Newspaper of Evening Star, March 25, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 25, 1873 Page 1
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WASHINGTON, D. C.. TUESDAY, MARCH 25. 1873. TWO CENTS THE EVENING STAR. fnklirfctd Dally, 8bb4?7? cxcrpte*, AT TUE STAR BUILDINGS, rrM?)huia Airanr, cor. lltk wi mm* mi iimm cwiu f. U. KJ r Jff.HJ.V.V, PriiMnt. Til* rVENINQ STAB .? wrrrt by earrlert to Uelr rabcrlbera at Tk*Ck??t? psr wire, or Forty- , Focm Crn-m rs? k?"ith. Copies at the counter Two Cewt. each. B, mai'-thraa moaibs, ?!.*; tlx month#. |3 M, on* year. 91. THE W IKKLV ST AR? Pnbltohed FrMay-fl ?' ? year Irtariatly madvance,m both casoa.aad so p*p*r k at lonf.T tban paid for. VIUM off ariTertMing fcrnlKhrd on applVatfon LADIES' GOODS. SOI llfCtTAlf. SO 1 I At.?Urc*- lot -r J\Ci M T AST> WSSOOK NAMBrKt; KH.IM.S AND FMJcn?:in?;s T lth4,?- D WIS". frO] MARKET SPACE, ? ;i :t <'#rwr Sih ?twt. UTAVriKO rtPuT, ? 17 Sevkjtii Strkt, WJl tr r?t?nt P(*w. \l KfS M. COkMU K, 1?I >0. WVrf Arrrnur lyp Stair*}. l? In rt-ift a fine vtittni-nt of IMPORTED GOODS, fn*n Mi>? G-liifj. i?t 5-? York, n A . Ii? r. r' '"i fcx ai? fwiTj, rly at 7 IJ Hlhftt.JltVL. W**M?>rtor>. suCSO BAtTfc> UorVEATTrS. PARIS. confections et eobes de bal ROBES ET LINGERIE FLOWERS. FEATHERS. LACES, Ac The Lmlir? of Wa'hii-Tt'-n and ficiait; ar- rr apedft.i!; invited to call ard eaaniine g.*d< l>? for ? fril.yiiyriarwhfff. fW-ly ^ELLING~OFk7~ FELLING OFF! AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, th?- entire rtorfc or THE SEW YORK B\ZAR, 441 8> <tnthrtrM,ti?w E. mt<7-tr NO HCMBl'G. ^ LE.VmKb k CO., Bet!.:x ^nt entire stock of MILLINERY AND FA NOT GOODS, at and bel"W coat. 70 7 Market Space, jar*. Ma fr.-tweer 7ta and 8th streets northwest. IMPORTER OF Hl'MAN HAIR. GRAND BARGAINS AT .11 A D A M ?? t>Tii bl'S, ? it? \Si* >:re*l, lion* from H sirin. (riwRbvt 'be c^.ic -".J lumber. Ch??? Ctrl , fcwtur:'- Chip Bt ?.J?, P<;T.. Fri/?., tt??e, of twr latest ?ty.'-r. Call aad < tir n?w st jck b?Co-,* ptir tharinr tk rfcT' decfJ-tr *?I Al'll-" ?.4 FRENCH STAR< 3 FN A MEL I" the t-e^a ??. iir',.- iu ti * r!.i t r J-.iu.; up Linen ? i Ki^Im !? imparts a brautifnl |luu w Ike (alirtc i< r uir Uv ?I! <?' ? ?-r?. LI KM'AM A CO., Maonfactaiwra. IbO W? -I Lombard ?triet. Itnlfli B.-'tii'-??*???. M*r>'n".i BANKERS. Ban J?. br.uUiii. \t>. B K O K E t , he. S".!? r~i j.a ?v^., t.' -m ?, W.wh'ugtoa. D. C. iu' clt> * '!? I, e T .-i! in r?' i:? li.\ it*? .?t?rnti< ;? l - (?riiinn-? i'S rni ?t i>i >? < . i |?y M U p*-i i,iit.iri imoauu an I f K i ?ih- : ? ? t ? -'tit tu*?M-.r?. S it,-.r<-!: -M< - al-t, ) , .? r a', m ik i. ti.eiu m t,rry re-i>-ct FIRST ' I.A>> SEC1 Kllir.v K ? r? bv j>- in> ?i,.n t i L?*'a J lin?*>n A (' ,-?? . |>. r : >l - K lly, E?i., S i t .i M-'r"p- li' <n B i ' . WaaMagMgi 9.C.; !(? i J M Br^twad, Ac ';?l C'-utro'ler, Wa^hinK )' . E'!? ?<!?! C. ?i k. E-1 , ArtliitfCt C. S. C.ip ii, I, M ?-ltinet' ti, l? C. tu*rl7-3t.i 'T'I a KATIORAL BAKE Of THMIUSIUU J <?', rii, tot 7tb ami D?tr(*t>.) OPEN FUOil lO A M TO 4 P M dttir 1/ < HAS. BRADLEY. C^h^r pftK^lAS AMERICAS SAVINGS B.V > I \J So. OrruMU t?c Bsc*, b ? r?. > *. it. tt < f. in. S<itarila;j up< ^ ua dlSp.c. . to rccr i?e ?tejr->t? ..T<Iy. Ift't'.t fai?i i'u ?!> Cvlk<tioD9 mailt- 3 ?jrhr i s- fm>>h-il. JOHSF1T2. V - lent. A. EBERI.Y. Y. P.Vt, ? .F MATTiiuLY^c .c E. P&?VII6iijCaiits'r ? Jt, 6H> AW'iAl I. Late Cvl'r Interual h \ , B':!la: -, S. V KING UOCSE OF Nl II R k. ROOT. i4i?. p#:nk>ylvabia avenue, tOrp^sitc WiU?r>!'? H tel.) WASULNUTON.I) t 6!jp-rcti.? 'rtet-nraS: aed on bwteMiace<>?ir E bt per CNl tot r-,t allu?n4 M tl^p< sit T it ?i it'll r f. ?- . ( :i-.' .t., nii?i!f> ?it> ?li-rf a Jl r|'kC IRECDXAM'S ?AVI?iGS A>0 1 IRl>T?OMPA5iV. Bj-^V .lj Hgutr, k?. l?l>J P uiMjiTaiii* av-"l? e, "fp. nit-the Treaaory, PAYS SIX PER ? ENT. INTEREST. In 'rrrt H- *ns Ik' h"'rt'af E'rn Mon'k. PAYS Ful K P*.R CENT. <"i taaiuca* at u fruBi >late . f d?p>>>lt. i.? ???I CtUKfir*l*i ?t bfar.UK 6 and 4 Iter c t. ?ut-reat. a^ ailabin any a here, bAS? BRAKt H OITIt i's in all lar*e tawrr.- *.141 C.I .rn oX Die ?-u' (I ;:.<i !y.uu.Wt-?t. i'rnk 9 t. m. to 4 j?. m. Open nl traia) ai>?l d^.titr.tiy r.i2h;? fr >ip 8 * S ? 'cl-?k, tui??'hri-?i"P"rit?oi>Iy. Ca:i at tl?e K .u- r aett S fcr a c ty ol 11k t barter aad By-ia"??. jH-l JAY I ?OEi k I 0.7 PC Y AND SELL Ft'KFTGN EXCH ANGE a ,4 issrr t UCl LAR L 1.1 TEKs vW CRKL-1T 1 Train* r? <?i ^ <? am, pul of tt,-. uvUI Our I>. ,!*a c b JAY COOKE. Mr? CLLOCH X CU? LONDON, ?!? tae! *<l In an, ^art ot E\ola>D, lEELa!(l) *??! frtt ef tknt*. n,a: M U A-HIX.TDN t ITY ?AVI.N?4S UIMi " ? t 7f* >:*???! m?J Lout' tana ?rcaM>?, PATS b PER CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSiT. lnlfn-? c c>n.?-nc~e froa date of il'pmiti. D*p- can be made and Jrau n at will. ?)? rf J. A. RCFF. Tr^t.r.r.r Spring OptHins. UI 1; 1 L'MUM DEPAIJTMKNT. *E IN* ITE AN INSPECTION OF Oi l. i llol? v. SELECTION or WOOLENS FoR GENTLEMEN > EARLY SPRING WIAK. Oik tACJLITltS >'OK UlYlXU A PhK tMl'T FIT AMU HKST CLASS WOKKMAX SHIP Akk. C A SI' H PASS A" U. BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILORS, Kll tr Corner op 7rH ?in D Sr? 'I'ME RAPIDITY AND EASK WITH WHICH oted aid tba tr*i relieved, if ftiltn*. Tram ?.Bad Kaa?, Ac .at DR WHITES Evab 1, Hi U(a atrwt, oppuaite tba Trvaauiy, w q?tta aarprimnc to p?r*>u? ouaccaat^med to hia M*th<d of operating, which la eiitirely different from tAe old-time practice of tearine the tuyruw ma toa ?ail, or lancina deea iaU> the bnnion, adiatr?a?iii?ly aaioful Diet hud, at><f one which obliged the aulferwr ia go aboelraa, aud auaietiae* ..a cniubx, fur wwki OTMoutha, and ao dunb* tended to shorten life, at leM to Make tt far law fieaaant and oaefnl, but Dr. White'a op?rati>M ara rraqaeatly borne by children withoat coaaialat; there la little or ao pain, no luaa of tine, aud If acne bat satiable ibjee bo worn, tba tr tat ieat. area ia eztreata caaaa, affocta a perfect care, thoagh the fat boaag aaodao bp?tiatly Ooraa are liable to c<<aia occaaionally with area the beat ?ttiag aKoea, and ladaatrioaa paraoaa thiak there ia eooauuy of t;.ua, co?fjrt. and health la aaocca atonal rtat to the Chiropitfist; and it isa wellka^wa fact that thoaaaada of |tr*>M,auf of thm thooe ?at huaored ia pnblte aod arirato life, cow* froai Car and bear to Tint Dr. WhiteN Ratabhahaieet. U* y of whoa Dr. WhHa haa ?nltnltrl p?fi?<i->a fStr cuy. poWKRFCL OPERA GLASS EE. COMBINATION SPEfTACLR K. H UBMPLER. OFT1C1A.M, 41) P< aaa araaaa, ouraar ts wwi ?etoiLe Rraciiiaa Pebble dpactarlaa jaaM-ly at artoaot t. All gro P""?' 'sntfJwi/. la made trnm tba b<*t aaatertaia, bat zgisr ~ ?sp^8?v? 00 F" " %f?ihA*Z Bo. HIT P?IMTL*iU4A ?*A?i?? ?[?Ullaa SPECIAL NOTICES. The prfi-nl ??Tfrf aeaaaa has thor iict.lj te?%r-.