Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING I'KII* % V April 4, 147S. LOCAL NEWS. ? * ? 'ii.-m-, a v., I <?-nl jtht. Ha. ' t>m*rn Ifr-Ht*.?lu'ian op*ra by the l.i -ca- Kellogg combination?"Ftaai" rv?*'r C'miqu*.?A variety entertainment Of dr4ai4, song, inm, Ac. Si*'k S:rtrt L f?Forepangh's great show. ( nmlcnwl Loeal*. Mr.-11*. T. Peake h.** been appointed ?luar terman of thfe bo.ler shop at the navy Tar J. ? Workmi'L are lav.nt the rail* of thedtb street railroad and hire already reached K street. Mr*. l>r. Pope *?> thrown out of a buggy yesterday on A street southeast, and received painful bat not dangeron* injuries by the fall. Ati .nsane wan, named UobeitGray,was yes terdav conveyed to the insane ajylum by Uf ttw'Huriw and Council. Cant. Clarence H. Cutter, for fi vo or six year* past a clerk in the Mh auditor's office, died lVnhfwI^Tof pnennon'a. Mr. F. H. tiassaway. assistant cashier of the sreond national bank", ha* resigned hi* position, ai d haa also declined the position tend*red him cf cashier, o succeed D. L. F .ton, dece -soI. Mr. C. Iirevler, taxidermist, for a longtime c ngaged a- natnrakst for the Smithsonian I n stitnt.on, died ?juite suddenly at his residence. ? JH 7*ii -*rtet,on Wednesday mghtla--tof pneu ni' ida. In the Supreme Court of the T>i?trlct, % day or two sine*, judgment by defau!t,cn a bill for >l?),0?o, wa? given a;oln-t CA-jenitor fome rt>y, at the suit of Clews A Co., of New York. The judgment may be f?e: aside before the term Closes. The Arlington baseball club fcvreorganized, ?ir|i ll.?* fi, 'o? ili'{ offi .*? rs.? Prewlcnt,Th?m'?' 1. o\d; Trr .-rrer. A. V. Harnett; Secretary, It. A. Israel. A'-o the following nine:?l.angwor tkjr. catcher; l ewis, pitcher; Lloyd, first base; Kane. mcoimI base; CI urn, third base; Israel, s. s.. Center, c. f.; Wright, 1. f.; Harnett, r. f. A mimWrof tli?? gri*?li|*U*s of tlie medical ?Vp artn-enf of Columbian college, of this city, ui t last ev?-n;i>" i'ut the piirjx** of forming an a'nmni ser.ety. >li?. K. P. Cleeson, M. L>.,chair man and l?r. fc. M. Scbaetfer ecretary. Acorn, eowisungof I?rs. .John C. Kiley, E. M., H. A. I)nnf?n?on, Wm. B. Iirink ard and .J. K. P. Gleeson, was appointed to pre I Mr- a conacitnoow ait?l by-laws to be presented ..t tLe neat meeting. Rcnl Estate Tran?ffrs. The following transfer* of real t-tate have keen tiled in the office of the Recorder of l>e<-<ts s-nee our last report: M?rrb 17 ?p V >1 r-. ll,!ru?:"e. t J..hnT. 8if fell. part 7, <u|aare #4i, "?7??; I) M L iwren<-? to Ii-nni-Ji hiif. fi. part o, ?|iiar? tiM. *l.iM?; J. P. K- ? If to I}- ? r?e Wslker, ?nl. 27, i?r" 7W, I' F. lru-t?-r, to H. B. MiUni. M 4, ??i?>are 7-5. ti l> Ranis-y to l?. W Brown lot 12. ?|iwn b.172, IIill ai.d Som!>'r,tr?t?nt,Ui T H - V,tni?tr*l?iil. SI, - iuar? t67. $2.M9,G. A. K-ihfi ti- R A. is! ?d ilf.mli. P. ?inw*US, ; L I M-ri ! ,i t to A H Cr^irin, f--t;?3, ?"iui?r?-73H. . M ,rrh l*'i ?T. H> <!??,!?">??? t? W I*. Onttrell ?t ?l.. ????. 3t, ? ,n?r. l?>7, ; L uis* O menta to II IIr? S, hill 'It. part II, ?<|'I irtSi, 9 l.-SJO. Uwirll* L. B-rtjr |?> W. Murphy, rart ~i, *in irf It'll, W B. K *I1? to >1 ?tiM? B ?th' I."?nl,?uh. lil, ' ? ? l'? . J In C ?! ct *1. t- M M. R ?hi i ? tWr iiit?r?t it- -? <3l'a? h?-ir< of 11,-nrjr Cut, '3; Mary V'>nnc ^t *1. to ?.????>, do., jii'il. P M. B-m-l-v t-? ?ini?, ; I?. b. II |M.-. to . ? ... ; II. Wil I in *, n t . '?V. B. R l.'V. p ?rt t. ?i|ii ir? 414. > 1<?1 N Tl?. ro \ Dittrirli. tubs. K,H*n.|tl. ? -1 re *. utli f 4.".'. ?1 'it' W. II. If ut j to Eli.uh W M re, - f. K.- I r- .'.'1. John Hop 11? - ft at to Tin t, i Llni !. ,? I'ur. "1^, *7 .vi. M in !i B.?J. li Latkr- d t > #*. Rnpp-rt, par' !?$. ?sii.W' ST, ; 4". r. B rinn.l t l>. (' H irrnfn, ? tk. f vn 1:>4. 97tj >1 mi Krllrto If C.Cate, n'b?. IS t>. 17.^inareffl,??; M - K-'I'y tvwar, ?i:l?. 3 l.S and 6, mafv 912, .?104A*). It PI Miti t>i I aa L iilir.pnrt 17. ?inar>- f?'.. .91.1*4*. <?fv> n and M r? I, im?' ??, t T. Wi>niil.->, ?ub. A. ? inure 161 *!.;??>, Tho? J l> risHty ti Sirah .1. p r-i.-v |h-: ? ir- |f? Frank J. Willi* t ? K I ri I Th mp i ii, px-t I. h 1 lire k'?i, >l*?t- W Pirler-tal to Wat. ?jn;an,kiC l<i,s>inar ?..C ? ,.r. . J K J Aimin. ,??i*ir-*d, : J F ?'?"?k ?t nl. to J. \fmry. kt 12. rni. I], > ? o. I' I. ii -.1 to p u liar", lot i, ?.iui?r?- S, *s.: ' J . J (,!I l. ? ? -v..1 ...I. . ?: J r runt r i?.t t.ij 0 >nri"r, inrt lit 11. ?tH!r?W, . .11 ir, Si? .1 inf rr - to I f. i|, Ms 3 ai:?. !? aad p?r? I -t 12, ? >i r-7;. - K K:ns, Irn to. 1 J W An,.,'. |.art ll-.lT t" H. ?-|Uar^ >'*. i 11 , K. <" ?n- i, tra- ? . to C N P !:? r, ?nh. A. c ar w. ?? i||.i? to J H K'utr. port I ' 11 - ; ir1 !-l -2 S'o; W. It H n>< 'o{?. M. H ?yt, ? nl. 72, *-i't .re I-?f. *t.JMi>, E Daahl-dl to P A !???' ? >i'l - h ll.?v<ar*i(.w. ami. F. Muh'in I .e. W. II r -r. I> 4>. e?it*ee 2IS. .V 1 rch "1.? W. M rri* |. \V. S'n.'h. 21 an.I part l< . 2.'.-mare 104.1. j"2.1HI. W H Ward, tru*t, to J.S J n,i.-nl.. I-:. vm?ri>SJ. SI <il; I> - rut uf I" Inn na to Fre>l. ri. k a. B< "well. |>art ll,?iuar.< !? ?. . L V ?-!? r.| to A P. Baurni i-uh.;.-, f n ?? !*:. ^ S i'rt-. t.. H Br.-wuinc. ?iib-". 2 a?.I ;i,-lOar* n ? ? >v. K. R l. vto P !*we?ny, sub 4-J. .???< J. "?iran*t" H M Hut' hin eo?i. lot 2. *iuare l!*?. ?I .|>|S; M . K-lly to I^ali -lla W. A<l'of?l, #1 '?? 7 anl -?jnar?* 912. .?3,i?<?. J. P. rlarv to A. B. k?-llr, ?nb. 43. ??jii?r?? 179. #11"; Men . . . - ? - " * I r . . M Th?m?-. ?nb 11. ?>jiiar<?4!2. ??-. J?n.ei l' Rat-kin to A . U. MilN. nib .'si. s.inif 217, ? i,N? J. L. K Im.-II to M. F. M'.rri?. in tin- . ?.?rt 3. -<|iiare am] lots U to ai an.l 22 ? . i?r- 217, -?; I lm D 'rati to Johanna Clear j , part 2, *vu .re S P. r. A^-AIl'g 1 Cnr]t} ?; Amimart I?uring the presort week Fresidont (iatchel, of tlie S. P. C. A., has caused Jive horse- to lie t ak-n ?.o?n the harness on aceoaat of limine- * m d wejikites*. > >11 Wednes<lay last he arrested <i o: ?fe suiiui ior beating hie hor*<: at the cor r of <ih ami P ?,.-eets, and Juatiee We.iver t i.ed the aecu-.d - j. A few weeks ?inee Mr. 4.atchell arreted a man on the Wand for a.lowing his horse t? stand out in an o|>en s!ie?l w if'iout tood ior a week. A portion or the ani n: al's body a as ba.lly ?rozen, and it w is very w. ,k for want of i'ood. It wis pitted utKi.-r t'.e cari- of a veterinary surgeon, and is now er tirely reeoveri d. Y? *fer?lav Mar-hall Adams was arrested by Mr.GaicfceU. and was kept m ?.??til ?his moii'irg. when he was taken before J'lM.ce 'Wea*.?r. charged with working a sick 1 i-r?e. Totlaonv lor the prosecu'ion wis t) the et '-ct that the animal had fallen .'roui ea liaustion on 12th, near N street. The acoused V '-tni- d -_k and coit,-, liuvall attorney for the c:etv. The defence h? I eight witnesses pre. - cut Tb - morning Serjeant Clayton arre.-ted ?Ivlin iKr.^ne and Thoiu:-s 1 .ee ou eharge? ot (IriViE^ a crippltd Lorse on the aveuue, aud at moe .v r.t for Mr. (iatchell, who appeared on Ike --ene. and took t!ie p.irties 1*1 ore .lustiee Mill*, wLo iuil?