t LA WATETTB B a. CHARTEB. Ho. 5, will VTl'BPAY EVENISO. March 3U. at 7 H A Mae as ia ir ?d ?taodinx ar? fra inl. If ufiirt u( ine VO?S*ef mT JOHN EDWIN MASOX. [Chrua.ABsp I BecraCary. niiiaiL The New York money market *11 sill stringent yeiMtrdiy, the rates to the stock bi-ker* being 1-1? to 1-16 &n?l interest per day. llii?i?e*? in merr?ntll? paper vu extremely dull, and rates entirely nominal. Government bonds in New York were quiet and strong and . vtn mely dull in I?ndon. The stock market ?as strong at the opening tut soon became wt ak. # (isrrrnmeai BetsrlUw. Jar Cooke <? Co. fnroish Um loUowingto-dajr. b*\ t. Stirg. B*vt. StUru. r 8 r*.MBL 18\ l"1,' I W?JnWT,*6.MS 1S*? us 16 , I ?n'VJuJtJy.V.MH ITS SJU-..1HH. _ia\ 16'? I 6-Al'sJn?Jj,,?.lA MS 8 ?l's,ld??_?_.-16S r1,! h) ? ? W\ IV* Maw Yoas?rn*T Boabd. r.S.IVMSL 1* 6 ?'?J*ii.*Jly,W88. Wl? s-nr. i*a ??.- ??> - 4 m i, i?x n . ? 1*4. li, A?'s, 1t6S W. ? a>-Jui. A Jij , , l # Vu. A Jl) . f7 _1<T? ?u-?'s U American Gold ... 14 ?' Currency (> jv '* New Fivus?ZZ '.Z UV The larkeia, March rJ.?Oottoa firmr?better inquiry; lew middlings, 14 flour?quiet ami stead r; Vi h *w unchanged. Wheat?stealr aid unchanged. I "ti.?steady, stock scarce; white sonthern, ?:>, > el low sonlhem. mixed western, W, Oats?quiet; southern. tofiu'o, wewtern mixed, H>e?in chang>-d liny ? western, g:S?<a$H. Pr vision*?unlet but firm. M-?s porV ? ? le.JMi^gl'!-M. Pulk mes's?-li 'iil'! r?, rib sides, 7 s; fl?*r rib ?ide*,7\ftd Bacon??boulders,Ok'-v; rib?dJe?, B' slear 11b side*. (l\W). Lard?ilull and l. ni list, 8Vi^V>'t Sug*r-cund ham*, 12<4tt. W--xt e-11 butt- r?tirn.'-r: stock sraroe; fair to goJd, 13 choice, * M.S5 ^ hiskv nominal.!*1*. BaLTinoBB, March J2.?Virginian'*. ennsolidated, ftfv*. Heet Virgiuia's, 14; N '."th Carolina?>, Old,31 b;d to-dav. Ntw March K.?Flour ftetde. Wheat quiet and stend>. C -rn duil. Nvw YoRi, March 22.? Stock* dull. M >ney firm. 1-61^1 16 p-r c. nt. G* Id tir-u. IV,. Excli ?nge.|ong, ?*?; short, !**??? Governments dull ami ?t -ady. THE WEATHER. Wae I?*TARTjiawT, Ogf ' c\\'.f Signal Ofleer, \ ^ aphikutoh,D.C., March 'J'2,1?73,11 a. m. J Stjlorslti rn? THI PAST TW 13TV-Por B HOTS'? The barometer linn risen since Friday mirniug Ihri uirhotit the Atlantic state*, an<1 the highi'M pre< ?-an-is ??? >? central in Ueorgia. The pr> a?ure baa falk-li north and w? at of Mi??oiiri. Piniinishiiifi ?<iM-rl> winds with ? !??n-t an-t occasional snow now pr tail <ner tt.e M?idle and E*-tern stute# an I l? w< r lak'-a. Licht ai.d fro?h westerly win<l-< with flamy eh n<ly ni d cb-ar ? nth>-r in thi-S-inth At sntic static and Ohio valley Light wind* and cnltn* ill ti e Gulf s'ates so tar as h- ar.i fr"in Kreeh wot'-rly winds on Lake Miehiuan lacreaaing s utlnr'y ?ind? with risinct'mp>Tatiire,r|oiidy and thl-ati Ding w?ather in th<- Northwest. Tli<> t'-m l> ra>ur?- ka* fall, n s'ightlv in tli- Mi.tdle and E ist eri -tat?*s. anr dec(d>-i1ly in th? Southern ?tati?s. Pumbabilitie*.? For th?> rest of Saturday for tli - Isst- rh Unit and Month Atlantic states tin* barotn* tt r ?ill rise somewhat wit h diiiiiuishin^ wiikIs and Keto rally clear cool weather. For the Midiile state* and lower lakes rising bar-.meter, fr. ah to briak w?#terly winds ard cloud* weath?*r, clsarin? away l-> Saturday ovenins. For N?*w England, rising liaromeler, wlr>da t, oring to ii->rthw,*Kt, with cloud and snow, followed by rlearine weatht-r Saturday niicht. F t th<- Ohio tali<-y and upp<T laken rising teiiipcratiiri1 and generally filling baroiiii?t?r, fol lowed tta'nrday evening by increasing soutliWi>st?,r!y w-ather. ratitionary signals cou tii-.m along tb? M.ddl- and East Atlantic coast, and will l e di- pla> id at the lake statious from anil after | A pril l-t. (T5? THE S1SDAV >IOHM>U OA ^r-y Z.tTTE, A ways maintaining its high popular position as the FAMILY METROPOLITAN SUNDAY JOUR HAL, will !?? !nt?ns?-lT int<-re?ting TOMORROW, with sharp KdiforiaU.-po \ ho iety Sketches, live L'"-al G-"sip, IJli ft T -legrams, *e.. including an elabo ra'e r? port 1 f Ib'-i r^a* Lecture to night b? \V\L I M'K p. GROOM ou C'l KREN- Y LE'il^LA TI??N. Bi x wesa men -h.nild r member that ev.-ry is>u? off 1 GAZETTE <? i?. at I r the eyes f at I ? ??? TM IMt THOt-AIMtrAnKR,; henc it is valuable t- an advet!i-i' g inedi iin. ?j" I' ti"i fnil to r> v| ih? 0 >*"?tte t- tn^itow. AdvertWuielils received uut'l t? Ive o"i !>s;k to roght. It' P-^?REGISTER S OFFICE. Ur^' PisTBirr or CuLrvst %, Wi.h .NiiTo>,l> Cj MarciiJl.WTS. N t ice Is her by L-iv-nthat oa Tl KSDA1, April 1 1-v.V will t-jpiri- II licune* given by the Uiatrict of C'?!usot ia, to all p.\-<t*c* J-aUrj, pi Id'.vt aud eonrn- mnl acemr$. All v raousei irair??din said l''t?itia^?,fraies or pro f?-i' 11- mn-t promptly r<-neweaid lic-nsr- in aceord'it pr > 1st ??11- of t lie ;tim-iid< d act r-gtilatinu lki-ases, approved June 2". WTJ, viz I'TUat every p- rsoii en^ gtl in i<ny trad", ca< upvtion or prof>* si n for w hich a Hc-n-eta\ is imposed by the laws M I. IHwtr el f Columbia shall, ut thetime f r pr uring th--??ni<, m-?k?- application to the R gis ter. ai d sha'l !-tat<* under oaih or aftiruiatlon such * 1: ay be pi bl?* to licenses." ? ? ? "Th. R*gi-ter -l. llthen i-?ue to the applicant a certificate statiag ?be particular kind of license for | wtiicli upplicatlon h.?s le-en tu.ul -, and tli" amount of money required l>j la-v to be piitl therefor. S?