Newspaper of Evening Star, 3 Nisan 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 3 Nisan 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. thi rhrat tprti s, m;.i. LOCAL NEWS. WaU'r f'i>*r? ?Italian nr**r? by the Ln<*a-Kellogg Combination?-II t r-ivatore.*' lX'nUr Cento**.?A variety entertainment of 4r?at, song, aance, Ac. 0*u AO?mf Hall Milton's Para?l *e Lot Forepangh* great show. ('MMk-wml At th* Buuthl; gK-etiug of tlie OtkUonia Club la*t evening several mw mtmkrs were flCl'U (I. ?be contrart for furnishing the Treasury De Ctmeni *>U> ice during the present year lias n swarded to tbe Great F ill* lee Company at ??- 32 per ton. |>etect.ves ?,oome* and McOevitt li?rf re os??red. in this city, a gold watch, worth about M*. which was -tolen from a genrlemau in Hartford, Conn., about a month since. If mi Crawford & Co., contractor!! for im provement* on G street, bave been directed to make the necessary repairs on that street in the ce-naete pavement, betweeu 5th street and Jicw Jersey arenuf. At a meeting of the O'lelcst Inhabitant.* as-o yesterday. Mr. C?|lw announced tlie death of Mr. Maurice Adler. on* of tlieir mem ber*, and * nuil nt or lieorgetown. and feeling>- were made by several of the associa tion. TLe children of the National Soldiers' and Sa. lor*' -rplimt Home ha i a pleasant eut.r tai a merit given the in on Tue.-lav evening la*t by Mi*. N. P. t'bipman. a lady ?!n?* untiring labor in their behalf ia worthy of comrueuut The opening -essinn of (he Presbytery of the Ches?t>e?ke, a portion of the Presbyterian Cbur-h South, took place lH?t night in the Franklin .*?]iiare Church in Baltimore. Among the ministers in attendance wait Rev. A. \\ . Pitirr, n- the t'eiitral Church in this city. About 11 ? o'clock last night Col. Thoma* It. Florence, ot the At'+d?y wa* taken sud d? ioy ill. while he wa*on the way to his home m South W.tshingte-n. Ihstee t i ve MclMviU and Other friends a*.-?i?tcd him to hi* residence, au<l nn?ler tie attendance of Dm. Hanimctt and Fetwick he wv ranch bettor within a tew hour*. A |-etition is in circulation in the southern Cift of lie city, and receiving numerous signa re?. re<jm ?ting Gen. Babeoek to depart from kk< propo?ed plan of expending more iu laying ort walk- through the grounds of the ?n ithsoniaa Institution. and to u*e the money in lighting ?p the ground.* for several hour* in the niklit, and for the employment of watch m? ii to protect citizens from being waylaid while pa-sing through there. ? Jwkin W. e.arreii'a Latrsl ('nwiiafst. A new arrangement ban been made for the tbrongh trav el of j a.~?engers o\ er the Orange ai <1 >Ian;?.v-a- railroad, which went into en'ect bu l?t intUiit .Since the completion of tlie long bridge by the Baltimore and Potomac com pany, passenger* have been transj-orted over tbe bridge to the dtp>t on ?'.th street, and thence Vy oni for wl n iiibi-.s to the Baltimore and Ohio depot, iht. h a to'.l of fifty cent.* per passnger ^as been charged I.y the'Baltimore and Potomac ri>a?t. Tl i- was the term* agreed to. and con sidered satisfactory by l>oth companies and by the traveling public, avoiding, as it did, tbe trouble of rech.-cking of baggage, Ac. The contract now entered into bv Mr. -I. S. Barbour, through the direction and luauagt wo nt of Sir. ?;arret'. wits *he Alexandra and Washington Kerry company goes back tathc o*?l *v?tcni which existed before th>^ war. By this arrangement the pa*?enger car* of the t?rarge and Mn v^.isror.d ar rundown fnion street, near th.> Ferry company's wharf, w*iere emnib'.-s? s a?id wigon* transi^irt passengers Mi.d freight to ar d from the boa^s. <*u thi-end ot ti e f. rrv line oidi 'Vh -*???? 'ind wagon* trai -- I>attpxssenger- arwl?r??:jrfit t'r m th'j7tb-s?rcjt wharf to the Ba!t'more and Ohio depot, giving nr.reces*arv trouble. Nothing Is node by Mr. bythi^ar rang- rur ? t, a? the co^t is the * ime in both casr*. the ferry on'piny ftti:ig 11 ccnt* and the em?iib;is hire ' C '? ? (HMftta Tlie name g' ven tr> tli?? -iew'.hie hv Mr. Garrett is tbe "AVashington city, Virginia. Midland a id Cr? at Scntherr Railroad," aim the object i- to cnt lo?-rf* etitirely from n*ing any part ot 'he Pennsylvania fompanv's ro; j, to the laanil'e-t dis< < nitort of passe ngers to say the least. It is thought this is the fir?t step of Mr. Garrett to wards carrying r-nt his favorite plan, which to make bis roa<l connection.* north and south owtside of Wa?Mngton city. It has been oiil> snme two week* ^!nce that Mr. Barbour met tbe ?Ulcers of the Pennsylvania road in Phi! > detpbia. when an arrangement was m-ttaitly ?gr^etl to for the tramportation of freight and passei ger? over the bridge. I*eor.m*.*TEP.? In the oflBccof the R^eor It ?t" l*ee<ls there were (ileal yesterday certificates of iticorj-oration, as follows: l?o*e of Sharon Grand Council of ?he Di-tri *t of Columbia of the Ancient Grand t'nited Or d?r of the I'anghters and S-)iis of St. I.nk<* T. K. M. The objectsof thi.?organization are ch ?r ity and benevolence, an?l the trn*te^ named are William B. I>eCordov?. Jacob P. Harmcr. Henry A. Grant, Perry H. Car .son, and Robert Crreii. A "College of Obstetrics and Gyn.eCologv of the Pistri. t of Columbia," the object of which is set forth to be the Instruction of student* and doctors of medicine in the management of the diseas* * of female*, and naming x* trustees I>r*. d. Harrv Thoniix-'n, F. AsUford, J. W. Back ley. an?f C. M. Sliaetfer. The ???'orcoran Fir? Insanuice Company of the I district of Columbia," wh.c'a names a tru-tee* .John T. I.enman. A. H. Herr. l.'liarlrs A.-James. Kdwin J^roup. Michael Green. H. ? lav Stewart, William ?.?rm??, dames L. Bar bour. and .luhn Bailey, with a capital stock of hl<>o.iM?. in two thousand share*, at sio each. The pew bolder* of the North Carolina ave nue Metboilist Protestant Church filed a certif icate that Thomas li. March-*, J. II. Sfcirle-. W. B. Marcbe, B. B. Ferguson, and .lohn K. Slater were ele< ?e.ltTii>tee*for the en*uing year on February .Itb last. F> rtfsriiH's auokm.atiox wa* the center of attraction in this citv yesterday, U?t night ami tbia afternoon?j?eopl?i flocking ta it from tverv direction?and the pro*|?ect is goo-1 for another m?li to-night, and. in fact, every afternoon and evening this week. Tbe reason ? hi .' Beeanse Forepaoph reallv ha? IA0 great show of the coantrv. The rno-t distiiigui*he-l l>eo| le in Washington were -imlcr the <-anras ye?ter?iav, including he a* Is of governa?ent de partments, military an-i naval officers, diplo mat- and others, with their families. TheSta't bas 11? s|?ace lor a descri|-tion ?t the n-jt?*worthv content* of eTen one of the live tents, but eaci contains manv thing* you can see nowhere eb?e iu tbe country. Bnrr.ti m. the other great show man. visiteel Forepaugh*? tents la-t night, an-l in a neat little speech ss*id:?" I have come a'l tbe wav tri m New York solely to see Mr. Fore paugh's famous show. and I have t>een amply royaiel for so doing. It is novel, varieel aud in teresting, and I mi witbont hesitation that thU exhibition cannot be sttpa-aed bv any manager in tbe country?not even by myself.