Newspaper of Evening Star, March 28, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 28, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. rilDAT March *% 1H7S LOCAL HEWS. Weill Of ra JJuun.? Kugiish opera- ?'II Trofitutt." . T???/er Cimtimt'?A rariety entertalnme r it of drama, r>c|, dance, Ac. Mnnjx't /fall?I.wtnrf br I)r. Woixlwnfil in a d of the Toner land for the advancement of Anti< ry rf Co. P. W. /.. 7.?Musical, l.ttrary siai dramatic cnwiuiiatnt. < nndrnml LomId. The rarlous Baptist churches of the District will h.M special serTires next Sab'.-aiii iu n e?? rr of the late Re*. J. W. Anderson. ??Gold " M>-fHllrd. of a large size, are now frequently caught in the Potomac. Thev canv.t trig.naily from the fountain at the Capi . of Messrs. Gaatz a:,d Applcman board ot public w >rks for extra ? oik on excavation for the B street sewer ha* Wen -? 11!? 1 by arbitration. John Kane, who wasstAbbed on Wedne^iny last by his brother Michael.and supposed to be f^ally injurtd. is reported to-day to be iin pr? vii-g. ' I?? frrtlTe McDevItt recovered to-day a .lia m?rd pin, valued at *1W, which was sMen ir? in Mr. P. M Oiilant last January,and had te? n ptfii up hy the owner as lost. A jcar.g woman employe in the hnre.n of ei gr ninK , ruit.nje f:.intfd this morning, whereupon Snperinten.lcj.t McCartee s nt f*r a e*ri :*gr *nd had her taken to hrr home. , rnt'' ??? the f male irramm ir school of tte viw.d .lijtrirt will give a s-. lect ent? rt ?in aiert vthe school bnlMiitg on 5th ntrwt this atf>riioon. The programme prepared for 'he eeea-:on embraces singing, r^a<Ji!!_.?, reeita. IM'IS, essays. Jtc. A rx>r,ci rf and ashibifion is to be given to night bv the pupils of the male grammar school ? f *te Fourth district at the Jefferson School bnlMIng, under the auspices or the Jefferson l.rtersry an I Debating Society, lor the of fonEdlrje a library. Fr. m ,1. C. Parker ami from Brad Adams we fcave Harper's w-?Vj r?r Apr,I \ containing a portra.t of Utadttvae, the British premier; also !*m* w.have the Daily Grnmku, (with an.fWtive earicatnre picture of ilr. EvarU.) and woadball ft Claflin's Wt.ll-j tor April 5. A state of the cost of the street improvements en Pennsylvania ar;d Indiana avenues certified by theeriK.aeer in charge of public buildings in accordance with the recent act of Congress has been sent to the Secretary of the Treasury by t.overrcr Cooke. and in a few davs the bill dae the fate corporations for work will be reim I ursed irom the appropriation for that purpose. M:<?ckm* Case of HjilrophoMn. IHf tt;TK?F A ItABID IXJti TUiiZg ?' STn? AOO. Mr. Kichtnl Staple*, who rcsMes on '?th street. near C? southeast, was t?k?ii with a strange a few day* since, which has de velop. .1 into a w. 11-defWd esse of hydrophobia. Some davs since he was taken with spasm*, nhich continued to recur from time to time each ere growing more violent, ami I>r. Mc Kim and Wal-h were called in to see him. Ai>' r a c ?r? ful i-*im'n*ton they report that it is a l ad case of hrilrophobia. Yeaterday tho ravirgs c>f the a<Mcte?t man became sj viol.-nr tfc^t nothing could be done with him, and his rt-MtMe- M to the in inpebarracks and got l.?g iroi,? and hand c;ift's, which were pnt on him to 1'Teyent danger to the househo' l. Hurinir the t*s he hecomts perfectly frantic a " > ,,u' h'tes at everv "one who apj rogciies him. and wh >n the fit w-'irs ol' re i.? r,early exhnnsted. Yesterday during one ?f hisineid irterv.ils he stated that he knew "?'?matter was. th? it wa* hydrophobia can-, d hy the bite ot a d >g some three inonthj ^go ;n ot the streets in Cincinnati. Ohio where he ww.stopping at thetiine. Theclrcum Marce i- itc dear him. and he sars he wa lrarfi.1 af tin* time and since of the results. The ?.?Kt< rs think the case will re?nlt fat Jlr as' ? very time w ^ter is brought in his presence he ?? at ore seised with one of these dreadful spa n.-, an.1 anyti'ing saggestiye of waier. siieh as the anpenranceoi a looking glass, eans->shlm ?be nH.^t inuiise di.-?re?a, aaasea and Irothlng 1Lt luoutb tttllctinp WlUT ( "Vf '>r tikTTIMi \XfiT(T"I.M\NN ! ? V". ^,K,ir> V", R c" T.-Police^omcr y iBeid ot the M'.-ond precinet. was calle-l u:>on vest? r.lav siu;riiooii t? oaeli a (1!-tsrhanceV tweea mm colored pe, nt? n ar Bonndary street. He vrnt to the wh*>re it w%.4 re. I'ortt!*! the row wa* on. a;xI there he foun t ?eolor*d u?ai? nnmd s?a Welch lying on the row, b!n bctit Mee*iiri? |>ri;!nKcIr. Hi.^aMiil ant. a eo'ore*! man nsni'Nt l/m Traatraan. had lett the place. Welch was taken to the station, when it was found that he bad receifrd foar severe blows on the bead with a billy, curing the scatp badly. He w i> retained th- re, an I if? a "?_ort t-.ihe I rant man spftear;>d and preferrel a .har^e of adultery against Welch, w'lom h r s a ??* he can jht in h-s r.xim with his wife, and wefit for him. Wtd. h denied that tli'rewas aaythmg wr-nj. but sars that be went t? TrantmanV honse to |^t* Mrs. T. t? mend his co-it. his own wife beiig a'-sent in t!i? co intrv. A* tLcpoiice conrt this morning the insv "ntiii" attorney entered a. nolie prosj<ml. ami Welcfi was discharged. . ? I.F< r? lajrsms?The Baltimore in-r c!?*r? ?" "w Ot the 'lepartneat* *t wastaingfoa reside*! in this citv.* w^s raving, ar.?! bad aecamaiate<| a eon?id n?Me amount of money that he ba-i loaned to a rel "'ITe- *by Inindicions peculations lost it ail. The loss m> distressed the clerk that he alt maie:y became insane, and had to l?e s? i.? to an asylnm. The Washington ?"thoriM.-s s> atpathizhig with tbc di.-trcv-d wife an.! ehil dren. gave the clerksh-p thnt the h i^hanl h?t the w"e, who fcr a t me tilled the plaeo asbisrtpr?>sratatlve, and was allowe.1 todra.v salary ot ai.'WO a year. Subsequently, in acerr. snth law. the wife was regn'lariy apt otnted to the cler*-hip that -he ha l m-J-t saxi-t tctor ly ami laitVnfly filled a* hot hn? aan?t . representative, hat in>tea<t of now iret ting the -alary of *>!,*o, -he, for the same w*rk. in tb- same position, because she is a woiu-in. ce?. only *> ,<>. a vrar. Thii seem, .a f.a,e of asr>lstdp ami legal!red injustice, for -.Thich the law, and not the authorities, nm-t be biaaietT SrtT roa a<.aissT thk B. a*d O. Uaiik ai?. 1 he Baltimore Ast ri, m of thi^ ?orBang says:?Suit ha-?^m instituted ia the,r court of this e fr as by the state of Maryland agabi5d the Bait;m^re and Ohio rail, read company for the of the wi !o^ an I ebi.dren yf Janes Keefe. who was killed <qa; time ago in ^he suburbs of Washington, 1) C t'*r;nJ? rnn over by the cars of saft company rife ii t.cWT the track at night. A Sit?.?. * I district or Col.unMa re.,nires !aA mJ ?j*'"" ?nst. while miming with'tirh" 1-lw iT ?' raV at Tl'rv "Iow "Kcd whieh Inw, t f.H.mrJ. wrt.* r:o! ited? an?! tui< re<:? f ? ?t if tlie ?lt ittfi of Mr. Keefe Th"* i4ln /. cia'm# d by V W^hw ;/.: lor the |??lies m inw. ir are I A C?? K!