Newspaper of Evening Star, March 31, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 31, 1873 Page 4
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KVKNINfi STAR. 1 ??NDAT nnrrh tl, 1?C7X L0CAL~irEW8^ ! ?.?-* Jmwmftt*, To.nicht. Ctmipj*?A variety entertainment of dt.w.a set:g, cance, A.-. (?? Ftl'iiei' Itvil.? M'!foii"? Parat! . (??trie U*e?l L4KHK Vr*l{r?l4j ri'-i.tfn SuiuUv in tlrf ?'?thul>C <hul(krs. Neat SabUtb i' Paim $u: <Uv. I ur: * the gale of Saturday last several trees vrrt uprooted in various part." of the city. Ardt>ish?r Bavlrr, who h?- been sojourning ? ii Florida for wVml week* past, is expected to rvturo to Baltimore this week. Mr. Allen IJoiwjr a.i 1 W. T.^aHor have rovle a trotting match for ?N*? a.?Ide, mile heats, best two in tLicr, to be ?i?i?te?l on the 22d of May. The Louse that burned down in Potomac city Ust ai^ht wa-< occupied by Abraham Scott, colcred, ard the tire ? supposed to luve boon the work nf an incendiary, low# about Tbe A tii y can Tract "society held its 4<th animal lie^tiiig at the Metropolitan Pr?b>te r;an church, Capitol Hill, la.-t evening. Vice President W Ison presided and made a short addre**. after which Kev. I>r. shearer, secre tary of ibe ??> ietv: Kev. I>r. Sei|?ert. of N. ?!.; S? r.ator Firry and -Judge Strong delivered a-1 ire?K?, A ii.a?? meeting of Snwhy sch?>ol children and teachers was held last mght at Lincoln tl*M. poecd of pupils from the vamus <1ur,l?s fetid the orphan* of the Protestant fcva*. Aft* r prayer and singing, Mr. Warren ? kute git\ e a re view of tbe 1etwn< for the past tlree Mlilha Addresses were also delivered by M? ?sr?t. free. i;icbard?. and Merrick. A?n Saturday last Mes-rs. I>eiiiii* O'Learr, .1; n es, John .McCarthy, and Martin K?l!v t;'?d in tbe offlcc of the recorder of deed* a certificate of incorporation of 'Tlie Benevo lent S*o?>.e'iiasotts* Aasociatloii of the District of Colatubia," the object- ?1 which are therein ataUd to be "benctoteinre, mutual improve k< tit. protection, at.d as~i?taiwe. rraliakb' liinler "for Fricwhliln'a a W> r.HKR RKSIDB5T or VaraiUHTOS *TABS a CKItMl IX AI.TiIONA, PA. Tbe .loimsto* n :Pa.) .If< mh'oii IW" say*: ??n r'ridat last. at noon, .1 nines Carroll/for merly of Wwklngtvii, kit for the past \4ar a t-oarder at .Mower's, in Altoona, Pa., and a n onlder by occupation, was drunk. While at dinner he made an effort to stab a man from Pitts'.org. by the name of William M. Straub, with a butcher knife. He had a bateher knife am! a!.so a carving knife in ki? [?x-k-'t at the time. ami the only thing that sh . ed Strautt, was that a young man by the name of 4. Cloyd Krider. a compositor in the ert>ee of the Altooua f?i '.arose from tbe table to go to work, win b attracted Carroll's attention. He then turned to Krider and said:?"Haider, I couldn't hurt ion. we were always the best of friends!" While talking to Kruler, tbe man Straub left tbe room. Carroll then said to Krider: ? ??K rider. I lo\e von b? tfer than anv m an livirg." Atterwanl he said to him. ?? Sit down"'* addng. "I want to talk to von." Me place*I a ctsa-r tor vrid-r. and drawing his cha.r tin. sat down kiMa biwi? He then said to Mrs. Mower, who was sitting at the op;**-ite side of him. -I have been a pretty wild south. aiul I aiu tiffd living." Krider reiaarked to liiui tha* hr sboabl not speak that war. He then Mid .''-Krider. I hate to kill von. bit I must." Ktnler asked hi:n, "What for"."' He answered: ?*For friendship's sake!" Krider said to hita ??I ran nut appr> eia;e that kintlot friendship." lie *a;d-?"You U*\ to " Krider said:?"Will, if I l.nveto. I must!" Carroll then art?se from his ef.tir and took the batcher-knife out of his picket Krid-r ail the time laughing), and rai-?.l "he knife up again,remarking, *? Krider, I bate to kill >oti!" Krider looktd up in Ids lace and -mibd. Carroll th*n said ?'45ood lyr!" itkl plniifril tbe knife into Krider's left bieast. opposite the head. KrMer iuitaoliate l> p:i'*?d tb" knife ont aixl jumped oji. Car r?dl langiied -in h a Iait^h as none but a fiend eon' I niter, and remarked with a Jeer. "That"- 1 <>rly a t.t?te!*'ami addisl '-the next will tell!" Mis. Mv?t( kil l Mi>. l. -l-lie tin-11 interfered, ?r?l h>* be would kill tlaem. Krider bare! the d?s>r open and went ?lirectly to the o'tice of l?r. Hrtitien. whodres>-e?l his W3tinls. '"itroll wasar.-t?-i by ?xlieer Wfwtl.jooke aa-i taken ti> llv!...i.i\ -l.ii. g. K< der -ays he waa familiar ? with t"ajriill's t:?'k ami di4 not pay anv atten tion to it. Carroll's intention evidently wx-to kill Krider and then hinaaeif. At thi-wr.? Kteivi - getting wi?me." i airoil was appointed on the j?ol-.v force o;' tl. - c.ty August 10, 1-Tf. asii dismissed f#r atam.kei: ? m-laanary I*. I"Tl*. !< Tvrxr. x?? Pn"TBnoi r-?R t >k I'lri zass . y .vf? ; i Was him.ton If,. ?i/.Vr TI.e rei< lit atii* :itii- ai.d cold-blooded murder of ^lr. Frank llabn. a r *je- talde citizen ot V irgil.a, l.a-s arou.-id the c it ileus of South W->-! ington to a sense of dnty a'lich tUey ow ? to tl m-eht? ami families: '**elf-protection is the fr-t !aw of nature." We hare no protec tion fror- the authorities, and have come to tb<: roi cl"?U n to protect ouTselvea. I bare r^ ?i.led in s -r*i W~j'i!ngton since l?.3. ?iy b;-:ne>s ra!l? me in vario*j- p-wts of th<* city four nigra* in tbe wet k. and 1 can -af< Iv ??!*>?. without fear of contra*. t>.?n. that from the t'lui " 1 le iv ? Tth ??tre? t ani PentIvania avenue n" nnr:l I arrive ^tTtV and B atre^t* aeuthwest, I have tifm vet net a jioliceo'feer. If s->Tje tt rf is i!?s? d<>ne at once we ha*<? fully I-t-T n to ft rn ovmelves Into a patrol, or vigi kn oe !*omtw t- e. an?l will tu.ike short w -'k oi' the cai'gs??f thie\?-? and mur<ter-Ts wh<? lufeai the Siiii'h?r? ^r?>uti?ls ard Armory s?;>j.arc. As t?tu 'Cir~.ex. ? o I'jijiiaiTi ,st i>riL ?Tfi?a of rare bril I'aiiey ' the honor* with the Colorado sap phire' a- f*v??ri<e articles of jew?dre. The opa' Iss?t in solitaire ear-rings for the'lide*, ai>i the ?apphire |-auo cei>cciall> adanusi fot this pi!rj? -<'. Tbe vj^ '.ctfes of the Colora i > hh1,! pi.ire are on ? \hiUiion at Mr. i'rigg's, th>'4>n<.' refeet-ng tbe biuuJi ami the other tbe orange colored tints, the ?at?er being regarded as tha raacr of tbe two. V r. Prigg mahes a specially of these desirable v.iri''ties, and Ala-Ui. diaxj<.nils, Whitby ,?ets. of sple-wtid design#. ai IFrenckgilt copied after the uior-t approve g? id j.attetn-. He %|?) a fine asi?ort meiit ?>! St ?! t >p ii.. ? . o.-l' ? :. torto- ? - i.