Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1873 Page 1
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VSJi. 41-N2. 6.246. 1 WO CEM'S. f 77?K EVENING STAR fiftlM** ??WT? *?"*?? TBS STAR BVtLDlXG?, It?'* ifniif, ear. 11th It, m imni stii nviriFR ciwlit, IF/MJ.YIV, ? ? t?B BTENINQ STAB to aerrM by fnbcrit?r? at Tim Cbmts ru wiu.or Poett form Cisw Ml Monu. CoptM at tM conn tar i two Cut* ??cb. By naU-tbrw mbUi, BiJO, , la contha, #3?; ona yanr. fl. j. TBI WEEKLY fTAB-Publl?ha<1 FrMny-#l.?i imr B^I:vrniiably In advance, tn botbenrtM, nod i ItVrr r?t longer than paid for: VIM of ?fTwtUitf fnrnlsbed om application. ^?????? ? BALLS, Ac. J>0*TCO.NF.Mfc>T ! ks accocmt or Tne inclemency or THE W BATHER, THE TS10N BAIX OF THE REPUBLICAN STATE ASSOCIATIONS Id POSTPONED CNTIL T1LSDAY EVEM\6, APRIL 1. a M A M ft Uf. Chairman "fC "nmii'if. ^|RI5II)I I1ARITV BALL. THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL tor tb' B-n?-r r n% THE < Hn.I'RESS HOSPITAL ? iil t* (icii. ni Irr th<* .?( the PifKton ?f IM iu-li'Mti. ii. in MASONIC TKM TL", ?n the *v?uirit of Tl 1>PA T. thi- U'k of April int. T1< a>lBii:t k' a ?? ntl ami Udy,$oOO **? h. n ".7 tf |fTn ?? R p. t M??"?o?r.l LADIES' GOODS. MM IMPORTANT. HOI Am tber hirpe lot thr-* mi? JACONET AND NANSOOK HAMBt'K*; IMiUM AND FLOCMCINU9 ? ecetred Hiip ?J?y at ?iTir, ?*OI MARKET fPACE, "" Cnr*?r?!h?tr?^ ^TAMPING DEPOT, *17 BgvBSTH 9te?et, Mil Of P' Patent OtBca. XiCOKMIU. Ao S#J Pemm'fUaM-a Aremntimm Stmrrf, la Id r- . +ipt at a fiita ai-e.?rtm--.: of IMPORTED GOODS, tr-'B Wi-w in-), of M-w Tork. Rxo-ptlna Bosnia formerly at 713 Utbat.J Snehirjrf"n. dCTES NOCVFMTES. PARM CONFECTIONS ET ROB'S DB BAL. ROBES ET LINGERIE. FLOWERS. FEATHEB!". LACIS. Ac. Tti? Ladr-a "1 Waabrncton and vicinity are re apanfnl!) mvit.-d to call and ?xaiuiue g>od? t?-f >r? pwr ha^ir.< ?I?- Tr?*^rw. fl3 ly welling urrT 5^ .?riu*r, or?! AT COST, TO Dlt-SOLVE F \ Kr.S K K.-U 11\ th<-1ntiit* *tock or THE New yoke B\ZAR, 441 J-<iii!i?Ir.?t,Bc?r?. irmT-tr NO HfMBlO ? l,K.1iBCH(> * CO., Belliii* ont entire 4tock of MILLINERY AND FAN'"Y GOODS. at ao-I below coal. 707 M ?rkft 8(mvp. ja>.m 4m Mckh 7th ai?l ? b ?tr>?U north ??-<*. IPOBTER or HUMAN li j I li. GKAND BARGAINS AT MADA.MK C?TEKJI'?, ?IS 13iM ttrttt, icnii door from tr strut. HKwUt tb? name and Diuubcr. CtKWf Oi rla, Itchea. Chiciiooa, Biatun, Puff*. Frlrnett*#, of !h? tm *)!>-* c*U a*>,i mm (. or new atocA bafore p ir ng >lw* bvra. dac^J tr ?a| ADlE-i " Li FBENCH starch enamel Mike b?at article in thr w..rUl r. r <kau* ui Liaeu .f '? taipann a bMuuifni floaa to th?tabr.?. For aaia by all Gr <c*rn. BCBBHAM A CO., Hannfactnrar*. . 1^9 Wm Lombard utrw t, >a?>V? lr Bxltimorg. MaryUrid. BANKERS. Jt. BKuUHLAU, b It O K E R , Ho. 5?J9 P. |<> a avr., R.>o? 3 Washington, D C. Spf'ial Att(-iMi<4i giteo to iiiT?>?imcnt ??*iiriti?"?. luvitea attcbtlou i'> necuritiraiiom ufft-ied at pi a* ?kWkaill (t> b?U Ii prr ?*ul. iu aiu >u<ita auli'f length ? f titiK u> ,u?t in\ t?t >t?. Stfe-. reliahir, pr?nt ?M? r aw, c.abnm tU?iu iu avery r<Mp.ct rlBSTlLAbfe BBGCRITIBA. _a-kr? by (>? iu.i? u.u to L?wu J hux>n A Co., Jl aaLirgi- r.. D C.; M *<*? Kelly, E*j., CaaLtar Bat hid, I M'tn<a<-|iraii Bank. * a^lnugton, B.C.; Hun. J. M broihrni, C?ntrull?r, Waibhig taa. D C.; Edward UUrk. E*i., Archit.-et C.b C ?*? ital, Wafhingt ?, D. C. marI7-3nt 1%HB BAfkOBAL BANE l)t TBI BBPCBLIO B iC .in, rot 7th and D uti i?aa.> OPBB BBOH IB A.M. TO I P. M. Jy CHAS BBADLBi, Caahlar. N AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK, Ho. at a Skvkjth Sibkct, (Mwii.1 uu Pa.'t (&c* Dtpartmmi. ??k kewc t a. ? u> 4 p. Sniirdayi or?n an tai>.?.,MtiaiiT? dapoaita only. Ilariwt paid oa d?pi->ua. ColhtcUooa ?ak and /liLif 1*''. C if PBEBl'lIs.oJrh'r wHj __ i. ?? lur xi, *??. ? boot, Latf 0>'l*r Interuai Bev., Bnffia! . b T BaBKINU MOC8E OP ?at ten a root, 14lb pennsylvania AYEMCB, (Opp.-?)U WillarU'? H"f??lJ WASHINGTON. D C. IU par cant, lutereat a^luwrd on btuiaaaaacc^uuta Bight par cent b>:?r-at all^ajd on dapoalt of . na momh or mora CoIl?rtlona irado aTanrw^ara. a :M jui'~*txesiN2i,av."'' 4,"> mmmkng Howr. K*. IMt iHmw) Itiaia m*?i>??? PATS 81 i*PEV (JEN TMEBE?T, hu*r,tt B'tm* tkt First u En ? flontk. PAYb rolB PER CENT, on kuau?aa acc >aata froin ' 11* ?? of Jcp?it. Urma* brmriug 4 and 4 p?r c-nt. intvreat. nrPliable any wbare. HA* BBANCB OrriCES in aH large town ind citlva of the i?atk ?ud S- -uthwrnt. * toll?M|.la.M.i*4y. m. Opao Wadnraday and Battirrlay ntghu tV.mi CS ro f ?Unck, lun?it>i|rp?|tiu*ly. Call at tba B*. .? or mm! for a copy of tb? Chartar and By-lawa. jli 1/ J A* iUUlB k V'O. BANXSB8, BAY AMD HELL FOREIGN exchange and MtB CIRCULAR letters OF CREDIT for Tm?aWr?. tr a ?'<?.?,in amy pari of ik, world. Oar Di afr* oa J A V COOKE. McCtTLLOCB A CO,, LoNIK>N, art Cwl.rt! In any part of E\?LaMD, llUtlt and Bcort.A!?p. *ret V fwn. ma. id WBBHIM6TUM CITY IAVIMM BA.YE. I'vrntr Itk street m4 Ltaoiau iNM, PAYB ? ?> CEBT interest 0B deposit. SMl nnunf i ? from data of dapoaita. ?ita can b? atadp and drawn at will. tf J. A. RUFF. Trrannr-r. r|'BE BAPIDITT AMD BASE YFITH WHICH nra r?Mofad and tba l?at raitarad, IT iHim, tr^m BwaiuM, Bh4 Baita, mc , at db. whites Estab Uahaient. did 1Mb dmt, oppoatte tba Trtaaury. b ?am Mrprtaing to prrvona anacciMt^nW to bis Matfcod of operating,which M aitirHr dilrm.i fr..m ? ? - - - .?> wiia ??? in* baat fltting afcoea, and {kdaatriooa partona think tbara Is ySX*. ' poWBBFCLOPBBABLABO.. OOMBIB ATIOB BPBCTACLBB ' ?????*? tba growth, kaa# tba acaJp in li'-WrlSil failing A OJlMBLI-s SPECIAL NOTICES. ?* t,!fi ?baVdZ^btamK*'??1*,,ck Lea * in JOHN DUNCAN* OCtU-ixlr Ag' m? fot tlx* Catted 8ft**. Tkr frftril ?*?i baa thar .ncblj ?eeted the virtues of *ca. Jonfe Cough Mixture?thoaeande ol bottles having bean wed with certain *ticcew. It* trial has been nwt tbor. ugh. A mere cold or ?ongh or the m'*t ag zra vaW caace it hw cared with t <inal succees. It is But ..bjw-rtoaaHe t< the tta.te, and caa therefore bo readiiv w?-d f ?r children and persons who object to a*' ?-a?in* mixtures, particularly as ita doeee ar^ small and every dose contain* the germ of an ulti mate cure. It* value in advanced caaes or th-a veroogeu comumpnou most aotbe unoerestimit'd. Many ??cb it baa entirely cured, even caa*a of a kn ?* l-dg?d consumption. While it does not cur*, it greatly relieve#, and a Ia> ge nnraVr of these unfor tniikiM now u?e it f.?r the ftirat relief it afford* tb>-n?. For a ?Old. Congh. Influenza, Bronchitis, Hoar* rmii, ?r an* alfe?:tlou of the throat or lung* you can aa?-m thinsr more reliable. ? , p? rs-larg" sixe. *1: *malt Sifts. For sale only by ABTlll'B NaTTANS, Dru?ut, ml2-tr C'-rtar 3d and D atreeta northwest. Batrheler's Hair DyH. the^berf in the only trne and perfect It?;i_PrJL\,njLll Si.n lint.