^{i Mai* 7- 5: BlftMrtSr.V?A Meai lii? prtper esivs. Mll HAU4 Ifi l?keK ?? correctly .nfornwil on Spotdiif matters *.?a. a main of ctK'lu, the Urjfst ever Inimht in tin section, has been arranged between a North A lab..n: a party aud the Washingtonia-u? who ?b f? af? d M.--' -sn pi and Arkau-as in the m ?i.i fonght Mar Memphis la*t sprinz. The enji tioi:- are to shov Jl cocks eacn.anvl fjht a'.l that match. - us? ?be ti^ht and tO.OOO tWOdd. The ii-rieit i- up. ainl there is but little do'il.* the m tin will be fought. The r?at?le ground has not vet been selected. Ac^o- it* terms of the agroemt i.t ,c 7 c rt .1 w'< b arn that the liabt .?ve . i. - If aUka ot MemjV.M takc w!th,:i ? ? ? ? Tmt. mnil *?F.rict.sof t jelate Jama* C. K> ? ndv took place a' his late residence, 1K<"5 It ?treet. yesterday atUn.oon. in the presence of a Ifcr^'c concouise of the fri?aslsof the <le mx <1. I he F.piscopal funeral servi<-ea were roaduetcd l y t?ie B? v. l>r. Watk:n?. of the church ot tiie F.pipbar,y. assisted by Rev. Dr. K t ight. ?i the same pastorate. General W. T. >?b. rman,e.< u< rsl Kataser. t'onim<*lore Kogers, Sen dors Abhott aiid Frellnghnysen, and Mr. .1. !?- Pi-rret, all intimate frieuds of decease.I. *?-t. d ns paU-^-earcrs. At the close of the re lijrunis services the remains were taken to the d? m an>1 left last evening for Albany, X. Y.f wberc itcy will he interred. Tii* Mmoroi iT**^out?i^oMatsstostgRa nut yesteiilay. and Private Owens was di niaiil lor violation of the roles. K. H. Cook ar.d Thomas Young were apj^nnte*! additional privates lor twelve months; the former to do ?tutv at the Agricultural department, and the latter at the Police Court. Charles (lidding* and Jos. O. Harper were appointed on the force. Applications tor liqaor licenses from John J. Yiebmcver. No. C street southwest; John B. ICuth, No. 1114 7th street west: Michael Hal lii an. No. 1J?M 7tb street west; Wm. Simmons, at the ftsh aliarf, tleorgetoam. and Ansos Fox. Piney Branch Hotel, near Brigbtvood, were disapprosed. Thi TtwmRABca Alliasce of the IMstrlet of Colombia met last nightr ami the constitu tion naa amemle.t so aa to admit representa tive- trr m the different charches of the city to I artiei| ate in the temperance work- A resolu tion was adopted expressing pleasure at the movements of the friends of prohibition in the state of New York to secure the adoption into the constitution of that state of an article pro the sale, as a beverage of all iatoxi rating li.jnors, by submitting the question, as a d'-stirct i.-eue, to the votes of the pe pis. and indulging the hope that the example wUl he rp< edily fbUowed throughout the countrj. A Eoy irs'inriB ar a Stovk Waoott About ' 30 o'clock yesterday afternoon a Httle tw v. nimiil William Smith, son of Moses Smith, living at No. 4V) Massachusetts avenue, was r:.n ever by a stone wagon driven by a colore-1 Harrison Smith. The boy had been 'i mi wgon l?lii?l the wagon. Sergeant Cieni ? nt? aid Officer M.i'i-by conyered him boms called in l)r Dulrajacl, who reniered aid. THE GALLOWS. Execution la Alexandria. (H1ELS8 BAILEY UICD. Tkc Crlae forwkkfcfce Saffere4Icatk How He let His Fate. [tyecial R'por* to T\' Evening War.] A ixxa.ndkia, Ya., March 3S 1ST3. CHrlei Manley, colored, convicted at the January tcrui of tlie t'ori .oration Court In this city ot the murder of an old man named John Munroe (formerly well known on both aides of the Potomac as a travelling tinker and clock mender) on the night of the 5th of July last, in the northeastern psrt of Alexandria, suffered ttie extreme penaltv of the law about noon to day by banging. The exeention took place in the v >trd of the city jail, nearly on the same s|?>t where the colored" woman Jenny was executed in l*i?, for the murder of li?r mistress, Mrs. P.asil 1>. Hall, by throwing her Into a Are. The ?xecution was witnessed by about WO I<i ons. Emitted by tickets to the Jail yard; while en the outside of the walls, on St. Asaph and Princess streets, there was a dense mas* of, mostly colored persons, who com menced to gather"early this morning, and were rewarded tor several hours waiting only by hearing the dnll sound of the falling of the trap. THK RfSH FOR TlClCKTS." Msjor James M. Stewart, the city sergeant , MifKiintt-ndcri the execntior. So great was the clamor lor ticket* to the jail yard he has l>e> n obliged to partiallv seclude himself from public \ iew lor some days past, to escape im I ortunitv. Not ontv were applications received from residents of Alexandria, but from nearly ? very county in this sectiou, and some from distant parts of the state. Major Stewart know ing ti.wt the jail yard would not hold more than -MiO persons, "concluded several days *;?o to issue only that number of tickets. They were made of green card board, with "Admit tance to the city js?t! Mareh 28, *73," printed on t>re side atid the initials "J. M. S." on the re verse. 1 bey went oft' like hot cak??s, the I aft one having been given out yesterday. Major Stewart says he is satisfied that application'* tor lullv 5.0M? tickets were received by him. Ha l the "execu .ion been pablic there would no doubt have been three times that number of specta tors. THE COJfPKIfXID XAX was a stout robust mulatto. In the language of an Alexandrian be was of "ginger cake color, and a little dark ginger at that"?whotte weight was somewhere in the neighborhood of ISO or ;;?) pounds. He was about 5 feet 3 inches in height. He w as born a slave on the farm ot Mr. Harrison Cross,on which he lived until the war, when he found his way to Alexandria. Here he worked occasionally and at times was given to drinking and keeping bad company. The Crime. The crme of which Manlev was convicted, and for which he was hanged, "was the murder of John Monroe, the old clock mender, on the night of Friday, July 5th, taut The victim was sitting near a spring in that portion of the town known as Petersburg, and another person w*s near him, both having refreshed themselves at the spring, being loatli to leave the spot, as tlus evening was oppressively warm. Here they were accosted bv Manlev and two other negru men?Sum and Lewis Payne?and the younger man of the two at the spring ran away, hut Monroe was nnable to get away, and ?ne of the party of three colored iu?