Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR: Y A. NOT KM Mi Largest Circulation in the District Beading Matter on Every Page. WASHINGTON CITYT MOMUT larch 1H7S. f here is no in?tancr on record of a *' af ja4icira? xlvfrtfeing failing of Siacceaa. The advertiser should select ? paper ?>i staia nu anil general firciil?li?n like The >?TAtt, an<l then go htip'i 1 f; jti'BiltiMlly .?11? 1 ) crsistently to ^iniorm the public, through lret>h. crisp a<l vrrt.sements, n ucsed daily, of ";e an.I quality of bis wares. an<l his ability t> supply them on favorable t-'rniv M? m Tbc strength of the up-rising iu tbe Wctt against the rati load monopolies is shown bv the fact that .1 railroad lull design d to protect the I uMic from extortion passed the Slate Ser *te oi Illinois ?u Thursday by an unanimous vote. 'J he bill provide* that If anv railroad shall charge r demand any e*t4.rtHmate rate of com pensation for the transportation of any freight, or make any unjust discrimination in its rale*, the railroad company unoffendingshall, ?or the ?r>t offence, \* tmed for the second of !? uce, ?;o.i(?*?; for the third ortince. f.iljHO; far the fourth oil e nee, ami tor each and every ofl. nee thereat W r. the Mini of *b?i.i*?>. It * give* to the |>enon Of whom hik'Ii un:u?t rates ar? d? mantled a right of action for (|,nwi. J i<e bill n. .ki> it f it.m f,I,,?cvuKiiceol unjust discrimination ami extortion in the rates of liri^ht. as 1 of intent to discriminate and ex tort. for any railroad company to denia'.d or receive any larger aawiiu* lor freight thau is at I e -.inn t.ire charged for the ti.importation ? . iike ?| lantitie- of the same class ot property over a gicater distance npon the same road; or tt* d> luai.d vx icccive different rates !.?>? fc i i ? or delivering good:' at dlftrent point-on the same or connecting road*; or to demand or receive ? greater amount for such transport i t-jn than a chargc. for like transportation of f !>o kim el.?-s of goods over an equal distance nn th- same roa?l: or to demand and receive any other than a fair anil reasonable r? ? nVl k|L,C#!7 ' " """ ia:nk8 the hill wall thyt ' ** '? frei, from constitutional etions. and no railroad will undertake the * . J* *,ul*'l?lying suits where the ult.uiate i ? nalty i* -i.smwo, besides the cost of defense. Ji takes away from them all the force or the I. -?1 objectl< n to arbitrary statues, and brings <ctl-? lo "?ue of what is a fair and reasonable compensation for thosnrvice per || riwd. 1 1 he passa ge of a general railroad bill of this Vind won al aHord thl- city wst relief from the I?ix*tent discrimination maintained bv the * aryland and \ irginia rai.road- against Wash ington. ? ? ____ T..i- horse-railroiu.'s ul the countrv seem to be g. ttnn as objectionably |otential with legisi, "ve bodies a> ,ri. i! e kindred monopolies ot the iien-koi e. 1't cry body in Washington knows tl.e S*a> they ha?e with C'ongrtt*, and in the . '?< ? i.i N- i* \urk a notable evidence iiasju-t I-ten | resented that i:,,y hold the legislature t-. te in th. ir hand.-. Mr. Bergh's w bill tor n ? ?>cvcntionof crnelty to ai. mals was voted * < wn in the A?-in ! Iv on Thursday, and a mo t.on to reconsider the vot ? w is laid on the table 'i T e Yoii p.M. ^ t!iat tll# home-rail '? ol ci mpai.ies ot that city were opposed to the I . winch i> a surfieii nt? xplanation of tbe re s' i ? I'.e Sew \ork i'. . t commenting upon 4t.c matt it ki\s: , .V1 \'K 'iorr ,;,i'Tu:? '? eorporations of this citv are Kraduslly extending ti.r sphere of th-ir .1 > i- luevhaie lon^ been ma-ter- of the I Th eir* rU.l'i,C 'I' NoW ^,rk" They furnish * - m m i J 1 T'- H" ,irtJr ,b,'T Ideas-, ; ' , ; With s leh Jaejlities ? ki t-picking ami murder asthevpka-ie \ 'I ' ''iU" fJU ,kt' ? ?uore effectual j.r.> i ' a passing i'oiuor -nr. Tolui-imiu n-e -Vi- ??HVL -T" *', k"1 the ownership of l t j?? !t?riu lr^isshilurc."' In Washington lt most conceded, in justice V the street-car companies, that the lur^M ? I ate generally p.?sl serviceable animals, il-i5?0?n?. a, well-ftd, uikI well-cwcj !ur. Iu J ?* :?re railroad officers here hold it to he poor * i.Tcii.v to ke-p jHH?r stock, and it is sometimes K'nd that the .juadropc.ts in their employ are 1 etter . tor that, the biped*. Anyway the C. ir^ o. ? rii. !ty to iii:i;ih1s ,? jm* otit* thev are J kely to have to m et before Congress; b -t *'' r ">iluence with that Usty i., felt in other 7 " w" ?|uest:on Of public right.- and I . ?i | rivile^e*> i> j?r? . The Kentncky Senate ha- voted for abolish ..on. Tie sta'ires the d.-graceful Kw p-r I* itting the logging of p. tfy criminals in the -l.anil . ?. 1 he Frankfort corresj^iniient f> th.- I.ouisx ille r..un., J m sneaks fivor ?M% or the pro,,? ct of a like action oil the 1 yt the H. us ?. and :,t I ist sivs that p;.pcr, * - 1 at bar is m may be expunged fr m our Criminal c. ' It i> Delaware's turn next to l.?e act.or. looking to the alnditioti of * J '. tie- which is at w ir w;lll tUc 6tIlt;lIi B| f th. age. ????? i he Philadelphia L <iy r cogently stat-a th* *a-e saying that while it i- well t .at there J.r. nun and women in the world who are dU J-. e.l to temper justice with mercy, it is Ve. a!?> rLi?t there ^re judges, juries and gov rrnoi ahoare totcmper mercv wuh J.i-tice. Both thes.? influences have horn itoi.^l:t ,nto full operation in the '-Foster ca~" N*-? Vork. But i.ov this in-tan ... ' B,<d " u ** temper justice t > the ] iiTonir with mercy to society. ? ? Ih. K r.t . says that an item in Tiik Star i^aturday ,pnr|iortin^ to give the total amount oi the appropriation* ?i the 1 a-t session of Con ve.?, was iacorrect. Itoubtiess the H y.j'.l, ,n r.^'lit. Wc tind that the ttcra was a Wash ^ton special to son* ot the morning pan. rs ? i 1-1 for in ,uir . , but which a. i.tcir.ilIv ...t ithou: veiifii at ion. It is never sale to ftd 1 >- these morning papers. ?? _ l.e w ho invests one do.'!ar in businemshoaUl t one dollar in advertising thai business." 1 \TTkM'l?>N.k . p M . ; T \N.\< IIS I If* L"l?i.K >' gft.witi ? 'eMTI ftS ^^srrh -.'. ' T.j i m " ? ??!?I llall r-t. .VI no .|.t. IS |. US '.e l tu t.r pf?- lit. I- 1 r of tlie ?' t. _ __ H TOOK K of It. t S LSuTH'l ? tkn? wilt t>- ? mu'li?? >f th-' - '? I K i > ??>!: THC I'HKVKNTION i>K ? I Y |o AMM \L> fh* ''*i .