Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. largest Circulation in the District Eeadicg Matter on Every Page ?%TrSA^HINGT0N CITY: April ?. 1%7S T lie C WimkIi tome* to the defence of Mr. t'art CM (or hi* latf piece ot ipite-work a^ain-t this city ar.l the Baltimore and Potomac road, in breaking np the eonvenient rail connection, with the Orange aiwl Alexandria railroad ru the Long Bridge. and compelling the passen gers to go throngh the circumlocutory process of chang ng to the ferry bout at Alexandria, again changing to onnltuMi in Washington and meandering through the city to mako KL^T^L'lT?"* t0 U'e north*"> train*. liTZ t,ie *""ing off* line of Tk ? 1 Wa*Lln?t?n c'tr, and declares that making Alexandra that railroad termi i.n. and substituting the ferry an 1 .^tocat onof connection' is more agreeable to the trvvcling public" than the through rail route. They can get "breakfast and supper",'> on the ferry-boat*. says the Ckronirt, and ?n\| it very ?""?factory, ard -sofar a.- the Washing ton city travel In concerned to and from the Orange. Alexandria and Mmw, railroad, the stean boat connection is tuito v* good in every re*,>ert." Sur. lv the nn?,Hlw been badly BfjfBM. a. itaNo ha> in the supposi tion that fJarrctt will build a competing dna r ?" Wm>h,"?ton and A lean Ir.a (..rrett will do no stich thing. To ,hto k'i'tge the Potomac and SS^Y? "J B *"*<'->?W cost 1dm ... u,>. dchn W. i.arrett wouid haggle about w luMn f ol >Utt> ,0f filt> then he wou.dn t. Or, .1 at the end of that time he to the nicking would be tifty . ' ars more before the road ww built. H's mormons capacity for oot building roa U would ensure that roach di-lnr. No. ,f ht build? ,! Ch**V Involving no / outlays lor bridge* ,nd tunnels. H- ha t ae (ranc to build a cheap rood of this kind from oppose Alexandria to near Bladensburg, thoo giving Washington our hott>|# *?Nv altogether in favor of It CWir however, supply on* C.-ir. tt ? peculiar boons to travelers; a ferry and omn bus break of connection in cro*> ng be river at Alexandria. They could also enjof I ny-boat refreshments of pea-nut sand ging.-r ca?cs on the transit, and the whole arrange iuci.twou:d b? in a style of magnificence an i rZZmZL** *ab"c couvea,tnee 111 !J?WCVCr- that Mr- Barbour the Orange and Alexandria road are by no Bean., satisfied with the ?? new arrangement" which compel* them ,0-ja* Uvx ' rgr,SU'' ra-?tigers at the Alexandri? Urr> wharves. to endure the ferry boat and ommbos dislocation to get to and tbrongh Wash jogton. The Orange and Alexandria company * * * "^'wfactory n. gotiation at rates anT*', ' ,W theniwi?'? the Baltimore ami ro ..mac company for U.e use of the thro .gh ?k! ?'*nfction; and the breaking *t to ,he iacf>nven.cnce or the II Idsc aial the injury of the basinet of Ww'i ton.may W set dow? as another instance of sadness ' on the part of Mr. Garrett. ? ? ? ? The f?H particulars of the great disaster con ' m the t.r?t r. port, that the tewof the -tr.iu r r^ V,'; tir t' ^ "pidity and 'Li ?f 'be owners of the vessel in'sacri D0*f* to the I lace a, to Sek bi.5l" in J,ttIe ,0r "L'i.; cl"~ ?" ?te. ftom thef rM J met wuh another reburt to 1?ie ti "V" vBruwuj iu ottermB to go Ue^,.l: ,0 krv|> ?^koot for la.,7 IU soy, turner that at 3JO o'clock the captain. ,, rr r'T1?*in ihe ch*n^m.?o ? ed that the weather was getting thick, to which m?tUl?tion the Captain seem, to have O-Torded by turning over for another nap. J be main blame, however, must rest upon the fetcamcr company, who, to save a few dollars in the puce of coal and the amount of storage too?, sent the Atlantic to sea at an inclement season, with a short allowance of fuel. From the inordinate length of the vessel, and iu height compared to ita width, great speed was secured at the expense Of safety, and the great est care shonld hare been exercised by the com pany to have the steamer run cautiously on dan l-???te, where her faulty construction aouhl be apt to betray itself. The New York Tribune editorially says that ??two survivors of the wreck of the ciyil service advisory beard are goir.g south. They are to be accompanied by two Treasury official?, ami will s|?ciaily apply themselves to custom houses with a view to better the service by a juiiieleuK use of civil service rules. ' The Tri Ohk? ought to be thankful tor the information tbat two members of the civil service advborv hoard are not going south, and tbat the gentle en to wh jm it refers are simply members of the Treasury examining board. Kach depart ment lift- an examining board which performs its duties under the direction of the advisory board ami in accordance with the regulation* prescribed by tbe latter. It docs not naturally follow that becau;* one member ot the advisory l*>ard sees tit to resign that the board should become a wreck; nor is it reasonable to supi>ose that the President would become faint-hearted on that account and abandon civil service reform altogether. Such a course would certainly be somewhat inconsistent w.'.h the President's usual way of doing lhing?. ? o ? Alout tte lamest tie fence set up by a mur dt rei tor some t^me was that of Nixon, the New ^ oik bill-poster, who slaughtered a i?oor fellow i:i cool blood because he would not get out of his w ay. The victim was riding on horseback, car rying a whi -Me-tree across his horse's neck, arid was shot by Nixon from the rear. Nixon's excuse wa? that the murdered man threatens! to hit b.m with the whittle-tree.but when it is rem in hered that the men were the length of two t>or*es a| art, the absurdity of his statement will l?e seen at once. L>uring the trial Nixon main tained a bold front, and had his little girl seated On his knee with the hope of winning the sym pathy ot the jury. Like all other cowards, he I roke down completely on bearing his sentence, and it is thought be m iy die of iright before the t!ay of execution arrivts. He should have cal culated the con?> ijueuces before tiring the fata! ?'-ot. His terror is doubtless intensified by the i membrante ot |the action of Oovernor lilx in l e Poster dbsc I V.T 1581 HASt *?Ca?< KLlNO Hv RIP?A 4. " .lemanof W ashington, having on hand four c ve piece* of scrip, issued to him by '? The < '-'mental Insurance Company of the city of I \ or1-," wrote to the management in that ? concerning it, and was informed that * . -neof the benp msied alter 1*J has been ti payable. The great tire at Chicago swept aw? v ' 1,3n0,M0 of our surplus, including our si: j iutrfl. This rendered necessary the c^ui tciamt of all the scrip which hid not been ?>i<h red paid before that time. Your scrip is all lor vears subsrtjuent to 19&3, and had not been jna^c payable at the time ot the hre. and cou ?tiiaeMl) is Included in the cancellation." The a!*>ve tacts may be of interest to many ml cur readers. Wo canuot see the propriety of issuing scrip for * s?-riea of years, arid then can celing it l-y whuK-salo. The N'?w York Sum is ?? authoriled to say*' that :>< nator > uton will not take his extra ft?r )>ii-own pecuniary advantage, ton he li ?s th t niallj deter ml net! what use He will have it | .1 to. He is doubtless looking about anxiously to see where it will do the most food. ? ?* - ^ r '1 he Bt?iun T ? / iy t hints to the m&nager ot the great lu?? -. . railway in this country that they cannot snci i t<> tight the government by reiusn-g josi* - i t. ii.T'es. Those corpora ttooaare uni- , : >< rnough now without bdi V ? uj uk* iiUbbU vi niAicui.