Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1873 Page 3
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ritorosAL PotALS tvu INDIAN liOODS I'ErA*TVTTT or TBI IVTFSTo*. I Off r* or h iu* Affair*. Marcl. *'. ItC.i.l m-al?l P: p-sal*, li d -??'1 ?? Pr >pos?l?f?>r Indian (i ? !1 (??? at S" ?. 40 and I'i Le"ii ?iri New \.ik. nn'Tl 1*4 o'c! rk m., 011 TUESDAY, the 'J'J <1i> of April. K3. whch place vil !?* ? pen f >r I ? * ;r ton and after th* 9th day >4 A I ? I I r ? .rri-h -<*. 'n rn-- ?! lantiti"* tber~in fi* -i: aai 01 all vf the artulea narnnl id the f-iUow K \:< : j..! -' ? point white Mackinac Bbnltft". to ? a* Il re 7i\*t iib in-#, a 1*1 weigh twelve p 2. : . i- Jr :'.r whit- ?? kinv Blanket*, to 1 a--IT' Cy\72 ir < li? ?. ami w. igh eutht p-.tind* .1. ? ,?. - ?'? point w hite Mackinac B.ankets, t<' n i<iirM\K 'mIiixjIikI ??(|h fii pouada. - - l? : I w liite Mackir M Blanket*. t?. r ?-nr- 42\vi inch-*, and *1 igh five aufl ?ne 'iU?"t?r pounds ???!?>?-Itpini white Mtck.nao B! nik'*t*, to i i? :?>xa> inch*-, and w. igh four arid one <i< arter pounds. * r?>r' * point ? ar'-t M i"k ? sf R!mket?. to ui-ae'ite itiJy inch-. ami ?: #1' twelve pjir Is. '.*? pi ?. j p.. :,t ?,-arl?; Ma?kinac Blanket*,to ;? ,-?:?! *1*72 I f h.-, .r. I w-igh e.g't l.>M m i kwM Mackinac Blank*t?. t<> ti *-i--ir 64 vf" 'it<"t ? -? and w-igh six p >ilnds C . -2-p-ui -???i"! M* In::"'' Blanket*. to I -'ire 42"i? inches and weigh liv e and one V .1 ;-r i-.uioi?. . ? 7 ; . ? , 1 , fi ? j.i.lie t'n MJfkitv R .ink???, I a-m 7S-.AJ ii" h> ?, and weigh twelve P I-. 5 - p. m.? ? tin Mackinac Blank*r?, t- t -nr i'.tt.ea, a ad weigh ti^h' p 1 ? , ? -1 . p- ind ?: ? bin# Mackinac Bla-t k -?.t-. m-.'-JteUvw> ), and weigh -ix 1 1 ? ? .''!>> ir * Mt?? Mackinac Bluik.-fa, I ..-a-m 4; W iM li'--, and W igh live ;t!U o- ? iii ?r:? r p uud*. 4 ; i -????? v" ' B! .nk?t-. ? ! ?- j: 7'J- ? iu he .*itdHt .irwiweivepi uiidt* '.1} r'? " ^-p- ' >: ct--m .M c <ia.u- Bl .iik.-K, ??? M re tr: ' ? . aivl w -igli ^i^li; pound I'- 1 ' i' -?? 1 i"! . ii 11k kiuoc Bl t ? 44 ?; ii.chm, and w?i^h sia p .z:iU t 1 - 2 p !i?t cre^ri MveV::i.!<- R .ink't*, to ??? ?' iw, wnsjh tj?0 mmi 011 1 uar>> r nt*1.. t- :? - F n ? L, ? I . - ? I ? h i U S.iveil L -4 I!m - ? 1 ?? 11. .775 > ? * ' S .v ?; I. : - ? . ; .,1,. ? " < (i-kl 1. -1 ii? :i <1 .???. 1 '.*xi" ? \% h i^n - 1 - ?? > t* 'lor M n |. i H- j? j D' ui'i- > .i-* Uwn TI r"? I. 1 i<i (to. N ?*. J iSatwl |?.!W. tkud-td- ik Idn ta ini ?1 tejr-l>r?nu *< 5 d ? n C ' r. ?t.i;. !.<rd zr. \v:n, 201 \ 3 t ild a; ; 6 -;d. , b ?- 4 ?lii- .. ,?.) pr'i.M . ? _ > .?? Iielij; Bin I> l;ing. 4. .*** > wt- l? ?1 TKk 'i-?. 3 ti.: 5 ? -4 Br. w n 5?l. -ti .. I | ?? . ,d ? J Uuik.v n ?. ?? .73t \ j 1,j? J> aid L111- y. *"?*f" jra 1- Bin- riann- I. 'will I. 3f7,4??) 1 R. J f": iuii-1. ? !l?-l. : K-nt'i. ky J ..1-. I ?.?S >ard- b> uwl. J. ??> t.?- C | r?d P'.TJins.ff-r ?t-- < II: 2.) .*.*?> <? i? Bl^.i. b^.i SU'-et ua.if ?i >iiru? I1.1 J.W)f:ir!> BIb? I? nm S>- ??i\a? 1- Hickur) >liir;!?ir .vt* <1 (>( l'i<toii ll .in.ik r' hiefij. u - I -ii Men- \V ?I ^ ?? I ?. lvld-?- l' W'??"?'* W .ii H ?*?. 4?*4? ? ? i> Chihlren'* W i li ??. 41 d* /??!; V* D S I J- I. K ? laiutt-l J?li it !'? iv fiaiiKt-l ?" ' II 41 t\ Slairtn. 1.I'?j ? .*in ?? Miirt?. l'> ^ n en's W in I II U. f M'? . W.H.I II 11" B ll 1 \ erlele "?>v ;? 11. il* ^ .?rii. - rt' i< ?! ?*?* I.-CI p 1- ttilliftii Tmii'h, 2 an I 3 . J.'eini! i l.iTI' I. N ?? (i|. ' ' P HU^Cott 1 31 iltie, fo| &e,Ui??. ;? -. i- lndit ?. l^-?? ? ,?-t !??.<?! \t?. 3 to f, p * ? 1 ? h-i ? . linn;, r ? A I. r J i n At II >1 .i??. v. ii. \ I. t>?, ' 1 ;inii, d irou Firwniii| k' tlles, 1', t? 1 .nart-. 4Ji > a ah Tt-haixll, K-. P.iuj. JJu 1.2. au l 3 .1) ? 141ml ,|BaMi||. * - I 7eu Til I' M - pressed.] t. ,t>| 0 in irti. S^ d /en T>ii Plat. ... v->' '--n Tin Cwp*, pint*. ?? i' n Tiii Oil*-, .fiian* ii.i e n Tiii Pail*, u> v.rei-, S, 1 , an.j 11 ^"ar*i 1 ' n Tin ri.ll-, w .h cover*. 3, 10, aud 1J -?t. art s'?! it Tin [>i pperw. I >nir iiari It** 1 - '? : Tri 1 ' P ?-. J ?!>. ,1 * ?!? Till t'offe p }-. t?j.j ,114. WJ'I ? iiliiiitnl ir.'B Tal>li Sp. .<m. 1- I 11f Mo 1 1' ? T 1 -ii-. 1 ft-l'i ?!. Boieli-i Smvi 6 in a. lid u 11 mm hi ? K Hive-. 6 m. tt. Ia ! ti Skiiinii-K K- ir ii.. .. *** '? >t? Kmv,-- .,11.1 1 rka, id unt.i'v - I ? !'??' ket Knit - li Id n T11- 1 Saw F -.4,S in. !?. 47 I /-n M..1 saw File-. ? 552 1 ? ti PUnter?- || .,S >. 2, le*t t i-t-?' el. lj?d -7en II e;, * ! T.-n Hat' lief*. 1 . d '7*11 II .1 d 6-1 J- /- t. Pi?h H k-.a-< rl<. 223 T r -h _-ine?. a?rori' d-!/? 1. ?--5'! . Sew Dkf A?l i.".? i -i ng-avl II todlo* I|; : 0<t?l -leel S'.-ar-, 7 ! i:; I -1 'ifti,.,. 4:1 I . . < . ar* ("??ml v 1. 1 ?. 11 Fiae-toolh I- -r l>*. ii l xen Open Thiii.l i ? I ?? 1. Zinc Xirr.?r 17? ? Ji ?? .iiei?, a? rted ih ? N-t dlen, GI??er?'. &44 P 'ter Trap- S'whfliiw.S ? 4. S Mi;.k Trap". Xi wl. We ? ?r.ip Kettle*, m 1.. -taof tlu-?. 6.43?| bwt.? lie* B a-l-. *-? -rted C jt r* W P.-Whallall PipeK. I' K e.l }>'?Ii,? S.fc k Cuat?, aa- rte.l s;/e*. f >r nii'll, 4????? Piiita. a-H It- .1 -1/. -. for ni. u. A. Ve>ta. a-wrte,; ?iz*?, for ni. u. m X1 Lo ?Sa< k Overr.. u,. | trg.. aizo ??- Sit N-j?j-ket a ad pnatri fov !>">'?? tiv? to t.-n ?e?r?ofa*e. - X "lr [::r flve to ten vear* of asts. ?. i' W -a - ol Hat?. a*sorted ??./??* an l c .| ?ra 1.6 B , - ? -l Hat*. a-? rted ~u>m anl colors >" 11 -.?vy Ca-*ini*re Cap*. 1 r<6? P*'** M-n'? bli .?i, *.hk1 unalitr, as* rted 7>lie?::? W tieu"9 Sli-*i>. ?ood inalitjr, a*d.?rted M/-a. 2U pa ;ra Bra Sh.;e-. e "-1 .|n.i!itv. N H.San 1 6. Sl.Aea Sfc.j-a. g.,. J -^uali;) , aaaoried .Kl pair*Cliildreu <ood jnalitf. *-?? irted aire*. 9 "i>4' p ?and* Tobacco. Pluij. ?r?A< p iind* ?v- A "?riCi* f'H-t ?-?? delivered 111 N-w ? ^'tk. ruiU ielpLui, or B mull by the l?lda> id Jua* A ?">.th* fdlowln* Blank*t*. whirh Will be r* ?n ie.|t I ? d I'tel-.i i 1 111* l-t d.v . f AiUlLst next p-i ra 3 p. im wl.tfe Ma.'kmac Bl inktfa. to in 6Ua.J ilMiliea, aud WeigU eight P-'Itela. 1 ? pair- 2Vr- lilt white M 1 kmir Blanket*, to _ t;. s- jre SixCe in> ties. ,.n | weigh am p oinds. ? 3 pairs] p. ut white il.? am.u' Blanket*, to I* t- :re 4^\46 inches an.1 weigh five and on? '1*1 titer p. niid*. 1 r f.r, 3 p. int m 111. ? M ?? k' .ac B' i-iket*. ta u-.-^snre 6vx7i iuclie-, ?eigU eight | ontxla. 1 r-2'^ poir.i ararlet X i< Bl.tnk*ts, to n a-nre M?'"<?> meh- - an,I weigh *i\p oind* 4 ?'* 2 p> int Ma kiu*<- Bianka:*. to I >-:.r* 42\4rt in< i.< s. ai. I Welga !i. e ^ud ? iinartn p nuda ? li. pt.i-3 P"ul inJiu . Id'i M.'kio*. B!.?ak-t-, t ? 11 ja*i;re 6?\72 i. - h-a. and weigh '-i^lit - ' ?< "- ' I ut ?* I Mt- k n-t. H ank-'*, I ? * "t-ure \vi :Lf W-, an i N**if,j -i* P 'Utd?. r 1 - p- ' ' r 1 _ ? I '11 >1 , BIttik f* I UII isnr. Cx4n 111. ii-s, au.1 We:gh J ? e mart' r poiiixi* * 1 P ? t-2'?-p -iitt gr? ? 1 Mi kin.a.- B!ink*ta.t> 1 re M\*6 int !t? -, a el weigh -1 \ p tlUids. I - i>- li' gi -'^ij M M klMi BliaMh to ?'r-r' 4_r ?<? i.'.-li - ajci .. .^a II. a and ? 1'iarter pound*. 'f*n"*1 'f" pre- .n. ? f the ?* 4 ? ' ' 'I' ? i 1 >a.'ii 111 ? t 1 I -'iratd I > lb Secretary t Ifn-Interior, m r a-th tiate f -r re . . ? ,m^ shall l. u* * vpir. I. Utdtkaeontr .. a will le_. aw .u.led M |./ju !:.? r at . r a- prartn .1 I'.'tt. - t.liii.g ar- r- ;-.r-,l tv fnrnish aanipl of ' , - I'l l I .r. a:: Il -. ip.e. t evil f I l-r P al. 1 -:^iiiatetl I . ? [I'll ,i? turk attache*! to ? . 1 -a.. ..... rr, sp .idu.g with ai.ti k* on the uro J 'Mw*. T! p- c nin-r I- ?? with nt an> ai ?iiBcati a ( T ;? i> - ; i.i lift, all it w ?ia! r TI e t zht ?ill ?>e re-ervetl t . require a greater or J ?- j 11 .-ling 23 p* r cent i? eith t I ?-? ? t ? 1 the .aril. I? Ihan that *i^ , itled la lae a*' Ve - I : :'e- at th- pric- - pr Ip *e I. To* 1 *i' will !?? rea.'i?,-.| t reject an) or at! pr I ? il*. i' ?"! h a c urne ?h al I he d, ?med for ti.-.- :u S rr-l- ; il.e li t ,-rnni- nt A ? if li - furni-h, -! nnd-r contrvt w ill b- re r;'i 1?It 'i'-livere.t, pa. ? land mat ke.| for ?'np y '-t.-.w .!t" tare**-"r bahtif wh>-n JI. ?t ?? pa- k.ages. ? ?.r.lIif-T lo dirwtioaa which v I., g v l at a ? ar- li..ti?e I be d' -iciiate.l in the v "P ? in--- wher.- the p.rsl- are received,and v 111-a- 1 to in - p ti- it b) the B-ard oNIu.lian < n-n.1-. . ei* app-lilted l y the Pr?al. nr, ami ph. I *? -u-.r artn !?a* nn. in any r-spec* f^ii to < 1.1 r ;. ? the ? will rejected, and in that ca-eli.r. r wil! I-I. mil l<t furnish other* * f t i-?> r Lired kind ordinal My wtthi'i *e? .lay*; or if flat I not ?2 n< . they ? U| Ue part Ua*.al at Iu* e < p?lt-e ho !,? 1* will I c-T-1 t.-r.