Newspaper of Evening Star, March 31, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 31, 1873 Page 3
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B AUCTION 8ALK3. mORE DAW IV \ I II WAKMR, ? Real E-'.ats Broker and Auctioneer, It. 7M U SAL* or A V MXABV* F\RM i um. ik fkis? i toiNiy. |l!>.i>K THK WASH!X?T1IS ASH rPPEli r vi::.boro Tt rsiiKE. mak furrest Y1LLE eP. i irtue if adeed of trust daTed April S.l^. ??? ? ,'nly in Lil *-r F. S. K". I, Folio ?M<. ?>?!? o( tb?!?n4rn inl<ot Friure George's ( . M '?., acd als.. by virtiv*.d a dec r?o n( ih? f- ,,r v f"?ft ol Ik- District ?? Columbia. p?<s.-.i M?r 14. MES?iu *.|??ity cans-S . , -f Le*ip. J|?r.. .?? Wm. H ?clMMlutini ihr iin tcr f j-e.I trnsfea in place ?,f th said Wni H. Ward, I w - ? |mHi<- ?wtiw to th~ bidder,in J -n* ? f the "l ity Ball." in theCitv of Wmhiin t . !? (. .,on \MkPNKSlAY. April Kti. l>3 a' 4 ? ' k p m. all th>?- certain piece* or parcel# ed j- < t?! lying in Prince George's County. M L, r ' I kn \.n ar.'l .1 -crib'sl a- Magrnd. r Plain > "The L ?els awl Good Lock.'" u-l a'? . ? o.l itt'i Adv-i.tnre,'' and" Addition to Off an s A Iv and tl?i part of a tract of land called V . ?au* piece*or parcel* of land con t >? i ell acre-and l-lo of aa acre, more or 1 ?-. I- I the -am- lands whichare particularly cl? r.i I in a certaia c .n< ?? ance from A laui Deihl a.d ? fe : ? AV .ilia* B ?/??r. whUh wan recordedit l.i'ev r .".S.?. X. Folic. , one of tli- iund Tn - p. ii,<-??(?'? rc-? C n: t> , M 1. *ii?l also a >ai: a trirt of land a^'iniut tia ? above tra?-t cilW I " 1 In U?f?<" coaUuiiiit kniulHI acre# *f l?- t. 're <r I-m. and 1>-ing tlie ?.uuc which V ?? . it :i I Ball end hi- a ife conveyed to the p >?! \\ : mi Boater i v a certiiaMttf convey ance! stuff date on th.- l4Ih>f Dec mber. l^, t r walk th-t impr..venaen?? thereoa.consist j . ot a ttrod dwelling hot:-., haru, stable, and ??? hone*. T '?Aeh and th" balance in 1.2 and 3 ?'ai-w h interest. & Iv dep aa aeeeptnac# of I t,n- -f-il ? are not taipliedaith ?it hi a t* i ?-1.' ti?e I Ik prop**rtjr !?? he resold ?* i! ,k m.1. *t ? f tli - d- fanltiu* parcha-w-r. < hm laciasatSOTrbaaeracna?. ^ J(l!*KPII l?AMEL>. Trnatee. r !?? B. H W * BSC B. Auctioneer. n n WARSKR, K'?l K- Hie B- k -r and Anctiueeet, .* 729 7th itrc t,l.. *at?eu U and 11. 1 I I Irs SAT T OK THREE TWn "TORT M.Wk I W LI.LlXoS. AN1> A MIAMI M .HTKK lioi nlf. OS <; STREET, BE "> kr> Tllliil> AM' FolUTU sTUKEIS I t ! T I'EAST. AT AU TIOX f |i, * irtne ol idie 1 of trc.?t to me, dated Octo y. Wl, aix.duljr rrcTilol il lil?-r aU, ( >lio ne of tt?-- la:;d r?i .rl< <T Washington t ? |> r., ar.d l-y direction "f th* pa'ty thereby ^ ci ?? .i. | uill ?ell. at publi atict: ?i, tn from >>f the prt-ni! -. to the 1 <gt ti.1.t r, ?n THl'Rbi>AY, >1 r'.l .i. W3. at I i o'clock p- ali <d Lota tinm ?> 10,12.13, 14, aad 15, in ?.inai> iinuiberr^l TT*. i' t'i- city of WaohiiiKt u . f>. C.. together aifh ? iu fr .*ement? there..n. Thi* property i-? ?-.|il ?> l.j' t- a prior d- d of trnat dated 0.-t.>l?-r !?. I<1, ?t 'i i niei del- l*r lti, Kl,t"<ecitr> .*l'??i.p ?> n' l. i ? i.eyear, with ten p>i ceut. interest, payable pen i ar^i: ually. Th- |. im of aale f. r tb" am^ nnt r ?lii 4 abire aai.l ii.i u.l?rauce art-a? li- *-:? il.Jx; a.vl tlie j- i,?e- of ulr In cacb: balance in rnie y?ar with in I r??? If t'nij <.f ?ale ?r.. not c Hipl;e.l with with j t*y e <1 .1 ? after -ale. the tt'i?t"e re?-rv ea th" riiht t ? M perty a#th* rkk ai.-l c -t .f th ? 'l* . pnrch.i-* r. Jim d?-p*it on aceep'jmce of A 'l. t nvraaitcir.c at pur. haaer"?co-t. J. C KASTWOOD. Trn^f??. t ? B H WARNER. Aucta, I F.S A WILLIAMS. An t' n-r-, 1001, D..r?liwrtt turn r 10th aud D ?t?. HI.! BA Tfcl STElCS OF VAl.T' \RLE PROT I I. i A OS C SRAR TH* iuKBBB OF URim SORTtfWEST. I. \!t:n - of three <>t trn"t.the tl'-t iUt*<l T" If ?< c..?nl A p?-i' 2. l-<r;. hm| th?- thir-l M ? 21. l-."2. ai. . d il> rrronlnl in lilK-r Kn.tM, fnli i :<?. I I N . C2. f Ii > 4*>. ati I lii>er Xo. "W4. f dio 34. T.-p it ly.of th-* laixt r ?ord* f--r th ? c auty of V ii, D. C., and br direction of th? parti** ? cure. .: reby,we,tlie aaderaii|(nr<l trn?t-e?, a ill ?-?lit.: , I.|i?- ahcti. ?i. Mi fr.tit of the premi- ??, ?! A ? m. on SATIHUVT. Aptn 19 - the ? . > three isEil feet *-yen (7) incliea I: at hv t> ' i'i t ?>f >ne t.iin lre,I i|.| twenty mi- 1131) f.^?t r. re- . . h*-ul L ? n . i.l>-rrd t'ure ,|3,) i, s ju ire lii.rl- ? llti hnn lr^l and *e>e?itT -f oir. (574.1 aa>l all lb iaWMMWlldkMTIM, which CUBliM ol por ti. . -i\ t-r. -k l.oti-es. Th ? brick ? >rk of tie*. 4 n: plated to the haiKht <vf the Aim flx>rof )? - *. ? hich are laid. The Location bemc central, I i . a he:i cunipl.-tet], * ill flu,! ready sale or pent T ' ? f ?ale are ? On- hall in en-U. . f which j$2wi t- i -t i i>. I at the sale; the -I ferr?.i pava^ntato I in *ix aadtw vly e niolitlM, a ith inter.-at from |l ? ? i > f -ale. T. t rtna of a*|e mint be complied w ith within t \ li after -ale. in default *?!>ere<.f the prop e-'? !. ? be resold at th-ri-k and cost of tlietirst fwri r. t' t ?nci?* at ?he aarrbaser's cost. ,'oIIN F. II ANNA. 1 WILLIAM il P111LP < Trn tees. AVIL LI AM II W \RI>.S t 2 ?. RF.KS a WILLI Ol-i. Au<*t-. ?-T1MKR a CLE A BY, X < ti? ne-r? aiid lt-ai Estat* Br >ker?. ,1 corue- P- nn?y l\ana itcune atiu lllhat.. Mar OAce Bn-.ldiu? IV IV OOYFRSMENT 5 A I. K P r-'i:>nt to ;h ? act ? f < ? P vidini f r ?* the e.itea-ion of theCapit-' mnds, approved ?M > s. I.'CJ. th" pr.perty eint-rac-d iu s-juire ^ .fc-.". in the city ..f Wa*hi:ihas |,een par Cii.--?-l !?> the I n?e.l St .tes. and notice ia hereby Iitri' I It ?a!.'-. at public aoi-rion, will he made rif the n p' .Tfvnent* on aaid property, excepting sach l! 'te?ts ?? may be found ne- f r t ie ?t.(ln v -rkaot th. s District, commencing on ApbiL jOth and c rtinninv dailv thereafter antil the Pal.. ?'s. have b>-n soiil. fail iiupri\-iii?nM will 1^-? !o ,i heir pr-?ent condition, with the atipula in ev?ry case, they shall be removed by I ; ?: . r at >u- v n t-ipenie, wilhia thirty dav* at:ei tl.e d?te rf s*!o. a m .re detailed description ?f th p' perty to be sold will be published on the !?' ei 11* O. T u of -ale; Ten percent.of the pn re h-?*e money % .11 Is- n .jir d at tU>- time of the sale. The remain der t 1... paid vtlm t* li daya after rnvh sale. C. DELANO, S-s-retarv of the Interior, t. H 12 LATIMER A t'LEART. Aacl-fj* I Repn' li. an aud Chrouicle. lit I HI TiiOJ*. E AVAGIiAMAS. Anrtioneer. Real E taie Auctioneer, <114 7th street. 11HM F.RY SALE OIT THE MArgOLEVM loi oN H STREET, BETWEP.S NINTH AID TESTH STREETS NORTHWEST. B-- rirtn* of ?.|..?-ree of the Supreme Conrt of ?M:lie ft strict of Colnmbia, paaseil in chaucery No. 2^34, dock. 11, wherein Philip aad <>th'-rs are e?Bipi*tiianra, and Hill and othersa-fen dani-. I >hai|. on SATURDAY, the Sth dav of Apr II.!-CS. at & o'clock p. ni , offer for ?ile, at pub lie an .-ft t..on the premiae*. the following re?I es tate . wh< h was .f the estate of General Jno. P. Van Stat", if. c.-a**d, M/: The Sfauaolenm Lot, as the a *nie .? laid d'.wn in Jo?hna Fisher'* anhdiy iaion of F.|i:are i nmberei] three aud aei <"nty-flve, (373,) in the city of Wa?hui*:on, in the aforesaid District. C ?t?.: ; . about ajWi square feet of gronnd T .i- i * in the mist c-ntral part of the tity. and t ffris a cluaci Held* ui met with of aecuring s?> large a lot it. such ade-iraMe l s ati u. T'-rni- i Sale: One fonrthof the purchase m ':i*y In le p-ii.l iu ca?k. and the reaMu - iu three e-jual instaltii.. nts. at twelve,eighteen and twenty-four ??'irtIts. respectively, with interest, to be secured ?'? app?> lednott-s and a reserved lien on thepr..p.-r ty,or all in rash, at the pure inuwr'a option. D'-ed IPieti ??? Una! ratification of sale Stamps and ? -n?e.a in* a. p.|>Tba~er s cost, A 3*> d >wu at the tiiiie i f -.ale. It' th* terrua of -ate be not complied ?:th v. rrliin fiveiildaya from the day of snle.the Iru-tre ie?erve? the rijrht to resell after five da^s' ln>tl? -at the ri?lt*t ..( the ?ietanltinit pur ch?-er . H\I!I.F>W VAN SESS. Trustee. ? i; e A is TH11MAS E WAtiiiAMAS. Atl t. Hy thum as e. waugamas, Rral Estate Auctioneer. 119 7th street. f HAS* FRY S\LE OF A < OMFORT\BLE !? U 1 I.LING ??\ *tH >TREET. BETWEEN P AND O SORTHAS E>T. I .-.r aji-i l.y vir"t-of alecr-e oft h<-Supreme EH. t > lilt of tl*e Di-tri. : .it c dmubia, dated Jan t I ?' . 1-7". pa?.1 in a t a rtain cause in a id c rt. ni uli>' ii Franci- Molaan and other* are r iTiai ts, a; l ? i-.arb-- W. Perkins and oth r are.! fe' ; .n*s. i mbered l^tll. E iii.ty Docket 11, the I.t?i!. t-ii'i. .1 tru-'ee ill raid cause appointed. v 11.. !. t| l*ri!Dv."r Apk.l. A.D. If3. at 4:30 k p. na , seH a* p'lldic auction, in front of the i M noalered 13. (thirte n. in Thoiaa 1 .1:1.x - i d Siniitel FowlerV ?wMivi-ioa .