Newspaper of Evening Star, March 25, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 25, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Largest Circulation in the District WASHINGTON CITyT TrrwwAT 9i, inn. There is no instance on record of a well-su." Uinrd system of judicious advertising failing of ?icffw. The Mlrt<t!?*ri|hnul<l select a p?j>cr of (,: and general circulation like Thk Star, and then k? ahead systematirally an<l ! ersistently to inform the i>ublic, through rrlup mlTfrtifinentii, renewed daily, of the extent and q aality of his ware*, ami hia ability to supply them on favorable term-. 1 he Po?t Ofliee Departaeat ?a<1 the Mailr?NMH. Tfcethrrst of the different leading railway companies to withdraw their postal car* on the l?t proi uio, unliKt their demand for in cmtrd ?npeoMtimi for carrying the 1'iiited Matrs malls is aoet tlfd to, is another evidence of the growing power arrogance of railroad ui?no|K.Ut?. but if it* effect will be to rouse the countrj an.1 cause it to be fully unl-rsf.tsl tb*t these corporationsaim to mak- Lh<-uiselve? mv ters of the peoj-le. we trust the goT?-mm?-n? will nttt ftf >?g- > istftilr and fearlessly in asure swords witt th-r common en my. I?et us examin; the imperious d-*rn in." of lh? rtilmd rooiptiiiti. Several mawth* since the presidents or the lea ling railroad* united in a letter to tbe P?tma>Ur Gin^ra', demanding that herea:?er ttv X l?e j>a <1 forty c?ut? |?er eight wheel car, |>er mile ran; a proportional rate for I onions of i'*r> .Xiiipied for I ail way pontotficca; that ii ticy transport railway portal clerks free wti: aifs ;i! Im tu vi in ra-te of accident; and that all oitftbe Post oilice Department, tiding in j ? -s- n^r cars shall pay two eents per mile for trans;>ortation. President Hinck ly. of th ? PLiiadciphia, \Viliaingtoa, %ud Uilti ?nore rr.ilroad, rrj r? % ntmg half a dozen lead ing roab, mad", the sam) demand before the Congrist-ional appropriation com mittee lrf-t n ti?n. A ? this concession by Corgr? ?? would have involved an annual expenditure of nearly #b).Ou >,<?*) for the single i,em ol mail transportation, or over ?S.000.6H# n '.re than the whole estima'el ex penditures of the P?<t Department for lie next fi-cal year, neither the Postmaster t.eneial net Congress could consent to accede to anysacL ertravagant demand. It wa? agreed, l.owever, that the coni{?enHafion of the corn panic*. should he materially increased, and to understand tin- mi r? a-e it is necessary to refer to the appropriation fer the Post Office Depart ment for the corn at fiscal year. The appro priation on account of trnnsj.ortat'i?n of malls, j ay ot cl?i ?>, u.txM ngers, &c., for the year ending dune :v, or the present year, w:t? St. aid t..r the year ending June Si, 1*. I. it i? -=lT.s 'T. j. or .a|..?."l .ft'-'1 more than for the preset't tear. Notwithstanding tiie fact that this n.. rra-t-comprehends a large sum on account ol *i . -i- rtation of mails, the sum of * - aj i n.priated s|H-cith*ally for the .nil j a> >j| railroads on tae same account, and ncariv .iil ? >; it g.>-s to she very companies w bit h tLrca't ?. to ta'te their prwtai cars off the l.ncs on t: ? tr-t oi April. For instance, the Pennsylvania ro.i, fr-?iu Philadelphia t?? Pitts? urg, which Is no* receiving S.T75 I tr mile ? i r annua, will receive, alter I'Bti' yik, i. it tMider the new law,?**io per n.. c ] < rm; . the un<leist mding being, how ? v?r, that i. i , is to run a doul>le daily line ?'I largt r-s' mn. Tbe Wtc-hiagtonCbranch vl tlie I?a!t:m r. and Ohio r:u!roa>l, which now rectivcs?. . p,? mile, wilt be paid under the few law v . , "1 !t?r Philadelphia, Wilmington and Palm-or^ rca?l. now receiving w-ll ^et. utt r ?? i -iM. ai..l if the line will put ? n iaigtr c.rMi will receive ?.>io j?or mile, 't he road I.;wet n Philadelphia and New York a ill be pai>. tie -%me compeiwation on tbe same cot ditions. a all cases tbe pay being graded according *?> il. ?iz^ of tbe nivl*: the s{>eed vitb which '-iiei are conveyed, and the cliarac t(r of accor.ui ' atioiis afforded. It will tln? be seen tL.ithe coni{>ciisatioii lias been in? t teased in s..iiie eas s as much as sixty per cent. 0 vt r the o'd rat. s. Pri?#r to the la?t act of Con grew on the -ul'J.. t, the Post-' 'fflct I>eparimeiit could mak ne> allowance tor railway postal tats f-o as to transcend the maximum rates tix?d hy law. hut the new law esiablishtf the rs;t/a a<. ? roi ig to tbe size of tbe mails. atnl additional and specific allowance* for such cais according to their size; so that, if tbe mails on now carrying the largest >MBi t wcr . do'i. led or trebled, or even <(uad raplcd. tliiir pay would be corre*i>ondingly in t reaped; the eitect of the new law being to do away aith Eiaxijnum rates, or with limit* to the pay a hi. h mty be allowed by tbe Po-tuias tir tleneral. And yet, in the iace of such favorable action l?y the Pf*t ce Department and Congress, the leading i.i j-.lies threaten to deprive tbe lowtal service of tbe cars in use for years for tbe a.-wortmt. m aixt transportation of the people's mails. Tb.* P stmaster General is of course powerless to ct-mply with their demands, even did he believe tnem founded in e<iuity; for he must keep within tbe bounds of the new law of Congress an.I the limits of the appropriation made by that Im-Iv. He lias repeatedly asked that tbe direr, tit 'ompanies rely upon Congress to retire** th?ir grievances, if so they may bo called, an.i m view of the history of railroad legislation within twentyyears pa-t. it is pretty sate to conci e they would be *afe in heeding tnis advice. Petbap* it would be better, as we have sngftsted, that they shoultl carry out their threat, and th is bring the matter to a crisis at once It coald U?m be decided, and in tbe end ae believe tl> |...opIf would win. An Old Trick. It is lUt-.i4, on the authority of that corpora tion itself, Wf believe, that the Western Union Telegraph ? .mpany "has under consideration, and the plai - nearlv matured for, a further re duction of tar.its. which is to be of the most radical and -weeping nature."' This statement follows so el -* ?? on the announcement that all the opposition telegraph lines in the country have at out perfected a consolidation which will enable them :? fair v compete with the Western In ion Comi'any. l^Hh in efficiency of service and extent C territory covered, that its pur l?oec. or ratht-r the pro|.OHed reduction of rates, is easily uacerstood. It is the old strategy of monopolies. V u< .? ver one of them is threat ened aitb s-ri.i i< nmpetition, instead of im proving its t u ditie- tor serving the public, an I t barging a reasonable profit therefor, the first thing it does i- to corns ?| >wn from its extortion ate prices t.. ;i n^ur.' often below the actual cost of doing tbe u rk. aiwl thus, through tbe cupid ity of the g' : -!c public, crnihsa oat the oppo sition. or buvs it up, before it fairly get* on its legs. This ac.