-f I. r ? r lltb ..i i I -'r. - Tilt U> VfcNINt, r?t i '? I ? k Bu-m t.I i^ij^rt i I' trsh-.Ml' I. F- >.ri|. r ..f the 1 ? K > I * \ H' TI\ t ' IQIMITTK F. I H A^i > It -A st ml ( >iuiuuiiical lull if L - ikpi: :\L i."I.;k n f. k a \ m . - h ?! i. Tl K^DAV AFTKHNnoX, ? *r.t'ir nt 'J . f -tt th ? fun-r tl f ?? r rm?n< II \% h .ur M -ali-r* will t> tl in tl.. ir attenlair ?. B-ethrsn of -nt>-r J ? at ? I I I ,l? .ut.led t.) 1m> i>re-.-ut. m- i. r tu< >i ^ W M. (i BROt'S. S. rftart. ti* M *-1 N |. - v ? ? .... .i n I Ki - -J HIM K A I 11 \Pf tK. Mo 4. *tlll? li.-ia t M .. J pi. |, u i .|m ,1, 23 ? , %l - ?' 1 ' ' '' < ' -r 11 ? f ?" -up tn i 'ii <' ?( a -. Ji w I Ml I Ti rs * 1 t. ir..k? Cli is'-: w ill ? t.i ' in ?-iit!i. - Ci>n|sM ??t sjsti r e | '? *i i ? i ? ifv imitr.1 lo i., nrr- .,t. 1}> s I l M ?. u I* ^ t: > JN" THOMSON 1'^3? ? ?'V KKT VSli TABLCAI \-VIVAVTS r/ T r w ill be aa . I . rsln ^ M I \ i .\ I M;T,i n I ! wiili T ? I nix V it . ' *t ? ' >f I Th* H'rvh Bspttst Chiir K *?..?!. K ' ? e. fn lit -ir- ? V"M">AY EVKSIXi;, trrIt U. mi :*? i > rk, tor lis- I. : ?tit i f th r b?oi^ - -i M Pl'tk -t ?.&\NI> - PPKK Will I-- k-iv-n tiv I'KTKK i.'.tiKS L<?l?ik > 1^54 t; I* ti of O ?'??*> MlH) ? EI-L'W ? t \1.L. IT ti srre?r, ?-tv -'i r I l> u ibwi-st, nHl'KSPAT BTBSIJIO Mai ? Th-no ii t-rs. f ll. Oi l and . it-ner m- j t> -. rd:wil> iutlt?l to P rliemale in ?n<->?iii:M - r . nt N sains w :l I - ?par-d to lu.k-thi $Mfhti.-st ? ? .1 eu?ertsian?i-nr >-vsr <iv.-n ' ?V .?- i }: <1 n t. r.-t w i. I. 't^' ? invited. Bias- a .'l ^-rn.fc- I- ? La r t>e*i. eiiu..?:>-?l f'*r tIi? ?<c* Bun. mr: r?. hi- :* w k B\LLY I?s^ IN TIIIC UlifT W *?P-.Mn>v hMti- r ? %? i:i?tjf "f TT R9UA1 ? g. e ? int. at 7 JO . . l.s-1.. S PuMi.- Te p r l? .v. ? i nd?-r tit ,t i-p??fn of fcxcfUi r Ji... -i ll ti rllil'lM. eil Ks> of II 'S' ], <l(- N .X. tt T.. si I'm..ii t*hai?-l M k. S I,.!- --r-et T i- no-eling w in bs ad! 1,1' K- ' T LM.IITKIt K -v H U KKM>. %-i S\*tk.L ?HAM?S,a. I J I. K 11> W t Ll.. f-i. Thr ^uMk sit toitliall) ititit^l t>-be pres "M'S1** 'r,l'r TPE rOMMITTTt Z^DR. g. PRATT, Gradual* of Ohlu 0-41<?sof II gy pi Bis) Btrrs-rr .411 Ttb Sr?rt. kuwwnffl ^g,it^d<ocs-.rtS.f O-Vd rstlow Hwil ip Clovcrnmeai Securities. Jay Cooke & Co. furaub the tullowingto-dAy: ' Sfirt. ??? $. Stil t r ? ??.1381. 1*\ is". *\ iv, 1 H0.j?.tJT,\ ir\ ? K'vMi U\ H, I 5 JU'*Ju.iJy,?.16 W', b iu'*,uk hp, it*! io ?'i wx J?SW ri*?T B<?A*D. r 8 ? ?, im.? ia 6 a?1S6X? 16 6 JU's, 1<#4. 16 ?-?*, UMw. - IT fr-?>'*,J*n. * Jly.fB 15 ? -*/'* ri an. A Jly - 67 -17 5Ju.J*n.AJIy,I<W8 IS'. HMDs ? II AniricanOoid....... l >'g Cnrr-rcy I'l 14 Sew Fiv?a^. lj'i BaLTIHobk, Marchtl.?YirgiBiaCVold. 16; W?t Virginia'*, It; Virginia'*, consolidated, Jj',. North Car Ima 6 *, old. 31'? tiiJ lu-di) . Baltikorb, March M.?Cotton ftrm-r?low mid dlings, l,*<?lrt',. Flour?steady ami niichang*!. Whrat steady?white, choice, ?2.n5'i *2 l'l; tair to prime Jo., .?I *??t$2. rh ice amt?rr, C>, lo-od to prime r*-d, gl *?"4^ 1 'J6; couimiu t<? fair do., A1 1-?j, M,*c?t>-rn, Sridtil > i amber, *?t?np^ *1 H6<**1 no Corn tinner?Wnit southern, 6la-t, yellow soiith'-rn, mixed western, 3Aw#i. Oat* nui*-t?southern, 4. t<0??, w *t em mixed, t<>fa.4M. R #. .jutet ant iinch.itiK??<!. 11 ,v ufccliaticed. Pro* ision* firmer. M-?1 port.,?lo 2V<$ JIK.0U. Bulk meat* firmer?shoulders, t>; rib side*, i of U*>,I*V pillni- -tf clear rill side* at 8 Bacon?shoulders, f.\fri7, rili Mies, ?lear rib |MM| SHfr*.'. ?n :ai t li ?? 11 -. *?,'*??. L<r.. Western butter on- hanged. Whisky u >m. lial,9u.'?. New York, March M.?Moctodnll. G *M *t?a.-ly, . Money <|iii*', 7 to 1. iS per cent. E?ohaint?, krt K, dfaort,M,. Governments 1I11II ami ?te*.ly New ivM, March 2? ? Flour tt-adj. Wneat "I ady and .jiik i , C rii firm. London, March 21,11 a. U1 .?Consols op.-n?l at 97 , f r mow Jt f r acnunt. H md* of I via, >11, Wj; nf 1*. JJ1.; IMV'*, il. N-*w Uvea, 9U*i. Erie (41 ? * f Mirrhit 1 p. in.?<" iiwkf r in e\, :-i*4. I< r >1' ounl, ;u , lu 40"*, flP ?. M? fi ?-, '1 I'a it i", Man li 2i.?U lilo o|k u-. J i5 fr?..i>. 17 CVUlilL'?. 1 hi: WKATHEK. War DirARTMKMT, Ojkce Vkirf Si/nal OJletr, t W AeHiKwT'?*. 1?. C., March M, 1873,11 a. ta. J StIWKI* FoB THR PAST TWKSTT-POCB Horn ? 1 lie bur- meter hi,* fallen cilice Sunday 111 >miii?{ ill the - ?ulh Atlantic ai d Giilt Mate* ana basTis-n slightly imlicaWI' andeaatern state*, an<l ? ail) in >*r Hi lo?er lak*s, n.?rth of which latter IrglVb ? KUull tf < A nf high barometer 1" HOW en tral. A stinllar area 1* alaoover Minnesota. TW?* !.??. ?t pre**lire i* centra) 111 Mi"*onri ;? I Arkai >? iitln aaterl' wind*, with clowl ami r:?in, prevail o?.-r tin- aoatfa AtUniii: an-1 ?Mton Gall -* tea N 'Ith> A"t wimlr, with ,loutla;nl r iiu,over M'w 01 ri nn<l low a ami e;iat ward tUv luiiile AtliuiUc c a?t. itht fly M V..,?, i mi ?*? pin) n niy niatLri. ar- rep >rt--?l Ir jii >'? w E1iKla1.1l an-l w waid to Lak-- Huron, r wh eh rc2i >11 the t?iu Krxinri'hii< lit fulli-u ri r.i| ? H> . It h r ?. n litiriiKC the nigt 1 in th? enatern Oulf "tat -*,* aril North t ar ilina. I'Riif ABn itir?.? I>urin? the re-t f>f M ?mla\ an :iiiaoll-'W baroBi-ter nto\? nortli- aetwaril o\erthe OLio >all> y. South-rly wiml*, v**erin^ ? ? continac u--j ^ates. lm rea.?inii so<ith -:v>t u'iiJj. wo;, , , |k*aoaith Atlantic< An r"*'.f] ? pre">inredevei ^ ;n North Car >liti.\ ml>-a>-itMi northeaat wind* wiihraii,, er>o;;;;>j m th aiiddle Atl tiitir atatea. Kaliinc barometer, wi'h iioitheant wind*, tlireatenme weather an 1 p w-oMv "i wr, > \ti 1.4 from we?tern New Y ?rk to llliii'-i* an I W i^cmuiin. li>-ti:K barometer, northwest wiml* tinl dear wea:ter ci'i.;Tiin>- for a *hort timi> ii. S?-w' Kuk I ? r:rl. f. I| .? f<| by in r?h>-a-t w in>I<an I < !? 'lly w ?otlb' 1 >1 1.'lay niKlit. Cantn-nary *ijfnal?coutim -at flie tinlf aii'l Atlar.ti coaat *tatioii>; they w ill h*. 4i*. I l.ty ? <1 at the I ik- ?taf i'.i:" ti oin afl-r A pril St 1. O** THK ATMu.sriIF.RE OF SPKINi, V ith r-n < h. i:e of *ea*on w* hav ? cli 'ieein the hy cieoi." cl.nactvr i f thesur. In lh- ?pn:i it i* itnpregratcd. especially 111 low lyins, wef <li* 11 i< t*, w iTh niepliiiic vapor*, which e^m rat?? chill* and f'ter, t lo un. itinn. indig *li >n, bi!liou*ne** n i l di-i the ? r^an* of respiration. It 1* th-r- for ? particnli rly re, ? B-ary at thi.