Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1873 Page 1
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fmim Jfe ? mi WASHINGTON, D. C.. TUESDAY, APRIL 1. 1873. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. FaMl?k?4 tally, Saitojt nnyUd, AT TUB UTAH BUlLDiyGS, rcuwrUwi* Atmm, Mr. Illfe It, 11 ? - m fTl-fflt nil SIISP1PB CIIFAST. ?. jr. urfMixv, /tmMmi. ? THIS EVENING STAB 1a aerved by carriers to | their ruborlberB at Ta'vCgSTa *** WlK.or FomTT- | For* Cans Ml *o>TH. Copiee at the counter Two Ciim each. B/ mail?three mo&ths, ?IJ0; ?is m< ntha,; oae year, |i. THE WEEKLY STAR?Pnblt?h?d Friday-fit? itmi VlBTMimbly in advance, in both ao HP?r Mat longer than paid for. I of adrertMng famished ra aypncatlon HOTELS. HOWARD HOUSE, f>n?,r?r* ttretmmd F>n**. or#., Was*m.tinn, It. C., E. WOOLS. Prop>, Aaa junt underpeae a aeries of elegant improT areata. hating Been thoroughly renevated an-* Strniabed thr nchont. making it at preaent ,,f the B"?t deeiraile II teN in Washington. E. D n ward. late proprietor, retain* an ?nt?r??t in the Hotel, where be ?ill be pleaaed to ?^Tia ?u frienda and funner patrona, pr^uiiain*' ,\7 ' fi claaa accommodation, at al. times. ? ?Jn.rr' 4J *" d-'- IaLle ?? ?er "ftODt a' i wl-lm U""" B0IfLi?TS-v."" ?^nor Thli Bcfel bM bHi n.wtV It coataina *11 the moder- - !fit?h*ft oS*^* V^^rr^lro^,the^i !11 ite d?!? e r*a\romA and ateamboi* depots, ' ? llf k. two or three mtautea. The RTu?n? ?? ** caa reach any o? the public w capital or any place ct amctiment i. k. . ~r . r.L V rl "1a ?*' 'V 1 pleasant ride rf * few minute* rU? Tr?? '"<< b?Lx as along Us*- line of (tie caaa !~''5 y? wriarvea will indft to their advantage ti ?- - ? rea will ind ft to their advantage to a??-? a* thta bmse. doeillr |J Y(K?M? HOTEL, Wo. 7U9 0 STREET, Bctwiix 7th tin 8th Stkext*. "j'HR IMPES'.AL HOTEL, JAMES SYKE3, Prcrrutof. rmonviNa PssitsVLvaSia Avimi. iwictiH Utk ?* f UM Wa*hi*otoji, D. 0. TU"rt?l to the pob'ic for gtneroat fa Ur paaa. the Proprietor ask* hie old fr*?*?Ja patruna to teat the accoaunudationa of hia preeeut eetabr?"lin?eut, which he pr<>mi?e? shall be found at leat-t filial to the beat in Washington. jatd-il ffcfp., Ohron.l T~ BE BUT A NT HOUSE, Lrtu*i o? ctrnm Mta ftrut mad N. f. aemaa. ATer the 1st r* OeceuiUr, 187], Permanent and Trauaieiit Boar*? m will find thia house one of the w.^t d> .iratotj aad Boat convenieutlj located boaaea \a the citj. Th? r<. inaae. neatly furbished, well lighted and ?eiitilated. and pro\ided with all modern home ao ?oainx dat iona. The rhargar are lnw, but the wanta and the oen *?.rt of all (r.-r.i will be car* fully provide-1 for. The proprietor, Z bH'UAEDS, haa determined to provide a * >od caterer. no-*U-eotf /' c. ?TLlaki>. EBB1TT HOUSE, WASHISOTOH. P. O. THE TRADES. C'ALL ON j \ >! r. - ? . BKIEN, ' i'ra t>r?I Plmmber and das ??> have >..ur Plunit.iin, !??>? Kitting, and S--w*r?s? In-tuftlj attead < to on r- aaonable terms Vn. 6U'i ? oi- x aver:uo, near 6th aireet, north aide. Residence, !<il? i\ street, northea?t. cill ,?%! cussisghamThattkr, i?I . loll F tHreet, between KKn and 11th, haa the pl-asure t<>ann--once tuat he haa rec- iv.- lrw the ^pnti? 8r> le of Broadway BLOCK, and i.-^i prepared u> furnish New Hats mad<* to order au^ them or r ?odei old atylew; also, an aaaorttm-nt of Felt Hata for aale, on reasonable terms. ftt-tr AW MHOS AMD DECORATIONS-AWNIHUI for atorea, city and country reaidoncea: special attentKn giTen to D"C-.ratin? Halls for Balls sai Partita; rl AOS. HO KMC and WAtiOM COVERS for aal? or rent,by JOHN 0 HOGAN. Hanwfa'-turer, 713 Market Space, dec.t-tr Between 7th and 8th a?re?ta A W JllSliJ, FLAGS, TEXTS. M O. COPELAND. MS Lcuialana avenue, one door eaat 7th atreet A WNINGS tor Storea.City and Countr R?aldt uro. fktrrlu tn style and finish. FLAGS and TINTS for aale acd rett. ROOMS DECORATED. All Canvaaa articlea made to erder DANCING CLOTHS. *~8-tr J B. T?TO!l, CARPENTER, BVILV&K, in CONTRACTOR. Order* for Hocee Carpentering, Jobbing, or Oo ti actor'a W rk ipe-diiy attended to. Bhope and Office, una tf lirh afreet, below R at. northwst 1873 spring. 1873 TKEMFNDOrS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TKEMEMMU S STO< K, TREMENDOth STOCK, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND 8UMMKR CLOTHING, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, MENS'. TOUTH9* AND ROTS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYR, MENS . YOUTHS' AND BOY? MEMS' MENS ', YOUTHS' AND BOY*. ', YOUTHS AND BO) B, At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. t ALL AiVil SEE ? tULJ AND SEE ?LL A hi) SEE! LL AM) SEE ' CA-L AMV SEE! UK EAT BAROAIMS ' OREAT BARGAINS ' GREAT BARGAINS ' GREAT BARGAINS ? GREAT BARGAINS ! 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 1S11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENLE 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA AYEML'R, Third Door from 11th Street. Third Door from 11th Street. w-13 Third Door from 11th Street. 'J'liS RAPIDITY ?MD gASR WITH WHICH are removed and the feet relieved, tf ailing, from Maaiona, Bad Nails, Ac , at DR. WHITE'S Ratab nahaient, is* lath atreet, oppoeite the Treaaury, la ?aite aaranaing to paraoM aaaccoatomed to hia L>r operating,which la entirely dlffereat from ? ao doubt tended to abort en life, w ? . to make It far leaa alaaaantand neeful, but Dr w Rite'a operatioaa are fre^uenUy borne by child reo wttboat comwalnt; there la little or ao paia, do loaa of time, aad ? aoae hot auitable ahoea be wora, the ei igagaaaggggrnL^! -'-co"fort- ^^C!. aeoaoar of tlaae, comfort, and health la aa occa sional visit to the Chiropodiat; aad R ia awaU-kaown fact that thoaaaada ?f peraoaa, maay of tham thoaa K honored la ?aoy of whoa Dr lo refer. JOHN SAUL Reapaatfully calle the artwrtv?jij?f,thyebHc to hh extensive aaaortmeat of OARDRM aad FLOWER SRRDS. which are this eeaeoa at the taeet qaality. ^FLOWWR BBRDS. ambraciac all theaovaltiea from Rnglaad aad the Continent. TW FRUIT TRRRSara vigorous and arall growa, coaaiatlaa od Peara (standard aad dwarf), Flam, Cherry .Apricot, Erctariae, Ac. Delaware, Concord aad all the ether celebrated Ml Mi, aad other ?