Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1873 Page 3
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FROrOSALS. |>Kc?ro? \Lf Fl?K INDIAN O' >ObS ?*? rrZVn,%yr. ?r TH* I*T*mio*. f Ore i Itw Ixdias Arraia*. March Jo. M73.< C i2i# ? ???! ?r*ed J Proposal. for Indian ?M v *?}"? ?Oand 44 Leon TruSTi 5*" ?* o'clock b., on If ?f A?ril. wri. Which place Xnr.l l'XDf '/? ""T1" ?n "Bd *n#r ,k* *h ??? April, ljr?. f ,r furnt-hing. in the iinantitim therein gi?en. iaj ik?Uu( th.- article* utmrd l the follow - Lg imI ; ?> pair* ? p>mt whit* Mvkimr Blanket*. to y*y? '-X*? IUC bee, and weigh twelve t.<?5*air* J-point white Mackinac B'xnk*t?, to maaMretoxJSincbea,ari.l weigh eight n>und ,nut *?irs 2Vp- mt white Mackinac Blankets, to ?***nr" tt%tt 'n?-h?>*. ?ud weigh *ix pound* UP?" i P-int white MackinaT BUrfStoTto n.? wore 42x46 inch *, and weigh five and one lUtrtir ponnds. '",8 ya >a.r* IH whita Marking- Blanket*, to .|urrV ]2uKlW"' *Ud Wr',h f ur M 1 "n" >X' ""iS1 J!rmrl'*t Mackinac Blanket*, to U!>~dl* >?cbes, and w igh twelve &?? pa:r* I 'print scarlet Mackinac Blanket*, to ' *?? . ,nc^"*>*nd weigh e i?ht pound*. W |mii* .S p< ift scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to c ware 54*66 iarbw, and weigh *ix n ? tirid H) n.r> J scarlet Mackinac Blanket*, to ui.-aanrc ?2\t6 inches. and weigh live and one I'tarter pound* ? >'.r?lp int indigo bine Mackinac Blankets, t ni'-n-ure 72\J? inches, and weigh twelve poinds. - r? ? ?a?r? 3-p int in lie bine M vkinac Blanket*. t. metaur*- 6e\7a inches, ati l weigh eight p>-ni a*. 2.Tii pairs lvpoiat ind r> bine Mackinac Blan k-l?. tomeaaiir< 54 .06 inches, and weigh six p->nr.d*. K'?V r?.r- 2-p:iit It Jig.- bine Ma<kina<- BTank-t*, r ? mea?ure U\ ?i inch**, and Weigh five aud ?>n?* |U?rt r p?>tiij?N. ? ' r ? -4 p_jot f?e n Mvkinar Blmket*. to v. v >ir> ?2> .?}in> ha->,and weigh twelve n.,und* 7tO pair* 3 p<-int gr?m Mackiaac B1 ink-t*. to is. !' rn.r: *>x'2"r ?? weigh eight p^und* }* M ! ? ?'>n? ?r. . n Mvckinac Blanket*. \ n"',iJ""re mrhea, and wei^h ?i* cui p.,iTit gTe^n Macfclnac Bl inket*. lo m- attire ?S\lb iochea, a,el wei?h five and ??p?e ^n irt r p. .?iti |?. - r.' 1 '^nc. Li-i Bif-rioth. , *!? v"r L -t Blue i?..i$ jaria Saved Li-' ?r|ef Ll-* Cloth. 3 - * 4 Woolen Sfivw |?. I"*'6 I W ? ? ll* av j I). otle Shawl*. <?^24 p< 'indn Linrn Thread, ??ar.<*?r l make. K m. .hii 45 ?n<1 <?>, two-thirdadark bliie.ou<- th ird u .atiey t?r*>%vii 705 i *f*n ?tau<lard make, ji>0 rS-cord ateiat ord. vaid* Calico,*ta?xlard printa . 5 S'"* Indi* Bin. Urilliag. * *r \* d B'-d Ticking. "r',wn 4-4 ataudard ?t.UW jarda ?t.tndanl Duck. 4oance ?yard- P!?,d Lin^e,. jarda Bin ? Flann-I. twill*4. i- ??' > ?r 1? K -d Flaau' l, twilled. vtKt*n"?*ky Jean*. 19.JS5 yard* Satinet 1 jSlr.Tt. Ri',"r?iPui.,lin^',for dr<v, liainc.l 3.^5 y >rda DJJ.?TtU,*'<,t,r 'hr"U'U ' >?<?*! rard? Hickory Shirting. ? 3Md<?eB t'ottoa Handkerchief* ?&S d.-t-n Meu'a W.h?I s> ?. k? 6> d. .ren W? nje:, a Wf ^.1 U. .we ?M dozen Children '< Wool || >4e. 44 d>??en Wowlen 8carf?. 1. .MF He.j Flannel Shirt*. (it ?v Flannel shirt*. 7jW6 Hickory Stint-. I.l?*i I'alico shirt-. 4w> # omen's Wool H'>od*. Ij*' J1 la.-es W 1 if 1 ^ 1H B -d Coxerlc te. -!..'S*i p-.iir.i* Tarn, aborted color* 1.UM p..ur d-? Otllir g Twine. 2 a?d 3 corj.-e^nil ?iu,4ntiii<>?, No?. a?, 35 and 40. ?* * p un^C ?ttcn Sn-iue#. 8Mf p- nis.|? 1 n?)itco. ^ Axe*. 3 to 4l? p->110.1*. i?. h''* n Hunter's Axe-, han.lie l. a> ? l--7--n Ax II iiitile*-, .'lb-inch, N >. 1. ij'^ujrt"' J """ inii K-ttle*, 3'i to 4il d .#en *h?rt handle Fry Pan*. Sos. 1, 2, and 3> me.^nal <4Uantil iw. *5teVx ?*>*'*?*6 S^dozen Tiu Cup-, pit t*. Miint-D T:ij C upe >|urt?. J5 i zen Tin Piils, uo cover*, 9, li, anl II i:l*rtil 4' Wen T;n Fait*, with covers, 8, 10. and 11 ?inar'* 3 J r-n Tin Dipper-, long handles. I - - 7 -ii Tin i ntt?; F >t?*, '2 Quarti*. ???> U'e], Tint'oflfee p t?,4.>i|irts. 611 I >/en tinned iron Table Sp.?.n* lftiqieatinaeil-ir n Tea !4ao?n*. . S?.3 4.>r-n Butcher Kmvee. 6 inch" ll<id>>/en Bunting Kinv.~>,6 inch. 1-Vd' /eB Hkiuning Kiiiv.n, < inch. - i ,,,D Forks, good inality. 4>l'>zen P.ickrt Km li t do-/eD Taper Saw File*, 4* inch 47 l?7-n Mill enw Kile*. i?i V'^5, ?? '"*' * '? ca<-*tee|. l-'d 7en 11 -e H?lilllv-. 4>'d >aen Hatchet*. 13 l.'/en Hand *aw*. Cji d'-zen Fi*h B-.<>k?, asenrted size*. 225 1 z-n f i?h Line*. aa*orted nizc..' .VA I -zen Sewing Awl' rei.l zen ^wing-aw l ll.tnd!e*. lit d> zen Cast-*teel Sh xr-.T', and $ inches. 441 d>>zeu C"arse C >tnl<*. 12R-I -zen Fine-t ?>tnc mb*. 56 d >/?n Open Tliin<l>le-. SOd >?en Zino Mirr>-r~. 73.(01 Mee>lieo, aeeorte.1 SI7--S. 97. ?4( Needle*. Oloverx*. 544 B aver Trap*. Kewbonae, No. 4 _ S?> Mink Trape, N- w h- Uee 3.>v I MUD K tt]e?, in licet* of three. 6 4*1 tiinone. B-?*>-. aa^rted colors. W Pvwbattan Pipes. Si?i R 1 Stem*. 3.142 Sack Coats, ?n><>rte?l sizes, for men. P int*. irtn>rt?*(1 ^iz*??. ft?r m?*u. W V ?at?, aborted ?ii>*, for men." 374 Ij-via.' Sack Overcoat*, large *ize Za) Suit* jacket and pants) for boy's tlve to ten Tear* of age. " ? }?. w flT* to ,en JWi or age. u*? * u ; 5***' *e4 ?rted sir.-* and colon. ' ii It <?'" "*?<!?M *"J colors. 3* II -avy I aaxitner*- l ap*. J x* p*.rs Men's bh -es, g>..?| -luality, assorted 7,1!!"!" S1? SOod uuaiity, assorted *?> pai'-. B ys Shore, good .juality. Son. S and 6. XaFpa.r* M.iwea Sh-ei*, ?o<jd quality, asaortcd ?1/t*t. P*^'? <-bildren ?? Sh->ee. go->d quality, aaaortad 3 6(W po?a4? Tobacc>>. Ping. "H p.>nwle Sni>>king Tobacco. trAL' o">? ?"? delivered in New *ext * "ul*ue,P1"*' wr i>y the M day ol juus Also.the followin* Blanket*, which will b? re ? 'iired to he delivered by the 1-t lav of August ne*f J.4UP pairs 3 point white Mackinac Blnukat*. to ?W?* ??d weigh eight 14W pairs t'. p. int white Mackinac Blanket*, to m-:?anre 54iM mclies. aud weigh ?ix pounds, if pair* S point White Maekinac Blankets tn itC\# incii<4 aiul live mud one quarter jk and- ^ 1.58? pair* 3-point acartet Mackinac Blanket*, ta ?ea.nre HliSi inches, and weigh euht p* >unn?. 1^50 p.. r? j',-point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to ui -a.cre Mx? inches, and weigh six nounds 4U) pairs 2 p int scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to measure 43x46 inches, and weigh five aud one-quarter p> und*. i CO pair-3 p?int ueliu . blue Mackinac Blanket*, to measure ?px72 inches, and weigh eight pound*. Utt> pa.r*t,.point indigo blue Mackinac Blanket*, ?*? aieasure 54.^0 inches, and weigh six P* >n ads. JSt1 pairs 2-p->int indigo bine M.wkinac Blanket* lo measure rn4b niche-, and weigh Ave aud ?t>e -luarter p- uiel* l'.C pa-? 2l?-p>>mt gre?n Mackinac Blanket*, to ? 4a?ure 54x6o iuche-, and weigh six pounds. 3.'' pairs 2 point green M u kiu.v Blankets, to m-wncre 42x46, aud weiKh lixe aud vae-quarter pounds, Th* b-'l* will b* cp'tiM in the presence of the B aiil f> and a committee to ? ? desin tated by the Ss retary of the Interior, as MH>n a? the time for recei* tag the fame shall have ex pired, and Ihe contract- w ill be aw arded a* soon thereafter a* practicable I'ariies Li l.lirg ar> r-|iiire?l to furnish sample* of the arti-1** bid for. All th - 4amp|es of each bidder ? .all be >|e<,igna'ed by a private mark attached to each -am pi- torreep>.>nd!ng with marks on the pro poeal* The price* must be ^iven without any modification orjiropaaed m-^iiticati -u whatever. The n<lit will be iwrvnl to re.juir* a greater or le*? 4ua;.-:?> < not rxc'iliiif 25 per cent. In eitb-r a*e) of any >>f the article* than that specified in the ?' ve ach">lnles at the prices prop >se.f. The n*ht will be reaerve.110 reject aur w all pro p -sale, ifsu h ? coarse should be J-eujed for the in ter*fcts . f the Government All angles furateh.-' ntvier contract will be ra ^nited to be delivered, packed and rnai ked for ship ment , without extracting for caae* or baling when in ori?ii..U pa. kages. according to dinction* which will l.e given, at a warehouee to t-o-d ?ignate>l in the respective cities where the gt>ids are received, and will be *i l.;ect to inspection by the B<>ard of Indian C?mmi*ak>rier* app>.n.ted by the Pr.wident. and *uch Kooal* .r article* aa mav in any respect fail to K-nfuim tothe -ample* will be rejected, and in that case the i outract<>r will botiiul to furnish others ?1 the re.