Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. * VVnAY March St, 1D7S. LOCAL HEWS. WaU'i tfj^ra Englirt yper?-"I.ntU IM Is t me moor." TVs't Cnwtijn*?A variety entertainment of drama song. dance, Sc. Luw. m U-tU.?Rubinstein concert. ( undraofil Loral*. Wuri >n the Connecticut avenue railroad ls i rocren rig rapidly. Tlejtikir ciaM of *7-1. at Howard University* pave a pleasant literary entertainment last evening?t the university. ? On Wednesday evening next a grand concert will be given at Wesley Chapel for the benefit ?f the u*r Crace M. K. Church. Soon excel* tales: has been engag>*d. Parties lestring to procure ticket* for the <? linijii ball should see the advertisement in another olnr.iii. This ball will be on? of the finest in every respect ever given in thin city. A lecture is to be given before the Sunday School Nun. al Association at Lincoln Hall this evening by >lr. z. Ilicbards, on the requisite ?inalitieatiuL- of a Sunday school teacher. See <m1 vertisenMMt. Dealt rs and purchaser# in Center Market ?ere greatly liscotuiuoled this morning by the eaky roots through which the water poured iu streams. 1 hU b a nuisauce which the mar ket c uiiJi T *lioald promptly abate. There is in n*<d to ha-? a market hous. if it does not she ter tho^e iking bus new in it. The first '?*c4 ire of the "Toner course" by l>r. *L .J. Wnjdward, U.S.A.. at Marini'shall .j*?t night, bis subject l>eing. "the structure of ' anc? rous tumors and tlie manner in which ad j?-e*-:jt I'Mits art. invaded," was very ab'e art*I '?trtiyting, and was listened to by a lar je in nbjr of medical men and others. The :Iaiiuof AXe->rs. Gaiitz and Appleman against the la/an* of public works fur extra wurk on excavation tor the B street sewer has nut k*n **Mled by arbitration. The n atter if still in the hands of the arbitrators, m ho, ?ill, it is to bo presumed, be able before long to coiac t > an agreement. One ot the plcasantost children's parties of the seaiK.ii, occurred tioin i to 11 o'clock last nigbt at the house of F. H. Soiitb, eB.j., 5J) 3d street. A large nuinber of the little folks were out, and the festivities of the evening were immensely relished ta>tw itLstunliug the gravity of th? lrntt n season. At a meeting of the Chicago relief committee Yesterday afternoon,Mr. .Merrick offered a reso lution directing the appoint a^ent of a rommittee to take wwwiri'n to require tie v. Cooke to fortli nitb tnrn over the balance of the money appro priated by rb? legislature to the committoe^TLe resolution was adopted,and the ehair appointed Clagett, Kilbourn, and Cassiu ou the core luittee. "The Ohio FlppaMioan .Asso< iatior. elected the following officers ,i?? night; President, Hon. J. M. McGrew: vice president, Capt. F re-hour; *rtetary. Capt. J. ,H. Palmer; hii secre tary. J. F. Reardon; treasorer, W. H. Myers; m* rnber of the state centra! committee, lion. A. M. Cangcwer; member of state executive committee, Col. H. G. Otis; delegate to state republican convention, N. A. -Gray; alternate delegate, Lee W. Funk. The entertainment giver, by the pupils of the fe male gTammar school of the Second district yesterday afternoon was X great success, the hi. tiding being crowded by p&reuto and friends of the1 pupils, and the freuuenl applause given ?luring th. e\i-reiM ? ?howed The appree.ati >n of the audience of the l>:eritsol tlie pupils. At the roncl i:? ion addr< ss>>i? were madts by Superin tendent J. O. Wilson and others, cot. gratulat >rv of the maimer in which they ha?f ac'iuitted t!.? mselvee. and especiastv to the t**a?ker, Miss Lane, tir tlie management of the a flair. * Interesting Kchool Exhibition ?u?l tonrerl. The exhibition and conc>rt given, under the aaspicesoi the .letfrrson Literary and Debating Society, 1 v the f.upiLs of the Fourth I >istrii't ?eho^ils. to aid in lorniing a librarv. was a most sncecsful artHr. The spoeious l?4'ture-room of the -lefterson Riiiiding was thronged, atvl the iiett procei ds for the deserving object amounted probablx tnthreeor four hundred doi ars. The Kxerc:?es embraced th>- ftnlowing programme: Part I. ojiemnc flx ruj. '?Spring." recita tion. ?? Man was Made to Mourn." Jaoa- s B. | Tavlor; recitation. ?* True Philosophy.^?' a re ply. I>. Miller; recitation. "Chicago Fire." K C. I5lsnt; recitation, " Kfliet* for Ciiieagf)," M". A. Jiiiiiison; reading, .lohn B. Merrill; duet, ?? The Tobacco Controversy," Miss .Sophia Da vi?!son ar.d f?. O. Miller. ?'har;?de?" The Nanghty Boy " Characters: i r?*t-v Blinker, Mi-s Mary McArdle; Cyrus j Blinker, ;her son.) f?scar Woodward; S.illie HanscomS. Mi^ Ali<-e Cooksey; Peg,;y, the hoosemaid. I.ilhan Tanner. Part II. Hammer Chorns; speech, "Bor? Bights." Clarence Anderson; uialo^ie. "Sot Ashamed of His Occupation," K. !>. Wright and S. liower: rec-tstion, "A Ship on Fire," Albert T. Cowie; recUation, "The Society on the Stanislaus," TV Wdler; recitation. "The Moneyless M an," f. Tavler: Solo, "'Tis But a Little F^ded Flower," Miss Clara Seigel. Charade?"Sense ver*ns fccntim.nt"'? C iar act<?rs; Ms*s F^mtralda Trat?^?endental, Mis? B?-ttie Havenrer; O rand in a Transcendental M ss Sophia Lipphard: Thomas Transcenden tal. AH?ert T. Cowie; Miss Pou^iass, Mi-9 Annie W:lson; Mis, Burnett, Miss Kate Maxwell; Mr. Fifz Ali?-n. Bobert L. Anderson: Mr. Dncklow and Mis-Hucklow, (country cousins.) Sumnel W?>o<l and Miss Belie Halldiy; Flower Girl, Miss Bertha Herman; Bridget"iltilrooney. >'i?s Annie Charlton: Miss Strongly, (one of tie 'h'-Bf-minded,) ktiss Cora Knott. Huring an intermission: Piano solo?"Baak ?t the Blue Danube,'* Clarence Anderson. PirectoT, Prof. J. H. Daniel; pianUt, i Su?ie Mockabce. The performances were applauded greatly all the way through, and the recitations were w> tireah'y gtxxi It ?as remarked that, with a view probably ot waking the noys sell-reliant, the tiutm and other ortici.ils 'lid not appear < n the platform or take any public part in the cxhibitkn. ? The Crash I'sms Ball The committees of the states associations having in charge the grai.<l national ball, which was po*t|<oiied t.) Tuesday evening next, the 1st proximo., met at the Governor's ottiee yestenlay, Mr. A. M t'iapp in the chair, and Mr. E. A. Faunco sec retary. Messrs. Herring, BHI and Hendley were ap|K>int*d a committee to make internal arrangements in the inauguration building. The proi<mition of Allison Nailor. jr., tofurnuHi carnages was accepted. Messrs. Burnside and Bell were add*'d to the committee on printing. Colonel Tichenor moved that an additiona' imiulier ot wi'mi ti be employed in the ladies' dressing-room; adopted. Mr. Fannce ottered a resolution, which wa> adopted, directing the chairman of the general committee to call upon the members of the in auguration bail committee and request their W' peration. ? from DoNKhTJC TrtcvrBT.BS Dr. Bekrea-i th:s morning apiH-ared before .ludge Sntll and stated that the woman Johanna Foley, who wxs committed with her young infant to the aims-bouse a few. lays ago through the solicitations of her relatives, has become in.-anc there, and hea?ke?l tor her release in order that ?he may be sent to the insane asylum. It will W rem* inhered, as stated in Thi Star. that this woman recently came from Canada. having i>e?n deserted bv h< r husband. _ ? ? Fie.