Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1873 Page 4
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EVF.NTNG ST ATI. .. Wmmit. LOCAL NEWS ? '? Airnvinmlo. Ar., To-alK1*' Wc fyni ^ Fngli?b "i^ra?" liUil I', hamii !nivnr." T' -aVr C**n'<rM A rarietr entt rt.t'tinr n? of 4i?n..t, wt^,, Jt?*. ? ? 4 4-iaIw. js^^cofvl VI. rV ol !?-!?? '?'*. Ulster Biardinj. K-r. I'r. I many* lecture ?t Providence Chapel >.?.? b?eii po-ti>oiicd till tu-Diurrii* liirkt. >r? ml. 4 L?rl?? H. >\ right, a well-known letter car ri. r ?!>??' situTil'''. eyen'Ttg. of consumption, at lii? re- irmr, No. 'j|j titii>tnrt Mirtiiwt>t, in .fth rear. The lat.iee of the Hebrew iwrrecatinn in th:a city. yrVerillj, )irr*iitcil l? theit |>?>tor. KfT. I Mm, a valuable gold watch ami rk?:t'. Mr ^tinon Wolf at the re?jue.*t of tlie 1st lien, made the presentation ?i>r*ch, xixl an api'MiTiilt reii|>oii?e *>? made l?v tlie pa*?or. At the meeting of Hollow av 4'omtnandery, on SaturdaT night, :tt OHriiil ball, the following were elected military t;lti< rn> of the Comnanii ?t|: ?!. Benedict, major; T. Cobura, adjutant; ?I. ? enter, captain; K. Kinb*1!.Ii>rlirnti'nant; II. Itrandenbttrg. necoixl lieutenant; A. Cvaie, ?.ilt rlv w wavt A kind .'I'm] taint rca' h* *Tiie star in regard to the treatment 'he pretty ;riaugubtr Hj).4.-e. corner ."??"? > Dtrcrt and Na^wluiM;'!* areau*1. h receiv iii|? at the hard* ??l the bad boy.*- The fence* have been ilrrtroyrnl, the tree* broken down, tie lawnn devanttd. ar 1 the clioi~e nbr:t?'- bereb'ore planted there by the Sui? r ?iit; :??!? nt ol' Public tJrouml> have been pulled np ?>> the rmb; and the boy* have ww t*li''ii full I** ?*'??ion of the npaee fur bane hall pur I*.-. -. The citizens in ibat neTghlmrhood *tr tlut the niirufllnl equanimity with which the l? .t-i fin i thereabout* *urrey the work of de ntrmt ,.n without raining a hand to present it i* rather tryinit: especially an the <lev.w?t.*tioii is made upon the (OTtrumrnl properly they are paid by goviii.u.i nt to protect. The Hj?lr<VlMlMiii Trayeily in Brook lyn. itr.riht or Mi:*, fatixv hyiik is this* city. It will '.e recollected that in January. 1*7-', a nan i.anted \V*t?on wan ?hot in the c?ty of HtdokKii. N. V., by a young marrid woman who had bi en in lii* tmplovnient for several year*. I he history of the case, a* relar-d by the pap?r* at that time, in, briefly, that Mr*. Fanny Hxde. aged eighteen or nineteen year*, living en >1 yrtle arenae, idiot and kilb-d Ueo. W. 'VVatMm at hi* liiur-dre*s'.iig entablud'>m**nt; tl at -tie gave liernel up to the police: th it Wat n,>n or? upled one Hoot of the iour-*tory .actory ?.n Itc corner ol iwath 11th and Int street*, where h* manufactured niik netnfor ladu-t*' ln-adiri* e?: 'list Kant t ha ' been in his employment for never d y -ar*. during which time tiny had been * intimate, and *lie allege- that Watnon effected her ruin: that be afterward* made her tre-iuent an-1 taunted her with act*of which be had t aimed her to commit, that thin treat ment was continued alter her marriage to an rtlv r m ?u, nwl she re*ol?ed t?i stop it; tha* the ti?* tiad WdIm?ii to d< -i?t, or niie Mould tell h- r kwl aml; that for a tune hm behavior was r? ?fr?t'i:|, but lie afterward)* renewed bin ili nult!>. an*i threatened to di-a'li.irge her if *h?' did not i*t>m|'ly with an iniamou.* |>ro|o-al ?h i I he ?na<lc; that |Variti? him. ?>ie 1-rociir- 1 .i pistol, with which abe pru|?is?<| to {ifntu t b* r>* If; that the *|uarrel was r<?-!ina>'d ? v Watson. ai.*l >Ik b< Kited Ltm to denist, to winch he |?:<ve no belli, aii*i nhe drew tlie pisf ?1 ?nl ?h*'? hitti in tli * hallwav ou'-ide the nfcop door: thnt Mi-, llyde'rt fattier. Who was ?!m> an employe ol Watson. wai> the licM one to ^ ve t'.> i.laini. that she frankly ow ne*l up trr the -i . ot'.nt:. ???*? stated that ait hough die ril nvt intend to kill \Vat?m, she Irvl good eat -e to *lo -o. The fall had severed tiie i<i?r a) tr v? in. .ii,. V. alson do d i.isUiutly. H**r Sna- tor biim< er aii- rw .i'l- t<->k piit , and attracted r ? I le attention ir. i the jn'Cuiinr c r roi :-**a>i *!irrouixl'ng the cas<-, i,ut the ju-v w< re m aide toajreeai i were ?lixeharg it. tcti b i'lg t *f a-'<4H tlai ai' ? *. t,n lu l.isia.i^lit'T. Tl:< ? ib-c >i ?! i<? vlii!it the prison i t-> l?..ii ii. tii - Mi in oi wli.cb w i* jj.ven, a "l >!.e t once I- it her !i? m* .?i*il li .s - i> . i ntaviiig witii fn.n.U u tlii.s c?t,, as lierctolTe stated in I'hl Stak. 11,-r ?*?.? u s ri'i-i;Tit!v r.t. ?'i in Nt \> \ otk for a nevoid, but t ?Le i*l i *'t ap|? ??. after the c w had l?i u on.'? tat-lpoM-d. li*-r 1 urdMiii it in Brooklyn re. m-fite?l I. r r *.wli 1 w t- nude y.'-t>ri!ay by 1" te, i!\t- >? i. at her r - i lice I -tre t. M'vt nil.- is | .>w heel tor a re*{uie.U4Mi troiu lav j"V *i?.ci oi Niw t ? tk ? Tt bcijp 1'iiinii ISall T??-jii>i:*i?w Nixi' r.?1committer to lite virions -ttate !??->?? it ion-having in ? uarg*- t'.ie grand uatio'tal nrii.- ball to tak* place t. -luormw night at th" teau^nrHtMiu ball btiibiiuy!, beul a meeting on Satntihv. aid Mi *-rs. I.. Harrison, .1 ? >. I*. Bur):-de. W. II ll trtl- v. aiel S. I*. William* w>-ie ad*le*l to tiie g< I.* ral committee. Mr. Ka /l.n. from the committee on printing, s*.il'-d tlutt tte )>:,>griiaime waa eomi>lct-.d.ainl t i it lln r-- w. ulti l-eintroilu e,| tirewelecti??n*ofni i*ic bv th ? Marine baml, followed by a*lri!l by t!ie 4 < *i ? ran /uuave* ol thirty uiminc-. ami tb-u tt.e lancing. 1 li<- chair rej??rtnl tbi'lie bid ?:? ; ri 'I by mail amlotherwiiMroiupiiiii ;tit ify tieVcT- to eijhtv m-'inlx r* of tlie pro*, an-i a'-o toll.* Fr?--'d nt in tiie L' nited Sr.?' s, t!i ? \ Hi' Pri - :cht aixl the Cabinet, Th ? pre-aletir '>v a i? t? aeei pt?, the luvitation. Tin- contriet li r furni.-liinj the -uu;>er on the Kur>i|?uii plan was awarded to Mr. K. Frvaml. I he ei.ti rtaiiitu-nt by the combine*! a-i-i ,? it. *,iis promif i* to be a very br:ll. tut nltair riv ailing ineoni|detene*?of appointtm-nr, larg. 'i'-->-. and *elci tiiess of attemlance. anv thiii); oi ttie kind ever ntw-iupted in tnis city. The i fin unite* * hi elntrgc are i?B|?r?'>l ol" geii tb i' ci' ?I large esperienee. wIto have worked with ?iithiislai'm and energy to have all arran^e men - lor the eomlort of the git. ?t- complete t<? tic niinutcM detail. Thev have hail the root of th*- building repaired, 1'ie floor put m order, ai d -t t urid cariiage* at re lueed rate* from Naiior'* for tbonc who tlenire tliciu. 'I iie e\er eh-.s will begin at s; ,o p. m. ? F' mtai *.?'1 be 11!n ra) ol Mr- liose li iker. the late wifeol tieii. .1. II. Baker,<*ommis*ioner ?>t I ? I'sii.ii-. t-ok pl.u.'e tn>m the redden-*-' *?l the lami)v. on II street, on Sa'urdav. K-*v. I'r. fl:ii :.rd. ot the Cainreh oi the Incantation, of tie ?t:rg. '1' e : tier il of the late . Klliot. a w e'l hnt>wfi i.t tii I'apitol 11 iil. t??ok pl.t*'** from lir. 4 1 ester'it <M-tro|iolitati Freobvterianl church on Satardav aftem-.sni. aii i tlie s.-i were ci i ilncteil bv Hie p.istor and Itev. I>r. Car: i r. oi Kaitine re 'I'iie tniK-ral teriiich i>: t"i, late Mrs. Michael K. Ci.iul * were beld y*>tenl? ? morning at *?t. Fatrick'* church. H"*iuieiu ma.?s was bratril by Kc*. J- A. W .Iter: after which the remain.