|uireit kind or quality within j,rt day*; or If (kit be uot done, they will be purchase^ at hi* ?xaenee. N > bids w ill be c<>u.iered front person* who hare railed to compl) with ihe requirement* of a former contract No toutract. or part thereof, will be permitted to be ?*aifi.<d orflll.d by other parties withoat the written <>?a*ent of the Slec rrt *ry of the Interior. Payment will be made for the f>* pur- based on the prrv-atatloa of the invoice* thereof at thi* eftce. after they shall bate been properly approved N > pr> p. -al will be considered mat ooee not ine i tit asioner of InUian Affairs, dated aarcn at, J<3. the foil. Wing articles at th? prices thereto affixed. I Here insert t he li*t of articles propnaed to be furnished. I Said articles are to he delivered ia (here insert the pr< poeed place of delivery) by the(inaert dale.) And II thi* prop.?al be accepted. I (or we? will, within tea day* aftei b- ing notified, execate a coalrat t at > ordiaglv, ami give eecurity to the C>aa miMioner of ladian Affair* for the faithful perform an< e of the ** , Bach propeaal mart be aroaa^aaied bp a fvaraaty in I bp fclkroiDjg f nri, to be nt&u&i by two rtxpott* a'Me per?>ae, wW ?.fticiecc? must be certified by a rnited State* JtK?ee or District Attorn^: '"We hereby joiatly aul neverally gaarantee that the alwv* bid**r ier bidder*.) if a >? at ract shall be awarded to him (or them ) according tohla(or their) lid or ptofoeal, will execute a contract accord tact y, aad give the re-400.1te see nnty for the faithfal per f rmaaceof the **me, as prescribed ia the adver 4 israient for Proposal* ft r Indian Uooda, dat d March *> 1373. and ia the event at hi*(or their > fail ure to so, we hereby a?ree aad bind oarseleee. inr hein>. rxei nt?rs and administrator*, to forfeit and pay to the l'alte?l State*, a* damage*, a *nm a * lea* thaa nflean psr cent, oa the amount of said hid ?r nroai *al." B'*ul* will be re^nired in the amount of the hid fur the faithful perforaiance of the coatract, with two or more snretie*. whose xufllciency mnat be cer tified to by a Caited State* Jain or District Attor wn. _ .. 1.1.0101, AUCTION SALES. WTDIl DATS. DI LATIMEB k CLEABT, ? > Auctioneers mad Bnl Brokers, Southwest corner of pran. m?iiw ud 11th street, Star 0<Bc? Building. THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE r ASPARIS HOUSE, ON CAPITOL HILL, BBING ABOUT TWBNTT FIVE BOOMS. AT AUCTION. A On THUBSDAY MORNINO, April I, at Hi 10 o'clock. we will sell M the CufuHi Hotel, |^te<n South A ?treet. between New Jersey ave ? w | une ud lot street eut. Capitol Hill, the entire ' 1 'content* thereof, consisting in part of? French-plate Mirror*, in gilt ana walnut frame*, Walnut Parlor haircloth and green rep, VI Blunt. Marb'e-toa and other Table*, Walnut Etegeres. L'ung-s, Brussels, Three ply and other C*ra?t?, Oilcloths. Window Shade*. Toilet Sets. Gas Chandelier*, Bracket*. Ac, Walnut Marble-t<>p Chamber J?uites, Painted Cottage S?ts. Eagraving*. W aluut and Painted Bedstead.*. Bureau and Wash stands, Walnut and Painted Wardrobe, Cane *eat Chain, Hair and Husk Maitreeaes, W ind >w Shades, F-atb. r and Hair Pillow* and R >Uters, Blanket^, 8prea?le, Comforts, Sheet*, Ac. Dimng rooin Tables, Oak Cane-seaJ Dining Chain, China, Glass and PUUsi Ware, Cutlery, Napkin*. Table Cloth*, Ac. IIfating Stove*. Range, Cookiug StOT? Kitchen Requisites, ?c., Ac. ALSO, Bs?r Counter* and Fixtures, Iron Jenuy Lind Tabl-, with rues, bill*, Ar. Two Ten Pin Alley*, with ball* and piu?,Cv>mp!t*te, Office Arm Chair*. Tables, Ac. T'-rnie. SH? and under, cash; over that am tint, a credit of *l\ty and ninety day*.f>r note* *aii-<f*cto nlv indor-?d. bearing inter>?*t at 8 per cent, per an - una. | nr. 2* dt?l I.AT1MIB A CLK\UT, A'iet*. OY LATIMEB A CLKABT, I * A?icti?neer* and Keal Estate Broker*, Southwest corner Pennsylva .ia avenue ai.d U'.h *t., Star Office BuiUiug. GOVERNMENT SALE. ft Pnr*n*nt to the act of CoLgre.*j providing fir th? extension of the Capitol ground*, approved 131 May 8, lj<2, the property embraced in square No.Aff. in the city of Washington, has been pur chased by the I'uited 8t?te?, and noti< e in liereby giv -n that sales, at public auction, will be n-ade of the improvements on said property, excepting such inirr venient* a* may be fonud uece^aary f?r the pnf<lic work* of thi* District, commencing on April lW'h next, and continuing daily thereafter until the *ame ?hail have been sold. Said improvements will !*? Hold in their present condition. v?ith the stipula tion that. In every caar, they *hall be removed by the purchaser at hi* own espen*e, within thirty days sifter the date of *ale. A more detailed description ?if the property to be ?old will be published on the 1st proximo. T rmsof?*Ie: T.-r per cent, of the purchase money will t>e required at the time of the sale. The remain der to be paid within ten days after such sale. C. DELANO, Secretary of the Interior. n.13 12t LATIMER A CLE ART, Aucts. f Republican and Chronicle, lit I STEAMER LINES* WASHINGTON, NORFOLK, BOSTON, AND FY PBOVIDKNOM. _ * The fine Iron Steamer LADY OF THE (LAKE hiving resumed her regular trips to Norfolk, will leave her wharf, foot of ??h street, every MONDAY and^M""^?* THURSDAY, at 2pm, touching at principal Biver Landing*, connect,ng at Norfolk with Steamship of the M and M Line for Boetoo and Providence. Freight should be addressed "care of Lady of the Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Knot's E> press Offic-. tt03 Pennsylvania aunue. T M.CBOI'CH, Agent.ath-street w'.iarf. Do BMC Y CLAGETT, G-neral Agent. h>14 Plant's Store, comer lath st. and P?. ave. CHARD LINB THE BBITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN BOTAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVBKPOOL CALLING AT COBK HABBOB. FROM NEW YORK. *Cv.ba_ W.-d.. Mar.26 , "Bus-da...... Wed-...\ pi. 16 At>>-tinia... V\ t-0 Apl. 2 Calabria. .W?| Apl. 19 Algeria Wed...Apl S?! Jav Wed~...Vpl. ?1 fci 'itr.iTj m-trkea thus * do not carry steerage etigeri And etery follow tug WEDNESDAY and SATUR DAY fr,.ui New York. Rati* or Pa.?-A6K.?Calun, $*>, ?100, And #1S t Id, accoraii.g to accennn -Jariou. 1 ithets tu Pans, 4IS. goli, additional.?lEXA I. turn tick>u on tii01 able terms.^^^M*^ eii.?:e, t Jt', currt ncy. Mt-eia?(e ticket* ftotn Liverpool ?nd Qneeustown, ?mt ail parts ot Europe, at luweit rates. Through Mils of lading given to Beliaei, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and other points on the Continent and for Mediterranean p?rts. For freight and cabin pas **4< . apt?:y at the Comp'tn>'? office. No. 4 Bowling Uieen, !<>r ste* fkge passage, at No. ill Brtadway Baildibg. tiovlg ly ( HAS G. FBANCKLYN, Agent. A NCHOB LINK STEAMKRii BAIL KYEBY SATLBDAT. Passenger* b- >oked to and from any Railway 8ta ti- n or Seaport in Great Britain, Ireland, .. u V* WVVW"> ?. iu VIC^M iiirviua, N nay, Sweden, Denmark. Germany,< I ranee, Holland, Belgium awl the United* States. Cstin fare from NEW YOBK to LONDON, LIV ERPOOL. GLASGOW and DERBY, ??? anil #7*. EXLTBSION TICKETS, fl?0. Intermediate, #3*. Steejags, %*Q-, all payaMe In Currency. Parties sending for their friends ia the Old Ooontry ran purchase tickets at lowest rates. For farther Rrticulars apjl> to the Ageat, 0. CAMMACK, Ja. 43 F street, WaahitijRon. HENDKBSON BBOTHEBS, rnayM T B->wllng Green. Mew York. (V KW KXPBKS8 LINK VIA CANAL. BBTWia' tHllAVHl PHI A. AVMAHDRJ* FA., WASM1AUTOM t UK KiiMtOWIt, D. C. Sailing day from jter V, North Wharrss, ahia. WEDNESDAY and SATUB-' Fay, at IU m. From AS Water street, Georgetown D. 0., TUESDAY and SATURDAY, at 10 a. a. Q. F. HYDE, Agent forD.ofO. AC tits-?F. A. BE ID, Alexandria, Va.; WM. W. B A Co.. Philadelphia, Pa. ? ? " \| KBCHANT'S LIMB OF 0TEAMSHIP8. 1*1 ntwiu WASHINGTON AND NEW YOBK. ?areaflsr the tee Sceamships B 0. KNIGHT aad JOHN GIBBON will make regular weakly trips between NEW YOBK, ALBXAM formaOoa M1M7 toB. P. DEN HAM, ?ad wharf fooVof Hlghstrset, George M eorasr of Vtk stisst aad flew York For full^ information Agent, 0 towp, or Tjel?