-> titn f the y.-.-r t > i-. 'i."'ratiai I r> ungate the ?y*tein -ia to en able it to repel th* tn'Tto l iiiftii**tic<'* t<> w hich it is more .r I' ?? miljni'd. Tlii' *t"itiaih eli ulil b' ton-d. th bowel> fr< <d from <>b-tru tioiiB, the b! < *1 pur: l?J, rnd th<-?er*e? bra- -)d and atren?{tliune<l. Tiiis eta be <a?;ly don*- li *tetter"? St- ni i' h B.fler- ar ev. rvwh-re pr ?-tirabl'-; an.l in the wh >le ran e ?f r? i:i'-die* and prf?eiitivea pr..*cribe<l by tho fa<^?itt* or re, mtu iideil throngii th<- pre-*, th r-> i- not one thj^F combines in ?tn-;i au am i.i tit degree that efflcte'icy atnl p>-rf.-ct harml ?*? 11 -?. It 1- -* sitive antidote to malaria. W:wi-v-r t?k> s it hat iiually may breathe the aim >*ph>-re .f the worst feter and ai<ii- loC.tlity w'th i'it ilan r r. lianip and chilling w inds make little or 11 1 *i?in on the nruani/ ttioii reiuf >r>'t I with this p iw.-r t 'vi ?' t ibb- mill! irint, and e nse |Uelitl> it i* a ...|| "..f. guard aca. list a-ttli. ,C'tgh*,< 11-, ml otlier pulmonary complaint*. I: 1* not reeom-n-ii.l ed a r,rri"l* f >r thi* lat'.-r c! s* ? f ma'.ad but pimply a- a m an* of atrengtbanini{ the -n-t n af in-tthei?-r: <l comliti ns and clianK -s wlii li * ? ? ?'ti n prulm - 1 hein. A> a soriui invi^orant an 1 altirativeit will b,- f intrl e\trem-ly b-u-hrial to p*-rp.>ii* wle* ate p--.ui.arl/ iK--a^iti*e to naherilthy atnuixph'Tic inB'ience*. m21 -e<tt.v \V Notice to pkoiu'ce i>e\lkks. cv I*. M'-w iellins pr h!hc^ in th-* V 'rth?m M irk<'t n.u-'jr.iciire th.-ii Ln el.".-* at t! ~ II z -t'-r "s . tti it th?* Territorial Bmldiinr. on 4'j *tr. - t, l.-t?>en I' nn-ylvaniaav' im- *??'! l" street northw-st,11 -r |,. fore th>- I*t of A pril 1-73 I' rs> us f lm g 11 *h ? ill b" robject 1 th - * ?m<- re" nlati inn. All liceime* nm-t be *howu to the M trkct II ister w h< 11 ? ailed t >r by him Bv nrd- r of tin Commi"'inner*. I: ? t.| 8 Mi FA R \j A \ . Maifcet M >r IT^SFEMAL NOTU'E.-THE NATIONAL Uwy1 capital bkal estate a^'socia 1 Tt'N.? Iti accordance with the Constitution, the l.< ?rd of Direct'ha* authorized th' *ileof such ?! or's of Stock a* are on hand, fixing the premium a; ,?5 p?-r share, it* real value. The purchase price, at the option of the ptircba*er, inay be pal.1 i??ira, i r bj p?> ii.ii lvvbU Juts until liiiuidated. The lat ter condition alt rd? an excellent opp. rtunity for p*r?ie?to purchase share*, wh 1 otherwise would (>e ui? the same time realizing benefit* id'-ntical with all tb> *t ickli' Ider*. Thi* ass<* iation h vi been n. ?nccewsfiil operation for a neri<>d of two year*. Share* caii be obtained of tbe Secretary. GEti. COWIE, Pre*il nt. P1I1L. D. WELCH,Secretary. j31-tf P-3? THE LATE EXt'lTF.MENT WITH r gar l to th- WASHINGTON CITY SAVINGS BANK havingmt>*ide<|. I respectfully r.-.|ue-t the return of our depoaitor* to their usual business re lation* with us,their interest account will bo con tinued without change. n.17 1m J. A. RUFF. Treasurer. ~ NOTICE TO TAX PaTeujT ~ ?e Assessor* of the several Legislative Districts hav ins completed the as*-ssni-nt of real property f jT tie-fiscal year en lmsr Jttn?3trh, H74. th** B iard of At real# will meet at the ofll< *- of the Superint/nd*-nt < f As*e?nuent* and Taxes, No. 330 4S *tre-t,n-ar the c. rner of Louisiana aveiin* , on the 3t> dat of Fr.B ? CABT.Mn, at 12 o'clock m., to h-ar any apa**als that may be made froai the \a.nat 10US of sail as *????< rs. All appeals most be mail- in writing, and sworn to b*re an officer competent to administer oaths. Tie B'ard w ill be in ?*-**i*n each day (Sunday ex cej.tedlfiom 11 o'clock a. m. until 3 ti'clock p. m., vidua WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS from! o'clock until 9 VI ck p. m. II A. HALL. WM. WALL. GEO. A B11URKR. RILEY A. s 11 INN, E. J M1DDLETON, Jr., f 1-tf Member* of the B ard of App* a!s. WASHINGTON D C . Mari h 10. 1-73, Room* No. 3:jo 4*i SrKKtr NoBTinvi-.r. In compliance with set Uon 34. act approved Ait Kii-t 23ii, 1471, th-B *ard of Ai p ,1* w ill omtinU" in ? -?i.*ii at tie ir r xniis and at th- h -urs di**ig!iat'*d, EVERY DAY,esci pt S indaya,I r ti:;rt. 4ay*fr *11! tin-date, aft* r wlinli no app al tr .111 th<- k* neral ? -"ssliieiit for th- ti-< al year 1"73 1<74 ,u be re ? M*d. B\ order f the B aid of App al*. n itli) liu E. F M FAEIITZ. S ri try. M I L B C H X'9 NEW DRPO STORE, N. 14a? PS.NS-ILVASIA Ax'Ksr*, Depot f**t S slaand M:ueral Water*. f ll-ly itcy Dow sad it l*to*eea young wife, a motte r offainily who re,iuire* all her physical st re-m- h t< ftiiiill her hou*- hold duties, and ai! h**r in. ral ca ri .ti -n to accept the re*pousibillt> which falls u? r, to s?-e h**r pro*trat**l, losing pvery day b*-r *tr<tl|tih, feeling bailly without b*-in? able to *aj why. but yet suffer in* enough to be utterly mi-?**ra *11* ! This state of w'-aknesa and dibility is 111 re fatal to her than a sev. re spell of s.ckne**,for iu that < ?*e *he w ill receive thi proper care, as in th** other ?l.ewill linger m >nth* aft'-r months, not thinkinx worth while to see a rh)sician about It. until nature, exhausted, gjvea out. and she ia carri>*l to the ^ravs, w ben a littl,- precaution in proper time would have upaf-d her life. To prevent, to strengthen, to cure, nothing ran compare wrtth the liOXU-LIrK BIT TKKS of Dr. L G. BEKTUAM The* are a saf ? and infallible retn**dy against malaria, aysj?p*ia, cos tiv?*ne**, bilsousiiesa, h<-?larhes, morning sioKnes* and ail Coaiplaint* peculiar to women. Th'-se Bit ter*, whi-h are ai.ld by all druggi*?i, are, in conse ?iuence of their virtue and m st agreeable taste, the ni"dictn* fit *Tc*lltnr? for laif tea. M ? r KT Y. M C. A . Corner Ninth and D street*. FKEF READING ROOM?CIRCULATING LI B I: \ II Y - 124IUU vol*. Stibucription. * .{ p?*r , ear I E< -Il KES To CHR1STI \N WoKKERS \V-d l.' ? lay and Fridav evening* af 6*? o'clurk. Dalit I'KtYfck M KKT IN'iS at 12 15. 6 and f p m MTERARY SOCIETY Saturday 7'? < VI <k. SABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES in Lincoln Hail at i:, o'clock; at Theater Cotui^ue at 7', o'clock. nri |rS>SCBENCK S PL LMONICCANDY "-rr?brace 111 aer>-at degree all the principlesof Scta-nck's Pulinonir S? rup, and while *? pb-asant to the palate as the p*ire?t of confectioas, its medicinal pr -p-rti-s r? i ler it effectual in couch*, colds, br-inchial and catarrhal aff>-< tions, Ir. It i? the most accepfabl*. fned> for cbildrau or infants, and can be givau w ith linpunit) ; while for professional n -ntb-mi-n, or th >*e wbo suffer Ir'-m lo?