Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Largest Circulitioi ii the District Beadirg Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: rtlllT Ay HI 1?7>. Thfrt la no instance ou record of t well-sus tained KuUnof judicious advertising fail:n* of lacctM.' The navsrtiser should select a pai?r of standing and general circulation like The Stab, ami then go ahead ?ystematieally an.I persmter tly to inform the public, through fresh, crisp advertise ments, renewed daily, of the estout aad quality or his ware*, and his ability U> supply then on faTorable term*. The Chesapeake and Ohio canal la at last at work, and moderately large shipments of coal from Cumberland to tide water are being made. The correctness of the comments of The Star on the probable results of the advance in tolls at the time that action was taken by the com pany ha.- been folly demonstrated by the events of the last week or two. a* showa by an article in the Cumberland Civilian end T?l'yrii>h. which says: " Should there be no breaks, strike* or acci dents ot other ?1 the trade will do-J >t le>s be quite heary, but th<> net earning* of the canal will be no Krenter than they would have been had there been no advance of tolls, while the 1 rotits of tbe shipper* will be less by live cent* j-er ton. The delay in opening trade, a* the result of increasing" tolls, caused a loss t>> the canal equal to the entire amount that will be earned by the increase." This w:?sju*t what might hare been expected, even if the canal was kept up to the highest point of efficiency throughout the season, t? do the work for which it was intended, but it is not .now .in?i :n vt r La.- been. The same paper Ironi which we have quoted abOTe says its dilapi dated condition ia almost a guarantee of con tinued breaks, and of a worse cbar?ote? than tt*Mt vtiii-K in-f mr?-~-i ???iy in the season as last wet k. Certainly while this condition of thing* exist*, and the boatmen are subject to the losses caused by the consequent delays, it Is luoet unnar to the tatter to raise the toll*. On the contrary, every effort should have been made to encourage the trade and increase it to the full capacity of the canal. The New York Eri-rtu thinks it a shame that in must of our rnral towns it is necessary to bnild *o many costly fences to keep out our neighbors* cattle, pigs, and children. This is a shame Hint attaches not only to rural towns, hut to metropolitan cities?Washington, for in stance. We have all the machinery of law to prevent animals from running at large, and the Board of Health was especially designated by Congress to entorce the law. It never has been enforced fully, however, and the vagrant goat*, especially, continue to enjoy the freedom of the city, and the luxury of a daily browse jupon ! young trees and shrubberies in a way most try ing to the temper of those who have taken pains to cultivate choice varieties of these hort icultural adornment*. Equally provoking and powerless for redress is the destruction of trees at:d shrubberies by heedless boys; a- for in stance in the triangular space corner of 5th street and Massachusetts avenne. When the new lo.-ud of Metropolitan Police CoBaiiftionera entered upon their duties The Star expiessed the hoi>e that they would hold public meetings and not sit with closed doors, a.- their predecessors had done. They did not see proper to change the practice of the board in this re-i>ect. but kept on in the old way. That they may know how secret sessions of such bodies are looked upon in other communities we now refer to an editoria. in the Albany ris'i of the 24th ultt., which say9 of police commU-iOTiers generally and those of Albany in particular: "Their business being pnblic, it should be i publicly transacted, in order that the who'e l>eople may kbow whether this business is i honestly, iairly and justly done. This is ob- ' vious on general principles, but in so far as the trials ot policemen tor alleged offences are con cerned. it is imperatirelv required. When i trials are conducted secretly there will always be suspicion of injustice.** The assertion has been made that the aboil- ! tion of capital punishment in some of the states I has wotktd well in diminishing crime, bat a correspondent of the Chicago Evening Journal turni*be* some carefully prepared data show- . Ing that the fact is the exact reverse. It appears that in Iowa, wnere capital punishment has been done away with, "murder and brutal out rages have been multiplied in fearful propor- ' tion," and yet the court* in that state have only condemned to life imprisonment one murderer j ?ince the death penalty was taken away one year ago. The same correspondent says that the pardon system is as much abused in Iowa and Wisconsin as it ever was. and that there is a growing sentiment there inTavor of capital punishment. In Illinois the pre** and people are almost a nnit in demanding the execution ot convicted murderers. The Woman with whom Tom Wright lived gave testimony to-day, it will be seen, crimi nating him In the murder of the peddler Koger ski, on his own confession. Some days ago it 1 was stated in Thk Star that there were indica tions that Wright was trying to communicate with this woman to prevent her from testifying against him, and it was suggested that the means of communication was probably through a little dog. that from Its diminutive size could make its way readily from one part of the jail to the other. despite the ordinary bars. It seems that this was really the case, and that Tom Wright sent a note to the woman by this dog. j suggesting to her what her testimony should be. ? ? ? And now Nixon, the last murderer convicted in New York, wauts to have his sentence com muted on the ground that he fired hit pistol ia a passion, and did not know what he was doing. < The New York Erpr*$t hopes that the futility of thia plea will duly impress itself ujon other persons who are in the habit Of carrying con cealed weapons, and says: " No true man will go about among his fellow- ' men like a masked battery?least of all those a ho are apt to lose control of their temper on the slightest provocation." A bill allowing women to be elected school trustees has passed both houses of the Illinois legislature, and there is no iloubt it will be signed by the governor and become a law. The act'makt* women eligible to office muter the general or aty special school law ot the ?tate. If women are fit for teachers, why should they not make goed school trustee-*.' The I'.ostoa Ptt fooled its readers this year , ty omitting its usual 1st of April hoax. The Wuily Star, ju*t out. contains the j awful story of the wreck of Uie Steamship Atlantic; description of the pro|?o.