>e,lding ptaata, with everythiag KJS?10 m!7 tw* Oppoeite C. 8. Patent ORce. j.j eating and cooking. If woald he well for H mee-owaera, Arrhitecta aad Jtiiilders to hear ia mind that the "EMPIRE HEATING RANGR" is the oaly one In mar ket that will thoroughly heat rooma above winter and v?>nil?t. in eammer. and at tl saute tim'- do theonlinary rooking of a Msailor "" "? A"S' , 0H00BT. BiSTlw #34 PpniwDlvuiA itwu?. F?irr extinguishers. For sale bv ALEX R SIIEmERD A CO., maia?3t VIV Pcba?)i\?aiaaveauc. AMTTSEMENTS. I 'H?yyf5.|CLTI1" SUNDAY SCHOOL SING oftheMT. VEKNftM PLACE M. B. J B K( H SOUTH. corner of jth ob<1 K rtre?ts, Av<ii 3,UC3. Ad?i?'ion. adult*. SO rent#-children,55 cents. Tfkets can be obtam.^l at F. A. STIER'S Riok ?tor*. No. 1-J21 F street, and at the daor of the Church. al 3t o OD FELLOWS' HALL. \\ FOVR NIC. UTS ONL Y, CoMMlciu* MONDAY, M \R< H 31. and MATI N EE WEDNSVbaY at * p. m, ROMOL1 BROTHERS' Great Moral Exhibition of the Nineteenth Cwmtnry, milton'S paradise loit: From the original design* of Gostave Dor*. Tli? only complete representation of the subject ever beforeoffered for public exhibition, COMPRISING UPWARD OF 100 GORGEOUS TABLEAUX! Adr.lssion, ? cents; children, 26 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock; performance commences atSp m. al-3t ~7ALL ?JiSW OPERA HOCSf^ JOHN T. f ORD Proprietor and Manig*r. MAX MARETREK Director. GRAND ITALIAN OPERA. Positively two nifhts only and Saturday Matinee. First appearance of Europe* gnatest lyric trage dienne, PAULINE LU?'CA. Only appearance of AmericaV greatest prima donna, CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG. Full and complete orchestra and chorus. The entire company from the Acadenjr of Muftc,I?ew York. THURSDAY. April 3, E-11 >gg Tro-*a?ore. FRIDAY, April 4, SATURDAY?Grand Matinee?Lucca-Fra Diavolo. Regular Prices of Admission?Admission, Si; Re servid seats. 81 and ft extra. Matinee Prices? A-tmi-sion, ?2, Rem rved seats, SI extra; Boxes, SIS and $20. Seats can now be secured for a ly of the aboTe performances at Ellis' Music Store. al WASHINSTON THEATER COMIQCkT I Eleventh street, south Pennsylvania avenue.) (Adjoining the rear of Harvey's Btstaarant.) Engagement of theonlv Original and Veritable LEVANTINE BROTHERS. The original Jehn C. Levantine and Brother. Two other tarties traveling under their hard earned name were Ioruterlv pupils of the above performers. En gagement of th- Charming Serio-comic Yocalitt, CARRIE LAVARN1E. Grsat Success of the Versatile Artists, EAUAN AND EDWARDS. Our usual treat company, two grand l>alletf, a su nerb olio. A great sensation drama, (THE WHITE BOYS OF IRELAND. SPECIAL NOTICE.?On THURSDAY, April 3, the Management take pleasure in aim >unc ?ii:g the presentation of the great specta- ularlallet, in ihre. (scenes, entitled THE CAPTIVE, or THE BIRD-CAGE OK EDKN, produced after elaborate preparation. and at a cost of $ 1 JS0"J. Gorgeous Scenery, Maenihcent Properties, Character and Co-tlv Costumes. ?c., and with anew B illet Ttonpe. DICK PARKER, OTTO BUR BANK, JAMES POl <? LASS, and our Mammoth Troupe of Forty St?r Arti?t-. tjT On MONDAY. April 7. will .ippenrthe "Oofty Goofty Combination" in the greatest of m.vlern sen sations," YACUP,'' ju-t concluded a highly auccess fnl ei!Kiig> nient at the Holiday-street Theatet, M W tiaxre. ai-'tl JOHN O'BRIEN'S Crest Traveling World's Fair. MENAGERIE, CIRCUS, CARAVAN. AND MUSEUM, INDERSI* MONSTER TENTS, WILL EXHIBIT . ON SIXTn STREET LOT, C< nimencirg MONDAY. APRIL 14th, FOR ONE WEEK ONLY. LOOKOUT FOB THE TWO MILE PROCES SION. FIFTY CAGES OF WILD ANIMALS AND CU RIOSITIES. T1IE TWO SEPARATE BANDS OF MUSIC IN GOLDEN CHARIOTS. THE FOUR TON RHINOCEROS. Admission.- i ly 24 cents, < no half price,) to see the rix distinct exhibitions in separate tents. . THREE PERFORMANCES DAILY. AT 10 A. M., 3 P. M. AND 7 P. M.J Whenever a proceetiou is given. th?r? will be only two performances, iuthe Afternoon at SaudEieu ing at 7 p.m. C. WHITNEY, Gen'l Director. ni31-5t* R. Q B \LL, Agent. ?|EVENTH ANNUAL TOUR or THE LABCEST EXHIBIT!*! IITIEW91UI THE Great Forepaugb Show Will Exhibit at WASHINGTON FOLK DAYS ONLY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY, Argil, !*, 3, 4 A3tD 4, ON THE SIXTH-STREET LOT, Afternoon and Evening. ADAM FORKPAUGHS FIVE ENORMOUS SHOWS, U* nder FIVE MAMMOTH TENT8, Consisting of TH'O ENORMOUS MENAGERIES, Under Two Vast Tents; TH O COLOSSAL MUSEUMS, Under Two Mammoth Tents; AND A GIGANTIC DOUBLE CIRCUS, Under a Huge Double Tent?Ave tents in all. and holdi uk li.UUO spectators, organized at a cost of one million dollars, containing 1,400 RARE WILD BEASTS And Reautiful Birds, 10 000 WONDERFUL CURIOSITIES' Requiring a working force of l.OOO MEM AND HORSES! The Circus contains more and BETTER PERFORMERS than any Ave circuses In the world. THB GRAND PROCESSION! Behold the 40 GORGEOUS GOLDEN CAGES And droves of Ponies, troops of Camels, elephants, opened Dens, Statuary, and one mUe of bril liantly ornamented Cages, Chariots and Dsns, Military Band, tc., Ac. tKF" Children in all Orphan Asylums admitted F-g g?; liberal reductions to classes in. Natural His tory in all schools. Applications therefor to be made to the proprietor before M o'clock noon on exhibi tion day. ADAM FOREPAl'GH, 8o|<? PfQBfj^iop R. S. DINGESS, General Director. nJMt* A GRAMD CONCERT, under the direction or B. A D. 1 RACY. Esq., will be given WEDNESDAY EYBNING, April J, 1373, at Wesley Chanel, for the BENEFIT OP OB ACE B. CHURCH. The singers number thiity, and are selected the best sjaateur taleat in the city. Price of ?dn?<??l??P. 80 cents. <*:&?( ,,a,ar |".v Fnat l mare^Iter'b, m ?