| the virtn?? of Mrx. Jones' C-mgh Mixtare?thoai-ai.ds of bottles having been ?ed with certain snccess. It* trial ha* been most thorough. A mfr' cold or con^h or the m>st vated eases it has cnr?d with e?iwal ancrese. It ia n?t i hjectionable t-"> the taste, and ran therefore tw rratlily wl f r fhiMrm and p-rsom who object to nan?ra?;ng tuixtures, particularly an it a dose* ar nfciall aiid every dose contain* the germ of an ulti mate core. Ita valne in ad-awed cases or th is verging on consumption ninst notb" and?re?thmta1. Many such it ha* entirely rarvd, even cns.-s i>f a knowledged consumption. While it does notour ,i preatl) relieves, aad a large number of these n.f <r tunatis n-.w n!"e it for the great reli f it affords rh -m Wit a ('.'lil, (' ucli, Ii.flneuca, BrmchitH a ?* i.ew, t.r an? affection of the thr >&t or lu^gs yon can u-e nothing more reliable Prices?larg" *i/?. ?1; small, SO fta. For sale onl' by ARTHUR KaTTASS, Dru?ist. n>12-tr Comer 2>I and 1) streets northwest. Batchelor's Hair Dye i? the twwt in the worl. ; tbe only true ud perfect Hair Dye; no rMicnloit tint". n<- di?.?i<poiiituient, harml?#, reliable, in?; ?n tauei-us black or brown; at all druggists', Kid 16 Bi nd street, N'-w York. f3-?>oly A I'trl. A Cl-rgyman, while residing In Booth America, m missionary, umcov-red a sate and simple remedy for the core pf K'nnm Weakness. larly Decay, Dtwaa* of the Urinary and Setninal Orgasm, ard the whole train of disorders brought on br baneful and vicious habita. Great numbers bare been cure.! by this noble remedy. Prompted by a deaire to benefit the atTicted an 1 nnfortonate, I will send the recipe fur preparing and nai^g thit medicine, In a aealtd suvelcpi , to any uan who needs it, /Yv* tj Churr?. A lurcss, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, Bible flonsc, marB ly Mew Torh City. AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S iNEW OPtKA HOlSb. " Jl'HN T. FORD.? Prupnetor ami Maua^-r. GREAT SUCCESS OF THE CR.t.%0 EX.LIMI OPERA. TUESDAY. M ?rrh 26tli, 1*1 ABIT AX A. Ni"? EMMA HOW SOS, M s ZELDA SEQUIN, M r.KNk CLARKE, JollN CLARK. CI STATUS HALL, T BARTLEMAN, W.WHITE, Mr-. MASSEN. KI LL CHORUS AND OR?'HESTHA. S. BEHRKNS Musical Director. W EHNESDAY March 26?MAKTHA. Till BSD 4 Y, March 17?BOHEMIAN GIRL. FB1D\Y, March It?Be .-fit of Mrs. ZELDA SKGI IN. SATURDAY. GRAND M ATINEE. Seats can be *tcured at John F. Ellis"' Music S'ore sin I at the Opera Hou<e. ni2j FVcfEKTAlhMENT ANl? HOP bv the M P * M. DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION, it oI?I? It I.UiV S liALL, N.ivy )urd, on lb" )i' '> of MiiM'h. ni2S - |i I BmiLlX FAUW ELLIOMEKT. LINCOLN HALL, *S ATI'EDA ? EVENING, MARCH it * o'clock. MR. RL'BLNSTEIX will,on thi.? occasion, | !:.y li pieces. LAST AND FAREWELL M'PKARAN. . ii< anew and ni'ft !?ttr;w:i?e programme,of ANTON ar-^t living Hi >Ri V, i LM A\\ t?K I, tiic world-renowned Vi > Imijt. Ml e LIEPn ART, *ke c det.ratc.l London S pran >; Mt>N^ L REMblKLiNSKI. Ace ?mpani>?. It' *r< ? d S a *. .*2. Sale of >>-at? c ?;:inienc.^? \V 1 ?lai. Mar h r.t M'-ti'-rott 1 C<>."< M ;-icSi r ?. N'- i v a.p ?n ? n-c<5 h? liub*'tistein Concert. rn2> .l \l AIHIX6T05I TMCATKR iOHIQl E ** ( K i "iifb ?( re;-t, *i?atti Peniisvivania avei'i^ ) ( Adj' iui ? g the rearof Harvey'a Bestanrant.) \N l'NE?>rAI ED COM III NATION OFTVLENT AGGREOATION OH STARS. EiiBii^euielit i f the ifr?a? vei -x. ile ariiat-<, KA?;.\N AND ED\V\RDS, II W l u-ti.J u.:- < 8. Edwards?S M.uati n A- f-??<, Eihi- piati Pert II -rs, Cimim- Artiet*, C >iiii< '? oa'i-t-, Bnri?s<i !?* Orators, lTt?tmti-nt?ll?f , I i-'i. Dr. ch._ V cikep ari.i n-fiv Dialectic!*!#?th- ui ?( T. f-.*t'.e p. tT 'tni- r. i'ii the stiujo. i ..t m:i ce?s .f .|i.< .[ilv and 'iriginal Mr. F RED L LYaHTINE. in Lia bcuuiifnl p raniid ?? ). < ctiinkMlM an cess of t lie chiruiin* POLLY D\ l.Y. tl?.? at kii- ?ledge.1 Qiie<*n of Yocalixta. M i.!-. ALEXANDER BLANIHWSKI S N ?v Pal ? I T: Tije. (all) H|mM witfllen new la< - S' teen li^iid ? me la>li'- in two rrand original iui i s. La P ivnaise, and tuv ? >n*ati.>ual bali-.-t d"a> tivn- H"i.? !>? ?'? TBK KIR\LFY SISTSBS, tu.. line and Katie. T 1 Pi'k-r. Ott B in .iik. Hat R <oner. Ji'i^i I ? Ujfla". I: Jean Buckley. llattie Hastings. A,ldie Ur-li?ni. H irrlsi'ti. Linma llarris-in. N""ie A:-diews, :i;.d ? ur Ureal Novelty Company, Superb B'<ilet Ticupc in the l>eit bill . f the -MiMon. M ?tiner< WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY FRIDAY, M uch W. Farewell B uetit of P\T ROONEY m2? tf 'jldNo j On Exhibitian iNiw\?. 4*S { and Sala { ?3W vth St.I at f Tih St ?MARKKITER'S, Ho 4.19 7t^ srrwt, between D and E street*, eight dews above Odd Fellow'a Hall. Choice Oil Paintings, Engraviiigs, Chroaios. Ac. An.', laigest stork Pap<-r Usuginirs, Wind.w Pictarss, Frames, Pii-ture Corda and Tji ? ?*, Riiigs, Nailj. Ac., in the District. ?W-TtKMS CASH. Pleas n-m??iibt'r Nam" and Nisiber. jsl-Iy* LL BINDS or OAST-Orr WEARING AP PA KEL can Is- sold to the very be* ?dvantage b> addreesii * or calling on JliSTU, tI9 D street, between (th and 7th n. w. Note* by mail promptly attended to. Cash paid. flS i |LD~?OLD, SILYEB, BBA86, OOPPEB, Ei^, ' J I* i-.el t at fair price* for a N w York h U >n??hoid Fomitnre bonght and sold. Bote* by mtil pnnipCy attended to by ACGEBSTEIN, 14V? P*niisylvacia avsuna qtl-ly* BALLS. &c. |?OJ?T l'O.NLML^T <>N ACCOTKT OF THE IN< LEMEN* Y '?F THE WEATUER. THE UNION BALL OF THE REPUBLICAN" STATE ASSOCIATIONS IS POSTPONED UNTIL TlfcSOAY EVENING, APRIL 1. m25 A M. CLA PP. Chairman of Committed G ?RAMI iKARlTY BALL. THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL for the Benefit of THE CH I LDRENS HOSPITAL * ill be git en. under the au?pices of the Directors of tliut i n-I it lit ion. in MASONIC TEMPLE, on tile evening of TUESDAY, the 15ih of April next Tk kets. admitting a gentleman and lady, $3 00 eac It. n 17-tf |Chmn. R> p. A Snndav papers copy 1 LECTURES. | E C T I R E . THE POSTPONED LECTURE OF DR. TIFFANY, w ill take plac* at PROVIDENCE CHAPEL, Co? i i r I ' nd *1 stieeta northeast, on TUESDAY EYEMMJ. Mar? li iii. at 7 o'cl'k p. m. aill ii* |)RSS3 SHIRTS. Six PALMER'S PATENT DOUBLE YOEE SHIRTS, ready-made, for |N.DI. Six PALMERS PATENT DOUBLE YOEE SHUTS, made to order, at |U, til, or |M. LOCK WOOD, HC FT* ft TAYLOR, ?S3 PBNBSYLTABIA AVENUE. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS. 1M doge. LADIES 00TT0M IKIBT8 at ? Wis each. IB* doxan LADIES COTTOX CHEMISES at I cents each. M Soaen LADIES COTTOB DBAWBBS at ? cent* each. * 100 doten LADIES K1GBT DRESSES at ?1. t aarh. AT LOt R WOOD. ML FT Y fe TAYLORS, I t? tr 0?3 PENNSYLVANIA AVEND1. nROPBEAD * CO . ISO^Fsireot. but anil sell, for cash, at the lowest mark*tpricea. Call aba examine their stock. winl-M L 1ME ! LIME ! LIME I p. .t WO. d i nrnt LIME at t?l per barrel,deli*ar?S in all pert? of th? city . TIIOM AS FAHEY.ltfch street, n.14 In * near bs-au-sMy. nurUsweat.