* of voice. It I* indispensable. Th>se candie* ar- put up in 25 cent boxes conveni ent for the pocket, and are f..r *al? by all druggist* and d> ab-r* J H. 8*'HENCE A SON, f. (22 tr N E corner IM h and Al^hatsT, Phifa. rS?FR?* THE EARLIEST AGES TO U*."y the prvaent day, Scrofula baa been tne l?nn, aid. a* it were, tbe curse of mankind. So terrible ami loathsome had been at some period* of the world'* history that a peraon known to be Infected with it ?>uhl not be allowed to mix with *oc!ety. Happily it, our day tbe di?*-a*e ia atripped of M* terror bv the n*e of SaMaKITan'* Root asd Hkbb Jc:r?*. and the victim of Scrofula, Titer*,*, P?:np! ?, Biotche*, Tetters, Ac., can be reatored tesound -aaalth UBOOTWANkD HERB JTICES. ?i a per t-tt!e || Id bl S.C. FORD, 1103 Pa. are., and by Drug gist*. DESMOND A CO., Proprietor*, ?l? H ?-? ?ir^et, Philadelphia. mtjV lj ? B B M O ? ? P. E?. W Q. BARRETT. DENTIST. bm marred ta Bo. UN H afreet nerthweet, cor ?r 14U) street ms-1t JOSEPH J. MAY'S PARIS KID GLOVE DEPOT, , ?3* Pa. Ave.,bet Vth i^D IViu Sn. u. HS9 KTGLOV FSf-r the GRAND UNION BALL. ?VLadk-i,' WHITE mil) LIGHT. 1. 2,3, 4, and 6 buttons. Wtients' WHIT* LIGHT. and MEDII ?^?LYONji HI ACK SILKS, splei,4:,!?? .<?*. ?X"SPB1NG 1>I:E:-S GUODS in great variety. n.S4 2t _ SOI IMPORTANT. 'SOI Anollirr line IM of thoae haednime JACONET AND NANSOOK HAMBURG EDGINGS AND Fl.uL'Ni INcS received this day Ml DAVIS'. TM?1 MARKET SPACE. mil -3t Corn i>r 8t h st reef. L VOX* UL .U h SILK*. LYO.VS CLATK SILKS. Wi'r--p?? iuvite th'att nti n off rurilit-ers to :mr stork of GENUING LYON'S BLACK SILKS. The qualities we ofter at ?1.51, $1.75, S?, ?2 2*. 92M,*ltd 42.75, we honestly believe to b- superior to an) in this market at same price-*. ? y~W# will exhibit TO-MOBR"W, (Tu^lny M s re h 25, t a handsome of SUMMER SII.KS and other new SPK1NG DRESS GOODS; a full in. .f MOURNING GOODS. .11 .t VERY LOW PRICES, to which Wi invite an inspection. B f" One price only, in plain figures. JOSEPH J. MAY, n2l ?;? VCil Pennsylvania AVENU K. ?yitlropolUan Dollar Store. Thf'ticn fTf-rj" on<* of my r?, and, infant, every b?sl, w hoentere my atoi t?, i-astonished at tlie larc variety ol good- offered. ai d a! their extraor dinary and unprecedented prais-worthiness. yet I am etill adding new and poftsibly cheaper and b-tt'-r goods every day. The articles arrived and now jf. ftre?i are ? uarrR li<l \Talnnf PI< TIKE FRAME!*, \10, hi foe.. with G1h?? ulid Back Mai -shape Folding II AT RACK. solid walnut, > 1. O'.al top LOOK 1NG-GLASS, li '?\14. %l. _ ory 61 Very fine French Gilt PHOTO. FRAMES. ?!. Plate til;.-- FRENCH MIRROR*., AI. Ru ?is Leather and tiu>- Morocco WALLETS. v<r> superior fc..."1c, M F iue Morocco WALLETS.witli or with utcliaia, ?1. Larg< rtm<-nt -f DOLLAR BASKETS Another large lot of lii* handsome LACE TI 1 >I 1- >. 4. S,2. ao?l l >1. Pi i?l?- TOI L ET - E I > s pi?-re? it: a ?'?t. .* 1 Handsome > low ER PuT I ?>\ U.S. all siz??. >ix Carved V v..; NAPKIN RINGS, ")c \\ ofd Mri| ?-'l TA III E M ATS, l :n ;; ?et, $ I. Splendid II AI R BKI'SII K>, a: 51 and si. Lidiea'I.ACK X'ARFS iS-.tidS" Uetile* ALL-LIN KN <1 K K ??, .'5 p.--r ' r ?;!. w at)l>-4 of LADIES' JEWELRY at 25 ., :ilid .? 1 ux?-t\li-,.( SLEEVE BUTTONS r.nd STUDS, at iV., 5t> ai d s 1. B ni.iet-a Hi. n- ti.d other arti< I ??. \o oh/ c?o/> A"'t/fiity /. \ ,tt ar* H'lt Itrl ? 't..?.?/ :n icv. V II ale Wei' .li" at n'-y tilue t ? < ok over the ?,>ck. X3. SILVKRBKRQ, 31'J SEVENTH STREET, nCi-tr n^ar Pennsylvania arenne. IV ANKRI P li V NOTH E.-T . all the . r-lit i-. 1 ' SAMUEL B LTOB who may hue proved heir claim-. V t> :>i It-n n n !iti- I to appear I. - l re the 8u[>r, me 4 rrt ?-t tiie l>i-tr;< of L I'ltnl i i, rilling in bank nipt* \ . ? n the 4 r if "av ov Ai-hi., Iv -.. a! 12 o'i !? . k 1.; . ?? th IV.' !Si>|e-J.I! >wn, i(, - .stet, at the Ciu II <11. W i-liin^' ?imt ,h ? ai1 -*? w t,v a dl-< h:iry. fr -m all his d-' N ?li >ul i Mot I granted to saiii bankrnpt. Yon ar ? al*> i. 'iin--<l that th' ier..ii.l aid tliird nie-ti'iK* ol -aid bank'!, creditor* will I held l> 1 r- the Kegut-r, . Iti. nani" place, at 12 oVI'i'ii ui on tlie ;{!j ?>[. A 'K.I.. JS73. "inHti-ad ol tl." 3>". ii of March, 1573. that ?lay tx-ine S^In'la^ B> order of the < nrt: A SH\RP. U. S Marobal of 1) (. M esv-Uk;?-r. Text- R. J MEIGS,Clerk. aJltSI | IMt LIME '~LIME S90 BARBELS A No. I LIME, in St' re and for nal -. Deln ere l in any part of Therity. J. F. KING A CO., 7t?3 K Strki.t, U'22-ti* Ne--r c ri-r "f 7rh street tiorth\?e?t. llHOl?, (THE O.VLY MCHOLS.? \\ 110 IS IIE' II reter- t ? the inhabitant* "f S >ulh W vsbiii4ton. Att'-r he ),?*." don'- burin-'-,* vi< 7tli Ktr ???? t i one > ;?. li -w ill refer t<> the inhabitant" ol th 1?:-?tri? t . t ?o|iu.ibia. JOHN WESLEY NITHOLS, dealer i, II-ier), Fane) G "id*. Jew<-lr> . Stati"iiery, No li i s. Ac., Ac., Ac., at 10I>'J 7th street, betwi-en K Mil l L atreeta nortliw- st. in'JI rJ'IIE NEW NATIONAL MARKET. FRESH, SALT and SMOKED MEATS, of all ktidf>an<l"f the le-.t ijnalitv, tut ni-h?l .1, the beat ?ty b . al?. .(. AM E.P<?U LTRY . , nil ITS, and VEGETABLES, .u th. ir I a><'ii,can b<- procured at thi< Market. ni-.t21-ly ROllT IIY ATT, 4 H lltl. at. An experienced teacher of latin, French and German will Kiadl) instruct in any CM' Or all of these language* a limited nuriil. t o! earnest, cnthusiaatic atudeuta. Address A. (' B, Stwr offlc'-. m 17-tit* jg^V-lBNlNG INSTITUTE FOR HEALING, VV A T E R CURE. No. ??30 ^1-r, Ortrlookin-- in* P 'omt'. Treatment:?B .thing of different kinds, w arm ?? I tep:,t pa< k?. warui and cold compr th >r. ugli rubbii g of stift and ?? olleii joint-, and all c 'iitr*. t i"it of the itkin. Contraction "f the joint) disupp-jar I v oui treatment. The blood and hair r-rei\elo w l.te. the nysteui new vigor. Sciatic, lutlamtnat ry i.nil Chroni, Rheumatism yield rea-lil?. The limbs and band* receive their natural strength, th? jja i lent discovering a . bang" for the better in a leu da>s. Dilapidat-d and w-ak cons' itutiou- rein\ it erated. Deafnes* by waini foment at i.ns, warm air air iutmdne?d into the ear. jowerfnl magnetium and n itiipnlatu n and delicate fort-.