-n haying stunned him with a heavy walking stick, the others beat hiui with stones and krukbats until he was sense less, and then robbed him of his watch, boots, coat, hat, and his box containing tools. The cm s of the victim were heard bv residents of that section of the city while the party were beating him, aid Mr. Monroe was found help less on the {from el. It was soon noised around that a man had been beaten nearly to death and the father-in-law of Manlev noticed that he had a strange hat and pair of boots, and know ing that he had been drinking and fearful that his character might suffer if the articles were t'oui.d at his house.early the following morning informed Lieutenant Smith,of the i>olice. Mr. Smith immediately proceeded to the house, v bete Manlev was found asleep, with Monroe's v> ateli under his head and the victim's boots at his bedside. On questioning him, the ofticer could obtain i?? satisfactory account as to how he obtained these tilings. He was taken before Justice White and committed to jail, and the wateh and l oots were tak^n to Monroe,who identified them as his. The assault occurre-1 (>ii Fridav nifeht ard Monroe lingered until J o'clock p. in. on Sunday, Tth July, when hj died. VAKI.EY'S ACCOMPLICES. Hie Alexandria police state that the Paynes, who are sa'd to hare been concerned in th<? asm ult. ai.d wlo the condemned man as late as last night declared were the parties who intlicted the mimk runs blows, are well known in Wash ington. one 01 them having lived near the Navy Yaid. 1 hev cou'.d not he found in Alexandria on the ?lav billowing the assault; but subse quently, it's stated, a dispatch from Washington was recw*' d in Alexandria asking that a man he sent np here to identify them. An officer was promptly dispatched, and the Alexandria 1 . . that lie reix rted thai the Washing ton officers d.d not have thu mcu, but could get them whenever wanted. TUK TlilAL. At the October term of the corporation court of Alexandria an indictment was toind again-t Manley. and his case was continued to tke J tn rnrv t< rm. when he was tried. Capt. D. 1. Smtof v.rv ab!v but unsuccessfully defended 1 im. The jury brought in a verdict of guilt \ within ten lumutes alter the case was given t> t!.. rn. Amotion tor a new trial was entered, hi d alter argument was denied, and the con victed man was sentenced to be hanged by ibe neck until dead. Manlej '* Story of the Mnrder. Ye*ttiday, a representative of T?a- Stai: called to see the prisoner, and Mr. KJiue, th ? jailor, showed him to a room iu the second r tor v. where Manlev had been allowed to have a talk with some of nis relative*. As there were a number of these present who had com ? to l>td farewell to the condemned man. the interview of the reporter with him wa? necessarilv brief. The prisoner was attired in well worn light grey pantaloons, coarse white shirt, arid thick light wai>tCoat. To each le? were heavy irons, to which wereat'ached the ends of a heavy chain, (nearly as thick a? a i o- chain.) abo'ut six teet long, the middle oi -.hich was fastened to a waistband or strap be bind, rendering the prisoner's locomotion slow ard painful. His face was round and full, and his features quite regular. He was somewha nervous, as he had just taken leave of some of bis relatives, and had a tearful parting lromh.s wi?e and child. The rej-orter taking a seat on the side of a bed. Manley stood resting on the corner of it, ai d the following conversation took place; Hei>orter Well, Charles, I have called to see jut; with a view to obtaining any statement you would like to make concerning the murder, and will ask vou a few questions. Vanity.?Well, (very much affected,) I got to drinking. D!U*KITtG WAS TUB CAl'3K ef my getting into it. Rep.?Was you alone? Manlev?1 "got to drinking with the Paynes'. 1 klivyv> a longtime, but I didn't kin?!? the big one', Sa^r *?-fy Wvod at tbo Navy Yarel. in Washiugtofl. Hep Did von strike the; m%n? Manlev?(feelingly and emphatically.) I did rot kill the man lam charged with killing. We Intel all been drinking, and when we weut to the spring we saw two men sitting there. Lewis, be drawed m Kt5ue t*z?r al|d cut the 8an? "tailovd to U?tm "b** up and gi 'u*M.d one rtlh tit- *ver the hill. This man I'm cosed of killing; before God my maker I did not kill. (A pause.) It. p.?Well, who struck him, and what with. Manlev.?The old man was HIT WITH A BLACK CUOOKSD HT1CK. ard halloed. Sam did that, and Lewis cut hl? tockct oft". I begged Lewis not to cut the old t an. Sam struck lilm with the tin bo*, and knocked him down. Sam beat him while I kept Lewis from using the razor. iThe prisoner here u ade another pause.) _ ^ ? Hep?Well .lid vou leave him then? Mai.lev. Yes we left ami separated. Sam gave me'tlie watch to take home, and they said they would come to my house In the morning a:.?I we would all go to Georgetown. Itcp.?Well did they come. Manley?No, sir, thev didn't come to get the watch, and Captain Smith came and arrested lilt:. Key It was l?aU for you that you took the * Manlev Yes, sir. That was the principal evidence' against me. Rep.?Was that ail? Manley?Charlotte Bell swore to some stories on the trial; bnt It's no use talking of that no w. 1 have no hard feelings towards her. t Bcp What time or night did this affair take i plact? I Manley?T>ced, sir, I can't say, I was drink I ing. am) r don't know what time it wu. Lewis, ; when BE CCT TH* OLD MAT, cut hts vest pocket off, and If they look they w ill Ond the cut there. _ K< p.?Well, how do yon feel as to your fhte? Manley?Thank God, I am willing to meet it. Jesus, 1 feel, Is ay only friend?my only hope. Rep.?How long sine* yon have been feeling so? Manley, (in a tremulous voice.)?Aboat a month, sir, ami I am ready to suffer God's will. At this point a number of the prisoner's rela tives having appeared, the reporter took leave of him. w lja< The bio his wife good night about o'clock last evening, and was th-n removed down stair* to his cell; bnt ? few hours after war "s anumber of "?embersoftae Young Men's Christian Association arrived, arm, no wa? bre UL-htout'tnto the hall, where fhey all engaged in di votie.ral exercises, in which the prisoner j? Imd, and ? xpressed h m-ell as being ready to meet his God. Since his sentence he has been ri-itetl at tiaet by various minUtfrs of tue city, : ro n^ then: R? v. E F. Sprigs. of the Kptsoopal cut feli; Revs. J. L. Rrlgwrc and tienry liruner, i V r- cl?orrh; Rev*. S. W. Madden, Field* took and G. W. Parker, of th? Baptist otiurch. After the services wer^ over h? retired, but during the night he rose several tlm-n. ami | sent lor the Jailor, Mr. Kline, with whom tie pr.ijcd. I tht* ?o?!nirn be rose about 5* o'clock and hi* irons were rnt ?f; ,A,f!Tr^mkL, ?.?/ hta br?:ikfa?t, which consist* d of three boil, d egg-, a niece of pork steak, and a cup of coffee, with bread, be at tired himself in a plain suit of black. A small roset* made of his wife's hair was pinned by Mr. Kline, at bis request, on hi* shirt bo*om. At 9 o clock his wife and child visited him, accompanied by his cousin, Ell: abeth Mason. They remained with him untU II o'olock. when I tbev took their leave. Ker. Ueorge W barker ! B, , Marshall called shortly after 9 j ik'J** o*clock a committee of i?.d fii"? ilf!? ! Association called, ! ?" joined in devotional exercises. At a tew mutes of 11 o'clock lie requeued to have A HLASS OF TODHT ?h?! iZ^e the jailor's Wire, and her thiil^P' \ u *c>me' be went out Into 155 f? ^ *P?ke * few wowto to them, and shed tears freely,, especially when taking leave of the children. He then took bis toddy, which seemed to cheer bim up. Returning to"the hall l*M^ont the cells, he took his seat near his wite, and jollied in tho singing a nl? gravers, when ha again shed tears copiously. ^Lbout 11 0 clock, a bile the singing was in progre.