Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR Largret CimlatiM ia the Diitriet Eeadir g Mitter on Every P?g? t. r??^H1NGT0N CITY: T? ?MUT , 1W7*. agMiW the ?*??*ary of capital I mi bnient have the fatal defect Uiat they are made on the assumption that this mode of pun est ban been fullj tried. Now the fact is , *t through the tricks and tnibbles ot the lawyer*, tml the difficulty of procuring a con ?i'tJon or of getting the murderer executed alter conviction, the death penalty i? not exe cnted with any uniformity. It is this slip-shod exceptional enforcement of the law that gives encouragement to would-be murderers to be lieve that they will escape, as ?o many other* hare 1-efore them. Where criminal, are made to feel that death will follow ujierrinnlv uion detect,on. they drop the murder bJLLwUM ? precipitation that .how, the efflcIcV of tanging. This was illustrated bv ,he operations of the niibJ , Dy tbe . Ca,l,ornia Vigilance com mittee in 1-ss#, which br the promi.t and in InT?hS.1'nnUh,aent of criminal., put a speedr end to the reign of ruffian*. there PriJTS wl a.m'l ?fthe viKllance committee it n,P?TbIC tofc,D* a m"4*rer in San f ranciaco. It *a> next to impassible to se InLJT f^in thc coort*'#nd b* *?? ?? faw^?T .1^ operations of sharp criminal ? ? convicted murderer was prettv sore to escape hanging. In May of the outraged ritj ztn? of San Francisco, to the n.,m *,x thousand, formed themselves ntoau organization for sell-protection, and ,or he execution ot In two weeks they bug four murderers, and proceeded in the* work of reform with a steadv in cr^S .2^?*" ** ? cowed the r,.? .k classes; and San Frnacisco from g !ho *aunt of thieves and mnrderers, bc inlhe0n* ?! thcJuieUj't ??o,t orderly cities the country. What was true of San Francisco thrir'e? br where mard? bjr going unpunished. Let the mur derers be taught that no tricks of the lawvers Uo? ?f ***" rulers wiM them from swift and certain punishment, and they We t^u?T,hP,baSin^ *" *** >M tn California. We trust that our Atlantic cities have not vet * P? nt mbvTt U,e ?nly protection for is to ?* found in the organic iurl thI,*, committees, but we are pretty I I |,ieW,Wks WOrk bT "ath ?>inmit <- ^ ould efiectually show iheefficacy of hang ?kT^U ** ? disposition on the part of some of 1 irh1, r?id monopoly men of the West to 77 ??' 10 emr- To this the Chi fr,?!r/^ P'ot^ts.on the ground that free-trade men and protectionists should unite at,.i not divide their forces in the assault on thc < * Th* Chic*^ Trihunf. how. c\er. d,clares war on both the railroad nw ? I o^y and the protective monopolv. It in ^ v thet*owrongs be righted together and - that when the ru.lroadslre brought* their milk the Bessemer steelers and their ai at ft "t,>rt'oni,r# "h??l ??? brought to theirs r"7""" "Stakes to ' bjr th* how, through the onerous ? orkingsof the tariff, the we>tern producerT nT f"nU ^bushel /or hlcorn bat sells In New York for cents-all the reat uJlrVlt The a V?U'e'' '0Titd I ^tect somc The acts ot Congres* leryini; these *7"??IK.,?bl.. Tti.'y(To.tuceiwre.etf* j ? ~"?? iate?,W ,o -O ?0 They ?ere mar Us I to build up a vePr tl eir benefit upon the labor of the countrv *-*n t'eJ . Tr*Hn' Urge" the f^^ers to - g.j raight ahead in their war on this inbiuifw " tbi r^^^^-^'-r-of the times l h ' *?nes,jon i? to be the question ?n the tuture: and next to it in importance ami renamed with it. wi? be tK T^r\? A decision of no little" importance to b,sine^ 111.noiT"y ^.die'Breere^^'weer iTvw and "mL^LJa^!BMfnt ?f U,e eirc?" court, j a remanding the cause for further proceed *" ?*** B'^?e held that a mistake TT f4cie CTi'lence of negligen"" and that the burden is on the company to prove' ths contrary. If the company reiles Upo?^" tracts to restrict it* liability H m-,st show a valkt contract, freely entered Into by the sender and for a valuable consideration paid by the' ^k~?-^ed by the Jnder B .t rlnvfr!"?* '~*net wi? not relieve the com pany from grow negligence. Some anonymous falsifier, belonging to the i Crane-Roosevelt gang, sent to a Connecticut paper a communication charging upon Hon. H. h. Starkweather, that as chairman of the House I>istiict committee, he exonerated the Baar-1 ot Public Works when he should bar* 1 condemned them; that he reported and aided the most extravagant appropriations, and that he urged Senators to vote for them. Mr. Starkweather has a letter in the Nor wich BuH'ttm, in which he makes short work of these falsehoods, la fact, Mr. Starkweather's whole course in Congress has been marked by so much dignity and rectitude that there is acarcely a man in public life u(>on whom a charge of acting upon Improper motives would be so little likely to stick. In these credit mo bilier. extra-compensation days, Mr. Stark weather may be Said to be almost exception ally free from taint. The K'yuhlnan thinks an argument can be I round against capital punishment from the fact ! that the man Young, accused of the murder of liahn. in an interview with a Star reporter as serted that be w ituessed the execution of M an ley in Alexandria on Friday. The Republican doe* not seem to be aware that Toung's state ment wa* intended by him to prove an alibi, and show that be was In Alexawlria, and not in Washington, on this same Friday that the mar der of Hahn was committed. In the same con nection, Young asserted that he had uot beeu out ot Alexandria for a week. The sale of the pictures, studies and sketches ot the late -John 7. Kensett, which took plac* in New York last week, brought the enormous ?:im of #127,139, exclusive of the coat of the frames. When it is remembered that of some ??even hundred pictures sold, only about one t 'jndred were carefully finished, characteristic examples ot the artist, this sale mar be classed a- oae of the most remarkable events in thc his tory of art ia this country. ? So Car as we know, only two Of the pictures s*?.d come to Washlngton. A rural lady In getting on the train at the depot, Saturday, was polite encash to knock at thc car door. The brakeman managed to con fort bis visage into a semblance of gravity until he got the door open, and then he precipitately adjvurned. He said Be thought be wou'.d laugh bis head off before ho got through with it /Jambury .VoM. The Danbtry lady was qaite tight Yon should always knock oa entering a saw-mill, a Street car, or a prtnting-ottce. The Portland (Me.) papore have extended re ports of a public dinner given to Hon. John 1-ynch by the citlsens of Portland, Irrespective ?f party. Mr. Lynch, by hiah?ost aad faithful public services, la well ilsoai ilng of such a com pliment, and U speaka well for the Intelligence of the people of his district that they, without regard to party linea, unite te show their appre ciation of these high and somewhat exceptional qualities ia a public man. Oar bright little Philadelphia mintsaki con tinues Its panfent war o? (h? W ?Oaopoliee that Offrta (ho people. 