*09tpli?hed, the rates aie at onca put up aga n to sh?- old figure, and generally above them, tad the losses of the company. If any. arts m -l ui? bv watering the stock and paving hea\ x .iivi<l^it.u on the increased capi tal, which, by tl>e way. usnally represents from tear to tea ? ?>-* tbe amount actually invested in the entcri; i*e. Tbi< is the gam- m all monopolies, and it has been played by the company under notice every time it has beun thr atened with serious com petition. Between all points where it has oppo aiuon. pricr? are low and serviee tolerable, bu" between poinr- where it alone has lines, prices are higher and tbe mtvico poorer than they were fifteen years ago. and this, too, in spite of a largely Increased business ami aitb recent discoveries and improvements which materially reduce the eo?t of doiag it. And so it will con tinue to the end. The only remedy the people have against a m? nopoty of any kind Is to patronize at a living price aay healthy com petitor that is able to do the business it under takes. no matter how much lower the old monopoly may offer to do it for tbe time being. Such promise* are a delusion aad a snare, aad are made with intent to deceive. Whether they will succeed iu this case remains to he seen. 1 ? - ? ^#^s ? . Tbe Kff*''? ?'* not be alarmed. We shall not change We shall continue to cheer tully furnish new.- for the morning papers froat cur abandanee. ? ? ? ? The Kew York C- mmerdeU thinks the War 1 ?epartmeut order in regard to army officers v siting Washington and influencing legislation, looks like a sincere effort at reform. " Constaat and persistant ad vertisiBg is a sure prelude to wealth.' ISUpheaGirard.) 1TX niAICULA? WMUCUIn The ?t<k opened in Wall etreet yesterday itb money tiwier and an improved tone In tho 4trkrl for M*cnritiea. The New York iW (??y* ?Tlii* cbangf for lh? better In money s<n?1 ivc'itltifii in founded on the beliaf that Soc i.tary Richardson intend* liberally increasing at aiM arly day the volume ot legal-tender note* In circulation. Governi??mt botdi were mod ? ratdv active and rtroni In New York, but dall ard firm In lx>ndon. The stock market warn ft otig with the exception of W. U. telegraph, khich was feverUh. Bweyeat Keenrltlca. Jay Cooke & Co. turnudi the toliowinfto-day: Seli'e. But7!. Stli't. r B rx.lHL? M'% lO'ill-VUiWy.lliUii ?\ ? ?v,i?. M 1? . 1 ??'? JaAJy.V.17 I7S ftfti's.UM. 1* J* , | ftmVJnAJ>,*8,16^ 1?\ i? ->* vl*. urn1! u . il l Nsw Ynm-f.R-r Board. D.R.I'i, U6L 1^, ft-sr* J an. & JI y ,18M. MS, ??'?, wj. *'? ; 1?< 40"s li*. ft JO's, laftc American 4* Id U ?-?'*, 13?S6 17I Currency 4 "a, 14 A Jly,a&...lfiS New Fives 14l 4 Jly. <7?175? I The Barket*. BaLTIHORX. March 25.?Vtr<inia 4"?, consolidated, 56la. Hes, Yirg-tiiaV, 14 bid to-day. ttALTnoKk, March ti.?C>tu>u quiet?low m.d dlin^jis^ls'*. Fionr in fair deui?ud? bertcrfe.-l it a ?H w/ir-i *tr -sir, *nj* rtine, iffl 2S<? ?i 2f; do., e\ira, $6.76<<5*<J. ?! ?., family, ?itJW(a;|l07i; City M.1W, *up--ibu", X>?a?il.S", it. . extra, ; ,7.v*| ?jtii; do. famiD, 9UX?$12. Weile-ti superfine, .i>. do.,e*ira, jjii do., family, "? 2i> Wheat firm r a nl in irnpr ? ? <il il-icau l? ?hi e. r)i c ?, %2 UKgi-^.U); lair to prime rl ch !<"" anibi-r, ftl95@)!'lw; gi4od to fiiT-ir r<M, ?1 2. cmuinun i* fair d51.i>0 < 1 HS, red,tMtm, *1 (k'^tfUS-u'iib-r western, j? i n "?? 1 '.*> Ourn firm -'in I m g-wd demand?waite a utlieru, 4?; yellow *? n'li -rn. 5yr<V.i'?; mixi-d w t-rtTTi. Oats quiet?1 nthern, ?riia?l9, wea4 ero mi>ed. 4t(c 17. K;? Hay nach.'ing d. Pr. visiot:* ijni *t lur firin. M ?* p''ik. ?Jlfi ri?. Bulk a ?"?:>< firm anl i?h?-.< l. 1) ic >11 u; riianK'-it. hugnr-cured hani*, ll'itl-V Iiinl, dull, .'O. ffixtiTB b;iii-?r. *?? ?!* and in g ? ?! u?-r i:?i.ii, tair !?? x>?4l, 2?i'o,3h. prime lt> choice, .'K "i,'13 Whiiiky ilcll ainl nominal, >1 NiW Yi>44, March 3.-M?ck< ilull. G il l firm. I?n?r trw,7 t? I ll4wlititiT"it. K\i lj*a?t>. Ion*,7\; mort,SK. -nr? dn'l bT fim. New Ynit. March 3f>.?Flour steady. Wh'-at P'.-mf. , I'ornflrm. Lonitox, 1H >rch 25, 11 a. m.?ronaote openei] at f r ui"iie>, and f >r acc'in:it. 15 iiid- i f oUi.W; l>;r,?>??; 10 M a, y'4. S w Bv'-n, 91i?. Krie,aiJ?. 1'arl-. March US.?H' iitos,S6 franc>. Mcntin^. THE WKATHKH, Wab l>nr aktmkmt, Ojfiu; Cnu./ Si/n+J OtV?r. 1 W AMiiiniioii, L>. C., March 25, l?(3,11 a. a > 8 t nor-is r?i thi pa*t TwtiTT-rncB Riirm - "I Ih- ari a of l< w burom.iter tlia? wan M >ii>1;iv ni irn liiK in northern Arkaii-a- has nioveii -lowly n .rid i-Mlwaril iulo Ki'tuim ky. Tilt- area of high tanni" , |i r cnutiuui-s over M'-w Y.>rk. nnmu< ?i<iwly eaft ward. A (M-c.'ii.l ar'-a i? over Freuli and ' l>ri?k (xirtbcaat win N, wit*! Ii?ht rain and mxiw have prevTilled oyer N -v York and the niiHI - At lantic r n-t and weatmard to the Mi?aonri valley. X ?rtlieaHt aindiviih Ihreat^niim wenther are now r<-p. ri'-d "n 1 lie \"w Knxlaiid ca-t 8 iiith":mterly niadaaitbckml and 1 lit rain hate prevailed in Iiie ?? iiii ji Atlanlii atatef<. a here aoiithw?Ht wind* are is w reported. Southerly windt aro nuw follow ?? 1 by iacrea-iiiN cold ii > rly wind-in the ?outlu?e?t, andfrewh to bri?k northerly w inds with :inow pre vailed from Miskvuiri to th' npjiei lake-. The t"in f erature i^ len d*-?sreei b 1 ?? r in w '-lurn Min nesota. ainl t'i'lota fret-aii.k at :<ll alati'ina frmu the SiMNHiri valley ea^twanl t<- tha Atlantic. PmoPABlLlTirs.?The atorm center over Teanea ?? ? and K' ntnrhy ?.> , d dnrin? the r> -I of T 1 -d*v rerthea-1waul over Uhiovith ra|i-ll> falluii; ba r nieter. hn-reaeitn; northwest wiuda, and rain or ne w oier the middle and eant Atlantic coaat, and th we we?iaard L >h ? Michigan. lucreaauiS imrrle rly ?iuda with falling temp-ratur? pro*nil ? ?lerthe upper lakes, and north west 1aoalhea'<t anl s. utliwi?-* ?ir>il-. v ii h cloud and ritn. "? ?ntiuu" in tlie .. utli Atlantic and eastern eulf ntat-~?. Col l n-irtlu ily w-n-ls and rl-ariux weather prevail by T'. lay nii-ht fr ui MiM.">ifpi to T \a.-iaiid nortli ?a:d t'autlonary Ri,!ial< co!itina? at all station* ? 11 the middle a:id-a- Atlantic coas4. and th-y will be di-played at the lake stations from an l after April rriM. JV"S? 1>LVKL?>PlNtlClKi'LE at Hi S:h-tr-et, ne\t to the I'liitarini t'hurch, mi KDN KS l'' SlSlh, ar ** p. m \ ln:i?i>n, Si) .tit- f.r ?"Dtlemen, 2? rrnta for lad: f. Mt>. A. Cl'TTER, M. D.. Median. m25 2:* Tt> F,KE WILL HE A SPECI AL MKKT ^ lNli tl K. HAW MS* Piisr, \... 4 ?; \ K,nlH(KM)\Y,March 27i'i,.t 7 ??Vbark p. n.. sli.ii r>. to nial;,- arrangements for the Kinau ijn tion 1 brat ion. All inenih:"r? ar- earn'ally re Hi* 'tid to I e pre>e?>f. Hv ord"r ? f Commander, li ? AN'fiKKW GREEN. 8 -rretv. v. r^-S?TII!: SECOND ANM'AL MEETING OF J-r-y THE NATIONAL CAPITAL lihAL ES '1 ATE ASSOCIATION will be h-ldai 90i F atre-r, Maaooic Ti mple, oh W'KDNE>DAY EVENING, the 26th lUKt.. at/.JU p. 111 The animal rep rt of tlie a-n-a-iatii n will b?