*' Ftni:a Last Kiuht Aliout 10 o'clock la*t mglit an alarm wa* turneei infr jiu box I. corner of Band 11th streets southeast, causad bv tiro being liseovereei in the cellar of a frame h<vu*o at tbe corner of B ?nd *th street*, occupioi t>y Mr. William Jeffries aid u*e*l a* a grocer/ store. Tbe tire communicated to the a-Qoimug house, occupied by T. B. Marche, which w is slightly damaged, notwithstanding the Hfor4 of 'he t rcTncn. The bonses were both own- 1 bv Mr. F. It. Hughe*, and were partial!v i?i Miretl. Loea about #1 Mo. The bre iabel?ev<-I to have l-een caused by an act of incendiarism. About II o'clock an alarm wastnrned in fro a box 41, at Willard shotel. cauae<l bv the di* m - cry of a tire in a ?e? or..1-story room at the r >r iie r of ami C streets, oe'eupieel by ticbhart A Co. in the manufacture 01 galvanized iron. It originated from an a*h-l>ox In the ro->m and had communicatee! t?? the window-tram"; but wa* extinguished before the arrival ot tUo fi-e department. Tm N?.w Board or C'LORko S? ho.ii Ti.i **r 1.1.S met last n ght at the Sumner Scb ><4 bnildirg sini elected Mr. lieury-lolluson. preic ileni, Perry Ryder, vice president. Me*.-r*. \ aahon. Kv.ler and FerguMm were appointed a comniittee 'o draft by-laws. Mr. Ge?rg4 F. T. Cook, ^uperintcneient, addressed the boanl an4 invited ibe members \p make a t-mr of Cie schools. Mr. I.ewis offered a rewilation r *? aciiMhng tbe resolution appropriating h>>0 t<* the Borpone of purchasing a portrait of Hon. Charles Sumner, [>?*?ed bv tbe old board, Wraime he tboufbt the ns'xet would do the ao?t goml in paving the teachers' Salaries. The reftjlntiuB was adopted. T?rn*rt Sals or Waanv PsorttTr.. TeMcrday attornoon, Messrs. Green & Wdiiaaw ooU by pwbUo aasteow tho wharf property at the intersection ?fTth and Water streets, known a* S. P. Brown Jt Son's wharf, to Mr. Amqs Pie bard, of Dangwi. Maine, for ps*,299. The properry constats of abowt t.ew ?)nare feet jf griinn il.",fpg|? I and improved hy a warelio-ne ami stable and a anbaCaattally-bnilt wharf. TLis was a trnotee sale. e ? ? saLKO op BsaL Kot at a.?M essrx. Dane**, ?wn. Dowling Jt Co ,auctioneers,sold yeoterday wfterwoow. lit 1 ft. Hift, trastoo. IK f. hleek ft, to Horace .1. Gray, at 13 cents per font; aloe, lots 3 ami ?, bloeh 15, to J. T. Steven*, pt 5, cents per foot. Thee* leCa are on Meridian hill, ami the price ta considered good. ? ? ?? Spr.isr. Ba< a??Mr. Ann Fox, lately ot Fairfax Court House, bas taken charge nr the r*ur tiae:k at Kr.ghtwood. atwut oae mile aa<l a half from tbls city, and Is making prepors tlon.- Ct>: &!;..* ol speWl. to comtn-nce on tbo 5W ofV*T. Many horses are alro?ly la train jug . and more ?reexpocOrtl {'?? liDii 8APPHIRX4 audetrt eval*. s-'tin ?old. Ho?e?IAd stvle>?. received *4 dew ?rv -'ere*. No. it, PcniwylfaJMa ht^oe, near sticet. * ON TRIAL FOR HIS LIFE. THE CAM Or TOM WM?HT. Tfe? Kllllst of R?(<nkl the Pedler. ProrwitiB^lH OlmiMl (Mrt' The trial of Tcm Wright, charged with the mnrder of the pedler. Samnel Kogerski, on the --'d of December lost, was manned In the Criminal Court, Judge Mac Arthur, this morn ing. Long teiort the hour of opening the court, nunitron* application* were being made for ad mirt-icu to the conrt room; but as was the case yesterday, none were admitted but those who Lad business in the room. Many of the eight? tateamen drawn yesterday were early ou hind Along the ?wt from the City Hall to tl?e jail large numbers ot peraons. mostly colored, and among Hu m, assembled to see the alleged assassin. Cleat. Kelly with Sergeant Clement* and a s?|nad ot officer* escorted the prisoner lrom the jail and into the court room auuut 10t| o'clock. The prisoner appeared to be as in?lif erent to tl?e proceedings as be was yesterday. The Urst question he asked the officers en leaving ib? jail wax as to which one of them It was who had the piece published about him (Wright) having I JtSC I.TBD A WOXAI. Tlie officer* asked If it was not true. Wright replied -yea," and I will do it again. "Wait until I get down here, and if I see an* good locking gal I'll have something to tell her.'' Fnrther down he said, ?*Oh , thev are as ugly as L 1 The officers, accustomed as they are to all kinds of rough language, were ?h<k kkd at bis blasphemy and obsckhity. ? 'ne man r? marked in passing that he ought to Lave his neck broke, and Wright replied, "You ?- of \?? 1 will rool you yet." Wright when in trie dock conversed lightly with all who showed a disposition to talk with him. The Jurors -elccted yesterday?Messrs. Frank Brooks, Samuel C. Magrudrr, <W?o. p. B;?hrer, Lemuel F. nark, Cha*. G. Ball, Edgar Banks. " m. X. Solomon sn<1 Jobn West?h&ving In'en | quartered at the Continental hotel.were brousht | into court at 10.45 o'clock. 6 TBI COCKT WAS Ol'KNKD I romptly at 11 o'clock, ami alter the jury had been called the clerk proceeded to draw the names of those summoned as talesmen, the c<> tu nc! for the prisoner, Messrs. Uinkle and Inger soll, having in the meantime, the prisoner, taken scats at the green table. Tli K TUt*T N A X K IIRAWI wa? Peter Iturnin, and he was sworn on his re-fr < .r*. He had lormcd a decided opinion, and was set aside. George A. O'Hare bad an opinion, which he had expressed; set aside. Ketward Ambnsh had formed no opinion- bad no scruples against capital punishment: ac cepted and sworn. Lewis 11. Baker had formed an opinion, set aside. ' Charles E. Hulse ha.I formed no opinion bad no sci.<pies against capital punishment; cPMiUnge?l 1 ? v defence. ' barles T. Wright absent. l.dward C. Baurn had an opinion, a dee ded one; *?t aside. (?to. B. Coburn bad formed an opinion, a de cided one; set aside. ro. T. Payne had formed and expressed an opinion; set aside. Jjimee E. Gad-by had a dccided opinion; set aside. Samuel T. Acton, nr-n fit. John h. Clark had a decided opinion; set aside. Ceo. O. Barron, absent. ''f*'l'h I". l>}er had a decided opinion; set aside. I'anfel E. Kealley had an opinion, but not a dee ded one; had read the accounts <>t the mur der and netiees ot the defendant, and formed an opinion t!ieietre>ni, and the prisoner wouM have to prove himself innocent; s< t aside. llallet Kilburu had lornnd an opinion: did tM/t think that he could give the prisoner a lair triid; set aside. ^ti phen I*. Gill, Hf ?? Kobert F. >Lixtin h >.d formed no opinion n?"?r had :tny ri:j? against capital punishment. Jir. ^T.irtin claimed exempti< n, as postmaster at Aliaeo^t.?. an t was told to stand aside Boberi I. Fleming had a decided opinion: s t aside. Andrew B. Tirrny do : do. I.?ke Madison lad no opinion nor scruple ha.l not read the aj>er accounts; accented and 'worn. " d'iani Bndd ha<l termed an opinion; not \ decided one; had no bias: could believe liirn i? ne>eent until he was proved guilty beyond & doubt: had read the papers; -iw nearly ad the not ces ot the homicide and the prisoner; could not tii.d a verilict without evidence; would have ^rori|V0 'l * * kitfher Being; accepted and .tames II. Dayis had a decided opinion; set aside. ' ?James Ferguson had no opinion or scruples; challenged by defence. William Co!e had a decided opinion; ?et a*:de. William H. Fngitt do.; do. Perry Coleman, do., ?lo. Cbailes M. Cole, n-1 tst. t ? >,'eNV,u Av- Fowler hal a decided opinion; set Alpkonse II. Boswell had an opinion; no b; is; challenged by defence. < b tries H. Burgess had no opinion or bias; accepted and sworn. THI3 completed THE trBV, which is constituted as follows .