>sed a tine r?n each of s. j. ? The Nati >xal La son Cocactt. niit It-f i.lcbt. Mr. A. K. Kedstone in the chair anl s. 4 . lioteleT secretary. Mr. Robert* gave that at the neat meeting he would move to amend 'ke constitution changing the monthly ( t' from 5?i cent- to '!?"> cent-. Mr. Kedstone submitted resolut ions, which were adopted, that , the sovereignty of a court au i the seal thereof? ! the ev:?l. nee of lt*sove ein?itv?can transfer the j citizen's estate, can demand lu-life up to the full I r'*;nin men* of the dccunient upon which such f seal may be *fdae>1; and a? the sovereignty of the government ot tke United S'atcs is no "le? imperative, a^d the impress of its authority or sovereignty of its seal npon pai?er declaiming that a dollar in a <!oM:;r is no !e?s -acred; there fore, the government of the United States may *;.tmp it? m press of sovereignty utK?n pai>cr dollars ami n> i!nta:n the full face declaration then of" in pvym.nt <?f all d-^bt-,!ie and I mate. The government should runim?nce l-ntUag tlii< n iiiey Intu circulation by payin; t? to a>l government on eers an l employ*- for NtUrv atid w ?, and lo all govcruincnt con tractors. Ti;t Prt'bvikby ok the CiinArcAEE. ! l>r. J. I?. Mit liell. nuxlerator. ic?uu?d i?- -ert ? .< ? )?Utll'iy in Haltim.ire. Pooltryillo, Montp mciy ronnty, Mil., ??> Melectetl as the next | '.ace of cieetiiig. on the 2Kb of Oct >b r. Kev. A. IV. Pltzer, II. nry Br .nehand I. I?. .tones w-re aj j >int dn?i standing committee 4in jrjst' matte be^nevofenee. The churches were t ailed npon to au.-wer whether they h:id atlrtub d t>> the n of the General As sembly with re' rrii.-e to syst^-m itic benevo lence. and the followmg ehitrche* were rei^ort d nsbayin,; dor - so: Second r'.tareh, Alexandria. Frni.kUa S.,uare. Frai khn Street, Central t Lux h. Vashiiigton. .s dein. Cat jctiii. Pool-s . a dU . tirove. 1 itchu id.Spribgtteld,ami Laurel, l^i l?r. Mit.-h- i . r.x'- ra: t. *. m elected a- a r*r it. .- . i ?? tb ? <;? A-setuMy of the l*ri 4"% ireh Si.*ithp which meets on t^. t nl T ii : iv lii V it. in l. ttle Rock. Ark anew- and Kev.C. N. C<uupU.U Mas elected as alteriiate. ? l'i.tirAr?D'? i.siat avomciATion made prrtPer fire i'!-j.iay on the street to-day. Tlie a-rowds who fill the t' n't every afternoon and evening do not diipitv-h. but seem rather to lucrtaM- as the la>t day of the nhow approaches. Apr*t irvai the great collection of rare anim lis ami the cariosities from all parts of the world; the e<i?estrian and gymnastic |>erformanc-s, ami the remarkable feats of the traine?l aumals would make an attractive show of Uiemaelv.-e. In fact this iajast exactly what It purports to be, ??an agKrefatmn" of several flr-t-class aho-.vs. all to te k?u for one prlee of a<lmission. ? Th* ftAtHT Bheatu o? Srnisti ts oj?ob ns, ai d ore of l*a f'jt etVctt la to move people to ??off with the o'd cUth't ard on with tne new.'' I n?t< rstandir a thin irresistible Impulse ot the beman r**e. 4 'aus. the clothier, has laid tn a stock of c'otbingand tain'shing goo<ls suitable to the -c on, which cannot be surpaaewd If enualUd, for variety, eveellence, style, or clM-apiitM of price. We have not space to etitim^iate. bat simply give to the p-ifdlc Mr Straus' invitation to call and w ior thcuuel.'i? bow much can be bought for ?o Utile. ? o A Va'SIU'iTWIIIS Accidutallt KfLI.KT> ik*oiiw? Information has been received hnr ?>* tfce death of tieoegeO- Laraer. a former well kno?U young eitisen ef this l?iv rirt. at a i lace call:d KomtUm mi the ltne at tlie IktWi.v* ? < ntral railrcad. by an aocident on th* r ?v1 on M< mlav Isst. Mr. Larner was a ?fi of Mr. Mlehoel Is rrer. and was a well known e-?r. i.nt. r? t tl is city. He moved to the west abo?it ??) jean ?;#. ON TRIAL FCR HIS LIFE 1HL CASE or TO* WRIOHT. The Killing ?f RovreraUi. the PcMI?r. ; Proceeding* la the trtwlnal C'onrt. Yesterday, after our report of the trial of Tbowas Wright ou an indictment charging hiiu with the murder of Samuel Rogerski, the ped dler, ckw?l L- rijH. Reagan was worn, ami te*tifled that he-aw the peddler abont 11 o'clock the Monday r;,:^;oatMu goin* ,uto hou51, years of age, knew deceased wag a peddler because he ,'j^L.* paok ?" hi" Wck; had never seen him , w" "kating on a litUe Mod next to Wright ? house; remained about fifteen minutes. John Braxton, sworn?Witness was with Rea gan, and corroborated his testimony. CkarUi M. Rutin*.*, sworn:?Witness U a clerk ln * wj"e's tore, on 7th street: a Jew Itddler was in the store on the Monday morn ing before Christmas; has sold deceased shawls, bed-tiekirg. Jackets, and other articles of dry goods. [The package found in Wright's yard was here exhibited, and witness identified one shawl and three balmoral skirt* contained therein.] t'ross-examlned:?Identified the articles by the trade mark* of the firm on them; put tfce marks on them himself, and could not identify them otherwise. Li-Ht.Jam't H*. G'ttfr.rt sworn:?Witness has charge of Precinct No. 1; arrive. 1 at the station about 1 o'clock on the night of the murder, but nothing was done that night; the next d v Detective Mci>evitt called on him, ai.d on It n;ght of the :?lh of December they proceeded to the house in the alley and arrested Wright, .Margaret Woods, and two other persons, searched W right and found that he had on two pairs oi stockings; one pair were new and cor responded with a pair found in the package; took the new oues away from him; proceeded to examine the premises, and found in the yard a package and in the house several spots of blot I; looked under the bed an.I found a hatchet (hatchet exhibited.) on which he found some hair (hair exhibited) and several spots of what seemed to be blood; the hatchet had t'je ap pearance of having been shoved into the tire; lound a large amount of blood on the floor oi the closct. Cross-examined:?Detective McDevitt, Offi cers Hughes. Leach. Lewis, and Sergeant Tierce were in company wi;h witness when the airest was made; the prisoner ottered no resist ance when he was arrested: there was snow on the ground on the night of the ?3d of Decem !>er; the snow was not deep, but froien; discov ered blood-stains in the clo?et under the stairs and in several other places; the ba.-k fem e locked like it was new, and conld not easily be broken into. had to move a pile of lumber before he got to ilie earth under which , be found the pack. A spade was also found alongside the lumber. Mr Harrington said he desired to call the at tention of (?en. tlenkle to ?he fact that he would contend that the socks taken ?*f Wright's feet were odds, ai d that each of the odd* corres ! porded with two like odd socks found in the peddler's pack. It woul.l be seen (holding ui? the stockings* that one of Wright's s .ck- wa long and the other short, and tint one of fie odd socks tound in the pack was long and the other -hort. ?it 4:10 p. kj., the court adjourned. Third Day. The rri.