Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. D-llj, Su4aya excepted, AT TBE 8TAR BUILDINGS, reauajlTBftia Araiae, cor. 11 Ui m nimt ?tar hispifr cwol 0. jr. unAU.r.v, . ? THB FVFN1M1 STAK is serve-l by carr<?r? to | their imherlbertatT*?*C*Ti??c* Forty- . Form Ciits rn month. Coym at the counfr Two Cists MKk. Bj mail?three months, ftlJU, ?ix month*. fJ.or; on-- year, fl. TDK WIIILT STAR-PnMMi*d FrMe7-flP* ! ? year ?F^werlahly In advance, In both CMil.Md Be paper MM logger tUi paid for. i of advertising ItmliM ?? tnOntm. nc i r.L?v5. ir IOWARD HOUSB, Csnri-i fret an* Pi L art . WaS %#.'<-*, t>: I. R. WOOLS, Prop'r, ban j?-? ???' n ?rrt^n f rlrgast imprtir? mm'-. h.t, i* g . "n tb'irirMy r^n^vated and re furn>?i.'d thr ?uehont, making it at present one of the s. ??* lesirabie H te?? in Washington. E D. H"ward. late iropMor, retains an lat^re^t 1i. the Hotel, when- k- will be pleased to see his old Tri?- il? at I f rrrvf p?:r<n?, pr misiug Ibtui Irii tlaNvnmoAriioti at aL times. T?m;s, ?2 per day. Table Board, '930 per ' mil La I^B^N HOT*L, ?*oMKI??W:?,D.C. U V. SHLSS, Proprietor. Tbi* H tel W been newly r??tted and farnlebed. I' contain* ?'l tk<? mo?f"*n fmprovenieutt?t?>t Mid cold bath*, her-, and (<i It fe convi uiently lo cated, tx-itf ?rt>iated ??? th? lias of the Washington *ixl O?orget?>-*B CUT Pa*?*n?tT railroad, the cart of wtk h, from tbe arid ateamboat depsta, V? tbe door every two or thr<*r mim??s. The fu.-?? * 1 tli^i fco^ae ran reach any ot tbe public adding* "t the nation a! capital >r ar.y place of anr.w!nei-t, ,*c., by a p!-a**;it ride <>f % f-w ininn*.?? P-reon* d? in* bn*i??e* along the hr>e of tbe car >1 srd t ? tli- wharfs will Cad it to tbair advantage to I ?'? r *t ~>.i? h >o ^e. d<<jTly f JYSOK S HOTEL, No. 799 o STBEET, )?ST ?f Bimri frg *-n> Bth ytmy. '|'bE IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES STKES, Ptlptm'ct. faoNiiN? Txa:utlvaxia A/*.ibi, Uttw.en Ui* an 114:* struts, d. 0. TbirVfcl to the public for een^rona patronage !b tb?- }Mt, the Proprirtor a?k< hie old friend* and patroi a to tbe accoumK<datioi.a of hi* prim! *<t?t which h.- pronii>*e ehall be fuaad at U -ft t-.4nai to the beet la WanhiiiKtoa. janl-tl fH^p.. Chron.l r| LIC DHVA.NT HOOK, I Lo <u-l on rmner lit strtrt an-1 X. T. arMM. Afl?r the 1st of Dectuifefr, 171. P-rm%uent arid Trm.*!?rt B >anlrr? will fitjd this ht>ue?- oik- ot tbe n , ?t d->irally ind nut cvnuiitutly located houri In tbr city. T?irr? .niiarf neatly furrilah^l, well Hph'ed and "it iat"d,and provided with ail modern home ac C?iimodi>ti"D?. Thf chance* are low, bnt the ww'i and the ccm f, rt of all *U"?t? will be carefully provideii for. Thepro^i ?ti r,Z KK UAKiJ^lMi ieterniined to proTld' ? ifiod catrrw. n^vlJ-eotf d ' C. W1LLALD, LBLITT H0Ui?B, WA?H1!?0Tnw. p. Q. THE TRADES. lJLliltINO AXI) 0\5 FlTilN ?. TV"*e <b?ir?' *to hare ihoir flirniMni cri G <? Fit line ?l? in -t i .? !? - ? u.i: il !.i i. ? , ,i 1 , ii rex* r.nble t* rn,?. ib> uM l ave th<-ir wrders at 1 I 3 p. not- lvania avenue, Capitol Ui.l. \V rk wi^rrauted. b.27 6m* WX BOTHWELL. C'ALL t?" JAMES If. UUltN, < fra irrni fmmbrr in I tfij h?\? >? ui l*luiibiii(,6a< fining, ?ui<l S--we?vii:e ir c.)t!> attrmkd to on reasonable terni', X > (iU'J L r, !.tcaavti n-ar 6tli atriet, n> rtu side. R??.d.nce, WJ9 il ?tr?t, northeast. lull \ 1 t t N N . N 0HAM 7H ATTEK^ 1*1 ? lull f Stfert, b-tw'?n lotn anlllth, ba> the ^l?e>nrf toar.n?uncetuat h>* ?iw recvirndf^w ?!??* fpriLg f?y le of B. ad* aj BLOfK, and i pr? ptr'-d to fnrti-h >!? w llata mad*' to order ?n^^ tar* or r old ary at*,-), an ansortment of >"<-!? Ba'? for itale, on r?-ae nable t?-rn?. fS-tr AVMXUS ANI> [*ECuBATIuX8.-AW?lNab .f, r ?t> rea, city and country re^idencee; apeclai attri'tiuTi Biv^n u- f>?t ratins Halla f r B*'.? aixl Ptrtifa; Fl AG9.1IOB6X Mid WAGUM OOVBB1* f' I Mir or roll*,by JOHN C D0GA5. ManafactTirer, 713 Market Sfic?, decj-tr B?-twe? ii 7th acd 3th -rtreet?. A W.M.ViS, FLAtiV TEXTS. J. 31 G. COPELAND, 643 LotJalaiia avecne, one door e*at 7th afreet. AWMNOS fcr St->rea,( ity *q.1 (X unty Beeid- r.cea tnktrdu .n aty!? and ftuish. FLAGb and TEKTiif^r aale acd rent. BOOMS DEC0BATE0. All Canraae nrtvt-^ made to onler DANCING CLOTHS. *-V-" K. Tl KTOM, CAHf?MTEK, BU1LUKK, A.1D IIOBTBICTOI Orlers f^r Hot* Carpentprtna, Jobblnc, o? Oo iter's Work speedily attended to. Jhope and OBc", ;a? g-tf 13th atr^-et, bel w t at. northwat. J 873 spring. 1873 ?rr.EMF.xpors stock. 1 k> Ml.NUOl? STOtK, 1 KEMEXrOl S fT'?( K, 1 KKMEKBOG8 K. SKEMENLOlb STOLE, f-PKINO AVI> SCMMEB CLOTHING, M'KIXG AND CL<>THIR<., bPUINU AND WNMkU CLuTHINti, bPRINO AND DIMMER CLOTlING, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, r ens\ TorTHr and boys. II INS', Y'TTHS' AND BoYS, >!ENS". YdlTHr AND BOYS, > ESS . YOCTHS' AND B<"?YS, JiLNS , YOUTHS AND BOVS, At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAI S'S. At A. STRAUS'S. ? AI L A.\U BUM ? t ALl Ay U t>k E .' < ALL A i> l> Bit K ' I ALL AM 8 K k ! I ALL AM SEL! ?i LEAT EAHHAIXS ' HKKAT BAKU AIMS ! ?? K EA T BA KHA1MS (i K EA T BAKU A IMS ! OHEAT BAKU AIMS ? ltMl PENXSYLYAX1 V AYENl'E, 1?11 PENNSYLVANIA AYENl'E, l?tl PEXXsYLVAMA ayuui, Third Door from 11th Street. Third Doorfroui Uth Street. *C Thirri Pour fr wa ?'.tb Streat. ?|'H* RAPIDITY |NO RAs* WITH WHICH ?re removed and the feet relieved, If *Ut*|, fTOBi Runlona. Bad Rail*, Ac., at DB. WHITB'H Batab iieut, *31 Uth street, oppoalta tSa Tre***ry, is ?*P.e ?nrpriMUM to persons anaccnatomstf to Via MHb<<d of operating, wtuch la entirely dinerent from tSe aid-time practice of teari am off tba in crow in* loe *ai , or laociag Je*a la to tbe banioti, a alati aaalitgly paiafbl method, and one which obliged the a?fferer to go ahoaleM, and anaietimes on cruictes, f jr weeks or months, and no doabt teudeo to shorten life, at least to niaJte it far lea* aleaaant and naefnl, bat Dr. V kite'a operations are frwjB'Utly borne br children wit boat complaint; there ia little or no paln.aaloas of time, and If none tat tunable aboes be worn, tbe treatmeat, aim it ax trams oaasa, affacu a perfect core, thoogb Ike feat berfug need so cooMantlr Corns eliable to ocme occasionally with eren tns bsst ng aboes, and lndnstrtoos paciona think tkare is of time, ooanTart, and health la u occa sional viait to tbs Chiropodist; and tt Is a waO-ktow* fact that thonannda of pertoas, mane of the* those Bhjat honored in public and private Ufa. MM from far and near to vVdtDr. Whits "a MmUmM, M rpVLERS LUNCH MILK BISCUIT, The choK^e*. taost delicate and finely Catored ( rscker in the UtiUtsd btataa. GIVE THKM A TRIAL. B-pec tally adapted for LURCH, TBA TABLE. AND TUR USR OF I . \AL1DS. Pot salt- by Grocers generally Trade anypli.