-.l from persona wh ? have }? . It ? , tnplj with the re.jt;irem. nts ol aloruur a t,tra.f N t - 1'rac?,.-r part thereof, will b* permitted to I t ?... -I t-r Oli- -1 bt ..{tier parti-s with -ut the v 11 ! ? > M it> - f th ? Interior. Pitii i.t will be made 1>r the go-sis purchased on 1 pre*. ,.tj ,.f tii^ invnic-w thereof at tins t- *!'?? ?? 'th \ -hall hav--te-ea properly approval K pr 1 -al will !??- criatl-rett that u>ea n.-t ?tn*ti> c ii p!y w 11 h the f--ll twin a form: ? I . ? w* t r -p.*- to furnish the Indian P-'part X1 .?? ? >. in.g I the t. rnis - I til- aalverti--meat of ' '' ?' -r'er ..f |n<!;an Affairs, 'lat-l March a. !'" J. Tl' ar-i.-l-s at th,- pric-* thereto ?m? .? Il-re n*erv the h-? of articles pr-p.?eti :o|te i'^'r.ii' ' ar*,r'? are t? I-* oelitered in (here J -*e-' the t'.ac ? ..f ileli.erv 1 I., tli-M insert . *" flLis pr->p *al 1? acceptett. I lor Wei V v i'-a ,lai s afTef t* inn n r.e .|. e\e ute a r trs a.< .nl't.tU aidin.M.ur,,, t.. th-4' m i'r " or t-.' -iLe " " f?r lh- rankfut Perforui E < U p! r *>tl i??n*t be aot mpaoMsl by a guaranty *'? " '--el by two r-p'D r 1.1, pe-- n?. wh> -eenttt'-nc> mast hecertiiljj L, p fl iiel Siate* Ji)<1g? ..r P -trk-t Alt -rtiev ?*fr# %ereby j. iinTv a i,| - verally guarantee that l!.rk! ? bidder 1 ?>r Kin f,)!! a .. atrai t sliall be * ?ti l !t hii> (.rth-i- '? f . rdipg to hisi,.r their) t id t-r pi (steal, will e*ecat-a c. nti act acr -rdingly ?? d i if i' ? ?e ini-ite -? a-it) f-r the f^itblal per 1 -in a- f tli- -an- a* prrib?d Hi th- atlver t ? 1 ? 1." for Pr? p- -al* I r Indian ti >od*. dat d Dar "h ? ]?. J: an f in the eteut of hi* (or th-iri fail >.re to . we her<t-j a?rre? and hind ouraeltea. a t.r lie ??. eaecotor* a".I at'inniistratora. to forfeit f,d pa) ( the l i' s-.ates. is lama?**, a sum a >t 1 sa ha . r *te, 1, per cent, on th- aiiioant of ta.J hid c.r pr : - il B r 1- I- r- Hired tn the amonnt of the bid J r th- f .Hbful perf.miMBt e f the contrai-t. with t t ? ? 1 e sureties " h-'-e sufTicieL-ct MIMt bect-r I rleC t by a I'10ted States Ju-ige ur D.-trict Attor n r H. B. CLIK, u. -22 o-:d Acting C. niuuaaiouer r> BANKERS. OTI* BI(iEl OW. Banker, 613 P STREET. NEAR 8IVI5TD, Psy? INTEREST OX MiPOMW, ?*?'??? COL LE< TIONS, and transacts all bu*ta?as conn~-t.?d with Banking. ?P- It A X k I KG II O IS E or J. H. SQIIER A CO.. ltlfi PENNfcYLVANIA AVENUE. 4>rro*iTK W ILLA*I>'? Ri>TI.L, WASHINGTON, P C. - per rent. interest (.aid on depoi'ti. 1 ?'flections made ever) wh? re. Deposits paralle on demand. Pay of off ?-??? in the Arm) ca.?h?d in advance. apt 'r F. BRUDHEAD, ? Broker, No. 939 Penna. ave., Room Washington. D. C. Special attention given to Investment *eciriti?s. Invites atftiti' u t? securities now offered at pries* *hi< h^ill pay hlto 15 per t ent, in amount* and of length ? I time to suit investors. Safe, reliable. profit ahle and prompt, making them in every respect FIRST-CLAIM SRCl'RITIES. R> Ter* by permission to Lewis Johnson A C >.? Washington. P. C.: Moses Kellr, E~r. Cashier National Metropolitan Bank. Washington, P.O.; Hon. J. M Brwanead, Second Controller, Washing ton.P C ; EdwardC'ark. Es-^., ArcUitec' U.S. C.ip !:<?!, Washing^ B. P C. marl7-3ui '|*u* national pask or the republic 1 (Corn* r- t 7tn and Pstr?ets,i OPEN FROM 10 A. M TO 3PM dfrlTly t H AS BRADLEY. C:nbl"t r?ER>lA?f AMERICAN SAVING* BANK, \!1 No. SRVUNTH STHrFT. Opyaiit, Bank boitrs: M iB.to4r.nt, Suurd*] s open no .11 ep n. ,to rec -no d<fr.-,..s -t?ly. Interest paid or, d-. posit j. Cuiectlons tnaTa and ?tub*!.** furtiisln-? JOHN HIT'/, Pr .1-?it, A EBFRLT. V. Pr st, * F >1 ATT INOL Y .S--c., C. E. PRE* TLS^.C-r ,'t uof P | THE IKEtllMA^'S SAVINGS AM) I ThISDOMPASy. i BsnHng Ileus.. N i;><?7 Pciin?y Iranla avenue, . pp. ?*!*b tii ? Tri-a-'ir rs pix i P? YS PlX PER ? ENT IVTKF.n-^T. In >?[).' i- < ns ike >?rj:n/ kick /..'i?* t PAYS EOl'R I'KU CENT. on boaiu'?*? mcc ""Titi fr.n>i date of dep.>*it. :<**!? Crti/femH* oj bearing < and 4 per r .1 i-.t r-*t, avail .ble anywhere. 3.AO EKAN< H (ifKR'M iit al! large |-?m aai cm ?* of the t-iiih and South'." St. Jmni hirers, 9 a. rr. to 4 p. r~ Op u *'?4iii-.Uv at id t'.itnriiajr n-nlit- *ront t J >'c. < c. toreonv. pvs:t*oclT. Ci'.att'm Biiior r iv r p> ?>?" Oha-;er ar 1 - ?! < It A V UiOkt A 4 O.j i BANKKR8, Er Y AND SELL FOREIGN EXi'H OB and ">r Y CIPt'f LAR t-ETTEr^ or OiEDlT f).* Tr?i?l-:-re, irmat-.c ta one fart u' t v ueoj^t. O'ar Pi afts f>n JAY COCKE. MfCrtLOCH A CO., LONDON, ire CaaKed In a'jy part ol KnuLa^i , IlJLAtr aid V :>TL* <f>,/"t u ~ fil-H tttv H ll'AvHIM>TO> CITY SAVING* BASK. ? ? Cernf 7t\ >tr>et ami Ioiimi.ini avtiui?, PAVt- b PKK CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Is*ere?t r(.mnienr-? date of d?P'^<:fs. l- p. -its can be u-;vjtc aud drawn at wi!<. B.*>?f J A. Kl Fr Tr-a<-i- r. rUDPO>AL>. pfc'.'IuSAL^ E<"K to XL. Tr r a - ?? r - Df ???RT v t:\r. f F"3rAv. of llNoSAV'iNu A Mi P.! NT V", J M irrit. H7j. \ S t 1 Pr->p - Ts v.'-V I re, i-d ?t t'u- ofi' ? rt, : 1U oV|. ? k a. t- . MoNPAV. th? J"*.)! i. . 1 Vjrii 1-C3. for ftif ni?l. it:i; ll\ ?? liimdr-,1 ;,??. i : h i.f i"i' ! mir^(U .rg - t'r -ki t'i;:ti!.i.r!a;.< < al.t iM ererf at at:< h tirtea ard p'l.n ?and tii-nrh i?!nit:ti?ri. at n:-ij ?. r.-?,?tired, n. i ? .bject to tb r vli?t*? te- iviti ' I v a, t ' f mti- ss ap;>'- i II. IsTo. v i/-"That - h ? 'it -hall ,'h'J.JtO P"S?iid? to th.-t r. and-h,.II be in-p- i?al and weigb d, a' I til ? :.t t> of each lohd c -rtifi I at the ? In e . t ! li\f r?. I ?. f e p? r..,n app in'ed ,?iid t- a!i n?>l t.nrter tt > :?? ' t-r tli.if p ,rp .<?; a ..', tl ai t!.e pre?? tiled f ?? i " i' f r e:i,-|i tint "f c ?1 in -p< .-ted. wefsfb I t liil.itu-J, be p i d by the c< t tiacfor Proposals v ill lit" c ??,! ?>:n !ing f '"n'tifli fr mth-tvh IV of Apt ,l?"3.t;.- I? pa n,-.,t r - r\irr the rigl' t r<.-cl ail or at. p ?r:: u f the ' la rt-1i^l. No pr> p. ??!- *i'l be ^titer* tin- 1 '.nle?? at, p\. ni.dby ?.iti-fict rye-.iJence l ..'.j ty t > Ittr. I tli ?riract. net will an. payment I m? ! c rttfc ate f.f the it ?p . or tlia. i. .jkl ft.rui-ued :* -'tell a? tfie Coli*r.?Ct ? all^ for. Pi' r -al? fL't.. 1 be :i !d* a?- I a- 1 ??n* t.">tliaof f iil.o M. CARTEC, i ?? f f B r i>: ? f F gra\iug ,i .J PiiutiDg. Tc?a? t:ry p j :trtn M. in29 ,U.r pRl P05ALS >\.R LINK OAK. N?.vi Dviranr, i L tm (f Qf I'm."- ??<"< ? > / hfiir, Waehinyt. n,March 1^. IvJ. \ i t!.d pr- pc -??!, f r ft, d dlverjr of 50.000 cubic ? i<f LjveoaK timl-er>if the be?t oualitk ati irli r t , Kitt-n.i harl-atown r Br-> ki/u N-tvy 1 a. I. ? ??(-? ? p p .rttoii of th - cnl.icfeet at either ? tli'- Department in.n dir>i t.will Iv rec*iied at K'.ri?ti until THlRM?AY, the 17th d?, of April n-at. TheM* propoaaN mit?t be end r--d "Pr-->po*v!>f.?r Ltve-Oak," 11 .<t the) ma> be dotiiiguiahej froui i.'h.r boaiuesB lett -r-. Soreti ?? in the mil e?timat-d amonnt will be re ittirrd t.> sign the ci'Utract, and, a? additi >nal and I'ateral a-, nrity, twenty live?2S> per centtim will withtodd tithe aniottnt of each ?Udivery ttulil the on'tart i? satisfactorily completed. I: all tb" deliv? rt of tlis tim?.er there mn?t be a In. pri portion of th? most diffictilt and crookeil ,- .-i -?, otherwise there w ill be w ithlield sucli tuitoor ?mount in ad lition t" the 25 per ceutmn as may b ji ?!-. d exp. do tit to set tire the pt:bl:c .uleieat uut.l i:ch diflicirit p?rtiot,a he deli\ ered. The r> training 75 per centum, or oth'-r proportion of ra.-b bill, v hen approve 1 in triplicate by tli < i'ottmfllidant of the yard, will be paid by such pur ha?it.g pa\;naster a< the contractor ma) desig nate within tli.rty (30) dii*? after its presentation to h.m. I- will be stipulated in the contract that if default I-- mad. by the purtit sof the tir?t part in delivering all oi any of the timber tiam -d.of the ?juality and at t lie and place provided, then, and in that caae, the contractor, and hi* sureties, will forfeit and pay t the I*Jilted State* a sum of mon?*y not exc>.f4iug twi. e the t jtal am iint therein agreed upon as the price to be paid in case of the actual delivery iheteof, wlii li mav be re<-o\ered aciording to tli* Act of ? otiiiress in the case provided, appr-jvel Man h 3>l. 1M3. Ttie flU.i'V cnbic fee? to be d"!iver"d ? it' be in t!i?* f ll- wing propi.r i..n-> ?av S.1& cubic fvt . t pieces NMaM 1 -r st- mm, Iiipiili, i>?nlwooils. iproii-. sternp. -t*. k'o-lsons and ho..ks. all siding from 171<-J<> itu he-, and tin-hooks siditii: II atid 1?'> n h? T?ie?c pieceato be in the pt portions in which they ei.ter int? tb- constructi. n ol a -hip. fv ?r;c?'ii forming substantially in shape, boat li and ? liar ?? ? r w ith thim?