* ptuniw. extr o tiug ail -unntauce* interposing hearing. Medicine, when seliimiift red, in liomeopatlii.- and ecb-. tic form*. Beautiful rooms, nicely farnish.-d and air* parlors. >po i us gr' UnWs. with villa, walks, sette?-n and t"ii:itains R cr-ati 'ti-:?Riding in carnag row b "-.ts, fi-hing. cr> <inef. and innocent plays, hintori cal.scientific and moral hooks, daily and weekly [Bpn All writi'ig material, p' -lage stamps, at 1- ulai prues. Table fint-clMK cooking super v i--d L> educated Ia<li<-s, N-w Eu.Iau.' style Terms r a- nal b-. by week or n> nth F r furth-T par olar- imjuire at lb" Institute, VV II. IRVING, >1 I) 530 21-t street Pr 'I,' tp?1 < fti' ?? f' r ? n-r'ti,: li f r t"iu-d ? \ :t! ' 1 :? t i ? -ti- . I'J3I I' l.'>\ I* at I,. n. i 'I. N B.?Tlie n?? of tobae. ? and profanity discour aged, and persons i.f uncleanly habits will ii"t le* r< reived. m21 -lit' 1 YLEH'S LUNCII MIUv UlstriT, Tli" choicest. most d-licate and finely tli?orc?l I rack r in the I S:.,t s. GIVE THEM A TRIAL Especially adapted tor LUNCH. TEA TABLE. AND THE USE OF IN VALIDS. F >r *ah> l?y Croc r? generally. Tra.i- ?r.ppli. 1 by TYLER S BROS., r.ll lm K. le maniifa-turera, Btltim re. Md. - |) R K S S & U I R T S . I ??* PALMER'S PATENT double YOKE SHIRTS, ready-made, for $ld 50 Si* PALMERS PATENT DOUBLE YOKE M11RTS, made to order, at $li, 921, or 924 LOCK WOOD. HUFTI 4c TAYLOR, ?'J3 pennsylvania AVENUE. LALIE8 UNDERGARMENTS. 100 dozen LADIES COTTuN SKIRTS at M cents each. lOOdoren LADIES COTTON CHEMISES at 8 cent* each. AO dozen LADIES COTTON DBAWERS at 75 cents each. 100 docea LADIES NIGHT DRESSES at SI. t each. AT LOCK WOOD, HUFTY * TAYLOR'S, f 19 tr ??3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. J^JOST WOMDEBFDL^INVBNTION OIT TBB J mom*' elsctro-Oalvanic 8PECTA CLE8, Palau^ junjiiatt. H. HOfFA.BoU A*?nt, Sealer lo Watches. Jewelry, andw atch [Matsrlala, o. ?4S Pa. *T*? M, fck*adruista, decT ly WANT& \\ AKTEp A ?oiw| PIANO In e*eha:i<? f. r * J ground. Addr,s- B x 6Wj P.xt Office.m!4 a* ANTED?CHAMBERMAID for family of m > / ? P? r?,|i? ?n<l vom.* child Eiiinire 1?01 8>>nth A *lr?~t.t*>rii.'r li, Capitol Hill. i, ;t \VWID-Ar^ BLACKSMITH iiSj. OS3 * \ ? ??re.-t northwest. W-?*" c w. j or. rANTED?A ?? -d LAI NDBKSS Mi l a BOT to amm^r WlbV mril m*k?? him^lf wrath N .M? K .;rort n.r'ha.t. ?gi .?? I?'">"<li*t*lj ?T?o ?**l MILLI J.? MtJ?S-wJ,r~ *.CALLAN. II?T rVtia*, llth awj I2Ui -trf t ni2-lSt" \V ANTED-LAFNDRT H ANDS AU^Tj e . 7j DRY V.'S'r 5?T,8' MJ.h" K.*W STK \M LAI' N 1 "* ? l-i r iitf'-fl northwest. n? \\ A Mr* li~7 V?i Pv *"5 'v ??k-Madame I' K. M A IS<>N . <<l N w Virs, liw oprnM ii> r M I ii,tj priors, a; So. 413 13th ?r?t north '**? nai mi* \\ ^^?'1' Sh ni iiii- ynbn stp r T. ' ni2? 2t* WANTED-A S1K?.|.B MAN ?h,. hM h*.f7T ?VtT.,1^ ?M,r- 0*II at 476 P u. i?iY* * i"!e. B' tt of re!?r*nceH required h " HH (OX %I* A NTEI>?Fnml'hml and li,furni?li>d ROOMS, "? < entrally l>cat..l. from n?., .S ?:*t ?Be particulars "Department Club," Box 16. Star m_: nil ji \y ANThD-^M.l t KRVA N T f. ? H.krw., , ' , au. ironjl?-two in fainilv. S it| ., n..r...n )ss5Mi?ftn-"" ?.%js ?."?Ml ii mJ4?' or.owoF. N. barker %% ANFMi ? oOO LABORERS and .HI Hi>Ksh> ?? itii> f ARTS, to work on th? 8>atli-rn M f\ I'l l' vi! i" Apply At tie- offl.e <if Il??I.T ., t.iv VV'. Ul"1, r Katioual II"tel. D?V TON A \? H II K^C. utraotor- S M K R. i \\ 1 I".I'?'{v the l-l df Anril a < v.?| w . i! \iVh- ,""1 ? I'M'-NDRKSSbe lull ._F>-'Mil 41 n; ,tl >,^l,il?, H||,I tnn?r MI'Kl I II,, Arliiiat ^'Vi App,) Vemont a\cuut-, ? pp - A rlmgtoii H ii?", inl'l'vit* \\ ANTKD?I'l l:('IM??|.|:s .,t pr}v )t.- for ?? ii ?? mihII,,? f*?r!..r R ?, <? N carpet. two Im??| ronn -u-tn.cai p,-t?, rn kit. tin r. mi-it..-. Ac., at 1317 u ..ortl.w.iit A I aigwu for Min-ua *'?. u,m uc li -nv.kwp !!?. j trot., 1 toS uMkIi p ni. InJj-ii* \VA,|lT,ffK-lV?i^amisii-a nnrrr^, i m. ^ nOI SK, r??u?h lirowu fr.?'ir Si r''< ??"?;?????? 'i.-i-M. ? !. ?nlem H in M in?ar?l l.,,u. W ,-m Iplna. I'a . t r a It . hi U a^l "'-t'.i. not von far ti^ui ;U" Xr< a- ? l PjjgtM QMfo. \VAIlV?lVkk\"VVi^H MIl.l MTTp. " 1 1 r-" "? I "I iiwy l\ania at ? n ?J 2 ' \V AtpVi !r^" "Si" ri iicvThii I i.>p ,(,,iU,. ( I \\* 'iWlrT* ?? ' nil liand SCi:T\V 1-KTTK1, PRLhS. R. A. S IT IV \ .> i<,r BnJi{' str<-ft, Gt-'igcitnin, p, (*. " * n?22-2t *' \V ItT.rV7A B111'ATI??N IN A IrROOKRY , , M-'l-t. i.s a w.iii g mm tli<>r<>ttirtil> p.-. tent, ai.d ?li<i, *ti fun iwh tli- beet citr refer-nr-n 1! .Star oilier. ik2J .:t* \V ANTKD-A; " 'in r., witli , I>y April i t. . : ,? tiartPK Ml, lion up to rent will |iii a*e .i|,lr,.su iilrlr 1,8 "l"111 v >w c?" st-tf <??(?' \\ AMI. ?-JT, I Mil, a If LKNlSII K|i llul'-K . .. J . i.1.. State p?r?i. nlari an l ;,?? n , .... >ANIsS ?IIL1.Ejj. B x 1 ,,,?{ tJ1 W Vrvvt"fln,mt ' ' GTr !*M1TU3lFjftVi sin-.1 tK'U Un" V1 \\ ANll.p- \? tlw S i i.iu.i ||,it.-i. t,r - W ANTi:i)?F.-i a ir. nil. | v f ., |},i\|;y ??'?* CNKl'.RMSllKD RuOMS n PERM\NENT,HtarVfll* ni^i'JT* \\*AM KI.-T UOI'SE, w ft!, ?? viMt or'nine ' IO. m-.l cal o l,?:? . ,,?t|i ., ?| J . ? p ? ,. . V- ,, I-"?'l!r' at RI< K S new p ...... uraplilcgallery. 1MIT a-i-t 1 -J 1M p, ... Mj| 3. ? \\ >N'! ??>?-??? HITJ ATIOM m ireiH-ral wrrant \ ilii't ??'.r,V' ir w'liie jfiri. I ?laiDUnll e. If I* Ii- ..-,1 , I.. ; u e Ii K I'l i L . _!l l. 21 If NN AsWr iTif.'v" V u"* 'i-""- -M'-rieuee * v 1 V N ii in - l:i u --t cI.i-5 < l" r -1 j ii leatiox W:Mhln??o? ? ?'i.'v 2 !!' 1 ' "> MUrewHARKT P 8ARO . nr ? I ? iii'JI j; * \\ \'N .' '???? ?' trailer. Oami Hal leek, '.i V'V PARTNER. ? ith a i ?l .1 - f ti in three t- fl.e tli ni? in I .! ill.iri. r. I niV'!l"T. ,J" "" '"i"1-' atl'l . .f m !. .il t A int.artn> . N other. ?p|, ?uwisiv.i i., ? lli^i -?f \\ ^ "; r< iritils h. Q^., a iM.?e. .'r i i v <.'P>"'ily for arcuula M i-t '??nccwrte *p4 write ?:l|. AppUe:mHm will at ale '?H t:>.N ; ?pp'" *ti n- < .n-i.i. r i ..1 "? ***'r 1,1. MMnriliuii ami phra...

