Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR v ?? mn. Lir&est Ciitvlitioa ii the District WASHINGTON CITY: 1 Hf BKHAT Karrk 97, 1?7?. W* rannnt XfTre with the Cknmirl' that the (M of O'Brien vl< lew than that ?f FtaKw, and consequently wore Ut? -rrin< of commutation of sositence. The murder of Cunningham by O'Brien was every way more atrocious, deliberate, and cold-bloi>ded than that of Putnam by Footer. In the latter h drunken rowdy in l lit ?( ptMitn Mil ku victim with a wire ear-hook, a brutal hot ao* murderous weapon, and the blow happened to strike a vital part. In the other caw we hare an officer of the law, on duty at the time ter tke maintenance of law anfl order, undertaking the seduction nf the wtfe ol hU victim, and. on being rebuffed and rebuked, he. witk the insolence of office and of superidr physical power, knock* the husband down with hi* baton. So far, the weapon* used by Fo*t<)i a.<l o*j;rien bear nome equality, and the blows were directed alike by passion. But nearly half an hour after O'Brien knocked Cun ningham down with hi* offirlal club, and. aftCT ample "cooling time," h* tonght CuuningLamout, as the Utter wa? going away with his wife, and deliberately shot hiia through the head. Not content with that, he, with devilleh malignity, emptied the coutenfc ot another barrel into the dead !>ody of his eio tim, boasting afterwards that he had " killfd the ot a " In no way can the deed of <>'ltrien be looked upon moie leniently than that ol Foster. Again, the Ckmiclt believe* that "sending O Urun to the penitentiary to be hnmanely treated and ke]?t at hard labor during his natu ral life will hare as happy an effect in restrain ing crime in this city a* the infliction of the death penalty." His imprisonment at Albany willccrtainly hare noefl^et in restraining crime, n bateTer it may do In the other direction. Jn the first place, everybody knows, from the his tory of the pest, in regard to commutation caKen. that O'Brien's Imprisonment will not last half a dozen years, >t the out-ide. The amount of dread iupired in the criminal class by a pnnlshmevt of this sort will, we fear, be fatter infinitesimal. ' In deciding the question submitted tohim by the President as to whether Oen. Sherman could legally discharge the doable duties of J?? crctary of War and of General of the Army at the same time, the Attorney General first considered the character of the position of Sec Tt tary o: V ar, and came to the conclusion that it Ik a civil and not a military office. Hi* authority lor the decision that no military cfficer ran hold a civil office without forfeiting lii* military rank, is found in a clause of the military appropriation bill passed by Congress in IsTo, which une.jiuvocally sets forth this fact. 1 he law In reference to filling Cabinet positions when their incumbents are temporarily absent provides that the ditties of tOe head of a depart ment thus absent shall be discharged by some l-urcau officer of the same department who ha* been appointed bt*the President "by and with lr.s advice ami consent of the Senate"; and in ca.-e no such officer can be found the President may designate the head of any department V' temporarily discharge the duties of another v hose chief is at>seut. Now a* all the bureau cfBceta of the War l?ei>artment are military ?ffictr?. none of these, under the Attorney General's deci-on, could lawfully be designated to act as Secretary of War, and the President exercised the authority conferred u; on him by law, in designating Secretary Robeson to as j-inte the duties of the position. The Federal Council of the International Workirgmcn's Association of Stew York held a meeting on Sunday to discus* the proposed ac tion of the workingmen this summer. The genera! eapr> seion of opinion was adverse to a strike, as involving u*ele?s hardships, and reso lutions were adopted recommending, instead, that action should be taken for the enforcement ?f the eight-hour law passed by the New York legislature. It seem.-, however, that this law ?>n!y regulates the hours on public work, and doe> not affect private employers; though many ? mpiovers have adopted the eight-hour system. 1 ho employers, meantime, assert that in conse rjr.-nce of the slack demand for buildings and the tgh prices of material, they cannot make themselves whole by undertaking time con tracts at eight hours for the day's work; the more especially as they are liable at any mo- ' a < nt to have fresh strikes sprung upon t!'*m. 'J atj are therefore moving to have the ten hour rule restored. The idea of the unscrupulous Jones, of the Ml uUicmm, trying?while his pockets are cram med with Star item?, and additional com pen- . nation, House Banking Committee, clerking ??swag"?to pass himself of! as the rirtnovs Brown is too mnck. For shame, Jones! Re pent, restore the fifteen per cent, divvy, ac knowledge your flagrant peculations from Tke br an, and place yourself on the knees of pen itence. That Brother Harlan show Id copy from the vUked I .outs vi lie J^mal the improper remark of the Illinois postmistress upon her wants in the way of a man, causes us surprise. Wedidu't think it of him. "I advertised my productions and made atone v."?A kUu Lemfftmrtk. IT3?i.o. o. f.-centbil lodge, i - A speeisl me^tiii* will be h?*M THIS ET EN - ! lkli, *t?S o'clock, to taks action ia relation to the . dotkuf Brother Johv W. Po< L. It T. B. LORD, Jr.. B*c Sec. | f3?TB ERR WILL BE A MEETING OF THE kEPl'BLlt'AN CLI'B OF TUB *1?t DIS 1 lTlCT held at Bulae's hall,o>rnT *(h Str-tH ami bomh Carnliaaat enne?oatlteai>t,"n FRIDAY EVE MSO at o'clock. for th" porjvia.-of m\ks< ar i <weiits of ikt- celebration on ik' lit h of April. B? order of the PRESIDENT W*. H BROWS, Sec <r. mi; *? r OF F.-Ths members of the FIRST l -y GRAND DIVISION. ,-?mprisia? the follow - it I. >4*es ? N *. 1, 3, 7.s. 11. 19, ?, *1 aad B. are r trd to meet at 31 I 7ik street northwest, to a ? 'If final xrranK>-ni- nt< f >r the uniform parsd<* a ?i ill for Ri< tuii -nd. B> ord-r Commander 1st %? 1?. THOS. H *MILTOB, r .- ?* Chlsf li.MU.D t'r I BIOB LODGE. N > '2?, KJflUHTS OF _ PYTIIIAI*.-?Th- regular session of th" I ' viil It* krl<l at 7>i o'clock p.m., FRIDAY, .1) I .sen. It 1* ? arue"ttj re^UMted taat ess h and <> or tier will be ptiacntal ia alt-mlaace. as I- ?- .>f tke uta*>?t tiur-Ttaace will be brought t .? : 'nstderation W WALLACE 0RA5T, , 1; I,' r ot B. and S. vcTPh;'1 MEN-4' < HKISTtAN ASSOCfl IW,W TIOB. 7. E RSADINfe V 4mr 111 jK.'llWUMf ? ' I LATINu LI I ni23 2i* of the OH OF " htor ?r^attOTli E?lb?re ?ut b* a m^tins o iViiiM' jsivis.' ?ace to ke traasarted. By nnt^r-4 the M _ mil 1BS?3I) ElkCf TlTS COMMITTEE |K3?