10 U?'s 11', AmericanQoid |7-? Currency ?'?. |2\ New Fivse.. l< . F?r a week past the Wall stroet markets have been dull, erery one a waiting the Treasury programme for April, published yeetenlar. ft waa evidently framed to pot down gold, which creeping up tar tea dan past, bat the effect wa? Jnst the opposite. Gold closed Satur dftyatin. Yesterday morning, after selling at 1161k it advanced to 1H\. then halted fl? a abort time and then bounded opto 1I3?. Money in the meantime waa stringent, lending at 1-16 until 1 o'clock, when it aoVanced to % of one t*r cent. per day. Stock declined, aa also in vestment securities, and great exeKcmeat, . bordering on a panic, prevailed. No fallurea bare yet V?en reported, out unions the excite ment L> checked and tjie market* steadied. ?ome will necessarily occur. Stock speculators who bad been expecting that Secretary Richardson would bene a ly*e amount or legal tenders ia Aprtl const-ued hU programme ** meaning he would not, and therefore began to unload the t-tock which they had been holding. The fact waaclearly developed that the combination 7 ho were manipulating the market waa led bv Jay Gould, who ia the chier director of the ii1? i The firp>Pe<? In premium received ad , dltional strength from large purchase* by those who were compelled to boy coin to make th?ir remiltencea for apriug goods. The Gould com bination was ah<o locking up money. Mercan tile paper waa 12a&t per oeut flcntiltlM.' Jny Cooke & Co. furnish the foUowingto-day: & tWsSaBS ft 6-?'?.itf*?w\ v,! u?-? u u>, ? . _ ,J^*w ffias* Boaan. #?Vwi8-?-?v f tSZ'J9* Mu-p^lan. * Jlv,?...i5S S-Vs^an. h JlT.V?K\ I ? Tl?? MarkeuT ?5S"5SV.,b!d "? ?' piic** "nth*"*'-1- receipt-, very light. torn brm and scarce?white aouth-rn. rtnYl ?in'm ?"u,tj^n- ?? w?*eru. 610?U KrtlS W VL2!. r if . ? M.V !??Stocks simesliat w vj'iJ**"-'; " M ney firm, V to * p?r ce'V andbMiwy *'* * 09vemm?nte dull anVtte^"o.^r|?^~F1JUr iU' ,t- Wheat *U"'t 10 ?>?, m\; new fires, ft. Brie, WV ' * * * iwnriiiL'ri ri 1?' m?Consds and Am?rl<-aa rl< *??'<] tin^hang*!. Kri?v 507-m April 1.?Bonds 95S for the issue of Paxis. April 1. ? Beat** 55 franr?, so centimes. T>TV^ .^ I** rAtr rWlKTT-FOCB UO0S? ? n.?ce^rra?o?eTwr'imM wth#irWM *""W morn w.?rH^.?VaiI Western N<v? Tork hri, m .red -m ,v* T? o'erMaine bevand oar ?tnti<>ns Liubt an 1 frZ* v0r!hJr"f w'j"? clear wither owr'Lsl m.rti^T* 9 ' **"' *'*ht westerly wind* with ?"mheHr^r ?U1 >K Ky w*"*,hp' fr"Ui Hi w'V-rk. At lint r^.. 'J1* h**7 weather from th<> Middle niwmtulll"1' a * V 'V pre?,uro U haT^eV/^rf iiS,!**""'!* arPm "f |,,w barometer Ssr ssisr?to ? ArI .V*1i frL,mrM",r,T'U ,0 ?h' ?. Tenn-ss?e, from. ' f*r this r<*S?ou has been h ard ntTif *?It!Ti*s ?The st.irra renter In the lower dil- ?ni0r? "iuring the rest of T'ie? t, sV.t k r i!,f Tuesday ni*ht from N-w York Li?tk i Carolina. Fttr the eastern Gulf >-tatHn and nUn For i br'"k- w'lh clou I ?Lriflw ? or ?..ntl? Atlantic ?t Ate* -?outh^a??t wiudi l ^ iweit% Wit?1 Areitfwinif w. ^tlmr fol F r 'he M.d"le Vt E:i?f>nd uu.l Tu^,^ e'TnV. fdl.'w'f bTe'i^ri.^'/ud ' g;SfKS' ?5 ssa^fcw.rsj lakes inrrt asin^ northeast wir^ls barkiuz to n. nk ?,W7'r "Vp, o? La?. northerly winds ^Tir^t fro,n ,h?" upper /?ke? the : " 'II stations to the w iiward ( antionsry n<r;,|. continue sf M .h.le, N?w Or !r*S'#Chtaf?? Miiwaukee. Tole.1 ,, ind sTe o^' Riiffll Grand Haven. D- ?r .it, Clereland Norfolk*, t'harlestoo, Wihianc'on, and J: fiVi3 i.%rK fflssesKi?,s2c?s? jlUNTHLY MEKT1NQ i-iif thi* JKe^ CALKpoNIAN CLUB Will LMJ iJ.i.; ftjfwrvi. O^LKW^joilhao.l 1 CO., Mr JOHKW M 4nTiVH1'^^,Tox? April 1,1?T^ <>ur fitm fri^u*iiiadate " a menj,? r "f _ L1WI8 JOHNSON * C?? jr^?t0LLE0ToB s orrlcr; vr. District or CoLMgr*, Tjjrkom i, nay rZZ?1**10*' M*rch ?? ^^,~rt?^L.K,A^ HOOAN, Jr., Purcl.^ed MM 5f re.*! of .'he Dis t'i?*ofKl'SSThT.*? 1V**'? f re,!IheDiT O^lolir U dn','*??. held br me si'a.-ot'asj'a "si's.nb^wss'fc; I tk-Jm#, J? * Protented for Qoo pjirm-nf ?/ notify th? public thftt *fiid c<?rtiflriitr.i ri- ffijinr "gV31 Collector. O* lSnVm VT wn^.' ,ABLB AT HA* ?^?5ui1ir^'<ssrss -1"31 ?* SAM'L Q. TOCHQ. 8*c'r. ^?TOLMU m*ms; CHKISTIAJT A8SOCIA "jill MADniO BOOM-Ootrp. We*k?v, Stem ^rftc^ssfrat^Tr? 5>s te JJi/TiiTtiJJ. KoireLKS^*^ f '?r* i8?Ji?ATe m TS^k " w o'clock; at Theater |T^?MOTICK TO PBODUCB DBALKB87 "^rjons sellingprndncTta the M .rthern Market a>ua( procure their Liceneea at the Register's otfice P BuUd<*?' ** street, hstween ix?isr!isxrar&c ?<???. ?? - u fat v*n?" *eUln* fl*h wtn ?ntject to the sun) reg? .4$3s?!r;sr.""" ""???" ?? Br order of the CominiKsioners ~*>td g. McFABLAK. Market Master. ?*- W. H. BABBBTT, J?Uih5S2! ** Mo-1<M ? atr^t north wMt^oor ft-^BOSADALIS ! U^.,_ HuMTsvrtrt, At*., Msreh JJ, 1969. , CtsiJ?si(s.-For two years I waa a sufferer with Inflammatory Bheumatiam. Darin* that time I took various remedies that prufeaaed to cure the dis but with ao success. About six montm a*o, Roeaiialis uaa recommended to me by my nhrsi ciaiv I took it aa prescribed. and the result is eery satisfaetory. Besides my own. I know many other casea in which the Bosadalis has proved nKeeasful Teurstruly, j Oit*A*. Poet master at Hiunsv ille. Ala, [Eztrart/rom I'ttrrtftH* wr *f/r#a, 4. f Wkft . ? J**! Oaie. l , . In conclusion, I can say Roaadalia u ^ ?!ii: ?od p?ria? *? ??**, Without doubt. ma.??br i.A CALYIBTrOBD, D,&wil lltf PfOMFlvADifeftfeme. LlDlir worth while to aee a physSciaa ateutTt, matin BBV DBDO Be. list Pmutivi Vi ? BOTICB TO TAX-PAY1 rftWiwinl LrfytolaMre Metricta iarM^SlBS.'3 WASHINGTON, D. C Much 10,1973, _ Boom* No. 330 4& Strut Vomwur. I? eomaMaoaa with section 34, act approved Aa n*H,Wl,>W Board of Appeals will contiau* is ?