Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR T? r*f>%Y April 1. !<??. LOCAL NEWS. AmnwiMita, A ?*.. _ Tkru'rr C?w'4w.?A variety entertainment of lr?m?, wng, dance, Ac. f?Ui mi>r?' Unit MU ton's Paradise Lrt?t. toe Ufa ratten Pa'I BhiMi'v-?Grand I ulon Jfall by the ?tate assoc iitions. mI Lntah, Gov. Cooke has been indisposed for several Oa\s past at hia result nee iu Georgetown. 1 h? beautiful giraffe belonging to Forepaugh's ? m< iag'-rie di'd on Snnilaj night. ?-flirtr Skeiiy killed a mad dog, yestrrdav. on the corner of 10th and t; street* sontheast. Isaac Brown ha* been appointed postmaster * V 1'?^ ',uvk George county. Md., vice John welch, resigned. During the pa?t week Mr. Lndington has in ?l-e. ud marine product*** follow*: 4.600 bushels e. oysters, 3,?<m shad. and 4,fl2C bunches of small t-*h. all which was found in good condition. Officer Morgan toun.l a dead infant on the Jslanensburg roa<l, yesterdar afternoon, and *ooh it to the second precinct station. The coroner was notified. Small pox caws were reported to-dav, as fol ?One at No. 1241 Prnnsylvania 'avenue, ? entb? ast; one at No. 92 N street, southeast, and ?ne at Cole's Kow, 4 ^ street. The trust.?s of the Union ce.neterr, sit'iated between V and W and 12th and 13th streets, have commenced to remove the remains from ?aid cemcterv to their new ground on Mount Pleasant Plains. The twenty-tilth anniversary of spiritualism was celebrated last night bv a number of the faithful at llarmonial hall. Col. Smith, I?r. klavhew. and Mrs. Hiser delivered addresses, and Mis* Allvn recited a |>ocm. Music and dancing c'os? d the exercises. Mr. A. G. Mills, clerk to supervising architect Mullet, ha* received a telegram from him stating that it was his intention to leave New Crlear.s. l;ist night for St. Ix>uis, and that Mr. A. K. Shepherd would leave at the tame time for ftn.-ato'ia, Florida. TOM WllilHr. tfc* AllefN Nnrderer of the Peddler Rogerwkl demeaa* Himveir *? Jail ('?nflietlag Ntorlew of Ike tli^e^ A lta? Nffweager-Hsw the Prtsaaen (oainiuairale with One Aawther. The case of the notorious Tom Wright, who Is charged with the murder of the |>eddler, Kogerski, on the Sid of December, will be called op to-morrow in the Criminal Court, Judge Me Arthur It will be recollected that the body ?t deceased was found near the corner of D and 9tb street*. South Washington, on the night of JH*cember ZW, and our detectives, with s -arce lv anv clue, went to work. and in a short time kad the supposed murderer locked np fate! vIn Jail: a? also the two important witnesses. The statements made by the woman who lived with Wright at r he.time . were regarded a? conclusive, and if she swears to her original statement, the . han. es of the prisoner's acquittal will be exceedingly slim. Since the prisoner has b?en in jail he has made sevral conflicting state ments as to the affair, and has sel.lom told the same storv twice. In one of these statements be chargcd that the woman was the principal: in another that she was not at the hou<?e; and in still another, that other parties committed the ?rtroe. 1 be guanls have exercis^l extraordi nary vigilance since his incarceration, in order to prevent anv communication between the wit ftrtHnaixi prisoner: but there i* no security In the rid jail against anvthing.especially with such a '?bad lot"as have been confined therein the last few months. Wright has ?>een confined in a cell *>n the lower floor to the right, with the freedom oi the corridor during the dav, from the win dows of which, at all times, the other prisoner* nave been excluded. The woman has been ??oiifined in a room on the south side of the Viiilding, second floor, and the man on the south side, third storv. When they were com mitted the ?nm?n hid a small bla -k and tan terrier with her, which was just small enough to crowd throTigh the 0|?iiing* in all but the Cell doors. Ami it frequently traveled to Tom's cell, where he would "sit tor hours and then would scamper back to hts mis tress' room. Some parties knowing this tact have express, d the opinion that such a dog roiild carry me-sa^e* from one to the other, but it any m- s-ajje* have been so s. nt it was some time since, .** the dog was driven away long njrn. The prisoners have a svstem of running news to each other bv lowering or ho.^fjng a ?-ote attached to a cord, and Indeed not^s from the witnesses may have been slipped under Wright's cell door by a prisoner when they nerd en their way to the vard. It is to be trusted,however, that all att<*m*?ts ?f Wright to communicate with the woman (and lie has made many bv sending for colored peo ple who he would ask to see the woman and ar range to go her hail' have failed, and that the witnesses will give their testimony straight aud thorough. o ?*^ore Pat asd Less Work? V'fHny of C<ir~ l-u'frt i'M<# J-**"*?A meeting of ca-penter* *nd joiners r? J*" DWrtrt vm held last night m rsited M>ehanvj' 11 for .,ije pvpw ?f f< rn-.iiig a |>ermauent at* Jn'lation and to agree ?w on an increase of pav am. J"eo">'tion of the ^<.i:rsof lal<r. The meeting wu ,,.;"*'ded over bv .'ohn A. Davis, who stated theobJ?s.. * . sl're. ted tfc>- secretary to read a communication. JJon the national council of New York. Mr. Gordon submitted a constitution and by-laws, Sj.ich was read, but no action taken. Mr Loveless moved the apj>ointment of a committee to notify the bosses to make their estimates alter the 1st of May next on the basis of f:5.j0 t-er dav for eight hours' work for cart?enters. IIr I;.-.1stone was in favor of a separate local organization, distinct from anv other organ'Ra tion. but at the same time to work In unison with the narional conncd for material benefit ai.d protection. He conilemned communism in every shape. Mr. Loveless' motion was unani ??'?"?tM.I. A resolute was adopted, that an advertisement be inserted in the paf.*T* railing on the boss carpenters to meet the car Knters and joiners in a body. In the United echanles' Hall, for the. purpose of seeing what arrangements can be effected toward eight hours constituting a day's labor, and S3 JO wage?. ? A Rrw oa a Strekt Car?FT- Drue* a i'"?r ix <t C n'hii-'or About H o'clock last ere long, a* car No. TO, on the 7th street line, came d' iu Tth street, a colored man called to the conductor to stop, but the latter did not bear kim. The man ran, and overtaking the car jumped on. and commenced in a loud tone to curse the conductor, calling him varians of fensive names, which considerably frightened s>ae of the ladv pasaengera. The conductor remonstrated with the man. ami told him he must cease or leave the car. Upon this the man got mor? excited, and pulling ont^t razor began flourishing it. and dared the conductor to Tar hands upon him. At this juncture two gentlemen pas~.-ng.