-oner was brought over from jail shortly after nine o'clock this morning, before the usual crowd had collected on the street. and the jury having been brought from the Conti Hotel, the court was opened promptly at ten o clock. At this time there were but tew specta'ors present, the bailitt's obeying orders to keep out all attracted bv curio.-itv only During the morning the number of spectators increased grr lualiy, and by noon there were tuily a many present as on the previous dav. THf VI ?:sT WITNESS THIS MORNING, I'hWip t'vh -n, was sworn, arsi testified that hehi* .leceast d on the morning of Deoeiniter 2id. His business was that of a peddler: witnes occnpied a room with the deceased. He had - -W that morning. The sma'l hand trunk and et < cts were exhibited, and witness said that mink was nor Rogerski's. [Mr. Harrington ? ls Wrigbt's-l Witness identified a woolen jacket as having belonged to deceased, as also a sl-awl. The deceased was new in the business, and witness bought his goods for him. TL.? straps were shown, but witness could not sWt*ar tl at tiiey were those which belonged to de cease-1. Cross-examined ?Witnes. enumerated iho articles that deceased carried. ^'r. Metikle.?l.tiok at Wright's stocking Wright, hold up jronr leg. The prisoner did *>', and witness -looked at them and said: "They are dirty, but art- like some be had in the pack.1' W tii .-- was cross-eaan ned at length as to the jacke*, HT?a that it Ha? a br>wn one, Willi a little i.iung on the edges; could not statu exactly the color ol the lining. Is positive the l.a.moiai and a .-mall black and white checked woolen shawl were in the pack. Also identified the table cloth, which was ordered from New 1 ork. \\ itness saw the pack ou the morning of the day Itogerski wa., killed at the room ou t> street, between 8th and S?th. Saw deceased count out his money that morning. WBH.HT'S V1ST1.KS8 ON THE WITNESS 8TANt> next called, and Wright looked at her very seriously. She was given a Stat, laving been sick. She testified that sh* had bee:j In ing with Wright since July la*t. Ry Mr. Hcnkle:?Had been in jail asa witness sinc? Christinas. General llenkl<? askcl that she be instructed that Me need not answer any question which might criminate liersflf. Mr. Harrington.?It is her privilege and not General Hcnkle s. General Henkle?Perhaps .she don't know what her privileges are. Judge MacArtlmr -aid that he would instruct her generally, and so instructed her. General Henkle asked that the court Instruct her that if -he knew of the ciime she La acces sory. Mr. Harrington asked if ,he had made a vol untary statement as ia the homicide, and being answered in the affirmative, witne s proceeded. She said she saw the peddler the Monday before his death, at d bought a shawl from liim. on which she owed him J5 cents. Wright saw hiiu leave the house, and asked what she had bought and she told him, and that the peddler said he was coming again the next Monday. Wright said that he did not know but he waul.l rob l?:m. The next Monday she went to wa>li for a lady, ai.d came back about 12 o'clock. TESTIMOY TO WKIGHT'8 COSKES^ION 0? THE ltLOODY DEED. Tom-aid: "l have been cleaning the H wr, and you can finish it." Alter dinner she tried Jo wa-h it, and saw some si>ots of bloo.1, as she thought. She said something about the blood ?in.t he said be had robl>ed the peddler?that he had killed him. [A sensation in court.) She asked, "What did you do with him'.'" and he rep.ied, "1 put him in the cupboard." Torn sam he put the t ack out of doors, in the wood shed. Don't know what became of the valise ot the deceased; don't know that he had a valise there. Tom said that the pack wa- up stairs. \? .*t!t?? told him that she did not want the goods in her house; don't know when the body lelt the liouse. About o'clock Tom got up aiid went out; witne&r was in the back room at the time. When he came back, Wright said, ?1 have carried him away out iu the field." J om got up Tuesdav morning early an J said he wanted to see his brother (at the Capitol); did | not fee w !iat he took with him. Dou't know that he caiiitd a valise away with him ithe woolen jacket was exhibited]: had seen Tom with a coat like it; he -aid that he got it from a ran wl.oow -d him. Did not see anything that me ou* of the j?cddler's pack. " When he came back on Monday night he had on a new coat. He got a new pair of shot* on Tuesday and when became back he said he left the old ones at a store on 4 ; street. ASfOTl! tn SENSATIOX. Did you. ever have any conversation as to what he killed the peddler with? The Mitness held down her head. Mr. Harrington?Answer. Margaret. \\ itness (reluctantly).?He said iie did it wuli I a hatchet. Tom did not sav what he did with the bloody i th.iigs; bad a tiro in the front room, aud Wri/lit i :a.:' . tut. *OIue old ra?s in fire; did not | tell why lie burned the old rags up. 1 TAS;T urT DAMAJiINO WITNESS. 1 his witness is a mulatto ot gmJer color, 35 years old, perhaps, and appeared .ju.te weak; haying been sick in jail until a lew davs Her answers at first were given in a low tone but as she l^came accustomed to her novel ih> s tion stte spoke loud enough for all to he ir She was so reluctant with her answers that the" government was obliged to ask leading om-s frequently, ami to a number of these exceptions weie taken. 1 CROSS-EXAMINATION 0? WITNESS. < ross-examiued by Mr. lleakle: Dau Cart *.r,.ghtJ>?^ded house, ami slept up staiis; Wngbt slept in the front room,and Hem brv and wilneas's boy in the back room. On the UK imng of the homicide they all had an early f"!1 wentvt0 Tom went out with them, but came back about 8or 3 o'clock witness left him in the house, about IDo'ciock! Pjaxlng canis by himself, and she went to Mrs Kahoes on : th street, where she washes sonm Umcs, but did not wash that dav. Witness st??d until alter the whUUe blew for ^ ?tcl,^k eWhtn hom^; returne.1 by the bsck way: was not at home all day ou Moii. day washed some curtains lor Dr. Pratt that Morning early; did not tak- them home their there was no one present when she was wash ing; was at Mr*. Kahoe's the next day; don't recollect that Toas brought the water on Mon day morning to wash with, but It was common for him to do so; recollect* that some ouew js with him playing cards on Tuesday, but can't recotlcctany one being with hmi on Monday. W tru ss irav have g??t m< at t "?m Liieir* in tho moTMiig of Mondav, but don't rceoileet; recol lects tt at Tom sai.f that he was going to Prank NI iuner's to gel her so:n. cl- tii.