* thsir room* and at the hoar* lisigasli I *T"J DAT,***ft Sundays, for thirty daysfr.m this date, after which do appeal from the g?oer*J jor tha ftacai^ year 1373-1474 caa he rs cetved By order of the Board of Appeals. marlO lm ?. r. M. FAEHTZ/Becretary. DE> ELOPINO CIRCLE at 41& 8th street at 9 P-1'-April 1. Adnmsiou?Gen<leni?n. 50 cents; i,srtre*, Mil-Ms. MRS A. E. CUTTER. " Mcdinm J^PRING STYLES. DIAGONAL COATS,with VESTS to match,-m r;s' Colors, Light Cassimere PANT ALOONS, Silts for (K Our mm tuannf ?rtnre. . NOAH WALKER A CO.. _ 611 Pennsylvania avenue. ( ^ABKIAOESI U ABB I AG ES tF V> CARRIAGES!!! On hand, a full assortment of first class FamHy f airiages, embracing ?everal Hue Vicio- . T.CJ. ria-, and other opt n Carnages, at re?? ?aQSKJ^9l able mice*. Alsn, a lare<> number of P ? w ny Phaeton*. with or without rumble double and single. A verv handsome one on"C"pprings Repairing promptly attended to. _ BOB T H GRAHAM. , ??** R po^itory and Factory, _?? * 410-414 8th ?tr-">t northwest. <* OPENING OF FRENCH PATTERN' BONNETS Ay I) 110 [WD HATS, PARISIAN NOVELTIES. RIBBONS AND STRAW GOODS, i FRENCH FLOWERS AND LACES, THURSDAY AND I BIDA V, Ai-kil 3t?*xa4rH MRS. M. J. HL JIT, fe'il D STREET NORTHWEST. ITNITED STATES PATENT OrFICB~ ~ *A .. * ASHi.xorojf, D. C., March 28th, 1373 On the petitioa of THADDEIS SELLEtK, or ?? .T.P. - i,n?n -??" y i ng for tlie extendi,.a of a Pident granted to him on the 5th day of July, imm far an improvement in Protecting Surface, of Arti 9i of ir.>n: th* in the case beeloeed ?r1J"y n?*Mhat the time for flling " ? ?I'dBiaminer's report be limited to ths I.tth day of June next, and that said Del it ion be heard on the 19th day of June next. I Any person may oppose this extension. I M. D. LEGGETT, Commissioner. pROPOSALS FOB STATIONERY! ~~ DfPAKT*ENT or THE IVTFRIOR, I .V*9IS1*P?' !> c ? 31,1^3 s I ropocals for furnishiog such articles of Station TLi-r?iuired fur this Department mil the bareans ami offices thereof, during the fiscal vear en u.g June 30 1*74, will be received until 1U o'clock m. THURSDAY, May 1.MIS. B J"*? ?J-'t be signed f?y the individual or nrn making it, and be accompanied by a satisfactory gu traatee that the bidder will execute a contract, W1 h go<sl and sufficient bonds, if h's bid is accepted !?.,V . arUclos. lf0 bid will be considered wn notit such guarantee. All article* are to be of th? be* quali I I s?*i T'M.**5 rt?gairt*d in nil ca?A?. Kach hidJer and^The p'"'*'1 ^ ,he UM,UU "f Bend, with approved ?ecurlty, will t>e ronnlred of the party to whom the contractor any part of it ma i be awarded. ' ? i?u f*il,,r?'to furnish anr article in a reasonable time after being order.-.!, the right is reserved of piircba?ing in opea market.,>r of declaring the con and if a greater price than the con i!f Psi(,,f"r such artictos. the difference >a' ,^cli?r*"d to the cutractor. will he con ?. ? ?.Un?b feafh't'1"' separate^. S. h-dules contaln IK* 1,1 ? "i?' t<'gether with iteius and '?stiuated quautitie,, of articles needed. Mud full |n rorriation in accordance with this advenisement, will be furnished on application. r.-iitracts will only b?awarded to e?tabli?lu>d man Lers' OT dealers in the articles. ?ii iM .?.rtlrary th?- right to reject au> or all bids that may be offered. Proposals mii!.t be a l,lr-sse| to the Secretary of the liitttrior.and einloi-?<i "Proposals f.?r S'-?ti on el2;i , COLUMBIA DELANO. arl 2awlbt Secretair. :*nd see the "VIS ^ T A t.AS Bl RN EB;" iM'xen jets of gas: same lamps, but no chimneys; splendid liget; at RICH KY'S Stove Store, ^1 ^ 7th street northwest. ?HOLSEKKEPERS Fitting cut or replenishing with Q* CHINA, OLASSWAIIE. 1 BOCKERY, and U'lH^rrjjf BM W Nj*4 jll^Udd F? noV? H ain . (jJENUINK LYONS BLACK BILKS. have just added to our Mock a full assortment of tho haai mahea uf LYONS BLACK SILKS, and ,hem toourcustom Vt ?? b?*t and cheapest Silks in thiacity. Prices ?2 50 and M2.75 per yard. per^ard 81LK8, at |1 and $1 25 ?'SSj'AT*- r,,,,rl? ca8h????, >> n _ , .3. rnA' A*54S?k. - 31 * Between 9th and HHh streets. [\EW GOODS. XJBW STYLES. JC ST BECEIYED. OCR SPRING BTOt'K OF DltOf GOODS AND CARPKTINGS, of the latest pr.sluctions OQ thjjl mnd othftr #f the Atlantic, which wMI be open for inspection TUESDAY, APRIL 1, IST3. | other oica goods, too numerous to mention. ,b?H a^o exhibit a fall au4 entirely new stuck CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, and MATTINGS. English Tapestry, Brussels in handsome patterns, the vera choices* Ingrains, Oil (.'loths <yf newest de signs, Straw Matting, very fair, at 15 cents. Our variety ia either branches, Dry Goods and Carpets, is superior to any south of New York, and at all times to sell cheaper than any hotue We Invite the public in general to inspect our * goods and prices before pare hating elsewhere. WOOLFORD * SHILBlRG, 4JI7 TrH STREET, Between Dan<i I,southwest. "-31 3111 aOTTllK ARCADE ^UPREME COURT OF THE DlSTRICT~OF FoaassT vs. Foaatst et al.-No. 3J16, Equity , Docket U. This cause has been referred to me as special au ditor to take proof and state aa account of and coa cerning the matters and things in the plaintiff's bill mentioned and contained. Creditors and all parties interested are hereby notified to appear before me, ?^ - ? DN-MDAY^ nJlJt WA ? the premises. o& WEDNESDAY 9l72^IP?e^.,,, Toun*'* Law Building. ALTEB 8. COX. Special Auditor. lOn T0N8 HAY, ? 1 u" 4,000 BUSHELS OATS, Arriving. For sale at low pneee. DelivertU at Baltii?vr? and Ohio Railroad Depot LtMiDO* * CO.. **9 9th street, opposite Center Market. |) A N G 0 B LATHS. " ATTENTION, LUMBERMEN AND PLA8T1B _}. "aloadlM another cargo of LATHS, which 1 will sell lew for rash or good eaner WM. GU1N AND, foot 3d street Southeast, aad aiso g?l Loulsiaaa avenue. THE SPB1NG TBBM of the MISSBS OS BO BBS'S BOABDING AND DAT SOHOOL ^rJ..,C0^r?C' }**! 9t* M< corner loth yarticalar attent.oaj^ven >to OUR BOYS' DEPARTMENT. BOYS' tPRINO SUITS, BOYS' SCHOOL SUITS. BOYS' LIGHT SUITS, BOYS' DNBSS SHITS, BOYS' DABK SUITS. BOYS' MIXID SUITS, BOYS' riVB SUITS, BOYS' PLAIN SUITS BOYS' CHEAP SUITS. rSZ?,a5JLrMUIe **OCK 18 LABQM AMD COMFLMTM, AMD OVA. A8MOMTMENT FID MM THAtt MY MM DMFOM* HABLS BKOTHBXtS, FASHIONABLB TAILOBS, OmnTrgmUmnn. w, ^.P^^Tatj^i-vsgai wUlh*^ady>raae*T. Ihe Uheral FHaaag^hHl^ff WANTS. W A NTED?A good WOMAN Vmi ....IP0-' lnn9t '* rKonneadfd. Appty ?t 1340 1 ?irM. corner Ifk. al 3f \v ARIIID-a good M1LLIN KB. UiiW <wm V "Wh*givsn. Apply at LOUIS'. 7 7 Bridge ?trw?. Georgetown. It" W ANTED?By ? JI'I.UJ Girl, ? SITUATIONTo ^OMWMik Mill?rw. Apply at WO, corner M mud H Wr?