Newspaper of Evening Star, March 28, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 28, 1873 Page 3
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AUCTION SALE rtTGU M VS. s?T B H. WARNER, R.-al Broker and Aiv-t1o?>-er, ' . JL>. 7519 Setenth street, 1*>tweea G aad U ?kPTEE s sale or k valuable r.\? Lll> ; IN rRISCB GEORGE'S COUNTY, ??., u* TBE WASHINGTON AND UPPER M ABT.I ORU TI R2i PLk E, NEAR FORREsT tille _ p,? virtne of a deed of trnai dated April SjlsKT, Kt ae.).Hily r*? r>)~1 in Lil?r F. 8. N-?. 4. F*di-? of th( r?(tii4iof Prince Qeonje"s <\nn'j ? M l" and virtue tf ? dwM of th < rj. p i ? nr' of the Di?trict cf Coinmh'ii, paa?*d jtarch 14. WJ. in E?i*i?*t canae N ?. ?, of I?e*i D. Y Vtn. 11 W ?ni,??Witntiiig th?- nii>t?r . i .?si trustee m pi***ot tbrmld Wm. U. Ward. I ?f|| .el at pnMIe ancti. ?_!>. to the hieh-tpt bidder, in fr t;t of the "City Hal!."i:? Ul? Citf of W.iahimj , - ,I> . .on WEI>NESI>AT. April 9th. 1<3 ? I . ? i.. a. ?. * - ? (ftiil pifCM or parr-! t <r.>nt : l) in* in Prince Sf irf'i County. Ml., v.fb* i f ki* *o and d-r rib?-d v Magrud-r Plain* V.!ar?? i."The L vela" *ni "Good Luck," and Adxenture," and"A?i<1it?>?r? toOflf'ltt a * ir rtnre," and ?l?n part of a tract of laad called . . (llai 'l.lfc* aaid pfces or parr-la of land coa hWm in al! SSI MM aud 2 lu of tu serf, raor- or l-ivt: th. ?mx iandi ?!iicb *n rw?ir'ii?flr :? ed in a r, rtain ciifunc' from Adam X>^-1 Itl -?f m T. William R W7f-r, which t*> recorjedia i i-r I* No. 2,VuUi> S0(, Ac , one of IV i ?n<f r>- rd ? Pti:<c- Go .rge'- C'"int\ . M !.. ?. I ,l?>? r?' * ' t ??f la?d vij .jnin* th1*'. ?? tr o-t .. -sl'The Le ? eia,"cont '-'iiiii? w haudr-d .?--r-s *1 mini mm* ? r k", ?ml to in* the nam* whi-'h W aehinc ?-n 1 B-al! an-! hi-vife convexdto the wi V. nlinni K.>sxer l>y a ierfain d- ^1 of mnr-y <i? r.brwici' il itn -n the IKh (>f D-c.-mber, lvH, i<icUwr ?ii>i th* mipr tli *T'?i.ceosiflt s of a C .1 t* I ;:ig I'lru, atabie, ao<l ; 11,-r oal-tx>>i-**'. Tvrm-: 4i.?? ra^h m?1 'h^bilancfi in 1.2. an t 3 jf r* with iatvf^al. ^ 1^'tl(*p ?it .?ii ac^eu' m' t* ??f .1. If !? rrii- ? t ??l* ar?- uut c ?inpli?J ? itn withia TsvatS' ! ??aft?Tth>- s<l? :li ? pr>p-r*> ti> b - re*4-l ? tlwi- * a?i*iri.<t f t <1 fauUiug par'.bast*r. ^'carr) xnz.aji h! pnrcba?? on'. JOSEPH D.VXIELS. Trast??. _w? B. II '.KNItlt. Au. t i,? r. |>I B 11. WARNER, ? ' R tl E?"?t? Br ?k?r an-1 A?<fioaeer, No. 7'iy 7:b itrr I, between G aiui 11. 1KI'STt t s t \I E 1>FTHRKR TWO STORY I'HA.MI: I>V EILINC9, AND A FRaMK fLAI <,HT>R HOl>t ON O fTREfT. BK T?KEN THIRIt AMI r-?lRTU trREKTS KOETUl iM. AT All TIO?. Bl Tinn- of a cje?-.1 of iru?t to i?#?, .lat-d Oct'> fcSl*r %i, WTl. an !iltiIj r.crdr-i iu lib- r o&J, f lio ?^*4:"', i'Ih" ? : rh?* lar.. r?-ror<1< of Wvhin-^ton > ?nty, I? f., I'xlby rtir^lin of tb- party thereby i^nT-Hf, I m i: pnfilj/- an<*t;on. In front of rh? rr - to It,. ?.i*hr-! I. i r, on THl"RM?AT. ir 1 W ?' 4S o'clock p. m., ail <>f Lot* nnru t*rwl 8- >? If. H. 13. II ?ii.l IS. in tqnare nmntieri>d Vwhinfl u . D. C'.. t-'8"'h??r wi-h f id:pr, v. tb?-r<--n Thia pr >p<. rty i* ? IJ to a rr*?T . f *rn?t >1a;>-d Ocf Iv-r ?. lfTl -i 1 r-^-i r.lnl ?irt. t-r 10. IST1, to amir *?.(?ii. |. .v *11* in ?<? > ? ar, * ith t?-n p-r ceut. interest. r? ml-?iir.??an> . Th>? tfru.- .=f ?a!?- f r IV" am ii?>t rialii?4 aborr ?awl inci!Mt>rar>r> ar.-m f..; w?:?a-id th> <?( r- iiw* ?.J in caub: balance in . uh >? ^r w;th in t'f??t. If t^rr-? nf-al<" ar?-not cpiplu-d * iih with * fr^ laTa afi~r the !rrt?f^-r sfri-?a tti" rialit to r<-? II ih?? |ir< pvrtj ?? iIk- ri*k and c >; of th" d> f ^ltfnc fnrrliMfr .*1'? >I?*p- >??it on acceptance >1 i id. C'UT?yarcing at pnr. ha?^-'-' c?t. j. c. Eastwood. Trate*. ? B. n W \R!tKR. A nets, UY LATIMER M CLEARY. It .i! E-:;i'p Br k. rs anj Auctioneers* .- uthwtst cora* r P?-r?n^* |v?niH a<~enat' and Utb at., Star Ofli' <> Bnildiuj. t HANt'ERT HAL* P . < f a d? ? r<^ ot tb* Snpr?n? Cuarf if the |."trni ? f 0 l'imbia,mMr in the cau?- of Oi-.-rijo W . Btifi.-B ai d al >? th? W"a?hin*ton. Alexandria Mi d li* . ??itia ii ?.t ( .mp iiv, Jjo I'.VW, ? i.danil ll:irch It. 1-7.1. I will 'jfl.r f 'r aal^ at aur I1 li. on MoNDAT, tlv-31-4 da> of M?:cli, In".int. ai A vVI,? k p. m., <>a tbo prr-fniaos, all that p??1 of i- uarr a> utli ??f *-|iutr. tw.> bu:i lr?! an>l tlftj-anni - ~XI> ii t wemt i-f a li'n?- drawn acr ? nd ?-inar t mib- ?i.Tof -i\ty-two fan>! flfty-?-is?ht hnn i - <trba. nieamir-d eartwanlly on lh? aortli lln?? of tbr i^atr-. fr?m tbr imrfkwi-t enrirr th -rr >f, to a j? int on the ???nth line ?'?f tlie ~inar- di-tant thirt?- n I-rt ami -!xt> four hiin<lr -?i'h? from th-* -?..nthw --it rner o< the <mw. ennJai .in* about 1'>!2\ ?-in ?re A flat will V? exhil ? ? t|..- ? i|e. Th ? rut a<.l.l i? a 1.>111! t'-rtn of year?.aii<l th? -tperi-ti >alne ?if the t,r pertv c ?i.--? in the wharf and v-harflnc pi !*il>-*--? attached t*> it. Terrr.-i-a.?b. The terum of sale nv:*t Ik> complinl ? 'tb within -.lie week af:?-r -ah-, in ?! fault wb r-of i?-e proprrtv may t. ai the ri?k ;md r.,?. ,f ijj tr^t purc'uiser. t'. iiTeyan'-ing if th-- p'ir' h ?-< r's c'Ti. . WALTERS OOX. Traste... nJi-wACs LATIMKR X CLE \KY. A act. |?T LATIMER A CLEART, IP An>-tioiieer? and K U E-tate Br .kfr?, ^ utbwtrt corner Pei-nnyrivania tvenne aal 11th Bt., Star Office Building. \ \LS t'T PARLOR SPITE IV CRIMSON ftEp, II PIEOE>; THRKK UVLNl'T PARLOR M ITES IN i.Bi.KS REI*>, WALNTT MAR KLE TI.P ANhOTHKR T VllLES BRCsski.S, THKEK PI Y AND OTIIKtt CARPKTS, VKL ^ ET AND BKI ssri.* Ki t;": ^rpRKMh o|L 4'LOTH; W ALN1 T HAT it\< K; OAK M\R HIE Top SIDEBOARD: ??ak ?' ANE SEAT MNINO fllAlKS, W ALN IT EXTENSION r IN INC. TABLE; LARUE RK riUOKR AToR. NEARLY NEW WaLNTT^OFA BEDSTEAD TIIRKK W ALNf'T M\RHLE TOP CHAMBER m iti.>, oak marble top chamber SI'ITK PAINTED lOTT A<;E SETS: AA" ALNI'T AND PAINTED W" A Rl? ROBES, MATTRESSES, BOLSTEliS AND PILLOWS; BLANKETS AND CoMFoRT>, BEI>STKA t?S. HI RK AI'S AND AV ASHs TANPS, TUILKT SETS: WINDOW SHADES; stair carpets And rods IHINA. GLASS AND PLATED WARE, Ac.I AC., AT AUCTION. * a .On TIFSDAY MORNING. April l?t, at KI J? >"clock, we will *ell,af No. 13.29 F K^|h^twe?n l.trh and 14th *treet.?, tb>- abore ww I ruuied tofferber with many others un ? B?pe?.-?ary to mention. T?rm?..u.b. LATIMER A CLEARY. Cife-dtg f R put | Auctioneer*. t?Y I# N< ANSON. DOWLING A CO., An cm., * 9oatbea?t toiaerof |>k -ni l D streets northweet. tbi stef. s sale ofTalc able property ON 6th SolTHW EST, on THE ISLAND. IBy *irtne >.f a d--.-<l of trust, dat.-d '?n th ? h d?? of Jul, | a D. K.?, and recordi\l in Lil- r O). foli ? 21. A- ., of tin- laud records f ?r W aehimet n coan'y. D- and by direction of the yartjr aecim-,1 thereby, I ?ill-n>ll at public auction, in fr?-?,t of the premie**, at A oVloek p.m.,on MON I'AY.tii- 7tb dav < f April, A. D ls't. all of L-?t? Mimb^rwl ' nr(4) and fve(5>in the r-corded ?nb diviaiou <<f Si'iar, nntah- red tour hundred and six tj flte.(#>5, with all the iniprOTenieut-.thereoii. Tern.- ef -?ate: One-half in c ?eh, of which iJVJO n-u-t l-e P?i-i at Mle,tlM deferred pavnienta to be i> ade in ?ii and tw.-|*e ti o:ith->. with in'-reat at tei? p- r cent p- r annum fr >tu day of pal -?ternr- to be fullr ronipMid with within ?i\ da-? after sale, oth erwtoe the Tr-i-'tee r.?rr s tb?' il/lit to r -sell at the riak and c st of fir?t pnrrhas< ?. All f'UTeyancinit at pnrrha-* r'? e. ?? AA M >1. W A KI>. Tru?tee n?-e.?Aderi NCAXSON- DC't* LING A C0..A;icts. T DI NCANSOS. DOWI 1NG A Co., An-^T. S> u tii ast curut-r Ninth aiiJ DaUeeU uortbweet. AI CTT^N SALE. 9 By Tirtne of a deed of trnst. hearing date August Ju. Ijw,, aixl recor I--J in L iwr T i i K, No. 4. folio 141, Ac., of fhe laud rec >nl? for W aehincton county, Diatric of Colinal.ia. I will sell on WEl>NESDAT, April at, J<73,at ? o'clock p. m.. in front of the pr?tnifle*, at p iblic aoctioa.tothe I Kbeet bi4der. Lot No 2. in Bl<?k N >. <, and L??? 5 and *. in Block No IS. on property known tu ? Meridian llill,'' Waehiret n conntv, D C. Term* of -.tie One-third ? anh; tmlaace id o and IJ ?"ontbe, w?th int-r~>t, ? >>,- deed of (rue on the property. If the term- of sale are not complied v? :th in fi?e days after sale the propertr will 1*? r? ? Id at the coat of tie defaulting pi.r.haser. A!l con \e) aiicing at the coat of the pi*rcnv??r. ?. L. H.STRVENg.Trwrtee. R 21-eeJtd-DrNCANSt?N, DoW LINO A CO. Ancta. 5> LATIMER A CLE ART. ?* Aucti .iteers ami R -al Estate Broker", i utUeaa* cvrner P.-nn<Tl*ania aveua?- and 11th St., Star OBice Bail ling. ASSIGNEES' SALE OF UR'K'ERIEd AND FIX TURES IN SToRE CORN EH OF Urn AND H STREETS NORTHWEST Oa MONDAY MORNING, April Tth. 1ST3. eoHMariif at 1' o'clo.-k. we ?hAll * II. on preiniaes Ue-crib^J ab .\e, rhel>l "i win* c 1j>: Brarid'e-*. Wtn-n. Ale*, Ac., T-- ( '**? ?*?. Spu -, P .lea, P-pp? r?. Oil*. ba-ket?. Buckets. t'lotn-si-Mnes, B irrela Mackerel and U'-rrin<, Great nmiib-r of empty Birr.-ls and C unt?r and Platform Scales, C -niit< r? and Shetviiw. T. ^.-iher with naiuerous other article unaeces -ary to met,tion THOS RCSSELL, 1 . . S\M LT LEW IS.( AMtfneeP. " y * LATIMER A CLEART, \ncta. * Dl'NCANSoN, Do* LING ? CO., Aucts., C rncr >l> and D atrxeta njrtbweat. 15 B XEISTEE SSALE OF VALTABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY. Br Tirf<t? o* a <t?e?l of triK, date.! on rhe 15th day ??t N.'