**m wwraniiN There was but little charge In the Wall street t*j.t ket* yesterday, money being very stringesO, lnt rot m> high a# on Thursday. SpecsHatis* stock? w?re strong and investment securities lu avy. Money U coming into the citv rapidly, h> that lower rates muit prevail in a few days. <;?'d was strong at 111jksli0*jeranie?t were quiet and steady. The stock mar ket w ?? strong. Towards tue close of business Lours co'd advanced to lis but money Jt* t lii:td to l-32al-16 per toy. uoveraaeai Beearttles. Jfty Cooke A C?. i urnish the loUowiagto-dftj: *??'?. SHl'%. J#V?. S*U?t. r 8 IVIVL 1*4 ! 1 I 17 I BlUs.llM... -I i 1 l? JS't U 16'? I ? *)'iJuAJ?,^8.nl4 1< ?? i ?i,iml~?us idk ! u-*) t ir. u Ktw loBK-PtgsT r.s.n.m ? uu-sjaa.gjiy.uw wj 6 we, urn. w? to m'? ? is ? m>, KM............. N'( American Gold. 1-i'j 6 *?>, Ml ?.li Currency 1.1 SW-Jan AJIy.*? 1?\ |?w Vim 11 #-*}'?,Jen. * Jly. 67-1S TM Markets. BaLTIHPH, April 5.?Virginia ?'?, con-- >IiiJted. 51bi.l to-day. Uai.ttmobs. April 5.?Gotten duil ar.d nsm's*! Flour dull and imrhiagxd Wheal inn and Meady. Corn actiie sal high-r?white south ern. S3; yell w mn'liprn. S3; mix~d western (|iii?t ? ?lit lira ,t>l. Oats r.rm<T?southern. 47 ?tit); w<-- ?rn j mixed, t?7; do. white. *4. Rye steady, 3a<li.?5. | liar un< l apsed Prov 'sion-. 'lull and e:%?i.'r?? less p rk. $ 17f<r $17 Jo; sugar-cured hams, 12'j-316. 1 trd, , f1, 11 .-tern 1 utter * ery ik arc*, wanted ,anl fl rrn; pri<- -s ni.' barged W hi-ky jniet hut t1rm,(?)L?. Hsw* YnkK, April S.?Fl >ur dull and uncharted. ' \Y heat dull. Cmilill. Niw Yi'Ki, April 5.?St *s s?~oig G llfim, 1SS, M(Rpy nrni, '? t? ' an 1 in ?r??i I<ch*iif?. Itnsr. 7*4; sh-.rt. i , G .*ern;ii"nts quiet a:."! lira. Lomk>>. Ai"-i! 5. II 3i> a. ni.?C n- m* ? 'P n ? J st "3 f I I..' ? ? IM ?in:'. B >nS ' Ubii (ill , N; MB<:M-tt?< 1; w-w t(N,MS. Kri?,S0'?. , Losr.os. Aprll 8, J p. ni.?Console closed at 9f"? f tswiiq , 9Ctnr vrount, Rends of IMLnU N il 1*7, M . lo-ji?\.$?*?; new tiT-s, (? -i. Erie.??'?. I'?r > Apuli -K it^s opened 45 franc-*. 'X (e'i time.-. - ? ?????- - THE KEATHKR. ffiR Pier a utmk.vt, Ojf<C( CKfJ Jsijfuki GJlcsr, 1 W *sbi>HTils, D. C.. Ai rii .r>, ls73,11 a. n J StaoHli r> > fa?tTwiim-rvri hoi'k< - Tie- ?r a of I ,w tturumeter that was Frid?> ni'>riitni in 1 nii, ha-m \'d ? nlourly across the, ?r."l the l i'ii:f'er d'-pri-s >ii h.vt r^-rv ff-?u -rallv d;-?i p' ar ?!, teir,5 now r^-pr?s:?iit*.lby s?v"r t! nruall ip-?<nt tiiiu .r di-4nrhance in I >wa >>ver the low -r Iskf* .ii.<t ? 11 thr nti IJI? Atlantic co ?*t. T!ie teuip raltire hm risen<Iecid?tlf in IhiuoM ac<1 Oli'o, an 1 l..?- fallvti mc. 1 it in tl, iii^ i He an I It l a* ri -n .luriii'Fri ia^-tii^lit in the south Aflan ttr rattsl sn>i over l>aka Erie. S >'<,rl\ wird-, ?illi cloud, prevail in the ? ?n'hw-M; axilhwe-t vi mis, *.th cKir wi-ather. in ihf sjnrh Atla* tie stat.--; north and ea?t wind*, vri-n occasional ' aiti or sin w, o\er Lake Hurtu, aud eMisarl to lh-* C'or nect'ert ri\(T. I'phbib : T'F'.?Th ? l?.ir iTn?t-?r eintl'ir.e rl? diirina Satnidiy throneh'oit tlis ?<"!t!i??rn ? i'Ii sonthw <*?ti>rly winds and rioinc t?ir.p?rariiT?*. 1 loi.dv weather and pft?ibly rain prevail ou "lie latsiediatr yult < oaat and '\t-u 1 a* 1 r.11 at rius 1 lit > > utli t'ai -'iiia. Southwesterly ?in U c >ntinu ? v r the t?ht-i valley and f-xteud over th" middle A* lurrtr states during Saturday evsi;:'i/. A small <11-* turhatice develop in tbe latter region h Satnr.iav aft.'ruion. attended l>y n rthea<t winds and liifit raiti iu New Jersey. New Y >rk, and sMuthern N -w Fnglard. Noiiluast winds and rain c uitinu ? on Late Oi.tari , arid cloudy weatlo-r pi ail v.-ry gen erally over tic- lake region. C >ld norther)* winl*, witl> clondy and thre;?'ening weather,c-wtinne ilnr ii'gth*'da> o* er the iiorthw-st and thenr-? to \V , ) Cautionary signals continue at Milwauk!-, ? lot :>g". Grand Hat en, Detroit, Tol-U<?? CleteLi'il. 1 ?! are ordwred at Buffalo, 0<wes;o and R >ch -i-r iKakWAl'lili M. F. CHL'R' il -Prea- tiing Tn u?f M < 'Rl.i -W . at 11 a Ui.isl7.ijpm, l> th - pa-tor. Rev . liiCHSBP It* s-^j 1 ""o. O. F. t'UOIR.?Tli- n.-mi'srs a> r< .'tested to l>e pi?.ent TU IS (Saturday. 1.VtMNG i .nttuailv. Annual ni.^t. u o.lj. -r^. It F P i LAPP. 8*creiary. oLI MHiA 1 V Pin. R A 1*11 K \1. SMI IE" C3" i ? ? 1 1 A -'M- 1 no^tiiiij will l>-- hell THIS FVFSING. ?t7'i -"cl ?.st the south?r ?t Corn-i (tSihasd t'. -'1 -. il*l K M tf Ml 1!K \ Y PS*rltU WILL Bl a MKITISO for"the Lrr prone' : td I! >l:n?? a' '2~m rithx'r I; ir B tindar> *tr ?t, oa M'EPNICSDAY SE\T. ??th instant, at 7 SO p m. All ar? iuvit ? 1 1.* irs*GOR8f<"U f'HAPEL. <? -n r t-, and L ? ? I,*???.?, R-v. J. Ii M"'o:< f pi?t'>r. S?*rvi TO JtdREUW at 11 a. 111. and 7'* p. ui. P M; i.^vite^ 1: * fr"S?NEW JERISALEM TEMPLE. N rthl ar Uyiy it 1 I st 1 eel, I- ' -en B n.i C st 1 ? -t?, U \ Ji fcf z Fox. pa-t r. S nic-. 'til a.a. EYLSYSt N PAY. Seats all fn?e. It* fr ^Joi Nl'K Y M. E < UUUt H. 11 !i anl^O ?tri-e:,. R"V. II. A. < M f -.LAM>, past. r; T?? flURLGlY at 11 and 7', p.m. Evening to your.g men. Subject, "Struggle artd Success." 1:* NOTICE?Al! p.-rson? ire herel-v n?tilted n>t Uwy 10 tr ?de i.,r or piii cli.i^ any ?now ry 11 ??-< < I hasd madeor trai.-f-rred by rtu- t> F. M.KJW K IH K, or inaie payabl' to bis ord-r. It* E M JACK soy ft-S?COLI MRIA TYPOGRAPHICAL fc'N'IOK. c-^v No. IOI ?An Adjourned Me-tin* will b - I e.d THIS E\ F.NIN'iJ. at 7'j o'clock, at t'oloinbla La? Ruild i ?, ft'h street, near E. New By-Laws *nd Stale of Price* come up for timl consideration. U L H. PATTERSON, R. and S. wt:!hbf"R^ of John f h wil KINSO> LUDOE. N >. 1^43. G I'.O ?1 O^e'^are re-iuested to me-t at their hall, on IS" li ?irep*. between C wid P strs .n SUNDAY, at |] o't U>ck, for the pcrpose of attendee th* liiueral >' our d?ibrother. (jEok n Jac*?ox. an I all ?:-t.-r Lodges are invitod to attend. By order >t th-* L-!?r-. GARY PABKS. N. G. JAMES A. MILLER. E S. It IT^aREPI BLIC SAVINGS AND BUILDING A8bO? IATION?The tw dftli rn inthly in-et ? line will be held MONDAY next, at 7'? p. in .at Y. M f' A Lecture Boom. 409 9th street northwest. .* l",i ?? ? ? iJ ?? will be advanced to members on aatisfactory security. Thi* association ofTers the ?rest liberal terms to borrower*; nee constitution. Member-- desiring to surr.-nder atack will please no tify the secretary at once. _ ? _ S. B BOND. President. E J. SWEET.Sec y. ?>?*? 7th it. N W. j B ? I It TO-MOBROW, a? beautiful and bright as cr our balmiest %ernal dav?.now hapP'lv here, Sl'NDAY MORNING OA/ETTE will mek- Us early end beat bow. to ita twenty thuv ?and read-rs, freighted into copious column" id ttharp Criticisms up. n Current Events of th-^se atirring times, including Editorials, Society G >seip. Locals. Latter Telegrams, with an -ther spicy letter frotn "Cordelia,"on the"Rough Club," Ac , Ac. l>ont feil to reed -'the Oer.?-tte" to morrow. Let it |>e t, men<l>er>-d by our businees frienl. that the Sunday Sazette. beeause of its large and pe.-uliar clasa of readers, is an exceedingly valuable adver tising medium. Advertierinents inserted until tw?lvs(12 o'clock to-uigbt. </*Bu> "th- Oa/?t' 'to uiirtow. i'S-I;* o ROSADAL1? B. i". T W Svtt?, T'nicnvill >, S t f-:r'tier ?v? * * M> tuothsr, aged sixty-two. hiidneeii in del'.-ate health for years -he used Rosa talis a-< a touit and renovator, end ha? eu^ojt-d excell.ut h? sill: since. ??? ????? A lady near I'nionvllle had an ulc^r on the aid- of b?-r neck which threatens*! to ^at into li'T jugi:lai vein. She was treated by th*- hr-st phvs:ciat:s in tlits ?? > li i. i and there are s^ni" skilled ones here) with out any l>enetit. She used Bosadalis. nni >r.u ci"t I On tbe whole. I regard it a* .1 great iu?dicine. For sale b> S. CALVERT FOUD, 1105 P-nnsyl v una avenue. a5 et6t p-3eNKW YORK REPUBLICAN ASm?. IA UtcX TION ?There will a rezuiar nn-etinx of thi" Association at CI irk-'-H ill. N ?. 