*0TICB TO FRODL'CB dealers Fsreoas ssfliac pmditc* ia tko Bortbsra Market jaust procars thair Li. eo-ea at the Rs?Mter'? office, ?' the Territorial buudiag. oa V% street, betsreeu T'i-DS)Wanlaavenue aad C street northwest, user i^-fors the 1st of April. K3 Psrsous selling fish will he snbject to the tamj reg VitaTiowa. All iireasss mast be shown to the Market ? tMa called for hf htm. Mwtoi a __ 3RAND fiCFFRB.?A ORABD SL'FFBB be sivsa by PkTER OGDKH LOPOE. ssmsh Xn pains will be spared te make f befieo d -aiertaiaatrat ever glesa la V ingtne fttowi L dges lavlted. Bram ?rriiu ?? have bsea engaged for ths ?*l ? NCRtFtLMOBioCAlfljT, at degree aU the prteelplee s? 1 ?>t: e rns, and wjhAs as ptsaaug to tl rest ofei cats) - Ual s fsensd' foe ^ wbo'suiU from kass* srttTtk*ysyiSf?5?- 7 ea>1 11 situ JB.BCHENCRAI X.Ira ? *. I. corner Itk and Arch sts.. The New York money market yesterday tu very The unnN I" tha discount VII J 8VITPgril*. A UV VH wwaw ? ???- ???? r?te of the Bank of Bagland pnt gold tap, bat hud little eflect upon pemrttien. Ilia generally ex ectid that Secretary Kichardaoa will freely i*-ue new legal tender* in eaae the money market should be threatened by a goaerad refusal ol the foreign bankers to reaow starting loau* maturing In April. Government bends were very dull, with price*higher, la nympatby w tbgolo. Tlie st'ick market was steady, but the volume of bastbra* small. ? Jay Cooke A Co. fnrnieh the ioUowtagto day. Bag's. MTg. Buy t. S*Wt. r S.M?L....lr1 19 ? I 9 W*,Ja?Jj;.Yt.l6 > 14 i layiK. Mft< rt I JsAjy.W.ITX w?< ?-*>?. IM. W\ V\ ?-30'sJuAJy,W.17 PS * L.'.hMee 11* Wt Toil? Fib>t Bnaan. lit Americau U Id ? 1> ? Oorrensy fa ? M% Sea Tfrae '4 SI 17 Biltimobb, March,u J>. . n.Al.dkt^.1 rjL a ?? tTlrai..!.*. la ).>.! tn-.ln? c< ri-oljdaital, 'J>. Wcf* Yirgiui*'*. It bul to-day. UaX.TIM' BB, Msrrh 3T.?Oofwa qulot.bat tirrr\~ low inkM Ines. M4(. Flour quiet and at atlr,prir_w ai chhuge I. Wheat quiet, h'lt Arm. R?e quiet, ? <M ?. liar firm? western. 92if31 Provi-to;* deciX I *dl> Im BIT and inirn tuii<v. M?-? pork, AI6J0. Bulk m?ats active and higher; salrs lteyiui ft . of sheuld '? a ?, now held at rib sidas ? nominal. caiesol lIu.OQu ft*, of dear rib aid "a at 8. now h?M at 8*SAV Bacon actlve and Arm?*hotil ?*? n>, 7; rib "We*. Hit; flearrib sides, P; ham-, 1360:3. Lard, ftJ?eae*JIU. W?-*?m hotter in go<d de p ard?prime to rh iie> rell, 8u(<?13. new tcb, WKsky firmer. ?.',*??. Kiw Yons, Marcfl ff.-Money firm C? .Id firm !?*,. O .reruDunu doll, but firm. State bjuUa very qm t. K<ctianp",long.V^'; jihjrt.S Hew Ton. March H.?Fioar tt?sdy. Whs* firm. Corn Attn. | I.opsoob. March 3T. 11 *i a. m ?Consols opened ? at M'?<aRtH f-r wwi, *l\ f r account. Bom* of ldbt, St??; to ?0 a,89 ?. Near fives, MV Erie, ?V mmm THE WLAIHEk. w? D?rAKT*E?T, omu Vkiei Signal Of**r,? % AfbihWTOs, I>. C., March 57,1873,11a.m. ( ' itaoraia ens thb past Twa^TT-roua a ova* ? | The areas of l'iw bar? met?r whi.'h wre Wedrv>*d?y I moraine over th-> middle states, hare moved m?l ward beyetid oar atati> no. and are now followed tf 1 ri-ii.g barume'er, Bortbweat wind-, and elnar weather thron/rbout the Ailanti -*ta ?h. Tn* , hi heat pnseurr la central ofer Keiuu. k> an-1 Tn i."w-ce. The barometer ba? f.tlleu rapidly in the en tr?4ne northw.*i?prec??tir* a Ktorm center, now ap< pan ntly in Manitoba. I<irrea-inr -?"i??h"rlv wind* are reported fi < ni T'-xa> to tb" Ohio valley and th4 | n>>rthwe?t. Tba tetnperatare hiw fallen thrxiffb ot . tb?a<'Otb aad middle Atlantic ntatea, and over tha I 1 wer lakea. It ha- ri*en over the we.tern gn f ! atatea'and northwnrd to ih? upp?r lakea. Clond and , tain bate prevailed in Oregon and eaatwar.l to the upper Miaat ari. I raoBaaiLtTiBe.?For the rest of Thuraday. in th" aouth Atlaittia- atutae, ruins barometer, northerly wind-, and continued c id and partly cioudjr aeatb | er. For th- middle stMen, rising barometer, north ? wet wio i.-, and clear or hary weather, the win U very generally borkine fo aonthweat by Tbur-day eTrnit f For New England. hriek aid poasibly hi?U north and west winda, and partly cloudy and rlear in? weather. To? l.aro*?<et~r very g?nerally fall ot er the lake region. I he Ohio t aUey. th- aonthweat at.d the norihaeet. vi ith ri?ii.{ U-mperatnre nniin c easing rlondineaa. Frtah to brisk "outberly wind-. , with thr* atentr.g weather and p ?a?ibly enow prevail by T^urnday evening over th?- Mtaaonri valley, and theacetr the app r l?k?a. Cautionary aign^ls ron tinue at r?|* Mm, New York, Ni*w Haven, New I union. Wood * IX<?!?-, B -at<>n, and Portland. M .j they will L di-pli.jed fl<-m the lak< statiubs fr<>ni a> d after April firat. iy^?BEui^TER s orricE, Di-ikict of CoLrMBt*, tt"A-u'seToM, D. t*.. M.\n li 31. HT3. N'4ice is hereby givt-n that oa Tl'KSDAY. April 1, KJ, will expire all Hreneee gtven l.y tlie District of Columbia, lo all frodmte dtoltrs, p?idlm and ' tiitntntrrimi a*mts. All pers<>D? er gae<d in said busine^e.tradei. or pro feKt>ion-mu-t pri upti) renew taiil liceuees iu acc- rd with previsions of the amended act ri-gul.uing licenaes, approvi-d June3u, 1873, viz: "That "very person engaged in any trade, oecdpation or profea eioa for w bieh a Ik-ense tav is iioi>.?<-l by the laws of the Pietrict of Columbia ahnll, at thetim? f .r pr<* uring ihe same, mako application to the B--g s ter, and shall state under oath or affirmation stfc'h f <cte as may be applicable to licetiees." I "The lb gi?ter e>h II then i-sue to the applicant a certificate stating the particular kind of lic-nse for wbtcb application haa been made, and the amount of money required by law to he paid th* refor. Said l ertitirate shall be drlitcrwl to the c dlector, who ahall, upon the receipt of the mm of money stated therein, give a certificate ?f de|v?it, stating the am' uut of money p?i?l and th'.