- heretofore receives}, w ith I lane- of ? ?! re-p. t ding eiiiinga. th<- moulds , f whi< h ? tiil? ? m at any navy yard, .Y2.njncubic feet of th- s>diag J l.i an 1 lo il.< ho, in about eiittal i|llalitltles of ??. Ii. :ui.| 2.463|iubic I-- t of ? sidr.g ,.f 1J iik h*-s; :ill th?? pin is- I ? :i:l' in i -tii<th fi < in 13 to 17 fei t. witii a nat nt: I and bi r enrte of frmu 12to3>) inch -- o :n r iii that b-ngtli. and one-half tli" numb- r of piei - s t !ui i- fr. n. 'h mean t > i),$. ?r i* .tcrok \is. . 7jv9mbic teet .f tiaibei siding 13 and li it. li-. s, u, b-tigih ii ni 17 t- 3 l t All to be si,|.i| straight nnd fair, an I r .ugh liew i the Ii.onldiiig way to show a ta.'- .f n->t i..s:!ia v.o tbt! Is t'i ? - ili^g, the ?a. b lt.g deducted in tl. n? a-ur. to t.t. Tae i ml -I t > be cut tr> ni tr --s ' i w ir'on ;*? n.'.les of tb'- sea. of w Ii '. s.itist'.? t*.i \ sivl :icj w U b r .imt.! t? b delic. rel in th ? r.-sp-- ri-. ? ymd-. at the risk an I exp-n- of'li- -itra t r.s- . ft ? t to tb' usual ll.-p>- Ii t,. ? ?: t t-i 111 . it 11 ' ap pt ival ?I the commandant I th-i.n I Tb whi i. |UKtltl t.. be 4cllvafrj with. i . ai !:. ni the dale of the ? ntia t. .-.i'i-!a. r..'> evideti. ?n i-! I . p - ? -1? .lhei !i pt.p -il Ilia' the parr ntk* r htveTti- ti: r.or ai- a>.iaaii*'-d Witiitl.e ki.oj t. a:tj iioo in fa- ilij t.i pt lire it. luad'i-.:. n I the above, separate s. .ii I pr .po sa!> 'will b> r i -ivelattb -s:i.c tin . oiith arue t-'ti - at l t i lition-. a:.,| ?in;ilarh en b '-??!. fr :u [? - ns l a\ing the ttti h r ? II hati la!i^?I ut.f r lb .i'li?^ry in ? acb ? t tb- inn yai lsatl ..arl t iwn aid RrocU) n, of freai t u u to js+*ju cubic f. -t ol h?. i?k, the p ut I'll ni g 1, t-. 17 111 h S. tbe I? .I. till11.1; p Iti.iti 12 .till 1.! it. n <; th* P' in ipal pi ..s and .ro- k t timb t b-lug in the >-?? ??? I" it. I to th ( .rt ---las tnal spen t.- 1 11 tli tir?t cl- , with tl. ,mi leugti.s an 1 i look*. Tb wh' l- aa -nnt < ntract-i for in this ca?.- nin?t I. : .iv ^re?t on or b< f .r<-th-ttrat "f S-pTBinl er. !<7.t Tie I?. p?rtni?tt ri--.erT.--tb right I ? teiect am .-?lid .ill I'd- for any timber under th;- vl.eiti-. lo- :r, ? r nsfif e the am nut. .1 cotisidi i"l ii t t t! e in*- ? -t-I tin 0 11 inn -nt t. a 1-^1 tl m. mil to r ure sutfta. t r> i i i I- nc - tlia- bid- are ' '.i i ? '? in all re-p?s ??. and ar? ma b by i?p ; - I I- p--r. ni.. I'arti, - drsii ing t-- bni t..r turui-lung this t -i v ill le fur; i-b -<1 wit: iti-ti : ?:? v?. i- t- the f . :u of ? ff r r>--inirt-<4, up>'ii appl: tl i.iu i. t h.s i'. ir -a:;, lnartl law |u DIOKMAIJ Eoli UtAXlIK PAtUUT. S ai.d Pri poa.-'la are invit "lat i -a il! t - op ne t at th' Archite. i . Olfce. I".8 < ip lol, at Uo'cl- k in ti THl Kal'A Y . th- b h ??? April, fr paving !ii? I urn al tin soulh of the Capit .i Urounds, running fr< ni Maryland t ? N>-w Jers* \ a\eni:- s. Tin t id-lers ti state the price per supetti. ial yard No t id w ill be considered unleas ace >mpaub-d w .t!. ? I- ? id iii the sum of 4W.thesuflcfteoci . t v. |.. be approved by a JUatlCe of the peace for the Pis irnt ? f Columbia, i r a Judgi >f tli Unile<l States C-.urt,conditi neutbat th> party bidding will enter into i ntriu t in case it is awanb-d te him. and will Complete the work izi accordance with the apecili catiois. EPWARPCLAHK n 22 e.-tit Architect C S Capitol. '?"HI? IS TO GIVE NOTICE,That the subs. rib. rs A ha? e obtained from the Supreme Court of the pu trid of Columbia, holding a special term, letters tes tainent?r\ on the p,T* nal estate of FHANtlS N. CLARKE, late ?| Washitixton count), I>. C.. d**ceas--d All peraiina having claims luramst the said deceased are hereby warn"d to exhibit the same, with tfce vouchers thereof, to the subscriber-, ou or befor-' the 1sth day of March next, they uiay oth -r w i-. bv law tie exclud'd fr. m all benefit ot tli- said ? stat. Given ui.uet cur hands this lj*.h day of Maiih. k 3ER\NCE8 A CLARKE./ E , n 3 s St' ALBERT F FOX. ( K?ecutors. I'NITED STATKS PATENT OFFICE. ) M asn:>iJToS. I>. C . M ir. n 13. 1CJ On the petition of SAMl'EL WETUEHED. of Baltin. re, Md., praying for the eiteiisi,.u of a patent grant>-d to him ou tne 15th day of Aug.ut, lat9. for an uuprovemeut in Carding -s It w ordered that th?teatimony in thecaae b?closed on the 15th day of Ju!) next; that the time for dliug argnn.enta aud t he Examiner'a report be limited to the 2Mb day of July next; and that heard ou the3iMhday of July next. Any person mar oppose this extension. n. I5-? Jt M. P. LEGdETT. C*.ainii??;i'ner. j8ucce?anrto%. F. London ft Co. J CITIXEVS, ARM! AND BAVT ? . 1IA ? MERCHANT TA1LOA . .. . MMr0C>,i%32**' (let* Brown's, )yU lj llo. }?? Penna'a at*., WwRinfM < J. BEIBERGKR, STEAMER LINES. O T 1 t E IN Office Ppt.mac Fsf.rt C .*rajtv,J Seventh Srm-RT Wiiabf, > n? D C . Maich a*h. W73.S f ?nn*n?1 IViT , KSDAT, April 1st, b'?ts lift hi? ?2 Jl* " ? ? Mf *. 9. I > 11 :W. and 12 m? and 1, J, 3,?. 5t<( IU(ift>iBUi f i*? p. m. T'.eOraiig" an<) Alexandria railroad pa?*engera g.over by loat i.uvr. 8. 8. HOWISON. c > VT*ri nwvxv P? Kerry Co. KXMI EL OKDNEY, Sup't. ai-4?t PASSENGERS BY ORANGE. \ LEX ANDR1 \ AND MAN ASsAS RAILROAD, On and after APRIL 1, 1*TJ, will I ave W ASHINGTON CITY l.y PO ToMAC K K R R Y COMPANY BOATS, 7tli Street Wharf ?7"Biata will l?ave the wharf at 71# p. in.; arrive ? 11:45 a. m. an 1 6.45 j> tn. Buy Ticket* at boa Penury Wan ta avenne, or corner ot Km? and I t.lon ?tr-'SS, Alexandria. Through P?a?enger connect ion* between Orange. Alexandria and Maua??ii.<, and auJ Ohio iuii.l oads ui?Ut oniy by tiiia line. J M. BROADUS.G. T. A* " ? E? CASK !Ni% A; nt y4>0^Pn. at e, ?2lm \t\V KM'l.Es> LINr. \| \ CANAL, ' " w JI?TV"ET\ PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA. Va . WASH 1NOTON AND GEORGETOWN, D. C. l< A . L' N.? DAY-. From Pier J. N rt: Wharves. Phil ad?-l| V >1?N ?>DA Y and s..\ T UK PAY at 1 a m. frnuiAH \\ itei ?tr""t.O rget own D C Tl'KS DAY and SATURDAY. a: 11? . r ' ',TL" Ti.ij In tc,i:i. ct? at Philadelphia with' Clyde'.. k : r : 'a ' P?OTi?' ::o. B Wt ,n and N -w England Sta?. <. N wh irl,in B >it?i? t>\ tl?*? line O. E HYDE A ?r?nt l) off ' V M P CLYDE A CO.. Philadelphia. * >.A. RE1D, Alexaiidria, Va. ^ ALDO A. rLAKtE. ?*4 Congress Street. B -i \,,,2 \\ A.UU-GTON^nr^K. BOSTON, AND 1 " fine Ir^n 8s. aiuer LAD Y OK THE LAKE h?\ : 2fMirn J tier reirulnr trip- to ft'"?' ^ N rf k, will l< a\? In r wharf, f i t ??? ? exr) 41 ON DAY a-id?"*****"* 1111. Ik. DAi , at 2 p. m., touchingat principal River L-m 'itJgf, c?'?iu-cte h? N rf. Ik * ith Sieatunhip of lie M and 81. Lli.e f r B <l n aut Providence P rel?ht.?8pnM I " ,?ldre?. I "o*re<f Lnlv of the V"fce- via Norfolk Branch ti< kei - a! Knov'n E\r*'Hi* Office, C>0?i P^nn^y!%ani * avpiiu??. T. M.( Rf ?( (.11, *? h-fitr^ot wharf DORSET CL \OEl T. O r-ial A<" t. g 14 IN"* 8:"r. . e : t >r lit!-. ,t and r >. ive. c r:.ARI> LINK THE BRITISH AND NOBTH AajCRICAM ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YuRE AND LIVERPOOL CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. FROM NEW YORK. At" !?iitla...W??i....Api. 2 : Ca'ihria. .Sir \,,i iq }?"?* J?'ed. A,,i. 9j j . , Wt'i v'.>l', 2J i? * . % W \ ; ^ n maSZ*" m"rkl J thua " Uot carry attirage m ltd ?tery fullowfcf WEDNESDAY and 8ATCR DA\ fr<?ui4tVw York. ^?kItLr,r^>A"A^ ~Ch1"'j* ? + and ?13 V-' ? xctirdi.^ f> a-.itauin datioii. m na i . ?>1, H-lllli.Lal.^TrHL rn tick?t? on tavi.riihib ui'u wlaa sie< rn?c , 5.*i. currency 8U-r?*. ti< keiKfroin Lirerpor] and Qneen-towa ?iiu ?,i j-ui-tf .it Europe, at I. weat rateK. Throngb , ^ 1- ???-!. Ulitagow, Ham. A ?i<rp atid uthct p lutit .,i tii- Contiiiont and for :!? ...titr?neR?, r | ,r ir..,^i,t ?i.d c?; in p,w "> C ;..p't ,? ".i N<>. 4 B"w'^g f :S;B,5S3f ?~w t>- ')a ly 4 in* (? FRAN' Kf.VN. A N( UOR LINE STEAMERS BAIL EVERY SATCRDAF. 1 jr.-rs LtX'kf-d r-. Ht:(j fr,.in any Railway 8>a -lot. OI t>. *p rl II, U: Ht Britaii,. lri-laud, ^ Fr?r',ay'iihV'e.,,t 4,kl Germain .?agyCTR v it ?* "<J ' " Kium auutho L'aii- u'^^KJUk * ?? fare fr-m NFW YORK to LONDON, L!V iu. UOL,(ili?GOU and 1'KliRY, aoj auu (; i EXCI'RSION TICKETS. Slaw. <:ai''A8?wl''ut'*3*,>C)tl:en4?t'*1' parallelo P^ti-i w-ndlng f r tL-ir rrie?i, )n ti,^ OldOoontrr in 11 : ? haito f. k.-t- M l?w?-*t ral?i. K T funlibf iiu'?he Ai?t"'" c CaMMACK,Ja ? * ??> t Strt'.l, V> H- 11l|(t < ?Xf ' *? riH 10 HENDERSON BROTHERS, n H 18 > B 'wiing Gr- en, N York. A | ERCI1ANT 8 LINK OF oTEAMsiIIPa l"* ... BHtWtliM WASHINGTON AND NEW TORE. flnr,E O. KNIOL'T and ? _r v "IB80N wulniakeregulai w<?-klT trip, between NEW YORK, ALKX AN ^ftfK 2fiiiKSKF"T4'gi* ALEXANDRIA the aame day at lUm. ???"