Newspaper of Evening Star, 27 Mart 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 27 Mart 1873 Page 3
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v> ?.t e ..I 1 km* iw rrince u i *e* v, ?? ?>. ? ?. mi l l.. :u' kn"?? ?i?l 'l-crib'il ?? M wml ?' fl*"1 1 l.? ?.,r."Th? L ?fU' awl "fluot L?rki' am ?I?. ? 4>ftutt'? Adv-oture. " and" AdditiontoOlTun i A t?. . ,r-.- *ik1 ul?.<p?rt of ?Irict oM?i?l !*!! ?< AUCTION SALES. __ * fl Tl BK DAYB. ' i?T?*Kr.N A WILLIAMS, Aactr.a?^?rv f S No. 1001. n-.ctbw.-st corner Rrh *r.J P sts. CSS PINE BOSXWOOD CASK ? ncMi A Co mak r? N-*w York,* STOOL >M< COVER. M*r.NlH< 1ST RI-<?R >,1 nr.. I'PIInLSTEKKP IS \KL^ IT. AMD piR'.oR SUITE UPHOLSTERED I* OH*** 1 Ifp WALNUT MUtBir TOf < HAMRER T' rHITI R?; ?RKjsH, REP ANH.PL,.?II r>?Y i H\l^; TWO HANDSOME (.ILT I RAVE (11 H ANDSOME PARLOR <iKN?MtHTS; "NE PINE TWENTY POUR \ \i ? UM'K P \*CY woke stands, \nd , \ti' R?? Ei\rR*. *? ? B?*LE Top T A?t E; **t>rT MARBLE ?.?P !?Tt>riio\Riv wKlnut hat ra?-K; pI ^ K WALNUT EXTENSION TABLE; r\lKL<'TH SKTAS A MO ROrKERS:WAt M T W SRDRORKS. LA< E CURTAINS AND <H)imre: ?"PRIN?i*: PAINTED JJUJAOI riKMURK, WALMVT lARBlI-TOJ W\SH?TA*Tfe; WALNUT r\NESE\T rRAtKt Allll ROT*ERH PAINTED BEJ? ?TE A lS; Bl UACB, WASH*TAN1?H AND T ABIES' WI5IHIW RRrs*Et,S. f?TAIR A5D HAl.L CARPETS; OMR BODY VirAffi/r*.VS7&S?r 5TV' HKIfJfW ?NP INGRAIN CABPBTB, MAT HKO-AKLTtT RUGS; DRUGGET* HAIR. HI "-El AM) cnTT?1-^OP MATTRK^l.H; BEATHEM PILLOWS AND BOLSTERS: V| aNKKT-t-roMPORTS:SPREADS;BIlEETsJ ANDPItro* rv**"' ^HINA. GLASS AND , K<'< KEIIV ? \RK. BEl)|y>OM HEATING PTOVES; KITCHEN REUI TSITE*. Ac . Ar On MONDAY MORNING. Mar-h Jl. * .Mr rT lUrf v to the r?idencv ?If % n f c^.chM.M \l-xa:?d?r,Bortliw-este..r v ? n' M ?%??* *ret-??? nnd *h str*M? uorth w w -iiail sell th? above describ-d collection of J' nature. Ar. 7-Jn fi>rb' CULT'S A WILLIAM*. Arl?. YB H. VARRIBi _ ^ . . ... R -al K tate BcJe-r ?""! Awtli.n?fr, Ho. 7*9 S?v>mh street, l<etwe< a G and H, iiimrKs sale or a v aluable farm LVINU IN PRINCE GEoRGRtt COUNTY. MP ON TO* WASHINGTON AND UPrKrf M A I.MIOKt* TURN 1*1 KR, >i ?AR EOisKESTt 1 1'Viirt*> of h deed ?f trtt*t Aj>ril 1-1-*7, Ci; ? i -ih r**1 r.i -U in L:(.? r P, B. N >. A, Poll* ?tJ- . at ih- Un?l r?c?r4-?t?f Prim:* U- <r?' I * r.i , M'l.. vinl ?l*'by ?irtiw of ? d-cr-i of ihf f ri .. Ci art . f ih.- District ?>f CoI?iuU*iHM"4 >1 .i. ?, KJ, in E.inu? N<?. , ?.f Le\ i D. II v*. Wbi. H W wd. ?uWtil?tin| tbfunAi?ii^ minimi \u ?bctaf tly id ^ m. H. W?a?i, I ikTil ?" At ?arr??>??, U> tin- hi*iie?t J?MJer, II f- , t f tk# fc4Citj Ha'I." in th?' 0>:y ??f W ?^hing ?< n.I? C ,om \* Ki*MKSl* %Y. April 9th. 1>3 a* 4kt ? '* Ukl ?n. tn mu c^rtAiu puijA wr p 4rc-U? ??T e: ,i -l *?? PriiK-# tt< 0 ?irity, Ml., kr ft iutl ?l-*-crib?ii aa Al*ujrn?l "t Pli'^ t ? wmmm^ ^ u' ciUi'd.'tLr. ?;u.l pi'.f.or Birc'U of l-nvl C -iv toinn.c in?IIM4*r^.6n4 ? M??f ?i acre, m-rt-.?r I. - I. I.? th" ?M.i-UiM?- whk h ?r? p?r?H-iil?rl> d,- r.U-.l in a cert ana t??wi|H fr?m A I un D ihl ?i?i ?.r? I* AViilian. R *r.-r, which w??t recorjwl in P. ?.*<?. ?, P-li? ?*.*?? . orw- of tbe i*nd rer .r<|H?.f Piw tJ.?i r??'i"C?>nntj. *?!.. aiiU ?l*o ? > art ??! ? iriu-t of Un?l ali'?iniuif lb?i?bi'Vi? tr kCt ? ? I - Th? eMt>i(in( ?M k?Mr*4 ? t<*> ? ?1 la^ 1 or l-v. ami b^inc the itaiiie whi.'h v ? on 1. B> all an.l hid wife e<Mi?e)edt" tl? ? i.l A\ ii'.-am Rosier hy a certain il"??l of convey In-arilil dale mi tli** lltli of DnviDbet. I"?il. t.^ctlu-r with th" injrut?Mah tli?-re<>ii,con-?i>l i? * of * ? ??l dwellilie h>u*. bara, ?U?t>lc, ami etk-r enl-hewew. ... T. t?r.- Sum) caub ?nd th<* balance lnl.S.ani!3 jeai* w nh in?"r>-?t. ?S h?>.l? |H?il ou ?rcep.anc^af l ii it MnM'if ?al- mrr not complied with within after the #ale th?- *rop.-r?? to b<- re? |.| at III.- ri-h and Coil <-f tue detauitiug piirciiAM-r. ? . i.lf? n.ciu* At ?*jrvlin?~r'? c-xf. JOSKPH DANIELS. Trintee. r. 1? B. II WABNER. Auction--?r. I B II. WARNER, Ki ai K- :i!e Broker and Anctlon<-er, No. 749 Till mre A, betwwen ti and II. TIM SU PS bALE i.P~THIiKP- TWO !?T(>RY H. AVfe I>W ELL1NCS. AND A PliAHK M AI i.HTKR-llor-K ON G STIiEKT. BE; TrtKKN TIIIIID ATP POl'RTH ST RLE IS KoklHEAST. AT AUCTION. v* Kt \ :r? ? f a uf tribt to ine% dtl^1 Octo Iti >>, Wl, aMilvl) ret 'rd'-d in lib r oi5,( ilio . i.?f of th?- Saiiil ri-A> of W.wliinxton ?? untj D. ai ?! ti> direction of the party th r^by P<crre,l. I will sel'.af public anction. in front of :h* p - I. .- t.i tiie hiifiii - bi l<l- r, ? 11 TilL'R^DAT) Arni :i. 1^71. ?t ?'* o'clock p. m., all nf L >tn nflBJ Bt-n-.l .?< 9, ami 15, in?<i'?are nunilH-re<l 77->. i. tin city of W ?l?iii^tnii. D. C.. t ifHher wilh ti ?? in p- vt-nii-nl- tli re?.|i. Thi? property i? ?>ld ai.bje. lo a prior df <1 of trnat ilat* ?! Oct<-b<*r 9. Ufl, a--d r- r.led Octi-l-r 1?>. IfCl.t . *ecur> p?y a1 ie it - lo- year, with t< ti p* r c> Bt. intoroet, pa? able a- ini-i.: i.nally. 11.- l-rma if ?ale fir thr an 'nut real.zi*! ahoro PkwI iii . hraiKe at--ar I. llnw?:?^U>jaiiJtlir m p ?.-? f?ale in c.i-li; telauc in ?? year ? ,tli in t-r? lit rn>aot ?al-- are a tc uipli-d w w ith iiit.\- .. < aft''r ?*i?'. the tru?tee r--?er?<-? th- rnjiit ?, t iiiti- |r? perti a* the riek and cuatof the de ftly! ywrrhaser. %lit> dep->#it on acceptance ? if 1 . ? iiy< >auntie at rnr^haaer'pcont. J. C. EASTWOOD. Tnu'ee. | r 3' B. H WARNER. Ancta, Y OI'PEN A WILLIAM*. Aortl Ko. 1001, oonliweet c. ruer loth and D Ml. "VA1 TABLE rurWTRTsEAT, NEAR \ BAtL Ki? '? P STATION IN YIRGINIA, AT AUO Tlt N \ .. MOND AT. th^ 31i<t la?tant, at * o'cli?-k *.? f I.- . w - - ? .ill < the farm lately owniil by ?ns-pr I. ?t?r L I.lawii, I?in* 3 mil-" fr-.m P i rfax C.un 1! ? .) li iijile. from Vienna Mat ion, fc.n ii?, lie'j arr-?. ni^rv or lene, of food land, with ? riii?- | pi?- and lewh orchard; tbont A) acre* und -r c titn.ti ? n; well water'-d n-arly all tknn<h the wi. ij. * - IA ?cr -? in *??od timber; new dwelling (mum . c ntaiuini; 5 r> ine. in jfnoi ord^r. with other ?>ntbnilili'>c., Ac. Thi? f^rm ailjoin* Mr<i. Con ?tahb-V i-lace. S -Mtothe highest bidder, without *e-er* ?. T ru- iVm lMlf ca?h; b*lanc? in I, If. and 19 ai-.nth-. tor n>He? bearing intcretrt and secured by a *l--d ef tro-t on th? pr-mi-ea wld Omreyancing agthecoatol thf purcha?r. 4 ion down on th- <hiy ?f*%l. GREEN ? WILLI AMS, tt.Sd f Ale-*, fiar-tt-cr pr J Anrti >neer4. B B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auction?r?. So. 1WO1, nvii tliweat corner liHhand Data. TRI STEK S SALE OP YALUABLB PBOPERTT IN Syl ARE No t>7?, HEAR ST. ALOYS10S t'Hlkl'H. [By urtu*f a deed of trwat dated on the l,)th day of June, A. D. 1S71, and daly recorded in Liber No. <61, folio Jul. Ac., of the land records of Wa-bir.gtou c< nnty. D. C.. and by direction of the partT warwl thereby. I will sell, at puUic ?nctii n, in front of the prrwiisea, on MONDAY, the 31*t da> of March, A. D. U73, at d o'clock p. m? lot r.n in be red two handred and ?eTsnlaen <?/?, in <Jilb?-rt'ii recorded ??iLdivi*ion of square uaoibi red ?ii hnndred and seTeaty Bra in th* city of Waelii: /ton, with all of the improvement* thervon, ronei-nug of one Brick Dwelling Hoase, fronting on ?- Myrtle street." T-rn.- ' f pale; One-half in ca?h, of which #100 Pisnt I-- paid at aale, the deferred payments to be ?>.?.ie Willi int. rent at the rate of ten per cent, per ?Bum. in six and twelve nun,tin- after Bar of *al?, and art by deed of trust to the satisfaction of the Tm?tee. Tern's t<> he fully complied with within niz d??. :ifter sale, otherwise thr Trustee reserve* the right to resell the property, after one week's nottr*. at the risk and coots of flrst pnrcliaeer. All conveyancing and stamp* a' piirchae-jji cost. s M. H __ ? WARD. Trnite*. Bl5 >awAJa GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Aact*. B T GREEN A WILLIAMS, Anrtlonwm. Si uth-aat corner 7th and D atreets. YBrsTEEYBALE OP V ALT ABLE IMPROVED CE.U. ESTATE IN SUL ARE Ho. 67*, NEAR Br. ALOTBirB CHURCH By virtae of adr-ed nf trust.dated on theRSth day il Msrch, A. D., UC>, and duly rvcorJed in ^?*-lib?