-rs seize.! hoi.I of him, and the conductor stopping the car, they succeeded in wresting the raxor (torn hiahands and turned -i^m orcr to Officer I)uva!l, who escorted him to tl.e central guardhouse, and locked him up on the charge i* iarrving deadly weapons. He gave the name of Charles Kent. Judge Snell this morning lined Kent a.'V* for carrying the razor or sixty daTfl tu jail, and on the charge of a-sault and battery on Gilman J. Cofl'mxn, the Conductor, six months in jail. ? Tm G?a*i> Usios Ball to be given this evening at the inaugural ball building. uuJer the auspices ot' nineteen state kssociat.un*. it Is believed w'll be the most brilliant and successf ul afla'.r of the season. It is the last en ertainment which will bo given there, as orders have been given to the workmen to commence the dentition of the Vuikliiig to-morrow. The same decorations re main as were used at the inauguration ball, with the exception that man? fine additions have been Biade to them. The Marine and Dotich'* bands furnish the mu?ic. The Corco ran Zouaves will give an exhibition drill during the evening The committee in charge of the bail.ling has derided to have but one entrance to-night, that being the main door on 4thstreet. ? ? Tu* Geajid Struct Paokaxt of Fore | augk's aggregat lou takes plaae at 0% o'clock to-morrow morning. Twenty Arab steeds will leau the cobmn; a beautiful young tody, per auuating the Godde** of Liberty, will appear mounted on the back of a monster war ele phant, Herr I>arious, the great lion persuader, will ride, in full view, ia a cage surrounded bv lions and tigers: and altogether the spectacle will be one of rare beauty ami splendor. The ?rst exhibition will be gi'reu in ihe afternoon, on the Sixth street lot, and the second in the evening. Real K?tatb Sales?B. H. Warner, real estate broker, sold at auetion, on Saturday, a two-Morv ami mansard roof brick house, on 14th. between S and T streets, for Caleb C. Willard. trustee, to D. H. Lamb, for SLOW; also, last evening, for M. Asbford, trustee, a three-story brick bouee, on K street. Pennsylvania avenue, to Dr. E. F. Howiand, for #14,009. ? Arrested fob Thieviho This morning detective MeDevitt arrested two colored boy* for larceny?one Robert Devon for stealing two Cans, pistols, Ac., from Abraham Brothers, and haxiea Stillard for robbing a ladv IW whoa he was working, They were committed Tor a further hearing. Aoai* is Qi-od?It may be rem-mberad that about a vear since Rutger Teale was con victed in our criminal court or forgery, and sen tenced to one year's imprisonment in the peni tentiary at Albany. He waa reeentlv released, and since then has been arrested at Jersey City on a similar charge. Dkath or a Prixtek?Mr. J. Luther Lore lrce. a pr.n'er well known iiwthis city and Washington, d'ed at hts home We last n!ght, sit'd aw>ut thirtv years. He ha<l been in ill 1 ealtb for some time, and for about a menth I .?.-t has been corfin-d t?? I s b?d. His disease was consumption.?Ulex. (1'e.j GiiztU*, lit. TIE ASSORT SqiiKE IFKIII. t I i THE SI PPCSLD AMAMK1X IX JAIL. ? He I* later* Imrd by Tom Wright, the Alic?f?l Murderer of Bofcrski, the Peddler? It In Thoneht Chew Know Each Other- Raw the Police Ciot the Fint Clue. Ac. Yesterday afternoon, at the close of the in j inert on tbe body of Frank Hahn.the supposed I murderer. Henry Young, alias -Charles Wil liam*," was taken to Gardner's photograph galery, on the avenue, (aewu rtated In The Star.) to hare his picture taken. The prisoner was escorted by Detective McDeTitt, Lieut. Skippon and Sergeant Clayton. A large and excited crowd followed them, and doubtless, had there been half a chance, an attempt J would have been made to lmch him, as one of the party carried a ersricrors-LooKTwa rope. The officer* resorted to stratagem in getting the prisoner away from the gallery. Sergeant Clayton procured a carriage, which was sta tioned on D street, and the prisoner was quietly taken ont the back way, placed in the coach, and driven to headquarters, while the crowd were waiting for him to rome out by the ave nue entrance. There was quite a crowd in waiting at police headquarters when the hack containing the prisoner arrived. But little time was spent here, and in a few minutes the prisoner, in custody of Detectives McDevitt and Miller, and Officer Burns, was taken to the jail through the City Hall park, and lodged in a strong cell. There was coasiderable excite, ment in the crowd, but no attempts were made to rescue the prisoner. RECoOKIZRD AS AS OLD OPPENDER. The prisoner arrived at the jail about four o'clock, and was recognized by the guards there as an old offender,who had served out a term of six months, ending .June 13th last, for the lar ceny of *20. and several terms before that date. He was taken into the hall and thoroughly searched, but nothing was found on his person, ai d in a few moments he was removed to the fi rst cell on the first floor, right corridor, where leg irons were placed on him, and he was left there, the cell door being thrown open. About ten minutes afterwards the deputy, Mr. Kuss, went in and found THE KOTOKIOrS TO* WRIGHT, who occupies the third cell of the same corri dor. sitting with him on the bench, and they were earnestly talking together. Mr. R. asked. ??Do you know this man?" and Wright an swered quickly: "No, sir; I never saw him be fore in my life." This was spoken in such a manner as to leave the impression that Tom was telling a lie; and, besides, they were talking in too friendly a way tor persons who had met for the first time. Wright also said to Mr. Kuss and Capt. Crocker: "I understand that three or four more are to be here on this case." Capt. Crocker asked: "What do vou know about it?" Wright, with a knowing shake of the head, replied: "Oh, I know more about it than yon do." Vaite a large crowd gathered about the jail when the prisoner was taken in, and there was some excitement. Yor*G ASB WRIGHT BELIEVED TO BE OLD PALS. The guards at the jail are pretty well satisfied that \Vright and Young have been long known to each other, and that they have been partners in crimc; and, indeed, the two murders have a singular resemblance, both being committed for money. The jailorsdo not credit the statement made by Wright that he witnessed Jenkins' execution, nor the statement of Young that he witnessed the execution of Manley. on Friday last, at Alexandria, and believe that the latter makes the assertion for the purpose of strength ening bis general statement that he was in Alex andria all last week. As before stated, the prisoner is what is KNOWN AT THE JAIL AS " OLD FISH," - (an old offender,) and the guard* recollect that during his last term he frequently complained of rheumatism, which they thought was feigned for the pnri>ose of getting into the transfer de partment. in which he would have hail l??tter quarters and a better oppoituuity to escape had lie been so minded ENTITLED TO CREDIT. Among the officers entitled to credit in the search lor the murderer of Frank Hahnatid who lal.ort d early and late to that end are Lieuten ant Gessford. of the first precinct, and Sergeant l.arrabee, Silas Lewie and W. H. Brelsford, of his force, who made most of the arrests of the notorious characters in the alleys of South Washington, some eight or ten. under the direc tion of Lieutenant Gessford; also, officer Tlios. Auldridge. of the fifth precinct, who aided the detectives in their duties. The first information, which led directly to the arrest, was given to Lieutenant Skippon by a messenger sent by Mr. Carrow. the tavern keeper at dackson city. This messenger gave this information on Saturday evening last after considerable hesitation, as'he stated, feeling somewhat timid as to the consequences which might follow by RAt'SINO THE INDIGNATION OP THK ROrc.H?. He said that he had been to the station-house earlier in the day, and walked past it several times, and then went away, but finally con cluded to tell what he had been sent to commu nicate. On receiving this information Lieuten ant Skipj>on started at once to headquarters and communicated what had been told him to Major Kichard.