-d by TYLER A BttOS., . mil lm Sole mannla?-tarera, Baltlm >rs, M4; 1PIBD0FOB BALE?CAR ARIES and M0CEIN8 15 LI R1 s. male and female, best aiagsra; alsujtj I A6M- No. 1ST Sooth B street, frontmg)0 tygftlg*." Cw?l *"?. s ?orrr g?oaa?A?.;?ir>tr^ lni and l,f?reash, at th^ b.weatin*rketpH<v/; Call and auune their stock, uiarZl 3ui AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S !%EW OP?RA HOUSE. ?? J<?HN T rORD.?Proprietor aad Manner, MAX MARETZEK Director. CiRAND Italian opera. F ir?t appearance of Eur .>pe ? greatest l> ric trage 4le",r,, PAULINE LUCCA. FKIl'A V EVENING, Aiitil. 4 FAU&T. MARGFERITA ? Mapamk Piri:u Lccca SATCUDAI-FAtKWELL MATINEE, Las; appearaace of I'AI'LINK LUCCA, FRA DIAVOLO. S-'sts for Friday ajil Saturday Matinee can be se cured at Ellia' Music Store; Regular a.lmt?.?ion, S2; Reserved Seits, %1 and .?le*tra. Matinf" Pri. -?? Admission. *2: R<-..erved Seals, SI extra. Private B' *es", $16 una t'.). a4 Mow Open. THE CEEIT FOftEPtfCH SHOW, ON SIXTH STREET LOT, WILL EXHIBIT EVERY AFTERNOON AND ENEMNG THIS WEEK, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, APRIL 3, 3, 4, iir 4. FIVE MAMMOTH TEXTS' POSITIVELY THE LARGEST EXHIBITION IN TUE WORLD ! 1I< re Animals, more M-n awl Horses, a larger Spread of Cauva*, and the uiost Gigautic CIRCUS, MENAGERIE. MUSEUM, Jtc., E>ER ORGANIZED. SEE THE MONSTER UNICORN' a'.d thi immense collection of Wild Aiiimals See the World fam"d Trirple Somer-aulters an 1 Trappai.sts, MIACO AND HAWLEY, And the Great Eider?. LOWONDE, MONROE. FRANKLIN, S^GVINO, and the inem.ipm ?bl M'LLE VIRGINIA, aj.d all the Double Ci-cu* Ti> upe and the two Grand Museums. Proces?i >n p'f-ry other day. Open- at 1 and 7. Circtt* com mences or>e hour Inter. Fonr Menagerie and M'l ?eum Tents upt'n ali the time circiii i-< progressing. ADMISSION?To all five Tenia, 40 cent* Chil dren m.dt-r lo years, cent?. vv Vi-it this gi-at exhibition, remember vhat you see tli^r'' :?nd compare th>- K >repnugh ?h iw with any that fallow yon. will be convinced tha' it '? tli" tarir""t ?n<! b'-^t -hi w in the world, an 1 worth the admission fee a dozen times over. al-V* ADAM EOREPAUGIl, S-de Proprietir. rASHIKOTO.1 THEATERCUMIUl E. 1 < Eleventh street, south P.'n:ijvlvi?ui? sverue.) (Adji'Iniiig the rear of Harvey's Restaurant.) Etig>g'tr?nt ef the on!) Original and Veritable LEVANTINE BRoTdER*. T i i I ha C. LfYiatiai MS Br? ithi'r. !"?' ? otner pa: ti<j? traveling under their hard-earned t ame ?i-if formerly pipits ifthe almve performers. Eu ?.ai:tnient of tin Ciiai iuiii4 gt-rio-cnuiic Voc?iu>t. f'ARRIR LAVARN1E. Great Success i f t?r Versatile Arti*;*, EAOAX AND EDWARDS. O :r mat <rrc:?r company, two grand ballets, n ^n r. rb olio. A gri-a; sen-ation drama, THE WHITE BUYS OF IRELAND. SPECIAL NOTICE.?Ou THURSDAY, Ap:?I 3, ?h<- Management take pleasure iu auno iuc iik' tii" ii ''b* tit at ; n of the great sp?-eta<-nlar b il!-t, ii, three M-. n?s,entiil-d T1IE CAPTIVK, or THE BIRL CAGE OF EIiEN, produced after eUberiite preparation. ar.d at a cut of >1JM). Gorgeous Sc'-nery. Magnificent Properties, Character and t*i tlv C' St?i*e?, ?c., and with anew Ballet Troupe I'KJv PARKER. OTTO BURBANK, JAMES DOUtfLASS, and our Mammoth Troupe of Forty St?r Arti-t". W On MONDAY, April 7,will appearthe 4iOr>fty G' ofty romblnation" in th- greatest of modern seu catii n?,"YACUP.''jti?t concluded a hielily success ful ensagi n?eiit at the Holiday-street Theater, Bal timore. m-'!l JOHN O'BRIEN'S. treat Traveling World's Fair. MENAGERIE. CIRCUS, CARAVAN. AND MUSEUM, INDERS.. M05STER TE5ITS, WILL EXHIBIT o* SIXTH STREET LOT, Cin.meii?-ing MO.iDAY APRIL 14th, FOR 0!(E WEEK ONLY. LOOKOUT FOR THE TWO MILE PROCES SION. EIFTY CAGES OF WILD ANIMALS AND CU RIOSITIES. THE TWO SEPARATE BANDS OF MUSIC IN GOLDEN CHARIOTS. THE FOUR TON RHINOCEROS. Arfn:i?*i'T, only cent", (no half price,) to see the -:x distiuct exhibitions iu separate tents. THREE FERFUttAMCEs DAILY. AT 10 A. M., a F. M. AND 7 P. M. Whenever a proces-iou is given, there will b? only two perfi, in the Afioruoon at S aiel Even ing at 7 p. m. C. WHITNEY, O nl Director. njl 5f RGB VLL, Ag -nt. jttHo.i On EifcibiMaa vNbwNo. | IH } and ftaU I 430 I 'th 8*.\ _ at /Tth St - MARKRITER'S, to. 439 Ttk Street, between D and E *Twt8, eight doom above Odd Fellow's Hall. Choice Oil Paintings, Engravings, ChroiaM, Ac. 1 Also, largest stock Faper Hangings, Window ihadea. Pictures, Fran>?a, Picture Cords and Tas "^TE^WisH: '* ^ Flenae rewmber Name and Htm bar. jelly* A LL KINDS OF CAST-OFF WKAR1HO AP PARELcan be sold to the very be?t advantage oy addreesing or calling on JUSTH, ? 19 D street, betveea Mh and 7th a. ?. Notes by mail promptly attended to. Oaah paid, fll LD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER, Etc., bonght at fair prices for a New York house. H >u9cbold Furniture bought and sold. Wot? by mall sromptly attended to by ACGM8TKM, 1408 Pennsylvania av?nue dll-ly J)U rC VOIR MOMEY WHERE IT WILL DO THE MOST GOOD. There i* certainly no better place in the city than th" METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STORE, 314 7th street, where. If you invest a dollar, yoa may rest a-snre J you mlf ty? rerrir* vt!u4 of yo*r sioso, and where a saving of 2S toM cents oa the dollar is guaranteed to yon, without the draw back of receiving inferior goods. The variety oflared is so large, conpriaing everything pretty and Use ful, that it haa becoice a vain task, of enumerating the different articles offered, an<l your attention is only called to b*-low-mentioned goods, aa all are goid, desirable, and very cheap, ai*d immense quan tities have lately U-ea sold: Gents' British UALF-HOSE.3 pair for *1. Li.1t'* IKON PRAMK HOSE.S pair for fl. I hiMrens' IRON IRANI HOSE, I aair for *1. L di'-s BIAS TUCKED SKritT, siTcannot be bought < iM'shtrn less than SI M, LwJini RC FFLK APRON*._Brfme mualin; 5%c. F>ne English HAIR BRUSHES, ?1. ? rench Plate HAND MIRRORS, kl. KxeeHer* Rabber Dressing COMBS MandOOc. M style. t?. nt? SILK BOWS, St and Mc. Ladies' SILK CARES, all aew shades. ? L.I:d Waiuut, J Phroaa TOWEL RACK.l Boys' L ather BOOKS*|AFS,Mc. Four Piece. Exc S?a?l?B?0?aJ I A Pretty urijl Corner aad Side 1 1CK TOWEL BACKS, PAPEB RACKS. HAT RACKS. CLOTHRS BACKS, aH walnut, #1 each. For a further lwt of CBCAP GOODS, call at METROPOUTAR HOLLAR STORE, SIS SEVENTH STREET, _afg-tr aear FeuaeyWaaia aveuae. paAsaua .ASA 'l ilitiH* tam/aAi. RaAaat. FRRSH, SALT and SMOKED MKAf^. m si kind* aad of the beat JarnUh ?I In tn. hi st sty te FRUITS, and <.??r r. .can S" oiarli 1> RobT. SPECIAL NOTICES. The present MTfr? wimi has themugtily tested the virtues of Mrs. Jones' Cough Mittare-thuHkndt of bottles btTlni been need with certain success. Its trial hu been sort thorough. A mere col J or conch or the moat aggra vated cases il hu cared with equal success. It ia not objectionable to the taste, and can therefor* be readily used for children and persons who object to nauseating mixtures, particularly aa it* doaea are small and every dose contains the germ of an ulti mate cure. Its value in advanced caaea or those verging on coatunipnon must not be underestimated. Many such it haa entirely cured, even cases of ac knowledged consumption. While it doea not cure, it greatly relieves, and a large number of these uufor t urates now use it for the great relief It afford* th'-m. For a Cold, Cough. Influence, Bronchitis, Hoarse ne?s, or any sffectien of the throat or luugs you can use nothing more ret-ihle. Prices lara? pit" ? 