-t l wash but he did aot hrt'z tbew is positive that h'-rsnn n imc tntod'nn r directly arter Sam B mhrr; Tofi wa?i> the bi ' r.s>ai wh tt -'ie ca:ue"in, b? tLinls he wa- p'.ayir j an accordeon. * ' yon RCt hon>c when Tom cam# h< me to ?lniTw?r,> Answer?Xo, sir. Q?Whore ww the f.oor wot ? ??ri" tLc '<*??, and also in the front room, near the door and near the closet. The ?I.V.. wl6 1 front room w?? about as big a. w-ll ' (r?intinK t? one about 2 v by 2 feet.) Witness con Tinned .? Saw some Very smali specks rf blood in the back room, like from a cuicken s toot. The place in the front room appear< <i to hare been w ij>ed over, and was then about half rirv. Q?PWI To'in tell you he killed the peddler? ?A?No; he said he wv going to rob him. Q?I mean on Monday. Whoa he came home what did l.e tell yon ? A?Herald he had killed him and pnt him in the closet. I "aid. "Oh, Tom, you scare me?" and Tom ?ald, ? Oh, I didn't mean that I kllle<l him sure enough; 1 only said ee to frighten Q?Was he In good spirits ? A. Yes, lie was playing the aewn Icon; he wis s ays, 'J except when he was asleep. Sam licmbry liad done his dinner when the conversationtook? place about the floor being w et an<I the kdling oi the peddler. Jt was after they had gone when ahe saw the Hood on the what it was. He replied, I killed the peddler;" but afterwards said that he tofcl her a> to frighten her. He looked as pleasing as ever. Afterwards ahe said, "If you ?lid kill the man, what did you do with him, 1 don t see no body," and he said. "Oh, I put it in the cupboard." Witness did not believe it then. Recollects that Tom lsiught a hog's head that morning about o'clock, and she took it home, and Tom cut it vp. He u?ed that hatchet, (the larger one,) the ot.'Kr witness never saw before. Witne? went to a lady s house near 1 Ith and F street* 1 ato in the alto moon, Tom went out about:.' or .'k oVloi-k. and when witness returned tliev had all re turned and she got supper. Ton id id not go o it that night until about Uo'clock; he said 'hat he way toing to play card* on 4!^ street. Witness recollects a woman p <i<ller who was at t'i ? hou*e the week before; she had been dealing with her six or seven years; Wright had dealt w;t.i lier, and had bought two pair of socks from her. AW OH.TWTIOI. -Mr. Harrington objected to the Introduction oi new matter on croas-examinatUjii; bu; the court decided to al'ow the witness to proceed, W uiKk-rstaniJiiig that the govern me nt coald cross-examine on new matter ?that the witness should be considered as a witness for defence. ?Witness proceeded:?Wright bought throe pairs o, socks trom the female pedlYer about two weeks before Christmas. Thev were mlxM?white and blue?like those produced. Heard that the body had been found about ten 0 t lock Monday night af ter Tom went out?No. heard iheSvhistle blow. It wasabout 10o'clock, might have br?n:. ,- o'clock. Heard children talking ot murder next morning. Tom was an ay then, but when he came home she told him, and he asked If they had found out who do ie if and went out to tlio crowd. They were all arrested on Cfristmai night and taken to the'station. Witness was first taken to the station, then to he adquarters, and afterwards to the Jail, where she was locked in a room to her , and was not even allow .1 to get Ave min utes of fresh air. She hadn't wn home since, H,i? iim ?l,e Ito* ^yeson until to-ilay. Hy Mr. Harrington?Yo>; have had no coin n*i nicatiou with him wiico you hnve been in jsi1. Witness? \~o, sir. <?.?No notes? Answer?Ye*, sir, ono. < >?Didn't you receive two or three? Answer?No, sir, one. A recese was here taken for half an hoar. W1.I?,ITT s THUUATS Ai'A'NST TlfK WITNE^ A iter recess. Margaret Wood was recalled and questioned by Mr. Harrington, as follows: V ?Has Tom ever threatened you? A .? Yes, sir. ?What did he say? Mr. Henkle?Wait :t moment. What do van exiect to prove, Mr. Harrington? 5 r. Harrington?I h tve no objccti* n to -dat nig that I propose that on the nig ' ot the murder he threatened If she told abcut it he veuild cut hef Into mince meat. The objection was withdrawn. _ V'ltness raid that he liau threatened to chop ncr .'pil she said anything about it. [Sens ttion WRIHHT'R NOTE TO WfTNKSfi IN IAIL. ??y i,r* H-You got a note from hiin ai J31? ? [Mr. Harrington said that he proposed to show thai bv ineaiis of a little dog or the servant who h'el']0* 1,1 ja*'' r'fcht had sent a note to The witness snid that the note was burned bv it r, and it ?aid ho L.?d seen or heard of lr* father and mother, and thev sent their love to her, ai?l ?-jou know nothing about iuo, u;ij I want you to know nothing.'* UETKCTIVJC M'UKVITT'S 8TORV OP TBACINO THE CKIM E. P'Urtirr Jcmrt i. M' Ih ill swornWitness' attention was called to the murder by an of ficer; saw the body and visited the si?ot where it was found, about loo from the house occupied by \V right. The next day, with others. tracK? ?l l?loo<l to m> near the hon** that thev ?ie urninifd .<? enter. Witness askeel Wright if a peddler had been there the dav b fore?and ho rejdKd no, that no peddler had been there; and ? ,c ..' 3 fl'* asking three times if they wire satisfied, to which Mr. Coomes replied ? \es. tor the tune being." On Christmas eve he received information, and on Christmas evening he went to the house with Lieut fiew fofd ai d Oft'cer Hughes, and arrostidall i,S. 1 hey touiid the pack hurie.1 in the yard; asked U iiglitwliat lie did with the shoos he had on when he bought a new pair on Monday ni/lit and he said that he had brought them home! WC,i /,' ?'c, ^ore ol' Mr SimondH and . V^8,' c': ^ r'<<!it 1,3:11 Wtfre ,li?- Witness exhibited the shoes to the Jury, the left one having had at the time something which looked like blood. Wright told him beio e the , got the *t>oe?, alter they had seen Margaret <>ods, that he had left them at ? >!,)re on 1 < MeKliredi) went to the first store (Mr Simonas). and there found them. They al-i found two i*ir of pants In the house, which \Sr.ght said were his, and on them there was yime blood, riiere was some bIoo<l near tho fire place,, and on the wooden part of the closet as it something bloody had boen lying against it CfO:s-examined:?Wright told 1,im where tha shoe,, were; did not know that Tom ha<l hee i shot of his own knowledge. On Tuesdav wit ness made a casual examination or the house couhl not see blood in theclosct without a light! W right showed them around and smacked his teeth together (laughter in court and Wright grinned.) 1 he blood in the closet w as like a smear; there was some on the lire board. The blood on tne hearth was clotted. A brick was produced which had been taken trom the heartb, and witness said he thought there was blood on it. Mr. Harrington said he had had it taken up, and jointed out a spot on the top and on the side where it had soaked de.wn apparently. The cross .examination was eon tinned, wit stating that Major Richards and Mr. H O Noves were with him when they traefbd the blood Irem the place where the bo?ly w;wtv>und. 1', s"ow about in spots; some not melted. Witness also found some, blood on II strett. near !?tb, but could not trace it to the open space where the body was found; had b jen told that the blood wa. from a party whose lios, J'en they were tracing the bloo.1 from w here the body was found Wright came oat of hi* back gate whistling. *V-'e:r1>? >'?" ?n>??her saving at tho I olice- Court thai you intended to have the spots analyzed. 