>enl"T,A. D. fcffl.awl laiy reconl-d HM.11, L ! -r N >. tii- fyli U. etc , of th- Land Re c ?!- for Wa?hiu?tou cunty. D C. andbr the writ t'-n reanee .f the narty ?-c ir-d ther-by, I will sell at public an.-ti ' f th- pr mises,on TI ES l'A Y. th - l-t Uy of April. A. D. tffSk at i o*cl.? k r m . all of L"t B, in U *'rife W. Linrille'* ?ub !ii iaioa ?f oricinal b>t taeidv tbrae square ?"<en hundred and twenty-Are (725 . iu 'he city of W a?bii:i|t<>D. with all the imar >*emeut-< there-. 11. T. ru,? .f eale: ? I 'W cash: Kalaoce in 6,12 and IS mi-ulh*. with ten pt-rcent interest. C. El< * IX G RIGGS. T' nf ee. miU DrMCAMSQlTDOWUMQ * CO., Ancta. rnHI8ISTOGIY* NOTICE. That the subscriber 1 ba? obtained from the Supreaae Court of the Dis trict of Colr-mbia, botdinc a Special Term, lettera t.ataoien aiy on the p?nnnai ??t-te of MART M lLEr-.lar of Waabn-gt.-a c< unty, p. C.,decea?o<l. Ail tniuM tuviiit claiaia ?jp**"Tt the tail dtcnra are bereb, warrieu to exhibit the aanie. witn m* ?w??r vvuwuf. ?? *??*? iMune, wan IM T.-ucher* ttenr>l, to the subscriber, en or h*foi? ike Mb dM ot March kmi- they may otherwise br law be tundM froai all benettt at the aaid Mtaw ? I Ul iil,ii 1 a ?u ipnniii ui earate Ui?*n urifermT hand, this luth day of March. WJ. nOl tJi- /aMEAH MONTGOMERY. ExT.l LSIlED STATES PATENT OFFICE. WuilMtnt. P. C.. Ma'.'h I-it 11. m. On the petition of SAMUEL F. GOLD, of Encle wo>d, N. J.. pra;inc for ihecsteadoa m a patent granted to hta - a the flat da* of June. 1459, aul re inane.) m the Ah da* of Febm ?r>, WJ, f??r an (mpi u? mi at la Apparatus for Beatlaj BnDdtnfs I, Steam. It iaor^ersd that the testimony to tb- rae be closed on tbefWb *'a* t May nest. M the time for Alief arauaieDta and the Eiamin-r'a ruin be limited to the 30th day of Ma* next, and that said psOUoa b? beard <ti the 4ta day of June next tzjsr "i rTJSSattz.**-. 'I^his is to give notice, Th? theSM ?l baa obtained from the SupreneCoart of tbe Dis trict of Columbia, h' ldinn a Special Term, letters "f adasiiii-trati.?a on tb* personal natats ot DAVID B PAEKEE. late if Wssbtn?t>a canty, D. 0-,<f erase.) A i p* - ii. haiiM claims acanaat tbe saM deciaaed art hereby warned to ethlbttfts Maw, with the 100c hers thereof, to the subscriber, oa ar Mot* the Utb daiuf March next* the* may otherwise by law be ejr)a?1ed Tr m all be,,, (ft of the said Mtate. Gtreo under *? y Hard, this 12th day of March. Hrt. mlAfJI* SIDNEY W. HERBERT, Adanaiatrator AUCTION SALES. ItTl K K D\\>. DI GREEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, ft) Ho. lOOl, comer kxb and D rta. OKI FINE ROSEWOOD CASS PIANO, (Gelir aMt, Smith # Co. mak?rs, *ew York,) STOOL AND COVER; MAGNIFICENT PABLO* SUITE. UPHOLSTERED IN VELVET, AND PARLOR SUITE UPHOLSTERED IN GREEN KFP, WALNUT MARBLE-TOP i'HAHRKH FURNITURE; GBEEN, REP AND FLUSH EAST CHAIRS: TWO HANDSOME GILT FRAME CHAIES,TWO HANDSOME PARLOR ORNAMENTS; ONE FINE TWENTY FOUR DAY ( LO< K: FANCY WORKRTANDS AND c\RD RECEIVERS: ELEGANT WALNUT MARBLE TOP TABLE; WALNUT IAULI T<?p SIDEBOARD; WALNUT HAT RACK; BLACK WALNUT EXTENSION TABLE; HAIRCLOTH SoFAS AND ROCKERS: WAL NUT M \RI>RoBES: LACE CURTAINS AND CORNICE, SPRINGS; P AIi!TEO.COTT AGE FURNITURE; WALNUT MARBLE TOP WASHSTANDS; WALNUT CANESEAT ? IIA IBS AND ROCKERS; P AINTED BED STEADS; BUREAUS, WASHSTANDS AND T\BLBS WINPOW SHALES; BRUSSELS. "TAIR AND HALL CARPETS; ONE BODY BBl SSELS PARLOR CARPET,(n-?rty a?w:> BRUSSELS AND INGRAIN CARPETS, MAT TING: VELVET RUGS, DRUGGETS; HAIR, II I.a AND COTTON VOP MATTRESS J. ^ FEATHER PILLOWS AND BOMTERS, BT ANKET<?;COMFORTS;SPREADS;SHEETS AND PILLOW < \SES, < HINA, GLASS ANO ? KOCRERY W\RE. BEDBooM HEVTING bTOVES: KITCHEN BKuUI&ITES. Ac., *r. Ob Monday mornikg, March si, on mewing IO o'clock, at the residence f t'ol. Chas. M. Alexander, northwe?tc .r nerof Massachusetts av?t?e and 9rn streets n >rth west. we -halt sell the above described collection of F?truitnr'*. Ac. Tjmscash. cBEEN A WILLIAMS. A-icts. BY B a. WARNER, Rfal K- *f? Broker atri Auctioneer, T'.'S Seventh w?, belweeu G sad II. cnANcrnr sale of valuable re\l PKOrt KTY ON 4* STREET, NEAR rKNN SYLYAMA AVENUE. yf?i Bi virtne of a decre?- of th" Stprenj" O nrt of fg the District of Co|r,mt>ia, passed in equity cans' ??-No.2.319,doc.ll?McGnireet al.vs. Barry et al.? tlie urrUr^igin-d Triwt*^. appjiutt-d l>v s.ii j court, v ili s. il . - MONDAY, March 31, la73, at 4 ovj.tck p. hi.,in front of the premises, p trt of Lot No. 21, in Square N 491, in the city of Washington, 1). C.. fi ? ' tii.B i* f<?t ati<l 3 inches on4'2 street northwest, andb .iiml.,I and ili srrikil w followsBeginning f. r the same on the east line of said lot on Four-atil a>alf street nt a point t?-enty-three <23) feet ami throe <3) Inch*-* south '.f the n?rth -astern corner of saiu 1 >t, and rnnnini thence north twenty-three (Zi) f-et ai d three(3)itirh',i?. thenr?'w<t along the north line of said lot oue hundred and live(105> feet, thence south along the went line of said lot twelve (12) fe,-t, thence in a southeasterly direction along the lln>- of a pri\ate all. ) five (6) feet, thence in a southeasterly direction thirty-six 136) f.-et and three (3> inches to a point distant seventeen (17) feet and fotir(4) Inch'tS duo s< nth of th?- i>< rth line of mid lot, thence south aril'v fhirt, <3U>foet and five<5) inches to th? <lit i?ion well of the two brick houses standing on said I t, and th-tic<* east thr-n^h the center of ?aid d?i inion wall thirty-six (36) feet to the place of l?e c'nnine. u ith the iinpro?emenle thereon,c ?n?i?t!ii<{ f a tine three-story brick house aud back build inC" Thie property adjoin* the C duinhia BniMin?, on 4;, >? tract, * few d or< north of Pt-un<vIvaniaavenue. i-i.l iaat pre?cnt occupied by th? H >w!aud Dental A- - -ciation. The teniM of sale, a* prescribe,! l.y th? d''Crt>e. aro ;?On--third of i ne pnrrhine money inc??!i,and the residue in ?ix a- d twelve months, with interest fron> the dav < f ?.-?le,to be necnr'd to tli? satiifiM* tio?? of tlie Trustee, who will exe? nte a dee<l to the pnrrha.s?- for sani prop-rt< upon tall payment of the i nrrhane money and lh<- final ratine ui u of th? sale t \ ttieconrt. A doposit of eJuiwillbe required at tlx'tin ??f pnrciiK-^; and if the t<-rni* >f sale are n- t i on.piied Willi within live day* from the day of aale, ? e Trn?te< i -. \ - (! ? ? rlifht to resell on fi v.- da> ?' i Ic notice, al tli - rHk and eoat of the 4efaaltii>g inr. l awr M. ASUFORP. Trustee. nilS-d B. fl. WARN Kit. \nct. BY LATIMER A CLEAET, Ai. tioiieers and B ?l E-tate Brokers, S 'Ulh*e?t Corr:'r Pmisyl\ania atenue aud 11th ?t., Star Ollico Buildings. i-HANCERY SALE OK V AI.U \ HLE BUILDING L 'TS. .also, valuable improved prop I HTY KRoNTIN?? ON I AND K, BKTWTEN K'l R <M> A HALF AND SIXTH STREETS SOUTH \S ESI gt^.: B> virtue of a decree of the Supreme C urt of ?!:: the I?i-iri< ? of t In'.Ida, > i in Cb-<ne'-ry ? auf- No.2772, t.|. 1' 11. I will, on MON 1>AY, th? 31?t day ot M^rcli, 1S73, on tn<- premises, h ? o^ l.<k p. n.,.>Ter for ?alo at public auction Lots 7,8,?? unil 21, in square t.>9, in ;u:s city. Lots 7 and 8 have hcvu eulniivided into five lot*, each having a front of twenty fert on south K stre*-t, 1 -t? .en Four-?nd-a- half and S'*th streets, and rnn liibK hack ?ith that width one hundred andtwofeet six inches to a tbirtj -foot alley, and are all unim pr..v< d. Lots 20 and 21 have been snb livid?-l into four 1 >ts thte<-1 f th<-ni havii.g a front of tw"nt> feet on south I street, b -tw>-en and 6:h streets, a;: i runnips; back wirb that width one hundred and two fe-t and six inches to a thirty-foot alley, and are un improved. The remaining lot has a front of forty feet on south I street, brtween th-? same two streets, and runs t ack with that width one hundred ai.d two feet six Inches to the ?a m?- alley, atd i.rro.eU byatwo story frame house, with hack-but Ming. T tms: Onn third of thi- purchase mvney In ca?h, snd the residue In three e jiial instalments, at, re sist lively, ?ix, twelve and eighteen months from da) tf sale, w ith interest at ten per centum p?r ati liuni, secured by the purchaser's note and ifeed of trust; or tin* whole in cash, at the purchaser's op ?i*n. A d >ed givi n on the flnal ratification of sal?. Convsyaticing at purcliAsor scoat. A deposit of on each lot on day of sal-. REGINALD FENDALL.Tmstee. ni?-d A is LATIMER A CI.EAHY. Anns. I > Y LATIMER A CLEARY, Aiicti'-oeerxanu Real Estate Brokers, SoUtU^csi corner Pennsylvania avenue and Utb?t? til hi Office BoUdiug. GOVERNMENT SALE. Pursuant the Pursuant to the act of ?Joni(ress providing fjr ? extent ion of tb< Capitol grounds, approval ? May 8, W72, the property . lobrar-l in square No.6S7, in the city of Washington, has beeu pur cii.trxl by the United Si*te?, and notice is hereby givi i. that wtl< ?, at public auction, will be made of tli*- improvem^uts on said property, excepting such improvements as luay W fouixl necessary for the ('Wblic works of this District, conmi-uciugoM April lOrli next, nnd e<?tinuing daily thereafter umil the same shall have be<-u sold. Said improvements will 1* sold in their pr.-sciit condition, with the stipula tion that. In ever* case, they shall be removed !>y the parrhaae^at his .?n exp?>ne<', wi*hin thirty .lava after the date of salt-. A more details! description of the property to be sold will be published on th<? 