11."<i witii r-r-i? 11 ? I - B v <-i" ,,.Q|..|, \\ 'W-V' T.e n"r' hI P*>illK III S| 'Utnilli .|.ii:.i,,|.,.rvi I pnirtia*. iUi ? I _ RrsiNK>s.-s,ar. \\ 'iV.hKf.NTTA BKI?'K t ii, "'! nil iii'.ilerti improvement*, mm. . e.l ||. tweeii Pentiaylvania aveinn and I2'h t.i r I, ii. rthw.t, \V 11.1 I \ >| TI'LKr 5t R.-aI Estate Br-ker Tl" lath .tV^I. \\ '\^i'v^J t ~ "'i-~ A tir-t i la., ijA R .n.all ?>:??.. ?V ?jel'o w u " 1r a It', v niia e. ;tt W C.\ KTKR \\ ? rron r k< M im . . .1 lied room, utifiiriii<h -l F>a.'?'r,r.r,:' , A hlresK, statini; I Mniiiiiitr, R'Mini i3, p itent Oihr?. ml-fit" \\ ? ''?I'- A P \ KTV t.i deliver |o ralloitii of .?rwt Uaahin!f*?n DC?Ur' ?"rUtr ?f 6,h i,"J C ?*?_*! ? B CAMPBELL. Pr .pri t,,, \\ ANTED ?IIANI'S . ii fiirin mm mil- from t it i utreet, <m BUden.liiu< raili .ad' vTKU AfiT v ' ''an.U. CHARI.K8 ^ 1 " Alu . \ inewtKHl !? arm. 11117^22,24* lyANTED-A" nerc-ti. V<>TN(TMAN"d-.r^i i. t. I. ant the dry ? >od. >r clothiu* luiniu-* R.<. tiiiii.'ii.lation* ?.. -,I. Uage* uo ol.j.-?t, Ad ?lln?? Ellerm , IhlK office. IlllS 2? " w AN ! El> A V\ ET Nl'K?SK. Apply at L ? ? ?' . * * i i'i ? m d at i eet northwest, between tfcU and 9i|| " IIi3 lin' \\ ANTfcli?linmediatelr?FamiHe* or per?.>ii4 in ? ? need of hr?t . SERVANTS ..f everV d. i rip oiiri.' K nII'f '' I*4'1"*, ? *" ?"J ?f-t supplie.1 at ? ?? . ; ..i',1 nl*. can get ?. .h1 houiea and tK>st of u * i Kureka Einr.l") m-nt < 'ilj.. ?? Mi,. LoL 1SE C.BUTLER,407 Hit! rtr.%, near' f2film ASEWF|k7i*wlr-u^'v';;'" the Vlt.TOB #.?.-.i .U MA( I1INE han it? nwllt Stlf sel t?a*. the moat perfict whu'tl- in me, resting in a cradle; needle bar And works of steel. Agency 4hy 1 -i.n.y ivaiiia ax enue. A!?.., Bianch of Si.u.-. Doin oreM k i uiiern Kiiij. i aim l> T W. 8PICER. Agent. \V ANTED? Everybody 111 favor ot thor .iichlv T, cleaned l.arneta, nlu. ..<t aa bright ae i? ml order* f L. RICE, at the Steam Carpet Beating U tk.. Maine avenue. 4>t ?? 1 6\h st*. aprM-ty BOARDING. i I'll? PR*'I.I.K?1 OF OOOI) and I iik\p i. . . 1 ^s<"'^ t'D-Tn- ISk.t vM. i i,f a:? > -t ? .'.Vf . ^ ' Ar:.'n ' n;. erachiaved in Waxh Vm, I T i l"' r'i lH '???-pecta tll.t-,|,.H 11 u l Twl.l'- 1* .aril, in the center uf t!r* city, at rale*. With ofl, where Hi worth of ink ete are taken at a time. i ffti!0rv "ir .B i.1 .^>F, ri*U,T PRICEar-Tea, I.S.I M " .???":? Milk. Ac . lo ; Hot Br.-ivK, Roll, s . we.l V -w * ? ^ B- ' l al. Fried , ?, HUd up, Es^., in every ?tyle a < ..I .1NZ to veHM.n; Oy.t. r., Fiah, A. .in ev. r? ,i> |.. (> hpe<ali> *1 urine the sea...n,) ?jo. and up, Sou pa* 0 .-ry . hoii e, with Tr. a.1,) mo.tlv Ii.- : Cold M -at^ ^ v,v'\ lv ry thine of the verv l.?M <iu?lity and aervpd in f H-kid^b^^^rj.^iiri;;.:^ *;???. ?? t ciV.Vf'r*** 0t f-TSi.?t Ik, Teu Dollaia lu ti. kets ?.F *, I.N;.,A>M TR V n ",fl '"!l^ P fatoe-. I?i ail and Butt" i. T .?, ( ?!!#???,? r Milk, 35r ; i.ft i. 4iC ?th.v i6. a jm hi ii r? >ii t ?l t.i**al f r 17S? ; iV.w it I, - I11>'ttion****''' w,,,''r, ,2'<0-i :,,-J l???li-r iiv log in Li'.liee and Gentlemen, ainzly ..r in parti?t. and tnllilllei., b>-aided l>. tl.-r and i h'-.ip. i , in .HiV d<- 'lee than they can ?>aaibly l."iii>l th,ni.e|\.T?. ' ' Sv. r>li dy fh-uld hav. S me f tliea. Tick.-ta. far at lea?t occnab.nal u.eala .>r liinrlr . Entra^e'AT'Ac""1" "f a tir,"clil,?, Mi Lwlie,' Everything genteel and lionie-like PARTMi'\T cii-p"?L"r.KrJ P-w?nat Ac., DE _ I'J ?' * ?' 1 ' I-1 ?. Box I b Star n?2"J* Jt H(JV!'?(;rf' 1,1 " b furuiah.-.l ROOMS, wTili 1 I i ll n ' I "? 309 2d stre -t South ?? Ut"t !?'? H^ant room?) tor ftamiuer. tnji 3i ? l"'1'" RfcNl?U..o?i RooMSand TABLE B(t \kTi * in that new Iiouw-No. ?1S U street, near 7th, only one Mjiirtre fr in Pat-nt Office, recenMi taken a Northern lady. Conic aud try* for \..ur ' w>- n>21 2a * K^VT.|L'V^r ?^ARD 15V THE WEEK OK i r 1 ? ^ desirable ROOMS for rent, hand Tt t tjuniah d; Very low to permanent tenants I .* and Hummer, with or without !.? aid. R ioiua on second and third fl >ora, with I. .rd,at t?*'. No. filB laih atleet, b?twe, n E and F miijets,near W illar.r,-and Ii.ip. rLal Hotel., nils 2? * / '0<iD BOARD", PLEASANT BOOMS, AND * ?.price* moderate, at 410d curuer of Fennarlvani* avr-nwe and Mat street. rB*yl-l> i\l CFNNLMiHA mThaTTBH^ ? I'll * btreet, b?twe, n lutn and 11th, has the pleasure to announce Hmt he has rw^eindrB the bpring Sty Is of Broadway BLOf K, an.| i?H prepared tw furnish New Hat* made to ord"r on** F. VAh'25 te'SsftuVaru ^ntss; teSgRggistj* rff.Tu,.T,s?te"3to,^ fleas'" FOR RENT AND 8ALB. ? .'OK l>t.NT-) uriiih"'l ?i'd ? : i Kn- *> r for b kwiliif; ae* >t?l and third fl.H?r? ? ,-er on b-th floor*. _W)A P sfr-et B'rthw?? mil v ' 1 ,'OB RENT?A large a-d 1 tutifally located Fl'RNlsIlKD HOUSE, in We,t End. K K WILSON, ?114 % >11 7th street. opposite r *? OtTics. F*0 it RE NT?A suite i>l in e.t -turm*hed KoOMS, second flo?: ; a! so, on- single K "*n. *1 7 <IO ISO, itr-H, bHwvn G a-jd H II riU?r"*t: V?'U room on same floor. mt?-*;% L'OR REST?A tw.?at?r? H<?l"SE. <, n,,. i 1/ * (grnhlitd, situated at 4?t> 1-t nr-.-t *?n>n. ????, enter l?taid D4i. Applr ?t J. S HEN4ULT A 8'?N'S.corner *th *tk1 T> ?tt*et- n-.rthw *?. m}4 ** 1/OR KEN T? riiri.i?U? l. THKKI > srT convenient f<*T k -pin*, N HJM chnsetts avenue. bHwt^n m uiii i?i li ?tr.?:s. M liu- n or . hunt fumi-hed. mjt it* 1/l'R REST? \ pl.-saatit. fifnii.tusd FIMNT I ROOM, suitable for on*- ?rt? - ti*l-~ii r> nt (Mdtrittr. Apply COb 1 t'l stre-'t, two <1 r? fr-m F utrwt Borthweat. It* 17 OR RENT ? Frnir hwvtsomeljr f?rn??to~l ROOMS, ri *?-?! I > it'.' i . ? ii-?in -r-i i!..r *nt ii mlcr?lf; kit ?ml c 'M K ? 4*1 llihstre-t, let*, en Pa. avenue n ii E street north*u?t. mti f I/Oif HEST?Tl?e ba<ei?eut BRI< k 1>WKLLI N?5 No. 113,? 10th el. northw -t, b '?c?i( 1, an.l M gss, wat.t cl ?et. Ac.: com uniug s i * ni>, Iixi'nt NOAH WALKER A CO . ftl i pa tratnr. mi- -it F'T^R REST-SToRE ami dWIElHu K . 7 J7 7Mi "irw?. between Q and H ?t> Imttii* o m .. AHAMSOS, So. 1*11 14th st.. S Mill T s'-. t?ortliw >~t. Ix-tween the h tir- f In ttvl ? nil A ' I.MK 8 ALE "CHEAP?Term*. $huc?ah. an T - .i I monthly nut it p?i*l?several n< * 2 ?tor> ItKt.'K HOI SIS, situated or. S.-w Il.tmp-liir a\ in:--, t> tweet, T ntid U ?tiwi? north, hav? si* r>?>in?. h *11. front ami lack > ar.ts- le-: -.-s completely finish*!. A!?o,:. HOCSE. with lull,front and l> ?