^ IMPUIPIS" mirv i great igdnc?Maeiit^l EVENING STAR. V/ashingtonNewgand Gossip. Internal Revbbcr.?The receipts from this source to-day wrrr R2.f0.?l 1.32. Mrh. Senator Morton is very Rick, and the S? nator leaves to-morrow for liS home at In tiiana]>oHs whether the Senate adjouru- or not. The commutation fafkr? iu the case or O'Brien bad not been received at the jail at 3 o'clock this afternoon. This Grand Union Ham. of the state as^. i atii.ns at the Inauguration Ball building has necessarily been postponed, on account of the inclement weather, until Tuesday next, the 1st of April. Til* seat lately occupied by Mr. Caldwell in the Senate, next to that of Senator Chandler, has been taken by Senator Jones, of Nevada, who put hfc name ?lown for it before the resig nation of Mr. Caldwell was handed in. Thi Cabinet mkktino to-day was attended by all the member*. It is understood that the action of the railroad companies in threatening to withdraw the postal ears on the 1st of April come up for disenssion during th<? session. The District Indebtedness The Gr>v ernor and l?oard of public works have had under consideration and perfected a plan, which will be developed in a few days, by which ail claims against the District government will be adjusted to the satisfaction of all concerned. Gen. J. B. Gordon, the new Senator from Georgia, was called to the chair this morning by Vice President Wilson, and presided over the Senate a short time while tlie Vice Presi dent wmt out. This is the lirst time that an ex-contedcrale has filled the Vice Presideut' chair. TheWhite House.?Senators Allison, Scott, Hitchcock, McCrcery, Howe, Carpenter, Mitchell, Chandler, Lewis, and Stewart, and ex-Senator Yates hail interviews with the I're*'. <!ent to-day. The nu mbers of the railroad con vention now in session here called in a bodv to pay their respects, and were received by th ? President in the East room. A Double Coj.fiu.mation.? In executive session of the Senate yesterday, Senator West. 01 Louisiana, moved a reconsideration of tli vote by which .James F. Casey was confirm ?d as collector Of the i>oit ot N?-w"< ?r!eaiis, and l!i ? motion was carried. A lonu a 'bate Clis ted,.*!', I when the vote wa< reached the Senate again confirmed the nomination. Senate Cos firm \ moms.?The Senate, in executive session, yesterday confirmed a num ber oS nomili.itHoi-1, among them the t'ollo'vi i,; A. H. 15 arnes, associate justice of the suprem j court. Dakota territory; Uobert Kelien.oi tto l>istiict of Columbia, con-ill h; St. .Martin'-, West Indies; ?fo.. ph G"rgi--???, coile -;or nf ?-.\ - tons at Petersburg. Va.: Win. C. McGow.iu, Io-tmaster at Kllieott ritv, Md. The reporters' gau.kut in tho Sen it - chamber i.- to l>e enlarged bv t xking in the sho?' seat.- al'oiiinj it in tli ? ladies' gail rv on left. Lv this addition about twenty addit> jti".i seats will be ;? 11?t? ? 1: l?it the committee oi rules, now having cl'itrg-' ot the gallery, .n ? det- rni)ii''d that none but le jttimat<? new -j?r .r men employed t?y papers. and ii lvuijj authority to r<>pt sent tiuim, s';*;: be admitted to gallery. Won't Take tiii Back Pav The Akron (Ohio) Beacvn announces that Congressman da-. Monroe, of that state, will refuse to receive L;s g5,tX*? of back pay. and that both he and Con gressman Upson will restore the monev to the Treasury in sach a way as to bar all I'utiire claim- to it. The Hartford Con runt says that Cien. Hawlev left his back pay allowance to r>? tuiw to the Treasury at the close of the tUoal jtor, July 1. What Senator Cameron Know* About a Witness in the Clayton Case The door* of the Senate were reopened at halt-past i o'clock yesterday afternoon, and Mr. Canier.a took the floor and remarked, in reference to a young man named McConnel, one of the prin cipal witness* against Senator Clayton, that he w as a Pennsylvania!! and he knew him well, and that anything he should say was utteriy unworthy of'credit, sad that if'his evidence was to be relied on it was useless to spend a minute upon it. The Senate then adjourned. Tilt Extra Session of the Senate Draw ISO to a Close.?When our report closed in the Senate this afternoon, the Clayton case w is being discussed; ami it seemed to be the im pression that a vote would be taken after one or two Senator- had spoken, and that an executive se-sion would then 1>.- held to act upon the nom inations laying over, all of which might be dis posed oi to-night and an adjournment ??/<<? 'i> l<e made. It is not probable that the session will continue over to-morrow, at any rate. In eoMSEQi ENCK of the similarity of nun's and the fact that the two gentlemen lived nearly side by side on the same street, no little confu sion of identity has been occasion In regard to Mr. J. C. Kennedy, who died tflis morning. a:id Mr. J. C. G. -Kennedy. This has caused to day a large number of calls at the residence of the latter under the supposition that he had died. The deceased, Mr. J. C. Kennedy, wis late of Albany, New Yoik. Mr. J. C. G Ke n nedy is an old "resident of Washington, and formerly Superintendent of the Ceitcus. Congressional Work.?Although the last session of Congress was a short one, there w as an immense amount of work done. In the Senate there were J!)l written reports from committees on various bills, making a total of fit during tho Congress; a larger num ber than in any ses-ion for many years before. Some of these retorts?those of the investigat ing committees especlallv?were very long. At the "Oth Congress, in the Senate, there were but 178 reports; at the 4utb,27a; aud at the iist. M The Tost a l Car Tkoi blk?A sj>ecia' agent of the Post Office Department left this morning for New York, for the purpose of adjusting the difficulties between the Postmaster General and the railroad companies in relation to the with drawal of the postal cars. A number of prom inent lawyers have expressed the opinion that if the companies do carry ont their threat the Postmaster General, under the law, will be jus tified in proceeding by force to compel them lo rnn such cars. A Sillt Canard ?There is uo truth what ever in the statement in the morning papers that the Postmaster General desires all late contsactors and postmasters who have balances, aggregatiug between 92,<>00,000 and #3,000,000, standing to their credit at the Post Office De partment to come forward and get their monev. The "late contractors and postmasters" evi dently means antt bellum officials, for whose payment there has been no provision made by Congress. The impression at the Department is that some claim agent has b?en " putting up a job" on the morning papers. A Wholesale Business.?The second of nine examinations to 111 forty ftm.