1; umall. 80ots. For sale only by ARTTT it "'aTTANS, Drnsglst, ml2-tr Cornet . 1 nd D streets northwest. i A Card. A Clergyman, while residing tn Booth America, as missionary, discovered a safe and simple rasnedy for the cure of N?rvons Weakness, tarly Decay, Disease of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of diacrdera brought oa by baneful and vicious habits. Great aambera have Wen cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a deaire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I win send the recipe for preparing and using this medicine, In a sealed envelop**, to any one who needs it, Ftm vif Chart*. Adaress, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, Bible House, martl-ly Hew Fork City. LADIES' GOODS. ATTRACTIVE SPRING GOODS, ?< AT 3D AVIS', SOI MARKET SPACE, Cor. Srii Stueet. JVOVEi.TIE? IN SWISS AND LACE TIES, JABOTS, NECK RUFFLINGS,? DAVIS'. PLAIN ANP CHANGEABLE SILK SUN UM BRhLLAS and PA KASOLi, in newest ?tvlf*, best niMkeb and lowest prict-s, at DAVIS". PLAIN AND ROMAN SASHES AND SVSTT RIBBONS. PLAIN GROS GRAIN RIBBONS in all the new shades, at DAVIS'. F LOWFRS, HATS and BONNETS in !Mv>at vari ety, at DAVIS. BINGES, GIMPS, TRIMMINGS snd BUT TONS, at DAVIS . F'OR ALL KINDS OF FANCY an 1 MILLI NER Y GOODS and NOTIONS, go to ? DAVIS'. ('ROVER A BAKER'S Celrfcrated E!a*tic and ? Improved L< ck-stitch SEW ING MACHINES f<>r on ea^y terro. at OA VIS', ?01 Market Space,corner8'list. miss Mccormick, 900 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,'Ml ...... (Up Stairs,) W ill open on THURSDAY, A?r:?4th, alarce and attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, to which the special attention of the ladies is called. a2-tr GRAND OPENING. THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, 3d, 4tii and 0th April,of NEW SPRING STYLE HATS AND BONNETS, PARASOLS AND WALKING SUITS, at S. HELLER S, 715 Market Space. f* A LARGE ASSORTMENT of CORSETS, JUST RECEIVED. THE I1EST PARIS KID GLOVES, f 1. EVERY SHADE AND STYLE OF HUMAN HAIR GOODS, at S. HELLER'S, -ft 710 Market Spice. Afiu A. V. D. MILLS, lS2c? yii PeHNSTLVAXIA AVEXtg, Has just received direct from N?w York beautiful SPRING GOODS, comprising many novelties in OXIDIZED AND FANCY GOODS; A full ft"ck i>f MILLINERY, HOSIERT. HANDK ERCHIFS, CORSETS, BASKETS, Ac. CHILDREN'S FRENCH CAPS a specialty. m31 Ct ^TAMPING DEPOT, #17 Seventh Street, feMI-tr Opposite Patent Offloe. WELLING OFF I ^ SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, ? the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. mar7-tr MO HCMBUG. g LENZBERQ ft CO., Selling out entire stock of MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, ?t and below cost. 707 Market Bpace, Janap-tea between 7th and 8th streets northwest. |MP0RTEB OF HUMAN HAIE. GRAND BARGAINS AT MADAME ESTEEM'S, SIS I3lk strut, Mtmtd door from V strut. _ Remember the name and number. Cheap Curia, 3* itches, Chignons, Braid*, Puffs, Frisaettes, of tlx latest styles. Call aud see oar mw stock before pur ohasing elsewhere. de<tfl-tr ??f ADIIB"' ' Li FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL Is the beat article tn the world for doing up Linen or Muslin. It imparts a beautiful gloss to the fabric for sale by all Grocers. BCRNHAM A CO., Manufacturers, 160 West Lombard street, janltly Baltlmure. Maryland. BALLS, Ac. QRAKD CHARITY BALL. , _ THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL for Um Benefit of THE CBILDRENS H08PITAL will be given, under the auspices of the Directors of that institution, in MASON 10 TEMPLE, on the ?eening of TUESDAY, the Uth of April next. ^Tickets, admitting a gentleman and lady, #0.00 jali-tf [Chron. Ba>. A Sunday papers cosy .1 SUMMER RESORTS. U 1 ? I I 1 B O A B V . The OSBUEN HOUSE, Leesburg, Fa., it now open for the accommodation of Summer Boarders. No fains will be spared ia the endeavor to Make all com fortable. (ap^Im7] JQAB OSBUEN, Proprietor. JgXAKIXE GOLD SPECTACLE, Ohlt M, H. H. HEMPLEB, Optician, Si tpU CHINESE TEA HONG Has remorad to fit Datnal* J W. EEIOHTWELL^ CAEEOLL F. WINSLOW, SHIR TMJJt EE Asa Dealer ih M?ti FcagtsHiaos, 4OS ?th Stmt. A ^nss .m^sswissss&ss ssqfflto ties, his oM r net-mere are reaommeodad toWP leave their older with me. ni 21-lm ? evening Star Washington News and Gossip. Internal Rev knue.?The receipts from this source to-day were ?247,9CK?j*l. M. Bekthemy, who formerly represented the French gov-nment at Waslin^ton, has been appointed envoy to .Japto. TlIE (.BEAT OPERATIC TRAGBDIENNK, LUC ca, has arr'ved in town, and will positively ap pear to-r ght at Wall's Opera Ifou*e in her grand part of Marguerite in Faast. Thk Secretary of the Treasury ha? issurd regulations for the withdrawal of alcohol 1Y< m bond (Or scientific purposes. under the act of Congress approved February a, 18TJ. Col. Frank joes, chief of the redemption division, Treasury department is recovering from his late*", and will probably be on duty aga n in a few days. Mb. Savillb, chief clerk of the Treasury Depattment, leaves here next week to estab lish the citil ?ctt1c? rules in cmhb bouses and sub-treaffuries on the southern Atlantic coast. Senator Summer although much improved in health, gains strength very slowly. lie in tends to return to his home in Massachusetts in June. TrtE followino promotions have been made in the Adjutant General's office, War Department: E. Gaither and G. W. Prott, from second to third-cla*# clerk; I>. K. Knapp, E. H. Atkins. J. G. Brown, J. H. I/e?ter, G. W. Dwenger, E. H. Spang, and H. E. Scott, from first to second-class clerks. Mr. E. O. Graves, chief clerk of the Treasu rer's office, Treasury department, left here last night to visit the principal custom-houses in the southern states f?r the purpose of estab'>shing