Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1873 Page 1
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V0-1, 11?N?. 6,248. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 1873. TWO CENTS. - ??-? the evening star. r?klt?hc4 ?ally, taNayi c*eepte4, at tjje star buildings, rtivjliMi* Atchm, ?or. UUa St, ni m mi ?irm. i.v.v, - -- - ? THE ITWISO STAR 's *nrt hy carriers to tketr so'-rrtbers at T*i C*tt* fii wttk, or Po*tt- ! form t'trr* Fit mo*th. Copiea at the counter ! Two Cvcts ??eh. By mall?thrt* mouths, flJI; i ?ti months, tS 00; one r?u, ??. I TH* WXXKLT STAR?Published Tr1rf-.f_*1 a, ? year. VInvartably in advance, tn bot*^ caaea'and pc paper sent lcn?er thaa paid for. ca^.ana mr Raw of a?T?ftMM tarnMK^ o? ?wmc?h??. HOTELS. HOWilP Ciinurbt ?rr et and Ptrnna. ?t*s., Wcidittni, u K. *IM>LS. frr.pY, hae i?st ttr.j?n.ur a wriM of e|.gaat improve ments, having been th'T'xijthly renavated and re (nreuhrd ?t> r ukAit, mUini it at prwatoMuf them at desirable Hotels is WacMagtaa* K D Howard, late proprietor, retaim an interest in tbe Hotel, a hi re h<- will Ue pl"**ad to ae? hi* old friends and former p.?*r r*, prniioir.g them tirst (';??? accommodations at aL time*. Terms, %i per day. Tit Mi Bard, $10 per ?* "th. mli'lm I NlON HOTEL, Uiowcmwji, D. 0. L> V. SHIN5, Proarietor. TWi ???t> l baa been ott tj ratified and hnihhfd. 1' ail the modeia Impro*,ia*ii ts?ttoi aud t .Mkwiii, be|i?, %i?l can. It is conveniently io ra??4, M114 J nn the line of the Washington aid Oe.-rget'wn City Puaaafsr railroad, the ear* ?t ahirti, from tbe railroad and steamboat dep^ta, I*)" tbe i<-or ?r?rj two or three minutea. The ct*-ta of ibis h< uaa eaa reatb any ot tbe put; c tu Wi'n ?f the national capital or any place of .tr . by a pleasant ride of afewmtnotea f bc-ia?? ali'Uf t\e lii.e of tbt cawal and on the wharves will find it to tb*tr advantage tc at? r at ?tok n?. jmlf 1y I|Y?OS*3 HOTEL, So. 70?# G STREET, )fh rt tt.txcttx 7th aid *th STRr.*T?. 1 Ca UK IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES STKES. rinRUM PexSsTLVA*.A AVIXTI, bturtm Uijk and UU Wl<BlMt??, P. O. Tfci. kfal to the public for generous patron ags tn tb, paat, tbe Proprietor auks his old friends and l?tr<.,,a to fat tk* arcvaini<4lauun< of hie preaeut r*.t <Hi?hniM.t. which he promises (ball be foaud at leart e>j>jal to tbe beat iu Washir.gton. jant-tf (B?p.,Chroa.l 0. W1LLARP, KBBITT HOCSB, WASHINGTON. P, O. THE TRADES. C all on James r brien, i Pratt if mi plumber >$m i das Fitter, t - harr yoor Plumbing, Oaa Fittiun. and Sewertre Ir< uiptl) aitrnd?d to on reasonable tertn*. Xo. 6t)'J uiviaaa a?eii??. near *(h Mr?rt, north side, keaidence, X'dV Al itrctt, nortbeaet. ml4 McrNNlN<5HAM7UATTEK7 ? lull f Street, hftvreen M*n and 11th, bme ihe ab-asnretoannoanretnat be receivedr~m tb^ Spnrig Sty la of Broadway BLOCK, and i?^ tr? par-J tw furniah *?w Hata matie to < ni?r >ii^^ them or r Miodel old Btylo*; also, an aaaoitineut of Pelt Hat* for aale, on reasonable tema. fl-tr AttftlMttd aM? DECORATIONS.?AWMIHUV for *orna. city and coantry rwVkncta; iwHa attention *iy-n to IVnroratinfr llalla f.?r BalU aw* r.rtl-4; flati.H. lluiio* and WAUOH OOVSH8. tot Baie or rent,by JUii j C UOOAK. BfawnfWctnrer, 713 Markat Spaoa, "leeVtr ^ Between 7tb and *h ?tr~e*i. ^ U M AHA, rUftl, T15IT<. M G. COPKLANP, e 13 LouUtana amw, one do r eaat 7th ?*r~-t AW KINGS for St re?,Citi tbil Coasl) BmMwm rti? trkr it; styl* and ht>i.?b rLAbS ai-.; TENTS f t sale aid r. nt. PECORATKP. ' A : Can? 3-B arti< ? rjde to otiicr PANCIJI? U.i?THP. vv t: J R. Tl KTOS, carpkxtsk, b uili'sh, all CONTRACTOR. Order* V r 0' uae Carpentarinfr, Jobbtng, or Oo traru r'? tA rk ?peedil> ataaded to. 8t< pa and Oflic?. ja- a tf lith atreet, telov X at. northw?a* ()UK RZADY-3IADE DEiWKTMENT. MrN - LIGHT fPRESO SLITS. MEN S I>ARR SPKIKO SUITS, MEN'S MEDICS SPKINU SLITS. MEN S CHEVIOT SLITS, MEN'S DIAGONAL SLITS. MEN'S PLAIN SLITS, DIAGONAL COATS AND VESTS, ri^LK COATS AND VESTS, PLAIN COATS AND VESTS, LIGHT PANTS, DARK PANTS, MED1LM PANTS. mr nn ixrite an ixspsctius of our LA usvall V lakuk STOCK OF sphjnu uooos, bellh it TO BE thk LARf'fbt alt it BUST selected iA THIS MARKET. ' \t '*? b-mntt aa 1 hnnxt of Rrprt 1 ?? lml*4 simtt* of amrritm ta C?M PASHIONABLB TAILORS. ?7 tr Conn of 7th aip P Sf?. WAR DEPARTMENT, Awitati 6s?ixbai 9 0?F1C?, W A?M!S?iTi>!i, March 24. IsvJ. Tbe attention of clainianta is invhij to tin- follow ing I- Kialatlon on tbe subject ot tbe mo*la** Indian War I'aimi of lull : A.> Ai r to ?'Oal !e tbe Secretary of War to pay the ex^rtiBea mcurr<^ in aupprewting tbe Iu'liubi tilities ia Uic Territory of Montao*, in the >car eljrhteen htrndred and ofrty-aeren. . ti* it -tirr-f iy tk* Semite and hom*t of represm laltre* *f the lmted states 9/ imirwi ib CtMtu> a? *rmbUd, Thai it ahall be the duty of tbe proper anting ??Itii-era of the treaanry to examine aial determine tbe amotinta juatly do* upoa the claiiua for i inaai aactnatrll) Incurred in ?uppres?iiiK l .dian h<?tilitiea in tbe Territory of Montana, iu the rear eighteen hundred aad aixty-aeren, wbi^b hat* been examined *ul rai?.rled upon by laapaator Gen-ral Jatnea A. Bardie; but tn no caae shall the *uiu allowed thereoa b- in exceaa of the award re p. rt?d by nahl General Hardie; and in aocli inveatl gation the t-atimony taken by G>-neral Hardie In relation thereto ?hall be received tn evidence, but the ?an sh >11 not be r-garl,d aa conclusive unl-><H naid i Hct* ar>- aatisltcd therewith. And the ?uni eo fvutal to be due -hall be paid to the peraoBa -ever allv entitled thereto by a di<bur?ing officer under the dir?< t) of the Secretary of War: ptoridtd. That the acceptance of such pa^ nrnt nhall be in f till of al I cLaiuia uo account of aaid ? Apeii-ea. aud provid-^1 further.That n? <1mm snder the provisions of thl a> t ? hail if nuilited and paid nnleaa presented within VI ? year fnwihr p.<?*aage af this act. AyproBMl, Mai < u y, WJ. At Act making >ppr priationa t? <npply deRclen ctea in tbe srpr<.priation? for the *er\ icea of th sovernnM>it f.r the flarai year etMiitig June thir tieth. eigbte*u hundred aad seventy-tnree, and f >r <>ther pnry he ti enmit' i 'Bisiiro 4/ ??. *? ?%? SiMSitir f. That the fallowing nan be. aad Ibey are herehv , appropriate,!, out of any asoaev ta treaanry a<4 atheraiae appropriate,!, to supply deft cie.iCiea in the ippr.^pr'at 1. n? for the a?-r? ice ..f tti? go\ -rr rr-nt to* th? fl-cal year ending J one thirtieth, e?gt te*u hundred sn.1 ae, e?l?^ three, and the form- r year', and t*r ."Hber pcrp- namely: * a ? a * a a a Ta 'i<xM? |W Seerefary of War, arc- rding to tli? a. 1 m??a that sub>.-ct paaaed at the preaeat Kgl . t'osa wa,loysf,1urni*BM incurred In *nppre?i tai? 1l li*u no?tilifiea fa the TerrtT ?ry of M'>Btan\ in they-ar eighteen hundred and sixty-sever, to the t?rvon? entitle,! tt,a.elo, th? claim* report?J upon ?! ie ral Jiiw, A Hardie. under the proTiaiou ??f ?