> k yards; sitnat-d on the Island, m- .r 7th street c-r. H i ins. ra-h, ami gjil moutlih . AN", a m ? In i ir HOI SI, ultQfttH OI tli" line ot H *i rain, near new market hoir?e; Iim ait ra?l>?rti mi prmeni t*; I tw, I:. ulltl> , no <-a?h j>.? * in -m , nil .1 V -T \ Ell i "JJ Northea*! corner S V . ?>". aint Mtl. ?t. |4Jlironiciea&epui>licaiil i 1,'OK RES 1 ? I X1 I KS 1*11 Ml liouHS,*' M.? J * L tr? twe.-ii i?'h an.l Iff-li ^ I^tjK liKST?A new f, ur room TtT;t?TK Man ? lai,if avei.n. . I?rtire.-ti U?h aud 1J U -tr t uortbeaat; large vai il ?|fi, l ' _V " ? TUPS Ejr ACGAM AS . -1? 7, h -1 I. OR 1?E 1 ;-A iif* iwii-.i.m, FRAME HOI ?K. nt< I nX * .!? i-\ . |. . ? ween Q and R str? t*. Apply at l ill M , Tt tl OR Rfcxt?1Two FI liNISHKO ROOM"4 Vs ami *lu; two ?mftirtii'he.l. s-5 a,..l &"i tw.i lVt-.?U,at HlOEntriTt,N',..,u iftoa* l?\ " "+U- _m?.' .t: * ir^n SA1.E- \ ew nr. -? -rv FK \ MK Ifni flE f ro--m?. ..i, ;??h atrert, betwe.-n L an?l M Htrveu. nortliw< ?i. ,\\ r\ -mall . a-li pa - Al'pl> t" ALLEN r BE\M\N ?? !?' <lli ?f ret l,,12 ?{ ? 1^'" ' ' f \iiii. |77T siT v * 1 114 (, -th-ft. thud .1 ? r fr .n lRMi atr- ? ? n tainiHK ejeten r?wn?, wilh all nid'-ni imer iVor V1 r,v' 'i'"1 " '? I' I 'i t'nr at S<n York n\?iw*. ipj; |,v.R REST-A Hi'Tsi WIM,,.,. and w . e, ~n ? t ?treet noiithwot.near lo. |i *ireef. Km ? "i p.;r "lonth. Ai ??!> to FESU l< K a STEWAlft, >.JM| f).a>r ai.d Blind 1? p ,t, corner 12U. *r. t ai.d Ohio n\? nn*\ ip22 It ? ;vj: ( KMfrHM). *) * IN V [;K * M^IIED. JJwj. ?7". ^ *15, r* 12. ^*7, rt J'iVi ^K-ra!"! ^ToR/s, Vl,., SToiitko, "'? r If KS, MJO. .4 ?i. .4^. <?|o ?"??* TJlos E W At'.t;AMAS.'?1 ?? 7th -I. L-UW SALE OR KEST-A tlir .r, -.1 I 1 iiietii liRIi K UulsEouU Mre.r.f. ??.ei, 4'!, ml Sill, rolltmnillK te|, ro III,; k-.,.. r a|u| I ltl,. i ' " 41 '? ? l ? t 1 Ti H a FOX, 1 ??' i ei,i.-\ it aiila arenne. n,^j jj I,'"!: ^vi.r ^I * out inter- -t. will ton Il*?l ,-K N l-'O 11 't -Meet -oinh^.M I'lnlad ]|.hi, l; ,| hri.'k t'ort, n:ailde triniiiilnca. niflit ; w.nM, I. >?jd ?- l.aiti ?i.d Moi er<M'Ui; water, van. iatrobim, ranir- and (H ??r. A.ijoiiij. Lincoln P.?rI. " .Mel i. n> .. . , ? V tlie F ?tr t <ai?. Pti. . ,?5.1?:; origin I -f > "Hw. In?rn <-Ti prt'ini-' -. jlt22 ,;i ? l/o.: s>i.k a tin. o:., nrti. k 'T ? II. !' Sortli < ;i| ;...| I -fr..t.?. rttiw ? M.('i:.l,|. t? BR|, K < ott\'.K , j. '? ??e|, S W Jr>- .? ?i. mi . \ ,r,j , Tu i.e?ui f?||. i,iii,r..KS,c .ii? r M ' 1 . It*, a'euu, }.-{; I, ,tr... . Til at .1-11,1.1. PROPERTY , f..rmerl> Of ? Ir. Mi.lirt, , rt: r t? r. and t.: u >:i ? ^?w;,I HOUSES in row < l ing 'ini-h -I) '? J ; r?-. t. i.. i. P.'i,n.-. I\ .,: in a* rhr? nen Bill KS In" R,|? ^ ^ j-;., u - - ? ? ;?<?? ii and 21st str.-e - M .. E K. WILSON', ? ? 17ili rtnd - i i* ?t uffl.-j. I" ' 1 ?"ru-i"Tt :,i. n. ide-.i rooms i ai 6.1.? I Mirt-. t northwest. I>.- ? n >. , 17.1. with anntk front. CaH iiiinH^iateli if ?o? want to ? ?< lire eood 1 ins for the riimuer." FW "> "? ?> >xi( k hoi se 1 tL"- 'th atraet vast; larpi Oiirrro aj . * vliVs A ? ?< HARI - r . . .?IMI F' tifi?vlvRti|}4 Mt i.ijp, |, 21 |,'oi: Sale- a r 7 ? n: Kit A me ikmse. ? Ti I lorat .1. II earn t. m< Small - 1 ',rfI'liT 11 lih I,AUI> s .-Mini, i.ij >??. i.onnwewt. n,2 ;i* 1/OR SALE -1 In.-.. ti.? >.^( \KK->, . ?- .,77 R ('olM-i/v ' - M' '' ? ' 1 ' GEO B * OP! icy. &0* Mh -tri ft n ?rthu? HT ni21 "t l,'o 1$ 1:1 N r- Tiiree I.,: , I f Kslsll EI> IIIm)M S .^.a.,^-?""A""i"la?'rt' R^f^r IK-,--, v w r eef; f "r,"f ' '? ?' U - i r 11 ? HOI Sf of ? .ifiiare ft in <;,|s.t? . fro,,. 111 11 - 7th -tr. et. ui2l .tt I, ''!> BEKT-Ot. U4iwt, tntweun If k nnfl T?h I a ??r\ <l. -ii ,|.I.- Ii 11 i sK with m d rn impr t'li'i re a" ni","'! Ii,i'V w,|";o worth of Fut ' 1" r* . A splendid rhanee f< 1 l omni. nt ii:-' |,.,?. keepmir. A pplr at the S?.?r offi. ... lull *" |,'i?K KM NT At M INUt ?ti ?t nmtWii,4 I t able LOOMS. InmiHlied. oif , h .|H. - k<'pint;, water In the kitrheu, roal ,nd u >'dr ..111 r' , ?? "lid iMUh-i'o, c.'-eU aim gas in every rot in. U;2I - 1 Ko^j8w ' y~A 3 -?'"?> BRICK IIOI SE, S* * .?V4 M i^?h< hu?t rtrt-mi. . |m<(wh m yt!i Mini lutli c-' I.'OR SALE-On r.ipitoi 11,11. ... .. ; ! ld and Mfor*- Ir u. cold and hot wafer, an.l water-. I ~. t.; Invited i.\ 1 ^ hi'tl" r". 5I,'pl,1" heatinir ran ire. Ii i? ?..;trh . 1.1'li.T" i?h ord-r, in a ver> I-aHliv and airr.-able ii-.itflil.orhofd. and will lie s-.ld ver\ low .in>-t-y *owutr a ?/<?R S.\LE^SM ALL EARM-A fonTT^TT I northeast from this < it, . containing 22 ?, r a, ?! lit < lie-fourth in heavy timber. TI..- impr ?e iii.'fit^ consist of a Double Erame H -u--. iii g., ?| oT'l? r, jaiiIi all r|?t* tM'ceaftftrv ouilmiMinflrr*, iiirhnlnti' an i,b. us. . full ofI'lentv of g.n.d p.'t" wiVer ?. ral hundred fruit trees of trie I, -t cri.-t, \V III ? on terms, and ri\\ pr ?p rtv tak .. n part ? v, har- . Vr*c> ;mm! t.n?- n.irl?kno\u .I "10 aK,,1A"I)" mohum * o? u |?^ P -unaylvarii.1 avenue. 81 ? ?' i - .7 . 1 I : * V* h oh ? arnllna av.-n,,.-. 1, i.' .'i.'ir. ,o n-"'J. r, ar- lor saloon put p.,s... 1 1'iih on pn'pHMn after 4 p in. l/t'R s \ I K? X -man F \ KM - f ?, wren,7iT,nr7d ? oil the 71 h -tree, roa.i l,. Montgomery .? 11,11:1 . I I.. 4 III!|e.1 tioMi the In-iri.-t lit-; ? ol s^il , I I' wei'. ^ 11 "KAKDES.So. 1?I3 Ah-T. '-t I' I nil:* fit' 1" ' i'r O K1' K~A-j i"-?k,ij' thre- siorj PKKSS * I'MCK. No. 717 Ii *?tr?M t iiorfhv\fxt c uitHii, ln? t ;vo,?s. ,,,Ut Urtb , ,,..r /j-.j:'";;;, '?o I rii .W:i ir" V" ^ 'l,r""L?i 'It in fliebe-t mail ?eated I . fuiimr?? ami I.vr |...: |, ,t >l|%. to " . "vi fit *Ul * MIlMiLETON - 6|? UthitrM. K'OK RENT El RSI SHED ROOMS a I I arb.r furtnslied aa a B -dr.H>m, two i>| aid H'"1 ?f,.,,,t.. ? Ktxoii.l at. rv. in an - I> heat's! Dwelling,,,, | stieet, ?<??, 9th: will A' A"jr' "v".1 'ernis to ?. nil-men tu.l> ...mTf ' B publican-lli.e. _'J_ J I1 I I 1.MiR SALE OKKXr^HAMOE-Thr^ ..f the inert s.ii "'l"t . Sf-ri<lixii llill, containing 2. -1111 a re teet on the liigheat ground ail ,,-vt to pi. perti baiMlaoiuely improved. Pri.e \erv low ami terms most eas\:arare cliaucs for a gooil in* vt slu. nf ,.r a l-aut,fu' home. * 1 fc- 1I VRBEU a CO.. ill 7tl. .tre t, P1 '' Opposite P i.t-oDi,,. K10 Hide two-story BRl"CK . ,"''v. "u,Ml,iit1>f 6 tootns and i-IImi. With lioi.t and ha. k 1 ar.U, ^th street M |Vu-? 1' 8UW.?n tlw folinwliif eauy term** n Vr V31'1 i"m4' S al,d 12 u,,"|th-*, and tlie 1. ,|a"i 1 n ? pars, nionthlj pavne nts. Cn!l early and s.