Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1873 Page 4
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wmm EVENING ST AIL 1Mr?MT. TT, I87J. LOCAL NEWS. 4nnwiMil*, To>nlghL n t '* ? Eag'.jn tjuu* B-jLe ftiab UitL"' Theater ('tmique.?A witty euterta.nm-rit of 4mu, wji g. iuict, Ac. ? ? ? The last Of tike class if Chr -tier worker* was held in Lincoln Hall 1 v?t t?jght. The stndents of How ard I'seenC-tr hare or g*nir?.d the -Charles Sumner Literary Associ ativa. Btadle'a Bww Ball Plerer fm 1*7.1, receired from NhilliWfcton is in erder MW that Spring t>* rone. ti e had hoped that the 1at*r part or March would (ktthp i kind of leaving toward a por?. bb Spring ?<nnc?brre hi the dim future, tat ? r have hern discowraged thi? vcfk, Tableaux, miwcal, IHwrarv, and dramatic entertainment l?jr the Mt- Vernon Amec'ation fur the benefit? Company D, W. L. I . at their armory, 7 th street, b*-?ween L and M-.treet-, to-Bu rrow evening. See ad verti.-emeirt. Mr dohn TT. Brfiif??mre?l, la an advertisement fb??h<'i?.aiiM)niHy4 that he it prepar<-d to fit aa<( in.ik-' shirts of the quality, with neat ? -> and dispat* h. WUt he may'say in praise ?f his ipHMta can he r^Hi den. There wa? a* ?*e1ting wene at Meridian's fbandry. on the ooiner of Hkh ??w an.I aaa arcane, oaTaewdy, naind hv the explo sion of ^hekflU thrown Veto the fern ace by a eolortd man, who wr charging rhe tsrsaee aith frrn to hp remeitsd. >*o serious 4?a?ff ??ti?Sin*. The Washington Grenadier*, who are to he arnid with < h*orj.ot rtflfs, hare applied, thrt>n?:h th? r eommardfng -"tfteer. Captain Built mni.'ti the Fiuff'm ? si?t?r to procare frt m the K1*s of Biirxrta fifty helmet*, such as are i.ow being 4K*arM ft, the Bavaria* krvepe. Be*. Hvcaco A. Pk.1 wltfr? I, pastor -f th? Tim'ty rbufv h Phila^nlj'li**, traaMt'TTed from tk< Phitadelpb a coa*erenr"e to the Baltimsre eotiferenr*- of the Episcopal Oharcb, at<l ai ^.nted at the T<*<."e~_rt ?e?aion of said con lereiice u Higi-rpwen, Md., to the Foundry rhnrcb n this city, is em??rted to art-ire here to-day and to enter on fcts duties neet Srmlay 1 he ?oard of pdblic morks hare addressed a letter to Ma.'or HW-h*r?"*. calling his attention ta the cor-ditton^ Mth street, lietafen M and > Hl'WtJ northwest, wliich i? rerv leich ob at t uct ? 11 w'tb watertw! for building purposes, mw iiemg usee therv and ree?miui>*n ting the enforce n* lit ot sect"- u one of the basidiug reg alatlsas, page.??Webb's lilgest. Ma a toix a ATI stabs ais aanr hkk. At out s e'-ciorh last night a small boy notified the i-ohce tT the first precinct station that a rem ? mart had-^een stabhod in a house ou B atrcit, tvaween 3d ami 4^.. souti c*ct. I.ieut. CerMorU lUyah-hfd au otacer at ouce to the ?lait indi?:ate4, where l?r*. Broche-.ihciiner and Rile* w? re lound dre*ei?g a woaed in the Wit sbonldtt of -I?ft.n Kaue. <* nieh wuaud had l*e? n if.tlicted by *h? owti hcother, Miohatl Kaae. The <|uarrel wliiib lad to the to.bblng wao it app a*s, the rehult of a fatuilv trouble; an al wecation ^?oing np h?*t*n tiie brother*, and Mirhacl ?e1/.td a lacve butct^r knife -and plni>ge<l :t into hi* lnWi* r.lohn.tuaVin^ a <l*n Srous a nwid ahont two *ncben ling ami ?juite ep, an! 'hen rt?<l frrm the bouse, siui-e ?-liiv:h time he has nol been Men. .Ivbn ie twenty-two ytars of ag". stt?U is a hbek^ter n th?. market, and 3Jichacl i* t wenty years ot' age, and a^i-ts his father in his gr,? cerr store on sere?rt. It is fte opinion of the ?t?M-tors ?hat the wotiad will prove fatal. Uur reporter called to see TM-: WOriT'KV *A!< TWT? MORSW'l, and f?>:?T.?l him Ijin/ona rot fa the front room ot his father's h<?.is< which s?au?!.s UacJs in tli.j y?r?l. He was Mirroundetl by hi? wJf<? and frieii'K. He is verj" ?fri>m4y and it i? feared WHHta.'y wot.mled; rte kntre having nearly n-r?r?sf a large artery in the sfcoalder. The family rKKV RCTl' ??>T *r.n?'T THE nirrKTLHV, but soy it was +.i" ir a -<o 14en pa^ion a'ter aa. ni*' words hail j*a?<M about a receipt for rent, w Iim Ii John ? a-1 ertitIr.l ro from th? father, hi t which I h1 not be?-D gir?-n. They ?lo not ?i-h ai' "MMt wiiW'ti wt1' iea-l to any iegal stej>? in "tl.e .at, **? ther do-not aisli t? i'rusecnie Michael. ltr Kiler ntstf that he con?i<ler? the wor*?. a vim ?A3i<;i?B*n* cxr, a? it i* difficalt '? unite the artery, ?? it is such adtftli fr??ai the ?nrfv", and alrhoMgh the R?>w ot l?k>rd has been rbeck?*?l. it ?? lial?fc any mvui*-Rt to l>real> oat a^ain. He sacs that hr (.rt to tut ho>e-e ?euer he might have saved a large .|aiu?tit> of bl?H? l. nearly all of wli-. h r?i> irixo th? uwni'l. leaving the patient in a rerv weak stata. Miahaei Kane after striking the blow ui<i seeina -he bi-Mxl s|??t up, threw dww n the knife and left the hou-e, aAtnc ???> his bfriPK aisd? r covor of the darkms*. H^ was seen <ia Peni'?ylraada avenue stton atterwards bv a-nae ac?|uaiMta<?cea, who wtre not aware of what had happened, hot it is believed he. will b? too i.<i, as he haw a larr'^ circle of ar laaiuUn -ea Michael war- varied Jws tiian a at a- s*nce ta a fypsey g-rl. ar?i after the eaUiiig sh<s ran into liratrtet, MTtanin^ ?' Mnr?ler!" *i?1 ?' M ? li a?ll>a?curdot.u.' She a a-in great alalia, th ai? ? I.g be wa- kiiie-1. Tue polic.- art laokiiig ior th* IngiUre. Aurkstko r"B -?Sbi?vi;.ii tbs OfLsy:."' ? A i'i?iuit?l luau mMMmL h lwar*l in ploved as driver of an e*pre*i? wa^ei. went rite ? MkuraatM Pwaflnuua avewae,, kef* by Henry St'hwaizenWr^ near 4, sin-et. ou Tue.~dav. aiul. ait*.r Urinking a gla?? of wli?akv; Imlcrtd a *? bill, which wax rectirsnl i^r the proprietor aid the ?liange return--*!. \ eateidar after i .s.ri Sih*ar/?nU~r? went to pay a note In the farmer* a*d Mechanics' Baukot <ie?f d*'" town, ami, amaug other money, tei>dere<l th? atoresaUl bill, whi.h was rejected a* a e<>i*i terteit. Mr. sthwarzenlmrg rcturuwl to thi* rltv ami at once set al>out up the man ?ho vaid bun th?. note, and la* nuht met an I arrt steti bim. aial took him to the detective offce, abere he har.'lodbimoverbjMr.Cooiu :s. who n^on Aarchiiig him Coun-l of "the queer," in HenomiHation# of *'J0. ?10 an?! ~i.aH on the Farmer* and Merchants' F;r?t Xati.