* sskVc1,A8ltH.,tatfc*I>1 r ?5?ab*rBn?e Md B Plsaee rswiesnbav fa? and B-iUr. LL KINDS 9B OAST-OFP WBABIMQ AP PAREL can be sold tottte very beetadvaatac* by addrswlrf or calling on _ JUSTH, SIS D strestj between ?tb aylTthnw SPECIAL NOTICES. Tba ffttfii MTfre aeaaea bM tbaroor'uly tested the virtues of Mr?. Jones' Cough Mixture?thousands of bottle* hating been aaed with certain success. It* trial baa be?n moat thorough. A mere cold or cough or the moat aggra WW caaaa it baa cared with equal (access. It ia *ot objectionable to the taste, and can therefore be readily wd for children and persona who object to aauaeating mixtures, particularly aa Ha doaea are amall aad every doae containa the germ of an ulti mate eure. Ita value in advanced caaea or thoe-* verging on consumption moat not be underestimated. Many cuch it baa entirely cured, even caaea of ac knowledged consumption. While it doea greatly relieves, and a large number of thewe unfor tunates now use It for the great relief It affords them. For a Cold, Cough, Iuflneuza, Bronchitis, Iloarae nfcee, or any affection of the throat or lungs yon can use nothing more reliable. Pricaa?large siae, a |; nnall, SO cts. For sale only by ABTHUB NaTTANS, Dru?giat, mll-tr Corner Id and D street* northwest. A Carl. A Clergyman, while residing 1b Booth America, aa miaalonary, diacovered a aafe and simple remedy for the cure of Nervosa Weakness, Burly Decay, Diaeaae of the Vrinair aad Seminal Orgaaa, arid the whole train of dlaordera brought on br baneful and vicieua habits. Great numbers have been cured by thla noble remedy. Prompted by a tfealae to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will aend the recipe for preparing and tuiog this medicine, in a aealed envelope, to any one who needs it. Fret af Chart*. Addreaa, JOSEPH t. INMAN, Station D, Bible Bouse, rnarM ly Hew fork Pity. BALLS, Ac. T 11E GRAND UNION BALL. under the anspicea of the STATE ASSOCIATION'S Will positively take place TUB8DAT EVENING, April 1,1"73, at INAUGURATION HALL, Exerciaea beginning at 8 30 o'alock. Tickets, admitting gentlemen and ladies, S2; for sal?- at the principal hotels, the m'tsir stores of M -t zerott and Ellis, the book?tore? of K. B. Mohmi A Co., Philn A Solomons. Kervard A Towers, and by the Presidents of the State Associations. Carriages at reduced rates at Allison Nailor's, 1334 E street n?rthwest. mffl-tl G RAND CHARITY BALL. TIIE SECOND ANNUAL BALL for the Benefit of THE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL will be given, nuder the anspicea of the Directors of that institution, in MASONIC TEMPLE,ou the evening of TUESDAY, the 15th of April next. Tickcts, admitting a geutleuian and lady, ?5 00 eacli. ml7-tf [Chrnn. R-p. A Sunday papers copy.] LADIES' GOODsT c* A. V. 1>. MILLS, - 915 Pkmnsvlvaxia Avenue, Has just received direct from N'-w York beautiful SPRING GOODS, comprising manv novelties in ORIGINAL AND FANCY GOODS; A full stock of M1LL1NEKY, HOSIERY. 11ANDKXRCHIFS, CORSETS, BASKETS, Ac. CHILDREN'S FRENCH CAPS a specialty. m31-6t LOWE 3 FANCY STORE. SPRING STYLEbIn MILLINERY GOODS, LACES, EMBROIDER! fc*. LAD IKS DRESS TRIMMINGS, FANCY GOODS,Ac , At LOWES, S>11 Market Space, n iS 3t between 8'h and 9th streets. gTAMPING DEPOT, blT Seventh Street, feMl-tr Oppoalte Patent OfBce. IBS McCORMlCK, . . Ao. 90ft Pmntylvania Avtnut (*j? Stair*). Ia tn receipt of a fine assortment of iMPOKTED GOODS, bias MieeG?-diiey, of Mew York. BecepttoaRoomaformerly at Tift 14that., BAUrifsNOVVIAUTIB. PABIB. CONFECTIONS BT B0BB8 DM BAL. BOBXS XT LINGERIE. . FLOWEBS, FEATHERS, LACMS, Ac. TM Ladies of Washington and vicinity are re spectfully invited to call and examine goods before purchasing elsewhere. ftt-ly gELLING OFF I 8BLL1MG OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVX PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAB, 441 Seventh street, near E. marT-tr MO HUMBUG. LS?UEB? * CO., ? Balling out satire stock of MILLINERY AMD FAMOT GOODS, at aad below cost. TOT Market Space, 17th and Mh streets northwest. |MP0BTBB OF HUMAM HA IB. OBAMD BARGAINS AT MADAMS IITRKH'I, ?IB 1M nrsd, astmd d*?r frum tt arm. ibar the nana and number. Cheap Oorls, . Chignons, Braids, Puffk, Frir.aettes, of the Us. Call and see oar d?w stock before pur sers. decg-tr uLad1fremcb STABCB MMAMBL la the best article In the world for doing up Linen or Mnaiin. It imparts a beautiful gloaa to the fabric. For aala by all Grocer*. BCBNHAM * CO., Manufacturers, IN Wext Lombard street, Jaal?-ly Baltimors, Maryland. J^X AMINE THB GOLD SPECTACLE, OXLY 96, H H. HEMPLEB, Optician, w2S-tr street. QUR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT. A FULL STOCK. A FINE STOCK. A CHOICE STOCK 0 COATINGS, TROUSERINGS AND YESTINQS. A PERFECT FIT. A FASHIONABLE CUT. first-Clast Woikmanfkip iiuatamlttd. AN EARLY INSPB<'TION IS RESPECT FULY INVITED. HABLS BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILORS, tnSMf Coexi* 7th axd D tui?. JHI BMW NATIONAL MARKET. * avtftPi ?? Ta?BiAj?Ai?0j iu uioi Uthst J. 11CHTW CABBOLL V. WIMBLOW, 8HJMTMAKMR An Diiin ia Mia* Ftrhjruaixas, ,4f? tthr JSfcoTzfoisSsuz raA BEDHEAD ft CO^. V MOi I EVENING STAR. Washington Hews and Gossip. Internal Kevebue.?The receipts from this soiree to-day were >1W,288J9. Not Resigned?The President says there \i no truth in the statement that Minister Ban croft has resigned^ Chief ?Trstick Chase will leave Wa<-hing ington for Richmond in a few days, for tbe pur pose of holding court In that circuit. Twenty-five kkw public buildings, in various parts of the country, were authorized at the last session of Congress. Lieut. Wm. S. Cowles, U. 8. N., has been detached from the Constellation, at Annapolis, an 1 placed on waiting or<w?. Resignation Acc kptkd.?The President has accepted the resignation of Second Lieutenant Edward S. Holden, of the Engineer corps, to take effect March 28th. Oh a Southern Tour.?Postmaster Gen eral Creswell, Senator Cameron and Senator Howe, accompanied by their wives, left last night for Wilmington, N. C. The party will make a month's tonr through the aouia. Rev. J. P. Newman has received instruc tions preparatory to his departure as inspector ot consulates in Japan, China, and along the Mediterranean. He leaves for Yokohama via San Francisco in two