-, no disappointment, MW'.reHaM*. tanr. us black or br?wn; at all druggiats ,??dI to Boed street, New Turk. fS-eoly A CMi UWfKM VI VAJW Viiuaaj X a w l ? ?boli* trmin of diforderi brought on by DAaefal ftua ?Wo? habtta. Oreat aambera ha*a beea eared by :aia n .Me remedy. Prompted by a deaira to benefit the afflicted aad unfortaaat*, I will tend the recipe for preparing and uakig thla medicine, ill a seated antelope, to any one who needs it, Prttaf C\mrti. Addreac, JOB*PHT IiTMAN, Station.D, Bible Home, martt ly Hew fork 0U>. AMUSEMENTS. H T All.* KEW ?riiKA HOUSE. " JOHN T. FOBD..~ Proprietor and Manager. GRAND EN?LI*?H OPERA. Till USD AY , March ill, BaMeV Popular Opera, BOHRNIAN GIRL. With the following favorite Artiet*: Miss Rose H>-ree??. Mr. Eurene riarb. Mr. Ga*tavwa Mall, Mr. Edward ivitnin. Mr. Walter Birch, Misd M jui a Xrwaian. Fnl! Chorus and Ortfcfrtri, S BEHKINS ? Mu*i< ?l director. FRIDAY, B< 'j?fit of Mrs. / KL,I?.V SKGl IN, IL THOVATOBE. SATURDAY, ai 3, GRAN1* GALA MATINEE, MARTHA Saturday Rvenirc. Farewell P.-rfonnance, M CIA PI LAMMJKMOOB 9eats cai> l? iwcuml at the Hew Opera a .d Blli* Music Store. miC ALL iTsEH OPERA HOilK. JuliN T FORD.?..Proprietor and M:?na?<-r. MAX MABKTZBB. .Director. GUANO ITALIAN OPERA. Pt'flXI V t L \ TWO BIGHTS ONLY AMD RAT I BDAY MATINEE. Fii't ?p'.'i araip e i'f Karope'- Kr.'-iteat lyrit tragg dienr.e, PA I LINK IX CCA. Dull arpea'an.-eof Anfrica'K ifr?-a e?t primad'>nn?, iLAKA LOVlfB KELLOGO. Fnil and< .'Bipieteor? heatra?nd ? horn*. Tbe'-ntire (on.paio fr<m -lie A<*a>l.]uv of M'i"ic, Spw York. 1 III RM?AY. April 3?Ll'CGA?PA CtIT > Kll> \ Y. Apiil 4-KBLLOGG-TROVATORE. SAilKDAY. GB*NI> MATINEE ? Ll*CCA ? FAVURITA. Special Voytrp.?Itnbai ripiioii fortlK1 twonigliH B<v rve?l S-at? in Ort heatra, .?<. The sale of bub <erip?ii<n Ti-'VetJ will becla on Monday, March 31, ,i! Ell.* Mnsir fti r .? ? a m. INvnlar prlcea of adnil??ion: Admi*?ion. RJ ?*r?"d ?? at?. *1 and %3 extra. Sale for Single Night* a ill begin an Tneaday. nig-tf MOyST vS^'l^flVfc^flYtiBABY, AND > DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION, A fl'KPLI^F.JTAtt TimilOXtAI. TO CO. IV. WASHINGTON* LIGHT INFANTRY. IX THK BALL OF ?HBiB ARMOKY,7th -t.,n a. L. o* FRIDAY EVENING, -i-tli instant Tickets for ?ale at KnU'Mu*iii Store and at the doar. P S.?The Piano iistfd for thia occasion U a Chi-'lt cru g Grand from ElUa*. If j^iBINSTEIM FAREWELL CONrERT. LIN< 0L? HALL, SATLBDAY ET1*IK0. MARCH 49, AT 8 o'clock. MB BrBENSTKIN wUI,om this occaaton, play IS | iecee. LAST AND FABBWELL APPBARANCE, ia a new and moat attractive programme, ?>f ANTON RPBINRTEIN.*hegr?ateatliving Pianist; HENKY M 1S51AWSBI, tha w?rM renowned Vio li*irt: Mile.* ce|el>r*ted London ?o?rano. M0N9.L. BEMB1ELINSBI. Acouipaulat. Beet-rred Seat*, $1. Sale of aeat* c.-mmenee^ W-d neaday, Mareb >>. at M**erott k Co.'a MnaK' St re. Steniway^ Plan-' hm-4 at RiibenateinCTaeert. milgt WASHINGTON THEATER (ONUQUE tBle\eutb atreet, toutb Pennajrlraaia aeenne.) i AAj the rear of Harvey's Boataai:uit.' AN fNEQlALFDCOMBINATION OF TALENT. GREAT AGGREGATION UF STABS. Eiigagemeut' f tfi>* grvat versatile arrbi*, EAGAN AND EDWARDS. _ II W. B;i?an. 3 S. Edaards?Paoaatl >n 1C-"! 'rs, E bi. pian Perl, ui?er?, Ch.uige Artist*. C ?ni" Vo cal.-t?, rnrb?i|tie Orators, liMtrutueiitalist-. Iri-h. D<i*cb, Yankee and N-gro Dialeeticiau.?sue mat vtr?atile g rfonn- rsoa the stage.. Great .u<ceaat>f the uuly :?ini original Mr. FRkD LBYAKT1NE,Iu Uiabeantiful hmMkI. ^ C ?ntiiii:>U4 ?^ of the charintug POLL* DA LY. lite a< k:iowl< dg* .1 Quern of Vucaliata. M i.-. ALEXANDER BLANDOWSKI'S Hew Ral '1 Tr Tipe. intl) ar.snieti>e?l ?ith tea new fa. ea. Si\teen h:'nd* ui'- latliea in two graud original l>al le!?. I.'i Pol..nai?*, and the aeusational ballet d'ac tiot. H' t g K?ng. THE KIBALFY SISTERS, Kmeliue and Katie. I>i<k Ptrker, Otto BnilWTik, Pat Rooaey. James Kiula?. K Jt .hi Buckley. Hattie Ha*tiiiga, Ad,lie GrrTiani. Lanra Harti?ot?. Emma Harriaon, N-llle Audrew*, and < ur Great Novelty Company, Sup rb Ballet Tronpe in the l^st Mil of th?*eaaon Matinee* WEDNESDAY and SATCBDAT. TK1DAY, Maioh IS, Farawell Benefit of PAT ROONET. ?3? tf_ miA"< ??JB'iBS!" TT" **"' . MlMtlTKM, 81 P,eaa*> remember Mama aad Busbar. Jel-U* LL KINDS OF CAST-OFF WKABING AP PAKLLcaa be soid to the very beat advautage tj idiiftfciinc^r fillfiig on JT8TH, ?19 D atraet. between ?thaa4 7th a w Hotea by mall promptly attended to. Cash paid. flS A ? kLO SOLD, SILVBB, BRASS, OOPPBB, Btc., U bonght at fair price* for a Haw York koaee Heaaehold Permit are boagbt aad sold. Hotoe hy Mil promptly attaeded to hp AUOBHSTH1M. 14S8 hiaylvania araaoa ?R-Iy? LECTURES. ~ THE TOBER LE<TTItRES ?The ?rst lecture of the course tiwtitated under the T??er Fund to encourage "The DiaC'?verr o* New Tratha" for ??The A.h tux-eme?t of M -dfeiae" will be delivered hr J J WOODWARD, M. D , at Marini'iHall, 914 E street aorthwew, on FBIDAY, March ? h. at 9 ?VI.*k?. ?. Snhjeet of the lec'are: "THE STBrCTCB* OF CANCBBOUS TUM0B8 and t" MANNER IN WHKH ADJACBBT PABT8 A B* INVADED." The a^diral profeeaion and all others intereelvd ia *?eatlfi/aralyrited to attend. JOSBPH HJHBT, mM-3t* President of Board of Trustees. | Bep. A f 'hronVj QUE CUSTOM DEPARTMENT. A FTLL STOCK. A FINB STOCK. 1 A CHOICE STOCK OF I OATINGS. TBOl SEBINGS AND TESTINGS I ) A PEBFKCT FIT. A FASHIONABLE OTT. Wfkmmm'krp Vmmrmmue*. BVAN EARLY IgSPBCTION IS BESP1CT Fl'LY 1NTITBD. , fL i ** |. I } y'1 HABLS BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILORS. jiX-tf Co?^Q 1t? axq DUratti*. Bbodhbad* CO. a. ^?jl KTMh. il air lmi+t nmrk^tmricm. clli aW exaaoiaa thejr stock. mad}*? EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. I*t*bwal Revenue?The receipts from thin ?owe were At THI White HarNt?Senators Morton, Bore man and Ramsey U^d interviews with tho President to-day. H<*. PowesLkPokk Trench. of the British l-eg<tion, was in New York yesterday on liis way to this city, aft. r a vi?it to h s na ire land. M imptkb Mori. of Japan, bai been visiting Boston prior to hi* departure for Europe in company wita C. W. Brooks, Japanese Consul at San Francisco. Tbb Cosmiemi Fcsd was further in creased to-day by a contribution of 9J3.25.tha being the amonnt of unpaid duties on pictures for magic lanterns iroi>orted from Europe. The President will hereafter, while Con gress is not in session, receive caller* on other than official business, only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 11a.m. to i p. in. Jrix;B, of the United States Supreme Conrt, sails for Europe on the 3d of May, and will be absent during the summer. Mrs. Miller, who is now in Europe, will return with the ;udge. The Supreme Court will adjourn about :he 1st of Mny. Sebator Sherman lett here last night for ?w York, and from there he will go to his home in Ohio, but will return here about the 1st of May. Hie family will remain in Washington rill then. He contemplates making some re pairs to his residence hereon K street during *.he summer. Secrbtart Belkk a i" leaves to-night on liis rour of Inspection of the military ]xuts of the department of Missouri, and therefore Secre tary Robeson will not assume the duties of Secretary of War until to-morrow. Gen. Wm. Myers accompanies Gen. Belknap, and at Chi cago they will be joined by Gen. Sheridan. . From Robert Beali and from Jos. Sliilllngton fcsve IVntlly and Frank // m*trat'd Artrrpefer for April .1th. The latter has a striking cartoon l>y Matt. Morgan, repre senting Governor !