-.'d new Chain Bridge, and ot the proi>o9ed improve ment of the public ground* this season; the tashioi s toi -i r.i.g, b\ .Jennie J tine; the mid night a**a--?iuatioh ot Frank Hahn; trial of ^ Tom Wright, indicted for the murder of the peddler Kuger*ki. full accoaut ot the execution of Charles Manley in Ale\an<iria; horrible death from hydrophobia: society notes, latest and best tales, |>oenis, sketches and fashion items: together with interesting local news Washington news and gossip, agricultural items, household receipts, dkc., Ac. fVrmi. One dollar and a half per annnm. in advance; single copies five cents, in wrappers, ready for nulling. MEDIC.\L ASSOOIATIO*-An arfj .Urn-d J-/ meeting of thr Xrdical A?s<> latioti of the Dis inet ot Columbia will be held in tb?- hall ot tha Mrdictl Society ?14F itrvrt n rthwrat. at on<- <1) o'clock p. TCESDAT, April *h. a*-?.3l JAMKSTTOCWQ,M.D..8scy. YoBK BEPCBLICAB ASSOCIA TION ?There will be a regular wetiu* >4 thi? As*.i*(ud at Clarke . Hall. !f<>. 4TH P~nn ylianla avenue, at 7:9) o'clock OB SATCEDAT KYKS1SO, the Hh inn. ALOX7.U BILL, President. JA1M B. BPBAUl g. Ef. See. *+M 1T^^TlVTl0}f\C0liCMBlA EXGIH1C0M ?r/ PaHT? Mo. 1 -The- annntl election f??r *???? Director* of the Library will ba ? m houae. MUh'DA Y, April 7th. Poll* <>pe* from 3 to ? p m Mm tf MUetiom?J. Lows, T. H B >binaon, F. *C?- .Jli&gfgt&fA. The aeennd Anenal Cowrae of Lectures will c.?m jreoce TCBSUAY. April *b. at 5S p.m. Taitioa 110. F >r further information inquire at ih- H opital Ci of PhoP.JOSKPU TABBBJ??H!tSt)S7M:D.I at ft *37 Mew York avenue. The New York market*, although not much improved, were in a somewhat better conditio* yesterday. The money pressure was kept as, aiid the gold speculafion developed more tin and strength. .Securities, although feverish, w. re general It higher; the market Tor specula tive shares snowed marvellous strength, the i s|* ctilators on the "bull"slde upholding it witfe a determination hordertngon desperation. It il no longer expected that tbe Treasury wlQ inter* vene; bat that relief will aeon come in another way. The monstrous rates which money has commanded this week is stimulating the return of currency, aad the April flow may be said to hare begnn. Government bonds were dull and steady. The stock market was dull and rather heavy. + Jay Cooke- A Oo?runLTt?ftri2w?ngte-dey: _ _ ? BtlPg. Bwft. Stirl. C8.?*b,M8L?1*\ IP , I B W'sJoAJy.-BB liV 1*S ft-?V,lM| IS'. US I B-SO's.JaAJr.W.U 17S B-V s.lMi. to', M 1 B?'a,JnAJy,W.l?l? MS -ITS HS I low* MK US B-?'s, Mew Ton-Fi*?t B?abd r. 8 iviaa. n ? - - *?'s, UBS IB*. B ?'s, WSi. . U\ SBO*, 1MB US B IOS J?n. A Jly.??...!? ?Jly.W_17S B 30"sJau.*Jly,M88. MS 10-40's 11 American G dd -. l'li Currency #'a ? lli Hew Five*. 1? KarkeU. BaLTiMOBB, April 4.?Virgtnis g's, <d I, St: d*., I roupoas. old, II; Virginia's, consoli i*t-1. 51 4 , Weal V.niua't U\, Nvrlh Carolina e'a, oil, Ai bit in-day. Bai.ti*o*b, April Cotton neminal? low naif - diings, Flour doll?un-dati >ns ba- -If maintained; prices unchanged Wheat linn; better Iwliiii; prices unchanged. Com active and firm f r i>'utl? ru; white southern. 67, yellow southern, f>J; mixed western quiet, but ftrm,61. O tt* in *<>#4 d-mand?southern, 47<??a0; western mix-l, WfllMi. do. white. 47lfrts. Rye firm, 9B*a3S. Hay quiet; western. ?276iS31. Provisions ijuiet"but firm; price* unchanged.. Western butter firm; market b?r>? new packed, -W" 13; choice roll, WAS; (air to j)?l do.. !7<g.rt. \\m*kv. 9uS. Nxwr Tnit, April 4.?Flour ijuiet. Wheat dull and in leaver's favor Corn qnlet and unchanged. Nbw YoBX, April 4.?Stocks steady. M ?ney firm, S0S- <3"ld Arm, I7S. Exchange, Ion;, 7; short. 7.',. Go\ emmenta dull and steady. Lomms. April 4. II a. m.?Con- <U closed at XI for money and M? for accuunt. B nd* of H13. old, M ? ; IW.S8S.KH0Y ?9.n. w fives.9US. Brie,SOS. Lo*oo*, April 4, 3p. m.?Cons -!s forminey, 92%, for account, OT; new lives. 90'i- Erie, 6>>S. ??? ? ? THI W RATH KK. Wil UIFaktsist, OJUe Ckief 8i</nal Oflo*r.> WaHHiaeTon.D.U., April 4.1873,11 a.m. } Stsopsis r?s the rasT Twiiry-rooi Hons ? The .form center tbat was Thursday morning in soulliern Dakota is now central iu Iowa, bavin* diminished soniewhat in extent. The pressure ha* risen over the Atlantic states and i? now high in Ue, reis and also in eastern Pennsylvania. The teir peratnr" ha* risen during the night throughout the country iri-m the southwest northward to Wisconsin. Fresh southeast * ind* are t eporte I from the western Gulf states andfresh southerly to high easterly winds fr< iu Michigan and Illinois. Northerty winds and partly clondy weath r prevail in the uiidJk- aud eastern states. PRoBAs:L<Tir*.?The ar.-a of lowest barometer move dnrinit the rest of Friday eastward over llli nois. eitendiiijt souiea hat rapidly toward ihe lower lakes and Lake liaron. F .r the Gulf states, in creasing southerly w iuds and cloud) weather, with rain ov?r the coast. For the south Atlantic slat <s. - uilie'i-ferly winds and Itary weather, followed hy clond and p->s~ibly rsin Friday evening. For middle Atlantic states, easterly winds and cloudy weath.-r. with a decided fail in the Varometer. F >r New Kn^iaiel, ligh* winds ami partly cl .udv weather, ex cept in northern Maine, where fresh northerly winds will probably continue. For the lower lakes and Lake H itron, Inrri-asinz northeast win Is, fall ing barometer and threatening or rainy weather. For Lak< Superior snd northern Lake Mi -hig >n. northeast and northerly winds. iuereasinK to bri<k and ponsibl) hicb, with eloud ami rain. Forth northwest and iii>pet Missouri valley and tln'nce t> Kansas, fresh to IiikIi cold noribwest wiuds extend tug over Missouri and Iowa by Friday night. For Illinois and Kentucky, increasing southerly wiud-. with threateuing weather. The morning reports are missing from the northwest and most -;ati >n~ w ?r <>f the M is-i^iipi valb y. Oautionarv signal* c ?n tinue at Duluth, Milwaukee, Chicago, Grtud Haven. Detroit. Toledo and Clevelmd. WA.?H1NGT0M LIBKABY COMPANY. fessrs W L. NICHOLSON, M. B CCSIIMAN srdJOHN MK1GH. have been appeintedto hold tbe aimual election for seven Din-dors of the Wash ington Library Company at the Library Room i Y< nng Men's Christian Assoriatloii Buildiiigi from 3 to 6 p.m., on MONDAY, April 7, HTl. Ail due uiuat be paid by the stockholders bid ore voting. a."! .tt JOHN MEIGS, Secretary. NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. _ lie Assessors of the several Legislative District having completed tbe assessment of real prcferty foi tbe fiscal year ending June 39th. 1474, the Board <n Appeals will meet at the office of the Superintendent of Assessments and Taxee, No. 330 4S street .near the corner of Louisiana avenue, on the 3d DAT or Fkb BTABT. 