-, who at once put his detectivcs on the trail. DISCHARGE OP RfPPECTED PARTIES. A'' of the parties arrested during the past few ?!av? in connection with this UciY* been discharged with the exception of LucV Williams, the woman with whom Young was ' [iy>..J; w*l? be held as a witness. The of ficers expcC* ot,her important evidence will be brought to llgt.J this city and Alexandria to-day. Young's DIRTY-LOOK I.N? BLACK AND WntTE CrR DOC. followed him closely from the time of his arrest u Alexandria uj* to the time he was taken to the central guard-hoii**, *ot separated from him bv the crowd, and has not been soert since. While in the cell at polioe headquarters the dog sat by the iron grating outside, looking wistfully in at his matter through the bars, and could not be induced to leave. ? ? Street ud Newer Work. IMPORTANT TO CONTRACTORS. f'JKrial Orrttr of the Boanl oj Public Works. The board of public works have issued the following order: ? All patent pavements (wood or concrete) must be cleaned of sand and gravel. R-qrtutiny and R'fxfing?Tne carriageway on the liue of the work to be regraded and re paved or re macadamized, as the case may be, to the extent which the aforesaid work mav render necessary. The said contractor will be required to reset all curbs, gutter, bridge, and flag-stones which may have been displaced dar ing the prosecution of the work under this agreement; and in case any of said stones shall have been broken in consequence of any act or omission on the part of the said contractor or his agents, new stones, to be approved by said board, shall be furnished and set in place there of by said contractor, at his own expense, prior to the acceptance by said board of the work aforesaid as completed. droning Up, dr.?The basins and culverts to be thoroughly cleaned out and left clean. Upon the completion of the work embraced in this agreement, a certificate, signed by the engi neer, to the effect that the stipulations relative to the removal of all surplus materials, earth, sand, rock, and rubbish, from the line of the woik, have been faithfully complied with, will be filed in the office of the board. t from'the'u^ dnr^ Of *lx fconths fto* the da?w of ^ flnAl com,,letlon ot the ? foresaid the carriageway on the line of the same ahull, in the opinion of said board, re quire rrgrading and repaying, or remacadam izlng, and the said board shall notify the said party of the second part to make the repairs so required, and if the said party of the second part shall neglect to make such repairs to the satisfaction of the said board wltnln twenty four hours from the date of the service at such uotice. then the said board shall have the right to employ such other persons as they mav deem proper to make the same, and to pay the ex pense* thereof out of the said certain sum re tained for that purpose by the said parties ot the first part, as before mentioned. . The contractor will be responsible for the good condition of the pavement lor eight months alter the pavement Is laid. Last Meeting op thi Old Board op Colored School Trfbter*.?A meeting of the colored school trustees was held at the Sum ner school building last night. After reading the minutes, Mr. Johnson (president) asked: "Is there any business to come before the board ?" Mr. Gray.?"I have none." Mr. Wormley "1 know of none, an leas it Is the Inspection of fur niture." Mr. Johnson.?"Oh, yea." Mr. Worm ley.?"Well, I'll move to take a recess to Inspect the furniture." Mr. Gray?"I second the motion." Mr. Johnson?"The board will take a recess." Mr. Wormley retired to have the hall lighted, and hi a few minutes returned and said: "The hall will he randy In n moment." The Janitor in a little time appeared and said that ns could not light the gas, as he had no step ladder. It was suggested that the Ire de partment be asked to loan a ladder. Mr. John sosu-^'-We cannot wait; thia la our last night." Mr. Gray.?"Tea, time flies." Mr. Worm lev? "It Is pretty certain that the gas cannot be reached to-night." Mr. Gray.?<7I move to ad journ." The motion was carrlad. and. Mr. Johnson snld that, as by law, the term of the present hoard would expire in a few hoars, the board weald he adjourned raw die. o? O'Brien's Trip to Auuit?Daring the trip of O'Brien and the other prisoners to Al bany on Wednesday night laat, It became known that ha was on tl?e train, aad during the remainder of the trip the passengers were eontlnnally passing and repassing through the aisle, making very uncomplimentary remarks about him. O'Brien was In good spirits when he left the depot, but he became considerably drpressed when the*e uncorsplini'Mitarvremsrk* were being made- They had bat little time at New York to make the connect ion, and they go* through that city without attracting much lotiee. In Albany, bowi ver, quite a crowd had gathered, and a nca^t of boys followed the on-.iobas to the juison.. hooting and shouting to the very ' THE *?OTOJf AC I'MIIEKIES. Thflr Great Importance. TA? ?!????( Cmtch fir<?l?r Thmm That ?f the ???-fmmitdlmmd OnI AVeherfes? 14m g- , [Cermpendene* vf TV War.] Kino Caoaan, March ?, 1973. Editor Star .?Very few persons, even in Vir ginia, trr aware that the fisheries of the Poto mac form one of the most important interests of the country. On the main river and its tributa ries are over one hundred "established shores." *one of them of limited extent, but many of them large establishments, employing a heavy force oi men and teams, and requiring a large capital and great experience and good Judgment in their management. The fisheries proper arc all above Matthias' Point. All that is done below that being in a limited way. for a local supply. This is owing in part to tne great ex pense of clearing the nuuling grounds, filled as it is with "oyster rock '?large boulders of oyster shells and oysters cemented in a mass? but more to the fact that the water being salt the fish hold the channel, and, passing on rapid ly, do not spread over the oars and middle grounds till they "strike" the fresher water above. The shores in the vicinity of Aqula creek do a rather large business in favorable seatons in wintar fishery, *. t., for rock, perch and cat fish, but the proper fishing season tor SHAD AMD HERRING does not usually open till about the middle of March, and continues about sixty days. For this fishing, seine* are used