- tuad- and the 1 f?r-->r-i ele? ?e | t r the enduing year. All the atttcliholders are rei|U- -t< d to be pre-ent. cS? [ltep] I'llll, 11. WKI.f'l? S'cMary. ly^aNOTH'E?I'liere wiil l> ? a ni?line of ih?> SOCIETY >OR 'I'H ? PREVENTION OF < Itl'ELI Y TO ANIAlALS a? the oitioe of L'tlifr A Gatrhel, r.,rn r 11th aril F afreet a, on THURS DAY EVENING,7S o'ebn-k. B'l-iii"-i of iiuport mte to b" tran~ u ted, Bv o-der 'if the J! 24 4' I Ret 3 | EXM'I TIVECOMMITTEE ORAM* TEMPKHtNCE KM.LY LKtS' IN Tilt FIRST WARD. Ih'-re will b.- held f.n the evening of TUESDAY, lie- 2?th tustant. fct 1 30 oVl >ck,a Public Ten?pk-r enie r.i-etinK. tind>-r th- au-picea of Excelsior Tent, No. 46 I <?. . f R-chabitea. and Ray of Hope L dge. 2,1, n. G T., at Uoi< n Chapel M. E. ? liurcb. >m??irwt Tti" nieeiinij will )<?-addri-<?e-l b> the Re, J T. LIGHTER. Rev. 11 W. READ, Kev. SAMUEL 811 AN(?N,aiM| J L. KiDWELL, Em). The public aro coidially invited to be prea ent. Bv order . n 22 St * THE COMMITTEE. NOTICE TO FRODLCE DEALERS Vrs' na sellin* pr'idnce in the Northern Market n.uat pnaiire their Lic-neea at tlw? K-*i-?er's offioe, at the T? rritorlal Building, on 4*? itr'et, h-tw -en Penti*yD ania avenne attdCstreet northwest, on or before the i?t of April. 1<71 Pei>ons aelling tish w ill be subject to the reg nlalkits. All licenaeii nm-t be ahown to the M irket Master ?h>-n called b.r by him. Bv order of the Comruiiwioner*. n 20 t.I 8. M< FAHLAN, Marke? M f?er. IY-S? THE LATE EXCITEMENT WITH refanl to the WASHINGTON CITY SAVINGS BANK bavinK subsided, I refpectfnlly reijueat the return of our depositor* to their u?nal buoineas re lations with n*, their interest accouut will be con tinued without change. ml? lm J. A. RrFF, Treasurer. NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. _ j* Asaeaaors of the several Legislative Districts having completed the asaeanneiit of real pronerty for the fiacal year ending JnneSMh, 1874, the Board of Appeals will meet at the office of the Superintendent ofAss< saiuents and Taxes, No. 330 4>i street ,near the corner of Louisiana avenue, on the 3d DAT op FKB rta*T, W73, at IK o'clock m., to hear any appeal* that n.ay be made from the valuations of said as -u-naora. All appeals must be made In writing, and sworn to before an officer competent to admii.ister oaths. The Beard will be in seaaion each day (Sunday ex .-ep*ed) from 11 o'clock a. m. until 3 o'clock p. m., and on WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS from! o'clock until ? o'clock 9. m. II. A. HALL* WM. WALL, 0E0. A. BOI1RER, RILEY A. SHINN, E. J. MIDDLETON, Jx., fel-tf Members of the Board of Appeals. WASHINGTON. D. C , Maxch 10, 1ST3, Room* No. 330 4S Stkkkt NoxTHUTKaT. In compliance with section 34, act approved Au gust ZVl lfCl, the Board of Appeals will ontiuu* in oioaion at their r'-on.? aiwl at the houra deaignated, EVERY DAY, except Sundays, f>c thirty dayafr mi 1 hi-Hate, after which no app?-al from the general a-eeeainent for the flacal year lSTS-l-Ctcan be re ceived. B* order of the Board of A_PT*aU. marlO lm E. F. M. FAEnTZ. S-cretary. fyS*REGISTER'S OFFICE, District or CoLrMBi *, WashisgToiv.D C , March II. 1373. N -t#ce i? her?-b? given that o* TI ESDA1, April 1. K.i will expire all liciwi given by t!ie Disirb't of Colnmbia. to all pr,Mince 'Itnltr.*, p*Mter* and , < vmmerrtml 4<r*U. All persons engaged in said b|j?inesa,trades or pro femii<'n?niu?t promptly renew said liceusaa iu ;icconl anrewith p?o< i?!on"< of the amended act regnlaticg licrMN, approT?-d JaneJt,MT2, viz: "That every I perMin en?;*ge,| in an> trade, ocrupation or profea si< n tor which a licenae tax Is imposed by the laws 1 of the District of Colnmbia shall, at the time for procuring the name, make application ?o the R- gla t-r. ai d ?ba'l ?tate und> r oalh or affirmation such : tact* aa ma> be applicable to license*." ? ? ? I "The Regi-ter snail then i-<*ne to the applicant a I ?ertiBcate stating the parth-nlar kind of lfceiMefor ' v bich application haa been mad", and the amount of money repaired by law to be paid therefor. Said rertincate shall be delivered to the Collector, who | shall, upon the receipt of the sum of money stated 1 therein, give a certificate of dep^it, stating the | a'n nm of nv'Bfi paid and the kind "f license re i quired, and it shall be the duty of the Register to israe -aid license.*' "That every peraon liable for a license tag. who may fail to pai the same before engaging in the bu-inrsa for which a license tax maybe required, ehall, in addition to the licenae tax impated, pay a tine or penalty of not lea* Ihan five, nvir more than fifty,dollars, for each offence/'^ ^ r<>oK ii'S eoblt Register District of Colnmbia, rr^?ROSADALI8 1 [4^^ HcTiTsriLLi, Ala., March ?,ia?. GtrntUmm:?For two year* 1 was a sufferer with Tt.flan.matory Rbeumatiaa. Daring that time I took variooa remedies that professed to cure the dis eaee, but with no ancceas. Abont six months ago, Roeadalia" wa* recommended to me by my physi cian. I took It as prescribed, and thereauit li very satisfactory. Besides my own. I know many other . aac* in which the Roaadalla haa proved succesaful. Your* truly, J.J.Fitma*, Postmaster at Huntarille, Ala. [ Krtrmti from letter VIM* Mmrrky/r0m A. F. Wkte Irt. Asa.. Druggist, Lists, (Mir] * * * ? la conclusion, I can say RoaadalU la the beat blood purifier we have, without doubt. F<* sale by S. CALVERT FORD, n 2J e. 6t 1103 Pennsylvania avenue. I I M O T I D. DR. W. H. BAI DM NT 19' Baa imwii U 14OH ? n?r 14th alnat. UllCIII't NEW DRUG STORE, ?o. UM PimnTtiu Avanrs, foe Mm mU Ml?ml Wa4ara. t?M-ly 1873 s r r 1 n c 187:3 TBEMF.N DOT 8 STOtK, TLEMEM'M'S STOCK, TREMENDOUS hTm'K. tfemendocs hto< k. T1 :EMENDOl S STOCK, SPFINO AND Sl'MWWR PLOTHINO, SPRING AND 8PMMKK OLOTH1NO, M'UI N<? AND SI MX1K CLOTHING, SPKINO AND SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND SUMMER ULOTHINU, M FNS', YOUTHS' AND BOTH, MENS', TOUTHS' AND BOYS. MFNS'. YOI TIIS' AND BOTS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS. MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYP, At A. STRAI N'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAI S'S. At A. STRAIS'S. At A. STRAI S'S. CALL AND8KK' I A Li and sum VA l.L AND 8 K K ' I A I I. AN I* SKK ? CALL AND SB*' IIR RAT RAKUAIS* UHEAT BAKUA INS Ii H R AT HA hi; AIMS II K RAT HAKfiAINS ORRAT BARGAINS mil PENNSYLVANIA AVENUR, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, lull 1'hhNt-YLVAMA AVkMI, I Third Door from 11th Street. Third 11th Street. Third Door from 11th Street. AM UNLOADING A C\l!10 OK LAMB Kit T Deep h Kl> ASH. AND VERY IRES BURN ING COAL, w b.ili will be #<ld todeal?rs at a siu.ill advance. WM GUINAND. ni2S-.H* *1 street wharf, southeast. (\|BS. A E CUTTER, M"dTmvtnotic PhviT iv| cian, froiu Boston, lias removed to US 6 li it reel, ?i here she will heal th" sick, mil give sittings for development daily,from 9 a. in to 7 p.m. Cures Bn'iion" w ithout the knife. mWJ>t' IP VERY MOTHER THE DOCTOR OF HER % OWN FAMILY if she ft* Dr. HALL S HEALTH AT HOME at STOCKMAN A SON S, ?2**9ih street northwest. The COTTAGE BIBLE to he bad there also. Two good* AGENTS.w anted. n.'AVtr C'ARKIAGES! CARRIAGES^ / CARRIAGES!!! N> w and "eccrid hand Carriage* i f ev er> <b script i"n. both light and heav v ,f- r^ I,. iImmm iltmri. it refit or park. K' patting promptly attended to ROB T H. GRAH AM. p?"