-Frank Brooks, Samu?| C. Magruder, George P. Bohrer, L. k!? Clark, thaa ??. Ball, and Charles 11. Btirgiv-.^ white men; Edgar Banks, Win. T. Solomon, 'IZl't? V. wa^d ^/"hnsh, Luke Madison,') and V m. Bndd, colored men. At \? o'clock the names of the jarors w. re i railed, and the clerk, calling on the prisoner to ' stand up, placed hi in in charge of the jury, to whom he read the indictment. The w ttnei?ses were excluded from the rt?iu and MR. HA RRI JfiTOS OPENED THE CASK stating to the jury tlist the caution in selecting them had apprised them ot the importance oi Ife Heufged that they should believe that Thomas Wright was innocent until he wav prov. d guilty, fie stated that he was sorry to say that tie would be obliged to present facts to them to prove him guilty of murder, bevon<t the shadow of a doubt. There was no use of dr tw mg nicedistinctions, tor whoever killed the ped-' le-r committed murder. Ha then recited that the deceased. Samuel Regerski, left the store oi Bogan A W ylie, and taking a Tth-street ctr got ort" about eleven o'clock, at the corner. ?f Marjlaud avenue, and entered Wr ght ! house, which he never left alive \t *1r,a ,onnd ne-ar ? right s bouse; the officers visited the ho st an.lfound blood on the floor, on the bricks, au 1 in the cl.iset. They also found the pe?ller'. pack buried on the premise*. They would "how that Wright s boots had blood on them that he had on a pair of socks taken from the pedler; that when the woman came home he said that he had -killed th? d?d old pedler " that he tied the body with the straps of the packot deceased, and took the b?.lv out and cast it down like that of a .log. fie did not wish to try the ease by pnblic clamor, but by the scabs of justice. WiUvtnis brief opening he would produe*e ? THE TESTIMOKV. n.Xtwman, sworn:?Witness lives In Bureh s alley. alKjut jno yards tYom the re?i Jence ot the deceased, wlio lives near the cor ner Ol loth and E streets. Witnea,' attention was called by a little girl to some one who was lying on the commons; got a light: found the whistle. Officer Leach answered and the body was placed in a cart and taken to ^ Tbi* was on the night of the 8a or l)?i^mkr. r??*-e*amine.l:_Witne*?eTpIiii)edth^ loca tion ot his premises, and pointed out where the I y lon,"i' tll? resale nee of the prisoner, Ac. Witness, after a rough di tgrarn of the square had l>e? n made, explained the relarive positions in the s-;iiare which is bounded bv l?. :t,h **>d loth streets. Witness said there was an onenlngonMh street, and there was consid erable travel on that street. Ou the south side 01 the square it is not btilt up to any extent. Witness was not 5 i?iLrL ,nf?rme<l him about v clock that one of his driver* was lying out m ar his cartic la certain that it wa8 about 8>< # r',,*ht wmM m * tar-light one and very cokl Th^re is no gaslight at the corners of and E and loth and E street*, and the nearest |? at the corner of 9th and F streets. I?ou t know that ? white man who lives in Virginia, who drive* a mule, saw the body before he did some blood when he attempted to move him, and that the wound* were on the head ami face. Some of the wound* appeared to have ? ?*?P PO'?tod instruments P|fk. bayonet, or instrument of that kind, lK>n t think tlie body could have been lvin* there longer than an hour, or people, at that ejuly hour ot the night, wonldhave *een it. I}"? through the open cro? each other. Mo*t of the SSCiT- md0* "? *>"?"< Cceetion?WonWI ft be likely tor a man to carry another from the house of the prisoner to Wme^The itinnaseil would VM^^bocrt^T* ^~T>* 'mwui firm Wright* which l? ? * * U"WU| WD 0 ?MtHJl. lOUntmt ?her; it was identHtodi his"pocket; took ^he*body to the* 4S5annaud the lnqnest wns held on the IbnowtaTdS? body was mangled about the heed. ' Cram enailnad:?It waiakmt 30 or 2S min ute* past 8 o'clock when he heard a whistle and wrat to the spot where he found Officer Xew maa. It was pretty eo!d and no snow wae on the groand; the body was a little walta, bat the limb* were a little stiff. Fuaad blood near where the body wae found, ant morning; was w*th Mr. Newman, Mr. MeDeritt and other* this wee traced oat to E street, and near the ousb were some snot* which they were not 1 u2 vae biMi; vy'ri^ht wm lia'k f^fC? ^,ber attention to the ^round w?r4 there wer? 00 *?cta, ?*? w7?eeSdt""0,lCt!0B ?f ** h"rt -V recess ?u here taken. v-VrrlT* ,be ,rrrf* WAr'y *11 *ho had scats kept liism, and when nr j r, \H,LTH,AI- WA" Uarttffan Tit ?worn ?Witness is thedcputy coroner. and performed an autopsy on the body on the 34th 01 December last; de ceased was a stout man of 5 feet 8 inches in U beard, brown hait; saw him on the night of the 33d, bU face was bloody; found >tra|>s about hip neck and !^gs; mndc an exami nation of tlie woands?one over the left eye triangular, straight one above, and still above that another, one ou the fore head, one baca ?l' the head, one on right side or head, one on left side of the head, the latter being an irregular wound, seemingly ? ,? ?VeVCr*J blow*- There were twenty o> cf. bone ,uken *at of the last I ? ,' V ^"re'"e *??o on the face several 7^j ^ mi*ht b?ve been fatal, and the man could not have lived long after the ???cted. These could . b7 * "n*11 axe, hatchet, or i.i 08^ on the nead by a bate hot or axe, and those on the face by an ice pick. Cross-examined :?Witness describe*! the wounds particularly, and said certain of them could have been iua<le by the corner of a hatchet. An oyster-knife was produced, and tlie witness said in his opinion it could not have heen used. Six of these wound* on the head J?? necessarily mortal; the wound on the left side of tbe head was produced by a number Lbl.?o!'-.t*?0f,tliembulLS clearly traceable, about _ Sj inches long. The wound on the left side was n?c< ? wily mor al, fUie instrument having penetrated the hrain two inchcs, and ?bath must have ensued :n a very few minute*. W ijm# saw the body b- tweeu Hand \i o'clock, and tound some warmth in it. It is possible for a tody to contain warmth seven hours after tof i>' Prokab!y not more than lour to live Redirect?If a man had been killed in ti c m. ruing, and be kept in a warm room for sev eral hours, would not have been surprised to have lonjid son;e warmth in the bodv einlit ?^Dr,? ai fr,Wi,r'!?- ?ets in In from six to eighteen tours. A small chopping axe ? iiICC0,-; ? a,s?a >UiaU ,athi"8 hatchet. i ? V , ma*,nS ">?>e indentations on *h? witness stand and on paper, said that some of the wounds could have heen made l?y each, on the smaller instrument (the lathing hitch.'? ? n?fome stains which looked like l.lo,*|. II ?i!lf ?.inii,rJimt'Ilt saw 1,0 ,ne spots similar to those on the other. The straps, one a heavv ?"m i1l one tbiCh "Y1 G "*?