according to the width of the river, from one-halt a wile to a mile and a half in length, and front a fathom to three or four deep, according to the depth ot' water lished over, and requiring from thirty to sixty men to handle them, and t'rem four to eight horses at the capstans, and using up six hours from the time ot "laying out" till they are again "landed." To meet the great expense of such an establishment, and secure a reason able protit on the capital invested, there must be caught during the season over one million herring and an equal weight of shad and bunch fish, and these roust be sold on a favorable market. This market was formerly at the 'shores," to farnurs who came from far in the nterior to lav in tbeir stock of fish. Thia visit, you may well believe, was an event of great im ?ortauce to the planter, who had collected all -.he surplus bacon, flour, dried fruit, and per haps a little apple jack, to be disposed of in the towns through whUh his route lay; but to the few negroes who were permitted to attend him it was ihe opening of the pates of the celestial city, it was the reward held out for faithful service, uml furnished rich l'ood for talk for many a long <-ear, and to have eujoyed the visit twice would have required the grace of "I'ucle Tom" to iemain in a proper state of humility. Since the era of railroad* this whole business is < hanged and Alexandria has Income the center of the lish trade, the "catch" being sent there ctflly by sailing vessels or steamers, are sold at auction in bulk, uot:always, and lately not cften advantageous v to the catcher. To check mate the combinations to depress the market the seine men have this year established their cj?n packing house in which their "cargo" is l ift if a fair price in not bid in the market. A Urge and rapidly :ncreasing business is also done in Wathingtoa in ice packing. THE GILLIRS. This consumes tie entire cateli of the "gll" whose name is legion, and whose fish aro tliought to be'larger, or at least more evenly large than the seine caught. These glllers are not the rough fishermen of the pictures, but are many of them men of means and character, who come oil from "the Jerseys," Phflfcdel phia. and other more northern towns, with npt* oi" great length and costly boats which nde safely any storm and rent a "front" to bring them inside the law, and after two months of d ligent "minding their own business" return with well lined jackets. Their fish as 1 have a ready said, and of late many seine caught firth are sent off" in ice by rail to all the north and west, and the traveller who starts from Wash it gton in the -morning can sup at Elmira or Rochester or Potomac shad that jonrneved with him. The entire result of a season u a catch of from THIRTY TO FIFTY MILLIONS* of herring and an equal weight of shad and " bunch" fish, i. e. rock and perch, &c., and a hulk of (oral which at the lower shores is equal to one-third of the saleable fish. This furnishes an amount of food equal to or greater than that furnished by the entire annual catch of codfish on the banks of Newfoundland. That gives two millions of cod, or about thirty millions of pounds; this about twenty million pounds of herring and an equril .weight of all others, or nbout forty millions for a total result FISH MAHl'RB. This "offal" is a great nuisance and a great Ifawback on the fisherman's profits, and yet if it could be utilized would probably give pecu niary results highly satisfactory. The proprietor if a large shore informs me that in the proper 'season''it requires the constant labor of a man md team to keep his front clean enough to bo ?ndurable, and that from four to six hundred loads are carted off in the season. .In the first if the fishing it frequently hap|?ens that large liiantities of small tbdi are' crowded shore by ihe voracious fishes following them, and so i.any are sometimes inclosed that a seino is landed with difficulty. These have to be taken 'roni water wl Vu*ped adrift, because hey would linger in the locality to be recau*!l! lor davs. Later in the season, and especially if irvught, the source*of the Potomac are l?w, -0 that the salt water penetrates further inland, mmense quantities ot " bug fish"?moss bunk ?rs? appear. These having the same nabtt is the herring, swim with them, and are, when caught being worthless for food, ?arted off and added to the seething tn&ss of crawling corruption. When their num >ers far exceed the useful fish, the good are lorted out while in shallow water before lami ng. and the rest turned adrift to go and plague *ome other fishermen. Sometimes their num bers in proportion to the other fish are so great that fishing becomes unprofitable and the seines ire "cut out" and the shore abandoned. At the shores immediately above and below Aquia Dreek offal enough could be collected to make, when composted with the proper proportion of muck, at least five thousand tons of fertiliser, ?qual to the most that is sold with flaming cer tificates. Here is an opportunity for some of your Washington manipulators who delight in >tinks to embark In an enterprise profitable to themselves and useful to the community. The muck for composting is evervwhere easilv ac cessible. This muck deposited lo the lower river is Itself almost a fertilizer, being nearly Cre organic matter, which, having been the Bie and the grave of myriads or the lower forms of life, Is highly charged with nitrogen ous matters; with this in proper proportion a ?areful manipulation would give cheaply an u-ticle as lien in ammonia as most of the re cently imported guano, and containing phos l>liatic and other valuable ingredients enough to comi>are favorably with any of the boasted 'Uperphosphatcs. Northern Nick. Colorado Sapphire* and cut Opals set In zold, beautiful designs, received at Prigg's jewelry store, No. 451 Pennsylvania avenue, ucar 4% street. ______ t ... The coir I*. POLICE CfTKT, Jndnt Snrlt.-To-d*y. frank rrmtian, colored. churned with carrying a con cealed weapon, a dirk knife; ?2U, or thirty days in the workhouse. Mallnda Washington, profanity: *2. Mourn Washington ?anif offence- #3. Anna 8h?pherd and Aura W hite. loud aud boisterous talking; ?6 each. John HolleraUas the "s-?i? fat man,*"assault and battery on Mary O ! i ? . uud costs. Kintna Wright, charged with iling a piece of cotton cloth; dismissed. Alfred and K*< u**l Gibson, awault on franklin Thompson, a small boy. M each, oud costs. Simon Bookbinder, cliar?>-<l with stealing a pockefhook, conts'ulug about *5. from Tiara Douglas; discharged. Louisa Johnson, charged with stealtag a shawl worth $7. a unilt worth 910. ami other articles, all umoanting to near I) fcSOinyalue; .?