-class clerk ships in toe Treasury Department was held to day at toe examination room*, No. 1328 F street. About sixty-five candidates hare been sum moned for each day, making over five hundred and fifty in all. But two or three vacancies will be filled from each of the first eight exam inations, the remainder being reserved for toe last day. The names and standing of those who pass toe minimum standard of sixty per cent. ? on the first eight days, but fail to ha appointed, will, however, be carried forward to toe list made up for toe ninth day, so that the forty persons standing highest on the whole iist will be certified for toe vacant places. Boabds ot Sttrvbt Appointed.?Section 3 of toe river and harbor hill provides that the Secretary of War may detail one oe more engi neers to inquire Into and report upon the prac ticability of bridging the channel between Lake Huron and Lake Ens at such points as may he needed fur passing railroad trains, Jfcc. Accord ingly the Secretary this morning appointed Majors G. K. Warren, C. B. Comstock, God frey Weitsel, and W. E. Merrill; of the engi neer corps, to perform this duty. The Secra tarv of war has also appointed Colonel J. C. Woodruff", Lieut. Col. H. G. Wright, Ltsot. Col. John Newton, and Lieut. Col. J. D. Kruts, a board of engineers to make examination and l survey of the Delaware river, near ttie Horse shoe Shoals, and report npon the fjastbility and expenfe of the plan a?lopled for the prevention and removal uf obstruction* in the river at an I near that point. 1 fee ( n?f of Krnator E?irj . i nr. <: mhitttk report adversely tja sbn AToRIAL INVESTIGATION. The committee on privilege* and election*, to whom wan referred the in- m >rial of thirty s veil members of the Jli.'s nri legislature in ri-cml to the election of I>ouis V. Begy to the Senate of the United States from that state, Lave bad the same under consideration. The memorial sets forth that the recent examina tion by a n.mnuttee appointed by the house of representatives of the legislature of Missouri touching the corrupt use of money in the elec tion of Mr. Bogy was imperfect; that It was not full and fair, and that, in the opinion of the memorialists, if the investigation had been conducted with luore vigor.and with a purp.?s. of revenling the real facts of the ease, other an-l more important evidence would hvre been pro duced showing that tliero *as corruption in Mr. Bogy's election. The memorial, however, does not state that additional facts can be jroved, nor indieate with any certainty the cliaiaeter of the new evidence that may bts produced. The committee understand that tli.? otdv duty which they have upon this reference is to report to the Senate whether the memo rial presents such facts as would justify the S< nate in instituting an examination in regard to the election of Mr. Bogy, and are of the opinion that it does not. Such a proceeding is of a grave character, and should not be set o?i foot without such a statement of the evidence that could probably as would appear to make it the duty of the Senate to proceed to an in vest igatio'n. The evidence taken by the committee of the legislature of Missouri'also accompanies the memorial, and ha* been examined by the com mittee. It is not the province of the committee upon this reference to inquire w hether judg ment pronounced bv the House of Representa tives of the Missouri Legislature upon this evi dence was correct; but they express the opinion that the evidence is not of a character to re quire of !he Senate an investigation. Tbeconi mittee therefore ask to be discharge from the further consideration of the memorial and the evidence touching the election of Louis V. Bogy to the Senate of the I nited State.-*. Senator Conkmko, who went to Xew York on Saturday, has returned, and was in his seat in the Senate chamber to-day. Naval Ori>krs.?Lieutenant Commander ?I. B. Coghland has been detached from the Hydro graphic Office and placed on waiting order; Lieutenant Fernando P. (tilmore and Boatswain .lames Na?h from the Pcmacola iiul placed 011 w aiting orders. Gkn. Whittlesky, formerly an ortieer of the Freednien's Bureau, was this morning conveyed to the government insane asylum. The Cien- ral has been suffering for ?some time past with p ? raly-ls. and went to the asylum for trealiu* nt, under the advice of his physicians and friend-. English Opera.?uii account of the ho ?-s^ netis of Miss Hose Hcrsee, the opera of" Fr.i Diavola," was substituted lor " Lucia di L.un rmoor,"' at Wall's ??p-ra House la^t ni ;ht. Not m itbstandmg the prevab'iie** of the equi tial sto;m, a lair and appreciative a^dien'-c witnessed this initial performance of the com pai y.and except for the disapoointment can?ed by the change of opera, would have been welt sat st'nd. >1 i>s lio\wn was very pleasing as ? /.tilip.i," but Mr. Bowh-r hardly so satisf.ic. to \ as '-Era Dinvolo." Of Mr. ant Mrs. Sej? i,u ?s Loul and Lady Allcash it is hardly neces-arv to >peak in eommendatioti, as every opera-c-?<t in Washington is familiai'with their excewett and \ere j<ii? sing impersonation of the English milord ami his ci quettish wife. 1'o-ninht vre arc jironii- d " Mari'atn," vvi'i a tine c.i.-t. The President an<l tauiily hav<; eiigi.t< U a l'0-t for this evening. Nomination* nv the Pr.E>inSSI'-Tlie President sent the lo'lowing nominations to th : Senate to-day; B. P. llayes, assistant treasurer of the United Stnu.- at Cincinnati, ?>hio. Cheney B. Proutv, coil ctor of customs at Saluria. Texas, duo. A. Campbell, of Wvoniing, Governor of Wvotning territory. John Minor ltice, Proiessorof "in** - matics in the navy. K. S. Hammond, of New Jersey, affent for Indians for Colorado river agency, Arizona. .L A. Tonncr. of Arizona, superintendent of Indian affair*, Arizona. .fa>. A. Sommei ville. of Alabama, receiver of pub lic moneys at Mobile, Ala. John M. Farland, of Michigan, receiver of public moneys at l?e tro t. Michigan, fie Tge W. Ingalls, of Illinois, agent for Pi-l*te Indians in Southeastern Ne va''*. l\.t nia.< 'fj-t?.Joseph R. Blackwell. I.itehfedd, 111.; Wm. S. 1'tley, llaciue, Wis.; Win. S. leisure, Griimeil, Iowa; Mr*. Marv F.. Baker, Brockport. N. Y.; C>rus Hall. Shclhvville. III.; PerTT P. Wilson, Putnam, f'oun.; Tindil II. '.'niain. Constantino. Mich.; Edwin A. Clifford, Kvaiiston. III.; Ceorge L. Torher'. Dubuque, Iowa; L. B. Johnson, Cambridge City, Ml.; Clias! C. Miller, Pen Van, N. V. The Pennsylvania Coal Trai>e.--Coal i> row scarce, the trade having been Inten upt/sl the current mouth bv one holiday, (St. Pat rick's,) some bad weather, a want ot the neces sary supply of ears as well as of vessels, and th* continuance of high freights. It is understood that what Is known as the " i<ool have ll\ed the prices of coal for April just the same as they are now in March, and that broken coal is so'.d up to the supply. The trade continues a littl^ slaek by reason of the high prices of coal and freights as compared with this time last year. The charges in wages, etc., in getting coal to Port Bichmond are about cento per ton higher than last springs, and freights, by scarcity ot vessels, have advanced fully as much more, making the cost of eoal to consumers Vho re

