Newspaper of Evening Star, March 28, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 28, 1873 Page 1
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?lic foettitTfl ptat V~. ti -A'?. 6.247. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 187:}. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR, i fobll>hc4 tallf, Sunday eitepud, AT TI1E STAR BUILDINGS, ffnu?jli*uj!? iTrnnr, cor. Uth St., m ithik war mftim wifm. t. a. tir/'wu.v.v, ? TH* HI51S8 STAR !? ?nf-l Nr e?rrlm to tt,e.r ictonber* at T**C*xr* putt w*r?,nr Fo?rt for* CtM? pk? *onth. Copica ii tbe counter Two CftT* earh. Bj m*!!?threa n;cnth.?, ?1.4u, ?fx ?><nths, ?3.00; one year, $?. THE WEERLT STAR-PtMf-hed FrMar-iai >t i a year. V Invariably ina?tT?nre,in both c*Ma. aud bo p*p?r tent longer than p*i<l for. V R?f'* of adrertUim fnm$?he<? inllMllna. HOTELS. VHI' ll"UWS, nmtrkt y.T'ti an t ??., N utiiMa, D. C? B. WOOLS, ItMt ju?t anders^e a a*r:-a of elegant n;en:?. ha?i;r? ?een th->r> cn-vat >d a-.-l ro fiirii)-.n U ttr- nifh.'U*, niakiri; if at pri-oem^u? )t H. tel. ir Vshtefft o. . ?? D P' **rd. iate proprietor, retain" an int~reat it. tWK tel. ?b* re he will b- s>!ru?.i t- K-e a Is 4 Irietela ai d f pj'r ya, rrvr:i-iug th'_-tn first Clne* v at al *J p*"r <W. Table B ard, ? ?* per _ on im I.BHjN HOTEL, aii D. C. *r>.i it ? w ? SHINS, Proprietor, ?i, . . Jf** b*eii newly r?!1tt.>d and for-'?he<V I~?lf *!na ?" 'he rr.d.u improTeni'tite?M a ? !!^rL. ^14' <a?. It i? CiWtMloiiU; lo k .u( ?i'.owMl ? n ?he line .>f tt? WmIiiim d ?M 0*<Lnrjc ? City r MH-nver railroad, the t?r? ai- n, fr -n. the ratlr.-ad ard ?t?-uiib.nt i!ep*r?, tee 4-*-r e?er> two ?* tSr?e wtinij*.#. X*>? ff?macrtb*ak. <iim> e,n rearh any of tfc. *nl"e ?u 11- i? ?f fh? KHi: r ?I r .e a! or ??ij p vce >f ?raj "*'r^wt. Ar., bf H plea-arr ride .f afewrmirtea rer?,^. ^..?A hcsiu. s? along the liue of tiki c .ca' if"' * J1* *harw? will Ind it to their atl?ar.t**e u, *rr +K\UKnm- 2ec?-lr | ?\>T*L, " " So m (} JtrRKKT ^7*^ ^ B*twe^si7th Mt Strikt^. T| HS ? UltlA'-, H?-ItL, JAMKS 8YEE3, Pt*?.x, ot. flnHT.'H PlA?l$TLV4?IU Av'S?ICIt tittuyrm Li.a an-t 1?TA sirtcs, Wi-HiJ?n>?, D. C. Thaofef?l w I be pr.Mic f?? *en?mw pnTrT*#r tt ?he ?Mt, tM Pr"|r.ttc>r ?k? tiia o!a fri- ?d? aa?: H* ?*<? the mcti*utu.-im. : - i >,,? n,.? u! -?**t i.-?ft.e?ir. vhicti he. pri n.>??? ?tiU be (ouiMt a| * t '+t'1 the t -.t la V>"a?ti-iiifton. Iai:9-lf (H p , f'brr n l C. ?. lLLAbl). iBBm Hor?B, WAMMWM. P. O. THE TRADES. I'ALLt-N J\J)is r. UKIKN. . ^ ' */ Pi?;b<T aA'i lias Finer, IV i F t;i *, and S-wera?e fr " r,,-, ?tfetMl. d to ?.|. r. arf >naMv t- rrui. Sj tiw? LV" *r *'h *''"?? r fth siJo. ntaMjjy 21 stw t,northeast. all I\) "tl. XMNt.HAJff7"HATTEK; ?**,? * Strait, Mv^u liltn (Ui^ll"!, ha. the pi.^tsat he Im receiit<dr-? T*""* 8J>'* Vf Br -t.aay iJLOCK, and prepa. tl) ,i;riu?h New Hata made to ? .rrter oil^? ?I?T hT,11^'^1 ; m1"' *" *?>am nt of Mata for *K?b reaaxuable terma. fS-tr A A> u~r>E(f?TKATION 1-aWMlSvJt ?r. 'j,! 'Ur mi-'t c- o-.iry r. ideucea; =je cta. Pa?i. rf IT^. fV. V?:-!**?* H ?ila f ,t a,.," fw^-?r!-t> ,^7 M * aUU WAUUI? W>VEI4o C HOGAN, Wirnf^r^r, _ 3 r 7th ,ird ?trer>? FiAM, TEJITS. till t MR coitLAirr>. 94 3 Lortfa^a ?*??*,. d-x-r e**? 7ta <?r N r as?-*r K ' ' ' ? All f'?:?? im ?rti. J - to or*l?-r PAMIMJClfiTH" ,.v.. TIB TII9, ~ " " J. Ci/tfiATift, bVlLVhti. AMD COBTKACTOtl. ^?r. f. r Bl-nae Carperor ? o trwct. r ? V. rt -je^dil) attejdt^i to IMl |4 aiAi Office, ' l?na?-tf lata "treet. below K at. aorfhw^t (Jl h haAL V-MAL'E D-i" 11AK TMENT. MEN .>* 1.10HT .-PRI.NC WFIT4, MKA'P imkk J-PiilXti M ITS, JIEX a UZV11Z1 iti-uiiHi Sl'ITS. MEJi S CHA.\ IOT Sl'ITS, MESl^ ItlA<iON*\L Sl'ITS. 21LN S Thais Sf 115, BlAUO>AL (tiATS \KD VESTS, PI'il'E COATS AND VEST**, i'LAJN COATtJ AND VESTS. LIGHT PANTS. DAitk PAX IS. MEDIC* PANTS. Mr WK 1HYITE tl jysp BCTI'M OFnVR LAtitih STvCK Ot> SPKIXU ouous, titLiki j.\h it ro nm LAKh KST AXO JSt'i>T?11 i.?i Jtl) JM THIS HA i. K k. T. hable brothers, FASH 105ABLE TAILORS. mZ tr C???i of Tm a!?d D Sri. \% Aii LEPAETMkNT, ? *" Awmsj Gstekal*s Officb, *AsHii?t(ij, March 2?, JoTJ. . , * attention of rlanrmutn ). tn% it?*,| t?? t A** I'iIImV* 'wLr uS tUe ^c* a*a l*J>an A>A< rt ? liable tli?-S rretary of War to ?av the e* p? t:?>a itirurre,Hn ?nppr??? tut the India' h eitrt.te-n niindred and ?utr-vven. .J" " "" nn / Han** Ktprts n Utfrts yf th* LmUed Siwiif Amerum 14 On%cre*% T .at it ^hall b? the duty<1 the proper * " l:''1 ' e \ ? ? t'i- ir-i-nr toi-iAQime ami deiernii'e tlK- aiuo w a jnatly da - upjh th- claras ft r . ?,.na.^ n ce^axHy imnrrod in -nprr.-tin* tk?'r1H, M,,Hw the Territory < f Montana, in tli? >ear , iKhteen hundr>?l and ?itty-aeren. wiiieh ha\^ n e?ai;.itie>l and rep .rted np-.n by l>>ape. ? r C-..eral Jaie- A. Hanlie, but In?TcM.hiUth ^'.nia.. a.-.I M.ere,^ W in etceaa of thT.-ward rV p<'rt. <i hy ?aKl i.> n< ral Uardi >: an 1 in ?och inTe?ti K?ti' ti the te?tii?M.y taken br U neral Bardie m relat !<?? tbe rat" -b^ll t*. r-c. fv?t in evidence, l.ut t*e aain-ahall B'>t be r-farvtod a? conciliate uni** ra ar. therewith. Ar.d the ?nm< M' I" bedn -ball b - rih1 to th* D-raona ter -r ?lly eiititl'**) tl.-r< t? 1> a 4bt iu-ii.* ffloer nnd.-r t be 4irecti< n of the Secretary of War: PrneiJttl, That tb? ?.cePuiic - bf xnch <ha:i b-? iu fnll of all J*?.' "*\l u?{ Vf u4 provided tunb -r. That av> cl-cm nti'lerth* pr'.vni. ri . f t^i* a. t b> audited and paidm.leeajirc^utcd ? itiiin vi e year fr< m ;he *f iiiis act. Approved, M.nch S, K7J. KWC7, V;*kl"* apr" to .npplr de/V-ien? *rr.v;B^7r;,r f,,r th" *?"*?* ^?>?. *elh ^ ,r*r ?,rt,in* J'-ne th r rtl < r i>nrpI^-?. J *ul %vXtut* l"r -* ^ ' !-J ?'*? Sn?l ? <ai<f f/nr,| nf K'rrt *mt>':At &?.?? a/ Am 'Km imCtm **'**.? "in .J T! it the f Uowin/ (nm? be. aa.1 they are h-r- by appropriated, out ? f any m -a, v lu tr. a-.:ry I. t ,,tb' r* l?e appropriated, to ripply defl. Ck-ncies in theappr t ria l. n? f.>r th^ aerrlre ??T the erninent t-?r the ft- al }*ar<'??liai{ Janethirti?-th ?"^Ja eu bundled aiid nuMj thr^e. :tud the f ^rui r f??r wih? r jtrj &.HK1 ly: Tf *t, ih?? of W*r, ?cror Jin* t ? th* jri op?-i U;?t i^mh?hJ *1 *hv rn-^-nt n..f Cvi?i:re*?. tu pay , f >r ? xpeni" incn< rer| in ?iippri?w .'?* I,Ml'*t? h<"??il'tien in tin? Territ.?ry of M ?uia-ia ?a the year ei?b|ee? hundr -d and ?i\t> -?e\et . to the per^>: . entitled tliecato, the rial mi reported noon i A Il?rd.e. urvler Ike proi ieu>a-< ^ IT'1 J?-t entitled "Anact making aa ?.t"r ?<mdry cKU wmx. ? of the K.,T. ? .k7' blr rnrFw' Artie year end e**) "Vaa?!r!^ilj' i' l * bnwir^ ?nd *ev ?od hnn-lr'J Mar< L 3 l-CJ All rUiuiMut* ttnd.-r the foreauinc artii are ?. ^?'*'*1 'o preaest th. ir original Toucher* to tur Jc.*d Controller of the>reai?ry. h"? J u Bjt. LHUP, k aablogtof. I> O . either in p^..n"r twa^k'!??? ' 7J.h *"WrT "* ?l,ur"*' to collect the awarrta tn the latter raae. ?