1st proximo. T. rwM of sale; Ten per cent, of the purchase mon"f will be required at the time of the ?ale. The remain der to be pw:d within ten days after such <;4>-. C. DELANO, Secretary of th.* Iuti'rior. n.l3-!2t LATIMER ? CLEARY, Aucts. (R^DUhlican and Chronicle. Ill | BY GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Anctl m<*ers, No. 1001, Northwest corner 10th and D streets. TRUSTEES SALE OF VALUABLE WIMRK PROPERTY NEAR THE FOOT OF SEVENTH stEeet. By virtue of ade^dof trust, date.1 N -vember 27, Ml, net riled in Liber611,folio 440 et seq^of th-; land records of the District of Columtia, and by order of the partr secured ther-by, I will s?ll at fill.lie auction, in front of the pr. tuises,on WED NESDAY, the 81 day of April, W3. at 4 o'clock in tlo- afternoon, all the riifhr, title, interest and estate of Samuel p. Brown and Harriet E Brown, his wife, of, in and to all that certain piece or parcel of ground sitaate and lyiti^ in the city of Washington, in said District, and being known and described as s<iuare west of stjuare niuuhered four hundred and seventy one, (s-inare we?t of *|uar?471,) and all the wharves, wharf rights and privileges, wat?-r? and water rights and yrivib-gea app.*rtaiuing and belongitK to and h'-Id and enjoyed with the said square, together with the improvement* then-on. Term* of sale: One third cash, of which two hm drrd dollars must t>e paid <>a acceptance of bid; bal ance in aix and twelve months, to b*- s-'cured by ilwd of trust en the property s< id. Conveyancing at purchaaer's cost. If teruia of sale are not complied w ith within six davs itfter day of sale, the property wiU bereauld at the risk and Cost of the defaulting purchaser. NATH'L WILSON. Trustee. mU-eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. 1)1 DUKt'ANSoN. DOWLING A CO., Ancta. ft3 c irner Jth and D streets northwest. PALE OF IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON THE ISLAND, ON E STREET SOUTH, BETWEEN 3d AND 4th STREETS WEST. By virtue of a deed of trust duly recorded in Ej?liber E. C E., No. 24, 41i>. Ac., of the ~*land record* of th? District of Columbia, and at the request of the party secured thereby, the stib fcriber, m trustee, will sell at pu' lic motion, ts the highest bidder, on MONDAY, the 31st day of March. 1873. at i o'clock p. in., part of lots, la square 6Jo, in the city of Washington, D. 0., begin ning 16 feet from the southeast corner of said lot, and rann Ing thence west M feet, ami extending back ot that width north66 feet, with the improve ments and apparts-nauces to the same belonging. Terms: One-third cash, of which #**> shall be paid at the time of sale, balance iu notes at 6 and 12 months, with interest, and secured by deed of trust on the premise* sold, unless settlement be made within 6 da>? after sale, a re*aie will be h?l at the cost and risk <4 drtaui'iug purchaser. Sale sub ject to an incumbrance. the smount to ltd stated al the time and place of sale. Conve) auciug at coat of the purchaser. CHARLES M. MATTHEWS Trn?t~.. n KMo LUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO., Ancts. BY LATIMER A CLEAET Auctioneers and R>*al Estate Brokers, South*eat corii?r Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St., Star Oflce Buildings. tru^tew bale or a comfobtabl* BhICE RESIDENCE ON U STEET, NEAR 13th STEEET NOBTHWEST. By virtn? of ( deed t?> n?, dated May 3. A. D., l<ffl. iu-d recorded in litter 648, folio 113. ?1 by directioo of the party secured, we will ihlfc amnion, in front of the premises, os " *?'lnext,?| ? o'cl!*k f J', al public auction, in front < TUESDAY, the 16th day of Apri P. m , Lot Ho. V, in Charles /. White's subdivision of square No. 236, with improvements a?v? awt " nu inmi< i, which consist MW comfortable three-story and attic rsaidence, srw?uisur- ??? Js*ss??ars4? house Is A BAIL tWI XM YlMlMIAt AT AU0 4* Om MONDAY, ths SlrtiastMt, at 9 ?'dock Court Hons*, mi 13b milasfrom Yisana station, havtag 16SS acres, mere or isss. of good land, with a One apple and peach orchard; about A acres uader c nit i vat ion: w*U walsnd nearly all ikrasfh the nines; <6 acres in good timber; nsw darsUing ?, coniaiaiag $ rooms, ta good order, with other tidings, Ac. This farm artinl? Mrs. Ooa Place. Bold to the highest bidder, wtthoot reeerve. Terms: 0m half cash; balance ia C, 12. and U months, tor notes bearing interest aud secured deed of trust on the preMisr at the coafof the purchaser of sab GREEf . n.2>-d (Alex. Gaiettocopy) 'rest aud secored by a taold Ownvsyancing lav down ?n th? day m WILLIAMS, AUCTION SALES. Till* AFTER-NOON. VS. ft IiT Pr^AWSOM, DOWLINO A CO., Aucts.? * Southeast corner tth and D streets u orthwest. r*W$watK?*bBJ!JL improved REAL IS sttSoiawsT#?"1-?0*"- "?? By vlrtae of two de~ds of trust. dated the loth w?"l?r. A. D. 1*71, and the Mth February . JSli recorded in liber No! S3, folios 299. Ac., ?^"ber Ko. 661, folios 3?. ftc..of tit- land r?-c ,rds <?( ?ashtagtoa county. D. C.,?nduth? re>tneat ot ?!iLt"ZtJtn" nrBd.t , the undersigned, as tru. teas, will acIL at rutinauction, lo trout of the ?remises.? MONDAY,the S4th day of March A P. 1373, at 4 o'eliick #. m.. all that piece of gruuud in TrnnalVtnwn, in said county/Beginning at a bocnd st?ne on the east line of the Genrg.-town *n.t R * kvilie Turnpike road. it l^lne west ci.rnfr of JonwHwn Burner's lot, and ran nint thence with the line of Uuckmr's lot north ?*jrs::zr ?* ** t? *25 n .rth fldegrees *9 ?io feet,?>nth 74^ demee *'? **?d r.?ad,nnd th-nce a-nth 3 degree, ??? jy ? '0 f?et to ^MnVn, i,conaLrtinio^a frSE Te rms of Kale: Onethlrd sash, and baUnce in six and twelve nm the. Wot.-, of th* purchaser to l? i 1 j", 1>"r ?""f - lutt re* fr ri th? day of ,,V c, T?"?by * f"f n"? ?*? r?-"p?rry .VTK- I i pHl'1 *hen ,ho P^'MTtr fs *trn* k i ff. Th?- trusts* !>?? rve th#. ri*h!!<? r th<? nr..n r.Whe H"k *lMl c"rt pnrchw?* L '7rrTs?Cf:n't1,i^*uhm a"1 ir ?r f: ?,tir '? a> I* ??!vfrti?m-nt. All convey HnciLg iiul rtic^tiBg Jit pnrrhafter'* cost w ft. WOO|>WARD I ft P. ^!'?RSFTT; i Trunin, or- 'lrlN( AXSOK.DOWLIXO 4 < ?'??. *aw*n^,is Auctioneers. W THE ABOVE SALE IS P^MSTPONED. ON" a mount ?.f the ?eaih*r. umu FltlDAV, March V*. ici?>, limit- u Ui iH<?i plat*. W. B. WOODWARD. I? F. MuKSFLL. ( Tru?tc?*. J? 54 PI KffANSOH. DOW I.TNO * CO . Atr-f* TO-MORROW. BY LATIMKB A CLE.Yl.T, At-rti.-n# ,.r<. and It- ?! Rr^Vrr*, C' 'itliwi->t tunt r I"- , li a?i i v#-. all 1 11 ? h -1r6**t S'ar Ort1;?e Building. . ??FJPr?.ItRIOR PIABO FORTK FTXK \r VT> MTCHMIMK ri RMTt KK: M \ IIDU aNY ?J,?\P4,IflIB,M'il AM,,|iK Ft BNITl''KB: Sir f f B'V'K OfKTK ri BSITUKt HAIK M \T TK^fWi FSATIICK UKD, BOLSTKKS AND I'ILLO\\>; BKI SSELS A^il) THKKB-PLV VvnPfiTi,Ami'JL v' OS TWO S' PKRIOB SEW EXTENSION 1MNIYO A!,I> OTIIEB CliAIUS; <lI' ASSWAKE. cooking and IcI^tNai^ionM KITCHk* heqi isites, ?On /ATI ROAY NOBNINO, M irch HtfWin front of our auction noiim, at !,"* VlO ' Cl.?k:w? afcaUeoll ?? l?w and ,up rior rollectiou of Purnitnre. Temi-c.iih "?27 2t LATIMER Jt CLEARY, Auct?. I"?Y GREFN A V ILIilANS, AnrtinTiw, I ho. 1001, northweat corner 10th and D uta. 8ALE OF noi hEHOLn FUBNITLBK, C.VB _ ? FKTS. Jtc.. AT AUCTION. f?V ? "o Kl>AY, th? '29111 in*:ant, at 10 clo^k a. m., up rhall ?oll,at our atx tion rHl-i/-"' * *e "elected stuck of Furniture, TUrc<- R"p. and ITair-rlotli Parlor Suitf?, ITaiidaoine Black Wain at Chamber Suites. ?lfiut It lok-rase nnd Wri'ing Tald?s, k iilt'V' ar*i?. Ext?*!i?ii'?n Tal lin ami Diiiiu^ ('liuir?, It^-ppt'on ( l'*'r*i-Table? an.J Fancy Ornament*, . vent>-Ave Chroiuo* and Cottage S -It*, II irrain. S:air and ofh^r Carp"t?, Five pie.-** WhiteCln-ck Mjiting, Kitchen R?-<iui-kcs. ,Vc. V?"riii* each. GKEEN * WILLIAMS, An--tB. |1Y Dl'NC ANSON. DOWLINO A go., A net*, a ? Southeast corner #th and D streets northwest. TRCSTEE-SSAT^ OK A FINK LOT ON ('OR. M1S1 *0TI1 STREETS NORTU \ * l,rt"" r,f * "* trttnt, dated 121 of April, D. 1n1. r. o rded in Lil*?r N... ?ij t dio* li6, ?fc-Ac , oi.p of tli? Uird rec rda of Wa*hin?toa "i"1 * ,hP r ?!"'->1 of the party se 5i' a? trmtce*. will, on ? , V ? '-"'r3'1' "lay of M ?rch luxi, li"3, at A I clock P. in., Sell at public auction, in front oftho f1' ?mil"", Lot numbered tw<dv-,(12,?i?? S in#r? nn n 1 r mnetjr inn?-, (W. Uti the city of Washinsrton. D C.. accordn.g to J din Austin a anblivisjon of M lare, recordoj in sniiiivi-ion book N. K d* '? in the ?.irv?-> i>r'* >>ni<r? of *,iid city. " Terms of Sale: One-thini in cash, and the balance Iii b anu 12 months; notes ?f th? purclim- r tibo 1' en, boaring lli per cent, interest from thert iyot s . e. and "eenred t.j a d-of trust o(, tlt? pr .p rtv d. ?.'0 to be paid when the pr .perty i* *tru^k otf I| the term* offtale are not c implied with in tivedavs af:er the aele the tni-teea r -*.Tverh" riuht to re* j|. et the ri"k ot the defaulting pnrclia* r. Coavey aucing and r- corrt.n? at pnrcha<>?r'* c >*t WM. R WWiDWARDJ T B. F. MORSELL J Tru?te<>*. , . DI NCANSON, DOWLINO A C I., lel.27-Jau3arAds Auctioneers. W^THK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED ON* ii count *T the weather until SATL'RHVY, UOtli Jl.irch, 1S73,same nour ami place. W. R. WOODWARD.( T B F. M0B8KLL. { Trn-to*. NSON. DOWLiNO * Co.. Yuci*. io28 DUNrAN BY B. H. WARNER, " ? Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, no. 78? 