Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ?Y H. KOim l>titor. Lars^t Circulation in the District Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: WFDS ENDAT Knrrb !W, 1ST*. < anal Opralai For IH7S. Th' water having now t?f n admitted through the whole length of the ChtMftakl and Ohio canal, the season's bu>inn? may be considered a.? commenced. Some complaint!) bave been made of uancttmmtf delay* in this matter, but we bnpe no seriousdamage has accrued thereby. We look upon tills canal a? second to none of the several nn an? and field* of industry ami cpi<ortn nity with which this region of country is furnished. It is a principal avenue of supply for an article of human necessity that must rapidly grow in demand everywhere among civilized men. Not in cold temperate climes :ilone is it required, for the tropics send in a consideraMe demand; from all quarters are heard orders for its shipm nt. As the supplies from Kngland diminish,tbedeticiency is sought to be made up else where. We can do much to ward this, and should not be backward in the effort; although ?e do not hold a monopoly, we ilo. nevertheless, occupy a position of vantage. And just here and cow it is opportune to say that it will l>e cause of present and future sor row if any of us concerned in these opening hopes, permit Jealousies, rivalries, cross pur I oees, or sccret and sellish schemings of any :ort to mar the fair prospects before us. For lorty y? ars the destinies of the canal have strutted through storm a nil darkness. How great, then, the fatuity which would obscure the dav. n of a brighter day with untoward counsels and unfriendly designs" Let not the too-often repeated story of human frailty, ex emplitled in blurred op;>ortunities and defeated hopes, If soon quoted upon us. There is room fur all the enterprise, energy, capital, and stca?!:ne-- which we can command, and there is reward enough at the end. It is to be hoped that in recording the history of the canal for 1>T3, it may fall to no one's lot j to speak of loss of time and waste of capital and laN>r trom breaks and imperfection* which might bave been prevented by faithful official or ministerial care. A stitch in time saves nine, says the homely old proverb, and it says what is now and always will be true; so also, bo fair an<l proper opportunity lor improving the capacity ami condition of the canal ought to be overlooked, for in such cordial and faith ful regard the interest and honor of stockhold ers. directors, customers, the state and the pnb lic at large are bound up. The year now in coming, with the probable introduction of steam towage, may be one long rememt?ered as the f r>t ot a new era In the prosperity of one of t'ie n ost imi-ortant public works in the whole coun II J- |a> The President lias concluded to cuna ite the death sentence of Charles O'Brien, convicted of the murder of Samuel Cunningham, to Im prisonment for life. While the President has undoubtedly sought to do the just and pro|>er thing in the premises, and wLile it cannot be charged that he is a man likely to be swayed by weak sentinientalism in behalf of criminals, we yet think that be has made a mistake in not petmitring the law to take its course in this case; and that he has. moreover, set a prece dent which will embarrass him hereafter. hi sew here will be found the report of the law of.cers of the government upon the application for coir mutation in O'Brien's case, giving their \ lews v by the application -hould not be granted. That report seem? to ns conclusive, unanswer able. In the language of the concluding |>or of it: ?? Who shall say, if this sentence shall be commuted, how many murders may flow from the commutation, and how many more I men may not for this most heinous crime eud their lives upon the gallows'."' The New York It'.ir/d is willing to conccde ! that on one condition there will be an entire ! unanimity of opinion in favor of the abolition of capital punishment: and that is, provided t'ie murderers will begin first. So long as indi viduals will visit upon the persons who oil end i them the punishment of death, so long must society visit upon the persons who disturb the p< ace in .~o terrible a way a punishment shock- 1 is.g enough to prevent it. This punishment is inflicted for the good of society and for an ex ample and a terror to all evil-doers, and it mu?t I t- ot a kind that attracts attention and paius the feelings to be effectual as a remedy. As a matter of fairness we give elsewhere <;en. Butler's argument why the sentence of O'Brien should be commuted. It will be seen that his statement of the facts and evidence, while perhap" creditable to him as the leading criminal lawyer of the day, bears so little like ness to the history of the case familiar to the citizens of Washington a* to be scarcely recog nizable. We print in another column the report made by the legal advisers of the President npon the application for commutation, as a l>ro(>er offset to the ingenious sophistries of the distinguished criminal lawyer who has exerted himself so indefatigably to save O'Brien's neck Irom the halter. Mr. Andrew I>. White, the president of Cor- ' neII I'liiversity, has addressee! a letter to Gover nor I?i.x. thanking him for the firm position he took and maintained in the case of Foster, the car-hook murderer. Mr. White takes a broad view of the case. He says that it was a conflict between the right of personal security on one side and "influence" on the other, and he con cludes that Governor I >i\'s decision, and similar j exhibitions of executive firmness, must add per manent barriers against the rising tide of ruf t-.3ni.-m ami crime, as well as against the flood ot maudlin sentiment. ! The R iullican tells a story about Jones and 1 town : ?'.tones kept taking all Brown gathered, but I . l?ewg a big. .good-natured fellow, always ? 1 to iTenty, never murmured, ami only hint . .iiimV falling when J. himself announced 1 mention to reform. Jones replied, 'Never i . eld bey. you shall not want. I shall cheer . ? give ftorn my abundance.'" ? -t so. We are Mr. Brown. Our neighbor i- tl.e unscrupulous Jones. .\rcording to a paragraph in somj of the pa- i ; ' our new Assistant Secretary of the Tres i - a ??vet.." or in other words an octogena- j ?? According to the paragraph in question I. i tduated from Harvard in the year 1$H? , r ine years ago. Supposing him to have [ 1 : twenty-five when be graduated, he must | i * be in the neighborhood of eighty-Tour years * -?e. vw itze^ard in coniormity with a recent act i its congress has established a department of commerce ai.d railroads, ami appointed afede ? ??! inspector of railways, and inspector of roll ing stock aid time tables, and a controller of r*Us ot fare and freight. The old world is set ting an example to the new In the matter of ruling railroads instead of being ruled by them. Among the employs ot the Vienna city rail way, are three counts, live barons, and seven teen noblemen, acting in the capacity of super intendents. controllers, and conductors. Hiker's corps beats that?it is composed entirely of sovereigns! Gov. I>is. of New York, has respited anot her mutdertr at Syracuse, but has given fair notice that he will be hung on the day appointed, an cm on examination the alleged new evidence in the ease should prove favorable to the con demned. '?Without the aid of advertisements I could have d? re nothing in my speculations. I hue* the nn 1 < nmplete faith In printer's ink. Ad vert!.