* lo,"f- aT,<1 the other * small one such as is nse.1 to bundle shove!-, V'c#"h[^'ted> ?n^wltnesii said he could not identity them jntsitively, but thev were very umilar to those on the body. The lathing latchet was slightly curved on the blad<\ and some ot the wounds showed that the in rtument had a curved edge. I?r. Hartigan said that he would like ta state i J*.? conc!us'outhat the wound *.i* made by a hatchet. Mr. Harrington asked a question of the wi' iiess as to a wound on the face. Gen. Hinkle objected to any evidence as to he wounds oil the face, the indictment char - me wounds on the head. I ..^,r.vll*rrin?ton "ai'',1P proimsed to show that oneot the instruments exhibited tit the wound. .r7r r,n1;'1 t!,!ltthe Witness could ans ' tu' s defence took an exception. ,1,1 tliat ,h?rt w:,s ? wound on the chin the lathing hatchet could have mad". ;J 14the wound acro-s the nose, (a little b? - Ion the bi ldge,) and one in the cheek. ? re-paring lor die l.mitu<i|.;ii {on Cele bration. ?IEFTI>*fi or TIIE IlELBOATCS LAST NIOFIT ^^.!,,<?.VrJU,e*/ln* ?.f tl,e d,:,eg?tes from the s< \er?. legislative districts for the purpose ot i lakirg arrangements to celebrate the 16th of -April (Emancipation l?ay) was held last night at I liion Lesgoe H ill. Dr. .1. L. N. liowen in the chslr, and fi. W. S mith secretary. r! ^ 5,1,air T',14t Henry Johnson had de vlim. the Chairmanship of tho committee on recep ion. and, ou motion, Jerome A. Juhnsu'i was appointed in his place. A- <iray t, :<t he had S"C1! trom the rtniso 8r vu that he h id I v ln^ i i .'"I1 ( ,lle t'nance committee, tut he ha.I not been notified officially .>t t:.e J.Vimm, *Tt;l0fe.. ul. tak'',, n,> towards the tiillilliiient ot the duties, lie desf,ed to receive an ofhc'al notice, and also to be notified who wire bis associates, so that lie could call a meet ,corini.I,tce- Hc flTt truest iTfhe jork. aiHi deMred to make a tracce*?* of thecei ? hrnticn thcrefore he suggested That each .u, " 1,roiK>rtion!lte > K-*!!J* raovf,l "iat each district ^ A,ttr J?h?te this was laid on the table. A motion w:u? tlicn in tde to t:ix delegate This was earnestly oppo^ !.' a! r, a"?t.her debate the motion w:ts laid on the tai-le. The motion to assess eaeh dirtrict was then renewal and adopted. The Chair directed that the amount la? collected tb*chairman of the finance c-jni mittee at the next mei-ting. t.ilT- 'hen announced his .ist of staff officers and aids, but stated that several changes would have to be made on a - count ot members declining, and he would re mwlln ,n,ul ,llw ?*"bliC u,,"l the III t ? "ta,ed th!lt heha'1 upon lit S< i retary ot W ar. who had promised all the ?css,st.,m.e hi.? j.ower In the way of furnishing I 'lags, banners, and a field batterv tor tJie tnir I i-ose ot tiring a salute. He had pabl a visit to th? ?h?, f! k W.h? ht41 him th it bration e a P'e*sant day for the cele ? Wm|I<nrtE0.?WlUlu'' P' ^UTI-ER< CUABOKD wini Obtaixihu Mojtey Uhdek F\r?K PRETKKt Ks?The New Vork lb raid of Ian night says: -W ilJi^ni P. Butler, who wan held on Monday ior examination on the charge of attempting to swindle Louis Schepp, ot l-i , aUri?vettrtrf?t.' y^te/Jay as a I, -- i , jj1 obtained aw from Colgate Jfc Co., ot .si .tohiii street, on a torged draft. On the lx*h ot November he went into the store oi .Mr. Col gat^ and represented himself as Mr. It. H Het I ot be. firm of B W Reed & Sons, of Wash^-' bought ?17.5 worth of fancy u- h' *bich wer? subsequently shipjM-d to Washington, and induced Mr. Colgate to advance bim <M0 on a sight draft on the house he was supposed to be connected with. The dratt was sent to Washington, pax meat of * Inch was refused and the draft was protested Mntfi?. fowling, therefore, again reinaii< Butler tor examination, which will come up to morrow at one o'clock." Mr. Wm. Heed, of the firm of B. W. Kee l & Sons, of tins city, left for New York last ihftriaTol-Butl^hally ** a W Une9S at ?Sm!^9 Fi,,R A ?Some or tin Alexandria officers who were in this city this 1?*"*'1" a Pair of yuug lawyers ol tinsilty were in Alexandria vestenUv an I Vi'r pHnU a?th,oronKh starch through -Buz v nr m,oney.,whlch Young, alias Williams, the alleged murderer of Hahn,repre sented he had concealed there, in order to sC ^T,tMrSC'.-!ce8,to defen<t him- 'fhey had tound pains, as nothing was pYi*n from Wor?DS Ikplictkd bv nm ?a,,e' *'10 stabl'ed by his brother, Michael Kane, the early part of last week. Is reported by !>r. .1. K. Riley, his phjsician, to be In a dangerous state this mati ng, trom *condary hemorrhage. Michael K ine has not been seen since the subbing. New York Iiry OoodT Market-? fLX i ,T/ ~lh.e.Teek un,"'r revi,>w again failtd to present the expected degree of im provement iu business, and the trade move ment was spasmodic and unsatisfactory to agents t?nd jobbers alike. The back war.In ot the spring uade must be attributed entirely to the unpropitious condition of the weather which renders an active retail distribution an-' 1 l'J?> '? t'?e absence of which jobbers cannot reasonable look for a brisk demand. J. LWJttTTTj}'nATy "tringency In the motiey mitfket interferes somewhat with the collections in some parts of the interior. The commission a lar?e aggregate quantity of gootlsduring the week upon previotts orders, *??1* rb!*ae*St? "^ived a fair amount of orders tor future delivery; but few of the job bers have yet sufficiently reduced their stocks to render replenishments necessary tor general assortments, and the present condition of the market for both cotton and woollen staples ab solutely forbids speculation. The jobbing trad-i k 8i\lK0<lfr?t?'>.?act've ,n ?lep*rtments. but the state of the weather bad such a depress, ing tendency upon the numerous buyers in the market that they restricted their purchases aa much ae possible to staple fabrics, to the exclu "?" ? g??to of a spring or summer character, whieh were consequently quiet?.V. Y. BulUtin. **i filed in the clerk's ofBce of Colombia county yesterday ?.!!!?!.*?*?? Jp? hJ Ua New York Central ?Bd Hudson River railroad oompanv to Corne lint \ anderbilt, Jr., and Wm. K. Vanderbilt. to .^nre to ?ren per east! Kbonds, payable la 1MR. The mortgage wa| ven under the cansolidatton of the New Tor* sntral with the Hudson Hirer railroad, for the panose ot funding its indebtedAess and to pro vide means for patting (town additional tracks, See. The Athena branch, or White KlenUant railroad. Is excepted from toe morteaw-^-iZ turn Star, March M. A? iwviorart Tocno vohah In Utica whe bail not received cards to a friend's wedding sent in a bill ft* ?fio tor twenty w^k.'^H?^ a cawary, whleb she had eared for daring that friend's winter to thle city. 1 Ehigratio* or Monitoniu-A company <X i Mormons will more to a tow day* for 8an Francisco and Arixoaa. No women will bo in the company. Many of tbe Mormons exhibit considerable reluctance to go. j Congressman Garfield "rises to explain" ats rote ia tho back pay grab in a latter to fin - Cincinnati Times. He says be "deea not shirk any just measare of respoaf ibility" tor the roto roLir* ' ?crt. Jkj** sm-u<VT- Ww *et 1 k'iip*"n fr?r rMWtf. Terv?? Mr.ilb, UBircharge; J|J. Abraham !'