-tid certH'.raf,' sh.ill lw delivered to the Collector, who shall, upon the receipt of tie-sum of money statist th< r< n. give a certificate of d*-p>?tt, staling th* am nnt i f motiey paid and the kind of license r.v quired, and it si ?M be the duty of the Register to issue wid license."' Tfiat 1 very per-on liable for a licens* tag, whi nriv fail to pav the ?ame before engaging in the bn-im-e for whiih alic-nsetax maybe required, shall, in addition t.. the license tax impieed, pays f?;?? ?t penaltv of 11 "f leas ihan five, nor 111 to than fitly ,d diars, for each uffriC." JOHN F. TOOK. v 22-e. Mt R'gj-ter Di-trict of Columbia. ?ROSAl'A LIS ! ^ Ala., March 19,1*?. * G'rtt'ir.m ? For two y.ars I was a sufferer with It t*an ii'atory Rbeuiuatism. During that time I t -ok various remedies that profrssod to cure the dis es-e, but with no success. About six mouths ago, '? Rosadalis'' was recommended to me by my physi cian I took It a? prescribed, ami the result is very satisfactory. Besides my own. I know many other cases in which the Boeadalis has proved successful. Tour* truly, J.J.Pitxa*. Postmaster at Hunuville, Ala. { Krlr act from lettrr nf Ju/A March, from A. F. Wkft Ur, Ki</.. Drugtitt, Lima, Oh?o. J * * * * In conclusion, I can say R >*edalt* is the best blood purifier we have, without doubt. For aale by 9. CALVERT FORD, DiS mW 11 OS Pennsylvania avenue. jy~S?DEV ELOPING CIRCLE AT ?U #th street, next the Unitarian Church, on FBI DAT and SATURDAY, the 31st and ad, at i p. m Admission?Gent,50cents. Lady.Krents. ma ?' Mas. A. E. CUTTER, M P.,Medium. ir3?NEW YORK BSPUBLICAB ASSOCIA Tlt'N .?A special meeting of this A**ocia tiv>n will tie held at Clarke's HalT, Mo. 479 Penn i sylvani* avenue, on BATUBDAT EVENIEG, the 23d instant, at 7:10 o'clock, for the purpose of effect ing n~cps?r> arrangements to make the "Grand Tnton Bal?,' to be held on tU-3 evcui n<j of the 26 U instant, a success. The Inangur Vt *h Committee is requestid to meet same evening and piac*, at 7 o'eba k. A full attendance is d-sir.d. aLONZO BELL, Presilsut. JA3 1. PPBAQUE, B-c Sec. mil St ?>-"^?KoTICB TO PBODUCE DEALERS. Persons selling pr-iduce in the Northern Matket nm-t prneure their License* at the Begisterli office, at the Territorial Buildinr. on 4'* ?treef, betw?en P-lus) lvania avenue and C street nortliweet, on or before the 1st of April. W73. P- rs, 1,a selling fish will be subject to the Mgae reg nlation*. All licenses must be shown to the Market Master when called for by him B\ order of the t'.immls-loners. n?? td S Mi' FABLBN. Market Master. THE LATE EXCITEMENT WITH regard to the MASIIINGTON city SAVISGS HA SE having sut^Hd'sl. I re-p.-ctfnlly riijue<t the return of our depooitors to their usrotl burineasre laii'-ns with us. ilieir interest account will be con tinned without change. n:!7 lm J. A. RUFF, Treasurer. IKS" SPECIAL NOTICB.-THB NATIONAL \yJ5r CAPITAL BEAL ESTATE ASSOCIA TION.?In accordance with the Constitution, the B-wrd of Director* has authorised the sale of such *har>-* of Stock as are on hand, fixing the premium at Aft per share, its real value. The purchase Slice, at tne option of the purchaser, may be said uws, or by paying double <fw?j until liquidated. The lat ter condition afford* an excellent opportunity for parties to purchase share*, who otherwise weuld ha unable, at the same time realizing benefit* identical ?ith all the stockholders. This association baa been tu successful operation for a seriod of two years. BLarea can be obtained of the Secretary. GEO. COW1S, President. PIIIL. H . WELCH.Secretary. >31tt NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. The A see?or* of the several Legislative District* having completed the assessment of real property for the tisral year ending JuneSKh, 1874, the Board of Appeals will meet at the office of the Superintendent of As*r*meiit? ar.d Taxes, Ho. 3 JO 4H street,near the corner id Louisiana avuos, on the Su DAT OF Fkb Bi ABl.lCS, at 10 o'clock m., to bear any aep-als that may bs made from the valuatioaa of said as linnw. All s j p. als must be made In writing, and sworn to I re an officer competent to administer oaths. 1 he Hoard will be in sessiou each day (Sunday ex cepted > from II o'clock a. m. until 3 o'clock a. m., ati I on WEDNESDAYS and SATUBDAY8 from! u'c.ock until 9 o'clock p. m. O A. HALL. WM. WALL. GEO. A. BOH R ER. RILEY A. SHINN, R. J. MI DDL ETON, Jb., f-1 tf Member* off the Board of Appeals. WASHINGTON. D. C , March 10, 19TJ, Boons No 330 IS stbbit Noituvrur. In compliance with section 34, act approved Au gust &I,1-Cl.tbe Board of Appeal* will continue in ?-??ion at their room* and at the hour* d-siguated, EVERY DAY, exrest Sundays, for thirty days fr m this date, after which no appeal from the general aeeessment for the fiscal year U73-U74can be re ceived. By order of the Board of Appeal*. mark) lm E. F. M. FAEHT7. 8ecr.?tary. rr^a M iLiiaN'1 NEW DBCO ST0BB, ?o. 1400 Pksmstlvahia Avnn, Depot for Stsla and Mineral Waters. fett-ly strength, fs whyTbut y Clel This al to her sroatratad, losl ?badly withontl yet saWwjag enough to 1 a sever* 1 1 she will receive the proper ears, ss | 1 will linger months after moths, m worth w ?bs Is I Tbsr Ufa' To iof Dr. L. TB ?10? TREASURY NOTE PROTESTED! WHY THB GOTiuMILNT ALLOWS ITS PREMISES % TO r.E DISHONORED I CtRFENl T LEGISLATION NEEDED. % ADDRESS BT WALLACE P. GROOM, PRESIDENT NEW TOBK MERCANTII.M JOOltNAL CO if A S o y I c r E M P L E, TO-NIGHT. PUBLIC INVITED. 1-0 CONTRACTORS. The subscribers offer f,,r Mtle? PIPk' 18 iUch' b0*1 SCOTCH SEW ER M'"'-" te?4sa.v?aswis^,? tiiB-*o4t 3l(f nth wtreet imrthwwt. 1ME LIME ! I LIMB HI L IN *oo barrels a n?. i limb, in St or* ud fur h*|*. Deli?ereJ io any part of the city. J. F. KING A CO., 703 K Stbeet, h 22 !t' Near C irni-r of 7th street northwest. ? I'HOLI, (THE ONLY NICHOLS.} WHO IS HE * Att?hf:rhM 'don" buii nt-ai" * ^l,h nfton. trict <>f Columbia, holding a term, lettrr* im. nDrLARK?n V*r ?