<u;?l Bank of Poughkeepsie. New York. The story tell! by Brown i* thai ha foah I thia package Oi hil'.sai W illard'i Hotel la?t year; but tliia was eoitsiilered --too thia,'" a? Ciat hotel was not op< n at that time. morttliig !K-teeiive t'lx.jne- took ^ Brown to t;ard,ier*s gai:?r\ aa<! Lad Uls ? in ig" taken, after wtich he was cvtulu.tod to the Police Oonrt, a"d a warrant was sworn ont l?y Mr. ? hwai/mhurg and K. Hamburger, charging Frown uttering and pacing counterfoil ?mi i The letter gentleman's a clo* nig dealer at it,J Pt nn-*l\ aniaa\enut an?l rec .re?l aae of--the .jneer"'trc>m Browu y eater lay in payairnt for a ?iit of clothes. He did not ?iw pect atnthicK w rung until *??irvg rke pnWi?l?e?l statement, retii, on examiiritig ?vi? faone> . he f.hin.l it was ownnterfeit. Brown te'Js diff -rent ?Tories as to ika he came in ^-?ei<>n of tint aior.ey. He wa*> eommitte?l to,:atl for action ot' the fctaml jury, in defatiM ot' a.Vi?uo b*l. Sitio5 *l ?'? utal Real Estate A ---t v Tiim.?The secood animal me* tiag of thi? ass*? emtion wa.* hcM Lot night, when the secretary mbmitted a tsjsirt s'.wjwing a halam* ? ot re ceipts aii.l iliAut - 'nents for the past ?r ot flaTi r. t Av* t> A mount ?lu<? fr*a borrower* (drawing i per ?*Mit >. aso mo.SM; a*s.)uirt ?f ar rearag*"? on stock. .;Q, 1!^ anrmirt of .*tr *at agvs oa 'ines, *; amor at of ofll-w fin i# tare a? .l rrw.. safe. ? rjt ??. amoutft of cadi onb?n-i. ?l,4.>*.:4 fatal, H W-XI. l>*??iwjwt-j>ivH ble as follows. .Aau'Mit rec--i* >-d on adea.u-e t-arwteots. ai.dfaai; nwint of inters -Iih- on tin* Mint to date, as.^--: total. ?l HW net i^Mets. *d'. On r*?!l a* w?r l<vt report. f.W>: eaneellrtj hv fir^s. red?eme.|. :*2?; total. $*1. leaving oa rod, l.l't rre-**j. mint of owe share, ail.**. The fo^ialtijj ?>f Hrei? were H.eete*! PrewwIenT. I?r. Thowus |? 4'atfie ir'. rlee ^^e-blent. Thomas .1. M?hhe: eecretarv, Plt?. H W Irh, Veasnrer. U-s^ge Cvwie; ?iirect*r*. Joha litMtflJt. <1. H. Hdwn. .1. T. < Vrr gan. ??r. -Iam?-?T. Vormler. Dr A. P rar.ion. W. V Snow.'ea. Wdli-*m Hhir-r, J. B T. T?pp?-r, F .1 ?'*WlaH1. ? SriT r.*a liAXici* f<<r ubicw Kr* OVM ?a thi Sdtmr? To-.lav. in the Orcmt Coart? ?io*lge I'artter. the ea#e'of Carl P. Kla< k?riag nga i.ot Frederick Peenn*! aal Sherw*x?*l w.?a catted tier; Mtnaer wad Mr. liarhe'i for plam U0. and Mr. H<r<e for aeteiulanu Xhiss ut is brouvbt tot wjo I'M tlamag*-*. rl.uatl for inju ries alleged to hare bee a received hr pi tariff being ran over ami knocked dawn hy ihe hor.-e ami w agon of dei'endairra?hto fare haeing been injured, aad s?vtral rib* al*a. This happeaal ?a Pennsylvania a?cnue. between l*th awl l?th jtfrveta, ia Jaaaarv. ICi. The plaintil! allege* that the f ridra- wa- ceased he the defendants' placing the wagon ia charge af iaooaipetea person*. The W?feace datm M the ?tr?ot was in such a condlUoa at the time that the dr. rer t? drive oa but Mi Mde of &he that the plaint* aae balW ia time to fd sat of the w.w. that he?ei*ed the horse. ia -o jul of getting ef the way. which fright, cacd the aad eanaed the accident. A Svit v*a Uie -ac c._ia the E^aiw t'<?d yi saanlar, KM/abath Deehavd Med. thro a eh her attorney, Mr. A. B. Tilliaa?, a MH far di vorce from her husband, Peter lytats IMrhard. She seta forth that they were married April 11. I*V. aad lived happily together aatd 1*3. la ?U* h year ami atnee he has treated her a> craellr as a emmnger her Hie; that oa Atisii IS. ?MR?. while she was sofferHie pmas of lal>or -nth her joungt st cndd. he got drwah aad Mrwck her m.'th a heavy stick, ca ileal her shovktag n utn, thrtinip*?' ta alll her; oa Februarv 12 Las* be armtd himself aith a largo kaire. ami ran gi her. #ariaf, " T?a> make y?mr rna.'" awl was only prereated from in dicing injsrrupon her by the timely la'frfer #iks of her aaa, Auga?tu*- ?he aafca that a ti.vaa be araagod her, as also the cmd-^y of h. r f ee chiMxt*, ahdK *"7 ,rom **' ATB1EH OFF FOR ALBAXT. I'artlDt: SrouM at the J.V1. The rriMBrr'RTfinrilax ronpaaloiu. 0 l>rkn> ?itatfmrnt Ahool tfc* Iterat Attempt ?? Brcsk Jail. The ?e?ne? at tne jail yesterday Afternoon on th?- reception of the com mutation papers, lr. the Ci-m at Char lea H. O'Brien, who w? to have I*til ncrntctl to-morrow far the mnnlor of Cnr.elngbsm. were deeenbed in la?t evwnlng's St'k. General Crocker, Uie warden of me >??. deteimiued, a* there were aevets.i other l?i^oiis there sentenced to imprisonment in tlie Albany penitentiary, ?c make ap a party at ] once, including O'Brien, and *cne them on. Mintages were immediately sent to O'Brien's t* mtly tr? the effect that he wonld start on his ioureey iu a few ho~ rs. Later re the afternoon his father, Mother, wife, brokers, and several triends appeared at the jail Vrtaglng with them a -mall valise of clothing. D'lfrien was allowed to go ont into tire hall, wbrre for some time he engaged in cenversation with his relatives. Several of the gronp wereranch affected during the interview, especially th* prisoner's mother, who -?em?d to look on ft as her last Interview her son in this world. O'Brien controller! h'sfeeltng* most of the \line, and endeavored to cheer tip the other*, telling them that it c ight have been ?mat. worse, and "while theTe 1- life there is hope. ' This interview was V-O'Tght to a clow abeut T\ o'clock p. m.. wbew tl e iTtsnuer wsa ta'.en back to his cell to have Li - irons cut off and to make the uual prepara tions for the trip, nut all his relatives, wiik the execi tion of Ma two brother*, left the building. What O'Brlea 8al?l Ahaat hli Attempt ta Break Jail. Before tbo prim,tu* started, a representative! tf TiiaSTMt lwwl a short interview witu him, uiid in rrgard to the reported attempt to escape jail.O'Bnen a*id:?"fwas. as far as I know, the one concerned. You know I have had no way'To cow mun'.cate with the other prison ers, especially those whom it is said