the civil service regulations for the examination ot applicants for appointment and promotion, lie will be absent Several weeks. Captain Mkrriman, of the life-saving sta tion scrvice, and S. I. Kimball, of the revenue marine service, left here last right for Galves ton, Texas, via St. Louis. They go lor the purpose ot' selecting sites lor the establishment of the lifc-sai irg stations al<m? the southern cou-t, authorized by Congress at ita last session. Mr. W*. M. Iceland is acting third assist ant postmaster general during the temporary abscnce of the new appointee, Mr. E. \Y. Bar ber. who ha* gone to New York with General Terrell to familiarize him el:* with the manner of manufacturing and distributing postag.; stamp." and stamped envelopes. Toe Civil Sbkvicb Advisory Hoard There have been no changes in the civil ser vice advisory board with tin! exception of the retirement of Mr. Curtis. Neither Mr. Medill n< r Mr. Cattell have resigned, nor have tiiey expressed any intention of so <'oiiig. Mr. Cat tell is president of the board by virtue of s*. ? niority of appointment. The Southern Claims Commission yester day heard the claims of Alfred 11. uctavins. A. Elizabeth ami Margaret L. Weaver, all of War renton Junction, Va., amounting to about #25,o?iO in all; Emma C. Pinther, Fairfax coun ty, Va., ?7:r>; John M. Young, of this city, tor property taken in Alexandria eounlv, Va.. frlo,< ?>, and .lohn M. Sliafer, of F Air fax <? >uu ty, Va., ?1,146. The FRfENDs of Senator Morton?who rt (r-ntd home on Saturday?will be gla.l to hear that he is lookiHg and feeling better than he has for Several years, and his physicians enter tain strong hopes that hewillen< rely regain his lieaith. The Senator will remain here for a lew days, and as : oon as Mrs. Moiton >s able t ?) travel wi'l proceed to the Hot Spriugs iu Ar kansas.?Journal. A KMT Obdeus.?F'rst Lieut. Joseph A. Sla den, 14th inl'antiy, aide-de-camp to Brig. Gen. Howard, will, with that general's coi^snt, re port to the Commissioner of Indian Aliairs for teii-noraiy duty in connection with the Indian service. The resignations of Captain Clip<. S. Trlpler, I'.'h infantry, and Capt. V. M. C. Sil va, 21st infantry, have been accepted to take ?tlect?the lirst Sept. 1,1873, and the latter on Sept. 15,1873. ItKVENlE FAIDS IN NoRTII CAROLINA.?The Commlesionerof Internal Revenue has icceived an official report l/om Supervisor P. W. Perry, stating that on the 17th ultimo Revenue Agent Berry, accompanied by six soldiers, a I. S. deputy marshal, a deputy collector and an as sistant assessor, proceeded from Raleigh. N. C., to the 3d district, and made a number of sciz ores, mostly of unstamped tobacco. Warrants have been issued for all the guilty parties. Thb Fancy Dress Party given last night by Master Nicholas and Miss Nellie Acker at the residence of their parents, 127 E street, was a brilliant and inteusting a flair. The repre sentatives ol the rising generation present were a bright and handsome set, and the costumes were tasteful and original. The hours from 6.3<i to 11.30 p. m. were fully occupied bv the little lolks in plays, dancing, and the enjoviueut of the bountiful refreshments supplied. New Publications?From Wm. Ballantyne we have No. ? of "Half-Hour Recreations In Popular Sctencc," upon the subject of "En conscious action of the Brain, and Popular Delusions," by Dr. W. B. Caipenter. From J. Shillington we have No. 7 of the same excellent publication, ?lie subject being "The Geology of the ttars," by Prof. A. Winchell. From J. C. Parker we have Harper's Weekly for April 12, with a cartcon by Nast in his most vigorous style. A Mail Carrier Killed by Indians. A telegram was received at the Indian ofHce to day from Indian agent Rteley, dated Fort l^aramie. the 3d instant, stating that I>. R. (topers. U. 8. mail carrier between the Whet j.tone agency and Fort Laramie, was killed by Indians last Monday while carrying the mails. Mr. Itisley says this stops mail communication with the Whetstone agency for a time, and that for the present he will make Fort Laramie hie headquarters. fob Desks for the House of Repre sentatives?Hon. Edward McPherson, Clerk of the House of Representatives, and Mr. Clarlc, Architect of the Capitol extension, opened yes terday piojtosals for furnishing three hundred and three desks for the use of members of the House. The bids are as follows, (the prices being for each desk:) W. B. Moaes, *&; Brown, Mofi'en

A Co., *37; lian ington A Wills, ?2:1.75; W. W Chase. *V5; Lewis Thompson & Co., *25; Jollit A Miller, f-30.75; J. W. McKuight JtCo.,?21; Potter, rtlymns A Co.. *32-, G. M. Wight, *27; Paytou & Culler, >29; S. W. Hutchinson, 829. J. B. Stewart's Suit Against Speaker Blaine.?It has heretofore been stated that Joseph B. Stewart entered suit in this District against Speaker Blaine, of the House, claiming ?ICO^OO for false imprisonment, growing out of proceedings before the Wilson crcdit mobilier committee, the witness (Stewart) having de clined to answer oertaia questions propounded to him. Attorney General Williams has sent to JadgePaaoal. Stewart's attorney, the replica tion of Speaker Blaine, simply reciting the tacts in the w?, sad claiming that Speaker Blaine cannot be held personally responsible, and that as an oflieer of the House he was in duty bound to carry out the orders or that body. The Attorney General ha* as yet receive* no official information that Stewart has entered suit against Sergeant-at-Arms Ordwsy. Italian Ofbba_Clara Louise Kellogg, em own prima donna, appeared last night in Ver di's "II Trevatcre." Her rendition of the part of "Leonora." in this opera long ago won the endorsement of cultivated opinion. Americans are art to underrate our own operatic talent, bat Kellogg's merit is too unmistakeable to fail to enforce recognition, even when brought in di rect comparison with the beet foreign talent. The performance of the opera was, barring the Babel-like attempts ot the choruses at times, pleasing and effective. M'ss Kellogg has lost netting In voice, though she ha*increased mate rially in avoirdupois since her last visit here. The same parity of tone is still there, and tlir IntsisMble trill was cordially welcomed. She was called before thernttaln on three occasions Of the other artists in thacast all were strangers here, but by their fine acting and singiug the audience was placed in a friendly attitude. Senora Sans, as "Azacena." was more accent able veeally than in point of acting. H ervol<* '? *ks pathos, bat she sin*;* with a good method. Sig. VeraU, as ? Maiirko," possesses a voicc of m'ich sympathy, but though of a g?M>l quality, it lack* in couV***' u was imtioaable in th< ?