- is the royal rood to business."? B*r>. . Tl e some indications that the trade ergai ? * ? nsof New York will abandon their proiOHt! .-trihe, on account of the Inauspicious r.a?"re of the season: building operations being dull. Ac. 1 be servant girls of Ottawa, Ontario, have organized a mutual association to Si a standard of wages and prevent underbidding C? u> petition. The Wall rtrect markets were quiet yester day. In the moncv market the rate lor demand loan* war 7 |>er cent currency on government bond*. and , gold to 1-64 and interest on rail way and miscellaneous share*. The market for mercantile paper was more active. Govern ment l>ond- were strong. The stock market was w ithout feature, prices being a fraction higher than on Monday. K ? ? ? kw Fi?.?t Board. ????:g* I tr>. i?u Tw . 12 ? 1864. K , 17 \ J A Jlv,, ?-? Vu. * Jly. C__I77. American O Id..." .*.7. 16 Currency l i j4 { Now Fives. jj *1, n .. Va'keli. LTJMoia, March 16.?V irgiuia 6>, eon?!il v ? t *??jw?**rn uiiaed, ?.,<44.-, do. ?*ltoksi T?r'vi Hay?western, f MlXr ai* t '??> firm. Mp -rk, tfK Bulk meats?shoulder, ft ,??!; ril> t i?? Bsc ,n-sho?,?i r nLias ?l"""''? ?onr ctrad bails, 12M1&. Lar.I, btutw, : tno^W *11* *e?t*ru lul>, Lew. Whi*k> Kew Tors, March 23.?G <ld flr:a, IS. Govern ii.?-nt* dull hij i ti^ady. Mun* v Xtw Yen, March W.?Flour steady. Wheat Brm, Corn firm. Losnoji, March !fi, 11 a. m ?An upward move n.ent ill the rat? of diMx.unt of the i;?uk of Knclat.d l? in.niii.eiit. Consols Opened at Si'.'ulIV ?V New ftVeiVflC ; l3,>r,9i',: W U,t jAK SfkW; &ate?ft WTnZ * P*r c?nt American securities quiet. - *** WXATIUK. w iiKrAET1,lt.3,T/.0-^ Chl'S $*** 0*e<r ? If ^T-*' C., March *, i<r,3t u *} SaSr-^?'? ??" vaar' ? - ?j& ?.i eiiTiS",; uan and southward to T -nne-see. Fn-?h to high northerly winds. with vers e.dd weather h ive i, ,! r'r^lir'i A *nd the western gulf st itX Fresh ti> high southwest winds, with cloud* weather* aie reported from the south Atlantic states The temperature hns fallen, and is below free/in* at all "" A pnal < aehlnn ran,eS?Aery w *t . eUlf "ta,es- 11 '? zer*la the north* Probabilities.?The storm center on the low^r lake, m..;e d.wnthe St. Lawrence vallV. Jadthe smaller disturbance on the middle Atlantic cfir move to Cape Cd during th- rest <d W^u^K? Increasing northeast ?uids, with rain and ?. .w* "??ntiniie o\er Xew Kn?U:,d. F-.^he ?uWdlV,tatTs wn^s very generally change to west and northwest I > w ednesdiy aft .-moon, with fallioir temi?-raiVir^ LSt Jin ? wiD<t? ar..l clear womther continn * Il.e r p^'r 8|?k-P''rKallT"aT#'ir 0,"? wind- extkitd over l>ak.'.tn lo^l fauHonarj .signal > continue at B -stun. Portland* Me.. Wood* Hole, Sew London, New- H v ^ "rk. < ape Mav, Baltini r. V. rf Ik U at AIeVk" V".' S,V"!:'th Th,')r wil' <l:-pla/"i ^^|^l|d^j|tatioiisfn'm and after April fir-t. * ^VOCSOMKSS HEPCBL^AN OLCB - i ' ?. - ci?nr^ wirh him &gr* en)>l - ?i, j rrr>fltall. w d; P. nd. d largely IV*",,? tl at'i^,?f enfnrpriae, ind feel i ki _ V ?f?iw-Tkin* is due in larse m 'asiire In Mll .r. ilV"?.'" vir' j i""' f'"?-iant attenti n to it iur1u, ","?- "'nterpri?inf"and"pahh ** ^p!l , ?ih1 aa hii irr? dmr*?,!.. i? ?? r/^VifMi'VoJfa'XV.lVto whom we w U,,J teiider ?ur evmihg ;??" wbdnmdat L. J. DAVIS. Secretary. ^,TlEr ANMI AI, MEETINu OF K X5^..^riTAL K.'aL kI rn'mmtmsims j.;js.3rBws&A""" *<****srsi ujft 2t [Rep) PHIL U. \VELC1I. Secretary. "" rl?"re will he a ni-<-iirilf ?r ,he IffiimiSS, ?tv5A ' fiSVV'JlVS j^*NOTIC* TO PRODUCE DEALEBS Peraons selling prduce in the Northern Market 5r^jr^rBLfe on s f Affil.W *tr^1 ? or n 8<"U,,'f ** wiU *" sntJect to the reg whe"VC.tKTf"I?&rWWnt0tk# M^ter By order of the Coniniisaioner* - "? 8 McFABLAX, Market Mvter. i*nn^;UhoUuVcfcgenterMt 'CCOUOt WiU b<f Cua 1,17 lni J. A. BI FF, Treasurer. |>^?GBAND 81PPEB-A GBAND SI PPKR V1374 a*I*'nD r'\V^TEH OGI>EN LODGE. II Al L fih ?o ? ?? V *?? BELLOWS' "irtsD^r enj.^n.ent. Ko Min. .ill he .p?r?d to make this th, finest ?"? entertainment ever given in Wash - tngton. Georgetown Ltslgea invited. Brass and shm fc,T# keen engaged for the occa ^5: ma.ai36.z7 ?^?TI1E ATHosPULBE of spring. .k K fT'rT ch*c?a rf we have a change in the h> gieaic character of the air. In the spriL it is impregnated, especially iu low lying wet dis tricts, with mephitic vimn wi.i ?. ' "" . >n"'c 'apors, which generate chills at.?l lever, rheumatism, indigestion, hilliotunes* and ?f,U,e ?r,f,n' "f ?*T'r*tion. It H ,WeS "Ur,3r ?^??*ry at this time ,.f the year to lu tl|l-r?teand reflate the system so a- to enable it to repel the morbid influence! to which it is more or letm sntjerted. The stomach ?hould lie toned, the t>oweU freed from obstructions, the blood purified, andtbenerves braced and strengthened. This can I* easily done. Hostetter'. Stomach Bitters are every*here procurable; and in the whole range of remedies and preventives prescribed . by the faculty or recommended through the press, th?re is not one that combines in such an emi nent decree that efficiency aud perfect harmless. "???. It it a positive antidote to malaria. Whoever takes It habitually may breathe the atmosphere of the wont fever and ague locality without danger. Damp aud chilling winds make little or no Impres sion on the organization reinforced with this power In! vegetable invigorant, and consequently it is a good safeguard against asthmi,cough*,colds, and other pulmonary complaiats. It is not recommend ed as a remedy for this latter cl?as of maladies, but simply as a m?ans of strengthening the system against.the srial conditions aud changes which so often produce then. As a spring invigorant and alterative it will be found extremely beneficial to persona who are peculiarly sensitive to unhealthy atmoapherlc influences. ru2l-eo9taW ?"story that a Persoa known to Ks tnfMS * "Old not be aHowed to mix with soctetF. miir SCHEWCE'B rULMOMl Iwciptes < catarrhal affections, Ac. It is the i?^h arrssnnn w ho suffer from loss of voice, it is Indispensable Theaw caadlas are p?t up i n II cent boxes convent i?/?^.'ock"' feb? tr 1.1. cor?r th and Arch ns? fm1>. * ? M 0 ? 1 D. DB. W. 1a? u "?? saMa^Bmjge NOTICE TO TAX-PATEES. Tl.f AMmri of thsseveral Legislative District* hoviig completed the ? ??mi' T.t of real prog. rty f>t ;he fatal yenr endtngjune Stth, ttf4,tne Bard of ArMla will meet M tli# office of the Superintendent of iMMwrnti aait Twet, No. 330 4H *treet,n-*ar the corner of LovMana??w. on the 3d DiT or Fx? ivakt, 1373, at IS o'clock m., to h?-*r any appeals that may be Mil fren the valuation* of said aa "TTlT?flgm-* bstfade Id writing, and sworn to bw>re aa officer competent to admioitter oath*. Tbe Board will be in session each day (Sunday ex Sed1 from 11 o'clock a. m. until 1 o cliKk ?. m.. on WBDHESDATS and SATU liDA YS from I xk until I o'clock p. a. H A. HALb? WM. W ALL, 610. A. BOHR KB. BILET A. Sill UK, B. j. MIDDLETON. Jr., fel-tf Members of the B "art of Appeals. WASHINGTON, D. C., M*rch 10, 1?73, Rooms No. 330 4>k Street N? hthvtkst. In compliance aith section 34. act sppr."ed Ali en-! 