Newspaper of Evening Star, March 25, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 25, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. T? i:sn\T nmrrfa ?"s htj. LO CAL JfTEW 8. IninwinrnlH, *??.. IT.- ? fftra lieu *.? English Opera?'? Ma-1 Um'' Tki a!*r fomiqv.?A variety entertainment of drat:..a. long, Uwtice, &c. in-rmjtmf-'. a hall tuJJinn.?li'wl UnJon Bad. r.o '? * r-n?/ I aiKl .M s: reefs?I.eciure Ij Kit |)f. T flany. -? 4 iHHlrasrd I.'K-rIh. excellent ?i rang. in rt under boarding. I.> t. I?r. I'.o* nt ii ha? mijned the pa?tor.diip ?f the A- mi'lv rr.sbjrltrian church, on ac ccnnt of ill health. n?irriMr I'Mke. who hn< been aW-it froai lU nty lor fttfril 'lays pas.., returned yc.-ter day. Thf HMiiliialeaf pews of the Mi trnpuliun II. E. cl.unli took place la.?t tr.ght. The bfcldiug wa* !*| >1 and price* rnn^til ir?a? ??< to ^>>0. t apt. W G. Moore, of Ciiujiany A. W. L. I., was Ut ui;li' pr< sented with a handsomt ly ei. ?-?d copy ?>>' resolutions complimentary to L>iti. adopt* d !?} Company l>. W. L. 1. A ll'tfe i1clf|i?:ioii of the Knight* of Pythias of this l?;>triet will a'ternl the ac.--.-ion of tlie ?Su| i bc Ciwiiril ?f that order, in, Va . on the l".th j.i. v.uio VvTt inut Ctuli bM appointed llenrv Ried a ronini.-.-iwi or o#d?eds tor 'hr stite of Pennsyl aat a. ami Th? ma* 11. Lan tley, asae-.sor for the eighth legislative d -trict of tlie l?is.rict of Coi ki Iiia. A fine I :y uor.-f belonging to Palmer ?V Gretn *s? kill. d jesterdar at the rorncr of th?* avenue atid ?tb . treet. by being run iiiti hv a pa.i i t ?ray b.'w at'aclnd t;? oneof the lu>it p? ? ?! nt i.-e rmpaay'i aa^oiw. '1 lie Surtiii-iu llarkri-kouta building .?om nit'iehry am t!m y.-stcnlay *( the Gover Mr>office toointxltr the <|U? stion of the re mo* a! <>l (vrta n ?h da in the wavof the new bui'dmg and it w.n? d? ci?V d t>? wait opon the hoard of public work-, ta get the consent of that koilv to tne ri n owl The sale of prats for the farew.-ll conerrt of the Rvb?Mti-in.WitBia?r>ki coml'iuaiiona at Lii.ro111 I:.ill on Saturday evening next, will r?i?mf?!*e at MetzeTotfs to-BiorTi.w morning. Tbose who wi.u'd seenre eligible plaee- should ?Ui ' il to the matter in time, a* the hall will no ?ionI t be till*'I. .A meeting of Germ in citizen* was held last Bight to take s< me a? (ion with reference to the intinnance oi a dai'y German paper in Uiis city. >Tr. V H. M.lUr, "of the A*;ri(rr. having iil'ttKi dhis ualn'ity to keep up that paper. It maa dreiil ?'! ?o sustain Mr. W. Koch in the t>archaic and publication of the Anzriyr. Mr. Ki < >? is mi intelligent and experienced e<l;,or ami publisher. and in bu capable hands the AM.t j,',- will doublle..?have a successful career. ?rrlinc of I Kill UiMrlet B?^nkliran?. Tiir am orr i n:* kk-ilkited. A meeting of the sixteenth district republican club ran at Ti rner Hal! last evening -Mr. f H. WiUhair* j-rethlent. and Mr K.R. Broaner nftrtiTT. A-ti-r thi' president ha<! stated the oh;? >?* to be the election o.'o.Hcen for the en?u i?gy?>ar, Mr. F. V> > f t ?if7eretl a r^^olntion: That the present officer*?S. H. Wiltlanw, pre>:dent; S. Ce'hardt and R. Allen, vice presidents K. K. Hn oner, secretary; ami K. Kordan. treasurer? In '?! M. r rot one v? ar. an I that the pr- xideiit l>e authorized t" api-o-iit the o?-h ^ati- to the ctn trai rt samitt e. Mr. Flyi n n-oveil is a sabstitrte that the c!nS r???>lTe itx-1. tot" a m*--i meeting, with S. P. Robe'ta-m iu the chair, lor the pjrj. jM* of elect !?!?: f * cf. A*' re n HeraMe eo?lv-ion ard d:-cn-<-:<m. ?lii'ing u hi> h Mr Jaaaf* i'uke wa.? ippoiii' <| at-arm<. Mr. Flyun withdrew iim n'lh fate. The o, i*- 11 r.-solution was r .a I. an I Mr. Fun i iu- re I t > 'ar lr on tiie ?a>de; carri* d. Nir. f i? > ii .- i'd be had a rr*'':iti n to o"*! r. I- t bt i??r?* he hai'deil it ovrr he iq ?re?| tin mei ?i ? tCM.ii - itself into :i nrtv m ?t l*t l?tlfct rtRctin, ?itb Mr. KoVcrtfrou iu the el ?? r Mr. |tol>'rtM D t?>ok 'he chair, and Mr. J. W. Me h in .lit wan ? ret d ?*rr. t in. Mr. F!v? ii o rit Ii < rm ilii,:on that t*ie |.r? -? i'{ i r.'ci t-< 1 .he I. b Ik ilci lar d rt ? iect.d lor one r? ir. Mr >frKMj;hl made *>ip ? remarVs. spe*king \ ??! the n< rvio * of r!i?- idi . r?. lit-wan int r- I mpte?l 1 \ an intoxicated indtridaal, wh n Mr. I Mi h ii.gli -a J, " Put a button on your lip and keep y? t i.i. uiIi ihnt." Coiitinu ng hi> r.-mark* he -:*:?! t'-At the oirt. i't* ha?l <ioti" .h. ir duty, ai.d to thi m tli*-present sta idiag ot the district w;i? due in a mmic. It w.u> now the b-llBerdif rict. The b>rti at. d" m-n aI?o iml'?rsed th^ (i'H ci t- .it ? ? ? ir r o .rrable repr- hen-d tivc , Mr. McKnigh') 'a done Ii.* u-u-utiujst, t-io.** Mr. Ply iuT* re?o!ution wa4 adopted. Mr. X\ i! ur* thank'd the club for .h'1 honor tb. \ !i*. couf<*rrt I ui?on him for the th.r?l ti ne, ard the con<*<derHtioi of Mr VTa."? rcsolntiun wa- r? -nm d. and Mr. Flynn moved to lav it on tlie table ntit'l the ne\* meeting; agree-1 to. Mr Crown snbaaitted a -iraft of constitution aa?i by-laws, which w.?re referred to - ?? .tn naittee composed of M -r.*. McKnight, Browm-r. W'cin?. West. Leonard. I>eahicld. iiid iDla.ler. RMA.-ti iraTlo-W est K?"l \T10X MrFTlTii. The !i.Jjo irr d. and a meeting wa? orgai.ized ior the piirpflMe of inak'ng arr ingc meii'n tor i>ai ticipit in( in the ccb '>rar'o'i of ? n . th- | at on April l?. Mr..1. W. McKni *ht pr?-.?i-<i. witii Mr WV*t -??fretarr. Sam icl H. William* San ebct?il chief tinr-h'il, and a linaiicc CooiBf' '< ? ot fire wan ap;<oiutcd. The Peath ><y -I.e. Kit>>i?nv, r?>. "Pie ol the <1-ath ot Mr. danic-s I*. Kejifedy. wliich Ot'riirrnl ttii- luornin;. will be received with re/ret. not o?i'v bv his personal friends, but by the ci /en- ot W.?-hti.-{ton genera'ty. lie ?a> a genttetaan ot" large ni atas ai*?l tiiie ta?te*. ano was deeply inre- .? i*i ti e weltaae ai-?l teproveaw Mt ?? the ctty. To ?hf>e erds he ? al.'.ay s rt a>!y to c-^-iti ib^itc, and br hi? it - ve?tiBri.u m real entati- and the tine cl.?.-s o. bniblii gs wli:.-h he ua l built in the i% t few ytar- Le ha<l already Uone m u b in that ilirec tion. At the lime i?i hi- <l<*:i*!i Mr. Kennedy wa> Pro:.lent oi tlie children's lloepital aivl of tLe Arliu-'oc F re Insurance Companr. He w >t> a'?o ot .- ol th tru-tees of the Corcoran Art G* lery. and one ot the directors of tlie Merro l*> itan i '.ub, and wi> in many other waysid'*n tliad with ?.?nr ?ec al in.) m .ier al a.isancem- lit Vr. krnn ?ly ? .une to W a-1 ingion :n lvW. fr im All any, N. V and has res.ded here since ttiat tk*. -? Aktfk thi i h.h kUitns. ? Int rnal K? itaur \sr'*ot, W. T. It irr, and hiaaseista its h*?e just been making an investigation of the arcaauUaf tiie ditterent cigar m?n-ifact ir.-rs ?I tl is l?i>tri? t. atw! amoiig siateen of t .- m they Ciid a deficiency of Vi.tss> cgar- which have no; l>?cti r. turned lor taxation, and wtich b<.en luamifactiired since the annual m?. i.lory return ws? mad? on the 1st div of .lai ii^ry la?t. Tle auount ot ta* due is*".i>er Hi* ? :y tl. or for the Kit. Tlie o!ten?li?r? ire to lie held to a stiict accoa-itabiiity accor linn to law. * ^ The Bars i i-?lacMdqaauce of the -wel t' r11 g ma j.ol l.uiiianit , which has during ill" s?