1 Sir. McDevitt.?That was the business of the government. Mr. Hinkle.?V> ell, you have done your part ot the ease well. 1 saxckl' BKMrr.Y ON TUI art - n SimwJBrmbry swern: Witness the house ot Margaret Woo?ls; went to work olout . o clock ou the day of the honjieide; when h came home at 12 o'clock It looked like there w as some washing oi the floor. Got some water ?>? saw something like a hair on the edge of the door as he returned; washed himself ?'d V\, hto ?nJ returned to work for Mr. Kiley. He came home in the evening and laid down. Tom Wright was there then, but when witness awoke was nat there. Afterwards hoard thei>oliceman's whistle. Did not know what time Tom came home; he (Tom) oOt lip betorc day next morning. Witness did not he-ar of the homicide until Tne?day. Had a conversation with Margaret on Tuesday noon, but Tom was not pre-aeut.- On Monday, when became home, found Mrs. Wood washing up blood. Witness sent word to the officers on Tuesday evening. Cross-examined.?When witness came home Monday, Mrs. Wood was wiping up the floor of the back room, near the door between the rooms; the place was larger than that table, (pointing to the table referred to by Margaret Woods;) saw some spots as big as the palm of a hand on the floor; did not see auy hog's heal. i^uastion.?Hid you see aovthlng uuusual abe>ut the houae? Answer?Yes, sir-blood; and I asked Mrs. Wood forne ijuestions. if. Was Wright pr sent? A. Yes. sir. Gen. Henkle?Then you need not answer. Witness?Ihe bouse presented an unusual appearance; Uiere was a tub there, but there wa> no appearance of an v washing having been done. Don't recollect that Tom playd car<ls ?r, t"? accordeon on Monday night. Witneji laid down on the bed and went to sleep, but woke up, and asked, "Where's Tom?" Mrs. Wood answered, "In the front room." and aft* a lUtle while heard the wh?Mle blow. THE ritSOMR exhibited more concern and Interest In the pro ceedings to-day than at any time before during Uie trial, and particularly was this observed during the crims-cxamination of hia mistreM Margaret Woods, at which time he verv fra' queutly conferred with and prompted his coun sel, and kept hia eyes intently on tho witnew during the entire time she was on the stand. Wast* a Pivnnc*.?Yesterday Mr. F. Mil ler enter, d a s^t for a ?Uw.>rc9 in too n irno or Harriet Kabbwtt a?t. Wr* A. R&bbcU. SI* state* In ttoe petition t?;?t she ??" married ? is?n, ar.d has one child el-?ht years ;?<" a^ ?, and charge* ill-treatment by her husb lid. Hkrb I)ARior? Attacked py a Ltos To ?ay?About half put 11 O'clock to-.lay v H. r I)a.riou?. who ha? charge ef the lions of For* paugtrs menagerie, *?? attempting to change the animal* from one cage to another, one of t ii'ia tnrnc*! ?n hira and gave htui a fearful v wind on the left ?1<1? ef his head and face. I ne animal war secured, and the wounded mm patted out and sent to a tent, where a r hraiciai was called in to drew his bead. Three Ca?es ov s*au Pox were report d tethe board of health to-dar: one at 325 F st. wiithwwt; one in Pig aller southwest, and on in alley, between 4th And 5th and X and U ste. northwest. LfTt & Bro'k advertisement will have p"<-jal interest, now that the weather and ro?'i combine to Invite the public to horoebaek ana Their stock of everything in their line i? varied and excellent. ? ? i ? ?:PZ JitdK CmrruT ?The ran# .4 . *gt? District ?if Columbia. conua?ac??i >?*terday. m in progress to-day. u fHU.K K ( "t RT. JuUt Sr-U.-To-iUr, Jo?.ph j* lJhntn?. (Jhurgpi! with Ii?d tod l?<)lMUruM Ulkinc; tme##3 Enarno W. Th.?n%.? forfeited *8 on th ' '?"*]** ?* t>l?I * horse to a trne. Mary fl?pkin?, pr. f*mty; #3. Marjr Nichols. ? varrant. w.ui s-t t to the workhouse fv>wton Or>?n. profanity; Mary Th ?r.a?. ?|ta< Mary Unrdnsr. an<i Marr ~A rant, aliai B<-tty Clark, ln?r -av of calic? and two b? niiets; Ai da?* ?srb In jail. Antonio Bran*, an

i?1h and incorrigible hoy, was sent to the reform fenool. (The r?*e nsaicst Frank Bobiimon y<fte*day, who ??> (ktiftdvlib e*p.^inB 1?* *?le in Ge<>rir>-t.>? u niarfcet <> lot of chicken* unfit for fo.xI, mjM dii-ini-n?-l , arter his witne^. ? hud t.een h?ar.|. | GEORGETOWN. The Removal op the Ohvbcb Th? work men are? bin ily engaged to-day iii tearing down the old Presbyterian church on Bridge street. The founder of this church, liev. Stephen Moomer Batch, whose remain* were remove.) yesterday from the vault in front of the church, as stated in The Star last evening, was born in Harford county. Maryland, In 17*o. He wan educated at Princeton College, and was licensed as a minister of the Gospel in June, 1779, and engaged iu missionary work in Marylard and i '' which he end ired maiiv privations. In It ho he removed to Georgetown, and prea?hed frequently in the woo<ls. He urged the people to form a union congregation, and hi wi funds enough had been raised to pur chase a lot, which is the lot from which the old church is now being removed The congregation increased rapidly, and in 1821 the mu?U house lirst erected was enlarged, awl a few years afterwards it was determined to pull down the entire building and erect a new one, which is the present building. 8oonafter he gave certificates to sixteen of his members, under Daniel Baker, to found the F street M?n ^Va*liinKton?now known as Willard Hall. After the death of I?r. ltalch. Dr. John C. smith, who was his assistant, filled his place as pastor, who left in IMo. The puli.ithas been filled since by Kcv. K. T. Berry. Mr. Atkins *' '' Bocock. F. T. Brown, Mr." Tavlor. 1?. w! Motfatt, add S. H. Howe, the present pastor. /.i,ilVKiR. . vs:~JJ-,e st anier John Gibson cleared to-day for New York with 900 barrels ot (lour. Arrived?Steamer Express, from B ?1 ?fn.?,re' y1*1 ?>cneral merchandise; schoo.ier J. Wellington, from Boston, with general mer chandise to Hartley Bro.; and schooner Tlios. . . Morgan, with l.L'OO bushels wheat to liartlev ?V I>ro., and the British brig Iliana, from Liv f.rpooivTl '."W sacks salt to I. Tlios. Davis X o. I his vessel was detained in Alexandria to lighten her up, so she could pass up the Gisnve tow n channel. This is not only a great incon \eineace. bnt vcrv expensive to the consignees. ALEXANDRIA. FisiienT?The late prevailing go.hl we tther has i,ot increased the receipts of ti .h tothe expect, d extent, tut the ilrn; in.1 i- limit ' cvtn the few that arrive meet with slow ? > ^principally from this city and Washington i .uk.-tns. About twenty-five thousand her rlet'. isaiml and a fair supply ol rr ck ai.d perch have been received -in -e yes r<ia\. I lie pricestLU mornintf were lo\v< si" to-11 per thou-an.l for herring. to-lb per hnndred for .-had. and rock and I, ' iU'ro,u h to "fts a bnnch. Amonit the ucc ipfs yesterday \vcre ftn tine shad that ba.. been caught by C.ipt. Kno<-.k l?avia' gang ol K-illors. compo-^d ol himself, his four broth eruaiulthne otJier men. Tliey were tx.ld if lushes, marketuotat.ons by Mr. Jainot* Wat i;JS' a)1<1 Smith, who are gil .. U. .I1"-0-' eauK!'i one hundred sliad on i, ir,?? their net yesterday. Ten thousand TV " a,h,,e ,ot ul rocl< *,ul l>erch, and a few ri f- 'JL " Iar?c*t cargo of the sea: an. arrive-1 *i i -^!