<<? northwest. It* ANTKD-A fomyti-at DRUG AlID PB SCRIPT ION CLEBK. corner of Verw '"W?m K street northwest. li PBS ?raMk . U' ANTED-A K<xx1 ftAKBKB, at No. 13()i ,cor *' ner r>f UtklodO afreets. Island. Steadt ra). ploymewt. u? **? *??? nonfci^ m"A*'rlSH It" \V ANTED?A good in* Coats eari Pa Wi street northwest. tVAirttb-Arra^Wlb^ i?h Girl dwir^ I ? SlTUATIOW m wiv mad chambarmaid. Ad drr?s? "||. A. B," Star office. It* VVANTED?A BOY, to attend Store. Miiat be ' " Able to read and write, and thoroughly honest. Applv at 10.1? 7th street northwest. It* AMTBD?A SITUATION by a siugle Man nnderstanda the rare of Horse* and Milking. Sstisfactory referent e. Address "C.,"' Star of fice; al St" ^M/ANTED?Large-size MEN, to werk on a Bail 's road. Apply between 9 and It o'clock no Thursday, Aprils, to OA NTZ A APPLEMAN.No. | 309 llth street aorthwest. al Jt* WANTED? A CHAM BEl(M A ID aud >-K\ir STBKSS who can operate a 8??ring Machine. I Apply at No. AO I street, between 1st And N >rlh I Cspitol streets. al It" WANT KI>-A SITUATION. a. Sewm^trei*. vv Nurse oi Housemaid. Applv at Na I rftO L stre?t noitliwest f?,r Mrs. 8. K HEM., at Mrs. Al fred Cook'a. Good references given. al ;st* W~ANTE D^AWhit<e~S K R V A NT, to do ge rw^Tl 77 Housework !n a famtU of two persons. Must bring r* fvrences. Apply at 7ft01 W.U itw?t,c'ir nor of P. | al 2t* \\r ANTED?Immediately?A single MAN. who '? understands perfectly Farming and Garden ing. two nnlt? shot e Ueorjctuiru. Inquire at Teu nall> town ToU Gate. sl2t^ I WANTED-ByToTrrasn Lady,a SITUATION * ' *e ? H. to-,-keeper or Ciiaiul??rniaid in a pri vate family. B'-t of references giren. Inquire at 11 '29 F street, near Sth. al 3t" W' AN TED-A few good CANVAS6RBS f >r City 7v and Country. A chance to make money. Call at 17 39 U street northwe?t, betwtv^l aud (J o'clock p. m. al 2t* \v A NTED?Bran American Ladjr, middle-ag.-d, 77 a SITC AT ION to take charge of an Invalid or Child. Would pr?ft-r to travel. Good references given. Call on or address "Mrs. M. L. B., ' 4l6 C street southeast, Washington, B. C. sl-eoJt* %^"ANTED?A WOMAN, for general Housework 7 ' Muni Ih* ? firtl-c ?Mt wuhar and irotier; mid die-aged, and Catholic preferred; wajre, (JiS per m<>ntu. Call at No. IT Liugaii street, George town. al St* \\f ANTED?By a respectable White Girl, a SIT 7v UATIOM a-, Seamstress in a private family, or as operator, who can furnish h?-r owu Sowing Machine if needed. Appl) at 110"S 19th street, be tween L and M. it" wr ANTED?A Lad* and DlugUt-r denire a El'B *? N1SHED IltJUSE to t?ke charge of during the Summ-ror longer. A moderate sum woull also be paid it reunited. No cooking done in the bouse. (*nex< eptioualile refeiences given. Addr?**"Mis. Y. K.t' Star office. al 2t" WANTED?Immediately?At No. 1100 E street " northwest, a YOI TH. of 14 or 2u. ? ho nud-r stand- hon^work and driving. Also, a g.wwl COOK . WASIIEK and IBONKB. N me need apply but th<iei- wb < can give good referouce. Colored S-r vnnls preferred. al 2t" WTANTE1>-A ruU blooded SCttTCH TEKHIKR " Pf P. Addreas Y. S.. Star ollic*. mil .? WANTED?A GIKL to do the work of ? stnal I family; No. 639 Maryland avenne. m312l* V^7ANTED?A SEBVANT to do cooking snd " chaiaberwork. Mast be well reconi'ii'-nd-d. Apply at No. 1533 14th street, near P. nal-St" WrANT**>-A NCBSK and CHAMBEBMAID 7 7 Must come recomnieuded. Apply northsmt cornet tfth ani H streets. > m31-2t* WANTED?By a respectable WHITS WOMAN ?7 a SITUATION a? first-class cook in a re?iiaii r;mt. Apply at No. 910 3d street,between I and K streets. m31-3t* WTANTED-ONE THOUSAND DOLLABS for 77 one year on eliatt, I mortgage. Address, with real name and rate of interest,D. B. W., 330 t'i street northwest. m3rsi" VVA^TKD?Eive,ji ( I0AR MAKKBSani 77 one (1 > A PP BEN TICK BoY. Apply linnedi ately at JOSEPH A BBOS., 30b t* ,tre-t s,.nth wi-st. niSl 2t* W'ASTED-A resp<,table WHITE (ilBLl.TdTi 77 chamber work and take car>-of cb'ldren. Ap ply. with recommendations, at No. 7 33 1Kb stre.-t non hwest. m3! -2t * nTANTED?Iuim<-diately?A conip'tent C?)L OKED WOMAN as house aerrant and nurse. References reqnirtd. Apply 9i<6 17th street, corner <?f K m3l-2t" W' ANTED-A young French girl would like to 7 7 tind a family to go to Europe with as LADY'S MAID or LADY SCOMPANION. Is very highly recommended. H. L., Evening Star office, mjl 3t" \V* ANTED?Bv a responsible party, tiring in the 77 i ountry, a HOIISK to keep during the coming summer. Will pay for the keeping for the u?" of bim for pleasure. Iminire at Boom A9, Post Office Departments m3l 3t* WANTED?At 1334 T street, a first-class MKAT, VEGETABLE and PASTRY COOK. Good wages and steady employment. None but thoac competent need apply. The best of reference respired. m31-H* ANTED?A WET Nl'RSK, at dl? 13th street between E andjl^ ln?-'? \J^f AVTXV?A flrsUrate experienced COOK, well 77 recommended. at 1X10 F street. ml?-3t" Wf ANTKD-A wkt NUBSE,at dl? 12th street, 7 7 between E and F. m29 3t* WrANTKD-A SEBVANT who can cook, wa~h 77 and iron; settled woman preferred; most have good recommendatioua. 1006 M street north west. ma 3t* WANTED? A llivt class WAITER for a re-tan rant. Good reference* reuuired. G>?id wages and permanent situation. Apply CHA8. KLOTZ, G street, near 17th northwest. m29-3t* WANTED?At a moderate rent, a HOUSE con 7 7 taining about 10 or 11 rooms, between loth and 1Mb streets and Penn>ylvHniaaTenne and G street. Inquire at W. F. GEBHART'S, corner 13^ and I streets. m29-3t* WANTED?A SEBYANT to wash and iron and do general housework, at #07 L street north, between 8th and 9th. m27 f preferred: good wages ziTen; ref . Apply lira. LEWIS BAlLEY, or addreas through Post m27 WANTED?OBDEB8 for every description of fine stitching reeelvsd at the Wheeler A Wil son Office, 461 Pennsylvania avenue. mKIt* \|/ANTED? A MAN acquainted with general 77 farm work and used to taking care or stock; one with a family preferred^ ^ erences required. A] " Bailey's Crosa Roads, ,?.,ur auuross inrounn r? Office, Washington, P. C. ni25-lw* WANTED-LADIKStotak ' noticethai Madame ? D. B. MAI80N, of New York, has opened her Millinery parlors, at No. 413 13th atreet north weat. m24-lM* WANTED-A WET NURSE. Apply at B0?L 77 street northweat, between 8th and 9th streets. BJ Im" WANTED? Avery one to know that the VICTOR SEWING MACHINE has its tutdU ulf ttt (tag: the moat perfect shuttle In use, resting In a cradle; needle bar and worka of ateel. Agency. 4ttV Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mme. Don onset's Pattern Emporium. _ aogan ly T. W. 8PICEB, Agent. WANTBD? Everybody la favor of thoroughly cleaned Carpets, almost as bright aa new, to send orders to L. BICE, at the Steam Carpet Beating Works, Maine avenue, bet. 4H and 4th sts. aprlS-ly LOST ANdToUNP. LOST?On Monday, 31st ?>f March, a black leather POCKET BOOK, with from $ 13 to 8JU, and a note, in the Patent Office, or on>F, between 7th and 9tb kta. The Under will be liberally rewarded bv re turning the same to 1331 G street, or Patent Office,