*t in the Field?Mr. Fred. Lawrcnce. tl.e wide-awake press a^ent of Adam Fore paugh's great show, is in town, making ar raiigemttits for the exhibitions here next week. Forejau^h is a veteran showman, and the ag gregation of Ave di?tinct exhibitions he brings ? tth bim this tirue cannot bo sarpass*-*! for ex cellence and variety. The flrst in the Held hap ja iis tl Ls time to l?e the best. His atlwertisem-mt in Thk Star will give some little idea of what may be exacted. ct Heal Kstat k Messrs. Dttiican *s>n. l>o?ling g: Co. sold, Thursday, ?T?!i inst.. parts lot 19. in sqaare to Michael Craven. t< r 11 *, cents, and Michael Mullen, for 10^, cents pr square foot. Tl.e above property U onlth *tr* ? t east, nf^r Ms-vichnsetts avenue. Also, for Wm K. Ww?lwar*I and B. F. Morseil. tt nsVes, a lot in Tennallytowu, improved bra frame dwelling, for AsonJ MuTna's Pa kadis * l^sii~The stir com 1-lete i. ustrati n ot Milton's great work, from the original *i. - gns of Gustave Dire, coni t rising upwards ot one hundred magnificent tableaux, will be exhibited at ?Jdd Fellows' Hall, commencing on Monday next. The exhl bit ou is highly si*oken of by the press as a mer itorious work of ai t. Tuk oreat sale of desks and chairs In the House of Representative* i* in the hands of Latimer & Clearv. who are now making ar rangements to that end. The sale, which is to Ik- bv auction to the h1gti?*t bidder, will take place oa the dth of April, and It will doubtlesa attract a large crowd. PironiT* In the German American Sarinjs Bank, made on or l>efore April l?t. draw Inter est from that date?? per cent, paid on ordinary deposits, ami 3 per cent, on the average dailv balances ot business amounts. Trustees and stuekhoUlers iiel.vhlually liable. Scad for a copy of the ruler. f Feil I*to a Sew rb Trap.-About 9:3t o'clock this asjrnina a boy named Geo. Sioassa, while playing on stk strevt. near S. southeast. f?n into a sewer trap, which had been forced open by the water. The force of th? water hept him up natil his ptoyniates rescued him. aid ^?WMiAwaxj are artists who enar> where draw Immense houses and will to-night perform before a large audience at I.incoia Hall. Henca, to secure seats, go to J! etzeratt's at once. r_ Priro'h tiWELBY sToiiB will receive some b? autirnl st>lis of Coh?ra?lo sai>??hires, Alaska word*, and cut 0)>als in gold; also jet and g:lt jewelry. t A tri( T issi'K is a'rit the Sisi 'a<t Oat'Ht for to- j *. i row b to t-c- See aunouiicement. HIDXIGIIT assasshatio*. MIKDEBED FM JIOXEY. A *???< NKall rrwh?4 ???THo Tic. tin* !4ratlM mm Mr. Frank Haan, m Dmfr-liiTCfitlfiillM br the UrmMr-Sot lne to the Inrdtrtr. Another atrocious murder was committed in oar city last night, rivaling in it* ghastly de tail* the butchery of Rogerski, the peddler. It appear* that Mr. Colombo# Scriber, tb? watch man at the Armory building, hearing groans In the Armory square late in the night, went to the place from whence they proceeded, and din covered a man 'ying near the hedge, about 30 or AO yards south of the Baltimore and Potomac depot grounds. The watchman tried to arouse the groaning man, but he was insensible and unable to s|wak. on close examination, it be came apparent from the wounds about his head and face (which almost rendered the features ur distinguishable) that he had been beaten so nearly dead that whatever was to be done for his relief should be done quickly. Mr. Scriber in.mediately repaired to the Central guard house, where he informed Mr. Yoss, the station keeper, of the facts, and Mr. Yoss directed him to call on the first police officer he met. This was at a quarter to two o'clock a. m., and Mr. Scriber finding officer Harding, the two proceeded to the place where the man was Iv mg. Officer Purlin was also called, and a hark being procured, thev started with the wounded man to the guard-house, but before their ar rival there, he bad breathed his last. The b^dy was attired in rather coarse gray pant*, vest, and coat, with heavy boots quite minldv. and his general appearance was that of a working man, but his skin, where not exposed, was ap parently as tender as a child's. He was about 5 feet 6 inches in height, full faced, and with dark hair. THE WOrSDS. Dr. Hartigan made a cursory examination of the body shortly after 2 o'clock this morning, an<l found four wounds about the head and face, one laving open the cheek ami another on the back of the head from which the brains were oozing. From the apiiearance of the wornds Dr. H. was under the impression that a small hatchet had been used to intlict them. ' 'ffieer Harding, after the death of the vic tim, returned to the grounds and found near the place where the deceased had lain a heavy piece of lead, wrapped in sheepskin, a handle to which, making a dangerous weapon of it, had been broken, probably while the assassin used it on his victim. Several stones were also found, on which were blood sta:ns. A local railroad ticket from Washington to Alexandria was also found. the victim a Virginia*. This morning the body was identified by the partner of the deceased. Mr. Hinkle, as that of Mr. Frank Haun, who was engaged in business with Mr. Hinkle a* a drover an?t cattle dealer. The deceased was a son of Mr. Henry Haun, and resided near Woodstock. Shenandoah county, Ya., with his wife and one or two children. Mr. Hinkle states that the deceased was in Baltimore yesterday, and must have HAD ABOfT ?1,I?WI WITH HIM. It isr.ot yet known at what hour he arrived in the city; but the ticket to Alexandria, men tioned above. Fo. 4.:?2. was identified as one of the last sold at the depot before the departure of the fc.55 train. He probably intended to re main here until the late train?12 o'clock p. m anil to leave Alexandria lor his home on the Manassas train this morning. It is reported that some persons heard CRICK OF Xrr.DER lifin the direction of the armory as early a? " o'clock last evening, and they ran down titli street, but by the time they reached the lower end of the depot the cries had ceased. Som ? of the Inland officer* hc^rd a similar cry about 1 o'clock, lut could not find from whence it pro ceeded. The impression among ?om? friends of the deceased is that whoever murdered him FOLLOWED HIM FROM BALT1MORK, knowing tliat he had money, ami that it is likeli he was drugged, and then easily [>er suaded to go to the place where he met his death. a female footprint. A large tooI of bloot! on the carriageway in the Armorvlot, just where it is nearest to the fence on the east side of the square (along winch are some bushes), n.arks the spot where the b?dy was found. Seme persona in examin ing the place this morning discovered some small footprints, apjiearing to have befti made by a female shoe, ami from this discovery a re port gained currency that the deceased had been enticed into the lot by a woman. This storj- does not gain any credence, however, es pecially among those who knew the de?cased. as they represent him to Lave been an exem plary and temperate j-oung man. Some per sons even went so far as to state that they had seen the deceased with a colored woman, but the description they gave of the mm they saw does not accord in any particular with the ap pearance oi the murdered ruan. THE CORONER'S IJlQrEST. The Coroner, Dr. Patterson, appeared at the guard house, in the course of the morning, and Sergeant R. M. Clayton summoned the fol lowing named gentlemen as a jury of inquest Jonas B. Ellis (foreman), Robert Htrdon, Hcr-rv King, Jacob Yeighmeyer, Sa;uuel Sbr?