>i* interposing the sword of jnsiiie to protect the public from the Murder hjdra, of >ow York. Senators Allison Lewis, McCrocry, and Scott, leave for their homes to-da>; Senators Wright, Buckingham, I>avis, Dorsey, Dennis, Gilbert, and Wright left last night and this morning. Many oiher Senators were settling Up their business to-day about the Capitol and departments, and will leave for their homes tt moirow. KointATloM not Altko Upon Tin re were tut ten or twelve nominations not acted upon at the adjournment of the Seinto yester ?lay. most of which were for smaU offices. Tiie most t in i ?ort :*n t ones which went over were tli >?e ot Gen. It. B. Haves, to be assistant treasurer at Cincinnati, and Wm. L. Scruggs, ot Georgia, to be minister to Bogota. Xavaj. Orders.?Assistant Paymaster Frank H. Clark is oulered to duty as aslant to passed Assiaiant Paymaster F. C. Alley, at Key West, Florida. Ensign Gilbert Morton is detached from the recciring ship Hampshire, at Norfolk, aud ordered to tli/> receiving snip ^hio; at Boston: Lieut. Thomas Parry, tr.'io tlie Shenandoah, on tlie 15th of April, and I granted sis months' leave of absence, with p r rnissiou to remain In Knroj?e during his leave. i A ftertb k F.xb( t'Ti ve session of the Senate yesterday, the doors were reo|>encd and the committee appointed to wait upon the Presld nt report* d that they bad performed that duty, and the President had no further coioibuiik.i tion to muke. The chair announced the :(> pointiuent of Messrs. Mitchell and Davis is additional m? mbers of the select committee on transportation routes. Uu motion ot Mr. Stock ton, thanks were tendered to Vice Presld nt Wilton for his courtesy and ability as the pre siding officer ot the Senate, which then ad journed tih< (lit. A CorBT martial has been appointed by the Secretary of War to meet at Fort WUi(i|. o, Va., on the 27th instant, or as soon there.ifer a* practicable, for the trial of Wm. Gou!d thorpe, and Henry S. Berlin, signal service de tachment. and Mieh other prisoners as may he brought before it. IH'tail for the court?'st L'eutenant K. P. Strong and 1st Lieutenant II. g. C. Dun woody, 4th artillery; 1st Lieutenant forge S. Grimes, and 1st Lieutenant C. E. K ilbourne. Jrt artillery; 2d I.ieutcntant C. C. Walcott, 3d artillery, and 1st Lieutenant Robert Craig, 4th artillery?all acting signal officeis. Kbar Admiral John B. Montgomery, U. S.X., died at Carlisle, Pa., on the 25th iwi The deceased entered the navy June 4. 1<1J, and was a midshipman on the tlac-shlp Nia gara, at the battle of Lake Erie, in September, 1*11. He commanded the Washington mvy yard from January, 1364, until September of i the following year, and altogether saw twenty one years and nine months' sea service, and seventeen years and two mouths shore duty. I He had been on the veteran list about two re years at the time of bis death. The remains will be brought to this city for interment. Enolish Opera?" Martha" was snng in fair style at Wall's Opera House last night. In consequence of the continued indisposition of Mis* Boee Hersee, the role of "Martha" de volved upon Miss Howson, who ha* beou severely taxed this week, hut baa acquitted herself with great credit. She has not a very powerful voice, but it is pure and sweet, and SIves evidence of culture in the best schools. Irs. Segnin was as arch and piquant as ever iu hi r role of "Nancy." Mr. Bowler was fair as ??Lionel," and Mr. Hail verv good as "Plniik.d." The choruses were well sung. To-night, "The Bohemian Girl." The President's Southern Trip Po-?t p6.\ei>for a Year?Senators Robertson and Patterson, with a delegation from South Caro lina, appointed by the legislature of that state, and consisting of Lieut.-tiovernor Gleaves, State Senator Swails, and Representative Hur ley, ot the legislature. called upon the Presi dent to-day to invite him to mak? a southern tour tLls spring. Tbev assured him that he would meet with a cordial reception from all classes of citizens. The President thanked the delegation, and said it had been his Intention to visit the -<outh this spring, and he had greatly desired to do so. He (bund, however, that the press ot his public duties would preclude the possibility of his going this spring; bat he hoped to be able to go a year hence. The nomibatiob of General R. B. Hayes to be assistant treasurer of the United States at Cincinnati, was not confirmed by the Senate before adjournment, though It is understood there was no ncrwmal opposition to General Hayes. Ths office is a new one. and the act creating it does not take effect until the first of Julv. Senator Sherman had assured several applicants that there would ha no appointment at present, and ha did not desire the oonflrata tion of General Hayes, as it would have looked like breaking faith with these to whom he had so spoken. The tflee ean ha tiled daring the recess, and it is probable that ttye appointment will be siren to General Hayes. If so he will not doubt ha promptly confirmed when the Senate meets again fa December. Tub Vacanctbb ib run Abbt Par Corps hot to mm Pillbd?The deaths of Col. Fry and Major Walker, paymasters in the my, whieh occurred recently, create no vacancy in the pay con#; but this fact dose not seem to be gen erally known, as applications have been pour ing in to the war Department for several days past. The aet of July 28, IMS, provide* that the I >ST department of the army shall hereafter consist of ewe^aymastergeneral, with the rank, Wo assistant paymastersgeneraf. with t?e rank! l*y and smsNmsnti of oolenob of eavsiry; two depnty paymasters Maral, with the rank' |>ay and emoluments of Boa tenant colonels of cavrtrr, and sixty paymasters, wNh the rank, pay and emoluments of majors of cavalry; anil the act ot March 3, 1M, provides that untQ Otherwise directed. by law there shall be no new appotntmeats or promotions in either the ad jutant geaeral's. inspector general's, pay, <i oat ter master's, commissary, onfnance, anglneer or medical corps of Urn army ; heaee the vacancies cannot ho filled. The list of paymasters does en account ot the laws above quoted, the va cant tes caused bv death, resignation or retire mcnt cannot be filled. Personal.? It 1? 