? For fall InforwatloD apply to R. p. DEN HAM Agent, off ch and wharf foot of High street, George-' avenue* eoraay of 17th atreet and New Yark jell-tf j. W THOMPSON, Prertdent. INSURAXCE COMPANIEsT^ THE CORCORAN r I R E I X S IR A M E (OMPAKV, OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Or tn mz.e<i Aft' 1st, 1X3. 1 ^10*1.000. OFFICE No. 1 dim PENNSYLVANI A AVENUE lOktK M ub. kn > Drlo 8xore.( JOHN T. LENMAN. Presideut A.H HEKR, Vice President. J. T. DYKR. S-cr'tary. ... _ btKECiiima: Vi" Or me, H Clay Stewart, A Janieo, l. BarUiur. Kelwarii D.oup, Jului T. Lenniau, Michwl Green, J>hnBiiIey. ?n-tf a. H. II. rr. ' INSURE YOLR LIKE in that STROyu OLD COMPACT *"?= "',V< ALBBaari?fir*'lama 0 VS/"- ?' tsssu V.-.W... 1 X b U li A N C E . THE equitable.ikuke assurance TIi ? ? uuii...,4 , r th < ( .mpoiv ha* f r re-?r* Ix?l ? ? l?Cge?t. ? ?!?> n.lUr i;?iMntl .n ill ? world. .. . fr-H, Uh.NB.itAL Aul\r. ^U.t AMI .lUtf SkVkNfa filHtKT llt\ KK A H IMIIIP. Insurance A;mii, No. .'>?A SEVENTH STREET, >V a-u:ncion, D. C. LtNDoN ASSTRANCE CORPORATION, (Or gaiilZed l.Hf-llie olilest ln-ur.iuce Cotil f. .. . peiiy in tb? world.! ' " A">'ti.. (j ?; [i c i;{?j'ti iiii ? ONNLtlKLT KIRE 1N>1 RANCfi COMPAN Y HAETFoao, /-H A-i"FT. .<*694 Olio NATIONAL KIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, . , . ?'* UaHifok.j, A'H A??ft*.... ... (1(10 TRADERS' FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY or Chicago, ' . V" V'V^i^td 1 s r.?c. bond*.) 9600.0(10 NAIK.NAL I KK ANU MARINE INsLR.VNCK a ? As>m - 9493,000 AI.SO. AGENTS FOR EQl 1TABLE LI^K A>si"KANCE SOCIETY .. . ?f New Yohk, ' h:A'-,;" S4o,ooo,ooo Vi R 1A 1T\siVa\t K tJ>1 PA?iif!*A* OF THk DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OKU AN 1ZEI) A OH VHT 48, 1970, CA-~H CAPITAL ? ...-?^.....S 10Qt0Q> Office In Shepherd'. Bmldlna. No. 00** Pennarl AaLia aveutM. M<?SES KRLLY. President thi: I I M U n I icniueilll. SAMUEL CR0SS^6?cretAi, . . _ ^ b:ikvui?: 2 ?' Ji *b?L. Oharlea Juat, n 2 J 'Un T. Leuiuan, S*?Broh?uL,ci| Moaoa Koliy. A. B. Shepherd, ocU tt Must and bualli?orkat 8achificbb ?? CARO 8 LOAN OFFIOB and BA- Fa. Z?*' ?i*14 Penuiylvania avenue, between M fib Mid 10th iti. The whol? of tha retnajning*HF aol'd hunting Gold and K UW1 H American niakaal, Gold Chains, Rni*k, 8toda, Sleeve Bmti.mi, ftneet Fnra, Musical Inairameuta.^must and ahall beaold to make a chance Iti dqiiimm. Toq Mve from M to 10 Mr oent hr hnv. jpc h?*re. Goods told on Instalment*. Oall and i*** *wnemb<,r- CARO?8,?14 P^n^i: pOB BALLS AND PARTIES. jalOtr 19 RID GLOVES, ? 1 TO ?1.SS FEB PAIB. WALL, ROBINSON ft Co! decl?-tf Ml Pennaylvanla arena*. FeuDiyivmii avenue. Ladies' and ffemiemen** Lcncb ever dap. from U a. ?. to la. m, for SS cent*. I***! cKomilU dmtlp. My facilitiea for eapplylr. Partiea, Weddlnc*, Dinnera, Ac., oomplete, are an* U>.MT?ShTln ?* U?S,n tb* cltyTaad would wLwnwn "hkr* Yo?r patronage^ w FREUND, Caterer and Coafectioaar, Hit V?i. iriraaiaavaBtn, ' |wa-U AUCTION SALES. FITlRIDm |)T LATIMER A CLEABY, IF Aictim.Mtf tod Baal Estate Br i n, 8outhw*?t rorn'r Pen*yl- ania a?-nue ?ad nth at., fciar Office Buildii^s. TBUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY ON SEVENTH STMEFT EX TENDED. NEARLY OPPOSITE BUT SOUTH OF HOWARD UNIVER8ITT. CONSISTING OF A NKAT TWO STORT FKrMK DWELL INO AND TWO ST9RT STABLE-LOT Ji BT U56 67 -100. Br virtue of a deed of tmst dated N.iretnh.-r G3J3d.A D. U70. and duly recorded in Lib?r No. ??<41, folio 112, MM of the land record* f jt W vh ingtoa count/. in th?- Dutrit of ColuinMi, aud by direction of !he part; secured thereby, I will toll, af public ar.ction, )? front of the premises, on TIP RSDAY.the 1Ttit day of April. A D 1?T at 4 o'clock p. in., all that certain piece, parrel, or 1<h "f ground, sitratc. Ivin* and being in the county of \s . iu -> I Di-tret, and kiio?n aa lot ntiaibetcd eighty-two, (81,1 iu the subdivision of Blount PI a*ant estate, a* made by Win. P. D I* and John W. Wri?htt?nd recorded am on? the re cord* for said conntv in the office of Ifi- countv s-;r veyer. said lot harm* a front of ss f??>t <? th* Wash itiKioti and K >ckii!le turnpike oi Seventh street r ad. and being ot a depth of 2.S6 67 KM feet,c >waiu in? 6.4lo76-UW *?jntre f'-et. more or Ie*a, togeih t with the Improvement* ?h?reoti. Trm* of sal?: One-third fn cash, of which 1*100 tt-iist l?e paid on acceptance "f bid: balance jp mx. twelye, and eighteen month*. w::h inter*** at t?n per cent. per arnum. paysblf sesnt-anunMly. and to beKciradliy notes of purchaser and deed of trust on pro pelt) ??>ld. Convej ancluf and r c.?rdiug at p r chaser'* cost. If term* of sale ar- wjt complied n ith w ithin six day* after sal", the Trustee r1- r* -s the He' ? to r' s ll the property at the rink and c h> ol defaulting puirh?*r. VM.r IIOLT7.M \N. Tr:n? e?-d LATIMEK .< ?'I.F.\RV. Auct? BY bTh. WARNER, . ? Real E-iatc Br.-krr ard Anr-: ne-r. No T'i'i Seven'h street,t*'lw ? a 1* a.if H TRUSTEES SALE 0~E A V M.I'MII K FARM LYINO IN PRINCE OEOROal'S COCNlY, 91 !>., ON THE WASHIVUT N ANDUi'PER MARLBORO' TURNPIKE, NEAR rORliKM vn i 5 _ __ V1LLE. CHr Airtne of a deed of t--ii*t <1;?te<| April 1.1>>7 duly recordedjn Lib-?r P. > N i k ii > ji.-.-i-va.-aiuM''" " r ? ? . U ' * r kMN,oi *-ot t?if land records of Priat ? G >15 - fltiili.Mjl |HdiWtkrl'i*"**j* ?decr?'? ot tl*r Siipt< me C url of tic Distri't "f Coiuuibia, pi??.1 Man It 14,1<C3, in K. jnity cttu- N '. , -f L<-vi l>. M Win. H War<?,?ub-' iftlting th" i-: ' r tiered trn-t?v in place^d th?i ?ai?l Win. H. Wnrd. I ? ill ?? II ;>i |f.bllc w.cticn. t > th" h:?he?t I ddxr. in front of the "Cit* |! II," in tkeOttf of Wa?tiiuK D. C.,on W EltNESDAT, A| 1 9t 1, I - < ? 11. o'cloik 1 n?., ail th certain |>i' fen or p*i< I I ci m.d Ixii'B im Prince O .ig-'- C'Ui ty.Mt., i'. : 1 in? kii ? 11 ?iid d-"?'-ribed aj M.?fru I . I'lain Enlarci i."Th" Level*" and "Btod Luck," ani .1- "Offtitf-Advmtnre,"and" Addiiion t ?>" ri> Adventnrr," aad alio feart ot ? tract of taittilM WooataUld, the a:?i 1 pi' ? >r par'-t-Li of land com liinhti in Ml HI ? fNiMl4(4 H ncro, M'>I e or le*>, beiu tlf ?atn- Irnrta whichavw parti>Milail> d<?r 1 ibed 11. a certain tmmytet*ftf Adam l> -itit and w if ? t' W lUiarii Rowrei, v iuch w as imupN in I. t .T K.S N". " Fidio ,V?". A .on- of lh? ivi i rtf ill- of Pi nice (i?r rcte'.-, C>'iiul>, M 1., and aU < a t'.ar; of a tract of la-.n! ?lio:r.ini| tli-Hbo " ti., , il'"d " T!:e Level-," < iiitatviug one Uundr I a 1 la-d on rf or les.. and b in* tlie ?<io? wli? )i \\ ?<i : e'oii I R fll tnd his v :fe ci'i v?ye.l to the said William !?? by .1 1 -rt .'?? doe<| -f c oiv>-> NCe.kMffllf date on the Ht'i of D-cnili r.Kii, togetlier with the improvements th-reou.< ju-iist I r i? <f a rood dnlUll I..'.-, bai u, sluliie, aui! otli>-r ont-h"iisi's. T'-rn - g i.t?o i a?h;ir d thehilancn in 1 2. an 1.1 rear* ?ith interest. 5MCdf|t"?i' on ;t.' pt *:i ?> jl bid. If terma >f sale are not ntuplb-d witli wi'hi' e (61 ?> s aft el 1 lie ?t?|n I lie proper v to Ik* I>1 iij it tlie risk ai d cost of tlie dcfaiiltiuK purth^- r. <J juh>iiiu n.j{ ?t pnrchaaer'a 1 *J<KPII H A \ IKLS. Trust??. n.19 It H \BN EE, Audi t?neer. UY C.UKKN A WILLI AMS, Auction?'-^, N". 1 OOl, u?.rtiiW"?t foru r lift.1 and I? stre?M. Tl ' STEES' S U K OF VALUABLE IMI'R0\ KI? I K \ L > STATE IN S<(l AliK "i:i. FRONT IN'. ON PEN N> V L V A NI \ AVKNI K, UK 1WFEN <>rn AMI 7ri! STUF.KTS K\M' sti, Ey y irtu>- of a d -<sl ,>1 tru-f, il Uo 1 on th - iMh |,::'i day ot M.?: ? li. A U 1472, and dulv r 1 ti! 1 in Lib- 1 N li's. bi|i ? ?t s.-.j o| t li?- I r n4i otwaahlnjton 1 wnty, I? -trirt ol Onlubia, II u h) dirn tion of the party sn ui si thcr l?>,? ? W Mil M Mblic auction. In front of th<* pr-mis-. in MONDAY, the Hthdarot April. A D K), 0 I 1 k p. m.. Lot ii limb r >1 t nr. 11.1 in MMt ucmbered eiclit bnndred ?i ls?yenty t hr?*, ( <7.{. 1 ; 1. the 1 it) <d H Hsliiucii ti, Hi-ti ict ol O di.iiilii i, ? ,:li ill of the- iliiiu <?? em?'Ii's lb : n. ?? 01 -.-tin? ot tlar ? ? ii>-? Re itk 11 'ii-'-s. We ? :.l m il ouu Ui>u>e, with tli' pi ivib v '1 I" r> sl. T tni? ot -nil: Ob" !i*lf if ca-.h. of v-iiicti .?80m'ist l>e p^i?l at hab' 011 each h' lis ?. tlie defi-tr* d p tvnit-nta to I >? ma 1" v ith int* rest at 1 lie rat" ol ten i> -r c -n". I>ei ariMiiu, if.eiv and twelve months afte- day ot -.kle.ait'i s.-cur.-.i by it-ed of trils" to th?? en'i-f |..n of the Trustees, ?r the purchaser can pa> ilii-wb*le ani' unt ? f p'-.rr'i .-e 111 >ne> in c.i-h. al his o|,: , .n. T'inis to lie full) c. mplied with within - ? \ ln< ?fter s-ile. oth< r? is. th Ti'ist.-.* r?s. rve th-riijlii t" ri sell t he property. afiei one w^k'? not ic?,at ? h** rink m4cmI 11 Hist I 'uchas'r. AflcM??ir(Kia| al 1 1:1 ? h.isi-i'? 1 -r. I X POOLEY. |Tr..t^ SAM I N HILTON. \ '1 n-toe*. ti Ads GREEN A WILLI \MS. An :?. HY ULEEN A WILLIAMS Auctioneers, No. 1UU1 northwest cotntsi lu:h ani D ?t?. TRUSTEES' SALE OF V* "ABLE PRtiPERTi IN Si,?| AliK 7.<0. FRuNTINO ON SECOND STREET EAST BETWESN PENNSYLVANIA A\ ENl K AND SOUTH A STREKT. ?li> y irtue of a of trust, *.i'ed on the ijeij