were at work ou the toll. Of course 1 would try to g-t away if 1 fot a chance, especially wheu de vih was Aaring me in the lace, and 1 did not know a hat moment they would commence building the x UiTdid on which I was to end my days. Any man wonld be a fool not to make au effort to wave his neck. I respect (ien. Crocker and hi? offlrers, and I know It's their duty to keep aK prisoners entrusted to their keeping. Bat it is the duty of a prisoner to escaoe, and es|>e. ciallv when his life ia in danger. I did not once think of taking life, and my whole plan was *hn|)y this: to cat the rivets in my lee irons nearly In two, so that they could t>e broken easily, and some dav while in the office awl the chance presented, to kick them loose and mako. a run. scaling the fence and trusting to my legs. Of course it wou'.il be a risk, but then it ?w is death on the gallows against c ham a roK tin bt rcswixo. When the discovery was marie? wheu McDov tt came here?1 had given ap all Idea of escap ' ing. The day before (Tuesday) I had heard ' tint my sentence was going to be commuted, and the next dav I sent my tools home. 1 would ' rather go to the penitentiary for life than be ? roaming all over the country," continually afraid of arret* as an escaped prisoner. I had a frame 1 ai d about a dozen s?ws. Yon know what kind thev weee? made out ot a tine piece of steel. I broke three of them in fooling about that old ; key. That kev had been here for a long time, and it w as g***! for nothing, anvhow. I think I 1 know bow MoDevitt got his information about i the key." i O bricn then told his supposition, and con. ! tinned: ,4Mel>evitt got it straight, for he went right to?he place where I put it, and pulled it o%f. At that time I had sent the rest of the t??Is away, and had no reason to withhold any* ? thing, and no mate A CLEAN BREAST OF IT. As tor thedoor of Tom Wright's cell being open, was not unlocked with the key. Tom Wright did not know altont it. and the key would not oj?eii the lock. Sometimes the eaten I in the lock hangs and then a prisoner can, by usiii*; bis tinker*, force the Ixdt buck. Kven if 'lie kov unlocked the cell door, what had 1 to j unlock the corridor door. After Mei>evittcame 1 sent to my folks to bring the to(?ls back, and j they did mi. I have stated that Tom Wright I had nothing to do with the business. If he had I any intentions to escape be kept them to him j self. I know that I kept my own counsel. 1 can't say how 1 got my tools, but my 1'rieni* ^ot j them for me.'' Ikpartare al the Prisoner*. O'Briens irotrs were taken off, ami once mi re ins le^s. were free. The other prison , en- of the batch w?re also at this time being I prt pared for their journey. In the hall was la.d a short stont chain, (or rather three short U-it shackles.) and as the prisoners were brought out a pair of handcuffs were run through that pat: oi the sbarkle in which the leg i*Toc\<<i, awl Ih<- K it IiximI of one prisoner and the right lists) ot the other were confined. "The hi fil ing up" Of the prisoners in pairs waa commenced [ at thenar eml, and the first brei'ght out was ) Taylor Frey, a mall. bright coloaed bo v. who Kup three years for barglary. He had for I is partner Maay Spriggs, a jet black vomig eol?*?Hl nirl, who goes for the sacie length of time tor burglary lienry Siaallwaod and Fre<l tiitk I>i> kstti were the next couple, each for oi e>r?i lor larceny, anil the right of the line Wasgivtn to Taster Fielda, a staiwart m .to. ?l.o ?;oes np one rear for resisting an ofli er. and O'Hren?ah? ? sentence is lor J?e term of his i>atbial life. LKA VK-TAKinoa. AsCie prisoners left their respective corridors there aeie hasty 1&.:%e-taklngs. and ti.e manner in aliich some acted conveyed the jupres?ion ft:at tbex bad t it ii.t'e sense ofshan.e left. A> the clai:king chain, on >tarting anuoaiit^cd to tin se inside that U>3 crowd was off, a gr:i!i<f eh rus^i "good bye Mary," "goodbeefriemls,'* Sr.. aas snng fiom the Inside. O'Brien ra niarktd just before ??Cirting, '-Well, I am going j on mv tir?t trip to New York,'" to which Tom I Wright snng out from the adjoining cell, I h .ve been tb? re as rvanv times as I have fingers ' ami to? s. I have b?n all round the coaat. ' TOM WltrfiHTTtr?AID TO B* ALOM2. Wri|ht seemed very, uneasy on flndii g ^hat be would be the sole occupant of the conidor. >m.<i begged that some prisoners should be put iu the adjoining cells. He did not want to be i there bv himself be said. Tbe guards state t hat Wriuht is aiwaya caiu|iiaitiing of having uad horrible ?lreairs and of rest'essness, ami / het state that with but tew exceptions he has never been foua-i asleep at night t aptairurW. C. Crocker and 'lames Col<h. an ami Mr. F. H. l.tagebach. of the jail, go iu charge ot the batch of prisoner* to Albati; . r.:id Deputy Warden Russ saw them sate <>n the wrs . ? t a ? A J>a*'i?boi s Familt or Baltivouk Lis ? jlI ? The othcersof the .White House ware acsosted >ester?\av by three persons?an old, . and \ou#t"g mau, and a woman?who said tiny ?ifht-d fo M-e the President. Their cotid uc-t being Mispu-ious they were taken to |>viice !teat! : <iaarters, where the old man g iv? the name of Louis Scarf. He ia about years of age. The woman, his wife, is about the same age, and the voung man a it h them, was their son alsiut ID years al age. Tht-y statol that they have aa oldtrsoa an euli.iUxl soldier at Carlisle (Pa.) baitacW*. who ten years ago murdered his aant, snd thai the voungnr son is caastant'y seeing the opirit ot the vktim. They sfcited that they tesiue at No. La?t Baltimore street, RaWi a<ore. and came here to ootajn tl?. trrcsl ot the -o?.ier ?on. Major Richards telegraphed to l^iitm>-te tor iufoTiaatiou as to tlseir condition. I.ast night they were furuisUed witf. lodgings :U the ? ? ntral guard house. ?.o.r.g through the corritior leading to the cells they -hawed great ' to advance, and tiualiy tti-y all . tufrde a holt back through the haE an>l 'snt4 j rtiom into the trout ottice and out of the door j into the ?