- were taken to Mount Olivet cem**t ry for inUriiMriit. The tnigral service*4?f-lohnSchlegel.a w il kl ow it bit *-r dealer, took p'a/e ve.sterdav af ternoon atthe l.ntberan church, corner !t'i :ind F *tre* t*. The liO*l v wa.* aft* rwitfilailiU IT' 1 in Fr* *|?eet Hill cemeiery. Tin. ol?s? 'iiir sot tl?* late .lohn W L>uval: * ik place a* Fletcher chapel y?t* rday after me?n. iter. l?r. I.anahan conducted the i-in> ral -*'r *i,-i - at the church after which, the rem tin* were*1 to 4?lenwo*al ceme'erv by 4'*'11.ii;bia 1 .ttlg** of iitltl Fellow* and Pi.ot'-er Cot,i c.l of Jonadab*. ? The l'?*r Ftuklucx ?Mr. Franklin Ul<-ei has a cartl iii th*- ''n/ t' fl y?-*terday in reference to the lo.-il art'de in Sat"ir*lav'* St tis de Kribmf ?? a rot he* test fire alarm.'' wliii*!i p tr s**;r;ti'h. Mr. Kite* think*, give* the I an pre-? on tl. ii the ?? expen-ive and dangero is am .st; ?ent" ??- gutt< n up by the i;;?V oflice. It w?? rot so intended, and the caption, ?? Aaotht r t>'*t lir* alarm.** and the opening iientenee. which set- i -rtt: that tnere w ?? a rennuip'bm** i-t'tlie aiini-eiiiei t ol ti-?t ?!.Hb.s, (mM not warrant the inference that i; w o* th,* parties who own .1 ti i- new box that turned on the alarm. Mr. Blv'-a -avjt mat ?* tir.- cu n irtii?-ioni'r* ' rime to t.sotice to try tbe new alarm ln>*. when one ol tLeui p'ii|Kjr^ ?l to ca!l o4it thi* tire ilepart raeat. and lie Mi. Km-*) udrbol agun-t it He ??'?!*:??? It appi-ared lo me that the il'fid ijiial.ti- - <?f rl?e bov had lieen Miitioent ? t -?? xl without calling oat tbedepartuieiit at tlia* t rue of ti e .light. iiKuniM neeillea* c\|ens and eiidan^eru g life and limb.*' 4'->rrcct, except in one y trticu'ar. Mr. Klre? ?v* th- lire roniniisniinieiii"' came to hi? ofllet*. To h ire been rtnctlv accurate, he rhould have wri?'?ti ?? M'lae of the tore com in aawnerit." ? Titr Hi hes*ti > > W i tMi t w*Kt Cut* put. 4 >r. Saturday evening next. ltiil>ei!?!t-iii. the grtatest iiring piaamf, and Wieuiaw-ki. the" eel* bratetl yloTiniet. will give a jr -ml eon -ert at Lincoln Hall. M ile IaiULne Leibhart. who ma*ie a favocable iwpri-nMM here in the lt*t KuKenntein dMttrU. wid again ap|>ear. ami Mob*. Kembteiiikoki, the well-known ac? >mpa limt. will at the p.ano. The tran*>*iip tM>n? of '.Lszt bv Kubeb*?ei'i au*l Wieniawki's ?? Faui*t Fanta?u*?,** are among the gem* of the pr? gtaie.nie. Tbc ?? e ?f Mata coiata:a ?* on V? i *lne**!ay. ? Th* Oqtn ? ?>* I'atoTt ia thin titr on Saturday high! etc U?t tlae .?UoWiNg tAfeni for the ti?niag ?r: Amo* M^lforuT prt*td-*at; 1 t>. ;s \ . 51 itrbWl. t 'ce |>rertde?t: l>. K. Ia?ck ?t .dier. Mrcrru,rjr: John S. Maauiiig. treasurer; h-'-F Mailtr Siranrial necrr4arr. Capt4ln > bi ie| ?? ltlack:t?r*l was ctio*eti ?f?d*-g.tte lvtlic ? j ? bhean c'.iix.'?i?iou. and <"ai?t*:n M. I*. Monti* ?? alurnate. Tlmma* 4"orwin Tavtor w * re i wiuendid an ? m-'in Vr of the eucotitc c* r t. Ittet at ( nltuiib'h *>hio. Am thkr J nr ix Aluaidu u- Fire b - ke out in the -h^c nhop of Bit Car'er, re.oied. eo?u?r ?f Franklin ami ColmaU'in re eh*. Ate\)?ndvla?about >? o 'clock last eota ii?lf ,*ml the 4Dnal t? thegro-i-rr ?torc ?? -t; p i - Ftrra-fr. a lj ?; m"g. an I fr?i? th.-n<-e to the nt able iatii* r .? * Tbe firemen w irked !?..-?! bi t were iin.i '? in Mtv-> til *, j th- bm'd.i; ?- i'? st .iile* m -nt n .1 w fe ? ?tro-.e*! "I f-' is * ?) I th Js tve ?: - ii lit wiik 11 a.i lt-cen-iiarjr. THE a:MVXIV.W CF ROGERSKKTHE PEODLER 1 ?.M H KH. Ill 4KK tr?W\? I) ON Til K < i: tK4.i: Of Ml KI>?.K. Kim v;i?lt? ul tin* Prtootior. I li? I rial Nrl lor April ill. Tim Wright. t*if alleged mnnteriT of th^ I. !:-ti peddler, S;iiiiik1 Rogevsk: in l>eeen?H*r !*?t, w*> brought into the Criminal Court thin m? mine to lit arraigned Tin.- iMt Wing Ken t-rally known that the arraignment would l?e bait lu-iiiiT. tlit ruurt-haoM ?w> crowd"d Willi "(?frlAturn long before the hour lor opening, (11 o'l 'i'Ck. i ti e majority of those pn sent klii{ colored people. On 4th street ft* far as the ; entrance nt the jail there was % large number : i.t persons collected. curious to see the now rntnrlMn Tom Wright. llailiA's Pay ton and M?yn wfnt to jail lor hint with the's I release, and Deputy Kuss, with some ot the j guards. ?i'iit into his cell ami took the leg irons i oft', first placing A STKOKii PAIR 'IF HAJD-i I FFS 1 on his w ripts. but lie laughed lit tlii!K' ami rp marked that thev ilid not amount to much. ? ?n | being shown into the ofllce of the prison, he wis met hv Lieut. Keily, Sergeant Johnson, and i three privates of tin- jidice force, and the pris j oik i being placed between the two tirst named I walked to the court-house. (ince ill tin' street. I he seenetl mmewhat surprised at the number oi people about tht in. and remarked that they were a pretty hard-looking set of ,(uaing a not very complimentary or polite phrase.) He s> eme?! somewhat pleased at tlie attention he w?!? attracting, and with a swaggering air took his cigar from his mouth, remarking, ??oil! I'M TOM W RIGHT Al.L OVKII." Wile bis irons were being taken ott' he re marked. '? I wi-h I was grnng to my tri^.1." I 'ii entering the court-room he was met by his n unst-1. Mes-rs. Henkle and Ingersoll. and *a? In Veil to the witness' room, where they had a consultation with him. Subsequently " be na< al ow it to the prisoners'dock, where he took a st at ami engaged in conversation witli tlnwe who gathered around. To Mr. X. II. Miller lie said: ??They tell tne you *HA!> A I.ITTT.E ROOD the other day. and that the little ligl t weight came rear getting away with you." Miller did not reply, and Wright continued "I never allowed a man to whip me with his fist" Mr. Harrington said to him "Tom. vou have a great many trb-nds hire'.' Wright?''Ye-, von are one lo break my neck I reckon; but Mr. Henkle says not." The court w as opened at a few minutes past II o'clock, and the surging of the ma** of humanity gathered in the room having ceased the court proceeded to business. The prisoner having had his irons removed was directed to stand,and the clerk (Mr. Middleton) rend the indictment, and at the close in answer to the < I nest ion: Are yon fit UTT OR HOT oril.TY? j Wrijrht answered "not guilty." am! to the ? question - How will yon l?e tried?" he answcri d ] "IU Ctsl and my coimtrv;" the clerk resptwd | ing. ??Maytlt-d grant you a safe deliverance." Mr. Harrington stated that with the consent ot tin- court they would set the case for trial ou Wednesday- week, April Jd. "J Ids seenn-d satisfactory, and tli.* Court. .Imige M sic Arthur, directed the case to bt. s-t for that day. 'I he iron- were then put on the wrifts of the prison ?-. ami lie was escorted hack to jail, fol lowed by a large crowd. I O'P.rikVs Commi Tation I'apkus The w arrant ? ommtiting the sentence in the case of I h?rlt ? H. ' ?"Itrien had .not been receive-1 it I the jftil at two o'clock this afternoon. ' It is in tlx following words: V ben as. on the 2f?th of November. 1*7.1, in j tin- Supri nie Court of the I>istri? t ot Columbia, 1 out < hailt-s II. O'Brien was convicted of mur der and sentenced to suiter death by hanging; ami whereas ft very large numb. r of tht fiti i 7.i ns ot tlie District of Coluatbia petitioned for | the commutation of his sentence to imprison i ? :it t< r lis; and whereas it is alleged I the act ot killing wa.- committed in a Midden , p.i.-Mon. mtd not with premeditation; and w bcrcas onwbts seem to exist on that .