ceive their supply by boat *l..r?o per ton hf j'ier than a year ago. The demand for ceal is n lie slow, consumers wincing and waiting for *er nrices. which are not a* lively to come as could l>e dt sired.?I'h i'ad'-ljth i't Km raordinary IniM Importations.? Si:cli is tLe activity at the custom-house, from the extraordinar\ 'importations just now, that the employes of the government can hardly get through the work. It is said the average daily receipts from duties at the New York custom house since the first of the month have amount ed to half a million of dollars, and this, not withstanding the average reduction of about lo per cent, in the taritV since last spring. An in come from customs at the rate of fifteen mil lions a month at this port alone showrthat there need be no fear of a deficient revenne. Indeed, there will be. probably, a very large surplus r< vtnue at the end of the fiscal year. These en ormous imiK>rtationsshow also the great wealth and prosperity of the country, as well as the extravagance of our j?eople.' We may antici nate a very active trade throughout the' spring. Loth in thfo commercial metropolis and all over the country A'. I". lbrnld, 21 th. Bhookiyx War Aoaisat Si nday Bk::u The pastorsof the Brooklyn churches yester !a> gave notice to their congregations that ther ? U a bill before tli* legislature to legalize the sal-of lager beer on Sunday, and they called on ev srv Christian aixl temperance man, woman, and child to nnite?lly oppose the passage of the *;*t. and urged them to attend a mass meeting t > be held to-morrow evening, at which the sus;ect is to be thoroughly discussed. The temper nice societies and churches of the eitv have ttken hold of the subject vigorously, and say rtiat they will defeat the bill.?.V. V.'Sun. 2-ifA." The Fqi'inoctiai. Storm, ami a dlsageeable one it is, spreads over a large extent of country. The signal service reported vesterday after noon heavy snow prevailing at Milwaukee and Breckenridge, light snow at Omaha, Chicago. I>eaver, Duluth and St. Paul, sleeting at Davenport, heavy rain at Lake City, light rain at Lynchbarg, Pittsburg. Indianapolis and Jacksonville, threatening weather at Cape May' Charleston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Grand Haven, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Nashville, Cairo, Leavenworth and Toranto, clearing up at Louisville and St. Lonis. Ms. Ralph Waldo Ehiuoi in London was the guest succesrively of Mr. Carlyle and Mr. Tennyson. In Florence and Rome he was welcomed by the English and American resi dents there with distinction. It Is expected that Mr. Emerson will return to America in the spring. ?T'William M. Tweed has been reflected president of the A merle us club, in New York. VA Boston gentleman keepethe small pox hospital liberally supplied with flowers. 17"A Richmond school boy has bod bis leg broken by a stone thrown by a playmate. 9TAn Iowa clergyman has been stealing Bibles, and giving them to the unregenerated. ?^The female public school teachers of Michigan are on a strike. 17 The King of Portugal has sent the Order of 8t. James to Thiers. 'The hornet is beaatifully defined to be the red hot child of nature. VThe late Lord Bnlwer Lytton kit personal property to the amount of g Ms ,000. ^Billings says 44All snake* travel on the under side of themselves." BTTu'.l dress for an Apache bride is an oyster shell uecklace. Now l*nhliratlnii*. Ml'TI UK" <'S LIGHT P?iiv r?l IntheV'ii' S'liiff in IJl-VJ. B.t J 'til. T vnAall, L b.P , F H S, Pri f"**'!." of Nvmal Phil ? ph* ti Ui h' jr?l Instiuti ii N>-- V?-t k I?. A relet"ti & C ?. | Through J. Siiillin(ti h | This if a I.aii IsoiU' ly priuted clir*!! e<liti?n o: Prof. Tvndall's lecture* in this country, vel ii lust rated. TURNING-POINTS IV LIFE B> th F- d tkk Art It). B. A., Clin* Church. Oxf <rd. X-* Y rk: Harper A Br.?. |ThreuehJ (' Parker } The theory of Dr. Arnold'* book is that there are untptestionably ??turning-points"' both in the hi*tory of the race ami in the history of th" individual. Such are the great battles, the great revolutions, the great discoveries of his teiy. Kach art, each science, has its "turning points"?its moments. Such are evermore to be found in the lives of individuals. These turning-points are not mere accidents. They have generally a moral significance and ar< fiat.glit with special Icatons. GODOLPIIIN. A Novel. By El?:?rd BuUrr. <L"i<l Lytu n). New York:^.r A Br<>?. | Through j.C. Parker | The death of Bulwer has given a revived in terest to his works, which is met by these re prints by the Hari>ers. THK LAWKKSt'F.S; A Twenty Y'-an' Bi-' Bj Chart. tte Turtibull. Svw York. The Aiuen can N* >?- Company. An American story of the seattery sort, in which the fortunes of two seta of lovers aie conducted over two continents and through two wars?the Mexican war and the war of the rebellion. The narrative has some life, and were the story eompresscd into half the space it might have considerable claims to readable lies*. LA SEVILLE, or Sulxtauce ami Shallow, h Mary H->alj , author of "A Sumniur'a R eutu-". ' tc. New York: D. Appleton A Co. [TUroiuhJ. MifllingtonJ HAXI? BOOK OK SOCIAL ECONOMY, <??* Worker's A. B. #1. By Edmond Ah.ut. (Trail* luted from th" last Fr- ncU Editiou.) New Y >rk P. Appleton A Co. f Through Jos. Shiilingtou | l'liis book is the result of a correspondence between M. Edmond About, the brillian' French writer, and a nuni'ier of Parisian work ir.en,wl.o addressed hiiu in regard to sever..' problems in which they were personally luiei - ested. They desired to ascertain whether, b\ associating together or otherwise, they couM not materially better their condition. Tliev a\cwcd themselves ignorant of the doctrine* o political economy generally currcnt and Ac cepted among educated and thinking Under various heads, as ??Money," ??Wages. ' "Strikes,??Corporation,'' "Production," ? ? S.? vingp and Capital,"|M. About gives th - inior matior. sought, with all the skill for which lie i> preiminent as a poptilizer of hard facta. I! holds liis way dispassionately between and Labor, advises against strikes, argues for Iree-trade, and denounces t'e Protective Sy* t< m, shows the ?dvan!a;<, ration, an I handles each subjeet in ' v e.\Ceci i , cander, fullness, and Intelligcn e. TIIE GREATEST PLAGl K <?" Lilt. r. 1 , Adoiiinri'tui ? I.h>i> in Si.! . li ot ,i \i?llt. 1' ' I) I.Mil) who )l U ? II. -I '?? II (| t?d?ath.'' Philadelphia: T It I' UnmaA i. - 11 lir<>UKli Jos. .ii | A reprint in cheap form of M ivhew's clever picture of the trouble* ot young housekeeper.-. JESSIE S WoliK, or. Faithfulness in I. Thins-'. A St<>i> for Girl?. I<* Mar> E. Shi| B -li i: Henry lloyt (Through W:u. 15 .1, . . t>ne.| THK SERVANT GIRI.-oF THE PERIOD Tift. < REAThsT PLAGl E OF LIFE Whs' Kr. J&Ma P * Learu* d of II >nse! P.* < liai lee N' W Y."rk' J >' Redtield. ( Through \\ u?. ^aliitlitjfce J The title of this would give the idetf d ' a plagiarism upon May hew. It is, however, >;: a different atlair, being the pathetic story o: i:i American housekeeper's exi?ericncea wi;l? lie genus servaut-gal. AN' OPEN' grKsTIltX. A Novel. B? Ja n Mill'', aiilli'-r of " The Lady of tin? !