-.l. an.i g It sprnv* oi jel, bandea.ix, aiei c >rou> t for tl;e co ffirc. Mi Prigi; receives fre-b g>M>,'s ev?-rv ?lav, ami ais emporium, at li; p?tu -? -.ari? aveti'ie. i? inttresiing to strangers a- well as to eiti/eii#. j ? Stt:;<ii s AtviiinT r?? Mk. J. W. Pi. **t.? Tl ? motn:ng, Mr. .1. W. Plant, undeitaker, ?l - n? w kuMMrs* wag'Oi tr-'iii tlie In.i.* of kis n - 'iaiivf, TU: street, betwe-n o mi<1 II, to b's stalde. W4? lirnwn out at tlie Corner of tl street and ka'tV alley, an I ettikirg ilw pavement o>: his face. ?i kiaxkid -?K? !e-s. He ws*. ar one<? t ifcon to hi* place ot business, u.d l?rs. Mor gan, p.timer and Thompson ?uiiimoiK-<!. A o \?re ccaii '.su n ?a- fouml ovo- each eve. and his nose apj>eared to !??? I.roken. He w i? ?j>eecli les- lottever l?>t hour*. at>d llthMjIi nnten. turely out of danger at ^o'clock.the piiyoicia n are <if tbe <>pitii?>i. that he will recover. o Srsrav Rwva.? A'?out 6 o'clock p. iu. yev trrday. a ? bite man atnl a colored u*u.u got in'o a Sg?t in tront of Mrs. doavenni'a aauion, on H'b -free*. S ami T ?ue?tr, wl I. tbe white ruai. was severely wouinitvl on llie bead by a bil v ia tbe bands of the colored nan. The man a a- pickesl up aud taken to Vr. Dakicla' drugstore and liis wnnml> ftresai-d, hut ?as unable to tell viie name of his a>^aila"t. t'tttcvr ltaiiie? re|>orts this m<>ming k trie M^bt Im tw^?en some wNtte and eo]ore?i roag -? jrest? rday afternoon at Mount Plcaaaat,4cling vhicl a ' "lored hoy named Stanley tlrew t p^tol aixi I^'or, but'was prerentol from asing it by ?be approach of the ottioer. I n:o> i<r i'atH'iLK Kkmcvolimt S<m'ia Tits ?A meeting of tlie pL-es:detits of sever.| Ca'ht lie beiieVefcrr* or'animations was held last ni^bt In the ba~t ntent nail of the Church of tbe ln.Di.t''til;t*e Oa.cep'ion for tlie pur|H>se or lot hi ing a jnion ot aM the societies for b-nefi riMl pnr|?'sis. THe Rev. Father McCartiiy e\ plamcd tbe plans .u I purpurea tbe pro[?<a?e?l un.ow, and after a Tel! interchange of opinions aau** | Uie gentlemen present a c.tmiuittce **? ap)s,tt>ted to c?.nt'er <10 the snbieet with thetlel. rgatis iji m the d, Gvhdic *?e!eties. wlo will meet ?? t'arroli Hall on the s-cond M> it-lay evening in A pl.t. F'oRKr \C*:H's WKRtT<iRlor.? KXdia: riox Will art ?e birc .>n \Yedne*lay neat, and nkibit on Che ?4h stre?< lor. al'ernoowamlevening daring the remainder <* the week. Tbe establishment has been gr? atly enlarged daring the p* <t sea son. ami now consists -?t" two menagene*. two BHt-eonts. aud a louble cireus company, re ?lUtfiiig lira mammoth tents for exh'biti in pur mmts. The excellent reputation of th-? ??hi tdtl.m will emure it crowdetl pavilions daring it- d.ort sojourn in our midst. oratiM. nr Bid* roBCaamu r?a SaiTa aoiiiAa >1 -Kt*n ? Bids were opened on Sat urday last tor casing the new BMim hall of the Siatlhmiiian 1 nstttutiou. There were U* hadd> i* u all, as toliows. V. B. M?a?. .1. U Wearer,', K. H. King. Mr. I'tM. (11 MCJJV; Mr. Barkhoaaen, 911,'CO; Mr. ItJTd. ?IU'. 4. W X CoU H A. Ward. l>. B. (IraiT. all.***; I^*ei CnrrT, ?l?/4?; H. F. Z utweriaaii jfc Sou, 3J?; A. Rurg?lorf, C?n?in wriTM Boistt Faarn. -aieorge A< ams. colored. eharge?l with having fraodn Irntly otb?ine?l a certain soldier'* bounty as Perry O. Brown, colored, in Wa?blniron dtr, Jiad a fur'her hearing on Satarday, after whi :h the was postponed to U>-iuorr<i? As-.31/f. ? ? ?? ? Mr?ar.K. Wi'Lr >t:n?V SHitaxao invite atten tion to tJ:eir annua! opening of stock oti Tnea ?lay. April ts*. wh?n they will an ? n- re 1.1 w -t-Ck af spling goods. ;e a<ldit:oi|s hare been cusla to the carpet depa.UovB- See TKt ERUTAl 1URSER 11 *RfORT SCOWE ine work of tiik Berscmm. Tb? To-d?y. Arm) of il? MaNeHsr. hi* Aitnn -( karlry William*- * sii.ce Saturday the principal topic of conver sation bas been tbe late atrocious murder in Ainiory square, and all day yesterday crowds of persons v if.ted the spot marked by a pool of blood six or eight inches in dimeter. There wtre probablv si* or eight tbonsand visitors to tbi? place, but the corpse, which remained at the central nard-kwi*. was viewed by com paratively lew person*, only the friends of the deceased and those who bad business there. The body was attired in a snit of black, white shirt ami black ne<*ktie, and was placed in a bat-dwuie walnut coffin, with silver handles ami trimmings. Tbe remain" will be sent l?y the undertaker, Mr. B'iclily, to his late resi dence, near Woodstock. Va., to-morrow morn ing, in charge of his personal friends. The detectives, hour* before the pnblic knew of the murder, were actively at work, and hav ing visited the locality and noticed everything from which a chie could be obtained in cluding THI TOOTMITTS whh h were exceedingly small, and were gene rally sui posed to have Iwen those ot a female, thev alter consultation adopted a theory ot the ease. ami w? nt vigilantly to work. They soon made up their winds that SOME HOTORIor* PARTIES. wlio hang "?? about "Willow Tree," '^Fighting, "T.n Cup, and '?I?i?se*' alleys, and som? timesseen a hot* t Mrs. Sheas, who, it will bo ?ecelierted, killed Officer Doyle, knew some thing about tbe murder. TliESE PARTIES WIRE Wilt KSOWN to some of the tirst precinct officers, and on Saturday night several of these officers were on dutv in citi/.ens clothes, working under t^e direction of ihe detectives. Up to last night the ftllowing parties had been arrested, sojue being locked up at headquarters, and others at the central guard hon-e,care being taken In eaeb case to keep tliem trom conversing together: Henry Dornev. allas'-BigSix/'Samuel Hainey, Thomas Hawkins, Kobert Johnson, Andrew .la< W>n. .lerrv Johnson, Jenny Peck, and Margaivt Murphy, tbe latter was afterwards released. Fhe laqaMt. This rooming Coroner Patterson appeared :it the station-house, and at 10o'clock the Jurors wore called hj* follows: Jonw B Klli?? Robert Har.lon. Henry King,Jacob Vetbmyer.Hamnel Shreves, John Dunn, Henry Stubener. \\ m. Horner, Win. Wolf, Charles H. Kehler, Wm. H. Claik. and Frederick Meyers. Mr. Clark failed to answer, and Mr. E<!gir Btach was &worn in his place. THE TESTIMONY was phonograpliically reported by Mr. Jas. O. Ciephane lor the government. The first witness sworn was Cotumlwt S' rib- r. colored. Witnes* resides near the corner of 8th and E streets, on the Island. Was on his way heme from a lodge meeting, having lett the lodge-room, on i;ith street, he low the avenue, about I , or 1 ^ o'clock on Saturday morning. Came up P< nnsylvania avenue; passed over where th*- bridge used to be across the canal; overtook