?*???s fiu d $i for tbr< wine -two? U ?choo|-b?jr?. Johw B. Mc?b<-n*>'D, pnii tfrjr in the county: .Vie. Jeremiah O r'b-a. a m.Miar, dr iiuk ?i-< P' fane; #i. Abraham To#?)t. drtmk ai.d profme; f). A lit* OA1* WOll. J?ck Pay.rol-'r?<t, was char??1 With a*f*ult and lattery on JhobW. Ywrtnjr. a letter , arrier, <>a th , l'*h of July laat,who testified that on that dsr n# ?;? cr<*Mn?." Marjiaad avenue ?'id 9th street o .rth ??aat.and wax aesaialtefl by thi* man. who flung stone* at huii, took hia ra. kac? >.f l*tt< rs an I kick* 1 ?aid thi?w tli* im ab< ut the rtww. The tuau n.i<ue(i to be a Ikt-oi't on ik? itrwl, and hail to rra* .q? f.?r the anvauit e?r.-pt pure cMMtlnfMi. This testimony ??? corroborated by other witnesses. The jndx? sentenced him to one year in jail. Day was also charged ?itb resisting aiKl tnattltiiui Officer That. C. Morgan, who attempted to arr.-st bun on that oc casion. Mr. Morgan t>wt!tied to the assault, and that i>? going to arrant him he restated violently, and picked up a large stoae to hurl at him, ami on his draw ing In* pistol a crowd of laborers malted in between them, and he was forced to let bin priaoner go, rather than risk shooting down mnt innocent person. Diirin* the weiee hs lost hie badge and I.aion, aixl was bruised by .be treatment of Day and his crowd. Judgment suspended. iMAilT ca?e?. Frank Jordan, assault oa Laarm Jordan; George St. Clair, axsanlt and battery on Chail?? Edward; ft. Win. Campbell, colored,charted with as-snit and battery on Henrjr Xaader, who testified that Cumpt-ell hadtx enin hta rmployment. but he had discharged him; that he returned into his (ton and made a furious awaalt upon him, drawing out a kuife and threatening hie life; po?tpou?d until to niorr"w. J.sspli Colbath. assault aud battery on George T. Aguew; #3 and ci>sts. OTHER cH*R??:?. Annie .l? hn?on, I.u> y Ln.-as, charged with keepifif a baw.i> honse in F:arhting allev . SIM wn arrest<-I last uiubt b) Officer Kenn?, sixty days in jail. Frank Robitison, charg-d with selling nn wholeaoeie f<Ms| In the (iesrg-town market. Mr. Wolf testified that he fonnd among a lot of chickens ii thi- huckster's stand seven bad ones n *'lv lesdr to fall to piece? from decomposition; cod tinutd. a moiMiT rtrtt. as?ai it. Charles Wiight, a young man in the en>p!'>v

of Mr. Price, litery "table keeper, charged with ??-Hiilt and battery on Charles Jackson, a c d ire man.on theSd of February last. Wtisht hit.I l.een arrept- d u.d committed In default of $3uu bonds to await Hie results of the Injury on Jackson, who a i sent to the Frrednian'* bo-pi'al to l?e treated for a fracture of the wkall from the blow Wright gave him Today he was brought out, and the physicians sr. of the opinion that serious results may follow, th * uuin l>eing snpposrd fatally injured. In vi?w of fhi" testimony, thu;udge sentenced Wright foaix monili in jail In the nK'antime the result* of the wound may be more fully known. GEORGETOWN. I.A-^T i'F THI 0LI> PUKS11VTERTAM ClITRtH. There wae consklerghle excitement on itritig<.' strt-et tliis morning, ocowdotied by the trariiu down of the spire ot the old Bridge-street Pros hvterinn Church, a lnndrnatk lor milea nround this vicinity for iuntiy year* j?a*t. This is the commencement ?>1" the work of demolition of the chnrcb. which founded in the l?i<t century. Hundreils ot' iieojile have been about the church to-?lay. yiewitijj the iirogres<of this work and the disinterment of the remains ot the llev. Mr. Bitlch.the lir.-4 pastor, who-ierest ing-place was marked by a monumental stone in the front wall of the church. Lieut. Hurley detailed a sufficient force of police to prevent any disorder. The remains wore removed In Mr. Kichani K. Shtkt lls. and reinterrod in tlie old Presbyterian burial ground on Market street, between 4th and 5th streets. The re moval of this venerable edifice is looked upon with deep regret by many old citizens whose family liis'orit-s are intimately interwoven with the record of this temple of worship: but pro [ gress is the order of the day. Krw Ovkr.?Rev. Mr. Cooper, an aged e^n 1 tleman of thia eir>-. was struck yesterday after noon by a passing vehicle, while attempting ?o get on a street car at the corner of l"?rh *trc ? and Pennsylvania avenue, in Washington, am was seiiou.-ly injured. lMPRovKMK?iis.?One of the mo-d strikin? improvements we notice is the remodeling > i the Reading property, on Gay street, rec iir!r occupied by Sliss Lips nmt> as a female semi nary. It has biH-n comp1et>-1y changed r'roiu its o!d style appearance to a residence of m<xlern style. It is now owned bv Mr. George Water of this city. Coai. Faxisk?No coal boits have arrived yet, and if anything should occur to prevent tlieir arrival this week, all of our river steam er- would have to coal in other <|uarter?. Kivrr Xkws.?'J'he steamer Kaleigh from Winton, N". C.. arrivid to-day with .tfl.iMio feet lumber for dos. iS: d. K. I.ibbey; W.imio feet do. for Wheatly Bro.V, aud 40,u?0 feet for J'.. Pickerel! & Co. Schooner Fardy arrived from Saulsbury, Wd.. with 60,000 l'oet do. for Wheat ly Bro.'s, and the schooner (irey Hound wit it ^ feit white pine for E. Plckerell 5 t'o. The steamer Georgeanna arrived at Waters' wbart' from Baltimore with miscellaneous caigo, and cleared for the same port. The" 1. ol\ of the Luke cleared to-day with tlour tor Nor folk. Cirai* Trade.?The arrivals to-day were the canal boat Amlv dohnson with *J,100 bushels r?d corn, 1,300 bushels wheat, and 70 barrels tlour, and the boat Red Kye, No. 1, with."'*' bushels wheat, both to .?. ti. Waters. The salTs on '< hange were 1,300 bushels good red wheat, at *1.911|: f00 bushels prime red do., at*l/?r. to *2.02, and 2,100 bushels yellow corn, at M cent*. ALEXANDRIA. Crazy Men is the Ja^ Considerable e\ citemeut was created at the Jail this morning i,v a cra?y mau confined therein, named Shields who was crying "murder" at the top of hi^ voice. There are now three lunatics contine i in the jail-one w hite and two blacks. One of the latter refuses to eat, and goes *om -tlm.