to BORROWS KING. ] al 2t* Cj C RBWABD?Lost, a very small black and tan DOG, yesterday; had on red leather^ collar, fastened with patent brass l<K-k^ answer* to the uume "Tip."' and rutin with- ? left bind leg In the air; hair rubbed off left haanch Call at Boom U&, Fourth Auditor's office. Treasury. If WM. F. STIDHAM. LOST?On Monday morning, from C< to 13th streets, on F street, a small GOLD BROOCH, with a coral a ribbon. The finder will please return to lt(S7 New York avenue. m31-3i* '?'HE BROKEN BBACELET lost Saturday eve 1 ning at Bubenstein'a concert was fotiud, aud can be had by calling at B19 Delaware avenn* iwrtJifcwt. m3l-2f -- .1 OST?On the evening of Friday, the 24th last tint, while roiLg from 9tn and I streets to llth aud 1, and from there to urh and G streets, a gold enam elled BREASTPIN, with pearla in the center The Under will receive a liberal reward by returning the same to 933 H street. > m312t* Ol H REWARD?Lost, on Sunday, March 23d, ?1W on Maaaachnsetts avenue or 14th street to the Boundary, or 1 street, between 13th and 1Mb, a brown MINK EUR COLLARET. The finder will receive the above reward by leaving it at 446 I street, between 4th and flth, northwest- n?31-St" LOST?From the residence of the owner, 103 D street, between 1st and Jd, northwest,_ % a light briudle BULL TERRIER BITCH^S^L with tin of tail and feet white. A liberal-^' ? rea ard will be paid to the finder. n>g-4t" V OST?On the 1st ot March, an ? street, between Li 10th and Id streets northwest, a RUBY RING, with two pearla. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to Mo. 66V M street northwest. m7 I OST?On the 19th, between 4K and Li L streets, a pair of EYE GLASS! m awl 7th and E?*d frame. A liberal reward will 1 if returned to 4TB 0 street northwest wbere_be will continue the BOOT and SHOE bnauMM, and offers graft inducsaaanfts to HA BA9H ?IROIHIA PEANUTS. ? "*" Just received and 'or sale hy 3NO. W. LUM8DON A CO., n-2Ht 80S9th street, opp jatte Center Market. f lMEl LIMB I LIME 1 jsejssfscss*'" ??*?"<<???'? .... THOMAS F&HIT. WkwM, near La.avenue, northwsat. r FOB RENT AND SALE. ?$!TJ**? PBOKT RO..M over ? i.. Si>.!! ?Sk! ?*?* of Ibf Bepublir Inquire at the Bark. wont h went comer of Mb arid Data. al fw fc"!-**?"' -* HO0S?,with.U brt,MI ?'t mad #ih, M.urhvMt Inquire next dour. al ** FwT,?L?& Ik00K ?"Pabl* ft r of 14""" DfC? 8,ore ?*? ?i-a l/OR BFI^T ? BOOM8 I 'or business purp<?e?. in ? ?J S9d ?trwt,ittt fbpfr Bion'h. |(? P?fcTT.^k^tothr ?i!pv K,>OM"' Stable Aw and water K?PW4 northeast. gas "\J"V.,IV1? ??? "k* juh: no. 1 R itrw. K-nt in ad\ance. Appl> at IStfO tv iirwc, | ? - - V un,v ? BWl B?. "fvfii r x>ni?. am front and hark ynrds, < am K'S.LH!rn,L?.?** OktuniiM BOOM.-. * "ih Board, or will let the Kitchen a?t Piain* L'u^T SYJ1*0** pin*v B?-fer?nce? required. Ap ?t *1* E street north we*. al Ji* F?B ?*W?-;A i?* HOrSK, with store, 272 Mk alley ami O ?trr?rbff?-'ii 1^?' oorthw^.^Wr I K(HOr?KTNThITf.""f1 BRICK ; * inn me. No ?*10 V*h ?tr.*et northwest. he Hand I Inquire ??ai tftU street, between ! pOR RFNT-Two fNFl'RNISBKD PARLORS, *?. T* tbr<* ?r '????? r.?oms on aeernd with *? ?f ^ ??? W" str>-et ???rrh " "t?T , It* K?iwo^I:.t;'r,wl l?"I if nil r located BI'ILP j ? 1>0 LOTS on th<? north?*%*t corner of I7ih an*i I I,?? *', n"?hweM; a.,nare 19>. F. GASCB 'T', *tret?t northwest. al 2*~ K?iM^iiaNr7J'vo "r. thr-e P0BNISIIIP ! kLJROOM?< *<th ^ *?cheD, if d?ired; ban k^L?^?!^J,:1 O Apply at *Oi Market ? fc l*oom No. 9. third al 21* F?i?.mmN n mn,1n rAKI "H ??<< RKP rnnilu BALL Room and B \? K ? J,1,0-Prr TO..B, xuitaM" for ir^VL"' P?unajJ%auia atcaiif, ?>ot* -n 4* at?d bth Mn-Ki. al .ti* i l^oh 8ALK-8ev< ral ii-?t IIOCSCS. witli b?IU "BdTprat'duh^.delitfhtfally lo. at?M. north?vjj -njnll f*?h payment; balance niotitlilF , W W. MSTCALK. H-al K?tate Brok^r, wpl 3m corntr 15th ?tr??<?t and N.'w York av?>. F?J* 8J1?E?E-itirt* POrVRE OK OROUN'd". a "V>I, and 7th and F struts nortu t,H?s.c"ri!'.'*,r,*nd..on T'r.v ?"rra?. J AMES F. RtJS.>KI.L A CO., Wo. 7 41 13th afreet north Uf*t- a! lot* Fr?.KA^v LE?('i>"?P, two ot * . ~1 GARBED LAN D 1111 montowu. on G<k*<1 Hoda ?a)?>?ut a Qnarter of a mile front l.tidtfe. Call at 43V 7th D *i'<l K strew*. W-otf, niiaoi), D. C. h1 V* F?l{uVS*5?Tv.Th w' BltlCK * D^KLLINO, Mo. 6^0 ?ih ?tr~-t northw??t. iw.T-^5 *nd O ?tr.>et-, alao. for aale, HHICK HOI 8K urar the corner t| Jd and B vtreeta north upply lo J F" WOLLARP N >. 7 10 Pwtreet northwest. al-M* KH.r v^V^rAV ,?L8yr VKK N" ?? ?nnd-.l . i,n LVi?i. "J ^' *"<1 Maa?itcUn?ett* av rn!!ii r 101 ll *''d nth ?teeta < a?t, improved by two ?nii o?!JrJ22re*a*nd. ,,ab,'': *?""?. fruit ( apitof>tre?h!fMo. lW. C?r"er F?*RvyiL?~"Ul)l.?* LOT8 NBAK MT I'LIAS kTi 1 ?, L~ rorribKlf ^tT to euht acre*, will b. ?jdd at reasonal.le rates and on eaay (trtna. Ivh LViJ1?" "Ip1ui ^or dwelling-house and Iruit. and ve^-tablee; within a few minnte, walk ftoni M )ntit Pleasant omnibna. and tw<-ntv - .?h,. ?te" Ta,k f^on' B-wJ^ry. Healthy lo cality, pb aeaut rural aurrottndinir>. and exrnll-nt Jo'ilN'TORK flit''*fr?ntage? Apply to T^urT Bunito?.^ ?f C"ni"U<" Jner of.Cp'MmT" L^OR RENT?Newly-furmobed ROOMS on second ...? "1^ lot ??!? w'th all the modera improve Mentw,at d31 C at.a.e ; rent moderate. mil Ji* RFNT-Two nnfurnuhed ROOMS. anitabTe T t,ftll?#'?t 010 9th street, opposite Pat. at """"? m31-3t* CVjR RENT?Pine, large t>ToRK on north side of ?n J*"'? ??eno*. Iu jaire ou premif-s Jf o. n^at 3d street wewt. m31 3t* FSKSF?Nr^r,ir?^,,l'i P\RL?BS and B K P ? B?0M8, from *4to .?$ and f|?t each, at 3U Penn?)l<M<ta ave.,Iwt. 3d and sts. nai-3t' I m il Si* ^' !?<?r^iKFTSl?" *'?ht, ni'"* *"'1 ten-roo.-n S rHVPmaw ,*..^Lg"!n i>M M the office ..f I, p. CIIAPMAN. 11th <tt??f. N and O^n.w. n>31 It F?fK,^i>L?~T?;,-PAKLOR!<' fr""t ?"?! bark, * furnished f on 2?1 floor, at low hgure*, No. Ill P?*nn. ay<>., opp^jtf* B "tanical Garden. nt31 :z" F5E,l1T.r!