4 7 9 Penn sylvania evenne. at 7 Ju o'tlock ou SATURDAY EVENING, thi 5th inst. ALGN7.0 BELL, Pr-sident. JAMES F SPRAOI E. Rh s c. al .'t (V-^a ATTENTION. COLI MU1A ENGINE COM be/ PANT, No. 1 ?Th ? anuiial election f >r se*en Directors of the C >lucibia L'biary will b beld st the Cdnmhia Eeuine-h'use, MONDAY, April 7th. Polls open from 3 to 9 p m. Jn'?i j e/ i . L >?-e, T. H. Robinson. F. Lew it*. i. E. ENTWI9LE. at 3t* Secretary and Librarian. l*-3?MK>Er? ? HOOL AT THE FlitKD MEN S HOSPITAL. The second Annual Course o! L?ctur?s will C"tn nietice TUESDAY, April jih, at S*? p. tu. Tiiiti ii ?!?. 1 r fuulier information iieitiire at th- 11 sp:ta' or of Putts. JOSEPH TABKk JOHNSuN M 1? . at At ^37 New York avenue. w.. W A?U1NuTyN LIBRARY COMPANY. ? L NICII0LS0N. M. B < CSHMAN. and JOHN MEl(j>, have been appointed to hold the aanual eles ti on lor seven Diri-ci rs of the Wash i'tjft i n Library C- n.pany at the Library Bi?>m I Men'aC'hristian Assov i at ion Baildii.g' fr mi 3 1' 6p m .on MONDAY. April T. l<7i Al. due^ u;o?t I t paid bj the stockholder* before voting. s.i st JOHN MB ICS. Secretary. TO LADIES. 1- How sad it istuseoa y >ung wife, a mither ot faeiily who r?~juires ell her physical strengtb to fnltlll her b< u?*h Id duties, and all her nigral ca Bcities to accept the responsibility which falls apou r, to see her prostrated, losing every day ner ?UM.gtb, feeling la.liy without being able to say why. tut yet suffering enough to be utterly misere sbiel This state of weakness and dwbility is more fatal tu her tban a severe spelVof sickness, f? r iu that case she will receive the proper care, es In the other she will linger months aPer months, sot thinking wurtb while to see a pb) sioian about it. uutil nature, evhausted, gives out, and she is carried to the grere, wben e littie precaution in proper time srould have stared hei life. To prevent, to cure, 11. thing can compere with the LoNG-LlvB BIT TERS of Dr. L. G BKRTRAM They ere a safe aad infallible r?medy against malaria, dyspepsia, coa tivness, biliousnene, headaches, morning sickneei and ell cueipiauita peculiar to wumes. Tlieea Bit ter?, which are eidd by all drucKwts, ere, in conse jn.-nce of their virtue end moat agreeable teste, the medicine par trrtiltnrt for ladies. 18-tr IT^SCH KNCK S P L L M0NIC CA N D Y embrece U^>X in agreatdegreealltheprinciplesof Scheuck's PuTniOnit Sv rup, and while as pleaeant to the palate a* the por-m of coufectious, its medicinal properties render it effectual in coughs, ciiiih, bronchial and catarrhal affections, te It is the most acceptable r, rued) for children or infants, aad can be given with Impunity; while for professional gentlemen, or those wb<> suffer from loss ?f voice, it te indispensable. These candles are pnt np in a cent boxes conveni ent for the pocket, and are for sale by ell druggists and dealer* J H. BCHENCE A ?OS. febS-tr N. B. corner 4th end Arch sts , Phils. yS?rROM THE EARLIEST AGES TO f the preeentdey.serofuie baa beon the bane, .as it were, tbe curss of mankind. So terrible and lvethsoms had been at soms periods v*the world's UJdorj that e person known to be infocted with it * -old not be allowed to mix with society. Happily hi our day tbe diseeee is stripped of tts terror by the ute of SaMsg Irak's Boot awn Htss J ticks, and the victim of Str- fula, Ulssrs. Sores, Pimples, Blotches. Tetters, Ac., can be restored te sound hseith ^BmiTVn^DHERB JUICES, #1 ?\mm beWe Sold by SC. FOBD, !??* eve , end by Drug gists. DESMOND A CO., Proprietors, strtst, Phi.edelphie. ?sy?-iI n"3?UGi?TSB ? orriti, \h?r . Di?t*ict or ? .. M MH SSTOI, D. C . March H, 137i . ?SLll*!RlE1*? ?*??* ?? TUESDAY, Apnl 1, l-fl. win e*plr* all licenses *iven by the District of Columbia. to *11 product dmltri, ptdd'rs and n tnmrr'ial nmti. All parsons enlaced in said bnsin??s,trad"s or pro fesaiimsmust pronipth l license* iu aocnrd acre with provMoti* of the amended act refnlatiug lic.-naea, approved June 9'. li"2. viz: "That every person engaced in any trsde, occupation or pr>l* ?ior lor which a license tax is impoaed bytbrliwi of the District of Columbia shall, at thntime fi* procuring the name, make application to the R'-fil ter. and shall state under oath or affirmation such far?? a- tuny be applicable ta licenced." ? ? ? "The Reei-Wer ?h ,11 then isaoe t<> the applicant a certificate static* the particular kind of lfc -nte for which application haa been made, ?nd the amount if money required by h?w to be paid theref<>r. Sai l certificate shall be delivered to the Collector, who shall, upon the receipt of the mm of money stated therein, give a certificate ?>f dep.?tit, stvin* the am nut of money paid and the kind <1 licence rt? ?tuired, and it shall b? the duty of the Register to issue said license." '?That every person liable for a licenn? tvt, whi may fail to pay the same b?f .re engaging in tli? business for which a license tax may be r-|uir>d, shall, in addition to the license tax imposed, pay a fine or penalty-of not l?s? than five, nor uiretliaa fifty, dollars, for each offence." JORN F COOK. n:3g-et>10t Register District of C'dwrM*. KOTICE TO TAX "PAVERS. fie Assessors of theaeveral Legislative Districts having completed the aasesament of real arojertj for the fiscal year ending JuneaOth, 1874, the B >?rl -t Appeals will meet at the office of the Snperiatund-'iit of Assessments and Taxes. No. tfi>0 4Sstreet,tie?r the corner of Louisiana avenue, on the 3d dat of Fbb 111 o'clock m., to h*ar any a?w ,.!i th .t may be made fiutn the valuatiuu* of a-tiu as Ali appeals tnn?t be made in writing, and sworn to before an officer competent to administer oaths. Tb? B"ard will be mi session each day (Sunday ?x c. p?t-d) fn m 11 o'tl?ck a. iu. until 3 o'.-b ck o tn., and on WEDNESDAYS a:.d SATURi?A Vd uom6 o'clock until 9 o'cloca p. iu. II A HALL. WM WALL. GEO. A. BOHRFB. RILEY A. SHINN, E. J. MIDDLETOS. Ja., f' l tf Members of the B' arri of Appeals. WASHINGTON. 1> G , March 10, 1*T3, Rooms No. 3M0 4S Strkbt Northvvesr. fi! compliance with auction 34, act approved An* gti-st 231.1*C1, the Board of App ? ?ls williou'iuue in session at their r->oms ai d at the [ioiir? d -siifnatel. EVERT DAY, except Sundays, for thirty-dvysfroin this date, atu-r w men no appeal iri>m t'ue ?-ner ?1 a'sesan ent for the f.scal year 1473-li*7l can be re ceived. Bj ord.T of theB at.l of Appeals. niarlo lm E. F. M. FAEHTZ. S cr^ta-f A"3?Y0tNG MENS1 CHRISTIAN ASSOCI.V 1^7 TION. t KEE BEADING ROOM?!?"'*. HV'i'y. S-'u lar a> J's fr<>n> all pt ts of th ? L"ui>?n. CIRCULATIKG LIBRARY; 12.<?XJ v. !*. Terms ft r-'r year" M u r 'liiarter. PARLORS AND CVkVEKSATION rooms for Ladi s au 1 G ui; men, Cheas, Ch-?i?er?. Or*?n and Piano.> PRA\t.R MKETlNGSa! 12 16.?and9p ra. LITERARY SOCIETY Satiudav 7Li o'ebek. fiABBAT11 AFTERNOON SERVICES ii. Lincoln Hall at 3.'? o'clock; at Theater Comi fio at 7it o'clock. m27 M I L B L' K R ?S NEW PRCG STORE, No. 1449 Pennsylvania Av^Nri. Dept t for S? da and Miueral Waters. fe!3-ly HlifsE PIPES ?Combination R'ibWer HOSE Pli'K.S The best article ever present -itothis luart -t. ii nires no cock or sprinkler. ALEX. R SHEPHERD A CO nr ?o3? 910 P-nnsylvauia avenu'' ThTlIuN "a GENERAL ATLAS (L?? T U E 1 WORLD, ccLtaiuit n? hui drei and < i?hty SI EEL PLATES AND PLANS. New Edition ot 1?.*3 JKst r-ceiv.-.l For sale by ROBERT BE ALL. HOOhSELl. ICR A A It STa ?ti. n3-2i* 494 Pennsylvania av -uue. JCST Ol'ENKD. ~" NKV\ .AND BEAUTIFUL V-*T\ 1'INN Eli, #W TEA. and ? 9 TOILETS SHT>,^T cf ur ; ?t 11'".: inporta*t?i. J W. BOTFLER v BRO . n?- lt Peatisvl'"*- : ? '?v >nH?. ^yiLLlA.M L'i< G E N E It A L INSURANCE AND K E A L EST A 'J' K AfiRST. No. bOi HFTEENTH STREET. or? ?!rE TKFA-.' BV. N lie I : t:?e *:-Hi iiMurance cotups iesr ,,>*'? Sfiiteit. Pt ti;p! Jiii.iit of I'js -?s a&J fair d.'