^. No gTs, folio MS, Ac., of the land recorAs fur Wvh urn eoWtt'y.D. C., and by direction ef th* party iwiiral therebv, I will ?ell, at piblu: auc tini!, on MONDAY, the 31st day of March. Kt. at A nVI .ck p. m . all uf lot nnmbered two hnndre<l an I thirteen, i kU.) In Gilbert's r'<ordjd sobdivision ef an'isd iiiunN-red six hnndredandseTentr-ffve,(S7A>l lntb?>!ty of Wavliington, with all tne improve IDrDta Hereon, beinir an untluished Brick Dwelling Jiowar. frontlwg .m Mvrtl? street. . Tetpw >4 sale; One-half in cash, of which #1(0 must be Mid at sal??; the deferred paya^-nts to be tu?!e. with iutere-t at the rate of ten percent, per aennm. in six and twelve month* after day of sale, ?t>4 secured by a <i?d of trwst tc the satisfactina ??I Ih* trustee. Terms of sale to be fnlly cotupliisl with wit hia six days after sale; t her wis.- the frn* tr> r*? 11 e* the right to resell, after one week's no tice. ut the ri.k and cost of flr*t purchaser. All robtryaacing at purchaser's cost. WM. H. WARD. Trustee. | rU-.liw.tds GREEK A WILLIAMS, A acts. ft Y LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broken fe uthwrsl corner Pennsylvania arenas and 11th St., Star OtBce Building. TRLSTRE-B SALE OP A VALUABLE BUILD ING LOT ON CAPITOL HILL. By virtue of a deed ?f trust, beariug date en the 79th of June, A D. 1?"J, and anly recorded in liber Mi O] folio O, one of the land record* of the cuau ty nf M ..hingt o. District of Columbia, and by di rwtic'i of the party secured thereby, I shall sell en 0 ATLRDAT, th* BVth day of March, U73, at i e'tVk p m , In front of the premises, B street ?vrth, between 3d and Ai streets east, lota marked and letti red A. in Crutchett'a recorded *ubdivis?on sifMtnire No. 756. having a front ofSbfeat on I atre. t aorth by a <i- pth of 100 feet. Terms -f fMat the time of purchase and Rhe re~!d?e in sis montlis. to be secured by the note J^hs pur. haear and a deed of tru*t ou the premise* If terms of sale are not complied within Bra days *?f sal* . the trustee reeervea the right to resell said property at the risk and cost of ttii d--fan!tiug pur chase. Conveyancins at purchaser'* cost. H. *EL|i'N CHAPMAN, Trustee. P'?-ts LATIMER A CLEAR'T, A BY i.KEEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, ? h 1?1, northwest corner loth aad D BEAUTIPn BUILDING LOTS OPPOSITE THE CAPITOL GBOUNDS, PBONTING ON NORTH B SrBEET, BETWEEN PIRST ?TREAT EABT AND DELAWARE ANENUE, AT Al CTloM. . On TC RBDAT. the Sth day of Aprfl ant, at a'clock p. m., we shall setl on the premises, Rs. i- In Bktnare R.? Mi, being ??bdirided Mo three tmilding lots, two Uaving XI feet I inch,and the other K fest front, bv IK;fret deep, with a Baa Hide ar.d back alley; making it first class Hunvrd property. to which we ask the attention of buyers Wishing to bttUd Erst class residences. Tersse One-third cash, balance 1 and S rears for notes b.arlac r percent iaterest. and secured by a de* d of trust on the premise*. Convernacing at coat of tba pnrchassr. fHOd wn o* each lot at tlsse of GREEK A WILLIAMS, ot apAAdts Auetlaneers. Cs marshal s balk op a laDibb gold ? Match aBD CHAIH. BBACELETS, , RING. AND TWO NAMOVM. In v,rtue ef a writ of heri briM oa j 0o4d M ated oT execution r ? d-* UIX BHAJLP. U ?, D. (J. AUCTION SALES. FlTCll BATS. SI ATT I HOLY * WflUiU, U ??9 M strss4 northwest. BT TBUSTBBT SAL* BT AUCTIOH QT TWO ELEGANT RESIDENOSS OH K STREET, BR TWEKN #th AND 10th STREETS N0&TH 154. 1<T1, and recorded September 10, UTS, ta Liber H*No. Ml, folio ffl, latum, on WEDNESDAY, Jnn. sr,vs ^ _ V* Kohinirton city, Distrtc* eTColembie, to wit: Lots intnW O Hi I>, in Gilbert'a rwortiJ mUItUdq of Square nuniber three hundred and wnwij oM, (SI). together with tb? improvements Ihfroon. being two desirable and valuable modem built resii-'noes. Thta pmparty ia auM subject to a prior deed of trust on path bouse of |IW, <?m August S, VI, HT able in It# years, with M par MaL laOsrest, pay sH? seml-annuaiiv Terms of eak>: Cash for Ite MMMt raoiiaod ahora ?aid incumbrance, to ho paM wlfth oao wssh nltar the sale; aud if the tamo are not csakplied with in that time, the Trustee reeervecthe right to resell the property at ibf HA Md of ttodefoultiiui purchaser. A d?poott of #M on each huaM whan a..Id Conveyancing at the pnrchsser a root. ^ * 7 EO MATTINGLY, Trustee. dao d mattingly .* wheeler, auu*. 9J- THE A HOVE BALE IS HBBXBt POST i PC NED until SATURDAY. January 8ft, 1ST3, a! 4 ? cVloch * ?.,<-? lbs poaifcee. ! Bv MM cT the Trnelee. tUJMJU MATTISOLYA WHEELER. Aucta TITE ABOVE PALE IS HEREBY . FUJO ?h r p. -t|? ir.i nntil WEDNESDAY, the stttiti ol Jatmar , leJ3, at 4 o'cl ck p. m., oa the premie*. Bv ? rt'T of lb*- Trustee*. jZT ? MATT1N0LY A WIIKEI.ER. Anct. ? /" THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY FUR THER POSTPONED uatll FRIDAY, F.-bru.iry 7 th, I>i73, a! 4 o'cb-ck p m.,onthe premtsM?. order of tbe Truti^: GEO. MATTINGLY. j2*eoAd MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Aucts. B/-1NCOSSEQUXNCEOTTHE INCLEMENT weather the al>ove ? ,l? ia farther POSTPONED v.nti! THTRSPAY, E> brnsry 13, 1-T3. ?t 4 .'elicit p. in., <>ii tb- pr>-r?n?e?. By order <f t!?e Tru*t"?. f7-<.oAd MATTINGLY A WHEELER. AucU. K/MN CON SEQUENCE OF THE INCLEMENT \ ! r the above sale ia hereby fur'h r POST PONED until BfONDAY, February IT. ltfJ, at 4 o'clock p m., on tiv premises. Bv order of tk? Trnate.v ?? j 13 MATTINGLY A V HEELER. Ancta. ?L/" THE ABOVE HALF IS HEREBY forth r roup, ned until MONDAY. February 94,1673, at I o'clock n. m. B order of tho Tru?tee. 1- 22 34 SIATI1NGLY A WHEELER. AucU. _ ' THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY f .r'h- r p. r-tpnned until THURSDAY, March 6, i?4, at 4 oVi .ck i m B? "roar of th?* Tnwtaa. fM-ao MATTINGLY A WHEELER. Aucta. IFTHB ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY fc:rfh<r poatpored until SATURDAY, M?rcu IS, W3, it 4 o'clock p. n. Bv order of Trrvtaa. n.7 ao MATTINGLY A WHEELER. Ancta. ?yTHE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY FURTHER FOSTFOKED uutil Till RSDAY, March, ltff3, nt 4 o'clock B m. Bj "rdtr >4 Ti U*tae. n.14 eoAd. MATTINGLY A WHEELBB, AucU. WIN CONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEM E> T ?aallirr tbi- abo> ,? t,a!i- ia harrUv further p poi ad uutil TUESDAY, March awh. ltf.% at 4 lit'i vk. n.>i ^od MATTIBGLT A WHEELER. AnrU ?/?THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY fnrt'i.-r p wtpoiied until THURSDAY,thi 31 of April, 1.<TI, ii? (hi4 MATTINGLY A WHEELER. A B Y B II. WARNER. R?-?l E<tat? Br ik^r ar1 Anrtj^near, 7'19 Seventh street,betv?veu G abJ II CHANCERY PALE OF Y \LUABLE RE\L I RoPERTY ON 4'a STREET, NEAR PENN SYLVANIA AVENlE ^ By v irtue of a d^rri" of the Supr?*m?? C.<urt ?p? Oip Dintrkt of C' 'lumliia, pa?*-d in r^u'ty c?'i w ?^No.J^sW^I.*.!!?McGuiraai Barrv etal.? ihe nixl?raijtr?il Trn?Iea. appoiuted by aail court, will aell on MONDAY, March 31,1975, at 4 o'cl >ik p m.. In front of the premiaaa, ptrl of L?vt ??>. U, in >.tni?re No 4Wl.Ui tile city of Wanliu^fou, D. C., frontiiiK 23 fwt and 3 :nchai oo 4't atraot northwt*?t, Hiid honndad and de?cril>M aa f 'llowaBogiiiuiex for tha Kama on the rant lina of -aid bit on F?nr-??l a-talf atraet at ap-int t*enty-thrae (23?f?at ai<l llir>* (3) lncb?* aouth of tbe nortliaaatarn c?ruor<?f -aid 1'it.and runnlnc thanc?> north tw?nty-three (XII f-at atd threa(3)iuobaa. tb^ncawoat alons tha north line of said lot on? hnndrad and tire (MM) feat, thence ? oi.tb along the west lina of aaid lot twalra (12) feat, thatici- in a aotrtheaaterly direction alon? tha lin<> of a private allay tiv? (A) f?et, thence iu a aontheas'erly direction thirty ?U , ?*. f- ?; aud , incliea t > a potnt distant ?eventean (171 faat and foiir(4> inch?s doe south of tb?