( tKn ten of an art entitled "An act making ap pr. priat ' n? fog <01 miry civil eipen^e* of the go* ? ? ? r T rarp f r the year end irg Jnae the thirtteth, eighteen hundred and w eaty. a?rr<,*e?t Jn!y *tr^nth, -uliteen bundre.l and aeve??. and far tin purp ?e there I* hereby appropriated frem, any m.tiey in the Tr?aaury of the Cnitetl S*sg"? otlwrwi.? appropriated, the sum of lira heart red and t*tr?ee? ihou?and three hun died and forty three dollar3 or so much thereof a* u.- i.e i.ecaa?ary . a ? ? a ? ? ? A pt roved.-March 3 tsts All /-laimaats under the -foregoing acts are re VMtal to present their orifftaal voucher* ta tiie k'cuai Comptroller of tba T?saa?ry, H >a. J. M Biot^ai, M aehiagtoa p.<,.,#?h*r in per*-* or hv at tor ner. ?i?ti power af at tot nay to collect the a* ards M the latter cage. Major Pintbi Sii 1 . C^inliaarr of Snbaiater**, D- pot C<*ifmi?aarv, M ashingtoa. p. office cor ner 1Mb aad B str-et?. ?oathaaat. tee been saaigtied to the duty >4 pay ln? the anata awarded claimant*. Bv order uf the Sreretary ?f War: ?. P ToWWSTNP. A ijwamt G'nermt ?|M* fl&1k 1 SHEET IKON. MHKET ZINC. _ ? . SOLDER. *c. At the4 Store It ararooow 'of H. I. GBEGoKY. mJTJw <34 Peaasylvaaia avanae. Birds for salk-oamabibs aad ?ookiho BIRDS, mala aud totic.bMl slafsgs; aiao.aa^ CAGES Bo 1ST South B straaC, tnmtiaxff Peonaylvanla aaeaaa, Capitol Hill. . G. H. OOBTX. P J. ?EIBEROBR, r ? iSucceaaor to H. w. lama CITIZENS. ARMY AND MAVT JTlS-lT m Co.,) TA kuDHEAP A CO., fJOi r street. andl sell, for cart, at the lowest market priceg. ? tit! fiiin n? th**ir *<?ck. nurtl )m B Sii r>OLRTLAHP H. SMITH, _ t wholksalk TOBACCO vmalmm, M lit* Stiiit. MO ta BLB1AD1IA, TA; AMUSEMENTS. *?? 11 | ?> 5iEW OFERA HOUSE. >\ John T. FoRO?^Proprietor and Mailer. FARF.WELL PERFORMANCEOT THE GRA!ID ENGLISH OPERA. 8 Behrens aud ?'?? w S.guin, Managing Direc ts? f ull Ch rn- and Oi ? hestra, S Behrens, Mi steal Director. THIS<Ba?urday?fcvBNIN(^Ml^ch ?. grand farewell performance. LUCIA DE LAM M f BMUOR; first time in English in ash not on, with the following popular artijtes: Mi*a Boae 1W se- Mr Brookhou-o B'wl^r, Mr. J"hn Clark, Mr. Uv'tiTM Hall, Mi* N*wmsn, Mr. Nichols ami others. Seats secured at the Opera House awl Kill*' Mm 1c 8tore GRAND ITALIAN OPERA, LUCCA HL<1 K > LLOGG. THURSDAY. April 3d. Sal* of seat* t? com. roe EC* M"P<lay at Ellis. ????_ | jDD FELLO WS7 HALL. FOUR NIGHTS ONLY, Commencing MONDAY. M ARi H SI. BOMOLI BROTHERS Ureal Moral Exhibition of th ' Ninateeutli Century , MILTON'S FARADISE LO*T! From the original design* Gnstave Dore. Tli* odIv complete representation of thesnbjectovrf bef re offered for public exhibition, COMPRISING UPWARD OP 100 GORGEOUS TABLKAlA! Adir isaion, SO oent*; children, 26 Cents. p..<.r? opeu at 7 o'clock; performance commence. at ? p m ? "**?'" * ^EVENTH ANNUAL TOUR or iRC LABCEST EXHIBITION IX THE W0RL9! THE Great Forepaugh Show WiU Exhibit at WASHlitH TOy FOUR DAYS O.VL Y, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, A.,t SATURDAY, Aran. 'J, 3, 4 and 3, ON THE SIXTH STREET LOT, Afternoon and Evenia*. ADAM FORKPAUGH3 FIVE EXORMOUS SUQWS, U nder FIVE MAMMOTH TENTS, Consisting of T HO ENORMOUS MSN AO Ell IES, Under Two Vast Tents; TWO COLOSSAL MUSEUMS, Under Two Mammoth Tints; AND A GIGANTIC DOUBLE CIRCUS, Unler M Ilnge Double T^nt? live tents in all, awl holding I5.UWJ spectator*. oriiHin/.ed at a coat of one million dollars, containing 1,400 BABE WILD BEASTS And Beautiful Bird*, 10,090 WONDERFUL CURIOSITIES! Requiring a working force of 1 OOO MEN AND HOBSEi! The Circus contain* more and BETTER PERFORMERS than any <We circuses in the world. THE GRAND PROCESSION ! Behold the .0 GORGEOUS GOLDEN CAGES And drove* ni Ponies, troop* . f Camel*. Elephants, opened Dene, Statuary. :?n<l one mile of brll li.vt.tly ornanienx-d Cage*, Chnri >ls and Dens . Military Band, Ac., Ac. tty Children is all Orphan Asylum* admitted tkic, liberal reductions to claaaaa in Natural Ilia tir> lu ail M-hoola. Applications therefor te be made to the proprietor before 12o'clock it?on on exhibi tion day. ADAM FOREPAUGH, Sole Proprietor. R. S. DINGESS. General Director. m?-?f AC.BAND CONCERT, under the direction of E l>. TRACY, E*<t., will be given WLDNESBAY EVENING, April S, 1373, at W ?le> Chapel, for the BENEFIT OF ORACE M. E < IlURcH. The singer* number thirty, and ?re ?elected from the l>?at amateur talent in the city Priye ?-f admia?ion. 80 cent*. mlK ?t* 1*7 ALL'S NSW OPERA HOUSE. VV JoHN T. FORD.?.Proprietor and Manager MAX MARETZEE Birector. 6IAHO ITALIAN OPERA. POSITIVELY TWO NIGHTS ONLY AND SAT URDAY MATINEE. First appearance <4 Europe * greatest lyric trage dienne, PAULINE I.UCCA. Only appearance of America ? greatest prima donna, CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG. Full and complete orclieatra and chorna. Theeutire company front the Academy of Music, New York. THURSDAY, April 3-Ll'COA-FA U8T. _ V RIDA Y. April 4?KBLLOGG?TBOVATOBB. 8ATIRDAY, GBAND MATINEE - LUOCA - FAVOBITA. Special Noticb.?Mubscription for the two nights B>n?rie*l s?ats in Orchestra, Jd. The aale of sub ecription Ticketa will begta on Monday, March 11, at Cilia' Music Store, at 9 a. m. Regular prices of admission: Admission, |1 En aer\ e,l S< at?. * 1 and extra. Sale for Single Nights will begin ?n Tueaday. m27-tf R UB1NSTEIN FAREWELL CONCERT. LINCOLN HALL, SATURDAY EVKNING, MARCH ?9, ar * o'clock. MR BUBENSTEIN will, on this occasion, play IS pieces. LAST AND FAREWELL AFPRABANCE, lu a new and moat attractive programme, of ANTON RUB1NAT El N, the greatest living Piani-t; HENBY WiENIAWSEI, the world-renowned Vio linist: Mile.* celebrated London Soprano; MONS. L BEMBIELINSKI, Aceumpaalst. <.-nersl Admission, tl . Reserved Seats, 62. hale of aeata commences Wed ne-.lay. March X, at Metzerott A Co.'s Mask: Store. gtfinsai's Piano uae?l at RnbensteinConcert. m2t-6t Y%/ASHING TON THEATER COMIQUE. ?? i Eleventh street, south Pennsylvania avenue.J (Adj- lbing the rear of Harvey's Restaurant.) \N UN EQUALED COM BI NATION OF TALENT. GREAT AUG NEGATION OF STARS. E: saceUM-nt of tbe graat xer-atile artists, EAGAN AND EDWARBS, II W. Ragiiu. Janier 8. Edwards?Sensation Actor*. K hn pian Pertormer*, Change Artists, Comic Vo calista, Bnrles<ineOrators, Instrumentalists, Irl-h. Dutch, Yankee and K-fre Dialecticians?the most versatile performers on the sta^e. Great suo eaa of the only and original Mr. FBED LEVANTINE. in his beautiful pyramid act. C'ontinuoas *nccess of the charming FOLLY DA LY. the acknowledged Onsen of Vocalists. Moii". ALEXANDER BLANDOWSKI'S New Balvt Troupe, fully augmented with ten new fam-s. Sixteen hands- ?nie lad tea in two grand original bal lets. La Polonaise, and the sensational ballet d'ac tion. Uon>t |UT|U aiwi IkutN^. Dick Parker. Ott' Burbink. Pat B-xmey. James Dousla-a, R J< aa Bsckk-y .HattieH swings, Aldie GraL.