weeks. The statement is telegraphed from San Fran cisco that King Lunalilo, of the Sandwich Isl ands, is coming to the United States with Gen. Schofield; a fact which The Stab announced two treeks ago. The Boston Traveller intimates that Senator Sumner ha* declared that he will not again put his foot on the soil of Massachusetts until the resolution of censure of the last legislature haf been rescinded. There is a chaxh in tbe order of operas for the season this week, it will be seen. As now Arranged, we^shall have Kellogg In Trovatore on Thursday, Lucca in Faust on Fridav.and Lucca in Fra Diawlv at the Saturday matinee. The expenditures of the government the pant month were somewhat heavier than ufual, and Included 81,294,435. paid to the board of public works, and #1.324,000 addi tional compensation to Senators and Represen tatives. Henry R. Linker* an, the director of the Mint, appointed by the President, under the act ol February 12, 1?73. creating that otiice, holds his ofttec for live years, and will l>e under the direction of t*ie Secretary of the Treasury. The salary is ?4,50" per annum. Three Per Cents Called In The Secre tary of the Treasury to-day called in the bal ance of the 3 per cent, certificates, amounting to 1*323,0110. 'J bey are of the denomination of >5.0fto, and numbered from 5.7?; to 5,*11, and dated Iroiu January 8th, 18T0, to August 3d, lf? 2. Gone to New York?The President, Mr?. Grant, Miss Nellie Grant and General Babcock left here at one o'clock this afternoon for New York, where they will remain till Monday neU. The President's visit to that city is on private business entirely. While in New York he will stop at the Fifth avenue hotel. Mrs. Gaines vs. the City of New Or leans.?The United States Supreme Court yesterday affirmed the decree of the Circuit Court of Louisiana in favor of Mrs. Myra Clark Gaines for $125,2GC, as rent and profit* of lands belonging to her, which bad been in possession and use of the city of New Orleans. Presidential Appointments.?The Presi dent made the following appointments to-day: George W. Bryant, melter and rettuer in the mint at Carson city, and Wm. H. Doane coiner at the same place. He has also appointed Kdward Pennington to be centennial commis sioner from Louisiana, and Charles M. Wood, of Vermont, consular clerk of the United States Railway Postal Clerks Promoted Mr. P. P. Wertng has been promoted from clerk to head clerk on the cars between New York and Washington, with nay at the rate of 91,400 per annum. James Belger has been promoted from clerk to head clerk on the cars on the same line, aith pay at the rate of *1,400 per annum, vice H. G. Pearson, resigned. Collector Bailby Makes Asotber Seiz ure. ? Collector Bailey yesterday afternoon seized eight more locomotives at the round bouse of the New York Central and Hudson river railroad, on account of tax due the gov. eminent. The government will be a bidder at the sale of these locomotives, and will not per mit them to be knocked down to outside parties except at a fair price. Natai. Examining Board The board of naval officers to examine candidates for promo tion in the navy and officer* for retirement will reconvene to-morrow at the Navy Depart ment and be In session some time. This board consists of Rear Admiral John Roges, presi dent; Commodores S. D. Trenchard, T. H.Pat T? Nichols, members, and James C. Dulln, recorder. CapUUn John M. B. Cllts and Lieut.-Commander B. P. Smith will be the first officers examined for promotion. The Weather ih March?The meteoro logical summary for the month of March, pre pared at thq signal service office, shows mean barometer, 30.014; mean temperature, 41.0; total rainfall, 3.03 inches. The coldest day of the month was the 4th, averaging 12.7 degrees above zero; the warmest the 15th, averaging 60.7 de grees. The lowest point reached by the ther mometer was 4 degrees above ?ero; the highest, 70 degrees above. The heaviest rainfall was on the 20th?1.10 inches. The prevailing wind was northwesU-nupaber of miles traversed, 8,129. Postmaster-General Creswell has writ ten a letter to President Hinckley, of the Phil adelphia, Wilmington ami Baltimore railroad, stating that he will be happy to be present whenever the representatives of the railroad companies, which demand an Increase of pay for the transportation of mails, have an Inter view with the Senate committee on transporta tion. The latter committee had a meeting at the Capitol yesterday, at which all the mem bers were present but Senators Davis, of West \ irglnla, and Sherman, of Ohio. The session lasted about an hour, during which the mem bers bad a full interchange of views as to the scope of their operations between now and the next meeting of Congress. Postmaster-General Creswell claims that the government has abso lute power In the regulation of the transmission of the mails. >rit. [.V. r. Star.) The hanging of Foster seems to have pro duced a good efleet. We have had as murder In some time, and even the expected a amber of brawls and row* has been lessened. The Cobnecttcut electioe will be held Thursday. April 7th, and as the state is nearly evealy balanced, the result will be anticipated with interest by the politic lane. The campaign has not been an active one, aad a full vote is not expected. For Governor the candidates are Henry P. Haven, republican, and Charles ft. IngersoU, democrat, roar members of Congress are to be chosen, the Itar members of the last House from Connecticut being all candidates for reelection?Hawlsy, Kellogg and Stark weather, republicans, aad Bamum, den Fx-Governor English Is the democratic date against Kellogg. . Thiers has received an invitation IIWU m Emperor of Austria to attsad the Vienna exhi bition. Sonne Oloaaga, gpsaish smhssssdor to Paris, whileplaytngbilliards with his 'wasaeeMenr yesterday was seckfently strneh in the a cue, aad received injuries whleh in loss of sight. As Ibbcmab Fatmeb ?nanisi g. Ms living in Charlestown. Mass., was anost terdsy, charged with the murder of k nlaemoathsoM, ia Septeaaher, 1871, by ing him from tbe Fltchbnrg railroad bridge. He has confessed tbe deed, aad the amaaer M| which be committed it. Ib the Enia investigation in Hew York vrsterday. General A. 8- Dixon testified that he was tola that five or six Senators received (5.000 each. Tbe only moaey witness paid ' to Van \ icfcttn & Barber. h i Pablic Debt The following Is a recapitulation of the public debt statement, issued from the Yreas. try department to-day: Ofbt Bearing Interest m Oe<*. Bonds at 6 per cent ?1,334.741,*V) on Bonds at 9 per cent 4l4,5o~_loo ?