*) snd ro<*s. A Littlb Kock Saloon Kfepkr Shot awd Killkd hy a Priktk*.?At half-past 12o'clock on Friday night Alfred 8tilwell, a printer, shot and mortally wounded Kdward O'Connell, a saloon keeper, in Little Rock. Both are noted characters. An ola grudge existed between them on account of Stllwell having left his wife and O'Connell's family taking her part. Thev were both Intoxicated, and on meeting had some words, and O'Connell struck Stllwell over the bead with a cane, knocking him down and inflicting a severe wound. Stllwell then drew a Derringer and shot O'Connell In the abdomen. O'Connell died the same night. Stllwell was bailed In 92.W0. jyThe Lewiston Journal regretfully admits that Maine now affords better opportunities tor divorces than any other state. Wl>r. Kdward Warren, a well-known physi cian of Baltimore, left last night forNew York, en route for Egypt, where he Is to assume the position of medical director to the Khedive. ?^Thieves break in and steal in th? Cincin nati station-houses to such an extent that the police hare scarcely any club* or overcoats left, and the authorities think of engaging a private watchman. I C I ? It It ( THE ONLY NICHOLS.) WHO IS HBf N He refers to the inhabitants of South Washington. Aftor he has dons buslimsa on 7tn street for one and L stroef porihweat. ?'21 pLIMBlMQ AMP GAB FITTING. Those desiring to have their Plumbing and Oae pitting don* in a ueit ami raUttntiAl manner, an<1 oii reasonable terms, sh->?i'd leave ?h>-T order* a> IIS Peun?> h aula aveuus, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. lb*? Cm* WM. BOTHWSLL. GEORGETOWN. IiirioTtxniTR We notice the commence ment of two brick house* on Gay street, near Congress, on the aide formerly used for a burv iug grooml. In excavating for these building* 14 tinman skeletons were exhnmed. The homos are intended for the residence* of I>r. Billing* and Mr. SteTena. The main buildings are to be 46 feet by 48, two stories high, and to hare a Mansard roof; back building* 40 by 23 feet, three stories nigh. They will hare pre^^i brick fronts and stone trimmings, with all of the modern Improvements. Mews. Morse 11 & Dearing are the contractors, and Mr. J. P. Col lins, of this city, will do the.brick work. On High street Mr. May has contracted with the Frey Bros, for the erection of two new brick dwellings with store rooms. They will be three stories, handsomely trimmed in front; and will make a fine improvement, coating ?8,400. Mr. T. J. Collins, a young man, of this city, is the architect. Mr. Collins has also made drawings and specifications for J. C. Nichols for the Im provement ror the brick building recently pur chased by him from the Mosher estate. This Improvement will be made under his personal superintendence and will be handsome and substantial. FrHKRAL The funeral of Mr. Morris Adler took place this afternoon from his residence, on High street. There was. In addition to the large numl>er of citizens present, a very large number of Free Masons, including the Georgetown Masonic choir. Mr. Adler was an officer of Potomac Lodge, No. 5, of this city, for a great many years, and was buried with full Masonic honor*. He was 74 years old, and was mnch esteemed by all who knew him. His remains were interred in Oak Hill Cemetery. River News.?The steamer Columbia ar rived yesterday afternoou from Baltimore with a full cargo "of general merchandise, and cleared for the ?ame port. The steamer John Gibson arrived M-day from New York with a miscellaneous cargo. Schr. Knoch Moore has arrived with fertilizers for F. L. Moore. Thk Grain Trade?The arrivals to-diy were the canal boat E. B. Hartley, with 3,70?" bushels wheat to Hartley & Bro. Sales on 'Change to-day were 3.700 bushels prime red wheat at and 1.400 bushels do. at #2. CITY ITEMS! ? ? For BEArTT, style, durability, and modera tion of prsces, our Youths' and Children's Hats

are unsurpassed. Carter & Co., 424 l>th street, opposite Y. M. C. A. Sore Throat. Cough, Cold, and similar troubles. If suffered to progress, result In serious pulmonary affections, oftentimes in curable. " /'* Bronchial TroThr!" reach directly the seat of the disease, aud give almost instant relief. t,th,s All kiwps of Billiard Materia] are kept for sale at Miller & Jones'. Also, work on Tables, Balls and Cues promptly attended to. 1327 K street, National Theater Building. 2. Notice. ? Deposits made with the. German American Savings Bank on or before April 1st draw interest from that date. Six per cent, paid on ordinary deposits and 3 per cent, on the average daily balances of business accounts. Send for a copy of the regulations. 3,31,1: . ? Great display of Slate Mantels, at Ham.i. Tos & Peaksos'8, Y. M. C. A. building, !)th aud D streets. 3,27,eo2; 1>r. Wistar's AVilo Cherry Balsam This Balsamic compound has become a home fixture. Let all who suffer, and have in vain attempted to cure their Coughs, Colds, Bronchial or Pul monary Complaints, make use of this unequalled remedy. It can be relied upon, the m.iss of testimony that has been published si nee its intro duction, being ample proof of its efficacy. C BoyV A*I> YorTH?*U!AttOHAL SriTfl. Boys' and Youths' Yacht Cloth Suits. Boys' and Youths' Cassimere Suits. Boys' and Youths* Cloth Suits. Eiskmas Jk Bro., 3,20,5 503 7th street, (May Buildiug.? CoN?r*F.RS should u?e from one-fourth to one-half le?s of Dooley's than of other Yeast or Baking Powders. It Is put up full weight. t> Garden Vases, Statuary, Fountains, A*-., Hajcltoi iV Pearson, Y. M. C. A. buildiug, Srtli : iid 1) street". 3,27 ,eo2, Pour's Extract Is for sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott A* Co., 4*0 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf The cohxusity at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 The National R4vinos Bank, corner of New York avenue and 15th street, pays 6 per ct. per annum on deposits for each calender month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to H. 27t3,14tl6 ? ? Sotted feet being indispensable to health and comfort thousands of persons come from far and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiroi>odi8t. No. 635 15th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails., Ac., and advice as to suitable shoes. Willoox A Gibe's Sewirs Machine. The celebrated Baaaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. Baum's hoopekirt and corset factory, 7th street, Intelligencer Building.^ 10,28 TBBBVomrrERS and barometers arc repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4jf street. pLOC Rl * Hi.CHI VED P1RECT from the Mills in VALLEY OF VIRGINIA. Will Bi ll to families 50 cents per barrel less than ? usual prices. Piicts of SUGARS and TEAS all markod down. CATAWBA WINE, ju?t received from Pleasant Valley Wine Company, till gallon. 8. H. BACON, 709 Market Space, ninr28 between 7th and 8th streets. O DEALERS IN TOBACCO, CIGARS AXD SNUFF. T KO boxes Chewing Tobacco?all forms, size* and kind*? ranging from 46cents to 81.36 per lb., (box price.) 14UJJU) Cigars, of all grades; prices from $ 13 to #100 per M. 72 cases Garrett's Scotch Snuff. Sjars Rappee, Maccabov and Congress Snuff. arge lot Smoking Tobacco, in largs and sou all *s and drums. 