1873, at 14 o'clock m., to hear any apo -alc tbat may be made from the valuations of aaid as sessora. All appealsjnnst be made in writing, and sworn t( b< fore an officer competent to administer oaths. The B"ard will be in sewion each day i Sunday ex ceptedlfrom 11 o'clock a. m. until 3 o'clock p. m.. and on WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS from? o'clock until ? o'clock p. m. H. A. HALL. WM. WALL. GEO. A. BOHRER. RILEY A. SIlINN S. J. M1DDLET0N, Jb., fel tf Members of the Board of Appeals. WASHINGTON. D. C , March 10, 1ST3, Rooms No. 330 4S StBKCT MoBTRWKT. In conipliance with section 34, act approved An gnst 33d, ld71, the Board of Appeals will continue in session at tbeir rooms and at the hours designated, EVERY DAY, excent Sundays, for thirty days from this date, after which no appeal from the general a in aanient for tbe fiscal year 1873-1474 can be re ceived. By order of the Board of Appeals. marlo lm E. F. M. FAEHTZ. Secretary. lrS?Y0lNG MENS' CHRISTIAN AS80CIA TIOH. 1 REE READING ROOM-An/y, ir?*'y. Jar amd Hthntmi papers from all pa ts of the lrnion. CIRCULATING LIBRARY; 13400 vols. Teirn ?3 per year: |l per quarter. PARLORS AND CONVERSATION BOOMS for Ladies aud Gentle men; Cheas, Chenners, Organ and Piano. Daily PrAyEB MEETTOOSat 13 U,Band 9 p. m LITERARY 80CIETY Saturday evening, at 7S o'clock. SABBATH AFTBRNOON SERVICES in Lincoln Hall atSK o'clock; at Theater Camiuue at 7S o'clock. mg THE LAWS OF HEALTH. It is useless for State Legislatures to pass lawa for the preservation of the puolic health, if the great law of self-preservation, which depends for its en forrement upon the will of the individual, is suffered to remain a dead letter. There is scarcely an adult member of the community, of either aex, in this country, who has aotaeen the testimony in favor of Hustetter'a Stomach Bitters, furnished over their owe signatures, by persons of acknowledged emin ence in science, literature, art, commerce, and every department of business aud professional life. Th<*se witnesses have declared in the moot explicit terms that the preparation is a safeguard agaiust epidem ics, a sovereign remedy for dyspepsia, a valuable anti-bilious medicine, a promoter of appetite, a genial aud harmless stimulant, a good ac climating medicine, a atrengthener of the nerves, a general invigorant, a protection against the deleterious effects of malaria and impure ?rater, and that it imparts a degree of vigor and activity to the vital forces which is not commu nicated by any other of the tonics and stomachics in use. Under these circumstances the self preserva tive law of nature should leach every rational per e>n who, either by reason of inherent debility or ia Eoi.seijuence of exposure to unw holesome influences, m in peril of bsung the greatest of all temporal blessings, health, the importance of using the Bit ers as a defensive medicine. Dysp*-ptics whs xgteet t? give it a trial are simply their own ?nemiia. it i* guaranteed to cure indigestion in all ts forms, and the bilious aud nervous will find lothing in lite whole rauge of official and proprie ary medicines who h will afford them the same relief. m31 eo3?Aw. r--5? TO LADIES. Iwy How SM rtamilj who O fulfill her lU'lucuuiu wu?, wi Wi MV, jB. J tacities to accept tbe responsibility which falls upon How aad it to to see a young wife, a mother . ilj who requires all her physical strength o fulfill her houaetiold duties, aud all her moral ca ?er, to see her prostrated, losing every day her trength, feeling badly without being able to say thy. but yet suSeriug enough to be utterly misera ?hie 1 This state of weaknesa aud debility is more aial to her than a severe speil of sickness, for in thai aee she will receive the proper care, as in the other be will linger months after months, ant thinking vorth while to see a physician about it. until nature, xSausted, gives out, and she is carried to the grave, i ben a little precaution in proper time would have pared her life. To prevent, to strengthen ,to cure, i. thiffg can compare with the LONG LIFB BIT rnts of Dr. L. oTbERTBAX. Thev are a safe and "'allibis remedy against malaria, dysaepsla, cos iveuess, biliousness, headaches, morning sickness ?i.d all com [ I alma peculiar to women. These Bit* ers, which are soM by all druggists, are, in oonse r. nee of tbeir virtus aad aaoat agreeable taste, the nedtctne par txalUmc* for Indies. jM-tr f^?5>C BE NCR'S PULMONIC CANDY embrace V/ in a great degree all ihe principles of Schenck'a ^nlmonic S> rni, and while as pleasant to the palate is the parent of confections. Us medicinal properties ender it effectual in coughs, oolds, bronchial and atarrhal affections, Sc. It is the mo* acceptable ?imedy for children or infanta, and can be given with mpunity; while for professional gentlemen, or those r bo suffer from loss of voice, it is indispensable. These candies are pat up In 3B cent boxes convent* nt for tbe pocket, and are for aaie br all druggists ind dealei/^ J. H. SCHENCE k SON. feM3-tr B. E. corner Bth and Arch sts., Phila. M ILBC M'* NEW DBUO 8T0BB, ?o. U3I Piinfiuiu A vxjiijb. Depot for Soda aad Mineral Waters. feU-ly I ? 0 T I B. " DB. W. H. BARRETT, . vmmtimT. Haaremoved te Bo. I4M Batieat w ?r ISth street. sr OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONERS OF THE AIMING FUND. Wasaisaro*, D. C., M it rch 39, IcCJ?The und?-n>gn?-ri Commissioners will receftafthe office of the Treasurer. M'??e? Krfly, at the nttiunal Metropolitan Bank, until TIESPAT, A>rfl ilit, at 13 o'clock noon. sealed pr. pos%U for the aale to then. of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS of the six _p? ceal.ten I(F bonds of tw late corporation of WsJMIMon. They reeervetothems-lvesthe right to reject any offer which they may not deem advanttgeow. H D COOKE, W. W. CORC MOSES KKL H M BWEE LEWIS J. DA' m31 eotd ConiiiiMoners F^aSnUIt DKPARTMENT HOWARD iLo' c in VERS ITT. The First Course of Spring and Summer Rota tion will commence MONDAY. April 7, at 6 p.m., ai d will continue for three month*. Tuition free to matriculants. JOSEPH TABER JOnNSON, M.D., at-eclw Secretary Faculty. GRANITE DEPOSIT?on deep water, on James river, ot finest <iuality srd in Urge quantity. S. BASSETT FRENCH, M-lt Richmond. Va. KID GLO\Et> KID GLOVES ? All colors at reduced prices 1 BUTTON 90 cents. * BCTTON #115 EVERT PAIR WARRANTED. _ . a4-#t* At M. WILLIAN*S, 60T P* av Lawn grass sked, for Grass Plat*. Tards, Ac., LAWN MOWING MACHINES, GARDEN and FLOWER SEEDS. GARDEN TOOLS. FERTILIZERS, Ac. JKO. A. BAKER, Agricultural Warehouse, i?4-eo3i* Louisiana *ve.,|>et. j?rh and lifcb -t-. FM1.