7th street, between O and 11 streets. T5V ?7 A NEW TWO STORY FKONT RE8IDENCK^ON* E AjW* SIDE'of i^TSlV8V-A?EAT^?oNH.8 "'D T ??' fSlJSUir^Sr. ?deed of trust to me, dated Feb J '? a"<' duly recorded in Lib'-r No ?~*73i ft *'" one of the Land Records of Wich ington, D. C. I will sell, at public auction, in front hl|ithest bidder, on SATL'R DAY, March a?, 1873, at 4 o'cl ck p. m , the fd -described real estate, gitnato in tho city of Washington, D'strjrtof Columbia, to wit: Lot num iJp' j w r,<J ? recorded subdivision of lot* marked and lettered "D, B, F, O, H.I, K, and L " In Fi*hers record-*! subdiriaion of wriginal lot's, iinmbered U, 13 and 14, in s-jnare tW,fronting IS Teet <n llth street, together with the impr.fements thereon,coiiHtaiiiig of a desirable new two-story au.i niaii<ard-root Brick Dwelling-honse, Tetms- ?1.7tk, in caali; balance in one and two years, deferred payments tn be secured by a deed ot tyst on the Property #1U> deposit on a-cept.iuce of_ h d. If terms of sale are not complied with w Ubiii sev en days after sale, the property will he re ?< ld at the rivk and cost of tli<? defauWng purchaser Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. CALEB C. WILLARD, Trustee. mlS eeAds B U. WABNEB. Auction r. |>Y LATIMKR A CLBAKT, ~ * ?* Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers >i-utbwtst coruer Pennsyhatpa avenue and 11th st Star OCttce Buiidiug. "* TRUSTEE'S SALE OfT VALUABLE BUILD n v:-l>,G,LOT ON CAPITOL HILL. 'i.i Vl'tn,'<,f a^eedof trust, te aring date ?n the fT'A D. WJ, and inly rec .rd d in liber Ho. 633, folio 83, one Iif the land records of the coun ?y of V> ashington, Di-trict "t C "lumbia, and by di SATrVnAT ^"juT'T1 th. rel.y, I shsll s.11 AY.theBOth day of M.irr.h, 1^73, at i o ?lock. p in , In front (it the premises, B street !,"7i ;.W 31 streets ea?t, lots innrk.-d and lettered A. in Crnti hett's record-d suWirision of square No. 738. baring a front of 24 feet ou E street north l>y a depth of loo feet Terms of s?ie: 4200 at the time of purchase and the residue in six months, to be secured by the note *i ld ?>u iaM,r 11 ud a deed of trmt on the premises If terms of sale are not complied within fire days or sale, the tru-tee reserves the right to re-ell said property at tlio risk and coat of the defaulting pur chaser. LoiU'-yaiioiuK at purchaser's cost. H. NELSON CHAPWAN. Trustee. ? LATIMER * OLBAUY, Aucts. THUS. E. WAOOAMAN, Anctio,,.-er Leal Estate Auctioneer, iia TtUslleet. BY AND TENTH STREETS NORTHWEST. uf/ decree <4 the Supreme Court of By the District of Columbia, passed in chancery "T^auie 2^131,dock. 11, wherein Philip and others are complainants, ami Hill and others ilefeii ,V,h"v SATURDAY, the 6th day of J ti clock p. 111 , . fr. r for sale, at pub lic Miction, on th; premises, the following real es tate, which was of tne estate Of General Jno P Van h-se, deceased, vi/: The Mmsoleuin Lot, as' the same is laid do* n in Joshua Fisher's subdivision of r> .tiare iiun.ben il th.-ee and seventy-live, (375,) in the city of W ashington, in the aforesaid District cioitainin^ about t?.UXJ s.|iiare feet of ground This kit is iu them<jst central part of the city, and offers a c lianccse Idonimet with of securing so Ur= s a lot in such a desirable location. Tama of Bale: One tv-urth of the psrehase mmey ? . ,,P*,d in ca?h, and the residue iu three e?iual 11 "tallnirnts, at twelve, eighteen and twenty-foiir months, respectively, with interest, to be secured t'.v approve,! notes and a reserved lieu on the prop-r ? >, or all in cash, st the purchas- r's option. Deed given cm final ratification of sale Stamps and ticietrT0! g If r,Vrr!:H"'r'g 5"rti down at the w ?h -i.Si"- ?lf 'errn* ?f ?'ale be not complied with within fiveiStdays troia the day of sate, the n !'l1ce'>?tr<Thr>M< L"' ri.*1,t ,orw?'? after five .fays' chaser. CHArTeSw"vaM SK-Z*^* P,"r" ml7 eoAds THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, Am tT' | W. L. WALL ft CO.,Auctioneers. l|*CB1 AtSi'lAtg at k 1iu? dJS'''?boardinghohsb ioSTHWIs'f. """""-VANli iviNu": tjiM'SEAi'Ci S'Sra Z'dJ&i of Colun.bia, and to me directi-d/l will ?ell at mih ic sale, for cash, at No. 310 Piii^VanTa .ran^ M tt* tt streets northwest, an TCES UAT, the 8itb day of March, 1S73, comment in* at 10 o'clock n. m? the following furniture in part to wit, Ti?.-Bedsurta, Mattr^ses, FeatherPB^, Bethling, Pillows, Bolsters, Bureaus, Washstands! M hat nets. Wardrobes, Stoves, Parlor a?t Chamber Carpets, Window Shades, Sofaa, Marble-top, Center and Pine Tattles, Mirrors, Oilcloths, Arm and Rock iig Chain, Cane-seat Chairs, Pitchers, BjwIs, Glaasware, Crockery and China ware, Knives ami ?or^,'j5,nlot?f Matting, Cooking Stoves, Side board, Clocks, Ac., ftc.|?seized and lavied uaon as tb? KMudsMid chattels of Lncinda Morrill, and will be sold to satisfy attachment No. lOJtg, In favor of J*i;e A. Godey and Walter GoOey" ^ ?.ee ,1 sm \kBXi BHARpjj. g. Marshal, D. 0. ttSC dids (lep.J W. L7 WALL ft CO., Aucts. 8 POSTPONED untl In rirtna of n writ of fieri facias on Judgment of sj^sssa MjEsa* a^V"^ FRIDAY, tha 4th day of April, 1<I7S, u ni., the following goods and wit, rht: ? Watch and < bain, Tluye CMWcy j. Br^eletst One Ladiea ,*T?. ?'^i gai S? Spr^thT^a'nTeratte DJI-du A1.1X Sliilir, l' B Mw.hil, D. C. : BT ?S. L. WALL A CO., Auctl-neers, Original H irw and Carriage B ??aar. Lu?i?i?ll41im)l, U?eN 9.U tuni Um.L .trueU. POFTTIVK SAL* OF-A srMBER OF DROVE BO|t*E8. PRIVATE STOCK, BUGGIES, EX PRF.SS CARTS. HORSES, Ac . Ac. ?V OnSATlBDAY fcoRN ING. March :19th. T"mT Iffi.cuiHnk'iiciiif it 10 o'clock, we will sell ? fcw a; i iir B tzaar? 74 Head < f nirses an 1 Amnn? which will I-e found some fine young *>und driving, work and Seridle ALSO S?T#ral larce heavy work* hot?e?, suitable for cait-*rs,or heav> draft A' out 40 tow priced H rses ani Mules. ?C al Car's, neai ly B"W. S Express Wwrnw, <ritb ?h fHnff top?. Cnarant?? on Stock warranted soan<i will expire at ft p. ir,.d? of scle. (?u?iant eon Sioc"; warrants I tow>rkwiil ex pire al 2 u. m , day of sale. It ff. L. WALL A CO., Ancts. BY GREEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneer., jio. 1000 Northwest lotli at 1 D street*. saie or household" fubnitubf. brus SE1.S AND OTTER CARPETS, OILED WAL NUT MARBLE TOIWSIDE-ROARD. LaCE (IRTAINS A N'D LAM BBOi)UINS. CHINA, Ol ASt-U ARE. Kr.. AT AUCTION. BBINO Til K EFFECTS OF a UESTLEMAN DECLIN ING HOrSE-KEEPlNG A Ou TO.-MOBROW (Saturday! MORNING, UA c-nim-i.clpg at 10 >'cl<k,?e -ball s 1! iu [Ir nt i f? n'r awti iu r^msjttie following cyl i?l lerrlon of, !ic.. Fi <? A\ alnut R.xiti FuniitnT*. V alnut Dintrg Chairs. WaliMt! Extension Tabl". One Pail r S i.e. l'p..oU..Tci iu G.veii R-p. Waluut Wnniiob-s. SLurgeFs i C;,airs, Nultrw^, Pi)!?w? C>>n,foit, ai Eia-V * ?. T let S ???. B- room. S?a?r. Brn-ar.'l ?? ;i?r C irn->t?. V," -inland-. Bureaus, Stai" U ?1?. C ? k? c ? ii i, S'"Hi Ki.cheii Ulen*il?, ,v<~., Ac. T- mi" cssU. It GREEN a WILLIAM". Ar.ots BY B. H. WARNER, R'vti Estate Br.'knr ?nd Aus'iiyneer, No. 729 7th street, bei*?en G auJ 11. TRUSTEE'? SALE OF A TWO <*T0RY FRAME 1'W ELLING, V ITH B-' K BUILDING. No. 1 ?il 7 ltf-rii STRKET, BETWEEN Q \NUR STREETS NORTHWEST. AT AUCTION. By virtu* of '*1 im** to ilniii-l L. Kat-'U and myself. dM-<t Jtiue 2S, Is7i, and duly r< ? *?. orded in L l? r No.07*. f"li" ?'<l,oiie of the l?i-1 records of Washington, D. C.,.1 will sell, at public anction. in front ? I thetrem tio*. to th ? high"*', bid der. o? Tl'ESPA Y. April 1 4th, 1?T-, at 4 oVl >ck p. r'.. Lot tiHnilwr^d tiine, in Ooltn ?n'? ?nMiTi?i.?n of 8<|i;are nmnber*<l thr*? hnndrtx) and iiiue, t jijeili -r villi rbo ii-iprov ? ments th<-n'0ii. Tt'im : g'l,lw?, with iut-r -ft th?r?on at ten p^r c-t t p r annum, fr?m Jnii*?26,157*, and exjp<., of m'i in ra?li; at ti and 12 tn >nthi>, wi.h inter - e?i, to b secured by a deed of trn?t np 1:1 th ? pnp ertv. g 100dep-?it r n ace<-ptanc?of bM. If*urnv? "f *?l<> arc nit onipiird with within five <lay? sff-'r ?ale, the Trurtt-e reet rvoa tii? richt to r-^ell the pr iert) at the rr?k and ro?t of the defanlting rur chit^er C'nvvanciTiir at pn-<?b??"r''? cist. CEOKGE W.STICKNKY.Survivh.trTm?t. p. mis-? B II. WARNER. Au-t. BY THOMAS E. WAUOAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 619 7th street. SALE OF A VALUABLE RESIDENCE. sOf 1'iuler aid by virtue of a J-m-o of trust male fsjjaon thvSUih Jay of P -c.>ml?r,A. D. kul, and r? ?Biooi <|> d on Janu.ii ) ?}tb, 1S72, in l.ib?*r N >. <"?!. f-lio 443, the nntli-rnigiii'd iru-i(ei'will roll at public auction, in front ot the pri', oil the 7 IU DAT of Armi, KJ, at 4 .30 o'clock p. ill , all tha> piece of laud in the etty of Wa?biinion, District of Col iimbia. and bi iim all ol Square uauibored ?-veu liiitidii d ami Ibirty iiii>e(7^8) Th ? above pr p? rty ic ... aated on the east side of Nf? Ji rn y, n.-ar K t>lr??-l south, and i* uu proved by a v<*i) riio-double Bri< k Dtvolli-itf, lately r?-nioib-led. Tiien- is a tine stable on th? prmnia<>?. ThU house lias been thoroughly fitted up and re i n r'd.aiid i* in i vury r,-sp"ct ailetir.ible ri'pid-n. e. TeiDihof ..Ic are: in ra^h. ?uii th? reaiiu ? in one and two j ?-ar?. Tl?- deferred pa> iu-ruts are t ? I ? ar i nterent froiu the day of at o p r cent., .ml hr- to l?- ?< cii||d by a dts-d of trust upon lb prop f rt> t-o'd. "f liiec isli | aynieut to w made at time of sali*, an.i th - reaiilue of tl^- cash pay 111 .it to be n.aib' witliin Ki\ days;^rw-i-e tb^ propTty ? ill f' ? ri-soM at cont and risk of defaulting purchaser. Coiiveyat.rine at pur. ha->er"s r .