Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. r>Mifkci Diiir, iu4?ri ??epte4, AT TUB STAR BUILDINGS, PenujlTMla Avran?? for. llLb St.. ra irnnc stai juspapik wum. wrnMJjy.y, ? THE *VXN1N? STAR ie ?ereed by parriar* to i IMr *? briber* at T**C*Tr? Pi* wiii.m Fo*n- j for* c**t* m Month. Copie* at tb? counter Two CitT? earh. Br mail?three months, S1J0, | Id mouth*. <3.00; (me year, |i. THE WIIKIT 8TAB?PnNl*h?<1 FrMny-fl-T ? year. ?^"la*ariaMy in advance, in both cmii.and so wnt longer thaa paid (or. WH?( adrertlelnir fnml?he<J "*n aypTfcaMrn. HOTELS. HOUSE, tcn.frUS I *r< . O t.? E r. ilOLs. Prof r, tiu jr.-t nudTB-ne a ?eri'-e Of impro*?? having b-en th'.r ii?h!y ?nl n f?rui*h?-d thr ngti?nt, maki-jt ? at t^eaent one of Iti* moel deeirable H??tele ia W ?hinfr on. ED Howard, late pr,.pr?'tor. ret .in* an intf*?# In the Hwfl. ?h'-r? * I t" f ?< > hn >J frin.,1* and forwier V.. r r?, pr? aj4itg tfcemii. ??t cla?? ?ftoni?o(|??io*,? al aJ. timn. T?-rn:?, ?S per day. Tabic, B arj, #30 p?r aaonth. mil Ian UNION HOTKL, ow.t, o. O. . \ oUlNX , /roprK-tor. Tb: H tel hiw t?n L-wly, r..?t,,, ,n^ MrtMhed. ft,"0<1"p. improvement*?hot am trf i y*" *? I' to coaaeniently to rated, bring nit aated on 4he |jntJ of the Washington f? Georgetown City .tnwunr railroad, the cart cf?hKh, from the r? jir >?| ?r.'l uteaivboel dt>p<?ta, C?T! e-rer> .wo of tbIV(, niinntee. Tue t* ? of thta h. tue c?a fxaoti any ot the publ'c iUi ;i? of 'oe jut:* cupi'al or any p> ?ee >f ?.wn fat, Ac^. ' JX m pUaeant rite of a J<-w rniu -t^ Per*'-i ? doir it I ab.r.c the line of the i It? w ?"* tiod it to their aflrartage ro at< a *f thi? >*? ^ JJTSOMf iofii; No. 7M O STREET, .rM tf PkTWKT.'* 7th AT ?T'J eT15?T?. 'J Bk J M CKKiAL, Hul?L, JAMES STIES, P'rrrittm. PjirtTi^e Pg5M?TT.TAt:a Avs-rr*. fiirtoi U.'t and 14:4 !:rut>% D. C. TharAfn' to the pr-^iic for gererot^ patronage to p?at, th? r aek: t.n fri-ada <...<) ???tr -o? to tert thrm*- aunolntkus cf hia pr??? r.t rrta>li~r * ?hi<"h b<- pp aiitN ?uall b? f .uoU at ln?t ?juaa to the b<-*> i? W <ehin?ton. jaii?tf Chron.) 'irUK BR* ANT HOUSE, 1 L ?If i a r?r??T U:% urtr* -n t >. T Aft?f th? 1st <A Dh J&t <-r. Pfrm.?urnt ??><? Trmi>i. ?.t B> anl? ra ?ui fi:>U lliw twr.* v>ne of toe mrmt auJ m at coDvccicaliy located hoo?ea l4*Th? ri ? ina are neatly fnrnishfd, well lighted and vei't;ut<n), ?Im1 prtAiuvU ?i'h all Oi^jtru bvUie ?o ?cowiic- datloaa. Tt>- . liarKr* are It,w, bet the want* ar.d the c<-* ttn of ?1! icu* ?!* ? .11 c;?-' fulty pri.i ide-5 i.>r. Th* s tv|l :? U'l , Z. RICliAKi'S, ba? Jet?-.-!nir.i;.l to' prt? W-* a *ixid ra-1 r>r. rotl' eo 1 cTlt ;>, KBLITT HOUSE, WA^HINOTON. P. r THE TRADES. )Ll MblS'j AM) GAS riTTl^t*. 1 T' mr deaiiirf t<' hare ti. ir Planbiug ai l G ??? P.ttit.z t-^r" it, a ri^at and ?ul>*':tut5al m.i.... -r, * ? ii i>.,~ val Ir i<-rm?,-hunl,1 1 o? t*i?,ijr urilc(.> ... 1 I 3 p. !?! -> ; ? rn ? ??ex,ue, ?p:tol li ,:l. W .rs wnrrautrd. MV im~ W. ROTH WELL. / A L L OS J .t.H f> K B HI . N" frm-ttrml f ffih.r a? . hts H:'t, l. ?*?>??>..ii. pMinil ug. Ow Pit mib, iii'l S-'irT *?r? or- ? i'?l> ttt?ui-4loi*ii r-a- aal>ie tenu", N ?. O1!'* L.-?iriaua Hvrntte, n'-er 6th ??r ft,?. rtu4i^.-. BtrHii'bCf,)i!M Sd ?triet,B<Tlhe?'t. uilt \1 CI VN1XOH A M, II ATT K B, .*1 ? lull t' . ? tlt'i, has tn* pi -*Mif?toM?nonDcaliiat tie t,a? ra- n>hlr| the Sprn.g Scj !? of Br adi. ay CLdt a, ? .d i MfV^tl N V II , ?? Ci?t> |.| ' thevi < r f ?odet old -tylef; al-f., ?n ^K.rtoicut of Felt Hat* for aai?, o.t r-wraM- Ittj. f5-'r AV>M?ius AMi HKOU\TiuN8.-A? NIK>k f, r ?tcre?, city and coaHrj T +i <? . ?, *p?? ut. Mtruin c aivwi t.? !>?-> run? Hill? t--r ?*I* Pmrt1-e;TlA<JS HOkSE aad V?AC.0;J COViltf for aa.e or renuf / JOBn Q D'.'CaS. Mannfac-nrer, >13 Mirltri Space. aeoS-tr Be?"?ftij 7th ar.J "th atrecf. ^ ? .VlT?S FLAO^, TEXTS. * G. OOPKJ,AN|>, ?43 Lochiana ateM*-, "oH ot cwt Ttt efre. t. AWK1SU fr; Kr**,Citi a- dC ':ntj Bwiifiiua rarr'V is atrle f ad nifb. FLAGS mti TIN' S fe .tie tod i*ut. BOOMS D1COKATFJ'. All Ceuraaa -vrj. . ?ade to erder Sav< iko ll j-as J. K. TQmTOM, mtMfMMTtn, BOILVhH, *!?? COIT2ACTOK Ortm tor Kama Oiipiiitx'iK, J A jlng, or Oo tract' r'? V -rfc ayt4ily aUeo^ea to. ?ht'pa and Uflc?, >ai 23 f tMh atr^c*. helow E at. northvM?t 1873 string. 187-3 Turmspoi s st< k, TREM EKlM'CS STOCK, TREMENl'til ? STOCK* T?mnsT>ors srrorK, TKlHl.MOlf sToCk, fPRTSG A!?T> SUMMER CLOTHING, ^PRIKG AND SUMMER CLOTHING, fPRlN<i ANPSCMTtEK CLOTHING, fPKlNG AND M MMEK CLt?THlNG, SPRING AMD SUMMER CLOTHING, HENS'. TOUTHR' AND BOX?, MEN!*', TOUTHS' AND BOTS, KliN!*'. YorTHB' AND Bl'YS?, HENS'. YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS , YOUTHS AND BOYS, .%? A. STEAI'S S. At A. RTRAUS'S. At A. ?TR\US'S. Al A. STRAUS *. At A. STRAUS'S. CALL A V D S k h. ' i AH A.\ U SkE CALL A ,\lt ^k fe ' I ALL A A it S fe fe ? CALL AAV ??A tititAT bAh.UAI.MS ? it HiiAT BAHti .4 / MS ' ?? R EA.T HAtUiAlAS ' H RE AT bAKUAl.MS ? h hEA T h?KUAlM> ! 1U11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, lOil PENNSYLVANIA AVENCE, 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA A\ENLR, Third Door from ll'h SHr-H, Third Door from 11th Utrwt. ?? " * Third Door frxi 11th Str^-t. KAPliJITY W1TB WHICH ar< maoied and th? f-rt reliered. If alttng, fr- tn Raai^ua. Bad Kail*. Ac , at DK WHITE S fcatab iaat, 134 lltk rtn^t, uppoaite th? Trraiurr, qailr aorarwinii to prr?oti? traaccnatomad to hia ?Mth-^J >f i perattng.which la entirety diSerent fr m U? old-time practice of tearing off the infroainc !<>? ?Ail, or laonn* deep into thr bttnion, a aiatreaaingly Mitfril nrtti?a, uaun? which (4>ligrd tli* ufferer t?|i< altoairae, and * ??? t iibm en cratckxa, for weeka atxi no d> akt Icudrd to ahorten |jf? at WIIM) ami uv ?a uw? -^a on' ? i t?; u mo. B| to maki.' it farltaa pi -ae*t,t auJ luxfui. hat Dr. ?fivMfe r Whita'a ?p?raH'-n^ an* fre.jnet.tly borne by children wlthoot co??!aint; there w itttlo or no pain,nuloaa of titne, aad K n<tie but ar.itable ahoea be worn, th at, ereo la eatrt-iue caaea, effect* a perfect ?are. rhoagh the faet being naadao conatantlv Corns are liabU to cow* oecaaionally with even the beet ?tting ahoee, and iadnatrioo* paraona think there la eeot mi of tine, ooaafort, and health In u occa atoaal to the Chirop. ,1 ;?t; and it ia aveirknown fact that thoaaanda at pereona, aaay of them thoee ?oat honored in enbllc and private life, ecne from far and aenr to tWtDr White'a ?etafcliehaaoat, to *a"j of whoa Dr. White hae onaolKited pemiiaeloa f refer f?