*< fi,74i?..w.i.'?oo lb It Bearing Interest in Lawful Mvneg. Certifi's in<l('l)Udn*'f? at 4 par et i~8,000 Of Xavv |x nhinii tuud. at 3 per ceut M.tfO.OOo it> CertifccaU* ?< 3 per cent (ttO.MO or ?!5,3-.?.noo on Debt or which interest ha* ceai>ed since maturity 3,Q23,oao y. D> It bearing no in!- rest. OlddemM and legal-tender notes. 358.5iM.734 50 Certificates or deposit 24.450,000 00 Fractional currency 45.ltS.374 22 Cain certificates. 24,141 .'>00 on t52,352.10K Total debt f.... 2,->20.012,33* 9< Interest 32J65.S19 00 Total debt.princip'l and interest 2.252.377.8.V* Cetk in tke Treasury? coin tmjnaja* m Currency 2,653,W0 43 Special deiHMnt held for redemp tion of certificates of deposit, as provided by law 24.430,000 oo f!*>,*41,217 02 Debt, less cash in the Treasury, March 1, 1*71 2.155,730,641 56 Debt, less cash In the Treasury, February 1,1873 2.157.3*0.700 53 Decrease of debt during the past mouth ai .644.05* ST Decrease of debt since March 1, itr. j ??1,644 .ay Decrease of debt from March 1, 186H, to March 1, 1K3 S36*.*W2-TO 4* The statement of bonds issued to fscuke rail road comi-anies, interest payable in lawful money, shows totals as followsPrincipal outstanding, #64.623,512, Interest accrual and not yet paid, ?961',352.6*; interest paid by th* I nited States, Sis,50?,2fc0_^); interest repaid by transportation of mails, #4.1*5.407.6$. Bal ance of interest paid by the United State ?14,323,K73.12. Ml BR THE WORLD OF FASHION. !KW YOHK NTVLUV Kprlny Vpenincs, [I'ctnion CvrrrtpMnfence of The Evening Star.] New Yoek, March 31, 1*73. March is a very quiet month so far as fashion is concerned. Great boxes, containing our fu ture wardrobes, or their materials, are i?il??l iijon the street, and llocls our steps at every turn; but what we are really to wear when the chilly winds of March are gone, and the sun shine has come, the most of us do not know. We are accustomed to taking what Iia? been provided for us in the way of fashion without demur, and accept the fate that foreordains our bonnets and dresses, with let* reluctance- than the Hindoo his "destiny.*' The relics ol ehatoiice constituted the m?M important event of the season?the mil'liiers' "o|<ening"?still lends a decayed sort ot inter est to the month, like the fragrance of witherod fiowers, but It can hardly be said to give It tasli ionable importance, as' the most fashionable, even of the millinery bouses, defer their open ings of late years until April, and make their bonnet" of secondary im|>ortaiice to their ??cos tumes," which include bonnets matching the dresses, or trimmed to correspond with them The introduction of the round hat struck the first blow at the business of bonnets. Its adapta bility, economy, and beoomingness made It an institution at once. To compete with it bonnets were made small, and similar in appearance, and were then so easily counterfeited that ladies made them, or employed their iuai<ts ami seam stresses to make them for themselves; tkat put the extinguisher on bonnets as a busiuess; they have never since been able to go it alone, hut keep up a precarious and uncertain kind of ex isteiice, having no distinct character, but pre senting a mongrel appearance, half hound, halt cur. which row them of all claim to stvle or dis tinction, and renders them, Instead of the crown the mere accessory of the toilette. The onU nts bonnet of the season Is a sort of straw ca lash, fastened down at the sides with strings which tie under the chin. It is a revival in a mitigated torm of the "poke" bonnet, and taken reduced, as the Importers give it to us this sea son, has a ouaintness which is not all unbe coming. and simply provokes a smile at the idea which it suggests of playing at "old woman." The faults of the head-gear are generally the same as last year, want of character, and au effort to hide the negative defects by a super abundance of trimming. To this is added the fatal defect of a mixture of colors, or shades upon one bonnet, which is only allowable when these harmonise exactly with the costume. But put three shades of green, for example, upon a straw or chip bonnet, in conjunction with dow ers, lace, feathers, all differing in color or tint, then put this mixture in close contact with t*-e probabilities of an ordinary toilette, and what confusion of shades there would be! If colors could speak, what a Babel of sound ! The sub tleties of art should be left to those who can bring time, experience, taste, and means to the solution of the difficulties; tyros and economists should confine themselves to the simplest styles and combinations. In round hats, for spring wear and traveling purposes, black, and black and white straw are the most In demand. There is a fancy for trim ming black with colors, dark blue for example, mixed with straw and Jet; and white straws with black, black lace dotted with hand em broidery sometimes composing the crown, aud long trails of moss roses the ornaments. det and straw are largely combined, and quantities of oxydlztd metal appear In the form of beads, buckles, chains, and other articles, which are very inappropriately used as orna ments for hats and bonnets. The prominent styles among the round hats are the following: THE Bl"BEN "8 HAT. The Ruben's hat has of late obtained a cer tain hold upon the minor portion of the "dressy" public. It has certainly the merit of being very picturesque; but let me observe that the most picturesque