>a tW a day or so without a mouthful. He spend* most of his time in prayer. Shields Is the mat. who was arretted some time ago t\>r strange be havior in the Catholic churcli, wher? l*?r maineil all day at prayer, and alter being shut up in jail for about six weeks it wis thought that he bad recovered his senses, and he was accordingly released; but had to be re arrested and imprisoned on the Z)th ult. Pishtowk?The scene along the stand at Fishtown to-day was nuite busy and enlivening I'p to ten o'eloek this morning there bad ar rived 8,000 herring, at ?15a#IS; 300 shad, fina S2^; and a large number of bunch fish at Hals cents. If the present, w eather continues, tuar place will be in full blaet in a few days. The ki xkkai, of ??. Luther Lovelace took place at three o'clock this afternoon from Grace church, and was attended by the printers ot this office, of which be was once foreman, lfc-1 egations of the Washington and Alexandrix Unions also attended, of tKith which decease*! was a member?SetUiiul, latt ttmxtuj. The Brooklyn Mcbder Mystery not yet t i.kareo L"r? The N. Y. News says; New circumstances have been brought to light In the Goodrich murder case, which, if they prove true, will make this one of the most romantic and startling murders on record. It is certain that neither Koscoe nor Mrs. Meyers had any thing to do with the crime. Goodrich, it is J .roved, was killed on the morning his bodv was tiacovcred. Private parties are now working up the circumstances alluded to. Ax Ai.leued Cotton Swindler Seven! prominent cotton merchants of Charleston. S.C., have been victimized bv oue Williani Mead, who shipped 13? hales of cotton from there to Philadelphia, per steamer. The cotton is said to have been fraudulently obtain".! an<l the losers warn persons against negotiating tlu bills of exchange for the cotton. Sassafras for Europe.?The Fredericks burg Star says that .1. G. Hurkamp, of that place, has received an order for lit'ty to'isof s. safras roots, to he shipped to Bremen, German . This article of commerce hasonlv recently bee-i developed in this latitnde, and will no don! i become extensive as the sumac trade, in which, says the Star, at least ?100,000 per anuuiu - now expended here. Mykteriovs Djsappearahcr.?The Lynch burg Republican of yesterday mentions Hi ? mysterious disappearance or Mr. .John -I Kearns, of Rot* tourt county, and the finding of his hat in Little otter creek, and says It is feared he has been foully dealt with. A btram.e accident is reported from Cov entry. England. A butcher in that city nam ? I Stanbridge was killing a sheep, when the ani mal gave him a kick from which he died in tw o hours. ?9*A Connecticut ox trots a mile in four min utes. ^ ?9^Red-hot nails fall on the head* of visitors to a haunted house in Georgia. ?-Amadeus has been jjwule a lieutenant gen eral in the Italian army. WTbe spotted fever has broken ont among the Sioux Indians around Fort Solly. Tennessee paper thinks onoe in six years enough for a legislature to meet. ?SfTha CongregattoaalUt thinks that "iho coming woman comes faster and faster." 1^Arkansas* back tip their statements by ajtog, "and I've got sU buUeta which says its ^The clandestine traffic in slaves la said to be reviving considerably ef late in 8tamboui. to spttoe the telegraph poles in some places i* Maine to keep the wires above the snow-drifts. CTJoseph Bradley, the negro shot bv Deputy Sheriff John Leaner, in Norfolk, Va.t iatsnUf night, died about one o'clock the same sight *FThe dwelling hense ef Mr. Wa T. Rnm aey,ot Fairfax C. H., was destroyed by Are oa the 1st Inst.; loss, 3,4*0, and no Insurance. ?TAn Indiana patient, to whem was pre scribed leeches, teek them inwsrdlv, and pit* sently begged his physcian to^hx them dlffsrent next time." tBTlt you have an optertnaHf to marry a hef-6lnc, onr advice is, <wnt, for they say tii*t Ida Lewis ami Mr hnshand dent livehapp ly together. Skit Is a eequette, and he is jeiklotw i^Tbe rteciftfVe'Oflftasoari Lisa d to he se^led with wteeuiotoy Unst every o te who enters It is tertihiy (ksoked. The phe nos^snor ts at#ribtiP?? to tte the archimct wi>0 it. 0 IT Y ITBM8. " Nourrcifnr poor Biscuits. Bolls. Brtid. Griildlc Ctken. Muffin*, Jko., when, ISK?lry'? Ye*?t Powder is ottd. Grocers Ml Mt. ? WlTHorT a well-fitting Silk or Soil Hat all dfcorttlsni of one's person goes for naught. The excellence of oar Huu ve the town topic. Cartru Co.. 424 <*h rtrtrt, opp. Y. M. C. A. B. For a rim class l?re? or Burim>M H*f. it a liberal price, for roorself or children, go to Carter & Co., 434 9tn street. Th* Froush Ali and Guinness' Pnblin Stoat, drawn from the wood, at M iller A Jones', can be relied on as genuine. Sample rooms 1325 E street, National Theater building, it Notic* Deposits made with the G'rmtt* JwKrtcan Sacittqi Hank on M before April 1st draw interest from that date. Six per cent, paid on ordinary deposits and S per cent, on the average daily Balances of business account*. Send for a copy of the regulations. 3,31,1: Pi.Wimt'i'Wtin Cherry Balsam?This Balsamic compound has become a home fixture. Let all whe suffer, and hare in rain attempted to cure their Coughs. Colds, Bronchial or Pul monary Complaints, make use of this unequalled remedy. It can be relied upon, the mass of testimony that has been published since Its intro duction,'being ample proof of it* efficacy. t> Both' axi> Yoctha'^iaooral SrtTs. Boys' and Youths' Yacht Cloth Suits. Boys' anil Youths' Caseimere Suits. Boys' and Youths' Cloth Suits. Eise* \n A Bro., 3,29,5 505 "th street, (May Building.) Orfat nisri *v of Slate Mantel*, at H amii Ton & Prarson's, Y. M. C. A. building. Nth and D streets. 27 ,eo2; COKsrxRRD M>on Id use rrom one-fourth to one-half less of Doolev's than of other Y--%st or Baking Powders. It "is put up full weight, (i The co*wu?ity at large appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,5 Tbi National S a virus Bark, corner of New York arenne and 15th strert, pays ? per ct. B*r annum on deposits for each calender month, unking hoars, 9 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. 27tj,litl6 Gardes Vases, statuary, Fountains, Arc., Hamilton & Pearoon, Y. "M. C. A. building, 9th and D streets. 3,27 ,eo2, Pord's Extrai t cures rheumatism, burns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wonnds. neurilgi*. hoarseness, diarrh<ra, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of in medical writings. and know n to be a cure for these diseases.,*,tf ? Sorr T/iROAT. f'ough, Cold, and similar troubles, if suffered to progress, result in serious pultnon.'iry affection*, oftentimes in curable. ** ffrotcn'n BnmdUml JVudki" retch directly the seat of the disease, and give ahuo?t iiudant relief. i,;h,? Socnd frkt heutg iiiuu>pen.-aMe to health and CO mi on thousands of persons come tYoui far and near to vMt I>r. White, the well-known Chiropodist, No. KV5 13th street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad L.ule , Jfcv\ and advice a? to suitable shoe*. W/Ilcox A Gihb's sbwinh Machine. TN celebrated Baiaar Patterns. Agencv it Chns. Bnum's hoopsklrt and corset factory, *th street. luteHigencer Building. Thermo*etkrf and Barometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler, near 4 ^ street Georgetown Advertisements. rr^?n:tsBYTKh!chur< ii! U-ci' (ivoli,i:t?>\vn, D- M ?r~li y. 1?7J I VwMMka?laf friends IwiilnitW Ckv b j corner \V??hiiigl n hm! Bridge str-- are h t notlfi, <1 fli.if th church if i.i tn'i:ig rem>\mil the lots Mild, slid that it will he n.wvin tuhate hI! luidie* Ijrir-B therein reiucwd within the next tlmfydiy*. By order ni27 eo2w BOARD TRUSTEES. rnR SALE?A nearly ti -w BKICK Ilorsi: \ T I 6!iWiti<i.,G org?t '?n; lia* seven lare-* ? 101 -. doable pi>rch, a: d wat-?r. T"ri ?* ver> r -as i shle. lii ju.ri-Hifih-t. ntJS^t .f.C.NP'IIOLS. SPRING DRY <iOUL?s7_ Benutifid DreMi flood*, in s*ij? and iiiinnn?ttf shait'f: a larpe assortment of tn--dinm and low-pri* ? ?! Dress Goods: 10.UU0 yards new Spring Pi-rcal?, C'x!. c?es, and Snirtiiie?; b?