Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. VIKOpOSALS JOB IIDUI GOODS Drra?T*?*T or th? lMiiiot. I 0*r'< <>r Ixdhs Arrant*. Much au, iVt.f rwf ?als, indorsed ?? Prop-??*!?f r Indian G d*.' will he rrrriin) at N"*. 40 kml 44 Le ?? ard "twl. ?iew Turk, until 12 o'clock m . on TI r^PAY.ih* W.ldMOf A rrfl. IC3. which pl?c? ?i'l I" **1J? f ' I usine.. i'O and after the -Mb day of ^fnl,l\.V f >r f'irvi b!k.'. in tn. Qntnlitm tb-reln n>> n, any or all of th- article* nani-d iu the follow ite ii?t: ju? |M?Tr- 4 p. !nt white Mvkln.v Bl ink, t*. to m-aritrv .imh.s. and vt.igh twelve |i?nAi. <:Hj6p*ir- J I* -it white Mackmae Blanket*, to vii aeu ?n\ 72 ,iict:"?. ai ! weigh? jght ?minds. ?''J f?ir? :S v >M white M.? kinac Dlaiikuta, to meaenr. MtW it' he*, and weigh six pounds. 125 p- ir- 2 I' #r?t white Mackinac Blanket*, to n-'viifi' tiivi :ti^h--?. and weigh fire ail otto <|iiart. r p. -ends. W? pair- I1; point whit* Mackinaw Bankets,to meaeute inches, a..d w lgli 1 ,ur an-1 one <i'iart*r pound*. XV pair? t in mt scarlet M tckinac Blanket*.to ?le isure "liA inchm, and w> lgh taelte roaxli. " pair* ,'t point ?carlet M ?ckinac n.a-u e ts;x72 iuche?,aiid *. vh eight p .una-. ' ps.i - 2', scarlet Mackinac Blanket*. to meaenr.- M\t? ikcbe<, ami weigh six p mud* S0pair-2-p int s- arlet Mai kinar Blankets,t?> Wtl-i n 42x46 u.che- and weigh five and one Hiiar'er p uml? 7.D fairs ? p ii.i indigo b'n- MarVinac Blanket*, l"H? i-ufr ?i>y ic< h-s. ami w-ish twelve p HIKI*. : -V i' ii aS p Int indig ? bin--M tckinac Blanket*, t" n.-i-ure Mii2 inches, and Weigh eight p Uljfe. -'"d p >. i ? fj p.irt ind g ? blue Micki-iac BUn- I k- . ? it, incnes, and veijh ux P?e:?i.|s. 1 t?-?- pa 1 p in' ir-'Iig > h!ue M:i kinar Rlxnk-'f*. . -ur'ttiCiach *. an 1 weii^h five aul oil .|i.*r*.-r pounds. ? v pair- ? p inr c-.-i, M t- kinac B! mkets. to in. -ur 72\'.Mim ha*.and weigh tweiv? p .und* 7?fpa r- p. tut gr u M ?ckin-tc Blanket*, to ? ea?ure tiux72 inch--. an<l weigh eight p-iutd (k> t 'i- -?* si u Ma. kinac B'tnkera, t i' mre inches, anil weigh six ( P- ?41.i|?. l'?F' - i p"ir.t g"*-n MacVinac RVtnket*, to p.> . nr. 4J\4(> iti**he*, an-1 wei^ii 3r? an i on? (i..trier p- uikIj. Pane) Li-t B:?- O .th. Jj* S.n eil L -I Birt? CI >rh. tr>.i.5 yant? S,i?t Li-t ????afle* t'i -th. j# y ar t- l.ra) L *t biu Cloth. Z *~'i **-4 H .. |t n r-'ia? N. !<*?? 4 M ???leu ehavls. 4111 || -aejr |i, uble Shawl*. 4-J* p- iii..l- Liii-n Thn ???!. ?t*ndar ' niaks. >' ?>. A omI 4ii, t wo-thir.isiiirk l-tiie, VM third wlnfe* t.nen 7;5 d"7-ii Sp- ol? foltor, stan'trd make, 3>J *?i!?, 3 > > rd and 6 com. I'1' 1' *^hk ?'ai?c ?. ?i tm! tr.t ?'int? . ?W yanl- I: dig Bin ? |?tilliug, 47 JVt yar I- 4 B--d Ticking. 14--5T5 yard- Br wn 9h**eting, 4 4 ?tand.\l l If- ?t yard? ?tand?r>t Dni k, S ouu< ?. yi 7S# yam - P!*id L-ns- y. J".4fiM )aril- B!n?- Flann I, twilled. ^.?ii*!?Plt K d Klarm< I. t * t?,VMyar>!-h ntiKk) Jcau-. 1? *C6 r?rd? !*.ttin-t lJWtai4- r.-lorotl Drilliaz.ffor dr.v.4 lininz ) 3W y ai'i? IIlea. hed fth-e:iii?, ( for >iir > jd.. 1 S.'V# yard- Blue lJetmii*. y. ?> jard? Ili.-korv Shirting. ;?sd ? ittop Haudk- ichief*. f i d"* it M- ii'e H *>1 ?? t k?. Od irli H m-l.'* W il H -e. 4f*-Jd- lew t'hildrea's ?* ?)! II *,e. 41 doaeii \* . olen S'-arfs. IT l!?r B>il Flannel Sli ri., 3.?WAni Flannel Murta 7II.. k.T) Sliiile. |.]t*> t'alir.. >hirt*. 4.'?i Women'* Wi?d IT ?? . l.*i Misi-- - U m l lit.' B. d i' >*er|ets. ? "jul p?WI..|s Y ?rii. anw rte! ?? >i r^. l,uC4 p- un.1- Hilling Twine, an-.l 3 eord.'e.ja ?l ?41* ti.t h lea, U.K. ,#i. 35 i.n-t pi f?'t p oi,-i- C 'tt 'n Miare, f..r ^.-in"* .?<?! P nn.!- Indigo. I 2H J.I7 II l .??i t'a-t -.t. cl Axe-, t to i1. p ?-? )j. 4-1 .1* *? II I -I I ael -teeI 1,11 liter*? Axin, hau-iied. t?4l '!? / i? A \ II tii'lie-, 3tii.ib,N I. ?.t7 1< /' ii |i'n,..l-irou Pre?r\m^ k tlW, X'a to 1<> <?uari!t. *14d' / ii ?h -rt-hari!!" W ? P.?n?. S .? 1, 2. aud S. in e ,nal <i?atttiti<-- . "i^-li 'I'll. P tn- pteaned ! I. atl.1 6 |H >rt<. .'??di *?-nTm PlitSe?. fr-inl. > i> Tu, t'npe, pint*. S*drr. ii f r t'np*. <|itart? j4 n Tin Pa is, no . v.-e,. 3. 1?, an 1 !J ' ?|uart*. Itid. ' I. T n Pa with cotrers, 8, h?. an 1 11 *? 25 <!? / n 1 in I< p* 1 * ?' / f Tin I'ofV*- P t?. 1 qair:?. >??.!?./ ti Tm C*?ifo? P i-, I iu.ii id. < i.J i ? m i T Sp'? : -t tiT*!****! ir- II T?*;% ? it-. ft-? B'? < !i? i K 6 !u< li. 111 Hnffttii d K4-in? h. ).'??ti? / *n Slv! ii?iiic Knivn?tS in?'h. tit'l !??*? K iT?-? arM * -I ?in.ilitv . 8'!' 7'*n r|pf Kuiv<^. /? n T.^r^r Fil-- 1^ iu> Ii. 47 1 / ft Miii Fil**-. 3.1d n >'l?tkt?-r?' 1I ^,N 2, ca ?1. /'??i il ?- II trulicj, 4 > >1 /.t ii II !???(?. Lldi 7"ll I! 4TMt-?%W9. f ?1 '\ /Pi Fi-h H ^ r ?.* p'i/>><*. |T?-h Lines. ae-?rt"?i -i/.e-. ?'4d? i. i Sewii;g A?l? d. mm ;<? wiug-awl Handles 112 ? /en t'set - -! e. I Sii ar-, ?>* and I a'" be-. ill J i ill arse ('? int.-. IJS dozen K ue l'- t h t ' Hil?. tfd '/?ii Open Thimblre. 93rf*?.-n Zinc Mirr-T". 173 N etll w ? Tt.-'l Si/ *. IC N tdi?-. t?lo*er?*. 144 I" sv-r Trap* Xe?h - i-e, I M Xii.k Tiaps. Kewk. ii-e. '.Wl tn-i K-ttl.*, in ne?t, ?f thr e. J ifri IMii*lr, li- .?!?. aNMltil cA>ri, Mi' Powl.-ttaa P pes. R fd S*e:-;*. 5.M;gar's C??at*. a?s rt.-.l *iz *, f >r m-*n. 4.10J Pant-. %- - rt.d -i7>-. f>r men. !<?' Vest;. .i?*orti-?l >:i?. f..r men. 374 le' - "?A. k O.-r-oal*. larm tile, Zaj Sn t-uscket ?nl pants) far boys fir* to tsa Tear ?f age IS T*a4e, tor i? .*? five t . ten rears of aga. i-llu Sle-r- W ol Hat*. ?**Tti?l *ix-?s and clais. 175 B -ys W eil Hat*, assorted sixe* and colors 9*1 H?a*? I'a? im?re Cap*. 1 .'iOS pairs M u'* hh >-s, g .v*i .jnality, nsaorte l ?i*ee. 7W pair-. Women * Sh -?, * >od inality, assorted si*.-* pair* B y*' S*h "*, g-w^l .|nali?r. ?(.?. 5 and 6. 299 pair* Misses' Shoo*, g-al quality, assorted sixes. S14 pwi-*Children - Sh -e? gooj I' aes>rted ! lips. t.0? p. uiel* T"b?cre. pi-ig. MjO p. ou 1* Smoking Tiikjcr*. Ali the ?l-oie ga si* nmet be delivered in Hew I rk, Philadelphia, of Boston t'f the 1st day of J uue next. Alan, the following Blankets, whVh will b<? re- j 4'ure.l t? be d-livsreti by the 1*1 dar of Angn*t n?xt: I 1,409 pair* J point white M n kinac Blankvts. to ; measure (ux7l lucbe*, and weigh eight ' pounds. 1 P'ur. JS-pnint whit* Msckinie Blankets, to i Hr?iir? Mid H ch?, noil w-igh *lx p ounds. I 71 pair* 2 point whfte Ma. Bisnkets. to nieaenre 42\4> incnes au>l weigh tire and one .piarter p. und*. 1 Sfi pairs 3-p.^nt *carl?t Mv kintc Blankets, to n-.eaeure 60173 inched, aud weigh eight pounds. 1JT0 p.tir- 2'_.-p?iint scarlet M-v-kinac Blankets, to m.-aemeM (n in. 111-., ana weigh ?ix p> 'inl-. 4(Wpair* 2 P"int *carlet Ma'kinac Blanket*, to measure 41x46 iin-bee, and wei^h t?? aai ? ?.- .jiiarter p. ucd*. 2 ?M pan - 3 p '.'it iieini Idn - M fkinar Blank-t*, t n? aeure fit-v72 inches, aud wei^h ? iglit pnwnda. 2 'W pairs!.',-pr.ntind.go blue Mackinac Blanket*, t-. -r.-a.-ure $i\G6 inch-*, and weigh six pesj >. pan - 2 p- Iwllrn Ms- Mse!tinae BUnk-f-. to mi a*are 4gX4o ii.ob ?, au.1 weigh See and ! en- .juarter pounds 1 I '--"i pint *r. tn M'-kinar B'tnkets, to I li . .-lire ?4 >*? ilie V--. H i 1 e t-ixh *i\ p i- I*. I 3L?>l tirs J p- mt green Mtckma Blankets, to m. 12x46 inch-*, and w> igh live and one ,i arter ponmls. The bi.l- win b- . pened in the presence of the B>>ard of ! ? iiai l'omtu'?*Mii-r* <ns{ j r'siimittra lo I ? dfeismst d t-> the Sec ret a r* of the Interior, as n ?? th.- i :me f.r recrixingthe - tni.lull lute expire.!, anil the coutraci- w ill he astrlnl as *o in th-r.-after as prat ti. able Partie? bid. ; a are r- ^uire.1 t > fti-nish samples of the arurle- h ,i for. All the waniple-, of ?>a. h bidder ? nail le- di-signa'ed by a private msrk att-vhed to rach sample orre?p n.liug with uiarks on th- pr? I. .sal*. The pr't'- mint 1* given with >nt any mo-l.ficati-in frjiropeeil it>-*liMention whuevt-r. The rigl t will be re?erve,l t., re,4uire a ereater i?r |e?. jnantiti I sot vxt'eednu 15 P"r cent in either t*elufa!i> . f the article* than that -p ?? irt?l iu the ai iv*irknlale*al the prtc-- pr ip-ste-i. The tight will be reserve,! t-. r- ject any or all pro p- -als, if so- ti a course -h ul.i he d- .-nieU f..r the m I r*?ts >.f I he ii-.vernmeni. All artii-!--* f'irni-h->l nn-l -r contract sr111 h > re liredtob. delivered. pack-?l and maikei' for *hip meat, without ex'racharg for raeesur baling when in original package*, au rding to dirwti-xie which will be given, at a warrh'Qse to be iesignate.1 in th-* r.e*ectiv>- cHie* where th>* g . ?ls ire r.s-eive.1, an I will he *1.1 ,.,-t to in?pe. lion by tl.e It 'itr l of Indian C'l mnnssKiiers spp.-inte.1 by tie Pr-sldent. and -n. il good* "I articles a* mat in it) r? .peel fall to roafonn t.-1^ -amples will le* rei -cted. tml in th ?t ;-aee the .. iiiiactof will be Lioiivl to lurni-ii others ? f the required kind'T 1411 tli't within <i-? days, or if that I* im done, they will l>-j pur- ha?-d at his ex pepse. Be bule v. ill be c insid. r?d fr'.m per-on* who have fail -il to i v/n.ply ?i.h;hv r< ..ureue-nt- .