two members of the lodge about 100 south oi the bridge site; one of them said be HEARD A MAS OKOAJflSrt, and they stopped and went over into the bit; witness proposed that they go back tor an of fit er. and thev returned. One of the party (J. Edward Murray) went down the avenue, and he and his friends came to the guardhouse. Officer Yov? told him to see an officer; witness and his friends went down where tbe body was; met Mr. llolden, (as they subsequently ascer tained.) who had told the hackman (Mullins) al>oiit hearing tbe groans; witness and his friends, with .Mr. Holden, and the hackman. went down. when they found the deceased, ami they placed him on a piece of fcncing, and brought li:ni to the station. Witness returned w ith tlic officer, and SAW SOME FOOTPRINT? like those oi a female; also, some stones and the piece of billy. [This witness is not a private watchman, As stated, but a feed dealer.) J. I'-iu-pr.i Murf't testified that Home of the j arty heard groans, and to ri'tiirning to the Avenue with Scrila-r. when Scriber and the others went to the guard-house while he went down tbe Avenue to look lor an officer. Wit i? j-s te.-titled to seeing the hack drive down 7t!i street, and to joining the party when they re turned. While standing near the place waiting for an officer the hackman drove up, and they together went in and brought out the deceased. 2/.i *. H'-ld'H testified that in going over 7th street, al<out t?ent\ minutes of two o'clock, he nut the colored men; about ore hundred v vrd li.rthcr down beard the moaning; went down to Maryland avtnue; blew a whisti e for an officer, and while waiting for an answer tbe hack man drove up; told the hackman. and both r? turned. when they found the colored m< n standing by the fence"; they then went :nt?> the U--t: f.'iiwl the man, ami the hackman drove oft ai.d found <'fficer ilaiding, who returned with him. ami they placed the man on a piece of iVtice am' brought him to the station. ./.n yi K' lt corroborated the testimony OI Scriber am! Murray. t' V <, 'ut Vv!Un te?titi<Ml that he starred t'ren. Pennsylvania avenue and 7th street al>oot 1 ?Vlcck: met llolden at Maryland avenue, who asktd it he had heard the g:oans, an.l ?h, y came l ack. Witness found the Oo'ore l men at the fence, ami they went in and found dect ast d, l-eing attracted to the spot hv a sound a? if a pariv was strangling. His head was ly ing in the road, ami his feet were on tke bank. Witness further testified that he return.?! to <h p'ace with Dr. Hartigan and others, after bor rowing a light from the switch-tender ?rt" the Bait.more and Potomac, and found the l.t!H . stones, railroad ticket. Ac. The wKness identified the billy or slung shot?a pieee ot 1. ao alKoit 1 inch in diam.'ter and or 3 inch<? long. s?-wed in a piece or sheep skin, apparently the lining of a boot?tbe handle of which, a boid strap, bad beet, broken. pr J. Frcnk llarli-icn test ified that he had e* am.rcd the b<>dv There were two wound* over the rij;bt evelWl with jagge<l edges; two others further hack, about three Inches long, and a fitth wound Ik hind the right ear. The nose was slightl> scratched, apparently from falling on it. 1 he base of IHt SKVtL HAP RF.ES rRArTfltin. r.iKl it w .is his opinion that the wounds had been inftU ttd within an hour of the time when he wn? f?iiird. He hardly thought the wonnds were in flirted hv a sharp instrument, but by ? Siea-.y blunt instrument used with great |>ower. The bitlv could have pro<lnce<l the wounds behind the ear ai d the temple, and the wound near ti e eve might have been made by the ed.e of thr instrument; some of the wounds may have been mixie by one or more ot thestones round. j>. :,.ar i'* mj'hr*', testitie<l that with his brother in-law be was standing at the corner of 7th sttn-t and the avenue about 9 o'clock Friday night; -aw a tot KTHYMAV ASO A COLORED M AN pass down; beard the white man ask. "Hound this way"** Tbe other answered, "Yes." The white man went into the American House, and witness ami a friend went there also; saw the wh te man looking on the books. The colored man remained outside, ami when witness ami his irn ml came out be was still leaning against, the post. He and frieud then went honu' on a car. Witness saw deceased Saturday morning, and Is satisfied that be Is the same party. The negro had on a short coat ami cap. ami wiMi?*sn is pn ttv certain fhat he had seen him at police headquarter*. The negro is of a dark ginger cake color. < (I'm. //. Minting testified that he heard an "alarm al-out 4 o'clock Saturday morning from .th street and Pennsylvania avenue; ran down ami found a bark driven by Mr. Mullen uinl Mr. Holden on the box; was told that a man had been murdered; went over and found a man l loodv; he was brought to the station; Dr. Hartigan was sent for, and on his arrival pronounced him deail: witness, with others, r?> ttimed to the place; found the ear ticket, the hat of deceased, the railroad ticket, and a por tion ot the slnng-shot, (all of which he identi fied. ? there were THREE POOLS OF HLOoD, and the tracks indicated that there was a scuttle. ilr L. M. Hinl'l testified that he left the de cern* d at the drove-yard, Drovers' Kest, on Thuisday night; bis father returned hoiue.and witnesa came here; the deceased was to have gone to Baltimore with a load of sheep, in wiitfh witness, tbe father of deceased, and J. L. Adams were interested; the deceased had ever ?K?! when he left the drove-yard; witness does not know how mneh money "deceased re ceived In Baltimore. Wltneai wid if deceased had come over on the train they supposed he did, he doabtles* would have come to the American House to see witness. Witness did not register there until late, and thinks that de eeastn came there, and. not finding his name, started to goto Alexandria on the 11.40 train. Lient. skippon banded the coroner a eounle of bills picked up near the place of the murder, which were fonnd by Officer Arnold, of the seventh precinct. Mr. Jumti /?U *>V testified that he is a clerk at the American louse; recollects seeing on Fri day night at the American house several par ties dressed In grey; witness thinks he saw de ceased on Wednesday night, but would not know him now . J. C.Bruwvv)im corroborated the testimony of Mr. Puniphrey. wKh the addition that the white man said as they passed the corner, 41 Yon say we have to go down Til* WAY THIOt CB THE LOT?" Witness looked carefully at the colored maa who was standing near the lamp-post; witness noticed that the colored man had ondark pants, st' .