>SS*6?b S- t'LARK.E, hte of Washington county, D 'A ""'; All person* having claim* against the ?*."? deceased are hereby warn .si to exhibit the name. Wore tb/rr,f' 1? th" ""briber, ^ I 'T I ^ y, '*f March next: they may other wiee by excluded from all benefit of the Mui *?****-, Gi*?n uiMier my hand thia 18th day of "?r?;I8P. . 'BANCI8 A. CLARKB, n.a * at? ALBERT F. FOX, Executor*. pUOPOcALS FOB GRANITE PAVEMENT 8ed<d Proposal* are invited and will be opened at on'ThVrm?/t UoVlock m. ' n Til I KSDA Y, the lot h of April, for paving the f??V'VPf T.,hw'f th1 C"Pi'"1 Oronnda, running lTnH' to *?*? Jersey avenue*. K I'f?bidder* t? at ate th.- price per superficial yard. Ko bid will be considered utiles* accompanied with a bond in the .um of>, ,he sufficient/ of which ?PPtuTed by .justice of the peace for the Dis mi'n 'f ^"ne*' that the party bidding ? ill enter into contract in caae it is awarded t* him !!!. cooiplt te the work in accordance with the' 1?L\ti0M- . EDWARD CLARK, ma eotd Architect U. 8. Capitol. NEW NATIONAL MABKBT. JOSEPH J. MAT'S PARIS KID GLOVE DEPOT, 9 Pa.Av?.,?kt 9th asd 10th 8tsT Fall stock of BLACK and MEDIUM COLORS. LY0N8 BLACK 8ILK8 in nil grade*. m21 It A N EXPERIENCED TEACHER OF LATIN, ona or"!ill of,?2jI?"n Wl" *,*dly lnrt?* iu any Od# or all of ttese lanKiiaK^ a limited niiml?T Sr student*. Address A . 0. B , Mar omcc. IRVING INSTITUTE ?"R HEALING, No. A JO 'Jltl SlHKKT, Trp..?? .. ?... Or^rltokimt the PMommt. ? Bathing of different kind*, warm and /'.^rrn,i* cold compresses, thorough ?Jiff au/J """l?en joint*, and all contri tion of the *kin. Contraction of the joint* disappear lie ??[ The bloo d and hair receive new IJX'Av* vi*'>r. Sciatic. Iufl animator? and Chronic Bh-iunatum yield readily. The lintba r?-ei?e their natnral strength, the na J,1' ' kfi chang* for the bAter in afow aay* Dilapidatedan? w. ak constitutions reiovig IT^ l'* w"nn 'omentation*, warm air air introduced into the ear. powerful magnetism and lation and delicau force pump*, extracting all spliatancea interposing hearing. Medicine, whnn administered, in hows.pathic and eclectic form*. BeatUiful roonaa.nic* ly furnished and airy parlor* Spacious grounds, with *111*, walks, settee* and fountaina. Recreation*:?Biding in carriage row boats. flxhing, cr<?an. t. and innocent play*, histori cal. -H-lent ilie and moral b.?ks. daily and weekly paper*. All writing material, postage stampa. at regnlar price* Table ftr*t-ela?: cooking super Tiaed by educated ladie*, New England atyle. Terms r. anoiiable, by week or month^.?r further par M D^Mo'Sm street." Iu*Utote- W H I*VlK0, N B.?The use of tobacco and profanity di*cour age<l, and persona of ancleanly habits will not be received. ni21t>t* yuiri " LUNCH MILK BISCUIT, The choics*^ moat delicnta and Bnely flavored Ctaeker in the United State*. GIVE THEM A TBIAL. Especially adapted for LUNCH, TKA TABLE. AND THE USX OF IN VALIDS. For sale by Grocer* generally. Trade (applied by TYLEB ft BBOS., an 1m Sole manufacturers, Baltimore, Md. WANTS. \VAJlT?,.I?A.,!l-dlS IHIIHB, ? Mr. P . * HHHB g, limf Pi'umylTMiU ave. mil Jt* VV *11 experienced arid rwf .ariMe O i vv TERkRInquire at 13?? F streft. mZl 3t* W 't'wK..4 ???"?*?*??* SCREW stwh-JEIT,!*. ?***?? K. A. 8HINN A Ca , * Bridge itrtrt, Georgetown. P. C. mtt It \VAs?ni?TA SITUATI"N IN A GROCKRY ?? 1 . , ^ iyo?n| mm tb>r<>'i*bl> r imr# aaaII i0!?1 >,irnl?hthe b?*t city reference* Add'???. D. E B , Mar office. n.21t ? tVAmn-A Tini colorwp girl to do .*,J"*"rtrk, must cotne well recomm-tid'-d App.jr iD.meOiately. Ho. 307 E rtreet nerth *' " ? It* \Y ?A Hul'SB of t or W mom, with '"h I7,,n'?ndc"'",r,br April l?t. Any one ,* ,iL" hens* to rent will p|~a*e addreas, ilaV' rni* 1(4 ?oc??io?,Star office. W^1*1 or bib ?t Ai>rii ? n jd (j l- ' T'\'in* w""W"f:"?i"t be ft iu ? ...11 ?*' brio* ?1 recom A '? *P * ea3 avenue. npp,M|iP Arlington Huuiy, mi^Jt* Vv 'KrLLD - <HAMBKRMAIDS. vTTw Nl Rrfc'8",?l ^ AITRES>KS, to no t. Nhw m-s-bi ??r ?o?'2. r"? 'nfonuation ><idr-?s " FPLEY GA8AWAY.No 5 Little Bottom stree , y , "n Townsend and Mother streets, R.iltim >re ?LL it* \V r'ut' ? ^URNIrtUKD HOUSE I?'*P*rt>r"l*rii and price. r>?r^ct bA?|>8 MILL HI. B"X ^^.citr. ij.21 *t* \V ANTrn?Imin^liat. lj?first-class (I V R smith ii i i.'r * Virginia farm. Apply to WM. SMITH. 314 9th street. Bi21-6;* . W^?*TtD?At th- ??. U iit?i.tlirw first J.\eXT L H PRESSES, ene ST0BKUOOM but and one DISHWASHER. n.Xl St* \VtA^TEI)?For k I'Mitl.-n.a'i wif?, B'?ARP ?? and nne or two UN FURNISH EI* ROOMSon rvPMr?v7.v'i' Jl"or- Befi react*, given. AdJre** I IMMANENT, Star office. lull 3i* IVAKTKI)?To rent, IIOI'^K, with s-'v en ^ nine ? ? room-, located bet ween 6tli an.l l'.lh.tnd P^una. ar.-nne and N sis. In.|.>.fre ?t RICK'S new Photo graphic Gall.ry .1^17 an.l IJIW P? a ve. m21 3: * \Y AST ltl??A SITUATION aK gea.ral servant A,, or li^^niiaid It) r respectable aliiteijjr!. A< ?ir- hk 1019 2-1 street northeast, between K avi<! L "H^ts n.7l .71? \\ j'r,"> ? v-r.nit man of .-xiMTifnce a *? SITI ATIUM a? har-teti.Ur in m > tirut-class non-ie. fc . obje?-ti< u to leaving Waslii'ig'.in 5K"t" 0 ^,ns,, I'len.'a<ldr?MHARRY P 8ANO "T(*a, atar nlhco. ni2I-3i* W" A?f TKI'?B? th?? p.?! tr< !.-r. C ?iup UallerV. ?. NeTHda. mi active PARTNER with a rush capital of from tlir** to ti*e tlious?ud dolUrn.?f ?. <jl l.nx,n, H> (jnaliticatii.ns. liul.its an.l ..f undoubted inteKrity. S..u.. ..thers apnlv ?s;rr"rc? exchanged. BusiLt-M tgtaUi?l;.d in l'wO. A'Mrrjw us aWove. ni2i ,v \V'V^i uu~,n-.? ni-rrantile house, n *? iLKRK, with capacity for accounts. Mu<t Ik- accurate and write well. Applicant* will ?tate sgo and particnlarp. No application* rousi.l?r-d unit ** expressed in the han<ia ritint; and phraae "'V?' ? ?? e applicaiite, a<oinpauicd a ith r.