>| a former 1 iiktnct. S . ontra. I, or part there..|, xrui b-peemitt -d to be t?iKi.'il or All.d hv stli-r parties without the written 1 n*.-nt of the Secretary of the Interior. Payment will he BUMle (jr tli - go ?i* purchased on the pree. ntatioii of the invoice thereof at this office, after they shall have hern pr -p> rly approved. M proposal will be considered that d'?s not ?trictiy comply w nh the following form: ?? 1 ( or We 1 to fumith th- ludiaii I>epa. t ment, ar or ling to the trentiil th- advertisement of thet.' mu. ? of Iu Iiau Affairs, date. 1 March V*, WV the f. II wing arti< Us at th- pricoe thereto sltixed. (Here nsert the list of article* prop-wed lo be 'urnishexl i ^md ariicte*. are t-> Im> eellvertsl in | here inaejt the pr- p"S.d place of delivery I by tne (insert ?late.! Aid .f this 1st accept .si, I tor we) will, within tee days afti-r h. mg ti 'titied. ex-cute a i. i'tra.1 a. ? - rdinglv. at.d give se. nrity to thet'.mi unssi. ner<?! In-liau Affairs for th<- faithful perform ance iif the -ame "' l> pr*^**! '??'* be accompanied by a guaranty ?ii th?* ioIU'*iDg furtt, to tn* n>4n?i| l?y two rfn?>n silde perw-i.s, snfK. ieac> mu-t tie certiied Itf a I nited Sratee Jn<ige or District Attorney "We hrrt-hy jadntlv ami severally guarantee that the above bidder icr bidders,! if a ? outran shall be swarded to hini tor then.i a.-.-ordia* to his inr their) bid or pr*?sal, will execute a > <>ntra. t aconliugly, nud give the r* jui*ite security for the faithful per formance <4 the sagae, ae pree.-rib*<l tn the adver tisement for Pr>.ai?ial* for Indian U.e>is, dar d March ?. 1& 3. and in the event of hie (or theiri fail ure to d<? so. we herebt agree and bind ?ur*elt*w. ? ur heirs, exe. utors and alaiiuistrators, to forfeit and pay to the I'r.if-d States, as lamar-* s sum ti t leee than fl^i.-en p. r cent, on the aiuouut uf said bid ?>r preinosal. " Bonda will be required in the ainonnf of the hid f"f the faathfii performance nf the eontrart. with two or atcre snretie>. ?ho-erufticieitrt must b-.-cer t Bed tu hy ? tailed Stat. * Jii-lge or |h-tri--t Attor _ 1.1. f'LI'M, matS-ewtd Acting C ^uaisaioner. a PROPOSALS. |>BOPOSALfl FOR LITE OAK. _ Navi Dk.partwfvt, ? bitmv %f limftrurtnm and Krrutr, ' , Wwhiniiti ii, Nuroh ID. IsS. \ I'r"po'nl? f.r the delivery of 90.0* cnW feet of LiipOu timb?r of the best quality kl "libT the Km-ry, Charl?town or Br ?iki)n N*?i Yard, or 'if *'<Jl ^ pr P '**i?a ?f the ?'.-?? cabkfgtt at either ?? tw t>'|M>itiiii nt mi.t direct. will be rwn-iTwl ?t tlJ* Biirna uutil THURSDAY, the 17th day of Arril next. Th>--e pr<-p.aal* must endorsed "Proimtlitor Oak," flat ?h?-> may be distinguished fr >iu oth?r liuninnio letters. fan-tiit in ih<* full HimiW tmnnnt will be re ?tDir'ii t? >i(n th- contract, aad, a* additional and 3<>llat?ra! s<? urity, tweuty li?f iBt i?-r centum will b withh M on tlx- amount of each delivery until the rootrart is satisfae? >?riI) cmpl l"d. In all the deliveries Of th ) limber there must b* a due prop -rti >n of the most difliult and crooked piece-, other* i?e there will be withheld such fnrth* l i mount In addition t? the 26 per centum a* may b J edged expedient to secure the public iuterest uutil ?nch difficult portions be delivered. The r< mainfng 7ft per centum. or other pronorti >u <1 each bill, wTien approved in triplicate by the t ?Uitnsndant of the yard, will l?e paid by sack pi.r? hasing pavmaeter a? the contractor may d?-?i* nate within thirty <30) day* after it* presentation to hint. Ii will be stipulated in the contract that if default be made b> the parties of l In- tirst part in delivering all or any of the timber nam-d,of the quality and at thetinieand place provided, then, and in that can-, the contractor, and hi* sureties, will forfeit and pay to the raited State* a ram of money not exceeding twice the total aoi.iint therein ?ar-".,| up in iu tlie price to b t?iid iii case of the actual delivery thereof, which nm? be recovered according to the Act of Congress in the case provided, approved March 3d. livtf. The MM**' cubic feet to he delivered will !?? in th? f. Hi wine proper ions; sat H.1A cukic feet of piece* ?i .table lor Mem*. ?ternpo?t*. deadwoods, apr<>us, di-mp <t kuecs. keelsons and hooks, all aiding from IT to .ii inches, aad the book* siding 14 ?nd !?> i i. li-e. Ti eee piece* to l>e in the ^roporiioii* in which the) enter into the c..i,-tructi<.n ol a ship of war; cou formirg nut?tan? uliy in shape, length an I chvraci-r with tl. *>c heretofore received, with train'-* of cor re-jv. ruling sidings, the moulds of wiiii h ran heaven al any nai\ > aril, G.'O' cubit, feet of th'- siding of 13 K'-?i ISinches, in *b nit e.inal quantities of oa h, and J io3i' i-b:c ft't of a siding of 12 inches; all these l-ieci-. being in length f>"tn 13to 17feet, with * nat i*i el ami lair cur\e of from 12 to 30 inches or more in that length, and one-half th-> nuiub -r of pi -ce* to have fr in the mean to the greatest crook. Al*?, i :>m9< ab.L feet of timbi-r aiding 13 and 13 inches, in length fr m 17 to 3) f?et. All to be *id -d straight and fair, and rough h*wed the IUI ol'lmg wav to sh iw a fa. ?? of not less than twi thirdstbe aiding,the ?jOubtiiig deducted iu the measurement. The tin ie r to be rut from trees growing wfthin St n,ilea of the sea, of which satisfactory evidence will l.< rmuit.-d. and to lie delivered in th.? respective yards, at ibe ru-k ami exp> n?c of thecoatrw !or,aub j.-< t to the luual inspect!'>n, and to the entire ap proval of the tomm indant of th? yard. The whole quantity to be delivered within otto yi ar fr< ni the date of tIw contract.. falisfartory evidem e must b? presented with cvh pt. p<>sal that the panies either have the timber, or arw ac'iuainti-d with the subject, and have th lacilty to aricare it. Inadditioe tothe above, separate*-sea!"d propo ?>;!?" will b>- rec- ived at the same time, on the *une terms and condit one, and similarly endorsed, from I ?raoita having ihe timber on hand already cut, for the delivery iu each of th- navy yards at t.'harles fowti mid Drooklyii, of trorn 3,0' tf to 25jM) cubic feet ' t live oak, the p incipwl pieces siding It to 17 in< he?, the remaining portiou 1] ami 13 inches; the irinci[>al pieces at 1 crookisi timber b-ing in the ? nine pr- is-rtion to th- <iuantity offered as that speci t.'?l in the Iii *t tike-, with the same len^tiis and crooke. 'I h< whole amount contracte.1 for in this case mn<t 1? di litered on or Ic fore the first of September, ld/j. Th< Department reserves the right to reject any and all bids for any timber under this adrertise lu-ut, or reduce the amount, if considered not to tiie i! ti rest if the Qoverumeut to accept them, an I to r> iuire satisfactory ? v id-nr- that bids are It in *11 respects, and are made by resp-msibl-* p -rsous. 1'arties desiring to btd for furnishing this timber * ill be furui-hed with instructions, i- totbe form of ? p. r re<juired, up* n application to this ll'irea-i. niar23 1aw4w IHurofALS) i'Uil ICE. TRtA'Ctt PRrAFTMKNT, WasiiinijTon. l>. C., March ?2, ,<*71. | H aled Proposals ,o turnish Ice for thi? I> pirt tsrtii ent f. r ne year fr-.m aad after March 31, li73, will be ri 11 ived u. til noon, M akch 2Z. I?T3 Th ? ice to b?' fiirtii-h' d must be Kenfe'iec |e? of III- best quality, or i. e e.j-ial thereto, cle ?r and free Ir --tii suo\e,dlrt. or other impurities, to the * ttisfae ti?u of the reC'-iving ofBcer, and to bed llvacad It sui-h aud at such times an 1 places at may be requlled. To be weigh d by th" Tr-a-nry sc-tles, an| to t,? paid l"r monthly, upon prop, r Touchers, audited and approve*] in due fora. I: must be at a price per Ion of -,2W full pounla to the t. n. A dep?*it of $:<?} (United St ues currency or K tid? > n iw aeei inptny each btd as ?? eurity that it is g< aaine and !*? k ? .1 fnitb, to be returned io the unsuccessful bidd-rs *f*. r the award of lit c.-n tt i.i ?, and to be ret Mined as sc-curit> uii the Coiili act <1 ilie -i ? naM W !--r. 1 ns right to reject sn. iir all bids, orto waivede f-ct- if it is deemed to the intercut cf tin. government to do so, is reserved. Bid* should he ind rsed,'? Prop .?als f .r I-e." and should he aijdreseed to .1. II SAVILI-E, n U vAMt Chief t'i. rk Tr. as.jry Department. STEAMER LINES. W AtlllKUTON, MORI-OLK, BuaXUN, AND " PUOV1DKMCB. 1 he fine Iron btesiurr LADY OF TUB jLAKE bav u.g resumed her T gn'ar trips to N rf lk.will leave her wharf, fo?itj id <;h street, ev-ry MONDAY and* 111 I K>1?A Y, at S p. m., touching at principal Biver L atsl' n* s, connect .tig at Norfolk with St -an-hip mt tin M and M. Line f>r B st..ti and Providence. Freight rhould l?e a?idrese. .1 oCBre uf Lady of the Lake, ^ia Norfolk .'' Branch ticket office at Kuox's Expie-s tlffice, ?