-tf 3. W. THOMPSON, J LIVERY STABLES. ?. OLCOTT A SON. * BOABDING, LIVERY d BALI STABLES 416 8th street, bet. D and fl, and Chain Alley, H. between 19th and 14th. Office, Willards. Beet carriages furnished. Special care paid to the boarding of hones. dectl-ly Allison nailor, j*., LIVERY AND HIRING STABLES. STYLISH CARRIAGES and COACHMEN. dec? ly 13ilA K street norfhwest. Arlington stxblbs.-b crdit, jr. G STREET, Bbtwixm 17th axd 19ri. OaRia^M by day or night, aad for weddings or Bar ties. ifecJOly Congress stablbs, v/ bth STBEKT, Bimu m AMD i. Horses and Bugiries for Hire, aad a fresh supply ot good Horses for sale every week. j>31 ly BICHABD YANT, Proprietor. w ASH. NA1LORS STABLBS 13'AS B ST. CABBIAGESof the latest styles constantly on hand and for hire by the day or month. Parties, weddings, and receptions furnished with ie most comfortable and elegant Carnages. Particular attention to boarding Horses. the most comfortable and elegant Ci Particular attention to hoarding Bvn? ? Horses always for sale and exchange. declA-tf REAL ESTATE AGENTS. Fe B. McGUIRE, BEAL ESTATE AGENT AND BBOKEB. janl to Office: 13Q6 F STREET AC8T1N P. BBOWN, Corner N. Y. avenue and Uth street, Washington, D. O., WMOLIULI Dtllll III LUMBEB, LIMK, CEMENT, SAND. A?., Ac., Ac LUMBER BILLS cut to order on short notice. BLUB STONK for Building, Macadamizing aad Paving parposss delivered ia any part of the Dis trict. REAL ESTATE bought aad sold and bm?b?7 ta rested. To this hranch of the business I will here after give my perswaal attestioa, aad will he at my office daily from 10 a. m. until ? p. m. GET BID OF NON PAYING BOABDBBS, such as BATS, M1CB aad BOACHES, with ? cents worth of" FITS." DARBY'S Pharmacy, corner iS street and Penn'a ave., principal depot, mltt-lm* ttOYD M. SMITH, B. H. W1M8ATT. D Alexandria, Ya. WMklMtoa, D. . SMITH k W IMS ATT, LUMBER. LUMBEB. HARDWOODS A SPECIALTY. BILLS CUT TO OBDEB. Coarxb Tth aim I Srs, sormv whole ?f < p BOOT KB BATIB BUSBY* ?0 AUCTION SALES. rtrtu paw. BT MATTfrOLY * WHEELEB, Auctioneers, 403 9th street northwest, T5F5!?r^.,B b*l* by auctiow of two ELEGANT RESIDENCES ON K HTtllTBI TW JEM ?? AND 1#T? STRUTS N0*TI1 WWWT. Byvirtne of a deed of trust,diM September ?i. 1371, and recorded September 10,1?7, fa Liber ^^No. 994,folioS73,1 shall, on WEDNESDAY, Jan. L UTS, at 4 o'clock i. ?? offer for ul?, to the real r?tate altuated i> " Jumbia, to wit: Lota noortMHbUrWoi Square number three hundred and MTMtf oM, (371), together with the tmprovcmmu thereon, being two desirable ud valuable modern built tmrtdences. Tbia property ia told anbj?ct to a prior deed of trnat on each houae of #10,00), dated Aafnd 2, 1871, par able la Sre yean, with tea per cent. Internet, par able aenii annuallr. , .. . Term of *ale: Caah for the amonat realised above ?aid hi i smkiaaiis to be paid within one week alter the tale: and if the terms am aot complied with ia that time, the Trnatee reeervee the rtnt to resell the property 111 th* ^ "nd crmt of ^ defaulting purchaser. A depoett of |? on each bo nee when <130 d MATTINULY A VBIELX1, AucU. BET THE ABOVE BALK IS HEREBY POST PONED until bATL'RDAY. January M, 187J, at 4 o'clock p. m.,on the premieaa. B* order of the Truetee. jl4.22.J4 MATTINOLYA WHEELER, Aucts ?/* THE ABOVE RALE IS HEREBY FURJ ther postponed until WEDNESDAY, the XVth of January, ICS, at 4 o'clock p. m., on the premises. By order of th* Truetee*. jK 2t MATT1NQLYA WHEELER, Aact mr THK ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY FUR THER POSTPONED until FRIDAY, February Ttb, 1873, at 4 o'clock p m., on the premises. B. order of the Trustee; GEO MATTINULY. j29^*>Ad MATTINQLY A WHEELER, Auoti. ?^INCONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEMENT weather the above sale i? further POSTPONED until THURSDAY. February 13, 1373, at 4 o'clock p. m., on the prcniine*. By ord<T of the Trnatee. f7-eoAd MATTINULY A WHEELER, Aucta BE/MN CON SEQUENCE OF THE INCLEMENT weather the above dale ia hereby further POST PONED until MONDAY. February 17,1573, at 4 oVlock p in., ou the premises. Bv order of the Trustee. jU MATTINULY A WHEELER, Aucta *y-TnE ABOVE 8ALE IS HEREBY further pcatponed anttl MONDAY. February '.*4,1373, at 4 o'clock p. id. By order of the Trustee. 1*.22.24 MATTINQLY A WMKKLEB, Aucta. Ay THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY further p<*tponed until THURSDAY, March 6, U73, at 4 o'clock p. m. By order of the Trnatee. 124-*o MATTINULY A WHEELER, Aucta. S^TIIE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY further postponed until SATURDAY, March 15, 1373, at 4 o'rloek p. m. By order of Trustee. n>7 eo MATTINQLY A WHEELER, Aucts. ?/"THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY FURTHER POSTPONED until THURSDAY, March SOth, 1?7S, at 4 o'clock p. m. By order of Trustee. mU-eoAda MATTINQLY A WHEELER, Ancta. */"IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEM ENT weather th?- abo\e aale ia hereby farther post p.'i;ed until TUESDAY, March 25th, 1873, at 4 ni2U eod MATTINULY A WHEELER. Aucta W"TDE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY further postponed until THURSDAY, the 3d of April, 1573, At 4 p m. i, Si-cd MATTTXG1. Y A WHEELER. AucM. BY B. H. WARNER, _ R-al E-tate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7 Sf? Sev out h street, t jet wee a U aud U . TRUSTEE 8 SALE OF A VALUABLE FARM LYING IN PRIN< E GEORGES COUNTY, MI>., ON THE WASHINGTON AND UPPER MARLBORO TURNPIKE. NEAR FORRE.-T VILLE. MS! By virtne of a d -ed of trust dated April 3.I>d7. DMj and July reeorded iu Lib?-r t. 8. N>. 4, F dio *?*?^8, one of i he land records of Pritice George's County, M'l.. and also by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of tlie District of Columbia, pa**.-d Mitrch 14. 1873, in Equity cause No. , ?f L?vl D. Manna, va. Win. II. Ward.substituting the itujer signed trustee iu place of the said Win H. Ward. I - iS well at public auction, to the highest B and being known and dcacrihed a- Magruder Pi.ii;i Etilarged."The Levels" and "Good L?ick," and also ' Offiitt's Adventure,and"Addition toOITuit'a Adventure." and alao part of a tract of land call-'d Woodland, the said pieces or parcels of laud con taining in all 52t acre# and 2 10 of an acre, more or le?s. tiding the name land* which are particularly dew ribed in a certain conveyance from Adam Deihl and wife to M illiam R,<?zet. f hi, h wae recorded in Liber E.S.No. 2, Folio Ala, Ac., one of the ian<l records of Prince GonrgeVCounty, Md., and also a l-art ?f a tract of laud adjoining the ab >ve tract called "The Levela,"containing t?ue liuielr-d a<-r.^s of land more or less, and b<-ing the same whirh Waal.irigton I. B'all and hUwife conveyed to the said William Rowzer by a certain deed of convey, ance. bearing date on the lttliof D?*Cfiube?,-1n>?. together with th- improvements th?-reon. consist ing of a good dwelling house, barn, atable, aud other out-houses. Terms- Ji.mj caah and the balance in 1.2. and 3 yeara with interest. ?I00deposit on acceptanee of bid. If t*-rma of sale are not complied with within five <() days after the sale the property to le? reaold at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser 'a ci#?t. JOSEPH DANIELS. Trnatee. B?19 B. H. WARNER. Auctioneer. Y B. U. WARNER, R?al Estate Broker and Anctioneer, No. 739 7th street, between Q and II. TRUSTEE S SALE OF~THREE TW0-8T0RY FRAME DWELLINGS, AND A FRAME SLAUGHTER-HOUSE ON G STREET, BE TWEEN THIRD AND FOURTH STREETS NORTHEAST. AT AUCTION. Ry virtne of a deed of trnat to me, dated Octo Maiber?, U71, and duly recorded in liber e68, folio ?*4tf, one 6f the land recorda i>f Washington county. D . C., and by direction of tAa party thereby secured, I will aell,?t public auction. In front of the premieee, to the higlieet bidder, on THURbDAY, April 3, 1873. at 4H o'clock p, in., all of Lota num bered 8, 9, 10,12, U, 14, and 14, in iqnare numbered 778, in the city of Washington , D. C., together with the iniproTementa thereon. Thia property ia aold subject to a prior deed of trnat dated October 9,1871, and recorded October 10, 1871, to secure 94.1100. pay able in one year, with ten per cent, interest, parable semi-annually. The terma of aale for the amonnt realized above said incumbrance areas follows:?