- aorth lit?v <>f aaid lot, thetica aouth aaatwardlv tbirtr (Su'feo? and fivr(5) inchact to the divi?ii,n wall of the two brick boxes slanding on t>aid lot, and thence east thr nch the center of said division wall thirty-six (36) feet to tha plitce of )>e K>miiii*, with the tiiiprovcnienta thereon.consiatinn of a fine three story brick botue and back build Iws. ThiK property adjoins the Columbia Building, on 4Sstreet,a few doora n r. I, I P-nn-v ?. a>i.aav and la at present occupied by tba H'?w land Dental Assaciatb*. Tho term* of sale, aa praarribed by the d> crea, ?re One-third of tha purchase money ia cash, and the residue in His a'id twelve m with iutarott fro* the day of sale, to be aecur. . to the aatisfac tlofi of the Tru*toe, who will execute a deed to the purchase for said propertv upon full pay ui-'iit of tha piirrhaoe aiouer ai.d th- fiu?l raiiflcatiou of the sale by tha court. A deposit of A38Uw illba ra^nirad ut tb- tine of purcha*,-; and if th>9 term at sale arc not complied with within Ave days from tha day of sale, th? Ti uatea raaerrea the right to resell on Ave day*' public notice, at the risk and cost of tho d-fanlting puiv-haaer M. ASH FORD. Trast>-e. ml9 .1 B. H. WABNBR. Anct. BY LATIMER * CLBARY, Auctioneers and Real E-iate Bt ikers, Southweot corner Pennnylvania aveuua and 11th ?t., Star Office Buildings. CHANCERY PALE OF~TALUABLE BTILDINQ LOTS; ALSO. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROP ERTY FRONTING ON I AND K, BETWEEN YOUA.AND A HALF AND SIXTH STREETS SOUTHWEST. By virtue of a decree of tha Supreme Court of tbe District of ColuiubU, passed iu Chauc-ry **<aa?e Bo.XTTl, Eii. D'>e. 11. I will, oo MON DAY, the 31st day ot March, ld73, on tne preiuitaa, a A o'clock p. n Her for sale at public auction L< t? 7,8,9Q and 21, in s<inare 499, in this city. L>-ts7 and8 hare been suMivlded into ii\a lots, each hav inf a front of twenty fa. t nu couth K street, between Four sud-a half and Sixth streets, and run n n* back with that width one huiidasd and two feet six iuchrs to a thirty-foot alley, and Ma all uaim pruTftf. Lota ? and 21 have bean an bdividad Into foar lot* three of then having a front of twuoty faei on south I atraet, between 4'? and 4th streeta, and runaiaz back with that width one hundred and two feet and six Inches to a thirty-foot aUey, aud are un til; proved. Tha remaining lot baa a front of forty feat on south I street, between the same two atreeta, aud runs back with that width one handrad a?d two faat six ir.chea to the sane alley, aad is improved by a two story frame bouse, with b?ck-buil4iac. T- tms: One third of the purchase money in cash, ai?d tha r?si-lu in three e^ual iustalmauts, at, ra ?l < < ?lv ela, six, twelve and eighteen months from day of sale, with interest at tea yor oontiuu par an num, secured by tha purebsaer's aoto and deed of trust; or the whola in tha purchaaer's op tica. A dead given oa the final ratification of aale. C> nv? yancing at purchaser s coat. A dopooitof on each lot on da> of aai-. BEGINALD FBVDAl^L,Trustee. iPtO-dAds LATIMER A CLEARY. Asn>, BY LATIMER A CLEABT, Auctifiiears and Baal Batata Brokers, S utbwcot comer Pennsylvania avenue and ll!b?t.. BtarOMoa Building. _ GOVERNMENT SALB. Xjb Pnrstiant to the act of Congress providing f ir FH the extension of th" Capitol grounds, approval "?Kay 8, IjCS, tha property embraced in squaile No.SC, ia the city of Washington, has bee a pur cliu-ed by the Tnittd States, aad notice ia horuby given tbiU sales, at public aucti"T?, will be made of the improvements oa said property, excepting Mich improv amenta aa mar be foetal neeesaary for thf niiblic works of this District, comnteaclng on April lOth next.and coniinntng daily thereafter until tla> aama (hall have beaa sold. Sifid iuiprovaments will h< sold in thrir preacnt condition, with tha stipula tion that, in every caae, they shall be removed by the pvrrhaaar at his ?>wa e> panae, within thirty tlaya after tbe data of sale. A aaore detailed dex ript lop ol the property to be soU will be published ou the letaroxllMO. Terase of sale: Ten percent, of the purchase money will be repaired at the time of the sale. Tbe reiuuiu der to be paid within ten days after such sale. C. DELANO. R?retary of tha Interior, n.ia 12t LATIMER A CLBABY, Ancu. IBerwblican and Ohroaicle. Utl BY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, No. 10411, northwest corner 10th aud D sts. ALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY So. ?ta, NKAB St. AL0YSII ft By vlrtae of a dead of trust dated on the Mth ??day of March. aTd71571, and duly records* ta ?MlfberHo.CS, folio MA, Ac., of tha land for Washington county, District of Ooiarabia. and by direction of the party secured thereby, I will sell at nnblfe sactioa. tafr>*t of tbe nrmnisss, oa MON DAY. tho Slat day of March. A. D. W73. at 4 o'clock p. m., fmntlag oa Myrtle street, all Lot numbered two hundred aad sixteen, (tM,) la Gilbert's reaorded sebdTvWoaof S^aars numl *J enty iv*,(C4.) in the city tho im^jvsninn -'mm "iSS'.ftr-- MM b, Mid dMd at MM: .^.gg^fssajgra.'rrrr Wrad sspwi ia>s to be made in six aad twelve months TfnMk Aae aa aala Britk JaiaaM# emJ aar nr ail Km 4a?? J C8 BAJ BRE I aostas, at tao rtak aad oost of fir ?ffivsrm&iiiaissin.'ia vs Willi jy> ? of tha Bapffs Goart of tha ' SS'lZtSSKUZ ~?,oa ths pramlaas,sa M0N .at 4 'Si-dvss: tia twelve moatha, whh I at si sal; credit i m raisd W s rtasd tf Mi ap the nrssilsss sold "a AepoaHsf ?Wea?e*fc*e6bar?Nuiredatthetlm* rj smi-iife AUCTION SALES. AFTEailO??r Of* LATIMKR * CLE ART, 1> Real Batate Brokers Md Auction****, BoctSwe*t corner P-nn-y haa*a are. mat lllMrn 8tar OWe* tbtopkm* salb or"fit* thbrkatoby AKI) BASKMFNT BRI''l?91UENC?g.SlX l" ATS "R K STREET, PKTWBEN KAJT Otf lX'JL DTUIT AMi FIRST STREET EAST. Under ami by virtue ?f a d*ed of trint, be vmg Sta? the 14th l*jrof Mr, A. D. UH, m<I re ??'wrded in taw land r*eun4* of th* District of Oo lumHa.ui Librr lf<?. 65S, k foty. H3, and atth?re S*-ov th* person seen red tl^irby, ( saall mil os ITRSDA Y, th* *Otfi dy of Mwcliiijl? 5 o'clock p. m., In front of tl^"prernis**, Li>t? 138,ZS7 Z38, ? and M?,iu B. W. G.Hb*rtV *?t>diiiainn o? Sur-etJ**, win th* improTetneu's th<r 'm. T?:* Improvement* rrm?*t i4#ve bruit r~Hdence?, witl ail the modern ti>yn <iirnc?!>. 7%#?e bouaea are as yM nwflnish*d, lot can be completed wiA im*-> w pwn?. Trw- r?*T, nod will be Md* known at tim- of aalo. AH convey vicii* at purehvter* coal. fcauU dwiva c? Met) house at time of sale. , WJCS HoLT.IDAY, Tnute*. tJ8 d LATIMER A CHART, Aucls. ?rr?I AROVB AALE 18 P?STPONF,B I* ? rxt i-f the rain uutil M6NPAY, Sftrcb -isi, naaiQ hour ai-d place, VMS HOLI.ID AT. Trwtw. a-:j LATIMKR A CLEARY, Aacts. ?^"T!T1 ABOVE SA1.K 15 FURTHER. POST f ned lit cAr<.(>qo..bce <?! the rain autii Tflw BsDAY, ?*WcL 37 .187';, hw hour and place. B\ or<Uj Altb< T-' mSSd LATIMER * CLTtART, Ancts. Bf DUNOaNNvN. DOW KING A CO., Aucts. C rn? r 9th and D MrN<s northwest. SAL1J OP VALUABLE BTILDIWG LOTS AT APOTION. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. March**. i?t 3 o'clcck, we a ll! sell, upon the pr?rat??s, ill r t .a ta x_ ii a I ' ?. j >i a a. a.a. . ?? V VIVLI\| ???? W III tT II y U|7 'U I IT' ki sT lot IS, io sonar- <J83, aa d -scribe In th ground plat of th? rHy of W:i?hin?to?. TUis?sol> ert) js situate! on 7th *tr?et enst, betww-n Sfswsa cl nsetts avenue and n^rtb C atret*?. in/ a fr mt of 63 fret T laehea, with ad?pth of 5*J feat, i?nd will bi? r::Mi*ided iuto *nch f?*>nt aa th-* p*rrch*? >r* m*r d?-sire npon d:ty of w?le. This property la in % ui an.i iim \?t .,f the r?r, and wotthy tho aM< ntion ?.FpAitie? dt^irlng to build. T'rms; Oi.e-th:r?! rjmb; M ince In < and 1J tncnth-,, note* tearieg interest and aecnrt-J bv deed of trivl up^n tit" prenti!?e?. A depo?ii of re quired aa ??*>ii ?? the pr.'iiertr ir knocked off. 4 DrKCAifJ' if. rowLisa * co , nail IwAd? Auction*'-?. TO-MORROW, H BIOBAUB. AND UIIABOEs. ^ . ?.P. On PBfuAY, March 89. commencing qgWPi at 13 o'clock ui., w? will ?ell, at our -auction roowa, corner of 9th street ant '? -WlV"U ^?r6uiTGr?8,gA^Ut~ Victorian, Borkaways. Brette, J? iiuy Linda, OerniantowM, Faiiifl> Carriage*. P#rk PliwtoiiH.. Top and K o Top Rnni'-s. Kapietm Wa^xuf. Uri i<e<H, Ac ,Poi<> Pli.elon*. 