>?:? Pennsv Ivania avenue. T. M. t'BOl'CH. Ae-nt.ifh-s'reet wharf. DtiKSEY ?:UAOBTT. O-n-ral A<-nt. BiM Plant's Store, corner 16*h Mt. and P?. av?. 1~ N MA N L I N E ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO AND ft*ROM LIVKUPttuL, CALLINO AT oi;een?town, S'.ry Tni'RiirAY and SATURDAYS from Pier 46, N< r:h Biver, New York. ? RATES or CA^SAGK' Cabin. #78 and $:*i gold. Excursion tickets at reduced rat*e. Streragt? To (jueenstown, liiverp-n I, Glasgow, Londonderry, London. Cardiff or Bristol, .*30 cur rency. Prepaid certificates fr nj above ports, $3i currency. Apply to JOHN G D\LE, Agent, 1 i Broailway, New York,or to l?. A. BliOSN'AN, Washington,U street, between 9in aud iw.h streets. IU lm ^JUSARD LIMB. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, CALLINO AT CORK HARBOR. TBOM NEW YORK. Calabria. .Wed_Mar. 13 ; Abyssinia...W st?Apl. J Psrthia. Wed Mar. 19 I Mgeria W-d...Apl y *< uba_ W ed?Mar. Jt | *Bn-sia Wed-.Apl. H Mean.era marked luua * do not carry steerage paa eligerS \nd every following WEDNESDAY and SATUR DAY from New York. Rati* or Passams.?C'abiu, f 30, f loo, and 913* )t l, according to a< reramodatton. icketato Pans, fit, gold, additional. K'turn tickets on tavurabie tcruia. bit' I age, #30. currency. stivrage tickets fr. m Liverpool and Qaeenatown, ai d all parts of Europe, at to*ist rate*. Through Mils of lading ineii to Bifam, Olasgow, Havre AioWi-rp and other points on the Coutineut and foj *. ?? rt n. at. p For freight and ca! in paa ?age, apply at the C lupauy** office, No. 4 Bowling Ureen;for steerage patouge, at No. Ill Bretelway Trtnity Biulding. aovU-ly CHAR Q FRANCKLTN, Agenf ^NCHOR LINE STEAMERS BAIL E> ERT SATURDAY. Passenger* b?t ked to and from any Railway Sta :t< t. or S< ats rt in O'ea: Britain, Ireland, N rway, 8weden,_ I"i.nmrk, Germany, EBCHANT S LINE OF STEAMSHIPS. MTWin WASHINGTON AND NEW TOU. MereafUr the fine Ste?HMhlpa E C. ENIOBTaad ^fiLmV^an 3V East River, every SATURDAY at 4 p. as.. Leave GEORGETO^M every FRIDAY at 7 a. a?., and ALEXANDRIA the mm day at IS a. For tall Information apply to R. P. DENHAH, Ageat, oSc* aad wharf foot cf High street, Gejrge town, or at tha ohm of 17th street aad Sew York "jSltSi J. W. THOMPSOW. Fr I ' NITE1* STATES PATENT OFFICE, U WasHHOToI, D C., February 27th, 187S Oa the petition of JOSHUA C. SToDDARu, of Lockp rt. New York, for the estensioa of a patent granted to htm on the 28th day of June, 13H. and reissued on the 1st day of June. |?9, for aa improvement ia machines lor Making Har: It ie ordered that the testimony in the case be closed on the ffth day of May next; that the time for filing arguments and the Examiner's report be limited to the <th day of June next, aad that said petition be heard oa the 11th day of June next. Any a> rson may oppose this extension. ml sS M. VTLEOGETT.nommisirfoner. F. *' H,'i*^Sr*% V. Mob ? Co.,) CITIEEMS. ARMY A.O^TT Metropolitan Hotel, (lata Brown's.) jTt*-lv wo. *4H Penns'a ave.. Washmgto . Q ? rway, p*?sii-u, tt'nniark. Germany,4 France, Holland, Belgium and the United* States. ? a? in fare from NEW YORK to LONDON, LIV EBPOOL,GLASGOW and DERBY. aud ?7?. EXCURSION TICKETS, $130. Intermediate, #3e, steerage, $30, all payable id Current >. Parties sending for their friends In the Old Country can purchaae tickets at lowest rat?s. For furthor parti- u.arv apply to the Agent, C. CAMMACK, Jg. 14S3 F street, Washington. HENDERSON BROTHERS, ma) 14 7 Bowling (ireen, New York. (VEW EAPRESS LINE VIA CANAL! BXTWXkn PHILADELPHIA, ALHIAXVRI* fA., WASHJMtTUy * UK HO HI uWJ, V. C. Sailing day from rlei B. North Wharves, Pnlladel aliia. WEI'NESLAY and SATUB- . _JT? ^ DAY, at IU m. From 4# Water street, Georgetown D. C., TUESDAY and SATURDAY, at 10 a. m. G. F. HYDE. Agent for D. of 0. Ag nts -F. A. RE1D, Alexandria, Va.; WM. ?. .' E A Co.. Philadelphia, Pa. jy< sr FOR SALB MT ALL . j* ' "" GO. f>B k* had bj the trade at 01 m . AUCTION SALES. Ft TIRE PAYS. f?Y MATTINGLY A WQIKLIK, Auctioneers, I * 603 Kb MtnI nortkwMt, T5F2T**'8 PAL* BT~ AUCTION or TWO XLIOANT RESIDENCES OS K STREET. BE TWEEN 9th AND 10th STREETS NORTH w fcpT. Br virtneof a deed of trust, dated September 4,1H75, and recorded September hi. 1>CJ, fn Liber No. 6V6, folio 173, I shall, on WEDNEsDA Y, Jan. 16. 1-C3, at 4 o'clock p. m., offer for sale, to the bidder, the following real estate situated In W tshiugtun city, District of 0?>lumhia, to wit: Lota lettered C atid D, in Gilbert's recorded subdivision of Sqnare number three hundred and seventy-one, (371), together with the improvement* thereon, being two desirable and valuable modern bnilt residence*. This property in mlil subject to a prior deed <>f tmot on each home of 010410. dated Anoint S, M71, par able in five ream, with ten per cent, interest, par able -"ail annually. Terms of tale: Cash for the amount realii-d above aaid incumbrance, to be paid within oue week after the sale; and if the tertii* ?*-e not complied with in that time, the Truelee ? ea the right to resell the property at the risk . i coot of the defaulting pnrrli*?-r. A deposit of %2UU on each houee when s< Id. Conveyancing at the purchaser's cost. GEO. MATTINGLY, Trustee. d30d MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Ancts. KJT T11E A BOY T. SALE IS HEKF.BY POST PON ED until SATURDAY, January Hi, ICS, at 4 o't lock p. m., <>n th?- pr'-misee. Bv nler of the Trustee. jUa.ll fij ATTINGLY A WUEKLKR. Aucta. ?V THE ABOVE SALE 18 HEREBY FUR th-r postpoued until WEDNESDAY, 'he < January. uV3, at 4 o'clock p. ui., on the premise*. B> order of the'/rust "ea, jS 2t MATTINGLY A WHEELEK, Auct. Wf THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY FUR T.1ER POSTPONED uo'il FRIDAY, February 7th, 1>CS, at 4 ??'?:! -rk p Oi.,">i the premise-. Bv ynler of the Tiu^'ee: GEO M\TilSl!LY. J5a-, ..A.I Bi.VTl'INGLT A V\ H EELER. Auct*. *V'IN CONSEQUENCE OF TUE INCLEMENT weather the above sale is further P<?STP"SKl> until Til U RSDAY, F> hrnary 13, W71, at 4 o'clock p. m., on the premises. By order ??f the Trustee, 17-coAd MATTINGLY A WHEELER. Aucta. ?TIN CONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEMENT weath. r the aboie sale i* hereby further POST PONED until MONDAY, February 17.1S73, at 4 o'clerk p ni., on the premises. Bv order of the Truster. jU MATTINGLY A WHEELER. Ancts. W THK ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY further I -tpi'iml until 31 ON 1>A Y, February 'i 4, 1373, al 4 o'clock p. tn. 15v order of the Trustee. 16 22 24 MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Aucts. THE ABOVE SALE IS HERKItT further p?*:poiied until TH URSDA Y, March to, iSi. ai 4 o'clock p. ni Uy order of the Trustee. lJI-eo MATTINGLY A WHEELER. Aucts. THE ABOVE SALE 19 HEREBY fnrlh-r p.'* poneti utitil sATL'lkllAY, March l.i, 1>.I, at 4 o'click p. in. Bv order of Trustee. n.7-eo MATTINGLY A WHEELER. Ancts. ? /"THE ABOVE SALeTs HEREBY FI'RTHER POSTPONED until THURSDAY, March tlO.h, 157:-, at 4 o'clock p tn. Bt t.rd* r "f T; 11-it-e. nU-eoftds MATTINGLY A WHEELER. Ancts. ? /?IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEM ENT weather the above sale i* hcrebv further post I i ed until TUESDAY, March iiih, 1*7.1, at 4 ..V. rk. mh1- -od MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Ancts t . L. WALL A Co., Auctioneers, New Marble Building; Noe. H00 and 'JOJ Peiiusylvauia avenue. BASKKl'PTCY SALE OF VACANT LOTS EAST O* THE CAPITOL, IN SQUARES 75>J AND 1109. ? Under a decree of the Supreme Court of th - District of Columbia setting in bankruptcy, the undersigned assignee* .>f Win. Biadley A S a*, wil *? 11 ?t public auction, on the premises,on M??N DA Y . March 31. IS73, ai 4 o'clock p.m., L >t* nuin i 't aevent'-en < 17 I and eiaht*"*n < l*'. i?i *<|iiare ma ile n-<l icvii Imn'tr-?<! and eiijht y-ti\ e (7V.I ..n ?h < man or plan of the city of Washtuiftoti. on 4th *tr" t m* , tx-tweea A hi >1 ft north. S^le will comntence v itli L"t? 17 anJ 1*. f<in ire 7h5. Alf , lliimediateiv after tli" above, we will sell, a' Or' came | lace, b.t viitecn 116). in *.;u ire . In et, I ?ir I atnl nitie (1)19), *u n r;L A, bctwe; u |s;h an 1 lOi) Ptre?t? eaet. T rn ? i f ?.ile; One-half i i>?h; be.l nice at th? end "f twehve mnsths,with iateawat;cre4it nyiwU to be secured by a <| ?.f tru*t on Oih preniivs ??>ld. A d | ? it of 960 on < neb l -t ?ill l?e required at the lime of =ai~'. Col?*eytine lilt at ptii' hliserH'Cost. V\ M. If. WEBB. I Assignees in J AS. YI LLERTON,{ Binkrup'cy. Kt-< It W. L. \V ILL k CO., Au ts I>\ uLl 1 N .* WILLIAMS, AncM i.-? r-<, > Northwest corner of loth and D streets. TRUSTEE'S SALE OJP VALl.'ABl.E IMPROVED \M' I MMI'RoVKD PROPERTY IX > il \i;E No. t'7NEAR ST ALOYS1US CHl'Ri'H. By?irtiie?f ad> e<l<>f tru-t on the tirst < f Jure, A.D. l.<71, and duly record -d in a-"sm le-rNo.<?t2, f >lio 4M, Ac., of tl land r?*c >rds !? r W arhinKt<-ti i:"'Mty, D. <'., and by direction "f the part) *et'nred thereby, I wills II, at public nuc ti? i',ii tr. uK'fth- prenii?. ?,on M<iNDAY,tlie 31-t day id March, A. D. 1S73, a* 4 oV|->ck p. in , the f l loviitig 'li jrrionl l"t* in Gilbert'* recorded snb li ?i*ii ii f square numbered -.i* hundred and seveiity tive<67f>) tti tie- city ?.f Washington, that i>? L >?m X??. ItC. li/e. loy, ami 110, each improved by a nearly'dhouse, fronting <iu north I street; Lots N"*. )?. im 144. 