>r"i,te4 PA BLOBS, *ith board, ? " Grant Place, bet ween 9th and lu;h streets. m.-d ?? I^OB BENT?A tw-o-storv HOCSK, complet^y * furm-h.d, aitoated at 406 1st street south-a-<t corner 1st and V street*. Apply uext door i?r "1^ m>l 31* F?,*ACr'.'"L' th'eo BOOMS, nirfar i ni?h*d being the id fl.n.r of tbrL-e story Brick f, - h .fT* B."rthwe,,i between M aud N, snitabl^ for houwkeepuig; rent low. m31 St* Flnu?nTtiila_^ neat, sii ro-ui rreasvd bri. k ELLING, water and g*s: No. 1 .> 4 nth st D??i;,1h?"?.. M lT> HOLT/MAN m3J ? Attorney at Law, 401 7th st.,cor. P. n.w. F(iR HOL'SKS. fonr rooms each. "*???. 1 street,near 23d,one aquare aouth of PtiDnm Ivania tvenof; rent, A12 in-r month id advance. A??ly to N. T. ikLAT.Vuro' lure and StoTe Store, ?.114 I street. mi? St* FS'K f?5iSf2lu,t ??>f?rnishf?l c>mmunicat ? ,,n -?rm? J??t H Kh- V"l b*"' #I"1 w*,er c,? d?1s 303^TtJ'rIii?,r" ^P -treet cam Jvr ?5*?! Capitol ?tivet, corner id, two a?i nare? ea?t of Capitol gronndg. mJl Jt? F1rill^?1~A suit of BOOMS, uicely famloh^d, rtr?H northweat* flrSt ?f Apri1' ?tm*94? i F?i?onsi *iu'oiTV'1.", bdwelling TH0HM.PN8o'yNr9 iMhst^"^- ln"nif? . ?J??** F??i BENT?Three i^coud story ROOMS can 1/ and water. Also, Saloon Parlor.rnnfnrnlshed I nortHiwesf.** * Uf t>"l<'rw'*e? Mo. TMlSgJKU fl'OB BBNT?Pleasant, comoiodiotu EOOM8for dimmer, fnminhrd or onfuriiiahad, with a pri vm,ttJ*nfn r;,a~ bath room, Ac. Apply at ^3? Rhode Island avenue. mJ9 ** O? SALB?HOl'SEb at SUOJIUU, Sujjuu L%j??i 13^UO, 12,(M>. ?JTO, JJlf 1UJU^ ' UMU' TliOS. I. WAGOAMAM, "*? * No. H9 7th ?r%it. FVJomViV? ,OW\ ,be? ?w"OD<1 ar>d third * FLOOB, VI9 PeiiUhylvania arenas* atiitahU* foralii^it uanufactaring business, or Dreas Mak jp: mg-at FVi4 two-story BB1CK HOUSE J" street, between H wd 1st.! northwest, Mo. 811: water and tra* Bent ner K? Mo^lVoth'ENTWISLEfHoJI^ Agent, Ho. 9J1 loth street nortkweat. m29-e?3t * F'^Nf^Ml'/r-00?18, '^mted aa follow*; v , iu d L "7rw,t northweat; lo rooms. No' 1'JfR ??n.U/yl afl,* *Tenue nortAweat; 14 room*. ho. i^to Mar) laud avenue southwest 9 room* Ten on T street, between 14th and 1Mb: ? rooms ' APP'> to JOS. Pulley! - * No. PABL0B and 5 ?*DTOoM,ao?*iu;icating.bath room on same w'j. Also, elegantly-furnished B <1 rooms: will be bShO?^ T?r> r???'5?bleterm^ half aon^fk^ JMith Ihies of cars,and one from Gapitol. 433 North Capitol street, between B aud C. f?0B SALE Three I oi*LUi?L* BUILDIXG LOTS. l?h li'? emM Htde of lith stre??t, near iri?'i *? f**J ? inchei b> 1#) f(*? "K h. nnV?^T2i05 . wrT.t' ?rtween 13th and Utb ats P.?. * . : U.''.I1 J* ,lu fert each, being on north of >?h St. Terms. Oue tourtb caah; balance in 1, J, aud S year*. n 28 lw ecrner 15th afreet and New Yorlk ave. F^OB BENT?Three suites of BOOMS, three rooms each; furnished or unfurnish*!; at 1194U m ?i?rTrtM of 0 D BARKKTT, FViil B.EMT-KOO>!S' tami-hed for hous-keea * ing;. bath-rotm, closets, Ac. Apply at llll S ittSST. el' bt"Wet'U 9th ?ud ^Tlnd^pjid ir. front and back yards; hotnte* completely flnis&ed. u27-2w Northeast corner N. T. ave. and lJtlj it I Chronicle, Bepubllcan, tf.) FI*OB SALE?A haudsome 6-room HOUSE, with ?<>od yard; in an excellent location. Inquire at ?wS- Jl0t^ f l ao<1 E sts. northwest, b< twceu j and I o'clock in the evening. mv i^? I^OB RENT-Two communicating BOOMS,.? id floor, newly furnished; single or doubts- with or without feoARP. Mo. 7^4 ?th street, between G and H, northwest. "t*?-*t* 1?0B BALI-TWO PIBCBS OP LAND, near Ar hngton: about one quartor of a mile ftoa the A<tuvduct bridge. One contains 9 and the other 1 acres: improved by tvao small franc hnnsra ialj, SwiAc?B Wa, a.. wir^.r. vi"?" '??? inches front by 10i 6 turtles to AHejr. A rare opportunity for m. ?ay" F?&pi!iii:?2ZS& sa-satvss; Sssfsfs-^-?? trobe and Kuii idea bath ai d store rooaM It !??. gga^aTjirB tigfc?ayir.ti; sss-^KSiv6 ?asgffl reaj5g^'i!w,.';.. Mm HMCst kltehen. Mw. Mnmaa -+T?, _i?r' K'ff-rv wtrh t btl^. THOMPbOM, ?venue. FOR RENT AND SALE. F'OB BENT-FUBNIBBED ROOMS ? bark Parlor r?r?bM a* t Mrow. and two r'*** ut rorsas, bark iai froat.o* story. '? n aUglM?-located Dwelliag on 1 street. ww *h. will be rented on wioMbk .hmio g^atlemea ???y. A4dre<? "A. JNational Bpubhraa e?e. nt-tf t???! tH?B BALK. CHIAr-A Bne pre? bnck fr??? r HOUSE. wHk sMae tttmaslnfj. containing M mom mad bat h-room. M awl r T.I water, ?v4ni? ?t r?-l? ?ED [The utrNUMflkvMl. n.ll In F WTBW of O MWl Bib I OB SALB-Tbose four Brick HOUSES ob n< rtk Side of Feunaylvanta avenue, between Stih aad ?k streets. northwest. bring three a?m and attic, coataiulng ?!?*"? ri*?*5 each,aad also ? araat lot adjoining will be aold rbeap.either separately or t. geth -r, for Ike pnrpoee of nettling up an mtate. Aiprw ark-* about each. Tbe beat investment a-iw offered tn this rlty. Free at all tales, and till* indisputable. l r.cttti. P*p rhaneinr Stnre. nil- Iff (In. 1\K3 Penn??|vauia avenue S . W. l^OB RENT?BOOMS,witn board7at Itlk N*w r whnvtu irrnM.rnnM 11th llrM. mIS lot* FOR SALE. F'OR s\ALl-A nil.- SADDLE HOKMi.l- <TV t > - ' .ti *1 i.i~ ?l-3>' M.EMMINO > Stal l*. ^CZX LM?R .-ALE?A NAKkET ? AUON. in ?.? ?l F rt pair. AUv a full >KT OF HMISKSS. I >? quirt- at V1 s? K Mr. *t north* e*t. tvt?<-et. %\ and Id meet*. all:* 17 OR S\I.R-Ttv PKWs< PlLi'lt ?.AS FI\ r Tikr> *iNi'"* ikamks iilim's ? , . of the <>ld terian Church oa Bride ?tn*l, Un>rirtu?n, for .ale < heap TOUNG A KEEN A*. al ,H Cor M mt( tier) sn.i Olive ?ts.. tg-t a n| I^OB SALE?A dr >ve of vsry ropMlur WOKE H(iK>KS.*l??,?.'inr very hue Hmn.-d-i ann ("H'" H.t?' > -t ani'.-il. HIUIEI V * Bu* EK 8 Kw T'-it aM>iiu', !?? ' (*???. *ib at:d Jth ??-eets northwest. * L'UK SALE?Two tt\iiRb aii.t fa?l POMES, gray r an I Lay; yoanc. am nd and kind; thirteen and a half " PH.CTOS, I | Pi double and single H A RN ESS. A rply toC'tniiiander A.W.WEAVtR, t'.S N*w T irS. mil it C*ABTS! CARTF' CART* -Contractors sod / other* wanting Cart* will do wel'to call al K<> 1 ?' Water Ktreet, tie rget-wa. Au a??? always on band cheap tor cask, ml? 6t- M MTRPHT PRIVATK SAIK-A aet of PR AM I SO nay ; yoanc.aoiuxl sh>I hind; iuir!? -n rv half hand* hifh. AU?, POSEVlirjk OS, *ith oliaTla ->i*l |?"t<s wiiii^nCX ...j .i. .i? u t uvri-d* a i.. a /i a Atroom Pl'BKITl RE, upb l?t. r.M in Blur Hallti Daniax. Mari? Antmn. ?t> l?,couaiaticg of 1 Bofa,2 Arui. 2 Lady *a ai d 4 W iud. ? ("liatr?, 2 r.t. >ny and <i,lt| R?