>f*|ii?ri a ' si foi:r hil:eired and t went* ,,ne. 1 421.' tn the C !? ? t AV -tiii n. District of r. 1 nml'ia. Ti property 1- sitnated >.u ath ?treet, l?etwet?ii P I'll o streets Dorlhsest,lad ts Impr 'Ve.1 by a very c t.' rt abb l.rt. k .Is'llitif, tlirw slorifi. in height, a I al> oy front TI. t. 1 ins ? I sale, a- pi -scr.bed l.y said ilecree are; ?iae-i). rd ca.-h :it..| tlie t? t.ln? in t\? ?? e.|iial iustal n.e^f. , f |; and 1- nr-nths; the ib-ferre.1 pay in nts to fe- at n' r?t fr.-ui da of ?.?!??, ti |? r . . ntam p- r ami:' laalt.' b Hen*oath pri.p rtv sold. i?2flii Ot cash |.i meat to 1-e aiven at th- time of sale, ami ?he ? ,-?> pav?ent to Im. mail.'within ti\e da-s. oiherwi"-the property will be rt<*idd at th* c -t ? Ir sk of the defanlttag purchaser. Convey, ai.t.i ilat pur. It vr - cost. GEO. F. APPLIRY.Trnatee. I^etw TH??S F AVAGGAMAS. Atict. If A ?>( VCAKSON. DOWLISG A CO., Aucts. 1) S 11 Ueast corner Ninth aud Dstreet# northwest. Arrrros salb. 9 By virtn- ..f a >leed of trust, bearing dale Si. l-ie. aa l re- >rde<l in Libsr T a .d R. N 1 MI, Ac.. ,.f the Ian.I record* f-?r ?>-' unty. District .f t' dnml.ia. I will ? II ?ti AIIDNB>DAY, April ? 4 o'clock p. ?i.. in tr..nt of th ? premises, at public anction.tolhe b|Kbe-t I Irtd-r L-^ So ?. in Block N?.t. and L*ta iaud^in Bl^s k K . U, on property known M ? Met disii Hill, '? ashtactou county, D C. Trrnie of sal*: One-third c*h: balance in ti and 13 M(>ath?. with interest, *ecure?l by .leed of trail <>n the property. If the tarnis of sale are not complied Vith in five days after sal* th* property will he re ps Id at Ihe rent of the defaulting nnrehaaer. All cwn VeyaiKiag at the coal of the purchaser L. H. 9TBYBW3, Trnst** V 24 ed.prnc ANSoN. DOH LISO A CO.. Aucts. ? T K. MARSHAL S BALE OF A LADIES GOLD 1- . A* \T( H AND CHAIN, BRA( ELBT9. . RING. AND TWO DIAMONDS. In \irtiM of a writ >f fieri facia* on judgment nf ?o?.tewinailoa,1 fr<?> tla* Chw*1* ofllce of tile eupretne Court of tlie District of Columbia, aud to ?m* directed, I will sell, at public *?le, for (??*, in 'jff.'"'f lb*> c?u(t-hon*e door aI aaid Diatrict, ?n ? ft* A V ?Ka A aU j ? ? ? | J qVI^CI ,ri* : Watch li? .?-vw.. h uw .us.r at nam pattl TBIDA Y, tha 4th day of April, 1K73. at 1* c Sli., the fnllowfngcoods and chattels, to wit, Two Lad lew 0<4dBracel?t?, One Ladies Gold ' ?nd fhaia, Three Children's Brae, lets. One 1 D ig. aad Two Foiiabed DianaomM, ^ara* a? ii?1 and lavied upon as the g ..-is and chati II SWhltney,a?.f will be sold to satisfy exec at tn 1HA1A, in fa?.?r of TiBaoagji Co idfc dtT ALBN SMABF. r. 8. Marahal. P. C. BA N K RCPT?T NOTICB.-To all the creditor* ?nl .'AMI IL B LYoN who may have proved Abeir claim: Tou are hereto a.4i|nl to appear ba awthe Suprena* C an 4 the Diatrict of Columbia, EH* in bankruptcv. on the 4TM DAT or AratL, ?at U o clock m., at IheoAceof Sayies J. Brown, ?tar, at the C:t\ Hall. Washingtoncitv, to sb..w caoae a n? a dle>'harxe fr oi all his debts should a < fee gran led to sahl bsnkriiM. Ton nre als.. notifi <i thai the second and third meetings of aaid bank rtfl'l creditor* va 1II he held lefore the BrgMter, at the ?.ime place, at 1J aVInck m ?a the 3? op A t .' 1-73, 'iMteadof theSB.hof March. W73, that day ben jSunday ?> Older of th ? f nrt: A. RHABF. r. S. Marshal of p. c., as Me*neuger. T st. R. J. MtlOS.I i rk. m34AM AUCTION SALES. ? MORROW. I?T LATIMER 4k CLEABT, I* Auctione^rsand Real Batata Broker*, &,utbwest corner Pennsylvania avenue a?d 1Mb Si., b)if Office Building. WALNUT PARLOR SUITE IN CRIMSON REP. 11 PIECES; THRKI * VLSI T PARLOR SUITES IN <>BEEN REPS: WALNUT MAR Bl.E TOP AMU OTHER TABLES, BRUSSELS, THREE PLY AND OTHER CARPETS; VEL VET AND BRUSSELS RI GS: SUPERIOR OIL CLOTH: WALNUT HAT BXCR; OAK MAR BI.E TOP SIDEBOARD; OAR CANE SE AT 1INING CHAIRS; WALNUT EXTENSION DINING TABLE. LARGE REFRIGERATOR. NEARLY NEW.* ALNCT SOFA BEDSTEAD. THREE W aLNI'T M aRBLE TOPOH AMBER SI ITES, OAK MARBLE TOP CHAMBER SI ITE. PAINTED COTTAGE SETSjWALNUT AND PXlNTED WARDROBES.MATTRJ?8KS, BOLSTERSAND PILLOWS, BLANKETS AND COMFORTS, BEDSTEADS. BUREAU* AND V ASHSTANDS, TOILET SETS. JJ INDOH SHADES, STAIR CARPETS AND RODS; CHINA, GLASS AND PLATED WARE, Ac., -JC"AOuATl ESDAt MORNING. April 1*, at Wl 10 o'clock. ?t- will ?rtl,?t No. 1329 F st., between 1.1'h hiiJ Uth streets, th<- abov <? named goods. together with many others un I * nece^arv to mention. T.rmVr-i LATIMER A CLEARY, m2s ,lii [R'piil>] Anctione -re. BY LATIMER A CLEARY', B* al Estate Broker- and Auctioneers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St., Star Offlc Building. H C PARLOR FURNITURE. FINE FRENCH PI ATE PI KR GLARES, WaLNUT MARBLK TOP CHAMPKU SI' ITES. MAHOGANY AS D Ci.TTAC.R CHAMKKR FURNITURE. MAP. PI E TOP AND \\ ALNUT TABLED, WHAT N?'TS. HALL SETS. FINE OFFICE FURNI TI RE. PABIASK AND LACE C. RTAINS. BKDSTF.AD?. RIRF.AUS. 1* ASHSTANDS AND WAUDKOBF.8. LOUNGES AND K ASY CHAIRS, EXTENSION DINING TABLES. CANE AND WOOD SEAT CHAIRS. To GETHER WITH A GENER\L ASSORTMENT OF HOUSFIIOLD GOODS. AT AH TION n Ob TUESDAY MORNING, April 1 H7.3, ul crnaifrcitit at 10 o'clock, we shall sell, at the ? of W. F. Reamer, southeast corner of 9th J ? |mid K ?dreet- northwest, an extensive assort " ment of the above-named goods. N. B ?Mr. Reamer. being desirous of closing out k;t "Tttnil* e stick of Second-baud Goods, calls p ar ticular attention to fbls-sle. ? Sale positive, as he will hereafter give his entire attention to the sale of N-w G h*1s at his establish ment. No. 0107th street, bet wsea I aud K streets northwest. Terms c??li m?? dt- _ LATIMER A CLEARY. Arrta. Y GREEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, li" 1000 Northwest Kith and D streets. SALE OF HOUSEIIOlTfTFURNITURE. BRUS SELS AND OTHKK CARPETS, OILED WAL MT MARBLE TOP SIDEBOARD. LACE CI RTA1N> AND LAM BRooUINS. CHINA. C.I.ASS-WARE. Ac . AT AUCTION. BEING THE EFFECTS OK A GENTLEMAN DECLIN ING HOUSK KEEPING SSa 4)n TUESDAY. April 1st, commencing at Ol. 10 o'clock a. 111 . *? shall s>*|l in front of our M anction rwm?. the following collection of l'l I Furniture,Ac.: ? Fire Walnut Dining Room Furniture. Walnnt Dining Chairs. Walnut Extension Tsl>ls. One Parlor Suite, Upholstered in Green R p. Walnnt Wardrobes. ?tLaree Easy Chairs, Mattresses, Bolsters, Pillows Comforts attd Blankets, Toilet S- ts. Bedroom. Stair, Brussels, and <?tb?r Carp ds. Washstaads. Bureaus. Stair Boda. Cooking and Heating 8toves. Kitchen Utensils.Ac., Ac. Terms cash. m??-? GREEN A WILLIAMS, A irts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estat" Brokers, Southeast corner P.-nrm Ivania avenue aud 11th st., Star Office Building. * ASSIGNEES* BALE OF GROCERIES AND FIX TI K E^ IN STORE CORNER OF Idril AM) II STREETS NORTHWEST. ? in MONDAY MORNING, April 7ih. 1373, commencing at 10 o'clock, shxll -II. on pi iui?es ,!e-< rib il ab>ve, the fol '!? \m ~ s ?? iv Brandies. Wiu<*?, \ks,Ac., Te:i?. Coffees. Spice*. Pickles. P-pp rs, Oils, Haekets. Ruckets, Cl-thes-lines, I! ?rr*ds M o-kerel aud H'-rrin^, Great nmidi r of empty II irrels aad B j.ves, <" >unter and Platf-.nn Scales, C 'nnter* and Sli?d*in?. T setheraith nuiio-rons other articles nnueces ? t) to mention. THOS RUSSELL, / . . SAM LT. LE* IS.\ h "W-d LATIMER A CLEARY, A'n.f. Y I>l NCANSON, Dov\ LING A CO., Aart'rs,* SoatlK-aMt corner y li aud D streets northwest B S\1E OF GROCERIES, TEAS. LIQUORS, MIELF GOOD>, Ac., AT Al'? TloN. Ou TI ESDAY MORNING. April 1-t. comiiienciuK at 10 o'clo. i.. wo will h< 11 within onr anction finms? . lo Bids. AYhisky, Gin. P >rt and Sherry. B S Chest- Tea. Boxes Candles. Pepj?T and S >?p. ?i Bo\es Riiisin* Prunes. 2>' Boxes Axle Grease. Ginger. Mustard. ?> Boxe- Toilet S ap, Jellies, Blue. 5 B>'Xfs Coffee, Sweet Oil. Tea Canisters. Brass Scales, Tobacco. Cup?, Saucers, Plates, Ac. With numerous otli-r shelf goods and groceries. ? emoted to onr store for c.>U'- ? ri -nee of sale. 1. unlar sales st store Tnestlavs so- 1 liiir-da\s. U.t? 2- DUNCANSON, DOWLINi. A Co., Ancfrs. ^JONSTABLK S BALK OF LUMBER. on the 1<t DAT or ArsiL, KJ. at 11 a. n., I will ?eil at public auction, to the highest bidder, at the Lnmlxr Yard of Jobn?on A Son. corner 15th anil R -fleets northwest, about 4,UUD feet of Pine Lumber, ai.d II Cedar Po-t-, taken in ex<-cation on tl. fa. U ?n-d by Justice AVeavcr. Terms ca-h. inly J. P. TOWN, Constable. BY DUNCANSON. DOWLING A CO., Auct#., Corner 9th aud D streets northweat. TRUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY. eBy *irtne of ? deed "f tru?t,dated ?n th* 25>li ?Lit of No*em?ier. A. D. lH71,and duly re?