$1JUUand the ex pense* of aale in cash: balance in one year with in terest. If terma of sale are not complied! with with in Ave daya after sale, the trustee rnaerrea the right to rrwll the property at the risk and oat of the de faulting purchaser. % 1(H) di-poeit on acceptance of bid. Conveyancing at purchaser's coat. J. C. EASTWOOD, Trnatee. _r 20 B. H. WARNER. Ancta, BY GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northweat corner 10th aud D atreeta. TRUSTEES SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE IN SoUARE t?73, FRONT ING ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, BE TWEEN 6th AND 7tu STREETS EAST. I By virtne of a deed of trust, dated on the Uth day of March, A. D 1872, aud dnly recorded in ?Litter No. <78, folio 33. et *eq. of the land rec orda of Washington County, District of Columbia, and by direction of the party aecurcd thereby, we will sell at public auction, in front of the premiaes, ?a MONDAY, the 14th day of April, A. D 1873, at A o'eksk p.m.. Lot n>uitbered four,(4,1 in suaare numbered eight hundred mi l seventy three,(X73,) in the city of W aahington, District of Columbia, with all of the improvements thereon, consisting of three new Brick Houee*. We will sell one ho nee, with (he privilege of the reat. T< mie of sale; One-half In ca<-h, of which flOmuat be paid at sale ou each house, the deferred payments to lie made with intereat at the rate of ten per cent, per annum, in (is and twelve month* after day of sale, and secared by deed of trust to the aatisfactioa of the Trustees, or the pun haaer can pay tho whole amount of purchase money in caah, at hla option. Term* to l>e fully complied with within aix da>s after sale, other* ise the Trnsteea reaerve the rignt to resell the property, after one week's notice.atThe risk and cost <>r first purchaser. All conveyaucinf at purchasers coat. 8AMT.DN?IULV0N, ( Trustees. " r QREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. BY GREEN a WILLIAMS. Aactloneera, No. 1001 northweat corner 10th and D eta. TRUSTEES' SALE OF V ALUABLE PROPERTY IN SOU A RE 7 30, FRONTING ON SECOND STREET EAST, BETWEEN PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE AND SOUTH A STREET. By virtne of a d-ed of trnat, 1ated on the 19th NVdav of June. A. D. 1872, and duly recorded in ^^-Llber Mo. SO. folio 49, et aeq . at the laud re rordaof Wafhlngton County, District of Columbia, aud bv direction of the party secured th-reby, we will s?ll. at public auction, in front of tne premiaea, on MONDAY, the 14th day of April, A. D. 1473, at 4 oVlock p. m., the eouth twenty feet front on Sec ond street eaat. by the depth of the lot, of lot num Ik-red four (41, in ?inare numbered aevea hundred and thirty (<J0>, in tne city of Washington Diatrict of Columbia. Terma of rale: One half in cMh, of which 9190 must be paid at sale; the deferred paymenta to be made, with intereat at the rate of ten per cent, par annum, in ? and 12months after day of aale. aul ae cared by deed of trust to the satisfaction of the traa t eea.or the purchaser can pay the wholeamouut of pur r chase money incaah at bia option. Terma to be fully c upll"d witn within aix da>? after ? otberwiae the trnateea reaerve the right to resell proaerty. after one week'a notice, at the riak and coat of flrat purchaser. All cooveyancinf at parebaaar'a coat. 0^nfeo.,|T~teea. n.g eoAda QREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. By thos e. waggaman, Real Eatate Auctioneer, 419 7th street. By Tirtna of a de?d of trnat from Charlss ?fa V. Ocrdon and wife to John D. Mc Phereon, *4recorded in Liber 4U2, folio 324 of the land re corda for Washtngion county, la the Diatrict of Columbia, I will, 5a MONDAY, the Slat day of April, 1873, at 4 o'clock p. m., offer for aale at public aoctlon, In front of tke premiaea, the property de scribe in aaid deed, to wit; Lot nuaiberwd 17, in square Mo. ltu wrth the improvements, being four frame houaea. T> rma: One-third caah,the balance la six and twelve months frcni dav of aale and secured by purchaser's notes and ddtd of trnat upon the promisee. Convey ancing at percbaeer>cuet. ri20-eoAda J. B McPHKRSON,Trnatee. THOS. S. WAGGAMAN. Auct. BT W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. 8 UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S BALK. In virtne of a writ of fleri faeiaa iaeaed oat of the " rk V ofcee of the Supreme Court of the Diatrict of lumbla, and to me directed, I will eell at public sale, for caah, at the Auction Store of Wm. L. Wall * Co., urn THURSDAY, the 3d day of April. 1873,al 11 o'clock a. m., the follawing goods aad cbattela, to wR, v ia : 2 Hogeheqla of Crockary Wan, S Crates do., seised and levied upon aa the gonda a ad chatMa H Levy, and will be aold to aatlafy ExecaUoa Mo. 8.262, in favor of Bernard Biirastlae, aae of H. Burnet iue. ALFX'R SHARP, U. 8. Marshal,?. 0. March ?k, 1871 - AUCTION J'ALES. this ArruiioO^' III DUKCANSON. DO W LINO A Co" Ancta. D Corner M tad D street* Su rthw? TRUSTEE *S SALE *T VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY. . Br viMue of a deed of timet, dated on th* SS'H ?53 It of N 'TmWr.A. D. 1/C1. an i duly recorded ?m Liber No.??. foti? U. etc., of th* Lsad Re cords for Washington count jr. DC-.andbv the writ ten reaneat of the P?Tty secured th?r*l>r, I will aril at public iikKoii, in front of tbrprmiMi.oo TUBS DA Y, the 1st day of April,, it i o'clock ? n>.,all of Lot B. In George W Llevllle* aub division of original lot (wtntr-thrto (??, m son are **? hundred and tweaty-flve <7*1, in the <-it? of Wa?bington, with all the hnproTWiu thereon. T?nns of sale: $4,000 rash; balance in 4, U and 13 mouths, with tea per cent, fntere*t. C. EDWIN GRIGGS, Trn?te-. ?n*4 PC EC ANSON, DOWLINO A CO.. Anew. B1 B. H. WARNER. _ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T*? 7th itm-t, b*?tweeu O and H atreou. PUBLIC BALE OP ~~LOT ON BRAIXARD STREET, BETWEEN ITth AND ISt* AND MASSACHUSETTS A VENUE AND P STREETS NORTHWEST. SI will aell on TUESDAY AFTERNOON, lApril 1, UTS, at 4 V o'clock p. m., on the ?premises. lot"M" in Whitney's sub. of square 157, fronting 17 feet t inchea on Brainard street, by a depth of w feet T rias One-half caah. balance in 4 monthat Title perfect. biB esJtdn B. H. WARNER, A not. TO-MORROW. BY WM. L WAUL a CO., Auctioneers, New Marble Building, No. 900 and 90S Pennsylvania avenue. PEREMPTORY SALE~OF PORTY BETS OF KLKGANT WALNUT BROCADE, REP, AND HAIRCLOTH PARLOR SUITS; MARBLK TOP, WALNUT, AND PAINTKD C1I YMBaK SUITS: SIDEBOARDS, BEDSTEADS. Bl REALS. WASHSTANDS. WALNUT AND OAK EXTENSION TABLES, TUCKEB SPRINOS, MATT BESSES. ?NE HUNDRED BOLLS OIL CLOTH, F1PTY PIECES 4 4 CHK' K MAT TING; LOT SECOND H\ND BRUSSELS. THREE PLY, AND INGRAIN CARPETS. BY ORDER OP THE TRUSTEE. REMOVED TO OUR STORKS roRrONVKNIKNOE OP SALE. ON THIRTY, SIXTY, AND NINETY DAYS CREDIT. fj\ On WEDNESDAY MORNINO, April J, ^4^1."C3, commencing at 10 o'cl.vk. w? will sell bv ?Olcatalogue. at ?>nr aucuon ru^oi., without re I ^ laen e, on credit Far'y sets Brucatelle, Rep, and Hiir-cl jtU Parlor Suits. Walnut and Painted Chamber Stilts. Maible-top Table*. Bureau', and B'd-t"* !-. Fifty pieces 4-4 Matting, White and Cteck. One Imudrod rolls Oil'Mutb. lot *>f Second band Furniture, Carp'ls, Kitchen requisites. do., Ac. N. B.?Wecal! sp-cial attention of buyers to the abovesale,asevery lot ?iii be aold peremptory. Ternif>: All sums of A100 and under cash; all sums oyer tha* amount a credk of thirty, ?lxt), and uiuety days, wiih notea with approved security. All persons wishing to avail themselves of the op* portnnity of credit will report to the auctioneers D- fore the sale. By order cf th* Trustee. mil W. L WALL * CO.. Anct,. I?T LAT1MEB A CLEARY, O Auctioneers and B"?l E tate Broker* SuUthweat Corner Pennsylvania aveuue aud 11th st., Star Office Building. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP A VALUABLE BUILD ING LOT ON CAPITOL liRL. By virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date en the 19th of June, A D. W"2. and duly recorded in liber No. 633, folio 83, one of the land records of the coun ty of Washington, District of Columbia, and by di rt ct ion of the party ??-cured thereby, I shall sell on