~t, GEO. F. APPLBBY. n.a-rodg T1I0S. K WAGGAMAN, Amt. WALE BY TRI'STEES OF VALUABLE FiiOP EUTY ON C. NEAR TUT CORNER OF *K STin-;tTS, NORTHWEST. By virtu - of three de-'ili of tru li"-t date! M aich JC. 1-C2, th" second A pril 2, K'}. nd th.- t!iir I Mai 21.1S72. n:V. dub recoitlf-J iiiUIhtN f >1 i-? 3L*i litji-r N 1.672, folio 1311. and l;i>?r No. OSi, f ilio 21. r? p?ctively,of th land records for tli ? comity ol V a?hiiis?ti ti, 1?. C , arid by rtir-'cti 01 of th'1 parti'-s s i urtsl ?b reby , ue, the uTid -rsigaed trustees, will si i' ai public miction, in front of th? pr ni'? '^,at ?? o'.l.,k p.iri.,..n SATURDAY. Ap il I?,ia7.1. th ? n.-t ? igtitv-tbi e (S'O b-et seven (7) inches fr by tin-<*ei th ol ' ii -lniu lrrd ornl twenty- ni' (121? f -et (7) iii' h-sof L"t nuinliertdtlire -,(3,tin Siuai" II inhered five hundred and sevent v-foiir, (671.1 an I h:I th" inipno eiin nts thereon, w hich consist of p >r ti ii" of six brick bouses. Th brick work of tfi"He I 1 'Uses is ci li'.j leteil to the height of the lirst fliv.rof joi? s, which are laid. The location being central, t n- houses, hen completed, will find ready sale or r> nt. T<'ttns ?if sale are : One t.alf In c*?h. of which .?'2iK) B.ust be paid at the sale; the d ferred payiu-uts to b made 111 six auJ twelve 111011th', with interest from the nay i f ?;ile. The terms of sal" must be complied wilh within sir da>s after sale, in default whereof th<- prop erty may be resold at the rir-k and Cost of the 3rst jurchrt-er. Ci nvoyanclnff at 4he pnrchasera cost. Jt'HN F. HANNA, V. ILLIAM H. PUlLP.S Tru tees. n 2S d WILLIAM H. WARD,S |>Y TiioaiAS E. WAGGAMAN, MJ R al Estate Auctioneer, A19 7th street. ( HAN< F.RY SALE OF A COMFORTABLE DWELLING <'N ?th STREET, BETWEEN i' A V 1\ 1 I VliUn'IIU'L>.T AND y NORTHWEST. U1.1lerr.11d b,- virtu< of ^l^ereo of th" Sipr- me Court of the District of (T lirubio, dat-d Janu iar> l.Sth, 1K73, and passtsl in a certain ea-ise in said court, in which Franei- M-hun and others are c< inplaiiiants, aie1 < harles W. IVrkins and others are d'f'-ndants, numberetl 2r01. E<iuity Docket 12, tb" nndtrslgmsl trns'ee in said canv appoint-d. v ill. ou the la rn pav ok A pril. A.D. 1873. at 4:30 o'clock p. ni., sell at publia auction, in front of the promise*, tot nuniltered 13, (thirteen,) in Thomas Young's and S;.nni"l K-wler's rahdivisioa of square niiml"*ed four bnii'lrwi andtwenty one. ( 421,1 iu the c iy of Washington. District of t '?liumbia. The property is situated on 8tli street, between P ar d Q streets northwest, and is improved by a very c. mtortable brick dwelling, three stories iu height, a d balcony front. The terms of sale, a- pre-w-ribed by said decree are: One-third cash an?l tli? residue In two esjual instal ments of 12 ami )s m- iitlu; tlie deferred paym-ntsto b"ar interest from day of sale. (6 per centum per annum.) and to be li-usoiith" property sold. >2jo of cash pay ment to 1?- given at the time of sale, and the residue of cash pavin nt to be made within five days, otherwise the property will lie resold at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. Convey - am ing at purchaser's co-t. GEO. F. APPLBBY, Trustee. nirt-ergw THOS E. WAQQAM AN, A not. |> Y W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers, D New Marble Building. No*. 90V and 90SI Pennsylvania avenue. TRUSTEE S SALE OF V ALUABLE PROPERTY oN N1NT1I STREET NORTHWEST, AT AUC TION. /A By virtue of a deed of trust, records! in Liber KjjaT. and R.. No. 9, foli * 2j4, Ac., of the land rec ?S!Aord? of the District of Columbia, and >f a decree passed by the .Supreme Court of said District, A pril 13. Is73. in chancery, in the cause of Wall, Bobin son et al. vs. Mary E. llillet al.. No. 2-W9. chancery docket No. 11, and at ill* r<*iue*t of the Holders of one of the notes secured by said deed of trust, the m.dersiBued, as substitute trustees, will, on TUES DAY, the 1st day of April, 1?73, at 4 o'cb>ck, p. in., in front of the premises, sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, all that certain piece or parcel of ground situated and lying in ?itid city, and being so much of Lots ?1 and 23 of M>*igs' recorded subdivi sion of lots in square three hundred sixty-one. and i* comprised within the following metasand bouuds: Commencing at a p iut onthe dividing lin" between Ninth street west and said lot 22 thirty-seven feet three inches from the north- ast corner of said square, running thence south sixteen feet, thence west eighty-seven feet, thence north sixteen feet, thence east eighty-seven feet to the place of begin ning, together with all the improvements, way-, easements, right", privileges at d appurteiiances to the same belonging or iu any wise appertaining. Terms: One half cash; balance in six and tw -lre mouths, notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust iipiyn the premises. ?250 to be paid at the time of-al". Conveyancing and stamps at cost of purchaser. In case settlement be not male within flip days after the time of sale, the premises will be resold at the c nt and risk of defaulting purchaser. CH AS. M. M \TT1I EWS, Trustee. n.27 d WM. L. WALL * CO., Au->t?. 1> Y LATIMER A CLEARY, l> Auctioneers and Real Estate Broken, Southwest corner of Penn. avenue and 11th street, Star Office Building. TIIE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE CASPABIS IIOUSF..ON CAPITOL HILL, BEING ABOUT TW ENTY FIVE ROOMS. AT AUCTION. A On THl'RSDAY MORNING, April 3, at Vkl 10 o'clock, we will sell at the Oasparis H >tel,' I^^on South A street, between New Jersey ave rflnue aud 1st str<>et*. Capitol Hill, the entire * ? contents thereof, con"isting In part of? Mirrors, in gilt atel walnut frames, W alnut Parlor Furniture, in hairclo.h and gr jen rep, Walnut, Marble-ton and other Tables, Walnut Etegeres, Lounges, Brussels, Three-ply aud other Carpets, Oilcloths, Window Shades, Toilet Sees, Gas Chandeliers, Brwkets, Jtc, Walnut Marble-top Chamber Suites, Painted Cottage Sets. Kagraviuus. VI alnut and Painted Bedsteads, Bureaus aud Wash stands, Walnut and Painted Wardrobes, Cane-seat Chair*, Hair and Husk Mattresses, Window Shades, Feather and Hair Pillows and Bolsters, Blankets, Spreads, Comforts, Sheets, Ac. Dining-room Tables, Oak Cane-seat Dining Chain, China, Glass and Plated Ware, Cutlery, Napkins. Table Cloths, Ac. Heating Stores, Ban**, Cooking Stove, Kitchen Requisites, Ac., Ac. Also. Bar Counters Mid Fixtures, Iron S if", Jenny LlBd TaW?, wii-ty<*???. balls. Ac. Two Ten Pin Alleys, with balls aud plus,complete, Office Arm Chairs. Tables, Ac. Terms: SMJO and under, cash; over that amount, a credit of sixty and ninety days, for notes satisfacto rily indorse, bearing iuterus/ u'.8 bat cent, per an*, num. [mg-JtsI L AT IMF It A CLE ABY. Ancta. Y W. L. WALL * OO. B UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of fieri facias iaraed out of the In virtue of a writ of fieri facias issued out of the Cl?rk"S office of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, fnd tome directed, I will aell at puUic sale, for cash, al the Auction S<,?r? of Wm. L. Wall A ?0., on tHUBSDAY, the 3d day of April, IS73, at 11 o'clock a. m., the fdlewhi* goods and chattels, 3 Cratsa ixeoatlna of 1. "aLBX'B SHARP, F. g. Marshal, D. 0. March 2Mb, UH. m?du 'EVENING STAR. A Ph-'Bi m r.?u ho'iunv n K?l ward Nertor. the burglar now con tine-1 1n Kav moiH*-ft.Jail. Brooklyn.wasidentified l>jr li trmitui BUv of F?Wiwu. X. rtlay, ami H j<er-*tni> have appeared m own *? of the various propertv lonnd in bis (Mot's Home. Sup; rinteriient lticc *t.nt>s 'hat N'irton's whole Mr lias I* en cuminai. his tin* great offV i?m* having been an outrage on a woman, srboee bouse be i>iibs?qji'iitlT tvbhed and burned. For this ot't?Hlie?u scntenctxl to 35 years" imprisonment. Hi then wounded one of the al!-keoper>-!?evert'!y with a carving-knife, dur nc a revolt o? the |4i?on< n ?Heh ne had insti gated. The keeper shot hhninthe wri>t. and tor six year- he was closely confined, loaded heavily with irons. K*-A^ombl\ nun Pot?e of l*at?*rson obtains! anord *r that he should he treated another prisoner*, and Norton became religion*. After IS veara imprisonment he wi relessed. oniy to regime bis ol<t habits. li a rest met was to rob the hoa*e of Mr Pope, n ho had obtained h? pardon ar.d had given h'm money with which to begin life atii w.?X. 1". Tribute. izM. A Kft Qpkstiok Kaiskd ta t ''ri:r.-T!r Superior Court viasoo iipinl, ye? '.'rd-iy. witu a peculiar caso, unprecedented and u:itr?u.-hed by judicial decision*. In bll the plaintin?. Hrra Minor ami two children. rented a tem went at llolyoke in a buiklm* where small-jmx bid just" j>revioiisly prevailed, ami one p<T? tn. at last. had died of the disease. Minor \va? r.i^t informed of th;s. and niovinj; in, i hi- sev en children had the M:iall-p<?x. and now bring suit to rtcover *?S,00(< l'r<-ni ?? <s??ph H. Sharon theowner of the building, and d -fervlant ?n t'ris r^S'". The defense i-. first, that Sharon, did not know that bis hiti'.d'iii! had be*** inf. et ui by snial -j>o\ when ho rented tbe teneiaci.f, that If be U.d know it Lew a.- not liable; and Ihflt the Minor faiui'.v vere culpablv careless in i.ot being v accinated when they knew ttie dan ger thatm n:M'td tin m. The suit resolves it* !f into a question ot how lar one man is liable for r-.reicN-lj exjo.