-f-r.oicrt Addrea* Port Office Box 3^8. ni21-3t " VVANTKl??lnin<^li?teh?A ?><?! MIU.iVkk y Apply at Mr*. M. t'ALLAN'8, 1107 r? between llih and 12th. ni2U 3t* AMKli?a 5 i?r 6 r Ill IIOl'8ET centrally lo cati-d. or part of a Hmiw; rent not to exceed $M am >nth. A.idrenw" 1). 8. AP.iat oHico. wi>'-:? W AJl^? D _Ty ?? rr - P?> i II* B IT s I - ? V s/-ss? e ntrallv ?ituated. or will purchase Hn mter-at in -ai,,,-. -Br8IN^8," 8taroffice. wm .%? VVAJ!I*?m*i??te|y-A WHITE NCR8K. " * 1"?; wt of riferi-ncon required; ??.hI waeee fiVl a " '.ho lUHtid 11a ni. HiKljSiull 1 luce, l>et. I and K wto. nijM .it* W 1 '"" i:1 1 AARTIST in h vTr 1'nrvVi/ ra' "?i A. u AKKR, and two A P L L 73 K^,at fKMONUEOT'8 liitir Sf.r.-, *M?0 Market 8f.-ice. n-20 3l* VV \KT* 'r,,"T """"ill HOI'SK.or f..uTTiir * * furu'fhed ROOMS, b t ween il and irth st.. ai.l | .-nil. ai e. m,d N si., u..r; liw e-r. Aildri ss. with l< cation ard terms. ' 8 8 ." S:ht -nice. mat tt* VVA NTI':,,-A coi.ip.ieni WIIITh ?? cook, v.ash and iron for a *m*i| fumilv ho. ferencex ie.|Uired. Applj hi 1340 S w Yorkave near Ittli direct, between y and \i o'clock. inSi-.'j *' \VAIO?ci?i IV,. KnNTl A""r> BI'K'K ; , 8E.?lth all mmlern Improvement*, oil.i n.en i,. j ween I eiintiylvania avenm ai.l to l7vu str.-etf northwest. WILLI\M TYLKR n.J' 5t R. h! E-t.->ti? ltr. ker. 7 1 h isth nt'r...-t. W h L" -To ?' II, new double M ATTRK^S ,Ll .V.j ?* S'l 'acli, an.l is new- ilouhln RKl> T. 1 1,1 h AI-o,I)AY CLERK wnnted at Trcu.c lit lic..i-e, cornrr id hi roe t and India- ,i av ["'2" I HILL. VVAN1ED-A Widow Liuiy,3u >?ar? of u<>, nf ? ? good personal appearance kihIr .. d education, and in. enenn hrtnee, f* de*ir?u* of obtainimz the p. sit,,,.,HolSKKEKPEB for an elderly ??Dtl mnn (T mean* and refinement. Addresa f.>r oi o week , "Ml* H. P M ." City P >rt-office VVANT*P?Oue Kecond *tory FRONT ROOM", ? ii iW l'vC:'n'iV.'" i ":i,S room, unftiriiish" 1, .Ti!? .rdin the house. Address. Htatinii term.-, Examiner," 83. Patent Olrfi e. Mis fit* ' \VV?iI*DriA , AikTX1*? K-iiioiiTT? .7* , ii-k Laur? ! cellar, corner of Cth an 1 C street, n aehiUKton, P. 0. P B. CAMPBELL. Proprietor. VV^ TEl??11ANIon farm one mile from i j mljfy ^rcnt, t?n B)rtiU?i !nirc railmnd; w<M^m to ?ood haiiiU. Oil \ Kf.KS Mt.wAKT, Virx wood Form. m 1740,24* an7K,,~:A" enerHetic 1'oUNG MAN^-HirTa * * to learn the dry yoodn or clothltiK busiueiw R. conmu'iidation* ? ...d, Wwct no of. .-?t A.t rirrw," Energy," this olllce. ^ ,nl5-2w* WANTKI>-A ^ M'RSE Apply at"BOtf L T* Mreet iiorUiwont, between bih an.l 9th ?treeu. ni3 lm? WANTEP? Imniediat.-ly?Eaimliea or p.Tsoii* in D,'"d of flmt clae. SERVANTS of erery deacr.p lion, nmle and t^rnale, to call and ??t supplied at Servants also can get nood hoBva and h?rt of wa?et bv arplvinff at the Eureka Emplo>ment Oflier, to Hn. LOLISEO. BUTLER,407 llih .tmt, new '? fKltn WANTfcD?Every one to know ttiat th? VICTOR bkWIhQ MACHINE has its mtJtJU ttlf-fii <tM?: the D!o?t perfect shultle in use, resting in a cradle; needle bar and w .rks of steel. Ai;eucy.4b9 Pennsylvania a*enue. Also, Branch of Hue. Dcm oreat's Pattern En porium. augJU ly T. W. SPICEB. Agent. ? ? ? anoni VVANTKP-Everybod* in favor of thoroughly elegitrd C>irpeti<, alm.?t as bright as new,to send orders to u. RIL E, at the St-am Carpet B?at/ng Works, Maine avenue, bet. ?K and <th sts. aprU ly LOST AND FOUND. 42TRAYBJ) OB 8T0LKN?On 2Sd instant, froui Morrison bnijding. 4>, ?tre?t northwest,/^ a mi.all, bob-tail BAY UOBSE, attached a small wag..n; lap cover in the wagon. i^Zl Bn!i,1lwr7vHli U turned to J.U. B1POWAY, No. 9 High street, Georgetown. It" LOST?On March I7th, at the corner of 8th and P streeU northwest,* plain, h?#ry GOLP RING, with initials of 8. 8. to E. L. in the inside. Libera! reward will b? paid if left at No. 71? p street north we*'- mil 2t I ^kT7A ^ in red,gilt edxedTwith the name of Samuel Tageart thereon. Tivedol wlU^ty JOHNSON, KLAUCKE M CO., cor^?<r 7th and f streets. mau-3t* 'k Loat, on the lAth instant, in the jp^sj Center Market, two BOOK8?one Account Book and a Pocket Book. The above reward will be EU.!itr?5 i"' of March, on E street .between

luth and Id streets D<>rtbw<?t, a RUBY RING with two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. >0t) 2d street northwest. m7 LOf T?At the National Theater, January Sth. an ONY X EARRING.?The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at Star office. j9-tf LO?T-On the 19th, bet ween 4H and ?1 and 7th and L streets, a pairof KVKOl.awwga gold frame. A liberal reward will b paid if returned to 47tl C street northwest. das BOARDING. '?'HE PROBLEM OF GOOD AND CHEAP 1 LIVING SOLV'EP?The 15k^t a"dCh""*t BoAKiiiMi As BAMiKMKXT ever acuieved in Watli liigtoii, or anywhere e|M>. In all rewpeets flrst-claas Hotel Table Board, in the center of the city, at moderate rates, with off, where *5 worth of tick ets are taken at a time. Sjjiopsis or Bii.l of Fakk a tn PuirR*:?Tea, Coffee,C hocolate. Milk, Ac.. 10e.; H-'t Breads, R His, < akes. Mush, Ac., It* M sts Bruil.-d, rried! oieweq, Ac., 30c. afiti up; KtfLra?, in ev.-rv nty |o, ar cording to season; Oysters, Fish. Ac.,in every style, (a specialty du'ine the season,) Ju<-. ?,t..t up; Soups !,\Try?h"loe'wi,h "r,'H,,'"n'M"lv Mc.; Cold M-ats, 'I.Boasts, nioMtK- 25c., Roast Pou try (every day), ni.'Stly 36c- ; Boil<-d M-aU, mostly Kc.; Pork and Brsns. Jfic.; Ve?r*tablcs, 10c.; Pesserts, mostly lUi". Entre?