*orde<l in Liber No. tit. foil ? IS. etc , of the Land Re cords for Washington county, DC. ami by the writ ten resineet of the party secured thereby, I will sell at iniblic auction, fn tront of tbp premises,on TUES DAY, the 1st day of April, A. D. MJ, at ft o'clock p m.. all of L??t B. in George W. Linville's sub divielon of ortsinal lot twenty-thr#s (23), in s<in?re seven hundred and twenty-fire (729), in the city of Washington, with all the improvements tbereoii. T??mis of sab-: .?4.uuu< isli; balance in 6, 12 and Ij m? ntbs. with ten percent, interest. C. EDWIN GRIGOS, Trustee. n>24 DUNCANSON. DOWLING A CO.. Aucts. Bl B. H. WARNER. _ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7^V7th street, between G anJ H streets. PUBLIC SALE OF ~LOT ON BRAINARD >T RE FT. BETWEEN 17th AND 19th AND MASSACHUSETTS A VENUE AND PSTREETS NORTHWEST. I will sell on TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Apr,I 1, 1573, a' 4o'clock p. m., on the -premises, lot "M in Whitne>'s sub. of square 157. fronting 17 f--et 2 Inches on Brainard street, by u ilepth of tk> feet Tnmi: One-hslf rash, balance in B months. Title perfect. ni28 eeAds B. H. WARNER, Auct. B Y THOMAS E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 419 7th street. SALE OF A VALUABLE RESIDENCE. , I uder and by virtue of a deed of trust ma le ? ?li the 3W li day of December, A. D 1471. and I e k-oidrd <>n January 4th, 1S72, in Liher No. 6tV?, folio 443, tlie undersigned trustee will sell nt puldlc auction, in front of the premises, on th" 7 th hay ?IF AlBiL, 1473. at 4 JO o'clock p.m. all that piece ? f land in the city of Washington, District of C d ranbia. and teinx all ol S'tuare numbered seven blindreil and thiitv-nitie(7.W) 7 ne aitove pr'p-rt? is ?iruaTe.l on the ea-t side of NV* J-rsey av-nne, n-ar K ?tre.-t south, and is im prove,! by a y ery tine double Bri 'k Dwslliag. lately re modeled. There is a tine stable on the premises. This house has been thoroughly fitted up and re paind.and is iu every respect a desirable residence. Terms ?,f sale are: #2Ji*i in cash, atnl the residue in ?>?<? and two years. The deferred payments are to l<ear inter?-st from the day of sale at e p?T cent., and ar- to be >e<or<tl by a deed of trust u?<ui the pr .p p^rty sold. ?.*vs.f the cash pavm-'nt to be mad-itf 'iive of -nt''. ;iim1 the residue of the cash payment to )?? made within -i \ ?.?> -. otti^rwi^e the property ?ill Im resoM at cost an.I risk of defaulting purchaser. < ViiTeyaucins at purchaser's rost. GEO. F APPLEBY, n JS-eods THOS E. WAGGAM AN. Auct. BY DUNCANSON. HOWLING A CO.,Aucts., Southeast comer of 9th aud D streets northwest. TRUSTEE S SALE OF"vALUABLE PROPERTY ?'N Oih SOUTHWEST, ON THE ISLAND M, Bv virtue of a d"?-d of trust, dated on th' 6t h Sdayof July. A. I>. 1470, and record'*! in Lib-r =*No.t>20, folio 21. Ac., of the land record* for Washington coun'", D. C., ami by direction of the paity secur>sl tbere*>>, I will sell at public auction, 'n fr nt of the i'remi?**s, st ft o'clock p.m.,on MON DAY, the 7th day ? f April, A. D 1S3, all of L >ts Iiiinib. t?sl four (4) and five (4) ill the recorded ?iib dixiafon of S<4'iar>-numleTed four hundred and six ty -five,(4Cfi,) with all the I mprotentent* thereon. Terms ef sale: One-half in cash, of which f WO iitli-t l^i p*nl at sale, the deferred paviueuts to he i..sde ia six ami twelve uouths, with interest at tea p? r cent, per annum froiu day of -al?w-terms to be fully com plied with within six days after sale, oth ers the Tru?te,- reserves the right to reeell mt the risk and c<>?t (4 first pun haeer. All conveyancing at purchaser's riwt. VM.n WARD. TruS??. 1^4 eoAdsPUNCANSON. D0WL1NG A CO.TI'icts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY Anctioaeer* and Real Estate Broken, Southwest corner Pennsylvania aveoue and 11th St., Star Office Buildings. TRI STKES' SALE OF A COMFORTABLE Bait K RESIDENCE ON P STBET, NEAR ISth STREET NORTHWEST. M By virtue of a deed to us. dated Mar 3. A. HP., 1471, and recorded in lit^r S4S, folio 113, and by direction of the party secur sl, we will I s-ll. at public auction, in fr mt of the premises, o* TCESI).AY, the 16th day of a o'cl <k p. m.. Lot No. 38, In Charles J. White'* snbdirlsioii of '-1'iare Ro. CM, with improvements, which consist ? fa verv comfortable three-atorx and attic residence, containing eight roesss sad hall, being the house N 134ft U stres-t T ru?. One-third caah; residue at 3. 6, 9, 12. U an.I 14 months, with interest. tw down when the h use is knocked off. FRED W JONES, I MAHL0N ASH F0RD.( n 2t-3sw3w LATIMER A CLBART, A acta. J?Y W. L. WALL * CO., Auctioneers. UNITED STATES~|TaBSHAL'8 SALB. In virtue of a writ of fieri facias issued out of the Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, and to directed, I will sell at public sale, for ( ash, st the Auction Store of Wa. L. Wall A Co., on THUBSRAT, the 3d dap of April, 1473, at II o'c'.ock a. m., tto Mlewiag fond* and chattels, to m il, ris: 3 Hogsheads of Crockery Ware. 3 Crates do., selxsd aad levied upon as the goods and chattels M H. Levy, aad will be sold to satisfy E\*cutb>,i Bo ?JC2, ia favar of Bernard larnstiae,oee o( H. Bn?*'**ALBXR SHARP, U. 8. Marshal. R. 0. March 391 h. 1473. mJSdts AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTER SOOW, T B H. WORKER. Ksal Estate Broker and AnrtirAMr 1*9 Bet tmk street, betweea ti ' CHANCERY BALE ()f VALTABLI d^EAL. PROPERTY ON 4h STREET; HE \fc SYLYANIA AVENUE. "*? '^N ? Byvirtue of a decree of the Supremo Court of ?beWie? rfMrtk, No. ?,St?.der .11?McGuire et al.vs Barry et al ? the undersigned Trustee, appointed bv ?ai i P .nit will sell on toRDAT. ,W73* Jf* bm., infroiit of the pnminwi. a*rt of Lot So ?4 in '???; "V the city of *WMhinV-o, D 'o . irnntnig 23 feet and 3 inches on l?, ntr?et northw-st ?Hn^ESS BSS^2S5^5~r^l!raS line or nil lot one hundred tnd flT^rkM<fM(.th#(irA youth >Uoogtb6 went line ot said lot twelve (i1) feet a **onJ|l>easterIy direction al'.eg the liue <f direction thlrtr If (fll?rh}h*'\c<>js) *? >ntheasterly feet and thre^jS) jBrh?, to a ?iif5^2.E.T"l!rfn.! V' (F* *M four (41 iachos ea#t v? artS**!i^p?no??W'" of .?*'<! ?<*. thence south hirtr?Wta.rf five lit inches to the two brick houses s'andin* on ss.d lot, and thence eM through the center of said ein.i'.'? <3*' f0f>t 10 ,l,e rltce U be $ a nfl 1EI"2M',?U hereon, coining iue* thre?-?tory brick bou??. and back build .,Tl.l'_* property adjains the Columbia BniWing, on 1 do?*? north of Penny h anialvenue. *'?,*ilrti,%****"* xcgP'ed by the Howi.^j Dental The terms of gale.a* prescribed bv the decree ?re :?One-thirdof the purchase money iu cash, aud the residue in six and twelve month*, ?ith interest Lrom the nay of sale, to b? secured to the sVi?fic tion of theTratfee, whiwiM execute a dead to the purchase for ?wJ propcrt* up >n foil pa>ni"nt of tha uiirchhsenjuuty and th- ratitication of the sale b> t he court. A deposit of *900 wUl b. required at the time of purchase; atd if th. turns of sal., are not complied with within live da-,s from the d.iv >1 sale, the Trustee reserves the right to res?ll on Ave dsvs' public notice, at thi- risk and rq* ,.f the d-ranltini? purchaser M AM! Ft>Kf>. Tr Mtee. . B. 11 WAKStR, Auct. HV LATIMKE t CLEART, Auctioneers and K-?l E-tate Br .ker?, l^vuth?<-?t cor:.* r Pt^xuiaylvama avenue and Uth St., b?ai Othce Builtlings. *folff "ALPAJ'*. OrTALCABLE Bril.PINO A M A RLE IMPROVED pRiip JKJ'NTINii ON I AND K. BETWEEN BOIThVeBT. Lr AND S1XTU STRKKT3 T^*".of?*/*?',rr,'\ of thc Snpremf Court of the District ,.f Columbia, pa.s-,.-d in Chaucer* MV .!" .?,";?2' tii I)"'- ?' 1 ?'"? on mon DA\ ?,th? Slat day otMarih, l<C3,ou the pr mi?fs, 1 .?? 7 ?"?n ?.! V f,,r "il* at P"bli> auction * . % ' 21'1,1 "^"are 4'>9. in this citv. L- to 7 and 8 have l?H>n nuhrtiyided into ftv? lot^. c?ch having a front ot twentj ft>n on south K street, between Four and a-half and 8i*th ?tr. et^, an l run ' ! at "?