<???.' l lie American Bamn," ete. N w Y<>rfc l>. Ajjpl' u A <'o. |Through J. iMhillineton. | A melo-dramatic novel, with incident enough to suit the most exacting reader. C ALAMA, or. The IS ^^ar^,(:;le F uinbT* h ? I'nt. Ii Republic.) By J II. I>e N ? Y'.rk: Scrilmer, Armstrong & Co. iThro ivh J ShltliBftOB.] . A well-narrated Listoricil novel. THE C0NSTITI TIONAL HISTORY OF KN'i LANK. From the secessi n ol H-oiry VII i.iilf <te?i h of Gfortfe 11. IHenry ll:tllain. L.L I'., F. R. A. 8. N'-w York; ll.n p'-r k Bros. | T ir -co J. V. Parker.] In this edition the editor, l>r. William Smith, has incorporated the author's latest addit' > i? ami corrections, and has adapted it to the u?e of students. Uy leaving out foot-notes and ab breviating tome of the less important remark*, the work has been comprewed into one con e nient volume. THE PILOT: A Tale of lh? S -a. B J. F nn m r. < ?M'p. r. I'liMtrated tr im drawings l?y F. o C. l?arle>. New V"rk: P. Apph'ton .v t >. (Ti*i ? ijh J. shilllnctou | From the humlsomoly printeil new illustr< id edition of Cooper's novels by Appleton & Co. SANTO DOMINGO P VST ANP PRESENT. ? ill ?a Glance at Hayli. B S tum 1 lla/ar l. auttiir i.f '?Cuba w ith Pen and Pencil. ' New Y -?rk: II ^er A Bros. 1 Through J . C. Parker.J The wTiter. who is known as the author o." a popular and really valuable Illustrated work in Cuba, has brought together in a contiuuou- iml condensed form for the benetit of the geu al reader a large mass ol facts'connected with ' Ue history of the Island of St. Domingo t roin it* discovery by Columbus to the present titn il lustrated very pleasingly and serviceaMy by sketches of his own, together with photogra Us and engravings gathered from various .juar rs. It is just the book for the period. TO THE BITTER EVP. A Novel R\ MM. E. Rraddoii. New- York: llarp*-r a: i; ?*. | Throngli J . C. Parker. | The latest production of the author of "Aurora Floyd." MIRIAM ROSENB \TM. A S ?ry of J. ? ?! ! fe. By the Re\ I):. Etd?rsh*kiii. B ?*t"n; u .(rj Hoyt. iThrinigli 'A'illiam U illaatvn, .] A religious story, by the author of ??lto.>'>ie and bis mother." SO-'.PR El'QEN IE. th ? L;fe aa 1 L -?t*r- f * v ?i of Charity. Baltimore: .lolm M.irph- .. \>. | Through O A. Bi miun | By the author of "A Sketch of the Life o; S. Paula." THE LIFE ANP APVENTI RE* ?^F Nl- 10 l.AS NIt.'KLICBY. By Ciiirld i)ick-ui. York: Hariri .v Bros. From the new vride-paged, illu trated e l ;ion of Dickens' works issued by the H?rper?. Yhe illustrations in tlis volumes are by C. S. I: .u hart. ?r - Indiana is agitated by reason* of rum >r- m plieating mi mbers of its' supreme court i t he reception of briltes from a railroa<l com niv, intended to inflnence their action in ? c ? ? ii which the company was interested. The mrl has ordered an investigation. The Mirsocki Hovsk rejected the bill g ing to the Jury in the mnrder cases the Optio be tween death and imprisonment as punish .oeat. The senate had passed it. The chief oWr <y?t the criminal conrts in St. Louis approve tti nil. and it may be reconsidered In the house. The boss or Eat* at Manchester. K. I" . re fused to parade or give dinners and ba' ast Monday, hat proceeded with their nsn ? dlv labor, and devoted the proceeds of St. Pa k'? day's work to the establishment of a Cs die home and hospital at Manchester. Corneal, roa Stocks made appii on vesterday In the court of oyer and term - in New York, to show cause whv the JmU - *at record in the ease should not he amend'-., on the ground that it does not iuclade mate ial facta. The court took the papers. Killso WatLB Plating Ha*gi\ . -A Cth in Denver*, Mass.. aged 14, plav. 1 at iging on Satarday, using a wheel bar r. tt.i a idstform, which turned over, and he wi >oti after found dead. Alcxaxdk* J. Feswii k, who was to !mv been hanged at San Diego on Fridaw Jo- thr murder of Charles Wilaon,dted in jail yeeti-: ?v probably from poison. Car*. Jack sent a sjua* to the Klamath In disns Inviting them to join him. He save that as soon as the grass zrow* be will leave the lav* beds, burn the rsnehes. ami kill the settler*. Knn?? kt electa, August i. a at Ue trea nr-r awl legislature. The democratic eonven* ei I ralkdto meet at Fianklvit May I. EXECUTIVE SESSION OF THE SENAT Ti r?t iT, March 'i ho Senate uiit at 10.36 r. m. Mr. Molten ulM ip tkt rMtlalwi iulmit til l>y li'iu veste iday tcnJi ring thrronirttula tiom ot tbe Scnat? to the (ovrtiMnt of Spai tor its abortion of sUveiy in IVrto Kno, and WW {<SSae<! Mr. Antbony. from the committee on print ing. n resolution to print lor the use oi Senators l.Jof Copies of too last agricultural rfwirt Adopted. Mr. Alcorn asked leate to report a re?o!atio authorizing the St n?U' committee on the ieve? - of the Mississippi to sit during the rw??. ii*1 ?|oke of the gieat importance of the ?ul>j?ft. Mr. Ferry (Conn.) oW'-cM, as he said it w?* in the nature of legislation. Mr. Wlndom thought if the Senate had the right to ai>(oint committees at this mviou, there could be no objection to their gathering information. As there waf- no quorum present, Mi. Aleaini did iiot press lis resolution. The Senator tun took np the resolution IXOS ER ATI KU tC. CLAlTVk, OS ARKAXSAS, firm tlie cbargts made against him. 1 he minority rej?ort submitted t.y Mr. Nor woed, claiming that the charge* against Mr. Clayton acre nistained w a* then read from tUe desk. Till! CARE OF ACVATOR ROeiv. M'hrnthc read Ing of the re|>ort ? a* conclude.I. Mr. Morton, from tlie committee on privilege and elections, submitted a rej>ort in reference to the memorial ol m< ini-ersol the iegidat irt- ??t Missomi making charges ol bribe r\ in the elec tion ot Mr. Hogy an Senator from that state, asking to be discharged from the further consid eration of the matter, on the ground that the eviilem e accompanying the memorial was not of a character to justify any action ou the part of the Senate. The committee was then, by a unanimous rote, discharged troui the farther consideration ot the subject. K''solutio?>s were adopted authorizing pay ment of per diem to the page* aud committee clerks to April 1 >tli. Mr. Itoreiiian otleie<l a resolution authorising the chief ebrk to revise the manual .md to print 1 .MA copie-s of the name. Adopted. Mr. Anthony then asked to take up his reso lution authorising Mr. Patte>rson. bite Senator from New to make a *tat<>ui.-nt in reference to the cl.arges against liim. to Ik printed ill the <*ongr? s?i(>tial i rit. lint Mr. Norwood took th ? floor on t ... ? t case. llrmikljN'k ttyMerloiii Jlurder. n HO ASHAPSIK A TED M K (K*ODBK'M'.' The mystery surrounding the cn*e of Charlt tiiodricb, brother of Hon. W W. 4>oodri< h. who was found dead in the basement of his 'louse in Brooklyn, N. Y., on Friday a imini; ia^t. has not yet lieen cb-and up. Two Itrook Ivndtlctlitts were in New York eltT yrster day, and returned to Brooklyn with a N-w York man w ho luid had bn*ine*s relations with OimvI rich. The curoiier. ?ii-t r i?-t iHornev.4<?t?vttve~ and the stranger had several consultations dn - ?ng the day. 1 lie officials decline to make pub lic the re.Milt ot the consultations, or to nay i the >tranger is under atr??t. I?i?trirt Attorn v'in said veMi nhv afternoon. am pretti w.ll satisfied a-to the persons who committed this murder, it we can pet hold of them." T'u in<|Uest i>i the e*.