-S!* 410 414 8*h st.,bet.Dand a, northwest. U?E V Ml GENTLF.MKN AND LADIES TO know thtre will be a LAI SJiRK^ i (?ii'd immediately to receive n!l flue WASHING and doing up Suite of various kind*, such as clean ing Cloth t?rd Woollen Goods We are prepared to i.ive full satisfactb ii. <'all and see and w . will give v ii our prire. Apply at ln?h s'reet, between M and j N at reels northwest. Nit. IVI'i. nii'-2>* VOTH'K.-Tt?e public are herein .notified that th^ iv late firm cl Lydrum Anderson and Willia o r.n.l-i the Him an I ?t) le .if WILLIAM KNOX * CO l> <s keen dis-olvd b? mmiial consent. Th" ' W il'iam Kii"\ will assume the pa> ment of al! d-du due hi tie firm. ai.d also 'o colli ct all .,-si-ts d ? to the fiim. a-id his re? eipt shall be \ alid, to tuke et: ct i from the date of tliis piiMiea' ion. WILLI \M KNOX. LYBK1M ANDERSON. WaaHr.irto'-,D. C.,Marc!i V.. Is'.!. eir. \\ Ail DEPARTMENT, ?? At/M TA>T GkNFB A!s'- OfFUE, Washirgtom. March K3, The attention "f rlaiinants It Hivit'-il (.> tIi? ? f- l< \v ii'_; b gi-!at:on ?-ii the snbject o! the Mo/t'atta In hnn IVor Cait/i.' of 1867 : As Ai T |.> enable the 8o?ret?r> -f War to riv the J e ? |w>Mea tlicnrreai in Hlipprefrilie the Illdl.lll lr?f tili*ie? in the Territ-r> of M iitau.i, iu the y ar : e al-teeii binidred and ^ixtx - ten. l'T tl fnH'ti by tht SmtUant H <V". (if Rrprrse n fatten ttf'th* Lmitc'l Stfn <J Amrr< i la Conxren rjvmt/'rf, Tuiil it hIiaII be th" duty <>f tlie pr->;?'r . nrrouutii.g ofMrera ? f the treasnrv to examine a<id | .leteroiiue the axuonn s justly du* upon the claims fur expenses iiec? ??.irll? Incurred in sappr's>.iiii< ' Ii.dian h'.stililles in the Territory of Montana, in tl.e jear eighteen hundred arid aixt) -seven, wliicli ; bare be- ii examined and reported up >n by 1'ispe. t r G'lieiHl Jani'-a A Hardie; bill in n? c.tse shall th si m allownl thereon I*' iu excess of the award re>d by ?aid G n?-r*l II irdie: and in socli in\ -sii f lf>itn>n the te#iimoiiy taken by General Hardie in relation thereto shall be rec ived iu evidence, but j '(?e ?atie shall not b- r"g.irib*<l as coci lnsi> e unl -ss -aid olllcers an-satistl'd llier-'witli. And the siiui? - f tun! t?. bi due shall tw- paid to the person* sever iiII. ei-t itb>?l thereto by a disbursing ijuicer nader 'he <lir>cti -n < f the Secretary of War: P-ornle-l. That t:,e a< c-ptance of eijch pavmeut shall l?e iu full <>f all , clain - on account <f said expenses; a-id provide,! further,That under ihe pro*i?i n< ? f tin* act ?hall b ? audited ard paid utiles ?. preseute<l within ore year from the ph-?sb? ?f this act. Aj'pro\ed, M arch 3, 137.1. Ax Ac I making aj.pri.pria!ions to supply deli ien l ies in the appropriations fur tbo services of i lie t'overnment l?>r tne fiiical y-?ar ending .lune thir tielh, eighteen hundred au>l aevt-nty-three,an.i for < th"r purposes. Hr it tunrt'd by th' S'nn't atnl limn? of* ...ntatir'f of the ImiUrl Stairs of Amrr.ra ii? Ciia tr,s* a\s*mbltd. That tl^e following suias be, and il.ey are hereby .appropriated, out ??{ anv m?n?? iu tna-nry n"t oth-rwise appropriated, to supply d"ti ri? nciea in t!ie appr>-priatiiius for the service <.f the goTernniet.t for tbe fi??-al year ending Junethirti -ih. ? 'nbteen hundred and actenty-three, and tbe former jiars.^aud bo- other ptrpws, namely^ To etiable the P-cretary of War, according to th? act up< ii that subject passed at the present Session ?f Coi gress, to pay, forexpense incurred in suppress ing Indian hostilities in th* Territory of Montana in the year eighteen hundr?sl and sixty-seven, to th? ler-oiisentitled thereto,the claim* reported upon b- General James A. Hardie. under the provisions of n-ction ten of an act entitled "An act making ap pri priati .ns for sitixlry civil expanses of the gor eri ment, and for other purpose*, for the year end ii.g Juno the thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sev enty ." approved .Inly flfte-nth, eighteen hundred ai d seventy ; an<l for that purp ?e there is hen by appropriate! from anv money in the Treasury of the t'nited State* not otherwise appropriated, the earn of fiTe hnndred and thirteen tliou-aud three Tiun dred and forty-three dollars, or so much thereof as may be nectsaary Approved, March 3 1871. All claimants under tin* foregoing acts are re qneated to present their original vouchers to the tiicntid C"mptroller of tln< Treasury. Hon. J. M. BuoDHKAti, \% asMngton, D. C., eitti'-r in person or l.y att<>rnev, with power of attorney to collect the aw ards in the latter ca?e. Major C.roKot. Bki.l, Commissary <-f Subiistence, Depot C<?ll'.mi8^arv, WashitigtoB. D. 0., office r. ir tier 15th and B streets, -outhwest, has been assigned to the duty of paying the sums aw arded claimant*. By order of the Secretary of M ar: l< 26 fit E. D. TOWNSEND, Adjutant firn*r<\l' NT HE SUPREME COURT OF THE D1STR1C T OF COLUMBIA, The 2ith 'lag of Marth, lS7.'t. Br order of tbe Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in Bankruptcy, a second meeting of the creditors of HEN R Y O. HOOD,bankrupt,will be h< Id at the office of J. 8 Brown, Register iu Bankruptcy, in the <Tity Hall, iu Washington, D.C., ? nthe Am pat or AcR;L, 1*7.1, at 1:1 o'clock m . for the pnrp-inc* mentioned in the i7th section ot the set of Congre-s, entitled "An art to establish a nui form system of bankruptcy throughout the United States." approved March 2d, 1847. II 26-t,2t GEO. M ASON, Assignee. I flilTED STATES PATENT OFFICE, U Washisoto*, D. C.I March 23d, 1S73. On the petition of WILLIAM HCHNEBLY and CATHABNE J SCHNEBLY.of Hackensack, N\-w Jersey, admiiiisira'rix of Thomas Schnebly, de ceasfd, praying for the extension of a patent grant M to William S hnebly and the said Thomas Schnebly on the 21st day of June, 1&0, for an improveiueut iu Hai vesting Machine!-: Disordered that the testimony in the citae be closed on the 2Uth day of Mav next; that the i ime for filing arguments and the Examiner's report be llni'ted to the 30th day of May next, and that said petition be beard on the 4th day of June next. Any person may oppose this extension. n^'uJt M. P LKGUKTT, Commissioner. 1 J. MAY'S IB 1LOVE DEPOT, JOSEPH PARIS KID GLOVE DEPOT, ?3S Pa. A vi.,bet. 9th axd 10th 8ts.~ ?/"GLOVES for the GRAND UNION BALL. syLadies WHITE and LIGHT. 1, t,S, 4, and ? buttons. ?/-Gents' W HITE, LIGHT, and MEDIUM ?/"LYONS BLACK SILKS, splendid stock. ?