\G A.V\OL*?EvlE>T~ s glO.OOO STOCK OF DRT GOODS. Sr /u) iu DRESS GOODS SI00T0 in CLOTHS and CA8MMERES $lo,w?i in nuSlKRY and FANCY OOUI'S. $s,??i in LINENS and WHITE GOOD*. S7AUV 'n STa PI.E GOODS. Ac. NEW GOODS OPENING DAILY. Tliree hundred now PARASOLS and SUN IM BKKl.LAS iust received. Prices from 25 e nts each to $7. Bargains in BLACK SILKS atd BLACK AL PACAS. ?>%NE PRICE TO ALL. 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All persons having claims against the said d? ceased arenereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 3d day ot Aprtl next: ther may otherwise by law be excluded front all benefit of the said estate. Given utKler my hand, this 3d day of April, 1573. a4 fM' W. H. WpEELER, Executor. 1'HI* IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber m has obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, holding a Special Term, letter* testamentary ou tbe personal estate of HANSON BROOKS, fate of Washington county. D. C.. de ceased. All persons having ciauns against the said deceased are 'lersfcy warned t? exhibit the same, with tbe vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 1st da# of April next: they may other wise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand, this 1st day of April, 1S73. Ia4 3t* 1 GEO. W BROOKS. Executor. ME. STOOPS, natural Fioirrr Smbalmer, . has MOVED froui 623 7th street to 430 Cth street northwest between D and E streets, where she will be glad to rsceive the liberal patronage hitherto extended to he*. rng Hn* THE SPRING TERM of the MISSES OS BORNE* BOARDING AND DAT SCHOOL will conunenae April II. ?S73. 943 M, corner loti street ncrthwest. Particular attention given to yonng pnplln. mlB-Sw* Uoi?tt*K?P?fts Fitting out or replenishinf with CHINA, GLASSW.VRE^^ PLATED WARE Can And ill they require at our Store, of tbe k?d quality and at Low set Cash Prices. WEBB ft EEVBRIDGE. , dM V No. ??!?Odd Fellows'HaU)7thst. s?Sf fklOTICE?That B.S JTSTH, CI* Dstrw?t, b 1^1 twsea tth and 7th strsets northwest, seUs cus Um "",l SECOND-HAND CLOTHING Hi less than half the cost at ready -wad* *?ew ones. SILK DRESSES a specialty. felS ly ?rawBT?!af^ru, "ESs WANTS. WASTKP-U Wiltsr^'s H 4el. on# PLAIS v? ? IRONER M"nr HTARCHER. Apply at the Linen Rom between tlie hours of g >al 101. m It* WANTED? Immediately--:A fo<*l OTMJR ^ bHLTKBR; at-adygfcpl?F??eup aud S'hj4 XMJaJffti'-jTrMvi. *??.]> wn it* cIklIo " cironjene whe artderstaa l? the busiue-s Mid caa stay ulfBts. Appl) *t 410 llth ?tre?t nortlnftt. It* AiTT$D^Tg5rT<i33reirSw>#for^rtMf55t. B-St r ecomasr nda:U>n? reonired. Apr'' ?> ?>19 F street, between 4th and Ttfc, before Wo^ork a. w>. or after 5 p.m. M i?' YV ANTED?A good COOK for a very small fam ?? ily. Mint understand washing and ironing std have gu st references. Apply to So.TU 11:b street. a4St? WANTED?A OIBL or WO* VN to do cham ber*, rk and take ch>r? of ?hi Urn In small family; must kt(Mh and lidf. Apply torS Oaf, near W asbington street, Georgetown. a4-3i* WABTfP-fly * t<nrl>-HiB tWWfiti I ??n*!1 '* HOUSE or part of a house, unfurnished. Tenns n>ir?t be moderate. Address, stating I'nw, Ac , H. E. W.. Star office. a4 3t*_ WANTED?A WOM AN to do cooking and h?>ase cleaning for a small family. Reference re 1 uired. Apply at liltf* aoribweet. between M and I utrwtn. It WANTED?Bj a l??ly, a c >uif**rtabl? KOO.M sn I good BOARD in a private familv in the neigti l'orh >'>d of Metropolitan church. Reference* ex changed. Address Mr*. M , P>st Office. ai l:* WASTED-A respectablp COLORED PERSON vv as chambermaid, also, to do fine washing at d ironing. Mint bring good recommendations, 1X9 D ran Id. ?i V \\* ANTED?A lady well qualified. aud of iiimIi vv experience in teaching, desires a 8ITUA TION in a school or an resident or visiting g .?* - eme?a, or ns repvist. Can furnish testimonial* Addrc-s Mim 8. H. A.. Star office. a4 J * \VaNTED-A young ENGLISHMAN or " f< i?TCHMAN, (unmarried, > who has a few huttdred dollar', to engage in au easy and pro(iiali!.* business. Address OPPOBIl'SlTiivBceof th i paper. a?** IV"ANTED-A PI.l'MP.ER. a bad worke"rT^f". v v iiiid-rniaiid* soui. thing al- >ut iron p'pe; w*g?s no object to a thorough tnechaulc. DAN I. II * S NAN, Plunder aud Ga-ilirtor, corner 6th and F sti?ftsnorthwest. . ai 3t~ U'ANTED?Several trustworthy C AN V A38EKS , to whom a liberal percentage will he paid Ap - ply at Mate. DKHOKEST'S Pattern Emporium. 4??7 Pennsylvania atenue, between 4'? and 'itti utreeta. at fit w A NTBD?Two . ..mtwteiit ImHesSmTk E it ft": *? alw, two Ai'PKENTICE8; and nou? n.-el apply hut tlio?e wh<> are already n>'at. rapid -ew .-r*, fori iinTe not time to teach plain ix-wing. Applv 4 67 H street northwest. ai 2? IV ANTED?A tiri?t-> l?-i? COOK , accnatoaied tii a tt iM.arditnr h?n?e. atnl a ymtn* OIISL a? cli-uii berniaid and to aaaint in wntiliuiit and ironing?loth white. O'M-d aagea to Ootnpeteut p-Tson-*. Apply at 1104 12th street. if WaS'TTD-A widow Indy wishes ? SITUATION I" as seamstress; understands cutting and tlttiag all kinds of chl dren's clothing and undergarments, and can jfi>e the best of rec<mm<>ndations if n> uulred. Please address Mrs. J. ?. C., ThecdngicHl Seminary, Fairfax county, Va. ai it* \mr ANTED?Two OIRL8; white preferred. Ap pi> at No. SO I street, opposite St. Aloysins Church. aS 3t" WANTED?Au active aiid enterprising PER ^ON , w ith a cash capital of % i ,000. A id:?s E. F. 0., S'ar "IT'-e^ ?3 1i* \%*ANTEl>?LADIES to work on Pants. Applv ? * cn 3d street, bet ween N--w York a\enue snd L street. a3 1l* ttTANTED?A *.od BLACKSMITH, must fuT ? ? fcish tools. Apply corner of C aud lith streets aouthwest, a3 It* ANTED? BOARDING in the Country, near Washington, by a Lady who w ishes to tea< h Music in payment. A l iressL, St ir offiea. a3-2<-* U"Tasted?A While GIRL, to d > Chamberwwrk ar.<! assist in Washing and Ironing. Apply, ?it)' recommendations, at 417 4th street, oppc?ite City IIall. ??)!?? WASTED-An Am -ricati, of exp*' ?? rietice, desires a SITUATION as Clerk in a Fancy or Dry Good- store. Go si refereuces given. Address Mrs. M. B. W\, City P .st Office. . a3 2t" \MTANTED?A young Erent htnan, speaking Eti^ ?? lish, v ish s to find a Family to go to Earotie with as COURIER. STEWARD, or VALET. II ?? 1 est city retepences. II. <? ? Star office. a3 3t * ANTED?First class IRoNEKS and Sill UT GLOSSKR1*. Also, a WOMAN to Mangl".