things, if Inappropriate, are in the worst taste for street wear. Indeed, it m%y be said that picture squene is, as a rule, is rather to be avoided than sought for out-door garments, as taste and inconspicuous simplicity Is more to be desired, though there is nothing to prevent that simplicity from being rich in effect. The Kuben'shat is a broad-brimmed shape, one side of which is turned up and fastened, as In the portraits of the celebrated painter, while a very large and sweeping plume encircles the entire crown, and falls droopiagly at the back. This style, It will be seen at once, is better suit ed to a watering place, or for riding In Mir country, than for the streets of a crowded city. Yet all who are seeking for a particularly be coming riding hat?I allude, of course, to young ladles, or young married women?will find, that to youth sad freshness, the Kuben's hat gives an added charm. THB CALABBTAV. The CalabriBn hat is a aew shape la straw of various kinds, and to singularly stylish la effect though, let It be remembered, that It i' a tall woman to wear it, as the effect of this hat on a short per?a is peculiarly disastrous to graes or beauty. The Calabrlan is the sailer shape la tamt, tmm ap at the back 1, fhr front t' c, with a i ?Aflat trimming, has a very large tor ,ora bird's wing of light ooi A flat bow, with an Mrtii, and same ?mall plume. ores ?mmm the side, and scarf of black Spanish lace, with a has he est far bach on the Large ear-ria?B of the pattorn called " |g hsep ars asaslly warn with . The Calahrian should never veU. The large vail bene* a heavy and unbecoming if i faoa, which toe? w_ S2y fortrtnlng wear. It frsry^wrtBia tks ttee ta^ogatode oftho tsU over^ the face la tb mrun,kilt m de: valL I do m overakirts; I are the mses. that the plainer an A very e'egant bridal antft, for the gettl.,. out ct which ao palns have been m.ared, prove la its e. wparatlve simplicity, the statement 1 make, fur In this trousseau theareater n trt svei l r, for In this of the artniMg dn? hart a*. the greater p irt evet taer p.'ala, gore<! or kilt pV'kMl rtirt? Ir full Jr?i the underskirt is entirely plain, the onU-i le ? du|>li(s of !*?. tal>, or Sw iss c)?pn ? all the drvsiuinv of the* toiu iU ?. and di re la i.oue 01 the bunchiness that ha* so largely prevailed onnkirti arv pndut. not puffed.* what will I ike reader My to one |un> ut of nmi>le velvet I poplin, to wear tor the next u?h(h oulj, ntdo I with ? *traight sleeve, a gored skirt, and a I simple Catharine de Medici* pad at the top 01 I a perfectly -traUht coat sleeve? What will the reader say" if told that these I? the work of one ot the fir?* Paris h< u ??'*.' Plain indeed! The fart ia that then.' is abvut to be amttai'k of simplici ty. Elaborateness has, ther Mr. hvt it* dav in I Pari*. On rfit that the kllt-plcated skirt?that consisting of kilt pleats trom belt to hen ?ha* obtained the highest favor among*t the hi^H^ot I faduonaMcc. with regard to this n]<?i.-. let anv I one look at two ladies standing together?the I one in a kilt-pleated. gored, or plain *kirt, h other with bnnche* or drapery at the back aixi I Aide*, thongh that has now gone out complete ly!?and say which lady, in the contour of her I figure, moot nearly approaches to classic beantr and symmetry of outline. Bad, ???rawnv figure* which are In the minority in America, require bunchiness to conceal their manv defects Puft's here, there, and everywhere'create the I "fondest illusions." an<l make a Venus of a bean pole, but, to the noble. I do not mean the exaggerated, but the correct?outline* of a properly rounded figure, the gore?l, plain, or kilt-pleated skirt will give an added grate by I showing them as ther are. Exaggerated bu?tle* are very little worn abroad, and, both in Paris and 1/ondon, the hanging, uuloopcd poUnaut Is the garment most in favor. THI BEDtlCC.OTE. The most decidedly stylish garment that fashion, in Its caprice, ha* for a long time brought into favor, la undeuiably the Rr<L*f>ar. I This is a double-breasted garment, fitting with glove-like exactness to the form, and trimm d with large buttons, which form a double raw on the corsage, reach down to the bottom of the front portion, and also decorate the Attn. So decided is the favor which this article of out door wear has obtained that it appears in vel- I vet, silk,cashmere, cloth, poplin and alpaca. ? The most elegant ot all are. of course, the vel- H vet, hut even the silk are not more stvllsli than the fine cloth in all the delicate spring shade*, as well as in darker colors. The same idea in linen, muslin, nansook, and Victoria lawn will. it is predicted by the potentate* in the kingdom of fashion, reign supreme during the warm flea soli. Marseilles and pique. with black velvet b'lttons, collar and cuffs, will, it is said, appear in this novel and becoming shape. On the lighter materials, lace, disposed m la H medallions, in diamonds, and in plain talis, will supply the place of buttons. THI LILACS. l.ilac, It appears, will be very much worn this I spring. One reason tor this in that the w are desirous of bringing into tavor a hue that I has been greatlv neglected of late rear*; I another, that lilac is a peculiarly ladv-like I color. The proof that it it to be worn is the H fact that the new cloth are made up. at *ome of the most favored estahltahasonts, in ? that color. These are from itn|>ortcd models. I and are trimmed with velvet ot a darker shade. H In this exquisite color?though, in point ot tact, j it is hardly desirable in a wrap of any sort? I 1 there is a scale of new shades that exceod in beauty any heretoiqfe displayed!. From the I merest ghost of a color to the dee pet pan?\ purple, all may be found in its various grades', and the i>opularity which they are destui.-d to give to the color will, it it succeed, cause pan* *les, lilacs, and the delicate ti 1.1 dowers to re- I SJ.pear as ornaments. color i* so becoming as lilac. An auburn-haired person can wear it, ftitd even a decided blonde, if she I have a little pink in her cheeks. l.Mac, l?e sid?.?. combines well with white, and in some materials w ith black. THE TEA SHADES. The tea shade* ?? haug fire.'