.Uin? st'tar ap3 1M ?| | SPKIXG HOOD*. s j | RECEIVED. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF GCIPCRE LACES, new Pi;?-r;is. PASSEMENTEIJIES. B. .1-4 a . 1 P.? u, R a i and Colored. FRINGES, 4< , Ac., At LOWES. J5v ? si i ji ?rkef Sjiac?. t?) t MABOir DI BUIS, ?"f N". li<ll PENNSYLVANIA AVE NUBb Wir.L (>rji WEDNESDAY, APRIL ?T( , A hue .\,i >rtui*n* of IMPORTED BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, To which the Lilies are resp-'ctfully hivif-l to call and see ?9 ? yiENNA EXPOSITION. C IRC I LAK LETTERS OF t REOlT, JsSCF.D BV JAV COOKE * CO. ?2fcJ.'S?ca5l?,SS,S9S^ SgsfSix,'' reJuir!-d te exlof hj',Z'^0^"""h ^ him a* ??llhiformat..,n wiU be furuiahetTu?on aoolica ti??n id |KriOD or by letter. PP*-ta JAW COOKE Ac CO., Baa?erf, ~y!L!5i WASHINGTON. L^T OF NEW BOOKS AT SHILLI.\GTO.VS BOOKSTORE : Ti/^^ v'Tcst rie'sNcJnfeJ?jT^he' 4ntl,0r Lyttowj E B; Ei*arJ B'tlwer(L >rd T^l,rW "ROGUE. A Novel. By Etnile TM *M?8iVXriiALOlr8- A No?<>l. ifK^Krv, k?- ?*""> KltEcATIoilff jiKi AK" *"?>">? 5i ? Monthly volumes 1 ,,.1 2 ELEMKNTABY TREATISE ON NATI'Rw .f^LOSOPHY. B, Prof^r Everett Tl *XL 1LY TO NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS. C>ntai? arS V'>s?iVKirds?UUt ?peCi-?l Li> ?MBOFE8 UAND B?0K ?F T8AVEL IN A large stock of B' ?nk Books. B >ok^, an 1 n,",ran?'''1II, ' fc-'te Paper. L?tter pai. ? and Playtuu Cat I- at the >..: y 1 ,n;cJ ' J^'INE (LOTUINO FOR >I'ltiyo A XD S I'M HE a, WADE TO ORDER IN NEW YORK THt LARtiEST ASSORTMENT IN THE COUNTRY ?VIMPL t SUITS REai y made. Kjli :ihS. BOYS A\D CHILVRAX. MIIRTa MADE TO ORDER. DEVLIN * CO.. aii tm 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE I NITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ' .. WashI!|?to!I. D C., April 3.1873 5. r"u',>n of FI'-HAM STEARNS, of Man chttiter, N. H , praying for iht* extenfliou of a patent granted to liim on tb?- 5th .lar of July, lsfc*. fur an ubproTement m picker Motion fur Power Looms nn U MmotV intkecaac be closed on the \\ da> of June next; that the time fur ?i??T and,,h." Examiner', report be hm ited t<> tne 13th day of June neat, and that aaM pt - titlon be heard on the 18: h day of June next Any peraoii may opiwsH-thia extenaioii "-fc D LEGGETT. Oommlsaionor. ID GLO\K8' KID GLOVES 1 RUTTO^f CO 0r* . .r r>J0 Pcrenu * button ;;; #114 sa?t. C1AIS,Y'.A?RA,,T,CI,? - a4 ttt* At M WILLIAN'S, 607 Pa 1V1 ^TOOPS. Natural Embalmrr. ?1^M^JSSJttS D^ 3S2a ^he're ?!&&? th* Ubaral ?-roWhlUerto THE SPRING TERM or the MIStTCS off BORNE S BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL will commence April 8, W73. 943 M, corner l"th atreet northwest. Particular attention given to >Q?iig pupils. m? Jw* U8i ?nrtty K 0? as* Bgywas^ga.^ " ?agy found at Woaaec** Christian Aaaociatlon, Judicial* Mm. AU order* promptly nod atatly azacatad. Iilnaw on I (treat, bat. 4th aad IU. noli-If WSLNTS. W l SALES!, \T>T: sU . 'V* CASH BO*. at Mr,. M.J HI NT'S, 631 D w' a5 3t? \VANTEr-,nim^,"''>*"A SEAMSTRESS,with pUln ?' '*? M ?T^t W141,4 1 street, a ennoble WOM AN ?.V J rWor>*! > for < haui term aid and dining ??.?n ??WTtDCO, |t% " W liatrljr?A SALKSUP Y ~St XICE straet south. AUc, an APPBKN \V v~ TwTTtrrnoTwnnrRrk sVr the tr If v pie*?*nt|y licatelnear iv ???'? *? Address. stating terms, Ac , ?? U . Q- r<rl"^n, P. C.. Port Office. aS-Jt* WANTKD-A B>od servant to . . k7 w-Th *f* ?*" ,r*'n ^ two in family; coed w?*e. ?i?en, references re.,-itred. Applr at 914 Pennsylvania Mfuue, betwv^njth audit* h *t reel 4. *5-3t WANTED-A few eiv?i r ANVAS>FRS'-^inale or 8 cl.r i-Ttf 7'.'V?!" d c",n,rv Article -.'U on JA l' at 17 3 J 0 street uurtliw^; betw <?ri 4 aiMi b p. m. *5 It* W ASTKD-A OHxLste^dv GIRL to caok."wash family *lrr.?-? ? d ' h '"?work for a .mall . " n r?f?r. nc. ? and stay ni*ht?. I P'> *? 1111 K street. between nth and llrli l?-? \V ANTED A WOMAN to do Cooking and liotuo ?7,T- j f?r ? Miiall family. R-ferenc? r- - Q" red Apply at 1 J JA 13tii s.:re?- oTrth*^!, t-e JlIIL ^ ^ it \VVJJ-n-Jo pi.r ii _.e I SIMl'HOVffi w ???,9! ?'"I'*1 a-jnsr. \\ . ^ . METt A L P . Real Es'ate Br <k-r, Plant'* R' i| 1 ' e. 'MiiT l.Mh?'r-?: ai d New V rk av. *o '?? \\ A NTED?A-mall STORE, or one-half f-fn... with h g mhI ?how ?>id?1 vr. <->n Pennsylvania lAenue it 7' tj street. I'.i.ise address. stating I > -? " i. Ht;d rent, BOSTON. at the offl e ?>} chit r'P'r- .* \\ ANTED?By a clomnau w 'h - : ? '! f?milv ,,,7,..f'r * *'*? <>r mor*. an I NI RNL>HFD ih;i ft. ii) i*'jht ur ten r<><itiis betw -en <J anil N a. 'J :'th aml Uth streets northwest. Address K If. J . rdM Oftce. a3-2'* WAN TED?In tlin b. ~k line, th^ L E_~;i 1AL1 INTEREST in * Bv >k n? i P !n ? ' ';r an i iii-d MAN, with i.r i;>i? ,'. . :'n.f*'ahliiliit'? a-imilar l>o?fA,y] ?I .I^SU I K r. P ,?t I, U"ANTED? In.Ill il'.iti I ?l?r ?? g -1{ li.-i ' I.inr B?R:?n BAR!tVR. ? wh-ni e o<1 niV<-i l "'v C, ! Mil) Kivrn. A,'pl> ii>. ' i;\RBJtB ?' iJEO n WAN'TED~A widow lad . with li-r nio' T^ HorcV"fer IS t,lke ch"r*1', f 11 FI BNISHID nut >E fi r fh" ?ttmnii'r or li>i:?-r. \ m ?*? rkiit x< ill l>r paid if fl-ntml. Nocli l Voii Nor ,ok V,: I!l 1 ? ?V' Unexc?|?ti..twb|- rt-ftr.-nrf. A1 di? F W . Star . the*. nSSt* \VAJ?M ?no?OIKL aa nanoHor m(?f*t i .I. v "rj rvcouuii-i:, r ? r red. Apply ? ?'I ? ? -treit. I.ptwviij oih ;iU,i rt'a, bi 1 if UoVlo. 111 ? or afters p in. #4-st \\ AN TKD ? A c; iod < UOK for a v -ty muall t.ttn - i li^ei nndematnl wa-hln* an t ironic ?V a, g' "lelt'l.cea. A to No. 7 l.t 12 jj t T^ ii' {t* \VANTKP-.\ ofRL -r WOM \N 1. rlTtT f t.Lk <rw"r. i*!l i,; rt?ar?e of children in ?nial| U . ?wtJ'" 1 Iean "!"1 ,"1' Apyh to 7"* ti:u , ti-at \\ i?l::tigt.->n wTr"ft, (! org-tuw r, at-Jt* \\ ?\?Ti>",ir'{* * coupl no -;?t!l ?* IHH SE or part ol a lion?". ni;t;irnMwl. 1 inv. nm?t h- ni i1"r;?t?. A Hr-w. -:..tit1(f t-rnis. ?c , H. E. W .Star nfflc-. at-3t* \\ ANTED?R> a I a<i jr, a c tnf ROOM To I i 'ii'f,, .KD H Prj'?t "famiiv in th- n-ijtli 1 "fA Mett..pj.'?-, , hurch. i: -f.-ten' -a ev ? i?i ? I. A lilt?. Mr*. M , Post Office. at 2t" \\'A-Vr^D-A r.-pectaid.. COLORED PERSON ; . . do tin^ washiun and ? rt Cumin^ii*latioii?; IWJ i' mer M. ai$r \\ A N T K !>?A ladv w ;i il.M '. I ,.t*. TW.M ?Pft"'nic" ' ' 1,ir<- '? ">?** a SITC \ 111*2% ma scliool ??r ;n ai- \Inititiif ViTrf' ? l" r o" ,!1 t-?tin> mi ?U * M'"- ?? H- A.. Stat i.m- ". h| 2i* WANTED?A Vi.tii < ENOIil-HM \v To . TV ian. (unmarried.) Mil', h w a f> ; * ; 4 ' ''?:!t *???!???{*? ? . ? i ?? i-y ni-! i?r ?fiJa!i * ^PPUKTL'XITY, - P?P?r. 2 * l\ ANTED-A Pf.I'MREI;. a I i. 1 work.-rV^J*. stai - ti; -tli!L6 :ili .lit i? ?n [rp ?; u .? s V ? vJ f>, ;* ,h >r '?*?' ?" hati- PAX L II VN NAN. Pi mill r and Gt?-fitt<-i. Corner bth an I E ?Orel.. nnrthwe?t. .,4 ,t? WANTED?S>-ver:,ltr' iv ?? VNVASSE l? T .' ? liberal perrentas- Mi!l1? p?i.i Pi at Mme. Dr MORE<T S P.f-rtt E np -ri ,,n. -tr./t au,) U1;i t?*twcen I t and "itii - _^1 Hi Gt \\"ANTKD-Th ? < m I>KK>SM aTk KKS . !l. hi'.."10 APPRENTICES; and none t.i-ei appl> lint tli ?w who are all. u'ly m at . rapid ji.7 nH\" plain ? -wii.<. Apply 407 H -.treet north went. a!2i %% ANTED?A widnw Ihov w ,<Ui-. h >1T 1 \TION .,,, "? understands cutting and ttt:in? a.l kinds of ch: dren sclotlnn^ and nu lergarni-ut-. *y * the bi'tt of rec imine!'! Itioua if : ? Mr< J ? E. ( .. Th-oloiiral umiary, Fnirfax con..t). Va. hi it* WAJlTJftTT3SP?"; w'"t ' nr. f. rr. d. An Church street, opp-..:te St. AJoyc.M W?tlTe and enterprNl^g" PK<; E F O . S'Jr oft; e cal ;,al "f Addr. 4 _ * h3 it* W Aw ?.fc.V^BuARl,INO in the cuutrj. uear rXr?r^L. ^ ? V\ hA r"timr Ereuchman. ipeakniK Eii< With a? rbUKIEB*: STEWA RI>' or 'vVl'e' H Ustc dy reference,. H H.f 8^ ofnr\ALET ^H?" W I BONERS and SHIRT | ? ft.1',- |t* W erN I'wTif " f"-JORE HA TO Run W n^T r. I-, if *?.?!,.? 9.J. Machine, t? make Slrrt. at * Al LKNEB S SHIRT racViip?? soi: ?1l ' 1 ? ?nf- door aonth id E * At TORI, *86 |_ith \V 4 M AN expi-ri .,ic.h1 IU th pl'iyer, pay ex^ct^rV nsni*. age U,f ? fllce. e*P^cted, 4c. Addieas J. B . Post busini5? a vonn?mi? Ur " K**u,w|. ?? ' Incrathe cabl VVAtV^-A SOPRANO, contralto aiiil R8?jgSsi?S.'SS$E