-tr rj'VLEKI lunch MILK BISCUIT, TUe eh' ioeat, tno?t drlicate a;,d ttuely flavored Crethrr til the Uuited State*. give them a trial. gapetially adapted for LUNCH, TEA TABLE.AND THE USE OF I ? For sale t? Grocer* ^eurrally. Trade supplied by TYLER A BROS., B.H In S tf mannfactarere, Baltimore, Md' BIRDS FOB ^ALE-CANAWES a?d MOCKING BI BPS.'ma.eandjewy^b^jIyw^l*; jgif CAG?:s Ko. 131 ?Jjf.1"' *>C" O.M. GOETl. ||BCDMAO A rOo,4 "~ *. > airfl I. for caeh. at ?be Iva .at ? ?rket?r?e?. Call and aa.i&a ti?cir etitk. luarll Jlu AMUSEMENTS. WALL S Sltw OPERA HOl'SE, " JOHN T. TORD Proprietor and M?nm?r, MAX MARET7.EK Director. tiKASD ITALIA?! OPERA. Fir?t appearance of Europe's great-at lj ric trag? - di? un?, PAULINE Llt'CA. FRIDAY EVENING, Afr:l 4, FAUST. MARGUERITA M*pav? PvrttxF Lrcc* SATURDAY-FAREWELL MATINEE, Last appearance of PAULINE LUCCA. FKA DIAVOLO. *eot? frr Friday and Saturday Matinee can be se cured m Kill*' Music Store, R.gnlar adinis-ion. ?2; K' wrvod Seats, #1 and #2 extra. Matinee Pric ? Ai:nii*ak>n. $2: Reserved Seats, ?1 extra. Priv ?tt? B.xes, * Irt and $.11. ?4 Xow Open. THE CREIT SHOW, ON SIXTn STREET LOT, W1I L EXHIBIT EVERT AFTERNOON AND EVENING THIS WEEK. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, APRIL SI, 3. 4, asd 4. HVE MAMMOTH TEXTS' POSITIVELY THE LARGEST EXHIBITION IN TUE WORLD ! More Animal*, m >re Men and Hor*es, a arger Spread "f Caiiva", and the most Gigantic CIR<IS. MENAGERIE. MTSEUM. Ac., EVER ORGANIZED. SEE THE MONSTER UNICORN' aid the immense collection of Wild Animals. 3?-e tl e WurM famed Tripple S tut r?au Iters and Trappai-t*, MIACO AND HAWLET, Aril the Great LOWONDE, MONROE, FRANKLIN. SAGA1NO, ami the tocorapwahle M'LI.E VIRGINIA, an.l all the D >uble .;ir us Ti">H'? and the two Grand Mu-."unni. Proce?-i >n every other day.. Open* a; 1 ami 7. Circmcm n;?ttce* one hour l:it-r. Fenr M.nac.rie and M i ?euiu Tents op^n ill the time circus is progressing. ADMISSION?T-> nil five T* nts, &9 cents Chil dren iin.h r lu y ars, cent... I/" V -it this exhibit ion, remember what yen see there, and compare the K-'r*-palish <di >w with x'y that f.llow y. n will be on inred that it i. the largest and be-: show in the worl 1, and woith ;he admi-siou fee a dez- n timesover. AT AM F0Ki:PAn;if,8 !? Propr! dnr. WASHINGTON THEATER iOMI(|lE. * * I Eleventh ?tr ?et, South P.inisy Ivsnia *v*nue.l (A'!j it.i:.g the rear of Harvey's Rest aura it.) Ergag'-ni' r toftv.oonly and Vcrit..b!e LEVANTINE BROTHERS. Th-oriri-itt .1 h:i C. L*vantni 'and Brother. T?o of ?*r traveli-:ir tin ler their h?r?l-eai n' d na\ie w. re fi Tineriv pupils rf the mb?)ve per. .rne s. Ku rageni t of tin <' a-n. ng S-rio-e.?niic Vocal,st, CARRIE LAV ABN IE. 01eat Sii ?? -- f the Ver?a:II-* Artists, EAG\N IMi E 1>\V \ltl?s. Onr r-iini *i< a- company, two grand billets, a i nt-rb d o. A s- n- ?;i n drama. : THE WHITE BoYS OF IREL AND. *<r SPECI AL NOTICE.?On THURSDAY. A pr3, 'h- V naag? lnei:' take p'- n-ure in au< irg th?- pre-etita. ? ? f ?h- <rreat *p rtacular ja'lef, h. il e - ?... -d THE CAPTIVE, or THE BIRD-CAGE OF EDEN, produc-d after elaborate pr p. ratios. er?l at a c<wt of 4l.ri"<(. G >r? m SreT r?. M. irr.If f?*nt I'r. perti"., t'hara--'-r and C"'~*I?> (' atnn e". Sr., atid with atie* B'Jlet Tr ai p ? I i. K PARKER. OTTO BI'BBANK. JAMES DOl'GLASS. ai d itr M unnioth Troup ? ut F >rty Star ArtiM-. Oti MoND AT. April 7, will app' irth^ "O 'fty Goefly Con-Mnati n in th" jrrra*"-t of in >dern -en ?a*i?.r?. ?? Y At "l P. n-t c r>.-In?l?-I a hielily sncc fill eu83??liieui at tlie Hcliday -street Theater. Bal ' ? I _ _ ir U OLpNo.j ua Ev hi til t i*a vKiTvv No S auil Sal* { 43? "" "T.. MIRKRITER'B, ST So. 439 7lfc alr.^t, between D an.l E street*, ?isht d-x rs above Oil Fell-w's Hall. Ct >Ic? Oil PainUii^s, Ei.?ra. ing*< Chrom^ Ac. AI?>"', la.e. at ?t"ck Paper Hanciints. Uind/w ?*ha?l^. Pic'.orc*, Frames. Picture C -r-is ?iul la* jelSjR'i'^jllaiN, Ac., In the Diatrlct. ?^TEBMS CASH. Pie awe rem mber Name and Hmnber. ]el-ly" A LL KINDS OF CAST-OFF WEARING AP {X. PA RELcan be sold to the very beat advantage 9y or calling on JUSTH, ? 19 D itrwt, t.-tw?n 4th and 7th n. w. Hole* by mail promptly attended to. Cash paid. flJ O-LD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER, Rtc., Is^ncht at fair price* for a New York house HoMaehold Furnitnr* bought andseld. Note* by mail (rr<Tnptly attendee' to by AUUENBTEIN. 14*19 Per f.sylvanto avsnw M-ly* BALLS, Ac. ^HAAD CHAMTY BALL. THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL for the Ben-fit of THE f'HILDBENS HOSPITAL will be given, under th>- au,pire? of the Director* of that institution, in MASONIC TEMPLE, on the ever i-e r.f Tl' ESDA Y. th- 15th of April next. Tirkets, fcdinitiiug a gentleman aud lady, 9^.00 each. ml7-tf (Chron. B- p. * Snn'lay paper* copy .1 ^1"MMKli RESORTS. RUMMER B Q A B D . . TheOSBGRN HOI SE, L?*eabnrg. Va., Is now open lor the* iirroimiKKiMUnn of Snmnn r B<>ar<1erff Ko P1"**14' spared inthfeiui *vor to mnke all tMptu fottaMe (ap3-ln,*l JOAPOSBUBN Proprietor PL M?MIY WHERE IT MILL bO THE MOST GOOD. "Wiere i, certainly no b tt.-r pUce in the ci;y than the METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STORE, 318 7th street, where, if you invest a dollar, you tna? re?t :?UUre?l y.?u ai?(ty? rtctirt :ktfill mint */ jrosrr n:i ney, and wh< re a sating of 2i toSO cents on the dollar is euarante. d to you, w ithout tho draw ??ack f receiving inferior goods. The variety offere?l i- S.. large, comprising everything pretty and use ful. that it has b?*coire a vain task of enumerating the different article* offered, and your attention is only tailed to b. low-mentioned goods, as all are goi d, desirable, and very cheap, and immense ijuan tities Lave lately l^en sold: Gents' Briti*h n ALF HOSE, .1 pair for -?1. La.Ii. .' IKON FRAME HOSE 3 pair for .-jrl. t'h Idreno' IRON FRAME HOSE. S pur for ?1. BIAS I t CKtD SKIRT,- cannot be I" light els- w here le.. ihati ?1 .'41. Ls.lie. RcFFLE APRoNs. i-rimo, 50c. Fine English IIAIK MRI SUES. *1. * F renrh Plate H AND MIRRORS. *1. Kvr.llent Rutd.. r Dr.-Rsing f'<IM B?. 15 and 50r. SUs!>l - G.-nts' SILK BOWS. 2ft and 50.-. La.|.es' SILK sr \ RKS. Mil new sha.le4, 5.?-. Sol.d Walnut, a Pl.r .i g TOW EL RACK,'JSc. B y,' L.-ather BOOK>TRAI'S.24c. Foit Pi.-c?-? E M e Hi nt SO A P, 15c. S'v Hands.>nia GOBLETS. SOc. B aatiful Oval P1CTI RE FRAMES, JO-. A Pretty Carved BK \CKET, 25e. rn.