-cr^tiou Chair*. I Kt>. n> and Oilt B mid Ontrr Table (~aiin darnaak top) to inntrk. and 1 Piano 8to<4 to match, alati, onr French lt'Mi ietta Caraat. c< ntaiiiins about 7i yard*. The above ha\e baen in nae leaa than four <4> month*, and are in every raap^. t ?. (wij at im They will be aold tofether or Meparatelt to a r??p n ?ible party oil a liberal .-r?lit. it d^iri-d. Appl) to LATIMER A C'LEARV. Am tioneer*. mailt tf TVOTICK TO CONTRACTOR* -Sb vela, pi, k. 1 v and Contractor! Tool* of ?terr deacrlation f ?r sale at Bortnn price* by L. H. hCHNKIDER. 1V10 Pa. ave., a<r nt for 8 H Mun?un. Bxton mil tin' C: 'A na<l WORTH or REAL ESTATi. C?>W,UI?U IS PIKrERFST!*E<"TloN8o? 1 HE CITY, FOR SALE. ON REASONABLE TERMS, TOCLKAR LP AN ESTATE T h.- undermined, aMi-.giieea, offer t?.r aale, at lo? price* and ou reaaouable lornu, the loilo?iug pi -p erty: ROCSE on S>-w Tork avenue, between Ith and fitli ?trvetn north? i-?t, beiuc No. 411 -tbr^- auJ bam meut prt??e<J brtik front, auh brown ?t"ne trimuiiui*. contaiuing 3 roonu, bath-room, kas aud water. 1 Aim, HOUSE No. 414 Ne* Tork avenue, between 4*h and Mb atreet* nortbaeM; two *t.ry baa? tu. at attic; coutain* 8 rootna au4 ?i.ium?-r kitck-n. No. 416 New Tork avenue n.ithweiit, tLree U ry br k, containing 6 ronma. No. 4111 Sea York avenue nirthw<??t; two at 'ry frame, brick l>ae.-ineijt and tiununer ki'. h~n, 7 rowiaa. So. 440 M ?treet norths <*t. beta .? n 4* b an-1 ?r h. three utorv and baaement; pre*??-d bluk, Cuulaibi^f v*, all modern convenieticaa. Also, One line Building LOT, ou 5th ?tre<*t, b. twe-u M ain1 S street* north Went. Three line Building LOTS. o? Sew York avenue, coiner of 4tb *?ri?*t northweat. Two fiue Building LOTS, on Sea York avenue, b?-taeen 4?b and 5th *tn-et? uorthae*t. For further particular*, apply to E. K. WHITE. EI OESE CARl'SI. ?1F. MVTTINULY. lltlO-SOt A??ignee* of Jw. O. Na> lor. BOARDIXQ. '?''REMONT HOl'SE, corner 3d ?tre*?t and Indi 1 ana avenue, having b<-ea enlarged and newly furmahed tliroUKbant, i? bow one of the m?t Ue lirable Hotel* iu the city for SIMMER BOARD INO. Parties wi-liii.? t<> secure pleasant room*, w ith first class Hotel B.>ard, should apply before the first of the month. We have also a suit, and ?in?l Ro. ui.on first floor, opening on pavement, ?uitalde for gentlemen. Gentlemen wishing to r<K*i together caa have elegantly fuiumhed Boom* at low rates. mg 6t* yoB RENT?Go<4 ROOMSattd TABLE BOARD A In that new house. No. B19 H street, near 7th, only one square from Patent Office, recently taken by a Northern lady. Come and try for >our selves. m212w* i 10OD BOARD, PLEASANT BOOMS, AND VI.price* moderate, at BIBB corner uf Pennsylvania avenue and Hat Araat. mayl-ly MEDICAL, Ac. MBS. A. K. Cl'TTER, M. D., Magnetic Phyai clan, fro* Boat on, ha* removed to 411 4th' ?treet, where eke will keal the sick, aiel give sittings for developaent daily,from 9 a. m. to 7 p. m Cure* Bunion* without the knife. m?'if DEi BINUHAM, Mm tf (At American KUctrt Mtdum* J?ttmml, and Pr^ftttor in (4* Electrical lolUtt, Arte Yrrk, will diagnoaa dieeaaa without a*king question*. Paialysis, Bheumatism, Cancer*, Blood Poison*. Catarrh, Dyipepeia, the Eye and Ear. Long and Throat Affection*, and Nervou* Diaeaaea are hi* Ip6tislti6l? Private Boom, No. 413 Uth atreet, near Penn ?ylvania avenue. Office hour*?? a. ?>. tot p. m.. and 3 tot p. m Consultation* free. mlUs* WEAKNES8, Irregularity, and Narrow* Debill ?? ty, (ucceaafully treated. Belief immediate Room if desired. Ladies interestsd, addrea* Mr* A. C. BOBHEB, Maahington. D. C. feb4 >? IV1ADAMB WILSON, 1*1 A tUtMlmrlw Kdmcmud PHYSICIAN AND MlBWin, CAB bp COIiffOlU<l on Ail DISKA8K8 INCIDENTAL TO LADIK8 Beaidence and Oonaoltatian Boema, 911 Rh * D between H and I. Booaa,Board,Msdical atteodi . Ac., at reasonable price*. Tapeworm removed wttt head In two hour*. Refer to p*4i*nti MooMfallj * ?>ad in W aaklngtoa. wlUa' B. LBOB. co>svLTiyu rftrsiciA.v, The oldeet est at K* bed Specialist In tke ctty. No. 611 Utk (treet, above H. Hoar*: 11 to 4 and 7 to S, dally, pecialty?Fatnala Complaints and jyM-tr I7KMALK DISEASES treated, a^ confinement JT case* taken. Duacribe case a no eucloae ||; ad vice and medicine will be eent. Address Mr*. Dv THOMPSON,No. ?4B North Utkatraet, PhMaAal pkia. janV ly* \10NET BKTUBNKD IV lvl SUN HAD ELIXIR KAILS TO CCBB CHILLB. To be had of BBACK A CISSKL, corner Bridge aad Washington atreet*,Oeorfetowa, and of OKOBOB H PLANT A BON, corner Hew York avenue and lftk atreet, where teetimoniala can be *aan. ?yl4-lr* DRY GOODS. F BOM AUCTION. KEW SPBIXG BILKS. We call the particular attention of onr cuet ^taent to 10B PIECES of NKAT STRIPED and CHE< E SILKS, which we purchased at auction in New York much beli w the regular price. Also, FRENCH POPLINS, MOHAIRS, CBETOSS. SBALLEY, and the cheapest lot of GOOD BLACK SILKS to be found In thi* market. OSK PRICE ONLT. W. M. SHUSTER k BBO . bM B Bl* Peunsylvauia avanue. J^XTBABDISARY BABGAINB IN DRY GOODS AT CONNOLLY'S. BOS Ninth atreet, op posits Patent Office. Largest and cheapest stock of EMBBOIDBKY in the city. cheat GBOS GBAIS SILkT#1 jT Fias MARSEILLES SPREADS, BSJB; cheap at B4J0. parge stock of PABASOLS Inall the new sty las Large stock of SPRING DBB88 GOODS, nil colors and quality. last Wnsnt BLACK ALPACA la tke city. wOtW f OVKLY POLKA DOT GOODS, from 12* L, up, to FOCLABD SILM. argest and cheapest stoca <>t ifluttuiuiat iu ctty. Bxtraffne large TOWBLS,Sa per doaen; tp st S3. NOTTINGHAM LACEfor Curtain., rW. JAPANESE SILK reduced to Mc. Black ?arflSm \WwcXi N IW SPBISG BBY OOOBS. DRESS GOODS in tkanaw Mignoast s ?TOv mat specialties?BLACK 8I1SU BLACK ALPACAS?at lass than regular friosi I BBY GOODS far ONB PBICK I JUST DKALIBO TO ALL. ISIS Mi 1C " Also, agency far DKMOKMSTS NBW BPBXBS Eh&tFJ^*2&SST* &1MAI ^^^^BBODBE^CO^ BUSINESS CHANCBS. U?II TO UU. -N'Mt TO LOAM m *?? rewls?a?e, ln?M?(v r-N K rro?it.| ? Uf tT**t> ???? JABES r t .UOH Ml 14( i Mr*r(,lo<?|?. t.iyHtln. n H 4t LHH4aL1 ..1 Kl? IaNGI ,..r e?c,w T... 1 property fJAW real e~ia*e ao?~ ona ?? Iweiiy KM. Barder Land. M f?4 ?- a, I u, atr~i ew*. * auk r? o?M*r. m? Iib 1*11 P>nn JiUl,,?u,. |^OABl (?! BBaL KKfAtr A) pi cations ess l-e m4. fnr loans f.? | any ,r -ii -rt I ime i?>-<tt I ftinn, in eania h n>?.iiir' One half Ikr t?Iw of (?<4 rr*l "*M? I* %? Pm>rK t loaned. . H H WBRKBruI ? n.B> idt til 71i. ?im - Tit 'iliMrM J^dtfct TO PABIMRI^SkLLING kX~kt IW.B^rfc, to dtsp--e of pr.^rtT M sale who will place the same IB M> Itahda. CM oil*. , teuip- rary L-u ?o the >hm *frh..t,t r<iu,n>? B. H ?AIMI It-- ;i Batata Br <k*r. ,? ?