--t makes "f Sliir-ir-?* ami 8h?-etirp*, very ehi-ap; hi pieces Blai it Alp* t* .a-ii Mohair*, froni SS cen's to A1.35: C"i*Min?r''* and Sui?in??. for men anil l-oj*. Ve have a larye A rk. and offer ertat bar torn*. BENJAMIN MILLER. n>22-3ni 101 Britg.> *?r?*et. Genr? t ivrn The ucsh is ovek, the aocumul\t*u work all ready for delivery; regrntins the una voidahlo delay in the delivery of work during the pa*t fall, owing to the impossibility ut socuring skilled workmen io snfflcient numbers. Truly thai kf'il for pa*t favors, having at pr?wiit a full Ci-rp* of first-cla?* artisan*, with #?*rv facility to meet promptly all d-mauds, I rcspectfnlly solicit ? coctioaance of the same. W. H. W HEATLEi 'S Ph EMI CM STEAM UYKI,Mt AMU SCO UK iMi ESTABLISH ME XT, janlt 4* Jeflemnn atreet. Ooorgetciwn, D O ()UK KKADY-MADE DEPARTMENT. MEN S l.lfiHT SPUING Hl'ITS, MEN'S DAKK RPHINO SCITS. MEN'S MEDIUM SPRING SDIT?, MEN'S CHEVIOT SUITS, MEM'S DIAGONAL SUITS, MEN'S PLAIN SI ITS. DIAGONAL COATS AND VESTS, Ply tK t'OATS AND VESTS, PLAIN COATS AND VESTS. LIGHT PANTS, DARK PANTS. MEDIUM PANTS WK lMYtTEA.y IX8PBCTJON OFOCK UKUSVALLY LARUE STOCK Of SPRIXO UOOOS, BkLlkVlNV JT TO BE THE LA HO EST AND BEST SELECTED l.\ THIS MAKKET. HABLB BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILORS, mC-tr Corser or 7tb and D St*. pLLMBING AND GAS FITTING. Those desiring to have their Pluaihing ami G** Fitting done in a n<-at end substantial manner, aiel on reasonable teim*. ohoiiid h'ave their order* a: 113 Penns)lvaiila avenue, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. mr 6m* VST. ROTHWELf.. jiLlR'S ~ LUNCH MUJi BISCUIT, The choicest, mott delicate and fiu?ly tlavorr i Cracker in the United States. GIVE THEM A TB1AL. Especially adapted for LUNCH, TEA TABLE. AND THE Us?E OP I - VALIDS. For sale by Grocers generally. Tr-vle supplied hy TYLER A BKOS, mll-lra Side manufacturers, B ilti;n >re, HI JW. BRIGHT H ELL, ? - Successor t? CARROLL F. WINSLOW, SHJRTMAKBK And Dealer in Men's Flrruhinss, 40V 9th Street. Havir.s Mr. Winslow's patterns and ares, and control of his manuracturma facili ties, his old customers are recomiu?uded I eave their order with me. m 111m ^?HB CHINESE TEA HONtt Has remorsdto 111 Dstrsst, Between ?b tad 7th, north side. TEAS cheaper than sTsr. Mo rent to par. febU-lm L BEMJAMIE, Pro?rtstar 1. STOOPS. Nutrrml /Itwer Xmbahnrr. ? has MOVED from 693 7th street to 4 30 ? b street northwest between D and B streets, where *lte will he (lad to rscelrs the liberal patronagiijiither o extendi to her. m?9 lm* r ... SHEET EIHC. At the"StoT? Warerooms" Ar m3T4w W4 IMPORTAETTO Tto OAPB A*H< IT GROCERS. F Hoi'i: k teaiv ei) oikst r from tbe Mills ia VALLEY or VIRGINIA. WIH *.;j to families 30 cents per barrelles* thai ntaal prices. Prices of tifGAns ar.d TKAS All aurked down. CATAWBA WIN'S, j??t receiT.,1 frcm Pleasant V*U? f WiM C< u.pai.4. MiftUoa. P. H. BACCM.YO<* Market Space, ??ar* hHwoo# Till Md nk ^TLAMTIC MILLS. CKI'SHID WHEAT ran be t> nvht at J B. EB?H>ODS. I?f*)hn with choice groceries. ft Corner y h ?n<l (i ?tree?s. nortb a "?t. ^ >. O HARE * kO>. WkdMtli t*4 Retail HrMtrt, ISIS SitMM Strm MsrtAwtst. Mmn M M H _ TEAS! TEAS' TEkSt V I***0 ?**?*' ?Uc. choice, Mr; *ery Sn-st. f Gnnaewder Tea,Bk a rood article for 91 tf, fill; eeiy has*. f 1 SO. Ji #1; *?ry turn, 91 i|. G<?od Black T?, t hr?e p- und? f.-?r 91. Wo have also aome of the flaewt off?re4 ta the citr Alto, mi extra Infliik Br?*kfM Tea. _ FLorR. Mc. Welch Ray's, T-nney'a anj other brat's ot F["?r, all a* low eat ?w.Mf pries*. Tew poaaAa Lard for f I. Golden 8>n>a. per gallon . 7?c; oar best II. T<>n pounds Mew Date*. 91. Nine pound* Now Prunes ?1. Pfaunts, half bashel for 51 . - BRANDY, GIN. 4c. ??*5 French Brand7, per bottle 91 jf California " ? Pure Holland 6ia ?? Ai relics and Muscatel Wine. p*r botVu ? ? bisks, Bxe years old. " 1 ,? Sweet Cataaba Wibe, .$ ; p. r g ill. n. C. B. O'HARK * BOM, MPtr 1*13 Tth street N W , between M and R pBICE LIST or QR001RIH8 AT clphoszo TOtxr.1 * cos. SUGARS. (BEST NEW YORK BRAN OS.) "A"(clarifl.<di.__ _$ lbs. for 1 on Crnshed (loaf). 7*4 ihs. for 1 <?i Orannlated 7* lha. for 1 .1 Licbt Brown(early white). *>? lbs. for I <*) Good Brews. j lbs fg* 1 <a FLOUR. Extra?choice.? per sack, ii tf Itlra-titj liiih rrade ,?.p?r sack, I ?? Extra?stood ?.per mi, j u P uiiily?rn>iif# n^ r ?ack 1 Family-*!.. **rr be-. ZZ .-XZ si k! 1 S Pamily- Heicfc'* best- at lowest ratt* SUNDRIES. Pro nee?c he Ice. , f Its for mi English Cnr rants $ lb* f.,r j ? Raisins?choice. j rbs f r 1 im W insl..w*s Ore. n Corn 4 cms for 1 g r-? 13 Pea^eT^i??.L ?J cans for 110 p,.Z,h Zli li 1 * ?"*"* T"r 1 m P acb w?I Ibe ?- 4 aal for I If *.f *" w" *Tjaratitee the abort na para.leieO low ptices lor an> 0?&iiit? leagtb of ttn? ? LPHONZU TOC5IG9 * CO., ii HOCK US, Sr J?iF^Si'wa i TEMPLB, ^ xl ' lARS.t Hiwth A^tP P <rrs. ig-tr PROFESSIONAL. J AMES O.CLkPHANE. K. Z. BRAILEY (LEPHANK 1 BRAILEY. SHORTHAND WHITLR3 A LAW BEPORTEH-i t'thee?Ho. 11(1 O street, K-twecu 1st *n<( 21. faong IrHii^Tm mh3l-1y D" MARY O. fcPAtkMAN, n!2PJw* 16.14 sixteenth STKKF.T DK J S I'ELAVAN. UoMfZoraTHK PUTSICIAX. 1330 P Street. Office lloar*:?9 to It). tu.>ruiii($, 3 to 4, afi-rni?'n. 7 to 8. oTi'nirig. niH I in |6hb r. haniJa, ? J m m - ATTORNET-AT law. No. B Tonne's Law Building, tf Washington. D. 0. ()RSSS SHIRTS* Six PALMER'S PATENT DOl'BLE YOKE SHIRTS, ready-made, for 91< SO. Si* PALMER'S PATENT DOr BLB YOK B SHIRTS, Biade to order, at f 18, ?21, or 924. LOCK WOOD, Hl'FTY h taylor, ?43 PENNSYLVANIA AVENCB. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS. 100 docea LADIES COTTON SKIRTS at tt cents each. 100 dor.en LADIES COTTON CHEMISES at cents each. AO dozen LADIES C0TT0H DRAWERS at 71 cents each. 100 doeen LADIES NIGHT DRESSES it 91 I aach. AT LOCK WOOD, HI FT Y * TAYLOR'S, fW-tr BB3 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. rpO DEALERS IM TOBACCO, CIGARS amd BMcrr. lUU l"in Clit-w ine Tobaro?all forms, ?iw? aui kiud<?ranging fr. n. *o cents to $ 1 .16 per lb , < b .i prici 1 1-ii'AiuO of all grades; prices from 915 to 9 Hit' per M . 71 cases Garrett's Srotob Snuff. 43 jarn Rappee. Marrabov and Congress Snnfl. Large lot hni kmg Tobacco, iu large anil haiall bales and drum*. USsri ?? t'oninion and Parlor Matches. Large lot Gr<icen>' Wrapping Psp.-r. Twir.e, *.,d Maxon's Bis. king. All of wb'.ch are ufiered lor sale at the *ery lowest wholesale prices. JAMES WALLACE, H>3 7th street B>>rthweet, Washington. ati;l 53 High *tr?*t, Georgeti.wn, D. C. N. B ?I a i?h to call the ?rt.-utiou .if ?roc>'rs to rlie article .if S< 0UI1 Snuff, as I sell it, by the caae.b. l..w the < aid price of the inami' ictnnr. ^ RAILROAD AMD leal l?UI? lortfBfc CobUM. Ia Itaf JIOoM security which They ara handsome profit U N BOOKS, STATIONERY. INVERT MOTHER TI1R DO? To* or HBR fi *i? N FAMILY If -?w ft. IV WALLA HIMTU AT H"MK ?< 8TOvKM AN a 9UXY. Mb * n?rtfc?? ?t TWnlfTACI H1PLE to b* had th?cr *l?o. two aqkst> -.**<*4. *m-*r IW ltOU! *?? MtMMLB at SHILLH?TOVB MtK?TARi. Oonxf ?H Mrvvt Hi PtunajlTABl* ? ?ru* An (>?m (hwi.i. |It J ?m ? tv W il!? Mml Ftlotitr. hi u-org* Ktal<H?l4 BMi? Paa*t>b lnTatt*r?. B> A tbi TVm?? ?ntd.Ow* ?n.1 Hi-xi ByJFarje,*. |ib-W?