/'SPRING DRESS GOODS in great variety. uit tt JW. BRIGHT WELL, ? Sue ce< aor tb CARROLL P. WINSLOW, SHIKTMAKBU A>r> Dkalkk ix Mm'* PcBgtsHiXGs, 40V Vth Street. Ilaxirg Mr. Winslow's patterns and meas pre<, ana control of his manufacturing facili ties, his old customers are recommended t*' leave tlieir onler with me. m Yl-lm J*0 CONTRACTORS. ' ~ 1 he subscribers offer for sale? pil^Mfeet IS inch, beat quality, SCOTCH BXWER l.tOS feet, 18 incb.lieat nnaHty, SCOTCH SEWER PIE. SOMERT1LLE A LEITCH, ti.a-eo4* SIS 1Mb street northwest. / ''ALL ON JAMES F. BR1EN, V Prmttuml PlmmUr mmd Urn* Fitter, to have your Plumbing, Gas Pitting, and Sewerage tn mptly attend?d to on reasonable terms, No. SWtt uisiana avenue, near ?? h atreet, north aide. Residence, ?d street, northeast. m!4 gfegtl 3fJg*,?S85 worth of" FITS." DARBY'S Pharmacy, comer tt atreet and Pvnu'a ato., principal depot. Bilplm* WANTS. W \VANTEP-A|.hJ ECRUBBEIt. at th- Uni >n "" Hotel, Qeorg-t own ml# tt* \1/ANTED-A WKTMUUK.Mil* IS b -t^ST, " between 1 and T. ml. St WAKTKit-T?* RALESLAOIRS and ,.nc first class MIl.LINEB, at*. HEL UK S.713 Market Sp?c?. c?5t \VANTEP-S?versl ???<1 PBESSM A K KK8, ini ?" m?di.i'fl;.u KM E 'trwl. None but < ?*d fated- n??d apply. li* ANTK!>-f4 OOO for tiv? y. *r?, on real ??i**e worth three Unit' the amorfm. AIIm-< M , Stareflicw. mi? li* UrASTI 1>?lOO XKN for fishing sh-re. Apply to JOHN GIBSON or wm nkit/ky, Cor ner 13S street #nd Maryland avenue. niJ5-Jt* \yANTKP-IniaM?Uatel)-A WhTtKNCRSK. " Mure than one reference required. (i ?<?! wige-i pi/en. Arply betw.-en tb? honrs of 11 aud i; ?t 9ia Scott Place,between I and K -ts. li* \v AN rED-Fumi-h-d ami Unfit mi-oo-.i RooMs, vv centrally l.Kaied, from $5 to. Ail Ir ?144, fH HI ing particulars,"Dej artment Club." Box 16, S'ar Office. |t? IVASTKD?An experienced NI'KSK, white or v v Coli red, jj m.iI wages to one well recommend?I A i ply at 916 A btreet southeast, Otpir.d Hill. nBJ.' \Vr ANTEP?A PITUATION. by an intelligent vv German girl, a? lady '? Mid, ? r take care <-,? children; is willing to go traveling. .Vllr.-s No, <iOT 6ih street, n ar F. mJ5 21 * \\" ASTID.-1 will kIif fr- m *1JO' *\:A ?.? a iv v? one who will ret me a OOVKKNMENT PO SITION a- nosscng. r. copvist or clerk. Address, by lett> r, C. P.. Sltr office. titVj * II/ANTM ? Two ,.r tl,ree IXKI liNbllTp .*? BOOMS. with Table B ard. orn. ar a b ?ar,l ii g h< nae, n a central locality. Adlre ?. L. J . W Ciiy_ Pott Office n?25 Jt* \l' good SERVANT for geneial *' honsevork; sr.%11 family ami (rood wage*. Ai p!) b< lire !? a. in. or alter Jr. m. a. l barber * CO., n ss-tt II 7ih stru t,opposite p ?! Offi.-f. W'ANTM -li) n g ntl-mm an 1 Ins wife, ? ' ' PA KLOR and < HAMBER, cotimitiiicving. iu the vicii.ity of Franklin or La'ayette ? jiiiirc^.f r * hi. h a fat. conif limIi >u u a-k-d. Alius-B A. p" . St ar < Pice. ni2T>2* 'AXT1.D?A SITUATION a* goat eruante f r on" or two t hildreii. by a nwpectabl ? Frwnr'i voiiyig hidj ; wiltiti? to as?i ! in hotiseks ping ami civil p; |\n^ a tewing ma'-hine. lle?t refi-r<*ur.? Ail?!rf?. '?(.ouvernai-te," Star office. nr.5-3:* II'ANTKD-A MAN acquainted with ^eio-rtl ?? fnrm work ai>d n* d to- takitieCar- of ?tM-U; one v ith a f*niilv preferred; ? wae < jriven; r. f er.-tir-a reijiiired. Apply Mr? I,K\V JS BAILRV, it .>!<?)'?> Cr<MM K >a?is, V n., or a<|.lres- throii' h p. M u-hinzton, P. t'. ui25-lw* IV A>TK 1?.? A widow la>!v who h;?? no ei.c i;.. ?? brances is dwiroua of obtainine tli? POSI TION n? liouM koepf-r; salary no! ?o iuu?-h anoli v. t as a pleasant borne; or would take the . Iiarite n'f a linen il. partment in a hotel. U .'i rnnren einen A'.ilrets for ti* o days' Mrs. E. A. II.," Star of If U^AXTKP?A s ol PIANO in ox< 'lain?? f r groniid. A ?Id rem B 00*^ p.??t 0,Vtce.in24 i* W ANTBP-CH AM BKUMAID for Mbily of tw~> ?? pcnttiM andmag child. Emuire U01 s . , A 'tr<?t,c> rner J.I,Capit? l Hill n.2l St* rANTCP?A good lH. ACKtMlTH at No. tiU3 (i -treet Ilol'tiiWesl. C W. JOT. WANTKP?A LAl'NDUKSS an.l a" BOyT. \ ,w ait upon tn'.-e mi.4 make hunm-if jf. ierallv H, at^ No. *11> E street nor liw.-t. iu'2i 3t* \\" ANTKP? Immediate!*?T?o M1LLI ?* NKirS, at Mr.- M. CaLLAS, 1 i?7 K str?et, le Iweeii 'lib aii.l 12'h street. ni21 3!* W "1 I. f>?I. ^ DIK9i<wt.i>.' Ii "i tee that M mI inie P E. . I AISON, ot N w Vork. has op'ii-d h r M illiuery parlors, at No, 413 13'h str. "-t n-rth w'"4: mlt-lm" \\ AMI D?lit M m 1 - i f|o| *<K in the ?ir|ni ?* t\ . I C'ttv Ball, or P. .? OIBe ?. Kent to l. < nnderate. AJiImm X. T. /. , V a^-hinjrion, 11-21 2t * W A NTi:P-A * e'r v \ NT to c.-ok. we#;,, ?" fciv! iron 1 ?! two in family. S-'tl.-.l p.-r- .u pr* ferreil. Arplyat 'Jll 1* -?>?>. avenii", ( o we u '-*tfi Hii.l liwb str<-e?. In2l .St \\ A S'i I P?tli.' JV'f i?'j rial! ( White) li \ iTTiKB, t" M liom goi*d wa^i*? and sle?ly . inpio', i i.?i t will lie Kiveu. Al i'ly iu.ine<liat -ly N.,. JtJI H -treet northwest. mi< 3'^ <;Fo;:t;K n b \RBKR. \\'AN IKI'? It tli>' 1-' of Anril a g.nsi white \? COOK, end a I,? IMqiKS^; must |?. I ;i1r, -< Hti ,ii4t ic in Iih'. *tii'i I*i tug #o' l recorii r erilatioi.s. Appl> **vJ3 V<i niout avenii . opp *iie Ariii.gtm, H' tis". m22-3;* IV ANTKIi?PI K< 11 AMi ICS at pi iv:ii.' #a|.', tor *" in w and iiaiiilsoiti" Parlor ? t, elegant B us k r,*rP*t, two l?. il r. ni aols.carp M?>, rn r -? kitchi n r' 'illicit' .SC., at 1 '<? 1 7 O stieet o*-rthweHt. A ' argair f r persons nboiit to coiniii nr.- li' us. ? -p

ii'K. Appl\ Ir m 1 toi o'i |ork p m. m2t-2t* \V^NTEP-TO KXt'IIANGE?\ tlir.s ?t^Tv '? It HI' K Iloi SE. ronsth brown st.i* e front atnl Mansaril ri-of, wi*i, all tmalern e->n\ *nieitces in Mansard Bow , est Piiilailcl) hia. l'a , for a h .ue Wa.-hiii'.'ton, not very far front the Treasury. AJ <!ress. N. B. !>., Star Olliee. tn2?-3i * UrANTEP?An experfeneed an I responsible C \ 1EBEB Inquire at 13'jy F?;reet. ni22-.3t* \1'ANTK.P-A SITUATION INTOROCERY '? SToBK by ajouiig man thoronehlv ronip- -<l ?bo ran furnish the best tit> references A'lilre-s, P. K. B., ftar office. rull.ti* \V'A NTEI>?Inline i iat l> ? A timt-clasa 0*R ?" PKJEB for a Virginia farm. A pply to WM. SMITH, 314 9.hstre?t. m21Si* \\rANTEP? By the p,*f tn?1-r. Camp llalkck. Nevada, an acti\<* PAKTNER.with a iu), crpital of from three to live th oisaiid dollars, of go<?d business ijiialiiiratfons, ateadv habits and of niidoubtid integrity. None others iie~d K'ferences exi hanped. Bu-ibe^a esUiblish"d iu IfCO. Address as above. m21 .V \YrAN"l'EP?To piirrliase a g? <d pajing BUSI ? " NES^, ccntrallv situated, or will pnrehase an interest in "BIJSIN EsS,''Staroili. e. map at W ANTKP TO BKNT.?A three-story BK1CK HOUSE, with aiI tlxw 1' rn improve,,i?t,ts,sitn st"d bi tween Pennsylvania avenue and 12th to 17th streets northwest, WILLIAM TYLKB, m9J M Beal Estate Broker, 71^ 15th street. WANTED?An Energetic YOUBTollAN d.