>ui. Laura HarriMin. Emma Harrison. Nellie Aiidn ws, and our Great Novelty Company, Superb Ballet Troupe in the l<est ldll of th* season. Matinees WEDNESDAY and SATUBDaT. _ FRIDAY, March U, Farewell B-nelit ot PAT BOONEY. m2t tf j eBJ5fctiS2w \*?9f?' T'fc Bi.i NillilTni'lt * " ?o. ?3? rth Street, between D and R str??ut aicM Soors above Odd Fellow's HaU. ntings, Rngravlngs, Chroino*, *e. Stock Pnpsr Ranciaga. Wiade Choice Oil Fail iargsat stocl Pic tares, F Picture 8 CASI in tie District. and number. )?I ly* LL RINDS OF CAST-O^F WEARING AF PAREL can fceaoM to tks vary heat advaala#? " -""-avssask? a. 2fSi(. w. Roisaby Mil proaapUy sMsadsdla. Qnsh paid. Ol fUD OOLD, STL VSR, BRASS, COPPER, Rw., PROFESSIONAL. ' MARY D. SPACEMAN, nil9 2w* 1S34 SIXTEENTH STREET. D DU J. 8. DEL A VAN. HnMtBorATHIC PhTSICIA!!, ISM F ltr??t. Office B> urs:?f to lw, morning; S to i, afternoon; 7 to 8, evening. mlt-l? J^'^ATWRIfiimW, Ro. & T >si g's Law Building, del tf Wselling'on. D. C. rpo CONTRACrOilS. . ^ The nikvriler. "f>r for .ale?' M 1 SW fJ^Tli inch best *ttal.-y, SCHTciI SEWER a'eoR JJ? MU ?X-et nolifcwest. SPECIAL NOTICES. The prrimt irrcrt ifitti bu themaghly tested the virtues of Mrs. Jonee' Cough Mixture?thousands of bottle* baring been used with certain success. Its trial hu been moat thorough. A mere cold or conch or the most aggra vated cace* it has cured with equal success. It ia not objectionable to the taete, and can therefore be readily weed for children and persona who object to nauseating mixtures, particularly as its doses aro ?mall aad every doae contains the germ of an ulti mate enre. Its value in advanced cases or thoeu verging on consumption must not be underestimated. Many such it bus entirely cnred, even cases of ac knowledged consumption. While it does notcure,it fTeatly relieves, and a large number of ?le--e nnfor nnat?e now use it f<r the great relief it afford* them. For a Cold, Cough, IuflneMa, Bronchitis, Hoarse ness, or any affection of the throat or lung* yon can use nothing'more reliable. Prices?large sii>i, *1, small, SO eta. For sale only by ARTHUR NaTTANS, Drnojist, ml2-tr Corner 2d aud D streets northwest. ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER ANI> St'PPER TABLE, Lea A Perrlns' Worcestershire Sauce IS 1KDISPESSABLI. JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS, N?w tork, octlft-2?wly Agents for the United States. A Car*. A Clergyman, while residing la Booth America, as missionary, discovered a safe and simple recnMy for the cure of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay, Disease of the Uriuair and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorders brought on by baneful and vicious habits. Great numbers have been cured by this n >ble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit Station D, Bible House, msrMly Hew Tort Pity. BALLS, Ac. 'fHi. OK AND UNION BALL. nnder the auspices of the STATE ASSOCIATIONS Will positively take place TUESDAY EVENING. April 1,1-73, at INAUGURATION HALL, Exercises beginning at fc.JU o'clock. Tickets, admitting gentlemen and ale at the principal hote's, the music stores of M t .-erottand Ellis, the book ft ores oMl. B. Mj^nn * Co., Philp A Solomons. Korvai.d A Towers, nn<l by ' he President* of th- S:at<- Associations. Carriages at reduced rates at Allison Nail-re, 1333 E street northwest. m2!'-l 1 QBAHO CHARITY BALL. THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL for the Benefit of THE CHILPREN8 HOSPITAL will be gi\ en, under the sifDiceg of the Director* of that institution, in MASONIC TEMPLE,on the veiling of TUBSDAV,the ifiih of April next. Tickets, auiuitiiug a gentleman and lady,.$ 5 00 each. n>17-tf [Ctirnn. Rep. ft Sunday papers copy.| LADIES' GOODS. 1^TAMPING DEPOT, t>17 Seventh Strket, f0t*l-tr Opposite Patent Office. MISS McCORMKK, i?o. 00d f'HH.^ylrnnin Arm*t(vp Stirirt). Is in receipt of a ftne ass?rtii."ut of IMPORTED GOODS, fr><ai Miss Gedney, of New Tork. nA. Reception Booms fermerly at 714 Uthrt.lllK Washington. WmSS HAUTES NOUVEAUTES, PARIS. CONFECTIONS ET ROBES DK BAL. BOBES XT LINGERIE. FLOWERS, FEATHERS, LACES, *c. The Ladies of Washington aud viciuity are re spectfully Invited to call and examine goods before purchasing elsewhere. f 13 1y UBLL1NG OFF 1 SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW TORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. marT-tr NO HUM BUG. g LENXSBH6 * CO., Balling oaTentlre stock of MILLIMERT AND FAftCY GOODS, at and below cost. TOT Market Space, Jai.X>-4m between 7th and kb streets uorthweet. |MPORTER or HUMAN HAIR. GRAND BARGAINS AT MADAME ESTREI'I, Bit) UtM Brut, tuoml door from U strut. Kamoitwr the name and number. Cheap Curls Switches. Chignons, Braids, Puffs, FrieseCtee, of lit* latest styles. Call and as* oar new stock before pur chasing elsewhere. decil-tr itf AD1ES' " L FRENCH STARCH ENAMBL la the heat article in the world for doing up Linen ot Muslin. It imparts ? heaatlful gloea to the fabric For sale by all Grocers. BCRNHAM A CO., Manufacturers, 160 West Lombard street, )aa!4-ly Baltimore. Maryland. J^XAMINE THE GOLD SPECTACLE, Osu ??, H. H. HEMPLER, Optician, m28-tr iH street. ()UR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT. A FULL STOCK. A FTNE STOCK. A CHOICE STOCK 0 COATINGS, TROUSERINGS AND TESTINGS. A PERFECT FIT. A FASHIONABLE CUT. First-Clms* Wfrkmnn'htr Uuoramtetd. TAX EARLY INSPECTION IS RESPECT FULY INVITED. HABLS BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILOBS, n?P-tt Cuama 7th a*d D8t??kt?. '|'HB RAPIDITY AN^EASB WITH WHICH ** tke feet relieved. If ailing, from ?".li<>m.' ? dr. Whites katab Uehment, 333 Mth sSrwet, opposite the Treasury, ia litK'Ssfi; Ickee, for weeks toasttonsakelt far Uee joSaataad ?lhl" b?t\*. White'e operations are/requ?ntly borne by ohlldrea s\e;ae^'iirA!!2S2rj?!M;'fs Irnataieat, even to aa trail eaeaa, effects a pes fret care: though toe feet beiag awdeo constantly Coras are liable to Mat oocaalonaliy with even toe best Bttiag sheee, aad todastrteas persons think there is enonoayof tone, comfort, aad health la an occa sional viait to the Chiropodist; aad It la a well-known ?Mjawa Or. White has millillil paaMon ^pgB BBW NATIONAL MARKET. MICITWIU, CARROLL f. WINSLOW, SHIRTMAKKX. Ana BtALg* m Man's FrasttHisoe, 409 Bth Street. Having Mr. Wlnrio^h patterns and , and control of hie manufacturing ties, hla oM customers are recommend ? eave their order with me. mSI-lm PRAMKUM ?o. 1BB7 PawasTLTaaiA A evening star. Washington News and Gossip. Internal Bevent*?The receipts from thi? source to-ilay were >284.442.03. Secretary Robeson assumed tie duties of Seen tary of War to-day. v There wire but few visitobs at tli?? White Houk to day. Among those who called were Senator* Morrill. (Me.) and Spencer, and Kcpresentative Piatt. Secretary Belnnaf, Oen. Sheridan and Gen. Win. Myers will proceed from Chicagj direct to San