-w, the prisoner rcse, and taking each one l>v the hand, till!'ff*n am golug home; I feel LEAVE JIT wipg AMDCniLI) WITH OOP, There thev aie, o Lord, take ear.; of th in I can I rust Ihee." To Mr. Kline h? said, -"an. von ^Mr^irn 1 *fn ?oi,,8 I hank 1 r;'v',IMI> y?? have ?ioiie a* umcli a* a liotlier lor inc. Oh, meet mo!" Tho entire comi any present a .-re melted to tears. I lie services inside were continued until a f w character of" ? c ' *IH* they partook of tiic Tf^liir.ViIFJr,: A,Nl> rilATI;R MKETIXU. Inning this time he selected the two con cliMiiiig nymrs to be sunr, and reritsfed Lev. Mr Park.-r ami Mr. 1 C. O'XcjiI nrtsi to the ' th? vi Mi?c* A" 1,1,011111 ^company him . 6 that his Wife u take charge of his body, and that he should not be burp d until the "corpse had re mained one night above ground; and these rc . to comply with. During 01 e of the prayers, in which God was besought ?Vi car^.of bis aged mother and comfort her J:"""?*,"Tl" <>. ??>' ami drerecd (he prisoner with 8omt? con^olitorv re M irks in wWh ho said that thS wayh7ww about to go, according to the harsh sentence ot Ti**.0ne t*J"t 411 ''*d to go, aud we fhcnld all be prepared. They believed that !!W UuJ /vV\fthf're*( I,ri*?ner the 113th hymn col,ectton.) "Farewell, tare we II to ? 1 Below, was sung, the prisoner uniting with tj'-ni wi'h his head bowed down. Sub.seoue.ntly the hymns, "The Sweet, Bye and Bye," and ?ldVll i?,i^f",WiU Vou ^cet rs?" ???ns. ?*cept hii wife, with whom M ZVc&YufcES. ' n" ..... The Execution. iv , . , metl,,iK *?? in progress inside, Mr. o- ^ \a^,;,,ty'wal,naki,,? tli,; i Vk a J*H,W 1 tlie ???n was placed T'l'^eTlH^rV1 1 >a"^ very considerately ^re j'd.etl a table and chairs lor the rei>orte"s At a few minutes to 11 o'clock tit teen members ol the pelice force, under Captain Webster, 1,1 . }i,e ?,riw)n ?,l?l formed a hollow 8?iitare Mound the scafiold, and a few minutes srtcrwards about twenty citizens, armed wuh HI1. ?r?i' "P0'**1 l'or ?uitrd At 11 O'clock SL Jt ?'r ,VHi opened and the crowd hr'.i ft! wai^.I,re^'d thds' ?"?y who heid the coveted green pasteboard tickets being admitted. By this hour they commanded a ii'gli premium. <Mi entering rhe varl t'l ? ?pi eta tors rt mar>haled. tmt-ide of'tho liue Several colored women were in the crowd. ? TilK SCAFFOLD * a? erected back of the prison, and tho liich a a Is shut out the view from outsiders, J liig those on some of the highest houses of tlur section ol the city, who eve>i wit'i that advan tage could sot little more th ?t the cross-iteam and aemad portion of the ropo. The gallowt r?\rMiii1!"lV,M cr?ctcd yesterday bv Mr. W ?,' ? i" ,w,110 100,4 for 11 is model the Wash w ii i?? L? ' wLlch t,ireo executions have front bv ? ,T1,0 structure is ten feet to> 8 wide, and the platform is 10^ feet Irom the ground, and the cross-beam a tri:l > over ly feet from the ground. The trap is .iv; leet flush with the tloor, and is held in i.lacM In* a spiral spring, which is released by a treadle. 1 lie main uprights and croa-beam are Of l\s inch timb< r, and as from present appearances the of sueh an instrument may ;.e required in the case ot dackson, convicted ot the m-mler ol Lis w.fe, it ls built so that it m iv be taken si^rt, stored awav, and then be brought out and Mt up again wnh but little trouble. From the center ot the cross-beam, over tlie tr i-i ?X*TtV- r?I^ with the noose t one end,' *1'''.? t,,e ?,Il1er ?"'1 was passed along the to:, of LiV; M r1" x\^ U1'"le toa cle?t on the lu-rt: uj Tsii* to(k: was a tine piece of luaniil.i _ tLrce-lcurtliH of j.n inch in diameter~an?i w ? to drop tlve feet. JlTil^Uorm 'T reached byn ilightor a dosen or more steps o-i I the north sule ol the structure. thk scaffold. ? ?i iri ? u,terTiew of the cond inned ma? w th his w ne concluded, and it is said bv the jain rs to have hi en a v ry aitceting one, the m mbers ot the\oung Men's Christian Asso ^?jt'on formed at the door, and the prisoner, b, !l o /JO* ?SU,W:'rt ,,i!, deputy^ W. I). y ? '} out '.he yard at 1.':1ft, th< tLTiMian Ap.^ocfation stn^ing a verso ot" ^wir ?J ouUI wv start and fear to die." The pri-M?ner ko-ed neither to the riifht or the left, and walked with a <,mck step up the steps ain ?' breathless silence on the part of tlwue insid > t'u- I yard, but there was great confusion anion - those outside. The prisoner took his seat on a chair at the southwest corner of the platform, and Major Stewart read the judgment of the court and the mandate- ot' the Cviurt of Appeals. ?a ' il';r.v Marshall addressed the crowd i?? ?'i ' 8eek y?ll> U:'e or death He thanked God that the prisoner was readv and prepared to die. They should all be prc parcd He requested Itcv. Mr. Madden to prav and the prisoner knelt at the chair and a for rent prayer was oftend, all others on the plat fonn standing with uncovered head*. The minister prayed that God would help all to shun Bin, lo shun the intoxicating cup, and to give the man condemned to dio courage to meet his God. He implored the blessin* ot !&?'e aud chUd ;uld rcuu^?f ?, l b,i Pf.iwner warned his feat, while those on the platform and the members of the Christian Associati^isang the remaining verses of the ft} mn, f ' Why should we start ami fear to die ?" MAJiLtT 8 A DDE ESS VlHiM TUB SCAFFOLD. 3.aj?r Stewart came to the front and a-k^l attention, ar.d the prisoner then in a v.onder fully hrin voice thus addressed the crowd: !v friends and Christian brothers, I will say to you, but not tor my sake, let whiskv Sr?i? !f?fl8irt!ie<!cgl?of me" Mv desir^ is to meet yon in Heaven. I thank God that I -?\e s!,h?Pe that desus has promised to be with me to the 'ast. I ain't blaming anyixvl v but IsHemy advice and leave it alone The Christian has been ki-? _ kinder than brothers. Th^-"*i " *' dia Sftiihttth &>- j neen to 8ct Kmr S!.. !lt Sabbath, an 1 if it ha I not bell'"-" *a "nght lie laying on my bed in ui* day. Mr. Kline has also been more than a brother to me. My brothers, one and all, tarcwell, I am going home to Jesus." the last sad rckxks. Man ley on finishing these remarks ""ir vet. -1 to the drop and the persons en tho b_.- id took leave of him, when he related his request not to l>e buried until to-morrow. 11c stood tirm'y while his legs were being pinioned. The rope was adjusted, the black cap drawn over his bead, and at 12:35 o'clock a foot was placed on the treadle, the sharp "clang" of the bolts v;i heard, followed by the heavy sound of the trap, and those outside as well as those inside knew that the body bad dropped and the rope was doing its terrible work. The fall was sufficient to breik the neck, and the body gave only one or two slight shrugs. It was allowed to hang 15 minutes, and Drs. West and Adams then examined It, and pronounced lite extinct. It was then lowered in the coffin, and according to the request of the deceased will not be interred until to-morrow. A COIKCIDKJICK. 