1?. IN . 157, IV. 169, l6o. 101 and lo2, all utun proved, mid fn iitii g on M> ttle ?tr.-et. Teiin* iaa*b- known on dav ?.f sale, mil dep.>sits re quired at hale of ? bv on each unpr >\>sl lot, and >25 on es? h unimprov? >1 lot. Terms of sale to be fully CoDtplied witli within six days after day of sale; otherwise the tru-tee re?er\ea ?he rii?ht to resell af ter one w ek's notice, at the ri?k ami cost of tirst purchaser. All conveyancing at purchaser's coat. WM. II WARD, Trnstee. BtlS-eoAda GREEN .V WILLIAMS, Aucta. LIVERY STABLE^ J 11. OLCOTT * SON, . BOARDING, LIVERY d SALE STABLKS, 416 8th street, bet. D and V,aiui Chain Alley, H between 13*h and 14th. Office, Willards. Beat carriag>? furnished. Special care paid to th? t* .arding of horses. decfl-ly Allison nailor, jr.. LIVERY AND HIRING STABLKS. STYLISH CARRIAGES and COACHMEN. 4ec?> )y 1346 E street northwest. ARLINGTON STABLKS.?R. CRD1T, JR. G STREET. Bktwuh ITth Attn 1*th. Carriacea by day or night, and for weddings or par ilea. aecJO-ly /CONGRESS STABLKS, v> 6th STREKT, Bitwiir D ahd I. Hone* and Buggies for Hire, and a freah supply of go<id Horses for aale every week. j>SI lv RICHARD YANT, Proprietor. ASH NAILOR'8 STABLKS ISM K ST. CARRIAGE8 of the latsat sty lee couatantly on hand and for hire by the day or month. Part ie?, weddings, and receptions furnished wtth ie m -st com fort abl< w the nil -st comfortable and elegant Carriages. Particular attention to hoarding Uorwea always for aale and exchange. A AND teal Estate ??rtgage C#bMm4s la Ita f JO Gold Bond! the Northeni raolKo Ball road Company furnishes to the ynbUo an luraalmrat ?ecority which oomblnea tha ready nacotiahlllty, tha convenience, and the high credit af a first-claM rail road bond, with tha solidity and safety of a real ea tate nortm* ob Und vortt laaat twto* tha i They are offered at par In mrrraey, and yield ? HANDSOME PROFIT to thoaa exchanging6-Sta. The bonds are a first and only mortgage oh the road, its equipment* and earnings, aad also on a land grant which, on the completion of the road, wU) average 23 AW acres to each mile of track. They are Issued In denominations from #100 ta ? I.OUj Coupon, and #100 to )1U,1M) Registered, bar* thirty years to run, bear an intereet of 7 JO per cent, in gold, and are KXKMPT FROM UNITED STATES TAX to the holder. The semi annual intereet en the Registered Bonds is paid with GOLD CHECKS, sent to the post oQIce address ef the holder. All Marketable Stocks and Bonds received In ex change, without expenae to the investor, at their highest enrreut prices. JAY COOKS CO., b a n k e r 11 mayfl) WASHINOTOH IT*ITKD STATES PATKNT OPriCB, ) Washi.igios.D. 0.. March 13,13T3. Oa the petition ot SAMUEL WETHEKED, of Baltimore, Md., praying for the extension of a Btent granted to him on tne Itftb day of August, S, for an improvement in Carding Engine*: It is ordered that the testimony in thecwie be closed on the lMh day of July next; that tha time for filing arguments and the Examiner's report be limited to the 25th day of July next; and that said petition be heard on the 3Kb day of July next. Any person may oppose this extension. mlfi sjt M. D. LEGGETT,Commissioner. "T'EIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber M has obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, holding a Special Term, letters of administration on the personal estate of ANDREW G. C A ROT HERS, late of Washington county, D.C.. declared. All persons having claims against the said deceaeed are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the Touchers thereof, to the subacriber, on or before the 7th day of March next: they may other wise by law be excluaed from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand, this 7tnaay of March, 1873. JOHN tTgIYEN, w8-ejw Administrator. ITKlTED STATES PATENT OKICI, IJ Waspisoto*,D. Co March 3,1573. Oa the petition of CHARLES HEWITT, of Tren ton, New Jersey, praying for the extension of a Ctent granted to him on the 7th day of June, 1160, r an improTement in Machines for loving Iron at the Rolls: It is ordered that the testimony la the caae be closed on the 0th day of Hay next, that the ttin" for filing arguments and the Examiner's report be lim itedte the 14th day of May next, and that aaid petition be tieard on the list day of May next. Any person may oppose thieextenaioa. mB s Jt M D LKGGETT, Commissioner. AUCTIQy SALES, FUTURE PAY*. DI LATIHIB * CLEAR!, MJ Auctioneers tad ImI MM* Broker*, Southwest ooroer rnnl*Hlt tnan and 11th at.. Star Offlcf Building. ' ATTRACTIVE SALE OF SUPERIOR HOUSE HOLD FIRNITIRE IN RESIDENCE Jb'sT VACATED RT SENATOR CoRBETT. BRING NO. *14 THIRTEENTH STRKET, BETW?KJ| E AND F STREETS NORTHWEST. A . On THURSDAY MORNING, March to, ttv 1875. commencing at !? "'clitck, we shall mil, )M|at the r-?idence described aho?e, t he f?U iw Hl'ng t?tj superior collection of Household ? Goods: Bi^wixxl-cw s*v*n octave Pianoforte, (Mr*r, of Philadelphia,! ' Green and Gold Piano Cower, Ro*ewo<-^ Piano Stool and Music Rack. Bo?evood Crimson Pamajk Parlor Suite, contain In* 10 pieces. Walnut Parlor Suite, In Green R*P,T pi?tc?a Frerce plat- Pier Mirror, 54 by 7t, with Sienna Marble Base French plate Pier Mirror. SO by 2J. with Marble B*se and Brack* t. Fine Brussels Carpets and B'lg*. T*a S?t? Heavy Green an,I Gold 8''in Damitvk Window Curtain*, lin-.l with S:ik, Tusn-ls. Ac ,(complete ) Lr.ce Curiaius. Walnut Mirroi-back Ens re H; - w t<: Marhh -t. pTahh *. Walnut W lialaol, B'?ew-?d Card Tabic*. Brm7- Figures. Pariau Figures, Oil Painting#, M.i.itei Ornaments, Ac., Ac. Cm *<-<1 Walnut Mart/I- t' p Chsmber Suit*-, contain ing 11 piece*. T?i)Hiiii? Finished Walnut Marble-I>p Chamber Furniture M.'l.??i.m.- Mirror-front Wsrdr he. K ?( ? <~i Mir*-' r fr nit Wardr ' ? . F?! ? Catb>t IIa rM ? and F- ?tli-r B.sla. Feath r B !>?? r* and Pillow*, >,-r ad*, Blank ts, frr , Ac. His-k Mai.res* fine Toilet Ware, Ac., Ac. 'ti n -ply ami ln?r:<ii> Carp-'*. II }y 4%,r\ e,l Oak S ,1-Ih nl, wi;It Sh. lv >*. <> i, F\t- iin- li DiniiiK T il.l*-. Oak I?i? infficane -<-a. ) <'itair-*. I'aie.' Te-i ? ?:* it?, Cr >cfc.>rj--ware, CUlai a-.i! I*la*!"* ?r *. II hI i ( fcj Our Stov K icli n Furniture, Ac , Ac. A L>o, at t o'i !? el,., n . ? L > II ckaway,in excellent i rditioi,; | fi.t:ii.- B ?*. IT n- In tali er r r:i. A pp!v to th ? auctioneer* II: 17 St L ATIM I K A CLKARY, A nets. tlf 1IIK ABOVF SALE IS Po>TP >NED IN Coi -e.iit. ii'-e .! th>- raio u.ittl Jl'liU tV, M.ucti 24tb, same h< ur ami pi ice. *' A"1 I Rep. 1 LATIMLB A CLKARY. AuctP. I> Y DI'Nt'A NSON. DOWLING V Co., Anew. J S ut beast comer 9th and D street* uortuwuit. TRUSTEES'SALE OF IMPR'lVKD RK \L F< '' ?i11; ,, IN.,. TKNN ALLY TO A N, ABOVE (?Kt'BUFTiiNN N. 1>. O. lt> > irtae of two d--edi> < f tru*t, dativl th(? Wth g?; D-ctii.ber, A. I). W71, and tlr? 16"li F<d?ruary, ?"I'd, r-cor.led in N >. 6^3, f >!i * Ac., am! Iiln-r No.661, folioe ."W, Ac..,.f the land r-c ir-l* of Washington County, D C., an t at tile request of the par;> ?rure?l t b'-r-b*, the uiid*r?ig:i-d, a>; tru^ teee, will ee|l, at public auction, ia front of the preinipee, on MONDAY, tin- U4'h day of March A. P 1.H73, nl 4 oYI rk p. in., all that r>i-t ? of ermod in Teiii<all>town, in eaid county. B ginning at a b> und *ton?- on tbe ea*t line of the G 'r^?-t >wn and Ria kville Turt.pike road, it b int al-.? the uorth ?e*t comer <f J iMnthaii Bnckic-r"* lot, and run i "tit; th- lire with the lin-< of BmpI iht'* lot north 7o>- d* ??re ? fe?t to bound *ton--; thence liortb '-:1 d-ffr'-et. wem 69 4-10 f- -t,*outh 70't degree* Wert SWj feet to th - lliirf f eaid r-iH-l,and th nee ?owih 21 dtgree* e??t 69 4 U) feet te the beginning, with tbe I Hi pro t enenta thereon, cou.*i*t i lig of a frame Dwelling. Tern.* of pale: One-third ca*h. and balance in *ix and t? -U?- IIIOI tl:?. N -t'* of the purcha*i-r to b gi?> li, leariiiR te?, p. r cent. inlerewt fr.-tn th" day of *nle, and cured bj n d ed of trn?t on the pr.'p-rty - Id. *l?Uto l>e pai 1 wh-n th ? prop -rtv t* *;mck ? t? Tl? tniPtee* r>->erve the risbt to r ?ell th ? pr p ? it* at tie ri-k and co?t of the it faulting -r, it th<-tent'-are ImI complied with iu hv<-da?* from t !i? -ah , after li\ t- da> 'ii ad*erti?"in"iil. All convey - auciog at.d r.-.'ordmg at puroti t-^-r'* c -at. >> n woohu ari>.( T,.? , ,