-ubje.-i; row. tv?>refori . l<e it known that I, l". S. Gra i:r, Pre- '(t-Tt ot the l liitid States. do lier-'liv CO ;i ir ute the st ntcnee of said Charles 11.4 >'Bri?-n to j impriwi n-eiit at hard lalmr in the pt nitenti iry at A lhanx . New Vol k, lor the U rni of his lia* ,i I ral life, aid direct the execution accordingly.' ? A I. A U: CtLR liUKWKRY SEtZKn The I. gi r brer brewery t.f Mr. Herman Ki'*liter, | ltchtid at the corner of 11th and K str-et, ; st-iithi ast, ha-been seized bv special agent ?I. .1 l.riioi.of Philadelphia, through tae orders ? i Mr. Walter T. Jiurr, intirnal level.tie a?- -? : sor ?f this l?istrict. I'm alh ged violatim of the ! revenue !i#? iegulat:ng monthly r ?turn-' uid ' stau<ps ou firmenti d li jiiois. Mr. Kit I'ergave ft 10.i oo for a| i-earaiice to aiiswc-r before the | Criminal Court. Skai.l Pox The following i< Mie record of .-n.ail-j ?i\ can .- >ino our report ofSa'nril f. :? ??iie . ai h ^t I.VJ New Vork' a\ enue. rai- M -tr-'et s< ..tliwist, i ji North Capitol street; corner ot Mtli ui d M scntheai-t: to-1ween .^?Ii an ! ?tli iid I. a la! 11 southeast: corner Wh'> r and Ma'ket ?tn-. ts. Co orgetowu: No. "1 Virgin'a avt-> re siintf-?t ..t- No. 71l* "tl; ?*reet Muthwest. I lie ?itati ??: Mehin White, Xo.211 r streef -o i h wi-t, is aI.-o recorded t<i-ilav. ? THK I. .TLsT EOROKTi'WN 11l>>tt> ? f>E. ? TiV thu Messrs. i. F. Miller ami K. A. Willi ?> |m titiomil for a writ of halieas corpus to the warden of the jail, directing liini to pro>: . ?? 1?e!c?re .ladge MacArthnr on Wednesday tlie of Al.iain Boweiis. committed to jai! on M'-i day lT>t by the coroner tor the alleged in r der of lii-nnis Hawkins in <i*-orge"ow n. I>y striking him on the hea.l with a -tone. ? tlir I'KNT FOR A* AsSAt'I-T A!?I? liATtl'RV. To-i:;:y. in the I ire lit 4.'oiirt, .Indge I'artvr, the nrv in th" case of lJi'tterbeld agt..l..I. Prij.!i? action lor an a-sanlt and l>attci v? toumla verdict for plaintiff?one cent daiua^ IFrrin ts or the l'.Ai:Tiii.?r akr. ?T ie earth quake in November la-t caused an upheaval ot tl eaith, which was accldently discovered u j few tla\s sirce. Since that time the Portland g.i- light company have uotie<-d *hat the amonnt I which left tin- gasometer. The only w*v of solv ing the question w a- to find out if a leak ex isted in any of the street mains. Different j?or I tions of the city were visited, hnt no leak d: ! coveretl until la.-t Tuesday, when one was fn mil ; lit ar the corner of A and First streets. The 1 main on that street, for it? entire length from i F.i-l to '1 hiiti street-, some 1!00 feet, had l> en rais, d as d formed a bow , the lead on every -ec tioh lM-ing started, neceti.-itating new caulking aud soltli in z- No reason for the curious nha>** of the | ip? can l?e assigned, except that dm nig the t-artlo|iiake ihe pipe was thrown out of place by one of the throes of the earth.?I'urt j 'tirtJ ((/rcp' H) /A Ffh. 2%. : Ki'masi k in Nrw aek Among those arrc-t td hi Niwark on iliarge of living disorderly ! js rsoi.s w as a voung wcioan. who told the jns , tice that she was ihe daughter of Col. .loiin j Hutchinson (iaroa of Itelfast, Ireland, late J colonel of tlie Ih British Infantry, l>at . in w on the retired list. Some time ago she ; marrbd William F. IItill. a hank ea-hier in i H* Ifast. The aMiance was against the wishes of hi r parents, and an estrangement followed. ! Iltr hu-1 and soon took to drink, and having j sqnanderi-d all, iourneyeil to America. Mrs. I Hull was coni|>cilett to' place her children on Ward'- Island, for her husband deserted her s-on after arriving here. She wand-ret I about seeking employment, ar.d tinailv was hired tt i play the piano ln a Newark ?a!oon.*where she was arrestid. She savs she did not know tlie cliaractt r of the place 1". <r. Amfrt \s Criminals Akkoaw There are at prcseiii eofttined in the various prison.- and |M uitci tiarit-s of France, according to the offi cial Aimmtire - ViO'iu Central** de Trine*, ten nati-vest of he I nited States: among them ?he follow ing: -lolin P. Smith, of Wasiim^ton, liisf.irt of Columbia, one month: releasml on I ail landing at peal; age, 31 years; nineteen days to serve: quite a voung man; has plert v of nit'iii y. I'errv Walker, swiudler. from Indian ?|m>1*m>. IimI. Savs he was an American Con grts^ian in liHs. Convicted of selling ssurious cert locates of Mormon loan ami general <mo-v> i.wrie. In for three vears; condnet in prison good: refuses to attemi divine service; no mo ney: fe* hie health: age. 91 years; making wisp brooms. TmkKkdot a Luvi Tiuumr?Tbekodytl j Ida Spencer, aged 14, who was murdered hi ' Syracuse ou the I7tli inst., was brought to this city yesterday for interment In Cypress Hills cemetery by the side of her mother. Coroner Herman granted a permit for the interment of tlie remains. Miss Spencer was murdered bv Albert Keeler. who struck her on the head with a bar of iron. Keeler who was only 17 years old was iu love with Ida, but hi* love was not returned. After the murder Keeler attempted to escape bv jumping on a passing freight trail, in doing which he fell backward and fractured his i-cnll on a rail. He was found the next morn ing dead en the track?A'. T. Sun, 'iid. WBergfc is wanted in Minnesota. The wolves are starving and the hard-hearted farm ers wont allow themselves to bo eaten. g^ -'Her little bed is empty!"?sequel to"Put ?ie iu my little bed"?Is the very latest popular semi mental song iu Fug! and. VI he F re n?ti and tier man governments have exchanged ratifications of the treaty for theevacuatiou oi France. V Forty -live hundred dollars has been muted for the witlow of the poor man Phyler, who was brntallv murdered ia New York, by the bill )sist#r Xixoti. some time age. g^-The cause of the tire at the Erie depot in Jer^ev City, las* week, was the explosion of a loeomotive under one of the sheds. Frank Howard, the engineer, was killed. tar\ committee has been appointed by the cri ditorsof the bankrupt Stuyveaant bank U New York. to employ couns-1 to figfat to rcMlvor in the courts. ?^"In Illinois a headless man is making hitn seli obnoxHMi* bv clia?ing people ovr the prairies. Fv ?w1 by 'i wi'l grow monotonous, and thej will "xuit a hea l on him." Tilt: coi nrs. ? ttlMlPAL ? ??l FT, 'u'ir' ?Thi* n rru; e. T -m Wr'sht. muni t, ji?i 1--I nit f"'. ;rj*l April ? T a> lur Fi "V. l.u: gUr>. g i:l t*i 'yBtfUt *-d i<? .ears in .Iif (K'Mi'fntiiry. ? ill Jam Buljr-r. lie- pi 15 b*r >p n >n >pr ilnjr. 1? f- see1 1 aimed t hut tie- liquor * ;?? n<>t *i*"n. ?nil that tb<- nflii 'rri'prMi'n<?l that h'1 \ri-ti?st it for hi- wif?-. w bo * M ?icK. Tli?jur* I unci a terdict of Bflt entity. W. O Thotii.v and F. Cluw f> rdefcK*. KicIimiI Smith (appeal). ?eljfn* liquor uiilt-m* h.-ense; motion fur lew trial. tl' illiiuii He?Isr, ?oll :i? lienor *Itliout Hceii**: guilty . POLICE COl'UT. Jm'ltr Si ".-To lay, 15 >b?rt J. ii < *11 elmt i'i with i -anl? aid ?'*tt?rT >u Ili-iiry Pi?dd .?blind man, by -trikine hiui in the ft.f( , arid aft. rwsrl* by p*tntiT,c a lo I~?1 anil at him. Field* accused him of 1 a'niff some h?H" h'dd article* from a trunk; sixtv d*)' in '??! ? t??ti <?*! ^ ?lker. rolur<il, ??>i hai g<-l witti a-sanlt aud battery on Timothy Burn-, *h i t< t ifled tlint W alker met him on P >tif-l, and struck ' him over IkfKjtitkwwInnnbitaM*, pr ; bly a bra" knnckle: thi? ? a* in th" night t iine. mi l. i a- had -omt- monn with him, he Micvid it wai ? tii- int<-ntion !