23,1. lrfTl,the Board of Appals will continue in sesaiou at their rooms and at the hours designated, EVERY' DAT, except Sundaes, for thirty daysfr ?i? this date,*ft?r which no appal fr -m the gsneral anscssnient for the fl-cal year 1973-1471 cin be re ceived. By order of the B >arj of Arj? msrlP lm E F. M FAEHTZ. S-cretary. I^M 1LB CR R 'S NEW DRUG STORE, No. 14)19 Pensstlvama Avbtcci, Depot for INa and Mineral Water*. fell-ly irS^DBT A. PRATT, Graduate of Oh; . OoHegs of Dental Surgery, 411 7th street, betweeniD aiTdE.a few doorssouln of Odd Fellows'Hall. li - fer* to B. A. Bacon aad Be*. W. B. Bran* mil JF. LUCAS, 114* 7!li ?trf?t li. w? r**<ni?if ? Kfty'mtor tj P>anot amd Onans. or ders received at Thompson's coro? r 15:li st Cfep"-\] aid N. York ave. ; Getty's, Bridge, revM I * " I Congress, Georgetown; ?nd Moses', cor. 7th and p.|. nv. Piano* and o?b?r instruments packed and moved. All work guaranteed. mlitS-ly J^HILL LIME. Varnished for Build,-rs at 20 c?nts per t?iish?l. " for Farmers at 6 cents p-r bushel. W arrnnted to ain>w"r every purpose. Aprly at th< K ill;, at the corner of Vir^iuia avenue ac'l South Capitol ?trec-t. It* JOHN* COULSON. LI & B N it VALLEY A\i> WHITE ASH COAL reduced Bates, belc?ale and IIOLLIDGE BROS,, nijt-6t :? ii and i > - ?,???- n. rilnv ?t. 1' H IS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscript 1 la* obtained frvin the Supreme C >urt ot ltie District of Columbia, holding a *p-iial term, letter* < f administration W. a., on the personal estate of WM. II. LANULY. late <1 Waahington county ,D.C., di ceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are heret.y warwsi toexhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber. on or before llielfth day ot March next: they may otherwise by tan be excluded trom all benettt ot the saia estate. Gi*et. undtr my hatia this 13tli day of March, 1873. fni36-w3w) JAS. T. PAY'NE. IN THE SUPREME ml BT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, The Z'<ih ilnij n> Marrh. 1573. Lews Hat f v*. Rebecca H u r?No. 3,123. E inlty Docket 12. On -notion of the plaintiff, In Mr. A. B. Williams, li is solicitor. It is onb red that the del-ndant cause lo-r spp*-aranw to be enteri-d heroin on or before the tii*t rule day occurring forty days after tliisday : c'heraise the canaewillb'- proceeJ'-d wltli a- incase ofdi-taiilt. BytheCvort: A. WTLTE, Justice, &e. Trneccpv. Te?t: B .1 M EIGS, Clerk. Ac. n.y. w .3t By L. P WfLI.IAMS. Ass t Clerk. 1873 spring. 1873 TKFMF.NDOI S STOfK. T HL>IENl?(il> bTiM K TBEMENDOI S STOrK, THEMKNDOl S ST??? lv TKL MEN I'OI S STOCK, SPUING AND SUMMER <'L0T11INg! X i V ^ ? i ?rtn8 an^ boys, ' J Ul'THS* AND BOYS MF.N> , HU THS" AND IK'Y*. MJNS . YOCTHS' AND BOYS, MENS , YOUTHS- AND BOY^ At A. STRAIN'S. At A. HTH irvs. At A. STR U S S. At A. STR AUS'S. At A. .STRAUS'S, CAI.L ASL> SEE ' A Ll AM> SEE CALL A Mi SEE ' ALL A\U SEE CALL A.W SEE (? HEAT BAKU A I.XS ' HEAT BAH li AIMS 'M?A.Z*AI?iAIXS ['HEAT HAHUA1XS ? oeeat bahuaj.\s : 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Third Door from llth Street. Third Doorfrotu llth Street. ell Third Door from llth Street. / 'AKBIAGESI CABBIAGESlf V CABBIAGES!!! New and second-hand Carriage* of ev -. ery deacription, Uith light and heavy,fori l u-inest. or pleasure,street or park. Bepairlus promptly attended to. BOB'T H GRAHAM. ni25-3t* 410-414 8tk *t.,bet.D and B northwe*t. WE WISH GENTLEMEN AND LADIES TO know that Ihere will be a LAUNDRESS > pened immediately to receive all fine WASHING and doing up Suits of various kinds, sach as clean ing Cloth ai d Woollen Goods We are prepared to uive full satisfaction. Call and see and we will giv^ *"U our price. Apply at loth street, between M and N s'reets northwest. No. 1U4U. u.25-2i* IV OTK 'E ?Tne public are hereby notin-d th;it th i x late firm of Lydrnni Anderson and William Knox, trading under the firm and sty le of WILLIAM KNOX A CO., lias been dissoDed by mutual consent. The said William Knox will assume the payment of all debt* due by the firm, and also to Collect all asset* dm-to t tie firm, and hisreceipt shall be valid, to take effect froiu the date of this publication. WILLIAM KNOX. LYBBl M ANDERSON. Washington, D. C? March 23,H73. 11.85-Jt* \\TAR DEPARTMENT, " Aij liam Gexefal's Offict, Washisotos, March 24, 1.1,3. The Attention of claimants is in\ it ?-l to tnc follow ing I gislatiou on the subject ol the Montana Indian ll'or 1"at Hi! of 1367 : Ax Ac t to enable th.-Secretary of War to nay the expenses Incurred In snppre?sing the Indian hos tilities in the Territory of M ntaua, in the year eighteen hundred and sixty-seven. Bt it tmacte'J by the Smite and House of Fepresen tattret of the United Slates a' America in Cuixrts* m. ' m'y!ril, That it shall be the duty of the proper ao. onnting officer* of the treasury to examine and determine the amoun * justly due uponthe claims for expenses necessarily Incurred In suppressing Indian hostilitie* in the Territory of Montana, in the year eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, which have been examined and reported upon by Inspector General James A. Hardi*; but In uo case shall the sum allowed thereon be iu excess of the award re p<>rt?d by said General Hardie: and in sach investi gation the testimony taken by General Bardie in relation thereto shall be received in evidence, but the same shall not be regarded as conclusive unless said officer* are ?ati?fird therewith. And the sum* so found to be due shall be paid to the person* sever allv entitled thereto by a disbursing officer under the dirtctb nof the Secretary of War: Provided. That th.- a< ct'ptance of such pavment shall be in lull of all claims on account of said expenses; and provided further. That no claim under the provisions of this act shall be audited and paid unless presented within one year from the pasnage ?f this act. Approved, Match 3, 1373. A* Act making appropriations to snpplr defielsn cies iu the aporoTTiattotis for the service* of the government for tn<- fiscal year ending Jitue tliir tieth. eighteen huudred and seveuty-three, and for ether purpose*. Be it enartrd by th? Senate and H'lust of Rtprt s-ntattremf the Vmtrd Sta'ef of Amtrica in Con trest aaembUJ, That the following *uu>? be, and they are hereby .appropriated, out of auy aaoner in treasury not otherwi*e appropriated, to supply defi ciencies In the appr<>priauon* for the service of tha government tor the fiscal year ending Junethirtleth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and the former years. and for other porp^es, namely:^ ^ T? enable th* Secretary of War, according to the act upon that aabject passed at the present session of Congre*a, to pay, for expense incurred in suppre** ing Indian hoatilltie* fn the Territory of Montana in the rear eighteen hundred and *ixty-*even. to the Cpxxmentitled thereto,the claim* reported upon General Jame* A. Hardie, under th ? provision* of section ten of an act entitled "An act making ap pri priation* for sundry civil expeuses of the gov ernment, and for other purposes, for the year end ing June the thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ?ev enly," approved July fifteenth, elghtoau hundred and seventy: and for that purp>*e there is hereby appropriated from any money in the Treaaurv of the United State* not otherwise appropriated, the sum of At* bnadred and thirteen thousand three hun dred and forty-tbret dollars, or so much thereof a* may be nectaaary. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Approved, March 3.1873. All claiatanta nnder the foregoing act* are re quested to present their original vouchers to ths Secnd Comptroller of the Treasury, Hon. J. M. Bboi m kad, * ashington, D. C , either in person or by attorney, with power of attorney to collect ih? awards in the latter case. M%jor Gkosox Bri.t.. C >n mi**arv of Subsistence, Depot ConimiaMry, WashiuAton, D. C.. office cor ner lath and B Streets, souths est, has been assigned to the duty of paying the *nms awarded claimants. By order of the Secretary of War: niMt B. D. TOWNSRNP. Adjutant General' f ALL ON JAMKS W. BBIBH, v" rrwetteml Plwmbee mud Bat Fitter, to have your Plumbing, Oas Fitting, and Sews rags promatry attewled to on raaaonabU^term., Ko. 6011 side. . Besidence, ??? M strest, nmiwi*"" ail WANTS. W ANTE1>~* >BDFB? for every d?Bcrtptl:>n of *? line stitching rereived at t he Wheeler A Wil son Offic-. 461 PentisyD ania avenue. m>> { * WANTBD-Ati.iy GIRL to do Yf waahing, and irnninr. AIM, h?oi>'r? rk, P m | a cowl BOY to wait *4 table and al?orttthe hoase. All colored pre ferr< d. lAl^F street, Corner UH. It WAITED?ft> two young ladies, ? >?* ,.r two nu famished ROOMS. Mo* be siti??~l t*twyen 4tli and 13: h and F and M streets nortliwsat. Ad Jti?? stating term*. I1. iTfi.. '*ilc? m26 ft WANTICD?fl.OUO ?.h$4,?0? purity.. Par WW wishing tliMr son t? learnthe printing biifiness, in all its trench1'", havethe best opportu nity. Ai.trc? A B. C.,St?r OIK.-i>. [t??.l 'n>". 2t* \\T a N TfcD?A Hi ule.1 Colored WOMAN to dothe " cooking. wMhint, and ironina in a pri??!? family. Mint come w II rcc miuended. Apply at 931 I street northwest. m*> ?* Ur ANTED?\ eood \Vhit?UIKL to d><-ner?l li iiu'wo, k in a *iii*II family. R'i >mm n l i tions required. Apply immediately; No. 604 M street north. m!S 3'* Vt'ANTEZ-A Ko.d ?CRlBBER, at the Unl.n f? Hotel, Georgetown. m2S-'Ji* \\ 'ANTKD? \ Wh r Nl Rsi:.?t jl* ll brtM, between E and F. ni2S 3t \\'ANTLI>-T*u experiencii RALLSLADIE3 " ami one timtrlas- MILLINER, at ?. HEL I ER S. 7 II Mark'", ft pece. n.^a M ' ANTED??4 .000 t r fl\? y ? am, on i e:il est ve " worth three tiu.e< the am unt. Address M., Star office. iiigi 3.* \Vr ANTED? lOO MKX r<r ti*hinn ?h?-rc. Apply ?? t.'JtiHN GIBSON ..r WM NEIT2EY, , ft tier 13>? street ami Maryland a\eime in25-3t* \\[ANTED?An experienced NURSE, whije or ww colored; good wagest<>oiie w<-ll recomtnendel. Apply at 'Jltt A street ?? utlieast, C ?pit I II II. iu?5 3v* ?\\7ANTED?A SITUATION, b> an int^Tii^ut ww German girl, !?? lady's maid, or take care of children; is uillinz to g,, traveling. A?ldre?8 No. ? >07 'Hi: -treet. mar F. ulBjt* \\T ANTED.?1 v* sii ?<".<? fi'1 in I'*1 SloMo any *? one who \i ill set me a GOVERNMENT PO SITION a- ii" ?<ei >ri-r, i opyist or clerk. A I lr??*, by lett' r. C. P., Star office. m2V2< * WANTKI? Two or three UNFURN1SHKD " RWMS, with T ble Board, or near a hoard ing house, in a central l,>eality. Adilre-s L.J. W., City P<?t Ofticc. m23 It' \\'ANTKD?A g d 8 K H V A N T tor general ww housework; small family and good wages. Apply before & a. m. or after 3 p.m. A. L. B \RREU A CO., i> 26-2t Oil 7tl> street, opposite P-?t Ofljce. \VrANTED?U) a K>ntleni>n ami his wiie, a ww PAltLoR and i IIAMBF.R. conimunicatini;, i:i the >icinity of Franklin or Lafayette siuare-?,f r vhi. hafni conipensatiou is a-ked. Address R. v. F., Star i flice. inffi it * \YrANTtD? A SITUATION as g. u\ernante f.>r ww one or two children, l>y a respectable French > oniig lady; is willing to assist ill h '<isekeeping and h'wit g; has a aewing machine. lSest references. Addn as "Gouvemante," Star "fliee. W'ANTKP-A MAN ac'inalnted with general i* hm work ?m Dm4 to takinecare of atock; one with a family preferred; good w ages given; ref erences required. Appb Mr?. LEW IS BA1LKV. Daile) '? CroHS Roads, Va., or address through p >st Office, Wachington, P. C. nt25-lw* /ANTED?A go'vi PIANO i i exchange f..r groni'd. Address Box <>0'j P -st Oltii-e.m2l 3* \\7A NTED~C IIAMB E R M AID for family of two ww p< r<oi>s and yontii; child. Enquire SO 1 8>uth A street, c-Tti'-r Jil.f'apitol Hill. ni2t3t* w w \1T ANTED?A good LAI NDBEhS and a BOV to ww wait upon tali'e and make himself gererally u-efnl,at No. *19 E street norhw???st. m2t .'ii* \\* ANTED?Imm->diatel\ -T"^ c-.?i MILLI >> NEKS, at Mr-. M. CALLAN, HOT T stre t, between ll'lt and 12tli street. m24 3t* w ANTED?L A DIES i o take n .in e that M .id ?:u ? ?? D. E. M A1SON, "f N -?. York, has op-n.-d her Milliniry parlors, at No. 413 13th street n 'rtii west. tu21-lm* \V' ANTED?On Journey matt ( White) B A RB ER. t whom gtK'd wages and steady employment will l>e given. Ap|-> ltulbediately No. 231 U treet northwest. m2t3t* OFOnOE N BARBER. WANTED?the 1-' of April a good white >? COOK, and a LUNDRESS: must be tidf, systematic in habits, ami Lriug goo.l recom mendations. Applj Vermont aveuue. opp >sit<. Arlii.gton House. in22 tt* \V'ANTED-Th E\CHAN<;F-\ tor? ? -t r, ww DRIc'K HOl'SE. rough brown st.^e front and Mansard roof, with all modern conveniences in Mansard Row, Vest Philade lphia, Pa., for a hoiis ? in Washington, not vert far from tie Treasury. Ad dress, N. B. B., Star Office. m2t-3t* \ITA NTED?Immediately ?A first-class G*R *? DEN ER for a Virginia farm. Apply to WM. SMITH, ai4 9th street. n.21 6 ? WANTED?By the p >st trader.Ganip H-illeck, Nevada, an actiie PARTNER, with a cash capital of from three to five thousand dollars, o/ good business <iualiAcations, steady habits and > f undoubted integrity. None others need apflv. R. f?-rentes exenanged. Business established in 1370. Address as above. m21 -5t RANTED?An energetic VOUNG MAN d' -m s to learn the dry eo<?ls or clothing business. Recommendations good. Wages uo object. Ai dless "Energy," this office. nil5-2w* ANTED-A WET NURSE. Apply at BO?~L street northwest, between Wh and 9ih streets. m3-lm* %E/*ANTED?1mmbdiaisb?Families or persons in w ? need of first class SERVANTS of every descrip tion, units and female, to call and get supplied at once. Serv ants also can get good homos and b?st of wages by applving at the ?nrek:'. Employment Office, to Mrs. LOL1SEG. BUTLER, 307 lltii street, near E. fX lm \A/ ANTED? Every one to know that the VICTOR >f SEWING MACHINE has its nttdlt ria(:tlie most perfect shuttle in use, resting in a cradle; n' (die bar and works of steel. Agency . 469 fVi.ris) Ivania avenue. Also, Branch of Mine. Dem orest's Pattern Emporium. ar.gS' ly T W. 8PICEB, Agetlt. \\/ANTED? Everybody in tavor of thoroughly ww cleauet! Carpets, almost as bright as new,to ?i ud orders to L. RICE, at the Steam Carpet Beating Works, Maine avenue, bet. 4X and 6th st*. aprlVly BOARDING. FH?R RENT?Good ROOMS and TABLE BOARD in that new house. No. 61t* H street, near 7th, only one square from Patent Office, receutly taken by a Northern lady. Come and try for your selves. ni212w* IVI EST CLASS BOARD BY THE WEEK OR E MONTH: also,desirable ROOMS for rent, hand s' mely furnislr d; very low to permanent tenants during the spring and summer, with or without Board. Rooms on second and third floors, with l.oard, at ?6u; No. 51^ 13th street, between E and F streets, near Wi Hard'sand Imperial Hotels. ml5 2w* i "'OOD BOARD, PLEASANT ROOMS, AND Vl .prices moderate, at MlOft corner of Pennsylvania avenue and list street. mayl-ly PROFESSIONAL.