-K in his boots, and wore a mustache, was pock marked, or scarred on tbe cheek: had see* the man at police headquarters, bat would not swear positively tnat he Is the party, although he is about the'some height and age, a?l has the ftgme marks on hi- cheeks. A i mm* taken for h%lf tn hour. Dnrlr.gthe recess IJent. Skippon and Lieut. N<* r nVt?t to headquarters, ami tbe prisoner being ' I Ctd m a hack was driven to the gnvd hfn?t, where he van placed In a cell and sttbse qwtt(f waabToeght In the mob. tuk *n?o>E? identified.* Job It. Kmatyk testiOed that be is tbe proprie tor of tbe Juuon City Hotel, at tbe soath en l of tbe bridge, and ori Friday aigbt about JO minutes atler 12 o clock there was a uock at tbe door. Witness ?ketl who was tb?e, awl getting the reply "I want a drink,'* opened the door ami a colored man came in and called for a drink. He got ttro drink*, but before he took liie second drink be took wut a cheek and wit ness observed that it waa for *021.12; did net notice any name on the check. Witness iden tified tbe f risoner (who np to this time had sat wlthawRd restless look) as the man beyond and doabt; be, the prisoner, appeared however to have changed his coat. The Coroner.?"Young, you can make any statement you wish." The Prisoner?"I would like to ask that gen tleman (Mr. Kenaugh) a question first. Mr. Kenaugh was called back, and the pris oner asktd, "Waa I in your place?" "mc are thi nan f" Mr. Carrow.?"Yes; you are the man." Prisoner?"What time?"' Mr. Carrow?"About 20 minutes past 12, or half- past 12." Prisoner "Gentlemen, I was home; I never left Alexandria during the whole week." Coroner.?''Hare you any further state ment ?" Prisoner.?"! have got witnesses that I was in Alexandria during the whole week." [The prisoner here gave the names of several par ties, Henry Sumrocrtleld and Henry Carter, and was taken back to the cell.] Striirant Vemrm identified the two bills fonnd by Offiier Arnold about 5v o'clock Saturday morning. which Arnold handed to hint. Mr. //? iilrl was recalled, and testified that with the deceased they left Alexandria on Wed nesday morning with a drove of sheep; tlvy hind tour boys to drive them, and the prisoner resembles one of them very much. He did not know the names of anj of them, but Could easily tind them. Dttfttire Mr Deri tt testified that bydircction of Major Richards he went to Baltimore; saw Mr. Frankenstein, and ascertained that deceased cam* np on the 14>:4-5 train, having shipped, by tlie Baltimore and Ohio road, 190 sheep; (hat he {ave Halm a check for ?.;2112 on the Western lark ol Baltimore; that deceased was in liquor, and had hud a slight difficulty there; witness* fist knowledge was information sent to his bouse at ?> or 7 o'clock on Saturday morning; l ite yesterday afternoon he received informa tion that a party In Alexandria, who was a had i isn. resembled the party who presented the check; Chief Chirvoe, Mr. Miller and witness vent to Alexandiia: arrived there after 12 o'clock; conferred with Capt. Webster, who. with some of his officers, went to the house of I.ucy Williams: witness went to the hack door; entrance was effected; found Young dressing; witness searched the nrisontr au?l fotutd *4; on one S2 bill there was a spot which looked like bloou; found on his wristlets something like blood, which he said he got while in a row with bis woman; went to his woman and ascertained that she had been assaulted by bim with a brick ten dayg cr more ago. WHAT THE DKTECTIVBS POISD. They found a pairof boots with what appeared to l>e spots of blood on the left one. A pair of old boots were also found near the chimney, the lining of one having been torn out. The "strap remaining on the boot, on being compared with tae strap which was attached to the billy, cor responds. They also found on him two knives and some horse chestnuts. On a shirt there was .tune spots, which he thought to be blood, but which the prisoner snid were blackberry stains. The billy had been sewed with common black thread, and found some thread there, as also a needle with thread in it: asked prisoner li?>w lie got llie blood on one boot and not on the ot'ier. and ho said that he had been cleaning t'.s'a Major Kicliatds asked where he was on the light of the murder and he said that he went tome early and went to bed. He also stated that there was a woman in the house. They bad since learned tliat the woman named was at the wake of Manley, who was hung on Fri day. They had not"got the coeck. but had learned that it had been presented at an Alex ander bank, but they refused to pay until he v.-as identified. He then produced a railroad j ass signed .1 S. Barbour, and they still re t'u-Qdlo pay the ch< ci> unless he was' identified t v Mr. Barbour. This morning after making Lis statement to Ma.ior Richards he called De tective Miller and desired that it !*? corrected, and sakl that he got todrinking Frida> and h id laid on some body's cellar door and it was vcrv late when he awoke. This closed the testimony, and the jury pro ceeded to consider. They were eut but a f?*w minutes, and when they returned presented th'* follow ing verdict: Tbe Venliff. That tbe said Frank llahn came to his d -ath between tbe hours of 10 p. m. on the 2s h ol March and 2 a. m. on the 29tli of March, lsT'2. at or near Armory Sqnare, &c., from wounds received on the head Inflicted with an in-trr ment or instruments la the hatui.s of Henry Young alias " Charles William*." On the rendition of the verdict tlie coroner made out a commitment to jail, and the pris oner will be placed in Tom Wright's company, at lca^t on the same corridor, this afternoon. " The Nearfh for tbe Murderer. Since the news of the atrocious murder of Mr. Halm became known the detectives hav ? been Indefatigable In th?-lr efforts to secur.- th guilty party or parlies, and Major Richards in structed Chief Clarvoe and the offie-rs to spar ? no pains or expense to bring them to jn?