fiiipal street aoutl.eaat. Washington? D. t. L Bu'. Z?.C WA.? kKM"lVsi?J*8f V,akr.r, ;ic?that Madame M I'irT i... ' AI SON, of N -w % .irk, has opened li-r Miliinerj parlotd, at Mo. 4ia Uth atr^t north nigl lm* \\ Am-*BO,r1t!wJ ">? VICT8B PJLiI lAQ MACI1IM tlA.S its H'tllli rr^fii moat perfect shuttle in use, resting in a cradle, noedle tar and work? of ?t?e|. Aireno?. 4KU %S!fSHS?i?&&r-???>" T W. BPICEB. Agent \VA^T.Il5T*ver?b<M,r 'n f*vor v1 tborouxhly ?? cleaned Carpets, almost aa bright m ?end <>rd?r? to L. Bicfc, at the 8teamCarpot B- a'lne W rks, Maine avenne, bet. 4H aud Cth ?uTaprU-ly I at LOST AND FOUND. REWARD - LIVER-colored POINTER. iOU* Bhoiltt Island; a?-2> * IOST?On I street. between 17th aud l?th.a seal ^ akin EL'R COLLAR, lined with brown satin The tlndei will be suitably rewarded by ieav*agit at the 8tur Oitice. a5-3t" C-'AtOHT ADRUT-On the 2d of April, a >niall / BATTEAl'. painted white and green. Th wutr will c nie forward, prove property, pay charge*, and take it away. OE8. T. TOOMBS, a5 3X' Corner of N and street, soutliwaat. STRAYED A VV AY uiitheKh ruatant.a black ant tan Oil', collar with name "Lottie" ??toil av-d thereon. A anitatde reward willj h- Kiven if returned to No. 11 "J9 26th -treet northwi-fd. a.V2t * L68T?On the evening of Aprtl 3d, at or near Wall's Op-ra House. LARGE DIAMOND. A l.lieral reward will be paid the tiuder. Apply W. L WALL, a*h street and Penusj ivama avenue, at 3t" I~OST?STEEL EBAMKD EYK| GLASSES, at 1 _i the crossing of 7tli and E afreets -fl. The finder will V paid for delivei K V ing thetn unimur-.d to Rvcm 79, M-tropolitan Hotel. aijt* t^Al'OHT ADRIFT?Three BAFTa in Eastern y Branch adrift. The .i^rner will c>tne forwurd, ! pro\e propetly , pay chareea, and take them away. WBk. HUTCHENSON. at 3t* C^imer 0 and 11th streets aontheaat. (OH REWARD?Loat from breast pocket on the evening of the 3d of April, at the ticket ! wag..n, on the ciicns ground a red memorandum I POCKET BOOK, containing papers and tu *moran 1 dtim. valnaHe to no one but the owner. The reward will t e pai.l to any one leaving it at 8. N. H0?T'8, No. ^18 13th atreet. nl 3t* LOST?On Bl.inday, Match 31nt, a small Hack and tan DOG.wl'h bramt collar. A auit-< aide reward will given if returned to R.? El'LTOK A CO. 8 Lokn Ofltce, 314 ?tb ?treet^ a3-3t* A.1C REWARD?Stolen from the office of the V?il Waabington City and Point Lookout Rail road Companr, corner 13th street aud Pennsylvania avenue. PAY ROLLS from July to January, inclu sive; TIME BOOKS from Jane to November, inclu sive. The above reward will be paid to t he person first giving the company such information a? will lead to the detection and conviction of the party or partiea w ho have purloined the sams. apTl:n Board or public works. Distbict op Columbia. Wi?Hi*sioj, April 3,13T3. A reward of FIFTY ( $0U> DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or persons w ho have etolen, or who may hereafter be fonnd stealing, the Man hole aud Sewer-trap Covers In the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By older of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSON. a3-tf (Repub.Chron.l Chief Clerk. LOST?On the 1st ot March, on E street, between lUth and td streets northweet, a BL'BY RING, with two pearl*. A liberal r?wara will b? paid if returned to No. JUS Id street northweet. n?7 OjSS a.*ifjB8B5SB^gp, CO. s. *?? FOB RENT AND SALE. p.VSS?:teas?raKasg s??ai Mas?' ave .corner 11th St. ?5-* ? 1^''>?jf%N*tIwo''2w*V,r unfnrni?b-.i BlM??T. 3 I 7 ?s I'rfH. 'OK KENT?tfii or seveu unfiir-nhfsl KOO snitsblkr forhaBweke-'pi: g; ?0? I' ?treet. hi, ?? ^ 0th streets,ionbvMt, rent io ad* ance K fwvnce required. SKNT?With B vu N-w tork ? v~ Borthweat. two elegantly furtii-h"d r AKLoKS. t'.SlL ! *J\ ? 1n' '*rge, well furnished r KOnV BOOM in thirl si ry. as e<vtt? F^'sP Kr"n" H"l'sK. -li it r>?< m-? Ni). IIN<K!ii|rH>t, bi'!* ?o T at.-t 1', north *r*t? Ternis easy. Ii. niire at 1|!|9 iih str.-e rorthw??t, lifr*n>o L and M. a5-3t l/OR BENT?florsJE on ? !i <r?-t, (.'tweenI ?. *u>i New York avenne. e?st 51 . ?? | 3 ?jm. r. ras, w ater and gas. Apply 90to I ?tr*-t uorth wf**' ?j||* F0R RKNT-Two Ia:c- I'AKLDKs, (mating ?..nth- flower icardett. two closets; si: n r month; "14 t rtre-t southeast, near the New M ?r "**? ap.*.4i* |< ??B RENT? Furnished Iliil'SI, ?mi G, h-tw.~?i 'ib and Wth st*. Po--w-stion May 1st $ Idv pei month for six ni nth-. at * THQ6. E. 1?'OR SALE?T?? But 1/OTS on the B- and* ? between Ijjth and 19!h sireet-: fronts m(h I' imd.irj Jv hj feet deep with back alle\ , ver? ch- ap f..r ca.-h. WILLI\M TYLeH. K-al E-t*t<- Br ker."! I * 16th stre.*. LM'U SNLB-Hor:iE and LOT. ?o. 33- Mr!. J. ? *< r.tii ?8st; PfgfKt-mmn frtm^ hofi?*e, rwxi r?|| w . coteri.. 8.610 -.JIII.IV f?et of ur-und. all kinds of -I ail 11 u *l. i, UH? h. iue. arid will I. and low for cash. IiKliuiete above. a3 7t* l/l'K RENT?A I- :r r.>om Brick HOCsE, < i ????. ""I1 ?>e?t, with hill a:,I terra. < . > X., || Bi *i! - ( rt. a' (lie It 1 ! irv ternv:. in t 'h ? lit .-tre t . .,rs. Apply to J E 8NODG RASH, 27 t street northwest. U? l^t'R SAI K?HOI >E !M3 E .-i Capital mri*kt. ? i -'ir !? rtr. > f ?tr>vt ? ar^, in.* Iil.icij r.- -hi I nc.-in f tint. aid:lit<'?fi ai N -? K.i?tirrii M.?i ' ? t; (?? hian - four ri> store tr. lit t-n I 1.^, i, -ir.u itvr atrd cellar,. 1 meta iu e\.-r> i .#ui. i{ji i ,, ? i't.t n- chcit- ? il'. Htf apple si. I j?--^i tr. - jtit-4 Kvap.' iiUiiiiiltMribg; ? u- aud utU-i ?u the i r. n.1 a** * | (JOK ^ALE?A laiife. t? , st-.ry H;ict llOI'SE, v c.i!!t?inii:< ten r i -. I - ?. k . SMKiO, lK-tu.-fii 2>j?li ?:id Jlu ?:r ? ?>, I n- i i u \.-r* 'l(|? tud rl ??.' t<?tli> a??tin - car- T.. lot li nf- 12 fee* ht Mkl f. ?r d-?p.w ith h.tck ?!! . ^n.all cfc-li r. '.r.iii-d, I ns time. , ? WILLIAM TVLEll. . ?? ? R al_K '?!?? Hr k^r. 7 I"? i5 !i -'re t. Js'OH RENT?Two l;tr??- r I' ].rMSH KI> kT)i?M 1 on eec ul flo r, a! loaa E ?ti et north V f 5t. HI 1^<?R j?ALfc.-A vt-jj 4. airabl ? IH"ILI?1NU L?>r. wt. hj?-t ? .pit J atr.'.T, i,. ar .VI a loet .-..-t 1 nuiit ut N??. 200 K&at Capitol street. ,.i j * 1?*<IK KENT?Tw..r..oinmniriitine R?iit>|s.o:i Mi ? , Street* uortliw-t. Apply ?I No. boo l.ttb street. at * .K?? BKNT Vine ItllK K h fAltl b, h.^T, ? horsegai.d carta eau he pl . ed. ?iiit*l,;. f?r , contractor, at the c.rtier of 2il ?uj U allee'a w. -t ?Alply at 403 7th afreet ncr:h. JJJ I/OR SALE?A Rue BI'ILDIXO ERosTf~l 'tl * f.-.-t; '-eiilral location. 1 , ??"V ^^V.^jallcajl. payment r-joired <>t ri-li .tile p.>-1>. Tjloa K. U AiiGAHAN. 4i:i riti -t .11 K(/ r?^li?T~A 0ll,> .8TOMK HOOK awl large ? r.LLAK. and em ? lleut ..p.-ning t >r a drii? t rini-r'n^V.a ' ?Sfp'"rlnon,h- lu-iulre Ilt?L l.ll'UE Ph >!? ? corn r :.;h aid t) str-e... at it* *? ?TThr;? <n i i bITick i ' 'l 'lO >.t|j Mr.-.-t U'irth*e?>. le Vi"". . a,lJ 1 |,,ire "-I l"'b ?!' Mh*v 11 ",dJL at Si* L'OR RE N T-T W < > R. .t? M -. ,.i rl . - 77 E rtbJt forat N .. bO;i L -m- ? i i .?. <*uti* ' h *t i ??? t W"rt K"rter,ns, i (Hire on'h ? p. ? niters, iron* ??t??7ocl?? ni2t* K(,7f?^N i ,' '?* :'A '"'ft ?v?-nK*i r*A Mi: ? Ilol >E. Vi;th hull; well ..} ? , -r hi w, t, ? v'/di,i ..i';0 . "rra "" "v* Apply tt. !? 1.. ?dORRlMiM . N >. btfU K street northv si >r lOI'i I. mi HI liorlhw at. ?