-s,mostly 2flc. Kt r> thine <>f the very best .mality and *erve,l in abundance. Neat and delicate cookery a studious and standing spectaltv. N.i charge for Bread and Butter, with Meat, nor for hak. d or boiled Potatoes, with hot Mtwt. giVen'fVr*?# ^FF~That is, Ten Pollars ta tickets Bf Jl ^Beef, boiled Potatoes, Bread and Butter. Tea,Coffee, or Milk, ?c.; ?a ?fl, "y.* ? plaiu rouikd iut*al for 17Se ; or,witVi ^Jrri?i 'PICe^ *airr, I2^c.; aud biglicr living in proportion. f.?oi,'<* snj Geu'lemea, sinsly or in parties, arvi families, boarded better and cheaper, in uay degree, than they can possibly board themselves. ? i 8r.T V,d have ?. me of these Tickets, for at lea*t ocean. ualm<-iUs <>r lunch-s*. Entrance*?IU.,UAc'r,ltli '>f * n Ladies' Every thing igenteel and home-like. Capitol Hill; pleanant roomg for summer. nill-3i* J street northwest?several u handsome and newly famished BOOMS, en suite or single. Bath rooms and all coaveutonce*. With or without Board. m!7*t* A?S BOABP BY TBB WEBK~OR MONTH; also, desirable BOOMS tor rent, h-?nd H^HnJ *13 luw to Per~n. nt tenant* during the spring and summer, with or without Board. Booms oa second and third floor* with ?SS?.Ei!2;.?V.?tSi,!f?S^S avea? and Mat Mrast. mavl-iy cunnibqbam. battbbT ? 1011 W Street, hetweea ?| Uth 3E-:lKriE? 1VJ0? mnnni uraitioa or i?i ciiS,l?JSSS2fta?~-<5"" ~ decTly in,.. - - < lit. j *13 7ih street. mJS I * ,R? *T?On th? I t ?f April, HOUSE N 141V Q street, third ) -or from lMh srreet, ron , ;>"ven r<?. ni?. with all m-I ro improve "r * *"'?rding b ju?e. I,,.,?,re a? Ullb >>w 1 "tl avenue. m2*i-tt J* HOl SE ?iih and w?t-r ?n ; * C anvthvfft,m-nr l?i h street R-nt *? Z'hWlhr\?nJ a'J12W1CK * ^KWAR* Ohto a'vTnu?- L"Dd V '**? corn" Uth ??* * J &W%n?iSJg$lk*>* I DJ223t TH08 E. WAGGAMAN. AI?7that. V ('R ? if. *\P K? NT?A tliiw Kptt ?u4 i?.t ,R'f> HOI SE on O *tre..|. betweeu *tli hmi .th, containing ten sraa. water and bath i pLj,c" !"* "m1 riTd a rox, l ?>0v I Ivmna ftTonuo. iu22-3t l< RI.NT SUKKKT it VHI'KN ? .\1? ut ei^l t | * acr.sol rich soil, with taluable b?-d* of a-pa-* gti", currant*,?rhubarb and spple orchard. L*nd ad 1 {""ii.Lj " Home, with entrance from Hth atreet by w hitnev avenue. Responsible tenant required , Apply at 11U 13th atreet. li>* POB RKNT-Sl IM BRAN BESIHEN<E-T>i? ; ? n w and c<?f.>riab|e HOUSE. outbuilding* vd l>?anttful gronnd* on e?!a*e known *? L fi<i IIill, *<V>inii.g Soldiera' H-m>. H-altliy situation, | splendid vlew, best water,and cara t? the -n'ranr Whitney jrctw. Arpl) ?t No. 7 I :i ltth j street. m&t s .tu.that* F'OR 8ALE?Si,7(V cash a?d |M ninthly. with ? ?nt it:terest, will l.tiy HOUSE Ko. 1^0 lltli street ???nth ?st., Philadelphia Row,) aresxsi bri.k l opt, marlde trimmings, eight rooms, le<?id?s bx'h ?rid storeroom; ?Ht. r. n*, latrol ran?- and r,-| ? ar. Adjoin* ,l Lincoln Park,"' and is two aouar??* M?"'t rar" original .-ost yInquire on premises. ni22-o:* I/OB SALE-Athr? -story PRE.?s? HRI<'kTcot ? *.,< r IT Capitol and I *tr? et* northwest Adelaide two stor> BRICK < OTTAGE on I, H^r^t"Cn Jersey avenue and J>" .rtli Capitol Two |.?autirnlty loc.ited BOfSES, corner CBOHetta avenne and 13th utroet IMt iteMrable PBOPEBTY, formerly ocmpi-M n> Mr. Mullet! corner Gay aiid (ir?H?u str.-.-t?, (jr*'orgrt<?u. P#v?ral Iiorsr? in the nrw row fiui h-vj) on tl street, near Perni<% Ivania avHim?? The new BRICKS n " Babctx.k l'lace," G ?tr '<"t. between Sutli and 21>t dtne;?. E. K. WILSON, fit 311 7*h "treet, oppxiite P .?t Offiee. Eurtii-?h..|andunfurni-hed BOOMS ? i.l r ",r.'"*'/*? b, twp"i Slh an 1 7th. with i-otith front, tall iminediately if youwsntto aecura good room* for tfce ?ni>mer. m21 St* KH? ?o^r?h" ,hr,>** "torj BRICK IIOCSE, . **??? /th Htreet went; iar^e at<?rer<>??vii, ?*??! vr? App'v ?? CHARLES _ ' ",in"> am? a^ en lie, niJI 3t L'OR SALIVA 8-roi m PB AMK HOI>k7 wTl , liwated. <.D Mir terms Small . a?h pa>m?nt. J,1'''"'"" "f BICHABI? S. SMITU, 43<8thatr-et northwest. n,2 ..;t* l^OR SA LE-Three fine >?J<*ARKS, on? ..f 2s,m?i. * one of M,. oil, and one of KSHJJUU f et. C'henp and n' /'/"iiiVeaI**il w? ati*l 1(> a. ni. GEO. B < i > HI RN 5 Q.? 9th etr-et north went. tr.2) it 1/OR RENT?Tlir. e larsfe Kl'KNISIIKH It'"iMS i "" B ?rd. Reference* ex i lmtged. Applv 4 7^ 1 ?tr<-?:, b 'tween 4'. ??d*ith ?treetn soul hweat. m2l S" K,lF.,,P<V>T~V"ry d >ir:.b|e Jj-r. oui 11f!I<'K , 1M)|SK,oi,< ..jnare from rare,two from m?e. r* M?V-'^25- Til OS. K WAG U A M A 19 7t h -t r?*et. i(i2l ^ |^t?R KKNT?G d ROOMS and TABLE Bo \ RJ> ? in that new h nso N , blM a ?;reet, near ?ih -;7ir' fV ? ? ? reSn.l>Taken '' ? northern lady. Come and tr\ f r \ nr i ' mi i K i*T?V!1 S'.,:'r.V: b,twp,*,i ^ ?> ?"i ir?T, ! l ?? *'rv d'-firable Uol SE. w ith m <|em inipr ?-e ment-,to any one that w.ll |?i> eaWw-nli of Fnr iiitiiro. A mpI<mii.1 chHiice for con.niencifiK lion- .. keeping. Apply al the Star office. iu21-3t* ?At No. litti M atreet south''*-: t d-?trable l.oOMS. fnrni?he?lmplete f..r h :i K- I'lrg; water in the kitcheu; co?l and wo. <ir Hrijoii.n.g kitchen; watercbiset and bath room; clueu ai d ga* in erery room. ni21 fit* KC??jS0''K~.A fi"-3-?toiy BRICK IIOCSE, N Ma**arboaotth av nne. between <Hh at.d Ili stret^tii north went. P<.e*e??i< n given 1-t of April I i vJ/iove,iiir"ir V GEO T- L \ N'G Ll. 1 * SON, W.wd and t\al dealtrs, 7th atreet, be tw. . ii O and P atreet*. Ul2i -j,? L OB SALE?On Oapitol IItil. a ^??nteel 3 *t rr I and basement BRI< K IIOCSE, coutatnin* nine r? opt .bet-id.-a bath aid store r?<?ia It ha> ga<, cold and h'-t wat r, and water-? lo*et-; heated by L* trulj.-and Empire heating ra:i"e It i* nf>arU new, ' V r:1.^ '?rd, r' " healthy and agreeable "'Ubborbo,^ and will be aold very low on e^y teiniB. A I- pi v to the owner on the premises. j|07 v *tr? et Font beast. m21-?.