>* hundred and two feet six inches to a thirty-foot alley, and are all unim provra. L<>ta20 and 21 have been subdivided into four lots three of th? n? having a front of twenty feet on south I street,between 4}, and 6th str<*ota, and running b*ek with that width one hundrKl and two feet fillprovtd" * l? * thirty-foot alley, and are uu The reinainiiig lot ha* a front of forty feet ons .n;h I "tref-t, between the same two street, and'runs :'*ck * i'h that width one hundred a;id two feet six II chea to the same alley, and ?? improved by a two f.'orv freme house, with back-buildi*i(t. T* i"in: One third of the purchase niouey in cash, ai <J the residue iu three e^uai instalments, at, ro ?foflivflf, six, twelve and eighteen months from day of sale, with interest a! ten p?r centum per ari nnrn,secured by the purcliHM-r's note and de^t i,f trust; or the * bole 111 cash, at th-- purchaser's op. n. A deed given on the final ratification of sale < nvef Hiiring at pnr. huser s cost. A deposit of ?50 on each lot ou day' of sal' . 9 ^ KKtilN ALD FENDALL, Trustee nig) dAds LATIMER A ?1. E A Ri\ A nets. |>Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anrtioneers, ??? i?o. 1U01, northwest corut 1 lu h and D sts. ??^abl* ''R'^pkrtt CUCRCH * E K ST AL0VMC8 g&f By ?irtneof a deed of trust dated on the loth of June, A. D. 1-471, aud duly record-1 in ?*Lib? No. 6&1, folio K>1, Ac., of the laud records m ?. .^.'"*on county. D. C\, and by direction of 1^,P?rt' seenred thereby, I will sell, at public auction, infroi't oftlie premise^, f.n MONDAY, the jilst day of March, A. I). 1S73. nt 4 o'clock p m . ,j"A nuinbered two hundred and seventeen 1217>. in G Ibert s r?ci riifj sntslivi--ii>n of s^iuare nir six hundred and seventy-five <t>73?. in the ty of W sshington, with all of the improvements tl. re .n Dwelling H. use, fronting on Terms of sale; Oue-haff in ra?h, of which ?inn 11 i:-t be pH(d at eale. the deferred payments t.f h n adevntT. interest a\ the rat- of ten p 'r cent n.r annum, 111 six and twelve months after day of ?Il? an? secured by deed of trust to the satisfaction of the Trustee. Ten.-s to be fully compli.-d with within s x days after sale otherwise tlu-Ynwtee^ nerves tin right to rest II the property, after one week's notice, at the risk and costs of tint purchaser All c. nveyancing and stamps at purrhs- r's c>st. __miystswAds GBEE^X^ WILLilMS Aurts II Y LATIMER A CLEARY. J .1 ^tate Brokers and Auctioneers, bv/uinw eat corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th st . Star Office Building , CHANCERY SALE T?i?ro.t,!T/> 1 * <l'*'pee ofthe Supreme Court of the district of Columbia, made in the c ause of Oeorge Vk . Kuki and al vs. the Washington, Alexandria Railroa.1 C..mpany, No.2J68.euui t}. dated Slarch In. IK73, I will offer for sale at auc M l'oHrt? ? ' "o al',t lUy of instant ?1 ? o cl<*k.p.m., on the premises, all that part 0/ square south of square two hundred and sixty-seven f* ?' .'of ? line drawn across said square ie^l'?K ' sixty-two feet and fifty-eight hnn dredfhs. measured eostwanily on th.; north line of th' Miuare, from the northwest corner ther<?of to a ^?e't' In<!'hV*tr *f' t!'r'?U? distant thirteen feel srsl Sixty-four hundredths fr-.m the southwest ? orner of the same, containing alxuit 1square fe. t. A plat will be exhibited at the aiilT The in tel St sold u a long term of years, and the special value of the property cousisu in the wharf and w barfing pri* iT -ges attached to it. mU(1 ? The terms of sale must l?e complied Will, within one week after sale, in default whereof the property may he resold at the risk and cost or the nrst purchaser. Convevancing at the purchaser's c' mtt-eoAd. latimer" cLEAiY.Tu^t. RY GBEMJ A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, " Northwest comer of loth and P streets. TLl"8TEE'8 BALE OF VALCABLE IWPRovrn K lis'k??oVEDPROPERTY IN SQUARE ko. ? 74, NEAR ST. ALOYSIC8 CHURCH ^dav'oV Jm.e * tru*i dBU>d "" ,be ftr*t Kk ?f J "TIP, A D. 1871, and duly recorded in i* u' 458, Ac., of thf land recordH ? he ^rtV ^rSrlC,?lln,7K' V F ,tr direction of .'r Pr1? ?ecnred thereby, I will tell, ?t nnMir mic. Va>nnf nMa^h0fAthnP,!Si,wf ^ ^tlie 31 st , i wtrcn. A. D. I87S,a* 4 o cl<x'k n m liTi!VfJmer1^d lotf in Gi,^rt's recorded anbdi \iKH?n of Mnare nntnbered *\x hundred and ?e?entv 8s;s:Aft fflAWfla&jfR !??;? "Te^rr^ "i"1 frout,"K Myrtle street. ...Tr V'!.1" . k,n^Tn on ,'14> of sale, a,,d deposits re .!!. r i ! ** ?**> ?n each improved Iqt, aud .*36 r?B KliL*a"i"'Pruve?! lot.. Tenns of sale to b-fully 2v'.s!j?j TL" . wiIhi" ?* day* after day or aal?; rtb.-ra lse the trustee reserv e, the right to resell af W'-ek^s notice, at th-risk and co?t of flrnt purcbaaer. All conveyanrine at purchawi *a c?*at GRElVi U-iClAAVa^. |l^ Hl^foin WlljblAJI.H, Auctioneers, ?* no. lOUl.nouhM est corner loth and I) sts. T,iv tT.r\?.?\! E ?r VAi TABLE PROPERTY tHCllcli * * NKAK ALOYSIUS ty , ?> "/ '* 'I'-' d,''f trust dated on the 29th lliilr v SS J I .? ?' ^ duly recc.rde.1 in xl- T ? ' MS, Ac., of tlj? land reconln for^ttathtngton couuty, [Hatrict of Oolambia and by direction of the party secure.1 thereby, I will e-il I auction, in fi^nt of the premises, on >firX DA Y, the 31 -t day ..( Man li. A. D. I< 4 o", lock p. in , fronting on Myrtle street, all Lot numb red tw. hundred and sixteen,(21rt.) in Gilbert , r.-oor.l -d -ul li* i?u * of S<jnare nuniberedsix hniidri^l and -. v e.ny^ve,((..5,,,? the city of Washington, with all thereon, consisting of a Brick Teims of sale, as prescribed by said d ed of trust ? III casli S2.IMJ, with interest al lo |> -r ceut. from date of deed,of which fluu must be paid at sule; the de l"rie?t payments to l?e made iu mix antltwelvenioutlia from day of sale, with interest, and securtsl by deed of tint to the satisfaction of the Trustee. Terms to be fully complied with within six days after sale otherwise the Trustee reserves the right to resell' piirciullei^11" " ',icP" ,,h'" ri,k *1111 cost of first CO"Vt)iU,rM"1|aw a'rD'xrSi. ??r iiil.l eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Afu't's! 1^^ GREEN & W ILLI.\fis, Au.'tloneer*, Boutheast corner 7th aud Dstregts. TKEOT^TATEW8^UrNoE B7rBNEAR M ALoYSll'S CBUBl'H " b'??.?KAR eday'of Mawhf Ad D11 'r1 on th" M,h liber. No 678.'foliJW8^ Siki'iiSSTiSii* for Washington county , D. C .'aud by dirtction^f thr party seenr<d thereby. I will ?el|, L euWie Vl, . lion,on MONDAY,the 31st day of March, 1873 at 4 o dis k p. m.. all of lot numbered two hundred a>?l thirteen,,>13.1 in Gilbert's recorded nMuK hundred ami seventv-five, (67#,* in the city of Washington, with all th? mi prove, mebts thereon, being au unfinished Brick Dwelling House, froiftlng on Myrtle .treet. Terms of sale: One-half in cash, of which Slot mliu .** sale; the deferred payments to be made, witn interest at the rate of ten per cent, per annum, in six.and twelve months after day of sale, ft . JT.ure<l bjr & ?i*od "/ ?r?st to the satisfaction J1"! ct ?*'* t? be fully compliid mlth withln six days after sale; otherwise the trus r,rct~''A" l"U 3,w*d* WIL *IA*isT?uO?: B* WALL * Co., Auctioneers, _ New Marble Building, M0 and 998 Pennsylvania av ?venue. BANKRCPTCT salb of tacant LOTS liOT 1WU* CAPIT01" I* SUUABIS rsl AND ^ **? 9PPWS Court of the llao, lanaediately after the above, we will Mil, a< 8?S1' the "iV. Jai: fulle trj ecda W. L. WAL vm;c AUCTION SALES. BY VI L. WALL A CO., Aii tl ue r*. Original II..I? andCarriage B-uaar. L< nLsiana avenue, bHWf>u Itli tiid hith rtrwU. PrUBMPTORY SALROP *?? HRAOOF Hmrsks AMI> M('Lk>.Jl ST ARRIVKBFROM PENN SYLVANIA. VIRGINIA A NI> OHIO. JK. On II ESDAY MOBNIPiO. Apiil l?t, 1*3. conicwncing ?t 10 o'c'.tk.we will sell at *"* our Bfc7*nr ? Ti liead of Horn**. *4>"nt 40.n-t ?rrii(sl,^nii' ?r*r (iMdritir>iuiJ saidU- Unrwii. A.LSO A nt-ml)<r of work H- r?>-- ud *?'?, <>altiM?for carters niii contractors. Ailst.rk wai ranted fully n- IDVMl*^ N. B Villi wiirmi' nl? hav.- besn made f..r triinfa.lM' fk^t ili.Hraar without the trouble krirtnfon 11'V WH L V ALL t Co . Air**. f?\ ~GBEEN * WlLLlAKST Auctioneers. I> Northw-*t corner loih and D KrMt?. BUILDING LOT FRON7INO ON F STREET SOUTH, BETWEEN ?T!? ANI? lOrit ST BEET > V\ BUT, ISLAND. AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the Tth day of April. 1C3. at HloVlix'k p m , we ?.l>all ?*11, on the premise-,, ??p?rt lot X in square Ho. 38$, twir^i 30 le"t front b\ K5 t.-et d<ep to a fine pa* ed alley . >*le without r?rrr?. Ts;in* $100 ca*h. balance in 3 anil fi month*, f rr nMes I.ear ng interest ai d secured hv a deed ?l tru-t on the premises. Jown on th? d?v of sale. n-31 GRREN A WILLIAMS. Auct* BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D s**. TRUSTEES SALEOr~VALU\BLF. IMPRlVFn AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY IN SQUARE No.073, NEAR ST. ALOYMl'S CHURCH. By virtue of a deed of tru-.'. rtated on the tir?t ?gil:iy of June, A I? 1871. aud duly recorded in ??liber N '.*12,foli-. 4W, Ac.,of th- land record* f"; Washington county. D C., and bi direction of the party secured thereby, I will ef?H. ?t n-.thlir an ti n. in fr .ut of the pr?