-sir7s to learn the dry goods or clothing busini-st.. R.r<.niiiiei,<latieiis g<M>d. Wages no obj'^t. Al dress"Energy ," this office. ml5-2w* WANTEP-A WET NURSE. Apply at SOtf L street northwest, between 8th and 9tl, streets. n,3 lm* tion, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. Servants also can get good homes and b"?t of wage* bv arpivirr at the Knreka Employment OBIfle, t. Mrs. Lol lSK 0. BUTLEB, 407 iUh #trt*t, near E. WANTEP? Injmoditvtelv?Families or persons in uet-d of first cla^s SERVANTS of every descrip ipliod a' f b-st o nt Olfiee t<et, nea fKItn _i the VICTOR . * m. n U,W H..VMS.1 W ? .? SCCill lf?g: the most perfect shuttle in nw, resting in a cradle; ueedle bar and work# of ste. I. Aeency,4tiW P. iiiisylvaria avenne. Also, Brauch of Muio. Ileni orest's Pattern Emporium. ang?> ly T. W. 8PICER, Agent. WANTEP?Everibody iu favor of thoroughly cleaned Carpets, almost as bright as semi orders to L. BICE, at the Steam Carpet Beatiag Wor|*JMj?in?^avenn?sJbet^?^n?!^Oijrta^spii?-iy BOARDING. WANTTP? Every one to know that) YV SEW1NO MACHINE has iu nt 1 'DE PB'lBLEM OF GOOP ANP CH BAP _ LIVING SOLS EP?Tut Bust Chkapkst Boa&DISC Aukamicmem ever ach;evtd in Wa-ili iijgton, or an) whetn else. la all respect* tirst -clast Hotel Table Board, iu the center of the city, at lm derate rates, with off, where ?5 worth of tick ets are taken at a time. Pv*op*is of Bit.t. of F\rk axp Pric*?:?Tea, Coffee,Chocolate, Milk. Ac.. lo.\; Hot Breads, Boils, Cakes. Musli, Ac., Inc., M-at.i Broiled, Fried, Slewed, Ac , 20c. at.d up; Eggs, in every style, nr c?nlisg to season; Oysters, Fish. Ac.,in every style, (a specialty dnrit'g the season,)Mc. and up; Roups i very choice, with bread.) mostly Uk'.; C <lil H"its 30r.; Roasts, mositv 25c.; Roa?t Pou try (every day ), ni 'stly :M? ; Boiled Meats, mostly 25c.; Pork an.l Beans,-J5c.; Vegetables, 10c.; Dessert*, mostly ItK'. Entrees,mostly 25c. Ev-r) thing of the very best quality and served in abundance. Neat ami delicate cookery a studious and standing specialty. No charge tor Bread and Butter, with M-at. nor for bak'd or boil"d Potatoes, with hot Meat. One-Half Off?That is, Ten Dollars in tickets given for $5. Fo* IssTAXrE?Roast Beef, boiled P-?tatees, Bread and Butter. Tea.C'oflee, or Milk, X5c ; !?. off, ir,\c.?that is, a plain round m>*al for l7Sc.; or, will, ? ut drink, except water, 12j?c.; and hight-r living in proportion. Lndiee ai.d fSen lennn, singly or in parties, and fsnulies, boarded te tter and cheaper, in any degree* than th'-v can piefibl) board theinseltes. E^erybisly ?fiould h?ve some of tlu*s<> Tickets, for ai ie??t occasi. ual meals or lunch-^. All the appointments of a first-< lass Hotel; Ladies' F.iiiram e, Ac., Ac. Ever) thing genteel and home-like. Aiidress, stating number of persons, Ac., PE I'ABTMKNT ('LUB. Box 1# Star office. iu22-3t I^OB BENT-O ?sl ROOMSsikI TABLE BOARP JT in that uew honae. No. 618 H street, near 7th, only ene souare from Patent Office, recently taken by a Northern lady. Come and try for yoar selves. m21Iw* L-IRtT CLASS B0ABP BY THE WEEK OR r MONTH, also, desirable ROOMS for rent, hand s.'Uiely furnUhei!; vc'ry low to permanent tenants dnrluE the spring and summer, with or without Board. K onis nu second and third floors, with l>oaid,at S?i; No. 4113th street, lietwoeo E and F streets,near Willanl'saud Imperial Hotels, mlt lw' fOOP BOARD, PLEASANT BOOHS, AHD Vl prices moderate, at HIM corner ?f Penn?ylvaci# avenne and Sat street. nayl-ly tlien or r ^odel old ?tyle#; also. ? ? FeU Bat# tor ?le, on re?onahto tor? F. ZSfSrMiS'Bl&FZSi "u'Ji'a Part.aa,1 peri< r to I m* y r, and wo S. JDSTB, 111 D street, oe BECOID I AMD CLOTHIMO at lee# than half the coet of ready-asade aes BILE PRESSES a#pedalty. fe!3 l? JLES,' OF TBI FOB SENT AND SALE. FfOR BBNT-Fl RN1SIIED HOICK; very do ? If 'Mf; 1T1SH s'ree?; all mod-m THOS. R WAGGAMAN . 41'? 7tl. street ni2? 3t Unfurnished, re? pet-table in ?-?" FOR RENT?ROOMS, Furni-tied or I f r h- nsekefpirr, in a ?mall an 1 family. Ko. 61 Defree* itft L t'lt KENT?Two suite* n( peasant. Fl'BX ISHKT EOOMS.nn flr?t an.I Board, at 9'<J4 Hew Jersey loni' ???nrh east. mfc v" I^OR RENT? BOOMS, in hons*corner 7th k?4 R MTtii, N ?. 17UI. Water in the h and * Ui g - Lallway, and a ?? r> pleasant Iwili ty. ? m?** IVOR SAIE?A smsll HOUSE?7 li *>rtk Caro lina avenne. near Eastern Market. A neat eat tagc for a small family. Choice flower*. evergreens a: (I grajx ? on the place. Two squares fr-mboth ?ontlM-a-ftm line* of city car*. m2&?t* IVOR SALE OR-RENT-BBK K DWKLI.lNrt; l a>k bonding. four-etori<*: < miaming U ro.?n., vdtir 'lid gas <>n ea?t side K-rth Capr-d *trM. No. Si I, U-taeeu Baud C streets. Apply ?n the rrimiw?. F'OR RENT-Three^ry BRICK IIiiUSK.with t.-n r>?>ms; furm-hed, w ater. cas and bath tub. No. 7<?1 llili?:rwl,K-t*i">ii New York avenue and H rtr??'t nortluMt. Apply to JollV R KN TWISLF.. H u>e A- nt, N>. 9*1 ih a. reel. utlSe<-3; * IVOR SALE OR RENT-A f. ?r -s! ?ry preaaed I i i rk *i nt HOUSE. Mo. 10'J Ii !iana WM?r, Im I w?cn 1st Sil atre' ta northwest. containing 9 ma? ?4 wllw: range l?klhtei, witer ?n 1 ga?. InouiieNo. l.'IU! 4:? -sn-el * nilmval, W M N II. V IACK. m26 wVT * 1,*<'R SALE?V<*r? de-ir-iMe 7th ftr.-et POKI'XK 1 V,? pp ?tt? P.,tert Xttce, U an.i If. I ?t t> U.i k,lau 1 >:. 2u f-et lo'-^ ur U - front |.? 106 f?-1 inrlv to all A rare onP >rtn?ii*? f->i a go * investment. B. H W tRNIR, n.a-e,: t 7'i9 7; 11 ?treet. IVOR REST?Furnislo>1 atwl iiiifurnMnd R'X*M > f< r h k.' i fi ?. ?? i ! up I third II wr< wa r oi li.'lh floors. WJ4 D street northwest. n>24 3 * I/Oti MNT-A a d Ix-aut ifttlly located I HliM,-llt.l' HOUSE, ill West And. E K WILSON, ti ?4 .It All 7lh ?(re"', "(ipnuitr put Oii ?. ?,'OK l.ENT?A *a teof nic-*ty-furnished KOOMS. <1. af, nn *?c t d fl oi; a'? .. one single K mm, *t 720 13tl. stn et, between O a d H n >riliw.--t; i.atli ro-rni on urm t!<if>r. nilt^t* 1,-OR REST?A tw. -rt .rv H?|'8C. r .mpl.-ieU I furuiih'-d, ?itu?l"d a? 4tlti 1-t i>tr<- T ? i~-, r< n er l-? hi .1 |> ?fa. App!> a' .1 S HENAl'ljT .i St>N"S,cornerMli and Ii ?lrrel< i: ?rtliwe-t n!l St* ISOR~KKNT? r'iri |?tie>l. THUKK K??.?MS. *ery CODTelilenl for li >?MeL>',.n.iig; X 9jy Mi -i rVuaett* axeime, lwtweeo 9tb *ua lu. hstieets. Nj lm?n or rhina furui-h'-d. n 24 2i* IrOB RENT ? F<>nr linn-laomely fnrnt-'i -tl in k?h>i| locati.'ti, en pihi?* ??r kif>i;lv' rent n.'^lerate-hot and roM water. N >. 441 Uth?troet, be ween Fa. avenue and K -?tre?'t northwe*t, m2J St I'OH KENT-The basement HBI?'K DW't.CTriS? No. 113^ la?h?t. nortliw-st, b -tweeti L and M. ena, water e|.?-t. 4c.: contain inn 8 r ?<>iih. IiHinire NOAII V\ Al.K EK rt CO ,011 Pa avenite. ni2i-4t 1/(>K BE XT-yfT?KE in.I DWKLL IN (J. N >, T i T ' 7tli etreef, betwe n (J and II Ma. Inoiiire of >lr?. Al'AMSON. No. 1**11 14th at., l?-twei?u 8 and T M*. rorthwe,t. between the hoiirx of ID and 4 m2? ?i * Iron RENT?I N H KNISHED BOOMS, at ?Tt I. rtreet, between !