>t calling *'murder" at ihe top of , th? lr voices, M4d ou the officers tolloa iug them up tbcv drew out pUtols, kuives, hammers. ; A. todefead ti em^elve- with, declaring ;hat ; thr ofSt?i!> were going to take iheui m there to muidej Ih* in all. No persuasions which the oft.cers could uae would convince them that this waa not their purpose, and finally to cut the : matt* r shwrt, Luat. Skippot. had to call up the , it ?>? rves to ;i<*i.-t in secui :ug them to prevent ; tin ui doing violence to some one. They were . Mialiy o\ei powered, and ob searching tlieni t|iiite*an aiMi<>i> of defensive aud aggressive ; implements aa? fouiui ujam them, includ<?.g a I Uarv iron fire poker. They wore ail put into eel1.*, and measures a ill be taken to have tiem | r*. urned to Baltimore. if was Officer* Chase am! Kearney who toi.k the laiuily to the central guard house I'roiu tie White House. ? Tic TaraTKia or Cclorko Schools held a regn!ar meeting at the Sumner School build ing la* i night. The r?algnations of Marcel* l!i?a Wood ami Chaiiotta Ray, teachers, a teacfxT. was accepted. A resolution was adopted .that l>r. A. T. Augusta be paid *50 per ?wnth taum January 1st, Atff3, for lectudag in the High Mchool, on anataay, physiology.hy gimr, and botanv. A eoa?unication was rr ccirtil frt,m Mr. John W. Me Knight requesting tbaf IP per cent interests alkuved on all hina tor laruitsir^, aa the goods were sold for each Miwie ume since, a ad tae bUls were stUI unpaid; lahtoaer. Mr. Wormier moved that a life-sized poitzaifof tbe Hon. Charles Sumoer be par chaseti itf the board to be placed la the hall ot the Stunner School boildiug; adopted. Upon tl* revoawKialafclon of SaperinteiMlant Cook. Mbscs <. oak ley. Lawrence, and Parka were premsted from aawistant to acting teachers, and tbe?uT>eriii?*ftde.nt authorised to fill the eacaa t'u scaust d b^ Mid pioumtion. ? Tn* fvroarajiT patkkt c>am of Thomas Series ag.niiat the Washington and Georgetown rsdway compauy, biouMit in tbe Sapre?e Court of the Jiiatrirt of Columbia te recover dasaag#s for tbe Infringement of his patents for raiirmul car Journal lubricators .'has beea satls factfril* sdju*t?"d by the defendant paring .l.Buar* for manntarturiug and using the pLaia Hrslnbricator In tbe pa?t. and receiving a license Cut ase la the foUff. P. O. Qowaa, of New York, lor complainant; J. J. Coombs and I'radVv ami Bradley, oi' Washingtoa, P. C., for delt mlai.:. c.-loisaih) SArrKiKta ia earrlnfs.rings aad Cis. the aft* elegant assortment ever received i tMs city, at Prigg's jewelry store, No. Pewaay^Mto avea?e, near 1^ street. f Thf AU?Wpt?d!lnift4e of Jwliua Endf *(Ml W1A. Al-WOf* AH IT/i'T ?EVETITtOW O* tOSO >*???*? or THEIR ATT KM PT IK W*?HI??TO!t. in n?iM*ion to tbe attempted suicide oiJu'.us acd .Tulta Ende, at Jamaica, I(l?n4, tol to Stab, Uie New York Srifca te of yesteida\ fays: "Jullfts Ende and liis wife Julia, both German*, attempted sui cide on Monday evening in a most extraordi nary manner,iu tue village of Jamaica. L. I. Tbe man is a compositor, and a an recently em ployed iu the office of a German weekly new* paper published in .Jamaica, which pfhce he it-it on account of ill-treatment. He afterward became to destitute that he a ad his wife deter mined to commit suicide. On the evening mjn tioiud tbey carefully washed thems.lves, changed their linen, and placed their rooms in perfect order. Then, with the utmoat delibera tion. Fnde took his raaor and, after aharpeniug it. cut a terrible gash in his left arm, severing tbe main artery, and another in uis ankle. Handing the instrument to his wife she simi larly mutilated herself, after which the couple climbed into bed, believing that they would soon bleed to death. They were fortunately discovered and prcmerlrcariid for, and both may CuMy recover. Knde is 4ft year*old, and hat) n tn this country J6 years. At one time he owned and edited a newspaper in Washington. J taring the war he held a commission as second lieutenant in the 50th New York volunteers, serving three years. The aafortunate couple have been married 15 years, and have had eight children, all of whom ore now dead." It will be remembered by readers of Tiie Star that this same couple made an almost exactly similar attempt in this city, at the Hott 1 Lots, corner of C and lotto streets, the full par ticular* of wtiHh were published in our Issue of .June iTth, liff'i. The couple were not seen by the proprietor of the house for two days, and on going to their room, iu the third story, their dour a as found lotted, and, discovering marks of blood on the floor through the key-hole, h burst into the room, and was horrified to tin-1 tbera, as he snp|>o*cd, dead in the bed. An alarm was raised, and Officer Duvall hurried to caii hi Pro. Nairn and McBlair. who found V?ie nearly extinct from the lose of blood caused bv several gashes in the arm* and feet of both of them, inflicted by themselves, as they stated, to put themselves beyond the reach of distress and poverty. They had written letters in German, setting forth their purpose. A permit from Governor Cooke was obtained to send them to Providence Hospital, where they were taken care >f until they recovered, and then left the city; since which time nothing has been heard of them until this renewal of their "bleeding" operations on Long Island. ? of Health. PMA1L TOX?f? WHOLESOME M It AT?TUB MAX AftEMKKT OV TUB POV*l>, KTu. At a meeting of tbe Board of Health last night the health officer reported the number or small pox rases for the weekending March &!d, at 21; removed to hospital, 5: deaths, 7; nui sances reported, IW, abated, ITtt; dead apimals remored, 24; animals impounded: 1 cew, 1, ? hot*. and 2 geese; marine products con denned: UtW bushels of oysters, N bunchesof fish; 'inwholesome food condemned: 21 pounds poik, 48 pounds beef, 10 pounds mutton. 