*ni*e?, on MONDAY, th ? 14; lidayot April. A. D. 1873. a- ?? o'cl >ok p. tu . th? f 'o?ii ;iwtil>'d 1*? In Gilbert'? rec .rded ?ui*i vision ot square imiolii-red nix hundred and sev.Mity t1\e(C*),in the rit? of Washington, th?t i*: Lit* N ? 111, 113.Ill and 119.each improved ?>y a irarlr fnished hon-e, Irorting on north I street: L '?- N >*. 152 153,154,156, l.v>, VJ l.V. IV. !?**. b?l an I Hi. ail m improved, am! fronting on Mi rtl? street. Teini* of anl? made known at day of sale, an I d' p. -it at eale of $l<0on each improved lot. and 425 Term* of ?ale to be fuil> c. taplied wuti wilhiu nix day* after day of aale; otherwise th? trustee mcrTM tli?- right to r>M*-l!. :?f t> r oii?- w-ek '# notice, at the ri*k and co<t of ^rst purcbaeer. All Convoj ;,tu me at IMirrha^er'i co*t. WM H W\RI>. Tnintfo. it 31-eo.ld* GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ann*. S>Y B. U. WARNER, f Real Estate Br> ker aid Ancti inc-^r, No. 7 7tb street, between O and II. TRUSTEE S SALE 0I~VAU ABLE PI PROVED REAL ESTATE ON I) STREET NORTH, BE TWKEN ^th ANI> Hth STREETS EAST, aa By > irtne < f a de ^l of tniBt ih?''-<l S-pt ni?> -i LiK^l.'th, A. D. 1-*C. uii.l .Inly r rord >l in Lit* -r E. ""'?C. E., No. It folio 4V> et s one of the l:md record* fur Wa*hini{toi. county, D. ('., 1 will "ell at public auction, in fr.rnt f th'1 pr -rai^e?,on JTl'ES I'AY, the a?.l dav of April, A. 0 1C3. al i o'c! ^ck p. ru., all tboae certain p?j or parcel* of i{roniid Pit mite and lyinc in the city cf \\tt*liin?t.n, D. C . ntid known and described a* lot* lettered an-l mark* d ?'B"and "S," ill the mhdi*i*ioo of the we*' halt d iu;iiare imnil-ered nine hundred and ?i*te.-n, t91>.l n ilk the improieluentii thereon. Each lot uiil l>e n<d- separately. Torm.* of *al<-: One-third in c^*!i; |>al ince in 6 and 4 ???... ' ? - ... , mi, unianre in o anil 12 nionth*, to be aeenred by notea of put chaser, with deed ot tru?t on preai aea sold, with int.-re*t frora day epoait of S5o wi'l be re.inired at time of lot. If the term* of sale are n d i >n pliei! with in livedayathe tru*te- r.-*erve?. th ? rije'it to resell ?? 111? rl-1" J chiiw!1 ASicUwV?^^Vcft .ith;'f dthi,,p?;:i,rjt r'31-J-iwAd* _ b wh ^atr0nFAX^hzt:' JM" LATIMER A CLEAUY, A "pioneer* and Real Estate Brokers b< tit.iwefct corner Pennsylvania avenue ami 11th at Star Office Building. "? TRUSTER'S SAL* of~A~VALUABLE Bl'ILD ? i-I>,G,L,JTPK CAPITOL IIILL. IJ virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date an the ? >'J'I"!:' * D. If '2. and inly record.*! in lii,..r No. f>M, folio ?3. one of th- land record* of tin- con ,. ty of W aahti.gton, District of Columbia, and by dl s'vTi knAv t'r'.j'IT'T1 ",;rr!'> ?1 st,?" ? " <>?> ? .? 1A * day of Murch, Jsr.i at .? ^ -tK ?P* ln" 1T,? 'r(),nt nf ^le pr?*nii*?*?, E n\r**t north, betweenld and 31 Greets lot* lo-.ikXl ?,flua~ N A--? W1^1'r "r'' 4 "W? <>t-.jnare No. 755. Iiavme a front ofJsf^et on F street north by ? depth of loo feet fc Term* of nale: p.t th tini-'or n<irrha?-> and tbe residue in *tx month*, to be *"C.ired by the note s'dd purc,'*i*r ai,<1 a J oftrurt on th.'- pretnis ?, If term* of sale are not complied within five 1?T< o! sale, the trustee reserves the rijrht f res-II property at the risk and co?t. f the defanltiug pur chaser. Conveyancing at pnrcha*er's cost H. NEI.Mi.N CHAPMAN. Trusts? mm ts LATIMER A CLEARY. Auct*: . CONfRt^UENCE OF TIIE RAIN TUT 18 POSTPONED tufti 1 W EDNE> AY. April ^1. satn- hour and plac lly order of the Trustee. 1.31 d LATIMFRfrCLE.ARV.Anrt, |>Y B. H. WARN KB. 5au5^a"' Bro*or *nd Auctioneer, No. 7th street, between Q aud H street*. ThVhTskK vSAI;^ OKATHREESTonv BRICK vl IST^ ATA UCT*I UN SlREET B0UTU Mm By virtue of a deed of lrn.*t to Daniel L Eaton d March 29. IS7.I, and duly r. ?rorded in Liber No. <512, folio 61. one of th" land rec?rtto for V ashington. D. C? 1 will .,11 at puhlk auction, in front of the pren,jae?, to th? higle->t l.i. der. on THURSDAY, the Ubrh day of M?r7 le,3. at 4 ?> clock p. m., all that part of L d No I t" ih siunre No 018, contained within the folU.wmK 171 feet fr tn'V! Beginning for th- same ?t ;i p?i,t? 17 i fe< t from the soutneaat corner of Lot No 1:; tii.l r irth ,7.ij fe?." thence w-eat to the line of *ald lot; thence Month 17*. f.?et, and J.i d^i;dh?;uZVu^,d,f in cash, and tin- balance at aix and twelve m nth*! t?i l.eaeciired byade.slof trust upin the prontrf* sol , with interest from the day of sale. *s?ide. p. ?i? on acceptance of bid If term* of sal-Ve not ompUed with within aeven dais atter -ale. th rr rerty t.. be resold at the risk and cost of the de fai.lting purchaser. f -* AKP W STIUKNEY, Sftrvii i?g Trustee. 1 .I-e< 4.1s B.H. \\ ARNER, Auct r. THE ABOVE SALE 18 PO^TPOWti until THURSDAY April 10, 1^1 same ho?.N.*d By order of the Trnstee. lu Jl3l_ B.H.WABNER, Auct i?>nepr. BY WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers, __ New Marble BQildinc, No. 900 and 9U2 Pennajlvanja avenn?. Pf???fFI2By SALE OF FORTY SETS OF KLEOANT WALNUT BROCADE RFP A\'li IIAIR-CLOTH PARLOR SUITS- MIRBI t T'lP, WALNUT, and PAINTFD CH AMWh SUITS: SIDE BOA R DS B E DgTEAOS BIT I >?t^kNEUBT THbV??? A^ri^RVl^K^S1^ ORDER OP THE TRUSTEE, REMOVFnro STORKS FOR < Off V^BkV ENC * OP Si A U? CKE1UT SIXTY, AND NINETY DAF8 &L O^'^DNfSDAY MORNING, April it, YJ^ 1873, commencing at 10 o'clock, we wilf^-i] m^eTn"^" "OC,,?n r"'m rmtHg* Br,Halel1-' "eP. ?:?<? Hair-cloth Parlor Walnut arid Painted Chamber Suits. Marble-top Table*, Bureau-, and B-t?t a l Fiity pie. es 4 4 Matting, White and Cueck. Out huadrod rolls Oilcloth. ^uwt^a''DicF urnl,ure ? c"rp,f?' Kitrh? N. B -We call *p? cial attention of buyers to the lib. I. sale aa . very lot will bo -old peremptory n, ' sum* of *100 and under cash; all -urns ov.-r that amount acrrtit of thirty, sixty, ?ud ninety dai > with notes w ith approved security C I P?*o?? wi-hing to avail theui-?lve* of th? r^D. munity of credit w ill rep.,rt to the auctioneer lore the sale. By order of the Tru-Itee * J"H W. L. WALL A CO., Auct*. ?Y W. L. WALL A CO., Auctloneen. SI Marble Bnil.litig, Nos. H00 aud 0051 Pennsylvania arena*. TR'.iSTEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE PROPERTY TION STREET NORTHWEST, AT AUC ^ T^Ji'r11 K?f Vc0? "firn"t' recorded in Liber Kl 201, ike., of the faua r-c? Z7'. ^r?,Ii ubUfr,ct ?, Columbia, and of a decree l? thu Supr, D"' c"?rt Dl*trict, April 1 .1 chancery, in the can*e of Wall, feobin diM-Ki *^1 i e< *'?' '? chancery docket No. II, and at the request of the holders of one of the notes secured by said de?d of trust, the S,a v .'PA !" trustees, will, on TUES DAY , the 1st day of April, 1873, at A o'clock, p. m . !?A"" "^ ?U at public auction, to the highest bidder, all that certain piece or parcel of ground situated and 1/ing in said city, and being son uch of Lots 22 and it of Meifs' recorded subdivi sion of l<4s in square three hundred titty-one. and is comprised within the following metes and bounds* ( oinmencing at a point onthe dividing line between Ninth street west and said lot 22 thirty-seven feet three inches from the northeast corner of said square, running th?nee south sixteen net, thence west eighty-seven feet, thence north sixteen feet l thence east eighty-seven feet to th? place of begin-'.I ning, together with all the improvements, way* I thT225k:fifiJ*'?riT,h*"*r,? ?ppnrtenaui es to I "?f:p tee. Ike time of Male Coorejauriii^ atx) atamp4 at cost of- Purchaiier. In caae Mttlament be not ??ir' UY B. H. WARNER, 1 Wo *a??^.i,.f"U5' ?r?kar and Auctioneer, No. 1 *9 7th street, between O and H. TRL STEE 8 BALK 07 A TW0-8TftlY FBiwi Eij?#!?' I871, ?nd ?lul> re LHoF9' F??ln? 4M, one of the land records of Waahinjton, D. C., I wUl sell, at public ancMon, in front or the premises, to the hirk?u ku. der. on TUEWA Y, AprilW?Ti?, ? 4 o>bS k " m.,Lot numbered nine, In Coltaan's subdivision Sf Sitiare numbered three hundred and nine, together wit ii the improvements thereon. T. rws: 91.MO, with interest thereon at ten n*r cent , per annum, from june * lS7j, and expenses of sale in cash; balance at Cand If ajnths, with inter est, to be secured by a deed of trust naon the prop ertv. f 100 deposit on acceptance of Md. If term* of sale are not complied with within lire days after sale, the Truataa wserres the right to reaell the - ' ^a SLa wtaw ntkil AAat . sC? A^.C. a. ? B street and Penn'a ate., principal depot, uio-la" EVENING STAR R AH BOAO Activity la VlK?I>l*.