-ves, John Dunn, Henry Stubcner, W."U. Horner, Wm. Wolf, Charles H. Kettler, Wm. H. t lark, and Frederick Meyers. Dr. Patterson had previously consulted the l-olice authorities, and at their suggestion cou- ' eluded to postpone the taking of the testimony. . Therefore after the jurors had been sworn over ' the body they wore adjourned to Monday morn ing at 10 o'clock. I'T. ,7. F. Hartigan, assisted by Dr. II. E Leach, made the post mortem examination. I So far there Is no clue whatever to the mur derer. i THE ACTOPSY. The physicians concluded the autopsy about 11 >, o'clock a. m. They found one wound over the eye, the skin being cut in several places, one on the right temple, from which they re moved seven pieces of bone, the smallest being as large a- a ten-cent piece; and one back of the head. These may have been, and, indeed, all have the apjtearance of having been. mad> with a blunt instrument, with the exception of the one on the cheek, and that may h ive been inflicted by a billy. Tne right side of the face was slightly discolored and scratched, from which appearance, it is supposed, the body had been dragg< d. 1 he remains were placed in charge of Mr. A. Bnchly, undertaker, who embalmed the body The friends will allow it to remain at the stasion until Monday, and It will be carried to Wood stock for interment. A3f ATTEMPT AT IDESTIFICATIOS. About 1^ o'clock p. m. a resident of a low ne.gbborhood in the Seventh Ward, Cornelia Tyler, was brought to the guard-bouse to see if the deceased was the person whom she noticed last evening in company with some rather rough men. She first examined the bodv and then the clothes, but was not able to say that he was the man. MR. HOLDER'S STATEMENT. Mr. Holden, of the well-known firm of Har vey & Holden, states that on his way home, about 1:40 o'clock last night, he met Scriber. the watchman at the Armory, and three other colored men. near the entrance to the square on Tth street, and passing along the walk, he heard some one meaning. Supposing at first that the groans were those of a drunken man, ?*id he being alone, he passed on, and at ?'?th street and Maryland avenue blew lii< whistle for an officer. While waiting for one. Mr. Mullens came along with hi> carriage, and Mr. Holden telling him what he had heard. proj>o*cd to him that they should go back to gether. This they did, aud found Scriber and and his companions there, and they all went to wards the place from whence the groans pro ceeded, and finding the man gasping for breath they removed him to the station house. XVHEX MAI N LEFT BALTIMORE. Chief of Detectivea Clarvoe received a tele gram at 2 o'clock to-dav, from Mr. Franken rfein. hotel keeper in Baltimore, stating that Mr. liaun left that cttv on the 7.25 p. m., Balti more and Potomac train last night for this city. Rev. Horace A. Cleveland, recently trans ferred from the Philadelphia conference to the Baltimore conference of the M. E. Church, and appointed to the Foundry station, of this City, arrived in Washington on the through train from Philadelphia oa Thursday afternoon, and was conl(ally received by his new congregation. Last night the church waa thrown open, aud the membership, with a large part of the con gregation, and manv strangers, together with ftev. Dr. Lanahan, presiding elder of the dis trict, and Kev. J. P. Newman, D. !>., met so cially to welcome him to hia new field of labor. Mrs. Cleveland was prevented with a basket of beautiful and rare flowers by a member of the Church. Rsceptic* of a Pastor?On Thursday evening. the new pastor of the First Methodist Protestant church. Rev. Jacob D. Wilson, brother of the lata pastor, arrived, aad with hia family waa received at the depot by the trustees and escorted to the parsonage. Here a fine ?upper had been prepared, and was partaken Of; after which, the regvlar prayer meeting took place, and then the members were tntroauoed. While this wbk going on in the church, gifts of groceries, meat*, <&?-, were being piled In the passage, and enough was "donated" ts last the minister's family several months. A Horil Biom Dowh?MirauJout Eteapt ?f a* two-story frame house, on K street, betmeoa l?*h aad lath, was blown dews by the wind this morning about It o'clock. A colored ftimttv, consisting of a man, woaaaa and seven children, were la it at the time, and strange to say. although they were buried ta the mine, none of them were serloasly injured. o A. V. D. Mims, 915 Pennsylvania avenue, has Just retnrued fiom Sew York, with a care fullv selected stock of fancy goods, comprising all the in oxydize*! go<>Us. Iadi<-s fur n si.ii.g goods, luces, trimming*, and mil inery. I Chiliiieu's caje a specialty. * Th? KouuHlpatln Olcbration. A"P./0? THB ?***? P'iUCKSSIO*. diatr^t!?11* ?L **? dele?ates from the several iht il .l ? T 'kf, arrangements to celebrate on the 1Mb of April the anniversary of the eman cipation proclamation. met la?t night at Union him Ball, I>r J. L. N. Bowen in the chiir and Edward . Turner secretary rlw? iChrr re"? * tetU?r fro? -John F. 'ook. declining to serve as chairman of the STSSf TtleJchair attention fii ^ Mr C- desm-d only to be re ltfTM trom the position a* chairman, and that Le would continue to act with them. I *iT' |W- Hv BaJker' of 'he 3d district, said that he had no objection to excusing h'.ra altogether as it was very apparent that Mr. Cook felt him' sell ele \ ated a long way above them. He, tor one-*aaopp??d to Pitting Mr. Cook foremost on all these public occasions, merely a> a com plime nt, to the exclusion of" fuch men ai Colo H Ca??? and others, whose sou? were with them, and at the last moment to hare a letter ???? * ??M ,or the honor, and giving a ? f?s7 <"d not consider him one tota better than their chief marshal, Mr. J. T. Johnson. If he declines to serve as chairman, why, vote him out altr.gather. He moved that tne next man on the list be substituted as chair man. ?Tohn P. Johnson moved to amend that >lr. Cook s name be stricken off the list alto s^&ituted.h* ,"UU0 ?f >,f- J0bU A- Gra* be ?? vfohri?on said it looked to him as ?>?r ^??kJliked to have his popularity put fit the colored peoples' scales, to be weighed . fonnA 4t convenient to get excused JiiHt when his services were most nee.if-1. out the svalTs.'g 8 ^ V?W by d??P'?g him hadriJ5S^Ifc*?T--?f the, ,th ?*riet. said thev And ill-? r K ?P Mr-Cook long enough, their snpp3tt?r him down as unworthy C^*ir exi>UlBed that Mr. Cook had not songht the position, that he (the chair) had nTutee *1 m ,'uttin<{ hiui OM the com 2?? that Mr- Co<*'? nime be left oft altogether; carried. ??hr;vB"^r moveif to uke thp "nie action mlnti Vr winr*n I? com,?'<teeofarrange nienw, Mr. w nkmson; he wan not present and forwhet,ber hc intended to act or'not; fikVJSJiSE'J'* m-" b* ""ab,e" *'? Mr. Thomas Commodore was opposed to $Jnt??fc* Lad MO, been notitie>1 of his ap I Voice._"Yes.he has," "his narno was nuh II^^JTh* Stab." The motion wa> lost. n,t / ?? kl1,0? ?* I'aocKAsiox. f.H.'" ,' Marshal Johnson here submitted the following programme: thIX?r.?^ i ?n W '"?orm on J^ouislana avenue, the right eolnmu resting on 2d street ami l*rt column resting on ?th &eet,imlI'M be foJmJS ?.c*'.r' w. fngramme, and move precisely at ? ???!. down Indiana avenue to 1st street A^trlS? ?ti'7 J. eMt ,ront ot ,l?e Capitol to A street south; thence south of rhe Capitol to mai, branch of the Avenue; thence to nth ? through the President's grounds; thence to Georgetown, up Bridge street to Congress 5LP ?l>nMrew to Stoddard, down Stoddu-d to wS tontt?^-T,lin?tt)n to w?t,down , to P-street bridge, down p street to the interseetion of Connecticut avenne. down Con necticnt avenue to K street, down K to uth.Tp ?i?ue. ' ^ M to ilU> to Judiciary Ha?tainS?o? M?rue?* _The R.ilin^ mm ? , Prim r?Mlay. * i.iri ?, i' p"rt#'r hi>o9H,? Shsjsop. is m ? ,i? i. aji- if" < ri"!";11- ? <???? < roantmif |\ i,"rl"',iJ 10^ei.v,c- n.irk, I ". iAh- ,1,, V''i2V VTH"n?,i,ak ? hmb tev;v. '. I ,?'' 1 ??1-aKoi'i. . htun- (whole) l4MI7r * ,i;vv,n -?- ,acv ^f t^e*; Vbonrh;|i.lwr r?,l,v. >lb. ji ? w f?, \'iTrnitUi"h',ls'"r4rl * huueh; aouiKler-i ?i@trau v UiV! pl ,y ol gtua wer" "u 8*'e i ^ck^cabUge, lofelfc. h?