-iii^ another to an infections m a.-e. The MM will fnbaMy l?e carri ?| to t'e supreme court for final -ettlemvtit.?.Ny-riv? (Man.) If'pmblicm, V.'ih. A Yorso Wirg Commits Svicina?lio-anna c,uith,ngtd twenty years, commitied suicide on Sun'.Iay by swallowing Pari., jnvn, at ?ier m-Kltiicc, Ko. 42 Tlioupsm street. Itaj-piar^ tLatsome tinA since she was afflicted with cutaract in one of her eye*, and an operation w?8 performed, and tiuidly the eye h id to be removed. She had Since th it tinie been low -1 iritcd, and often s, okc of commit ling suicide, (?n Sunday afternoon she t?'ld her husband that she had taken soinc Paris green. hit theie were no Indications of the fact, and he paid no atten tion to it. About 6 o'clock p. m. she swallosred tome more, ar.d was suffering violent pains. A physician n;is called in. but the usual m -*ns to counteract the poison failed, and ?he died yoc terday morning ?V. I'. Star. 25/*. ?^"Woman's sphere''is widening. One of the Chatham street Cheap .lohn's in New York, has just engaged an Kn*ttsh girl as an auc tioneer at a salary of ??_*? per week. tt"^"l>ramatis persona:: Grandiloquent Senor and impuweut Fresh. Senor? Freshie. you're driirk; I'!! give yon halfn hour t?gismt*erin. Fresh?Senor, yoit're heap si;?ht drunker'n I am. I'll giv'er two liouis togiaeoheriu //a< tarrf Adrocah. I/A Missouri woman sai l sho gave a rail road conductor a ten dollar bill; he said it was a two; she insisted; he j?ersisted; she took out a revolver an<t snapped it, aud he gnve her the eight dollars balance, not wishing to have a ay I dispute with a lady. MARRIED. KKICn-BUOUHT' At the rc-idfiic" <>f tlio In ' 1 > [areiits. March ?%, 1S/.1, b\ Ii<-v tt*. M. la I ^er??ill. Mr.CHAHLES A. KKIOli ??f it.ct hi .re, ?i <i Mi -BllSAXNA BliOWK, of \V.i?lnn^t"U, D. j C. (Hslt;i! ? re pup* rs picop\ .] ^ FRANK- KI1U.I.K. 0-i February 10. liTS. In t? I! v. Mr. i i-r. LI TilKK B. FtlANK, f I Ssn Krsnei?e<i,Cal . t" Mi CHRISTIAN \ BID | PLK, ef tliiscity. | Ra'rinmre Sa.i pi i?c c py J * MCFI LEn-KBERLY On th? ZTth <' <1 It. v. L Bie: /. Mr <}EORUR MCELLEK t Mi?" KI.I/K II. F.btKLY, O lli f this city [ B pi.biit u li please copy. I * - ? mmm ? - - ? DIED. KI.VANS. At T>piiv?r rity, Ciliml . on the !?' "i!ii it <1 tl> :.' l f M inch. rib- ?" i. iin -1 <*ii ili? limit", JollN B. KL VANS, late of (hi-1 city. In Hi-41st > ear. * MONTGOMERY. On the 25tb in-tant, in C^r lisle, Peine, at the residence of Ins soii-in Isw. I?r. Al lie n, lt. .?r Ailmiral JNO. li. MONTiiOMbRV, I* S. N., i,. the ~J h year <if his aie. The funeral services will take place at tliA chapel ? if the Oak Hill Cemetery, Cents t"Wn, Ou M leiav, lie M?t inSHi.t, at 11 >'cl- k. FiI nds <>f tli? family in\iteil t? attend. |Chronicle and RepnMicau | JOHNSTON. On the 28th i list ant. of pneumonia, ALHKK T WI1BATLY, only sen of J !m F. and f-u-ana Ji in:-t..n, aie?l 3 year* an<l Sin >nth?. His funeral will t:,ke plitee .>n SuudAy, 3t)i h in stant, at 2 o'clock, It .in n -ideuce at L~U1"UU*W||. Friends are invited to attend. * STONE. At the re^nd :ice of lit* son-in-law, Tli?m-^ K Wallnee. N >. HO \\ <-t str-ot, Oeorz ? to?n,D t'.. on W.-1ne-<lsv ni^ht, M-trch T~<, l:\T3, SAMUEL STONE, in the7^'h yjr ..f his ne-. H is renmins will be taken to Chnrieotowu, Jeff"t si n county, Wm Vir^iaia, for iuteriri-rii. * UNDERTAKERS. ? > It HARD F. HARVEY, UMDERTAKSiR, Iftmiwrw HAH Vb Y t MAKR,) No. a:i4 F StkeVt, U-taweu Niutb and Tontk. METALLIC BOHIAL CASKS AND CASKBT. of er^ry dtsrriptiim; wsrl-lr SMKOCns, HA HITS, t*. |)BHAHU W. BARKER, CABINET MAKMK AMU OXUEHTAKJtA, ?1? ELKVENTB STREET, near ?. > URN1TURK Oh ALL MINUS MAU? AXl KEPAlKtO. anS-tr ILLI AM HAtkfiTT, UNDERTAKER, No. 735 7 ie Stkxet,BctwkbnC asv H Siasrrv arV-ly Coffins and Caskets of all kinds PROPOSALS. J>ROPOSALS FOR ICE. TRFAsrRY He TARTU* JIT, I \VASut!CGTO!?, D. C., Mare li 2?>. lST:t. i All the proposals received onthei'iT'ii tut to furnish Ice for this Department for > .i.- >e*r fmui iitiil after Mar'-li 31,13T3, t!.ivin>{ linen r^ji-ct*-il. lionai Si kiwI Propoeais will U<- received unti' >, March 31, 1o73 The lee to be furnl?hM mnst be Kennebec lea of the best quality, or Ice equal thereto, clear and free tr< ni snow, dirt, or other impurities, to the satisfac tion of t In- receix ins officer, and to be delivered in siu-h qnantities ai.d at such times and places aa may lie required. To be weiphed by the Treasury scales, and to l?e paid for Bout lily, npwu proper vouchers, audited ;iud approved in due form. Bids must be at a price |*r ten of full pounds to the ton. Adeponit of $800( UnMed Statsscurrency or binds) must accompany eaeb bid a* security that it is gen uine aud in good faith, to be returned to the unsnc c -stul bidders after the award of tbe cumt art, and to be retained as security on the contract ol the suc cessful bidder. The right to reject any or all bid*, or to waive de fects, if it is deennd to the interest of the Coveru rneut to do so, is reserved. Bids should be indorsed "Pr^p-wals for Ice," and shoulid l?* addressedto J. II. SAVILLE. n.Z7 3t (R-pAChr-3? | Chief Clerk, Trea<'y Di-pt. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Treascby Dspaktmktit, MarrhlS, 1871. Sealed Proposals foi furul?iiiug buttion.'ry ( r hp year euding June 3U. If I, ?~ill b.* received until the 15i h day of April. 1473, at Uo'clork M. Blank forms fur bidding will be furnished npon application. The bids will be considered and accepted or rej vt ;*d it.-ui by it.^n; aud tkis advertisement and the pr > noeal, so far as accepted by the Secretary of tne Treasury, and the b >ud accompanying the same, shall constitute the contract between the (i^vern nieut and the bidder or bidders, aud no further con tract will be executed. The articles contracted for mnst be furnished from time to time during the year, in quantities pursuant r?. orders from the^ Department. The entire quanti ties will, however, be called for during the year. Each proposal must Ik> signed by the individual or firm making it, and b? accompanied by a bond, wiHi ?oifHcient sureties, in the sum of ten thousand dol lars, j >10,1X4,) approved l>y a United States offlcer of the district in which the unreties reside or do busi ness, on a form to be furoUhed by the Departm-nt, conditioned for furnishing such portions of thu arti cles as may lie awarded ui.iL,r it, aud the perform ance of the contract. ? All deliveries will besnbject to Inspection by an expert detailed for the purp>-ss by the becretarv of the Tressury, and the delivery of an inferi?r article will be deemed sufficient cause to annul the con tract, at the option of the Secretary. Deliveries mu?t be free of charge at the Trt-a ury I>. partment, Washington. The failure to comply with any one order nnder the contract will operate as a forfeitnreof the entire penalty ot the bond, or the Secretary of the Treas ury may direct the purchase, in open market, of ?ucb quantities of any articles as shall be necessary to supply ths deficiency caused by such failure, and charge to the contractors fifty per centum of the price which It shall be found necessary to pay for such articles. . _ _ . . . Proposata unaccompanied by a satisfactory bond will not be considered, and coutruc-W will be award ed only to sstabUsbed ssaaulacturers of or dealers In tbe articles. ? . . .. - . . Proposals to be addrf?wl to the undersigned, and uarked"rroposals for Ststiooery.' rropv? WH A e/cHARDSO*, marI7-eoUt Acting Secretary of the Treasury. ?plat T?f *l?i dap of Mmrtk, ??. Wiliia* T. Dcrau, and Jossni L. Suras, I a* Do*all ? Haas, PUintMb, es. W. Oonn Giles and RoLLiii Marnaweoa, trading as U?s Wsshingtoa Paving Mock traattag Company, Defendants. No. K>4P d law. On Motion of the fblatifls. by Mr. J. Holds worth Guidon, their attorney, tt is orders^ that the defendants, W. Ogden Giles and Rollins Matthew son, cause their appearaaee to be entered hereia on or bef'.re the find rale-day occnrring forty days alter this day; olhvnriasi the cawsn?ttlhe proocedad with aa in ca* of dsfbaB_ RytbeCoart: Tree capy ^T^t:?R*^AoS!awrk, tr! P.y J. J. CAMP, Ass t Clerk. nll fJt laws or the rxrra? mm '??"' '** Thirl .VtWva ?ftUt /"?? ly [GlFZRAL S ATT KB?Xo. 31-]~fWfear>i. lASAVA.kATMI. For ft urtji of Uvr instalment*. of third m-rie*. for 1 em filial objects, under the direction ot the ra^nniu, i^r ktiurtk ailine tre .ix ?i Jun.? rdnni, eighteen fcundrrd and ffHr-tre,n't thou sand tl.?l:,,rs. For i >uiit?ntl. of twenty instalments. for the *m i>ort??: two school*. out- ui wLuh is to be an "gncuMiiral and Industrial school. keepm*: iu rej school bui'd ujs, ami lor providing suit - J'* book* and ?taiHiter v. iwr tilth artic em-Sty of June ninth. eighteen hundred **n. L'lj -tire, tve bundled Italian. r#rl?trt?*Btt of twenty i^UIaoiit*, tor the cnilo\ m< 11 of one snpennt -n?leu? of t tri -ni atod twx> lectors. ;^r btV. articl- ot J;ine ninth, eightei n biiuind a id k.i -nve. -liiCe thotisai d two liuedn .1 dollar*. I ?* fturtftiith of twenty instalment*. far ttau ? trploymint of one sop-rilit Mident >f i*riu 'v .m d t?.> farmers. two nr.iVrs. t?i< black-mi* ,*. one tinier, one g M;s*!i ?ti. oue ra-pdnt? r, ami one wa/oti aimi pWw maker, prr L.U, aiu b licstv ol June uin'li. eighteen hriMirid a>l l it\-?vc. v'icrtu !Likinii.