-It Wlli poon be impOfftWe to walk anywhere In tlie r*IlfT or It*- rarighliorboel witliout stamN'.r.e over the (una jinar* , tr.trk of railroad. The Inet fe- one uttb Woodatook to Another tub* from in Kockli.gham. to Bmrlcl Gap. TheF*e?1 n??i>t and Potomac, -inking for Thornton's Gap and the Ohio. wi?h a lordly contempt of all mountain ofetrurtwut. te reronnoitering with iaimcuae e??ergy. Then Washington acd Ohio isto be Invited, at the-meeting of t'j? ICth ?f Arell. to branch off a tangent from it.-proper line and ? stiti?iii:-li itself foreTer at Harper's Ferrr. A1* this arrises a condition of .-nllroad law a> '-tree" a* the *o*t ardent ?incktaU con Id desire?ll'ia^carr- K i-t. This "Daroiru; - Classes" ar? in a very uneasy frame of tsind aver the pro'jaMe pas sage b'v the legislature of the bill (ewl>odyin$ the principle of the Kagl'shtrnKA^al crlni na. act; eiapowei ii g the j *' o^fo scire aU per?oi > who are known rt> be era-convicts. vrhun aetii g suspiciously at the time of arrest. These per sons aiav then he brot*ht before a m.ig is trait, by whom, on raasorrsble prtfof that th?y were contemplating crime, they may be sent to jail, or compelled to give bonds tor goad behavior.? I JT. I". L< ttrr. The Bo> '.pAitTiv. in Fe<x ?A p"t:' ? v nf Ptinee Jeww Napoleon, praying for gre neb citizenship, was to be presented in the nit-onai *^s< robly oPPrance to d*i*. Unou il-> introduc tion the government proposed to pa-s t > the or der of the day, and in thf event ot an jturetM* vote will immediately Introduce a bill banish ing the Booapartrs from France. li.Tr;T?AT*i? Pork? Cincinnati w-ll wn-l a ?ery unique contribution tcthe Vienna K\hil4 t'Oti. It c?t>i?b 01 thtee charcoal drawing*, eac'.i th feet in leti^h and live it. height, tllostratiiig the manner in which they kill bog on the banks of the Ohio and prepare tliem lot kitchens. Mokk Hr?r.A>n Poi?<>xinm Anna Adair has been arrested in I orraine. Aonui- county. 111., on the charge of having poisoned her h'i ? baud, who dit-d Middenly in tlimuuy Utt. His body has been exhuiacd for examinatioi . A MrntXREn C-vr?HT GiisnipcBiuiont, an Italian, who raumitted the fatal au?ault u( on YicenioCi-'ranova. another Italian, a tew ii;?\s since in Uuliniond, \ a, ha> been cap tuied. Tnu Libkb/x Kkitblicaks of < ii.cinnati have endorsed G. W. C. Johnson, the demo cratic candidate for Mayor *V S| itz dogs have gone out ot fashion, and Sl,?e tciriess have come in. MARR1KI). JOHNSON-BROCK. On ?t?? ?7tb in-:ait. ht It '. C. C. M*" K. Ii JOHKKoK. ?t A ?>m:< c iinty. * a ,tn LI 1>IV S KKOi K . -f itr- ? ' v. N ? cardt.. (N"rl"lk aud Aecotiiac pap<'i? pl n*eeop> | ?? * ^ m m- ? DIED. API Kit. Oi Saiclo" Ht 9 15 r w . MORRIS AD LKR. it> th<* 74tli ? ?ar .?! hina.' U'? Imth ral ? ;!l take place ir m Ma late mMuv. No fitt^H.uti - *.G -niif-ti ".a, TuiiJtj,Apr.l^i oilxk. Frieuds of the l.timly toatteM. ? Ai;NOLI>. Onth 31?i MMit.nt I a w.,FRED ri:i? K IHPKRT, inl.ti.! vf J.i> II.Mil Ntf> J. \tni M. t uiiernl M-rv i - .if "? "41 p. in T"?-*d?y, at th?|>? rei ta' rffcidein ?, loO** V -ticet U'>rili\> >?''. Frn-.-1 Hie inviti-d. UL ATKFAN In Tr?>ft'iti. V J on th" XVh in ?tail*, in tin t' h ?ear of hi* ?ee. OWPKN W. lti A? KKAN. hr-ilh-r of .??*w|>h II. Iti-u ?. Ian, nn<l m.> la-law ?-f th<> l?tf I>r T. Wntkins. ?f thiacitr. * Fl? HKI.I.KK'.Fi: Ou the Z7th of Mar-I H'I I i i.Att CLIITON. infant ?.>u Frank a.?1 A i t h Ibrger, aw**d 13 daya. < !,AV Iii C'l^eiiiiiati. March ?$'h, TH'*MA!> K. V i, KAY , jreaia I iiin-mi -i-i ?? !? ? i *t t ha|-cl. Oak II ill C"i>m ter/. Tin -':i> ,1 1 ? K r * Ill.NKY. On mi l i.inn i f Mar. 1. ??tli, MARGA RKT K HENRY, in tl.< ?th irar of lu-i agu. II. r luiii-ral u ill t*k?* place T"i'?-la> Hffrn . n. at :!?'? h-ck. frwiu her late ri?ideiiei . N 6IJ K?tr<-i. between (tli and 7th street* ooutbeast. Friend* an I lelativei- are imited t.i nttend. UNDERTAKERS. ||HhARO F. HARVEY, UNDERTAKER, (Saccular te HAH TA Y t KARE,) Ko. ?:<? F SraEtT, between M:ii:h atd TeLt& METALLIC HCKIAITCASES A.\D CASK Ml Of tier* <i<iCTiptirv?, rrarl ljr SHROUDS. HABITS, f l^ltHAKD VT. BARKER, CABINET MAKER A.W OVERTAKE*. ?14 ELEVEKTB STREET, near F. ElhMTlKE OF ALL KIMtS MADE AN* HEPA1REO. aa3-tr ^ 1LLIAM It At RETT, UNDERTAKER, Mc.73d Ttu Stkeet.Retw-ibnO a XT) B 3thii*? arf-lr Cofflna and Oaafeati of all kla4< Al'CTIOX SALES HV LATIMER * CLEARF. Real Estate Rmkern and Anctlonesrs, SviiSbweat Cvrue: PenuaylvitnU ave. aud Ulh atreet, Star Office Building. t?ALE OF EXt'ELLEMT Fl BN'ITl'RE. ? On TIU RMiAY MORNING. April 3. IE ?jMKJ at the residence. N >. 40.11 G <tre?-t ?I ? ?l ?Ui'ltll?e*t, we >h?il aell the follow mg \erjr tin- l oll' Ctioii iif Iinuselir.ld Knmitnre? ONE KNABM * CO. P.<?SE\\U0I> PIANO FOHTE, COVER AND SToOL: ONE Sl'PEKB I'nM HIN ATloN MUSIC BOX, COST IN PAIiltt, t?TRlPEI? REP WALK'l'T PABLOR 81'ITE. EIOHT PIECES; FOMHNU ANt) RECEPTION CHAIRS; 8C PKKIOR MARBLE TOP TABLE: E'lEGBRKH, FINE SILK AND LACE Cl'R TA1N8. WITH CORNICE; VERY" 81'PEKIOR PARLOR BRUSSELS CAR PETS AND RL'OS; VERY SUPERIOR HALL, BRUSSELS. AND OTH ER CARPETS. OILCLOTHS; FINE ENURAYJNGS ANDCHROMOS, HALL FURNITURE: ELEGANT WALNUT BIARBLE TOP CttAM r.EU SU1TRS, PAINTED CHAMBER FURNITURE: FINE HAIR AND HUSK MATTRESSES; *. FINE FEATHER BOLSTERS AND PIL LOW 8: GliOYER A BXRER S SEWING MACHINE; WALNUT MARBLE TOP SIDEBOARD; Y\ A I.N I T EXTENSION DINING TABLE: WALNUT CANE-SEAT DINING CHAIRS; CHINA AND GLASSWARE: UPRIGHT REFRIGERATOR: KNIVJtS. FORKS AND SPOONS: U RATING BTOVF.S, PORTABLE RAMiE AND EITCHEN REQI'ISITES. ?c. uiJ d LATIMER A CLEABV.Aucta. BY LATIMER A CLEART, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers, S^uthweal corner of Penn. avenne and 11th street, btar Office Building. TDK ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE ( ASPARIS HOUSTON CAPITOL HILL, BEING ABOUT TWENTY FIVE ROOMS. AT AUCTION. 4* On THI RSDAY MoRNING, April 3, at 10 o'clock, we will sell at the Caapario H itel, l^Ki ri Siiuth A street, between New Jersev ave I V 1 niii* ami 1st street e?Kt. Capitol Hill, the vutire 1 contents thereof, rousistinv in part of? plate Mirrors, in gilt aud walnut frames. Walnut Pari..i Furniture, iu haircloth and gre.-D rep, Yt alnut. Marble-top and other Tables, W'alunt Etegt res, Lounges, BrtiFseU, Three-ply and other Carpets, Oilelotlis, W indow Sha.l-s, Toilet bets, Gas ('handeliers. Brackets, Ac, W alnut Marhle-top C!ianit?*-r Suites, Painted Cottage Sets. B?cra* itis?. W alnut and Paintad B*dsteads, Bureau* aud Wash stand s, Waluut and Painted Wardrobe". Cant- seat Chairs, Hair and Hu?k Mattr ???*, Wind'-w Sliadt-. Ft it'her aud Hair Pillows and B .Uters, Blankets, Spreads, Comf-irts, 8 V ets, Ac. Din*ng-ro<.m Tables, Oak Cane-seat Dining Chairs, ( lima, Glass and Plated Ware, Cutlery, Napkins. Table Cloths, Ae. Heating St?v?s, Range, Cooking Stove Kitchen Requisites, Ac., Ac. Also, Bar Counters and Fixtures, Ir^n Safe, Jenny Llnd Table, with cn?*. balls. Ar. Two Ten Pin Alleys, with balls and pius,complete, Offlee Arm Chairs. Tables. Ac. Ternw: (Mw and under, cash: over that anionnt. a credit of aiaty aud ninety days, for notes satisfart > ril> indorwd. beariaginterest at d per rent, per au num. [mgdtal LATIMER A CLEARY, A nets. CONSTABLE'S SALE OF CARPENTER 8 TOOLS. On the 9d Sat or Apbil, 1S73, at 14 a. ni., I shall sell, st auction, at the o#c? of Justice Weaver, No. #09 7th street northwest, one Tool Chest, Contain ing a tine set of Carpenter's tools, and one Bench Screw. Terms cash. _ _ . m?-3t* J. P. TOWN, Constable. REMOVAL-GEORGE HOLTMAN has removed from M3 Pennsylvania aveane to ?9T Peaa sylvania avenue, where he will continue the BOOT aad SHOE boainsas, and offers great iadaosaeots te spri kg trade. aslA-la Atund't Phytic**** Dr. F A. Ashford, ' Dr. 8. C. B r.WJL K ton. JS n'hSkrSrt7 aoithw Jt ^t'otT ?ECO NDH ayp CLO*H.IWO_ <anB8Cw laws or tub rmrn mm ?f ?*< fWr4 W?ss#?a ?f|t> Frrtf [Gksckal VAtTW-Ko. .f? J An Ait making a p proprmtton* tor ti?e ccnj ?barUoR. prmrvtitiHi, mhI ?vprnairrtitii t?t t,ration* ?Tx1 otbrr w,?: k* oi defr- s*. I ? the jt?r ending . urn- tluttieth. el(ht*'i ?(Iint4 and wiriih tnur. ?' ewarfsd 6? rW jb ?,?(' ?? < Ho'.f qf jp' ? m/mif ?f tk' 1 ,,,'rd .<tn+i ,f A mm i t? t"o? Sr'*' That tht tallowing Mint" (-?. and tlie satu<* are berebv. appropriated, out ?>) ant money in the treafarv n<>? otherwise a) | r<> pr iattd. for tbe fiscal vtar ?ml:iiji Juur thir t;< (b. ei^hte* n hnndrta an^ wventv-lonr, ami -?> tai a* necessary for the residue ol the car it tit Ii-oal j< ai. tor t-'tt- follow .ng fortification* at ti othet W tlii ol tlcfrwr, MMi-ir: For }?rt Prrklr, i'witlud lurhoi, t'mr fostv thousand For Kwt Soa^iuMii. Portland harlxn. Ma:;?e. fitty fl.otisat <t tlo'.Ptr*. For Foit WmtB, Iku4w harltor. V* ?v 1. e setts. to' ty thousand (tollars. For Fort Wimhaep, lfcwton harbor. S;.i.