50 Sounds veal, 33 chickcns, 3 turkeys, and 3 oaten oranges. Mr Ma*-bury, from the finance committee, reported favorably on abill of Messrs. Fisher Jfe Harrington, of 9375 for service:*, a hicii was ordered to be paid. Dr. Verdi, from the sanitary committee, re ported favorably on the petition of the trustees ofthol'nion Bethel burial ground to-removd the bodies from said ground. Adopted. Also, reported building No. 17*1 New York aven ie a nuisance and recommended its demo* lition by the board of public works. Adopted. A proposal was received from Mersrs. I.ang ley A Bell for building Nicholson's new gar bage cart.-; referred to the Governor. C* WHOLESOME MEAT. i'r Verdi submitted an ordinance that it shall l>e ui Jaw ful fcr any person or persons to sell or ITp? tor sale, fo'r the purpose of food, any calf. pig. or lamb, or the an-at thereof, which being a calf, is less than tive weeks old and weighs undressed less than one hundred pounds, and i resaed le?s than sixty ilium's; or bein,; a AV - - ? ? * " pig if less than six weeksi or ueing a lamb is less tlan eight weeks old. And any person or persons alio shall sell or expose for sale, for the pnrp-ise ot fool, any calf le>?. Hian tive weeks old and weighing before killing or undressed less t tan one hundred ]K>ui>d?,or when killed and eiressed less than sixty pounds, or who shall ort'tr orexj>ose for sale, for tVie nurjiosesof fo *1. any pig under six weeks old,or iamb under eight weeks old, shall be deemed guilty of selling or exposing for sale unwholesome food, and snail be pnnlrued by a tine of not less than g.~>. nor more than 025, and by the confiscation of the animals aforesaid or tiie meat thereof; adopted. BALE OF IMPOrKUED ANIMALS. He also su hmitted an amendment to the ordi nance providing for the sale of anv animal im pounded. that it any cow or horse remain in the pound twenty-tour hours, it shall be advertised for sale, ami if remaining for tire iiavs there after shall be sold to tbe highest bidder, that goats ami hpgs shall be mAI at tbe expiration ot twenty-four hours after being impounded; re ferred to ordinance committee. The GsIIowh In Alexandria. CBARLAs M.IMEI TO TV. 11AM.Kl) TO-)I Mt" ROW. Charles Manky. a oolored man, convicted 01 the murder of -lohn Monroe, an aged clock \ cn der. in the northeastern part of Alexandria, by striking him on the bead with a box, will suiter the extreme penalty of the law by hanging at tbe city jail (formerly the slave pen) In rhat city to-morrow. anles* executive cU-meuCy is imerposed. Thencalfold is built on the plan of tbe one which has been i%-?*l iu this city in the executions of .Jenkins, Woods, and .lohu son. It is somewhat smaller, the platform h cing 10 feet by X, and about 10 feet from the ground. The trap will be sprung bv a treadle, i'he execution will be nmier the direction of M?jor 3. M. Stewart, city sergeant, and he is already overrun tor tickets of admission. it was stated yesterday in Alexandria that. ;,<shi persons liad applied lor such tickets. Only about 400 will be issued as that number will about fill the jail vard. THE C0?H!*JED STAJT Is about years of age, ami has a wife and child living, lie (tanies that lie struck the fatal blow, but acknowledges fbot he was with the two Paynes when they attacked the de ceased while he was sitting at the edge of a sbriiig.aiid that they struck him with his tin tool box ami used a knife. He aars the victim begged them not to use the knife. His accom plices?the two Paynes?managed to escape arrest and are still at large. ? Tuiei TE or 1?tspk< t.?At a meeting ot the Directors of the Children's Hospital, held on the evening oi the Jiith of March, 1*73, the fol lowing preamble and resolutions were unani mously adopted: the Board of Directors of tbe ChildrenV Hospital if the District of Columbia have letrued with lhe deep~?' distress tht distil of th'ir asso ciate. fri< iid ami President, .lam? C. Keuoedy, who died in this < iiy on the morning of th?-4s*h infant, ami fully approeixtiug the great lesst-> theiu-,-lvi-? aud the roiutiiuiiity with wb"? he ha* resided tor tliela-t ten year*, engage.! In works ?rf enter v-iis?>, and m inning their respect asdcontldeiice bv hi- self reliance, perseverance and ??nenrv, and in the <-xer cUe Ot thou* '[Utilities for the itd? nlM-'Bieflt i f ill" in ter?-st* of our i it*; An'J 11 '*'?'<!<. it is <h-emed AfpropriaU-that we should girt* t-xpredion to our apprei iatiui- of hi worth and n eord for his loss: Theaefore, That in the de?t h of Jaaie* C. K?fiuedv tae Children * Hospital has b?t a warm 1ri-ud, H>-iiersii? fxitron, and an nlde and aourte ?n- pre Siiitil officer, alio filled liin positiwa with <1i/-nily aud /eal. and wh<?ie earnest desire, as iuauii>?i-it bv w rd snd art, a :is to advmice the interwis i>(lh? in* stitution ami nxtentl its ispfiilnea bv opeiiin-x its to all tW nenly and afflictil children ot thd istrict. T<? ant^liornte their ?'ou<ltri->a, In, was lister weary in w<-ll-doii e. m-tin* m>on the scrip tural lUjiinctiDU that ?'WhiKH-ter shall r?C?*ive ou<l of these littls ones in oiy name receix eth uie;' and therefore his ''goiug out from our midst * i*;in ir reparable loss to theseebildren of afficion coi-ride i to our charge aLd a sourfc* of poignant sorraw to hi associates Krjuih-t-l T1 at CT.T '- ."ipfthy ?s extetiil?d fo his w uiow, with the asanranca that the memory of her l.uskaod M ill ever be revand by his aseoci:u>-? and the iiiBaates of the hospital. That the Board >1 Directors of 'ii* Hos r>ital aitend his funar il in a b-iy, tha; the h- -pital be draped in mourning, and that a copy of these n ?oliit it.iu 1-e triiusnkitted to bis \*. idow ai.>l *nh i ist vd iu the daily papers of this city. t Attest.?8. H. Kat rrwAXX.Bec'jr pro teiu, I.KiiAL Actio* ry a Church Aoainst a Railroad?Yesterday the warden of the Sixth Presbyterian Ohurch on the corner of 6th ami C streets southwest, made application for. and obtained from. Justice Plant, a warrant, which was given to the United States Marshal of the District, to summon ? jury of twenty men to as sess damages on the Baltimore and Potomac railroad for alleged Interruptions and annoy ance to the oougregatiori of said ehoroh during the services, caused by the passing trains, ring ing of bells, whistling of steam, Ic. The ac tion is commenced under the acta of 1367 and 1K?2, giving the power to this company to enter the city throngh Virginia avenue, and prescrib ing the conditions to be observed by the oom pany, *c. !' ? ? 