|)R. MARY O. IPACKXAM, n.19 2w* 1634 SIXTEENTH STRKET. Dk.j.s. DELAVAN, H?m<i:op*thic Physiciax, 134<IO F street. Office Hours.?9 to U), morning; 3 to 4raftern>x>n; 7 to8, evening. mll-lui JOHN F. HANNA, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, No. S Young's Law Ruilding, deS-tf Washington, D. 0. jj^rlRMNG INSTITUTE FOR HEALING, WATER CURE, No. 630 !UiT Stbket, Orerfooki*? the Potomac. |en;d rnbb Treatment:?Bathing of different kind*, warm and ;d packs, warm and cold compresses, thorough .bifg of stifl and swollen joints, and all contrac tion of the skin. Contraction of the joints disappear by our treatment. The bloo d and hair receive new life, the system uew vigor. Sciatic. Inflammatory and Chronic Rheumatism yield readtly. Tho limbs and hands receive their natural streugth, the j>a tient discovering a change for the better ill a few days. Dilapidated and w. ak cons'itutians reinvig orated. Deafness by w arm fomentations, warm aTr air introduced iutcyt he ear. powerful magnetism and manipulation ami delicate force pumps, extracting all sulistances interposing hearing. Medicine, when administered, in homeopathic and eclectic forms. Beautiful rooms.nic<ly famished and a-:ry parlors. Spacious, with villa, walks, settees and fountaius Recreations:?Riding in carriage, row boats, fishing, crcquet, and innocent plays, histori cal, scientific Nn<i moral books, daily and weekly papers. All writiue material, postage stamps, at regular pricea. Tul le first-class; cooking super vised by educated ladies, New England style. Terms reasonable, by week or month For further par ticulars inquire at the Institute, W. H. IRVING, M D., 530 21st street. . , Principal office for consultation. for terms and ex aminations, 15**1 Pennsylvania avenue jj. B.?The uhe of tobacco ami profanity discour aged, and persons of uncleanly habits will not be received. mai-6t* TY LEK'I LUNCH MILK BISCUIT, The choicest, most delicate and finely flavored Cracker in the United State*. GIVE THEM A TRIAL. Especially adapted for LUNCH, TEA TABLE. AND THE CSE OF I ? \ ALIDS. For sale by Grocers generally. Trade rapplied by TYLER * BROS., mll-lm Bole manufacturers, Baltimore, Md. J. W. BRIGHT WELL, Successor to CARROLL F. WINSL0W, SHIRTMAKBR Am> Dealei is MkxVFcbnuhixos, 40U Oth Street. Having Mr. Winaiow's patterns and ures, ana control of his manufacturing fac ties, bis old customers are recommended leave their order with me. m 21-1: N JOTICE?That E.8. JUSTH, Da tween 4th and 7th streets northwest, SECOND-HAND CLOTHIHO ?4 less than half the ooat of r?*dy-aad* newOBM. BILK DRESSES aspeclalt^ tal5-ly WOEDERFCL 1EVERTI0M OF THB Moet F FOB RENT AND SALE. OR kkNT?Foar ROOM8. in I brick k'inr; 1 3?g l<th rtres*. l?>tw<N?s K and O sts. It* jl'R BKNT?Two tiiitarnish-d r\RLOk?.?'iu 1 allefor housekeeping;term* reasonable. Apply ?I ?1S ?h street D mh Jwt. nUb a.* L'OBKtKT-Tlirt* ttttU>-[iirui)b?d BOOMS. at M N".T3T < h street nnnhwxi;. ii the m<i Mil ?-?r. floor*.will I* noted low for the sun ? FoiTTl Sr-F..? BOOMS, f-r a small famll, without cbiltlr n. Apply at C\RO*S Bits:-, Mo. *l| lYnns} hania avenu ?,l*>twtvn*h ?>?' 10th treets. my <? l/OB 6aLK-a <iur 4-iam'Di HOt'SK. with J * "5 > ?'""J; in an excellent | ocation at No. 4 10 ltrli ?t., b?t*?"ti D an,I K sts. n-rthwes;, b- tween 4 ,n?i s o'clock in th ? evening. mS> St* "11T?W ill f, |..r r?ui Aprtl 1st, n'virtJ b-autifrl B'rth and -o'tth fr nt ROOMS, in Dv?m? Sib am] ai? C street t; rtliwest. betw-en 11 and4Ssf mM ? l/OR RkN i?Oui large tumi-h a FRON i ROOM, *?? **>?? * Pri' ?t'", Tw , TABl.F. 1>0ARL'KRScan a!~o Ie- act- uii.i -dated, at Hi 1 II h ?irv*t, t?*tw??n H I. jt* l/OR SAtfc?Very valuabl. l'K'?l'KkTt. nJrfhw * Sue hunsi , large grounds, Ac.; or wilt * -tl sen., rat. ly. TIloS. F. vi \<;<iam vs. ?*>2??-3t Mo. ilV 7ih mm. S/OR RUNT?Tw o communicating ROOMS. .n 21 ly futn-lted. single or i?iit,le, ? ,ti> >r with nt BOA RI? N, 7iil 6th street. b>;w n O ?lid II. northw.-st. mfrikt* 1/OR WALK?A small, pi- a-ant llOl'.HE, VIJ East Capitol streft, Hear terminus ? t sr reet. |r<; str- t paved with wikI; gas an.! water on prei ii-*?;'pr-tty tnr?l-1,, w ith choice fruit tr?. audviuea. in |ii.r? ot' th- prtmiw?. niSS-Jt* l/OR RKNT?On the 1st of April,a7-r >"ni BKIcK ' lll'l >K. with hall. ?j l? and t>a>k all "vs; chande lier* and e? fixture iu every ro<-at; <.u 0 street, b - t we. r 12:li and 13th =t?. northwest Alun, two itn furnish.*! Rooms. Appl) at th- store, crner lj*h ?lid O at*. m? St* L^BhAlE-lWO PIECES OF LANI).u. ?r Ar a i ? t, irt i.; *t> ut . iie titiart* r of a mil" fion th A i?(Htnet hrtdff*. One ennui** and the other J a<r?.>: impiu<i .l b) two nuall fta'ne ln>u?. ?. Ai>dU t. JACOB BIRCH, Km. -?? 21 ?:rpet, fr ,"i town. iuar>S Itu* i/OR RI NT-A I iiirh-rn! ?*01 NTKY ri.A?'KT~^ ii.ib-from city; with fi-nit, oliad tr ?#.-plen-jid ? ?'??r, a;.d every attraction; 9 km: I h u>.-. jiiih ?al'H>n parlor, "ittinu r.?.nt. dining II I rHry, cellar, pantri^, --iv IwslrooiUH, ,^tc ; large I'<rn; th < minute.'walk from rtli ?tr >t car-.' R,?ut 6 ''*?0- I ma; 2t'l AV J. RUFKS llli H ?t. BtNT-Fl KNl^lIKl) llOl'SK; very de I *lr ild"; 1 7 I *? II ?free-; nt! mol rn c itiveuienr ?? TfK'S K WAtiOAM AN.amrth ?tr ,-t nitS-St 14%> >R RKNT?RuoMS. Furiu-i i-d -.r Ciifurtii-h.^i. f"r U 'tiRekwpuiB, in a M ill atil re-1c< tab 1. t.'Ti'il\. N fill |>(fiee< ?fp-et. mSS ?t* L OR 15KNT-Two Miiies ,.f I.le^m.r, KI RN ' I^HKI' ROOMS, on tir?i and arcon.l fl M?m, with lb>ard, at i(i(i New Jersey avenue ?outii ?'*8t. mg?? t'l'li BEKT?ROOMS, in hrtu?ecorn?*r 7th and R atrc?n north. No. ltOI. Wat.-i in the hou?e ?i a a large hallway, and a very pltaaant locali ?>'? rnlilt* I^OR SALE?A small HOUttK-Tl* uTTrtu CarT lltia avetiue. near Eastern Market. A neat cot taee f..r a rmail familr. Choice flower<, evercreeu< at.d gt ap?-h on the pluro. Two ?suare? fr in both tout beast ern line- of city rara. inS5->^* I/OR 8ALK OR RENT-BRlTRDWELI.INi;; ba< h biiilditiK. four-ytorii r: eoniainiuit 11 ro .n-, v"'*!ii ?n~- east aid.- North Capit >1 atre t. No. val, betneeu B and C HMtf. Apply on the prt mises. _ ?u2j-4i* 1/pRRKNT-Furut.l.H ami nnfiirui-lie<) RooMS I for nona. ke> pi?i?; ?> ? nd find third floors; w i-. r ?-n both floora. PO> D street northwest. m2? 1'* I/OR RKNT?A lara- a. d h.-autifi:lly located ? L RNISIIED HOUSE, iu West End. . E. K W ILSON, I' SI 1 7tb street, opposite P .?t 1,'OR RENT?A suite of nicely, furniahei ROOMS, i f ''''eHp,?.n aecond floor; alao.otf ?lt.i{b- R >tn. at <-0 l.ttli str-et, betwe.-ii tj and U, ii rthwest; bath | room on name fl .or. mli-ft* I/OR RKNT?A two-story Uot'SE. cotaplet -ly furiii-li. d, situated at 400 1st str ?t ?