>??.oil oi the eoutt* 'circuit and criiuitial) c ???. the rcoiv. so as to render fie air *, li '" e judgc? it hief dunUce Cartter and .la?'gr MacArthur. yc-terdav ordered the hail irts to allow all to pa.-* outsnfe sko Wlslicsl to do l.ii t allow none t? come in who ha<l no ?> i<?i nr*s in tie court. In con- 'jurnce of this i;.|er by . o clock the court room preeat^l an ntiti ijni?t appearance, and pcr?on? hating l> abut! the courts were enabled to paw about nithout trouble. ? ?_ Frsst or tiii Anmi'iaTios-.TMaf l? Th<-- >>a?t of the Annunciation. " a taolnlav ot ol.ligatiMi. and olw*rre<l as Sumlayin the i'"ath oMccherehes. The m\-tery of the iitcarna'i in was com me mora to I in the , hurche* to-da / hymns ot j?r. and the altars were decorated ? ith rare lower*. Tke church leaves otf'hr habit; ait nt? ol mo;irnang which charac -- ize the l ent# n scm ice. wWle celebrating this dar. In a'l ol the Catholic chitrchea large congr ga t?ere pr?arut. ami at the late maoae* ?er ii'oi.a on the inebri ation were delivered. .% l'i sraTKr B * nr?a eoman namrsi <t irah | , ??M earedat ;he loiuth (mlice precinct sta t Ol. hot yeateiuay evcuing with a mat col wtU t faat about t \ iroatus o'd. which die Mate.1 ha.i tieen lert at her hou. e in Hushes' alley .l>etweeu I aaa.1 K ami iVh awl ."bth ?t by a color d woman, on the rth nt this month' who asked Mrs. >aattu to keep it for her untii the nv at W;*dnexu ?. The wauiaii has not since been h?ard .rom. ami Mra. Smi.k coa lu l d to deliver up ber charge. ?iul it wa* turned over to tbo it-taut Asyl lai. ?. A KrxAKKaati IivttTioa.-One of the u?o t imiMirlant im;.ro\e.u rvfs ever perfectol in wiu?ieal iufrtruments has lately been introd i -?d by titur|e Woo*l? A. Co.. .u thsir improv>-<t Par lor i *rgaib> It con-:-*s of a piano of em.|iais?te ?inality of Une whi h a ill never 'e<|aire t 'ining 'l"W inatruaueut was lately iatrodaced at a mu sical soiree in Baltimore .id recalled the cor ?ital applause *ih1 imlo.aement of the many * mineut protcs--u>ii.?', pretent?Jmrrcl. * ^'* MtiitaiT C"*pa vt to ng f>Ki;A* izr.n. A number ot' senUeiren met at | ?nin league Hall last evenirg, aid took the initia tory -tep* toward the formation of a .ailiurv i ?BT?nT ti br roaptofd of natives of !re'at?l and th*.tr d;^K- r.Iati??. M.iior M. K. Crell a?i Major J. I?. ?'?Cornell are amoug the priac nal mover* m IK* project, ami already in aaaaaa arc on th* roll. ? Sal* or H*al K^tat*.? Mi%hv Fitch \ Fo* l ave wild for Mr. W. S. Boow oue of too ti>: i?w residence* latclv erectol fjt Uiat g ntl^ n anon N street. Mser? Uth an-1 13Ui streets i.ortbwest, to dudtre George W. Haa-hal. i>f 'feian. .or aiii.SMl. Tin v have also lea*-.I the ?Mtjoining oue to Gea. Tbo*. f. McKaig.of Cnw baJfiikl, 1UL, lor ?1,W per aununi. 1 br bwadpatlMi c??l*br*tiam. \teft iyn o? Tni costutioj last nt??HT. A m'ftr? of th' to m?kf arran.:* jDt bis f r tiie emancipation Klebr*tlou to t.?k*? id.ce on the 16th of April, *m held last ni.;ht at lilon I.esgne Hall; I?r. -T. L V r.osven in ihe chair and Kdward Turner secretary pro tem. i rxl^ifutu from several ibtricts not repre sented were banded in and the members as Thr chair aaionnfcd tlie eeeimittees a* fol lt* ?>: On F H.WIIIi?rw?, I?m N C rat , !?. Mi Farittid, K. W T mpkin-s K. C. K- ? I". j? ? ?* Tll"l?:p ' *n? C. *t. D I .a*" Suu r.C. A 8i>**it,teia?l Pruoor, WiUiwu II. hi ulo["iu'<i A. Jc" Jer, P II- C?r-ub, Alb> rt t'n ?tW' ? A. S ii Will<am*. J?ck?on, J..?, K ook? I'rwor. K 'tttnlCiark* .W. C B"? lii J W Fr^oiim. Anr .11 W. A Free n> n H A. Grav. Jf?rh T. S-ttl?. J H. Curry, W F Ti-on as. W. H. Parksr. J. Branson, Eiiwsr 1 ti.ern. G n. B ?t<>n, Anthony Hiikman, I-aar J lu.-c'i. Major A. Bland. Th< ni*s Mar in. bicu t n ?.? H F'>!l*l. ?>. 1'. Den* **d IlcaiwB I>?vi?. Fmnnre? J h" K C >ok, Alf ?l Jr>ne?. J <hn A. firs*, .Ism * fo il y, ?? T. Matthews, Rifhard Si. 11i>, John H Mrrw.ks. W. J. Wil on. Dr. Robert T >'n ?ii' >i>. L> zan U illiams, Kob?-rt Hatton. WiH aro H. jr.. A. . J??hnju:i? W-Ik-rL-wi-. W. C. Marshall, i.jh;ii1ii F. P?b uei. t'rnsor, Morris, Cor?euu? < li-rk.H II l>?ii?,C''"rjf tl. M. HeiiioHi. lirrTtii n? Henry Jnhnio i, W. A. Talltferr" R. t.^rt ? rn.t' J II W II. \.V*.?rmM 0 v H Wall.lir R. Waf.O N. Thmas, 8. <*. Br.?wn. L. II Don*Uss,<\ A. Flsgwopd, <?? '!? .Ichfiit* n/lcw I ?n?ii i? k, Th 'um ^ '*? 11 W Herbert,* Morrison,4. Cryer, iSbaui II. ? r vi tr.. villi i" il Le-. Jerome A. j .hn?on I?r..I B B ;t*com, Robert Armstend, Th><n*i? C-m 1 od?lf \lfr-.i I>ade. John oil.?. W. I . Mandiall. J It B ai?l, IwmkIi B-ck'.t.atid fm H.? Chief Ma s>*1 Job" T. Johnson t.x>k tb? ?ta:ni. atnl rrtam.'d bl> thankn fur the honor eonfVrrcd njion h;tn. N1 doubt there t7ere manv present who wonUl rather see MW other t.. rx'iii act as chief marshal; bnt they oonl.i not all ?..? offieern. and he *w and wilting U> ?o int? tie ranks. H?? reinembeied la.-f ve;ir serera! came to him and asked him if he v a> wiilirg to ?urn oiit under Perrv Carson a> c. 'rt njar>( a', and now there may be som.- wl??> w II ask fars'on it he is willing to turn or.; ntiiler 4. T. Johnson. Thus it is; all cannot be n ted. and thtyareaja to lose their Hrength Vt tliTisieiis and bickerings. He hoped to see them emnlate the example set them by their I-ish friends on the 17th. (St. Patrick s day.) who made not only a creditable but a gra.ul disi lay. ? A Plra forthe PBhllfdrlMKilTeaehew. r Star ?A ciatiwj in the school refmrt *av?. "1 he salaries of teachers shall be |>huI monthly.'' and there seems to be no regulanty lit all alniut tbe thing. Two months' pay are now overdue to many of the teachers, and there are cases of positive downright sutiering in coliseum nee. Some ot the young lady teachers, forumatelv. have a kind father's care to t.ill l.a?k ii (Krai, but others, instead, have mothers de|x nding ii| on them, and little brothers and sis* rs looking to their ?almrv for the necessities ot life. <me instance cemes to mv kuowliilge, ?if a voung lady whose father died not long since, and to her salary does her mother look for the pavment of her rent and tor bread to put in the mouths o? her little ones; and will a land lord l>e |>ut otf. and ourcbildren fed, like Elijah of old, bv the ravens? There is nothing now for "st .-mg clothing." The whole thing is in a inul.' Tmching is >ai<l to l?e a noble vocation. Y*-a s are ill ;oted to preparation tor the calling. Then once Installed in a school, faithfully does the teacher daily trmige through all weathers, jieltiugrain or"dri\iug itno"?-. to her let up for her. though the h< ad Iiereauv tospiit, from the stupidity of W) little wrigglers, the prtscril*d nuutber. It mikes isj difference, at her post must she be. or st.aiid tbe chance of '.-sine the ib-lightfill privilege of teaching for ; ay. sf'imvilure in the distant future. It is ? ii-Voi raging. Teaching is a thankless task, a don's lite, at best, with mothers coming irate and furious, because their children pt-rhaps hate surtered punishm^nt for acts ot dtsoliedieuee they can by no possibility know anytbine al>out. or to tell them to "bate Yui.'* wliicb if thev should do. th? v would st:in?l a lair chance or being arrested by the police. For my part I don't see how they are enabled to r< ta'in their senses, and whoest- ver fault it !s, I tre-t if w ill be looked in*o, and that the self saeriticing teachers, mav receive tl-e little crumb ot comfort, in the shape of just dues, at the ?.nd of cach month. A SrMPATHIZF.i:. ??