Apply at Capital Laundry, F street, between 9'h and lUtli sts. ?3 4t* \)E/'ANTED?A hrst-i la-? OPERATOR on Wneol ?? er ,V Wilson's M i hiue. to make Shirts, at FAULKNER S SHIRT FACTOBV, *26 12th st.. on' di>or south of F. a3 Jt * \\,r ANTED?St\eral Young LADIES to work at " Diesaiiiakiiig, at lOllt H street northwejt N> ti" tut gCKsl hands nee<l apply. Also, APPREN TICES. a>2t* 1I7AMTED-A Vouug M AN experienced in the ?* Dry Good* business. Give n?ni',) age. las; em ployer, pay expected, Ac. Address J. B., P'Wt ? ffi e. a3 3t * WANTED-B* a \ "Ui g 1.1' a SITUATION ?> ?? daily Oo\erness. Fully comp"t?nt to teach the Etigli-h hram hes, French, Drawing, and the elements of Music. Address Mi-? E. L0WRY, City I'oat Office. a3-2t* \V ANTED?A WOMAN to do general House ?? work in a small family three miles out of th city. One with a Dnughter ftom 12 to M years of age would be preferred. Apply at No. 3 Grant Place, between 10 and 12 a. m. t.3 tt* WANTED?At 13U(i MassacUus<>tts avenue, an experienced White NURSE, to have the care of two children. Good wages to a woman fond of children, and with good ^r-Terene es. None other need apply. a3-2t* '"ANTED-A PARTNER, with tjToOO-or w i c*v ? a i nn i ? nun 7 ? .wwv ?/? $3,000 capital, in a genteel and lucrative w bn-iness. A ) oung man of souie musical talent pre ferred. CARL RICHTER, *30 Pennsylvania ave nue, a3-6t* WANTED-A SOPRANO, CONTRALTO aud TENOR, (colored ) Must have good voices and some knowledge of music. Address H. D , Ellis' Music Store, Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and loth street*. a3-St* WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID at 476 Penn 1* sylvania avenue.* YV a NTED-A WHITE GIRL as nurse. Mmt " have good recomaiendationa. Apply at VO'i >1 street northwest, corner I street. a2-3t* WANTED-A half grown GIRL to act ia the capacity of nurse. A good home will be given to one who will call at No. #1T 6th street north west. a>-lt* \1^ANTED?An experienced SALESLADY?"He who operates on a sewing machine?in a fur nishing goods store. Apply atCARO'S, 914 Pena sylvanla avenne, between S>tli and loth sts. a2 3t ANTED?By a young French lady, a SITUA TION as governess. No objection to travel ing. Best refereticos given. An agreeable poeition preferred to high salary. Address FRENCH LADY, Star office. a?-sr WANTED?To purchase a small HOUSE in a central location, with all modern impro%c ments, by paying $2UU cash and monthly instalments of A4V, with interest at rs?e of lo per cent, a year, aud ^ luO thn 1st of January of each year, secured by mortgage on property. Apply by letter to Lock Bix 107, City Post Ogee. al-4f ANTED?L ADIEU to take notice that Madame D. E. M AISON, of New York, haa opened her Millinery parlors, at No. 413 13th street north west. m24 1m* VV ANTED?Every one to know that the VICTOR H SEWING MACHINE haa Its nttdU ?if sm tta#: the mi?t perfect shuttle In a*e, resting in a craille; needle fcar and works of steel. Agency, 46V Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mme. Deta ore*t's Pattern luiporium. _ _ aug90-ly T. W. 8PICER, Agent. WANTED?Everybody in favor of thoroughly cleaned Carpets, almost as bright as new. to send orders to L. SICE, at the Steam Carpet Beating Works, Maipe arenue. bet. 4Hi and 6th sts. aprU ly BOARDING. p1,REMONT HOUSE,corner 2d street aud Indi A ana avenue, having been enlarged wid newly furnished throughout, is low one of the moat de sirable Hotels in the city for SUMMER BOARD ING. Parties wishitM to secure pleasant rooms, with flrst-class Hotel Board, should apply before the first of the month. We have also a suit, and single Room, on first floor, opruing on pavement,suitable for geiitleiuvu. Gentlemen wishing to room together eta have elegantly furnished Rooms at low rtfes. i:?T-6t* f>OOD BOARD, PLEASAHT ROOMS, AND Vf .prices moderate, at *190 corner of Pennsylvania avenue aud list street. mayl-ly I\?W GOODS. XEIF STYLES. JUST RECEIVED. OUR SPRING STOCK OF DRY GOODS AND CARPETIXGS, cf th latest productioas on this and other side of tV Atlantic, which will be open for inspection TUESDAY, APRIL 1. 1873. ? The goads we offer, comprises a full assortment of new and beautiful DRESS GOODS, such as plain, figured and stripe Japanese Silks, ranging from 6vc. to |1. Colored Silks, the best fabrics In Black Gros ?rain, colored aud black Alpacas. Mohairs, Per cales, and a full liae of choice and taucr priats aud other nice goods, too aumoroos to menuoa. We shall alao oahibit a full and entirely Daw stock of CARPETS, 9IL CLOTHS, and MATTXKOS. English Tapestry, Braasels in handsome pattern*, the very choisest lngraias. Oil Cloths of newest da signs, Straw Matting,wary fair, at 16 cents. Our variety in either branches. Dry Ooodp and Carpets, is superior to any south of New York, and propose at ail times to sell cheaper than any house in tha city. We invite the poMIc In general to Inspect oqr goods aut prices before purchasing elsewhere. VNLNM ft SHlLBBftG, 4*7 7th STKIKT, Between D and I, southwest. mSl-Sm IFTBI ARCADE. KHIlri PasRSTLTasu At*., |m WW at-3t >w.ltit??Hni?n. Wf g U t t ? K. FRESH PmiMT BUTTER, la half pounds, very choice. Also, BOLL AMD PACKED. Baceived daily by exprsss. Yibriy alii* 31\ 9thstreet northwest. FOR RENT AND SALE. 1?OE 8 ALB CBEAP?Terms, $hJ0 cask, and AM eetll paid?several new 1-storr BBICK HOUSES, situated on Sew Hutpdure tvJu? ^ ? ween T ?wtC afreet* north; hate stx room*, hslk front and back jard*. Uouaes completely fiuishssT nSMw Horthewt corner IT. YJiTT S?hk. [Chronicle, Bepubtican, tf.l I?OB 8Al,B-Tfro PIECE* OF LAfep ??-A* oW?53fA3l&3t-?5 VSZXStJSZ A?ytronthepreaaiwT SEfflfe*?-*5aSg gsMiHtiww*?- ._ FoF la*** FURNISHED BOOMS, * on Med wOop, at 1003 K str.^t north wy ?4.V * ^I*g butlpixq lot, -r,*v F^55E^^T!2VI!S^"<,1? Ron*8^TtSi , ssy^usar^ar^ ^u~~Kr ! pO?SAMt-A line BUILDING FBOVT of 1R l.irf^ni k'H'm JL3f,lo*; W>",J b-"<* llrtr *&r!2*A , frty- THQ8 I . WaggaMAX, 41V7;h*t. ai F rrwW^ Sue 8T0BE ROOM and larae , V ej(*U*t opening f?r a dm* ..r I IIM?' ????"*' **PTTm"<n">. Inquire nOL I l ipai BEOS, cornet 5th ai>d Q *tr~e?a a4-3i* ' FSIor5JT5lk?!T^t25L*2l ba*???t bbick * *"01PB. Ko. ?!? XKh street northwa*. fcs ; H and I MjK- lu,*u,r? *?1 li lh Mrwt, b~fw~,., ! tVOR BENT-fWO Room* ? <>n second ft<x>r. su.t I rnrf .1 f'?w?C4m: ?* Bu?6?3 L.?ni?iana *1 *DII?, 4 wrriiini". ft ,i*f t.T^ T^i" for terms, iuquire on the I from 5 to 7 o clock p. n. al-2i* i sir-,!" "? ?? *,r ? FhoA.*!"^*?^A FRAWlC Lr f it??r ' 7'" of H",er kitcb-B MORR TSt 'i* ' V I'./i'Vi. Al'nu'- .Apply t? D. I. I I . : S?.6W E street uorthwetf; or. 1014 i L street nortbweet. * a4-jf' t'OE SA1.E-A two *tory BRICK HOUSE. wi?b : f. ,?***"" f"0"1"- in the northern part ..f the Ht> . . LITi W-'!?-,,""u <"??* payirent, and ( ?? j monthly until paid. Apply at Bookstore, 1S21 F ' , street northwest. 14.<0 g street. at 2;* KVK "iJ'T-L.WBLLIKti Hot>B, with pr ~ Si 5rl? .'r,!!w *nl marble trimming... ?>. 1 SOI Itliode I-Iaiwl avenue. between LVh arid 16th a?re?-? tli- ?