>uiti *t, c rner l^t and 1> sta. Apply at .1 8 IIKNAL'LT V SON S, corner 3th and 1> streets northwest* I/OR RENT ? Four hand* >tne|y furnish d ROOM^, in K'xsl I >cation; mite orsinel., r nt ti ? derate; hot -i:id cold w ater. N >. 4'J1 Jlth str.. -t, I etween I'a. avenue and E street northwest. ii.St .It |/OB^ENT-The ba-etn.-iit BRICK OWKLLINO M No. ll.t.i loth at. northwest, between L and M; c w .Iter closet. r.intainiliK S room*. In.|i|ire Noah WAl.KKR.Vt O ?ill I'a avenue. tn24-Ct I/OR RENT-STOR E and D WLCLI S~ii7l^Zl 'Jl illi street, le'twe.-n O and H ?ts In.|tiir.- ?( Mrs. ADAMSON, No. 1^11 ^4th-t., between S and T urei ts rortliwe.-t. i?24 tjt* It"''B RKNT?4ln ill- 1-t of April, llol'SK N ?. I k 1419 U street, third d's-tr fr ui 15iha*r t.coii j taining eleven roonm. with al! m ?l -rn itnprove : meiit* Not rent* d for a boarding-hou^e. In>|iiire i at^ U'.'li New York avenue. m22-St I/OR SALE?A thre.-#tor\ 1'RKSS BRO K.Toi7 tor N'rth Capitol and I -tr. ?i- n.irthw -t | A lb-suable two-story BRICK * OTTA<iK "on I, I between New Jersey avenue and North Capitol I i Tw o beautifully |ocat-d HOUSES, corner M?na ehnaetts avenne ?i,d 13th hi rift. That desirable 1'BOI'ERTV, formerly occnpie.1 by Mr. Mullet, c-.ruer Gay and Green atr eta, Oeorgetown. Several HOUSES in the new row (being finished) oii;2d atreet. near Pennsylvania avenue. Five new BRICKS, U etreet,between 2uth and 21st ?lre?a k K. WILStiN, iii22-6t &11 7th street, opp aiiti* post Office. ^OB SALE?A 6-ro.?, KUAMK HOUSC, well k located, on easv tenns. Small evih pat ni.-nt. liiiinire of RICH ARD 8. SMITH. 4 3'J Stk atr -et northwest. niji-6t* |,'OR SALE-Three flue SQUARES, oneoffs.ia). k one of H3,<Ui. and one of I.^ujiwi f. et. Ch.-aii and (asy terms. Call between 9 and 10 a.m. GKO. B COBl'RN. UOA 9th atreet northw<-at. m21 6t (/OB RKNT ?At No. 4 00 1st street aouthea*t.4 k detirahle ROOMS, fumiahed complete for hoaae kw-ping, water In the kitchen; coal and wood room adjoining kitchen; watervloaet and bath-room: closet* and gas in every room. tnll $t* l/OR SALE?Oti Capitol Hill, a genteel 3-atory I ami basement BR1( K HOUSE,containing nine renins,besides bath at.d store rooms It haa gas, cold and hot water, and water-cloaeta; heated by La ? robe and Empire heating range. It ia u-arlv new , in He.rough order, in a very healthy and agreeable neighborhood, and will be aold very low on easy terms. Apply to the owner on the premises, kOT A street southeast. mil4k FPOH SALE-SMALL FARM-A place four miles northeast from this city, containing a acr-a, about one-fonrth in heavy timber. The improve ment* Consist of a Double Frame House, in older, with all the necessary outbuildings,including ati ice-house, fnll of ice. Plenty of gesxf pnre water, and several hundred fruit trees of the best varieties. Will be sold on easy terms, and city property taken in part exchange. Price and terms made known on application to RICH ARD B. MoHl'N x CO., n9)M 1012 Peiinsv Ivania avenue. L'OK RENT?FUKNISHKD ROOMS: a back k Parlor furnished as a B'-dmoni. and two pleas ant rooms, back and front, ou second story, in an eligibly-located Dwelling on I street, near 9th; will be rented on reasonable terms to g-ntb-meu only. A<ldresn " A. J.," National Republicaneffice. n?19-tf (Rep) F'tiR SALE. CHEAP?A line press-brick front HOUSE, with stone trimmings, containing 10 [roims and bath-room, hot and c^id water, cooEiug ranges, Latrobes, gas and gas fixtures, marble man tels, etc., gitnab-d on 11th, between O an l P streets n< rthwest. Price, f?JSlW. Aptly to RICHARD KoTHWELL. No. 'i4 9th street nonhea t. The house may be seen by calling at the Grocery store | corner of 0 and ISth streets northwest. mlt-lni* l/OR RENT-Ou the 1st of April, HOUSE No. 1 613 Louisiana avenne, opposite the Seaton House. In perfect ordi'r; with all modern improve ment*. R.-nt %M per niuuth iu advaucv. Apply on |the pien.ises. ml3->w I/OR RENT?Desirable OFFICE ROOMS, also I Desk Room in building No. 314 9th street. Ap ply to A. G HALEY, Board of Trade Rooms. m7-lm L^OR RENT?Two floor* nice ROOMS over Mil I burn's new drug store; No. 14UU Pennsylvania avenue. mlS-ltn l/OR SALE?At a bargain? A comfortable sev??u r room HOUSE, pressed brick front, with modem convenience*, large lot, Ac. Apply ou the premises, 15J09 10th street. above M. niLS-lm l/OR REHT-A FOUR ROOM BRICK HOUSE, r one half square from the 14?h street cars; rent, 9 It per mouth; inquire t?U4 La. ave., from 9 a.m. jo3 p.m. ml4-lm ?/OR RENT?Large and airy ROOMS, furnished r or unfurnished, suitable for housekeeping or otherwise, newly fitted, at JIL14 Pennsylvania ava uue Also, a ine STABLE for rent. f27-lm F?a?l RENT?ROOMS, with board, at 1016 M achnsetts avenue,corner 11th street. niU-liu FfOB SALE?Those four pressed Brick front HOUSES on north side of Pennsylvania avenne, betweeu 24th and 18th streets, northwest, being three stories and attic, containing eight rooms each,and also vacant lot adjoining. Will be sold cheap, either separately or together, for the purpose of settling up an estate. Average price about ?S.60? each. The best investment now offered In this city. Free et ail taxes, and title India put at to. Apply to L. r. CLARK, Paperhangiug Store, mil- lni No. 1!I93 Pennsylvania avenne N. W. l/OR SALE?A two-story BBICK HOUSXT?o. k lOV I street northwest, containing four rooms; also passage, kitchen, cellar, bathroom with water closet, hot and cold water In chambers, heater la Klor, and cooking range in kits haa. Tna lot Is M front by MS feet deep, to aM foot pavad alley, with a brick stable and earring* house J. W. THOMPSON, corner of 17th street and New York nvenoe. COAL AND WOOD. 1AM UNLOADING A CARGO OF LAMBERT Deep RED ABB, AMD YBBT FBBB BURN ING COAL, which wiH be sold to dealers at a snail advance, WM. GCINAND, niK-Jt* 3d street wharf, sootk ? t oaL btAliii, > and Bet ail Dealers In Lumber, Wood mi of Fourth street eost. fll tf T We have several hundred tons of HITE ASH AND HER BY CLAY SHAM0KXI COAL. FUBBACB, MO AND BTOVB SIZES, at the foot of Bixtb street weak* which we wUl sell te the trade at wholesale prices. Ann to na In Wholesale Qoal, foot wjssstv SMITH * WI MB ATT, LUMBER. LUMBER, BABDWOODS A 8PEQ1ALTY. BILLS CUT TO 0BBXB. OokmiTimlHhi LOST AND FOUND. IOsT-Ob tel>) 1m*. on Mh urn*, but# i U J ami U >lrt?w. or iu C'. Patrick's Cllkii'h, a JKT* inc<U A li>wrtl will b* pawl for in rrtnrti to 7 14 lilh ??r-e? a. w mtt *i * | OSt-OiTSaturday ltd, SM iMit'ii, be?w>- n b?-?d of Rijjr- road an.I Oatrr Mtrkrt, a Bi'N 1'lpOf PA PEKS Tk>' naltr vill be rev? ard>-d. if b> l> avIng thra at corner of l<h at>.1 I< mg ?? A E. L KEE^E LOST?"u Sanda?, Slir< It 23. on M?m. hiwut ?' t I4tli ?trM to th? Bnawiar;, a Br >wn MINE FIRCOLLARKT. The (In 1. r will a amiable reward by lesvin* it at 44tt I ?tr>-f, lfliiw> 4th ami 5th ?irwt?. iii24-3t' A EEW ARD ?On th? 24 m P>-br<iiii, my OtMr rooms in Mm Eshl-man's Boarding U use. No. 3i4 Pennsylvania avenue, coru<r 4', atr? t. wm broken open, and the foil ?ing article- at<>l-ii. T* n t?, ri|[M rail U bile Blankets. two F atkrr R ?ls. two Fitlk'-r H 1st"**, timr Feather Pill ??< with Ca^ii, i or China Pt!rn?r. (<I4 4; une lar^e ' Pictorial Bible, gilded class- and finish, Black Siik Skirt. Black Alpaca 0*> rskirt and B*? it?