^jortJBomot Bit r.. I'nnnnttfv f Sulxlatenc>, ?rr1ihC.^n?,-"r'"?ce , ,r ?Tth?d?!!?\?!ir ^ b?H-? ?*i*?<-d i' IT* 'i the enm* awarded claimant? ?T order .rftlwSe, ret lrr ..f War: ?a ?t B. P TdHHonn AJjwfmut G'rt'nl ?l'j* plat*:?? * SHEET IBOB. ' SHEBT Z1JIO. At tEe "StoT* Wareroo?a of . SoLPK*. n.2T lw ?H <? OBBGORT. " *?!* Penti?\ hania a??nn*. | UIBDS FOB SALE?CAN ABIES aod HorKfso IfesiasasSS ?? M. 0Q1T1. IT i ??1BBBOBB, uiu?s?Zi;'i ?jIMaW" * ?*J vmnaxL?"-" -MU** f-tipa'a aee . ti.1^ , jyM-ir ? ? ?? ? ? ? v .? ?' Islwi F ?treef b?iT are? eeil.for raaii. at I So Io?e?t n?arb?? -rtr.. ?' iil ard examine th?-'r ?t<--?-k. Pri^"?. IIBCDtlt \I? i CO.. ?> .... ia?4p 'he lowest mi 1 , rnarll tn. t '01BTLAB0 ?. SMITH, WhOLMBALJC TOBACtO uALKR .MKiNhtiir, l oB, ^JUAJIDBIA, YA pOST ^o.u.uLST : ON ACCOUNT OF THE INCLEMEN" Y OF THE WAATIIER, THE UK ION BALL OF THE REPUBLICAN STATE ASSOCIATIONS IS POSTPONED UNTIL TIESDAY EVENING, APRIL 1. n 2S A M. CLAPP. Chairman of C.intmiMeo. ^RA.\D CHARITY BALL. Tni SECOND ANNUAL BALL for the Benefit of TDK CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL will be git en, uih1> r the an?picm of the Directors of that in-titntt<-n, in MASONIC TEMPLE, on the e\ening of Tl'ESDA Y, the lath of April nest. Tickets, admitting a gentleman aud lad) , #3 00 *rh. c.l7-tf [Climn R?^p A Enniar paper* copy LADIES' GOODS. STAMPING PKPOT, ' 617 Sevinth Bmsr, Op^itf Patent Office. Uftllil' IS6 Mlttf AiicOKJlR K, Jke. 9Ui r ><M)IrMK Stairs). It in receipt of a flue assortment of IMPORTED GOODS, froui Miss Gtiiney, of New York. ~ B* ci pr!on Booms f*?rtu?-rly at T14 Hth ?t. W anhirirtrn. BALTKS KOUVKATTES. PARIS. CON FKCTIONS ET ROBES DB BAL. ROBES ET LINGERIE. FLOWERS. FEATHERS, LACES, Ac. The Ladies of Washington an-i vicinity are re spectful!) incited to call ikiid Miimiue good* beforw purchasing elsewhere. fU ly WELLING OFF I O SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NKW YORK BAZAR, 441 S vetifh "treet, hear E. BKT7-tr NO Hl'MBUG. ^ lenzberu * to., bellit.g ?ut entire *fock of MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, at aud below cost. 70? Market Space, jar ft! >11 hfuwn 7th and S?h streets northw st. 121 PORTER OF HIMAN HAIR. GRAND BARGAINS AT ?*1 A U A M E CSIHEX'l, tl? 13. A jlral, stcend door from tr urttt. K?Ci<ml"*r tl>e n*nt>. and nnrnber. Cheap Oarlt switches. Chtenous, Braids, Pud*. Fri iz<-tt?*?, of th? hte-ft ?t> I--*. L'hil anC see car now stock before par :l? jrc el-**wher<?. dec^-tr ?~*f AD1***'" Li FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL U the beet article in the world for d ing up Linen ot Mrsiin. It ?n!r<?rts a beautiful gloss to the fabric for by ?'! 'ir< r. r*. BIBUHAM A CO., Manufacturers, 160 Wml Lombard nire.'t, Baltimore, Maryland. BANKERS. J*. BKoDHEAU, . BROKER. No. 039 Pcuut. ave., Boom A, Washington. D. C. Sp ?ial attention given to inve*tni')iit secnriti??*. In\ .tie attciition tv> securities now offered at price* which wil! pa. lot" 15 pt-r cent, in amounts and of length ftinu tosuit tin eetor*. Saf", reliable, protit sl lt- xiui rrcnipt, making them iu every respect FIRST CLASS SKCUB1TIES. R< '^m by perwisMiMi to Lewi* Johnson A t".. Washing! n. D. C.: Moses Kelly, E-i., Caslii?r National M 'tropolitnn Bank, Washington, D. C.; Hon. J M. BrMdnead, St-cond Controller, Washing :??, It. C.; Edward Clark, Bo<|., Architect U. S Cap itol, \V?rhingt' ii, D. C. mar!7-3m *1 'HA BATIOHAL BANK OF Tni REPCBLIO M. (Colll' rof 7th aUid D streets.) OPEN FROM lO A. M. TO 3 P. M. dec 17-ly CHAS. BRADLEY, C mhier. t1 ER>1AN AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK, tl No. aid Skventb SlttlT, Oncj>;? '*? Post-(&<4 lKrarimtni. Bank hour*: 9 ?. m. to 4 P. tn. Satnrdaya open an Ol a p. in., to ncM(? dep<?iu only. Interest paid on d> po?iU. Collection# mad* mm] rachange fnmishe4. _ JOHN lin Pr-ti?d? nt, A. EBERLY, V. Preat, W. F.MATTIKQLY^ec.,C. E. PRKBTlSS.CMU'r ?M'V?-ly 1. a. SuLllE, faEN. ALK:*-? 8. ROOT, L*U Wr Internal Be*., Buflal', N . I Hanking house of SUI IER * ROOT, I4i? PENNSYLVANIA AVENCB, (O^poaita Willard'S U> tel,) WAbUlWOTON, D. 0. Ms pM Mat. Interest allowed on bnaineaiaccounts Eignt for cent inu reat ailjwed on deposit of oni i? mil < f ciiT'i. Coll>anions made e*ery? here. ai^X rrnE riEEDNAX'l SAVINGS and 1 TR( ST COMPANY. Banking Bonae, No. U07 PenusyIvanla nvenqe, opposite the Treasury, PATS SIX PEB CENT. 1NTEBB8T, Imi?rrtl ?aiu tkr t\rUaf Kark Month. PAYS FOLB PER CENT, on btsiness iccosnts from date of deposit. Iiiw Certvfintirt qf i)?rrw bearing 6 and 4 per C( nt interest, a* *i!able anywhere. HAS BBAKCH OFFKES in all large towns am! citi-s of tbe ^ -utb and SoQtbwsst. Bank Kowrs,t a. m. to 4 p. m. Op?'n Wednesday atxl Saturday night* from IH to I ?>'cli-k, to n-o^lvedep.?itaonly. Call at the Bank or ?end tor a copv of the Charter and By-laws. jEd ly jAtlOOkt kiu7, BANKERS, SOT AND BELL FOREIGN exchange ana 15ft E CIU'ILAR LETTEHS OF CREDIT for Traveler*, armlubU ?a amy fart nf Ut world. Oar Oraf** on JAY COOKE. M< CCLL0UB A CO,, London, aro Ca?b*<1 In any part of E.NiiLasr, IftILA*Tj and art>Tt.A?D,/r?s ?/ tAnrm. nia> 13 AUIL1UTON CITY SAVINGS BANE. Vvmtr 1th str*u and Louisiana at(SM, PAYS S PER CENT. INTEREST OB DEPOSIT ititere?t coBitr.ebree fr<>m date of deposits. ? 'i uan be made and drawn at will. n.-.i' tf J. A. RCFF. Treasurer. PROFESSIONAL. | JR. MAR V J>. SPACEMAN, nil:> ??' 1SIXTKENTIl STREET. ? Ui J. S. DELAYAN, ? F Uox<?oraTHic PuYMriAW, 1'J^O P street. Of.ce U ur*:?# to lU, luuruinit; J to 4, aflcruo-n 7 to8, e?? u.!ig. mU-lm JtHNFHANNA, ATTORNEY-AT LAW. Ko. 9 Tonng's Law Building, d"l(f Wa!>hibgton, D. C. . 'I'HE RAPIDITY AND EASB WITH WBJCH are ri mored and the feet relieved, If alMng. from Bnnions, Bad Bails, Ae., at DB. WHITE'S Ests# llshment, *31 Uth strert, opposite tbe Treasury, Is unite surprising to persona unaccustomed to his method of operating,which is entirety different frum tbe ohi-time practice of tearing off tbe tngrowi ng toe nail, or lancing deep into the bunion, a distressingly painful nietboJ, and?w which oMiffaS the sufferer to go shoeless, aud sometimes on crutches, for weeks ot months, and no dookt tended to shorten life, at least to make it far loss slsesaataad aaeful, but Dr. * bite's operations are frequently home by children without com plaint; there Uitttbs or no pain, no loss of time, and if none but saitaMe shoes be won, the treatment, even In extreme ssm, sfttli a perfect e?s^hou.h the feet being used so constantly Corns w ran inmi xuoummm of Birtoii. ??*?> 'paE NEW NATIONAL #BE8H, SALT and SM0EB0 MEATS, kinds abd of. tSs best owalltr, tarnChsS*"' in the beet styleial? .GAMI,PQULYBY, 9^^. FBI ITS, and VEokTABLMTia tMr ?earon A au be procured at this Market. msrM ly BOBT. HYATT, 414 11th it. M ^ >? ?** 1families usingit. Ailgro W.