<? rob him. The nl#? ?*?* a very ?*? 1 one, and rcade *ad havoc with Burns' good | look*. Othet-r Huysinan made th -arrest, and Dr 1 Borland dress,d Unrns' lead, and te*t"<led that it | was a dangerous wounl; sixmonth' in jail. J.x-ph Wh'-.illy, colored, petit larc-ny of .$ I.35 iu currency; $i and coat*. or thirty days in til. TH f I TTT' B H A TCHUT -TORY IX CO'RT. Th< ma* Bank-. col??r?l, charg?l w ith stealing a little hat< h?t. worth 2S cents; he would uoi tell a lie abont it and sleadtd tfiilty, ho the judge let him off ?ithsn day# in jail, Janie- Or???-?-. assault and bat ter> on tor*, %1. Charles Kuestdl, indecent \p> -nil , ?5. liani' I M ariinr. f.?-t driving; ~ Ju Charles t?rav, colored, lond and U-i-teron* talking in tbe lobby of tbseity pwt-office; 1. ({.John ix 11, indecent exposure; ?8 .l"-iah L ?, color I carry n.ta inznr in <?? ore |,,wii;thin being the third ffenci , f tbia kind t h.- intlge ft nod him (%, or to day*in the workhon?e. Arthnr Pa inel ire,! 3.; on a chart." of Iteinv dr ink an<l pr fa le. .1 din William* xharif d with beinr a ?nsp; ??n? rhara> t-r; workhon?e .Ulnav*. Writer Carter ami .I hn Mah" uey, 1 harc-d with n?-anlt a-iil batt-ry on W liker White t,\ !;n? ekme him down and beatin? him in the -hoiipt*. Walker tentitiid that they after waril-1 liaaeil him into .1 grocery ?>! re and tore ail hi* oft; ?3 each and cr. OEOEGETOWN. < ?r K M ?S H f? F T It K t' < ? A1. 'J' 15 A H F. 1N ?1: FIM T K I. V P(">irt>si:D.?The Cumberland Ti ir.%> 1 S itur day *ay* :???The lirst coal mined in Allegany cofinty for the canal trade ttal* season was loaded rit the"Potomac wharf yesterday by the Hami> *hire and Baltimore coal company, atu! lett this c'ty on the canal boat* Scotia and < 'nnrad Walz. Fri?tn jiresent ajijiearancen it will likely be the last to leave for *otne time to come. Event* oc cnTirg withiti the laxttwoday* are likely to liostt>one the owning of the canal trade indefi nitely." An account of the mas* meeting of liontincri to raise the freight.* (the substance o;' which w as printed in this colmati of Saturday'* StaK) itithen given, and the Tint-* sav* In making their demand for a return to tke prices of 1X71, the boatmen claim that they are only asking what is justly due. Hav, feed and pro visions are quite a* high as in Kl.gmlofa!! the men interested in the coal trade, the wag- s of the boatmen alone have been cut down. It is a matter of great regret th:?t the difference between the boatmen and the companies cannot be arranged, a* any long continuance of the present state of attairs can only produce gener 1! disaster to our community, w hich is *0 largely dependent upoti ttu- successful progress of the canal traffc." 1>ASr.KRors.?I.ast night a gentleman re turning from ICockvilie in a biurgv came very near running over the bank nude l?y the exc.'. vat ion on Prospect street, near High. It se<-m* there were no light* placed at 'the end ot the cut to warn hitn o? his danger, and but for the timely appearance of a man who live- near the place, he would in all probability have driven over the bank. ?*Ofk 1 iie Thai k."?This i.? th? constant crv of street-car passt liters, at a point just, west of the Pock ere k bridge. c useii by the settle nient 01'the track. ?'tlier nod profane rem are sometimes niuilc by p?-*engfrs who hav j trai-'s to m 11 or notes and drafts to pay. c??ai. 'J raoe.?There was nothing new i'rrrn the boatn ? n's stt ike at * inubi rlsinl up to 11 i;>u toril.iv. The consolidation coal coin|>any li 1 ?? pnt in a compb te of 11 w machinery it t'i :r nock No. 1. ut this place: al.-o, rebuilt tlu wli. along the n er front of th? -aiue. linn:Nt'v- Tin st? :imer t*ni*ed Trriv -.1 to-daj from Plviuo.itii. N. C-, yy;''i 1'i .u ii t' r ot lumber lor .to-. ,V J, K. I iblv v. Aim, thi steamer Columbia and Yand rbilt.from II il i more. with lull car_>o< ?of general mercliandi ?. The l.ady 01 tbe l.ake cleared for .Non'oik With Hour. Tuai>e.?The eana' boat "<? *f'e <:? 1 ham has arrived with .*>1! bushels win at, 1. >0 yellow corn. J! bushels rve. .'?'?i bushels ftMl.and ISO barrels foriieorg.; Waters; and the schooner Win. Htnry, from A1 van !r ?, w ith t.2t?o bushels red wliea consigned tolia-i ley i'ro. The sale-on'Change to-dav w e .t'x? bti.-hels fair red wheat at ?1.76 to 1.7 ? ; bushels ot fowl red at *1.-1. and I J.?0 leisl ;? yt llov. corn at t'O cent-. No prime or ciu wheat were gftnl, ALEXANDRIA. Sai.k* or IIeai. Kstatk. -Some v.i'uu'de real estate was otlend for sale in this city at noon ti>-day K. A. Kffbr, real MMta a' ttoneer. sold the*liall House property as follows f.ot at fTie sou?'ieri?t corner i>t K n_' and Pitt streets, ? u which the ?darshall lltmae stands, fronting. ->av. 1!;^ t? et o?i Kin;, v. i a depth of. -av.^T, feet on Pitt street. 1 > i. I.01 l?ett, lor s-.l.o.*). Tue build,isris?^ -1:1 :d nnteli injured by tirn. The sia'du lot of the hotel. 011 wrst side of Pilt street, luidway be twei n K 0;^: and Pr'iiic ? s'reets, haymi; a fr tat on Pit 1 street of '17 feet and a depth of til te -t. to F. K. Corbett. lor s?r.-o. Four lots 01 1 ;no oti we?t side of Columbus street, between Prm <? and Oronoco streets, each lot 20 feQt front and 123 fleet.?inches deep, to Mr. J?Mi OmI, for the ram of for all. L. f>. Harrison, ie ? tioneer, soM tin* huii-'' at:1 lot known its'he "Knglish Kestanrunt," siiuaUd om the west -ide ot Koyal street, between Caim-ron and t^neen (No.'44\ binding on a rw?*lve feet albrv on the north, and fronting 011 Koyal street feet 1f> inches. v\itii a depth on the alley of ^7 I'eet. to I C. O'Neal, at *2,oso. Tin: Stoekt Kaii.wav.?'Tlic Alexandria passenger railway comoan v have lea?ud from Wm. Carey. ?s?|.\ of Washington city, l? C., the large stable and shi-ds attached to the \" r ginia House?formerly Scarce'? tavern?at ihe corner of King and Peyton streets,and have |?nt the building in repair for their use. Therein aceomiuodation in the -table lor thirty taor-es, and in the shed for twelve passenger ear*. The western terminus of the road will be o:i th^ lot of R. II. Miller, esq., (known as the Tan Yard iot.) The other terminus * ill be at the steam lniat w harf, on the property of the Potoia ic ferry company. The road will have a double track. The ears will be diawu by om; horse and the lares collectedly the "Sl.iwson far> 1m>x." The materials lor the road are 111 cb :r-e of preparation, ami work will iwgm on it by the tenth of April ne*t. it the In m Iter ami iron cm be put u|ain the giound by that tim.% which is fllllv I'?|iect? d. Thk M. P. Cui rch?l>ev. Or. Kilgor.- has been reap|ioiiited to tne charge of the Met ho dlsi Protestant church in this city, where Ins labors for the nast year have been so success! ,il ami acceptable. In consequence of the stale of hi* health, which has been-o mucb iiu{>aired lately, the conference appointed ;w his a ant Rev. S. t?. Valiant, a young but able 1 eloquent preacher. Tnt Coal Famixk All the coal yard* . c:i tiiuie bare, and there is considerable *t?-iu ?n?l for coal for consumption 'I'lio cotton factory litis purchased the only load of Cumber: m.I coal yet arrived. A few more delayed b ? it? are expected, but the shipments from Cum'> r lantl w ill be much retarded by a strike among the owners of coal boat*, who'demand -Li 1 ^ :r ton to Alexandria and Al.4.