li. V. MfKSKT.L, ( Tm-tee*. rrNCAX'^l'N, BOWLING \ C O., f?7-2av 3v ?vrt* A net ion -t*. I ?V I \TIMKR A CLEAUY, ? * Ai;i'ti,'iu?i r* and B--al K-tate Br ,^er?, St utbw??( Cor:;, i 1'eniiM l?.-.i ?? ?teuiii dul lltb ?t? Star t/lhce BuiMiiig?. i I! ANCEKY SALE Ol V.M V \ RLE Bl'ILDING I ??!?; A I M-. \ ,1.1 AP.I L I d I'll'.' VKi1 IMS >P I I. I V KI.ONTI Nii tiN I \ M? K . Bi TWLLN 1 ol t; \Mi \ HALI- AND S1X1M STIitLTS to! I 11 W I OB* \ it ? of a 'h ere ? of th' S '^rem- (' urt of tl.e Di-'rict of Columbia, pa??ed in Cbwten ?fan?-.N ,2.72, I. .. 1? ?<?. 11. I %till, on >ION 1' A Y. I lie 31 hi (Li) ol Alan h, 16.*.}, on tie pr -mi *. a ?> i'\ I.n k p. ii ., off i for w|> at puhiii au. t. ni L- t>- 7, S. Su.ii.l 21, in ?<iuur i.m, in tL ? * ity L-1^ 7 and hate been Mil. II v :-lnd in'o i *-e 1 >t*, < acli ha* iug ?. fr t.t <-f tweLt* f ? I <<tj aonlh K *tr.-< t, I i i v ? eii I'oii' aji.l-M-half and 8 'b ?tr> -t>. an I r jn li i H I ?I k ?it!i tl.:ii v idt'i one bundr- and two f-,.*t hi\iintie*t. athirty-foot alley, and are all tiuim p' \.>i. I. t- 2?l ai:.t 21 ha* ? be-n -n Llh id'-d into four lot* 11" ee < f lb't lia' i 11 g ,t front of ; w-nty f ? -i on south I e*re?t, bet ween 4' and 6. ii rlr'-ei*. ami running baek Willi llial w liith iilie llllll.lre.1 and two feet ?l..| *i* inches to ? lhirt>-foot alley, uuil ere uu iii'pn.M-d. 'i he r'-mai'.ing lot h** a fr^nt of forty f<**'t cn* *'ith I street, between Hi- *anie two ?.tr-e|M, a,..j rtin< I with that w idth one bundled a..d two fret six inches to the *atue alley, and i? improyed by a two *t' r> Irnn'e house, with back-building. T'tnif: On - thin! of the purchanemoney in ciish, ai d the re*idu-in three e.jnal ini'aluietit*, at, re ipectively, *i\, twelve arid eigh'eeti month* from na> of sale, wiib interest at ten per centum per an tin in, *ecured by t h-pitrchsser's note and d.-? I of trurt; ortbe whole in < a-h. at lb*. pui.-haaerV op ti. ii. A d -ed gi?> tt on the flnal ratin. iti n of *al-. Ci mi yancing at purchaser k cost. A dep. sit of g&j on each lot on day i f *al . BK(, IN A LD FENDALL, Trustee, nan dArt* LATIMER A CLEAR if. Auct*. KY LATIMER A CLEABY, Ancti' neer* and R -al E*tate Broker*, I Southweat corner of p<un. a*. nun an 1 11th street. Star Office Building. TBrSTEEH SAI.K OF VALC \RLE IMPOVEB I'Hol-kR'l ^ ATTUECuUNKli OF ItirH ANB M STREETS. , By viroi" of a deed of tru*t to me, bearing [date th<- 14th day of Decenih-T, A. I> 1S72. and ?recorded in Liber fi3.t, at folio 3K, and at the r'? uu'-st if the p?-rso!i w-cured thereby,I will pell at pub lie auction, to th" highe?t bidder,in front of the preui i*.*,on Tl'ESI>.\ Y, th?- Uftthda) of March, l) i o'clock p in., Lots numbered nineteen <la> and slxtT-f"Or,(64,) in sul>diviiiion of 8'iuare ntnubered one hurinred and eighty two, (1?.) as the *?nie ar ? Known npon tbe public plata aad plan of tbe city of Washington. The prop< rty frouts ?'.>?.at 4U-> f?et on lath street, and has a de^th of aliont 9! feet to an allev, and bind* on M etreet; and i* improved with a large2S ?t<.ry frame store atid dwelling, and two smaller frame house*, and is located in a rapidly t.uproviug part of the city. The property will be sold sulyect to two prior en cundMance?, one of ijt^mo, which matures January lu, 1S74, and the other of giuu, which will be due during this month. Term*: One-half cash; and the r?s?id'i" in six month*, with interest from day of sale. ? 10(1 to be d. po*iti*d when the property is struck off. All coa ?eyftiiciug at coat of purchaser FRED. W. JONES. Tnw'e*. ml2 d ATIMER A CLKARY. AucU. BT GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers No. 1001, northwest corner l(Xh and D *ts. TBISTKE SSALE OK VALUABLE PROPFUTY IN SOI AUL No. ti7i, NEAR ST. ALOYslUs - HI H<' H. Bj virtue of a of trust dated on the loth l,::ioay of June, A. D. 1-471, and duly recorde-1 in ? No. 661. folio |ol,Ac., of the land r-corjs of Washington county. L>. C., and by direction of the party m ? ure.1 thereby, I will *' II, ?t public unction, in front of tbe premise#, on Monday, the 31 st duv <>f Man Ii, A. I). 187*t, at 4 o'clock p. tn.. Lot nun.bend two hundred and ee* uuteen |2I7), in Gilbert'* recorded subdivision of ?iuaie uumb-red six Lutidre<l and wventy-flve (675>, in the city of Washington, with all of the improvements th'T sui. coi * .-tii.g of one Buck Dweiliag IIoust , froutiu^ ou " 5l>rtle stn-'-t." Terms of sale: On--half in cash, of which $1<X) naisi be Paid at sale, the deferri-d payment* to he in. dt witn interest ai the rate of ten per cen*. p >r aiiruni, in six and twelve ni .nths after dav of sala, und Secured by de:-d of trust to the satisf.tctiou of the Trustee. Terms t<> be fully complied with within six days after sale, otherwise the Trustee reserve# the right to resell the pr .pertv, after on" w?'-k's notice, at the risk and c >?t*of iirst purchaser. All conveyancing and stamp* at purchas-r's co*t. W M H WARD. Trustee, ml.' StawA Is GRKKN WILLIAMS. Au -is. DT GRKFN A WILLIAMS, A act: on-er*, 13 No. 1001, northwest corner loiii and D *ts. TRUSTEE'S PALE OK VAI.CABLE PROPKRTY IN A RE No. 070, NLAR Sr. ALOk'oILS CHl'RCH. ff-t. Byyir'neof a de'-d of tru?' da'f-J on th" 29'h KtS'lay i f March, A 1>. 1*72. and !ul> rec-rl d in ?SAlil er N". 675, f .|io 163. Ac., of the land record* for Washington county, District of Columbia, and by direction of tin party secured thereby. I will s -]| at public anctiou,in front of th< premises,on .MON DAY, the 31 -t day of March. A. 1> 1373 at 4 o'cl-nk p in., fr. nting < n My rtle street, all Lot number -d two l.uiidr. d end sixteen. (21u.) in Gilbert's rec.-rtit-d siii diy iaioM of Si(iiare numbered six hundred and seT ?nty-flve, (t>76.) in the city of Washington, with all the improvements there -u, coast>tiUj{ of a Brick Ilwellii g House. Terms of sale, a* prescribed by *ahi deed t.f trust: In cash ?2.0Ut?. with interest at It) percent, front date of deed, of which #lou mu*t he pari at sale; the de ferred payments to be made in six audtwelve m .ntha from duy of sale, with inten-st, and secured by d <ed of trn t to the satisfaction of the Tru-ts*. T-misto be fully ct>mplied with within aix days after *a!?; otherwise the Trustee reserve* the right to resell, after one week'* notice, at the risk an.l cost of Iirst purchaser. All conveyancing and stamp* at par cliaat r'a cost. WM. H. W ARD. Trn*tee. mlft-eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. BT B. H. WARNER. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 13V 7th street,between G auUli streets. TRCBTEE'8 8ALB OF A NEW TWO STORY AND MANSARD R O 0 F, PRESS BRICK FRONT RESIDENCE, ON EAST SIDE OF 14th BTBEKT, BETWEEN S AND T ST3., NORTHWEST, AT ACCTI0N. s By virtue of t deed of trust to me, dated F-b ?a ruarv W, 1S7?, and duly recorded in Liber No. ?*?73, folio >44, oh of the Land Records of Wash ington, D. 0.. I will sell, at public auction, In front of tbe sreuiaMi, to the highest bidder, on S ATL'B DAY, March 8#, M7J, at 4 o'cl ck p. m., tbe fS lowin*-described real estate, situate in the city Of Washington, District of Columbia, to wit: Lot l?t bered 9, in Willard's recorded subdivision of Ma marked and lettered "D, B, F, G, H.I, K. ?r?*>L," tn FiaiMr's recorded subdivision of ?riginal lota, a timbered It, 19 and 14, in square S38,fronUng Mfeet n? 14th street, together with tbe improvement* thereon, consisting of a desirable new two-story and mansard-roof Brick Dwelling-hoaaa. Tama: #U? in cash; balance tn one and two Tears, deferred payments to be secured by a deed of trust on the property. #100 deposit on acceptance of bid. If terms sf aale are not compiled with Wohin seven days after sale, the property will be re sold af the risk and coat of tne d< faulting purchaser. u pure ha CALEB Bl*-eo*ds B. H. WABMBB Trwstee. AUCTION SALES. T1IIS AFTFR *4>?M. HT THOMAS R. WAGGAMAN. Real Estate Auct. ' 319 7:h stree?. TRUSTIES 8ALE OfTaLU ABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ^ By virtue, of ade?i f irnl d*t-<d .ntheMh Qdai of Pwrmlur, A. D. ISstf, and dnly f' rtnt ?iiti liber N>.SJl. foliu tT2. A. ..of ?h? la 1 r '-.-rds for Washington couuty, P.O., and I't ?nl;ni r iju-st of the partj sec'jr-,1 Hi-trhir, I wills-*!'. 4 public auction, In fr mi'???f rh-r" *">* "? '? ^ \ TlT R DAY- the SKif d?y of Mwoti, A. D. 1STS, at Z t'c! vk p. m . all of L?< |S7). km4Iihi t? Allen i Falconer's sulsliv i-ioti ??t s.4u*r<* numb-rrd two hundred and aotriit) foar|!7t). in i!i? cilf of Wwli irgton, with all tb? improvements th -re >n. Term* of sale: ?" u id cash, of w hie !i IKWukI b~ pald at **le; th- d -ferrej psjmsnts lo m rttvl ? in m>tcii days after day of #*le, with tnt-T?t ai tu? rate of 10 per cent, por annum, sr- ured hra^l") trust to the satisfacin n of the trustee. Tin?* I ftillj mplied with within nix dsys after sal*. otli?r ?im ikr 11 u?l ee rw'tf* the rigbt to re? il the prop Mtj.after i*f wwk'n t. tice, at th? risk and Q ?*t of the llist purchas.r. All convevanoinc at parcha-'?r's cost. ANNA W HOWARD, Trtis'ee u ?i '-ny <d<i TI1QS I WaOO.AM\N. Ai t. |M GREEK A WIl.hlAMS A net IO? WIT', P Mo. 1?1 ?sibwant oocwr ISth aud P ?t?. TRCSTKE'S SALE OfvUTABl.t! PROPERTY SITUATED ON FOl RTH STREET KAST, UK T*KKN NORTH CAROLINA A \ fc.Ni. lt AMD Sul'TH I> STRKKT 11* viriu-ol i(lrn? d?' -1 \prit M, A ?l?. 1-C2. and duly re-i r>i -d >n Lib -r N . ?7 -folio 375, *c., rf th? li? .