-X2&AS? f iff/tun Bo. 1SSV Pxwsnriiru At iSQLUM Brsuliaa MMllnrtHlW janM-a | SPECIAL NOTICES. The presrat wtrtf irtMl hw th*rni|bly tested the virtue# or Mrs. Jones' C<>ug!t Mixture-?th<.?r..uis of bottles having be'n nsed with certain wwnw. Its trial ha* been m<*t thorough. A n.ere cold or cough or the must aggra rated cases it'hns cared with e<iual success. It is not objectionable to the taste, and can therefor* be readily nsed for rhildr-n and ft-rnum who object to nauseating mixtures, particularly as its donee are -mall and every dose contains the g Tin of an ulti mate eare. Ita value in *d\nnred cases or thi?v verging on cononmption must mtbe underestimate. Many such it ban entirely cured, even ca-es of ae knowledged C' mumptU n. While it does notcoro,it Keatly r< lKTM, and a large number '>f fh<--e unf >r iiatM now n?e it for the great relief it afford* th -m. For a Cold, Cough, Influeuxa, Brouchitls, H<ars?< neon, or any affection f llie throat or lung* you can vr n? thine more reliable. Prices?large ?i7". #1; ?mall, SO cts. F >r sale only by ARTHUR NaTTANS, Dnuuist, mK-tr Corner 2-1 and D streets northwest. w Only Batchelor'a Hair Dye Is the best in the world the only true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridiculous tint*, no dtsappofntment, harmless, reliable, Instan taneous black or brown; at all druggists', and 16 Bond street, New York. f3-eoljr A C?rd. A Clergyman, while residing In So nth America, aa missi'uary, discovered a sue and simple remedy for the cure of Nervous WeaknA. Early Decay, Disease of the Crlnanr and SeminalOrgans, and the whole train of disorders brought on by baneful ana vicious habits. Oreat numbers hava been cured by this noble r*me?fy. Promptod by a desire to ben'iflt the afflicted and unfortuiiMte, I will send the recipe for preparing and using this medicine, in a Bealod envelope, to any one #ho need* it .Fret, af Chart*. Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, Bible H>ase, trnrH ly N--w York City. AMUSEMENTS. J ALL'S *E\V OPERA HOUSE. JOHN T. FORD Proprietor au<l Manager. GRAXD ESGLI&H OPERA. FRIDAY KVKN1NG, March ti??, DSN KMT OK MRS./.ELDA SEULIN, Verdi's Tragiu Opera. TROY A TORE, With the following favorite Artiets: Miss Emma 11' wson, Mra.ZddaS-.guiu, Mr. Uroukh >us<- I! >w ler, Mr. Ou-t?? u? Hall. Mr. John Clark, Mr. Nich ols, M:?h Philllis. Full Chorus ano Orchestra. S. 1!KII liENS Musical I)ir?ctor. SA1LKDAY, at '2 HCMiCK, GRAND GALA MATINEE, MARTHA. Saturday Evening, Grand Farewell P' rformance. LUCIA I?I LAMMERMOOR. Fir?t timi in Washington In English. beats ran be secured at the Opera House and E'lis' Mu?i< Store. , ni.'i ALL'S .NEW OPERA HOI SE. JoliN T. 1> oRi>..-.. Proprietor and Manwer. MAX MARKTZKK Director. GUAM) ITALIA >' OPERA. POSITIVELY TWO NIGH 18 ONLY AND SAT I HI)A Y MATINEE. First appearance of Europe"* *r at-st lyric trage dienne, PAULINE LUCCA. .ly app<aram e ..f Am -rira's greatest rrimad.inua, (LARA LOUISE KELLouG. Full and coBipletei rcliMltraand cIi.ths. Thorn ir* company fr..iu lite Aradi iin of Mumc, New York. TH I RSDA Y, April 3?H CCA? F A UST. i FRIDAY, Af.iil ? ?K KLLOGO?TltOV\TORE. SAILKDaY, CRWIi M ATINEE - LUCCA - FAVORITA. SrKt !ai Nottk ?iMibf. ription for the two nicM? Ke?.rveil > it-" in On hi ?tra, .>"0. Tin' ?al ? of f> it> scripTi ii Ticket- will begin ?"u jj nday, March Jl. at Ellis Music Store, at 9 a. m. R< ^-ular prices of lulmisfiou: Admlnslon. ?!. lie served b<ar?, ,ei aril ,?2 extra. Sale for Sinrfl. Xlglit- will b? gfu ?ii Tueedav. m27 tf I Hl^VlEImIaHEELL I RT. LINCOLN HALL, SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH a'>, AI ? Oi'LlK R . MR. EUBENSTE1N will, on this occasion, p! ij 15 pieces. LAST AND FARRMELL APPEARANCE, in a new and most attractive programme, of ANTON R fill NSTE1N,'hogr-ate-it living Pianist; URN RY V\ 1 EN I AW SKI, the wor! J-renowned Vio linift: I'e. LIKBH ART, the celebrated L >ndon 8 pra;i >, MONS. L. REM BI KLIN SKI, Accompanist. . (>*-n<ral Adnisslon, ?1. Reser\ed Seats, hule of ?est? r< miTi'1ncej W -d ne-d?y, March y,, at Metxerott A Co.'s Music Sr. re. 8teiriwa\'s Piano used at RnbenMeiii Concert. m2i 6: WASHIXGTOS THEATER CO.M1QUE. ( Eleventh street, south Pennsylvania avenue.) (Adjoining the rear of Hai vey's Restaurant.) AN l'N EQUALED COMBINATION OF TALENT. UREAT AGGREGATION OF STAUtf. Engagement of thr gruat versatile artists, EAGAS AND EDWARDS, H. W. SaTan, James 8. Edwards?Sensation Actors, Ethiopian Performers, Change Arti.ts, Comic Vo calists, Burlesque Orators, Iiutriunentalists, IrUii, Dutch, Yankee and K<*cro Dialecticians? Ih'J ui>si versatile performers on tne sta^e. Great success of the only and original Mr. FRED LEVANTINE, in his beautiful pvramid act. Continuous success of the charming POLLY DA LY- the acknowledged Oueen of Vocalists. Mons. ALEXANDER BLANDOWSKI'S N.? Pallet Troupe, fully susmenteil with ten new fai- j. Sixteen lianasome ladies in two grand original bal lets, La P lotiaise, and the sen>-ational ballet d'.w tion, Hong K--iig. TILE KIRALFY SISTERS, Eiiieiine and Katie. Dick Parker, Otto Burlmnk, Pat R>oney, Jamnr DoBxIass R J, an Burkley, Hatti" Hastings, Addle Grrfiain, Laura Harrison, Emma Harrison, N. U'd Andrews, and "iir Great Novelty Couipauy, Sup,'t"b Ballet Tronpe in th?- l"iM bill <if the mhiviq Matinees WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. FRIDAY, March 18, Farewell B^etit of PAT RQQNEY. m2l tf 0t??? i O* Exhibltiaa \NswNo. . ?96 > and Sala < 43V FtB St.\ ? _ at /Tia St MARERITEK'R. Ho. 439 7tk street, between D and ? streets, eight doors above Odd Fellow's Hall. Choice Oil Paintings, Engraving*, Chromos, Ac. Also, iMgest stock Paper Hangings. Winduw 4li*,21/ P?tpr?*?, Frames, Picture Cords and T^s -S^t^s'cas h: ib tle d,,trict Please r?-nn-pber Name and Nusnber. )el-ly* ALL KINDS VT CAST-OFF WEARING AP PAREL can be sold to the very best advantage by addressinf or calling on JUSTH, ?1? D street, between ftfa and 7th n.w. Notes by mall promptly attended to. Gash paid, flj /\LD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER, Etc., VF bonght at fair prices Tor a New York house. Household Furniture bought and sold. Notes by mall promptly attended to by ACGEN8TEIN. 14 08 PePD?ylvfcDitt wwmmm dfl-ljr* LECTURES. rjMIE TONER LECTURES.?The first l,<ctur? of 1 the conriu-instituted under the Toner Fund to encouragu "The l)i-covery of New Truths ' for "The Advancement of M clicine" will be delivered by J.J. WOODWARD, M. D , at Martni's Hill, 914 E street northweif, on FRIDAY, March Wh, at n o'clock p. m. Subject of Hie lecture: "THE STRUCTURE OF CANCEROUS TUMORS and the MANNER IN WHICH ADJ ACENT PARTS ARE INVADED." The medical profession and all other* intereett d in scientific stmfies ure invited to alt'-nd. JOSEPH HENRY, ni2S-3t* Presid-'iit of Board ot Trustis's. i Rep. A Chron.) QUR CUSTOM DEPABTilENT. A FULL STOCK. A FINE STOCK. A CHOICE STOCK O -COATINGS, TROUSERINGS AND VE8TIMOS. A PERFECT FIT. A FASHIONABLE CUT. Ftrtt-Clais Workmmmskrp OwmnmteeJ. ?FAN EARLY INSPECTION 18 RESPECT FULY INVITED. FASHIONABLE TAILORS, mg-tf Co?tK> Ttm awp I) Stuui. QR. VORMLRIl PECTORAL STBUP, FOB COUGHS AHH OOLDE. SOLO Ml ALL DRUOeiSTS. ly" BALM AND FARTIES. P* KID GLOVES, ? 