-?j wu* adjourned t?? Ft 1st to give the ofiicers time to prndu - material wiine mm. TnroRT or thr nrcitBK. The New Ycrk ?tournal of Commerce say- ? The washing of the l.'ood from tbe foreii? . i, and the cart with which the body c?na noaed, do not imlicate the work of a burg' tr. In the absence of anything like a sufficient ex planation of the murder, a number ot circum stances. trivial in themsclV'K and as yx-t qni c unconnecU-d with the assa-siiuUion, hive be :i much talkeil about. The ?leceas?''1 boarded 5a?t summer with a familv in New Yoik, and ?i occasionally absent uiglitsatid at timlor s v eral days together, sometimes giving the lam v to undcrstaud that he wasaetained in Drojk! .ii by business coum-ctM with th'* building of inn houses. He was iu the hab.t of receiving 1 -t tcrs from one or iwo lady correspond n?. The same summer a resident of the nei li borhexxl .treijuenttv noli^-^d & mau whom l?vlis;veg to haye' be-en Mr. <}->odrich. - t ting witL a IimI.v on the stoop of one of the untenanted houses of the liegraw street rox. Tbe e\eningof February- l.? the cries ot a woman remonstrating w irli some one who wa? beating ber weri* heard from the b:i<eiu ut of the Kiruf hottse, ami a few minutes later a mm. not differing mur-h in sire from tiic deceas <t. * as seen to come out. Mr. (ieMdrich was s ? n with a scratch on his face. Mid seemed a little annoyed at lacing rallied ou the subject of the affYay. Some persons had maUtia! eno.igh here "to construct a comi?lete theory of th? m ?r der. quite inconsistent, however, with the ex cellent reputation always (torn-? by the <!>? cea.-< d. Several persons are positive that they saw Goodrich oil a 5th avenue car Thur-Uy night, and the aj>i>earaiiee of the body when found was not such as to imlicate that tu Ii i i risen hastily. It is, therefore, inferred that the morder must have been committed after eu\ ligbt Friday morning. A I.AST YKAR'S MtRDEtJ M V?muV t'LKVR Kiil r In September last year an oUt I ?. iy living in Clituon county, la., w brutaiiy m u - elertd f?r the sake, as "it wa? supposed, of curing some 11,"410 in casta, which she h i<t i?? ceived the dav before. No clue to the m ird -r er existed at the tim". but suspicion shortly a' ^er fell upon a rough named H. K. Hagen, who not long alter tbe m>irder left the village. M >utiis after a letter caiue to the jK?*t-otlice nearest t.j the scene Of tlie murder, the address upon wu oh was recognised te? be iu the hand-writing of Hag. n. The letter was opened. and it was learned from its contents that Hagen wa? at work in a mill in Fiilmoie county. Neb. A depu ty sheriff was dispatched to arrest him. He d'ief so. ami wheu arrested lU^'u broke down, wept ami begged for mercy. Hagen. who is *u American, al?ont twentv-five years of a^e. ahamlonei! his family when he' disapjM-at <-?l from Clinto county last fall, ami when be was arrested it was found that hflia-i mariied anoth lerVoiuau in Ne'brasVa. Dmtixctioji of Colou?The new social e<|Uality law of .Arkansas h;u> already ha i a big hole knocked into it by the Memphis and Arkansas river packet ee'im|*any. Said com pany. rather than admit the colored <-leur t.t to the cabins of their ttca;ners,J have closed t ii ? same and refused to receive any but deck pas sengers. Their risbt to do this, and even their right to invite sucli of their passengers a- ta-?y may clieiose- to share the cabin with tlieirofficer's cannot be questioned under any of tbeunuii rous amendments to the constitution, nor tin ior any ol the queer laws passed for the enio. ee iu' nt thereof.?Nittvuri R', H<?i an Thf Erie "Sell Oi*t."?At the Erie investi gation iu New York yesterday Mr. S. L. M. It it low, one of the Erie" directors and counsel ior the company, testified that when Mr. Lane, one of the old directors, was calleel upon respecting tlie pro|>osed change of management he wanted a million and a half of dollars. Mr. Barlow sue ceeded in having the ainouut reduced, alter communicating with McHenry, lo *W).flO(t B< sides ttiis amount there was paid ft.iO.nnn to s Mr. O'ltorherty. and these*, excepting what was paid Sickles and to miscellaneous counsel, were all tbe sums be knew of having been paid. A ?i>"Grt.AR law si it has been brongiit in Boston. When the Kussian Duke Alexis was entertained in Music Hall, in HC1, the bust of Benjamin Franklin was knocked Irom its pedes tal, and struck a lady on the bead, indicting in juries which for some time required medical treatment. Tbe injured woman has now sued tbe city for 910,MO damages. Two Abtermtn, members of tbe committee in charge of th< fes tival, bare also been personally sued. N*w York State Sexator* to re Iyvai tioated 'The New York state senate last evening adopted resolutions i tembly committee iai rood matter to stake i Inquiry into tbe alleged pavsasnt of liMti acli to sis senators last year by William H. Van iar bilt. * Fmit SrrrRAas in Kew Tore Tbo lower bouse of the New York legialatare adopt ed a resolution yesterday that tbo jadiciary committee be instructed io report an am nd mentto the constitution allowing tax-paving female citiseas to vote. ew lor* state senate ;a?< esolutions requesting tbe as tnvestlgatlng tbe Erie ran ks a thorough and exhaa.tire A ow i? offered for the rsji tnre of Eugene Albert Perrv. wboseenfi^ l from the countv Jail at Albany, N. T.. on tne night ^ilor intaoti after fatally woamling the VTommy corrected his mstber Tor saying that be was all over dirt. The dirt was all oror him. *#~The spisestic has temporarily steppsd work at tbe Sntxo tunnel, it being tmpoesibls to haul fuel for T i Albany board of public Instruction have opened tbe schools to whites and blacks alike by a vote of seven te fro. VRot. Dr. Wild, of Brooklyn, thinks Mr. Goodrich was murdered by a woman, and jus tice the lire of tU r TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB. Thin iHfinoon ? DlipMckfl. ASSOC IaTeD PRAS/t REPORTS. ? l?rk %?!?*, | A V( Kit at lHk (ulloM or IMC ?OODKK ? lUKTtn. Nrw Ami. Mv.Ii 2V-Thf Mm thenrr of the CMilrlck inttial k(?M dinlmii by a woman, or by |-art w^ instigated l?v a t cman It appear* that the de,-ea- ft ?m inti mate with two MM, on.- of whom he ha t toarrit?!. our or ?l?e r ot theue two caa?4 th? defd. Tuo letter* arv la the hand* of tl.e '*. <>ne i* ad?lrf?*cd to tU* -'r-trtiiIY lather. at'tl reparation for Uir IVaJiirt ot hfton: the other (? mMrrwr!! to Goodrich Mn.M ll. ?|<braMin| Lim tor InMelitr Rl MuM or AfrBMCllk? vritim flow cr,-at ut:o? rt*mt\ ta many orauckN ?| trulf and indiMry. Sothi*| l?' known of a nature, that the ni>:. r carpet. U r?' association deci led that It will I* n>< Ion ft governed hy tlx eight-hour rule. hi am cmph y?