* kind of license re ?inlre^. and it shall bethedntyof the B--gister to issue-ai t If -enee.'' '?That every per-on liable for a license lax, who may ftil to pay th-- rame before engaging in tli* Lo-intss for anich a license tax mn> be re<iuired, shall, in addition to the license tax imp >-ed, pay a fine or jv-nalt? of less than Ave, nor m>rethau Afty, dollars, for each ofljrnc*." ? ^ JOHN F.COOK. n.23 eoiot Register Di-trict of Colnmhia. ft^S?BO?ADALI8 1 HcSTsrtj.ts, Al*., March 3!?, 1?89. v?sfbmn:-Fur two years I was a sufTerer with Inflammatory Rheumatism. During that time I took various remedies that professed to care the dis ease, but with no success. Ab>at six months ago, '?Rosa<!alis''was recommended to me by my physi cian. 1 took it as prescribed, and the result is very satisfaetory. Besides my own, 1 know many other cams in which the Bus ad a Its has proved soc.'ssful. Yours truly, J.J.Pitmas, Postmaster at HuntsviUe, Ala. [ tCrtran from Utter oflDih Mere*,/rem A. F. Wket hr, Ktq.. Druggist, Lima, Ohie:J ? * ? ? in conein-ion, I caa say Rosadalls is the best blood purifier we have, without doubt. For sale by f). CALVERT FORD. ni33-e<4t 1105 Pennsylvania avenue. IT3? TO LADIB8. ~~ ~~ 5C,^?:cv?.r^ s 'snxzi vsss to falflll her honsohold duties, and all her moral ca pacities to accept the responsibility which falls oaoa her, to see her prostrated, losing every day her strength, feeling badly without being able to say w hy , bat yet suierii.g enough to be utterly mi scra mble? This state of weakaessand debility Is more fatal to ber than aeevere spell of sickneas, for ia that case she will receive the proper ears, as in the other she will linger months sfter months, not thinking worth while to see a physician shout it. until nature, exhausted, rives out, and she is carrisd to the grave, when a little precaution In proper time would have sy* TEK8 of Dr. L. oTbERTRAM. They are a safe and infallible remedy against malarln, dyspepsia, eoa I tlveness, biMousnsm, headaches, morniu slcknese i and all complaints peculiar to women. These Bit ters, which are sold by all druggists, are, tn conss | qnence of their virtue and most sgrssable taste, the ra>niOX TBI IARLIUT AO KB TO the present day, Scrofula has been the bane, aiid. ss It wsre, the curss of mankind. Bo terrible aito, ss ii were, u? curss and lowhsoate nad been at soms psrlods o< the world's history that n person known to be infected with It weald not be allowed to saix with society. Happily in oar dag the disease to strippsd of its terror by ths use of 8a*a arras's Boot a an Hsan J picks, and the victim of Scrofula, Ulcers, Sores, Pimples, Blotches, Tetters, Re., caa be restored to sound health kfcOOT ANDHBBB JUICES, flM per Inrttls Sold by B. C.FORD, 11M Fa ave., and by Bhrng gists. DESMOND A CO., Proprietors, ?1? Baee Street. Philadelphia. mayff ly ? O T ? P. DB. W. H. B A BRETT, VEHTJ8T. Hae removed to Bo. ltM B street northwsst, por ter 18th strest. jed-ly NOTICE TO TAX-PATEB8. he Assessors of the ssveral Leglslatlvs Districts ha v tug completed the smaiimt of real property for the fiscal y< ar ending June 38th, 1874, the Board of Appeals wiU sasst st the oAce of corner of lemislaaa avenue, on BCA that Taxes, No. S3d4*strsst,nearthe the 3n nav or Faa BraBT, 18T8, st IB o'clock m., to bsar any appeals " de from the valuations of ssidm All appeals mam be anfis In writing, and sworn to before an eflcer competent to administer oaths. The Board will be ia eeeston each day | Saaday ex opted) frusa 11 o'clock a. m. until 3 o'elockp. m.. and on WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS from! "'".?fSiLL?'"' WH. WALL. V?1EIefcstdF.%. *? """? fel-tf Members ?f the Board of App I ale. VASniNOTON, D. C.. Mabcb 10,19T3, Booms No. IM ?H Btbkbt Hobthwkst. In compliance with section 34, act approved An il) continu __] Bd.k'l, the Board of Appeals willcontiuue in session at their rooms and at ths hoars designated, EVERY DAY, except Sandays,for thirty daysfnm tnis date, after which no appeal fross the gensrel ai hi ssment for the fiscal year 1873-1874 caa be re ce4ved. By order of the B jard of Appeals, narwla E. F. M. FAEHTI. Secretary. M l LICI M'B HEW DRUG STORB, Bo. 14HO PuasftTi8U Arsjnrs, Depot for I^IDZIBS WATEB FILTERS, FbUTIBO K IRONS, FLUTIWO MACHINE*, ?AS bTOVBS. OODEH* Housekeeping Store, mm 31* Bid 7tb street. ^TLANTIC MILLS. CRUSHED WHEAT Caa be bought at _ J. B. KB0009S, Together with CHOICE BBOCBBIBS. a.27 ?t Corner 9th aad Ostrssm, northwest. 'riN FLATB, 1 SHEET IBON. UT ZIBC. )EB, Ac., g " ""T ZWLD Stove W srerooms" of H. 1. OBBOOBT, a34 Penaeylranla sv pLUMBIBO AND GAS-FITTIBO. i dseiring to havs their Flambiag mxzxi3y? IIS FeaaeyWaalaareaae, Capitol BUI. WoitWUM*. ? WM BQTBWBt,!.. BJ1AT1BO AMP OOOKIBO. It weald be weH for f &R AT?l[u *RA 1 ket that will < QUK BUYS' DEPARTMENT. DOTS' CPBING STIT8, ROTS' SCHOOL SUITS. BOYS' LIGHT SUITS BOW DBBSS SriT8, BOYS' DABK SHITS. tors mixed suits BOTS' FINE WITS,' Bors- plain sriTs BOT8' CHEAP 81'ITfl vorx SPRING STOCK IS LARGS AN 1 COMPLETE, AND OVH ASSOKTMt/r: UK EH THAN EVER It k FOR E. PAPHIONABLE TAILORS, nlM Ooim Tra tin D Snun 0 rfr FINE TEAS AT VEKT LOW PB1CES. It in ?ti* Itikii useless to send m M. w Tork for TEAS when yon ran buy a thoro?*iii jelable article at the Mtovinit remarkablylo? *tUe ?r^ W^*~i yen ,?f 11(M 12th street, near Massachusetts avenue. LOOK AT THKSK FIGURHS: Choicest Mmuie <J?npowder...^. 91 ttanonhd " " Imperial 1 SO ?' '? Jamb ..... M " " O ?Iouk 75 " " Ei.eiixh l(real.f.t-t l.oil " " Hi ???II 120 ?' ETTKN PER CENT. OFF 05 LOTS OF FIV1 POUNDS OK MOBIt So Mifrior Tea* sold at any pfiee. Al?n, a fin^lr-assortedf-l ork of ever) tin Urn-err line, at very low rat**. m27-St J)UOPObALS FUH ICE. TUFAsfTtr-Dur* ? ".it. < Wa-hik?;TO?i, D. C., Min b 5S. 187J. \ All the proposals recelVvd N th* 2Kh instant t< fumifrli Ire for thin Dep'trtm<*rt for on* year tr> tl Mud after March 31, 1373, having been rn?oted, ad-li fional Scaled Propooalit will Ik1 reccit ?i uutil .toox Makch 31, 1S7.V The Ire to he furnished tmud b* Kennebec Ice ol t!ie best qaj.lity. or Ire equal thrrcto, clear and frH from snow. dirt, or ether impurities, to the ?ati?fae t on of the r? cti' ini officer, and to be delivered u utih quantities and ?t such times ami places a> m,j be reuuired. To be weighed by tlie Treasury scales, and to I " r*id for monthly . upon proper voucher*, anliled mid st vp roved in duo form. Bid* iddm be at a price per ton of S,?M fall It' the ton. A ?lei?jHit of #M0(Cnited States currency or bnndil n urt acotupaii) w h bid as security that it in gin - u ne and in good faith, to bo returned to the un?ur c. ssful bidden after tn? award of the cou'ijct, and tc be retained a* security on the contract of the ?uc* c? *sfnl bidder. The right to reject any or all bid*, or to waire d" it ia deemed to tho interest of the Govern ment to do ao, ia reserved. Bida should be indorsed'-Frost**!* for loe," and *1 ould be addressed to J.Ii SAVILLE. aiTT 3' [BepftOhr-y] Chief Clerk, Treas'y Dept. THE PERKINS LIBRARY. MESSKS.OADSDEN, ELLIS & CO. have rereiT<-<l iiir.Tru> ti.-iii* from the Executors of ALGER NON PERKINS, E-g.,d<-fea*ed. to SELL by AUC TION. DURING the ENSUING SEASON, in the G eat Library, at the Mansion, Ilanw ?rth Park. 12 ntdes from Lond?n. the unrivalled COLLECTION of ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS and PRINT ED BOOKS, formed by the late HENKY PER KIMb, Esq., at the beginniuif of the present cen tury. Among the Liti-rary nnd Fine Art tr<ea*nreH ebn>priiifd in tin* flsoet imc irtant C illcction tnav bo mentioned the Macarine Bible, printed on veiluaa, (anmtrhle** c?p) >?tb?