-? ? A f;ytskt CoBotr^s Ten bands of gvps^ys ;.r. in * co*cciitrated at Crystal Springs, north of ti>is city, ti\e of whom made this Dia trict their vinter qiurttm They are now waiting for other bands to join them in a kind oi at n:iai convtnt'.on before separating for the c< n.ti sei?M;n. Th- y live in small tents and i aloes which they erect w tiencver night over takes tbt m, and ?ome of the bands have a sort of smbiiiance w:i^?>u in which they sleen. 1 heir acknowledged means of livelihood are pe?idling and horse-tradin** for the men and fvrtum -teliing by the women; bnt the poli :e nen think tlii.t much of the horse steaiiug ca r i'd on in Maryland and Virginia during the pfst few months has been done by memSersot -unit- ot the*e 2a"g*- Sometimes they have many tine horses and at other times only" a few: but always ready to trade. Tbe chief IS an o'd man, known only by the name of Crabtree, w ho stem> to be "respected and obeyed by all 'he bands. On the airival of some few more l.S'<ls. whirh a.e expected from th? south and wc*t. they w.'l separate a^ain aud be aealtered all over "the country. STKAiiNf; Nvvkkes fR"M Hor?t Jf i'or v??Tr Would it not be well for our police to Se n little more vigilant and on the alert, at !? ast luring the night, in certain localities? 1'he th?> ves are lieeoming so boh! as to actually steal the numH rs trom dwe"ing-h~ascs sttn at? d in as prominent a portion of ihe city a- K -treet. between 11th and l;tth streets. We < m not imaeine the cavse of such petty thieving anlesji those engagrtl in the business are s> i^, i:or. lit as to p< . s the "ie.i that the numbers aie vs'nabh* bccau?? Ihey m tv have th. an i ea:aiiee of silver. Some thief was erlds-it'v iiisHppointed a few evenings since, a* a.te' stesling tLe nunilx-rs and retaining tli?m on-- o* two dsi>?. ami doubtless not finding them o'" ss nirch value as he had supposed, he returned and thri w them on a branch of the tree !n front of the house. Data. Washington. March 24th. 1?73. Tin t'LARj? Urm Kiluhki sft or >r\v ilkt. stMilled with coral, and containing ^oW wires and fringe, is one ot the most tasteful and elegant designs just received at Mr. Pri^z's 'tore, No. i57 Pennsylvania avenue, while rfie Colorado sapphire, in studs, breastpins, soli taire rings, and ear-rings, is constantly increas ing in popularity, a.? it reflects all the colors of the tain Vow, and is as brilliant as th? rar. st ot jitii's. >W. Prigg has a splendid assortment o' ?! es? d# irable good*, while his variety of \\ tiit b\ jets is unsurpassed at any establishment in Washington. He has a very extensive as? irt inei.t ot Milan or Spanish combs in jet, tortoise si ell, and French gilt and aigrette*, bandeanx, and sprigs of jet for ornaments for ttie coiifnre ot the finest <|iialitv. He re?-eive? fVesh go^ids ev. r> dav. simultaioons with their appear at ce in Ni w York, and ladies never tail to ilnd some thing adapted to their tastes at his well-kn >wn emporium. f ? It is a mattkr of surprise that the brewery kiiOsn as the ?? Arlington,'* situated at the eor in.r of '/7th and K streets, with its great fafill tu s lor the manufacture of ale, should remain idle. But alter having quatted a magnum that would put to blush the nectar of ti e gods at the brewery in question, it is convincing that the enterprising W'lson, the present lessee, has solv< <1 the great moral question beyond a per adventure, and achieved a triumph of which our city may be justly proud in the production of sn air, in our very "midst, that is absolutely petrhas. ami will stand every test to which it can be subjected. f Thk K.\ii.koai> Th kit Aoknts* Cojivb* ?. ? I it to PrttitUat (ir in>.?The convention i,?i-s lubled at Wiiiar i's Hall at V o'clock this ii.oriiii g. aisi r? sumed consideration of the aub j?ct they were on >esterdav?rates and comiuis -ioiis?ai d were so engage d this afternoon. At noon tbe iu< mbeis of the convention pro ceeded to the executive mansion, topaythe'r r??|?ects to President Grant, and Nr. K. K. IHirsey. president of the convention, after a fm congratulatory remarks, introduced the rnt n:Iters n.eiividua:ly. '?Kitiwrn.'s JltiiHiiv."?-Iohn L. Kkiwell, i.ndrr di cd dated March 12tb,conveTed to Mar i.n F. Morris roo out of 1,021 undivided parts or ?baresof "Kidweil's Meadows,"situate<i in tbe Pot< mac river in front of the city of Washing ton." The consideration is #40.000. Smam. Pox?The following is the report s-nce veslerdav;?Two new cases between Half and 1st ami N and O streets southwest; one death on H, near Sonth Capitol street: one d?arh at No. lid M street southwest; one death ccruer llth and M streets southeast. i^Fiiteen women have been qualified as electors by the selectmen of Windham, Conn. Wit is not an uncommon sight in Russia to see women working with meu at paving the streets. *jr \ new town is started in Kansas, in which no one is to be allowed to settle who smokes or chews tobacco. WWilkie Collins, tbe M>v?list, and Brad laugh. the celebrated English republican agita tor. are coming to the United States te lector*. W-Page County, la., is goi.ig to try the anomaly of an agricultural fair without horse racing. 07"A French professor of theology named Sabatier has been expelled from Alsaoo for speaking ill of the women of Germany. WColonel Hunt, an American oAoar in tbe Khedive's service, was recently killed in Alex andria, F.gypt, by being thrown from his hone. have ?arrtennison. that Texas mashroom city, Is frennng rapidly into metropolitan ways. It '??as already 'dedicated" a cemetery, and got e xcitrd over a defalcation by a bank clerk. KTTbe number of persons out of employment m Philadelphia is appalling. One insertion or a Uttlc advertisement far a clerk la a railroad v*<* Uvugka ** appUcwti Ifi? finglo 0*7. THE CIFi n. < E'MINAL COt KT. J?<U* JtieJrtAwr -~Y^*r i-)itttoriinr rrivrtil'twl, lli? l?llu*lnu ?ra? moss-te<": ASOTHEa Of S. H. ttfafiVI txr-'SW The cas? of Wm Kelson, rh-er*"d wirh sePtM lium r witlinnt license, wa* called.and Mr. A B V ijiau:". for defendant. mjved to (jiioau, Oil tw* ifn umi of informality. Hi- "Uicd 'but hp tuuBi'iai thi- rani" witioa itt the P' lice an-i 'ie read the *me' de.1 infmatUM "that ea>d N"*?o lieepine said place, aiul i* known as a hse-r^n."' Th^ CiMirt MM that th? re wa? a areat deal of I. ed rtrstuinar in the information, bat ne woaid it. Officer Lee testified to sreinaliau-'r sold, au<i u cro.w-oxaiiiiua ii- ii sum! be went tlo-re under orders of Major Rich ard?. Lieut. Kelly, 'ii cr evsniinati-ni. ft I ? ! t the p.'ae*1 m <?s aiiml* r?->l 307 Ttrec ^nn?'l called stunt ion tothefa ' tnat th- informal ion chaejjed tlat th<- p!ace wa* Jl . 308 The court m led that the in'tnber ? as<-rial. and the jury return^ a ver of "wot guilty.'' TO PAT. Win. ottrean. keeping hi* plice of bi:*!iieM ojen oti \ ? rdi t n->t >. ;ilfy. Klin M 'ran. ???II irji lionor without license,an api-eal from IV P-> 1?i ?? Court,?aj found n<>t aniltv. Th? ronrt th-o took uf I he i nw < f t hri-tci her Mailes, charged with filing liquor on Sunday, which vu being tried ?hfn our report closed. POLICE C< I KT. Jwitt dnr Jamr* Honesty, an eld r? |i>ml n. va. plead- d iriiilty to st?