-a.l; celery, UiJu". r . ?Apt l"?. (eating,) 40?SV-. r,-r p. rk ,?, "-M kll.p ) 3..A chertliuts, JTr 'uirt* irai,l.eriie?. ir?,av. p. r.|U?rt. ' p r ro||rTII.*.~f?l?,a(?0,p,''!V Print, ?5r ?? m ; choice rw-'ira ^ rai- '^k?? J!a,r; Ax.-. F lb } ' 3-So each, 20? _ ? . .. WHOlKSAtK MARKET. LtitfrS-Il jk {''?? "iiiark..r. furi)ishe<l by . iw.V.r ..i- / nnn,"2'?,'n. Keneral commission i.ier, aienge, )H-t?f>en 9r|, I loth ' ' 'Z iv.iunr. il "P ^ &u*liv i,,44?iut>, 1 'a .*? i to t?? -f hi.iu ??S; turkeys. 21^27; g,,rio' to >4?|; i<?J? eugs, ?, P'rk, #s?8; country ?ilre-?<><J hin.i ?Miarter, l.^lsjtlb.; front do.,m* ,rcs<,^> At.?ut 1SU tons of hay and straw hare been soM P ' - ^ fallows:?Be-t quality. ->17i^l rwt ' it.-I ?*cond quality Rfri-.v it Ji ..i/iV ?*l.2?. J#0 barrels corn at" $3.lO@$t V barrel ii?, biMhels war* at 45GM<\ ? r r' ? 1U0 Tli" market ras genendly wll stocked and sales lively. Hay, straw* "Ud oats, dull sale#, uu.j ClTll Active. tHE t'utRns t'l Bt 'C IT CO CRT, Ju ltf Variur. ? Y--t. rj^-. ? Fr,'n,r"1 8h, rw i-acti 'ii f,.r S5,0W 'lamsgf-s i.y Nlng ran overt.) awa?,.ii ot Jefi rdant s en p. imsvlvauia avenue, between 15th and 15', ?1r?ets?verdict for plaintil! $lu0. w?Vestordav th" ?ill "f the late Ferdinand Scbleyel li iueathlna his e? ste to Ills Wife dunnK her widowhood was tiled. u!?i u* " Wlftf *M **<*?trlx. The will of Mary Ann Hensonwas also fil?,|. S?,? appoints John Burhler e*ecul??r. and b*,,ueaths ,11 her prop-rtv to Mary Jane Tuhlinan and Richard Tighhnaii u|s b tl.e,r attainimr majority, and appoints Vr sis ter. Susan Keith, their gnardisn David Walker Uw*PEl , ttX?a,or ,,f ,h" 'at* William H. .? T ? r VR"r''1 wa" appointed cusnlian ..f aTu? t"' ' Thomas McKeniia, deceased; ?i'*0;. Iu reestatsot Lucy A. Wbeelnr; decr-e ,!f by /iiry isxuws to the Circuit C urt for trial POLICE COURT, Ju<itt Smell.?To day, Mary i 'J^ay, colored, charged with p?>tit larceny of sum* n?<Mti plea.led guilty, and w . "rL?r5, ,*{' IwiTuylor. assault and bitlery oti ?lame# H. Dabney ; #lu and costs. George Carter, a ntf'?? ^ the w..rkhoa'<f. Mar we" Hon Wi. ?!? ' r*? an<* ?/ f"r itupr-stitn !?n. y illiam I.u< as. profane and disorderly in Georgetown- ?8. Charlea H. Mver, charj^d with vagrancy It was testified ihat he hi sp, nt twenty'' eight nights in the different station h >ases the pa^t curi'ty'com'"',,pd to the workhous<' in default o(%e THK amaplt cask. In tne ca-e ?f Sidney B. Jones, general passenger aifi nt for the Bnltiniore and Ohio railroad companv, ?f ?*"**u aml batte"r "n StephenWley ml2 w'A! rassenu.r agent on the -am.- road! "i J^j.^y jlT^ay, on Penns/jvanla avenue, a full "r nifani 7. I*lv,*ni" T?s f<TvR of that day. <*? rudant failed to anpear thu morning to answer and M r Closs ask erf I hat his bond In- orter^tn h-i forfeited, and a beiieh warrant be issued to brin* hin. lido coort in onter that hi-bonds b- incr.-as.-d 5- kT , T f,?-t'ig seriously ill with his wounds, an.l naable to appear A certificate from Dr RnwIanrf \i <r"i<iT'cf,\ ?*atlng that It was impossible f,r i^-Ti!';w^'raiir,XT;; ^ -cH: :iST.'S ^,R,V"n.,"' ?*1"' *"a hu "?> QEOROETOW:;. Thad*.?The Cumberland Aeics says : The lioatmena' strike for an increaseil rate of [?*ight was compromised day before yesterday hy a vote of 10., to 87. Ai stated in thia columt of yeaterday'a Star, the agents ol the different companies have received no definite advices to that effect, but it Is generally admitted to-dav that a settlement has been made, and that the ^??ihundred boat' new iu Cumberland will at once commence loading. Mr. J. Brenzle, of Cumberland, who freights large quantities ^tr0Ul .Utre to Cumberland. sUrted his boat* down without coal, In order to make no delay in delivering the return freight promptly In Cumberland. r/?^K,h?t D' L- Shoemaker report* that hia chicken bouse at liU mill neat ^ ZlridTy 9 wai4 ^ro^en oi?en laat night and forty chickens stolen. a CarRc H?The removal of Uie rJ i Presbyterian church, which was erected on ?[^Ke *treet, corner Washington street, in li82, will be commenced on Monday next. The material will be used in the constrnction of the new building on Wert street, between High and Congress. Ift'WMSk ... ?aMO,, of lhe 8nest oaality. T)ala?ai>* A a _? .. ifis V" .|lf, !?5ft H1UMB, aaii atC-Tw^ul'- **???&)L.?*^A fertaiaing to ike * uTil ry "2S?W- JOR * ?^"L"7tPatrSet, -J?" ** Qppr^tte Q. b. Pafsnt Offl' |)B WURMLST1 PECTORAL 8TBUP, IN OODGH8 AMD COLDS. aov?lf-?Li> BY ALL VROUUiSTB. CITY ITEMS. Bora' aid Youths' Diaooeal Stits. Boys' and Youths' Yacht Cloth Suit*. Boys' and Youths' Caseimere Saita. Bots' and Youths' Cloth Suits. Btmun Jfc Pro., 3.29,3 5057th street, (May Building.) HkE*1TCO*S SPECIALTIES Fine Ready-made Clothing. Fine Garments to order. Fine Woolens by the yard. Perfectly Fitting Shirts. Spring Goods, now readv at 410 7th street northwest. One Price Only. ? CowsrMERS should use from one-fourth to one-half iess of Dooley's than of other Yeast or Baking Powders. It Is put up full weight. 6 Musks. Miller A: .Jones are the agents for Mcl>ouneli's celebrated Champagne Cider. This article is pure and delicious. Sold whole sale and retail at their Wine Store, 1325 E street, National Theater Building. 2 Great distlay of S&te Mantels, at Hamtt. tox & Pkarsos's, Y. M. C. A. building, 9tli an<l 1) streets. 3,27 ,eo.; I>R. Bisgham. ot N^r York, 413 13th street, near Pa. ate., treats Paralysis, Rheumatism, Cancers, Blood Poisons, and Nervous dis eases. 3* TnorSAxns rave rkbx i maxukt* bythe use of the Peruvian Pyruj, (a protoxide of iron) from weak, sickly, suffering creatures, to strong, healthy, and happy men and women, an<l in valids cannot reasonably hesitate to give it a trial. For Dyspepsia aiid Debility it is a sj>e cific. 6 Wilt> Cherry Balsam The memory of Dr. Wlstar is embalmed in the hearts of thousands wliom his Balsam of Wild Cherry has cured of coughs, colds, consumption, or some other form of pulmonary disease. It is now over forty Years since this preparation was brought before fhe public, and yet the demand for it is con stantly increasing. <i Oart>kw Vases, Statu irv. Fountains, &?<*., H amilton & 1'karsoh, Y. M. C. A. building, 9tli and D streets. 3,27,eo'J; jA Universal Remedy '?Rmwn't Bronchial n>rhrt" for Coughs, Col.Is. and Bronchial Af 'eetions. stand tirst in public favor and confi dence; this re*>ult has been acquired by a test of many years. t,th,s Posd's Extract cures rheumatism, bums, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains. scaMs, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhoea, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it Is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings, and known to be a cure for these diseases. m,th,s,tl The coxMriUTY at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. ? 1,5 The National Savings Bank, corner of New York avenue and 15th street, pays 6 per ot. i?er annum on deposits for each calender month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. 27t3,14tl6 8orin> feet being indispensable to health and coniiort thousands of persons come from far and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. 835 15th street, Opposite the Treasury, lor relief from corns, bad nails., Jfcc.. and advice as to suitable shoes. Willoox A Gibb'b skwino Machine. The celebrated Baznar Patterns. Agencv at Chas Baum's hoopskirt and corset factory, tth street. Intelligencer Building.^ 10,23 Thermometers and Barometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4# street fine Teas at very low Rnfl . prices. tq, IJL? It is w.>r*f than useless to send t t> w N"\v York for TEAS when von can buy a thoroiiKhly reliable article at the following remarkably low rati'# at the Grocery and Tea store of WX. F. GIVEN, 1104 12th street, near Massachusetts avenne. LOOK AT THESE FIGURES: Ch "?est M?yune Gunpowder ? 1.20 apound. 41 Imperial 1.20 " Japan ,, f?j ?? " (ti 'lonu 75 ?? " English Breakfast " " II > son l .an ?? ?X-TKN PKR I KM OFF ON LOTS OF FIVE Pot NI>S OR Mn 1;K So inferior Teas sold at any price. AI?o, a flnely-n<sortf-dlstock of everythirjg'ln tlx Gr<<er> line, at \er> low rait a. iii2T .ii 1873 spring. 1873 TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, THKMKNDOl S STOCK 1 TRKMENDOI'S 8T(t< K, TREMENDOUSSTOCK, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CUlTHING SPRING ANI> SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHINgI *!???'< JOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS , YOUTHS' AN1) BOYS, MJNS , YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS,