*?idet:ce ..ft h.- Fi-?t Assistant P.wtmaKter t?eti TI.*i! Vr Pfif* ,Ln? "T1 h*lf Tean. IiMiaitr I4i?4 I4?h stret-t. P^me?*i<>u l?t M?f. a4-lw Foe mi k-a Horsi-*nd lot. h< m .,f7u- ' n>'wt do*:rat>lo Mtuatlon* in the < ity. L.t30f-?t t \ 1(V> feet, running l.ark t.? a 30 f<M.? all v T ie Houae haa four rtKma, good cellar, and kitchen. 1 tiHi'i'ifk''. kn??wn Inr appliration at Kj. | 1**4 llth "tr?*t northweat, l>efore 9 o'clock a.m., ? j or alter 4 o'clock p.m. a4-St" | POR BALE-rRAMK bWELLtK-; No. 143 f. I X ?'^oyl strwt fr..m ltth-rtreet railroad teruiinu., ' "J*-'.' ro"'>w, convenleatlr I arranged and nifch fnmi*h*^l; aim summer kitchen, ha^h room.aantrI"., cellar, Ac.; fruit tr.-e. ' ^a^ vfn<-?f ?Tid (*hrutl>vrj. <>n lb# pfwuiw^. fho tfr i 'ml c.ii? b# pnrchamtl or Ioa^? <1 Tt'rm?- P^rt ra*h balance on time with ii,tere.t at six ?r cent., making earh annual pajment 1-sr. than ordinary timis- rent Apply on the premises, or at B ?>ni Xo. lJ.aecotui floor, Navy Department. at^i* F' If,, rA< rE H,/i i f'r AMuaH six^-otu KB A MK Qth ...^ L .K,r,-? northwest, yiD ana lilfn >lr?^l<>. lnqinr^ on the a3-.i; * P^OB 8ALE-A two-story KRAME TlOPSK. ^ street, hetw -en K and 8 uonhwe?t, containing rue rooms, ?ui>|h, largo lot. T'-ruw fa^ OfiM**. In?iuire <>p the pr? nim^i. 13 ^ ? K'!Rrt'?AL.K~V ??.? BB8IDBKCK two lo.TZ. M. nortlif*HHt of th<? ntT, with two h.tai ..f Un I , lion^-, 4ox?>; iiidi* room?, inrlu?li(u? ??l.? ?n parlor* i h?nj ??-?? ?*?1,0 ,m Zi j unfit thng at ream. Apply at 1419 y ?t re.-t. aj n K?Jft K?>>T?A tlne?- st ?r? BHlt K HufSK. T^i -T'e?- ?. ii*i? avenue, betw.-.-n llth and 13 li i u'tt i ?? J R"<1 ?at.r. Inquire of W.M. V iLV,* ^ ' ^ dtroet? l?tv?ei.n 1Mb and 19"h: ?-_L-_ n3-3i* HENT-Fl'KXISH RD, jtftv rvrT ii Frt,? Sfefftlf: II?,?" vdti2flF& S U M ALL, 9M. TIIO* ?! W AI;G A M A Nf J3 M 41? 7th atr.^t. pOR HI NT?H nidsoi in HESIIMCNTE. X... ma3 ..i.K l,^.,.^,'M, ,rtw,en M !M"1 N street* northwest, v ith )>n Hit- DUMl< ru litipi >v? iitm. f r n^rticu! *r? ?P| l? to LATIMEtt * CLEA11V, dtar office b'nid^ tr'g!>" a>ln |t"<JR SALE-Handsi me PUOPEBTV ??n corner It'ty* KBKT-Ch?nce for a aiuali, quu-tfamil.? f it!wr?r i4Kr. ?-B2','.,wo smaller BOOMS, KIT< IIKN nnd PANTKl in jii^w h<in*", with ti i river vii-w and br-> t", onl> three square* from tiie circle, ran be rented for boarding t he own.-r Lilly tli se who can from banging and niaio rr N. "O" 2Mb atr-et. r?f ar H, l?ef<?re 8 a. tn. ?>r iftt-r 5 o'clock p. m. n3 34? |< I{I"-X1 ?KOOBI^. furnished or nufarnf-dn-d, . Hi ! 'i ""'"keeping; Xo. 14'J^ It sir. , t uortlmest, near Treasury Department. a2-3;* |TOR BEMT-WfC'BBI8HKD BOOM8, with r.,? w ".h"m B aid. Also, Table Board. 1131 10th *trert northwest. a2-3t* F?,^^A^E-Tbe nioat u.aguiftceit BL'ILDIXG ? ? T' ou "street, near 7th. 1,2 31 M M BOHBEB.at3 7tht. FOB BENT?For the h'lnnner.a handsonielr fur (?t i?r{i'r ",ur'te."f K(,{OMs'44 ? Bgure. Irwnire at UJi Oitreft ti??rthwe<t, at Jt* F^|H BENT?Tuo or three r. r? desirable Furn : or Utifornished ROOMS, at 1219 Pei.n r.'hrv avt,,,u'> ?,er &"-<?'? Utw Pliotographk. -" ? ? mt-31* F?? REXT?A choice of ROOMS may be ha.fof ll>e entire Honse on 13th street, either singly or en suite. Elegantly futnishe.1; all ?mprovementi Mid very mod- rate terma ; fell 13th at. a2 4t* Fi^^KT~H?l SE Ko. *13 ?-h street, II iVmphrfy'n'fyaVC- ArP!lto B"??HT A Uii ' iork avenue north T" a2-3t* F,C|?..8/kE~Au.*"utin!f' ?WUABK OF QBOI XD, 1> mif on erade. Price ol1> A7 (juu a vr> ?t targaln and a fine speculation A great u2 3t M. M. BOHREB,<13 7th rtreet. K0fnr,^V'J~P,,',\MM,, ?^OM8 f"?-?he Summer, .^?Itnr ! !^ * unmh<*d' convenient to Agri i-Jli. i Treasury Departments, at 303 itth sreet, between Ohio avenuv and 1) streets north aUt* KtLI)iy!A?fc?~T.,l,0,hL"?'"^"ry BRICK HOI SES. i1 i -li Kitchens attached ? side *nJ *? t Vifi-iJr*?er jlr '**?' situated on hh atre.< rs3fe^rr^^Lns!u north FW?^JBEJ?T-Tbe BBIt'K HOUSE, No. 1438 sri.l T^'ny .V"i* fo'iiting on the avenue ? i. forn'Srly ,h?* National Laundry B^nt moderatf to a good tenant _?2 6t DO DC if A DARMEILLE. 1427 Fat. P0mti^tS^A ^?,"!nr ?f two-story BBICK *- 3?? on * street, between llth and U"h streeta northweat,containing aix roams each will be sold on term* ? follows. eacn, ?iu .. i'iVeiH?l ?KS fnim <1>M to f &D cash on each, ^i^u^s^oTOT <VZ ? ?r ^f)wi>' ?>?' ' vaT^Tgr-ntrf be e*chan?wl ,n P?" '?* BtMS^fij'ilS.118*8 intbe8Wne bh^ *'? b. Each ot the above Ilonse* have hall, cellar, bath room, water-closet, sewer, gas, Ac and are *.-11 A >T<TV" fwily. "TV^e .feslroiK of ae "r'?* *" th1*7BW'l*f? comfortable Home on ea-y loTu^lllgXw'lleJe Cft" * ,U> ?mc* p,eii^ JOS. F. KELLEY, at Ko. 90a 3th street northweS^yet^fal'd K. K??he K^?fT"IiSnC"".d V??r> E"t>nr BOOM over .1 o National Bank of the Bepuklic. Inquire at the Bank, southwest corner of7th and Pats, al-lw F<o?.*??i?~?Bt,.0iM8 /or l""4inesw purpotx-s, in wIF??eii-c*1'0?1 lathe city?over M. WILLIAM 8,807 Pennsylvania avnne. al-4t F?iv-,i!iZT"IUL b-au^fully located BCfLD 5 . P "OTSon the uortheaat corner of 17th and Patreeta northweat; ?.juare ISO. II. OA8t"H, *'2* 7tii street northwest. nl-2w* FOBSALE-.ntire SoCARE OF GROUND, * ? bet ween 6th andjth and F street* nortn Rrs4i'r7' V r!f "brri1 t,nn? JAMBS F. RLSSELL i CO., No. 11T 15th street north* y""j allot* I^?tBa v\! u7f ^\p tn" "/J?*?l GARDEN LAND in I niontown, on lf h?1 Hope r<>ad. about a quarter of a mile from bridge. Call at 439 7th ui?oV?D tT0*1'be,WeCU D *"d E *?h ?: ?1 i al 5t* F?t!wv^t rTvnhri* *lr.r,^fc?<l BKICK i JJ n ?'h /trw"t northwest, 3d*aud?B SU?? 7 10 D rtreet"nonhwe^t. l? J" * ? WOLLABD^Xo. FS.v vt WA1.' AKE No 9??- ?- >nnd?d *- by E.iht Capitol street and MtsKartiiirtftta ?.? and llth atr??ts eaat, improved h* twi aandi K'^xf water. fruit Capitol ??treeNNo. ti&J" C?rUor ^* F^W-Krom h lir 1 L?TS N KAE *T PL*AS u *rom half an acre to eiizht acreti will h* sold at reasonable rate* and on easy terms'. Each i Mpland fi?r dwelling-h<?u^e and fruit End walk'from''Mfo-UeKt-l'leB' ^hinafewmiitS? walk from Mount pleaaant omnibus, and twentv "inutea walk from Boundary. Healthy lo corner l*t and D ?reets. APPlj u72tT!^T^ F?AtM?R,T?laM? lo,r\ ,h* "?*?>?? and third .rVy*1 vlA Pennsylvania avenue: ?uitaf>l? torn light BMUiufacturlng buaiuea*, or Drea Mak calllag at tke Gr^r, ^ ^53-JS? FOR REHT AND SALE. K?.B ??*T-rrm?g?i? kooim . ha. k r rtrhrrirnkMft^r^.iM ?!<? ant poc ???, ha. k a?d frou I, oa Mom) utorr. in an F^ol^teetoBSI-SSS^K! tytwren J*h u4 SMk Xruk in<nli?*<. bwn? 'hrae atartea and attle, cnMtMhin* elsht rw ma *k ^*.'T|r?M |,4 ad/oSin? W ill be aol4 r#r,?*Hfcrr -paratrlj ortafMber.for tbe purp-aa or ?Mtiiae ap an ?atat*. 