-Hl ay a half bushel of c??al wo-th twe.ity-nve cents, bntihecwner n?-? Hppfxrins, Uw jii?l|f dismissed biin after adnici !?hinB hini to conduct himself mwre in rinifonarf with his nsnie. James C!'W"n. w mult and btttery on Margaret Glmun. hiswif-; % JO and eot-.s, aid bonds to kwr the pe?c-?six month*. Rootiey Smith. Henry Bell and I?sac Jlabo?iey,color--d, a?sault and battery on Walkir White; Sftnach and c.tfts. Charles 11. Bryan. ar rccted a few days since on the charge of it ran-1 lar cppt, was re b .led this morning oil hi* per* >n<l nci eni/ance in t*??' *nin of .?.V?>f r a further hear ing T'i- tiia-* Ilnrliliy m a* chai ?<m| ?ith lettirig t^ii" men> h u*e.?niih. il' pro\i<lin/t -nitahl" n-a' pr>-i li ae-for the same. II< nry C'raij, natiitary inso ctor to ilio Imard <>f lie .!'h. teKt ilfi-d a? to tbe coudii - ti t ih?' priu.i-i? at the corn- r of 12'h at.<l i} itro- t-, indgirent ??i;*pci d' d. I>aui* l Burn*, a >auit an.l battery on H' norah Brndy; .*10 an?l c >?t*. GEOEOJTOWN. Coal Tbade.?Up to noon to-day there was not 1 inn ?Iehmt? 1'rom the boatiiieu's strike itt Cumberland tor higher freight. A report ?ns current, however, that the coal companies had offered an auvaticc of five cent* prr ton, aiul that it mas very probable that the boatmen would accept the offer and go to loading. Small Pox? Several caacsof fniall pox are reporttd in Marki-t, near Water .street. The ambulance of the board of health called lor them yesterday afternoon, but tor fGino reason they 'vere not removed. Kin Kit Nkw"? The steamer New York ar rived at Hyde's wbaif to-day with a full ear^o of pet.eral'merchandisc, including a large lot of earthen 1'ipe for the board of i>ublic worl;s. Also, the .-"t? ainer E. C. Knight, from Sew Vork, with fi miscellaneous ear^o lor l^i^tr!ct ni'^r eliant*. Also, schooner M. A. Tjlor, from New York, with cargo ol G. A. salt for i. Thoa. L?a\ is & Co. Gni ix Trade?The c%m?! I?t it ^Tedlcr ar rived to-day with l,rj0 tm^heis of ?'ieat, lot barrels of flour ror T. C. Wheeler, and 3.j0 bnshe sof corn for Hartly ^ Rro. Other grain boat-" acre expected, but were detaine,! by i by a leak in one of the culverts at the Point of Kocks. Tub Natcral UKiotiK ox Fibe?A tetter, porj-orting to have been written by Mr. J. P?.r ly McClutr, of Ilockbridge county, \'a.. to the Co'legian, i<i:blished at Lexington, and the or pan of the Washington-Lee University, says: ilav ng weasion to ride over to the natural bridge earlv this morning, I found things in that '[barter in a most sadly eseited condition; for abuut a mile before arriving at the hotel I thought I could discern in that neighhorliood heavy clowls of smoke hanging intensely blnek all an uiul that part of the horizon. Ah | nean d the sp"?t the smoke became denser and blacker, and when I got to the hotel 1 found everything in the wildest confusion. The negroes Who oc cupy the deserted premises near the bridge, on the brow of the hill, had moved downtai.ic hotel, h> great was th? ir terror, atnl every one ? a> making ready todepart at once. From be low tie btidge volumes of deep b!ack smoke were roll'ng eontlnuallv, excejit when iti?er rupUtl bv jets of b'lglit name, which ocea.--.oii al!j rlnrtd up to a great height. The surface of the gTounl 1? warm for some distance around, ard is ste.inrng very visibly. The pecn'i ir -mell J noticed on Sunday list, is now |'l i ilv percej;tible to all. Tlie rock on the west rii f-ide of the bric'ge has been craekcd by the heat, and large mass shave fallen into t'edai cr-' -k. As yet the arch, as well as can b? seen in the intervals beiwc n the volttmes ofsmok ?, is in tact. Occasionally, however, we ooulu distin guish the crashing sound of a boulder a it da hjd into the water below." The imaginative McCluer will be ^-.ttln^ t'le river on tire next. Vr?=H >>n Milk vs. Lotteries.?The latest method of raising money for impecunious cler gymen is a musli and "milk festival, and the ladies of the >1. E. Church in Farley, Iowa, have recently netted - Jl fjr the parsonage i'rem mush and milk, placed where it would do most good. This is a great iwi>rovciueut on the sacred lottery game. Mush ami miikisa heaUhy food. Milk Is suggestive of teiui>eiaiiee an-1 of li e itii'ocent days of childhood, wh.!-- , gives strength to light out the battle of" life. It ;s true that the demand for nm*h would no* in ail likelihood be so g,eat as the demand for 1 >t t?ry tickets, but there is no doubt that th >w; who eat the mush would be much bett rsa is tiid in the end than the majority of those wtio invest ill a lotterv. By all means let mush and milk festivals take the place of lotteries as a method of raising funds tor church jiurpo.v. One Brother Shoots Another I>ead ?A terrible tragedy occurred near Bardstown, Kv-, last Saturday. Gill Holtzhouser, one of the oldest and ui"o?t esteemed citizens, was sitting in his olice about 7:30 p.m.. with his unmarried >u. lJ. W. Holtzuous. r, when his married s >n. -f. lloltzhonser, entered the door, and without -peaking pulled out a navy revolver and shot his brother, the hall entering the left breast and lodging urder the shoulder blade. The wounded youug man lose from his chair, and as be did so received another shot, entering near his sh wil der, when he fell forward, receiving a third .-hot in the crown of lii* head, the ball lodging under the right eye. The fratricide imtn ili a.ely h It tl<e premises, and has not been lie trd ironi since. The cause of the murder iss tp l<ise J to be feud of seveial months' standiii j. Shock mo Octragk isi i>klawark A: 11 o'clock yesterday morning a daughter of -I >hn l.ank. a resectable gentleman residing ii -at UeholKitli station, six miles from tie >rge! vn. Wel^ while returning home from her un-' j's, wan accosted by a negro lMm-tl Joseph Gi oen. or Burton, who tore her clothes off her and violated her pen-on. After the bise assault the villain lied, and the girl, who is til teen vesrs of age. managed to reach her lather - res di nee and make known the ! t ts The negro was surrounded in the woods and eaptured about two uiiles fiom the place where he committed the crime, at 1J o'clock in. ves terdav, and brought to Georgetown by an >f tieer at C o'clock, and lo>t^-ed in jail to a-vait trial in Anril. He Is a hardened wretch, and makes light of the crime. * ?i^The women school teachers of Detroit ire on a strike for higher wages. They havi n't stopped work, but intimate that they mus*do H> or starve at preaent price*. ?yMarj' Ann Colton, of West Auckland, England, charged with several iK>i?ouiugn. has ju?t been convicted and senteti?!e<l to de.itli 1'or the murder of lier stepson, a i bild of eight ye irs. ?^"The habeas corpus ca.