( ? ? l.'OK SAI.E?A tso ,, i i HKI?K IIOIMC.wt.!, i r***'i11 ro,.in,f,? i" nortlifrn fait *1 tlio ?s?tv: j t i:< .i? e local i??n. A hi i ? 11 chk|i pNytii^ut, H!>?1 .h{h Monthly H, 111 pai l. A| pi} lit Book tole, 1?1* f ftre.'t northW.-Ht. * at 2t* L'uR HINT ?1?\\ ELLIN't; llol sK, v. ith r ... brjck>front f*it-1 marble trimniiuir*. N" I ".07 p Klif-de l-I:iiitl avenue. |?'tw >-eti 15th a' I |i? h Hre.-l i 111. re-Id? iceofth- Firat A ? i-t lf.t P-tini-ter eri.1 f..| til- past three aud half year- lll |tiire I l<i.' 14 isireet. Foss. --i. il 1st My. at 1? 1,'OKPALE^A IlOI'SE AND LOT. in .if it.. l ? n<o<<t des ruble ajtii iiione in the ? ity. L t 2u f-' t by lie fe t. rimuii e back to a loot all * The Ifon? bat four room#, goo.1 r.lUr, and ki;clie? T:tTiSiV'r4J. .k,l"*n '?? appli. uri^r, ?, s ? ?.1 r,;,M"in"n 'n Sf' lef le ?' Oil . ..Ill , * oij?tt?-r i oYloclr |?.n>. ai ' I/oR SALE?r'RAMK DWLLLIN'; N i It;i|~ j" >iS'?C"u V"" ' l,", ,*tr- ' r?'?r "I t'-r nil in. -. < u^K" h > i containing * itz!it ro<>m*. conviii' iitU a. ranif. d and nlcelt fnrni-1, d; also auinnjer kilcJi?n. | bath 1.1 in, pantries, cellar. Ac.; fruit tr.^-. giarw nit--, and ahmbltery, ? ?ri th ? premia< *. T.i- ci ound can be purchased or leased. T.rui-: P^rt cash : balanc outiniewlth iutertst at six perc. nt .tnakinjf I each annual paytueut b'Sathan ordinary house re'i' al R'-?" X?. H,?eco?.i n<K?rt>ny P''pTtment. M-tf:* P i!!( .rW^V HKAP-A s-al! si* room KB A >1 E "tl. a, ,Vl,e n" " . L >*Uhw-t, I, 1? ? in antl imfa sti^fts. Iimnir.- onth" pr.-mse ^ A ,m"-st >ry FRAME IIOl'SE. No | . "? l>e,w '?> R and S iioithw.-sr fl'. iii, * ?Ve Stable. Iar?e lot. T-rius la*orable. Iii'juire on the pr.-niises. ,? jj? ' I''!R??KL,K~A ftn* residence two in,77, ii ? ",y' .M,:h ,Wu *rr?* "I laud h ?u<e,45xJ5, iiiiip room-', including *&l<?on i?arloi * I,aKe house ??| stably w .ter 3 the door 2nd in [ unfa ill n g ,t ream. Apply at 1119 Q street ?3 3t K T~ ^ 111 reest ory BRI< K H(H'SK7(Ti 'r?l> Kn I - between Itlh an l 161 Ii ? \i li V "' luinire Of WM. No 1 aOM street, between Htli and 19th; ?i aj-.tx * I^ob bent-fcrnimied! Tnei"? ?U;HALL,$M. THUS. K W'AlJOAiian? _*3"-a 419 7th street. PV?.RRFHT-fl i?ds.?nie RESIDE\( E. N.> I a-j., n iof"' betw-en M and N Streets northwe-t, I With all 111' tii'sl. rn unproveiiifnts. f,.r nirticular ?pply to LATIMEB S CLEAKY,dii?Cbu,U 'J**- Mini ft'vSALE-Hati.tM.nie PKDI'EKTY on corn-'r mvyiihos hT^r, K'Tkr"'"? Chance lor a small. .|iiiet fanulv i tTT wT*! U^K?r. ?.iiIl.d?tWo ??nailer KyoMS, X ./ and PANTBY in net house, with tin bree?e, only llnee s-juare-fr.,111 the ;.r*" be n-ntedfor boarding the owiihi I nly those who can ke?.p froui b.mirinK and slam nm g doors netd to appl> ntNo.^oS 25th str<*t near H, Iiefore 8 ?. m. or after S o'clock p m ut st * I/OB BENT?A choice of R003JS mar be hiil nf the entire House on 13th street. either singly or . n suite. Elegantly furnished: all improvement! and very mod rate terms ; 011 13th st. al 4t* l/OB SALE-Two three-story BRICK HOI'SES i ? W'!i ,hrt^ ',tor* Kitchens attached sid? ?nd' pallet; water and gas; siitiar-,1 on 7th str?et we-r l.etween 8 at d T streets north. Apply at No l?06 7th street north* ?*. a2 6 ' K??R HKNT-The BKK K IIOI SE. No. 1-JTTiS , ^e"VfJ'?ania avenue,fronting on the avenue p" ,':i' lonnerly the National Laundry niodei H?e to a ^oiid tenant a- 6t DODQK A BABNEILLE, 1127 F-t. KMHK.irAst5~^A I!i,,,,.ber wF B BTifk * nOLsEa.on T street, bet ween ltth and 15th streeu. northwest,containing ?n ro.ius eich, w be aold on terms a? follows: ' .. Y?r,,,Hol-"8K3 from $ Kioto ?500 ca-h on each, k 'T h;*?T ii'L-'Ji",n,t'f y I'ay-nts to still mm hasor. me HOI bfc5> at from giou to Al.tipo ca-h an l baijtiice in m. nthly. quarterly, or half-y. arl> pay ?.! ' "U't P'irchas?-r. ' VaTa!irgrouM Wl" b0 eXCh*ag>d iu ?",rt fjr Als.i, Aeverai HOUSES in (lie same block will be sold cheap f*i ca-h. Each .d the above Holt*"* have hall, cellar, bath r. otn. water-closet, sewer, gas, Ac , and are well suited for a private family. Those d. sirous of se < nrnig to theuis. It.-* a cotiifortahl- H> use on easy t Tius,should not fail to tall at ui) uiUve prevjoiu to putch.iMi.g elsew here. JOS. F KKLLEY. JL1 N 902 Sth street n ?rti'w?stt.*''.t.V'kIIIi k. F^h, ",to.r> LKONT R<Hi?l of"r ,i . Li-?. Bank of the Bepublir Inouire ,t th l-ank. sonthw^st cornei of Ttli ami Dsts. al i? , iR0,(i^S f,,r ptirp mea, iu W 1LMAK S%n* t**1'0!1" '",h' C''V?1>>er M. W H.I.IAA 8,907 Pennsylvania avenue. al-Ct l1< 1 v?Ai?i-? r""I'*'"'"'filly located Bl iLD " l-OTponthe northeast corner of I7ib and F stl'-ets Iionhuest; square 1st!. ||. UASCH. 92* 7l >i street northwest. ??Sw* K(LlLi8^LE~1?a.,\rt' SOCAEE OF OBOUNd! v y ? wh in<l 7th and F str^t* o*>rfti a"d on v''r,r Itber-.l terms. JAMKS K BL^sELL A CO., No. 7AT lliti stree* north" ?llOf L^OB SALK-Cheap, two acrra of food GARDES * I'AM> >u Lnioiitown, on Hope ciad. about a ijtsarter of a mile from bridge. Call at 439 7th street southweat, between D and E streets. Wasfc nigton. D. C. al 5t* RENT?Three-story anl basement filt!t*K DM ELLING. No. 620 t> h street northweut. F and O streets; also, for tale, BRICK HOI SE near the comer Sd and B streets north Z?l nZ?Z V rniiw p?li 10 J? ?'? WOLLARD.No. 7 10 D street northwest. al-6t* F'OK SALE?All of Syl ARE No. MOO, bounded by E.ii>l itpitol ?r<?t and M assac ku*>-t ts ar enu< acd loih and lltli streets east, improved by two r?11 Sr?>>\ ?'U?es and stable; i-nj water. Vuit C^^dsUeeur'No. iW." COrUef ^ '406 ^it C"!u fh'.-as?. ****'-A9?itioretr s?b ^ niW **1 MB8. EOBTHEPT.E FOB SALj CHEAP?Terms, #100caah, and *3u ti"?va r "BUl ?t'w i*story BRICK aOl 8ES, situated on New Hampshire avenue, be I streets nerth; have six rooms, hall, front and back yards; houses completely finished. ti27-*w Northeast corner N. T. ave. aiidiMh st (Chronicle, Republican, tf. 1 ' P^OBbALE-TWO PIECES OF LAND, Bear A(s lu gton: about one quarter of a mile fioa the Aqueduct bridge. One consains 9 and the otL?r a actes: inipr.ued br two small frame houses Ann*? to JACOB BlBi H, Mo. 2? 3d str^To* ,^ town niaratliw" 8ALE?Very .deiiralile 7th street PRttPEB V Patent Office, Q and it* 4 :Lr/.?rl,ct^*r* l-.>.'- * J"** ^ inches frotit 6y lie feet 0 uielip te alley. A rare oppertttnity fori * B. B WABIIEE, uiJZeL-irit 749 JiU street. FOR RENT AND SALE. E,M>R SALE-HOUSE LOTS SI \ k M T r ANr-fro* half an acre to nrht wr- win b *? W at ia?i iiWi (Mm ^n ??.> larww E? h M ha* upland fur dwell in* hone* aud lm<t. a?l rich l->w laivl fur ngwiiMn a !<?? m n-.tea" ? alk froa M xint Plsaanut oaainflna. and f . -nt \ live BLiiiatf*' walk ft asa Btuii*"v H-ahin lo alit? . pleasant rural *arr-.-uadiuo. and e*. ?ll t.i -durational and religions alvaiita* ?. \t-Wv to JOHN" YORK . Ode? of C rami* >trr of i Trr*?tirv Building. apl lw' JK 8*1 r-On C.pitol H.ll. a 1 \ - 77 and kwrmrti ftKK'K llOl>E.c'ntaintnr ti .? rno?i-.t-eaide* hath at.d ?tor* r-oiua It ha- ?a?, caU tn4 k?( vttt. aixt a?lrr-rl<wrl? heated > I.a troke and Kiui>h?? heating ran** I' laaMH; new, in th- r- ?:??? n:- r u: * \ ? ? > health* and a?n >aM? | ii'iehborf.and. and will l? aold ver> |.?w -n ?*-y term*. Aprly to tae owner on the ptvu.:?<-. tf<*? A slreart >'<M braal. B.21 .Tar* I'<'K i*ALI. I II EVP?A fin# pr<? brick fruit HOUSE. with at?aH- triiuraing., containing hi rocw* and hath r nnn. h-?t aa-1 r A t ?at-r. c - king ranges. L?*toN?. tv and can fl\tm**e. aiartde man tela, nr., aatuat-d 011 llth, O aad P ?* i e* t* i). rth?mi. Frlr#, * Apvly to Rl< H \ KP ROTHWFIL. Be. *? rh rtreot n-rh. at. T - house mar be ae?n by calling at (Re Or >rr ?t -ra corner of O aini 12 h afreets nnrtl-,we?i. mil 1m* IV OR KKN T? I I RN I Ml HP KeuM- a t?