MENS', YOUTHS AND BOYS, At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS*V At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. CALL AX D SEE' i All A X It SEE ' CALL A XI) SEE ' ( ALL AXL> SEE ! CALL AXI) SEE ' UK EAT BAKUAIXS ' tiKEAT BAKUAIXS! UK EAT BA KUA1 XS ! UK EAT BAKUAIXS ' UKEAT BAKUAJXS 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE* Third Door from 11th Street. Third Doorfroin 11th Street. niW Third Door from 11th Street. |)KBS3 SHIRTS. Sis PALMER'S PATENT DOUBLE YOKE SHIRTS, ready-made, for $16.60. Biz PALMER'S PATENT DOUBLE YOKE SHIRTS, made to order, at $16, 911, or $24. LOCK WOOD, HUFTY * TAYLOR, ftW3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS. 100 docen LADIES COTTON SKIRTS at 8t cents each. 100 docen LADIES COTTON CHEMISES at a ceuta each. 60 doaen LADIES COTTON DRAWERS at 7i oem* each. 100 dozen LADIES NIGHT DRE8SE8 at ?1. 2 each. at LOCK WOOD, HUFTY * TAYLOR'S, fM tr 6*3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENPB. C A B " ? The nudersifued re apectfolly inform th*ir friends and the public generally that they have entered into a copartnership for the purpose of conducting the Real Estate, Loan and Insurance bualnesslu the city of Washington, under the name ?I'd style of MAURY A BROTHER. Promising prompt attention to all business entrusted to as, w? solicit a share r* ? vaAJIIiVn D. UlJUUttl 9 (formerly of the Ann of Taylar A Ma*rr,> No. 1437 F streM, over Middleton A Co. s Bank, Washington, D. C. _ We referM>T permission, to Biggs A Co., Baaheia, Washington,D. G.M>r. JohaBTBlaAe, Preset Ns*. Met. Bank; Moses Kelly,Oashler *o7; J. CTMcK'd <Jen. Prsst 2d Hat. Bluk: Charto* Bradley, Cast er Hat. Bank Republic: Jote A.Jtaff, Cashier Wash Johnson A i>o^^r. J. C. HalUW. Nainr ( ashler National Citiaeas' Baa2Lr4?M ?nrfc" 4 Herbert, Bankers, Alexandria, Va.: Col BON PAYIHO BOARDEK8, such ROACHES, with ? cents worth of "Fits." DARBY'S Pharmacy, corner 4^ street and Ptnn a ave., principal depot, mlO-Iin* Georgetown Advertisements. pOTATOSSI POTATOES Stibbb No l JACKSON WHITE POTATOES now landing from schooner J. L. Newtoa, and for sale in lot* to reit purchasers. hy ing* J. 0. WAT LBS. |0? VtlwKwt. UY THOMAS DOWLISO,, 13* Rri.lg. street. 0*"r<Mown. ADMINISTRATRIX "sTaLE OF TROTTING HOBbES BARNESS, SLEIGH, Ac . Ac., AT AvC.TIl'N . fiV - On WEDNESDAY. *pnl tt>l. at l'i o\;lk, I will *ell, ..n Congress street, DMr the < ?? "2i.n?l, Georgetown? 1 Trotting Horse, ?ery fa?t. 1 No-Top Brewster Trotting W *g>n an 1 Harnr? 1 Top Bum) . 1 Sleigh. Ac , Ac. JAKE VO\ ESSEN, A<lmi?i'tratrix. n.*-* THOM DoWLING. Anct. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: IiwjX GkoBgetowv, D. C., March >S. KJ Persons bating friends buried inthe Ohurh-yurd corner Washington aud Bridge streets, are herebv notified th?t the churrb in about bt ltig removed anil the lots sold. and that it will be iiece-?arv to have nil bodies lying therein rem noj within the next thirty day*. By order R'J7 ?oJw BOARD TRUSTEES. FOE SALE-A n^Hy new BRUK HoCiKTNo. 60 W<*t *t., Georgetown; has seven larg- r? ?n double p<>rch, gas a'd water. Terms \er> reason able. Inquire at it St High ft. n>lSAt J. C. NK'HOLS. N EW SPRING 1?KY GOODS. Beautiful Pros* G<v>ds, in sage and mignonette ihmltf.s large assortment of inc.iium and low-pti -d Dress <>ood>: 1044)0 yards new Spring PercaKu, Cali coes, and Shirting*; best makes ..f Shirtings and Sheetings, very cheap; 50 piece* Black Alpacas ar. 1 M'baits. from 26 renin to $1.25: Cam-!m< res and Suitings. f. r pt? n and boys. We have a larg" stuck, aad offer rrtai lartain*. BENJAMIN MILLER, B K-Sn 101 Bridge street. Georg-town. The bush is over, the accumulated work all ready fop delivery; regreting the una voidable delay in the delivery <4 w >rk during the pa?t fall, owing to the impossibility of *ecaring skilled workmen in sufficient number*. Truly thankful for pa it favor*, having at present a full corps of first-class artisan*, with every futility to meet promptly all demands, I respectfully solicit a continuance of the same. W. H. WHEATLCV9 PKtMJl'M ST HAM OYtl.Mf A\U SCO UK 1MU hSTABHSHAlEMT, J an 17 4 It Jefferson street, Georgetown, D. 0 Jflttt opoiilan Dollar Store. Though every ere of my customers, and, in fact, everybody who enters my store, is astonished at the large variety of goods offered, and at their extraor dinary and unprecedented i raise worthiness, yet 1 mi still adding m* and possibly cheaper and better goods every day. The articles arrived and now of fered are: Square Solid Walnut PICTURE FRAMES, 8x10, at luc., ?ith Glass and Buck. Star-i-hape Folding II AT RA'"K. solid walnut, SI Oval top LOOK IN l? G LA >S, Ri'?\U, j|. . Five-bottle PLATED CASTORS, #1. Handsome 3 bottle BREAKFAST CASTOR. SI Triple plate A 1 BI TTER KNIVES,50c. Six Ivory handle TABLE or bKSSERT KNIVES, $1. Very fine French r.ilt PIIOT0. FRAMES, *1. Plate (ilao~ FKENCH MIUROlC-Sl. Riifia Leather and tine Morocco W AL LETS. T.-ry superior toods, *i. ^ l iue Morocco WALLETS, with or without chain, ^Larg< assortment ?f DOLLAR BASKFTS. Another large lot of tliuso handb.'Uic LA< E TI DIES, 4. .'i, 2, and 1 for >1. Pi ibo TOILET SETS.* pieces in a set. $1. Handsome FLOWER POT COVEUS, all %Sc. Mx Carve*l Woo<| NAPKIN RINGS, 51c. Vo< c! Strii iil TABLE M AT>. 4 in a set, ?1 Splendid HAIK BRl'SII KS, at 6Uc. and SI, Ladies' LAI E SCARFS 36 and Mr. Bents'ALL-LIN EN Cl'FFS. .1 pair for ?1 100new styles of LAMES' JEW ELIiY ' at 25c., CO- ., and 51. 2i*istyle*ff SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS,..t 26c., MK ., and 5 1. Besides a thousand oth?r article*. .Vo old trrxls r* ft. JVfir ftnity rtrrrrrtl. )ti/ arc n>>'ir/i pitti'Xi.l tu i.i'y. ycu are welcome at any time U> lock over the block. B. 6 XX-V1CJFtl3 iuRO, 31U SEVENTH STREET, B 21-tr near Pennsylvania *T?nn?, ? jRA.MDF.ST SCHEME OF THE AGE ?COO,OOO CASH OIFT31 9100,000 for ?nljr #10. Under authority of spc-cial legislative act of March 16, 1*71, tint Truste. s now anntuuee the THIRD GRAND GIFT CONCERT, for tli- U 1. fit of the PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY,to ooomoA at Litiaiy Uuii, LuuiaviUe, Ey.,on TUESDAY. APRIL 1*73. At this Concert the best mnsical talent that can be procured from all parts of the country will add pi. as ure to the entertainment, and TEN THOUSAND CASH GIFTS, aggregating a vaat total ?f HALF A MILLION DOLLARS rurtencv, will bo distributed by lot to Lhe ticket-holders, as follows: LIST OF GIFTS. One Grand Cash Gift ... ? 