day of June. ,\. I?. ]?sT2. and dul> r?-cord?d in Liber No.ftf.i, folio 4", et a<><| . <f th.-land re eordaof Wa-hliiKtou county, Diatr. t of Qolmubi t. and by direction of the party aecur st tliTeb). will well,at public auction, in trout '.f tue piemi*e-. I ?11 MONDAY, th-- 14th <1 ty of Apiil, A. D. IS".!, at I o'clock p. m.. th* aonth twenty feet front o;iS?. < nd street . ast. b) the depth of th" lot, ol l >t iiiiru b'Ttdfoiir (4i. in aouare onmh-rid wv?n hundred and thirty {ISO), in the city of Washington District of Columbia. 1 einiR of sale: One half in cash," of which J51'? mu-t l?e paid at sale; the deferred puvmentu t j b ? made, with iut'reet at the rat" of ten per cent, p- t an item, iu 6 aud 11! months after day of sale, an I te cui'd I.) d'-.d of trust to the satisfaction of tli" trns 'i'"?,or t lie pun hater can pay t lie ?- hob*amount ot p'ir r h:??e money in cash at hie option. Term* tobe riilly c uiplied yvitn within six days after sale, otherwise the trn?tee? re?"rve the rieht to r<-*? II th- prop-rt> . .it'ter oil" week's notice, at the risk and co?t of lirst purihaser. All 1 onveyancin* at purchaier's cost. bAM L N^nT+ON. (Truste s. my e?'Ads OREEN A WILLIAMS. A icts. BY (HIEEN A WILLIAMS, Anrtloneer?, Southeast Corner 7th and D street*. TRUSTEE a HALE or VALUABLE BUILDINC, M?T IN THE NORTHERN PART or Till < ITY. 3! Bv virlue ef a deed of trn?f.da'?.| July Hth, 3 A. I>. ISTe, and duly recorded in l.iber No. ti.'i, -"?folio 12t. Ac., of the Land Records for Wa.himt 1 count), D. C'.. aud by direction of the party se i.-d then by, I will m?II. at publir auction, in fr >ht ? >t the preni's^ii,on SATURDAY, the Wth da) of April. A D. 1S7S, at .? o'clock p. ni . all of lot num b< red eiehty-t ight (88'. in Chapman'* subdivision of original iot* iu *<|iiare iiiimbereil three hundred and si\t)-four (9(4) iu the city of Washington. Thi? is a yen desirably proper!) in a rapidly-iuiproyiu# si < tu n of Hie ciiy. Term* of sale: One-half in cash, of which .550 must be paid at sale, the deferred payoi 'iils to l>. made in mt ami twelve moutha alter day of svle, with interest at len pc-r cent. p<-r annum, and se cuied by de d of Irust to the sati*f.icti .11 ot th 11 If tiieteim* of hale are not complied with y\ it bin six days after da) of sale, th- trustee reserves ile- ri^ht to resell the property at the risk and est ? ?f ti? ai pi rch--er. All conveyaucinp al purcli.taer's c -t. WM II W ARD. Trustee. i.l 3?wAd* GREEN A WILI.I AMs. Am t?. ton riir? l> \ B. II. \\ MINER, Real Estate Brok'r a-M a net; ,ne-r. T'J'J Seyenth street, l>etween O and II. I'l RI IC SA I E <>F VALUABLE P.UILDINU l.i'TSoV SoR'l II -IDF or PENNSVLVANl \ a\ EM E. 1JETW EEN On: ami I .a STREETS LAST. B-. direction of the own'r I will ol*nr l-T *?b "ii TUESDAY, April 1 St, H7.I, at 4'. oVl 1; -p n. . parts ! si? -!iv i-i- 11 L 'ts >I. Hi and 2". 111 ni'.an- 87.:. fr< iiiinn ab-.ut 52 feet on Petiiisylya liia ayenue, betweti 6th and 7th stieets ea-t. by a .lent h of about l.v f-el. or the Lot will be - Id iu tw diPerent P' rtions. T-nns itljKiii'uili; balance In 15.12 and H month* wit !i 7 per cent. interest. secured by a deed of trust A rare chalice lor a bargain. *l'*l d w 11 "it day 'f sal. | a* eoAds| H ll. W A RN ER Au t H Y R H. WARNER. Rial Estate Broke nl Anrti >neer, No. 7U*J 7th street, be e.-n U and 11 street*. TRUSTEE S SALE OF ATIIREE STORY BRH'K HOC SI. No ll.? FIFTH STREET SOUTH V EST, AT AUCTION. , By y irt u" ol a deed of trust t" Dan i'l L. E it n; lai. l m\self, dated M trcli 29.1J73. md duly r - !? ril'd in Liber No. 612. folio (I. nu? ..f the laud record* f"i WashinRton. D. I will s-ll at public auction, ill front of the premise*, to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY, the 'JSth day of Mar h. In., at 4 o'. I s k p. m . all that part of L >? No. II in square N ' Si?, contained within the following i: etrs and b iuiid-: BeciunitiK for the **iue ,1 p.nut 17' fee? from lh< southeast corner of Lot No. 1.1, and rum ii.< thence north I7'? feet; thence west to th 1 ?r line of said lot; tlienee aontl, |7'? feet, nnd I lience east to the plas-- of beginningi together with the .niproy melits thereon. T mis The amount of 11 liebtedn-sS secured l.y said deed of t: ust unpaid, with the ex penses of s*ie: iu c .ah. and tl"- balance at si.\ and twelve m ?nihsl to 1 ie secured by a of tril'l up -n the priperl) xdd.aith interest from th- dav of sale. .*&?!.|e p si. on acceptance el hid If 1 -rm- of >,re not Complied *?ith w ithmi seven dav* a'ler -ale. (he i r"'s*rt) t? l?e n-sold at the risk an i c -it of ilu- le taiiltilig pnrchas! r. OF.o W STICK NKY.s T?ivine Trust???.?' fCJ-eoAds II 11. WARMER. Auct'r. BS~ THE ABOVE S\LK IS Po>TPONKIl until THURSDAY. Apnl IU, K't.vmw hour a id pia. . B) outer of th- Tr-i-i -' B. II. WARNER. An ti .ne..r. B II. WARNER. Real Ewiate Broker and Aiv ti iue^r, No. 7th street, between 6 aud H ?trwn. PUBLIC SALE OF Lot ON PISMORE STREET, I'LTWEKN *?ru AND 10rH AND E AND F STREETS SOUTHWEST. SI will eell at public auction, on WEDNES DAY. April 9. 1S73. at 3S o'clock p. in., the sonth half of Square iig, frontini: ti leet on Di?niore str.a.1 soatlia e*l. Teitrs: One-thirl cash; balance in 6 and 12 m inth*. l$Sodo?n o* acceptance of bid, Conve) ancins nP purchaser's cost. a.VdAds B n. WARNER, Auctlone. r. ^CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL AND DISPENSA ET, V/ t*U4 h Strut. AL W., bate ten 8th aad 9tk its.. Supported by yolnntar/ contributions. Hospital fre to children under H years ef age. Dispensary open daily (Sundays excepted) frem 1 to lp. n. Medicines famished frMuitously. Consulting tkr. sicians, Drs. J. C. Hul, Thomaa Miller,0. . ti. W . P. Johnston, and Orafton Tyler. AU'^'Tt P??nfMs>. i>kmuw. Ttnu of Seivitm. Dr r A. Aihford, Bnraical,Tuea'y.Thurs'j,8M*y. Di S C. Busey, M'dical, Tues'y. M >nda>, Svfy. Dr.W .B Di mkard. lye A Ear, Mons) .Wad1) ,Fr'dy. Dr W.* J.din?t.">n, Medical, MonjAFed'jjrrWy. L J. fi*vi?, Secretary iJamas C. Kennedy, Preal dent; t. B McOnir<e. Treasnr*r,to wh >m %!!|c^ti. uuuc?ticn?Q?) be seat; Post 0Or?Bv*4t!>. Mo auction sales. this AfTERSOO BY THOS E. WAGGAMAN, Auctioneer. R'ol Eitiw Auctioneer, *19 7tU?tr?e<. CHANCERY PALK OT TBI VACSOLErM LOT ON H STREET. BETWBkM NINTH AND TENTH STREETS NORTHWEST By virtue of ? dfw of ih? Supreme Oomrt of ?Hth* District of Columbia, pmm3 in chsoc-rr ? cnii>e No. J_'?S4. Jtvck. 11. wh-rein Philip tti others *i* r >mpiftinart*. *i. l Hill and >?h-r? i!-f?n riant?, I ?ball, on SATCRDAT, the 6th day .if April. KJ. at i ?'cl ick p ra , offer for *al?, at anb lie auction, on the premises, the followin? real es tate, which ?m of the r*lilr of G-'ner*l Jno. P Van Nesa, deceased, vir.: The Mauaolenm L t. a* th Katne is laid down In J ?Lna Fi*h 'rV stbdiviaion if S^nare numbered three and s^venty-Ove-i C4, it* the city of Washington, in the af irrsaid D.strict, containing about 6,'W square f4et of ground. Thi?l >1 n in t h* m<. ?t ? antral pa ?.an1 offer* a chance g-ldom met with of set uring ? > i*i <? ? lot in Mich a daairable local, n. TerMcfBale: One fourth of th* parch*** ni-n*r to be paid in cash, and the residue iu three Mini Installment*, at twelve, eight sen and twenty f"ir, respectively, with nit?r*?t. t > K by approiM note* and a ??w rwl Ilea on th* pt.?* r ty.orailiu the purchaser's optima |K?i own <^i final ratitii ali n of S-ari.p* >n>i conveyancing at pun haser V c ?*'. |M4<?wiiit th* liineot It tli? terms M mi' bt ii i! c >mpti?i with within flr?(5?.l?\* th" day of *al tli trrs'ee re*.?rve* l'!e ri*h? to r> *?U aftarflv* d%?" no'ice *t th- riA and e .-t . ? Mi * <1 foilting pnr . Ii ser. riMKl.W W A ? N vt>< Tn?' ?? u. 1." .- .Ad* 1HOMA> K. V \i.UA51 ?N. An t. i;t nr.EFV .*? wr An-t;ic-*-?. I J No. HlOI,i> ?t c r:.-' b> h D ?t? EXE'ITOB'S #"ir 01 W KK BV.N'Hr M A lit ( AM 1 i .'!??>, I I V M.K. V MlTI-lNl. * >< il!Ni.. IL\N? ... . AT AI < T1UN. B? older of tin ttnpretnit Court of the District ?< C ;i-nit i ? h dditig so;. ? : il t? r in T*i ?: i- . 'h ? 1 <t*? of Apr ' * I l-~ '. 1 -' <11 ?-!. a* r"' ' s 'r tlnn,on HATl'RDAY. tk?> A :. .1 *r ? t Aprl. A. D Id," ! r. nn1" :> I ? VI iK n m , t!i y '* * >* ltt.<t' of llie lat.