-.e of K. D. Bogart, now in the custo<ly of Admiral Solfrldge, at Mare Island, Cal., will be heard in the Unite?l S' ites circuit court on Wednegday. IV-S?8CHIKCK'g PL LMONIO CANDY etnbtace IreX ill atnreat dt-gr?5e all I lie principles oi tkh<-n. k'? fi.imonic Syrup, and while as pleasant to the |> .late aalhs purest of confections, its no-dii iual pro^. riie render it eff'-etual in coaghn, c>Hs, br<>tichi->i ami catarrhal affections, Ac. It ia the most act ep; ahle r- itiedy for cbildm> or In'snts, and can be given with impunity; while for prolesaional gent N-me-u, or those ? ho euffer from lost of voice. It is indispens ible. These Candies are put up in 26 cent boxes c .nv-nl ?nt for the pocket, and are for sale by all druvifsta *nd dealers. J. H. 8CI1KNCK * SON, febB-tr N. E. corner 6th and Arch sts., PI i'j. (Ta?rR?M TIIK KARLIEIT AGKS TO the present day. Scrofula has bson tho bane, and, as it were, the curse of maukind. So terribh and loathsome bad been at some periods ofthewi.rldV history that a person known to be infected It w?nld not be allowed to nix with society. Happily in our day th* disease is stripped of its terror by the use ofSaMaaiTAW'S Root ind Hess Jpicks. and the victim of Scrofula, Dicers, Sons, P tuples, Blotches, Tetters, Ae., ca\< be restoied toaouud UsahJi in a few weeks. to fulfill bar hoaeshold duties, and all bar moral ca Ccities to accept Ute responsiblUiy which talis anon r, to sse her prostrated, losing every day her strength, r " |M|| why. bat yet ??ffiilm snongh to be *i.\ This state ofi fatal to bar than a sen to say ikaess and dability Is mors ?i , i sysll ti rtcknsas. tor in that case she will receive the proper care, as tn the other she will linger months after leatbs. not thinking worth while to ese a physiclaa about ti. wmtil nature, iafalUble remedy again* malaria, ?: medicine pm nnllfri for ladies. |ra?Y. M- O. A., ^ Cornsr Ninth and D jM-tr KBADIHO EOOM?CIRCDLATIJtQ LI ^T^CH^f^^irt^Wed o'clock. l?.U,?aait?.m. CITY ITBMS. I"*r. rklIj*i.?A large variety at reduced pncta, at A. Stkaio , 1011 Penu?ylvauia ave nue, between 10th and 11th street*. A rmriilil Kk**dt?"/frown'* Rrtme'iitl Trw-kit" for Cough*, Cohla. ??? Bronchial .Af fection*. *tand first in public faror an?l confl ?ience; this result baa been acquired by a U*?t of many year*. t,th,? Tnor?Asw hav* hek* thawokp bytbe n?J of the P-rvHnn Syrup (a protoxide ot' Iron) from weak, Mckly, aufl'eri ng creature*, to strong. healthy, and happy men .and women, an 1 i?? valida cannot reasonably hesitate to give it a trial. For Dyspepsia ami lability It if a spe cific. C Lr*TBT, Health, Economy insured by using Poolt-y's Yeast Powder. Elegant Light KolN, Bkcurts, &c , prepared in tea minute*. Try it. t? Pokh's Extract 1* tor sale at wholesale by Chita. Stott & Co., 4HO Pennsylvania arena*, and by druggiets everywhere. t,w,f,tf . Wild Chlrky Balsam The memory of I>r. Wistar is embalmed in the heart* of thousand* whom hi* Hal jam qf Wild ''Kerrg ha* cured of roughs, cokls, consumption, or some other form of pulmonary disease. It is now over forty y??*'? mi. -e this preparation was brought before th^ public, and yet the demand for Tt ia con stantly increasing. 6 To have flmant light Biscuita, Rolls, Butkw he it Cakes, Fruit IMimpliiigs, ic., you should use I)ooley*s Yeast Powder. Ask your grocer mr it. It is a pure Baking Powder. t ? Thk coMMrsiTr at large appreciate the use foluctte of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,3 RolirD rm being mdlapenaable to health and comfort thousands of person* como from :ar and near to Tisit l>r. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No- KV5 15th street, opposite tlie Treasury, for relief from corns, bad uails., Ac., and advice a* to suitable shoes. Thk National SavIkos Hank, corner of New York avenue and loth afreet, pavs 6 |>er ot. Bcr annum on deposits for each calender month, anking Lours, 9 to 4. Saturday*, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. 27t3,lltl6 WiLLCOX A OiBB'a Skwimo Ma CHUB. The celebrated Bazaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. Bantu's hoopsk irt and corset factory, 7th street. Intelligencer Building. 10,28 TBiiaonriu and barometers art repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4% street. Jiftropolitan Dollar Store. Tliongh every one of nijr customers, ami, in fact, every body who enters my store, is astonished at the latee variety of good* offered, and at their extraor dltiary nud unym edented prsiseworthiness, yet 1 am still adding new and possibly cheaper and better good* etery day. The articles arrived and now of fi red are: 8.mare Solid Walnut PICTURE FRAME:*, 8\10, at {-is ., ? itlt Ula>s and Back &tar--hape Foldins H AT-RA'K , Solid walnut, *1. Oval-top LOoKlNtf-GLAS8, ln',xU, fl. Fi\e bottle PLATED <2A8TUKM.fl. Handome 3 bottle BREAKFAST CASTOR, fl. Tiiple plat. A 1 BITTER KN IVES, .Mr Six Ivory handle TABLE or DESSERT K NIVES, fl. V < ry fine French Gilt PHOTO. FRAMES, ft. Plate Ula? FKE X0B Ml KKOKS, f I. Ru--ia Leather and fine Morocco W ALLIT?, v< r> superior s o< ds, jl. Fine Moi\cco ? ALLETS.u nh .r without ,.li -in, fl. I.*re?- assortnn tit ?f DOLL A R B A^K ET> Another l?r?ff |.,t <t those handsome LACE Tl DIES. 4. -t, 2, and i for >1. Pnjue TOILET *ETS.s pi"-??' in i *1, Bauds, uie FLOWER PJT COVERS, * !i v ?*

25c. Six Carved W<v>d N APKIN RINGS, 50c \\ ird Mrlfal TAILI MATS, 4 in a set, fl Spiti:did 11AIR BRl'SHES, v M- . and 41. Litdlta'L.\< E SCARPS 25 ud t" . e. ntv' ALL-LINEN t'CI'KS t 1. ir for -1 lUuui'W suite of LADIES' JEWELRY at 2"*.. {<??.. atid f I ion tt? u? ?.f SLEEVE I i 1 T"NS and STl DS.nt 25c., Mi ., ai.d o 1. B'*!de* a thon-.-'i d oth'i ?<:?'?>- ,\o n)t tools t Jf-i'/t. A tr 4 1 i ' I. i u nr< H i> tilt p.rti nnl In luy. V ii .i e v. i lciue at an/ tlnte to i?? k omt tl, ?! irk. 33. tSXLVJtirCiiiiPlC^, 31 i SEVENTH STREET, nSi-tr near Pennsylvania aven*". rj->hk new national market. EBESli, SALT and SMOKED MEATS, or all kind-, and of the bivt 'iiislitv, tumi-h'?d , in t li^ sly|e- ?ls< .?? \ME.P<?CLTRY. FRI ITS, and VEGETABLES a their 1 s^asoiucan te protur-d at this Market. uiar211y BOBT HYATT, 4 I 4 11H. st. k a n, ui an IN It'HOLS, ( THU OXL Y AICHOLS.I > is iie? Hs refer* to the inhabitants of 9-inth a.tiin ???n. \tn-r h?- ha?< . 1*.ii?? bnsiuess on 7tli str?t for v -nr Ii.- will refer to the inhahhants ot th? Dist <?'t ?f.folmubla. JUIIN NVKSLEY ND-HOI^d in H.s<ien . Fancy Go d?. Jewelry, Jstatt '!.<? . , N? I! ? i, *c., Jtc., Ac., at 100? 7th street, betw.v- K nd L reeli IRVING INSTITUTE F<?R UEALIN.i, W A T E R C C R E , Nt . ioO WlsT STREKT, Ortrloelcin* Polotrnr. Treatment:?Bathinx of different kinds, w inn md t?.p il pscks, warm slid cold compressor, tbnr ? irh i iilibit If of KtifT and swollen j..i?t?, an.I all com i tion ofthe skin. Contraction of (iiaj'dutxdi^si, nr tiy onr treatment. T'. '' id UUhair r-cen : uew life, the system new \lg..-r. Sciatic. Iufla:nm:. .ry and Chronic Rheuniatisin yirld r?a<Hly. The lu ihs and hsuds receive th'-ir natural str?i\ifth, the pa tient discovering a change for th?* better in a *?w dsys. Dilapidated mid w^ak cons it ut'.aus reii f if - orated. D?afn< s* l>>- warmfoni?iitati >us, warm air air introduced into the oar, powerful mteii'-: ism ?u<l inanipulatloD and delicate fiirce pumiw. extras ing all siilNitanci^ interposing Kcarinc. M slirui. , > i?ii administered, in hoiueopathic and ?'cle.-iic i" ias. Beautiful rooms,oic< Iv furnislnxl and airy pari r*. Spacious grounds, with villa, walks, ? -;tc. - ,.m fountain*. Recreation*:?Riding in cartiage. >v boats. ti?lnnK, crisjuet. and tin, .cent plays, hi.t ri cal. scientific and moral b<M>k?. daily and w sly papers. All writing material. po?tnge stamps, at revnlar prices. Table first-clas); cooking m;.