1 TO ?1.S? FEB FAIB. WALL, ROBINSON S OO.T dec 14-tf Penn?TJTMl? EVENING STAR. Washington Newi and Gossip. Istfunat. Rivesi'i?The receipt* from this I source to-day were >241,08-^-53. The cabinet mletij.u lo-\iaj *as attended by all the members. Senator Scucuz leaves for St. Louis to night. Gex. O. K. Babcocb left the city last nigh' for New York, where he will remain for severa'. days. Dlktt Commission kb UoDoiRf, of the In ternal Revenue bureau, has returned from a few weeks visit to his home in Pennsylvan.a. The cosicikmk fl'W> oi the Treasury was swelled to-day by contributions of *3 and *50? the former from a conscientious Washingtoniaa, an.i the latter from a New Yorker. The Third Audi-fob's Office has stated and reported to the Second tyntroller over 700 awards made by the southern claims commis sion. Only about 1.V) now remain. The orTSTAJWKO legal tenders at the close of business hours at the Treasury to-day were *358,429.912?a reduction ot about #57,000 since yesterday. Secretary Belknap and General William Myers did not leave for Texas last night, as it was their intention to do. They will leave to night via Chicago, on the 3:;U) train. From Chicago Seen tary Belknap, General Sheri<ian and General Myers w ill go direct to San Fran cisco. James Dixos,United States Senator from Connecticut from 1857 to 1*69, did at his resi dence In Hartford yesterday afternoon, aged fifty-eight. He had been in feeble health for many months, being atliictcd with disease of the heart. Bear Admiral Jon* B. Mostoomert, whose death at Carlisle, Pa., was announced in yesterday's Star, was iu his seventy-ninth jear at the time of his decease. The funeral services w ill take place at the chapel of 0*k Hill cemetery, Georgetown, where the remain* will be interred, on Monday next, at 11 a. m. The Late Executive ouutn of the Presi dent prohibiting all persons in the government service from holding local or state offices wili shortly he so modified in respect to postmasters that any of the latter who receive less Chan ?l,fOQ may hold loial ollices. As the order now stands no "post master whose salary cxcoeds Sti.H) can hold a local office. ? 1 Work Wei.l Up The quartermaster's di vision of the third auditor's office, the work ot which, three years ago, was six and a half years bchii d hand, is now engaged in current work. In the pension division <?i the sain*1 oAce, the oldest pension is hut ten months beh'nd. In the subsistence and engineers' divisions, th< work is up to date. Prop. Taylor's second literary reunion a' his residence last evening was greatly enjoyed by a lar^e number ot distinguished guests. The entertainment embraced readings and recita tions by Prof. John Tweedale and Dr. E. A. Duncan, a eulogy on Henry Clay bv I>r. C. C. Cox, and singing" by a voting lady, whose ex cellent vocalisiu added much to the pleasure o: the evening. The President and family did not go Co New York last night, notwithstanding the as sertion of the morning papers that thffy did. He int? nds to go to New York on private busi ness for a few dave just as soon as his otflcia' duties will permit. The announcement that l-e Kit for New York last night prevented t.-< usual number of visitors from calling, and con sequently the White House had quite a de serted apiK.aranoe to-day. Paedoxp Recommkbdeik ? The Attorney General has recommended to the President the pardon of Allison Hays and Andrew J. Martin, of South Carolina, who are now serviug out tirius of impr'sonmeut (the former for four year* and the latter for one year) tor alleged complicity in kuklux outrages, and the pardons will doubtless l?e ordered by the President to morrow. The pardon of these men was reoura mt-ndtd to the Attorney General by the 'egal ft deral officials in South Carolina. Th* New Postal Cacds By the term* ot the contract, the Morgan Envelope Company, of Springfield, Mass., are to have 5,000,000 of the new postal cards ready for deliverv on the 1st of 21 ay. The law calls for 1OO.Q00.000 for the tirst year, but the Post master t ieneral is of the opinion that one-third more wi'i be needed for that period. The card will be i l>y 5 ^ inches in sizevand will bear a one-cent stamp and the water mark "I'. S. P. O. I>." These cards wil! bo of great advantage to phonograptiers and stenographers in corresponding with eaeh other, as 1,ino phonetic words can he written on

each of tlitm. ?MUM Opera.?'The performance of "Tiie I Bohemian Girl,'' at Wall's Opera House last I night, was, in some respects, the most satis- I factory ctiort of the week. Miss Rose Hersee. I who was ab'e to appear for the first time, acted I and sang the role ot "Arline" in a very piquant I and charming way, and was frequently encored. I Mr. Eugene Clarke's " Thaddeus" does him I jzreat credit, and the same may be said of Mr. I Clarke's "Count Arnbeim." Edwin Seguin was I very comieal as "iMivilsheot," aud Mr. Walter Birch more so as " Florenstine.'' To-night, the charming Mrs. Segtiln has a I benefit, and her numerous friends in this city I should till the house to overflowing. "HTrova- I tore" it the opera chosen tor the occasion. The New Yokk Central Railroad asd I tiie Government.?The Commissioner of In- I ternal Revenue stands firm in his intention to m.ikc the New York Central railroad "pouy I up." Of thef4?i2,000 w hich this company owed I the government on account of taxes, *17,000 I luts been recovered bv the sale by Collector I Bailv, the other day, of" seventeen locomotives, I which, as has been stated, were bid In by the I company at the ridiculously small figure ol I 81.000 each. Commissioner Douglass has in- I structed Collector Bailey to.continue t) seize I and sell the personal property of the company, I alt* r which, under the law. he will l>e author- I Izcd to sell the real estate of tjie concern. I Should tlie commissioner l>e satisfied that the real estate would bo sold at h as than half its value, the government will bid it in. The rail road company will probably soon get tired of this process and "come down" without further double. J General Butler called on Gen. Spinner, United States Treasurer,'Wednesday, and together they mingled their tears over civil service reform. " so-called." Both of these gentlemen believe the reform a precious humbug, and do not hesitate to denounce it as such. Referring to the competitive examinations in the War De partment, Gen. Butler remarked that one of the examples of what the War Department examiners call false syntax