>:h and lOtii. n>22-3i * I,"0R liENT?A new f-nr r<H>m HKI' K. Mary land avenne, lwtween 1Kb and 12(U atreeta, iiorth?act; Ihi e- \ ard S 16. n22 St T H<j^ E V AGO AM Ml, *19 7th tt. I^OR BENT-Two F11;N1SIILD~Riiois7 *1 ? ai"l jSlii; tw.. tMi'nriii-hed. tiro ptr lora, &3t>, a| 1410 K alreet, bet?cea ltiti atid 15?U reata. ra? 3 ? tV"OK KALE?A n ? tw . I l{ \M iTTlUl'SE. c'-ntainiiiK i*ix r<? m?, on 24th arrest, betw^-n C. at... Jl street", ri-'Mliue^t. A vprv ^niall caah pa - ni-nt r .|i;ir..l Aj ply to ALI.EN C. BE \ N. ?I 1 .? < I Ii street. |?5J ^ * {/OR RENT?On the l-t of Apr;1. HOI'SE N ?. 1 119 (i re< t, third i|...?r fr >m 1Mb an?<>t, c ?n *e i Bit eleven rm ma, with all tn *1 -rti impr >ve nieti'e. Not rt'nu*d fur a b earding house. I'Micir* bi 14U0 New Y^rk avenue. n'ilKit l/OK KENT?A 11 A* I mill r*e an 1 water ??ii ? C ftreet lithweat,near In h "freer. It nt P'T rn.ntli. A; plv to FENWIt'K A STEWAIti, >a?l:.I?o raid Blind I?-pot, corn r 12:h aire -tad | Ohio avenue. m22 % ?/1 'Kl: EN T-FI RNISliFD.iUoo. f?: I" N V V U N l-H ED, i?i. #26, *T<), ?. 12. *4. ?7, ..5'?.?'. VES ""ORES. .?lly, STORES, Ol t It ES, . !M1>. 15, Alt). ?>2I-SI TH OB. E WACUAMAM llinhat. I,''OR SALE till KENT?A tliree-atort' atid b'.^<' ? P.ent ItRIt'K IlOt SK on Q street. le tw - n I'll j flL,ienlaiuln(teii r?".m?. aver and letib r- '11 pjioe low and tanns ea?y. FITCH A Ft>X, ! 1 SOS Pennsylvania arattiie. n.-'i 3t I/C'l? RENT-MAKKET ? \ROEN-aITmi? acre* rich soil, with VHlnabh- txd? of a-par:i ; trim, currants,rlinliaib aiol apple irchanl. Land n.1 ? uii- S. M er> How. , with entrance from 7ih sfr '.-t i bj W hitiiey nvi-iiiie. R ??[!.oi-iMe tenant reqii'r.-l,> ai 71tt 1.1th ftreet. tn22-a.ta.tli3t* 1/OR iTknt^sl"BTRBAN RBSIhEVTE-TlT. 1 ti< w a..d c> intoriatde llUl'^E, oiitbnil-litig-tr.d I.ettiisful Kr iitulK on e*ta'e kii"uti n? L'iciiat Hill, j adioinirjr Soldiers' Home. 11 ai, hy ailna ion, cpleiidid view. be?f water, and i urt to the eniraiic ? Whitney a\enne. Apply at N >. 112 13 h '" IVOR SAI.*?A three-at or. PKKSS BRICK, c^r I per N' rth t'ap'l..I and I atr ets northwest. A desirable t*.i utory Blilt K COTTAGE on I. . between N'lW Jci>e> aveiiuu and North Capitol >ti eet. Two beautifully located HOUSES, corner Ma-.a rbil?etts a\ecn- mid 1.1th -;r"et. TO--1 d?-!ral.Ic PROPERTY, formerly octapiinl b> Mr. Mullet, corner Gay and Orecu streets, (ji ' liffti wn. ^e,.ral HOUSES in the new ro\> (beiug finish'-d 1 i on 2.1 street, near P nn-v!va:iia avenne. Fi*e new i:KI< KS, ij ?tn-t,li tw en amh and 21?t i ?treats K. K. WILSON, j ii'22-6t SI 1 7th street, opp wite P ?t Otilce. h'OK SA Lk ?A 6-ro. at FRAME HOL 8B, well located, . n easv term". Small cash paylD-ut. I'Mjiiire,4 RICHARD S. SMITH. 43)1 3th *tr-?4 northwest. nili-St* K'OR SAI.E-Tliree fine SQl'ARKS, one. f?,,?. ! 1 one of y.l,.ou, an l >.ne of lw^juu f, et. Ch -ap mil I if >-asr tenns. Ci.ll between 9 and GEO B COBl RN. 40i Mb atreet northweat. m21-i>t I^OR RENT?At No. 400 1st str.wt aouthe**t,4 il-sirable Rt >OMS. fnrnishud complete for h >uae j keeping; water iu the kitchen; coal and wood room I adjoining kitchen; watercloaot and bath-r j clo?et? and gas in every rootn. m21 it" ?VOR 8\LE?A tiii" 3 story BBICK Ht?r8B,"NTT. A MS*4 Mh>sacbuiietts avenue, betw^nMh and huh j streets northweat. Posseaaion given 1st c.f April. ] Apply at the com* r store, or of GEtl. TP. LANt; i LEY A SON. WoiaJ and Coal dealers,7th atreet, l?a i tw, en Q and P atreets. m21 St* 1^'OR SALE?On Capitol Hill, a genteel 3-atory i 1 and basement BRIC K HOUSE, containing nina t r. o|ti?,Iwsides bath ai d atore rooms It lias gas, I cold and hot water, and water-closet*; heated by La trobe aud Empire heating range. It is nearly new, in thorough order, In a very health* and agridable J neighborhood, and will l?e aold very low on easy . terms. Apply to the owner on the premises. JtOT A , street satitheaaf. m21-6t" |VOB SALE?8MALL FARM?A place four miles j A norlliea-t from tl?ia ci'y. containing 22 acr-a, abont one-fou^h In heavy timber. Tha i m prove ments consist of a Double Fra-ne House, in g<?al order, with all the neceaaary ombuildings, including au ice-hot ise, full of Ice. Plenty of g<s>d pare water, and several hundred fruit trees of tne beat variettea. Will be aold on easv terms, and ctty prop-rtv taken iu part exchange. Price and tenns mad- known on application to RICHARD B. MOHUM A CO , _n-30-M 1013 P?nna> Ivanla avenu?. I^'OR SALE?A amall HOUSE, near the E'steru A Maiket, 714 North Carolina avenue; flower vat den front aud rear: suitable for saloon p*irp >-??*. Iminire on premises after 7 p. m. tnl9 6i* Ji'OK SALE?A smau FARM of ai acres,situated t on the 7th-street Montgomery county, Md., 4 mile* troni the District line; will sell cheap Apply to W. U. REARDEN,No. 1913 ?>hstreet northwest. ml9-6t* VOR SALF?A flrst-claes, thraestory PRESS ? BBICK. No. 717 H street northwest, contain ing 9 rooms, cellar, bat h-rooui, water cloaeta, hot and cold water, fliiieh<'d throughout in the best man lier, heated by furnace and Latr?be; Lot SUi* to *ll?y. NOURsE A MIDDLETON, n>'9-? 613 lath atreet. F^OR RENT?FURNISHED ROOMS: a back Parlor fnrnishiHl as a B<^lroom, and two p|.-as aiit rooms, bark and frout, on a^cond atory, in an eligibl) -I. cated Dwelling on I street, near 9th; will Is- rented on reasonable terms to gentlemeu only Addrefts '? A. J.," National Republicansfiioe. nil9-tf (Rep. | F'OR SALE OR EXCH ANGE?Tiir? >.f the m >*t desirable LOTS on Meridian Hill, containing 22AO square feet, on the highest ground and next to property handsomely improved. Price veiy low, and tenns most easy; a rare rhancv for a food in vittiLtnt or a beantifn1 home. A. L. BARBER A CO., ftl I 7th street, B?19-6t Opposite Post-offlce. F'OB SALE?A *ery desirable two-story BBICK HOUSE, containing 6 iooiu* and cellar, with troi.t and back yards, on 8tb street, near M. Price only on the following very easy terms- (DO in ra*b, #1 J*n In 4,6 and 12 months,and the balance in 6 years, monthly payments. Call earlv and secure tills Uargaiu. A. L. BARBER A CO., ?1 4 7th at., uiltR Opposite Po?t-otfice. ? F^OR SALE. CHEAP?A flaa press-brick front HOUSE, with atone tiinimings, containing 10 ro<ma and bath-roowi, hot and c Id water, cooking ranges, Latrobea, gaa aud gas flxtnrea, marble man teis, etc., aitnati^l on 11th, between O and P stre-ta northwest. Price, |(JW. to RICHARD KOTHWELL, No. S4 9th atreet nonhoa t. The houae nay be seen by eaUinf at the Grocery stu*? aorner of O and l?th streets northweat. tutf-lm" FHtR RENT-On the 1st or April, HOUSE !f?. 613 Louisiana avenne, opposite the Sewton Ilouae. In perfect onlar; with an modern Improve ments. Bi nt #90 per month in advance. the pren Isea. FOR SALE-Sevaral very durable BUILDING LOTS on Capitol H^l^near Oie Capitol Gronuds MT nlS-ectw ASA Uth street, 0| Ir*0B SALE-An entire 8QUABB 0? GBOUND beautifully located near the tenaiM* of the Co lumbia Street railroad. Willi dating tenaa. WALK V51}." A fccBAB, mlS-eotw ASA Uth IVOR BBNT ksilbi', iENT?Desirable OFF1 #HALBTSSftrf#T! P6R mt-fwo Aoora nice r bum's new drnf store; No. 1489 avenne. rokers, bargain?A ooaafortabla aeven jraaMd brick fro?t, with " conveniences, large lot, Ac. Apply on tka 1909 Mth street, abore IT ? u per month; inquire 694 La. fromt'Zm. to 3 >. IB BENT-BOOUB. with board, at 1916 Maaa acktuetts itraat,corner Uth street. mlS-lm' FOR RENT AND SALE. 1/OR 8ALW?Thmm f??ar rnrrmm 1 itk #?.??? liOl'8fc> op aortb iid? of I between Bph and tth rttwetiI. n..rth.