*r vised by rtlufated ladies, New Eneland style. T ms reasonable, by week or month For further |. ?r ticulars inquire at th<- Institute, \V. H. IRV I VO. M D.. 530 21st street. 1'llln ipal offiee for COUsllltat ion . for ti l III- an 1 X aniinat ions. I 'J,i 1 Pennsx ivauia aveuu" N. B.?The use of tobacco ami profanity disc, ur agisl, alar persons of uncleanly tisbits will receu ed. III2I li * ^YLER'S LUNCH MILK BISCUIT, The choicest, most delicate and finely ds\. red Cracker in flu- United States. GIVE TnEM A TRIAL. Especially adapted for LUKCH, TEA TABLE. AND THE USE OF I - VAL1D8. For rah t>y Grocers gen. rally. Trade supplied h# TYLER & BROS., mil lm S<de manufacturers, Baltimore, M I. BSOOnBTi oA*BL? iF"Light of Day" braatf r ADAMANTINE CANDLES, All sites. Alao, Hotel Oaodios at maoofactc rer ?rieee. Sold b DAVID BUZRT R CO.. Baltimore Ml. V* 'garden and flower ; SEEDS, FRI-IT TREES, tc.J J 0 H N 8 A U L Re* pert fully calls the attention of the pnhltc to his extensive assortment of GARDBN ami FLOWER SEEDS, which are this season of the finest <iua!ity. FLOWER 8KED8, enihracing all theuovelties from England and the Continent. The FRUIT TREES are vigorous and well gr. wn, consisting of p.'srs (standard and dwarl), Plum, Cl'errj, Apricot, Nectarine, 4c. Delaware. Concord ami ail the other celebrated GRAPES. STRAWBERRIES. RASPBERRIES, BLACKBERRIES, CURRANTS, GOOSEBER RIES. Me. SHADE TREES, EVERGREENS, ROSES, DAHLIAS, PHLOXES, VERBENAS, GERA NIUMS, and other beddin* plants, with everything pertaiuiug to the Nursery Business, all at Bod-rate price*. JOHN SAUL, 681 7th atre t, ml7-gw* Opposite P. 8. Patent Offl.-e. Spring Opening. OUB OVERCOAT DEPARTMENT. A FINE LIS! OP ENGLISH KERSEY OVERCOATS, KXGLIBH MKLTON OVERCOATS, SLUR TRICOT 0YIRC0AT3, BLUR. BROWN, OLIVE, DAHLIA AND BLACS OVERCOATS, ALL GRADRS AND PRICRS, AT Georgetown Advertisements. J^EW SPRING DRY ?suwi?s. Be,u?if'i! Dr?*e G ?4a, in "a-je snd mignonette ukadr*-* larg- rtni'Tit ?.f Melius ?n*t I i? p'i>*4 Dres-Good-. l(U>V yards now Spring Perf?j?l,C?li apfl Hhirtiu#**; b-i( *?f Sifntn/r* tni 5 ? \er? cVMI 66 pieeee Black Alp**"** ?i l Motairs, from 25 oeti's to f 1 S6. l au.| anit ir.c*. f r n?< n and t?iyi. We have a Itrp rtock. aLd i lftr trtai . . __ BENJAMIN MILLER. n 2T-3m lOl Bridge street, Geoiif town. |^Y THOMAS DOW LING. '? TRUSTER'S *AL? OF~VALLEY V(I\T FARM, NEAR CEORGEToWN. By virtue ?>f a d< *d of tni?t, dat-d F-r?mary Hlfih. A D Intuit ixvird.'H inih* Unil -H-.tnl" ^^?of this District, in Liber T. and R., No. 8, at folio If? et ?<hj , and si th? peqiif?t of the party se cured thereby. I will sell, at ihe pr-ini-ee. on SAT URDAY . the yuth da> of March. A. D. ItffJ, At 14 o'clock public nifli >ti. toih" highest pidder, all tltat farm on the Ridff>- R .ml. formerly owned by John H. Kin*, ami known an the "Valley View Fann,"d?acrit>Hl as follow*: B? g'tming 58 p^rch"** on a lite drawn north W west from the tree "D >l'v B*rl>er," and rnnningtbence south 4.V, w?*t t-> ."> lo perches to th? Ridg?* R. ad: thene * with the ea?t ?i.i? of M:d tosd the fo|ffWir.?K.* (6> c?nr"f?; N Sn? W *1 pcrches, S. 48* V 15 p? rrh *, N 1J* W . W perche?; N. SJis W. M perches; N 2??* W. *? perrh?s; N S E MS perches; then, l< STtug said cad. 8.-n?h sj" Kn-t *6 J-5eerchee loth* divisionlineh.*twcen "Alliance'' aud the part of "'White Haven,'' and thence by said division line straight to the li * n ning, containing to acres and 15 perches of lan-l, more or le?s. The debt nmainirc unpaid, and for which the present sale :e advert fs?d. is ?6 '?X>, with interest 6 i< r cent, from Ffbruar> 27th. 1*72, until paid. The faint ba< a t:u- mansion, from wliich an excel lent view i>i obtained, ntrnorons out hull ling*. ai?l present! a ver> desirable opportunity f>r invest tn? nt; abd the title is uu<)ne?tionablc. It ** located within one mile of Gcotgetown and near the Georg. tow n College grounds. Terms of fale: One-third cash, (of which SI""' must lie deposited v lien the property is struck 'ff. aj-,.1 the rendue within t* nday.i after sale.l aud tt.. balance in three etjual paycjent?, at one, two, and three years, with interest at six ?er cent, from t!i >lav of s.ale, ?ecnri d l> y note* at.d ? I fir - the property. All c'>n>eyancinfr at pnrchaser'sc >?t. If the tem f< are not complied with, the dep. ?sit to 1/ ? fotfeiti-d, aud th" pr.>p?,t-ty shall bn re?ol1 by th TroMre. FREI> W. JONES. Trustee nili-eotd THOMAS DOWLING, Auct. TH* Itl SH 18 OVER. THE ACCUMULATED work all ready for delivery; re*rettn* the nn? TOtaable dclar in ths delivery of work inrfu the pa?.t fall, owing to the Impossibility of ?scaring skilled workmen in rofflcient nnmber*. Truly thankful for past favors, having at present ? full c- rps of flrst-clas* artisan", with nrery facility to meet pr mp'ly all d?-man<l>, 1 reap?tfali> ?olirit ? coLtincance of the same. W. H. WHEAT LEV'S PUhMIUM STEAM DYEiyO AXO SCUUU 1MU JMTABL1SHMSMT, jai.17 49 Jefferson street, Georgetown. l>. O COAL AND WOOD. marlows COAL AND WCOD YARD, rokxtm 8th asd b strefts =octbwe?t, OppottU Smitksoniam Park. *jTOn hand, a very tnperi r ^nality of White A*h COAL?egg, st??v<' and furnace si/i-s. Ab >, Lvken's Valley au<! other Red Asli COAL O ik a'ld Pine M'OfD. ??w<-d and ? plit an-t in the nick. AN ?, Cumberluud COAL. ?y Orders thruiiKh mail rio?;p'!y attrr. Kd to. 11'15 ? < 2w 'J^ O COAL O ? A L E R S. We have several hundred tons of I1ITE AeU AND Ll KN It V CLAY SUAM j&iN COAL. ri'BSACB, EGG AND STOVE SIZES, at the foot uf Sixth str?-et west, which we will ?*> 1 to the trade at wholesale prices. Apply to u# in person orlij msll. T EDW. ? (.ARK k CO., V* hob?*le and R.-tail Dealers in Liunber, Wi?-1 *:.?t Coal, foot of Fourth street east. f 17 tf DOTELS. HOWARD HOUSE, (W?ir6f* Strrtt n* t Prn?n act., Wa'Hinntim, L). E. W OOLS. Pr ^ r. lias ja-Wuri'l-r< a serifs >1 degaut impr.-ve m' L's. haiinf been thoroughly icn-\ *t? .1 and re fuinihlod tbr->ughont, making it at premut one oi the . ? st d? ii il ? H '? I- in Waahingtoa. E. D. H^'e pn prietor, retains ail IntT^^t in III. 11 rel. where he will be pleas<-d to f? hi- -Id frienla a?id forn:<-i p^:r-n?, p' ur.-:n? them tlrst clasi. a- \j. i<hi . idaiions a* al. t o Teiuif, ?2 per da). T.r?' Board, #1") i>*r II ' li.ii. lull I I L'NlON hul'KL, Ok.ifseiii?%, li.O. V. SHlNN, Piopn-tor. This H' tcS has been Uesrly reatt<d and torc^bud U c,all the niudnru ii:-.p*oveauute ?uoi ;.^ii -.old oaths, bells, and gas. It fc Conveui" ully lo ra'?"l, being sltnat'-d on the line of the Warning, ic *nd G?^>rget>.wn City Pwieenger railroad, the c%r? of which, from the raiitoad a>:d stcatnboat dep ?:?, pa?? the door every two or three minuiee. Th* En-sts of this house can reach any ot the petite mldirx's e.f the national cap.tal or any place of aoiuscuient, Ac., b) a pleitsant ride of af?w ?uinatee P. rsons d< iug bustn'sw aion^ the line of Ute ctitia and on the wharvea will find it to their advar.tago ta Itop at this h u-t). dsc2l-l? I^HE BRYANT HObSK, Lotaud om eorntr 14th ftrett mm4 X. T. mvtnm. After the 1st of D*'C"tafcer. 18T2, Permanent aud Tranaietit Boarders will Oud this honse one of the mo*t desirably and nioet convenieaily located he uses In the city. -? Theroonisare neatly fnrn'shed, well lighted and tremilat'-d. and provided with ail modern home ac xur.modations. The charges are low, but the wants and the com fort of ail gu-sta will le-? ?r*fully provided for. The proprietor, X. RICHARDS, has determine<l te provide a g'>?d caterer. nt?rIJ-?