<1 r,*- r>t* of M ailing t l, c urt). and l>* dtrec'iou of th" party s<v-ur ? I Hi r(l>r, I ?ill ?l (nlilir ?wli<>n, in fr m< of *h? pirn.i-*-', on 8ATURDA Y. M trch lAr'i. A, H..1CJ. m" I oVIi'i k p. ii1., part ? ?! Lot N i. -il (101, mi 'iur< n-u b* r-d ? ven hiii: Ir>-<1 and ni* 'ty-t w ( TJZ < T KtM: On? f"?r h civ-h. I slai ? ?? in one, t? ?. an J t i.r-e >< ars, with inter.?t at 7 p ? r n*. J 'MKS <;. RKKKKT T'u? ti6-eoAd? 01U.KN A W IULIAMs*. A ? W. P/-TI1K ABOVB SALE IS POST PON EU until ^A'll'll'AV, March t'ii, IS'J, li "ir ui I t> .i ?. li ortli r ? f ll ?? Ton!' ?? B 17 i ? Ad? tlREEN A W1T.I.IVnr'n. 'JO ALL VMIOJI IT MAY CONCERN. Bv * ot? "f th- B >ard '>f f>ir ??tor?, -*i..I ?i accord ?!!<-?? viih fir rli-r' r i f th" bi'vt-r Sp'iiu and M (? t ?I;?r> H?iir. ud, lIn* *a<r - "f m.>clt <>?rn I !? th< f< llowinjf Mockti 'ldcr!>, will h<-wd4 at Ltfi:n?r A Cl>\ '? auniop r in, i n 8ATl Rl>AY. .41 4 '.i? I . in , Mnrrli if'J, IsT.J, t j.?> tSi-- a~- -j-iii nt ui ?le t th ? I! :iril, ? i, ,!? J! r n'u! ftft* >n ? :n li C. P. Patt?r?on, 40 .-har***; M >?<>? Of try, 10 flint???, J. O Shea. 4 fh:ire?. nmM S. WOLF. 8-v-rotary. V UL'NCAliSON. DO A LIN!i A t'O., AucU., CurntT 9 h and D Ftrt* u uonUwext. LARGE AN1> EXTENSIVE SAI E OF TITE STOCK OF UOTTUl LF, BEIIRESP A CO . A ONTAINED IN STOKE M* SEVENTH hTlt?EK NtiRTHW K-T, 1?aMAULI) BY W ATEK ANI? TIIE I ATE EIRE mC"' OnTIH RSl AY MOKNISO. M?rrhlS. nffll? ^"iti?.ncii.f(.t 1? o'clock, and EVKNINO, ubj4lllat 7 ii'cIix-r, a i l C"ntiMinxxarh ra >rninK ^P^^atid f?eiiiii? thrtafter until Mi<> hio^k is rl"- ?d out, w?> will *???1', u i'Li'i th. ?tore of M -*>r?. (Joltheir, B. hrt-tid A C '., N . ??!* 7ili -troi t, th-ir late- Ktork, wl i?-|i i? ?lightly datuat;?'<J by wat?r at tht- !?'? tire. We nani^ in p:ir'? Il"?ierj, Uandkerchi^m,Oioven, Shirt B "onn-, Ril-hwti?, V>'l?Hs, Button*, l.H"go aMii rtn out* of Kotl ???, Ent ry and Milliner) O- .-d*. Tlie ?tock ii" the larif"*' of tlit? rla?? of ever ? ?It r-d at auction in thi* city, and w? would invite the attention <>f dealer* to the *alf, im trcry lot ha* t<>lw>8old w ithout r??fnrd to price. n.ll Kl'NCANstJN. lHiWLING A CO.. A acta. B r> Y TllUMAS E. WAOUAMAM, Heal Ksutte Auctiout^r, #19 7th ?tr???t. Tlil'STFE S PEREMPTORY SALE?BLST\E-*S ClIASfE-A CON F K<'T1' >NERY tfToUL. GOOD K II,L. AND SH<"RT LEASE. lt> \irtt|eof a deed-T tru-?t to nie. the aubacrllier, iii en Jm.uart Mh. 1-C3, 1 ?hall olf-r tor *:^^_'-n lit NDAT, March '14ili. at If* u'ciock a. i ,Mv ?J 1 < I* i>t ? 1\ani< ?> enii" n t? )i?*11 tie4 nnR* <;M" k.r in part , f G.?- Fi*tnr-?. 8h ? i n->??, ,i., ?. Water C"ol'-r, Q.ii - * Jai and a a.nail * . k 1' t' cttoijery and Fruue, c iiiu-*! and bot ticd. TelUi* Ca?b. CEO. RYNEAL, Jr., Trii?t?. n :l : Tllos. E. WACOVMW. A Kt. 1 LA i I>.,.K .v tTl AliY, Reitl K*t?tt- Bi"k< r* nod Ancti "iieera, - r,.hui at cori.i i Pent-yhit;ii.? .i?e. and luh street, t?:?t oai,- BuiUtfig. TM TPV S SAI R l?l FIVE THREE STORY .k Mi UA.-f mi n r it>:it-K ursii'hNi ts. >it I iTKcN K SIHIKT.IIKTHKES I \>f ?' \ P - II ul iU.E'l AMI FIRST STRLKT EAST.j sis, L'luh r and l \ < irtue deed .if tru-t, le-aring th- )t:li di.v ?.f July, A. D. Wl, end re '?1 ? ? : !? t ? 11 111? ? 1 - 1 r. cord* of t ii- Dirir! t . f Co li ii I.ih. in Lit - r N ?. o5.'t, :i? f ,ii 213, and :ii tli re ? f the |>er"i n aecun-rt tlier by, I "hall *ell on IIII* 2U.hd.ty of M "?r?'li install I. a* A o'clock p. m., in frcut it thi* frt tiiie-*, L'<? SM.S, -?**1. T-'J aud 2iU,i'! B. F. tilibe't*- hlltelit 1st Jtl of Niiiar;* Oii. uiiii the iu.proveno-iita th- re,.ii. Tie- iinpfViUeiitK v< tii-i-t "f five brick p-?iderie?*. ?iili nil the trodern < oa*ctiie:i< Th-a- h oi?-.? .tie a* yet uiitiui*iiod,but can he completed with iii". le expense. T'tiii* eaty, and will he male known at time of ?iile. All cel.' < >aticit!g nt purchaser > c ~t. ill*) Ji.v. u ub each bout" ?t tin ? I ??l?. W M - HOLLID AY. Trustee Is;I0-<1 LATIMER A CLE VUY, Aucut. RVTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN ? i;ii*e.jneBc? t.f the rain until MONDAY? M ircli 2411., ?>liii livtir and |.|*C". AVM. S noLLIDAV. Tm?t e. ti 10 LATIMER A CLEABY, Aucta. 1> Y LATIMER A CLE A RV, 1 > Auctioneer* und R-al E-tate Brokers Si. uthwealcorner Penn?\l>Rnia a\eiiu?r and litb gt., bt?r i'flice Building. TRUSTEE S SALE OE A VALUABLE Bl'ILD 1NG LOT ON CAPITnL HILL. By virtue of a deed r.f tru*t. le .irinii -late ?n th lath of June, A D. U'i, and duly recorded in lile r No. 6S5,folio i3, one <>f th- land r. cor.i* of th- coun ty of W a*hitiirton, Dintrict of Colnmhia. and by di rection of the party " thereby. I >hull sell on S ATURDAY, the U?;h day of M irch, L-CJ, at A nYt'X k p in., in front of the pr -niiM-*, E street noti li, be^t ween 2'1 and 3t street* eaeT, lota ill irk '-'I and lettered A. in Crutrhett's re' urd d stibliviaion ol -iiuare No. HA, having a front of 23 fact oa E street north by a depth of It*) feet. Terms of *i|e: .ijonat the tim? of purchase and the residue in sis months, to be secured by the n.He of the purchaser and ? deed of tru,t ou th? premises (old. If terms of sale are not complied within five days ot sale, the trustee resen *?? the right to resell said property at the risk and cost of th? defaulting pur chaser. Convej ancing at purchaser's cost. H. NELSON CHAPMAN. Tru?te?. nil9-ts LATIMER A CLEARY. Ancta. IV B. 11. WARNER. Real Estate Broker and A ic^ionoer, 7ii9 Seventh street, between Ci and II. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE REAL PROPERTY ON 4S STREET, NEAR PENN SYLVANIA AVENl E. M By v irtue of a decree of the Supreme Conrt of the District of Columbia, passed in equity causa No.2,819.doc.ll?McUuireet a!.vs. Birry et al.? the unrtt rsijrned Trustee, app?)int<-d by said court, will sell on MONDAY. March 31, 1H7.1. a* -1 'clock P. m., in front of the premises. p?rt of I. 't Mo. 24, in S.iuare No 491. in the city of Washington, D. ?' fronting 23 foot and 3 inches on 4'a street nort m,il and described as followsBegiutmig for thessme on the east line of said lot on Four-and a Fait Street at a poiut twenty-three <23) feet and three (3) inches south of the northeastern corner of said lot. and running thence north twenty-three < J3I feet and threo(3lincne*. theuce west along the north line of said lot one hundred aud live) 106> feet, th"iice ?outb along the west line of said lot twelve (IS> feet, thence in a southeasterly direction along the line of a private alley Ave <ftifeet, thence in a southeasterly direction thirty-six (.16) feet and three <31 inches to a point distant seventeen (17) feet and four < 4> inch'w du. south of the north line of said lot, thence sont h esstwardly thirty (30) feet and flve(S) inches to the division wall of the two brick houses standing on said lot, and thence east through the center of said dn ision wall thirty-six (3t?)feet to the place of be ginning, with th. improveuients ther?s>n,consisting of a tine three-story brick hotuc aud Lack build ings. Thi* property advuns the C'dimibia Building, on 4', street, a few door? north id Pi iip-ylvaniadv *mte. and is at present occupied by the II iw land Dental A"*"ciation. The terms of sal.>,aa pr?scribe<l by the decree, are One-third of the purchase money in cash, and the re*idue in six aid twelve months, with interest from the day of sale, to be secured to the satisfac tion of the Trustee, who will execute a deed to the purchas'- for said propertv upon lull payment of the furchase monty ttid the final ratification of the sale ytheconrt. A deposit of 9300 will be required at th* time of purchase; aud if the terms of sale are u?t complieil with within Ave da> s from t lie dav of sale, the Trustee reserves the right to resell on Hve days pnbllc notice, at the risk and cost of the defaultiug purchaser M. ASH FORD. Trustee. ml9-d B. H WARNER, Auct. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Austioneers, No. 1000 Northwest 10th aud D street*. TRUSTEE S SALE OfTaLUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION?TIIKEK SToRY BRICK DWELLING, WITH FISENCH ROOF. ON -Jii STREET EAST, BETWEEN B AND C NORTH. By virttte of a d"v-d of trust, dated S"p*emt)"r Jl2, W71. r.< jnl?d in liter 657. folio 3H.of th - llut.d records of Washington county. District of Columbia, and by direction of th" holder of the u<>te secured thereby,*e will sell at public auction,on the premises,on THURSDAY, March !IT, K3. at 4 o'clock p. m.,all that piece of ground in Washing ton city. D. C , known as Lot lettered E,iu Chi*ter A Junkiu's subdivision of Siuare72ft Term* of sale : One-third cash; balance in on? and two years, with interest at the rate of ten percent, per annum, payable semi-annually, secured by notes aud deed of trust on the property, to the satisfaction of the Trustees. Couveyauclog and recording at purchaser's cost. If the terms of sale are not com plied with in fire days from the day of sale, the Trustees reserve the i ight to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. P. A. DARNE^LLE.