10<> 000 One Gtand Cash Gift? _.... AW.OUU One Grand Cash Gift Xo.OOO One G; and Cash Gift tfU.OOO One Grand Cash illft 10.000 One Grand Cash Gift ft.000 44 Cash Gift* of ?1.000 each H4 OOO AO Gash Gifts nf iOO each tf.t.OOO t?0 Cash Gifts of 400 each .t j MM) IOO Cash Gifts of 3(40 each 30.000 1 SO Cash Gift* of >IOO each 30.000 ft<40 Cash Gifts of IOO each A9.000 0,000 Cash Gift* of 1? e*ch.?... OO.OOO Total, 10,000 Gift*, all Cash 9500,000 To provide means for this mamlflc*nt Concert, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND TICKETS ONLY v ill be issued, a large portion of which are already PRICE OF TICKETS: Whole Tickkts $10. Halvr* $3, asdQuak TKKS QU.ZO KLKVE* WHOLK Tlt'KKr- FOB ft 100. No UtSCOCNT ON LESS THAN $ lOOoBDkES. Nothlll^ could be more appropriate for presents thAu tickets to this Ban^ckt of wbalth, or more likely to pro duce grainier satisfactory results. The object of tkis Thibd Gift Co.m kbt is the enlargem-nt and en dowment of the PikLir Library of Kkxtickt, which, by the special act authorising the Concert foi its benefit, is to be forever free to all citizens of every State. This Concert will be conducted like the firm and second heretofore given, and full particular of the mode of drawing the gifts and Baying them, and everything n?ce*?ary to a thorough understand inc of the scheme,from beginning to end. are now published in the form of a circular, which will be furnished free of cost to any ?ho apply. The entire managem-ntof this undertaking has been committed by the trustee* to Hon. Thos. K. Bramlette, late Governor of Ken tucky, to whom all communication* pertaining to the Gilt Concert *honld be addressed. B. T. DURRETT, Prcst. W.N. 11ALDEMAN, Vice Preal. JOHN 8. CAIN, 8ecV Public Libnwy of Ky. FARMERS St DROVERS' BANK, Treasurer. '?As the time for the Concert is close at hand (April tith,) parties wanting ticket* should send in their orders immetfiattly if they would avoid the rush and delay absolutely unavoidable in the few dav s preceeding the Drawing. All orders and appli cations for agencies, circulars and information will meet with prompt attention.'' THOS. E. BRAMLETTE Louisville. Ky., jatill-B.Atu.tAprt Agent Public Library Ky. POR FAMILY D8E. THE HALFORD LEICESTERSHIRE TABLE SAUCE, THE VEST BEST SACCE AITD RELISH MADk IN ANT PAST OF THE WORLD. FOE PAM1L F us*. PINTS. *? OBKT* HALf PIHT8, SO OBBTt. tOR BALM B7 ALL BROCMRS. /CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL ASD DISPENSARY. 1/ M4 M 8**1, H. W., M?mm 8*4 mU *ku? , Supported ^bjy^ ToloBtai^ oootribatioiu.^HoapitaJ SECOND-HAND CLOTHING ^IL^DEESSES mT'If PEOCTEE t GAMBLE'S IT 0LM1NM SOAP. la made froaa the kwt ?bat aalijM BANKERS, r. brodmeao. ? BROKER, He. 939 retna. av? . R .>iu 9. Waahirrton, D C. Special attention given to inveata^nt secnr-Hiea. Invitee tttntii'i hi frrirltN Tfn? offe-ed u prli ?? ?hicb ?ill |?) MtoU per c?o; in ?m um* and f length of time to suit Safe, reliable, rr-flt FiWfr fiSftkcrfcif ieT' 1,1 *mf Effrri by ymlrtur to L?'< J'*hn?oa A P>., Wi?hin|t^8, D. C.; Mlw? K' IIt . Owhi?r National Metr. jp litsn Bank, W lahiurton, P C ; ti n. J M. lrvanMd, Sfc1#! Coutroiler, Vxhint Ion. D C.; Edward 01?rk.E?.i .Architect C.S Cap itol, Waehingtcn. P. C. mar 17 tai 'I'llR NATIONAL BANK or THB RRPIBL1U 1 (Oorn? rof nb and D atr-e?a,) OPES FROM It A M TOlfl d?c!7 1y CHAS. BR ADLET.Caahlav. C^KRSfAJI AMERKA* IAV15KM BA>k, V Ko. ?14Mvi>th Stiiit, Urn?ti* uu ton uAf* ittpmr.mmi Bank hottn: 9 a. m. to4 p. Saturdaya open on tl! 8 p. Qi.,tc receive dopoeita orilv. lntenat paid on depoatta. Goilectlona made and aichang- furnished. JOHN BITE. Preeid-it, A. EBERLY. T Prat, W.r M ATTlNGLY.J*< ,C S FREKTlSS.Caab r loiHt i' H. fuCIll. SIX. a. BOOT. Late CoI*r Interna, Rev., Bul>W, N f Banking HorsE or h?tIER * ROOT, 141* I'ENNSYLV AS 1 \ A VKNl'B, (Opp. elte Willard - U tel.) WASHINGTON. d o. Six per c< r.t tctereat allowed on biiaineae accounts SieLt per cut interest allowed on ih-p?it >4 one 31' ii h ?.r B?re. mia|e ctenahife. anW I",* Banking Douse. Mo. liui Peuna>Ivaaia avenue, ... opposite the Treasury, PAYS PI X PIRCEJiT. INfuBrsT, ln:rTt$t tiinns ik* ?rj? of Ear* M.m:t PAYS roiR PER CENT on 1- i.iueea acca-ita fr<>m date of deposit. l.'.nui OrtiMmtft ?f lhp*>u l-earing ? and 4 per cent. inter-st, ax ailnbie aura lt?-f*,. UAS BRANCH OFFICES In all larae town* and citi-a of lhe Sa>uth aiid So-Jthwrat. bank 4ovr.<, t a. *n ?e 4 a m. Open Wedueaday and Saturday uU'h:s from (St 'I oVIick, to receive dep. aitsnnly. Call at the B? k >r ?end for a < "p? of the < barter and Bv-lawa. jlf 1? JAVIOOKK fc CO., BANKKEU3, BUY AND SELL roREIGN EXCHANGE and lf>rE CIRCULAR LETTERS OF < KED1T for Trawlers, arai.aAia ia <iay part a' IV world. Oar Drafts on JAY COOEE. McCCLLOCH A CO,, LONl?ON, abed la ary part of Enmiaxd, Ikelax 0COTI.ANT, frtt ?f rka'f. may 10 w are Caabed In art Part of EfttilAXt), Ihelamt and " rka'f. AMinr.TOI CITE ItVIKIOS BASK, Ivrmer 7ik umi amJ Loui? imv at t PAYS ? PER CENT. INTEREST OB DEPOSIT. liitereat commencea from date of i!?p<?ita. D? poaita can be Bade and drawn at will. ?r.;? tf- J. A. Rt rr. Treaanrer LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTT A SON, . BOARDING, LIVERY d SALE STABLE*. 416 dth etreet, bet. D and E, ?:ui Cli*in Alley, U, between lS:h and Uib. Otloe, Willarda. B'f rarr ia?e* farnuhed. Sp? iaI care p? <1 to the br??T>:iii? of horaea. d -cll It Allison nailor, jr.. ? LIVERY and hiring STYLIfcH CARRIAUF.S and COACHMKB. d?-r?-1 y I-1U?"> E -tr.o? ii. rfii?<?t ARLINCT(?N *TABLR?.?k <'KLIT, JR. G ^TKKliT, ITth aid I*?th Carriacea by day or night,and ( >r weddinca >t par tiea. der? lr C^ONGRKSS STABLES, ~ s Pth STIiEET. Rrtwhk* D axT) E. Horaea aud Buiteiea for Hire, and a frvab ?ih ply of gowl Horaea for aale evenr w<-ek. J)31 ly RICHARD VANT, Proprletcr. \Vr ASH . N AILOR'S STABLES I3J? E ST. '? CARRIAGES of the la("?t xtyles oi catantly on hand and tor bire by the day or m nth. Partiee, wold'ntra, and recepttona furniah.<l wltfc th<- nncomfortable and elegant Carriay -a. Partirnlur attenti<? to b,?rding ll?rH<a, a id IToraea alwavt for aale and es<-harge. d-~ 15 ft PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS FUR lCt. Tlri'itv Departmpxt./ WA'HiX.iT' n. D Mar. h JS. R.1 \ All Uie proj-..- ,|a f. v. ,I ..n th 2MU in-iant t 1<ii :iuli Ire lor thia Departm M for . .n,* year trom n 1 aft' i M:ir. h SI. I"C.1. ' vms' ????! r?'--. t"l. a-Mi ti< t;al S' ale?l Prop -al-> will be recviTea audi > <oM, M iKca 31,187i. Tl. I. <'to In? farni?ked nnat K nnelx-c I -? of th- beat quality, or Ice e<inal th?-r? Us clear and free froin am w.dirt.or otber uii|?iritiea, to tlie aati?far t n ii of the receiving other, and to Im- deli?ei".| in am Ii quantities ai d at aucti time* .ind place* at in.f I e i' .|Hir. .l To W we'ghed l,y the Tretanry ?"^lea. an 1 to !?? paid lor ntniitlily, ii| -a prop>-rvou? lM-r?, audited aixl uppri'vel in due form. Bide niuat be at a price per ton ?f 2,?W full p.>aud" to the ti n A deposit of ASUOt I'nited S?ate? cirrency or twin la) nm?t a< < o|n|niii< each bid m/> aecnrttv that it Ir r.*n nine and in good f.?it!j. to be returned to the antac ce^^fnl bidder* after the vwaid of t Ii-- contract, and to l*e retained aa K-cuiity ._>u the c litiact d theanc cehaiiil bid-b-r. The right to reject anv or all bid*, or to waive de facta, if it in deem il to the Hit rest of the Govern ment to do mi, in referred. Bid* "houtd be indiXv-.-dProp =al? for I^?,'' and rhi nld be addreaaed to ,1. II SAVILLE. h S (|J 11- f.>Chr :tt| <Mu f <'!? rk. Treaa y D<pt pi;OPOj.ALft Fou GRANITE PA> tMLNT. S?-ale<l Tr..p- ?ala are invited and will be npen?>d af tli< Arehitm r'a Oflice. O.S. Capitol, at 12 o'clock in. cn THI KSDAY . th?-lo'h of April, for paving th Corve at t h. aout h of the Capitol Ur ninda, ruuiiuig trim Mitr>land to New Jersey avenue*. Th?