-otf jjYSOjTh HOTEL, No. G STREET, je22 tl Bi/wkfx 7th atin 8th St>ekt< ybK IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES 8VKES, Pronxttm. finSTIM Pts!?i*ti./A>na AvkNtl, bdireen 121* tit-/ It! A f'HJt, W?iHl*?TI'X, D. 0. ThanKfol to the public for genomes patronage it the p?st, tuo Proprietor a-ks his old fr-wds and patrc-ns to te?t the acconunodatiomi of pr~? -ni tstab'.ishinent, wlikh he promtnee shall be fonixi at least eguai to the be^t la Washington. janfHf tHap.,ChronJ p~c. willard, EBBITT HOChB, WABHfNGTOB. D. O. ^RAKDEST St HEME OF YHE At.E S600.000 CASH GIFTS I #100.00(1 far ouly $10. Under authority of special legislative act of m .ret, 16, 1871, the Trustees now announce the THIRD GRAND GIFT CONCERT, for He- B neflt ,.f ihe PI BLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY, to com of at Libiaiy Hail, Louisville, K> ., on TUESDAY. APRIL 9. 1?73 At this Concert the best mnsical talent that ca U procured from all parts of the country will pt ae ure to the entertainment, and TEN THOUSAND CASH GIFTS, aggregating a vai-t total vf HALF A MILLION DOLLARS currency, will be <tisuil>.it<d by lot to the ticket-holders, as follows: LIST OF GIFTS. One Grand Cash Uift - i I U'J.OOO One Grand Cssh Gift wO.'iOO One Grand Cash Gift... sia.OOO One Grand Caah Gift VO OOO One Grand Cash Gift ?. 1# D#4 One Grand Cash Gift ? ???? 24 t'.eh Gifts of ^l,OOU each 'At HOO iO Cai-ll Gifts of 400 each 'J.i.OOO t*0 Cash Gifts of 4<?0 <-a?'h Jv'.iiOU 100 Cash Girts of :*00 e.u ti .'iO.OOO I AO Cash Gifts of *00 each :t(t .00? ft?0 Ca?h Gifts of 100 each A<i.()?0 9,000 Cash Gifts of 10 each MO.OOO Total, IO.OOO Gifts, all Cash 30(M>00 To prtivide means for this magiiiAcnt <" -neert ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND TICKETS oNLT a ill bt issued, a laige portion of w hich are aueady PRICE OF TICKETS Whom Tirieti ?10, Haltss axnQcaK TIKS #2.i# ELEVIS WHoLK T'CaKTs FOR $ 10V. No blsCUCHVOR LESS THAS % lOOCKDKRS. NolUing could be more appropriate for presents than ticket* to this Ba^ckt or Wealth,or more likely t? pro dnce prander sati&factor) results. The object of this Thikd Girr Cosckbt is the enlargement aud en dewment of the Prai.ic Libbaht of Kestccet, which, by the special act authoricing the Concert fot its benefit, it to be forever free to ail citisens of every State. This Concert will be conducted like the ttrsi and second heretofore given, and full particulai i of the mode of drawing the gifts and paying them, aud everything necessary to a thorongh and rstai... ngof the scheme,from beginning toend.are nowpubliahed in the form a circular, wlUch will be furnished free of coat to an/ who apgjy. The entire management ot ?hi. nrwt-rt.iirt: has been committed by the" trustees to Hon Thos t- Bramlette, late Governor of Ken WckSTtoNJSin^comainnication. perUlaiag to Ike W. ?. HALDEMAN, Vice PreaY. JOHN 8. CAIN, Sec VPnhlic Library of Ey. FARMERS ft DROVERS' BANK, Treararer. "A? the time for the Coucert is clow at hand (April 8tli,> parties wanting tickets should send in their order* tmmrdimtelg if they would avoid the rush and delar absolutely unavoidable la the few days proceeding the Drawing. All orders and appli cations for agencies, circulars and iuforuatioa will meet w ith prompt attention." TH0B/ S. BRAMLETTE Lontaville, Ey., js?ll-sAHJA|t> Agent Public Library Ey. wVM MS aRfMei 1? e W >| OwWtfH OkA MM WA III Supported by voluntaiT coutrlbauoaa. Hospital free to children under It yean ef f. ITtspi asai j oasa dally (Suadara excepted) frem I ta la. ?. siU^s1!^^^ e.mann, W. P. Johnston, aad Grafton Tylar. AitemH't Pkvtinmm*. Otssuss i br W. W JT^.-MMic^; m??w34:Fi s; m.nicat Ions may bee^t;Pn^ C "TOBfjPgfesse OMALMM, 'Ai GROCERS. (' B. OHAKE * M.V Wk*U?alrM< RrUil ?jr*r?n. 1>II 3 Strm'A Strvt Nart\m$t, Mmm M ** t \ _ TEkS? TK \S' TB! Tea, r ?4, ?Op; Ckutrt,Mr; wry Waaat $ Gnnjowder Tm. TV, % r~~1 article f^r * 1 Cbo.ce G^ wje, Tea.#l.?, b-^c. AlAfl ttrjd Black Tm. thref p "vi-vi. fcr f ] W ha%e of the1! ? >Ttw| tc the r?, Alec, an extra Bnghth Br?akt*?t To*. FLOUR, Ac. W-lchV E*i V, Trim*! i> ?rvJ <Klwt bri?s Plnu, alt at l??e?i price*. T?? fi'iifl' li?H f<?r *1 G"Won S< rur, per gajiou. Tic, oar tx? |l T?n p.*in?t? N?vr 91 Nine pootide Sew Pntoee. Bl. Ptauuu. half buchel for 91. BRANDT. GIN. Ac. Far* French Brandy, p-r bottle ?|l.ll California " " 1.00 Pure Holland Gin " ?. 1.0G Aurrl'ca >nd Mwcatel Wi?, p-r bottle. h WLiskr, It# year* old, " ...._ lor Swwt Cat aw ba W iae, ?! per gallo*. C. I. O'HARK * MB, tr 1*13 7th ?tree? * W ,brtwi M end S p R I C B *L I S T OF OKOOaniMS AT RLFHOSZO VOIJSGS * COB. SUGARS. (BIKT SKWYOBK BRANDS I 14 A" (ctarlft.-d1 _ | lb*, for l? Cruhed i loaf ft. Jhi lb*. for 1 tw Graunlated JH Iba. for I 60 Ligfrt Br<>wi:< nearly white). AS lb*. for 1 (JO Ootid Brows. % lb*, fcr 1 UO FLOUR. SUNDRIES. fc^?2n"S!.o,c"- ?? ** ?> English Currant* 9 lb*, f .r 1 m cb<>lce._" f |)n for | ^ Wlfaiilow * Orwn Corn ~.A rat* for I w Toiaatoe*?I 4 cani for 1 lu ? ~i <*"? for 1 10 F^fcJ ,S? -g ?2 fa? ! S Call at once, n* we- cannot rnarant?f th" above tie paralleled low prut* lof any definite idd|i? of time KLPHOMO YOUNGS * CO., V HOC EH S* E. YOrN6S, I MASONIC TEMPLB, W M H SKA RS,( N MTM Attr F ?T?. g tf C M . BACON, n. 7U? MARKET 8PAOB, H'-adqnartera for FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRUITS, AND FANCY GROCER! St UAVASA and Valencia OKSNOE^. THE FINEST FIGS AND RAISINS. EXTRA LARGE MALAC\ GRAPES california PEARS, FRENCH PttCNfcd 100 BARRELSbELECTRD \PPLErt. IB BARRELS CRANBERRIES. EXTl.a rANCT GKUCEElkS. < M BRANDT. Imported and Oai:f<>r!iti W IN Ed. Kl-M at id UIN. >ftx?d FRENCH CAN DIE8.ju ceiita per Pound; Importod OOMHERVft FRUITS, jn?t arrixed. Larve aiock of STAPLE GROCERIES at the ? .r> lowest price*. all if ^ TKAS! _ T""' g| Am i?c?1t1dk a large ?npp<7 of rauartablr >a< GRF.EN and BL ACK TEA, *ocl. a- I* rar?l| oSarac In thia country, atxl at mcl-raf price* I bare a fair and palatable BREAKFAST TEA ? H couta pt r pound. It ia pure. N. W BURCHELL. ?f> 113)1 F tr-et. near Ebbltt H.-oee reaiT estate agents. j; B. McGl'IUE, . *REAL ESTATE AGENT AND BROKER. Janl-Sm Q3ic>: 13Wb F. STREET. AVsXln p. BROWN, Corner NY. avenne and 15'h ?tre?<, Waaluu^ton, D O . W'llnlMiLl Dcatcm ID LI MHER, LIME, CEMENT. BAND, Be., Ac , V LI MBER BILLS cat t?. order uu ilkrtuutlw. BLl'E STONE for Building, Mac ad ami ting at* Paviug purpo*r? delivorud In any part of Um> Pi* trict. REAL ESTATB bought and aold and money ta v#*ted. To tbU branrlk of the boaineaa 1 will here after gi\e >: > pen pal atleatiou, and win b* at my ogre daily frop' 10 a. m. nutll i p. w. marl -tf INSURANCE COMPANIES. ENSLRE *Ot* LIFE 1 in that STKOXO OLUCOMrA.ll, THE NI TI AL BENEFIT LIFE IIMI H AM E 4 O., af Mr war a, M. J.. Orgauiaed 1S44. - A-^?<. 44 J. stanley /ONES, Agent. yanT It* Kf <11 Ttb <lr??t. THE NATIONAL METROPOLITAN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, or tuk DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. OhUAMT.HO ALU VST UH, 1919. CASH CAPITAL tlOO.Vt* OfPce In Shepherd** Building, M?i. W0^J4 P?im?yt tat.ia avenue. MoSES RELLYj PreaiJent J"'"' Pn?!.lt.?t SAMLEL CROStf, t^re^'y Prtwdc-* wf Wall*' W1?CW"W. B.Todd. Wm! 0.