'taH that Mrs. 11. M. Bar nard has be^n appointed sn honorary convnii sioner to the Vienna exposition. The iwjal traders in tircntatif* at the el>se of business hours at the Treasury to-day munUvl to t35?,480,690-areduction of since yesterday. PRESIDENT ANI) Famii.t GOtN<l to New York The President. accompanied by Mrs. Crant ami Miss Nellie, will leave for New York to-night, to be absent several days. The visit to a private and not an official one. The .tthony Errtt&ig Journal announces that Congrosman W. W. Wheeler, of New York, has refused his hark pay. He drew the money, in vested it in U. S. bonds and then cancelled the bonds. Ejf-RBPKESBNTATIVS GlLFILLAN 1.8 in tOWII tu be present at the insjieetlon of the charred r Turants 01 the money which Anderson, the Insane cashier at Frankiln, Pa., attempted to destroy by burning a week or two ago. Should the day be fair, the work of identification will commence to-morrow. Mr. I.aiuborlson, the owner of the bank, is Mr. GiltiUan's father-in law. EXCHANGE ANI> RKKKMPTfOK OK CorPER. Bko.szb and Nickel Coins ckijih the New Mint Law.?Circular instructions for the ex change and redemption, alter April I, 1S73, iu wm* of not less than S'Jft, or its multiple, of all old copper, l>ronxe and copper-nickel coin* heretofore authorized by law, have been issued by the Treasury Department. The provide for the exchange, at par, at the mint in Phila delphia, of all such coins in the sums specified for the new minor coins author! xed by the six teenth section of the coinage act of 1873, and for their redemption in lawful money in similar sums pt the mint and by all assistant treasurers and designated depositaries of the L~ nited States; the frxiK-iise of transportation on the old coin and the currency paid therefor to be borne by the party sending It, and that on the new coin by the L nited States. How the Kwsc Wan Bafffd. Eimtor Stab: The Republican isstill troubled that correspondents should be committee clerk*. 1 have already determined to give my "15 per cent." to a charitable institution, though I don't care to boast much about it. But of course the Ktjiui-luait in joking. Let iu - contribute to its humor by an "o'er-true tale."' The managing editor of that paper was clerk to the Committee on Hanking and Currency--at least he drew the salary of clerk. The House in its generosity voted to pay committee clcrks for the ? hole month ot March, though the session ex tended only four days into March. The otti .s charged with disbursements made up the bills promptly and instead of letting the clerics, in usual course, t-ike the hills to their chairmen for approval, tliey themselves took them arouud lor thai piir|>ose, in order to avoid any delay In set tlement of accounts. The officer who took the "Mil of the minaginij editor of the Rt.i>ublicau to Hon. Sam. Hooper t" get his approval is reported to have had the fol lowing colloquy : Mr. Hooper ""What is this ?" Officer.?"It is Mr. F.'sbill lor the month of Match. The House has voted to pay committee clerks for the whole month." Mr. Hooper "Why do yt,u bring it to me ?" Officer "We want to MSttle our accounts. and so are getting the hills ail approved our selves ln*Ha<! ul waiting J'or the clerks to attend to them." Mr. Hooper, (hesitating.^?"Well, I guess yon may as well let jny clerk bring this to me. I should like to sie him. 1 have u?t had a *-?ht of him for about a month." tjuery*.?What has F. done with his nay foi the months ot February and .March and liis "! "> nor Cent?" lla> be any scruple* about taking It? Oxa'Af TAB InDEPKXDBXI*. Viivrs of Coiobed Kiri BLK AH ik New Oiii.kaks A large net-ting of pnuaineut col ored republicans was held in New Orleans Tues day night, and adopted resolutions endorsing Judge Durrell, Senator Morton, the New Or leans Republican, the Kellogg state govern ment and President Grant, and declaring that their confidence in their congressional delega tion has been weakened, beansr- tliey have ig nored their constituent* in th?> distribution of patronage. The resolutions also compliment Pinehbat k. and point to htm as one of the few Congressmen frim Louisiana whose skirts are free from suspicion of fraud. They declare that in New Orleans alone tire colored popula tion exceed the white republican* throughout the state, ami they should be considered in the dispensation of patronage,at least equally with their white friends, whose affiliation with the party in many cases is bounded by official pros pects. Shockixs Kekosene Trawkdy in Mum sax? Thr" ChiMr'm Hurntd to Oraf>.?The house of Henry Peters, at Grass Point, six miles from I* troit, Mich., was burned Tues day night while Peters aud his wife were absent. Four children were iu the house. The oldest, aged 14, escaped, but ran back to rescue her youngest sisters, She seised them and at t< mj'tert to carry them out, but was overcome bv tire and smolte, and was only saved by The eitorts ot neighbors who were called to the spot by ber screams. All the children but the old'-st perished, and the latter is badly burned. Tiie lire is supposed to have been caused by Ihc bursting of a kerosene lamp. Sensation Stouy afoot the SrnvivoRs OF TBI LOST SlBAMKR Wui'tHT.?A dispatch just received from Olympia, Washington Terri tory, says an evening'paper at that place pub lisher a'story about two men and one woman, survivors of the steamer Oeorge S. Wright, who floated ashore on a raft, wheu Indians m tar ed the men ami cantured the woman. 1 e ?s probably no foundation for the story, as the steamer Petrel made a thorough search of the