-ra haee ?o art an^'-d their hnnnrw a* n guard aga n-t uak* from strike*. The repr. fc ntatiifs ol the wtektngmen, on tlir nth din taiiu tbat itnr Mnkt ta intended. It b rtMlfiit. however. that there la want of ?' irmih tnMiiif the wiekingmen on the ?nh Nothing reliable will probable br U'tn ?? I thru iiftirft* Ukt nm action, The Man! tan gaslight combat t apprehend* no *ti although from tula date It* wntlmfio' a have been red tie*d r?ia Mt??M. and t 1 C3JW to *3. AtaHJo r ga* rowt?iiT. k> al .1 a down town dm.ret. d ** not, km?w. r that their men will ?bike, hut. in that 0 t, tbry have arranged to?ronrr new men TUB HI fi* tflliilAVT*. The ofllriala ot the diflfmit steumahin ' .<< of thi* |K?rt think Um hill now IfjWatnn' increasing b\ one dollar the money ftom emlgrantn. I* agalt-t th-i; - ? ot the city. Fmigr*nt* are a'readv ta dollar* a hind. iihI the loll rt tern <1 t ? .? I coii*a* additional injiwtiee. * 1.a. r?n*r h vi>e, !?rr? ?t? d In Wanhlnghm on Sunday a .??' ? Hrsoklvn mtmliy, and wa* hwig-<' .1. Her trial will he brought on a? aotw ? ?..VW a n u. ua vtu arrived here yesterday. (itHKi.l r M*| I" TKM* will probably he rem ?red from the T ?' <1 the lunatic asvltim Thnrmlnr. ? (?plain Jark Oaly ftnniulo , i n Alone." Krw York. March .*?A apeelalfi California. *tates thiit laM Frid <v . a ' t'auhv and tiilk-m nulf n recownoi* lava bed*. Captain .lurk sent wot i ?? wanted to talk, and ratihrand Glllei 'I he ?'talk*? amounted only to a detn;. to l>e let alone where he wa*oroti . He made im replv when Canl>r wkn he did not go out to moot the ifrugoon ? ii|>on time ago. Alter the ? ?everal Indian* miffc their appearan ? 1 war paint and with ?calpa taken in th hang ing to their hell*. The troops r- 1 camp alter the recotiitot^anoe. T moved to within thrve mile* <?f C?;>ta camp yeaterdny. It i* reported that t* _ hiin-au intend*d giving the Modoc* a I tton on I ??*t river, where military will b ! ^*ry to protect tin m Irom the Oro^ouia. I r?m Karape Ta4lay. ai"a\ 1 ah Arrama. >1 At?m>. Man h iV- The government I, ! Cepted the r?>ignation 01 Set.or Alvza^-a, s \ Mi ifltitrtrr to France. It ih n-|iorte<t that 4i?-neral Pieltxne 1* t . ; apfwMdl 4apt Kin ?iwnernl of Oil*. a>?d I ?>caeral Pi into 4e Ui veto, t ap/am 11 iter* Porto Kiio. nt<.*iri< *\t. St PrTrr?tii r?. March V> The v.* ? I journal e*t**l . .1 lr ??? 1 > . ptir|-o?e Ot . h v?c.itn jr an allinMee bctw-.-ori Ku<wia a I t r a nee. ha* tided puhlication. Knur Ml.BtPK-AVT. Bi rtt tx. March ?A ? jindM'i <>f li^rmi 1 I ' ?*?l f e**. I* ha* Ihtii ordered to cruiae 111 I S| aiiiah wntira. rm?| K?|iIm|?h af a Powder Mill. I><MT<m. March 35?The ex|>loaion at tti# u An-?*r?can i'o*<ler Work- yeatcrday killed A. E *<? ? a\, 1 1 ?<.nei>t<|, the t otupanv'* ay> nt, li *ti<t twn v o- km. ta. ti ui d Wentw >rth ai?-t Schneider. The explosion wa* in tha karn.l. R mg null, w h cli wa* blow n to iweee*. o ll<?trnrlftr fire in Kliadc IhInu.*. B Pi.<.\ ii.r?c?, K. I., .Mar, U 25?A tire in I'ho- nie \ ilia^?-. t?-n m le ?outhwc*> ot fhi?c>ta early ll^t* tnoining dci?trny?d ei/ht l?ui|.!n g?, lour ot them hu-iiit ** hon?> a, inviilrinx a ?*4 ?'t ^1 Th?- Ion.- ianearly covercd I \ m*.tr ance. o l*liilndfT|>li >??'? Till r?l Mea?<lii|i ?Jiitiirked. PHTt.\T?ri phik . March The *f.>am?hip Indiana, the thild of the Pliiladelvliit and l.iv er|MK?l lin.-. w j< lann hed at 1' o'd m-k thia niormtig from framp*' *liip yanl, K--i:?.ngt,.u. NlorrgrMllaii la .\ortb Curaliaa. Nlw Vi kk, March ? A lUlclgh <1 ?|.a h ?a\ * a young womin w ho eloped with a ne^ro teat Thuradav wa* taken home. ?>nt the negr? cacaped the pally 111 pur<uit, Wio iiiu.'n-le-i to lynch Li in. o Fire a< Hum, Wa?o. Titian, Mar. h A lire at thi*place la-t night canned a 1<m* ot *fi.>ri; in?ar%noe M'tifWIW. Fort Ji: Trice. M. <;*ld?t-in, P. ier Met lelland ? e.<*t ', fi. B \Vik|> auJ \V. H. XVilkinaon are the principal aulTerer*. o ? MuNcrm 1 n<l#r A rrr>( Nkw \ "!.k. March s~?A K^lei.h .1 -j.t* h *tate* thft Worrell ami l.yneh. the two m-u who robbed ainl killed a Virginifti natue<l b.iuni* ou the '.'.<d in*t;mt. are under arr^t. I'ji in m Kallaun. 1!mm*o, Pa., Mar^h ?tn>na1<1?on. the K tonaut. made an aneenMon at 2 m p. ui ve? tanlay. Hi* eottrne waa uoi theaet, an<i tic !..?< not yet boiu heard I'roui. T1 To to* rtni?*e?| on Friilay. Syi:a< 1 <a. N.Y., M Arch .*?.?(mivriKir l?i* oe< line> tf> intertere 111 th^- ca*e ol Frnlieh. the cotrtUmned matdcrcr, and he * .11 he h*nge<! on Friday. ,? a tardiaal. \iwY??. March S5.- Monei^nor Mo im I kai. the exiled prelate ol Uc?ev?, ha* l.?oeu made a inrdlna!. MoPt Sf'AKPAL Akloat i* Baltim<>kc. ?A lew day* *iuce one <>i our nui ning ptper* threw out hmtc that a trigiittiil amount ol imiu-nali'y i oxW' d in oneor m -re oi'oar public K'liuuli.di voted to the education of young (irl<, and *0 alatmed hav e|?arcnt? become. con?--?ltient n;>on the publieatioii of the article, that a large num ber of girl* have l?-? 11 withdrawn from tho m hoo>* by their*. I.i-' week the b<iar>l ot - inK>l comiti .oti? 1 - us.'ved to 111 jii-r. > the charge* alleged by the n w-paper, hut fail ing to be convinced' that ?aid immorality cx i?t?d, nave in naine. have wiaelv concunl to carry the matter betore a grand jurt >! the eriminal court for iuv?etigatton. ami to t'.i - end the parties who gave publicity to th'- ?rk chargt* have been cited to ap|>ear b*-i?r* ttie grand jury and make good theiraa??rti?w*. Thia they claim they can do. ami tbat if th<- wi't<T must l>e ventilated that they will show that the real culprit ia a* dang<mti*' a hum tn hyena aa e?er wa*l>r. Huntou in hi* paiiiiic-t dar-. The public will await witti fevOTiah anxiety the in vestigation to lit had hj the grand jnrj.? H alfm Xetrt, 24f*. New York Citv Tmrratrvbh w ith I??irk vuf.?* ?n Saiur?iay Mr. O. /.ollicoiter. pr -ni dent of the Metit>|M>litau ga* company, ha I an interview w ith Commi-^ioner Yan Njrt, to as certain whether a -atiafactory arr.xn^< inent could be made hetw-en the city and *11? gaa com|*uy. whereby the latter might obtniu pay ment of m bat i? now dae them?nearly a million dollars?aid an a^*uranee ot prompt settle ment of their accruing bill*. Mr. Zoli!-Ber naid that the oompanie* are agroed that unleae noon relieved ot thi* emharraaing tronli'.e, to give formal notice that they woul l *tup fnr ninhiiig ca* for the lighting of aUeeta and pub lic bu The Oiamokp Swixdi t SftT CoH prow lain. The ?uit of l^at agaiiurt Arnold au<l 8ia.-k far lu Louisville, liv., wai dUmlr d m terday in the United State* court by consent oC tiOth partiea. The aw it grew out of the notoriOM ('alitoruia diamond *wmdle tk. diamond awindle. The narf'ea ef fected a compromi*e<i, Arnold pafing Lent ?150, ?I0. Never Stmks ror? Siatrr MM U. ? avwiai TorR Slim?A Na ef An drew Hranatratter. of Huntington oewwfy. fwd., aged fourteen, became enraged wt hia ai?er, aged twente. and struck heron temple with a stick of woof. A rplinter penetrwUM her ewe. and !????? ? ??'? B* to diatb on as "" tiring near Kew Tr I^TW widow of Foster, I oe Fneav laet. le utterly pi eapected to lire. iTTht prem iture eiplodM af ? blaat on ti J eanal^tmproy m^nta w^ufth. N. T., y?tei - ?7-One of the milU of the Amir lean Pondf company at Acton, Mam., blew tip \daM?i*7i kilUng two men and injuring thr< oaP? a. ia! * h91ht <

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