<I>i qncla Pira," where tr slighted the chest C. the note which made Wachtel iuinl*. and which tenors would fhln um for ita magical effects. Thia, however, la no faalt in Sig. Ve mti. and he was acceptable Ic wnJ doubt. both in acting ard singing. The "Count L)i Laui" of big. Monacal was equally gool with the "Manrico" of Yerati. Moriami enunciates dis tinctly, and is evidently a contentious artist, careful and dignified in his acting, and a cor rect singer. The orchestra were incliued to he l-oisterous. and often spoiled good effects. A little less rortisslmo and explosion in the <lrum corner would add materially to the orchestral effect. The violins are good. To-night. Lucci in Gounod's "Faust." LOAMS or THE ATLA.MK . Grrateat Wreck of theOntnry. M0re Sad Details of the Mmter. Further particularsof the wreck of tiie steam I slilp Atlantic have been received. Rob't Thorn- I a", quartermaster of the ship, states that he I told second ortieer Metcalf to stand into land. I so that the ship might run her distance^? make I Saiubro light. Metcalf told Thomas be was I neither captain nor mate. Thomas relieved j the man at the wheel, and shortly uwt tho ??m I struck Tiiomat' pnt the Mb bsrt-Mttrtoani I and reversed the engines lull speed astern ami I le t- the wheel-house and went to the after I wheel-house and got axes out and distributed I them for tbe purpose of cutting away the gear I about ti e boats. He says: A LITTLE BOY AND HIS MOTHER, named Munney,(both steerage passengers,t ami I her brother Alfred Munnev, all from l<onJoa. I were lost. She called to me when she came out I of the after-steerage, and said ??Kot?ert, where I are you'.'" 1 said. "I am here." She said. I "Save me." 1 took the mother and child ot. I the saloon deck and told her to stay there utitii 1 I could get loats clear to pnt her "and the 'kjv I into. The ship suddenly listed over, and tliey I lost their hold on tbe rail and were swept over- I board and sunk tt> rise no more. I think thav I have some friends or relations at Y?>nkers, X. I Y., as 1 received an address to that effect U*> I lti^Ut before. Wm. Pnrdy, quartermaster, was I the first to swim ashore, but when going he I said, ??Good-bye, Thomas. Will yoi come with I n>I replied that I wanted to save the boy I and his mother. When I saw that they were I swept away Pswam on shore. TWO Ht NDRED PftU'LI CRCAHRD TO DE \T!f. I Some ol tbe incidents ot the disaster related I by the survivors are harrowing. At one lime. I during the weary watch before dawn, the fort- I iK.(ini broke loose from its fastenings and surg- I ing around instantly crushed to death two hun- I dred jiersons who were gathered on the deck. I Several passengers are reported to have been I lost in ttie lile-boaU. whieh, not being properly I managed, oveiturncd and drowned the uuloil?- I nates before a?.-i.-tance could be rendered. I home o*" them who hsi life.preservers ainl en. I ?leavored to reach the roek bv means of the line I from the vessel, not having them properly ad- | justed, but on the lower part of their bodies I were lioated with their heads down, and In th!* I wav many were drowned before reaching the I rock. 1 A WHOLE FAMILY DROWNED. One young man, with no clothing except a I shirt and vest and two life-buoys fastened I around his body, leaped into tlie water and at- I te nip'e?i to reach tbe rock, but perished In the | attempt. He had Htely returned from America I to Kngland to bring his wile and live children I to his new home. They were ail on beard the 1 steamer and all perished. the only youth paved from the wreck makes the iollowing statement I My name is John Henly. I am about '! ye ir* I Of age. I got on btjrd'the Atlantic at Ijiver- I ??ool w ith my mother and father and a yoiinj; I ?ro'lier, all from Asiiton, Lai cadiire. lie I atlecp in his lerth, ?lion a great noise aw-liten- I ed him. Although he did not hear any voices. I there seeme?? to be a great rush, and he stum- I bled out of his bed aud into ihe crowd. Tlie I greater portion passed him, but he fo'lowcu I some me.i who vtre crowding into a top berth I in the upper steerage. One of the men broke I through a window and got out, and he did also. I some K'nd-bearU"1 ]>er;-on pushing liiru through. I He and 1ms companions, once, held on I l>y ropes and were leseued by a lift. boat. He I did not know what bee me of his parents iiai I brother. The family were on their way to New I York on invit luon of two inarrit J daughters I who had settled there. AN CNRCLY CREW. The crew was one of the hardest that was ever I gathered on any vessel. They were picked up I about the Liverpool docks, aud were kept under I control during the voyage only with the greatest I difficulty. The storekeeper states that one oi I them n-fide an attempt to snatch his watch aim I chain one night, but was foiled. On another I occasion. duiing a stoim on the i.'?th of Mareh I be states that some of t.<e crew attempted to I break into the spirit-room, and *or awhile It I w as feared that force would have to be used to I pievcntthcm. When the boats came i'rom the I shore to rescue the survivors the sailors rej*-at- I edly pushed the paw*njers aside or knocked I them down and jumped into the boats them- I selves. THK crew robbing the dead. Capt. Williams is censured by the i?eople for I his coiHluct, and the feeling is general that I there should be a searching investigation. He I went dow n to the scene of the wreck yesterday, I to look alter the property. Hopes are enter- | tamed that the greater |?ortion ot the cargo will I be saved. The vessel remains in the same po- I sit ion, ber bow and masts txyrg out of water. I It is stated that the crew pluudereddead bodies. One instance is related of a wretch who muti lated the band of a lady to obtain possession o4 a diamond ring on her linger. Her body, and those of Mrs. Fisher, of Vermont, ami Miss Merritt.ot Chicago, washed ashore yesterday, and lay side bjrslde among the other bodies I which are to be lornarded home. One woman passenger was cOufinid only six hours before the disaster. A schooner load of coffins was sent down from Halifax. THE MERRITT FAMILY WIPED OCT. Mr. James S. Me-ritt and his wife and sister, who resided In 2.">t'i street, New York, aud Miss Scrimser, formerly living with her family in 45th street, were all lost together. The tale of this family is a peculiarly sad one. Mr. Merritt was a bachelor of about forty yearsof age. He was a man o* means and frequented the best society of the city. He l?ec*me acquainted with Miss Alary Scrimser, aud proi?osed nivnage and was accepted. On the 2d of April, 1-T-, just one year ago, the couple were married, ami lor their wi ddlng tour went to Europe In the identical vessel in which they since met their terrible death. While in Europe they visited all tlie continental countries, aud 'about six months ago returned to Pi.