(| four hundred 4 4 >.lS. For fourteenth ot tvertr instalment*. Tor I > e| ii |( in rt-paii > i? ano duuruiK m*-l an i tor fur niching tin utc- .ary t ioi* and tixur.s. r fifth ar.icie uvaljrut' .lew iiiuts. ci-?b:_-cu u-lril an.: litty-tiie, live hundred Uulims. lor furutiub ot tveiity instalment*. for l? ei>ing m repuii the L<? tnUi luU |>i<)Tid.n > ii.i! n^oMirj DuliciMK aiHi fixture* Utrrvnn, II r iitlli article treaty of ?lunr i. nth, i-"*Utceii l.irlicd and buy-rive, three huuxii d du.iars. For tourUentli ol twenty instalments, for Ki t | iiiw in n j'4i" t?.H, . tiineni ths*. gnu m iiti.??, carpenters', and t.:'k.>n and |> aw it al' r?' shop*.aud for providing ikmmmtv t - >?l > ti.< rifor. \ tlfl'i ntticletreaty of .lut* ninth, ei^Lteeu hundred auu Hit) live, Lvc buudied K. I e>r fourteenth of twenty instalm nt*. for 1iu I 'V ol a physician, |r-i iifth article t'.-ai> ??f ?'ui.e ninth, eight, en liuriini! a..d any-ttft, out tl.oi^and two bund rid dollar*. For. tonrtetntli oi twemy it??t.i'ment?, for k> < in ri|uur Ui? building* repaired lor tL ? X Miiouc eui|>ioy< *?, And lor | iav,du:< the neoen t"U\ turniture thercior. per Litb arki. ie tr -atx ot -lune ninth, eitfhteeu hunon.d and Hi.y-ttve. tl.. ce hniidred dollar*. For tourt?x ntU of twenty in<t?lm nt*. for the ?alary of Mich |>er?ons a? tlio said contc.i -rat l tl il? b and baia'a ot ltidiau? may select to l?e tli ;r In a?l chief. |> r ti.ih article treaty of <1 un? tiinth, eitcbtten humlied ai?l iiity-ii\e,'ti\e hau i red dviiart. t.l M.K.AI. INCIIiKNTAI. I \!T\ Vs ?>r 1UK1XIHAX StKMCI-. ARIZONA. For tlie pencral tuHdental etr;<eT*s?* of the lu ll an service in tbe 1'erritory ot Ariaona. |>re? fntii of good*, agricultural ini|>lera--Bt.?, an 1 other uaeful article*, ami to them to lo < ute in (H-iraatieiit ahoiies, ami i>uatalu them Ki lvet bv tlie 1'iirMiitn of cirihs> d life, to t?a < \|?ended nmler tlie direction of tiie Secret ?ry Of the Interior, M-venty-live t'nou?sn<t dollars. t AttrORMA. For the general incidental expenses of the Indian aerxioe in California, pay of emp'oyrea, j r'sentMif gouda. agricultural nnplenaeiita. a ad Other useful at til les, and to ano.sttheiu to loeali) In |K-imaiiei:t abod>v.aiid mistain themselves l.v the purMiitu of civili^<t be e<i??Hled nn (ler the direction ot the S. cretary ot tlie Into l ior, eight' -five thonaand doliars. Ciimr.ADO TEaciT(?BV. For the general incidental expense* of the lio.ati Mjrviee in Colorado Terr it or v. pre*- nu of goods, H^rieultural implement, aiii otuer ns. iul artielec, and to mM th, m to lo c*te in |ieimaiient al<od>n. and to suntain themwlvia by the pur unit* at civilized lite, to be < x|<<iidtd under tlit direction ol the Secret iry ol the Interior, ten thousand do1 tar*. DAKOTA TBIiRITOKY. For the general incidental exjien* * of the Indian service in Dakota Territory, present* of Kitodn. iifiricultural iinplem it*, ami otlirr use ful articles, and to t'.icin to locate in per manent abodes, and snstahi thcmsi'Tves l?v the pursuit-* of civilised life, to be expended under tl-e direction oi the Sccivtary of the Interior, twenty thousand dollars. IDAHO TBBRITciRr. For the general incidental ex|ien*es of the Indian sorvice in Id.dio Territory, pre<nt?of gi-odf, agricultural imph inents. ami other u?e iul article*, and to a?i?t th -tu to locate in per manent at odes, and sustain them^lves by the pursuits of -civilised lite, to lie expended under the dirt ction of the Secretary of tiie Interior, iwtuty thousand dollars. moktana i krhitouv. Tor tlie general iiicidentMl exp n?es of t'le Indian service in Montana Terrttorv, present* of goods, aaricultaral implements,'and other Ufetal articles, and to assist them to locate in permanent abod< *, and sustain them elves by the pursuit* of civilized lite, to be expend-j under the direction of the Secretary of the In terior, twenty-five thousand dollars!. NBVADA. For the general incidental expense* of the I iiuiau scrt ice in Nevada, preteuu of goods, MKiicultural implcnicais. and i,tlier uaefui arti ci< s aud to assist them to locule in permitient abodes, and th >m- -Ive- by the pur?aiU ot civilized life, to be expendeii under tne di r. ctii-n of the Secretary ot the Interior, twentv tive thousand dollars. ^ MW MEXICO. For the general incidental exi>ense?of the Iid^an fetxice in New Mexico, prenent* ot ?.ood?, agricultural implement*, and other tisw i il aiticle*, and to at?ist them 11 locate in per il.anent abodes, and sustain them*.Ives by tlie pursuits of civilised life, to be ex|?etided iiader tin direction of the fcc.-rct. ry of the interior liny tliousat d dollars. 0KK002T. x For the general incidental erpetises of the Indian service in Orcjon, Including trausporia i.on ol annuity good* and p-csents. iwiiere no special provision therefor 1* made by treaties,) ?"d for paj ing the expense* o? the removal and subsistence of Indians iu Ore"on. (not par ties to any treaty), and for pay tor neoesLiry t mplcsees, fot ty thousand dollars. XV ASH I KOTOS TKURITOUY. For the general incidental expenses' of the Indian service in Washington Territory, includ ing trans|.ortation of annuity gtiods and pres t (where no special provialon is m ule tuere : the ex|?en>cs han*, aud for for by treaties.) Aid ior defraying i ? ? removal and subnistenoe of'lndi pay of necessary employees, twenty-tour thoa i -lid lour hundred dollars. CTAH TERRITORY. For the general incidental expenses of the In dian service in I'tab Territory, presents of goods, agricultural implements, and other useful ar ticles, and to assist them to locate in permanent r.Lcdes, and sustain themselves by the pursuits tfclxilized life, including transportation and i.ecessary expenses of delivering provision* to the Indians witl-'n the Utah super in tendency, to be expended under the direction of the Sec tary of the Interior, thirty-live thousand dol lars. XVYOmSG TEKRtTORY. For the general incidental excuses of the In dian service in Wvomiug Territory, presents of goods, agricultural implements, aiid other aiti ciea, and n assist the in to locate in i>ermaneut abodes, and sustain themselves by the pursuits of civilized life, to be expended under the direc tion of the Scc^tary of the interior, five thou sand dollars. For tram-|iortation and the necessary expen ses of the delivery ol the annuities aiul provi sions to the Imlian tubes in Minnesota aud Michigan, six thousand dollars. For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to defray the expeifse* of In dian delegations'who may visit Wasuington ou busi ness connected with their respective tribes, tit teen thousand dollars: I'roeiii> i. That the com mission of citizens serving without pay, ap pointed by the President under the provisions of the fourth section of the act of April tenth, eighteen bundrtd and sixty-nine, is hereby con tinued, with the I<owers aud duties heretofore provided by law. For this ?mount, or so much thereof as mxy be necessary to defray tUe expenses of a gene, ral council of certain Indians iu the Indian Territory, as provided by the twelfth article of the treaty with Cherokee* of July nlnete- iith, eighteen Ihundred aid sixty-six, the tenth article of uie treaty r-ith Creeks of J urn* four teenth, eighteen bundreu aud sixty-six, the sev enth article ot the treaty with Seminole* of March twenty-first, eighteen hundred and six ty-six, and the eighth article of the treaty with Choctaws and Chickasaw* of April twenty eighth, eighteen hundred aud sixty-six, four teen thousand dollars. And the amonnt of twenty-five thousand dol lars is hereby appropriated to enable the Secre tarvof the Interior to remove the Winnebago Intfian* of Wisconsin from their present loca tion iu that State to some suitable place, to be by him selected within the Indian Territorv, west of the ninety-sixth degree of west longi tude; and to provide for their subsistence until they are fufficiently established therein, and are able to provide for themselves; and to pro vide for the removal and most urgent necessi ties of the Kansas Indians, twenty-five thous and dollars, said amount to be reimbursed from the proceeds of the sale of (heir lauds in the State of Kansas. For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be expended in the erection of agency buildings on the Malheur Indian reser x ation in Oregon, and In the purchase of foods, subsistence, stores, Ste., for the Indiana that may be collects d on said reservation; also for breaking land and Instructing tlie Indians in srricultural and mechanical pursuits, provi ding employees, educating children, procuring medicine and mcdical attendance, care for and support of the aged, sick, and infirm, for ~ helpless orphans of said Indians, or In ot respect to promote their civilization, oomfbrt, and Improvement, fifty thousand dollars. So maeh of the act snUtted "An act making for the civilisation of (he Indian f adjoining March tCird, eighteen hundred and nlnrteea, as provides an annnal appropriation of ten thous and dollars, bfe,and thai The sum *f fivef "K" ^ WJSS3JT& Cho. U? ?n.l Clnckaaaw Indiana. Mar be n'brt for Uf rrrrtN<n ?r thr imrrbur a; tb '?!"?! 7T'H>P 'f HKiHW) ml ttir lafemot. b 'lMlnp for ?p nn purii? *i tkf place a ? #*w?*id< 4, That the wrtrtl k|i;>ii>i>ri? herein ma.le (or t?>^rh*r?. mitl-r?. Mm.*- k . ' ?*#?*???? rmrpmnttr*. pbvtnetaa*. u .l atfcat perae?