SATUBDAY.tbe S?9i' ^ y of March, UT1, at a o'clock p m., In front of the premises, E atreet north, between 3d and 3d streets east, lots marked and lettered A. in Crutchett's recorded subdivision of-si"are No. 73ft. having a frout of 23 feet on E street north l>y a d-pth of loo feet. Terms , f sale: S2M0 at the time of purchase an 1 the residue in si* m. ntii*. to be secured by the note of the nut, baser and a deed of trust on the premises aold. If terms of sale are not complied within fiveday? of sale, the trustee reserves the right Io resell said property at the risk and e st of the defaulting pur chaser. Couvej ancing st purchaser's eost. H. NELSON CHAPM\N. Trustee, ml:' ts LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. iv CONSEQUFNCE OP THE RAIN. THE ABOVE SAl E IS POSTPONED until WEDN'fc DA Y. A pril tfd. ?am,- hour and place. Bv order ol the Trustee. mSl d LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucf?. |)T GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, aJ No. 1UU1, Northwest cora"rlu:H and D streets. TRl STEE'S SALE (Tk VALUABLE WII\P.P l'h OPERTY NEAR THE EOOT OP oEVENTH STREET. virtue of a de,-d of tms?.dated November 2T. 1369, recorded in Liber 611,folio 440 et set]., of the land records of the District of Columbia, and by order of the party secured thereby, I will s>-ll at puMicanctinn, in front of the premise*,on WED NESDAY, the B l day of April, 1473, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, all the right, titlr, interest and e-t?te of Samuel P. Brown and Harriet E. Brown.his wife, of, in and to all that certain piece or parcel uf ground situate and lying iu the city of Washington, in said District, and being known and descrilmd assijnare west of mjiurc number -d four hundred and seventy one, (square west of square *71.) and ail the wharv.-s, wharf rights and privib g?n, waters and wafer rights and privilegea appertaining and belonging to and held and enjojed with the ?a.d miuure, together with the improvements thereon. Tennsofsale: One-third cash, of which two hun dred dollars must be paid on acceptance of bid; bal ance in six and twelve mouths, to be at-cured by deed of trust en the property aold. Conveyancing at purchaser's coat. If terais of sale are not complied wl?h within si* days after dav of aale, the property wi'l be reeold at the risk and co?t of the defaulting purchaser. NATH'L WILSON, Trustee. nH ioAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, AueU. BY DUNCANSON, DOWLINQ A CO., Aucta. Southeast ccrut-r Ninth and Dstreeta uorthweat. AUOTfON SALE. SBy virtue of a deed of trust, hearing date August S?, li#i, and recorded iu Lib?r T a d R, No. 4, folio Ml, Ac., of the land records for Washington county. District of Columbia. I will aell on WEDNESDAY, April 'Ad,W3,at 4 o'clock p. ?m . In front of the pr-nuses, at public auction, to the highest bidder. Lot No I, in Block No. 0, and Lets Nos 6 aud 6. in Block No. U, on property known as "Meridian Hill," Washington county, D. C. Ti rmsof sale: One-third caah; balance in 4 and 12 mouths, with interest, eecured by dettdof trust on the property. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days after sale the property will he re sold at the cost of tie defaulting purchaser. All con vey ancing at tho coot of the purchaser. L. H.STEVENS. Truetee. tii24-eoAd>DUNCANSON. DOW LING A CO..Aucts. CONSTABLE'S BALE OF CARPENTER'S Vy TOOLS. On the So pat or Aran., 1573. at 10 a. m? I shall sell, at auction, at tlieofllceof Justice Weaver, No. 909 7th street northwest, one Tool Cheat, Contain ing a fine set of Carpenter'* tool*, and one Beneli Screw. Terms cash. m29-3t* J. P. TOWN, Constable. BY B. H. WARNER. Real Estate Broke nd Auctioneer, No. 7SI9 7th street, be een G andH street*. TRUSTEE R SALE OP ATIIRER STORY SUCK HOUSE, No 11^ PIFTH STREET SOUTH WEST, AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of trust to Daniel L. Eaton ^?and myself, dated March 29,1473, and duly re ^Hcorded in Liber No. 612, folio 41, one of the land records for Waatiington. D. C.,I will sell at public auction, in front of the premises, to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the atfth day of March, 1373. at 4 o'clock p. m., all that part or Lot No. 13, ia s?iuare No MIS, contained within the following metes and bounds: Beginning for the same at a point 17S feet from the southeast corner of Lot No. 13, and miming thence uorth 17H feet; thence west to the par line of said lot; thence south 17H feet, and thence east tothe place of begluuing, together with the improvements thereon. T< mis: The amount of irdebtednes* secure,! by said deed of trust unpaid, with the expense* uf aale. in cash, and the balance at six and twelve months, to be secured by a deed of trust upon the property sold, with interest from the day of sale. $2?)de P' sit on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not complied with within *e\en da\s alter sale, the property to be resold at the risk and cost of the de faulting purchaser. GEO. W. STH KNEY.Survivlrg Trustee, f22-eoAda B H. WARNER Auct r. ?aP" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until Till R>>DAY, April 10, 1873,same hour aud place. By order of we Trustee. trSl B. H WABNER. Auctioneer ? >Y LATIMER A CLEARY, IP Auctioneers and Real Estate Broken. Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenue aud lUli St., Star Office Buildiug. ASSIGNEES' SALE OFOROCER1ES AND FIX TURES IN STORE CORNER OF 13ru AND H STREETS NORTHWEST. On MONDAY MORNING, April 7th. 73, cotnmeucing at 10 o'cl-s-k, we ?hall II, on premises d??crib"d above, the fol lowing goods: Brandies. Wines, Ale*, Ac., Teas. CofTee*. Spices. ? Pickle*, Pepper*. Oil*. Baskets, Buckets. Clotnes-ltnes, Barrels Mackerel and Herring. Great number of empty Barrels and Botes, Counter and Platform Scale*, Counters and Shelving. Together with nnmerou* other article* unnece* fary to nieiition THOS. RUSSELL, i SAM L T. LEWItU n 24-d LATIMER A CLEARY, Ancta. B1 GREEN * WILLIAMS, A Mo. !#?!, BEAUTIFUL BUILDING LOTS OPPOSITE THE CAPITOL GROUNDS. FRONTING ON NORTH B STREET, BETWEEN FIRST STREET EAST AND DELAWARE ANENUB, AT ACCTloR. On TUESDAY,the 8th day of Agril next, at o'clock p. **., we ahall aeti on th* premises, o? Mo. 4, la Stuare Ho. M, being subdivided into three building lota, twohartag 21 feet 1 Inch,aad the other 22 feet front, bv 110 feet deep, with a fine side and back alley; making It Srt-rli** Improved property, to which we ask the attention of buyara wishing to build flrst-clas* residence*. Tarm*: One tbird caah, balance 1 and t year* for notea beariag 7 per caat iaterest, a*4 secured by a ?let d of trust on the are mi***. Conveyancing at coat >f tha parcbaaar. I'Mtdowa oasaeklot aftlma of saje. GEERN A WILLIAMS, n 25-eotapS.tdts Aaotlanaers. US. MARSHAL'S BALE OF A LADlfoaOLD s WATCH *ND CHAIN, BRACELETS. RING, AMD TWO DIAMdNDS. "" la virtae of a writ of Ravi facia* on judgment of condemnation, leaned from the Clerk'a 8upreme Court of the District of Co ha ma directed, I wfUaaM, at public aal frout of the court-hctuse door of aald District, ou FRIDAY, tha ?th day of April, un. at IS oVlock ? tgoodaandchattels,to* : ? p?ae*l?4?, OoaLadie* Gold Watch and Chain, Thraa^Chitdraj* ?^^ac*lets^Oaa Ladies ?ir5i Mid levied upon as the goods alnd^ofltuST'of UU. MUST, O.t. ??*>!, D.C. AUCTION SALES. B It By w. l. wall a co., M*rWf BniMirf, N j*. WOO and 903 Pa. ?r?., nootb cor??r M *tr*eL .Jf* "?'? ?? WIMIMDIT mors IEO. April *, . m??iKiti? ml 1 * o' V Mr auction r>. ?*, the tlluwiag |o pieces of very Sr.e IvLur, t lii>xc% 2 p?ese* of Japanese Bilk. S piece* of N srrls C?/??im<>r?, f ;?r boy*' olethiag. Lot of B <y?'Clocking Lot of t otbrellae. Lot of Su?per.der?, Lot ?f H'*e s.d Half ITvw. Lot of Dry Guo* It W. Ii. WALL ft C<?., Aurt? T DUNCANsON. IHIW1.1S(J A CO . AuctsT" bcutheast corner nth and D street* northwest VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS OK CAPITOL lilLL AND NAVY YABD AT AUCTION ?r< SATURDAY AFTERNOON. April Ath. ?Wet i o'clock, we will aril in front of ih* preoiis ? is. all of Lot tl. square 724, fronting af f*et ? inches upon D ?trM uortk, M??wi la< *u.l M <?