% to Georgetown. A 111 | ?| Ull Cltlil- I'IAN Ass,,, ! A i" w It is undetatood that the purchuse ot the Mnr -ball House to-day was with a \ iew of u-in^ tie property for a tine hall, r.snns, tor the Voung Men's Christian Association. Rev. Mr. Kokkest?Kcv. Douglas Foir -sf. the asMStaut pastor of 8t. Panl's ehurc.h in ; :11s eitv has received a call to the rectorship of St. ?lofin's church in Wvtbevtlli*. Tit IIatob rsu ii:m Mr. President I I. Simpson, of tlie board of aldermen,!- acting mayor during the absence ot Mayor Berk y, whose business hascallcdhint for a short t-e i-on to the north. The i.oss ist thk ftnx at the depot of the ft.. A. M. R. R.. of Thursday night, will, it is now said, be les* than was at first estimated, probably not exceeding ?S,(*io or atl.iiOn. As lietore stated, the principal lo-* is on the pat terns. but an exact estimate has not jot been made.??>'. TheEkie IkvtsTiGATiow?At the Mn;on of the Krle invesfigati ig committee 011 Friday, ?lav Gould testified that before the late revo'a tioii in Erie he had | laced hf* resignation in the hands of Horace Greeley, who had agreed to iiame a new list ot d rectors. He also tc-ta tied that he knew nothing about the (dans 01 the present uianageiaeut. Nothing was elicited ol im|M>rtaoc!e on Saturday. Barlow, the for mer treasurer of Ktie, is to be examined to day. ?. ? . Tijk Nrw .Ieusry Free Raidroad Bil:? The railroad bill, passed bv the New Jersey dei aie on Friday, provides that "any number ot pt rsoi s. not less than thirteen, may form a oonfpsnv for the puri?oee of constructing, niiln ta'nlrg and ofuratiug a rat I rood for public use n the ronveyaix ? of persons and property, or fo>- the purpose of maintaining andofo|ieratitig am incorporated railroad already constriieted for the like public use." A hii-L has b?-eii intriHluced In the Vir ginia l.ouse of ?lelcgab^ii, wliuii provide* tor the distribution of all property e<iualiy between ijveryliody?to al?o':?h *71 taxation?to confjr U'glslRtivo poweis u|tou ral'.roftd rings of the state?mad to have a ^*od tun goner ally. An Iowa liiau now laugtusliCj in p; son because his wife, to whom lie lied d?vd, <l alt his real estate, rofufed to become aeenrity for * 1,000 boll us ? criminal salt. i^The special committee of ttui Jlliuois sen ate to whom w 1 -i referred a r< -olinion of inquiry a* to lite expediency of aholisldng tiifi gra >?1 jury system have reported in favor ot doing it way w MIi it. and procnt :e4>iy arguiaonts to Mipport tht^y views. CITY ITEMS. F 5* Drrs< Pa!?Talo??*9, in Mack ami rolor*. remh-iude, lr?m *1'> to ttt5; li'isin * Pantaloons * roni 96 to mainly uew ami de sirable goods. t'ne price only. Guf>. C. No. 410 7th St. THor*Ai?iw> h avi r.M* i HAmmii bythe use of the /Vrnrid* S.jut, v;? protoxide of iron) from weak, sick I v. suffering creatures, to strong. health\. ami happy turn and women, an I in valids eamiot reasonably hesitate to give it a trial. l or Dyspepsia Debility it is a spe ciflc. ? ? Yk Pt*ri-*D. IJloti Hm, axu Uecn*T?t> victims of scrofulous Jbiases, who <1ra*'your unclean persons into the company of better men, take Snr.'a/>/in!Ut. ami puree out tlie foul corruption from your blood. Restore jour health, ami you will not only enjoy life better, but make your company more tolerahle to those who must keep it. eo3?VW I.rxrr.Y. Health, Economy Insured by using Doolev's Yeas* Powder. Elegant Light Rolls, I'.iscuits, &c., prepared in ten minutes. Try it. 6 Wit.n Cherry Balsam The memory of I>r. Wlstar is embalmed in the hearts of thousands *? horn bis Haltnm nf ll'i'<t Ck'rry ha* cured of coughs, colds, consumption, or some other form of pulmonary disease. It is now over forty years since tliis preparation was brought before the public, and yet the demand for It is con stantly increasing. 6 ? ? To have KITOAST light Biscuits, Rolls Buckwheat Cakes, Emit Dumpling*. &e., you should use Doolev's Yeast Powder. Ask voui grocer for it. It is a pure Baking Powder." 6 Posn's Extract cures rheumatism, burns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, cotic. lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia hoarseness, diarrhoea, and all hemorrhages, etc Pond's Extract differs from all other advertise! preparations in the fart that it is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, ami known to be a cure for these diseases. m,th,s,tt" Fon Bronchial, Asthmatic and Pulmonary Complaints, "Brown'* Bronchial Troche?' mani fest remarkable curative properties. eo.l The TnsTKR having past and the pleasant spring weather now comiug on. and with it the traveling ami driving season, the public should remember and patronize the old-estaldished and practical Trunk ami Harness manufactory' of Jamex 8. TorHAM & Co., 4?> 7th street, next to Odd Fellows' Hall. Their stock or Trunks, Bans, Shawl Straps, Harness, &e., is the largest and best assorted in the city, and at a'l prices. f.m.w.&s ? I he cnMWXiTT at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1.3 SorsD r*KT being indispensable to health and comtort thousands of persons come from far and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No- 535 15th street, opposite tin* Trea.- iry, for relief from corns, bad uaiis., Jfcc., and advice as to suitable shoes. ? . ? ?

Tn* National Savihon Bank, corner of New York avenue and 15th street, pays 6 i>er ct. per annum on deitfwits for each calender month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to i and to 8. 27t3,Utlf Wtr.LCOT A Oikr'* Skwino Math in*. The celebrated Bazaar Patterns. Agency at Chun. Baum's hoopsklrt and corset factory, 4U1 stroet, Intelligencer Building. 10,> Thekmomktkks and^aroiueten are repaired aud made to order by Hempler, near in street. - ? s fc7"Mr. Maloy. of St. Ixviis, opened a vein in his arm, and then took two bottles of chloro form, simply because be had been m irried ? v eral times, and all his wives are living. ?7" A silly fool of a lover at IVs Moines dra blood from bis arm, and use* it in the place ink to write to his girl. 'JVn to one tiiat lie don't pound her with the stove handle in les-. than ? year after marriage. trTi iere i- a proposition before the S;>an i Assembly to sprou t > rmmrnt commis* i oi members of die ho - . ??> ?afrh over tin ? fairs of the gov rnsuf . ?* r tue adjournal-ut Of the chaiubcr. -the tlirl t!i?' II.?>-.. I; \onl Expre^si >n ? Jot M array on Si ? i\ niifbt to a ilos?? ir Driver and 1 I?oot ? t to L \ Kny l.ongti." ?rote .John N? -.vto:i, it N wtil:, aud took ''ae ?4cup of cold pizen."' C-#"The W< rc>-st-r M i--.) Spy says that Mis Isabella Bee? her Honker, ol II tr'lord, sister ,if ltev. Henry Ward Beecber. ha* become a I ?i versaliM, and preailnd iu the I'lilverci .st rhorch, at Bridge|>ort, on Sunday, th; ldlli stant. i I \V. RRKiHTWELL, ? ? . _ buereesor to CARROLL F. WINSLOW, SHIKTMAKKR And Peat.k.r in Mix's F iRnishi jigs, 4 0'J 9th Street. Bavin? Mr. Wito-Iow's patti rns anl mea nr?