8?le p. remptorji . .... NOTICE?All persons inter ?t?l iu the above ?ale will please take notice that the stock will po.l thely be aold to the higheat bidder, to close ?d fauces,i4ur*?e. ihara??, Ac. ii,26 iBep.] w. L. WALL k CO., Ancta. Y MATTIKCLY ? R'HKELKK. Ain-.ii<>ne?r, No. i03 Ninth ?tievt uurtlivnt. B BT.ACK MA BE, IIABNESS AND SPRING WAGON. ALttO, TWO VERY VALCaBI.E YOTNO ^lOBSKS, WORK WKLL IN SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS, AND ARE BoTB EXCELLENT SADDLE ANIMALS. PEB FECTLY OENTLB AND WABBANTBD HH'ND; ALSO, ONE LEATHER TOP SPRING HrOGT* AND HARNESS IN GOOD OONDI TION, AMD TWO SECOND HAND BUGGIES AMD i)NE CARBIAGE, AT AUCTION. EV _ Uu FRIDAY, March 8?tli,at ttt o'clock TjSRm.,w? ehall sell, for cash, in front of our a Auction Ro-nm, the al>ove inentii<ned atock. nJ4-4t MATTIMGLY A WHBBLBB, Aacta. |)T Dl'NCANSON, DOWLING ft CO., Ancta. O Soutbeaat corner 9th and D at reels north waat. TBUSnXS'BALJf OP~VMPROTBD BEAL ES J^goE45wMT]eD1,?'ALLTTOWM' ABO>* *b _By virtue of two d<-eda of trnat. dated the 10th EH Dec.auber. A p. 1*1, and the Wth February . JS*' ? i'ber Mo. ?SJ, folios JM, Ac., and liber No. Ml. follaa 3M. Ac.,of the land recorda of H aahuxtoa county. D. C , and at the requast ol ^e ^ndersi^ed , aa trus bound atone on the east line of the Georgetown and Bockville Turnpike road, it belli* also the north* weat corner of Jonathan Bnckn*rH lot, and ran* ning thence with the line of Buckner^ lot north 7US degrees east M0f? feet to bound atone: thencS north 21 degrees weat <04-W (art, aonth 70is deKree? west MX feet to the line of said road, and thnioa south 21 degrees east VI M feet to the begiiiQiug ofafraiut wit h tkt haprorauenta thereon, oonaiatiag of a frame D*?lling. Tenua of aale: Ou* third cash, nod balance io si* and tweHe moi tin Note* of the purchaser to be fit en .bearing ten per cent, interest from the day of sfc ~ svS*, rxa off. The tnarteea reserve the right toreaell the prop> efty at th* Hak and cwt *r thedefaaiting pnrchtvr, if the tenua are n*t complied with In lie day* from the tale, after Ave day's ftdvertiaement. All convey* _ uu. i '' , ^, t . Aap^iearf. DOICAN Dll.H. WARN KB. ^ B?o. t+#?tttsmsvxxrs _ 'ifrif Al tTTSAVMCE< anting 17 fe?t t a dvptb of w feet . t , . . .. _... "feima: One-halfca^.taJMMia??oath*. Titla pe.itct. i^Mlia " 1. H. WllKIl,A?ct, BY LAT1MEB A OLKARY, Anrtv>ne?ni si.U Real Estate Bmkera, gouthwaat corner Pensylvania avenue and 11th at., Star Office Buildings. WALNl'T PARLOll SUITE. INCBIMSON REPj WALNUT MIRROR RACK ETBGERB.4 BIM SON KKP LAMBKOKINS. LACE CLRTAlffS, PKI SHEI-S. CARPKTS AND RIMW. WALNUT M T CHAMHKH SlITE. WVLNUT SIDE DOAKD AMD EXTENSION TABLE. Ac., A:.t AT AI PTION. f?\ Ou FRIDAY MOBISG, M vrch 39. at 10 Y*V o'clock, we will sell at the residenct* of aueu IVBtlemsn declining lrtn*"*keepln*, N >. 1901 I I ^ lstre?t, c?'rn?-r of 19th stre?j, a very superior c ill" ction of Furniture, Ac., (nearly new) cont T>M-iitg in Mft? . _ .... W slm:i P.iilor Suite, in Cti;rjjn Rep. witli Linen Cox era. Walnut Mlrror-bnck Etegere, Walnut M vrble-top Tabb-a. Walnut B""kCase and Secretary. Walnut T- a P >yg Aim snd Reception Chuirs. Walnut Hat Buck, Snp<-rii>r Brus**-I? and otbet Csip^ts, Biu-sels and Velvet Riurt slid Mats, Brtis-el*Stair Carpet-, wi'.h patent Stair R ?d->, French Fie- Gilt Matitle Clock, Msntl. Orraivtif. Brackets, Brottva Dop 1,'glit, 1 arge Linen Covers for t'^rpeiB. Straw MHttiug, l'ap r Linine fi>r Cnrp^t^. Patent Window Sii.t-i-.-s. I'lii.-i a<?1 Hall Gss Chandeliers, Crimson R- p Lambr >lvin? and Lace Cnrtslns with Gi?t Cornice, Verv Superior s'lid Wahiut Extension Talile (18 fen ,r Walnul Marbl- top Sideboard, Wahint C'ine-s'-at Dining Chair*, Fir? Screen, > lencb China Dinn>-r and Tea Service, K ae Cut and En^rsved Glassware, Superior Plated Ware. Cutlery, tine large and one small Refrigerator, Freucb China Decorated Toilet Set?, T*< W alnnt Marble-top Chamber Suit"', Paint^i Cottage Furniture, P it< nt Wire Spring B.-d, Bolsters and Pill >ws, Hairaiid Huek Mattreanes, Walnnt Marble-top Shaiing Stanl, S lid Walnnt Wardrobes, Child's Walnnt B-d*;ead. Laundry aud heatinc StoTes, K itch?>n R<N|!iigit>-s, A--., Ac. T tmacaah. LATIMKR A CLE ary n.24 dts IR' P I Auctioneers. Y L ATIMER ft cLe.ARY, R- *1 F-tate Rrok>-rs and Ancti >neer?, uth>test coni'-r Pi-iinsylvania am-nut- aud 11th St., Star OiRee Buildiug. household fi rnitpre at auction. A On WEDNESDAY MORNINO, March 36, uX couiui ii< iui( at 10 o'clock, we shall sell, at ?Sb'h? rcsidsnce, No. 81 South A street, t>e I ? |twe*ti New Jersev avenue and 1st street east, ? tli^ fitlliiwin* Collet * * ** the following collection of Furniture, Ac.? Hair-cloth Parlor Furniture, Marblc-top Tables, Walnut Side Tables. M ih ga'iv Book Case. HHrper's Illustrated Fauaiv Bilde, Hall Furniture, Lonug**s,Csrd Tablos, Wh eler ft Wilaon Sewing Machine, Mahogany Chaniber Furniture, Cottags Furniture, Feather Beds, Bolstera and Plllowa, Husk M.sttre?se*. Brussels and Three-ply Carpets, W alnut Extension Dining Table, China aud Glaaaware, Mantel Clocks, C- oking and H?aMug Stoves, Kitchen Furniture. Ac., Ac. ni?M LATIMER ft CLEARY, Aucta. ?y"IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE RAfN, THE sale is postponed until FRIDAY, March 3S, l?"i, same hour aud pLtcc. iu% 2t LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. E?Y W. L. WALL ft CO., t Marble Building, N a. 900 aud 903 Pa. av*., south corner 9th street. GROCKBIES AND LIQUORS AT AUCT10N BEM0YED TO UlB STORE FOB CONVENI KNCE OF SALE. On FRIDAY MOBBING. March 89rh. S3, Conunciicing at 10 o'ebx-k, we will ell, on the first floor of our sales-room-, a 'fine aasortnu-ut of Groceries, Li'iUurs, Ac., We name iu part? BM*. Granulated. Crushed and Brown Sugar. Bid*. Syrup and M'lasses. Barrels and II Uf-barr<-U Whiskies, Gins, Ac., ftc. One of Bne Old Whisky . Cl eat* and Half-cliest* Green and Black Teas. ?jgM Java aud Bio Coffees Boxes Starch, Candle*, S 'aps, Mustird. Cheese, Brooms, Waahboards. Canned Peacbe*. Corn, Tomatoes, Ac. BMs. Fish and Vinegar. Tobacco and Cigars. Hams. Bacon and Shoulders. B-'Ves Bsiains aud Citron. ith other goods iu the grocery line, all of which will be aold without reserve, n 26- W. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. rIY WH L. WALL ft CO., Auctioneer*, * New Marble, No*. 900 and 903 Pennsylvania avenue. SPECIAL AND pebemptoby SPBING SALE tiF CARRIAGES, Ac., TO CLOSE ADVANCES, KloRini' ivti cuitrrw a. | AUCTION SALBt GfcFEN A * If.LlAMS. AnrfliHMMrt. " ??. I?01, twriheesi oorner Vrb and p sts. f bale t?> HocsKBoIn fiunitces car _ ~ 1*1*- ** AT AUCTION' CI On *9,U iunient, v ]? V^o clocl. a. n... we .\?ll sell, at jnr auct n ^Mlrli"1** * *C" "*'oct*^ ??"ft of F irmtuie. Three Rep. and Rvt cloth Parlor Sniffs. Two n? -!? bbc RIafii Wa'imt Clianb-r Swj;a? , W alnut Ron* ca* and Writinc Ta^'i*. ' [ S:4'losr ..?. Extension Tahlea and DinHg Chair* R?-cept(,.n Chaiis,T*Me? and Finer Ornajnabts' T?Mity (!r? m (Mm*1 BKU, I; n?**n, Sta'r unit oti?t-r Carp"t<, Five piece* White Oh ck Ma'.tUji, Kil? hen K- ituieite*, Ac. T?T?iii ca*h. GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ao"U. |?T LATIMKB A CLKARyI " " , Awtioneer. and R-h1 E-tate Broker*, mxrtbwest ccrw-r trmtrntl'ii.y i??, ai?l iuh ?treet. Star Offlse Bull,tin*. <?XEfll'PKRlOB PIANO FORTE; FINK W?l, KIT I U AMf KK KUftKITUKK' M \ H1 mm N V ABB PAINTBP CUAHKKK Fl RI4IT1 RE HIT J**1"* ?lVr* FrBKITlTKB H AIII^AT TuVfiwi ?>T?LfJP. BBBj BOLITKR-I *N[i ?!VV? BKUHHKL8 AND TliHKRlM.V 1*5 J*rfi1^ W?t?^pni WoB *RW MAC KXTINHION lilK IVC JABJ.K8; lilMNO AND OTWKR < HAIR* 'i^JINA ANT? (t]j AJSWA KK Ct'OKINO AND A c* AV AlIcinTi **; Km!Uf;N 'ATUKnAT MORMHO. M.veh ITi 11 I?IT * ?B'.? *? 'r '?* "?'-nr a lit : i* 111 ro r. l- ii ^i' cil??; w* *-H a larg* ami sapr ri.-r coils. tkm of Fnri itur-. Tonn- rash "?'r7-* LATIMKR AOL BART. AncN. J>T ttBEEK A WlLtlAMS ? Auction^?, " Ho. 1001 uurtbvMMt Coiuttr iu h *ud P si*. TRrsTRES'?AT.K OF VALUABLE PnorKUTT in/utare T3?. fronting ox s':c"n7? KAPT BSTwEENFeNNSYLVAsIa At)M K AND SOUTH A HTRSLT tfsi. D> v irtu* of a deed or tru?t, ta'*I on tbel9!h ^F'.'}.1^ A. P. Uft, and duK reevrj 4 in jLlwr In fi&i. folio t<. e? seq., f ih" lim rv '*?V T*"Wngtoo connu .Distric' of Oolninbl*. ".'H ??> direcil..-. U lb" party sccur.,1 th h V. ? *'1." 'iiJ!' ??hliC WMt'K-o, in ti or it '>f f.,<? nr>"ni*?. on MONDAY, the<f Aprfl, A. T). IA"J. at 4 <1 .-Kick p.m., t!i^? ff'? n 1 S r I" <! -trr- It..-*.!*I. ?f Ik- h*, ?t |.,( t" r?ii four (4), iQ sunari- an?ib<rM ?oven linndr->d oTc' Inn&iji ' W WMW^ftoii I?i-trUt T^rnia ot Mle: (^i.^ half in caub, i?f whirk #li!0 n-u't ?* raid at the dLf^rrixl paymcuU to t>? ma<|.-, with Intfreot at th? rat" of t-^ t>*r c -tit i?rr ?Miiun, in 6 and lim.mtli- aft??r .lay of ?al?. ani ?<? <""rpo hv.|?Ml..ftni*tto?heB*tii>facti >n of thf trn tpna.orthe purohamr < an payt h?-? It >t-ainontitof ' t ktf " Uioii< ) turanli at hi?0(tioa. T-rm- to !?> fnPr within aiz<U)ri> afUr aali?, etU'rwii^ Ihp trt!?t?-<w r*?iTM- the right to r??.>ll tli prua -m ft' r cm WfA'? n"fico, at tta'' ri-k and r .?t of fli-t p?rchn?<>r. All;rniivoranrln*at parchaacrVto*' oi,(sr, <_ . ^ >lj SAM'L N HILfON, f Tr?.leoi. . Bflg'"2*?'? GRKKX Jt WItLiAMS, Arcl-.. .OBBBM A WILLIAMS, Anctionoera, MJ No. 1001, nortbWHt cortwr loth and P xtrgct*.