Antonio, and will make a thorough inspection of the different military post* in the department of Texas, which is commanded by Gen. Augur. __ Personal Mr. W. U. Metserott. of this city, sail* to-day in the steamer I^eipsic for Southampton and Havre, en route to Lausanne, Switzerland, on a health and business trip. He take# his family with him. """ Mr- Wm.V. McKean, managing editor of the Philadelphia Ledger, is in town. _ Fnaliah OrERA?"II Trovato*re*'was very fairly sung at Wall's Opera House last night, although the company is hardly strong enough to give the requisite force to the choral awl orchestral effects in that work. To-night the company will give their farewell performance, and have choscn " Lucia di Lammermoor," an opera which the northern papers give them credit for singing in excellent style. Thb Postal Cab Tbovble.?The Postmas ter General had a conference with the new Senate committee on transportation yesterday with reference to the threat of the leading rail road companies centering in New York to take off their postal cars after the 1st proximo. The Postmaster General Is of the opinion that the companies will hardly daro to carry out their threat, but will conclude to petition Congress at its next session for a still further increase ot compensation for carrying the mails. The Ali.eoed North Carolina Indian Pratd*.?This morning Detectives Sargent and McElfre.?h arrested Captain D. F. Jock nfck, of the Indian office, on a bench warrant l?+ued by Judge Cartter, 011 the Indictment lound in the United States court for the western district of North Carolina against several par tics for conspiracy to defraud the government by the alleged making of a false census of the eastern band of Cherokee*. He was delivered into the hands of the Marshal, and will in the course of tbe day give bail for his appearance when wanted. Naval Orders.?Commodore E. T. Nichols is ordered as a member of the retiring an I examining board at Washington, April next; ai d Lieut. Commander Silas Cas?*v to ordnance I duty at Philadelphia navy Yard, 10th April I next. The following have been detached: Lieut. Commander John MeFarland from re ceiving ship New Hampshire, and ordered as assistant to the executive at Norfolk navy yanij Medical Director Clias. I>. Maxwell from special duty at Washington, and placed on waiting orders; Medical Inspector Thomas J. Turner from dutv at the marine barracks, Washington. L>. C., and ordered to attend officers at Wash ington, D. C.; Surgeon E. M. Stein from navy yard at Pensacola, and placed 011 waiting orders. The Promotion of Lieut. Fred. I). Grant. There is the beet authority for saying that the temporary appointment of Lieut. Fred. I>. Grant, the President's son, as aide, with the rank of lieutenant colonel, on Lieut. Gen. She ridan's staff , was not solicited, either directly or indirectly, by the President, and that the latter was not aware of Gen. Sheridan's inten tion until he saw the printed order iu the case. The new assignment gives Lieut. Grant the teruporarv rank and pay of lieutenant colouel, but it doe's not give him i*rmanent rank, and the moment he is ordered to rejoin his regi ment (the 4th cavalry), he ceases to be a lieu tenant colonel and becomes a second lieutenant of cavalry. The President has also been cen >ur< d for" ordering Lieutenant Grant from his regiment in Texas to witness the inauguration cert monies, but this order was made l?v the Secretary ot War without consultation with the President. When Me. Colfax was Vice President he held himself aloof as much as i>ossible from office-seekers, and as soon as he was elected gave ont that he intended to make it an inflexi ble rule never to recouiiucud any one to the President or menders of the Cabinet for ap pointment. His strict adherence to this rule gave many of his friends great offence, especi ally those among them who were directly in strumental in geting hint his nomination as Vice President. Our new Vice President, Mr. Wilson, takes another and a more democratic view of his duties and responsibilities. Always a bard worker, he relaxes none ot his efforts in what he believes to be the right direction, in bis new position, and Is ever ready to lend a listening ear to the deserving. Mr. Colfax's wav??s much the less troublesome and amiov ing'or the two, but Mr. Wilson believes he elected to serve the people, as far a.ihe is able, and will act up to his convletions. The Faebagut Case?Yesterday, in the District Court, Judge Humphreys, the case of the Farragut claims for price money for destruc tion of rebel vessels in forcing the passage to New Orleans?in which the arbitrators a day or two since filed their report, awarding *269,000? was up, and Mr. Corwine, for the Navy depart ment, moved that the arbitrators file the evi dence taken. Judge Humphreys overruled the motion, and General Butler, for the claimants,

moved a decree on the award. To-day the hear ing was resumed. Mr. Corwine tiled exceptions to the arbitratory report. These exceptions were not argued, but were overruled by Judge Humphreys. Mr. Corwine then renewed the motion to direct the arbitrators to send up the evidence on which their award was based. This motion was overruled by the judge, and there 111?oti the counsel for the captors. &c., moved the court to enter adecree confirming the award 01 the arbitrators, and ordering the payment of the money, which was done. Twhp andtbe Erie Swau.?B. W. Spencer, of the treasury of the Erie company, testified befbre the Investigating committee In New Yoik yesterdav to bavieg entered cash credit for expenses uf William M. Tweed, <1131,000; to \ an Veehten, 930.000; to A. D. Barbour, 910,000. Justin D. White testified to having received 928,000 at the time of the revolution in the management of Erie, for which there Is i ov a suspended voucher for the payment ot 930,000 to the New York Central Company, to partly indemnify them for the money spent at Albany In connection with the pro rata freight bill. Abraham Van Veehten was placed on the si and and shown a receipt in his handwriting for thirty-five thousand dollars for Wm. M. Tweed for legal services. He acknowledged tlie receipt, but said he did not know what the 1 money was paid for. The Anthracite CoalFiblds?It Is known that the basins containing the anthracite or hard coal are in Pennsylvania and confined to I a comparatively small territory. During the 1 last fiscal year over seventeen million tons were mined and sent to market, and it is estimated ; that daring the present year more than twenty million tons will be mined and consumed. At this rate of consumption the anthracite ooal most be rapidly decreasing, and in the same ratio the value of the coal lands must be In creasing. It is estimated that the large tracts of coal lands recently pnroheeed by the several Pennsylvania rallrasd companies will in a few years be worth five to tea ttmesas mach asthsv paid per acre for the same, is the anthracite ?oal lands Increase In price and the coal dimin Wies in quantity, the mater will be the value ef bituminous coal lands. Thb Gkbat MoNoroLrrrs.?There was a mat gathering or raihray magnates at the Fifth Avenae Hotel in New York on Thursday evening. A hundred millions mt dollars were represented among the siumbseers under the gidne^PDlW, OG. Bnahnall, BdwasdAtkfn Thb CfVAFUJU abb Obis railroad S tl ??