1 he place where tho execution took place was only a tew hundred yards from where tho mur der was committed. A Niw Corporation.?A number of promi nent colored citisens, male and female, among them William K. De Cordova, Rev. Jacob P. Hamer, Henry A. Gant, Col. PerrT H. Canon, George Berry, and Robert Green, have just ob tained a charter under the act of Congress in corporating themselves as the "Rose of Sharon Grand council of the I laughters and Sons of St. Luke." The organisation, as stated in its charter, has for its objects purely benevolent matter* and the performance of acts of Chris tian charity. Asrrsto ow tbs Chaboi of Thikvihq? Yesterday, Detective Coomes arrested J ube and Henry Tiler, two colored boys, for alleged lar ceny of thirty pounds of butter from the store of Metm. Wneatley & Kohrer on Tuesday last. Messrs. Sargent and McKlfresh arrested Alex ander Hastings for alleged lareenv of a hat and coat belonging to Cornelius Shlnn. The hat was found on Hastings'head. Ktbixstkiw aid Wiixiawski pay their farewell visit to Washington Saturday evening. These great artists should be heard by every one before their return to Europe. They each will perform some fifteen odd rare selections. The tickets for reserved seats may be obtained at Metserott & Co's. Do sot to de|K>?it In the German American having* Bank, 515 7th street north west, on or before April 1st. Depoiits draw in terest from that date. f H. IT. Hkhfutu a-lvertises tho best goM *l* ctacl< t lor only six dollars. t Tm* If ALLrcIWATIOK Of TUB SOHAA* Fa? ,LT?I? yesterday's Star *m published art account of the freik? ofa family BtnM Schaai, c<rnsi>tirg of the husband, wire and a y>ath, w*'? was supposed to be their son, who arrival mtbis city Tuesday evening from Baltimore srd on Wednesday went to ?T?e Execative Man Men and request tl an interview with President '-rant, statin* that their step-son*, Henry ami rrcd Schaaf, had murdered tneir Annt Kntrina f-*rp> *rid they desired to hare th m brought to justice. Their account was tkat In 1S62 the two step-sons brought on to Baltimore. from Pitts burg. Pa., their mother's sister, and carried tier to ? house on Mulliken street, where they mur dered her for her money, afterward*hn?binz np the crime with part of the plunder. The Bat. timore .Vtrn of this morning mys: "Inquiry at the location named as their residence,on Balti more street, developed the fact that tUev ba<l resided there in two back rooms fur the past six months. They lived hermit lives, the boy only ever being seen on the street. Thev supported by working for merchant tailors, and one of them operated on a sewing machine, the noise of which could be heard, thongh no one was ever admitted into their roms.Thcy h?d by tS?ir newborn, who sup were ,lvin* ^luJed as * ? r,OCk la*1 n,*tlt the family, in charge of two policemen fru?i Washington ar ?nT??, ? am,le? *ution< and were conducted Vi?r fc<T^e?Vli.0 """ha' ^ police. Deputy ^ i , , informed the Washington aflTcers I i . ^ o*>ul?l do nothing for the family ami advised the members thereof to return to their home in hast Baltimore, advice which thev ir> pcared to receive with great pteasnre. Th.^ appeared to be straightforward people con I ?i??S*.ratloI!*,,jr uuon everv men tioned, though prrei>ting in their hailaeination

$r,lc^fT)l"^ e opposed murder. While in Washington city several physicians examin d tliem ctosqly, and seemed to take considerable oner?i !' V1L' cmr-.wbirh " a very .Zd one. no instance being recorded in medicil works where a whole family at the same time wire uudcr the same hallucination." Colorado Sapphikks and Alaska diamonds in goM. also opals elegantly cut, sot in go'd, rings, studs and earrings, received at Prix's le^iS^t.^- 457 ^^vAola avi'nu ', e * THE COURTS. Cartter.?Yesterday, tlie Bi?? bfnra: Brown vs. Chipraar,. Hff fvr ei^e'Lin i T"1"""1/ verdict fur puiu March ft wl J101"'"1 fr."1 maturity of ie.t?, V "*" ? K'akrinava. Freand A Sherw mvI reSKHr^'4Sidc^U!n to Jury-Wllj thrw^^ViRL^rf/w^ w^WrMi, Sa>HUnwM fii''. ^?r^,nil1 estate ?f Ncbolaa B. V ?u S?F 7?SUKXfX& 2 *? i Corn quite?a-? i^n^f^^'Vhh b. if!S drnnk and disorderly; the jnd?e sai<?Wvr?i,i!i FT IT- tti" ?"?*< but If br"u*ht up L t would give her the fnll benefit of the law r^SH? CA*K or MR E p- Ho'va.* Tr.e fellow)iig report appeared in W-dne?.Hr'? EtfhaVte# ei&WS if re,Mlon to U" ?w*. VWas^'/r"a,St ttti ocrv.rr^d in Decmter last, and the warraut was is <1I'D d?y l*ut wh-< not f'??iu i how/'? i:d^r,h ?: omr\* rX Ofllee^ ^nt % a ve ^ h i?^cn eat ion at it ?'r?ronh?'hJoiV?- a reporter, and ?:?sso..n r,, ""'he li iit?-nant V report at headquarters t>r J! n ? *"?'nekU'-<wsliitii in that rapaeitv Tli. n<,t *pp' ar,"t>' Mr.fkmenternda ho.'/, In justice to Mr. Howe wo will stat- tint h- in teS.'&J ni* !"'f 'T* ",u ol ?t?e< itv sin -? ? i ?i ' iCt 1 f been fiiiiinl an> tiui t by v'i'l'l ilr,C\rTtb*,H} V ?ft*1 1r- Bavis n.une time SJ| ? w ft. cmilaint, lie does B >t see on wh r t'o'ii.-i the proceedir.g ?tat<?<! took place. II?- -1. ^ farther, that he iias never hcldachil office uti'l?r |ht eovorniHf Dt> ni)?t th:*t tlie* entry nnon the Hla* ti'.i.hf.w,. l?,ok to the efiVct that heVave hta a r*'l> 'r,' r ,Wi"' a mistake. He gave hi. %tiZKWnru*u?wr u"w-? ^-r ?????. ??> ?> GEORGETOWN. mVOA.L >''.ra['e?A telegraphic dispatch re ceivid yesterday afternoon from Cumber'an.l aniiuunced that the boatmen's strike for an in ,rc'i^llt ha'' eomjiroiuistvi atth the coal complies, and that the V?u i f,! ?aJ company had commeuced loadint: There eeems to l.e a conilict of opinion m t wLetUr there has betn any setthmei't with the other eoal companies. The agents here had no advices at 1 o'clock to-day, and were of th ? oj-ii'iun that no arrangement had been consnm rnated except with the New Central The Cumberland v*,? of yesterday htatod that there was uo change in (he as|>ectof the iMjat sti/ve atr^nC'*Hlii*: ^>u,/y T>""* regards the strike at,in end ai;d congratulatch ita reader .poi, the event The rates agreed upon with toe .New Central company are the samoa.. a P2FXCAmCDtr Uie co?? tr;H,? 'a?t s.a y>n, M.4^1 to Georgetown and f 1.13 to Alexm t'hkh ? i company has built a new office hen ? rve* to be followed.