4*tm? m-ic* H*cm |U" <-mth. J* '*?' r?? ofrpH in Ihi" fitf. Fraa et all ta*<a, and title ladmputatl*. Apply to L F. CLARK, ?II-1- t-.if s h'OB BENT-ROOMS, wltTE^T^? IO ife Maaa achmu-tta corwer lllh aire*. mil J lm* F?i?L? O'ririBOOMS. at?> D?k E--m Ir bqtliim* S,.. S|i ?-li .trwt A a fly to A O B ArLE Y, B?*ar4 of tn4r >.??<?. n>7 la K"SS?^L1~A ,w?w?r7 BBICB HOUSE. Nr.. * 1H| Btreet north w*et, rontaiaiiwr foar ntoai* iU*MFw*?r. kltckrn, cellar, baihr?aai with water ClSS? _!i android water in chaatber*. h-M.-r in r+mrr in kn.h-o TS? 1 ?* i. 1 ^ l?*1 u' ?? ''??* ail-. THoMpJnv b *5? .^"rr'*" booaa J. W. J?? K>S'c**mw * ?rM( auj Xw T->r* *' r""*- M??f FOR SALE. I* *ALB 1* k 8??X, 7 I'l 4 A4dtWa* ?xith f *<rt coraer of tlk a 1)4 k aU*et? .1 r ?, !L""* a> l ? I OH N A. RAKKK. K?. hum L n-iana ,t ->i <i <? a* ncrthweat. .t*aler m Am<-uh<n*l Dup'omen;-. I>aaf..raal* ?. n.e full bred UK All M A Oil UK UN S, lot Ire.rimg pnrp????i aj-(C |, OK SA1 K-A?~\\ \MI INi.TON O' ?M"kf|i; Mi b. *-?n at N > HlH'iiTfl Ohio Avtaue. .J AC9\ I^ok SALE?V A RBLR Sujt \ rm NT~? h * t.a!vUlt HI "IT* ?' ? l?at cm I Appl) at MNMS Dnig St<?r*, comer K * \.?rk and 141 b uaiK-r<;R >ALK i: t..? v.,,.i IKriMl |? ?, -1.1 i?.?n l?e ???n At Mn.m. ? Circulating Library . |i>i. 317 P ;ri*rl?a. >"a av eime. I < tweeti 3d and 41, *traetB. ? JVjGS >OB H AT.i HING-L:rtt Brahma , r~. M.A Chi.M hik! U Into Lrf-ch.Tii, ,8i t' - V n,b ?a ?*rd'' Warrantol r,llr.- at. I fr -i, ^,'l! M i*"h ?? J <iR VMl ICB. Il^tt. \ lll<-. M l. ,?.j|? \l lJ-K>..\SI?H??KSKS-ralr..f f ur Ml I.KS,?.-1I i?* n atcli ?? m vi,.. ?Kt c..i?r; w?oral cv K.--I ?-. rk iiok.>K^, ?iii b H>u i..? .f^m callrU lor awn. /OV 9IMMOKS * YA5TORTOS, .? ?.? *JLTb u- L flu-riB ? c. *1 Oltl, - ' 3ll? F*.>Ti-.,Ih<wi?i >1 m,| 4*, ?t wt. KSu.Stvflu <,r"v' '* T#rl ?nwriiir WOM ^J|.; .f' T"; ?n<* Mani< ??cv a^ ^WI^Horae. ju-t arr,,,4. UL'UI KLV T-TP* f ^ ? 8 etabl*, New \ ??rk I.* ***** * * "" 'Hi alrfXa m?rt hwat. n>3l2?* |<*?R. SALE?Two at> li?li an.?ta?t PoKIKS, crar Hn.r". irlirTrnr'^nL,^i ^,u|. ?!>'?? ? rv Via mr-w1?, htfi. Ai?o, PuN'K V 1 u ?i?h flialto and p.'!#, yi "ii^ \ a"w*1H-VBH.A Ari.:y,totV,?IM?,,d.r * " ? * K*? K?. t ? >? N.ivy T.ri. n>3l 6t A*,'t ,,f I?KAU 1N?? c* riKMTl KK. uph.<Ut?r*4 lii Blu? batin llimiaok, Mari? Ant'-ih?*tt?i ,n"i,ui?rf?l JL- > '? ?* i 4 H ( liHir?. 2 Kl' nf m?.( tii fi K.<|pt,.,n Oliairf. 1 Klx'djr and (Jilt K pTI'n?r bT i ("?t,n t> p ? |?> matrh, and 1 Piaoo Stov.l to matcb; ala.i, out- FreutL iljuut-ti* c*r^?. contained about 75 j arda. * ,CUtU have b? o in u??* than i 4) TK In1! mF*' 10 eV*r>" rw^t t i? CiKKl M U4?? Tti?-y mill be ii?M t<fHbfr or WBuratol) to n i n LATrflirViAppl) to LATIMKK ^ (LEAKY, Aiicti . '?-r>. niAi24 tt ]\0fICB TO CUNTRACTCTRh.-Si, .VH-, PuT. ? T<^?la of ??????? d--?cripti,.n t .? -alp at Boat en pric?i br L. II SClfVimiCK l?|u Pa. a'e.. ag?-nt lor 8 H Miuuon, ii <at->n 1 Brick clay ?uk balk Apply to llr ? DODGE * DARNETLI.B. Jl7 tr n*r r-tr rt. LOST ASP FOUND. I 'uT.T^" <4 April 3d. at n i. ? ,A * ALL, ?h atn-H and Peun?>H?,..a a?.,,?V ? L'olTPftSPiV <Apr" 4"''- ? r"?''d TTll V, .1 ? -KKT, Containing liair. Tli? fin ier ELE'r,fth AuJ,,ur ? ?r-| (i?-1)'KAMKt) 8pEr8 j. m,Hideu - ?. l.n c*rs from Alt-xandria U t?i a i~ i w ajlnngtoD, M?M'D i and ? I.. kRJ^Gjl Tbr B?d<.r will he p;,id ?3 f..r Mirer ^ II* tlu-m m.injnnd to li^m 79, M trop Hau ? - Ma* { ^AJ ul1? AIiRIH-Tbrw. KAFTs iu K -rTn V/ Branch adrift. Thr own<>r will c<>a? f..t? ,rj I ,,rove prop?Tty, pay charjM*. an.l takn tli^m ???,- ' ? *M. Hl'TrHKNSdX,' ' a I Jt. Corner 0 and 1itb ?trac-t> ?ontUc.*?t. &2() RKWARD?Lost fr..m bn-aat p<? kot on "AU f**foinK ol tb? 3.1 of April, at II*- ticket PoTkEtVooKirr ?. ?r, U"d ^ ^h.^?TOir^'t:?trr.r;''Trs;r:s, is:'' Jipa?..r.?- '? ??s-? L^Td~KKKAKt'pt' B'I1 '?1'"? . Arri 1 l?t, a a .lid Tlw tiU'.rr will b?-libfr.illj M-aardcd by Ua?ing it at No. 7 14 Ltth atr.^t n .nh ,ia2rts " '"LVS-" L?an ~rn\ *"rcb31?, a -mall I,lack aid Juj tan IXK^. ^h bram collar. A % 5r.i? CO. 8 Loan Ottce, J14 l.liSCs a3,It ? S^9\ BKWABD-Stolan from thr of (>,>? yjLO* aakisctoa City aad Point Lo,>kuot Kail road Company, corner I3tb atrectaud Priuatliuiia Ilvo it. ?WK8 from JBn?> to Nornnkor, Inclu VZZ' rew,Lr* *"? be paid t.. th p. r?.?o ilS .^1 ?j company such information an u ill lead to the detection and conviction of the part* or partio oho have pnrloined tlie aama. UOARD OF Pl'BLIC WORKS: " DuTiiicTor Cot.rMBia, XiS Arswac? a found fl "a I in*, the Man hole and Sewer tt??0J\en in the i Jtiea of WaabliiKton and Georgetown By order of the Board. dJ-tf ir,??i nSDVEDJ0HI,lilo!f " 1 Repnb.C hr?n.| Chief Clerk. I /nJKr??iSTt?'?5,-"jrb<* following 8CRIP oTVT n^i ? OI' Pol,y in the Penu Mu U1"1 .L'fV J"".11"';?* t^mipany.?.f Philadelphia, *,z Ko. 1 t^<] for 1 for ?30, and No 1 vai f.,r iwth c ? #*[.,both in favor of M m. B 8?aM.n7 A Will be pa ill tor return of <a?. t?. WMI JI M F* : .r hVfr 4I*"liiA2r^ _ - n.2?f ?;?? f ?On the lut <.t March, ??n R gtr-< t h7t?,^.? ?ith aorthweat, a Kl'B Y RING 2tisn&?*aalfgagjy ^ gjfasgB' ^ ?".na DET GOODS. "glFFALO ABP^BIAVIR - 11LACK AL 8ole agent for the sale ol the abora. STRIPED SUMMER SILkI'I^Vi and %*?' PPRINO PR Eli8 OOOIW iwSH?tilM tt'k fine?^ulli{/. ?lK'n >a ,h' Ter^ rfl!!tiik? C;o?DS in all the old and new fab ric* at the ver* low not aricea PERCALES SPBIK" miNTS, CHINTZES and Ch<>ice aaaortment of IMPORTED SIIAH'I s (OTTONH, LINENS and line WHITE t?OOD9 DRY GOODS, all ki^: One price only, m plain ngure*. -BEPH J. Sinsi'bSfil COAL AND WOOD. 'j'O COAL L K ? ? We hare aeraral hand red tona of HIT* ASH ABB HENRY CLAY SHAMOEIB Ooal.fwot J^UU! LIME I L1HB I HaJSteTSlH"** ?> ^Wrr^.iUMrar^ IT.Mthi Ka city. THOMAS .ati 3?0*q?110LTMAM haa remore4 * frt MIO MbmZim^^mAoJ^SniU BUSINESS CHANCES. ASPLEBPID irMMw i>Pr<>RTi NIT> A r?fi ?l ?ill IWW'I pa-> ma ? ABlT I vtrt.iKu iy??*B?g I". II. padscal Block. cnr?-r .4 .ti awd T rir to Ann Tn f?s utt K?T*tK Cf flMl W ifrBriif r>r I'ftc ..f ? -r?> ritIMr> m Mm f#f. Hv chmrm- l-f nwnim *. Addreaa PJIw Bo* M*. rn im >?rwi - l?r?. ?rt* rtoAR* or pcblkJ wobbs scbip ?> li?r? for in finr fiKV?l?? ik*tbir* Scrip. chirb It M III p*> BIT! ..f kP* rial hii?. A W>M iIwaiijiI all >?*4 lu Miftil' ti*t* **n9*>v * 6<?. _ ?Nl_]m(liraj^.l Manfcar-. 61 O ntWi TO>#?.??? fo 10 AB -4 K >1 ^B"yWV Estate iu Ikit - ft *. tn 'ii'tn (? ??WWfe. M(>KAV To IOaK~,^,?M to Ii?aB ... Hi ima la ml h-?rT"??r? f ? an< l-l|lk ut IMIJ. J All I 8 E. IMh ?trM, R??i l'i. I, 44 r,foif~SALB ok K\7~itAK?K pr?.pert y (M?i i?l Mi?t? h 4-?. I lit* ?.? twenty acre* Out.ten Lai4. P* f ??* ??< r>- aaad >n l?t MM ????' W AtiKKB. n 9 Id IOI4 f OAESOB BEAL B?TA^E. A i pi 'at km* ftliW 1*1' for b>ena fr 1 >?u> ?r iK <ii cur t ' >nit l?-rr,.t - r*. la ???"