-?iim''important book printed ?>p pap. r. iu p?'rfect condition?the L*tln Bible of i?3. printed on rellnni,(fr<?i th? La Valliere Li braiy^? Iei>*?>n'?t Bitde ?,f U7t>, printed on vellnm? ihe nr*t printed German Bible?4 overdale'* Bible, the Miiarabie. Mimal and Breviary, flr-t ?-ditiona?the Yalli-iinibro*a Mi??al. printed on vel in li?? splendid MS. of Lydgtte'v Si, ge of Troy, th'> id- nticftf one which bepre?euti'd to King Henry V? iKavre* divernfco et le R .man delaRyedi- Jo*n d? N'in(. with 73 verv line miniature'?Chriatine de, Hiatoireade Troy, a ia?wt heau'iful M8.. with 1U large miniHturen?Lecti< narium, MS of th?? tenrh (*-3tnr>,in the finest preservation, richly illumi nated?La Salnte Rible, MS of the thirt>*enth cen tury, with 190 mo?t < hoir? miniatur>-? of th' highest rliMof Fren'-h Art ? Biblia Sacra Latina, Italian MM. of ihe thirteenth century, with 145 b'-aa'ifal miniatures?nnm<Tini very richly illnminated Iloia- and Service B??k?, choice exampU-n of the pr-ws of Caxtou, ^Vy liken de Worde, Pynaou, Ac.?the most important County Histories, including Nichols's Leicester.hire, largo papor?Dug-1Un's U'arwck?bfre, by Thomas, large paper?Drake'-, tork,large paper?Horsley's Brltlamiia Roniaoa, large psper?Gongh's Sepulchral Monuments, an uncut copy?Anhniole's B*-rkahire. large paper?Au brey's Surry, large paper?Ormerod'-" Cheshire, large pap.r?Hutchins s Dorset, large pap-r?M or iran's Bphere of Gentry, largo pup-r? Wliitaker' K chniotidsliire. larg. paper?very fine copies of all tho newt valuable library hooks. It is impossible to convey in one anuoancement more than a slight id?a f the rii hes of thi* important Collection. A further I st will be given in future advertle- inents. Iu the meantime, ever* information uia> be obtained of Sfessra. Gailsden, Ellis A Co.. 18 Old Broad str.-et. City. ____________ THE PERRINs LIBRARY. 1| N ADDITION TO TUE VALUABLE BOOKS ABOVE ANNOUNCED, may be further men tioned. the First Four Folio Editions of Shakes peare's Works, ail perfect, and in very fine cjndi 1 ion?the Bible #f l&C (quite perfect), being the lirat edition of theScripturos printed Iu England?Cran mer'* Bible of 1*40?the Salisbury Missal, 1427, 1-rintiW on vellnm?Les Grande* Heure* de Yerard, ltiM, printed on Tellnm, iu old morocco binding? the Holy Gospels, in Latin, a moot valuable MS. of the Twelfth Century?Hore- B, V. M. ad ncam Or dini* K rat rum Minorum, a very beautiful Mfl.of the Fifteenth Century?Lee Epttres et Evangil<>s, a I 'lisaige de Pari*, an exqnisite MS. of the Fovr teenth Century, the Painting* of the beet period of French Art?Gratianl Decreta. a most important Dalian MS, with Illumination* of Ihe highest cla*s ? Pontifical* Bomanum, a grand MS. of the Wit teenth Centnry, executed for the Bishop of Tonr nay. formerly in the Townley Collection? Romance in the Life of Christ, a most precious MS. in Latin Yerse, but of English execution, with ItO Drawing* of the Thirteenth Cental >?Chroniuue de la Bouca ? bardine. a French MB. of the Fifteenth C-ntury, richly Illumirated?Le Pelerinage de la Vie Hu n aine.par Guillaume de Gnihrille, MS. of the Fif teenth Centnry, with 100 large Miniature Paintings ?Le Doctrinal Morale, a MS. executed at Bruges In 1427,and containing If Miniaturee of the neatest v*lne and artistic merit?^Vie de 8. Denis, from the Collection of Marie de Medici?a moat exquisite MS. by Nicholas Jarry, from the Le Tellier Collection? a splendid Set of the Anctore* Claasici ad usum Dol phini, in old red morocco, with arms en the sides, (including the rare volume* blower's Confess to Ainantis. printed by Caxton?HigdenV Pnlychroni con, printed by Caxton, quite perfect?Vitas Pa triun, printed by Weaken de Wordo, a magnificent copy?the Life of King Arthur, printed brCopland, a very Sne copy?The Ship of Fools, printed fir R. Pyneon, nrerr fine copy?a fine and perfect Copy of Pure lias's Pilgrims? Froissart's Chronicles, by pvnaon and Middleton, a beautiful copy?Hasted'* D iatory of Kent, 4 vol*.?Surtee1* Hietory of Dur ham, large paper?Ashmolo's Order of the Garter, large pnper?Dngdale'* Baronage, larg* paper? iMigdale's Monasticon, large paper?Dr. Dilidin'* Work*, on large paper; besides a great variety of J P. LUCAS, 1148 7th street n. w., T ? Regulator of Piano* and Organ*. Or-. Tm? ders received at Thompson'* corner 16th at.L ai.d N. York are.; Getty's. Bridge, near",. >. . Congree*, Georgetown; and Mo*es', cor. 7th and Pa. sv. Piano* and other instrument* packed and moved. All work guaranteed. mhaS-lv XHIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That therabacribers A. hav e obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Colnmbin, holding a special term, letter* of administration on the personal estate of WILLIAM B. VODD, late ofWishington county. D. C., de ceased. All persons Having claim* against tho said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the (ubacriber, on or before the 29th day ot March next: they may other wise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under our bands,thisKth day of March, 1873. T. H. orTODD, S J. TODD, tn27 th 3t WM. B. Tpbp. CABB1AGBS, O OBa>|| CABBIAGBSM New and *econd-hand Carriages of ev-. ery description, both light and heavy,fori business or pleasure,street or park. Repairing promptly attended to ROBT H. GRAHAM. an?t-3t? ?!? did 8thst.,bet.Ps?dE northwest. l^OTICE?The public are hereby notified that the 1^ late firm of Lydrum Anderson and William nmlerthe firm and ?*yle of WILLIAM KNOX * CO.. ha* been dissolved by mutual consent. The said William Knox will assume the payment of all debts du* by the firm, and also to collect all assets due to thefirm, and his receipt shall be validtlo take effect from the date of this publicaMop. >* ILI. I AM KNOX, LYBRUM ANDEBSON. Washington, D.C.. March St, UT3. g^ALL ON JAMES F. BBIBN, V Prmeneml PimmUr tmd Oat titter, to hav* yonr Plumbing, Gas Fitting, and Sewsnur* promptly attended to on rsnsonshbi terms, Mo. SOS Louisiana avenue, near ftk street, north aide. Residence, BBS Si street, norths**!. ml4 SEOOND-HABD CLOTHING ?Jrri'saass rsaasf''"''"* Kir J. Bee peeltalfy call* f*t? tiilv? MMtaNt offlABDIlf snd FLOWER SEBDK. which are tils season e> the Sn?? quality FLOWS! SEEDS, smhraelnc ?R (Be noreittas frosa Bnglaod and the OodtineOT The FRUIT TBBESare vigorous and ? ^nartlM rf Ps*rs (standard lad dwar Cherry, Apricot, Nectarine, Ac. , Delaware, Concord and all the other i G tin i jjgjfh,?.jaBfljcwrttf ?&>* mig-SW Opposit* V. a. Patent Office. pLORXBR Of (S-tl .H not ?f FNTtfr-A BOl fE <*? or 4 255 a to rtewt |ll. AJiwi C_A. M , fS ? \*/ANTBl?