* J.T.n VV I lis? d .'t -1. i ill Citrpenvr ab< t :i t? *'i- I>- w -n <? li <?1 "tV h;i"^t n.?r1l.v I -V. h :ir nimel - K*t.Ut (S? V >i\ c .. to, ill KMtkiagaU chlnr; T (1?? Tr: -<??;, . :.e P G :i I 8 on*, ?n .1 8i'?*e; Ki?'-1 * ' ? t? of I -;r 1 ?r, I ' Mah i, D L<4 ot l'i?: ???*. I. h Vi ,lii ? P ? ?, l .ttot.s ?1?, T > i T ?* ii. I coti* ?:.? , I.ct o? II ?<?;> Ir i ? .! K i . l> i Fr\ni ?. K ? ?nd V.irr.: . 1 ?: of 11 .rJi ar ?, .,*?? Tftnwcasli John ?? ti %kkvi>s. >r r? d GUKKN .1 WILLI AHA. iwta RY LATIMER * CLKABT, I' AnCi. it?ei? ?? '1 Rt-h.l K-t Ve B* *r?. S atliea-t cornT I*.?nn?vlTiit.-, a< "P.ij ind U !!?**.. btai Olbre liuii iiutf. ASSIGNEE."*' SALE OF UB'W'EltlE3 \\n \ 'X Tl 1!KJ IN !*T< IfKi'OIlN'. Ii OF Ij ? AND I! STRKETI* N'tl! ri!? v-T <?n MONI'AV M 'KNIN<1, Ap I 7:h. Ii coam>?- ng *? k^Al-t'll. oa |.r-ini?.^ ,)p ? " | ?|UK. a . (. lO ? i ? k. w .i p- nbM *li-re, tas i I Viandi^M iu?'. M- -, .t? ? T i-.( -. ?i>i- ?. P kb'#, l? 'PP> T?. ? ? 1 '. Bl?ket?. ? 1 *, It irr-l* M ? k *r<! ar.d II rr *. Or<- it tmuil i - ? f etupt\ B?i" < *'i 1 H ?* ?<. C.muter Mid I'?l' ru S if?. C uuter* aud l?li? !1 iit't. T-i?> 'ti i wirh l.un.-: u? otb-?r art it l--< ii,i,i-~,'? ,t. . iu ni. iiti- i THOS RrBSKLL. I . b' M l T LKv\ 1>.< v ' ^ d I. ATIM Kl! .* ( I.t \BY. \?? ?. tl ? :*Y LATlMtB A CLEARY. ? * Au<<ii* < .-?:?? ! 1? <1 1 i*tfl" *. P athv.-:; cort.'T P- ii-:*/1 mi > -:tU. #ui ll'.L s'.. Star Offi> ? B'.iidiug. Si'PLBIOB BEP r \ KLOR >' IT; USE It-?SE \WOli I A."K PI A Ni* KORTi: ?f K N V !< E . ni.n.r ii-r:i. i.'.i ELEGA NT AXMINfTEil < \ I: PET, MIRBORBA* K K i EC E1. K- El E CANT ( CBTAINSAXD LAMB1SMKINS Fl K <. \NT TI HKI-H >'>? \> AND ClUIB*. , I. IPED RED ROCKRK by KiH i BCPE K1?>R KAMI K CLdlK. KISK MARP.I.C ?lop TAB1.E*". DKOp l.l<.IIT>; RE KPTI'iN c HA I US. EM.KAV1NOS, ? IIXMO.I .IEIt?; folding ? ii air, si periok black * \ l MT i IIVVIU.B Fl'llNITI'RE; l.'VN.KS I" INTEO (OTT\?;k SflTES; FINK II Ml: >MTTl;K.SSE8: Kl PKItloK KK A Til El! I'll. loAAS AM" BO I >T FBs. WINPim MI\I? I NK si I'El.I" K SEW IN?. *1 X< HINT KINK BRCW?EL8 THREE-PLY CARPRTS, II v K KXTKNsHiS DININ'i T VIILK IMNIN<; ? IlAIP.ti. -Il'K.I'itOfD. ?TIIN \ AN.'> iJL.A A\ V I: K BKKIiUJI RAT"R: i'ookISG ANl> IM.ATING ST??Vt> KIT' lll.N la. n'ISlTES. Ac AT ACCTK?N ^ on MONO AY V<> ;NIN'.l, A ri I 7. I-*S. KJ C' !? *nt ? t mif ;if I r'1 k ?' i - 1 N 1 K ?? ff?. ? l>**vv ?*?*!! l'i'li ami It'll, u * '1' ?? iii| ? r . ilieeti i. t.: * FumitiM-. T nif CaeU. LATIME3 A CLE%RY. ai d Auctio: - r* I ? A G ITeFN A WILLI A M sT A ~i~ rT, I * Nurthaw: c in r oi 1 j._ a..J D n it- t? TIVKTEIJ BALE Of * new < OTTACK 11w EIIIN<; on pstrfkt r: TWKKSi ut. AND I??i ii Si BELTS. NOlJl li vA' EST I' ':?iit-.f . i : r- I?t>d on t!i- - J i i ln "I i il>. i . A |i 1<"J, HI..1 .lu:> r d-.i * ill l it. i N'> i 'J. '.i I 1 .V."., ?'l IIn- land r.-c . 1 AA.i-'.iust a I'.r.nt .. D. i . ;md kf4ir<Cti ii "t tin- partv <-i:r I tl??-r -In , I *ill *"?'! ?< piibl:. .n:rli?.n. in fror.t f the pr?iiii-on MON I? A Y. th - 1 tb day <>f April, A . D 1ST!, al A ? oVI ^ k p. rti . 1.1 nniibert'd sixty -riirht. (6^,1 in I. tm-'s ml-liTmlon d P*rt t'f tviuare numb r.- l . nc h iii lr.-l snd ain-tv t?.'ir.( I9t.? frootltiK a fwt i inc|i<^ ,m n>*rtb P 4*.i . n :? h a dt ptli uf lfi f?-?-t, to a ti n 1 .t a'lev . Tetnia: One third <"a?h. <4 wbirh .SI*' must b pa i down ?t tine of salr; bilatwe iu six and twelve :in'Tith-. * it Ii inttnat at wi^n p-r cut.. ur.-d b> dei d < f triiitf on Oie premix All con\eyau< ni{ ai c 'st of th.- putrliai. r. If the abote term* art* nof coi-ipli.-d with within live d*v? after f*le,the Ti w TI rrnell at the ? ost of the default ine purchaser bAMCRL T DRl'BY. Trustee. Iinlne<li itely after the above -ale. we vi ill sell Lot* 71. 7ft and 76. in same x-junre. >aid lots frontiUtf 3U feet earh on 0 *treet, with a depth "f 1?J0 feet. Term- thie-f.iunh iaah: balance in tiix.twlve and ei?hteen tuontLs. with iutt-rest at seven p-r rent., aerured on tbe premises. (Wd.iwnon t-a. h lot at timeol Kale. All con*eyaucmg at parchaser'* COet. ?S-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, A nets. BY THOMAS E WAUGAMAN, Rt-al Estate Auctioneer, *1? 7th Street. SALE OF A VALCABLE RESIDENCE, jti I ndei and by iirlueof a d -ttd ot trust ma le CHSi>n tlif 3Utli day of D*-remb r, A. D. lfl, and r? ?*<. ii did on January 3th. H72, in l.ih-r N'?. 6>">i, fotio 4t3. the undent.trned trii-te.-w ill ivll at public n.rtion, in fr..iit of the premis'-s.on the 7 rH oa* or Api.i , 1S7.1. at 4 IV o'clock p. inall that pit-c-" <.f land iu thecit> of Washun^ou. Itintriii of Col umbia, and being all ot 8-juare numbered ?eieu hundred and thlrty iulie<73V> The altove pr >perty is sitnate.l .n th? e-^t side ol New Jersey avenue, n-iir K street s nifh. it>I i? nn proved by a very fine double Bri'K Daelliuit. I itely reUMMleleil. Tin-re i? a hue atabl-on th -pretniae*. Tins house lias been th iroughlj titled up and re paired, and is in every re?(e^-t admirable rf?ide?ice. Teiin*of sale are' 5;.r??i in . ash. and th- residue in one aiid two years. The det?rred payments are to Itear interest fron the day of - iIe at C p<*r ceut., an I are to be ?eenred by a deed of trust nvon the prop pt riynold. (.am of the eaah pa* m -lit to b" made at tine id ?ale. nail th''residue of then?h pa^n-nt to | be nia?le wiiliin ?iv ?lays; otle rw i-.-the pi |t-rT>uili ' he renolil at < .st and risk il -favltiug purckas^r. ' i ?'iu< ..t i.uii loir, r ? . .".t. GEo F APPLEBT. i< rS-'.-d* TIIOS. E. W AGGAMAN*. A not. I> l I >? N < ANSON l>OB LINO A CO., Au> y i ti ?. - - ? ti .. . i ?? ?, i .hi A ? I'., .Ml' lith> msI (. i h r o! 9iIi iMi i D sllt ets U ltbw est. TSOTEK'S S.AI.E <?K \ Al l ABLE PB^PKRTY ON til H SOI TH AA KST ?iN TIIK ISLAM" ij^, B ? \ i rt t i I -d I I: -t, ' t - I on ? n ill Ii Kday of Jnl> . A D l-.'n. and i l l in I. ? r -?2*N ?.CJtf, ful .i 21, ot tie- l.nid re. .rd- t.?i AV .t-li u_t ii i ..nil ; . li. i ., and bt" direeti ?:i ,>1 ;he I a: l> M-> i:re,| lliei. 1 > . I w il - !! at (t i'tlii' a^u tl j, n r. nt of t lie pi .'in ?-,:iil..' !'^"k p. ni ? 1<tS I .? >Ttk I . I \pril. A D l-n. Ml 4 L ? ? II III led four 111 ill.I ti\ ? I S> :II the reeordt^l - I ,1 i \ sion o| Kiiiari iirab i .It r.r Ion Tie 1 inl-i\ l\ t x ( Pi.').I ?11Ii all tli- iii.pi"..> : ::ii-nts lb r.-.m. Term-if ta>: tiiic-ball in i i-h, of which s 1M mi i b-paid at sale, the ileterrt I pM\ni?uts t-> lie ni.i e in six and t?-I*.. ti tifti... w i !i interest at t"-n m . :.t.pi! asnsa fi? tin daj - i.?terms to be ni i v i-. ,ii pi.".! w il ii willuu m \ da^ ?> att'-r - ?le. ? ?: h et v i? i the Ti u-tee r.-i r\ tli ri^'it t . r- -el! it t li ri-' i ;d < ?-l t :ir-it p'ir I r. All <" >u? i ? it tu.nlis ..... W M II \V \ Kl? T .. -i ii ii , n|. II -' ?i. leDI NCANSON. IHiWLING A <*O..A J?Y GRFEN A WILLIAMS. A'lctioa ' No. lOUU N.irlh'inl i^lU an , Osire.d^ TA\ <l STOUT ANDBASf MENT FBA ?I I" II''I SK N I I '? NINTH ST li I KT N''RTH V? E>T. BK 1 WKr N L AND M STB KK 1*8. AT *? I < TI??N On MONDAY next, the 7tli inatam. i! -? IV ? ?'cl >ck p. ni.. on tbe prenii--a. we w ill ?ell pnrt I L>>l iiiimberetl in ??.(!. lit, Sjuare N >. t I. froulll.K 16 fe.-t 1 li.. bi s out ha > 1-' si 1 ? .1 N :ith si' eel, and ru tin 11, if I... k !>?? t- t. iti 1 ;tnnm* .si In i two--tot\ and bast-mem fra*ue II use. coutaiuiuir ?even r.-01111.. TertD?: tliie-lialf cash: balance in ??n-? )f:>r,tnd seenrtd bv d'-e.l . f trust ?>n th-prop-riv s-ild. Aim to b-paid down ..u the day -if sale. at convey ancing at cost Of puri hasei Sale n-'s'tlv.,. f.3 CliKKN V Wlf LI \ms. A" u. BY GREEN * WILLIAMS Aucti n-ers. Northwest corner litth and D aireet*. B( 1LDING L??T FRONTING ON F STREET SOLTH. BETAA EENVtm AND l?tH STREETS ^ EST. ISLAND. AT Al l T10N. On MONDAY, the Tth day of April.1-TJ. at 19 ?? o'clock p ni , we ahull *<*II, on the preim.ea, ** part lot I, in fjuare No. SiL b?in* ii f *et front l y 1^J feet dt rp to a tine paved alley. Sale witbJHt rear'\e. Term-: $100 raali, balance in Satil liraanthi. for notes Iteming lutereat atid secured by a d-e.| of trust on tl ? premises. A50 dowu on the d*v of *%|tt. in.11 GREEN A WILLIAMS. A nets. BX LATIMER A CLEAIiY, Auctioneer- and K< al Estate Brokers, frou'.hweai one ? Pennsylvania *T?. and llthsti-et. Star Offise Building. SALE or GOVEBNllENT PROPERTY IN SOl'A RE b9T. jj, Pnrsnant to tbe act of Cougreas providuif f ?r B3'he extension of tbe Capitol Qrouuds. appr>v-d ?*Mi) &? 