is, " He is a gentle man and a scholar." " Now, I should have to ronfess my utter Inability to correct that sen tence," said the General; " la point of fact it's s conundrum, and I don't believe in conun Irums." Notwithstanding the General's a ver sion to conundrums, we would like to ask him t>ne based on an extract from his letter relative to the coaunatation of O'Brien, printed in Wed nesday's Stab. In this letter the following appears: " The act for which O'Brien Is now suffering, and must for his life, seems upon the evidence to have been this," Ac. Now, per haps the General will tell as whether the above sentence is In accordance with the granuaaUca' construction of language or not. ? The proposition of Governor Walker, of Vir ginia, that the federal government assume the debts of the states, does not meet with much favor, even in his own state. The conservative members of the general assembly were to hold a meeting in Richmond on Tuesday evening last, but there was no quorum, ?nd conse quently no action was takes. The proposition is too absurd to merit virions considerUon. aOTRev. J. S. Wilson, D. D., a distinguished Presbyterian divine, of Atlanta, Ga., died yes teiday. Lord de Grey and Ripon has been re elect id Grand Master of Free Masonry iu Eng land. The Bro^liljBllnrdrr AEIMt OP A VuMtM V.'Hil WAl VkB* INTI MATE WITH ?:0?K?Rlca. Brooh'iyn defectives arrested lust evening a woman ?in<u( 0 vears of age, who w??rks in a shirt factory in N. w York mi-l-r an MiBt-. name. on suspicion ol' her having sotn kii )*l edge of the murder of Chart** tJo>*hi',U I Brooklyn last week. She refused to T ilk. ?% cept to answer inquiries in the briefest minn- i; but expressed the opinion that Goodrich ** killed l?y m ue man who followed him hom> SLe was "arrested on info-mation given by W W. <ioedrieh. the brother of Charles. She I n artied, l>ut trouble witfUier husbaiH. ?r?: left 111m. HEB CONNECTION WITH Tm *rui?F.HKD MAN was ol the nu?l in(iiu*l? eharaet^r. He ww iii the habit of visiting ber at her altode ill Nov York. 22 Orchard street. According to her statement, she has been three tiin-'n with C.ckx1 nch at tin: bouse In l>e Graw flreet. Goodrich there told her that he wwnot tuarrie<1, but foo islily got in with a girl, but had "shook hor.' She'Hays she had had some trouble at her hous. with oome man about Goodrich when he *i> present. and took him into another room. She refuses to tell where she was Thursday night, but thought she wai> home. She tot to work a* 11 o'clock Friday morning. Didn't go over t. Brookly n to see the body l*ecau?e -liedisliked to see Goodrich In that condition. She gave th? police a roll of bills to take to her mother. wit\ the requirt that the latter be not iuforined she wao in Brooklyn. THK BIIOTHBB OP DBCEVSED issued a card Mating that he will give a reward ot ?2,5tio tor the arrest of the murderer, to l> ? paid after a conviction for murder. Mr. IMWii Goodrich father of the deceased, appeared l^ fore Surrogate Vecder on Wednesday morning and obtained lettersof administration uponth dead man's estate, after tiling a bond in -?;/*> i 1 he affidavit of tnis gentleman shows that th deceased left no will or testament. and that th. personal property of which he died posses- .1 did not exeef (1 *3.nno. The WikklyStab, just issued, contxins th>% closing proceeding* of the executive session oi the Senate; nominations and confirmations during the week; "Washington a* a Manufac turing Point"; the mysterious murder in Brook lyn; the proceedings, rej>orts, Xc. in the e is of Charles H. O'Brien; society notes: lat<vt and best tales, poems, sketch*-* an<l fashitr items: together with Interesting local new* Washington new* and go.-si|i, agricultural item*, household receipts. &c.. &c. Terms: One dollar and a half i>er advance; single copies live cents, iu wrappers, ready for mailing. A Willing Martyr ? Mr. George Franci Train Is mightily p. f raid that his jailors wi succeed in getting him outside of the "bastile," as he calls the Tombs, the latent of the dozen prisons wherein he has languished. In his ai? bt fore the supreme court of New Yor h yesterday the <jucer situation was presented ?> a pleading "guilty" and wai'ting to h. sentenced, w hile the prosecuting oiii?n?ls en dorsed the indictment ??not guilty." and onl> desired to get rid of bim. This burlesque will be renewed again to-dsv. The oflicers of the Tombs ?av it will take a yoke of oxen to pal. George Francis ont. h<* st'<'ks -When h> wife recently came to bid hiui good-bye, befor< her departure for Europe. he was invit.d b* the keepers to see Lcr to her carriage, b-it h absolutely refused. a( p< wring afraid th*i? on in the street the door of his ??ba*tile" would .-but and barred against lam forever. The Westkus Cimi'au<m k.iisit tm: Railroad*.?The farmers about Peoria, III'.., art- organising for war against the railroads t< have their rights recogniz< <1. A feeling of' great earnestness ?i d determination has been man; fesf.d in all ti e meetings. The state convention of all tho Kansas far mers yesUrday adopted resolution recommend ing that the farmers throughout the countr> organize at once. It was resolved that railroao freights and fares should be so limited by law to a just and tair sum; that in giving banks m i noi olies of the nation's currency they are com pelling p. ople to pay^enormous rates of inter est, sev? n-teutlis of which is collected from tin t aimers,and is little less than legalized robber A preamble was adopted, phdging thetns l\ - in the accomplishment of their desires to ig'ior> all political influence or prejudice. TnorBLea op tiik Yorxo HErrnLic Trouble continues to accumulate around th> pathway of the young republic. It is said that the people of the Canaries are meditatiug a se cession from the home government and au ap jnal to Great Britain for protection. Besides this the Cailists are gaining in strength au<i th extent of country under their control. The* are now masters of all Catalonia, and the woit-'r trouble of the government U that the army can not be depended upon. Insertions to the en lists are frequent, and it is this which has nior. than anything else contributed to the spread w> the insurrection. Kii.lbi> by a Blow o? tiik Fist.?An ol. man named Wm. Itust, sixty years of age, wa. killed at Koith Hampton, " near Spnugtiel l. Ohio. Tuesday luorning, by his next door neigh bor, Wm. Kickard, who used onlv his tist. The provocation was insults to Ricfeard ami wife (who is in a delicate situation) by ltiu,t while intoxicated, flie coroner's jury returned * verdict in accordance with the tacts. Kickan. has not l>een arrested, but will probably giv? himself tip to the authorities. The sent'iiu nt of the community is strongly iu sympathy witli itla, The Annexation Fbvbh i> Juuf.?Tk house committee on cor[Mirat'on of