*at, b-i.n Ihrea rtori? aid attic, cottainlnc ei?ht r.> rrw wh.ind ilftMitini M ^oikiik WIU Be .44 cheap, either separately or together, for ib? par?Me of aettling np an eetate. A"T?*r Brier *l. ut llttllMrll. Th* t?f? fntt bi>? offh-i in tv?i? r|(? Pree *1 all taxes. urf title lwli>put?til - Apply to L. P. CLARK. Pap-rnanjrttut Ht..<e, Bill-lWl Kil l<m PfBP?IUl,i* ?M IIOr N W. P>R8ALE-A twoKTr lRMt H^t'!'!, St. ? ?? 1 ?tre?I n.irtbvrM, Cu?!itiiiiii| f nr r...m?, *iao kitchrn, cellar. bathroom ?ith vat -r rl??eet, b'< and old water in chambcr*. h *t.-r m , rarl^r, atd co. kin* r*?ir? in kit. h-n Th* lot i. M ^i. V_4 I "?'<*< dr*y, to a tt fiMit p*t?d tll"t. ***?? ?"<! oarrta*. h m" J W THOMPsON,curwr ot 17th atreet and N-?r T ik leba?-tf | LOST AND FOUND. V OST?Ou huiHla) la*t, . n lo: it ?trM. b O I ItB?ti9?Ii?f*LSl,JrlB?I- r".,i<k <.Ch?sr U.aJKT i In f .|.|, A liberal rem arri wi<1 b ? raid for tu return to 7.14 Wth rtreot n ? mjs j - I | o?T-ii' St'iinla) iHt. ai in- t, ,V J10*!?. 2? road and Center Market, a HI V j VH12W"1"1- Tkr Under till k*tvvarl.>l, i( t2?T!L'. * "?* iBeni ?t corner of ti:h an t 1) ?t. , _?*.* A E. L KEESE I I 1?Mu , M.iii 4 ZI. o?a H mm kuvt'i ! ?f ?4lh street to the B untary a B- * : MINK FIB COLLARET Thr^-.l r^ r,"; M ? J PUitMblf tMird h) Itavtric it 4 10 I Mr j **'*?? ** *u*l XU _ jtt t?? * j KF. >4 A K I> n tJi* 24th PofcrMn, my , vt "r" KUil.iuati . Bua' i: ^ ){. ! 3<*4 P. un>) Ivania av.-uu*, orn.-r 4', ? w?re broken .-pet., ?.:d the Mtowinr ani 1 ! at ; . I I' *! M-r. t?, .- cM pair White Blankets, t?r ? E at!?. r , t*? r R Ister*. li ur E ,?*lr r p.ji >a, wiili Casea. one t'hma Pitcher. ril l-4; ?uc UrR.* Pi. ton.,| Bible, (tided ctaua and hiosl Blacks >'at. B!a?k Al|.a. a Ov.rvkirt ai d |la* ,v|> . t M:apper, Cali? ? Wrtpp-r; al*<>. 1. t P.-uaie I nderai-ar.ono Qvitlt. T??nti-n\e d..'lara will | S""it tor an> Information that lea l. U> th re n r\ ?f on c>n Kfl<>? .f the ? s ?>a-.ili hkI s. it:pics ot t)i? rlotl.tnc can b .?-n |,? raJhncontheund.nii^i.ed WILLI AM (Hi \ Y i<0> MuMurl avimne f "fir"':?v M-IK l K - t b iu "j ; I a hrh ai d 2-!'trfftc I rtliv<*t, a RCHl hl.\<. ?itb two p?jiria. A hb.r?| r ward * .li b> r 1 1 if r.-turt.ed t.. N? .Ml<4 2 ! ?tre. t ,..ttkve^. 1 ,7 I i^KTT1 w? A*i Theatei, jMoiarj' Stb, aa f iJi? ^ At KINO.?1 b?- bixi'-r ?tll beau reaarded by Ifa^li.c 11 at Mar olbce. I t'ST-~?n "'*? ,?: ??* a. l ?1 ni J Tth aiid - m r ^Vr ?* KYE ?LA^E8. . , f M frame. A liberal reward ?ill pi. <1 if ref rrt'"d to 4 lit V atTeet n rthweet AM FOR SALE. | A 1 PtlVATK SALIC?A ?et of PK\WIN?; A M KI KNITI UP, upl. ?^ Hi Blue Sana I>attia?k, Marie Antoinettes Hot* - Anu 2 Lid< ? ? "UWm.l v f hair-. 2 fei. .t,r h:.\ HecepM. n t ? H,ra. I El. ,|,y at-.. ?. It K -i^d"^ P^,."r aT* /'. i ? I .**k i f Wall h. and I Piano stool to matrb; alao. one Prtuuli M . ^tt n > ' al??ot 75 parvls . 1>, . .K- 15 ,1*,* in '***" than f.rttr (?) TiJ.'i ITiil't Vr.,n ^erT nwp ? ' ???.-daane? ritey will l?esold together or ?, para? U w ? r.-?ji . , L AT /mER '4 *t IK Awl? to zJz 1 iW"'" A MfcAKi, A'irn"nw. ni?*2i tt I^OB SALE?A litlli>E. tw . CAhT>, i-v i" "fMAksisa. i,.4?iir.. atf^rn i *?? If! etrvet ?mitiie?ns|. n.22 .1 \ 10~COJiTBACTOB4.?dhorel?, p,. , TwoU "f **tr ???pfiMi for !*?' !?Je ?,t'n,r,.nt,2l,.r. K.U S( HNEIUKii. I0IU ? ' "g'-t t l"r 8 H. Mu:ia.?n. U ?i m lull im* ^'">(1 nnik *.?'TU or h?:al em\ rr. V'lV! ! !5 MEELUENT SE-'TIIINSOE t.VI . I"K SALE. 1 iN HE \SON A ULK TEKMS, TO CLEAR UP AN K>TATK TiteaudereiaiKMl, aaa:|ti.e?e..4ler f >r ??!??. at I rrl,T* *!'J "u tvnu., tiiu f. iloa ia? p. p P(?rsE ??n V w ^ r>: avf-rn-.t: ??- ????! t a?; fhatie t?tt>.ttii?k h. b?t?N .411 ?t r u?.. | .,?. a...t,t p?--d fib k front, wj, ! r w , - V. ? 1Ar^'(l',r ll'Ks: L uta uii.g s r , ni-, batk-ri jot,*gaa aad I Hi|l HE Ko. 4id N"w V rk arenar, b ?**ae? pi al.dtib^retu U"I1U..!, two ?t r. |.,jt aUll j a i, < "I''a iim # r.K urn a :ul ? ,,, , .. 1. k* ..I;tiireery I v' "-''tiiiuniK6 r.^aji-. ?U. 4J?? V; ? V.rk arm It A norlhw ?t: t?o r. li^Tje. brick Lawiii'ot aad waacf kltr'i -n: 7 fo dh 44B M attw northwest.!. t?. -n4'h at: I 5'i ; .l^~ M..r> ai d baeeitM-ut,pr. ?. 4 b?.ck,Cott^uii.i | rt'OUii, *11 mc^i u cciivenifiic<?8. ' i1' VarBl,|1,lil,*il?^ *?'* ?treer, ?. i jre ? I alio n atrreta uotthu'rat. thie Butl. iiig LOTS. ><m N ? | ?ik avetit.? ? of ?th ?(r. .-t h itlm.-t Two Kne BuiM.i * LOTS,on New York aveuae b'dwef ti 4"h and&th atr.*-t* northwiat. ' I L-r (urtbtr pariicuiaia, apply to E. I. iflllTI, ECOESE CAKl'Si, _.,f '".P. MATriMuLT. trie ait A>?i?ne. aoTJaa. O. Na- i?r. i hUlCK CLAE EOB SALE. ~ App!> to . DODGK A DABNKILLK, -17'f I45IT p ?ne?t. MEDICAL, <fcc. I A,t?iar o/ utt Amr*i * a H ertro Alrditai Journal, and Prj/emr m rfcc E?rrti?| ?wul d",gujM'du,iM* ,rub"ut Paralyaia, Kb. umati?tn, C*nc?r?. Blo>l Poiaooa. (. atarrli, I?>ap> peia, the Eye and Ear, Laa? aud JpJTi^ltiea * * K??rro*a Diaoaa.^ are ui* fflatesawj ""-?"""ti.i. a xtiurssisr Ivaiiia aveme. f ^ W lrraawUrity, and Deblll D T triJ ;uccTfu,J' treated. k?-lief immediate A C%??;^"2 u*,Iw7t?l. Bddr-aii Mra A. t. 1WM1K, w aahinirton. I;. 0. faM-lat* j\| ADAMS WILSON, t.n, -DISEASE INCIDbSt^L To' L A Dlto &?sid?Mr and Coanultation K.>.n?, all kli atraaft , c '*f raaaottaWe pricoa. Tapeworm rauornd with licud 1% two hovtrt. Refer to aatieaita ain i i Mfnii. treat.d in Waahin*u?n. ^tTS^'' |)r7l1o57 CONSULTING PHYSICIAN, The oldeet aatabMahed Specialiat It. the city. Ho. 911 14th atreet, above 11. Boon: U to4 and 7tot,daily. ??/-HpeoUlty-P.ittale CompUinta and Diaeaaea. JtT-U i" ^"^''ViHV^'jrs' VhI>D<"JL-1 ir Ad-lreaa ?' Dr j ph!a ^^^ ' Uth atreet, PhHadai \f ONET RETURNED IP I iT| . HUN HAD ELillK PA I Lb TO CURE CHILLI ..T"Jg^f^0,.BEACE A CISSEL.ceruer Brlto and W?^.K^ciiatrt-ett, Georaetowt,, and of OEORG1 H PLANT d BO*, corner lien York aveuue atij lALt ^^_^w^ercjjatmiopiaU can beeeou. royl4-ly* PERSONAL. . A .*^.l Na. LkUI,1*? RESIDENT INjWASll ifcgton iliiidhood, uflcra hi r M'frii 'i lot au oOlce or store, in ke?i?iu# ordinary acc.>aiit>. ?.rit<!.R letters or ci.pying. or other bu-inee?of a miliar nature. K-fem to Hon. Johu Hit*, Pre,, petit German American Savin*. Bank. Mi .aud Mra. II. <- Speucer, Itiuiu< e-> College, aud otbi'rs. Ad- 1 urcra A. |l. 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