-r an.l Side Blt.M'K ETS. 5(A . each. TOM EL RA< KS. PAPER RACKS, n.AT BAt KS CLOTHES RACKS, all walunt, 1 is* h. F..r a further list of CHEAP GOODS, ?ah ut PS MLTHOPOLITAS DOLLAR STORE, 31)1 SEVENTH STREET, atl-tr near Pennsylvania avenn*. |^XAMIVE THE GOLD SPECTACLE, C*lt ?6, H H. HEMPLES. Optician, mi* tr i% street Jill CHINESE TEA HONG Ha* r?MT*4to SIS DatrMt, Between HI and 7th, north aide. TEAS cheaper than ever. Bo rent to pay. febUJm L. BEBJAM1B, Propr tot *r J. BRIGHT WELL, 8ucc*a*or to CAEBOLL r. WIK3L0W, &HIRTMAKKU And Dcalkb it Mis'* PcasuHiset, 40? 9th Street. Having Mr. Win*ivw'* patterns and ores, and c ntrol of hi* manufacturing ties, his old cust-jners are recommended b-ave their order with me. m tl 'OR SALE.?The dearest of WHITE SAND also. GRAY EL and SAND for paving, by JNO AAN NYCK corner uf Masaaibusetto avenue aaJ N orth Capitol street. *3-4t* B o^. 1 P* iriM ix va flA A met, 'H? l lm ?) G*T NON PATIBG BOAEDBRS, such a* RATS. MH'E and KOACHES, with ? cento of" FITS" DARBY'S PhJm'acy, coTner ^ t treet aad Ptnn'a av*., principal depot, miu-lm* SFECIAL NOTICES. The preaent MTfrr irtita has tbemnghly tested the virtues of Mn. Jones'' Corgh Mixture? th<>a?ands of bottle* having been used with certain success. Its trial hu been m<xt thorough. A mere cold or cough or the most aggra vated cases it has cored with equal success. It is not objectionable to the taste, and can therefore be readily used for children and persona who object to nanseating mixtures, particularly as its dose* are small and every dose contains the germ of an ulti mate eure. Its valne in advanced case* or th'?se verging on coasumpnon must not be underestimated. Many snch it has entirely cured, even cases of ac knowledged consumption. While it does note ore, it greatly relieves, and a large uumber of th?*n unfor tunate* now use it for the groat relief it affords them. For a Cold, Cough, Inflneuza, B rone hit h, H -art ness, or any affection "f the throat or lungs yoa can use nothing more reliable. Prices?large ?i*e, SI; am all. SO cts. For ?alo only by AKTUlIt SaTfiHS, Drn?gisK ml2-tr _ Corner 2d and D Streets uorthwe^t. ON THK BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND Sl'PPKB TABLE, Lra 1- Perrins' Worcestershire Sauce 1* 1ND!?PE>-?ABt.a. JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS. N?w York, OctU 2awly Agent* for the United States. Batchelor's Hair Dye is the bei?t in the world the only trne and perfect Hair Dye; no ridiculous tints, no di-appointment, harmless, reliable, instan taneous black or brown; at all druggists', and ltt Bond street, New York. f3-eoly A Card. A Clergyman, while residing In Booth America, as missionary, discovered a safe and simple remedy for the cure of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay, Disease of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, aud the whole train of disorders brought on by banefnl ami vicious habits. Great numbers have been cored by this noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe for preparing and unkig this medicine, in a sealed envelope, to any one wb > needs It, f>-? qf Chart*. ? Address, JOSEPH T. IN MAN, Station D, Bible House, mnrW ly New fork City. LADIES' GOODa *&? ATTRACTIVE SPRING GOODS, AT ID -A. V I S ' , *01 MARKF.T SPACE, Cor. Street. TVOYFLTIKS IN SWISS AND LACK TIK3. J ALOIS, Mi K h I > FLINGS. Ac. .at DAVIS'. PLAIN AND CHANGEABLE Sll K SUN' I'M MILLA8ami PARasols. in ueweet s?%i best Uxtke* ai d lowest pric' ?,at DAVIS'. PL MN AND ROM AN S\*HK3 AND SA^H l.i i.BONS, PLAIN GiioS GRAIN tURBuNS iu all the i.ew rhailec, at DAVIS'. 17LOWERS, HATS and BONNETS in sr. af vari et>,at MTU'. IT'BlNnrs, ( IMPS, TRIMMINGS ar..| BUT TONS, ?t DAVIS'. IT??B ALL KINDS OF FAN' Y ani MILLI r KE1.V UOOLS and NOTIONS, go to DAVIS'. ('ROVER ft BAKER'S C. |. brated Elastic an'l ? Improved Lock-stitch SEWING MACHINE* for ?ale on ea?y terms at DH IS", ?3 1* POl Market Space, corner |jth st. miss Mccormick, 904 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,' (Up Stairs,) Will open on THURSDAY, Armt 4th, a large and attractive a-*ertment of Imported BONNETS AND BOlND HATS, to which ihe special attention ol the ladies is calle<t. ?2-tr ^ a.i.u.t ?.LLS, jy. tm "15 Pennsylvania Avexui, Has just received direct from New York beautiful SPRING GOODS, cotr.piUing manv no \ el ties in OXIDIZED AND FANCY GOODS; A full stock of MILLINERY, HOSIERY. 11ANDK E-RCIII FS. CORSET"*, BASKETS, Ac. CHILDRKN S FRENCH CA PS a specialty. m31-<>t (^TAMPING DEPOT, t>i7 Seventh Street, febJl-tr Opposite Patent Office. t^ELLl NG OFF I SELLING OFF ! AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. ?ar7-tr NO HUMBUG. c lenzberg * CO., Selling oat entire stock of MILLINERY AND FANOT GOODS, at and below cost. TOT Market Space, )?n??m between Tth and 8th streets northwest. |MPORTER OF HUMAN HAIft. GRAND BARGAINS AT MADAME ESTREK'I, ? 16 \3tk street, seron-t door from tf XrNt. Remember the name and cumber. Cheap Carls, Switches. Chignons, Braids, Puffs, Friuettes, of the latest styles. Call and see oar new etock before pur chasing elsewhere. dedl-tr ?f ADIES"' Li FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL Is the beet article iu the world for doing iip Linen or Muslin. It imparts a beautiful gloss to the fabric. For sale by all Grocers. Bl'RKHAM A CO., Manufacturers, 160 West Lombard street, )an]4-ly Baltimore. Maryland. Read our Spring Inducements. *10 *10 Silo MO $io FOR MEX. 910-A FiUlSuit only 910. flO-An all Wool Suit only ?10. $ 10?A thoroughly-shrunk Suit onlv 9 10. 410?Jo different shades of Suits only j 10 ?!?_ 910 910.. 910 $10 910. 910?A genteel Suit only $10. 910?A dressy Suit only 910. 910?A dark Suit only .$'10. 910?A light Suit only 910. 910 91* 910 910 910 910. ? - ? FOR BOYB. 9*.? $4 9* 95 9s-??* 90? Boy^'Caesimere Salts only 99. 94?Boys'all-Wool Soils only 9^. 94?Boys' School Suits only $i. $9?Boys'genteel Bolts only $9. 94?Boys' medium Suite only A3. 94?Avery shade of Boys' 9oits only $9. 94...... 9 5.. 9 4......... 9 ........ 9 5. ..99?9 9. "BEING THK BOYS ALONG!" CALL! EXAMINE! PURCHASE! HABLB BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILOSS, ar4-t* Cotxx* Ttb and D Qtazxtc. EVENING STAK. Y/ashington News and Gossip. Internal Revenue?The receipts from this scarce to-day were $327,456.*$. Secretary Delano i9 expected to return from Ohio this evening or to-morrow. Secretary Belknap and party reached De unison, Texas, yesterday morning. They leave this evening for San Antonio. Several Siorx Chiefs will rlsitWashing ton this summer for a conference with their Great Father. Tiik Commission Kit or Korean** has sent out over 17,000 letters, and 12,000 mail pack ages, relating to the Vienna exposition. Resignation Accepted. ? The President has accepted the resignation of 2d Lieutenant Frank E. Nye, 2d Cavalry. A Mopilier Conscience The Treasurer received to-day as a contribution to the ? 