^Sr,i'T1 fr"m Ar,<eiidale, in addition to the recent mentioned above. A?._ii?kntal Sho??tin?._While two child ren of a colored man named Xicholas .Johns., i. T,u?r ?ArI,,,Kton> Were plajiug dav ?efore jesterdaj . one of them picked up an oli ebi'rm !?' r'?, k.,,0*,n? it to be loa-led, and dis riiar^< r! .1 load oi uiuull t>hot into (he breast ol ?n?ll hlr 'i Gibson, whoi.e services were calleii into r^<|uisition. says that as no viul part recover**' ru is a chance lor his patient to Washixotob Digger.*.?People from W.ish i if i>.,VC!ln,edVxvr.1,t're yesterday and dug up Ai,? Vre ot t,ie '10I,HC '? which the Lt? ?e,,ry You,,??> who mnrdercd t fie f?e Mr. Hahn, was arrc <ted, under the sui? ^r-' '(Jn., murdered man's money w;?s pLlns? C- y bad ,he'r tloul,1<3 their Property Sa?.b?The house on the north i ".rL'!Pe a"(1 f street*, b ?. loRgmg to the old Slocum estafc', has been - ?ld ^ W^*'sJ?ley, its present occup.uit, for r.l. Hn).?Gacttej last evening. i *u T7T '^HOC,A!'D Dollars for a Divorte? .?w ' Z'"' "f KU Thir<i Wife?The a m Goorgianna Alden vs. Stephen H. Aldtn, an application tor divorce and alimonv, wf>s calkd up in the superior court (Judge noon Liru AiH gep?rti '>nn- Monday aftei Jt S!t w s youthful ami beau V , ? 'w person with her counsel dudge i>.C. Bird sail, of Xew York' and Mr! Henry^B. Harrison of Xew Haven. Mr. Alden R R^i,?1!I,earVbJ!t T"8 rer,resented bv Mr. S. ? f'?1 BrtdgejK^rt, Conn. Tbe hear ing occupied alK?nt one half hour. Mrs. Alden whose testimony was corroborate.! by her maid Famiy Lark in, said that Mr. Alden had been ^5T.7lth 1>arl,e^ in WestiKirtdu nng Uitspaeeo three years; that he had in htrnfpmor,n.K ,n"JBrT upon her and threatene?l her life more than once. Judge Granger eranted r sSi fPr <llvorce ail(l alimony in the s-iui of t K),000 and costs?about ^>,ooo"in all. Mr Alden is an exceedingly wealthy man. With his youthful wife he had created quite a sen luxury."1* h'8 m0I,ey ,reely ami living in Another Sensation Aiioso the Saints i mfp i a,1.?n. Wednesday decided that the territorial marshal was ousted by a judgment of the territorial supreme court that a I'uited court'' anVii fC<??!1,1 P"1 ?t>rve in ?? territorial court, and that the territory being a district and not a county, the county sheriff could not mecarvThot' V th? j ?y W!W iTnP*nnelled "legally, there being no officers in the territory who can legally tuiin a jury, but .itidge Mc kean, on the grotind alone of public i>olicv ?verrulcd the challenge to the arJay where the tY\ i.8 in'jwnnelled. 1 he cases are continued. The decision has created excitement. RailboadI.notsLATioN IN Arkansas?.The Arkansas bouse last n.ght, afu>r a stormy ses sion, passed a lull releasing railroads to which date aid has been awarded from the payment of the Interest or principal of their bonds. The amount ol bonds already issued is *.V*)0 <f*i I he amount to be issued is ??,200,t?)n. The bill does not repeal the law in reference to the lat HfJi. " J ievuis an additional tax of 83,uo>), CW to pay the interest on the bonds. Bi rsin<; or the Ocka* House at Uye .."'IT e Dcean House, kept by Job.len '.ess A; Son, at Kye Beach, N. H.,one of the niost elegant and costly summer hotels on the toast, was burned yesterday. A part of the furniture was saved. The hotel cost *100 ooo and was insured for 600,000, mostly in Piori ueiice omcefi. 'ItiE Tuii>KRAH('K CAUSE in Kentucky has that' f*.',I^eWr V..801,-back by the announcement .J# k ? . w water-drinkers in that discovered at the bottom of hL well the body of a neighbor who disappeared "Z?? aK?; aiKl the majority of the people afo^ie 8440,1 to 1",Ukey anJ 'et well Social Penaltieh.?There is a proposition Ubn.7r.? n? *ir,?ture of Minnesou for tbe i.un r?Hn? ??I|| e! s 0,u ."O^'et'e8 for the admlnis trationofd^p-lln. {? any 8uch niauner as to artect tbe business standing or social position ot 1 respondent. A similar statute has been Saktahta ahd Bio Trek?The Texas legis IniiVn "^OU"Jr P"*11 a concurrent reso ?? y , terd"7 requesting Governor Daris not to comply wltn the letition from Secretary Delano and President Grant for the pardon of the^notorious Indian chiefs SantanU and Big Tree, now confined in the Texas penitentiary 4? in!,p*tch from *??? p<>Pe ^ 2,S,iglSS^5,?i,Vi Of tff pi ward Dunne waassatensed to seventeen ?c^jrSITSSSi^TCitSL'K ?aylng: "I've got stx bullets which says k7so >' Cedar Kaplds, Jowa. has rmlnki *>??? ^sgawe.11 anU *treet Uwi" ?" extra ^e"Vem^IVTi??f >?as *radu?ted this yc^ physicians and twj l*.ly lawyers CITY ITEMS. PKunocTLT Fittiik. Pa*taloo??? New good* owning ewry day. Geo. C. He* 410 7th street northwest. ?h?u,d try it. The most wholesome andI delicious Champagne Cider that ever coioc to this market. Gnaraut.vd pure apple juice. OaJy 99 -ent* per bottle. Miller X .tone*. Wine Stoie, 1J25 E St., National ThetMr bu;Nling. 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SMOOT, in bti-'tne*. l> in. ri'iiim-nciuc April l<r. ?> <| will ,i, i . nt- ui.der the style of JOHN H.SXOOTt SON. .'??JIN Ff. HMOOT A SON srs now receiving and will continue to rereiv*throurh thes'-ason. acn-ji. and Welt-selected ??-ort?:? nt ??f ? . i ? ***??<? AND SI MMER GOODS, ro v rich they invite tlir attention ..f their frt-?? 1 and cn-tomers. | *4 ? | J H SMOOT v *ON. K\V SPRING DRY GOODS. Besntifrl Dresa Cnd*, in a-,d mignonette 'f"*". fuw"r,,n#nt of medium and low-priced l?r Goods: lO-'UO yard* new SpritiK percales, C'ali c.i. k ai d Shirting-; t?.--t mak. ? , f Sliinlng* and $ '7 U^Vr5 So piece. Black Alpva- aud Mr hairs, from 25 cwi's to ?1.?; Casstmore? an I ?* Vi . ?'Vi r have a Urg - -,tock, ai.u offer ^fro/ barfams. ,??KNJAMIN MILLER. c22-3m 1"1 Bridgi- street, Ge .rg. town r|,llE RCSU IS OVER. THE ACCl Mt'LATED voidlhle Si*"^"il 7' -rf*rel'n? th.- una voMahle delar ln tbs delivvrr i< work dnnn* the fwiii iL' 9?* -to the Imp..nihility of securing i workmen in sufficient numbers. f^nru y favors, ha\ ing at pr-sent a fu.l C'rps of first -class artfaam, with every facility t? nseet promrUv all demands, I respectfully solicit a continuance of the same. ' 1 ? W. H. WHEATLEt'S PREMIUM STEAM DYEING AND SCOUK IjSU ESTABLISHMENT, jan!7 49 Jefferson street. Qeprgetown. D. O REAL ESTATE AGENTM [F B. McGUIRE, ~~ ..K'AL ESTATE AGENT AND BROKER. janl-3m Office; | <o?i (r STREET. Austin r. brown, Corasr M. *. avenue and 14th street, Wholksali Dealee i, W**1UU?ton' ?? ? L^?SM?J^'uCi:MSNT'i8AND. ?e., 4e., Ac ?? r * iJn.Xi* fr cSt to,oiter ?n short notice. BLLE STONE for Bnildinff, Macadamiainc a?vl SSI* *ur*cm'* delivored in any part of the Bis *ST.AT? bon*ht and sold and money to vested. To this Itrauch of th? business I will here after Eive my p??rsoual attention, and will be at mi 'Wee daily from 10 a. m. until 4 p. m. marl-tf I^ALT 1 8ALTP1 I SALT!!! The nndersinied offer for sale, in lots to suit, the cargo of the Briii*h liar.jue Harma? ?.