^ Corxkb Loafiiis.?The pollcc of New Vork sre making coiner loaters "move on.'' Tiiat would be a good order fur Georgetown, now that nt tl!juui.y18 l,a,,<l. tor there are mor. 01 those nuisancer here to the s<jiiare yard tliao in any other town in the couutrv. A corre* pendent writes to The Star about the antics^ tli? . ? S8? candidates for state's prison an,. !A #?,OI . ?V 'e H;ivs' Infest Fayette street north and eouth ol h'irst street, anil h.iv * im pudently accosted scliocd girls in that part ol the town. Hp adds that there are some Oeor ? ? town fafhers who wi 11 be mighty apt to put ? ^i? im ,n t,ie >ou,,K rufli.itis, ir ihe\ Sthii P1'tU 10 lu>ult thu daatJ??terB of eaiii Chain Trade?There were no arriva's o' ftn i ut aM the culvert at the Point ol there ? m completed sooner than exacted there *U1 be several cargoes in by M^ndav N*PWfl._Arrived_Thp steamrr o. H. flnrr;i D ^dadclphia, with a full cargo o! general merchandise; steamer Express and Georgisnua, from Baltimore, with mLscellaue ons cargoes and schooner J. L. Newton, from ^ao 69 general merchandise for Hartley & Bro., and 229 barrels of potatoes L-ri ?? C'caretl?:Steamer K. c. K jiight for New York with 1,400 barrels of tlonr. ii i of K k?Editor Slar: From the "rt .pr>cce t-ublislied by the ice companies o this District, It appears there is an increase of f>cl cent-in th|1 pricc ofice as com pared with fast season. While we do not be heve.that our ice companies have reaped a ve^s iCt d<^iVrtir0m Ka,e 01 ic? !? t^ner Jn?h k w Miein passingjy strange that after such, a winter as has just passed? than whieh Jif ^as one more favorable for storiiw ^ price ofice ^hoult! be advanced to 00 an* I for^ioTrtl IHfred' Whilfi l!Wt ****>" 't soi.i for 40 and fiO cents. q 1873 spring. 1873 T8FMEN 1)018 STOCK, TMIJIKKDOrS STOCK, TBIMFNPOrSbTOCKl TRKHSNPOl'H STOCK, TBKMENBOUS STOCK, SPRIVO AND SUMMCB CLOTHING SEgJSSU IS? grMWEK otofniSS: l?5i5? 4^S Sr .MMKK CLOTHINO 4SR si'mmek clothino SPBINO AND SLJ1MEB CLOTHING MENS', YOrTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS HlSg . YOUTHS' AND BOYS WENS, YOUTHS* AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND B0YB, At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS S. At A. STRAUS'S. CALL AM It SESf (A I.J AMD SUM! CALL iiMl ShE! ( ALL AMJ SKK > CALL AND SEE! ?55*1 t^ROAINS! BARUAIHS! ORKAT BARGAINS' GREAT BARGAINS' OR EAT BARGAINS.' iiilHSag-mSt ?& sra'sts? OHLf4fcttT iEtr Is f iwiL ffli'n vtWf MV.FrMy ient; r n 4 C- K*?"dr. PrS; mnnL>?i Mttirr, Trwwr, t? vh^nn aiDcimi. mniucatit na ma, b? ; p offlca Jk.x 4 ??. CITY ITEMS. Alt. or rn* unrrmLW ofChMdtlkn kt Hamilton & Pearson's. Y. M. C. A. Build in* 3J8.W2; CoK?rv*as should aw fross one-fonrth to one-half less of Doolev'c than of other Yeast or Baking Powders. It Li put up fall weight. 6 Part* Basoi, cheapest and best In use; Ham ilton ? Pearson, Y. M. C. A. Building, ath and D *ree?. ^ 5.28,eo2; are the agents ft>r McDonnell s celebrated Champagne Cider. This article Is pace and delicious. Sold whole ?t their Wine Store, 1325 E street, National Theater Bnil.llng. 2 Spriko Merino Uudershirts. SI 12^ Can* Uudershirts. fl; worth #1.27 TV indsor Scarfs, handsome color*. #1. f i.VJ tn,Jr,r an'1 colors. I.isle Thread Driving Gloves. New goods. Geo. C. Hkxsiko, 410 7th street. Dr. Bthghah, or Ne% York. 413 ISth street near Pa. are treats ParaJrsls, Khcnmat1?m, t ancers, Blood Poisons, and Nervous dts '?**? ^ 3* ?.,^?or?a!fps havb BfcsN ( iiAKAin by the use Of the I trttrttf* Syrup (a protoxide of Iron) from weak, sickly. suftV ring creatures, to strong, healthy, and happy men snd women, ant in valids cannot reasonably hesitate to give it * trial. For Dy*pep*ia and Debility it is a spe CltlC, ? . _ LI"xt*KT, IT-.'alUi, K.ronomv in?ured bv nai?iz Doelev s^east Pow.ler. Elegant Light Roll*. Kiscuits, Jtc., prepared in ten miuuUss. Try , , -? Chmkt Balsam?The ra?mnrT of f>r. i embalmed in the hearts of thousands * boin his Hals am of Wild Cherry ha? cured ot coughs, coids, consumption, or xira.) other form of pulmonary disease. It is new orer forty years since this preparation wits brought before the public, and yet the dew in I for it is con stantly increasing. ^ Hitn. avd Ui-ckratko victims of scrofulous diseases, w*o draj voir line.ear. persons into the company of betW I !?tn; 'if Ayr't ScrsapariVa, and purge out the fool corruption from your blood. Ee*?0-e your health, and you will not onlv enjoy life better, but make your company more tolerable to tho?? who must keep it. eoo&W ,,'R Cocuhs aid Throat Disorders, use Browns Bronchial Troches," bavin* ,ror I their etliciency by a teat of nanny year? eoJ X?*CT l/J"r/?le at wholesale by f k | 4*) Pennsylvania avenue and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf The cowvi'kity at Urge appreciate the use fulness of Singer s Sawing Machine. 1..5 kTwvi;YTIOSAL ?*vi?ea comer of 5" * Vork iveiiue and 15th street, pays 6 per ct. per annum on deposits for each calender month Banking hours, 9 to 4. 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"'tins.-* f r nu n and l>..j?. Wo have a Urg?- -fKk ai.J oflt-r ?r?a; i>aitai?<. ^ k' . BENJAMIN MILLER. _? " '"I Bri.l^g Etr?-?t, <j}.-,rg- town. THOMAS llOWUNO, Aactioueer. IBrSTEE !? S\LF OFVALLKY VIEW FARM @ Ait A It UEuKGETOWX. ' r.h Jwd oftrUMt. dat^d F-brnarv 7f .1 I? ,"'1 r;*conJ. <1 in the laud rec r i r 11 il? District, In Libtr T. a i.| It.. !<?> S Ht r'i!r?J?L''* se?|.-, aij'l at (lot re'iue-t of tl?e party ?.? r^A VMuiut'i ?ell, at 1 he pn-mlar*. on SAT ?? 1 w ' ^ ^af ff March. A. D 1S7.1 Ht 1^ an tT?f r, r,."t wMic awtion.totbfl highest'oidder, J hi II K ... '1'.? K,aJ' fonnerlr uvgsl by Ji/nu If. Kiiije, and kuuwn as tlJO ^Valler Vm* (arm, descrilnd as rdlow?; B (tinriina n, rc!i?-a BaH ,:?"-'Tn uortlj V f'-' - the tr%e*J> IK Barter, aiid runnitic thence sooth .West *i 6 10 ,0 K' ,1? ^ ?? I: thence h'the . JS -ide wLffi. ? e S>lT<?*-ing si* (6) coaraea; N. 60" W 30 w!li S ^ 13 Per.di'ei; 5 ??? " ?P( rchav N. J\* W . 20 Mrche?: \ a*> E. 33 perchee; thee, leaving said road, A>oth .?T linelietweeii "Ailiaurt aud th<> Murd'-ck part .f -White Haven " thj-neo by Raid divisi^u line atraiitht to Ue k<xin 12 "nJ wVchei of l51S, *;r?pai'l. antl for which the preti tit sale is advertised, is 0, with inter. -t m ? Kl,fr? February 27U., 1-C2, until pail. 1-ttvwfr, fo I ni*"u"'n. which an excel Dr^Lr . i a,?,'ltt)ro<u buIHIaga, and Rn %SBSiS!iSS??*0"? *"J ""4rU" Q,"r?'' Terms of sale: Due third cash, (of which *?v? ??SJ^ ''epo*ite<l when the property is Ktruek >?ft and the r> ?idue within ten dava afi. r sale ) and the balance in thrw, e.,ual paym.^ts, at onX tw ?. and Vir-fV' interest at siv per cut. from th thl rrorlJrtV"fC:iri'. y *"1 a deed of trust iiP.,n it ti? conveyancins at purchaser' It the terms are not complied with,the depoeit to be mU e< td THOMAS DOWLIXD. A-ict. TH* .^CSH IS OVEB, TllK ACCUMULATED ?7u i1! i!! ready for delivery; mgreting thn una SJ*r n *?"'"> ,n ,h? deli vary of work dunnit the m Ji ? ?WIB*,to the imp<iaaibility of securing ilhd workmen in sufficient numbers. * 'hankful for paat favora, having at present a full corps of flrnt-claaa artiaa'.a, with every fariijtv to m?et promptly all demands, i respectfully solicit s continuance of the same. ^ *oucu ? W. IX. WHEATLCri PREMIUM STEAM VYE1NG AXU SCOUK h\U ESTABLISHMENT, janlT 4# Jefferson street, Georgetown, D.O DRY GOODS. OVELY POLKA DOT GOODS, fr .rn 12* cents up, to FOULAUD SILKS at, at BUODUEAD A CO'9, irfl-3m liiOA F street. m?r21 : SfRlSG DRY GOODS. Besntifnl DRESS GOODS in the new Mignonet t UAdes. 9 Urs*4. ^CK SILKS aia! BLACK ALPACAS?at Ibw thao regular prices. Housekeeping DliY GOODd for huteU or privik familiot. OJiE PRICE ! JCST DEALING TO ALL. , BCUAM * WYL1B, 10.19 and lOUW 7th street northwest. Al'o.arenry for DEMOREST'S NEW SPRING r.