'con science fund" a coupon of a Union Pacific rail road bond of the value of ?35 from Albany >*. Y. ? ' Mr. .John Gomrth, the new Assistant At torney General. will enter upon hi* duties on Monday next. Mr. McMlchael, his predecessor, left for Philadelphia last evening to assume his Pen ilsyKaniit. ***** *tt0rney fM wcstcrD Tiie Finance Commission toFrRora Fx Senator Cattcll, confidential financial agent of the Treasury department; John P. Rigelow, chief of the loan bureau; Charles E. Sloan, of the trt asurcr's office; Thomas Noyes.of the lqrttl bureau, and W. W. Utta, of the independent tresury, will leave for Europe- Ofte week from to-day, to attend to the business of tho United the new lean!L?hdon' ?'connection wVl! Thb Socttiern Claims Commission took te-timonv yesterday in the cases of Alfred, Oe tavins, Elizabeth and Margaret Weaver, of v> arrcnton Junction, Fauquier county, V.? i? abo!,V?20.?Wtn all. Emma C. ['"??, Vdow ol the late Peter P.nth-r. of sh'.V. r ^umyl ?Jn?nnti,|g t<> >7:<?-?; .John M. ii .i ? 0 ol Fairfax county, #1,146' and *l!i!oua. exaWr,a w'M,)VVa, amounting to Heads Off May 20TH._Frequent inquiries are made at the Internal Revenue Bureau as to *hen the act of December24th, i<72. abf?'is!i I ****** ????> assistant ass. - ?r li firi al revenue will take effect The< .m missione-r in reply notifies all that the law will l < put into o)>eration on the 2- th of Mav n xt I and atthattim^ the servlcesof all the assessor-.' -.0 iii number, and the assistants, a??mt 1 ?>-?' will be dispense d with. The law ,,rovidL tl,it it shall go into eflcct on or before tho M ,>i ii'iext-a,,d the commissioner has ? ie< r i the i?th of May as the most convenient tiin?v Mobe Iniman Ml riirrs?The Interior I >c pa if merit 1ms been advised of the murder of four persons belonging to si United States snr poifttl laurdereJ 50 miles uorth of ^ihere KW.^'siarih? hSnt? the- K.ansa" hound irv. of March.' i S ? S ""'S,I"K Mnce the lot'I ceived aietti r ft ' ?! tl,is c,ty. re to-day, statin?tj1 j J1 Arkansas City, Arkansas, surveying party Ji ?..4>* d. iedl.y Indians. I'. S. Surveyor T. 11. Bar rett, in a telegram from Wichita, Kansas, asks that every eflort be made to permit the troon* to go out and search for this surveying party, and to follow and punish tin* murderers. Copies i t the U tter and telegrams received at th<- In dian Department have been forwarded to Gen. Sherman for his action. Italian Opera.?I.ucca wa? received by a large and fashionable house?exception ally so lor Lent. The audience was kindly disposed and appieciativc.but by no means enthusiastic. In fact only in the closing, prison scone, did either her Mining or her acting elicit any great warmth of applauee. She has a goodi pene trating voice, trained in the best methods, but either >he was yet laboring under indisposition, or has l?eeii greatly overrated in the part of .Viirytf rite, lor hers was certainlv a most unimpressive rendition of the character J lie honors of the o]>era were undoubtedly car ried oft by Janiet as M'/ikist'i/'kelt t. Of course, he did not /<?.*? the part as H'-rmannsdoes. The demon make-up of the latter will probably never be eqnalled: but as an artistic conception of thf Mt-pliisfophelcs of Coethe, Jaunt's klea is much before that of Hermanns. The Fuu. t of Sig. Vizzani was very creditable, though his indulgence in falsetto indicated that he Is not a true tenor. The Valentine of hand -nnic Sig. Sparapani was sung well and acted well. The Sirt,el of Scuora Sanz was medioerc. This afternoon Luccaappears in Era DUvolo. REYENrE Marine Offices* Traksperkbd the lollowing changes in the stations of reve nue marine officers have been made: Third Lieut. O. S. Willev detached f rom the Petrel at Pensacola and ordered to the Colfax at Balti " more; Second Lieut. Samuel Howard detached from the Colfax and ordered to the Stevens at Ncwbeme; First Lieut. A. O. Cary and Second Lieut. David A. Hall detached from the Steven and placed on waiting orders. Secoud Lieut. N. J. Herring detached from the Mosswood at hastj-ort and ordered to the Relief at Galveston Second Lieut. James F. Otis detached from the Relief ami ordered to the McCulloch at Port land: Second Lieut. O. C. Hamlet detached from the Racer at Charleston and ordered to the Mosswood; Second Lieut. O. R. Bakeman or dered to the Rescue at Feriiandina: Second Lieut. C, II Gooding detached from the Rescue and ordered to the rant at GNew York; Second LJ^?t-T- K- Ashmead, ordered to the Reliance at Port iownsend; Second Lieut. W. 11. Hind, detached from the Reliance and ordered to the McCulloch; Second Lieut. Rob't M. Clark, de tached from the Reliance and ordered to the Moccasin at Newport; Third Lieut. John \V. Howteon, detached from the Colfa.\ and ordered to the Active at New Bedford. A New Jersey Legislator Arrbstpd on the Chabueof Bribkuv?luisuediatelc alter the ?tl.ioumment tine die of the New Jersey legislature yesterday, an officer arrested C. E Sheppard, senator from Cumberland,on a war rant issued on complaint of Joseph Shatfer, contractor of the national railroad, ch imin j the Senator with corruptly receiving .<??'>00 ni consideration of his vote in the iutere?t of said railway. It if stated that Sheppard receive.1 thi? money, but di?i not vote a> wa> t'xi?ected or agreed upon, and said he intended to return the money. The affidavit charges him with bavin taken the money aud keeping it. Mr. Sheppard gave bail. * She was Right the First Time The Ma coupin (III.) Inquirer says that a Greene countv young ladv, who is worth **0,000. recently re lnstd to marry a clergyman, because' she thought she yas unfit to be the wife of a min ister. He then abandoned his sacred calling and projKJsed again. The second time she de clined his otter, ou the ground that she was too good to marry a man who woukt throw awav Uis clerical robes to win a woman's hand. The Gas Men's Strike in New Yoek.? The gas men's strike was inaugurated in New \ork last night. Delegates from the different metropolitan gas works met and issued a notice warning all workingmen to abstain from seek ing employment In gas-houses during the com ing struggle for the establishment of the elaut hour system. The notice further states that all means consistent with law aud order will be used by the men to enforce the eight-hour law. An Insane Man's Will Anmllbo.?The will of the late Samuel J. Browne, a clergyman of Cincinnati, has been annulled, on the ground that the testator was Insane. This will left *200.000 to lound a university, to be named after Mr. Browne. The heirs of tie testator agree to ? 