-At *?? ?rhMr'?*???"hwea ' a W7? ? X A 'to rook and e~Wt in wnefauig and ?r n ?L?; . ? ? * \VaMTI1h-A MAR or BO*, oil' IhaTutidev II otandfcuvi lb. rse-. Inquire 497 10 h str-ei nirthww< '' ANTED-An buDMi GlRl? or WOMAN to do general honeew..rk in a private f*m.l> , rr*~T f cn rfquirfd. Apply at 707 ?ltr?trwt. mg-8> VVAKTKD-A frtt^laas WHITS' COOfl; miirt " lb T'-ofbl? understand h?r kiMiRm; at 1 7 #9 ImwH. ?"g WANTED-First-cl*a? SHIRT HANDS <B?at " m. Finltben lud ODTiturO f?r (luf coMoin work. Apply at SUTHERLANDS Shirt Factory, ?I4 F street northaest. I' WA N T K V? two aiituruwh d, cpuih* ling ROOMS on iw.itd *"?r, on? ? fr-ml ro^m, iit?il<d l?lwwii Mb and l??h, E and H streets northwest. Address 0. A. P., t'ity Poat Office, VVANTED ?A respwctabSe w?ni*u wi?h ?? a SIT* iv U*TTOW to do chanib< rw >rk and waiMnr, of curif an<i do plain f wits, will 1< ave the city. A I dres? L K..Sl?roffif?. It* ANTKP?CHvMBKRM UK f ?r two person-*: must also art as ??r* f r v mil rMId; go 4 rat' rf><<* must be gtinn. Iieibiri* at Ml a uih \ street, Cepitoi Hill, cornet 2d. niff Ji* \VrAKTKli-A siuart, active WHITE WOMAN II a* and vigrULI)1 cook. Apply at the 'Irwu Mountain Ealing House. Center Mark*!. G *od wages given. ni2T J:.* i \V7TnfKU-ROuM an.l IIOAUD, iu Washington 11 or G"'>rv-town: priv ate fain-lv preferrM. Ad dress, citing lull particular*. " Dick," Star of fc?. mgti' WAN1K1'?Ry a gen'leinsti and ?f((Mwiliw?t children.I three I Nri'RVFSlfKD ROOMS, with ga? and water, snitable for housekeeping. A>1* drees M KG . Star office. nu7 3t W~ANTED?A relialle WH1TK UIRL t.. Hi hou^ * rk .id,1 *>?i-l lu tl** car*- of children. Aprfy at No. 4 Columbia street, between 0 and P streets. ro?-St? YV ANTED?At the h'avat Hospital, c?mM Shh ri rtrtct wd P? avcnnf cut, a NIIWE, male, wlifto; mutt t>e ca^ablt aL<1 tntHli* 1 S'"'- mS -3t * ! EE" ANTED?A tidy GIRL to do chamber* Tk, ' ir wnehtng, and ironing Also, *i'"d BOY to . wait at table and ahoirt the house All colored pre I f^rrtd. 1418 H street.corner 1?H- It* %V ANTED-Thr?* FURNISHED BOOMS f >r YI housekeeping, for a family of four peraons.b* twM-nkland 21?t and F ami M streeta northwest; rent not to excr< d ?25 per month. AddroaaE. H. M AIM, Third Auditor'* Offly*. City. if WJ AKTED? (?RI>KRS for averf d?arript_i?n of Tl Sue utitrhing rotfived at the W hazier A H il aon Offiff. 461 Pennsylvania avenuo. ma6 6'* WANTED?Bv two jonrc ladiva, on?* orVio tin ii furnialuxl BOOMs. Maat ba attuated l?tae*n 4th and 12:h and W and M itreota ni>rthwaat. Ad dreMi. ntatlnKterni?. P. J. G , Star QlTli-e. n.IB 1 * WANTED?91,000 on ?4.00U w-curity. Par ? nt- vri?hini< th?ir aon to learn the priutius bn,ii*Mi^,lii all Ita br?iich?^, hare th* beat opp?>r;ii n ty. Addrcan A B.C.jStar(tfliw. fOap.l mtfi-St* WANTKD- A aetili d C >lot*d WOMAN to d > th?> cooking, washing, and ir >uin? in a prnate fandlv. M'lo* come well recommended. Apply at 9511 I afreet n<>rthwe?t. mifi-Jt* WANTED?A (rood W htte Gl KI< t> do K*neral hoiiiii'wo k iu a xmail t.un lv. Rvomni'-uda^ tion? reqnir.-d. Apply iaju.txiiaul). No. C04 M street north. nt2?i ii* W^~XNTED-A WkT NL 41--I IS h?tr??t, between K and F. iu2i St WANTED?Two experienced 8AL.KSLADIKS and one find-rlaao MILLINER, at H. 11CL

1FR'8. 714 Market Sp?-ce. WANXED-&4 000 f. r five yearn, on real e?tate wnrtb three tiiuos the aui tiut. Addre^a M . Star ofBce^ 11)25-3.' WANTED-lOO MKN for tiainna Kh?ra. Apply II to JOHN GIBSON or WM.KKITZKT, c >r ner 13>? atreet and Maryland menne. all-It* W"~iTNfED?An experienced NI RSE, white or Col'T'-d; ?<?mj ?aa -? to one well recommended Apply as ijlb A street 8<>uthe??t, C?oi:-d n.n_ mfc V IVANTF.D-A SITUATION aa uouveruante f..r " one or two children, by a respectable French yuanf lady; ia wiilin<{ to aoaiit iu hou<4eke.>piiix and fewiiig; hn-> a at-winit miu hine. Beat refereuce^ Addrega ''Gonveriiante,'' S'ar "IBce miS It* Vl'ANTED? A MAN at<juaiuted with jfttiu-ral II farm work aud n?ed to lakinK care of atO' k; one with a family preferred: giKKl wap^? zlven: r??f erencea required. Apply Mrf. LKW1S BAILKY. Uailey'a Croaa Koada. Va.. or addreas thro\iirh P mi <iflue. Waahiligton, D.C. w25-lw* VVANTKD-H DIK? t-> tak- n ticetliat M vlame If D. E. M AISON. of New Y'?rk, ba? op?n"d h-r Millibtry parlora, at No. 413 13th *tre?t n>>rth weat. liiSt-llu' \\J A N'TKD?ltumediatei)?A hn?t-claaa (J*K II 1>EN?B f'-r a Virginia lanu. Apply to WM. SM ITU, 314 9th atr.-et. ni21t;* WANTED-An energetic Yol'NG MAN d.-air.a to learn the dry good-, or clothing bu?ine?4. II-commendations g>?od. Wag-s uo obje?t. Ad rtleae "Energy thla office. ml5 2w* I WANTED?A~H"ET NI RSE Apply at 909 L ! *i street northweat, between 8th and *!h 1 atreeta. BJt 1m WANTEI'?Every one to know that the VICT0B IT HEWING MACHINE haa iti ?'t4U mIf sa one: the moat perfect ahuttle In na*. raating in a cradle; needle bar aad work* of at eel. Agency. 4*9 P'-nnay lvauia avenue. Alao, Branch of Mute. Dem urest'? Pattern Emporium. . anga'-ly T. W. BPICEB. Agent. ANTED?JSvery body in favor of thoroughly cleaned CarpeU, alnioat aa bright a* tend order* to L. BICE, at the Steam Carpet B atlug Work*. Maine arenne. bet. 4H and 4th ata. aprl31y BOARDINQ. 1 A DIES and GENTLEMEN, either singly or in 1 j parties, and families, can hear of the vary baat ai d cheapest B arding arrangement in_the c itj , by addrecsing Dep't Club, Bo* 16, Star ofllra. m37 SI 'l'BEMONT UOi;?B~corner *1 street and Indi 1 ana arenne, having been enlarged and newly furnished throughout, ia now one of the moat de birahle Hotels ii the'city for SUMMER BOARD ING. Parties wishing to secure pleasant rooms, whh first claaa Hotel Board, should apply beforethe flrst of the month. We have also a snit, and single B??m, on flrat Soor. opening on pavement, soluble for gentlemen. Gentlemen wishing to room together can have elegantly furniahea Rooms at !'