* I?. TI4 7lk aires* KAKK J W Qjl K -Fof t?i?, Iinr .<f tkr ? tlM ? ILLIM\t arvl FAR. V STORKS i. the C"T '*'?? * new, an4 'verrthlnr In <s ?r. nr. Beaa.-,w t?r sell n?, |.M h~Jih <4 proprietor. Apply t>4l?h street, oir. u L'OI ?4 1.k-|IM.IN in HlMi'lPiL r R?>ND!* W4 offered ?a s apernUtl n hat ? c imtur security, paviuc If'" w to U par a.*< A iMrmm (iTrn with nil Mixta a.?id .nT BBOPHEAP . n 27 Im Ml Ct i nt nr., K-? * Mt >-r ipai. tub-o^rrrr cm! inin ? hn l> ? small ray tal ? ?a ha ?a/''? it T?-ted st liberal rales, Ml?l) pw r>tl ?a l> >? is otUrec a^d t*a'mnt?d. Arpi* t? J fr. BROPHCAB , mlT lin III penna itf , Bvin A. BO Mi* IN UK It OMINATtoN .4 it*#. I I?? (>?. ttW.W^I Mia lift (rut., Mil.nine TV"'*!* I to >)Mn ll?4ere?? kli principal , lleiled without I h ?r ce. f* kf J. r. BKUliHItll. R'27 Im 131 Pmiii'iItmi* itmiw KARE t'HAKi k to r<t< k*u- a (x<d ?TOM a*4 PW ILLIRO ? h-?t, if?r iif* market, 7th nr?rt,lip, till. Piiio, li AM IL'foB A PRaB?<IN, w ? tf T M <? \ B.u.riia?.? h and 1? sis LAB BO VLB. FLABB BABMl'M J ir*a >?VLK A ro.. RFAL KSTaT* AMI >" T k *Kf>E ?'NS Bo. M? 1MB atree?, Oppuait* t S. fW FOR SALE?A hand* hi* ? ?. I ??'?4, No. *19 An* lai *? d '.?>?? HOI SB. r -fowr Hat and II. HOl *K K>>. IOIO VMurlilnHIa mviik HOI -V Ho. )ll<l At ?rr?t 'Mt, I * Ml* If t-nt, !i !i.i?h*d w nalflaBi i A t'oTTAtiK >n ?ih?m ? h'?; |>n<-a (i-x-tai atuail U ??!?*?, tr??n }.1Jwi to (.'..Mi. an.all iaati pt< itiont*. Tkr" LOTI itorth ?Mt* and one on a.>?tl aid-- <4 Kn nI* l?la <4 ? wtin-. l.<-i?-'?n l?tti and Utk. W - |iav? ar?aral >frjr diic F tKMit, mprioH and ulikfr.>?<4. M different railraada lunmiia ti o? the ritj . t>H aale at |o? lifuiia ur ?n Uti.f? l >r t itt pr p.-r r. MJ4 (??<< of OBOI'BD It i ariona |> rtioti? of iba rt?? t ?c ??!(? at lo? ftduiaa, oa ?-a?> urnia, ui a ill ru lianca for rrodikllli' lMi|>rn?o<i |>r ffrti rfki IM LH>I SALE KKAB WAMIINliTOB D 0 TW O M PEUIOB PIICIT FA BUM, The C .lar O'ara Vin?vanl?. no*U*kt fruit tr??a and Tinro in brarni| tiur timbar land* and ('Mna <l?arri-a. ? ALSO. Bl'ILPINt* LOIS IK THIC CITT. IiiS'inari No 17, Lot Mo 4 K<uarv aoutk ot N > 17, Loi? I an 11 ts?uaie K?. 24, Lot Ka. U. I, ?? |y Ma M ? (| M 4,7 and II " " 7? " B>. U alld 11. " " ft " | " " N " |< and? 44 m M *a F'* yurtiouiara aitij l>> irttar in yr?->i?t> ffl. BLAPING. C?dar U iuv? Vinarard, bmi t.'Wii. I>. C. ml* la ? K PKOICT PAKK ?Oar .>flira a ill B* ??? M.J K \ IKY KVkS I No i ?*r?pt >uii.l*v > tin-il fn?. th* r n.'t 'ce. to a> r>?in> i!at<- t.iiain-** twu aiad utk NrBiikmt it^vihuatlx ut L* I>ro|<-i Park. A L BAKKBK A ?"?? . n.17 Jw a I I 7f h ?t , op|' aif p.?t*?tt? ?. WTOP PATIBC BEBl \ M? ffl r On- t II k II w ta. -?t..rjr arwl baok-bnllauf F R t M ? HOI SES - a T atrrH.lwtarH, |7ih ana ItHamli ati.?ll<??b ?>?)lu-ul and ui utUI? iu?talui?uka ibvBlre of C W.Ct'WNMAS. U al Ettat" Kg nt. DiU-^lm 4 II fth ir?at. A BABE 111 *J>< E -Mai tag ni'-t with tba wi a?xid<4it ot llrr at our at->rt<a. ?11 and 919 7tk ?:r?*t,?r are r ?mpr.lft for tkenant ?! Imlaand li-w ou'tldr attrndaiK-*- to offer ?ur HTO< K.lll Tl KI.S and LK ASE <>f l*i >re I 914 7lb at reel n >nh *e?!. l"-t?i-,-ii B aud O, f"T ?ale cheap f >r a-h.or reaaonable term*. GOTTUELF. BEHKEBP A CO., ^1? and 9197th ?traef. n.ln l? || 6ifj ? BOB B A L B. Tba l?r?? FOCR 8TOBT HOC!?K. with tkra^ il 'tf e?tenai..|i. VI i B atroet. uearljr u-w. t? uif r Mmia; furnace, caa and water, with larca yard a..I ?table In rear. The whole pr port) baa keen re>wM|p cut in ? niplete r-nair. and la very en etiKiit fx a Iara ? . it< t.t?*l faaiil), or f<>r a le>ardiii( b >?a* W ill l?e a,?ld low. In<itiire at Frvedman'a B?uk. r. ? ia Treasury. P- Uh?> l> ania aianue. prii e.4f PERSONAL. All pexmjks living in the riH?r PBKC'INCT "?f the bec<>nd Ward ara re<it*aie4 not t< pay any oneforni4ht work, aa no perao* la authorised to Cw-lleCt aald l>llla air*at the nit?. aif?e4. MABMIALL BBOWN, al a' JOHN fclUiiB. ATOI KO LAi>T. A RESIDENT IN WAsH lafton froai rhildbood, offers Bor aorvieaa far an uflce or atore, in k.-epicg ordinary arrawti, antiiif letteri or Copyiui. or other boaineaa <4 a similar nature. R> fera to H -a. John Hitr, Pi?m dmt Geimaii Amxcican Batinca Bank, Mr aud Mrs. D. C Spencer, Baaineaa College, aud other* Ad dress A II. C . Baaineaa College. mg 4t /EBSTA'XES TO MABBIAGK.-#fam? JUia* VF for Ims( Mm from ft>e electa at Errors an4 Abuaea in early life. Manhoo4 restored lmpaai tuents to Narrla4? removad Mew Meth od of treat - me lit Kiw and remarkable remadiea. B ?>k? an4 < irculars aent free, in sealed cnrel pt A I lraaa Hofard iltKIUlM, Mo. I South 0th Street, Phila - de'phia. Pa an institution Bavin* ? aitcb rassu tien for Boborakla conduct Aad pr uI*mu mat skill. ?a|? " MBS B. i. FBEMCH, (As CU4raM _ (",i itoyau and Tut M'dttrm, can bat? ? TIB Uth strast northwest,alao.flves delinlati >oa af cBaraotar Br ?Bot?icra?B Baud wrtuui or lock af Blr. iBBi' COAL AND WOOD. LYKEK8 VALLEY AMD WHITE ASH COEL rbdvce'J BATES. Wholeaalv aiwl Retail HOLLlDGC BBOB., tn36 6! Mh aud O straet* n ?rthwas?. T? ^ITDETLlTiir We fcavs several hundred Iom of BITE ASH AMD HEKRT CLAI 6U AMOK IS COAL. FCBRACB, BOQ AMD BTOVE SIZES, at the to* of Sixth street west, which wa will sail t* the trsde at wholeaale prlcts. Apply tu us is person or by mall. T COW, ? LARK * CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Lumber, Wo.?d and Coal,foot of Fourth street eaat. f 17 tl PIAJ?03, As. JF. Li t AS. 1149 7th street n. w . Tu%f mm4 ? Krcataiar of Piamut mm4 Of a an. Or ? ders received at Tbompaon a corner L6ili s( kaKl aud M. Turk ave. ; Getty'a, Bridce u-ai *11 If 1 Conrreaa. Oeonretown. and Boaea',< -jf. 7th and Pa. av. Pianos and othsr instruments pa Bed and movad. All work guaranteed. mliM If '?'UKlBtt AMD REPAIB1HG, POLISH I BO 1 AMi VABMHBINU PIAM<>B AMD? ALL RIH1CAL IBSTBl'MEKTS. Al-flHH| ways receivsa the moat taiihful utention*W1Wfl br Q L. WILD B BBO ,440 Utu street wsat, nsar nortBweot corner of P?tMjlrHsl? avenue, over twenty rears wall knows as prwOcal Piano aad * Rakers Deaiars la Plana asd (MriRr. mid tr 8 f 11-dm SCB0?ACRBB B ^ 0BEAT RBDCCTIOR IB PR10BB. Thsas thsttameuts, whlcB, oa account of Ml ? or?r tkooufry.otB bt hai mom lor tb? W-"' mv* >?5 trum ? 1(1 to (Mta Uo?t,ars IhvMad l< IB* Baal hMnasM oat, ars li iK*S55flc^s^; or M'

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