*? ""-af OW. Hr? at LoaiarlUe, and will farm a western eonnee tton at that point with the it. Louie ah^line. PotaosBD ar Daiains a Pool? Two boye in Spencer county, Ky.t named Da vidson, a^td 12 and 15, while out hunting a few dm s ago, drank of a pool of water in the woods. Betuming home, both became violently 111. On. died that night In horrible convulsions, and the other is not expected to Inc. DEATH rROH HYDROPHOBIA. TerriM* Raff?riaxi of the Vict int. What the Dorlorn S?j About n. J (*?? mftA? Jutfmt .11 ?Y*rfy. In yesterday's Star was published some ac count of a care of well-defiiM*i hydrophobia iu Fast Washington. The disease had a fatal ter mination yesterday, and all the circumstance s oi the ease are very distressing. Tlie tWUpi was an industrious, steady man, named Richard Staple*, who bad served faithfully in the ma rine corps, but *w discharged sorii* year* agv. and since then haa been employed at' bin train* at caipenter In Chicago and this city. Hi* fam ily formerly resided over the Eastern branch near I'd ion town, but of late years have reside-1 in the eastern section of toe city. About a month ago hi* mother *w taken with the small p> x and died, and a few days afterwards* sisU-r waa taken oft' with the same disease. Mi S'aples went to Chicago an me yean ago, and r? sided there until December last, when he re turned to this city. While in Chicago he wa? attacked on the street about four months ago bv a Muall dog, but no wound was iuilicted,aud he I aid no attention to the matter. A* time passed on the subject went out of hi* mind until the symptom* of the horrible disease made their appearance, on Wednesday last. The medi.-at books say that the period of* incubation," that is the time elapsing between the bite and the appearance of the Bymptoms, ranges from six weeks to eighteen months, hence the symptoms in this cose made their appearance within the time proscribed. The physicians, however, not being able to find any wound, and accepting the statement or the patient that none was inflicted, are forced to tne conclusion that THIS CAS* IS A SFCXTA.NBOtS ONE, as some medical writer* have maintained that the disease may occasionally be spontaneous v developed in man. as is undoubtedly the case occasional!) in the lower animals, the do? and wolf. The premonitory symptoms in caws of hydro |?hobia, in either a human being or any other animal, are great sullenness and a disposition to be left alone. In the case ot the unfortunate man Staples there was not a single gvmptom oi hydrophobia wanting; all of the phvsiciau* tare concurred in that opinion. Some' two or three weeks ago he was noticed to he very mo rose and low-spirited, and manifested a dispo sition to be away from his family, ex pressing a desire U> be dow n in the yard at night alone lie was not only very taciturn, but abrupt when sjioken to. Ou Sunday last he complained of ieeling badly, and frequently HID ills FACE WITH HIS H\XD?. When asked by his wife wh\ he did this, be would brighten up for a few minute*, but soon relapse into the same state. He next com plained of pains in hit back and iu bis head, md on Wednesday l)r. McKim. the faui'ly liysician, was called. At that time the symp toms were not far enough advanced to warrant the snpi-okition that it was hydrophobia. About six o'clock on Weduesduv evening it wasnoticod that HE COT ID XOT * WALLOW. It was then that the unmistakable symptom* of hydrophobia were first developed. When the doctor saw him be noticed that the back oi liir throat was j>erfectly blue and presented an ap pearance rarely seen. Calling for a glbas oi water for the patient he handed it to him. Staples took it In both hands and conveyed it to his n outb and clenched his teeth on the gla-*, at the same time making aa unusual noiso n> his throat. This was the first paroxism noticed, and at that time his pulse was about 1?v>, an I the pupils of his eyes dilated, as well aa his nostrils. He appeared very restless, and fre quently complained of violent pains in his stomach. He seemed apprehensive that he would hurt some one, and cautioned all to keep away from htm. Iir. .loseph Walsh also saw him that aitersoou with Dr. McKim and all agietd that THE SYMPTOMS WERE THOSE OF HVDROPHOWA. about three o'clock Wednesday afternoon I >r>. McKim, Kllott, and Ford saw him, and his symptoms then were much worse. His pulse was as high as IV). pupils much dilated, and he had a very unnatural wild look. At first the pan xystus a fleeted the muscles of the lac and Uiioat only, and his face at that time wa mnch distorted; but later the muscles of tlu chest and arms were attacked. If his hand was placed in warm water the paroxysm was brought on, and the sight of an empty cup had the same eftcct. The handle of a silver fork was place.i in his mouth aud his teeth clinched on it ? tightly that a perceptible indentation wa. iuade. Thursday morning the paroxysms wer? more violent, and hi* pnlse was so rapid that I; could not be co.inted. About half past twelve o'clock that morning he became so violent that it was dee me d exi?edient to secure him. Officer Oft utt and Shell v were called in aud a pair ot hand-cuffs and leg-irons lieing procured froti the Marine barracks, they Mere put on ln hands nrnl legs bv the officer*. though not with out tlie greatest Uiuiculty. He seemed to be POSSESSED or HEKCl'LKAN STKlKi.TH, and it took six stout men to bold him while tin irons were being put on. When the first hand cuff was being being on the tioor at the time, caught the leg of the stove near him, and the united efforts of all could not make him let go until bis attention bad been attracted to something else, and he released his grasp. On Thursday he laid down on the floor, folded his hands over his breast, and stated he was go ing to die in that position, having first sum moned his wife aud friends, and bid them all good bye. He neat requested Uev. Mr. Wilson, of the Virginia avenue M. P. church, to sing and pray with him, and for at least twenty-five minutes, while these spiritual exercises were kept up, he seemed perfectly coni;-omd. Then another paroxsytn come on, aud be went orf into THE MOST VIOLENT COXTORTIOXS. Even while the spasms lasted be seemed to be rational, and when they passed olf he always seemed prostrated. He kept warning all his friends to keep away from him. saying he did not w ant to