T?\K.T.1 -a"J*\h* ottaluablb iMPRovrn AtKAL KMATK IN tM)L'AKB ?*73, FKON'T a PENNSYLVANIA AVKlil K. B>; IWEBN Stu ANU 7th STREETS EAST , B> ?iriu? of a .l.-?d of trust,d*tcJ ,.n the I5?h ?lar of Marrh, A. I) 1ST2, and dnl* recorded iu LJIntNo. 678. f di.? xt, rt rtcq. of th?> Ivid r?x ordi of Wm?htn?tna ronntr, Pl-trlot of C .luml.ia. HI d I'V lilFiPilf 1I1 nt 4 L.> ?.>?,! ?> .. . 1.1 ? ^ oclc r !"in , >ii'ilr< CI,'V" p?rt* ?Ms^r?d til IV "v, UT?vnf?W.^ ?1'? pr-miVn, on MONDAY , th?> 14th -Uv of April. A. P !<(, at 0 o - lock p. in., Lot nunilxir.-d lour, (4,1 in smiare l.iwi??re.l fOKht hnndrwdawl aov^ut) lhw,(5V,Hn it'i * m ?f ??net of Columbia, with a.I "f< he improvement^ thereon, e .n?Mltt? .if thr->? r ev Brx'k Hou?e?. \V o till sell on* hooac.wUh tlje privilege ?if the rest. T- riim of t>!ili : One-half in rash, of whu h ?Si nuMt ?> paid at nale ou ea< h house, the deferred pa>m.-tit, to l?e mailt* with mt 1 rent at the rate of ten per cent Ier annum, infix and twvlre m nth.i after ?Uy -.f ule, and Kociired b> deed of triii-t to the satief:. ^ti.m t i the Tnwte.-s, or the purehaaer can pav th? wh lie nmoant of purchase nmnev In his opti?n lernia to be fully complied with within *i\ ,| .v? after anle.otherwrioe the Trnatee* r??er.n th? right to resell tin property, after one week'a the t -k and cost of fii -t purchaM r. All eonveyaucinc at ptirtlifc* i > rout. ' ? r. X DO0LEY. > _ 8AML.K. 1I1LT**N. 11?oAila CKELN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers, .. New Marble Building, No?. BOO mid 9(l'i Peunayiv&uia areuM. T.BUSIFJGfi8AT E ?F VALHABLK PROPKKTY TION MKBBT NORTH VV KST, AT AOO <^TB/ Jit?t"?>fV,'rTl/,f r<**-<>'-<leKj in Lib r HT and B.. No. ?. f .lb* a,)?, See., ..f theJatid r-r ??*ords of the District of Columbia, and itt a dixr .? ,jr "T Supreme C,.urt of .aid District, April 1 j. Is.3, m cliancery, in the c.iiho of Wall.Bobin <i?v klt'ltf "ii S ' ,!Jnpt 1,1 .No.2^W,ch.incery docket No. 11, ard at the repeat of the bolder, of one of the note:! gecur d he ?rii,| d ?e,|.,f trust the trustees will on TlfBS f AV , the 1st day of April. fc,73, at a o'clock, p m in tij.nt ot the prenii-.ea, sell at public auction, to the hifthest bidder, all that certain pi~re or purest of rronnd aitnated anil lying In sail city, and lmlni! ?oN-ncli of Lota 22 and 33 of Meigs' reconied aubdiri ?i. n of lota in miuure tlire* hundred *ixtj-one, ami I-1 mpri-ed within the fnll.iw iQi; metaeandb-muj, ' V'" ik r Ia! dividing lin. between Ninth afreet v^eat aud said lot 22 thirty seven fe-* three inches from the northeast corner of said s.,tiure, running th-n e stinth sixteen f.?H. thence vegt eighty^eTen fe- t, thence north sixte-u feet, thence east eighty-seven f.-et to the place of begin nii'g. togi-tber w it It all the ImproTemetits, win, ens, meats, right*, privileges aad appurtenances to t " It "4!? or * "*> ?Pi'"rt*inin2. .? Due i?a|f ca?.h;balan? 9 m sis aud tw. lre n, bearing interest, and semr.xl by a deed #f trust upon tlie premises. $200 to be paid at the time of sal,- C' uveyaurlng and stamp- at cost ,",'lr^h**?r- 'n r;x*'' "ftflement b- not ma1? w It bin ft ?e days after the time of sale, th? promises w ill be resold at the cost and ri-k of defaultine piirH'wr. CHA8. M. M ATTHEWS. Trustee * 11 tl W M. Ii. WALL A CO., Ansfs. |> Y LAT1MEB A CREAKY, *,.l Aoctiousers and Ileal Estate Brokers, b?ulUwent corner of p. nn. avenno aud Uth street. Star Builtling, TDK ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE < \SP\T!ls Ti.^rrrvVlK^S'ii-^ a 1 ftfw&iia'Aj, Ml 'n South A street, between New Jersey st0 ^t oap.tol Hill, the entire a-. jontfofs thereof, consl^ing In part of? l-r-nch plate Mirn?rs, in gilt and wafrTnt frames, n p p*rtwr Furnttare, in haircloth and green Walnut. Marble-top and other Tables, J *?mt Etfgerc'H. Lonngf*#, Brtiseels, Three plv and other Carpets, r?1l",'.w,.il"?<'wBl,ades, Toilet Sets, Oas Chandeliers, Rrackets, Ac, W alnut Marble-top Cliamb'-r Suites, Pointed Cottiiiro SefB. Bb^tun inc. ?'inds1"1 ill,ed Bureaus and Wash JjHliint and Painted Wardrobes, Can"-*<*at <'h iir< Hniranil Husk Mattresses, W iiulow Shade,. ' Featber and Hay Pillows aud Bolsters, B.ankets Spreads, Comforts. Sheets, Ac. Cb^O^aWat^r^ biUme C!,iir"' Cutlery, Napkin*. Table Clotl.s, Ac. Beating Stoves, Mange, Cooking Stove. ljitcheii BeijaisUes. Ac., Ac. _ ? _, Bar Connters and Fivtnres. Iron Safe, jleiinvLiiid Table, with cues, balls. Ac. Jsp* sisza vi&ssi.s'jsssasi: nly indorsed, bearing interest at S p >r cflnt per an. num. (nig dta| LfriMFE A CLV.A RY Am ts BY LATIMER A CLEABY, Auctioneers and R al Estate Brokers. ~ -1 "O" AT?ff?'^RVrrnl^V"l5?HDI'A 11 STREETS NORTHWEST J?" MONDAY MORNING, April T!h. tff.t, commencing at 10 o'clock, we slni| **H, OB l?r-mi?es de-cnlx-d above, th iol , lowing goods: Bramlien. Wines, Ales, A<\, Teas. Coffees. Spices, Pil kles, Pepp. rs. Oils, Baskets, Buckets, Clot lies lines. Barrels Mackerel anil Uerriu*. JJreat unuiberof emptv Barrels and B .v?-. Counter and Platfonn Scales, ConntAif and Shelving. Together with nuim rons other articles unneces sary to mention. TIIOS. Bl'SSELL, i . . S \ M L T. LEVI IS.( Assignees. LATIMEB A CREAKY, Am t? " ?* 11 LATIMEB A CLBABY, Aa.ts. BY DUNCANSON, DOWLINO A CO., Aucts. Southeast corner Wh and D streets northwest. ""TEE'S f-ALB OF A FINE LOT ON COB W*St SllbT ST***T8 N0BTH ?Dk By Virtne of a deed of truat, dated Sid of April, 3*A. D. 1871, recorded in Liber Wo. i4J, f dios 189, one Of the tend record* of Washington county, D. C., and at the request of the party se T?rir?n 4?b?AihMA?i?'irn,i'5Hi M LruMe*"- wi"< Tl E8DAY, the VtJth day of March next, 1373, at * o clock p. m, sell at pub lis auction, in front of the premises, Lot numbered twelve,(M,) in Sqoars nuu "_'?etI;niBr' (?,! irn the city WasSington?D. of sai.1 . Tr One-third in cash, utd the balance ?rixt.,^JU*wer:^?.ee.ef 555. ?orcb?^,r to be . ff f?T 0t??i 'nt^reet from the day of Si ?w=ciSt&,?i ? ? of trust on the property 1 the property u struck off. I complied with In Ave days |***"rT? ">? right to resell, ^=f^5&rfeLc?rtsr u?'?: f?? ?..^?CAI,80H' bowlIno a CO., f.b?fc*3wAds Auctionaer*. M .... I P'ans. ?ODWAui.f Trn,tees. _ - J.-Ancts. B* Maoa$&?i!i2'S?Si-JaSkk. ?">~THE ABOYE SALE 18 PMTPOVIB ON M;,rXtwV,h^v^;r^'^Tr*,?W JUHBB&* iT' LllHON.POWLiNO Alio.. n.M DCNCA1 TRUSTEED SAL^^VaLnABLB IMPBOVED By rlrtne uf sfcidsf tmst, dated on the Mth ~*??? "J' da'y rscorded By Kb J, Hi - Linvilis's a?h dlvision of original lot tw^eutv -three (*S), i? square wve-a hundred ?;>d '?,-*<V<vs (7?), in therity of W saMngten. with nil the hnpeovetnenta tKe-s in. Terms of sale: *4JMcnsh; balance In 4,12 and IS n* nths, with ten per cent-inter^. uM DCMCAWsbBRo^UIO^cli*!^: ' EVENING STAR. A SiNuri.AR Mauri auk.?A PHJ' pf >>??? !"n - A j.r ti\\--' ii,{ 1 ?-? uf; ^ lnjr LemSf Surah BeCi>|?r, *pj?f ared th>* nu rnlrj in tt nie mart chambers, a;-J ll.ri rouriKel nAcd to hare Pin-** Simon, her Other, <1 (BiraUn for the parp ?*e ot brisking * Miit ft>r -tu-oree if"*t J v-ob Hittlnpr, alio, ii the ladr*?euir> In* trw, t u tnoeLsingular tr- thnd of procuring a partn ?* for lite. Sarah ma'if an affidavit in wl Ich *he mjs hot Hrun-.nv rahavr pa*-*'"*! star-* sh-^ th-st aaw the light of d*yt that-Ivib Httln^r. an ai finalntanrt- of bar* tnok her ?nr afurimon brfore a clergyman,'tt Jlin* her Wist \h- m t?t ?*r "JT?" to sll asked, awl th ?l opon leirlrg the rrr? rend |irrsrrirr bo inform it h t that abe was hta wife. Thi- rfsrffinj tntonr i tior canard her iarm" llmtely h? rtn? h >m ?: and after consult!nj; sr". l?er parents, this applica tion was made?wind; th court pr#m,-tv grant ed ?.V. f. Krjrrttt, 52d. Tn 'ATtBAoi wl> ti?v or nniii uri. according to the t?hk? of lb? Brstt*k iwsnrauoo companies, has merea-ed nearly am?third witA in the last ernt iff and a balf. 