* K Nat*?T\SJz\L"\urDi*h<? BOOMS for U'TrtliweVt!' btlW?WU 1 4trWt "d *nZ>%?k SALE?LOT 1, in S>jqar< 574: LOT tl Tn PAK+'Tot"! ,'JJTW i" S-inareS^; u\\U\%nh%2r 7*- iuos-K fi'<iKJlAL!:-;8MALL 'ARM-A place four mll'-i northeast from thia cily, containing a acr -a anoat one-fourth in heavy timber Tlio imnrnil' nienta constat of a Double Frame" House !? all tea'T i'li* 5m"*ar7 outbuildings, incladiu" fcn iCf-honse, full of ice. Plenty of c>x>a pure water* and M-veral hundred fruit tre? s of tne be*t ?arieti?a' I. iiir 2 00 e?y term*, and city property taken in part exchange. Price and term* made known on aapplif-ation to BICHABD B. MOHUN A CO _n'*J 5t loia P-un?vlvanlaaTenn*. ^7~r'?V1^*^??1 n,-ar ,hs K?te? "r 1 North Carolina avenue; flower garden front and rear; auitable for saloon purple* Inquire on premises after 7 p. m. lul? 6t f??v&%'iisa?.^u*.w?'&si ?"11 west. ml9o< * l^C'R SALE?FARM of 3u a?T?* about IK mile* i I from ferry landing In Alexandria, Va , on Le?? but* pike, 6 nitleu from Center Market; brick hon?. ' etc., fine fruit, and well watered and fenced, Price, ?7*0. A.ld'r^ -'jAS. H (T/' aiar ogee. mi?-4t* K(BRI( KL NnA7 thr"''"tory PRESS ir>m W i. * VH f,r**4 northweat, contain 5 rooBifl, cellar. hath-rooDi, water clooeto h ^ and C'dd water, flnialied throughout in thebe*t man rer htated by furnace and iatrbe; L >t? ^ NOURSR A MI DDL ETON, 10 J5HZS 613 15th atreet. |T<OR BENT?FCBKISHRD BOOMS: a back * Parlor furnished a? a B dro-.m, and two pl-a* ant, back and front, on n>-cond atorr, in an eligibly-located Dwelling on I streej, near 9th- will be rented on reaaonable terms to gentlemen 'only ml?d? "A" J ' N.tional)BePubl/aneffi' ? ?n,y' fALE OBEXCH ANGE?Tliree of the m**it desirable LOTS on Meridian Hill, containing f r^H-Z11 I1* ^ ol! V ground and next t.? property handwmely improveil. Price ?ery low and terma mo*t easy; a rare chance for a good iu vestu-eut or a beautiful bouie. ?,io r.A- BERBER A CO., #11 7th atreet, II,19 Ct Opposite Poat-officp. l^'(|KwAk,,; A very deeirable two-story BBIiTK fro?rf;5i? > ^Hywng * looma and cellar, wiih o'2wti^irk'?srd;'.?n3b ?'?*.nw m . ?'*v T on following ?ery easy tenna* .%>*) !n * V ?r ** !Ei4'S an<1 w month*,and the balance in 6 year*, monthly payment*. Call earlr and secure .oiTV?*1"- A **? BABBEB * C9., Al 1 7th at., i i Opposite Post-office. F'^lif 'ii!? ^A P~A fin" Pr?*"brick front r J _j ,' *rth stone tiimming*, con:ainlng M room* and hath room, hot and c Id water, cooking range*, Latrobea, gaa and gas fixture*, marble man 5.',' ?' aituated on 11th, between 0 and P stre t> BOTHwVl I 81"^ Ap lT to RICHABI) ICTHVELL, No. 34 Vih atreet nor hea t Th* "TL"'r b> c",,in? th* Grocery atore i orner of Q and Uth streets northwest. mll-liu* FUHRKn KL|l,,r^- EI?T~A J""*- tliree^atory i r? ? I HOUSE, with back building; g.iod c-'l >?rd, with a desirable Grocery More attached. Apply at No. 301 lath at. south. tuB ?t* K'mirst? ?K BKlfT?A new two-story ]BRICK I SE.aix r^ms^'tuatedon 3d street, ne?r tULLiS>, No.Vl Beall atreet. mil iw RfNT-Oo the 1st of April, HOUSE N>. ?. ?'? boutoina avenue, opposite the S~au>u lloiifte. Iu perfect onl?*r; with all in ?d?*rn improve iiienta. B ut $90 per month in advance. Apply on the pren isea. m!8 >w F><iw.?K.?iT"rHt'a',"'c",,1,,,n *u?l h ?ppinesa?new IIBit h (three storiea aud ba-emeut > HOUSE' modern plan-; a gem; brick (fatal* in the rear In quire of GEO. W. BLBNS, 604 Wh atreet nortk **?<? ml?-?t* wNJrA.thrrL8,"lT |IRICK HOUSt, No". 1^^" R street northwest; 7 rooms, besides {mlh room, pantry, cellar and kitchen, with large yard km and water iu honae. For further particular* in 'luire on prenns*-*. ml4 6t* Ij^OB HENT-K-r the spring and summer months, furnished aud .unfurnished BOOMS; large and pleasant; location delightful; hot and cold water Bent moderate; No. 911 Kth street, between I a?d K northwest. ml8?i* |?ob sale-Two aix-room FBAMR HOUSES on A *th street, near M northwest; only one so a are from streetcar*; b>t? I7Sx*7, slate mantle*: gas atvl *r?nt porch and terrace*; street pared and lighted. Frice only |sjm. Terms very easy . ia.r? T.v A ^ BARBER A 66., nilACt &H 7th atreet, oppo?lte Fort Oflle*. K^?AL? 0* MCHAHOR-A small FARM f. Mlsaouri, n*ar Lo?l?a*a City, Pikec-.uwT A,,#?*wo pleoea of unimproved PROPCRTT tn aaU PP BARBEB A CO^ F"1T^ *1 ?7th street, op?. Port q4p?. ?K SALB.?About lM^?a??ar*fert GROUND, (one lot,) in northwestern put of dt?. Price wy low, and term, very eaay. A large paA of paT thaae money cm lie fow rears, at? per cent. mW ? ?1 Wth rt^tV!p?^?,?c, FlB0?i^,;rs?V2?rgiSfssi3? WAK5W3fS.?i,5r irM-eofw 634 lath stre.,, oW^T^n^ F<<gjH?tt?ugm jsfaa it to A. OVhaLET , B >ard of Trndt Sooqw, aij-le FOR RENT AND SALE. J^OB SALE tJU KENT?W|<hin a aitle of the ? inat deairabl*-country r? sid~nce,ci>Tlo?kUig tke <"B; . U amw .* land.s*it at l> for oUBiarr boarding F-r further pwii<-?Ur?. iii<,nire in trr*i'i> it So. *<? I4tb flrwt. u??r I. <.r thr ugh Bo* 1 !? C?ty P ? d>?. nHtaA. * I^OK SALE?Two two-rtorr pr<?-ed brick fr -r.* IlOt 8KS. <??? S strert. betaeea l?h and IVh nonliw?~t. Ea< h bas ?'?> rowa, hall. ba? wto'lironu. ?*erel.-et.aluk marbl- mantels, tv lit all roniw.iw r cowplMe; iron P. .osa ...i, :.m~i ?.-mt fTlifn , r? mr*> an 7th trw?,?rr ^?offlc*. L'OK SALE Ot"f th- most dmorablr Furnish >1 r HOUSES in thr city of Washington, r annbde in fifn particular. lovatioa, i?? irnniin* walk fr"*? tlx- Capitol- n.w oo iipi-xl by a United }?????<? t^n ator' will Iw aold wltn or oi'hiyt th? fiirnitui*. Cli^ i'ilf r?*h; Mmin> on l >iN(tlni?,at#p"r c??nt Oti*- bandai.nie t?o-au>rv BKICK ntTT Vt?I ?n 8 sti?t. b?