116gross Common and Parlor Hatches. Large lot Grocers' Wrapping Paper. Twine, and Mason's Blacking. All of which are offered for sale at the very lowest wholesale prices. JAMES WALLACE, S03 7th street northwest, Washington, and 53 High street, Georgetown. D. 0. K. B.?I wish to call the attention of grocers to the article of Scotch Snuff, at I sell it, by the case,below the card price of the manufacturer. ui2S 6t* rjpYLi&l LUNCH MILK BISCUIT, ?The choicest, most delicate and finely flavored Cracker in the United States. GIVE THEM A TRIAL. Specially adapted for LUNCH, TEA TABLE, AND THE USE OF I ? YALIDS. For sale by Grocers generally. Trade supplied by TYLER A BROS., mil lm Sole manufacturers, Baltimore, M l! Metropolitan Dollar 8tore. Though every one of my customers, and, in fact, everybody who enters my store, In astonished at the ' large variety of goods offered, and at their extraor dinary and unprecedented [raiseworthinees, yet I aai still addiDg new and possibly cheaper and better goods svery day. The articles arrived sad now of fered are: * S iuare Solid Walnut PICTURE FRAMES, SxU, at tur., with Glass and Back. Star-shape Folding HAT-RACE, solid walnut, 91. Oval-top LOOKING GLASS, MHxlt, 91. Five bottle PLATED CASTORS, RL ???? ^ Handsome 3-bottle BREAKFAST CASTOR, #1. Triple-plate A 1 BUTTER KNIVES, Wc. Six Ivory -handle TABLE or DESSERT KNIVES, 9Very floe French Gilt PHOfO. FRAMES, ?1. Plate Glass FRENCH MIRRORS, Rl. Ruitala Leather andflns Morocco WALLETS, very '"ftneMoro&co V ALLETS, with or without chain, 'Large assortment ef DOLLAR BASKETS. _ Another large lot of those handsome LACK TI DIES, 4.3.2, and 1 for fl. , _ Piiue TOILET SETS,8 pieces in a*?, #1. Ilsniisims FLOWER-POT COVRRS, all sixes. "six Carved Woed NAPKIN RINGS, Me. . Wood Striped TARLE MATS, 4 ia a set, fl. Splendid HAIR BRUSHES, at Mo. and f I. Ladles' LACE SCARFS. MaadMc. Seats' ALL-LINEN CUFFS, 3i~Ur for fl. 10a new stylss of LADIES' JEWELRY at Me.. "wjJtylef of SLEEVR BUTTONS sad STUDS, ai Mc.,Mc.,aad #1. Besides s thonsaad othsr articles. Na old toad* oftrtd. New good* daily rtttti-tJ. You art mot i?i porttmtd to tey. You are welcome at aay time to look over the stock. BALLS AMP F ARTIES. RID GLOVER, ? I TU Rl.SS PER PAIR. WALL. ROBINSON * OO.T doc 14 tf 4S1 P Georgetown AdTTti?menU. iy-r=? NOTICE ?The rtvk ?wfiinf'?thf SIXTH BriLDING ASSOCIATION, of mill beh-M LANG'S HOTEL. On TVKSD\Y EVENING NEXT, April l?t. at 7S iiVlucli, when an diction will t?* Vli Cor oiwntn serve the *H?in( ;r?r. |biS>-?i*J WM. KINU,S*c. JY-3??KKSBYTEBIAH CHUBCH. ILy Gwimrowi. P. C., March*. llCS I'enoiii hating fr1?td? burM lath* Chnrrti-y ard corner Vwhlltiron si?l Brut#- MrfM. art- herebv thatth- church It at?at being removed and th?- lots aoM. and that It will b? nece*?arv to have all Mi?? lying therein r?Mov?d within the next "SMB* * 0rdrr BOA BP TBUSTEE* POTATOES! POTATO"!^ 99?bhls. Ho. 1 JACK SOU WHITE POTATOES now landing fro? schvwier J. b. Newton, and far sale In lots to rait ya<rliw?tt, by tuS9 3t J. 0. WATERS. 109 Water street. UT THOMAS DOWLING. Auctioneer, D ISO Bridge street, Georgetown. ADMINISTRATRIX sTu.r. OF TROTTING HORSES. HABNESS, SLEIGH, Ac.. Ac., AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, April 91. at lil oVIk, kI will aell, on Congre?e street, near the ca rnal, Georgetown? 1 Trotting Horae, very fa*. 1 No-Top Brewster Trotting Wagon and Harneev 1 Top Bugo . 1 Sleigh, Ac , Ac. JANE VON ESSEN, Admini-tratrl*. n.? * THOMAS DOWLING. An- t. V OR SALE?A nearly new BRK'K HOUSE. No. I 69 West el., Georgetown; has ?even large r, .in*, double porch, gas aid water. Terms very reason able. Inquire at Ai H?ii ?t. _n>?jK J.C. NirifQl.S. J^EW BPBING DBY GOODS. I Beautiful Dress Gooda, in ?age and mignonette ahade?-a large aaaortment of nvdiom and |ow-pri.e<l Drew Good*- 10.000 vards new Spring Per<-ale?, Cali coes, and Shirting*; be?t make* of SMrtings and Sln-etings, very cheap; 90 piece# Black Alpaca* arvl Mohairs, from J6 rent* to *1 15; Casnmere* and Suiting*, fur men and boys. We have a large i and offer ertM bargatmf. . BENJAMIN rflLLER. irJ2-3m 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. TH1 BUSH IS 1 work all r< voidable delay paat fa skilled '?. .u. ii iu ?uiiii i^m nomoera. Truly thankful for paat favors, having at priment a fall corpe of flrst-clase artisans, with every facility to meet promptly all demands, I respectfully solicit a continuance of the same. W. H. WHEATLEfS PREMIUM STEAM DYEIXO A .V U SCOUR i.Vtr E STAB LI SH St KM T, jaclT 49 Jefferson street. Georgetown, D. O QUR READY-MAI>E DEPARTMENT. MEN S LIGHT SPRING SUITS. MEN S DARK SPRING SUITS, MEN'S MEDIUM SPRING SUITS, MEN S CHEVIOT SUITS, MEN'S DIAGONAL SUITS, MEN S PLAIN SUITS, DIAGONAL COATS AND VESTS, Plyt'E COATS AND VESTS. PLAIN COATS AND VESTS. LIGHT PANTS, x DARK PANTS, MEDIUM PANTS. Iff 1MT1TE Aff IXSPECTION OF OCR UX USUALLY LAI.dK STOCK Of SI'RI <iVOVS, BELIE V/.\M IT TO BE THE LA Rli EST AMD BEST SELECTED IX THIS M AH LET. HABLIl brothers, FASHIONAULE TAILORS. m!7 tr Corner of 7th ani> D St?. [)RJibb ?> 11 1 K T b . Si* PALMERS PATENT DOUBLE YOKE SHIRTS, rea-ly made, for $ 16.50. Si* PALMER'S PATENT DOUBLE YOKE SHIliTS, made to order, at $13, $21, or 8 21. LOCK WOOD, HI FT* ft TAYLOR, 0*3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS. 100 doeen LADIES COTTON SKIRTS at 8t cents each. 100 doten LADIES COTTON CHEMISES at cents each. ?0 docen LADIES COTTON DRAWERS at 78 cents each. 100 docen LADIES NIGHT DRESSES at $1. S each. AT LOCK WOOD, HI FT V ft TAYLOR'S, tn-tr d^3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. QRAKDEST St U?ME OF THE AGE 6600,000 CASH QIFTS ! ?100,000 far only $10. Under authority of special legislative act of March 16, Vgn. the TrnMeea now aunnunce the THIRD GRAND GIFT CONCERT, for the Benefit of the PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY, to cone of at Library Hall, Louisville, Ky., on TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 1S73. At this Concert the beat musical talent that can be procured from all parts of the country will ndd pl-as ure to the entertainment, and TEN THOUSAND CASH GIFTS, aggregating a vast total of HALF A MILLION DOLLARS currency, will be distributed by lot to the tieket-holders, as follows: LIST or GIFTS. One Grand Cash Gift?................ One Grand Cash Gift ..? One Grand Cash Gift...?...?.?... One Grand Caah Gift One Grand Caah Gift...? ? One Grand Caah Gift Gift! of 01,000 each. .. Gifts of too each. .. Gifts of 400 each... Gifts of SOO each... Gifts of BOO each... Gifts of 100 each. Gifts of 10 94 Cash M Caah 90 Cash 100 Cash ISO Cash *90 Cash 9,000 Cash ..?100,000 ... *0.000 ... 94.000 ... 90,009 - 10.000 ftOOO .. 94.000 .. 