hurt any one. Later in the day on Thursday the least thing would brlug on a par ox; sm. Taking hold of his wrist suddenly, placing a hand on his faee, a loud noise, or speaking to him abruptly, all brought on the spasms. While these lasted he foamed at the mouth, and there was a continual desire to spit These discharges were a tenacious mueus of a greenish cast, and accompanied by some blood. SOOTHED BT S1XOIXO. Singing was the ouly thing that seemed to have a soothing effect upou hfin, and threw him luto a state of ecstasy, but as soon as the sing ing stopped, and the sound of the voice was lost on the auditory nerve, the paroxism returned. As soon as the singing commenced he would begin to beat bis thigh and stamp his feet, soon every muscle in his body would be moving. During Wednesday, before the irons were placed on him, be ran all the fatu ily out of the house with a knife in hi* band, and then threatened to kill blaaself. Dr. McKim, who seemed to have more control over him thau any one else, was sent far, and when that gentleman arrived the paroxysm bad passed off, and be was found lying on uie floor with the knife beside him, completely pros trated. It was then deemed expedient to put the irons on him for safety. After they were put on a stout cord was tied from those on the hands to those on the feet to prevent him In uring himself by striking his head with tUe jandcufs. His eyes now preseuted a frightful appearance, and GLARED WITH TKRBIBLB W1LDTBM. His pulse could not be counted at all. and the intervals between the paroxysms grew shorter aiid shorter. No remedy had any effect upon uim. At first a byperdemlc injection of half a pain ofmorphia was given, but it soothed him for * short time only. Then the injection was increased to one and a quarter grains, ptobablv EXOUQH TO KILL A MAX In ordinary health, and this large quantity of morphia injected under the skin?equal to about fix grains of opium?did not quiet him far a longer period than an hoar. A powerful stimu lating liniment was ased to rub ths spine, and hydrate of chloral given, bat without effect. Wednesday evening and Thursday moraine it was noticed that any attempt to swallow pro duced violent imuWiMsf fhfttetat,stow ing a want of the nataral secretions of the mouth, and threat,^ and later in thTday oi. Thursday he refused to take angthing, and medicine could ha administered. While the IW WI SOCTOt TO IIMt (IX gijftMSjgfas sr izsu.!?&?? take them off, bat i ? ? - do so discovered tt our to release Mm. on the fleer, having in his raviwgs. ' i while the i sin. -? .j the. to mmf morning these i tween the] ?ben bis' o'clock, when DEATH CAVB TO |IH RHLTXP. The whole disease was a great derangement of the ctrebro-spinal nervous system, and aft-; death the body was covered with black spo* , Ine these wore esaitolj aarr intervals be' 1 &?2iE3!X^?,k*?V0"tlnued *?*?" his sufferm^g seemed intense until te produced by the aon?coag ilatiou of Ihs blood, ?UkU frequently occur* in dinM.t <M tu# character. Ttrsards the last of h1* softer ing even the mention of any liquid ?oo'd bring on tbf ?| vu. <>n Tbursdav I>r. McKim carried him sum<' raw oyster*, bat the merf rattling ot the >ponti is the didi produced the S| vn . and he was nnable to take anr. H undreds of people railed to see h m dnrin; Thur*day and yesterday. and hi* frightful mil ferings and wild 'ooks are the subject of con versation around the whole neighborhood. In one of his paroi vsm* he run his Band through the door of a tin aale in the room break'tig through the tin aa if it was paper. About til teen minute* betOre his death, he to?T tbb power or *r?TH: and died in the greatest *u tiering na the floor, it being utterly iniimaibla to keep him in bod. Some ot tit friend* say that he growled aixl barked like a dog when the paroxy*m wan on him; but thia noiae waa probably made by th throat in hia struggling. The intervals between the paroxysms at flrst were about one hour'* duration; but an he grew worae the interval* lessened until yesterday, when there were no In terval*. When the officers were putting tin irons on him be attempted to acrateh and bite them, and tliey had toexercise much care la se curing him. All through hla sickness the th -night seemed to trouble him that he wonkl injure someone, and h ; continually cautloncd all to keep out of his way. A port mortem examination wax made ro-dav at the reaidence of the deceased, on 9th street, near G street wu theaat. TP* WORtr* IXAWIITATIO* developed notiung further than a congested state of the membrane* of the brain and the upper portion of the spinal cord. The blood throughout the body waa in a fluid ?tate. ami ilecompOHifioti had already commenced, which ww considered rather remarkable so abort a time after death. No mark- were discovered showing that he had been bitten by a dog. SOMETHING ABOfT THE OLD BRIDGES AT THF LITTLE FALLS, AID A I'EfK RirTIOH or TMK NEW STRCCTCBE TO BE rLArln THERE. The new iron bridge over the Potomac,on the *!t6 of the old Chain bridge, near the Little Falls, about four miles above Georgetown, will be erected this *ummer. When finished, It will l>e one of the moat sul>stantlal structures In this vicinity. Several span* of the wooden truss bridge'at thia |>oint were washed away bv the Geat freshet three years ago. It will be'remem red, and since that time a great j?art of the travel which formerly paaaed over ft ha* been transferred to the Aqueduct bridge, which ia a private affair, and exacts exorbitant tolls from all using It. Two of the span* of the bridge? those over the channel of the river?were left when the freshet took place, but are In a verv dilapidated condition, and from these an in clined plane was contracted to the low ground*, some twenty-five or thiity feet below, where a rough roadway waa made, and light vehicles have been enabled to cross, though it eould m>* be used lor heavy loads. The piers uj>on which the wooden bridge rented were built *jtue year* ajro, by the government, In the most sul>?tau tial manner, ami are just aa |>erfect aa ever, au<l likely to endure tor age*. TH* V AM E ?