>w rales. mil 6T 1/OR RBKT?Good ROOMSand TABLE BOARD f in that new bouee.No. 618 H street, near 7th, only one s^nare from Patent Offlce. recently taken by a Northern lady. Come aud try for your selves. mil 2 ? VIRST CLASS BOARD BT THE WMK OR r MONTH; also, deairable ROOMS for rent, hand somely furnished; ierr low to permanent tenants during the spring and summer, with or without B< ar<T Rooms on second aud third floors, with board,at ffiO; No. 619 13<h street, between E and F streets, near W*illard's and Imperial Hotels. ml6->w g^OOD BOARD, PLEASANT ROOMS, AND VI,prices moderate, at BIOS oomsr of Pennsylvania avenue and Slat street. mayl-ly PERSONAL. NOTICE?I hereby forewarn all persons not to trust any one except my u ife on my account, as ) W ill pay no debts contracted by any one else. n.27-St' WILLIAM D. CRAMPSEY. MR. GUSTAT KCHN has so ariMged an upright Erard Piano for Mrs. Admiral? Belfriuge by the addition of iron bars, as tolBnBl eSectnally prevent its falling, at the same'IV II f time obviating the necessity of frequeut tuning,(a fault almost anirersal to instruments of this class,! and it affords her much pleasure to give this testimo nial to his abilities and skill as a workman. Georgetow n. P.O., March SSth. It* A YOUNG LADY. A RESIDENT IN WASH iagton from childhood, olTers b>-r services for an oSoe or store, in keeping ordinary accounts, .writing letters or copying, or ether buainesa of a similar nature. Refers to Hon. John Hits, Presi dent German Ameticau Savings Bank: Mr.and Mrs. II. C. Spencer, Bnsimas College, and others. Ad dress A. M. 0., Business College. ' m?-4t fkMTACLES TO lLARRIAGE.-iJajp. RshV v /or lowar Mm from the effects of Errors and Aboees in early life. Manhood restored. Impedi ments to Marriage removed. New method of treat nwat. New and remarkable remedies. B^oks and Circulars sent free, in sealed envelopea. Address Hotrttrd d '.wiadMi, No. U south 9ih street, Phila de.phia. Pa.,?an instituti n having a nigh reputa tion for honorable conduct aud professional skill. mar?-eu2m MRS. H. J. FRENCH, IAS Ctltbrmf* HsHrnkk (IsirtHWM mud Tttt Mtdxmn, can be seen at 7 llth street northwest: alao,gives deluiiations of character by photograph hand writing or lock of bafr. lff-ln* PROFESSIONAL. |jft. NARY B. SPACEMAN, mlfrSw* 1634 SIXTEENTH STREET. I>* j a DELAY AH, , aa0 * street. HiiM?^tTHIC P* to 4, afternoon; OSnSuT-* W W, morning,i ?. 7 toS,e*en'l|S I OH* W. HANNA, ho ? to^SF22S,^2;law' ??-tf ???wsaiferfs41*' JW. lEIOHTVKLL, ? Sui.Lessor to OARROLL F. WIN SLOW, BHtKTMAMMk As? Biu? is Mix1! Fceswhi3?*, _ , _ ?{k Street. Having Mr. Winalov^ pattern. ~ luffccU nr^Tia control ofTtoiS ties, his old cutunera are leave their order with ?. yO CONTRACTORS. B The subscribers offer for sale? PlVff U iaci,'h*t <?,uaity? SCOTCH SEWER j 'iCT'" ?*?* sis lJth street northwest. |^IMB I -LUU I LIME I i.wjssttriKV * ?? h"-?.""-* M. ? e :kr>> > furnish Hew fHf fob Bnrr amp balk. l/<fe MCltT-A?:ll*orr>?r R(X)I8*^B*TI? V i?<nd fliv* ?f house Wo. 74 H at <*4 t.- rtlm>?f; fuuf ion given lat of April m T *? BI2?ir?Parties daajring large, i ?w?i rooKB. h?rM* mel? AimUh'-I. a' moderate pnr?, w?V call at fi08 and 15th ??n> ?' norOiW *t. irlT X* l^'Ok HJiM-Th-o no'in u< U<?OMs. <h -<? I I roox* the i, fuiuKhcd r uufaroi-t e:. a-31*4S I fi?l I'tuireat Ihuic of O P HABKKlT. [ Sit 4S - W?g 1/OR I.IM-D-ii iila KdoHs f. r auiuiu-r; ' E a. uth Iron:: in ?w*?w or sngl?, famished or an i fiirai*btd; at N <3i I ttreet, tx-iwcen 6'h aid j 7th. ; mr Si' E/OR RENT?Thr?e RitOM^.tcot .r.ui.uaic&tirg; I A fitter furui^hed or ui.Tarnieh.-d, t >*.-th<-r or ?en | ?r?t?. not fi? l.' iwfct ?(itr. B a;d if d-air-d I '17 11th ttrcft.lx-tttvii k and Pennarlvania a?t> [ ??? ... . a??4." ; pOR m\T-T*'i l?rf? wnfurni?lted Iront I BOOM*, with watnr ant *w<*-close' or: 11? *ama plate, auitaM* for housekeeping. wt K > I I:? I'rMWTITiht* wuu', l*tT?l. i,t ai.J rtr ? t?, ' WMhiutcD.D. C. n?V-l>' | l/OR BUNT?Ajeveu r??ni BKJUK LH*1;mC,<b 1 caud rep-dr. A permanent uiiimt m 4> 4r .1 311 Pelaw a r>' a?HiiK , In t*> ?* G t&<l 1) n>>rt h, t ? > > w,umm wclh ol Oapf oi. mi" * ? I/OR RKHT-R(M)N9.f?niuM f-?r b'nwnkfrp irig;bath room, clnesaa, A> . Applrat Cdlmiih<* j Mfdrt, tf.h and Mb Mi l 1* and | Di?~ Si.' 'OK SAI.E-A *mal: F\RM, ti acr-e, uu the ffwbiBjti i Aquqflact p*t. fowr mIwfrow F * ?? B -? - u^avu ?? >? ?><4 I 1 ? "W??? ? ?*???! Ulilf" I I "111 ] . if 'ti'V i., *u^>il ti use, apple and ?r-tiai 1; cord tJuci for a tinwrj or mark ft orj.^n: w iTI b ?''d for 8IAV caeh. Apply al No. Mil K h ?trwn northwest. I/OH UK XT-A flnF. Inrtre HOI SK for rent. fnml*hed mitiiWr, with ??*l>i? ami ca?-rla?e I M?t h*mrtl in ilir m<*t rrotral and la>kioti I'l l? portion of the city. Inqii're furth< r al the law r.ffrrofl, M. SAUNDERS. 434 7th ?t*--t norfh wett.. Illfi-lt* i^Ult RiM-lu ? alTKlb pmaiu Iwuib . Ir.i-t t*i't.>|ii- nnlonimH ROOM?, with K'trti -n aiid Baik roMn; location most central In th-c'f,; iinuue>-tionttl>le iflwrtnf* required. No fantiit villi !-n all childrru nerd apply. A-ldr ?>*, *-ar office, D ?. r. tiir v* l.'OK SAI.K < HKAP-Terms. tiuucaeh. and >JU I m<iiithiy until ???!?sr>?*ral u?-? 2 *t>>r> HKIt K HOI Mutt-fl on N^w H itnf*Mrf av^nno, !?** ? T Hiid 1' *tr?*ti- north; ha*r ?.* rooai ,ha.l. front ai.<1 l?a? k >ar?U, U.?a?e? c"B?pl^-lv hui?h >4. .1. W . ?T V KRt 1.17 2w N';rth?a?t rortic r N. T. avr. and I9th ??!. ICIuonicle. B?pul''ii? aji, tf.l _ 'OR fcKNT-T?u uniuriiulii'd PABI.Olii>. auil al?le for hi)lttw"kr'>pingi trrma rvaaouabl*. Apply at 61Q <lh i-tr<>ft aortliaxat. ?"*> 1/OR RKNT?Tt?rr* u?-a?l*-furnlatn'd B<?t?Mi*. at 1 No. Y3T 6th*trM? nortliwp?t;oiit?ief!rrt and i tid floor*;will In- r?-utfd low for thy a?mm?r.w>*-3t* I/OR RENT?V mr ROuMb, tor a .mall family I wtthr.nt Children. A pp'T at f\Ri?'* R-*r?r. N<>. DM PtitmliinU ivtuoe.bMwinaltli and liKh i.|icrt?. m*< 3< L^UR bAil-A kaiklx mu b -r.H<a Util'iik. with r ?i>?d f ?rd, in an <-*c??llent location lujuiieat No. 118 IVth at., between P and E *ta. northwMt, I b.-twe?>n * and ? o'clock in the ironing. m?> ?t* IMIJok RKNT?'Will t>. ~t?r reiit Vpnl 1-t, aral Ixaniitui north and ?outh fr >ut K'MlMS, in I. ilMH-e 316 and 318 C aircet U Tthwoet, tH-tw< '11 11 m il 4S W>. wrafi-5'* 1/OR RkM?Oio- large Hirni?ti-d FRONT R<?i?M. with B hT'I, in a priralc famil >. Two TABLE 1I0A UliBKS can alao l>- accomuio?lat<'d,at Oi l II h ?irw l, Ix-tai fti it and I. ni>> 3t* IB/OR8AI.E?Yer> valuable PROPICRTT <?Mh<M . tine lionac, large grounda, A< ? or wilt * il-'-p t rat. ly. THUS. *. WAWAMAN, . u ji jt Mo. ilV 7th atrwet. I/OIUTFM-Two. otiiiiiuiii< aUiig R?K>.Mh.ou ?i I floor ,n?wlv furiii?h'-<l. ?in?{l* or d*?ulii?, w itii i?r witlx ut BOARI> No.7ai ith sireet. b"twcn G ai.d H . north went. infifr I/OR SAT.K?A ^tnall. pl-:?-ant 1101*^1". W13 E??t ? Capitol ?tre<t ,ii? ar tt rminuo "t ?tr??t rara; *tr?^*t | a\?-d with wood: tw and water on pien.i- prett? card* n> with chou-r fruit tr?-*<i :md*iiibn. Imnire <?i> the pri miaea. iX-Jt* JM.V)? RKNT?On th- l?t of April,a7-r -oiu BHK'E IIUl >E. with hall, ai V ar.d buck alley?;chand* It- rn and gan flxtnr?? in e^cry room; on O ->tre?t, l? - tween 12th and ISth ?ta. northwi-?t Ala*, two on fcriiixhxl Boom? Apply at th- *tor .f mt 12'b atid O at*. ** 1/tiR"SaLK?1 WO hi* OE LAN l?. near. Ar a lil(ft<iU? about til*- <4-.ail- i ! a liu. IfUM ll A<j?i<-dnct briilgi*. One contain* 9 and the other :t hi i* ?. inip' or?