< cam, and tunning back the depth of theL>t. TUii Lot Will be subdivided if reqaired. Also, Ol the sam* afternoon. at *S o'clock, w? will ?ell on the pipfuiM- Lot* H. t' and It. snbdivisi-n ? >f original LiXI I an<t 2. square (M7 T!?-?<? I.?>? bare a front of 23 3 12 au-i ti i 12, respectively. wttli a depth of about IJO feet, ai.<! is situated c oruer of Virginia avenue and C h street east. These Lot* are line building I t*, an I ar* *i?nat-d in a rapidly improt inn portion of the city, and worthy tue attention of buyers. T-roi? One-third caab; balance in one and tw - j etri, note* betriiit interest and secured by deed of I truat upon th* premises. Convey an ma at pur rha-*r> cost. A plat of these L >t* can W seen at "aV prNCANSON. POWLING ft CO.. Anrt* Y GREEN A WTlLTVMS, AucUonersT S- >irth> aet coruM 7th aau D street * TRUSTEE'S KALB OfTaLU ABLE BUILDING LOT IN THE NORTli t.UN TAUT OK THE CITY. by \irtne of ade?dof trust, dated Jalr 14th, j i A. D. M?0, ami duly recorded iu Liber, No u'Ji '?folio in, 4c., of the Land R.srords fjr Wa-hirig ton corntr.P C , and h> direction of the party *e cored thereby. 1 will sell, at pnMic auction, in front ? t tlie i re(in?Hi.oii SATURDAY, the Htli dar of Ajril. A. P. 1373. at .? o'cl s-k p. m , all of lot nam bond eishty-elgbt (3S>, in Chapman's ?'iNli?inion ,-?f original lota iu mjiiari- numbers! three handr"! ani ?lxtj-fonr <3S4' in the city of Washington. This i? a *^ry d??irabU property la a raptuly-inipro> in* arction of the city. .Terms of nale: One-half in ra?h, of which ?SC mni>t In' paid at *al '; the d??f>*rred payment* to be n:a?lc in *l* and t*el\e mouths after day of ?al?, with iutere?t at ten per cent, per annum, and ae enrei by de?*d of trnet to the aaiisfaction ot the tniMee. If the term* of aale are n>>t complied with ?ithin ?ia dav* after d?v -if ?al.-.the tm-t^ereeerTea the ri*ht to rewell the property at the risk and <? ? of hrat ptiri baser. All conveyancing at purrhaaer *? coat. WM. B WARD. Trnstoe. al-Snw&d* GREF.N A WILLIAMS. Aucu. B"Y LAT1M K B A CLE AK V. Auctioneers and Be^I Estate Brokers, bouthwt at corner Penn?> Watua are. and 11th ?tr<?et, 8:ar Offise BniMin^r. SALE OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY IN SQCARE . Purauant to theai-t of ('ouirreis providinc f?r [the e*ten-i>u of the Capitol Ground*, appi ved IMav 3. H7J. ?e ihall .ell, on THURSDAY, April 10, H73, commencit'* at 11 o'clock a. in., the foil, w in if bnildine*, emhraced in 8<jtiare No. 6iT Whitney's Hotel, corner Delaware avenue and North A street. N ttional brick, three storie*, with threc-atory back bnildiLS. Noa. 4 aiul 6 North A itreet. three atories. attic and L.isemeut. No. 6 has a thiee ?tory back build in?, will be sold tog' thcr. N>*. It, 16.1?,28,? and 30, N>rth A ?tr?et. will be sold iwpnrately. Noa. 190.122,121 and 116 w ill be aold in a croup; material, worn. . No?. 27, H, 33, 35 and 5), B >tr"et,will b? #? 1.1 ?ep i rat rly. Iron Bailln/t fronts to bn sold ? par?telv. T m? of sale: T n percent of th-1 pur h >*? m irv-v wij be reuiiired at the tint - of sxl?: tlie remainder to be paid within teu days such sale. ItnildinRs to be removed within thirty day*. By order of C. Pki axo. Se> retarv of Interior, al LATIMEB X CLEARY. A i ??. BY LATIMER ft CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broker*, South*eat corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St., Star Office Building. SUPERIOR REP P \ LI.<'R SUIT, FINE ROSE WOOD CASE PIANO FORTE IIY KNVBE. <? superior itisirtuiieiit;) ELEGANT AXMINSTER CARPET; MiUBOBBM'K KTKuEKK>, ELK CANT ( I RTA1S8 AND LAMBROKINS: ELE GANT TURKISH SOFAS AND CHUBS; STRIPED RED ROCKER, (by Kirbv); flfPK BIOR M ANTLE I'LOCK; FINK M \RHLK T?'P TABLES. DROP LIGHTS. RE' EP TION (HAIRS. RNUBAVINOS: < II \ H DKLI KR>; FOLDING < IIAIR. SI'PKRIOR BLACK W AL NUT < 11 AMBER EURNITTRE; LOUNGES; PAINTED COTTAGE SUITES; FINE H A I K MATTRESSES; SI'PERIOR FEATHER PIL I ??WS AND BOLSTERS; WINDOW SHAPES; ONE SUPERIOR SEWING MACHINE. FINE BRUSSELS ANP THREE PLY CARPETS; OAK EXTENSION PINING TABLE: PINING i ll A IRS; SIPEROARP; < I1IN A AND ULAHS \\ ARE; .REFRIGERATOR; COOKING AND HEATING STOVES; KITCHEN RE<il ISITES. Ac., AT AUCTION. ?k On MONDAY MORNING. Apr'l T. ls7V IU c? mniem in* at IO o'clock, at reaidence N ' 1 ,'i01 T street, betw.^n Ulk arnl nth, w ^n*lll sell tlie above superior collection of 1 Furniture. Termscaah. LATIMER A CLEABY. al-d Anetioiieera. 1 I'd ION SALE. By Tirtnw of adeedof truat l>e?rine d?te June 17th. 1<7??, and record- <1 in Lib- r No. 61u, folio 4?>, of tlie lanu recotdaof Washington conntr. Distrirt of Co lumbia. I wllUell, on TUESDAY, the 441 dav^t April, 1373. at i oVb-ck p. m., iu front of the pretn ?*e-. nt pthlir nnctioii, to th- luih-s' bidder, the one undivided third nart of the house and premise* de scribed a* part of lot* No. 4 and b, in a-iuare No. .W. Wn>hinKtco, D. C.. bounded a* follows ? B -ginnitw at a pdnton north L ~tre,t. 6m feet front the south ? a*t corner of lot No. 4. running thence west an the line of L #reet Hi leet. thence north 120 feet, thence east feet, theme south ItJ feet to the place of be ginning. Tetnm <>T sale: One-hnlf rash; balance in 6 and 12 months w ith iuter.-st, secured l?y deed of tru^t on the prop- rty. All conveyance at the cost of the put chaser. JOSEPH T. STEVENS, Trustee. DUNCANSON, DOWLING ft CO.. sl'* Auctioneers. Y^GBEEN A WILLIAMS Auctioneers. Northwest corner 10th aod D street-. B BUILDING LOT FRONTING ON F STBEET SOUTH. BETWEEN Vth AND IOth STREETS * EST. ISLAND. AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the Tthdav of April.18T1. al Id o'clock p m . we shall sell, on the premises, part lot ?, in square No. 383, being JO feet front by 12S feet deep to a line paved alley. Sale without reserve. Term*; ft too caah. balance in Sand (to?n*li<. for notes liearing Interest and secured by a deed of tru->t the premises. ftSO down on the day of sale. m31 GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Au Aucts. BT W. L. WALL ft CO., Auctioneers, New Marble Building, and 90S Pennsylvania arena*. Noa. V0O TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY ON NINTH STREET NOBTHWEST, AT AUC TION. By vlrtae of a deed of trust, recorded in Liber K3 T and R , No. t, folios SM, Ac., of the i iuJ i ? ?BLord* of the District of Columbia, and of a decree passed by the Supreme Court of said District, April 13,1373, in chancery, in the cause of W ill. R bin ?< >n et al.ra. Mary E. Hlllet al . No. 2JW, chancery docket No. 11. and at the request of the holders of one of the notes secured by said deed of trust, the nndersignt-d, as substitute trustee*, will, on TUES DAY. the 1st day of April, 1873, at A o'clock, p. m , In front of the premise*, sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, all that certafu piece or parcel of ground sltnated and lying in said city, and being sonruch of Lets 22 ami 21 ot Meigs - recorded subdivi sion of lots in square three hundred sixty-one. and l? comprised within the followiug metes aud bound" C< nimenciug at a point outhe dividing liue between Ninth street west and said lot 22 thirty-seven feet three inches from the northeast corner of said hiuare. running thence south sixteen feet, thence west eighty-seven fort, thence north sixteen feet, tb'uce east eighty-seven feet to tlie place of begin ning. together with all the improvements, ways, eutements, rights, privilege* atd appurtenancea to lit- same belonging or in any wise appertaining. Terms: One half cash; balance in six and twelve mouths, notes bearing interest, and soured by a ie d of trust upon tlie premises. 