'and the np?rt t-nee of the best roapsntra ft* tt?" last tturtr ?ears bears similar test Inn hit It Is not that men are born .'-tronfrr, but with th- incr-as* of knowledge baa cwrac iitoseaaad chances of living. as the .-smwof death and the laws of health are better understwort. The tart is a complete ana\*er to a class of individual* vho hare iMitfbn ito sermonise on the dctenara tltnef llie ?VA school exhibition inloara eudoJ up aita tin nuptial* of the schoolmistress. DIED. CUSTUS la Oi-orrrtuwii, at the r-stdeu'-e of P. ri-lf, on lh? .I'k ii-staut, of it \AX GUsTl'S (e.>|or,-,W. 73 years, a fsiihfa< so t Hmty al i seal jsi jj|??, ? H Al.filF.D. Onth'tioriiBiiof ib* t?rh instant, FANNIE L. HALSTED. Funeral -er?ie--a oa T1 m?'?y,iU }'? o'cl ?ck a. at , at lit-r late miii ute, J'i'J IS h tlrn<t m-ril* tt. Frieidsof thefan:1l> an- respectfully iu*it?4v Tlis r-n>ain? to he raken next day to Laurel Hill Oen? terv, Philadelphia. J?* Mi N ERItAN Y . Or Wedne-dar. fi Iwt., at t:V) oVlnck a. in., of ce:ii- *tion of tbe lu-ig*, t HABI.UiUfni 7 month- and 8 day*. badoved*. a <>f Ktaicis awl Emma McNet ftany . Aiuiuvr ang-1 in IIan. Funeral from the se?*d<mce of parent*. V0? 2i> h street, cu Frnliiy afternoon. 2tf h in.-i., *' 1)4 --'cl.-ck. Fiin,ral m. i* M.fth-w ? ?Jbvroh, a: J o't I. ? * U< l?t.?t* aim! fri.-u.i* i-f lIn- f.uiu.'y r.'^p? . fi:lly iiuH. i." rOOIi. Outhe Bf-n.'nr of theJC'hof M?rt-h. at S.'a o'clock a. m..< f pnn-iu >nia, hi tt-e ^'h jear <>f l<in ??-, J. W. iHMiL.a ?Htivf ot Fair4?K rjnnlr. V* , but for ih<- Last tiliet-u > ??i- a r<-oiil-nt of ihia city. IHvmabl-.Tt-nn., papers pie**.-1 u)r ? I llisfnoeral ?ill t?kf plac>- frum l-i> la'c r?viilj>irs at He. 63^ O ?tre?-t norihwent, on Friday, th-'H b iii't., at 3 o'clo k p m Fri-n-l? Mil ?riBunUt'M are rp?p?-flfully invited ti? atit-nd. " 2 ' St'klVER. T'inrwta> . March S,a* S ?VI wk a. m., after a lose and uaii ful illae-ie, Mr-. LUCL8I h? KIYKR, wife ot O. W Pcriver. H.?r retnain* will W takeu to-ssofrow ; Friday! eM itina t?? Hudeoii. F. T.,for iulmunrt. * UNDERTAKERS. ||I(HARD F. HARVEY, UNDIlRTAKKR. i Aktmjot to HAH 7b i 4 MAkR,i B V34 ? Sri: 1ST, tftweec Kiutli and TefiUt V tTALLIC h'CULAL CASBS AMD CASXJS T of ti t rjr J'teriWm; n arl-ly SHhnUPS. HAH:TS, ?? jj It HARD W. BARKER, iAhl>KT MAtMK AXU OyUSkTAL SK. 61V ELKVENTU STREET, n-ar ? t'VhNiTVKK OF ALL KlXlHi V A US A > J K h PA Ih P L>. a J-tr U I1LIAM HAI RETT, UNDKRTAKUK, Ro.734 7th 8iREVT,BKTWkEN 0 axb H Sraatr* ?r*f It Ortts> mi4 Oa>IM< nf *11 tfsdi ArCTJOX SALES S>Y LATIMER A CLIiAUV, * Auditiuet>ri? ami R-kl E-tate Brokers, 8- i.thaeat ooru<-r Pi-:,n-.) I. a: i? a\etiu<- aut! litis sr., bear ORico Building. V ALNI T FABLOESCITE IN CRIMSON REP. It PI EC'EH; I'll It KK WAI.H t'T P\RL'*R SUITES IN <? RKKN KIP& WtLHl'T MAH 11I.E TOP A Nl> OT11KK T vRLKS. Bltl'aSK I.S, THREE-PI.Y AND OTHER CXltPETs, VKb VET A Nil BRISSKLS RIUS; SI PEKluR OIL ri.OTH; WALNUT HAT RACK; OAK MAR 111.E TOP RIHEKOAnD; OVh CANE SEAT MN1NO CHAIRS: WALNUT EXTENSION I ININC TABLE, LARUE REFRIGERATOR, NEARLY NEW.WALNCTSOFA BEDSTEAD, THREE WALNUT MARBLE TOPOH VMBEK M ITES, OAK MARBLE TOP CHAMBER M IT*: FAINTED COTTAGE SETS: WALNUT A Mi PAINTED WARDROBES. MATTRESSES, BOLSTERS AND PILLOWS, BLANKETS AND I OMFORTS: BEDSTEADS. BUREAUS AND V ASHSTANDS; TOILET SETS: WINDOW SHADES; STAIR CARPETS AND RODS; CHINA, GLASS AND PLATED WARE, Ac., Ac., AT AUCTION. a On TUESDAY MORNING. April l?t, at lO 10 o'clock, we will sell, at No. 133V F st.. K^ln twi-oi ft* h aud 14th utre-'Ti, the above I^niiam-d k?k|4. togi-ther with many other* uu " 1 uece?i<ar> to uientlnn. Ttbi* cash. L ATIMER * CLE ART, i:. 25- (lis | RepuhJ Auctioneers. GREEN A WILLIAMS, AncMone?rn, Nortliwsat corner of 10th and D BT THUSTEE 8 8ALE0F VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY IN SQUARE No. ?T*. NEAR ST. ALOYSIUS CHURt'H. I By Tlrtue of a deed of trust dated on the first dHy of June, A. D. 1371, and duly record'il In liber No. All, folio 4V?. Ac., "f the land records for Washington conutT. D C., an-1 by direction of the party secured thereby, I will a-U, at public auc tion, in front of the premier*.on MONDAY,the Slst day i-f March. A. D. IK'S, at 4 o'cl-ick p. m., the f->l loaing described lots la Gilbert"* recorded snh-tl vision of squsre numbered -ix hundred and seventy flve(?75) fn the cfty of Washington, that is?L-h* I I, and 110, each Improved hv a nearly frouting on north I street; Lot* N ?. ISi, US, 1M. 1?, 1W, UT. US, 149, MU, liil and 162. all ui>improved, aad froutiag on Myrtle street. Tenii* made known on day of sale, stvl d--p>?its re ijuired at *ale of 91011 on each inipr-ivtxl lot, and AS (in eai h niiimproved lot. Terms of sale to be fully con plied with wftliln six day* after day of sale; atlierwiee the trmtee reserve* the right to re*e|| af ter y>ne week'* notice, at the ri*k and co*t ??f first purchaser. All conveyancing at rurchaeer'* co*t. WM. H. WARD, Truatee. n 15 e. 4.1* GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aects. No*. KI7. MS. 10?. tiiiinhed hou*e. H Y W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. I NITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE OF A LARGE LOT OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE OF A LADY DECLINING BOARDING HOUSE, AT No. 31? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. NORTHWEST. In vjrtne of au attachment i?ened out of the Cb-rk'* Office of the Supreme Court of the District of Colnn bia, and to nie directed, I will n-ll at pub lic ?ale, for cash, at No. 318 Pennsylvania avotine. between 3d aud lit stre?u northwest, on TUES DAY. the RAtb day of March, 1-C3, commencing at lO o'clock a. ui? the foll.iw-iug furuitaru in part, to wit, viz:?B>-drteail?, M'-ttr-ae-s, Feather Br-li, Bedding, Pillows, B-dnterw, Bureaus, Waxbutanda, Whatnots, Wardr-ibe*. Stove*, Parlor aixl Chamber Carr?tii, Window Shades,S<-fas, M-trble-top, Center at id Pine Tables. Mirror*, Oilcloths. Arm aud Rx-k ing Chairs, Caue *?at Chair*, Pitrlo-rs. B jwI*. Glansware, Crockery and Cliiuaw a*e. Knives and Fork*, largs lot of Matting, ^.'o >king Sto\e?, Side board, Clocka, Ac., Ac.,?seized and lev ieil upon as the gix-dond chattels of Luciuda M >rrili, and will l>e sold to satisfy attachment N<>. ki Jtii, iu fa. or of Jane A. Godey and Walter Godev a AI.EX. SHARP, U JPdarahal, D C. n lO-JAils llUp.J W. I. WALL sCO.. Aacsa. Mr THE ABOVE SALENS POSTPONED until MONDAY, M?reh31, l.srr.. Ki th" same hour and 'place. ALEX. SH ARP. U. S. Marshal, D. C. nt-d W.l. WALL A CO., Aut ?*. B Y W. L. M ALL A ''O., Auctlon??< rs. UNITED ST ATES M ^SH AL*8 SALE. In virtue of a writ of fleri facia* issued out of ths Cl?rk's office of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, and t<> m? directed, I will sell at public hale, for cash, st the Auction S'- re of Wm. L. Wall A Co., on THURSDAY, the 31 day or April, WS^at 11 o'clock a. in., the following good* and chattel*, to wi'.vis: 2 Hogsheads of Crockery W are, * Crate* -eired and levied upon a? the rood* and chattels d?. of II ipon i Levy, and will be sold to satisfy E\ecuti>>n Mo. SjSi, In favor of Bernard Burnatfne, use of H. Burnntine. ALEX B SHARP, U. 8. Marshal, D. C. MarchiMh, ltffl. biat ilt* TH<?8 B. wao<;aman. Real Estate Auctioneer, 61V 7th street. B ?f ? deed of trust from Charles EUT' W? w,f' to John D. McPherson, ^^recordM In Liber ?b, folio SSi ?t the land re oprts for Washingtoni c..nnty, la the District of Columbia,! will, on MONDAY, the tlet day of April, Kl, at 4 oHeek p. m.. offer for sale at pahtic -uctton infrontofthe prsa?ises, the prc**rty de scribed la said deed, to wit Lot nntabemd V, in Muare Bo. 140 with the iaipmvnmenti, being [uor frame honees. Terms: One-third cash,the balance hi six aldtsshe months front day of sale and secured by par- haai-r * note* and dee?l ?if irs* apoa the peuaiises rWiJffrA! n.JO-eoAds Convey AN, Anct. PROFOSALS FOR GRANITE PAVK1 Cialrl proposals are larked aad wHI he O.I. Ci ?T1 ehNeet'S OBis. 0.1. Capital, at IS oVUck m. laryland to Bew Jersey avenues T he bidder* to state the price pw will eater into contract h* and will ii?