1S72, we shall sell, on THURSDAY. AAril 10, li73, conimeiiciiuK at 11 o'clock a. m . the follow ing buildings, embraced in 8>|iiare No. : Whitney's Hotel, corner Delaware avenue and North A atre?t National brick, three stones, with three-story back bntldinK Noe. 4 and < North A street, three itories. attic and b.iaeiueut. No. 6 bos a three-story back build we. will be sold together. Nos. 12. M. IS,96,29 and 30, N?rtb A street, will be ?old separately. Nos. lMi 122,121 and 135 will be told in a fonp; material, wocd. Nos. 27,9,33,35 and 39, B street, will be sold sepa rately. Iron Rklllng fronts to be sold separately. Terms of safe: Ten par cent, of the pur h.xse m >n*y will bn required M the time of sale; the remaiuder to be paid within ten days after such sale. Buildings t^ be removed witblti thirty day*. By order of C. D*t^.**??Jft'**"0/ iy^or. kl LAT)|(EB A CLE ART, Aucti, AUCTION' SALE?. K V GRFEN * WILLIAMS. A u ? ?-?v N J IIMI, t iru? U> a uJ l? ???*?. SALS of 1101 >EIU>LD PI RN IT KK A* rrrs, feathers hair*-r? 11 ATED WARI. < HIVA. t U I Kfitr i STOVE*. .* AT AUCTION A IV a* I" ? ?? .w^alM iM'l II til* ramd -li<~ - IB d N # ? i I LI- a ?? ???!*! ?. I I -t r ? t . .p|> - ih? lil; H ill. Ih*f ILw<m I *> 1*. t r: Gt-eri R?r I;ij H' .; 'I 'th P trl.f S ir ? N wW? t.'? r-l -ar Takl*. ?i ? r >r back !???? re ?t l O'fw ir? at>4 i. Fa v 1 Bli' ? V ?; = ??t M>rhlr t'htmit't S .<? l? -k ai?d l'au i??d ??. tt?*- t? ! B Kk * ?timt * v'r Plinth W aiirot e*., Side an4 T^apiy T?Ww Datvaefc a?<4 l.-vr C?|r ?? 1 ' ai'iT Pil *, and H ii* M atrratw.a * <!(?? ln?. (T??l ta4 <4h-r Mattm**** Kruw K, lurti", ?t*tr and .rtta?r Oarp?*? P'uOikli'lti wi4 M^ir iil< T?f ??'<1 V*iri**t K\t-r.-> .|? Tilii* ul ''iMTi CI. na, G'aaa ard Crockery W *r*. V i* ?? >? Shad<*? L '?' ;r? an I OSw v<* Kli\ tril UV?w*ll? \r ?' a <f Kiti'hf* R-*a. T-nu.-: Cvn ?; i GREEN ft WILLI***. An ?? w X GK! V N ft WILLIAM*. \ncii.??ri N ltltll ii irthweat r <roM IJth Mid P V< AMI' rVT WALNUT FRAME PARI "'R M in. UPHOLSTERED IN R! I? PL I VI l'ASISO'41 w UAt T lTKi:nt? MIR".-II 1. A- E HI A' K W U.N TT PEI>** K A TV si i* Pt-?R RI.A'K W 4 | NIT VARBIFTip h pi ate glass ?? rc ad. w ai *i< ? MA RBI K Top w * ?HhTASI>. GILT F K % M I M . K ? OK.> HI.A<K UAI.MI DU;Kl.i i 'I' Ml BOARD. MIRR.iR B \>'K. WALV"! ? AM* SEAT ?'H.\ll;s A NT ROikKIL-vONI < DILI' S COTT A SUITE. WITH W'VRIl ! i | i M'TK TrtuFMlt It. ?>? \V i?-> J> . K ' * \* M.M T I.IHXARV TAPt F HI V K w A ' KIT library Of AIRS, W AI NI T FRAMI L?">rV.i? * AtVI 1 extension T A ?' i ' v N ? |.ISIN.,-R....M ? MAIK- REFRI .? :i\ i "s.w.u: mii.s. <i?;i.i>> ( V1.KIA, M'.V IVh MA* HIKE. ( AA I i IV > \ v tT*?*>i ? V M.N'T HAT It A'"K I.v<l- FI?R HAIR. HI 'K AN'? <'?? I"T"S T'.p MAITRA>S1? FKtTlffcK PIII.'W am> r<>i -t? nni !<>i.L"> ham. aN'> J VrAlRl A RPK1 > V*INri>?A Ml A !>?<. ?<T A I R ' i;..i - 1 I.i:i; ANT BR1 ?8i:i.> in^.kmn am I ? l AIIPKTs \BLVKT UITC-< H?l.lR j M AT". rntl'KFUV A N i) lITASSHM." HFATIXU 8TOVLS, KITi If I.N RK M LI X A. (iiiir uahit woi'MX-; ap- iio Vh I<T f ?i m- i' : ?? III ?'.-l ? k ? i - ? Ml <l tl ' > >iifn. * i>4 * r . mu I I V I in... L-' !?'??. N <. M<j i<-'? 14* Ii mii I IS'1. ?'r uur'hwMl, IU* ?'? .<? 1 ,vi j..-i i ->r ro|' ?a of F-.irnimr I, * M t of i h ? Tnmi'r'? ? M tns I ? to urii r, ? 11 i f'It'll iifdlT. TV""- ? ? -ll ??. d IR.p.1 I.KKKN A Wll I I AM* A" '? , ArrTInN SAI.P ?'F UTANIiv IN oi\TRF MARKIT W'll !>?* ?nl I ?t pnhir ???on -n. i ?i. fi'r4?w* m i of th< ? h?rt.-r r.( : A* ?-hi!ie'"" Ma-k.-' l' ihpiih, ?o T'l' R<iMT AI ? 1 17 1*T*l I ..VI i>. "i . *? \h? M 4r*? ?' ?!?? r ?-K? i . ? ? :ip> (ul tii ? rcaiata 1 i .*(1* >>-?.? f. o: 1 :. l. n~i 1 B.i'cli r?' S ?? ! * Hr. k-t r? s* ?? i ? Putt?r Stm 1?. J B^ .'{ ^1 i?r>?lli?n?-' 'i ^'?r l? 2 AVI. le-?! ? II ai)4 aajr 4.<ul- hiif W 'u lbtu!jn*4 I<f tU* < r ii (kMiil -. A - tll^ tinv "\n4 pI *c ? r <l?n U <v 1 '> r irti- ? h' i1<?.r?' tli vi r>?? >11 %t tlfir ?\c ?ti I f ?hl^b ? i! r# |ja? tv??ti ci"-?n mi vrltill ?he l'l rl> of ?li? tai l M ?'k**t <"? nnnpi T ant -???*?!. ? Ilh i ?"r. Iitl. :n ..f |>*> in-a*. ? I-, o'.al d n liuo ai.J i ll e ..f - tl*. V ?; KMTRV. PrAA ?ih'iM ?rk?i l p r \A' ?. r \ r?\ P I . A ril ?. 1*T1 -C, 1 ? ny Tll"> I H A i. i ? A V AN. L tl K-'u! ? An. n .-i-r, il'i ,*tl. V MX A III T. IM TR( VKDLiVrON L.BFTAA FES i ?. i. >mi wi? north hhk j?. On 1 i KfcHAV. Ai-iil s h. it .? \ .? I - .S| - II < r. ?!??? f i - - ?! I, ? Rr? i.?r- N I IT !?.?:? z 4 fr ???! S* I ? 1 v ith .. ii. prh ..f TS f- t. T mi : iht'-Hit'J ?' ?!. ' ?2' ? 1:** ' ' on r: p-.-rlt fK>U. t ?t a?? ir.if at mnlnnr'ti ..( .1 IS GAWLCR. Km 'i.i M ( Ror 1 THOS E \\ A<iGAM AN A *?V LATIMER* ("IF AkYT I * A- Ii-??.??m and K .1 E-la*? P ?!: ? h -jlUn.-a: coni'-r P-ti'i??l ?t *? .-nuo au 1 11"j at., fc'ar Oft ? Uuildi-.z*. IVPROVEO PROPFRTV on THE - H TIIF A?T ? #>RNEB?.| MiaASl' Bo Si' ARY . A ! AI 111?>N jK <i.AA|>\F<n AY afternoon Ar * M ? 1 T I. A i.*. I -rk t. .. - '.ai* * -l!, 11. f. ;?? ?kl?. 1,;...... |l,0 "? .? . |T. || . \ 1 *i4-"? :>!S <'r- 1 >m.?i <>l B ai.Ii y. L t i? I ??! fr ill-1 7." 1' <1*^ p. 'I rt ? C-.iiv?>?????<'!?.* ?*' ???:'. hn<?r". *4 .(!?!* LATI AILII 4 C'LE.ARV. A t *?V P II M ARKER. I > l!?al E-'a'? R- ' A r. N 7 ":h ?tr^? l>. :w? -iit.a: ii Pt RLir SALF ?F LOT ON THE FA?T -ini II l<T ST P. 1" K T UE-T. BETVAKEN I' AM' F. M RFFTS Foi TTI l*i.l?ll >11 SATI'RO AT. Ap1 1 1?" ir f Hialf i>?i>t ft*i-o . I'M k p. n...p?rt of L-.t E ? <i:> Iriot. f (.jiarr (V. kutiuc 1 fr ?t !'.f -t ? ? if.1 w ...t. ami 1 r.nau ? b*rk ??-> anil. 01. . a f>? tit ?! D.-lawar* tivpTin* ..f 15 f"*t 6 , T-vwa Oiii- litlf ra?li; l.alanr* ii It and l< mnti'li* w th'titer*et. PS#?I"* ;i wb*B t!i?pr. y> rty - ? ? f:. 4' HT4-J Attc :uc at th<- purrha? t ? c ?t r4 l*?l. B U WARNER. A 1 ? \ B. U. WARKER, K ul E-.'^'* Br .ktr aM A' ^'i >a?--r, K ? T39Ttbitii^liIxtvMiiG auj H. PI BLK SALE OF BUILDING I.'?T ON THE VEST SII>E OF I.t STREET VkL-T. B.: TtAFFN P ANI? E STREETS. 91 hill HI ?n SATI RDAY, April lit H*t . * ijnarl^r 1 a-t 3 oVI.m k . iwtt-f <<( I ?? 21. in ?'.!? i.f ? lU^r.-4^J. Iiavini; a fr >nt >f J5 f. !-? .iir.?t *nt, aud lunmnc b?'k lVi f.v-t t . a I ? I- * ? ' I. T 'rma: On*-Lalf rvih; I a!.tnc? ia ai\ and ' V' |??> n<?irlia. witli inters.! >.V d .Mrn ou lay t >al C. tiv.M aiK ilg at ru;rl:?? 1 *< k4 <Mda B H WARNER A ? Ii B Y GREEN A WILLIAM*. Anrti n^r?. No. 1001. nortliv?"t .orut-r lutband I? ?t4. C&: TAAO HANDSOME PRIVATE RE^IIiKNCE* FRONTING ON I STREET NORTH IIE TWEEN NINTH AND TENTH sTBEKTs. A\ K^T, AT AI CTIOK. On WEDNESDAY, th* ?tli dar f April, lis is:s. at rf . cl ick p. 111.. Kf 'Itail ? .11 tlir pi ?atuii'??-?,part of L'^ numl?-r?d tw.. i). iu ?i? i.nn Iwr-d thrw hundrM and a.M?ntv tlir^ STf, liaT-.i.f t*u tlirf** a?.>ry pr-??? bri. k fr-tit II r.'iitaliiiii? 10 r.i >11111 ??ai~,i. witb a fla-'r-llar. l<atli ? ? hi. wahr, *a? 1 '..king raiuc. Lc ' -? ? . <f. l? ilH h i|iwN i.!l(IJ ai. I Oll^.with ?id* an I I.tick all- va. p. r^ in wului.g lurditnii *ir* h .ti. . ? ill do wt'll to attetid tht* sale. T-nti*: One-third caoli; lialmiro Ui 6.12. I< at:l It mniitbx. f<>r nntea I., arine * p-r cent. in??-r-?? .. I aecur.-d l.y mtwvl o| trn?t on tli>- prt*mi?-** -old. All .otnej-atiiiuK at c.??t <if pvtchaarr. $101 d..?a l.oii?e at 'ini*- f ?al". I |R'-r I I.KELN A WILLIAMS. A ? nY LATIMER * CLE A BY, Aurtiauwr* and H?-al K-'at. Brok?r?. tjjuthw.-atCi'riM*! P?n?n?yhaniaa^-ii it iiai lit ti .. Star Offic Buildibs. T!:!'SEE8' SALF OF VALUABLE IMPROVKP PROPERTY o\ TI1F SEVENTH -TliFI r road, kearlv opposite tul sen. 1.1 /EN PARK I!'. \:r:i> f ? ,J. .1 . f tr-i-t I u i..* ! ?J ili'iav <>t Al tr \ I>. 1-CJ. md r r-i ??! 4 Liber No 6-_'. ;i? t 'i MS- "'f tli? La ilR !? ?if tin- I?i?trict .it C -Inmbt 1. a.'d it tb^ r<-.ju -?i ?' the prr*"ii <ec?:re<1 thereby, we ?tiall *?>!! il tr .t.t ' Hie pi ni'H'-.on F RIDAY, tIk- ?.'?tli .1*- t Apr.1. I ~T:i. at ft o'clock p ni . L 't-nnmber?l jr. 2- ?.? .- I it. Bl-ik ti in T "I t and I! ?u'??ulilivi. 'n t Mt. P! yanl.tmnlii 1 ruli 'be iiupr.??'? i> tn -r . c..ii<i?tin? ?.f a (railjt ue? . c.i.if rtal.l- Ft 4 Da* llinR. HUh liccea-a: r "Ut-l.uiMinca. at! in ^ d < iidiii. n; ? I! ..f -\r *ii? p- -iii? -? Tlie B tiniiaij < Si!\et Spi=i:L-- H !?? Ra Ir. ??! P '-?tlie d'~.r. T 1 <?! - ile Am lint . T ? -a *>r I ? tl.i d?d of lrua4(Uia? e*-1""1- ?itl> ivt-r-?t t? b. j-TCt-nt per anniiot L niib? 25th ..f Ma>.l<"i eiiu eapt-na** tif aale (ahicli a'ill L nadi kti .an 0.1 ?lm . f -ai. >, aa : 1? t>~ r? mir.-d in raali; tli.- b ilan - ill I ami llmwlhii, to ktMtnl l>?-a d~e,| .f tru-t ?r 11th. property. <1 <?|| at time of .?|m. |f tlie t<*nn- of aal< .?r>-not i .tnpli 1 with a rtun r-n d.\? tt? pr |><-rt> a ill b-re? l.| at (It-ri>k and ? ?? ? t thedefaiiltinK P'irchi"?er. !'? rivevanrinc 4t p?:r cti.. -rVc..?t. A\ ATKIA> AI>Dl!>oN.I t GEORGE E ABLE. 1 Tr '* n? d '? 