? <? mi nr?l One la--IT Mm a althf cl *<?d real ? ??at* >n tlw Piaii *< loaned. B B ?UM'K, man Iff TUf 7.h >4ri <. |MOTirB~?l> rABTlitf 0BLL1W AT At< r> tiom I'anm Mrii | lodnfuw (* property al publ" Mli nh'i wilt pi*)-* tkr ?a iH> la *i h?inl". r*n -b am fc-an ofc ?>?? ?ai a* * >tti ??' * nmifi. tt. P. II. WAKKIK. R??! K?'ti> Br-'k-w, i*9ft Wt M?. TS'J 7ih afreet. L^UK lALt- * ?n0 V?0 hi EtlilCIPAL I u-4 at a ?p<s>il>ti n l>at ? f nuiae aecairity, |?tlii| (ri? hi |<> |j p..r >*.?( A ttmrmmtf *i>< u ?iik ali '<i? ?It. J y p*>nir\n, r 27 Im Hit f?una a** . K >ai I. %|INWIPAt, l*? >N I>f~A RF TH K~ OHLT~*W 1*1 rai i (?? In * hirh a ta>, ?l no we < Inv*a4ed al literal rales; lul 'U i?i cut >>n t tela i fUrea. and fyantnd. %i'|>l} I ? I r erodhfatv. wff-lm rmtia. ar*., k -?i I. ?>? HI'STn DKNOM I* ATIoN ~-f *-?. 4 I ho ? * ???. fc ??', # *?'. * Mil. and >' pa) I'1* M ' l.'i pet cent., runtime fioat I t? Hi >?-*i? I t ai d prim ipa! colli-cltd a tb u; > b?r?e. for aa ?1.? J F BkiiplIKU). ml? 1m Hi t P?iin?t hama aim**. UA K K I'H.NNt k l pn vliaar a K ??! 8T<*KK an4 liW I.I l>ISU rh- ap, ii-ar n-? markvl. im ????! t, No. 1 7 I U. Tiiri* ?.'>>*, imni* ??w? H*K rToli A rUliMi*, mil' If V M 0. * Buildinc. ? h ami 1? ??a. JIABBUILA FBaBB. BABBtE. 9\ K* BuiTl ? ? ?.. KhAl tsTATk AMJ AOTti hhriKKKS, Ho. M* LMIi Or^aita I ?. Tt>an?rT Ft'B SAH-A haiwla-m* BOT^C on I alrM, Kb. nil. A KM late Uol "K.r rmf Slat an.! II HOl'Mt K IUIO M walilaMta aa HOI hE K?. Xtl?? ?l aiix-t ?aaiI, 1 -r anl?. .>r r??il, lurnalifil or liitnrnialiM. A(X>TT%<iCla Willani'a r a pric* rtrvcral amalI II ii??a, li n (tin to ?mall raah paim?-;it? Tar?' LUT.1 tiortbakle and on* on ?<iiitli ?l<l* ?f Bh--4* l?lan<t aii'iiv.MaM'n Uth an<l 1Mb. H> Kara a>-t-ral vary Hue rAkVl>. improve atad a*iia|>ro?i4, ?a dillrrpBt raili?a<l? ruuuiua froai thr city, for ?al' ?t low liam or a\< liaun* for i kr pr< Sw.iaw f..-t orUROI'NU iu vari.'ii* p.>iti..n? ..f i!?? oat> f.>r ?air al low Svuraa. oa mii tcrai*. or trill nrliauf* tor ?ro<lii. ti\i- improMHl pr^p-rty. m?> l? |, OU fcALk K t A U U AMllXUT??S l> 0 . TWO SlTEIiU'R FBTIT FARMS, Tb* Cmlar Orore Via*yanl-; atr?U'lil fruit traoa atiii a ill's iu beariiif- An* t ial>?r land* atile^auilu nuarri oa. ALSO, BCILt rKG LOTS IN THE < ITT It Stnm K'?. 17. L"t Kn 4 h'tuarc >?>iuli ' I Ni. 17, L'><k 1 al. 1 S V"? 21. L> : No. l'i. tt at tt 2 - " M 14 4. ?* atai 7 ?a tt 70 .. u UaliJIi. ?t aa jm tt | " M 74 " ait.l 2S. " " tn3 " 27. BF' r particular* apply l?j lHt?r in |v r?. n tj a M. kEAlilNO, Cuuar Mlv?a Viu**>ai<1. u*a: <j?-<.r|[t l.'tiii. 1>. C. inly In WTOP PAT1K0 BEXT AMi BIT On* oi If f 11 ? two-vtor) ai.,1 li< 1, ImiiUii t I'UWK HOI'M8<at atii-?4.Mt<*u 171It ai.l la.Iiaaat; aiiiallt aab payiutut ami iu< ullily iuatal:u-uta. ll.'tUil r tl B * .D^KM \K, B -ai C4at<- A; :it, BilS-fjlm 414 Tin ?ir?^t. O U S k FOB fc A L B. TUe .larg* FOI R 8TOBT H0C8B, trltb ?hr?* MuCT t*tcuaion. V1A I Htri^.BMr!) n*w, la n?p furnace. Kaa a:.d Water, arith laric* > ard an 1 stable in rear. Tin wind* pr.-p> rt> baa been rnvMlf tut in coBjpl*t? reaair. aitd iarary coa?eai*ut f ?i a Ltr?e. (ffntetl faBiil> , or for a lM>ardin? ti u~ Will 1-eat.ldlow. Inquire at Fr-edriiaii'a Bank, < pp -ita Treaaury. Peun?> Iraina av*nu*. fe II ?>i| F^OK bALB?Tbe 8TOCB.UOOU %k ILL and fll Tl'BKbof the Eillit>~ry and fancy dtor*, No. 7 0' Barfcet >patr*, bat. Ttti and 8th atrwta, norib (jylMBil B LBNEBXRG AOO. PERSONAL. L'ANMt ? Forgiv* no anger. I wa? ra/>d t>, r jenr uueiplaine-l action. Pleane aend blank card t<'nay "fforgMeneaa." I ahall n<>t abaud >n li"pe till death co?u?w. a bicb ?nu,l be l>'nc. U* BOBCBTfl MKS H. J. PBtMCB, iU C*U0r*t*4 tUtmJ Cimtrvovtmi mmd Ttu Me4t*m, can baaaaa at III Uth anrt northwaNt- aiao.cttaa Aaliulatiooa of cbamctar by phutograph hand vrttiag or loch of hair. ????* MEDICAL, 4e. DB.B1NOBAB, Editor of tkt Amr>> ta H'ettr? MtJirai Jow^mml. and Pr^ftttor aa ia? A'.? "i.j/ Coilttt, i?f? \mrk, trill 4ia(uoa? diaeaae without ar-kitig gueatioM. ParaU)ni?, BbeuaMtim. f?no*r?. B ??i r Catarrh. l?>rpepaia, tb* Eje and Lar, L11114 auj Throat Affectioua, and Nervoua I>i*-aa^ ara hi* ipK'iiltitt. Private Booms, No. 413 13th rtreet.uear Peun l) Ivania avenue. Office bouri?9 a na to J p. m., and J to4 p m. Coii.ultation. lie*. iul-?* WBAEKB08, Irr?*iUaruy, and Nervous BeMIl t?. succeaafull) treate4. Belief immediate. Rootns if deal red. Ladies iwteraataA, iMm Era. A. C. BOfeHAB. W aahimton, l>. C. feb4 ^|ABAME , FHYSIU1AB ABB E1DW1PB. caii be cooMilt'^ >k. Aii DISEASES INCILiKNTAL TO LADIES Beeidence and C'Daultat lan B '?aaa, M 1 Vtti at rest, MMB and I. B?e>ma.B ard,M.<lh al attendsaaa, A*.,at reaaonabte prioea. Tapearora rwmoaad with Lead in two hours. B la to yacteati saimsafally treated In Washlnctott. iovH Ib* l>* LEON, COXSULTIMV PHYSJCUy. Tb* oldest established Specialist ti> I be city. Bo. $*11 Uth atreet, above II. Bimrs: 11 to 4 and f to S, daily. r?pacialty?Female Complaints atad Uatasaoa ?sa. jyr-* F'EEALE DISEASES treated, isd coiiHitetnont cataea taken. D--~ rib* cm aua ettaleae M, ad vice and medn 'ne a ill be sent. Address Era Dr. THOEPSOB, Bo. Ml KortA lEhstraat, PU^adal P'"?- ; )ai4fly* |\|0KET BETIBNED IP i'i SKMUAU KLIXIR _ BAILS TO CI'RE 0BILL8. To be had of BBACB A ClbSEL,corner Br:4(? and ? aehMjEton Mreeta,G?<orfetowu,aadof UdkOE B. PLABT A SOB. corner Hnw Turk avenue aod 14th street, where teatiBtonials can be seen. ir.> LA-1 >" PIANOS, Ac. Jr. Lit AS. 1149 7Ui atreet u. w., Tmmtt mmA ? Kim ator u' Ptanoi aad Orcaa.t. Or _ nets recened at ThoinpaonIt corner Uth st l0Sv? and B. York ate. ; ti'-tt | *?, B nilp, near HI II f CoiiKresa, Ueoriretow 11, and Eoaec ,cor. 7th and Pa. av. Pianoa and other inatnuuenu pa^kad and ui.>v?4 All work guaranteed. lulijt ly r| >LB 1BU AMO BEPAiBINU, POL1SB1BU 1 AMD VABNISB1NU PIANOS ' w 1 ? M ALL EIS1CAL INSTRI BKNTS. AlJH1B unlln wait receivea tfea Bioat laitliful atlnntionl by O.L.WILDABBO ?4<*UthsUw?t weat.i nortkaeA eoruer <4 Pennsylvania avenue; 1 twenty years well known as practical Piano wad gaaicwl IndlMut Bakers Datlm m Plawoa as4 GTA'tMlk OA PIANOS AMU OhtwA/HS. Order, re H|B| usitad at BABBt Jewelry 8u>ra, ?** Pa."ll 111 and avenne1 MA1Ui * Dn* oarMr *f u*1**"1 SCHuaAC.,?E . W^rn^a, ^ ~ aiuT Kapccrioa la n msata, which, oa ac all other*, have U a batad ?? rwasas wou waa to awa dub EM to |M ta far chaalag the beat laaUuaaeut oat, ar* Invited to?L aadrnaparafcrlBiaWaa. Pianos for rent P?st \L' U.L1AE BE ABB A CoT " ?Wiljri?'??>*\hrtt?? towa, tonch, workmaahia and dinkur. Tlaay *??.?>?? awarded aUtr fve ?i44 asd niter Medals ?li IHAMOS and PIANOS and I wati-h*' 'WW fart irias for sais 'Sti" P? ar^SSfSffS^Ki

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