1 Death c.v Jobs K.-Kir A*a~-M?ws reached this citr to-day of the death ia Denver city, Colorado, on Saturday evening last, of Mr. dohn R. fei vans, in the 41st year of hi* age. Be waa formerly a well known hardware dealer in Washington. Mr. Elvans was aa enargetic buaiaess mas and had a pleasant manner which aaada him many friends. He waa (for some yeas* a member ot the Board ef A Merman of this city. An abscess on the lungs was the cause of his dealt). }lor? Raisimg. ? The contractors Mom Hollingsworth & Ceaghlan have suspended their nark of house raising for a short time and returned to Chicago to attend to some private bustnesF. In the meantime Col. Mara strong will, with a large foroe,f*^h up the necessary underpinning. ^ ?" WTA Joint reaointioa, Htdenang Governor Walker'# plan for the aammptiea by the federal ruatcnt ol the debt ot the statea, haspaMd iMiaseg of the general assembly of Y lrginia. VAt Laterenoe, Kas.. last week, slaty feet of plank side#?Ut, with a lady promenading thrreon, w* re trU.**d<luP^}' the wind and carried on t i*to Um street" the con CRIMINAL COURT. Jmd# M nArt*wr.-rc"-r day, 'h* c??? nf Henry r^arptl with ?iolat ing th? hsck law?Appeal die --was (ubnilteO, *a?l h? wan AnM {3. Thl? *?? a T*rf r*.it to obtain a ruling as to wha'. a-'irip" of a hackney carriar'ls. It aapaarod that a party tis"-B the h vk at thr Arlington: drove to Dr. Bli??: oft.-.', where Dr. B'isa wa*taken In; tbtl fcothe partic? residence,antf from thence to a drug stare. The hacktnan iniiated that to Dr Bll*i>'t.tTlce was one trip,to tb? reside*** two, aitd to the drug store three, and charged $3. The court h> Id that the simple atop to take tu a pa# te>nrer did not entitle the driver to charge for a trip 'a that r-tat, and the law reading for one or tw> ra?*? >ie waa aot emitffd to fan- f''r Dr. Bliss, ai d (rave icdcTneiri aiajoit Drnton, -.lid imposed a flncflN. L'QfOR CkSKS. Oiwlf# Wallace, xeltlnc U^uor without licence; guilty, atid tiiie<t #1? William Header, do.; motion for a Dew t rial. Csher and Laro^oe, do., trl-d vt erai dajs a*?, having since procured their lic?u.-e, were fined ft. PKOBATR COURT? Tk* Tfdd Estate-Will Proved.? Teaterday, ia the Prohate Court, in the c?? of tha estate of the late VilllaBB.T<)dd.vl?< died intestate, hi* widow and her two daught ers, joined by their hunhand*, renounced all danaa to admlutstratloa. there being no mhv>r heirs, in faro* of her three enaa. Th<imt A. O., 8etb J , and William B. Todd. Thu adminMratiou to on the peraonal property, nth Aa the hoaaehoM furniture, bends, stock*, and eaah, the aggrcea'e eatimte of which in #3SU.000,to administer on which the eons above-named qualified by giving bond in the ran of iTW/W. Ttio will of the lateCtmrlee H. Wright waa filed and partially proven. Oe bequeathe to his fatter t'harlex J. Wright, all hi* interest in the Frank lit ' Operative BalMing Association and the sum .f ? 10f; to his grandmother. Catherine Svmingtor. all his interest in the Masonic Belief As*<tclMi<*>, to be paid to her in monthly instalments of, $S0 and apfotnti- Dr. A. J. Borland execntor. POLICI fOl'BT, Judte Sa<//. -To-day, J Ainei J 'tie#, driving on pavement: #2. KicUvd Maxwell, nssault on Margaret M%xwr!l, hit wife; $10 and cost. Charles Kuler, burKla>ion?iy enter ing the residence of Charles F.rdoiann b* Id for th action of the *rand jnry. General Warren, a?-**ult and battery on Patrick Henry. by kocktng

dawn ?ith aclnb. These are both colored jetton-, and nn {dd (trudge has existed between tm iu Tor *'?u?e time about their wives. A witne?* to-til-1 the General struck the flrat blow, but two oih -rs te-tifled that Patrick Henry atrrck first, and th jrdee dismissed the eas?. B-lward Gant, violat'^f of the cart law: fined John Wright, a??anit and ?>attfTy on Scott E. Somen ille; fined ?50 aiel cost. GEORGETOWN. Graih Trade?The offerings on 'change to day were very light, in consequence of which the market was active and the price of wheat advanced 5 u> 8 cents per bushels. The only arrival reported was the canal boat Seneci, with 200 barrels of Hoar and some small lota of wheat, corn, oats and potatoes, consigned ta Thomas C. Wheeler. The aales to-day were WK) buahcU good red wheat, at #1.90^; l.<0 bush el a prime do., at fl.96, and 110 buahehi choice at S2.AS. Ca>al Tia dr?A letter recelve<l t!i!? morning bv Mr. Qoo. Waters states that boat* will po^s the leak at Point of Roctis on Sat urday. Kiykr Xkw^*.?The steamer Lady of the Lake elcared to-day for Norfolk, with Soar and gt weral mercliamlii*. Coat. Trav?e?TheTe was no news from Cum berland at noon to-day from the boatmen's btrike for higher freights. CITY ITEMS. Otkat w??rT, \v of Slate Mantels, at H amii. to* Pkaucoji's, Y. M. C. A. building,'*th and D streets. 3,J7,eo2i ({aRnEN Vases. Stamary. Fountains, & II miiltok dt I'KAR.-oir, Y. ai. 0. A. building, 9th and D btreeUj 3,27 ,eo-; P*r.ritcTJ.Y rtTTtro Siurts, for gentlem n, youth and boys. New lota just opened iu all the modern styles. <Jko. C. 4107th street. I>r. Bingham, of New York,4in 13th street, near Pa. ave., treats Paralysis, Rheumatism, Canc?ra. lilood Poisons, and Nervous 'I t eases. w ? ? A VMVKRBAL ItK'IKlY Hnurn'* RmHCi: >'?/ T'ok*--}" for Coughs, <'<?!?!?, and llronchiil At tV ctions. stand hrst iu | die tavor an?l conti deuce; this result b:ui bcon acquired by a t>-it ol many years. t,th,s Tbocsasd^ iavk a kb* ? HA*??*n by the use Of the Prmrinn Sjitb (a protoxide of ir<?rt) from weak, sickly, surt'ering creatures, to strong, healthy, and happy men and women, an 1 in valids cannot reasonably hesitate to give it a .trial. For Dyspepsia and Debility it ia a spe cific. <? Lcxcrt, Health, Economy insured by l>o?ley's ^ east Powder. Klegant Light llo'l*. lliscuits, &c., prepared in ten minutes. 