0250 to be paid at th-time of sale. Conveyancing ana stamps at cast ot purchaser. In case settlement be not male within fl\e day* after the time of sale, the premi?e* will be resold at the co*t and risk of defaulting purchaser. CHAS M. MATTHEWS, Trustee. m27 d WM. L. WALL ft CO , Au-Ui OT LATIMER * CLEARY, D fcr-al Estate Broker* and Auctioneers, Scuthweat corner Pennsylvania ave. and 11th street. Star Office Building. SALE OF EXCELLENT FURNITURE. ? * On TUl'BSDAY MORNING. April 3, Ie?B1H73 at the resilience. No. 8034 G street III *1 'northwest, we shall sell the following very hue collection of Household Furnitnre? ONE KNABE ft CO. RO8EWOOD PIANO FORTE, COVER AND STOOL: ONE SLPEBBCOMBINATION MUSIC BOX, COST IN PARIS; STRIPED REP WALNUT PARLOR SUITE, EIGHT PIECES; FOLDING ANfe RECEPTION CHAIRS; SU PERIOR MARBLE-TOP TABLE: ETEOERES, FINE SILK AND LACE CUE TAINS. WITH COENICE; VERY SUPEBIOE PARLOR BRUSSELS CAE PETS AND RUGS; VERT SUPEBIOE HALL, BRUSSELS, AND OTHER CARPETS, OILCLOTHS: FINE ENGRAVINGS AND CHROMOS, HALL FURNITURE; ELEGANT WALNUT MARBLE TOP CHAM BER SUITES: PAINTED dHAMBER FURNITURE; FINE HAIR AND HUSK MATTRESSES; FINE FEATHER BOLSTERS AND PIL LOWS; 6ROVER ft BAEER-S SEWING MACHINE; WALNUT MARBLE TOP SIDEBOARD, WALNUT EXTENSION DINING TABLE: WALNUT CANE-SEAT DINING CHAIRS; CHINA AND GLAMWASIl I niil A ARIf vunwnji??i CPR1GHT RlFHIGKRATOj^ a AND GEE NIVES, FORES AND HOOMj | EATING STOVES, PORTABLE E1TCHEN REt^ClSITBE, ftc. RANGE iok imvi * ERA CLEAR?, j evening star HrwtT I-ova.-,^' "V*?* ft Mr SP?r fen One of hi* flock. J* *****<* ?? km San day-s<-hool. a ad ?Tui for ?*?e hM prt v?t? ?eerrtary. has lwr%ord for btv.**"* ?* of marriage A* iro?I in mcb earn-" ????* of the end. nee ru fanny. How Is thl-JK" ? Br** ?,*? Uxzj-l hop* ^H? s;r focf>f1* ?orn,,,? Ittnk yon tor tte MMini.tBdMT you a* .any rear* I ?r k?ppiM(? u th?R wen Plaa.< U It. Drink I pretty or tat are drink H^lt. lir Vi, ^ caused by tkat. for f h.d it U>? haveloetlt. Ooadbre!" The ?*?T in which g^ to eat figures in moat of these u;'ttffgaar1 *? ?? csjsrsmi! srvssrt a-tisr ^ js, *2r >t*th?e*r* ?'i 5*?' ,fB1 lnt" room, whlcf^s on tbftaroond floor, a *?.fr of atx-penavaaiU greeted her, which wcra aaoceooed by ft t 01 tou-pean <? immediately ?iVr.w.t, talhn* iroM the cening to the floor. 8ftb-*oei.tlv front of the startled raai-ien, f?|| a ?uotttr 01 nftils with white heads. a* if painted or plated with silver. and when she rtoup?.t to pick on.- <* these up she didn't do it. finding it auadt laabie m they were vorv hot and burnt her B&p-i A rnoroftKi>8rB?TiTi-TK ronTHiOiLinv*. Why cannot cond> rnned criminals spend their last moments in a rooai in which carbolic acid l? generated. by the well known mean*, until lire is extinct? The vcrv silence of the process would be impreaslve. The murderer would s.mplv cc?m to exist among men, without a?v opportunity for bravado, without bin power to cnuure against a stranger power to tort or?. 1 he law would be vindicated, and the brute courageof the ''game" convict would hare no cti a nee to infect hi* associate*? ? M' iicol Journal. * . l??r?'.?Ts V ar a Victory?A special to the New * ork Herald savs : A sharp l.attie was fonght near Vlch, In the province of Tat* .?*!ii ??' ?.1,1 * ,M>rth ?f Barcelona, Sunday, the Al instant, in nhlch the government In km*. were severely handled and beau-n bv a com bined attack of MMreral band* of CarlMs ?,?d. r >avails, i he losses can only be gtie?aed at. hut ?h'-y are mncb heavier than at tnr previous S.Jll n"V1nr1n.c 'J1"* Wkr- ?"loer?n waa killed. Ktpoll, for which p'm-e the supplies were iti U mied, ha> since surrendered to the Car lift*. Pk< iliarities <>r IHyorcb >r Ikdiava Utobr died whilo ber application lor Sr.rM ?n T**Pf1-'** ?"?" Indiana court. 1 hereupon her hn?baiKi weut rottn.i with a subscription paper stating that bis wife died, aud that he w.?* very poor, and wanted to raise >50 to give her a re*pe<-tal>le bnnal He raised the ?50 and bouBht a new suit ot clothes with it. Robbkkv at Kaibi ax Cot it-hoc-i Sen ator Thomas, of Fairfax wa* rol.bed of 9Co in tm>ney at the Exchange Hotel Satuniav night, ard Seuator Kixey. of Fau<|uier. who?e room i? immediately oi.iK*it? that ot Mr. Thomas, wa* lobbeii ot a gold watch ami chain, and #17 in money?Fairfax r0. yetrtt Always in season? jail-bird.-. KTAn Illinoisschoo'mistreaslatelvdicd. leav ing a tortnne ot >*70.0fX?. ' two-headed kitt)>n i.-perforniing to mike t'lgbt doubty hideous in Louisville. ? *f* nearly four feet high w*? latelv killed in Stewart county, K v. -?^Thirty ex-Journalists are doin^ biisiues? in >v all street. . ^"Brooklyn hang* out a candidate for mayor by the name of Kopes. ?^"Sieepv Eye fs a western terminus of the \\ and St. Peter railroad in Minnesota. ?^H?r>ry McCaiialand, who was tried at Sau Frai cisco. for the in irder ot Noah Malleudoie I lia> Wen convicted oi manslaughter. ' I ?^Antou Holmes who wa* to lw? hanged m xt I Lurvlavin bt. Loaia, for the mnrUe'ot his aife. has had hi> execution posiitone i until NoYember J::th, that his case m?y hare a ht a. ing belore the supreme court. , ?^"Professor Agassi* U in luck. In addition Jo the gift Pennekcfe Island and from his arbwd ot natural history, by Mr. Anderson, the Maasachnsetta senate lia^ also voted tua? propnate *.W,i?io tor the benefit of the museum ot comparative zoology at Cambridge. V--?".A ?nd boy weredrowne.1 at Stemtan. Northampton county. Pa., Saturday evening while crossing a wire bridge over a creek emptying into the Lehigh. The creek was verv much swollen ami the lady fell from the bridge draggiug the boy after her. DIED. FOWhF. p. psrt-.l tin- life Mar-h IT ?t ? ?iii-k p tn.. \% IT LI K T1IOM \ tS, t ti* el<te -i ?on I x,n,u ' ?"d MUt u *\>wkp, ?ijsd xr*r- .Li.j Ob, what np..n this earth d. th prov? fco stes.ifMt ?, a mother'* love. Oh, what r?n brinu relief Or solace to ft parent's gri-f. K' more, mjr darling, ?hall thou lie. "b ?chiB* h"?^ ?"<' ?'??f -t"it or", PJinwedI upon my at hing breait oereaely sinking into rest. Yea from mv ini,? thy ?-onl ha- fl.>wn Alopf, ftiid found tl?^ b^m%t*i l> thi mi* To join that ble^i anwlir ring That ever round the altar sing. 1 vsJStS*1 whVl T**n rolled awa? That thou wotild be onr aires ,ti<. And often have I drram>-d to m>? Thftboy.tbe south, the maa in thee. Farewell, my child, thft du<- .Uall fall At mom slid eventing o'er tb> wall. Anu flowers blooming o'er thy bnT Be watered by thy mother s tear. , .... By His Motrke. * }Sr " ? At the residence of bers.ninlaw. Au *n?t Bhaft -r. on Tuetslay no-ruiin;, MAKY AV\ relict of the late Patrick Lj mh ' ?sTi.takeplaer on Tbnnday morning. ftt Mo clock, from St Aloynious rhur< h f K p | it ?AlTRY. On Monday evening, ftt 8 o'clock, of ? ?? A?! . tfL* ?L1*0' Weiineadfty, the .Id of motbe^Wo. aioji c?!mt,r"l> th* ^ l"" undertakebst ||ICHARD r. HAITKY; iSutc,i?9,f HAHTKY t MARR,) Mo. *24 t flraiiT, bitiwi Ninth sad Mt TALLIC BCKIAlTaSBS AMD CASKETS ?f ntry tUtcrinum; marMy SHKOVVS, HABITS? h. |^ItILAAO W. lAAkui; " ' CABINET MAKER AMU UNDERTAKMR, ?1* KLKVKKTH STEEKT, aear F. FP RN1TURB OF ALL KIN OB MADE ABB EEPA1HKU. ^yiUlAX UACKJETT, So.TJ? Tts Bum, BmrunO ard H gTiim ??-?y OoiM ftafl Oaakftts of all ktnda insurance companies. JNbCKI *01* L1FK ia that Abb you iBtti'BEDr _ .J* MOT, APPLY TO THB OLD "^^vvaS&^Dc??^ KV. IspoaroBATftD BY Oonaaasa ir 1019. ?2Xs?it:t ovpaviic. D for Policies. .I^iMiii.-DE. Jaft O.Hall, J oka Pardy, Dr Br<slhead. J. Kevworth. J? r> It ji-i_ ssa&rfki: f".t3^.J?ac.v5bie r "w.'.wcvi-^r Of TBS DISTRICT OF 00LUMM1A. ORGANIZED APtrUST M, 1ST*. CASH CAPITAL 91?,?% asas' uaoiL cross, km"' r?m , m ?i**raaft: ulf SZ? F. iSIS n e!nc?mk?i L1M r>ITXD STATU va %s*mrntm i^d;,srsa'??j thsllat day of Jua*,] lift (C.eskkal n*rr??-K? 41 J I A> A. T t> d? 1 Br the UirtUrfUewhf*!* tilct of UieTectoe. lu Um HlaM ?* loiKiM. and toe other |<urfuaM. JW V ratted ky rnr Mimmtr ?M Hwr f mtm I *<-rfe*?e'? (T l ntl'4 Xl+Ui 4 Amr*+ne m M I ewer ?i ?>!><. l hat all (Aat Mrtwa ol ttoe | lIHto ?f LmMm* teeriM a* Mlowi to hi . M tt? tow a d fi> I ???<?. Ml ttos I ?wuUii <m jWtviile, ftMMlMtt ttoe ton *??? 'L* M4?4? ,2. I'1"" W it?n to Ik* tow a J? IvmidwiiTilk, la the i>ari?ti ut a th.aoe down the B?twi l.afonrrh* ^ jr ^ -I 1L It* i?Itf task ?* ttoe aea, thewoe mean ? al. nj the coast. in. todm* a:. Um Mu?a bars, auti m> lirU. to the ???It of Oir kkbiar nm . lit* net up Um* m>4 Silia* run, ?al ?inx .m eastern hank to t pot at doc ??ai Iran the ?4 town of Piaquemiae. tad ttoewce to the l? Kitming. ah all ho, uW Um hw ta hrcebf. Miahteti J and created lk? wlhftwa <iMna let tlx Ttrle. Mil That the collector of aatd<i ?u ? t shall PfMilf at ItraikMi. ia the |?n>!i of S?uM Maru which u lurft'j Madt the mm ( o. wiifj oi at l colWction district ot iir ai?l ah ail to* ' - - ? - a?? ei.uu.d to r?T? n? a sS.arv of <>u< ;bo< ?4inl salary to cover all t* the I (uteri Btatro tor bouseteul ami si.