-ice. The officers set to work at once, and have mad some eight or teu arrests of w ll-kn urn h wl characters, mostly from the dens of Louse alley and Tin Cup alley; and from such inform itioii .as could be obta.ucd t'toui tiiese parties tli9y felt tbat the person thev want-d w;is not iu tlie city, but had gone soon alter the murder wis commuted. A CI.CE OIJTAJNKD. The parties in tistodv were kept in separati cells, and eacli one was examined scparatel). On Friday night the detectives obtained infor mation which led them to su spect that the mur derer had gone over the Long bridge late on Friday night; ami after a cousuitatiou yester day evening they determined to go to Alexan dria. Detective Coomes had brought in a well known female, a denizen of Louse Alley, and alter questioning her he found that A CIUTAIX ?OT<>ni'>CS COIXlBKD THIEF, wlto lives in Alexandria, but who spends mu<;li of ids time in this city, iiad been here during Friday last, and tearing all he could of his movements Detective Coomes communicated the facts to the chief and other officers, and the trip to Alexandria was accordingly made late yesterday- bv Messrs. Clarvoe, Miller and McDev.'tt. The train of cars had left, and an open barouche was engaged to take tlieiu over the tnmpike, but the condition of the road was Mich that thev did not reach Alexandria until alsmt 12:20 this morning, after several hair-breadth escapes from accidents bv upset ting, and at onetime nearlv over a fiigii em bankment on the way. A MIDKIOHT KAtri OK BrZZARDV BOOST. On arriving in that city they drove to the po lice headquarters, and dispatched a mess -ng r at once to the residence of Captain Jam"* F. Webster, wbo soon api>cared. A consultation was held, and the \\ a.-hington detectives in formed Officer Webster that they wanted a col ored man named Henry Young, who wai re l>orted to be living with "a disreputable wmnio on lioyai street, in a house; known as the "Bu* zard s Roost." Capt. Webster summoned Offi cers Henry A. Crump and Gilbert Simosoti, and all started at once towards the place, Capu W. leading the way, and assuring oar officer* that be and bis men would aid them in every I>o*sihle manner to ferret out the parties want ed. They soon -eached the premises,which are but a short distance from the house in which Manly lived, wbo murdered the clock mender, and for which he was executed on Friday last, the same day on which the murder of Ilauu took place. After a few moments' consultation the officers surrounded the house, both hack and front, ai#l Capt. Webster rapped at the door, lu a inouicut the window was raised in 4hc second story, and a mate's voice called out "l? THAT TOP. JOHN?" Captain Webster replied, in a ?li-*sr?iise I voice, "ves." The voice replied. "All right; I'll come right down." In a moment or two Young, tbe man they wanted, unfastened thy door, and all hands walked in, to his great con sternation. Nothing was said at thetime about arresting him. but Capt. Webster remarked to him that a number of gentlemen had called to see him. He was kept in conversation whilo some ot the officers commenced searching the house, ami Mr. McDevitt overhauled his cloth ing which he wore, it was noticed that he wore a slouch hat at the time, and the officers knowing that he generally wore a cloth cap, asked him about it. and he told them that the hat was not his, that he had exchanged with a' friend ol his. THE WOMAH RETICENT. The woman living with him was very silent, and seemed very desirous of going down in the lower part of the house, but was prevented by the officers. Young w as then taken to the station-house, and an examination of his clothing was had, when McDevitt found BLOOD STAINS 0? BIS 8HIBT FRONT and on a pair of wrist warmers which he wore. On being questioned about the blood marks, he said he had had "a fuss with his Moll and beat her with a brick." All the money found on him was one two-dollar and two one-dollar notes, on the former of which was found what appeared to he blood spots. He waa locked up in a separate cell from the woman, and the of ficers re'nrned to the house to make a more tl orough search. At the head of his bed waa fonnd a pair of very mnddy boots. The leg n*H foot of the left one was COVERED WITH BLOOD, but there was none on the right, which the ?ftlcSI*-luT*,lnt ror fcyhla standing with the left foot advanced and the right foot thrown, back whtn the bfcw was struck. _ ABOTHBB LIVE. They then cont.nued the search Anther, up and .town atairs and soon OWcer Miller found behuHi an old store In the basement foom an ^|th a Portion of the leather lining torn ou*, corresponding exactly with the leather "*d !rt?K-?hot found on th* ground where the murder was committed Mr Clarvoe fouod tt* fellow to tkSRSlZLr byi The strap on the portion left on this boot-lee correstwds too, fxirtly with the one fount with the broken slnngibot. The* were se cured by thV officers, and in the front bascnuea: roc in Mr. McDevitt ?li*overcd a hank of black thread and a large-sired needle threaded with a strand of thin same tnread. and whfch corre ponds exactly with that used in sewing the cov ering and snap on to the siting-shot found. These were all taken to the station-hotise an 1 show n the prisoner, lis acknowledged the b >?*? to be his. and when asked.ahoutthe boot-ltnin*, be said he had cot It out on Friday last to make a whip cracker of. Theythen held an interview with the sonrni Lucy Williams, with whom be was fuuud liv ing.' She stated that on Friday night ' KHl SAT CP AT A WAKI, liven by the colored people over the body of Manlev, who had been hung, and that she did not get liome nntil daylight on Saturday morn ing. This contradict* the statement of'Young, who said that he and this woman were at home all of Friday night together. The officers then returned to the house and had an interview with a woman who occupies a separate portiou of the Buzzards' Roost, and ascertained from her that Young got home very late, or rather early, on Saturday morning, and that she get up in her night clothes to let him in, and ne went to bis room. Lucy Williams not being in the house. Now for THE CONNECTING LINK. wliich fits In exactly. Mr. McDevitt had al ready ascertained in Baltimore that the mur dered man left there on the 7.25 p. m. train, and arrived In this city about !l o'clock: that 1 was very ranch under the influence of liq inr before he left Baltimore; that on arriving here he purchased a ticket to take the last train lor Alexandria before he left the depot: that be walked up Oth street to Pennsylvania avenue, where, the theory of the officer's Is, that he fell in with this colored man. and together they walked a" far as Mr. Bacon'sstore. Her< three of our citizens saw them together, iiahn being noticed from the fact that