- Mm* to ?ta?.. the price p-'r auperflrial e?rd. No liiU will be con?i<lered unlae* acronipauied witli a 1'O'id in the anm of $10,000, the-ufficieury ,}f a ln. ti to be approved by a jnatice of th'- peace for the Dja trn t of Columbia, or a Judge - f tli 'l'nitej State Court, conditioner that the party bidding will ^ater into contract in raae it ia award>-d to him, and w ill co.uplete the w.-rk in accordance with the ape<ifi tationa. EDWARD CLARK? ti 22-eotd Arcl:ite<*t C S. Capitol. OROPOSALS FOR LIVE OAK Navy PtfASTMSNT, J (tai/raciiM na.f Nrfi", } W a-hmgtoii, March 19.1H7S. \ Bfreau of Waehingtoli, -i ?II >. U 19. I'M 4, 1 S* aled Propo?al? for th-- delivery of W).t?iu cubic f***'t of Live-Oak timber of the beat onality at . ith r th- Kitiery, f'harl>-"town or Briwiklyn Navy Yar I or of etK-h prop .rtion of the S0/0U cubicfe?-t at either the D'-T'Ottnent mav direct, will be rec-ived at tliia Bureau until IHIR*DAY, the 17th dav of April nevt. The*,' prop. aal? tnnat be enderaed '? Pr.-ipoaala frvr Live Oak,'' tl at the) iua) be di-tinguubed from oth,r buaincaa letter*. Suretieain the full estimated amount will be re .|Uired to aign the contract, and. a--additional and .M>llateral a,-eiirity, twenty-five (251 p.-r centum will U withheld on the amount of each delivery until the (Outract i? -.iti-factonly c. mpleti-d. In all the deliveries of tlia limb, r there mnat be a due propottiou of the lie ait diAcult and crooked piecea; otlierwiae there will be withheld auch iurtliai i.niouut in adil'tiou to the IS p,-r centum ae tit) b jndgtal expedient to aecute the public interaat until tnch dillicult porti. ua l-e deli\?red. / Tlie ri iiiHining 76 per ceiituin. or other proportion of each bill, when approved in triplicate by the l'ouitiianuaiit ol the yard, will be paid by aix Ii purchaeitig pavuiaaler a- the contractor may d"?ig-| nate within ihiily (JO) da\? after ua prem utation to him. It will be alipulated in the contract that if default be made by the pal tic of tie tino part ia delivering all or any of the tiuil er n mi- d.of the giiality an 1 at tlietiiueand plae<- prov ided, then. and iu that caae. the c-ntractoi. and hi- -uretioa. will forfeit aud pa> to the I'nited State- a aiiui of money not ekcuediug twice the total amount ther-iti agreed up ,u a the price to I* paid in raae of the actual delivery thereof, which may be reco*ered according to the Act of i "liter* v, iu the c?a provided, approved SI anil 3d, 1M.1. Tl?e to mj cubic feet to b?' delivere.1 w ill be in the following propor.iwnt: -a> e,lib cubic feet r,f piecea auitable for tft-au., at?rupo*ta. ,'eadw "ala, apr u-, aternpoat kio^a. k^ai'lia and hooka, all aiiliug from 17 to ju inchea, and th.* hook* *idin?; It ?nd 16 in. h<*. Them- piecea to I* in the pr >p.>rti< n? in which they eater into the ensttectun ot a -liip<?f war;con forming aula>tant .ally in ahape, b-ngi ii and character w itli th"?-bei etwf ac lecelv .<1, with 11 uuea of cor re-potiding -idinga, th'- tnonlda of which can beaeoti at any nary yard; SJJ"3B cubic feet of th - aiding of U and ISipeb--, in about e<inal luantitiea .yf earn, and l KJS|c?ib!c l? <*t of a siding of 1J inchea: all the*e pii-cea l?-ing ic b-tigth ft m IS to 17 fe?-t. with a nat nral and fair curve of fr-? 1J to90 inchea or laore iu that length, and one-half th ? numl>rr of piecea to have trom the mean to thegreati-* crook. Aleo, 7 J89cubic feet of limber aiding U and 13 inchea, iu length front 17 to 2U feet All to be aid'-d atraight and fair, and roagh-hewed the monlding way to ahow a fa--e of no* l?aw than two-thirdathe aidiug, the wane being deduct-d in t he measurement. , ... . , The timber to be cat from tre*a growing within SO tullea of the aaa, of which aatlaractory evidence will be mini fed, and to l?e delirered in the rea?e,'tlre ) arda, at the riak and axpenae of t he contract or, ant. ,ect t? the nanal laapection, ami to the eutire ap proval of the commandant of the yard. The whole inantity to ha tMiverad within one ntad with each ,?al that the parties either "have the tiaiber, or are acquaint -d with the aultjact, aad hate the fa. ilty to art cure it. In addition to the above, separate ? sealed propo aala ' will he received at the same time, on the t'-ima aad coaditioaa, and aimilarly eadovaed, from peraoaa having tha tiaihec oa hand already cot, (or the (felivqry la.aaohof the navy yardaatCharles 080 CVMC a inf 14 to 3 inchea;J town and'Srooklyn , of from SJBO"to ] of llve-aak, the priacipai piecea i inchea, the reiuaintag portion 19and 1 principal pi'-cea aad craoked thnbar r aaaae proportion to Ur ^aaatitv offered as that apaci - tied in the fir?t caae, with the same Inngtha aad crooto. The whole aaaoaat aontracted for ia thia caae mnat be delivered on or before the teat of September, IKS. The Department reaarveathe H|Mla rai?ct any and all luda for anrtimber under thia advartlae menl, or reduce the amonat, if eonaiderad nat to tUe interest ?f the eovernm?Bt to accept theaa. and te require aatlafactory evidence that IRds ara in all rtapects, and are Made by raaponsiMe pa Partira deeiring to bid for rarnlahing fnia w m be fnruiahed with i net met iona. as to the L_. oftr required, upon appHcntlon to thia Bare an. marts law4w pOE BALLS ASD PASTXI0, KID 6 LOT KB, ? I TO tint FEB PA IB. WALL. B0BINS0B B OO , dec U-tf 991 Pennsylvania PROrOSAI^ J)Kurv*Ai.* rvM. 1NMAI Prr?iiTvt\T .^r rut T*Tthai. ? Orr:< k ??r l?ui trrt:i>. M? n ??. un | ??*?1*1 P? p fad >p?.il ?? Pr-p.-?l.| .r lM.*n 4*.-.Ml*. Will hr r- mnI at K ?? 4 41 *? d 41 U i. ?J71 ?? ^ 'k. nn' I III l??ck b , Tl EM>A) .itoVH.I d?< <i4 4i? I. KJ ?h -ti wl" 'jf*" *'r *"?*?""** on *rd al-i th* <41, U? .f April, 1H7.V f*r fumi-timc. ti,- ,411a ,liti? tp r*t, ???f ?>i all .* in. a.-tn I.? iiia^d i(1 th*. I U.>w i?K Ii?t: SB* pair* 4 p-int white Mi, B'ink t?. tn n>.-a?tire 72\A) in. b-e, and |w>i\, potind-. Impair* S p mt white Mi kinar Blank-fa. t?> BMWTi h'\72ltirh??e .1 r p .'?<6 pair* 2S p iut white Markinar Blanket*. t n-aeur. Mx* Inch-. and ?. *1, m p..*?.. f- rair. 2p tut *.??te Mi.-kinac Plank t-. t V .1 4'_BCbaa. and w-igh fly- and Hie t,a*n*-r ^ L*'H ,S *hw* B'v k?t?. t? zszrssur**'**? ? oM SOB 1 Air* 4 p,mi ? irlrt V ?.klne<- Blanket* t.v r'^HSr' * UKk,,*> **"1 "-Xh twebe lJNpilnl-rflht acarlet 11 arkinar Blink.*. .~ B*-a-BtedH72i?eh-..Mi<t a-X , ^ * 1.NW|? - ? ? 6fc> m? a?ur r ut, i ,UU riV'VV:"' b'? **" knar B'ank-t*. ?*?????, ai.d w.*?h twrUe 2.**' pair* 3 p ir- in' .. id,. M?cki?ar RluH, to iu-?*Ur. wiv.2 iiicltaa, am W.4I1 ,, P"Vtf><|9. ^ f .2} patreS.Vp> .nt ilid *.< Ida.- M .rkinar Blan kK*?U?Ui ? -uri*^ v(j6 k(h'i?, ?u4 ?rtvh ?i? * 1.4AV pair. 2> nt*. Ida > Ma. kina. Blank ?? I.. uiea-nr- 4>*. .1.. lie*. aud ? ,Khn?, on- i^imrt' r pun-l*. 4 <l pair* 4 p. int irfrii Mickma. H mkcK, to >imi?7l>li)lki he* .an lareifh 1 r--*- '-r .00 1 or* 3 p. ini ffr?n M,<kiu? BUtik- ?, t.? ii-aaui- *v%7i in. he-, atd a-i*h n?Mp im-N W|air?:'( I ,i,| KI. >-n M*. BUuk-l*, to n-a*ur- ft4XMi mt'lirt, a nt ?*i(h all p>4Mt pair* t p ,int ft-en Macklnar Blankata, " ' """ *2v?i, iutfaaa, an I vrub !!??? an I * ii** <in*rt- r p< un4?. , . 4i">aM-< Fan 1 > Li : IMi-CI.-th M.4ai> >*rd, Sa*.-.! L *t BltwCI I. P'.. .5 \ard? Sa?.>l Liat S. arl?-i 4'I .|h. aw > ar.l. 4ira? Li?t il.u. C-lit. S S?i2 .s-4 W oclfii Miaa 1?. Ji?i 4> i W ?, deli blia?U. 4"< II' a*} l?, ;ld. SliMVla. 4JU p iumU Liki n TIn *'a-l. '(andard niaka K a 36 and 4M. ta*?-iliiiUadark l*lu?*,oii< 1L1 a 1 ?bltr> Im >wu ,U"J .UB d</.<-u 9p.M.|? C tt.'ti, ftaii iard niak#. Jik^ >ai?lit, J cord and i ??on . 2ft" jSS > arda Cali< o, Mai.dard pttiili . a. ??<*> yaid? Iiidiv ? Blu Lli ill,tin 47 Jl? ) at la |>. d B d Ti. kin*. ll-^Jur.U 1)1 in Sh ?-line.? 4 ?< .ndai 1 If .14V > aid* Ktandanl |?u, k. ? . an,... yard* rial,l Lmwf. * 4.yi > ?rd? Blue I' !, t *ri II d. ti ? ard* K< ?i l lau: I t* i|t>>! t.. ??