-. srsi cnntrol ?.f his nuiiiut u-tnriug fn- iii-4/rllJ ti,f, Ins "Id rust'm?rs nre rc?eoDiiUfiiJed toulflf (??in '? tU' ir ordi r with me. m 211m KB] SPECIAL K TUK Fl"BLI'' THAT V ALL F- 1 A FKIZK.?K8TRANS' Ha IK Lift ?in h.i up >?ur Hair fr<<m faliiug out. promote the growth, ktx>p the c-alp in order, tud 4plen<l!t) as a dresni'is. Hariulem m water. S Id %t MADAMK ESTRANS' HUMAN BA1B MANUFACTORY, 61B Uth street, WMhinstuB city. janlO-ly C RE SCO. FOR SALE BT ALL DRUOOIRTS. Can be had by the trade at OBARLE8 toTOTTI CO.?, Ho. (N Pennsylvania avenwl y O R FAM1LI USKi THE HALFORO LEU 'EbT ERSiliKE TABLE SAUCE, rUE VERY BEST SAfCE ANI> UEL1S41 MAl>B IN ANT PART 0? TUB WURLD EUR h'AMIL Y VSh. PINTS ClKrs. UALF PINTS C'sNia. tOU HALh BY ALL VKOCHMi. A RAILROAD AND Ec*l Estate Mortgage (?Mkla?4i. In Its 7:* Gold Bonis the Northern Paar.c a >11 road Conipany furbishes to the public an iovsauu 01 aecuritr which Combine* Ute ready uogotiabiiuy.. at con', aud the high credit of a timt-clas* i.til road bond, with the solkihy and safety ?f a r?ai as late u<>rtg<kge on laud worth at least twice the am- int oaned. They are offen-d at par lu ca:r>-ucy, ^uJ yi?j l s BAN PROt'IT to ili .?t> esehau^'nig t 'an. The bonds are a first and only mortgage on ihr road, its equipments and earuiugs, aud also ?n a land grant whieb, on the completion of the road, will STeragv Jjaiuu acres to each mile of track. They are Issued tn denomination* frc-m ffluu U fl.WJU Coupon, aud AKM to jrln^UUO Registered, Lay* thirty years to run, bear an interest of 7:9t per r*nt. in gold, aud are EXEMPT FROM UNITED STATES TAX to the holder. The semi-annnal interest an the Registered Bonds is paid with tiOLl) CUEOEti, seut to the post oAos address ef the holder. All Marketable Stocks and Bonds received in ex change, without expense to the investor, at tHsti highest current prices. WASHIHQTOW Rf*?VAL-OEORGE HOLTMAV ha. r ?o??d aVfrom V03 Pennsylvauia avenue to 481 Penn and SHotV' He' *heru eontinne th? BOOT sasssa?.-*?? ^ e6?Mdbupplt TAILOR'S OOMPOUHD FOB HORSE AMD CATTLE FOOD. - BU.M h*altm RERTO ritgE GREAT REMEDIK8 for Conrau^i.^u, 1 YFasting, and l?dig?stioa, are SAVORY a MOORE'S Pancreatic Emulsion and Faa re ttme. Medical ai-n who have made it a special da y t*-rif> that Itfs la proto&Ked in a remarkable mann r, ?p|v. tits, also ebragth and weight increswd, lie stt-i greatly promoted, noarishnient Impartr.1 ,? i i.,r general caadHlon of the body improved. ? i i. T>"ttl??* by Savory 4 M?>ore(Chemist to t r ~ H. B. B. the Prince of Wales, His llu mi hli?dive of Eeypt, Ac.,I 143 N?-w It > I ? .i. London, snd ell c?> mi*?s. l>ruR?ists and 8t r^;, - throughout lu' i>.Jle?. fioit-Njm? a I I? >. > mark on each Wtl >. d?411st ?J>. ,7t Georgetown Advertisements. P"5?ATTENT10N I: K- HAIHTAS - M u>b m f HEBER TEXT V> 19.1 O. of R . ar* feNby n.-iiDnl luffli ?t at 0<H F U >w^ Hall. Cm crp-!< - * r <* rf. n TUEHPAY KTFSISfi.Sf^JMh.i |m?* m fr*tiT? il ii?il to EirfMnrT'iil. ly (H'lrt "f th? T-nl. It* C. A LITTI.K lollN. R S?. TVEW SPRING PRY GOODS. Besiitifn! ?? .wl*, in *\itr mi mignonette shadi-:s lar?? Mmnni of iii-lium aiel 1 >w p-ieel IWvm flnnd*: X)JM yards netr Sprw? P.m. *l~. 4 all coes, and Stiiniug-; t>?*>t m of -hitting* a ? She^t(rev, very cheap: W pieces B.aik Alp* a* and Mohairs. from 25 cents to ftl.26. Ctsmnerr* ?n<t Suiting. f r men and lioys. Wr have a large <to< k. at d offer er,a: '.or?<ji?c , BENJAMIN MILLER. b 21-Sin 101 Bn,l|i street. Georg"town THB KC8H IS OVU. THl AOOTM ULA TK P work all ready for iWiwj; regrrMug the una voidable delay in tbe delivery ,/ m irk dnrln* the past fail, owiU* to the ioipowiLtltty of securing akilli"! workmen in sufficient numbers. Trnly thankful for past favors, ha\ ing at present a full corps of first-class artisans, w*!h every facility to meet promptly all demands, I respectfully aolicit a continuance of the some. W. H. tYHEATLEY'9 PREMIUM STEAM OYEIMH AX li SCO IK iAfr ESTAEL1SHME>T, janlT 49 Jefferson street, Georgetown, P. 0 CO A L AN D WOOD. 'I' o coal dealers. We bare several hundred tons of II lit ASH AND HENRY CLAY SHAMOKIN COAL. FURS ACE, EGO AND STOVE SIZES. at the fo<>t of Sixth stre. t wst, which we will sell to the trade at wfcototda prices. Apply to us in perwon-orby mail. T EDW. CLARK * CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Lumber, Wood and Coal,foot of Fonrth street e?st. f 17 tf ~ HOTELS. HOWARD UOUSI, C^mer 6tk s'reti an-l fenni. are., H'aMinrfi n. U. C., L. WOOLS. Prop'r, hae ju-t uud>rguno a series of elegant improve ments. having been thoroughly reti.vated and re furnished throughout, tnaknig it at preseut one <. f the most desirable H tel* in Washington. E. D. Howard, late proprietor, retain* an intere?t in the liotel, * tii-re he will be pleaded to see his oil friends and farmer patrons. premising them tirst clasH accommodations at al. times. Teitns, $2 Per day. Table B?ard, .*J0 per mouth. nilllui ITNION HOTEL. Gko*??towm, D. 0. ? . SHINN, ProniKat. This Hotel haa been newly refitted and fnrnlebed It contains all the modern improvement*? hot at<d cold baths, belle, and gas. It is couveuiently lo cated. being sttoated on the hue of the Wa?hiugton ai.d Georgetchni City Pas?eiiser railroad, the cars of whlrh, from the railroad and steanit ?t dep<4a, pass tlte door every two or three miuutes. The gnests of this honse run reach any ot the public bmldinc* ef the national capital or any place of winipi nient, Ac., bf a pleasant ride of afewnnniites Pidoiiig bd-!ii it* *l"iig tbslfeN of tiie (.id*: *i.d on the wharvta will flud it to the r advantage to st< p at this house. rtucJl ly J^YSOM-b HOTEL, No. 709 G STBKET, jea-tf BFTWEF.N 'TH A Mi 8fH SrhKHT'i. ""UK IJII LKIAL HOTEL, 1 JAMES SYKES, Proriuic*. riloSTlNe PexS*TLVAS!A Avkncs, Bttwun IS-* im t lii4 Wi?H!X6TOS, D. U. Tbattkfal to the pnhlic for g?uor,ios patror>&g? in the Dfeiit, ttib Proprietor a*ks hrs old frien ii' w:d pati>>f s to test the ?ccomaKxlatiotis ?! his pr>^. .it ?atabii*hiiH*ut, which he promises simjl be foritid ?t .east i* to the bt**t ii, W tnliiufi-jQ, J!ITi#-tl ( liep,. CliroTi.J c. C. \WLLAliD, EDBITT HOUSE, WASHINGTON, p, C. STEAMER LINES. \V AfcHINGTON, NOBKt'LK, BOSTuN. AND >T PttOYIDENcic. The fine Iron Steamer LADV OK THE .LAKE liav lug i ? <)ii!iii*i I. r t t;i; t -il "? ' ^ II rti'lk,will l'*:?\ii h-i mtiaii, . ?. I r?I ?_i,'s^. of 6th strei-t, ev- ry MONDAY ai ? ^*al 1 ? ? Till 2 p. m., tour!ii:igat principal B er Landings.c< niiect,ng hi N- rlolk with Steain*!iip f tin 51 and M. Lint? for Boston ami Providf Freight slo'iilil be addref*'d "care of Lady of the Lake, vis Norfolk." Branch tie? -t ollii'o at KnOx i E\lt w* Office, bOH P :ins> l\ nuia av eniti*. T 31 CROUCH. A?? :??.?h *;r et wharf. DOR.SEY CLA<;ETT, G II ral Ae -it. n 14 Plnn?'s Store, C"r*-r 14th sf. and Pi.av. I~ N jPa~ N L 1 N K ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT OL'ELNSTOWN, Eviry THURSDAY and fv\'l U KPAY.4 iron. Pierlj, N rth Bi > < r. N?-* Y'erk. RATH# OF H.SAfif Cabin, ?75?nd ?'?) gold. E\cnt?i ii ticketH at rednoed rates. Ste-ragi?To Qneeu-town, Liverp <.| Give w, LoiuJouo i r> , London, CardilT or Bristol, > *J cur rency. Prepaid ceititicates fr.,iii above pirtc, {19 corr-ncy. Apply to JOHN G. DA LE, Agent, 1A Broadway, New York, or to D. A. BRorSNAN, Washington, G street, between Sit h and iO'h strei'ts. fit I in f UNABD LINE. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN BOYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVELPOt'b, CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. FROM NEW YORK. ?Cnba_ Wed... Mar.26 I 'Rtsesis Wed...Apl. 1-5 Abyrsilita.