HK APPEARBD ?JCITB INTOXICATED, and with his arm locked in with Youug's. Ha'.ni was heard to say "this way," and both tarm-d down towards the American House. The gen tlemen watched them ami saw Halm enter t ie American House, siul go to the bar to get'a drink, while the colored man waited on the out side looking through the window and leaning up against a j?ost. When Hahu came out the colored man said toliim, "?'* ('AM CROSS OVER TUB LOT," and both started oft'together towards the place where Hahn was afterwards found murdered. The officers also had the information from the keeper of the tavern on the Virginia end of the Long bridge that at 12.30 a. m. on Saturd iy morning he wan called up bv a man who wattled a drink of wbisky. On coining down and open ing the door be found it was a colored man. He put out the bottle and the colored man took two drinks, one immediately after the other. THE PRISONER AOAIX SHOWS THK CHECK. He then pulled out a check, and, handing it to the pioprletor, he asked "is that good in Alexandria ?': The landlord replied that -'he thought it ?a<." \ oung asked "what time do the banks open?" and the lardlord replied that the usual hour was 9 o'clock. He then asked for a cigar, and took out a picce of paper from his pocket cov ered with tine wi iting, and asked what that ? a*. The proprietor, not caring to be bothered with him, after casually scanning it, said he d d not know. The proprietor, thinking the circum stances about the check rather unusual, took a good look at it, and was able to remember tint it was drawn in favor of F. Hahn, being on a blank of the Western National Bank of Balti more, Humbert d 442 and the amount IP32I.I2. Yonng paid for his drinks and cigars with h tweiitj - fix e cent currency note, and started out. THE ( HE< K AGAIN FUKSEXTED. The detectives aho ascertained that en Sat urday morning Young presented the check at the count* r of the First National Bank in Alexandria to get it cashed, just after the bank ofened; that the paying teller after looking at it. replied that lie < \ oung': would have to ;? i K.i.-e one to identify h;ui: that Young stated that he had with him a pans over the road from Mr. Harbour: that the teller saw it wa-? given in the same name (Mr. Hahn), but he declined to cash it unless ho brought Mr. Barbour oi some one well ki. . :i to vouch for hint ^ outig tht n lelt the l?nk and did not again re turn. All these fact- ?on . :nc< d the officers that they had got the r ^lit man <nd they left for Mil city on the early 'ra;n. arriving here at 0 clock Ll'is inoriuitg v. tb their prisoner atsl lodged him at headquarters. Here Messrs. < lance and Mcl)< vKt showed liiin the broken slung shot with the strap attached, togi-rhei with the IkjoI leg 1'riAi which the lining had been cut. YOl'NG AVrr.Ar.Kl> THlJinERfSTRCCK. ami tot a moment dropped his eyes and w is silent .but on recovering himself he said: "i, n tlemen, Christ knows that I did not kill any body, and I never saw this before." Dating the morning two of the gentlemen who had seen Hahn and Young together at the Am ri can House called in and fully recognized aim as the man. The tavern keeper on the other side ef tlie bridge also was brought in and re cognised him at once astbe man to whom In 1 uriusiuxl tlie drinks and cigars late on Fr. lav night. Tliis morning Detectives McFlfresh and Mil ler took the II o'clock train for Alexandria and returned about 2 o'clock to-day, with l.a. j Williams and of other colored tits arrestee i ... ?;ing by the Alexan dria police, \wicn> an arrangement hail b -en made to arrest every one who came to the liuz zard's ItoOi't. Among them is a colored man nsmed I>a.vid Haney, with whom Young ex changed hats on Saturday-, and a colored youth tor whom Young stated he had cut a wiiip cracker out of the boot lining. THE WtUP < RACRER STORY EXPLODED. 1 he youth was taken to Young * cell, and the latter said "Abe, didn't 1 make you a whip tracker of leather on last Fridav T* Abe replied "no, you didn't tie any s ich thing." The detectiy?s are all nearly broken down with labor and loss of rest, as they h ave >een constantly on the hunt ever since tl*c murder was made known. AN INTERVIEW V.I.H THE PBIMOFEi:. On the prisoner being carried to one of the rooms on the second floor of the statiou-liouse. a few parties managed to have a short inter view with him. He is a rather young oian, but looks much younger than he is* in realtL-. tit has a lull and not a bad-looking face, iie is however, said to be A NOTORIOre CUA RACTKR, and to have been in our jail before this as a prisoner, ami also to have served one or two terms In the penitentiary. To one of the par. ties at his cell door, who said that he was re cently seen at tbe Theater Conji'iue, withs inn of our colored roughs, he said: '??Deed, I hav'nt leen in Washington before since a week aft-r Washington's Birthday." The reporter of The Star asked: "Did you know the Burnett's?" ami he answered, "Yes, 1 kuow them, but I don't know Tom Wright. Burnett has a wo man there named Ladd, and she knows that I hav'nt been out of Alexandria." Repoiter?"Where were yon on Friday?" Prisoner?"I was in Alexandria." Ken.?'"Did you see Manlev hung?" Pris.?"Yes, sir." Kep?"Were you in the jail yard?" Kris?"No, sir: 1 was on a'house. I couM look right down in the yard." Kep?"Then you saw him fall?" pus?"Yes, sir. 1 have got plentv of witnes. ses that 1 was in Alexandria all last week, and had not been away for several weeks" The father of the deceased arrived here aUout noon to-day, and will take the remains away to-moirou on an early train. After the imprest was over the coffin containing the remain* w u removed to the rooms of Mr. Buchlv, th- un dertaker, at the request of the father oi the deceased. It may be stated, to the credit of oar detect, lve officers and police, that of the fourteen homicides committed during the year 1*;-' ami the present year, thirteen of tbe guilty parties have been arrested. ? Before taking him to jail the officers went with the prisoner to Gardner's gallery and ha 1 his mug taken for the rogues' gallery. A large crowd followed and remained about on th* out slde, waiting to see him as he came down tlie steps. ? 