*?. B> A*oi%*4r* Poinaa. Tt.' W ' *twl n? O'l.-t R, *?||inP'r?. UtT M RmV *nth..r .?f ar Bo-otf?i hlfe. 8*r?a?i Girl .4 tke NiiM. What M' an4 Mr*. It 'U> \ U-'w le*n-0 .4 * A Two fcU Li* Fr. p? th ? t?erroan <4 V. i. H-tlera. Tlx Tpbdi LidMi' Jotrml, Monthly Fui>xmm m rMuoa. The P. rotat Brie*** 4tutk>? . Mo 16. Ailtheba'k 'b ti?i4 _ Birrm Bur nod A??i It* *??. Wwinl P Bo* Re?ckwoo4 B> S' t? f? Enter Aprtn?*r. Trlknne, U-raM u<1 W ; rid Aumi ? ? ? r UCJ Al*r*i*t<k 'PLANE Bi?OE*. PA?? l*Ot.B?. M?d mtmobanpi m booba, sote I'AriK, l.ETTEB PAPEB.vnd PLATING CARDS. at th. rery |o?w> yrio 'r P U HA RD M. MMCN A ? O., BOOKSKLLWtta AMV STATION ANS. l?l* FENMMLTAMA AVIM I. Htir ;U*t r>?cet??d Ik* BB1T1MI ALMA MAC ISP C01PAMOB. f / lira BUTAL RALENUAR. 1ST * IIITAKKK'V ALM ANAl'K, f*r MT3 BRITlbH ARMY ItCS. BRITISH SWT LIST f?r 1C3 M?u MOT 10 I. OPENING OF A m? STATIONERY BTOEB AftiP BLANK 1S'???K MAMUfACTOBf. Ftr?t .iae*(<?l? fair a-ieea.for raab Lll Ht*GRArHIN<?, CVORATINO, PRIBTINO AM> BISPIKG PCSI TO OROEE. TL? public are in'tint to ???It u t eiatutr.e nt t>* ? ?ocA. BEN F FRENCH, CtxIt National Rui.k. and brtl door to Jit (Vviif A 0>.V ?H-tf Wa*htngtor,. 0 Q, railroads. U ALTIMORE AMI OHIO ?> RAILROAD. Tratua between WAPHINGTOK ANP BALTI MORE awl WASHINGTON AMD THE WUIvi K?w ruii M fwUowa. i ir: Fok BALTIMORE L?t?T* dally, eioept S I??!??. at 4 4l. S"4f. * ?, ??e *r?d lt.4l a ni.: l.W, Ml. 4 It'. S.3U. (JO. ? 'H &? r'"* OH RrNPAT FOB BALTIMOBB. it ?ud S.-fll ? tu ,?ua 1 At, {<C d t Mi r ni ? FOR ALL WAT BTATIOB9 L'ttf , oirrf* ?i>4 r If ?. Rj.; 4 lUMid 8 JU i. Ml , ?I?>1 ?||H< 4k> ?l ? It W.1 s CC?. ni , AtMl 1 ?t. i w.l B). u?l 8?u p. m Tl)? I '?l. X U ?i:<1 'II ? m trmlti* M 'h? t ?l ? * i! a .:? !? i ? HW^ubtrc. B'A|i|H? I.wrc', J lUi'tluB. ll?o?v?r . .4 R'-Ihx ItK- 3 IC r tn. will ??? t ai J.-Map ? Ci(, ttd lu? ft Ml f. IU. ?t FoniC* ?*t ?- !.<. FoK ANNAPOLIA. ?* ? *? ?. ui. auU 4. W tt- ui, l>ut bv : ra'na Ir i t <.?.|k.'.? ?>i. BnndM for Norfolk. L??Tf ?t IAI|.in , ?*? *|'l Dwiif. Pl'R ALL PAKTj ??P THE *1^ L'-avr <!?ilr, Saturday and liii l? , it I ?" a. m. a?>41:14 and ? <0 i> n. On Baturda- ?? f ?? M< ? .i a g ut- r B' -. *tid ?n punday at S IS auil ? <?> p. m TRAIN'* ARRIVE AS FOLLOW Prom ken V "k. I' 'a.1- !p!.ia tul * CAB *.?>.. ant S'V at.4 9 W r m F* ry r'ulad' lpl ia x ..l H ..tiiu >t* at f *? ? m. Fr 'in |ta'tmi"rr at b St), 6 ftl, l> 40 a:td 11 It) ? :r> , A id I SO. 3.441, 6 36. ? V, 7 M. * it. ai.d li > r ta. Flit'51 Th K W fct>T. A rrl** at 1SU. 6 jfi attu l- >? p at Tkr.'WktKltru t<> tiw citih* ha* at fh? * S aOi.u T. k"t (Iftc at a l i -na <if U? at th' 1" nifa?i> V . 4 *A P ni." t??i a munf. raaniiip-n pv 1 ?iii|Urtata -t tti? A*r in?> < file* ran th^r^ nr?tI ?< ? tl? r ' *g^ sailed f..r ai-dctiM k^i ai tlvir i ??*i<1. tic. , i??-u to %4 Ui" i. a lid tut iai< tti' <~ar. r rVta V Ik, Puila.1'^i't.>a au4 B rt a ?* a! I 'r*i*n'<iil <i"Thruuh Li'ir." TIl'iJ}. R SHARP. V?'" *?M?l Tr?n"f' itttlm, L M COI t.ti.nftoi TVk"t Afut GEO 8 KOON'TE V?tiT_A'?*. Wwhttirtoe. ,of 'I"HRoi uil LINE ?EKTWEKK I WA-UlNOTt?S.rHILAi?KL PlilA, AN I* NEW V' UK U'*-e xeru*. B. Turt?-' S, liC3 TTa!n? t*rw?>-ii V. ArUiNl>T(iK and NkW Vt.'LK a ? rt.i. a* f FOR NEW TOKK. ?r krmt <?????< af Lmt* iiaii> (<*xct*r< 6> u<la> t at e.?W a. ui . 1-tW ?' I ' FOR PUILAPELPHIA. Lwtt dail) leat^n ?uutla|t ialta.a.,1 A ?u! I A! OS SrNPAT. L??r? for N?*w T^tk at r.fc? p ui , and Pt. l?Vlt. a At & Jl! f. IB. b!- p.u? cara fur Sew T^rfc on B S*? p tu tra a iMB, Tbroairh tick- te to p?.!phl?. M<^ T >r* a?<t B wtot. tat. be bad at th* btaUuii Oflloa at all tar ra of tb^ du. _ For Baltimore Ohto railroad ?dr^rtt-^niei.! ?>< - h^iult l-t??*n Haaiuu?tun, Baltuu. r*. Aui ap )? and th-. Woat. TUOt?. R P1IARP. A??1 Maatar Trari?p rtat. a. L SI OOLE. O^ti^ral Ticket Acont. GEO. 8. KOONTZ. An-'?t. V t^linntoa. )?I4 Alexandria a wo\hHi>0 TOS R R. a ALEXASPHIA*A FREPFRICKABURU R R Cornet ui b mmd btxth tUrmlt. lao:aI tnlnafor Alnai>drta l?wramfollow*:?H. , 11 U hm . 1 43. "a X.6 U3. 1138 p m Local train* tr.'iu A'' laiKlna arn< kc f. I w ? ? U,*a?, lt(.Z3a w ,1:18, '3 W.#38,7? 9- an "Trajut markMi tiiua Conaaut ?tUi trails , u Warn i irt<? and Ohio R. R. QtAKTlt O Aocommodati<? Ihtn Vk a-hlur a great'603!1TbCr^S?K\"f KE8??. via IL^m-n", Waakiti(toii i?AI p.m. daily, MoaM Bv> J* . Tliroo*b tickHa to all (? lijta 8--uth at.u uth?>"t t r aale at Offlc-?, c rurr I3tb atreot aw tVnuayli ?? nla avetitia, and MTMtkb itrwt and Pfut.<?l\auia . ' *""? "ihi b ftiit m * kf" atn l.-av* orAar* f,* i cbackad at a.1 botvla aud roaidnacaa tkrwucb '.o iK?t > E. 8. TOCWO. 0?n>T Pwamw Aynt. |yti tf| UALTIMoRE ASP POTOMAC D RAILRoAP, DaM em k* and ? y. ? TRA I SB LEAVK FOR . TRAINS ARRITM AT BALTIMORE | WASHINGTON Miagara Ex? , 4:ila. m., W~tm, Ewp , dally . e JB Baltiaiur? Mail, dailj. 1Mb a. WWiiii tiy daily,astt-pt buuday. ?JB p.m.. Baltin.or? Ac-'I:I3b*., Pacifir E*pr^w, c<.aun<<latKx,dail>,?*- daily,ext^pt Sunday. r*pt SuiKlay ,?.'** c.tu.^iccutuu> >datii>ti, I 0 p tn.,Oibcmnatl Ex | daily. daily,excrpt Sii,day. 6.38 a. m , Mail.dauly, ft c*pt Buoday. " J1* "-! Antrrn E?p.? daily. 10:31 p. a., 8-.t.'h*rn It |yt.d*tly, eicrptBau f r -? jkiljr, but, 7 13 b m? Western En daily. _ _ I Traina learlnf Waeh'.i^t n at S:M am. and J? rn.,ronn?t at B' Winitk train* for M~ilb?ro', arinc Bovit- lt:3S a. B. and I 13 p. ?> , art it i.^j at Marlt-To'11.33 a. tu atHt(:l) p. in. Traina arrlvinc at Wai<tiii.ft<.?i U.1B a tu and t IS r Bi., connect at Mtnrta wab tralua l?anuc Ma:ib<M r j' 8 33 a. m. and 3.33 p. m. Paaa' nian li ?-iii> lh -ir nrdun at Tli t OBro. <? iti. r oflStti atre*4 and P i.r>*? Irani* an4 ?MWrMl?ortM-r of 8ixth ctreet and P^Mivylvaui* ?vwur, can hare th? ir banker railed Vac a-id rh?<ck ? 1 at bot<4a and r?*idt'i>c>-ato all pilnu N rtb ai>4 Vk?at. Tbrotutb tlck^'a to Cinrtnnati. < Inmhn. I idianapolia, LmMvillr, St. Lm?w, N'? <ir1?an?, 4 ilcaito.tMnalin.8ab Franct*co,aud all pou t* aortn, .. .rtij??<ai, waat, a."1 ' E. L PT'BARRT, 0? r. ' tMtfV C B. TOrSO. fl?i'1 Pa?V Aput. J?l-tf 1872 PENNSYLVANIA ROfTE I H7it TO THE HORTHWEST. 80CTH. AND bOL'TU WEbT. Train* leave a* f.,11. ? Af aabincton. 4 53 a Mkil a. AJi p 7A3 p. m. Baltimore .. f * a m. " IB p. m. ** .? ? ul p. in. Hi O p. m. THE GREAT B'i| BI.E TRACK Roi TE, #?t?. elegant 8oe* ir.t, Palkca State r^m day and lialit car*, with noAerv 'wrnnwiieiiu. Two buudrud aula* *av?4 to Waatarn and Omual Se? Trrfc. Tba M)JI a. at. dally, eicejt Bandar. uTtbweat, 7 M p. a. daily, aitd Ar? a. ?.. exorpt Bonday, ???(. Mitt t.isjKCThiik fkre^tk fropBALI IM ORE to K1AGAEA antf PrTTSBCRO ait hone < nu^e. rbrtaik Item BALI IMoRR to M1AGABA ir.i? PI rTnBCko without i.Uatitfe. Tkketa by tlito rotate . ?n ]>e procured at tbe o?oa>, >or,>"r ?f J**. At'A yjd Pennaylanla airaa*. and sskss^is; rasii'ssiiii'jrdS mmfS ***? ? ??r? in^PalaTa *?. B. TOCMtt, OtIOI. _ AMMMMW j. lOTCM A N M f?Z jLKPKEjr^JOTCEM KM PECTORAL 8TBUF, moLit m f ALL MBMim. SSS9???:

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