(*?sacks UKOl'ND ALUM SALT , 2.00U itacks FINE .? 1 ? Saleb from ship will l?e at reduced prices a2-ef "w ' I ?^'lI)AVW' mter street, z ' I & rl Georgetown, D. C. HARNESS! HARNESS! Ve have < n hand n large ?t,*k of all kinds ..f Sin gle and Double Gilt, Covered, RIBBER, NICKEL, SILVER mounted HARNESS, of ocr own make, which we are delermiued to sell at very low prices. Sole agents for Hill's celebrated CONCORD HARNESS, ^kT^'^i n*TP a '?r*p ?t.K5k at Concord price*. The Concord Harness and Cellar, hare a reputation all over the country for durability and strength, 1 Rl NhS and SATCHELS in great variety. CEDAR TRUNKS, for protection against moths Call aud examine stock. LVTZ ft BRO., n2 lm 4MT Penn. nve., next to National Hotel. pOB 'AMILY 081. THE HALFORD LEICESTEIlSUlKa TABLE SAUCE, THE vert best BACCE and relish made IN ANT PART Of THE WORLD. FOR FAMILY USE. PIN l'^.....w....H..^.H.^w Of.?fTs HAL* PINTS. M IE?: tOR SALE BY ALL GROCERS. ^ ICHOLI, <THE ONLY NICHOLS.) WHO IS HEf He refers to the inhabitanU of Soath Washington. After he has doae business on 7tn street for oae jear.he will refer to the inhabitants of the District of Columbia. JOHN WESLEY NICHOLS, dealer 7th street, between K V sost-Hner* from any part of Washiacton at NICHOLS new store, wn 7th street, bet we n K and L streets (near Boga'u A Wvlle'Q ' OflOCER?. F Loll R! RtCKirsV DIKECT fr.un the Mill# tn vallet or vibginis. WIU fell to families &0 cents per barrel le~ than osoal prir ?? Trite* of SUGARS and TEAS *11 aurk-d dowa. CATAWBA WINK, r>?l wthul from PlrMki.t Valley WiueCmpary ey ? gall,m. 8. H BACV?M 79* Market Sp?c?, mar? Ix-twwn 7tb ami <*h stn-ets ? | J^TLANTIC MlLLtT CRUSHED whe\t Can bf bcngM it J. B. BBCOODS, Together with ( HOICK GBOCER1K8. Tn37-0t Corner 9th ?nd G nrfH?, ?"rtli>i -t. sT u harVu mk, Wk?lfMl? Bad Rfttil ortctrt, IMS Ssvau* Strut AsrrAwc xr. Mmm M ni N TENS! TEAS! TEAB1 Jtptf Tea, g"?d, 60c, choice, *c; r?cr finest. 9 G>inpewder Tea, 7V: a ir?od article for f 1 Choice Onn?n?(lfr m. 91.15, ??rj beat, tlJO. Inypr1alTM.lDc.7ar, fl; ?wt lln-rt, 91 it. Good Black T?a. three ioan4? for fl. We ht<f also "onH1 of tt?? l?M offered la the city ? Alto, u extra English BmklMt Tea. FLOl'B, Ac. WtlrkV BarV. Teui.ey "s and other brao<*.? ot Floor, all at lowest ? tsaible pricse. Tea pounds Lard for #1. Golden 8ir?i, ^ r gallon. TV, our best #1. Ten pound* New Puw. A1. Nine pound* New Pt-nnc*. 91. Peanut*, half buhrl for $1. BRANDT. GIN. Ac. Pure French Brandy, per bottks ?BI B California '* M l.i? P?re Holland Gin " - , 1 >*? Angelica arxt Nntfihl Wine, per t> ttle V Whisky. five year* old. *? .. 1.M Sweet Catawba Wine, 92 per gallon. C. B. O'HAHE * BOX, MO tr 1?13 7th street N. W .twtwew M a?d B pBICS LIST OF aROOKRIEB AT RLPHOSZO YOUNGS * CO'S. SUGARS. (BEST NEW YORK BKAND8.I MA"(Clarifled..?........fl Iba. for 100 Cru*hed ()<>&f). .7Si Hhi. for 1 <?J Granulated .. 7H lbs. f">r 1 u> Light Brown i nearly white )...8>* Hi*. f"t 1 <*) Good Brown....? J lba. for 1 u> FLOUR. Extra?chrlce,.... ? p.r ??cX,9l *3 Extra?very high grade p*r hack, t m Extra?St - <1 '"""f , f*r ??? k, 1 3f Fan'ily?choice per sack, 1 it Fan'ily?the very beat ...... . per sack, ] ?3 Fas.tly?Welch's beat?at I'Wtat r?:us SUNDRIES. P-ooea- choice. _? J lba. for B> E..gM*b Warrants 9 ifce. for 1 01 B"J8iD??choice. i lba. f'>r 1 ou Window's Green Curu 4 cane for 1 <? T? n aloes?3 Itn....?- I Caaa t-T 1 16 T' Diat.xa?3 ^ t-"i ? 8 cans f r I M P. arbea-J J cans Tor 1 utl Pi>actee?I lb*... i cana for I If <"*!! ^ ?rr"' *" *p eant<-.t rnarar.toe the above r.a paralleled low pric?*a for au> di uinte !? u#th of tlo?e ?LPiiO^ZO VOIXGS k CO., VKOCEKS, S JHPSfB. I MASONIC TEMPLB, W M . H. feEABS,( ht?lTH asp F #*a. PROFESSIONAL. J AMES O. CLEPHANE. t. Z. llKAILtV. (LEPHAXE~i BRAILEV, SnnRTHANI' \v IMTKRS A LAM RKl'OBTERS. Olli<-e?Mo. 11* C atreet, between lat an-t SI, facing Indiana avenge. wihSl ly pR. mar* d. ipackmax, n.l9-Sw* 1634 SIXTEENTH STREET. DB. J. 8. T?ELAVAN. UoMtEOPATMIC PHT?tCT*W, 1320 F atreet. Office Honr*;?f to ID,moniiii(;3 to 4, afterninti; 7 io?j. evening. DiU lm joirmANFi: J ATTOBNET-ATLAW, No. B Tonne'* Law Buildiac, dei-tf Waahlngton. PTC. |)B?SS SHIRTS. Si* PALMER'S PATENT DOCliLE TOE I S11IBTS, ready-liiade, for f 16.50. Six PALMER'S PATENT DOUBLE TOBE SUIRT6, to order, at $la, 921, or #31. LOCK WOOD, HI FTY k TAYLOR, 643 PENNSYLVANIA AVENCE. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS. IBB doMB LADIES OOTTOM BK.IBT8 at ft cent* each. lOOdoMB LADIES COTTON CHEMISES at cents each. ?0 dwn LADIES COTTON DRAWERS at It ceuta each. 100 dozsn LADIES NIGHT DBKSSES at 91 S each. AT LOCKWOOD, HCFTY ft TAYLOR'S, f 10 tr hU i PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB. DEALERS IM TORACCO, CIGARS A>D SNUFF. 100 boxes Chewing Tobacco?all fnrtna, *iw>* and kinds?ranging frvui <S ccuu to 9136 per lb., t box price.) 1*1.000 Cigars of all grades; price* from $U lo 9loll per M. 73 race* Oarrett> Scotch Snnff. 43 jarf Ratpee, Maccabor and Con*r<*?s Snnflf. Large lot Suiuking Tobacco, iu large aud small bale* and drums. IIScr<Common and Parlor Matrhea. Larg>-lot Grocera'Wrapping Paper. Twine, an-1 Ma*on's Blackirg. All of which are oflered for aalo at the very lowest wholesale prii ?*. JAMES WALLACE, ?03 7th atr?et Bi>rthw.-?t, Wasihington, ami A3 High atreH, G>'?rg<4oWD, D. C. N. B.?I wi?li to call the attention ?.f er?- -r? to the article of St'<>tch Snufl.a<-1 aell it, by the case,I" low tlie rard prM-e of the maonfactor'T. mM M* ^ RAILROAD AND Kul Eitfttc lortgaft Coakloe4. IE t?sf JBGold Bonds the Bortbera Pacfflc Bali road Oompany farntsbee to the pablic an iuTeetwi security which combines tka ready aecotiakility, th< cosTeaittos, and tl?e high cradrt af a &rst-class rati road bond, with Iks solidity aad safety of a real as They are offered at par ta oarrency, and field a HANDSOME PROFIT to only road, ita eqmlpsaenti aad saralwgs, aad afco oa a ; which, ou the completion of Uk road, will i of Tbey are laiwd ta l?nwlaatlnas trim BMO h Bl^HOoapaa, aad 9Ml to Bsgtstored, have thirty year* to raa, hear aa Maralef 7Ji psr oeat. ta gold, aad are EXEMPT FBOM UMITBD STATES TAX ta tha holdar. BOOKS, STATIONERY, '|'HE WyEK? <>F THOMAB Gl TUBli D D The G?pc' "> * " *?'1 flit talnu Inheritauct -fL**. _ On ikr Nr?l V. IfMklM ?<> tlK n ?n MnJtr* of Ckmr^ t. . Plea f<>r 8UrfV. Brb-?->j*. tik aj 4*? Tthnrw* rTKRI MuTllLR TUK IKM ToB OF HfK rio*K family if .be ?"'? ?r- halls HEALTH AT HO** at STOCKMAN A ?JU>S *. Wh ?tre?t t??rth?*M TbeCOTTtGE riRLK Two (o?( AiilXT> ?tnli4 COTTA?5E PI BLR n had there alsn. I\ CM BOOK* : NEW BOOKS I AT SHILLI>?TOVB BOUUTORK, Corner Ok street and Pennsylvania aveoue An Opm QomIi B' Jum D? toil la ft. l*-rt FalcuUir. B G'-vfge Maudwaaid Clwtp Edition. Pa??o n in Tattera B> TIwbm Intil.ChMw trnl E I) Farjeon. B> A'? P?n? The Hmrrttw Onm B\ Mm* Bum Diw?. I ad) Sweetappt* B> lh< n bor?f an Ri ~n:fnl Lit# Servant Girl of the Prni. What Mr. h4 Mr* H"tieydew l*arn--d of B ow??