\T 1EKNS. juat r?c.-i\><l. mlutf 1?I.EU ANT BUCK SILK, fr->rj .? 1 .*)-in. and a J full line et a'.l kimls of M'KI Sl5 and SUM ME 1; GOODS just recel\ed at BRODH E M> A CO S, irarjl-3m 12(ld K street. JittropolUan Dollar Store. Though every one of my cust<'ns<ys, and, iu fact, everybody ho eutera luy store, is aNtouiahed at the large variety of goods offered,?nd at their extra <r dinary and unprecedented praiseworthiness, yet I :tai stijl adding new and poaaibly cheaper aud better goods every day. The articles arrived and now of fered are: Sjjuare Solid Walnut PICTURE FRAMES, 8x10. at toe., with Oisss snd Back. Star-shape Folding HAT-BACK, solid walnut, fl. Oval-top LOOKING OLASS, lu'txlt, ?1. Five-botUe PLATED CASTORS, f I. Handsome 3-bottle BREAKFAST CASTOR, fl. 'Very fine French Wit PHOTO. FRAMES. |1. "KlKSS&l'iuiTs .with or wtthoot chain, sfDOLLAR BASKETS LAC* TI "owVe^PutTovIE;tli toe.. Jfet' ilSs'jlAfiL'ii'li alnAn. EEYE BUTTONS Mi STUDS, at 8C?|W6*|ftM fl* lathoosand other articles. ff? old rssdt aftrtd. Ne*> tiods datly rtenvvL Htm mrt mm im JlJrtwi'ishnr. Yon an walrots at sag Mm to Sl? IITUTI STUIT, AD s>?_ *jSTi5ij^g PAYD BUSBY I 00, GROCERS. J^TLABTIC MILLS. rurSHED WHEAT Can be V njrhi ?* J. B. EBOOODS, ' T(?nWr with cioiri oaorntn I fontff Wli <ml U ??'?<??, n rthv ? * ^ s. waukiVkoN, WMmli Bad Retail flrMtrv IBIS fltowU Si'tr* Xmtb+t*t. Mimm II mm* .? TEAS' TEAS! TEAS I Ityta Tan, g"**. IK; chjh?,?t; r?ry lt?i. 9 V A. Oin??4n ? |M article fir |1 OWm <??>>?? Tm, |I 8: t?nr boat. 91 JO Imperial Tea. ?V. 74c, $ I; i<*; flJt Good Black Tew, three ponn4? for ?I Wf ktnabo ? nt of the flaeet o!fred ia the rttv Alee, an extra Eugliih Breakfast To*. FLOrB. Be. Welch1*, BvV Tennev% an.l o?b?r brant. m Fi-ur, all at io*?i? ihweible pneea. T?? r- iindi Lard far f 1. ?"Men S?ru?. per taiion, 71c; our }l. T^n pounds New Date-. 91. Nine pound* Wp* Pmnes. #1. Peanuts, bail bushel for % 1. i _ _ ? BRANDT. GIN. *r. I Pnr? French Brandy, per bottle ?. ? 91 Ji 1 California " ? IjO Pore Holland (Jin " . 1.0T A r^f-Iica ami Mneeatel Wine, per bottle Bl ?? 1M Sweet Catawba Wine, $ J per gallon. C. B. O"HARK * BOM. MO-tr 1X13 Tt?. ?tr~t N W . hetwewn ? Wn4 B P BICI LIST or OROOHRImb BLPHO.MZO YOIX;s ft cw?. sua ASH, -a? <????* rOREBRAHDB, vtJZrtSl - M&J Granulated... iS {{*? J* 1 <? ?j?; gf j ? flour. Smtv* jLu" g *? ?m?3*" SUNDRIES. holf^ | 1 ^ # Br.gMsh ttarranu .ZTTj ih? r?J * ?*. KMnine?choice.... I n I<* J * W inalow^ Gmg Com"""*" ? I Mi Tomatoee-I Hm 2 , ?Q? ?r 1 ? T catoes?3 lbs. ?'"'"* ? ?*LS ' 'r 1 W ?MC===lSi '.2 A cana (or I if Call at or,c?, a* we r.ann-* rna'ant.e tb; above ai> paralleled low prive* fur any drticite Itiig^h of ttm* ELPHOKZO YOl'MGS ft CO., H HOCUKS, B. YOCBOB, I MASONIC TEMPLE, WM.H. SEARS.< y^T?. ;< tr TZAS! TiASl Am a ? YABT TEA ?** i3.ia ? add BLACK TEA*.VuclTaa la r Id conutry, aud at I have a fair ai.d palatable BBEA&F4 SB cent* aer a>n>?< " " >air ai.u paiatabla BktAli hut tk. ^ * centa per puuiid. It u paro X TBA * j?>.g ? t ^* bcbohbll, 133B r ?treet. near Ebbltt Uoum STEAMER LINES. WASHINGTON. BuBFOLK, B0&T0N, AND U PBOV1DEBOB. The fino Inn bteauer LADY OF THE (LAKE ha* ire rrawiued Iter regular trips to jpa?k Norfolk, will leave her wharf, foo?_fc?"5*?*_? of tth atm-t, ererj MONDAY aiid^^M"^*? Tlll'BhDAT, at 2 p. in., touching at principal Biver Landings, at Norfolk wlta Stf^ a?h>p of the M. and M. Line for B"*t?n and Pr.nid^noe. Freight ahoul-LIx' ad<lreae< il "care of Ladr of tb* Lake, via Norfolk/' Branch ti< ket office at KnoxV Expreaa Offlc*. HOa P--nn?rlvania av?uui'. T. M.CBOrt'H. Ae>*nt.ftli-ii?reet wlmrf. DOB^KY CLAttBTT. Orneral A^'-nt. bi14 Plant> Store, cora-T U.h at. ai.d Pv ?-?. N M AN LINK BOYAL MAIL STEAMFR* TO AND FBOM LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT Ul'KkNSTOWN, rr?ti Every THVB^DAY and 8ATVRDAT,<tixR Irom Pier 46, North Bivt-r. New Yurk?"** kates or riMACv Cabin, ?7S and ?W gold. Excuoien tickets at reduced ratea. bteeraai?To Qu?^n*t?.wn. Liverpool. Olaattow, LoiidoixieiTT,London.Cardiff or Bristol, B3U cur Wioy. Prepaid oertt&catea from above porta, |fi currency. Apply to JOHN O. DALE, Arent, 14 Broanlway, N<'W ?< rk, or t<> D. A. BHO&S \N, Wmhinron, O ?treet, between >>h ar.<l 10th atr--'<. f U l;n ^Jl'NAKD LLZik. TUB BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN BOYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW TOKK AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HARBOB. FBOM NEW YORK. ?Cuba Wed?Mar.M I 'Buaala. W?d_Arl b> Al<>?eiiiia...^?d?Apl. S Calabria. .Wad Apl. 1> AlgenaM_..W<-d...Apl V | Jn\a.? Wed Apl. 2i Mcamera narked tboa * <U> not carry atwrafe paa engen And every following WEDNESDAY and BATCB DAT froai New York. Bttlc or Pas^ask.?Cabin, 9SO, 9100, and ?13 gold, according to acc<mini<?lation. Ticket* te Pari*, glf, gold, additional. IL^nra ' ?? ?VI M>| JV'U , OUV Return ticketa on favorable term Steerage, f Ju, enrrcney. Steerage ticketa front Liverpool and ?|imw?i, and all parta of Europe, at loweat rate*. Through bills of lading given to Belfaat, Glangow, Havre, Antwerp and btner poibt* on the Coutiueut and for M ixllterrauean p> tta. For freight and cabin naa M,apply at the Company *? office. No. 4 Bowlw.f Oretii;iur eti-erage paeaagv, at Mo. Ill Braadway Trinity Building. _ novia ly CHAS. G FBANCKLYN. 4 M'HOB LINE STEAMERS BAIL EVERY SATURDAY. Paaaecgera bo< ked to and from any Railway Bta tt'n or Sea? >rt in Groat Britain. Ire land, a r a 1 Ni iway, Bwedeti, Denmark, U< rniany.AwHK Krance, Holland, lieigiuiu ana tbe Uuiti b''At?W. "CrWn farefr m NEW YORK to LONDOM, LTY EBPOOL,GLAbOOW and DERBY, $6? and |T? EXCURSION TICKETS. fl??. Iutennediate, -jiA; btoerage, S<(0; all payable la Currency. Pirtitf sending for th~lr friends (n the Old Conntrj can p'.i -haae tickets at lowr? ratna. For farther aptly to the Agent, 0. CAMMACK, Jb. 14S3 F atreet, W*??iinjrtcin. HENDERSON BROTHERS, mayH T Bowling Orfen, New Torfc. IV EW KAPRKbS LINE VIA CANAL. UTint!) PHI LA PEL PHI A, ALEXANDRIA WA., WAS MRU TO 2* t OM KUKluWH, U. C. Sailing day from *^cr ?.North Wharraa, PM ah ia. Wednesday amt satcb. -m* DAT, at IH n Fro?. ft* Waterattwet.GwrjpNown^^* D. C., TCK8DAY_andSATUBPAT. at M for D. of 0. Fa.; wE^a, ?2L 111 EBCHABTB LIMB OF 0TBAMSMIP8. wabhimstSITabI) new yosk. W Viu YuT^l. q!! J? w PlMOTAIjr^GMOBOl MOLTMA# kM | Bft from BBS Pennsylvania avenue to 4?7 Pnna Md SHOeVh^iwL^" t>M BOOT ' . ? _ ?(4?aBa, and oBars great IMaoaasnti to RAILROADS. UiLTIMVBI AND OH IV D BAILBO\D W**H ?. W3 1?T' ^T" " 3 ? m Yt?ia* b?rw??n toA*NiN4JT<jR k*|> BALT1 f'U art W ASH T Bo Tub i\l' TLK?UTik o? run at luilvvv* ^ n: f.fc |AI TIMORB i-a?e tetly i wit . m ? *f. Ifl. *t f g nxl 1 .?? n. ?.: L?, Ul, 4 to. AJP ?. *' UK a-4 U| ok sfkDAj ro?. Baltimore UwtM4:<|?a4}Mlt.>. ,wJ *-lA.5* ? 4BJII ?. ""j ? rif ALL V ft* ItiTI"** U?T?<t*ily, ncrpt B?