*Mttaerott, gtf? LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTT A son. . BOARDING, LIVERY d SALE STABLES 416 mil Irtreet, bet. D and B.and Chain Alley, H betwoen IStli and l?tb. OfBce. Willard*. Beat carriage* furuiftbed. Special care paid t? tkt boarding of horae*. decfl ly Allison nailob, ji., livery and HIRING STABLES. STYLISH CARRIAGES and COACHMEN. dec*) ly lilUt E atreet aorthwi <t. Arlington stables -b cruit, jb. G S1REET, Bktwkfn ITth *\n 1*th. ^^Carriage* by day or night, and for Wodii'.ii^or ^ar ONGRESS stables, 9th STREET, Bktvitu D a*t> Ev Horae* and Bugfit* for Hire, aud a freab ?apply ol gud Hurae* for aaOe every are^k. irM ly RICHARD YAW". Proprlet.^. WAf?b5^2l^8TABLE8 *"? ? ST. " CARRIAGES of the I at eta gyle* e> astanlly hand and for hire b; the day or m^ntb. Faitfaa, ? and recaption* faro'abed wltt ? and *Htaat Carriacea. n .yk >r .'i*!**1 ? ?5 boarding tfonea, anC Mow alway* for ?la and exchange. decls tf 'pBE chinese TEA HOMO Ha* removed to BIX D ?treet. Between Mb and 7th. north aid*. TEAS cheaper than ever. No rem to pay. febl4*n L. BENJAMIN, Proprieter. O I I fl E. The copartnarahlp of AMDEEW J. JOYCE B OO. la tbic dag diaaolrad by mntnaJ conaent <4: all parti**. Jacaary Bth. ISTJ. TOE to a ANDREW J. JOYCE M Money* and aettle all AMDEEW J JOT IB, 414 aad 41B Idt pOB BALLS ABB FABTIBB. RIB BLOVIS, ? i to ?i.u fee pair. WALL, ROBIXSOB A COT decl4-tf MI Penmylranla areaaa. I^ECOND SUrPLT TAYLOR S compound FOB B0BSE AMD CATTLE FOOD. ?ORE HEALTH RESTORES Mag* lilie*.* mm4 ^?EB60O U*ad largely dimng the prevailing diaoaar. See certificate* fr.<ti BroaJaai mui 14Ut lag* Uue; *th aratih< attd Mad.t >tca>enue Stage ' uUiora. M. W. BL^HjUL, ' rnoi osais. |?fcoro>\L? run ixmai uood* " P?r*ti?i?T ?>r ni hmmi, i Orr u i >>v I an* * A?r ?is . Mai. h m ? c < fc. ..I#1 Pi' poaal*. <l?1 - Proposal* Tn I .| ?? G- . '*.11 t? rn-H< mI at Ji 4* v4 It Lr n <rt '!>(*?, tin V ?tlk. uut I IV i>Wnrl m . * 11 Krl>AY . th# M< da? i *P'il, ICT <-? ? ill i-r I>wt ( i hotliin* .ia tn4 ?Ht lit* a .. da> f April, 187*.f r fnra'-hiM. fa tt># guaat .?. * th?r m w ill f lh' aim I-* Dan -.1 ? li U?? I II ?? :i f 1i*t : juu pair* 4-p"*4itt whi'# Marktaia. B . I. ?ta, f* n- a-i:r# ;j?*> ircb-*. and ? i?n ??*??#? }Ml pair* ? r nt whtt# Ma kinar B!a:i?- ?. ta Bi-a-ut ? ?o\7: i!,??????. ami ?n(k '"Jf'1 P' la. Jti r*ir< i.'t r nil ?l it* Mitkihar R?>4rli. U a.? aa<i. i %t<a ?.? h ?*. ana a?>* r ??. l?. &3S |a:r* 2 point a hit# Ma-kina< B:a->k '*. t? ln#a-?re U\?n lix-kn. ai l ?rt|li lf? Mil i>iit i?<t p. und* DM pair* IS pint whit# Mar km*. BiiakK-.til n.- ?'??. ?a\|at ikkra. a ail a >|k(?i *o? <?? iu?rtri pnuat* t) pair* ?>.ui -< arlft Mack",ar B'?*ik"ta. tm m#aaiir# Itih ih<l?*, aoi aijli Ml. ? I ,MM pair* 8 point M-arkat Mark tax- B l? n? *-n r<M~Z iwlir.,ui4?rlt|1,Kiii |> Mint*. U-WfillitSp'Oil IIn'liiii*' B M. 'ta l,? m-a?ur?' Hxfiin<W,wt?rwkrii k-wivla, iH) | air- I-p i lit ?arl-? Mirkiaa- KUkMi.m ni. a#<ir# t2? ?> li<u#*, as 1 a-t|rtt n?? ami ,? H?a> i?*r p and* 7w pair*t p>in? > h'a- Mar Una- It *ik .*, t>>B>'aaui< ;<l\*.' la h.-a, and Wri?l. ta-i?# pouuda. t.*W pair* 3 p-mt a?'C Mn? M *rk mar B! ?nk ?:*, t?> siraaai> tliTJ l>rk>i, and ?ii|ti ?t<tM P II' ?la. S.JJ8 put-J*. p?ifl* l?'4'K ? kl |r Mackit-ar It n? k-t*. u>liiiMurt 64.i;> mcl??. and at .u -1( p4Hkt>. UMlpair- I pi'it.t in n/ i>ln?* Ma? klna. lv<iik<4?. t . i irviK1 w li*a. and W .fcli Ui- auf o*. guartrr p u r.-. _ _ ?.? p?i,* 4 p IBI , v . H ? ? ?rwim '.M ??#- < "? ' < 7? pair* S-p iat *r ??? M?rkia?r B ? . i* tin-aaiirr tf?i7S in 1>??. an.I w ?h . - . < l*i pair* t.*? p?i|?'i ?rr.-n >I?. kin? H ??k'-ia. In nxxfiirr lu?b??, aud w? li .t J pair* S point froou Mar;m?r B ?'??. <<* ai-anura ??\4"> inrh^a, ii.1 ??-i?.i :i.? au4 >?r I|??rtrr p 0?d? #?nirit? F*iirt Ll<i B n'^oll'. 1.' ??< >aii'? t?*>i <1 L ?t B'.n- CI. tk. Jt.778 ) arda l.i?t !* arl? t > aiti* Gray I.I?t Biu? Olu k. S.W'?-t M'.K lrn Miami-. l?m* 4 M Miaala. tm ???** D<>ubl?Bhawla. ... t.i.C4 p.'<u-il- L>a*-n Tlir a>l. "I ti. <?. V a. ?i.3C tltri Pl.twn iUinladtrk I lw . ?? ? a hitrjr brown , , 7? it'll Bp*.In Cott?T, itaDja d mi )ar*l#. S-r-'rt an1#c?;r1 T3*13t> j ?rd? faJico. "laiKlatxl aiint* vani- 1 mil? Bl?- Drtllint. 47 A* ? arja ??" 4 B-l Ti> kiair. USA.S >ard-Bri an Shu-ttn*. 4 ?'nn<lar l ltS.iM) j ard* rtabdard Du' k, 8 uibi-r. ai.ra? vnrd? Plaid I.ina?y Ji' tmjHtil- Blur riMi?n.1?n|i^. % ,w?i i ard* R--d Plann?-I. taillrid. < JOO >ar.l? K -a?uck) Ji au*. llffi ianl- Balln< l. >ard. C .|ar<sl DriUinf ,(f-?r dr^a 1 in Siu \ aula Bleacfct-d ShMUitii ? JAiU ) ?rii? Blui D -uiin-. S.guu >ar.U Bick?r> PUirtin*. Ma<?i-n ? it toil llaiiilk<-r< Uit-fa. |||4M M'-nV M |>?I t*-H.:ka ?URd<-rrii >V < 0|i-U'? H ill Hi*. PSmm ('UUr?ii'a Wuul 11 >r. 44 d?>r#ii Wodm Bcarfr. 17 liC Ri ?! PlarB?*l Pin ii*. ],miGi?i Plantiri ^llir'?. T.?I5 llirki r> 8liirt?. l.luii C*Iic<. Mitri*. 4 ii \V 11 * i. - ! II '.50 M !*??** W O. -I II*. l*i B^d Covrrlrta. J :a?i p.tuiidii Yam, am?'rt.-d <"<?l ra. 1*U P uhI- Oillitig T? ii". J anU 3' i4| ..'i.iir.m !?,>' ?? Jt.S'iaiilW. , IM p>uiiii> Cotton lUKtr.for Pino :<> p..uii.l* lntiiK.i. ??2? Jo/f-n !?? ?. Ca<t ?t'i-l \*?*,Sto4~ p : 4*1 dosen lx*at faat ?! I< unt.-i a km, ainli.-4? t?-J l i/-n Ax Haudlra, * h. H. 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S.*d.iE^ii S< * in* A*U. dulra ? iiiK-awt Handle*. 112 ilof -n Caal-?!?M I Sti-ai ,7^?aud8i' til ?l< r.< n <' lamC?ail*a. IX ilud1!! F'nr -li Ot li I"' Ink*. lid' z**ii ttpfti TbiailiUw. SC doz?*n Zt?w M irr -r?. I7'? Ki-t*llr*. a?ort ?i tS Sirrdlr-.OI iv?r?". i44H uTtrfrtp Srwkiw.K.>.l V' Ti>p*. Mrali ua*. SX t'anip K til"*, iu n?-t* of tlir^. imu'-- B-?<i-. wrtnd col-ira. 4Qii P ahatta.. P.p-a. frf B-td S'ftiw. 3.1?J Sack ?? at?, a??.r??-<1 air#*, for ro#ti. IA'2 r*lita. aaa..rt^d -ire* foi ni-n. ?Oil Vrrt?, ?aaact?d *tKa,for m?n. .171 l<< .>a^ Sark OTTOotf*. larc# ail#. i*. Sttrtai i?rk<* mi4 i ?m*? fs?r b y-flro t ti# ' car* t>f hmi 12 Vr?t?,f'>r 6 .v* Bv? to t,-n v#?r? of a^a. ( In M?*i ? M ol H.?t*. a-?.irt?-l *i/??* all i ,? I. -h, ?ii li-.|f? U o.J>, a-- rtnl mm and c.'' -r?. St H'*. t Cai^iiii-''. t'apa. 1 ilb paira M- u'e 81i ?>?*, Coi*l quality, ?-*<.rtod 734 paira M . tu#n*? Sb ?#?. g^tmA iuaty, jr- irt?d >?'pair* B '>?" J?b.i#-. it'Val quality. 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Board M Indian ('i4LKiiiiMi i i"* appointed by thf Pri*n|i*iii, 4M ?m i, irood..* artn l?* -a war In any r#ap.s i f.l tt lOCloi ? to Ik# MUX pi- will b#r#j#<-t?4, and III that caa# tb# roMrartor will I. ? ?? iiimI tntnmi-b th#r# ih# tniMral kind or i|?alllT within >r? dapa; or if thai lt> net dour.thry wiif lie parck*. ?*! at bid ^Mu*bkla will rotiaid-r#4 from paraoii* win bar* to < i uipl> ailh'bi- r#quire?#at? ul af. ? outlet, ?# paarl th*r*of. will b? p#^n ' t.?4 ta >Mirii#d otbU-d^bj^ itlirr pani#? wr.i it ^rt3as?V! alhxed. <H?reinaart tl.r l at of ?TtlcWapr. p anltab# farnUiad ) >^ld ariitUw arato ba m( pa dalr wUI rt tb# ?.roaoa#d plar- ofMirw?) ? t 'mutt And if Lb* >r"P "aJ 1* MMpal. I ??*??? , within MP d???aft?-i b>-tM ?atik#d,r. ???#? contract ar. ordu??ly . an i ?iv# aarorin ?? llv Cai? nalaaiaaaar. 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