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Truly thankful for paet f*v?rs, having at peasant a full corps of fln(t-cla>a artisans, with every fa* Mtr to meet promptly all d?WMods, K respectfully solicit a ooatinuaao of the saate. W. H. nueiTLEVS PREMIUM STEAM UYFIXtw ASU SCO UK I Mi ESTABLISHMENT, janl7 49 Jefferson stroet, Georgetown, D O 1873 sphs'g. 1873 TBEMENDOrg STOCK, TRKMINDOCS STOCK, TREMENDOI'S STOCK, TRKMENDOCS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, SPRING AND SI MMER CLOTHING, SPRINO AND SCMMBR CLOTHING, SPRING AND 81 MM KB CLOTHING, SPRING AND SI MMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND KOMMEB CLOTHING, MENS', YOrTHS' AND ROYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND ROYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS AND B01S, At A. STRAUS'S. A' *' If 6iUi:S: At A. At A. At A. SfRAUt'S. CALL AMD SEEf CALL AMI) SEEf CALL A*D SHE' CALL ASU SKE CALL AND SEE ! OR OR OR?r UREA UREA iffmm X bargains: 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA ATENUl', Third Third Third Uth lMh IClOLI, {THE ON Lit NICHOLS.) WHO IS Hlf i?ri GROCERS. ^ILAXTIr M1LIS. <**? b* *UKAT T. either aith ' *? "<**>*>?. kVU ?Hu,CE OROCERIE"* ^ I. OMARS * SOS, WkiltulnM Retail Grirtrt, 1*13 Sttni.i StrM .Vert* van. Mwna J> ?** > TEAS' TEAS 1 TEA* f Ji|U Tta, ?"?d. &*. entice. A,'. , very Bawt, $ ? ">? __ Qr.nMvlfr Tea,7k: a good artlf *.e for (1 CkotwOnn??*<l?r Tm. tl *; T,n b??i. 11M. Imperial Tea. Str.Tlc. jl; varytae*, ? ??* G.-od Black Tea. three ???and* fw ll. We have thn +4T' of tblMl ofTete4 in the cKy. A lac, aa eitrt Bngliah Breakfast TV*. FLOTR. Mr. Welch*. Tenney % ?r>^ other bran4* o? FUnr, all at lownt ana*ihle pric<-a. Ter> p- urda LanJ I-r tl. Gclden S? mp. per gallon. 75c; our beet SI. Ten pound* sew put**, #1. Nlue p>'iul< Sew Pram-a. Jl. Peatuta, half bnabel for #1. BRANDT. CIS, AC. Pure French Brandy, |<r b^ttla. . ... .. |l * California " " 1 .or Pure Holland Gin " ? 1 (* A iff lira and M<i>cat*l Wine, per bottle & Wh??fcy,lKe T*?re<-ld. " . la 5*??t Catawba Wine, ft per gmll< ?. C. S. O'HARK ft MM, f?-y tr imlMXTfX S W . betweaMaa* H P RIC X LIST OF 6RoosRiiaa AT ff.rMo.s7o Yor sr.* * co i. SUGAJiS. (BEST SKWTOUK BRAND*.! "A" (Clarified >. 8 I be. for 100 Croaked < loaf It 7*? Iba. for 1 M Orannlated .7S Iba. for 1 m) kBrown<nearly white! t?% lha f r 1 B^an J Iba for 1 uu FLOUR. *****?ctootc*. ..... per aacA, ai at Ettra?\ery bitt $rad? p.r ark, | ,* ?xtr*~* ? ""d family... ?.per aaca, J j* Fami {-choice. p.-r Hack, IK Family? the very Ust p?r ?vk, | ?e Tastily ?H elch ? best ? at loasat rates SUXDRIES. Frmtm??J Iba. for f 1 Eufilifeh Car:aiita ....... ..J iba. for I A Raleins?rh 'ice. S ftm. for 1 Of Winsl.wa Green Cora - 4 raM for 1 W Tomatoea?1 Iba?.--.--?.... ? i?m? f >r 1 K Tmat.**?3 lb* ? A ana for 1 1C Peactee? t lb.*..... .8 can* for 1 01 PeicbM-liu.......???.?.^ inibr I K Call at >nc?, a? *?? earn >? rntrarree tac atv-*e . t para1 itled low price* for any length of vj a? KLPHOSZO YOtStt# * Co,, *m<M'KK8% K TOVKOS, I MAS">SI0 TEMPLE. W M . H SKABM N ntv y t? .i't m ? m Am r'-c lvli * a iarg* *cpply -I rcmarkaMy 1i. GUCI.K ..hI ULACK TEA. ncch ^i*rar?lf oBrr?? it. tli.a cuatitry, *i>d at Di<<d?-rat<- arieea I bate a fair and palatable BKEAK.FAST TEA a SSoeiita p<-r pound. It i? pure, N. W Bl'RCHEl.L. nrU 133* F ?tr?-?. near Ebbltt Hon-? PROPOSALS. |>li0r0SALS FOB COAL. Trkatbt l>?:eAWT*itxT, J 1! KEAl kit EKKiTlH ?Nj Pn XTL> > Marrh 3*. I*TS. ' S?al? d Prc.p. ??*!? at ill he rerei\e4 at 'In* ? in iiii'II lo o'clock a. in., MhNPAY, the 5i*th d.??- ?>! April, l"C3. for fiirnMhinif fit ?? hnti'lrod . *?<i ton* of nyi of miue <G? iff '? Cntkl Cuiul*rrla>id Goal,to l? ^cl'xered at ??uch titm-" ami |-la< ?. and in MKb 'iO iiit'ti<-e. aa may In re<|ii<rpd, and >uhj?ct t ? tb< coi.dftK-iw raiiuirol by art of I'otfivM appr< vod J illy 11. 1S7(I, \ ir. "Tha? ?ncli oal -ball weigh 2,2?.i p- uiidb to tlte ton, atKl ?hall l?> inkpri-tcd and weuh ??d, and the qnaiitity of each load certified at tin time of delivery, by the per-on appointed and juali ti<d under th<* act for that pnrpo^e; and that the prescribed fee of an < < nta for ??acli ton of coal In spt-cttKl. Wr-ichcd and delnered shall l>e paid by tlia contractor."* ^S Propoaal* will be eouaiderai bindine for one weak frona theX^th day of April, Kl,llir Department re ? n ine the right to reject all or any portion of the bid* offered. No propoaaU will be entertained anleaa*reon pa niod by Kati?factor> <-y idence of ahiiity tofaflllilic contract, uor will any payment be inwl- without 'h certificate of tbe lu?p- ? t->r that the coal farni?lied i? Mich aa the contract call* for. Prop<iaal? thonld be a<ldeeaw<l and aent to tlie of Bre of GEO. A. Mr-C AETEE Chief of Bnropn of En^rayiag aud Prtaiinr. Trea* nry Pepartment. n.28 ?!?*? pKoPOSALS FOB BTATIOKEKT. TRf?nr?T DirAmTMrTT, March IS, 1<"J 8? ale?l ProporaN for furtn?hin?: Statiouery f r th<? year eudina Jnne .pi. 1^74. will he r?-<--i\ .-I nut .i ;h< IMIidar of April. 1S7S. at IS o'clock M. Blank foriua for bidding will Ik- fiirni-li 'I u;>>ti application. The bids will be mniidered anil .icc. pte,l or re;-<*t ed iMi by 'teni; ami tbi- adv- rti?emei.t and the pro p. ?al, ao ,ar aa arr.-pt.-d by the Secretary "1 tti" Tr-asuiy, anJ the b -ud arrompanyiiic the earn-. Oiall coiifctittite the contract Itetweau the G-<\ .u meat and tlx Kidder or bidden, and no further con tract will be executed. The aniclea contracted f r mn?t heftirnuhej fi >m tiine to time duriiiic the year, iu g'laniiiiea pnrun ,n' to order* from the Department. Tlie entire mianti li'-o a ill, howe* er, be railod fiM" during the year. Each proposal mnet l>e ?lirtiad by the individual or firm niakiuK it, and be accompanied by a b >itd. with MMIWient snretiea, in th* anm of ten th >u-atel dol lars.! IMAM,i approved by a I'tnted Stat. ? .>n< er ol the diatrict in aliirh tlie ?nri ti>-? rexide or d'? i?i?i n?-Mi, ou a forui to be furoifhed by the llepartni -nt. r.Hiditiofce,: for furuiMliinxt-ncb portion* <?f th- arti clea a*ma, I* award -d uud'-r it, and the p-rf-.nn ance of the contract. Ali<l?*liv<-riee will be subject to im>pM>tion be at. expert detailed for the parpooe by the 8*cr?t?rT of the Treaaory. and the delivery of an inferior article ?11l be deemed miflicieiit can-e to aunul the con tract, at the option of the Secretary. Deliveries niurt ba free uf charge at the Trea -nry D' l arttiK nt. Waj-hiacton. The failure to cotaply with anyone order nnler the contract will operate aa a forfeiture of tha -rtlir. penalty of the bond, or the Secretary of the Trea* nry may direct tlie parch-we, in open mark.-t. of auch ?iuantitie? of any articles a* shall l>? n>-ce?aari to supply the deflciency caii->-d by *nch failure, ami charge to the contractors flfyr |?-r r-ntum of th pri.-e wliicb It shall he found necessary to nay for mch articles. Pro|M?ak unaccompanied by a satisfactory bond a ill not be couriered, an.l cootrarta will he aw aid ed only to established niauufactarera of or dealers in tLe article*. Proposals to l>e a<ldr?