-is. where Mr. Mer ritt wrote, inviting his sister. MLss Merritt, aud Miss Annie Scrimser, a sister of his wife, to join them. The two yorng ladies started eft alone, also by a vessel "of the White Star line, aud srrlved in Paris in safety. The consistlngof four persons, started out together again, visiting Italy, and finally arrived back in l.ondon, writing to toe family here their pro posed return by the Atlantic. They did as they proposed and left Liverpool by that steamer. Thev allwm-t death iu the sam; man ner, and by tbfs sudden calamity the family of the Merritt* is wii>ed out as it were, iu oue blow. A Body Prbsekvbd by artificial Pktri faction?Yesterday, for tlie first time, tlie petrified body ot Maxzini was exhibited to his worshippers in Genoa. Those who hare seen it give accounts which hare filled hts friends beie w 1th pain. They say that the bodv has in tbe process become much shorter, and the face has a dull, leaden bne, ghastly to look upon. The eyee?partly open?affect the beholder fearfully. The physicians who hare done the work declare that In process of time the eok>r will change, and the appearance more resemble that pure marble which they promised.?io* ifca Cor. Cm. Com. . Another Railroad Accidbst in Ver mont.?The mU train on the Harlem Kxtan sioa railroad, that left Rutland yesterday morning, met with a serious accident one and a half miles north of Bennington's station, OOMOed by the spreading of the track. The baggage aixt mail car and a passenger eoaoh were harled down an ewbankment twelve feet. The coach turned over and remained bottom ip, The other can were badly smashed, aad the tracks scattered In all directions. Mo one was killed, but about a dosen persons were injured. Cbbtain Pmofbbty, it is jmst bow known, was saved from the groat Boston Are, 1b a sin gular way. Mr. Blohard Newaeesb, of Quint v. (about M miles truss Boston,) a Cow days since, ob r?sieving a pile of hoards, fowwd a Bote for with eight 50-eent scrip plssss, oil partial It bnracd. They h?4 all boon IsM Bwsw in sooir desk, and at the time of ths Ire had Aoat< <* tiirough tbe air (or that long distaace separating. _ FBABS of A RbVOLCTION IB POBTtTOAL In the Portuguese Pari lament yesterday l>eput\ Yallada made an aMria.?i speech. He declare.! that the Ctoww was beset with dangers from latent rev<?l?itk>n*ry element, The PrevMtnt of the Ministry ai^wered the Depnty, showing that 1.1s fear* were groffT?ftb???, and raT^ny ou the House to trust in the loj alty of the cuu.itrv TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB. This Altci PUpatcke?. ASSOCIATED PRkSS REPORTS. ? LIREKrT OF THE PKKNK IS EXi) LAX*. Uvrly Drb?i? la lb? Www ?! sTtim iiT* <*f TRirui *Ai.t oA.rrrrEOii 1U1SU auillft*, THE TEXT. Loano*, April 4?In the House of C?nm<in> *o-ui^ht Mr. Minister. member from Mallow, rising to a question of privilege, had read by the clerk an extract from the rail X'all Gatrtre, rtBi'ftlii* c n the conduct of llie Irish lucmbcr* in regard to the Dublin Uir.rersity bill. Mm sfer ptrticdvif complained of the words ??The bill cut the ground from under their fen i an agitation* ana their traffic in noisy dialoyaltv." Al ter a loug speech he moved that the article ' libcllously reflected on the conduct of certain members, and was a breach of the prviiege* of the House. l>i.?raeli Mid the article referred to ret tain ultramontane member*; there was nr'speciie allusion. He thought before the House inter fered with the liberty of the press it had better ascertain who the ultramontane member* wore. [Cheer* ami laughter.) Henry, member for Galwav. thought the epithet ultramontane was nearly u??*l as a term of reproach. He appealed to the |lj i* to be aa careful of the honor and character of lt? Irish mcmliersasof other*. McCarthy Downing, member for County Cork , declared that wheu defending the prin ciple* of hia faith he wan not a?ham<-d Ui avow he was ultramontane. He indigiuMitlv repudi ated the charge of dialoyaltr. Had the abuse been directed at toe Scotch and Knrlt?h mem bers as well a? the Irt?b, there would have been no dtfllcnTty. He exprrs ed astonishment that j the leader of the opposition should attempt to | prevent disca<*ie>u. Sir.lohn Coleridgeopjvosed the motion, and regretted the debate, but thought 'he snbiwet | could not be disposed of bv a joke. He cited i precedents, and showed thaf nvtubers mu< be I attacked a* meml>er* if the charge of libel wa? to lio'id. An attack on the house at large ?*< . not sufficient t j constitute a breach of privi- | lege. Agar. Fllis. member for Killengeounty, while he was ?)<?* ultramontane, could not but cetisure the new spa per article a* improper and dugraee ful. He w a* surprised at Mr. Iiisraeli'a course, and sa'd he should vote in tavorof the Mtiir. Mr. Berual Osberiic confessed that he was ig norant of the meaning of the word " ultramon tane." He heard Gladstone called ultramon tane. Members from Ireland, hones, ard con scientious, had been grossly insulted, but he hoped the miserable publisher would uot be dragged l?eiore the bar. It would bj better to treat him with contempt. Bona)lie, member t'ortheCitv ot Cork. Mid be hit! |?Hd he was one ol the member* to whom ultraniontaiusm was imputed, but he rtjoiced at the ap|>earaiice at su> li in. -. 'S as the one in question. The tone of,lie English press was doing more to promote home r ile than centuries of auguis'u or oppre sioii. IMsracli's joke would have the same eftec' in Ire-land which hia speech had year* ago when be in: de a reply to his cor?titue.ut* who bad given three cheers for the famine in Ireland. I e.'rVs of '*Oh! Oh!" and cheers.] The Minister said he could easily dispose of >lr. IJistaeli'a je>kc. Daniel C'Conn^U was once summoned to the bar of the House because be pub'icly declared the torics had per jured themselves. He ought to have a*ked wheiher there were anv tories there. Gladstone remarked that he appeared to be the hero of the lirst par.igra' h of the article. He tbongl'. the attack was not I --cauwof privi lege, although it was unjustifiable and without tout id a on. He appealed to the member ironi Mallow to withdraw his motion, because if it was defeated the mover would be placed in an unenviable position, lit sympathized with ih^, gentleman, but the consciousness that helia!