|lt? the werk specilcatioaa. n 8 eotd Arc accordance withthe ^giaL. i u?l or THE I M1LO HfATEN ?f 'A' TAfrrf iff ft/ /Vrl*. < V?4 ? s??. (tiaBBAL IATl Tl-Nu.J.i-f?i.i,iK,l. it fcratnrBt aim a ty. in specie. per fourth ?*i\V ? '* i t* i"?r twrnr-dmi. d. .rf'" ' *,;J " Tl ?* "? trB J~ r??"?-rt_Wn?'tr. in uper*. funriv t#n kairtnu and iigbu-ei., Ik kwi?ai?< d.?l ln'i ???!-??* tmls. ist ""rss! ?"?' -.^2L?2; . * *? Uir i4n?urr ?( ikp <1. nt. Mi hu.-ir u doMiwa. "** rrr** eisiUiA? . r tiv (okh. ,,lv I"" 4J?10 l,<** 01 ?"*er??t on 2 L ^ ? '^'f U -'IreMll. ? ^ ^f' <1 ind tlilffMA*. fii ?|..i > '??y*??*d?w>?nr.nn < ,enty ?*??*?- i-3S fot ilbtiL It d?K I?rr rpitt-JM on f?rt? fiir e tko*??ild nrxl cftjr dollars trau?f?rJd jivw the Ontario I.anfc to aTCu.i?4 States tt.jsury. per art Ju?. m^atrWetuT > gb'fr n t njir d r*?d. forty-* *. u?o Ifcou^awl ?ne Vanered .11*1 fffty-two do..ars and ttw nts. ? I'Nl'CAf* AI D All A WJI|kB!?. F* r perui -rvut iwmty, iu v<i-. Mr fourth Haw ?f *Pf?& r ?c. Di^atk, c?~*>?een buv>frcd mnu eighteen, nno thaustnd <UhI?h? F*r blarksnttt aud MUhM. ship and tools ir?n ar<| tfeel, <<?r.ihnn?*n<? ?tj I sixty dollar* ' >>?*?:<as. ni\r-> Pr>m-A* a\t? k'h , ? * *r 0** ? fA W?, coy rKJit 1: ? T(.<> r*"KI AS, U ASN AS * KtAS, **AK, AJtD I'l ANAVOIIA WS, ottaha* Awn' ^*rM'AP'g roK* >-*!? MX HI |?g MSrr. ? WTAtrt WTAHnuTTH I l*?T ?! Instalments. for h'scfc-rr'tli ? ??** r **m1 <?*???. Iron ati t steel fur ,n^** flT >??"dr?l dollar* ?. .Hk il?r* ?"?tal meats. lor p*y of black, umitb, and ??? tk p<^2fy ir ?n m<i *t t ki X.frsrj?*'?'"- *'*'? m riiSr; .ircSU"* shaWnec*. ror pctnwn. i t hiiiuiKt fur edncation*! rur r<*c.?. |<r fourth anVIr treaty of A?gu?t ti'lrd wvfofKB ttomfrt'd aimI ninety-flvr, and shird ?f t'-nfh, ?>(VhWii kaodred at>d fifhr-frmr.onf AooMiiid doilvi r or permanent wmulty, in sj.rc ?, for e!aca t onal T-r,^. fourth ar?cle treaty ol h? I'U mU-r tw. rtr-ninth, oi^htr^n hundred and (^verJrffi and tkird article treaty of M ty t nlk dollar?1' a,,<1 u^ fo?r, two tboewej Fwr ?ntrrpnt. at Are per erntum, on fortv tl'^onaiid dollar*, for ? d<icaiM>Tia! purpoaoa ut-t tut* .rttcietwi, of m?? SSU, AJSSSTIK <**ed nod tift>*lonrf two tr^agAud dollar* rajfrn ?.?/. _Ko. Uutk of twenty hiatal Maputo, teV ?tjpt*fc J, wadar U?c dir^uon ot iii?? I loi u-nl. in th- pun haae of ?u< b artici ? J"* *?*> U, r? ??U&; to their wanti.. hiDt ** or u, p?r liitb ari^le tr aty ot .luiy kreond, eUhtecn Luudr.-d and wxtv Uirt-c, teu timuAand dollaia. R'tirra ?Kor t?-nth of twfeatr ln?*al mt nto, under the direction of th.- !'ro>d<-ut iU Hi-purcliam-01 ou< h article* a? he mt? d.'-m huit jtblv to their want*, either m ban ten or 111 idMoe^n, per ?creutb arti. le treatr or October tr?t, nAtwn huiMiiol aud alitv-thrrr jivj t.. 'UMtt.d doliara. 7 lmn*'*iTe -V r?*?ee?fen. Baa r,.-Por tenth of twentr In ?V'Jr" ? * *1 ?* under the direction oj the Premd?*nt, in the pnrchaite of ?neh aru cha aa Le May det-m nuitable to thi'ir want* either a* hunter*or h<-ttl ia n, p<>r tliird article treaty 01 July thirtieth, eight en huudred aiid nxty-tbree. Htc thoaaand dollars. Oo$hip Ha 1 -f?For tenth of twentr in-tal inoLt*. Uihv expended. tird.T th- direrti m of ? i J ' e Puri'hase ol vicli article* ti rjudtog cyt, ,or h,rdjn<[ Q, tltber pnrpoMa' a* hr nha.l deem suitable to tlieir wAnr? an I 23gy hunter8 OI ber lmcen, one thous?nd p/top liOv K? AKD BAS>OCXD. **othon,i.-.For fourth ol thirty <u-taltweata t.' purchase eight hundred suite ot" ctotbinc t .r Ii. t.cs over lourt- en years of a^e, tht rt tun. I h<>sc. calico, ?iid doiuoatf-a for Hfht hnn<lr. d' tnial.aover Uie a*;e of twelv# ye*n.. and such ^??oda as may be need.*1 to make suits for eight hundred boy# at.a girU, thirteen th.>UKtn 1 c\j t bundled aad sevetit>-four dollars. tor taird <?t ten iu*talinenu, for the pur-h^^e Ol such articles as may be comcd-red pro,, r V? HAftTnSSi ?J thr ,n,**r1'>r for one thousand eifht hundred perwru.rooming and ai? htindr d Ih.Uara! ***^ lU a<ric,lUufe> iktot) tbawMnd For pay of phraiclan, tearb^r. carpenter et i.ii.eier. farm< r and l>laciceraith. a* per tenth article treaty of July third, eighteen hundred do'lara C "** thwB-s?ml c'K&t huudrtd treaty, tira htin^&doiu?. "*H,e *ci*d4 ;, inw4i. For roorth of thirty in^talm*nt* to |.nrcl.a*- four hundred ?nil. 6f for m-.I, * over fourteen year* of ate. the flannel ho e and domestic, fTiour huuTr,^ fl.l'i 1* "^T *** of twe,re TC*T?, and such OOttPa goods as m*y be n.-cd -d to m.tke smta lor four hnn<lrtid boys and <*irl?. ei? "fne hunlre(1 thirty-aeyen dol /?i!1 l!rlrnrthuf **" ,n!st*ln>*ntJs, for the pnr cli..seof sncb articles a-; may be considered eichthunHr l* S'*,'re*Jiry oT ?? Interior, for eitht hundreii pcr?ons ro?ining. and four hun d<0bin|T*O,U *Sr'culture, sixtoeu thousand oiL?r?rf- ?f PhJ"s,SlV' t??cber, carjienter, en SKoiSdTSiSLi1*'*"'- ?" For transportation of goods that may be par "?> oth?? o, ouiu^ia ,BA?? a*b mcthiahtkk ior this amount, to be expended in such goods, provisions, or other artick-s aa the Pre* 3ent may from time to time determine Incl^ ing transr .irt ltinn, in instructing in agricultu ral pursn.ts, in proyiding employees, educating ch Idren. procuring medicine and medical at teiiilanoe, care for aad support ot the affed. l.Cr?!^ for ^^Ip'ess orphans of stid .i ,'^ H i? **ir otfcrr re*r**"t to promote 5?'* c?utl'ort, and improi*cmcnt torty thonsarxi dollars. MX nations or sn- vork. " permanent annuity, in clothing and other 1 ul articles, per sixth article tnatyof \o Teniber seventeenth, seventy humfred and m r U,OOMBd fi*?hnndred dollars, ?li* ? ?*T TRIBM' ??tLriH*o sa* ' KtC ",f>l * "? THiSTATi OF MKRaaSK A, AMI A*firi?MM ?iorx uinytrioy, axu rAMitiaa or aaktu Dakota aiorx v. aw,Bo JB TAKiW ???*""T*AI.a AT OE V I.A u IJ.AIIiRlAf, IW DAKOTA TERKITOKY. bUck'?ith, and furnishing doffira^ ' materi?'' two thousand For fourth of thirty inatalmento, to purchase clothing tor males over fourteen vearsofag.-, l ^"^1' e0*'iand calloo> ?nd domestics re . ^ femiles over twelve years of age *.ucb l1?nnH arKl cotton goods as mavT?i needed to make suits for boys and girls one doMars fifty-nine thousand four hundred For fourth of thirty instalments, to purchase siich aifcles as uisy be considere.1 proper by the Secretary of the Interior for persr.ns roam tZ^/rjhsrr ^ two vlvTt!- . / * t^nwnd dollars. of l^f floiC Instalments for purchase 2 ' aud sugar in proiiortion tte the* ?'. ih" liUttwe"t.T tbo"sand persons, under v _ April twenty r 1?,?htoen hundred and sixty-eight, and ?">tton Sioux, one millUn three hundred thousand dollars: t^mridrd, That the *AMCe ^ *PPpoprlatioBS hereto fore made for the subsistence of the Northern ? n' Tennes and Arapaboes may be used to re imburse the appropriation heretofore made for subsistence of 8ioux of different tribes to an **?? ????' heretofore ex petided from said Sioux appropriation for the subsistence of the Northern Uheyenucs and Arapahoes at the Red Cloud agcncy. For pay of physician, five teachefs, one car penter, one miller, one engineer, one farmer, and one blacksmith, ten thousand (bar hundred dollarm. For transportation, and the necessary ex C'nses of delivering goods, to be purchased for e different bands of the Sioux Indiana, under treaty of April twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred a?d sixty-eight, one hundred and fifty the Jsand dol Ian. siorx, ItRRTOV A WD TAIPITOV AID BKXATI "??fx or LAKB TBAVKBSB AID DBTtL'S LAM For this amount, bfilas the first of ten Ibm.i i r-ss. UKLirsss June seventh,_elghtoen hnndwd and rev^t^ js Sioux Indians, tor the rettnquiahment bvsawl SfSS.*."* etoim to thelaads described In the second article of the rsr?r5sri^ |M nded.?ndm the direction of the Prt^det for *??'**??? ?f Indlata, tn th* manner pre scribed la aid treaty of eighteen hundred an* ??xty-screo, as amended by the" thousand dollars, hereby coal included Rm ?pon their reo April nine Walk. haadret Md fifte-oigM. tort* t hr??*?w1 de>i ?*?? F? totafirtattM flf food*, mm tw j?aiul a ? amu*. ? ?wti rm T? aai llTtl ??*r.r ATioW F* tkM Moiti, t? b? n|?M 1<>' in ?w* rood*. peer iMnim, and other naeT-' ad ??* aa the rreaktcnt , imm lime to 1.3*0. <> DlDr, Utryirtttkitt. In Inntm-uwc In agricnl'aral and mechanical l-a-.mtto f>ew vidtn* rmi>W>re??. ednratiujt a* Udr?n. p-.