tho New Jersey legislature rei>ortcd an iui(SYrtant bit yesterday afternoon to give to the Stat-n Island company the right to connect with New Jersey by means of a bridge. This is s-iid to be a step iiing-stone to the annexation of the island t New Jersey. It would give to New Jersey about forty miles of water front. The bill to annex Hoboken to Jersey City was passed. The ac? 1 does not go into.effect until a majority of t!i< people shall decide in its favor. Baptis* Bepokk Hixrixo?Tom Smith, n negro, who is to be hang'-d in IiOitisviile, Kv.. to-day for murder, was on Wednesday baptized into "the Methodist church, and received the sacrament. The ceremony was conducted b\ one white and one colored minister of his owi. choosing. Smith was much affected, weeping i opiouslv. After the ceremony he said: "I siiall die lor this murder, but before* long you will al. find out that I did not do it. 1 know who did but't is inijiossiblc to get hold id' the right mtr now." His piotestations of innoccnce axe no* credited. Canadian Euiobation Aoext? fMPitt# on to in Gklmany.?If the staU-muiitK of tue Teronto Globe are eorrcct, Germany has adapt ed very arbitrary measures in regard to certain emigration agents sent out by Canada. The* ag< nts. two men named Wagner and l>ykr,on their arrival in Germany, published the uid'iee ments they were authorized to offer by the rule ol the Canadian government?free grants'ot land. Wagner was soon summarily ex|ielled from Alsace, ami l>vke was brought before the mayor of the city of Stolp, charged with l'als^ pretences, and imprisoned. Fibb at Hajulton, Va?On last Mondiv night about 11 u o'clocTc the drug store of J. Samuel Wlmsett, at Hamilton. Loudoun coun ty, was discovered to be on fire, caused, a? supposed, from ashes thrown from a pipe, an-' before the flames were extinguished coitsidera Me damage was done, and the loes of drugs, ?Src., of Mr. Wimsett will probably amount to SMN) or ?000. He was insured iu one of the Richmond,V?.,companies^-AUx*%drii Oast(tt A patal phootino ape ray occurred in Northampton, N. C.. on Saturday last. There was a misunderstanding between John D. Ed ward* and his mother-in-law, Mrs. Branch Two sons of Mrs. Branch took Bp the quarrel. an4shot Edwards, who died of his wounds on Monday. The murderers tied, and have not been arrested. Three hundred dollars are offered by a brother of the murdered man tor their arrest. Wob't bb Reconciled to Mb. Sex nek The Massachusetts Senate yesterday rejected all amend meats, and accepted, by a ret* of */i to 4, the adverse report of the committee on the petition of John C. Whitney and others for aannlllng or rescinding the Snmner resolution* passed at last session. The house haa already done the suae thing, so the matter ia finally settled. PrncH finds fun in the coal fluslne. Wife 0, Charles, how hind of the Browns??(reads) ?Mrs. Brown presents her compliments to M. and Mrs. Jonee, and hopes they will glee her the pleasure of their company at a fire party a Monday, March!. Fires lighted atfiibd.'? Sawdust Swixdlbba 8BBTBBCBD^?Chark Moo re and Frank Norton, convicted of sawdo swindling la New Tort yesterday, were set t/"w2 Jf *>**'"? '"Prtscnuaent and to pay fine of >1,000. 1 Stbikbbb Ibotcted?Tke rand Jnrr for Si ^^AVtS?sT1iis;:K2c^: Northern railroad. ' ' The U. 8. Steam bb Yabdbbbilt was sold at 1.? ily* J*1*"1 (<^) navy yard yesterday for SOJM. 8be was purchased by George Howe* & Co., of San Francisco. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB. This Afternoon'! Diipatcbn. ASSOCIATED FRKf* REFOBTS. ? Srw York SolM. as i >sr< ( ?i??rrt utou cokpkrrm? k. Nkw York, Msrch *8?At ( coiurrenct ot niMii rs and jonr*i< ymen carpenter* tut fr?n. tafthelttu rn llMM to accede to the proposi tion of the former to work by the hour. THl F. AtLK >AD ro#TAL CAR CO*BIJtATIO> nr. m K. Mr, Banff of the Po*t OSce department jiUtrtttU he has In en as-ured by one of the railw?\s that road will nut withdraw theli pot><al eara, and as this wiH break the railwa. combination, their attrui't to torce the govern ment into 1 aying their charges will doubtlcs tali ihiough. AN 1KTFBV1KW WITH OAKKA AUK*. At an inter\i?w yestcrUay Cake* Ames *a I lit inttudnl lokrrv the crnlit mobilier botMir. n?rnierly given to Congressman Kelley, notil it in decnltd wLo thrv belong to. Aim-* al*o state that the lunik* of the company will nut be given to the I"nited State* Attorney General, but Ik will be allowed ai'i*w< to them. The roapaat in r< ady to meet the ?uit of the govtrununt against if. KKSISTAKCK TO THK STRIKE. The Brooklyn employing |'l?atmr? have vottd to resist the threatened strike. THK AKRKBT OP THK W->UAX in Brooklyn, supposed to be connected with the Goodrich murder, causes seme excitement there. The coroner'sinquest begins thin alternoor. THK KILL MBCLATIUO THK KATKOP ISTKUKST. known a?- the usury bill, was killed iu the state legislature to-day. THK KR1K !^MT|nATIIR OOUJf tTTKK met in this city. I>.rector Archer wan exam incd. He didn't know ot' any money being nned to influence the legislature, but stated tha' )te went to Albany in March. 1<2, to look alter the iuterests' ot the Krie road, which were threatened bv the r<rw rata bill, the effect of which, if it n:ul pa'nefl, would have been to drive all trade from the road and all trade from New York city to llos tou. He conversed with Assemblyman Wl?:t beck about the bill; tlien bad a general freight agent go to Albany and left biiu there, bir knew of no money being used there. To t?e Haageil (? Kmlneky To-Day. SMALL 1'OX BTOUY UJT TUX COXU*.n>Kl> MAI. I.< cisville, March SU-Thowu Smith, the murderer of Thomas Bradcn iu May, I<71, who is to be hanged here to-day, held interview* in the jail yesterday with rejortern of paper* here. Some time ago Smith rubbed croton oil ou his lace and |?er>on. producing blisters which re sembled small pox eruption* and complained ot i<ains in his back and bead. The jail phys'cian. >r. Pope, and avother physician. announced it ac. se of small pox, and Smith was removed to the eruptive hospital, from a hich he escaped u f? w hours atter his arrival and wa? recap'iired. Yesterday Smith wrote a statement, which ap j>eais In the city papers this morning, that he paid I>r. Pope ?T2 lor furnishing the croton oil and pending him to the pest house. He sai.l thut he kiic-w that he had to die to-day an I would not d e with a lie on his lips; that hi stat? ni' nt was true and he would reassert it on the scaffold to-day. It is said Pope hat a*ti davits ot other prisoners slating that Smith toki them a different story. Holes from .Uliaiiy, Klii. NLA YORK I'llABTKit. Aibvxy, N.Y., March 21*.?The consider* tioti of the New York charter has been ;n>: I>oiied in the senate until next Tue*day. < H AKLK? riiAXCIS ATtKMs' oration ou Gerrard has been s t Jjwn for April Isth, at 11 o'clock a. iu., iu the sain*? church whereUerrard'b oration ou Ad iiu? mas deliv ered. VOXAll SCPVItAOK. The chairman of tiie judiciary committee o' thf: aia mblv will report, as instructed by a res olution of the house, the pro position to amend the constitution so a* to gr^int suffrage to wo men holding property to the amount 01 ^-iJ. from Kitmpe To day. THK ACCII'KST To THK OUR AT WS'TKB*. I.i^dos, March 28.?The <t aiuship <?r a? W? stern, which was ashore at Blackiuore, g ?