9*000 - 39.000 30.000 30.000 09.000 - 90,000 ...9300,000 Total, 10,000 Gift*, all Cash..? To provide means for this magnificent Concert, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND TICKETS ONLY will be issued, a large portion of which are already mU PRICE or TICKETS: Whole Ticeet? ?10, Halves $8, andQcaS raas |9.tO. Elkvk.i wholk ticrkts rvi $100. No DiscorsT on lkss THAN $100OIDERS. Nothing con Id be more appropriate for presents than tickets to thia Banwcit or Wkalth,ot more likely to pro duce grander satisfactory results. The object of this Third Gift Concert is the enlargement and en dowment of the Pvblic Libbart or Kentucky, which, by the special act authorising the Concert for ita benefit, is to be forever free to allcitiaens of every State. Thia Concert will be conducted like the first and second heretofore given, and full particulate of the mode of drawing the gifts and paying them, and everything necessary to a thorough understand! ng of the scheme,from beginning to end.ars now published in the form of a circular, which will be furnished free of cost to any who apply. The entire management of this undertaking has been committed by the trustees to Hon. Thos. X.JBramlette. late Governor of Ken tucky , to whom all communications pertaining to the Gift Concert should be addreaaed. B. T. DURRETT, Preat. W. N. HALDEMAN, Vice Preat. JOHN 8. CAIN, SecPublic Library of Ky. FARMERS A DROVERS' BANK. Treasurer. "A* the time for the Concert is cloee at hand (April 8th,) parties wanting tickets sh ould send in their orders isnsn/uiuii if they would avoid the msb and delay absolutely unavoidable in the few days preceeding the Drawing. All orders and appli cations for agencies, circulars and Information will meet with prompt attention." THOS. B. BRAMLETTE Louisville, Ky . janll-s.AtnAAprfi Agent Public Library Ky. OR rAMILY USB. TUB LEICESTERSHIRE TABLE SAUCE, TBS TEST BEST SAOCE AMD MBLISH Ol ANY PAST Or TEE WORLD. ros fAMIL Y VSM. PINTS ?? Oevts. HALT PINTS. 39 Ultn. tOH BALM BT ALL VROCMK8. BIHim FUBriA LB-CAN ABIB8 and MOCKUIO BIRDS, male end female, best singsn; aho^g CAGES. No. 1ST South B streetT fro.Unii<P Pe?nsrhrania avenae, Capitol H1U. fcU cute' $. M. OOETB. GROCERS. ft ^TLAMK MILLS . Brsew WHI*T C" W T B. IBOOOP?, tl ,*th'r * "choice oEfwrBBiiB. H'57 ?( C^'f^rfth miM O rt ' * ^ ^ ft. O'lUftl * IOXi Wktlrulf aad RfUi! Hrwin, mil SffKIt SrM I TEAS' TEAS I TEAS I J>Hn Tn, |o?4, Mr,; mry I V?. OatiMrtrr Tn.TV: a |o<4 irtWf for 91 ("botff Ovn^rdrr Tea. SIM; wry kM. IIJO Imp* rial Tea, tOi . 7tc, if, iw/ fli??st, |1J|. Good Black ^ea, three pounds f*r f 1. W? ktu ?l?o kw of tfe li* i>fi?w4 la tk? ettj Also, mi extra English Bnakfktt T?. flour, ?<-. Welch*, Bar*. Tmwt*? and other kru<tt of Tlour, all at towee* nossible prtefs. T?i p-uuds Ltrt far f 1. Golden Svrar. p?* as lion. TBc; our b*s? 91 Ten pounds Ke* Ptlff. $1 Nine pound* Km Prunes. 91. Peaanta, half bushel for 91. _ BBANPT. OIK. Ac. Pnre French Brandy, per bottle |< ? California '? ',r^? _ l?!r Pure Holland Oin 44 |.oc Angelica and Muscat*! Wine, per twftle. . . a Whtafcj.ffve year* old. " IM Sweat Cat a* ta W ine, 91 per galloa. C. S. O'HABK * MN, feBOtr 11113 7th street B W .between M n??1 ? PRICE LIST or OROOBRIBS AT BLFHOSZO YOIX6S A CO'ff. &1JGAR8. (BECT NEWTUBK BBABD8.) "A" (clarified I. A lb. for 1 AO Crushed (loafk.... J* Iba.for 1 <? Granulated J* Mm. for j ,?> Light Browni nearly white)..AH lb*, for 1 <?) ?ood Brown J Iba.for IM FLOUR. Extra?choice. per sack, mi aa Bttra-rery high grade per sack, I w Extra?a ce..] family per aack, S IB Faai r-chotce p,.r *arfc, | w Family?the very beat aaek, I T$ Family ? Welch'? beat?at lowest rates SUNDRIES. Prans~ho.ce. J ft* for ?1 English (arrant* ? I ha. for IN BalKiriK?choice. ( (t* for 1 40 J inflow's Green Cora. A raua ft In T' >matoea?J lt?.. < can* for 1 Jo T 'inafoee?J.Iba. _ ?..A cant for 1 K) P-arbee-S !be. a can* f*r 1 ?C Peaches 8 Iba.?_?_ 4 oana U J u Call at once, a* we cannot rnn-ant^ the at m e on paralleled low pi ic?w for any definite length of tiioe BtrUONZO VOtXGS ft CO.. vkOvkks, 5. J?nC!lvB?'M? { MASONIC TEMFLB, WM .nMAK9,( Mmtii asp F ?ts. )?tr dB TKisi _TtAai iff fi i&ttA^iir&JZTSSZ'iXl in this country, and at m.rflerat* prices I bare a fair and palatable BBK AJLFAJT TEA m ? cents per poond. It is pure. orM 133a F street.EnMtt Hog^e BANKERS. JF. HHvDHE.tO, BKUKIK. Mo. 1*39 Penna. aTe., Boom A, Washington, D. C. Special attention gHen to investment securities. In\ it?e attention to securities now offered at prices which will pa> M to 14 per cent, in amounts and ?f length of time to suit Investor*, bafe, reliable, profit wyttnaSfrSKSfiiir"? BeTers by permission to Lewis Johnson A Co.. Washington, D. C.: Moses Kelly, E?j., Cashier National Metropolitan Bank, Washington, D C.: Hon. J. M. Brndhead, Second Ceatroller, Wa?hiric ton, p C.; Edwanl Clark, Esq., Architect I*. S r - itol, Waahington. P C. niarK tor, PC.; Edward Clark, Esq., Architect U.S. Cap. Itol, Washington, P C. mar 17 Jin 1'HB BATIOBAL BABE OF THE BBPUBL1U OPe'b FBOM r? ?jP. ToYlf. M. AeclMy CHA8 fBAPLET, Cashier German aneiiun bavinob sank, BO. A1A bEVIKTI Strkkt, OrrotiU (As Ptt-Q+c$ lMpmri* Bank hours: a a. n. to 4 p. ?. Saturday! open un 41 a p. to receive deposits only. Interest paid oa deposits. Collections ?schange furnished. JOHN HITZ. President, A. EBEBLT, T. Preat, W. F.MATTIBOLT^ec .O. E. PBEVTlSS.CaaA'r ao\t-lr - B. suciEA, ?ax. tviua A. aooT, Late Oofr Internal B?t ., Buffalo, B. I Bab king house or sqi ier * root, 1?1? PBKNSTLVABIA avebcb, ( Opposite Willard's Hotel,! WASHUitiTOH.D. o. Six par oeat. lntereat allowed oa business aooowats. Eight per cent, internet allowed on deposit of one month or wore. OolleAions made crerrwbere. auM T" ff"*1"! Hoaae, Be. 1AOT Pcuiisylrania opposite the Treasury. PATS SIX PEE CENT. IKTEBEST, Interest Uu First af Each Mcmk. PATS TOUR PEE CEBT. oa t uaiaeaa accoant* date of d?*D< ?fcit. Isnui OritMu ?T iMpent bearing a and 4 par aent. interest, available anywhere. OAS BBABCH OFFICES in ail large to* citiea of the Senth and Southwes bmmk 4e?rs,a a. m. to ? p. at. Open Wedueaday and Saturday nights from AH to a j'clock, to receive depoaits only. Call at the Bank or tend fer a copy of the Charter and By-laws, jia iy J AT COOKS ft CO., BUT ABP SELL FOBEIOM EXCHANOB and 1A8CE C1BCI LAB LETTERS UP CBBPIT tor Travelers, aeatUi>i* m aap fart 9/ Uu world. Oar Prafts on _ iAT OOOBBlMcCCLLOCH A CO. ?rs Cashed In any part of En?la59, Itiuxi and acoTLASD,/r?e Of chart*. ma> 18_ U/ASHIK6TON CITT SAVINOS BANK, ft COrntr 7(A strut mod Lorsxsxama arums, PATS ? FEB CEBT. 1BTEBEST OB DEPOSIT. lntereat commence* fro? data of depoaita. Deposits can be made and drawn at will. tnykl-tf J. A. BUFF. Treasurer. PROFESSIONAL. JA31K& O.CLKPHANE. E.Z.BBAILET CLEPHANS~~ft BRAILEY, _ SHOBTHABP WBlTEKh A LAW BEPOBTEES. Oftict?No. II* C street, between 1st and *1, facing Indiana avenue. niUl-ly FtR. MART D. BPACKMAM, mlf1w' IMA SIXTEENTH STBEET. |\B. J. S. DELAVAB, 1/ Homceopathic PHTstctaff, Uaa F street. Office Hour*:?a to M, morning, a to 4, afternoon, 7 to 8, ereaing. all-la JOBB ?. *****' ATTOBBBT-AT LAW. B..BT^I--_o; TIB PLATBkiT ieom SHKXT t SOLDBB, At the .Stora Wararoo-a'^^ OBBOOBT, rlraala aa Ac. I diifce, OrnaaM ntal Hair Work aa OLasa 1 earl,by Mrs. rBlKh.lateof B ?toa.Bo. ?I oeai I, n?rtiiw-??t. B-Ur. t,^??:?Mrs. Prasi dent brant. ^Irs. Adjniral OoW?bornagh, W. W Cerv<-raa,ts> a?'a) Eleey, <*ea?ral Tompalits. 0?a? ral AiA?a jaaMly BOOKS, STATIONERY, ??. F>YBBY MOTHER THI po ToK OF HVE t own family if ?tc pr mm.i. * HEALTH AT HOME at STOCK M a* * IK>* B, M(i Mh Mr*?* norrkw ?t TW WTTAOI BIBLE t? ha had ?b -re nHn Two g"t>4 Agfotl ???**<? ?** |?*K?ftS FOB THB LENTEN nKA&ON B'lptOlRnlT W. I' Rwh 'P 0 ^ tt<'Ura Tr< a?ury . A ?"??'