-k replug A Two f.ild Lif?. From the <|frm>n ?f \ <?o Hellera. Tt T^rin^ LaJI?' Journal; Mouth!r Pidothm ul ^PN?rVl<?w*.r.tWf.?#.l?. AU the b*cA number*on hand. Barrier* Ba-ned A war. B_T B*r. Edwa**'. P. E * B?-ecb?ood. B< BH*-.-, a Rut?-r Sprinc-r. Trit-une. H'-rald and W -rid %1nianar? lor R B'-erhaood. ?> M?-f?>-.-a Kilter I ribune, Herald and W -rid tlirn A la'r? -k of PI. \N| ItyoKS. I \SS BtV>ES. and M>M?EAKPl? Bo??K*. MOTH PAPER. LRTTBB PAPEB.wnd PLAYING CARPS. a) the > i?r> I >we?t prtrea. f?M tr M HARD M. MOIK N * (?., KOOKSKLl -AKS i.VD STATIOS AAA, 1014 PENNSYLVANIA AVENLE, Bare just M(?lr?d the BRITISH ALMANAC A ID COMPANION. for MB. BOTAL EALENPAB. fa- UTS. WHITAEEBT ALMANME, far ITS PK1T1M1 ARMY LOT,I? WI. BRITISH NAVY LIST, fw Iff] W< tr OTIC OPENING OP A NEW STATIONERY 8TOBB ANPBLANK H.m.K IIAMl'PACTOBT. Pirat cla?s fod? at lair ar+iea. for caah. LI iUrti.KAMiivi. KVGLtilNG. PRINTING ANP BINDING DO> E Tt? <>KI<KK The public are invited to rail and exaaini* _ ttocfc. BEN. P PBENt H, Ci 1<r National M-tropolitaa Bank, and Mil dour to Jav C<?*f A 0" V s? 1! ?f W aehincton. D C. RAILROADS. |> ALUMObE AND OHIO. D RAILROAD J WMi!Mti?i1jki..B.un Trains h?wwr W ASH INQToN AND BALTI MOKE aud H ASaiNUTUli AND TBB WBBT ?? aow ruii a*fwUt ??, rU: POK BALTTMORB. La*? daily, ?sr?pt |(>ii.da?.ai 4 ti. t 40. *00, f:4t ?iodlti O a. B.: l.U), Ul, 4 10.4Jt.6 JU. a.D? aad BJv. P" ON BTKPAT POR BALTTMORB. L'arf at 4:46 aud a.m., ait'i 1.1W, 3. It, S-SO. SX a e.4c p. n>. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS Lra>rdailr, esrrpt buuda>, at 4 4S.I # ard ? if a.m.; 4.10 ati<l 6.J0 p. m; and onStn.da) at 4U ai,u e ?0a. mi ,*i.d I and SiRi p. m. T'.f l.?lb,3Uat>d t.U |.M. train* at p at the f it t.? atanoM only, ?<K Bl*i . ! I' -.ilia I.\nr<-1, Am up 'lit JnndiiNi, Hanoirr a-ij R 'ay Alao, t!:?- a 1.* p m. will atop at J ?U( < Cat, aud the e Al p. ni. at r?-uri'? Cr wfinc. FOB ANNAPOLIS L'*ar?- at i 4C a. iu. ai.<i 4 U p. m, but u< ,iaiua to or f .'h A^uop lis >n S-nnlaj FOB NoBFOI.B. Leave at 1.00 p. n.., except Sua-lar. FOB ALL TAKTh OF THE *L?T L"a*e datljr, accept frvudav and Bma^nr, at C:4P a Hi. aiAi S U and * Jo p u>. On Saturday at d.4t aud a .J o:ut p. m., and o? Sunda) at 3 M and "?MO p. m. TRAINS ARRIVE AS FOLLOWS: Fror K>-? Y rk, Pi.tlia.1- ipina aud tlal'.iiBJIT, at 0 3 .?. m., arid 6 16 abd (Up. m. I r< n< riiiliwl'lptiia at-d Bnltitn -re at f SO a m. Fr- Di Ba!tiin >ie at < 3U. 8 40 a;id 11 14 a. m , a Jd 1JV,S.40,6.%,6 ?. 7 M.S U. and U'Al p. m. FKOM TUK WEST. Arlte at 1:80, t & at.d lo.SO p. tu TLroagAUrkeu to th? W -?<t c ntx had a? tV AaetiU.nU"! Station Ticket Offlre at all h< ura >1 the lay, alao, at ttieC<?ipan> 'aoflice. 4?i Praaaytrauia KHiu?. Paaa< Sifrvra pnr< haaiuf ti k? {? at tt? A v iM cfllce C4B1 there arrau|[t< to have tlinr t ajcgnei :all'-?l f^r ai?l cht-ckt-d at th?4r n?>d< uc?, taken tu (Lo UjM t.and p'. iiit' the tm??-vf<> car. For fiiew V"rk, PuUad-lpUa and B ft,* aee ad ? -rti'i T?Dt of "Through Line." THOS. B SUA HP. Act Maater Traugportatlon. L M. COLE. Genera! Ticket Affut GKO S KOONTE Q?t.T A'rtVW aahlartow. ja3f 'IMlKtUGH LINE BKTWEEMt I W AMI 1 NUT* >N. PHI LAPEL PU1A, AXP NEW YORE M'*?h *?T<'*. November S.18T] Tralnabetween WAbUINUTOM and NEW TOEK at* rr.n a* Mlnw?c 1'uk MiVI I OUK. wu'Aottf 'Matt o' ?r?. I ?av< dailj (czcept buud?> > a: a.du a. u.,liXlk^2 " FOB PHILADELPHIA. L are dall> (eacept Sui.aaj i at a a. in., 1:M and ESQ OH St NPAT. ttcmvf tor Sea I ork at 6Jb p.m., aud PUiladelyBia a' I JO p. m. ?ie?-?iuA can for New Tor* on 810 p. m. train ? ?aly. ? Thrvorb ttckrta to Phfladelpbta, Mew T-** and B *t->ti CkL be bad at the Batlou UBw at all kwrt of the day. For RalttBHTa and Ohio railroad adrerttoetaent a*a - b?Mjtrie between U aaktt><u>a, Baltimore, Aaeapv !<? at?d the Weat. THOS. B SHARP, A?t Mater Transportation. L M. OOLR. O* neral Ticket Areat. GEO. B KOONTE. Ant, Waabiugtoa gj A?Xi?D.n ASH ? ALEXANPRIA A FREPERICKBBCBtt B. M. Omt ?/ b am4 &tztk 8t'mU bo at train*for Alexandrialearaaafollow?"fcOB, (?i?, 11:18 a. m.. 1 43. "3 3?. 6-03, 11:38 a. m. Local traina from Alexandria arrftre aafelHR? 6 13, *?:*. 10:33 a. ai., l.W, "3:U. 8*. T* p. ai. ?Train* marked thaa coanect with train* on Waah I ift"H and Ohio B. B. QUAST1CO Aoc<?iniodatl?a :?% a ni. d*ily,e*c-* But?1ay. ttKKAT BO'JtHEKN KXPRI lea*?? WaMhinctou M:8B p.m. daily, aaoept I Tbroocb ticket* ta all p- iuta Bowth and So _ I 1 -r aale at Offfi a, c<iniei L3lh atreot and PeanayUa nla avenve. aud corw**b atreat aud P- ntiayIvania w here raa*rtir> r* can Wave nrd?ra f * t?rra|*to t>? i -tecked at allbotaU and reaideocoa Utruucfc toAaaU r.At ion. E ?. YOCNa.Oe?n Piwia?r A?E. WM> Utrot cm. UM mm* i> ttreet*. It. Wi TRAINS LEAVE FOE BALTIMOBE. 4.88a. m., Ktasara Exp., daily. _ ?:? a.m., Baltimore Mail, dally. 11 JO a. Weatem Ex p.. dai I j. except Sunday. , i> 38 p. Bi., Battnapre Ac- fJ3 p.*., Pacllic c?u.nK?latioo,dJNy,ex- daily,except Sunday, cept Sunday. 9t?J rn i* 8 M p. ?? .Ciocinnatl Ex TRAINS AREIVB AT WASHINGTON. 4:83 a m? W.-atecu Exp., daily, except Sunday. 9:30 a. nr. Mail,daily, ex cept Sunday. 11:08 a. ?? Weatera Exp., datty. jrt?e/lally, axtept Sun W P. dally r U r tn., W"atere Exp ally. daily. 10:31 p.*-, Bnvthera B? jreaa, daily, except Son Tra'ti* leaTln? Waahinxton at 8J0 am., and l ? ? 1 apfi' 11 k? B *? ? a ith train* t'-t Marlboro', I -av nip B"wTe lo:33 a. u> . and 8 L p. m., arrirlnd at Marlboro' UJ3 a. in. ai.??:13 p. m. Train* arrivinc at to achinxtoti II Ji a.m. and in p.m., connect at B??rte wuh traina leaving Marlbv rj* 8:S3a. m aud 3:33 p. ? . PwHtiien leavlnc th. it order* at Ticket OBoee, corner of 13th alr-et and Peunaylvama arenae an.: n?rth?a*t corner of Bixth street and Peuanrltrania avenne. can have tb*ir baxcafe called for andeback ? t at botela aud rea?d? nc-w to all points M irth and West. Throogrb tickets to Ciarinnaii, Ootambns, I idiauapoiia, liO'iisviile. St. L?ui?. New Orleans, C nicairo,Omaha, San Francisco, and all points aorth, n >rtb??st. a eat. aud sou: l.w-st. ' E L. PTBAERT, Oeal Snat. B. S TPCKO. Oeu'l PaesV A?-nt. jyl tf I 872 PENNSYLVANIA EOCTB I 872 tV TUB KOBTUto EST. SOUTH, AND SOUTH to EST. Trains leara a* follows: *'a?hiu?u>B. 4 83 a. m. I Ba!tlmors IB a. m. .Jto?..m.( ? ?? ^8 p. m. MB p. , 7:83 p. m. I *? JMI p. THE GREAT BOl'BLE TEACB ROUTE, #ttb elegant Scar rrj , Palace State-rooM day lirbt ears, with mMern in.prore ? Iwc hundred sales saved V i to Wt ?ew Tcrk. .. The MJB a. a. dally,exospt Scnday,aortbweat, 7M p. m. daily,and8:40 p. n..exoept Suday, wast, Bilt t'i?KCt'i??a rbrowb tram BALTIMOBE PITTTbUEG wlthoat i" Tickets bj tbis ? f ?t? The copartnership of AMDBBW I. JOTOMIOO. to tKls day dlsaolved t January Vtb AN'DBEW J. JOTCB ti l>* ABDBEW t. JOTCB, >S. 414 and SESMth street. PECTORAL SYRUP. OOl'OBI Alt SOLU Bt ALL UK OUUiSTb.

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