***, r?brur) aft. in;) ftirwaaAi. a ITtM* Nrt. u | 2 Ax A. t lor the relief of s P ewe^ed hjr tkr A??V *?4 //??., V kwr tmtahrr, y r*, CVif* ? Ja/a; ."Tto 4- ?* mst'mll d. That ?u*n the *ecurre..oe -Ta *?<??*! of ????' grade tt find lieutenant in hta r.*in>eut. Setviid Licutenaut h. P .l<>cei?a twenty first infanUy, ahaII he f-nt-tuM t? are* mot* ii to the grade of tor*. II, ut. nant ?,th dale ot roRitn:>*ion i.nd .relative rank u. the rtn v held bt kin on the thirty fin* da) ot |?, <? tt/ft r. einfit?en hundred anJ artent) <t'J. till* art (I; Ut* no back |>a) or a J >11 - | ay in any mat nt r * halaicrrt. Apprvvtd, Febrt;?n ?V 1*73. (Ocntii ninnii Ko <3.1 Ah Act to amend an act Mtitlid "Ati act ta ??tovide for lio)diti| a circuit cavrt at th* I tut*d Ktxtos tn Uie western .list i ict ?M Mis souri," approved J um- tuht. ricliKcu has dted and reventy-tw? rt ?**?*'d t?f firnmt' ??(? ltr+ r? rvt R -mr- - $*r<oti*tt or thr ln,lr.l Htmtrt of Amrr, t ,n \*. rr*? That th? circuit eonrt ot ito? iut?d St*te? Hi and fit tlie eastern do-tnet M MiMvuri, wlii.h ?u h* the a< t of ? huh thi? a.-t ia atue wiatorv. i? herrhy with ttili and compute junadiction to hear determine, and dit-jKar ot, t>-cnrdini| to th? . ourae w( judi. prucew di n**. ?|| mult < auma, laoUotM, and other inatt i- wtoich ?m? |h i^tina lu the late ci:rnit . vnrt ut the I nurd Stater in and for thr d strict* ot Miwuiirt at tto* time the act oi which thi? a. t hi tarndtUNt t?M h effect, and alM> all othet have riii.* ariarn ti4at |? ttain to aaid auiu or caual ? atld airo u* mate all nr.l r> ?ud tarar m all priK-caH r which said taut nam. d court iai?ht btovc done II it had not ceaaed to e*mt. ari l aa.d circuit court in and lot aaid caMcra dtouict of hliwouri ir hereby verted with jurisdiction aa.l authority U> do all and MOfular that utay in (too duecoiitue ol judicial proceedinjn. |M*rtaia U* anr raid ?uiu. cams a. ot Liilin slied huMtto* aa Hilly aa the raid circuit court in and for ttoe 4ia of >! irroun Uil^'ht hawdoueii aid a t had ncvei Ikh n t.amrd. 8U ? ~ That the aer\ ice of proceaa. mesne or final, iahUed out of raid cir.-u.t court ot th* I luted M?U> in and for the district of Mi?i?r. w hich r. i vice a ar had at tor tl?e a* t of w Inch th a act ia amendatory took etl.-ct, and all le? i?w. aeisurea, and rale* made thereunui. ?*| m i vice, aeiauree, levier. atMl sales malt' under ally proceaa which irrtii d aa out of aa t court arter the raid act t<aik effect, are herwtov made valul, and all auid |?ure?r? are to U4 ?!eemed relunuihle t? rui.l circuit cvurt ol tto<? I I t.d Slater tn and for the eaatera disiri. t ..| M im>un ar ol the return dav I her. of. Si? . 3. 11 at either ol r?i?l I nitasi )Ut'< cir cuit c ut tr in and foi the ea>t.'rii and in aad for the werU-rn district ot Mi-woun may <?ril r any ruit. cause, or other matter |s-n<l n* ihere lii. and coiiim. uced frior to I lie creation ot aa.4 new court, to be Uanaietred lor trial or deter uiinatitiu to the other ot raid circuit cour'a w hen. in the opinion ol the court, raid transfer ou^ht to I* ; atrl the court to which aaid tranrler U aia*te rhall have a-- full authority and jur.Mli.tioi. over the ramr ftoruthedvo the entitled tranrcrii't ot the recrd tuere ?t .* hl.'d as u the nuut had hoeu oriiiiiially iK-uhur therein. hit* . I. That the clerk of nasi circuit c'toirt ,* atMl tor the easteia district of Mi>?ouri. a-it k. rue. .ii otttce, shall have the cuMti?dyof all re<-<>r.l?. l ooks. pa|H n, and |>n?|?ert v Itelott^m^ or in any wl*' ap|>#Ttaitiiiic to said circuit court ol the I luted Stater In and lor Uie di-tricta ?f Mirrouti. and. ar auch custodian* aud the am - ii>hn?ii| the cketk ol ra.d laai-named court, th. > are hereby inveMteil ?itli the rain*' poweia airtl authority with respect thereto a? the cletk th? reof had during the euMteticc ot aaid taat ? named circuit court. Said circuit court of the I lilted Mater in and for the ear tern district M Mimouri i? hereby made the wrrnair ot aa.d circuit court of the I nited Stat.K in and lor ttoe district* of Mnwouri as to all suits, cauaea, aad iitiliiiishrd buniiieas therein or in anv wire por taining Uieieto, except a? horembetore pro vided. >??:? ,V That hereafter there Khali l*e two reg ular stated term* each year of the district eourt oi the t'nited State* in and for the ravtri a district ot Miawouri, commencing on the Hrst Mondays. irs|>octlvely, of May and NovoaSw, in lieu ol those now tieil by law. and no actio*, ruit. proceeding, or process in said oourt shail abate or be rendered Invalid l.y reason of ttois act, but all of the same not pre* louslv disposed of or otherwise i eov ided for by special ordcrof said court shall be .ieern'M returnable to, pe*d ing. and triable at the next teim of said district oourt established bv this act which mar be b?M after Uiis art take* effect I'mrUrd. That nothing herein contained shall be oe* ?trutd to repeal the powera het . hilore era .ted for ordering special or adjourned terms of s**d rourt, or the powers and duties of the fudge ot ??id court in vacation and at chamber*. Approved. February 25, 187a. (Okvksal matcrb?No.44.| As At l to enforce the stipulation* ol Uie c** ventooti with Venezuela.or April twenty-Httto. eighteen hundred and sixtr-an, aud ttoe pay ment of adjudicated claims Brit enacted fry thr Srnmfr and Hoy f W" U'j*' ? '?tsf?e<i cf the I'nUed St1r.$ sf Amen a ta i?m vmt *ai> mt.UJ, That the adjudu aUoa of rlaims by the coavenlion with Venezuela of April twenty-tilth,eighteen hundred and state hi. pursuant to the terms of *aid convention, ie herebv recognized as final and con iusive. ant to be held a s valid and subsisting avaia*! ttoe republic of Venezuela. Approved. February 23. K.->. PROPOSALS. iiturobALa ruktdu. Tsrs?rav Dtril Bt I Haicb ?. un j llfM Pro>ra^ls Will t? rsHv rd Idlhlsnje* Iiii?fllto?.vi.--k a. M r M> A V . th^ l?k4w 4 A sril, 1873. fur furaiahibf hv>. Imn.lrd 19U>) to*s <d run .if tuiu. . Ueors. - Creek <?iiml>erlsii4 C'.iai, ?e U* delivered at ?n^b times and |4a>-**, sad wsarh quantities, as aiay be requirsd, sad subject to the renditions re>iuir..1 b>- si ot ('..ajrrrsa arpr.>vrd hilf II Ku.ut "That aueb c >al ?hal' w-nht^l* p nnds tothe ton. arM ahall l>? iiwprt'd and weir', id. awl fli- guantity ot each load ntnMttlto tline ot delivery, by the p.-r?on a?*?iated and taali bed under the act lor that purp>? a'Miliat ths pre*, ribed fes <d P rents for each ton of < .al ta ?p-cted. weighed and delivered, shall be paid t>f ttoe contract, r. Propwals will be cn*sld? rsd toiadiac far an* weak fr.-m the Jath da? of apr.t. I-C5, the l>eparti*rnl ra M-t v mi the right ka reject all or aajr purtioa of ttoa bid* offered. Kn propwala will be entertain*.! vnl*a* ? ?nt? nird l.jr satisfsetorr rvldeace .d ability t.tufiUltoa i oiitraet, nor will aar psymeni be mad.' ant Itewi ttoe rertifeste of ttos ia*p-ctor that the c >ai faruwhsd Is ruch as the contract call* t^r. Pr. porsls should be s lii'-e*^! an-l **u? ths of Bee vl UKO. K. M. ? SKTI.B Clu'-f <>f Bureau of Enjrraviag aad Printing Trwaa ury D' part Bwnt. a> Ms pUOPOeALs WOU UBAB1TK P4.AkHI.NT, 8eslrd Fmposala are ineit d and arfll h* npnH Ml Ibe Arrkitget'a Officr. ('.? i apttol%mt Uo'rl.s k a. ?n THl'KeDA Y . the luth >d April, f r aavinc the Curve at the ?-ath of th* Capitol ttcmiaan, ruaaiuf from Maryland to Be? Jeraey anatum The hhhlera to state the price par .aperf cial yard. Ko bid will be rowaidrrrd ualeaa ac umpaalrd with a _- whu-to coaplKe thr worto la ~ rati-us. * Aceordf w?h tS, J ? B entd .*f *A.%P CLABK? ^T?.*eet C 6 Ca*uri i* the wp"Vco?sfAs? tu * ?i8TE|* Ths HU da, J SrtdkJ r acrpnaas mewSPnasd lu ttoe iTUi aarttoa M ttoe ??*r"?v'ill? ad "An ast P> establish a aai I)??em ?d baah? qptcy thnxurh. ul ttoe t'nlfad M AK*K, Asstgnes s?xrcg ? s s?f i uf ths r ropy of this order toe pebttatostf eaos a watto far

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