10 endow the Cincinnati I'ntversi fjr. This Mr. Browne, tt will be remembered, shot a boy and killed him for robbing his orch ard, a few months before his death. Pardoned.?The governor of Virginia has pardoned London FT Levitt, convicted iu the Loudoun clreuit court io October, l*i?, of horse stealing and sentenced to the penitentiary for fourteen years. At the same time be was con victed of shooting with intent to kill, and sen tenced to confinement lor one year. The election for president in the French national assembly, yesterday, result, d in the choice of M. Louis Joseph Buft-t, by a ma jority of nineteen, over M. Mar re!. Caoimer Perier dees not appear to have been a candi date. THE KtW DOME IT THE CBSEMITOKT. Th<" T:irr?^ *? ?m> * ?rid ?? Mounted ?? It- ProKirm ol lit* *#rk. Tl:e work upon the new tower and dom^ a' the Observatory for tbe refracting telescope now being made at Can?bridg. |K)rt. Mas,. has already commenced, and in being pushed ior ward rapidly. The foundation wall* are beiut laid , and the entire structure will be completed In accordance with the term? of the contr-wt ?n? kI*^ ?J",y' A one*st?ry brick build 0 Server Vi^h t * ^"^"tiug room ?or th. observer. with bath room, closet.*. Ac., u beinc erected on the southern front. a*d adjoins thf O.d building. A small vestibule. ?i\ by tlrr<e*?i b *irh ,l>en2w tower b^ssnsstjr ?" """y k" ?"< THE TOWER will be 21 feet high from the ground to the ba* of the dome, and 41 feet in diameter. The ex cavation for the foundation is 9 feet deep and it.our,v?"^ ,**,"*?thr? <*** . . teVl ahove gronnd. In these ;?r ? *wfnty-four Iron anchors to which th ?i^?. 1?! r . MeM?d. A circular sill of oati timbtr, 5x12 inches, will rest upon the fouuda on and this sill will be mortised studs >f utiles, un the top of these stud? will re?.r an JSW? 1" '~??f SUSS the rails on which the at^^|,,w,'n4 ro-t. The exterior of tbe u.^er urn K^me Wili with galvanized corrugate d iron i ?ver(s| tcrior hnuAcd with buifL?g p^-r thc u" TUS m* wil l have a diameter of u icet at its base. and a height ot a feet from that ,H?int. It will have a cireu.arsill for a rest, four by eight inches w hit^?ni,,>!? ?? nV* 01 oue * 1>*H inch M Lite pine pieces, tirmly secured together, with jo.nts broken. The exterior of the^W will be covered uiiL gaivaiiizeo iron, atxl ilie lute nor ttniahed with bnilding paper. Tbe ne.-*< islipsis= fere withttH ! k '1,ter,or would serioaslv inter . IdcVlS oA:,Mre tfe'toT r.)ii.d^ronfdThI^!^nv"w?l|U^ <l SSoi.^oS.ii'cr** J.C 1 he pier or foundation lor the ii w tol ? ?J K,i? . rir^t there i.< ,ui nrcli or i>i?i stone k v, nt?en feet high, and "p,?, this a ""."I'Oi the timbers of the tourr ? ii i 1 n. ac uater. ot lie ru i hp it w ini<i i- \ * iV-nr men to tuiiUt M rt'*uire tW * ?r?S" srz!"% ?? ???' i. ??'??. u,; .1,' r,t? ? ?' ?'??>?? old dome will bare about 1,1 t! UOW ?vtrlookii., the new dome * TUK S?W TELESCOPE place at the Obsct vatorjr by next tall, at lea * e ?hteeii months sooner than *peciticd in tin ci ntrart. 1 wii! l>e the largest refractor in the world, the object ^ln? having a di.imeh*: o! L'Cv inches. The tube will !*? oi iron, and it* local di-ei.'inee r.L' tcet. The next largest refrac tor is owned b> a private geutk-mtn, Mi. N- w liall.ol Kngland. the object glass of that Winj; 2.i inches its diami'ter. The instrument now ii. u>e at t^e Observatory ison*vtMuches indiame ter. and when the new one sbalt be mounted th. obseivers here will of course be enabled to much closer ami more satisfactory observation* than have been obtainable heretofore. Ta object glass, alone, ol the new tele- ope c??st |2i.P?)n. It was east in Kngland and finished in Massachusetts, win-re it is now ready for the m strumcut. The cost of the now teleseoi?' and its requisite machinery will be about ?3o (?> and the tower and dome- about ?15,0?J0. KW IXSTRV.MK.VTS, to observe the transit of Venus hi December. Is74, are also In-ing made, consisting of tele scopes, chronometers, photographing mstrii ments, <Vc., some ot whieh have been complet ed and are adjusted at the Observatory. Tiiis transit will not be visible iiere. however, an i arrangements are now being made to send ou: patties to the Indian ocean. South Pacitie. China and Japan, a here the observations can be roatle. Eight parties w ill be sent out from the I nited States; two of which will go irotn the Observatory here. All the parties will sai next slimmer. The Naval Observatory here, w ith the new telcscojte. will be bettor equipped than anv other institution of tbe kind in existence The professors on duty there stand at the head ol their profession, and the Washington Obaerva world ?* ^ regar,lcd ^ wne wl the best in the llorrible Death*, oh a Railroad. CAKKLLsSh ESS THE CA18E. It appears that the accident on the St. I.oui and Southeastern railroad, which occurred a: French \ illage. Mo., Thursday, was occ*>ioiied by culpable carelessness. The passenaer train was just about to take tbe side track to let a freight train pass, when tbe construction train, which had been passed at the dirt pile but a tew minutes before, and its conductor must nave known ot its proximity, came thundering around the curve at high speed, and plunged into the rear ot the passenger coach, which wa? imnieOlately tilled with steam, and a number of passengers were more or less scalded. Mrs. ?'ohn B. I.iiMv, or I.uke, of Morgan countv, Missouri, while in the act of jumping from the train, was caught between the cars and CBt'HHKD To HEATH. IJer husband, with an infant in hisarm?. suc ceeded in reaching the platform unhurt. A gentleman, supposed to be James II. Watts, ol Chester, ill..* member of the Illinois legisla ture, was caught between the platform of the reai car ai.d the engine of a dirt train, and lit - eially torn to picces. A young daughter of Mrs. lirithn. ol McLeansborougli, 111., received a jet ot steam full in the face, and was horrible scalded alK)ut the head and upper part of her imwIv. Her eyes were put out. It is thought she cannot recover. * SOMEBODY TO ni.AVE. The coroner's jury has found the conductor and engineer ot the constructor to be the n.