coast aud found not the slightest clue of any of the passengers or crew. A BbCTAL Mtrder fN UtCHWOBD? An Italian shoe-maker, Vincenzo Oastrionoro by name, has been brutally murdered in Richmond, Va. He lad agreed to half-sole a pair of shoes tor Guiseppe Slmolne, another Italian, for sixty cents, but after they were clone Simione refused to pay more than twentv-five cents. Castrionoro became angry, seised his knife, stooped down, and was in the act of cutting the soles oft the slo<s, when Simione struck him twice on the I back el U:? Lend with a piece of tire-wood. In flicting fatal Injuries. The total vote for Congresiaeu iu New Hampshire is thus stated: First district, Small, republican, 12.CW6: Hibbard, democrat, 11,723; scattering, 440; Small's plurality, 373. Second distilet, Pike, 10,794; Bell, 10,7w>; scattering, 299: Pike's plurality. 8. Third district. Griffin, 10.2f*5; Parker, 10,605; scattering, 3T5; Parker's plurality, 310. The democrats claim the elec tion of Bell in the second district by a few votes, and the official count will be necessary to decide it. A Strange Mvbdkr Casb in Tennessee ? Mrs. Hnusden, a widow, aped sixty, living nine miles sontH 01 Nashville, Tenu., was taken from her bed last Sunday night by aaknown persons, carried to a scaffold erected for dressing hogs and hanged until she was dead. It Is supposed, from tracks discovered, that the deed was com mitted by two men, hut the motive for it caunot be surmised. Syhpatbt with German Catholics.? There was an immense mass meeting of tier man Catholics, at the Philadelphia academy of music Tuesday nigBt to extend sympathy to the Catholics ot Germany. Many prominent Catho lic clergymen were present, including Bishans Wood, or Philadelphia; 0'Hara,8eranto*, and Shanahan, of Harrisburg. A Noni Doct'ifent?Gov. Dix's letter, giving Us reasons tor refusing to commute Fos ter's sentence, has been very widely published and commended. The Chicago Journal says that It should be carefully read and duly pon dered by every governor and avorv supreme court judge in the United States. A Victory for Gladstone?Another effort to defeat the government was ssade In the Brit ish house of commons yesterday afternoon upon the passage to its second reading or the burial htfL The attempt, however, proved uBsaccass r*L and the second reading was carried by a vofcofgQ against 217. English Fabmkrs fob Mibvbsota The steamship City of Bristol, which sailed gran Livenool Tuesday for New York, took out oil hundred farmers, who tntewd settling In Mtwne seta, on the line of the Northern Pacific road. ?' A K*w Cable?The Portages* minister of public works hae asked the concession for r 1 l"nlted f tract tor works has asked the Cortes to ratify the lion for a cable between Portugal and the d States, touching at Asarsa. Thecoa for laving the cable was signed yesterday. i Gbabd Vixibr of Turks* has written a .a?? mat* to th* government fit Belgrade re swectlna the delay in th* payment or tire au nualti ibnte to Turhey hy fcayla. Cam To* B*R*?toiif?, GeMfiA ambae mdor to Great PrUain, died at t o'dack last ngimLomkm. a TV Military Vr^r* >wl So OFFICER ,,jr jui; ARMY' US U' LD A ?"IVIt OFFICE. T're ffcct was ?tited In yest<-rday'? 9ta* the Attorney G?u< ral had dtcided that aooffi cer 01 the winy ran bold a civil portion withbu ccwirif to be an officer of the army. fol low mg is the corw?p?l?deBee ?n the subject; ExECtttr* Mxwstow, I Washi*otuw, D. C-, March 24, l?i3. J 7> 'Itf Ih n. Ikt Attorney fffntrai. Sir: Hon. W. W. Belknap, .Secretary of War. expecting to be absent a few weeks, ku re quested me to authorise an?l direct William T. Sherman, (em>ial of the army of the United States, to perform the daucs of StcreUfy ?>? Wsr during such absence. Pkaw advise me whether weh an appoints mint win be legal. Your ob't ?'v*t, (Signed) U. G. Oust. DtFARTSItIT OF Jl'STICE, ) WAt-BJMiTOJi. March 14, ISXi To 'A- Prrriftmt. Sir : 1 have the honor to aeknowledge the re ceipt Ol your letter to-day, in which you sub mit tor niv official opinion the qu*?lIon as'. <> wh' th< r or not Win. T. Sherman, general of the army of the United States, can be authorised to perform the duties of Secretary of War, duiii| the temj-orary absence of that officer, Section is of the act making appropriation* for the supportot the army for the year enan ^ June, 30. 1811, and for other purposes, ap proved July 15, W(l, (16 U. M. SiU., p. 31^,) * as follows: " "That it shall not be lawful for any officer <>f the army of the United States on the active i.^t to hold any civil office, whether by election or appointment, and anv such officer accepting< r txcrcising the functions of a civil office shall at once c? ase to be an officer of the army, and li s commission shall be vacatc<l thereby.' General Sherman is on the active list of the army, and the office of Secretary of War in a civil office. Re cannot, therefore, l?e appoint* <l to discharge the duties of that offloe. nor can he exercise its functions without ceasing to be an officer of the army of the United States. I am. therefore, of the opinion that General Sherman cannot act as Secretary of War with out vacating his commission as general of th ? army. Very retjaeotfnlW, Geo. H. Willi aw. At.t'y General. Fanny Hide, the Mayer ?f I'attou. Intenlewed. WHAT ?HK SAYS AKOt'T H ASHIMOTO*. The arrest of Mrs. Fanny Hvde in this citv a few days since, charged with the murder of .Mr. James' Watson, in Brookhu, New York, w is mentioned in The Stab. She is now )o<lge<l in Baymond street jail, Brooklyn. On Tuesda\ morning she was taken before ".I udge Gilbert,or' the supreme conrt in Brooklyu. and Distu Attorney Britton applied f?r and obtained ?< butch warrant to commit her to jail, pending tiial. The New York SUir of vesterday mv She is looking remarkably well, and is vci much improved in appearance sincc the li; trial. She did not appear to be greatly con cerned at her position. Her trial will nrobaVv take place early next month. Ye->terdav a re porter visited lier in her cell forth* purpos** <?i interviewing lier. In reply to f)ueri?-s as to h<> k she liked Washington, ibp's.V<I stie liked Itrcrv well, especially as she had f . Uie opportunity she so mncli de?lred and ii ?? ?lo>l. to obtain con. ttatit exercise lu the o|?;u sir. "I w is out walk ing,*' she continued, '? wlieiievt r I felt in clined, pnd it did me a ?rea' deal of good." "Yon are looking ntucli b??*,?r than you dM at the tiire of tbe trial.*' said the reporter. "Oh! yes," she answered, "1 f-sel much I tet ter. 1 weigh tw. itv pound# more than I did then."* "Were you surprised when the officers eatnc to arrest you?" "Y es, I'wm. There was noneeessltv f*>r it. I was ready to come without that at any time. I was not trying to liule trom anyone, i was Out in Uj$'tlrret uluiost yyerv dav, and was lining with fci\ biother-ln law.'Ilia^otllUIIf Ihilvts there.*' "How do you like your present quarter?."' said the visitor. "Oh! very well, though I wish It wa* all o> ei with. Tlie'susperse has caused nie a great u of worriment- But I am not at all afraid of the result, and 1 am aiixloiw u> have the trial coin, on. I am not at all afraid of it, because mvown conseience is clear. But I wifn it was ov< r." she said, with a long and w istful look oat ot the window. "I have not seen my parent* sin, c I went away, though I have corresponded a till them. They live in Williamsburg. My husband has not 1k*u here yet to-dav, but I am expect ing bini." | A Free Leve Apostle Ctnr la tirisf. Till rBOPHKT or TDK NEW liISTE!C*ATlOX I >3i VICTKD. .Joseph T. Carry.