-?T Wv two ?i?i:ilI frame hou*-*-. Appi to JACOB IilUl il, Sio. -4 iJ aire u O ? ik t? wn nifr?? lin? IB/Olt 1SKNT-A delisluful COl'NTKT rLA< K. a mile from city; w ith fniit, ahrul" tr ??-. -pl-u lid [writer, atid e??-ry attract Ion; 9 acre?; I honae, with aaloon parlor, kitting r-'oro.diimiit li I rary, cellar, paiitri'K, *i* b<*lr.Miin?, etc , l.irg^ barn; five minntoa' walk fi 'tii 7th atr-et car?. R"?t - Inabii'l W J. RUKK.-*. UK a at. l),oK RKNT?E CRN 18HKl> HOC SB; *ery de A -irable; 1 7 I ? H atreot .all nn>l in coineui--ncea. Til OS E WAGOAM AN, ?1? 7th atreet m25 St V. or BENT?Two auite* of pleasant, El'BN ? 1SHED R(tOM8. on tlrat and aecond fl >ors, wi*h II .ard, at Utf I New Jersey avenu- aonth i<m?t. nifc-tt* L^OR RENT?ROOMS, it. houae corner 7th and R r atreeta north. N ?. 17?1. Wat. i in tbe boww ai d a targe hallway, and a Ttry plaaaant locall | ty. m25 St* F*0R"SALE-A umall HOTSE^fia North Car.T lina a> eiitle. near KmIciii Enrkvt. Aueatcot tagi for a unall fannlj . Choice flower*, exer^reena ai d grapea on the placa. Two a<inarea fr ?i both | houtlii ftfcteru liuos o( city cuii. intt ot1 P^OR SALB OB-BENT-BRK B DWELLING, back bnilding, fonr-atoriee: containing llrooata, water ?nd *a?; on eaat aide North Capit<>l atreet, No. 291, betaeeu B and C atrceU. Apply "O the prtmiaeft. ni25-4?; I/OB BENT?Tbree-atory BRICK HOUSE, with I Knrooma; fumiabed;*aiidWh tub; No. 7VI lSth atreet, bet ween New York avenue and II ?tr?et uortliweat. Apply to JOHN I. EM TWI8LE, H.use A^ent, No. t*f loth ?t reet ni25-eoS'. F'OR iSALE OR RENT-A four-itory preaa.-l brick fr?int HOl'SE, No. !?? Indiana between lat and Id atrweta aarthw?Mt. c.mtaiuingt rootaa and cellar, range in kitchra, water, aud gaa. Iti.|tilre No. 1304 4S atroet aouthweat, W M. N H. M A ACK. 1/OB SALE?V?r> deMrable 7th atreat PORPEB r TT,oapoaite Patent Officc, between 0 and H;4 atory Brick-large lot, 36 feet It)1* inches front by MB fret fc iBrttee to alley. A rare opportnnfty a go- d investment. B. H- WABltB*, m2S*eoM 711V .th street. FOR BENT?A anite of nicely fnrnlahed ROOMS, cheap, on aecond loor; alao. one aingle Bootn. at 7 iiO 13th afreet, between G aud H, northwoat, bath room on same floor. niH-li FjB OB BENT?A two-story HOCBE, completely furuiehed, situated at 40b 1st atwt ?>afh^Mt, c<?nier 1st and D sts. Apply at J. g.fl EM A C Lt * | SON'S, comer 8th and P streets northwa^. m>? dt% OR RENT-BTORE and DWELLING. No 737 I 7th street, between G and H ats. Inquire of Sir*. Al AMSON, No. I8il 14th at., between S awt T afreets northwest. ran at FVOR RENT?On the lat of April, BOl'SE No. 141V Q street, third door fri?n 18?h aireet, eon tainiag eleren roonia, with all modern ImproTw DM-nta. Not rented ft>r a boarding-houee. Inqalre at 1486 New Tork arenne. gig F>OirBKNT-MABKBT GARDEN-About eight acres of rich soil, w ith % aluable beds of ??p*r? ens, corranta.rliubarh and apple orchard. Laud ad joins Sotdiara Home, with entrance front .th atrcn-t by Whitney aTenne. Beaponsible tenant required. Apply at Till 13th atreat. mJl-s.tu th3t* t<0B fetNf-SCBCBBAN BkSl6*H< E-Tlie I4 new and comfortable HOCBE, outbuilding*and I teant ifttl gromids on estate known aa Locii* Hill, adioinin# 8?ddiera' Home. Healthy aituation, ?pletidid view, beat water, and cars to tlie entran, e on Whitney avenue. Apply at No. 71J 13th street. 5La ?, tn lh?I 1/OB BALE?A three-atory PBESS BRIt'K.cor W ner North Capit.d and I flre?-UJ?#1"*#- ? . A detitable two-story BBICK ^ OT TAOE on I? between Ken Jiney avenue ntid North Capitol Two beautifully located HOUSES, corner Ma?*f chn?.?s avenue and Uth street. deairable PBOPKRTT, formerly occupied by Mr. Mullet, corner Oay and Green streets, "feV&ffoUBM in the new row?being Ani*bed) on Id street, near Pennay Ivania o*enue. .... Five new ^BICKS.G atreet, bet ween ?th^and list ?tn-Atf I. K. WUioM^i *k Al 1 7th ?treHf opr^te Po* Offlre. l/OB SALE-A 4-r>M iu IrBAltB HOCSB, w?U r located, on easy terms. Small cash payment. Inquire of klCHABP B. SMITH, 4 3?*th street northwest ??"-** 1/OK SA LB?Three fine SO?ABES. one nfXSVMIL II one of 98,? 00, and one of IOOJ0UU feel. Cheap and on eaay terms. Call between ? and 10 a. m. GEO. B CORURN. 405 9th street aorthweat mil^t ?/OR RENT-At No. 4661st street southeast,4 17 deairable ROOMS. furnished complete fur huuae keepiag; water In the kitchen; coal and woodruom adjoining kitchen; watercloaer and bath room; cioafeti tud |i* in tvtuy room. mil w ii^OR 8ALK?On ??jMtol Hill, a geuteeli 3-ot<?ry r and basemt Dt BBICK HOCW. containing niua rooms,beside* bath and ?tore Foama ll hae *aa, cold and hot water, aud w?wr-cto?*?; Ba*ed by La t robe and Jhaplre Seating ra^g^Ittaa^y? in thorough oris*, to a rarr h<**thr a?d ?raw _ neigbborBood. and will ha mU v*T low 0SafmI terms. Apply to th* owmsf on tKa ?treat southeast. : F" OB BBMT-EBMm?g?P Parlor furnXh^Mm miarr>. ti. <??.?. front br 100feet 15e?,toe with li stable and cMTiage honsa J. THOMPHw. corn** of Wth sir sat and. Mew T< to 9 noBlk; luqalrs 664 La. BOOMS arar MU o. P-uasrUaaia mUlu FOR REST AND SALK. ( H*AI*?A pi . f JlOtSE, utth i<>: <? lilinMlm, < H ? and hath roe?. Ml and c-4 ; * rarfaa. L?tr?h ? raa and p. I II*/.". marl rit*klr<l ot lllk,V<??N O ud ?<??e?t?. Price. Mj|. to BICHABD B' 'THV* Ul N*?. {4 Ok atreat nor h*a I. TV* hi nae gur br ?.-en bi c*Uii4?l llw Qnifff a|.?re 1 of O II 'I lllli firwt# tank* -nt Bilk 1?* ?tm brick fr >nt containing M* m'T rixdlkf niarHe ruaa ?ta l^k BB&T-<H. tha M of Apr. I. Ho'l itll*. r CI3 L Ta u> I an a dtcdm, opp? tlx* ??:>u llonaa. lu per*f? order; with all ni -I *ro impro?e ineata. Iml 8W |rr Ounth la mk*. *?pt? ?? the pr> n i~*-a nil* I* t't'ji very d-?iraHle Bl'ILDl1(1 r LOTS on t'apit.d Bill n*-ar th? Cei?tt?.| Giui.N WILKIK * McBAE. B ?l IftM' Br.i-r>, irLVertw A3A If h ?tr-et. .pr-?ite Tr-a^mr. i30B> A*E?An ^?Mre*tjrA~BK orenorwp. r l* aatifWIjr h-caf^d war the teraiiaua ..f ?l> C v Inabia threat nul~oad. ? 11???"** ?a1 ar?<? mm.. 4ittaftNW. WAI.EKB * Mi B\E. R?al Estate B' 'W'-ra. nll-Mta 81* IMh ?tn a*. ??Ml? Trw??ty. L'Ck KKNT-P^iiKM' a'?o I B ??ii building Bo. SI* ptb ?tr-ef. *r pl? to A G H ALlfT. B??wl "fTr*l' E ? iuT Ira 1,A u R^TL JEKt a^SFieKv^A^iair-rSTV^ej I1 I". >aus nm1*!. t?rwe~?f brick artth' ?<?nv?rie,ice?, large 1.>I, Be. Apply ou the preni.< HH 10th rttart. ?!??*?? M. biI4 Iia I^Ok KVKT?BOOMS, aitli l??nr.l. at 1?? m *rbw?t> an a??, r.iniM' llil rirwl. a.lS Iw* LOST AND FOUND. I'lHT-Fr ? IhrritiilrK' ?l the ?a??r, U -? ? rt?|,i? ?r?-u 1>I a : I.; bmalle llL l.l. TERRIER BlTi'H? ?" n'ip.ftail ?d f'l-t wMtf. & titxTaf rea awl will b? paid loth* f?nd._r^ rrT *1* IOST-Ob WMti' ?!?? nmlni! Mai h Wb. in * rolrr fr??n ?1? fch??rr?t. thr..iirb l? "?ie?H ?B<1 Pent ay It an la a*. ?u? |<> rhf Wli.l# II' aaalib' f I B COLLAR Tita li.?ler wilt t. suitably re warded lj leaving tb ?