*a clmwttK, lit ty thousand ioi .air Fcr Fort Inuepandanee, Boston barter, J uMMl nHtts, Ci.rty-t!?e thousand dc.tor* J or Fort Atl.ias. Newjiort harbot. KU0.U Isiafed. six t\-five (LuiMtiil dollar*. For nrt?fi Dvkhisland n nr?,;? i?'ti bay. lslsid. tuitv U'onsaitd dollar-. For Fort Schiyhr, Fast r.v? r, Vw York. > itT-tff tbMMti dtH ior lort on Hiiiett f point, Ka.-? river, New V?ik, forty t'iu.>ait<< dollars. For 1 iirt ami (dilittoaal battel;.** N i ? Vci h . New \ 01 k. t u ?t UsiS. " . lor tort c; Mtr u' Foil T?b|iIua'. Nf York I arb?>r. Nt v Vurk, forty thou.-aud dollar*. For toil ?.'i >:u* ot F?rt Tnuplai?. New York N. * \ork.l!iirt\ tbou.-*i*i do l?r* Foi 1UIUir| Hudmn. New Y-jrk harbor. New \ oik. twenty nil** thousand dollar*. 1 ? tort o||MNtr Fort I tola ware, I>clav?rt si otf. I'*1h? tie. thirty-u*e thousatvl dollar*. lot lort Mt llriirr. l'i<iltiiiiur? harbor, Maiv Uini, twenUtUe tlious >ii.I iollar*. For Fort Vwte, Pototuao river , M arvland, thousand dullvt. 1 or f ort V. i l i , : ,ii "vtoni* littr, ltef> lkiitl. t-Aentv-llve thousand doliais. tor ??'ort Monroe. Hampton rowd>, Vi cuna foity thousand dollars. For fcott Moultrie. CbatlcMon L trbar, South Carolina, forty thousand dollar*. For Fort Nuinter. t karlest >n lutrlcr, SuuHi < a rutin*. forty thou* tin I dollars. Foe Fort Pulaski, Saratuab rive*. G org tilt* thousand dollar* For lort Taylor. Key Wot, Florida. ttft\ tb< v.*and dollar*. Fot Fort .lefl.-r^on, Harden Ivrv. F<ori<la. I lit iv tboii.*..ii<l drUar*. Fur Fort ?larkaon. Mi?is-?ij[vj rirer, IohIm hi a. M\tr-tivr JtoiiKand dollar j. I ot Fort Saiat Philip. river, l.oa si:ina. fitly th?u>aiMl doliar*. lor foil at Fort |>oint. Nan Fratn iitco barkor, < n lit or nia, w*ty-tive tliou>aiiii dollar*. lor lort at I.tine i*>iii?, S;,n Franc moo bar bor. t alitotnia. torenty-fire tboiotan,! dollar*. lor loit at Alcntra/ Uland. San Fran t.-cu liarlMtr. California, fifty tboii*>4n<t dollar*. l ei i ? ;.tn.^< n< i. * ot *o: t itu-ation.v uae UM tin d tlwuMi.d ilollar.-*. For furvty> tot military defenaMs one bttp dr< d and fifty tbou*aiMl dollar*. Tor batteric* in 1'ortMiioutb liarVor. Purts luoutli, N< ? llaMi|>abire, on Orr rk'* ialaud. aiid Jeiry Poiut. fifty tbo:>.*and 1'#' Lattery at Finn's point, l*eta?rare river, New Jersey, forty thousand dollara. For fort ai San I>iejto. San I?i.*jro har!?or. Cril'iorniH, fifty tliouxaiKt dollar*. For torpedoes lor bailor defence* Hid fot t-ii'MTration of the same, tbree butniretl thou fat.d (Iclini *: i'ritri'i'ri. That the money herein afl-ruprinted for torj^tloefc ?hall only Ik- ii* -d if the (>tahli>btii< nt and maintenance ot torj?e does to he operated fttim shore-Ktatkhi* lor tb< dotrurtio* of an enemy> ve.-wl api-roa l..n^ tin slioreor euiering tUe*channel and fair wa\.> ol bailK>i?. | A|>]*rov?-d, February SI, I<7j [OrXKCAl KiTt'KK? No. hi.l An A?t making appropriations t>?r the conun lor ami diplomatic service of the govern in nt fot the y< ar ending.lune thirty .eighteen hon tirt d and K venty-tour. and lor other pur l<oseo. He it rnor1r<1 tk' Smnt* and Hontr nf ft 'prr '. ftui -rt if tk* I nttrd Staler nf Amsrirm in Cum <j '' That the lollowiiig miuim be, and the same are tien-hy . au]>r?|<i iared for tb? m ivice ot the fiscal year en-ling the thirtieth ol ?I i'i?e. eighteen hundred and seventy-four, out ot any money in the treasury not othorwise ap. I roj i attrd, for the object* hereinafter e* I t? ?Md. namely: For salaries of envoys* extraordinary and iuin is?i r> plenlpotentiarv'toGreat Britain, France, ti< matiy, atKl I:h*?!m. at seventeen thoiiaaiid fivt huiidied dollars ear b, seventy tbou-atridul 1*? i s. 'lo Spain, Austria, Brazil, Metico, Japan. Cblna.aiid Italy, at twelve thousand dollar* each, eighty-four thousand dollars. To Chili and Peru, at ten thousand dollar* cat h. twenty thousand dollars. For ministers resident at Portugal, Switzer land. Greece, Belgium. Netherlands. Ucumark, Sweden ami Norway, Turkey, Fleuador, Coh<m 1 a Bolivia, Venezuela, Hawaiian Istanla,and th< Argentine UepuhUc, at seven tl.ousan l live hui drttl dollais eat b, one hundred and tire tl.<*;i*and dollars. For msnister resident accredited to Guate mala. Costa Kica. Honduras, Salvador, ami Nn?Hragua, to reside at the place that tbe Presi d< nt may select in any one of the StateMiamcd, as by act making approbation* for the coii*u iar and diplomatic service, approved May twentv-secoud, eighteen hundred and seronty two, ten thousand dollars I'r-rtd J. Tbat the pax and allowances of said minister resident shall hereafter l>e ten thousand dollars per annum, and no more. For minister resident at I'mgaay. al*o ae cri<iited to Paraguay, ten thousand dollar*: I'rfruitd, That the pay ami allowances of said minister resident ?h*il hereafter l>e ten thous and dollar* per annum, and no more. For salary of minister resident and consul general at tiajtl, seven thousand five hundred dol'ars. tor niinisfer resident and consul-general at Liberia, four thousand dollar*. For salaries ol secreUnes ot legation at Lou don. Paris, Berliu, ami Saint Petersburg, at two thousand six hundred and twentr-fi ve dol larseach. ten thousand five hundred dollar*. <To enable Robert C. Schenck, minister to Great Britain, to employ a private amanueusis, aceoiding to joint resolution approved Januarr eleventh, eighteen hundred aisl seventy-one, two thousand five hundred dollars. For salaries of secretaries of legation to Aus tria, Brazil, Italy. Mexico, ami Spain, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each, nine thou sand dollars. For salaiy of the secretarv of legation to ,la pfcii, two thousand live hundred dollar*. For salaries of assistant secretaries of the legations to France, tireat Britain, and Ger many, at two thousand dollars each, six thou sand dollars: ami the said assistant secretaries shall hereafter be called second secretaries. For salary of the secretarv of legation (acting also as interpreter > to the legation of China, five thousand dollars. For salary of the interpreter of legation in Turkey, three thousand dollars; ami the *alarv thus impropriated may be paid to an Interpreter '?ot* ithstandiiig that fie may not be a citizen of tbe United States, and on and alter July first, eighteen hundred and seventy-thre?, tbe con sul-general at Constantinople sbali be also the secietary of legation in Tujkey: J'n.r?4r4. That he shall receive cumi-ensation oulv as consul general. For. charge d'affaires ad interim and diplo matic officers of the United State* abroad, forty thousand dollars. L or salary of the lnter|>erter to the legation at J?| an, two thousand five hundred dollars. For contingent exjienseaof foreign intercourse proper, and ot all the missions abroad, one hundred thousand doilarr. For salaries of consuls-general, eotisnls. vtee cottsuls, commercial agents, and thirteen consular clerks, including loss by exchange, four hundred and nine thousand dollar*, as follows: I COVftlLATKM Ontllll. Schedule B.?Alexandria. Calcutta, Con stantinople, Franklort-on-the-Main. Havana, Montreal,Shaughat, Beirut, Tampico, London. Paris. II.?ConarLATi*. Schedule B.?AU-la-Chapelle, Acapulco, Al flars, Amoy, Amsterdam, Antwerp. Aapiuwall, angkok, Basle, Belfast. Buenos Ayre*, Bor deaux, Bremen. Brindisi. Boulogne, Barcelona, Cadiz, Callao, Canton, Choaantta, Chin-Kiang. Clifton. Coati cook. Cork, I>ewerara. I>umtee, El. sinore, Fort Krie, Foo Choo. Funchal, Genera, Genoa, Gibraltar, Glaagow, Godorich, Halifax, Hamburg, Havre. Honolulu, Hong-Kong, Han kow, Hakodadi, Jerusalem. Kanagawa, King ston, (Jamaica,) Kingston. (Canada.) La Ko chelle. Laguayra, Loeda. I agnarn, Lainaic, Lia bon, Liverpool. Lyons. Malaga, Malta. Manches ter. Matanxas.Marseilles,Mauritiua. Melbonrne, Mtsaina, Munich, Mahe, Nagasaki, Naples Nassau, (Weat ladies.) Now Castle, Nice, Nantes. Odessa,Oporto, Osaoea, Palermo, Pan ama, Pernaaabaeo, Pic ton. Port Mabon, Port Said, Prescott, Prinoe Edward Island, Port Sarnia. Pesth, W we bee, Rio do Janeiro. koaM. Rotterdam, Saa Juaa del Sur, San Jaaa, (Por to Rico,) Saint Jofca'a, (CaMkda East.) San tiago de Cuba. Singapore. 8aayrna, Souths nip ton, Saint Petersburg, Santa Cmi. (West In dKN' ?