^ done his duty shonld neutralise the detraction. The motion was withdrawn. ? Sew York lolea. THE W KA Til KB. Jiw Yor.K. April f.?The weather is clu ly and cold. The w :nd is northwest. HErWOETB'8 KLW IR?N CHfltrn, on Madison avenue, was dedicate.! last nigTit. The church was crowded. Kev. I>rs. Kndding ton, Tyng. Ormiston, Taylor, ami Martiu as 4te?l at the ceremonies. FIRE. Brm/jartcn's fancy store aud Turk's fur store, on *tli avenue, was burned iast night. !*???. S10,ts J. raruauae. Ten thousand lobars' worth of silk* and 1 ice were found smuggled in a passengers trunk on the steamship Algeria, vefcterdav. (RABLL* M. llARR\Vs, the author of the "Black Crook," was buried yesterday in Greenwood. THK KAKtWLLL KK' KI'TH'H OP MISS EMILY * FAITUKl'L too* place yesterday, in Steiiuwny hall. Rev. Or. Bellows presided, and 011 the platform were many members of the Sorocis, and friemis of the movement for the advancement of women. THK GOLD CLHjCE TO BE l'Ue'SKe IT KB. Richard Schell and a number of Wall-street brokers propose legal proceedings, it is said, against the gold e!b|ue, to recover ?SA.tM.Wn damages alleged to have been sustained by the aitv and county of New York by a conspifacy, with which the clique is charged. will be also made aa to the violations of the usury laws by ofiicen or national banks and others. Ihslrnrlite I'lrcs. St. .foprrH. Mo., April 4 ?The 'ivcry stable of Stewart & Gordon ami its contents/includ ing eighteen horses, was burned last night. A large brick building and oaatent* a<Ijoining were also destroyed. L it*, insurance unknown. The tire wa.? the work ot au iuouh diary. Titusville, Pa., April 4.^-A large tire ?<? rutreel at Parker's Landing la.-t night. It brcke out at 9 o clock and was not broaglit un der control until 2 a. m.. destroying the Parker House, Central Hotel, Exchange bank. Savings bank, post-otjice, Weste-rn tTnion and Pacific Atlantic Telegraph offices, and a number ol other offices, comprising the nw-t valuable |>or tion of the town. l.os?, over The iu suian<? will cover a considerable portion of the loss. The fire- is supiKised to hive boeu the work c>f an incendiary, as it is the third tire that has occurred there within thirtv-aix hjurs. A tire broke out in Oil City this a. m., which destroyed live buildings on' Center street, the most prominent of which was Beers. Black A Stfllwell's variety aterc. Loss, 949,900; par tially covered by insurance. Parker's La'sdix.. ARjf?Tuo*<i Co., Pa., April 4 A tire commenced last night. The whole town is in ashes. Particulars soon. ? A Lobby Flfkt la Jcra?y. J AH KM M. IH.OVU. OK HIS Ml'HLIi. Tkutos. April 4?A general tight occurred in the lobby of the legislature this morning. {?rowing out of remarks in the assemblv yester ay charging James M. Scovel, of Camden, with being a forger, scoundrel, aud perjured man. Mr. Cole, of Camden, had warm words in the lobby with John Hood. when Soovel Inter fered. Cole called Scovel a liar, wlyn the latter knocked him down. Wm. Carae also in terfered, ami was knocked down by bcovel. The taayor of the city interfered and quieted the disturbance. The a Hair grew out of oppo sition to a bill aflbeting the disposition of some property la the Camden court*. OniElL CmXJE'S lWOIA* roLlCT. SAW F*a*cisco, Aprtl^-prtvate from Artzoaa state ttat the Apacue imua ? k. *' ' have been effectually subdued by < Crook's policy. Paymasters other IMO^I ?ui. - ?? .. General travel with smalter seoorts thaa ever before, and there are aa fears of trouble with the Indians. hexicau *i?in>nt*. On day llaes of travel Meiiew marauders are troublesome, and robbery and murder are of dally occurrence. A DESTaCCTIT* VIBE occurred to-night at Jaekaoav ille, Oregon. Pro|?vty to theaaMaatof990,869was desirovol; no lmuiance. EOVHASIA JOT CnsTAimiorut, Afril if Roumania, ha* assured the Sabtlme Porte tliat he will aat apimtat a diplomauc ageat a* Washiugtoa. EaioaATHW To ?rw sorra wAtas. I.oswm, A pell A dispatch from Sydney vnnopnees that the parliament of Kew South Kales has voted the sam of&ioo.ouo ta aid emi gratioa to thaloafcwiy. mi* or ed Hila morning, aidl Ms phjaii isas i orn^tTv forrrtu^i the ?t^J *1^ ' am at this place, died this morning. ATlUflt. \i* Toki. April k?Mi ? I naks the wrecks** | ?>**cr'yrr of O" Att^Hfp imlV b*r? U?. n |w*? while tatbia fit* f* milf n> Hifw t?iinf? ft ?#w wat? ?1 that ? fvlse reprrt ?*t rhe ? mount ot cob! ?? board tht AUwitic iuu?i I.?v? been B?k I* her KBrovrBiiH tub n.miM Paltvax. April Tb' l>odte* of .T.*hw H. flf >ft York; H I of New tvrk, Albert Sumner, ol Sao Krwmiii.?M Second ( ifcft Hi'Wltf ha?e Wt KivWK I ami are r<o? In bow awa'tlag m-tA'tlr oattw. A* soon M divers Ml r~< at work tt Lhtjri f recover the bodies ot the reB?t?deT of the rtMn The bodies of the nmnf i.M?n(tv* mmI ol the ertw are pecrMed for. i brt bunal kfrf. TV" i?ody gf Mr*. C. M. Fi-hrr ha> no? v*? been foond. a tw-rm ( U*. Tt* brig Hs?UI B.of H.wkrm, arrived this morning I r??is rwfw ww. Khe ha# on boarrt the ? aptai* and <rf? M the Kn(1Mi Mrk Awlh?fn, U> ?iay k*t ?a the re?I i>ar hundred miM M*t of I'rogresao on March k*li The UUrr was lI'm Niixwni ii? FaIibouUi wBfc a i*rM ot w'tiatw. The v?*wl was n?n<4 to Fngland. a writ jr bakbas on?nn ??? graBtod to daf irurnaMr Mondav neat in ImX * MclHmneU, the kllc|nt lw(?r ot tt iak of T.Tif la 1*1 notes. mi the irtinixl that r?u?|>inrf to iWf*iiil l? not covered hy the fti.aitlMoa testy. If Is *tat?d that several other porka? 'S ot ue"t<s. wM bert to the 'are ot Jav i whs and O'Un lv I.idaet , litvt I e? i? seized. ?-? <?> Wall ktrwt To-da>. Xiw Y<>rb. A>-ili !? p m ?iiold hv been strong Bt lt7\all?? airmail" < ?n g ?l.i loan* rates have been T f?M per annum, l .tM-Ma t-l*i per day tor <-sn \.??jr. Foreign exchange was very w?'.vk at the ot>enlng, but h%? since improved a tracthn. 8aV?re|?orted at for id*tv day* ster'n* and tC ??a \ for demand Jn the' money market, the of?-nin? rate lor 4ra?nd loans "b *? , percent. |?er day A/ter ? ani* th?-re was a decline In . and an advance to 3-16. Mercati'-e |a|*r in entirely nominal, aiMt government bonds quiet and steady. In ?onth<-rn M4e *?>?*<?! - biwa*? ?i* Conine J to ??-'.mo North Caiolina. In railroad bond*, a;o.?1? changed hand*, with prt.f? ?tra?k%. Invei.tmcnt alisreo ttrt dull. The rto k market tlAt lit? BKB|. AMtfra la WeM \ Irflala. C (t tr.LKSTO*. u V ? Alitll 4-.? The We?t \ irgima legislature adjourns Monuat moinii.g next, to meet agai i October JO. The Vill to re ouive the caj>ttal to \VLe?'uig tat laid on the taMe. The rewtdeneo ot Ool. Ciinntit#tiAm. at St. Al ban*. otif ot the ti>e?t In the KauawUb talk v, baa burned Wedu Malay. 8r*rATttT msMi Abo?