( Tnwtees. nilS-d GREEN M WILLIAMS. Aucts. B Aucti?neers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., DY LATIMER A CLEABY. l) Auctioneers i er Pe?nsylv_ Star Office Building GOVERNMENT SALE. Pursuant to the act of Congress providing for the extension of the Capitol grounds, approved May 8, 1872, the property embraced in square No.fcS7, in the city of Washington, has been pur Chased by the United States, aud notice is hereby given that shies, at public auction, will be made of the improvements on said property, excepting such improvements as may be found u-ceesary for the public works of this District, commencing on Afku. 10th next, and continuing daily thereafter until the ?Di>' shall have been sold. Said improvements will he sold in their present condition, with fhe stipula tion that, in ererr case, they shall be removed by the pnrchaaer at his own expense, within thirty days after the date of sale. A more detailed description of the property to be sold will be published oa tbe 1st proximo. T' rm? of sale: Ten per cent, of the purchase money will be required at the time of the sale. The r der to be paid within ten days after snch sale. C. DELANO. Secretary of the Interior. ?18m LATIMER A CLEARY, A acts. [Re pablk an and Chronicle, 111 J AUCTION SALES. |> V GREEN A At 1LL1AMS, Indian. I) X.>. IMI, iwrhw^i cotmt loth *ud P ?a. VALUABLE (*OUN TBY SBAT. \" K A R A BAIL ROAp 8TATI<?N IS VIRGIN I 1, AT At! V Tit N. On MONPAT. tb? Six in-tant. ?? * ?Yl *V j ?? *r >h?|t tk* fvn >wnelb* 'Pr 1,-eter L. LI< Aiuil * It tn Fairfii H aw, ?nrf IS Bill*? fr.ra Vi-on* elation. Iii" i K It**, itorr i?r lea*, <>f g.~st land. with a Btie *i pit* uhI iii-jm h ? rcharrt, >1 m M vnw *;i4 r ? ulna' ..n, well wa>r-sl nearly all thr >iigh th* prniiim. 15 m'r -? to good tiwoer; new .Iwllnn l in?. r niaming I In g ^ >r.l-r, ?ii!i ?<?h<,r ? A. Tlii? f*"B ? Mr-. C-a -tslleVpac-. S'.ttotbe highest bidder, wuh >ut r**fr?p. T nii.? Oar half ca?li, balance in (. 1J, a:> I IS ? for no'.-* t"<riht uJ f ami h> a ?i.f Intst on th? pr-mi-*? Coavevnaring a , ther?eti{ th- |urrh* -r ?l??td an <,n th lav ? I '* ? - i.KKKN 4?ILI HV4 pad |Alci.O?Wtff |M ) Attrti u ? -r*. BY GBERM A "" ' 111* AmUmm! S<?. 10# I, n-irthw-et co- ii?r heh *nd P ?tr*et? TBI STEF.S S kLE or V AH* \iar I M PROY Fl? hit A I. ESTATE IN vKE **7S, PttoSr 1M. ON I'ENXsYLA ,\NI A AVKMK, UK IttFKN Atm AND 7 m STREETS K A"JT I*- v ir* ii' <>f a ?! ' t ; i d v -l->n th- 1Mb 'a< >'f Marrk, A l> 1STS. ai-1 duly rw nl?d ia *Ltl?er N<*? 67*. f-li it, et ? *'f .he land rei orde of Washitigtoi C(*liti, P strict of C dwatbia, ? il Ii) dirn'ton ill *le- pt'ii aniirHl ll|i'iv(i),*? a il' sell at Diil'lic iil'--i.Hi. lu front of Ih' pr -vine-, . II T i ESP AH , -Is- ? ti ? I) Ar il A i? l- ' ?i ii ' I < k p n . Lo' rtuib*i i I'ur,(4.i ia ?tnare nun bered F'rht ?mi-irt-d aiei llirf'.l?!.!'* t' i rit> o( AA a-hing'ort, Pi-trirt of Columbia, ai'li a!i of 11i** itr pr< veiu'-n'- lh- !?? ??t ''??Mollis ?f lhree !?? tlrid li 'iixn. ?ill ?*il ?ur It -use,*itli 11> ? tllVl|l'fP(f|h.'fl'?t. T rm of ??!? : On* half in evil, >?l whi !i <Jrt mn?t l> |ai<l al ?!?' on ra. h 1? m-.lli 'W rtit payment I'||m iiiad ? with ;ntr >*st at th- ra'*of ten p-r cent pe r ai, in ?it and IwH>? ?<iiI? i(Im da* r4 -*!? . a1 d a?s ured b> deed of lru?t lu lk? ?*ii?fa ti >? ?f the TruH!i*?, ur tli" pnr< h iwi can par the irt? d^ in un' ?>f |>urch*M' iui it*) in ra?h. al hi* opti?B. T rw l< Ih* f?il!? navliM ?uh f!il?i? ait da?? *!?? r ?al?,n4h r?in?)S" Tm<i<?? r<-?. r*<- th-ri^h' rwiMMfi'l^rtt . af^rr ? "k '? n t ? *.vtti? r--k and toft of ftfvl pufhiiil. Ail <-ou?.-. a.i inf a: I UnlWMT'r V. X DO0I.KY, J Tr^M (i\?'L K IIILTOH. i ' n2-?>o*d? C&EKN A WILLIAMS. 4acta. t?Y PI Nl\*!^>*7l'O\\~LTN0r A Cl> . Au.? r?. " ' b uihoaM ?.-? !>:li ?itd 0 ?U H?'KS?-J. WAOON0. rTRT<. BARNES*, Ac.. AT A| I'TION, BY OKPARur A COMTR VC ToR. /7V__ On TTESPAY MORNING Yltn i tvh. ).?*^ivi 1st ' will -wli at th'* aii u>u J ^ r "in? 4 I"iuc Y mic II r??i. 2 Carta and flariiw i Waii'and llama** S.!<" |' -i'i"*. Tcrni?ra>-h PI NCAN&OS . l?oN\ LINO A CO , \n t'?. i. 21 iR p.l IV FITCII A Fo\ k. ?: K?a?<>, liOS Frutwt limit aveiiu*'. PK-IRABLE RESIPKSt E SITE ON Til K NoKTII S111K or M STREET, BETWEEN Isirn ANP lam STREETS, FOB SALE AT ACl T1??N. \V~ * ill ?fll, al public nn ? ? |.>n, on TIII'IJS PAY . Mm Ii U1th,?i 4 HO i'rl H-k p in . ii 4lH 11 ? i.i.r?-. 1. I N ? 2. lu Parid-'ii a-uUIivi -|on of ~iu,ri- 2>1 fruirinic 21 f?*: 3 iwli a mi M nrvt. noith aid>-. tWwm l?f>i an 1 Ilrh. with a d?p'hofllU f?*t to a 4 f ?t alipjr. TIim I I w In a t> (*l linpr ox inc n??iclil? 'tli'>n<l (l?in? n ar ?!??? r~i* d in ?? of Oei?-ral ll<*iiitr.<*linaii? and haa all the ad MiiiiUNiif *?<n?lon pavouieut, wacr-me, Ac.; Ihf exf ti-?* of ul.ii li is all <???'? nift. T? mis of ?ali-: Ouf-fuarth ca-!i; balance in <>n?> and two jre*r?, ?? 8 p>-r c.-nt. Iiit -r^tt, pa> ... -.It- a ia _ - - ' " " |V?*Im ; i > ? All . nil -I , |?.4> iiiihIIt. All r#nvf.van?"inif n* |*3rr)ii??<>rV .?mi. ?kjin dopoait r?-?jllir"d ?? r'li-V iff Trl?p-rt .? H.21 dAd* L ATIMER A TLB ART. An ? I> Y L t TIMER A CLEARY. I ? K>*?1 E*iat<* Brok<*r? a> I Alt1i'?n"^r?. S u.liu.-st i iiki Pi iiii-vlTriiia aM-nat-aiul llih -t . S.;?r Buildup. IIOl'SFHOT P n RNITI'BF AT AC' TIOV. pv On WKPJit.SpAY MORNING. M ?r :i iti, \S1 W illi nrinu at 10 t- . *it/>!i h !!. ?t IW|:|i' r,'-i*?*|i- ?*. X i. S .H'li A r*-^. 1..* | ? |l?. ?:i J r? 'V av*n;|., a id l-t atr?* *t <*a-t, 1 tIi** i llo*iti* coll.-rtion of rii-nitur?'. Ar.? Hair-cloili farloi I'ui uimi ?*, M ? rI-It--1? p Tallin, V> *limt >i 1?* T?M~?, M.ih' t: 15 dtCte. Ii rp^rV I :?l<*d Faniili II Id'-. II II Fnrnittin', Lontie?*. ?* ir i T ,t*l ??. Ii , l?*r A ilnon S"? me Mai liiio*, >1 Ii nmj i'liaiulirr faruiiur-. 4' 4U|4 Fnraitiiv I atlirr B< di>. B? |wihi? a4?J I'ul ??, ? II-ICK Mr.ttrt*????, IIIn*<?<*u Bin.<^- Cus p t>, V .ilmii Kvi-ticioii pininx T. '!??, t'lui.ri and Gla-i?*ar?*. Mantel LJ . k?, f!i oki.ix and II* aline Stiivw, ki'' hen Kuriiitur?*. Ar,.A. . LATIMEB A CLEARY. A i ??. J^Y'aa . L. WALL A CO., Ancti n. ,ra. CMTEP STATES SlTil^HAL S SALE or A I AKM l.oT Ol llo|>hHO|.P ri kNITI UK 111 A I AIi Y' PKt'LIN INi. M'iv Kl> i S?: ll?H AT :4|- FESXSYLVANIA AYEXLE. Nul.THAA EST. In \irtn<? <d an attachment i?ii'*d o'tt of the Ch-rk'it OlWce of tliv Supr-nie Court '?f the Pi?tri.-i f Goluii bia, and to tij direr|.*j, | will ?< i| at pub lic -ale,f r carh. .tt X 3 IS Prno?yl> auia averme, l?etween J1 and 4'* *tr??-ti? northweat, on TCES I'AY. 'lo- il^:li dai "f March, Ivl.c wniai inf at 1 O <> el '< k a m . tlie b llowiuK fqiuitur * in pari, to wit, viz: ? Il'-d.-teBd", Hattl><*t, K'xath-r H-Is, It '' ling, Pilloaa, B <l?t>*ni, Bureaus, \V .-!i<l m |., Whatnots, Wardr' be?. Stoves, I'arlor and Cbaiaber Carpet-, AN'it,.I ?* Shade*, S >fa*, Marbl- top. C'-ti'"r ntKl I'itie Tald -. Mirror-, Oilrlo.b-, Arm and II" k iiiK 4'hair*, ('iiii?-?,:it rh?ir?. H rli r?, l> wis, ? ili-sware. Crockery and Ohltiknarv, Knlrm and E ik?. I?rk? lot ? f M.tttiu?. C"-kine Siove?.Sid' t-oaed, Clock". Ac., Ac ,?w:7'-d at d lev ied upon ;w 'be gi *ds bimI ilmttels ..f Lucitala Al irrilt,au i will be ?.il l to ?ati-fy attaehiiieiit No. b>Mi, lu favor of Jidi.eM A. G'dey and Walter G dey ALEX. SHAKP, C S Mar-hal.P.r ni^i <l.Ada | K< p I W. L. WALL A CO , A act*. B~ Y II U. WARNER, R.*al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Nn. 729 7lh *tre< t, brtwenu (j and II. TBl'STEE 8 SALE OF THREE TWOATORT IHAME PANELLINGS. ANP A KUAME SLAI tiHTER HOCSE ON U STREET. BE TMEEN TIII BP ANP rolUTU STREETS KOKTHEAST. AT Al'CTION. By i irtnc of a deed of tru?t to me, dated Octo lier 2L', lfwl, ana duly rec-rd-d tu liber t>M, folio -AET, one of t lie land records of AA'aeliiuirton county. P. C., and b> direction of th- ^art? th r.-l ? necure?|, I will *eM,at public auction, in front of ib? premise*, to the highest bidder, on TIK'KsPAY. April 3, K.A. at 4Si o'clock p. in., all of L <t* num ? ?end 8. I, lu, 12. 13. 14. and li. in *>|'i*re numbe'ed 77S, in the city of Wasliinctod , P. C., t'Ht-ther with the improvement* thereon. Thi* ^ropeifv is *ol<l *ubj?Tt to a prior d* d of tru*t datod October >.1101, and recordf*! October 10, ltCI,to *?cure B4.UWI. p .v abie in one year, with teu p* r ceut. iut?re*t, paiabi* ?etni-annually. The trims of *ale for the air. >unt r-aL/-J ab.ive 'aid iticuiubraiire are a* I'ollow*:?f 1 and the ei !? i ses of Kale in ca*h: balance in one > ear with in t>resf. If frms of rajiare not cuiplied with with in five day* after aale, the trustee ri?cri(* the right lo re**-ll the property at the risk and cart of the de faulting purchaser. 4 Km d-posit on sreeptauce ?f bid. CuBVeyaucinf at purchaser's coal. J. C BASTWOOP. Trustee, ii 20 B. H W ARNER. Aact*. BY B. II. WARNER, Ri*al E-tate Broker and Aarti neer, Ko. 1'J9 ScM-u-b *treet(l?:t?