-k Parlor farkPli.<l t> a B'itr>v n. and two pi v* ait r.? iii-, 1*. k and fi.nt.on artoinl at-ry. m ?? ??Mall !>1 orI .I Duelling on 1 street. near fMi; *?11 l?e letjtod (VB l-nani-able twmln U '?th-TI?eu only. A l<!re-? "A.J ,"Haft v' K pu"Sll. e. wl?-'f |R-pl t^OR S^Li:-Tik'<? f.-ur pr >aa-d B A fr at IIOlub BWtli li4rof I* iu?\l\ai.ia a? ?. between 2th a->d at h street*. i nk?M, ??. ig On e ct?ri<? ai.<i <u;ic, c <u??i:.ii.? ?*tftit r <. ia t. dv ai?l ?!?> i traiit 1.4 aij?tni:w Wiil *1! ch> ?r. 'i'twr a-'i?r*:?lr ot lo^lkei, foe th? pat p ??? if ?? ttlll. v up M> ? -tfcf A'Tair-- tif|i? ilxmt oach Th"b?'i>i m r- tw-?if r" ? of"Mh |W?'itj Frt^et til a;: 1 title luJi.-pu!". L r <*L \ HR, P?p< rhari'..^ "*? v ft 11 1*51 Kc. I8i3 P-T*T"*) '**??" N W. I^OR J?.?LK?Al atM vaiB?A < mf rtil l" a 1 t- n. HOI >??. r" " "' krirk t roil-. ? iiu'ln ???, larg?-lot, A . Api-j ou lUe pi - I Wth Hiwt.aWtt II. Im |,'i>R hl.M-U(^l!).?i.i. i .i it l?l?M>? 1 ?rt u?tta a'?Titj?-. corner llih -?? .1 BlUrt* L'CR BKXT-D rali?. diri< I R-? MS. I l -kh i I> J T L So. :<I4 v ' - \p ply to A. G IIA I KV.B ?r\t ? f T-> rt " in- in." Irn 1,'ot >\! E A it>o at.?rj H I (AC, K KIM I -ir. i tirr1li?*?t, ccnrmiii.'f ("ur r -?aaa, ?!?"? (?.???;, , ki.tlx n, c- llar, litlliNua w it'i* ?i?r ? I - t, hot and i*o!?i ? at>>r in Ciati l?*r*. h" ?T??r in pxrli t.MKl c?i*liB4r*iu(i'in kiiolt n. Tim lot < 'Ji to ' flout l?v In' f 9*t |t^p. to ? 31 f **?t pnv.yl *11*^. ?it!t a I r . k ataMf Mill ? artt -^a Itoua*. J. W. TilcKI'S^iS,corner ot I7tli M><*"l auaS ? \ rk ittli. H'Si-tf HJR SALR .'Sa i/Uli 8ALt?Tup lit-* 6LATK i ?1 V rrnsl\|r Af>|il% t?? A NM?X LlNvi A OU., i i t ?; t, , 11 hir.-< i? " 'l Ur.RRISl> SAI K. ttir.* t?-?-t I ?>.*? M Wl lui m.i at t> II"? h?lf i'- v aim?*t I J T1 lldLl M\S ? M. ?? S ?>!??, Siij ?: - 4-7 pnfcfitMdiaiMMK I * ' I>?.R Ml! - A b. at ' * I'.. - PI* W Oi'l>. t.K?t ol 17*ti tr- ct; ala" a ?>?ir Ml I.Kf with or without W'?fu? ""'D'l i i ,. > ? I r t ? ? ( ' ? n AA 1 1.1.1 A ,l"" i Billy, i at tli?- w iiarf. or J II.tRl'-MlAS 404 l-t ~troft nortliwoat. ?> Si" I/OITSaLE-A l. a-.tifi i > ST Al.l I??S , I i I fownijr tiiani" and tail; fast tr<?tt?r. vi ? jxnt'-d M'uud and kind in har!i?-?a or uu ?? i!i?- i>ar1dl?-, ?m ??ii<ii 'l > preiuiuiii at ?li RoikviU- lair lot taiaBrr. Appl> at inji t utrtrt. as Si* tVoK LI. - li K H'"\. fC ?_ %44i ?t>t cot ti* r of ot li mil K ?t n irli -i. Oil N A. I'. A K IK N !??<? I. . a h- " T northw<-at, >Ual i ii. Acrkultu ai I?? | '??m ?? t haa for aal?-aoui<* full ii.-d 1?K All M A < 'II1' KI.N.V rurbrn-diiif iMirpnwi. u s* L'dK hALK? A dro?i' . i >?t? anorilor U i>UK 1 III >K-l.f; alg??. ?? ii. ?.-r> li It- >? r\ and Sa-lill. 11 i? art,\ Hl'UI KL V A' bOVK K !* ?tal-)> N- i A -rk an iiu> , ? l*iH- 6th aid 7t li at I ri*U ii- rill* tai. in 11 2v? * I^OR 8ALK-T'* ? ?!>link aa4 faat po\ IES, gi a> and !-??;> -itne. * in 1 ai.d kind. tlnrt?-.-n ?1.1 ? half hai. !< I. fh Al- -, I'uNI.A i?TPk I'U.tTON. with ?! att? ??! w ii iiZA. d i H ARM1>S A i-i : > ii. ? - id<*r A AV .AtKAVER. I S K >\ \ T?,id. tii.'tl -t AT PRIVATE ivALL-A art ..t IiRaUISO ROOM I l KNITI KE. uuli-lat-r -l . llli.e Satin l?a?j a-k. M .i >? Ai in-t i ?d> l*>,ron?iatiiic -t 1 * fa. 2 Ann. 2 La-iy 'a a -i 4 AA iodow Oliair*. 2 I.!-Ill, mi l liff-p'! t, t'l.air^, 1 El'i'Ujr and tiilt R "ind Ct l.t?*r Tal>l>- t-atiu lUn. i-k Ui|i to mat- h. and 1 Piano 8lo?d to iumkIi, alao. ona I"ieti U M C:?rp<-t, containing ?l>out 75 yard,. Tli<> il-ovi- have l>e?-u in nan lea* t!nu (t? nn.j.tli". and arc in every re*p i-t a-2i>od aa new Tli* y will be itohl together ?r M paratrl) to*rc-;> .n aibl?party on a hb*-ral * r*-lit, if de?ir??.|. Appi. to LAlIMER A CLEA KY, An- tioneeia. mail, ;l VoTICE TO C0NTRACT0R?.-8li .veto. P T and Oontractorx Ti-ola ? f ev*-rv d' -. ripttoo foi ?ale at R-! pri*-?a b? L. li SCU NEl l?K K. IUIU Pa. ave , hk* tit far 8. u. Muoaou. R *aton mil l-n" |7BiciTc LAllOR BALItT I' Apply to DODGE * PARS KILLS. j!7-tf 14X1 E, BOARDING. I 'OOP BOARD, PLEASANT BOOM8, AND VI pi He* m. 4* rate, at S<104 utw ot PennayIranw ?tenon aud Slat atreet. mayl-ly DRY GOODS. WPKIKG AX.XOISVEMKXT. ten,000 STOCK OT PRY GOODS. iti PRESS GOODS i >lo.i?V iuCLOTllS and CAMIMERKS. 4iuaih> in hosiery aud eahcy tnw?i^ .?-.w?i in LIMEK8 and WHITE GOODS. 87vlut' *>? STAPLE GOODS. Ir NEAV GOODS OPENING DAILY Three hundred new PARASOLS *ad SUM I M BRKLLAS lust received. Priccfioui ?>?? utx each ' Bargains in BI ACK SILKS Mid BLACWv AL PACAJ*. ??"ONE PRICE TO ALL RotiAN A WYI.IE. at-tr 1019a!>d 10'iO 7th afreet n-inli??t. \EW GOODJ^. AA'ir STYLE*. Jl'ST BECEIVhD. 01 R SPUING STOCK OF LUY (;(X?DS AND CAUPETIXGS, of the lal'-at production* oa tkia and other ai l' of tin- Atlantic, which will be opea lor la'f.'tnu TUESDAY, ATKIL I. I9T3. The p..?.l< we oftcr, rr?tnpri?**? a full a?a.irttnent of uew and beautiful PKE-S GOOPS. snch a* plain, | ttcnr* d and atripe Japanvse Silka, raiiKiuK front *kM . to j;l. CoI'?re*l Silk?. tlie bi>>t lal>ric? in Bla* k Groa Gtain.coloied and bla* k Alpacaa, Mohaira, P-?r t alea. and a full line of choice and tancy prints aud other nice g>>od?, too nwnerom to tueution. Vi e ehall albo exhibit a full and entirely uew it <~k of CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, aud MATTINGS. Kncli?h Tap-atry, Brti?-*1? in handsntne palf.-rtu, ' the very choicest lugrauia,oil A'iotha i>f newest de aigM, Straw Matting, ?er> lair, at Ji centa. Our variety in either branches. Pry O-mili and Carpet*, ia superior L? any aouth of N?w York, and propose a* alltluieato bell clu-apt i than au> U-uae in th? city. We invite the pi-.Mic in general ta in?p - t our g iodc and prices before pur. basing ebx-*In-re. WOOLFOHD A SUILBEIKi, 4*i7 7th >TBEET, | B-.twieu P and E.southwest. n.3l 3in ?VTHE ARCADE. LOA ELY POLKA DoT GOODS, froui UHceuU up, to FoLLARD MLKS at ftl.SU. at BBODHEAD & CO S. rnarjl 5tn l!<0?? F street. I ELEGANT BLACK ^ILK, fr..m SI 2U <ip. and a \t lim <d all kind, of ePKING aad 61 MMEIt GOODS just received at BRODHEAP A CO"S, mar21-3n? l.OA F street. COAL AND WOOD. 'I'O coal dealers. We have several huudred tone of HITS ASH AUD HENRY CLAY SUAMOKIK COAL. PTES ACE, EGG AND STOVE 8IKK8, at the foot of Riath street west, a kick we will sell tc the trade at wholesale prices. Apply to ua ia person or bt mail. T EDW. 1 LARK * CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers iu Lumber, Wood aud Goal,foot of Fourth street eaat. f 17 tf A r HOUSEKEEPER*- Mf) Kil Fitting cut or replenishing with _ CHINA, GLASSWARE, C ROCKERY, nud PLAiEP ware Can lu.d all I hey require at our More, of tbe boat avality and at Lowest < ash Prices. WIRE tc BEVERIDUE. B M-at' Ko. 631 ?Odd Fellows' Hall < 7th al. I^IMEI LIME t L1MKI Best wood burnt LIME at #1 per barrel,delivered ia all parts of the city. THOMAS FAHET. 10th street, n-14-kn* near La. aveuae, northwest. IKIOTICE?Tha4 B. 8. JUSTH, SIR D street, be IK tween ?h and 7th street* nortkwaat, v41? cua " 8EOOHD HAKD CLOTHIMQ ?1 lea*than hadf the com of ready-aiada ?aw one*. BILE DRESSER a specialty. uSi x, business CHANCES. AN E\CBLLR*T ll'MDKW IN* [ Th> U ?l u4 F'xi'irx* At ik' w*ti e?f a Milked IHHuil tm??r?n( If 11 [ M I W- 1? ?or. b f * ??!* Ik' ?r-?-iit r frtx * fc?i*C *0r*A :n ,4l>or l???IT??? W .11 Ik ? I I ? l.l I g 4l"?nl A i>pl? at l? ke..?i lawiance Ac MA 14th *?reH or on th? all r 4 ??. I - k ? "L ?* M* - AsplrbpipiirtNts? opp<?bti mt? A aiaall . apfal will mmirr a pat in* M A h I' ? f v< Tt"R1K? Hr f*l* Call ?I I ? II. r-aerwi -rmrr .f rth awd V atr e-*. at V wllllllll TO 1 r <?> Rl\l ?*TATB VMurliy 1 r <?i?e i* ? tana M "??* ?' 10 rent lnt?r???. N.< rharf* f ?r rm? A"?1r.