-1*ieen l?'h and l&'ti streets n?rth???t. Price |'Ul (Mb, balance in uoutbly pay gmti Fttr twr <orr FBAMK HOUSES on Rh vl* I?lai:J nfi.ii''. Mwwd frhaisi 7lb itffiU m>nli 15n' 1E-iaii vnd Iwnranr* Broker. iul7-t?t Ml F tr?H. oiid'-r M Mol Bank. _ roK IKIT?T?r. f xTr, nice over M f ? burn * n<" drug store, No. 14 J!# P. un?< tti|iu>'. Bililru L'OK SaLK-At a Mi o'auw? A <? af?rt*l'l r r ? ii HOUSE i ? | (i imi irnff-.lsifi' ' t.Ac. Aypl) *? tbr fr^nim, I WOW luth str~-t. af-v.-M . mis-tin L'OK KENT?A K??l K BOOM BKU'K UOl'SE, ? one b?H ?<iu?r< fnnri th.- ti h street <*r-; rent, 91S t?r month; inquire 634 I ? a*c.,fr ??*? * a m to 3 p. IB. Bililru <'K VTI E-A?i ?rMt? S?jt*AKE or tiKOt > l?. F 1 Ih mnt ltMlllocated b*ir th-terminus of thsO ? nip Ma !?tr?-et iiulrcad. ill 1 ??? ilitnigtcrau. WAI.KTR 4 M- KAE, K ?! E*tat?- Br Afri, nilS eojw 435 15?h treet.opp >slte Tr.-a-ury. .."OK hi NT-bl>l'M>;?M!iT *rd, at 191b M actiuxit* Miimiicmur >lTti 41???*<. bII-Ib* 1~*OK SALE?Tb ?e four pr.ssed Bri V front HOUSES on n rth aid- of 1* -iji.-i Ivania aven??. h*twe-t I ai d i' !i Mr< -t?. U"nh*?t, t tbre? ?t^ji?-? a;id attic, Mtminlnc .-iirtit r,->m? ?nrh.amt ebw recaef I ?? ?Aj inmc Will t~- ?-l4 ch< a( . ritlm M l'liao 1) or I -g-tU T, tor tar |>UI f ??<? . f M-ttlinc 'ir Ait-rage price attuiii p^b. Tlifbect iii\?-?tn. u? ii"h ?>}r< r?nlii> tbi- ^itjr. j'roerf si! ta\<-6, aui title :iidi-ru.~l < . Mpl>to irriim, Ptp^rhaiigiiic rtill !w K<* litttl Pme-yl??ui? ?*fuw S W. jL'OB airy KuOMS, funnsbi-d r i r tinfumt?h?*d. uniiatiln f-r li.iii*?l??pnn or other* i?f, n?i!i fl?ti >1, at s!l 14 r?-'juii> l? ?ui* a?e nt;? Also, aflii?- HTABLE f<?r r -nt. Ii" I n t.UH CALK?A two-MoT) BK1? K HUl SK, No. lt?? I ?treet DortkTrat, eo;itaitiin? t nr r.H.n??; (>ax?ag>-. kitch**ii, c.-llar. l athr.H^n b"t atMl cold ?aier in chatutM-r*. b<*ater in |*rl<>r, and Cook ins ranse tn kilcli-n. Tim lot '? A l?-? t trout bv feet d -ep, to a 3U f-?o? paved lll'i, ?i?h a bnrk atabta and ?-MTta*e b<>tia? J. W TIH'MTlSON,corner of tfili atreet aad N?w Y.>rk avenue. f.'l.*Hf |.'Ok KKKT- 8? vpr*l Kmall BK1< K llOlTSKSin V rear of T atreet. Knit *1* p?'t m nth. Ai<r'> to WILLIAM TV LLU. Heal Eatata Ur- k?r. tit ! 1Mb atreet. FOR SALE. ClLVKR PLATED CA^KS f >K >ALE. i~ it 4lS> 7?b Direct, U;?> n D and L rtr?t?. niTJ 2-' i/UKT-ALE-A CHILD'S CABiil ?" K 1 F tinltr. For particvlarn a|>pl> a; 211V Pi ntnyl vat ia avetiti*. Beat 22.1 .tr.-?-t. n.i? 2 * |761; >AL?. - A ll-iit-K. t?" CUIvj I in4l?" I II \ l!> t"S, (i at 13H M afreet - NM aal. n 22 3^ J I ST A KKTVED"AT IIOW \i:T > ^TABLKS, U *tri-?-t, a lo* ?.f k..<Kl lli?K?l-!*. auK.inr tin m a j..*\ir Ba? II i-t-. u.atchad; ??"** jl ? ?; * ?/OK SALE-A >uiit ?: ll'iK.-b; p.-rt < l> t? und I and kind. A' ? i J sinp KO< K ,? HAY and HAKSE.'S. \V:ill-- i . ?p, toftiier or -vpaiat' ly. lu^uire at 111V llth ftre-t kcrttver. n.21 21* {A'K SALE? An 1 K<>N i.I.EV 111'U>.7n M*r-i mM. m il l-nd: t. ml dri\it:g or gy -add!< li. rM-I t K' "!'' ihbm . lady . or cLii.l; ?- "} >T variant.<1 |. rt* ? tl> ?.??!?? m .1 r all r!n ? ii? *~a ttllH i; Btat:ilit without hitilM *. ai.-l lia? no t>a<l tialit-. Price, $lio. Cu.l al N >. 037 C ?tr-.-t in.rili* a?f. U.2I-V* t^OKSAl l -A pan o? i... uI'mnI-4 MaKKS, ((?tieHid pufccth MM, fcv and >?? ai> old, g wd noi re, gr-*t t ro t??. -, and ?ill *ai rant to p'. a?*-. Ii,.,nir. o| IM MCAKsoM A I?t>WLlN<?. r<no r ytl. ?i J Datri<eta. U^? hai.-dw high. ?2i) Jt" Jisr AI<KIYAD AM> FOK hAl K aT K U. lAKNK S M al*le, Bi idgf* ?T.-?-t. rcr t. wn.N ' iy>t.2Lb a I of K' titu< ky M m - ?, ~f la'g. hi7? Alw , JU bt-nd o1 li rs?. 1: a Hi.- Q-^ ? WVnt. among tli' tu aoii^e tiue drixm and Urge ?liatt li'iraea. nitl Jt' ! VoTH'^"E TO COMTKA4 Toll!>.-Sh veU, P.ikt I 1^ and CotitrartoTs Tmda of every .l<-?:ri?Kioii f .r i ?ale at Bontou prieea by L. 11. 8CH N El DEK. 101? I Pa. ave., a^. ut for 8. H. Mune< u. U ?atoii. oill liu* till flflfk VOKTH l?F KtAL Et)f%Tk. IX D1FFEKKXT SECTIONS OF 1111 CITY, FOK SALE, ON RKABLE TFBMS, TO CLE \K UP AN ESTATE. Tb>-ui.dt roigi.ed, a>M-go. ?.?, ? fl. r f -r aal -,K|o? pt icm ai.d on re^aouable teruiA, tU? ( Uu? lag prop ?at>: BOUSE on N. w Y rk av??ne,b?ta'^ti ?*h and 511. Hire i? in i, l.. it.?. No. 4 1 I^tir ?iv?r, .m i UatwRirnt j.r.-^cd l.rtck lr. jt. wnii br?wn atour triiiui.ln??' c^bt^uing 9 ru -iiu, b<;b ru^oi, ga* ani m at t r. Alm. Ilt'USE No. 414 Ne? Y..rk aremn*. b tw?en 4tt anuMli strxeta northweat; two h|. i> hswnirbt aud attic; contain* b rooina a no auiumer kitcti-n. Ka. 4 16 New York a%euuo U' r;h?.-?i, thr<-e jtory, containing 6 roonia. No. 4JIU N.w York avenue northwai; two atory frame, brick baaevu-ut aud aunun-r kilch.-n;7 ro.,ni? No. 446 M Wreot nortbw>wt, b- ttrwn 4th and 4th, three atonr an?l baeenieut, presix-d brick; containing V roonui; all nnalern conveuiencea. Al4h>, One fine Building LOT, on tth atreet, between M and N atn?eta northweat. Three fine Building LOTS, on New York arena*, corner of 4th street northweat. Two tine Building LOTS, on New York arena*, between 4tb aud 5th atreeta noribweat. For further particular*, apply to K- B, WHITE, El'OENE CAKCSI, WM F. MATTINULY, mlO SM Astlgneea of Jm. (i. Nayl>>r. E1CE CLAY FOK SALE. a aalr to ?ODGK * DABNIILLE, 14>I7 F ?tr-?4. MEDICAL, &o. DB B1NOHAM, kdttor of lkt Amrrtta? hUrtro Medtrat Journal, and Prolan* ta (he Elelrttml ' Cvil'fe, Hew Yurk, will diaguoao diaeaae without 1 aekiug qneationa. \ Paialyaia, Bh. uuiati?m, 0an?*r?, Blood P >i?>nit. | Catarrh, Dykpi-pnia, the Eye ai.d Ear. Luug and Throat Affectioba, aial Nervous Diaoaaea a:a bin apecialtiea. Private Rooma, Mo. 413 Uth street, near Peua KTlvauia avenue. office boars?