-t Plate? "ti is Neb \"Rk.?Tlii? l? the way the Ital tili'OT)' ABirtoAll tell? the atory Ot tho Ute?t Ne* York verdict in a ni?rd-i <-aae -u*.h| to the frujurnn ol itt'ii* ot th?- kind, otir madi r? niay not recollect tha |4rflmac| of Mr Cha?. Nixon, lie I* m prtlcm in a ho*e prnfMni i* tliat of a hlll-|ft>Kter. He cam*' mttnjr donn t hatl .iin a>;HAre. NOV Vork, Home tim< Bg?. ai.d getting into a Jam, touud in* pr??grcaa im iK-ded by B man tiaun-d IMelRer. Tliereupoii L<-drew "a pWtol. Bnd, ahooting him dea-1. nhIc calmly on hU way. Mr. Nitmi liaf>peti-'d to meet with tin* accUlent Bt a Ubm> when, hv re? ?ou ol the fteuuencv ot such oecanenooa, there bm seme public reclitig on the subject, and yesterday a Jury, alter ah ab?rnce of not ? tbroe bours, lire"glit in againat liim t of murder in the lir?i d<-gr<-e. It i? gratifying to! aintlatLe rvc*iv?d ilie verdi?*t ?itb !?? coining coni|*>M're; ^e r gret? it on ac. oBiit of bi* wife btmI children, wl?t, he mid, will more tliBii h'- will. It c<tt?inlv la a cam* tl> tt call* lor ?y inpatli v, ami |ierltA|? in juirv bm/ devtlop tli>- fact that he wa? once in a Suiib..y school, and I* really Ati eat.tnablo |>eoon. Tiii: (kwouci Mi>rnr There wore no nen deveb>|>Dient.- in the <?< itdrich myatery yea. t?*ry It iv *aid that the nn??t dil-gent ae ? ??W i* making tor the noin:<ti, "AbvII ," or Kate S'oddard, the writer of t!?*> nllcgrd blackm-* I ing letter to tS' (Atlit r and brother ol ihe tanr dercd man, And it la helioved that i>Lenill \et be fouml in New York. In xti jtiArt?j? It i* l>eli.-v.<l tlirtt ?he aimI not the Spaniard a waa tlie tMnnii ot i harteii IkHHlrieh. Know aio :?Imi ihcli|i<d to dbdwlieve Ihe tctimoTiy of Mi? l.uct tla An >trotig, nr. M\er?. It i? iiml.. Able tliAt Mr*. Myer* aill Bltoncd th?- leireof vbiting her home in Kivugton ?tieet Wltl ABOflieet. she a II i -?t he rel. .^?<<t. hoa? ever, until tin coiichi-mn ol the i|u? ?t. A dia I'At.b rtceived from I'lnlAdelphiA >? tales thAt the man <npp?ard to ?h- K is still ,|et*inej in custody. iMilih s';l!t*'.-t as to the in'in a :<iiiit.ty . I>ut he will not l?e iiherated until I In; quotiCtl tMKlUcd beyolut a doubt, aa It h lH> laioi lie left New Vork to ey^jit s-jme enuic iib! charge?A. 1". TrU m'. I. Tiie L<?* ok the WKHTriKLt^ri^ v?.'t f'-r O'imaytt.?Tlte cases ot Margaret l.andera And othcni Against the Staten IslanU Korry Ooifpany to recover dAmagca tor the loas of relatives by the W nliirlil < ?|>l<<-i<>n were a. ? guid in the court of m|>|h als in Neo Vork v ter.lay u]K>n aii ai>|>eal :<tken by the rirmyany from the verdicts Aeairat ?t. The mAin point raiwd by the counsel ot the comj-Any a 4?. th*t as hotli idaintitls and dideTNlants were <-n*Ag>- l iu \ lolatiou of the hui'day 1a? atthet<iue if the accident no ac 'on <vaii Itc mAiulBiUcd. The decision was res< rved. M'KKEAOTA'* L.IV,'t OU I.AW The .M illie*) A leiidAtnre has | .'tsseU a law |>ru\ idiug tu At all verniers o*" intovicating li.(tiors In thAt at Ate ahali be required to pay an additional licen-e let ot e lO, aLich iuuih v is to go for the louml i tion ainl su|>|iiirt of aii asylum lor inebriate*, reruns selling liquor Bithout license are made liable to line and impr isorra nt. It is only t Air i*?At the liquor dealers should au|>|tort i^rao'is who have become derangeU ami worthies* through drinMiig liqnor, and no houeot ?eud? r ol rum should to the taj im(>oneU. Coxvcktiko THE t>AMRLEKa Mr. Ha.n mond i-reaclied at Herver. Col., on Mowlav to 4,0> nor n.tau pe rsons at Klake and Fifteenth streets. The meeting afterward adjourned to the Occidental Hall, a largo .aloon' and fancy dance bouse, by invitation ol the propriotor. A lout 000 |>ersoiis entered tho hall, |>r<dial>ly wa ol whem were gamblers and aports. The oAe. t iiig bah addressed br conrrrted gamMera. Several gamblers have already been coaeorv l. Thi Fakukw'Cwijtiii*, which m"t at Springhekl. UI., on Wtvinosdar. adjourned ye ? U rday <?' d*r. after reaciiKliOg the altaurd re olution nl uli the "liberal" republicans forced through on the flrtf daj-, condemning ihe Pres ident for nigiilng the appropriation hill mliich contained the incrcaac of salarv dawt. If tho producer* of the Best Biah lo"succeed in th-ir flgbt b ith the trans|<or; ation com pan. ? thev mi.ft etter dear of party |<oIitica. I M>t|: Dail.?1'hos. tiuy, the youth accused of pnrh inlrigmoney Irom letters paiiMug through t'je Head ofthe Ifav |>ost office, has had a hear .ng before I'nit^d StAtes Cummiwioner U<slgerH, am', has boen released uponahaii boml oT?t,1i?i lor his Appearance before the graml Jarv of the I nltetl StAtes circuit court. Baltimore, \4d.. In* fAther becoming hi? bond-man in. Jfarw*?(AV.) Btmem. Tni Ct'ts w* l?LVoi_i Tlo.\?t a/.'ar* of <?>?. #VrH//? t>y r.'.s tutu.?n'i?A New Vork Herakl s|>ecial says that lien. PortUla, romm ind ng Citico VIILaa, has been capt ired bv theimur geiiU. A number of civil guards from tliat dis trict have gone over to the enemy. The garri son ol Puiita Piedna. near Neuv.tas.isre|>?rted to have deai-rted m a U??dy ? > the insurgents. (Jeneiala Vincento tiarcia aitd Maiinm ti >b'i, wjth *,000 men, are in the vicinity of Al?xo?.. Nahm ai eb Cunmiuuathih.?The Charioa ton (S. C.) Daily C'tntrur, which has been pub lished niiinterrttptedlr for seventy years, v -* purchased yetiter<:ay Wr ll^ordan, Ommm X Co.. the proprietor* ol tbe Charles' ?n X- ?t. It i* uuderatood that the two papers wiil m<ui - solidAted nnder the BAme of the A"< ?i and Courirr, Bhicli w1!l l?e *'ie only daily mjrniug uea spa|ier published In Chailcston. Chahles We xbb. the alleged ^flntWMier, umlei ^6,000 ball t<? .?n?er the charge ot at tempting to b(iM k Vnitert Stats* secret servu e detect i re by an ott-r of ? Mil to lotkim fndear of the charge on which he was arrested three work* ago. Poter* Nungeaaon a as also hold in #3,000 bail for dealing iu counterfeit hf? cent and gryenbacis. Tbb Drno'ArtLALB was received as a mem .t,ie French ^??Ade?y yeatorday. Ui taking lilt teat he made .*? addroM quiet in tone and free from poliiieaf alluaioaa, bat closing with an eloquent and i.a*rtotie appeal, tbela?C words of which wore: '? P.^or France' SSeSeSS U<> h0t bruken aw0fd> ^ Th* New Vobe it iDiua. Michael XIaob, cou? t, and l ad to bo r?d. Fotri Amkbicams have i memben of tho Bntiah I SewooBib. at the Wa Profemor Young, of Dartmouth loX.f^wYt BaBBas, the aathor of Bl waa tataiiy lajarod on th. Conn , Monday, aaM his a *ort flat Mnoa to ihokw MMN the municipality at a?-a_.^ ir~j? ? ^ Tbb Enri lib formal Tha annou eeloBd wUh resign the |ire?S?ne)^of the Freoeh Camun Feller, it ia thought, Bill i?

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