*lnt Thomas, SpersU, Htattgardt. Swa tow . Saint Helena, Tangier, Toronto, Tr^ste. Trinidsd de Cnba, Tri[>oli, Tunis, TnnstsB. Tien-Tsin. Tark'a Island, Valparaiso, Vera Crua, Vienna, Valencia, Winter, (Canad* West.) Zurich, Birmingham, Bar mew. sad Win ni| og, (8elkirk settlement, British North Amer ica.) and hereafter the salary of the consul V V It una shall he tre thousand dollars. III. CoVftLLATia. Kchrdnlet C?Aux Cayoa, Bahla. BatRria. Bay of Islands, Cape Hay tie a. Camlia. Cape Town, Carthagenia, Ceylon, CoWia, C yprwa, Falkland Islands. PayaL Gwayaquil G uavmas. Maranham, Matomoraa, (Mexico.) MsUtTt idee. Omea. Payta, Para. Pasa del Norte. pir>ena. Bio Orande, Saint Catharine. Santiago. (Cane Verde,) Stettin. Banterem. Ttwu^Vahm; jacrssiKr.1**1 j For t)if pavaseat of salaries at oans-tiwr of ?<ero M rtn'f?M Of rt?# I'ritrtl thoMHrfMiwr rVH '?< That the S?ore'a< ? af State rkilt f?rt jri u rrpoef In t 4?n|t -M (k.t j uttmi iwt Uir *.U<f ****** !? ?W?i MltrM kirt Ivrr |>a<4. and alsa the (tt< under which tH-r W.rt appall Md. ami Mt atsnsil Mlt to: ? ? ,X **??*? two of the art of Aag'ial cightecrilti ?ffMrfc kuMrod mm4 SfTv ?.? ea ftticd ?? A'i art to resulate Mm dtphnawtir and rorwilw the 1'nlted rmm." t? M r-?lt to oHr??i? iwftwn ra? ?? r? ?if c* n-lt. ?*( b* fiK-rMwd t? twenty ^ centum ot ae amount of annual o?mt?< M'Moct to tkt same ItaiUtiMi ii. ams4 tpctfn* rohttimd. To tfiml im R 8. Kendal!. t%Meon-o:tk? United S*?te? at Stra*barg, :?i uudOuliNr e? fen*es. lurnrred by tl a sudden JV^-ontimian-e ot that in roaatiintnrrot tkr utMaa of I'tiMf kt Uwauajt. one tboiMnJ doilu* n.-Ciiiau?ut AunoM Pitfitalf ('?Aui<w>- K vet. Ai-1*. Calwvtn Saint Paul de Uoanda l.anthala. s ?t?t t, a. V ?1Comtt iai A<?a*rjr SchtJnie B? M?da(a.-cat, duan .let N'ftf Santo Itoirinp f or i?tcti rftff>t>> th? tn Chiaa. Japan, and Siain iar'tiding low by txr.nnor', Br* tbonMiKl w*fti hcndtrd iltlliK f or Mar*l.?l.? foi tcu>n?u!v coartsta.lapaa. Ii c'.uij'itg ilat of SimxMli , in China. K;> rw. mxl T:>rkey. InTwIiag Ins* by e*rr?an< tt-> at or., *even thousand seven handrail 4oil?r? T jr >t..t uatrj, NmL v?n -.arms af the Unit tl ft U.?. scab. |t. ???, un?i '?t*. Itkl payment of r? i?t. ft<ight. |hm?L'i', ami ri]>i,f!!>nns?, ? {"*? a. itiflii'liig Ium b\ rv tiaiif' ttirrr m one in* it'll tloomsMil dollars. .tn<t the !>?*???*< ?ry ot K':f. l? kfrtl<t i>?tl n-rrl to furnish ar.*M to c?*>*?lar ag? r*- of tb ? i -it.?d st the r.?t of a !.?? I: *h?fl drtiawd .ntot the aula Itc. cow ajj rvpriatrd. 1 cr rn|wnr? for ht *|?fVr? p-.v'*, and otl fi tl atter* at the rnii>tilaW at i." j V Sm\ r:i% Can : i ' -xandr.a ' ? . n, am' Iteinit, ta the Tutl. -h domn^oi.*, thro* tl ?>tiwand diil1?<-s. 1 ot rrr.ot |r-nn* far American ror.? , ta in S'aw and Tinker. am tor ? agos N the ko per* ? f the Miuf. lo^ bjr rti'kaii|?, tam tln>iiNit.4 d.jJUrv For rout ot |>r1iun ft?r Amor.. ?n c<?n. u-*s ?? Cli'iia. vw thousand f vr knadreU dollar* Ku? ? ifnot kr< |>eia. care .4 of!vu J<-. ?. aa t CXpt-KM1*. trn tbwi?Klll illl'luv I ?># n-nt ot iitiMii tM Am<<tit'?n r?pv:r'? in .!;<|-ali, II but .tt>-< hii I : , 4 ?t ??^<M t kt-? |m r>.? ar?- ?: offend -r?. an 1 tx^NiuM, bvr tlioii.-ai <1 <W>i'aif htr ? \|k ntu-a tacurmd in biiiij.of boma t ua for< i|{M ooantiio* | fta.>i^. ? bti^oT ? itb or in ?, ami rxf-ouaea tiM-idont tb? ? ?to, inrlaitiii^ ljv? l.j cm bang)-, live tboueanti doltara. K?>r r< twt and |>ral?iitKiuof American >^am -n in l?iti|t. rtiantrin. one hund;<-d thvu<taJ dollata. l or expense* abirb nay l>e Incnrrod in ac kiuj?)? itging tlir M t*ic?> ot m u>ter - aiat rcwa of U??i?ti \ i wV ib r?'M'uin? Amcrtcau citia na In ni abi|>ar?rk. fiw Utouaand dullara. To inert tbe nriWNirj ??|^Uaoa attendant ii(?n tlie ? xe< nta'ii of the itentrnlitv art, to he ex|x-iMl?d mater t'je dirortton ol the I'riv dent, in rontoimitx attb tbo tb'.id Kvtiuii ol tbe act ot Va\ tnt.itiktcfi Imixtrrd and Imi, entitles! ?*An act the r?>nii?cnsatioii ol iu:in->t-Ta aiwl rotit-iilh i< aiding on the coa>l ot Itaibary. ai d fwotUer |-ui|<o.i>," tacaty tbvu>-and d.?l lara. 'I o meet tb?' | *\tr>'ntot tbe l**t annual ia. ??ditiM iit ot tbe |>i?|iortion contribuled hi the I nited Ktate? to?ard tbe ra|>italieaiion ot tbe KrbcUt duee, aixtt al* theeaaad live bumliod and ur do)lat>. Kui Ilit- annual |'ro|M>rtlt>n due from tbe gnv t <4 tbe I nilttl Static ot tin- e?j?'ii-<->. of Ca|? ISjartel liglit, >.n fbt r??a??t ot Mororoo, t?? liuiKirfd atid fivedt?llar>. I niUd State* a ml Rnti*b claim- c<?mm:??.>?n For of K'ltt lsrr. a?>i>t?nt ??ert ? arjr. u>taM?nger and ?atcbmi?ii. imir fbottr-uad lour bi<i tlrt tl dtdlaio. For rratiiMut rqatm, namely: H?-nt, I'nel, ot at lout iv. MHiko, gaa, I' tt-m|<orary t b rlf. aiiti otbt r niiarellaiMmo tt| i nn-a ?>f h^milar c' ?ra. t<r, twelve tti<>u.*aiid i%o bua tlit d airtl tort> doMai!> l iattd S(4tfi. and Nj-atiudi claims rommt* cm>h: Fur aa'arle* of ?>?imli*i.?tiff, rnnnael, aerre tary. ai.-ti no ng- i, eleveii tbuiiNiiitl tun Uua dr?'<l and twt Ive dtd'.ara. Ft>r contingent t k|?en>-ea.thre?' tbonoand .- 'ro* bui.drttl and i igbty-eigut dollai* I nittd Stati* and Mt vicaii claims couirnia sion: FurMlariesof comtniaxinner. umpire, agent, legal asaixlant Iti agt-nl. aecretarv. tno clctXa at oik tlioiiaand fi>ur liundri'd doil.ti> each, two trt iihlatoi* at one thousand five bundred dol Ut> em h. airmeager. and kwi>unt ac-^a|or, t?i ntv-U.roe thoii-an i oeven hundred dollar#. Foi rtiklnijint iA|n'iu-t?, live Uivuaaud iliM laro. 8rt. 2. That when trr di|>lumatir or consular ofl:eer of the I niicd Slate* *liall die in a for eign country iu tbe dincbarge ol hi? duty, tbere ol ail l>e |<aid to hi* widow, or. if no widow sur vive h:m, then to hi* bcira at law, a mid of money e<|ual to the allowance now madetoaurb ttfliet r tor tbe time n< < e?-4i ily oc?-u|>ied la making the transit from hU |><>rt "ol duty to b>a rcMtlcnce in tbe i'nited Stati*. I'o meet tba t xceiiM* ol tbia |>rovUion there U herebv mp |>ro|>riat?d, lor the vc*r ending .lane thirty, eighteen hundred am* ?eventv -lour, a ouut mi exceeding live dollars. bi:<. I That no eon alar officer of the I nited State* shall hereaftei grant a certibi'atc for gooda. ware*, or mertLaudiae >Jii|>|>cd froa countrie* adjacent to the I'ulted Ntute*. whitb have paMttl a comulate after |>urt baae for *bip ment. [Approved, February 2.', ICJ. STEAMER LIN^T WA6Hllf?TO^?Rr^|L?. XMTOII. AND Tb* fine I row tM tamer LADY AJf TUK ILAKB hat inc ixauiueit bei r. aniar trip* to K rf. ik,witl l?-ate her wharf, foolf of ?il< street, ev ry HUMDAT THL'KSDAY, at I p. m., toocbingai anndyal Kit . Laixliuc*. wt Norfolk wllb Bleemehip of tbe ? and ? Lias for Boston Mid Froetieaea. KI ? Kilt abuold be tiMrnard "canuf Ladr of tha Lake, vis Norfolk," Branch ticket office at kBOW'S Cxpreo* OBiee, t?OS P"Dii?> Itania aveun*. T M.CBort'H, Ae?-nt,i?h-street wharf DORSET CLAttBTT. O-n-rwl Ac -at a ll Plant'* Store, c >ra?-r Uth st a*id P* svs 1KMAK Lit I KOYAL MAIL STEAMER* TO AKD FROM MVEKPooL, CALLIBO AT g(EKKHT<i?K, ?very THTRsnAT and BATI KDAT, from Phi tb N' nh Ki?-r. b'.-w %'uck. 1 I?TS? or ra**aca f'abin. 875 and fH g> ld E veuiM''U tickets at reduced rates. Bteerac< ? To gmwM'ivt. Literpool, Ot??a >w, L<-iid?iid<-i-T> , Loudon, Catdiff or Bnsl.>l, |N rmr retx j. Piepa.d certiacstes from abuts p r;<,|| currency. ? Aral) to JOHN O. DALE. Afiit,U Br adwwv. Mew i ork, or It. D. A. BRDhbAli, W*ihii.?t>?, v street, betweei. *;h aud ltML *t i - ft! la ??CVABD LIES' TDE BRITISH AKD KORTH AMER1CAM ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIP*, BETWEEK KEW TORE AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT CORE HARBOR EROM KEW TORE. ?Cuba W.-d-Mar .M I * Ru**is Wsd_Aal U Ai rwinis .a Wl_ Api. S Osiaariw. ,t?sa_Apl IS Algeria.-. Wed . A pi ?l Jata Wwl- Apl. M aarkut * a, uo? cat r> steerage pm sacwm Aad evsTf following WEHKEMDAf nod tATCR DAl from New York. Rates or PA**a?a.-<^bia, #n. il?, aad |U fold, aciordiug U> arcsmaiodattou. 'iiketsto Paris, |l|, g. ld, additional < R'-'i rw tn Wats on latornMs tars ' bl?^-raae, ciirrv-nc). lit ret age uckrit fruai Liverpool sad ^ mm,, Slid all parts of Km opr. st luwast ralw Throat bill* ol lading fins a> Belfam. tilaagow, Havrw, Aniwrp and otarr p int* on tbe Continent nag far Mediterraa?na p?*rt?. F<* freigM aad cabia mm ?a^r.apal) at tbr-Compaii) *s <4fice, K?. 4 b m i tig Or?-?-u;for steerage paaa*?s, at Mo. Ill Br?adna> Trinity Bntldlu?. nwlHr rHAS^O^rBAKrELTH. I feCHOR LIKE STEAMERS" SAIL ETERT SATURDAY. tlotj or Seajiorl ta ttrent Brnaia, IielaadT * ranee* iBoUaad? kaguuiTali lbs Oaltei* CaMa farefroM NEW TORE to LOHDOI. LIT ERFOuL.ttLASttOW aad DERRY, and fVS. RECURSION TICEETS, flM. Intarmaoiaie, ?SS; Stserwgr, |M; all p Cwrrencjr. ParUea sending for tbetr frteods ta tae Old ( eaa pnrrksw tickftt at lowest rwles. tor furtbM aarticalMw apply to tbs Ageai.C. CAMMACE.ia. RSs r I^IV EXPRESS LIES TLA CANAL. ^e/atirsniiQrr-.

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