-the so-called - prophet and a|>ostle of the new dispensation," lias beeu tried at Appling, Columbia county, <la.. Judge <? to wn presiding, char go I with adultery and Cir mcatioa. Curry came from Massachusetts, with a colony of'about a hundred persons, o\er a year ago. Thev bought laud, settled in Co lumbia county, livid in tents, and held proper ty lit common. Curry called himself Elijah and the Prophet Yahevah, supreme in all things spiritual and temporal. Tne colony went aung swimmingly for a very brief time, but the prophet took to himself TOO MAST WIVES. Jealousy and insubordination followed, *ud many returned home, having to be provided with'tree, passage to the nearest seaport?eirher Cliarleston or Savannah. Finally the colony (?ecame|o demoralised,and Currvoolicentious', that the grand jury Indicted him'aud his .jii.-eu paramour. Curry,' robed In white litten. with Ills head and feet bare, in blasphemous iiuita tiou of our Saviour, appeared before the court; his <incen appeared In the same attire, with white stockings upon her feet and a white bow uj?on her head. Speaking in his own do'once he maintained that men aud woiucn co ild lire together AS MAW A!?D WIFE without cohabiting, and that by mortlii * tion and prayer they could become ^-r fnct. He repelled the charge of insanity dis playing murh erudition and familiarity' with the Scripture. Curry had revelation after rev olatlon tliat a new era had dawned, wheii men and women should come oat of the natural <?rter of things to a higher state of purity. Alter speeches from the prosecution and defence the Jury retired, and. after half an hour's absence, returned with a verdict of guilty, with a re commendation to mercy. Sentence will be de ferred ibr a few wet ks. The F>by Goui>s Makklt The business of the past week failed to realize the expect a .ons whicn were formed at its outlet. Cotton ,;.?ods were distributed freely l.y the iobbero. ^itli whom stocks are well aborted but by no ins heavy, aud with the exception of some low grades of bleached and brown cottons, of l.ttle importance, (ond which have accnmitl.tte<i somewhat in agents' hands, Ji'tices have ruled very strong; and regular. Woolens, allhuugh not especially active, and devoid of the s;- cu laUve impetus of l:u>t year, wero inbetAei de mand, and met with a fair distribution from jobbers' liar.ds. and there is a good proape< tot an increased inquiry later In the seaaon. The importer* were fairly activa during the past week, aud placed a large aggregateam unt of general merchandise in the hand? of distrib utors, and their present disposition appea-s to t>e in favor of reducing stocks as rapidly a- ;<os k'ble, even if Uiey have to content them-^res with small pro&ts, which tbev are perf?otlv willing to do on goods of a tancv charv-ter. The jobbing tTado waa moderaulv liritk. There were numerous auction' sales i: riu? the week, but they were not of much In ?ort ance, nor had they any special significa . e In their bearing npon prices.?Xew fork Bu: tin. A? lLLUOU Ml'tOU MyhTKIT Oil itll) rt?Wb. t. Langs to a, son or Ue old lady who, with the. little girl, Marv Eastern, iving with her, was foand mnrdered la her 1> I re centljr, near Paradise, Coles ooanty, 11 ar^.w.i"?35is?. ,;?s W??nt feef! -x to ?"f ^ a allow to get ptMatM of t'i ? old ^M??74cenrred, aad hJd 1, ? ^ Rn-awSjATty. Quruu ?nun> to a? maiia?nir Tru5?>aU <*?**?. Qhip, rapablican r ?w>tw a t In ShelbF eoaoggj iewtnekv. kn Id valoe tin par acrodnna? Aataat K. W?eH?y comity la wttk the kWr ?? .. > ^ I ** TELEC-RAKS TO THE STAB. Thla AHernoonN Dbfitch?. ASS<)CIJLTVlD l*RKSS~REPORTS. ? . ? We-w l ork Xatca. A'.A?*lt' SUTI RAl MISTOBT (U Hftni.. Skw Vohk. March 3?Oorrc?poi?dr nee t? p ibli<d"-d hero by which it appears liut John And. rj?.n, * wealthy nfrcliim. ha* donated tf e M^iihl of P#iuk<W, in Kitunl'ii hay, with ca-h. ?o Pr?f Aga?*n fbr the eatah Itshment of a permanent scho<d for natnral history. A?a?i J accepts the liberal donation and uamisfhe institution for the donor. TUB HKP<>KTKI> 4KKHT of the woasan sappoerd to be engaged In th* ?;o??lrich murder is untnif. t.ATOK *OVm*T?. At a meeting of the united masons last eve ning resolutions were j.a???cd denouncing the attempt of Vsnderbilt to deprive the mm at work on the Harlem road ot tbe.r right* to the eight-hour vrttrm. A committer ?l? ftp|>olnfc 4 to wait or the ma>or and demand the ertorc? metit ot the eight-hour law. A mi mix rot journeymen hoi*??ho?r? ?tni''k yesterday owing to some difference with tlie employer* In reference to the payment of war*. 1 At a private meeting of the gas men, h-hl last night, the eight-hour question wa* di? CMt4. A strike will probable take place mnu it' the employers do imt pom? fit t.< that ?y?te?n The ga? men act independently of other organ i cations. FT-fENATOB DIXnB PTlJirt. It if retorted from Hartford, Conn., thai e* Senator Jam< s Dixon if dying from heart di ea*e. THERE WtM XWKTWW* BtO? for gold to-day, amounting to 45.J63.0M. at IIS.'*1* to llSif. The amount to be aoid wa? one am! a half millions, which went at 11&33. TDK CRBT?IT?>t:? ,,f THE RILL'S HEAD B A > k met thin morning to <'onflrm the action of th-ir committee, aint to subscrsbe to the new stork issued by the bank, and thereby reestablish It. I After the depositors had drawn up their cheek* for the amount they wished to susnrihe. the chairman, A. 8. Cameron. announced that to tar the amount sub?cril?ed wan f|i|ii.*K>. Fmsa KarsfK Tw t? . I'E ATH OF THE HJSTOKIAX THIKIIKY. Paims, Match J7.?The death of Aiu-d'?e Li tuon Oouiiniqiie Tliierrv. an ciu.ueni rren.-h historian, is announced thin morning. Thierry was in the 7?>th year ot his age. Pr.AI R OK THK mUTBSH OttOCIOLt. Row, March/7 The Countess OuicooM is dead. ?IIVtM? THAT WHICH Hit tv>E??x'T OWX. M a i>ri !?, M arch ?/?.?The JmMnvil annoti m-e* that I>oti ratios lias abdicated ius . laim- to the Spanish tbmne in favor of his son under tin regency of Don Alpbonzo. iikKKRAt CARRE" * has been appointed to sa pre me command ol Ui Carlist forces in Sjmin. THB OB BAT WESTER* A'HOItB. Lo?th>b, March ?7.?The ?team-hip Gr. n' Western. Ironi Bristol to New York, wji ashore at lilaekmore to-d.<y in a heavy to;;. ^ ? rite ( nltna taase la Ka.^pr. Kkw York. March St.?Vice Pr.-sident Ajt i iler*. of the Cuban revolutionists. who ha* be^n on a tour in Kngland and Frauee, arrived here yestciday. lie r?