^ fw Lent. or P<-< ilt'iwlll-xUnf Christina Cewpsi f. iiahir t..r R-UrV 11 ?r? lti Christ, or ib? ft^iu ..-r ? I moa ?i?h n.s L ' B> A J t? r<i?a. fw?H i< II >llness |t 0"#t-nrt\ Tb-a?bt* on Person* Itrliffc n R O ill'ir*. MM BALL * NTT VI. gw? 49* ftk treat. N RIM HOOII ! AT BHILLI*?TOVB BtMIKftTUMK. V% atreat and h?*i;l?tiiu ttwr? Ad Otm Qa<?t|??. B? J j?m D? M lie ftobert Falconer B) U v*r Ma.-d.?nald Cb*?r E.iitn-n Ken to Tatter*. Bv Annie T?> mas. 4.Cheese and E B? F*rj?ut. |h-V<mii, B? Aiexaadre Dn?i?? The M>strri.w*Qn~t B? MwEi nNr.J Ltlr B> IK' Mrthor >f u K> < utfu: L > trnwl tiiri (4 the Perl <4 WW Mr. tin] Mr* H ?rr4ra learned .?! nf A Life. Fr>?n tkr Ottmi. 4 \ on Hellem Tlo Y nnx Ladle* JourmU, Mont hi> Paa> raan i>f Jtmmhm. TV P? polar Mnw M.'Othl), Vs. M. AU lb* back m.niWen on hand. Barriwi Bn-n-d Away. IC E.t Edward P. ft*. |wch*ix)4. B> Ifbwa km?i Bpriurer Tribnne. H- raid and Wor d Almanac- for IMS. A large of BLAhf BookH. rs*s Bt>OK* and MKMOftANPcl BOOK*. MoT! FAPEB. LETTEB PAPlB.and PLAYING ?AIPR. at Ike *?n l-west prtcee IpM tr M HARD i. MUHT? fc ??., ~ 'booksellers aku nmnw 101J mimVAMU AVENCB. ? Bare ,ust received the BRITISH ALMANAC AND COMPANION. for UTI BOYAL EALENPAB. far UC1 M HITAKkK * ALMA.1ACE, f-r liTJ BRITISH ABMV L1C1.M W3. BRITISH MAVT LIST, for UTS N R OTIOB. OPENING OV A RBM STATHEBBY BTOBE AkP BLANK Book M ANUFAtTORY Ft ret Haas f -"dm at fair | rioss. foe oaak L11H KA r H 1N U. EN9BATING. PRINTING ANI< BINDING |K?NE TO OBPEft. Tbe public are invited to call an1 ctamtne mt n? ? Mock. BIN F FBENCB, _ Under National Metropelitaa Bank. and wit doer to Jai 0?>oke A Oo.V, aril tf W whlmlMi B. O. RAILROADS. IJALliMOftE A Mi UUIUi D BAILBOAD. J VMIIMiMR. Jtl' * 1*"3 Train* between ? ACHlRiOToN AND BALTI MOBB and WASHINGTON ABU TUB WBBT are aow rail a* follow*, vie: FOB BALTIMOBE L'-ave dally, except Sunday . ai 4 U. ? 41. IM, * It ? 3d 1U.4B a. 1J0, I.U. 4 10, R.3U, Rftl, RUB and ikl P'm' ON SUNDAY FOB BALTIMOBE Leave at 4 44 aud e.lM a m., aud 1M. ? i Jj d B.M P Dl. FOB ALL WAY STATION* Leavedallvi ex< ?pt Souday. ai 4 44.4 46 * -<1 Ml a . m.; 4:ltl and 4 30 f. ?>., and on 8nn<la> at 4 48 aiid !>.?0a. in.,an<i 1t16.5.JO. aud ft*) p. ru. Tbe 1.WI. 3:ttand ti.U p. m tram* *t.-p at the f I lowina ?taftona onlr, tit: ?. B.-lt?>.ll? l.tiirrl, AtTTiap"li* Junction, ll?n'\<r >n4 B i?> \iao, the 1U p. m. will ?t< p at JtiMup'a Cot, aud the ? ?J p. UJ. at Pruti'* Cr.^itiK. FOB ANNAPOLIS L^ave at t tf am. atiJ 4 lu p. iu, but Bv train* to ot um Aonap'lie -n fuiidar FOB NoBFoLE L?-are at 100 p n.., ?*. rpt hundar. FOB ALL PAKTb OF THE WEPT Lea*e daily, eiopt 8atorday and buitday, at f 4.* a. ni and S:U and ? OP r Mi. On Baturday at < 46 aitC a A 9 p. lu., and on Sunday allU and * ?W p at. TKAlN.s ABRIYE AH FOLLOWS: FromKvw York. Ptiilai-lptna aud Baltimore, a? 6 JJ a. m . and t 36 and tfi p. ta. Fr. :a Plalad>*ipbiB and Baltim ?re at 8Mb m Fr >in Baltin.orr at AMI. ? 30. 4:41) arel 11 Iv a m , a id l:IU,3:?k),?.3B.< V. 7 K.I 5t aud IiJk p. m FBoM THE WEST. Arrive at 1 JO. a Jib aud 1U:RU p. ru Tt.ri ujtto ticket* to the ?"4 ctnbe had at the * a?lun(toa Station Ofllre at all hoara <4 tli* la> ; a!a<>. at thet'ouipau)'koSn-r, 4kA T un??Ivama PaMMi:ircr* pnrcltaaiiut ticket* at tlw> A vo lar t.flice can th.-re a-raiice te havv th< ir Ivv >ef ;allrd for aodch <ck<?iat their rr?id>-uc?-.taken to fLa leaot, and pat into tlw t <c?a? car. For Nt-w York, pL.ia.l -lpi.ia and Boatoa aee ad V rtUon.ent of "Tbrouih Line." THOS. B. SI1ABP. A?*1 MaMer Traunportatl JB. L M COLE, G< n<-ral Ticket A??-n? UkO 8 KOONTE QfoT A'gtTW aahiaFtOB. J?* '|'HBOUGH LINE BETWJCEN 1 M"At*HINUToN.PniL.OMEL rUlA, AND NEW YOBK M'a?h ' *t.To?t. Movrtnber 1,18TI Train#between M AbBiNUTok and BiEW lOftft a*a rnn a? f !!? ?? FOB NkW YORK, wftkamt rkm+ft eavp. Leave dally (eactpt Sanday I at 8 0u a. a*., 1 JO aLd ?Hps. L?*tt ' FOB PHILADELPHIA. dally (eicrpt Suuday ) aid a. ai., 1 Ji audCX ON SUNDAY. Leave for Sew Yurk at 6JD p m , and Philadelphia at S K p. m. bi<? p<na car* for New York oa IB p. m. traia oaly. Tlir-'tifrh ticket* to Pliilalrlphia. New York ard B ?t<? can be had at the tkatiou Oikoa at all buor* of 'he day. Foi BaJtiatore and Ohi<. railroad adveitia' aunt era - h?*lule between W aahiufton, Baltimore, Aimapo M and the Weet. THOB. ft. SH AftF, A?*t Mwtar Traaaportatioii. L M. COLE. U<-neral Ticket A rent GEO. B. KOONTE. Ajr-ot, Wartiinytoa. >e(4 AL?XABDftlA A VSB1BG lip \ ALEXANDB1A A FREDERICS Comer af b mud Sixth : basal train* for Alexandria leavr a* follow*:?*8 08? 8 11:11 a. m.. 1 43, ?? JR. ?JL 11JR a. m. Looai train* froa* Alexandria am re a* follow*:? ? ML *BJR,k> 1:1R, *R:1?.? ?, 7 JR p. ? "Train* Biarked counect Wltii Uaiu* on W a>b i igtoa * 'id Ohio ft. ft. Ql ABTICO Ac. leat? Waablurt->n 7 JO a. ui. ^iilly, except bunrtay. OBEAT SOUTHEftN EXPRESS, via Bicteaowl. :eate? Waniiii.Ki' i U> M | in. daily, except buoday. Throncb ticket* to all p drta 8->oth and 8octhw.?l f iraale at OScea, corner 13th atreet and Pennaylva nla aveuaa, and corner At h afreet and Penuayl\anta w bare BM*enrer* tan leave order* for to decked at aU hotel* and raaideocea throat to Aeetl E. S. YOUNG. GeriT Paa*>nwr A rent. )ykQ tf UALT1MOKE AND POTOMAC D RAILROAD, , r. UM mmd b strut*. It. W TftAlNS LEAYB FOft TftAINS AftftlTM AT BALTIBOftE. WASHINUTOM. 4:B a. ai., Blacara Exp., 4:B3a ?., Weatern Exp , dally. daily , except Sunday. 6.86 aja.t Baltimore Mail, RJB a. m , Mail,daily, ax daliy. cent Sunday. KJB a. m., Wat'ni Biy, n^a. m? Waatara Exp , daily, a*cept Sunday. daily. S JR p. m., Baltimore Ac- RJ3 p.m., Pacikc Ex pre**, CoDiniodation,daily,ex- daily,except Hnnday. cept Sunday. B.1M p-n.^cconuaodatioo, ? 31 p. m .Cincinnati Ex- daily. are*a/laily,axc?|>t Sun lu 33 p.*., S ntbem Ev .day. _ preaa, dally, except Suu ? 7.43 p. ?., Western E*p., day. Bfer. Trains leaving Waahiniit -n at IB a ar. aad IK B. m.,connect at Boaiewitb train* tor Marlbor ?MH| Bowie lu JR a. ni.. and t 13 p. m , arriving at Marlboro' U J9 a. nr. ai 4 <13 p. m. , Traia* arriving at M a^hingtob 11 Jl a. m. and 19 p. tn .roa I act at Bowie with traina loatinc Marlbo ro' RJi a. ai. and 3:S3 p. m. PaaaeiMier* leaving their order* at Ticket OMcea, c >rner of 13th *tr?-et an t Pc nnaylvanla avenaa and no tbwaat cornet of Sixth street and Pennsylvania arnone, caa have their baggage called for and check ed at hotel* and reaidence* to all points Borth and W(?t. Throngb tickets to Cincinnati, Colnmbus, I ilianapolis, Loaisville, St. Lnmls, Mew Orleaus. C licago.OmaBa, Sar, Francisco, and all pnlak* aorth, n ?thwaat, west, and soathweat. E. L. DUBAftftT, Gen "I Saat. E. B. YOUNG. QeaT Pa?aV Agent. j?Vtf ??follow*: 4JB a. m. I Baltimore ti . 1JB p. a> 4JR p. m. | " ?JB p. m. T JI p. m. | " .?MJR p. m. TBB GBEAT BOL'BLE TftACft BOUTB, tk eisgant Soar iry, Palace Stale rvua ftr aad TwV'E^ES lea York. 7 ttp. m^lakiy^MAfc^V ?*.,? Makx ComncTiaM fTaai BALTIMOftB ?? HLAGABA and 0 t 1 0 ?. _ ' i. iOTCBB OO. AJTDKEW J. JOYCE I* ?dasgtlaaH. WOBMLET M PECTORAL STB UP, r?i OOUGHH AND OOLDB. SU4.A/ b Y ALL UKCUUlSTa btftll'

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