-, ?rt. ti'i- l-aiga1". A. L. BARBER A CO , 411 7tb ?t . Opp- -?t?- p.w?t Itffi, e. 1' IO ir si"|V,H X ' ^A fiu? Pr*'*-hri?-k front * Udt . fc, w ith stone tr iiiiiiiinir-', Couraining |o looms and bath-room, hot and c Id wat.-r,. ookm ? range*, Latrob.-s. ga- and gas fl*tnr.?. marld- man t' s etc.. Hit Mat.s| uii 11th. Im-i ween O and I' -tl"" IS KiTthwVii1 kV 25 ^', A,l |v ,rt Rlt'U VIID 1,111 H? fcliL. Ro. U4 9th street in.r Ilea t Tl. b use may be seen by calling at the G?o.--ri stor <- rner of O an.l ISth streets northwest. mli-lin* I/tilt SALE OR RENT?A large tlir.-. story BRICK. Htfl sE, with back buildiug;good cel lar and large yard, with a desirable Grocery Store attached. Apply at No. 301 Uth st. south inl- 6;" I>OR 8ALEORREMT-A new two-story BR ICK HOLSE, six rooms; situated on 3d street, near Fayette. R.nt #28 p-r month. Intuireof J. T. COLLlMS. No.VS B'-all afreet. n.l? Iw l/OR RENT?On the 1st of April, U<?USE No. 1 til.'i Louisiana nvenue, opposite the S<>aton House. In perfect; with all nislern iai prove it .-tits. R- iit $00 per month 111 advance. Apply < 1, the pr-w ises. nils 2w F'OR RENT?He*lto,conitort and ti?ppines|i?new BRICK (three stories and basement ? HOl'SE, ni'slern plan-; a gen?; brick ataWe in thnrear. In quire of GEO. W. BL RNS, t!04 9lh street north w-st. nils tit* 1 t?R RENT?A tlwee-atory BRICK HOI SE. N~. r l?-j'j k street northwest; 7 rooms. b--:d"s batli r.s'iu. uaniry, cellar and kitchen, with large yard; g 1- and water in house. Eor further particulars i.? guire on premises. 111 IS tit* |^OR~S?Nf^ Fer the spring and summer uioi'iEs, M fii.Hiisb.-d and unfurnished ROOMS; large and nlessaut; baation dekglitful; h<>t and cold ?<a.-r. Retit Deslerate; No. 9U1 Wth street, betw.^-o I and K northwest. nvHAi* L^OR SALE?Tmu*i\ room FRAME HO^SEsTili n 2itli street, twtr M uorthw.-,t; onljr ..^e ?iaare fr. m streetcars^hit* 17>?\97, slate mantloa, ga- and ?:.ter; fiout p*?rih and terraces; strn-t imt..i m.i iignted. Pric* oul> A3.UW. Terms verv ea?v. A. L BARBER A CO., nils <t 311 7th street, opposite p1M?t <*R1cn. l/OR BEST?Desirable OFFICE ROOMS, ^ 1 D<it>k Ro..m in building Mo. Sid 9th afreet. Ap ply ta AG HALEY, B ard of Trade Bnotun. iT-m l?OR RENT-ROOMS, with board, at l6l6M <aa A nchtuetu avenue, corner llth at reel. mU lut" FOR RENT AND SALE. |^(iR BK*T?Two l??nra nic ROOMS ov. r M l" Ut" Jr?? ????.??. ??^M rwrhMU V1"*- rltln l^OB *ALK-At a bargain \ r.^.f t*! l 1 r ui ?<>( >K. praa- -1 brirk fi*..,t, ? :n, nixl. ro i*?t; U/T. v a**> ??"- w 1 Inn Wr-^-t. al-.'Ty M Inl5 |n? li^OH REKT-A rol K ROOM iTkTTk ~H<M ? on* bait ?.j<iar*frnwi ?>.. 14th ?tr t ,r? r?i t ?M fr MClitk, itajuire 6^4 La. ?t. , fr.JP*** VifPJ!: Kit III l^OK fU.K~ViF:i| nxtllr liiMM I K \ MIC * ICTTAttlC, |t?? roi??, bin * <im] ? \ i.i nt ,veo.. prjct. jt.w-fj.i ,??(,. . m.>bth!r mtiim nr>. MALKEKa M K\K. __ ^ Br 1 rvi ii I.Sili _TTU Tr**?urv. '""r _pr- ?. -.1 |?n. k f nt , """ ?KS on U. rrb ?1d? ..f p. nn?rtvatna a*. . ?. , *? ?' H SMb *?i?.'t?. , rtb?eat. I. ? ! m Jj'r,r" **tje, r wUintiif t ma rr": ** ?>" ?'"? fclj .il inc. wr.l be ? l.| "-praMy on e-tVr. T t It - pura ~o [ <1 MtBH tip w t?M?. 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"lj,mt,kt tl' 1 r ^ i.1. '"**1"* ii a: 4 < n 1 ?tr? i. I n an<l .<h Kirwii. iut4 .tr* JV^T-0" >n ?1 * - - ii ? ^1111,-tr.^i.A Bl K< liul KKVs. ii ?? tr six hi uriiil.r, i.rrii,^ ... - - -gjft rr it fli'Di a d .*?< ..|Ur k. . 14 iW t^v/lb-hnd-r?il] I- M,iuV,i, r,?.,ra^.ll? . .V? *' War <>r U?nt-rai ??, .. , < _ LU'J hii:am bi.Ll S")() KKWA?p.?On Um Mb r bi v -i?V ?"* ln ?,r* t^hl. nuuiV B..arJi.,? || lt. . ? .<.>4 IVnn-rli *tv? a\^m?^, . .?rn r ? , ,?r ? I ? ' T1' *?v'V',,{' " '?'?>? ?n.. lr- -? ,|. T.nt>h." I?,..eht pair W It.f. Bl?nke:?. t? K . t. ' * " ***** r B lat- r-. t -ur I' mln-r |? !l.?. Ji III ?*?"?. "ii<- I p.t<Ti*r, ctM-l n Ui > ?'tmial BiLI< ,riM<-4 rlaan. a?.l, Bla ^ > ? rt. Bia. k; Al^a. a 0?.-r?Lirt a?-i T. . J. |, \\i.trb<r. t.iii.v Wrapper; al?o, |.t ', ,t j.- ,,, I i-IflT" at, . ii. Tw.'UM-tit'f d .lUri mii l jjn'r f .r an? ir.1 rmati'.n Um? |. , |? to (I, . ?( v M tl... ?;snit . ai,d on o>i.ririi >ti .f i!,<> tlilmtx. na at. itiotml. p.impi ? ??f tlir . 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LEON, ~ COM S V L TIM (J P.1 YSIC1AN, Tbe ul^wt *?tab!i,|i?<l Spuciaitrt in tbr tU?. Ko. ^1 I 1Kb ati??4, nb.??e H. Houra: U to 4 ai 4 7 to 9, daily. ^ ?nd Ouiwiaovt ?" iif-b f .. . r ? D-acrltH. caaeai. i ^iicl -..- ,d THoi'^'sr^ if !S?*- A< Mn>. Or i( ' no. 640 Mortb iAb atrwi, Phii^jei ? ? ?? jaulT If' |\|C*EY BETUC.Eb IA w ? . . m s?*hAV. VLlXth ? . I . u BLJA/n F A I L8 T(i Ct Mi CI1IIIN iVivVH"'"'6'1 ii{?t^au.nh4cf GEOKGE b W c"rEfr li'-w I ork irniu. au>: |gu Pt , i^-iucr n.'< lotk ???< ?i i.t.t:m.,uial> cju. U?ae?-u. IU.14 It' personal. **t?e. k^'K" wb'>or4?4-?<l a full net C. Who'll".! .a.rfj . , u.^J u. .. johkX Tackir M<. KU"' ll''H,rr I'lablut: ???*?* j?i4re.-i.beiaw-uiHl???.|rtb. It *~a ht11.* "fab >nt eight^i ''?*?? liair.fuir e *?n|o*if.n. *in i ^ ?f 'jv^'V aua annaliU di^p . ?r . Vtl'il^ WoaUbe wb?41> adopts. ! h, w j ?*>????*? .lb. r. G ?>1 .-da iili ?'fi a ,d *'"? baPPV Christian boci-. \p. 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A "Mfci.S AM' ItMXtHATlii.SS AVtMkUe l i at.Tra, ciljr n'.J C"'i .irj r*-... -i?wlai H-.. , .; t.- IV. ratir.? Hi N f r H .lie au4 I H-,;^..t t Laos. Mid HAui/H < <>itiui L't aaif or rmr.t.j' JOliM C BOOAR. Mamifart*'ri?rl . , II J Market Span, *-tr B. t*-. n 7t|i ami git, -mila ^ vt >?>???, fUM, H O WELASK, 64 ?"! L<>nlai*ua anui,<. ?hk* d.. r i wG 7th airnat AWWIMUd fu* St'fwi.Cltl aiidC'< uutr ^aidmrna in ?... ?i..i t.i,..h. f LAOS* ?ri>1 TKS ri' f? t aale ai.d rt at UBOOKATBD. A<l' tii> H*.* *n T: ii^it* (o I'ANriMi CLOTHS. ?m u fc. riKTOR, J CARFLZTkZ, LllLVkh. CONTBACTOE ("O-nlH U vi* CarrontvrlM, j bbln?, wUo ttr. uir a W "Ik ?Pc*-Uii> iit uwj to fr'i"|? and UK>. jhi.ZI U ISth rtr>*>4. b^l m f ?? oortl BUV1> M frVITHi 0 h H IMSATT AKlau^f ta, V*. Haaiiiu?tuu,D. . WITH * tA I MSATT, LUML'SH. LVMBEtL CA&IiWUOlK* a bTEClALTT. BILLS ULT TO OUbEK jai4 4ir* Gokxxs Tm AWt I ttr,mrriiww. \li-l A M> M: \ I ^ -A- m ri< ?e tl? 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