1? LATIMER A I I E' liV. A i-? BY TH??> E. WAGGAMAK. U ,.1 L-iaii Aucti ?*??*? r? jl i 7:1' atr ? fr virtu* of a .'e?l ..f trti?t fr n> t-? A' G'rd-.n and arite t" J- tiii D M- Pli-r ft--*r?K..riled in Lib-rfutt. t lioS2l"t tli* lani ? - I- t"T Wi>i n|ti>i . int., 10 ?i Dial 1 t I C. liitulna, I will, on MONDAY*, the 2l?t day Ap- il, 1?73, ut 4 n'cliM'k p. ai.. "ttt-r t -r sale ar ptibli. >?!. 'ion. in front t'f the pr?t:ii??, the pi p-rty d ?-rib*il in atttd d-ed. t > 4'it: L ?* nunib 1 ?I 17, in - .nre Nii. Ituwitb the iiuprovetariita, L- i'ig f ir fi nr b< naea. T? 1 ao>: One-thirdc??h.the l-alant* t;i ?t* ard tw. Iva B..'I. I ha fr ?. da> of a*l* and ae. ure.1 l<> pin l.aa-r'a Hole* a Ini d-ed i.f trn*t up^u tit- i-r.-sai-t't. luut e> - tu? il.? at uurtha'i I > r ?? J D M' PHFRSON.Tr *ree. rr.Si eoAda THOS. E W AGGAMAN. A ?. Y GREEN 4 W ILLIAMS. Atict7~ue-rp. Ko. IOOI,DoithatMt corner lutL and D ?tre?ta. BEAlTirrL BUILDING LOTS opposite THE CAPITOL GROUKDS- FRONTING ON* NORTH B BTREET. BETWEEN FlkST MKEET East AND DELAWARE ANCNLE AT AUCTION. On TUEsDAT. the9th day of Apr:! n?r*. at L> . |... k p m.. w.? aball ie*il -n t'i? p ? -L"t N.v 4. in S . nare N. ??*>. V-i 'n sa'.-d?? 1 Jed into three build ii< Iota, two hartus 21 f?-t 1 iiicU.awd l'ie other 22 t.-et front, fc* llutrni il?rp, ?rli a fine Mile Itrxl Lack alley . 11 ??.iii? it brat < 1am iiupr. 4.-d pr.'i?-rt),|u which w??aktli- atten'.i. u of ?t:- ?ra Mi-liiug tc build firat-cla*i> nc ?? T'mi-; One thied ca^h. I a.i-1 l>?"ir?ft.r n..t?-? b' aripft 7 p?-i eentinters?t. aui ,-ou-j t y ? ?le..l of irr?t on fta? irmiMN. C'.nv*ya;irirc at c.>?t ?f the pur. liaeer. (MM w? <>n each ! >t a* liia- of ?*>?? tiJ GKEKK A WILLIAMS, n 2S-eoUp3Adtt Ai:ciiane-r? w n Y B H W ARNER. R al E-'at" Br -ker and Auct> .after, Ko. TitS 7tl? atre*t. he;wreii G H PI BLK' S ALE OP NB AT VRAAIE ROUSE ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF O. OR COLFAX ST., retwees i.?th and ioth sireets, k >. ^a I will offer f?.r aa>. to ?h? hi^ti?<t bidder, a C FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Ap-il 1I.ICJ. a -i , ^?<i'*, the ?wat IS feet S 11. h?a of LjI tf, IB *'|i:are 136, b> a'?>at h*i f-et dt?p to an .die? , in. |ri i'H by a tao-atorj Frame h >i>- of ai* r i ui. TerBia of aale ?io ca?h, aol tli - bal tn !n ttH.n'hlr pavnienta of ?15, at 7 p-i C'-at. it.terfal *.* lowi on dar of ?ale. ? A > atr act of title at niv offira. Tlie b^-atiou ia rapidly improving, ari l here it chaict- f<>i akargain ? mm B ^*bvbr.7<? iuiv IMM 111 It* rnbl,f krliMI. u. i*w. ? VlfJ'*',,f *? ?????* A (r*v ***? frt^r Y'h* ?tan> ;*i u>k <)?i r* < a:.*t VIMI is ?J tL- r ?l ?? R !?* me' tliu i.? ,? K?t jxr^ iijblu Kk<Nt ' I cl ?t U'tlr j.^jp-iwu ? H: tt* rr*??f f tni ?? f! tSejr 1*11 t" r.^?rh i|, *>? ?1!1 be trt Mum ? liiih ?r I W>*'ly ?t*t im, ft ml? of fvm I ?ik<r, On ? con ?!<?! lc\el. Hot* are h l*irtv HrtJe fitcw. I onIjtt e h<-tr'? Fyea brtnfil 01 nn?.-t?ief. ie4 m Uir uta 1 What trr }?>!, at??>Ma *'*v I "I'loi* m ?v i go ??!?*? I'oota act ?? N tt ? ? d book. m ratttia*. A ?T :n flif rwtifi rov.t*r 1 ?"?? t.att itar' <.'*1 em rat i>ig * aat a SN>>!>rriti?n S>i i a*. (t.|? or*?if * i 'Ui tack >u Anvio.t? j.?r,ut ?ii. m. S r?-U t<? iu|iir? V I') lil?u It l.rai k a l?o ? ?! p ov t.|. !i 8a** be ? .ata In. rk Urea T*> rn.tul ?J. r* ?M i ^ Ar' >i. . -H i . ?Bt ^ tjt U titllv-J. Ir-Vtutr arvtwTtif ^ ' ** '* I***1' *? C' v?I|? i(fl If (';??. Ji .ill ui ?? ^ 'I vflt tf.tmy FoeUag a f??i _ H" l?i tu,tl?* i>l kotffu t |*ul*lic ?? H>?l. " ? ABT*tTLm#lii imnK % tveea* (???? c?J*rit?tMiii "iu^aalifnni^rdi . ?T1 ? the e*r??w?*hi>tr wlim vnu a .?h*?.* the Itrtt w?nt oi tbe ag.- i? ?> >rr ?? j to f'o]...? , ],?? rea. a* ^li'l ?l ** '* '*?* ??'?'*?. H ? ??!.? v."r\??'wi,h ? **?**.?**??oir, klBMH ,1 of It re?,?tr.l to the .n?tU.M ,.t" Harht.. . Ii' hi varm aat?r ax.i Linking a ? ,?Mr, ftil ot fin and>M I?t ?i *r-4 and reepactod trie Mot the tamil* 14,, *. .... ?l! 111 tor rarrrimi t ;??? ""->t?? h.-?t|ition. bt mi do?n by i|.f> ?toif. h ? i.-vlai < Mil n. ti? * MiinnTk-M i*i hot ?mr. i IibMin oi MnokiRK ({'ii atnl Moliowr* !,v k.? ?id,. in tin. ' <'t..lit:.ii! a m>iu( oi r^{|ovni<>M M?lf or??i h a ?? he MftMNl V.. <?* hi lei a tin* |i|.( i j,,. |rIt *r ''' . " * ,U> h-"1 ron''to h-1' *B ' ?" *? ?? ' ? ?'? elorV in the ninrninc ? ?n,l ai-.t T ? <**?+ ?*fnf <ioiR^I??nkuir..(li<>?M V"rtI ^ W' 1 ,"'r "?'fe lwllri?Miinhll?h|ir the ttre out .l.i- 'eet s; iii nim rw<t in the ?r?t<*? ?.ver ntifft n rmkr ot ?.??? ?ra> t .rm-M an t an etnj t* t-n !. . r ot: Jhe cUfclt In-rKtir tl ui (I ? Ctfia Ml n Mt ?.ett. r. "M ARRIKt). ,J' *L?li1 Ob Taat^lar 1 I N B r< >* l ? ? V V 'k I . M ' K T H> i . ? ?. .,! w a 7 I . | W 4' i , I * t. DlKt). CARROLL r ?*:- t Mr- , i-, ?? t, * , t " v i, . j \M?> T11 ? > M A *? ? -,MU ? * ?'-l ?: , ??.aa?2 iV? ?. >fr ? ? ? ... r*?il *4 'III! . T!.e tui. -n1 * ?H? pai ???. y .. | i.t ? rk o\ 1 rk % w? rT"' %> " ' iunaat J COL HA Iff i ,MV V\ %? V ? ' k A ? ' ? " ???? -?*<? r*ir m K ? ai. l li ?i. ,f th %T<% r.^.r. ! !? ' '? ??'- ? h-r t ? : .1.1. N il? O-,r i ;. m..??-.i. M >*4ar? M i nVjisN , A ' "ff ? ? ' mii . ? , " ?? ll'T, I <L ll ? I . ?t ?. ? , J", V"1 '? ?: ' >? !?? ?' r i ... at % ? 1 *?.. ft rn *1. r?ll .,. f ? .. i . <. ,hS r.LVi, sj.i\ *? k ?' i lit ?.?. t, i. ?, tap:i <1 toi't rd I !(?M1 J Of iT On f" J r. . ? \ ^ l ?* ?1.^1, ii l, ^|ltJ QfHa ?m 11 |Af?. I i *T-rR.-.i OK bnt.4..r. n: 2 ? c, Fu?l.4a and t * ?t.T.. up- :r.? t^J t., attoni *? lou'iKr0 j'j 11 Ar ' ????, t'l! ttll" ?; T' it?. _ I ;?? 1 ti ajwl M?n w l? L ri??* " a " ? ?ni.iai-n at i t' ck p r- itUlt K r^i. * ?!? ^-'n ,h '' '' * ' r S :, I ? % a f -VI Jnl^AA ml ^,RD M ' R!i ^ ?' 11?ii ?l A..lh^r i"',;. ""Lii " ' 4 ?' i ful''7!L*'J' tak? r>l' -?>!, Surt4ar af'*m > t> ".i1 fr ?>ii pare??a" r??-l-i !??.? < ? ,tr'w issirsu'.p1,chm '** 'n-' L??' i"",? v? p?r? ?5?H,r "L "KRVWOORK v .?.^ J fr ? FrMav r .-'.t \p- i <? ii't 'A Mfc> lOSKPHlf. U-ERNKV. Vr ..V I, ai >1 R ... K liyfnui, af?.j * |(v, ... ^'L.?.;p..','k IPkiU ,Pk j ? AETIir r .1^ ^ M- ?th i ? ? ?o 1#| Artii??r aui ga . J ftuK.ll a? 1 ? y*ar?. ? mourha *nd it j?K, * tli?*.- Artip, <lu:b!'*i ?a~..|it W ". *h noa tin I mk. t?p! re, ? ;r?'"l .!~*p l.^ai lath **? 1 li'^i art ..lily ? .u? k t ?r?. T if'* realm, n' |if? T-. tfct k.'iae ?n...n? the blast <? ? ?.t G -I - ?? i li .|> aac-U, r. *' A?'".' takethrr-*. ...' l***'*J '? ?f p?'<n'a ?( '<?< M <? ? ??! an<l 0;i.? , Q?!<-t..wu, a- ? . i . k rXDERTAKERS. I^IIHAKO r. HARVEY, UND ERTAK KR, iSarnuMrta tlAKVkT* MABK.I H ?.>4 f buiti, Miotk %al T??ta MkTA^LlC *lh!AL CAS6S AW CA&i(MM ?* J ?<TTpri<Ni w?rl-ty SHKOl'DS. hAS'TS. #? |JH HAKO W. B.lHkLR. t AhiykT MAhkK A \ O CXllkKTAtMB, ?.l* Ll.KVEMH bTKEET. FlKMTUMi <>h A ! r K \\ vtt MADE A MM ri ft T A , h h 4# %?;* CF V\ ILLIAM HAtkETrT ~ " UNDJlRTAEKR, K T3i Tin *s: H vrtim ? rff-!r C' ffna an4 Caaket* "f all kln^ 'I If, <-,ttAT fur ? '?.? .1 I:*"*!1 ?r" bAV.jgf A * Pancreatic Lamlaivu and r.:. S^2J5*' h*T'ni?4c ira -p-Tia 1i:ty t-ai t. that lif i? prol .ii>r4 in arraiarkaM* m> tit. ana* L .i* ?,r'""tr,Jl wi?bt irirrea- 4. iiid~3Tm Kti atl> pi >n. 't.-J, riiiri.!.:n.-i,t impart^, a I i tt.? f ? "t^llt. I. of the 1. h|v ft 4 1, K?v,^> * * t' cv,r,.,t Vh- u.?? H k u II,- r.iu., ( f u .:.,.iii,u ?",,i ilJ Kli-Ji?p ot Fni't. Ae , 1*1 N ? B ? t L lit. j. hj.J hI! i l.-u. -:,. p^nrzm:- ??i<j *-k+0>m t(ir..i.t'' the ft.4fM|. f, 4V-K^ , .t-f. n.?ri . i eark b.<'ir. -1- rl l< t ?,Jr ^ RAILROAD Ufi R?al Estate S?rt;a;e CvnMifi. It. t**r 9FO -i4 B tk* K.irttiarn P*c!fie B?m r^art C.?ip?a? fumiatiea Ivtta p-1 lie a.. tniaata?M aer.:r:tf ? hick cr>c,t it.~a tb? rea.1f n. ^ iabil!'? tba cor,*? c4et,ce, ana the kirti cMn?f a Urn -rlaa* ran - t aJ tL>Ld,?1to th? aMtitf mm! aafatj <C a raal ?a U:e lu-wu??f '-aiaaf at t9H.t twica tUt am -aat OM.-1 T!i-f are at par In nw.rr, ant rte'i a HAM'SuMH P*OffTtotho^a?haacta?r?. Tb- b o4t are a trr. and o*ij m m a* r->a4, tt. e^pmeLta autl earuino. aa4 alao o? a la&d srmxtt wL? L, oti tii?- r n.|>U t: ti of tk# ro?J. wM araract tow acr^ u- aarb mu? ?{uack ^ *r* '*?o?4 ta 4?nnain?t!(nu fr^a Sur ta tIJU. Coapra. w< fix to ?|U4? ? h.?a thirty j^into r*L, t?*%r tt i&tere* of 7 % ^ JL?^' ?? KELMPT rBvM CKITBB bTATEs TAX to Ikt kirl mr Tu- aer. 1-ann?ial tate**at *a tb* Re?i?t?rM B la paid a :t<, tfoLD CUEC tS, a*at to tbe*<?t?< ?IllW ?4 Utc fa I4?r All Markatal'ta Btacka aad B re^etrwt ta chaiica, rft*.hout t-ipnae t tLa lu.aat^r. at a b'4*ieat c?rrata p< icaa. lilllll, ?MITH * W IMS ATT, LUMBER. LUMBER. HAKD? 00l>? A bPtflALTT. BILLS C't'T TO OBBKB. OoBXU Ttb AJ19 I Btt,!

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