< oil ai d returned U> Bristol. The extent oi iin injuries, it any, has not been ascertained. AN IWSASR AMEUICA5T ap|?eare<l at t he lodge-gate of Windsor Castle Jii-unlav and demanded to see the <^ticeu, al eglng that her Majesty vat his mother. II was arresUd by the guard, and, upon tteitig thnatei ed with incarceration in a mvillous promised to returu to the United states. ? ? tnotlier Railroad N<|iiahble. WiLvmuTuv, N.C., March ?on the com plaint oi I.. 1>. fluids and other creditors, Hor O. \Y. I ogan. judge of the Supreme Court ot the n'nth Judicial <li?trictof the -tate.hasin<.ac4 an ordt r reftraiuing and enioiuing the oomnai> sloners from selling the Wilmington. Charlotte ami Kutherford railroad, now advertiscd to l>e sold April b'th under a decree of the Superior Court ot >?ww Hanover conntv. ? o ? Wlial BeprocealaUve N|iragne l? Uolng l? do with hi* Back 1'ity. Ci>cix* ati. March 28.?Hon. W. P. Sprague. member of Congress trom the fifteenth district. announces that he does not pro|io*e to appro prite to private use his increased pay for (k* ?13d t'ongress. but will cause it to be returned to the Treasury, or devote it to the relief oi th - tax-payers of his district. ? A Chirfta JrouMr In Bitltlniorl. RKV, DK. PASHtKLI. ISAKP.KO OfT. Kkw Youk, M:irch A special from lln! timore says there is muc^i trouble in the Ma<li son avenue Methodist Kpiscopal church, grow ing out ot the opposition ol the congregation to the appointment of I>r. I?a*>hiell as clergyman of that ehur<*h. There is some talk of barriug the parsc>uage against him. and the doctor seems intent upon assuming duty. o Thf Kfgotiallouii v?ifh fa|?laf* laek. Niw York. March 2*.?A dispatch from Yau Brunei's Kanche states that Peace Commis sioners Thomas and Oyer have arrived, and an interview wiUiin Captain .lack mil be sou^lit in a day or two. The old Chief aud four other subordinate chiets also cone loth camp, at the request of Cauby, to assist iu Uio peace negotiations. The VrtBd Satloml Nleeplr fh?*? Iu laglaml Kiw York, March w?A Iwidon special d i) atch says that the grand uatioual steeple chase near Liverpool \esterday waa won by Captain Mac hell'? IHsturbance. The faror t'e ber>e, Footman, fell at one ot the jump* aud broke bis ueck. # " ? Kehooiirr Mnnk. FeRT Mokiok, Va., (via Norfolk,) March 28 The pilot boat siieer reports that the schooner Fannie Ktrkbride sank on the even ing of the 2f>th tnstaut, al>out five mil.-s below Smith's Point. The crew were reocued bv the Pioten-, lound out; and are now ou board the 81icer. The Illielt robareeaad Whisky Trade la North t'arsllaa. New Toi.K, March 2*?A Ualeigh dispatch states that the marshal has seised considerable tobacco and broken up several Illicit liquor places lu the counties bordering on Yirginia. Boning; Match. New Yore, March A.?Bigliu ami Ellis Ward have arranged a roving match at Springfield in J uuc. Akother Death prom Coal Oil The Hagerstowu Twice-a-Week savs that a few days since Mr. Joel Roberts, living in -letter, on county, West Virgiuia, went Into the kitchen ot Ua bouse and round upon tht floor the dead l?dy or his daughter, a young lady, who had been burned to a crisp by the explosion of a coal oil lamp. It is sappoood that aha waa a* ?nddonlyo?oii?oneted by tfcoflames of the oil from the barking lamp that she expired before ?he coald make an alarm. First Catch Torn Hark.?A PartodUoatcb Jt^yaOTithasbeen rendered la tUo keni are pronounced gritty " " ^ tenced to vartoneioram at ianrinuML Oen Fremont is eondemned In to five gsgg^aEg ^Thr W^ocwdrd 8chool But?Master Na* Thrrr MTicmrrt or TR<>ora, MpMd almoot wholly ot naUvoa trf Cuba, and whteh have hitherto been MMthi with the flpamah forces in tha neighborhood of MaaaaaUla, have r^^?gg&nthajaaurfeato, carryiag afi VThe New York senate yesterday afternoon discharged tkecoauaittee tola vaatigate Tweed's tmmcuoM. VOovmor Hartranft has trigned the hill Appropriating a million dollars to the oeutcn ifniimiMT* hOtut?Iflfrrw* Pv he Coort ?o ft*- ?c-'ne. yuarrdae aft- r it on. or aiu?ukl bnst:e and riritfami, It bc jrii ar.d<i*tood tl a' ? iim vn the i<o>i I "1 'rh !a mil piobabiii't x nU be f?rt ttf. At 4 p. iu tlif fr'irt ?m ikio ly mx'ikM, ani the jutUce tu>< U Cm lit ?t? t v Ui i i ,x*< 1 ? tl. the (iM?f i>rau< wnH <tk. rs Wirt. I ?r T ?. Mtnrfln4. Albert D?), nhiwcI ft-r tlie dc f. lV?ii'. I andeiiln * r?r?'?--?tv stgm<1 '-r l?e. (? r>< lktn(''I N<?. s; v?m ,vri atrwrt. t.> :>??. i flret l*?r. - '4 v*? lMtp?ciU!< .1 fr>.n? any tir d of ?? iihI wm thtvaft-n.-d *t JUIV want fhia ttx lf*s( fwiu ?> ?I ? Kk aa Mt'jck of patatjrfa. ( for the c n?; u w a*tn o)>]r(M to the <ora ot tkf i'?ri a i --ite. aril off ml In pi <l#fe niTB tc?- mji y tlat ? ithin the Iv! Jew J*v? Pr. Man? feM ha I Ireti gtv i g bis r> gu!ar ???< iiices. ? Jar-t'ec ?V?x then ttwil * wnrrait f?r Hi ? ap rfainiier of I?r. ll( iltrr, who, oa c.?m "g i' '? ?-? u t. r? i?eato?l the eeft'tirat#. a??i aat-l Oi.*t I'r Mai.sflchl. It b-oiaM uticowl, ? ? i d '?-? liaMe to have an attack o< |>i>raloi> The c*?-j ? a- tWli m l lit ti arutg al .11>. ta on S*? ntilay. The n>ai|iUmt i^nuM |?r. Mni'lirM H to the effect that am UK I4t?l ?t February was at So. !fl ?ih i\<nwe, wli -rr he an. uvuiiexlU ttbentiM, bv i i|N<rn*iira' ifi-a* c.< a. (>rcfiirr >n trom tkr >|4nw n( depart* d i" m i?. U? which be chw^r. 1 h? complau ant* ik?r|r that they arr in a |?<iti<>ii to give the same maniustations a? ih ?1 ni.t, mm charge Liu with (nw irattd arvl ?t>i? amg MOtM-y ui'iu MTi.'iif i*t >n? under la ? |-rt iMUi A. 1". 1 ft i ?**?'. .1.'*. A Oiri 9< tirtn nv M achimhv.- 'i U>t WiiiiKMlaf, Julia l?uin<-av v. a gui ag 1 " um? , i mi>.oyril in the |i?niiur) . uan . sh t factory. droi ped a foolaflterad bon a'U !i c kicl an<1 mii lui down to i>l k it H r hair, wl.tch liuac loo- el ydown acr l>a.k ..cord ing to the prrvailin* tasltiow, caught ?n a -er. screw to the shaft ?Inch rnn the ui... It. i. a, ami tmned lately commcnced to e*?ll up The ?ha:t wai n4:n( 130 evolutions to the in nut<- at t'..? im?e. An effort war niade to "Ut|> ttie Miarb.ii ? ry. I>nt wan not ?afi*?.iil. and li*l it n.?: Uvt Tor the |'i< m iiw of inii <l of another g rl Liaaia Brown. th? m'ek of thr nnfortanat<< ^irl ?i? f hirr Iv en broken. Mix Itrowr rauglit V.