* It i? vagnelv rumored that ?'tea" will go out this season; but, judging from the extremely serviceable nature of garments of these line*, 1 do uot believe that this will be the case, one reason. however, that ought?if there were as much taste in New York as there Is mouev to grautv it?to put an end to the wearing of the tea tint*, is the excessive unbecoming^ -*s of these colon Take the fairest, creamiest blonde, and vou you change her lovely tints into something greenish and ghastly, by placing them in juxta position with this trying color. A great Jeal ot color in the cheeks may make tea shades a trifle less trying, but even then the wearer wonld look a hundred times better in another color. And again, the blonde hair becomes greenish also from the peculiar shadows auj lights cast upon and over it by the tea hues. Since NUe green was worn, nothing so unbecoming as t- a color has cropped up. let, as I have said, tM* shade Is becoming a favorite with mativ w:>v have hesitated to wear it heretofore, and wh , simply adopt it l?ecaasc of it* durability. Thcri ? is no denying that tea color we,ars well. THE PLtMS AND BLCES. The plums and blues still rapr. So decided an invasion upou the established rules of color took a long time to obtain favor, but. as is always the case when an eccentric mo-If ha* been struggled against, when it dwi succeed it becomes a furrmr. For either house or street wear, a plum colored alpaca, |popliu, or cash mere. with culls, collar (sailor shape) at el side pieces of turquoise blue, makes an extremely pretty dress, and is in high favor this spring. In both bonnets and hats, for misaes. ladies both young and of more advanced age, the plums and blues mingle, and are the preralent combination?that which has obtained the mqst favor amongst the largest number. In cravats for ladies, misses, gentleman, and lads, the plums and blues are the rogue. A new glove Is plum color embroidered with tur quoise blue. In evening dress this combination of colors Is as faahionable as during the winter. The two colors are combined as fvliows: deep plum with turquoise blue, lighter plum with an almost whitish blue, and an almost black plum with a sky bine. Goiset to craoPE. Everybody that I* uot goiug to the Adiron dacks, or to Colorado, Is going to Earepe. Going to Enrope has l>ecome merely a shopping expedition, which to those who know how to do It undoubtedly savesa large part of the expeve. Ladies are beginning to understand by this time in what direction to expend their resouroes so as to get the largest return. Cloth in Lon don: collars, neckties, and gloves in Paris; Irish poplin in Dublin, velvet in Genoa; qatt 4, ckam Itrf in Sevov; needlework in Germany: and or naments in Vienna A vel vet dress and basque; or along polonaise ,a set of point lace, a cloth suit of bottle-green or sailor-bine. an embroidered cashmere costume, a rich black silk suit trim med with real laoe, a real Irish poplin, a set. in cluding jacket, of seal skin, a set of pink coral, and a pearl fan, are the principal items, the "most haves" of every lady's note-book. It mmy be as well to mention that the most convenient costume for a trip to Europe is a black silk skirt and a black cashmere polonaise, belted in with leather, with a mounted pocket attached. This does not catch dust, will brush oft easilv. and Is thoroughly lady-like. It should be handsome, and will then last through an entire trip and home again. The pocket fastens securely, and is most convenient for change and the like. The bolt holds the metal book from which Is suspended small umbrella, eye-gla?s, fan, and a seent bottle. A long linen sack, or water-proof with over-cape, which can be removed at pleas ure, is Indispensable. A DEES* EBCKPTIOW. Heretofore II baa been most difficult for ladies?strangers In New Tork?to obtain a glimpse of really grand toilettes, the latest In design, color, combination, and material. The only course open to them, was to vWt large es tablishments where they saw wtmmm af hetero ~ *t H they i exhibition, select the least geaons costumes on exhibition, select objectionable, or bay material, and to Providence and a strange di mm out any oartain knowledge apon which to I i of the sldillYsyoad that of merely 1 accuracy?with which she per ? task. Tats difficulty to now obria which Is held djv ia Ta of I ? fhhrics of whleh they de led. Polite ladles is solicited. The of the mmm are asMUd smrthlng anon the saw ea-aratESSrasrs find aaot fail EEHia Jexa. ? fifteen to twenty la TELEGRAMS TO THS STAB Tklf ARtrMta1! Dhp?lck?i, ASSOCIATED PRKSS IIKFvn 7*. *em l'i ? _ * w Mnr uinirui. y'w Faithfnll ?*? tl.? giertef Uif Semi* it tfa-ir annual m*et , g yesterday. In a *hort addr*?. ?t,r allied ? X ? "IBe ?eeltog ?<??<?? ?h. h I e frj'hfrc tooi*l in Amrrb-a A rtr.-a.-ll ro rrtk a wui be gi vc V, V t- Ftftwwwn^ d*j next. ratal writ or a w->Tt*a rl(T J??*> MontKtiHitt . agt?I rlt vrn trar- at, * 5 *>'"f 4 bang r," v(rt<nUr,ti the re- - d r?y^of bi* parerts, In Brvoktys. itrMf,4 rtf MMmtffc# IMln< lit night ?.? it. A?n4 t<M ftlal iw???f p y<d IA> cciita a day on ail cUmh ?o< k. and u, ? r.kc if mumd _ _ AI'THN Ktt H , ottllard ch.tmi uuuditp imt ft iky ? ??t,. **^'ranging Maurice l?ah ? I?.on the preoeat eham, .i?a. 1 ' >r' ?? hcforiVn'aJL ?I "f>k2* "??''!? r*AJ*. t ^ W rlT^i0*0^ 1 r"'cU T.a>n w?i be A?*AKuKiikVT? ma A armiK! Tli* employe* * vi the |m irami aalia ma.t* arrangement* l.i*t malni Mr a a?nk? *ho,. .1 ^i^kH ,k-ir 4?*aiaad , r ?i:kt bo?n k(d the fallowing mJ ,1. ? uker*. *3 .%?. tiki lit Iper* ?.< per day. ? a mi i'Vioa At the annual of the M<-Ui<?di*t r% teiaon and Mimionarv So -iet\ la? Bi*hop Sim|?on favored uniting with other.i?.l worn mat ton* her? tor the ,..r|w?e af V7Hrr t'oi'f' 1?"^' Bishop Foster ?