---la , at tv ?? and ? m a. *i.; ?. to im 8* P m . ?'xt ii at 4 ?a a.. l Mm ti.,4i4 MP T.lA. J >'. ai..l mm p n The 1 V. S:U ?>4 ( II f. II. tra'fia ?i -p at <to? fo| ? ?llil |M?M mil, rti IM^akn'i. B iu.ilt? '.jMrii, Am.t^'ln )t*' 't. H????<?? and Mao, tk* I III m will ?t p ai ()H, ta4 |U JU r on at P*ur'? r"r.?? ,4. PoB ANN'. POL 19. Lr?" ?t??f ?. m. and 4 IC p. ?-, I ut n?. trtw to 01 too' A' Ita on 9ni. l u rot k? Kf>t k ra ali pa rts or tub wbft Left" daily. pt Satiudai aj 1 Sunday. at? M t. ? tUMItM 14 r.ii. Oi Sa'i- 1a> ?? ? 4t ?o.. ? i* r ? i *om1 on b>>. lay at I U4*4 *tm p. m. TRA IKS ABBIV I iB ntll >?? fr<>n. t>?k,hi'l?l?|iii4 ib.1 Baltimore, at * ?. *1 . tod I * Mud IU p m fi. iu I'l nikl. !(>Lu4t~i Hil'.m re at f BR a m. Pe.?- Baimi... at * :*?. ? .?>, a ?0 ail II U i. n , vnd 7:?. ? and hi *1 p. m. PROM THK WEST Arrive at 1 ? ? * anl U ft f in Thr. nrti lick-ta t? tb# Mm nab* bail at the # aetiu gt >n Staiw-u Ti k?4 J*. .? at all towa <4 th?? lay; atoo. at tb? C tupaup V rtke, 4*4 I'-unay 1*mi? oruue. Pane, re t* per hatina tick*, at iw? A<< iQf .'(hi* rait lt.< rr arran*? l?> have ih-ir l>a*ir-w? ?*ii?-.i fur na<W h.-cked at tu?r r*md>-n<->., taken u tL? let t. and rat into th. baggMe car. r r Ki-w T r?, Phil?d-irif? and B ?a?.<? mi.;. -art v-m.-nt of "Tttroar I Lite" Tlli >8. R SUA BP. \?*1 Iwlw Tran**>rtaUav. L S. OdLK, wm?I TIcM Ar>*. uEO 8. KooNTE U' ..1 A'ft. V?iWi.HBt. *13 I LIMB BKTWIM tA AMIINOToB ,PHIL.' DEL ft. 1A, AND Nl'W K'KK ?. MTI Tr?in* t*tw?w o ^ AtillNCToll 4i>4 kkW l'UBtk ra rm mr t U<><? *. l i K NKW T?'RR. w '! -vr <A?m? a# ?rr*. L. ?i*ay ifit' p* li.t:Ji; 1 at ?> ju a. at., IjM ??<! W p. m roB PI11LAPK1 ruiA UlH d?il> lau^H Auk.tiai ) at a a. at., 141 and AAJ OB BTKWAT. for N?* %\.ik at o ao p ui , and PVilad<*lplua a t.-Jk! p. w bl?tptu? i am for Wr? fork om (At 9. ?traliv Vironiili tlcfcKa to PI. :ad< Iphla. Bew T -rt ai>1 d>mU b aao I* Lad at lh> Mat lob UaStba at all boat a f til- liar. T'-t BaltiniPt* and Ohto ra lri-a^ adT?^-ti?^mrnt ? ? ? h ilr.l. W a>h?i*loD, Balliluur*, Au..ayo In w4 the * ?*. Til*'S. R (iHAIP.Awl Mutf Tran?^-rtaUoti. L M co I.E. U< urrai Ti. kK PRO 8 K<x?XTg. Ami, ??aliitictoa. \ LBxiiDBlA ALEXABPKIA^A FRR1>KBICRCBI no H n. (Vm a/ i> amJ Suit Brail. ?? . ? ? * PO .Pif, f :JR5 P !rt. 'Trail* BiaiW?d tbua couiitct wiUi tra.ui u Vaah a(i..ii aiid tHilo B. K. Stl AKTlCU Aoc uin: Jatl 'D toaraa W^.blr?t a 'Jlfii kJ*>lF,ru |K S.?r*',a>. OU1 aY Si-ITHI.UN Exrucss. rla B!<-bm?r>1, ??im XA aabinirtvia k &l |.m d?il). r*<--pi t?ni.da?. 1 !.n ngt. ti< k**i? U. all p.?li t? H. uth aixt Soutk?n< ut sale alOfcm.eiirwi Ukh ?r?< aad P-nuaTlra* Ja avci tH?, and contar fah ai*4 and P> nn?j irauia ? Ix rf aaaM-ua-r* aau li?>? ontora for fcacyaaa to t..? bn k?4 at ?U uvtala and r?aiA?ttc?a tui^aa'b Co daavi 1%) (Oil ? K b. Toryn om P???rn?r^Kg-vt. )T* ?( u altimorFasu PUTUMAC O BAILROAP, Lhtnt cm. CA M l b urettt, M. IT.1 rkAlS? LKAVK FOB TBAIXS* ARB1VB AI BAtTIMORB. I WAMIIKtJToi. .A! a. tu., Siagara Pt| .4 53 a. Hi , ? rn Ltp , ** I 4?;i? ? ** * daily. J:* .. ju., Baltunorv Mali, daltf, S ju ? in., W??t?ni Kt| daily, e?np? hniklar, , ?* p. ui.. Batlin <;rr Ac- t u f m? Partftr Ktpr^*, ecn iui,1eti ?,daily, el-1 daily, vscan iteudar daily.?tc. p* Sunday. ? ni . . - ii* 8?ad.^ 11 4.M., tooaU-rn??r , daily. ~ ?; * ?t *? '!?', ftc pi >i*udar c? pi tlviiuf. 9.**# p ni.?Ac in ., ?Ai p. lu .Ci?>citinatl B\-j daily, pr**,daily,ekt?<?4 Sun jKU p'w., #. uth?m *i .<* f... W?d,ru Exr ,j Lr" 1 ttwu Trail. toaTing Waal fu ,i n. at 8:S a w . and ? ? f ?.., umM at Boa to vhIi traiua f.? HarSuru', i*'!!1* iTi'l 4' ??kI t It p. u., arriimi aA 1?rll-ri'llCa.111 ?<Wl i3| ni Tia.xt arriviit?r at to aahiiuft .n 11-08 a a |MI '< ?. m.,i.>tin?i-t a* B??to ?ltb traina i?a?:n? **rlL o' 6.ZS a. iu. aud J:SJ p. in. Paaarto?Ttaf tk*ir 'JTdan at Tirkat ori.(T of Uth ?rol *1. ! P< uuaylvania >*?-uo?> a; I lortt.a oet corner jf HiiLh atr-?t ai.d P nnarlvama h?r? ?lleir ? -????- call?d for Mickaok. ^ '. '. *" N Hh and utviubna, Itotoana, lauctB, ^ ^ TorNQ.oiVp^^'^''^ IS72 PBITKSTLVakKa BOl'TM 1872 ro TUB KOBTUUKKT. M?LTU, A>1> sJItu _ to tit. Train* Haw aa foil ?>*-.. * arlotigtju.? 4:A3 a. in. I Baltlmo** TM ft. m. ni. I " IB 9. ?. Ill p. u.. I M .? 8:<B |. w. ?? 7Aa p. m. I 44 ioji 9. si. ir.K GBEAI Bu( BLB TRACK ROl TB, A'ltb i'Iicat Sctr-<ry, Pala<e Stai^-roooi day ftt^l iirbt l ara. ?i?b n?"4?ni improT'inriita. Two tnudrad milea aa??d Ut tooatorn and Ootral Hear fr.rk. Tl?a 1?:38 ?. ??. dall?,**c*jrt Bnndar.?.irtli?i?, ' U p. bi daily, and ?:4U p. an . ?*< -p? tiuudar, vaat. Ball Co>mc< TIOX? rt?r-Ti(th BALTIBORB to KIAQABA ALd PlTTsBl'RU wiit.'Ut cluui?e. Tick' la l<) tti? mat* cm lw proc?ra4 at tba o?c?, ?->rtM-r of atrart and P -unp) lauia a*rn??, and y>rn*r <t 6 ti atr~ot and P>'.u*>h am a a* -ooa, uml-r National 4i <to|, ?bt>re r-llable tofumaUo? ?U1 Ixt Cl ?en ai all licit*. Paaaen?"ra pr.-ctuinc tfrk?(a aA thta ofBoa ean m nr? MCuMkdUKjM m Pa.aca Can for PlUa Kti B. T01S0. Goneral Paawfijtor A?w>t, aiarlf-Iy wtinur>'. Md. BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ac. F^vrkt bother the doctor op nr.n J O^A !l FABILV if rrt? Dr. MALI. 1 IIK All H AT HoME at *TOCkMAN A 80M *, W* yth atr?-t1 D"rtliwi?i Th. COTTAGB BIBLE to be had tker* alan. Tv of id AliESTS uamM. n? ?r B OOK.S FOB THB LENTIB SEASON. H-Ipe to a Holy Lent. B> Bi-ho? Hunt met n. B 'KMirk) j?B.'id>ii Trt-a?nry. A R^ary for L?*nt; ?r li-...ti.M,nl R- adir.ea. Cliriatian Conpaiiii i' liii for K in.?l H >un. InChrlrt; or the Bolie\er'? L'ni 'U a itL lu? Lord. A.J. tJ Til n. Pursuit of H'!in,??*. Br G tflbnrn. Tb"?ghtcoii Pt-r- ii.'l ?<? !iei .11 B> Oo?lb?ini. to M. BALL \WTTNR. icarl2 i'l* 7ih?tr?*f. JN EW BOOkk! MBW BOOfti: AT ? BHILLIMCTOB'S BOOKSTORE, Codier Ok UrMt and Pruui) liau a atww. An Op><n Qnntloa. r. J uni D< Mi!la B? l ?*ri Kaloon. r. B> U<-. rj. MacuotiaM Ch-ap BMk*. Pftiu in Tatt?r?. Br Annie Thnmaa. Brtad-ClH-r-s*. and k i?-?. B) Parjwn. Man?to'onian. By Alexandre Duma*. Tbe M<at?ri<xia Uaeat. B) Mm Ema Dim. Lady S*e? t?rpl". B> the >u'.hur '>f an Bveuuul Lif?. Servant Girl uf 1 lie P<-rio.i. \A Mr. and Br Honeiitew leani' .l ol H'"Uaek'^ pi:i?. A Two-fold Lrfe. rr.'in th- G< mian .4 V m H-ll?-rn. TIk Yoaiif Ladiaa' Journal; Houtbly Pan<.raiua i Faaku*. The Popular Science Monthly . No W All tfce ba'-lc taumbera on hand. Bnrritra Buru-d A may. B> B>t. B<lwd P. Bo?. B*-?ch*iod. By B'-U*rra Buter Bprinvor. Tribune, Herald hi.i! to -rid Aim tnar? for IffS. A InrreatKk of BLANK BOOKS, PAW BOOK*, and MlMORAMDI M BonKf. ><>TR PAPER, LETTER PAPER, and PLA i'l NO C'ABM, at rary !"? ?'at yrin*. Md-tf IlltHARP B. MOMC'M * tO? UOOKSML L A' A S AAU STATiOMKMS, 191* PENNbYLVAMA AVkBL'B, Have ju?t received lb* BRITISH ALBAN AC AND COMPABIOB. for UTS BOTAL BALBBDAB, for IU toHITAKER-S ALMA BACK, fat BRITISH ABUT LIST, foe IO. BBITIBH BATT LIST, for MTB. N OF OTXOB. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. Fa B. McGUlBB, - oifeP, j&y./;

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