'J ry it. t> Vir.n Cheery Balsam.?The memory of l>r. Wl-tar is embalmed in the hearts of thousands whom his Ralmm of Wild Cherry has eure?l ol coughs, colds, consumption, or Mnie other form ef pulmonary disease. It is now over forty Sears since this preparation was brought before te public, and yet the demand for It is C"i? atantiy increasuig. ?! Pond's Extract cures rheumatism, bu' us, piles, ulcers. toothr.ehe. sore throat, sprains, scalds, sorei i ? ?res, headache, co ic, lameness. btu>- ?noils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diari bcea, ami all hemorrhages, -tc. Pond's Kxtract from all other advertisod preparations in the fact that it to a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be a cure fcr these diseases. m.t.h.-,tt ? Thb comuvwitt at large appreciate the use fulness (a s>iugtr'aSowing Machine. 1,5 Tna Natiokal 8avihqs Ban, oomer et New York avenue and lAth street, pays 6 per in Sit annum on deposits for each calender month, anklng hoars, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 a d 6 to 8. ^ Z7t3,14t i6 Willcox ft Oibb'b SkwiH? Machtwr. The celebrated Basaar Patterns. Agency at Ciiap Baum's hoopsklrt and (V>rset factory, '7 th street Intelligenew Building.^ 10,H THiaKoaurraaa and barometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4j{ street 0UR K11DY-MAUE depabtment. HEX S I IGBT SPKING tK'lTS, MKM'Hl AKK SPKR.U 81'ITS. MEN 8 MKUU'M SPRING SI ITS. KEN - CBEVMJT SVITS, MEJI'S DIAGONAL Sl'ITS. MEK S PLAIN SI'ITS. DIAGONAL coats AND VEKT8, Ply l *. to ATS AN? VK8T3, PLAIN COATS AND VEiTS LRIIT PANTS, DA?K PANTS, MEDIUM PANTS W I^S IK VlTh AN ISSPKVTIOlf Uh HUH UNVSUALLY LARGS 8TOCK OP SPKISU UUOJUS, BKLlkYlNH IT TV BK THE LAROEST AND Bh&T SM SlTtD LV THIS MARKET. FASHION ABLE TAILOB8, ai27-tr CoanKa or Ttb **p D Srs. 1873 spRix<;. 1873 TBEMKND0l<? STOt'K, TKEMBNDOrS STOCK, TBKMKNPOl'H STOCK! TKKMKNDOC* STOCK TBfiMENDOl'S STOCK, fPlING AND SI'MM ICR CLOTHING ?ESIS? iiMMfl clothing; SUMMBB CLOTHING, CALL AMD BBM' "" * ANT ?~ AH i ,4? CALL AN I *A*?tAIN8 AT BA KG AM 8! BAUUAINS! BAMUAIN8! t?ll 1411 (?11 Door from Utb Mseat. .issitefteSK % deorgeiowi Advertisement*. *-S?PKK?lTTMlAll CHUm'H, ?^y Gftombsi?? *. P. C.. *. 1?CS. rononi knvtui frirfii*' burifatttw Ckurcji-f ard com?r Wa?Mrg?on jrrd RnJgv stre*??, ar?i her*b> ?<wifl?4 that the church i. about beiag nwwf Uwl the lots soM. and tLat it WlU be UeC~<SarJ U? have *11 b.^die- Jf:ft thrmMT rtaov<rf within the BMl thi'tv day*. By order ?g-S.jw BOA ED TEPSTKES. J^EW SPB1NG DRY j^OODS. Beautiful Dress OxdIi, in im? aud mUra'slt ?ludn.i lar(t' ?? rtmeut ->f milium aid Dress Good*; lOJfc) yard* new Spring lVrcales, Call cot'*, aud SUiitWs; heal mske* a Shining* and 6! eetirgf. very chegp, 80 piece* Black Alpaca* mkI Mohair*, from 1ft cen's to f 1 It. Cwivw and Su'tincs.f r men audbojs w<> Uie ? Ur?? ttfck, and offer treat barta?s . BENJAMIN MILLER. ?IM? 101 Brid(?Mreet, G*or|<1owt |JT THOMAS IMWLIHO, Aaettooeer. TRUSTEE S SAJLK OF VALLEY VIEW TAB*, NKAR GEORGETOWN. virtue of a deed of tram, dated February HQOCth, A. p. l?W. ami *>? d--d in th* land r?r?rt(? ?^~-of thin District, In Liber T. and B . Ho. 8. at fotlo JS9 et *eij . and at th? re<jn--?t .>f the partr *?? cared thereby, I will *#11. at the pr??U***. ub SAT I'BDAT, the aVth day of March, A. ft. 193, at 14 o'?1nck m., at public auction, to the highest tudder, al< that farm ou th* Rolge R'ad. formerly owned by John H. Kins, and known aa the "Valley View Farm,*' described an fallow*: Beginning 88 perch** on a line drawn north 3ft0 west from th>- tr** "pol'v Barber," and running thence south M*, *?it fg t io t>errhe* to the Bidgo Road. th?nce with the ea*t aid" of *aid road the folk wingsix (Ocourses: N. 60* W 30 perch**; K. 4b~* W. 18 perches; H 11? WW perehe?: M. JV* W. 16 perch**; H. 15^ W. 10 aerche*: * J" R. St pert-he*, then, Icsvlng said r<>ad, 8"Uth KJ Ea*t 46 S-8 perches to the div ision line between "Alliance'' and the Murd<>ck part of "White Raven," and th-nce by aaid diTtaioii line Mraitht to the begin ning, containing 42 acre* mod 18 perches of land, ?tore or less. The debt remaining unpaid, and for which the r-esent tale is advertised, i? .f 60M). with interest at per cent, from February J7th, liffl, until paid. The farm haa a fin* mansion, from which an excel ? lent view is obtained, numerous out batldiug*. and presents a very desirable opportunity for Invest ment; and the title la unquestionable. It is located within one mile of Georgetown and near the Georg- - town College ground*. Terms of sale: One-third cash, (of which #>?! must l>e deposited when the property is struck off, and the residue within ten days after aale,) aad the balance iu three euual payments, at one, two, and three wears, with interest at si* per cent, from tin) da> of aale, secured by notes and a ile**l *f trust upon the property. All cotivey miring at purchaser's cu*t. If the terms are not complied with, the deposit to be forfeited, and the property shall b* resold by th<> Trustro. FRED. W. JONES. Trustee IW^ectd THOMAS IX) W LINO, A net. THB BU8H 18 OVER, THE ACCUMULATED work all ready for delivery; regret ins the una voidable delay in (he delivery of work during the S*t fall, owing to the impossibility of securing filed workmen ia safllcient numbers. Truly thankful for past favors, having at present a Ml corps of first-class artisan*, with every facility to meet promptly all demands, I respectfully solicit a eoatinuaue* of the same. W. H. WHCATLITt M STEAM byb1nu 4.VJ ims ESTABLISH*!em T, JarlT 4? JefTerson street, Georgetown, D.O *UtitopoiUan DoNar Store. PREtUCli STEAM DYEIMU AMD S< ouh JAtr ESTABLISHMENT, Thougl every one of my rnstcwrs, an>l, iu fa-1, ever) body who enter* my store, is astonished at tlie large variety of gnod* offered, and at their extraor dinary and r.iifrc < deutei! praise wort hiaess, yet I am still adding new aitd po?Mhly cheaper and bett-r Koods every day. The articlee arrived aud uuw of fered are: Kuare S?.lid Walnut PIOTTEE FRAMES, felt), at Clc., attli G!a?9 and Back. tftar-rliap<- Voldinu Jl AT-ttA'.'K ? solid walnut, ?; I 0**1 t. p LOOKING GLASS, l! ;*\14, ?1. Fi^e b./ttle PLATED CAtsTOKS.f 1. H<4tid*<*ie3-bottle BBEAKFAST l A^TOB, %1. Triple plate A 1 BUTTER K.N IVES, 8ft:. S:a Ivon httudlc TABLE ur DESSERT KNIVES, #1. Very titi-French Gilt PHOTO. FRAMES, fl. Plate t,la-* FRENCH 31 IKRoKs, ?l. Ku--ia Leather and fine Morocco WALLETS, very superior jikds, .f?. Kii.i Morocco \VALLETS, with or without ch.