* < H AIK BRIDGE*' has Wen applied to the succesMve structures there, bevause the first bridge erected therr, more than half a century ago, waa a chain sus pension bridge. Sine* it* destruction by a treshet, numerous wooden bridges have ah are-1 the satue fate. The want of a suitable bridge has been badly felt by all the residents of that locality, on botii sides of the river, for some time, and a year ago Congress made an appro priation ot # construct a suitable iron bridge on the site, though not without great opi?osition on the part or the Aqueduct Bridge company. who*e tolls will be oonaiderably les sened by the opening of the new bridge. The con*truction of the new work was put io charge of (iemral Babcock. Superintendent of Public Buildings and Grounds, whose known ability as an engineer is a guarantee that the government will get the very best bridge that can l?e placed there for the amount appropriated. Last fall, after receiving numerous bids and examining various designs, he awarded the contract for the structure to Mr. S. U. Dickaun, of New Haven. Conn., for the sum of TBE IMMESSIOSS or THE WUW RRIDt.E will be 1,352 t?et long and to feet wide. It wi!l be composed ot six spans of 172 feet each aud two of lflO feet each, it will rest upon the piers now standing, though It will lie two feet higher than the old bridge and preparation* are now being made to place additional lavers of ston~ on those piers to bring then up to the requirtu height. They are stroug enough to resist th< hravlest freshets. They rest apon foundation* of solid rock and there "need be ito fear of th. new bridge ever b*ing washed away. It will be made entirely of wrought iron and ita genera form will be that known as the lobular trua* bridge. It will be of rolled plates, alible, bai aud T iion. The lower chord* of the trass will be l?: teet below the up|ter ones, making the height of the bridge from the floor tethe top 15 teet, sufficient for the largest load to paw between. Between the upper and lower chord* there will be three systems of vertical po*ts and diagonal braces. The upper and lower chords will be of rolled plate 30 inches wide and between the lower chords supporting the floor ot Ih* iyMts w ill hs * Mvut^tu At' a?ir>U>r> **f plate Iron placed at intervals of about 7 w feet The floor beams to rest on these Iron girders are to be of the best northern white pine 14 incite* In depth, f? in width and 35k feet long. On these floor lieams will rest ten rows of stringer* of white pine 4 by 6 tnches, and on these beam the floor of the bridge ot white oak plank 3 Inches thick and 6 inches wide will be sacurelv ?piked. All the riveting in the iron work must be hot riveted and the iron votk will be covered with two coats of paint. At each end of the bridge there will be an ornamental wrought iron portal. A great part of the iron work Eas beeneomnletod at the factory in New Haven, and the itbor of patting it up would have been commenced before this had there been anv water in the canal so tlat the stone for the piers could have been transported to the bridge. They are al ready for shipment, and. the canal bow being full, work will be commenced la the eour e ol a few days. The contract called for the completion of the work bv the 1st of Jane but, on account of the delay, which could not l>e avoided, the structure will not be completed autil later in the summer. Sranciorsubstruction or a Mail The Spnngfleid Republican aavs there are strangt rumors concerning the railroad accident near airiugticld, at 2 o'clock on the morninc ot arch *. by ahlch a train was throw n from the traekdown an embankment and the mail car bimt. A large and valuable mail from B-*ton and Springfield to New York waa utterly de stroyed, save the Insignificant item* of two reg istered aud fifty other letters. The acetden* was attributed at the time to a broken rail ^/?'t'umslances were under In reatigation, and in the course of the week sev eral singular tacts have been developed, rot instance, It U said that the padlocks of the de frayed bags were all found unlocked, that there few fewer trMM of burned paper around the a ene than would have been left bv so manv J*tiers; and tl;at the "broken rail'* was not broken until after the accident, but that the q Ike* which laateucd it to the sleepers had boeu removed. Tbreb Ahebicam Lamies Aasrvs the White Vbil ib Rome.?A letter from Home of February 12 says that on the fifth of that month three American ladies? Kisses Alice Furlona and Mary Kens Ion, of Now Orleaw. and Mb! Clara Devlae, of ttavaanah?took the white v?ll at the convent of the presentation, on the Pin clan Hill. These young ladles were In Rome about two mars ago on a continental tour, when tfc?r carnally visited the schools of the French Sisters of the Sacred Heart. They mad eval visits there, and finally became Is with a desire to derate themselves to the lift or ME -- Many * * * - * present at the < Babe or Knot as n Fsmim?JBdwin aa Aaerlcaa, who to one of the parties d with having defrauded the Bank of fled as the man who onened an aoeoant at the Continental Bask anise the asms of Barton. Details were given ar several extensive opera tions of his by maaas ?T wWch ha was enabled to torge the Wlls upon "the oM lady of Thread ncedk street." ? A StRikfO Horse-shoer tw Tbocblb-?In Ski bcld uogaa iTS>to Ml both eeaaedalnl, fbr trial Sk the supreae court- TU ffiaish ?aei.t ftw the oamec It Imprisonment in the ? * prison not exoeening ton years, or by fine ireeding #5,000, or both imprisonment and not cei flue. mr Lonisville is flooded with thirtr-eent watch chains. ' TIMER I w TO TH1 8T1B? IMClirxp j'fiVW MKTORT*. -rnr vhush iRHKMin r?mt K%? r. LxKDOI. March ?*?._ Th<? race lactwcca the 0?(?rt aw.l r.i?t?riil|f l<oet crrwa I* to Ut? pliN UnKtMnum. oti tt?* rtm Th?m^. A* >? imuU) (kt ca*e on imIi womivm U< r? * treat cxcibawnt in Londoa. aimI l>u?aM ? a'rtiot rhtlrrlt Hi flttM, ilthungh the ra. <a wlU not takf |>W for >f\rrtl biHir* yet. Pfo. I'l* *r? new k*?lnf the ,itv tn great i-ri>v4*. tit order W *c?rt i b(ib)? po-tiow*on the bank* ot the TLtM> - (?' in ? ? ti,. i-uuiwt. A d? n? Tog J** v ?i:-. tut it .? hot* d U will lilt before th# hour d? #l? at-d for the *t?rt It t? tli* general ifnpr#?':on that th# fanibrwlga rrt w will b< th# Tirtuti, ami Mttnj it ;wo t.j out- in Uiflr furor. TUB 0?H?Bt?# TBB rAV?*?trr*. L>m*. March 2M, a |?. u> ? Th* Oxford crew he* *ndd< tilr become Iv ftwli* t?w tlif I'ni TriMtr rtor. Thw a?# ruaaoi * that thr Can tab* tar# be*#n mrnrirkM, ami that K'Bf u( the i rtw in aick. WHn. Ixibpow, Marrh ?i, 4 ;at p. m -i he rac I# t??ii Uie ???tord and t'tBbriilff rrran to >k plac# orer the usual Tkaani four*', trna Pt. t ney to Mortlak*. distaaee four nul#a an.I t?* tiirlotti*. A ?tart wwefert'-d at 31 lainnt -* pa-t !? rlork. Cambridge took the Irad imm diatetj at a verv rapid stroke. n?xt wm a tan di*tan. ? ali. ad oi their rctn[#t tor* to Ri*h?p'* crock, thi## fm'.orgs Irom tie Parting place. M?ta the OxfordV spurted tl(?ri>ii?ly an<1 drew up, passing tl i# Cantab* at thr map ?<>rk?, a ai .? tnd lour furlong" ft on th# *<) >i#dart hrutfr. The rt> a-lx stroke ot 'J?# fantal* awu after b#g an to tall an th*tr oi pr?i?#nt?*. aM m a tew moment* CaabrWlf*1 lad rceutacd th# Iri la Th* race we* practically ?w at Om <?? t Koa. li? t'amltridgr thcteat>#r maintaining tba lead ami mailing #a*tlv by three length" ? X?B Tatk Katta. RtrBKnuiTATiMi aa?oaa wortaa. Neb Yobk, Mirck 2l.