-|K?tti> that great svmpathvi expressed in Kiigltiud, hut Uie Knglisb official" sav thev can not interfere until .the Tinted States does. In Prance the opinion is divilr-d. some saving the present republic of spalnoagh; not to he harra>sed at pieaeiit. while other nrge that remonstrances l>e wui to Madrid: * Hue other- ask why the I'nited State* does not intervene, a* it isan American <|nestion. Agn llera says the Spanish officials have hoodwink .xf Kickli s* by asking his advice to Mich an ext. ut than the passive i?olic\ of the I'm tod State-can. be relied u|?oii lor ? long time to come in < u fcan a^airf. a War About n Slrwl Kallrwid In Phil Phii.aDBI.phia, March ?1.?The i'nion pa? senger railroaii con?Tiany coium-'iiccd lav ng tracks on Market stt?*et, below nth, under the law recently pasted, but were soon ?tjppe.l l?j an injunction of the court, under prooaedi'ig" by the Market-suoet company and mercii i iU o< < up>ing store* along the -treel. The Mar ket-street railway <iaim to have the e?cl-i -ive right to the street for railwav purpoaes.and ibe merrhaiiU claim that placiag tour track4 <>n the street would obatiuct their busim-s. -? The UM?ral Kallroail Bill In Jerwy. TiUIok, March .7 ? "i'lie -enate dis*Km*l to the bon-e aniendmentatotiie general radi-Hiid hill, lu the house tha aiuendiueutH were cor rected. properly engraased ami referred to V eommitt<-ee that reported the nmendme its The senate also at>i>ointed a cornmittoe of oti fert nee. [Second Dispatch.] Tr.kntox, March 2T?Tim msuate hr? ?1 luim-d till Monday, sii?? ra -inixm of ttie #nse alleee. in order to protract the action on the geiural railroad bill. ' ' J ? {A Sehooaer Nunlt. N< cn-i k, Va., March H.?The steamer '?l<i T>onii?ioii ve?ter-Uy afternoon six mile? K. S K. of Smith's Island fell in with the -clio"1 'ier Ada M. Dyer in a sinking condition. The Dyer was taken in tow tor Hampton Koad?. but smK when mar the tail of the Shoe lu 9ve fatluims of water. No lives were lost. The Dyer was from Princetown. Mass. She cle trad for Hampton Koad* yesterday morning wish a cargo of oyster*. The r*-sel and cargo were valued at?15.000. >lh In n Prairie Fire. Mil* At KiB. March Si?The danghter and son of a farmer named Shortgen ami the ?>u ot ? neighbor unnied Waddell were burned to death near Read's Landing. Mian-, March J '?1. Thev wer. encircled bv a ptairie fire, and jK*r ished bek>re they eonld escape. When lound their eioth?< were ?fl Inirned oif, au>i the ti->sli was peeling from their bones. Hoar They An in Belawart la the Siineteenlh fealarr. Ddveb, Del.. March IT.?W\ b. Pride, cor respondent ot the Wilmington Kvery Eveuntg. has l>een expelled from the hon*e of reproaenta | tires, bv a large vote, for criticising certaiu measures before the legislature. fcl.000.04Mi lor the Oateaainl. H akhisbi ik. M:ireh H?The Senate bill Ap propriating B1.00".<?s? lor the Centennial. Iih been concurred in by the Hottae with mi<*?i enthn?iasm. It now goes to the Oorern<>r tor his signature, vlikh is already assured. Albabv, March S.?Lieutenant Governor Kol*mson annonneed in the senate this morning that be has tiled with tlie aocretarj ot state the resignation of Senator Tweed as senator from the tourth New York district. A Keataehy Toaa Barned. i nl*ClV,,,?T,?*** 27??hepgru i rom C? m|> bellsviUc. Tiy^r cotmtr. Ky., state that tb greater portion of that town was destrore.i bv ftre Tuesday night. The los? is not ?uted A Meaner ,, CnjctB*AKi, March. ?._Tbe .teaaer lUr danell was sunk Tues-iay at Mill's bend, in the Arkansas rlrer. She belonged to the Memt.?- ? w^th ?lt^! R'T" PaC4cTnJ Mnrder In thn lint Degree. Xkvia, uhio, March2T?William B. Uicbi son was reaterday found gwiltr of Binder in the hiBt degree f?* hiiiiag .John B. Pogwoil. Ma sun AC Bazaivb will aoon be release-i fro Unprtaonment On his parole of honor. ?WGraaa. and flowers, and clear ?kte? are ?tipping around thu way repnWicaaB have nominated s. fer mayor of Cincianati VThe foreman of a Minnesota aews;>aper aSee is a womsa. VIL Louis mnnicipal election A; - i! 1 Somebody wtH be (baled. VMlas Kdmooia Lewis, the colored ? nip trass, is engaged to be Married. VMiss Pbmba Conains is aa applicant tor the pssitien ot pistmlrts? at St. L?uis. BTA St. Loais professor eh urns faesh l?ort suet and makes artiteial bottor. which ro i can ant or not, s? yon please. VThe minois senate has rejects! rhrhil' for the a?pnisury education ot all ch < Ireaof a school-going age in tbe Mate. mrrht s?Mitd a>UonUsU of Orotoa. *"?? awnt. have a^lgnatAl April 12, l?. tuelast gnat day. CTA eoapts of mad 4og? at Termsnt, flL. lately made the citizens sO ma t that tbs/ WW M> of the canities. e nrTWasabatriptMhi?* to the Greeley norn aoit fnvwT are la rapidly from pc*atam throughout the cottnny. > ft. na> tu, miHMiabw TBe?^r?ay,owing r? % saWsa run on tbr l.>?nks 1? M? ? ? ILMWri 1 ?? MOfrtfH li r In ?t ? ItBfttT aM> uiniT rm?a?. | The ittliMM ?( M-truti* Pi ?f New la| ihue.ta replv ?tW lwm? cr*]i| rwMittft r*|MTt. ?t> rr< e> *ed by U4 Sv-n?:c y?*eMay Alfei iwrat i* toe 111 fa a*ance* that j rer, m<d the WmU, < at toe of t&il report 1 eat mmoa mhI *m iMf?? ban to twdn**! the waautcf, but rn?r t Ueir mwIiomdi, U< nape: ?? Tbe very ita?(<kcr( they rmtM dirti.( Ul? 0*C *H |MM?>WU Md of wot. TUt vtfi borac m the current of ?ltuj rrlflo aud n iirpj rfwiittUuii. ikit k for * whtl* to arerwhelm the V'Ut Iwtl. H?wi??l U l?ia Um mKiM ?rf Mi i'Ii |..IUWU'I<* Ui?l Un-V ItW t arria.d at.eun .iiaiou* >1 saaO ->Mal> > errv.i-nu*. I m'.} iBip.ieUiy ou the |? r*?<nal caaaJut and the i-1? rit.< r 01 character til each and all m th*m H> Iklrii Mthiitl) u<!*itk?lt elttuae toerit rba of I bell lt|M'. ao at ae tat milts tu4V |> ? Mt'ltNIV Ut I'UtM' |MC t'uui Uic I'mp t Utwtw void they b?ie ca*t on ow w a 9c??. u?1 > ana, ?? thrt tbniMm ?i?M dntrr ? N krtril If, iblrh tiod I'?rt>44. tbr ? ot political IHe At>?W <?" uvtln nlkci I ikt'lu iu M'lHiUHi." Mi. Patternm thin >\uotea tbe para^-apl ?? wbi h The rum up the frl? ? ngalo-t him. and after aawrtinir that tv^r ? - culpatory aUlraciit M laae! orwto tu ikr ?( d. giee atattng thing* wlinli ere al?* Itto.i Uti) U> Uk nrtt lig t or lb lnl< rem fartr ?ltho?i;li thfr nr? nut ?uifwt'd >? fhcl*. mctintliiji itrta. kt? i V ?TwiM|tnl <111 tt? part af ?> * ? IlltWI I^M, (bvtsillt a ItkMl UtHU-l C I .apt intiu ace* iu t proved i>l conti adicli <1 i' .<i evtdemc.and magi. i ? t.g f. rg. tfu'n. * of the d< tail* of tranaaeitnaa V*rtf pa it# itiriuUivr or Brpttrt t?u? MJitra ul ? ?> I'lWo <lf to fXaMIIII' tin- ?*??*! :.H?- " wl htlie ruoiiailUt'duuiaV) niuu Put*. He dfnl'i that h? ? >untfi t Ur |>wrhMr ?T C. M ftork w thf t report. M ulrrt af tbe !<?><??? ? lot It an>! |>a.ij lot it eat at thcdirid. ??. H?i Raid caah lor k> *to'k. UrMki ? u>? k?we nwl?*l a g i*rait\ of value* . . of iriuihuracmcut at will with ini ' ? purcb*^ niKcithout any ?nrh afn- lit Uflrinti hit MtMn by tr|a'M| that ? ?? aiiwiivw riihtful, itmurt, and pro ?i < |?att, lawful iu itwlf, and h, uo tltct with hl? dntie* aa Sf uatur. ??n be ?