* a. m. to 2 p. m., and Jto? p. ta ConfUltat iopw fiee. nil a 3?* A BUM CLKE WITHOUT 1NTEBNAL MED IC1NE.-A bottle ^ SATISFACTION will u.ake "everything lovely." Sold by all DruggiaU foi ftl, and at DABBY S, corner4,'? aUeetaud ruin ay Ivania a%enue. f 28 lm* %VrEAENESS, Irregularity, anil Aerv. us D*-tiin v v ty, ?iu<?>fully treat?-d. K li 'i iiuinodiaie Booms if de?ir?<d. L id;? s interest."d. addrea? Mr? A. C. KOiyHEB, Waalrington, D. C. f?*t-4 2tii" M adame wilsonT" A Hrt*iarl\Hdueait>l PHYSICIAN AND MlbWIFl, can be consulted >t all TISEAbES INCIDENTAL TO LADIES. Reaidcnoe and Cousultaiiau B ?iiu?.Pll ntu streai between U aud I. B >ard, ?ii?n)?? . Ac., at iraeoniil-le pric??. Tapeworm r?-ui '?.?! aitt ii?-i?l iti two hours. L-f>>r U> patienu aaccwafuBy treats?1 in W ashitigtot!. D ? !3 5d" I) B LEON, CUMSVLTIMU PHYSICIAN, The olJ.-Ht established Specialist tn tUa city. No. 611 14th nreet, above 11. H< ara: 11 to 4 aud 7 lo $, daily. K/*Speclaltjr?Fcniala Complaint* ai.u Cniaae tu Diaeaaea. j>f-tr l/EMALK DISEASES treated, aad coufin.-fljent 1 car'* tak. n. Ii.-umI# caa> ana viicloae %4; ad vice and nwdi. lue will !?? s> lit Addreaa Mri. Dt THOMPSON, No. 646 North Uth street, PhHadal phia. ja-ig ly" \10NEY BETUBNED IF IT I 6 >.A h^D &L111K FAILS TO CUKE CHILLS. To be hadot BBACE A CIS&EL.ornei Btiiige aw WVlMikioi, Ntr<-eu,Georgfiown,ai>dof iiKOBuE H PLANT A SON, corner Bit* York aveuio and Utt atreet, where tMatiinonials can b^ae^n. tsi U-l?* O1 FERSONAL. JBSTACLES TO MABBIAOK.?Harrv Re'rtf Jar Vovbc M-m from the tttccta of Arrors aud Abuses in >-ai|y life. Manhood reatornd. Imp^ai to Marriage rrninvsd. New Bieth d ot treat ment. Nr* and remarkable remediea. Bxiki and fircular* sent ftee, in aealed enTel >pea. Adiresa Hmwd iifonatiM, So. !l a- u'h #h street, Phila delphia, Pa.,?an it.atutiti- u having a mt,h re^uia ti> n for bonoiablw conduct aid ?kill. tnar?-e.?2iu DOPTlON ?A l-ttlf Oirl wault-d, of aluui eight yeara of age, with light hair, fair c >tnple*i >u, aud small, petite figure, of lively aud amiable dispo sition, and fond ot taasic. Would be wholly adopted, free or charge, as companion to auotb<-r. Qi>od edu cation, with a kind and happy Christian h >me. Ap Sicationa must contain a carte photograph, with ileal particulars,(to be Munnl if not approved,) and be addressed, ?' TWO COL'SINS," cars M-<aar*. Qto. p. Boa ell A Co., New York. mladf MBS. H. J. FBENt'H, t/u CrUkrmUd JUitaM Cfat'copaMt and T.U AlMltawi.can be seen al 1EA Uth St r set northwest; also, gt?s* deliutattottaw character by photograph band wriung or l^ck^of j l. am /^ANABY BIBDS, MOCKING BIKDS AND Cci.%il.W>koo&jK.EK,js mg fM-lm* lll? Seventh aueai. ^ SK KD 0*1 LL KINDS OF CAfT-OF* WKAKINO K9 PAKELcaabaaold totb*vary MidruUr by addraaai nj or calUug ? *???" ? BUSINESS CHANCES. 6 < '.nil TO lfmdom ekal e*t%tk i* * ??iulil* mm*. Arrir k* ? ?? PUki ? HiiMim !?? ?* w;' linn amd aiJMto loam 01 cirr vJ.Uvf" p i?rt. t> r "O- ro K K WIHMil. tug m All TO. P'?* ?>?* ? i7Tit~rnrr^7rvriri?zrrrrjrrr*k7^TTwfC' r crry ami Lia?*r ?lor*. 4 t?? ? r"?il, P*?'M bi ? r?~?a. E- a-. ip |??r b*?* Mfc?r ?? ?tl'ii.1 i?. Arr*i *n-l * L^'K <*\Llt7t HkAP-A auiai!*.** <4 ?B??CK I K IKS..I 'liui a |.ki4 ?.n? f r <? I in* \?? ii.( lh>rtt(. iikllrw ?. WOOD. Mo. SIJ4th atr**4 ii.*nb?*?d. mil 41" IFo* SALE?A Kr-Tr S E A N T .p*?Mt* ??? ?* r ikf Itrytttt* M>.4u?m ? (o-d kwin***. <?? I# mad* Miri 1% a >i>ti<? -?> it f'>"4 ' ??>?? fi*. n for a?ltln? Apply at tb* flar 0*lr* aJi.1i* HA EK fU AM K w> pu r, Iiwh ?iu.^MO 11^4 P* Ml MSG n-a* r>-m market Ttk MrM,Xi>. ITU. trtff.|54?l.((?nin???> llAMtLT<?N A PKAESON, T * t A 1,'i'K ? HtiVT-A I'l-i rat* SKl'J*0 I HASP ri'EK ITUEE VASD. *U a.n?a at - <k; ???? n?*r I a ? u.? >-tb?-i l.natr *?*. l?rain<? r?l. ? . a Wfr r*mO |nf jjgjti rtailtl A?l" naniliiun A 11 A RI*" 9 ? mjatf T M I A B<nHtn?.?-h and P ate A ?.i?i r >;? K >""AM>. *i A a? Lwr . . .r a an all ap"-l A paly at il* p-mi a *. S*l 7tii*?r"*i nortb, afl*r 4 p. ? n>> ?* J I AS bo k LE. fEAEK BABUL*. Jt A* KUU.r I ? o . K?'4i 1*74 7> and sort' KKnwmmm. K?? ???* Luh itt. '-t. opp>Mt? U- S. Tra vFOI; P*LE-A liar '? * Him -F. en I air??. ii i ; v ' 1 i " - *??? ll?! iln- 'L01 ^F.N ,M,? ***?*< l.'i?Oa fr.V ? ? -*?!, f.?r ?*l^ .f r.f! ?' <w *'?iTui?|1 4 A'OTT l?;l in >A illar<t'a i* .iaT'a.?1*" ,""1 H fr n. . Vj ama I ca?l> JL.1% n*nta Tnr* LOTS north .14* aad nu, ,. rf\ M<u, .4 Bi, .4, Ida 4 !1T?a 'J1h Li,h W* liai? a*.*r*l r|'H<*SE M.MKINi; to PISFOBE OF Wtlf I IMJIuS K III KT/KV VEItMM fT<? *. Call <1 a? l y application 11 II. 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Lovelt polka dot goods, fr .m ui. o?ii ?p, toi OLLAUPblLRMM fl.M. at IIEOPUEAP A CO*8. n arll Sin Ulllt F wnwt. ^EW bPK|.>0 1>KY IiVOImT F<-?ntifitl PBKI>S GOODS In tb? n^w Hi*non?t ? ?iMiM. E^oar fr?**t ap^cialtiM?BLACK SILKS h4 BLACK ALPACAS?at lona than rofaiar pric??. II -u?Wt^pu^ PRY tiOODS (ur ku(?U or private fuluillit. ONE PRICE I JUST PEALING TO ALL. BOG AH A WYLIE, 1019 and mi* 7th atr*?t nortbwMt. Alao.aror cy for PFMmREST S NE? SPRIE4 PATTKKNS, jn?t mi*iti4, LulO-tf l^LEVAMT BLACE %1 *1 up. and a ii ti.ii lia* "I ail kiiwta of bPRIKt* ami SL MHKE OOOLS j uat iin iuil at BEOPHEAP * rot. atarZI 3m Utfl F ?tr**?. OYP M. SMITH, B B. WIMSATT. AiczaiiOria, % a. Waeblugtoa, D. 15 tMITU * WIHkATT, LUMBER. LUMBER. HAKPHOOPS A SPECIALTY. BILLS CUT TO OEPKE. jaiA 4m* Cokhka Tyi ami Br., aon 1 ? w?. i\lUBT AMP SUALLl?likkAT &AOH1FIOHB 1*1 at CAEOV LOAE OFFICE and BA iAR, Mu. 914 Pen nay 11 MUa a.ruur, betwwij ?!ii mmi ItAbaU. Tb* akub ol tb* nailala Mi<k, la loi4l aulid kouuci IMd au? 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