*?aU B4.J U. TBrSTEE S SALE OF A V.ALCABLB F ABM LYING IN PklNCE tiEoB'iE 8 COl'NTY . MP , ON THE WASHINGTON ANPl'PPEK MARLBORO Tl'RNl'lKE, NEAR roRREsT Y1LLE. EBj virtnrt of a dec*l of trust dated April 3.1*!7, ? ml duly r-e. iu Lib-r r, 8. No. 4, Folio 54S, one of the land records of Pritw * Ge Tgo 's County, M I., and also by i irtue of a decr-o of ih Siipr?ine Court of the Pi?trl -t >1 Oolmnbia. pa-s?1 Murcli 14, 1<"3, in E iuitv can-e No. , >f Levi l?. Manas, *h. Win. H Ward, - ibstituiinsj the under -igned trustee in place<d the td Wiu. U Ward. 1 will f II al public auction, to the bigii?*t bidder, in frout of the "City H.?ll," In the City ol W??lnug . TV J ' tl lTf.V P-M. * W* a Eularf^r/'Thp L?-veli<" *u<l Luck," ani also "Oilutt'a Adventure," aii'J" Addition to 0.Tut I s A . -I ? in-, mil also | >t of a tract of laalwS AA sdland. the *aid pi'-ce? i.r pa'cel* of laud con taining in all f-24 aci.- and 2 H. of an acre, more or le?. being the ranie lands which are pa^ti--ularlv dew. ril ?-l ia a certain coiivevance fr >m Adaui p. ihl .ti .1 wife to W lliiam Rowier. which was recorded in I.iber F.S.No. 2. Folio Su6.Ac ,oue of the land rtcord-. of Prince Goorg*V Couiitv , Ml, and also* part of atrai't of land adjoiuing the above tiart cal<ed"The Levels," containing ?#u? hundred a res of land more or le*s,and beiug the same which I. Beall and hi* w ire conveyed to the said AVilliam Kowr-r by a certain .le.*d of convey ance, bearing date on the 14th of December. 1*45, together witn the improrement* thereon.coasKt ing of a g nsl dwelling house, baru, ctabie, and otner ont-hou-ea. Tenn-: 94,w*? cash and the h*lanre In 1. 5 and 3 year* with intereat. 4 Mu dep.e-it on acre at an ?? of Lid. If term*of eale are not complied w ith w 'hin flvi jilitai s aft<?r the sale the property to be i . s Id at the risk and cost of the detaulung pur^has* r Cotiveyanciiic at purchaser'?co*'. JOSEPH PANIELS Trn-.t*.?. ill* B. U WARNER. An. tioue r. T GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctlou?v*r*, bouth'-aat corncr 7th aud P *treet*. B TBrsTEE'S SALE OF VALCABLE IMPBOVED REAL ESTATE IN S4JCARE Vo. 674, BEAR St. ALoYSICS CHURCH. By virtue of a deed of truat, dated m th*2K h ?lay of Marrh, A P., WTI. and duly racorded ia liber. No C7S, folio )&, Ac., of the laud record* Tor Washington county, D. C., and by direction of the party -ecured thereby, I will sell, at publu auc tion,on MONDAY, tha 31st day of March, ltC3. at 4 u?cl<**k p. m . all < f lot ntnubered two hundred and thirteen,(213.) in Giltiert'* recorded subdiviai-tn of square numbered nil hundred and aeventv-flve, (S7?,i in the city of Waahington, with all the improve ment* tliereon, belug an uulniahed Brick Dwelling H <u*e, fronting on 1<rtle *treet. Terms of *ale: One-half In caah. of which |H0 must be Mid at sale, the deferred payaa-nt- to br n.ade. with intereet at the rate of teu per cent, per al lium, in six *nd twelve month* after dav of *ale, and secured by w deed of traat to tlie aatitfactinn of the trustee. Term* of aaieto be fully oaapiind With within fix day* after eale; ntherwiae the trwa tee raaerva* the right to reaeII, after one week'* no tice. at the riak and coat of flrat purclaaaer All conveyancing at purchaser * coat. mU Saw Ada GREEN* WILLIAMhTao^*! Y THoS E. WAGGAMAV, ~~? Real Batata Auctioneer, lit 7th etreet. *1^ftrtn of m deed of trnat fro? Ohartea V Gh.rdon ud wife to John 0 cord* Col April, _ _ auction, in front of tha prenleaa, tha property 4a ?cribed in aaid deed, to wit Lot mmJESXttj tm square Bo. 140 with ua - - - J frame hoaaaa. Term: One-third i ?lout ha from day of ah n<j*cn4 hy parnliaarr** Bote* and deed off hurl"^ 01T' in ? ? ?* *** ?rr?irr>,| la l?*n ?hot cvW ,?? T^' ?"* ????. "??t*-ta ALr,,r.! '"*"** *?M **?? ?n.i.rr?%* da hod Wet to aif will V ? V - ?*.in JrM. ?iuTlV>ri ?""? to n.?k. himaelf oon?p,, ?^.? J *???< A Ttxiuarton re?U?r com p 'at an ,_ ?,rf.u patoiwbo |n r.iPta in i?rwrin< JM Tn^r .^ open. ft niav ? a*tt?r ??r t*?t. i? -a,)t ou*bt not interfere, hut ?t ctUtiIt daZi^? * ., <*"? eI* ^ **" nmrf in rrver? ut ??. ??i>..n a,hI 0?p <>:her to l?. prowl.n? ar? X* ov. r tbe e. rjirejafion tn Ncarch of buatu.*? it ?ui tnsfc ;Ha.t,t mwrieatW. ?**??*H***R t ?A Ik* theory nrnr*. '*? ?<?- ^u*4 faror M | rr I, ?..v Nn-i j n-, Wt lb. ?^Lrti 1 "r, .,Ur?" thf fact feat ^^sxrs,^1aais&s M-.n .11 ro*ciH . r " 5*: tke contraction o.' U,r?,?! .A#tkf r wllrf S?*Ss?"? 53 I*1 III^, a? In |M)? iri'iirr>l(> .11 '"^ **' He?i "ni'i'r t,h'work "P"*'"! ??? w'?'n^?i irr^f ctu<4 if trankiormol into h>'nt Tl... .?rf - - -"*<? a* Karti.^P V.!Il w,|. ilTf erupt onnMvtb.Tr.uli .* *p ?Z!t",wLr~S"m *"* "i'hT.v?si i. n>4 ? J J' . **'??->? w.-rv ??ml J.iwn I I,M *1 *nic tmc h i* pmt4 it? ma>.and ., uXSVZ -t!" ?*?? '?? '? tl,1 r" 7^t 1hor"r **' frH? ifi-i UTTf, . ?M ?? l?>r? mr. It ta ?" W., i iip mnn ,hM Sks*"2^1?Ra? ass i.5 s* .teTir :.rr^ ll* 'r.*i Hp t*. . mm wtth ? |l?..jXl h M'X^; w:"" ?h,,h ???i io,.v^r? hLl tfuIf Movpm.'M: a ?*? for wliMB IMte ** ,ltUc !''_? ?*"rp .? 1 i.p f, twpp >mali ho^r. si ,*T"j f'* * '?^? ?4 arrp?s.rrf ?;K>ti?1p?t M mm ?,?i U.vp wpre n..t oou|.l.- ?!,? ...pp ,? H JJf *n\Um K . h2^Stjy ppmnn. I or N iuf uim i|ilaiiM^| rmmMi li. i M?k oit. ncct thp |>racrt<<l.ii^k ?iM| . ? lI?. r^l,LU,,ttf ^ i"to.h?c^4 a! li? M I I11 ,,,U*ri* M iN i\? il ti4^ clirn in bit* lit mcI ami Hid Li;m ?' ..f ^>U,l .t o:ice -n i^ ^Viy i ^ ' 11KKK l?di?naiMi|i<|MM.r-ofhpp la biw t?. tfcp I.M Ma-p. dr.,,,;,,' 7_*J* ??II gallantry in votnimtng u> lick M juM |Hwta^p M^niTH. for thp ntu ladkw wuo ?7' '? ?"? Hp IP* vrrv cb. ?,^ I'urfl>ana|?|,.|i, f?|, of piNHl 1^1,% ?otpd<-Mly to ap? hiw run bU ?..iijf.,,. .nj f' aiHl?bp fli?t ,br anf.^ST ^it.trtrskr*i,v p.baMM. vaUrary ^ rrptioti*. aiM| ?an ?u?irr an a ??..?! ? nt 1-oi.M-pta.. 1hp, pav? un^ ll '^1 J>t4irt tbf Mp tfi liw ^vtrin h?* U % ^?a<*r. . "V','! >\< H,:st 1,1 L u,v b** ?^-n ?bp >ppt-p? Vi. t ? s?' * ? . ' * tJ.n<k? it !in|nortxl lanjfu %jf,? iMIiMi t?% think lliftt it u 22? ,ni <?r H,H' ??"*? r. novtl of tbe aV* /^ ,!'/rB,<.<,,,, .*t m'W d.fcligiiroi. Ui I, ii.-a ta. A Mot>KL8o* ? I-'lain S *vin afc-. ?l |--, > n 0f ?lamp* slat in. 4om inkkhi in I. >? -i M ,? aitpriiMin. and nbUe iM?vtu>tbl? rvi,;?-d biiaJr tluit\ ti\e dollar.. ' m ah \, X. b.. if. m> pioii.l ut i,;. ,j,., ? i.par,,k" co ?*?.w?wt hoMia^ tnbat ?? ? nuUioni.of mm-not ricb lan.l tUa! it BiUpnalkg*1** ,,eclf >?' tU, Imjiy ?' An i**rH ?*r v.?t *?? mam in l?p? ?u a'.k.-d l.y tbP ltP,. Mr. UamoMMHl. Hip rr?,ra? bp vm. laboring tor tl.- K.. ( ofb .?a|. No, naatlip rp| !??;?? | work for Hilly JJjora." , *fTA California critic i? uml.h 11 a<*r >u*t tor the |>?vularit* ot Miw Km.lj FailiifaU. H? N,>" lia?n t killed anybody. k*l!r* W"<",,lr?r cUs,i9p. Ii?* ai.dlfnca wIoIowk The ???Hll-atteattraa." thp -..a.^k rph|Kn?ir??, tbe "hwUHMtp," tlie a h| |*laudiiv an<t tlie "get-up-aiKl-go-out*.*' ?y i itxlppd turning tbp taHlea with ? T.'^amp N..,,P i.ut ,ipady and Z,JlC r i {i^S?*r,ife allowed to li?p in Ti.j. b? Cal. tlal.itnal watpr .Irinker- are ordered ta leave t.y a vigilance ? "niontt?<. fcTThea^-dl ut a-tatp Illinois tarm^r k cm no nor (loos h- put hi. truth u. thT Cn.undLog. but be know, 'when IprnlJ Ji! |.ioa? bt?. btr peeing hi. ma, who bare arr,^ at niatiboo.), prepare to leave home *ttora winter ot ???.policing" on tb> aid man DIED. JOHN.",?","" <??'* -? uup. rriet..ih?f tfcp family rp???petfullf ia?i?^ ? 11 M .*?. ' "i,r,r.vU| V?:J ? '* P?^"" .aia. m '?* P ?'-? JOHN LAtl, la tbu J?:b ?oar wf bia ^H i.JanpcaJ will take Hacjr.m. Ua latp r.,i.lPM., ?JO R PtrM ot m ?rti n<. %t ?:?? .'cl?<k. K -ir -ui maw al St. P.-|.<r ? church al a tend ' uJ* faiuii* are tav.t J tu at PLAKT. Oatlio Jl-t inatant, at 1 40 a m of whjN?toc?^uah. UHACK L1LLI VN. a?~d 2 r^ara atid 6 utouibi1, oulf child of A. C. aai K--?? ? PlaM. ?" Fant ral will takp fvlacp fr >m thp rwdpn w ?f Imp ?r.rxlm.4b<-r. ho. 1307 K aitc-t, at 1 u*r. ?h a m ^wl?day. Mari li ;.Vt ' "?.*? UNDERTAKERS. I^IIHAHU r. HARVkY, (SmrtttM, u HAKWkY t MAHhJ K?. *34 r SrKtfT, bptwtws Ktutb anU r?atb METALLIC BBUIAL CASKS ANU CAXAMtl "l-'Jl SHhftVOS. HA HITS. ??. I^KHAKi) W. BARKER, CABIN ET MAE ICR ANU CNOtKTAK**, tit emlvkkth street, tipw r t'L'KNITVRk OP ALL KINUU MAl>K ANM **?AM to. aat-S \\ IUIAX HAt lUtTT, ~ " UNDERTAKER, 9?.U?TTK8iiui,Birru)ia txr H sttmi *?*?'> C- Wa. and Oart??a of all kin* PIANOS, <to. ALL kl I M< A L mi m *a,<* tf? an* t.i.hlui att'poti.,1,1 ' , iLl> A Li*M 4-0 u:u *<?,aiv u< rthweM eurmr PruiuyIvUin a.anap ??w jjri'tf r??n wall kaowa a* practical Piauo | Mnajcal lu^rmuiPM B^aw tf?al? i Hnpiral laMrr iwhi a ?n*r al I r.l S'*0*ACRK* A CO.H P1AN06, ^ FUlLADKLraiR. 6BEAT BKDUCTI?jK IV PKICBt. iMrwmitf, which, on acr att of tbfdr ? Botluirt} uvttr all Jlli ii, ba?v In afe? rt?ra_^^^. ooc..u.? tb? nj.^t f.pular h.-rp, a* wpU aa ai.idl^ j"*r tbe couutry.caii be bad now for llw fgl ilTlM Iowibc low aricpa MJl'ARK pianos from art to M iTkIUHT PIANOS from Matfftrm UKAND PIANOB from #JiTj lllJw eteTSSti'taiXZlS^JSV IWKM. cr \Vu,i,Ia4 R*A?i A OO., ?***? , ^LHSSgStom, ?hicb prouoaaoaa tkMBunLaZnli f a..<Sack, ^rkma*hbrSd,l ^uSwffiasrSrssr^ RIB 8LOTU, tl to iiji m nn WALL, B0B1MB0I A 00! Ml ~ ? I

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