\--' | ?t tlie victim. an<l held It wlill<> the ahait >a< r cili mJv ca>iled ui> tie hair aini t<m-il. with % C?hI aharef of the <wval|>, trom the heatl of tha ?crean-.iiig girl. The Lihal oi-tioh \nri n rrwwarLTA M A.? The reaast of the eli'Cl.ou lirlu n ih?i uC thr eountlea ot Pr?n?yl\"aiila to ilvt<-riu:na whether licenae to nrll' intoxicating liquor* within their reapect ve limitanhouM be gianU-At or ihK, haa not yet b?t ii aaoeitaimM. Krwta irewiit i*dteationn howevt r, it wouhl aeeut that a majority of the eountlea have ritel ?(ran>? lleenae* alth>>ngh the afg^cgate major itrmaybe on the otlur aiile. The hpio ?ii ? aiinly oonti i?u.-?l in Allcglicny coanti. ai?t a 'arger \ oti wac caat Uian at the lat? Tr. ,.1 n eleetion. The eity oi Pirt-burg in a votts of l*.314 pave a majority of 7.7:'.4 tor lb-en*-; Albfcheny City gave a inv?wit\ ol ?.JA%oh tha mdh Mdr: the county ton* in an tur^ita vote ol 2.1<0 gave a m^iuriiy ot I1C l?t lli*n?e, anil the tc?n?hit>* in a voted 0,sa.T gave ? in joritv of K for licenne. TutOikAN MvaTKRY.? The New York Tti bui e-? Ktes t'.ia' Mr. Wtneiieoter, the owner ol the brigantinr M <ry OHrrfe, fontnl abaiflomyt at M*a in I?cc?mber l??t. -av-Uiat upon learning of the abaiMloiiuieut ol the venae! lie went la Gibraltar ai:?l evatiuueU the vem-i tUor<>uglily, arul ftati'd that there were no aigw- of I'' - I either on the anil* or tlie awor<t. a? nieiitii?n. .| m thr circular. The ptaliiaoti tb<* ?atl? were fnnw service, aial those on the ??or?l from ru-t. 11m alleged impairumit ol the bown aroae tr >.? tl i actios of tl.e a'nuw-j l ere and rb<? water n? :? th?? har?i i-ine plank?ng. Mr. Winche???i a - tribute- the diaa|'|>e>vraoc<'of Ca|>t. Itngga. hit viile, child and ere* to ili? grioiiidiii.' M ?'"? veMstl, abta, fcariai to oe lo?t, he aUwuuul hir. Pkath ?<r mi t'otkikM Gi uctoi ?A single line in the foreign dispatches In ye?U*e. ?iay> Star, d;?t?-d Rome. March S. co'i\ev--I intV'llig* ikv ol the close of a note.1 life, tl at ot' the t oaiitess tiulocivli, ?liose rrlartaas to l/irl i:>ron mote than fifty yearn ag<>, when h<- lie? t in Italy, were of aa lutiiaatc cTiaraeter. 'VI it her father and brotln-r, the Count.*- (Itn't, were expelh il from Kavennafor i?olitical r? \ l.ord Pyron took the w hole family ua '? r lux iroUctlou and ieim<v<<t to Piaa. whiilo-r t! % count* *s followed hiiu. Win u Mr-. >?;??? ? ycaadal wa*palllahed in ! ? <. in r.-gard tot!"* (?win* ol Pjmwi's separal! n from hTs w , tin Count* sa tiaicc'ioh came out with a work 11 ra lutation. A W<?* Arm I'fti r:???rr! -Mr \l'i"., \<i H. Winans. a custom-Itoase oMoer, w^iile rwtii'g in a liioadwav -tage in?t even nr. sat l^ijr a well-dreaacd lad v. who request d him t< > liant her fare to the driver. He c?a|4i?d and rc fumeil hi? *eat. Sm1d*.nlv li? Ml a han-! in h?? pocket. He ?i!f<i il. I* was his lady co-ri ?nr^TiMTrrTkirii vni py p" vTTT^ ?r* ??? erty. It l? unai bwat to a<ld. il w*? " I rai-ii?n trlek of trareli i* in stage# with la!?J Lai.ila ui tlie lap.?A*. T. S ?%. AWA. Ari.t ?Ttk hkli.'- M Ataiim. ?Tb ? H >n Augusta- 8< I eil, i<resi?leni ot the Mantiattaia Ciui , was mxrrud ou '1 ut-Mlay to Mia* tuut M T o*, daughter of thslatoMr.Georgi B Fee* at tbi r> ?? i .!?!..? brlilc's moth? r in WatC* che^er countv. aecor<!ing to the e>erem"nles o ' the S. ciet? ol Friends 1 he record wa? re * I l<v the Hon. Horace F. Clark. Coniui*?1or? Vaaderbilt ami wite were tke drat to eongeaft u - late Mr. Scht.ll and lu? lm.b . Then t<?. 1 I joilgen of the court of appeals an t o: I tfcar courts, eminent law vers, and many others.? A. ? . ^ww.,. FASf-mi; ?i t Pl w*i? ori m ?".Ef?Rii a.? Webster count*, f?a., has Urn pro-viiu I -ni|? lately, and will vindicate the awful a ije-ty of tlie law during the next and early part of tlm following month ot Hay as follows:?!:. F. Sj.ann. the wife murderer, aud Mr- i 1 is alleged accom|diee ami t'aramoar, am. I,?* ^mith. a negro murderer. S|>ana will li- annf on the 1 it ti of A(>ril, l<se on Uie ^r>tii and Mr*. Lhcrhait an the i?i of M ay. Methodism va. SriRit calism.?Ttis v?ti r able.lolii, Cage.of Vineland, New Jtraey.a spiritualist, to. k his daily ex>-rci*e of chof p.u? *(?"' on Sui?l:.y morning as well as any ot' .. which so sli cki'd Iter. S. F.Chubback, a ven erable of the MetlMxli?t peraaaalaa. tliat tha latter, in virtuous indignation, had the Loary hcaded sinner attested on Sunday fi?r i>r *akin^ IhtMMatt. All M- ?ho.i!.m sn'd SpiritualiaM in Vim-land are now by the eara. AXi'TRKK Govmol WITT P M K-??Awr.? t.m. m or l^esiie. ot Kentucky, lollowint lit-n cral I>ix, ha# ib*eline<l to repriawa Thoan Si: tli. i on\ ict? <1 of the m irder of Joaaph Br.? den nearly twa years act. and aentenced to 1>4 hanged. Strung ai j?eals wer?- made far "Wii tive clemency. (>overaor Ueslic In Ms of tkiMt Kvemora who think aome ooaMdcration la ta I had ftor society. Tuk Si na>ti % < o*L ft th- eaal ?ales in New York W< .Ui. ?lav, tUx* ap|?ai< d to l?c most In req'-.est, but. as the oferiaai vrer? abi iMtant. prices arerat^d 15 cents ander tfia February ^notation*. < >u the atbor hand, alt the other ijualitics went olt at higher licarea. The average advance on lump waa 2*, oe?H (?erton; ste: mboa., 3\ cents, grate, IS cent-; chestnut, 22<, cents; tgg. 11 \ cents. T?:r DfOAtrr ('*??.litd^aa Sawyer an I H<frman,of the I'm ted Stat-a court ofs-rt Framiaco, admitted to bail In tlie sum of?r1*.A*a P. D Hojart. charged with defalcaiiiMi wb 'n a clerk in *b< navy, mid he*as?- was oeutinui -f ui tii m xt Tin a^'ay. I ogait oflen d bai: In ai y Mnount the court might acmaiMK The ?twlrii't ittornev demurr d to the an-wcr of the p'.sin'g loanee!. E*A>'C-PATii?i ia will reoeirod in P->r * Itico. all class?-s .ipr^aring to be a?tU ?itli the uttnation There w. re onlv s"m<- th>rf th< n-aml sla es on the ia and. so tliat tr -ein r Jiemwasa comp^rativaly small matter. B it ahen atolition in Coha, with iu tliree himdr. -I iml iiity thousand slaves, come* to be agitate 1 Spain has no such easr task. Tint Put-*ia* rui? for Iroutier fortificA ion- have caused much aensatioii at Moacow. The Moscow Ga -ette sara it is a<tonidwd, bo -aaae |>eace in the east is certa<nlv seen ml f,?r a ong time, and Prussia would obtaia between Posen and K rn gslierg a baaia of operatloag quallv favorable for oflenaive and defeu<iv? uriosca. Mao. limr.iB Pakih>m:d TbeL'.S. ?tr" hat of KIchaii'Bd district haa raceivod Ui? >resldeat,? war-ant of pardon for Georg* W. 1. Wilcox, coavicted by Oie U.S. circa -coart, n that city, of tuail roi ?**v al?out two \ear? igo, and bow in tb? AJba?y p*-nltendarf. Pfilco* waa aesunoed Is totf ? Vbbmct or MassLAroaraa John Xu-hda. bU,rC0 Whw XMt a white ^r( tamed Era tieiae, while engaged in a draaC? ?tawl with a party of raffian* of hU ova TSZr ialtimore cltr victod of t?5i<lL?r%^4rc!!Lrl,Wijr-Mu> uESZti; em^trTiVg M^aJt B ff 10,0m baU for bla -rrrara'nrf

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