-, IV-UIt... 1 Wrappr, Caik?u Wrapp-t; ai?o, I .t ,,f F-inale 1 t'iKierw. ar, one Q'lilt. T* emr -live d ?:Ura mill I given for any information that lead* to th>- ree >* ? r? of tie- same, and on conviction of t!??? ihinw >3 additional Sainaleaof the ob "thing can he ??' u l?f cllnis on theunacrsigt ed WILLIAM uBAl , , ui4.#t" .i01 M;*i.ourt at - ?w. IOST ?On l li< l-l ot< K sir;- t, beta . -n 4 hull and 2?i streets i; i;b*wt. a 111 I!V RING, with two prarls. A liberal reward ?til be pai 1 if t< tnnird fi< No. AO ? 3d street northwest. in7 1t>!?T-At thf Nation*! TlicaUr, January Sh, an ' ?>SYX EARKING.?Tli.-finder wtn be suitably r vkiiH t? leavir-s it at Star oft.*, j#-ll I OST-Oi i h? I* n. 4S and 1*1 and 7th and ? ' L ?trwt?, a pair of KYI UI.AJsKS.i. . ru1 g< |d frame. A liberal reward will p i if to 47-J C ** re?4 northwest. its FOR SALE. 1,-oR SALE-MI I.E. ? ART ?:iJ HARSE>> Aprl? t.. HAMIL II AS NAN. earner vt <? n ? mid k stre,-!- iimtliwint ii'jd^ji* AT 1'RIYATE t*ALE? A art ..t MJAW IS ; K sC ROOM Fl KSITl liE. uph M.-i. 1 ii. Blue Satin Iiama.k, M trie Ant u n st> I", consist I tin of 1 S fa. I Ami 2 Lad*'. and 4 W ind< w <hair?. 2 V.U ??>> . i <,i:t: l\ec<-ptim Chaim, I K'- ht and (? U i:,j ('fitter Tabl - <%a;iu 'iaiiia?W ti-f t ? io t. li.and 1 Piano St . i to niati'h; ala.?, oi* Fivmli Mo. ..-tu? I 'i pot, i-oiitainiui{ alK>ut 75 > ar>l?. The aU'Te have I.mi m uac !??<? t!i*n f.ut it) month*, and an* iu every re?pi^-t a? good a* new. Thi y will be *?'ld toftethei - j ?r4'-l> to a re*p i f ible part* on a 111" i al (r?<dit. if d'-?ne.l. Apply tj I.ATIMRk A CLEART. Aurti nia.14 ft VOTK ? TO COSTUACTOKS -Shuel*. Pick* II ai<d Contractors Toi4? of everv il -. : iption f..r Mile at B Htoti pricMi b> L. U t>( liNEIDEK. 1010 Pa. axe., a?;?-tit for 8. 11 Muus >u. Boctou. mil Iru* win nnn worth or ural rnvrr C?)??"iPW IN MKPEKENT SKt'TloNSOP 1 HE CITY, FOR t?ALK, ON REASONABLE ^ TERMS, TO CLEAR LP AN ESTATE. T lie uuderwl?med, a.?*ignee?. ..fl^r t r pal", at I >W price* and on reasonable tennr, the follow tug prop ' i/orsr on N'-w T rk aeeiitio. l"?tween 4th and Ctliktie t? tn.rtliwtM.U-iiif N > ill.ttiri ?torj and hanmi'iit prcKwrd l-rli k front, with l?r- ?-i s? ?m tiimicings contatuiug ti ruuius, l ath-room, gas and wat?r. Al?n, If(>USE No. 414 New York avenne, bHveen 4th ?i ilitli mi-eta liortliaeKl; two -t r? naawmeut a..d a" i u ; rotit ?>us 8 ro-?i-is and sunini-'t kitchen. No. 416 Nm Y<-rk avenue uorthwi%ta three story I! i k.Containing 6 rooms. K?.4il!)Ne? York av< nne nortliw?t; two ?t ry ti nine, brick basentent mid -11111111 r kit? li?-ti; 7 r <o:n? No. 44fr M strei-t nortbw?-?t. ti"twi*n 4? h an I 5'h; t'.iee story and basemeut; preased br<ck;coutaiuing y Iooms; all ui-idern convenieuoea. Almi, Oio'fine Building LOT, on 6;h stre<-t. l>< tween M ai'! N streets n< 1 thw?i. Ttiree fin>- Bmlditiz L4?TS. on New York av^nne, 1 rner <4 ti ti 1 a?>rthw nit. Two lit e RiiiIiIiik LOTS,on New York avenue, |i. i?. en 4llt and Mh stieeta ii- rihwest. For further particulars, apply to E R WHITE, EI'GENK ? ARl'SI, W M F. M \TTINOLT, In 10 304 AaalKneee .if Ja?. G. Naylor. ? > LiCIt 111 I1 uBIi L I . I * Appi) to DODGE A DARNEILLE, ;17-tf 14-47 F ?unet. MEDICAL, Ac. % I K.V A E CCTTEU. M. D., Mi. -ti. I'm. 1 ? I nan, Iroua Bo-ton, lia- r- iuoi i !? 41rf 4?lh -tri et, n here the w ill heal to ? sick, and ?n.' Mtt nk fur d< v< loptn.-nt daiiy.fiom 9 a. 111 to 7 p. in. Cut s l'.'llon-Willi.'lit the klille. niZS ?it* DR BINGHAM. Editor of ikt Amtr<an EUaro Mtdtcm Journal, ami I'roliSHf in tue Wectrifml Cvllttfi i>?ic York, will Uiatjnose die mo without a-kilig nuept i 'lis. i'ltraljxi-, Rti uniati-m. Cancers, B!'V>d PoiS"ii*, Catarrh, I>\H- p-ia, the E><- and Ear, Lung and Throat Affections, and Nervous Diseases arc his (-!? cialtiea. Private Rooms, No. 413 Utli etroet, near Petin ?yl* ania avenne. lifice hours?9 a. m. to2 p. 111., and 3 fo? p. m. Consultations free. mis aw* 61'RE CURE WITHOUT INTERNAL MED 1CINE.-A bottle of SATISFACTION will n.ake "everything lovely." Sold by all Di uggiaU for SI, and at DARBY S, corner 4>s strict and Penn sylvania avenue. f SB-lm* 44,' EAKNESS, Irrcauiarity, and Nerrona D*bill ty, snccesefully Belief imun-diate H nis if di-in-d. Ladies iuter^wted. ad lr<-ss Mr* A C. BOSH EE, W aslnngton. I>. C. fe?4 2m' \I ADAMS W ILSON, . iU A Httmlarh Klurtutd ? PHYSICIAN AND MIBVIFI, can be consulted ou all DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LADIES. Residence and C >(iscltati*u Rosms, frll 9ih street l et ween H and I. Rooms, B^ard, Medical attendance. Ac., at reasonable prices. Tapeworm reuiovd wltk heitd in two boon. Refer to patiaota aucceasfolly treated in Wfshingtop. coiB ia* .LEON, CONSVLTIXO PHYSICIAN, The oldest MtabMahad Specialist In the city. Mo. 1 14th street, above H. Hour*: 11 to 4 and 7 to t, daily. ?/-Specialty-Female Complaints and Outaaeow Disoaaea. jrT-tr F EMALE DISEASES treated, and con&nemeai cases taken. Describe case ana encloae ft. mi vice and medicine will he sent. Address Mrs. Dr THOMPSON, Mo. S4S Monk 13th street, PhHadal jasg-ly* [OMEY RETTRNED IF ' SUN HA It SLJXJB .... FAILS TO CURE CHILLS. Tr he bad of BRACE ft CISSEL.corw BridfS and Washitigton streets, Georgetown, aad of GEO ROE H I)B M PLANT ft SON. corner Mew York arsnue aad lfU street, where testimonials can be seen. myU-ly* PERSONAL. 4 YOl'NG LADY, A RESIDENT INJW ASII A ihgti>n frum childhood,-offers her services for mi ? ffice or store, in keeping ordinary accounts, writing letters or copying, or other bosim-eaof a similar natnre. Refers to Hon. John Hitz, Presi (iriit Gi-niian American Saving* Bank; Mr.and Mrs. II. C. Spencer, Boainess College, aud others. Ad ari-ss A. M. C.. Bueni'-ss Colb-g?-. tn??-6t i\? RS. B. J. FRENCH, Iks Oictraisd HtluUU i'l Clairvoyant an t TtU Medium, can be seen at 7-4A 11th street nortUwest, also,gives deliniations of c!iai acter by photograph band writing or lock of hair. jl7-3m I V HO Is I, iTHK O.VLY NICHOLS.) W HO IS HE? He refers to the inhabitants of South Washington. Alter he lias done bualni-ia on 7m street for one vi-ar. he will rsfrr to the inhabitants a the District ?-fColumbia, JOHN WESLEY ND HtlLS,d^at^r in Hosiery, Fanc> G?-ods, Jewelry, Stati >nery. No lions, Ac., Ac., Ac., at 1SOW 7th street, between K and L streets northwest. nitl DB WORMLEYS PECTORAL SYBXJT, ?OB COUGHS AMD COLDS. SOLD B T ALL OR VUU1ST&. ?ws-iy I^IMEI LIME I LIME I Best wood-bnrut LIME at (1 per barrel,delivered in til parts of the city. ,ua..v. ? XHOMAS FAHJEY, lflth street, ml4 lm* near La. avenue, northwest. - m.. has the aleasnre to announce tnat be hss rec?ivedr* Ealt Hata forale, oa rissnashts tsri |,M)B BALLS AMD fABTIMir MID OLOTU, ?I TO SI ?** PER PAIR. WALL, BOBIISOI ft 00^ t. gg Ll?? .LACK LYOXS BLACK SILkV We r> ?ii?ifullt- invite the itt< utiot of purcbaaera to our stuck of GENllKQ LYONS BLACK SILK:*. The ijualitie* we offer at $ 1 5J, g! 75. ?2, gl 15. ? and ? 2 .75, We IV believe |u 1m- auporior to any in this market at aani< price*. ?/??? will e* TO MOBBOW, (T.'-Map March a liaiidi-.