-?a P<h* Plic? B t 3t?. rUlai nana, l?r*. V] V* ?o\ri> or Vi'mTii^r.Tjck,.. >W i fr f r Mil# in kIW Fiif ?hi. h in?ii J r i) ib pa, !?'?< ml -l> i.ti Uv?. A ?? alt diti .*.uf i ><uriha ???re. l.*W I* jMUKtHiN * Cs> . ? rl '" I Ra?k?n. c i it mill T<> ft*** ??h? tol"** '* it ?> V I "ill'ni t? ?lc a lli ? i> . in ? ih (? *ai? M M R. >11 ai M kll 7lk aH^. I/OE V?A1R ?'? R v<? tSuK lr I". r pi' per:* ?3.*a' r.-il -iiUf n<4 ??. i' ne |* t? -lit* a. ie? 0*i j?-t, La I, f i I ? M Ml VAIiMK Utlde', I > Ifi Iktl p*li?r | OAS* l<k fL YL I " AIR A i pi ? atk>n* <*m' I-- n ?!'< f. r I >ua f r l <af >?? ?li ii i n.?? i - i i ? ? i. aa MMr?4 tii.eli II Hi .aI:;ii!? ilh~' -' *T #- n?l I' n'lid 1"1.11.<4 ?- ?* hnw* o ?-ii-? t (? i> pe-!y *t P'W Vvki.mll ll"-i?i?i Ismj . ?' b ? ?'i? |h iar> I an ? u il ? I.)* - II * MiKKK. 84 ,OT !*? : ^OTIt c M I A4.tT;~> JiKLLlliU AX M' r*t_K?(Wfrtin "* *???? ? ??> ?? 111U.1.* . ' R H M VKNCK. ??w njf?w"kjrr* .*4 M I,"V K hALi-ii<U liu* in Ml Ml IPAi. 6i>Nll>. 1. K < a* h -j? l .ii ii |.i?t ? C< niiii..- #? . <:?.!> . r^' in# fru?i I" ; . U pr* .?aI A tin a ?.lU all V i I- - II. J I' Vli'iHIKU) , nr Jro H*y|*.i..ii? , K u.*. Ml \l< II'M r?M'H"?Rf TTU.~OSI i "ST Cl.l i '. " II 1.1. U M ?t .11 ' :l|.ltftl t|, t< 'i raMM i'l<?*ral niM, !)< i: ( ; . ,ui >o l>?uka I'll iih. aii'l ??.?? Hit'ii. A >!?'? I .1 iiK??i?n? An . wIMbi Q'AH r?-nna. a*^., Il.>.u I, ? JiM-h IN !?? N"iMIN>."riO? ?f ?M. ||it? II ?.*?i. ^. u???.. ,?>?J au>l r> ? * . i ? j IS |? i c III . mill n?t fi. n 1 I" SU )T"a?? ! t i kU uiiiiImI U'llrctiil ?Ux<vl . buc r ? J r ?u< ti ir lm H'tl1 |Vnu*>t\aira aititiv* H a l; K < ii A Mi fc ti pwtkaM * n - i ? < . t JiWH I INU ?h ap. d'tar ???? i.iark t, fik ?ircvt, Kn. I 7 I 'J. I'm. ? N-mii i MAmfT. N x I K.?K i>N, H.?P ?f V M I * UeMi'.ff 9- li ai,'1 I> ata JIAKBOVLB. IkAMI BAUiCa. JI A> HMILK ? ? O . KH(. h.tTATh A.\U A <Tf- /?' K'tK Kh b. ?!?. Unb at I it-t. U|.(i ?IM I >. 11 >aaurf .FOK SALE-A k*l. !?.?ii<- H"I>r '.i I atri^, N'l.HIJ A n<-? lar?"' d'nUr IIOt> R, r ??m-r Slat ?i.?' H II*M *? K v I o I ii Ni<Mrlia?;;i ainn* U"l N 'J'ib 21 ?tr? ??? 1 t ??!?? r real, tun Irli-il I?r Iiiitiirin,lf <1 \Ct<TrA?ir 1*1 U ilia: t'a W; r?ri'? ^;i??i > \.ral ?tnail II 'U- -a, fr m A t.i ^S,l?ai. oiiiail i~a*1i |*ai ui"i.ta. Tlirf.' I.* ?T# ii. nh ai.<l "Uf ?t) ai'Hth aide <4 Kli 4r I<1mI x >iiu>'.l>"lw in 1 Ash aihl IMIi. W> tin* crffal ??-rj fin^ KVI.M", (tn|r'<"4 Alii numipriii.'l. oa lin^i.-n' raili. au- lui.i.'. f It. ?u tli' ill) . I n aal< at i p-ri r . MjM f.-' t lliRi'l N I> lU ? iri -ii" p..rt i n? .if ! h? c itf I ic -.?!.? ai l,'? h?ir?a, n* iw| k-tM, ut will * ' > i?a lor prodMrtlvr iinpi.I'l (rit) . ii<> .ta LV'K SALR SKAU ? 1!>h!sOToS. L> C , TWO M'TEMOa FEt'IT I ARMS, Tb' C'^tr Oram Viarrw4<; r\cHI-ut frcit tr ??? ai,d\<n"? iu N ai iiif fi tuat-or la:, ia * Icai.ilr ?juarri' ?. AL>U. Itl ILPlKCi LOW IN THLI ( I7f I' > insr?' K ?. 17. L<?i N 4 !? ,1.1.1' --UtU il N 17, I. a I KUil S t'?uM? Nil. ?i. Lm K*. li. ?? Ju '? 2 " si " ? r, *;.j 7 " " 7v It. il ai i U ?. 7] ? 4 " 44 K " au4 SS. " " M ?? 2!. T r partiniUia anilr t>> l?*H?r ??? in i? ? >? ta W M KkAI IVi, tXilM Ur.i? V n.%: Uf. r|r?t.'Wii. I>.C. tiila-lw F'OK ti.ALa?Thr STOCK.UOOO * lLLa..<l riX TI Kk.J?'f tbe Millii.Tr ???! I an-> bi^ra. Mo. 107 Raikd >1^- . b?<t.7tb ai.d ?h tan ?M, u rt* (jy?)Am| E LRXKMAKU A ?)Q. TKRSOxIl^ l\| ^ u * rKthr.ll. I?? t?.vfr?a;a# H, f>it i.."J",m*f T>*i Mtlmm.c*.. ? ^17V^V^^ i'Naa ?t h.?r f I>1?|.'Ibaud wr.Uiit ui I k o4 ? .17 tl>> medical, too. II AI>II.8?ufl i.bc !r"tii ???tklM*a?. Hi. c ^K>-i?l?.-l-illt) . . ai -k . 'i atatiug c?r. aiad a.l.n aaaum M*a. A < K<>?Hk.K. I i' ' ai l.ii' D|a. BIKUHAM. tdi:or qt Ikr iariru t'll(la| I bltitta. Jummml. aa< /*??'? >*or ia Ma i ? I Co'Ut'. Atir \? 4. ail. ai>^(iioM Aia.aar ?nk>at a-LiuK itnotii'iia. I t; li; ?l.Htifm, ''an'*ra, Bli>??1 r Catarrh. Dt-pi ?. tli?- K?? and E?'. L ..u? an I Tlir'at AUtUoua, aud >i. it ua I?ia aara are bia ipiialtM. Privata R -ma, N>. 41 j Ulh Mr.^t.n^M F u ay|\atna avenu*. Oftcr bmira?9 a it. to J p. in , and S to ? r ? Cooanhaliotia lr??. mil la' W IAKKEM8. Irracnlanty,aiid K^r*. ua D -ti ll t>. anvcrtiafull]' IfatHl. K.Ih-1 luun^l.a;. I aww it di-atred. Ladira lutTraand, ad lri?a Mra A. C. BObURK. Waabiiigt.n. I) C. t.'bk lm*_ \| ADAMR W ILbOW." 1*1 A A.aa'a'/* I'rtt??< PBT6ICIAM AVV MlkWIII, call Im CvtaoMad on all DISRAbRSlMCIDKNTAL Tu KADIR9 H?.J-i.. ?? and Ci'iiauliatiau K .uv. ?? 11 p.o atrMt, latawiillaull. Bo<*e,B?*rd,*?i4tcal atteadaeee, Ac., at rtaaoutbla prioaa. Tape worm raai*ti4 *Hk b-ad In two h >nra. Ralar to ptlanf an i ?lalli trralnd tu W aabinctoa. aoa Ilia' Ma i ma. l> CUXbCLTlMU rti YSJCiA.y, Ttic "iJpat aetabhahad t>pr<ialiat In tnr cttp, Ka. 611 l4 ti atraat, above II. Uonn: II to 4 aud 7 to l.dai r claltr ?Female C'o plaui'a Aud O jrT-kr OR>TA< LI> TO MAKRIAUK.-?.??*? Kit>'t I Jv \ ofna Mm trom 111*- i lnttl ot ktr -ra a . I Al'tux-a in <arly ilie. MaubiHitf r ?at"r^i. lu.p^u uii'l'tato M<arna#? ri'Uioted N * n?< I h -d ? ?! tfai in. lit. and ri markaMe r.-inntu-?. R >ka and i .rinlara ??-lit li?e. in aealrd i u>n |?a. A t'lra?a /f?r< trd A***(>attou, No 5l a 'litli #.U air.-**, IV '.a i^ifbia. Pa.,?as iti?(ituti< u baiiuc a bicli r. p ita ti?u for b u ralitf coiaduct aud prt4-.a! ual fcartii-Kiifai Il ICMALI I'iM.AMs irt-wiod, and iwutia.Mm, ? caaaw taken. l>-~ Iit-r Caar aim auclnae *k ad *l1c1e and n>~4irin* a ill I- a? ut Addroaa Mr. Dr TlinSlI ai'N . No. b4t> N^rtb Utbatraat, HtiHaW) lm; >aa?lr" Monk* rktlknkd ir .... - st***0 *lixjk PAILS TO CIRC CHILLI, To be bail. I BRAt'R A ClhMtL,corner Bridge and Pi*i KK/1?,,<,tl'-U',,'rlrI"wi!-?r4"f OROKOB H rLAnT i iW'B, corner N.-w Turk avenue a:,d ittA Mre>-t. where t^atina.>niala can brami m<u lr* PIANOS, Ao. J* LfcC AS, 1149 7tb itraat n. w., T?? * ?a a ? a ticfwlmtmr v mmA Oxaa>. Of ? li. ta mvnrdat Tliouipa.jU a corn, r litb at KMa ai.a Si. lurk air. , t>rtt)'a, Bima' . u-ai'llHi CiMitnia, tieolgfto* li. aiid M ?* , l'a. at at.i|i*ber iiia'.riiiiM'Utapacked and ?"'rd AM work guaranteed. nil * lr '??t Nlhti AMU K?.PAIK1NU. POLI8UIN4 1 AN I* VAKNI Ml I Nti IIAMu.i AMi?^^. ALL MIM( AL 1NMKI MKNTS. Ai feoH| aara r.olfa tbe n. ?i tallliful atimiti >i ??? ?Tl b> O. L.HILDA BKO..AMO Itibatraet ? ?t. n?ar li'.itbaeat o?ruar <<f Penna>lianta axeniae, o?ar t* etit) rear* a ell knaL aa prar> al P.auo and al Iuatnuaent Maker*. Duaier* ia Plaons and Muairal liatn o^nU E?w?rallr. n,litr d~* L'STAT klUk. rUACTICAL filAO JLA " I A Ah, T CAAK AM) HEPAJH kk-^ "/ TiaSOS ANpOhHA.SS Urd-m r. ceiked ?. IlAkk AAV KhfAJk VOS ANpUh**AMS Ordm re |B|B BARK'S Jewelry biora, **9 Pa.Hl in a**., and At NAIRN 1 l)ra| km*, corwr ptk Arm and ii ??!. fUBi gcamuciaa . quit acvrcTioa ia raicaa. Tlm>' InatnuBetiU, wbicA, oc aototmt of tkatr m MTlurill over all utliora. baae u> ataa > ? a>^^ becobie Umi feoat popular here, aa wall aa aU|BaHBB OTer Um- ,'Mi b. bad now fvW tb* foi "II in lovtnc low krlcar buL ARR PI ANO? fr-aa |VI to t?? rl'RIGBT PlABOb fr^a Aduvto ?r? OKAND PIANob from |Au, Ai^k r. iaotia ah." %ieh to ?a*e friAi |Wlu |M R w chaaiu# the baJt iMtnwm oat, are kaaltad toaa* aail butipwa m waaaliM. PiaM (ur mi. Him eicbatifad. TabIbc and BepairtM prowerli AIhM toT^ CARL BIOtfVBBTAAaM, dlCtr IlirwdS^ 11 1LLLAM kkAbk A CO., BlLT'Hntr. likTUn. orano. Svic ARR ANU L PK:u1jV PIAMi Tbwe imti i. taenia ha v. be^a hel.^e the Ubil forty ) raia, and upon their eceellatMa i attained an Bn purr baaed pre-Mita wbu h pri i.ovnrea tb-ta uDerailed for t Oimtrour lb-ale and Axrafe j^|OST WOBOEBPCL^IBTEBTIOB OP TBI 9r9CT* ?o. ??? Pa. ATA., W. * R AAd ft A au,

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