-r ?oi^who caused the accident, and writs wer. promptly issued ior tlicir arrest. John Fan ning, the engineer, has been caught aud com be'Vouud but Wart1',he conductor, canujt Ketbtbttioh?The rutiian Nixon, who shot down a man in the streets of New York without provocation, has shown himself to be a misera ble cow aid since his conviction. Presumingon l?tovid1,}n,tv?'"v* ?""Lere? ,lave l>cretofore enjoyed in New \ ork, he maintained a bold and defiant trout until the foreman of the jur\ before which be was tried pronounced the aw LreeW''rTh^;,UlUv ?' murd" the tirrt *U Snd ire *V? r*Y PS**' an<1 drCJ4d t f r ,f he supi>osed him self to be standing ou the fatal platform. Hi* t'h.t0!^ Pro^ration continues, and it is said up by '?'imulaiits. Hr kiH Di?r but lie* on his be<i. weeping bitterly constantlv, and seems deaf to allconsoiation ottered by M? friends. Unless some change takes place. It U believed he can not live until the time fixed for his executor A Pomuh Cli e to the Bbookltk Mm D*K My?t*kt?The inquest in the Uoodrich murder case, in New York, has reveal^ ?h. fact that Goodrich desired a ?rt duce an abortion upon a woman >lin?> r!ch^itldehilSri,ith)COaW not remember. CKkxI rich toUI him she was a woman of violent teiu 5^'^,tnefw thougbt the abortion was n o he fi?3" m*mtA Bulu- but not kL? testified to SaSSE^ murder WM con?ni:tted ii ElHIBIT,*?'? r* Omaha.?Oaeof tli sjKfjjgyK ? i J1 "making a night of iL" T i, only difflcuhy is that their*atteSance U solj. S%Shk."?hS^ """"""" !># tiii: i .iKE or i.ii'i t. coHi vm?i;k WHIILtK, Vlrwv ?rsr< rfiar) Kolx-vm l.Alivr. Ill?fl|)li?' in ibf In the ease of Lii-nt. Oommander WiUtim K. Wheeler. I". S. N., tried by a general corrt martial at the B?.?tnn ravy-yaid in February last, on chargt * ot dmobedieuce of order*, iu suboidination. and di?i>p1erljr conduct, to the prejudice of discipline and g<<od order, and found guilty ot insubordination. b<it not guilty of disorderly conduct, and sentenced to t?e reprimai ded by tlie Secretary, the sentence has been approved by the Secretary, but he -ay* the department mast not be construed to ac~e? i?t a? accurate the verbal distinction* under whi> b th-? court has endeavored to ditcrinlMtr txtweenthe personal intentions of the officer charged and the legal intendment of hi* a.??. Whoeverdeliberately disobev* an order given by ot bi)k tent a-:th? i itv m in legal contempt of such authority, and the court see in- to have overlooks the fact that "disorderly con duct" mean* not merely noisy and boisterous behavior, but includes Within its legal sign.ti ca tk?n whatever act strikes openly at the organi /at on or interferes with the orderly relation- of i ivll or military soctetv. If this be true it tol lews of course iliat all insubordination, especi ally il it tend* to tlie prejudice ot discipline and Eood order, is disorderly conduct. It i* evident, owever, that the conft sought l?y th'd fading metely to express their opinion that the iiu?uli oidiuation committed was rather tlie result of a judgment misled by feeling titan the deliberate intention of a malicious heart. Hut it should be understood and remembered that iu all well or ganized society every man of sound mind i* and must be assumed to intend the natural and necessary consequence- of hi* own deliberate acts. W ithout this ini|?erative legal principle the order of civil society court uot be preserved, and the sanctions ot military discipline and the efficiency <>t all military organization* wouM I depend upon the |H.m>uaitheoriesand opinio-!-, ltowever crude,ol the individual* wuo compo-ed tin m. I TV e finding of the conrt. however. establishes the fact that Lieut. Commander W beeler was guilty of insubordination, and the ev Uleiice ] ??hows that tins coli.-l-ted :n a d< bera'. i. i on his part to obey the order* of his *u|>erior officer, who ordered him to |?oce?d to {?- rtor :a the dntv prescribed tor him ai-d his associate* by the bureau under which he was. bv the authority of the department, assigned *1 duty. This refusal wa* founded on tlie assumption ? 1-t. That the duty to which he was ordered, viz . the handling and placing of torpedoes and the manning of boats for that purpose, ?.t* matiua! labor, and a- such Improper lor a com mission! d officer to perform; id. That the ord?r given him was of consequence an illegal on-, and which he was not i>oi:nd to obey: 3d. T V. he wa? the prop- r i?crsor authorised under the circumstances to judge and dicidc Uicsc-4'. s- | tioiis in the fir.-t instancy. Kacb of these- assumption-' is fa'** n itself, and tbe natural result of ail ot tli .11 w end s'r'ke at the foundation ot all d'scipliue ;-.n-l | efficiency in the service. Manual l*i'->r i> u.>t dishonorable in itself, ami whenever any s|h- ! cics of work, manual or otheiwise. becou^ i necessary un U-r any evig'-ney iti which anv officer is placed, or is required by the cona tions of anv duty to which he is ordered, or is prescribed by proper authority lor h's m-tru ? tl<ni or practice, 01 to <|ualify him t<> in-tr 1 t Others, then such work is not onlv hoien aUK-. but is m >st officer li?e. ml ? -p ci i',y Ite.-iiu n^ to these wliii. entrusted bv tbe faVor of tl. govert nient with command In tlie service, are entrusted also with the preservation of its effi ciency. It i? equally true that no sabordinate officer can be allowed to assume to be hnuselt the judge, in the first instance, of the pro|<rietvot the duty to which he is assigned, or of the oid r which is given irm by suj>er!or authority. 111 all cases where obedience does itot involve a breach of law, l.umau or divine, the tirst duty of the officer is to obey, exercising his right, if lift: ffiihmon nMitor to right any wrbug a men he mav think he suffers. No other course 1 officer-like or consistent w ith discipline; none other is so expressive of i?ersoual dignity, nor can anv other be tolerated in the service. These principles seem so plain that it is difficult to l?erceive how a well-meaning officer can ta: to appreciate and carrvtliem out; but Lieut. Cum uauder Wheeler has deliberately violated them all. For this he sutlers the sentence of tin. court! and deserves and receives tlie censure ol the department. The finding and sentence of th^ conrt i* ip ptoved. and this order is published as the repri mand referred to; and Lieut. Commandei Wheeler is hereby relieved from arrest, and oioered ;o resume hisduties at the Torpedo Na tion. tlK". M. Rork?<>?, Secretary ot tins Navy. Iron Kurope To-day. F1VK HIRKKS KILLED. IxnilKiK, April 5.?An explosion of fire la:nt? occurred m a coal mine near Abertillerv, M ??? wouthshire, yesterday, causing the death ol five miners aiid the wwuuding ol many other-. THE CA Rl.l ST WAR IS SPAIJU. ISlADmn, April 5?Twenty-live t^arlist- were captuYed yesterday near Barcelona, and taken to that city. The "government troops had great d-.fficulty 111 preventing a mob from '.vn. l, ng the prisoners. Most of the ehurclies in Cata lonia have been closed or turned into barracks. ? Wall Mreei Iu.?i?iv. Nl.u Yokk. April 5.?tiold opemsl at 11^ 4 and has advanced to II!', the highest pMiu: reached by , |*r cent, in the present "bull" speculation. ' 'n gold loans the rate* for cairy ing until Monday have l?eeii >-?d. 1-1 J, 1 and T; gold, 7, 4. 