-ssed to the undersigned, aud marked "Proposals for Stationery " MM. A. RICHARDSON, m?rl7-e?.15t Acting Secretary of the Treasury. BOTD M. SMITH, ? _a. W1MRATT. Alexandria, Va. waaklafton, D. . SMITH ft WIMSATT, LUMBER. LUMBER. HARDWOODS A SPECIALTY. BILLS CUT TO ORB KB. OoRKtB Tti an I Si MudMUita. TIm whol* of the rMatnf I AHDREW^J. JOTCB ft I>^ PECTORAL STRUT, tra OOUOHS AMD OOLDS. _ SOLV Bf ALL JMBHSUT BOOKS. STATIONERY, ke. tJ<VEBT MOTHER THK IK' To* .?> it ;? i OKX E\*ILY if alaa trii Br MM. i.j? HEALTH AT HoME at *Tvm AMA\ ? *WB ?th atr?-?t north* -*i ?beCOTTA?E FIRLE to b* hal t1??r? ?!? ?? C'4?l AGBNTS a anted. <4 r QBOB.YrOB THE LENTEN SE\T<>* H''!r l'? H>4t Uirt Bv Biahr>r ?wi 'tt' n. B fatrk) "? G.W'H Tfwrv A Boaar^ for L*a>t; or P*?ott ?nal B~?11 Cbrianan C.? pat t <r>*iir f ?? B'"ir??d IT Iti t'hriat; Of il? #? ,? nT ? I ii t. * 111. U t . By A J .IV Mw Fwr??'t<'C H lir?*? B* ?i--?lt-nr? Tt..uibta om Pcra^-aial tl\ Q.> ?'??nrv WM BAIL *NTY V ? n.?ilt 4 BBTt* - ??*. ^1W Book* ! KKW Booksf AT BHILLI Xt.TO V* lOOkUONK. C*wnm i>? atreet ml F i.miKuit ?<> ??. Ais<?jwii Qtttwtl ?. B> |W Hill* Robert I *las?t. B> r*? M%< K -tal-t *r> IBtMI. Bunion iti Tattera. B> Antb T' -tnaa Brtwd.Cfeeeve awl Riw*. B\ Parjau*. R,?W >*MI. Br XlMl?lr>' Pumae Myateriotte ?u?e? P> MwEniaPr.i', Lkl; 8tM*||>lf. B? th?- at tb T ?f an K ..I I f*. Str> ant Girl of tb* Nrinl B hat M r a> -i Mr*. H iif d>w Itaranl of II ?? A Two fold L'f? Vr.m tb- W-rmar <4 V >i< H H-e?. Tbr Y?unt Ladle* Journal; M> tithly Pa rajna | mm. Tb* F? ptilar tViewee Monthly. Ba. M. AlitHe'a?B number* < n band Bartiera Bnrned Away. B" R?t. Rtward f K ?. p. ? ohW-Nid. ?> B-becca I uter Aprtnevi flibatir. H-rald and W? rid i***. A larr'H'Tk < ( BI.AKK Books. r\?? . *<?. and MFNORA NDl'M BOORS NOTK r\i *, LETTER PAPER.and PI A YING CAB!?K ?? h? very tow< trie?. ' * UHAKO I. NBMi ? * ? ?.. BOOK SELL ER 3 ASU STA Tl>* * *? '? v. 1014 PENNSYLVANIA AVEN' E. H?*e ;??* reyrtreS tb* british ALU ABAC fXUCVSPAM 'N.fuC IS7B. Bl'Y%L E ALENPAB. fw I CI * lilTAKI R * ALMANACS, for ITI MM IM1 IMtOMIi bb1tish NA> V Lli*T, ft Iffl f.U T OTIOE. ? OPENINO OF A HEW 4TATIOREEY *T??BB AM'BLANK B??>K MAfcT? ACTOBT. Finn cla?e gooda at fair ? icea-for raab lithographing. kw<?bavino, rR-sriBu AND BINPING IKNB TO okl?EH Tbr pwl lic arr iumunJ to < ?UI auj r 4ock> HI. P FBEBf rt d<-r Hatl-nal M Hro^Han Ba'ik. and ucil to Jt' f?i|# A l" BaahiBCtor. O R REAL ESTATE AGENTS. B. Uittl'IkE, REAL ESTATE AOrST Br.OR r K. janl Hii IWBo ? P f>TkKET Fa AISTIN P BRUWB. Coriir K T avcbc* ar> * ltih?tn??. _ ?aablDftori. D O., w ni>t iMi.i Df*! m m LI WltK.K, LIMA, < f M?NT. SANP. tr , t,f LI MBI.R BII.L8 cut to <?ni*r <>u ab^-t RLl E ^ToNE for B'liMi ??. Macadau.' ? a 1 Pavinc i>i.rp>?^a 4eJi?oi?d in air >aii ? I ? lna> trirt. BKAL ESTATE b.?r,rht and a"U art! ?_ . y iu r??t?'d To thta krancb -4 tb< bnalnxM ( Ml bt-tv aftrr en? n>> p ra?Mi ilturtot, ao4 a f . ffir# daily fr'-a. 10 a n unHI t ? m. -> art tf PROFESSION AIi. |)R. Mary d. >i'ukm\v I.il92?* 1B34 SIXTEENTH ||K|{J " PBLAVAN. l|i'V(T<iraTH 'C Ph-.-"-lAX. I 'titt !?? ' offlcr II ?n:-l to M.? rinii;l to ? j i?i,>Miitm. ? i"1 JDha iriAbbA. A TT*' RKET' AT LA^i fin. 9 T ni c'a La? B .M4lta<< <1 ^ tf U aati i lift on. |t C 1 INSURANCE COM PAN I KblRE VOIR LIPE n (hat STtiftMi (Jt It COM PA* f, tub: ti ai Lire ihi k. A>? E ? U . af *fw?rt, J.. Orftaoizoa 1*4*. A-?'a. ?44,OMV Jin ??. J. bTANLEY JOBRB. A jai.7-lr* Mo. Bl I >? ??_ ARE VOL IN81 RED* IK K?iT, AI'I'LV TO TUB Ol.n BKAMkl.l> l>ii KAX k IdOt itf. or W A?H I N'iT' ?N, D. 0. IsronrottATVii at Okniim i* I *! " Ofllc? iti tb* bn>i<1ui? of tba N ??nai b * f ' Republic. K?. I#*i 1/ ?ir?-*t ?vrtliceil. b ? ibar*? for Puiirha. A/trrrwt. ? Dr. Jaa.C. H .ll, Jobli Pnrly . Ur J 31. Br<dli?-ad, J. K>-jr?. rtb, jar C M'-Ouirr, H?i tj Biadl?-> , Joa. H Bradl-y, C H.Miltbar IcD iiild, P. P. M Oiiiro, Pr p B Clark-. M 9. En ? r> . HENRY BKAPLET, Pr??i 1< tt'.. < HARI r? KKAI'LEY. ftwirr . ?ra THF VtTIOVtlT JtCTR*POflTAH FIRE l*BLRASf E ( VMPAKr, or tNi DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OhHAXHEU AlhUST** IBT? CASH CAPITAL I?H/.?0B OBcr <?? Hhffbrrd'a ftaiHing, S" *0" , P,xuqrl> Akiiia atrtiu*. MOSES RELLT. Frea i.ia. B T??I?1>, T* P bAMlEL CKOhl<,lt)vr?tary. MUCMi: J B Blake, Wn R.ToM, ClNrl?a Jb4, Win. G. MetlWott, Jr huT. U^iki: , 0**>. F Gnlick. M -aea E ii) . A U Phi-ph'iil, cifd LIVERY STABLES. JB OLCOTT A ?<?, . BOA UMBO, LIVERT 4 BALE STMi-E", 41V (tb M. D aud E. ai>d 0b*ia A . >, H, bet*wr 1th aou Utb. OfBcr, Willaoia. B'-ai earn age* furi ..i. -l Sfniai c?ri ofkotlaa. <1<?ri'4y AHLL^' s SAILOR Jh , LIVRRY ANI' HIRING STABl ES STYLISU CARRIAUVS u>U tMAC il \1 KM. ly l>l> E atiwt n -f AHRLIKGTCN MABLKrt -R CR01T. jb O 8TREET, Bit*fk* 17m am l*iM. Cai riacua tr ?l*r ?? 'nijiii.and fur wa*4in?e ? r far ties. w>' If r>o?eRLi? stablkb, L/ 9m PTREET. Mirrwwo 9 aMT B. Bora#a and Bn?i"? for H:rt<. and a freali aurrlf ?* (Oud Horace tor a?if *?*ry awl |TB-lr Bit HARP VABT, Pro|.rl?t?r. B|7a?tI BAILOBB BTABLE8 I1M ( dfTI It CARRIAGES <4 lb?- I at-at atylaa r.niau on baial and lor bit* by tb* day or ? atfc. Partif-a, ?rddni?. and r<-? -r'l f?nnaba4 %RB tl?* moat eutufonat.l* and *l??aut Umya. Particular ttlratlo* to ln?rdiu| B""", ?* B iraw alwaya for aala and *trhaa??. d?x ||-tf r.AB REM A*D . _ be EDA. BRUT TBKEE A?- ^ JOHN SAIL Raaaectfnllr <*all? the a?'<*ntl >n I tk' piMli- to lil# *xt?nalve a?a ?rtm<-nt ofOABI?EN ai.-1 Kl.oWER SEEPS, winch ar* tbia ?.-a?-n ?'f tb* rialiiy. PLOW KB SEEPS, rml raiinf all tli-I. .ettir? from Enelaitd and lb- Coutiii'-ut. Tl??' FBl'IT TREESarc ? inmn and w-ll crow, roiiMattnjr of P'-nra standard aud dwai:>. Plaiu, Cb? rrj , Apricot, Ncctartnc, Ac. I)?-la?arr, Concord aud all th? Mh'rf I GRAPES. >TRAW BERRIES. RASPBEKR||:?, BLACK BERRIES, CI BRANTS, G??'.'-KBER K1ES, Ac. SHAPE TRFPS. EVERGREEN""'. KOBKB, DAHLIAS, THLOEES. YERBKN \S, ?.KBA KIl'MS, and otb*r h.-d< pl.-nta, with ? .? ivtbin< ?K-rtatnlug to the Hnra -r? B all at in ib-rvia pric?. JOHN BAUL, Ctl "tb <ir-?t, m!7 fa* Oppoalt.- u. 8. Paifin 11 lice. DBISS SHIBTb. Si* PALMER'S PATENT D01BLK POKR SHIRTS, ready aaadr,for #14.BO. Bit PALMER* PATENT docble TORS SHIBTS, made to order, at #14, fll. or f -J?. LOCK WOOD, MrrTt ft TAYLOB, BBS PEMNSYLTABIA AVK9DI. LADIES UND ERG ARM EX TS. WBiIoim LADIES OOTTOB BE 1 UTB ? M JUJBdoMM LAD IBS OOTTOB CIBMISES MS BB 4mm LAD1BS OOTTOB DBAWEBI at >1 IB# BtMMM LADIBB NIGHT DRBMBRB M ?.l At UCKBNB, IL'FTT * fATfcM*!. f M tr BBS PENB6YLYANIA AYENCB * 1RB EXTINGflSDBBS For aaJ? b XiSx. R SIIEPHEBP * do., BIB l*?tiu?) l' auia at

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