-OiR|ra?iu?u Jaao* Brooks 1# reported couaideraWijr worac. H 4 dixaae, chronic dyaeu?ry, i? not nr< cwar. f (UtL OKOSOI WILLIAM fr?TI? continne* to ?t#adtlv improve. H# has had t? abandon all hia lecture engagement*. MO BIW CHABTKK TBta SBOAIOB. lnuBiurh aa the state senate isaveuJy divided on the qurction of |tttti| the whole appointing |a>wer to the m ayor, and ueither |<arty 1* dis Imn d to recede, tbe opinion now prevail* at Albany that there will l>e uo Be w char tor I or .Si? l*oik (lancd thla mimwii THl f*i??l>BI? H W??BAB. The police refnard her lawrer iwrmnuwon to see Mr*. Meter*, Uoalrich t suspected mur derer, laat night ladiMABalrtMihe PaHir M4e. XoUiBlit t THt HuMn POoUIBI. Sab Fkamiimii, March ??. ?tie a. taHby'f trou|# are impattcid at the delay and want a ? baiice to tt^lit the Mudixo. The" jptaion pr?? \ ailh tbat the klodoo will g? t any terms tb#f want. tprti v ritota arikoka htat# that th# r?-a?-r? atmni A|>*cht* are un#4*r and diaMtUfl^td. Much aicfcncaa prr* alU aiuoti{ tin ni. It h> r#|-?>rt#<1 that the Apa> he* ar# hot ter anpplted with tin arm* than or#r h?*fi?r#. It i* generally thonifht Hi#t procure tlu-ir area tioiu tradi r?- in N#w <B|rtaiB lark'* ?? Siw York, M^rrli 'Jt.?A diapatcli ip>m tba ImxiI'I iihi t? r> ot the |#ae# (,.1.. nn?M<.w#r?. rtaTil Marrh iff Ik, raya : Ho at# of the nemben roniplain ti at th#r hare l?#<-n pr#r>-nt<-d from hoMing the interrlew* * ith t aptain .lack necea ?*r\ tor a full direuaaiaa ot tl.e matter* at laaa#. Th# Indiana aa#ur# th# interpreter that th#y will neitotiaU! tor |>#are If th#j ran hav# tlielr 1 . -1 ?,V. r home I ?.? v aHM prol-a'-lv ron?" t to j:o to the Yium?* reaor* atK?n. A- \.t. l,ow ? ever, no effort htm been miwle to efiect |>eaoe cu thtx- ten?. Lljraa 111 r?t#r Myatcry. THE AlkrKTIU WOMAB. The woman arrcate?1 in Brooklyn a* accw wry to the murder of t>oodri<*h la tiauie 1 L'l ciette Myera. alla>- Kate Stod?lard. She ha-t prerioualv claime<l tioodrkh aa her haau. I*ia trn t Attorney Brillou exprcaaeabia belief it *he did not commit the murder licraelf, aba know* all about It. She admitted Coodrlrla paid her rent for her. and in fact kept b#r. l'rof- Boyle doea not think tbi* u> the woman h* fret|i:?--ntfy ?au with Goodrich. The mother of Mra. Mvcr* it- n twrtin to l?e an liomut, re?|ieot able wi'man. She greatly lament* her .Unjtb ter'a arreat. and saxa nhcwaaa gnn\ *irl aa-l th? main i>up|iort ot the family. She aanl h#r dkiifibU-r acarcely ever aeut out eveuinga. St.* niiflit have beeu out wmt eveninga la?t uetk, but ?he alwara came home by ten o'clock. 8ba frerueatly received httera". t?nt nerer iB#n tiortd their contenta. She i> aanl to he a na tive of New hngland, ami u> have re#:>l#d at one time for many year* In Bm>t?>n. Thcxe fact * hare b#i n a#r*rtaiu?'d from her letter*. Ten or twelve of Uieae are now in the band# ot the po lice and count v antlioritiea. TUB I ACT LtrTKK. The laat letter ir- dated ?>n the ^tU ot' Febru arr. K.t. and ebowa that Kate Stodd trd an I Mr. Goad rich part<d on not the l*?t of twm?. Twwaida the claae *>hc aw: *? I am aarevoadi4 it without thinking; and. bclicrihtf that, I aaa willing. a? you m> ult* a aay. to * lot hy-g<>ii#? l>a by-goiita,' and commence ail over again. Wlf ??ould ^aople who love each other a* we do al low M.ia'.l thlccr to aeparate Uo m? It la n.>t mr diaioatth?n to ilo an. and I believe ft Is not vdur>."' 1 hia letter ta aappoac4 ta ha## boon written atti r the difficulty with t-Oodi icli intho Ik>um 7:>1 IKaTaw atre#tou or about the Ktti of February laat, on which occaalon the u< ighbora heard crWt- of ?? Murd.-rV " Yon will kill nir!** ?? 1H> you waiit to knock my brain* out?" anl other "exclamation* of terror. T" C.*.7T"T ar<.<??:??** tw Spat*.?Tha Carliato In Spain, comrurnring o|>#ra'???u? the aouthern alope ot the Pyrencea, hare con tinuously ^aittcd ground aot,tkward, au<l etrengthenca th?-lr incuraire forcea. Yesterday the cabl* diapatch?*? atatrd that th#y w.-r# ai-la ter* of all Catatonia, atretching tiro hnndrrij m e inland along to# French frontier, and to day It ta announcod that they aim at the cai# tare of hundrel ami tut* m.lea further to the weatward. It la that they hare gained an im{>ortant victorv in Navarre, and compiled the aurremt< r of tha Cvernmcnt troop*. The CarUat committoe ia rndon hare pnbiiahed a denial ot the report that Don Carlo* ha* gone to U#aera, or abdi cated hia claim* to th# throne of Spain. ThJ committee ?ay that ?? the KingM?Don Carlo* _ la actively prenarlna for the advance ot hia army on Madrid, and will head the troopa on the <lay fixed for th* mor*m*nt. A dem >natr ? tion haa taken place kti Tarragona in hoaor og the eatabltaliment of the Pari# <'otamtine. During fctroet hghting at Barcalooa at |K.raon? arere killed. A TanatttLK Adv a> 1 t aa A tr? dav< apt, ?ay*the Sau Frauciaoo Chronicia.Ebatiae Bum lay made the ascent in hi* Moi.tgoltlcr 01 hot air balloon from Woodwattl'* gard. n?. Tlia wind blew the balloon toward the north#a*t#ra poition ot the city, and when nearly arer tba new mint, about oue mu< high, the hot a r >wu drnaed sudden!v. and the balloon be,-an ta fall with frightful reloeity. which incr#a? -d aa it Beared the earth. It (VII director on a '*ni[>- j t<oat in the Bagloy Place, near th* jan- r on at l>u|>ont and U'Farrell atreat*. demolMhiuc tno glaa* lantern comi>l#t#'y. Buuda.v Jiuuim-U aa the roof ?f ahonce Jtnrt before the ballooa struck, and escaped uainjured beyond a aiig'..t ocratch on the scalp. Thb wjll o? Nai*ulk<>k tHaTmitnliii boen |>roved in Knglund. Mi* i?*r~?nal pn?pei ty, XlAi.Um. he leave* to th* Kmrrem without reserve. To the Prince lmi> there ia onlv one bequeat. ve ara told?the Im|?*r.?l (. roan. If thia be true, aaya the Pall Malf Gazette, we hare here a certain violation of tho Idee Na]?l#onieBaat according u> ahiah any Bonaparte mar govern who la called bvUtt voir* 0; the |>eotde. And the Kmpcror** will i* in thia respect an inijortant manifeato to the Imperial ist*. It is a message to the frleml* of Prinea Napoleon. Pendleton ooanty, Kv., wk> l#r.?lati.a sanctum for a -gitt concarf'to pa, pot,hi -Jff *ai?ap?? that the Sioux around Fort ^ully are au He ring greatly iram t7*8ix attempts ware made to bars a Baptf< charch ta Norfolk, Ya., oa handay aight, and no arreata followed. ?7-Mr. J.B. Barrer. of Sink Crook, Craig oonnty, Ya., hu^g him^lf near hia rMldcaoe oa Monday, the 10th urfir ?Ti marbleatafue of '* rr*"k?"t? among the aaeWmad artac> ****** *? ?ale by the callectar of Now Ortaa"* of M oa troaUta r e heiu 1^1 g,, '141^11 t of tha city tar f?" ' - ity-tve hundred aoal aakaora la thd Bolton-Farnaworth, Caglaatd, diattUt hat? Lewia tattaaal aa tkl i^iist aad Ohio railroad, 4X<M feat loaf, waa oamjlaki* la*t Monday, rt wat hored through hard aanJ Mkable livM apoa thedht ^tha Mda^^tkw# * d*ath7*tr. Swain wai fivtrely barnou trylnf to aave her. "mZTntZLy kifnt4, t0r ? **P* ?B Mia* Ftahe. a J?""* ???'*' lady, living about twenty Bailee lrftm that plaoe.

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