3 and 1 per cent, per auiiuin. and t!at. o The Pall Mall Carette of yesterday apolo gizes lor it* article iu which it spoke of the Fe nian agitation*, and the traffic iu noisv disloy ally of certain Irish members, and which cau-c l a rather warm debate in the Houi< of Common* on Thanxiav. It says that ibe article was pub lished on account of the accidental failure of editorial supervision, but it reiterates near the same sentiments, though in >0 me what gentlci language. PittKCF M?>schikofk has beon sent by the Unssian goveiument to meet the Shah of Per sia; and the government at fit. Petersburg i* making every ptepiration to impress that m >11 arch with a sense of the magiwticeuce, poaer, and extint o; K 1m a. Fire at Uobdos?villk, Va?The Urge suniae. plaster, and corn mill, belonging to Mr. N. S. Smith, in tlordonsvdie, \'a., wa- cut relv consumed by lire at aV>out o'clo>*k Thurs?lay afternoon. The tire originated from the spark* of the engine. Loss,f 15.600; insurauce, 4>4,jtM. ?^Sassafras tea is a Pittsburg tipple. I/*A Cleveland, ?>liio, g?rl is eight feet high. ty A Pha-nixville church has a waiuiu -tx tou. ?afThe Pope is recovering from lit* rccent illness. ?^"Professor Agassix is reported to be failing in health. K/"Miss Wade, of Cincinnati, lats fai'.td iu sixty-one attempts at suicide. KTThe population of St. l.oni?i* 1W.1JK, an increase 01 117 over tbe census of 1870. So St. Louis says. ?TMamcs Monroe, the present mayor of An napolis, Vd.. has lieeu renomiuitcd by tae rej ublitans for re-election. t?"A Detroit halt-orphan lias appeale-i to the courts to enjoin his mother from uiarr , lug again. VA wandering heir has turned up iu Leaven worth. Kan., and lays claim to leu acres, right iu the heart of tbe city. ?yAn Ohio man killed a "young" goose the other dav, and discovered in its crop agold ring his daugliter lost ten years ago. .VJames Newman, of Klizabetliport. N J., went out shooting last Tuesday aud has not since been beard of. VOeneral Forrest, of confederate raiding tame, utilizes his cavalry experience iu the management of a livery stable. ?7~Kerosene is down to U? cent- a gallon in Auburn; which places suicide withiu the reach ot the poorest. J. E. Sullivan's tobacco factory in Ilich mond, Va., was burned on Wednesday night last; lot# 92,000. . *rAwTf?T!? wom*T1 bill of one dol lar for light and fire to a young man who failed to coma courting on the appointed evening. NTThe ladles are all beginning to part their hair again, and find the old style very dignified and tody like. The "poodle'' style has been banished completely. ?fi^San Francisco amateur astronomers are - , . ,?' - nuinuui H'ilUIIUHlCrF fooled into crying "Meteor*' by mtU Chiwae kiVu Wl10 *ttllcto lauterns to tbe tails of thyif trial of Blakely for the murder of ?laud Merrill, his niece, takes place in Htm ork next week. VA Dubuque testator formally gave^leviaol. and bequeathed his wearing apparel to his wife, for tbe reason that she had been accustomed to wear 'cm during her married life. TXLE0RAK8 TO TH* stab. j ThU DNpatcbe*. ASSOCIATED rKK.vTREPORTS. *' IN I WKftN . 1 wrwr r?r ?n.%tnr. m IHrtUM. PoBTI IM'i Main*. Aprd I Ytie ?t.'amdi >. - 1 a^iuci'h. nrth MMtb AtlanticA i?a>#Agrr? f on; Halifax. ar lived b-rv at 1 it- Uf tm ??mi# Amongtbe ? *'t: !???* ty t - .it. ??. W \ ., k of North CareMtia: Mr Ingia of Xf?>?rV U It. K chmond. of l*?roit. and fm "imi y. ? Kn ncLrnan. the iatUr liar km le*H and |< y? U?ll> Irvim. Ike) were in the ? ig?; ng sight hours. They |>r;u?.: the oMcer* for Uf.r (tl lantry. Wt!? the crew A trwii <tartr<t ini* Iter* *1 ibrxf oXrx k with tbe ri'fcngitv The Falmouth hatkil is at ilw uilrncti lit Ituu IBae Wait ing. and the *Tr.Ai*Er Arm t\cvr. rA<r? or rar ?r*is:n *??? r A??l K?*KRi> *"? *Wklf. ira?n?t At each AM ?! . 111. loii? !?!?*. . !?? t ? . ? ?. 11|. tie. *a WeI ?? tfceoe u*t cmtun (roMr4, clothed mostly in tliIck winter f.atin. nt*. with tuui tk-r. ble??. cloak*. and some with Vat* nn thHr head*. A? tht v rinif ashore each <>??? pa?e-1 t w j ol tbe ?4K<w>. w ho litniM t be m Uiruu^li p?? < to\'? > ork. wuly baggage kvi ?*,. 4 |, ^ .oal ol brchl uu li t < aexi otifV arm. an>' t,? th < they ching a* i' It ?w the aanvt vatuV-le oi carthlv n* Kitting in the eaten ? i? tonnd Mr. S W \ u k. t?i Wi!iuiii(i#n, North Carolina. He * ?? i cs? ued after; t?> tut i:i??.tnu i'.i.nt n>?c?. He ?w fr?t n.,k> d I \ ?! <> >. .?! . , !'??iP(f nti r IN rl|t)nii(t. He tb'.nkftliat over a? psrislii <1 wit am live minnlc* from the time she stunk tit a second time, I he other* ?* ? med competent and actrd well, wbde tlie crew n.aile no>mpt to as?i>t, and -ecim ? 0 n pletcly demoralized. * iHuim Kel>ett*. x. ond nurwr, tu *!-*> on tbe Falmo.ith. He *av? there was 1*1 EM ? or I OA1, A Ht 'A ltl> the ves-el to last to X. w York, hut the e.u >i wouhl turn akm * 1<>?ar<l- Halifax to a\o.a u,c Morm wfneh aee u< ?! to be lnt|*n<tiii? B. B. Ki< hrnor4, ol Itetroit. in tae ralni*--* man Kavt.?l fhvat the wreck. Hm iu<>utb m ?rt and coni|>r< ?Ned, and be Kft aU ol the U.-aef. r ac he ?onki ol any event of hUtorv. He *a? a?l?e|? ?hea tk. vewwel ?truek. and ha-l barely liae to l?ip Int. Uie rigging. He think* Mm niimt have itfrtttcvk artUuu Uruuuuatc* aiter il* ?bi|> KrtcL Ti*kr ?"E*r m all oU ?i?^rage |-*m? mi^oi ?. and T eaMn i?a*en*er - ot the k?4 ?ln|> a'h>ard th?* FalBM>nth and all o( the?* to- k the tr ain lot ItoMou and N.-w \ ork ?.hr,>,rrl'*,rt * ?!???? a*?d aauootii |.aaraic. from llama*, aixl ^y that every act of kiudix m. i.4s l>eeti perfr?rmtd for them ?kich CkrifiM^n charity could |>oe>riMy nutMl, but tkev arc at Uie I ? M a aad-atricken and d? >eetrd looking m-' 01 iKtn, ?ho it'iii4 to have lelt tke kr?i |.*if tin it ho|<?'? and their Uvea ?ilb their loal wuea on that t-rut 1 night on the iii-fktcd aln{>. ? hal < apl. ? llllMiaa* M|?. Xr* York. A| ril r.._in ? onvrmatfon witi t rc|.?.it?-r yertentay evening, at ltalifkli, faj.f. V illiauib va'il hr r-;-ent m>>M ot lliitnalay hi^I'I at MarrV Hill, aiwl )Mimiially eKauniiV^I tlio N'di* f, but found none of theiii mutilato?t. b-rt beHeved many IhxIhc had b?rn rol.b d ||n ^a\? iki- Atlantic ?a? ? Uritatlr c<ialc.l tM*inre l?"l< i a bnr|wiil il it had not boen {or ihrM dayt> heavy ?