-.WeO?Apl. 2 j Oaiabrta. .V*ed_.\il. 1J f Algeria. Wed...Apl U I .1 a .Wed_.\ r' ? St t toners u.arked tuua " do uot carry ateoiaKc p? e tigers And every f. llowlng WEDNESDAY and SATUR DAY from New York. RatV;. or Passa6K.?Cabin, $??!. ami #13 old, according to sroiiuii.ialMiuu. 'icketsto Pans, gl?, g i.i, adjitioiinl.4 Return tickets on favorable terms." Steerage, ?30, enrrency. Steerage tickets fr<>tn Liverpool an-1 Qti^-nstown, and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. Through bills of lading given to B<-lias(, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and other pi ints ou the Continent aoj lor Mediterranean ports. For ti 'ulit ami cabin r?s ?age,appl) at the Com pan ySt oftfee, No. 4 B ?liug Urei-n;f<ir ?te?nige passage, at No. Ill Br?ad?ar Trinity Building. novlw ly CHAS. G. FRANOKLYN. Agent ? ^NCHOR LINE STEAMERS SAIL EVERY SATURDAY. Passi ngsrs booked to and from any Railway eta don or Seauort in Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, saeden. D<*uiuark. Germany,1 France, Holland, Belgium and the United "Rates. Cabin fare from NEW YORK to LONDON. LI V CRPOOL.GLASGOW and DKKRY. ?6? and #74. EXCURSION TICKETS, ?1??. Intermediate, 4^?*, Stoeia^e, #30, all payable in Currency. Parties seuding for their friends is the Old Gotin.ry an purchase tickets at lowest rates. For further Rrtii ular* appl/ to the Ai;out,C. CAMMACK. Jn. .S3 F street, Washington. HENDERSON BROTHERS, maylt 7 Bawling Green, New Y >?k. j EW REPRESS LINE VIA CANAJk I bLTWn.N PHILADELPHIA. ALEXAXUM-* fA., WASHINUTOH t UM HUEluWy, o. c. Sailing day from jfer SI. North Wharves, Philadel phia. WEDNESDAY and BATUB . DAY, ai IS in. k Fmn. 4? W fcter street, Georgetown J D C..TUESDAY 10 a. m. G. F. HYDE, Agent for D. -fO. Al t>ts ?F. A. REID. Alexandria, Va.; WM " iili Co., Philadelphia, Pa. jj M j>i ERCHANT S LINE OF oTBAMSHlPS. UTWBl WASHINGTON AND NEW YORK. 0. KNIGHT and UlAAIVUAtnSNMdayitllB, " . for *?". Information, applyto B. p. DEN HAM, Atent, oacenad wWrf fo<Aof Highstrej*. George-' town, or at tt* unit of Btk street nai New York Jtfl-?f J. W. THOMPSON, ] OUR OVERCOAT DEPARTMENT. A FINK LINB or ENGLISH KER8BY 0VBBC0ATS, ENGLISH MELTON OVERCOATS, BLUB TB1C0T OVEBCOAT3, BLUB, BBOWN, OLIVE, PARliU AND BLACK OVERCOATS, ALL GRAPES AND PRICKS, \ AT mll-tr C??m tn D tnitt. mmmm CVET RID of NON-PAYINO BOARDERS, such 1 ss RATfc. MICE snd ROACHES, with IS c.-iv~ v. i.boi " FITS." DARBY'S Pharmacy,corn 4 ? ?treet ?!)<! Pciiu's ivi.i ii.ucjpal det>ut. mlU-lui* It ROOKS. STATIONERY. ? t K> Ft'R IKK LKNfKN -1. \ - > n u- t ? H I/ nt. B> B ?h r llsMmrt ?i. B V (r lii> u T m?iir> A f -r L< !?'. or Pevoti ' al R' ading> Chr?*:ian C< n<patii?n*liip f> r R tirwl H tir?. It. Chii^t; ,? tU - B< ti \er'? Lmou with hi* L r.t B* A. J Gwrd> 'i Purauit of H< Uik** By C! altmra. Ui, p*-r?. i>m! Ii'tjcinn. B' Ooillmrn. WM BALLANTYNK itmi12 4<? E PO*TBl> -SANTA bvMUtiO HmI ?rf. Gi-oarapbv. Climate. P >pnlation ana Chara. I r. it? Finance. Hint* to tttwiMit* and Traveler*. Mirnral Production*. 1 neat vol., W> Kinr?*t?r ?nH Nn|w f*?tr STIm KM AV .? HtS.w *h and I Ef Books : new books: n1 AT SHILLI*OTOATS BOOKSTORE. Corner tS *rt<i a:?d P<-hiitUi*ii ?>*???. An Ok# Qnwfni. B\ Jame* P? Mill*. Kot?-rt Ftltoarr. Br Ge <?????? Cheap Edition Pa?-inn In Tariff*. Bt Anni? Th>ma?. BreaJ.Cbeeee an-1 Ri?hm. Bv Faneon. Man?Woman. Br AVimtln puma* Tb?-My*teri'??i? Gneet. Hy Mia* EUia Papny. LrfMtx Sweetapple. Bftb' aathorxf an Ii?ntf?l Lifr Servant Girl of I be Peri. 4. What Mr. and Mr* Honeydew Immnl cut H oaaebeepiag. A Two-fold Life. From tb- Urrmu of fo? H'll'fti The Voting Ladle*' Journal; Moodily Panoiaiaa of Faehinu. The P' pular Science Monthly . Bo. 10. All tb* bark number* on hand Barrier* Burned Away. By Rev. Edward P H-x?. Bwthwi*id. B> Mx'fr* Ktii?*r (friiiar. Tribune. Herald mhI World Aimai.a. - l >r IS1 A larre atock ?f BLANK BOOKS. PASS BOUKS. and MFMoRANPl'M BOOKS. NoTK PAPKK LETTER PAPER.and pla? ing CARDS. at th. very I. went price*. febd tr nilHARDl.MOIIt N k CO., BOOESELLERS A.XU STATIO* EKS. 1014 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Have just rece ived tbe BRITISH ALMANAC and companion. lot I8TS. KOTAL KALENP.AR. f?r IffS. Yt IIITAKEK'S ALMANACK, f~r In3 BRITISH akm V L1>T, for 1?TS. BRITISH nay V LIST, for 1<T9 feM tr TICK. N? OPENING OF A NEW STATIONERY *TOR? and BLANK book MANUFACTORY. Fir*t-clan* ?l<. at fair price*, for caeh. lithographing. ENGRAVING. PRINTING AND BINDING DONE TO ORDKR The public are intilod to rail ai?! e^amt'ie nr new ttock. BEN. F. FRENCH, Under National M'-trop.ilttau Bank, ai d next d.or to Jar Cooke A Co.*. ?elj tf Wa?hingtnn. p. O. RAILROADS. (BALTIMORE AND OUIUfX (J RAILROAD. Mm. Wa*HI56ToS, Jhu. 95. 1ST3. ?* Train* between WASHINGTON AND BALTI MORE and WASHINGTON AND THE WEST are ?tow run a* follow *, i ii: r?>K BALTIMORE. Leave daily, except Hnnday , at 4 45, < 48, 800. fl 48 Wki lu:t8 a. HI.: 1;UU, 9:IS. ? 10. S.W. <A). 8.0U aud b Jj 9M' ON SUN PAT FUR BALTIMORE Lea** at ?:?6 and a:U0 a. m., and l .UU, 9.IS. J lD. 8.00 d 8:SU p. m. H>R ALL WAV STATIONS Leave daily, exc-pt Suijda>,at and * 48 a. in.; t lUaiM S:30 p. K., ana onSu'.idar at A.iS a..J J:(iia in., and I.W), 3 l.VS ?. - i m Tbe 1 :wC. 9:18 and 8:18 p. m tram* *t<>p at th?- f I ow.tiK atati n* oiiU. Tit: Bfadeuabi rg, B ltarili<? Lanrcl, AMinpolia Jtinr-i' f. I!. r and R- ' Alao, tbe9:U p. m. will *t..p at Jtw*up'* Cul, aal the rtlL p. n>. at Peiiti"*OriwiiK. ruR annapolis. Leave ?? ? t8 a. m. and i lu p. m, t .i: ?. i r 'roki Abtiupclia en Sunday FOR NORFOLK L. atf at 1 W p. tnexcept S-n?ii?v. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. L<-aw-daily, ? t S rday and 8n?d?< . I .3 ?. r. . and 3 If a'..: y iC f . rr. > ? S l*> nt 8 ?9 Ui4 iu3 e:w< p. Hi., and on Sunday a; 3.18 ar-1 ? p. to. TRAINS ARK1\E AS FOLLOWS: Fr->ni N? w V rk, Iplii* anil L>:i..n re, %t s:3? a. tn.. aiid S S8 and y.SA p. in. Fr<-iv Ptiilad^lptiiaaiel R.t.naiore at 8 50 a.m. Krom li?li!tii- re at 6.Si'. fc.^j f 1 11.10 a. ta., vnd l:S4i, 9:?l,C:.ii.( 'A. 7:S6. ?:65. m J lu.&. p. n. FROM 1 lit W K>T. Arrive at 1-SO.t JS uti<i K jo f. m Ti.touitb tK-Ke** to ti?e ?r-t cribe bad at tfit A'aehli.cten Station Ticket t,>^-ce *? alt h iur? <f tl.e lay; ?l?o, a? tli.-C-tni any'lotttce, ?'?A p nii?y:*At,:a ?,-nCf. Pafc'ef<er* pi.rrlivii.F ti? k' ?- at ? K>- A?e aue ? < an tii. re arrnT.^e t<> e Hi r I'iretee for a:.?iclit< keda: Ihe'r residence,taken l" tue lei- t, and bi t ii t ? tl?e IfacsaK-t car. for New 1 ??k, Philadelphia ai.d B>?;>b we ad fertiMment of "Ttiroiigh Line." THOS. R SHARP. A*?t MMt TratitynrtMion. L M. C<'LE. O-ntral Ticket Avnt. GEO. S. Kt?oNTZ G-n'l A'gt, V H*hi'i?to?i. jaM THRt?UGH LINE BET At F.KN , W ?MIINGT N . P1111. A t1KI. J PUIA, AND NtW VoRK ? WifRiwm. Moretaber?. m T;?lt'*t< '?e -tj V A&liiN(jloN anU NEW YORK re rtr. a* follow*: FOR NEW YORK. vakevt -<in*rt of Leave dailj (except bundi.) ) at o:uo a. in..i V. ?'?d K> p. tn. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Ltave lailj (Ma pt Sunday i ate a. ui., l Ai an! 8 30 ON SUNDAY. Leave for New York at S:*' p.m., and PbilaVrtptiia it I JU p. en. SkepiLg can for New Y rk on g.Su p.m. trait, *TLroncti ticket* to Ph'lart Iphla, New Y rk vid goetor. can bt. baJ at tbe eitiai-.u tiifcce at ail bour* >f the day. For Baltimore and Ohio railroad adverti*?