^.n. ?'? Large a?sortment -f DOLLAB BASKETS. Aiu>tli<r lame lot of thj*e iiands Jtue LACE T( DIKS.4.3,2, ai d 1 f..r *1. Pi-,u- TOILET t>KT3.8 piece* 'it n set, ?J. liaiMiaoma FLOWER PoT COVERS, all sly*, SBc. Six Carved Wood NAPK IX RINGS. &0c. Word Striped TABLE MATS, t iu a set, ^1 Splei,d rt 1I AIK BUI'SUES, ;vt S?Jc. ati<l *? i. l.adie* LAI K S<'ARFS. 2Sand80c. 0?ii|?' ALL-LINEN CCFFS. 3 pair for ?l. IO) new Ktyles of LADIES' JEWEI.KT at 2.V., 6l>c., hih! SI Mostylse of SLEEVE BUTTONS aud STCPS. at 2!tcUM and *1. Bt-sideH a thousand other artuijes. A's oid $o-<f* oftrnl. ntw rfai/p rccticrf. I'ns Kt mot ? m porttmel to buy. Y<-u are welcome at au^ tliu" to look over the stock. 31* SEVENTH STREET, ?i24 tr near Pennsylvania avenue. YV A K DEi'AKTMENT, 11 Awiiast Gksebal's Omr*, Washington, March ?4, Ivl. The sttention <.f claimauU is in? ited to tn?- foil w ing l> gi-ation on t he subject ol the .Vmism inji*m War c aims of 18t7 : Ax Act to enable the Secretary "f War to ray ?h* expense* incurred In suppressing the Indtaa h >* tilities la the Territory of M'-bUita, in tiie > -ar eigliteen hundred and sixty-seven. hi tl tMar ??t by the Stmn'.r am i Houst of Rtjresm tatttts Qf the United Starts of America ** Com* tss a?*mmbled. That it shall be the duty of the pr^pnr accounting . ft?c?rs of th% treasury to examine and determine the asnonn * justly due apou the elaiai* fur expenses necu?sarll> incurred in suppr'V ng Indian hostilities In flio Territory of Montana, iu tlie year eight'-en hundn-l and sixty-seven, which hMrc been examined and reported upon by iMpa- tor General James A. Hardie; but in no case shall thu Mini allowed thereon In- iu excess of the award re - ported by said General Hardie: and in *ucli investi gation the testimony taken by General ttardi ? in relation thereto shall be received in evideace, l>?t the same stiaii Lot be regarded as conclusive uu'ess said officers are *ati*tted therewith. And the ^um? *o f< ii n.l to bedue shall be paid to thepersnns *ev ?r all> entitled theretoby adi?bnr?ing??IB?erander the diriction of the Secretary of War: That the acceptance of *uch payment shall be infwll -?f all claims on account of said expeu***; and provided further. That no claim under the provisions of this aet shall be audited and paid un|ea* presented wit hin ot>e year from the pa-sage ?f this act. Approved, March 3, 1<C3. Ax Act making appropriation* to supply def* -n cie* in the ani ropriations for tli- --rn.-.-s ui '.h< government for the fis<-al year ending June rliir tieth, eighteen hundred and sevcuty-tliree, atid for other pvirp<>se*. Be it ?iMacted by the Senate am i Hiu*e of u I're tentative* nf ike United States of Amrrua tm ''on tress assemble/!. That the fallowing sutii? bt-. >n.| tliey are horvby .appropriated, out of any mou- in treasury not otherwise appropriated, to tuaaty a.-fi ? cieucies in the sppropriatlonsfor tbe sorvW* ?<( the government lor the fi^-al year ending June thirtieth, einiite*n hundied and seventy-three, and the f>r.uei ) eai>. and for other pcrpoeee, namely: ? t ? m " ? ? t T* enable the Secretary of War, according to th" aet upon that subject passed at the preaent ?~;..i n ?t Concrees, to pay, for expense incurred in sui>pt cas ing Indian hostilities in the Territory of M -u- au i iu the year eighteen hundr-d and sixty-seven, to the persons nMN thereto, the claims reported i.poit b) General James A. Hardie, un<l?r the pruvi-..>it? of section ten of an act entitled "An act luakiu - ap pr? priatione for sundry civil expense* of the *ov emmetit, and for other purpose-, for the year >-ud ing June the thirtieth, eighteen hundred ami ???* e*ly," -approved July fittaenth, eighteen b?in-lrsd and seventy: ami for that p?rp->?* th<>re is lie-eby appropriated from any money in l!i>* Irr.wu v of the United State* not otherwise appropriated, the *um of five h n nil red aad thirteen tli >immI thr<- ? iiun dr*d and forty-three dollars, or so orach tber-' -f m> may lie necessary. Approved, March 3.1873. All claimants under the foregoing acts are re quested tv>present their original vouchers to tlie Second Comptroller of tlie Treasury, Hon. J. M Brcphfad, Washington, D. 0., either in pe?v>u or by attorney, with power of attorney to collect tin awards in the latter case. Major Geobgf. Bgt.L. Commissary nf Suh*fBteucM, Depot Conaaiasary, Washington, 0. C., office c'tr uer 19th and B streets, southaect, has been as*ign?d to the duty of paying the sums awarded claimants. By order of the Secretary of War: m26-6t K. D. ToWNHEND. A'ljulant General ()KIS8 SHIRTS. Six PALMER'S PATENT DOUBLE TOKB SHIRTS, ready-made, for f 18.80. Six PALMER'S PATKMT DOUBLE TOEE SHIRTS, made to order, at #1S, ?U, or |N. LOCK WOOD, HVRI ft TAYLOR, ?S3 PEMHSTLTAH1A AVENUB. ladies undergarments. IN doaaa LADIES COTTOH SKIRTS at ? LADIES 00TT0S CHEMISES at ? M doaaa LADIES COTTOH DRAWERS at ? 9MB MCBe 1M doaaa LADIES HIOHT DRESSES at fl. ? ach. At MCftVSOl, Hum ft TAYLOR'S, f?tr Ml FMM1TLVAMIA ATEHUB. ? GKOCFK* ^ ft. U UiXl * ?U1, Whtlralf U4 KrUII KrMt>?, 1413 SftfWA Strut Mcrtktt.n, M *?' > TE?.S! TEAS! TEAS ? To, r>aS. Skc; ch**#.-, *; ?*? a*-!. ? flock. *c V4(l>, Ray*. Tfnm'i a?*l .ther Floor, til at low* prtcas. T*a *1 ? W*?S?rtiP|rer *aiion,7?c;o?r haat ftl. Viox ?ntnwbi W*? frnw, 91. PeMCli*, WW bwhKl ft* fl. BRANDT. OIK. ftc. 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