-nr atwk ?! MMMKI1 MLKS himI other new SPRING l?RESf> al*o, a full iin- ot Mul UNINC UOUllS. all at VERY LoW FBIl' * tin h we in* ?e an iBap-ction. *y One price only, in plaiu figure*. JOSEPH t. MAY. n??3t PENNSYLVANIA AVKM'I. LOVELY POLKA Dot GOODS, fi. m 12*. cuuta uj., to FOCLARD8II ktiat *l>. at vii'jvuT: \u a co"8, ?nirtl tni 1 H(IA F *tre>4. |y i? Sl'KI.Nti DK1 GOODk. Beautiful DRESS GOODS in the new Mignooat ? ftLa4ea. ?^<"ir great specialties?BLACK BILKS and BLACK ALPACAS?at le?. than t iculnr pinna. H. v-?iwpiii( DRY GOODS for boukut proata fmuilie*. ONE PRICE : JUST DEALING TO ALL. BOG AN * ? V LIB, 101? and 10M 7th Kraal ujrUwML AlM.utfiiff for DEMORESTYi NEW SPUING PATTERNS, jurt reci ived. Uilo-tf t" LEGANT BLACK SILK, from *1 lu up vela Ta full line ot all kind* uf SPRING aud SC MMSR GOODS juat received at BRODUEAD A CO*. BUfl-lB ?*?* Falroat. BUSING CHAXCfev MrorfTvr to i 'v: ' w n t or ll A I K W a ~\\ e ataid call ? att % rt f,. p i?ih'tw?Mw?.M '????? ?;? f m ij p?k, ? l^kH taken ?*' ? 1>> -le ? ? th.? t I ?? '.i. Capit. ! II ? f% , I? :wf* h ?e-'d at ? w pi .c-e ai.l .?i?e faa?r*kk> V THB TWO BToBf AND BASEMENT BBI<?K FiEfOPOCK. N >. SI4 U *' - <a?t.oo ... Iii(<4r?( r auiinf-r a: i? r ai.pi ? v il k '. !?? ?> l^o ni ii' ??> paH w t Willi w~t?. dom i>a thrw muni* r. in an-l : aina r -^a n tlrat l?*. I lire, cliaa>l<-T- and h?ll *?.( l-alh r?e?Bi aixl water ci ???"? ? a ? c 4-4. I, t r-?>??7?. Tk* able It W till .1 ?*h ci icefrailtr,? air fl?? tMf? A ? %.?! k W P. TTTF TWO >TniiV * N I' AT*TI< KBU b BKBI DIKCE 1>. *1?. I*? ? ? et ? -atii-aa a, !, ! . ? |.?ui4.i x. r.^iamii'* f f-m?. ??* Ok i>ll?r I ?*, furnace. ami tael r??i a?4 mt ?t*- r>~ ?: ?r* P ?, <>TP a ?'b r?Jlfe< . afxi kit' ken *llli I ?1?; - . i. CowekMaker* with fl?ali.?a4 Laak i >-?i. attic 4. -r, < n- <~kaai>er a ?? t r in. ? I n <t?rn .-tr ->tf. I. Pr? THF N**T TUo ?T?'KY rilAXl OOTT\GF, N< . 4(U E ?i i|-i i>l ??t?*-*, ? Mian' ? kail f. Ii 1B>- r m ait.1 Vnrheii. >u rr?' * >r, ' ?* *i un ?-ra an-' kaih r>- n. *lt\. ?atee< '?? i 1 n ?? '-l ? ??: *-1 a<?lah. ai?1 pt-'Maai ? ant tr r.oil * I * ??? t ar4 tn rear. ?nk . a?? r> ? >? . 1. ?< ak e.f tZ fee* f inrlie* t>> ISO t?e?. S -. i rar? |a?tk i ?*ut rtr?*l n pjirkii a'i< liw ?? il. t ywtamrt <i?n?M r. IHK t. Ear p,-. Piue. juu . r ?1ih fut uiare ai tl < arjv '? f 4 3* A Ki?l K STOKV BBICK BISIDBN''* I* \a v in (Mat, K . BIB. l?-"w??n B a<?l C atrana ii rih, at .1 ver> n ar 'be ? *p cl. eoa'alni r ?'.ir ren larfe rama, toclaili tim f* i r4ia ii| r< m* "ii Am .?r, h II' ih-?p nl? ??. t" < r-ar,f*.'ii'ir* <? a V f- ?! - i \, n ? ? i.t~l I x ( um |m r >-ar eath Lk ? le?'' ?> >*' Pi i . i.lf k 1> A THI.r*: ST<ikV ?K1 : I.I -II>TSi< K >? tk? v.-h ?i?te .f D' iav-t ?v. ? u ?.l.->r. ? B an4 0 *tie<"t^ ti. rtb, c tuaii.lKf *t r Tii..a ?.- r ? f. ?l f -iilHlati. i-. * f i -.ley. L.'i k<\tli-re W irt- fl?'?? !> a .1 f. uit tr - m tfi<- m<5 lot. lu>.4 d<e.ial>W prop? rt|. r-'X. K al E?a:< B" ? . tAO"' P a- . F: ? I' >?> ? B* k ??>?.! *. <K5 .^Jt ,Hja-iT. Tr.?.iri ll Siooon iB<?m< <f ?r? r'hraeyeaca. K At'BT * UKO . B<al E*tat> a lei lumia??-' I" _'k'-ra, * I4*t F ?-r-?et. RAK*. IH>IM>M H ? N( r -The .1. .1 ..r part I . ?4 a *er> pr-'lttat.'-N . liulart'it tn|t Hii?m<""? i? lb - I?ia)iict FtlK BALE I- *.*eH ??atahliab' ?< ao.1 ol l? lii?i t- 4 l<> the ait> unl < ' . ?ital in >i?e T .*? b?< Ii,(r ? I Aff rea?l? amiw t" lm??t 1" tk>' (re?la4 rroht. tliia oler* rare tu?io> -i i-m?. an.l an< b onlf k -d m>Iii it an iliter* i w Aili.^a PB. car* B< * S. Waahlnetor-. 1?.ih.i < " ? IWWl Alii) li I 0?t? T . I W ON i lTT ><? P- ") tor ? ? i t. t. ? ? v * ' K VU??*. rSA kit 7ih *tre^,opp P ?t Ottea. F^tiR f ALR.CUEAP? A aiaailk I UkiM K lili:y.i| .fti( a n ">d ki'i: i -ap r. hi B*a ? .n? f. r e> l.ii.*. I. t.iiixlli. A 1 Ire-, J< Ol N F ?O0P N.?ri??fth?treet 'orth* ?t *? HARE ril AMR to putxba*<- a <1 ^T<>K^. ai?t IO* El.LINO cheap, r.-ar e-w in ? k -t, 7tl> ?'r?t,N?. Mill. Price, |iM tertn? ??a* II N A PKVR^OB, mjn tf Y M < . A.'ine.? 'l< ?< I I' ?t?. JI AM BoYLK. In&aK UUML 1TAX BUYER k ? ??,. NKtL ESTATE AM' S'tTh HKOKKK*. h" ktlk IMli > M'l, Opptai'.e I ? T mtirf FOR 5ALE-A btri.l- ? .? H?T>E u I ?ir -t. No. WIS A ri-a la . <1 nHr IIOI Sl..r T' r INt ai..l II. UOCSE No. I u I ii M?w iiwt.a a?-iMM. HOCSE N itith 21 ?t|.-t aat, I .r ?.-?! ri'Ut, (? riiieli'il or nnfiirn i?l 4. A ? OT T A I. K ? \* il.arl a r. a; price ?mall H tr '?a t-tft"' to (S.I**1. ?maM ca?h pi' m?iil? Tnr.?- LOTS north niile and one n aonth -i.1 ? -t Kli ?|e l-l? 4 aw-nn. . |.elween Hth and lfttli W? have a irral *<rjline FAKM>, ii-ip- \ni an.l ktiiaipra*e4. on 4'ffert-Bt railr~i?4? rnniiincfr<ar the < ttj . fat -ale at l< ? tin- or e\. liantk*' t.-r ? lt* pr .p -rti . kaunat t f tiKUCNI i u- p rii ? i.? .if ?ha ? > l ? r nale at lt>a ti k n re*. ? >n <???> i<ini?, <>r will-*' k>nf? for pc.*luctl*? inipro*e4 pr. p?-rty mk< la I^OBSALK KEAR '\r.k>lilSGToS. n <? , TWO SCPEU10B rUCIT FARMS, The C.^lar Grove Vinej-ar.l?; i tcell. ut fruit tree# and vinea tn beariu(- fiu? tiial^r land* a I ; tiuarrica. ALSO. Bt lLI ISG LoTh IN THE t ITY. 1 S.|n?re No. 17, L<?i N ? t ?- u-ire Mtuib ?.| N-. 17, L -laud 2. S-.uare Mo. 2?. L t N 5J. " " 30 " J. " " Jt ? ?.7ai:41l M ?4 70 4. U. " " 71 "4 ? ? 76" ? 1- aud a. m m en . F r particiiinra apply b> letter in peraoat* WM. AM.NH. Cviat Gr.<\e \ m<)ar?l, katf *.?? rje t"wa, Ii. C. inW-tai I E DBOICT PARK -Out Sice ? ii b umtm I j E\ELY EVI.N 1NG t< *cept ^,lil4.?> > aiitil fin lli' r ii tice, to a< coin in- <lat< I i;kiii-?- in i au 1 oth er- iitakinc t&juiries at>u' L- f>r.4c Pai k. A L UAltCER A CO., n 17 Iw All 7tb <4, opp.M>it<- p.>*t Orti.-o. I/OK BALE?Ow^ KH A RK iu V AN l*E Kill LT S r LOCAL EXPRESS.<*,ai tfce u .| Oi pur rliwr, W ?k ii? and I>rauslit Ilorw. aol-1 ?. pa rateljr. R-anon for aeilniK. g -mg a<wt. Applr t<t J II. Gl ILL, Yirginia Exprea* office,Beat Ralti iwore In put. nili tw* ARABE C1IAk'l'E.?Uaiing in ?t auk ik> *a>t accident o( Ureal oar ?t ore.. 91 <> ant *l**<tk itred.we are c<i?jpelle4 t.-r the want of h-lf ar,.l lew onittide attendance to olf-r our STiX'k.FIX Tl RES aud LEASE of Store l*tfO 7ib *lr~t north *?1, betaeen M and O, f>r eal- cheap for ra?h,or nae. liable t-rm* OoTTHELF, llEUIiKNIi A CO., ^16 and t"10 7th atre-t. nil i Jw H The larRa POCB 8T0RY HOCSE. with thrOT -torjr eitfuaion, VIA B atreet, n-ar > new, twenty r<M?ia; furnace, nw and water, with lar^eyardaM rlaide in rear. The whole pp p-rty baa bet-n i --ntlf rut in c. mplete reBatr, and i* * er> c .av-ni-ut f *r a lar?e. giiileel faaiily, or f..r a |.>ardn.c li.a*-. Will I - ?..ld low. Inquire at Freeduiau a Bank, pp ?ita T Pennat I* ania a?el.iie. (?? M FVoR SALE OR EXCUANGE-A tract ol BRICK I CLAY LAND. 113S acr<*.l ?ituated ou the Ales andnaCanal,Ya..rl<*et"th. I'.k . n.d - in? 11 r la > > aida. Addrea* F. A. YOl SO, ?43 Utb Wreet. cor | per D,k'Utheaat. W4Nb F^'PfALEOB EXCHANGE FOB CITY PKOP EBTT.a ta?-M<>r> HOI SE with brick baa? uk iiI, and al? . a corner LOT anl a FARM of 4B acna near the city. Apply toj U PAINS Satore, f,,r*r Uigb and Stoddard street. Ge rga febg iBi ?1^'000b W^iLLand FlT ""d R?*k? Store, Mo. YOT Market Space, bet. 7tb arid Hi rnreeta, n>arth weat. |jykl-4?| R. LENEBEBG A OO. DRY GOODS. COITRAOTOB

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