|.)kt ui f)i? WHAT ItAPAWR Rm.VR ?AT*. A Washington *pedai announce* a rumor of the engag. mn.r wf Nellie Oram fa. Richard Murphy. hou of cx-Coll< ctor M t BB UflOMlUiK of UKuKi.K WIIL!*'< ITITIt. The Tim*t attilVute* tbtwge Willi** Cartia' ,n* civil mtvic* board to ill health and not fat Uu- belief that Uk wfot m h ..* ki*B abandoned. H(>n? o**tM asp privkiik. A joint mutiny of otnuof trotting boi ???? J*' ?' ""? train.<??' an<t .Irirrr*'amorlatmn was neld laat nigbt. The |>r< mdcut of tlir armii it tion ?tatcd that certain ai hitrarr rule* of tli? national aaKvUtion ha<t in.lucrd the trainer* a?l driver* to form an orranlcatton to prr\ei t encroacbmenta n|ion th?-?r rlfhta. aixl |? t ounhi tberul<*ado|>ted.alre?dv ?|.i.r>.*.-,i by ?(?ward* of altty trainer* and driv.-m and twenty-flve owner* of trotting home*, would no* conflict with the nilee 01 the nation? ciatlon. Jam. t. C. King, indicted for killlngO V. ,|| n Tine atrcet ?un.t time ajmi, 1* verr ill in tl ? Tomh*. and the priaon authoritlea r.nit iap' ?i? ? tiding him to the hospital on blackwcll'a inland. TMK CRtK TKVJ?TKHTMV. The revelation* in the Awwmhly intheKiM Investigation of large anmt. of mone\ oa I t? tfanator* ami At^ inMvni< n at Albany !*? winter for legislation, ha* pnatneed a goo.) deal o aer^anen here. Tlieci nimitt?*e are determ net t ? ascertain, If iiotwible, the uamevol the hi .K J legiflatorn. The leglMative Trie Inveutigafon romm t?. # to^av e*aa.ine.l H. 8. HabeoAc. a director. Il.t ?aid the recent dirkl.-nd *a. .b cUrcl to *h?>w who are the large* owner*; that the r.H-ent ciiange* in the directory were prealuctive <>t good reunite in the liiiancial con.I t,on 01 tii.j road. He wa? oi>i<ow-<l to ?l.-ctaring the .|u - deint. and a |>orti.>n of it wa? paid troin th? proceed* of sa'.-t. of conv. rtihie bond*, n M. Archer tr*ti(lid to ciaking only ab*?t *14 " >-i out of hip freight contrnet in in:.', and -t?t I that he negot.ate<l a loan of *|<in,<ii?i tor tl>^ company to |iay the cun etit e?i>enMr-a th< wet k that the la*t dividciHl nut. declared. In the c??e of the lir e Inv. a'lgat on t.? ; Mr. Archer ex| lamed tbeproj>etof the St.urh Improvement company, by which it <11x411 there war> a comb nation or the Krie. Peiin>\ - \ania Central and Ne* York Central roa.N'<1 control the wipol* oil trad?- 01 \rW York by moaopoli'!ng the oil freight from the oil regions at Uto |n r barrel, of whi '1 tli? propo*td improvt iiK nt company wa* to hid !?? on each barrel. 3i |?r e< nt. wa? to lie ?!i \ ided b* t we? n the Erie and X.-w \ ork Central, whether they tramp the oil not, and ti.o other Peni.MUania mad ?a? to bare th^ oth^r t < I?er cent. Tli- project ?aaone of Mr. Wat it"felithn ll,e ^ri* road, but Henry L. Ante*, formerly in Fi*k*? prlva'n omce. t< -tit). .l that nti .>ne could ever tell from the reeord* to whom money wa? paid for legal ttrk*? at Albany, a* ilte enlrv ?a- ?imi>lv tor 1,5*'?? Otlrtu. i~d, rifxi.non wem paid to ^ m. M. Tweed tor legal aeryict'i. At another time JlO.Tnn were paid Twetd Tlio voucher* continue at irregnlar period* |n |k;o. *bowing that Tweed had a* much monev a* l.o wi?htd whenever he wanted It. FrMm Eaw|tr Taday. THE I AR1.I8T9 PKTKATKD B mk.N P Tmwm. Maukii?, April I?A fore of Carli.t* under the command of the Chieftain Cocula made a.i attack on \ enim, Province of Caatelloti de la Plana. ye?terdnv After a abort contest M.a ImurgeiJt* were deleatod by the republican trooj* ami fled in diaortler from before the W11\ . Additional reinforcement* for th<? Spaniab troopa ia Cnba were aent to that Matt 1 . ?? v_ ?* KI.ova. Notwijfcatawdtag tbc effort* of the anthor. u? ? of Barcelona to prearrve the i?ace in that city, diaordetv haveoevurnd Tte^Jula, * enragtd at the burning 01 Berg a a^oth .V rit.ri^5??U,,?*ct^tbei^"ArliaU. attackm! ae\. r?l 2SSSl^2S?" * ""towly da?n.e',d tl* TBB ctAxs nr*? a Lara I* rim. Lokuoit. April 1?A di*patcb from shanghai announce* the arrival in that city of the Grand Hut Alex;*. TBI DAMUH MIKiaTUV. CornBAGM, April l._The Falketh ng. thtt lower bou*e of the Rigwiad. baa pa**ed a iota minUtrv* m co"h?ience in the l?an -1* flight or a trABiaii rir? ooaarL. .. ***? '?The Spanioh rioe oonvol lia? absconded. tearing a deficit in hi* account* to the amount of To.fioo franca. PHfLAORLl-HTA, April l?liadam. I acr4. the prima donna, la detained in **.?a Citv l.r *enou* illneioat the Colonnade Hoi. I. 7 (Second I>iapafah.) *OT *0 ILL AB BirOKTEIt. rHfLAtoarratA, April l.-Panlute Lacea ?? 1,1 m reported, and w.? able to lea ye ior Baltimore by the noon train. Jew lark tltj (Imrter. Alraut, April 1 ? In the Senate to-da? an | amendment to the New York charter gtviug tl o | mavor power to make all appointment*, an I providing for the continuance ia?Mee*f tl>? counsel of the coriKMation, pwKtf of the ] board of i>o!ice. commia*ioner of puMic work*, | and prt *!dent of public i>ark* wa* cart . l A mot ion to retain Controller Greea wa* r< jt. tt d. irrmc^a KewTobk. April 1? C.-n- ral I>-icr?t. who I commanded at Sedan and Parte daring t i? 1 I ilcfB, iwnrtljr Mated to a carreavoadeat la Pari* that the republic wa* a failure. Tbo only *atetv for France was the restoration of a monarchy or an empire; that she mutt tight agair.. atid that, in hi* opinion. Thier* wo t attempt to prolong hi* term fill his death. The Barlca Exalartog Expe^llisa. \t\t Y<>i:k. April T?Advieeafrom tht I n t *t State* liarien exploring expedition to liarcia 1Mb repnxut the health of the officer* ami men good, and aatietactory pragrem I* being tukde. K vert thing *0 far *eeaw to point t.?war<<a the valler of the Kaplpi a* po^seiiaiug all th? uiaalidcaboos reqaMte for the caoal. a ? Kbw Torr. April I.?A Richmond di?|?at.-h ?ava the owners were ye*terdav ootlUed f rom t%a?faiugtou that the general gorernment has al andontd the suit for the paawaaton at tbo Pietlmont road aa C out-derate |>roperty One and a half million dollars was lnvolvtd ia the ??ill Tbibtob, April uTr *1 has passed buth^li??~. ^t*Mral railraad bill governor ta-dir ami will he aent to tbo

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