*nent - < tchetllrte betwevL. \A aeLinfc-on, Bailiniore, Alir.apu :la atid the Wc?t. THOS. B. SHARP. A*""* Ma-ter Tr?i,?p..rtati n. L . M COLB. Ge neral Ticket Agent. GEO. S. KOONTE, Ayent, Wa?litiigt'">fi. i*l? Alexandria a washing ton R. R. *st> ALEKANPR1A A FREPFBICKsBUKG K. K. C<rrntr *f B an-i Stxtn Scuts. Local tralcf for Alexandri a leave a* f -llow*:?09, IM, 11:18 a.m. ,1:43, "3*.l?, 11 9b p m. Local tratna from Ai tamlria arrive m foi; >w? ? 1:13. *S:98, lt):?3 a in., 1:1*, *9 18.8:2s. 7:9H p. ?i. 'Train* marked tbna coiuiect with traina ou V .-h taxton and Ohio K. R. QUANTICO Accommodation leavea Waihinjrtrm t?a ?1BailrI except Sunday. GREATSOUTHERN EXPRESS, via Bietuno.d, e?v Wanliu+ti I, p.m. daily, mm s.-day. Througb ticket* to all p<>inU Soutb and S>utliW'?t 'or sale at Oflicea, corner L9tb nreet ai.d Peauiy I va lla avenne, and corner 6th atreet and PeaMylvania ? here ui?vh(er> ?an leave ordor* t ?r l,UL?e i<> u he< kH at all hotel* and rtaidetu e* Ihrou^L to doati vatioa. E. S. TOUNG.Oen'l Paaaeti*er A cent. jyJ(> d DaLTIMOBE AMD POTOMAC D RAILROAD, Utroi cm. 6i* oa%d B ututt, y. W. fRAINS LEAVE FOB i TRAINS AKB1VB AT BALTlMuRE. WASHINGTON. uBl. B? Kiacara Exp . ?:63 a m.. W-utem Exp. daily. 1:9e a.m., Baltin>ore Mail, daily. 10:98 a. ni., Weaterti Exp., daily,except ?uuday. daily,except Sundae. 6:98 a. m.. Mail,daily, ex cept Sniulay. ll:tMa. ui., YS eat'-rn Exp., daily. 'J8?.?-, Ba'lin "re Ac- 6:23 p.m.. Pacific Evpreaa, cutnmodatiun,daily,ex-, daily ,except Sunday. cept Sunday. ?-JB p. m.,CiBC!unati Ex jreaa,daily, except gun ?:08 p.m.,Acconuii' ?dan daily. MI.J9 p.m., S>atherri Ex jre?*, daily, exoept a u u AS p. m.. Wextern Kxp. daily. I Tiain* leavlbic VI aahincton at 8.9B a. m . and 9:98 p. a,., connect at Bowie with traina for Jlarlleiu', eav inn Bowie 1U:33 a. ui., and 8:19 p. m , arriving at M*rib?'ru' 11:29 a. in. and 8:19 p. ni. Traiad arriving at Wa?hinKt->o ll.-fB a.m. and 8 99 p. m., connect at Bowie with traina leaving Mai uv ro' 8:29 a. tu. ai.d 9:93 p.m. Paaenreh leat in? their order* at Ticket OBcaa, wrnerof 19th (treet and P? nnsylv atiia tavenne and aorthwaat coruer of Sixth street and p. nu*vivai.ia aveune. can have their l>k?Kaxe called for and check Mi at hotela and r?*id? are* t., all p iuu North and ft'eat. TUroub ticket* to Cincinnati, Colmnli'ia, (ndianapotix, Louiaville, St. LotiU. New Olieaiw, 'jhicavo.Omctia, ban Krnnciaco, aud all point* imrth, vortfc?nK, went, aud aouthwest. E. L DUBARRY, Geo! Snpt. K S. YQI NP.Gen l Pa?>r Api.t 1872 PFNNPYLVAN?A ROl TE 1872 ro THE northwest, soUTH. AND 60UTB UKST. Train* leave aa follow*: A'aahiuctou. 4:88 a. m. I Baltlmot* tM a m HK38 a. m. | l.-Oj p. m " ? 6.93 ?. IB. I " ..? S.uJ p. at ?? 7M 9* in. | u ?. THE GREAT Bo'l BLK TRACK KOUTE, With elegant tie* iry, Palace btate rooai day and ? . a ' aud Central light ear*, with nindern tanprovemeut*. Two boadrad mile* aavad to BIH Sew Ycrk. The UiJB a. m. daily, except Sunday, norrhwoat, ?? ???*8:d8 p. a>? except Sunday, ueat, _ _ _ MaKB Oo^ifxCTU.IU rfcrtjort. firo? BALTIMORE to NIAGARA aad PITTSBURG without change Ticket* by thi* roate can be of ?b^thl* roate caa be procared at tbe oloea. Pennaylania avenue, and of 8th rtreet and Penmrlrania avenae.nnder ^Hotel, where reliable talonaaUoa will be procuring ticket* at tMa o?ce oaa ?*-?? iD P.UO. Qmn lor Pitta ;G4r&,a.AfWV?afc .?.* SEEDS, which are thi* of ?>?? luality. FLOWER SEEDS, embracing all tbe novetUe* fro* England aad the Contiaeul. The FBI IT TKEESare vigunna* and well gr.^wa, roriaarttag ?/ Pvar* ,?tandard aud dwarf), Plum, Cherry, Aprksol, Beatariue, Ac. fwiaware. Cowrurrt and all tbe other celebrated GRAPES. STRAWBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, BLACKBERKIKS, CURRANTS, GOOSKBEK R1KS, *e. SHAPE TRFKS. evergreens, BOSKS. DAHLIAS, PHLOXES, VERBKNAS, GERA NIUMS, and ort?er l?e.H'i.g plant*, with everything t? rtaiuing t??'<he Nnr*err B<i<in?aa. all at moderate price*. JOHN SAUL. 6*1 7th *tre?t, ml7-2w* Orpn*ite C. S. Patent Ottca. Birds for s alk-canaries and MocKlSffi 1IIRDS, male ai.d f. male. l?~t oingera; al*o,ai^ ('AGES. No. 131 South B *tr*at, fr< utianV ' P-r i (vlvania atenue, Uafitul Hoi. f?U ?o?a* 0. a. GOETt. CTNVTRS. ' ft. O'H ARE 9 %OM. c. Whalr?al? and Retail br*n 1*1 3 Srr.aia &<wi .V?U" ?. *?? N ?? i .v TKAS! tea?- TEA* ' Japan T-a. ?' ?h r?r? ?i?f V lb. Gunpo?r4?-r T--a, TV, a c <d for 91 Cho* f Gnn^ ? j'r T-m. *1 B; "TJ ?' K In T*? fc? *fc . ? I. * ery turn*, ft I lb 0>~?1 Rlwk Tm.tbr?? pou>vt* fir ftl. *? luvf ?Im> ? wof the <?ft? rad ia 11k rf IIks u utrt K ?:.?L BiuIIm) T -a _ rLorm. ?r WekhV Rat V T 'L'k t '? ?n1 > ther bran<1? o# Fl'ar. all at I- ?* Mil ?wit If i>ric<?. Te? !>?"? t?da Lard f>i 91. Giljra S- rn?. p.t aailon. ?ftr, oar Iwa f I T?ti >>? P?t?. f l N '.r pound* N'? PrlKH* 41. F< ai.uU. half bn*h< I f< 1 % 1 PRANDY. QIK, Ar Pat* French Brandy *>? bottla. at * Calif, mia - * 1 ? r?rr H' 1!?ik! Gia Air-lira awl M'i?rat?-I \\ i?ie. per Mih si ?h?kv.*i?)f?mi>l(l, " , ) y f>*.-<t Catawla V ,ur. 91 p?r C. ft. ?'HARK 9 M?*. *? If l?lSTtli**r*H K W..><!?!?? M an- 1 P KICI LIST (f OROCEHIUS #.T ILPHO>/() V'M ><19 ft ro-ft. srOAR*. <BEST N E W Y'IRK BRANIM > "A"<elaMf??l> 8 lb? for <.'ra?h"<1 (l"at?. ?.....TS ilia, for 1 Graiin'ated- ? ? ?... ~TS 'I*- f"r I Li*M Br' >a"0< nearly a-hitel .*S Iba. for Ovod Broau 9 Iba for I I oT FIA)CB. B?tra?fbcloa pet ta. k ? 1 ? Extra-vary lil*h frmS- ?p?r ?, 1 ? Ell**?a * *>d aack, 2 Jt Bannlt?chftce P> r wt, I k Taajily?the Tery l>?at per "ma. I EtUkiil>- Wekb ? be?t ? at l?aeat ratM SlWDIilKS. Cbolre... ? It* for 01 KuCi'oh l'nrraiit?... ? IM. f.?r 1 ? IUi?ili?-*h"trT.... f"r I ? ^<n>li>v'i (irem Corn. rauaf'* I (? T>-uiai.????? Z Itia.... ? can* for I ?? T'-mat S INk. I r?u? 1 * I I Feacb?a?1 iba. . 1 rti<< t <r I ik Peat baa?I iba 4 caua tor I It '**!! V ?* w* r"T ,lC* r^?ri?nt?e rbe a(- re lf-,1 r<i< ?* l< r atl) <!? Diuu* o' t KLPMO>PO VOI M?.? ft to.. VKOCEHS, c. rorvoB, i a tkmti ?, V\ M H 8tAM.( N'XTH IV K r? < H . ? A C if % , M AUKKT t?PACB, li ~?J i? *rte:? M rvCKIGM AND UOMK-Tlf r?l IT*. and r&m r uh<h;cbil9 BAT ABA A!?P TALKSCIA <?K*S.?W TI! K PIKKfT P *?; - AM* l?M<INh KXTliA LAR??K M \ <5K* PT" CAI.I K< 'KN1 A TKMiS. rUKV?H PHIS. 1??? 9BLCCT1TT* 10 BARRELS ?'BANIIEi;RIB9. IX \% FAKCX GROrEKIKt* IIRANPT. In.p'-rtml *'.4 ' . r ? ?? WIN KB. hi' M and GIN. M ?*4 PR> n < *9 I ? 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KELLY". Pr>*iil"?. * M B TODD. Vice Pr - t. 8AHUKL CROSS. P.-cr 'arr. l:i.?ctip? : J. B BUk*, W m B T. <M Witt. Wail, Cltarle* Ju?(. Win. G. M? t*er ??. JoltuT L. ?M tf LIVERY STABLES. B. OLCOYT A MiK, . BOARDING. LIVLMY 4 S\LB ftTARLBC, ?!? rnh Mraet, bet. I> m..1 E, ?'?d Ctiain ^ ) . U between 1Kb aiid Mb. ?'ffioe, WUlai 1?. Brat carriacea (grkiaimi 8rual car* p? 1 lo tM boarding of b>n??. t^ tt ly LLlSOB BAILOR, J a., L1YERY AND HIR1B0 BTABLEp STYLISH CARRIAGE" and COAt HMKB. detBHy l)tl K rraat n >rtt> 4. AS RLINGT<iN STAHLEh.?B CRL'IT. JK ( G STREET. Bttviic IYtm an lfcr?. Carriacea by day or ulrM.aa4 for waft: nj 9^0VGRES8 ftAkLES Bth street, h Bonn and Balnea for I Btnrin D awti B. ^j^Z'Sr?i,*?iC'-?? Jro If kichabiTVaht, rr: ...i-w. * w^ksfisasx'a on hand and lor hire by tfaa, nMhtfi, and no ?t* u tf S. JOYCE A 00. "" partAM. 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