< atli< r ?*v|?erl< ucud. We wereoiit ol our (H*ifi?>ii Kob'ly on acrouut of the current. ?hirh ai<i?t have had a northerly Met a* well a? wrrfrrty, hiHl he allowed eight'degree* ea-t ? atdlmifjrtit.l' iievitg thai to b? aaafde. '>u Moj.?la\ he ??? <|ititeatMV ol kie po?.u n, both bar? mi t? r? agreeing, l.nt tbe northerly net proved gr< atcr than all -wt?d for. f r taroor three da; ? (ireccd ng he bad lonnd the shi|i a?-t to the withward ami eastward of i>?^ pdMtion. t a| taiii V iliiaiu* w i' iaa tue ? uiu t io>?iii on the ?al?<'n d?'ek. |e^? than tliirty t. ? t iroin the briilfe. when the ahi|> "track. All the lev!* ami 'inep w?*re in .r<i. r. l?nt they had r>?? ????? ii Ittwl. IMlt ill* UHIIg '.I Ui -|fT H ' Coll > <1 rtd i fini ii. ?i-ar^c oi tbe deck at tbe |!im ol (lie di-..?t?.l tiuMo.<gb.\ ?omim" tint. " 1 lie Pswrinfr* in nw>tim. Ro?h-k. .t| i il ...? 'I tiler Unnde"d ami t?re!v? M?er*i(e |>:??? njtir* trona the ?i?ck ol tlio ?dCAlner Alialil . arri\ vd .u B.*r? >1I turn luvi ii* ing 1^ the 1. ."*? : n r.iiimnil. Tlie- aire rc ccned bv ?e-. ralcHiaen* ii?rf ane?cortof ;-i:naj atKj maae*e4ta I'antai' Mall, wher ? Immti tul l>rvak*?*t an ailed tii in. 1 b? following penilenieu are iu atteudaaoe ujun .hem a? a iclit I cot: Mitteo and to receive oontribn'iona of twrn y atd clothi?>f. acting br rerjmwa of tho iu?>"r A lexai.dcr II Hicc, rhoiirt? IC'i?a*)l9 Fmlerick W. Lintolk, K wumet t". (Vikb, .lam ? H. Chndniv k. Aider men ? utter and Clark, ai i Cokinel E. O ^bepArd. The entire |>^rty wiil ree, ive the kindr;>t lio~|'itatit>. dnriiii; the" dav, and leave to-taght by tbe ball River mcioiIkmi Sah Khan? i-? "? A|-rfl 4?t*\ v. n utiy? or more will elai-ae l?efore |>, acem ? ar i> iloter mincd u|ion with tbe Mtcluo. M^'iir Ma?on. of tbe 21vt lutantrv. C. mtnaialA the troop* on Um ea"t Mile of Tt le lake. To-morrow two eonapA nie* of tbe 12th Intantre co into camp In the lava Itedh at the loot ol Uie blulta. under tins comniand ol Major tireen. The entire force, undet tlie comuiaml ol tHucrai (iiUcm, nun Im r^ seven hundred men. Booton Ctiarley cauio into <Atn|> the lai-* Mt oil Thimlay And retnrmd with ihf iutcdigoiico that Ibc troo|>-> and She incu.iM/> ot the |?au rMmmiMuu wero coniiTi^ u|< to talk with the ModoCs again, lien era! Caiibv. with the other eoBamiMdoner* and troof*. will make no Agi^e^eenKiveioent un'tl tberoiuwtMOD get# through \heix work. ??ii A|?ril M the troopk nt Yan Itrcmer'a broke cj,ni|i and matched to the isiuthea?t comer of Little K':?matii take, on the tdulToverlooking 4 IPTAtX 4A? ?'? aTltOK?H??t.l?. Before night all had Amrrd lately At the font i l the blurt, and tbe cMnp wat lUcxl In tlio uu mil Hue the mjiuh XlAtiida had boon ? nt h ith m message ftotn tbe comtai-doner*. When a half a mile away she wa*roet hv Bo-ton Tbar l#v, who waseoui-ealed. Hi went karkwitli her to' the camp, and proeeoded directly to tlio ? jiiai tcis ot tlic peace commis-ionerA. w bero h? nmained until Minuet, when he returned to Captain ?'ark's camp with * Ml>-fA?ii; Fl?? T HE ?OMV!??IO?tR?. The I'urjiort ot tbe uii ssage i* unknow n. a? everything is now w ithheld Irorn representa tive* ot the prcfw. This morning Boston Char ley and Bofus t'harlex came back, and (I'luril t'anbv ai-d the commiasiotn r^ went out to lu-'et ? aptam dAck again, a mile beyoudtbe picket lit*. Noenc w it-ja rmi'te.l toaccompau) tbcui. The M<aloc* sat four hour* talking under a (?citing ram. arid then they returned to tlio ( ABip. The tM|uaw> gave the only information that w as obtained Allot T Tfik COfSCIL. Bog'.is Charier S(*?ke first. Me^- s M<*A<*ham, Tin-ma*, ami Dyer lollowring th> in. Captain Jack and dohn Nehwnichan then ?p"ke violently, -ajingthi y would make no promtae*, and would not leave" the cunnti\. The ceiiutnisMoocr* made no proportion to the MihIoc?-. The oplu iou prevails in cam(> that the difficulty can ?KVUt END WIIHut T eu.llt t M.. A number of s^uawe and ?? Shoeknamv .lim*' returned to tbe camp w ith the conuui?i.'tn-r<. The former were loaded with preacigj, and food, and then went back to Captain Jack'* enve. It is re(x>rteU that the Modocs intend making tbe brst attack: aud the troop*, in ".anar fence, hate doubled their picket?. I lie ciini?ay com niamleo have been ordered to hold tn?-uaaclvea in readine?? to receive the enemy at any iuu ment. ? Ken 1 writ BitHea. Too THIN. New YoBK, April .1?The n^ewt phaae o| tbe Ooo<lrich under ca?e ia that .1 ames \V. knoa. a prisoner in tbe Brooklyn jail ou tho i barge ot lottery, cU>ius to have information that wouldresult in the detection of the mur derer, hot refuses to disclose it unle** the charge against himself be dismtaaert. Knoa wa? lour \cai> on the New York police lorcc. ; lit rUk.eiUk.AT OF TUt lit'U/6 liKAU DIM AsnisTtii. It ia rnmored that President Wflliam v>n, of tbe Bull'* H- ad Bank, has been aere.-t._-d ot* indietmentA louml by tbe grand jury. Tat receiver rc|ioru that aite-r tue depoaiiora have been paid, there mil remain 110,0W io renre sent tbe capitAl and aurp'.u- of Ibe bank The receiver nav* the money waa taken by wttar ono in tbe bank who bad teem to tbe books. New directors were chnaen la?t evening. A BKVkKi'B Ot* TT EB *t Sit. The reveuuoe cutter Bronx struck A - inken rock between Little tiulf IslAtid and A?vluna Idaml, Mand Souud yesterday, and ?mik in twelve leet of wateT. All hand* were tared. ri:LslHKKT VATMR, ol the Krie toad, wa* to-day eaamlne*! by the legislative committee, but nothing material waa elicited, except that he rci uaed to aauctiou any money being paid for Albany legialnUou. A raTAL riOBT. Kdward I lor at', ot M tireenwich a* root, *?4 thla morning from injnnea roeeivod in a Mght with liobert (Smith the other evening TBB IW*I?BL r<?A BIBOB, under aentenco of dontk. i? preparing a bill of eicepUona I writ of error. Clnrk, one the latter wat trial. Nrw Tout, April W. t. Andrews, after delivering A lecture to the Tonne Man's Ckris f Association last night, wns nrreetod and Aen to tht Ludlow-street jail, on a charee of *? ??' ??? ? -???- uiKUt? WM HTrlwHl Albl to the Ludlow-street jail, on a charge of Sj^a ^tiSy. * ?onsew^jobe had been ordered to pay over to a woman in a bankruptcy cam. PnTL^BLrBtA!"Aprfl * y~l n "ts a prem j >?? the cnee of Miss Burnham was ?nclnded, fhe pleading tor the right to veto on the ground that the word frnomanln the eeasti wae decided agatnet he? ?????? E a and I-arty passed through here for " aylvania, to-da>. 0

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