> > aid- K. 111 u, k> Jeau*. IS- SS6 > ard- ftalfnrt. vnrd- 4' d r?.l I?ri||in*.(f ?r dr".? Iminc ) I* tul'-*?in?,(l?r alir ud* T 0.M<ii > MTtih Blu*' |> n:iii? > ard? Mx k.'r* Cli'rtian S4?!d..Eeu 4 otion H*ndk~""*M*4fc ?'2doc-ii M 11 > Wool t4.-N k* Cl^d"/ n W m>-u > %!'..? .1 II ? 4M?i"*fll Clilldmi'a w ,,d 11 ~ . 44 do*f|i W xil. i, S. a-I?. IMS'" K"l t'laiKK'l S4|iirt? ?VMU.rn Flmii'fl Mum. 7.M.A H!? k-*r> 8liir?>. ] ,1<M < ali?-o Murt?. *.<? W . BI" ? '? . ..| [| <J?. 't?i Mi?i> Wn l U I40 Had S p nnd? Tarti, aa?triad ro| >ra. 1.'.|54 ? mull li'llttiK Twti", 2 and 1 r >rd?n%l jumniti ?, N,? .*1, 3ft and ti* #4 4'..II .11 M.11I.. | | N?' p,-and? inditrn. doKcn ?H^t t a-t *4? l Atw.Jini , |? .nn l* 4H|.J.-r.-n l...*t 4'??! ?<^..| Hum r - I,an l | fil*4<l >Kt*|i A\ H ->l(.tl -. . *. 111.? ti. \ I ?h7 d.'T.ti tinn.'d-lrou fruMninf k 3-. ? . I?i uar' ? .-???>? 434 .1../-II ab rt-kan II ? Fry Taiw. M,m. j j , i. in <-.|Ual .,'ialil it 1. - *2 ul;z ? * *? ?u"1? bM T ?u Cnpn. piufii. Tin ('up?, 44IUUt*. 34 *1' 7'iar'T'n ',i, n? C0V'^"''- ?> "W It4 12 w d'','i7!..T,n w,,h wr*. *. 10. and 12 38 d. /-11 Tin Mpp?r?. I .n? handle. l?d../. n Tin f if ?? tp.J ,'iaria. I-/-I. Till ?????.-. P . ? .|, ,, ;, 4 Ud /.titii.n.M ir r, Tatl- }4p ~?ni. 13' .1. r 11 tinii.-d ir ?!. T> a Sp >..n 1 .'*<& .1. / -ii Bnti li t Km.-. ( in |,' 414 d ?/? n IIii-iti 1.4J hnlt...6 in li. ISOd. /-fi Hkiumnc K iiv<-?.< in b. **' 1 ? ''"?"* Kork*. ^ ? ^| inatitr B 1../ li r ? k. 1 Knn IMd. /.-fi Tap. r Haw Fil. - 4H In. h. 4? dor.t-ii M il! -a? Fil-a :4I d..f.^. HIant-ia |f H 2,t-td tfcd ?|. .1 /eii Il?* lUiidlct. 4" ?!??*??!? llitH iH#. l.i <t ?r.**ti H n?i ?Kir?i. an .1. I. u F.ah U .k-, aa~ rt. 1 *i?w. -i< I *<"n Fi^li Lni-?, ut, rt.>l aw *. .V5d< r. ti S'tritic H> u inif-aa , Handl-a 112 d ?(??ti Vnat M-. I ti4w?r?, 7H ? lacboa. 441 d?B<-tl t 'Minw C -Bil>?. U)d. /. |i f ItM- l nHb t . uib-. B^'fn Op^n Tliili'lla. B d"'/ .|. Zii,<- \I111 r?. ^-.xilca. a>-.*rt-d ?!/<?*. 0. ,?<i N-?dl. ?. Glover*'. ^ ?< ?var Tr?P" \ jrh. 11%. K ?. 4. S" M ink T ap-, N? w In n-.. S .i-.' 4 ami. K 'til a, lit iwMr ?-I t hr.^. fi.tfo IjmrW* B ut*. a auttcd C -ioft.. ft?' P * haltati P:p,;a. 0 ? H. i .l S1-111*. tjfli Coat a, a?p >rt?d f..r m-ti 4.".'i* Pantr, a-a^ it-d-i?.. *. f,.i oi.-ii. lA A ?*, mwrlcj *iz.>4i, foi Bun. .?ff ? Low* &.w k Ov roaata. lar?- ?ir* !<titt* t ja<-ki-l and pantM) Li l>. V* ? to t< n ^? art i t aKi . 1* V~t.,fr>r S-.r . ?? e to t-ti roar* nf ir? k*J " if**- *ta. 3U(J H'ary <!a**iiurr>'4'apa. 1 SW pair* M?n'* htioe*. j*?l quality, *na,rt I ?K? ?. 7*ll?/'r* *Vrn,'n'" ****' ^naiity, aaaurt.-d aw pair* B y. Sh- *- "?<?? quality. M.ta. I an 1 ?. ?lr-? "*** 'tualUi, aMort. J 334 pai 1 * Children - ?..??, food <jtilltr, a-* jrt-d K.Ow> |w<nnd* T..bare -.. Plu*. ftw p. ?find* Km. .kit.K T l>*rm vAi' ?- d..|fMr.a| In V. -w Pliiladrlptiia, ?* B ?ton l>> tn. i?i da) ^ jUD . Al~.,th? fnllotr nr Blank*!*, whlrh Will h. re. aM1:? -<1 t.. be d. Ilv. r?d !?? -b* l?t da> of \u"u?t n-ai 1.4 A1 pair- 3 p.nit dlnli Mackinac B .tikat- t i" p"w'i?p* ,nclll*? auJ ?i^ut 1 .(!??pair*2^. p- 1 nt whit* Marktnar Blank*U. to Bj-aaur, Mv?b t ? li**, and wctirti ai? p .aud, 78 pair* 2 point * hit- Markinac Blank t. ? > ti/?>?iiur?- 42\46 IIH h<? Mid ?t/if h u,c aiid ouo guart-r p uiid*. l,3& paira 3^pi ut acarlH Mackinac Blank-t*. t? n.fawre ?*n,2 mchm, and w?i?b ri?bt 1.tN' 1 ur* 2 .-point ar?H*4 Marklna* Blanket*, to nn I1.UI. M1* ik< b-?, and ?> gtli aia p<tuad* 400 pair* 2 polat erarl-t Ma- kina. Blanket*. t<* tn.amr- 42v?l iucbna, and wei?b flva and ? ?n?-quarter !*?'.lid-. 2.4CO pair- 3 point It. int" ldn< Markinar Blank -'*, to 111. a*lire M\72 iacb-a, aud Welch -Iff111 pound*. SvOMl>air*2'? poii?l ind eoMn> Markinar Blank- t*, to C' a*ore tiM>6 inch.*, and weigh out pound*. 350 pair-2 puiat Indis . lilti" M ?. kinac Blanfe-t-, to nn amir-42\4o inrb-*, and weiffb Ave aud one-.iuart.-r p tiiid*. It?i pair* 2*? P"lttt tmn Markinar Blanket*, ta lli-a*ut'-64\no hi. iiea. aad weiffb ?i? n.-und*. 2U0pair* 2 p>?nt ar.-en Ma. kinar Blanket*, to ?tantre 4?v4tJ iiichea, and weiffb live and one-gnarter p<??tnd". Th- t -l* a ill li* f'|? 11-d in the ar-aenre of the B ard . f Indian 4.'.>ninr?i"ii*r? and a c.'inmillee to I*. d<-*ti;tiat-d lo ll??- he< ratar> of tl?e Interior, a* Mivti a* tb? time rec-l* mc tlie *am< aball hm? c> pir-tl. and the .???ntrart* will be awarded aa aoon tb r. nft.1 a* |>ra<'ti. able. Parti--. I.iddiuff are required ta fnrni*h aanipl*_ tli.. arti-lrc bid r>r. All the *anipl"? of < a< h fudd-r * li a 11 I*- dee gna'ed bjr a private uiark attarhnl to each aaaipli . orreefobdiltC Witb Uiai ka oh I be- pro I* *ala. Ih- price* aiuat be tciveu a itb.???! any ?Kalittcatiun or propped Mudifcatiun whatever. The riffhi will be rm-nnd to r-quire a rreater or leee uuantlt> (Mot rut-'iktii H m>r oeni. in ?ith. r ra*e)of ai.y ?-f I he artn lX than tbal -???? in?*l in the al.ove a biiliil*r at tb- prices pt.>p?-.!. TI-- t icbt will le- ren-n?l to r-jecl ani or all pr > p ?al*. Il*n< h a c* urae *h.-?id be doeaied for Ike la !? TrMt* of I be Uova .1. All arti. le* furnii-b.-d under rontract will be re ?ji-ui-d 10 b- dejiv-rrd, park?I arid inai krd ft ahip u Bl. without eKtracbarff- f.i#<a?e*or baliuff ?!*? in orifinal pa' kace*. ar-.-rdins ??' direrli.m* wUtch will lx- given, at a war-hover to b?- d?'mated in th? - - ctn-.-ille* where th?- *ood? ar- r-cei\e<l. an f ?ul-j-ct to in?p-.-tlo4i b? tb?. B -ard nf Indian n*i? eti will l?-i ( ?mi**ivner* appointed h> the 1'r-aideut, ??-> ?u< b ffood*<>r arli.T-* a? niar in any re*poet fall to r iifi im t-111- -* will be ruertad, and In that caee tbecoMntrl-r will (?? Ihium to fumi*h othri* of th- required kind ?.r ijualitv wtthia Ar* dara: ur if that k nut doit*-, 1 hey will be puite?d at hid Bo Mda will b- ronaldepMl frotn paraene who har? failed to coMpI) witbthe rrquireMoiita ol 11 Tin r coatract. Ko contract, or part thereof, will be permits to h- aeetfued or tiled by other parti-e wilboat tha writ tea cotieent of the Secretary uf the Interior. Paiinetit will he wade for th- (oolk ptin baaed oa th- preaeaiation of the intoioee thereof at thia ofltce, after thry ahall have beea pr-iperly approved. Ko propueal will be couetdered that d ?trictl) c.mply with the followiac foray "1 (or we) propoee to fnr*t*ht?e laaian ' m*wt,arcordla( to?h- teraaofther " the C.aeie?tower of ladiaa Afaira, 1S73. the fnllowinff art clee at the _ affixed. (Ilet- ia*?rt the iiet of attic lea ftiramhed.) Maid article* areto ha dalK lna*rt the arrpneed place of Mitrtry I hr date.| And tf thia pi w IM, within tea dare contract arc -rdinfty. and ?tre 4 aW*B*r.f Indian Allaire for the aace ef the eaute." Eerh propoeal muet be accnMpanied by a|_ In tha Ktllwwiua tuna, to be *Hraed by two 1 ?ible peraotM, whoee *ullrie*cy mm* a rnfted Btatta Judge or Di*rtct At tUpalKtvTbidderror ^idd^.lif iicrSj^t"lhaJ awarded to Mat (or th?wi) aee?rdla? MMifor Aelr) bid or propoeal, w iII eaecat- a qattMtj a ad flee the reqaialte *e<-arHyf* thet fomiaacerf the eaeee, e* pceeerihad la the aivai tiaemert for Prepeial* for IaHfR fllih. da4 4 March ?. 191; aa4 ia tha erew4 of ha?.* theW 1 fail, npe todoee. we hereby a?raa aad Mat oar heir*. e?ecwt<wa and adatai and pay to the Tinted Hi atee. aa 1 |e*e than ft "en par ceU. <m ihe OF w Boms will be repaired in the amoaat of the hi4 for the faithful perfom-atire of the cotrart. with two ??r amte *ar.-tiea, w 1m>m- - Biu*t be cei ? tided to by a Ubiled Jute- or l?i*trKi Attor ney. I. I CTiI'M. uiar22 t-otd Acting C

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