*. bad for varioa* art .dee |?t ij.d IT-i-'i.T"^ _*** ?Wreth>n ot the President, s? ~ss":w n^i .trSiiSfe V,ler *?? ox Tr.rar-ri an hwk For of lata-reat ?n eert*? attract* . y ac.jNa? Maefca bekm?L W?T - or. Indian trlbea. <and held ?a taWhr secretary of the Interior.) tor th? M nv eu?ln g June tl. rtn>tb. eighteen hunt-.d ???i "<? atv iltrw, iitWfly F<* I' (rrf*tto (kf rhemkrf na'i ?r*al fund, thrty-tmo ti.jusu ,| t.-wt li iui. m t i ! d>lht*. ? ' For int rent on the Chtrokee a-h-v*! Cur d l?0 IIioukihI ibltt' liliiii'k'l M>1 ti I ? F or itiu .???! en the t hi-k b?? aatio??wl ? u>..?. ?'i'?eUthoil?*ldotieh.ll?il.?Ial.d I"fT \ dil^n. For interest on Okie! aeaw iticoaipcU at*' ti lid. I'l* rut.lred doHam. Foi ttfrnfi un t! . Cha.*(?? ?,'n;r?! f*u-f !>' < M\ ?*, ?..!.! K.I u.trl.ft,,, tfc. Ct ? k ot; M.r-1 tl uuNtini 4int lurtj-fighi Uiuimp F?t ttitercet on thr l>.-U? m> * .n t , ?.f ct.'t ? ; ?!???# '.m, i,. ,1 41j4 ? , , F Int. r? * on the rj*?a fW1. th.oe t, >ee ?i ? etc handled nuti mxtv Ft InUr -t on the K*-V i-: ... . tv *,? |>lW. Md Ptaakr?liaw?' f it,.| (vui iIi.p i-bi.j 1 ?' ??? t? r. *i .mi KmImIIm,' Wcaa.* !*<-? T *ft j?,A' Fbtakeal ?*>'?l-fniij, imc 'iiau f1' f' ?" huadri <1 htnl h)i|m ? u ,m. For inter, t .m. tl - M. i .?|M, ue< ?* lai?vl, i,>?? but ill ?? u <1 t t> <1oU ForlhUto ciIiIxmh c?i ii i<1, t?o <1 ?t.<! ui.m ,i? i,., F r ii.ur, >t or. tii^ P.?i ?w^. ,u !?' "i rt,rve lh,'nN"?4; ?-"?? uutiur.J mm! tittv tlidlar Kor crutitp'M of Uu.-t-iun<U. .???? ll? unii <1 five Lui.?J'ru dolliti ?? Set ? 2. Tliai t!i<? Sccretw> of the lur r:or Ik-. *i'?1 li?- u |i? r< I'v '.I t ? v. 11 ti. .M.i, t-> % I.. ,.l in tri4r>? 1.v litn iik 1..4* i *ttawa IimIIui* ?4 nMi. L-rdV r.?rl aud lio hv Jo I <? nl, airoutiting t,> oii<> tV.j.ainl k|\ liundrvd ?i ! wnntv ii ur ar.i i,.n* c Wit c? iitii, ati.l aj.i.'.j tli?- t>t thr ??'? in 'he niiiiirrr prwrtt.. .11 r tba t. i?-?ol tli? Mxtet.1 lit ?rtu-l?s ot U? tteaij mitU tU<- Sou. . M *i L T i ol Fitauary t?cUt-U M, ^iKbtecu bundrKt au.l aivtjr-aevea. ... *11 ?uO?orU> ?earcU?tuif t?r tU? ?cf ?>! Mitch ?rroiMl,?'iit?-?-n handi 1 and - *ty-o?*, and Match thin , .-l^ht.^u huu4i..| and *>\t ntj -om , or olUcrw >. , t iv.ue.c dvi.vcr *m{ U?u?l* ?>f the l"nit<-d St.?toj to tUe CUo -taw tribe oi liMfiam, if licr>-t> iNM|>o*klt4 i^:ii tL.; tniibrr action ol tV>ng:cf? tn tV mstter, au.l I>r. \ iding for hacb U.?u?> or deli\ pry. 8kc. 4. That tb?rc ?4:a!l l< art fr.m tbe furd> I., longing to the Cbeivker uatiou, an t!?? I'roj cr ndir of the national rouucil, thr >um or ? ne hiiitdred thouvand d -liais from tli i?? C . * "<!*? ??*? ?0'4 to the <'-agw, to b* aet ai.?n. and < igiity tb?UMi?id dollar* t!i<*mof to l?- m \<k?' I *1. |?art of the uqihaa-fiiid. an.I t. .-uty tlM>a-nud dollatK to l?e fvj* ud.-d l..i bail t and?*thor iaaprttreMPUU dtHui.d n oviwiiv iw the benefit ot the liixtitution fot tt.e ?ri>taani>, the Mini of one battdred thounan.l dollar- ti >in ilie '?f Uie *tri|> of l^nd iu Kan>t? to 1* j<t ajcirt lor au a?.?l ;n4 for tke Immm, deaf ftixi uuiiib. t'.tiiu, gtiU iu?i ^ ut person* ot" (Vie t btiokee nat'on. ae?eir>-uve tboiifian.l Jallan ol '?aid amount U? l.e iuvc?te<l a?a m |>arate laiut, at. l it* li;'?**<?>t oetui-auuually a|-|.liod to tba ? uj {??rt of hvtiu ii'-'itution, the rt-uiaimn^ tvea ty-brc ttiotiaaMd dollar* to be *k|? ndud for It * eatabliabatenl; tbv Mini of aev.-nt? -lireI2i.>u~?iid tioKara fr.tni the ancci daol tbv a?l<- ol land^ t ? the Gnat him! r.iule Oaa?M to ?.e expended tor the cfttabMahneBt of a Titerarv It.-ti'ution for the eduratioii of nt w?M??l?i.nil na'ioti undir auch ruW and i-y ui a>tiie uaNouai council ol tb< t lurok. ??> m ty itreiH'i i)>e. IStc . 5. That the proceed* of the ?tin -i land* kliiiigiiif t.i tbv Kicka|>i? luJiaiu>, iu (be State or KaiiMtc, in |<ut?uauce ol tlie tilth ait.cle ^t tLeitreaty of Mav t?. uty-oigUtb. auuo li^u. .. U^hUtli li ilit.Fi J fi,J ihUfy tillCf .HQi iliV'^t* J oi iu the <-usto<ly of the Secretary of the lete ri?>r, fliall |.e reljtii.ed by the S ? retary ot the liif t'r ** ? I^rutanent t? uM lui.d, oil a h?ch f-1 all IK* I'Hiii U) Ntid ll)?l&aiUb, U|i il||<U4||y( int. rot at the rate ot live |?er e.uititie. |k*t ai - BUm: /Wifal, That the coum iii of m .1 lit <i ian* kliall lirat be gi ven to the forego, um i>ra \Imoo. ? Sac. f5. there attaM be appoint.d bvt'je I M>id. lit, by aini Hiih the a*i.uv a*?d con nt ol the b.nMte, a Mirticunt nuiiilH-t <?i likliau iri ?|* et??rfriH?t exc?ed.tiy lire in iium!?er. to n?f lorni the duito herein required. Kach iii>i>oo t'* ?bull bold hi??>?ttce tor four yearn, uu.em ?o?ner n im red l.v the I're-iideut. and be ah ail n ?*ei*e an annual aalary ol t?ir.? thouaand dol lura itli.i liia Bet.'knu \ tlaveling exnenae*. not exceeding Uii eenu a mile for actual Uarel a tille iii the uinchargr ot hia daty, a atat.-Ri-ut ot which e*p? riae* a? to e?ch ia-|>octor ?hall a^ e? wiany the annual report of the Secret arv ol the it.u4.or. Kaeh lr.dieu au].ermt??i lence and a^-eiii y aliall be rifled and evaiuia-d a ottea a* twice a year br one or ?t the inepecUira. Such examination shall eltend to a full invect.gain.n ol a<l malt, m i>.-r>?in it'g to tlie bnaineMi of the au|?eriuteiideiic* or agercy, including an ex?iainatton oi account*, the uia.uii>:r of ?xpeaditt* n.oitey, tbe i. umber of fndiani. itovi.i.j lor celitia. t* ot ail kind* c >uuect< d with the bu?i new, the condition ol the Indiaaa, their ad Tabcnient in civilicatioii, the extent ol the re. erratKina, ai d what uae i* made of the land* ? -t apart lor that {.urpuae. and. general!y, all uiat Ur? pertaiuiug to the lii.liaii aervioe. For the | ur|?e ot making ?u. h iliveatigation*. each m epoctor fbali hare |<ouer to exam ne ail book* paper*, and voucher*, to admmiaber oathn. an I ? tx*.mjue o-14' all olticer* and person!, etu ph.yid in the au|*rititeu.leny or agency, and all Mich other peiM>u<a* he mav deem uec - Zr>0rJX?'- The ll"'l*dw?. or atir one at tbem, KiMtH have |K>wer to *m^end am aui^ii. tendent or agent or employe, aud to de^iiate K>me iM-raon m hi* i.lace temi>orarily. aul>ject tothe aiKoval ol the Pr?>id.nt, malimi uii mcdlate report of auch -uapenaion andde*lj,!a tton. and np?>n the con. .union of each i \viuin? t iou a r? r?ort ahall b. forwarded to the Pre*i dent a itbout delay. The inapecloi?, in the dis charge ot theirdatW,jointly and indtvi laaUy. *h?U have |<ower. by protier le^ai iirmwdinn v Inch it 'hall be the d.ity of ifrd.rtrict-attor.' JS"?1!* 1 ui*txl Stat. ?for theap|*o|.riat^-dis trict duly to effectuate, to enforet the law>. and to \ rerent the violation of law in the adintuu trationof affaire ir the aereral agen -ie? kti| ?u|ierintendeuHe?. So far a* practicable the exannnatiorui ol tl e ag. nciea ai?l mil-' n ?n . ,*Mw<* ^teruatcly b> -iirt-rent < i agencr or mitet *** ru? examined twiee i? cea*ion by the *ame in*]>ect<tr or fn-rrrtora. V? \ , w tl,e thirtieth of J a we eighteen hundred ai.d aeventy-three. th.- ofti >? 'ouJ ?' the- aii|ierinteudeiit* ol Indian an* r> *iAot the cleik* of *..cb -r" ^l7 bertby, and the amount hereiub-tore a| propriaUxl toraalariee of aaid officer* or ~> much thereof an mav be necessary i* h -rel?v appropriated to l?y the aalar rTVn. UarH oI ? apewe* of MUd iJpector.. And tlle Vr JSljut lu*J ?n reataining four *ui?eriuteii.i^iita to Jurfadlction orer *uca detm proper or. in hu JK^tion, di*t^i w ith any or all of the *aid ?uperiutendei.ii > aiV ?**r^n ' t'rnrttifi. That tliere *hall not l?c paid or allowed to any |>er?on whatever anv ft-e* or reward ror *errioe*. ... oonnT^hm w the aubject-matter relet re. 1 to in .illrt) tioBi ot thi* met, either on account of the I'nii^d "? ZZJZ !ht.l*"*<"*? until fnrtlier actiou 5 mMtter- *n<1 providing tor *tirii iljuvince and pavnieiit. Sec. I. That whenever by the term* of thia i? 5fJ00*1- .?r aupptiee ot anr .?t'provWwl for-"h**?" thi da^ VrVLl f *-e?t or commiMMoner i**uing the aam<- at >uch "If.1thereof, whether it be both ol tood aud (lothtng, or either of them, or of anv kind of cupplic*, to report to the Indian bureau tint ?^ f?. ?Ii "l-ortm to be embidie.1 ?} the Indian CouiminMouer i?i hbauuual renort A| proved, February 14, IK73. ' 15i TUt bl'PlltME { OlliT uF Tllb liuraice _ OrCULCMBIA. _ _ Th* IV* <tmy & AUrrk. tVS. ?ii Fir*?ill and AboLrm. U Fh iieii ,tra<1 liia a* * Pick ? n.i A Co , Fiatntit1?, r?. W u., ""i hoi-f-'a Marnca ?Mix.tra.l'ac a* St*#J"b"i#t<>n Patiim Bluek tnaiiMiI.,!!..,..., lbfendatiu. Mo. Law. pM> ? OtI moliob <if th? piaiu'.lflr, by Mr. J H Mar >rtl. Gordon, tb-ir Mtoran, it .? riUil thai the let darit?. W. Ort*a Ollee and CSte *.rh!-.-1u croae th>*ir appearance to be envr.d b?r*iiTon Vr betorr til* lint nde-dar careinc fort* a ' Jr. 1 thi* da) otberwt*. the cSTTff CSeJXl aa HI caac of d-fault. It. tba. C^rT *l,h *>? K. LAMTTEU. Chi-f ln?tlr# *r TrweeeMr-TaM: It J. M?l<i>< Oi.rk,*c Bt J J** Aaeiaiaat Clerk. mli f Jv 1* THk bt'Eo? ouXVmeVa TUkDA?rk^ F* AiV**.Ta^d WVTt?**? M Moms* Flaiaiifl-. r?. J.L it?^ i<tU,llMtT??r?.i>,ira P*Ti,? MHr^HrraUia. KM. at Law. Oh aiotiua of tka piauaiA*. b> Mr. J fi-44*w .rth u??dp|l.tbeir MtofMi , m rn (Vltni M tlie 44#*,. dauu, i Ocdea Giles awd MoBTSaAWw^a. their appearance too*eaten* hrtvln oa or brf.>rr tbs ?>? "T - '^""iTc^irS't ck-l J?k-. a, 'aswfi^s^' *o^

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