>r~wr |K| aaid.cine* ?wt a??dtrnl UtrWltiM*. r?rr for and s?'pf?rt of the aged. drk. a?4 tiKira, tm the b< ||.W?orpksn? Ot as id ln#W? *??1 <n any ti ?#i t to pmos*Be thsar eteir.ann ?n. comfo-t, and M|<tot< Miit. eac kawk*4 tuoMaad i?l Inn. ? iu-rta rnruii or ?*??? ??**?? Far seoomt nft'i iwUlarnK to ?? ea?-?iide>d under tft<- direction uf tko ?? r? m %?nth arilH. tn *? . of AafMl tWNIt* rlik Be, a Landr d ami aula Ova, tarn tfcoimand twe hut drrd Aoiiai. ?'?IUUV*. For fhnrUi af It# taata n<?li on tixtr thcoa 1 ml dollar-. < W> ;.ng the nflh i?-? ) ?i*Jm Ikr ? -I. t t'.n of Mie f vadfal. par Ifft mUi? treaty ol Jananrv l? . iitv-si?tfi rifhovn liaa dr d u?l fifty-five. l*? (LvmKI tear bnndmd MIml t or f?utU?r.'l 94 'aralr nat?lmmti. f<ar Mar mi, t-orcoJ an atrii ultora' k?4iu<ta?ira< ?ch *sl, and for pay fer *>utabh- loaohsr* |>?t et. *<*a*k atttah Utahni January lv?alf-?itii.Mfkwfa hum*, red and till* five, two Ikvuaud Mao ha* .LJ - droit Fit fo'irtitWK of 'ami; i?Uiwat?. far the 1 m <Hn mwi.iol a ?umknaiitiK cai |? aim . laria t. ?a 1 Ian. a ho *bm. turniah Bi^cMk im the ai<\, |>er liwt) iif lUauwf (arat|4'klt. Wri kuiKliul aal Mtf-lvr.loar i six i.ui.Ure?l iluluia Kur M|i|?rl ot a sp ilk and akaa> *i> 1 to prov k!?- the a.-? . v-^rj tools then lot. nee Lu n?in <1 dei?*rs. i*j>Ku(Ta?MK i? ip >a 11?? iiwtai, For lot of ten uidaliai uu, f?>r the par has* o( (u?U. 11 Ml* t the Atn lliHi of |||( -i-sry of llie luterior, [Kf ri^bti. article iruaif ol Ik toUr atvcartb. e ifiL la* n hundred nud mlf tl.iti', a'lii S nafr torni1ia< Mof M well la<-atr f fth, ci*l.te-n hundred aad aiitffour, tea t'a>-u' ana dollars. Fi-r I aal of trk iMla!sn.l>. par M(blk ?r'irl? of mi<I treat*, fat lir part^uM af provi-ions. tiuder lb* i)mctk*if th? trcrrUi; M the la ir li ?r. t*-n tliu'..>tu?l dollart. F01 pa\ ol Waakaatlti, a- p<? teal b artiel* et Man' triat).a??k bandied and iw e at v dullara For IraiiMatr l?(toa aa l (rk*ral taaulraul ri penseaof the diitveay ol aiwdk. fniriauia, u4 stock, as per Nunc article af umi Ucaty. ta? thoOaamt dollar*. iabhwi Acaau*1 a? nt,t iron,airii>ri a*, uau, autku ki\kk, Ana 1 mxaa bAttw or t TM. For |.aa of two r irjvotrr*. two tntllrra. twa fkrn< r>. a*d 0*10 b acktaiiUi. aa prr fa tfutk artirle tfaat) ulMaiili aicaat. riahifra bua dr <1 and sl?U-fl(;bt, nine tWouAaiKi d<?Hnra Fur par of two t ach?i*. ax i?t ?amr art.<?> mt aame tr< att. two thouaaad dnliatn. tor ikn puroliaarol iron and al-*l. and Mi* urc anarv tool* tor liacl<'t two baa dr <3 at.'f twenty dollaca. Fir Dttb of thirty limti),to1>(rK|vn4H| ni di r tbr dini tion of tba ftrctrtary of tfca lat'-rtor. for clotbing. MaukHa, and Mi>.h vlbar ?? ttc'-a a* hp tn*) thlak pn<p?-r ami in ?-? aary, uiidrr rlrrftith article of - *mo treaty, Uiirty thousand dollar*. For annual amount, to be expended. 'indi*c tic itircctton at tbr Si crctari ol the I ntrrio*, In xuj-ptvtns aa d Indiana aith tM*et, lu ifU?n. wbi at. flour, heana. ami po'atoea, a> |?m i?, 'ftk article ofaanie tn aty, thirty tbnuaaial >lollara For tranajairtfctlon of auek gooda a- uiaa k ? purchased for aaiil Indiana, aeven tkuu*an4 dollar a. t?tow an?r*. For tbi? XDiMiiit, or w niurb tbernif aa mty he aeceaaarv . to purchaai milinwlriire ami clota iiif for the Vi tor. and other bamU id Si .ua in the vii Itilty of Fort I'eik, Montana I"?*lrilnra and lor sucb otbi r objucta aa the Secretary ml the Interior. * Wi theainaav \k?f tin; rr?-m. nt. out dc n> neeeaaarv and adriaahic, to pronaotn the dVlltaatlmi and improt 1 nteni of ^nd In diniia. tan huit'lrcd lhoti*aad iloilao lint tbia ?I | rv>i rlat1oii xkali hr ax|?'nded far tb' Im-wcM 0 auch |>ortiona of a iiil band* only, aud foe anek 1'ine a> they maintain ftieitdly relation a to the UuiU'd blatea; i'rueidad. That it any trader, hii- a^ei.t, or am |>eraon for or uni t h m.aballaeli aii'y arina or ammunition ai hia tra<ling-|>oK or 01 her place a itbm any diftti ict or country occupied hv aaolvilUod ot b*>aUle Indiana, contrary to lite rill 1 a and r ^uiati >na or the Secretary of th? Interior, aui-h trmlei abaU forfeit hia Hpb( to trad.- with the Indiana, and the a%id Secretary aball aueb tra lea . ami the a^ent, or other P.-IPOU h( otlei, lii*. 1 on* aw. L diaUiet or onntry ao occupied; ami the Mai bicielaiv i> 1. 1 t.-d and re <iuir?d tu adopt aui h ruiea a-* n..?y he m-cewaary to pro(.il..l auch aalea. and to eulorar the aaai tarwAt, (cow 1 KkKk Bt>n.) For last <d twenty inatalan nia. in h!ank<da, 1.. 1. i>r. provi>ioiia, and alock. J?-r lliird ar ticle treaty of Keptemher nineUientb. eid'?t<iea bundnd ami tilty-three, live hundred ami flfty dollara. mrctt'AO a a t> calapimmas <?? rur^ii v al loy . IIBE'IIK F01 fourth of tive inalalm-nla, of the fourth art >e? ot annuity, tor h? nefl.ial ohjocta. la he expended aa direiled by the Preaid -nt, per third article treaty ot Nnrcnter twenth-ninth, eighteen hundred and iifty teur, one thojaan4 dotiara. For nineteenth of twenty instalnx nta. for the pay of a teacher and purchaae ol hooka and atalioaery, per aixtk article treatv of Noaeaa tx-r twi-n'tv-piiith. eighteen buialred and flflr fonr, one thousand toor hundred and fatty dol lara. WllLA'TAI I.A, Citrai, AWfi TBATTLLk taw. For fourth of Are inatalaacnta. of third ?~riea, to he ex landed under the direction of the I'roa , ? ? . ?u( uumwn Ol IQf ITfth ident. per aecond article treaty of June ninth. eifhteen hundred and flfty-lire, four thouaaad dollar*. For fourteenth of twenty inatalmenta. for the pnrebaar of all nece**ary in 11 111 it area and cLanlc^l toola. medicine*, and hoapital atoreo, bonka and stationery for achoola, repair* of school butlding and fnrnttnre, and for ta pli.yet?. three thoaaand dollar*. For fo irteenth of twenty instalments, for taa pa\ and anbidatence of one au|>erluteiideut ?T farming operation*, one farmer, two miller*. One hlackaoi'th, one wafen and plow maker, one carpenter and joiner, one pbya*cian. ami tno teachers, per roarth article treaty of ?>una nlntli. elfbteen hundred and fifty lire, elerea thouaand two hundred dollars. For fourteenth of twenty instalments, for the pav of each of the head chief* ot the Walla Walla, Cay uae, aud I maul la hand*, the sum of five Iiu'ndnd dollars per anuuu. per filth articTe treaty of .lane ninth, eighteen hundred anu fifty-live, one thousand five hundred dol lars. a ICHtTAS, AVDOTHKK APVtl.l ATBD BAVIMI, ARB immaks in covurmr Laaaan raoa tai?c taw a. For this amount, to he expended in such goods, prov wiona, and other articles aa the Frat Id en t may from time to time determine, inclo dine transiiorlation thereof. In Instructing la agricultural and mt< hanlcal pursuits, ir. pro vliang employees, educating cbildren. procar ing medicine and medical att 'udance, care for andsupnort of the agud.alek, and infirm. Car the helpleaa orphans of said Indians, and in any other resioct to promote their civillxaUot. com fort, and iaprovemeat, filty thouaaml dollaro. a :>sKHAooa*. For interest on eight hundred ami eightr-ax thnuaand nine hundred and nine dollar* aad seventeen cents, at fire per centum, iter lourth artie.e treaty of Koramber first, eighlovn hun dred and ti. rty-aevea, aad joint re notation of Joly serenleentb. iighteen hundred and aiato two* thlrtr-nine-lhouaand three hundr^al aal lorty-fire dollars and forty-ou cents. For twenty-arreatk ot durty instalment* of interest on seventy-fire thorn-nod three hundred and eighty-aerea dellar* and twenty wight cents, at lee per centum, per foarth arUcte I -? *' ?? ?W www r*a I V asium, MTf lUUfiri drill If treaty of October thirteenth, eighteen hundred and iorty-olB, three thousand seven hundred and sixty-nine dollars and thirtv-aia cents. For Interest oa aerenty-eight' thousand throe hundred and forty dollar's aud fortv-oaa < at five per cantum. to he expended undnr tks direct'on of the Secretary .K the Interior tor the erceUoo of hoacea, im(?wreusent of the al lotmcnta of land, purchase ot stock, agricuKar ral Implemerts, seeds, and ether lieneficial pur poses, three thousand nine hundred and aeeea tren dollars aad two cents. rtstiBB of goods, throe [tw bt c i.mis.d.) 'SSe: a? far as ra _JfJ> <^S'.*^adSwri!t TPyPAF. ApHI1 la. a. ? Ml, |M BUUCFtVI

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