** " 1 appeal to Hfmtoff to put tbrn Jet tin orti. atioii la tba rmpert. Mwglo mt'iuWr oi the s< uat? ?bu. 4 lonr year*, haa not t>< u^M and r r either la aniue natkiaal nuiway, or (i Uonal bank, or ta ao ae niUma ? m i ootni>an>, or iu aiuc iiaiiwu ot tlie uia in, or in <oiiic Biince ?ttuatod on ? u ? t tome national highway,?w in aotaM'i ma tor what. ar>t>erta(nlnf tctbe t'n ? uhjert to be tr. ateJ in (5oajP"W II ? a p ??? ? ???? 1 *? ? tiUl wot iiuliwi t>rapecty la W?t" ?" lunibia, the value at which depeixl rr?aa? Aim! how aiany of tboae B?i< . tUi ratlM-r how frw.who are aat in any roai property. or any irou pr i > r anv ItofHga anrtiaiKli*. or any ?ut'i rrtv. or anr iaaaalartiirn>f pn?|*-ri- f aarnaltarai property. aa?ii a? llya a: II* eo. hi mp, woui. wli^at or any rnatoi ?Urnor or t?ung whatKK-ver. which ?a 1 i ? be aei?^<1 upoa for e*ternat duty or U - . iaii-orte<1. . lianged in Tatae br th?- om-i javaof the tan i?iwi-r ot the ("nit*l Ut< * not m.inv a 8? uator powa ?od ft aei-hrn Uic rniM SUtea which riae aad fall aen- <i to the ilatly vote* of t\.i?g~ ?*? May w look aronrvl on tbeae H. nator* and ?i>4 fa? tor??toof aiUikMi* u|ion m ln?n? wbi'-h ar wa% be lltctol by Uie l? gialatu*li ol ? S"<n4. Hedeni^a thathe pnrchaaed the at , a* the e^aimittoe *av?. "a* r?t?* greatly l-*1 Maratteatod vaiaa" H? traaaaetioB aa? bi ? ? in Auguat, lx-7, wh?-ii the ?to< k waa at |w. a I tLe f??o0 fcc paid repr?-KHh)d the actual ya 4 of the Mock at that tiB?e. r*iW. He deniw that thm* waa anything wroi.g tndaallag with Mr. An??*a. la IHii*. in th^ atoik ami l-oudaot the t'aion Pad Be tailrwa-f for the |>ur|?4 of protit and of diapoamg of tlx in !n the atoch market* of N??w \ ork. au<I rail* aftetithm to tiw f*.-' that tti? 'lar,-a aiuonnt" n lerred to by the committer w.? **ioti 'rtk. He <toaicsthat h?- ha>i aur kn*>wle>lk-a at thattme that thrta waa anything |iecutiar ??c ol.jecth.naiOe in the charartor ot the credit i?<? biiMJ. or tliat the teatliao*? tak.-w bv Ml lli>u*< ? of Oc'iigrcaa pr>vts anything i>i 'M l;"iy/?. He tlcnie* that be bad aay enact kn.wl (j,t. o! the relation^ of tk* credit BioSit.. r t? the UnmiiTaciliccoaipaay.aarfadd*. "Iti* m ??oaalMe lKit to ?ee that tbe commute^ arc toi dng concluaior* not npon any fae?* of n;??o. o ty liatias in l"*C, b'lt upon the luyeat g%'i??n? ot the lata Congreaa.'' . . tk. lit- denica that he b*4 any aacU knowl edge at the time he purehaacd bi* >tackaacoal? Induce tiim toanapect Mr. Ata^aof rtv 1 relation to the credit aio?>tli?r and I aioti ractfi* raili uad e? aipatiiea. ... rfnih Mr I'atteraon ^uotoa ths follow inf ?entente from the n^rt ?? Al*o. at th. o .ji ct of Mr. Amea in thn-dealing with hi* to > 're bin friendly recarnltWw of ?o- iwt?Ti^t- ot *aid ouaipaiiie*. aad hi* own iatcr?w? therein, anl to iiirtucnci bu> acuwu a* a Senator in the ia ? tert of leci*lation affecting the a?a?e. H ? deinoa that. If Mr. Abk* had any auch ititenti in. any know Wdre of it wa-po-ae?a?d hv him. and ??Tlie conclu?iona ot the commutoe arc all mcra cai<jecture. tateianca, imputation, without ant agn.u^t i?r?.x>f." . . . Mr. rattcrvm ?iy?, of the p .tu - .? the "uminiT g np of the re|H>rt. iio*!i;n? reai .nif but tbe cbarae of ^Hwtatomcnt or a ij?jm ot aiatorial fact*, wbieb mo*t bare bwii *'? known to him (PatterwwiV and canrtntiea : ??I do a?o*t -ol-aintv deny that. Hi tbe e\|. a uatioria given by me. whetlusr to the comimcto* Of the Ifouae or that of the .Senate, thei" waa any Intciitlonal tolaKUU nwnt or auppcea.-o" <?C facta. It in a moat cruel and h?r*h m'?Ju V"|*n* ot my declaraUoa* tndiatnrt and m<--on lru? for^t-tt'uluen^ of tb? eaact natun aad detail* ?c a tr:ni*a? tiou iu *tack Uiore than tire vur. ago Into willful mi*etafem< ui nr *uppr anhMk I frankly acknowledge, and beg pardon oi t. a senate for the onor fMNrtHra Wy we tn before the committee ot th?* Houae to make aay *tau nieiit whalerer ??a tbe awl.Ject. l et nif lubMi p IB tkt* reapei t bo a warning to all srn ator* hereafter not u aulnuit Ui' ?a1 n a to anf criminatory inveatigation ou tlie paitot a ><??a Biittee ot the House of Repreaentatirea. Bat tbe error waa a natural one? |ba remit of *eaii tireneoa to blame, whicli affecu an?t vraeae who IK'd etoc?iye idHeea.ami are rhu- iaa<l? aubieet to wbat i? called public opinion: that is^ new-pa|Kicriaiiiatoa- 1 felt counrtou* ?>? har^ tug d?uo no wroaic. ami tiiwuaw vidantanlw yielded myaelf to the uiMtattou ot <ba . umunt Wer Ot the Houht." He then oxplaina the ap(>ar(nt crroi m big ?tat* nicuta by ealhtig aib-atton to tbe fact ibat be had two d:>Uact tran?aeltaaa with Oakug Ante*. (Irat an inri-rtuieht of lUvOOn In >-radii moWi'icr rtoclr, and aecond. one at ?i.'MM ia t'nion Pacific ltailioail dmi. Of Uk- two irai^actiona. blended and coMfoamied ia tha leceijd* he gay? ' ?akea Ami", only one. tlitaiit I n oii Pacibc llailroad ?tock, remained im preaaed on hi* mind at the time when hi* a'ten tion waa flrrt called to it iu -loi^. l*v\ and th<U iiiipre**ioii waa ti?ed by tbe aaanrane*^ r. j??at edlv giren to him bv ??akca Amc*, ot hi* n?.t being a atockboUler in the credit laobil'.ar. 11a in*l?^ that all preauniption of bunaau acttoa ia contrary to the caadaaiaa* of the comtirttee. If he had known that tbe tranaai'tioii aitli Mr. Aniea wa* ia credit mobi'ior. be wouM n j iia\? proceeded, according to an* reaaonabl* t%eory ol hiimau Mtiaa. to dtnv it |?ia?tiyely, to have it proyod aga:n*t him in the ae*| iH. If he had reaK-mbereil tbe enrtenc of th' re ceipt*, be would not have denied the tact lie ? imply, knowing that they co.ibl be |ir.?tiit'^ to COUtra?ti<-t him. That dental be o;a>. dcra the moat cogent proof of ku aincerl',,- an gooil faith. Mr. ralter*ou tb?a mil to ar? ie at length the diiari nt propoaitwot? whlefc baba* laid du-^ f^rrr. aad to reei^w bM former bi* leatiBmay botore botk r?*^ettre?, to nhow that it can be e*|.!a -i* hypothec He lievatea aeveral pare? 1? * dtKiiidon of the great enterprlae in wlii<'h thg people of the Voited Stale* hare beaa ^gBje*; and to wbieb Congroaa liaa given akt, dci- iidin^ Oakea Auiea aud the credit niobllter compaav. aixi atuibmtoa thee*eit?*?aeirt tbaC baa \>r railed in thia country on the mhjert whoUv to the po litical neeeaai'tie* af the opponent* of the Urant parts in the late campaign, la ooaclud'.iig, b? ^ Vk hat good haa eoae of all thiaT It tiaa 1% indeed, to *how that the true ehanetet of th? Cougraoa at the Volted Atatee fa earopUonally exalted and pare, when the owaerahiy of a hi aharee ot cradkt wobiliar by aoaae af the ?????

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