*?' at t?i IBVING"S Ivjl.npitalr*. Ft at... er ftSB si?t at. tiff Jt* IOS1 ?On ttir lat ol Man. h, on E err-ft, S-?? -??. d lull ainl 24 tdreeta anrthwMt.a BI BY KIN., w ith tao p>jii Is. A lil?ral rmanl will b? p?.<llf returned to No. *0f? Jd str?< northare*. #rt? | OST? At the National Tb<?Ter, January 8th, an I J ONYX EARRING-The ?nder will be auttably ryvarrtitl by l>arlny it at ^tar j> tt 1~ OHT-Ob tbf in, briWKTU i.'? aix! OU aud 7tb ami i L ?lrn'ti. a pair of LYJC <? l.*S>tS. . . --v e Id fracif. A liWral reward will Ix "" paiii if f*W'-4 If 4H C ??rart ?ortliw?rt. dZ3 FOR SALE. WTtAH BOILFR FOB BALK.-A t>- w upn-tit * BOILBB.0 borar p'<?rr BtJT St* 41* 1Mb atr^?t nortbwi'4. (f^ABlal 4 AKfi! CAB 1H ?* <.Mlact-n. aa<l V/ ?tb*-ra tanntif I'arta ? til <l<>arrllto rail a' No 14 *?<r ftrrw, OotfratwwB. An aaav?rtMirMt alaa| a ?? Laixl clx-ap for caab. n?-*t,m M ItrBPBY. L11B BALK-M< I.*. I'AK r .1,1 H*RSIi>? r ApBly t<? 1*ANIEI. IIANNAN, corufi ol ?.li ?ih! K tioithveat. tu? Si* ? T rBIVATt KALI-A a. t <1 1>B.\W1NU A BOOM > 1'BNITCBK. urboin. 1 .1 in Blue Satid liaiiiark, Marie ABtoliieiie* A N ?t> l,,r<.u-tiatiB( of 1 l?ofa,3 Ana. ZLa<lT'a a..?l 4 VV iud' w < hair-, t Kf "nj aii.l titll, R?'< ^pli"ti Cliair?, 1 Ll .|i> an.l C? 1 It B 1 n?l C>i ter Table (xatin dainaak to match, an.l I P.ano St"..l to nial<h; alau. nae Kni. li ^o^uetta t xrpet, r..iitainiD2 about 75 >anl?. The aU'V- ba?a baea ta aae leae than f >nr ?{ ni<?ttia, an*I ar>- iu etery reape? t a- * ->J ai> Bear Tb< J will be together or vpara^H. I?J a roi>p>>a fibl.- aari) vu a liberal credit. if (Wired. Apply to I.\TIMER A CLEABT, Auctlotieem taarH tf I'TICE TO-CON 1KAOtoKb?Sbov-la, P^cka and <U?ttactora T'?>la of ev.-r?- d"?rri? f ?r at B Mton prlcea l>* L B l?CHNKlUEii. 1010 Pa. aae., air.'Bt for 8. u. Mnnaoti, B.aitoii rati Im" tCil |Iflfl Mllbtli ilK KkAL Kb 1AU IN HirrEKENT BBOTIOKHur T1IL CITY, FOB^ALE. <>N RK\SuN ARLB TEEMS, TO CLE \B I P AN EbTATB Tbt uiadera.?ii?d, aeaigt??*?. ? ? rt--r t r ?ab-. at !"? pr 1 <-a and on tr^awuabU lrrra>. the follow iug prop ?-n?: UOUSE on N w York avenn". betare^n 4:b and Stli atie -t- n ithv. m , Iwiim No. 111 tbr-. ?t >r> aud I..?. luent prtw^l brick froat. with broan itaut ti iuninp . 1 ulaiuiiifc 0 1.? n. -, bat'u-rouiu, a-> and water. Ai.-o, IIM>E No. 414 N?-a- York arenne, |.-i?..-n pi, ?, <:Mbaartxrta uvrlliw.u, twa ?t .i? I ?a>-iu* ul a 1.0 ?tt ... .mtttaa 6 romia and fuiun.. r Kitch w N". 416 .\. ? Y"t k a\ -tiui- u<*nbaro?t, three stur>, contnitiii.H 4 r oina. No. 49IB New Y ik avenna aorthw??t; two ate rj Irarae. brirk l?a?tii.'iit aud aninio^r kitrli 1;7 r??m? No. 41? M ?tr-et north?e>i. l?i? ?. 4tu and 4th, tlnw at<.ry and ba^.-aient, pr> a-? 1 bri. k; c .utaiuiug V luudn, ail ?|.deiu Aim, Oii? fine Pu'I.litig f.OT, on 4!b afreet, b twcenM ai d N atreeta 111 (haeat. 1 liree But- UmiditiK LOTS, >a N-? Yol k av.-utte, corner of 4tb atr?*t n?.ri liar?t Tao line LOTb, vn N'-a Yvrk at enue, bet ween 4th aud bib atreeta northwaat. For lurtbei P??iic?ila?. apph|^?j _ iniuix,, FI GKNE CABl'81, " lTTIN ? ?Y.F. MATT1NULY, r.V W Aaaigneea of Jaa. ti. Navl?r. ti hick CLA1 FOB &ALE. A Bfly lo DODOB * DABNEILLE, jlT-tf I4BT F alr-?<. MEDICAL, Ac. \lHf A E.CLTTEK, M. ?Mi*tlt Pb)il 1?I cian, fr.ioi B<?t'>n, baa r^iuovt^l to 41a 4tb atr? et, where she will heal tbe atek, aud give aitttnit* for <ieaelop?i nt daily,front 8a. iu. to 7 f. m Cm.-i Ituniona witbotrt the knife. rag ?>t* DB. BINGHAM, Kilttm af Ike Amtrttma hitetro Medical Journal, in J Profintar ta Ike KUrtrtral < <?//?**, A fir York, will dlaguoaa diaeaae a it bout asking i|t>e?tiona. I'aralyala, Bh^umatiaat. ranrera. Blood Poiaotia. Caiacrb, Dyapepaia, the Bye aud Bar, Luag aud liitoat Aflectioua, aud Neraoua l>taaaaea are Iu* ai-laltiea. PiiTate Booma, Ho. 413 13th *treet,u?ar Peun a> 1 \ aula aveuue. Office b ur*?9 a. tn. to S p. m , aud 3 to 6 9. ta. <'..naaltationa fi??. tiilS Sw* ABUBB CUBE WITHUL'T lNTBBHAL MBD 1C1NB.-A botUa of SATISFACTION will Boake '? e>ery'binjr lorHy." Sold by all Dt olfiMJ for ?1, and at DABBY 6, comor t>a aueet and pr?*. ?> liauta avenue. f W in IV BAKMK88, Irractilaiitr, and Barrow Doblll It tf, aacc.-aafuliy treated. Baltef iaauiediate. R- ma if deal red. Ladiaa ielaraalad. adirwa Mre A C BOSHEB, M aahingtoB. P. C. feb4 ?a" \| ADABLB W1LSOM, P HTBIOI V KIBViri, ran be conanlted on all DI8BA8KB INC1BBNTAL TO LADIBB. Residence and C?niioltatiMi Boatna.911 ttb betweanHand I. Bo<iim,Board,M"dicai attaa A( , at reasonable prioaa. Tan a m ? ramovad wltb hr?d in two honra. Befar to patlacta aocicm?f tfatwl In W aahlngton. aorUH I )!. LXOB, COAi CLTJMti PH XSICIAH, The oldaat eatabiiebed Spxialurt la the city. No. Sll lltb atreet, aboae H. Honra; 11 to 4 and 7 to 4, iaily. WHpaclalty?F-aniala Oomplatnla and Ootaa _ ~ If*-* ?/EM ALB D1BBASB8 treated, aad nulaaawt r caaca taken. Deacribe caae ana epclo?M; ad vice and vediaina will be aeat. Addraaa Mr*. Df THOMPSON, Mo. ??? North ISth atroK, Pbtiadal pl.ia, lang-lT* M?aai.... . To II' PLANT? SON, eoraar N?w York avanue and1 IB it feet, wh?r? teatlmonlala can be aaaa. aiTl4-lr a Ib>INU INoTlTCTB FOB HEALING, VATEB CUBE, No. 63B aixT Stehet, OrartootMg the famar Treattaatrt:?Bathing of diff?rant kinds, warm aad t.p'd packa< warm and cold coaainwaa, tkoruogk ri.bbii'g of atifi and awolian jointa, and all contrac tion of tha ahla. Coattractten vt the yoiata dtaappear I>V <>n< UeiUtnent. The bloo d aai hair receive arw liU, tbaayatam ?aw vigor, iataiir, IaBaaeaaatnry aud Chronic Bh.umatiam yield readily. The licJba and baiida receive their aataral airengtk, the j>a tiaut iU-?a>vt riiig a change far the better in a few 11 vim ui'wvrnuA ? ?- m . ?? "-r " ?. dava. IMaptdated ana w?ah aoMtltutMa raicvif or atod. Dt-afueM by ? aimfomautati.aa, warm air airintraduced lata the ?ar, a-warful ?caaltro ?ud mmsgsom t Ionian InQntr# ittij? W. mi IE'BMt PtiadSS ofcoe for (?aaaNatio?, for terma and as* IMI PennayUania avet^oe. W B-Thenar of tobacco and profanity diacoar * 1 of mucleanly wiU ao4 ha LUNCH MILK BISCUIT, Tha cholcaat. moat delicate and Bnaly laxorbd tracker is tha United Statea. OIYK THEM ATRIAL gapectally adapted far MVCB. TEA TABLE^D THE C? Of I Bataalahy Oracaca aaarndftf. Trade aapplied by TTLEBB BBOBm ?aii-tm Bote ? aWrtarara, Battlmora. Md N (TME ONLY NICHOLS.! WHO 18 HBf BMHf.r I srtfeif BUKINBtt CHANCK4 F]S-##*i5rr>!s rf^ii^rKr tMXJST"*- "?*?' ? *? R VjUii rVr uLTrwT, - s vteti". t ^ iisrffiv ai mTm ?T. *rr*' *""* "* -4"? .^r<i Jr* ?* 'ffjf.'lw fr ?? alir l S^5T*** *"r* r * to. 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